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WWE 2005: Rebuilding a Legacy

WWE 2005: Rebuilding a Legacy

RAW Roster

General Manager - Eric Bischoff

Shelton Benjamin
Rene Dupree
Edge (Mr. Money in the Bank)
Ric Flair
Sylvain Grenier
Muhammad Hassan
The Hurricane
Chris Jericho
Chris Masters
Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
William Regal
Stevie Richards
Tyson Tomko
Triple H
Val Venis

Injured List

Eugene Dinsmore (Ruptured left patella tendon)
Mark Henry (Torn quadriceps muscle)
Gene Snitsky (Out a few months; Blood clot in stomach)

Tag Teams/Stables
Evolution (Triple H & Ric Flair)
William Regal & Tajiri
Muhammed Hassan & Daivari
La Resistance (Rene Dupree & Sylvain Grenier)

Candice Michelle
Christy Hemme
Lillian Garcia
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus


World Heavyweight Championship

Date Won: April 3, 2005 (WrestleMania 21)
Defeated: Triple H

Intercontinental Championship
Shelton Benjamin
Date Won: November 1, 2005 (Taboo Tuesday 2004)
Defeated: Chris Jericho

World Tag Team Championship
William Regal & Tajiri
Date Won: February 4, 2005, Aired February 7th (RAW; Tokyo, Japan)
Defeated: La Resistance

WWE Women’s Championship
Trish Stratus
Date Won: January 9, 2005 (New Year’s Revolution)
Defeated: Lita


Smackdown Roster

General Manager - Theodore Long

Kurt Angle
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Big Show
Booker T
John Cena
Spike Dudley
Chavo Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Hardcore Holly
Scotty 2 Hotty
Mark Jindrak
Orlando Jordan
Frankie Kazarian
Billy Kidman
Paul London
Joey Mercury - Set to debut
Matt Morgan
Rey Mysterio
Johnny Nitro - Set to debut
The Undertaker

Injured List

Shannon Moore (Concussed and suffered whiplash; set to return in early May)
Rob Van Dam (Injured; torn ACL, out for a year)
Kenzo Suzuki (Injured w/collapsed lung)
Eddie Guerrero (Arm injury; Out four months)

Tag Teams/Stables
Basham Brothers (Danny & Doug Basham)
JBL’s Cabinet (JBL, Orlando Jordan & Basham Brothers)
MNM (Joey Mercury & Johnny Nitro w/Melina)

Torrie Wilson
Michelle McCool
Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie


WWE Championship
John Cena
Date Won: April 3, 2005 (WrestleMania 21)
Defeated: JBL

United States Championship
Orlando Jordan
Date Won: March 1 2005, Aired March 3rd (Smackdown; Albany, NY)
Defeated: John Cena

WWE Tag Team Championship
Rey Mysterio & A partner to be named
Date Won: February 20, 2005 (No Way Out)
Defeated: The Basham Brothers

After Eddie Guerrero was injured, Rey Mysterio has to choose a new partner to hold the tag team championship with him.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Paul London
Date Won: March 29 2005, Aired March 31st (Smackdown; Houston, TX)
Defeated: 7 other cruiserweights (8- Man Battle Royal)

Originally Posted by WWE.com
World Wrestling Entertainment has come to terms on the release of the following men:

John Heidenreich
Road Warrior Animal
Luther Reigns
Johnny Parisi
Antonio Thomas
Romeo Roselli
Rob Conway
Chris Benoit

WWE wishes them the best in all future endeavors

PPV Schedule

May 1 – RAW presents Backlash (Fleet Center; Boston, Massachusetts)
May 22 – Smackdown presents Judgment Day (Target Center; Minneapolis, Minnesota)
June 26 – RAW presents Vengeance (Thomas & Mack Center; Las Vegas, Nevada)
July 24 – Smackdown presents The Great American Bash (HSBC Arena; Buffalo, New York)
August 21 – WWE presents Summerslam (MCI Center; Washington, DC)
September 18 – RAW presents Unforgiven (Ford Center; Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)
October 16 – Smackdown presents No Mercy (Toyota Center; Houston, Texas)
November 20 – WWE presents Survivor Series (Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan)
December 18 – RAW presents Armageddon (Dunkin’ Donuts Center; Providence, Rhode Island)

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Re: WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process

Seems like yoru run of the mill backstory/start. I like the flexibility Edge gives you with him holding the MITB. It could be a potentially great storyline as long as it's not to tempting to use quickly.

Also whatever font you are using is awful for me at least. It is hard to read. I don't know if I can continue being a reader if this is the font you will be using for the shows.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process

WWE RAW Preview for April 4,2005

"The Fallout"

The Crowning of an Animal

After months of serving under Triple H, Batista left Evolution, while Triple H was on the receiving end of a Batista Bomb through a table a few short months ago. It all cultimated when Batista defeated his former mentor, Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship for the first time in last night's main event. What will Batista have to say about his title win? And how will Triple H retaliate, knowing that he is not the World Heavyweight Champion anymore.

A Title Defense?

William Regal & Tajiri have agreed to put their World Tag Team Championship this Monday against the former tag team champions, La Resistance! However, as reported on WWE.com, Rob Conway was released following WrestleMania. Sylvain made the call to Rene Dupree, his former tag team partner, so that they can reunite once again. Dupree went up to Theodore Long and requested a transfer to RAW. Long accepted his demand and the original La Resistance is back on RAW. We will see if La Resistance has what it takes to reclaim the World Tag Team Championship this Monday

Christian's Frustration

Also last night at WrestleMania, Christian was a fingertip away from retrieving the Money in the Bank briefcase, but he fell off a ladder and onto his friend, Tomko. He had to look on as Edge won the match instead. Frustrated, Christian went up to Eric Bischoff and demanded him to give him an opponent to unleash his anger on. Bischoff choose The Hurricane as Christian's opponent. Unfortunately for the superhero, he will have to face a man with a mean streak! Can The Hurricane upset the frustrated Christian?
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Re: WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process

This is looking pretty good from what i see will be reading and reviewing

CM Punk is the best thing in wrestling today.
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Re: WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process

Yo! Remember me? I'm the one who said you had one of the best TNA BTBs around. Well, I'm back, and I'd just thought I'd wish you luck and let you know that I'll be keeping an eye out. I started watching wrestling back in May 2005 and I think it's a great year to start a thread.

Hope you stick with it!!

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Re: WWE 2005: The Rebuilding Process

I'm really looking forward to this BTB, I'll be reading. Good luck.

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Sorry for the long wait, but here is the first RAW in my BTB that I promised in my sig. I know that it's a bit short, but enjoy anyways...

Monday Night RAW - April 4th, 2005
Los Angeles, California

*WrestleMania 21 Recap*

RAW’s opening theme, “Across the Nation” by Union Underground is played. Then, we cut to the inside of the Staples Center, where the pyro goes off and the camera pans through the crowd.

JR: Hello everyone and welcome to Monday Night RAW! My name is Jim Ross and I am joined by my broadcast partner, Jerry “The King” Lawler. We are coming off the heels of our biggest show of the year, WrestleMania and what a night it was!

Jerry Lawler: It sure was, JR! Last night, Edge won the first-ever Money in the Bank Ladder match, Shawn Michaels came up short in a classic encounter with Kurt Angle, and a new world heavyweight champion was crowned!

JR: That’s right! Batista came out on top against his former mentor, Triple H to win the World Heavyweight Championship!

Unleashed” hits as Batista comes out to a huge pop. He poses on the ramp and proceeds to walk with his newly won World Heavyweight Championship resting on his shoulder.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your NEW World Heavyweight Champion, BATISSSSSSTTTAAA!

Batista enters the ring and poses with the title on all 4 corners. He takes the mic from Lillian and his music stops playing…

Batista: YEAHHHH, I feel so proud to be standing here as YOUR WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION!

Cheap pop.

Batista: Last night at WrestleMania, I did what I said what I was going to do! I KICKED TRIPLE H’S ASS IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS RING!

Another cheap pop.

Batista: At the end of the night, I won the war! But you know, a lot has changed over the last few months. For one thing, I am not longer Triple H’s lackey!

The crowd boos at the mention of Triple H…

Batista: That is why I laid you out through a table, Hunter! To show that I can be successful on my own without anyone holding me back! And now that I have the World Heavyweight Championship, I’m going to make sure…

Time to Play the Game” hits as Triple H & Ric Flair are greeted with a ton of heat. Nevertheless, they slowly make their way to the ring and Triple H has a mic in hand!

Triple H: So you think that you’re a big shot after you won ONE match by a fluke?!

Triple H receives a lot of heat right off the bat!

Triple H: Let me tell you something, Batista! You only won the battle, but you won’t win the war!

More heat.

Triple H: Batista, we will fight once again because I’m invoking my rematch clause against you. It will be at Backlash in 4 weeks time! I promise you that I will take back what is rightfully mine! I will become World Heavyweight Champion for the 11th time!

An insane amount of heat for the former champion.

Batista: That’s fine with me! I’ll just kick your ass for a second time!

Triple H interrupts Batista immediately…

Triple H: No, Batista! There won’t be anymore ass kicking from you! Because the only thing that the crowd will see is me slaying your ass!

Instead of responding, Batista raises his title in the air and we have ourselves another staredown between Triple H and Batista! However, we are interrupted byBurn in My Light” asRandy Orton appears on the ramp to some heat.

JR: And here comes the 4th man in this equation, Randy Orton!

Jerry Lawler: Evolution is together once again? This is becoming more and more like a dysfunctional family reunion!

Randy Orton: I couldn’t help but notice that Triple H is going to get another shot at the World Heavyweight Championship!


Randy Orton: Where’s my rematch? Because at the Royal Rumble in January, I was THIS close to regaining MY World Heavyweight Championship, only to come up short. Instead Batista got to headline WrestleMania and I became an afterthought. However, I plan on redeeming myself starting tonight! You see, I’m not asking for a title shot, I’M DEMANDING IT!

Triple H: You couldn’t beat The Undertaker last night, so what makes you think you deserve a title shot? It’s all about me & Batista!

More heat.

Randy Orton: Shut your mouth, Hunter! No one wants you as the World Heavyweight Champion anyways!

Ric Flair: How dare you disrespect a man that brought you up in this business, you ungrateful little punk!

Randy Orton: Ric, what are you going to do to me, huh?! You’re not the same wrestler that you once were!

Triple H: Orton, why don’t you come down to this ring and fight me for a title shot the old fashioned way?

Randy Orton: Maybe I will!

The crowd starts to pop while Orton drops his mic and starts to walk down the ramp.

I’m Back and Better than Ever” is played as Eric Bischoff comes out to a mixed reaction.

Eric Bischoff: Triple H, you don’t call the shots, I DO!


Eric Bischoff: This is my show! And as such, I won’t allow you to face whoever you want!

Bischoff pauses before continuing.

Eric Bischoff: So, Triple H, you will NOT face Randy Orton tonight!

The crowd boos Bischoff for not giving the match that they wanted!

Eric Bischoff: Besides, doing it the old fashioned way doesn’t cut it for me. I like to be innovative and bring new ideas to the table. So instead, I have devised a little concept for Backlash. You see, you and Orton will wrestle separate matches.

Crowd chants “WHAT!”

Eric Bischoff: If you win your match, you will be entered in the world title match at Backlash. However, if your opponent wins, you will miss out on a chance at the World Heavyweight Championship!, Triple H, your spot in the title match hangs in the balance tonight! And your opponent is none other than…………..Y2J! CHRISSSS JERICHOOOO!

Jericho’s name results in a big pop around the arena…

I’m Back and Better than Ever” plays in the background as Eric Bischoff smiles for a bit. Triple H is livid with Flair trying to calm him down, while Randy Orton has a determined look in his eyes, knowing he has a second chance…

Jerry Lawler: Can you believe it, JR? HHH, Jericho, what a main event!

JR: It is indeed a match of epic proportions and it’s tonight!

(Commercial break)

Eye of the Hurricane” hits as The Hurricane sprints to the ring.

JR: The Hurricane is set to square off against a not-so-happy camper named Christian with both men having something to prove.

Jerry Lawler: JR, I talked to The Hurricane a few hours before the show and he told me that he was excited to face Christian! I’m pretty sure that Christian does not feel the same way.

Just Close Your Eyes” hits as an infuriated Christian comes out to heat along with his enforcer, Tomko.

JR: I can guarantee you that this man is not a happy camper!

Jerry Lawler: You said it, JR! Christian is going to take out his anger on The Hurricane! I wouldn’t want to be The Hurricane right about now.

Christian waits for the crowd to calm down before speaking…

Christian: For all you idiots out there that watched WrestleMania last night, let me just say that you guys witnessed a travesty!

Cheap heat.

Christian: And that travesty was me NOT winning the Money in the Bank Ladder match!

Small pop.

Christian: I went up to Eric Bischoff and demanded an opponent tonight and he chose this clown (points at The Hurricane).

Some heat. Then, the Hurricane grabs Christian’s arm and yells in the mic,

Hurricane: I'm not a clown...I’M A SUPERHERO! (with a smile)

Christian pulls his arm away from The Hurricane.

Christian: Clown, superhero, freak of nature, whatever! The point is that I’m going to embarrass you tonight!

The Hurricane looks confused, but Christian smashes his head with the mic. He is stomping the hell out of The Hurricane as the bell rings.

Match 1
Christian vs The Hurricane

Recap: Christian was dominating early, but The Hurricane used his speed and got a bit of offense in.

Ending: We are back from the commercial break and Christian is perched on the top turnbuckle while The Hurricane gives him a flurry of punches, 1……2…..3…….4…….5……6…..7……8…..9….10! Then, he snaps off a HURRICARANA and Christian is sent flying into the canvas! Here’s a pin attempt, 1…………..2……Christian kicked out at 2! The green superhero waits for Christian to get back on his feet! Captain Charisma is up and The Hurricane goes for a right hand, but he ducks and drives him into the mat with a falling inverted DDT. This time, Christian goes for a cover, 1………….2…….The Hurricane kicks out!

Christian places The Hurricane on his feet and sets up for the Unprettier, however, he is pushed into the corner. Christian stumbles and The Hurricane takes him down with a neckbreaker. He follows it up by going to the top rope and hits a flying crossbody! This might do it, 1…………..2…………..No, near-fall! The Hurricane can’t believe it! He proceeds to walk towards the apron and attempts a springboard clothesline, but receives a kick in the midsection by Christian. He hooks the arms and finally connects with the Unprettier, 1………….2…………..3!

Winner: Christian @ 8 minutes

Christian celebrates his win by running around the ring and copies The Hurricane’s pose, while Tomko shakes his head in disbelief…

(Cut backstage)

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, I am standing by the man who recently won the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, Edge.

The camera pans towards Edge and you can hear some heat in the background.

Todd Grisham: Congratulations on your victory, Edge!

Edge: Gee, that’s very sincere Todd! (Sarcastically)

Todd Grisham: Do you have any comments on your match last night?

Edge: Let me just say that I knew I was going to win the match, well because I’m smarter than the rest of the competitors. I was watching quietly while everyone was beating the hell out of each other. Then, I came at the right time and smacked Benoit in the back with a steel chair! That is why I have this briefcase! Because I picked my spot and waited for the right opportunity!

Todd Grisham: Any idea when you’re going to cash in the Money in the Bank?

Edge: Who knows Todd, it could be tonight, in 1 month or even at next year’s WrestleMania! That’s the beauty of Money in the Bank! I can cash in this bad boy at any place and at any time! So Todd, I will not to tell you or the fans when I’m going to cash in this briefcase, but I guarantee you that in 1 year, I WILL BE… A WORLD CHAMPION! BANK ON IT!

(Commercial break)

We see Maven jumping up and down in the ring with his music playing in the background…

JR: We are back on Monday Night RAW and Maven is already in the ring, preparing for his opponent…

Manbeast” is played through the PA system as Rhyno slides into the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Oh no, JR! Rhyno is here to rip somebody in half! Maven, you better run away before it’s too late!

Match 2
Rhyno vs Maven

Recap: It is a mostly a squash in Rhino’s favor because Maven is prolonging his defeat.

Ending: Rhyno raises Maven into the air and waits for a moment, before driving him into the mat with a delayed vertical suplex. The Manbeast makes a cover, 1……….2……….Maven kicked out! Rhyno goes to the corner and waits for Maven to stand………..but he is not getting up! Rhyno becomes infuriated and walks towards Maven. Instead, he tries to place Maven on his feet, however he is sent towards the referee. Maven crawls behind Rhyno and gives him a LOW BLOW, followed by a roll-up! Not this way, 1…………2…………..Rhyno kicked out! Maven picks up Rhyno and attempts a bulldog, but Rhyno pushes him in to the ropes. He comes back and walks into a spinning spinebuster. Rhyno walks towards the corner once again and stalks his opponent! Maven is up and RHYNO TEARS HIM IN HALF WITH THE GORE! 1………2……….3!

Winner: Rhyno @ 5 minutes

(Commercial break)

(Cut to Bischoff’s office)

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentleman, good evening!

Mixed reaction for Bischoff…

Eric Bischoff: At the start of the program, I announced that Triple H will square off against Chris Jericho.

Pop for the mention of Jericho.

Eric Bischoff: Now if Triple H wins his match, he will be entered in a World Championship match against Batista at Backlash!

Heat is heard around the arena because Triple H was mentioned…

Eric Bischoff: The same implications will apply for Randy Orton, as he will be wrestling in the main event next week!

Mixed reaction for Orton.

Eric Bischoff: Because if he wins, he will also be included in the World Title match!

There is a knock on the door!

Eric Bischoff: You may come in!

Ric Flair enters through the door and the crowd chants “WOOOOOOOOOOOO!” in the background.

Eric Bischoff: And what can I do for you, Ric?

Ric Flair: Eric, I’m going to make this really short…I WANT TO FACE RANDY ORTON!!!!!! I want that punk to know that I’ve still got it!

Eric Bischoff: Ric, I will give you a match one-on-one with Orton next week …under one condition!

Ric Flair: And what’s that?


A huge pop from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Whoa, you can’t be serious?

Eric Bischoff: It is the only way I will book that match!

Flair ponders for a bit while pacing around Bischoff’s office.

Ric Flair: Fine, just as long as I’m able to put Orton in his place!

Eric Bischoff: Thank you for seeing it my way, Ric! Just be careful for what you wished for!

The camera keeps on following Flair as he struts away from Bischoff’s office and meets an unsuspecting Triple H on the outside to a lot of heat…[/I]

Triple H: So did Bischoff make the match between you and Orton next week?

Ric Flair: Yeah, but…

Triple H: BUT WHAT?!?!

Ric Flair: During my match with Orton, YOU WILL BE BANNED FROM RINGSIDE!


Ric Flair: Instead of thinking about next week, you should be thinking about your match up next!

Triple H: Yeah, but I KNOW that I will win my match, but I can’t say the same thing for you!

Ric Flair: What’s that supposed to mean?

Triple H: Look before you start to WOOOOOOOO all up in my face, you’ve got to realize that it will be harder for me to reclaim my title if Orton is also involved!

Ric Flair: Hunter, everything’s going to be alright! I guarantee you that I will beat Orton next week and make sure that it’s just you and Batista one-on-one at Backlash!

Triple H: You better! Now, let’s go!

Triple H walks away from the shot with Ric Flair following him…

(Cut to the ring)

Lillian Garcia: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the World Tag Team Championship!

The music of La Resistance hits as Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree enter through the curtain to some heat…

Lillian Garcia: Introducing first from the Providence of Quebec, at a combined weight of 490 pounds, Sylvain Grenier and Rene Dupree, they are La Resistance!

JR: The original pair of La Resistance has reunited on RAW as Rene Dupree jumped ship to RAW and offered to replace Robrt Conway after he was released earlier this morning.

Jerry Lawler: You know what this means, JR? La Resistance can win the World Tag Team Championships on their first match back together.

JR: That is a good possibility there, King! But you’ve got to remember that these two guys haven’t wrestled together in a while, so there’s going to be some ring rust on their end.

William Regal’s music hits as Tajiri & William Regal start walking down the aisle and they are greeted with a nice pop…

Lillian Garcia: And making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 450 pounds, they are the World Tag Team Champions, William Regal and Tajiri!

JR: Here’s an interesting fact for ya’, William Regal & Tajiri defeated La Resistance for the World Tag Team Championship on a special live edition of RAW in Tokyo, Japan!

Jerry Lawler: But that was then and this is now! I want to know if there will be a title change tonight!

Match 3
World Tag Team Championship
William Regal & Tajiri vs La Resistance (Sylvain Grenier & Rene Dupree)

Recap: Standard stuff here as La Resistance work on Tajiri with their power and strength.

Ending: We are back from the commercial break and Rene Dupree is in the ring, stomping all over the isolated Tajiri in the corner. William Regal can only watch as his partner is being fed to the dogs. Dupree points at him before taking a few steps back and drives a big boot to Tajiri. He drags him away for the corner and hooks the leg, 1……………..2…………AND NO! Tajiri kicked out that time, but Dupree makes the quick tag to Sylvain Grenier

Sylvain raises Tajiri onto his feet and whips him into his corner. Dupree holds Tajiri into place as Sylvain gets in some free shots. Regal notices the foul play and tries to enter the ring, but the ref restrains him. Meanwhile, Dupree comes into the ring and helps Sylvain pull off a double suplex. The ref finally turns around and tells Dupree to leave the ring and does so immediately. Sylvain waits for Tajiri to get up, only to take him down with a swinging neckbraker. He makes a lazy cover to some heat, 1…………….2………..Tajiri got the shoulder up. Sylvain drags Tajiri to their corner and makes the tag back to Rene Dupree.

The French Phenom stalks the fallen Tajiri! He grabs hold of Tajiri’s arm and locks in the Cobra Clutch. Dupree wants him to tap, however William Regal encourages his partner not to give up. Tajiri starts to fade as the ref checks up on him and Regal fires up the crowd from the apron. Dupree goes for a Cobra Clutch Suplex instead, but TAJIRI FLIPS IN MID-AIR, LANDS ON HIS FEET AND MAKES THE HOT TAG TO WILLIAM REGAL!

The crowd is going crazy as Regal takes down Dupree with a European Uppercut. Dupree immediately gets back on his feet and charges at Regal, only to receive an Exploder Suplex. Pin attempt by Regal, 1………………..2………………Grenier breaks it up to the displeasure of the crowd! The ref forces Sylvain to the apron. In the ring, Regal delivers a forearm shot to the back of Dupree and follows it up with a knee lift to the face! Then, he runs towards the corner and knocks Sylvain off the apron with a right hand. All of a sudden, we see Tajiri back on his feet. He comes off the ropes and LANDS ON SYLVAIN WITH A SUICIDE DIVE ON THE OUTSIDE. Meanwhile, Regal takes down a staggering Dupree with a drop toe hold and locks in the Regal Stretch (STF)! He has no choice, but to tap out immediately!

Winners: William Regal & Tajiri @ 9 minutes

Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions, William Regal & Tajiri!

JR: There you have it folks, William Regal & Tajiri are able to keep the gold around their waists. Tajiri was able to hang in there when the going got tough and was rewarded with a victory.

Jerry Lawler: Tajiri was lucky to have Regal as a partner; otherwise he wouldn’t be carrying gold.

Tajiri limps back in to the ring to meet up Regal as the ref hands them their World Tag Team Championship belts. Regal & Tajiri celebrate around the ring with the belts, but it is cut short as MUHAMMED HASSAN AND DAIVARI ATTACK THEM FROM BEHIND!

JR: Oh my gawd, WHAT THE HELL?

Jerry Lawler: It is Daivari & Muhammed Hassan, but what are they doing here?

The Anti-Americans are repeatedly stomping the World Tag Team Champions in a brutal assault. Daivari rolls Tajiri onto his stomach and locks in the Camel Clutch, while Hassan takes out Mr. Regal with a devastating belly to belly suplex! The crowd is chanting “USA! USA!” as loud as possible, but Hassan celebrates as he soaks in the heat.

JR: This is unacceptable! Why would they attack the World Tag Team Champions?

Jerry Lawler: I think the better question is, what do they want?

JR: I’m so disgusted by their actions! It’s sickening!

(Cut backstage)

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my next guest at this time, Chris Jericho!

Y2J comes into the shot and a big pop is heard throughout the arena…

Todd Grisham: Chris, I was watching RAW backstage and it seems as if your opponent, Triple H, is underestimating you. What are your thoughts?

Chris Jericho: It’s not the first time that someone took me lightly before. People didn’t think that I’d win the Undisputed Championship, the very same title that I earned by beating Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock on the same night, but yet I managed! Triple H, you made a mistake on underestimating me! It gives me more of a reason to win tonight just so I can see the satisfaction of Triple H losing!

Jericho pauses to look at Todd before continuing…

Chris Jericho: Triple H, we’re not strangers to each other! 3 years ago, I main evented WrestleMania against…YOU! I still haven’t forgotten the pain you’ve caused me after you took the Undisputed Championship that I worked very hard to earn! You see, I may not be able to get a shot to the title I lost against you, but that doesn’t mean I can’t give you the same pain I felt that day. The pain of losing the World Heavyweight Championship!

(Cut to the ring)

Time to Play the Game” hits as Triple H is greeted with a ton of heat and is accompanied by the legendary, Ric Flair!

JR: Triple H has a lot to lose because if he loses this match, he will NOT have his rematch against Batista!

Jerry Lawler: He should have gotten a guaranteed rematch against Batista! But instead, Bischoff had to put his rematch clause on the line! I will never understand his decision!

JR: Triple H will take on Chris Jericho and it will be after this short commercial break!

(Commercial break)

Break the Walls Down” is played as Chris Jericho comes out to a big pop as he walks down the aisle filled with energy!

JR: It seems as if Chris Jericho has not forgotten his past about Triple H!

Jerry Lawler: But what did he mean by the “pain he caused him”?

JR: Think about it, King! When both guys were World Champions, they would have done anything to keep their belts. But when they were finally defeated, it was like they lost a part of their soul! That’s how important the World Heavyweight Championship is to them!

Jerry Lawler: Nevermind about that, let’s get on to the match!

Main Event
Triple H vs Chris Jericho

Recap: A grueling back and forth match with Triple H working on the knee of Jericho.

(Final commercial break of the evening)

Ending: Triple H seems to be in control as he whips Jericho in the ropes and knocks him down with a running clothesline. The Game poses to the crowd and receives some heat. He walks towards Jericho and drags him near the ropes. Triple H holds on to the ropes as he applies pressure on Jericho’s knee with his boot. The ref notices this and demands Triple H to let go of the ropes! He initiates a 5 count, 1……….2……….3……….4……Triple H steps away from the rope. Jericho is checked upon the referee, but The Game rushes in and immediately stomps away at the knee of Jericho. The ref intervenes once again and Triple H places his hands on his hips, looking frustrated in the process. Jericho struggles as he uses the ropes to get back onto his feet. He starts to stand, however Triple H clotheslines him over the top and onto the floor! He rolls under the bottom rope and meets up with Jericho on the outside. The ref administers a 10 count. Triple H grabs hold of his head and smashes his head on the barricade! He is not done however, because he takes the arm of Jericho and WHIPS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS! Triple H runs back into the ring and the ref starts to count on Jericho, who is still selling the knee! 1…………2…………3……….4………..Jericho starts to crawl……….5…………6…………..7……He holds onto the ring apron………….8…………..9………………JERICHO MAKES IT IN TO THE RING, much to the dismay of Triple H! Nevertheless, he makes a cover on the weakened Jericho, 1……………..2……………Jericho gets the shoulder up! Triple H makes another cover, 1………………2……….Jericho has the shoulder up again and Triple H is not looking too happy!

The Game forces Jericho to get back on to his feet and whips him towards the ropes. This time, Jericho hooks his arms on the top rope. Triple H charges, but he runs into a kick in the midsection. Jericho runs off the opposite set of ropes, only for Ric Flair to pull him down to the mat! The ref warns Flair, but he is acting like nothing happened. In the ring, Triple H walks towards Jericho, but he jabs away at the gut. The Game stumbles and Jericho connects with a spinning wheel kick and has a pin attempt, 1……………2…………..Triple H kicks out! Jericho takes the legs and attempts to lock in the WALLS OF JERICHO, however Triple H spins out and Jericho is sent flying towards the corner. The Game charges at Jericho, but he moves out of the way and rolls him up, 1………………….2……………He kicked out at 2! Jericho runs off the ropes and connects with a one-handed bulldog! He follows it up by running to the ropes and going for the LIONSAULT, but Triple H moves out of the way and the back of Jericho hits the mat! The Game gets up quickly and grabs Jericho’s head before planting him with a DDT……….1……………..2……………Near-fall! Triple H is stalking Jericho! He kicks him in the midsection and goes for the PEDIGREE, but Jericho counters with a double leg takedown. He grabs the legs and LOCKS IN THE WALLS OF JERICHO…

Jericho is using his last ounce of strength to make sure that his opponent taps out! The crowd is on their feet as pain is displayed all over the face of Triple H! He is struggling to the bottom rope while Jericho is applying more pressure. Just when he is about to tap, Ric Flair jumps on the apron and lures the ref! Triple H IS TAPPING OUT, BUT THE REF IS DISTRACTED! Jericho releases the hold and tries to get the ref’s attention. This distraction allows Triple H to roll out of the ring and find his sledgehammer! He takes the hammer into the ring and takes out Jericho with it. Triple H kicks him in the gut and HITS THE PEDIGREE! Flair jumps off the apron and tells the ref to count, 1………………2……………..3………….TRIPLE H IS GETTING A TITLE SHOT AT BACKLASH!

Winner: Triple H @ 15 minutes

Ric Flair comes in to the ring and he hugs Triple H as they celebrate his victory while the crowd boos heavily!

*End of Show*

RAW Results
Christian defeated The Hurricane
Rhyno defeated Maven
William Regal & Tajiri defeated La Resistance to retain the World Tag Team Championships
Triple H defeated Chris Jericho


WWE Backlash
May 1, 2005

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista vs Triple H

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Re: WWE 2005: Rebuilding a Legacy

Very short Batista remarks before the Game came out. I was hoping he would look further back on his career in Evolution and with Triple H and then talk about his betrayal and his epic win. Triple H just blatantly went into his rematch announcement too. Loved how Orton played himself off as the reject. “…I became an afterthought.” Great announcement by Bischoff. I like how he doesn’t even bring up, or mention, Orton’s backlash opponent.

Christian calling his “peeps” idiots? I mean, I know you’re trying to make him off as a heel, but seesh. Anyhow, excellent opener following the MITB. Great to see Christian put over to retain some of his dignity. I just couldn’t see him losing to Hurricane. Springboard clothesline into an Unprettier! Lol. That’s a hot one!!

Solid interview to push Edge. I love the mention of how he’ll be world champion in a year. It makes me think he’ll cash it in less than 12 months.

Rhyno versus Maven? Um, yes, can you say squash match? How Maven got by in five minutes alone is a miracle. Oh wait, low blow. That explains it.

Very business like approach to announce Orton’s opponent. The Nature boy, is it? That should be interesting. Triple H banned from ringside? No matter. This match should still reek of awesomeness. Flair is clearly a face and his relationship with Hunter is not going to last much longer.

Aw yes. La Resistance. I don’t even remember that team. You did your homework, and it appeases me. Anyhow, this tag team match flowed well and the finish was dynamite. Hassan and Daivari making a statement was great, yet ironic. The crowd was chanting USA, and yet Regal’s British and Taijiri’s Japanese. This makes me laugh inside as the crowd was chanting USA and nobody in that match was American!!

Chris Jericho brining up the history of him and Triple H just adds fuel to the main event. It shows that for Jericho it’s not business, it’s personal. Anyway, easily match of the night. What with Flair’s brief interference, the action itself, etc. You really put on the works, and no, I’m not trying to ass-kiss. The ending was all right, as it’s been used a lot in the WWE. What with the distraction, the tap-out, the sledgehammer, the pedigree, the end. Kinda figured Triple H would get the title shot, considering that he deserves a legal rematch. I really didn’t see him losing. Orton… meh. And btw, I expected Batista to make at least one appearance, even if it was just staring out at Triple H from the ramp.

All in all, you proved your worth as a WWE writer, in addition to your great WWE writing. I’ll be watching out for Smackdown.

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Re: WWE 2005: Rebuilding a Legacy

WWE News & Notes

- Expect more debuts during the next few months of RAW & Smackdown as both rosters are lacking in depth because of injuries from various wrestlers. As of right now, Smackdown has 20 active wrestlers with about 5 already listed, but are set to debut. RAW has 23 active wrestlers with 1 "debut" coming up.

- Speaking of debuts, a video was supposed to air promoting a new wrestler, but it was removed due to time constraints. That video was for Nova, Mike Bucci's gimmick when he was in ECW. Bucci is formerly known as Simon Dean. He is scheduled to team up with The Hurricane, so that RAW may have a face tag team, which the WWE is lacking right now.

- As seen on the PPV schedule, ECW One Night Stand and WWE Taboo Tuesday have been scrapped in favor of holding 1 PPV a month. WWE Armageddon, a Smackdown PPV, will now become a RAW PPV.

Update: Smackdown will be up in a week! Sorry for the wait.
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Re: WWE 2005: Rebuilding a Legacy

Great to know you will post smackdown soon, good luck man. More debuts...I like it man, as long as you build it up right rather than throwing the new guys right into the mid-card/main event scene. My suggestion would be do 1 or 2 promos for new guys on each brand and let them debut in the next few weeks.

I've seen Nova stuff on youtube and it's a good choice sorta. I'm not too big for the guy but I don't know, you can build it up right.

And it doesn't matter about ONS and Taboo Tuesday being gone, they were somewhat of a waste but good choice with it man. Armageddon a RAW ppv, it's interesting. I'm looking forward to smackdown man, keep up the good work!

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