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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Spam: i'm liking Homicide vs. Roode alot and I really hope that Homicide wins

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Voltage Results

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered”
Live from The Voltage Arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 7th July 2009

A recap video pops on screen, and it all shows what went down between the continuing Samoa Joe and AJ Styles feud last week. It starts with Jeff Jarrett making his way to the ring and explaining that at Victory Road, the two will go toe to toe for the Legends Title. The video continues on then to the segment that took place later in the night, where Samoa Joe came out with a large amount of bodyguards, running his mouth on the TNA Legends Champion. The video then gets higher tempo music as it reveals AJ coming out to gain revenge on Joe, and ripping off his neck brace that Joe caused a few weeks ago in a post match attack. The music then slows down as it shows Joe going out of harms way and then AJ facing the bodyguards, but then the music gets faster as it shows AJ attacking the bodyguards one by one and then offering Joe to step into the ring. The final piece of footage shows a serious AJ staring at a vicious Samoa Joe from inside the ring.


The cameras click, and they instantly reside on the face of Jeff Jarrett, the TNA Voltage Owner himself. Looking solemn, Jeff’s face appropriately takes up most of the camera angle, as Jeff simply stares into the screen.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Samoa Joe. I know for a fact that you are watching this, and to start this show off, I think you need to listen to exactly what I have to say.

Jeff’s facial expression gets more serious as crowd noise echoes down the corridors.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Last week, you tried to escape from AJ Styles and utilise a series of security guards to take him down. But that plan, it backfired, and the egg landed on your face. Now, although I’m not for unprovoked violence, which AJ carried out last week against those guards of yours, you brought this on yourself. Now I know you’re gonna complain and try and say that I’m being biased, but Joe, this feud you’ve got, it’s all your fault. You got yourself into this mess, so you have no-one else to blame.

Jeff then musters a half-smile, picturing his idea in his head.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So tonight, I’ve arranged a special stipulation. With your match just two weeks away, there needs to be a contract signing to organise this match and ensure that you and AJ go one-on-one. No stipulations, no gimmicks…just a simple one-on-one match up for the title. You’re not getting out of this Joe, and tonight, unlike last week, you will be in the same ring as AJ Styles to sign that contract. I’ve given you so many warnings Joe, and tonight, you better obey what I say and sign that contract on the dotted line. And if you don’t like it, well, you can do one thing…get the HELL out of my show!

The camera stays on the serious face of Jarrett before finally deciding to zoom away.



The camera circles around the arena, looking at the strong number of fans in attendance, before they head directly to the broadcast table, where Don West and Joey Styles are, as always, patiently standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Hello Voltage fans and welcome to this week’s edition of TNA Voltage, live and kicking from The Voltage Arena in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! I’m Joey Styles and joining me as always is my broadcast partner, Don West…and what a perfect place to watch the drama unfold, isn’t that right Don West?

“Colour Commentator” Don West: You got that right, and believe you me, a lot of drama will unfold here tonight. You just heard it for yourself, Jeff Jarrett has announced that tonight, there will be a contract signing taking place right in this arena, in the middle of the ring, between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe, with the focus being on their Victory Road match just two weeks away!

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Yeah, and trust me, that’s gonna be difficult to miss tonight! But not only that, but we also have a lot of other segments on this show to go through.

Graphics appear as the commentators run down the matches.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And that includes our opening contest, as we are set to see Homicide from LAX take on Robert Roode from Beer Money.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And what makes it sound better, Joey, is that earlier today on, it was announced that due to the problems between all four teams, at Victory Road we will see LAX versus British Invasion versus Team 3D versus Beer Money Incorporated for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Speaking of the likes of The British Invasion, last week we saw them attack Team 3D during their match up, and caused them to lose the contest against Beer Money who were putting their titles on the line. Tonight, Team 3D get a chance at revenge as they go head to head with Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus of The British Invasion in a tag team match.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s going to be a great match for sure, but on the prospect of tag team matches, we will also see a mixed tag match right here tonight! The feud between Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze and Eric Young has been boiling over for the past two weeks, but tonight, Jarrett has given Eric a chance to pick a Knockout of his choice to face Omega and Haze! Which Knockout will Eric choose?

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: You’ll have to stay tuned to find out, as will you have to in order to watch a huge six Knockouts tag match later on tonight, as TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and Madison Rayne of The Beautiful People team up with the dominating, unstoppable Klondyke to take on ODB, Sojo Bolt and Angelina Love’s challenger come Victory Road, Christy Hemme!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Again, another match up that aims to please, as will the match-up between Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan that looks set to take place tonight. That’s right, you heard me correctly, Jindrak and Morgan after weeks of bitter rivalry will step into the ring and go toe to toe for the first ever time in a TNA broadcast. And with all the hatred that has boiled up, you know you can’t miss this one.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: That’s for certain, Don, but with that being all said and done, let’s start off tonight’s show…

The cameras head to the stage where the entrances of Homicide and Roode await to begin…

Homicide w/ Hernandez vs. Robert Roode w/ James Storm & Jackie Moore

Prologue: This match comes about thanks to last week’s actions, where LAX intervened on behalf of Team 3D to halt a post match beating on the legendary tag team courtesy of Beer Money and The British Invasion. With news on stating that at Victory Road it will be LAX vs. Beer Money vs. Team 3D vs. The British Invasion for the TNA World Tag Team Titles, this match is the perfect chance for two competitors in that match, Homicide and Roode, to get to know one another.

Recap: The match-up started as soon as the bell rang out to the audience, with Homicide and Roode locking up mid ring, but the larger Roode obviously getting the better out of the situation by throwing his opponent down to the mat and then going all out with some back clubs. However, before long, Homicide began to get irate, and he took Roode to the mat with a springboard arm drag before dropkicking him to the outside…and then LEVELLING him with a suicide senton through the middle rope! The crowd went wild for Homicide, who tonight had certainly brought his A-game with him despite looking like he may have tweaked his knee slightly, as the Mexican rocked Roode with some forearms. However, after Jackie Moore got herself involved, Homicide gave chase around ringside…only to fall right into the trap as Roode rocked him with a kick to the gut and then sent the smaller competitor shoulder first into the steel steps! The action then returned inside the ring, where Roode was now hot on the heels of his opponent, picking him off the floor and drilling him with a kneebuster! Homicide clutched his knee in pain, but Roode went for the cover…but only two! Roode then stomped over the knee, and then proceeded to elbow drop the limb before smashing it hard off the canvas! Homicide looked for recuperation using the ropes, but this gave Roode more ammo to work with, twisting the knee over the bottom rope and then stomping on the injured body part! As the referee pulled Roode away, Storm and Moore on the outside used the distraction to their advantage, kicking away on the knee…before Hernandez scared the tandem away! But the damage had been done, and Roode locked in a single leg Boston crab whilst in mid ring! Homicide tried to crawl to the ropes, but Roode pulled him away…until Homicide managed to twist his body around and boot Roode in the chest, before drilling him into the corner. But Homicide was injured, and Roode capitalised with a dropkick to the knee, sending Homicide down. Roode then went for his Northern lariat, but Homicide ducked, so Roode went for a standard lariat, but Homicide caught the arm, turned Roode away…and then drilled him with his 187 cutter! Both superstars lay down for a substantial amount of time, before they got up and traded lefts and rights with one another. Roode thought he got the best of the situation with an uppercut, but as he went to turn things around for a Roode Awakening, Homicide spun out of the move and rocked Roode with some stiff lariats, before finally dropping him with a snap suplex, rolled into another snap suplex…then amazingly followed by an overhead belly to belly suplex! The crowd were going wild, as Homicide went for the cover…but he only got a two count for his attempt! Homicide then called for the Gringo Killer, but suddenly Roode fought his way out, before pushing Homicide towards the ropes and then drilling him with a spinning spinebuster! Cover…one…two…th…NO! Homicide kicked out at the last possible second! Roode then headed to the top, and called Homicide to stand…but he did too soon and rocked the ‘Money Man’ with some back elbows, making him seated up top. Homicide then scaled to the top, but Roode responded with some hard fist shots, only for Homicide to get the better…and then DRILLED Roode with a super hurracanrana! Homicide crawled for the cover…one…two…but the fall had to be stopped due to Storm and Moore leaping onto the apron and arguing with the ref! But Hernandez took care of this by grabbing onto both of their legs, and pulling them off and down to the arena floor! But this still distracted Homicide, as when he went to take care of Roode, Roode was up and flapjacked him throat first off the top rope! Roode then stalked Homicide, and kicked him in the gut before hooking his leg for the Roode Awakening, and…NO, Homicide reversed it…INSIDE CRADLE! One…two…three! Homicide got the pin!
Winner: Homicide @ 6:09

Aftermath: Homicide immediately releases the hold, and celebrates the victory near the ropes, but one man who isn’t happy is Robert Roode, whom gets to his feet and drills Homicide with a Northern Lariat! The sore loser then stomps away on the winner, as Storm takes care of Hernandez outside the ring and then enters with Jackie Moore. Roode then stalks Homicide as Storm stands behind him and Jackie screams for them to take advantage…but suddenly, out come Team 3D, perhaps returning the favour after LAX helped them out last week! The two clean house, with D-Von rocking Storm with some fist shots and then throwing him over the top rope, before Brother-Ray drops Roode with a sidewalk slam! Jackie Moore then comes running forward, but Ray sees her…and DROPS her with a clothesline to the throat! Jackie falls on the floor as the crowd cheer, but Team 3D are not done yet. As Jackie uses the ropes to stand, Brother Ray and D-Von get in prime position for their 3D manoeuvre…but before Jackie turns around, Storm is up and he pulls Jackie out of harms way via the legs to the outside! As Team 3D stares menacingly at Beer Money Incorporated, the Tag Team Champions and their trusting cohort Jackie Moore walk to the back.


The cameras rest on backstage interviewer So Cal Val, who at this very moment is standing by on one side with the ‘TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion’ Angelina Love and her stable mates Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne. On the other is the massive Klondyke, who simply stands still and stares at the camera.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Joining me at this moment is Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, Madison Rayne and Klondyke…and Angelina, my first question goes to you. Tonight, you will be teaming up with Madison and Klondyke to take on Sojo Bolt, ODB and Christy Hemme. How do you feel about the prospect of having to face your challenger at Victory Road in the ring during tonight’s contest?

“TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Excuse me, excuse me, hold up one second there. Did you just label Christy Hemme a ‘challenger’? You think that red headed SLUT is a challenger? Oh my, I think I’m gonna barf if I have to hear how many times, how many people label that talent-less waste of space a challenger to my glorious, shiny title. Because let’s think about it. What is Christy good for, huh? I mean, it ain’t professional wrestling, that’s for sure. In fact…I know…the only thing Christy Hemme is good for is posing naked on the covers of Playboy. And you know what…that’s exactly where she belongs, to show off her ugly, hideous body to the whole wide world. But furthermore, you think I have a challenge on my hands tonight, have you seen who I’m teaming up with. This woman standing right there…

Angelina points towards Klondyke, and the camera looks up at the impressive Knockout as she nods her head silently. Love then walks towards Klondyke and stands a few steps away from her.

“TNA Women’s Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: This woman that last week crushed ODB in a contest that barely lasted five minutes. So, tonight, I’ve got back up, and it comes in the form of this six foot one, two hundred…

Angelina then rests her hands on Klondyke’s arm, but Klondyke immediately brushes Angelina off and stares down at her.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Do NOT touch me!

Love seems a little taken aback by Klondyke’s attitude, and takes a few steps back to her team mates.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Gimme the mic!

Val then hands Klondyke the microphone without any need for tussle, and then Klondyke looks into the camera once more.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Angelina’s right, you know, she does have back up…but tonight’s win will be to further my dominative streak here on Voltage. Last week, as Angelina rightfully pointed out, I crushed ODB. Then at the end of the contest, Sojo Bolt entered the ring and she tried to get the one up with a chair shot. To a skinny little female like Angelina Love, a chair shot like that would have hurt…but not to a muscle house like I, Klondyke, ‘The Alpha Female.’ That chair shot, Sojo, well it didn’t hurt me, it didn’t injure me, instead it did one thing…further my hopes to knock down any Knockout that is to stand in my way. And tonight, Sojo, Christy and ODB…YOU three bimbos are those Knockouts!

Klondyke then glances towards Love, Rayne and Sky who look a little shocked at the force behind Klondyke.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Now let’s GO!

Klondyke then walks off, as The Beautiful People glance uneasy looks at one another before they walk away.




So Cal Val is standing by with both Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I am joined at this time by Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze…and next up, Kenny and Daisy, you will be facing Eric Young and a Knockout of his choice in a mixed tag match. Any bets on who the Knockout’s gonna be?

“The Fresh Face” Kenny Omega: Does it really matter? Is that a useless question or what? At the end of the day, I don’t give a damn who Young chooses as a partner. As a matter of fact they can be anyone, whether they be one hundred pounds, or two hundred pounds. Whatever, The Haze and I will get the victory, pure and simple, easy peasy if you like to say it like that. Exactly like we did last week, and then STILL found time to pummel Young into the canvas post-match.

Omega then laughs and high fives Daisy Haze, who laughs alongside him.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Boy…you sound like you’re a bit too far ahead of yourselves…

“The Haze” Daisy Haze: Yeah, and you know what? Kenny and I, we have a right to be. You know, here’s something you’re little brain box probably hasn’t picked up- I am an accomplished professional wrestler just as much as Eric Young, and even Kenny Omega is. I’ve battled all over the USA, and with that, I’ve picked up technique and skill along the way. Seriously, if anyone thinks I’m just another pretty face here in this company, then they can think again. You’ve all seen what I can do these past few weeks…and seriously, that’s nothing compared to what I’m gonna do tonight, to both Eric and whatever skank he chooses to be on his side! Come on Kenny…

Haze then looks down at Val with a dirty look on her face, and Omega instantly does the same, before the two walk away, leaving the belittled Val in shot.


Eric Young is standing by inside the ring, a microphone in his hand. Eric is dressed to compete, and he awaits the crowd to die down before addressing them the situation.

“Showtime” Eric Young: As you all are probably aware, last week Jeff Jarrett gave me an ultimatum. I entered his office and demanded a match with Daisy Haze in a fit of rage, but obviously wasn’t granted it. Instead, I was offered another opportunity. To team up with a Knockout of my choice to take on both Omega and Haze in a mixed tag team contest.

Young then waits for a moment for the noise of the crowd to die down a little, before continuing.

“Showtime” Eric Young: So, that made me wonder. Who would be the best Knockout to choose? After all, the division is vast, and full of many faces that would be suitable to show Daisy Haze a thing or two. So I scoured around, I did my research, and I came up with the perfect attributes my tag team partner needed to have. They would need to be skilled. Highly technical. Tough when faced with the prospect of perhaps even tougher adversary. Capable of holding not only their own, but having the ability to double up successfully with someone else.

The crowd await Eric’s announcement, but he seems keen to hold out a little longer.

“Showtime” Eric Young: So with that being said and done, I found the perfect partner. She has all those attributes and more, and believe you me, she will give Daisy Haze a fight she’s gonna remember. I introduce to you, my tag team partner…

The music of “Spirit” then appears over the PA system…and out comes TAYLOR WILDE! This Knockout hasn’t been seen in a TNA ring for several weeks, but now she’s here and looks ready for action. She leaps onto the turnbuckle and hits her signature taunts, before she jumps down centre ring and greets Young with a hug. The two then wait patiently for Haze and Omega to arrive for the match.

Mixed Tag Team Match
Eric Young & Taylor Wilde vs. Kenny Omega & Daisy Haze

Prologue: Omega and Young have been at each other’s throats since the first taping of Voltage, and many can say it is thanks to Daisy Haze that tonight’s tag team match has come about, as her constant interfering has angered Young beyond belief. However, last week Jeff Jarrett gave Young a chance to pick a tag team partner in this week’s contest to face Omega and Haze in a mixed tag team match, and as witnessed previously, Young picked Taylor Wilde, a former Knockouts champion. Last week’s post match attack means Young is seeking revenge, but will Haze and Omega be capable of stopping Young tonight?

Recap: Daisy and Taylor started off proceedings, with Wilde using her technical skill to take Haze down with a number of armdrags and a tight headlock takedown. However, it wasn’t long before the males in the match up were tagged in, and Young certainly brought the fight to Omega, seeking pay back for last week’s post match attack. After executing an inverted facelock neckbreaker, Young then had Omega all set for his patented Death Valley Driver, but Haze entered the ring and clubbed away on Eric’s back, causing him to drop his opponent. But this only angered the irate Young, who then dodged a slap from Daisy to then lift her up for a Death Valley Driver! However, by this time, Omega was standing…and he DRILLED Eric with a jaw breaking discus elbow smash, causing him to fall to the floor and drop Daisy from his grasp in the process! Omega and Haze then reigned supreme, working over Eric with tactical double team manoeuvres, including a throw into the turnbuckle so Daizee could illegally choke him from the apron! Omega then locked in a nice Fujiwara Armbar over Eric, and kept the hold locked in tight, until Eric began to stand and lifted Omega with him! But somehow, Kenny managed to spin out and dropped Eric with a single arm DDT, putting pressure on the injured arm furthermore, which was even more worked over following Haze snapping the limb over the top rope! Taylor called for the tag but got no response as Young was locked in a seated butterfly hold, the pressure further mounting on his arms and shoulders. However, soon, with the helpful enthusiastic claps of Wilde and the audience, Young got to his feet, spun out of the hold, dodged a lariat attempt…and then DROPPED Omega with a devastating Rydeen bomb! Both superstars were fallen on the canvas, until they systematically crawled towards their respective tag partners…and the tags were made! Taylor leapt over the top rope and met Daisy with some hard forearms followed by two knife edge chops, before she whipped Haze towards the ropes and then levelled her with a jumping calf kick! Daisy groggily got to her feet, but Wilde was there waiting…and she dished out a picture perfect bridging wristlock suplex! One…two…but no, Haze managed to get a shoulder up! With Haze struggling on the floor, Wilde saw the perfect opportunity to head to the top…before she jumped off the perch looking for a missile dropkick! But Omega had managed to push Haze out of the way, and Taylor landed hard on her back mid-canvas! Haze and Omega then picked upon this, with Haze stomping away on Taylor’s back before throwing her into the corner and calling for Omega to follow up! But as Omega geared himself up on the opposing corner and ran forward, Eric Young had managed to scale the top rope…and he SQUASHED Kenny with a diving cross body! Young then celebrated, but little did he know that Haze was behind him, on her knees for a dirty low blow…but Eric CAUGHT the hand before it hit the uncomfortable area! Young then turned around with Haze’s arm in grasp and stared into her eyes as she screamed to be let go, but Eric instead grasped the hair and placed Haze up for a powerbomb! But somehow, Omega had managed to get to his feet and he speared Young, causing Haze to fall on top of him in a seated senton! Young rolled away with Omega in pursuit, as Haze pointed to her brain in the ring on how smart she was…until she turned around and was levelled with hard forearms and slaps to the chest area thanks to Taylor Wilde! Haze lay prone on the ropes, allowing Taylor to follow up with an Irish whip, but Haze spun around and managed to lock in a high wristlock…followed by a tough punch to the heart area! Taylor staggered a little, but then was set up…and SLAMMED to the canvas with a snapmare driver, a move Haze likes to call the Mind Trip! Haze then pounced onto Taylor for the cover…one…two…THREE!
Winners: Daisy Haze & Kenny Omega @ 6:59

Aftermath: As soon as the three counts are made, Young enters the ring immediately in seek of payback on the Haze. But, instead, Daisy quickly rolls out of the ring with a smirk plastered over her face, and walks over to Omega. As Young tends to the downed Taylor Wilde, Omega lifts Daisy in the air on his shoulder and the two smile cockily as Haze lifts her arm upwards towards the sky in jubilation.


So Cal Val is standing by with The British Invasion, Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Rob Terry.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Brutus…Doug…earlier tonight we saw Team 3D fend off a Beer Money attack on LAX, and boy did they look irate. Tonight, after intervening in their match up last week, you get to face Team 3D in the six-sided ring. First, I’ve gotta ask you, why did you attack Team 3D last week, what were your reasons?

“The Anarchist” Doug Williams: Our reasons, Val, were simple. You see, we’ve been in TNA a couple of months now, and let me say, not one of us, Brutus or I, have been given a chance to show our worth. Yes, we’ve competed in some high profile matches, yes we’ve done well in our singles debut, but we have constantly been held back from gaining the one thing we hope to gain…the TNA World Tag Team Titles. And in our eyes, Team 3D were just getting in the way. I mean, how many chances do these guys have to be given? How many times do TNA management and Jeff Jarrett have to say ‘Team 3D are now new number 1 contenders.’ I mean, they’ve held the TNA tag team titles twice now, and had more chances to reclaim that, and that’s not because they deserve it. Oh no, it’s because TNA jeopardise people like us to put over those pathetic human beings. Well not any more, and we’re out to prove that tonight.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Well, you say that now, but with all Team 3D’s anger boiled up, do you think this slims your chances of acclaiming victory tonight?

“The Modern Day Gladiator” Brutus Magnus: Slim our chances, you say? Why, just because Team 3D ran out there and hit Beer Money with some ‘soft’ moves, our chances are suddenly evaporated? Trust me, that is not the case at all, and you know why? Because we have more to prove. You see, Team 3D have done it all. They’ve won title after title, and in our eyes, they don’t need any more. So let this mean something. Team 3D, they’ve had their era…but now, it’s time for a new era. The British Invasion era.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: And, in fact, it could be that, as earlier tonight we found out that at Victory Road, you will be facing LAX, Team 3D and Beer Money when Beer Money put their titles on the line in a four way tag match…

“The Anarchist” Doug Williams: And you know what? Exactly like tonight, exactly like every night, we’re gonna walk into Victory Road with one thing on our mind. Getting the job done. Oh, that, and wrapping those belts around our very waists when the match is finished. Victory Road will be a huge chance for us to finally, after all these months, show people what guys like us are all about. Brutus and I, we’ve worked our way from the bottom to the top, and we’re slowly approaching the top rung. At Victory Road, we will be bringing our A-game with us…and tonight, Team 3D will get just a sample, just a taster, of what The British Invasion, are ALL about!

Doug then lays his eyes on the camera lens, and then the cameras zoom away.




The cameras head to the broadcast desk where both Don West and Joey Styles are standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT, and boy, what a show we are having so far! We’ve seen a lot of back and forth TNA action and if you’ve just joined us, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised to know that we have a lot more lined up.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: I couldn’t have said that better myself, Joey…well, actually I could, but anyway…still to come tonight, we’re going to see a Knockouts six person tag match as Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Klondyke team up to face Sojo Bolt, ODB and Christy Hemme. And let me reiterate- the Knockouts are EXCLUSIVE to Voltage, and you won’t see them anywhere else, so expect to be amazed by this contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: That’s right, but not only that, we’ve also got a contract signing tonight between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles in regards to their Victory Road Legends title match! It’s gonna be one huge segment in this show, and furthermore, I wonder how Joe and AJ are going to be able to exist in the same ring as one another thanks to what happened last week?

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s what I wonder too, Joey, and another thing I wonder is how Team 3D are going to cope when they go head to head with The British Invasion tonight. Last week, we saw British Invasion attack Team 3D during their match, and earlier tonight, Team 3D ran in to save LAX from a post match beating by Beer Money, and boy did they look angry! Tonight, I’m sure all that anger will be placed upon the Brits in our big tag team contest later this taping…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And talking about anger, the feud between Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan that has dominated the last few shows has really picked up, and the anger between each athlete is huge. Tonight, we get to see Morgan and Jindrak face off, one-on-one inside the six sided ring for the first time in TNA history!

“Colour Commentator” Don West: But with that all being said and done, let’s head backstage to Jeff Jarrett’s office where Jeff is standing by…


The view opens, and Jeff is seen flicking through pieces of paper, which is obviously the prepared contract for tonight’s contract signing between Joe and AJ. Jarrett reads through it, speaking out loud.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So it goes like this…’I, sign name here, accept that at Victory Road 2009, live from Orlando, Florida on the 19th July 2009, I will compete in’-

But suddenly, Jeff is interrupted by the door suddenly opening, and he looks upwards. In front of him is Matt Morgan, dressed in designer gear and staring straight towards Jeff through his tinted sunglasses.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Jeff…Jeff…is this true?

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Matt, what do you want? Is what true?

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: You know exactly what I mean…

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Apparently, no I don’t…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Okay, let me spell it out to you. Talk around this arena is that tonight, I, Matt Morgan, ‘The Blueprint’, have to go one-on-one against Mark Jindrak? I mean, come on, you can’t be serious right? You can’t be saying that tonight a fine specimen like myself has to put my body through…HIM!? You saw what he did to Sheik Abdul Bashir last week, and rumour has it that right this minute, Bashir is sipping food through a straw thanks to what Jindrak did to him!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Look, Matt, the ‘rumours’ are true…tonight you’re going head to head with Mark Jindrak, whether you like it or not. It’s all booked now, and trust me, changing YOUR contest is the least of my worries…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: But Jeff…aren’t you in the least concerned about my physical welfare!? I mean, you heard it yourself- Mark Jindrak wants to physically maim me, goddamn it!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Well there’s a difference between wanting to, and actually doing so. This feud between you and Mark, it’s finally reached a point now where you have to face up to your fears. The only thing left for you to do now is NOT stand here and try and cowardly find a way out of your contest, but to go into that match and defeat Mark Jindrak, one way or another.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Whatever…I knew it was a waste of time coming in here anyway, you don’t give a damn. Thanks for nothing Jeff…

Morgan then walks off in a huff, as the camera rests upon Jeff, who slightly smiles to himself.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: No problem…



Six Knockouts Tag Match
Angelina Love ©, Madison Rayne & Klondyke w/ Velvet Sky vs. Sojo Bolt, ODB & Christy Hemme

Prologue: In a mash together of the two feuds that are wreaking havoc in the Knockouts division, the Knockouts champion Angelina Love teams with her ‘Beautiful People’ stable mate Madison Rayne and the dominating ‘Alpha-Female’ Klondyke to take on Sojo Bolt, ODB and Love’s challenger at Victory Road, Christy Hemme. This match could possibly prove exactly whom the best Knockout in the company is when the match is over and done with.

Recap: With the large Klondyke on their side, it looked like Rayne and Love would have an advantage going into the match, but that certainly wasn’t the case when the match began, with Hemme taking down Rayne with a charging shoulder block followed by a Japanese arm drag which forced her to tag in Klondyke. Klondyke was an immovable force, striking Hemme down to the canvas as she tried her best to clothesline the monster, causing Hemme to tag in ODB. ODB somehow managed to take Klondyke down following a dodge of the corner body splash before mat slamming the big Knockout and striking away at her face! Bolt was then tagged in, and she managed to knock Angelina Love off the apron with a running forearm! But her attempts to drop Klondyke were near minimum, as she executed two running dropkicks but Klondyke was still standing! Bolt then went for a third…but as she went to bounce off the ropes, Madison Rayne used her initiative and pulled the top rope down, sending Sojo flying out of the ring! Velvet Sky then duelled up with Love to carry out an outside attack on Bolt with double stomps, before they pushed Sojo hard into the apron, her back impacting off the solid ringside as Voltage headed for a commercial break.


Back off the break, and Klondyke picked Sojo off the canvas…and then dropped her with a hard kneeling scoop slam! The cover followed…one…two…but no, Sojo got her shoulder up, but it may have been better if she didn’t as the momentum had truly swung away from her grasp. Rayne was tagged in and went to work over Bolt, before locking her in a front facelock. Bolt began to stand up, but Rayne was quick thinking, drilling Sojo with a knee lift, before epitomising a snap neckbreaker to her opponent! A cover was followed by a two count, but Rayne then tagged in Angelina Love, and the two hit a nice double team move- Rayne hit a snapmare followed by a knee placed surfboard, before Love bounced off the ropes and smashed Bolt with a basement dropkick! Cover…one…two…but no, Bolt got a shoulder up again! Love then showed her dirty side by continually smashing Sojo’s head off the canvas as she lay prone on the ground, before setting her up for a Lights Out! But Bolt battled back with some elbows, spun around…and then hooked in a tight school girl! One…two…but no, Angelina got out, stood to her feet…and then DECKED Bolt with a spinning heel kick! Love then smiled and tagged in Klondyke, who walked over to Bolt…and lifted her off the ground via a double chokehold before throwing her into the buckles back first! A foot choke was followed by repeated shoulder thrusts to the gut, before Klondyke then strutted her stuff and lifted Sojo up for a powerslam! However, Sojo battled out and then hooked her arms over the top rope, before smashing Klondyke in the gut with a kick as she came running forwards! Sojo then cleared Rayne off the apron via a clothesline, but with her arms hooked over the top rope, she went for a double foot kick to the chest of Klondyke, but the ‘Alpha Female’ grabbed the legs and then looked to set Bolt up powerbomb style! However, Bolt battled back with some nice fist shots…and then executed a perfect hurracanrana…before tagging in Hemme! Hemme entered the ring on fire, walking over to a doubled over Klondyke…and hitting her with an Axe Kick to the back of the neck! Rayne then came running forward, but Christy dodged a lariat before unloading with some rights and lefts, followed by a split-legged jawbreaker which sent Madison reeling to the buckles! Christy then rolled backwards, and looked into the eyes of Angelina Love who stood on the apron…until Love decided it was her time to get out of there! But Christy had other ideas, grabbing onto Angelina’s hair and throwing her clear over the top rope and into the canvas! Christy then hooked Love up for her split-legged inverted DDT, but Klondyke was up and she floored Christy with a big boot to the face! But ODB then came charging in, going for a spear which sent Klondyke into the corner where the two battled it out! Bolt then took care of Madison, throwing her out of the ring and pursuing her, as Christy took Love down with a Louise Thesz Press! However, by this time, Klondyke had managed to clear ODB out of the ring, and then she grabbed Christy by the hair! But Christy fought back with some back elbows, and she even managed a single knee facebreaker on the large Knockout! With Klondyke swaying, Christy headed to the top rope and leapt off with a cross body…but Klondyke caught her! Uh-oh…Klondyke then used all her strength to THROW Christy into a fireman’s carry…and DECIMATED the redhead with a White Knuckle Ride! One…two…three! Klondyke had just pinned the Women’s Knockout no.1 contender!
Winner: Klondyke, Angelina Love & Madison Rayne @ 8:45

Aftermath: Klondyke celebrates as a lone soldier in the ring, as the camera zooms onto a fallen and hurt Christy Hemme! Love, Rayne and Sky, meanwhile on the outside, look into the ring and seem both confused and threatened by the large female’s actions. As Klondyke exits the ring, with The Beautiful People following cautiously behind her, Bolt and ODB check on Hemme who still looks hurt thanks to the brutality depicted by ‘The Alpha-Female’ herself, Klondyke.

This strange video begins with dark imagery of spider webs. The location seems to be in a cave, with close ups on potholes, dark walls and creepy bugs climbing all over the walls. Suddenly, someone is seen rising out of a hole, and that person comes crawling towards the camera lens with the backing music rising in tempo as they come closer. Close ups show black nail varnish on the person’s fingers and smattered wet jet black hair, and the camera consistently flashes to shadows on the cave wall. Then, as the person comes within a foot from the camera lens, they garner themselves, then rise their body, looking up towards the sky…then the music stops. A pitch black background then appears, until white text appears in its place, stating ‘LISA MARIE VERON…THREE WEEKS AWAY.’ The video then closes dramatically.


So Cal Val is standing by in the interview area with Team 3D, Brother Ray and D-Von Dudley.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Team 3D…earlier tonight we saw you fend off a post match attack by Beer Money on LAX, Homicide and Hernandez…may I ask your reasons for helping LAX, despite knowing that they are your opponents come Victory Road?

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: Our reasons, Val, were simple. Ya’see, Beer Money are walking around with their heads held high, and that includes their little bitch of a manager, Jackie Moore. Tonight, my brother and I, we saw an opportunity to show Beer Money that they ain’t forgetting about us so easily, and we seized that opportunity like we always do. In fact, we called it paying back LAX for doing the same to us last week, as a matter of fact, they fended off a similar attack last week and had our back.

The camera then zooms a little closer to Ray’s face, embarking that he has something pivotal to announce.

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: But although we had LAX’s back tonight, it doesn’t mean the same will occur at Victory Road. You see, at Victory Road, my brother and I are in that match to do one, obvious thing- win the TNA World Tag Team titles back. We will go through any team to do so, no matter how much respect, no matter how much pride we have to show towards them.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But, however, it may be wrong to talk about Victory Road when knowing that tonight, you have to face The British Invasion in a tag team grudge match due to the actions from last week. Now, I caught up with the Brits earlier and they seem sure that they’re gonna win the match, bu-

“Team 3D Member” D-Von Dudley: Well of course they would, wouldn’t they? And I’m sure they’re convinced that come the end of our match at Victory Road, they will be standing as the proud winners and the new TNA World Tag Team champions, won’t they? Speaking on behalf of my brother and I, we can’t stand it when a team enter this business and are all of a sudden so cock sure of themselves. Team 3D, meanwhile, are a perfect example of how a team has to go through a lot of companies, a lot of prestige until they can finally stand here and say that they are amongst the greatest. When Brother Ray and I started out, we were laughed at, repeatedly labelled as a joke of a tag team…but look where we are now. We are above many tag teams, above the top teams in the USA…and most importantly, we are above you, British Invasion. And tonight, when our team faces your team, we’re gonna HIGHLIGHT that fact. You’re gonna regret ever getting involved in our business last week, and tonight we will be seeking one thing…PAYBACK.

Ray and D-Von then stare into the camera, before walking away from the scene.



Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

Prologue: In the last two weeks, the feud between Morgan and Jindrak has simply grown and grown. The first ever taping of Voltage saw Jindrak make his TNA debut, and within that, he was lambasted by Morgan so much that it resorted Jindrak to deck his former tag team partner in the face with a punishing Left Hook. Last week didn’t heal the wounds either, as Jindrak competed in a match with Sheik Abdul Bashir which he won in dramatic fashion, sending a message to Morgan. Tonight, these two square off in a complete and utter grudge match.

Recap: The match-up started before the bell rang, and this was thanks to Matt Morgan, who jumped Jindrak from behind as he made his way down the entrance ramp! After smashing Jindrak’s head off the announce table twice and then smacking his shoulder off the steel ring post, Morgan rolled Mark into the ring where he brought the fight with some grounded mounted punches, before aiming to choke the life out of Mark right there in the ring! Morgan then argued with the referee, but this cost him time as Jindrak recuperated…and speared Morgan to the floor before battling away with left and rights on the prone body of Matt Morgan! Morgan managed to escape underneath the bottom rope and looked like he would walk away, but Jindrak was in pursuit and he levelled Morgan with a short-arm lariat, sending his head crashing to the hard arena floor! Jindrak then picked up Morgan’s lifeless body and tossed him into the ring, before standing over Matt as he went to crawl away…and levelling him with some hard swinging forearms to the nose! The referee had to step in once more to pull Jindrak away, but this allowed time for Morgan to recover so when Jindrak came forward, Morgan managed to quickly grab Jindrak’s trunks and send him flying shoulder first into the steel pole! Morgan then rolled outside the ring, and then took a small run up…before BOOTING the head of Jindrak, with the head acting like sandwich filler between Morgan’s boot and the pole! Mark fell backwards as Morgan rolled in and covered…but only two! Morgan then went all out with some nice leg drops to Jindrak’s throat, before he covered again…but only two again! Morgan then awaited Jindrak to stand and went for a sucker punch…but this time Jindrak dodged and then fired back with right fist shots, before a knee lift to the gut cut Mark short! Morgan then fired Jindrak to the floor with a sidewalk slam, and then stalked ‘The Reflection of the Perfection’…but a Carbon Footprint attempt was dodged by Jindrak, who then finished up matters with a BEAUTIFUL high angle standing dropkick! Both superstars lay out for a while, but with help of the ropes, Mark began to stand to his feet. He got to his knees and then looked at Morgan who was also slowly but surely getting up…and then Jindrak charged with a bone crunching tackle that was so powerful, it sent both Morgan and Jindrak out to the arena floor! The referee began the ring out count, and got to three before both superstars got up! Morgan looked to be trying to go back into the ring, but Jindrak grabbed onto his shoulders and then tossed him towards the entrance ramp! Morgan tried desperately to crawl away, but Jindrak was over Morgan like a rash, and the two battled it out with closed fist shots. The ring out count was now at eight, and Morgan and Jindrak traded blows rapidly. Nine…and Jindrak managed to thrust Morgan in the jaw and then sent his face bashing off the entrance screen as both superstars stood on the stage! TEN…ding ding ding! The double ring out count had been made, meaning that the match ended in a no contest! But Jindrak and Morgan seemed little bothered as the brawl continued!
Winner: N/A after Matt Morgan and Mark Jindrak were double counted out @ 3:48

Aftermath: The bell may have been rung, but Jindrak isn’t finished yet. He continues to bring the fight to Matt Morgan, placing him in a headlock and dragging him down the entrance tunnel! The cameras follow suit, seeing Jindrak walk through the entrance curtains with Morgan still in hold, and then they witness Jindrak take Morgan down a corridor. But soon, Morgan battles back and then uses his strength to push Jindrak into a nearby wall! Both superstars then battle it out again with lefts and rights, before a back elbow by Jindrak sends Morgan falling near an assortment of weaponry! By this time, a bunch of security guards try to step in, but Jindrak pushes all four of them away before he walks up to Morgan…only to be DRILLED in the skull with a trash can! Mark falls to the floor in pain, before Morgan shouts at the security guards to get back as he produces a chair…and then he places it vertically so that it is rammed into Jindrak’s throat! Morgan applies pressure to the chair and it looks like Jindrak could pass out, or even worse…until Jeff Jarrett comes into the picture and pushes Morgan off of Jindrak!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: What the hell are you doing, Matt!? You could have killed him…get the HELL off of him!

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Let me kill him, Jeff! Let me kill him!

Morgan then tries to brush past Jeff, but Jarrett manages to restrain him and pushes him back a little.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You lay one more finger on him and you’ll be out of this building right away, you got that!?

Morgan then looks to put up a fight, but then he stops in his tracks.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Now you listen to me and you listen closely, Matt. I’ve been watching this feud boil over these past few weeks, to the point where you guys can’t even stand two feet between each other without wanting to murder the other! But you know what, although this is making great entertainment, this is jeopardising my show and wasting MY time. So here’s what I’m gonna do- at Victory Road, it’s gonna be you, Matt Morgan, taking on Mark Jindrak, one-on-one. You wanna fight all over the arena, then fine, but not tonight! Instead, it will be at Victory Road, because this match is going to be contested under falls count anywhere rules, no count-outs and pinfalls anywhere, you got that! Now get THE HELL away from here before you do something you’re gonna regret.

Security guards then surround Matt Morgan, who mutters ‘fine!’ before walking off. The camera is left lingering on a fallen Jindrak as ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ coughs and splutters before they zoom away.




The cameras instantly head to the backstage area where So Cal Val has managed to catch up with Mark Jindrak, who looks restless and injured following the previous attack by Matt Morgan.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I have managed to catch up with ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ Mark Jindrak after the brutal backstage attack he suffered due to Matt Morgan a few moments ago…and Mark, take all the time you need to get your breath back…

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: I…I’m fine…seriously…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Okay, but just a few seconds ago, we heard Jeff Jarrett announce that at Victory Road, you and Matt Morgan will go head to head in a falls count anywhere match. What are your opinions on this match?

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Well…well one thing’s for sure, that’s for certain. MATT MORGAN! You think you can smash me over the skull with a trash can? You think you can try and crush my windpipe with a steel chair, and after all that, think you can get away with it? Well not any more. You know, last week I thought you were scared of me, I thought that you couldn’t face the music. But right now, I don’t think that at all. Because what you did tonight, it’s proved to me one thing…and you know what that is, Matt?

The camera then zooms towards Mark’s angry looking face.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: It’s that at Victory Road, my anger, my frustration and my hatred towards you will have been built up big time. And you know what? You’re the guy I’m gonna unload all of that onto. You made a big mistake trying to choke me out a few moments ago, and as the saying goes, Matt…mistake’s can be made, but at all times, at all costs…mistakes need to be corrected. At Victory Road, Matt, you will be that mistake, and my aim is to defeat you, whether it be in the ring, in the fans area, or even be it in the DAMN STREET! Matt Morgan, you’re time has come to find out one thing…and that is exactly why they call me ‘The Reflection…of PERFECTION’!

Mark then grunts at the camera lens before walking away.


Tag Team
Team 3D (Brother-Ray & D-Von Dudley) vs. The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) w/ Rob Terry

Prologue: This match comes about thanks to last week’s actions. Team 3D got a title shot with Beer Money following their victory in a triple threat tag team match the week prior, but they lost the contest thanks to the involvement of The British Invasion. Tonight, with the thoughts also concerned on the four way tag team match at Victory Road for the titles, Team 3D get a chance at revenge against the British tandem.

Recap: Although Team 3D started the match up strong, with some impressive double team moves and nice quick tags, the momentum slowly but surely flowed towards The British Invasion. After D-Von had dodged a lariat attempt from Brutus and then bounced off the ropes, Williams managed to sneak in a knee lift to the back. D-Von responded by taking Williams down off the apron with a closed fist shot, but as he turned around, Mangus levelled the opposition with a kneel out lariat! Magnus now picked upon D-Von, lifting him upwards and then drilling him with a fireman’s carry gutbuster! A cover followed, but only two, so Magnus then tagged in his partner, and the two dropped D-Von with a double suplex! Williams then went for the cover…but only two could suffice! Williams then locked D-Von in a bridging grounded hammerlock, but Brother-Ray had had enough and stomped on Doug’s gut to break up the cover! The referee ordered Ray back to his corner, but as he went to step through the ropes, Doug ran up and booted Ray in the shoulder! Brother-Ray was irate, but the referee stopped him from entering the ring, allowing The British Invasion to work over D-Von, as Doug executed a scoop slam and then lifted Brutus up belly-to-back style before dropping him over Dudley in a leg drop style! When the referee turned around, Magnus made out as if he got the tag, and covered…but only the two count! ‘The Modern Day Gladiator’ then locked D-Von in a rear seated bearhug, squeezing on the pressure to the Dudley brother. It looked like D-Von couldn’t take anymore, but he managed to stand to his feet before firing with back elbows and drilling Magnus in the corner! However, just as D-Von crawled to make the tag, Magnus leapt over and drilled D-Von with a jumping elbow drop to the back! A pendulum backbreaker then followed, before Williams was tagged in pursuit to wrap things up. Williams stalked D-Von for a while, before locking in the rear waistlock…Chaos Theory time!? It sure looked it as Williams pushed D-Von into the turnbuckles, but D-Von held on as Doug rolled backwards…and then he collided with Williams mid ring as both superstars went for a clothesline! Both superstars then crawled to their partners, but Brother Ray was tagged in first, and he made it his first priority to knock Magnus off the apron with a charging forearm! Williams then got up and turned Brother Ray around, but he was subjected to some fist shots, followed by a neat bionic elbow! Doug fell towards the ropes, but this allowed Brother Ray to whip him off the opposing ropes and drill his opponent with a big back body drop! Magnus then entered the ring but then he suffered the same fate, before both British Invasion members were clubbed to the mat via a double lariat by Brother Ray! Picking upon the legal man, Ray then got Doug to his feet and dropped him with a nice Bubba Bomb! This could be it…Brother Ray covered…one…two…but no! The referee was dragged outside the ring by Rob Terry, who argued profusely with the angry ref…until he was clubbed with a baseball slide thanks to D-Von which sent the big Welsh man head first into the ring barricade and down! D-Von then scaled to the ropes looking for the Wassup headbutt, but after Brother Ray scoop slammed Magnus to the mat, D-Von saw the members of Beer Money Incorporated standing on the entrance stage! All three glared towards D-Von, causing him to exit the ring and give chase. However, meanwhile in the ring, a bemused Brother Ray looked on, only to be blind sighted by a running knee lift to the face by Williams! But British Invasion were not done there, oh no. As Beer Money disappeared from sight, Doug locked Ray in a rear waistlock, Magnus scaled to the second rope…and then Magnus leapt off with a crushing diving European uppercut…before Williams finished off with a bridging German suplex! Brother Ray was down, and the pin was applied…and the three counts quickly followed! The British Invasion had just defeated Team 3D thanks to Beer Money’s interference!
Winners: The British Invasion @ 6:55

Aftermath: D-Von looks shocked on the outside at the outcome, before he runs into the ring seeking revenge! But just in time, Doug and Brutus exit the ring by sliding below the bottom rope, and they look happy in victory. As Doug and Brutus then walk over to Rob Terry and the trio celebrate, D-Von crawls over to Brother Ray who lies hurt on the mat thanks to the nice double team move by The British Invasion. The final shot sees D-Von staring hard at the team, before the cameras zoom away.


The cameras pick out Jeff Jarrett making his way down the corridor with the contract in hand. Jeff flicks through the pages as he walks forward, before a graphic appears simply stating ‘NEXT ON VOLTAGE.’ Don West then appears over the broadcast saying that after the short commercial break, the Victory Road contract signing between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe will take place, with Jarrett looking over proceedings!



The cameras head to the ring where Jeff Jarrett is standing by in the ring, a contract placed in his hand. Near by to him is a table, with chairs placed at either side.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Now I know for the past two weeks, something has been going down here on Voltage that hasn’t made me, nor anyone else on TNA management happy in any way shape or form. And that, well, as if I even need to tell you? AJ Styles and Samoa Joe…they’ve crossed paths on one too many occasions, and it has thus resulted me in holding this, right here tonight.

Jeff then awaits cheers from the crowd, before continuing.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Because you see, I’m not gonna stand in the back and have to put up with what’s happened these past few weeks over and over again until one of these guys ends up killing the other. Oh no. ‘Cos instead, as I announced last week, at Victory Road, the TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles will go head-to-head with Samoa Joe with the title on the line!

The crowd roar in appreciation of the match, some chanting ‘AJ! AJ! AJ!’ during Jeff’s speech.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: But the thing is, I’m not gonna announce the match and simply let these guys go at it like that. No, cos you see, this match is so high-profile, and so high-risk. You’ve all saw the intensity between these two boil over these past few weeks, and it’s boiled over so much, that the only way to ensure this match up is called straight down the middle is by signing a contract. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do right here, right now. And I’m not wasting any more time. So, let me introduce you to the man who will be signing first…the TNA Legends Champion, ‘The Phenomenal’, AJ STYLES!

The music of AJ roars out of the PA system and out he comes. However, tonight Styles looks serious and focused rather than basking in the cheers directed his way. He is dressed in casual attire of jeans and a T-shirt and he enters the ring carefully, where he is then handed a microphone by Jarrett. The crowd calm down as AJ clears his throat to talk.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: I’m not out here tonight to mess around, or to cause any more drama. Because the fact of the matter is, there’s a contract on this table, and it requires my name, my signature on the dotted line. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do.

The crowd cheer AJ and his honesty before settling down once more, allowing him to get further words in.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: What Samoa Joe did to me two weeks ago was something so out-of-the-blue, something so unexpected. To think, I regarded this man as my friend. I trusted him with everything. Joe and I, we go way back. But although I saw him as a friend, I always knew there was something about him. Something in his mind that meant if someone was excelled above him, he had the urge to shoot them down. And that’s exactly what occurred two weeks back. But the thing is, Joe, you usually make your mark and then you get away with it. You usually destroy your opponents and then move on to the next one, the next competitor who is available. Well, not me.

AJ thinks through his thoughts and then clutches the microphone closer to his face.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Not I, Joe, it won’t be me. Because you see, I don’t forgive and forget, not that you want me to anyway. And one thing’s for certain, what you did to me on the first episode of Voltage, I will never ever forget it. Through the past fourteen days, the same image has been going through my mind. When I crawled towards you for the tag, but you just left me. The image of when you threw me around like a rag doll and then left me choking on my own blood. This is probably making you feel better, Joe, but I don’t give a damn! Because one thing’s for certain…I am NOT afraid, Joe!I showed that last week, Joe, and if I remember correctly, it was YOU who ran away from ME! If you think what you did to me was gonna scare me off, then you think again. Because right now…I AM going to sign this contract, and I AM gonna put my title belt up against you at Victory Road!

The crowd cheer as AJ settles his Legends Title belt on the table before signing the contract quickly, with Jeff looking over things. When AJ finishes writing, however, the music of Samoa Joe erupts over the PA system and out comes ‘The Samoan Submission Machine.’ Looking as smug as ever, Joe stands on the entrance stage with a microphone and receives a barrage of boos from the crowd.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Well done, AJ. Well done for showing the world your passion, well done for exclaiming how great you are. You know, nothing ever changes with you, it never does. Ever since you got here, it’s been me this, me that, always focused on yourself and no-one else. You wanna talk about things being for certain, you wanna talk about ambitions and expectations, AJ? Well here’s mine…if you think I’m coming down to that ring and entering the same confines of some caged animal like yourself, then you’ve got another thing coming.

Boos from the crowd.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Because you know, you can’t make me do anything I’m not entitled to do. At the end of the day, I’m Samoa Joe, and I am the gre-

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You wanna know what you are, Joe? You really wanna know, huh? Right now…a PISS OFF MERCHANT!

The crowd cheer at Jeff who stares directly at a furious looking Samoa Joe.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You wanna talk about how you can’t be made to do things? Well, here’s an ultimatum. You started this, and now you’re gonna have to finish it, and the only way to do that is at Victory Road, and the only way to get to Victory Road is by signing this contract. But you know what, I’m gonna be kind, I’m gonna give you the choice. I’m not gonna MAKE you come down here, oh no, you have the option. But if you don’t come down here…well, I’m gonna MAKE you pack your bags and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY SHOW! So the choice is yours, Joe.

Joe waits expectedly at the top of the ramp and stares daggers into the ring, before lifting his microphone to talk further.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: You know what? Why did I not see this coming. Jeff Jarrett, the corrupted owner of Voltage. The biased part-owner of TNA. The list goes on, Jeff. I have nothing but bad words for you, but you know what, right now I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt. You want that contract signed, you want that match made…then SO BE IT. And if AJ lays one finger on me, then that’s it, the deals done, finished…OVER!

Joe then drops the microphone and the crowd heat picks up. He enters the ring through the middle ropes and AJ is restrained back by Jeff Jarrett, looking savagely towards the challenger. Joe looks at AJ with a menacing stare, before then settling his eyes on the contract. Without a second thought, or so it seems, Joe then picks up the pen and signs his name on the dotted line. After doing this, Joe then keeps his head bowed down…until suddenly he lifts the contract up with his hand and goes to smash AJ over the head with the clipboard! But no, AJ sees it coming…and he FLIES over the table and takes Joe to the ground where he meets him with a barrage of closed fist shots to the temple! Jeff tries to maintain calm but the crowd explode as Joe and AJ go at it, and they both stand to their feet still exchanging fists! However, Joe then pushes AJ away, and then flies at him with a running fallout big boot, but AJ moves…and the attack hits the close by Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett falls to the ground clutching his jaw after the unexpected assault, but AJ’s temper flares and he finally takes Joe to the mat with four successive fist shots to the face! Joe rolls to the table as AJ uses this time to check on Jeff, who lies clutching his jaw. After a few minutes, AJ then turns towards the fallen Joe to finish where he left off…but Joe stands and then CLOCKS AJ with his own Legends Title Belt! AJ simply slumps to the mat as Joe stands with a furious look etched on his face, before he walks near to Jeff and points at him furiously before stating ‘this is for you, Jeff! Put this in your STUPID contract!’ Joe then walks up to AJ before lifting his groggy body up and placing him precariously on the top rope in a seated position. Joe then sets AJ up…what’s Joe doing…and PLANTS him! MUSCLE BUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE! AJ lies completely motionless as the crowd boo Joe’s hideous actions, with Jarrett still lying on the floor in pain! The cameras are left with Joe raising his arms as the crowd boo out and the show finally comes to a close.


Voltage confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only three weeks away!

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Christy Hemme vs. Angelina Love ©

TNA World Tag Team Titles Match
Four-Way Tag Team
Beer Money © vs. LAX vs. The British Invasion vs. Team 3D

Falls Count Anywhere
Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

TNA Legends Title Match
AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]


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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Wednesday, 8th July 2009

Quick Results
- Homicide def. Robert Roode following an Inside Cradle which kept Rodde's shoulders down for the three.
- Kenny Omega & Daisy Haze def. Eric Young & Taylor Wilde after Haze levelled Taylor with her signature Mind Trip finisher and then got the pin fall off a cover.
- Angelina Love, Madison Rayne & Klondyke def. Christy Hemme, Sojo Bolt & ODB after Klondyke blasted Hemme with a White Knuckle Ride and then pinned her shoulders to the ground successfully.
- The match between Mark Jindrak & Matt Morgan ended in a double count-out after the fight between the two spilled to the outside.
- The British Invasion def. Team 3D after Beer Money's distraction allowed Magnus and Williams to hit a bridging German suplex/ diving European uppercut combo on Brother Ray to gain the three count.
In other news...

- Two new matches were announced to take place at Victory Road on the Voltage side of things this week. The match card can be seen underneath the results on the TNA website. It is rumoured that these matches are going to be the only one's contested from the Voltage brand, meaning feuds between Sirelda/ODB/Sojo Bolt and Kenny Omega/Eric Young will not make the PPV list.

- This week's TNA Voltage Webmatch saw James Storm of Beer Money take on Hernandezfrom LAX, in what was a little preview of things to come. Hernandez dominated a fair majority of the contest but James Storm showed he could work well on his own, especially after a tornado double knee backbreaker. The match ended when Hernandez went for a scoop lift thrown into a sitout powerbomb, but Storm somehow hurracanrana'd his way out of it and then held onto the ropes to gain the somewhat cheating victory.

- TNA Voltage managed to pull a 0.9 rating for last night's show. In comparison, ECW on Sci-Fi managed to acclaim a 1.1 rating.

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Live from ‘The Impact Zone’ in Miami, Florida
Thursday, 9th July 2009

Last week ended in almost a parallel to the iMPACT broadcast the week before- Sting, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, flat on his back thanks to a well constructed attack by the mind of Mick Foley, and the help of his trusted ally, Rhino. Last week also saw many feuds continuing, including that of the newest X-Division stars, and also a suspected break up of the Motor City Machine Guns. But what will happen this Thursday off the impact of last week's show?

A Chance To Fight Back
As mentioned, last week wasn't a particularly good one for Sting, who found himself caught up in the Foley/Rhino controversy and was Gored for a second week running. However, tonight, rumours have been flying backstage that Sting is adamant to gain revenge, with many stating that he may even open the show with saying, or even doing, what is exactly on his mind. Rhino, on the other hand, is also expected to be in action tonight, although what match that will be has not yet been revealed.

With Friends Like These
Last week's match between Motor City Machine Gun members Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, with the winner gaining a spot in the X-Division three way match at Victory Road, ended with Sabin coming out on top. But to do that, he had to cheat to win, and when the bell was rung, Alex Shelley wasn't happy, walking away and leaving Sabin to be obliterated by Christopher Daniels before having an argument with him backstage. This Thursday night, 'The Fallen Angel' has revealed that he will face Sabin in a non-title match, but the real question is- will Alex Shelley be there in Sabin's corner?

Pick A Challenge, Any Challenge
Kurt Angle is a man who will gladly boast about his accomplishments, and after defeating Yuji Nagata in Japan, he has been shouting this from the rooftops! In fact, Angle's confidence has boosted ten-fold, and this Thursday night he has handpicked an X-Division star as his opponent...and he has chosen none other than TNA original, Amazing Red! Why Angle has done this is unclear, but it will be revealed in a sit-down interview which Mike Tenay had with Angle earlier this week, that will be broadcasted exclusively this Thursday!

My Rules, Your Rules...No Rules
With Abyss and Jethro Holiday picking up the win over Raven and Dr. Stevie last week, Threat To Society have become angry and bitter. So angry and bitter in fact that the leader of this psychotic stable, Raven, has challenged Abyss to a match at Victory Road. However, after talks with Mick Foley, Raven has said the stipulations of the match are open- if Abyss defeats Dr. Stevie Thursday night in a one-on-one competition, then the match will be a Monster's Ball. However, if Dr. Stevei gains the win, then the match will be under the mysterious 'Raven's Rules' stipulation. And knowing the twisted mind of Raven, Abyss better hope he tastes victory this coming week.

Continuing The Trend
The shining talents of Pac, Matt Cross, Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt have set the X-Division on fire, and guaranteed more exposure to this once failing division. Tonight, the matches between the four will continue, as Pac, with Matt Cross in his corner, will go head to head with Prince Devitt, whom alongside him will be Alex Koslov. It's going to be an insane match, but who will be the victor?

All this and much, much more come Thursday night!

Confirmed Matches

[B]One-on-One | Prince Devitt w/ Alex Koslov vs. Pac w/ Matt Cross

One-on-One | Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie w/ Raven & Daffney

One-on-One| Kurt Angle w/ Booker T and Sharmell vs. Amazing Red

Non-Title | One-on-One | Christopher Daniels (c) vs. Chris Sabin

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

“Restrained But Yet Powerful”
Thursday, 9th July 2009
Live from The iMPACT Zone in Orlando Studios, Florida

This week’s show, as always, shows what went down on last week’s broadcast, focusing specifically on the saga involving Mick Foley, Rhino and Sting. The video opens up showing snippets of Sting’s interview with Mike Tenay, and how he stated these pivotal words: “The war between you and I, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be intense. But I am going to make it my top priority, my main concern…to WIN the battle.” It then shows Foley’s reaction to this, before showing highlights of how Rhino was placed in a match with Shark Boy to prove his worth. The highlights show Rhino simply dominating, throwing Shark Boy all over the place before finishing matters with a Gore, this highlight repeated several times. However, the music then changes as it shows the aftermath, where Sting saved Shark Boy from receiving a Super Rhino Driver and brought the fight to both Foley and Rhino…but then the music changes as it shows how Rhino clubbed Sting with his signature baseball bat and then how Foley placed Sting in a Mandible Claw which was swiftly followed by a Gore by Rhino. This action is repeated three times before the video ends with the scene of Foley and Rhino celebrating their accomplishment.



Before any introductions can be made or anything else in that matter can be broadcasted, the cameras zoom to the entrance stage where the music video accompanied by the usual entrance music of one man filters through the arena…and it is that of ‘The Icon’, the ‘TNA World Heavyweight Champion’ himself, Sting! Sting appears to a hoard of cheers but after all that he’s gone through these past few weeks, it is no surprise that he is unhappy. Sting eventually makes his way into the ring and calls for a microphone, before clearing his throat and getting ready to speak.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You know, in all honesty, if I had to pin point an exact moment in my life I wish I didn’t have to live right now…it would be this, all this that has happened in the past few weeks. If I had to pin the tail on a particular moment, the moment would be the one where two weeks ago, I was lying on my back mid ring after being screwed over by Mick Foley and Rhino. Now, I’m not a man to give up without a fight, and trust me, I will bring a fight, but this is a fight you guys may not understand.

Sting then paces a little inside the ring, before coming to a halt and continuing.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You see, where most fights are started due to one thing, mine is due to several. You have the jealousy, the jealousy I have directed my way of holding a title belt, in fact the biggest title belt in TNA today. You also have the hatred, the hatred between two men, with one of those men bringing in a new accomplice to do all of his dirty work for him. But you see, the main factor in this fight is that of power. And one man that has that attribute is our very own iMPACT owner, Mick Foley.

The crowd boo loudly at the sound of Foley’s name, before Sting takes a breather and then continues.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: And that is one thing that angers me, no wait…it SICKENS me. Because Foley is flaunting that power beyond his own circumstances, Mick Foley is creating a playground that no-one but himself and his ‘trusty’ ally wants to go. But you see, the thing is, I can talk all I want. I can stand here and complain all I can, I can cry my eyes out, I can go down on my knees and beg and plead for things to change. But that isn’t how things are done around here.

Sting looks directly at the camera this time, and the camera zooms a little towards him.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: ‘Cos you see, as last week showed, Mick and Rhino want to get violent. Well they can get violent. Because at Victory Road, I will put my title up against Rhino, like Mick always wanted, like Mick was going to get anyway. But one thing’s for sure, I’m not going to succumb to Mick Foley’s trap in that match. I’m not gonna be showed up, I’m not gonna suddenly sacrifice my title to please his twisted, corrupted mind, oh no. Because with this title comes a lot of things. Respect. Integrity. Honesty. Sportsmanship, to name just four. And I aim to show that at Victory Road.

Sting then paces a little more, before coming to a stop mid ring.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: But you know what? Why? Why wait until Victory Road? You know, why wait ten days, when Mick Foley and Rhino obviously wanna bring the fight right now. So you know what, they want it, they got it. Mick…Rhino…you come out here right NOW!

Sting then throws the microphone to the floor and stares towards the entrance stage…”BANG! BANG!” Sting doesn’t even have to wait five seconds as the music of Foley plays out to the crowd, and a little while after the iMPACT owner walks out from behind the curtain and makes his presence felt. Most importantly however, he arrives with a) no Rhino by his side and b) a suspicious document placed in his hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Sting…Stinger…just look what you have here. You know, a huge dilemma on your hands, a huge catch-22 situation. But you know what, the only person to blame for that is yourself. If my memory serves me correctly, Sting, it was YOU who last week came out here looking for a fight with Rhino and I. It was YOU, Stinger, who threw Rhino off the top rope and then placed your hands on me. What did you expect us to do, stand back and watch? No, I don’t-

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Look, Foley, I’m gonna make this short and simple. If you wanna say something to my face, you come down to this ring, you bring Rhino out here, and you face me like a man.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Wait…wait…but Sting, there’s the thing. I can’t come down to that ring, and you know why? ‘Cos in my hand is a little document, a little clause that allows me not to. Because what I have right here is a restraining order! But you know what, it’s not a restraining order against myself, oh no, it’s against you, for tonight.

Foley then makes his way down to the ring, and with every word spoken he gets closer to the apron, until he finally climbs onto it and stands staring hard towards Sting.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You see, I had a word with the authorities and they agreed with me. You are, and perhaps always have been, a dangerous individual. And you proved that last week. You know, Rhino and I were minding our own business when you came down and wanted one thing- to beat the crap out of us. And after the beating Rhino and I gave you last week, they agreed that tonight you could be a potential threat, shown by the vicious language you’ve used just a few moments ago. So, I prepared this restraining order in order to bring peace and equity to my harmonious world, but I’ve just got one thing-

However, Sting has hand enough, and he charges towards Foley before STRIKING him in the face with his fist! Foley falls off the apron and down to the arena floor, the microphone dropping to the floor also! The crowd go wild at the viciousness of Sting, who simply stands and then lifts the microphone towards his mouth.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You want evidence, Foley, huh? You want evidence of how much I want to wrap my hands around your throat, is that it? Well you just got it! Now GET THE HELL UP and face me, man to man in this ring! Come on…I’m waiting…get up right now!

Foley however crawls towards his microphone and then, whilst seated on the arena floor, lifts it towards his mouth.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You think punching me in the face was a solution to your problem, Stinger? Well you better think again. Before you viciously assaulted me, I was gonna say one thing, one thing you wish you were going to hear. Because you just broke two clauses in this restraining order. One- the defendant must not come within five feet of the victims at any time. And two- the defendant must not in any way assault the victim/s physically or verbally. Stinger, I just think you did both, so you know what you’ve gotta do right now…GET OUT OF MY RING! Go on, go! You broke a rule, and now you have to pay for it…GO!

Sting stands stunned at Foley’s announcement, but refuses to walk away, mouthing to Foley ‘I’m not going anywhere!’

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You’re not going anywhere, Stinger, is that right? Authorities…this man in my ring is not leaving…authorities, can you hear me? The defendant has just assaulted me…take him away.

Suddenly, two police officers come sprinting down to the ring, and then enter where they face Sting. Sting simply looks helpless, but he is not going to fight back…instead he simply surrenders, and then is locked in handcuffs.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it…take him…take this vicious animal away from my sights right now!

Sting is then pushed underneath the bottom rope and the police escort him towards the entrance stage. Foley then enters the ring and looks towards Sting with a smirk on his face.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it, Sting…bye bye…adios amigo…haha…bon voyage…have a nice trip…haha!

Sting then turns one final look towards Foley, mouthing ‘this isn’t over’ before he is escorted down the entrance tunnel. All eyes now fall on Foley who stands centre ring with a microphone in hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You see, as you all just witnessed, I am the power here on iMPACT. No-one, whether they be a champion or not, can come close to rivalling me on this broadcast, because it is mine, and only mine! With Sting out of my sights now, all I can say is, enjoy the rest of the show. Because with that so called ‘champion’ off my broadcast…I know I will! Have a nice day!

The music of Foley then erupts out of the PA system as he flashes the crowd the restraining order in his hands. However, before long, Foley leaves the ring, looking happy with his actions.




The view appears of Sting being ushered down the corridor by two police officers. Sting looks angry and frustrated, muttering to himself and at times trying to break free, but the officers assure that they keep him controlled. Suddenly, however, Jeremy Borash appears in the scene and runs up to Sting with a microphone in his hand.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…Sting…can I have a word, please?

“Doing His Job” Police Officer #1: Look, please do not speak to the defendant!

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…?

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Borash…you heard the guys…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: But surely you’re gonna put up a fight, right…Sting…?

“Doing His Job” Police Officer #2: You heard what he just said…stay away…

“TNA World Heavyweight” Sting: I might not be able to say much, Borash…but rest assured, tonight, Mick Foley and Rhino will not go off easy…you mark my words…

The police officers then grab Sting tighter and push him away as Borash looks stunned.


After frequent snippets of what just happened appear over the broadcast, the cameras head to the broadcast desk where Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette are standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Hello everyone and welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT…and boy…I am shocked and near speechless due to the actions by Mick Foley just a few moments ago.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: You and me both…I mean, a restraining order? Against Sting? if anyone should be restrained it should be Foley and Rhino…I mean, after all they’ve done to Sting these past few weeks!? Sickening.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: I’d watch your words if I were you, partner, you know what our boss is capable of. But anyway, although we’ve just witnessed some shocking course of events, the show must go on and what a show we’ve got lined up for you!

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Yeah, that’s correct, and it kicks off with the newest high flyers in TNA as ‘The Man That Gravity Forgot’, Pac, goes head to head with Prince Devitt in a one-on-one contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Yes, that will come up in a second or two, but also tonight, we’ve been promised to see Rhino in action. That’s correct, after two weeks of total devastation left in the wake of this guy, Rhino will be performing in our main-event match up which Mick Foley is set to announce later tonight.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: And if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also got Kurt Angle taking on Amazing Red, Abyss taking on Dr. Stevie and Chris Sabin going one-on-one with the X Division Champion Christopher Daniels under non-title rules.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: As ever, iMPACT brings you the best in TNA action, but right now, let’s head to the ring where Jeremy Borash is standing by with Pac and Matt Cross.


The view opens with Jeremy Borash, microphone in hand, standing at the interview booth. To his right are Pac and Matt Cross, with Pac standing towards the microphone and Cross standing a little back.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Pac, in a few moments time we are going to see you go one-on-one with Alex Koslov, but before we get onto this subject, I’ve got a little bit of news to break to you…I can exclusively reveal that at Victory Road, thanks to the exposure you guys have brought back to the X-Division, Mick Foley has made a fatal four way match between you, Matt Cross, Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt, with the winner going on to earn a future X-Division title shot!

Pac turns around to Matt Cross and both smile happily, looking like they can’t believe the announcement.

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Wow…really!?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Yes really! How does that make you feel?

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Umm…wow. I can’t believe it! Excited isn’t the word, Borash. You know, I’ve been in this business for many years now, wrestling all over Europe, Japan and North America, and now, now I know why I did it. To be here. To be on the grandest stage of them all. At Victory Road, wow, it’s going to be an honour, a true honour, to play a part in that match against great athletes such as Matt Cross. I can’t tell you how pumped I feel right now.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I can imagine, but before all that, tonight, well in actually around a couple of minutes, you go one-on-one with Prince Devitt. Now, you’ve faced this guy in the ring before under tag team rules but tonight, under a one-on-one stipulation, how are you going to suit your skill around this unique competitor?

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: You know, last week, Devitt and Koslov really gave Cross and I a challenge, and I wasn’t surprised. Like us, they’ve wrestled all over the world and they’ve proved their worth in this dynamic business. But tonight, I’m gonna just go out there and do what I do best. And that is to wrestle. That’s all I can do. But I know Devitt will be bringing back up in the form of Koslov, so I’m bringing Matt down to the ring alongside with me to even up the score. And with the announcement of that fatal four way at Victory Road, if I get the victory tonight, it’s going to be bittersweet, and then I know that at Victory Road, I’ll be ready!

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well, you can hear Koslov’s entrance music now so your match is about to begin…thanks, Pac, best of luck!

“The Man That Gravity Forgot” Pac: Appreciate it, Borash…

Pac then walks away leaving a smiling Borash in shot.


Prince Devitt w/ Alex Koslov vs. Pac w/ Matt Cross

Prologue: You just heard it- all four men having a direct/indirect placement in this match will face off in a fatal four way at Victory Road with the winner gaining a future X-Division title shot. This make’s tonight match, which comes about thanks to Cross and Pac defeating Koslov and Devitt in a tag match last week, much more competitive, and the stakes will certainly be raised tonight.

Recap: Without a shadow of a doubt, Devitt and Pac are two very accomplished athletes, and this match seemed to prove that with every second that ticked by. The match started off with each competitor trying to outdo the other, with Pac handspringing out of a springboard arm drag, and Devitt flipping his way out of a snapmare takeover. However, Pac finally managed a takedown via a drop toehold and from then on, the submission game was on. In fact, things got so competitive that the action spilled to the apron, where Pac and Devitt still managed to battle on despite being on the precarious platform. However, although a roundhouse kick to the head of Devitt sent him stumbling, it wasn’t enough to knock him unconscious. Pac paid the price of this by going to run off the ropes, but Devitt grabbed onto Pac’s trunks and then pulled him into a belly to back suplex lift…before Devitt jumped off the apron, sending Pac’s back impacting HARD off the apron side! Pac rolled to the floor where Koslov instantly walked over and began trash mouthing a fallen Pac in Russian, before Matt Cross walked over to keep Koslov at bay! But the damage to Pac was done, and all he could do was take the pain as Devitt Russian leg sweeped his opponent hard into the ring barricade! Pac slumped in a seated position, but his body was stomped over before he was rolled back into the ring and a cover gave Devitt a two count. But that wasn’t good enough, shown by Devitt then snap suplexing Pac and rolling over for the cover again, yet a two could only suffice once more. Devitt then went to work on Pac, locking him in a seated double chicken wing hold, but the momentum began to juice for Pac as he began to stand…only to have his back clubbed by ‘the Prince’ and then become victim of a pendulum backbreaker! However, off the impact of the knee, Devitt didn’t release Pac, but instead decided to wrench Pac’s back over his knee! Soon however Pac found the courage to fight back with some knee lifts to the temple, but Devitt then used a hard lariat to Pac to drop him onto his head as he fell off the knee painfully! Devitt then covered…one…two…no, Pac kicks out once more! This time, Devitt was irate at the outcome and instantly tied Pac up in a standing abdominal stretch! The pain on Pac’s back must have been excruciating, but somehow he managed to fight back before rocking Devitt with a hip toss! Pac then charged forwards, ducking a lariat attempt by Devitt, then hit an amazing move which involved jumping onto the second rope, and then flying in the air to twist the body around into a hurracanrana onto Devitt which sent the Irish man through the middle rope and to the outside! Devitt lay down on the outside before standing to his feet, but by this time, Pac had measured his opponent up and hit a beautiful somersault plancha onto his opponent down below! Pac roared to the crowd whilst holding his back, and then rolled Devitt inside the ring before going to enter the ring himself, for only Koslov to try and cut him off! But Koslov was taken down by Cross, who came along and hit a lariat onto the Russian superstar! Pac then went to slide into the ring, but Devitt had recovered and began stomping away on Pac’s back. However, an Irish whip to the ropes allowed Pac to sneak in an orbital headscissors takedown, and then he continued to take Devitt down with a running forearm, followed by a clothesline, followed by a back elbow! Pac then went for a whip of his own but Devitt reversed into one into the opposite ropes, but Pac used this to commit a handspring against the ropes…and then he fully back flipped over a crouching Devitt who had come charging towards Pac! Devitt then turned around…BAM! Dropsault to the jaw! Pac covered…one…two…but surprisingly, it was not enough to keep Devitt down for the three! Pac then picked Devitt up and began hooking him up for a suplex, but before Pac could hook the leg Devitt managed to knee lift his opponent hard in the face three consecutive times…before running at him, hitting a tilt-a-whirl headscissors and then turning this into a Fujiwara armbar! Amazing! Pac lay on the ground screaming in pain as Devitt kept the hold locked on, but suddenly, Pac began to manoeuvre backwards…and then got a foot on the bottom rope! Devitt was forced off of Pac who then retreated to the ropes, but as Devitt discussed with the referee, Koslov snuck up to Pac and drilled him with a boot to the skull! Pac held his head in pain as he fell backwards, but this gave Devitt the opening to pluck Pac up off the floor and then locked him in a Canadian backbreaker hold…before twisting him into a DEVESTATING double knee gutbuster, a move Devitt likes to call the Prince’s Throne! With Pac clutching his gut in pain, Devitt simply hooked the legs, and got the guaranteed three counts soon after.
Winner: Prince Devitt @ 7:23

Aftermath: As Pac lies hurt on the canvas, Devitt gets to a kneeling position and celebrates his victory. Cross goes to check on Pac by sliding underneath the bottom rope to ensure he is okay, but Pac simply lies still holding his gut off the impact of Devitt’s knee. Soon, Devitt celebrates on the outside with Koslov before the two make their way to the back, as Cross stares hard towards his enemies.


This video opens up with a mysterious individual basking in a spotlight. The spotlight, however, does not cover the individual’s face so that is left in a mysterious darkness. Soon, a voice appears over this as the camera angles zoom around the man, and the voice states “I have been to great lengths. I have seen the best, faced the best, and beaten the best. But I have never become the best. So I am on a journey. A journey of self discovery, a journey where I will do whatever it takes…to epitomise this sport, to show people my strengths not my weaknesses, to become the man I know I am. The journey begins soon…”. The spotlight then opens up on the man’s face, and it is instantly recognisable- the braided hair, the perfect looks, the dark eyes…it’s ELIJAH BURKE. “In fact, the journey begins…at TNA!”. The screen then fades to darkness, and writing appears stating “ELIJAH BURKE ARRIVES…IN 3 WEEKS!” before the video closes to an end.--


The cameras show Chris Sabin pacing up and down the locker room. It looks like there’s a serious amount fo stuff on his mind, until suddenly Alex Shelley bursts through the door.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: Hey, man…where have you been? Look, I just wanna say-

“Shellshocked” Alex Shelley: Look, Chris, listen. You don’t have to say anything, you don’t need to apologise or anything of that accord. No, because I should be the one apologising. Look, last week, you may have tugged my tights in order to win and although I don’t consider that acceptable, at the end of the day, you were the man that was announced the winner after our match. So, here…I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have reacted the way I did, and I take back everything I said or did…

Sabin smiles at Alex happily and then walks a little closer.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: So…we cool?

Sabin outstretches the hand and Alex gratefully shakes the hand with a smile on his face.

“Shellshocked” Alex Shelley: Of course we are, man! After all, we are the Motor City Machine Guns…nothing can pull us apart, right? And tonight, I’ll be there by your side when you defeat Christopher Daniels and you show the world what he really is…a washed up, has been! I’ll see you later for the match, big man!

Shelley then clicks his fingers and winks at Sabin before walking off, leaving Sabin happily looking on at his partner as he walks away.



As the cameras zoom around the iMPACT Zone, Mike Tenay appears over commentary saying earlier this week, he had the chance to meet up with Kurt Angle. The cameras then head to a pre-recorded angle, where Tenay is sitting on a chair next to the smartly dressed Olympic Gold Medalist. The camera clicks and Tenay begins asking questions.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Kurt, thank you for joining my here today…first, I’ve gotta ask you, last week you were not available on the iMPACT broadcast because you were in Osaka, Japan, facing off against Yuji Nag-

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: No, ‘beating’ Yuji Nagata…

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Well, I was gonna get to that, but being as though you want to jump in, I’ll skip to my next question…after the match, at a press conference, we heard Nagata say he would get his revenge soon. Does this in any way threaten you? After all, Nagata is a very well accomplished wrestler of the circuit…

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: What…and I’m not? Look, I will say it one more time…I ‘beat’ Yuji Nagata in his home country last week. You know, there’s nothing more to say about it, I made him tap via an Ankle Lock, something that old Japanese ass hasn’t done in a while. And then, I hear that he stumbled to a press conference, sat in front of hundreds of paparazzi and demanded he would get his revenge sometime soon? Oh, puh-lease! Seriously, that guy is a joke, and I don’t take a word of his seriously! I mean, what’s he gonna do, come on a plane and fly over here and attempt to kick my ass? I wouldn’t bank on it if I were you…

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Well, being in TNA, we’ve been told to expect the unexpected, but moving on…Yuji Nagata hasn’t been the only man in your worries these past couple of weeks. Because on the first iMPACT off Slammiversary, we saw you face Jay Lethal in a one-on-one match, and let’s be honest here, Lethal put up more of a fight than you expected, isn’t that right Kurt?

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: You know what, yes, okay, I’ll be honest. With Jay Lethal, I expected to get the win with a snap of my fingers, because after all, I am the ‘world’s greatest’ and I always have been. But, speaking honestly here, Lethal put up a fight that I didn’t expect…but the thing is, it’s nothing I couldn’t manage. We all saw that the end result, like I did to Yuji Nagata last Thursday, was I, Kurt Angle, applying an Ankle Lock which Jay Lethal just had to tap out of. And then when I didn’t release the hold, his jacked up partner had to come out and assault me. But yet again, it’s nothing I couldn’t manage…because Booker T is a man that has my back, and he came out to assist me in disposing of these two clowns. Now I know you’re probably gonna ask Mike Tenay, cos you’re so predictable, but Consequences Creed defeated Booker last week? Does that scare you? No, it doesn’t. Creed caught Booker off guard, we all saw it. At the end of the day, Booker and I share the same objective…to show that nobody is a challenge here on iMPACT, and that includes both Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: But you see, here’s what I’m wondering. Why, this week on iMPACT, have you requested to go head to head with Amazing Red? I mean, he’s a man that hasn’t been in your business, and if memory serves me correctly, you and him have never had a match up against one another-

Kurt sits smugly throughout Mike’s talk until he finds the right time to butt in.

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Why have I requested Amazing Red as an opponent, huh? You can run through all the possibilities, Tenay, but only I know the answer to that question. Have you seen lately on iMPACT? Huh, have you realised that there are barely ‘heavyweights’ on the program, heavyweights like Booker T and I. Instead, we’re being dominated by these younger stars, this so called ‘X-Division’ who simply do not match up to us. But yet, they’re getting all the ring time, they’re getting all the glory. And Amazing Red, he belongs to that division.

The camera now zooms closer to Kurt, who glares solemnly towards the lens.

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: On iMPACT this Thursday, my task will be to take Amazing Red down, and taking this man down will be symbolic. Because after all, he was one of the original founders of this X-Division, he was the man to beat back in the day. But to me, he is the man to beat come Thursday, and I promise you, I will do that. And any other X-Division star that wants to stand in the way of I, or even Booker T, they will be taken down too. I will retain focus to TNA’s heavyweight division…and no-one, and I mean no-one, can stop me!

Kurt then smiles at the camera before it clicks away from the footage.



Amazing Red vs. Kurt Angle w/ Booker T & Sharmell

Prologue: After defeating Jay Lethal two weeks ago and Yuji Nagata in Japan a week back, Kurt Angle has a lot to gloat about. In fact, so much so, that he has challenged an X-Division star to a match-up, and the man that answered the challenge turns out to be none other than the challenger for the X-Division title at Victory Road, Amazing Red. Has Kurt bitten off more than he can chew tonight?

Recap: The pure technicality of Kurt Angle is enough to belittle any opponent, and that’s certainly how this match started off, with Kurt keeping Red down with impressive takedowns and tight submission holds. But soon, Red showed that he wasn’t one to mess with as he blocked a hip toss attempt with a kick to the abdomen and then used his flexibility to clinch in a nice hurracanrana! Kurt rolled to the apron where Red lay some shots in, but Angle managed to reverse an attempted shoulder thrust into a knee lift to the face, sending Red groggy on the ropes! But Angle hadn’t done there, oh no! He then lifted Red up…and SUPLEXED him over the top ring rope to the outside arena floor! Red fell to the arena floor in pain as Angle discussed the matter with the referee, but this only allowed distraction as Booker T worked over Red on the outside, throwing him into the apron and then rolling him into the ring! Kurt followed up with a cover, but only two! Nonetheless, the damage was done and from then on Kurt remained firmly in control. Firstly, he locked in a seated body scissors which simply squeezed the pressure out of the lesser experienced Red, and when the X-Division star went to fight back, Kurt responded with some harsh MMA elbows! Kurt covered…but no, Red was still fighting and popped a shoulder up at two! But Kurt quickly retaliated, lifting Amazing Red up and then dropping him with a short arm lariat, before taunting to the jeering crowd. Angle then scooped Red up, and then precariously placed him against the corner Tree of Woe style, before drilling him with shoulder thrusts and stomps to the gut as he lay upside down. To add more pressure, Kurt even laid his boot across Red’s throat and near enough choked the life out of him as Red stayed in the upside down position! But Kurt wasn’t done there, and he showed it by walking to the opposite corner and taking a run up…but Red managed to use his upper body strength to climb into a seated position on the top rope and then drilled Angle with a back elbow to the face! Angle fell back groggily, allowing Red to then grasp Angle in a three quarter facelock…and then DROPPED him with a springboard cutter! The two lay down on the mat as the referee counted up to six, and then both got to their feet with Kurt going straight for a clothesline! But Red ducked, and then used his feet to drill Kurt with two consecutive mid kicks, before going for a jumping roundhouse! Kurt ducked, however, and looked for a release German suplex, but Red was flipped onto his feet and then he LEVELLED Kurt with a spinning leg lariat! Red then dropped Kurt with two more lariats, before then finally keeping Kurt down with a nice orbital headscissors DDT! Cover…one…two…no! Kurt kicked out just in time! Red then took a step back and then for some reason went for an early Red Star Press, but Kurt moved out of the way just in time, causing Red to land directly on his face! Groggily standing to his feet, Red was seeing stars…but even more so when Kurt slammed Red with a German suplex, before keeping the hold clinched in and executing another! Kurt then went for a third…but somehow Red managed to wrap his legs around Kurt’s body wheelbarrow style…and then executed a lovely wheelbarrow bulldog! This could’ve been it! One…two…but no, Kurt kicked out in the nick of time! Red, however, was waiting no longer and as soon as Kurt stood to his feet, he was met with a boot to the stomach! With a doubled over Kurt in his sights, Red clambered onto Kurt’s back and looked all set for the Code Red…but wait, Kurt had grasp of the ankle! Quickly manoeuvring his body around, Angle face-planted Red before twisting around…and wrenching in the Ankle Lock! Red grunted in pain but Kurt quickly scissored the leg with his own legs and wrenched the ankle numerous, painful times! Red looked exhausted…and he TAPPED! Kurt defeated Red via tap out!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 6:53

Aftermath: The ring bell chimes many times, but Angle keeps the hold locked in! To add insult to injury, Booker T then makes his presence felt in the ring by stomping over the body of Amazing Red, and then knee dropping him in the back of the head before scaring away the referee! More looks set to be inflicted, until suddenly Consequences Creed enters the ring and starts bringing the fight to Booker by raining fists onto his face! Booker stumbles to the ropes but Angle immediately releases hold of Red and then clubs Creed in the back…but this time, Jay Lethal is inside the ring! He turns Angle around and lays into him with shoot punches before whipping him towards the ropes…but before Angle can rebound, Lethal clotheslines Angle over the top as Creed kicks Booker in the gut and then throws him through the middle rope and to the outside! Lethal then requests a microphone and gets one, before lifting it to his mouth.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Kurt…Booker…!

Kurt and Booker then flash looks towards the ring where Creed stands on the ropes and points towards them before Lethal continues.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: You wanna prove to the world that you’re better than us…mm…yeah!? At Victory Road…yeah…we challenge you to prove that…yeah…mmm. Because at Victory Road, it’s gonna be, Consequences Creed and I…yeahh, Lethal Consequences. Taking on you, Kurt and Booker, under tag team rules! Oh yeahhhh!

Lethal then drops the mic as he scales the turnbuckle, staring towards Kurt and Booker as he does so. Booker and Kurt nod appreciatively with Kurt smiling at the announcement, before the cameras zoom away.


The cameras appear to be following ‘The Monster’ Abyss, who is walking down the corridor in preparation for his match with Dr. Stevie, which is next. Abyss looks angry, and he turns a corner…only to bump into someone as he does so. That person shrieks, but then the camera looks down and it appears to be none other than TNA backstage interviewer, and Abyss’ girlfriend, Lauren! Lauren hasn’t been seen in a couple of weeks thanks to being victim of a Raven Effect at Slammiversary VII, and she still has the neck brace to prove it. Abyss looks down and is shocked to see her.

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren!? What are you doing here?

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Woah there big man! Chris, I was just coming to see how you were actually, and I’m glad I’ve bumped into you.

“The Monster” Abyss: But should you be here, Lauren? Isn’t it dangerous? What about Threat To Society, Lauren? They’re out for you, we all know that…

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Yes, I know, but I’m sick and tired of living in danger. TNA is not just my job, it’s my home. Threat To Society can try and steer me away from it but they will fail every time. Which is why, tonight, I’m coming out there with you in your match…

“The Monster” Abyss: No, Lauren, please…

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Nope, I’m doing it, Chris. I known Daffney is going to be on Stevie’s side alongside Raven and I can take that bitch out all by myself. Look, you’re at an unfair disadvantage and I think I’ll help you if I’m by your side.

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren, think this through, please, think this through. You see that neck brace you’re in right now? Well Threat To Society, they’re evil, manipulative. If I get taken down tonight, you will be next Lauren, and a neck brace is gonna be something you wish you’re gonna be in as you lay in hospital, injured from their attack. So please, do me a favour, I beg on my knees, do NOT come out here tonight. I don’t want to see you in danger. Just stay in the back, please Lauren, just stay in the back! Please…

Lauren takes some time to think about it, before she looks up at Abyss.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: You know what? You’re right, I’ll stay in the back and watch your match from a distance, if that’s the best way for you. But I need to give you something for good luck…

Lauren then lurches her head forward and Abyss and his girlfriend share a passionate kiss. When it’s over, Abyss looks up happily and places his fingers on his lips to savour the moment, before walking off with a big smile on his face.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Good luck, Chris! Just be careful…

Lauren then pauses as she helplessly watches Abyss walk down the corridor.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: …be careful…


If Abyss wins, the match at Victory Road between himself and Raven is a Monster’s Ball match; if Dr. Stevie wins, the match will be a ‘Raven’s Rules’ match
Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie

Prologue: The feud between Abyss and Threat To Society has intensified so much so that at Victory Road, Raven wants to fight Abyss for what could potentially be the last time. But this match tonight will decide the stipulation: Abyss wins, the match is his trademark Monster's Ball, but if Stevie gets the victory, then Abyss and Raven go head to head under the mysterious Raven's Rules stipulation.

Recap: In what was most confusing in this match-up, Dr. Stevie came down to the contest alone, with no Daffney or Raven by his side. This straight away put him at a disadvantage, as Abyss was adamant to destroy Stevie, tugging at his trunks as the ‘doctor’ went to run away and then smashing him in the back of the head with a lariat! A whip into the buckles was followed by a running corner body splash by Abyss, which Abyss then followed up with a running hip attack to the face as Stevie lay in a seated position against the turnbuckles! Abyss dragged Stevie towards centre ring and covered, but no, Stevie got up just in time! Lifting Stevie up by the hair, Abyss then laid in a fist to the face of the corrupted doctor, before choking him against the ropes, trying to squeeze out those months of pain and anguish! The referee had to step in to break up the hold, which caused Abyss to grab the referee by the shirt! The referee finally got Abyss to let go, and as he smartened himself up, Stevie saw an opening to kick Abyss straight in the groin! Abyss fell to his knees, but this then gave Stevie an opening to size a kneeling Abyss up and near enough superkick his face plain off! Stevie then crawled for the cover…one…two…but no, Abyss kicked out at two and a half! Stevie looked devastated of the result, but knew he had to work over Abyss and so did so with a full nelson camel clutch! But Abyss turned out to be too strong, and stood to his feet with Stevie still placed on his back…before throwing his arm forwards and forcing Stevie to fall onto the canvas back first! Abyss rested against the ropes for a few seconds, but when Stevie got to his feet, Abyss hit a big boot, a clothesline and then finally kept the doctor down with a high angle sidewalk slam! Cover…one…two…but Stevie kicked out yet again! Abyss confronted the referee about this, but Stevie used this to roll out of the ring and begin walking away from the match! But Abyss wasn’t letting him get away so easy, and turned Stevie around before throat thrusting him and then lifting him upwards military press style on the outside! From there, Abyss then walked forwards…and THREW the doctor threw the middle rope and back inside the ring! Abyss then re-entered the ring as Stevie sat upwards and tried to shuffle away, but Abyss had the momentum on his side and goozled Stevie around the throat! Lifting Stevie off the ground, Abyss then pulled Stevie close to his face and smiled, but then suddenly, the lights dimmed slightly and the cameras reverted to the entrance screen, where a scuffle backstage was shown. Clearly, the sounds of a woman screaming ‘HELP! HELP ME! SOMEONE HELP ME!’ was heard, until suddenly the camera revealed the woman to be Lauren, Abyss’ girlfriend…and she was being dragged down the corridor along the floor via Daffney and Raven! The moving image then cut away, as the cameras turned towards Abyss who now shouted furiously at a smiling Stevie who was still in the hold! Abyss then pushed Stevie down to the floor and exited the ring, running to the back in pursuit of his kidnapped girlfriend. With Abyss outside the ring, the referee started the ring out count…and managed to count to 10, counting ‘The Monster’ out! This meant that Stevie had won the match, and at Victory Road, the match will be under Raven’s Rules!
Winner: Dr. Stevie @ 4:13

Aftermath: As Stevie stands to his feet smiling, the cameras go backstage in pursuit of Abyss who looks adamant to find the whereabouts of his girlfriend! Abyss looks high and low, kicking open doors and flicking open curtains, but nothing. However, as he barges his way through a door and into the parking lot area, the pace of Abyss picks up and he goes running forwards! There, in clear camera shot is Abyss’ girlfriend, Lauren, lying on the floor!

“The Monster” Abyss: Lauren…! Lauren…! What did they do to you!?

Lauren however responds by sobbing as she lies curled up on the floor. Abyss kneels down to comfort her, and assures her it is all going to be ok, until suddenly, the screeching of a car is heard nearby. The car then comes into shot, clearly reversing…and the back CLIPS ABYSS ON THE UPPER SHOULDER on impact! Abyss falls to the ground as the car then speeds off, with Abyss lying motionless on the floor! Lauren then crawls forward onto Abyss checking he is okay, before looking up.

“Abyss’ Girlfriend” Lauren: Chris…? Chris…? Help! Can somebody help!? Please…Help!

Lauren then sobs as she places her hands on Abyss’ chest and the camera is left with Lauren sobbing away due to her fallen boyfriend.



The cameras join us at the broadcast desk where Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette wait patiently by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Welcome back to tonight’s iMPACT, and tonight’s show has had nothing short of surprises, isn’t that right Cornette?

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Yeah, and you just saw the extent to which the feud between Abyss and Threat To Society has gone to and boy, I hope for our sake that Abyss is okay…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Well knowing Abyss, that guy bounces back from a lot of things but come Victory Road, he will have one thing on his mind- to get payback on not only Raven, but Dr. Stevie and Daffney too as they played a part in this calculated attack.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: But why talk about Victory Road when we have so much left of the show? That’s right, coming up in a few moments time, X-Division champion Christopher Daniels will take on Chris Sabin in a non-title match! We all saw last week that Sabin got the victory over his MCMG team mate Alex Shelley, and by doing that he earns his place in a three way dance for the title at Victory Road. Tonight, Daniels gets a taste of what Sabin is capable of…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Yeah, and not only that, because earlier in the broadcast we saw Sting break a restraining order put in place by Mick Foley and has been escorted out of the arena! With Sting out the way and with the promise of Rhino being in action later on tonight, I can only wonder what Foley and Rhino have in store…

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: That’s all to come, but right now, I’ve got word that Jeremy Borash is standing backstage with the X-Division champ, Chris Daniels. Take it away, Borash…


The view appears with Borash, microphone in hand, looking towards the camera, with Daniels to his side looking on with his belt over his shoulder.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Thanks, Cornette, and that’s right…joining me at this time is the X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels and my first question to you Chris is this…lately, we’ve seen a revival of some sort all directed towards the X-Division in TNA. Being the champion, how does it feel to be the face of this division?

“TNA X-Division Champion” Christopher Daniels: You know, that’s a very good question, because like you said, recently the TNA X-Division is beginning to pick up. I remember years ago when this company based most of its product on the X-Division because it was fresh, new and exciting, and I am proud to say that thanks to the arrival of new talent, the X-Division is slowly but surely coming out on top. And to be the face of this division as the champion? It just makes it all that much sweeter.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I can imagine…but moving on to a more specific subject area, in a few minutes time, you get the chance to go one-on-one with Chris Sabin. Earlier tonight, we saw Alex Shelley apologise for leaving Sabin in the ring with you last week, but I think there may still be a bit of tension between MCMG, don’t you?

“TNA X-Division Champion” Christopher Daniels: Look, tension or no tension, tonight I’m out to do one thing, and that’s defeat Sabin in the middle of that ring, one, two, three. You see, for months, the Motor City Machine Guns have been trying their damned hardest to get a shot at this title, and what do they do in order to secure a place in the match at Victory Road? They interfere in my business, cause a No Contest under my part and then continue to try and make a mockery out of I. Well, MCMG, you listen up, and you listen up good. I don’t care what lover’s tiff you’re having, tonight and at Victory Road, my objective will be to taste victory. And Chris Sabin, tonight that starts with you. You thought my attack last week was unacceptable and you want to gain revenge? Then think again. Because here’s the thing with me….I don’t care whether my title is on the line or not, my purpose is as it always has been. To make an impact, the ‘Fallen Angel’ way…

Daniels then smiles towards the camera before walking off, leaving the cameras on Borash.


Christopher Daniels © vs. Chris Sabin w/ Alex Shelley

Prologue: Last week, Chris Sabin defeated his own team mate Alex Shelley to earn his deserved spot in the three way X-Division title match at Victory Road. Tonight, he gets a taste of what the champ can do, and will be looking for revenge following Daniels' post match attack last week.

Recap: This high rated X-Division affair began with Sabin getting straight into Daniels’ face, obviously still bitterly disappointed from last week’s post-match attack. Sabin was so annoyed, in fact, that he threw his fist towards Daniels, but Daniels was smart enough to duck and he certainly brought the fight to Sabin, sending him to the corner after rapid forearms/ knife edge chops. The referee had to pull Daniels away, but Sabin quickly responded with a kick to the gut and a whip to the ropes, but Daniels leapfrogged over Sabin and delivered a PERFECT leaping calf kick as Sabin rebounded off the ropes! Daniels then whipped Sabin off the ropes once more and doubled over in hopes of a back body drop, but Sabin responded with a sunset flip, which Daniels rolled out of, stood to his feet and looked to roundhouse kick the head of the seated Sabin! But Sabin ducked underneath and then executed a school boy…one…two…but no, Sabin kicked out! Both men immediately got to their feet, with Daniels going for a step up enziguiri but Sabin ducked out of it and then executed a rolling bridging chinlock on his opponent! The crowd went wild at this showcase of high flying antics, as Sabin rolled back and lifted Daniels up facelock style before clubbing him in the back! Sabin then front suplexed Daniels up onto the top rope and then charged forwards, but Daniels responded with a nice palm thrust…before hip tossing Sabin over the top rope and to the outside! Shelley went to check if his partner was okay but he was too close for comfort as Daniels executed a FLAWLESS Arabian Press plancha onto both of the MCMG members! As Daniels basked in the cheers from the crowd, the broadcast headed to a commercial break!


Back off the commercial break and Daniels rolled Sabin into the ring before pursuing him back onto canvas and making a quick cover…but only a two count was breached! Daniels then scoop slammed Sabin to the mat and went to run off the ropes, but Shelley managed to grab onto Daniels’ leg and pulled him to the outside! But Shelley’s attempts at a shot to the face was thwarted by Daniels blocking it with his own hand and then levelling Alex with an open hand slap…until Sabin out of nowhere DRILLED Daniels with a suicide dive, taking him down to the arena floor! Sabin cockily taunted Daniels before rolling him in the ring and acclaiming a two count, but from then on, it was completely Sabin’s game, as he executed a camel clutch to Daniels underneath the bottom rope. When that didn’t work, Sabin snapmared Daniels to the ground before kicking hell off his back and then clinching in a knee placed chinlock. Daniels looked like he just would not give up, and Sabin realised this, slamming ‘The Fallen Angel’ back to the canvas and executing a neat leg drop over Daniels’ throat. After that achieved a two count, Sabin once more cockily strutted for the crowd, before locking in a standing sleeper hold…but the clinch was only on for several seconds as the X-Division champ smartly pushed Sabin away towards the ropes and then PLANTED him with a Blue Thunder Bomb! Both superstars lay down throughout a majority of the ten count, until they got to their feet and exchanged blow for blow mid ring, with Sabin thinking he got the better with a thumb to the eye. But a run to the ropes by Sabin proved disastrous as Daniels slammed him with a big back body drop, and then proceeded to take him down two more times with running back elbows before lifting Sabin up and dropping him with a belly to back backbreaker! Daniels covered…one…two…NO! Sabin kicked out in time! But Daniels thought it was all over and then went for an Arabian Press onto a fallen Sabin, but Sabin rolled out of harms way. Luckily, the champ landed on his feet…or maybe not so luckily as Sabin snuck in a thrust kick to the gut followed by a scoop lift into a sitout facebuster! Daniels rolled away in pain but Sabin leapt on for the cover…one…two…TH…NO! Again Daniels kicked out! Sabin couldn’t believe it as he sat mid ring, holding his head in disbelief before he sent Chris into the ropes. Sabin went for an Irish whip, but ‘The Fallen Angel’ managed to spin around, pull Sabin forwards…and then executed a neat inverted STO, transitioned into the neck wrenching Koji Clutch! The crowd went wild, chanting for Sabin to ‘tap!’ until suddenly Alex Shelley jumped onto the apron, grabbing the referee’s attention! Daniels saw Sabin tap but nobody could call it as Shelley was too busy arguing with the referee! Therefore, Daniels released the hold and went straight at Shelley with a forearm, but Alex ducked and then grabbed Daniels full nelson style! Alex called for Sabin to follow up and the wrestling MCMG member went straight at Daniels with a running dropkick…but Daniels moved out of the way! The dropkick hit SHELLEY! Alex fell off the apron off the impact, and then smashed his face off the barricade as Sabin looked shocked and apologetic in the ring! But the shock was going to turn to even more shock as Daniels awaited Sabin to turn around and then clinched in a bridging Northern lights suplex! With the move catching Sabin by surprise and Daniels stamping his feet to add pressure to the fall…the three counts were made! Daniels had won the match thanks to the plan of MCMG backfiring!
Winner: Christopher Daniels @ 10:05

Aftermath: Daniels immediately exits the ring, rolling underneath the bottom rope and standing to his feet as his music and cheers from the crowd echo around the arena. The referee joins him and raises Daniels hand before handing him his title belt, as Sabin stays in the ring staring towards Daniels, who continually flashes his title belt at the challenger. After Sabin finishes staring towards Daniels, he realises that he had only moments ago inadvertently dropkicked his partner off the apron. Therefore, Sabin rolls underneath the bottom rope and walks towards Shelley, who uses the barricade to stand to his feet with one hand whilst holding his jaw with the other. Sabin walks behind Shelley and sympathetically places a hand on his shoulder…but Shelley shrugs it away! Without looking back at Sabin, Alex simply walks away without looking back. But Sabin is not going to allow Shelley to walk away from this, and he goes after him to try and explain the circumstance. Sabin calls Alex’s name as he walks forward, until he is within a few yards from him…and Shelley instantly turns around and SHOVES Sabin to the ground onto the entrance ramp! Shelley coldly stares at Sabin as Chris looks confused on the floor, before Alex walks through the entrance curtain and to the back.


The cameras appear in the office, looking directly at Foley who has his head in his hands. Alongside him seem to be two guards of some sort, wearing protective headgear which is reminiscent of motorcycle helmets. Near by is Jeremy Borash, who looks confused at the appearance of these guards until he begins to talk down the mic.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Mick…Mick…can I have a word, please…?

Mick instantly looks up at Borash with a smile on his face.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Of course, Borash, of course…what is it you want? Go ahead…shoot…

Borash then looks at the two guards and then glances back at Foley.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Umm…who are these?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Oh, yes, how rude of me not to do introductions…Borash these are protective police guards…protective police guards, this is Borash. Happy now?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Why do you need them here, though? Are you under attack or something…?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: No, no, not at all. They’re just here to keep things at bay, you know, to keep peace and tranquillity on this broadcast. ‘Cos you know, anyone could be running around here. Even Sting…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…why would Sting be here? We saw you have him carted away earlier tonight…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Yeah, but there’s the thing. Sting has with him a very dynamic character…one moment he’s here, the next he’s not. I’m not taking any chances. You heard him loud and clear, didn’t you…he wants to beat Rhino and I to a pulp…

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well speaking of Rhino, where is he? I haven’t seen him show his face around here all night.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Oh trust me, Rhino is here, just you trust me on that one…

A pause then follows as Mick smiles to himself, with Borash looking seriously perplexed.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Umm…where is he then?

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You know what, Borash, I know you’re an interviewer and this is kinda your job, but you ask way too many questions. So I’m gonna give you an answer…I’m gonna go out to that ring, with Rhino, and then you won’t have to quiz me anymore. Got that?

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Hmm…I guess…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Good…come on guys, let’s go…

Mick pushes his chair away and walks away, and the police guards follow in pursuit of the iMPACT owner, leaving a perplexed Borash in the office alone.



The cameras head to the entrance stage where the music of Mick Foley plays out loud and clear, and out he comes. Alongside him is ‘The War Machine’ Rhino, who as always wears with him a vicious scowl. Next to these two are the two police guards, who hold batons in their hands. All four make their way down to the ring, with Foley and Rhino entering as the guards separate and stand on the outside of the ring. Mick grabs a microphone, and as his music dies down and the jeers from the crowd continue, he begins to talk.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: That’s it, that’s it. Rain down all the boos, all the jeers towards me. Well you know what? It does nothing, absolutely nothing. Earlier tonight, I did the right thing. Sting was escorted out of the arena because he broke a fundamental rule. I mean, what’s wrong with that? And some of you regard him as a role model? Please, some role model he is, and it sickens me to know that it took helpless little old me to uncover that truth!

The crowd continue booing, causing Foley to pause and glare towards them, before he continues on with the microphone firmly in hand.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: But right now, I’m not out here to talk about Sting. Oh no, I don’t want to talk about some rule breaker. Instead, I’m out here to talk about one man who deserves all the appreciation and praise that you guys fail to show him. And that man is standing right here…that man is ‘The War Machine’, RHINO!

The crowd’s boos get louder as the camera zooms onto ‘The War Machine’, who simply rolls his eyes and talks trash towards the crowd.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: ‘Cos you see, Rhino is a sure credit to this business. He gets the job done and he does it in style. With Rhino, it’s something more, nothing less. But you heard that tonight, Sting has challenged him to a match at Victory Road. Well, that match WILL go ahead, you mark my words. But tonight, I think Rhino needs to have a little bit of preparation, a little bit of training in order to get ready for his big title match at Victory Road, don’t you? So, tonight, here’s the deal. I’m pitting Rhino in a gauntlet match. That’s right, a gauntlet match. One opponent comes out, and whoever gets the victory moves onto the next opponent. Simple. I’ve picked some REALLY tough competition, trust me. So let’s start this thing off…

Foley then positions himself mid ring as Rhino takes off his hooded jacket and then stands staring at the entrance stage.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Your first opponent, Rhino…and you’re gonna know this guy pretty well…is SHARK BOY!

The music of Shark Boy appears over the entrance stage, and soon enough, the wrestler appears on the entrance stage, almost as in a repeat of last week’s show. Shark Boy again looks scared to enter the ring, but Rhino on the other hand keeps his eyes on the prey and waits for him to enter the ring. Mick Foley, whilst chuckling him to himself, exits the ring, and then the ring bell chimes, signalling the beginning of this ‘tough’ contest.

Gauntlet Match
A series of one-on-one matches; the winner goes on to face the next opponent until only one man is standing

Match #1 | Rhino vs. Shark Boy
Last week’s match between Shark Boy and Rhino was a quick fire affair, but it looks that tonight, Shark Boy is out to acclaim revenge. Well, that’s technically a lie, as the ring bell tolls and Shark Boy for some reason goes to shake the hand of Rhino as if to offer peace. Rhino stares through the superstar and then for some reason smiles and happily shakes the hand as he nods his head. But, suddenly, Rhino’s face drops…and it is realised this is all a ploy as ‘The War Machine’ pulls Shark Boy forward and sends him flying half way across the ring with a belly to belly suplex! Like that, Shark Boy is grounded, but Rhino slowly awaits his opponent to stand as he stalks him in the opposite corner, then charges forward…GORE! The Gore connects on Shark Boy for a second time in two weeks as Foley jumps up and down on the outside ecstatic at Rhino’s actions! All Rhino had to do from there was crawl for the cover, and the three counts are made.

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…he hails from Japan…and is one half of No Limit…YUJIRO!

Match #2 | Rhino vs. Yujiro
Yujiro looks pretty cautious as he makes his way down to the ring, but as he steps through the second rope, Rhino immediately goes on the offence, dragging Yujiro to the centre of the ring and then hitting him with a dangerous front powerslam! Rhino then grabs Yujiro by the head and trunks and slides him across the canvas, causing him to slide chest first onto the arena floor in pain! Rhino decides to work over Yujiro on the outside, flapjacking him throat first onto the ring barricade and then Irish whipping the superstar into the steel post so that his shoulder collides with the hard, solid structure! Rhino then rolls Yujiro back into the ring and goes to work over him, but somehow Yujiro begins fighting back with some hard lefts and rights. However, a bounce off the ropes turns into Rhino grasping Yujiro up fireman’s carry style…and then DEVESTATING him with a unique TKO! Yujiro is out of it on the floor, but Rhino isn’t done yet. He grabs Yujiro by the hair, pulls his head in between his legs…and then levels his opponent with a sit out piledriver, also known as the Rhino Driver! Cover…one…two…three, job done.

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…as if it matters…again, he’s from Japan and a member of No Limit…NAITO!

Match #3 | Rhino vs. Naito
Naito makes his way down to the ring as Rhino viciously lifts a fallen Yujiro off the mat and throws him to the outside in the direction of the entering Naito! Yujiro lies hurt on the floor and Naito does the sincere thing, checking on his partner, but this allows Rhino to exit the ring and then attack Naito with a hard boot to the skull! Naito rolls away in pain but Rhino is onto him, and he Irish whips the Japanese star into the barricade, the force of the move sending Naito over the barricade and into the crowd area! Rhino then tries to suplex, but Naito manages to hold off and sends Rhino reeling with some fist shots, before scaling the barrier and leaping off with a cross body…but Rhino catches him and then DRILLS him with a scoop slam onto the hard arena floor! After rolling his opponent in the ring, Rhino clinches in a seated sleeper, but soon Naito gets to his feet and then sits out, hitting a nice jawbreaker on Rhino who sprawls to the floor! Naito then psyches himself up and runs off the ropes, but wait, Rhino is standing…SPINNING SPINEBUSTER! BOOM! Rhino rolls over for the cover…one…two…three…next opponent please!

Mick Foley: And your next opponent…or should I say ‘the next person to get his ass whupped’…JETHRO HOLIDAY!

Match #4 | Rhino vs. Jethro Holiday
Rhino is so thirsty for pain that he exits the ring and meets Jethro half way…only to have his shot blocked with some nice fists by Jethro who then sends Rhino’s back right into the apron! Jethro then rolls Rhino inside the squared circle and bolts to the top rope…but Rhino has recuperated and he press slams Jethro onto the hard ring floor! Stomping over Jethro’s fallen body, Rhino looks like he is doing this for pleasure, shown furthermore when he stands over a crouching Jethro and wildly swings forearms into Holiday’s nose five times! A floored Jethro is enough evidence for Rhino to wrap things up, and he tries to do so with a Rhino Driver…but wait, Jethro holds off…and then back body drops Rhino over his head! Rhino crawls to the corner turnbuckle and then slowly stands against the buckles, but Jethro comes charging right at him…only to become victim of a knee lift to the face! Jethro falls back groggily, allowing Rhino to sit up on the top turnbuckle…uh oh…could Rhino be looking for a Super Rhino Driver!? It sure looks it as Rhino grabs the head…but suddenly Jethro smacks the hands away and then dropkicks Rhino in the sternum! Rhino wobbles groggily up top, allowing Jethro to lay in more first shots and then scale the ropes next to him. But as Holiday grasps Rhino in a headlock as if going for a super bulldog off the top, Rhino begins to fight back…and then lifts Jethro up slightly before releasing him, sending him back first onto the canvas and HARD! Rhino then gets his position ready as he stands on the second buckle and awaits Jethro to turn around, and when he does…he is met with a DIVING GORE! Jethro looks obliterated on the floor, and it comes as no surprise that three seconds later, Rhino is declared the winner.
Winner: Rhino @ 6:16

Aftermath: Rhino stands to his feet and stares into the eyes of the jeering crowd on the front row, looking completely oblivious to the victory and more focused upon glaring at the fans. The cameras then turn to Foley who stands with a microphone in hand gleefully.

Mick Foley: And it is my pleasure to announce…the winner of this fair and square match up…RH-

But suddenly, Mick is cut off by the action of the lights dimming until the arena is completely blacked out! The arena is in pitch darkness for around five seconds, until suddenly on the screen comes Sting’s entrance video accompanied by Sting’s normal entrance music booming out on the PA system! The fans cheer wildly thinking Sting is here, until the lights turn back on…but Sting hasn’t appeared on the stage. Oh no. Instead, the cameras zoom to ringside and it is evident that the two security guards are knocked out on the ringside area and then another guard is inside the ring, standing behind Rhino! Rhino, however, has his focus on the entrance stage as he awaits Sting to appear…but he has to wait no more as the guard removes his protective helmet and reveals himself as…oh my…THE ICON, STING!! The crowd heat is now roaring, and the cameras zoom to a worried looking Mick Foley who is trying to grab Rhino’s attention! But Rhino has no clue, and walks back…only to be hit on the upper back with a crowbar by Sting! Rhino grimaces in pain off the attack, but he is left helpless and Sting picks up the pieces as he places him in an inverted facelock…and then stares coldly towards Mick Foley. Foley tries desperately to flash Sting the restraining order, but Sting SPITS towards Foley disrespectfully…before PLANTING Rhino with a SCORPION DEATH DROP! Rhino lies motionless on the floor as Sting stands to his feet and simply points the crowbar towards Mick Foley. Mick looks shocked at the action of Sting but is helpless on the outside, as the final shot depicts Sting’s angry face before this week’s iMPACT disappears off air.


iMPACT confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only two weeks away!

Winner gets a future shot at the X-Division Title
Fatal Four Way
Alex Koslov vs. Prince Devitt vs. Pac vs. Matt Cross

Tag Team
Lethal Consequences (Jay Lethal & Consequences Creed) vs. Kurt Angle & Booker T w/ Sharmell

TNA X-Division Title Match
Three Way Dance
Christopher Daniels © vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin

Raven's Rules
Raven w/ Daffney & Dr. Stevie vs. Abyss

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match
Rhino w/ Mick Foley vs. Sting (c)

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Great stuff as always, with the Foley using Rhino to get the gold off of Sting and having Sting arrested. Only to have Rhino go through jobbers in a gauntlet match and Sting return to lay him out, really good stuff.

Also enjoying the feud between Angle and Booker agaisnt the X-Division and the younger stars of TNA.

Then the tension building between the MCMG, I hope they dont split as they are one of my favorite tag teams and would like to see them last longer.

Then also Abyss's feud with Raven, Stevie, and Daffney with them harassing Lauren and Abyss getting counted out to allow Stevie to steal a win. But I was shocked that Raven tried to take Abyss out with a car. Probaly my favorite feud on Impact.

Great show, I like Voltage more as I am a fan of the knockouts but always enjoy reading impact. Another great show. Can't wait for the next voltage and Victory Road!

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Sunday, 11th July 2009

Quick Results
- Prince Devitt def. Pac following a Prince's Throne and the three counts.
- Kurt Angle def. Amazing Red after forcing him to tap out from an Ankle Lock.
- Dr. Stevie def. Abyss after Abyss left the building to tend to his girlfriend Lauren, giving Stevie the countout victory.
- Christopher Daniels def. Chris Sabin after Sabin was hooked in a bridging Northern Lights suplex which kept his shoulders down for the three counts.
- Rhino won a gauntlet match by def. Shark Boy, Naito, Yujiro and Jethro Holiday in seperate pin fall victories.
In other news...

- We can exclusively reveal that TNA has announced that the World X Cup 2009 is all set and ready...and will take place as soon as the week after Victory Road! There will be four teams, including Team Mexico- which comprises of Laredo Kid, Ricky Marvin, Alan Stone and Aero Star, Team Japan- which is built up by the No Limit team members Yujiro and Naito, and also CIMA and Dragon Kid, Team International- built up by existing TNA roster members Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt with England's own Hade Vansen and Rene Magnifique (formerly known as Rene Dupree from WWE), and last but not least, Team TNA, which will be revealed soon. This year's World X Cup will follow the same format as the previous years.

- Due to the brand extension of TNA, it has been announced that Victory Road will be a five hour, instead of a usual four hour, broadcast. Nine matches are set to populate the card and by the addition of this hour, it can only mean that perhaps contests may last longer than intended.

- This week's TNA iMPACT Webmatch saw Daffney defeat little known competitor, Serena Deeb in a singles match up. In what was the first Knockouts match on iMPACT since the division migrated to Voltage, Serena brought the fight to Daffney and almost had her pinned following a spear bridged into a cover! Daffney had her whits about her however, and pushed Serena into the referee which kept him distracted long enough for the weird one to cake Serena's face with Black Mist! The Lobotomy, and the three counts, swiftly followed.

- TNA iMPACT managed to pull a 1.3 rating for last night's show, which seems to be a somewhat recurring trend.

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Live From ‘The Voltage Zone’ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 13th July 2009

With Victory Road being only one week away, things look set to heat up this week on Voltage. With last week involving a lot of confrontations and in fact, the spearhead of many feuds, this week's Voltage looks set to keep the ball rolling as we head into Victory Road.

Sweet Revenge
Samoa Joe did it again. Last week, in front of a live audience and the several million watching at home, Joe left AJ a crumpled mess in the ring after slamming him through a table with a Muscle Buster following a contract signing that swiftly turned into an all out brawl. Joe may have thought that was a smart move, but he may as well think again as AJ Styles wil be out for Joe's blood tonight. But how will things evolve this week?

Down But Not Out
Another important event that occured last week was the match up between Mark Jindrak and Matt Morgan. The contest itself barely lasted three minutes until both men spilled to the outside and took the fight to the backstage area, where Morgan gained the upper hand by choking Mark out with a chair. This prompted Jeff Jarrett to get involved and he scheduled a match between Morgan and Jindrak come Victory Road. But there's less than seven days until the pay-per-view, and tonight, expect Morgan and Jindrak to butt heads one way or another once more.

A Taste Of Things To Come
If you've been following Voltage lately, you will know that at Victory Road, Beer Money will put up their TNA World Tag Titles against LAX, The British Invasion and Team 3D in a four corner elimination tag match. However, tonight, in a taste of things to come, it will be D-Von Dudley of Team 3D vs. James Storm of Beer Money vs. Hernandez of LAX vs. Doug Williams of The British Invasion in a four corner match. Which person will gain the victory?

Let Us Fight Again
For the past two weeks, Kenny Omega has got one up against Eric Young. He beat him on the second show and also got the victory last week in a mixed tag match, and both of those victories have been courtesy of Omega's trusty valet, Daisy Haze. However, come Tuesday night, Young has challenged Omega to another one-on-one match, but in his corner will be Taylor Wilde who looks set to keep Daisy Haze at bay from interfering.

Prove You're Good Enough
At Victory Road, it will be Christy Hemme taking on Angelina Love for the TNA Womens Knockout Championship. However, before that match, Christy has another thing to worry about, as Tuesday night she looks set to face Angelina's BFF, Velvet Sky, in a one-on-one match up. In Velvet's corner will be Madison and Angelina, who will do everything it takes to humiliate Christy after what she has done to them over the space of the past three weeks.

Since the monstrous Klondyke returned to TNA three weeks ago, she has achieved a lot. Not only did she defeat Christy Hemme last week in a six Knockouts tag, but the week before she got the one, two, three over ODB. Tonight, Klondyke will take on both ODB and Sojo Bolt in a two-on-one handicap match, and Bolt and ODB will be looking for payback after Klondyke has made their lives a misery since she arrived at Voltage's door.

All this and much, much more come Tuesday night!

Confirmed Matches
Four Corner Elimination Match | D-Von Dudley vs. James Storm vs. Hernandez vs. Doug Williams

Two-on-One | Klondyke vs. Sojo Bolt & ODB

One-on-One | Eric Young w/ Taylor Wilde vs. Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze

One-on-One | Christy Hemme vs. Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love & Madison Rayne

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Voltage Results

“Be Careful What You Wish For”
Live from The Voltage Zone in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 13th July 2009

The show opens with a recap of what went down last week, focusing on the contract signing that took place for the Joe/AJ match at Victory Road. The video begins with Jeff announcing the contract signing, before it moves on to the actual event that took place. It shows AJ’s words of war and Joe’s refusal to make it down to the ring, until Jeff threatened Joe with suspension unless he got into the ring and signed the contract. The video then shows Joe entering the ring and finally signing the contract, until things broke down with a staredown between Joe and AJ before Styles leapt over the desk and brought the fight to the large Samoan! However, things then broke down even more when AJ avoided a big boot which struck the face of Jeff, and then AJ became victim of a title belt shot to the face, before Joe slammed him through a table with a Muscle Buster! The final shot of the video shows scenes of carnage as AJ’s twisted body lies on a broken table with Jeff lying on the floor as Joe smirks at the massacre he has created.



Before the commentators can make any opening comments, the familiar music of one man erupts around the arena. But this isn’t any man, oh no- it’s the TNA Legends Champion himself, AJ Styles, obviously coming out to say a lot of words about what went down last week. The crowd cheer for Styles but Styles seems too focused to care, a lot of thoughts circling his head. AJ also looks quite scraggy in appearance, with small tufts of hair clear on his jaw and bloodshot, baggy eyes. In his hand is a microphone, but for some reason, AJ also picks up a chair and slides it in the ring before standing dead centre of the canvas and awaiting his music to die down, before speaking.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: You know, I’m gonna skip right to the point here, because after what happened last week, my mind has been seriously switched off. Yes, I admit, I threw the first punch, but did I deserve what I was given last week? I don’t think so. Because you see, Samoa Joe, I have reason to want to kick the hell out of you, I have reason to want to rip your head off. The only reasons you have are because I hold a title you so desperately want, and oh because I was apparently ‘selfish’ to knock you off a ladder at Slammiversary and prevent you from getting the gold.

The crowd boo this statement, knowing that it’s true.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: But my reasons to want to beat YOU up, Joe, they range. ‘Cos you know what? You’ve deceived me. You’ve humiliated me. You’ve left me choking up my own blood. You’ve left me battered and bruised. And as you can see by my appearance, you’ve left me unable to sleep. If you wanted to get inside my mind, Joe, then you’ve done just that. You did it on the first episode of Voltage when you viciously assaulted me, and you did it last week when you left me battered and bruised.

AJ then paces up and down a little before coming to a standstill yet again, centre ring.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: But if you think for one moment that that’s going to stop me from wanting to beat your ass at Victory Road, Joe, then you’ve got another thing coming. I may be completely freaked out by this, but when I step into that ring, I don’t lose my skill and craftsmanship. I yearn to compete, Joe, I yearn to defeat people that need defeating. People like you. And at Victory Road, that’s what I’m gonna do.

AJ then paces a little more, before this time staring the camera dead in the eye.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: But, if my calculations are correct, Victory Road is five days away, and that’s what…120 hours to wait? 120 long hours until I get my hands on you. But you know what, Joe? My desire to beat you is increasing forever more. As the days and the hours tick by, my quest for revenge has grown and grown. So, with that being said, I’m not gonna wait any longer.

AJ then picks the chair up off the floor and opens it, leaving it sitting up right mid ring.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Why wait five days, Joe, why wait? You obviously wanna kick my ass, so come out and do it, huh? Come out and do it right now? And you know what, Joe? YOU KNOW WHAT!? I ain’t leaving until you come and show your face! So come on, OUT, NOW!

AJ then sits on the chair, one of his legs draped over the other to show the intensity he has. After a few moments with nothing happened, AJ then lifts the mic back up to his mouth.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Come on, Joe, the clock is ticking! Dig down in your DARK, COLD HEART and be the better man! Where’s the old Joe, huh? One who could FACE a challenge? No, cos now he’s a changed man, he’s a changed, calculating BASTARD!

AJ then stares solemnly at the entrance stage, sweat coming from his head, showing the passion he has.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: So you know what? You don’t wanna come out for me…I’ll go FIND you instead…

But as AJ goes to exit the ring, suddenly, music erupts over the PA system. This alerts AJ, and he instantly looks towards the entrance stage, but the man who comes out is not who AJ asked for. Instead, it is Jeff Jarrett, the Voltage owner. The crowd half-cheer, happy to see Jeff yes but unhappy as it is not Samoa Joe. Jeff has with him a microphone which is used to good effect after he clears his throat.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: AJ…you know, I hate to be the bearer of bad news and all…but Samoa Joe will not be coming out here.

The crowd boo this announcement as AJ tears the microphone to his mouth.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: Why, Jeff, why? In fact, like it surprises me…

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: It doesn’t surprise me, either, AJ, and in fact, Joe isn’t even in the building right now. I hate to sound biased, but that’s the COWARD Samoa Joe is. You know, he has a lot to answer to, after booting me in the face. Accident or not, he can’t even find the decency to show up on time and answer to his actions.

The crowd respond with boos, all aimed at Joe’s disrespectful attitude.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: But you know what, AJ. You raise a very valid point. Indeed, why wait until Sunday night to get your hands on Samoa Joe, after what he did last week? I’d be thinking the same as you, I’d be wanting to get my own back so to speak. So tonight, I’m gonna give you a chance at doing just that.

The crowd and AJ now begin to settle down, as Jeff looks set to drop the bombshell.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Because on this show, another feud is going down that is raising eyebrows, that between Matt Morgan and Mark Jindrak, and like your feud with Joe, things are beginning to get out of hand. So tonight, I’m gonna combine them together, as in the main event tonight…it’s gonna be you, AJ Styles, teaming up with Mark Jindrak to take on Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan! How do you feel about that?

The crowd’s cheers erupt, as AJ then awaits them to die down before lifting the mic to his mouth.

“TNA Legends Champion” AJ Styles: How do I feel? That suits me, Jeff, that suits me perfectly…and Samoa Joe, if you’re watching this…tonight, I’m out…for YOU!

AJ then drops the mic to the floor and looks at the cheering fans before the cameras slowly filter away.




We head to the broadcast desk where commentators Joey Styles and Don West are patiently standing by.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Welcome back to tonight’s Voltage, and my oh my, if you’ve only just joined us you’ve missed out on a huge bombshell dropped by Jeff Jarrett- tonight, AJ Styles will team up with Mark Jindrak to take on the team of Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe in what looks set to be one amazing main event match up to get us ready for Victory Road.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s correct, Joey, and the thing is, there is so much bad blood between these competitors that you’re going to be able to cut the tension in that match with a knife, no doubt about it. And although this match is huge, that isn’t all we have set for you tonight.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: No, in fact we’ve got a heap loads more tonight, including a huge four corners match, as it’s Brother D- Von versus James Storm versus Hernandez versus Doug Williams. This match looks set to prepare the said competitors for the fatal four tag match at Victory Road, and the winner will surely walk out with their head held high.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Yeah, and we also look set for ‘The Alpha-Female’ herself, Klondyke, to take on Sojo Bolt and ODB in a two-on-one handicap match. We’ve seen the domination of Klondyke the past few weeks which also led to her pinning the number one contender for the Knockouts title, Christy Hemme, last week. However, Bolt and ODB have a huge score to settle with the large female, and they look to settle that in the ring tonight.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And speaking of the lovely Knockouts, that isn’t all- we’re also going to see Christy Hemme face off against Velvet Sky tonight! With Hemme facing Angelina Love at Victory Road for the Knockouts title, this will certainly give her good preparation for her title match up.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And just when you thought there couldn’t be anymore…there is! We’re also going to see Eric Young take on Kenny Omega in a grudge match, and furthermore, you’re going to see what went down when I had an opportunity to sit down with Samoa Joe earlier this week and discuss his recent shocking actions.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: All this and so much more tonight, but I understand that right now, backstage interviewer So Cal Val is standing by backstage with Mark Jindrak. Take it away, Val…


The camera cuts to the backstage interview set, where as promised stands Val with a microphone in her hand and a concerned looking Mark Jindrak next to her.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Thanks Joey…I am standing by with ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ himself, Mark Jindrak, and Mark, I’ve gotta ask...a few moments ago we saw Jeff Jarrett announce that in tonight’s main event, it will be you and AJ Styles taking on Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe in a tag team contest. Therefore, how does it feel knowing that only a few weeks ago, you debuted here, but now, you’re headlining the card?

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Val, it feels great, you know, it really does, and I appreciate that I’m diving into competition with both feet. It also feels good to have AJ Styles as a partner- he’s a man I sincerely respect and a man I’ve looked up on during my road to TNA. But tonight, my quest is to avenge the ‘accomplishment’ that Matt Morgan achieved last week. You heard AJ out there say that he wants revenge tonight, and I’m exactly the same. Because last week, I was left the same as AJ, struggling to breathe from an underhand attack. I know that Samoa Joe is my opponent also tonight, but as far as I’m concerned, AJ has him scouted, and my only other option is to scout Matt Morgan and make him pay for what he did last week.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But Mark, as we saw last week, that might be easier said then done as we all witnessed for ourselves how clever Matt Morgan can be- making out like he was afraid, only to jump you from behind before the match and then leaving you downed post-match…

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Yeah, but that’s exactly what Matt Morgan does. He’s a coward. You know, if I had to compare him to any one on the roster, it’d be Samoa Joe- tonight, they make the perfect team because they yearn to humiliate others and can’t stand it when they see competition. They instantly want to shoot them down, but they do it via behind the back assaults, rather than actual in ring wrestling. But tonight, Joe and especially you, Matt Morgan, I’m gonna make one thing clear.

The camera then zooms closer to Jindrak’s face to show off the intensity he has.

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: Tonight, when I team up with AJ and I stand in the corner of a true icon of the six sided ring, that’s it, a TRUE role model, we will make you feel one, no make it two things. One- pain. We want you two to suffer the same amount of pain that we have had to suffer. And number two? How it feels to be outwrestled. Because, I love to break it to you, that’s EXACTLY what AJ and I are gonna do. You can try and cheat, you can try to get the upper hand, but there’s the thing- you can TRY. But at the end of the night, trust me, you WILL NOT succeed!

Jindrak then smirks slightly before walking away.


Four Corner Match
James Storm w/ Robert Roode & Jackie Moore vs. Hernandez w/ Homicide vs. Doug Williams w/ Brutus Magnus & Rob Terry vs. Brother D-Von w/ Brother Ray Dudley

Prologue: In a taste of things to come, one competitor from each of the four teams that will fight for the TNA World Tag Team Titles at Victory Road has been chosen to be a part of this four corner match. Although a win tonight won’t secure anyone any tag team titles, what it will do however will give the winner a head start going in to Sunday.

Recap: With the match being four cornered, Storm and Hernandez started the match off, as Williams and D-Von went to their respective corners. Hernandez looked dominative against the smaller Storm, pushing him out of collar-elbow tie ups and then actually elevating him in the air off an armbar! Storm made the tag in on Doug Williams who then went to man up against Super Mex, clubbing him in the chest with some hard forearms that would make a normal man fall, but Hernandez isn’t a normal man, and when Williams rebounded off the ropes, the big Mexican dropped him with a boot to the face! Hernandez then grabbed Doug off the floor in a facelock, before moving towards the ropes, only for D-Von to sneak in a legal tag and then kick Doug in the side as he entered the ring before glaring at Hernandez. D-Von then worked over Doug Williams, clotheslining him in the corner and then flying off the second rope with a diving shoulder block, which off a cover only got the two! Storm then illegally tried to enter the ring, but D-Von knocked him down with a lariat, before placing his head between his legs…but his attempts were thwarted when Williams got back to his feet and clubbed D-Von in the back, before bouncing off the ropes and executing a high knee strike to the face which sent the Dudley boy rolling to the outside! Doug then grabbed the attention of the referee as on the outside, Jackie Moore, James Storm, Rob Terry and Brutus Magnus got their kicks in on the fallen superstar, before they were scared away by Homicide and Brother Ray. However, the damage had been done and after rolling the Brother back into the ring and hitting a European uppercut, Doug looked on form.


We returned to the ring where Doug had tagged in James Storm. ‘The Cowboy’ immediately went on the offence, elbow dropping D-Von some three times before stomping away on him as he tried to stand. To add insult to injury, Storm then executed an elevated DDT on D-Von which got a two count before he locked one half of the previous tag champions in a rear chinlock! D-Von slowly but surely began to stand and even battled back with back elbows, and then he forced Storm towards the ropes where Williams tagged himself in. Storm didn’t realise this however until the last moment where Williams walked up and clapped his hand, but Storm didn’t look impressed with a shove to the British Invasion member! Doug responded with his own shove, which was followed by another shove by Storm…which pushed Williams into a school boy by D-Von! One…two…but Storm broke things up with a stomp to the back, only for Hernandez to make an entrance and throw Storm cleanly over the top rope! The referee ordered Hernandez back to his corner which is what he did, but Doug found an opening to hit a kneel out lariat on D-Von before hitting him with some headlock held punches whilst grounded. Doug wasn’t finished there however as he then hooked in a butterfly lock, but soon D-Von began to stand and then released an arm to hit his opponent with rapid fist shots to the sternum! Doug released the hold and then was met with a back elbow, but then when he charged forwards again, D-Von planted him with a scoop powerslam! The move took its toll on D-Von who went to rest near the ropes, but Hernandez took this opportunity to tag himself in! The huge Mexican made an impact, clotheslining Doug to the floor not once, but twice, and then scoop slamming him to the mat! Storm tried to interfere, but his shot was blocked and he was wrapped up in a HUGE Cracker Jack, which resulted in Storm somersaulting on top of the fallen Williams! Storm looked bruised as a result, but Homicide picked him back up and this time went for some form of pumphandle powerslam…however, Storm had other ideas as he escaped out and BAM, levelled Hernandez with a nice double knee backbreaker! Cover…one…two…no, D-Von broke up the cover! Storm and D-Von then went at it, until Storm went for an enziguiri but D-Von ducked and the foot unintentionally struck Doug Williams in the face! Storm then got to his feet and saw Hernandez charging, and this time ducked sending a hard shoulder tackle right into D-Von! Hernandez then turned around…BOOM! Last Call! Hernandez fell to his knees and crawled towards the ropes as all competitors looked severely exhausted, until Storm stood to his feet and called for Hernandez to stand too! Hernandez finally did, but when Storm ran forwards, Hernandez managed to elevate his opponent up and then drop him groin first on the top rope! Storm sat their uncomfortably as Hernandez dealt with Doug Williams, only for D-Von to scale to the top and execute a nice diving clothesline which sent Storm rolling off the ropes and to the outside! But as he walked back, he walked right into Hernandez…and there the Mexican and the Dudleyville resident began throwing punches, before D-Von managed to sneak in a quickfire running DDT! Cover…one…two…but out of nowhere, Doug Williams came off the top rope with a move he calls the Bomb Scare Knee Drop right onto D-Von’s head! Williams thought he had it right there, but Hernandez had other ideas as the big man managed to get to his feet and scooped a cocky Williams up…before throwing Williams into a sitout powerbomb! One…two…three, Hernandez got the victory!
Winner: Hernandez @ 9:54

Aftermath: Hernandez celebrates his feat mid ring, as a downed Doug Williams can only look at the ceiling as he lies on his back. Homicide slides into the ring and gives SuperMex a friendly hug, which Hernandez graciously accepts before Homicide lifts the arm of Hernandez upright in the air. A shot shows the fallen body of D-Von on the outside, before the camera flickers to Beer Money who stand near the entrance ramp and look concerned at the sight of LAX’s celebration. Homicide and Hernandez then take a pivotal last look at Storm, Roode and Jackie before the cameras head away.



The cameras head inside the room where The Beautiful People- Madison Rayne, Velvet Sky and Angelina Love- are looking into the mirrors, applying make-up as they discuss matters.

“The Beautiful Person” Madison Rayne: Seriously, Velvet…you got her beat tonight…

“The Beautiful Person” Velvet Sky: I know, right? I mean, she thinks she can just waltz back into this company and think she’s on top of the Knockouts division? I don’t think so, and I’ll show her that tonight…

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Yeah, and when you’re finished with that redheaded bimbo, I’m gonna take pride in defeating her at Victory Road and wiping that smile off her ‘pretty’ little face. In fact, just like all the other losers I’ve had to face in the past few months…

Suddenly, the door of the locker room flies open, but The Beautiful People continue chatting, until a voice overcomes them.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Angelina…

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: What the he…WOAH!

But just as Angelina is going to reply with a usual snide remark, she turns around and sees standing there the six foot, 200 pound powerhouse that is Klondyke. Angelina stumbles back a little as she takes in the size of the newest TNA Knockout, before looking at her, as Madison and Velvet stay back a little.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Yeah, that’s the usual reaction I get. But anyway, I’ve come here to talk about last week. Because you know, if I remember rightly, it was I that managed to pin Christy Hemme’s shoulders to the mat, one, two, three in our six Knockouts tag match. And for that, doesn’t that mean something?

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Umm…well…what do you mean?

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: What I mean is, I pinned the number one contender. And my goal in the future is to obtain that title belt you’re holding. Doesn’t that mean I’m one step closer from getting that title around MY waist, huh? Think about it…

Love stares back at Klondyke in a confused manner, before staring towards her.

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Look, sweetie…if I may call you that…yeah, well done for defeating Christy Hemme and all that, but all of a sudden, that doesn’t bring you in contention for my title. Although, seriously, you’re a much better challenger than that little redheaded skank, but right now, Christy Hemme is the one I’m facing at Victory Road. Velvet’s gonna beat Christy tonight, but I’m afraid it still means Christy is number one contender. Nothing’s gonna change that. You’re just gonna have to work your way up the ladder, like all of us have done…

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Oh right, you wanna be funny about it, Angelina? Just look at me. I probably have more muscle than the two of your skinny little followers combined! I am MADE for that Knockouts title, can’t you see that? But you know, so be it…but I have some advice for you. My match up is next, and if you didn’t hear, I’m taking on both Sojo Bolt AND ODB. So what I suggest you do is you sit back and watch as I DESTROY my competition. Then, and only then Angelina, will you see how determined I am to become the number one Knockout in this company. And if it means going through someone like you Angelina…then it means going through someone like you.

Klondyke then smiles and turns away, before leaving the room. Angelina looks startled, but then quickly picks herself up as she looks at Velvet and Madison.

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: Did you smell the body odour on her? I mean…woah…

Angelina then chuckles to herself but Madison and Velvet look concerned at the threats made by the huge Knockout.



Sojo Bolt & ODB vs. Klondyke

Prologue: Klondyke’s appearance on TNA has sent shockwaves over the Knockouts division, and two women she has kept her target locked on are Sojo Bolt and ODB, whom she attacked on the first edition of Voltage. Tonight, Bolt and ODB finally get the chance to face Klondyke in a handicap match, but will it be enough to keep the self-proclaimed ‘Alpha-Female’ down?

Recap: Klondyke entered the ring looking as if she had the match already won, but as soon as the bell rang, ODB and Sojo surprisingly double dropkicked Klondyke in the chest, sending her rolling through the middle rope and to the outside! She landed on her feet on the arena floor, but Bolt instantly went at her, jumping towards her with a cross body off the apron! But Klondyke was strong and caught her opponent…but ODB had this scouted as she came off the apron herself with a flying Lou Thesz press, taking Klondyke down finally! ODB then awaited Klondyke to stand and nailed her with a kick to the gut before hitting her with hard fist shots to the face, but suddenly, Klondyke blasted ODB with a knee lift and then pushed her backwards, sending her back first into the steel steps! Klondyke then menacingly walked towards ODB, but little did she know that Bolt was near by and she rocked her opponent with some kicks to the thigh! Hoping it would keep Klondyke at bay, Sojo dished out another three kicks, but soon Klondyke stood upright, grabbed Sojo by the hair and headbutted her, sending her sprawling to the floor! But Sojo wasn’t out of trouble yet, oh no, as Klondyke got a hold of the legs and picked Sojo up wheelbarrow style, before flinging her into the barricade headfirst! Sojo looked KO’d as Klondyke flexed her muscles to the crowd, before walking over to ODB and picking her up in a bearhug…before driving her back right into the steel post spinebuster style! Klondyke then rolled ODB into the ring and toyed around with the dirty one inside the ring, rocking her with some standing elbow drops before driving her hard into the turnbuckles! But Klondyke wasn’t done there…oh no, as in an amazing display of strength she picked ODB up on her shoulders torture rack style! ODB helplessly dangled in the air screaming out, but soon Sojo ran into the ring…but this gave Klondyke another chance to show her strength as she released one of her arms to grab Sojo and then deliver another heard headbutt to the skull! ODB was then dropped back first onto the mat painfully, as Klondyke then went towards Sojo and picked her off the mat! But Bolt was in the mood to fight back, punching Klondyke repeatedly in the gut and then hitting a nice kneeling jawbreaker before hitting some hard shots to the chest! But as she went to run off the ropes, Klondyke grabbed a handful of hair which sent Sojo back down to the mat almost on top of her head! In another show of strength, Klondyke then stood over Sojo and LIFTED her of the canvas with a double barrel chokehold, before dropping her in a standing position and then immediately going for a military press! Klondyke lifted Sojo in the air and even walked around with her for a while, before she saw ODB in her sights…and THREW Sojo right on top of ODB! With the two Knockouts now down, Klondyke then found time to taunt towards the jeering crowd, before she walked over to ODB and lifted her onto her shoulders! White Knuckle Ride time, maybe? It sure looked it, until Klondyke saw Sojo standing by also…and LIFTED HER IN A FIREMAN’S CARRY AS WELL! KLONDYKE HAD TWO KNOCKOUTS ON HER SHOULDERS! Luckily, though, Sojo jumped out and levelled Klondyke with a chop block, which allowed ODB to jump down…and then she DDT’d Klondyke’s head into the canvas! Cover…one…two…no, Klondyke kicks out! Sojo and ODB then glanced towards one another and then went for a double clothesline…but this only swayed Klondyke! They tried a second time…again, Klondyke didn’t fall down! Then, Sojo went to the side of her opponent…leg sweep on Klondyke as ODB hits a clothesline! Klondyke fell! Cover with both Knockouts adding pressure…one…two…again, Klondyke gets a shoulder up! The two then go for a double suplex, but Klondyke amazingly stands her ground before body blowing Sojo and then wriggling out to slam ODB with a big boot! Klondyke then scoops Sojo up and walks towards the ropes…before hitting a fall away slam onto Sojo which sends her over the top rope, onto the apron and then rolling to the arena floor! It is now Klondyke and ODB in the ring, and Klondyke thinks she has it easy…until ODB stands and brings the fight to her opponent, SPEARING her to the canvas! This has to be it…one…two…NO! Again, Klondyke kicks out! ODB then begins slapping herself as if to pull herself together, and when Klondyke stands ODB goes for a running cross body…but Klondyke catches her in a scoop! Then, almost in a repeat of last week, Klondyke manages to adjust ODB onto her shoulders…White Knuckle Ride! BOOM! The move hits, and Klondyke covers! Unsurprisingly, three counts later, Klondyke is announced as the winner!
Winner: Klondyke @ 6:01

Aftermath: The towering Klondyke stands to her feet, simply raising her arm in the air. The camera sees the destruction she has caused, with Bolt hurt on the outside and ODB completely obliterated mid ring! Klondyke responds to this with a simple grunt and a smile as she looks around, as the camera lingers on the huge body frame she possesses before zooming away.



The view opens on the arena, the camera circling the crowd as the voice of Don West appears over the moving imagery. Don tells the crowd that earlier this week, he got the opportunity to meet up with Samoa Joe and discuss his recent thoughts. Instantly, the camera brings us to a view of an empty arena, with the text partially covering the screen stating ‘earlier this week…’. Inside the ring are two chairs, and sitting on one is Don West and on another, Samoa Joe. Joe sits with his trademark towel over his head as Don looks towards Joe.

“Interviewer At This Time” Don West: Joe…before I get started, I just wanna thank you for being here and taking the time to answer to my questions…

Don then looks towards Joe but he gets no response, as Joe keeps his head down, focused.

“Interviewer At This Time” Don West: O…Okay then…first of all, I’m gonna jump right in at the deep hand and ask…come Sunday, you will be facing AJ Styles in a match at Victory Road for the TNA Legends Title. Just explain to me, will you, how focused you are in acclaiming that belt around your waist?

Joe then flicks his head back upright, and looks at Don.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Focused. You know, Don, it’s a strong word to use, but a word that my name can be assigned to any time, any place. Whatever I do, whatever I thrive to achieve, I make sure I’m focused before. As for Victory Road, my match against AJ Styles, I’m gonna be the most focused I’ve ever been. Because if you didn’t realise, that title is something I want to get, in order to get out of this rut I’m currently situated in. This rut that means no-one takes me seriously. But you see, I’m slowly but surely coming out of it, and that’s purely obvious by my attacks on AJ Styles over the space of the past few weeks.

“Interviewer At This Time” Don West: You see, I was hoping that would come up, and I’m glad it has because that brings me to my next question. Now I, alongside my broadcast colleague Joey Styles, have been studying your attacks on AJ Styles and they are nothing short of barbaric- the first week you made him cough up his own blood and last week, it ended with Styles getting hit with his own title belt and then becoming victim to a Muscle Buster through a table. So I gotta ask- your match at Victory Road, are you simply out there to destroy AJ Styles?

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: You know what, Don, well done. You’re a mind reader. But seriously, at Victory Road, I’m out to do two things. Yes, you got me, number one is to destroy AJ Styles. But number two I hear you ask? To take his title. In a company where titles mean everything, this makes winning a championship so much more vital to me. But then I’m a man who does everything it takes, and in my mind, I MUST destroy AJ Styles. It’s not a question of could I, or should I, it’s a question of WHEN I annihilate AJ Styles. And that will be at Victory Road. You’ve saw the statements I’ve made against him these past few weeks, so why can’t I do the same at the pay-per-view, huh?

“Interviewer At This Time” Don West: But, Joe, I have a feeling things might not be so easy…after all, don’t you think that your attacks are making AJ want redemption, rather than scaring him away?

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Want redemption…scaring him away…I don’t care. I don’t give a damn about AJ Styles’ feelings. I’m doing what’s best for me…and in fact, I’m having assistance in doing that. You see, these mind games aren’t being completely designed by me, you know, I admit to that. Someone else is behind this, and I’m doing all the dirty work as they conjure up another plan for me to become better, greater than everyone else in this business. And you see, I like that.

“Interviewer At This Time” Don West: What, wait a minute. So you’re saying someone else is behind this too, someone is giving you advice on what you should do? Who is it, Joe?

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Look, I’m gonna keep it under wraps. But rest assured, they’ve given me orders to follow at Victory Road and the Voltage show beforehand, and boy, those orders will be followed. Right down to the dotted line, right down to the script. But right now, I ain’t revealing them to nobody, and that includes you. But sooner rather than later, like AJ’s blood at Victory Road, the truth will soon come spilling out…

Joe then smirks at the camera before manically laughing, as Don West looks slightly uncomfortable as he watches on.


Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze vs. Eric Young w/ Taylor Wilde

Prologue: The feud between Eric Young and Kenny Omega stepped up a notch last week as a Taylor Wilde was announced as Young’s mystery partner for the mixed tag match against Daisy Haze and Omega. However, Omega and Haze still managed to pull off the victory. Tonight, Young wants another match against Omega to prove that he can beat him, but by his side will be Taylor Wilde who looks to keep the interfering Haze at bay.

Recap: A collar-elbow tie up started this match up, but after a number of technical holds and takedowns, things began to break down, with Young and Omega clearly seeking one thing- victory. Omega’s anger overcame himself and after the referee had to pull Young away from the cocky superstar, Omega quickly levelled Young with a forearm before punching his lights out as ‘Showtime’ lay on the floor! But after Omega then taunted at Taylor Wilde on the outside followed by a cheer of admiration by Haze, Omega ran into a world of trouble as Young dished out a nice inverted atomic drop before whipping his opponent against the ropes to follow up with a high back body drop! Omega then got back up to his feet but was given some lethal knife edge chops and another whip to the ropes, but this time Omega hooked his arms on the top rope, allowing him to then slide out of the ring and go over to Daisy on the outside. But Eric wasn’t in the mood for games, and he went outside to finish off procedures…only for Daisy to turn around and jump into his arms! Daisy smiled as Young looked confused, only for Young to then pass Haze over to Omega and smack him cleanly in the face, which caused Kenny to topple over with Haze in his grasp! Young then rolled Kenny back into the ring and spent a while staring down Haze, before finally deciding to go back into the ring, stepping one foot through the middle rope! However, Haze decided to stand to her feet and protest, which distracted Eric long enough for Omega to kick the middle rope, causing it to bolt right into Eric’s groin! Eric doubled over in pain, and this allowed Omega to dish out some back clubs and then sneak in a nice looking fisherman’s buster to his opponent! Cover…one…tw0, but Eric kicked out in time! Omega however was still on the offence, and he showed it by blasting Eric’s head off the turnbuckle and then stomping all over him before choking him with his boot! A snapmare was followed up by two hard soccer kicks to the back, before Kenny then locked in a nice looking double chickenwing. With the crowd on his side, Eric soon began to stand to his feet and even released one arm to dish out two back elbows, but when he went for his third, Omega ducked and hit a Northern lights suplex! Bridge…one…two…but no, instead of waiting for the three, Omega rolled back and then TRAPPED his opponent in a cross armbreaker! Daisy’s smile said it all…it looked like Eric might tap! But slowly and surely, he managed to crawl to the ropes, and got one hand on the bottom rope! However, Omega was back on the offence with some stomps, before throwing Eric towards the ropes and looking to catch him with a hurracanrana on the rebound…but Young reversed it into a lovely sit out powerbomb! Both superstars slumped to the floor, with the referee counting, but by five both had got to their feet. A forearm by Omega was followed by a forearm by Young which must have been repeated three or four times, before Young then blocked a shot and went all out with fist shots to Omega before taking him down with a nice standing dropkick! Omega got back up to his feet but Young then responded with an arm drag, followed by another, followed by a flapjack right onto the top turnbuckle! The move sent Omega dizzy, and he walked right into a kick to the gut by Young, who then followed up with a perfect swinging neckbreaker! Cover…one…two…no, Omega kicked out! The camera then zoomed to the outside where a sneaky Daisy Haze was climbing the ropes, which Taylor Wilde noticed and went to enter the ring herself but instead was held back by the ref! As Omega and Young exchanged blows in the ring, with a discus forearm sending Eric turning towards Haze, Haze got her position and jumped off with a missile dropkick…but Young moved! The dropkick hit KENNY! Omega instantly fell to the mat off the kick as Haze looked apologetic to her partner, and she turned around to meet an angry Eric Young. Young nodded his head and pointed at Daisy who pleaded with Young…only for Taylor Wilde to run over and hit a double foot dropkick to Haze which steamrolled her to the floor! The crowd went wild as Taylor then lifted Daisy up and threw her out of the ring, before following suit on the devious Knockout! Back to the ring, however, and a lift up by Young was counterattacked by Omega, who grasped onto Young’s trunks and sent him throat first into the middle rope! Young turned back around but Omega got him all set in a facelock, ready for an Aoi Shoudu! But Young spun himself out of it, and then went for a short arm clothesline, which Kenny ducked out of! Omega then locked in a rear waistlock, but Young managed to dig down deep with an arm drag! Kenny instantly popped to his feet and in desperation went for a wheelbarrow roll up…but bad call! Kenny was in prime position…Youngblood Neckbreaker! HIT IT! Young then crawled for the cover…and the three was made!
Winner: Eric Young @ 7:05

Aftermath: Young celebrates his victory happily, finally defeating Omega after weeks of constant torment! Young gets to his feet, and Taylor Wilde soon enters the ring next to him. Young realises this and happily lifts Taylor in the air- after all, she may have saved Young from a beating at the hands of Omega and Haze! However, as Taylor looks down at Eric, and Eric lurches his head forward…and plants a kiss on the lips of Taylor Wilde! Taylor looks shocked and Eric realises this, before dropping Taylor back onto her feet and shaking his head, and then walking away! Taylor looks on at Eric but then suddenly, she runs forward and tugs his arm…before the two then embrace in a long passionate kiss mid ring! The crowd go crazy as Young is released and smiles, with Wilde also smiling too. Could this be a new romance in TNA? It certainly looks like it, but meanwhile, Daisy makes a face as if she is going to throw up on the outside.


So Cal Val stands at the interview area, joined with Beer Money members James Storm, Robert Roode and Jackie Moore.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Beer Money, earlier tonight, we witnessed Hernandez get the victory in a fatal four way-

“The Pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore: Look, lady! If you want to ask questions, if you want to do some prime time television then why don’t you think in your little stupid brain before you do so!? You know that match was only a few moments ago, so didn’t you think in your head for one little second that perhaps right now, you’re asking questions on a very sore point, huh?

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But this is what I’ve been assigned to do, these are the questions I want answering…

“The Money Man” Robert Roode: Okay, whatever. Hernandez won, congratulations and all that crap. But that was this guy in singles competition, emphasis on the SINGLES. Tonight it wasn’t tag team competition. And besides, he didn’t pin the shoulders of James Storm to the mat, no. Instead, he pinned a weaker man to get the one, two, three, who may I add is on a weaker team than Beer Money.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: You’re right, it wasn’t, but may I add…it was contested under the same rules, in that the winner could have pinned anyone, just like it will be on Sunday…I mean, if that happens at Victory Road, then LAX would have been announced as new tag team champions…

“The Pride of Tennessee” Jackie Moore: Oh right, is that it!? You wanna see my fist SQUASH your little plastic face, huh?

Jackie then surges forward but she is stopped by James Storm, who pulls her back.

“The Cowboy” James Storm: Look, Jackie, she ain’t worth it…

Storm then pulls Jackie to the side and she begins to calm down, as Storm then snatches the microphone away from Val and looks into the camera.

“The Cowboy” James Storm: Tonight was just a fluke, and I mean it. You see, if I hadn’t been crotched on the top rope and then pushed down hard to the arena floor, I would be the one standing inside that ring as the winner. Not Hernandez. As Robert pointed out, my shoulders were not pinned to the ground, and that just proves that I’m a better man. I’m one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions for crying out loud. And at Victory Road- Team 3D, British Invasion and LAX especially- you better remember that! Now come on, let’s get the hell outta here…

Beer Money then walk away, with Jackie pushing past So Cal Val before they exit out of the camera shot.


As a repeat of last week, a video to hype the debuting Lisa Maria Veron appears on the broadcast. This time, however, the view is different. The video seems to show the view from a handheld camera with accompanied night vision as a person seems to be running away in a woodland environment. Accompanied with this is a soundtrack of heartbeats, increasing the terrifying ordeal that seems to be occurring. However, suddenly, the camera shakes violently as if the person holding it has fell over, and then rests on the floor. It points towards a hole where suddenly, someone comes crawling out of it, looking towards the camera. The woman is obviously Lisa Marie Veron but she looks so creepy as she crawls forwards to within a few yards from the camera. Suddenly, the camera is lifted up however and the view of Lisa disappears, until the camera is turned around…and revealed is Veron’s face in a shriek like posture…and the video ends. This is then accompanied with the text ‘LISA MARIE VERON…2 WEEKS AWAY.’


Christy Hemme vs. Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love © & Madison Rayne

Prologue: At Victory Road, Christy Hemme will go head to head with Angelina Love, with the TNA Women’s Knockouts Title on the line. However, first, she’s going to have to go through Velvet Sky, whose style is similar to Angelina Love and therefore will give Christy a good challenge as she counts down the days until the pay-per-view.

Recap: Velvet started the contest as soon as the bell rang, getting into Christy’s face and then aiming a slap in the cheek, only for Hemme to block it with her arm and go on the offence, striking Sky with her fists and then hip tossing her to the canvas not once, but twice! Sky then groggily got to her feet but was met by an angry Hemme, who wrapped her arms around Velvet’s waist and then drove her into the turnbuckles! Christy then stomped away on Velvet’s gut before the referee had to be involved, and as he discussed the rights and wrongs with Hemme, Love checked on Velvet who looked hurt! But Christy managed to scare Angelina away, before picking Velvet up by the hair and taking her to the middle of the ring to scoop slam her to the floor! Christy then taunted to the crowd before scaling to the top rope, only to notice Madison Rayne jump to the apron! Christy however had this scouted as she clotheslined Rayne off the apron, but with her attention distracted, Velvet snuck behind her opponent and levelled her with a forearm to the back which sent Christy rolling through the middle rope and to the arena floor! As Velvet grabbed the referee’s attention, Rayne and Love stomped the hell out of Hemme who lay prone on the floor, before rolling her back into the ring for Sky to finish her off! Sky simply mounted Hemme and began clubbing her face with fist shots, before strangling her on the floor! When the referee counted to four, Sky released the hold, only to throw Christy throat first into the second rope and then she applied a neck scissors over the second rope to Hemme, whilst cockily blowing kisses to the fans in the front row! Hemme turned away in pain after the hold was released, but Velvet swiftly entered the ring and slammed her opponent with a running one handed bulldog! Cover…one…two…but Hemme popped a shoulder up! This time, Velvet simply lifted Hemme to seated position and trapped her in a straightjacket chokehold, a move which Hemme looked incapable of getting out of at first, until the crowd momentum picked up and Hemme began standing! Slowly, Hemme managed to release herself, and then dropped down before grasping Velvet in a swift wheelbarrow roll-up! One…two…no, Sky kicked out! Both Knockouts then got to their feet with Velvet aiming for a clothesline, only for Christy to duck and level Velvet with some hard knife edge chops, followed by a clothesline! Velvet got back up to her feet, but was met with another clothesline, before Christy executed a split legged jawbreaker to her opponent followed up by a snap suplex! Floatover cover…one…two…no, Velvet kicks out! Christy then looked away, but this allowed Velvet to quickly roll underneath the bottom rope and seek refuge on the outside. Instantly she was met by her Beautiful People protégées who made sure she was okay, but as Velvet stood to her feet, this worked to a top rope bound Christy’s favour…whom FLEW off and hit all three members of The Beautiful People with a cross body plancha! Christy celebrated her feat on the outside with the joyous fans, before she rolled Velvet back in the ring and then stomped on Madison and Angelina for good measure! Christy then entered the ring, but as soon as she got within yards of Velvet, the ‘beautiful one’ snuck in a mean thumb to the eye…before BLASTING Hemme with a Lungblower! Unique move there by Velvet, and she covered! One…two…NO! Christy kicked out of the move! Velvet went mad at the referee, ordering him to count faster next time until she went back to Hemme whom she whipped into the turnbuckles! However, Velvet then went full force towards Christy with a running shoulder thrust, but Hemme managed to lift her body upwards and executed the splits on the top rope…before dropping down into a beautiful sunset flip pin! The roll up was tight…one…two…THREE! Christy got it!
Winner: Christy Hemme @ 5:49

Aftermath: Velvet Sky looks shocked as she gets to a crouching position on the floor, with Hemme standing to her feet slowly and celebrating her victory! The referee raises Christy’s hand upwards, but then lets her celebrate alone as he exits the ring! But Angelina Love is up on the outside, and she seizes the opportunity…callously sliding into the ring with title in hand, she lurches forward and BAM! Love drops Hemme to the floor after bashing her in the back of the head with her Knockouts title belt! Love looks furious as she looks on at a downed Hemme, but Rayne and Sky quickly stomp over Hemme before lifting her upwards by the arms! Angelina then grabs onto Hemme’s cheeks with one hand and shouts ‘this is why you will NEVER be the champion…whore!’ before slapping her hard in the face! Love then steps back a little and gestures towards Rayne and Sky, who instantly push Hemme forward…and she is planted with the Lights Out by the champ! Hemme lies unconscious on the floor, as Love then places her feet by the side of Hemme and then lifts her title in the air, as Rayne and Sky applaud their stable member happily.


“Colour Commentator” Don West: If Angelina Love wanted to make a point right there…my did she do it! Christy better be careful going into her match at Victory Road, because Angelina looked avid to keep hold of her title…

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Yeah, you’re right…but swiftly moving on, because in a couple of moments time, we’re going to see the match we’ve all been waiting for, as AJ Styles teams up with Mark Jindrak to take on Matt Morgan and Samoa Joe in tag team competition.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Too right, we’ve had a lot of exciting action here on Voltage so far but nothing is going to match this contest, which let me tell you, just screams pay-per-view quality. I mean, we’ve got four guys who literally-

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Don…Don…sorry to interrupt, wait there a second…

Joey then places his finger to his ear so he can hear what’s being ordered to him down his earpiece more clearly. After three seconds, he flicks his head back up looking more than concerned.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Oh my…I’ve just had word that’s something going on backstage involving AJ Styles…cameras, can you get back there…? My, it doesn’t sound good…guys, please can we go to the back…?


The cameras instantly head backstage upon request and the scene opens up to a lively locker room. The camera man pushes past several paramedics, and then the camera lens falls onto what it wants to witness…A FALLEN AJ STYLES! The TNA Legends Champ looks motionless on the floor, as several paramedics gather around him, all talking over one another. After five/six seconds, someone else begins to push past the paramedics, and it appears to be the TNA Voltage owner himself, Jeff Jarrett.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: My god…what the hell has happened here…?

Jeff then looks around but then his focus falls onto Mark Jindrak, who stands upright looking shocked at a downed AJ Styles.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Mark…can you answer my question!?

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: I don’t…I don’t know…I came to ask AJ if he was ready to go over plans for our match…but I found him like this…

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: What do you mean you found him like this? Was there anyone else, Mark? Did you see anyone else?

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: No…no I didn’t…but what about our match, Jeff? What about the tag match? It’s next, Jeff, and I haven’t got a partner…

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: No, look. You trust me, you’re match will go ahead…

“The Reflection of Perfection” Mark Jindrak: But what about AJ?

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Look, you listen to me…you go out there for the match…I promise you, I’ll think of something…trust me, I’ll think of something…

Mark then nods his head and walks away, as Jeff looks down at a fallen Styles before retaining focus on a paramedic.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Is he gonna be okay?

Paramedic: I don’t know…he seems to have suffered a blow to the head…I can’t tell right now whether it’s serious or not…

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: God damn it…I know who’s behind this. You keep your eye on him…I’ve got something I gotta do…

Paramedic: Yes sir…

The paramedic then tends to AJ as Jeff walks away.




In the segment that should have been the Main Event tag team match, Samoa Joe and Matt Morgan arrive first out for the match with a barrage of jeers directed their way. Both look pretty smug as they walk down to the ring like a well-oiled cohesive unit, simply smirking all the way down to the ring as they enter. They step inside and warm up, before Mark Jindrak’s music blasts out of the PA system and he walks down to the ring looking cautious. When he gets down to the apron, his music stops and Mark simply awaits for what’s next. With no other music playing out and with Matt and Joe taunting Mark, ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ begins to cautiously step up to the apron, and looks straight towards his opponent. Joe smiles and then goes to walk over…but is suddenly stopped by the theme music of Jeff Jarrett that blasts over the PA system! Jarrett comes out, and weirdly he seems dressed to compete, donning his trunks, knee pads and wrestling boots with a t-shirt over the top! In his hand is a microphone, an object that Jeff speaks down as his music dies away as he stands on the entrance stage.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Matt Morgan…Samoa Joe…I know exactly what you’ve done! You think that by attacking AJ Styles from behind is gonna make things better, don’t you? You think that right now, your match is gonna just be both of you perpetrators facing off against Mark Jindrak in a handicap match, is that right?

The camera then heads to the ring where Joe and Matt nod their head approvingly, until the camera glances back at Jeff who stands furiously on the stage.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Well you know what? THINK AGAIN!

The crowd cheer Jeff’s words as Joe furiously kicks the bottom rope in annoyance at Jeff’s attitude.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Because you know, this plan of yours is going to blow up in your face right now. And I’m gonna be the man that pulls the trigger, because I am SICK and I am TIRED of having to deal with you too SAVAGES constantly wrecking my plans for MY show, week after week after week. So I tell you what I’m gonna do. Mark Jindrak is not going to be alone tonight, because Mark Jindrak will have a partner. If I get fired for this, I don’t give a crap, if I get in trouble, then at least I know I did it for a worthy cause. Because you know who Mark’s partner is gonna be?

A brief pause follows, as Joe and Matt look confused in the ring.

“TNA Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: It’s gonna be…ME!

The crowd roar in approval of this, as Jeff rips his top off and begins walking down the ramp! Meanwhile in the ring, Joe stares straight at Jeff as Matt Morgan states to Joe ‘that wasn’t in the plan!’ as he paces around nervously. Jindrak awaits Jeff to make it down the ramp, and when he does, the two high five one another before entering the ring! Jindrak meets a charging Morgan with a knee lift to the gut before hitting several blows to the sternum which keeps ‘The Blueprint’ cornered! Meanwhile, Jeff dodges a clothesline attempt from Joe and goes all out with some heavy strikes to the face, before kicking the Samoan in the gut and then throwing him through the middle rope and to the outside! Jindrak keeps his focus on Morgan, and manages to back body drop him over the top rope as Jarrett and Jindrak look like a successful combination as they stand mid ring, ready for the match that is soon to follow.


Main Event
Tag Team
Samoa Joe & Matt Morgan vs. Mark Jindrak & Jeff Jarrett

Recap: Joe and Morgan kept their distance from Jarrett and Jindrak in the early part of the match, but soon they had to face the music. Morgan volunteered to get into the match first but that may have been his downfall, as an angry Jindrak wasted no time with tie-ups and instead started brawling with his nemesis! The referee had to step in as the action heated up by the ring ropes, but as Jindrak was pulled away, Morgan tried to sneak in a hard lariat! Jindrak ducked however and then fired away with forearms to the face of Matt, before simply dropping him to the floor where he could fight with his opponent even more! However, Mark managed to lock in an armbar before tagging in Jeff, who climbed to the second rope and hit a double axe handle to the arm of Morgan! Jeff then hit a couple of fury punches to the face of Matt, before grabbing ‘The Blueprint’ in a headlock and rapidly punching the head numerous times! The crowd went wild for Jeff, who then tagged Jindrak back in who dished out more punishment. However, after a run to the ropes, Jindrak was in trouble as Morgan managed to grab the head of ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ and tossed him over the top rope…only for Mark to hold on and retain his footing on the apron! Matt then ran forward but was met with a hard shoulder thrust to the gut, and Samoa Joe was then kicked in the gut for trying to interfere before Jindrak then snapped Morgan’s throat off the top rope! However, the rebound sent Matt wildly flying back and bumping the referee slightly, which proved as the pivotal distraction for Joe to dodge a fist shot by Jindrak and then push him with force into the steel post! Jindrak fell to the arena floor in pain but he was in Joe’s territory, and Joe showed this by slamming Jindrak’s face off the steel post. Jeff Jarrett may have walked over but the referee managed to slide out of the ring and restrain Jeff, which then only allowed Joe to smash Jindrak’s face off the steel steps! Jindrak was then rolled back into the ring where a smiling Morgan went for the cover…but only two! Nonetheless, Morgan was now in control and he showed it by backing Jindrak into the corner and wildly throwing eight back elbows at the superstar, leaving him seated against the corner! A tag into Joe was then proven as vital as Joe instantly ran forward and BAM, hit the low-angle Yakuza kick to the face of Jindrak! Jindrak slumped against the ropes as Joe smiled cockily towards Jeff, whom looked desperate to intervene. But as Joe dragged Jindrak towards the centre of the ring, one thing was clear- Jindrak was bleeding from the forehead! Joe saw this as the opportunity for a cover…one…two…but no, Jindrak somehow kicked out. Joe then viciously wiped Jindrak’s face into the canvas, the blood smearing the canvas, before he then saw the blood of Jindrak on his hands…and wiped it over his chest! Jarrett looked on in disgust from the corner but all he could do was watch as Joe scooped Mark to the canvas before blasting him with a running senton back splash! The cover again, but only two, so Joe then tagged in Morgan, with both then doubling up to dish out a hard double DDT to their opponent! Morgan instantly went off the cover…only two yet again, as Mark wasn’t giving up! Morgan then decided to mount Jindrak and pummelled him with fists, causing the blood to now flow profusely from Jindrak’s scratched forehead! That wasn’t all however as Morgan then dragged Jindrak underneath the bottom rope before using his boot to crush the head of Jindrak against the canvas! Morgan finally released and then cockily taunted a kneeling and bloody Jindrak to punch him in the face, but the blood was simply dripping all over the place causing Jindrak to fall exhaustedly. Morgan then went for a shot of his own…but no, Jindrak blocked…and began firing back with three right hands whilst on his knees! Slowly Jindrak then got to his feet, ran forward…but no! Morgan caught Jindrak with a back breaking sidewalk slam! This could be it…one…two…NO! But the damage had been done and Morgan tagged Joe back in, who walked up to Jeff Jarrett and began taunting cockily at him some more, provoking Jarrett so much so he began to enter the ring in anger! But again the referee intervened, allowing Matt and Joe to stomp over a bloody Jindrak! Joe then locked Mark in a sleeper hold and it looked like it might have been lights out for the ‘Perfect’ star, but as the referee dropped the hand twice, he looked for a third drop of the hand…but Jindrak halted! Jindrak then began to slowly stand to his feet, and after a few back elbows to the sternum, he ran backwards driving Joe into the corner! Joe however went to follow this up with a lariat, but Jindrak ducked underneath, leapt to the second buckle…and then FLEW off with an awe-inspiring twisting clothesline which took Joe down! Jeff now screamed for the tag, his hand outreached as Jindrak crawled forwards, but Morgan entered the ring and tried dragging Jindrak away…only for Jindrak to use his leg strength and push Morgan onto his back…and then finally tagged in his partner! Jeff entered and boy was he on fire, turning Morgan around to dish out some closed fist shots and knife edge chops before slamming his face off the top turnbuckle and going for the patented 10 punch at the turnbuckles! All 10 punches were received, with Jarrett then jumping down and levelling Matt with an inverted atomic drop! Jarrett then turned around and saw a crouching Samoa Joe, but decided to baseball slide him, sending him out to the arena floor! However, when Jeff turned around, Morgan was back to a standing position and grasped Jeff in a chokehold! With the hold applied, Jeff looked in a hell of a lot of trouble…but suddenly a bloody Mark Jindrak came out of nowhere and tackled Morgan which inadvertently knocked the referee down also, and sent the pair falling to the arena floor! The brawl between these two then stepped up as Mark clotheslined Morgan over the barricade, and the two fought inside the crowd…before leaving the arena! This left Jeff inside the ring, and he noticed a crawling Joe near the turnbuckles…Jeff called for Joe to stand and slowly but surely the Samoan did so. Jeff then ran forwards with a jumping lariat…but Joe caught him and BOOM, STJoe! Joe simply stood over the Voltage owner and then awaited him to stand…before trapping him in the Rear Naked Choke! With the referee down, this allowed Joe to squeeze the life out of Jarrett, and the Voltage owner was slowly drifting in and out of consciousness, until…


The familiar music hit the PA system and all eyes turned towards the entrance ramp…OUT CAME AJ STYLES! The TNA Legends Champion was alive and kicking! The crowd went wild as Joe released the hold on Jarrett and then stood to his feet, staring towards AJ who seemed to be holding his neck in pain! But nonetheless, AJ then leapt onto the apron! Joe went to meet AJ with a punch but AJ blocked it before unleashing three fist shots to the temple before snapping Joe’s throat off the top rope! Joe fell to his knees and crawled away, then as he stood up and turned around…AJ SMASHED him with a springboard forearm! The crowd heat had no picked up ten-fold as AJ hadn’t finished there as he grasped Joe in a headlock and began firing away at his face with rapid fist shots! Joe however began to stand up and managed to use his body weight to finally push AJ away with force, sending him into the corner buckles! Joe then revived himself and ran forward…but AJ ducked, set himself up…and then LEVELLED a running Joe with a beautiful Pele Kick! Joe stumbled, but AJ followed up quickly by kicking Joe in the gut, set him up…and then BLASTED his nemesis with a Styles Clash! Joe was laid out on the mat, as Styles then revived the referee before exiting the ring and waiting on the arena floor! The referee crawled forwards as Jeff looked around…and then hooked Joe’s legs! One…two…THREE! Jeff and Jindrak, with a little help from AJ Styles, won the match!
Winners: Jeff Jarrett & Mark Jindrak @ 12:15

Aftermath: The crowd go wild at the result, happy that finally, the brutal Samoan has been overcome. AJ pulls Jeff outside of the ring and drapes his arm over his shoulder as all eyes are turned towards the celebrating Styles and Jarrett. As AJ and Jeff look forward, the camera is left lingering on Samoa Joe, who soon sits up and has an angry expression plastered over his face as the show comes to an end.


Voltage confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only three weeks away!

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Christy Hemme vs. Angelina Love ©

TNA World Tag Team Titles Match
Four Corner Elimination Tag Team
Beer Money © vs. LAX vs. The British Invasion vs. Team 3D

Falls Count Anywhere
Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

TNA Legends Title Match
AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Wednesday, 1st July 2009

Quick Results
- Hernandez def. Doug Williams, D-Von Dudley and James Storm in a four corner match after drilling Doug with a scoop sit-out powerbomb followed by the three counts.
- Klondyke def. Sojo Bolt & ODB under handicap rules after managing to hit a White Knuckle Ride on ODB which gained her the three counts.
- Eric Young def. Kenny Omega after blasting him with a Youngblood Neckbreaker before following up with the succesful pin attempt.
- Christy Hemme def. Velvet Sky after a sunset flip pin from out of the corner kept Velvet's shoulders down for the three.
- Jeff Jarrett & Mark Jindrak def. Samoa Joe & Matt Morgan after AJ Styles interfered in the match up and slammed Joe with a Styles Clash. This gave Jeff the opening to hook the legs of Joe to obtain the one two three.
In other news...

- Some new stars are being lined up for Voltage's main roster. TNA talent scouts have been scouring the independent scene to find faces that would be suitable for the show's roster, and they are rumoured to be interested in a whole range of talent. All will be confirmed at a future date.

- This week's TNA Voltage Webmatch saw Sheik Abdul Bashir take on indy talent Phil Atlas. In a blatant match to put Bashir over, Atlas fought his hardest, even dishing out a very nice sit out wheelbarrow facebuster which was seconds away from getting the one, two, three. However, Bashir managed to take the knees out of Atlas, and then blasted him with a snap DDT for the three counts.

- TNA Voltage managed to pull a 1.0 rating for last night's show, it's best rating so far. ECW on Sci-Fi meanwhile pulled a 1.5 rating over on Sci-Fi.

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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