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Coolquip 06-12-2009 04:14 PM

WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Well now that I finally have enough time here is my attempted BTB.
PS> I suck at backstories.
[CENTER]April 2, 2009
TNA has gone bankrupt and Vinny Mac decided to buy it. WWE has not announced the acquisition (probably trying to save the suprise for after 'Mania) but it is pretty well known on the web. Many people however believe it to be a late April Fool's Joke. Go Figure.

Wrestlemania 25
Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk vs. Mark Henry vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. MVP vs. John Morrison vs. Kane vs. The Miz
Ending: Punk ad Kofi climb the ladder at the same time. The two former Tag Champs battle when Kofi gets the upper hand, Kofi is abou to grab it when Punk hits Kofi with the hanging briefcase a stunned Kofi is then hoisted on Punk's shoulders and brought down with a HUGE GTS OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER and Punk grabs the briefcase!
Winner: CM Punk

ECW Championship Match
Christian Cage vs. Jack Swagger(c)
Christian wins the ECW Title with a Killswitch!
Winner: Christian

Miss Wrestlemania Battle Royal
It comes down to Melina and Maryse when Vickie Gurrereo appears on the Tron and makes it a Title Unification Match! An angry Beth Pheonix comes to the ring while officials try to keep her away, Melina eliminate Maryse! The refs however are distracted by Beth Pheonix! They finally get her away but Maryse eliminates Melina! Maryse celebrates but new Hall of Famer: Howard Finkel gets on the mic and says theres one more paricipant. Trish Stratus! Stratus makes he way to the ring, ducks a clothsline, and hits the Chick Kick to eliminate Maryse!
Winner: Trish Stratus

3-on-1 Legends Match
Chris Jericho vs. Ricky Steamboat/Jimmy Snuka/Roddy Piper w/ Ric Flair
Jericho eliminates Snuka and Piper and tries a Walls of Jericho on Steamboat but gets caught with a small package! 1..2...3!! Y2J can't believe it! The Legends then beat down Jericho and call Mickey Rourke in who goes to the top rope and hits the Ram Jam! (If you dont know what that is watch The Wrestler.
Winners: Legends

Extreme Rules
Matt Hardy vs. Jeff Hardy
Matt wins a brutal match by avoiding a ladder Swanton and hitting a Twist of Fate in the chair.
Winner: Matt Hardy

Intercontinental Championship Match
JBL (c) vs. Rey Mysterio
Rey counters a clothsline into a hurricanrana to win. After the match JBL quits.
Winner: Rey Mysterio

Shawn Michaels vs. Undertaker
After an amazing contest HBK tries a moonsault which UT counters with an attempt at a second Tombstone but HBK slips out the back and tries a superkick which 'Taker counters with a figure-four in dedication to HBK's Match last year with Ric Flair! HBK Taps out!
Winner: Undertaker

World Heavyweight Championship Match
Edge(c) vs. Big Show vs. John Cena
Match ends when Edge has Big Show in a sleeper and Cena lifts both up and Edge slips out Cena hit the FU on Show!(Yeah thats what I call it) Edge then goes for a spear on Cena which is countered into an STFU! Edge taps!
Winner: John Cena

WWE Championship Match
Triple H(c) vs. Randy Orton
A greuling match with lots of interference ends when HHH tries a Pedigree but Orton counters with a low blow while Legacy ad the Mcmahons are on the outside fighting with the ref disracted. Orton then hits a huge Punt Kick. The ref turns around to see the 3.
Winner: Randy Orton

Orton and Legacy celebrate when his music hits and out comes TNA World Champion Samoa Joe!
Orton looks shocked as Joe points at him and makes a cut-throat gesture as Wrestlemania goes off the air....

Post rosters later...

TheLoneShark 06-12-2009 05:10 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Holy crap! An original idea!

I'll keep an eye on this, but I have to believe Joe would've come out to deafening silence. LOL. Or an 'Umaga' chant.

JDawg™ 06-12-2009 05:18 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
I'm already liking this BTB. Good luck to you, and I'm looking forward to more of this!

C3K 06-12-2009 05:25 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
This thread could be good. Short and sweet backstory...could have said why they went bankrupt but whatever.

Wrestlemania results seem ok but the one thing I don't like about the results was the legends beating Jericho. Mickey doing the ram jam would have been fun to see irl.

Anyways good luck with this.

Jon Staley 06-12-2009 06:11 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Wish you all the best with this. I'm surprised there aren't more threads like this, but anyhow I hope you make this work. Your 'Mania was good; the Ram Jam was an incredibly nice touch, 'Taker winning with the figure four was something I didn't know what to make of but I'm sure would have worked, the only thing I didn't like particlarly was Joe appearing - Mania isn't something for debuts, but glad he's there all the same.

Coolquip 06-12-2009 07:23 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Gerweck.net news
-Last night basically confirmed the purchasing of TNA however that is not the only bombshell as WWE has decided to cancel ECW due to ratings, Sci-Fi has terminated there contract. It was planned to have Christian Cage be the last ECW champion. It has been commented by Vince: “His (Christian’s) style has grown on me.”

-There were some major roster cuts to make room for the new roster this weekend the comfirmed ones are:
The Great Khali
Mark Henry
Vladimir Koslov
Curt Hawkins
Zach Ryder
The Bella Twins
Ricky Ortiz
Mike Knox
Eve Torres
Vickie Gurrereo (To Spend time with family)
Kelly Kelly
Alicia Fox

-Also these are the only wrestlers from TNA that WWE has had contact with:
Samoa Joe
AJ Styles
Booker T
Kurt Angle
Christopher Daniels
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelly
Tara (Victoria)
Mick Foley
Team 3D
Petey Williams
Awesome Kong

-Sting is said to be considering retirement.

-Foley will probably have a non-wrestling role.

-While not yet confronted Jeff Jarrett is another name being talked about.

-Shawn Michaels and Undertaker have also asked for time off. Triple H will be off as well to sell the punt kick.

- Trish Stratus is expected to be on RAW

- Also on Raw Miz/ Morrison due to the fact that they hold the tag team titles

-Finally the Following Roster trades have been made:
Rey Mysterio for MVP
Batista for Triple H
Chris Jericho for all of Smackdown! Divas
CM Punk for Matt Hardy

RAW Roster:
John Cena
Randy Orton
Cody Rhodes
Ted Dibiase
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Matt Hardy
Kofi Kingston
Dolph Ziggler
Shad Gaspard
William Regal
Santino Marella
John Morrison
The Miz
Beth Pheonix
Trish Stratus
Mickie James
Jillian Hall
Gail Kim
Michelle McCool
Awesome Kong

Smackdown! Roster:
CM Punk
Jeff Hardy
Chris Jericho
Rey Mysterio
Big Show
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Shelton Benjamin
Charlie Haas
Mr. Kennedy
Gregory Helms
Chris Sabin
Alex Shelly
AJ Styles

Free Roster (TNA/ECW Confirmed):
Samoa Joe
Evan Bourne
Tyson Kidd
DH Smith
Christian Cage
Tommy Dreamer
Paul Birchill
Katie Lea
Jamie Noble
Booker T

WWE Champion: Randy Orton
World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: Rey Mysterio
United States Champion: MVP
World Tag Team Champions: Cryme Tyme
WWE Tag Team Champions: Carlito/Primo
Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus
ECW Champion: Christian Cage
TNA World Champion: Samoa Joe
TNA Legends Champion: AJ Styles

Coolquip 06-13-2009 05:02 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
PS: I will write summaries of TV matches lest they be important.

Florida; Orlando-Amway Arena

Vince McMahon is shown in his office.

Vince: Over 8 years ago, I was here in this very room announcing the purchase of my own competition: WCW. Tonight, I announce the purchase of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. As you saw last night: TNA World Champion Samoa Joe has made his WWE debut. I can confirm that Mister Joe has signed a contract with WWE. Over the course of the next few weeks many TNA superstars will debut on RAW and Smackdown!. However, they must choose if they want to sign for a certain brand. If a superstar doesn’t sign to a brand by April’s Backlash Pay-Per-View: they will be randomly drafted along with
ECW superstars during the 2009 Draft. Any superstar who has a question about this can find me in my office. Also, tonight due to Vickie Gurrereo’s leaving of the company both RAW and Smackdown! are without a General Manager I will name RAW’s tonight and Smackdown!’s
Friday night. Till then, welcome to Monday Night RAW!!

Opening Video Plays

“Voices” hits to major heat as Legacy makes there way to the ring.

Orton: Last night, I made history! Last night, I avenged my injury at the hands of Triple H. Last June, I was injured at the hands of a savage Triple H. Then an even more savage-like Triple H threatened to break my neck! I was just simply defending myself. And if I happened to injure Triple H, well turnabout is fair play.

“You Suck” chant starts.

Orton: In fact, in fact, lets see that right now.

Video showing Punt Kick replay

Orton: Let’s see that one more time.

Video showing Punt Kick replay

Orton: And now Vince is showing off that he bought TNA.

Crowd pop

Orton: Yeah now he’s showing off that he bought TNA, yeah Vince is trying to sound triumphant because his golden boy nearly got his head kicked off in fact lets see that one more time.

This time “Crush You Up” plays to an incredible reaction as Samoa Joe makes his way to the ring.
Orton: What the hell are you doing here!

Joe: You said it yourself McMahon bought TNA and you didn’t what would TNA be without the TNA World Champion!

Crowd pop

Orton: Just to let you know this is WWE: World Wrestling Entertainment. Joe, you are not good at either Wrestling or Entertaining.

Joe: Fine then let’s say we find out who the better wrestler is.
Does that sound entertaining to you guys?!?

BIG Crowd Pop

Orton: Hold it! Hold it! Hold it! As appealing as it sounds to kick your ass all up and down the arena I don’t these people or you deserve a title match and-

Vince appears on the tron.

Vince: Randy, Randy I really think this is a job for your general manager to decide. So without further ado your NEW general manager of RAW!

“Here comes the Money” Hits to another huge ovation as Shane McMahon makes his way to the ring!

Orton: Whoa, whoa, what-

Shane: Randy, on behalf of myself, Samoa Joe, and the rest of this arena will you kindly SHUT UP!

Crowd pop

Shane: Now down to business, understand that you are both considered World Champions. That won’t be for long because at Backlash the Main Event will be: Randy Orton vs. Samoa Joe in a Title Unification Match!

Crowd pop as Orton looks shocked

Shane: Well at least that’s how it stands right now, because tonight the WWE Championship will be defended against an unknown opponent.

Crowd Pop

Shane: And Joe next week, you will have to too do the same because for the first time ever the TNA World Championship will be defended on RAW next week! Good luck gentlemen!


“Live for the moment” hits to a face pop at first but the fans remember Matt Hardy’s heel so it slowly drowns out into a chorus of boos.

Lillian: This contest is scheduled for one-fall on the way to the ring from Cameron, North Carolina: Matt Hardy!

Hardy taunts his way down to the ring.

The fire the goes off and “Slow Chemical” plays to a surprising face reaction.

Matt Hardy vs. Kane
Ending: Finish comes after a short somewhat squash match, when Kane grabs Matt’s throat and SHANNON MOORE runs toward the ring! The ref is distracted with Moore as Hardy scores a low-blow kick and hits Twist of Fate. The ref turns to see the


Winner: Matt Hardy

Lillian: Here is your winner: Matt Hardy!

Hardy and Moore celebrate. Kane then sits up and Matt and Shannon leave the ring faster than you can say: “OHHHH YEEEEEAH, WOO!!”


“Time to Rock and Roll” hits to a big response as new Women’s Champion Trish Stratus makes her way to the ring!

Stratus: It’s great to be back in WWE your Women’s Champion!

Crowd pop and “Thank you Trish” chant

As Trish goes to talk “Woo-wee” hits to some heat and Maryse makes her way down to the ring.

Maryse: I had that battle royal won but then YOU had to come in you… you… you has-been!

Then “Paparazzi” hits and Melina comes down the aisle.

Melina: Spare me, you know I eliminated you. The only reason you even came close was because of that Amazon!

Speak of the devil here come Beth Phoenix with Santino.

Beth: Actually that’s ‘Glamazon’ and even so the reason I came back is because I’m the only one who deserves to be Champion!

Shane appears on tron.
Shane: Ladies how about you all have a match and the winner face Trish in a title Unification bout at Backlash.

Melina: Don’t we need another title.

At the end of those words the music of TNA Knockouts Champion Awesome Kong hits and here she comes! The ladies look like they’ve seen a ghost including Trish. Santino looks like he needs a new singlet.

Knockout’s Championship Match
Awesome Kong © vs. Maryse vs. Melina vs. Beth Phoenix
Ending: After unsuccessfully trying to take down Kong by themselves the other three ladies team up and go after Kong all at once. Kong backdrops Melina & Maryse over the top rope. Phoenix then tries a clothesline on Kong but is unsuccessful Kong then kicks Beth in the gut and connects with the Awesome Bomb!



Winner: Awesome Kong
Lillian: Here is your winner and STILL TNA Knockouts Champion: Awesome Kong!
Santino runs in like he going to attack but Kong just stares at him and he goes to check on Beth Phoenix. Kong then looks up at the ramp at Trish Stratus.

Promo for Backlash

Replay of what just happened

“Bringin’ the Hood T U” hits to a big pop

Lillian: This contest is scheduled for one-fall and it is for the World Tag Team Championship on the way to the ring the challengers Shad and JTG: Cryme Tyme!

“Ain’t no Make Believe” hits to a surprising mixed reaction.
Lillian: And there opponents, the World Tag Team Champions: The Miz and John Morrison!

Tag Team Championship
John Morrison and The Miz © vs. Cryme Tyme
Ending: The Miz goes for the Reality check on Shad at the end of an above average tag team match. Shad counters and catches him in a Samoan drop position JTG then runs and they hit the G9! Morrison was coming in but got hit in the face by the Miz coming down!
Winners: Cryme Tyme

Lillian: Here are your winners and NEW World Tag Team Champions: Cryme Tyme

Cryme Tyme celebrates BIG TIME as Miz and Morrison argue finally Morrison angrily leaves.


Cole: Earlier Tonight we saw the shocking return of Shannon Moore. Next week, Moore will take on Kane! That’s right Shannon Moore vs. Kane!

“Voices” hits as Orton makes his way to the ring with the rest of Legacy.

Lillian: The following contest if for the WWE Championship set for one-fall on the way to the ring be accompanied to the ring by Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase the WWE Champion Randy Orton!
Orton comes down to the ring taunting.

“Man in the Box (Production)” plays to a good pop as Tommy Dreamer makes his way down to the ring.

WWE Championship
Randy Orton© vs. Tommy Dreamer
Ending: In mid-match Legacy are banned from ringside. Orton tries to expose the turnbuckle but the ref stops him and starts trying to tie the turn buckle back up. Orton tries a RKO but Dreamer shoves him and hits the DDT!




But the ref is distracted

Then Raven comes in and hits the Even flow DDT!
Orton then covers Dreamer:



Winner: Randy Orton

Legacy then returns to celebrate with Orton. Orton then points to Dreamer and they move in for the kill.

“Crush You Up” plays and Samoa Joe then sprints down to the ring.

Joe clotheslines Orton who rolls out of the ring. Joe then is attacked by Ted and Cody. Joe fights back and tosses Cody out of the ring. Samoa Joe then puts DiBiase on the top rope and hits the Muscle Buster! Samoa Joe then points to Orton on the ramp and does the cut-throat gesture as RAW goes off the air….


WWE Championship & TNA Championship Unification Match
Randy Orton vs. Samoa Joe

Women & Knockout Unification Match
Trish Stratus vs. Awesome Kong

JDawg™ 06-13-2009 07:34 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Great show man, here’s my review. Though I’d suggest switching the color of the person speaking, make it different than what they say…but here it is.

Vince segment: This reminded me of the WCW segment, and I like it that he mentioned Samoa Joe being signed…I’m thinking we’ll see him later tonight.

Orton/Joe/Shane segment: Really good man. I liked how you’re trying to make Orton even more heel, but Joe didn’t actually ask for a title match. Good to see Shane as GM, and I think that Orton is going to have a personal vendetta against him sooner or later.

Hardy vs. Kane: Not much of a recap, but I liked the finish…so it’s the start of Version 1 with the biggest fan Shannon Moore again? Good opening match, glad to see Kane again.

Divas segment: Trish being back…hmm, wondering how it’ll work out. Maryse is being cocky, I like it. Beth Phoenix with Santino again!? Aw man, I liked him being on his own, but I’m rooting for you to do something good with this. And now, AWESOME KONG! She’s a great diva, but I wouldn’t really call her a “Diva”.

Divas match: Seems like Kong is taking every diva out in this match, I really wanna see what’ll happen between Phoenix and Kong, two great competitors. Glad to see Kong keep the belt.

Miz n’ Morrison vs. Cryme Tyne: FINALLY! I’ve always thought JTG and Shad deserved the tag titles. And what a way to get them, wondering if Miz will get angry at Morrison for “not helping him”.

Shannon vs. Kane next week: I’m ready for it, hopefully Matt will be out there to help him.

Orton vs. Dreamer: Wow, I never expected Dreamer to be the mystery opponent. Glad to see Legacy get banned, the ref is now my hero! Ref’s distracted and Dreamer should have been champ, interesting. Raven returns to the WWE as a heel and attacks Dreamer, I see a feud coming. Why make Legacy go in for the kill if Dreamer’s already lost and would go after Raven anyways? And now I see why they did that…I predict it to be Dreamer, Joe, and a partner vs. Legacy next week.

Overall show, pretty good for the very first show. I like how you book, good luck with this. Out of 10, I’d give it a 6.5…good job man.

Coolquip 06-14-2009 12:23 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Gerweck.net News and Notes

  • Tommy Dreamer is said to have renewed his contract and is also said to be happy about his feud with Raven claiming "If he's still ticking than so am I."
  • Vince McMahon is said he has a huge announcement coming up. Expect the announce ment to involve Pay-Per-View.
  • Speaking of PPV WWE has announced the canciling of some Pay-Per-Views so that there is only one a month. Here's a list in order:
Royal Rumble

-No Way Out



-Judgement Day

-Extreme Rules

-Night of Champions


-Breaking Point

-Cyber Sunday

-Survivor Series


Coolquip 06-14-2009 08:29 PM

Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA
Florida; Tampa – St. Pete Times Forum

Opening Video Plays

JR: Welcome, Ladies and Gentlemen to Friday Night Smackdown! I’m Jim Ross here with my broadcast partner: Mick Foley!

Foley: That’s right JR; Mrs. Foley’s baby boy is back on commentary!

JR: Looks like our new General Manager is already making sparks fly!

“No Chance” plays to a face reaction as Mr. McMahon himself makes his way to the ring doing the power walk.

Mr. McMahon: I’m sure you’re all wondering “Who is the new General Manager of Smackdown!?’ just wait a few moments and that question will be answered, but first: there is some rumor going around that I have a huge announcement. Yes, that is true however; I will wait until the Pay-Per-View Backlash to make that announcement. That’s then this is now so without further ado your NEW General Manager of Smackdown! is a former General Manager and I must say they did a fine job so here they are:
“I’m All Grown Up” plays to a big reaction as Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring! She shakes hand with her father who leaves.

Stephanie: It is great to be back here as General Manager of the real ‘A’ show of the WWE!

Crowd pop

Stephanie: And I have some HUGE Announcement indeed: First, you can bring it out now guys!

Two Men bring out pedestal with a cloth over it and set it in the ring.

Stephanie: Now I realize how Smackdown! has considerably less titles than RAW does. One that comes to mind is the Women’s Championship. I have given my brother access to TNA Knockout Superstars in exchange for something.

Stephanie than lifts the cloth revealing The X-Division Championship! The crowd pops big time.

Stephanie: The X-Division Championship! Shane has also given me access to all TNA X-Division contracts. So there will be an 8-man tournament and the final match will take place at Backlash with the winner being the first ever WWE X-Division Champion!

“Metalingus” then hits to heel reaction as an angry looking Edge makes his way to the ring, mic in hand.

Edge: Um, Steph I don’t think anyone cares about the ‘O so exiting’ X-Division Championship. All they care about is the 8-time World Champion Edge!

Stephanie: How dare you!?! This is my show now Edge not Vickie’s! I don’t care if your wife held your hand through the past year and a half, it stops now! I was actually going to give you a title shot-

Edge: Oh really th-

Stephanie: WAS going to give you a title shot however: you were the one who gave up your title by tapping out!
So I have a better idea for the World Title at this time which I will announce later tonight thanks.

Edge looks angrily around then storms out of the ring.

“Ain’t No Stoppin Me” plays to some heat as Shelton Benjamin makes his way to the ring.

Tony Chimmel: The following contest is a quarterfinal match in the tournament for the X-Division Championship on the way to the ring Shelton Benjamin!

“This Fire Burns” hits to a big reaction as CM Punk comes down to the ring, Money in the Bank briefcase in hand.

Chimmel: And his opponent from Chicago, Illinois: Mr. Money in the Bank… CM Punk!

X-Division Quarterfinal Match
Shelton Benjamin vs. CM Punk
Ending: A very athletic match ends when CM Punk gets him up for a GTS when: BREAK THE WALLS hits and Chris Jericho’s fire works go off! Punk is distracted long enough for Benjamin to slip out and hit the Jumping Reverse Bulldog!



Winner: Shelton Benjamin

Chimmel: Here is your winner: Shelton Benjamin!

JR: What in the world? That was Chris Jericho’s theme song!

Foley: JR, let’s see this one more time:

Replay of the Jumping Reverse Bulldog.

JR: Well Shelton Benjamin wins but, why did Chris Jericho’s music play!?!

Punk looks confused and angered.


“Booyaka 619” hits to a huge reception as new Intercontinental Champion Rey Mysterio makes his return to Smackdown!

“Rey” chant starts

Rey: It’s great to be back on Smackdown! representing the 619!


Rey: And now I’ve heard that TNA has been purchased, that’s fine that’s just more competition for the new Intercontinental Champion!


Rey: Also-

Suddenly, Edge comes from the crowd and spears Rey Mysterio! Edge keeps stomping away at Mysterio when-

“I Am” hits to an amazing pop as TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles make his debut to the disbelief of Edge!

Styles runs down to the ring and him and Edge trade blows. AJ goes for a kick but Edge catches it and spins AJ around, AJ then hits a pele kick! Edge rolls to the outside. Rey then gets up holding his ribs and shakes hands with AJ. Edge then grabs a mic while going up the ramp.

Edge: You shouldn’t get to comfortable Styles! You don’t even know if you’ll be here after Backlash!

Stephanie McMahon appears on the tron.

Stephanie: Actually Edge, if you listen to that speech Mr. McMahon said that TNA Superstars can choose a brand BEFORE Backlash. So I am pleased to announce the newest signing to Smackdown! The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

*BIG Pop*

Stephanie: Also, at Backlash there will be a title unification match for the TNA Legend’s and WWE Intercontinental Championships!


Stephanie: Also, unlike that other show our new talent will be in action tonight against Mr. Kennedy!

*Crowd pop*


Backlash Promo

The Motor City Machine Guns music plays to a big pop as Chris Sabin makes his way to the ring.

Chimmel: The following contest is a X-Division quarterfinal match-up. Making his Smackdown! debut from Detroit, Michigan: Chris Sabin!

The same music plays as Alex Shelly makes his way to the ring!

Chimmel: And also making his Smackdown! debut from Detroit, Michigan: Alex Shelly!

X-Division Quarterfinals
Chris Sabin vs. Alex Shelly
Ending: This great match end with Sabin having the advantage but Shelly comes back with a kick that sends Chris Sabin to the outside. Shelly then runs and hits a Corkscrew Tope to the outside! Both men are down and the ref counts both out!

Winner: DRAW

JR: Anamazing match ends with a double count-out!

Foley: And you know what that means, Benjamin moves on to the finals only had to have won one match!

Both men get up and shake the others hand.


“I Am” hits for the second time to an outstanding ovation.

Chimmel: Following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one-fall on the way to the ring the TNA Legends Champion: The Phemominal AJ Styles!

“Turn up the Trouble” hits to mixed reaction. As Mr. Kennedy makes his way to the ring and, kicks Chimmel out of it.

Kennedy: And his opponent the future of the WWE: Missssster Kennedy!..... KENNEDY!!

AJ Styles vs. Mr. Kennedy
Finish to this long and eventful match comes when AJ kicks Kennedy in the gut and sets him up for the Styles Clash when Edge runs in and Spears Styles!

Winner: AJ Styles by DQ

Edge and Kennedy then stomp away at Styles when Rey Mysterio runs down to the ring! Styles fights off Kennedy and throws him to the outside. Edge then comes up from behind and gets caught with a huge pele! Edge falls in between the third and second ropes and Rey hits the 619! AJ then kicks him in the gut and hits the Styles Clash!
As Rey and AJ to leave…

“I’m All Grown Up” hits and out comes Stephanie!

Stephanie: Edge, again I was thinking about it and I was thinking ‘You know maybe he’s right, maybe he should be added to the World title match. Then you had to ruin the main event! So, no you’re still not in the World title match!
But, you do deserve at least a shot at one title and since you already have animosity toward Rey and AJ, I’m adding you to the International/ Legends title match!

Edge looks a little less angry.


Stephanie still in the ring.

Stephanie: Please welcome your NEW World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena!!

“My Time is Now” plays to a mixed reaction as Cena comes to the ring.

Stephanie: Welcome, John now I realize you aren’t a Smackdown superstar, I also realize that you do not have a challenger for Backlash, and since your General Manager is to busy with his other Main Event I figure I should name a suitable opponent. Now I was thinking what could top a Title unification match well let’s fight fire with fire!

If you close your eyes” hits to a big reaction and ECW Champion: Christian makes his way to the ramp.

Stephanie: John Cena meet your opponent for Backlash!

Cena and Christian staredown as Smackdown goes off the air….


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