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Learning to break kayfabe
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Voltage Results

“Adding Fuel To The Fire”
Tuesday, 30th June 2009

A recap of what went down last week between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles is played to the audience, showing how Joe interrupted Styles’ inauguration to the show before starting an all out brawl with AJ in the ring and shoving down Jeff Jarrett. The video then moves on to depict Jeff Jarrett announcing that Joe and AJ would be teaming up later that night to face Beer Money Incorporated, and then the highlights of that match is then shown, focusing specifically on all the hints Joe gave in the match that led to him turning his back on AJ. This is shown in a quick fire clip manner, showing AJ leaning for the tag but Joe not accepting it, before showing Joe watching on as Styles is given a D.W.I. The clip then shows the post-match attack by Joe, before it culminates in Joe locking in his Rear Naked Chokehold. The final set of images sees Jarrett running down to the arena with a hoard of referees, before the images end with a shot of Jarrett’s concerned face and then Joe’s smug smile as he walks to the back.



The cameras zoom to the commentators table where standing by is resident play-by-play commentator, Joey Styles, and colour commentator, Don West.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Hello there TNA fans and welcome to tonight’s ground-breaking edition of Voltage, live from The Voltage Zone in Fort Lauderdale, Florida! Tonight we will witness the fallout, the exact outcome, of the drama that unfolded last week on Voltage.

As the commentator’s continue, graphics of matches/ segments appear in front of the viewer.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: That’s exactly right, Joey, and more specifically, we’re going to hopefully find out why Samoa Joe did what he did to AJ Styles last week in a completely shocking attack that left Styles choking up blood in-ring.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: Not only do we have that though- which will surely keep all you viewers glued to your seats- but tonight we will also witness Team 3D get a shot at revenge as they face Beer Money Incorporated for the TNA World Tag Team Titles.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And after losing to Beer Money at Slammiversary, Joey, thanks to Jackie Moore’s interference, Team 3D will be out to settle the score in what looks set to be a hotly anticipated contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And amazingly, that isn’t everything that’s covered. Tonight, we will also see the ring debut of ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ himself, Mark Jindrak, as he goes toe-to-toe with Sheik Abdul Bashir.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Last week we saw Mark Jindrak enter TNA with a bang as he entered the ring to have a confrontation with Matt Morgan, which finally culminated with Jindrak knocking Morgan out with a mean Left Hook. My question is, what part will Morgan play in Jindrak’s match tonight?

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And talking of last week, the last episode of Voltage was focused on returns, as both Sirelda and Christy Hemme returned to the TNA broadcast in shocking ways. Tonight, we have been promised by Jeff Jarrett to witness both Knockouts in action as they make their in ring re-debuts tonight!

However, suddenly a well known theme music erupts out of the PA system, and all eyes turn to the entrance stage…as out comes Voltage owner, and TNA executive, Jeff Jarrett! Jarrett has in his hand a microphone and he looks pretty solemn as he walks to the ring, before finally stepping in between the ropes and awaiting his music to stop as he stands mid-canvas. Finally, the music comes to an end and Jeff draws a breath before he speaks down the mic.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: As the owner of a new show, it comes as no surprise that tonight, I come down here with both good, and bad, news. But let me start this show with a high point, because that’s what all you fans deserve. Last week’s Voltage was an instant success, with fans not only in North America, but worldwide. And maybe, just maybe, the first show of Voltage helped all eyes turn towards the broadcast, and furthers the lifespan of TNA. You see, it makes me happy when I read that Voltage may have topped iMPACT. It makes me happy that we have finally found something to rival other federations. It makes me happy that we are just one step further in becoming the greatest federation in wrestling today.

The crowd erupt in cheers, chanting ‘Vol-tage!’ ‘Vol-tage!’ in unison.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: But you see, as I said previously, with my walk down to the ring comes some bad news. And that bad news, it affects the broadcast tonight. Because you see, last week we all witnessed something shocking, something completely out of the ordinary and brutal. And because of that, it leads me to the bad news I’m unfortunately gonna have to drop. Because of the actions last week, tonight…the face of Voltage, the TNA Legends Champion, AJ Styles, is not scheduled to be on the broadcast.

Boos fill the arena, causing Jeff to look away for a second before retaining his focus.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Instead AJ is rumoured not to be here. Instead, AJ is shacked up at home, with his neck in a neck brace because of the actions of one brutal individual, who conducted a vicious attack on the TNA Legends Champion! And who was that man, or preferably, that animal? It was Samoa Joe.

The crowd boo at the sound of Joe’s name before Jeff continues.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You see, we had all seen what Joe is capable of before last week, and it was sheer dominance. But then last week, he took that to a new level, a new level of brutality and violence. He left the TNA Legends Champion, AJ Styles, coughing up his own blood mid-ring after one of the most barbaric attacks I’ve seen in a long, long time. Now I’m not gonna call Joe out and discuss this with him, because I’m certain he’s so cock-sure that he doesn’t need to give anyone any answers. But I demand answers, and I believe you fans have a right to get them. But, you see, the only way to do that is to strike a deal with Samoa Joe…give him something that he wants, that he strives to obtain. So, you know what, here’s what I’m gonna do.

The noise of the crowd dies down as they await Jeff’s announcement, which Jarrett looks hard to get out of his mouth.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: What I’m gonna do is simple. I’m gonna grant Samoa Joe a match, a match so special. Because at Victory Road, Samoa Joe will be facing AJ Styles for the TNA Legends Title!

The crowd gasp at the announcement until Jeff continues.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Now I know what most of you are thinking. Joe doesn’t deserve this. And hell, I don’t think he does either. I mean, in one two-hour show last week, he caused so much chaos, so much destruction. But you know what, I’ve spoke to AJ about this, and as far as he’s concerned Joe…he’s more than willing to-in his own words- ‘kick your ass.’ And you see Joe, if you want to go out and make a statement by pulverising someone, then you better expect to deal with the consequences. So I’ve had the benefit of the doubt. Does that mean I’m surrendering to the cocky attitude of Samoa Joe? No. No it does not.

Jeff then stares into the camera lens, causing it to zoom close to his face.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Because, Samoa Joe, if you think you’re gonna get away with everything you did last week, in near putting my show in jeopardy, then you better think again. Now I’m not gonna punish you, because after all I’m supposed to be taking a back seat role- all I do is overlook things and book the right matches. But what I can promise you is this. When AJ Styles is fully recuperated, hell, whether that be tonight, next week, next month, he will be hunting for you, Joe. When I spoke to AJ earlier this week, I’ve never heard him sound so determined, so dedicated in coming back to Voltage to finish what YOU started. So, as I said, Joe, I want answers, but I’m leaving it up to you to give them to not only me, but to AJ, and all these fans. And as for your actions last week, well, trust me…they WILL come back to haunt you.

Jeff then smiles at the camera, before walking to the ropes and then stepping out of the ring, as the crowd heat picks up.


So Cal Val is standing by with the large, impressive Knockout, Sirelda.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Hello TNA Voltage fans, you’re joining me So Cal Val backstage with my guest at this time, Sireld-

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Look, pretty lady, let me get one thing straight. The name is not Sirelda. That was so last four years ago when I joined TNA and then immediately got shot down in the space of five minutes. No, you see, because now I feel I need a new change. So, from now on, I go by the name of Klondyke, and I answer to nothing else.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Okayy…umm, ‘Klondyke’…last week we saw you enter TNA with a vengeance, as you completely obliterated ODB and Sojo Bolt after their competitive match up in the ring. My question to you is, why did you choose to victimise these two Knockouts over anyone else?

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Victimise? Pish posh, puh-lease, I did more than victimise! As you said yourself, I totally obliterated them! Not only did I do that, I stalked them like my prey, and then I pounced upon them when they were ready, when they were fresh. You ask me why victimise Sojo Bolt and ODB, why not? They’re both standing in my way of gaining superstar status in TNA, and I proved to the whole world last week that they are nothing more than a joke to this industry, a joke to this Knockouts division in general. You see, they both don’t have the guts, they both don’t have the determination to get one over on me, and trust me, through the next few weeks, you’ll see them try, but I promise you, they’ll be unsuccessful against this mean machine…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But speaking of ‘trying’, tonight you get to face ODB in a match which ODB requested herself. Obviously ODB must be enraged by what occurred last week?

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: Yeah, she probably is, but so what? Seriously, so frickin what? What more can ODB do, spit whisky in my face? Because you know what, even if she tries, I will get my hands around her tiny little neck and squeeze all the alcohol, all the dirt right out of her!

Klondyke turns towards the camera.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: You see, ODB, you can ‘challenge’ all you want, but this is a challenge you’re going to lose. You’ve made a big mistake rushing to the GM’s office and requesting a match, because obviously you haven’t taken a real look at me, a real look at my physical capabilities, have you? I mean, look at my arms!

Klondyke then flexes her biceps to the camera.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: A bit like tree trunks, don’t you think. And my abdomen…

The camera then zooms onto the Knockout’s abdomen, which is toned and rippled.

“The Alpha-Female” Klondyke: …as toned as it will ever be. You see, these physical attributes I have, they exceed over you, and I’m sure if you’re watching this, you’re gonna be quaking in your boots. Obviously what I did to you last week further declined your brain cells, because this challenge you’ve given me is stupid, stupid on your part. Because I’ve already won. But I’m not backing down tonight, ODB, oh no. You say you want a dispute, then I’m willing to face you. Because tonight, I’m going to reveal you as the dirty little scut you really are! And if anyone of your friends wants to get involved, and that includes you Sojo Bolt, then listen to me when I say this...I will RIP YOUR HEAD OFF!

Klondyke then smiles in a twisted way into the camera lens, before finally turning away. The camera shot leaves us with Val looking visibly repulsed by Klondyke’s objection, before the show continues.


Klondyke vs. ODB

Prologue: Last week’s Voltage saw the return of the large alpha-female, Klondyke, who decimated ODB and Sojo Bolt after a tense match-up between the two. Tonight, Klondyke looks set for further destruction, as she takes on ODB in a one-on-one contest. But with the self-proclaimed ‘dirtiest Knockout’ looking for retribution, will it be easier said than done for the large athlete?

Recap: ODB seemed to waste no time in the match up, squaring up to Klondyke straight after the bell was rung. But Klondyke was powerful, pushing ODB to the floor off every tie-up attempt, and standing her ground when ODB went for a rear gutwrench to slam her hip into ODB’s stomach! Klondyke then grasped ODB by the hair, and catapulted her half way down the ring, before slamming her head into the top turnbuckle not once, not twice, but three times, before using her size 10 boot to choke ODB in the corner. After flashing the crowd a grimacing stare, Klondyke then turned around…only to be met by a flurry of forearm shots to the chest by ODB! This rocked Klondyke a little, but not enough as she caught ODB off the running attempt and planted her with a sidewalk slam! Only a two count could suffice, as ODB crawled to the ropes, but Klondyke then used her leg and forced it over ODB’s upper body, choking her over the second rope! This may have been painful, but Klondyke then followed this up by running towards ODB, and hitting a running leg lariat to ODB as she was hung over the second rope. The referee counted the fall that followed…but Klondyke lifted ODB’s shoulder up for her just before the three, before grasping her up by the hair and then executing a nice snap suplex. ODB looked in a world of trouble, but Klondyke looked like that would be extended as she locked in a standing double chokehold, before using her strength to lift ODB in the air! ODB responded with some fist shots to the head, but Klondyke retaliated by dropping the ‘dirty’ one back first onto the turnbuckles! ODB looked in a world of trouble as she groggily rested against the buckles, but luckily she managed to move out of Klondyke’s body splash in the corner, as Klondyke eat turnbuckle! ODB now tried to capture the momentum, hitting some standing lariats to the large women’s athlete in the corner, before then hitting a running lariat to a now standing Klondyke! However, the large alpha-female simply swayed side to side…and then invited ODB to try again! She did, this time harder, but Klondyke continued to simply sway and not fall. ODB then screamed out for a third attempt, but Klondyke caught her…and planted her back first onto the canvas with a belly-to-belly side slam! This move would have probably got Klondyke the victory, but she wasn’t looking for a win- she was looking to full out destroy ODB! She lifted ODB up and seated her onto the top turnbuckle, and then looked set to climb up after her. But being the fighter she is, ODB tried to stop this with some solid forearms and a bite to the head, before pushing Klondyke away! Standing on the middle turnbuckle, ODB then leapt off going for her patented Diving Lou Thesz Press…but Klondyke caught her, and then SHOOK her like a rag doll with a body squeezing bearhug! When Klondyke was done, she simply slammed ODB to the floor, her back impacting off the canvas, and hard! But that wasn’t all. Klondyke then lifted ODB off the floor, set her up on her shoulders…and then drilled her with the spinning fireman’s carry facebuster, which the fans later found out was called the ‘White Knuckle Ride’! Three counts later, Klondyke was announced the winner.
Winner: Klondyke @ 3:59

Aftermath: The dirty work has been done, and Klondyke looks to the crowd with a menacing stare as ODB lies unconscious. However, as she takes one look back at ODB, Klondyke doesn’t look done there as she walks over to her fallen opponent and grabs a handful of hair, looking to pick ODB up off the floor. However, suddenly she is stopped by a club to the back by none other than Sojo Bolt! Bolt must be looking for retribution after what Klondyke did last week, and she fires away on Klondyke’s back! But Klondyke is mean and menacing and it accounts to little effect as she turns around immediately and shoves Sojo to the floor, sending her rolling to the outside! However, Sojo immediately gets to her feet and grabs a steel chair from near the commentator’s booth! With Klondyke thinking all is clear, ODB is lifted off the ground again and it looks like Klondyke may execute another White Knuckle Ride…but suddenly Sojo ejects herself into the ring, and SLAMS a steel chair over Klondyke’s back! Klondyke falls to one knee as Bolt immediately drops the chair and then drags ODB to the outside, and both stagger backwards away from the large alpha-female up the entrance ramp! However, the strength of Klondyke is then shown as she stands to her feet as if the chair didn’t hit her, and then she kicks the chair away so that it slides and then bounces along the arena floor! The final shot sees a terrified Sojo Bolt and a weary ODB before cutting to an angry Klondyke who has scaled the ropes slightly in order to convey her anger.


We join So Cal Val who is standing by in the interview area with Matt Morgan by her side.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: I am joined here now by Matt Morgan, and Matt…oh wait…looks like you’ve got a bit of a shiner there…

The camera then zooms closer to Morgan’s face, and it reveals a swollen black eye, the area that Mark Jindrak possibly mangled last week after a devastating punch to the region following an in ring scuffle.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Thanks Sherlock Holmes, you know, thanks for detecting that for me. Like I didn’t know already, like I haven’t been walking around this arena and everyone’s been staring at me funny ever since I walked through those front doors today. But whatever, so what, I’ve got a black eye, who gives a crap, right? I mean, in my perspective, this black eye symbolises the violent, aggressive nature of Mark Jindrak, a man who can simply blow off the handle after the tiniest verbal abuse possible…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But Matt, I wouldn’t say calling Mark a ‘pathetic husband and father’ was the tiniest verbal abuse possible…

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: Whatever, Val, like your opinion counts. You see, I was only telling Mark Jindrak the truth, and he was too much of a coward to let it seep into his ears. So instead of conforming to an argument like most natural people would do, he did this, but that just sums Mark Jindrak up as a brutal, unpredictable human being. No, I wouldn’t even go as far as calling him a human being, especially after what he did to me, punching me square in the face when he knew full well I wasn’t ready for a fight.

Morgan then tends to his injury for a little while, taking a pause, before turning his intentions back to the microphone whilst slowly turning his head towards the camera.

“The Blueprint” Matt Morgan: But Mark Jindrak, from now on, I’m gonna make sure that what happened last week, it never happens again. You see, like I’ve said before, you think you can walk into MY territory and all of a sudden become the biggest badass in MY company, then you can think again. Now, I know tonight that you’ve got a match up against Sheik Abdul Bashir, call it a little warm-up if you will. But you know what, I’ve decided that tonight I’m gonna go out there and sit on commentary, and watch. That’s right, watch. And then I’ll see how you like it, I’ll see how you feel when someone invades YOUR space. Hopefully it will make you feel at edge, hopefully it will make you feel uncomfortable…because that’s what I’m rooting for.

Morgan then abruptly turns and walks away from the scene.



Eric Young vs. Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze

Prologue: The debut of Kenny Omega last week showcased the fans of what this guy was capable of in a TNA ring, but the gloating after the match really got on one man’s nerves, and that was Eric Young. Young gave Omega an option, he either put up or shut up, and challenged Kenny to this match right here tonight. However it wasn’t Omega who accepted the challenge- it was in fact his protégée, Daisy Haze, who had previously helped Omega win his match earlier that night.

Recap: Chain wrestling dominated the get go of this contest, with each competitor edging to out do the other. Omega at first looked like he had the upper hand after pulling Young down off a high wristlock, but Young responded with a nice standing dropkick which sent Omega crawling to the ropes where Daisy Haze checked him over to ensure all was okay. But Young was adamant, lifting Omega off the floor and then throwing him face first into the buckles before dropping him with some hard mudhole stomps! Omega crawled away from the pain, but Young then whipped him off the ropes and hit a nose breaking back elbow which only achieved a two. Omega looked hurt off the elbow and crawled towards the referee, distracting his attention as Young looked a little shocked at perhaps breaking this young superstar’s face. But as he turned around, it was all a plan…as Haze leapt to the second turnbuckle and drilled Young with a nice diving tornado DDT! Young rolled off the impact but got to his feet, visibly confused, but this gave Omega the opening to run up and drill Eric with a double knee lift to the back, sending him flying face first into the second buckle! Eric looked hurt, but the pin that followed only gave Kenny the unwanted two counts. Omega may have argued with the referee, but he had plenty more tricks up his sleeve, including a choke over the second rope! The referee counted to four, pulling Omega away, but Daisy got herself involved in the match yet again by jumping up to the apron and drilling the opposition with a Yakuza Kick as Young hung over the ring rope! Omega followed up with a cover…but only two again! Kenny, visibly annoyed, then sat Young upright, and locked in a tight guillotine choke. The wind was taken out of Eric, but then suddenly he began to stand upright bringing Kenny with him…and then he surged forwards and planted Omega back first into the buckles! Young then went to follow up with a running manoeuvre, but Kenny responded with a double knee lift to the face! With Young doubled over, Kenny then climbed to the second rope…but Young responded with a nice fist shot, followed by a super hurracanrana from up top! Omega clutched his back in pain, but Young called for him to stand, which he finally did…but only to be knocked down again three times with some neat lariats to the chest. Eric then fired up the crowd as he turned towards Omega, and then he took him down to the canvas with a nice standing spinebuster rolled into a jacknife pin attempt…but Omega kicked out in the nick of time! However, Eric wasn’t done yet, and he showed this by lifting Omega upwards and setting him up for a suplex! Omega however used his leg to block the attempt…and then he rolled Young up in a tight inside cradle! One…two…but no, Young kicked out! Eric immediately got to his feet, then ducked a lariat attempt and executed a nice jumping calf kick, which sent Kenny rolling near the buckles. With Kenny sprawled on the floor, Young then looked to finish things off, and he climbed the turnbuckles with his back facing the fallen superstar. But the climb allowed Kenny to revitalise himself, rock Eric with some clubs to the back…and then dropped Young with an electric chair bridging German suplex move he likes to call Croyt’s Wrath! This just had to be it… but no, somehow Eric got a shoulder up at the last possible millisecond! Kenny was beyond belief but he picked Eric up and hooked his leg for an Aoi Shoudu! But Eric fought back with some knees to the temple, and then slid underneath Omega’s legs before tripping him onto his face! With Omega in prone position, Young grabbed the legs…and then slammed Kenny with a Youngblood Neckbreaker! One…two…no, Omega had his foot on the ropes…but only because Daisy Haze had placed it there herself! Daisy looked proud of herself as she cheered on her man and then taunted to the crowd, but as she turned around, Eric Young had slid out of the ring and was looking straight at her in a furious manner! Daisy recoiled in horror at seeing Young looking so adamant, and she ran away, but Young gave chase! Eventually, Haze slid into the ring thinking she could get away, but ‘Showtime’ managed to grab the interferer by the hair! However, suddenly Omega was up on his feet and he grasped Young in a rear waistlock and rolled through for a pin! The referee looked at Young’s shoulders and went for the count…but at the same time, Daisy held onto Omega’s hands from the outside, adding the pressure to the pin-fall…one…two…THREE! Omega had just defeated Eric Young with once again a little help from Daisy Haze!
Winner: Kenny Omega @ 6:57

Aftermath: Haze slides into the ring, proud of her accomplishment as Omega crawls to his feet, obviously suffering from the effects of the match-up. Soon, Omega stands to his feet and celebrates in a cocky manner, with Haze lifting his hand in the air and obeying the fans to cheer for him. But one man who won’t do that is Eric Young, who looks furious as he stands behind Omega! Kenny slowly but surely then turns around…but he is subjected to a couple of forearms, an Irish whip into the ropes followed by a BIG back body drop to the canvas! The crowd scream in happiness as Young then turns his intentions to Daisy Haze, whom begins walking backwards…before she hits the corner turnbuckles! With nowhere to run and nowhere to hide Daisy looks in a world of trouble…until suddenly she dirtily kicks Eric down deep, right in the groin area! Eric falls to his knees as Haze calls Omega over, whom finally stands and joins in on a beatdown on ‘Showtime’! Before long, Omega then lifts Young off the mat and drills him with the Aoi Shoudu, that powerful cross-legged fisherman buster! Young is out cold, and the final scene from this aftermath shows Omega standing over Young as Haze applauds her man’s actions.


So Cal Val is now standing by with Christy Hemme.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Christy…it’s nice to see you back!

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: Thanks Val…thank you…

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: But anyway, onto the actions of last week, and my question to you is: why choose The Beautiful People to make a statement against on your first night?

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: Well you see Val, for the past few months I’ve had to sit at home with a serious injury, and whilst I’ve been doing that, I’ve been sitting back and watching TNA with my beady eyes. And obviously, being a Knockout myself, my eyes have been glued to the Knockout division and what’s gone on surrounding it. And three little….may I call them ‘problems’…that have surrounded this division comes under the names of Angelina Love, Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky.

An echoed boo from the crowd is heard through the corridors.

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: Week after week, these three have caused havoc on the Knockouts division, and surprise surprise, one of them is holding the Knockouts title over her shoulder. But she didn’t win it by fair play, oh no, and she hasn’t retained it that way either. Because Angelina Love has cheated her way into holding that title belt. She’s used her ‘posse’ to her own advantage, she’s used them to win matches for her when she couldn’t do the work herself. But I am taking this no more. Angelina Love obviously wants a challenge, and well, as far as I’m concerned…

TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: As far as you’re concerned…

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: What do you want?

Angelina Love walks in on the scene, a furious expression on her face as she stares adamantly towards Hemme.

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: As far as you’re concerned, Christy Hemme, this title around my shoulder right now, you see it?

Love thrusts the title forward, almost pushing it into Christy’s face.

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: It’s mine, and it will be for a long long time. You can stand here like the bitch you are and proclaim that you’re going to make change, that you’re going to take it away from me, but nah huh, I don’t think so.

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: Oh yeah…is that right? And where’s your little SLUTS to back your words up, huh?

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: If you’re talking about Madison and Velvet, then they’re getting ready for a match up later…you see, I’ve spoke to Jeff Jarrett and he had the same idea I had, call it the same wavelength…because you know what Christy, you wanna prove yourself in this business, then you gotta do the hard work first. And tonight, you’re going to face off against not only Madison Rayne, but Velvet Sky also…in a two-on-one handicap match! How do you like that, bitch!?

Christy suddenly walks closer to Angelina and looks her in the eye.

“The Red Head” Christy Hemme: You know what, Angelina? Fine, that works well for me, in fact, it works perfectly. Because you know, I’ve requested something from Jeff myself, and that was the chance to face you, one-on-one for your title at Victory Road. And you know what he said? He said the only way I could do that is to get you to agree to it. But being as though you’re so sure about Velvet and Madison winning tonight, then why not shake things up a little. Tonight, if Madison and Velvet are to win the match, then that’s it, I’m out of your business for good. But if I win, well not only will I face you at Victory Road for the title, but your lapdogs will be banned from ringside. What do you say about that, Angelina?

Angelina looks away, and then glares back at Christy.

“TNA Knockouts Champion” Angelina Love: FINE! But you better be ready…cos your ‘little’ match up…is NEXT!

Angelina then smirks at Christy before suddenly walking off, as Christy mutters something under her breath.



The cameras head to the commentator’s booth where Don West and Joey Styles are standing by.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: Welcome back to tonight’s episode of TNA Voltage and what a whirlwind of a show we’ve had so far! We’ve seen Jeff Jarrett announce that at Victory Road, Samoa Joe will be taking on AJ Styles for the TNA Legends Title, we’ve seen the amazing debut of Klondyke and we’ve also witnessed Kenny Omega defeat Eric Young in a one-on-one contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: I know, and what more Don West is that we are FAR from being over. Because we’ve got so much left of this show that may even match up to last week’s explosive Voltage.

Graphics appear of any matches the commentators talk about.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: And that begins with the next contest of tonight’s show, which will see Christy Hemme face off against both Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky in a one-on-two handicap match.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: And you heard Angelina Love say it herself, Joey. If Hemme wins the match-up, she gets a shot at Love’s Knockouts Title at Victory Road as well as getting Rayne and Sky banned from ringside in that scheduled contest.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: It’s going to be certainly an eye opening contest, that’s for sure, and the same can be said about tonight’s scheduled Main Event, as Beer Money Incorporated put up their TNA World Tag Team Titles against Team 3D.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: For weeks and weeks, these two teams have been at each other’s throats. Will tonight be the beginning of the end of this feud between both Beer Money and Team 3D?

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Joey Styles: I doubt that very much, Don, but that isn’t all what’s set for tonight. We are also awaiting word on Samoa Joe, and there’s a possibility that Joe may be in the arena tonight to answer the questions surrounding his vicious attack on Styles last week, and also his opinions on facing Styles at Victory Road for the TNA Legends Title.

“Colour Commentator” Don West: All this, and so much more, as tonight’s edition of Voltage continues.

If Hemme wins, she gets a Knockout Title shot at Victory Road and gets Rayne and Sky banned from ringside at the Victory Road match
Two-on-One Handicap
Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky w/ Angelina Love © vs. Christy Hemme

Prologue: The return of Christy Hemme last week signalled one thing- there was a new challenger in town for Angelina Love to come across. On the previous Voltage taping, Hemme made a statement by saving Raisha Saeed from further damage by The Beautiful People before drilling each and every member with some highly athletic moves. Earlier tonight, however, Love challenged Hemme to face Rayne and Sky in a two-on-one handicap, which Hemme accepted but made the challenge more closer to heart by probing Love to mean that if Hemme wins, she gets a Knockout title shot at Victory Road and gets Rayne and Sky banned from ringside. Therefore, there’s a hell of a lot to play for in this two-on-one match, but will Christy continue her defiance in this match?

Recap: Rayne and Sky went to work on Hemme before she even stepped through the ropes, double stomping the redheaded Knockout before clubbing her with fist shots to the back as she lay sprawled on the ground! However, the attack soon disappeared after Hemme managed to lay her boot into Rayne’s chest, before dropping Velvet Sky with a spear followed by some nice mounted punches! Rayne tried to gain the offence off this, but Hemme responded with a body blow followed by a nice modified ace kick to the back! Rayne rolled out of the ring away from the pain, but her sacrifice worked to its advantage as Velvet Sky snuck behind her opponent and blasted her with a nice double knee backbreaker! Hemme writhed in pain on the mat as Love cheered Velvet’s efforts, but Sky only managed to gain a two count despite the painful move. For the next few minutes, Sky and Rayne worked over Hemme, drilling her with simultaneous soccer kicks to the back before Rayne entered the ring and levelled Hemme with a running boot to the head! The cover was on…but no, Hemme had the heart to kick out in time. But Christy was hurt, and she then had to put up with Rayne using her face as a mop, wiping it on the canvas back and forth before Velvet Sky was tagged in to dish out some more pain! Sky, after throwing Christy face first into the turnbuckle and laying in some nice boots, then placed her boot on Hemme’s back and outstretched her arms, executing a nice surfboard against the corner! However, soon, Hemme wriggled free and levelled Sky with some nice back elbows…before PLANTING her with a spinning hair pulled facebuster! Hemme looked exhausted, but she crawled over for the cover…one…two…but no, Madison Rayne came in to break it up with a stomp on Christy’s lower back! Rayne then sent Hemme reeling to the corner with some hard knife edge chops, then whipped Hemme towards the ropes…but Christy responded with a flying lariat! Rayne instantly got to her feet but was taken to the mat again with the same move, before standing up a second time…but this time got taken down with a strong spinning roundhouse kick, sending Rayne down and out! One…two…no, Rayne kicked out just in time! Hemme then turned her attention to the crawling Velvet Sky, who was lifted up by her hair and then whipped into the corner. Sky then noticed Hemme coming forward and went for a clothesline, but Hemme ducked underneath and then hit a nice headscissors takedown from the corner! Madison Rayne however, was quick to get herself involved again, but this time she was drilled with some forearms and then whipped into the ropes. However, Christy put her head down as if to catch Rayne on the rebound with a back body drop, but Rayne quickly read this…and then SLAMMED Hemme down to the floor with a sit-out facebuster! Rayne crawled for the cover…but again Christy kicked out! Rayne then called Sky over to help her, and at that point Angelina Love climbed to the apron to argue with the referee. However, this was all part and parcel of The Beautiful People’s plan, as Velvet Sky produced something from out of her skirt what appeared to be a bag of powder! Ripping it open with her teeth, Sky then poured the substance into her hands, but at that point Hemme struggled free from Rayne’s hold…and kicked Sky’s hand, sending the powder into Velvet’s eyes! Hemme then threw Velvet out of the ring, and then looked set to go after Angelina, who quickly threw her Knockout title belt to Madison Rayne! With the title in hand, Rayne ran forward…but Hemme ducked, and Rayne inadvertently DECKED Love with the title belt, sending her falling to the arena floor in pain! Rayne looked shocked at her actions, but as she turned around, Hemme levelled her with a thrust kick to the gut before grasping her in a front facelock. Hemme then grabbed the arm of Rayne, before twisting her into an inverted facelock and executing the splits, sending Rayne’s head crashing to the canvas inverted DDT style! Rayne writhed on the floor in pain, but Hemme quickly grabbed the legs and covered for the hard earned pinfall victory!
Winner: Christy Hemme @ 7:05

Aftermath: Hemme celebrates the victory in the ring, the referee raising her hand as the camera zooms around the ringside area, allowing the viewer to see all three members of The Beautiful People out on the floor thanks to Hemme’s assault. Love lies on the arena floor holding her head in pain, and Hemme realizes this before stepping onto the bottom rope and leaning over, talking trash to the fallen Angelina. It isn’t long before Hemme then walks to the back, and when the camera returns to the ringside area, Love is partly conscious and is looking furious as she directs her eyes towards Christy.


The cameras head to the corridor where So Cal Val is standing outside a door, knocking repeatedly on the door with one hand as she clutches a microphone in the other.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Joe…Samoa Joe…?

However, no reply is caused, meaning Val then continues her frantic knocking on the door.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Joe…you in there…? I need to ask you some qu-

But suddenly, the door flies half open, and Samoa Joe peeks his head out of the open space. An echoing boo is heard from the crowd as he does so, but Joe looks simply arrogant.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Yes…can I help you?

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Well, yes, in actual fact you can. You see, I just wanted to get your thoughts on-

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Get my thoughts? What, on what I did to AJ Styles? You think I’m gonna stand here and tell my thoughts to you, right here right now? On demand!? I don’t think so!

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Yes, but earlier in the night Jeff Jarrett announced that you proved a point in attacking AJ Styles and how at Victory Road you will face him for the TNA Legends Title. Surely you’ve gotta be happy about that, right?

Suddenly, a small commotion is heard, and the noise comes from behind Joe, causing Joe to turn around. Val tries to get a peek in on the action by standing on her tip-toes, but Joe turns around.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Who’s that in there? Was that someone shouting? Does this mean you have a new ally? Or does it mean-

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Look, let’s not be too hasty, okay? You want the answers to your pointless questions, then you’re gonna get them. I don’t have time right now to stand around and listen to your dribble, so what’s behind this door is for me to know, and you to find out. And trust me, you will find out later tonight when I go down to that ring, and say how I really feel. Hell, maybe I might even say something about last week’s actions, oh, or maybe I might talk about Jeff Jarrett’s ‘jaw dropping’ announcement earlier on. But I promise you, tonight no question will be left unanswered when I walk down to that ring…

Joe then shuts the door before Val has chance to ask another question, leaving Val facing nothing but wood, until the cameras zoom away.



Backstage, Jeff Jarrett is in his office talking to So Cal Val.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: So he gave you no answers? None at all?

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Nope, none at all. But, this is the confusing part, I heard something going on behind him whilst I was speaking to him. Like, voices or something…

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: You see, that’s what worries me. I don’t want him ruining my plans for a second time in two-

But suddenly, the door barges open to the locker room and Jeff turns to face the perpetrator of this action- ‘Showtime’ Eric Young. Young looks flustered and angry as he walks forward.

“Showtime” Eric Young: I wanna get my hands on her Jeff! I wanna get my hands on her!

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Hands on who? Slow down big boy, what are you talking about?

“Showtime” Eric Young: You didn’t see? You’re telling me you didn’t see what happened out there in my match with Kenny Omega!? His chick, what’s her name, Daisy Haze, she cost me the match, but not only that, she made a mockery out of me right when the contest ended by hitting me where the sun don’t shine! You think that’s acceptable? Jeff, I can’t tell you enough, I wanna get my hands on her right now, I want a match with her, me and Daisy Haze, one-on-one. It’s only fair after what she’s done, interfering in my business when she doesn’t need to-

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Look, Eric, slow down. In answer to your first question, no I didn’t see what happened, because if you didn’t notice, tonight I’m dealing without a TNA Legends Champion, and I’m also dealing with a brutal individual thinking he can run around doing what he likes, when he likes. So I’ve got bigger fish to fry right now. But in answer to your second question, or should I say demand, you want Daisy Haze in the ring, one-on-one right?

“Showtime” Eric Young: Yeah, one-on-one, me vs. her…

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Well that’s what I’m not liking. You see, you’re not the booker around here, I am. But what I am gonna do is simple. Because I think putting a man who weighs, what, 220 pounds at least against a, I’d say around 115 pound Knockout is going against my morals, I’m gonna cut a deal with you. Next week, there will be an intergender tag team match. On one side, the ‘dastardly duo’ of Kenny Omega and Daisy Haze. But on the other? You, Eric Young…and a Knockout of your choice! Good luck in finding your partner…

“Showtime” Eric Young: Not what I was hoping for…but thanks…I won’t let you down Jeff.

Jeff then nods his head, before Young walks away from the scene. Jeff then turns back to Val.

“Voltage Owner” Jeff Jarrett: Sorry…where were we?

The cameras then zoom away leaving Val and Jeff conversing.


Matt Morgan on Commentary
Sheik Abdul Bashir vs. Mark Jindrak

Prologue: The first episode of Voltage last week allowed the fans to see the first ever appearance of Mark Jindrak in TNA, and boy did he make an entrance, introducing himself to Matt Morgan by rocking him with a signature left fist punch that KO’d ‘The Blueprint.’ Tonight, Jindrak will be able to show off his talent as he faces Sheik Abdul Bashir one-on-one, with Matt Morgan sitting by on commentary.

Recap: Morgan stayed silent throughout the whole contest, simply studying the match-up as Jindrak simply dominated proceedings. Abdul Bashir gave up a good fight, but Jindrak was always one-step-ahead, including when he ducked underneath a tie-up to lift Bashir up and slam him onto his stomach, before then clinching in a grounded bearhug. Bashir managed to escape the hold by getting to the ropes, which slightly distracted the Sheik who ran at Jindrak with a knee strike to the gut. He managed to hit a few more shots, but Jindrak simply caught a lariat attempt of Bashir and threw him back into the ropes, before decimating his opponent with a high-angle standing dropkick! Bashir rolled out of the ring, but this only opened him up to have his head bounced off the barricade! Jindrak then saw Matt Morgan near by and walked forward as if to confront him, but Morgan was having none of it. But this only proved as a distraction, as when Jindrak walked towards Bashir, Sheik grabbed onto his trunks and brought his head crashing into the steel steps! Bashir then managed to smash Jindrak’s head off the steel pole, before rubbing his head onto it in a disrespectful manner! A roll into the ring was followed by a two count, but Bashir wasn’t letting up, knee dropping Jindrak in the head twice before pouncing on him with some hard lefts and rights. The Sheik then looked at Morgan on the outside before smiling, and then went to go for a running headlock bulldog on Jindrak. However, Mark used his strength to lift Sheik upwards, and then planted him in a seated position on the top turnbuckle! Then, Jindrak climbed the ropes, hooked Sheik up…and planted him onto the canvas with an avalanche belly-to-back suplex! Slowly but surely, Jindrak crawled for the cover…one…two…no, Sheik somehow kicked out. But Jindrak slowly stalked Bashir, taking him down with a lariat when he got up before knocking him to the canvas with a back elbow…and then when Sheik stood once more, he was dropped with a nice uranage backbreaker by Jindrak in a unique move for the superstar! Jindrak covered once more…but the three wasn’t clinched as the Sheik kicked out! However, as the pin was applied, Matt Morgan threw his headset to the ground and ran towards the ring, climbing up on the apron! Jindrak however wasn’t going to give Matt the satisfaction and ran towards him, but Morgan, being the man he is, jumped off the apron in time! This distraction then allowed Sheik to stand up, and when he got to his feet, he charged and then chop blocked Mark in the leg, taking him down. With the injured limb in his grasp, Bashir then spun around as if going for a figure-four leglock, but as he went back ‘round to grasp the other leg, Mark Jindrak SMASHED Bashir in the face with a large left hook…knocking him out COLD! With Bashir motionless on the floor, Jindrak simply crawled over and got the successful pin counts.
Winner: Mark Jindrak @ 4:38

Aftermath: Jindrak looks coldly towards Matt Morgan, who stands several yards away with a bitter expression on his face. Looking straight into Morgan’s eyes, Jindrak then gets to his feet, before turning around and lifting a limp Sheik Abdul Bashir off the floor. Staggering behind him, Jindrak then lifts Bashir upwards belly-to-back style…before OBLITERATING him with a Mark of Excellence! The Sheik is now fully unconscious, and the camera angle looks towards the nervous facial expression of Matt Morgan, which gets more nervous as Jindrak slightly scales the ropes and guides Morgan to come after him. But Morgan refuses, simply walking away with a smug look on his face as Jindrak celebrates mid ring to the appreciation of the fans.



So Cal Val is standing by in the back with Team 3D, Brother Ray and D-Von Dudley.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: Team 3D, tonight after several weeks, you get your chance at a rematch for the TNA World Tag Team Titles against current champions, Beer Money Incorporated. How do you feel about facing both James Storm and Robert Roode in tonight’s main event match for the titles?

“Team 3D Member” D-Von Dudley: How do we feel Val? Well let’s just think of what’s at stake, huh? Tonight, we get to get our hands around the throats of Beer Money Incorporated. Two weeks ago, they humiliated us at Slammiversary and with that humiliation, they snatched our titles away from us. But not only tonight do we get a shot at payback, a shot at redemption, but we also get a shot for those titles, as you quite rightly pointed out. And trust me, last week was only the beginning of how much we want those belts back around our very waists. ‘Cos you see, the thing is, me and my brotha have earned the shot, last week we got the victory fair and square over both the British Invasion and LAX. Now Beer Money can beg, they can plead all they want, but one thing’s for sure, tonight we are going to be out for their BLOOD inside that ring.

“Backstage Interviewer” So Cal Val: So it certainly sounds like you’re ready, but as we found out at Slammiversary last Sunday, Beer Money are capable of pulling off a lot of tricks up their sleeves…

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: Well trust me when I say this Val, tonight my brother and I are going to make it our top priority, our number one concern, to avoid any mishap Beer Money are going to- at least try- to throw in our way to knock us off track. And that includes their little skank, Jackie Moore. Seriously Jackie, if you’re out there watching this, then listen up. Tonight, you try and stick your nose in our business and I mean it when I say it, my brother and I will do everything in our power to take you down. I’ve said it before and I’ll happily say it again…I’m an expert at putting women through tables because they’ve stepped over a line that should never have been crossed. And Jackie, you did that on June 21st when you were the X factor that caused Beer Money to snatch the titles away from our grasp. Tonight, you try it again little girl, and you’re gonna make me do something I regret.

The camera then zooms closer to Ray’s face as Val walks a few steps closer to put the mic right next to his mouth.

“Team 3D Member” Brother Ray Dudley: And that goes to you too, James Storm and Robert Roode. I know you guys like the back of my hand, and I know that tonight, whenever you get the chance, you will use your opportunistic minds to try and cheat the win right out of us. But we’re gonna stand here no longer and take the crap you dish out week after week. As D-Von said, tonight we are out for your blood, but not only that…we are out for OUR titles!

The threatening look on Brother Ray’s face looks so serious that the camera now has no other option but to zoom away.


Main Event
TNA World Tag Team Championships
Team 3D (Brother Ray & D-Von Dudley) vs. Beer Money Inc. (James Storm & Robert Roode) © w/ Jackie Moore

Prologue: Slammiversary Seven heralded the return of Jackie Moore, who utilised her prowess to interfere in the Tag Team Tables match between Beer Money and Team 3D, allowing Beer Money Incorporated to pick up the victory and become new World Tag Team Champs in the process. However, after winning a three way tag match last week, Team 3D reclaimed their chance to get another shot at the titles tonight. However, although winning the titles is Team 3D’s priority, they will also be hoping to seek revenge on Jackie Moore.

Recap: With all the anticipation built up between the two teams, it was no surprise that the match started before the bell, with Team 3D sliding out of the ring to meet Beer Money on the entrance ramp and take them down! After the beating of Roode, D-Von threw the money man into the ring so he could continue his beat down, scoop slamming him to the floor before hitting a nice jumping headbutt to the shoulder of the downed Roode! The cover was on, but only two, but this didn’t stop D-Von tagging in Brother Ray who entered the ring with a presence by executing a standing armbar followed by many bionic elbows to the outstretched arm! Roode looked in pain, but Ray was going to increase that with a big back body drop followed by a cover…but yet again only two! Roode then crawled to his corner, where he quickly tagged in Storm, who entered the ring but was overpowered by the larger Brother Ray, who wasted no time with a nice hip toss followed by a back elbow! Storm retreated out of the ring, and onto the apron holding his jaw in pain, but Brother Ray responded by snapmaring ‘The Cowboy’ over the top rope and onto the canvas! It was all Team 3D’s for the taking as the match continued, but suddenly the momentum switched after Moore grasped onto Brother Ray’s leg after he was whipped towards the ropes. Ray wasn’t happy about this so he grabbed onto Moore’s hair and intended to inflict punishment on her, but Roode managed to come across and snapped Ray’s throat over the top rope! The Team 3D member then recoiled off this…but then was subjected to a hard double knee backbreaker from Storm literally out of nowhere! The cover only gained the two, but now Beer Money looked as if they had the match in the palm of their hands, with a shot showing them double teaming Ray with stomps preceded the commercial break.


The match continued, and still, Beer Money were in control, with Storm having Brother Ray locked in a seated dragon sleeper hold on the canvas. Soon, Brother Ray began to stand and even turned his body around so he could club Storm in the sternum and then pushed him against the ropes, but Storm responded with a sharp knee lift to the face, sending Ray tumbling to the canvas yet again. A tag on Roode proved useful, as Robert then stunned Ray with a knee drop to the temple, before inflicting punishment on him in the corner! Roode then locked in a tight standing facelock, but suddenly Ray used his strength to elevate Roode and then planted him onto the top rope! But as he went to follow up with a superplex, Roode battled back with fist shots sending Ray groggily to the canvas…before executing a nice diving flip neckbreaker! Ray looked out of it, but he managed to kick out at two and a half somehow! This angered Roode who then tagged Storm back in, who went full throttle on Ray with some nice grounded mounted punches. But before long, the crowd and D-Von’s hand clapping awoke Ray’s momentum off a grounded chinlock, and he managed to push Storm against the ropes, dodge a lariat attempt and then Samoan dropped his opponent to the canvas! Ray then crawled to make the tag but was almost stopped by Roode, but he managed to kick the ‘money man’ away…before making the much needed tag! D-Von entered the ring on fire, executing a double clothesline to the tag team before scoop slamming Storm…and then scoop slamming Roode on top of him! D-Von then disposed of Roode over the top rope before laying the law to Storm, whom he planted with a flapjack! D-Von then made the cover…but broke it up as he witnessed Jackie Moore running towards him! But her elbow drop attempt to break up the cover accidentally hit Storm on the floor as D-Von rolled out of harm’s way! Jackie then turned around as Storm rolled away in pain, and she pleaded with D-Von not to hurt her! But as she staggered back away, she suddenly bumped into a brick wall so to speak…that being Brother Ray Dudley, who was now standing. Slowly but surely, Jackie turned to face Ray, but was instantly scoop slammed to the canvas…and then given a nice Wassup Headbutt! Moore rolled away in pain but the pain could have been much worse as Brother Ray signalled D-Von to ‘GET THE TABLES!’ The crowd lapped this up, but suddenly Brother Ray noticed Rob Terry from The British Invasion on the canvas, and he rocked him with a forearm before stomping seven shades out of him! The referee tried to restrain Brother Ray but he was adamant as he exited the ring, throwing Terry into the guardrail in pure frustration! But as that occurred, Brutus Magnus was seen entering the ring…and he levelled D-Von with one of Beer Money’s title belts! Magnus then quickly rolled out of the ring, and the referee turned around to see D-Von on the floor, but this distracted him so he could not see Doug Williams attack Brother Ray on the outside, who whipped him head first into the steel steps! Roode and Storm then got themselves together, and got D-Von up…and levelled him with the DWI! One…two…three, Beer Money keep hold of the titles!
Winners: Beer Money Incorporated @ 10:07

Aftermath: Storm and Roode celebrate the victory, but then turn around and see that Williams and Terry have rolled Brother Ray into the ring! They then watch as The British Invasion stable enter the ring and stare daggers towards Beer Money. A stare down erupts between the two teams, until suddenly Roode and Storm break into a smile, delve into their back pockets…and produce MONEY for The British Invasion, which the British team gracefully accept! Beer Money have paid The British Invasion to do their dirty work for them! The two teams then smile and rejoice mid ring, until suddenly they turn to the side and out comes LAX, who run down to the ring and then slide into the canvas! Beer Money and the Invasion stagger back a little, before they quickly exit the ring, afraid of what Homicide and Hernandez are capable of. The final shots depict Storm, Moore, Roode, Magnus, Terry and Williams all walking to the back with a smug look on their face, before the camera zooms to see LAX checking whether the Dudleyz are responding after that unreasoned beat down!




Suddenly as the cameras head inside the arena, the music of Samoa Joe erupts over the PA system and his entrance video plays alongside on the huge screen that dominates the stage. To a chorus of boos, Joe then steps out from the tunnel and then walks towards the centre of the stage smirking. Soon, he then turns towards the stage and with his hands makes an ushering gesture…until a bunch of six security guards walk down the tunnel and then surround Joe to his pleasure. They stay with him until Joe gets to the apron, and by this point, the boos from the crowd are almost louder than Joe’s entrance theme! However, when Joe steps on the apron, the security guards scatter, each turning to face the crowd as they guard each side of the six sided ring. Joe then enters the ring and demands a microphone, which he receives suddenly, before lifting it towards his mouth and speaking down it.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: You know what? Being as though you bozo’s in this arena are going to sit there and slate me, barely letting me get a word out, then why don’t I just cut to the chase, huh?

The crowd continue the booing, causing Joe to tilt his head slightly and smirk before he goes back to the microphone.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Now firstly, you’re probably wondering why the hell I have six big guys around the ring, guarding my every move, right? Well the answer to that question is simple. You see, earlier tonight, Jeff Jarrett announced to the ‘TNAtion’ that AJ Styles isn’t going to be here tonight, and is instead in a neck brace thanks to MY actions last week. But you see, with Jeff saying that, I don’t trust him one bit. Because I can imagine AJ Styles is planning revenge on what I did, and who can blame him, really. But you see, I know AJ like the back of my hand- he likes to commit things sooner rather than later. Now, my use of these six security guards doesn’t mean that I can’t handle AJ Styles myself, because if actions last week proved, I obviously can. But you see, these guys are simply my back-up plan, because if AJ is to arrive here tonight looking for a fight, then not only does he have a guy as brutal and athletic as I, but he also has to face up to six brick walls that are hell bent on taking him down.

Joe s......s to himself before then lifting the microphone up to his face.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: In fact, saying that, it sounds like these six security guards have the same mission that I have. To take AJ Styles down. To keep him down. Because that’s my new mission now I’m here on Voltage. You see, this past week I’ve had the same question asked to me- why, Joe, why? It’s been asked by each and every one of you idiots, it’s been asked by So Cal Val, and it’s been asked by Jeff Jarrett. And tonight, I’m going to happily give you an answer. And that is…because AJ Styles is a threat to me. And any threat I see…I cut it down.

Heat builds off this, with Joe strutting around before settling centre-ring to continue the angle.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: You see, this man I used to consider a friend. But what ‘friend’ conveniently turns their back on you? Huh, what friend costs you the TNA World Heavyweight Title? You see, at Slammiversary, AJ and I were working as a team throughout the match, but he’s just too damn selfish to have someone take the credit for a change. And he had to resort to pushing me off a ladder in order to make sure the belt was closer to his waist than it was mine. I mean, for all he could have known, I could have broke my leg after what he did. But he didn’t care. He just used his typical selfish motive to try and get more glorified in a company he is already so glorified in! And I- after all these years, after watching AJ Styles be constantly put above me- I finally snapped and used the right incentive. I used my initiative, and I have now given AJ Styles a real challenge.

The crowd begin booing Joe, and chant ‘A-J!’ ‘A-J!’ in unison but this doesn’t bother the Samoan Submission Machine who continues talking down the microphone.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: And talking about AJ Styles being put above me, that was something that was certainly highlighted last week on Voltage. I mean, take this- not only was Styles named the ‘new face of Voltage’, but he was inaugurated into the show, like he’s some president of this business, like he’s some sort of King. Now don’t get me wrong, maybe AJ Styles has done a lot here in TNA. After all, he is a TNA Original. But what about me, huh? What about all the things I have done here in TNA? I breathed a new lease of life into this company, I proved a new platform of dominance that no-one else could reach, and you don’t see a guy like I, Samoa Joe, get given all the benefits. So last week was the icing on the cake. And I apologise to AJ Styles that I had to not only turn my back on him as his partner in a tag team match, I apologise that I had to beat him into a pulp on his ‘big night’, but AJ, the time I attacked you was perfect in my eyes. ‘Cos it allowed me to make a statement.

The camera then zooms closer to Joe as it seems like he’s going to wrap up his speech.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: Which is what will be my aim, my one goal come Victory Road. You see, AJ, not only are you being constructed into some ‘god of TNA’ which I purely dislike, but you’re holding something that I also want. That TNA Legends Title. In my eyes, it’s on the wrong man. You’re not a legend in my eyes…because if you were, you would have seen my attack last week coming from a mile off. But obviously, you’re not that smart, you’re not that clever, AJ, to battle with the big guns. And one of them is I, Samoa Joe.

Joe then smiles, and then lifts the microphone upwards to continue his speech.

“The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe: And as far as Jeff Jarrett is concerned, as far as the self-proclaimed ‘King of the Mountain’ is afraid, then you think booking me against AJ Styles at Victory Road is some form of punishment? Then it shows in fact how easy you are, Jeff. You know what you’ve done don’t you? You’ve gone and fed me into the palm of your hand. And trust me, at Victory Road, I’m gonna be bringing my A-game with me. I’m gonna show exactly what I’ve got, and I’m going to back up my words ten fold. Because I’m going to do anything in my power to win that TNA Legends Title, and floor AJ Styles for good. On July 19th, Victory Road won’t be AJ Styles’ night, it will be mi-

But suddenly, Joe is cut off by the sound of well-known theme music. Joe’s face drops as he turns his head towards the entrance stage and then looks visibly shocked at who stands before him. There, in a neck brace, is none other than…AJ STYLES! Styles’ face looks partially bruised thanks to the beating Joe gave him last week, but he looks adamant…and as soon as he gets half way down the entrance ramp, he RIPS the brace off of his neck and throws it into the crowd! Meanwhile, in the ring, Joe has ushered his security guards into the ring which they follow suit and crowd around Joe. Styles then slides into the ring and goes to run full force towards Joe, but Joe in time cowardly slides out of the ring, leaving AJ facing the brick wall of the six security guards.

All six guards try to reason with AJ, who’s temper looks flared as he looks on in disgust at Joe who mockingly walks around the ring smirking at AJ. Styles then flashes a look at the security guards, who look quite calm and confined and then nods his head and turns towards the ropes…until suddenly, AJ SNAPS and throws forearms at one of the guards! The crowd goes wild as the other guards try to get involved but he manages to take each and every one down with either a back elbow or a swinging kick to the gut, with one guard being subjected to a BIG back body drop! One security guard then gets back to his feet…but AJ takes him down again with a ROARING discus lariat, which drops the guard on his head! Another guard tries to restrain AJ, but he responds by pushing him towards the ropes and then LEVELS him in the jaw with a high angled standing dropkick! Another guard tries to interject but this time AJ docks a punch attempt and then drops him with a HARD belly-to-back suplex! Another guard then gets to his feet and runs towards Styles, but AJ responds with a kick to the gut…before setting him up and DROPPING him with a gut wrenching Styles Clash! Finally, one more guard gets up to his feet but AJ manages to floor him…and then locks in the ARM BREAKING cross armbreaker! The guard writhes in pain, but AJ keeps the lock on for around six seconds before finally releasing the guards arm, leaving him hurt on the floor!

Styles then gets to his feet and looks at Samoa Joe, who stares back at the carnage AJ has caused mid ring as the crowd goes wild in appreciation of AJ! Joe snarls in anger as he looks on at AJ, who in a moment of glory lifts his TNA Legends Title in the air and stares hard into Joe’s eyes in a menacing manner.


Voltage confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only three weeks away!

TNA Knockouts Title Match
Christy Hemme vs. Angelina Love ©

TNA Legends Title Match
Stipulation not yet confirmed
AJ Styles © vs. Samoa Joe

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Wednesday, 1st July 2009

Quick Results
- Klondyke def. ODB via pinfall off a 'White Knuckle Ride' finisher
- Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze def. Eric Young after rolling through a waistlock and then grabbing onto Haze's hands to add pressure to a pinfall.
- Christy Hemme def. Madison Rayne & Velvet Sky after levelling Rayne with a split-legged inverted DDT followed by the three counts. Christy's win means she now gets an opportunity to face Angelina Love at Victory Road with her protegees banned from ringside.
- Mark Jindrak def. Sheik Abdul Bashir following a knockout Left Hook and a pin fall.
- Beer Money Incorporated def. Team 3D to retain their World Tag Team Titles thanks to help from The British Invasion which allowed Storm and Roode to drill D-Von with a D.W.I. for the three count.
In other news...

- The change of name from Sirelda to Klondyke was a confusing choice. As Klondyke herself mentioned, she 'wanted a new change'. The name Klondyke originates from Sirelda's time in Women's Extreme Wrestling, and TNA management believe it is most fitting for the muscular Knockout.

- The feud between AJ Styles and Samoa Joe looks set to continue as the weeks progress, and it may not even end at Victory Road. There is a small hint that management may build up the feuds through storylines, which could mean that AJ and Joe's feud builds up towards Victory Road without both facing one another in a ring until the hotly-anticipated pay-per-view.

- This week's TNA Voltage Webmatch saw Brutus Magnus of The British Invasion take on Hernandezfrom LAX. The match was pretty equal, with Hernandez showing his power but Magnus using some great tactics to catch the big Mexican off guard. However, eventually, Hernandez managed to get the pin after a scoop lift into a sitout powerbomb, which kept Magnus down for the one two three.

- TNA Voltage managed to pull a 0.8 rating for last night's show. In comparison, ECW on Sci-Fi managed to acclaim a 1.2 rating.

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Another great show man.

You know my love of the divas so a lot of that in here so im happy with it first, Klondyke beating ODB and the post match stuff just built her as this new powerhouse diva in the way of Chyna or along the lines great job.

Then Christy beating both Sky and Rayne to get a shot at Love at VR was a good match in my thought and just did a great job setting it up and made Christy look like a legimate challenger for the gold.

Then also Daisy Haze, I love this heel daizee who helps omega win his matches and i cant wait to see her in action next week. I think young's partner will ethier be tara or ODB imo.

Then outside of the women, LAX running down after that tag match i can see ethier LAX vs beer Money for the gold or LAX VS BM INC Vs Team 3D Vs Invasion at Victory Road.

Then AJ getting the better of joe this week surprised me but their feud is being built fantastic cant wait for the next show, keep em coming!

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Live from ‘The Impact Zone’ in Miami, Florida
Thursday, 2nd July 2009

The first show of iMPACT! off of Slammiversary last week gave TNA a well needed turning point. Hot on the heels of a jaw opening Voltage taping, iMPACT delivered with a hoard of new storylines, wrestlers and feuds throughout the two hour show. This Thursday's iMPACT remains on the fallout of last week's show, which provided each and every TNA fan with a new question, which will certainly be answered tonight.

The Gore That Shook The World
If Sting was looking for a challenger for his TNA World Heavyweight Title, then last week he certainly found him after out of nowhere, 'The War Machine' Rhino GORED Sting in the middle of the canvas. Not only that, but Rhino then hugged and greeted Mick Foley, whom Sting confronted just a few moments prior. Tonight, we will witness how Sting will react to Rhino's unprecedented attack, and also how the alliance of Foley and Rhino will shape the future of iMPACT.

The New Contender Is?
Motor City Machine Guns certainly thought it was smart when they interfered in the X-Division Title match between Chris Daniels and Amazing Red, forcing a no-contest, but Mick Foley didn't see the funny side, nor in fact did he see how it helped MCMG get further up the radar for the X-Division title belt. Therefore, after Foley announced last week that at Victory Road there will be a triple threat match for the title, and only one of MCMG can be involved, tonight Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley go head-to-head in a one-on-one match, with the winner going on to Victory Road and gaining their deserved spot in the triple threat match. Which member of this famous tag team will prevail?

Deal With The Consequences
Last week saw a new feud arise in TNA. Afetr Kurt Angle mocked Jay Lethal in the back before challenging him to a match, Angle commented on how he 'had friends in high places.' That friend in fact turned out to be Booker T, who after the match between Angle and Lethal and the brawl between Creed and Angle that followed, came out and demolished Creed with a Book End. Tonight, Creed gets a chance at payback as Booker and Consequences go head to head in a promising contest.

Awakening The Monster
The feud between Threat To Society and Abyss is far from over, and the proof of that is when you look at what occured last week on iMPACT. After Raven defeated Jethro Holiday in his infamous Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, the post-match attack on Holiday was cut short by a fuming Abyss, who cleared the ring of the hellacious stable. Tonight, both Abyss and Jethro aim for retribution as Foley has booked them in a tag team match between Dr. Stevie and Raven…under NO DQ rules! This match is surely going to be hardcore!

They’re Fresh, Exciting
Last week’s iMPACT saw the debuts of four athletically accomplished superstars under the names of Pac, Matt Cross, Prince Devitt and Alex Koslov. All outshone in last week’s taping, and this week it’s going to be interesting what will come next for these top new athletes.

All this and much, much more come Thursday night!

Confirmed Matches

Winner goes on to appear in the X-Division Championship Triple Threat Match at Victory Road | One-on-One | Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelley

No DQ | Tag Team | Threat To Society (Raven & Dr. Stevie w/ Daffney) vs. Abyss & Jethro Holiday

One-on-One | Booker T vs. Consequences Creed

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Hey Lee, I apologize for not being able to get a review up for Voltage, but I can promise you one for this edition of iMPACT.

The Rhino/Sting feud, I feel will need some extra attention, as I've never personally seen Rhino as a World Title-calibur wrestler. With that said, I'm sure that it will get that attention, and I'm sure that the segments and matches involved in this program will be very good.

Shelley vs. Sabin should make for a fantastic match, one I'm definitely looking forward to. It's got a great story so far, with only one of them being able to win, and I've got a feeling the match won't disappoint. Should be great.

Booker vs. Creed should be a good match that hopefully makes Creed look good, although I can't help but feel that this tag feud is just something for Angle and Booker to do in the meantime. Still, it can do wonders for Lethal and Creed if done right, and you can certainly do just that.

The Abyss/Holiday vs. Threat to Society match should be a good one, but I don't like the No DQ feature. Maybe it's just me, but it doesn't seem like the right time to play the hardcore factor in the feud right now, and especially on TV. Still, looking forward to it, Raven is always awesome.

The four new Superstars definitely impressed last week, especially Pac and Cross, and I'm looking forward to what goes down with them this week to further cement themselves as players on the brand.

Show looks good, Lee, I'll be checking it out.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Thursday, 2nd July 2009

TNA has today revealed that they have managed to acquire two new superstars to their ever expanding roster.

The first wrestler, and probably most surprisingly, is Lisa Marie Varon. Varon is a well known face throughout women's wrestling, being mainly noticed as the character she played in WWE, Victoria. As this character, Varon racked up two WWE Women's Championship title reigns and sent shockwaves throughout the Divas division. But will she do the same again in TNA? Veron's gimmick in TNA will be unknown as of yet, but it has been reported by TNA that she will appear on the Voltage brand.

Another ground breaking new signing comes in the form of Elijah Burke. Again a former WWE superstar, Elijah had small success in the Stamford based company, and is seeking TNA to allow him to excel further. Elijah has recently wrestled try out dark matches against Phil Atlas and Naito, which he won on both occasions. Again, the gimmick of Burke is unknown, but he is reportedly being assigned to the iMPACT roster.

However, both superstars will not compete until after Victory Road, although promos are being filmed in order to hype the debuts of these two superstars.

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iMPACT Results

“The Well Structured Demise”
Live from The iMPACT Zone in Miami, Florida
Thursday, 2nd July 2009

The recap video shows the actions of last week, focusing specifically on what went down between Sting and Rhino. It opens with small snippets of Rhino’s backstage segment last week, showing how Rhino stated that ‘actions speak louder than words.’ The recap video then shows Sting’s in ring segment, on his opinions on iMPACT which led to the calling out of Mick Foley. This is also highlighted, as is the way Foley verbally abused Sting, forcing him to grab the iMPACT owner and force him into the corner. The final part of speech in this highlight video comes from Foley, who states ‘You say you’re gonna surprise me Stinger…well I’m gonna do the same to you. But allow me to do it first…’, before Sting turns around to be Gored, surprisingly, by Rhino! This is repeated three times from three separate angles, as the tempo of the music slows down. The final part of the video shows Rhino hugging Mick Foley, and the two then celebrating in the ring together, as Sting lies crippled on the ground.



Pyros explode out of the stage and entrance ramp, as the cameras quickly zoom around the fans, whose audience level is around 1,000 people, all occupying the jam packed arena. However, this is then cut off with the cameras heading to the broadcast desk, where Mike Tenay and Jim Cornette wait patiently for their cue.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Hello everybody and welcome to tonight’s edition of TNA iMPACT live on Spike TV, and tonight we can only promise you some shocks, thrills and some hotly anticipated action as always on tonight’s two hour broadcast. I am Mike Tenay and joining me tonight, as in every week, is my fellow broadcast partner, Jim Cornette, and Jim, what a show it looks set to be tonight.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: That’s certainly what it’s gonna be, Mike, especially after what occurred last week. As you just saw on the recap video, if Sting was looking for a challenger for his TNA World Heavyweight Title belt, then he may have just found one after Rhino GORED the champion right in the middle of the six sided ring in a surprising attack.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: That it was Cornette, and due to Rhino’s actions last week, I bet you’re all wondering Sting’s opinions on ‘The War Machine’s’ assault, aren’t you? Well, I got a chance to sit down with Sting and talk about what Rhino did last week, and how in any way that has threatened the TNA Champ. So tonight, you’re going to witness Sting opening his heart in an unmissable segment.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: And that’s not even half the card tonight, oh no. Because tonight, we’re also going to see Booker T take on Consequences Creed in a one-on-one contest later in the broadcast. After Booker T attacked Creed last week and drilled him with a Book End, tonight Creed will be looking for payback against the self-proclaimed ‘King of TNA.’

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: And also tonight, on the back of last week’s hot edition of iMPACT, we’re going to see Jethro Holiday team up with Abyss to take on Threat To Society members Dr. Stevie and Raven. But this isn’t a normal tag team match, oh no. Instead, it’s under No Disqualification rules! There’s a lot of history in this match up and boy, it’s going to show tonight.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: However, tonight we’re going to start off with Alex Shelley taking on Chris Sabin…

The conversation continues until the entrances of the next two superstars, with the match beginning shortly after.

The winner gains a place in the three-way X-Division Title match at Victory Road
Alex Shelley vs. Chris Sabin

Prologue: Last week, the Motor City Machine Guns aimed to prove a point by attacking the X-Division champion, Christopher Daniels, and his opponent, Amazing Red, during their quick-fire title match. However, after confronting Mick Foley backstage, Foley didn’t seem too happy about what was done, and stated he was going to be ‘awkward’ and would pit both members of MCMG against each other tonight, with the winner going on to gain a place in the X-Division Title match at Victory Road. Which MCMG member will prevail?

Recap: With the respect between both competitors high, it was no surprise that Sabin and Shelley committed a handshake before the match began. However, soon, the competition began to heat up, especially after both Sabin and Shelley executed some tight roll-ups on one another, obviously trying to get one over on the other. Soon, a collar-elbow tie up showed that both Sabin and Shelley wanted the victory as Shelley pushed Sabin towards the ropes, leaving both falling out of the ring…and then erupting into a trade of forearms and knife edge chops on the outside! Sabin got the upper hand after two forearms and a head smash into the apron, but as he leapt to the apron, Shelley managed to grab Sabin’s leg off a thrust kick! Shelley then pulled him off, with Chris’ face catching the apron as he fell to the arena floor, before Shelley darted to the apron himself and executed a PERFECT springboard cross body to send Sabin to the floor! The action then went back into the ring, with the momentum on Shelley’s side, who kept it rolling with some fast leg drops to the throat which gained the enigmatic one a two count. Sabin looked like he would get back into the swing of things following a nice escape from a surfboard which sent Shelley face first into the second turnbuckle, but as Sabin ran forwards, Shelley managed to boot Sabin in the chest, before following this up with a double foot stomp to the chest of the fallen Sabin! The nice move gave Shelley a two count, but soon he dragged Sabin centre ring and locked in a seated abdominal stretch! However, soon, Sabin began standing to his feet and fired back with a series of fist shots, but Shelley sent Sabin to the corner with a European uppercut! Shelley then whipped Sabin into the opposite corner, but Sabin reversed it into whip of his own…and immediately followed up with a running big boot to the face of Shelley as he stood prone against the buckles! But Sabin hadn’t done there as he then turned Shelley around…and slammed him with a release German suplex! Both superstars lay hurt on the floor for several seconds, before both got to their knees…and began firing shots back and forth in a rhythmic fashion whilst on their knees, before Sabin released his leg and kicked Shelley away! Sabin then managed to get the juice flowing with some consecutive clotheslines and a nice northern lights suplex for a two, before he ran towards Shelley as he lay towards the ropes…but Alex used his quick thinking to elevate Sabin over the ropes! Luckily, Sabin landed on the apron with both feet before snapping Shelley’s throat off the top rope…and then hitting a PERFECT springboard tornado DDT! This had to be it, Sabin covered…one…two…but NO! Shelley pumped a shoulder up at the last possible second! Chris looked in shock, but this turned to aggression as Sabin picked Shelley up for the Cradle Shock…but Shelley jumped out and ROCKED Sabin with a perfectly timed superkick…followed by a SKULL CRUSHING Air Raid Crash! But after Shelley climbed for the cover, the referee began to count the falls…but then saw Sabin’s leg resting on the bottom rope, breaking up the pin attempt at two and seven eights! Shelley now looked determined, and set Sabin up for the Sliced Bread #2…but as he flipped back off the turnbuckles, Sabin caught him up in a fireman’s carry! Cradle Shock!? It sure looked like it, but Shelley escaped yet again and executed a rear waistlock roll-through! One…two…but suddenly Sabin used his small weight advantage to roll through…one…two…Sabin hooked the tights! Three! Chris Sabin got the victory!
Winner: Chris Sabin @ 7:34

Aftermath: Sabin celebrates his win, jumping to the second turnbuckle and swinging his arms wildly in excitement! However, as he looks down on the canvas, he witnesses a shell-shocked looking Alex Shelley, who simply stares at Sabin. Sabin offers a handshake to his partner, but Shelley immediately stands to his feet and confronts Sabin, gesturing how he pulled his tights to get the victory and looking none too happy about it! Sabin signals that he did what he had to do, and then extends the hand again…but this time Shelley gestures to Sabin to ‘go away’…and then exits the ring! Shelley then walks to the back, not looking back at Sabin who calls after his partner. However, Sabin then takes a step back, turns around…and BAM! He is instantly floored by an STO takedown by the now in-ring X-Division Champion, Christopher Daniels, obviously looking for retribution from last week’s MCMG assault! The cameras then head to the stage and look at Alex Shelley, who has now turned around and looks on in horror at what is unfolding. Daniels however is adamant for revenge, and he picks Sabin up before hooking him up for the Angels Wings before staring daggers at Shelley…who remains unmoved on the stage, seemingly unwilling to help out his partner! This then allows Daniels to lift Sabin up…and he then PLANTS him with the Angels Wings! The following shot sees a floored Sabin as Daniels holds his title high and stares towards an uncomfortable looking Alex Shelley, knowing that the war is not over yet.



We head to the back where Alex Shelley is walking down the corridor, with a solemn look etched over his face. The camera retains focus on this superstar, until a recognisable voice is heard behind him from a distance.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: Alex…Alex...?

Sabin then appears in camera shot, and then he walks close to Shelley.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: Alex…?

"The Detroit Citizen" Alex Shelley: What…?

“The Future” Chris Sabin: What the hell was that out there, man!? Did you not see what Christopher Daniels did to me? Where was the support, Alex, where was the support, huh?

"The Detroit Citizen" Alex Shelley: Look, you obviously don’t need my help…

“The Future” Chris Sabin: I obviously don’t need your help? What? We’re Motor City Machine Guns, the best damn tag team in TNA, if not the world, today! We’re a team, Alex! You know, if you’re going to let what occurred in the match up get in the way of it all, then-

"The Detroit Citizen" Alex Shelley: You know what, Chris!? Stop talking. Now. You had to dig down deep to get that victory, you had to pull on my tights in order to get the three counts. And you know, as much as I’m for playing dirty on the odd occasion, it’s not something you do to your friends. It ain’t something you do to your tag team partner. So what gives you the right, Chris, to act all patron saint, huh? Just get outta my sight…

Alex then walks away in a huff, with Sabin looking shocked at Alex’s words.

“The Future” Chris Sabin: Alex…? Wait…oh c’mon, Alex…

The final shot sees Chris looking dumbfounded until the cameras zoom away.


The cameras zoom around ringside as Mike Tenay announces that he got a chance to sit down with Sting a couple of days back. The cameras continue to zoom until the view heads to an undisclosed location, where Mike Tenay is sitting by with ‘TNA World Champion’ Sting, with the text on the screen saying ‘earlier this week.’ As soon as the shot appears, Mike Tenay instantly jumps into talking to the champ.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Sting, first I’d like to thank you for joining me today for this exclusive chat, but one can understand that right now, you’re not seeking gracious words from me or anybody else. Instead, I can only begin to imagine what you’re going through thanks to the actions of last week…

“TNA World Champion” Sting: Well, as for the thank you Mike Tenay, no need to mention it. Because I believe this is the right thing to do. You see, I’m not implying I’m scared at all, but if I stood in the centre of the iMPACT ring this Thursday, I would guarantee to you that I would be shot down by the likes of Mick Foley and Rhino. And I don’t need to be shot down right now. Instead, I need to get a lot off my chest, and this is the perfect place to start. But as you said, Mike Tenay, you can only begin to imagine what I’m going through. Well to tell you the truth, I’m not going through a lot. Sure, Rhino jumped me from behind last week, but it’s not Rhino I’m worried about. Instead, it’s Mick Foley. Because you see, just when I thought he couldn’t get more corrupt, he’s fixed a plot that transpires against me.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: Yes, and that was clearly evident last week when Rhino and Mick Foley rejoiced mid-ring following Rhino’s underhand attack. How does it make you feel watching the man that controls every move on iMPACT joining with a man who, as last week proved, wants to cut you down?

“TNA World Champion” Sting: In all honesty, it makes me feel angry. Frustrated. You know, Mick Foley and I have never been the best of friends. Ever since he came to TNA, we’ve done battle on a number of occasions. But now, the battle has heated up. And because of that, my anger and frustration has turned into one thing- defiance. You see, he’s brought a new man under his wing, a man known as Rhino, a guy who I thought I could trust. And because of that, well it’s only made me feel more defiant to come out on top. I always seek revenge, and after what Foley and Rhino did to me last week, it’s gonna come sooner rather than later.

“Interviewer At This Time” Mike Tenay: So what does that imply, Sting? Do you see Rhino as a threat to not only you, but your TNA World Heavyweight Title belt too?

“TNA World Champion” Sting: Rhino, as a threat? Not particularly no. You see, yes, Rhino is a physically accomplished athlete, and last week, he symbolised what TNA aims to do- he crossed the line, he made an impact. But you see, if Rhino had Gored me last week and then simply left it at that, then I would happily pay him back for humiliating me mid-ring. But instead, he had to turn things up a notch, and he not only pulverised me, but he also then went on to form some secret alliance with Mick Foley. And there’s the threat there. Not Rhino by himself, whom may I add I have taken care of before, but Rhino and Mick Foley combined. Just think of this. Rhino has a hardcore, sadistic nature…so does Foley. Rhino loves the taste, loves the smell of blood…so does Foley. Rhino will do anything to get what he wants…so does Foley. So in that sense, it’s no surprise that Foley probably hand-picked Rhino to do his dirty work for him. Because after all, it is not in Foley’s contract to lay his hands on me. But before I began, you asked me about my TNA World Heavyweight Title. Well, you see, that’s the thing- I see Foley utilising Rhino to his own advantage. But at the end of it, Foley has more than likely promised Rhino an award. And that award is this strap that lies over my shoulder.

Sting then taps his TNA World Heavyweight Title belt, before continuing his speech.

“TNA World Champion” Sting: I’ve done my research, and it’s been about four years since Rhino held this title. So obviously, he’s gagging to get this gold right around his waist. I mean, them four years haven’t been good for Rhino’s career, oh no. Instead of working his way up the rungs of success, he’s been working his way down. Until last week.

The camera then zooms up close and personal to Sting’s face, and the champ takes off his glasses and places them to the side.

“TNA World Champion” Sting: Rhino, if you have the decency in your body to watch this, then I know you’ve been instructed to manhandle me. I know that maybe, just maybe, you don’t even want to hurt me, but the thing is, the object I hold, the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, it’s so important to you. As I said before, it’s the reward Mick Foley has in all probability said he will give you at the end of this. But allow me to let you in on something, Rhino- I ain’t going down without a fight. I may be approaching fifty years old, I may not be as mobile as I was a decade back, but the fire inside my body to stand up for what I believe in, it still flickers. And it will do until the day I die. I know this war is really between Foley and I, but Rhino, if you want to join in, well…the more the merrier. But if you have ignored my last few comments, which I can imagine you have done, then at least take one thing away from this.

Sting now stares hard into the camera lens, and rubs the title belt on his shoulder.

“TNA World Champion” Sting: The TNA World Championship may be exclusive to iMPACT, but it’s also exclusive to me. If you want to try and jump me again and snatch the title, be my guest. If you want to have a shot at regaining that title in a match, then so be it. But just don’t stand there, with your tail between your legs and your head so far up Mick Foley’s ass, expecting me to let it happen. Because I won’t, Rhino. The Gore you gave me last week, it made me realise one thing. The war between you and I, it’s going to be tough, it’s going to be intense. But I am going to make it my top priority, my main concern…to WIN the battle.

Sting then smiles slightly, before the cameras zoom away.




The scene opens with ‘Backstage Interviewer’ Jeremy Borash standing by, with Mick Foley close by him sitting at his desk.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Mick, a few moments ago we witnessed an interview segment involving Sting, who sounded ever so passionate about reclaiming payback on both you and Rhino as soon as he can. Now, more on that in a little while, but my first question to you is…where is Rhino?

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Where is Rhino? Sheesh, do you think he’s gonna follow me ‘round like a little lost puppy now I have him on my side? Rhino is an individual, you should know that by now, and as much as I categorise him as my protégée, I let him loose to do his own thing. So right now, he’s not here. But rest assured, tonight, you’re gonna see Rhino make an appearance.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well…umm…although that sounds all fine and dandy, if you put it like that, maybe it’s not such a great idea for Rhino to show his face. After all, we heard Sting say that he would make it his number one priority to win the battle…

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Yeah, yeah, well Sting says a lot of things, doesn’t he, and most of them, he can’t back up at all. Like, remember the time when Sting promised to dethrone me as champion a few months back fair and square? He couldn’t do it. Oh, and this one’s going way back, the time where Sting promised to keep alive WCW? Guess what, he couldn’t do that either. So you know what, as far as what Sting says, it means nothing compared to what he’s gonna do. And that includes his promises to ‘win the battle.’ At the end of the day, Sting set up this ‘battle’ by disobeying everything I’ve done for him, and disrespecting my wishes and wanting to go to the other side, wanting to be an athlete on Voltage. But seriously, this battle, it’s already won. Because last week, you saw just how smart I can be, when I utilised Rhino to gore Sting right in the middle of the ring, KAPOW. Was Sting smart enough to see that coming? Oh wait…no he wasn’t! Just like he’s not gonna be smar-

But suddenly, the door of Mick’s office opens and out comes a familiar face…SHARK BOY!? Why this underused athlete is here during an important segment is confusing, but we’re sure gonna find out.

"Stone Cold" Shark Boy: Mick…sorry to interrupt, but I need to speak with you…

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: What, did you not see that the door was closed? Do you have some inability to knock or something?

"Stone Cold" Shark Boy: N…No…

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Then what the hell do YOU of all people want?

"Stone Cold" Shark Boy: You see, Mick, I’m just gonna come out and say it. You’re not using me enough on this broadcast. In fact, I haven’t appeared on iMPACT for five consecutive weeks in an in-ring match up. And as I’m not being used, I’m not earning any money at all. And Mick, if you didn’t realise, I’ve got kids to support. Please, I’m begging here, I need the work. Please can you give me some work, please? Look, I’ll even get down on my knees…

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You know what, save the grovelling. No pun intended, but I’ve got bigger fish to fry. But you know what, you do have a point. Maybe I haven’t been using you effectively these past few weeks. Maybe I haven’t been seeing the true potential a guy like you, a TNA original in yourself, can have on my show. So you know what, you want work? Then you got it. Tonight, you’ll have a match up…

"Stone Cold" Shark Boy: Thank you…Mick, thank you so much…shake my hand…please, shake my hand…

Mick then looks at the hand, and then stands to his feet and looks Shark Boy dead in the eye.

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: I’d save it if I were you. Because do you know who your opponent is? The man that is dieing to find a first victim. A man who wants to prove his worth in the company. A man who wants to capitalise on the impact he made last week. A man, who goes by the name of…RHINO.

Shark Boy looks a little taken aback by the announcement, not looking too sure.

"Stone Cold" Shark Boy: R…Rhino?

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Yeah, you got a problem with that? Good. Now get out of my office, and get prepared for the match…because boy, if I were you, I’d need it.

Shark Boy then walks out of the room, looking shell-shocked, as Mick sits back on his chair as Jeremy Borash keeps the microphone placed under his chin.

“TNA iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Boy, it’s good to be the boss…

Foley then smiles and chuckles to himself before the cameras zoom away.


No DQ Rules
Tag Team
Threat To Society (Raven & Dr. Stevie) w/ Daffney vs. Jethro Holiday & Abyss

Prologue: The history between all these four competitors is quite a long-winded one. Abyss has been feuding with Threat To Society for a long time, with Raven and Stevie, alongside Daffney, utilising every trick in the book over the masked superstar. Jethro Holiday, meanwhile, is seeking revenge on Threat To Society after losing to Raven in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match last iMPACT thanks to Daffney’s interference. Therefore, Foley thinks one of the best ways to settle this is in a tag team match…but under no disqualification rules!

Recap: The no disqualification rule of this contest was certainly put into good effect throughout the match-up. Abyss was on fire throughout the contest, throwing Stevie into Raven in the corner before squashing both superstars with an avalanche body press! However, Jethro also proved he had some fight within him, executing a running headlock bulldog to Stevie, which doubled into a leg drop onto the fallen Raven’s throat! After a two count, Jethro then took the fight to Stevie on the outside as Abyss emptied the contents of a trash can before smashing one cleanly over Raven’s head! However, as Abyss then set Raven up for a chokeslam, he noticed Daffney leap onto the apron and argue profusely with the referee. The old Abyss would have probably been mesmerised by the appearance of Daffney, but this Abyss meant business, and he grasped Daffney in a chokehold! Daffney pleaded to be released, which Abyss finally had to succumb to after being DRILLED in the back with a steel chair courtesy of Raven, who then RAMMED the chair horizontally into Abyss’ throat, dropping the monster! As Raven choked Abyss with the chair before changing to the Singapore cane, the action was hotting up outside also as Daffney got herself involved by jumping onto Jethro, allowing Stevie to take pot shots at Holiday’s gut with a Singapore cane before ramming him into the fans guardrail! The cameras headed back into the ring where Raven wedged a trash can in between the top and middle turnbuckle, before he stomped away on Abyss’ fallen body before mounting him and punching the living daylights out of the huge superstar! A grounded choke left Abyss gasping for air, but Raven piled on the pressure with a trash can shot to the back! Again, the action headed to the outside where Stevie used a guardrail to near enough choke Jethro out, before the cameras headed back into the ring where Raven set up a chair mid ring. Raven then set Abyss up for a whip towards the chair, but Abyss spun around, set Raven up…and then CHOKESLAMMED Raven right onto the seated chair! Raven writhed in agony as Abyss looked partially worn out, but by this time, Stevie was in the ring and he clubbed away at Abyss’s back! This made no effect on the Monster, who then turned around, sending Stevie running away…but right into a double leg takedown by Jethro Holiday, who then SLINGSHOT Stevie right into the trash can wedged into the corner! Stevie’s head hit the can with great effect, but he groggily got to his feet…but was in turn booted in the skull courtesy of Abyss! Jethro then headed to the top as Stevie once more began to crawl up to his feet…only to be taken back down again with a diving bulldog from Jethro! The cover was on…one…two…but Raven managed to break up the pin, before nailing Abyss with a low blow! Raven then awaited for Jethro to stand…before obliterating him with a detour sign to the head! Raven jumped on for the immediate cover…but somehow Jethro kicked out at the two count mark! Raven then grabbed a chair and placed it centre ring, before hooking Holiday up for the Evenflow DDT! But somehow, Jethro managed to spin out, and then decked Raven with a short-arm lariat! Jethro then picked up the chair and yelled for Raven to get up, until suddenly Daffney jumped onto the apron, placed her feet on the second rope and tapped Jethro in the back. This made Jethro turn around…but he had his brain screwed in as Daffney went for her patented mist, only for Jethro to lift the chair above his face and in turn block the move! Abyss then snapmared her over the top rope to the crowd’s delight, her back impacting off the mat hard! But Abyss wasn’t done there, oh no! He then lifted Daffney up military press style…and LOBBED her over the top rope and onto a now standing Dr. Stevie on the outside, sending both down! However, Raven had managed to recuperate and he levelled Holiday with a knee lift to the back, sending him rolling to the outside, before raking Abyss’ eyes! Raven then bounced off the ropes cockily…but uh-oh, big trouble! Abyss caught him…and PLANTED him with the Black Hole Slam! One…two…three!
Winners: Abyss & Jethro Holiday @ 5:15

Aftermath: Abyss stands to his feet, jubilant at the victory he managed to pull off. Jethro Holiday crawls into the ring, and manages to get to his own feet and raises his arm alongside Abyss. The cameras twirl around the ringside area and see the devastation in front of them, as all the Threat To Society members are fallen thanks to the handy work of the new-and-improved Abyss. Replays show the key parts of the match-up, before the final shot sees Abyss and Jethro heading to the back, as Raven tilts his head towards the entrance stage as he lies on the floor and stares daggers towards Abyss.



The cameras head to the interview booth, where Jeremy Borash is standing by with Booker T, alongside Sharmell.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I am here with Booker T, and Booker, last week you defended your long-term friend, Kurt Angle, from a brawl that erupted off Angle’s match against Jay Lethal, and you managed to drill Creed with a Book End. However, tonight, we understand that Kurt Angle will not be here, due to the fact of the ‘Olympic Gold Medalist’ being in Tokyo, Japan to face off against Yuji Nagata in an NJPW bout. So, with no Kurt Angle in your corner, do you believe this affects your chances in your one-on-one match up tonight against Consequences Creed?

“King of TNA” Booker T: Affect my chances? Affect Booker T’s chances? Oh, hell no! Just ‘cos my friend, my good pal Kurt Angle is in another country whipping some Japanese ass, doesn’t stop me from goin’ out there and mopping the floor with Consequences Creed. Which is exactly what I did last week. I know dat Consequences and Jay Lethal are good pals and all that, but Angle and I, we go way back. And I couldn’t allow some young talent-less ROOKIES to go all out and full out disrespect Kurt out there, no way. Creed and Lethal, they got nothin’ on both Angle and I.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well that’s exactly what we’re gonna find out tonight, but the thing is, with Jay Lethal in Creed’s corner, how big of a chance do you think Consequences has to pull off the victory?

“King of TNA” Booker T: Are you talking about the same man I’m thinking of? Jay Lethal? Jay Lethal…the man who Kurt Angle obliterated last week? He can’t swat a fly, man, seriously you should know that by now. You see, tonight, it’s gonna be down to experience, and boy, I got the edge on that. And as for Jay Lethal being in Creed’s corner, well in mine is my beautiful wife Sharmell, and trust me, she’s all I need to help motivate me into defeating Creed and pounding his sorry ass to dust. So in referral back to your stupid ass question, Creed has no chance. No chance at all. What I did to Creed last week may have come across as harsh, it may have come across as not needed at all, but he got what he deserved. And that will be the same result tonight. So, my question to Consequences is…can you DIG ‘dat…SUCKA?

“The Royal” Sharmell: Let’s go baby, let’s go…!

Booker and Sharmell then walk away from the scene as the view disappears.


Booker T w/ Sharmell vs. Consequences Creed w/ Jay Lethal

Prologue: Another match up made from the fallout of last week, as Booker T goes head to head with Consequences Creed. Last week, Kurt Angle defeated Jay Lethal via an Ankle Lock, but after the match was finished, Angle kept the hold locked on, prompting Creed to enter the ring and force Angle to release the hold. Booker T came out of nowhere, attacking Creed before slamming him with the Book End, a move which leads to this match-up tonight.

Recap: Booker T got into Creed’s face as soon as the match began, mockingly shoving his face away in sheer cockiness…but Creed wasn’t happy, and retaliated with some hard punches to the face followed by a flying shoulder block takedown! Creed then managed to throw Booker over the top rope and to the outside, and then went to work on Booker outside the ring for a while with some bionic elbows, before rolling him into the ring. Creed then stood on the apron, but Sharmell then used her cheap tactics to try and pull Creed off the perch, but instead Jay Lethal walked over and scared Sharmell away. Creed then jumped upwards as if to go for a springboard on the now standing Booker T…but Booker responded with a DEVASTATING jumping thrust kick to Creed’s face which sent him falling to the outside! From then on, the match was swung in Booker’s favour, as the veteran went outside and scooped Creed up before planting him chest first off the ring barricade, and then sent him into the steel pole! A roll into the ring followed by a cover only gave Booker a two count, but nonetheless he set Creed up and then managed to execute a perfect arm wrench hook kick to Creed’s face! Another cover…but only two! Booker then grasped Creed in a seated cravate hold, but soon enough, Consequences managed to fight his way out of the hold with some body blows. But Booker’s momentum had not sapped, and with Creed still in the hold in a standing position, he decked Consequences with some knee lifts to the face followed by a scoop slam! Booker then executed a perfect Spin-a-roonie before kicking Consequences in the gut and looking to settle things with a Scissors Kick, but Creed somehow got up and managed to catch Booker in a fireman’s carry…before throwing him into a double knee gutbuster! Booker rolled to the apron, but Consequences went to pick him back off the mat, only to have his hands smacked away and then witness Booker swing his arm wildly for a lariat! However, Creed ducked and then executed his MontiFisto manoeuvre which took Booker down to the mat, before he immediately got to his feet only to be taken back down with a back elbow, followed by a bridging cradle suplex! One…two…but no, Booker managed to kick out in time! Creed then headed to the turnbuckle and scaled to the top rope, but as he flew off for a diving cross body, Booker ducked and Creed landed gut first onto the canvas! This put Creed in prime position…for a brain shattering Scissors Kick! Creed then rolled away towards the ropes, but Booker dragged him away and then covered! One…two…kickout! Creed kicked out of one of Booker’s patented moves! Booker then pushed Creed to the corner and whipped him towards the buckles, but Creed reversed it into a whip of his own followed by a corner clothesline…then a springboard bulldog! One…two…but this time Booker kicked out just in time! Creed then looked set to wrap things up with his patented TKO, but Booker jumped out of it before NAILING Creed with a hard knee to the gut! Booker then set Creed up for the Book End…but the lift allowed Creed to swing his legs around Booker’s waist and then roll forward with a tight roll-up! One…Booker’s shoulders were down…two…Booker scrambled to get up…THREE! Creed had just defeated Booker T!
Winner: Consequences Creed @ 7:12

Aftermath: Creed swiftly exits the ring as the crowd cheer in appreciation of this ground breaking upset! The cameras zoom onto Booker’s face, whose expression is one of sheer shock and bewilderment, as Sharmell walks over with a similar expression on her face too. On the outside, Lethal walks over to Creed and pats him on the back in a proud fashion, as Creed looks pretty shocked himself, but happy also. Lethal then raises Creed’s arm upwards in the air, as the crowd are all for Consequences and his show of courage in the match. The final shots see Sharmell tending to Booker and looking completely confused at the outcome, as Lethal and Creed high-five one another and then walk to the back happily.




The cameras join commentators Jim Cornette and Mike Tenay, who now join us at the broadcast desk.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Hello and welcome back to tonight’s edition of iMPACT, and boy, if you’ve only just tuned in, then you’ve missed out on one hell of a lot!

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Certainly, because a lot has gone down here on tonight’s iMPACT, mainly thanks to the fallout from last week’s edition. But, for those who have just joined us, well, we’ve got so much more lined up, and that includes our Main Event tonight, as Rhino, fresh from his attack on Sting last week, faces off against Shark Boy.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen for Shark Boy, but he wanted work, and boy has he got it. One thing’s for certain- I wouldn’t like to be walking in Shark Boy’s shoes tonight after how ferocious Rhino looked last week.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: You and I both, partner. But that isn’t it, because…wait a minute…

The music of Alex Koslov suddenly interrupts Mike Tenay’s words, and out comes ‘The Russian Sensation’. But he doesn’t walk alone, oh no, as alongside him is Prince Devitt, the man who Koslov teamed up with last week to defeat No Limit in a tag team match up. The two come down the walkway, with Koslov having a cocky swagger in his stride, before Koslov demands a microphone from ring announcer David Penzer. The two then enter the ring, with Koslov taking power of the mic.

“The Russian Sensation” Alex Koslov: Excuse me…excuse me…settle down if you will. I’ve just come out here for some, what do you American’s call it, ‘banter’? Yes, that’s correct, banter. Because you see, I, Alex Koslov, The Russian Sensation, thinks it is necessary thanks to the actions that I conducted last week. Last week, I made my debut here in TNA, and I made it with a bang. You see, that is not what many people of my country can say, oh no. How many Russian wrestlers do you know, seriously? Or should I say, how many Russian wrestlers do you know with a body this good? Not many, isn’t it?

The crowd begin to chant ‘go home!’ at the superstar, obviously angered by his small talk and big ego.

“The Russian Sensation” Alex Koslov: Look, quieten down, this is not a pleasant way to treat a guest to this country. But anyway…

The crowd now begin to boo loudly, causing Koslov to stop and look around as the volumes of the jeers simply get higher. Then, suddenly, Koslov explodes.

“The Russian Sensation” Alex Koslov: Did you not hear what I said!? Be quiet you American pigs! You should show respect for me, you should show respect for Alex Koslov! But all I get is disrespect from all angles, it is not nice, it is nasty, and vulgar, you hear, vulgar!? You should be respecting Alex Koslov after what I did last week. I proved a point, I DESTROYED my opponents. You think that’s funny!? You think I’m some sort of joke, do you!? Not only did I destroy my opponents, I did it single-handedly, so laugh about that you…you…

But suddenly, Devitt walks over and then takes the microphone away from Koslov.

“The Crowning Glory” Prince Devitt: Look, Koslov, calm down. I can take it from here.

Koslov then gracefully lets Devitt continue as he tries his best to take a breather, and the crowd quieten down a little which allows Devitt to finally get some words in.

“The Crowning Glory” Prince Devitt: You see, what Alex is trying to say is, last week was a defining moment for us both. We proved to the world why we belonged in TNA, and we proved it in a big way. I don’t know whether you noticed, but our opponents- No Limit- are huge stars in Japan, holding the IGWP Tag Team Titles. But in the space of about five or six minutes, we defeated them one, two, three. We became the challengers to the victors in that space of time. Now, although I’m for what you have said so far, Koslov, you mentioned in your fit of rage that you made an impact last week ‘single handedly.’ Well, you see, I disagree, because I had a huge part to play in that match up. But right now, that doesn’t really matter. Last week was all about debuts, and on behalf of myself and Koslov, we, us, these two specimens standing inside this six sided ring, made the biggest impact. Bigger than ANYONE, and I mean anyone, on that show…

But suddenly, another theme music blasts over the PA system and out walks Matt Cross and Pac, two superstars who also made their debut last week! Astonishingly, both looked dress to fight, with Cross holding a microphone and awaiting his music to die down before speaking his mind as both superstars stand on the entrance stage.

“The Natural Talent” Matt Cross: So, let me get this straight. You two guys, you’re saying you made the biggest impact last show? You’re saying you two standing right there got everybody’s head’s turning, everybody’s mouths moving, etcetera etcetera? You heard that, right Pac?

Pac nods his head, smiling as Cross turns his head towards him, before glancing back at Koslov and Devitt who stand patiently waiting in the ring.

“The Natural Talent” Matt Cross: I gotta ask…are you two forgetting something? I don’t know, a little match that opened the show last week, between Pac and I? ‘Cos you see, I’m not usually one to gloat, and although it’s tough to face that I lost, but rumour has it…that our match blew yours right out of the water! That’s right. You guys say you made an impact, then lets take into account the match-up Pac and I had. Many are saying it has changed the face of the X-Division. Many are stating that in that quick fire match-up, we proved to the whole world that the X-Division was no longer a laughing matter. In fact, we proved it so much that people are classing us as future X-Division champions. Where is that assigned to you, huh? I mean, it sounds to me that the only people buzzing about your match up last week is yourselves…

But suddenly, in-ring, a furious Koslov grabs the microphone out of Prince Devit’s hand and then places it by his mouth to speak.

“The Russian Sensation” Alex Koslov: Oh yeah, is that right!? You think you two are better? Then fight us, go ahead, fight us, anytime any place. Fight us and we will see which guys are better, and I can guarantee that it will be us two standing in this ring!

“The Natural Talent” Matt Cross: You know what, Koslov, you took the words right out of my mouth. You see, Pac and I were having a little discussion in the back whilst watching you talk crap, and we thought the same thing. We can’t stand someone gloating, someone being so cocky over something that isn’t worth gloating about. So you know what, the only way to solve this is by going head to head. Pac and I, versus you, and Devitt. But, you know what, being as though your standing in that ring like it’s your own turf, why don’t we say that that match begins…RIGHT NOW!

Cross then drops the microphone to the floor and him and Pac walk down the entrance way.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Matt Cross and Pac will take on Fergal Devitt and Alex Koslov when we return…do not go away!


Tag Team
Prince Devitt & Alex Koslov vs. Pac & Matt Cross

Prologue: These four fresh athletes made a mark on iMPACT last week in their own special way. Pac defeated Matt Cross in a one-on-one match last week which put both superstars over with some awe-inspiring moves on display, whereas Devitt and Koslov defeated the NJPW tag team of No Limit in a tremendous contest. Tonight, another tag team match beckons, thanks to the confrontation between these four just a few seconds ago in this weeks taping.

Recap: In what was the beginning of a great back and forth match-up, Koslov and Cross started things off with some nice tie-ups and some brutal takedowns, with Cross managing to come on top with a rear waistlock slam followed by a beautiful bridging chinlock. Quick tags were made between Pac and Cross, who worked over Koslov with a double hip toss followed by a nice hurracanrana pin which Koslov somehow managed to kick out of before crawling towards Devitt and making the much needed tag. Devitt and Pac then tied up and went to work with some nice manoeuvres, but when Devitt Irish whipped Pac into the ropes, Koslov got his own back with a club to the high-fliers back! However, Pac responded with a roundhouse kick to the head which sent Koslov down to the arena floor, but Devitt ran forward and clotheslined Pac over the top rope and to the outside! With Pac in his sights, Devitt then ran forward…and executed a PERFECT suicide dive, which sent Pac down to the arena floor yet again. However, both superstars got to their feet with Koslov following…until suddenly all three were knocked back down to the floor thanks to a diving shooting star press plancha by Matt Cross onto the athletes below! The crowd chanted ‘TNA! TNA! TNA!’ in joy as all four athletes lay on the arena floor in pain before the broadcast headed to a commercial break.


Back off the commercial break, and Koslov and Devitt were now in control of the match, with replays showing that this was due to Devitt managing to dropkick Pac in the stomach after Pac was airborne in search for a springboard cross body! Koslov and Devitt kept the momentum on their side for some time, with Koslov locking in a painful Mexican surfboard over the bottom ring rope, followed by a leg drop by Devitt as Pac hung over the apron! Devitt was then tagged into the match and near enough kicked the back out of Pac with some stiff soccer kicks, before sending him onto his back and then drilling him with a jumping knee drop, which only acclaimed a two count! Devitt then locked in a seated leg hooked full nelson which squeezed the pressure out of Pac, but Pac battled back…only to be cut off with some hard back clubs. Devitt then lifted Pac up for a patented brainbuster, but somehow Pac used his knees to smash Devitt in the skull…and then rolled down perfectly into a TIGHT inside cradle! One…two…but no, Prince kicked out before getting up to his feet…and DRILLING Pac with a lovely Tornado Kick! Devitt covered…but a two count could only be achieved, mainly due to Cross breaking up the pin! Devitt then tagged in Koslov who stomped over the fallen Pac’s body, before back elbowing him to the canvas and then locking in a seated sleeper hold! The momentum began to reach Pac, who tried to escape the hold, but Koslov responded by slamming Pac over his knee in a unique backbreaker! With Pac down, Koslov then got to a seated position on the top rope…but he spent too much time taunting as Pac got to his feet, sprung off the second rope and BLASTED Koslov with a kick to the jaw, which sent Koslov falling to the apron! Pac then crawled for the tag to Cross…and he got it! Cross jumped over the top rope and dropped Koslov with two consecutive clotheslines, before levelling the Russian with a nice tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. A run off the ropes, however, gave Devitt the opportunity to trip Cross and then pull him to the outside, but Matt ducked a clothesline to hit a spinning crescent kick to the face, sending Devitt down! Cross then leapt to the apron to dish out a shoulder thrust to the gut of an oncoming Koslov…before dropping him with a springboard missile dropkick! Cross made the cover…one…two…but NO, Koslov kicked out at two and a half! Cross then plucked Koslov off the ground and looked all ready for his fireman’s carry backbreaker, but Koslov managed to land on his feet and then hit a fall back kick to the skull of Cross…before HOOKING him in a bridging German suplex! One…two…but this time, Pac broke up the pin! However, by this time, Devitt had recuperated and he ran into the ring to deck Pac with some stiff forearms, but when he whipped Pac into the ropes in hope of a rebound, Pac hooked his arms around the top rope! Devitt then charged forwards…but he was then back body dropped over the top rope and to the arena floor below! However, standing right behind Pac was a fuming Koslov, who waited for Pac to turn around…and then KNOCKED him reeling with a spinning Polish hammer! Koslov then quickly picked Pac up off the ground and hooked him up for his patented Double Underhook Piledriver…but suddenly, Pac used his athleticism to hoist his body up, and reversed the manoeuvre into a brain shattering hurracanrana! As this move was being hit, Matt Cross had scaled to the top rope…and now Koslov was in perfect position to be hit by the Corkscrew 450! Cross HIT IT! One…two…three…Pac and Cross gained victory!
Winners: Matt Cross & Pac @ 9:08

Aftermath: Cross stands to his feet and celebrates the victory, as Koslov lays out cold on the ground. Pac then crawls over groggily, and the referee raises the hands of both Pac and Cross in victory. The camera zooms around the iMPACT Zone with the crowd obviously happy with this tag team affair, before both climb separate turnbuckles and celebrate the victory happily. By the time Cross and Pac have left the ring, Devitt has managed to crawl inside the six sided ring and he glares at Cross and Pac as they walk down the entrance way and leave the arena.


The cameras head backstage where Jeremy Borash is pacing down a corridor.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Right, word has it that Rhino has finally made his entrance into the arena, I’m just backstage trying to track him…

However, in the distance, a figure is seen walking down the narrow corridors, and it appears to be Rhino. Borash instantly sees him and runs forward, with the microphone in his hand.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Rhino! Rhino…I’ve got a few questions…firstly, why did you attack Sting last week? And are you planning to go to Foley’s office right now? Oh, hang on, most importantly, you’ve got a match with Shark Boy tonight, how are you going to prepare for it following on from Sting stating that he will win the war between you both?

Borash thrusts the mic towards Rhino, but Rhino’s expression is solemn and serious. He then looks Borash up and down and then stares into his eyes.

“The War Machine” Rhino: GET OUT OF MY FACE…NOW!

Rhino then smacks the microphone away, sending it spinning in the air before crashing onto the floor! Rhino then opens the door near him, which is to Foley’s office, and walks through the door way before slamming the door behind him. A bewildered Borash is then left in shot.



As we return off the commercial break, the cameras look towards the entrance stage where a well known theme music and video package are playing out on both the PA system and screen respectively. Yes, you got it, out comes Mick Foley…followed by Rhino, who stands beside him. Foley walks down the entrance way with Rhino behind him, looking at the fans as they boo him from all angles. The two then head to the apron and enter the ring through the ropes, with Foley being given a microphone before they settle mid canvas to a standstill.

“The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley: Before we get tonight’s match started, and with all the words Sting said earlier tonight with his arranged skit with Mike Tenay, I think it’s only best that Rhino and I come out here with our best intention- to tell you fans right from the heart the answers you plead for. Now I know last week to some may have been a shocker, hell, maybe even some of you saw it coming, but the thing is, what happened last week happened for a reason. But you see, I’m probably not the man you want to listen to- after all, it wasn’t I who Gored the TNA World Heavyweight Champion mid-ring. Hey, I didn’t even put my hands on him, and I barely even provoked him. So, Rhino, if you will, go ahead and give these fans the answers they deserve…

Foley then turns around, and offers Rhino the microphone. He gracefully accepts it before walking forwards a little and clearing his throat.

“The War Machine” Rhino: The answers they deserve? To be honest, these fans don’t deserve any answers, Mick, and even you know that. Because wait, these are the same fans that turned their back on me. The same fans that suddenly lost interest in me a few months ago up until now.

The crowd begin jeering Rhino and his choice of words, but he tries to put it behind him as he continues.

“The War Machine” Rhino: But you know what, I’m all for speaking my mind, so as a treat, I’m gonna say exactly what’s been going through my head, being as though everyone wants to know. You see, last week was an opener for me to finally get my name where it deserves to be. After many months of standing around in this company and failing to offer it substantial glimpses of the talent I knew I had, I saw my big break. And I have one guy to thank for that. Not myself, not Sting…but the man standing right next to me, Mick Foley.

Foley smiles at this, but the crowd are less appreciative, jeering the corrupt owner before Rhino continues.

“The War Machine” Rhino: You see, he saw something in me that you guys couldn’t. You see, as you were out there cheering a man as defunct as Sting, Mick and I were coming up with something so big, and so shocking, it would shake the foundations of not only iMPACT, but TNA as a whole. And last week, you saw that plan get put into action. You all saw with your puny little eyes how ferocious a guy like I can be. One Gore later, the champion was flat out on the floor, and the best part of all, he only had Foley and I to blame.

The crowd jeer louder, obviously not happy about this, as Rhino continues on.

“The War Machine” Rhino: Because you see, Foley and I, we share a common feeling. We both wish to dethrone Sting and unmask this supposed ‘Icon’ for who he really is, what his name really equivalents- a washed up HAS BEEN! Foley has his own personal reasons to do so, but as for me, for the past few months I’ve had to sit back and watch Sting obtain glory after glory. And as last week proved, no longer can I bite my tongue. But you see, it goes way back from that, because if you cast your mind back to around the time of January this year.

Rhino paces around a little with the thought of this clear in his mind.

“The War Machine” Rhino: ‘Cos you see, that was the month the annual Genesis pay-per-view took place. But it’s coincidental when you hear that my opponent in that pay-per-view was none other than ‘The Icon’ himself, Sting. Now, although that probably means little to you bozo’s out here, but if you didn’t realise, that night, I was defeated by Sting, and then after that…nothing, nothing at all. You see, usually with a defeat comes a rematch, or something along those lines, but I was screwed over.

Rhino then clears his throat once more, before settling into the final phase of his angle.

“The War Machine” Rhino: So you see, my reason has been brewing for a long time, many months and many days. Now, tonight, I understand that I have a match, but that isn’t what I’m bothered about. Earlier tonight, Sting made a statement which went something like this- the top priority he has is to win the battle. Well, Sting, it’s already been won, and I am the victor here. I know you’re dying for retribution and payback, and I can imagine that tonight would be your perfect chance to do it, but trust me, don’t. The hatred I have for you, Sting…it goes off the scale. So tonight, you try anything SMART with me, then I can guarantee you one thing…I will force you to EAT…YOUR…WORDS!

Rhino then glares into the camera lens, before dropping the microphone. He then turns towards the entrance stage and proclaims ‘come on! Come out right now!’ and the music of Shark Boy instantly appears over the PA system. Shark Boy walks out but understandably looks increasingly terrified with every step closer to the ring. Mick Foley exits the ring before wishing Rhino good look, and then Rhino, with a twisted smile on his face, takes a step back as Shark Boy gets to the apron, ready for the match to begin.

Main Event
Rhino vs. Shark Boy

Prologue: The reason for this match is not very clear, but nonetheless, Shark Boy earlier stated in the broadcast that he needed work…and work he’s got. Rhino wanted a challenge, but it surely isn’t a fair one, that’s for certain. However, will a miracle occur tonight that will allow Shark Boy to gain the victory over ‘The War Machine’?

Recap: Rhino’s aggression and anger was certainly on show in this match-up, booting Shark Boy square in the back as he made his way through the ropes! The X-Division athlete fell to the floor off of this, but was then prone to some hard mounted punches by Rhino, who then lifted his opponent off the floor and pushed him hard into the corner to work over him with some bone breaking body blows! Shark Boy fell to a seated position off this move as Mick Foley looked on in pleasure, but Rhino then capitalised with a running knee lift to the face of the prone Shark Boy, before choking him with his boot! The aggressive Rhino then grabbed hark Boy’s arm and whipped him hard into the opposite turnbuckles, sending Shark Boy hard into the corner before he fell onto his face in pain! A snapmare may have been regarded as a soft move by Rhino that followed this, but Rhino then cranked on the pressure with a seated cobra clutch! Shark Boy looked at one point like he would find his way out, but Rhino made sure that wasn’t the case as he threw Shark Boy to the canvas before lifting him up and blasting him with an Irish whip followed by a hard lariat, which sent Shark Boy flipping backwards almost onto his head! Rhino then covered…but just after the two count, he lifted Shark Boy’s shoulder off the mat as if he hadn’t had enough yet! And that purely was the case, as he whipped Shark Boy into the corner…only for on the run up, Shark Boy responded with a back elbow. The less-experienced athlete then looked for a springboard headscissors, but Rhino caught onto the legs, turned around…and then DEVESTATED his opponent with a double leg spinebuster! Rhino then went to the opposite corner and stalked Shark Boy…before running full force and throwing his body towards him with a Gore…but Shark Boy LEAPT over Rhino, causing him to hit the second buckle face-first! Rhino fell to the mat in pain as Mick Foley looked shocked on the outside, before Shark Boy set Rhino up for the DSD! However, ‘The War Machine’ fought back with a few back elbows…before DECKING Shark Boy with a mean stiff discus forearm! Shark Boy lay groggy, seated on the top rope, but Rhino managed to pluck Shark Boy’s body off the ropes and put him in position for a…oh my God…RHINO DRIVER! The sitout piledriver connected, and Shark Boy fell to an unconscious state on the floor! Rhino wasn’t done there, however, oh no. He lifted Shark Boy off the canvas before using his palm to simply shove Shark Boy to the ground, near the turnbuckles. Rhino then went to the opposite buckles, and stalked Shark Boy, who used each individual rope to get to his feet, before turning around…and being DRILLED with a Gore! The force sent Shark Boy toppling onto his stomach, where he hit the canvas and lay completely KO’d. Rhino then pulled Shark Boy forward, hooked the legs…and that was all she wrote!
Winner: Rhino @ 3:04

Aftermath: Rhino opts against celebrating the victory. Instead, he simply stays in the position, with Shark Boy’s leg cocked in the air as if the referee could count to a million, and stares solemnly at the front row audience. Foley then enters the ring, causing Rhino to viciously drop Shark Boy’s leg back to the canvas as Mick slaps Rhino on the back in appreciation! The referee tries to raise Rhino’s arm, but Rhino pulls it away and then stares the ref down, forcing him to flee the ring, before Mick comes forward and hoists Rhino’s arm in the air. Mick then points furiously at Shark Boy, before looking at Rhino who is smiling and nodding his head in a peculiar manner. Shark Boy meanwhile has his arm outstretched, as if searching for a light at the end of the tunnel…until suddenly, Rhino grabs Shark Boy’s head and pulls him off the canvas with force, before dragging him towards the turnbuckles! The crowd gasp in horror as Mick flashes a sick smile and then raises his thumb! On that request Rhino sits on the second buckle and grabs his arms around a bent over Shark Boy’s waist, before hoisting him vertically in the air! Uh…oh…could this be a Super Rhino Driver! Shark Boy dangles in the air until suddenly, the crowd heat increases dramatically and the cameras head to the apron…where standing there is none other than STING!

Sting stares hard at Rhino as Mick frantically grabs Rhino’s attention by pointing at the TNA World Heavyweight Champ! Rhino then drops Shark Boy from the hold causing him to hit the canvas, but he has no time to hit a fist shot to Sting, who blocks it and levels Rhino with four to five fist shots of his own, before grabbing onto Rhino’s attire and back of his head and then throwing him off the turnbuckle, sending him somersaulting back first onto the canvas! Sting then produces something patented to his name…the black baseball bat! Sting walks into the ring, and holds the baseball bat up high, before holding it behind his shoulder as if to swing it full force towards Rhino’s face…but Foley comes along and grabs the bat, before throwing it to the mat in anger! But this only frustrates Sting, who looks back…before levelling Foley with some shots to the face! Foley walks back to the corner in pain…until Sting stops in his tracks and falls to the canvas…thanks to a baseball bat to the back by Rhino! Mick then shouts ‘get him!’ as Rhino then repeatedly smashes the baseball bat over the gut of Sting! Sting coughs in pain, before Rhino then drops the bat and walks to the opposing corner as Foley plucks Sting off the canvas! Then, in sheer disrespect…Foley LOCKS IN the Mandible Claw! Sting is forced to taste Mr. Socko as Foley pulls him to the middle of the ring…where Rhino runs and then GORES Sting to the floor whilst in the hold! Sting falls to the canvas and is knocked out cold! Rhino and Foley then celebrate mid-ring, as in a repeat of this time last week, Rhino and Foley have got one over on the TNA World Heavyweight Champion!


iMPACT confirmed Victory Road Matches
Victory Road | 19th July, 2009
Only three weeks away!

X-Division Title Match
Three Way Dance
Christopher Daniels © vs. Amazing Red vs. Chris Sabin

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Friday, 3rd July 2009

Quick Results
- Chris Sabin def. Alex Shelley via pinfall following a roll up with a handful of tights, meaning that Sabin will now compete in the Three-Way X-Division Title Match at Victory Road
- Abyss & Jethro Holiday def. Threat To Society via pinfall off a Black Hole Slam to Raven
- Consequences Creed w/ Jay Lethal def. Booker T w/ Sharmell following a reversal of the Book End into a body scissors roll up for the three counts
- Matt Cross & Pac def. Alex Koslov & Prince Devitt after Cross executed a Corkscrew 450 Splash onto Koslov, followed by the pinfall victory
- Rhino def. Shark Boy via pinfall after a Gore
In other news...

- As was reported on this week's iMPACT, Kurt Angle was not available at time of broadcast due to the 'Olympic Gold Medalist' competing in an NJPW show against Yuji Nagata in Osaka, Japan. Angle managed to win the match, following an Angle Slam from the top rope. The press conference that followed was more intense, as Nagata stated he 'would gain his revenge.'

- The expansion of the X-Division has meant many rumours have been circling around in the direction it is to go. However, one rumour that is near certain is that TNA Management are thriving to bring back the succesful World X Cup, which shows off high skilled athletes from across the globe. TNA have a number of superstars in mind that they wish to compete in this, and their enthusiasm for this tournament is reportedly so high, that the tournament may begin after Victory Road.

- In this week's TNA iMPACT Webmatch, Amazing Red defeated Naito of No Limit. The match simply depicted the talents of the X-Division, and furthermore the talent of Red, whom in three weeks goes to Victory Road to compete for the X-Division Title. Red managed to wrap things up following a Code Red on the Japanese superstar for the three counts.

- This week's iMPACT garnered a 1.3 rating. TNA are happy with the current ratings of the program.

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

iMPACT Feedback

Good commentary at the start, did a good job in building up the show. Normally, I'm not a big fan of shows starting with a match here, but this was a great one. Faced-past and very fun, as it would've been expected from these two. I really liked the exchange on the outside with the apron, innovative stuff (as far as I'm concerned, anyway). I was pleasantly surprised that Sabin got the win, since I usually see more Shelley fans than Sabin, and I thought you might've been a part of that. I really enjoyed the aftermath as much as the match, the starting dissension between the two should make for a great story on the way to Victory Road. Daniels getting some payback was good stuff, too heating things up for the Triple Threat. Great job with this one.

And the story continues to develop quickly. Great exchange between the two partners, and I really enjoyed what Shelley said about not cheating against friends, showed character development there. Looking forward to more from these two.

Awesome interview here with Sting, loved it. This gave the feud between himself, Rhino, and Foley a ton of momentum, and really made me look forward to seeing them throw down. I was a little skeptical about Rhino being put into title contention after not having a lot of momentum to help him out, but I'm sold after this. Normally, the situation that Sting basically saying Rhino was beatable without Foley might've done him damage, but it worked here because the real feud is between Sting and Foley. Anyway, like I said, awesome stuff, really loved it. Great job here.

I really liked the first half of this interview, when it was just Mick talking, as he made a lot of good points, but once Shark Boy entered, his portrayal made this go completely downhill. I felt bad for him, but for all the wrong reasons. This segment completely buried him. He begged for work, was willing to get on his knees, pleaded with Mick to shake his hand, then got scared when he was put up with Rhino. Just buried this guy.

Fun match here that wasn't as clustery as it could've been. Lots of nice spots and good storytelling throughout, something a little tricky to pull off sometimes, so good job here. I can't help but think, though, that maybe Threat to Society should've won here. The program could be one where no matter what Abyss does, he always comes out on the losing end of things, until finally the feud-closer in which Abyss picks up the huge win, similar to Dreamer/Raven back in the '90s. Nevertheless, great stuff, everyone looked good, especially Jethro, who I would've thought would've been the whipping boy of the match.

Great Booker interview, I could easily imagine him saying everything. The only thing I didn't like too much was that the characterization in his dialogue was used very sparingly where it could've been used. Like when he said "your stupid ass question," it would've sounded better as "yo stupid ass question." Aside from these instances, loved it, gave his match with Creed and the overall feud some good build and depth, as we now know why he did it. Great job.

Solid match to really put Creed over in a big way. I really think he came out looking a lot better than he came in, but I didn't like that he kicked out of the Scissors Kick. I feel finishers should only ever be fully kicked out of on PPV, and not TV (by fully, I mean with no delay after the move. I know there was a brief moment here, but not really long enough for me). That's just me, though, and like I said, huge win for Creed to give his team some extra momentum in this feud. Good stuff.

Good promo from the TNA newcomers to hype themselves up, and made it clear - if it wasn't aleady - about who's face and who's heel. Although I didn't really like that Pac didn't get any mic time, I'm not certain of his talking abilities, so it might've been a good thing if he's not very good. I do agree with Cross in that he and Pac had the better match between the four, although I mentioned that in my last review. Anywho, the match was fun and fast-paced, showed off more of their stuff to get these guys noticed (evident by the "TNA!" chants), but things broke down a little too much at the end, and I got confused with who was actually the legal people. Good stuff here, looking forward to more from these guys.

Intense Rhino is good. Good stuff overall, but I didn't really know why JB asked him why he attacked Sting, I thought that was answered already in previous segments.

Great promo by Rhino, cleared things up just a little more on why he aligned himself with Foley. The thing I didn't like, though, and this is pure speculation, but he sounded a little too smart. I don't know Rhino's character, or if he's as intelligent as this promo made him out to be, but that's what I was thinking. As for the match itself, it gave Shark Boy a few more moves than I would've guessed after how bad he looked during his promo, but this was still a squash to show Rhino's dominance. The aftermath was a little more interesting, as it showed how dangerous Foley and Rhino together can be, taking out Sting. Good stuff to close out the show.

I felt this show wasn't as strong as the others you've put out in this tread, but it was still good. The matches (minus the main event) were the highlights here, and the four newcomers continue to impress. Promos were still good (especially the Sting interview), but like I said, they weren't as good as I've seen from you before. Still, storylines were advanced well in this episode, and Victory Road's looking good. Keep it up, Lee, 7.5/10.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Live From ‘The Voltage Zone’ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 7th July 2009

[I]Last week’s Voltage saw it all. In ring attacks. Backstage confrontations. Heated discussions. New stipulations. With all that on just one two-hour show, how will the show pan out this week? Here’s what’s expected to go down this week on Voltage…[/ I]

What Comes Next?
If you had a small doubt in your mind that the feud between Samoa Joe and AJ Styles was over, then think again. Last week, Jeff Jarrett announced that at Victory Road, Joe will get his way and Styles will put up his TNA Legends Title against ‘The Samoan Submission Machine’. But that wasn’t it, oh no, as later in the night, Styles’ attacked Joe’s self appointed bodyguards in the ring before telling Joe to come get some! Tonight, one question will be on everyone’s minds…where will this feud go next?

Finally Locking Horns
Ever since Mark Jindrak arrived in TNA two weeks ago and following a heated confrontation which resulted in Morgan getting a black eye, Matt Morgan has had ‘The Reflection of Perfection’ in his sights to destroy. Tonight, the two finally get to go head to head in a one on one match! Which star will get the three count, and be able to say that they got one over the other?

Tag Wars
The rematch between Team 3D and Beer Money last week may have been concentrated on these two teams, but with The British Invasion causing the distraction to allow Beer Money to win, and then LAX coming out to fend off a post match attack, it was obvious to see that there were now four teams in the hunt for the TNA World Tag Team Titles. Tonight, two separate matches aim to encapsulate this storyline, as Robert Roode takes on LAX’s Homicide and Team 3D aim to get their revenge as they go two-on-two with The British Invasion.

Mystery Revealed
Eric Young had a chance to show Kenny Omega a thing or two in last week’s one-on-one contest…but things didn’t work out so easily. Instead, Daisy Haze, Omega’s trusty valet, cost Young the match, and then teamed up with Omega to attack ‘Showtime’ following the contest. In a fit of rage, Young stormed to Jeff Jarrett’s office and demanded a one-on-one match with Haze…but instead, Jeff said Young could pick a Knockout of his choice to face Omega and Haze in a mixed tag team match this week. Who will Young have chosen?

When Feuds Collide
The Knockouts division is rife with two feuds at the minute, with the Knockouts Champion Angelina Love and her Beautiful People protégées feuding with Christy Hemme, as the domineering Klondyke feuds with Sojo Bolt and ODB. Tonight, the two feuds collide as Angelina Love and Madison Rayne team up with Klondyke to face Hemme, Bolt and ODB in a six Knockouts tag match!

All this and much, much more come Tuesday night!

Confirmed Matches
One-on-One | Homicide w/ Hernandez vs. Robert Roode w/ Jackie Moore & James Storm

Mixed Tag Match | Eric Young and ??? vs. Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze

Six Knockouts Tag Match | Angelina Love ©, Madison Rayne & Klondyke vs. ODB, Sojo Bolt & Christy Hemme

Tag Team Match | Team 3D (Brother Ray & D-Von Dudley) vs. The British Invasion (Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams) w/ Rob Terry

One-on-One | Mark Jindrak vs. Matt Morgan

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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