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Learning to break kayfabe
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Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

The World Wrestling Federation- Monday June 1, 1986

The Premise

Following the success of Wrestlemania II, Vince McMahon is poised to grow his product. In order to do this, he decides to allow his writers and backstage folks more say in what happens. His main question to his staff: While we are doing something special, how can we make it better?
His staff comes up with a variety of answers.

• First, they strengthen everything behind the curtain. They hire new writers, new medics, new backstage handlers and, more importantly, new trainers. For the first time, McMahon is convinced to start a local territory to develop new fresh talent. He also purchases The Monster Factory, a successful wrestling school to find his next generation of ‘Superstars’. He entrusts East Coast Wrestling’s booking to a young writer named Vince Russo and convinces wrestling legend, Killer Kolwaski, to close his school and take over the training of the Monster Factory.

• Second, his staff convinces Vince that many of the stars he has been backing are not worth his effort. Many wrestlers are pushed down the card, angering people in the locker room; including main stars Hulk Hogan and Ricky Steamboat. Numerous wrestlers are jettisoned and anyone not signing a written exclusive contract is shown the door as well.

• Third, his staff scours the country searching for the hottest unsigned young wrestlers, to fill out ECW’s roster. As the ranks of indie-leagues begin to get hit, wrestling’s popularity begins to wane. Many consider it coincidence, but old-school promoters, among them Verne Gagne, Jim Crockett and Bill Watts. Blame McMahon’s greediness.

• McMahon tries and fails to get Saturday Night’s Main Event on NBC every Saturday night. As negotiations deteriorate, McMahon takes his ball and goes home. He is hitching his product to the USA network and hopes that the partnership will grow both products.

McMahon’s new gamble kicks off in the Boston Garden at a taping of Prime Time Wrestling.

The World Wrestling Federation- Monday June 1, 1986

The Roster

The Main Event Wrestlers-


Hulk Hogan (WWF champ)
Ricky Steamboat

Behind the scenes

The writers are in a heated debate over which heels need to be promoted to main event status. McMahon still favors monsters for Hogan to destroy, but the writers feel that the strategy is getting stale.

Hogan knows his position is secure and annoys everyone, except McMahon, with his attitude. For now, the writers are playing a waiting game and praying that Hogan will fail to draw or piss of the boss.

Steamboat is miserable with the direction of the company and has asked for his release. He sees very few ‘wrestlers’ and too many bodybuilders. So far the charisma of Vince has kept Steamboat in line, but with his contract coming up in five short months, Vince is worried. For the time being, Vince will keep him out of many programs and allow him to relax.

The Upper-Mid Card


Andre the Giant
The British Bulldogs
Jake Roberts
Paul Orndorf


The Hart Foundation
Randy Savage
Rowdy Roddy Piper
King Kong Bundy

Behind the scenes

The creative team is at odds with Vince over Andre, Bundy, Orndorff and Neidhart, but his loyal to them. He is convinced that with the proper booking the Bulldogs and the Harts can capture what the Rock-n-Roll Express and Midnight Express are doing in the N.W.A. He is also convinced that he can rebuild Andre up and turn him to face Hogan at Wrestlemania III. The staff feels that Roberts or Piper would be better for that role. Vince would prefer to reignite the Snuka and Piper feud and display it to a whole new audience. The staff remains skeptical. To them, Orndorff is a lost cause. The guy will NEVER be a Hogan clone, but Vince is convinced he can make him one.

The Mid Card


The Fabulous Rogue Brothers
Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka
Billy Jack Haynes
Ric Martel
Tito Santana


Big John Studd
The Magnificent Don Murraco
Brutis Beefcake
“The King” Harley Race
Ted DiBase, the Million Dollar Man

Behind the scenes

There is a lot of animosity that the Funks were released, but Race was allowed to stay on an open contract. No one will say it to Race’s face, however. Beefcake is annoyed at his role in the new hierarchy and is lobbying Hogan to help him. The acquisition of DiBase has been huge and the writers are salivating at his ability. Vince wants to bring him along slowly, however.

The Lower Mid-Card


The Killer B’s
George ‘The Animal’ Steele
Hillbilly Jim
The Young Stallions
SD Jones
The Junkyard Dog


“Cowboy” Bob Orton
The Nasty Boys
Greg “The Hammer” Valentine
The Honkey Tonk Man
Nicolia Volkoff
The Iron Sheik
Hercules Hernandez



Chris Walker


Steve Lombardi



Capt. Lou Albano


Bobby “The Brain” Heenan
Mr. Fuji
Jimmy Hart



Mr. T


“Superstar” Billy Graham

Behind the scenes

Graham was brought into lay down for Hogan; pure and simple. As his career has dwindled, Graham is looking for one last big pay day. T has stayed on because of Hogan’s influence. The wrestlers hate that a guy half their size and ability doesn’t have to work a full schedule.


The Heenan Family- Bobby Heenan, Big John Studd, King Kong Bundy, Haku, Harley “The King” Race

Jimmy Hart’s First Family- Jimmy Hart, Brett Hart, Jim Neidhart, The Honkeytonk Man

Fuji’s House of Horror- Mr. Fuji, “The Magnificent” Don Murraco

The Church of Slick- Slick, Hercules Hernandez, Greg Valentine, Brutus Beefcake

Lou Albanos Stable- Capt. Lou Albano,The British Bulldogs, George “The Animal” Steele

Tag Teams

The British Bulldogs- Davey Boy Smith and the Dynamite Kid

The Hart Foundation- Brett “The Hitman” Hart and Jim “The Anvil” Neidhart

The Fabulouse Rougue Brothers- Jacque and Raymond Rougue

The Nasty Boys- Jerry Saggs and Brian Knobbs

The Young Stallions- Paul Roma and Jim Powers

The Iron Sheik and Nicolia Volkoff-

The Killer B’s- “B” Brian Blair and “Jumping” Jim Powers

The ECW Roster

Al Snow
Bam Bam Bigalow
Bob Holly
Chris Benoit
Dean Malenko
Eddie Gurrero
Kevin Nash
Leon White
Mark Callous
Owen Hart
Steve Austin
The Tasmaniac
Ken Shamrock
Scotty the Body
Percy Pringle

* Quick note*

I orginally posted this diary on Neo-Seeker forums and redid it in CAWS diary forums. I am reprinting it here to try and get as many eyes and as much feedback on it as possible. My whole goal is to recapture and highlight what I loved about wrestling growing up. Hope anyone who reads it can enjoy.
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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

I applaud your willingness to do something different. I only remember 1 other BTB set in this era!!! As I was only born in 1986, I didn't watch the product as it happened, but I have obviously caught up over the last few years. Anyway, I hope this goes well for you.

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Learning to break kayfabe
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The 1st show

The World Wrestling Federation- Monday June 1, 1986

Prime Time Wrestling

Commentators – Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

The intro for Prime Time flashes across the screen

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan stand at the announcers table in full tuxes

Gorilla- Welcome everyone to Prime Time Wrestling! I’m Gorilla Monsoon with my partner Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! Brain, how are you tonight?

Heenan- I’m fine Monsoon. I’m just ready to sit down and get to work

Segment 1

Pink Floyd’s “Money” blares over the speakers as “Superstar” Billy Graham walks to the ring.
The crowd, obviously puzzled, does not know how to react. Graham snatches the mike from Howard Finkle and stares him down until he runs out of the ring. As the crowd looks on, Graham stares out at them in disgust.

Graham- “How many of you even know who the hell I am?” he asks.
“You see, before the Wrestlemanias, before actors decided they wanted to be wrestlers and before all of you spoiled kids turned over from the cartoon shows, I WAS THE MAN! Greats like Bruno Sammertino, Stan Hansen, Bob Backland and a hell of a lot more guys that you people have no clue about, came in here and spilled their blood. Not for you, but for the REAL wrestling fans! It was about honor. It was about pride! It was about being the toughest S.O.B in the business. You people have ruined that.”

The crowd begins to boo as Graham stares at them in disgust.

“I am here to fix it. ‘How are you going to do that Superstar?’ you might ask. Well, an important investor has put me in a position to take this federation back. I’ve put up everything I’ve owned and I’ve used that money to BUY half ownership of this federation! Make no mistake people, that is all I will need to get ALL of it and make this a WRESTLING federation again.”

“Well I don’t know about you Monsoon, but I’m glad someone finally said it! For those of you that have only watched wrestling for the last two weeks, that was Super Star Billy Graham! A former WWF champion and the man our current champion has been trying to be for years!

Monsoon- “Now hold it right there Brain. Not to take anything away from the Super Star, but don’t you think he was a little rough to these people watching? I mean they are the reason we are on air. They are who pays our salaries, y know?

Heenan- “Hey, if the shoe fits; wear it! You wanna be the one to go in there and tell your new boss different?

Monsoon- “Well, no, but that doesn’t mean he is right! I’m not taking anything away from Billy Graham, but I don’t think it’s a smart business move to come out and insult our customers. The thing that has always made the World Wrestling Federation the best wrestling organization on the planet has been ,and will continue to be, its fans. I think the Superstar would be wise to remember that”

Heenan- “Whatever you say, Monsoon. It’s always a good idea to tell the boss just how wrong he is. Go down there and do it. This is the same man who bested Andre the Giant in an arm wrestling match!”

Monsoon- “I don’t remember it that way.”

Heenan- “Oh you don’t? Well, that’s why my nickname is the Brain and yours is Gorilla! Just think about it. That’s all I’m asking.”

The show fades to commercial

Segment 2

Billy Jack Haynes vs. Steve Lombardi

A debuting Haynes locks up with Lombardi and throws him down after a lock up. Lombardi tells the referee that Haynes pulled his hair. This goes on for a few more times, before Lombardi gouges Haynes eyes. After a brief moment of offense, Haynes reverses a whip off the ropes and clotheslines Lombardi. A few body slams and shoulder blocks later, Haynes cinches a full-nelson to clinch the win.

Segment 3

Haku vs. Ric Martel

The bell rings and Haku charges at Martel

Monsoon- Whoa Brain! Looks like your client is really fired up tonight!

Heenan- You don’t know the half of it, Monsoon. I’m telling you, this man will make a statement tonight! He’s so viscous; I decided to stay up here with you. (under his breath) and we all know how I feel about you.

Monsoon- What was that Brain?

Heenan- Nothing. I said ‘I can’t wait to see Haku.”

Haku savagely rakes his claws across Martel’s back and begins to choke him. The referee breaks it up, but Haku grabs Martel by the hair and slams him to the canvas. Grabbing the ropes, the Samoan Savage stands on Martel's throat until the ref breaks it up

Heenan- You see what I mean, Monsoon? Nobody back there in the locker room wants to face this man in the ring! No offense to Ric Martel, but Haku is making him an example. You mess with the Samoan Monster you get hurt. It’s as simple as that. Oooh watch this!”

Haku throws Martel in the corner and pounds him with head butts until he falls limp. Letting loose an angry shout, Haku backs up and waits for a groggy Martel to stand.

Before he can unleash his finisher, the Thrust Kick, Martel ducks and kicks Haku in the midsection. On cue, the crowd begins to cheer. Enlivened by the crowd, Martel begins to rock Haku with a series of dropkicks. The whole time Heenan rips into an amused Monsoon.
Martel runs off the ropes and attempts to shoulder block Haku, but the monster sidesteps and slams Martel throat-first into the top rope.
As Martel stands, Haku nails him with the thrust kick and quickly pins him.
After his hand is raised, Haku refuses to leave the ring, daring anyone to come out. As he turns to jaw with a fan, Jake Roberts slowly slinks to the ring with Damian, his python, in toe.
As Haku turns around, Roberts rushes into the ring with the snake sending Haku scurrying back to the dressing room.

Segment 4

Roddy Piper and Mr. T

Pipers Pit

Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out to a chorus of boos. Bob Orton stands near the back of the set and Piper grins at him.

Piper-“It’s always good to be back in Boston, Bob. I tell you these people love us!”

The crowd erupts further.

Piper- “You know what Boston? That’s ok because I’ve always been a Yankees man, myself! What about you Cowboy?”

As the crowd gets louder, Piper begins to laugh.

Monsoon- I wouldn’t want to be Piper trying to catch a cab out of here tonight, Brain.

Heenan- Well, we can agree on that, Monsoon. The truth hurts though. The Red Sox traded Babe Ruth for, what, a bag of doughnuts? How did that turn out?

Hush before you get us killed!

Piper- “Well, I don’t know about you folks, but I think the Superstar touched on some good points tonight. I mean, when I was coming up in this business is was all about how tough you were. It was about how good you were. It was about having the ability to make people come out and watch you kick another person until they stayed down for three slaps on the mat!
What it wasn’t about was of how big an actor you were! It wasn’t about how much make-up you put on before you went out on camera or how much jewelry you wore. My next guest is about all that. Come on out here, Mr. T!

The crowd cheers as Mr. T walks on the set.

Piper confronts T before he can say anything

Piper- “I do believe the last time I saw you, I was whipping you like a damn dog,” (referring to T and Piper’s boxing match at Wrestlemania II. Piper was disqualified for body slamming T. As Orton held him down, Piper used a belt on T’s back.)

T, visibly angry, grabs the mike from Piper.

T- “Seems to me you needed your boy over there to hold me, Piper! You would never dream of doing that by yourself! What’s all this nonsense about me wearing make-up? Coming from a man in a dress that is a little funny, but then again that isn’t the only thing about you that is a little funny. I mean, look at your sidekick over there in a Cowboy hat and leather vest! (Referring to Orton) What you going Village People on me Piper?

Piper grabs another mike and fires back

Piper- “You are such a funny guy aren’t you? You come in here, fresh off your Hollywood plane and you think I owe you something. I don’t owe you squat! I don’t care if you are friends with Hogan! I don’t care if you are friends with Stallone. When you come out here, you EARN respect. You don’t get it by being on the A-Team!

T- “Obviously, you are scared because you had to come out here with your boyfriend! Why don-“

Piper- “You don’t have to worry about Bob. I just keep him around so people like you don’t try to rob me. You don’t think I know how you got all that gold from the pawn shop MR. T? The fact is, I’m sending him home for the night, but if you try to rob me….. Go on Bob!”

Orton leaves with a worried look on his face as Piper continues.

Piper- “And your choice of barber, who cut that Ray Charles? Or was that one of those do it yourself jobs? You’d think with all that Hollywood money you could afford-“

Mr. T looks away for a moment, but suddenly knocks Piper prone with a right hand. As Piper attempts to get up, T removes his weight lifters belt and begins to whip him. The crowd hears T as he shout’s “Paybacks a bitch ain’t it, fool?” Orton returns as T walks away

A furious Piper tears apart his set as the show cuts to commercial.

Segment 5

The British Bulldogs vs. Nicolia Volkoff and the Iron Sheik
For the WWF tag team belts

Because the crowd is so pumped from the last segment, they really don’t get into the match. The Bulldogs are brilliant, but neither Sheik nor Volkoff are skilled enough to make the match look good. Heenan and Monsoon spend the whole match arguing about Billy Graham and whether he has a legitimate point. When Smith powerslams Volkoff and gets the pin, it is almost a relief.

Segment 6

The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg Valentine) come out as the Bulldog’s celebrate.
Without a mike it is hard to hear what they are saying, but it is apparent that they are not impressed with the Champions win.

Beefcake gets a mike

Beefcake- “Whoa, that was a totally amazing display of wrestling against two guys that do not deserve a shot. I mean, when you two clowns were chasing us for those titles, did we duck you? It seems to me, after Wrestlemania II, you two pups won’t even stay at the same hotel we are in. Wonder why that is Greg?”

The Bulldogs shout at them from the ring, but with no mike; they are ignored.

Beefcake- “Tell you what Bulldogs, if you guys really want to be champions why don’t you take on me and my partner this Friday in Pittsburg? Unless of course, you want to keep running.”

Of course, the Bulldogs nod yes. The crowd is apparently all in the bathroom or grabbing beers, judging by the reaction.

Segment 7

Billy Graham’s music hits again. He walks to the ring and grabs the mike again as Rick Steamboat and Chris Walker wait to start their match.

Graham- “In case you fans have all ready forgotten, I’m still Billy Graham. The original Hulk Hogan, the original Jesse Ventura, the original SUPERSTAR! I didn’t say it before, but I’ll say it now. That hunk of medal hanging around Hogan’s waist is a shell of what it once was when I held it. You know why, Boston?”

He pauses.

Graham-“The reason is because real wrestlers fought for it! Not the cartoons that prance around this ring now! You think Hogan has arms? I’m damn near twice that boy’s age and my arms are still bigger than his!”

Graham rips the sleeves off his shirt and flexes several times.

Graham-“You know why he wears shirts with no sleeves? Because I wore shirts with no sleeves! You know why he says the word brother, every other word? Because I said it once in an interview! What you people don’t realize, because you just started watching wrestling last week, is that Hogan is nothing new. He’s just a poor copy of me. You see the stuff Hogan is trying to do now, I’ve already done.”

The crowd boos.

Graham-“You can boo all you want because I don’t need your love. You can say all the prayers you want. You can take your vitamins. You can do all that crap and you still won’t be me! You won’t be a Superstar! Some of us are born that way. Hogan! No matter how hard you try, you don’t have the genetics, boy! You’ve been faking it your whole damn career! The real deal is back now! Are you ready?”
Graham stares at the camera and flexes as the camera fades to commercial

Segment 8

Ricky Steamboat vs. Chris Walker

Ricky Steamboat and Walker square off. Steamboat hits Walker with his signature deep armdrags and whips him off the ropes. A leapfrog and a dropkick later, Walker in on his back. Steamboat knife hands Walker, putting him back on the mat. Steamboat attempts to pick Walker up, but is caught in a small package. One, Two, ….Steamboat kicks out. Walker runs off the ropes and knocks Steamboat down with a shoulderblock. As Walker, picks Steamboat up and attempts a suplex, Steamboat takes his back and gives him an atomic drop. As Walker attempts to shake it off he is unaware that Steamboat is climbing the top turnbuckle, he turns around and is caught flush with a Flying Cross-body press!
1,2, 3! The match is over. The crowd gives Steamboat a round of applause.

Segment 10 & 11

Tito Santana vs. “The King” Harley Race

For the vacant Intercontinental Championship

Before the match starts, Randy ‘Macho-Man’ Savage and Elizabeth join the broadcast team at ringside.

Monsoon- We are joined by ‘The Macho-Man’ Randy Savage and his lovely manager, Elizabeth here in the broadcast booth. Randy what brings you out-“

Savage- Can it Monsoon! I would think it was obvious why I am out here! How in the hell does Tito Santana get to wrestle for the Intercontinental championship again? I mean when is a DESERVING contender, like myself, going to get his chance. How many guys do I have to beat up to get MY chance?

Heenan- I couldn’t tell you Randy. As a the manager of “The King”, I can tell you it would have been an honor to have you in there with him tonight.

Savage- Thank-you Bobby. No disrespect to Harley, but that title should be mine. I should be in there winning it tonight.

The match begins and Race gouges Santana’s eyes as they begin to lock up. Taking advantage, he clubs Santana with a few forearms before picking him up and bodyslaming him.

Heenan- You see guys, “The King” has a few servants like Santana at his home. How do you think he keeps them in line?

Monsoon- Easy Brain.

What? You think “The King” makes his own beds and cleans his own home?

Race backs Tito into the corner and shoves his shoulder into his midsection as the referee attempts to get him to break. Race ignores him and snapmares Santana towards the middle of the ring.

Savage- This is exactly what I’m saying. The guy doesn’t have the ability to compete for this title!

As Savage grows increasingly belligerent in the broadcast booth, Race drops a few of his famous knee drops on Tito’s temple. He goes for the pin, but Santana kicks out immediately.

Race complains to the ref that the count was slow as he picks Santana up. Santana jumps out the backdoor as Race attempts to body slam him and dropkicks “The King” to the mat.

The crowd, enlivened by Santana’s comeback, begins to cheer.

Santana pounds Race with a few punches and sends him off the ropes. As Race rebounds back, Santana flips him with a back drop. As Race holds his back, Santana signals that he will be going for the flying forearm!

As Race gets up, Santana bounds off the ropes and nails him with the move! As Race lies prone, Santana applies the figure-four leglock! Race tries for the ropes, but can’t make it! He submits!

As Santana celebrates, Savage rails against how undeserving he is of the title. Apparently, the crowd feels the same way because they aren’t very into it.

As Santana waits for his belt, Savage leaves the broadcast booth and rushes into the ring. He brutally clubs the new champion with an axe-handle and kicks him repeatedly. Referees attempt to break it up, but Savage threatens them and goes back to pounding Santana. As Tito lies on the matt in pain, Savage mounts the top rope and drops the Flying Elbow!

Before he leaves, Savage grabs the mike. “Congratulations, champ!” he growls into the mike.

Segment 12

“Real American” blares over the speakers as the crowd comes to life. Hulk Hogan comes down and does his traditional shirt rip/hard of hearing routine. The crowd goes nuts for it.
Hogan grabs the mike. A serious look creased across his brow.

Hogan- "I was backstage when a hero of mine came out here earlier and spoke to all of my Hulkamaniacs. It makes me sad, brother. Billy Graham was one of the greatest world champions to ever hold the belt around my waist right now. Believe me when I tell you this, it is a very sad thing to see how bitter the man has become.”

Heenan- “Oh give me a break. The only reason the man is bitter is because people like you are ruining the business he built up.”

Monsoon- “Shut up Brain!”

Hogan- "That’s exactly what it is Hulkamaniaics. I'm not like billy Graham because I'm still saying the prayers and eating my vitamins and thanking the big man upstairs every day for being given the privilege of entertaining fans like you, for being given the ability to be the WWF heavyweight champion, for living in the greatest country in the world! Billy Graham couldn’t be satisfied. He wanted more! He wanted today to be yesterday and that is not how it works, brother! The world moves on! This isn’t 1976; its 1986! You can’t go back, man! So right now, I’m begging you, Billy Graham! I’m on my knees asking you to put aside the bitterness and join the nation of Hulkamania! Let me tell you brother, you can’t move forward by looking backward and if you try to pull my Hulkamaniacs down I will be the one with the REAL 24 inch pythons to set you down the correct path!”

The crowd goes nuts as Hogan’s music kicks in. As Hogan poses for the ground, the scene fades.

Behind the Scenes

McMahon was happy with the way Graham and Hogan were received.
He is also thrilled the way that the Piper’s Pit segment played out.

Some things concern him, however.
The crowd’s reaction to Santana and the Dream Team were cold at best. For his gambit to work he wonders how he can turn their characters up a notch. Of course, Beefcake has tons of ideas, but they are consistently bad and involve him in the main-event.

Steamboat is increasingly becoming unhappy with the way the WWF is going. He misses his family in North Carolina and he has no friends in the WWF’s locker room. Vince flew him to Manhattan to talk with him about his position in the company.

Listen Rick, I understand your concerns, but I want you to be happy here. I see so much potential for a guy with your abilities.”

Steamboat is clearly uncomfortable, but tries to remain polite.

“Thanks Vince. I appreciate the vote of confidence. I’m just not finding a guy on the roster I ‘click’ with. I see what you are trying to do, but there isn’t one singles guy on the roster that ‘wrestles’.

Vince smiles and puts his hand on Steamboat’s shoulder.

“Well I’m glad you brought that up, Rick. I want to share my plans for you. You see Rick there is a guy on the roster that is made for you. Can you look me in the eye and tell me Randy Savage and you can’t do something special in the ring?”

Steamboat’s eyes light up for a second, but he remains cautious.

“Yeah, I can see us putting together a good match, but you have him in a program with Tito. How are-“

“Hold on right there, Rick. Santana is a steping stone for Randy. By the time I’m done with both of them, the Intercontinental title will be built up and Randy will have enough heat to get in the ring with you.”

Steamboat nods.

“You don’t think he is already?”

Vince smiles.

“He might be, Rick. I’m not going to lie to you. I guess my question is, can you wait until Wrestlemania? I can see you two putting on the greatest match ever.”

Steamboat seems content for the time being.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

Wrestling Challenge

The opening credits roll across the screen

Vince McMahon, clad in a tuxedo, and Jesse Ventura, clad in something out of a Depeche Mode video, stands beside him.

McMahon- Welcome everyone to Wrestling Challenge! I’m Vince McMahon with my broadcast partner, Jesse “The Body” Ventura! We’ve got a great show for you today so sit back for the most exciting hour in professional wrestling!


S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones vs. Big John Studd

The bell rings and Jones rushes Studd and begin peppering with rights and lefts. Stud is momentarily confused, but he reaches back and clubs Jones with a heavy forearm that sends him to the mat in a heap. The camera zooms in on his manger, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, who cackles at the camera.

Ventura- “That’s a whole lotta man to deal with, McMahon. S.D. Jones is paying the price for it now.”

Studd allows Jones to get up and locks up with him. Jones snaps a quick forearm to Studd's chin and attempts to slam him. He barely budges Studd, but tries again. Studd slams a double axhandle down on Jones back.

Sensing the crowd is getting restless, Studd picks his opponent up and goes for his big moves. He whips Jones off the ropes and executes a backdrop! (Hey, no one ever accused Studd of being Ricky Steamboat. To be honest, Studd made Kevin Nash look like AJ Styles!)

After a few more minutes of lackluster brawling, Studd hoists S.D. into an over-the-shoulder backbreaker. Jones submits, but Studd leaves him in the hold to prove a point.


The scene cuts to Tito Santana and “Mean” Gene Okerland backstage.

Okerland- Folks, I’m back here with the new Intercontinental champion, Tito Santana! Tito congratulations on winning the title!

Santana- Thanks Mean Gene. It feels good.

Okerland- Champ, I don’t want to take anything away from your victory, but it was Randy Savage’s attack after the match that has everyone talking back stage.

Santana- I’m glad you brought it up, to be honest. You see, this isn’t my first rodeo Gene. I’ve been in the business for more than a day. I’ve paid my dues to be where I am. Savage! If you got a problem with that, you need to come up to me like a man! You see where I’m from, if you got a problem with someone you go up to them and take care of it face to face. You didn’t do that! You slunk in and attacked me from behind, like the coward you are. Is that what you call macho, Macho Man? Next time, get from behind that woman you hide behind and see if you can face me like a man! If not, go back to that hole you call home and complain about all the shots you should have got! Thanks for the time Gene! Arriba!


The show returns from commercial

“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBase vs. Chris Walker

Ted DiBase’s theme music blares as me makes his way to the ring. As he enters the ring, he asks for the microphone.

DiBase- “Thank-you for the kind reception, Pittsburg. I am surprised to see that people of such meager means could even afford to get in here.”

The crowd begins to boo as DiBase lets loose with his signature evil laugh.

DiBase- “All right, all right, settle down. I don’t want any of you women to get beat up by your drunk boyfriends because I told a hard truth. You both have illegitimate kids that are impressionable.”

McMahon- “Good grief. What a jerk!

Ventura- “I think it is very responsible of DiBase, Vince. Say what you will about the man, but it takes a big heart to put the bastard kids in this town first!”

Walker steps forward to defend the crowds honor, but DiBase holds up his hand.

DiBase-“Whoa there sport! I’ve got an offer for you! You see, a man like me doesn’t have to work hard to get his first win, not that I would have to work hard to beat you. The thought of staying in this town for another hour just doesn’t appeal to me. I’ve got a private jet waiting to get me out of here.
So here is my offer, I’ll give you this. (DiBase pulls out several 100 dollar bills from his pocket) and I’ll even throw in a few more for that ugly kid in the front row. It’s obvious his old man doesn’t have a job. Look at how he is dressed!”

Ventura- “Once again, DiBase looking out for the kids. What a guy!”

McMahon- “Christ Jesse! Can you hear yourself?”

After thinking it over, Walker nods slowly. DiBase drops the mike and tells him to lie down. When he does, DiBase places his toe on his chest and waits for Earl Hebner to count three.
As a disgusted Hebner raises DiBase’s hand, “The Million Dollar Man” throws Walkers money to the ground.
Walker bends down to get it, but when he does DiBase locks the Million Dollar Dream on him. Walker flails away as DiBase laughs. As Walker grows limp, DiBase drops him and picks up his money. He stuffs most of it back in his pocket and rips a single bill in half and places it on Walker’s chest. The other half he throws towards the young child in the stands.

The camera fades as McMahon rails against him.


Jake Roberts vs. The Honkey Tonk Man

The match begins and the HTM runs from Roberts as he comes forward. Every time Roberts locks up with HTM, he backs him into the ropes, but the HTM ducks under to get the referee to intervene.

While this is going on Ventura and McMahon discuss the Hogan/Billy Graham angle.
McMahon is respectful of the former champ, but worries that Graham is living in the past. Ventura argues that Graham has valid points that sooner or later Hogan will need to address. He DOES argue that he never copied anything from the Superstar.

Ventura- “I gotta style all my own. With all due respect to the Superstar, you can’t duplicate or copy a one-of-a-kind!”

Roberts finally gets fed up and starts beating the hell out of the HTM. The referee attempts to intervene, but Roberts cocks a fist at him, sending him scurrying away.

Ventura- “I just talked to “The Brain” earlier today and Haku is very upset about what happened Monday night on Prime Time Wrestling. I think “the Snake” is about to find out the hard way that Haku is not some helpless referee.”

Roberts uses a variety of knee lifts, short-arm clotheslines and elbow smashes to soften the HTM up. After chasing Jimmy Hart away from ringside, Roberts signals for the DDT.
He nails the maneuver and dumps Damien on a prone HTM.

SEGMENT 5 and 6

King Kong Bundy vs. Hillbilly Jim

The bell rings and Jim and Bundy circle each other cautiously. Bundy holds his hand up, taunting Jim into engaging in a test of strength. Jim looks to the crowd for approval and quickly accepts the challenge when they half-heartily cheer.

As Jim begins to win, Bundy throws a knee to his midsection. Bundy viscously beats Jim on the ground and threatens the referee when he attempts to intervene.

Bundy spends the next few minutes dropping elbows and stomps on a helpless Jim. As he picks up Hillbilly, the country wrestler gives him a stiff shot that obviously misses by (pardon the pun) a country mile.

Jim unleashes his whole arsenal on Bundy. He punches him and punches him and punches him. (The guy made Kevin Nash look like…wait a minute; I already used that one). After pandering to the crowd, Jim whips Bundy off the ropes and hits him with the big boot!

Heenan, sensing his client is in trouble, jumps up on the ring apron and yells at Jim. Jim rushes towards him and almost catches him. Heenan starts dressing down the ref and the huge hillbilly. The ref takes offense and starts arguing with Heenan as Big John Studd climbs over the top rope and nails Jim with a pair of brass knuckles!

Studd exits as Bundy grabs the ref and tells him to pay attention. Bundy props Jim in the corner and crushes him with an Avalanche! Jim slumps to the matt. Bundy goes to pin him, but pulls him up at the count of two.

McMahon and Ventura begin arguing about how unsportsmanlike it is of Bundy. Heenan and Studd applaud Bundy as he drags Jim to the center of the ring. Bundy bounds off the ropes and squashes Jim with a big splash. The referee counts the pin, but Bundy makes him count five to show his superiority.

The crowd is obviously unimpressed.

Ventura hops up on the ring apron and waits as the medics haul Jim away on a stretcher.

He interviews the trio. Heenan does all of the talking and makes a few off-collar references about Jim’s family and his lack of culture.

Heenan- “The beating my boys put on you tonight won’t just go away with a little bit of corn squeez’n big boy!” he laughs. “People like Hillbilly Jim need to stick to county fairs and livestock competitions. Not only can people like Hillbilly Jim find women that suit their social station, the smell out those places almost covers his stench!”

Ventura laughs with the trio as the show cuts to commercial.


The Dream Team vs. The British Bulldogs for the WWF tag title

The Dynamite Kid squares off with “The Hammer” and is quickly placed in a wristlock. After having his arm jerked a few times, The Kid kips through the hold and throws a stiff headbutt at Valentine. “The Hammer” falls through the ropes to get away.

Valentine gets back into the ring and locks up with Dynamite. He pushes the British superstar into the corner and slams his shoulder into his midsection when the ref calls for the break. Taking the advantage, Valentine elbow smashes Dynamite a few times and tags in Beefcake.

After a quick double-team move, Beefcake throws Dynamite off the ropes and smashes him with a flying knee. Beefcake drops a weak elbow and attempts a pin. He doesn’t even get a one count, but bitches to the ref anyway.

Beefcake pushes The Kid into in his corner and distracts the ref as Valentine chokes him with the tag rope. This spot goes on for the next few minutes as the ref is distracted by either one of the heels or Davey Boy Smith attempting to come to the rescue.

The tide changes when Valentine whips Dynamite off the ropes, but misses a clothesline and eats a huge drop kick. Both Kid and “The Hammer” crawl towards their respective partners as the crowd cheers. Valentine beats Dynamite, but Kid makes the tag just as Beefcake reaches him.

Smith comes in and cleans house. Rocking Beefcake with stiff clotheslines and slams, Smith turns the tide of the match. As Beefcake begs him to stop, Davey Boy hoists Beefcake into a vertical suplex and holds him for a few moments as the crowd goes nuts.

For the next few moments, the Bulldogs use a variety of high flying maneuvers to dazzle the crowd. Kid nails his signature top rope headbutt and all appears over. As he goes for the pin, Valentine interrupts. As Davey Boy comes in, Valentine drops something on the matt by Beefcake’s hand. The Bulldogs double drop-kick Valentine out of the ring as Beefcake wraps a chain around his hand. When Dynamite goes to pick Brutus up, he is nailed with the foreign object and rolled into a small package.

The Dream Team is awarded the title as Smith runs into to check on his unconscious partner.

The show fades to commercial


Mr. T is in the ring when the show returns.

Mr. T- “I just wanted to come out here and thank everyone for being out here tonight. You see, tonight is special. I’m out here to honor Mike Cantore, a young man that has overcome a lot. Over the last few months, Mike has undergone chemo-“

Bagpipes blare over the sound system as T looks back towards the dressing room with a scowl on his face.

Bob Orton appears and looks back towards the curtain like Rowdy Piper is about to appear.

The camera suddenly shifts back towards the ring, where Piper is savagely kicking Mr. T. McMahon informs the audience that piper jumped out from the crowd and ambushed T. Orton quickly joins his boss and helps tie T up in the ropes. For the next few moments, the two pound on T leaving him unconscious. The camera zooms in on T’s face with blood running out of his nose and fades.


The USA network officials contact Vince as Wrestling Challenge goes off the air. They were excited about the ratings the show pulled off in an hour time spot during the middle of a Saturday. They want to move the show to prime time!

McMahon, seeing the opportunity to stick it to NBC, decides to restart Saturday Night’s Main Event! Starting next week SNME will take over a two hour block.

That being said, the writers immediately give Vince feedback.

The Piper/T angle got the biggest response from the fans. McMahon thinks that he can use it to build up one of his projects. The writers silently groan when he announces who it is.

The writers see DiBases’s spot as a sign of things to come. Russo is literally jumping up and down with excitement.

“We can turn this guy into the biggest heel in the company! We need to get him a bodyguard. How about a buff butler dude named Virgil! What do you think guys? Guys? Anyone?”

Despite some skepticism by the writers, The Dream Team’s win over the Bulldogs actually went off pretty well. The Bulldogs are a little miffed that they had to lose to the Dream Team, but Vince assures both of them that he will make it up to them.

The worst segment of the night was the Bundy/Hillbilly Jim spot, but Vince is confident he can turn it into something.

“They are both HUGE men, guys,” he explains. “The fans want to see big guys. You think they pay 30 dollars to see people there size? Trust me on this. Bundy is scary as hell and Jim will be loveable. With Bobby doing the talking these guys will draw. You believe me right?”

Every writer says yes and starts talking about what a horrible idea it is when Vince leaves the room.

Teaser for Superstars in Philly

Hercules Hernandez vs. The Junkyarddog

The Rogue Brothers vs. The Nasty Boys

The Hart Foundation vs. The Killer B’s

Jimmy Snuka vs. “The Magnificent” Don Murraco

Jake Roberts vs. Haku
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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986


The opening credits roll across the screen

Mean Gene Okerland and Michael Buffer smile into the screen and welcome fans to Superstars as the Junkyard Dog’s theme music hits


The Junkyard Dog vs. Hercules Hernandez

The bell rings and Hernandez and JYD circle one another. As they lock up, Hernandez pushes the loveable face into the corner and attempts to cheap shot him.
JYD blocks the shot and nails Hernandez with a big headbutt. Hernandez drops and grabs his head in agony as JYD drops to all fours. JYD scurries forward and nails Hernandez with a few more headbutts before, the muscular heel rolls out of the ring.

Slick calms his client down and complains to the ref and the match quickly resumes.

After some lackluster brawling, Hernandez gets the upper hand and punishes JYD with an assortment of backbreakers, body slams and clotheslines.

Hernandez hoists JYD into the torture rack backbreaker causing him to submit.


The Fabulous Rougue Brothers vs. The Nasty Boys

Both teams make their debut to the organization.

Gene and Buffer both give fans a brief background on their histories as the teams make their way to the ring.

Raymond Rougue and Brian Knobbs begin the match. Knobbs quickly begins clubbing Raymond with some heavy forearms, but the tough Canadian hangs in and returns the shots with some stiff punches.

Knobbs whips him off the ropes and nails Rogue with a flying shoulderblock as he rebounds back. The Nasty Boy takes advantage of the situation to employ some underhand tactics before the ref breaks it up.
Knobbs and Saggs spend the next few minutes working over Raymond with several double team maneuvers and cheap shots. Saggs does a good job of inciting the crowd and getting them into the match.

The turning point in the match occurs when Raymond pulls a leapfrog/ snapmare combo and tags in his brother. As Raymond holds Saggs up, Jacque comes off the top rope with a missile dropkick. Raymond tackles Knobbs, as Jacque gets the pin.


As the show returns from commercial, The Rougue Brothers return backstage. They are excited about their win and run into the The Hart Foundation, who are preparing for their upcoming match.

Jacque greets “The Hitman” and wishes him luck in his upcoming match, as Okerland informs the fans that Rougue and Hart both come from two of the most influential wrestling families in Canada.

Hart and Neidhart act annoyed by the Rogue’s attempt at civility and make a few rude comments. The Rougue Brothers take offense and fire back with some heated words of their own. After a few tense moments, the teams split off.


The Hart Foundation vs. The Killer B’s

The aggravated Hart Foundation lay a brutal beating on the face tag-team. Using a variety of double-team maneuvers and dirty tactics, the Foundation runs through the B’s. When they finally nail the “Heart-Attack” clothesline, the match comes to a merciful end. To prove how tough they are, the Hart Foundation continues to lay the beating on for a few more minutes as Jimmy Hart encourages them with his megaphone.


Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka vs. “The Magnificent” Don Murraco

Snuka and Murraco engage in some back and forth brawling to begin the match. Murraco attempts to use his mass to punish the “The Superfly”, but after a few headbutts and chops he decides to escape to the outside.

As he confers with his manager, Mr. Fuji, Snuka runs out and attacks them both. He rams Murraco unto the ringpost and puts Fuji on his back with a headbutt. The crowd eats it up as Snuka picks Fuji up for a bodyslam.
Murraco is able to make the save and works on Snuka’s back before sending him back in the ring.

For the next few minutes Murraco uses a variety of slams, backbreakers and turnbuckle rams to further injure Snuka’s back. He also distracts the referee enough for Fuji to get in a few cheap shots with his cane.

Snuka turns the tide after an errant Murraco clothesline hits the ref. Fuji attempts to hit Snuka with his cane, but mistakenly hits Murraco. Snuka dropkicks him and mounts the top turnbuckle as the ref recovers. Snuka flies across the ring and hits his “Superfly Splash”. He scores a pin and begins to celebrate. Fuji takes the chance to surprise Snuka by throwing salt in his eyes. Murraco recovers and works Snuka over with Fuji’s cane.

Segment 6

After a commercial break, Gene Okerland interviews Jake Roberts.

Mean Gene – WWF fans it is my pleasure to interview one of the most entertaining wrestlers in the WWF today. Jake, what can the fans expect out of you tonight in your match against Haku?

Roberts – Now Gene, I think we both know what I might do, but then again you really don’t do you?

Mean Gene – Good point. Do you have any comment about the recent hostility between you and Haku? He and his manger, Bobby “The Brain” Heenan are quite upset that you surprised him with your python, Damien.

Roberts – (After an evil chuckle) Oh that Gene? That was nothing. That was nothing compared to what I’m capable of. Haku is about to see a small taste of what a man like me is capable of. You see, I’m one of the few men in the business that can make a man like Haku know what fear is. I love it Gene! Making the fearsome afraid…. Just watch tonight

Segment 7

Jake “the Snake”Roberts vs. Haku

Roberts and Haku circle each other warily before they lock up. After struggling to gain position, Haku attempts a knife edge that is ducked by Roberts. Haku spins completely around as Roberts backs up and points to his head, as if to say “I’m too smart for that.”

Haku clearly flustered charges Roberts, who coyly grabs the top rope and falls to his back. Haku topples over the sagging rope to the floor as Roberts laughs in the ring.

The huge Samoan is furious as he rushes back into the ring, but Roberts stomps him before he can get up. Following a few stiff punches, Roberts hits Haku with a huge knee lift that puts the big man down. As Haku recovers, he crawls to the corner that Roberts left the bag that holds his python in. When he realizes what is front of him, he turns to scamper away and runs right into a Roberts clothesline.

Heenan, seeing his client in trouble, starts to take the python away, but is run down by Roberts. Roberts punches Heenan out, but the break in action gives Haku time to recover. As Roberts moves to reengage him, Haku gives him a low blow.

Haku works his advantages knocking Roberts down several times with some huge chops to the back of his neck. The islander pins “The Snake” in the corner with the Tree of Woe and chokes the upside down wrestler with his foot until the ref breaks them up.

Undeterred, Haku hammers away at Roberts until he is able to free himself. Roberts attempts to go to the outside to recover, but is followed by Haku who slams him on the concrete. As Haku chokes Roberts, the referee continues to count. Roberts thumbs Haku in the eye and runs his shoulder into the guard rail.

The referee signals for the bell after counting both wrestlers out, but they continue to brawl. Heenan is run over as the two enraged wrestlers brawl to the back.


Vince is stoked about his upcoming Saturday Night’s Main Event card and wants to set it up with a big Monday Night card in Baltimore. He feels if he can get people buzzing, he can have a huge night in Washington D.C. a few days later. In Vince’s mind, the next few months could put him over the edge and make his company bigger than it already is.

Hogan is asking that Vince check out his nephew Horace. Vince says he will get to it, but wants Hogan to focus on helping get Billy Graham over.

The Bulldogs are pressing Vince to help them get their heat back. Beefcake’s attitude backstage has annoyed them quite a bit, but they are being team players.

The writers are trying to talk Vince out of his two big ideas for the next show, but he convinced that he is on to something.

He has also decided to hire a worker to work with Steamboat and improve his morale. He decided to take the chance and ask him to cut his vacation short to be there for the Monday night show. Steamboat, who was enjoying time with his family in NC, is annoyed by the request, but comes anyway. The stage is set for Monday night.


Hulk Hogan vs. the Honkeytonk Man (WWF title match)

The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. The Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers) (WWF tag title match)

Ricky Steamboat vs. debuting worker

Jake Roberts vs. Harly “The King” Race

King Kong Bundy vs. Hillbilly Jim

Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBase vs. SD Jones

A Pipers Pit segment
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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

Just some advice. This section as a whole as seen activity skyrocket during the last 3 weeks, as the Summer break has arrived. It's obvious you've used these shows on another site, which is totally OK. However as you already have a lot of work completed, you're tending to post it all far to quickly.

Leave a week or so for people to find this thread and to read the work. If you post 3 or 4 shows in a row, it can stop people from getting into the BTB as they know they won't be able to keep up with what's going on.

On another note, I didn't think The Nasty Boys were on the WWF roster in 1986! Did you just decided to bring them in early?

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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

Yes, I did. Same with the Rougues. I tried to put them in my develepmental territory, but they would not benifit from any time there so I went ahead and brought them up.

I'll slow down with the posting.
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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986

REVIEW By SC2004 >>>

>>> Superstar Billy graham opens the show. His speech about getting back to the old school wrestling show was reminiscent of Bob Backland, a man he mentioned in the promo, some 8 years later. I liked this, it was old school it it’s delivery and not exactly shocking, but it worked.

>>> Monsoon and Heenan on commentary, a dream come true. Hadn’t Heenan just come over from the AWA or am I wrong on that? Also I don’t remember him being in such a prominent announce position this early on in his WWF career, but I’m not complaining. The interaction between Heenana and Monsoon over Graham’s promo is superb. The characterization is impeccable and each word so believable. Amazing.

>>> Steve Lombardi……. Isn’t that the Brooklyn Brawler??? You write The Brain and Monsoon superbly. The commentary during the Haku match takes me back to the good old days. A Haku, Jake Roberts programme. Interesting. With Jake’s awesome Mic skills and with Heenan talking for Haku it could get over.

>>> Piper is glorious on the stick and it was no different here. Mr T as his guest, that’s big! This was a brilliantly constructed segment overall. Piper drew heat before T even stepped out from the curtain. Piper questioning whether or not Ray Charles cut the hair of Mr T was hilarious. Some very funny lines. I’m interested to see where you’re going with this.

>>> Beefcake cut a short promo. From how you wrote it I’m getting that neither The Bulldogs or Beefcake in particular were over. My memory doesn’t recall Beefcake in 1986, though he was super over come 1989. I guess that’s what being Hogan’s friend can do for you.

>>> I can’t get over how much fun I’m having reading Heenan and Monsoon in BTB! LOL. I’m shocked at the fact you put the strap on Santana here, not that you should of put it on Race, Lord No. Santana wasn’t that over, or was he? Savage as a heel rocked and here you started an interesting feud.

>>> I’m surprised you used Hogan so little throughout the show if he was in attendance. None the less, Hogan shows he’s the face of the new generation and will undoubtedly head into a verbal, if not a physical feud with Superstar Billy Graham.

OVERALL: Monsoon and Heenan stole the show, hands down. Pipers Pit was exceptional and I liked how you had Graham open the show and Hogan close it. Savage & Santana, Haku & Roberts as well as the tag team feud all makes for an interesting read. Not a bad first show at all.

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Re: Whiterhyno333 presents- The WWF 1986


Vince is stoked about his upcoming Saturday Night’s Main Event card and wants to set it up with a big Monday Night card in Baltimore. He feels if he can get people buzzing, he can have a huge night in Washington D.C. a few days later. In Vince’s mind, the next few months could put him over the edge and make his company bigger than it already is.

Hogan is asking that Vince check out his nephew Horace. Vince says he will get to it, but wants Hogan to focus on helping get Billy Graham over.

The Bulldogs are pressing Vince to help them get their heat back. Beefcake’s attitude backstage has annoyed them quite a bit, but they are being team players.

The writers are trying to talk Vince out of his two big ideas for the next show, but he convinced that he is on to something.

He has also decided to hire a worker to work with Steamboat and improve his morale. He decided to take the chance and ask him to cut his vacation short to be there for the Monday night show. Steamboat, who was enjoying time with his family in NC, is annoyed by the request, but comes anyway. The stage is set for Monday night.


Hulk Hogan vs. the Honkeytonk Man (WWF title match)

The Dream Team (Brutus Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine vs. The Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers) (WWF tag title match)

Ricky Steamboat vs. debuting worker

Jake Roberts vs. Harly “The King” Race

King Kong Bundy vs. Hillbilly Jim

Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBase vs. SD Jones

A Pipers Pit segment

The World Wrestling Federation- Monday June 8, 1986

Prime Time Wrestling

Commentators – Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby “The Brain” Heenan

The intro for Prime Time flashes across the screen

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan stand at the announcers table in full tuxes

Welcome everyone to Prime Time Wrestling in our nation’s capitol, Washington D.C.! I’m Gorilla Monsoon with my partner Bobby “The Brain” Heenan! Brain, how are you tonight?

Heenan- I’m fine Monsoon. I’m just ready to get this show on the road.

Segment 1

Pink Floyd’s “Money” blares over the speakers as “Superstar” Billy Graham walks to the ring.
The crowd serenades him with boos as Graham snatches the mike from Howard Finkle and stares him down until he runs out of the ring. As the crowd looks on, Graham removes his shades and stares out at them with a smirk of revulsion on his face.

Graham- “Against my better judgment, I decided to come out here tonight and attempt to show you people what a REAL wrestler looks like. You see I’m not dressed up like a hillbilly or an alien or Bugs Bunny or any of the crap you people call pro wrestlers. I think it’s a shame that wrestling shows look like something off the Saturday morning cartoon shows.”
(The crowd boos)

Heenan- The truth hurts, Monsoon.

Monsoon- “Shut up, Bobby.”

Graham- “Yeah, yeah I know. Boo Billy Graham. The Superstar is at it again kicking over you kids sand castles. Let me say—“-

The stadium jumps to life when “Hail to the Champions” plays over the loud speakers and Bob Backlund walks out. Wearing simple tights and a jacket he makes his way towards the ring and grabs a microphone.

Backlund- “Superstar, last week I couldn’t believe my ears when I heard you running down the fans of the WWF. I was shocked to be honest.”

Graham- “Whoa, Bob! Let me stop you right there! I’ve always had the greatest respect for you as a wrestler. Hell, you beat me for the title! The fact of the matter is, you of all people should know what I’m talking about. You didn’t come out wearing a damned pirate hat or a damned coon skin cap. You were a professional.”

Backlund- “Which is why I’m out here now, Billy. I’m still a professional wrestler and I want to compete in the WWF again. Now last week you said you were a man in charge around here, if that is so there shouldn’t be a problem getting me a match.”

Monsoon- “Whoa! Bob Backlund, a former WWF champion, wants to compete again! This is huge, Brain!”

Heenan- “What was that Monsoon? I fell asleep when Backlund started talking.”

Monsoon- “Good grief, Bobby.”

Heenan- “I’m sorry the man is lacking in charisma. Great wrestler. Great matt skills. When he talks I get sleepy.”

Graham- (after a moment of pondering) “Sure Bob. You want back in; I’ll give you a shot. Beat Rick Steamboat tonight and see me after the show.”

Backlund raises his arms in excitement as the crowd explodes.

The show fades to commercial

Segment 2

Ted “The Million Dollar Man” DiBase vs. S.D. “Special Delivery” Jones

Before the match begins, DiBase grabs the microphone.

DiBase- “Before we even start, I’m going to offer you a job. You are a capable wrestler S.D. and I could use a wrestler like you in my employ. So here is my offer, drop this non-sense and come work for me as my head of security. You’ll make more working for me in one week then you will in 6 months of wrestling. What do you say?” DiBase extends his hand.

SD pauses a moment before smiling and extending his hand, but before he grasps DiBase’s hand he fires off some punches.

The referee signals for the bell and the match begins.

Jones keeps the advantage by executing a few body slams, backdrops and dropkicks before DiBase rolls outside to catch a breather.

When he returns, he quickly takes the advantage and uses a variety of dirty tactics to maintain his new-found advantage. He follows up with some perfectly executed suplexes. As the crowd jeers him, DiBase taunts them. He locks Jones in the “Million Dollar Dream” ending the match.

Segment 3

The scene cuts to the back, where Big John stud is laid out unconscious. A few members of the Heenan Family stand around him obviously worried.

Monsoon- “What was that Brain?”

Heenan- “I have no idea, Monsoon. It looks like the dumb hillbilly couldn’t leave well enough alone.”

The show cuts to commercial

Segment 4

The Young Stallions (Paul Roma and Jim Powers) vs. The Dream Team (Brutis Beefcake and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine) for the WWF Tag team titles.

The Stallions come out fired up, clearing the Dream team out of the ring before the match starts.

The bell rings and the referee makes Beefcake get into the ring to start the match against Roma. The two lock up and Beefcake takes an immediate advantage by kneeing Roma in the midsection. After rubbing his forehead across the top rope, Beefcake rams Roma’s head into a top turnbuckle.

He quickly tags in “the Hammer” and they use a variety of double team moves and quick tags to wear the young face down.

Slick continually taunts Roma as Beefcake and Valentine allow him to make his way to his corner, before jerking him back and working him over some more.

As the ref is distracted by Slick, Roma makes the tag and powers runs in. the ref, not seeing the tag, runs him out of the ring. The Dream Team takes advantage and cracks Roma with a chair. Beefcake gets the pin.

Before the champs can celebrate, the British Bulldogs hit the ring and begin attacking Beefcake and Valentine. They demolish the champs and send them scurrying back to the dressing room.

Segment 5

Pipers Pit

Rowdy Roddy Piper comes out to a chorus of boos. Bob Orton stands near the back of the set and Piper grins at him.

Piper-“Lemme tell you, it is so good to come out and be welcomed by the most corrupt city in this damn country!”

The crowd erupts further.

Piper- “You know what DC? If you spent as much time getting on to the politicians in this town as you do yelling at me, it might be as crappy as Baltimore! You guys are unbelievable!”

As the crowd gets louder, Piper begins to laugh.

Monsoon- “I wouldn’t want to be Piper . What is it with this guy?”

Heenan- “The man is exercising his right to free speech. What is wrong with that?”

Piper- “You know what is also unbelievable? The fact that a pampered actor thought he could stand toe to toe with a real wrestler like me! I don’t know if you saw, but I left t in a bloody mess the other night!

The crowd boos even louder

Piper- “Get mad! Get mad! Get MAD!!, but none of it matters! T isn’t going to be back because yours truly put him in the hospital! You don’t have to like it, but I sure as hell did!

Before Piper can say another thing, Paul Orndorff clad in street clothes runs in and starts handing piper and Orton their ass. Piper takes a few stiff shots before retreating to the back. “Mr. Wonderful” grabs Orton and gives him a piledriver on the concrete floor.

He grabs the mike in a rage.

Orndorff- “Piper! Try pulling the crap with me! I dare you to try sneaking up on me and pulling that crap. I just took out your body guard! I just busted up your show! What are you going to do about it?

The show fades to commercial

Segment 6

Hillbilly Jim vs. King Kong Bundy

Jim comes out with some heavily taped ribs and moves around gingerly. It is obvious he is in intense pain and is not 100 percent. The bell rings and Bundy immediately goes to work, hammering the big face to the ground. Bundy is relentless and uses variety of elbow drops, stomps and foot chokes to keep the wounded country boy down and out.

The action grows staler and staler as Bundy and Heenan (who left the broadcast booth to join his client) make life miserable for Jim.

Just when the match grows intolerable, Andre the Giant appears at ringside and runs Heenan off. Bundy obviously annoyed by Andre’s arrival, begins jawing with huge face. These moments give Jim the time he needs to recover.

He quickly spins Bundy around and nails him with a few weak punches, before sending him off the ropes. One “big foot to the face” later, Jim scores a pinfall. Andre rushes into the ring and sends Bundy to the floor. He raises his new ally’s hand as the show cuts to commercial.

Segment 7

Bob Backlund vs. Ricky “the Dragon” Steamboat

The match should be a technical display between two of the best in the business, but for some reason it isn’t going over well. The spots are off and Steamboat really isn’t giving the match his best effort. After 20 minutes of –almost-good wrestling, steamboat scores a small package and gets the win. After the match, Backlund and Steamboat shake hands in a show of sportsmanship.

Segment 8

“The King” Harley Race vs. Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Roberts and Race engage in some back and forth brawling that leaves Race on the short end of the stick. Roberts seizes the advantage and works the veteran over with his classic array of short-arm clotheslines, knee lifts and back drops. The match is really just Roberts toying with the King for about 5 minutes. When Roberts ends the match with a DDT, the crowd is relieved.

Segment 9

As Roberts makes his way to dressing room, Hake runs out from behind the curtain and attacks him. Heenan grabs the bag holding Damien and places it in a trash can. Haku savagely beats an exhausted Roberts until he is near unconscious.

The scene cuts to commercial as WWF officials come out to break up the beating.

Segment 10 and 11

Hulk Hogan vs. The Honkey Tonk Man (WWF World title match)

Hogan runs the cowardly HTM out of the ring several times, before cornering him and beating him up. The match is so one sided that the fans start to get restless. After a short five minute match, Hogan drops the leg and pins HTM. Before his music can kick in, Billy Graham comes down from the back and waffles Hogan with a HUGE clothesline. As Hogan attempts to recover, “The Superstar” locks him in bearhug. As Hogan fights to stay conscious, Graham continues to squeeze. He drops a limp Hogan and grabs the WWF belt.

Graham- “Hogan, you make me sick! The days of you beating Elvis impersonators are done. At next Saturday, you are gonna face the one man you have been trying to be your whole career, ME! It will not be pretty, boy. I promise you and all you Johnny-come-lately fans that I will show you what real wrestling is all about!”
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Learning to break kayfabe
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6-8-86 WWF Prime Time Review

Your characters are really good. The dialogue comes off as realistic and sounds just like the wrestlers. Piper's Pit I was especially impressed with. You did Piper really well and that's not hard to do. The visual of Paul Orndorff busting onto the set was well played and very realistic. Then Orndorff's speech afterward sounded just like him.

I like the commentary with Heenan and Gorilla quite a bit. If there is one criticism, it's simply that Heenan sounds a little smarky talking about Backlund's positive attributes and then mentioning his lack of charisma. I think Heenan could have gotten his point across without using smarky terms... that sort of threw me out out of the setting a little bit.

I very much liked how you were honest about match quality. A match pitting Hillbilly Jim against anyone is definitely not going to be more than 2 stars, and I appreciated that you didn't try to ignore this fact. Made the whole thing just that much more realistic.

Looking forward to more shows.

Rating: 8/10

I have to update my comments due to failure to proofread. I meant that Piper was hard to emulate, not that he was easy.

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