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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> A very descriptive opening video recapping Edge’s and to a certain extent Cena’s victory at New Years Revolution. It the small details that make all the difference and allow a booker to stand out. You made something mundane and ordinary a little bit special by mentioning camera speeds and shots. I love that kind of stuff.

>>> Some nice lines scattered throughout the opening commentary such as Styles asking viewers not to adjust their sets to The King pointing out that Lita might object to Coach referring to Edge as his man. Edge opening the show was a no brainer, but I’m surprised at how erratic, unfocused and crazed he appeared. Instead of being joyous, he was angry. Angry at the world. I don’t think there was a single person he didn’t rant on about at the start of the promo. It was a interesting way to spin things and it worked I guess. Didn’t like the Bret hart mention, but that’s a small thing. The way you wrote this, it was almost fit for a face, not a heel in that edge talked about the establishment overlooking him, ignoring him and keeping him down. He also compared his victory to that of Shawn Michaels, Austin’s and Hart’s, all major baby faces when they first won. The writing and characterization was top notch. The Cena, Flair ending was predictable, but exciting and well executed. A fun opener to the show.

>>> I’m more interested in what’s happening with Flair and Lita right now than I am in the Edge, Cena situation. Having a heel on commentary, even if it is The Coach is fun. Obviously you’re a fan of ring entrances being done in full. I do it for PPV events, but not for TV as it’s time consuming and not essential, but it’s up to you at the end of the day. Fast paced, exciting finish. I honestly though Benjamin had it, but Chavo wins with the sunset flip. I’m not all that keen on Chavo, but it would appear as if I’m in the minority on that one.

>>> The interaction between Eric and edge backstage was exceptional. I’m okay with the tag team main event match up tonight, nothing wrong with that, though Angle will look like a spare wheel as he’s not involved in any angle here. My main area of concern is that Flair gets a title shot before Cena, who’s the former champion and by making Cena the number 1 contender at the Rumble you almost guarantee us that Edge will retain next week. It all becomes rather predictable I’m afraid. None the less, solid writing here yet again.

>>> Carlito and masters get a spot in the Rumble if they make Michaels bleed, how none PG. God I miss the old days. Gunning for blood on cable TV. In2006 I always had a problem with two authority figures on the one TV show, those being Vince and Eric. I just don’t think it works, so here’s hoping you bump one of them soon. Great promo by HBK, just sensational and so in character. I never liked the HBK, McMahon angle so I hope you end it before mania. Now it’s apparent you enjoy match writing as your matches are quite lengthy thus far, but you need to watch your match times. The opening match up went about ten minutes and now this one has gone past eleven.

>>> I’m not usually a fan of handicap matches, but you wrote this in such a way that I had no choice but to root for HBK. Also, with Masters and Carlito quiet literally out for blood, it made things all the more interesting. The finish was fine, the problem is that by having to resort to getting disqualified, Masters and Carlito look weak. Michaels had the match won, he could beat both of them and lets face it, he’s no spring chicken is he? The violent aftermath, with Michaels blading continues the feud. I take it you’re going to go with the Austin, Vince Rumble angle from here on out with Vince trying to prevent HBK from entering the Rumble match?

>>> I miss this Triple H, the arrogant, no good, son of a bitch as JR liked to refer to him as. It’s not often Triple H is out of the title picture, but tonight he’s being over shadowed by Edge and Cena. Kane and The Bi Show seemed to always get thrown together for no good reason. Creative probably had no idea of what to do with them. Kane’s line at the end was a little cheesy.

>>> Glad to see the divas haven’t been ignored. Ashley was a prop on the stage drama that was Mickie and Trish. The second best diva feud of all time, following Sable and Luna in terms of drawing power. I guess you have little choice but to go with this until Mania, but I’m hoping at least you have the ability to change it up and make it different.

>>> Well Kane and Show pretty much squashed Murdoch and Cade here. I doubt that would of went over six minutes, more like three. I know it’s just a small thing, but you seem to be dead set on realism and conventional booking, so getting the match times in order is something you should also look to address. Did helms actually loose to Lawler? Man that’s bad. Not relishing the rematch if I’m honest.

>>> If Flair wasn’t holding Lita hostage, which he wouldn’t of been, why the heck did Edge have to go look for her, surely she would have been ready to greet him backstage before he ran into Eric. It’s not a surprise to see Flair and Cena on the same page. I can’t believe Cena is fine with Flair getting a title shot before he does, strange.

>>> Well thank God for that, Helms beats The King. In all honesty, if these two stayed in the ring for over seven minutes, I would of changed over and missed Kurt’s promo. Lawler is limited and he can’t carry a match suitable for the modern WWE universe. Speaking of Kurt’s promo, I’m glad you gave him some TV time before the main event. This promo accomplished two things. Angle is not on the same page as edge tonight, in fact he resents him. Also, edge is now the centre of attention, something he’s longed to be, yet he may not be ready for it. Very nice work my man!

>>> I think the divas match actually went down the night after New Years Revolution. You worked this pretty much as expected, with Trish trying to hold everything together as Ashley and Mickie try and drag each other down. It’s your first show, so I expected everything to be pretty similar to that of which the WWE produced IRL. The true test with all of the angles tonight is how much you can change them up and make them different. It’s not going to be easy.

>>> The main event. Well to be honest, I didn’t see Edge abandoning Angle, but when I think about it, it makes perfect sense for a chicken sh*t champion. Angle taps out to Cena yet again and the faces end the night victorious in the ring. It had to end this way, with Cena the number 1 contender at the Rumble and Flair the number 1 contender next week, neither man could have been pinned here. All in all a solid main event.

OVERALL: I think I’ve used the word “solid” and “well written” about a hundred times throughout and those are the best words I could have used to sum up this show. It was booking by numbers. Solid, well though out, constructive and entertaining. It was very similar to the product at the time, then again it was bond to be at this early stage. You book like a lot of the guys on here. By that is mean you focus on realism and stick to the WWE style of booking we see today. There’s nothing wrong with that at all. I’d like to see the excitement factor upped, but you’d expect me to say that. Again, watch the matches times, they’re totally out of sink. All in all, a very good show James, well done.

I don't do review for review, but If you feel like repaying the favor, wait for my next show mate :-)

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

I’m not a big review for review guy, but given the fact you’re fairly highly rated around these parts, and you took the time to review my own thread without shilling yourself for a review back in the process; I owe ya.

No better way to kick off a post PPV show than with a new World Champion, especially a new world champion in the fashion that Edge created. The description of Edge and Lita on the ramp was superb. Could literally picture the pair of them given the detail provided.

Impressive solo promo from Edge from start to finish. It was the type of promo that can either get boring quickly, or can be entertaining, and thankfully you caught it spot on, keeping the story he told interesting and enjoyable to read. He’s very much out for himself, thankfully not pandering to the heel authority figures like most would do in some shape or form.

Loved the introduction of Cena into the promo, instantly wiping the smile from Edge’s face, stopping the self indulgent look backs to last night. The beaten champion entering the fray now oughta crank up the intensity of this promo a couple notches.

Personally, I would’ve liked to have heard something from Cena before the brawl went down, but maybe it’ll be saved for later on. The brawl was standard - but effective - fare, afterall there isn’t much innovation you can have with a brawl, although it was nice to see the inclusion of Flair given his recent problems with the new champ.

Thank God there is no more Mama Benjamin . Five minutes or so for Benjamin to stay on top of Chavo seems a little excessive imo, especially when the two guys are rather similar in size and stature. The comeback was nicely done, and the reversal of the suplex into neck breaker from Shelton was typical Benjamin - sweet. Finish was a total shocker, as I was convinced Benjamin would be headed into the Rumble match, so I don’t know where exactly this leaves him, unless the losers get some sort of second chance to qualify.

Edge’s demands just backfired - BIG TIME. He’s gonna have himself a few busy weeks by the looks of things. Mega main event tonight, Flair next week, and then Cena if he wins against Flair. Like the no-nonsense approach from Eric too, as the all out heel GM angle is hackneyed beyond belief by now. Playing no favourites imo is the way to go.

Heck of a bait for Carlito and Masters tonight. Intriguing situation developing between the two partners too, as there seems to be something going on with Carlito, and it doesn’t seem that Masters is totally convinced by Carlito to trust him. Carlito is without a doubt coming off as someone that we’re going to see shine in the thread, at least, that’s the impression I’m getting.

Solid interview with Michaels, keeping his on-going feud with Vince ticking over, and leading into his next match, I cant see how Michaels scores a victory, unless Carlito and Masters totally fuck it up.

The commentary, by the way, has been extremely sharp throughout the show. Needed to make that comment somewhere in the review, feels to fit best here.

DQ finish was the okay route to go, as Michaels doesn’t have to job, and the team of Carlito and Masters do what was asked of them by Vince, although going over ten minutes seemed a little excessive for a handicap match. The force of Masters was immense in the aftermath too, showing off a vicious streak we’ve rarely seen. Maybe I’m reading a little too much into it, but I can see a situation beginning to develop between Carlito and Masters to develop a schism between them down the road.

Triple H twice referring to Show as a ‘big bastard’ struck me as one too many times personally. A different term would’ve been better the second time around rather than using the same phrase again. The promo itself was fine, but nothing special - and it didn’t need to be.

Stalker Mickie FTW. Not really keen on the Ashley scenario coming into play here, as it looks to be headed in the same direction it went in real life. Saying that, I guess it’s a bit early to be predicting that after one backstage segment. It could literally go in any direction.

Surprised Cade and Murdoch even lasted six minutes with Show and Kane. Who the heck is gonna be able to topple them as champions??

Some great comments from Helms

Gregory Helms: Get revenge? No Maria, the only thing Jerry Lawler needs to get is out of the way.
Wasn’t so keen on the last line though with the Orange tag line being used.

Nothing much to comment on with Flair and Cena. Bit of respect being shown, and with Cena being linked with Flair it should help his standing with the fans.

Hopefully that’s the last we’ll see of Jerry Lawler in the ring for a while. Helms rightfully went over, and books himself a spot in the Rumble. Despite not being keen on the last line of his promo, he certainly seemed to be right - his future does look bright.

Wasn’t keen on the big long spiel from Angle. Could’ve done with it being broken up a little bit. Saying that, Angle made some fantastic points on Edge, basically being given a poisoned chalice now he is champion. Putting the new champion on notice too was great, giving Edge PLENTY to think about for later on. Daivari being rendered useless here too … sign of things to come perhaps??

It’ll be nice to see RVD back in action.

These ‘minutes’ of beatdowns could get tiresome. Personally, unless the match type calls for a long beat down; like a handicap match or a big man vs. small man match, for a weekly show, where the matches are generally shorter, the long beatdowns are a little excessive. Chavo and Shelton could’ve went earlier without the sustained beat down, given they only had nine minutes. Eleven minutes for a match with only three involved that can hold up their end of the bargain in a match was about five or six too many for my liking too. As a positive though, at least you’re going to give the women time to showcase their talents, unlike the real life scenarios of three minutes per match, per week. Personally though, I’d rather you saved the eleven minute womens matches for matches between two women that can wrestle, rather than carrying the extra baggage of the non-workers.

As for the story of the match, it would most certainly appear Mickie is going to be finding herself a new enemy in the shape of Ashley. Just curious as to what direction you’ll take this as opposed to what went down in the real world.

Edge using the thumb to the eye on Flair was pretty poetic to say the least. The long beat down on Cena here is one of the occasions where it works, to build up the momentum for the eventual hot tag. Angle then being left for dead by Edge came as a surprise, and Angle being left as a lamb to the slaughter seemed odd. Mark up another enemy for Edge imo. Angle tapping out too was a big shock for me, but helps sell the injuries, and puts over the STFU, which, at this stage was still in it’s infancy.

One thing is for sure - Edge wont be doing any running next week; and what a main event that’ll be. Looking forward to that one. Decent enough show, and that’s all that can be expected really in these early stages whilst you get your feet under the table and comfortable with where you are going.

To echo a little what sc2004 said, throughout the show the matches seemed to be a little bit too long. Must’ve been over an hour of wrestling alone, then taking into account about thirty minutes of commercials, the entrances, the aftermath of matches, and the backstage promos - of which there were quite a few - would’ve made this much longer than the two hours. I’m all for longer matches, but to do that, you’ll need to cut back elsewhere to make up the time.
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

First off, I'd like to thank everyone for the reviews. Much like Wolfy, I'm not much of a review for review guy as I don't want to review a show if I don't feel like doing so, though I will check out the shows of you guys, and at least have a look. I'm really happy with how the promos of this show went over, because I struggled with them. The only promo I was originally happy with was Bischoff/Edge, with the others changing multiple times. Wasn't sure how they'd come off (especially Angle and Helms), though I'm very glad to see the positive response.

Match times too long? I'd probably have to agree, looking back. The one thing I remember about when I first posted a show on here is being told that my matches were too short and that my show wouldn't last the whole two hours. I probably went overboard with that in mind, so hopefully SmackDown! is a little better in that respect.

On the theme of SmackDown!, it's pretty much polished off. A few alterations may be needed, though you should see it up in the next 24-48 hours, which prompts me to post this...


January 13th, 2006 | Preview

This week Friday Night SmackDown! roars into Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for what should no doubt he a huge show as the road to the Rumble rolls on, with WrestleMania subsequently nearing.

While no contender for Batista’s World Heavyweight Championship at the Royal Rumble has been named, one man certainly made a huge impression on our World Heavyweight Champion last week, as Mark Henry ripped the door off the steel cage, interrupting the Steel Cage Match between the team of Batista & Rey Mysterio and MNM. ‘The Animal’ was the target of the rage of Henry, as he absolutely brutalised our champ, throwing him around like no man before him, thus allowing MNM to regain the WWE Tag Team Champions just weeks after they lost them. After his systematic destruction of Batista, Henry climbed the cage and stood atop it, beating his chest as if to show that he was now the man, that he was now the king of the jungle. We all know Batista is an animal that just won’t lie down though, so this Friday, something’s going to have to give. What will unfold between Henry and Batista?

On the theme of titles, the United States Title will now find itself a new home tonight, regardless of which way the result goes as the seventh match in the best of seven series is scheduled for action between Randy Orton (Booker T’s substitute) and Chris Benoit. With this action tearing SmackDown! apart since October of last year, both men can finally fulfil their lust for the gold tonight. Benoit, who has always trusted his own abilities when others haven’t, has himself to depend on, while Booker’s fate is a little more complicated, as it rests in the hands of ‘The Legend Killer’, not his own. The question is when the dust is settled, which man will walk out as United States Champions; Chris Benoit or Booker T?

John Bradshaw Layfield and The Boogeyman have also being having personal problems, which they will now look to settle this week after SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long signed the match for this Friday. With JBL seemingly fearing The Boogeyman, will he be able to face, or even overcome his fears this week on SmackDown!, or will the mysterious, worm-eating enigma known as The Boogeyman continue his reign of terror over the self-made millionaire.

For weeks we have seen vignettes, hyping the arrival of a man known as Finlay who supposedly ‘loves to fight’. This week Finlay is set to make his debut, and he will be in for a fight alright, as he takes on the powerhouse prodigy; Bobby Lashley. Lashley has been on fire since his debut in the WWE back in September, to the point of where he is undefeated. We will truly see what the debuting Finlay is made of this week, and if he has what it takes to survive on the SmackDown! brand.

In other action, The Bluebloods are set to take on The Dicks, while the cruiserweights take the spotlight in a six man tag team match, as The Mexicools take on the team of Jamie Noble, Nunzio and the Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash. Juventud lost his Cruiserweight Title to Kash just a few weeks ago at Armageddon, and since then he’s been gunning for the gold, hoping to regain what was once his. Will this match serve as a way for ‘The Juice’ to continue his quest, or will Kash attempt to break those dreams in one foul swoop?

With all of this set to go down, SmackDown! is must see this week, so be sure to tune into Friday Night SmackDown! this week, 9/8C on The CW Network.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Show is looking pretty solid. I'm interested to see where you go next with the Batista/Mark Henry storyline, since this is one many people weren't looking forward to in real life, so let's see if you can make it worth our time. Benoit vs. Orton should be a great match, and I hope that TLK comes through and wins the belt for Booker T, as he always owns as a heel Champion. Finlay's DEBUTING against Lashley? This should be a very good match that I doubt will end cleanly. The rest of the show looks pretty solid, so hopefully you'll get it up soon.


PatMan Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2007
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Sorry I wasn't able to review RAW, BKB, but something major came up in my family. I'll make sure to get to SD!, though.

Can't say Batista and Henry are two guys I'd really like to see, but here's hoping you put out some solid build-up to the match, if you decide to go that way.

I really liked the Best of Seven Series they had for the title, and I'm looking forward to seeing how you'll end it. If Orton wins it for Booker, make sure he's compensated, not like how it was forgotten in real life.

Boogeyman? Maybe you should forget the match, and just have JBL beat the hell out of him with a chair, and then release, please.

Finlay's debut against Lashley sounds good, although I'm a little confused. Didn't Finlay debut in WWE in 2005? Anyway, this should be a solid match, the two had a pretty decent feud in real life, and I think you could do better.

Bluebloods to destroy The Dicks, and the CW match sounds really good. Looking forward to a good showing from Noble, for possible contention once Juvi's out of the picture.

Show looks good, man, I'll be reading and reviewing.
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Here's that review you paid for...

|Edge Promo|Fantastic opening promo to kick everything off. The fact that it opened the show was to be expected, so I can’t comment on the timing of it. The content of it was pretty riveting. I don’t remember a whole lot bout WWE-2006 but I remember how awesome the concept of his first reign was. You’ve continued in that fashion and really put across how he was held down by ‘the man’ before. I wouldn’t say that he was invisible to everyone pre-title win, but I guess that’s just the nature of his kinda crazy character. You furthered that part of his character by the constant pauses, repetition and simply by him (attempting to) play to the video over and over again. Pretty great how Cena appears and then makes his way out to the ring, and the brawl that ensued was good. I can’t really remember how Flair fits into this, but meh, I hope he doesn’t feature anymore (other than abducting and raping Lita, Samoa Joe/Sharmell style).

|Chavo def. Shelton|Chavo getting a nice pop is well, nice. This is following Eddie’s death so maybe you could actually do something with him? Btw, you’re writing Coach very well, with his constant defending of the heels. Anyways, Chavo and Shelton is a great match to kick things off with. You wrote it well, and the ending was good as Shelton didn’t look weak, and Chavo continues the whole ‘Guerrero-stealing wins’ thing, even though it was a sunset flip. You mentioned a curse against Shelton? I can’t remember, but I guess he was losing a lot at the time (which brought in Mama). With Chavo winning, I can see him having a decent time in this thread. Haas ‘ran him down’? Guh?

|Edge/Bischoff Backstage|Really good follow-up to all the Cena/Edge/Flair shit that went down. Bischoff was mighty pissed off, and pretty tweenerish. Really heaped it on Edge by announcing three matches, especially the street fight next week. Maybe you could have saved the RR announcement until later, but whatever – sounds good enough, my man. I do think Bisch should have done something about Lita’s abduction, being a competent-GM and all.

|Carlito/Masters/Vince|Brief skit with Carlito, Chris and Vince. Once again I don’t understand what happened with Carlito and Masters, but what Vince came in for and said is understandable. While it was short it accomplished everything that it needed to, hyping up their match later on. Would have been better if you’d made it a first blood match officially I think; as TNA says, more stipulations = win.

|HBK Interview|I think this should have come a little longer after the whole thing with Vince, Carlito and Masters. If given a little more time for it to sink in it would have been more effective, but that being said it was still a good promo. You’ve had everyone in character so far which can only be great. He was less of a boring, emotionless old-ma n in this, so that’s also a win.

|Carlito/Masters vs. HBK|Like the previous interview, it all came too soon. It should have been later on in the show to build anticipation. Anyways, good storytelling here, not so much in the match as it was all pretty standard, but afterwards when they did indeed make him bleed. I guess they’re definitely in the rumble match now which all makes sense. Good way to further the feud, add to the rumble and give two flounderers some purpose.

|Triple H/Show/Kane| I marked for profanity, first and foremost. Well, I say first and formost – that was all of note really. Very short interview, with Trips in pretty good character – not particularly enjoyable, but realistic I guess. Show too was in character, what with his epically annoying “cute” thing going on. I liked Kane randomly getting in his face also, but other than that – nothing to say.

|Preliminary Dick Workout| Didn’t like how the scene cut from interview to backstage in the same paragraph. It’s nothing major, but separate them out in future . I now realise just what you mentioned to me on MSN, about the wankoverable scene with Trish’s ass. I’d have came marked irl, so good for you. I’m not interested in their storylines personally, but it was another pretty short scene (which I liked on this occasion).

|Kane/Show vs. Cade/Murdoch| I didn’t consider it a squash seeing as it was six minutes long, but it didn’t like what it did to Cade/Murdoch. I don’t think it (the match) was really needed as Big Show’s embroiled in a singles feud, so all it did was put down one of the top teams on Raw. Still, it could have done with some sort of interference/aftermath from Trips to make it more than a waste of time.

|Cena/Flair|Needed to be done to hype up the match, and it was done pretty well. Short and sweet, too the point – good.

|King vs. Helms| Lawler vs. Disrespectful young superstar matches always suck, and are pretty much done to death. I was kind of hoping King would win for some odd reason, just to add to the novelty of the Rumble, and the fact that he always loses. The fact that the logical winner won, makes it a bit of a let-down and waste of time. That being said, Helms got some TV and PPV time, so that’s good. Interesting to see what (if anything) you do with him from this point on.

|Kurt Angle Interview| Great Kurt Angle interview to get this show back in the right direction. I love how he built tension between himself and Edge, which will make for an interesting main-event for sure. Edge vs. Kurt at WM will be my dream match, so hopefully it happens. Maybe this could be the starting point of their feud… Anyways, it was pretty much perfect, other than I think he spoke a tad too goodguyishley of Flair and Cena, I.e “if you make it through them”. Flair shouldn’t be much of a task imo.

|Quick Wank| As it turned out – was a fucking LONG wank. Way too long for a divas match. Give em’ a minute next week. ‘Jon In 60 Seconds’, that’s my name. Sorry for not commenting on the fallout from the match, but I’m sure it was juuuust terrific. SIDELOL:

|Edge/Angle vs. Cena/Flair| In ever show I’ve ever read by you, you’ve always had too many matches and pretty wacked lengths. Don’t fret though, as it happens in most first-shows in a thread, maybe because of assring-rust. Yes, I did take a shot. Sue me. Epic main-event. I don’t like how Angle was made to look the chump by tapping out, all the while Cena is telling Edge ‘it’s for him’. They have jobbers for that. Aside from that, everything was just dandy. You used more description in this match then the others and rightfully so I guess. A great main-event with a great story, superstars and length too it. The whole show of build-up was worth it.

Your talent is extremely obvious, but as it was your first show back I felt it was hard to see it in its full light. You didn’t use much description throughout, and I hope you address that and go into detail more on backstage shenanigans. The biggest dissapointment was the flow of the show. There was only the one epic promo, which started things off, and aside from the main-event which was allocated two commercial break slots, there was a match in every quarter hour. Way to many, and of too long a length. The next show will most definitely be an improvement, since you’ll have Smackdown under your belt already. Keep on chugging, you know I’ll be reading and reviewing!
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Hey man, Raw was promising and the Smackdown preview looks pretty good to. The show is looking to have a real promising card, add a few good promos in and around and you've got yourself a formula to a great show. Keep it up.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 13th, 2006 | Wachovia Center; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

We open SmackDown! to footage of last week’s main event; Batista & Rey Mysterio vs MNM with the WWE Tag Team Championships on the line. Batista & Rey are well in control of proceedings when suddenly ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry walk down the ramp with Melina by his side. He absolutely manhandles the door, pulling it from its place in the cage with just brute strength. He then makes his way into the ring and absolutely destroys Batista, allowing MNM to pick up the victory. We then see Mark Henry stand atop the cage, screaming out like an animal while he beats his chest.

From here we cut backstage see SmackDown! General Manager; Theodore Long in his office.

Theodore Long: Ladies and gentlemen... after the events of last week, I’m afraid that our World Heavyweight Champion; Batista... he isn’t here in the building.


Theodore Long: I have been informed by Batista’s doctors that he is NOT clear to be here tonight. However, he will be back in action next week.

Long pauses.

Theodore Long: Now, with Batista not here and the Royal Rumble just three weeks away, I have decided that tonight is the perfect time to decide a new number one contender!

Pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: That’s righ’ ladies and gentlemen, tonight in our main event, Mark Henry...


Theodore Long: Will go one-on-one with... Rey Mysterio!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: With the winner going on to face ‘The Animal’ Batista at the Royal Rumble for the World Heavyweight Championship! Now, if ya’ feel that, gimme a holla holla!

The crowd pops as Long fades away and we now cut to the traditional SmackDown! opening of ‘Rise Up’. The camera then cuts across to the top of the stage once the video ends, showing the pyro exploding everywhere. The crowd in Philly are going nuts as we pan around, showing the audience which is jam-packed to the rafters. We slowly make our way across, finally getting to our announcers at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!. I am Michael Cole, here with my broadcast partner Tazz, and Tazz, what a huge night we have for the fans here in Philly!

Tazz: What night indeed, Cole! While our World Heavyweight Champion will NOT be here, we will find a number one contender as Rey Mysterio goes one-on-one with Mark Henry! I’m excited for that!

Michael Cole: Not only that, but the United States Title will be decided in the final of the best of seven series, as Booker T’s substitute Randy Orton takes on the ‘Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit!

Tazz: And what a series it’s been! I’m pumped for that match for sure, it’s gonna’ be off the charts!

Michael Cole: All that and much more, right here tonight!


That’s right, SmackDown!’s resident Mexican stable The Mexicools ride out on their Juan Deeres to a fair pop from the crowd. They ride down the ramp and circle the ring, before climbing up onto the apron and turnbuckles to play it up to the crowd.

Michael Cole: Just a few short weeks ago at Armageddon Juventud lost his Cruiserweight Championship to Kid Kash. Tonight, Juventud and his stablemates get a shot at Kash, along with Jamie Noble and Nunzio.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole, and this match is going to be straight up fun to watch. You have three high-flyers of the cruiserweight division in The Mexicools going up against three of the technical masters in Kash, Noble and Nunzio.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a six man tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, on their way to the ring, weighing a combined weight of 605 lbs, the team of Juventud, Super Crazy and Psichosis; The Mexicools!

*Slam Smack*

Jamie Noble makes his way out to little reaction from the fans. He doesn’t pay much attention to them as he walks down to ringside and stops, waiting outside the ring.

Michael Cole: Jamie Noble made his return to WWE just a week ago, competing on Velocity. Now Noble makes his return to SmackDown! right here tonight and Tazz, Noble has to be looking to make an impact.

Tazz: And there ain’t no two ways about it. Noble is an impact wrestler, and I would bet that an impact is exactly what he is gonna make.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first from Hannover, West Virginia, weighing 202 lbs; Jamie Noble!

*No Sleep Till Brooklyn*

Nunzio now makes his way out to once again little fanfare, though he is being accompanied by his accomplice Vito. He throws some punches into the hands of Vito, before walking down the ramp and joining Noble at ringside.

Michael Cole: Nunzio is no stranger to The Mexicools, in particular Juventud, as last year he traded the Cruiserweight Title with Juvi until Juvi ultimately lost to one of Nunzio’s partners for tonight; Kid Kash.

Tazz: Nunzio and Juventud do have a past, though Nunzio isn’t the man ‘The Juice’ is gonna be after tonight.

Tony Chimel: From Little Italy, New York City, weighing 170 lbs; Nunzio!

*Kash Money*

The Cruiserweight Champ now makes his way out to some decent heat as he stops at the top of the ramp, taps the gold that sits on his waist and raises his hands up into the air to say “Hey, I’m the champ!” He walks down the ramp and looks at both of his partners before climbing up into the ring while they slide in too, joining him.

Michael Cole: The Cruiserweight Champ Kid Kash has been having trouble with The Mexicools ever since he came after the gold that Juventud once had and he now wears. Tonight, he will be the focus of the attack from The Mexicools. Is he ready for that?

Tazz: Of course he’s ready for that, Cole. Kash knows comin’ in to this that he’s the marked man. He’s the champ for a reason Cole, he ain’t stupid.

Tony Chimel: Their partner, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing 202 lbs, he is the Cruuuuiserweight Champion of the world; Kid Kash!

| Match One |
| Six Man Tag Team Match |
| The Mexicools vs Jamie Noble, Nunzio & Kid Kash w/ Vito |

The Notorious KID doesn’t look to eager to start things out here, as he leaves for the apron while The Mexicools climb back up into the ring. Nunzio then joins him on the apron as he kick the action off with Psichosis and Jamie Noble. The two cruiserweights do what cruiserweights do best in the early parts of this match, getting the crowd excited as they move quickly, utilising mainly arm drags to get the crowd going. Psichosis now gets Super Crazy involved as he tags him into the match, keeping the Mexicool control going. The three continue their domination, tagging in and out for awhile, keeping their dominance going. Noble makes an escape as he lands a jawbreaker to the... jaw (I know, a jawbreaker being applied to the jaw shocked me too) of Psichosis, then tags in Nunzio, though that does nothing for Noble’s team other than leaving Nunzio to be controlled.

So, the faces stay on top momentarily until Crazy decides it’s time to head up top for a missile dropkick on his Italian opponent. The luchador has clearly forgotten that Vito is at ringside, as he provides the distraction while Kash runs across and becomes involved in the match for the first time by pushing Crazy from the top rope to the floor. Kash is now more than happy to get involved in the match with The Mexicools on the defensive, as he and his fellow heels dominate for the next portion of the match. The pitbull-like Jamie Noble’s over aggression eventually costs him team though, as he hammers away at Crazy in the corner to the point where the referee needs to use force to pull him away. Noble then charges back in, showing his tenacity, though once again it works against him as Super Crazy gets his boot up to shove right into the face of Noble. From here, Crazy quickly elevates himself up onto the second rope and successfully comes out with the missile dropkick, right on the button.

Both men are down initially, though that doesn’t last long, as they crawl across and make the tags to their partner in Juventud and Nunzio. Juvi really steps it up a notch, flying around the ring to dominate his opponents. Kid Kash tries to interject himself when he climbs into the ring and hammers Juventud in the back with a forearm, blindsiding him. He then sends Juventud off with an Irish whip, only for Juventud to duck under a clothesline attempt on the rebound. Kash then turns around and see Psichosis flying at him, as he comes off the top rope with a cross body, taking Kash down. Both men roll across the ring to get to their feet, with Kash using the ropes to pull himself up. Psichosis sees this and charges across as the Cruiserweight Champion, nailing him with a clothesline that takes him down to the floor. He then goes for a slingshot plancha, only to crash and burn thanks to the clever champ seeing him at the last minute and avoiding the move. In the ring, Nunzio charges at a somewhat distracted Juvi, though all that gets him is a boot firmly planted into his gut. Juvi then grabs Nunzio around the head, runs him to the corner and nails a beautiful tornado DDT, getting a two count.

He gets right back up and calls for the finish, though Kid Kash has other ideas as he climbs to the top rope. He then jumps at Juvi for a cross body block, which proves to be a mistake as Juvi dodges. Kash gets back to his feet quickly holding his midsection, then cops a huge enzuiguri to the back of the head, sending him out to the floor. Nunzio sees this as an opportunity as he gets back to his feet and charges at Juvi, looking for a clothesline which Juvi ducks, before scoring with the Juvi Driver! Juventud makes the cove and from there, the three count is academic.

Winners: The Mexicools via pinfall @ 8:56


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners; The Mexicools!

Juventud gets back to his feet and holds his hand up, with his partners in Psichosis and Super Crazy rolling into the ring to join him. At the top of the ramp Kid Kash is shown walking back with his Cruiserweight Championship, though he is facing the ring and telling Juvi “You got lucky!” Juventud laughs it all off and motions that he wants the gold in the near future as the crowd continues to cheer.

Michael Cole: Juventud leads The Mexicools to a big win there, Tazz, but does this mean he will have a shot at Kash in the future?

Tazz: As much as I like Juvi, Cole, I don’t think it should. I mean, he never pinned the champ! He has to do more to earn it before getting a shot against our Cruiserweight Champion; Kid Kash.

Michael Cole: Well we now head back to Josh Matthews who is standing by with a special guest.

We do indeed head back to see Josh Matthews standing alone in the interview area with a microphone in hand.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen; Chris Benoit!

The crowd gives a decent pop as Chris Benoit steps into picture.

Josh Matthews: Now Chris, tonight you face Booker T’s substitute Randy Orton in the final of the best of seven tournament for the United States Title. After being down three-to-nothing just over a month ago, what are the chances that you’ll win tonight after having to use so much to get back into this tournament in the first place?

Chris Benoit: What are my chances, Josh? What are my chances? Y’know, I think my chances are pretty damn good. Y’see, people like you have never believed in me. You’ve always doubted me. “Oh, Chris Benoit, he’s too small. Oh, Chris Benoit, he’s not good enough. Oh, Chris Benoit, he’s not strong enough.” Each and every time people like you have said that, I have proved them wrong!

Pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: So what makes tonight any different, Josh? What makes tonight any different? Nothing. Tonight, I am going to go out there and I am going to once again prove the critics wrong... just like I always do. I do’t care if it’s Booker T or if it’s Randy Orton. I’ve beaten them BOTH before, and tonight, I’ll do it all over again. And then, then maybe they’ll believe that Chris Benoit... he’s big enough. Chris Benoit... he’s good enough. And Chris Benoit... he’s strong enough. All of the haters will learn what they should already know, and that is that Chris Benoit... he’s for... real.

Benoit smiles and walks off to a pop from the crowd, as we then head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see MNM in their locker-room. Joey Mercury and Johnny Nitro talk excitedly in the background, while Melina is the one audible to us on the phone.

Melina: You say J-Lo will be there... and K-Fed? Of course MNM are in. I’ll see you later tonight. Bye.

Melina hangs the phone up and puts it down on the bench behind her, before turning to the champs.

Melina: Boys, we have been invited to THE party. All the stars are gonna be there; K-Fed, J-Lo, Britney... and it’s all for US! Tonight, we have been invited to our very own party to celebrate the gold coming home.

Mercury and Nitro lift their belts up, then clang them together, almost as if to say, “Cheers.”

Melina: All the stars are out to see us! Come on boys, it’s time to get going.

Mercury and Nitro pick up their bags and follow Melina out the door when suddenly she stops. The camera then pans around and we see our General Manager; Theodore Long standing at the door.

Theodore Long: MNM... just the team I wanted to see.

Melina: Teddy, we were just about to leave and ---

Theodore Long: Just about to leave? Playas, you’re not goin’ anywhere!


Theodore Long: Now I know last week you guys regained your titles, and I also know that you wanna celebrate. I know that. However, on SmackDown!, our champions are fighting champions, which is exactly what you’re gonna be. That's why tonight, Joey Mercury you will be in action as you go one-on-one with... Paul London!


Theodore Long: And playa, that match is comin’ up soon, so you might wanna unpack your bag you got there and get ready. Holla holla.

Teddy walks off as Melina stares him down, giving him the evil eye (well, giving his back the evil eye).

We now head elsewhere to see a close-up on the face of Sharmell. As the camera pans back, we now see Booker T pacing back and forth, whilst Sharmell is seated, seemingly in their locker-room. Booker looks anxious, while Sharmell looks pretty hot ().

Booker T: Baby, I dunno’... I just dunno ‘bout trustin’ Randy Orton. I mean, I had this thing won! I was ahead three ta’ zip... I was practically United... States... Champion. But now, now Randy Orton, he blown that lead. He almost me it all. One more... one more loss and that United States Title, baby, it ain’t comin’ home with ‘The Book Man’. I’ve tried for so long just ta’ get mah’ hands on that title, and now, now I have ta’ trust Randy Orton to get the job done when he failed last time, as well as tha’ time before? Baby, I just ain’t feelin’ that.

Sharmell: Babe, I feel the same way... I mean, you have EARNED the United States Championship. Hell, you’d be holdin’ it right now if it weren’t for Teddy Long and him deciding to screw you. But now, now you have to trust someone else when you did all of the work to get the gold? When we did all of the work to get the gold? That’s not right... that’s not right at all. And I know you don’t trust Randy... I don’t either. I mean, he’s blown it twice. He should have already delivered us what he promised in the United States Title, yet for some reason, he’s failed to deliver. Well tonight, tonight baby, we’re gonna’ make sure that doesn’t happen. Y’know how we’re gonna’ do that?

Booker T: How, baby?

Sharmell: Tonight, we’re gonna’ go down there, and we’re gonna’ make sure that if Randy Orton doesn’t get the job done... we’re gonna’ do it ourselves. And if that doesn't work... there's always plan B, you ---

Sharmell is cut off, as the sound of someone clearing their throat is heard. She turns around as the camera pans around with her to see Randy Orton has stepped into the room, getting some decent heat.

Randy Orton: I could have sworn I heard my name.

Orton smiles as Booker and Sharmell look on somewhat uncomfortably.

Randy Orton: Now Booker... Sharmell, I can understand you two being worried. Truly, I can. I mean, last week Booker, you accidentally cost me not just my match, but your chance at claiming the gold, so really, I can understand you being nervous. But y’see, you really have no reason to be. In case you hadn’t noticed, you’ve got ME. So Booker, while I may not agree that you, as your wife put it, earned the title, believe me when I say that tonight, I am going to earn that title for you. Just make sure that you... don’t get in my way.

Orton once again smirks at Booker.

Randy Orton: I’ll see you later tonight... champ.

We now head back to ringside to hear...


We are joined by the tandem of Paul Burchill & William Regal, collectively known as The Bluebloods to some decent heat. They walk down to the ring rather intently, ignoring the fans as they do so, before climbing up onto the apron and wiping their boots so that they are clean for entrance into the ring. The Dicks, who are conveniently already in the ring scurry, as Regal receives a microphone.

Michael Cole: Quite an interesting contrast here tonight, Tazz. Before the break we saw an intent Benoit, focussed on victory, while after it we saw a nervous Booker, unsure of his substitute; Randy Orton.

Tazz: Booker may be nervous, Cole, but Randy Orton is one of the best is the business. He need not be worried.

So, while the announcers talked about other things, Regal has prepared himself to speak.

William Regal: Ladies and gentlemen, please allow me to introduce you to the most deadly tandem in all of the World Wrestling Entertainment; myself and my protégé Paul Burchill... The Bluebloods!

Small heat from the crowd.

William Regal: But you see, not only are we the most deadly tandem in the WWE, but we are also two of the most polished singles wrestlers this company has ever seen, which we intend to prove in just three short weeks. That’s right, Mr Long has granted me and Paul places in the Royal Rumble, where we will show not just all of you fans, but also all of the lads in the back that we are indeed the best SmackDown! has to offer.

Regal pauses for a moment.

William Regal: So all of you toerags in the back... consider yourselves to be put on notice. This year, the Royal Rumble will be won by a deserving winner... a true winner... a... royal winner.

Regal gets some small heat as he hands his mic away, then takes his jacket off with The Dicks now joining The Bluebloods in the ring.

| Match Two |
| Tag Team Match |
| The Dicks vs The Bluebloods |

The Dicks are jobbers. The Bluebloods are not. Need I say more? Academic win here, as The Bluebloods absolutely decimate the jabronified Dicks. A small comeback comes as Chad manages to land some forearms to the midsection of Paul Burchill, though Burchill soon enough snuffs that out and continues his domination, before he and Regal toy with their prey for a short time, ending with Burchill locking in a vicious looking armbar (though with his body under the arm)/crossface combo which Michael Cole refers to as the Royal Mutilation, causing Chad to tap out.

Winners: The Bluebloods via submission @ 3:02


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners; The Bluebloods!

Regal joins Burchill in the ring as he relents on the hold under instruction from his mentor. Regal then asks for (and receives) a microphone from ringside.

William Regal: That... that is exactly what you can expect at the Royal Rumble. It doesn’t matter whether it’s two other men or twenty-eight others. United we stand, and divided they fall. One by one, Paul and I will systematically dispose of ---

“Miiisssttteeerrr Ken-nah-day... KENNEDY!”

*Turn Up The Trouble*

Oh, that’s right, Mr Kennedy is back! And you know, he actually receives a pop from the crowd, probably because he’s interrupting Regal (we all know no one likes the Poms ). The charismatic Kennedy makes his way down the ramp rather swiftly, walking with intent, before climbing into the ring and telling Regal to step aside, as he poses in the centre of the ring and waits for his signature microphone to drop from the ceiling.

Mr Kennedy: Tonight... tonight is a very special night. Y’see, tonight marks the return of SmackDowns!’s fastest rising star. Tonight marks the return of... me... Mr Kennedy.

Pop from the crowd.

Mr Kennedy: Now hang on, hang on! Don’t get the wrong idea... don’t think I’m out here because I like you people...

Kennedy regains his heat here in one foul swoop.

Mr Kennedy: No... no. Tonight I am here for something much, much more significant than you people... tonight I am here for what some would call the biggest announcement of the millennium. Now Regal, I hear you standin’ over there thinkin’ to yourself, “Just what is he talkin’ about?” Well, I’ll tell ya’ what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. What I am talkin’ about is the return of Mr Kennedy to the squared circle!

Mixed reaction.

Mr Kennedy: Oh yeah, but it’s not tonight. Oh no no no no no! My return is at... the Royal Rumble! So Regal... Burchill, you may have thought that you two were gonna’ just step right through and dominate the competition, but that ain’t gonna’ happen no more, because the winner of the Royal Rumble will be none other than... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KEN-NAH-DAY!

Kennedy smiles obnoxiously, then gets right up in Regal’s face.

Mr Kennedy: Kennedy!

*Turn Up The Trouble*

Kennedy smiles at Regal, then shrugs his shoulders and leaves the ring, as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break following Teddy Long, as he walks down a corridor, giving a “Holla holla” to some random guys. He then opens his office door and enters, though soon stops in his tracks as the camera reveals John Bradshaw Layfield to be sitting on his couch, Jillian Hall alongside him.

Theodore Long: JBL... shouldn’t you be preparing for your match with The Boogeyman?

John Bradshaw Layfield: Nasty business that... me and The Boogeyman. Y’know Teddy, one would think that you could give me someone more on MY level... but you didn’t. However, that’s not why I’m here. I’m here because me and The Boogeyman, tonight... it can’t happen.


John Bradshaw Layfield: Y’see Teddy, I seem to have come down with some sort of allergic reaction... turns out I’m allergic to worms. Show him the letter, Jillian.

Jillian pulls a letter out from her pocket and hands it to Long, with Long reading it through.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Looks like I can’t wrestle The Boogeyman... not now, not ever. But hey, this is a chance, Teddy. A chance for redemption. I belong in the main event, closin’ the show, not wrestlin’ some circus sideshow. This is your chance, Teddy... this is your chance to make amends on your mistakes.

Theodore Long: JBL, you may be allergic to worms, but y’see, dodgin’ matches does not get you a main event spot. So as far I’m concerned, you’ll have to earn your spot.

Just as Teddy finishes up his sentence a knock is heard at the door.

Theodore Long: Come in.

The person obliges, as the door opens to reveal Matt Hardy walking in. He looks at the man he faced at Armageddon in JBL and sneers at him, before shaking hands with Teddy.

Theodore Long: Matt Hardy; just the man I came back to my office to see! How are ya’, dawg?

Matt Hardy: I’m good, Teddy, I’m good. I was just wonderin’ what it is you wanted to see me about.

Theodore Long: Don’t worry, Matt, it’s nothin’ bad... in fact, I think you’re gonna’ quite like this. Y’see, with the Royal Rumble just three weeks away, I have to decide who on SmackDown! is goin’ ta’ represent me in the Royal Rumble Match. And I thought to myself, who better than Matt Hardy? So Matt, you got yourself a spot in the Rumble!

Big pop from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: Wow... thanks man, that means a lot. I mean ---

John Bradshaw Layfield: Hold on just a damn minute! He... Matt Hardy... he gets a spot in the Royal Rumble? Teddy, in case you’ve forgotten, lemme me remind you that just a few weeks ago, I beat this punk’s ass! Why does he deserve a spot in front of me? Why? I demand to know why!

Theodore Long: Maybe it’s ‘cause he ain’t afraid of wrestlin’ right here on Friday Night SmackDown!

Oh snap son. The crowd pops big for that as JBL stands up, looking awfully pissed off.

John Bradshaw Layfield: Afraid... afraid? Teddy, I am not afraid of ANYONE. In case you’ve lived under a rock for the past two years, lemme remind you that I... I am a WRESTLING... GAWD! I am better than The Boogeyman is and ever will be, and I certainly am not afraid of him!

Matt Hardy: Well... if you’re not afraid of him, how ‘bout you get some medication for your lil’ allergy you got goin’ there and wrestle him?

The crowd pops as Hardy smiles.

Theodore Long: Y’know what, I actually like that idea. But I know you don’t JBL, and I know you’ll do anything to try to get out of it, so I’m gonna’ go ahead and make you a little proposition. You wrestle The Boogeyman next week and you got yourself a spot in the Rumble. However, if you fail to compete next week, JBL, you will not get a spot in this year’s Royal Rumble!

Huge pop from the crowd for the latter.

John Bradshaw Layfield: You... YOU CAN’T DO THIS! I can’t wrestle The Boogeyman... THIS IS UNFAIR! THIS CANNOT HAPPEN!

Theodore Long: Oh, I think you’ll find it can happen, JBL. Now if ya’ don’t mind, I’d rather you get out of my office before I decide that you won’t have a chance at gettin’ in the Rumble!

JBL leans in at Long and looks like he wants to snap back at the GM, though he thinks better of it, as he walks right past him and leaves the office, following by Jillian.

We then head back to ringside to our commentators.

Michael Cole: What an announcement there from Teddy Long! Ladies and gentlemen, we will not be getting JBL vs The Boogeyman this week, though we will next week if JBL wants his spot in the Rumble.

Tazz: Y’know, usually I’m a fan of Teddy, but he has unfairly backed JBL into a corner here. The man’s allergic to worms for Christ’s sake! He can’t possibly wrestle The Boogeyman!

Michael Cole: He can and he will have to... if he wants the chance to go to main event WrestleMania.

*Hell Will Be Callin’ Your Name*

The announcers are now cut off, as the undefeated Bobby Lashley walks out onto the stage to a fairly big pop from the crowd. The muscular marvel sets off his pyro at the top of the ramp, then walks down to the ring, slapping hands with a few of the fans before jumping up onto the apron and climbing into the ring, where he heads to the corner to pose for the fans.

Michael Cole: Moving on, Tazz, this match features not only two men who will be in the Royal Rumble, but also a man who will be making his debut in the WWE in Finlay.

Tazz: I’ve been lookin’ forward to the arrival of Finlay, so I can’t wait to see what he looks like in the squared circle.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs; Bobby Lashley!

“My Name Is Finlay, And I Love To Fight”


The rough and tough Finlay now makes his way out, making his SmackDown! debut. The crowd gives him little to no reaction as he walks down the ramp to the ring, no frills about him, a shillelagh in his left hand being the only thing coming with him down to the ring.

Michael Cole: For weeks now we have seen the videos hyping the debut of this man. Now we finally get to see his debut as he goes one-on-one with Lashley!

Tazz: And facin’ Lashley ain’t an easy debut, though you can already see that this man looks to be a wily veteran.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, making his debut on SmackDown!; Finlay!

| Match Three |
| Singles Match |
| Bobby Lashley vs Finlay |

Finlay and Lashley spend the first few moments of the match feeling each other out, as they are quite obviously unfamiliar to one another. Soon enough Finlay shows his alignment though as he scores with a thumb to the eye of Lashley. This allows the debutant some momentary control, though it doesn’t last too long, as Lashley uses his power to come right back as he forces Finlay into the corner and unloads on him with right hands. He then whips Finlay off to the opposite corner and charges in at him, only for Finlay to score with a low dropkick right to the knee of the youngster. From here we see Finlay’s offence is much like his entrance in that he doesn’t have any fuss about it. He just uses his body to work over the knee of Lashley, looking to wear him down with mainly strikes and submission holds. Eventually the submission manoeuvres prove to be the undoing of the Irishman, as Lashley fights through the pain of having Finlay’s elbow firmly planted into his knee to score with several elbows to the side of the head of Finlay, causing him to roll off in pain, holding his head.

Finlay then gets back to his feet and sees Lashley charging at him, so he attempts a clothesline. Lashley seems to see it coming though, despite having never faced Finlay, as he ducks the move. Lashley then hits the rope and comes back to nail the turning Finlay with a clothesline of his own, sending his opponent down. Finlay rushes back up and Lashley nails another clothesline, before Lashley pushes Finlay back against the ropes and sends him off for an Irish whip. This leads into a huge back body drop from Lashley, as he gees up the crowd, getting them really excited. He then lifts Finlay into a military press, before manoeuvring him around and planting him with a powerslam for a two count. Lashley has now seen enough as he signals to the crowd that it’s time for the end, courtesy of the Dominator. Finlay slowly pulls himself up, then gets put straight into a waistlock by Lashley, who is looking to end the match. He gets Finlay up on his shoulders, though Finlay then slips out and lands behind Lashley, before kicking him right in the back of the injured knee.

The Irishman then gets the youngster up on his shoulders and drills him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam, getting a two count. Finlay gets to his knees and shakes his head, then displays his gap-toothed smile as he walks across to the corner and pulls out the shillelagh he brought with him to ringside. The crowd boos as he walks across and waits for Lashley to get up while the referee warns him not to use. Lashley slowly gets up, unaware of what’s happening, before turning to see Finlay rear back... ONLY TO CATCH HIS ARM! Lashley looks immensely pissed as he shakes his head, then brings Finlay in and snaps off a wonderful belly-to-belly suplex. He then goes back into the corner and squats down, waiting for Finlay to get up. Finlay gets back to his feet with his back to Lashley, prompting Lashley to charge as he turns... ONLY TO BE DRILLED WITH THE SHILLELAGH! Finlay had never let go of the shillelagh, as he now uses it, smashing Lashley right in the head. The referee instantly calls for the DQ, with Lashley down and out.

Winner: Bobby Lashley via disqualification @ 8:26

No music plays, no announcement comes from Tony Chimel... instead, we see Finlay standing over Lashley, that gap-toothed smile once again there.

Michael Cole: For weeks we saw videos hyping the debut of Finlay, but now we know what this man is all about. He needlessly knocked Bobby Lashley out, just because he feared he may lose the match!

Tazz: Whoa, Cole, I don’t think Finlay thought he was gonna’ lose the match. Besides, we shoulda’ known what to expect from Finlay. His name is Finlay, and he loves to fight!

We now get a preview coming across our screens, previewing the big main event for tonight (which is of course Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry).

Michael Cole: Well both of Lashley and Finlay are going onto the Rumble, but which of these two men will face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship at the Rumble? We’ll find out tonight as Rey Mysterio and Mark Henry go one-on-one... tonight.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial break to see Josh Matthews standing by backstage in the interview area.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen; Rey Mysterio!

The crowd gives a major pop as Rey walks into view, readjusting his mask.

Josh Matthews: Rey, tonight you face Mark Henry for the opportunity to face your friend Batista at the Royal Rumble with the World Heavyweight Championship. However, after seeing what Henry did to Batista last week, what do you think your chances against Henry are?

Rey Mysterio: Josh, when I was growing up, my dad used to tell me, “Son, it’s not the size of the dog but the fight of the dog that counts.” My uncle, the original Rey Mysterio who trained me, he told me the exact same thing. No matter how little or small you may be, it’s the fight, the heart... the machismo that counts. And y’know I believe that... I really do... but does it mean anything when the guy you’re wrestling is over twice as heavy as you? Does it really matter when you’re facing someone who can CRUSH you with his bare hands?

Rey pauses for a moment, gathering his thoughts.

Rey Mysterio: Tonight... tonight I’m in for the fight of my life, Josh. But rest assured, while I may not be the biggest dog, I DO have the biggest heart. Mark Henry, he may be able to try and crush my body, but tonight, he cannot crush my spirit. I’ve fought out of my weight class my whole life. Ever since I started wrestling, everyone was always bigger than me. But did I quit? Did I give in? No. Tonight... tonight, Josh, is just another one of those battles. And who knows, if I win, I fight out of my weight class again. I get a chance to win gold, and say that I am good enough, that I do have the biggest heart. Tonight, my hopes may look slim, but tonight... tonight is just the beginning.

Mysterio pauses again.

Rey Mysterio: Dave, we may be friends, but my whole life has been building to tonight, and then ultimately, to the Rumble. And believe me, Dave... I will not quit, because the heart of this dog is bigger than the heart of any other dog.

The crowd pops as Rey looks at Josh, then walks off. We then head back off to ringside to hear...

*London Calling*

Paul London & Brian Kendrick walks out onto the stage, getting a reasonable pop from the crowd. They slap hands, with London then sprinting down the ramp and sliding into the ring, Kendrick not far behind him. London gets up on the second rope poses for the crowd, then does a backflip back to the middle of the ring.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio is in for the night of his life tonight, and it sounds like he knows it.

Tazz: He sure does, Cole, but I wouldn’t be plannin’ on facin’ Batista at the Rumble if I were him! He’s gotta’ get past ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ to get there, and believe me, that ain’t no easy task!

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. In traducing first, from Austin, Texas, weighing 175 lbs; Paul London!


The red carpet is now rolled out as SmackDown!’s resident A-Listers MNM walk out. They pose for the cameras, playing it up to the crowd to get some heat, as the belt hangs from the pants of Mercury & Nitro rather suggestively. They swagger all of the way down the ramp, with Melina then stopping them, rubbing their belts, then telling them to get in the ring. They do their thing and get in the ring, with the attention then being on Melina as she does the greatest entrance in the history of history. Seriously. Anyway, they then play it up to the crowd, still getting heat, while London stands back in the corner, waiting.

Michael Cole: Well, these two men are the new WWE Tag Team Champions, after defeating Batista & Rey Mysterio last week, thanks to some interference from Mark Henry.

Tazz: And y’know, they were just about to go out and party with the big stars when Teddy Long decided that Joey Mercury should be in action tonight. I usually like Teddy, but I’m not happy with this move here, Cole.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 210 lbs, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions; Joey Mercury!

| Match Four |
| Singles Match |
| Paul London w/ Brian Kendrick vs Joey Mercury w/ Johnny Nitro & Melina |

London and Mercury show they have some chemistry here, as they instantly start off at a fast pace, once their partners have left the ring. London has complete control early on thanks to the frenetic pace, showing why he’s a former Cruiserweight Champion. Mercury gets the match more suited to his pace when he stops a charging London with a raised boot in the corner. He then follows up with a knee lift and a hard right, sending London down to the mat. His offence pretty much follows this pattern, using strikes to keep London down, utilising the corners to great effect, trapping London. London looks like mounting a sudden comeback when he jumps over a shoulder thrust attempt from Mercury and turns it into a sunset flip for a two count. However, as soon as he gets back to his feet Joey Mercury shows some athleticism of his own, nailing a beautiful leg lariat to take London right back down to the mat. Mercury doesn’t want to take any more chances after almost losing the advantage in this match, now going to work on London with a chinlock with added pressure thanks to his knee being driven into the back of London.

The crowd of course gets behind the high-flyer, wanting him to be able to escape from the perils of the submission hold. With the support of his partner Brian Kendrick ay ringside, along with the many in attendance in Philadelphia, London gets ck to his feet, then starts to turn in the hold, allowing himself to nail a few quick right hands to the midsection of Mercury. Again, Mercury sees the danger coming, prompting him to charge across the ring and ram London back into the corner. He then goes to work with some heavy right hands, not breaking away until the referee literally forces him to. He moves back, then holds his fist up and charges in, only to connect with turnbuckle, thanks to London quickly moving through the ropes and out to the apron. With Mercury now staggering back, London jumps up to the top rope, then comes off with a spectacular springboard dropkick, taking one half of the WWE Tag team Champions down.

Once both men regain their footing London comes out all guns blazing, nailing a quick series of forearms before sending Mercury off with an Irish whip, which results in a leg lariat from London on the rebound. Mercury then gets back up to his feet, only for London to charge back at him and nail a spinning heel kick. Nitro climbs up onto the apron and tries to distract London, though he receives a dropsault for his troubles, with London landing on top of Mercury in a cover for a two count. As London gets back to his feet the crowd go absolutely nuts, getting really behind the athletic London. He heads across to the corner, garnering further cheers from the crowd, before leaping off at a rising Mercury with a cross body block. Mercury thinks quick though and rolls through, getting a two count. Both men immediately rise up to their feet, with Mercury getting the first shot, nailing a boot to the midsection. He then tries to twist London around for a neckbreaker, only for London to not turn, then push Mercury off to the ropes. Mercury rebounds back at London to cop a kick to the midsection, then an amazing legsweep DDT (which you’ll know very well if you’ve seen London in ROH).

London knows he has the match practically won, as he now heads up to the top rope, looking to finish Mercury off. MNM have other ideas though, as Melina climbs up onto the apron, distracting the referee. Nitro then climbs up next to London and shoves him off the top rope, taking him down. Kendrick has seen enough as he slides into the ring, then charges across and takes Nitro out with a suicide dive to a big pop from the crowd. Melina drops down from the apron as Mercury gets up in the ring, with London looking out of it. Mercury lifts London right up to his feet, then gets him up onto his shoulders into a fireman’s carry, before dropping London in a Flapjack, resulting in the three count.

Winner: Joey Mercury w/ Johnny Nitro & Melina via pinfall @ 8:06


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Joey Mercury!

Mercury climbs back to his feet, before Melina joins him in the ring, handing him his gold. As Kendrick slides into the ring to check on his partner, Johnny Nitro slides back in, with Melina handing him his gold too. The trio celebrate in the ring, Mercury & Nitro holding their gold up while Melina stands in between them, hands raised.

Michael Cole: Paul London had that match won, and it wasn’t for the antics of Melina and Nitro at ringside, he would have been the one with his hand raised!

Tazz: Y’know, I agree, Cole. Paul London put up one heck of a showin’, but in the end, you do what ya’ gotta’ do, and that’s exactly what the tag champs did!

Michael Cole: They did what they did because they know that Paul London was the better man tonight!

We now head backstage to see Chris Benoit walking towards the camera, cracking his neck.

Tazz: Well Cole, you’re fired up now, but ya’ better be ready to get even more fired up, ‘cause up next, it’s Randy Orton goin’ one-on-one with Chris Benoit in the FINAL match of the best of seven series. This one’s gonna’ be off the chart baby... next!

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break in a backstage area, with Mark Henry, standing alone in a dark room, drawing some pretty big heat from the crowd.

Mark Henry: Batista... tonight, you made the right move. You stepped back... you decided to stay away. And y'know, it's probably the right thing for you to do, because you know what'll happen to you if you come near me. Just think of last week... think of what I did to you. You probably think I was just muckin' 'round... that I was playin' a game. Well, Dave this isn’t a game to me... I ain’t muckin’ around. I’m not playin’ with you at all. This thing between us... it’s dead serious. Now I can hear you sayin’ to yourself, “Why? Why did Mark Henry choose to come after me?” Ya’ see Dave, it’s really simple. You’ve got the gold... and I want it. Anyone coulda’ been in your position, and it woulda’ been them. That gold you hold... I want it... I crave it. And if I have to go through you... if I have to injure you... if I have to END YOUR CAREER... I’ll do it. This isn’t a game, Dave, this is me... comin’ after... you.

Henry pauses as the crowd gives some huge heat.

Mark Henry: Y’know, it’s funny Dave... you call yourself ‘The Animal’, yet look what happened last week. Look what happened... I hurt you... I manhandled you... I wounded you. You’re a wounded animal, Dave, and now... now I smell blood. At the Royal Rumble, I’m gonna’ finish what I started last week and tear... you... apart! You may be an animal, Dave, but I’m the KING of this jungle... and you just ain’t gonna’ survive.

Henry smiles, getting more heat.

Mark Henry: As for your little buddy, Rey Mysterio... tonight, he’s just an appetiser. You're the main course, Dave.

We see Henry smiling one last time, before cutting back to ringside to hear...

“Can You Dig It, Sucka?”

*Harlem Heat*

The man being represented by Randy Orton tonight hobbles out in a grey suit, using crutches to support his injured groin, with Sharmell by his side. E Booker gets a fair bit of heat as he hobbles all of the way down to ringside.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry, sending a hell of a message there, but the question for now is will Booker T be the next United States Champion?

Tazz: Well we’re just about to find that out, Cole. His fate is in the hands of Randy Orton... can he trust him?

*Burn In My Light*

Randy Orton now slowly makes his way out to the stage to some fair heat from the crowd. He stands atop the stage and does his classic ‘Legend Killer’ pose as pyro falls behind him, the cocky smile being shown on his face. Orton then walks down the rest of the ramp cockily, ignoring the fans at ringside before coming to ringside and nodding at Booker T. From here he climbs up into the ring and poses on the second rope, drawing more heat from the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well here is the cocky, arrogant, snide Randy Orton, here tonight to represent Booker T in the final match of the best of seven series. The question is, after losing the last two matches, can orton bounce back and get Booker the gold?

Tazz: And let’s not forget, Cole, Booker T lost the match before that to Benoit. Benoit has a helluva lot of momentum comin’ into this match.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is the final match of the best of seven series for the United States Championship! Introducing first, from St Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 lbs, representing Booker T; Randy Orton!


A pretty big pop rings through the Wachovia Center, as Chris Benoit walks out to the top of the stage. He cracks his neck, then walks down the rest of the ramp, staring down Booker T as he makes it to ringside before climbing up into the ring.

Michael Cole: Chris Benoit has all of the momentum on his side as he comes into this match, having come back from three-to-nothing. Is Benoit spent though? Can he win this one last match with the lights on bright?

Tazz: I’ve known Chris Benoit a long time, and he comes through every time you don’t think he can. I’m not sure if this’ll be another one of those things, Cole, but with Benoit it may just be.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 225 lbs; Chris Benoit!

| Match Five |
| United States Championship |
| Match Seven of Best of Seven Series |
| Randy Orton w/ Booker T & Sharmell vs Chris Benoit |

The referee shows that this match is indeed serious, as the first thing he does is kick Booker T & Sharmell out, sending them backstage! Booker of course protests, but Orton doesn’t seem to care in the ring, maybe thinking Booker would be a distraction. With Booker finally going after protesting and arguing with the referee, Benoit is distracted, laughing at his foe. This proves to be a mistake, as Orton charges across the ring and nails Benoit in the back of the head with a forearm, jump starting the match. Orton stays on Benoit, stomping away on him and using an onslaught of right hands, stomps and kicks to stay on top of Benoit early. Benoit launches a comeback as he blocks a right hand, then starts to unload on Orton with chops. He keeps his onslaught going, grounding Orton and slowing the match right down as he uses some grounded headlocks to keep the action going his way. Orton eventually fights out of the moves, though Benoit stays on top, hitting chops and headbutts to continue to impress. Orton is then sent tumbling to the outside, as he reverses an Irish whip from Benoit, only for Benoit to hold onto the ropes, with Orton then looking to charge at him, resulting in him falling over the top rope and to the floor with Benoit dropping down and pulling the top rope with him. Benoit goes back after Orton on the outside, lifting him up and attempting to Irish whip him into the steel steps, only for Orton to reverse and send Benoit into them. Orton then lifts Benoit back up, before running him around ringside and ramming his face-first into the steel ringpost. As Benoit rolls around the floor holding his head, we head off to a commercial break.

After coming back from the break we see Orton standing over Benoit, who is down on the mat. Cole tells us of how Orton worked over the neck of Benoit over the break, with Orton showing that he’s still working it over by dropping a knee across the back of Benoit’s neck. He then picks Benoit back up and nails him with a European uppercut, sending him back into the corner. From there he sends Benoit into the opposite corner with a hard Irish whip, causing Benoit to hit the mat and fall right down with whiplash. Orton sees this as an opportunity as he runs across and gets a two count, before locking in the classic Orton sleeper hold. Benoit struggles around in it at first, though Orton cranks on it, keeping the move locked in (oh yes, it’s interesting viewing). Orton keeps the pressure going, with Benoit fading further and further to the point where the referee checks him. Of course, the match doesn’t end there, because a sleeper isn’t a finisher anymore, with Benoit holding his hand up the third time. From here, Benoit fights back into the match, getting back to his feet and unloading on Orton with elbows to the midsection. He then pushes Orton back off into the corner and unloads on him with chops, before sending him to the opposite corner with an Irish whip. Orton comes off the turnbuckle holding his back, though that proves to be a bad thing for him, as Benoit charges in and takes him down with a clothesline.

Benoit’s momentum rolls on from here, with him finally hitting a German suplex, leading him to go up to the top and go for the Diving Headbutt. However, Orton has it countered as he uses the very same counter he did when he defeated Benoit to win the World Heavyweight Championship, lifting his knees, leaving Benoit to dive into them headfirst. Orton then gets back to his feet, grabs the sleeper again, though this time uses a modified backbreaker to take Benoit right down, getting a two count. Despite that not finishing the match, Orton doesn’t fret, as he now waits for Benoit to get up, calling for the RKO. Benoit slowly does exactly that, getting back to his feet, with Orton now jumping for the RKO... THOUGH BENOIT GRABS HIM BY THE WAIST INSTEAD! Benoit then takes his foe over with a hat trick of German suplexes, before making the classic Benoit throat slicing motion and heading up to the top rope, which he dives off, connecting with the Diving Headbutt! The crowd goes crazy as Benoit makes the pin, though he can only get a two on Orton. As Orton rolls over Benoit goes for his next attack, looking to lock in the Crippler Crossface as he grabs Orton by the arm, though Orton scrambles to the ropes in a mad rush, not wanting to be caught in the deadly submission hold. Benoit gives up on the hold as the referee forces him to break it, not wanting to lose the fight for the precious US Title by DQ.

He then comes back at Orton and picks him up, when Orton suddenly catches him with a thumb to the eye. As Benoit holds his eye, Orton sees that the time is now, jumping up for the RKO... ONLY FOR BENOIT TO PUSH HIM OFF... STRAIGHT INTO THE REFEREE! ORTON SANDWICHES THE REFEREE IN THE CORNER! The referee falls like a sack of spuds, as Orton pulls himself up. He turns to see Benoit coming at him, so he quickly kicks him in the gut, catching him by surprise. Orton is the one to be caught by surprise next though, as he lets his guard down, thinking he’s got Benoit under control when suddenly... BENOIT LOCKS IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! HE TAKES ORTON DOWN AND LOCKS IT RIGHT IN! The pain is excruciating, possibly even too much for Orton... AS HE BEGINS TO TAP! ORTON TAPS... THOUGH THERE’S NO REFEREE! Benoit keeps the hold locked in for a bit longer, making Orton suffer, before getting up and trying to revive the referee. Suddenly the arena fills with heat, and we’re shown exactly why, as Booker T is shown attempting to run down the ramp, crutch in hand. He slides into the ring, then waits for Benoit to turn, having the crutch raised high. Benoit turns... AND BOOKER LOOKS TO NAIL HIM BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE CRUTCH... UNSSUCCESSFULLY!

Benoit ducks the wild swing AND LOCKS IN THE CROSSFACE ON BOOKER! Booker immediately starts to tap, though it means nothing to Benoit, as he continues to apply the hold. He keeps it locked in, cranking on the neck to a nice reaction, when suddenly, the crowd hushes a bit. Benoit senses it as he releases the hold and gets back to his feet... TURNING RIGHT INTO A SHOT FROM THE UNITED STATES TITLE BY... ORLANDO JORDAN! The man who Benoit embarrassed throughout 2005, the man who Booker REFUSED as a representative... is helping Booker? Surely not. Jordan quickly disposes of the evidence, throwing it out of the ring, before walking across and checking on Booker. He rolls him out of the ring and checks on him at ringside, as Orton and the referee are both rising now, neither seeming to know what’s happening. The camera now checks back on Benoit, and we see that he is in fact BLEEDING because of the shot from Jordan, as he starts to recover, rolling towards the ropes slowly. Orton is now all of the way back to his feet, and he sees the blood... knowing Benoit is ripe for the picking. Benoit slowly picks himself up with the ropes, looking almost out on his feet... THEN TURNS RIGHT INTO THE RKO! The crowd groans as Orton now hooks the leg of Benoit, with the three count being a mere formality.

Winner (and thus winning the United States Championship for Booker T): Randy Orton via pinfall @ 14:32

*Burn In My Light*

Tony Chimel: Here is your winner; Randy Orton! As a result, your new United States Champion; Booker T!

Orton climbs back to his feet slowly in the ring and has his hand raised by the referee, as he still looks slightly out of things, holding his neck in pain. Outside of the ring, Orlando Jordan quickly grabs the United States Title belt from ringside where he dumped it, then grabs Booker’s crutch and pulls him back to his feet, handing him both of the items. Booker holds his neck in pain, then holds the US Title up overhead, generating some decent heat from the crowd as he backs away up the ramp.

Michael Cole: Booker T has done it! He has orchestrated a plan, fooling us all into believing he was worried about tonight. But all along, Booker had that ace in the hole, all along he had Orlando Jordan!

Tazz: Whoa, that was straight up shockin’, Cole! Who’d have thunk it? Booker T and Orlando Jordan were in cahoots all along. But I gotta’ take my hat off to our new United States Champion... I mean, this was the smartest move he coulda’ done.

Michael Cole: You call it smart, Tazz, but I call it underhanded. This is not how such a great series should have ended!

We see Booker one last time at the top of the ramp, before we cut away to see Mark Henry walking down a corridor backstage, with the caption ‘Next’ at the bottom of the screen.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see a quick replay of what happened last week, as detailed at the start of the show, with Mark Henry manhandling Batista, after ripping his way into the steel cage last week.

We now cut right back to ringside to hear...

*Booyaka 619*

The crowd pops big as the music means the imminent appearance of one of their favourites in Rey Mysterio. Once the music gets going properly, Rey jumps out onto the stage with pyro exploding under him, getting a good pop from the Philadelphia crowd. He walks down the ramp enthusiastically, slapping hands with a few fans and talking to a few kids who bought his merch, before climbing up into the ring and playing it up to the fans in the corner.

Michael Cole: For his whole life Rey Mysterio has been fighting out of his weight class. Tonight he does that again against Mark Henry, and if he wins, he gets the chance to not only fight out of his weight class, but capture a title out of his weight class!

Tazz: I don’t think Rey has much of a chance of gettin’ to Batista here, Cole! Mark Henry looked ticked off!

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner going onto the Royal Rumble to face Batista for the World Heavyweight Championship. Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs; Rey Mysterio!


The crowd’s reaction for Mark Henry is quite a heated one as he walks out in front of them, looking intently at the ring. He beats his chest and lets out a primal scream, then goes off on his way down to the ring. Henry climbs into the ring and stares down Rey, though Rey shows no intimidation, staying in his corner, staring right back at Henry.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry does indeed look ticked off, Tazz as we saw earlier tonight when he delivered an emphatic statement to the World Heavyweight Champion; Batista.

Tazz: Henry knows what he has to do and that’s get in the head of ‘The Animal’. However, that’ll only work if he wins here tonight.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 392 lbs, he is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’; Mark Henry!

| Main Event |
| Number One Contender Match |
| Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry|

The match starts off rather slowly, with Henry staring down Rey, trying to intimidate him, telling him he’s got no hope. He then slowly starts to corner Mysterio, looking like he may just have him trapped, only for Mysterio to duck out when Henry attempts to grab him, escaping from him. Henry looks frustrated, though he again tries to corner Rey, only for Rey to escape again, then score with a kick to the back of the leg of Henry, testing him out. This looks to piss Henry off a bit as he turns around, as Rey stops and thinks it out. Henry again tries to corner him, slowly backing him into the corner, but yet again Rey escapes. This time though, he goes after the leg and does not relent. He continues to kick away at the hamstring of Henry until Henry finally pushes him away, sending Mysterio tumbling back on the mat. Rey gets right back up and rushes at Henry, this time going at him with right hands to the head, trying to keep the big man on the defensive. Henry cops the assault for awhile, then goes with a push again, sending Rey back. Yet again, Rey tries to come at Henry, though this time Henry elevates Mysterio and drops him throat-first across the top rope, immediately stopping his momentum.

Henry knows he’s got control now as he slows the pace right down, going to work on Rey. Henry’s offence is rather basic, mainly working Rey over in the corners with right hands and shoulder thrusts. Mysterio looks to make a mini comeback as he gets a foot up to block a charging Henry in the corner, before heading up to the top rope. However, Henry notices this and charges across, pushing Rey off the top rope to send him tumbling down to the floor! Rey splats on the floor, the pain obvious as Henry smiles a little in the ring, enjoying the pain he has caused. He heads out and continues his offence, picking Rey up before Irish whipping him into the cold, hard steel steps. Rey’s down as Henry beats his chest and does his little tribal scream, perhaps sending a message to Batista. He then picks Rey up and throws him back in the ring, following him right in and going for the cover for a two. Henry picks Rey up and goes back to work, sending him into the corner where he continues his barrage of offence. Henry eventually pulls Mysterio away from the corner, then kicks him in the midsection and looks to send him off with an Irish whip.

Mysterio isn’t stupid though as he knows that rebounding back at Henry would be a bad idea, so he instead holds onto the ropes. This pisses Henry off, prompting him to charge across the ring at Rey, attempting to attack him, only for Rey to drop down and pull the top rope with him, sending Henry toppling out of the ring to a big pop from the crowd. As Henry starts to get up, Rey gets some momentum going, charging across the ring before coming back towards Henry and jumping on top of him with a spinning plancha to another huge pop. Mysterio is the first man to his feet, getting up and playing it up to the crowd. Henry now starts to stir, getting to his hands and knees, prompting Rey to kick him right between the eyes, sending him back rolling around the floor. Rey then looks at the ring, then back at Henry before running and sliding into the ring, where he calls the referee to count. The crowd counts along as the referee gets to five, with still no sign of movement from Henry. However, by seven Henry has got to his knees and by nine, he’s into the ring, getting heat from the crowd.

It isn’t a warm entrance to the ring though, as shown by Rey running across and nailing a low dropkick right to the head of Henry. He then points to the corner, getting a reasonable pop from the fans as he heads up top. Rey waits, perched on the top rope as Henry starts to stand... AND HE NOW LAUNCHES HIMSELF AT HENRY... ONLY TO GET HIS HEAD TAKEN OFF BY A CLOTHESLINE! Henry falls back to the mat in exhaustion, while Rey falls back in complete and utter pain, both men down. Slowly, Henry rolls over and slings his arm across Rey for the cover, though it only gets two. ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ can’t believe it, as he gets up to his feet, wondering just what he has to do to put Rey away. An idea then springs into his mind... perhaps his finisher? He yells out to the fans that it’s over, getting himself some nice heat, while waiting for Rey to get up. Rey however, doesn’t look like getting up anytime soon. After some waiting, Henry decides he’s had enough, bending down to pick up Rey. HENRY THEN SCOOPS REY UP, AND LIFTS HIM FOR THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM... DDT! REY COMES OUT WITH A MAGNIFICENT SPINNING DDT! Once again, both men are down, Rey, despite having played possum, is still wrecked, while Henry had just been spiked on his head.

The referee starts to count both men out, with Rey getting up at five and waiting on Henry, who gets up at eight. The moment Henry gets up Rey runs off to the ropes and springboards back, looking for a moonsault body block... with Henry catching him. Rey struggles and squirms though, then squeezes out, landing on his feet behind Henry. He nails a dropkick to the back of Henry, causing him to stumble towards the ropes. He then hits a second... AND HENRY LANDS ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE, RIGHT IN POSITION FOR THE 619! Mysterio looks in shock, then dials it up, getting the crowd extremely excited. He bounces off the ropes, then comes at Henry AND SWINGS THROUGH THE ROPES FOR THE 619... WHICH HENRY DUCKS AT THE LAST SECOND! Henry is still down, though he ducked under the move. Rey sees this as he swings back into the ring, then decides to run at the ropes and springboard off them with a cross body block at the rising Henry... HENRY CATCHES HIM... WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Rey is out after Henry flattens him, though that isn’t enough for Henry as he gets back up and bounces off the ropes... WORLD’S STRONGEST SPLASH! If there was ever any doubt that it was over, there’s none now as Henry hooks the leg of Mysterio and gets the three.

Winner (and number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship): Mark Henry via pinfall @ 10:07


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, and the new number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship; Mark Henry!

Henry gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, as he then beats his chest in victory.

Michael Cole: Mark Henry has done it. He has defeated Rey Mysterio and now faces Batista at the Royal Rumble, though Rey put in a great effort tonight.

Tazz: That he did, Cole. To me, Rey Mysterio showed tonight that he can indeed hang with the big boys, and I ---

Michael Cole: Wait, what the hell is Henry doing? WHAT IS MARK HENRY DOING?

We see exactly what Henry is doing, as we cut to the ring and see Henry beginning to lift Mysterio up. He shakes his head, then throws him from the ring. He isn’t done though, as he follows Mysterio out, getting a lot of heat from the fans.

Michael Cole: This is completely uncalled for! Mark Henry has no business doing this!

Henry now smiles, then begins to tear the protective mats away at ringside, revealing the cold, hard floor.

Michael Cole: Oh no! Oh no! Enough is enough, Mark! You’ve sent your message! What more ---


*I Walk Alone*

The crowd comes to their feet as the music of none other than the World Heavyweight Champion plays. Henry turns to the top of the ramp... and there Batista stands!

Michael Cole: It’s ‘The Animal’! Batista is here, and he is here to get revenge on Mark Henry for last week!

Tazz: ‘The Animal’ is here! We all thought he wouldn’t be here after what happened last week, but boy is he here!

Batista now runs down the ramp to Henry, with Henry coming right back at him... AND A BRAWL BREAKS OUT! HENRY AND BATISTA GO AT IT! The two throw punches at each other wildly, brawling around ringside! The crowd is going absolutely nuts as the two behemoths go at it tooth and nail, with security rushing from backstage, attempting to break them apart! The two continue to brawl though, with no one being able to hold them back, the sheer power of both men being too much! They start to brawl up to the top of the ramp, with security following, though being rather useless! The two go right up to the stage, with Batista now throwing Henry through the curtain, sending him backstage as ‘The Animal’ lets out a huge “COME ON~!” getting a massive reaction from the fans as we fade away.



January 29th, 2006 | American Airlines Center; Miami, Florida

Royal Rumble Match
*Confirmed this far*
Big Show vs Bobby Lashley vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Masters vs Finlay vs Gregory Helms vs Hardcore Holly vs Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Matt Hardy vs Mr Kennedy vs Paul Burchill vs Randy Orton vs Rob Van Dam vs Triple H vs William Regal

WWE Championship
Edge OR Ric Flair (c) vs John Cena

World Heavyweight Championship
Batista (c) vs Mark Henry

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

SmackDown! Feedback

I didn't really like the opening to the show. It wasn't worded bad, but Teddy went from serious about Batista's condition to giddy about the main event in a second flat. Can't say I'm as excited as he is for the match, but it should be interested to see what goes down.

Good six-man tag match to kick off the action. Fun, fast-paced, was exactly what a CW match should've been. I thought the Mexicools would win, via Juvi, and I'm thinking the program between himself and Kash'll continue, it has to, despite Tazz's words.

It's been awhile since I've seen Benoit used in a BTB, and even though I don't particularly mind, I was constantly reminded by what he did. Nevertheless, good interview that showed the determination and attitude he had, and his match with Orton should be a great one, I'm hoping.

Fun segment with MNM, true to their characters, and it's definitely odd to hear how hot some people used to be back then (K-Fed being the biggest example). Teddy was also used very well here, witty, and Mercury vs. London should be a great match as well.

Interesting development between Orton and the T's (). More good build-up to the big title match, and I'm interesting in what Plan B might be. I'm sure we'll see it executed, you won't leave us in suspense about it, would you? Anyway, this was good stuff, all three were very well written.

The focus of this segment quickly switched over to full Kennedy, and made Regal and Burchill seem like complete afterthoughts, even if they just had a match and made the same claim as Kennedy. Still, just three more bodies to throw into the Rumble, I highly doubt these three'll win, and only Kennedy will have a good showing.

Great segment here with JBL, Teddy and Matt. Great excuse from Layfield, and I have to sympathize with him on this one, if he's being honest. From this segment here, it looks like the JBL/Matt feud might resume, and I'd be all for that as long as Matt comes out elevated. Finish up whatever loose ends there are with Boogeyman, then hand him his pink slip, please.

Good technical match to show off Finlay's stuff against a more-than-capable opponent in Lashley. Good storytelling to get across his character as well, the brawling and the eye-poking and taking people out just for fun. I'm thinking Lashley'll want some payback against him, which should make for a good program, but I'm also wondering why Finlay's already in the Rumble, when he just debuted. Sounds a little hypocratic from Teddy, especially since he just told JBL he had to earn a spot.

Good Rey interview here, even if isn't really anything we haven't already heard (maybe not at this point in time, though). Anyway, I thought it was good, but maybe a mention about how he and Batista lost their Tag Titles just last week would've been nice.

Fun match between these two, and you made the best booking decision there was in having Mercury win with help. London looked very good against the champs, and it seems as if you're going down the route of a feud between the two teams, which'll provide for more great matches. Definitely looking forward to more from this upcoming program.

Strong message from Henry to Batista. Well-written stuff, and showed potential for his character. Still, it'd probably be better if he disappeared after the Rumble, where I'm sure he'll be fighting for the World Title, and losing.

Match of the night so far here (and I'm thinking it'll stay that way), great stuff. Lots of nice counters throughout, I especially liked the RKO counter into a German, and a shocking twist. I certainly didn't expect Orlando Jordan to be a difference maker, more or less because he's a jobber, and I was thinking it'd be Sharmell. I'm looking forward to finding out more about this alliance, good stuff.

Actually, I was surprised at this match. A lot better than I was expecting, you gave Rey a lot more offense than I thought. For that, I commend you, and I can see that there's a chance that Henry might be leaving after he loses to Batista, otherwise you wouldn't have put Rey over like you did, because it wasn't to be the case, then Henry lost some momentum in the long run. But since it might be, then it's alright, no long-term losses. I was expecting Batista to show, they always do whenever it's said they're not supposed to, but it was good stuff. Must've had a lot of security and such to restrain those two dudes. Great job here.

First thing, I feel the matches are too long. I'm not really a fan of reading long matches for regular TV shows. But aside from that, quality stuff. Ever-improving, dude. Promos were really good here, and while this wasn't the most exciting period of time for WWE and SD!, I can see you've got definite plans for them, and I'm looking forward to seeing them unravel. Great job here, especially that main event, keep it up, bro. 8.5/10.
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 16th, 2006 | Preview

Ladies and gentlemen, this week Monday Night RAW comes to you live from Charlotte, North Carolina for what may just be the most emotional edition of RAW in the history of the WWE. With a stacked show the folks in Charlotte are definitely going to be in for a treat.

Why is this night so damn emotional you ask? For those of you who missed RAW last week, RAW General manager Eric Bischoff announced that new WWE Champion Edge will be defending his WWE Championship for the very first time. If Edge’s first title defence isn’t big enough in itself, the man who is challenging him is the most respected man in the locker-room, perhaps the greatest wrestler this planet has ever seen. That’s right, Charlotte’s favourite son, the incomparable ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will be challenging the ‘Rated R Superstar’ for number seventeen. And just to add fuel to the fire, this very personal match won’t be just any type of match; oh no, these two will go at it in a Street Fight! The emotion this match holds is unrivalled. The legend Flair looking to get the world title once again to perhaps top off a phenomenal career in his hometown of all places, up against the dastardly champion who we already know will do just about anything to keep the title in his clasp in just his first reign as champion. Flair has the championship experience, and after seeing this man in recent months, it is also known that he has the fire, the want, the need to be champion. Can the hometown hero make it seventeen in a feel good WWE moment?

Now while the winner of that match goes on to face John Cena at the Royal Rumble, there is another man who may just be in this occasion in the Olympic Gold Medallist, Kurt Angle. Last week Angle warned Edge about being champion, letting him know that he now had a target on his back. And while Angle had to team with Edge last week, he made it known that once that little business was done, he would continue his quest to become WWE Champion after previously being unable to overthrow the aforementioned Cena. Edge only added fuel to the fire when instead of staying and fighting during the tag match, he got out of dodge, leaving Angle to the wolves so to speak, as Ric Flair and John Cena picked up the victory in the tag match. Both men wanted Edge’s blood, though last week they had to settle for Angle’s. Now because of that Angle will almost certainly be gunning for Edge this week. The WWE Champion is already gaining a lot of unwanted attention; will Angle’s be a problem for him this week?

For the past month of so Triple H has continued to get on the bad side of the Big Show, angering the colossus to no end. The bad blood continued to build up and up until finally something had to break, with that something being Big Show’s hand which was literally broken by the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ and his trusted accomplice, the sledgehammer. At New Year’s Revolution the two faced off with Big Show using the cast on his then broken hand to his advantage, causing ‘The Game’ to be more than just uneasy. In the end though Triple H was victorious thanks to once again some help from his trusty sledgehammer and his patented Pedigree, putting the giant to sleep. Despite their meeting eight days ago, the bad blood continues to boil between the two, with them once again having another confrontation last Monday night. Big Show’s tag team partner Kane also had a choice word or two for Triple H, which as a result, has brought about a match between the two being made this week. Will Kane finally teach ‘The Game’ a lesson once and for all, or will Triple H prevail once again, this time against the other half of the World Tag Team Champions?

One man who has found himself on the wrong side of the boss is Shawn Michaels. After telling Mr McMahon to let go of the Montreal incident Michaels has felt the wrath of McMahon, with the tyrant doing anything he possibly can to put Shawn through hell. Shawn has dealt with Kane whilst being unable to use Sweet Chin Music, he has been forced to enter the Elimination Chamber first, thus making his chances of winning the WWE Championship eight days ago practically null and void, and he has of course had a bounty put on top of his head last week when Mr McMahon told Carlito and ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters to make him bleed. The young duo did exactly that, as while losing by DQ, they got the job done thanks to a steel chair shot from Masters, gaining themselves spots in the Royal Rumble Match, as promised to them by Mr McMahon. This week Michaels once again finds himself in a tricky situation as it will be two-on-one once again this week, with the newly reformed team of Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch set to take on Michaels in a handicap first blood match. McMahon has no problems stacking the odds against Shawn as he once again wants the blood of Michaels to hit the mat. A lot will be on the line for Cade and Murdoch too, as one can only assume that Vince will give them spots in the Rumble should they get the job done, just as he did last week for Masters and Carlito. Can the redneck team get the job done or will ‘HBK’ overcome all of the odds?

Speaking of Chris Masters, ‘The Masterpiece’ will be in action again this week as he takes on Chavo Guerrero. Both men have recently hit quite the rich vein of form, Guerrero stringing together some nice wins on RAW, while Masters decimated Shawn Michaels last week after their match last week, right after his fantastic showing in the Elimination Chamber just a day before that. On top of that the ever impressive Gregory Helms is set to take on the athletically stacked but unlucky Shelton Benjamin, and a number one contender to the Women’s Championship will be determined when Ashley and Mickie James take on Victoria and Candice Michelle, with the woman who gets the winning fall getting the shot. With the recent problems between Mickie and Ashley can the duo co-exist?

For this huge night of action be sure to tune into the USA Network, 9/8 C.

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