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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Promos:Overall I thought all your interviews, promos, were excellent. You really captured how the wrestlers speak. Everyone from Jarett to Joe to AJ to Raisha to Team 3D everything sounded believeable. I really liked the haze's and omega's part the best, "fazzle, is that a real word, i dunno" loved that

Speaking of Omega and Haze loved the opening match, really excelled at showing on how Omega is going to use Haze to help him he win matches, really good opener.

ODB Vs Sojo:I'm not a big fan of ethier but you wrote the match well and was shocked to see bolt go over. I was even more shocked to see the return of Sirelda, I would of rather seen a indy diva debut but it definitally shocked me to see her return to TNA and interested to see where it goes.

Tag Team Triple Threat:Another well written match, I was rooting for LAX, but I cant be upset 3-D got the victory and sets up a showdown with Beer Money

Raisha Vs Love:Another good match with Love using TBP to help her pick up the win. I thought afterwards when they attacked Raisha that they were going to rip her headgear off and reveal her as Cheerleader Melissa but a pleasnt surprise was Christy returning, im a christy supporter so it was nice to see her come in a take out the TBP and make her attentions known for the gold.

AJ/Joe Vs Beer Money:Excellent match with Joe pulling away from AJ allowing BM to pick up the victory and then afterwards Joe ruthlessly attacking AJ. Love with Joe just smugly smiling at Jarrett as he looks on in confusion as the show came to an end. Just made Joe seem like this cocky sob who is bent on distruction.

Overall 9.5/10 Amazing first show. Great promos, great matches, great surprised. An overall excellent way to introduce your characters for the first time and let people know their rolls. Cant wait to read more.

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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iMPACT Preview

Live from ‘The Impact Zone’ in Miami, Florida
Thursday, 25th June 2009

Off the success of Slammiversary VII last Sunday, and the first taping of Voltage Tuesday night, iMPACT has one hell of a lot to live up to. However, Mick Foley himself believes that this can be acquired, as his belief in the strong roster jam packed with talent is very powerful. However, will iMPACT be able to reign supreme in this new brand war era? By the look of the upcoming card, that harrowing statement may be a possibility…

Sting In The Tail
After reclaiming the iMPACT exclusive TNA World Heavyweight Title in a gruelling King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, Mick Foley has promised that Sting will show his face on this week’s iMPACT taping. Whether he’s in a match or not remains to be seen, but Foley has promised that Sting will play a large part in this week’s show.

The Scent Of New Blood
After Slammiversary, it was revealed that TNA had managed to gain four fresh new competitors- the risk-taking Pac, the high-flying technical machine Matt Cross, the submission specialist Prince Devitt and the incredibly balanced talent that is Alex Koslov. Thursday night will see all four in action, with the opening bout seeing Pac take on Matt Cross, then later in the night, Koslov and Devitt teaming up to face the team of ‘No Limit’- Yujiro and Naito. Will TNA’s newest acquirements live up to their high expectations, or will their dreams be dashed on their first night to showcase what they’ve got?

Red’s Reclaim?
Amazing Red hasn’t held the X-Division title belt in over five years, but tonight that declaration may change as Red goes one-on-one against Christopher Daniels for the title belt. After winning a gauntlet at Slammiversary, Red looks like he has an outstanding chance to reclaim gold. However, Daniels only won the title a few nights ago, and it is evident that ‘The Fallen Angel’ will be desperate to defend his gold successfully. Will Red pull out all the stops, or like Sunday, will it be Daniels who holds the belt in his hands at the end of the show?

Raven’s Rules
The sickening sight of Raven giving backstage interviewer Lauren a Raven Effect DDT at Slammiversary is one that must still be surrounding Abyss’ head. However, tonight, Raven has requested his very own patented Clockwork Orange House of Fun match, but not against Abyss. Instead, he has chosen ‘The Outlaw’ Jethro Holiday as his opponent, in a request which has an unknown reason. Raven will be looking to go all out tonight, but will Holiday be able to prove something which he hasn’t so far in TNA? But the bigger question is- will Abyss be out seeking revenge?

All this and much, much more come Thursday night!

Confirmed Matches

One-on-One | Pac vs. Matt Cross

Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match | One-on-One | Raven w/ Dr. Stevie and Daffney vs. Jethro Holiday

X-Division Title Match | One-on-One | Amazing Red vs. Christopher Daniels ©

Tag Team | Alex Koslov & Prince Devitt vs. No Limit (Yujiro & Naito)

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Voltage Feedback

Strong opening promo to kick us off. I don't watch TNA, so I'm not totally familiar with the characters, but Jarrett and AJ played their roles really well. Joe, not really. I've seen some of his work with his 'Nation of Violence' gimmick, and he didn't sound menacing or such, but whiny and jealous. The other thing that I didn't especially like was that the typing of the promos was really blocky and hard to read. You should break it down a little to note fan reactions and such. Good brawl between the former friends, although Jarrett looked really bad. I know it's commonplace for people to go down after shoves and such, but this guy's a former World Champ that still actively competes every once in awhile. He could've recovered very easily, but he didn't. Solid, rocky start to the show, should be fun to see what happens next.

Jarrett saved face here with this announcement, putting Joe with AJ for a tag match and making himself known as a boss that won't be pushed around. Not the punishment I was expecting (I was thinking a straight-up match between the two), but it should work. Looking forward to it.

Again, I don't watch TNA, so I don't know if Kong and Saeed were faces before this, but this came off pretty face-ish. Saeed was strong here, and I'm hoping Angelina accepts her challenge later on. Also hoping that at some point, you reveal her to be Cheerleader Melissa, she's awesome.

I've been doing some studying on Kenny Omega, and I've liked what I've seen. This match is no different. Great stuff from Omega, got down his mannerisms and gave them a heel touch. I was a little surprised that Atlas got as much offense as he did, considering that he's unsigned, but I'm glad it wasn't a squash. Diasy was also very effective as a heel herself, and I'm thinking we'll be seeing a lot from this impressive pairing.

Ray, very chivalrous here. Well, not really, but what he was was passionate, which is always good to see/hear. With 3D now trying to get back their titles, the chase should be a lot of fun, and if this interview was anything to go on, it should be a great checkpoint for the feud. Devon was also great here, good stuff from the former champs, their Triple Threat Match later on sounds great.

Good Knockouts match here. Provided very good ring action, although it's main objective was to showcase Sirelda, who I don't know of. She made her mark against both women, and I see that's why Bolt won here, to get rid of her first and save ODB, since I was expecting ODB to win.

Great Omega interview. Put over his character as a heel, and the same with Daisy. However, I think you used a lot of material for this interview, especially with the inclusion of Young. Some of the stuff said here could've been saved for coming weeks, and now can't be used without sounding repetitive. Still, it was a great interview, and going over someone the TNA loyal are familiar with, like Young, is a good way to keep Omega's career going.

Interesting development here with Morgan and Jindrak, a guy I haven't seen in awhile. Nevertheless, I think he should be a fine addition to the Voltage roster. I didn't especially like his backstory for coming to TNA, though, it was a little basic, but there's room for development there. Morgan really heeled it out, though, bringing in his failures and his son, and while I like that Jindrak got the upper hand, I didn't like that Morgan got complete KO'ed after one punch. Made his speech at the start seem like moot. I don't get why the crowd was booing Jindrak as he left, either, he's clearly the face here. Looking forward to more from these two.

Pretty passionate follow-up from Jindrak, explained to me a little more about why he overreated like he did back then. I'll echo the last sentence from the last paragraph here.

Hard match to read because it was so blocky, but I really liked it. You used the tagging different teams in method well, although LAX didn't get as much time as the others. That's perfectly fine, since it seemed that you wanted to put over the Invasion in the match, and possibly set them in a program with 3D after they get beat by Beer Money, or LAX at the moment. Good stuff, just hard to read.

Another very solid interview here with the Tag Champs. I really liked Roode, his comments were good, but I didn't really like Storm. I don't know his character well, but just by the looks of it, a drunk cowboy probably wouldn't speak as eloquently as he did here. That was really my only issue here, this hyped up the match tonight and their title defense next week, and Jackie's last line was awesome.

Good match between Angelina and Saeed, put both ladies over really well. I was a little confused by you calling Saeed European, I thought she was supposed to be a Middle Eastern character. Then again, I don't know TNA, but anywho, solid match that didn't take anything away from both ladies, and also utilized the other Beautiful People well. Solid promo by Angelina to gather more heat, and I wasn't Christy to come back, and take out all three of them. I never knew she used so many split-legged moves, aside from the FFG. This is obviously the start of a new program over the Knockout's Title, and should be a good one. Saeed was a non-factor during Christy's comeback, but overall, good stuff here.

Great AJ interview. You're really good at splitting the focus of an interview from one question to another, as we saw previously, and here now with the main event, and the issues between AJ and Joe. I really liked AJ here, especially what he had to say about Joe, who I've never liked. Good stuff, the main event should be very solid.

Great main event, but had the same problem as the Triple Threat match. Good storytelling here, with the characterization between reluctant partners, and also that Joe "inadvertently" took out AJ on the outside. I was expecting Joe to ditch AJ when he needed a tag, they always do, but it was still a great match. Very big win for Beer Money, who need the momentum going into their title defense next week, and great development between AJ and Joe with his assault on the Legends Champ. Brutal stuff, and I liked Jarrett appearing as well, gave the scene a more important feel to it. Great way to close out the show.

It's been a really long time now, almost a year, but great return show, Lee. The biggest complaint I had about the show was that they were really blocky and hard to read, and also, a little too long for most people's tastes. I also noticed that almost every backstage segment was an interview, but that was alright, since you pulled them off really well. I would've liked to have seen more interaction between wrestlers, like Young and Omega did, instead of just answering Val, who came off very well, too. That's really it, I thought the show was great, and I learned a thing or two from TNA. Lots of great new programs started here, looking forward to more, so great job here. 8.5/10.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

“To Cross The Line”
Thursday, 25th June 2009

All matches of Slammiversary VII are highlighted in a picture shot fashion, with the key highlights showing how Christopher Daniels won the X-Division Title, how Sting managed to retain his World Heavyweight Title and how Beer Money managed to gain the win over Team 3D to become the new World Tag Team Champions.


The view appears with Mick Foley sitting beside his desk, clapping his hands with a sarcastic expression plastered on his face. Foley then clears his throat, and after a pause, begins to speak.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Many of you are probably wondering why I’ve decided to open this…no, should I say ‘my’ show with an unbeknown round of applause, but my reason is simple. I just want to offer my gratitude to Jeff Jarrett, who- hand on my heart, with my pride being swallowed- put on a relatively good show on the first ever Voltage taping this Tuesday night. But, hell, although that may have ‘blown your socks off’, then seriously, you don’t have a clue what tonight’s iMPACT is gonna hit you with. You see, not only do we have a world exclusive appearance of Sting later on in the broadcast, but we also have an X Division title defence, a tag team match pitting new faces of TNA against old and a Clockwork Orange House of Fun match just to wet your appetite with and so much more. And if that ain’t enough to exclaim that iMPACT is the better show, then I don’t know what is.

The camera then zooms closer to Mick Foley’s face, suggesting he has strong words to finish the segment.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: And Jeff Jarrett, if you’re watching this, although ‘your show’ showed a lot of promise, tonight, I aim to burn that to the ground. iMPACT is ‘the’ show for TNA, it always has been, it always will be. Tonight, I aim to prove that and teach you a lesson. A lesson that wouldn’t have had to be taught if you didn’t try your best for ‘change.’ So watch and learn tonight Jeff, watch and learn how a ‘real’ show is booked, and how ‘real’ talent is utilised. But most of all, you watch and learn how iMPACT’s legacy is just going continue to expand. And after tonight, Jeff, I promise you…iMPACT will have done what TNA aims to do all the time…it will have crossed…the…line!

Foley then flashes his trademark smile at the camera, before it zooms away from the disturbing general manager as the show begins.



Pyros explode out of the entrance stage as the camera zooms around the iMPACT zone, picking out the faces of the thousand strong fans in attendance. Suddenly, however, it stops as the view heads to the commentator’s table where standing by is play-by-play commentator, Mike Tenay and colour commentator, Jim Cornette.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Hello everybody and welcome to the first edition of TNA iMPACT off the amazing Slammiversary VII pay-per-view! I’m Mike Tenay and joining me tonight, as he will always, is my NEW broadcast partner, Jim Cornette. And Jim, I gotta say, I can tell already that you’re gonna be a great addition to the broadcast team.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Thanks, Mike, appreciate it, but seriously, anyone can be a great addition when considering Don West used to occupy this role.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: You know what, Jim, I like you already. But anyway, enough about that, let’s highlight what’s coming up tonight. Take it away Cornette.

Graphics to the match ups/ segments appear as the commentators discuss the upcoming show.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: This Tuesday, Voltage kicked off with a bang, but we promise that tonight, iMPACT is gonna prove that it is THE show for captivating TNA talent. And what better way for the show to be spearheaded by the appearance of TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. We don’t know whether Sting will be appearing in a match or something else, but we promise you that Sting will be making an appearance tonight, and carrying with him the exclusive TNA World Heavyweight Title.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: That’s certainly gonna be something to look out for, but speaking of exclusive iMPACT title belts, tonight we get to see iMPACT’s private X-Division title belt be contested in what looks set to be one hell of a contest, as Christopher Daniels faces off against Amazing Red.

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: That promises to be one huge contest, as Red gained his opportunity at Slammiversary but Daniels will be desperate to hold onto the belt he won just four nights ago. But if you thought it couldn’t get any better, on top of this is the appearance of the new stars of iMPACT, as we see TNA’s newest signings Prince Devitt and Alex Koslov team up to face the Japanese team of No Limit, Naito and Yujiro.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: And speaking of TNA’s newest signings that brings us to our first match up of the night…

The commentators continue to discuss the next match-up as the entrances of Pac and Matt Cross follow, before they get prepared to face one another one-on-one in iMPACT’s opening bout.

Matt Cross vs. Pac

Prologue: In what looks set to be a thrilling contest, TNA’s newest acquisitions in the form of Matt Cross and Pac look set to take on one another under one-on-one rules. Which highflying star will prevail?

Recap: The handshake that began this contest really did show the respect between these two young up-and-comers, but this didn’t stop them going all out in a truly spectacular match-up. Cross managed to gain the upper hand after Pac climbed to the top, only to be pushed off the top turnbuckle and sent crashing down to the arena floor. With Pac in his sights, Cross then bounced off the ropes, executed a cartwheel…and then levelled his opponent with a corkscrew somersault senton from the ring and over the top rope! Cross then rolled Pac in the ring, only for a two count, but continued the momentum flow with a seated dragon sleeper. Pac soon began to stand, even flexing his knees in order to knee lift Cross in the head as if to release the hold, but the submission was too tight, allowing Cross to drop Pac over his knee and then execute a nice inverted suplex! One…two…but again, Pac kicked out! Cross then looked set to step things up a notch with a scoop slam and then a climb to the top rope, but as he jumped off for an amazing corkscrew 450 splash, Pac rolled away unharmed. Luckily, Cross landed on his feet and in stealth like fashion rolled forwards, but when he charged forwards to capitalise on Pac, the British superstar caught him up and then rocked him with a Northern lights suplex right into the turnbuckles! Soon, both superstars got to their feet, but Cross’s punches were stopped with Pac’s rapid kicks to the abdomen followed by a jumping spin kick to the face! Cross almost immediately got to his feet, but he was taken down with a clothesline, followed by a back elbow…followed by a bridging tiger suplex! One…two…but when we thought it was over, Cross kicked out! Pac then climbed to the top yet again and looked all set for a Dragonrana on a now standing Cross…but the Ohio native caught him and then planted him with a bone shattering sit-out powerbomb! It just had to be done…but no, Pac kicked out yet again! Cross then groaned in anger, but he had no time to waste as he picked Pac off the ground and then got him up on his shoulders fireman’s carry style! But before any damage could be done, Pac elbowed his way out, before turning Cross around for a whip into the corner. Cross reversed it into a whip of his own, but Pac used his amazing mobility to spring off the rope slightly, but Cross caught him in an electric chair position! Pac looked in a world of trouble…until he flipped backwards, CRUSHING Cross with an inverted hurracanrana! Cross landed directly on his head, and held onto his skull as Pac quickly darted to the top rope! With a dazed and confused Matt Cross lying on the canvas, Pac got his balance…and then jumped off the top with an AMAZING Corkscrew Shooting Star Press! The crowd were blown away by this, as Pac managed to grasp Cross’ outstretched leg and gained the victorious three counts after one hell of a contest!
Winner: Pac @ 7:09

Aftermath: Pac celebrates his victory mid-ring, clutching his stomach after the hellacious move he just dished out to Cross. Cross simply lies on the floor, hurt, and every few seconds he tries to sit up but he cannot due to the pain dished out. Pac then exits the ring and shakes the many hands of the fans in front of him, happy that they enjoyed this unique contest.



Backstage interviewer Jeremy Borash is standing by with ‘Threat To Society’- Raven, Daffney and Dr. Stevie. Daffney looks viciously at the camera alongside Dr. Stevie, who holds a Singapore cane over his shoulder resourcefully. Raven stands in the centre, showing his importance in the stable as Borash begins to speak.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I am standing by with Daffney, Dr. Stevie and Raven, and well, I gotta say, at Slammiversary, you really proved a point and only furthered the feud with Abyss. Looking back on what you did, do you reckon that’s a big mistake when thinking of how mentally unstable a guy like Abyss can become?

“The Leader of the Pack” Raven: What part are you talking about Borash? The part where we annihilated Abyss? Or the part where I drilled his girlfriend near enough through the canvas with a Raven Effect DDT?

Daffney lets out a shriek of laughter as Raven awaits Borash’s answer.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: The part where you…

“The Leader of the Pack” Raven: Look, look, okay, it doesn’t matter. Because you know, thinking about it, whatever we did on Sunday, I don’t give a damn what effect it has on Abyss. And why? Because he is no challenge to me, in fact, he is no challenge to us. On Sunday, we simply proved one thing- that Abyss is a useless waste of mess to ever make his name on the TNA roster. I mean, come on he wasn’t even man enough to save his own girlfriend from a vicious man like I, which just goes to prove what a pointless joke Abyss is. And since Sunday, I’ve heard all the rumours. I’ve heard that it was sick what I did to Lauren, I’ve heard that she’s reportedly in a neck brace after the DDT I gave her. But you see, she had it coming. She put her nose into business that wasn’t hers, and because of that, she paid for it. It’s a shame she had to learn the hard way, but hey, what can you do? And Abyss, I’m sure you want revenge on all of us, including Daffney and Dr. Stevie, but I doubt you’re even big enough to do that. So, and this is to both you, Borash, and these whining, complaining fans, you expect Abyss to come out tonight and get revenge? Then don’t. Cos it’s not gonna happen.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Well, I’m sure that will be seen during your match-up tonight, but Abyss isn’t the only man you should be concerned about, as also tonight you’re facing off against ‘The Outlaw’ Jethro Holiday in a Clockwork House of Orange match.

“The Leader of the Pack” Raven: Like I need to be told, I mean, come on Borash, this match is patented to my name. If I wasn’t around, there would be no ‘Clockwork House of Orange’ match up, and there wouldn’t be hardcore wrestling in TNA. I’m sure you’re next question was gonna be, well, Raven, are you ready for the match? Do you feel confident in defeating Jethro Holiday? Well the answer is yes, yes I am ready, and yes I am confident as hell as defeating this so called ‘Outlaw.’ I mean, what good has Jethro Holiday bought to this company? Nothing, that’s what. And tonight, when I peel the flesh off his face as I slam him into a steel meshed fencing, as I give him grade two concussion off a chair shot, as I crack his skull open with a Singapore cane, the blood that flows out of his head will be symbolic of his career, spilling out of his control. But tonight, my match is going to be dedicated to one man, and one many only. And that’s you, Abyss. When I beat Jethro up until he can’t help but drink his own blood, then I’m gonna picture that Jethro is you. And if you want to come and run down and help Holiday, then be my guest. But be warned, because tonight, Threat To Society will be out to achieve one thing. And that’s to take…you…DOWN!

Raven then smirks at the camera, before bumping past Borash. As per say, Daffney and Dr. Stevie follow their leader until the frame leaves Borash alone in the picture.


Clockwork House of Orange Match
Raven w/ Daffney and Dr. Stevie vs. Jethro Holiday

Prologue: The booking of this match seems somewhat random, but Raven has only done this to prove a point to Abyss that he is damn serious about destroying the masked superstar’s reputation. However, Jethro Holiday cannot be counted out, as he has proved himself many times before in a TNA ring. But walking in on Raven’s territory, will this be the case tonight?

Recap: The match-up began before the bell, with Raven exiting the ring to trade blows with Jethro half-way up the ramp. Holiday responded with a rake to the eyes, before throwing Raven into the steps, and hard. However, as the match spilled into the ring, Holiday became slightly daunted by Dr. Stevie and Daffney who clambered to the apron, allowing a distraction for Raven to grab a Singapore cane and smash Holiday over the back of the head with it! From then on, it was Raven’s game, foot choking Holiday in the corner before hitting a Russian leg sweep into a meshed steel fence which was propped up against the corner turnbuckles! But he couldn’t get the win, and this obviously frustrated the former TNA champ, who went to work on Holiday by choking him with a broomstick whilst on the floor. Raven then propped a chair up as if to execute his signature drop toehold onto the steel, but Holiday managed to reverse the Irish whip set up…and then sidewalk slammed Raven onto the steel! Raven looked in a world of hurt as he lay on the ground, and Holiday’s unappealing face showed that he was all game. Holiday then picked up two trash cans, one in each hand, and used them as weaponry, hitting Raven over the head simultaneously before clanging both items into the side of Raven’s head! Holiday covered…but Raven managed to kick out at two, somehow! Holiday then picked up a trash can and wedged it in between the middle turnbuckle, before setting Raven up for an Irish whip into the steel enforced corner. However, before impact, Raven managed to slide underneath it…and then dodged an incoming running shoulder thrust from Holiday, sending his shoulder straight into the trash can! Raven then plucked Jethro from the corner, and looked all set to level him with a suplex onto a nearby stop sign…but Jethro blocked this with his leg and then hit a front suplex onto the sign! Raven looked surely out of it on the canvas…but he still managed to get his shoulder up just before the count of three! Jethro looked enraged, but then suddenly pointed to the frayed Singapore cane on the floor that Raven is so infamous to use. But as he picked it up, and swung it towards a now standing Raven, Daffney made her presence felt on the apron by snatching the cane off him! As Jethro turned around to give her his words worth, Daffney SPEWED black mist right into Jethro’s face! Blinded by the illegal substance, Jethro didn’t know where he was, and Raven dealt the final blow by hitting a kick to the groin, followed by a sickening Raven Effect onto a trash can! Raven then covered…one…two…three, show’s over for Jethro!
Winner: Raven @ 5:49

Aftermath: Raven, looking exhausted and weary, celebrates his victory as the referee raises his hand, but behind him the action is pursuing as Daffney and Dr. Stevie enter the canvas and simultaneously stomp three shades out of Holiday! Raven doesn’t realise until he turns around…and he joins in as well! Daffney then grabs a chair and props it into the centre of the ring, before Dr. Stevie lifts Jethro Holiday up and throws him towards Raven. Raven catches his opponent in a front facelock, but just before a second sickening Raven Effect DDT is about to be hit onto the chair, the PA system explodes with a well known theme tune! This leads Raven to throw Jethro to the side, as the cameras head to the stage…and out comes ABYSS! However, tonight he isn’t dressed in his usual white psychiatric clinic uniform- instead he wears his original black attire which gave Abyss his name upon entering TNA! Looking more ferocious than ever, Abyss steps into the ring…and then big boots Dr. Stevie in the face as he comes running forward with a trash can in hand! Quickly wrapping the chain he holds around his knuckles, Abyss then dodges a fist shot from Raven…and SMACKS him with his chain-wrapped fist! Raven falls like a sack of spuds, but Abyss isn’t done as he grasps on a chokehold around Raven’s throat and lifts him upwards to a standing position! But just as Abyss looks set to hit his patented chokeslam, Daffney flies out of nowhere from the second turnbuckle and grasps Abyss in a piggyback sleeper hold! Abyss shoves Raven down to the mat, but only in order to grab Daffney by the hair…and snapmare her onto the canvas! Clutching her back in pain, Daffney begins to stand, but she is instantly whipped into the ropes by Abyss. However, as she rebounds off, Dr. Stevie manages to grab Daffney’s leg and pulls her out of harms way to the outside, just as Abyss looked hell bent on executing a Black Hole Slam! Raven joins his ‘Threat To Society’ stable members on the outside, and with all three clutching an injured body part, the camera leaves us to view Abyss’ manic looking face as he stares hard towards his foes.



In the back, Jeremy Borash has managed to catch up with a fuming Abyss.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Abyss…Abyss…?

Before Borash can even ask the question, Abyss grasps the microphone off the interviewer.

“The Monster” Abyss: Raven! Dr. Stevie! Daffney! All three of you just had a taste…a flavour of what I’m capable of! You think you can DDT my girlfriend? You think you can put her in a neck brace!? You think you can PARALYSE her!? Well I don’t. What you did to me at Slammiversary wasn’t just physical abuse, it was psychological….mental…TORTURE! But if you didn’t notice, the ‘psycho patient’ Abyss has been and GONE! From now on, I believe the only way to get my own back on you is resorting to my old self. And what does that mean…WHAT DOES THAT MEAN!? It means that from now on, the only way I get revenge is having EACH of YOUR blood on MY hands. You can run, you can try and escape…but you cannot HIDE from ‘The Monster.’ If you wanna try, then be my guest…but I WILL NOT allow it! As the next few weeks go by, you’re gonna regret EVERYTHING you’ve ever done. You’re gonna regret hurting MY girlfriend, you’re gonna regret getting inside my head, you’re gonna regret making me bleed, making me bruise, making me SCAR! I haven’t slept in a long long time, because all I’ve been thinking about is retribution. And what defines retribution? Revenge. Vengeance. Tonight, I gave you a sneak peak of what I can do, but hitting you with a big boot…busting you with a chain…throwing you over my head…counts as nothing to the pain, suffering and BLOOD I’m gonna seep from your very skin. You think you’re a ‘Threat To Society’…

Abyss then pauses for a manic laugh that echoes the hallway, before resorting back to seriousness.

“The Monster” Abyss: …then you ain’t seen NOTHING yet!

Abyss then smiles in a twisted manner at the camera lens, before walking away from the scene.


X-Division Title Match
Christopher Daniels © vs. Amazing Red

Prologue: Red gained an opportunity at the X-Division title after winning an X-Division gauntlet match at Slammiversary VII, and he looks set to cash his title shot in tonight against ‘The Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels. Will Red seize the X-Division title after five years of not holding the belt, or will Christopher Daniels manage to keep hold of the title he won just a few days ago?

Recap: With two X-Division legends in the ring, what more could you expect than a back-and-forth kind of match-up? That surely was the case in the early stages of the match, with Red countering Daniels’ uranage slam attempt into an arm drag, and then Daniels executing a pendulum backbreaker off Red’s tilt-a-whirl headscissors attempt. However, the flow of the match changed when Red hit an amazing diving hurracanrana to Daniels, which sent him rolling to the apron. From there, Red tried to suplex ‘The Fallen Angel’ back into the ring, but Daniels was the stronger man, and instead lifted Red up for the suplex! Red luckily landed on his feet on the apron, and the two exchanged in some neat forearms before Red sent Daniels rocking with a back elbow. This then allowed Red to do the unthinkable…hold onto the ropes, spin around…and execute a nice 718 to Daniels gut, sending him flying off the apron and to the floor below! But Red didn’t stop there, as he measured Daniels up, leapt to the top rope…and floored Daniels with a thrilling top rope Asai moonsault! Quickly picking up on this, Red threw Daniels into the ring, and then measured him up for a nice springboard dropkick, which was executed with perfection! The cover ensued, but Daniels kicked out at two. Red then picked Daniels up and hooked him for a rope run tornado DDT, but Daniels managed to shove Red off…and then rocked him with a running STO takedown! Daniels may have only got the two counts, but the momentum had changed to his side, with Daniels then dropping Red face first off a fireman’s carry in order to execute a nice Arabian Press onto Red’s back! Again, another two count of this, but Daniels was now adamant, locking in a tight Crossface hold. Luckily, Red got to the ropes and began to fight back, but as he charged towards Daniels he was taken down yet again, this time with a Blue Thunder Driver followed by a cover! One…two…but no, Red kicked out in desperation! Daniels now looked desperate, and even went for the Angel’s Wings, but Red fought back…and reversed the attempt into a kneeling belly-to-back piledriver! Daniels’ head smashed off the canvas hard, but Red didn’t make the cover straight away as his energy looked zapped! However, slowly but surely, both Red and Daniels, surprisingly, got to their knees, and from there began exchanging blow-for-blows, until Red got the most of it by jumping to his feet and hitting a nice basement dropkick to the face of Daniels! Daniels rolled away, and this allowed Red time to recuperate, before hitting a tilt-a-whirl head scissors to Daniels followed by a neat step-up hurracanrana! Daniels then got back up and went for a running lariat, but Red dodged, levelled Daniels with a kick to the gut and then hit a brain crushing Tornado Kick! Cover…one…two…but Daniels was not down and out, as he pumped his shoulder at the two and seven eights mark! Red then looked all game as he whipped Daniels off the ropes, but as he went for a nice leapfrog over a rebounding Fallen Angel, he was caught…and then PLANTED with a Death Valley Driver! The fans were lapping up every minute of the action, as Daniels covered, but yet again could only get two! Daniels then dragged Red off the floor and then scoop slammed him to the mat before pointing to the turnbuckle and shouting ‘B.M.E!’. Daniels executed the double jump set up, but as he flipped off the buckles, Red moved out the way. Daniels’ expertise however allowed him to land on his feet….but suddenly he was AMBUSHED from behind by the Motor City Machine Guns, Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley! The referee called for the bell as Sabin then laid the boots into Red, counting the exciting match as a no contest!
Winner: N/A after MCMG interfered, causing a No Contest @ 9:17

Aftermath: MCMG continue their unreasoned ambush, stomping away on Daniels, before averting their attention to the fallen Amazing Red. Sabin grasps Red off the mat and then sickly plants him with a Cradle Shock, before rolling him out of the ring. With Daniels groggy, MCMG pick him up…and then level him with their patented ASCS Rush! Daniels falls to the ground, hurt, as MCMG’s music erupts, and they taunt to the crowd, signalling their signature Detroit signs to the unappreciative crowd.



The cameras open to the view of iMPACT owner Mick Foley, casually sitting back on his chair with his feet propped up on his desk, talking on his phone. The setting appears to have missed half the conversation, but the cameras hold out for more.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: …so it’s a deal then? Good. Okay, well I’m sure I’ll see you some time soon…he won’t know what’s gonna hit him…yeah…

However, suddenly, ‘Motor City Machine Guns’ Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin burst into the scene, walking forward towards Foley’s desk where they stop and continue to run their mouths.

“Motor City Machine Gun” Alex Shelley: You see what we did out there, Mick? Just proves how useful we are for the X Division, doesn’t it…?

Mick flashes a look at Shelley, but then flicks his eyes away from him and continues to talk on the phone.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Where was I again? Oh, that’s it, so the plan is…

But Mick is cut off, as Chris Sabin egotistically walks over and presses the button to end the phone call.

“Motor City Machine Gun” Chris Sabin: You know, if you’re not gonna take us seriously, then…

Mick, however, is at wit’s end, and he stands upright with a furious look on his face.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: What the hell is it you guys want!?

“Motor City Machine Gun” Chris Sabin: What we want, Mick, is what is deservedly ours. You probably didn’t see out there as you were too busy having ‘phone sex’ or something, but we severely disrupted the match up between Daniels and Amazing Red…

“Motor City Machine Gun” Alex Shelley: …yeah, severely…and we proved to the whole TNA nation why guys like ‘The Fallen Angel’ and ‘Red’ don’t deserve to be in the boots they are right now. I mean, come on, Amazing Red suddenly gets a shot at the title on the first night of TNA iMPACT off the brand split just because he won a gauntlet full of jacked up hypocrites? Puh-lease. I’d rather choke on my own vomit than have to watch a washed up guy like the so-called ‘Amazing Red’ take on…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Guys, guys, look, shut up for one second! Just one second, please. You know what, yes, I admit, I didn’t see what you did out there, but I don’t wanna hear it play-by-play, blow-for-blow- we have guys like Mike Tenay who do that. But one thing, no, a matter of fact, two things I recognise you’ve done. One, you’ve completely ruined by plans for the X-Division title, and two, you’ve just interrupted a very important business call. And because of that, I have no other choice. You want that X-Division title so much, right? You’d do anything to hold it?

“Motor City Machine Gun” Alex Shelley: Yeah, anything…

“Motor City Machine Gun” Chris Sabin: Absolutely…

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Good, because I’m gonna be a little awkward. At Victory Road, there’s gonna be a three-way match for the X-Division title. One of the competitors, obviously, will be X-Division Champion Christopher Daniels. The second? Guess who? Amazing Red, because he’s earned his spot. And the third spot, well the third spot is where I get a little discomfited. Because that spot will be decided next week, as you, Alex Shelley, and you, Chris Sabin, go head-to-head in order to determine the second number one contender for Daniels’ gold. Now get the hell outta my office…!

MCMG look at one another briefly before throwing filthy looks in Foley’s direction, who smiles as MCMG exit the room. The scene then leaves us with Foley’s bemused facial expression before the cameras zoom away.



Jeremy Borash is standing by with ‘Lethal Consequences’ Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I’m standing by with Lethal Consequences, Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, and guys, how does it feel to keep your place on iMPACT?

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: How does it feel? How does it feel? How does it feel!? OH YEAHHHHHHHHH! Being here on iMPACT…oh yeah…being close to the X-Division title…uh huh…just…just…

"All American" Consequences Creed: What Jay is trying to say is, Lethal Consequences being here on iMPACT can mean only one thing. X-Division greatness…

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: …yeah baby…

"All American" Consequences Creed: …high flying fast paced technique…

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: …mm hmm, we got that…

"All American" Consequences Creed: …and best of all, we-

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Best of all, Borash…oh yeah…iMPACT fans can see something that Voltage fans simply can’t…they can see this…

Jay Lethal does his signature finger pointed taunt, circling around as Creed and Borash stare and slightly grin at the sight of Lethal. However, when Jay turns back to his original position, someone is standing in front of him…and it is none other than the Olympic Gold Medalist himself, Kurt Angle!

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: What the HELL is this?

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Oh…umm…hey there Kurt…

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Don’t you ‘hey there Kurt’ me!? I don’t know what freak show you’re putting on here, but whatever you’re doing, you’re embarrassing the whole of TNA. And most importantly, you’re embarrassing me. I mean look at you. Look at you’re freakin’ shiny lycra pants? Where do they come out of, Brokeback Mountain!?

"All American" Consequences Creed: Brokeback Mountain was a cowboy film…?

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Whatever, like it matters. But what does matter is that if you didn’t notice, at Slammiversary I was robbed out of gaining the World Heavyweight Title. In the King of the Mountain Match, I was inches, probably centimetres from hooking the title up on the hook and then having the exclusive belt wrapped around my perfectly defined waist. But that didn’t happen, did it? And as you’re probably unaware, that was only four frickin nights back…

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: But…umm…I don’t see what it has to do with us Kurt…yeah…

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: What it has to do with you Jay Lethal is that I’m not in the mood for games. Not only have I had to suffer with the Main Event Mafia splitting up in the past few weeks, but I’ve had to see my dreams fade. And I can imagine they’re gonna be replaced with some IDIOT like you. Some idiot that prances around, pretending to be someone that he clearly isn’t, who will most likely get in the way of my goal. So you know what, Jay, being as I’ve got nothing better to do, I DARE you to step into the ring with me tonight. You and I, one-on-one. Call it a challenge if you want, but one thing it’s gonna prove is who the real legend is…and that will be I, Kurt Angle.

“Black Machismo” Jay Lethal: Umm…let me think…my answer to that Kurt…mm hmm…is YEAH!

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Good…

Kurt then goes to walk off, but then stops himself and turns himself back around to face Lethal and Creed.

“Olympic Gold Medalist” Kurt Angle: Oh, and Jay…bring your friend along too. ‘Cos like you, I have friends in high places…

Kurt then smirks before walking off, leaving Lethal and Creed muttering under their breaths, before the cameras disparate the view.


The cameras head to the commentator’s area where standing by is Jim Cornette and Mike Tenay.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Hello there everyone I’m Mike Tenay and what a show we’ve seen so far! You know what, Jim, I think we might have bettered the Voltage broadcast already…and we’re not even half way through!

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: Yeah, I don’t see why not…I mean we’ve got a better set-up, a better variety of competitors and last, but certainly not least, a better broadcast team.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Too right there, but as I said previously, we still have a whole lot to get through.

The graphics of the matches/ segments appear as the commentator’s discuss them.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: Just a few seconds ago, we saw Kurt Angle challenge Jay Lethal to a one-on-one match following a backstage confrontation, which Lethal rightfully accepted. Tonight therefore, we get to see the Olympic Gold Medalist go head-to-head with Black Machismo which will purely depict a clash of the variety of talent available here on iMPACT!

“Colour Commentator” Jim Cornette: And it’s available nowhere else, Tenay! But not only that, we will also see TNA’s newest talents, Prince Devitt and Alex Koslov team up to face the team of Yujiro and Naito, No Limit. After the amazing match-up between Pac and Matt Cross earlier on, Koslov and Devitt have an opportunity to further persuade us that the new guys of TNA have what it takes.

“Play-by-Play Commentator” Mike Tenay: And I’m sure they will Cornette! Although it sounds like it couldn’t get any better, it can. Because tonight we will also see an appearance of the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting. Sting will be here, we don’t know when, we don’t know how, but he will be showing his face on tonight’s broadcast of iMPACT!



Tag Team
No Limit (Naito & Yujiro) vs. Alex Koslov & Prince Devitt

Prologue: In an attempt to rejuvenate the X-Division, international superstars Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt have been drafted in to bring a unique, affluent style to TNA. However, they have been signed under an open contract, so if they don’t make a big impression, then TNA can easily release them. Tonight, they face the tough former IWGP Tag Team Champions, No Limit, under tag team rules, and only one can wonder the outcome of this contest.

Recap: Despite being a somewhat rookie tag team, Koslov and Devitt worked well in the early goings of the contest, showing off their unique technical/high-flying ability by hitting simultaneous quick tags and a range of takedowns on Yujiro. With Devitt the legal man, this allowed him to show his star quality by leapfrogging over Yujiro and then rocking him with a nice standing dropkick. A two count followed, but Devitt hadn’t stopped there, snapmaring Yujiro to the floor before following up with a nice soccer kick to the back! However, soon enough, Devitt’s momentum was stopped when Naito slapped the ‘Prince’ in the back, causing Devitt to retaliate with a stiff elbow. But this only allowed distraction, as Yujiro then grasped Devitt and planted him on his neck with a sick German suplex! A tag was then made to Naito, who went to follow up with a pin attempt, but only two could suffice. Devitt was then subjected to an all out assault by No Limit, with a key action point being when Naito drilled Devitt with an inverted atomic drop and then Yujiro followed up with a bone shattering lariat! But Devitt kept kicking out, and when Naito applied a grounded body scissors, Devitt battled back with back elbows. Naito rolled back off the impact, but Devitt then planted the Japanese star with a flapjack, evening up the playing field! The referee started the ten count with both superstars down, and both got to their feet at the same time, with Devitt rolling underneath Naito’s clothesline attempt…and then tagging in Alex Koslov! Koslov jumped over the top rope and then levelled Naito with a corkscrew back elbow, before subjecting Yujiro with a dropkick to the knee, taking him off the apron! Koslov then went all out on Naito, rocking him with a forearm/knife edge chop combination, before whipping him off the ropes and catapulting him with a big back body drop! Naito held his back in pain, but Koslov was on fire, picking him off the ground and then dropping him with an awesome scoop brainbuster! The cover was on…one…two…but Yujiro injected himself into the match and broke up the cover with a double axe handle, before picking Koslov up and hitting him with hard knife edge chops, which sent Koslov reeling to the corner! Yujiro then looked set to whip Koslov to the opposite side, but Koslov reversed it with a whip of his own…sending Yujiro into Prince Devitt’s awe-inspiring Tornado Kick! Yujiro rolled out of the ring clutching his face, but Devitt hadn’t finished there, as he then hit a slingshot corkscrew cross body onto Yujiro, taking him down on the outside! The cameras then headed to the ring, where Naito had managed to kick Koslov in the stomach and then looked set to execute a nice backslide pin. However, Koslov managed to flip backwards, catch Naito in a double underhook…and then he DRILLED the No Limit stable member with a nasty Double Underhook Piledriver! Naito was out cold off the impact, and Koslov simply had to hook the leg to get the one two three for his team!
Winners: Alex Koslov & Prince Devitt @ 6:45

Aftermath: Koslov celebrates his victory by climbing to the second turnbuckle and taunting towards the fans. Devitt soon joins him, as Naito rolls out of the ring in pain from the great teamwork displayed by TNA’s newest acquisitions.


The picture opens up with ‘The War Machine’ Rhino, whom is sitting on a bench in the locker room. Suddenly, the door to his right opens and out comes backstage interviewer Jeremy Borash, looking flustered.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Rhino, sorry I’m late, I got here as fast as I could, you know how busy it is tonight with iMPACT rivalling Voltage and all…

“The War Machine” Rhino: Yeah, okay, I get it JB.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: You seem a little tense, are you tense? And if you don’t mind me asking, where’s Jesse Neal?

“The War Machine” Rhino: Tense? No, I don’t feel tense at all, because I’ve got a big weight lifted off of my shoulders. Look around, just look around. Jesse Neal isn’t here because Jesse Neal couldn’t get the job done. You see, I spent many weeks, many days, many hours training this young kid that I thought had a future in TNA. But when he got to his opportunity, what did he do? He blew it. All the hard work, the blood, the sweat, the tears, they went to waste. And every piece of advice I told him, he just couldn’t take in, no matter if I drilled it into his head or not. So Jesse Neal isn’t here anymore because he was a wasted talent in not only my eye, but Mick Foley’s too.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: So…umm…what’s next for you? I mean, you’ve been kept out of the title picture for many months, we’ve barely seen you perform, I mean, it’s been a surprise you’re still on the roster…

Borash then chuckles to himself, but stops all of a sudden when Rhino gets to his feet, and gets in the backstage interviewer’s face.

“The War Machine” Rhino: You find that funny, huh? You think it’s hilarious of how I’ve been treated here in this company. Well guess what, I don’t! I mean, it’s not like it was my option to be kept out of the title picture so I could train some wasted has-been like Jesse Neal, just like it wasn’t my option to stay clear and let the young guns play. You know what, JB, I’ve been thinking. Ever since day one here in TNA, I’ve given it my all. No-one can argue with that, and if they tried, they’d fail. Because my heart has been set to accomplish one goal, to be the biggest name in the company. But a few months back, that goal was diminished. I was left to rot, and just think how I felt to see my dream being lived, and then all of a sudden for it to come crashing down on me. But will that happen again? No, no way. Because it’s time for a change, and that change will occur tonight.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: So what are you saying Rhino? What do you plan to do in this ‘change’?

“The War Machine” Rhino: Trust me, JB, as the old saying goes ‘actions speak louder than words’. You keep your eyes peeled because tonight, I’m gonna prove that statement…

Rhino then walks off, leaving Borash a little dumbfounded.



Kurt Angle vs. ‘Black Machismo’ Jay Lethal w/ Consequences Creed

Prologue: Everyone loves the comic humour of Jay Lethal....well, everyone apart from Kurt Angle, who earlier tonight interrupted Lethal’s backstage segment branding the superstar a ‘joke’. Although Lethal is a comic character, he can also back it up with toughness and agility, and so he accepted Kurt’s challenge. Tonight, we will see a clash of a real-life veteran vs. a wannabe veteran in what can be promised as a great contest.

Recap: Kurt Angle showed that he wasn’t playing around here, using his technical expertise to force his way out of tie-ups and take Jay Lethal to the ground. But Lethal also wasn’t counted out, as he escaped out of an armbar with a nice hip toss which forced Angle to go to the corner before Lethal could finish the move off with a basement dropkick. The match stepped up a notch after Lethal hit some consecutive arm drags and then a neat standing monkey flip, but soon we learnt why Angle meant business after he escaped out of Lethal’s full nelson hold to execute a bone crunching release German suplex, flipping Lethal onto his face! Angle then went to business by front suplexing Lethal onto the top rope, and then subsequently shoulder blocked ‘Black Machismo’ off the apron, ricocheting him onto the barricade! As Lethal lay hurt on the ground, the broadcast headed to a commercial break.


Angle worked over Lethal on the outside for a bit, even getting in confrontation with Consequences Creed, before he rolled Jay into the ring for a two count. Angle then mocked Lethal, slapping him in the head as he began to stand, before drilling him with a hard knee lift to the face to knock him back down. Lethal looked exasperated and even more so after Angle picked him up in order to drill him with a short-arm lariat, before picking him upwards again to level him with another! After a few seconds taunting, Angle then locked in a sleeper hold to the grounded Lethal. The energy was slowly being zapped away, but although groggy at first, ‘Black Machismo’ began fighting back with hard elbows to the sternum followed by a kneeling jawbreaker. Angle turned back around but this time caught onto Jay Lethal’s foot after a gut kick attempt, before dodging the enziguiri effort which followed…and Lethal was now in prime position for an Ankle Lock! However, Lethal was fighting back, and reversed the hold into a roll-up, which Angle kicked out of at two! Angle then went for a clothesline, but was caught…and PLANTED with a stunning Lethal Combination! Both superstars lay down on the ground, and surprisingly, Angle was up first. But as he went to lift Lethal up off the ground, ‘Black Machismo’ had recharged, and stunned Angle with a few fist shots followed by a clothesline over the top rope…followed by an awe-inspiring suicide dive over the middle ring rope and onto Angle! The crowd loved this spot and Lethal lapped up the support, but he knew he had to get Angle back in the ring to have a chance at winning the match. He managed to roll him in, and then hooked the far leg…one…two…but no, Angle somehow kicked out! Lethal then knew he had to capitalise, and went to do so with his signature Inverted Suplex Facebuster. However, Angle flipped out of the move and went for an O’Connor Roll, but this time Lethal held onto the ropes causing Angle to roll backwards unarmed. However, when Jay Lethal went to follow up, Angle caught him…and then ROCKED him with an overhead belly-to-belly-suplex! Lethal looked down and out, and Angle, before dragging Lethal nearer to the corner, leapt to the top rope and then jumped off with an amazing moonsault…but nobody was home! Lethal had managed to roll out of harm’s way as Kurt ate canvas! Quickly capitalising on this, Lethal then hooked Kurt up…and DRILLED him with a flipping release dragon suplex! That just had to be it…one…two…th…NO! Angle got his arm up in the nick of time! Lethal then awaited Kurt to stand, and looked all set for a diving double axe handle off the top rope, but Kurt side stepped Lethal before going for an Angle Slam! This time, Lethal jumped out and then spun Kurt ‘round for a superkick…but Angle caught the leg, tripped Lethal…and hooked him in the Ankle Lock! Lethal screamed out in pain as he tried desperately to crawl to the ropes, but Angle cut ‘Black Machismo’ from crawling anymore by scissoring his body around the leg! With Kurt holding on tight and Lethal being deserted in the centre of the ring, Lethal only had one other option- tap. And tap he did, with Kurt winning the competitive contest by submission!
Winner: Kurt Angle @ 10:18

Aftermath: As the ring bell chimes, the fans and everyone else are under the pretence that the match is over, but Kurt Angle thinks differently. He keeps the lock held on, perhaps punishing Jay Lethal for putting up a decent fight against him, with the referee trying but failing to separate Angle from tearing Lethal’s ankle apart! This leaves Consequences Creed with one last option, enter the ring and save his partner’s ass. And that he does, sliding into the ring before stomping on Angle and levelling him with some mean lefts and rights as Kurt retreats to the corner, a tired and exhausted man. But as Creed lays in the shots, he is suddenly attacked by a lariat from behind…by BOOKER T! Why Booker T is out here is anybody’s guess, but he looks all set to make an impact as he drills Consequences with a Book End, with wife Sharmell cheering on outside the ring. With Creed being taken care of by Booker, Kurt then stalks a half-standing Lethal…before paving him into the canvas with a hard, brutal Angle Slam! As Kurt’s music erupts out of the PA system, he graciously hugs Booker T, and Sharmell joins her husband and his apparent ally in celebrating mid-ring at the chaos they have caused.

Suddenly, however, Mike Tenay announces that Jeremy Borash is standing by backstage.


The camera depicts a frantic Jeremy Borash, near enough walking backwards with a microphone in his hand as he speaks the following words.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: I’ve just had word from a backstage source that TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Sting, has just arrived in the arena! I’m going to find out right away if these rumours are true…

The camera then follows Borash as he surges forward at a quick pace, before the view opens up to the garage area. A limo awaits…and then suddenly, the door opens…and out walks ‘The Icon’ himself, the man everybody has been waiting for!

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: Sting…Sting!? Boy, am I glad to see you, I’ve got so many questions I need to ask you, about the aftermath of Slammiversary, how it feels to be the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, your thoughts on iMPACT owner Mick Foley, your-

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Look, as you’re portraying, many questions need to be answered, don’t they. So you know what? I’m gonna head to the ring and answer them right now.

“Backstage Interviewer” Jeremy Borash: But…

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: No, JB, not now. I need to get something off my chest…

Sting then walks away from the scene, leaving Borash speechless as he is helpless to watch Sting simply walk by.



The camera view opens and we are instantly treated to the dimming of the spotlights, which heralds the appearance of ‘The Icon’, the ‘TNA World Heavyweight Champion’ himself, Sting. His entrance music plays out loud and the crowd go wild at the sight of ‘The Icon’ who simply walks down the entrance ramp and gets in close proximity to the ring. He then steps onto the canvas, accepting a microphone from the ring announcer before staying put centre ring.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Slammiversary Seven. The show that thrilled TNA fans beyond belief. A show that proved to the world why TNA can, and will continue to, match the top wrestling promotion in the USA. But although Slammiversary Seven was a very special night for TNA, it was also a very special night for me. Because I competed in a King of the Mountain Match, against four other men. In that match was a combination of blood, sweat and tears, and I believe each and every one of the four competitors in that match suffered at least one of those attributes. But with respect to AJ Styles, Booker T, Kurt Angle and Samoa Joe, it was I who managed to reclaim, and successfully defend, the gold. It was I that stood on top of that ladder. It was I that became King of the Mountain 2009.

The crowd chant ‘Stinger! Stinger! Stinger!’ which causes Sting to smile and warmly appreciate the heat.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: But you see, although I’m honoured to become King of the Mountain, and more importantly, the holder of this title belt, there’s one thing that’s concerning me. And that is the stigma attached to this title belt, a certain dishonour if you’d call it. Because, as you all know, this belt is now exclusive to iMPACT. I mean, sure I’m fine with that, but what I’m not fine with is that this stigma is not only connected to the title belt…but it’s also associated to iMPACT’s very owner, Mick Foley.

The crowd give a mild reception to Foley’s name.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Which is why, Mick, I know you’re out there, but I need to get something off of my chest. So please, come on down.

Suddenly, the music of Mick Foley explodes out of the PA system, and Foley walks down the entrance ramp with a microphone firmly in his hand. He gets to the ring and walks up the steps, before entering the canvas and coming face-to-face with Sting.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: You know, Sting, I had a small inkling you were gonna do something like this…

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: No, please, listen to what I’ve gotta say Mick. Now I’m sorry if it sounds like I’m jumping to conclusions here Mick, but being on this brand, holding the most exclusive title on the show, I don’t think my ground here is safe.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: What are you, threatened?

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: Yeah, Mick, that’s exactly what I am. You’ve chosen the right word there, because that purely defines my status. Now I’m not a man who backs down from a fight, I’m not a man who walks away with my head hung low, nuh-huh. But you see, on this show, I’m dealing with something bigger than I’ve probably ever dealt with before.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: What are you talking about, who is it?

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: It’s you, Mick Foley!

The crowd sound a little shocked as Mick looks taken aback by Sting’s confession.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: And you wanna know why? Because Mick Foley, I know how much this belt means to you. You remember a few months back when you held the title. How much pride you had, how much joy? You loved being a champion, something you hadn’t experienced many months before, you loved every second of having a title belt strung over your shoulder. Now I know that’s part and parcel of being a champion, but for you, the love you had of holding that title was perhaps stronger than any other feeling you’ve had in your life.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Congratulations, you can read me like a book…

Foley laughs slightly but Sting looks damn serious as he walks closer to Foley.

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You know what, Mick, you can try and look through this with your dry sense of humour, but I’m not laughing! Because you see Mick, what threatens me is that this title belt is still yours. Although I’ve held it for around six weeks now, in your eyes, the belt is still wrapped around your very waist. But what threatens me the most, Mick, is that I was the guy who took the title away from you. I was the man who pinned you one, two, three at Sacrifice, I was the man who won a gruelling contest between you and I both. And throughout the whole of the last five weeks of holding that belt, I’ve had suspicions in my mind. When is Foley going to get his revenge? When is Foley going to use his cunning, twisted mind to SNATCH my title belt away from my hands? And you didn’t do it, you didn’t gain revenge. You were too busy competing with Jeff Jarrett, but you know what, now that dust has settled, I know my time has come. I know that sooner or later, you’re gonna enforce something to make that title belt yours and yours only. Which is why I ask you one, serious thing. Let me change brands. Let me move over to Voltage. I never back down from anything, Mick, but I’m gonna put my hands up and say that this is not where I wanna be.

The crowd sound quite solemn at the announcement, although Foley awaits Sting to finish and then lifts his microphone up to his mouth.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: So let me get this straight? You can’t stand being on this brand? You wanna move over to Voltage? You’re saying that iMPACT is not the place for you?

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: That’s exactly what I’m say-

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Well tough luck!

The crowd are mixed in their response, half cheering that Sting will stay, the other booing that the fan favourite has not got his own way.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: If you didn’t notice, that belt you hold is exclusive to iMPACT. You say it’s mine, well practically it is. It is held by a talent of MY show, it is competed under MY supervision, it is totally MY belt. You got that? If you think I wanna hold it, then no thank you. I’ve competed enough for that title belt, and right now holding it is the last thing on my mind. But keeping the TNA World Heavyweight Championship on my show is the first thing on my mind, Stinger. If you wanna back down and go over to Voltage, then you do something. You drop that title belt right here right now, you walk down that entrance ramp and you DON’T look back! You say I have a plan, well you’re just fitting the final pieces of the jigsaw together, Stinger.

Sting looks around at the fans who cheer for him, and then looks at his title belt. He puts one hand on his hip and then looks back at the gold in front of it. Shaking his head, Sting then looks set to hand the title belt forward to the delight of Mick Foley! Sting pushes the title belt forward, but just as Foley is about to grab it…Sting plucks it away, and then grabs onto Foley’s jacket and pushes him into the corner with force!

“TNA World Heavyweight Champion” Sting: You think I’m gonna give this up Mick!? You think I’m gonna throw my title belt to waste!? I don’t think so, Mick. After all I’ve been through, after all I’ve suffered, from you and EVERYONE else!? As much as I wanna get away from you Mick, I AM NOT gonna stand here and be corrupted by you, like you have done to many others before! So you know what, fine, have it your way. I’m gonna stay on this brand, I’m gonna stay holding this title belt, but I promise you Mick, I’m gonna surprise you. I’m gonna ensure that this belt stays around my waist. You want it…then you come get it!

Foley then looks straight into Sting’s eyes, as the fans cheer on the words of the champ.

“iMPACT Owner” Mick Foley: Stinger….you’ve just made a really big mistake. One you’re gonna regret for a long, long time. The saying goes, you put your hands on authority, and authority bites back. And that’s exactly what I’m gonna do. But I’m not a man to wait around patiently, I’m not a man to let others get the best of me. You say you’re gonna surprise me Stinger…well I’m gonna do the same to you. But allow me to do it first…

Sting then recoils slightly at Foley’s announcement as Foley simply smiles at his revelation. But then suddenly, Sting turns around…and BAM! He is knocked to the ground by a groundbreaking GORE…FROM RHINO! What business Rhino has out here no-one knows for sure, as Sting lies crippled on the floor. However, suddenly, Rhino flashes a look at Foley, and both smile at one another before walking over…and HUGGING centre ring! The final view depicts Sting’s broken body lying on the floor, and Foley and Rhino literally standing over him with their arms raised in the air as iMPACT disappears off broadcast.


[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Friday, 26th June 2009

Quick Results
- Pac def. Matt Cross via pinfall off a Corkscrew Shooting Star Press finisher
- Raven def. Jethro Holiday via pinfall in a Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match after giving Jethro an Evenflow DDT onto a trash can
- The match between Christopher Daniels and Amazing Red for the X-Division Title ended in a No Contest after MCMG- Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley- entered the ring and attacked both men.
- Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt def. No Limit after Koslov drilled Naito with a Double Underhook Piledriver followed by the one two three.
- Kurt Angle def. Jay Lethal following a body scissored Ankle Lock which caused Lethal to tap out.
In other news...

- If Sting was looking for a challenger for his title belt, then it appears he's found him in the form of former fan favourite, Rhino! Last night on iMPACT Rhino Gored Sting during a confrontation between Sting and Mick Foley, before gracefully hugging the iMPACT boss. Does this mean Foley has found a new man to have his back, or is Rhino simply being pushed higher up the card?

- In the next coming weeks, things are expected to be hotting up between iMPACT's newest stars. Pac, Matt Cross, Alex Koslov and Prince Devitt all put on a fine show during last night's broadcast, and apparently a storyline will suffice with each superstar dying to get the better of the others.

- With Victory Road only three weeks away, not many matches have been confirmed for the show, although Foley revealed on iMPACT that there will be a three way for the X-Division title belt. This match will involve current champion, Christopher Daniels, the challenger to his title belt on last night's show, Amazing Red, and then the winner of the match up on next week's taping between Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley. Who will prevail?

- This week's TNA iMPACT Webmatch saw Dr. Stevie take on Shark Boy in what was recognised as Dr. Stevie's first ever TNA match. Shark Boy was on the offence, but with Daffney by his side he was continually distracted by the shrieking Knockout. Before long, Stevie managed to drop toehold Shark Boy into the corner, which allowed him to level the superstar with a high-angle double underhook DDT, a move he calls 'The Prescription'. Three counts later and Stevie was the winner.

- TNA iMPACT managed to pull a 1.3 rating for last night's show, which has been confirmed as 'average' for the broadcast.

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]


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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

Really solid show, i enjoyed reading the matches you right, because you indy talent that i'm not aware of but I can still be involved in the matches.

Enjoyed the interaction with the threat to society (love the name) and Abyss. Love the fued in TNA and love it just as much on here.

I was rooting for Red to take the gold but i liked the MCMG interference and then Foley forcing them to go against each other as I thought we had a Red/Daniels VS MCMG match on the way and a possible fatal 4 way at Victory road.

Really liked the Angle Vs Lethal match and the setup being that Kurt is just focused that its not about fun for him and its about taking the World Title. Great match and then booker joining forces with angle was a good perk to go with it.

Sting and Foley had a great promo about how Sting is afraid that Foley is out to get him cus Sting beat Mick for the title and then the surprise gore to set up a Rhino/Sting feud was great.

Anwyays good first impact and i'll be sure to keep reading

I <3 ME Some M.E.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

iMPACT Feedback

Great opening speech there by Mick. It put over Voltage well, and also continued the feud between brands and owners. What he pointed out as a preview to what's to come also sounds great, especially the House of Fun Match. Good stuff here, good job.

More hype for the show from the commentators, with more detail this time around. The match between Cross and Pac can be summarized in one word: Damn. A bit spotty, but still a lot of great moves pulled off that would certainly get the crowd on their feet. High-paced stuff that really provided a great kick to start the show, awesome stuff here. Definitely looking forward to more from these two guys.

Great Raven interview. Very true to his highly-intelligent and pain-loving character, and I'm glad that you've put him in the leader's position. Great stuff all around, from his words on Abyss to the ones on Holiday. The one thing I didn't like is the ending line, it sounded sort of cheesy for Raven, and it sort of gave away that Threat to Society will try to attack Abyss. Another thing I noted is that throughout the promo, and looking ahead to the match title, you called the Clockwork Orange House of Fun Match the "Clockwork House of Orange Match".

Good match, had a few good spots here and there, but was really meant for one thing, that you noted: showcase the awesomness Raven is in a hardcore environment. You accomplished that perfectly, and didn't take away much from Holiday, either. The aftermath with Abyss was also a good way to bring him back to his early TNA roots with the return of his old attire, and get some payback against Threat to Society. Great stuff here.

Strong words from Abyss, although they felt a little off. I don't know his character very well, but he didn't sound like I thought he would've. That's ignorance on my part, so I apologize, but one thing's for certain, and that this feud's is going to go in a bloody direction. Looking forward to what's going to happen between these opposing hardcore forces.

Awesome match between Daniels and Red, but that was really to be expected. Fast and exciting, I was sort of let down that we didn't get a clean finish to it, but it's totally understandable why. The MCMG getting into this hints at some sort of Fatal 4-Way Match, which would be fantastic. Looking forward to hearing from these guys, and seeing how things set up over the X Division Title.

That was quick, but I loved it. I'm very intruiged as to who Mick was talking to, and I'm guessing it'll be someone that'll help iMPACT out against Voltage in the brand war. Shelley and Sabin were also great here, such douchebags, reminded me of your Jake Hager from your FCW thread. The Triple Threat Match at Victory Road sounds awesome, and I love what you did in having the MCMG compete against each other for the last spot, very clever booking there. Great stuff here.

Great segment here with Lethal Consquences and Angle. You captured Lethal as Macho Man perfectly, and Creed was also good in his limited role. This was more or less to give Angle something to do, though, and set up a match for him later tonight. Should be a very good one, looking forward to it, and finding out what Angle means about friends in high places.

Good match for the new signees to show their stuff, but I thought Pac and Cross put on a better one. No Limit didn't suffer any loss of momentum here either, but gave a lot to the new guys, who were somewhat obviously going over. I don't see them being released from their open contracts after this one.

Good Rhino interview here. Don't know what was going on with Jesse Neal (or who he is), but I got the general idea behind it, and Rhino sure seems bitter about it, having to have put aside his dreams for him. The man certainly wants to get his goal back on track, and I'm looking forward to seeing what his actions'll be in order to do that. Good stuff here.

Solid match-up here, just as I thought. Obviously, Kurt was the dominant force, but I liked how Lethal also had a shot of winning at points, kept him strong. Also keeping Creed out of things was a good touch to play their face roles. I'm not sure what an O'Connor roll is, and I'd almost forgotten Angle can do a moonsault. I was waiting for the interference to come in, but I'm glad it was kept until post-match. Booker still being aligned with Angle is a good move, and it seems as if these two teams'll start a feud, which should produce some good matches. Good job here.

Interesting. Sting means business, and I'm looking forward to what he has to say.

Awesome ending promo here, just awesome. Sting's reasoning for wanting to leave iMPACT made perfect sense, and wasn't done about in a whiny heelish way either. Mick was also great as the evil GM, goading Sting into staying by playing his cards against him. I wasn't expecting Rhino to show up, but he certainly thrusted himself into the spotlight, and this new alliance with Mick is sure to be a great one. This restores some cred back to Rhino, who'll need it if he's going to feud with Sting. Fantastic closing to the show, Lee.

Great show, Lee, all-around great. Matches were highly entertaining although still blocky, the segments were generally great, and as I just said, the ending promo was phenominal, and it didn't even include AJ. This is quickly becoming one of my favorites to read, and this is only your second show so far. Definitely looking forward to more from both sides of TNA. Keep it up, man, 8.5/10.
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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh


~ So what I gather from the Foley opening is that he is over Impact while Double J is running a new show called Voltage. I have to say, I really like that idea. Not only does TNA have two shows to showcase talent, but this also keeps a constant power struggle between Foley and Jarrett. Really good call there. Now as for the Foley opener, I really had no problems with it. There were a couple things I thought could have been worded better, but other than that this segment served its purpose. All Foley really had to do here was acknowledge Jarrett's show, and explain why his own was better. He did just that.

~ I was pleasntly not-so-surprised to see Don West off the commentary team. Cornette will be a more than suitable replacement, yet another good call.

~ I'm not all that familiar with either man involved in the first match, so I can't really comment about your writing of them. I will say however that the match sounded like something special. Pac may have picked up the W, but in my mind both men went over like stars. I look for them to make a big impact (no pun intended) in your BTB.

~ The Raven interview was good. Like the Foley segment I felt that some of it cold have been worded a tad better, but overall it was an ok segment. I really like Threat to Society as a stable (especially their name). Though I like their feud with Abyss, I'm espeically curious to see where they will go after it.

~ Good House of Fun match here. I don't mean to be nitpicky, but it's actually called Clockwork Orange House of Fun. Anyway, Raven got a solid win, and Jethro got in enough offense to make him look like a credible opponent. I expected the Abyss attack in the end, and it worked out very well with Threat to Society hightailing it. The Abyss promo afterwords was ok, The beginning was good, and he finished strong with a great line, but I caught myself losing interest somewhere in the middle.

~ The X-Division match was really shaping up to be awesome, but I understand why you had the run-in finish. I also really loved the segment with Foley and The Guns. The Guns at their best here, and it was great to see them get one upped by Foley. Their match should be a good one, as should the triple threat as Victory Road. Great booking here.

~ The Angle/Lethal Consequences segment was good. All three men were in character, and written really well. I don't really see a feud developing here, but at least it gives Angle something to do, and it sets up what promises to be a good match later with Lethal and Angle.

~ I like dyour other new talent showcase match, however I didn't think it was quite up to par with the first one. Still, there was lots of good action, and it served its purpose by introducing the new guys to the TNA audience.

~ Very good Rhino inerview, maybe even one of the best of the night. Lots of intensity, lots of rage, lots of Rhino. Good stuff here.

~ Really strong match between Angle and Lethal. Lethal looked great and Angle went over well. It looks like you're going to continue this as a tag team feud, and I'm not sure how I feel about that tbh. On one hand it gives Booker and Angle something to do, but on the other hand Angle is too awesome to be tied up in a tag team feud imo.

~ Very very strong closing with the Sting/Foley interraction. This was the best promo work of the night, and it was an awesome follow up to the Rhino segment earlier. I love that Rhino is being pushed, and that the Mick and Sting rivalry is going on without Mick taking part in in-ring competition. Very good ending to a very good show.

OVERALL: This was my first time reviwing one of your shows, and I must say you made me a fan. I like dyour storyline development, your booking ides, the action in your matches. The only thing I really had to complain about was some of the wording in your earlier promos, but they got a lot better as the show progressed. Good luck, and keep this up. I'll be reading. 7.5/10

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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TNA Voltage Preview

Live From ‘The Voltage Zone’ in Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Tuesday, 30th June 2009

Last week's Voltage taping offered huge surprises. Samoa Joe turned his back on former friend AJ Styles and left him coughing up blood mid-ring. Christy Hemme returned to the ring after a serious neck injury and had The Beautiful People taken care of. Mark Jindrak made his TNA debut by knocking Matt Morgan out cold in the ring. This week's Voltage and we will witness the fall out of all this and much much more! Here's what's expected to go down Tuesday night...

You Might Trick Me Once
When Samoa Joe turned his back on AJ Styles in a tag team match last week and then beat him senseless mid ring, shockwaves were sent around TNA as Joe made a punishing statement. Tonight, we will see how AJ reacts to this after being beaten up by the hands of his former friend. But with reports that AJ is still feeling the effects of Joe's beating, and concerns over AJ's welfare, will Joe be getting the upper hand once again tonight?

The Perfect Way
Last week saw Mark Jindrak enter TNA with a bang after he left Matt Morgan knocked out following a devestating left hook, which was thrown due to Morgan taunting the new superstar mid ring. Tonight, Mark Jindrak gets his in-ring debut as he looks set to face Sheik Abdul Bashir in a one-on-one contest. However, with Morgan predictably irate over Jindrak's actions, will this hinder Jindrak's chances of a perfect debut?

Chance Of Revenge
At Slammiversary VII, Beer Money Incorporated managed to defeat Team 3D for the World Tag Team Titles following Jackie Moore's return and further involvement in the match. However, last week, Team 3D managed to get a shot for revenge on the dastardly duo after defeating LAX and The British Invasion in a three way tag team contest to earn their rights for a shot at the titles on this week's Voltage. Will Team 3D reclaim gold, or will Beer Money walk out victorious?

Young vs. New
Kenny Omega's victory last week was not warmly welcomed, especially after his trusting manager, Daisy Haze, entered the ring and helped Omega pick up the pieces of victory. However, one man who didn't like this was Eric Young, who made his concerns clear backstage during a confrontation and then challenged Omega to a match, which Haze accepted for him. So, this week, we will see Omega put up or shut up, as he faces Eric one-on-one. But, of course, on his side will be Daisy Haze, who may inject herself into the match for the second time.

The Return
Last week saw the return of two TNA Knockouts, the first being the ever powerful Sirelda. Sirelda dominated Sojo Bolt and ODB following their one-on-one match, slamming Sojo with a military press and then giving ODB a spinning fireman's carry facebuster. The other return was by Christy Hemme, who entered the ring following Angelina Love's victory over Raisha Saeed and made The Beautiful People pay by attacking them following their in ring attack on Saeed after Love's victory. Tonight, these two Knockouts will surely be in action, and already confirmed is Sirelda facing ODB in a one-on-one match.

All this and much, much more come Tuesday night!

Confirmed Matches
One-on-One | Sirelda vs. ODB

One-on-One | Eric Young vs. Kenny Omega w/ Daisy Haze

One-on-One | Mark Jindrak vs. Sheik Abdul Bashir

TNA World Tag Team Championship Match | Tag Team | Beer Money Incorporated (James Storm & Robert Roode w/ Jackie Moore) © vs. Team 3D (Brother Ray and D-Von)

[FEIST: Women's Pro Wrestling BTB]

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Re: TNA: A Change Cometh

The AJ/Joe feud looks to pick up even more steam this week after what went down, and I'm looking forward to whatever'll be exchanged, whether it be words, fists, or both.

Jindrak's debut should be a good one, and as the preview suggests, I'm thinking we'll see Morgan get involved. I don't think it'll be during, post-match is what I'd guess.

The Tag Titles Match should be a very good one, should be match of the night. I'm thinking Beer Money cheats to retain again, leading us to some sort of gimmick match at PPV to settle things. Nevertheless, should be very good.

Omega is awesome, and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how you push him. Going over Young is a good place to start.

Sirelda made an impact in her redebut (wait, wrong show), and I imagine that she'll be going over ODB. Christy getting involved with TBP should make for a fun women's program, as well, so I'm looking forward to both.

Show looks good, Lee, I'll be checking it out.
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