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The Story So Far…

Wrestlemania XXV

WWE Championship
Randy Orton defeated Triple H via pinfall
Before the match it announced under orders of the McMahon family that the match would be a no disqualification match. This came back to haunt the McMahons as thanks to Legacy and a sledgehammer Randy Orton walked out as the new WWE Champion leaving a bloody Triple H in the ring

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge defeated John Cena and Big Show
Vickie Guerrero nailed Big Show with a steel chair as he looked to have the match won against a fallen Edge and tried to hit Cena but walked into an F-U. Cena looking for the pin when Christian hit the ring and took out Cena with the Unprettier. After the match Edge and Christian assaulted Cena including a conchairto. (It is rumoured Cena is taking time off foe a new movie)

Money In The Bank Ladder Match
Kane defeated Finlay, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, CM Punk, MVP, Shelton Benjamin and Christian.
Kane hits a Chokeslam from the top of the ladder through a table on Punk to pick up and unexpected victory.

Chris Jericho defeated Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ricky Steamboat and Jimmy Snuka
After the match Mickey Rourke and Ric Flair ambushed Jericho with Flair locking in the Figure Four for several minutes with Jericho needing help to the back

Retirement Match (HBK vowed to quit if he couldn't end the streak)
Undertaker defeated Shawn Michaels

After an epic match that lasted over 50 minutes Taker picked up the win. After the match the lights dim and then Undertaker is gone as Shawn Michaels is left alone in the ring to a standing ovation

Extreme Rules Match
Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy went to a no contest
after fighting on the Titantron lead to a fall to the ringside area with both men leaving the arena in ambulances

Undisputed World Tag Team Championship
Primo and Carlito defeated John Morrison and The Miz

Natalya won the 25-Diva Battle Royal

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio defeated JBL to become the new champion

The next night on Raw:

Triple H issues a rematch challenge to Randy Orton with is accepted when Mr McMahon returns and announces that match at Backlash will take inside Hell In A Cell

Chris Jericho limps to the ring and continues to insult WWE legends when Flair comes out and reveals he has hand picked his Backlash opponent and all will be revealed next week

JBL demands and rematch against Rey Mysterio on Smackdown and if he loses he will retire and leave the WWE for good.

Primo and Carlito defeat Paul Burchill and William Regal before Kane hits the ring as does his MITB promo teasing as to who and when will he cash it in.

Shawn Michaels receives a Flair like farewell which is ambushed by Legacy and ends with Orton punting the retiring Michaels in the head

The Next Day an Announcement that shocked the WWE:

Early buyrates from WWE Wrestlemania show that the show has fallen well short of early estimates and in this time of financial uncertainly WWE regrets that cost cutting measures will have to be undertaken. The roster will be cut and the WWE brand split will end immediately. ECW on Sci-Fi will be cancelled and replaced with a WWE Highlight Show. A full list of cuts will be made public after the broadcast of this weeks Smackdown

Pre-taped Smackdown

Rey Mysterio defeated JBL to force him into retirement.

Triple H cuts a promo vowing revenge foe HBK on Orton before being attacked by Money in the Bank winner: Kane.

Big Show chokeslam and assaults Vickie being Edge and Christian make the save.

It is announced on the Cutting Edge next week Matt Hardy will be the guest as he and Jeff recover from their Wrestlemania Injuries.

OOC: Roster cuts and full list of current roster and champions will be up soon. First show will be the 13th April Raw

From Wrestling Inc. com

The following WWE employees have been released from their contract effective immediately.

Dolph Ziggler
Jim Duggan
John Bradshaw Layfield (retired)
Kofi Kingston
Mike Knox
Shawn Michaels (retired, believed to stay in company as agent/trainer after some time off)
Sim Snuka
DJ Gabriel
Jack Swagger (ECW Championship now defunct)
Mark Henry
Ricky Ortiz
Tommy Dreamer
Chavo Guerrero
Curt Hawkins
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Jimmy Wang Yang
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder
Jillian Hall
Rosa Mendes
Brie Bella
Maryse (Divas Championship now defunct)
Nikki Bella
Alicia Fox
Ranjin Singh
Justin Roberts
Vickie Guerrero
Teddy Long
Tony Atlas
Tony Chimel
Michael Cole

Some shocks in WWE’s releases notably Swagger, Finlay, Mark Henry and Kozlov. It has been announced that Todd Grisham and Matt Striker will take over the commentary on Smackdown whilst Jim Ross reunites with Jerry Lawler on Raw

WWE Superstars

Big Show
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
'Bulldog' DH Smith
Evan Bourne
Gregory Helms
John Cena injured
John Morrison
Mr. Kennedy injured
Paul Burchill
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Shelton Benjamin
Ted DiBiase
The Brian Kendrick
The Miz
Tyson Kidd
William Regal

Tag Teams/Stables

Legacy (Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase)
Primo and Carlito
William Regal and Paul Burchill


WWE Championship
Randy Orton

World Heavyweight Championship

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio

WWE Tag Team Championship
Carlito and Primo

King Of The Ring
William Regal

Royal Rumble
Randy Orton

Money In The Bank

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Re: JSV presents....WWE

Slow down with the posts. You should have done this all in one post or edit it into the first post.
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Re: JSV presents....WWE

Monday 13th April 2009


Following the end to the WWE brand split things are set to be shaken up on Raw as a new WWE Commissioner will be named.

After his appalling action during Shawn Michaels's retirement last week Triple H has vowed to get revenge on WWE Champion Randy Orton in a Hell In A Cell at Backlash but the pair must not come into physical confrontation until then but on Raw, Orton takes on a superstar of Triple H's choosing.

Christian and World Heavyweight Champion Edge seem to be back on the same page and this week will take on Big Show and Money In The Bank Kane.

Ric Flair's hand picked opponent to defend the WWE legends will go one on one with Chris Jericho this week whilst Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd will team up to take on William Regal and Paul Burchill with the winners getting a tag team title shot at Backlash whilst CM Punk, MVP and Rey Mysterio face off over the Intercontinental Championship.


confirmed matches

Randy Orton vs. ???

Chris Jericho vs. ???

Edge and Christian vs. Kane and Big Show

Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio © vs. MVP vs. CM Punk
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Re: JSV presents....WWE

US Title Match: Shelton Benjamin defeated R-Truth
The Brian Kendrick defeated Charlie Haas
Umaga defeated Gregory Helms

Monday 13th April 2009

The show opens with Paul Burchill, Katie Lea Burchill and William Regal in the ring and Paul Burchill gets on the mic.

Paul Burchill: Finally, King Regal and The Ripper have a chance to shine here on Monday Night Raw.

(The crowd boos)

Paul Burchill: You cretins so be grateful you have the opportunity to see two of the nastiest and talented superstars in the WWE.

(The boos increase)

William Regal: Quiet down you troglodytes. I'm your King now show me some respect!

(The boos get even louder)

William Regal: Well after tonight we will not be asking for respect we'll be demanding it along with a shot at the WWE tag team ti…

(Before Regal can continue the music of Evan Bourne plays and he and former ECW rival Tyson Kidd and Natalya make their way to the ring)

Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd w/ Natalya vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal w/ Katie Lea

…Paul Burchill takes down Kidd with a series of hard hitting clothesline. Burchill hits Kidd with a belly-to-back suplex. After some fierce stomps Burchill goes for a powerbomb but Kidd hits him with a hurricanrana before tagging in Bourne. Bourne hits a crossbody on Burchill followed by Gory neckbreaker but Burchill manages to get the tag just before. Regal hits Bourne with a back body drop followed by a knee to the face before hitting the Regal-Plex. 1..2..Thr..Bourne kicks out and hits a dropkick on Regal and manages to get the tag before Burchill hits him with C-4. Kidd takes out Burchill with The Code Blue before hitting a Springboard Elbow Drop on Regal. 1..2..3!!

Winners by pinfall: Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd


Jerry Lawler: Hello ladies and gentlemen, and what a way to kick things off here on Monday Night Raw. And now I am delighted to welcome back to Raw, WWE Hall Of Famer, Jim Ross.

Jim Ross: Thanks King, hello ladies and gentlemen and let me say what a privilege it is to back alongside you here on Raw.

Jerry Lawler: I've missed you JR.

Jim Ross: I've missed you too, King. Now with that out of the way let's get back down to business and join Lillian Garcia at ringside…

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen please welcome the new WWE Commissioner….


(To the crowds shock, Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring)

Eric Bischoff: Yes, Yes, I am back.

(The crowd boos)

Eric Bischoff: I'm not going to go through the usual who I am and what I have achieved because you already know this. I'm back because this business is crumbling and its time to reinvigorate this company and get back to the top.

(Some cheers from the crowd)

Eric Bischoff: 1st things 1st. Backlash is a little less than two weeks away and my first act as WWE Commissioner is to announce three blockbuster matches for the pay-per-view. Firstly Edge will defend his World Heavyweight Championship one on one with The Big Show…

(The camera shows Edge with Christian watching on a TV screen and doesn't seem pleased)

Eric Bischoff: After what seemed like a little anticlimax at Wrestlemania the Hardy brothers: Matt and Jeff will try and settle their differences in a loser leaves the WWE match.

(Mixed reaction from the crowd)

Eric Bischoff: And after what I just witnessed moments ago how about Primo and Carlito defend their newly won Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championships against Paul Burchill and Regal..

(The crowd boos)

Eric Bischoff: …and Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd…

(The crowd cheers)

Eric Bischoff: …in TLC VIII

(The crowd erupts as Bischoff heads to the back)

Jim Ross: Oh My God, Bischoff is back and hasn't delayed in shaking things up here in the WWE. Edge will meet Big Show and the Hardy Boyz will do battle with the loser leaving for good.

Jerry Lawler: And of course TLC VIII, those six men will never be the same again.

Jim Ross: Indeed King, now up next Rey Mysterio puts his WWE Intercontinental title on the line in a triple threat match, but now Josh Matthews is standing by with WWE Champion Randy Orton.

(Josh Matthews is shown with Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase. Orton has a new WWE championship belt, similar to the Undisputed title with him)

Josh Matthews: Thank you and welcome back JR. Randy Orton last week, future WWE hall of famer Shawn Michaels retired and you decided you couldn't let him leave without a final, let's say Orton goodbye? Why?

Randy Orton: Why? Why! It's simple, Michaels is a washed up has been who should have left years ago and with the added bonus of being able to humiliate Triple H without him laying a finger on me. It was just too go an opportunity to turn down.

Josh Matthews: Although you are set to face Triple H in Hell In A Cell, are you worried about what he has in store for you at Backlash?

Randy Orton: Triple H needs to worry about what I am going to do to him. With no escape who knows the lengths I'll go to retain my WWE Championship

Josh Matthews: And do you have any ideas or concerns about who you may be facing tonight?

Randy Orton: I doesn't matter. I'm Randy Orton, The Legend Killer, The WWE Champion. I've beaten them all: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley and many more. And tonight will be no different

(Legacy leave and the cameras then show Rey Mysterio and CM Punk unconscious in the locker room and Raw cuts to a commercial)


(MVP is shown in the ring telling the referee to raise his hand and declare him the winner of the match)

Jim Ross: Hello and welcome back to Monday Night Raw and moments ago we saw an unconscious Rey Mysterio and CM Punk meaning tonight's scheduled Intercontinental match won't

(The music of Rey Mysterio plays and the Intercontinental Champion limps to the ring)

Jim Ross: It looks like Rey 's gonna fight

Jerry Lawler: Some say there's a fine line between bravery and stupidity and I thinks Mysterio's just crossed it.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rey Mysterio © vs. MVP

…MVP hits a belly-to-belly suplex on a fatigued Rey before whipping him against the ropes. Rey ducks a kick and dropkicks MVP setting him up for the 619 and connects with the 619. Rey goes for West Coast Pop but MVP catches him and hits him with a powerbomb before following up with Playmaker. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall and NEW Intercontinental Champion: MVP

Jim Ross: MVP is the new Intercontinental Champion, but who attacked CM Punk and Rey Mysterio. This is not over King, not by a long way…

(Josh Matthews is shown with Triple H)

Josh Matthews: Triple H over the past months Randy Orton has become increasingly personal with you including a savage attack on friend Shawn Michaels last week. What do you have in store tonight and at Backlash

Triple H: Yes, Josh this is about more than the WWE Championship. When I was told I'd been picking Orton's opponent tonight their was a queue of people ready to kick his skull it. And after tonight will have wished he stayed at home last week because at Backlash Randy is coming to find out just what hell is when the 'Orton Era' ends once and for all…

(Wrestlemania XXV highlight package is shown)

Edge and Christian vs. Big Show and Kane

..Edge and Christian are in the ring when Big Show gets into the squared circle and they attack Show before the match starts. Show fights the pair off but soon the numbers game prevails and he is hit with a double suplex. As Christian stomps on Show, Edge gets to two chairs. Big Show is up to his knees and Edge and Christian look set to hit conchairto when flames engulf the ring and Kane makes his way to the ring. Edge and Christian complete conchairto and both go for Kane with the chairs. Kane drives the MITB brief case into skull of Christian but is hit by a spear from Edge but sit straight up. Kane hits Edge with a chokeslam. Big Show is back up and Kane hits him with a big boot followed by a Tombstone Piledriver

No Contest

(Kane does his usual flame bit and leaves)

Jim Ross: The Big Red Machine has destroyed all in his path tonight, with the Money In The Bank title shot I would not envy the current champions.

(Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd are with Josh Matthews)

Josh Matthews: I am delighted to be joined by Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd and firstly on ECW you seemed to have animosity toward on another now you are in line for the WWE Tag Team Titles?

Tyson Kidd: The past was is just that. We are looking to the future, on ECW we were the two most charismatic and talented members of the roster so their was always going to be a professional rivalry. We are now on Raw and if powerful apart, even stronger together.

Josh Matthews: And what are your thoughts on the TLC match scheduled at Backlash.

Evan Bourne: We cannot wait. It is our chance to shine on a pay-per-view and become WWE Tag Team champions…


(Chris Jericho is in the ring ready for action)

Chris Jericho: Come on then Flair, who've you got for tonight? Kamala, Honky Tonk Man, Gilberg?


(The music of Ric Flair plays and 'The Nature Boy' comes to the stage in the suit)

Ric Flair: Just shut your mouth for 2 minutes to jackass.

(The crowd are going nuts)

Ric Flair: Tonight you do not face a WWE legend. It time for you to realize to become a legend you've got to beat all that are in front of you. Legends and future legends…

(Dogs barking can be heard followed by a remix of Rule Britannia and DH Smith makes his way to the ring)

Jim Ross: It's DH Smith. Son of WWE legend 'The British Bulldog'…

'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair vs. Chris Jericho

…DH Smith hits Jericho with a standing dropkick followed by a bulldog. Smith whips Jericho into the corner and follows up with a hard clothesline. Smith lets out a Woooo! Which delights the crowd. Smith then hits a stalling brainbuster, 1..2..Jericho kicks out. Smith goes for the Running Powerslam but Jericho slides back and hits a reverse Codebreaker. This gives Jericho a much needed rest. Jericho then hits an enzuigiri before following up with a snap suplex. After several punts to the back Jericho locks in the Walls Of Jericho. Smith is struggling but manages to get to the rope. Jericho is livid and gets in the referee's face. Unknown to Jericho, Smith is back up and when Jericho goes for a lionsault he is caught in mid air and Smith hits the Running Powerslam. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall: 'Bulldog' DH Smith

Jim Ross: What an upset! An impressive return to Raw for this young superstar

(As Smith and Flair leave; Jericho gets on the mic)

Chris Jericho: Get back here you little punk.

(Smith and Flair stop)

Chris Jericho: You just got lucky, that was a fluke. Now get back here so we can finish this…

(As Smith heads back to the ring, Eric Bischoff comes out.)

Eric Bischoff: What a minute you too. That is not going to happen tonight. But how about in 13 days at Backlash it ill be DH Smith versus Chris Jericho. And to make sure a 'fluke' doesn't decide it let's make it Match 1 in a Best-of-7 series!

(Jericho isn't thrilled as Flair and DH Smith smile in approval)


(Edge and Christian walk into Eric Bischoff's office)

Edge: Eric welcome back and all. But what the hell are you going to do about that Big Red Freak Kane? I've got enough on my plate with Big Show without looking over my shoulder for that psycho.

Eric Bischoff: Calm it Edge. It has been taken care of.

(Edge and Christian smile)

Eric Bischoff: At Backlash, Kane will put his Money In The Bank briefcase on the line against……Christian!

(Edge and Christian's faces drop as the camera fades)

Jim Ross: Now ladies and gentlemen Triple H has 'picked the poison' for Randy Orton…

Randy Orton vs. ??? w/ Triple H

..Randy Orton is in the ring alone when the music of legacy plays but rather than Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, Triple H comes out.

Triple H: Unfortunately Randy your boys are a bit busy…

…Legacy are shown in a locked room trying to get out and on the other side, X-Pac is standing guard with a sledgehammer.

Triple H: Now without further delay…

(The music of Scott Hall plays and the former nWo member comes out.)

Jim Ross: It's 'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall!! Former friend and ally of Triple H and Shawn Michaels..

Jerry Lawler: Razor's back. I can't believe it!

Randy Orton vs. Scott Hall w/ Triple H

…Hall hits Orton with a series of rights followed by a discus punch. Hall then whips Orton into the corner and connects with a big boot. Hall then hits a fallaway slam. 1..2..Orton kicks out. Orton blocks a right hand and hits an implant DDT. Orton hits a scoop Powerslam on Hall before connecting with RKO. Rather than go for the pin Orton mocks Hall. Triple H distracts the referee and throws his sledgehammer into the ring as Hall hits a low blow and RazorsEdge on Orton. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall: Scott Hall

Jim Ross: With the help of 'The Game' Scott Hall has picked up the victory.

(As Hall celebrates, Orton picks up the sledgehammer but Hall spots it and slides out of the ring)

Randy Orton: Is that it? Is that the best you've got?

(Triple H and Hall smile and point behind him as Batista slides into the ring and spears Orton)

Jim Ross: It's 'The Animal' Batista! He's back.

Jerry Lawler: Orton's in trouble now.

(As Triple H and Hall return to the ring, Batista hits Orton with a Batista Bomb. The cameras fade with Batista, Hall and Triple H with arms raised above a fallen WWE Champion.)

Biggest Pop: 1. Ric Flair 2. HHH 3. Batista
Biggest Heat: 1. Jericho 2. Orton 3. Edge/Christian
Rey Mysterio suffered an injury (it is unknown how long he'll be out)
Scott Hall and X-Pac have not signed new WWE contracts and were used in one-time deals only.

Current WWE Backlash Card
(subject to change)

WWE Championship
Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton © vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Big Show

Loser Leaves WWE
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

WWE Tag Team Championship
Primo and Carlito © vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd

Best-of-7 Series
Match 1
Chris Jericho vs. 'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair

Money In The Bank match
Kane © vs. Christian
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Re: JSV presents....WWE


MyNetworkTV have confirmed that due to circumstances beyond their control Friday Night Smackdown has been cancelled with immediate effect. WWE have confirmed the news and have announced Smackdown will remain a WWE.com exclusive show becoming a Sunday Night Heat type highlight show. WWE are debating whether to try and launch a new 'second' show or continue to work on improving the Raw ratings


World Wrestling Entertainment are delighted to announce the King Of The Ring pay per view returns in 2009 as part of a shake up to the pay per view schedule, also announcef Halloween Havoc and Armaggedon return to PPV.

2009/10 PPV Schedule
April 2009- Backlash
May 2009- Judgement Day
June 2009- King Of The Ring
July 2009- Vengeance
August 2009- Summerslam
September 2009- No Mercy
October 2009- Halloween Havoc
November 2009- Survivor Series
December 2009- Armaggedon
January 2010- Royal Rumble
February 2010- No Way Out
March 2010- WrestleMania XXVI


Following the expiration of their contracts R-Truth (Ron Killings), Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin have all left World Wrestling Entertainment. Benjamin was the current WWE United States Champion. Benjamin showed up at TNA's impact declaring himself the TNA US Champ. WWE have removed his profile from the WWE website and the United States title history has been moved the inactive section. Due to Mr McMahons view of TNA not being a threat it is likely his departure will not be highlighted on TV.

TNA have released Brutus Magnus, Consequences Creed, Kiyoshi and Shark Boy. WWE are not interested in these superstars.

As far as WWE bringing in new talent they are relunctly with the current economical climate and pushing of younger and development stars is expected although they have not ruled out future signings with Tomko, Rob Van Dam, Sid Vicious and Monty Brown all linked in recent weeks to a return to the WWE
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Re: JSV presents....WWE

The Miz and Morrison defeated Gregory Helms and The Brian Kendrick
Paul Burchill defeated Primo
‘Bulldog’ DH Smith defeated Umaga

Monday 20th April 2009

Jim Ross: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome to what promises to an explosive night hear on WWE Raw…

(The Cutting Edge stage is set up and Edge and Christian are in the ring)

Edge: Please welcome to the Cutting Edge, Matt Hardy.

(Matt Hardy comes out to a chorus of boos. Hardy enters the ring and shakes hands with former rivals Edge and Christian)

Edge: It’s a pleasure Matt. I always knew you had it in you to cut loose Jeff and get to the top. There’s a lot of history in this ring but why don’t you tell me, Christian and all this morons exactly what you plan to do to Jeff at Backlash.

Matt Hardy: It’s simple Edge. I am going to rid the WWE of Jeff Hardy. Jeff is a virus and blood sucking virus and after Sunday I and all of the WWE Universe will be rid of that parasite…

Christian: Let’s get him out here and see what he has to say for himself?

Matt Hardy: We can’t because the coward’s not here. He’s hiding as always. He hides behind face paint, he hides behind high flying risk taking and worst of all he hides behind m…

(The music of The Big Show plays and the world’s largest athlete heads to the ring. Edge and Christian back off and Big Show comes face to face with Matt Hardy.)

Matt Hardy: What the hell are you doing? This is my time so get out of my rin…

(Big Show grabs Matt Hardy and hits him with a knockout punch. Big Show stares at Edge and Christian when the pyro and music of Kane plays and The Big Red Machine makes his way to the ring)

Jerry Lawler: Say it JR

Jim Ross: Through hellfire and brimstone it’s Kane…

(Kane comes face to face with Big Show; the man he tombstoned last week. Before the pair can attack one another Edge and Christian sneak back into the ring armed with chairs but the big men spot them and big boot the chairs into the faces of Edge and Christian. They then hit them with a double chokeslam and stare at one another and the cameras fade)


Carlito w/ Primo vs. Tyson Kidd w/ Evan Bourne

…Carlito tries to spit his apple in Kidd’s face but Kidd ducks and hits Carlito with spinning heel kick. Tyson Kidd hits a neckbreaker slam before whipping Carlito into the corner and following up with a running knee strike. Tyson Kidd whips him across to the opposite turnbuckle and attempts the same but Carlito moves out of the way. Carlito antagonizes Evan Bourne on the outside who takes the bait and tries to enter the ring. As the referee sorts him out Primo take a bit of his apple and spits into the face of Tyson Kidd allowing Carlito to hit the Backstabber on him. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall: Carlito

Jim Ross: WWE Tag Team champ, Carlito picks up and big victory heading into TLC VIII this Sunday.

(Carlito hits Evan Bourne with a Backstabber as Primo sets a table up in the ring and one in the corner)

Jerry Lawler: It looks like Carlito and Primo aren’t prepared to wait until Sunday for some table action.

(Carlito goes to the outside and pulls a ladder out of the ring as Primo places Kidd on the table in the corner. As Carlito slides into the ring with the ladder, Paul Burchill and William Regal head to the ring armed with a steel chair each)

Jim Ross: Hey come the Brits Regal and Burchill with solid steel chairs. 6 days ahead of scheduled we have tables, ladders and chairs right here on Monday Night Raw

Jerry Lawler: It’s fair to say JR, that business has just picked up.

(Regal slams the chair into the ladder into the skull of Carlito as Burchill drives his into the mid section of Primo before hitting a C4 on to the chair)

Jim Ross: Burchill and Regal seem to have taken control of this impromptu brawl.

(Burchill attempts to spear Tyson Kidd through the table but Kidd rolls out of the way and Burchill crashes through the table. Kidd then dropkicks Regal's chair into his own face.)

Jim Ross: Desperation moves from rookie Tyson Kidd has turned this around.

(Kidd lays Regal on the table as Evan Bourne sets up the ladder and climbs to the top)

Jerry Lawler: Don’t tell me he’s going to do this!

Jim Ross: Yes King it looks like Bourne’s gonna fly.

(Evan Bourne then hits a Shooting Star Press off the ladder through Regal and the table)

Jim Ross: Oh my God! Regal has been broken in half!

(Tyson Kidd helps Bourne up as the pair celebrate as there is carnage all around them in the ring)

(Camera shows Matt Striker in the back)

Matt Striker: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m Matt Striker and I am honoured and privileged to be joined at this time by WWE Hall of Famer, 16-time World Champion: ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair…

(Ric Flair is shown wearing his usual high class suit)

Ric Flair: Wooooo! I’m delighted to be here…

Matt Striker: Alongside you is the son of legendary Davey Boy Smith and the man you describe as the future of this industry: ‘Bulldog’ DH Smith…

(Smith is shown in his wrestling attire with the addition of the a Bulldog t-shirt)

Matt Striker: Ric, after months of belittlement from Chris Jericho towards yourself and the other WWE legends why turn DH Smith rather than another WWE legend.

Ric Flair: As I explained last week I need to show Jericho that to become a legend you have to beat all in front of you in their peaks not 20 years after they’ve retired. ‘Bulldog’ is a third generation Hart family member, trained in the Dungeon and son of The British Bulldog. Wrestling is in his blood, success is in his blood, WWE gold is in his blood…

Matt Striker: Bulldog, are you nervous about potentially seven matches against multiple time champion Chris Jericho?

‘Bulldog’ DH Smith: Nervous? Hell no, I can’t wait. I’ve been bought up and trained to respect, listen and learn from the past. Not disrespect and insult it. I respect Chris Jericho’s achievements ass the first Undisputed WWE Champion and record breaking Intercontinental Championships but I’ve listened to him run his mouth and insult WWE legends so it’s up to me to teach him some respect and after I defeat Y2J four to zero I will take my next step on the road to become WWE Champion.

Ric Flair: Woooooo!

‘Bulldog’ DH Smith: Wooooooooo!


(After the commercial Chris Jericho is in the ring ready for action with mic in hand)

Chris Jericho: Who the hell do you think you are Smith? You come on to my show and run your mouth about beating Y2J four to zero. Going on and on about The British Bulldog and The Hart Foundation. Davey Boy Smith competed for over 15 years and never won a World title and as for being a member of the Hart’s. I’d hardly say Diana Hart is a successful wrestling superstar.

(Jericho chuckles as the crowd boos. Before Jericho can continue the music of Dean Malenko plays and he heads to the ring)

Jim Ross: ‘The man of 1,000 holds’ Dean Malenko has had enough of this disrespect from Jericho…

Submission Match
Dean Malenko vs. Chris Jericho

…Jericho hits Malenko with a series of chops before hitting him with an enzuigiri. Jericho goes up top and attempts a missile dropkick but Malenko evades it. Malenko hits Jericho with a spinning heel kick followed by a brainbuster before locking in the Texas Cloverleaf. Jericho manages to get to the ropes and Malenko break the hold. Malenko whips Jericho off the ropes but Y2J dodges a clothesline and connects with a Codebreaker. Before locking in The Walls Of Jericho, Malenko gets to the ropes but Jericho refuses to break the hold. The referee cannot disqualify Jericho as it is submission only. Jericho drags Malenko into the centre of the ring and the veteran has no choice but to tap out.

Winner by submission: Chris Jericho

Jerry Lawler: Chris Jericho has sent a message to Ric Flair and young DH Smith with an impressive victory.

Jim Ross: Indeed King, Bulldog will have his work cut out in the seven matches against the former World Champion

(Chris Jericho keeps Malenko in the Walls Of Jericho as the referee tries to get him to break it.)

Jim Ross: Oh come on! He’s won the match there’s no need for this.

Jerry Lawler: Just another showing of disrespect from Chris Jericho…

(Suddenly lead by ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair; ‘Bulldog’ DH Smith heads to the ring)

Jim Ross: Here comes Bulldog. Looks like he’s not going to wait until Sunday to knock Jericho down a peg or two…

(Chris Jericho sees Smith coming and releases Malenko and exits the ring and leaves through the crowd)

Jim Ross: What a coward.

Jerry Lawler: I guess Y2J didn’t want to get bitten by the Bulldog.

(The camera shows CM Punk sitting in a chair)

CM Punk: Over the past 18 months I have been ECW Champion, Tag Team Champion, World Heavyweight Champion and Intercontinental Champion. Last week I had an opportunity to regain my Intercontinental Championship taken away by none other than MVP. Motive and reasoning as to why MVP thought it necessary to attack myself and Rey Mysterio ahead of our triple threat match are clear. MVP is a coward, he knows he cannot beat me so took the easy way out. But after speaking with Commissioner Bischoff there will be no easy way out at Backlash as MVP you will put your title on the line against CM Punk and you will lose…

(Punk stares into the camera for while before it cuts to a commercial break)


(The cameras show Ric Flair and DH Smith walking in the back when they bump into Triple H. Triple H and Flair exchange a brief hug)

Flair: Hunter, let me introduce you to ‘Bulldog’ DH Smith

(Triple H and Smith shake hands)

Triple H: Nice to met you. Are you ready for this Sunday?

‘Bulldog’ DH Smith: I was born ready.

Triple H: Good because this isn’t just about you and Jericho it’s about what we have built here in the WWE and what we hope to build in the future

(Smith nods in agreement)

Triple H: Excuse me, I’ve got a bit of business to attend to.

(Triple H shakes the pairs hands and leaves)

(Backlash promo airs)

Edge w/ Christian vs. Kane

…As the bell rings Edge hits Kane with a spear and goes for a quick pin. 1..2..Kane kicks out but Edge continues his attack with a dropkick followed by an implant DDT. 1..2..Thr..Kick out by Kane again. Edge goes up top and attempts a crossbody by is caught by Kane and hit with a fallaway slam. Kane whips Edge against the ropes and hits him with a Big Boot before going up top. Christian then pulls Kane leg leaving him stranded on the top rope.

Winner by disqualification: Kane

(Edge and Christian then hit Kane with a double superplex.)

Jim Ross: Edge and Christian are looking to hurt ‘The Big Red Machine’ ahead of Backlash and Edge will be anxious knowing that Kane still holds Money In The Bank.

(Kane is laying motionless on the canvas and Edge and Christian go to the outside and grab a steel chair each. They are backing the ring and Kane is back up but is hit with conchairto)

Jim Ross: Conchairto to Kane!

(The music of Big Show plays and Edge’s Backlash opponent heads to the ring)

Jerry Lawler: Big Show is here! Looks like he’s gonna even up these odds…

(Before Big Show can get to the ring, Matt Hardy also armed with a chair drives it into the back of Big Show and rolls him into the ring)

Jim Ross: That damn Matt Hardy looking for revenge on the Big Show.

(Hardy, Edge and Christian then hit Big Show with a three way conchairto)

Jim Ross: Oh my God! Did you hear the sound of three steel chairs against the skull of Big Show

(Behind the trio Kane sits up)

Jerry Lawler: Kane sat up!! He may have been wiser to stay down.

(Kane is back up to his feet as Hardy, Edge and Christian turn to face him the music of Jeff Hardy plays and the crowd erupts)

Jim Ross: It’s Jeff!!

(Matt Hardy turns to face the Titantron as Kane hits Christian with a big boot sending the steel chair into his face. He then grabs Edge by the throat and hits him with a Chokeslam. With Matt’s back turned Kane hits him with a steel chair and delivers a Tombstone Piledriver before Jeff Hardy appears from through the crowd and goes up top.)

Jim Ross: Kane thanks to the distraction from Jeff Hardy has taken apart Edge, Christian and Matt Hardy.

(Kane lays the three men next to each other in the centre of the ring and Jeff Hardy hits them with a Swanton Bomb. Kane hits his pyro and Hardy showboats for the crowd.)


(Randy Orton is shown with Josh Matthews)

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton, last week Batista returned to action to assist Triple H and Scott Hall what are your thoughts on his role in the build up to your Hell In A Cell match this Sunday at Backlash?

Randy Orton: I couldn’t care less about Batista. Triple H, Batista and Ric Flair need to realise that Evolution is dead. They are old and washed up. They need to remember that I am the Legend Killer and the WWE Champion and after this Sunday ‘The Age of The Game’ dies and ‘The Age of Orton reigns’

(Randy Orton shoves Matthews out of the way and leaves)

Legacy (Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase) vs. Batista and Triple H

…Legacy are waiting in the ring when the music of Batista plays. ‘The Animal’ runs into the ring and is immediately attacked by DiBiase and Rhodes. Batista gets in a few punches but the numbers advantage begins to tell. Triple H then heads to the ring armed with a sledgehammer and slides into the ring and drives it into the skull of Cody Rhodes

No Contest

Jim Ross: This is over before it has begun

(Batista spears Ted DiBiase and holds him up as Triple H readies the sledgehammer)

Jerry Lawler: Triple H is going to knock DiBiase’s head off…

(Suddenly Randy Orton slides into the ring)

Jim Ross: Here’s the WWE Champion. But neither man can physically harm one another

(Suddenly from the crowd, Joe Hennig slides into the ring and hits Triple H from behind)

Jim Ross: It’s Joe Hennig son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect…

(Orton hits Batista with a RKO as Triple H brawls with Hennig and DiBiase. Triple H eventually gains the upper hand and with a double clothesline sends them to the outside. Triple H turns and sees Randy Orton and the pair stare at one another inches apart.)

Jim Ross: Triple H and Randy Orton are left standing face to face.

Jerry Lawler: But remember JR, neither one can lay a finger on the other.

Jim Ross: Indeed, but that’ll all change this Sunday in Hell In A Cell. We’ll see you there folks…

(Triple H and Randy Orton stare intensely at each other as the cameras fade)

Biggest Pop: 1. Flair 2. Triple H 3. Jeff Hardy
Biggest Heat: 1. Orton 2. Matt Hardy 3.Edge/Christian

Current WWE Backlash Card

WWE Championship
Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton © vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge vs. Big Show

Loser Leaves WWE
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

WWE Tag Team Championship
Primo and Carlito © vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd

Best-of-7 Series
Match 1
Chris Jericho vs. 'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair

Money In The Bank match
Kane © vs. Christian

WWE Intercontinental Championship
MVP © vs. CM Punk
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Re: JSV presents....WWE

WWE Backlash

WWE Championship
Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton © vs. Triple H
Over the past few months a feud that started over the WWE Championship has escalated into a personal war between Triple H and Randy Orton. Orton was victorious over The Game at Wrestlemania XXV and the following next attacked Shawn Michaels on what should have been his triumphant goodbye. At Backlash these two superstars finally get their hands on one another inside Hell In A Cell. With Legacy’s Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and newest member Joe Hennig separated by the steel will Triple H get his revenge or will the ‘Age Of Orton’ continue?

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs. Big Show
Thanks to the assistance of Christian, Edge walked out of Wrestlemania still with his World Heavyweight Championship but with Money In The Bank winner Kane stalking Edge and Christian will the Rated-R superstar have enough to defeat the World’s Largest Athlete?

Loser Leaves WWE
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
Jealously has engulfed Matt Hardy since the turn of the year and after things weren’t settled at Wrestlemania no option remained except for their own safety and sanity one of the Hardy Boyz will leave the WWE at Backlash.

WWE Tag Team Championship
Primo and Carlito © vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd
Fresh from their Unification triumph, The Colon Brothers face their toughest test in TLC against the violent Paul Burchill and veteran William Regal as well as the unpredictable and exciting team of Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne. TLC can make you famous one way or another.

Best-of-7 Series
Match 1
Chris Jericho vs. 'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair
After months of disrespecting WWE legends, Ric Flair promised to find the man to teach Jericho to show some respect. ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin? The Rock? Hulk Hogan? No, that man was son of The British Bulldog and member of the Hart family, DH Smith. Smith pulled off an upset on Raw leading Commissioner Eric Bischoff to announce a Best-of-7 series. Whilst match one will not decide the outcome it could prove a great advantage. Can cause another upset and what does ‘The Nature Boy’ have up his sleeve?

Money In The Bank match
Kane © vs. Christian
Kane is a violent, maniacal and unforgiving monster who now has WWE gold in his sights. Christian whilst aiding Edge has anger The Big Red Machine and as well as inflicting pain on Christian is looking to retain his Money In The Bank title shot.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
MVP © vs. CM Punk
After attacking CM Punk and Rey Mysterio ahead of a triple threat match on Raw, MVP became Intercontinental Champion and CM Punk is looking for revenge and ‘his’ title back.

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Re: JSV presents....WWE

WWE Championship
Hell In A Cell

Randy Orton © vs. Triple H

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs. Big Show

Loser Leaves WWE
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy

WWE Tag Team Championship

Primo and Carlito © vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd

Best-of-7 Series
Match 1

Chris Jericho vs. 'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair

Money In The Bank match
Kane © vs. Christian

WWE Intercontinental Championship
MVP © vs. CM Punk

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Re: JSV presents....WWE

Katie Lea Burchill defeated Melina and Natalya in a non-title triple threat match
John Morrison defeated Gregory Helms
Batista defeated Umaga

WWE Backlash
26th April 2009

Jim Ross: Hello ladies and gentlemen and welcome WWE Backlash, I'm Jim Ross alongside WWE Hall of Famer: Jerry 'The King' Lawler and what a night we have in store tonight. As Triple H and Randy Orton finally can settle their differences once and for all.

Jerry Lawler: That's right JR and what about TLC VIII or the fact that one of the Hardy Boyz will be gone from the WWE after tonight.

Jim Ross: That's right King and let's not forget that Kane defends his Money In The Bank against Christian but first the Intercontinental Championship is on the line as CM Punk tries to get revenge on the man that potentially cost him a second title reign just two weeks ago: MVP

(Recap of MVP winning the Intercontinental following his ambush on Punk and Rey Mysterio)

WWE Intercontinental Championship
MVP © vs. CM Punk

…CM Punk hits MVP with a spinning heel kick before a succession of arm drag before hitting a double underhook back breaker on the Intercontinental champion. Punk heads up top but MVP dodges an attempted crossbody and then hits Punk with an overhead belly to belly suplex. MVP attempts a running boot but is hit with a capture suplex. After a series of kicks Punk goes for Go To Sleep but MVP rolls out of it and with a schoolboy and hand full of tights gets the pin. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall and STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion: MVP

(After the match MVP hits the Playmaker on Punk)

Jim Ross: That is completely uncalled for..

(MVP throws CM Punk to the outside and gets the mic)

MVP: And that's why I'm the Highest Paid Superstar in Smackdown history. Half Man, Half Amazing…

(Boos Increase)

MVP: I try and entertain you morons and where does it get me? A losing streak.

(A few cheers at a mention of his streak)

MVP: No more! The Franchise Playa is back and…

(The arena fills with flames and the music of Kane plays)

Jerry Lawler: Business is about to pick up.

(Kane makes his way to the ring carrying Money In The Bank)

Jim Ross: Through hellfire and brimstone it's 'The Big Red Money In The Bank' Kane

(Kane stares at MVP before picking him up and hitting him with a Chokeslam)

Jim Ross: Oh My God! Kane just Chokeslammed the Intercontinental Champion…

(Kane gets a mic and laughs)

Kane: …M…V…P. You are no safer than Randy Orton and Edge from the wrath of Kane and Money In The Bank. Whenever and Whoever I want I can challenge any WWE title holder

(Kane gives out his evil laugh)

Jerry Lawler: Kane there reminding all the championship the WWE that no one is safe.

Jim Ross: Champion or not, no one is ever safe from Kane.

(The music of Christian plays and Captain Charisma comes out for his match)

Money In The Bank match
Kane © vs. Christian

…Christian spears Kane into the corner and stomps several times trying to keep the big man down. Christian hits Kane with a DDT and heads up top and goes up top and attempts a frogsplash but Kane rolls out of the way. Christian hits Kane with a dropkick and heads up top again. Christian attempts a crossbody but is caught in mid-air by Kane who hits a Powerslam on Christian. Kane whips Christian into the corner and hits a sidewalk slam before heading up top himself and connecting with a flying clothesline. 1..2..Christian kicks out. Kane hits Christian with a big boot before again whipping Christian into the corner. Kane follows up with a running clothesline but Christian pulls the referee in the way. With the referee down Kane connects with a Chokeslam when Matt Hardy hits the ring and drives a steel chair into the back of The Big Red Machine. Kane is unfazed and faces Hardy who has had some run ins with Kane and Big Show in recent weeks. Kane drives the chair into Hardy with a big boot as the referee struggles to his feet. Kane makes the cover as Christian still lay motionless after the Chokeslam. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall and STILL Money In The Bank: Kane

(Kane grabs his briefcase and does his pyro when Matt Hardy hits him with another chairshot to the back which puts the 7 foot monster on to one knee.)

Jim Ross: Matt Hardy is looking for revenge after recent beatings suffered thanks directly and sometimes indirectly to Kane.

(Hardy drives another chair shot into the skull of Kane sending him to the ground)

Jerry Lawler: Hardy has finally put down Kane and here comes Christian.

(Christian has a chair and as Kane struggles to his feet he is hit with conchairto)

Jim Ross: Conchairto to Kane! Former enemies Matt Hardy and Christian allied due to the mutual enemies of Kane and Big Show.

(Kane sits up)

Jerry Lawler: Kane sat up!

(Christian and Hardy connect with another Conchairto)

Jim Ross: Another Conchairto!

(Kane sits up again and the crowd erupts)

Jim Ross: I do not believe it, Kane sat up after a second Conchairto.

(Kane is hit by a third Conchairto)

Jerry Lawler: A third conchairto!

Jim Ross: For god's sake Kane stay down.

(Kane tries to sit up but is unable to as Christian and Matt Hardy leave with Christian taking Kane's Money In The Bank briefcase)

Jim Ross: Following three conchairtos Kane is down and Christian has helped himself to 'The Big Red Machine's briefcase

Jerry Lawler: Possession is nine tenths of the law JR…

(A Wrestlemania recap is shown then Ric Flair and DH Smith are standing alongside Matt Striker)

Matt Striker: I am joined now my WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair and 'Bulldog' DH Smith who faces Chris Jericho in the first of potential seven matches. Now 'Nature Boy' how confident are you that 'Bulldog' can pull of another upset tonight?

Ric Flair: Upset? Have you seen this kid in action? DH Smith is not only the future of this business he's the present and is set to teach Chris Jericho a lesson in being the best tonight.

Matt Striker: Bulldog, do you share Ric's confidence?

DH Smith: I do Matt. The one thing with do disagree on is that one Chris Jericho will be in the Hall of Fame he's a multi Intercontinental and World Champion and the first ever Undisputed WWE Champion. Whilst I doubt is actions in recent months I do not doubt or underestimate his ability. A man once said to be the man you've got to beat the man, and my journey to my destiny starts tonight

(Smith and Flair confidently leave)

Jim Ross: Confident words there from the 'Nature Boy' Ric Flair and 'Bulldog' DH Smith.

Jerry Lawler: Yes, but despite his raw talented I'm not sure he'll be able to cope with the veteran Jericho.

(Flair/Jericho/Bulldog promo airs)

Best-of-7 Series
Match 1
Chris Jericho vs. 'Bulldog' DH Smith w/ Ric Flair

Jericho is eager to get some revenge and hits Bulldog with a series clotheslines before and kick to the mid-section. Jericho whips Smith into the corner and follows up with multiple knife-edge chops. Jericho then hits Smith with a double underhook backbreaker before attempting a Lionsault but Bulldog manages to get his knees up. Bulldog hits a snapmare followed by a dropkick to the back of Y2J's head. Smith whips Jericho against the ropes but misses an attempted clothesline and his hit with Codebreaker. 1..2..Thr..Smith manages to get his foot on the ropes. Jericho is bemused and argues with the referee claiming he got the three count. Smith hits a German suplex on Jericho followed up a stalling suplex. Smith then gets Jericho in position for a Running Powerslam but Jericho holds the rope and slides behind Smith and hits him with a facebuster followed by Lionsault. 1..2..Thr..Bulldog kicks out. Jericho attempts to hit Codebreaker but is caught with a sitdown powerbomb. 1..2..Jericho kicks out. DH Smith then locks in the Bulldog Bite (Camel Clutch). Jericho is fading and the referee raises his arm…1…Jericho is down to one knee and referee raises his arm again…2…one more and it's over…Thr..Jericho keeps his arm up and is back on his feet and hits a desperation back body drop. Both men slowly get to their feet and exchange punches with Jericho from nowhere sweeping Smith into the Walls Of Jericho. Bulldog slowly struggles but is close enough to get to the ropes. As the referee attends to DH Smith, Ric Flair hits Chris Jericho with a low blow to the crowds delight. Jericho stubbles towards DH Smith when Bulldog gets the small package. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall: 'Bulldog' DH Smith (1-0 to Smith)

Jim Ross: He's done it. A epic match and it takes the assistance of 'The Nature Boy' for DH Smith to beat Chris Jericho.

(A Hell In A Cell highlight reel is shown and then Triple H is shown in the back)

Triple H: The Undertaker, Kevin Mash, Chris Jericho, Mankind, Edge, The Rock, Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels

(The crowd pops at Triple H's list)

Triple H: All future Hall of Famers and all have one thing in common. They have fallen at the hands of Hell In A Cell. There is only one thing that means more to me than the WWE Championship and that is my family. You went after them and now you will pay as I will pick up my sixth Hell In A Cell victory and you will feel pain that you have never felt before…

(Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring and is occupied by Christian)

Jim Ross: And here come the jealous and deluded Matt Hardy and Christian is joining at him at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: Joined by common enemies it seems Christian and Matt Hardy have realized they are stronger as a team than apart

Loser Leaves WWE
Matt Hardy w/ Christian vs. Jeff Hardy

…Jeff Hardy immediately goes to work on Matt. Jeff connects with some right hands before connecting with a jawbreaker on brother Matt. Jeff goes up top and connects with a 450° splash. 1..2..Matt kicks out. Jeff after a snap reverse powerbomb hits Matt with a double leg drop. The Extreme Enigma is in complete control and hits Matt with a Twist of Fate. Rather than go for a pin, Jeff whips Matt into the corner and follows up with a single Poetry in Motion. Jeff then whips him to the opposing corner and attempts the same but Matt pulls the referee in the way. Matt is still hurt and is hit with a second Twist of Fate before Jeff goes up top. Jeff Hardy signals for a Swanton Bomb to put an end to Hardy senior but Christian hits Jeff with a low blow before hitting an Unprettier off the top rope. Matt is up to his feet and picks Jeff up and hits him with a Twist of Fate as Christian helps the referee up. Matt heads up top and connects with a Swanton Bomb mocking his younger brother. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall: Matt Hardy

Jim Ross: Damn it! Matt Hardy and Christian's new alliance built on jealously, betrayal and power hungry cowardice has just cost Jeff Hardy his job. Damn them, Damn them to hell.

Jerry Lawler: What does this mean for the future of Christian and Matt Hardy? And what is Edge's role in this? If those three are on the same page the WWE superstars may have a real problem..

(The cameras show Randy Orton with Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Legacy's newest member son of Mr. Perfect, Joe Hennig)

Randy Orton: Triple H, the time has come to once and for all end the suffering of WWE fans all around the world. Tonight Orton's law rules supreme once again and not only will I successfully defend my WWE Championship ill put you on the shelf for good.

(Orton storms off and Legacy follow shortly before Joe Hennig stops and looks and the camera)

Joe Hennig: ……And it'll be………Perfect!

Jim Ross: A very focused Randy Orton there but up next the World Heavyweight Championship is on the line as the Rated-R superstar, the ultimate opportunist Edge meets Big Show and I cannot help but wonder what Edge and more specifically Edge, Christian and the newest 'member' in the alliance Matt Hardy have up their sleeves…

(Big Show/Edge promo airs)

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge © vs. Big Show

…As Big Show makes his entrance the ultimate opportunist Edge tries to catch the Big Show off balance with a roll up 1..Tw..Big Show easily kicks out. Edge dodges a big boot attempt and hits Big Show with a spinning heel kick followed by a leg drop from the second rope. Edge then connects with a Spear. 1..2..Big Show kicks out and then catches Edge with a big boot followed by a leg drop. Big Show then locks in a Bear Hug, as Edge begins to fade Christian and Matt Hardy slowly walk towards each possessing a steel chair the ring causes Big Show to drop Edge and turn his attention to them. Christian and Hardy stay outside the ring but distraction allows Edge to connect with another Spear. 1..2..Big Show kicks out again and then hits Edge with a Chokeslam. 1..2..Thr..Christian drives the steel chair into back of Big Show.

Winner by DQ: Big Show, STILL World Heavyweight Champion: Edge

(Edge rolls to the outside as Hardy and Christian stomp on the Big Show)

Jim Ross: We had a new World Heavyweight Champion, until damn Christian got Edge disqualified

Jerry Lawler: I told you JR, these three are on the same wavelength

Jim Ross: A damn three-man power trip. This trio of S.O.B's need to be taught a lesson

(Edge returns to the ring with a steel chair and the trio set up for a three way conchairto)

Jim Ross: Oh no not this again…

(The three chair simultaneously smack into the skull of the Big Show and he falls to the crowd)

Jim Ross: My God! You could hear the sickening sound of human skull on steel

(Matt Hardy and Christian raise the arms of Edge holding the World Heavyweight Championship)

(A history of TLC airs)

WWE Tag Team Championship
Primo and Carlito © vs. Paul Burchill and William Regal vs. Evan Bourne and Tyson Kidd

As all six men begin to brawl it is Primo who first gets a ladder and drives into Burchill and Regal. Carlito and Tyson Kidd are brawling on the outside and in the ring Primo drives the ladder into the midsection of Evan Bourne before laying the ladder on the floor. Carlito attempts the whip Kidd into the ringsteps but is reversed and sent flying in the steps. Primo goes for a powerbomb on Bourne onto the ladder but Bourne reverses it into a hurricanrana onto the ladder before heading outside. Both Kidd and Bourne set up tables in the ring as Regal and Carlito are fighting near the announce tables. Burchill and Primo are up to their feet and Kidd drives a steel chair into the skull of both men. Bourne and Kidd place the men on a table each and head up top, whilst Regal hits Carlito with the brass knuckles before pulling him on to the announce table. Bourne and Kidd both attempt a somersault leg drop but Primo and Burchill roll off the table and Kidd and Bourne send themselves through a table each. Regal attempts to piledrive Carlito through the announce table but is blocked and with a high back body drop Regal is sent crashing through the Spanish announce table. Burchill and Primo are brawling in the ring but after a low blow Burchill hits a C-4 on the chair before setting up a ladder and climbing it. As he gets toward the top Carlito hits a Backstabber off the ladder and all six men are down. Kidd and Bourne are up first and each set up two ladder in the ring bring the total to three, two under the belts and one in the corner. Primo and Regal are on outside struggling to their feet when Kidd hits them both with steel chair shots before laying them side to side on tables already set up on the outside. Bourne then climbs the ladder in the ring and turns to look at them. Evan Bourne then hits a Shooting Star Press off a ladder in the ring on to the pair on tables on the outside and the crowd erupts. Kidd gets back in the ring and is hit by a Backstabber from Carlito who begins to climb towards the belts. Burchill follows on the ladder alongside Carlito. Carlito unsettles Burchill with a left hook but the man from London, England recovers and hits a C-4 off the ladder sending both of them to the canvas. Tyson Kidd is slowly climbing the ladder and gets to the belts as carnage surrounds him.

Winners and NEW WWE Tag Team Champions: Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne

(Kidd raises the belts then helps Bourne up as medical staff assist the clean up)

Jim Ross: What a match! Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne have done it. What an effort from these six men and up next is the main event.

(Eric Bischoff is shown in his office)

Eric Bischoff: So he'll be ready next month?

(The camera pans round revealing Paul Heyman)

Paul Heyman: Eric, trust me Eric. He'll be there.

(Heyman gets up and shakes Bischoff's hand before leaving)

(History of Hell In A Cell airs)

Jerry Lawler: What the hell is Heyman doing here and who is he talking about.

Jim Ross: I'm sure we'll find out in the coming weeks King but up next, the Game Triple H and Randy Orton try to settle their difference once and for all inside the Devil's playground known as Hell In A Cell…

(Recap of the Triple H/Legacy feud air)

WWE Championship
Hell In A Cell
Randy Orton © vs. Triple H

..The pair stand face to face for a while trash talking to one another before all hell breaks the loose and the pair exchange fierce right hands, Triple H whips Orton into the ropes but misses with an attempting knee strike. And Orton connect with a Standing dropkick. Orton sends Triple H into the corner and follows up with a series of chops. Triple H blocks one and comes back with a few chops of his own before a facebreaker knee smash. Triple H then whips Orton into the ropes and with a running knee strike sends him to the outside. Triple H follows and from under the ring retrieves his sledgehammer and drives into the skull of Orton. This sends Orton back first onto the ring steps. Triple H with Orton laying on the steps gets on to the apron and attempts a knee drop but Orton has just enough to roll off with Triple H going knee first into the steps. Orton then takes Triple H and repeatedly smashes him face first against the Cell before rolling him into the ring. Orton puts the sledgehammer into the ring and then brings in the steel steps and puts them on top of 'The Game's badly hurt knee and drives it with the sledgehammer. Orton then piledrives Triple H onto the steps. 1..2..Thr..Triple H manages to get a shoulder up. Orton picks up the steps but in desperation hits Orton with a drop toe hold sending Orton face first into the steps. Triple H hobbles to his feet and hits Orton with a Pedigree. 1..2..Thr..Orton kicks out and Triple H is stunned and connects with another sledgehammer shot before hitting a Pedigree on top of the steel steps. That however takes it out of Triple and he delays getting the cover. Then from underneath the ring Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Joe Hennig get into the ring and attack Triple H. As Hennig helps up Orton, Rhodes holds Triple H up as DiBiase drives the sledgehammer into the skull of the game. Hennig gets a steel chair and hands it to Randy Orton. Orton clamps it around the head of Triple H before punting him in the head wrapped in steel. 1..2..3!!

Winner by pinfall and STILL WWE Champion: Randy Orton

(Triple H lays motionless as the Cell is lifted)

Jim Ross: Randy Orton is still the WWE Champion thanks to Legacy. I'm not sure if this is over between Orton and Triple H but 'The Game' looks in bad shape.

(The cameras fade as Legacy help WWE Champion Randy Orton to the back)

Biggest Pop: 1. Jeff Hardy 2. Triple H 3. DH Smith
Biggest Heat: 1. Legacy 2. Matt Hardy/Christian 3. Edge

Top Matches (according to pwtorch.com)
1. DH Smith vs. Jericho ****1/2
2. TLC VIII ****1/4
3. Orton vs. HHH ****
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