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I will rebook TNA from DEST X, to now. I will continue doing these if I get enough views in comments, and people enjoy reading this.

DEST X (Quick Results)

Sting (clean) Angle gets busted open, Nash comes down saying he had enough.Foley addresses him to the back then Steiner and Booker advise him to let them fight. Buys time for ankle lock out of no where. Sting fights it off throwing Angle into the turnbuckle busting him more open,sorp. Death drop, 1-2,two count. Sting is pissed hits another one 1-2 and 3/4ths. Sting is pissed puts angle on the top drop Sorp Death Drop from the top 1-2-3.
Shelly wins Ult X. cheaply
Booker wins by DQ.
Kong wins clean.
3d wins by 3d.
Morgan wins via hellavator on to table with tacks.


*Show opens with Kurt Angle in the ring with tux*

Kurt Angle:I now respect Sting because we stole the show. We put a hell of a match on but it was not a fair one. Angle says Jarret was a biased ref and he slow counted for me but fast counted for Sting. Angle then says I had a friggen concussion and could not see 3 feet in front of me. I was very woozy for the whole damn match because I busted my head open. Something you pansy will never do. Look at you people you are jokes all of you. Look at you, yea you in the white you fat bastard why you laughing you think it is funny that I had a concussion. Well maybe I think it’s funny when I break your friggen neck”.

*Jeff Jarret’s music hits*

Jeff Jarrett: “Hold it, hold it, hold it right there Kurt. Do not blame any one but your self Kurt. Sting pinned you 1-2-3 no questions ask. You got your rematch and you blew it.”

Kurt Angle: I blew it! Just like you blow Sting right with you fast counting, giving him a better contract then me. Face it Jarrett I am this company. Not Sting not Front line and most defiantly not you. I remember when I debuted for this company and it was the same night I counted 1-2-3 and Sting beat you and the crowd went while. It was such a good day but nothing amounts to the day where I beat the living hell out of you all over in Carolina at Genesis.

Jeff Jarrett: You want me Kurt, You got me! At Lockdown find 4 of your men and I will find 4 of mine. We will be surrounded in a cage with weapons you can break my neck you can do what ever you want. This time though it is not only going to be personal. It will be Elimination style!

Kurt Angle: I want you to mark the calendar of that date, because it is the last day you will live.

*Angle’s music hits*

*Jarret is still in the ring looking pissed off then all of a sudden he is blind sided by Kevin Nash! Angle runs down and starts the beat down on Jarret. Angle drills the Angle slam with anger*

Kurt angle: Meet my first partner Jeff, Big Sexy Kevin Nash.

West: Oh yea Nash showing Jarret’s who is boss.
Tenay: You are just insane; I hope he hears you, send it to the back with JB

*Camera’s Roll to the back*

Jb- I am here with Sting and I have one question, well Kurt Angle says he respects you, what is you’re opinion on this?

Sting- Kurt can respect me now but he spit in my face and did all nasty things, I respect Kurt also for giving me a hell of a defense Sunday night but I will not be part of Lethal Lockdown on either side. I am going to do what I do best. Defend my title.

Jb- Back to you guys.

*Cameras roll*

Xsape qualifying match: Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelly vs. Sharkboy
Match starts off with in a grapple. Sharkboy hits Sabin with a quick arm drag. Sabin gets up and gets hit by another nice arm drag this time in a submission. Sabin slowly gets to his feet fights it off with punches in the mid section of Shark boy then Irish whips Sharkboy into the ropes but Sharkboy on the relay hits a close line knocking Sabin down, Sabin gets up quickly and gets drilled with a missile drop kick, out goes Sabin out side and Sharkboy JUMPS OVER THE ROPES CRASHING ON SABIN.

*Commercial break*

Sabin is back on offense and the replay shows how he got on offense. Sabin then throws Sharkboy into the turnbuckle then does a summersault then a close line right into Sharkboy who falls on the mat. Sabin then goes up to the top rope and he is felling froggy. Bam! Sabin misses the frog splash. Shark Boy then jumps over Sabin in a roll up pin 1-2 NO! Two and half. Shark boy then picks up Sabin going for a suplex. Sharkboy gets him up and Sabin goes over his back and lands on his feet but Sharkboy hits a neck breaker into the pin 1-2 no, two count. Sharkboy is up and starts punching Sabin with some rights but then Sabin ducks on right into a suplex with a bridge 1-2 kick out. Sabin then waits for Sharkboy to get up then kicks him with a side kick in the gut then a shinning wizard right to Sharkboy’s face. Sabin then puts in a half Boston crab, with pain going up Sharkboys back. Shark boy then starts fighting to get to the rope but then gets pulled back but then flips over then kicks Sabin off of him. Sharkboy then runs with back pains and hits a Lou Thez press, pounding the face of Sabin very hard. Then he does his taunt. He is setting up for the Shummer but then blocked and Sharkboy falls out to the out side. Sabin then goes spring board but fakes it because Sharkboy then Sabin bounces off the middle rope only to bounce back in side then turns around and hits a spring board cross body! They are both out the count starts 1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 Sabin rolls in, 9, TE, WAIT SHARKBOY ROLLS IN.Sabin is now pissed and starts attacking Sharkboy but Sharkboy starts firing back, lefts and rights to Sabin. Sabin then counters with a head but to the mid section. Sabin is going for the Cradle Shock but its block and counters into a kick to the gut; Sharkboy goes for a Shummer but Sabin drops down and roll up pin 1-2 and NO! Sharkboy kicked out! Sabin pokes Sharkboy in the eye and then sets up for the Cradle Shot again but Sharkboy fights it off by biting Sabin head. Sharkboy then power bombs Sabin into the turnbuckle and Sabin comes out of it dizzy then Shark boy runs across the ropes comes with a close line but it is blocked then Sabin sets up for an inverted ddt but instead hits a twisting neck breaker. Then he sets up for the
Cradle Shock then nails it 1-2-3. Sabin wins via Cradle Shock @ 9:34
Tenay: We have just been confirmed that it will be Joe vs. Booker T

West: We all know who is going to win don’t we my man booker T

*Vignette video of Lockdown 2009 is shown*

*Commercial Break*

James Storm w/ Jackie Moore and Robert Roode vs. Bubba Ray w/ Devon

*Beer Money Music hits*

*3D music hits*

Match starts off with Storm attacking Ray. Ray goes down to one knee then the ref tells Storm to back off then he does but then cheap shots Ray only to get Ray fired up he comes back with rights Bubba style and knocks down James Storm. Storm then gets up and runs into a sidewalk slam and Bubba runs and hits the ropes and drops an elbow into James Storm. Then he picks Storm up by the head then throws him into the turn buckle then whips him into the other one knocking Storm down. He goes over and picks him up driving an elbow in the head of Storm. Storm then falls on his knees but then counters by tripping Ray into the mid turn buckle. Storm then starts punching Ray’s face in. Storm the kicks him right in the gut and yells Beer then Roode yells Money. Storm then hits a handless pedigree on Bubba.1-2, two count. He goes for another one but then Bubba reverses it into a Boston crab. Storm reaches the ropes fast and then kicks Bubba in the gut20then he hits a spinning neck breaker onto his knee. Storm then goes for a cover 1-2 no. Bubba kicks the left shoulder out. Storm then puts a sleeper hold in for a while then the crowd tries to get Bubba back in it with clapping bubba then hits an elbow into the gut of Storm then Irish whips him into the ropes and puts his head down and flings him over his back. Storm then gets up favoring his back and throws a punch only to be counter in a sit down full nelson slam. Bubba stocks Storm then goes for a Rock Bottom but Storm elbows his way out of it and then Bubba runs after Storm but Storm hits a quick body slam. 1-2 no. Storm the picks up Bubba and hits the eye of the Storm. Storm then goes for a delayed pin and does not get it. Then he sets up for the super kick and hits it. Storm goes for the pin but the ref is distracted by Jackie Moore and then Devon hits the ring and Storm and Roode are telling Moore to get down then Storm gets nailed with the 3D 1-2-3. Bubba wins via 3D @ 6:52
*Beer Money argues and as 3D smiles with the tag team belts*

*Commercial Break*

*Tenay and West are going at it back and fourth then Tenay goes to the ring and ask for a microphone*

Tenay- Ok this has been going on for to long now. Don West is nothing more then a selfish cry baby and it makes me sick. The way he cheers for Main Event Ma
fia after they picked on him threw out the years makes me even sicker. I called TNA with this man for seven years and I never had one problem with him. He and I treated each other like brothers. I went over his house he went over mine. Now I don’t even want to call a match with him any more.
*West comes to the ring*

West: What are you saying Mike? You want me gone?

Tenay: Sadly yes, I wish it never went this way DW but if you change and say you are sorry we can get back to calling this show and not making a total ass in front of our selves in front of the world.

West: Apologize? You want me to say sorry?

Tenay: Yeah, It is the right thing to do, not only to me but everyone in this building and the million of fans watching at home.

West: I am sorry.
*Tenay looks satisfied*

West: I am sorry that I did not know that you were a backstabber and wanted me out of this company.

Tenay: I stayed neutral because maybe it was not the worse idea, maybe they should have fired you a long time ago.

West: Fire me!

Tenay: Yeah fire you, the loud yelling for every thing that happens, the lack of knowing what move is what, and the “oh my Gods” and the “you got to be kidding me” got real old Don. I use to be the best announcer in WCW for so long and the fans realized it. I have more awards then
meals you eat a day Don but ever since I have been on TNA people hate us Don. We get hate mail all the time Don. The mail you never see. Some say TNA fix the announce team. Some people just flat out say fire Don West and it is nothing but you Don West! You are the reason we can not call a good match!

*Tenay looks pissed off in West face, breathing heavy*

*Jim Cornete storms out*

Jim Cornete- Before this gets out of hand and gets messy. I have a deal for you guys. You two men do not want to make peace well then screw the peace! It will be loser gets fired but you two gentlemen will not be wrestling because you are not fit for that. So you two will hand select the person who wrestles for you. I want the wrestler to be known next week on impact. If you do not find one the match will be cancelled and the person that does not have one will be fired. If you both do not have one you both will be fired.

*Cornete leaves and we go to break*

*Tenay says to Don West that they only have to put up with each other for a couple weeks and try to call this thing for the company.*

Kong vs. Khan

*Khan’s music plays and she walks to the ring*

*Kong music hits and she slowly walks to the ring*

The bell rings, Khan attacks Kong with slaps and punches. Kong pushes her off and they get into each others face. Kong pushes her and20Khan throws and elbow and Kong scoop slams her with ease. Khan gets back to her feet and charges Kong only to get belly to belly by Kong. Kong then pulls her by the hair and spins around but misses the punch! Khan then hits elbows to Kong’s face. She runs at Kong only to get kick in the gut. Kong goes for the implant buster but it is blocked. Khan then tries to slam Kong but when she gets her up, Kong falls on her for the 2 count. Kong then goes for the Awesome Bomb but she rolls threw the legs. She then jumps on Kong’s back and puts her in a sleeper hold as Kong non steadily stumbles around the ring but Kong then falls back right on to Khan. She then goes for the awesome bomb but she strips Kong of her legs in botchy manner. Kong then pushes off Khan and she falls on her ass. She then runs after Kong but Kong picks her up into spine buster position for a couple and slams all her weight into the spine buster in one of the most dangerous forms. She then pins Khan 1-2-3. Kong via Spine buster @ 3:48

Tenay: says we have Jarrett with JB.

Borash- With the recent beat down of Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash what are you going to do now?

Jarrett- What am I going to do now, what kind of question is that? This is what is going to happen tonight. It will be Nash vs. my first selection and after we win. Angle and Nash will be saying what are we going to do now?

Borash- You heard the man Nash vs. first choosing next!

Nash vs. ?
*Nash music hits walks to the ring and waits for who it is*

*Jarrett’s Music hits and Nash is confused, Aj is behind Nash spring board elbow smash to the back of Nash head*

The bell rings, as Aj stomps on Nash pissed. Aj then keeps punching Nash in the face and also forearms. Nash slowly gets up as Aj waits taunting him Nash is up only to get drop kicked in the left knee. Nash is on one knee in pain of the left one while Aj hits another spring board elbow smash right into Nash face.

*Commercial Break*

Aj continues his assault on Nash as he keeps working on the left knee of Nash. Aj keeps kicking the knee of Nash. Aj then places Nash’s leg on the middle rope and Aj jumps off the middle one crashing on Nash’s knee as Nash cries in pain. Aj then puts him a figure four in rushing the pain of Nash knee to the extreme. Nash makes it to the rope but Aj jumps back and works on the knee some more. Aj then goes on the top rope and does a 450 right on to the knee. Hurting Aj’s back and Nash’s knee but Aj goes back on the work of the knee. Aj goes to the out side with Nash’s knee dangling near the turn buckle and SMASHES HIS KNEE INTO THE TURN BUCKLE. Aj then pops up on the out side of the ring and sent
on his way in right on to Nash. Aj goes for the pin 1-2, Nash kicks out. Aj is calling for the styles clash but Nash is way to heavy for that to happen so Aj does a backflip off the rope INTO A INVERTED DDT THE COVER 1-2 NO! Nash on instinct kicks out. Aj a waits Nash setting up for a Pele? He goes for it but misses and this was the break Nash needed. Both men are down as the ref counts 1-2-3-4-5-6 they are both back up sharing blows, Nash hits Aj, Aj hits Nash! Nash goes for a close line misses PELE! NO! He missed again. Nash waits for Aj but has pain in his face from his knee. Nash goes for a Jack Knife but he struggles to get Aj up. Aj is up but AJ COUNTERS INTO A HURRICANRANA, NASH GOES INTO THE MIDDLE TURN BUCKLE. HE IS SET UP PERFECTLY FOR THE SPIRAL TAP AJ GOES TO HIT IT NASH ROLLS OUT OF THE RING AND AJ MISSES. Nash rolls in the ring playing ultimate opportunist and goes for the cover 1-2 NO! AJ KICKS OUT. Nash picks up AJ throws him against the ropes looking for a side walk slam but Aj goes head scissors wait! NO into a WHITE RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP AJ GOES FOR THE COVER 1-2 NO! Aj hits a DDT goes up for spiral tap, DRILLS IT 1-2-3! Aj wins via spiral tap 8:50

Joe vs. Booker T

Joe quickly gets into the ring and walks right up to Booker T. Booker slides out of the ring and goes to the floor. The crowd boo’s. Samoa
Joe raises his arm as the crowd cheers. Booker slides back into the ring behind Joe as the bell rings and match officially begins. Booker T continues the assault on Samoa Joe as he pounds away at his back until Joe finally falls to the canvas. Booker begins to hit him with closed fists as the referee warns him. Stepping away from Joe Booker throws his hands in the air complaining. The referee tells Booker to settle down and continue to fight. Samoa Joe gets to his feet and throws a giant right to the skull of Booker T followed by a big left. Joe grabs Booker and Irish whips him into the ropes. Booker latches onto the ropes and slips to the floor near his wife Sharmell. Joe looks furious and follows Booker. Just as Joe is about to launch his arm into Booker, Sharmell is pulled in front of him by her husband. Samoa Joe raises his right arm to the crowd as if he’s going to punch Sharmell; Joe cocks back his arm getting ready to hit her. Suddenly Sharmell is thrown forward into Joe by Booker T. The referee demands that Booker T and Samoa Joe get into the ring and fight. Booker T slides into the ring as he tells the referee to hurry up with the count. The referee is now at 7. Samoa Joe walks past Sharmell who is on the ground nursing her head from her encounter with Joe. At the count of 9, Joe gets into the ring. Samoa Joe rushes at Booker T and knocks him into t
he turnbuckle. He unloads on him with punches from both hands and all angles. Booker falls in the corner resting his head on the turnbuckle. With a running start, Samoa Joe propels his foot into Booker T’s face. He then rests his foot and begins to scrape the bottom of his boot on Booker’s face. Joe then runs and bounces off the rope face wash driven right into Booker face. Joe grabs Booker by the foot drags him to the center of the ring, Joe goes for the cover 1-2 and no. Only two, says the ref. Joe gets in the Ref face and the Ref reminds him who he is. The distraction lead to a thumb to the eye and the Ref yells at Booker but he does not care. Booker then does his various strikes and chops while bouncing on his feet and knock Joe to one knee. Booker runs against the ropes comes back and Joe hits an angry fast power slam 1-2 no Booker gets the left shoulder up. Joe is back on offense head take over, chop to the back kick to the chest! Joe goes against the ropes and a stiff knee to the abetment of Booker T. Booker is really in pain so he rolls out of the ring saying time out, time out. But Joe runs against the ropes comes back and flies elbow forward right on to Booker T driving Booker T over the guard rail.

*Commercial Break*

Joe is still on offense stomping on Booker T and tormenting him to get up. Booker T is on his feet. Joe hit
s a power bomb, cover 1-2 booker rolls out, Joe stays with him Boston crab! No wait STF is in. Booker T is reaching for the ropes but is to far, is he going to tap the ref is asking him? Booker T is reaching! Booker is close. WAIT! Joe pulls him in the middle of the ring and puts the STF back in! Booker T is looking to tap. He is so close but Booker rakes Joe’s eyes as a last priority. Booker back is really in pain as he sells it deeply. Booker T then hits a vertical suplex to perfection and he has lots of pain in his face as he touches his back. Booker T then starts jumping around waiting for Joe to get up as he is trying to fight threw the pain he is going threw. He is setting up for the book end Joe fights him off with elbows. Booker t lets off but then but his thigh right into Joe’s gut. Then irish whips him into the turnbuckle and Booker runs at a limping speed and wait ST-JOE almost kills Booker T. Joe is fired up as he has an intense look in his eyes of furious anger. As he looks at booker and Sharmel looks on in worry. Joe does a kick off his feet, feet first right to Booker’s face then comes off the rope with a senton. Joe then places Booker on the top rope. Joe goes for the kick to the head to set up the Muscle Buster, ITS BLOCKED and Booker t is on the middle rope setting up for a SCISSORS KICK. Joe is on one knee but he rips Booker right off the middle rope! He picks up Booker by the head as Booker looks like he is out cold but wait he hits a bookend out of no where, HE WAS PLAYING POSUM! Booker is setting up for the scissors kick. Joe ducks it, THE CHOKE IS IN. BOOKER T IS FADING. BOOKER T TAPS IT’S OVER JOE WINS! Joe wins via rear naked choke @ 15:20

*Impact fades as Joe celebrates*

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