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Profit Presents: WWF 1997

Profit Presents: World Wrestling Federation - 1997

It was the year that the famous "Survivor Series screw job" occured, the year when the WWF and WCW were toe to toe in ratings, and the year that Brian Pillman's unfortunate death rocked the wrestling world. But, what if those things were reversed? What if Bret Hart had stayed with the WWF, if the WWF did what WCW did to them and stole there talent, if Pillman hadn't passed on? The change from reality will occur starting at Summerslam, the pay per view that would set up an exciting year in wrestling and keep fans on the edge of their seat. This is my first BTB, any comments or suggestions or critiques are welcomed, enjoy the reimagining of the year 1997.

Steel Cage Match
Mankind def. Hunter Hearst Helmsley w/ Chyna

HHH had been using his manager, Chyna, for some time to help him earn victories over his foes. The same went for Mankind, leading up to Summerslam HHH had gotten a win over the deranged man after Chyna low blowed him behind the referee's back. However, tonight would be different, as tonight there would be a steel frame encasing the ring and it's competitors. HHH came into the match seeming confident, but as he entered the steel structure with Mankind and the door closed shut, his expression on his face quickly changed to that of fear. Both men put on quite a show, and had the crowd into it, as Mankind had HHH down and went for the door. Chyna, however, would do everything she possibly could do to stop HHH from losing. Mankind saw here standing by the door, waiting him with a sinister look upon her face, so he quickly changed his mind and climbed up the steel structure. She tried to follow, but he was too quick and climbed over and out, earning a victory over his nemesis on this night.

Goldust w/ Marlena def. Brian Pillman {via DQ}

Marlena had been the focal point for Pillman, he seemed obsessed with her, it had consumed him. Goldust was standing in his way however, and he'd do anything he could to remove that road block. The two men were going to meet in a match where if Goldust won, Pillman would be forced to wear a dress live in front of the world on Raw Is War. This match, however, never got underway. Pillman's loose cannon style proved to be true on this night, as he attacked Goldust with a steel chair from behind after running through the crowd to get to the ring. Pillman didn't let up, hitting Goldust in the back over and over, until security came out to stop him, and the match was officially called a disqualification. Pillman left with the security, a huge sadistic smile on his face, as he had left Goldust unconcious in the ring.

Legion Of Doom def. The Godwinds

Two tag teams fighting for the right to possibly earn a number one contendership shot at the WWF Tag Team gold, against a team that neither thought were worthy of holding them, The Headbangers. LOD got the early advantage in the match, as they isolated Henry Godwin and kept him on the ground as they tagged in and out repeatedly. The momentum changed, however, as Henry was able to scrape the eyes of Hawk and get the tag on his partner. Phinias worked over on Hawk for a while, wearing him down and getting a couple near falls. The finish came when Henry was back in and attempted a closeline on Hawk, but Hawk ducked and with the momentum of running managed to make it to his partner Animal for the tag. Animal knocked Henry down, as Phinias tried to come in but got tossed out of the ring for his troubles. LOD was able to hit the Doomsday Device and pick up the victory, and perhaps the right to fight for tag team gold down the road.

WWF European Championship
British Bulldog(c) def. Ken Shamrock

The Hart Foundation had much power, as witnessed on this night with three of them holding gold, Bulldog was in a long feud with Shamrock who wanted to take away his European Championship and make it his own. Perhaps Bulldog's plan of frustrating Shamrock week in and week out leading up to Summerslam was a smart one, though it left Bulldog in pain and with a possible ankle injury. The two men fought long and hard, neither one wanting to lose the opportunity to carry the gold strap, Bulldog left the ring a couple times and even threatened to walk out to a 10 count to keep his belt due to disqualification, wanting to hold onto it at any cost. But Shamrock refused to let this happen as he brought his opponent back to the ring, the finish came with Shamrock getting hold of his patended ankle lock submission, one very few men could get out of and one that had many men tap out. Bulldog did indeed tap out, and for a moment we had a new Champion, but after refusing to let go of the hold the referee was forced to reverse the decision causing Shamrock to snap and attack the referee.

Los Boricuas def. The Disciples of Apocolypse

The DOA had bigger plans then to deal with a bunch of what they described as "illegal immigrants", but when the men wouldn't get out of their way they decided to take them out. It was a classic case of the biker gang believing that they were standing for America and getting rid of trash, which caused Los Boricuas to feel frustration and anger and want revenge. It began when the DOA attacked them on Raw Is War, it was a sneak attack that left Los Boricuas bloody and battered in the middle of the ring. The match was then set up for Summerslam, where all eight men were going to settle the differences, over blood and sweat. The match started out normal enough, however toward the end it got completely out of control as all eight men rushed the ring and began attacking one another. 8-Ball and Savio Vega were the lone men in the ring, after the rest knocked each other outside. 8-Ball took his eye off Vega, just for a moment, but that moment was costly as Vega rolled up his enemy for the three count and the victory.

WWF Intercontinental Championship
Steve Austin def. Owen Hart(c)

Owen and Austin's feud was full of anger toward one another and actions that were despicable on the part of Owen and his Hart Foundation brothers. They tried to take out Austin before the pay per view, as they all rushed the ring and began beating him down, Owen not wanting him to show up at Summerslam so he wouldn't have to worry about losing his precious Intercontinental Championship. However, Undertaker and Shamrock came to Austin's defense on that night, not because they liked the man but because they themselves were fueding with members of the Hart Foundation and didn't want to suffer the same fate. Austin would rely on his strength and his fighting skills while Owen had the mat skills and technical background to rely on, as the match started Owen kept goating Austin into making mistakes and then would captalize on them by getting the beer drinking SOB to the ground and locking in submissions. The finish came when Owen was going to attempt a piledrive on Austin, he taunted the crowd and began to lift Stone Cold but Austin reversed and flipped him onto the mat. Surprised, Owen got up and walked right into a Stone Cold Stunner, with Austin then getting the pinfall and becoming the new Intercontinental Champion.

WWF World Heavyweight Championship
Special Guest Referee: Shawn Michaels
Bret Hart(c) def. Undertaker

HBK and Bret Hart were no friends, in fact they down right hated one another, so when HBK was named the special guest referee for a match where Bret's WWF Championship was on the line he made sure that one of the stipulations would be that Shawn Michaels couldn't touch him during the match. Undertaker had been skeptical of all of this, he wanted a fair match with Bret and wanted there to be no excuse for Hart to make had he lost. HBK was impartial throughout the match, however when he was making the pinfall count for Bret he'd always do it with hesitation as he did not want his enemy to retain the gold. The finish came when HBK refused to count out Undertaker as he laid outside the ring, he did not want the match to end like that, so Bret got in his face and demanded that he do his job. HBK still refused, telling him to pin the man rather then get the cheap victory, to which Bret replied by spitting in the face of the special guest referee. Undertaker had managed to enter back in the ring by this point, and although HBK was not allowed to touch Bret Hart, after getting spit at he had enough. He didn't care about any stipulation, he stepped back and geared up to kick Bret in the jaw with Sweet Chin Music, however Bret anticipated this and moved causing HBK to hit Undertaker instead. Bret smiled and pinned Undertaker, keeping his eyes on HBK, as Michaels reluctantly made the three count and Bret Hart retained his Heavyweight Championship.

World Wrestling Federation Champions

WWF Heavyweight Champion - Bret "The Hitman" Hart

WWF Intercontinental Champion - Stone Cold Steve Austin

WWF European Champion - British Bulldog

WWF Tag Team Champions - The Headbangers

WWF Cruiserweight Champion - TAKA Michinoku

World Wrestling Federation Roster
Steve Austin
The Patriot
Ken Shamrock
Ahmed Johnson
Chainsaw Charlie
Rocky Maivia
Steve Blackman
Marc Mero
Jesse James
Flash Funk
Bart Gunn
Bob Holly
Freddy Joe Floyd
Tom Brandi
Aldo Mantoya
Barry Horrowitz
Doug Furnas
Phil Lafon
Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Taka Michinoku
Brian Christopher
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Mr Aguila
Super Loco
Scott Putski
Scott Taylor
Devon Storm
Ace Darling
Flash Flanagan
Tommy Rogers
Bobby Fulton
Shawn Michaels
Hunter Helmsley
Jeff Jarrett
Jerry Lawler
DLo Brown
Kama Mustafa
Savio Vega
Miguel Perez
Jose Estrada
Jesus Castillo
Sycho Sid
Tiger Ali Singh
Leif Cassity
The Sultan
Bret Hart
Owen Hart
British Bulldog
Jim Neidhart
Brian Pillman
Bill Buchanon
Henry Godwinn
Phinias Godwinn
Blackjack Bradshaw
Blackjack Windham
Fake Diesel
Fake Razor Ramon
JC Ice
Wolfie D

Stables/Tag Teams
Hart Foundation
Nation of Domination
Disciples of Apocalypse
Los Boricuas
Truth Commission
New Age Outlaws
Legion of Doom
The Godwinns
The Headbangers
Hardy Boyz
Fake Outsiders

On-Air Talent
WWF Commishioner: Sgt. Slaughter
Commentator/On-air personality: Vince McMahon
Commentator: Jim Ross
Commentator: Jerry Lawler
Rick Rude
Paul Bearer
The Jackal
Jim Cornette
Honky Tonk Man

World Wrestling Federation Events

RAW IS WAR - Monday's @ 9PM
Shotgun Saturday Night - Saturdays @ 12AM

Pay Per View's

WWF In Your House - Ground Zero - September 7, 1997
WWF In Your House - Badd Blood - October 5, 1997
WWF Survivor Series - November 9, 1997
WWF In Your House - D-Generation X - December 7, 1997
WWF Royal Rumble - January 18, 1998
WWF In Your House - No Way Out - February 15, 1998
WWF WrestleMania - March 29, 1998
WWF In Your House - Unforgiven - April 26, 1998
WWF In Your House - Over The Edge - May 31, 1998
WWF King Of The Ring - June 28, 1998
WWF In Your House - Fully Loaded - July 26, 1998
WWF Summerslam - August 30, 1998
WWF In Your House - Breakdown - September 27, 1998
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

World Wrestling Federation - RAW IS WAR Preview
Live Monday August 4th; Madison Square Garden, NY

After an eventful night at Summerslam, the fallout will be on full display just 24 hours since the closure of an exciting Pay Per View. Two men retained the gold that they held going in, while one man was unfortunate and lost his Championship. The night produced many thrilling moments, with Brian Pillman completely forgetting his match and dissmanteling Goldust with a steel chair. Many answers were left untold, and many questions still remain.


Blunder? Mistake? Or was what HBK did to The Undertaker intentional? All anyone can do is guess, but from his expression it seemed as if Shawn Michaels knew that he had convicted himself to the fiery hell that Undertaker can unleash by costing him the WWF Heavyweight Championship against Bret Hart. The stipulation read that HBK could not put his hands on Bret Hart during the match, as he was the special guest referee, however after Hart spit in the face of Michaels it proved to be the last straw for the charasmatic and prideful superstar. HBK let his anger get the best of him and tried to get the frustration out with a kick to Hart's chin, but Hart had planned on this action and dodged the oncoming foot of Michaels who instead connected with The Phenom and laid him out. Being forced to make the three count, HBK had given Bret Hart the victory and ensured that he would remain Champion.. even if unintentionally and unwillingly. All three men will be in the building, and tempers are sure to explode from The Undertaker, who will most assurably have something to say about HBK's actions. Has Michaels dug himself a hole that he can't get out of? Will Taker make HBK his complete focus, and try to get revenge on him, despite it being a mistake on Michaels part?

Lonely Hart, Gold & Beer

Owen Hart came into Summerslam as the Intercontinental Champion, joining two of the other members of the Hart Foundation as Champions. He would leave without that gold strap, and be the only member of the group with the exception of Jim Neidhart without a Championship. Stone Cold Steve Austin, who had been the thorn in the side of the Hart Foundation for weeks and the last man they'd want to see deprive them of dominance, walked out of Summerslam a Champion. He was able to defeat Owen, as he celebrated with some beer in typical Austin fashion. Owen in an interview after the match said that he wasn't through with Austin, and that his victory was just a fluke, a one night event of luck and nothing more. He is prepared to challenge The Rattlesnake live on RAW IS WAR to a rematch for the strap that he claims is rightfully his. Will Austin adhear to the challenge? Or will he tell him to go screw himself, knowing Austin either option wouldn't be a surprise.

The Cannon Goes Off

It was supposed to be a one on one matchup between Goldust and Brian Pillman, but it turned out to be a trip to the hospital for Goldust. Pillman seemingly had snapped, as he climbed through the sold out crowd at Summerslam with a chair in hand, and proceeded to use the chair on Goldust repeatedly. The only thing that stopped him from permenantly ending the career of Goldust were the security that quickly got control of the situation. Why Pillman did what he did is unknown, however being ruled a disqualification, he technically lost the matchup and per the rules of the agreement will be forced to wear a dress on live television during RAW IS WAR. Will Pillman adhear to the agreement the two men had? And what shape will Goldust be in following the attack just 24 hours prior? When Pillman is involved, anything can happen, and usually does.

Tune in for all this and much much more, live from Madison Square Garden on Monday night!

Confirmed Matches
The Patriot VS Bret "The Hitman" Hart
Jesse James & Bart Gunn VS Legion Of Doom
Psycho Sid VS The Undertaker
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

This looks amazing! 'Bout time someone made one like this. Just a correction though, Undertaker was champion heading into the Match against Hart.
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

this looks pretty good will be reading and reviewing your btb

CM Punk is the best thing in wrestling today.
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

I loved 1997, well after June 1997. Looking forward to reading this as I myself had planned on doing a 1997 WWF thread in the past. This is something different and I hope you stick with it.

One thing though, don't double post. Try and edit original posts instead of making a 2nd post within a 24 hour period.

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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

Wow, i'm excited by the prospect of this idea. '97 was awesome and it's very rare you see a thread based on this era. It's all presented well and looks to have potential. I'll be trying my best to follow this. Good luck.
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

An interesting project you have planned here. The presentation looks good, so I wish you luck. Just one thing though; you're starting from the night after SummerSlam, but you have Kane listed on your roster. He didn't debut until October 1997, at the In Your House: Badd Blood PPV.
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Re: Profit Presents: WWF 1997

Its a good idea, but it seems like revising all that history would be a lot of work.
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