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y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

K, so here is the deal. My other thread got bland after a while and I lost all motivation to write for it, which is why I stopped. There isn’t that much to it, but I hope that I can stay with this thread, starting from after WrestleMania XXII with different results.

Backstory: WrestleMania 22. A night where the WWE went ‘Big Time’, and where the Eddie Guerrero motivated push came to show after Rey Mysterio won the World Heavyweight Championship, as John Cena continued to become one of the most hated wrestlers by the male dominated crowd of the WWE Universe with his mega yet undeserved push, even managing to defeat Triple H. However, what if the results of WrestleMania 22 put ends to these events? What if neither John Cena nor the ‘Ultimate Underdog’ reigned supreme over the brands? Well, I plan to show you what would happen if this didn’t happen, nor if the ghastly ECW was never brought into existence, or the whole Chris Benoit debacle ever happened. The WWE had so much to work with at this time, yet as per usual, could not capitalize, and since this is where I lost most of my interest for the WWE, I plan to reignite some of that interest with this thread, and hope you are also. Without further ado, here are the modified results from WrestleMania 22, where the WWE went ‘Big Time’.

WrestleMania XXII Results

Money in the Bank Ladder Match: Rob Van Dam vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair vs. Matt Hardy vs. Finlay vs. Bobby Lashley
In a match which did not surpass its previous in terms of quality yet was a highly entertaining affair which included a Five Star Frog Splash off a ladder by RVD to Benjamin, a Superplex by Finlay to fellow veteran Ric Flair off a ladder and a Super Twist of Fate to Lashley, RVD cemented himself a future World Title opportunity after retrieving the coveted briefcase.

Playboy Pillow Fight: Torrie Wilson vs. Candice Michelle
In one for the men, Torrie Wilson managed to get the win over Candice Michelle in a somewhat disastrous “Playboy Pillow Fight”.

United States Championship: Chris Benoit vs. JBL
After an exciting 12 minute match between these two veterans, Benoit managed to get the win and retain his United States Championship after he applied the Crippler Crossface before JBL rolled over into a pinning predicament only for Benoit to roll through and have the hold still applied, causing Layfield to tap out.

World Tag Team Championships: Kane and the Big Show vs. Carlito and Chris Masters
In the first championship match of the night on the RAW side of things, we witnessed our first title change as the young tandem of Carlito and Chris Masters managed to defeat the more experienced and larger Big Show and Kane after a Backcracker to the Big Show.

Women’s Championship: Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James
In the second of two Divas matches of the night and completely opposite to the other Divas match, Mickie James managed to get the win over Stratus and win her first Women’s Championship in a match that was highly regarded as one of the best in the history of the Women’s Division.

Singles Match: Booker T vs. the Boogeyman
In a somewhat boring affair, Booker T managed to get the victory over the Boogeyman after nailing him with a Scissors Kick. The match was never changed to include Booker’s wife Sharmell to make it a Handicap Match.

Hardcore Match: Edge vs. Mick Foley
In an utterly brutal affair, Edge managed to retain his unbeaten run at WrestleMania whilst Foley had his ‘WrestleMania moment’, where after both men had been busted open, Edge nailed Foley with a Spear off the apron through a flaming table to get the victory.

Casket Match: The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry
In another somewhat boring affair due to the involvement of Mark Henry, the Undertaker still managed to increase his infamous WrestleMania streak to 14 and 0 after hitting the Silverback with a Last Ride before rolling him into the casket for the victory.

Street Fight: Shawn Michaels vs. Vince McMahon
This highly personal feud came to ahead at WrestleMania 22, and after making Vince’s own son in Shane McMahon kiss his father’s ass, Shawn managed to get the win after hitting his boss with a Flying Elbow off a ladder to Vince through a table with a garbage can over his head, which he then followed up by hitting McMahon with a Sweet Chin Music.

WWE Championship: John Cena vs. Triple H
In an entertaining affair which had been the centre of the RAW broadcast for a number of weeks, Cena’s two month reign as the WWE Champion came to an end as Triple H became an 11 time World Champion after hitting Cena with a 2nd Pedigree after Cena had kicked out of a Pedigree and a Double A Spinebuster as HHH also fought out of an STFU and an FU.

World Heavyweight Championship: Kurt Angle vs. Randy Orton vs. Rey Mysterio
The Smackdown main event was the last match of the night and in a completely different result to that of the WWE Championship match, as the World Heavyweight Champion in Kurt Angle managed to shock most of the smarks in the WWE Universe by retaining his World Heavyweight Championship after hitting the 2006 Royal Rumble winner in Mysterio with an Angle Slam, sending the fans home happy.


Monday Night Raw

General Manager: Jonathan Coachman

Triple H - WWE Champion
Shelton Benjamin - Intercontinental Champion
Carlito - World Tag Team Champion
Chris Masters- World Tag Team Champion
Mickie James - Women’s Champion
John Cena
Shawn Michaels
Ric Flair
Rob Van Dam
The Big Show
Chavo Guerrero
Charlie Haas
Lance Cade
Trevor Murdoch
Val Venis
Rob Conway
Rene Dupree
Gene Snitsky
Matt Striker
Trish Status
Torrie Wilson
Candice Michelle
Jim Ross {Announcer}
Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler {Announcer}
Lillian Garcia {Ringside Announcer}
Todd Grisham {Backstage Interviewer}
Maria {Backstage Interviewer}

Teams / Stables:

The Spirit Squad {Kenny, Johnny, Mickey, Mitch & Nicky}
The Redneck Wrecking Crew {Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch}
V-Squared {Val Venis & Viscera}
The Big Show & Kane
Carlito and Chris Masters
Edge & Lita

Friday Night Smackdown!

General Manager: Theodore Long

Kurt Angle - World Heavyweight Champion
Chris Benoit - United States Champion
MNM - WWE Tag Team Champions
Gregory Helms - Cruiserweight Champion
Batista {Injured}
Randy Orton
The Undertaker
Rey Mysterio
Bobby Lashley
Mark Henry
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield
Booker T
Ken Kennedy
Orlando Jordan
The Boogeyman
Hardcore Holly
William Regal
Paul Burchill
Jamie Noble
Danny Basham
Doug Basham
Paul London
Brian Kendrick
Super Crazy
Scotty 2 Hotty
Kid Kash
Shannon Moore
Steven Richards
Melina {Manager}
Sharmell {Manager}
Jillian Hall {Manager}
Michael Cole {Announcer}
Tazz {Announcer}
Tony Chimmel {Ringside Announcer}
Josh Matthews {Backstage Interviewer}
Kristal {Backstage Interviewer}
Steve Romero {Backstage Interviewer}

Teams / Stables:

MNM {Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro & Melina}
The Hooligans {Paul London & Brian Kendrick}
The Mexicools {Psicosis & Super Crazy}
Booker T & Sharmell

Pay Per View Schedule
April 30th- Rupp Arena- Lexington, Kentucky- WWE Backlash
May 21st- US Airways Centre- Phoenix, Arizona- WWE Judgment Day
June 25th- Charlotte Bobcats Arena- Charlotte, North Carolina- WWE Vengeance
July 23rd- Conseco Fieldhouse- Indianapolis, Indiana- WWE Great American Bash
August 20th- TD Banknorth Garden- Boston, Massachusetts- WWE Summerslam
September 17th- Air Canada Centre- Toronto, Ontario- WWE Unforgiven
October 8th- RBC Centre- Raleigh, North Carolina- WWE No Mercy
November 26th- Wachovia Centre- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania- WWE Survivor Series
December 17th- Richmond Coliseum- Richmond, Virginia- WWE Armageddon
January 28th- AT&T Centre- San Antonio, Texas- WWE Royal Rumble
February 18th- Staples Centre- Los Angeles, California- No Way Out
April 1st- Ford Field- Detroit, Michigan- WWE WrestleMania 23

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Good to see this up.

Cena's push undeserved? Not really. the guy's one of the hardest working wrestlers in the business, and does a shitload more for it than basically anyone. I think you're a tad harsh on Cena, and quite frankly, I'd rather you have kept him going over Triple H. I liked Carlito/Masters picking up the win since 'Lito owns, while Angle and Booker winning is definitely for the best. I'm split on you changing the result for Benoit/JBL, but meh. I liked both men at the time. btw, stop calling it the WWE Universe damnit. They didn't start that until last year, and I hate it, so plz don't.

Roster was pretty good at the time, so you should have fun with it. Good luck.

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Nothing much to mention about the "backstory" as there is not really much of one, it seems as if you wrote just for the sake of writing, don't do that. It makes me read more.

Onto the results:

Let me first off just come out and say don't fuck up RVD as Money in the Bank, if you do i won't be happy at all.

Carlito and Chris Masters as champions should be good, I expect them to run the tag division for a while, hopefully you can establish some decent face teams to run with them for a while. Keep Kane and Show separate now, if you make them feud in any way shape or form similar to how the WWE did I will have to kill you.

Booker T > The Boogeyman.

Triple H as a champion can be good, but I would not be making him a face so just make sure you do not do that. This could work well or it could work badly, you just have to make Cena losing the title a big thing.

Kurt Angle staying champion is great to, get Mysterio back in the Cruiserweight division and have Orton challenge Angle until a different challenger is ready.

Has the potential to be big, good luck.

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Another WWE 2006 diary popping up, which is good since that year is awesome. The results...eh, a bit iffy on them. The main problem I have with the results are the two main events. I really don't think the fans would've been that happy with Rey Mysterio losing, especially on the back of all the momentum he had. And for the Cena/HHH one, you obviously don't like Cena, but not sure if him losing there would've been good. On the other hand, Carlito/Masters tag team beating Show and Kane is AWESOME as I loved that tag team. Also liking Chris Benoit's win over JBL, always felt he should've won that. But overall, I just think that your Wrestlemania results kind of lack feel-good moments, something that is pretty important in a Wrestlemania.

Anyways, good year, good roster, and I wish you good luck on this. I'll be reading.
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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

I remember watching this PPV and thinking that Kurt Angle and HHH should have walked out as champions. The Mysterio push, well I'm not going into it, but we all know why it happened and it shouldn't have. I'm liking the fact you went and changed up the results to reflect this and kept the other results pretty much the same if my memory serves me right. This could have some potential, but doesn't every project at the start? Best of luck.

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

I'm genuinely astonished you packed in your old thread. I suppose going out on a high with a full Mania is the best way to go, but you definitely had a lot of potential and weren't afraid to do something different. I wish you all the best with this project.
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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Monday Night RAW

The first RAW after WrestleMania 22 kicks off with a video package, showcasing the events from last night at WrestleMania 22 which shook the foundations of Monday Night RAW. To start of the video package, we cut to highlights from the Money in the Bank Ladder match where Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair from RAW went at it against Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley and Finlay from Smackdown for the Money in the Bank briefcase, as RAW’s own Rob Van Dam managed to seize the briefcase. The Playboy Pillow Fight was to follow, as Torrie Wilson managed to get the win over Candice Michelle. The next match was the first title match of the night which was between Kane and the Big Show going up against Carlito and Chris Masters with Kane and Big Show’s World Tag Team Titles on the line, as the younger tandem in Carlito and Masters managed to get the win and the Tag Team Championships. Another title match followed straight after this which was between Mickie James and the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus for the Women’s Championship, and in a match where the momentum shifted on numerous occasions, Mickie got the win over her one time idol to win the Women’s Championship.

The next match was a huge affair, that being the Street Fight between the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge and the ‘Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley. In an absolutely brutal affair which included such weapons as a barbed wire baseball bat, thumbtacks, steel chairs, a barbed wire wrapped Mr. Socko, in the end, Edge managed to get the win in a spot for the ages after Edge nailed Foley with a Spear off the apron through a flaming table on the outside. The match that followed also promised to be a brutal affair as it was between Shawn Michaels and Vincent Kennedy McMahon, a match that was a personal affair which made it all the better. Even after interference from the Spirit Squad and Shane McMahon, nothing was able to put Shawn down, as after making Shane kiss his own father’s behind, Shawn nailed VKM with a Flying Elbow off a ladder onto Vince through a table whilst Vince had a garbage can over his head, as HBK then followed it up with a Sweet Chin Music for the win. Then it was onto the main event between John Cena and Triple H for the WWE Championship. Cena and HHH put on an exciting affair as both men managed to kick out of their opponent’s respective signature and finishing manoeuvres, before in the end, HHH nailed Cena with a 2nd Pedigree to win the match and his 11th World Championship.

We then go live to the arena once this video package is finished as a huge display of pyro blasts out on the entrance stage as the crowd are going wild, extremely excited for the first show of the new wrestling year. We then cut to a beaming JR and the King, who get ready to welcome us to the show.

Hello and welcome everyone to Monday Night RAW, and boy does it feel great to be back behind the announce table here! I’m Jim Ross and this is Jerry ‘the King’ Lawler, and King, what a night last night was at WrestleMania 22!

JR, it’s great to see you back, and it was a huge night no doubt, as we saw new champions, two brutal no disqualification matches, and to top it all off, PUPPIES!

JR: King, for once, I’m actually glad you brought that up, as last night, Torrie Wilson beat Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight, and we also witnessed one of the best Women’s matches seen in a long time, as Mickie James managed to defeat Trish Stratus to become the new Women’s Champion!

King: And speaking of new champions, we saw Carlito and Chris Masters win the World Tag Team Championships, we saw RVD become Mr. Money in the Bank, and JR, something happened that I am sure that you wished did not happen.

Last night was a great night King, and our main event was a hell of match. Yet, the man who won the WWE Championship was a man that I have had my history with, that man being the new WWE Champion...

Right on cue, ‘Time to Play the Game’ hits over the speakers to a huge mixed reaction as JR is silenced, as none other than the man who won the WWE Championship last night in Triple H makes his way down to the ring with the WWE Championship strapped around his waist. HHH takes a drink of his water before he hurls his three quarter full bottle into the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring, and when he gets onto the apron, he does his signature spitting water routine before he steps into the ring and signals for a microphone.

King: And there he is JR. The new WWE Champion!

JR: I have had my history with this man, but last night, as much as I hate to say it, was a great performance by Triple H.

In the ring, Triple H is smirking as he unstraps the Spinner WWE Championship belt from his waist before he takes the microphone. HHH places the WWE Championship on his shoulder before he raises the microphone up to his mouth, ready to speak.

HHH: (smirking) I told you so!

This simple statement from the new WWE Champion gets another mixed reaction from the crowd, as HHH’s smirk gets even bigger at this reaction from the crowd.

HHH: I told you that by the end of last night, I would beat John Cena, and now, I am an 11 time World Champion, and there isn’t a thing that you can do about it. And you better get used to this sight of me, because I am not losing this title for quite some time.

Once again there are boos for Triple H, who gets ready to speak once again.

HHH: Why do you boo me? Is it because that every single one of you in this arena combined does not much up to ‘the Game’, or is it that you expected John Cena to be here tonight as still your WWE Champion?

There is a massive cheer from the female and children contingent of the crowd for the mention of Cena which is equalled by the men in the crowd, who give huge heat for ‘the Doctor of Thuganomics’.

HHH: Well, that isn’t quite the case, is it? I am the NEW WWE Champion!

Every member of the crowd does a 180 reaction wise, as the female and children contingent give huge heat whereas the males give a good pop, not necessarily for Trips becoming the WWE Champion but rather at the mention of Cena losing it.

HHH: Y’see, it is a case of both. Not only are you upset that Cena isn’t your champion, but you all know that all of your accomplishments combined will never be even in comparison to mine. How many of you can say that you are an 11 time World Champion, a 5 time Intercontinental Champion, a 2 time European Champion, a Tag Team Champion AND a former King of the Ring and Royal Rumble winner?

The crowd gives another dose of big heat for Triple H running through his credentials, before he goes to speak once again.

HHH: And over the years, I have beaten all of your former heroes, the likes of Stone Cold Steve Austin {cheers for the Rattlesnake}, Hulk Hogan {cheers once again for Hulk}, the Rock {cheers for the Great One}, Goldberg {cheers}, the Undertaker {more cheers}, Chris Benoit {cheers}, Kane {you guessed it, cheers}, Chris Jericho {mixed reaction for Y2J}, Ric Flair {WOOO!}, the current World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle {cheers}, Kevin Nash {cheers again}, Shawn Michaels {more cheers for HBK} and now John Cena!

Big heat once again for Triple H naming all of the crowd’s favourites and how he has beaten them, before the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ goes to speak once again.

HHH: And yet, you hypocrites still doubt me, saying that if the likes of Brock Lesnar were here, that he would tear through me.

Cheers for the mention of ‘the Pain’, causing HHH to scowl.

HHH: But the truth is that Lesnar knew that sooner rather than later, he and I would meet, so he quit the WWE.

Crowd gives heat as they believe that this is far from the truth, before the new WWE Champion continues.

Lesnar was running scared, and he knew that if we met, I would kick his ass as easily as I beat the others!

The crowd gives the most heat that they have given for this promo at this proclamation of HHH saying he would demolish Lesnar.

HHH: And that is the truth, and each and every single one of you better get used to the sight of me standing here as the WWE Champion, since, quite simply, I am that damn...

However, before Trips could say his signature line, the ever familiar tune of ‘Sexy Boy’ plays out through the speakers to a fantastic pop, as none other than the man who defeated the WWE Champion’s father in law in Vince McMahon last night in the Street Fight makes his way down to the ring, that man being Shawn Michaels. The Heart Break Kid makes his way down the ramp but not before he does his signature prayer on the top of the ramp before he makes his way down to the ring before the camera cuts to the ring, showing an infuriated Triple H standing in the ring. Shawn smiles as he walks down the ramp before he hops into the ring and gets a microphone.

JR: And here is the man who defeated Mr. McMahon in a brutal Street Fight last night! Shawn has been put through hell and back by the devil himself, and yet Mr. WrestleMania showed why he truly has been christened with that name, as he beat his nemesis Vince in that hellacious Street Fight!

King: And even after destroying Vince last night after that huge Elbow Drop through the table, I don’t think Shawn is done with McMahon just yet. As the old saying goes JR, you don’t cross the boss, and if anyone knows better, it is you.

JR: Too right you are there King.

Well well well. This seems to bring back a lot of memories.

The crowd laughs as Shawn arrogantly smiles, but Triple H is not very amused.

HHH: Shawn, cut the crap. What in the hell are you doing here, interrupting MY time?!

Shawn: Woah, Hunter, take it easy. I just came out to congratulate you, I mean, what a performance last night. Bravo.

The crowd once again laughs and gives a cheer for the cockiness of Shawn, but before HHH can spurt anything out, Shawn continues.

And, Hunter, I hear you ranting on about all of your accomplishments, saying that you have beaten me in the past. Even though I can’t deny that is true, there has always been a catch, and YOU can’t deny that Hunter.

Some more big cheers are audible throughout the arena for Shawn saying that HHH has never beaten HBK fairly.

Shawn: And you and I both know very well that on the not so odd occasion, I have beaten you as well.

Triple H is once again angry at these remarks made by Shawn who smirks once again at his former best friend’s reaction.

Shawn: And Hunter, you seem to think that last night, you were the only victor in all of WrestleMania, and that no one is ‘worthy’ of getting a WWE Title match against you.

The crowd gives heat at Triple H bragging about his victory last night for what has taken up the entire broadcast, as Shawn once again smirks at this reaction.

Shawn: Hunter, you and I both know that if anybody should have the next should, it is the Showstopper! And just in case you can’t recall it Hunter, last night, I defeated your...

HHH: My 65 year old father in law! And you think that since you can defeat a man who is 65 years old and is not even a Superstar that you are next in line for a title shot?! Who the hell do you think you are Shawn?

Shawn: Hunter, I thought that you would come to that conclusion. Y’see, last night, I did defeat your 65 year old father in law, but as I recall, before WrestleMania, you tried everything in your power to get good ole’ Vinnie Mac the win, yet you failed. And Hunter, if we went one on one with that title on the line, you would fail again, and you, me, everybody in this arena and the whole WWE Universe knows that.

The crowd cheers once again for Shawn saying that he would win if the two went one on one with Triple H’s WWE Championship on the line.

Shawn: And you say ‘who am I to get a title shot’? Hunter, I thought that you of all people who I was. I am the Icon, the Main Event, the Showstopper, the Heart Break Kid, Mr. WrestleMania, the one and only Shawn Michaels!

The crowd once again gives cheers for the Heart Break Kid putting over himself, as Shawn goes to continue on with his speech.

Shawn: And Hunter, I heard a little bit of your speech earlier, saying that you have defeated the likes of Austin, Hogan and I. Yet, if you are ‘that damn good’, how come you don’t want to face me? Are you ‘doing a Lesnar’ and running scared?

The crowd gives a huge pop for saying that Triple H is running scared, as Shawn still looks to continue on.

Shawn: And Hunter, you seemed to forget that every man that you listed has also defeated you, me being no exception. Hunter, you know that I am the worthy Number 1 Contender for that WWE Championship, and as a wise man once said, if you aren’t down with that, I just got two words for ya’!

Shawn raises the microphone high in the air as the crowd scream out ‘Suck it!’, but once again, there is an interruption, as ‘My Time is Now’ begins to hit over the speakers to a HUGE mixed reaction from the fans in Chicago, as none other than the now former WWE Champion in John Cena makes his way down to the ring. The huge cheers are matched with massive heat from the male contingent of the crowd, as Triple H is quite understandably furious as his moment of glory is now being overshadowed by in the interferences of Michaels and now Cena.

JR: And this man did not have quite the success last night as the other two men standing in the ring had, yet John Cena put in one hell of an effort last night, but it was not enough for him to retain his WWE Championship, which is now in possession of Triple H.

King: And even though you can admire his effort, JR, it wasn’t enough for him to retain his WWE Championship, and quite frankly, that is all that matters.

Cena takes yet another microphone as he takes centre stage, causing HHH and HBK to take a backseat, much to HHH’s reluctance.

Cena: Chicago, Illinois!

The crowd gives a huge mixed reaction for the sheer fact that it was Cena saying these words, resulting in a slight smile to come over the face of Cena.

Cena: The real Champ is here!

The crowd gives another huge mixed reaction for Cena as this only angers Triple H even further, as he goes to interrupt the man as to whom he defeated last night to win the WWE Championship.

HHH: Cena, just in case you haven’t forgotten, I beat you last night at WrestleMania. I am ‘the real Champ’.

Cena: Oh no, I haven’t forgotten. Last night, I lost my WWE Championship to you. Yet, something that you may have forgotten, as did Shawn, is that I still have my rematch clause.

This gets another mixed reaction although it is leaning more so towards the positive at the announcement of the potential Cena vs. Triple H II.

Cena: This means, that unfortunately for you Shawn, that I am the rightful Number 1 Contender.

This gets another mixed reaction which is once again leaning more towards the positive region as Cena vs. Triple H II is seemingly inevitable.

Cena: Shawn, I have the utmost respect for you, but for once, I actually agree with Triple H. What makes you think that by beating a 65 year old non wrestler makes you the Number 1 Contender for the number 1 prize in this business?

Shawn smirks as this statement gets yet another mixed reaction from the crowd although the insult at Michaels gets a bit of heat from the children and woman, as Shawn goes to speak.

Shawn: John, you are one funny man. Yet, the thing is, the difference between you and me is that unlike you, I won last night at WrestleMania.

This gets a big pop and a resounding ‘OOH!’ from the crowd as Cena surprisingly smirks at what Shawn said, understanding that Shawn ‘got him’.

Cena: Shawn, I must admit, you got me there. And, I must say, once I defeat Triple H for that WWE Title, it would be an honour to defend the title against you.

HHH: Cena, quit with the sucking up. You know that you have no chance of defeating me, and I could defeat either of you, even at the same time, because you aren’t even on my level!

Cena: Actually, that isn’t that bad of an idea. How about this: John Cena and Shawn Michaels against Triple H for the WWE Championship?

This gets a pop from the crowd as the odds would undoubtedly be stacked against the Game, who looks irate once again.

Shawn: As much as I would like to see Hunter without a title, Cena, there is no way in hell that I would team with you when it comes to that title. Kid, you got to learn that when it comes to the WWE Title, there ain’t any alliances; it is every man for himself.

The crowd gives a nice pop for Shawn saying that he wouldn’t team with Cena if it came down to the WWE Championship, but HBK doesn’t look as though he is finished.

Shawn: But, I have an idea. Since we can’t decide who will face Hunter for that title, how about this: tonight, me and Cena go at it one on one, where the winner faces Hunter at Backlash.

This gets a huge pop as it would be a huge main event for tonight, but Shawn once again does not look as though he is done.

Shawn: Or better still. Since Hunter thinks that he can take me and Cena on at the same time, how about the Backlash main event is Cena vs. me vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship!

This gets an even bigger pop from the crowd and Cena even seems to like this idea, yet Triple H does not seem to be quite in the same boat as the other two. However, before any more words could be said, none other than Shane McMahon appears on the screen.

Shane: Actually gentlemen, the last time I checked, not one of the three of you were given the power to make the matches for RAW and the PPVs. I believe my father entrusted that power in me.

Big heat for the mention of Vince McMahon as Shane O Mac begins to speak once again.

Shane: So, by the power invested in me, I now announce that neither of those two ideas brought forward by Michaels will happen.

This once again generates big heat for the crowd who obviously quite liked Shawn’s ideas.

Shane: However, last night’s match between HHH and Cena seemed to be quite the money match, and as much as I hate to say it Shawn, you put on quite the performance last night, and I feel as though you should be rewarded.

The crowd begins to stir with anticipation as Shawn looks somewhat confused as to what Shane has to say, not believing Shane 100% due to him being a McMahon.

Shane: So, I will take this time to announce the main event for Backlash. In one corner will be John Cena...

A mixed reaction comes from the crowd for the mention for Cena, who seems happy at being included in the Backlash main event.

Shane: In another corner will of course be the WWE Champion and my brother in law Triple H...

The WWE Champion gets huge heat from the crowd.

Shane: And that match will ALSO involve Shawn Michaels...

The crowd erupts at the announcement of Shawn being included in the WWE Championship match for Backlash, but Shane continues.


The crowd does another 180 at Shawn being announced as the referee as Shawn’s expression also changes to one of relief to one of utter hatred and fury.

Shane: I’m glad to hear that all of you are happy at the announcement of that match. But, that still leaves us without a main event for the evening, but that is all going to change, as in a non title match for the main event, Michaels will get a chance to prove himself when he faces his old buddy, the WWE Champion Triple H!

The vision of Shane on the Titantron then fades to black as Michaels seems to get little consolation for the fact that he will face HHH in the main event without the WWE Championship on the line after not being included in the Backlash match competition wise.

JR: What an announcement by Shane, King! A huge Backlash Special Referee WWE Championship main event, and a non title match between Shawn Michaels and HHH!

King: Yet JR, I must say that my prediction came true JR, as Shawn has had to pay for crossing the boss.

We then cut to the ring where we see a three way stare down going on between Michaels, HHH and Cena, before we cut to our first post WrestleMania 22 commercial break.

|Commercial Break|

Once we return from the commercial break, we cut to a ‘Before the Break’ video package, highlighting the events that took place between Michaels, Cena, Triple H, the WWE Championship, Shane McMahon and Backlash, culminating in a WrestleMania rematch for Backlash between Cena and HHH for the WWE Championship with the addition of Michaels as the Special Guest Referee, as well as the main event for tonight, where the two old partners and rivals in Triple H and Michaels will go at it one on one in a non title match, ending in a three way stare down between arguably the three most popular Superstars on RAW before we went to a commercial break.

JR: And as you just saw, John Cena and Triple H will once again go at it with the WWE Championship, with Shawn Michaels as the Special Guest Referee.

King: And as I said earlier, JR, I wonder what would have happened if Michaels didn’t ‘cross the boss’.

JR: That question will most likely never be answered, King, but we now have to move on from this matter, as we go to the wonderful Lilian Garcia in the ring.

The camera cuts to the RAW ring announcer in the ring, ready for the introductions of the first contest for the first RAW after WrestleMania, as we hear the ever familiar sound of the ring bell play around the arena.

Garcia: The following contest is a tag team contest scheduled for one fall, and it is for the World Tag Team Championships!

‘Crank it Up’ then begins to play over the speakers to a very nice pop as none other than the man who up to last night was one half of the World Tag Team Champions in the Big Show walks down to the ring, knowing that this may very well be his last chance at the World Tag Team Championships which he won at Cyber Sunday of last year with Kane against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch. The ‘World’s Largest Athlete’ steps over the top rope after making his way onto the apron, before he gets into the ring and waits for his partner.

Garcia: Introducing firstly the challengers. Firstly, weighing in at over 500 pounds and standing at over 7 feet tall, residing in Tampa, Florida, he is the ‘World’s Largest Athlete’, the Big Show!

JR: This man was one half of the former World Tag Team Champions, as he and Kane last night lost their titles to the younger and highly potential tag team of Carlito and Chris Masters.

‘Slow Chemical’ then plays over the speakers to a big pop from the fans in Chicago, as none other than the Big Show’s partner in the ‘Big Red Machine’ Kane emerges from the back. He menacingly walks down the ramp towards the ring before he takes centre stage and raises his arms up before he forcefully brings them down, causing fire to come out from the ring posts, an act mimicked by many of the younger fans in attendance.

King: Last night, these two monsters lost their World Tag Team Championships, and are wasting no time in cashing in their rematch clause to face Masters and Carlito in a WrestleMania rematch.

‘I Spit in the Face of People who don’t want to be Cool’ hits over the speakers to quite a large amount of heat, as unlike their opponents, both of the new World Tag Team Champions in Chris Masters and Carlito emerge from the back, World Tag Team Championships proudly being worn around their waists. Masters does his signature poses up the top of the entrance ramp while Carlito goes ahead and takes a bite of his apple. Masters eventually catches up with his tag team partner as both men then enter the ring, simultaneously raising their Tag Team Titles high in the air.

And introducing the champions. From Los Angeles, California and the Caribbean, weighing in at a combined weight of 495 pounds, they are the NEW World Tag Team Champions, Carlito and Chris Masters.

JR: This is extremely cocky and young tag team got the upset victory last night over two of the most menacing Superstars in the WWE today, getting them the World Tag Team Championships in the process.

King: And, JR, they believe that that arrogance has led them to all of their victories, which is why you shouldn’t expect them to change one bit.

-Match 1-
-World Tag Team Championships-
-WrestleMania Rematch-
-World Tag Team Champions Carlito and Chris Masters vs. Kane and the Big Show-

To start off the rematch of the match which took place at WrestleMania, the Big Show and Chris Masters start the match off, in what becomes somewhat of a test of strength in the early going. However, being much larger than Masters (who in his own right is not that small in stature either), Show gets the early advantage for himself and Kane in the early going, finishing off a sequence of power dominated offence with a Leg Drop Bulldog for a two count at the 3 minute mark. The two men who lost their World Tag Team Championships last night in Kane and the Big Show work over Chris with power moves, preventing the World Tag Team Champions in Carlito and Chris from getting any offence in early on in the match.

However, this soon changes at the 6 minute mark of what had been a Kane and Show dominated match, as Kane went up to the top rope after hitting Masters with a Sidewalk Slam, possibly looking to hit the ‘Masterpiece’ with a Flying Clothesline. However, Kane went for the Diving Clothesline a little too early in the match, as when he leapt off of the top rope and looked to incapacitate Masters long enough for a Chokeslam, Masters nailed Kane with a huge Polish Hammer to the upper sternum, knocking the wind out of the Big Red Machine. This bid Masters enough time to crawl to his corner as he then tagged in an eager Carlito, who then waited for Kane to get to his feet, before he bounced off of the second rope and nailed Kane with a Springboard Back Elbow!

Much like what happened to the Carlito and Masters earlier on in the match, the World Tag Team Champions now had the advantage and used it to near perfection, managing to isolate Kane in the ring, causing Show to get frustrated. Whenever Kane looked to get himself back in the match, the World Tag Team Champions managed to distract the referee long enough for the other to use some dirty tactics to maintain their team the advantage. The referee only managed to see the wrongs made by the Big Show, who looked to enter the ring to try and spot out the dirty tactics being utilized by Lito and Masters, which went unbeknownst by the referee. As the match went along, it seemed as though Show and Kane’s grasps on the World Tag Team Championships were slipping away.

After being dominated by most of the match by his younger opponents, Kane begins to fight back, elbowing Masters away before he could lock in the dreaded Masterlock. After Masters had been forced away, Kane nailed him with a Big Boot, allowing him more time to get to his corner and tag in a frustrated Big Show. The crowd began to get behind the Big Red Machine, who then began to crawl towards his corner as did Masters, as they tagged in their respective partners, effectively getting Show back in the match. Carlito burst out of the blocks only for the World Tag Team Champion’s offence to be no sold by Show, who then lifted Carlito high up into the air and then dropped him down with a Military Press!

Show then used the frustration which had been built up when he was on the outside of the ring in his offence, causing Masters and Carlito’s reign to be in dire trouble of being ended after only one night. However, when Show looked to put Carlito away with the Final Cut, Masters intervened by breaking up the pin, causing Kane to get into the ring and Clothesline both himself and Masters over the top rope and out of the ring. An even angrier Big Show then signalled for the end as he waved his right arm/hand in the air, looking to nail Carlito with a signature Chokeslam! However, when Show looked to nail Lito with his signature move, the Caribbean Superstar thought one step ahead by nailing Show with a Snap DDT!

Carlito then rolled to the outside of the ring and pushed the timekeeper away, before grabbing the steel chair that the timekeeper was sitting on as he slides into the ring with it. However, when Lito slides into the ring with the chair, Show boots the chair right into Carlito’s face! Carlito drops the chair and is knocked out upon impact before Show takes some time to recuperate from the DDT, and when he turns back around to face Carlito, KANE NAILS HIS OWN PARTNER WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! The crowd pour in the heat as the sadistic Kane sports a grin on his face, as he has just turned on his tag team partner, and since Kane nailed his own partner, the referee can’t call for the DQ! Carlito then begins to come around at the perfect of times, and after putting two and two together after what happened between Kane and Show, Carlito lifts Big Show up before he drops him straight back down with a Backcracker and gets the three count!

-Winners and STILL the World Tag Team Champions: Carlito and Chris Masters-

JR: What in the hell?! Kane just turned on the Big Show!

King: And now Carlito and Masters are STILL the World Tag Team Champions! What a turn of events JR!

After the ring bell had rung to signify the end of the match, Carlito slid out of the ring and joined Masters, as they celebrated just like they had won the Super Bowl although they looked as though they were in deep trouble of losing their titles if it was not for the help of Kane. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kane smirks down demonically at his unconscious former partner Big Show, before the smile soon fades to one of disgust, as the Big Red Machine then lifts up Show and wraps a hand around his throat, choking the life out of Show. The referee does the best he could do to try and separate Kane from Show, only for Kane to nail the referee with a Big Boot! With seemingly no one going to stop Kane from slaughtering Show, whose face had now turned a deep shade of purple. The same demonic smirk then came over the face of Kane, before he somehow lifted Show up, and hit him with a Chokeslam onto the steel chair! However, the Big Red Machine was not done, as with no one to stop the assaulted, he got the chair and forcefully brought it down on the throat of Show 3 times, causing blood to spill out from Show’s mouth! Kane then began to laugh a sadistic laugh as ‘Slow Chemical’ then began to play over the speakers.

JR: That man right there is a sick human being. He has utterly destroyed the Big Show, the likes of what we have never seen before.

King: And with Kane going back to his former self, the entire RAW roster needs to watch out King.

JR: Including me, King.

|Commercial Break|

As we return from the commercial break, we head to the second ‘Before the Break’ video package, this time showcasing the events of the later stages of the World Tag Team Championship match, where Kane turned on his partner in the Big Show by nailing him with the steel chair, leading to Carlito hitting Show with a Backstabber, getting Carlito and Masters the victory. After the match, the focus remained on Kane and Show, which led to Kane nailing the referee who tried to intervene with a Big Boot, before he nailed his former partner in the Big Show with a huge Chokeslam right onto the steel chair followed by stabbing him in the throat with the chair which he used to such effect in the end stages of the match, causing Show to cough up blood. After showing this, we go live to the arena, once again to JR and the King.

JR: That man who we just saw is a sadistic man, but I am not sure he will ever get what is coming to him, as not many people are willing to step into the ring with a man as sadistic, twisted or demented as Kane, take a pick.

King: But as the old saying goes, JR, the show must go on, as we go backstage with Todd Grisham with the new Mr. Money in the Bank!

We then head backstage, where we see a smiling Todd Grisham looking at the camera, ready for his first interview of the night with a very special guest.

Ladies and gentlemen, joining me at this time is none other than the man who won the Money in the Bank Ladder match last night and the man who will be going one on one with Chavo Guerrero later on tonight, ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam!

A huge pop is heard from the crowd as a smirking Rob Van Dam walks into shot with the Money in the Bank briefcase which he won last night, as the ‘Whole Damn Show’ gets ready for his interview with Todd.

Todd: Rob, last night, you won a match which many doubted you could win. How does it feel to prove the doubters wrong and be in possession of that coveted briefcase?

Rob: Dude, it feels absolutely amazing. But man, you forgot to mention all of my supporters out there who believed in me.

The crowd gives a pop for the mention of them as Rob nods and smirks, before he continues on.

Rob: And now, I’m gonna cash this baby in and become the new WWE Champion!

Another pop for the mention of Rob winning the WWE Championship by cashing in the Money in the Bank briefcase which is now in his possession comes from the crowd, before Todd intervenes.

Todd: Yet Rob, just like there were doubters about if you would win the Money in the Bank Ladder match, there are still doubters that you won’t manage to keep a hold of the WWE Championship if you gain it all.

This gets big heat from the crowd as they quite obviously disagree with what these doubters have to say regarding RVD and holding the WWE Championship.

Todd: What are your thoughts on these claims?

Rob: Dude, I’ve had my doubters even in my time at ECW, and quite frankly, I love having my doubters. Y’see, I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have today if I had listened to all those doubters across the world; those who looked at me as though I am a failure. Mr. Monday Night is now Mr. Money in the Bank, and just like I did last night, I will prove those doubters wrong and become the WWE Champion!

This gets a huge pop from the crowd with Rob’s direct message to the doubters, as RVD still looks to continue on with his ‘speech’.

Rob: And when WrestleMania 23 from my hometown comes and goes, there is no doubt in my mind that you will be saying that the new WWE Champion is Rob... Van... Dam!

Rob does his signature pointing to himself whilst saying his name, as the words Rob, Van and Dam came out at the same time as they did when Rob was saying them. Rob smirks before he leaves the set with his Money in the Bank Briefcase before we go back live to the arena.

However, we do not go to the announcers as we instead go to the ring as we hear ‘Ain’t No Stopping Me Na’ hitting over the speakers to moderate heat, as we see none other than the Intercontinental Champion in Shelton Benjamin standing in the ring, looking as pissed as ever after not being able to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match last night. Shelton is dressed to compete as he also has the Intercontinental Championship draped over his shoulder, as he also has a microphone, and a referee is also standing in the ring.

Benjamin: Since last night, all I have been hearing about is Rob Van Dam as Mr. Money in the Bank, and how he defeated the likes of me to win the briefcase. Yet, what people seem to be forgetting is that I, Shelton Benjamin, stole the show last night.

The crowd gives heat as they don’t think Shelton stole the show last night and that he is rather saying this as he is jealous at Rob winning the match last night.

Benjamin: And what people seem to be forgetting is that I am the most pure athlete in this business!

This gets more heat from the crowd as Shelton is continuing to put himself over with things that the fans obviously don’t quite agree on.

Benjamin: And most importantly, what people seem to be forgetting is that I am the Intercontinental Champion!

Shelton then uses his free hand to lift up the Intercontinental Championship that was draped over his shoulder as he holds it high above his head for the whole world to see.

Benjamin: So now, I am challenging any past or present WWE Superstar from the back to come down to this ring and face me right now. And if you win, which I highly doubt, I will give you a shot at this Intercontinental Championship, and I will truly prove that I am the best pure athlete in the entire WWE, and it is about time that all you idiots in the crowd...

However, before the Intercontinental Champion can say anymore ‘World’s Greatest’ hits over the speakers to a great pop as Shelton is shocked at the music that is playing over the speakers, before none other than Shelton’s former World’s Greatest Tag Team partner in Charlie Haas emerges from the back! The crowd starts up a small ‘Welcome Back!’ chant for Haas who smirks as he walks down to the ring before he does the belt signal, signalling that he is back and coming for Shelton’s Intercontinental Championship. Shelton then hands his Intercontinental Championship to the referee who was in the ring who then hands it to the timekeeper, as Shelton waits for Haas to enter the ring.

JR: I don’t believe it King! Charlie Haas is back in the WWE, and he is coming after his former partner Shelton Benjamin’s Intercontinental Championship!

King: I think Shelton has bitten off a bit more than he can chew here tonight!

-Match 2-
-Non Title Match-
-Former Partners Collide-
-Charlie Haas’ Return Match-
-Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas-

The match started off as somewhat of a slow affair, beginning with a number of collar and elbow tie ups which led to a stalemate between the two former partners on numerous occasions. However, the action and pace picked up when Shelton went for a Back Body Drop, only for Haas to roll over Benjamin and get him in a Sunset Flip cover, but unfortunately for Haas, Benjamin used this momentum to roll through, getting up to his feet whilst Haas was still in a seated position, as Benjamin proceeded to viciously boot a seated Haas right in the face. The crowd groaned their disapproval at the Intercontinental Champion gaining the advantage, as it remained that way for the next couple of minutes with Benjamin maintaining the advantage over his former World’s Greatest Tag Team partner.

The Intercontinental Champion was unable to put Haas away even though he had controlled most of the match, leading to Benjamin getting frustrated and being too overzealous in his antics, leading to Benjamin being easy pickings for Haas, who managed to get the advantage for the first time in the match after Benjamin went for a Superkick, which Haas managed to duck under before he nailed the IC Champion with an Inverted Atomic Drop followed by getting Benjamin in a reverse front face lock only to drop him back first onto Haas’ upright right knee. Haas then tried his best to maintain the advantage as Benjamin also managed to get some offence in, leading to a somewhat high paced and entertaining match.

As the match ticked past the 10 minute mark, both men had a fair share of the offence as the crowd got involved in this match between the two former partners, as Shelton used his highly trained feet to perfection whilst Haas also managed to get a fair share of his offence in his first match back, using his mat based wrestling techniques to wear Shelton down. At the 12 minute mark of what had been a highly competitive match, the Intercontinental Champion in Shelton Benjamin once again got the advantage as he managed to corner his partner Haas, but his advantage was short lived as he went for a Stinger Splash only for Haas to move, causing Benjamin to smash into the turnbuckle. Shelton then stumbled out of the corner as Haas locked him in a waist lock from behind as he hit Benjamin with a Bridging German Suplex, only for Benjamin to kick out at two although he was still hurt.

Haas then went up to the top rope, looking to hit Benjamin with a move from the high risk district, but before he could make his intentions known, Shelton breathtakingly jumped cleanly onto the top rope from the mat, and before Haas could react, Shelton applied a waist lock and nailed his former partner with a Super Belly to Belly Suplex. There was a mixed reaction as Shelton was the one who connected with the move yet he showed great athleticism in the process, as he wasted no time by lifting Haas up as he then went for a Snap DDT, but Haas tried to reverse it by hitting Shelton with a Northern Lights Suplex. However, Shelton once again athletically manoeuvres his way out of danger, as he managed to land on his feet behind Haas, before he hit him with a Neckbreaker!

Benjamin then headed to the top rope as he looked to hit Haas with a move of his own from up top, yet in a role reversal, a recovered Haas leapt up to the top rope as he went to hit Benjamin with a Superplex, although Benjamin managed to reverse by pushing Haas off. The IC Champion then waited for the man who he has held the WWE Tag Team Championships twice with to get up, but when Shelton went for a Diving Crossbody, it all turned disastrous for the ‘most pure athlete in the WWE’, as Haas caught Benjamin in mid flight and nailed him with a wicked Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker to Benjamin! The crowd popped as Benjamin held his back in severe pain, yet the resilient Intercontinental Champion still managed to kick out at a count of two!

Haas was clearly and understandably angry at this outcome yet he stayed on the offensive, only to cop a thumb to the eye when he went to lift his former partner up to his feet. Shelton then nailed Haas with the move that eluded him earlier on in the match in a Superkick straight to the jaw, sending him back towards the ropes, and when he came back, Benjamin went for an Exploder Suplex, but this time Haas managed to land on his feet behind Benjamin, and with Benjamin’s back still facing Haas, Charlie lifted the IC Champion up and nailed him with a Total Haastility! The crowd gives a great pop for the signature move of Benjamin and Haas’ mentor {that being Kurt Angle}, but once again, the resilient IC Champion kicks out at the count of two! Benjamin continued denying the victory for Haas, causing Haas to get increasingly frustrated when the Intercontinental Champion managed to kick out of his signature moves.

Haas then looked to hit Benjamin with a Release German Suplex, but once again, Benjamin manages to land on his feet, as he then nails Haas with a wicked Spin Out Backbreaker! Benjamin keeps Haas on his knee before he elevates him slightly and spins him around so that he is in a Reverse DDT position, before Benjamin front flips forward, bringing Haas’ head with him as he nails him with an extremely innovative Cutter! Haas’ head gets buried into the mat with extreme force, but this time, it is Haas who manages to kick out! After Haas managed to kick out of Benjamin’s very innovative manoeuvre, Benjamin then signals for the end, as he lifts Haas up and once again goes for the Exploder Suplex, only for Haas to elbow away at the head of Benjamin, once again managing to fight his way out of the dangerous predicament.

Haas then bounced off the ropes behind him as he looked to gain some momentum back, only for Benjamin to connect with a huge kick straight to the jaw of Haas! Benjamin then went for the manoeuvre once again after pushing Haas off the ropes, but a seemingly semi unconscious Haas knew what was coming, as he side stepped Benjamin, before he got the leg which Benjamin was using so efficiently before he nailed it with a Shin Breaker! Benjamin shouts in agony after his knee was hit with great force, as Haas then hit a second Shin Breaker. Haas kept a hold of Shelton’s leg as he pushed him to the ground before he turned him over onto his stomach, as Haas then went down, and locked Benjamin in the Haas of Pain! Benjamin writhed in pain as he tried his best to get to the ropes, but after being in the deadly hold for a good 30 seconds, he was forced to tap out!

-Winner of this match via submission: Charlie Haas-

JR: He’s done it! Charlie Haas has won his return match against his old partner Shelton Benjamin in a fantastic encounter! What an effort by both men!

King: And don’t forget what Shelton said before the match, JR, and that was that if whoever the Superstar was, who turned out to be Haas, would get a shot at Shelton’s Intercontinental Championship.

Haas is helped to his feet by the referee after this gruelling encounter as his hand is raised in victory before a smile etches across the face of Haas, knowing that not only did he manage to beat his former partner in his first match back, he is also the Number 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Haas rolls out of the ring as he makes his way back up the ramp whilst Shelton gets up with the aid of the ropes and limps over to the referee before demanding him to get his title. The referee obliges, not wanting to get himself in any strife, as he gets the title and hands it to Shelton, who raises it up in the air whilst he faces Charlie. A stare down is then ensued between the two former WGGT partners, as just like before the match, Haas does the belt signal as Shelton raises his title up high before we hear the announcers just before we go to the commercial break.

JR: And undoubtedly we haven’t seen the last of these two competing, and King, I personally cannot wait to see these two men battle it out once again, only next time it will be for the Intercontinental Championship.

King: And after what we just saw here earlier on JR, I couldn’t agree more.

|Commercial Break|

JR: As we saw before the break, Charlie Haas made his return to the WWE in Shelton Benjamin’s challenge to any past or present WWE Superstar, and since he won the match, he is now the Number 1 Contender to his former partner’s Intercontinental Championship.

King: And during the break, it was announced that Charlie Haas will get his shot at the Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin at Backlash!

A match graphic appears on the screen to show this match to the fans, who give a great pop after witnessing what they thought was a great match. The graphic then fades as we once again go to JR and the King.

JR: It seems as though the fans like the announcement, and I am sure that they will like this next match, King.

After we hear this announcement from JR and the King, ‘Not Enough for Me’ begins to play over the speakers to a mixture of a pop and wolf whistles from the crowd, as none other than the gorgeous Diva in Torrie Wilson makes her way down to the ring, ready for the second Tag Team contest of the night. Torrie high fives the fans in the first couple of rows, before she slides into the ring as she not only waits for her opponents but also her partner for the night.

JR: Last night, this beautiful lady in Torrie Wilson managed to get a certain measure of revenge on her old teammate, as she managed to defeat Candice Michelle in a Playboy Pillow Fight.


While Lawler drools over the sight of Torrie, her music is replaced by that of ‘Time to Rock & Roll’ playing over the speakers, as none other than the now former Women’s Champion in Trish Stratus makes her way down to the ring, also smiling like her partner even though she lost her beloved Women’s Title last night to Mickie James. Trish high fives the fans, much like her partner did also, before she embraces with Torrie in the ring as they wait for their opponents.

JR: And last night, the veteran Trish came up just short last night in the Women’s Championship match against Mickie James, although one cannot disregard Trish’s efforts.


JR: Get a grip, King.

After the two faces have made their entrances, ‘What Love Is’ hits over the speakers to a small amount of heat, as the cover girl of April 2006 edition of Playboy magazine in Candice Michelle emerges from the back, not smiling after losing to Torrie Wilson last night in the Playboy Pillow Fight. Candice makes no interaction with the fans whatsoever as she instead keeps her eyes fixated on the ring as if she is a woman possessed after not being successful last night.

JR: Candice Michelle lost to Torrie Wilson last night and she is not in a good mood. Speaking about Candice, you can see her in this month’s edition of Playboy magazine!

King: I’m in heaven, JR!

JR: Sometimes I wonder why I took back this job.

‘Obsession’ then begins to hit over the speakers to a somewhat large amount of heat, as none other than the new Women’s Champion in Mickie James emerges from the back with the title belt over her shoulder, looking as psycho as always. Her eyes are wide as a large grin is spread out over her face as the camera shows an annoyed Trish in the ring, as she believes that Mickie is holding what is rightfully her Women’s Championship.

JR: This psychotic lady win the Women’s Championship from her former idol Trish last night in one of the best Diva’s matches in history.

King: Did you see that kiss that they had a few months back, JR?

JR sighs as amongst the two teams, it is decided as to whom would start off the match for the two teams as the referee signals for them to ring the bell.

-Match 3-
-Diva’s Tag Team Match-
-Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson vs. Mickie James and Candice Michelle-

At first, it was decided that Mickie and Torrie would start off the match, but when Trish saw that it was Mickie, she ordered Torrie to tag her in, to which Wilson obliged to. The two Divas who put on what has been classified as the best Diva’s match in recent memory put on an entertaining opening, and at the 3 minute mark, Trish looked to put away Mickie away, only for Mickie to duck under a Chick Kick, as the Women’s Champion then looked for a Mick Kick of her own, only for Trish to grab Mickie’s leg, before tripping her up and going for a Sharpshooter! However, Mickie kicked Trish off into the turnbuckles before she could lock in the hold, but as Mickie got to her feet and charged at Trish, Stratus moved, causing the new Women’s Champion to smash into the turnbuckles.

However, Trish went for exactly the same manoeuvre as she charged at Mickie in the corner, only for James to prop herself up and wrap her legs around Trish’s head, before she nailed her with a Mickierana out of the corner! From this moment on, Candice and the Women’s Champion in James dominated Trish with double team moves, which only aggravated both the crowd and Torrie, as the fans hated seeing the heels have the advantage and Torrie was not getting into the ring as her partner was being dominated. Candice and Mickie held the advantage for another 4 minutes, before the opening that Trish needed came through when Candice was on in the ring.

When the loser of the Playboy Pillow Fight went to finish off the veteran Diva with a Candy Wrapper (the Unprettier), Trish managed to fight out of the predicament before she pushed Candice into the ropes. When Candice looked to knock Trish back down with a Lariat, Trish did her signature Matrish to a pop from the crowd, before she nailed Candice with a Lou Thesz Press on return! With Candice down, Trish managed to crawl towards her corner but she took a little too long as Candice began to recover, and after Candice tagged in her partner in James, Trish dived and tagged in her partner Torrie Wilson for the first time in the match! Wilson came in like a woman on fire as she fought away at the Women’s Champion with punches, before she whipped her off the ropes and hit her with a Back Body Drop.

As the Women’s Champion got up, Torrie hit with a somewhat sloppy looking Atomic Drop, before she grabbed her by the hair before dropping her down with a signature Sitout Facebuster, otherwise known as the ‘Extreme Makeover’! Torrie then climbs over Mickie and looks to get a huge win over the Women’s Champion, only for Candice to come in and break up the count! The crowd gave heat as Candice’s elation was short lived, as Trish stormed in and threw her out of the ring, and once she got to her feet, she nailed her with another Lou Thesz Press, although this time it was off the apron. Torrie watched the events unfolding on the outside as Trish and Candice were now knocked out on the outside, but when Wilson turned around, a recovered Mickie nailed her with a Mick Kick, as she then got the win for her team!

-Winners of this Tag Team Contest: Candice Michelle and the Women’s Champion Mickie James-

JR: And that’s all she wrote, King! Mickie James has continued on her roll as she has notched up another win, as she has just pinned a worthy challenger for her Women’s Title in Torrie Wilson in this tag team contest.

King: Do you think Torrie is okay, JR? Maybe I will have to help her out.

Whilst the King gets his hopes up, Trish slides into the ring to help her fallen friend as Mickie slides out of the ring and gets her Women’s Championship. Mickie then walks to the other side of the ring near the entrance ramp as Trish goes to the ropes closest to the entrance stage as the two then share heated words. Trish then turns back around and once again tends to Torrie who is beginning to stir, as the camera shows Mickie with a sadistic grin on her face, seemingly happy with what she has done here tonight.

JR: And it doesn’t look as though the business between Trish and Mickie is over, King.

King: And that can only mean one thing, JR!

JR *sarcastic*: Oh, and I wonder what that is.


|Commercial Break|

Once we return from yet another commercial break, we go to a package of black and white still images, showing the brutal moments of the Hardcore Match last night between Edge and Mick Foley. It shows Edge Spearing a barbed wire- clad Foley causing him to come off second best, Edge nailing Foley with a DDT onto a steel chair followed by three straight barbed wire baseball bat shots (one to the sternum, then the back and then the head), Foley being hit with a Bulldog onto a barbed wire bat, Edge being Back Suplexed into thumbtacks, both Edge and Lita tasting a barbed wire Mr. Socko before Lita lit a table on fire as Edge then Speared Foley off of the apron through the table for the three count, giving Edge the win and retaining his unbeaten WrestleMania streak whilst Foley had his ‘WrestleMania moment’.

JR: Last night, we beared witness to one of the most brutal, sadistic or barbaric matches in the history of our business, whatever you would like to call it.

King: JR, I couldn’t agree with you more, as last night, those two men who we just saw in Edge and Mick Foley put on a show stealing match with serious repercussions for both men.

JR: Foley suffered third degree burns to his body after being sent through the flaming table, and even though Edge’s aren’t as severe, he will not be in action for at least three weeks.

However, Edge has said that he will be here tonight, and right now, we will hear from the ‘Rated R Superstar’!

‘Metalingus’ then begins to play to massive heat from the fans, as none other than the man who put the ‘Hardcore Legend’ Mick Foley through a flaming table last night in the ‘Rated R Superstar’ Edge emerges from the back, ribs taped up and Lita by his side. The Rated R Superstar has a large grin on his face after defeating Foley last night, as he gingerly walks down to the ring with Lita smirking by his side, as the two then get into the ring before Edge asks for a microphone, ready to speak. The crowd’s heat does not die down, as it seems as though Edge will never get his shot to speak.

JR: And this man is sure to brag right here after winning one of the most brutal matches in history last night.

King: Do you think they’ll have another live sex celebration?!

Edge takes centre stage with the crowd still pouring in the heat for the ‘Rated R Superstar’, as both he and Lita scowl.

Edge: Last...

Edge is barely audible over the heat from the crowd, as Edge goes to try again and speak over the heat from the crowd.

Edge: Last night...

Edge once again gives up as the crowd’s heat causes Edge to be inaudible.


This only causes the crowd to get louder, before a ‘We Want Foley!’ chant arises throughout the arena, causing Edge to surprisingly sport a small smirk on his face.

Edge: You want Foley??

The crowd gives a huge pop for Edge asking if they want Foley, as they obviously would rather the ‘Hardcore Legend’ than Edge.

Edge: Well guess what. That isn’t going to happen! Because last night, I... BEAT... FOLEY!

The crowd once again pours in the heat for the Rated R Superstar, who inclines his head a little and basks in his glory, although Lita seems to be the only one applauding.

Edge: And finally, the WWE has been rid of that demented freak! All thanks to ME!

The crowd gives huge heat once again towards the Rated R Superstar, who seems to be proud of getting rid of Mick Foley from the WWE.

Edge: And still, I don’t get the recognition I deserve. I am STILL not the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship: Cena is.

This gets another mixed reaction from the crowd leaning more so towards the positive side as Edge is not the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, causing Edge to scowl once more.

Edge: What has Cena done to deserve it? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

This gets another mixed reaction from the crowd although it is leaning more towards the heat side of things for Edge insulting Cena.

Edge: Cena lost last night. Michaels beat an over 60 year old, yet both men are STILL involved in the main event scene. I beat the ‘Hardcore Legend’ at his own game... I am the REAL ‘Hardcore Legend’! And RVD won the Money in the Bank Ladder match by a complete fluke, and he still gets more recognition than me... I am sick of it!

Edge gets big heat for these past two comments after insulting both RVD and Michaels, but Edge does not look as though he is done.

Edge: I am the rightful Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship, and I don’t care what you idiots in the crowd think! So whoever the WWE Champion is: Hunter, Michaels, Cena, Rob, or whoever it is, you better watch yourself, because the Rated R Superstar will be the WWE Champion!

Edge once again inclines his head as the heat pours in for the ‘Rated R Superstar’ whilst Lita claps, but the crowd does a 180 with their reaction when ‘Space Odyssey 3000’ hits over the speakers, as none other than one sixth of last night’s Money in the Bank Ladder match in Ric Flair emerges from the back, wearing a custom made suit. Members of the crowd bow down to Ric who struts down the ramp whilst ‘WOO!’ing, as Edge looks none too happy to see Ric, who slides into the ring and gets a microphone from a stage hand.

JR: And it seems as though Ric has heard enough of what Edge has had to say, King!

King: Did you hear the reaction for the Nature Boy, JR? It was insane!

Ric: WOO!

The crowd woos right back at the Nature Boy who smirks, as Edge continues to scowl at the man who he faced at New Year’s Revolution this year as well as in the first ever TLC Match for the WWE Championship.

Edge: Ric, what in the hell do you want?

Ric: I’m speaking on behalf of the Superstars in the back and everyone in this arena. Edge, shut up!

The crowd laughs and pops for Flair who once again smiles, as Edge’s face turns red from anger.

Ric: Edge, no one wants to hear what you have to say about John, about Shawn or about Rob, because Edge, you don’t deserve to be the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship.

Edge: Ric, why don’t YOU just shut up, OK? Do you think that YOU should be the Number 1 Contender? The man who should have retired 20 years ago be the Number 1 Contender? Flair, it is about time that you hang up the boots, as quite frankly, no one wants you here!

The crowd gives heat once again towards Edge as they obviously want Flair to stay in the business forever, as Flair surprisingly smirks at what Edge has to say.

Ric: Edge, I beg to differ there. These fans obviously want the Nature Boy in this business, they want the Nature Boy to have another run as the WWE Champion, but more importantly Edge, they want to see me shut you up right here tonight.

This gets another big pop for Flair saying that he will ‘shut Edge up’ here tonight, as the Nature Boy looks to continue with his lesson of the Rated R Superstar.

Ric: Edge, last night you beat Mick Foley in that Hardcore match, but that does not make you the Number 1 Contender for the WWE Championship. Edge, with all due respect to Foley, who I have had my differences within the past, Foley is not ‘The Man’, and Edge, you have to beat the man to be the man! WOO!

Edge: Flair, last night, I beat the man who cost me the WWE Championship, so I should have my shot at the WWE Championship. But Flair, since you are ‘The Man’, I would have no trouble in beating ‘The Man’, since he is a 60 year old sell out!

Ric: Well how about we test that out at Backlash, Edge?! I would like nothing more to shut your ass up in Kentucky!

The crowd gives a pop for the challenge as Flair turns somewhat aggressive after Edge called him a sell out, as Edge smirks at Ric’s reaction.

Edge: Flair, I don’t need to face you? You know why? Because Flair, you’re past your prime, and quite frankly, you don’t deserve to be in the same ring as me!

Ric: I don’t deserve to be in the ring with YOU? Edge, tell me what you have done in the past? You had a four week WWE Championship reign, which you only won when Cena wasn’t 100% and because your slut of a girlfriend screws everyone over!

The crowd gives a huge pop for Flair once again cracking it as Lita and Edge both go skits after Flair said this whilst a resounding ‘HOOOOOOOO!’ is heard around the arena, causing Flair to chuckle.

Edge: Flair, don’t you dare talk about...

Ric: Edge, I will talk about anyone however I like. Edge, you think that you deserve the respect of these fans, well quite frankly, you don’t deserve it! Edge, you have done nothing to gain the respect from these fans, I have, and I have earned the right to say whatever I want to say! WOO!

The crowd once again for Flair and what he had to say, causing Edge to somehow get even angrier.

Flair, I don’t need to face you at Backlash, so, you can get that challenge, and shove it up your ass!

The crowd gives heat for Edge telling Flair to get his challenge and shove it up his ass as Edge turns around to leave, but once it looks like he and Lita will leave the ring, Edge busts Flair over the head with the microphone! Flair falls to the mat as the crowd pours in the heat for the Rated R Superstar, and when Naitch gets up, Edge bounces off the ropes and hits Flair with a Spear! Edge then lifts up the microphone that he nailed Flair in the head with and gets ready to speak into it.

Edge: Actually Flair, on second thought, I’ll see you at Backlash!

Edge then drops the microphone on the ground as he raises his hands in the air in glory as ‘Metalingus’ begins to play, while Lita cuddles up to Edge and seductively smiles as does Edge. The two then began to make out in the centre of the ring whilst Flair is down and out as we cut to JR and the King.

JR: These two are poor excuses for human beings. They disrespect a legend like Ric Flair, and have the nerve to make out in the centre of the ring and say that Flair has accomplished nothing in this business and is a sell out!

King: At least we got close to the Live Sex Celebration!

And on that note, we head to a commercial break.

|Commercial Break|

Once we return from the commercial break, ‘Chavo Ardiente’ begins to play over the speakers to a nice pop, as none other than the nephew of the late, great Eddie Guerrero in Chavo Guerrero emerges from the back, sporting his ‘EG’ wristband and ‘I’m Your Papi’ t-shirt . Chavo slaps hands with the fans and then slides into the ring before taking off his t-shirt and handed it to a stage hand, before he awaited the arrival of his opponent, who also happened to win the Money in the Bank Ladder match last night.

JR: And last night, it wasn’t a good night for Chavo after his friend Rey Mysterio lost in his World Heavyweight Championship match, although two nights ago, it must have been a very emotional night for Chavo, as he inducted his late uncle Eddie into the Hall of Fame alongside Mysterio and another good friend of theirs in Chris Benoit.

King: The night of the Hall of Fame is an emotional night in its own JR, but Eddie Guerrero is extremely deserving of being inducted in the Hall of Fame.

Chavo’s music then stops as ‘One of a Kind’ hits over the speakers to a large pop, which can only mean one thing: the introduction of the new Mr. Money in the Bank, Rob Van Dam! RVD makes his way out onto the stage as he does his ‘Rob... Van... Dam’ thumb taunt just like he did earlier on in the night after he took his promo as he picked up his MITB briefcase which he put on the ground to do the taunt. Rob then slides into the ring as he poses with his Money in the Bank briefcase on the second rope, before he hops off of the top rope and hands his briefcase to the referee.

JR: And this man deservedly one the Money in the Bank Ladder match last night to gain that briefcase which you see that Rob just gave the referee, earning him the right to have a World Championship opportunity anytime he wants in the next 12 months.

Rob and Chavo then step forward and shake hands in a sign of respect, as the 4th match up of the night is about to get underway!

-Match 4-
-Singles Contest-
-Chavo Guerrero vs. ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Rob Van Dam-

The match started off high paced with both men using their high flying styles to make it an enjoyable affair, causing the fans to get into the match, backing both men although RVD more so as he is obviously the more popular. A series of reversals occurred after the opening bell was rung ending with Rob going for a Monkey Flip out of the corner after a Rolling Thunder roll but Chavo managed to land on his feet, and when Rob charged back, Guerrero caught him with a Standing Hurricanrana, thus causing Chavo to get the advantage over the man who can’t be at 100% after competing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match last night in RVD, which he obviously won. Chavo continued to work over the upper body of Rob, who seemed to be in danger of losing the match early on.

Chavo continued to work away at Rob for the next couple of minutes but Rob continually managed to endure Chavo’s offence as his resiliency came through, always managing to kick out of whatever Guerrero threw at him. Chavo maintained his composure although glimpses of anger came through, as Chavo’s offence soon was extinguished as he went to hit Rob with a Super Hurricanrana, as Rob managed to keep a hold of the ‘Mexican Warrior’. The crowd rose in anticipation of what was coming next, as Rob leapt off the top rope and nailed Chavo with a huge Super Sitout Powerbomb. The crowd gave a huge pop which was followed by a subsequent ‘RVD’, who looks to be getting back into this match after not really being able to create any harm.

From this point on, both men got their fair share of the offence in, creating somewhat of a see saw affair. Guerrero once again gained the advantage after it looked like Rob was finally in the driver’s seat, as when he was whipped into the ropes by Rob, he came back and nailed the second holder of the Money in the Bank contract with a Tilt a Whirl Headscissors! The crowd popped for Chavo even though they seem to be rooting for Rob in this match up, as Guerrero then made his way up to the top rope as he looked to unleash some ‘aerial assault’ on RVD as he waited for Rob to get up. However, Rob seemed to know that Chavo was coming, and when Chavo looked to come crashing down on Rob, he used his highly educated feet to nail Chavo with a Dropkick whilst he was still in mid air!

Rob goes to hit Chavo with a high Roundhouse Kick to the temple once he has gotten up, but Chavo managed to duck under it before kicking the Whole Damn Show in the gut. Chavo proceeded to get Rob in a Suplex position before he nailed one, but Chavo maintained his grip as he got up with RVD still in the Suplex position before he hit him with a second, followed by a third, completing the Three Amigos which his uncle made famous! An ‘Eddie’ chant arose throughout the arena as Chavo ascended to the top rope before pointing to the heavens as he then looked to hit RVD with a Frog Splash, but when he looked to come crashing down on Mr. Money in the Bank with another move which his uncle made famous, Rob stuck his knees up, causing Chavo’s sternum to crash into it with extreme force! Rob then began to recover albeit gingerly, as he signalled for the end.

Rob then lifted up Chavo once he had gotten to his feet himself, before he whipped him off the ropes and looked to hit him with a Back Body Drop on his return, only for Chavo to go and hit RVD with a front kick, although Rob thought one step ahead of that as he caught Chavo’s foot, and after straightening himself up, he hit him with a step over Windmill Kick! The crowd popped for the signature move of Rob’s who didn’t look as though he was done, as he lifted Chavo up, got him in a double underhook position, and after lifting him up, he nailed him with a vicious Sitout Double Underhook Facebuster (Angel’s Wings TBH)! This got a huge pop from the crowd for the innovative move of Rob’s who then went up to the top rope, and showing Chavo how it is done, nailed the Five Star Frog Splash to get the win!

-Winner of this match: ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Rob Van Dam-

JR: And Rob Van Dam has managed to defeat Chavo Guerrero after a highly competitive match with the Five Star Frog Splash!

King: JR, it looks as though RVD can’t be stopped at the moment!

RVD then begins to celebrate in the middle of the ring as the referee hands him his Money in the Bank briefcase, as Rob poses on one of the top ropes closest to the Titantron. However, as Rob is looking up, none other than one half of the World Tag Team Champions in Carlito appears on the Titantron to big heat from the crowd, as his World Tag Team Championship is on his shoulder with Masters in the background, looking menacing.

Carlito: Hey Rob. You seem to look confused as to why I’m calling you like this. You see Rob, you’re holding something that belongs to me. I was the one who came up with the return of the Money in the Bank Ladder match, and I wasn’t even in the match. That’s not cool.

This gets big heat from the crowd as they clearly remember Carlito losing to Flair in the Money in the Bank qualifying match a few weeks before the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’.

And Rob, even though I am now one half of the World Tag Team Champions, but I deserve the Money in the Bank briefcase, as you and I both know that I am the future of this company. And what you and I also both know is that the only place that you can be successful is in Extreme Crappy Wrestling!

This gets heat from the crowd before a small ‘EC-DUB’ chant starts up although it is soon extinguished as Carlito looks to continue on with what he has to say.

Carlito: And Rob, speaking about ECW, I will put this slowly for you, as all former “Extremists” don’t seem to be the brightest people. I wanna shot at the Money in the Bank Briefcase, and I will beat you. It’s that simple. And that: that’s cool!

The image of a smiling Carlito then fades as the crowd continue to give heat for the Caribbean Superstar, as Rob has a confused and angry expression on his face after what Carlito had to say, as ‘One of a Kind’ hits over the speakers, signalling that it is Rob’s time to exit.

JR: And it seems as though Carlito wants the Money in the Ban contract from Rob Van Dam!

King: Carlito has a point, JR, and I would love to see these two men go at it!

JR: I agree that that would be a great match, King, and speaking of great matches, after the break is our main event between Shawn Michaels and the WWE Champion Triple H!

|Commercial Break|

Once we return from the break, ‘My Time is Now’ begins to hit over the speakers to a huge mixed reaction as none other than the former WWE Champion in John Cena makes his way out from the back for the second time of the night. Cena walks around the ring as he goes over to the commentary desk, ready to provide expert commentary regarding his Backlash opponent and Backlash referee as they go one on one in this huge non- title main event. Cena shakes hands with JR and the King before he pulls on his spare headset, as he gets ready for the main event.

JR: And we are joined by the former WWE Champion in John Cena, and John and King, what a main event we have in store for tonight.

Cena: Both men are great competitors, even Hunter, and I am looking forward to scouting some of my competition for Backlash, even though Michaels isn’t even competing against me at Backlash.

King: I can’t wait for this main event!

‘Sexy Boy’ then begins to play over the P.A. system to a very large pop, equal to that of his earlier on in the night, as Shawn Michaels emerges from the backstage area and makes his way down to the ring, ready to prove himself after being included in the WWE Champion main event for Backlash, although he was made the Special Guest Referee, much to Michaels’ obvious dismay. The Heart Break Kid, after doing his signature prayer on the top of the entrance ramp, walks down the ramp and then slides into the ring, ready for this one on one contest with the WWE Champion and his former partner and best friend.

JR: And this man was short-changed earlier on in the night, as his request to be included in the main event for Backlash was accepted, as he is now the Special Guest Referee.

King: And it is quite obvious that Shawn wasn’t thinking about being the referee, JR.

Cena: Michaels is one hell of an athlete guys, and I was hoping that he would have been included in the match.

After Shawn settles in the ring, ‘Time to Play the Game’ hits over the speakers to the same amount of heat that he got earlier in the night as well as what Edge got when he was just about to cut his promo, as the new WWE Champion in Triple H emerges from the back, his head bowed down although a scowl is still visible after he was interrupted earlier on in the night when it was ‘his time’. Triple H then walks down to the ring without doing his water schtick, and once he gets into the ring, he hands his belt to the referee before he stares down Shawn, who stares right back as the two are ready for this main event to get underway.

Cena: Hunter beat me last night to get that title, and I dare say that he deserved it, but what he doesn’t seem to realize is that when we go at it once again at Backlash, I will once again be the WWE Champion.

JR: And you just heard some strong words from the Number 1 Contender, as this huge non title main event is just about to get underway!

-Main Event-
-Match 5-
-Former Partners and Friends Collide-
-Non Title Match-
-John Cena on commentary-
-Shawn Michaels vs. the WWE Champion Triple H-

Even though the match started off somewhat slow paced, the crowd really got into the match as two of the most popular and experienced wrestlers were sure to put on an entertaining main event, even though it did not look as though it would in the early going, which consisted of grapples and stalemates. However, much to the crowd’s delight, not only did the tempo pick up, Shawn gained the advantage after he nailed HHH with a signature Flying Forearm followed by a kip up at the 3 minute mark. Shawn then did his best to maintain his best to maintain the advantage and succeeded in doing so, as the WWE Champion looked to be in trouble of losing his first match as an 11 time World Champion. Triple H looked to found an opening to try and power against and relinquish Shawn’s offence, but Michaels seemed to have all the answers as these two have fought so many times against and with each other in the past.

However, Triple H’s perseverance came through as he managed to duck under a Leg Feed Enziguiri, making Shawn’s stomach crash into the mat. From here on in, both men shared equal portions of the advantage with the tempo being fairly high paced once again, as reversals made it an entertaining affair also. At the 10 minute mark, Triple H looked to hit Shawn with a Double A Spinebuster after managing to take control of the previous minutes, but Shawn applied a front face lock while he was in mid air and then managed to get to his feet with the front face lock still applied to HHH, as he looked to hit him with a Spinning Neckbreaker, but HHH managed to spin out of it before he nailed Shawn with a boot to the gut, before he looked for the Pedigree to try and finish Shawn off, only for HBK to trip him up and take a hold of HHH’s legs.

When Shawn looked to apply a Sharpshooter to HHH, he was kicked into the turnbuckles by Trips, Shawn’s back smashing into the corner turnbuckles. Wasting no time, the WWE Champion got to his feet and charged at Shawn, but as we saw many times earlier on in the night, Shawn managed to evade it, causing HHH to now run into the turnbuckles. As the ‘King of Kings’ stumbled out of the corner, Shawn bounced off the ropes as he looked to unleash a running attack on HHH, only for Triple H to catch Shawn as he this time nailed the Double A Spinebuster! Once again, wasting no time, Triple H quickly lifted Shawn up and once again applied the double underhook, looking for the Pedigree, but Shawn found another way to evade it as he spun out of the predicament, and once HHH turned around, he was hit with a Sweet Chin Music! The crowd erupted, but when Shawn climbed over for the cover, HHH managed to kick out! A shocked Shawn got to his feet before he took his place in the corner, perhaps looking to tune up the band.

Shawn then begins to tune up the band as he looks to hit HHH with another Sweet Chin Music, seemingly tuning up the band to get more power behind it, but once again, a SCM attempt failed, as Trips ducked under it, causing Michaels to inadvertently Superkick the referee! The referee crumbled to the mat as Michaels looked shocked at what he had done, and when he turned around, Triple H hit him with a Low Blow! Shawn now hits the mat as Cena expresses his disgust at what the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ just did, as HHH goes to the outside of the ring and gets the ‘great equalizer’, that being his trusty sledgehammer! The crowd gives heat for Triple H taking out his signature weapon as he then slides into the ring with it, looking to put Shawn away with his sledgehammer, but much to HHH’s anger, Shawn takes a little while to get up, although he soon begins to stir.

Trips then began to brace himself for nailing Shawn with the sledgehammer, but once HHH charged at a now upright Michaels, HBK caught him with a Sweet Chin Music out of nowhere! The crowd gave a massive pop as Shawn also hit the mat with fatigue, causing all three men in the ring, them being the two competitors and the referee, to be out of it on the mat. A ‘HBK’ chant starts up, and it seemingly works, as Shawn then does a signature move by kipping up when all hope seems to be lost for the second time in the match! The crowd gave another pop for Shawn who then looked down at a barely stirring HHH as well as a still unconscious referee, before his gaze soon shifts to the sledgehammer, as he seems to be thinking of whether or not he should use the sledgehammer on HHH or not.

Finally, Shawn decides that he will use HHH’s trusty weapon as he lifts up the hammer whilst HHH is getting up to his feet, as the crowd pop, looking forward to seeing HHH getting a taste of his own medicine. However, before Shawn could do anything and before HHH had fully recovered, Cena got onto the apron and pulled the sledgehammer away from Shawn, before saying that Shawn ‘doesn’t need to use it’. The crowd gives the usual mixed reaction for the ‘Doctor of Thuganomics’, although on this occasion, the negative reaction outweighs that of the positive, as they were obviously looking forward to Shawn nailing Triple H, as Cena then threw the sledgehammer onto the ground, before the referee finally began to stir while Shawn seemed to think that Cena was actually right.

However, as Shawn seemed to be turning around to face Triple H and Cena relaxed, Michaels turned around, and nailed Cena with a huge Sweet Chin Music, knocking the former WWE Champion off of the apron and onto the protective mats on the outside! Shawn smirked down at Cena on the outside of the ring who is out of it, but when Michaels turns around to face Triple H, he was surprised by HHH who nailed him with a boot to the gut, followed by a Double Underhook and then planted Michaels face first into the mat by nailing him with a Pedigree! The heat poured in for the WWE Champion who then dropped down to his knees and made the cover over Shawn, and very conveniently, the referee was now recovered, as he counted the three and the win for ‘the Game’!

-Winner of this match via pinfall- the WWE Champion Triple H-

JR: And after an incredible match which had it all, the WWE Champion Triple H has won this match!

King: However, JR, I wonder if the result would have been different if Cena didn’t interfere.

JR: We can only speculate, King. But, what you have to wonder is will this be a sign of things to come at Backlash with Triple H standing tall over both Cena and Michaels.

King: JR, as you said, we can only speculate, but we will get an answer to that in a few weeks at Backlash, and Triple H sure thinks so, JR.

The referee then goes to get Triple H’s WWE Championship from the stage hand before he hands it to Triple H, who rips it out of the referee’s hands and raises it up high in the air for the whole world to see. Triple H then slings the belt over his shoulder as he smirks victoriously and arrogantly over both Cena and Michaels, knowing that he has gotten the better of both his Backlash opponent and referee respectively here tonight. Triple H then raises his title high in the air once more and lets out an almighty roar, as RAW then fades to black.

-April 30th-
-Rupp Arena-
-Lexington, Kentucky-
-WWE Backlash-

Match Card
(subject to change)

WWE Championship
Shawn Michaels as Special Referee
WrestleMania Rematch

WWE Champion Triple H vs. John Cena

Intercontinental Championship
Former Partners Collide

Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas

Singles Match
Edge w/ Lita vs. Ric Flair


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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

RAW Review:

We open with some video packages, and being honest, I didn't read them.

First of all we get the Game cutting a promo and putting himself over. I liked how he ran down all the guys he's beaten but the Lesnar mention baffles me as he was long-gone by then and the WWE didn't mention him. However, the long-winded explanations of crowd reaction after every sentence are extremely irritating and unnecessary. HBK comes out and he makes this a little more interesting but a feud with these two is nothing we haven't seen before. Cena then comes out with his sucking-up attitude which gets him mixed reactions. I fucking know Cena gets mixed reactions, you don't need to repeat it every fucking sentence, k? The promo however is getting very long and drags towards the end, and Shane's lines out have been said in 1 10th of the time they were. Stalling in promo's isn't necessarily a good thing, especially for the reader.

Well Kane and Show enter separately, and even small things like this hint a turn or break up. I thought you were recapping matches Cris? Anyway, this match seemed like the ending moments were explained thoroughly and the rest was sort of recapped. Kane getting isolated I don't like, as when these two were a team it would always happen and make their matches rather predictable. Another small note: Don't call Carlito Lito, it's just annoying. Speaking of him, he seemed to be in this match a lot more than Masters but maybe that's just me. Kane turning on Show was pretty cool but TBS is definitely the better heel so I'm not so sure. I don't know how that DQ evasion happened as I'm sure the person wielding the weapon would be DQ-ed regardless. I also don't see Carlito lifting Show to his feet let alone hitting the Backcracker, but whatever. Kane's beatdown is pretty cool as well and puts him over as a sick fucking freak.

Fyi, we don't need a video package after every commercial considering we don't even need to scroll up to view what just happened. I know it's what usually happens, but it's boring ffs. Fuck, this crowd is annoying. "This gets big heat from the crowd as they quite obviously disagree with what these doubters have to say regarding RVD and holding the WWE Championship." could simply be replaces with "heat". RVD promo is generic and plain but then again so is RVD.

Starting the Shelton promo, and honestly, these fucking stupid crowd reaction analyses are making me not want to read on. I doubt Charlie Haas would get the 'great pop' you said he would have gotten as well. Well this match is sure to be a technical marvel... but how fucking long is it? Seriously, this is a weekly show and it's not even the main event. Pardon me if I don't want to sit here for a few more hours, but I may skim matches from now on. So, from what I see you wrote this very well despite the length and I liked the submission victory as it puts over the Haas of Pain. Their match at Backlash could be good but it will depend on the build up and you will need to somehow make it more special than their match tonight.

You didn't get Torrie's music right, and in fact, you gave her Michelle McCool's shitty music. Change it back to her actual theme or I shank you. Also, push Torrie to win the title from Mickie, asap. TORRIE. Alright match but a clean ending wouldn't have hurt and neither would Torrie not being pinned. I hope you do something with the Women's Division apart from have King shout 'PUPPIES' every match.

Edge promo begins nicely with the stalling to gain incredible heat, but again I want shove a dildo with fish-hooks up the crowd's asses after having such long-winded reactions to the promo. Ric Flair comes in and he could be a bit more in character but I haven't written Flair recently so whatever. The interaction is good and I liked how Edge initially refused and then went on to accept the match, which should be boring. I mean this, and your BTB would be better off without Ric Flair, unless he puts over 100 midcarders and jobs in every single match.

Chavo still mooching off Eddie's death I have no real problem with as they were actually related. The face vs face thing I don't know about but it wasn't a squash so I guess it was alright in the end. Not too sure about RVD hitting the Angel's Wings but it adds to his moveset so I'm fine. I don't know why Carlito had to confront Rob as he shouldn't be anywhere near there having just won the tag titles. Carlito's lines seem sorta off at times and the only character was saying 'cool' so hopefully you can develop Carlito.

What you're going to do with Cena puzzles me as he can't keep getting mixed reactions forever. I don't think a heel turn would suit him now so have him do something to turn him into a full blown face. The match titles are turning into essays as well, lol. I don't know whether you're recapping the matches as you seem to add references to various times throughout the match. I say you should either write out the whole match in the same length, or do proper recaps, which fyi are about 1/3 of the size of your matches, and I STRONGLY recommend the latter. Another sort of shaky finish but it didn't completely bury Shawn, who's presence in this whole thing I am still undecided about. The Backlash match could be alright but HBK's involvement better not be pointless.

Alright show, and yeah...

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Raw Feedback

Post ‘Mania vide package is nice, however I don’t think you really need this much information for them. They’re simply a waste of time to put this much detail into them when you’ve pretty much already summarized the results in the opening post.

I don’t care if you were trying to join the opening commentary together with the opening segment, you never, EVER, mention a woman’s championship match before a WWE Championship match on the show after ‘Mania. Silly mistake really.

Triple H is the logical choice to open the show, being the new champion and all. He was decent enough, however the promo was far from great. You seemed to get most of your point across, I mean Triple H is the WWE Champion and he is proud of his accomplishments. I just cant help but feel as if this promo was a little bit out of character, for example how often does Triple H mention any of his achievements other than his world championships. Also, Lesnar is not a part of the roster, using him as an example seems a little bit stupid considering he was not on the roster, in the end it was simply unnecessary. There were also a few errors scattered in the Triple H part, easy errors to, so that really needs to be worked on if you’re going to become great with full shows.

Ermmm, before I get into to much detail, why would the crowd laugh at HBK’s first two lines of dialogue, they weren’t funny at all, to be honest. Shawn Michaels was decent enough, you had the character down with the cockiness and what not, however there is still plenty to work on. “incase you can’t recall it”. How about “if you don’t recall, let me remind ya’”. Sounds a lot better and little things like these do count when you write full shows. You also used WWE Universe again, and you already know what the problem with that is. If I remember correctly Michaels didn’t start being called Mr WrestleMania until about 2008 anyway, so you need to stop using things that are out of date, imo. Besides the catchphrases from the future, this promo wasn’t that bad. Lesnar mention was once again unnecessary.

John Cena I guess was decent enough, perhaps a tad generic but probably the only bit of dialogue where I have had no big issues and that’s a good thing, imo. I liked where this went to, getting more people involved with the title picture, however I can’t see Michaels getting a shot just yet.

Shane McMahon to straighten the law, nice attitude on him to. I don’t like Michaels being the referee, I know you love him and it keeps him involved with the title picture, but I just don’t like the sound of it. You’re going to need something very nice to make that match at Backlash successful, by the way, nice main event signed for the night as well. Decent enough start overall, however there is plenty of room for improvement.

Another thing, you can continue it if you like, but the ring announcer is not really necessary for a weekly show, although I guess there is nothing wrong with it.

Nice opener, the rematch from ‘Mania should be good and it was. Nice way to put Carlito and Chris Masters over as credible champions by once again going step to step with the Big Show and Kane. Even better then that, they were able to get the win. Kane turning on Show is something I’m not to sure about, its good that they’re finished as a tag team, but you need to book their feud good as irl it really wasn’t done to well and if you follow that path I will crucify you. Nice brutal attack by Kane after the match also, Show could be out for a while, which will be good for these two to not feud. Also, for weekly shows, your match recaps don’t have to be that long, despite the nice writing, I got bored reading it and decided to skim.

Nice RVD interview, nothing stands out, but it did its job. I’m just letting you know no you better not mess up RVD as the MITB briefcase holder.

Bring back Shelton Benjamin’s mama, for one you are not the best at writing promos yet, and two Benjamin’s promo ability is limited as it is. Ohh Haas, this match should be great.

Great technical match, it looks as if you’re going to push Charlie Haas which is good because if this was not the case, putting him over your Intercontinental champion on his first night back is a terrible decision. So, I hope you book smartly from here, because if you don’t, something promising could turn into absolutely nothing.

Divas match was pretty meh tbh, one thing I really didn’t like was that you decided to put Candice Michelle in the match rather than Victoria. If you don’t have plans for Victoria not putting her in this match was rather stupid, as the match lacked of entertainment quality.

Nice video of Foley/Edge but would this have not been highlighted at the start of the show, I’m just not to sure if this package was really needed. Seems like some stuff so far tonight has just been there to fill space.

Edge started off decently enough, I didn’t mind him at all and him signaling his intentions for the WWE Championship is the right thing to do.

Ric Flair was completely off, he seemed like a normal bland person, where was the charisma, where were the WOOOO’s, this promo for Flair really didn’t cut it at all. Watch his promos, work on that a little. The message Flair was trying to get across was nice though. A little tip though the insult on Lita seemed rather force, and insults only work when they slot in nicely and this was not the case here. Match for Backlash should be good when it occurs, if Flair goes over I don’t know what i will do, but Edge has so much momentum right now, you really don’t want to kill that.

RVD getting the win over a credible opponent in Chavo Guerrero is a nice way to keep his momentum going after the winning MITB. Glad to see Chavo got some offence in to, if he becomes a glorified jobber I will definitely not be happy, he needs to do something good.

Not bad from Carlito, but definitely not good, Firstly, you should try and incorporate his accent into your promos a bit more. Also, just to let you know, don’t hint towards ECW to much unless you plan on bringing it back, its unneeded, you can just talk about how he cant break the glass ceiling in the WWE. Also, they were called the Extremists until after ECW came back later in 2006, you need to remember what era you’re writing at times.

First line of Cena on commentary was totally jumbled up to. Why say “I am looking forward to scouting some of my competition for Backlash, even though I’m not competing against Shawn Michaels”. Sounds very wrong indeed. Do you know what would’ve sounded better? This. “I’m here to scout my opponent for Backlash.” Would’ve been generic but would’ve made a hell of a lot more sense.

Nice main event, once again very well written as all your other matches have been. Good to have Cena kicked by Michaels and even better to see the champion get the win. The way all three men are staying involved means you’re trying to hold off the inevitable triple threat match for a while, that is all well and good, but I still don’t like Michaels being the referee, even if this was a little exciting.

Overall, plenty of room for improvement, your match writing first off is GREAT. Don’t change that, although perhaps shorten them a little bit, promos need a lot of work. Go on you tube, look at other threads, do whatever you can to get more familiar with the characters you’re writing. It looks like Backlash is going to have a pretty nice card already though, so keep at it, and once you get used to writing full shows you should be fine.

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Re: y2j__legend presents- WWE 2006

Sorry for the crappiness of this show, it made me temporarily quit :s .

Friday Night Smackdown

First off, we get a video package highlighting all of the events that occurred at WrestleMania 22 which changed Smackdown, starting it off with the Money in the Bank Ladder match, but neither Matt Hardy, Bobby Lashley nor Finlay could win the match, as RAW’s Rob Van Dam won the prestigious MITB briefcase after a brutal match. Secondly, in a match in which we will see the rematch of tonight, Chris Benoit managed to successfully retain his United States Championship by locking him in the Crippler Crossface after reversing a Clothesline from Hell. The next match representing Smackdown for the ‘Showcase of the Immortals’ was somewhat of a borefest, as Booker T managed to get the win over the Boogeyman after hitting him with a Scissors Kick. Following this match was the highly anticipated Casket Match between the Undertaker and Mark Henry, as the WrestleMania Streak belonging to the Undertaker remained intact after hitting Henry with a Last Ride out of the corner before rolling him into the casket and closing the lid for the victory. The next match was the Triple Threat match for the World Heavyweight Championship between Kurt Angle, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio, as Angle managed to defy the odds by hitting the ‘Master of the 619’ with an Angle Slam as he retained his title, causing the fans to go home happy as the pyro went off to signify the end of WrestleMania XXII. This was then followed by the opening video package which was not different in any way to the one before Mania due to the two title matches resulting in the champions retaining their titles, as we then went live to the arena.

Michael Cole and Tazz welcome us to the first Smackdown after an amazing WrestleMania 22, before unlike what happened on RAW, Smackdown begins with a match, that being the WrestleMania Rematch between Chris Benoit and JBL for the United States Championship! The crowd expressed their dislike for JBL although the same could not be said for the United States Champion, who the fans cheered quite loudly for. After a match that was similar to what happened five nights ago which also had Benoit kicking out of a Longhorn Powerbomb, Jillian Hall (who was once again in JBL’s corner) did her best to try and get her employer the win, only for Benoit to knock her off the apron at the 11 minute mark after she distracted the referee from counting the pinfall after Benoit hit a German Suplex. This seemingly left Benoit clear for JBL, but Layfield had recovered, as he went to hit the United States Champion with a Clothesline from Hell, only for Benoit to trip JBL up, before locking his challenger in the Sharpshooter! The crowd gave a great pop as JBL writhed in pain, before he eventually tapped out, meaning that Benoit had successfully retained his United States Championship over JBL for the second time in five nights. Cole and Tazz hype up Benoit and saying that he has been very impressive as of late as the US Champion, before we head to a commercial break.

|Commercial Break|

Once we return from the commercial break, we see some highlights from the Triple Threat World Heavyweight Championship match from WrestleMania XXII between the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, the 2006 Royal Rumble winner Rey Mysterio and the man who defeated Rey to also become the Number 1 Contender at No Way Out in Randy Orton. The package showcased big time moves in the match such as an Inverted Backbreaker to Angle by Orton, an Overhead Belly to Belly Suplex to Rey by Angle, a Tilt a Whirl Headscissors to TLK by Rey, as well as when Rey’s attempted Wheelbarrow Bulldog was reversed by Orton so he got him in a waist lock, before Angle nailed them with a Double German Suplex, sending Rey all the way across the ring with Orton also affected. However, in the end, it was Angle who prevailed, as after Randy was incapacitated by Rey after a 619 and West Coast Pop combination, Angle nailed Rey with an Angle Slam to retain his World Heavyweight Championship. As we return to the arena, Cole and Tazz say that we will see Angle in the main event against Mark Henry, and we will also see Rey team up with Matt Hardy to face the tag team of Orton and Finlay later on in the night.

Before we bear witness to these two huge matches, however, we go backstage where we see none other than Josh Matthews standing by, before he says that joining him at this time is none other than the man who lost to the Undertaker WrestleMania 22 in the Casket Match and the man who will face Kurt Angle in a non title match in the main event tonight: Mark Henry! Henry walks in scowling as Matthews asks him about last night, but Henry simply tells the interviewer to shut up, as he says that 5 nights ago, it was not under Henry’s conditions; it was under the Undertaker’s, which is why he did not win last night’s match against Taker. Henry then says that even though Taker won last night, he has unfinished business with Henry, which is why the Silverback will destroy, just like he did to Batista. This gets heat from the crowd as Henry begins to smirk, before he says that after he is done with Taker, Angle is next, before Henry leaves.

After cutting away from this interview with Henry, we cut to the ring as we go to the next match, which is between the man who last his match on Sunday night against Booker T in the Boogeyman going up against the ‘Pitbull’ Jamie Noble. After a match in which the Boogeyman mostly dominated to the crowd’s pleasure, Noble began to mount a surprising comeback before he went up to the high risk district by going for a Missile Dropkick, but the Worm Eater moved as Noble nailed the referee! As Noble turned around to face the Boogeyman, he was nailed with a Big Boot before he looked to be hit with a Boogey Slam, but out of nowhere, BOOKER T slid into the ring and nailed the man whom he defeated five nights ago with a Harlem Side Kick, causing him to drop Noble. The crowd gives huge heat for the Booker Man, who quickly lifts Boogeyman up and nails him with the Book End! Coincidentally and conveniently for Noble, the referee began to recover as Booker slid out of the ring with a smirk on his face, as Noble once again went to the top rope, before he came crashing down on Boogeyman by hitting him with a Leg Drop as a recovered referee counted the three, giving Noble the shock win over the Boogeyman! After the match, Booker walked back towards the locker room with quite a sadistic smirk on his face, as Cole says that the Boogeyman has made his and his wife’s life hell in the past couple of weeks, and that they may have unfinished business.

|Commercial Break|

As we return from the commercial break, we are in the backstage area where we once again see Josh Matthews, ready for his second interview of the night. Matthews then welcomes the man who cost the Boogeyman his match just before the commercial break in Booker T to the set, as he is greeted by some big heat from the crowd, but Booker does not seem to take any notice, and neither does Sharmell, who is beside her husband in Booker T. Before Matthews could ask the question, Booker shoved him out of sight, before telling the Boogeyman that 5 nights ago at WrestleMania 22, what Booker did was not enough, and that before WrestleMania, he made his and Sharmell’s life a living hell, so now, Booker is going to make the Boogeyman’s life a living hell. Booker storms out of sight with Sharmell in his wake as Cole and Tazz begin to talk about how Booker has completely changed into a much more aggressive man.

As we return to the arena, we see that none other than the WWE Tag Team Champions in MNM making their way down to the ring, the WWE Tag Team Championships hanging from the waist of Nitro and Mercury while the paparazzi snap away at Melina. After doing the infamous entrance, Melina takes a microphone and begins to say that even after becoming three time WWE Tag Team Champions in their first year in the WWE, MNM have been constantly overlooked, even though they have defeated all competition, including Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero, so judging by that logic, Nitro and Mercury should have a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship since Rey got one 5 nights ago, and they should also be inducted into the Hall of Fame, since Eddie has never defeated any member of MNM! The crowd gives huge heat at even this minor insult at Eddie Guerrero as an ‘Eddie’ chant started, but before Melina could continue, Londrick emerged from the back after Melina was interrupted by their entrance music. All three members of MNM scowl before Nitro and Melina exit the ring whilst Kendrick stays on the outside of the ring as London enters it, as we are ready to witness our third match of the night.

And this match did not disappoint, with the styles of Mercury and London meshing well to put on an entertaining and also a lengthy contest, with the match passing the 15 minute mark with the crowd surprisingly getting quite involved for a midcard match. At the 17 minute mark of the match, Mercury looked to finish London off with a Northern Lights Suplex, only for London to manage to land on his feet. As Mercury turned around, one third of MNM was nailed with a vicious Sitout Jawbreaker by London, causing Mercury to stumble backwards, as London kipped up to his feet! As Mercury stumbled forward, London characteristically nailed him with a Dropsault, before hitting Mercury with a Standing Shooting Star Press, getting him the huge win over one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions! After the match, a frustrated Nitro looked to enter the ring only for Kendrick to slide into the ring, causing Nitro to think the better of it, simply getting Mercury and helping him out of the ring as London and Kendrick celebrated in the centre of the ring, knowing that Paul’s win may very well put them in contention for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

|Commercial Break|

The RAW Rebound starts once we return from the break, as it highlights the events which happened on RAW this past week, starting off with the announcement of the Backlash main event between Cena and HHH with Michaels as Guest Referee after the three were bickering in the ring. In the first match of the night, Kane and the Big Show lost their rematch for the World Tag Team Titles against Carlito and Masters after Kane turned on Show, hitting him with a steel chair, which culminated in Show coughing up blood after being choked with the chair. Charlie Haas’ return is then shown as he managed to defeat his old partner Shelton Benjamin, earning himself the right to face Shelton at Backlash for the IC Championship. In the next match, Mickie James continued on her roll, as she managed to defeat Torrie Wilson after a Mick Kick, with Candice in James’ corner and Trish in Wilson’s. Edge then cut a promo which was interrupted by Ric Flair, as a match was made between the two for Backlash after Edge hit Flair in the head with a mic and then a Spear. Rob Van Dam then managed to defeat Chavo Guerrero, as Carlito cut a promo on Rob, saying that he was coming after the MITB Briefcase since Carlito wasn’t involved in the match which he came up with the return of. Finally, Triple H defeated Shawn Michaels after Cena tried to interfere and tell Shawn to do the right thing, leading to Cena being hit with a Sweet Chin Music before HHH laid Shawn out with a Pedigree.

Once we return from the RAW Rebound, the announcers tell us that after what we just saw before the commercial break, we will see Brian Kendrick go one on one with the other WWE Tag Team Champion, Johnny Nitro next week! Cole and Tazz discuss how we just saw a tremendous match between these two men’s partners, before they say that we are going to go straight to the next match, that being the huge Tag Team Match between Randy Orton and Finlay going up against the dream team of Rey Mysterio and Matt Hardy! The four men then make their entrances as there are heated words between the two teams, before the 4th match of the night beings to get underway.

It’s not often when you see two great matches in a row on a TV show but this was one exception. as all four men put on a great display, even after gruelling matches 5 nights ago, especially Hardy and Finlay. In an entertaining and another lengthy affair, Hardy played the face in peril as Orton and Finlay manipulated the injured body parts of Hardy, only for Matt to gain some momentum back after hitting a Side Effect to Finlay, before Rey and Orton were tagged in. The two men who were on the losing end of the World Title match 5 nights ago fought for the advantage, before Orton nailed Rey with his Inverted Backbreaker. Orton then continued to work over the smaller Rey, only for the speedier Mysterio to nail Orton with a Tilt a Whirl Headscissors into the middle rope, which he followed up with a 619! The crowd let out a huge pop, but when Rey went for a springboard manoeuvre, Orton hit Rey with a midair Dropkick, as both men were then down. As the referee was distracted with the two men, BOBBY LASHLEY emerged from the back as Finlay dropped down from the apron to meet his nemesis as the two traded blows with the referee not seeing it due to him being busy with Orton and Rey, but before any further damage was done, a recovered Hardy dived through the middle rope and hit both men with a Suicide Dive! As both legal men got to their feet, Rey turned his attention to the outside for a split second which was the opening that Orton needed, as when Rey turned around, he was nailed with the RKO, giving Orton and Finlay the win!

Orton celebrates as he raises his right arm in the air and smiles sadistically at the downed Mysterio, knowing that after beating Mysterio, he has moved himself one step closer to gaining the World Heavyweight Championship which he came so close to regaining 5 nights ago. Orton raises his arm in victory as he doesn’t even bother to get his hand raised by the referee, as he then goes outside of the ring while the camera shows the inside and outside of the ring, showing Rey unconscious in the ring as well as Lashley, Finlay and Hardy just beginning to stir on the outside before we cut to yet another commercial break.

|Commercial Break|

As we return from the commercial break, we go backstage to the office of none other than the Smackdown General Manager Theodore Long, who talks about the events before the break between Lashley/ Finlay/ Hardy and Rey/ Orton, and unlike what Shane did on RAW, Teddy says that he is going to give the fans what they want. As the crowd begins to buzz with anticipation, Teddy says that next week, we will bear witness to not one, but two Number 1 Contenders matches, the first one between the three Smackdown Money in the Bank competitors fighting it out in a Triple Threat match to become the Number 1 Contender for the United States Championship, and then in next week’s main event, Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton will battle it out where the winner will go onto become the Number 1 Contender for Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Championship! The crowd erupts at these two announcements, as Teddy says that both of those matches will take place at Judgment Day.

Once we cut away from Teddy’s office, Cole and Tazz once again begin to discuss these recent developments as we will find out two Judgment Day matches next week, before Cole says that it is time to move onto the main event, which is a non title Royal Rumble rematch between the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle and the ‘World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry. However, before the main event, we will hear from Angle, as the World Heavyweight Champion himself in Angle emerges from the back with his theme music playing in the background, as Kurt soaks in a wonderful ovation from the crowd after a great performance 5 nights ago at WrestleMania where he managed to retain his World Heavyweight Championship over Orton and Mysterio.

Kurt then begins to cut a promo on how 5 nights ago at WrestleMania, he defied the odds and retained the World Heavyweight Championship, before saying that either Orton or Mysterio will get a shot at him at JD. Angle says that he beat both of them last night so he will have no trouble in beating either of them, and after that, he will defeat any man who steps in his way, just like he has done since January to the likes of Mark Henry, the Undertaker, Orton and Mysterio. The Wrestling Machine then begins to talk about how unlike the ‘Ultimate Underdog’ Rey Mysterio, Angle successfully defied the odds, and unlike Orton, Angle ‘fulfilled his destiny’, and that just like 5 nights ago, the Olympic Gold Medallist will beat every man in his way, with the crowd surprisingly fully cheering for the World Heavyweight Champion even after insulting the likes of the Undertaker and Ret Mysterio. Angle begins to say his ‘Oh it’s true’ line, but he is interrupted by an angry ‘World’s Strongest Man’, who storms out from the back and gets ready to face Angle as we go to a commercial break just before the main event begins.

|Commercial Break|

The match started during the commercial break with an angry Henry dominating the World Heavyweight Champion in a match which was similar to their Royal Rumble encounter back in January. However, the resilient Angle kept managing to kick out of Henry’s offence which eventually paid off, as with Henry angry, he missed a Body Splash into the corner before Angle chop blocked him after walking out of the corner, getting Henry down to one knee, before Angle dropped him with a Snap DDT! However, Angle being in control was short lived as Henry fought back as he nailed Angle with a Short Arm Clothesline. However, after some more Henry domination, he set Angle up for the World’s Strongest Slam, a ‘GONG’ resounded throughout the arena, causing Angle to be dropped. Henry started screaming for Taker, before the lights went out, and when they came on, THE UNDERTAKER WAS IN THE RING! Henry stood on the spot for a moment, shocked, before he charged at Taker, but the lights went out again, and Taker was nowhere in sight! Henry looks shocked once again as he stares at the spot Taker vanished from, before Angle quickly applies a waist lock to Henry, as he somehow LIFTS HENRY UP AND HITS A GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd gives a huge pop as Angle roars, before he locks Henry in the Ankle Lock as Henry taps out!

After the match, Angle roars even louder than before as he raises his arms in the air whilst the referee gets Kurt’s World Heavyweight Championship and hands it to him. Angle poses on the top rope as he raises his World Heavyweight Championship while a sore Henry rolls out of the ring with an understandable pissed off look on his face. To end the first Smackdown after WrestleMania, we are greeted to the vision of Angle standing tall in the ring with his World Heavyweight Championship whilst Mark Henry is still pissed off on the outside, screaming for the Undertaker, who cost him the win over the World Heavyweight Champion.

|End of Show|

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