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obby 06-20-2009 07:44 PM

bob2 presents Mixed World Wrestling
This is a very unrealistic BTB. It is 1980, and a evil scientist, aka Vince Mcmahon, has created a time machine to bring wrestlers from the future to his show, making it the greatest show ever. WWF has been renamed MWW(Mixed World Wrestling), and features superstars from the past, and the present.


Main Eventers

AJ Styles(f)
Andre The Giant(h)
Chris Jericho(f)
Hulk Hogan(f)
Jim Duggan(f)
Kurt Angle(h)
Randy Orton(h)
Ted Dibiase(h)


Alex Shelly(f)
Bret Hart(f)
Chris Benoit(f)
Chris Sabin(f)
Chuck Palumbo(h)
Cody Rhodes(h)
Curt Hawkins(h)
Dusty Rhodes(h)
Johnny The Bull(h)
King Kong Bundy(h)
Marty Jannetty(f)
Rey Mysterio(f)
Ric Flair(h)
Roddy Piper(f)
Shawn Micheals(f)
Ultimate Warrior(f)
Zack Ryder(h)


Barry Horowitz
DH Smith
Local Wrestlers
Shark Boy

World Champion: Vacant
Million Dollar Champon: Ted Dibiase
Tag Team Champions: Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes

Tag Teams and Stables:
FBI – Palumbo, Nunzio, Bull
The Rhodes – Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes
The Motor City Guns – Alex Shelly and Chris Sabin
LAX – Homicide and Hernandez
Legion Of Doom – Hawk and Animal

Shows and PPV's
Destination X
In Your House
Monday Night RAW
Royal Rumble
The Bash

sc2004 06-20-2009 07:49 PM

Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes are tag champions??? Why is this set in the 80's to begin with??? RAW started in 1993 by the way! Makes no sense at all to be honest!

obby 06-20-2009 07:52 PM


Originally Posted by sc2004 (Post 7368813)
Cody Rhodes and Dusty Rhodes are tag champions??? Why is this set in the 80's to begin with??? RAW started in 1993 by the way! Makes no sense at all to be honest!

I said this was an unrealistic BTB. I started in the eighties to make sure that I could use any wrestler from the eighties to two thousand nine. Some of the shows are from the new generation like RAW.

sc2004 06-20-2009 08:12 PM


Originally Posted by bob2 (Post 7368821)
I said this was an unrealistic BTB. I started in the eighties to make sure that I could use any wrestler from the eighties to two thousand nine. Some of the shows are from the new generation like RAW.

OK then, best of luck with this.......... I'll mark out for a Yoko, Warrior feud!!! :confused:

Jon Staley 06-20-2009 08:13 PM

It's interesting, though how do you explain Cody being Dusty's son? He would be what, five or six at the time? Lol, good luck.

obby 06-20-2009 08:18 PM

MWW News
Motor City Gun member Chris Sabin has been suspended for 1 month for violating the MWW's welness policy. Alex Shelly will be competing as a singles wrestler until the duration is over.

Dusty Rhodes and Cody Rhodes will not be making it to RAW tommorow, because of an incident in the family that needs to be dealt with.

There is a high possiblity that the ppv "The Bash" will be moved from 6 weeks away to 3 weeks away, due to MWW Chairman Vince Mcmahon having ideas for storylines that "need exactly three weeks of build up before a pay per view"

Mr.King 06-21-2009 02:56 AM

This looks interesting i will be reading and reviewing

obby 06-21-2009 03:25 AM

RAW Preview
In the main event, Hulk Hogan will be taking on AJ Styles in which is sure to be an exciting contest.

The Undertaker will be issuing something he calls "The Challenge of The Undead", in which he will be challenging any MWW superstar to a contest.

Kurt Angle says something big will happen by the end of the night. What will it be? Tune in to RAW to find out.

obby 06-22-2009 09:16 PM

*Pyro hits, followed by MWW Theme song*

JR:Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen, to Monday Night RAW, in BC Place, Vancouver BC Canada! Tonight, Hulk Hogan takes on AJ Styles, and Undertaker will be issuing an open challenge!

*Graphics show for the two matches*

Don West:And a whole lot more JR!

JR:That's right Don. Now lets get this show on the road!

*Cameras switch to the stage, and Yokozuna's music hits, as he walks to the ring slowly. While he is making his way to the ring, the ring announcer introduces Barry Horowitz, who is already in the ring*

Match Summary:
The match is fairly quick, Yokozuna dominates the entire match, with the only thing close to a strike or grapple by Horowitz being ducking under a clothesline. The match ends with Yokozuna catching Horowtiz, who had bounced off the ropes, and hitting him with a powerbomb, followed by a Running Leg Drop for the win.

JR:Horowitz tried, but he just could not do it.

West:Another impressive Victory by Yokozuna. Next, we bring you to Josh Matthews backstage!

- Commercial Break -

*Cameras go backstage to Josh Matthews with Kurt Angle*

Josh:Hello MWW fans, i'm here with Kurt Angle, and as you all know, Kurt has made the fact that he is going to do something big tonight public. May I ask what it is you are doing Angle?

Kurt:*mocking voice* 'May I ask what it is? May I ask what it is' *serious voice* NO! No, you may not! May? That's a stupid word.

Josh:Um, can I know what it is?

Kurt:Yes, yes you can know what it is.

Josh:Um, then can you tell me?

Kurt:Yes, yes I can tell you

Josh:Oh I see, could you please tell me?

Kurt:No, I won't. You will see tonight.

*Cameras go to the ring area, were the Undertaker is in the ring, with his music playing. He takes his hat off, and does the trick with his eyes, before getting a mic.*

Undertaker:There.... is little challenge for immortal men. *Crowd Cheers*. Many of the mortals are simply to easy. *Crowd cheers loudly*. So tonight, I want a mortal who thinks they can beat me to step up!

The Motor City Guns music hits, and Alex Shelley is seen walking down the ramp in wrestling gear, with the fans booing him. He has a cocky look on his face as he enters the ring and does the guns finger to hand taunt.

Don West:Undertaker is getting what he asked for! He is one of the best competitors on our roster, Alex Shelley!

JR:I don't know, Alex definetly has not lived up to what the Undertaker has done!

Match Summary:
The match is fast paced, with Shelley in control 80% of the time. The time that Undertaker is in control is usually him hitting his signature moves such as The Last Ride, and him walking on the ropes and lunging down at his opponent. The match ends with Shelley jumping off the top rope into Undertaker, and 'Taker catching him and hitting the Tombstone on him for the three count.

JR:Shelley tried, but Undertaker was able to get the edge in this competitive contest!

- Commercial Break -

*The cameras are on stage, as Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder are walking down the ramp to boos, and smiling. Ryder is acting like a idiot, saying "Woo Woo Woo" and "You Know It" constantly. Hawkins looks embarresed. They get to the ring and Ryder takes a mic.*

Ryder:Woo Woo Woo! All you people in Vancouver know it!!!!

*LAX's music hits, and the fans go crazy, as Homicide runs to the ring, and Hernandez walks there casually, slapping the fans hands. They roll into the ring at the same time, and do their signature taunts in the ring.*

Match Summary:
This is a real back and forth match, there is one point in the contest where Homicide is getting pounded by Hawkins after Curt hit a low blow when the ref wasn't looking. Ryder distracts the ref while Hawkins gets a chair, and hits Homicide with it. Hernandez gets angry as Hawkins throws the chair out of the ring. Finally, Homicide gets the hot tag, and Hernandez dominates. The match ends with Hernandez hitting the Border Toss on Hawkins for the win.

West:Yes sir, those Ryder and Hawkins guys look good. They would be good contenders for the titles!

JR:What about LAX, the winners of this contest?

West:Those guys? They are idiots! Definetley not championship material!

- Commercial Break -

An Andre The Giant video package hits, showing him Dominate various wrestlers, then stating in the end that he will be in action next week.

*Cameras are backstage, where Josh Matthews is with Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase.

Josh:I'm here with-

Ted:*Interrupts him* People have eyes Matthews, then know who you are with. And I don't want you asking me the same stupid questions over and over, so I'm going to say why I am here. I am looking for a worthy competitor for, *Looks at his belt* this amazing title, held by an amazing person.

*Rey Mysterio enters, to cheers*

Rey:How about me, Million Dollar Man? Am I worthy?

Ted:Of course not, you are a little runt, a wimp, you will never win this glorious belt!

Rey:*Stares at him and laughs* Next week, you will see that I am worthy! *Leaves*

Josh:Well, *pauses* are you scared at all?

Ted:*laughs* Matthews, the Million Dollar Man, will never be scared! *walks away*

*Cameras go to JR and Don West*

West:This here has been a great show, don't you think Ross?

JR:Yes it has Don, but it is not over yet! We still have two exciting matches!

MWW The Bash Video Package, telling Viewers all about the event.

- Commercial Break -

*When the commercial is over, Bret Hart, Ric Flair, and Shawn Micheals are in the ring. The fans are cheering as Ultimate Warrior is sprinting to the ring. The announcer announces that it is a 4 man over the top rope battle royal.*

Match Summary:
A lot of action between Bret Hart and Shawn Micheals, Micheals eventually has Hart on the ropes, goes for a Superkick, but Hart ducks, and Warrior pushes Micheals down to the floor. Warrior is low blowed by Flair, and Flair goes to eliminate him, but Chris Benoit's music hits and the fans cheer. Benoit eliminates Flair. The match ends with Hart clotheslining Warrior over the ropes to win the match.

Elimination Order:
1. HBK(by Warrior)
2. Flair(by Benoit)
3. Warrior(by Hart)

West:I don't get it! What did Benoit want with Flair!

JR:He wanted to make sure Flair played fair like all the other wrestlers! Congrats to Bret Hart for the win!

- Commercial Break -

*Cameras are on stage*

JR:It's time for the main event!

*AJ Styles music hits, and the fans go wild. He does his usual hoodie taunt, then walks down the aisle, slapping fans hands. He points to the where Hogan will be coming out of, as a sign of respect*

*Hulk Hogan's music hits, and the fans go wild, many of them wearing Hogan shirts. He dances down to the ring, and enters, to the cheers of fans. The two shake hands*

Match Summary:
Competitive, interesting match. AJ is in control a tad more than Hogan, and both get a chance to hit all of their finishing moves. The match ends with AJ running off the the ropes, and Hogan clotheslining him. Hogan than climbs the top rope and hits the legdrop of doom from their for the win. The two shake hands a second time after the match.

JR:What a great match and, what the -

*Chris Jericho's music hits, as AJ leaves, and as Hogan looks at the ramp where he expects Jericho to come out, but Chris runs down the stands, and attacks him from behind. The camera cuts backstage while Hogan is being attacked, to Styles, who is being assaulted by Kurt Angle and the FBI.

Kurt Angle:*To the camera* I told you, I told you, that there would be something big happening! * Hits AJ with a chair*. This is the FBI. I'm Kurt Angle. Together we make the - *stomps AJ* - Notorious Four!

*Camera does a split screen of AJ and Hogan being assaulted in ring and backstage as the show goes off the air*

End of show.

Quick Results:
Yokozuna b Barry Horowitz
Undertaker b Alex Shelley
LAX b Hawkins and Ryder
Bret Hart wins battle royal
Hulk Hogan b AJ Styles

Dark Match:
Hawk b Shark Boy

Whiterhyno333 06-23-2009 12:28 PM

This is an interesting concept. I'm interested how you cam up with your roster.

Flair is a mid-carder? Duggan is in the Main event! Blasphemy! lol! (Just my opinion. I'm a Flair mark from way back.)

Oh well, good luck with this.

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