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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

Shannon and Hardy make an interesting duo. Don’t know why they’re really together, but mainly because I don’t know too much about Moore. Kane’s pyro was unexpected and seemed out of place. I can’t see much in a Moore/Hardy v. Kane feud. Not a lot of places you can go with that one.

Orton’s “interview” was all right, but I’m not sure what to make of this TNA legend thing. Sure, it fits into the whole Legend Killer angle, but Joe’s young and is hardly even close to being considered a legend, even in TNA’s ranks.

Why the WWE Champion is in the second match of the night is completely beyond me. Also, the “double leg drops to where it hurts” is clearly Jeff Hardy’s move and would technically be gimmick infringement. I’ll admit, the springboard jump into the RKO was a nice touch to finish things off.

This cross-gender match seemed out of place and random, to say the least. I understand you were trying to play Santino off as comic relief, but why’d you pick Kong, of all people. This match-up made no sense.

Lmao. This segment between Moore/Hardy and Kane seems unrealistic on so many levels. Kane just casually walks by and taunts Moore and Hardy, and I can’t imagine Matt Hardy or Shannon “gothic” Moore being scared. I’m sorry, but this segment was way too short and didn’t sell in any way imaginable.

Nothing I can really say about the main event. It really shows how much you’re match writing has evolved. It’s getting better. Easily the match of the night, by a long shot. The finish to the show was weak, however. All you did was have Orton attempt an RKO, and Joe discards him.

All in all, seems like you rushed into trying to sell all the feuds and it shows. In fact, only one you really tried to promote, imo, was Kane/Moore, Hardy and Orton/Joe. I didn’t see much other than that. If Kong’s facing Trish, where was Trish? Anyway, you’ve still got potential, despite how you overbooked Backlash like it was Wrestlemania all over again.

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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

This is on Hiatus till Internet is back at my house.
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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

So why bump it back up? It's been inactive for close to two months.
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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

OK After a year and on/off internet aceesibility and of reading BTB forums I finally decided to try to keep going with this, I really want this to work feel as though my match writing has improved I will still only write the match ending for RAW and SD! and now will give quick results for Superstars.
I will try to update this at least once per week:


Jack Swagger d. Finlay via Gutwrench Powerbomb

Dolph Ziggler d. Santino Marella via Zig-Zag

R-Truth d. Gregory Helms via Corkscrew Axe Kick
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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

WWE.com was informed earlier today that a new WWE program, WWE Warzone, a monthly half-hour show on free TV will start next month. The show will take place before each pay-per-view and will feature interviews and a single match all to hype the upcoming PPV.


Jersey City, New Jersey

Opening Video

JR: Welcome to Smackdown! We are just two days away from Backlash! And tonight John Cena teams with CM Punk to take on the team of Chris Jericho and Christian!

Foley: Vitamin C together again, but I don’t know if Christian and Chris Jericho will be able to co-exist tonight.

JR: We’ll have to wait and see!

“No More Words” hits to a huge reaction

Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for one-fall, on the way to the ring, from Cameron, North Carolina: Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Hardy does his thing with his pyro and dance as he makes his way to the squared circle.

JR: Here comes the No.1 Contender for Judgment Day, Jeff Hardy who won that opportunity by defeating Kurt Angle two weeks ago on the inaugural episode of Superstars. Now he faces another amateur wrestler.

“On Your Knees” hits to a heel reaction

Chimmel: And from Perry, Oklahoma; Jack Swagger!

Swagger cockily makes his way to the ring, stopping at the ramp to get a few push-ups in.

JR: And here is the “All-American American” Jack Swagger, the former ECW Champion who is now a free agent along with the rest of the unsigned ECW & TNA alumni but if things stay as they are he should be drafted next week on RAW.

Jeff Hardy vs. Jack Swagger
Back-and-Forth match that goes for about 9 minutes; toward the end Jack Swagger has Hardy in a bearhug. Hardy starts to fade and the referee checks on him and lifts his arm:

It drops once,


And of course the third time doesn’t happen as Hardy begins to will his way back into it. Hardy kicks and struggles till finally Swagger has to release. Hardy, holding his ribs, kicks Swagger in the the gut and puts a front headlock on Swagger, and goes for the Twist of Fate but Swagger shoves him out of it. Rebounding, Hardy runs in and is caught with a huge belly-to-back suplex from Jack Swagger!



Hardy barely gets his shoulder up! Swagger is frustrated but not shaken as he drags Hardy toward the corner. Swagger goes to the other end of the ring and runs in for his Vader bomb. Swagger jumps and eats canvas as Hardy rolls out of the way. Hardy recovers, and calls for the Twist of Fate. Hardy kicks Swagger in the gut and goes for it but again Swagger shoves him off, this time toward the corner. Hardy is ready though and springboards off the corner with Whisper in the Wind!


No! Jack Swagger inches his shoulder up! Hardy gets back to his feet pain etched on his face. Jeff Hardy kicks Swagger in the gut upon recovery and finally hits the Twist of Fate! Hardy then climbs the ropes and hits the Swanton Bomb!



Winner: Jeff Hardy

JR: Jeff Hardy just won an incredibly exhausting match!

Foley: Yes, JR! The All-American American gave Hardy a good match but in the end he was no match for the Swanton Bomb!

A Replay of some of the highlights is shown.

Hardy celebrates his way up the ramp holding his ribs.


WWE Smack of the Night: A highlight of Y2J’s victory over John Cena is shown with Christian’s inference in the match.

Backstage: ECW Champion Christian is shown warming up when the sound of a door shutting is heard and Christian looking off camera and standing to greet his guest.

Christian: What do you want?

Chris Jericho walks on-screen to some big time heat.

Jericho: I just came in here to let you know that I didn’t need your help last week to beat Cena.

Christian: Listen Chris, I don’t want to team with you tonight either, okay. The only reason I interfered last week was so I could get payback on John Cena for giving me an FU. So as far as tonight is concerned, just stay out of my way.

Jericho: Stay out of your way? Do you know who I am? I am the best in the world at what I do. I’m better than John Cena. I’m better than CM Punk. And I’m better than you. Unlike, you I didn’t get where I am today by pandering to these hypocritical tapeworms you call Peeps. I got where I am by beating the best in my craft and becoming the best in my craft. I beat The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in one night to become the first-ever Undisputed Ch-

Christian: (While grabbing the ECW title and getting ready to leave) Chris, that’s so 2001.

Christian leaves while Jericho looks on with an incredibly angry snarl on his face.

The Broadcast booth is shown with JR and Mick Foley

JR: Tensions sure running high for Chris Jericho and Christian who will be on the same team, tonight!

“Metalingus” hits to some big heat

Chimmel: The following contest is scheduled for tag team contest is scheduled for one-fall! On the way to the ring: The Rated-R Superstar, Edge!

JR: Well here comes Edge, who last week heinously assaulted Rey Mysterio, one of the participants in that huge triple threat match at Backlash to unify the WWE Intercontinental and TNA Legends Championships! Although, his injuries are serious Mysterio has confirmed he will compete this Sunday!

Highlights of Edge’s assault are shown as JR talks, back in the ring Edge is looking at the titantron, obviously pleased with his work.

“Ain’t No Stoppin’ Me” hits to another negative reaction

Chimmel: And from Orangeburg, South Carolina; Shelton Benjamin!

JR: Shelton Benjamin, who this Sunday will compete in the finals of the X-Division Tournament, is an absolutely phenomenal athlete!

Benjamin taunts as he enters the ring.

“I Am” hits to a big reaction

Foley: Speaking of phenomenal, JR.

Chimmel: Introducing their opponents, first, from Gainesville, Florida; he is the TNA Legends Champion: The Phenomenal AJ Styles!

JR: I, like most the WWE fans, am really starting to like this young man, AJ Styles a tremendously gifted athlete who will make his WWE Pay-Per-View debut this Sunday in that triple threat Unification bout!

Styles, wearing the Legends title, appeals to the audience

The music of Christopher Daniels plays to another good reaction

Chimmel: And his partner, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!

JR: While Shelton Benjamin, only had to win one match to get into the finals of the X-Division tournament, Daniels had to win two: one against fellow X-Division veteran Petey Williams and the other against the talented R-Truth.

Foley: I just want to talk about this team real quick, AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels were not only great rivals in TNA but also a great team winning the promotion’s Tag Team Championships.

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels vs. Edge & Shelton Benjamin

Extremely fast-paced match, toward the 14 minute mark AJ and Edge are legal. Styles runs in and attempts a lariat but Edge ducks a hits the Edge-O-Matic and grabs the leg:



No, AJ kicks out. Both men make to their feet, Edge hits a right hand, AJ fires back with a forearm. Edge, right hand; AJ, forearm, Edge, right hand; AJ forearm, then another, AJ then nails a barrage of forearms and sends Edge into the ropes. AJ irish whips Edge off the ropes and goes for a clothesline but Edge ducks underneath and gets a rear waist lock. AJ elbows out of it and nails a huge Pele kick! AJ recovers, and as Edge comes to his feet nails him in the gut and sets up for the Styles Clash. Edge counters, and ally oops AJ into the top turnbuckle. With Styles in their corner, Edge tags out to Shelton. Shelton puts AJ Styles’ lifeless body on the top rope and sets up for a super back suplex. Benjamin gets the move off but AJ counters in mid-air and falls on top of Shelton in to a cover!


Benjamin barely kicks out. AJ begins to slowly inch toward his corner. Benjamin urgently grabs his ankle as AJ and Daniels desperately reach for the tag! AJ gets to his feet (or I guess, foot) with Shelton still grabbing onto his ankle. AJ nails a big enzuguri and gets the tag! Daniels comes in like a house of fire and takes out Edge, who is illegally interfering, Benjamin recovers is kicked in the gut and hooked up for the Angel’s Wings but Shelton fights out and nails a T-Bone Suplex! Hook of the leg:



No! Daniels’ barely kicks out! Benjamin can’t believe it! Daniels slowly gets up using the ropes, Benjamin stalks his prey and jumps for Paydirt but Daniels hooks his arms into the ropes. Daniels then goes for the Jackknife pin:



Benjamin pops out of it! Daniels then goes for a clothesline but Benjamin counters into a backslide:


Now Daniels gets out of it! Both men get to their feet Daniels catches Benjamin in a small package:



No! Once more both men get to a vertical base. Daniels runs in and gets caught with a school boy, and Benjamin gets his feet on the ropes!



AJ Styles, on the outside, shoves Benjamin’s feet off of the ropes and this allows Daniels to shift the weight into a pinning combination:




Winners: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels

Chimmel: Here are your winners: AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels!

JR: Wow what an ending, if that’s a sign of things to come we should be in for a barn burner this Sunday!

Styles and Daniels celebrate, working the crowd then
SPEAR! Edge nails AJ out of nowhere! Daniels shoves Edge and gets in his face as AJ writhes in pain on the mat. Benjamin then spins Daniels around and hits the Paydirt! Benjamin and Edge leave with Styles and Daniels laid out.


JR: Well, certainly a lot missed if you’re just tuning in ladies and gentleman let’s take another look:

*Replay*: The Spear and Paydirt are shown

JR: And certainly some bad blood heading into Backlash as if we needed any more! Including this match: Chris Jericho vs. CM Punk
Foley: Punk won the Money in the Bank briefcase at Wrestlemania, mean while Jericho was embarrassed; Jericho looks to make up for his Wrestlemania loss by winning the Money in the Bank briefcase.

JR: Jericho, has said his strategy is simple: avoid the Go To Sleep. Also at Backlash: the updated version of Matt Hardy, version 2.0 and Shannon Moore team up to take on Kane in a handicap No-Disqualification match.

Foley: I’ve been on the wrong side of some of those beat-down by Kane and I’ll tell ya I do not envy Hardy and Moore.

JR: The finals of the X-Division Tournament; Shelton Benjamin goes one-on-one with Christopher Daniels.

Foley: This will be a classic that is my only guarantee for this match, as I’ve learned about the X-Division that’s the only guarantee about it!

JR: Raven and Tommy Dreamer will have another match in their historic feud in Extreme Rules!

Foley: And who’s that handsome devil wearing the zebra shirt? That’s right Mrs. Foley’s baby boy will be the special guest referee and I’m honored to ref one of my favorite rivalries.

JR: Triple threat match: Edge vs. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio, winner will be the undisputed Intercontinental Champion!

Foley: And you gotta think AJ and Rey are gonna be looking for payback!

JR: Women and Knockout Unification match: Trish Stratus vs. Awesome Kong!

Foley: Beauty vs. The Beast for sure JR, this should be interesting.

JR: Randy Orton, Samoa Joe, only one can win, which one of these cold and calculating individuals will it be?

Foley: I’ve faced Orton before, and I saw Joe first hand in TNA, saying which one is colder is like saying which Dalmatian has more spots.

JR: A strange but chilling comparison their Mick, and finally World Heavyweight Champion John Cena takes on ECW Champion Christian!

Foley: Two fan favorites, but only one will be the new Undisputed World Heavyweight Champion.

JR: Don’t miss Backlash this Sunday only on Pay-Per-View!

Shot of John Cena walking to the ring to a big pop

JR: Our main event is next!


“Break the Walls” hits to some big heat

Chimmel: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one-fall, on the way to the ring, Chris Jericho!

JR: Last week, Chris Jericho scored a huge victory over the World Heavyweight Champion John Cena to add to his already over inflated ego.

Jericho simply walks to the ring and simply stares at the audience.

“Close Your Eyes” hit to a BIG pop

Chimmel: And his partner; the ECW Champion Christian

JR: Christian, like his Backlash opponent John Cena won his championship at Wrestlemania from a very deserving champion in Jack Swagger. Since then he has been on a roll last week defeating the 300-plus pound Umaga last week.

Christian gives Jericho a passing glance as he mounts the turnbuckles and looks for his Peeps.

“This Fire Burns” hits to a good reaction

Chimmel: Introducing their opponents first from Chicago; Illinois; CM Punk!

JR: CM Punk is the first man to ever win the Money in the Bank contract two year in a row and is a former World Champion; he’s looking to get back to the top of the mountain.

Punk plays to crowd holding up his brief case.

“My Time is Now” hits to it’s usual loud reaction with the occasional heat.

Chimmel: And his partner from West Newberry; Massachutes; the World Heavyweight Champion; John Cena!

JR: Cena, love him or hate him, has a lot to be smiling about he’s coming off a huge win at
Wrestlemania and is on his eighth reign as World Champion!

Foley: I think we’re playing up the Christian/Jericho tension too much; think about it, if John Cena and CM Punk both win their matches at Backlash, CM Punk is a man Cena could see in his near future.

Cena prances to the ring World Title in tow.

John Cena and CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho and Christian

Standard 20-minute main event tag team match with two annoyingly-placed commercials.
Christian and CM Punk are legal with Christian having Punk hooked up on the top rope for a superplex which Christian connects with. Exhaustedly both men crawl back to their respective corners. Christian tags out to Jericho as Punk tags out to Cena. Cena runs in and nails a flying shoulder block on Jericho, he then runs back and nails another one. He goes for a third but is caught with a HUGE enzuguri by Jericho! Cover:


Cena kicks out. Jericho pounds the mat in frustration. Jericho slaps at Cena’s head before lifting him. Jericho grabs Cena’s head and screams at him. Cena fights back nailing some punches to the gut of Jericho before Jericho knees Cena in the gut and hits a big suplex. Jericho then cockily walks over to downed Cena and puts one foot on his chest and flexes:



Cena grabs Y2J’s leg, throws him down and locks in the STFU!! Jericho screams in agony and the World Heavyweight Champion just applies more pressure! Jericho’s hand goes up but he manages to hold on…… the ropes are what seems like miles away. Jericho inches toward them as pain seers through his neck. His hand goes up again……….. and he gets the ropes!!


Cena release and tries to pull Jericho back but Jericho pushes him off. Cena runs into a double leg take down as Jericho tries to applies the Walls of Jericho!
Cena’s like a fish out of water struggling to break free! He finally shoves Jericho off into the corner. Cena slowly recovers as Jericho rests. Jericho runs in and gets mounted on Cena shoulders for the FU! Jericho is desperate, elbowing and kneeing Cena’s head. Jericho grabs the ropes holding on for dear life! During this Christian makes the tag, unbeknownst to Cena! Cena eventually breaks Jericho off the ropes and hits the FU and immediately rolled up by Christian!




Winners: Chris Jericho and Christian

Christian rolls out of the ring, grabs the ECW Championship and holds the belt up high.

JR: If Christian does that to Cena in two nights we will have anew World Champion!

Cena looks on in shock as Smackdown comes to a close….


Backlash will be up hope fully next week, if you are confused on the storylines heading into it, look at the previous episodes, and I apoligize in advance for thier sloppiness. As I said, I am learning. Most imporatnly PLEASE review and critsize, either constructivly or chew my ass out I dont mind.

Onto the actual Pay-Per-View I was thinking of doing something like a prediction contest with whoever getting the most right getting to choose the match between whoever they want on Warzone next month and me writing a match for it.... (If you consider that a reward)

Matches are all in the signature.
Also some bonus questions worth 1 point each:

1) How many former TNA Superstars (if any) will win thier unification/title matches?
2) Will any one turn face/heel?
3) Will the Money in the Bank Briefacase be cashed in?
4) If so, will the cashee win a world title? (If not bonus point for all!)
5) Will any body else debut at Backlash?

Hopefully Backlash will be up next week

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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

This is pretty good

I mark for Kenta Kobashi
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Re: WWE: The Acquisition of TNA

Good to see a hype show back on pre-PPV. Not only would it help for buyrates but I'm sure for your promotions buyrates, it'll boast them.
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