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WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

WrestleMania XIX Results
March 30, 2003; Safeco Field, Seattle Washington

*Matt Hardy (c) def. Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Championship
*The Undertaker def. Big Show & A-Train in a handicap match
*Trish Stratus def. Victoria (c) and Jazz to win the WWE Women's Championship
*Team Angle (c) def. Los Guerreros and Rhyno & Chris Benoit to retain the WWE Tag Team Championship
*Shawn Michaels def. Chris Jericho
*Stacy Keibler & Torrie Wilson vs. Miller Lite Cat Fight Girls ended in a no contest
*Triple H (c) def. Booker T to retain the World Heavyweight Championship
*Hulk Hogan def. Vince McMahon in a Street Fight
*The Rock def. Steve Austin
*Brock Lesnar def. Kurt Angle (c) to win the WWE Championship


Monday Night Raw


Batista +
Booker T
Bubba Ray Dudley
Chief Morley
Chris Jericho
Christopher Nowinski
D-Von Dudley
Jeff Hardy
Kevin Nash +
Lance Storm
Mark Henry +
Molly Holly
Randy Orton +
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
Rodney Mack
Scott Steiner
Shawn Michaels
Spike Dudley
Stacy Keibler
Steve Austin
Steven Richards
The Hurricane
The Rock
Tommy Dreamer
Triple H
Trish Stratus
William Regal

Tag Teams & Stables

Dudley Boyz
Chief Morley & Lance Storm
Kane & Rob Van Dam
3-Minute Warning

Other On-Air Talent

Eric Bischoff
Jerry Lawler
Jim Ross
Jonathan Coachman
Terri Runnels
Theodore Long

Thursday Night SmackDown!


Big Show
Billy Kidman
Brock Lesnar
Charlie Haas
Chavo Guerrero`
Chris Benoit
Chuck Palumbo
Dawn Marie
Eddie Guerrero
Edge +
Hulk Hogan
Jamie Noble
John Cena
Johnny Stamboli
Kurt Angle +
Matt Hardy
Nathan Jones
Rey Mysterio
Scotty 2 Hotty
Sean O'Haire
Shannon Moore
Shelton Benjamin
Torrie Wilson

Tag Teams & Stables

Los Guerreros
Team Angle

Other On-Air Talent

Josh Matthews
Michael Cole
Paul Heyman
Stephanie McMahon
Vince McMahon

Champions & Title History

WWE Championship
-Brock Lesnar (defeated Kurt Angle at WrestleMania XIX)
Date Won: March 30, 2003; Successfully Defended: 0 times; Date Lost: --

World Heavyweight Championship
-Triple H (defeated Shawn Michaels in a Three Stages of Hell match at Armageddon 2002)
Date Won: December 15, 2002; Successfully Defended: 3 times; Date Lost: --

World Tag Team Championship
-Chief Morley & Lance Storm (defeated Rob Van Dam & Kane on Monday Night Raw)
Date Won: March 24, 2003; Successfully Defended: 1 time; Date Lost: --

WWE Tag Team Championship
-Team Angle (defeated Los Guerreros on WWE SmackDown!)
Date Won: February 4, 2003; Successfully Defended: 1 time; Date Lost: --

WWE Women's Championship
-Trish Stratus (defeated Victoria and Jazz in a triple threat match at WrestleMania XIX)
Date Won: March 30, 2003; Successfully Defended: 0 times; Date Lost: --

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
-Matt Hardy (defeated Billy Kidman at No Way Out 2003)
Date Won: February 23, 2003; Successfully Defended: 2 times; Date Lost: --


Monday Night Raw - March 31, 2003
WWE SmackDown! - April 3, 2003

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

It's great that you decided to do another project and this is a little different to your last project which I believe was a modern day WWE RAW thread, with 3 hour shows. There is nothing new or spectacular here, but that's fine. 2003 was a great time, particularly on the SD side of things and WM19 was a brilliant PPV, one of the all time great WM events IMO. Any who, the true test will come when you actually start posting shows and attempt to change things up. Best of luck mate.

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

I was enjoying you're Raw 3 hour thread. It's good you've chosen this time to start from.

There's so many possibilities with the superstars you've got. Wrestlemania 19 was very good in my opinion. Good luck with this.
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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

WM 19 was one of my favorite and I hope you can keep Brock around and have big plans for him. I look forward to this thread and hope you can go along way. Good luck

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

Great year to start, you can do some interestin stuff, i'll check back later.

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

Good Luck. 2003 could of been a great year for the WWE. Let's hope you can make it better than it was in good life.
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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

WWE Insider News

-Kurt Angle, who has been carrying injuries for some time now, is set to have a lengthy lay-off from the WWE. He opted to wait until after WrestleMania, but has now decided to have surgery, which will keep him out of action until at least June.

-Meanwhile, Stone Cold Steve Austin and The Rock are to take sabbaticals from professional wrestling following their match at WrestleMania. The Rock is set to return to Hollywood following Backlash, while Austin will leave the WWE effective immediately, though he has not closed the doors on appearances later in the year.

-Former WCW star Goldberg has signed with the WWE and will debut, probably on the Raw brand, in the next month. Another former WCW figure Kevin Nash is also nearing his return. An injury has kept him out of contention for all of 2003, but he has been cleared to wrestle and is expected to return to television in a matter of weeks. The brand, however, is unclear at this point.

-Third-generation wrestler Randy Orton has been cleared to wrestle following injury, and is set to wrestle a dark match prior to tonight's Raw taping. Previous plans included Orton being thrust into a stable with Triple H and Ric Flair, but these have been dropped. Orton is said to have impressed Vince McMahon and is in line for a decent push.

-Finally, the Intercontinental Championship, which has been inactive since October of last year, is said to the topic of WWE meetings recently, and may be revived in the near future.


Monday Night Raw - March 31, 2003 - Preview

Just 24-hours from the phenomenon that is WrestleMania, Monday Night Raw comes to you live from Seattle Washington, in what promises to be an action-packed broadcast.

After defeating Booker T at WrestleMania last night, Triple H will appear on tonight's show with his title in tact, though with Monday Night Raw's star-studded roster, the Game may face new challengers stepping forward to take his thrown. While Triple H has always maintained he fears nobody, the task of facing the hungry young superstars in the Raw locker room may prove a difficult hurdle.

Stone Cold Steve Austin's injuries have prevented him from appearing tonight, but The Rock will be in attendance, and no doubt will be joined by his huge ego after he excorcised demons last night and scored a victory the Texas Rattlesnake. The Rock has thus far refused to comment on rumours that he seek a permanent career in Hollywood, but perhaps tonight he'll deliver the announcement that will send shockwaves through the wrestling world, or indeed, set his sights on back-to-back victories.

Some are calling it the 'Match of the Year', but Chris Jericho is one man who will be hoping to put his bout with Shawn Michaels behind him. The Heart-break Kid's celebrations were cut short, when he offered a handshake to 'Y2J', and was rewarded for his sportsmanship by a kick to the groin. However, we are promised a very special edition of the 'Highlight Reel' tonight on Raw.

While Triple H retained his title on the 'Grandest Stage of Them All', Raw is set to welcome two new sets of champions here tonight. Trish Stratus' dreams came true when she finally defeated Victoria to win the Women's Championship, while a shock alliance was formed between Chief Morley and the Dudley Boyz, resulting in new tag team champions. Both champions will be in non-title action tonight, and perhaps the pressures of wearing WWE gold will begin to show.

Tune into Monday Night Raw tonight at 9/8 CT.


Show's about half-done, I hope to post it in a week.
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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

Some interesting news and notes. I'm glad to see you allowing The Rock and Austin to leave in a dignified manor like the WWE did IRL. Nash's return along with Golberg and a rejuvenated Randy Orton could make for some exciting television. Judging by the RAW preview the main topic of conversation will be a new opponent for HHH going forward and the continuation of the Jericho/HBK feud. I'm intrigued to see where you go with the Rock's character leading into Backlash. Hopefully you'll avoid the Rock/Goldberg match up the WWE gave us. Looking forward to the first show.

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

WWE: Monday Night Raw; March 31, 2003 - Seattle, Washington

Highlights are shown of WrestleMania XIX - which took place last night from Safeco Field in Seattle, Washington - to open tonight's broadcast.


The camera pan around the arena, with the fans in attendance going wild for tonight's show.

Jim Ross: The world is talking about the event, the spectacle, the phenomenon, known as WrestleMania, as you join us here tonight, live from Seattle for a huge edition of Monday Night Raw! Jim Ross here with my broadcast colleague, Jerry 'The King' Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Seattle is STILL buzzing, JR! After the the historic, emotional, dramatic... incredible night we had just 24-hours ago in Safeco Field! So many great moments, so many great matches...


The crowd begin to rain down with enormous amounts of heat, as the man who defeated Steve Austin last night at WrestleMania walks out as brash as ever, and heads down the entrance ramp.

Jerry Lawler: ...And JR, when you think of great matches, there's one that we witnessed last night, that raised the roof of Safeco Field - I'm talking of course about The Rock versus Steve Austin, and do I even have to tell you the winner!?

Jim Ross: I think Rock's about to remind us, King, and you're right. It was an awesome contest. A classic match, and you have to hand it to both competitors. Austin left it all in the ring.

The Rock collects a microphone then soaks in the heat from the crowd, before removing his sunglasses and smiling from ear-to-ear.

The Rock: Finally...

The fans begin to join in with The Rock, and he quickly stops, and peers around the arena with a patronising look of disapproval.

The Rock: Don't try to imitate The Rock. You're not The Rock... I'm The Rock... and I said... Finally... The Rock has... beaten Stone Cold Steve Austin at WrestleMania baby!

The fans incoherently shout 'to SEATTLE!', but this soon turns into a chorus of boos.

The Rock: It's been four years. The Rock has been patiently waiting... FOUR long years to whup that redneck's ass on the grandest stage of them all.

The fans boo loudly, but The Rock isn't discouraged...

The Rock: The Rock has a couple of people to thank. The Rock would like to thank his grandfather for paving the way, The Rock would like to thank his parents, but above all else, The Rock would like to thank...

The Rock peers around the arena smiling, and the gullable portion of the audience cheer...

The Rock: ...Himself!

A lot of heat for The Rock.

The Rock: You heard The Rock. He owes absolutely nothing to you people, not a thing. In fact, the 'Great One' has been thinking, and he's thinking that you people don't appreciate The Rock.

The Rock shakes his head, and the crowd cheer, agreeing with him for once.

The Rock: Last night at WrestleMania The Rock gave the performance of the night and he won the biggest match of The Rock's career, but yet the people are booing him? Booing the Great One?

More heat for The Rock.

The Rock: The Rock has been putting it up with this blind ignorance, this hatred for months now. The Rock has been putting his body in jepordy, his career, his life on the line for years.... and the people have turned on The Rock? You boo The Rock? Well, you know something? You people should be careful what you wish for! You're probably unaware, but The Rock's WWE contract expires in precisely one month, and as of this moment, he is yet to sign an extension.

Ironic cheers from the crowd.

The Rock: ...Nor does he intend to.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

The Rock: See, The Rock's got offers coming in everyday from movie producers just begging The Rock to be in their latest smash hit. Begging The Rock, telling The Rock, 'please, oh Great One, save my movie', and you know what The Rock thinks? The Rock thinks of how you people fail to appreciate him, The Rock thinks of how you abuse him, and then The Rock thinks of how the people in Hollywood treat him with the respect that he deserves.


The Rock: What The Rock is trying to say is... the people are killing The Rock's passion.

More heat.

The Rock: But The Rock wants to bew out in style. The Rock wants to end his career in the right way, and the right way is with gold around his waist. So, Triple H, the Game, the King of Kings, what The Rock's saying is, The Rock wants your World Heavyweight Championship.

This garners a mixed reaction from the crowd.

The Rock: Let's forget about our differences, Triple H. Tell Ric to pull your pants back up, then you and I give the millions.... of idiots... the match of the century. I'm talking about the Great One, the Game, one-on-one for the World Heavyweight Championship - what d'ya say?


The Rock's smile disappears as the crowd errupt, and Booker T heads down the entrance ramp, slapping hands with those on the front-row, before sliding into the ring and collecting a microphone, then waiting for the pop to die down.

Booker T: Hold up. Hold up. Lemme' get this straight, Rocky, you out here talkin' down to these fans, tellin' 'em they need to appreciate you, threatenin' you're goin' back to Hollywood? Sucka, lemme' tell ya', if you wanna' go back there, then get yo' ass on a plane and head over there, 'cause there ain't nobody sittin' in this arena that's gonna' give a damn!

Big pop from the crowd, as The Rock's ego takes a bruising.

Booker T: Then you demandin' a World Heavyweight title shot? Dawg, the only way you getting a title shot around here is if you earn it!

The Rock: Woah, woah - are you saying The Rock hasn't earned it? Let The Rock remind you of some of his accomplishments. He's a seven-time... (mocks Booker T) ... seven-time WWE Champion. He's a two-time... two-time Intercontinental Champion...

Booker T: ...AND a two-time... two-time JACKASS of the year!

Big pop from the crowd, with The Rock again looking noticably irritated.

The Rock: What did you call The Rock!?

Booker T: Now listen, sucka', there ain't nobody in this arena that gives a damn about your past accomplisments. This isn't the past; this is right now, and right now, I'm looking at a...

The Rock: You're looking at a winner, Booker. You're looking at the guy you hate, you hate so much, Booker, and why? Because you're jealous. Because...

Booker T: Tell me, you didn't just...

The Rock: Don't interrupt The Rock. Because you, Booker, are nothin' but a common thief, but The Rock is championship material, The Rock is a megastar, The Rock is the man who's gonna whup your sorry candy-ass if you don't get the hell out of his ring! IF YA' SMELL... WHAT THE ROCK...

The Rock looks down at his microphone, and Booker T's hand is placed over the top, restricting his speech.

Booker T: You know, dawg, since we're on the topic of catchphrases, I learned one from a guy a long time ago and it was pretty good. It went a little something like... uh.... 'know your role, and shut your mouth'.

Another pop from the crowd, as The Rock smiles sarcastically.

The Rock: Real funny, Booker, stealin' The Rock's material.

Booker T: Hey, I got one of my own too... CAN... YOU.... DIG... THAT....

Booker brings the mic back down and looks The Rock in the eyes.


The Rock and Booker T stare each other down, with the fans chanting the latter's name...


The crowd boo loudly as Raw general manager Eric Bischoff walks out and stands at the top of the entrance ramp, with a microphone in hand.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, I'd love to watch you guys go at it for the rest of the night, but I've got a show to run this evening. But don't worry, I've got an idea. You see, I recognise the needs of my superstars, and I can see it clearly, both of you want a shot against Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Booker T and The Rock both nod.

Eric Bischoff: I understand that, and tonight I'm going to show everybody just why Eric Bischoff is incharge of the flagship programme here in the WWE, by giving away a huge main event right here in Seattle!

Cheap pop.

Eric Bischoff: It's gonna' be, one-on-one, Booker T versus The Rock...

Big pop from the crowd. Booker smiles, whilst The Rock seems offended.

Eric Bischoff: And the winner, in four weeks at Backlash, will face Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship!

Another pop. Booker T nods and smiles. Bischoff grins as he looks around at the crowd who seem to like him (for now). His music hits again as he walks to the back, leaving an intense staredown between Booker T and The Rock back in the ring.


Who's Next?

...BACKLASH 2003.

We cut to Eric Bischoff's office backstage, where the general manager himself sits on his chair with his feet up on the table, talking to someone on his mobile phone.

Eric Bischoff: Starrcade '98 - that was it. The title, the streak, what a match! Hey, and the wrestling world is talking about it, buddy, you debuting at Backlash, and it's happening on Eric Bischoff's Monday Night Raw! This is going to send shockwaves through the entire company! I can't wait!

Bischoff listens to the man he's talking to with a grin on his face as we return to the arena.


RVD and Kane head down the entrance ramp for tag-team action, with their opponeonts - World Tag Team Champions Lance Storm and Chief Morley - already in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: You know who Bischoff was talking to right, JR!?

Jim Ross: I've got a good idea, and we're kicking things off here tonight with tag team action. The champions are standing in the ring, but as far as I'm concerned, the men who should be all means have those titles are RVD and Kane, who were screwed last night by the Dudley Boyz.

RVD and Kane enter the ring and shortly after the bell rings for the start of the match.

Match One: Chief Morley & Lance Storm vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane (non-title)

Ending: As the match reaches its climax, RVD and Kane are on top, however, the Dudley Boyz make their way down the entrance ramp, which the King describes as 'giving moral support'. Despite this distraction, RVD and Kane remain focused on the task in hand. RVD eventually makes a mistake, which leads to a period of domination and isolation from the World Tag Team Champions, making quick tags and working on the leg of RVD, refusing to let him tag in Kane.

RVD battles out of a headlock from Storm then hits a desperate dropkick to his knee, before rolling into the corner and slapping hands with the Big Red Machine. Kane climbs over the top rope and hits Storm with successive right hands before nailing him with a huge uppercut. Morley runs into the ring, but is met with a big boot courtesy of Kane. RVD then runs into the ring and dives over the top rope, taking Morley with him to the outside of the ring. Kane then lines Storm up with a chokeslam, but becomes distracted when he looks to the outside of the ring, and the Dudley Boyz have thrown RVD into the steel steps. Kane goes to the outside of the ring to check on his partner and warn off the Dudley Boyz, who protest their innocence.

Kane walks towards the Dudley Boyz and chases them up the entrance ramp. The referee then reaches the count of eight, and the Big Red Machine rushes back down the entrance ramp, but it's too late!

Winners, Chief Morley & Lance Storm at 07:23 (via count-out)

Kane returns to the ring and looks for revenge, but Storm and Morley quickly escape the ring and walk back up the entrance ramp with the Dudley Boyz.

Jim Ross: For the second night in a row, the Dudley Boyz have cost RVD and Kane a victory!

Morley, Storm and the Dudley Boyz raise each others arms at the top of the entrance ramp, having formed a very unlikely alliance at the expense of RVD and Kane.

We cut to the parking lot. A limousine pulls up, and interviewer Terri waits outside. The door opens, and World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Ric Flair walk out with grins painted across their faces.

Terri: Triple H, Triple H... I was hoping to get your reaction to the announcement made by Eric Bischoff earlier in the show.

Triple H: ...What announcement?

Terri: Well earlier in the show, Eric Bischoff booked a number one contender's match between The Rock and Booker T, with the winner challenging you for your World Heavyweight title at Backlash.

Triple H takes of his sunglasses in a rage and looks at Flair with concern.

Triple H: Are you... are you kiddin' me? The Rock? Booker T? What the.... where the hell is Bischoff?

Terri: I don't know. I...

Triple H: (to Flair) Who does Bischoff think he is, huh?

Ric Flair: I don't know, champ, let's go and fix this.

Flair and Triple H rush past Terri and head towards the arena.


We return live to Monday Night Raw.


The ever-brash Christian walks out to a good amount of heat from the crowd, before heading down the entrance ramp for singles action here tonight.

Jim Ross: Welcome back to Monday Night Raw live from Seattle, Washington ladies and gentlemen. Still to come tonight, The Rock faces Booker T, and the winner of that match goes onto Backlash to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Jerry Lawler: Not if the Game can help it, JR!

Christian climbs into the ring and arrogantly soaks in the heat from the crowd.


Christian smiles sarcastically as his opponent walks out to the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Does anyone really believe that this dilluded comic book freak who wears his underwear the wrong side of his pants can beat Christian!?

The Hurricane slides into the ring, and Christian can't help but laugh.

Match Two: Christian vs. The Hurricane

Ending: After building some momentum, The Hurricane goes to the top rope and prepares to fly. He then jumps off, going for a cross-body, but Christian rolls through into a small package pin. Hurricane battles free after a two count, and both men quickly get to their feet. Hurricane hits successive clotheslines, before lining Christian up. He gets up to his feet, and Hurricane wraps his hand across his throat, about to go for the chokeslam...

But Christian kicks Hurricane to the midsection then spins him around, before going for the Unprettier... but Hurricane pushes his opponent away. Christian goes flying towards the referee, but manages to stop just in time and avoid contact. The Hurricane seizes the opportunity though and rolls Christian up in a schoolboy pin.... and gets the pinfall!!

Winner, The Hurricane at 05:57

The Hurricane rolls out of the ring and celebrates a shock victory. Meanwhile, Christian begins to blame the referee for his loss.

Jerry Lawler: Oh no!!

Jim Ross: That 'dillluded comic book freak who wears his underwear the wrong side of his pants' just pulled off one hell of a victory!!


Jim Ross: What the...

We cut to an 'RNN News' segment, with Randy Orton standing by infront of a news graphic with a microphone in his hand.

Randy Orton: Hi, I'm Randy Orton, and I know that the WWE fans are only talking about one thing right now, and that's me. I appreciate that, and I'm here right now to give you some exciting news about my road to recovery. I've been out of action for months now, and I've endured a tough rehab schedule, but I can now reveal to you, with great pleasure, that I've reached 100 percent fitness, and my doctor tells me I can compete as soon as next week. This is just a warning to the rest of the Raw roster, because wrestling is in my blood, and I don't intend on letting my predecessors down.

Orton smiles as the RNN News icon flashes across the screne once more.

We cut backstage. Victoria warms up for her match, with Stevie Richards sitting beside her.

Victoria: Look, Stevie, it's simple. All you've gotta' do is go out there to the ring, lend me some moral support, and for just once in your life, don't mess it up. Is that so hard!?

Stevie Richards: ...No.

Victoria: I mean it, Stevie. I'm giving you one more chance, but if we have a repeat of last night, you and I are finished - do you understand?

Stevie Richards: Yeah, but...

Victoria: Good. Now, stand up and shut up.

Stevie stands up and receives a cutting stare from Victoria, as they walk off together.



Victoria and Stevie Richards walk down the entrance ramp ahead of tonight's divas tag team match. Victoria tells Richards to stand on the outside before she enters the ring.

Jim Ross: This couple seems to be going through a rough patch at the moment.

Jerry Lawler: Well, JR, you know that I like to treat women with the respect they deserve, but even I gotta' admit, this Victoria is crazy!


Victoria's partner Jazz heads down the entrance ramp, joined by her manager Theodore Long.

Jim Ross: Jazz and Victoria will probably be the most dangerous, powerful teams in the history of women's wrestling!


Their opponents, Trish Stratus and Jacqueline receive a big pop from the Seattle crowd as they walk out and slap hands with the fans on the front row, before sliding into the ring.

Match Three: Victoria & Jazz vs. Trish Stratus & Jacqueline

Ending: Trish measures Victoria, as the psychotic diva pulls herself to her feet, and turns around. Trish goes for a chick kick, but Victoria ducks. Victoria then grabs a hold of Trish's waist, but Victoria gives her an elbow to the face. Trish becomes distracted when Stevie Richards climbs up on the apron and looks to provide an assist. Trish slaps him round the face, but Victoria then runs at Trish... and she moves out of the way! Victoria then collides with Richards and knocks him off of the apron.

As a shocked Victoria looks down at Richards, Jazz slaps her across the back and climbs into the ring herself. Jazz quickly runs at Trish, but the Women's Champion ducks her attempted clothesline, then nails her with a Chick Kick, before covering her, and picking up the win!

Winners, Trish Stratus & Jacqueline at 04:38

Victoria realises that her team has lost, and quickly turns and looks at an apologetic Stevie Richards. She screams at him before storming up the entrance ramp, with Richards running after her looking to apologise for letting her down again.

Jim Ross: The Women's Champion Trish Stratus has been on a roll as of late, and she continues it here tonight!

Jerry Lawler: It looks like Theodore Long has something to say...

King displays incredible observation skills here, as Theodore Long has indeed collected a microphone. He climbs into the ring whilst Trish and Jacqueline celebrate their victory.

Theodore Long: Hold on a second. Hey, you.

The referee was about to exit the ring, but Long seems to be talking to her.

Theodore Long: Yeah, I'm talkin' to you. Get over here, playa'.

The referee walks over to Long, who doesn't look happy.

Theodore Long: Playa', can you kindly explain to Jazz and I what the hell you did when you counted that pin at the end?

The referee protests his innocence, telling Long, 'I'm just doing my job'.

Theodore Long: Okay, I hear that, so where exactly in your job description does it say you have to show favouritism to the pretty blonde... slut over there, huh?

Trish Stratus' celebration is cut short when she hears Long's insults and becomes angry.

Theodore Long: You heard me.

Trish tells Long that the pin was fair and square off-mic.

Theodore Long: Lemme' tell you exactly why you got that title around your waist. Now, sorry to disappoint you, Trish, but it has nothing to do with you wrestling ability. No no, it's because these referees are suckers for a pretty blonde white girl, and they...

Trish Stratus slaps Theodore Long across the face before he can finish, and Jazz goes to attack Trish. However, Trish ducks then hits her with a Chick kick. However, Rodney Mack jumps over the fan barricade and slides into the ring, standing face-to-face with a now frightened Trish Stratus. However, Theodore Long holds him back.

Theodore Long: Now, hold on, Rodney. We ain't about to hurt no woman, after all, it's not her fault. There's only one person in this ring that deserves a hurtin'...

Rodney Mack looks at Long, then smiles. He then turns around and turns the referee inside out with a huge clothesline! Mack then lifts the referee up, and nails him with a vicious double underhook powerbomb. Mack, Jazz and Long then leave the ring while Trish and Jacqueline check on the condition of the referee, who seems in some distress.

Jim Ross: That was as fair a pinfall I've ever seen! What the hell is this guy's problem!?


Raw returns live from Seattle, and the Highlight Reel set is in laid out in the ring, as the arena waits for the host...


...And tonight's host, the Heart-break Kid Shawn Michaels walks out to a huge pop from the crowd, before walking down the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentlemen, that's not Chris Jericho...

Jerry Lawler: I think everyone's painfully aware of that, JR! As if beating Jericho last night wasn't enough, Michaels seems intent on humilating 'im!

Michaels collects a microphone then takes a seat on one of the chairs in the ring.

Shawn Michaels: Sorry to disappoint all the Jericoholics here tonight, but the man hosting the Highlight Reel right here in Seattle...

Cheap pop.

Shawn Michaels: ...is the Heart-break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Huge pop from the crowd this time.

Shawn Michaels: Now last night at Safeco Field, Chris Jericho and I fought one of the greatest matches in WrestleMania history. It stole the show, it raised the roof, and it had everyone of you people on your feet, but... Chris Jericho, being the egomaniac that he is, being the self-centered son of a bitch that he is... took a cheapshot on me.

The fans boo Jericho's actions.

Shawn Michaels: But, Chris, I know you're here tonight, and I wanna' just tell you right now, that anytime you want a rematch, anytime you want a fight, all you have to do is ask.

Big pop from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: As far as tonight goes, I haven't had much time to prepare for this very special edition of the Highlight Reel, so finding a guest in such a short space of time proved to be extremely difficult. I asked, JR, but turns out he's busy. I asked Lillian Garcia, but she was busy too. Hell, I even thought about Chris Jericho - that's how desperate I was, but then on my way to ask Jericho, I found a man so interesting, so charismatic, such a legendary iconic figure... ladies and gentlemen, my guest for tonight's Highlight Reel... Jonathan Coachman!


Jerry Lawler: What!?

The crowd give a confused pop as Jonathan Coachman walks down to the ring with a smile on his face. He smiles and waves to the fans before climbing into the ring. Michaels hands Coachman a microphone as he sits down beside Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Take a seat, Coach, how's it going?

Jonathan Coachman: I'm pretty good, Shawn, thanks for having me out here tonight. I'm really excited for the...

Shawn Michaels: That is awesome, Coach, but back to Chris Jericho. What did you think of last night, after our match, when Y2J took a cheapshot on ole' HBK?

Jonathan Coachman: Well I thought...

Shawn Michaels: You know what? Stupid question. I know simple minds struggle to remember as far back as 24-hours Coach, so why don't we get some footage up on the Jeritron 3000, on exactly what went down last night in Safeco Field.

The Jeritron shows footage of last night's match at WrestleMania between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho. We see Shawn Michaels score the pinfall victory after an epic encounter, and after the match, the two of them shaking hands as a sign of respect, only for Chris Jericho to kick the Heart-break Kid to the groin in a vicious cheapshot.

Shawn Michaels: So, I have to ask you, the one and only, Jonathan Coachman, what exactly did you think of that? Did 'ole HBK deserve that shot?

Jonathan Coachman: I gotta' say that I didn't really think it was neccessary.

Shawn Michaels: He didn't think it was neccessary folks. You heard it here first - Jonathan Coachman did not think that shot last night from Chris Jericho was neccessary!

Michaels garners a small pop from the crowd.


The party is over, as Chris Jericho walks down the entrance ramp to huge amounts of heat from the Seattle crowd. He climbs into the ring and snatches Coach's mic away from him.

Chris Jericho: That's enough. Enough of this mockery, enough of this diminishment of my character. Enough, enough, enough...

Jericho shouts 'enough as he knocks over the chairs and kicks the part of the Higlight Reel set over. He then takes a cheapshot on Jonathan Coachman kicking him off of his chair. As Coach rolls out of the ring, Jericho walks up to Michaels and stares him down, nose-to-nose, with a grin painted across the Heart-break Kid's face.

Shawn Michaels: That's real big of you, Jericho, you're a real man for kicking Jonathan Coachman off of his chair, but then again, what exactly would you, Chris Jericho, know about being a man?

Pop from the crowd, but Jericho continues to stare a hole through Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Jericho, I hope you're out here for a reason, because like I said earlier, if at anytime you wanna' man up, and go one more time with the Heart-break Kid, you just say the word, and I'll be there and we can go. In fact, Jericho, since you're not saying much to me, I'm gonna' take it upon myself to challenge YOU, to a rematch right here tonight in Seattle. Now, what do you say to that, big man?

Huge pop from the crowd. Michaels awaits Jericho's response.

Chris Jericho: No.

Jericho shakes his head defiantly, and the crowd proceed to boo him.

Chris Jericho: As I know you're aware, Shawn, I am in no condition to compete here tonight.

More heat. Michaels doesnt follow.

Chris Jericho: I am in no condition to compete here tonight on Raw, because of the humilation I suffered last night when I was beaten by you. I've had to schedule sessions with a psychiatrist because of what you did to me.

The crowd cheer, and Michaels smirks.

Chris Jericho: Don't you laugh at me, don't you dare laugh at me, Shawn Michaels, because that would imply you are better than me, when I am better than you, and I am better than all of these people...

Shawn Michaels: Then why don't you prove it!? Come on, Jericho, be a man, and face HBK here tonight one-on-one.

The crowd again cheer, chanting, 'HBK', but Jericho shakes his head.

Chris Jericho: That's simply not going to happen, Rest assured, Shawn I want a rematch, I don't have anything to prove to you, or any of these people so that rematch is going to be on my terms, not on yours.

A lot of heat for Jericho.

Shawn Michaels: It's always gonna' be on your terms, Jericho. Whether it's a sneak attack from behind, or a double-team. You're simply not man enough to take me on face-to-face man-to-man. To quote a friend of mine, Jericho, 'to be the man, you gotta' beat the man', and you, Jericho, are not THE man. In fact, you're not even A man.

Jericho snaps and goes for a clothesline, but Michaels ducks. Michaels then adjusts his position then nails Jericho with a Sweet Chin Music!! Jericho falls to the canvas, and Michaels stands over him defiantly as the crowd go wild.


Backstage, Chris Jericho walks along the corridor holding his face in pain after his altercation with Shawn Michaels, but Terri approaches him for an interview.

Terri: Chris, Chris, I just wanted to get your reaction on what happened before the...

Chris Jericho: My reaction? Huh? That what you want? I'll give you my damn reaction, Shawn Michaels is nothing but a...

Shawn Michaels walks into the camera shot grinning, and stares Jericho down.

Shawn Michaels: Jericho, I will continue to challenge you to be a man and take me on in a rematch until you accept. I'll challenge you next week, I'll challenge you the week after that, and the week after that. So, Jericho, you better start scheduling more sessions with that psychiatrist of yours because the humilation doesn't end here!

Michaels smiles before walking off, leaving Jericho fuming.

We return to the arena, where Tommy Dreamer is already waiting in the ring for his opponent.


Being accompanied by his manager Stacy Keibler, the impressive-looking Test makes his way to the ring for singles action against Dreamer.

Jerry Lawler: I think that Jericho's psychiatrist is going to have one busy schedule over the next few weeks!

Test climbs into the ring and Stacy gives him a quick word of encouragement before leaving the squared circle. The bell rings for the start of the match.

Match Four: Tommy Dreamer vs. Test

Ending: Tommy Dreamer pulls himself up to a vertical base, and Test runs at him, going for a big boot. However, Dreamer moves out of the way. Test then turns back around, and Dreamer now has all the momentum, with the crowd cheering as he nails Test with right and left hands, then runs against the ropes. Dreamer bounces back, but Test hits him with a vicious clothesline, turning him inside out and taking him off of his feet.

Test then pulls Dreamer up to his feet, and positions him between his legs. He then lifts Dreamer up for a powerbomb, but Dreamer battles free and jumps off of his shoulders. Dreamer then spins Test around and kicks him to the midsection, before setting up for the DDT, but Test pushes Dreamer away. The Innovator of Violence comes back off of the ropes, and Test nails him with a huge big boot! The pinfall is academic.

Winner, Test at 04:08

Stacy Keibler re-enters the ring and celebrates with Test, as the referee checks on the condition of Tommy Dreamer.

Jerry Lawler: The Testicles in Seattle are going wild!

We cut backstage, where Jonathan Coachman - holding his head in pain after the cheapshot earlier by Chris Jericho - stands by for an interview.

Jonathan Coachman: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, is Big Poppa Pump, Scott Steiner. Scott, with WrestleMania behind us, we can now look to the future, and after an impressive debut in the WWE, I'm sure all of our fans would like to know, what's next for Big Poppa Pump?

Scott Steiner: Listen, Coach, everybody in that roster knows who I am. I'm Big Poppa Pump, I'm Freakzilla, and if anyone - anyone wants to start something with Scott Steiner, I'm'a beat their asses down, I'm'a spit all over 'em, then I'm'a send them packin', you understand? Wh... what the hell do you want you little...

A brash looking Christopher Nowinski walks into the camera shot, and Coach holds the microphone up to his mouth, as he adjusts his jacket.

Christopher Nowinski: Sorry, Scotty, I just couldn't help but over-hear the way you were slaughtering the English language.

Scott Steiner: That right?

Christopher Nowinski: Yeah. See, Scotty, being the Harvard graduate that I am, I can clearly see where you're going wrong in your grammar. You're not following. Let me give you an example. See, Scotty, instead of saying, "I'm'a beat their asses down", you should be saying, "I'm going to beat their butts down". Are you understanding now or do you need me to break it down and say it a little slower?

Scott Steiner: Nah, it's okay; I think I get it now. So if I wanna say, "I'm'a take your little Harvard head off right now", what I should really be saying is, "I'm going to take your little Harvard head off right now", right?

Christopher Nowinski: That's right! You're getting it now...

Steiner's words finally sink on on Nowinski and he pauses then gulps in fear. Steiner then hits him with a vicious right hand, knocking him off of his feet. Steiner kicks him to the rib-cage, and proceeds to beat-down on him backstage. He pulls Nowinski's jacket off, and the Harvard graduate crawls for safety, trying to escape the wrath of Big Poppa Pump.

Nowinski crawls through the curtain and ends up on the entrance ramp, but the incensed Scott Steiner follows him out there, and stalks Nowinski as he slithers down the entance ramp. Steiner then drills him into the steel steps and throws him into the fan barricade.

But... what... a fan punches Steiner in the face... wait, that's not a fan, that's William Regal! Regal jumps over the fan barricade and holds his hand up, revealing the brass knucks that were around his hand. Nowinski and Regal raise arms whilst standing over an unconscious Scott Steiner.

Jim Ross: I can't help thinking that this was all a set-up!


World Heavyweight Champion Triple H and Ric Flair walk through Eric Bischoff's office door, and enter the room, which is seemingly empty. However, the office chair spins around, and reveals Goldust to be sitting there stroking his wig in a Dr. No-like setting.

Goldust: Ahh... Triple H, Ric Flair... I've been expecting you.

Triple H: What? What the hell are you doing in here? Where's Bischoff?

Goldust: Triple H, I know what you're planning on do... do... do.. DOING here tonight.

Triple H: Oh, you do... do... DO, do ya'?

Goldust: Affirmative. In fact, I knew what you were going to do before you even knew.

Triple H and Ric Flair look at each other with confused faces.

Triple H: Listen, you gold freak, you just tell us where Bischoff is and...

Goldust: You're planning on telling Eric Bischoff to call off tonight's main event, ain't'cha? Gonna' try and get Booker T out of the tit... TITLE picture, ain't'cha? And I know why! You're scared of Booker T, Triple H. You're scar... scare.... SCARED of 'im!

Triple H: Hey, why don't you keep your stupid opinions to yourself and just answer my damn question before I beat your ass, huh? I said, where is Eric Bischoff?

Goldust stands up with wide eyes, and walks up to Triple H and Ric Flair, sizing them up, and drawing a weird look from the Nature Boy.

Triple H: I'm going to ask you one more time. Where is Eric Bischoff?

Goldust shrugs.

Goldust: I'm afraid, Triple H, that I really really have no idea... OVER THERE!

Damn it! Goldust can't help but blurt out where he is, and points to the cupboard in the corner of the office. Goldust covers his mouth but it's too late, as Triple H smiles and heads for the cupboard, walking over to it then opening the door...

Triple H: Come on Eric, get out here and.... HEY... he's not even in...

Triple H turns to quiz Goldust, but the door has been slammed shut, the door is being locked! Ric Flair quickly goes to the handle, but the door is locked shut!

Ric Flair: We're locked in!

Triple H: Are you... are you freakin' kidding me!?

Triple H desperately slams on the door trying to break it down but Ric Flair holds him back. The cameras then cut to the other side of the door, where Goldust smiles to himself and walks off.

We cut to Terri, who is standing by backstage for an interview.

Terri: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time is the man who will meet Booker T in tonight's main event, with the winner going onto Backlash to take on Triple H for the World Heavyweight Championship, The Rock.

Rock smiles and takes a drink from his water bottle.

Terri: Rock, with both yourself and Booker T having fought in intense matches last night, will this have any effect on tonight's main event?

The Rock: Listen, little lady, it doesn't matter if The Rock's wrestling with one leg, he is always, always better than that no-good common thief, Booker T. And to answer your next question, yes, The Rock is confident of victory tonight. In fact, The Rock wants to assure everyone that at Backlash the Great One will challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship, and he will win the World Heavyweight Championship.

The Rock turns and looks into the camera before removing his sunglasses. He then takes the mic out of Terri's hand and looks up to the ceiling...


Rock puts his sunglasses back on, then walks off, leaving Terri looking impressed.

Backstage, as Booker T warms up just behind the curtain ahead of tonight's main event, Goldust quickly walks up to him smiling.

Goldust: Hey, Book... Book... BOOKER, BOOKER!

Booker T: Hey, dawg, what's good?

Goldust: Good luck out there tonight in the main event, and I just wanted to assure you that you don't have to worry about Triple H and Ric Flair.

Booker looks confused.

Goldust: I took care of 'em.

Booker T: Thanks a lot, man. After I beat The Rock tonight, then I beat Triple H at Backlash and win the World Heavyweight Championship, you're gonna' be the first man I thank.

Goldust blushes, looking flattered.

Goldust: I can dig that.

Goldust smiles, and the two of them shake hands.

Jim Ross: Booker T, The Rock in our main event tonight! The winner goes onto Backlash to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship... and it's next!


We return live to Seattle for tonight's Raw...


The crowd errupt as Booker T makes his way to the ring for tonight's main event, slapping hands with those on the front-row, before climbing into thte ring.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, it's main event time here tonight on Raw, with this man, the five-time WCW Champion, Booker T taking on The Rock in a number one contender's match. The winner goes onto Backlash and fights the Game for the richest prize in all of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Jerry Lawler: Booker T made a mistake the moment he interrupted The Rock earlier tonight, JR, and he's just a stepping stone for the Great One as he looks to set-up one hell of a main event at Backlash of Triple H and The Rock!


The Rock receives a much less welcoming reception from the crowd, as he heads down the entrance ramp as brash and arrogant as ever.

Jim Ross: I'm not sure Triple H and The Rock's egos can fit in the same ring, King!

Jerry Lawler: Look at the fear in Booker T's eyes, JR! He knows it, he knows that The Rock is better and always will be better than that common thief!

The Rock climbs into the ring. He and Booker lock eyes and stare each other down before the bell sounds for the start of the match.

Main Event: No. 1 Contender's Match:
Booker T vs. The Rock

Ending: The match comes to a stalemate, and the two competitors begin a slugfest in the center of the ring, exchanging right and left hands, before Booker hits two in quick succession, then knees the Great One to the gut. Booker then hits him with two knife-edge Flair-esque chops, and Irish whips him against the ropes. The Rock bounces back into the center of the ring, and Booker nails him with a back-body drop.

The Rock gets to his feet, and Booker kicks him to the midsection, before running against the ropes. He bounces back and goes for the scissors kick, but The Rock catches him and nails him with a spinebuster! Rock then stands over Booker's body, and feels it. He darts against the ropes, and the opposite ropes, and goes for a People's Elbow.... but Booker T stands up and nails The Rock with a kick to the face!

Both men, exhausted after this epic battle, lay lifeless in the middle of the ring... BUT.. WHAT? A furious Triple H rushes down the entrance ramp with Ric Flair following closely behind. Triple H slides into the ring, and ignores the referee as he stands over Booker T and lays into him with right and left hands, ending the match in a DQ.

Winner, Booker T at 14:37 (via DQ)

Triple H shoves the referee out of the way, and he and Flair continue to beatdown on Booker T, stomping his broken body and trash-talking him...

However, The Rock gets to his feet and realises what's happened. He then spins Triple H around furiously, but Triple H slaps him across the face. The Rock and Triple H begin to brawl, and despite a double-team attack from Flair and the World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T gets up to his feet, and he and The Rock eventually work together (surprisingly) and throw Flair and HHH to the outside of the ring!

The Rock and Booker T stare each other down in the middle of the ring as Flair and the furious World Heavyweight Champion Triple H head up the entrance ramp.

Jim Ross: What does this mean? What does this mean for the World Heavyweight Championship match at Backlash!?

End of show.


*Chief Morley & Lance Storm def. Rob Van Dam & Kane (via count-out)
*The Hurricane def. Christian
*Trish Stratus & Jacqueline def. Jazz & Victoria
*Test def. Tommy Dreamer
*Booker T def. The Rock (via DQ)

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Re: WWE 2003: Divide and Conquer

That was an unexpected surprise seeing the Rock change up his opening line. Rocky puffing himself up by thanking the ‘Great one’ makes for mucho backlash and great heel character. The Rock blaming the people for killing his passion? I’m not sure I buy that one. I mean, he IS the people’s champion, right? Booker playing Dudley-Do-Right but calling the Rock a “jackass.” Booker stopping the Rock from saying his line. What a move. But Booker T stealing the Rock’s lines and getting away with it? No way, Jose. The Rock should’ve instantly ordered an ass-kicking for that. Can wait to see what you have cooked up for this match.

Goldberg, eh? Should be a great edition to the brand, Depending on where you’re taking him. I’ll watch out for this one.

Solid tag team opener to kick things off. Flowed pretty well. Dudley Boyz getting involved was a given. This loss should set-up for a big RVD/Kane victory.

Oh boy. The champ is getting’ mad. Can’t wait to see Bischoff put him in his place.

I find the whole Unprettier-shoving-into-referee thing a perfect set-up for a win, but used. I mean, that’s the only way to get out of an Unprettier unfortunately, but it sucks to see my man Christian lose by a cheap shot. Rematch plz.

RNN? Never heard of that. This is something new. Nice job. Very professional and well-written promo. I see you’re trying a new gimmick here, and it’s working.

Lol. Victoria owns Stevie like a bitch… and by bitch, I mean a female dog. Hey. Victoria booty will do that to a man. I can’t wait to see him let her down, though.

Great diva match to keep things going. I love how Victoria was the one who let herself down. It was nobody’s fault but her own. Pointing the finger at Stevie gets her nowhere.

Teddy Long calling somebody a slut? Whoa!! Trish slapping Teddy for throwing out the race card? Whoa!! Where are you going with this? I literally have no clue. But I can see that the Brotherhood is in no mood for whitey and the man screwing them over.

HBK hosting the highlight reel. Way to get under Y2J’s skin. “…self-centered son of a bitch.” Michaels is a Christian. He never cusses. Coachman was a surprise to me. Michaels giving the Coach the third degree. That’s good ole’ Shawn. Y2J coming out in a temper tantrum is unconvincing. Jericho not accepting the rematch because he was humiliated hurts his pride and shows that he has no dignity. Bottom-line: all this segment told me is that Jericho’s immature and Michaels is beyond this feud.

Putting Test over Dreamer. Time-killer. Yawn.

Lol. Chris Nowinski bragged about his Harvard diploma to Steiner. And he’s in what profession? Lmao. “I’m going to take your little Harvard head off right now.” Regal making the save sets up for what should be a nice Regal/Steiner match-up next week. Funniest segment yet.

Goldust playing the comic relief is pure… well, gold. “I really have no idea… OVER THERE!” ROFL!!! That was too funny! The champion gets owned by Goldust. What a way to deface the Game and the nature boy!

Rock interview that doesn’t make me laugh. Not a good idea.

Killer main event match-up. Interesting how Booker T got out of the People’s elbow. He just stood up and hit the Rock? And what’s more: how did HHH get out of Goldust’s little trick? Anyway, it’s good to see the Rock and Booker T finding a little common ground, despite Rocky being a monster heel. Obviously, I’m marking for a tag team match next week, and then maybe a triple threat between Booker, Rocky and Hunter.

All in all, superb fallout show. Written really well. Can’t find anything really wrong with it. Would like to see what Eric Bischoff does about Goldust’s sneaky tactic. Best of luck in the future!!

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