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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

April 21st, 2006 | Resch Center; Green Bay, Wisconsin

The show begins, or at least it seems it does, with nothing but darkness for a moment.

Narrator: The superstars of SmackDown! have come from many different places. They have many different personalities. They are many different people. But for these men, these warriors, there is one common goal … one dream. Their whole life, these warriors have wanted just one thing … to be called … … … a champion.

A single light shines down from the ceiling of the dark room, revealing the Cruiserweight Championship to be sitting on a pedestal.

Narrator: Tonight, some of these warriors will get that chance. They will wage war on one another and put it all on the line, just for the chance to show that they’re the best, to have the honour of being … … … a champion.

Another light shines down, this time showing the United States Championship sitting on a pedestal.

Narrator: Tonight, Friday Night! SmackDown! becomes a night … … … of champions.

Another light shines down, revealing the World Heavyweight Championship to be sat on a third pedestal. The top prize in the business is seated between the other two titles, held up that little bit higher, with the focus being on those championships …

… Before we cut into the arena to immediately hear …



The crowd gives a huge response, as WWE Tag Team Champion, Matt Hardy comes bouncing out onto the stage, energetic as ever. Hardy motions for the crowd to get up, before shouting out that he’s going to be adding to the gold that he already has wrapped around his waist here tonight.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! – a night of champions, as it’s been dubbed. I’m Michael Cole, here at ringside with Tazz, and partner, what better way to open our show than with one of THREE title matches that we’ll be seeing here on a special two-and-a-half hour show?

Tazz: There’s no better way, Cole, especially not considerin’ we’re gonna’ be seein’ two of the most excitin’ superstars from the cruiserweight division goin’ at it. But hey, there’s even more on the show than titles on the line here tonight.

Michael Cole: There sure is. Tonight, not only will all of SmackDown!’s singles titles be on the line, but we’ll also see the first rematch since JBL stole a win over The Undertaker at No Way Out, as the two go one-on-one. Can JBL possibly survive the wrath of an angry ‘Phenom’, who showed JBL exactly what he thought of his bragging of the past few months last week here on SmackDown!?

Hardy climbs up into the ring and immediately heads for the ropes, standing on them to throw up the V1 sign. The crowd responds with a big cheer, with Hardy then peeling off his WWE Tag Team Title and shirt so he can bounce up and down on the spot, ready for his shot at the cruiserweight gold.


An even bigger pop from the ground greets the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, who jumps out onto the stage, pyrotechnics shooting out from under him as he does so. The man from the 619 then charges to either side of the stage to fire the crowd up, before heading down the ramp.

Michael Cole: But right now all of the focus is on that man Rey Mysterio and his Cruiserweight Title. It was just three weeks ago that Mysterio won that title at WrestleMania off Kid Kash, becoming a seven-time champion. Rey wouldn’t want his record reign to end on its first defence here tonight though.

Tazz: He certainly wouldn’t. Rey wants to lead the cruiserweight division with honour and pride for a long time to come, and to do that he can’t lose that title here tonight.

Mysterio, after acknowledging his small fans on the way down the ramp, climbs up into the ring and immediately shows off his title to the crowd. The referee now comes forward and asks for the title, which Rey-Rey kisses before relinquishing.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is for the CRUUUUIIIIISERWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE WORLD!

A great pop comes from the crowd.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, the challenger, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 220 lbs, he is ONE HALF OF THE W – W – E TAG TEAM CHAAAMMMPIONS, MAAATTTT HARDY!

Another strong pop comes in, to which Hardy responds by raising his hand, before going back to bouncing on the spot.


Mysterio does the classic cross on his chest, then points to the heavens, before readying himself for action. The referee meanwhile raises the belt, then hands it off to ringside, before calling for the bell to kick this one off.

Match One – Cruiserweight Champion; Singles Match:
WWE Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy vs. Rey Mysterio ©

Hardy and Mysterio show respect for each other right from the beginning, with the one-time rivals and now friends shaking hands in the middle of the ring. Both men then back away and begin to circle around, knowing an early mistake could be costly as they elect to go with the regulation lock-up to start the match. Using his superior size, Matt is able to muscle Mysterio into a side headlock immediately, only for Mysterio to quickly push him off. Hardy’s strength is too much on the rebound though, running straight through Mysterio with a shoulder tackle. Looking for an early win, Matt goes for a cover … just one!

Both men spring back up, with Matt again locking in a side headlock, only for Rey to again push Matt off, before scoring with an arm drag on the rebound! This time Rey quickly jumps on for a cover … another one count!

Both men spring back up once again, with Hardy again lunging at Mysterio, only for Rey to duck away and run off to the ropes, then float around Matt on the rebound … arm drag! Rey pulls a spectacular arm drag out of nowhere, then runs back off to the ropes … and comes from behind Hardy, jumping up onto his shoulders to take him over with a rolling headscissors … sending him out to the floor below!

The crowd cheers as Mysterio looks to quickly follow up … baseball slide … no! Matt quickly gets out of the way, sliding into the ring … BEFORE LAUNCHING HIMSELF OVER THE ROPES … AND TAKING REY DOWN WITH A CROSSBODY PLANCHA!

The crowd cheers as the larger Hardy comes down and squashes the smaller man, driving him right into the cold, hard floor. Happy to play it up to the fans, Matt jumps up and throws his hand up in the air, garnering another pop before he goes back to focusing on Rey-Rey. The little man has pulled himself almost all of the way back up to his feet, prompting Matt to kick him in the midsection, then try to Irish whip him into the crowd barrier … no! Rey jumps clean over the barrier … THEN JUMPS UP AND SPRINGS OFF IT … SEATED SENTON CONNECTS!

Mysterio takes Hardy down with a stunning seated senton at ringside, drawing some great applause from the crowd as he climbs back up. Unlike Hardy, Rey doesn’t pose to the crowd, going right back to work by sending Matt back into the ring and immediately rolling in after him. Matt sits up … low dropkick right to the jaw! Rey makes the cover … two!

The man from the 619 looks to continue his offense, kicking Hardy on the way back up to his feet, sending him all of the way back to the corner. This prompts Rey to go up to the second rope and tee off on Hardy, with the crowd counting along. “ONE! TWO! THREE! FOUR! FIVE! SIX! SEVEN! EIGHT! NINE! TEN!”

Hardy staggers from the corner, dazed as Mysterio tries to send him into the opposite corner with an Irish whip … but he’s not strong enough, and eventually Hardy reverses, sending Rey in instead. Seeing this as an opening, Matt charges in, looking for a corner clothesline … no! Rey dodges, leaving Matt to hit the corner! Hardy remains there as Rey backs away, then charges in … but Matt elevates him up … and Rey’s face hits the top turnbuckle! Stunned, Mysterio pulls himself from the corner as Matt runs off to the ropes … big time falling clothesline connects from Hardy! Matt makes the cover … two! The Cruiserweight Champion survives!

Despite kicking out, Rey suddenly finds himself on the defensive, as the larger man takes control of the match, smothering Mysterio so his speed doesn’t come into play. Hardy, however, is unable to put Mysterio away, as the resilient champion refuses to relinquish his title without giving it his all. Finally he looks to have found a way back in, as, after a long two count off a suplex, Matt takes a moment to grimace, before coming back at Rey, only to take a right hand to the gut. Mysterio hits a few more, before getting back to his feet and landing some kicks … but when he goes for another right, Matt is able to duck … AND LAND THE RICOCHET! Hardy hooks the leg … TWO!

Matt can’t believe it; having been sure Rey was gone there, though he learns from his mistake before, jumping right on top of the little man to lock in a chinlock, while utilising his size to also put the bodyscissors on. Matt yells at Rey to quit, and at one stage he looks close to it, but, with the crowd behind him, Rey instead manages to fight back up to his feet, breaking the bodyscissors, before landing some elbows to the midsection. Having finally gained some separation, Rey now looks to run off to the ropes … no, Matt kicks him in the midsection as he goes to turn!

Looking to continue his dominance, Hardy Irish whips Mysterio into the corner, then charges in after him … right into a boot to the jaw! Matt staggers out, stunned, while Rey goes up to the second rope … seated senton … no! Matt moves out of the way, but Rey lands on his feet, then takes off to the ropes, ducking a clothesline on the rebound … before coming back with a springboard crossbody!

The crowd goes nuts as Rey rolls off Hardy, then sees him going to get up, so he snapmares him over … BAM! And kicks him right in the back! Hardy struggles back to his feet … and is taken right back down by a beautiful springboard moonsault body block! Rey hooks the leg … just two!

Rey is again the first one up, charging off to the ropes … to come right back into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Hardy! Matt hooks the leg … TWO!

Hardy cannot believe it, looking up at the referee in dismay, before realising he better get back on the job, heading to the corner. With Rey still down, Matt looks out to the crowd and bellows to them, drawing a great pop … BEFORE LAUNCHING FOR THE LEG DROP … NOBODY HOME! Matt hits just mat, leaving himself in an uncomfortable seated position … SMACK! REY KICKS MATT RIGHT IN THE HEAD! Hardy looks out, with Mysterio making the cover … TWO!

This time it’s Mysterio’s turn to be shocked by the count, with the three seeming just a formality there, only for Matt to show what he’s made of. This prompts Mysterio to think big this time, as he heads for the ropes and waits for Matt to get up. Slowly but surely, Matt does just this, stumbling over to where Rey stands … TO GET CAUGHT WITH A DROP TOE HOLD, SENDING HIM DOWN ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE! Rey quickly runs off to the opposite ropes, then comes back … 619 … NO! MATT DUCKS OUT OF THE WAY!

Rey spins right back into Hardy, who kicks him in the midsection, then whips him into the corner … BEFORE SQUASHING HIM WITH A CLOTHESLINE … AND RUNNING OUT TO NAIL HIM WITH A BULLDOG! Matt isn’t finished though, quickly heading to the second rope … BEFORE THIS TIME LANDING THE LEG DROP! Matt hooks the leg … ONLY TWO!

Yet another kickout, to which Matt this time responds by rolling away and pulling his hair back in frustration. With the aim of becoming a double champion in mind, Matt doesn’t even wait for Rey to get up, hoisting him up … FOR THE SIDE EFFECT … NO! Rey struggles and elbows enough for Matt to give up, with Hardy instead pushing him off to the ropes … AND REY COMES BACK INTO A WHEELBARROW … TO NAIL A BIG BULLDOG OF HIS OWN!

Matt pulls away from the mat immediately, holding his face in pain … AS HE FALLS ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE! Rey runs across to the ropes as fast as possible, then bounces back … 619 … CONNECTS! REY LANDS IT! Matt Hardy is down as Rey goes up to the top rope … SPRINGBOARD SPLASH … NO! MATT GETS HIS KNEES UP! Matt gets his knees up and Mysterio reels away … ONLY TO BE HOOKED UP FOR AND HIT WITH THE SIDE EFFECT! Matt now makes the cover … TWO!

Yet another kickout from the amazingly resilient Mysterio, who just will not give it in. Matt screams in frustration, feeling sure he had it there … before getting up and signalling for the end! The crowd cheers as Rey starts to struggle up … kick to the midsection connects … TWIST OF FATE COMING … NO! REY PULLS AWAY AS MATT TURNS AND INSTEAD WRAPS HIS LEGS AROUND HIM, ROLLING HIM BACK INTO A UNIQUE PIN … TWO! MATT KICKS OUT!

Hardy can’t believe it, just fighting out of the amazing cover to pull himself to the ropes and start to pick himself up … REY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE TO HIT THE 619! The crowd is stunned as Hardy is sent tumbling along the mat … AND REY SPRINGBOARDS BACK IN … DROPPIN’ THE DIME ON HARDY! Rey hooks the leg … AND GETS THE THREE!

Winner (and STILL Cruiserweight Champion): Rey Mysterio via pinfall @ 10:10



Mysterio climbs back to his feet and has his title belt handed to him by the referee, who tries to raise Rey’s hands as he exhaustedly falls back into the ropes.

Michael Cole: What a win for Rey Mysterio, and what a way to kick off a very special edition of Friday Night SmackDown!. This is a night of champions, and Rey Mysterio right now looks like a true champion.

Tazz: No kiddin’, Cole, that was a heck of a win for Mysterio. I didn’t know if he was gonna’ pull it off, it was that close, but in the end he got the job done, and that’s why he’s the champ. No matter how close he cuts it, Rey always finds a way to pick up the win, and that’s not a quality that most superstars have.

Michael Cole: Exactly right. You look at Rey Mysterio, and you maybe don’t expect to see a champion, but he just has that special ability to win that makes him near impossible to beat.

In the ring, Rey has acknowledged the fans, before coming back off the turnbuckle … and turning to see Matt Hardy applauding him. The two look at each other for a moment, before embracing, with Matt then lifting Rey’s hand up into the air.

Tazz: And what about that for a show of respect, huh?

Michael Cole: Indeed, something tells me that following this, we’re in for a big night here on SmackDown!.

Rey and Matt continue to hold their hands in the air as we go out to a break.

{Commercial Break}


We open up to a panning view of the top of the TD Banknorth Garden.

For eighteen years now, it’s been an institution …

Brock Lesnar is shown hitting The Rock with the F-5 and holding the WWE Title in front of him, his muscles bulging everywhere at SummerSlam 2002.

It’s created stars …

Edge and Matt Hardy are shown beating each other stupid at SummerSlam 2005, before we get a close-up of Matt with his eyes rolled back and blood pouring from his head.

It’s caused blood to be shed …

The Undertaker and The Undertaker (fake version) are shown standing face-to-face at SummerSlam 1994, before the real Undertaker hits the fake with the Tombstone Piledriver.

It’s sorted the real deal from the impostors …

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are shown brawling around at SummerSlam 2002, with Triple H ultimately having the last laugh despite losing, with the sickening sledgehammer shot to the back.

It’s seen the most personal of all rivalries …

The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian are shown putting each other through hell in the first Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at SummerSlam 2000.

It’s seen the ultimate in innovation …

Bret Hart and British Bulldog are shown mixing it up at SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium, with the Bulldog ultimately prevailing.

And it’s been around the world … but this year SummerSlam gets even bigger …

The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The Redneck Wrecking Crew and MNM flash across the screen.

Bigger tag teams …

The Hardy Boyz, Gregory Helms, CM Punk and Orlando Jordan flash across the screen.

Bigger risks to be taken …

Edge, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Randy Orton and The Undertaker flash across the screen.

Bigger superstars to be seen …

We go back to the shot of the TD Banknorth Garden.

This year, the 19th annual SummerSlam will be a four-hour spectacular, making it the biggest SummerSlam yet …

We zoom in through the roof of the arena to see a huge crowd surrounding a ring.

This year … the party has only just begun!

WWE SummerSlam – A Four-Hour Spectacular – August 20th, 2006


Back to ringside.


A pretty damn nice reaction comes from the crowd as the newcomer, CM Punk walks out onto the stage, then crouches down, before rising up and declaring it to be “Clobberin’ time”. With the crowd firmly behind him, Punk strides down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 222 lbs, C – M PUNK!

Michael Cole: SummerSlam will indeed be a MASSIVE four-hour spectacular this year, but right now our focus is on this man, one of SmackDown!’s newest superstars, the undefeated CM Punk, who has yet again issued an open challenge.

Tazz: Punk has said each and every week that he wants to test himself against the best and that he’s lookin’ for a special challenge. So far he’s undefeated, and rightfully so – this kid’s got somethin’ special about him, and it’s gonna’ take a lot to end his streak.

Punk climbs up onto the apron, then hops onto the second rope and screams out to the crowd. With the crowd behind him, Punk heads into the middle of the ring to pose, before waiting for his opponent.


The crowd gives a mild reaction as Hardcore Holly walks out from the back. The no fuss, no frills Holly throws his arms up into the air, then walks down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Mobile, Alabama, weighing 245 lbs, HAAARRDCORE HOLLY!

Tazz: Oh boy!

Michael Cole: Well this is certainly interesting. We haven’t seen Hardcore Holly in a couple of months now, but we know what he thinks about rookies, don’t we partner?

Tazz: If there’s one guy you don’t wanna’ run into in the back as a rookie, it’s this guy. Holly shows no respect to anyone unless he feels like they’ve earned it. Until then, he’s just gonna’ try and beat you up, plain and simple.

Holly climbs into the ring and again raises his arms up, before the referee calls for the bell.

Match Two – Singles Match:
CM Punk vs. Hardcore Holly

As soon as the referee calls for the bell, Punk comes forward, offering his hand to Holly. The veteran just stares at it for a moment, almost in disbelief, before saying “You gotta’ be fuckin’ kiddin’ me” … AND SLAPPING PUNK RIGHT ON THE JAW!

The crowd gasps as Punk reels away … and Holly is quickly on him, kicking him in the midsection, then hammering away on him with right hands, sending him back into the corner. Holly doesn’t stop there, continuing to smash Punk with right hand after right hand until the referee finally drags him away. Not wanting to let up for even a second, Holly goes back in, only for Punk to grab him and throw him into the corner, allowing him to tee off with some big knife-edge chops across the chest of the veteran.

Wanting to keep his advantage going, Punk whips Holly across to the opposite corner, then charges in … no! Holly gets his boot up! Punk staggers away, allowing Holly to charge in for a clothesline, only for Punk to duck under it, then run off to the corner, jumping up to the second rope … flying crossbody block connects! Punk hooks the leg … two!

Both men get right back up, with Punk the first to make a move, taking Holly’s arm overhead to apply a wristlock. Smooth as can be, the Chicago native then pushes Holly back to the ropes and sends him off with an Irish whip. Holly gets some serious momentum up, prompting Punk to drop down as he rebounds … then nail a perfect dropkick to the jaw when he bounces back again! Punk hooks the leg again … two again!

Once again, Punk is the first to make a move, grabbing Holly by the head and running him across to the corner to slam his face down into the turnbuckle. The youngster then nails another chop … and this one sends Holly over the edge, with the veteran turning the tables, uttering the words “Son of a bitch” through gritted teeth, before teeing off on Punk with his signature chops.

Punk finally escapes from the corner, staggering along the ropes, allowing Holly to send him off with an Irish whip … only for Punk to slide through his legs on the rebound. Frustrated, Holly turns to see Punk against the ropes, so he charges across … and the youngster shows knowledge beyond his years, low bridging the top rope to send Holly tumbling out to the floor. An angry Holly is back up quickly though … ONLY FOR PUNK TO LAUNCH INTO HIM LIKE A MISSILE, TAKING THE VETERAN OUT WITH THE SUICIDE DIVE!

The crowd gives a great pop as Punk springs back up, screaming “Oh yeah” out to the fans enthusiastically, garnering himself even more cheers. Knowing he’s still got quite the task to complete, Punk turns his attention back to Holly, rolling him into the ring. Rather than following him, ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ instead heads up to the apron, then springboards in … RIGHT INTO A MIDAIR DROPKICK FROM HARDCORE HOLLY!

The crowd gasps upon the impact, with Holly quickly jumping on for the cover … TWO! With the advantage now his, Holly dominates the next few moments, really physically taking it to Punk. The undefeated rookie holds on though, refusing to allow himself to be pinned, even coming back into it when he turns the tables on Holly in the corner and starts to chop him, only for Holly to counter back and hit some more chops.

This stuns Punk enough for Holly to back off, thinking corner clothesline … but Punk gets his boot up! Holly backs away, dazed, before trying again … but Punk gets out of the way, leaving Holly to hit the turnbuckle! Holly turns around … running knee lift from Punk, nailing Holly right in the jaw … before he follows up with a running bulldog!

Holly gets up holding his face … bam! Punk comes out of nowhere with a sudden series of palm thrusts and strikes, finally forcing Holly back against the ropes with a spinning backhand. This allows Punk to send Holly off with an Irish whip … big leg lariat on the rebound from Punk! Punk quickly heads out to the apron as Holly gets up … BEFORE FLYING IN … AND SCORING WITH THE SPRINGBOARD CLOTHESLINE!

Punk jumps back up, motioning for Holly to do the same, before kicking him in the midsection … AND NAILING THE DOUBLE UNDERHOOK BACKBREAKER! Punk hooks the leg … TWO!

Punk looks up at the referee in shock, before getting up and motioning for Holly to once again do the same. Slowly but surely, Holly does just this … AND GETS HOOKED UP FOR THE URANAGE … NO! Holly elbows free, sending Punk stumbling over to the ropes … SO HOLLY LIFTS HIM UP BY THE LEGS … AND BOOTS HIM RIGHT IN THE GUT!

Punk yelps in pain, then comes away from the ropes holding his midsection … WHEN HOLLY GETS HIM UP FOR THE ALABAMA SLAM … BUT PUNK ROLLS THROUGH INTO A SUNSET FLIP … TWO!


Winner: CM Punk via pinfall @ 6:22


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, C – M PUNK!

The crowd gives a cheer as CM Punk climbs back to his feet to have his hand raised by the referee. A smile on his face, Punk is of course happy to have extended his winning streak.

Michael Cole: He’s done it again. Since debuting here on SmackDown!, CM Punk has defeated former champions such as Booker T, and tonight he adds a victory over Hardcore Holly to his résumé.

Tazz: And it’s quickly becomin’ a mighty fine résumé. Punk said he was comin’ to WWE to bring a whole new competition, and right now he’s livin’ up to his word.

In the ring, we see Punk now turn to see a reeling Holly struggling up to his knees, prompting Punk to go for the handshake … but Holly kicks him away and rolls from the ring! The crowd boos as the veteran looks up at a surprised Punk, before turning his back on him and staggering up the ramp.

Michael Cole: We know Hardcore Holly isn’t a fan of rookies, but surely CM Punk impressed him there?

Tazz: Apparently not. As a matter of fact, Holly looks anything but impressed.

We continue to see a bemused Punk looking on …

Before cutting to the parking lot, where we see a limousine pulling up, the classic JBL logo emblazoned on the side. The chauffeur is the first man out, as he climbs from his seat and opens the back door … allowing The Cabinet, in all their glory, to climb from the limousine.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: (Gulping) You sure about this?

Jillian Hall: Trust me … tonight’s gonna’ go off with a hitch. I … guarantee it.

Layfield nods, then heads to the arena, followed by Hall and Albright.

We then cut elsewhere to see Finlay walking along backstage.

Michael Cole: JBL is here in the building, but up next, ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay will be in action when- HEY!


The crowd boos as Henry sends Finlay tumbling along the floor, before picking him up and FLINGING him into the wall!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we have to go to a break, but we’ll be back soon! Don’t go anywhere!

Henry hammers away on Finlay, landing blow after blow as we head off to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break … to see that Finlay and Mark Henry are still going at it, now at the top of the stage!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where, as you can see, these two men are STILL going at it. Finlay was scheduled for action here tonight, but I don’t think that’s going ahead now.

Tazz: There’s no stoppin’ these guys! This is insane!

The crowd goes nuts as both men just swing for the fences, trading wild right hands, with neither able to get the decisive edge. With their free hands, the two men scratch, claw and do anything they can to get the advantage … until Finlay finally starts to get himself the upper hand, hitting some kicks to the midsection of Henry too. This stuns the big man, allowing Finlay to grab him by the head … AND THROW HIM RIGHT INTO THE BLUE BRAND’S SET!

‘The Fighting Irishman’ grabs his foe by the skull and goes to ram his head into the set again, only for Henry to block, then connect with an elbow, before throwing Finlay into it instead! Finlay now stumbles away, with Henry not far behind, picking him up to DRILL him right between the eyes with a cracking headbutt! ‘The Silverback’ nails a second, sending Finlay stumbling even further away, now heading down the ramp.

Thinking big, Henry winds up now, before going for seemingly the killer blow … but Finlay ducks, going behind Henry, before turning him around and absolutely UNLOADING on him with right hands! The crowd goes nuts for the Northern Irishman, who sends Henry all of the way down to ringside … BEFORE CHARGING HIM BACK INTO THE RING, CAUSING THE RING TO ALMOST MOVE WITH THE IMPACT!

The crowd gasps as Henry groans in pain, clutching at his back as he does so, opening himself up so Finlay can tee off with some big right hand blows. This sends Henry staggering away, with Finlay continuing to persist until Henry swats him away, sending him staggering into the crowd barrier.


Michael Cole: Oh my!

Tazz: Is Mark Henry- is he alive?

The crowd gasps once more, looking on to see Henry surrounded by the wreckage on the ground. Finlay stands over his opponent, breathing heavily … AND HE SEES HIM BEGINNING TO MOVE!

Michael Cole: What? How is this possible? Mark Henry is … Mark Henry is moving!

The Northern Irishman can’t believe it, but sure enough, Henry is moving, prompting Finlay to walk across the ring and check under it … WHERE HE FINDS A SHILLELAGH!

Michael Cole: Oh no! Oh no!

Tazz: As long as Mark Henry’s movin’, Finlay looks like he feels like he hasn’t finished the job.

The crowd responds extremely positively to this at first, giving a great pop … only to begin to boo moments later. At first we have no idea why this is … only to now see that security guards have rushed down to ringside. The boos from the crowd continue as the security guards tell Finlay to back off. ‘The Fighting Irishman’ seems almost confused at first, before a look of resignation crosses his face …

Michael Cole: Finally, someone is out here to do something about this.


Michael Cole: What the- you can’t- you can’t do that!

Tazz: Finlay just did!

The other security guards look shocked … BUT THAT DOESN’T SAVE SOME OF THEM FROM EATING SHILLELAGH! A few others back off as Finlay waves the weapon menacingly … ONLY FOR MARK HENRY TO COME FROM BEHIND FINLAY AND RUN HIM INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST FACE FIRST!

Michael Cole: Aww, come on! Surely enough is enough!

The security guards now look to approach Henry … BAM! With one swing of the arm, he sends them flying down to the floor!

Tazz: Apparently not, Cole!

Michael Cole: Can anyone stop these two men?

Henry now turns his attention back to Finlay … or more specifically, the shillelagh lying next to him! The crowd buzzes as Henry walks over to it menacingly, then ever so slowly, lifts it up.

Michael Cole: Oh no! Not- not the shillelagh!

Tazz: And just think about the kinda’ damage a guy like Mark Henry could do with that thing.

Finlay slowly gets up by the ringpost, with ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ waiting … watching … THEN SWINGING THE SHILLELAGH … BUT FINALY DUCKS … AND IT SLAMS OFF THE RINGPOST AND GOES FLYING OFF ELSEWHERE AT RINGSIDE!


The Northern Irishman somehow takes his enemy down, then just begins to absolutely smash him with right hands, trying to cave his face in! In unfamiliar territory, Henry seems almost unsure of what to do, trying to cover up, only for Finlay to break through his guard. Finally Henry is able to break free, kicking Finlay away, before starting to retreat up the ramp … but Finlay is right back on him, charging forward to boot him in the midsection, before sending Henry stumbling up the ramp with a pair of European uppercuts.

Wanting to keep the punishment going, Finlay comes in for another European uppercut … no! Henry cuts him off with a knee lift to the midsection, then just plain tosses Finlay further up towards the stage, sending him tumbling along the concrete floor. Finlay tries to get back up quickly, but Henry is already on him, booting him in the midsection, before cracking his skull off Finlay’s with a headbutt.

Finlay staggers back, allowing Henry to charge and go for a clothesline … but Finlay ducks. Henry then turns … only to be tackled by Henry, going all of the way through the curtain to the backstage area, causing a crash to sound!

Michael Cole: And now they’re backstage again! There’s just no stopping these guys!

Tazz: We gotta’ get some cameras back there, quick!

A cameraman rushes around the backstage area, finally coming around to see Finlay and Henry pulling each other up, having seemingly fallen from the little elevated part of the Gorilla position. Both men get up, and once again they just begin to trade bombs, moving through the backstage area as they do so. Eventually they come to a more open area, seemingly around catering, causing several onlookers to scream and scurry away … AS FINLAY AND HENRY BOTH GO CRASHING INTO A TABLE THAT WAS STACKED WITH FOOD!

Both men start to struggle up … when officials, who try their best to keep the two apart, once again surround them. Finlay and Henry swing their arms wildly, trying to fight free, when we see the General Manager, Theodore Long hit the scene.

Theodore Long: Hey, hey, playas, that’s enough!

Finlay and Henry ignore this, continuing to struggle to overcome the officials.

Theodore Long: I said that’s enough, and unless you wanna’ lose your jobs, I suggest ya’ listen!

Finlay and Henry, still fuming at one another, at least try to restrain themselves, dropping their arms.

Theodore Long: Now I dunno’ what I’m gonna’ do with the two of you. First you’re attackin’ each other after matches, now it’s before matches. I can’t have that on Friday Night SmackDown!. These people pay to see wrestlin’, and damn it, that’s what I want them to see.

A cheer can be heard in the background as Long looks at both men.

Theodore Long: So that’s why I’ve decided that, until further notice, neither of you two will be even allowed to so much as touch each other.

Boos for that come in from the crowd, who want to see these two fight.

Theodore Long: And if you two do so happen to fight, if you do so happen to ruin another one of my matches, then I’ll have no problem makin’ sure you can’t fight on my show again. Ya’ feel me?

Neither man says a thing, as they instead just breathe heavily.

Theodore Long: Good.

Long eyes both men off again, before turning on his heel, leaving the two men to glare at each other, still surrounded by officials.

Cutting off elsewhere, we now find ourselves in another part of the backstage area, where Josh Matthews is standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio!

The crowd gives a great pop as the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio steps into view.

Josh Matthews: Well Rey, first of all, congratulations on retaining your title earlier tonight. It was a tough match, but in the end you were victorious.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks man. Going into tonight, I knew it’d be a tough match. I mean, I’ve known Matt Hardy quite a long time now, and we’ve had many matches, dating back years now. It was three years ago at WrestleMania XIX that we battled over this very title, and that night, he was the one victorious. Tonight … tonight I guess the result was a little different, hey?

A good cheer can be heard coming from the crowd as Rey smiles cheekily.

Rey Mysterio: Back when we first met for the Cruiserweight Title, Matt and me, we had our differences. But now … now I’m proud to call Matt my friend. Heck, he’s part of my familia, my family here on SmackDown!. So defending my title for the first time since I won it against not just a competitor, but also a friend like Matt? It wasn’t just a hard-fought match … it was an honour.

Another good cheer comes in from the crowd for that, as Rey proudly looks at his title.

Josh Matthews: Well Rey, now that you have successfully defended your title, I guess the question that has to be asked is who do you think will be getting a shot at your title next?

Rey Mysterio: To be honest with you, Josh, right now, I’m not sure. I mean, Kid Kash is supposed to have a rematch clause, but right now he’s nowhere to be seen.

Mysterio smirks at this, drawing a little cheer from the crowd, who weren’t the biggest fans of ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’.

Rey Mysterio: Like I said, right now I’m not sure who’s gonna’ get that shot, but that’s now. Next week though … next week’s another matter. Y’see, because Kid Kash, the guy who it was thought was gonna’ challenge me next has disappeared, Teddy Long has told me that my next defence will be at Judgment Day, and I will get to pick my opponent.

A small pop sounds for the next title defence of Mysterio.

Rey Mysterio: Now this isn’t gonna’ be an easy choice because there’s obviously a lot of great cruiserweight talent here on SmackDown!, and there’s a lot of guys that I think deserve a shot at this title, who I want to give a shot at this title, but I promise you, next week, you’ll get my answer.

The crowd gives another cheer as Mysterio nods at Matthews, then leaves the set.

Josh Matthews: That was Rey Mysterio, but up next Orlando Jordan will defend the United States Title in a Triple Threat Match, right here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

We fade away to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break at ringside.


The crowd gives a pretty decent pop for the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan, who walks out with the gold wrapped around his waist. Looking dead serious, OJ stops to perform his signature taunt, drawing out the letters “OJ”, before marching on down the ramp.

Michael Cole: It wasn’t long ago that Orlando Jordan was Booker T’s lackey, but at WrestleMania three weeks ago, Jordan came of age, winning the United States Title. Tonight is his first title defence in a WrestleMania rematch – that is if Booker T is here.

Tazz: Well he wasn’t last week, but either way, Orlando Jordan’s gotta’ be focused. Even if Booker T ain’t here, he’s still gotta’ face Chris Benoit, and that’s a guy he’s struggled with in the past. He’s gonna’ have to be at his best to even have a chance of beatin’ him.

Jordan climbs up into the ring and immediately begins to pace about, not worrying about posing in there.


A good cheer sounds from the crowd as Chris Benoit walks out onto the stage. Serious as ever, Benoit acknowledges the fans by just raising his arms up, continuing to move on down the ramp as he does so.

Michael Cole: As you said, Tazz, in the past Orlando Jordan has struggled with this man, especially in their much documented series for the gold that will be on the line tonight. If it’s a one-on-one match for the U.S. Title, do you think there’s a chance Jordan could revert back to what he was last year?

Tazz: No doubt he could, Cole. I mean we’ve seen what’s happened when these guys have mixed it up in the past, and this is a big match for Orlando. The pressure could be too much for him.

Benoit now climbs to the ring, glancing at Jordan as he acknowledges the fans by raising his arms again. Turning back to face Jordan, Benoit looks at the title as we wait …

… And nothing happens. The referee looks at Tony Chimel, who is stood in the ring, and shrugs his shoulders …


The crowd groans as The Bluebloods walk out onto the stage, with William Regal holding a microphone, instantly looking to talk.

William Regal: Hold on, hold on. (Pointing at Tony Chimel) Don’t you say a word just yet, sunshine.

The music of The Bluebloods cuts out as they walk down the ramp.

William Regal: Now, as I understand, this match was supposed to be a Triple Threat Match, but I only see the two of you in the ring. Now I know, gentlemen, that third man is supposed to be Booker T, but as I understand, Mr. T has taken a leave of absence.

Some of the crowd laughs at Booker being referred to as “Mr. T”.

William Regal: So being the thoughtful gentleman that I am, I went to our General Manager, Mr. Theodore Long, and I pointed out that I hold a victory over you, Mr. Benoit …

Benoit shouts something at Regal, as he climbs on the apron.

William Regal: … Which led Mr. Long to believe that in order to make this a Triple Threat, there would be no other better option than to include the greatest technical wrestler this company has ever seen. A man who would carry that title with the honour and grace that a title, even one named the (Looking like he smelled something awful) United States Title, deserves.

Cheat heat comes in from the crowd.

William Regal: There would be no better option than to include me, William … Regal.

Regal climbs into the ring and turns to Chimel.

William Regal: Now you may introduce me.

Chimel looks a little confused, looking at the referee, who it appears has gotten the all-clear over his headset.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a Triple Threat Match, and it is for the UUUUNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP!

A big cheer sounds around the arena.

Tony Chimel: Introducing the challengers, first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 lbs, CHRIS BEEEENNNOIT!

A great pop is heard from the crowd for ‘The Rabid Wolverine’, who raises his arms up.

Tony Chimel: From Blackpool, England, weighing 245 lbs, WILLIAM RRRREEEEGAL!

Boos as Regal stretches out, with Paul Burchill stood on the apron behind him.

Tony Chimel: And from Miami, Florida, weighing 255 lbs, he is the reigning and defending UUUUNNNNNITED STATES CHAAAAMPION, ORLANDO JORDDDAAANNNN!

A decent pop comes in for Jordan, as he bounces up and down on the spot. The referee now looks around, checking everything is in order … before telling Paul Burchill he’ll have to go backstage! Burchill can’t believe it, but Regal tells him to go, trying to stay focused as the bell tolls.

Match Three – United States Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Chris Benoit vs. William Regal vs. Orlando Jordan ©

The three men all stand still for a moment, no one making too much of a move as they instead glance at one another. Eventually it’s Regal who does something, talking some trash to Benoit as he moves forward. Benoit doesn’t appear to be too receptive to this (as you’d expect), turning his attention to Regal and telling him to man up. Regal holds his arms out innocently, then looks to back off, leading to Benoit turning back to force Jordan … bam! Regal comes from nowhere to send Benoit down with a running forearm to the head!

Standing over Benoit, Regal talks some more trash, asking Benoit if he thought he had gotten rid of him last week, before going to pick him up … only to be turned around by Jordan … and sent tumbling away under the ropes by a scintillating uppercut to the jaw!

Jordan now looks to Benoit, sending him back into the corner so he can hit him with a barrage of kicks. The advantage now his, OJ tries to send Benoit into the opposite corner, only for Benoit to reverse and send the defending champion in hard. Jordan comes out holding his back … AND BENOIT GOES TO THE ARM, THINKING EARLY CRIPPLER CROSSFACE … NO! Jordan, aware of his early losses to Benoit, sends him off with an arm drag.

Benoit picks himself up with the ropes, with Jordan quick to follow him in, nailing him with a right hand to the midsection to stun him. This time the Irish whip isn’t reversed, as Jordan sends Benoit off to the opposite ropes … and Benoit surprises a rising William Regal with a baseball slide, rather than bouncing back off the ropes! Surprised, Jordan charges at Benoit, but ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ sidesteps and sends him out to the floor to join Regal. Both men start to struggle up … ONLY FOR BENOIT TO SURPRISE THEM AND TAKE THEM DOWN WITH A STUNNING SUICIDE DIVE!

The crowd gives a great cheer as Benoit fights back to his feet, looking to immediately take advantage by rolling Regal into the ring and making the cover … two!

Benoit doesn’t worry about the kickout, looking to immediately follow up by booting a rising Regal in the midsection, and then backing him into the corner to hit some big knife-edge chop. Cries of “WOOOOOO” follow each chop, until Benoit finally changes things up, sending Regal into the corner with the same hard Irish whip he executed on Jordan earlier, before hitting Regal with a running elbow strike. Regal struggles up … right into a snap suplex! Benoit makes the cover … two!

Benoit looks to follow up, lifting Regal up and pressing him against the ropes to send off with an Irish whip … but Regal doesn’t bounce back, as OJ instead trips him from the outside, then pulls him to the floor and slams him back into the crowd barrier.

Jordan now slides into the ring and charges at Benoit, ducking a clothesline so he can bounce off the ropes, then come back with a big forearm smash. Jordan bounces off the ropes to hit another, before executing on a rising Benoit with a running neckbreaker! Jordan jumps on top of Benoit … two!

Accepting the kickout, Jordan goes back to work, waiting on Benoit so he can hit a few jabs. With Benoit now on jelly legs, Jordan runs off to the ropes … but this time he’s the one tripped by Regal and pulled out to the floor! Regal follows up, nailing a big European uppercut, sending Jordan staggering back, before winding up for a big running forearm … no! Jordan ducks, then kicks Regal in the midsection, before looking for an Irish whip into the steel steps … but Regal reverses, sending Jordan crashing into them!



Benoit flops down onto the apron, looking out of it as he lays there, his head hanging out above the floor … BAM! REGAL CHARGES AND HITS BENOIT WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER FROM THE FLOOR, SENDING BENOIT TUMBLING DOWN TO IT!

The crowd once again gasps, looking on at the destruction Regal has caused at ringside as we go out to a break.

Back from the break and Regal is still in control, dominating Benoit in the ring. We’re informed that during the break it has been all Regal, and he keeps it up, punishing Benoit to look for the win, while knocking Jordan back down to the floor each and every time he climbs up to the apron. Despite this, Regal is unable to get the win, and he starts to get frustrated, eventually lambasting the referee with abuse, before turning back to Benoit … and being shocked with a right hand to the midsection!

Regal jumps in pain, leading to him being on the receiving end of a few more, allowing Benoit to get up and go for a big right … but this time Regal ducks … AND GOES BEHIND FOR THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX … WHICH HE HITS PERFECTLY! The crowd is in shock as Regal makes the cover … BUT JORDAN DIVES IN AND BREAKS IT UP AT TWO!

Regal can’t believe it, getting up to see a desperate Jordan climbing up … before roaring and rocking the U.S. Champion with a huge European uppercut! Regal lands a second, before running off to the ropes … running European uppercut … no! Jordan sidesteps it, then charges off to the ropes … to come back with a clothesline! Regal struggles up into a second clothesline, before Jordan presses him back against the ropes and sends him off with an Irish whip … picture perfect dropkick! Jordan jumps onto the cover … two!

Jordan can’t believe it, struggling up, before motioning for Regal to do the same and charging off for a clothesline … no! Regal ducks … HALF NELSON SUPLEX … NO! Jordan instead snaps Regal over with a snapmare, then charges off to the ropes … running boot to the head … Regal ducks, then struggles up … TO GET TAKEN DOWN BY A RUNNING STO FROM JORDAN! Hook of the leg … TWO!

Jordan can’t believe it, looking up in shock … before getting back to his feet … and setting himself! The crowd buzzes as Regal struggles up … BLACK MAGIC … NO! Regal pushes Jordan back … RIGHT INTO THE ARMS OF BENOIT, WHO THROWS THE CHAMPION OVER WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX!

The crowd cheers as Benoit gets up … AND GETS ROCKED WITH A HUGE RUNNING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT! Regal looks to become the new champion … but Benoit kicks out at two!

This time it’s Regal who is in disbelief, sure he had the match won there … so now he signals that it’s time for the end! The crowd boos as Benoit starts to struggle up … DOUBLED OVER … KNEE TREMBLER TIME … NO! Benoit lifts his head out of the way, then grabs Regal from behind … TO HIT A GERMAN SUPLEX … AND KEEP THE HANDS CLASPED! The crowd goes nuts as he lifts Regal up … TO HIT A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX … AND THEN A THIRD!

The crowd continues to cheer as Benoit rises up … AND HE MAKES THE THROAT-SLASHING MOTION! The crowd rise as one, watching on as Benoit goes to the top rope … only to be cut off with a right hand from Orlando Jordan! Jordan rushes across and nails some rights, before climbing up to join Benoit up top, thinking superplex … but Benoit fights back! ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ cracks some headbutts off Jordan’s skull, causing him to let go of Benoit … WHEN WILLIAM REGAL COMES UP BEHIND JORDAN … AND TOSSES HIM OFF THE SECOND ROPE WITH A HUGE HALF NELSON SUPLEX!

Cries of “OH!” ring throughout the arena as Regal scrambles into a cover … NO! CHRIS BENOIT BREAKS UP THE PIN WITH THE DIVING HEADBUTT AT TWO! Jordan rolls out to the apron instantly, with Benoit able to jump onto the cover on Regal … BUT REGAL KICKS OUT AT TWO!

Benoit frowns, having been sure he had it there … BEFORE HOOKING REGAL UP FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER … NO! Regal kicks Benoit off, sending him backing into the ropes … and when he comes back Regal drops him with a drop toe hold … THEN GOES REGAL STRETCH … NO! Benoit counters in the same way of Regal … BAM! REGAL COMES BACK WITH A CHARGING EUROPEAN UPPERCUT, KNOCKING BENOIT DAMN NEAR OUT COLD!

The crowd groans as Regal looks to make the cover … BUT ORLANDO JORDAN COMES FROM NOWHERE … AND NAILS THE BLACK MAGIC! JORDAN SPIKES REGAL DOWN ON HIS HEAD! The United States Champion looks to retain his title with the cover … AND GETS IT!

Winner (and STILL United States Champion): Orlando Jordan via pinfall @ 12:53



The crowd gives a good pop as Jordan picks himself up and gets handed his title, which he instantly raises up in the air. Proud as punch, Jordan is happy to show the gold off to the fans.

Michael Cole: He’s done it! It didn’t look good for Orlando Jordan there, but in the end he picked up the win over not just one, but two SmackDown! veterans to retain his United States Title.

Tazz: A lotta’ people thought Orlando would be losin’ the U.S. Title as soon as he won it, but I guess he proved ‘em wrong here tonight. Chris Benoit wasn’t pinned here though, so you gotta’ believe he’s still gonna’ have his eyes on that title.

Michael Cole: No doubt, it won’t get any easier for Orlando Jordan from here, but for now he can bask in the moment and celebrate a successful title defence.

The crowd continues to cheer Jordan, who shows off his title …

… Before we cut off elsewhere to see Kristal Marshall standing by.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Paul London and Brian Kendrick!

The crowd gives a pretty good pop as Paul London and Brian Kendrick step into view, with Kendrick dressed for action.

Kristal Marshall: Well Brian, later tonight you’re in action, but first I want to ask Paul, rumours are swirling around that you’re almost physically cleared to compete. Can you confirm this?

Paul London: Well … uh, yeah. At WrestleMania, in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, I shook my ribs up pretty badly. I didn’t break any, but they weren’t feelin’ too good, so my doctor recommended I take a few weeks off. Personally, I’ve never been a fan of taking time off. I wanna’ be out there in that ring doing what I love each and every week, makin’ the crowd go wild.

A nice little cheer can be heard in the background.

Paul London: These past few weeks I obviously haven’t been able to do that, but I have been able to stick around thanks to Brian. However, as much fun as watching him has been, I can confirm that next week, I will be cleared for action.

Another good pop comes in from the crowd.

Paul London: So to whoever my opponent is next week, I’m warnin’ ya’ now, you’re not gonna’ have it easy. I’ve missed about a month of action now, and I want to make up for it.

Kristal Marshall: That’s great news, and I think I can speak for everyone here on SmackDown! that it’s going to be great to see you back. But now, moving onto you Brian, tonight you face Nunzio in singles action, in a match that could throw your name into the hat for a future shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Your thoughts?

Brian Kendrick: Kristal, my thoughts are simple. Y’see, ever since before WrestleMania, it’s been all about Paul. People have been talkin’ to me about how he made it onto the card at WrestleMania … about how he then stole the show at WrestleMania … and now … now Kristal, you just asked Paul about his injury before you asked me a question, despite the fact that I’m the one with a match on tonight.

Kristal Marshall: (A surprised look on her face) I’m- I’m sorry. I didn’t-

Brian Kendrick: No, it’s okay. I don’t mind. The reason people have been talking about Paul is because he’s given them a reason to talk about him. But lately … lately I have been doing something. Y’see, even since WrestleMania, I’m undefeated, and now, with a Cruiserweight Title chance possibly being there, I’m making sure that tonight, someone is going to take notice of me. Then … finally, when people talk to me, they’re going to talk about me too.

Kendrick winks at the camera, then exits the set, leaving a smirking London to follow.

We now cut away from that, to see a graphic that shows MNM, stood in front of a grainy replay of the closing moment of last week’s show.

Michael Cole: Brian Kendrick in action later tonight, but folks, up next we’ll be hearing from MNM, who have sent in a video from Los Angeles to talk about what happened last week. What will their explanation be? That’s next on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Off we go to a break.

{Commercial Break}


We open the vignette to see Randy Orton standing tall in the spotlight on the turnbuckle.

The superstars of SmackDown! have had their time in the limelight …

Batista setting off his pyro.

They’ve put on their show …

We see an opening shot from WrestleMania 21.

And they’ve had their time in the sun …

We fade into a desert setting, with a Christian cross half-buried in the sand.

Or is their time in the sun just beginning?

Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Teddy Long.

The superstars of SmackDown! have done wrong …

Batista attacking Super Crazy.

They have sinned …

Close-up on the cross, with the sky turning dark, causing the cross to burn and The Undertaker to eppar in the background.

And now their judgment day … is coming.



We return to ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where we still have a huge show to come, however, right now we’re going to take you back to last week. It was The Hardy Boyz making their first title defence, facing the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista and the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio for the WWE Tag Team Titles, when, well, this happened.


This time it’s Batista who can’t believe it, looking at the ref with his mouth wide open … before he climbs to his feet and says HE is going to finish it! The crowd is once again going nuts as Batista waits on Hardy to get up, before, like Matt, kicking him in the midsection … BATISTA BOMB TIME … YES! BATISTA GETS MATT UP … BUT HARDY JUMPS FREE AND LANDS BEHIND BATISTA! ‘The Animal’ turns … … …

… SURPRISE TWIST OF FATE FROM NOWHERE! MATT LANDS THE TWIST OF FATE! That effort seems to have taken it all out of him though, with the struggle to pull himself over to Batista’s fallen body proving almost too much, although he eventually gets there … TWO! BATISTA JUST KICKS OUT! Matt can’t even look up at the referee now, instead rolling off the cover timidly, seemingly unable to move …



The crowd unleashes with boos as the LA natives now roll Jeff into the ring, leaving Rey and climbing in themselves, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Result: No Contest @ 15:34

Michael Cole: What the- what the hell? What are MNM doing here? What are they doing?

Tazz: I- I dunno. I mean, I expected to see Randy Orton tryin’ to get involved until earlier tonight … but MNM? I didn’t see this comin’.

Michael Cole: And neither did Batista, Rey Mysterio, Shannon Moore or The Hardy Boyz! Get these guys outta here! Come on, this is disgusting! Have they not already done enough to Shannon Moore? Have they not already tried to do enough to The Hardy Boyz?

Tazz: Tag team titles make a couple of guys do crazy things, Cole.

MNM immediately head for Batista, kicking his body from the ring, before beginning to circle around the prone bodies of The Hardy Boyz. Calm looks on their faces, Mercury and Nitro do nothing … until the call from Melina comes … … … “NOW!” … … … AND SUDDENLY MNM ARE ALL OVER THE HARDY BOYZ!

The crowd goes nuts as the former WWE Tag Team Champions UNLOAD on the current champions with right hands, battering their defenceless enemies, who can do nothing but simply lie on the mat and take their beating!

Michael Cole: The Hardy Boyz are defenceless! What is this supposed to prove? That you can beat them down AFTER they’ve been in a HUGE match?

The former champions continue to punch, kick, elbow, knee and even claw away on their foes with remarkable intensity, ignoring the pleas from the crowd as they continue to massacre The Hardy Boyz. Remorseless, the two men who were formerly seen as the pretty boys of the WWE show an ugly side previously unseen, continuing to beat The Hardy Boyz into unconsciousness until Melina FINALLY reaches out and stops them … only to nod to the outside. Mercury and Nitro instantly respond, with Nitro heading to the timekeeper’s area to forcefully snatch the WWE Tag Team Titles, sending staff scurrying, while Mercury lifts the dead weight of Matt Hardy up in the ring.

Belts in hand, Nitro drops one down on the apron as he slides into the ring … BEFORE SUDDENLY LAUNCHING HIMSELF AT MATT, EXPLODING RIGHT INTO HIM AND DRILLING HIM IN BETWEEN THE EYES WITH THE GOLD! The heat is nothing short of MONSTROUS as Mercury now makes his way across to Jeff, Nitro remaining stoic as he does … BEFORE RUNNING STRAIGHT THROUGH JEFF IN SIMILAR FASHION TO MATT!

Once again, the heat from the crowd is unbelievable as Jeff goes down, prompting Melina to nod at Mercury. This sends Mercury across to grab the other tag title, which he holds by his side, alongside Nitro … … …

… … … Before the pair drop the titles over the fallen champions … … … remaining cold … emotionless … unmoving …

… As we fade … … … to … … … black.


Once again, we find ourselves back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Now MNM have been banned from the arena tonight, with two titles matches involving The Hardy Boyz scheduled. However, since last week, the former tag team champions have sent a video into us here on SmackDown!, which we’re about to see.

We now focus on the titantron … to see MNM standing in a dimly lighted room. The only people, or things for that matter, that we can see are the former tag team champions, sitting there scowling.

Melina: So you thought that was it. You thought it was just going to be that simple, huh Hardy Boyz? Y’know, as much as my boys would love to be there tonight so that they could say this to your faces, they can’t be. Y’see, your General Manager and seemingly best friend Teddy Long, he’s banned us from being at SmackDown! this week. He’s banned us from being in the arena.

The crowd cheers, despite this being a pre-recorded promo, meaning Melina can’t hear their reaction.

Melina: And why? Why has he banned us? Because we- because we “ruined” his main event last week? Because we were “too violent”? Because that’s “not the type of thing” he wants to see on SmackDown!? Those were the reasons he gave us, but what Teddy Long doesn’t acknowledge is that what happened last week is entirely his fault.

Again, the crowd boos, despite MNM not being able to hear.

Johnny Nitro: Teddy Long … he called us monsters for what we did last week. He said … he said we were despicable, disgusting human beings. But if we’re monsters, then he’s the one that made us that way.

Joey Mercury: Everybody’s talkin’ about how WrestleMania was The Hardy Boyz big night, about how they finally got their precious first win at WrestleMania as a team. But what people don’t realise … what they don’t realise is that WrestleMania was even BIGGER … for us.

Once again, the crowd boos as Mercury winces at his own words.

Joey Mercury: We mightn’t have been striving for an elusive first WrestleMania win, but we were doing was starring in our very first WrestleMania. You people in a place like Green Bay mightn’t know this, but us … we’re big stars. We’ve got a reputation to uphold. We’ve got a following to keep happy. We are ‘The A-Listers’, the “it” team on the scene. And so everyone, and I mean everyone in our hometown of Hollywood was watching WrestleMania … and what did they see? They saw us, the big stars … losing to a couple of hicks from Cameron, North Carolina.

Ironic cheers in the background.

Joey Mercury: We’re ‘A-Listers’! We’re not supposed to lose to nobody hicks from Cameron, North Carolina!

Johnny Nitro: All our friends, our entourage, our people … ALL of them ditched us. They didn’t want to be seen with a team of losers like us. So we made a vow … we vowed that the first time The Hardy Boyz defended their titles, they’d be losing them right back to us. We vowed that we would no longer be embarrassed. We vowed that we would take our rightful spot back. But Teddy Long didn’t give us that chance. He didn’t give us the chance we deserved, the chance that we had in our contract … he gave it to Batista and Rey Mysterio.

Again, the crowd cheers for the mention of Mysterio and Deacon Dave.

Johnny Nitro: … … … (Though clenched teeth) We HAD to take … action. Those titles … those titles are OURS.

Melina: Last week, my boys were screwed out of their rightful rematch. But we’re not like other bitter former champions. We’re not running away. If we could be there on SmackDown!, we would be. Unfortunately, we can’t, but that’s not going to stop us making our challenge. Like we said before, we’ve got a rematch for the WWE Tag Team Titles written into our contracts, and we’re taking that rematch before any other team that Teddy Long likes better can jump in. We’re making the challenge … for Judgment Day.

Johnny Nitro: After what we did to you last week, we know you’re listenin’, Hardy Boyz. At Judgment Day … we WILL see you … we WILL take back our titles … and we WILL take back our rightful spot on the red carpet because WE, not you, but WE are the greatest tag team in W – W – E history.

Melina: (Turning to Mercury) Turn that camera off.

Mercury leans forward and does just that, turning the camera off and leaving us to see static …

… Before cutting backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with the WWE Tag Team Champion, Matt Hardy.

Josh Matthews: Well Matt, commiserations for your loss to Rey Mysterio earlier, but we just heard from MNM, who made a challenge to you and your brother Jeff for Judgment Day. Your thoughts?

Matt Hardy: First of all, I just wanna’ congratulate Rey Mysterio on successfully defendin’ his title earlier. It was a heck of a match, he’s a heck of a wrestler and he’s a heck of a friend. To be in there with him tonight was an honour, and to actually finish a match with him … well, that made it even better.

A decent little pop can be heard from the crowd, showing their respect.

Matt Hardy: So I guess … I guess that takes me to MNM.

The cheers now turn to boos at the mention of the former WWE Tag Team Champions.

Matt Hardy: Now I haven’t spoken to Jeff because he’s busy preparing for his match for the World Heavyweight Title, and I know normally I can’t speak for him, but I know, that just like me, he’s got that same Hardy blood pumpin’ through his veins. What that means is that he’s a fighter … more specifically, what that means in this instance is that he’s a fighting champion, just like me. Together, we’re fighting champions.

The crowd lets out a very good pop for this.

Matt Hardy: That’s why we gave a shot at the titles to Rey Mysterio and Batista. We respect the two of them, and we decided that, as former WWE Tag Team Champions, they deserved at a shot these titles again. As far as them gettin’ their shot before MNM goes, they asked first. If MNM asked first, then we would have gladly given them their shot.

Another good pop comes in from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: So now they want their shot at Judgment Day? No problem, but, if they think we’re just gonna’ roll over so they can impress their phoney friends in Hollywood, they’ve got another thing comin’. They make fun of us for our upbringing? That’s fine, because come Judgment Day, they’re gonna’ see that the one thing we learnt the most as kids is to never give up, to never quit … to never die.

A very good pop can be heard.

Matt Hardy: Just like us, at Judgment Day, our WWE Tag Team Title run will – not – die, and we will prove that we are the better team … that we are one of the greatest tag teams in W – W – E … history.

Matt does the classic Hardy Boyz gun sign, before now backing off the set, leaving us to head out to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break at ringside.


The crowd gives a decent pop as Brian Kendrick stomps out onto the stage. Kendrick has the usual playful look on his face as he charges down the ramp and slides into the ring, following by Paul London.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Olympia, Washington, weighing 185 lbs, BRIAN KEEENNNDRICK!

Michael Cole: We’re about to see the cruiserweights in action for the second time tonight, and this man Brian Kendrick has been on quite the winning streak lately, undefeated since WrestleMania. With Rey Mysterio selecting his own challenger for Judgment Day, a win tonight could possibly go a long way to getting Kendrick that match.

Tazz: And he wants it badly. Kendrick wants to emulate his friend Paul London and get his name in the lights on Pay-Per-View. It’s not gonna’ be easy though, not with the opponent he has lined up for tonight.

Kendrick slides into the ring and instantly heads for the corner, before backflipping back into the centre of the ring.


The crowd now gives a lukewarm reaction as the little Italian, Nunzio bounces out onto the stage. The artist formerly known as Little Guido does all he can to get the fans to hate him on the way down the ramp, abusing them and making some not so nice gestures.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Little Italy, New York, weighing 175 lbs, NUUUUNNNZIO!

Michael Cole: Tazz, here’s a guy you spent a lot of time with in ECW. You said Kendrick will have to be top of his game to beat Nunzio, so just what could Nunzio do if Kendrick isn’t on top of his game?

Tazz: He’ll win, plain and simple, Cole. Nunzio is one bad dude, and he can go with the best of ‘em, both as a striker and when just plain stretchin’ other guys. If Kendrick’s not careful, Nunzio could not just beat him, but also seriously hurt him.

The feisty Italian climbs in the ring and instantly starts mouthing off at Kendrick, raring to go.

Match Four – Singles Match:
Brian Kendrick w/Paul London vs. Nunzio

London rallies the crowd right from the beginning of this one, getting them to clap along with him and add some excitement into the match. Kendrick and Nunzio now circle around the ring, before coming forward into the first lockup of the match. It isn’t long before it’s broken, with Nunzio taking the arm of Kendrick over, applying a wristlock. Kendrick is quick to reverse the pressure though, applying a wristlock of his own, before grabbing a side headlock. The veteran Nunzio knows he doesn’t want to be stuck in that predicament for too long, so he pushes Kendrick off … only for BK to run right through him with a shoulder tackle on the rebound!

Looking to keep his momentum going, Kendrick runs off to the ropes … and bounces back right back into a hip toss … no! He blocks it, then sends Nunzio over with a hip toss of his own, before dropping the leg … two!

Nunzio tries to scramble away immediately, but Kendrick is quickly on him, going to grab him by the head … when Nunzio rakes his eyes! The crowd boos the actions of the tenacious Italian, who lets Kendrick stagger away, before charging at him … only to find himself on the receiving end of an arm drag … and then a second! Nunzio is stunned, allowing Kendrick to press him back against the ropes, then send him off with an Irish whip … Japanese arm drag connects! Kendrick hooks the leg … two!

This time Nunzio makes sure he escapes from Kendrick, scurrying out to the floor before he can be stopped. Ensuring he can’t be attacked with a dive, the crafty Italian walks around the outside of the ring … before coming to the side where Paul London stands. As feisty as ever, Little Guido can’t resist mouthing off at London, but he leaves himself open … AND KENDRICK TAKES ADVANTAGE, DIVING DOWN ONTO HIM FROM THE TOP ROPE WITH A MASSIVE CROSSBODY BLOCK!

The crowd gives a great cheer as Kendrick pulls himself up, nursing his ribs a little gingerly, though he still plays to the cheers of the crowd. BK then lifts his Italian opponent up and rolls him into the ring, before taking a moment to wink at London, telling him to “Watch and learn, buddy” playfully … ONLY FOR NUNZIO TO DROPKICK HIM AS HE GOES TO CLIMB UP ONTO THE APRON … AND KENDRICK’S JAW SNAPS OFF THE APRON AS A RESULT!

Cries of “OH!” go up in the crowd for the sickening impact, with Kendrick looking damn near out of it on the floor. Nunzio has never been one for sympathy though, and he shows that once again, quickly rolling from the ring to lift Kendrick up … THEN RUN HIM SHOULDER FIRST INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!

Again the crowd gasps at the thudding sound, with Kendrick now well and truly on the defensive. Nunzio shows his smarts as he dominates the next few minutes, stretching Kendrick’s arm and shoulder to the best of his abilities. Despite Nunzio’s onslaught, Kendrick is able to survive, and even looks to get back in the match when he counters a keylock by sending Nunzio over with a modified arm dram. The match there for the taking, Kendrick nails some big right hands, using his good arm, before running off to the ropes … ONLY TO BE TAKEN DOWN … FUJIWARA ARMBAR!

Nunzio bends Kendrick’s arm right back, shouting at him to give it up. Yelping in pain, Kendrick looks as if he is considering it, with seemingly nowhere to go … but, thanks to Paul London at ringside, the crowd starts to rally behind Kendrick. This seemingly gives BK a new supply of energy, allowing him to fight on … and make the ropes!

The crowd gives a good cheer as Nunzio is forced to break the hold, but the little Italian doesn’t leave Kendrick for long, lifting him back up by the arm. Looking confident, Nunzio holds his opponent there … only for Kendrick to come out with a kick to the ribs of Nunzio from nowhere! Nunzio jumps in pain … another kick … and another! Kendrick forces Nunzio back, before once again hitting him with some big right hands and this time going for an Irish whip … but he pulls back instead, feeling at his arm. This gives Nunzio some time to recover, then charge at Kendrick … right into a dropkick! Nunzio gets up into a second dropkick, and then a leg lariat! Kendrick makes the cover … two!

Nunzio instantly heads for the corner following the kickout, but Kendrick is right back on him, hitting some big rights, before backing away … and charging in to nail Dr. Smoothie’s secret recipe! The crowd cheers as Kendrick moves back in and lifts a groggy Nunzio up to a seated position on the top rope … CRACK! KENDRICK LEAPS UP AND NAILS A STUNNING ENZUIGURI OUT OF NOWHERE!

The crowd sounds their appreciation, watching on as Kendrick joins a groggy Nunzio on the ropes … BEFORE HE LEAPS UP … AND NAILS HIS OPPONENT WITH THE SUPER HURRICANRANA! Kendrick dives over the cover … TWO!

Kendrick can’t believe it, looking at the referee for confirmation, before getting up … and pointing at the corner! The crowd cheers as Kendrick now waits for Nunzio to get up … BEFORE HOOKING HIM UP FOR SLICED BREAD #2 … NO! Nunzio shoves Kendrick off, sending him crashing chest first into the turnbuckle!

Kendrick stumbles back into the clutches of Nunzio, who thinks back suplex … but Kendrick flips out the back and lands on his feet. Nunzio turns to see Kendrick thinking clothesline, only for Nunzio to duck … FUJIWARA ARMBAR AGAIN … NO! Kendrick counters with another modified arm drag … AND NUNZIO GETS UP INTO A SUPERKICK FROM KENDRICK! BK falls onto the cover … TWO AGAIN!

Kendrick rolls off the cover and tugs at his long locks, having been sure that was it … before getting up and once again calling for the end! The arena buzzes as Nunzio struggles up … INTO THE ARMS OF KENDRICK, WHO GOES FOR SLICED BREAD #2 … NO! This time Nunzio sends Kendrick flipping off overhead, but BK is able to land on his feet, showing his magnificent athleticism. Nunzio then turns around … INTO ANOTHER SUPERKICK … BUT HE DUCKS … THEN SNAPS KENDRICK DOWN INTO THE MAT BY THE ARM!

Cries of “OH!” ring out as Kendrick quickly struggles up to his hands and knees … AS NUNZIO SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE ROPES … THEN PLANTS HIM RIGHT ON HIS HEAD WITH A DDT!

The match looks done, but Nunzio isn’t finished yet, heading across to the corner and scaling the ropes, before waiting on Kendrick to get up … AND LEAPING OFF … TO NAIL THE SICILIAN SLICE! Nunzio hooks the leg … AND HE GETS THE THREE COUNT!

Winner: Nunzio via pinfall @ 7:23


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, NUUUNNNZIO!

The crowd seem somewhat in shock, with Kendrick winning seeming all but certain, but the Italian-American announces himself here, gaining a big victory. Little Guido ensures that the crowd begin booing him too, celebrating in an over-the-top manner, abusing the crowd as he does so.

Michael Cole: Well you said it wouldn’t be easy for him, Tazz, but I think most people here thought Brian Kendrick would keep his winning streak going. And that’s not to take anything away from Nunzio either, not that you can after what we just saw.

Tazz: You can never count this guy Nunzio out. He’s picked up a big win here tonight, and who knows, maybe HE could put his hand up for a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. I wouldn’t blame Rey Mysterio for tryin’ to duck a guy like Nunzio though!

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio’s not one to duck a challenge, and if he thinks that Nunzio is deserving of challenging him for the title, he’ll pick him. This victory must certainly put him in mind.

Nunzio now exits the ring and starts to head up the ramp, leaving Paul London to try to help Brian Kendrick back to his feet. The crowd give Kendrick a strong ovation, having given it his all, but Kendrick doesn’t seem happy with that, pulling his hair back, continually uttering the words “Damn it” under his breath.

Michael Cole: A tough loss for Brian Kendrick here tonight, but he gave it his all and he has nothing to be ashamed of.

Tazz: No doubt, this kid’s a talent. He may not have been victorious tonight, but he’s got a big future here on Friday nights, I’ll tellin’ ya’.

We continue to look at Kendrick in the ring …

… Before a preview pops up on the screen for our next match.

Michael Cole: He may have a big future, but one man who may have NO future is JBL. He’s set to go one-on-one with the man he’s been talking himself up as better than for months. It’s The Undertaker, making his first in-ring appearance since WrestleMania, going against JBL NEXT here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Stop. Break time.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to instantly hear the sound of …


The heat instantly pours in as we see the arrival of the stretch limousine into the arena. Like earlier in the parking lot, the chauffeur pulls himself from the limousine first, before he opens the door to reveal John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who is accompanied by the rest of The Cabinet. The toothy grin seeming a little more forced than usual, JBL appears to require reassurance from Jillian Hall as he walks down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, New York, weighing 295 lbs, J – B – L!

Michael Cole: It was at No Way Out, two months ago that JBL defeated The Undertaker, thanks to interference from Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam. Since then, JBL has been talking up that victory as reason for him to get a title shot, saying that it made him better than The Undertaker. With their first meeting in the ring since that night now set to occur, the question has to be asked – is this JBL’s very own personal judgment day at the hands of ‘The Phenom’?

Tazz: JBL’s one of the toughest guys I know. He’s a former WWE Champion for a reason, but I know I wouldn’t wanna’ be him right now. Climbin’ in the ring with an angry Undertaker has to be one of the worst feelings a superstar can go through, and to call The Undertaker angry tonight … well, that’d be an understatement.

JBL climbs up into the ring, then, after a few deep breaths, starts to circle around, waiting …




The feeling in the arena is electric as the lights turn out, leaving only the eerie glow of the ramp, which is now filled with smoke. A moment passes with nothing happening, before finally, clad in his long coat and cowboy hat, The Undertaker walks out onto the stage. As emotionless as ever, ‘The Deadman’ begins to trudge down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Death Valley, weighing 305 lbs, THE UNDEEERRRRTAKER!

Michael Cole: Tazz, is there any feeling, any at all, like the feeling you get when you see The Undertaker walking down that ramp? In a word … chilling.

Tazz: There’s nothin’ like it. Like I said before, right now I’d hate to be JBL, because he’s standin’ there, but he knows that all he can do is just watch as this- this ‘Phenom’ approaches him.

The Undertaker slowly walks up the steps, then lifts his arms up, raising the darkness and turning the lights back on. With his opponent watching, ‘The Deadman’ sweeps into the ring to remove his jacket and hat, staring JBL down with his eyes rolled back in his head. JBL seems anything but comfortable, gulping as ‘The Phenom’ appears ready for battle.

Match Five – Singles Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/The Cabinet vs. The Undertaker

The moment the bell rings, JBL is already looking from side to side, trying to find a way out as The Undertaker, in his fighting stance, slowly approaches. It appears that JBL has no intention of wrestling, his eyes continuing to dart around, but The Undertaker gets closer and closer … prompting JBL to duck out through the ropes! The crowd boos as the referee forces The Undertaker back, prompting JBL to come back into the ring proper. The Undertaker now once again advances on him … but JBL again ducks through the ropes. Again we go through the same routine, with JBL coming back into the ring … only for the same to happen a third time!

This time The Undertaker looks just plain pissed off, grabbing at JBL … prompting Bradshaw to scurry through the ropes and out to the floor. The self-made millionaire breathes a sigh of relief … only to see The Undertaker rolling from the ring and following him around ringside! JBL begins to run for his life, going past Brent Albright to seek protection, but The Undertaker just runs straight through him with a clothesline.

With ‘The Deadman’ bearing down on him, JBL sees no other option than to slide back in the ring, then wait as The Undertaker slides in too … so he can drop an elbow on him! A desperate Layfield punches, scratches, claws and elbows at The Undertaker, doing all he can to keep him down. The Undertaker fights through it though, getting up to the corner, where JBL starts to lay in him with some right hands … only for The Undertaker to suddenly throw JBL back into the corner instead!

The crowd erupts with a pop as The Undertaker goes absolutely crazy, smacking JBL with right hand after right hand, looking to do some major damage. The referee begs The Undertaker to back away, prompting ‘The Phenom’ to grab JBL by the arm, then go up to the top rope … AND WALK THE TIGHT ROPE … BEFORE COMING OFF WITH OLD SCHOOL!

The crowd gives a great pop as The Undertaker stands over JBL, watching as he pulls himself back to the corner … only to be squashed by ‘The Phenom’, who nails him with a corner clothesline! JBL staggers from the corner … and gets taken down with a massive running big boot from ‘The Deadman’!


The crowd erupts as an angry Undertaker looks to make quick work of JBL, who struggles up … GOOZLE … BUT JBL RAKES THE UNDERTAKER’S EYES!

The Undertaker’s vision impaired, Layfield sends him off with an Irish whip … then takes his head off with a big boot on the rebound! With The Undertaker down, JBL leaps on top of his opponent, getting in a mount position so he can just plain hammer away on him with some big right hands! The referee finally manages to pull JBL off, as much as JBL tries to ignore the count, telling him to play by the rules.

Layfield is quickly back on ‘The Deadman’ though, kicking away at him, before scooping him up … AND THROWING HIM OVERHEAD WITH A FALLAWAY SLAM! The crowd boos as JBL sits up, a dark smile on his face … UNTIL HE TURNS TO SEE THE UNDERTAKER SITTING UP!

The crowd goes wild, as JBL looks at ‘The Phenom’ in complete and utter disbelief, then charges at him … RIGHT INTO THE GOOZLE … BUT BRENT ALBRIGHT JUMPS THE UNDERTAKER FROM BEHIND, PROMPTING THE REFEREE TO CALL FOR THE BELL!

Winner: The Undertaker via disqualification @ 4:00

The crowd vehemently boos the result, with The Undertaker looking sure to be close to victory. Brent Albright couldn’t give a damn about the boos though, getting into a mounted position on top of The Undertaker to hammer away on him with right hand after right hand.

Michael Cole: Oh come on! The Undertaker was closing in on victory, so JBL finds yet another way to sneak his way out of getting what’s been coming to him for months. This is ridiculous!

Tazz: Brent Albright’s ‘The Hired Gun’ for a reason, Cole. He’s just in there doin’ what he gets paid for.

Michael Cole: Yeah, to make sure JBL never even has to lift a damn finger.

Albright continues to hammer away on The Undertaker until he finally kicks free, heading to the corner. Knowing how dangerous ‘The Phenom’ is, ‘The Hired Gun’ doesn’t give him too much space, moving right in after him … only to be smacked with a huge right hand! The crowd cheers as The Undertaker now makes his comeback, hitting some big rights …

… But JBL comes from the side … AND NAILS HIM IN THE HEAD WITH A BIG BOOT!

Michael Cole: Damn it!

Tazz: What a boot from JBL!

Michael Cole: Watch these two- these two jackals go to work!

The air is collectively sucked out of the crowd, as they watch both Layfield and Albright stomp away on The Undertaker, taking turns to take shots at him. First it’s Albright who gets down to beat away on The Undertaker, before he lifts him up and lets him hammer away on him.

Confident, JBL now tells Albright to hold ‘The Deadman’ in place, as he looks about to run off to the ropes, drawing immense heat from the crowd …

… But that reaction suddenly changes … AS BOBBY LASHLEY CHARGES DOWN THE RAMP!

Michael Cole: Oh boy!

Tazz: Here comes the cavalry!

The cheers alert JBL and Albright, who both stop in their tracks, turning their attention to Lashley as he slides into the ring. Albright is the first to move, running into a right hand, before JBL suffers the same fate. Lashley does this a few more times, knocking each man down as soon as they rise up, before grabbing them both by the head … and cracking their skulls together!

The crowd cheers for the old Hulk Hogan move, with Lashley now grabbing Albright by the head … TO THROW HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR … LEAVING JBL ALONE IN THE RING!

Michael Cole: Maybe JBL’s judgment day is coming after all!

Tazz: This ain’t lookin’ good for him, I’ll tell ya’ that much.

The crowd cheers as JBL tries to beg off, praying to the lord above for Lashley to leave him alone, but Lashley continues to move closer and closer …

… Until two men, one with long brown hair, one with long blonde, alongside a beautiful blonde woman slide into the ring behind Lashley.

Michael Cole: What the- that’s … that’s K.C. James and Idol Stevens! We’ve seen them the last few weeks on Velocity.

Tazz: And they’ve got Michelle McCool with ‘em!

Michael Cole: But what- what are they doing here?

The two men continue to stand behind Lashley, who has no idea of their presence … WHEN THE BLONDE MAN TAKES LASHLEY DOWN WITH A CHOP BLOCK!

Michael Cole: Aww damn it. Come on!

Tazz: Well, I guess K.C. James just showed us what they’re doin’ out there.

K.C. James (who we now know to be the blonde man) and Idol Stevens (the other, obviously) go about stomping away on a downed Lashley now, with Michelle McCool circling around, observing. JBL hasn’t moved an inch since the trio slid into the ring, watching in shock as James and Stevens continue the beatdown.

The heat is immense for the rookies as they continue to go about their business, beating away on Lashley … UNTIL THE UNDERTAKER GETS TO HIS FEET!

The crowd goes nuts as Michelle McCool motions to her troops to get him … but The Undertaker sends them both flying with right hands! Up and down they go, continually being hit with right hands …

… UNTIL BRENT ALBRIGHT CLUBS THE UNDERTAKER FROM BEHIND! ‘The Hired Gun’ has re-entered the ring, much to the disgust of the crowd, as he stands over a doubled over Undertaker … BEFORE THROWING HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BREATHTAKING HALF NELSON SUPLEX!

Cries of “OH!” go up from the crowd for the move, but the beatdown isn’t over yet, despite The Undertaker having rolled from the ring, because Lashley is still there. James and Stevens slowly regather themselves, and, after being motioned across to Lashley by Michelle McCool, Stevens lifts him up … then drops him across his knee with a gutbuster … BANG! K.C. JAMES COMES OFF THE ROPES AND BOOTS THE SUSPENDED LASHLEY RIGHT IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD!

Cries of “OH!” go up from the crowd again, but James and Stevens aren’t done yet, with McCool motioning them back across to Lashley once again. This time it’s K.C. James who lifts Lashley up, seemingly getting him in position for a spinebuster as Idol Stevens bounces off the ropes … THEN DRILLS LASHLEY WITH A BIG BOOT … BEFORE JAMES DRILLS HIM INTO THE MAT WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!

Cries of “OH!” can be heard through the arena once again as James and Stevens join McCool in the middle of the ring to have their hands raised high. Jillian Hall, meanwhile, can be heard clapping, as she now climbs into the ring with a microphone. The heat just continues to pour in as Hall takes an extra moment to keep applauding, before beginning to speak.

Jillian Hall: JBL, please allow me to introduce you to Michelle McCool, along with K.C. James and Idol Stevens … … … your NEW Secretaries … of … … … Defence!

The crowd continues to boo as Jillian claps wildly, with JBL slowly approaching the trio … before vigorously shaking hands with K.C. James!


The heat from the crowd continues as JBL shakes hands with Idol Stevens, before kissing the hand of Michelle McCool …


The heat now changes to at least some cheers, as the General Manager, Theodore Long makes his way out onto the stage, a microphone already in hand. Not even worrying about his music, Long quickly goes to speak.

Theodore Long: Well JBL, I’ve got to hand it to you. Yet again, you’ve managed to survive The Undertaker, and comes out with SmackDown!’s newest superstars as your allies.

The crowd boos this.

Theodore Long: But, with that said, if ya’ think I’m done with you, you’ve got another thing comin’, playa!

This time it’s cheers that come from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Now the way I see it, you might have survived tonight, but right now at ringside, you’ve got two guys who are bayin’ for your blood … and I’m gonna’ give ‘em a chance to get that.

An even bigger cheer, as JBL shakes his head in the ring.

Theodore Long: Because next week, it’s gonna’ be tag team action. The Cabinet will face Bobby Lashley …

A very strong pop can be heard from the youngster.

Theodore Long: And Bobby Lashley’s partner … … … THE UNDERTAKER!

The crowd goes BALLISTIC for this announcement, while conversely The Cabinet reacts angrily in the ring.

Theodore Long: Holla holla!


The cheers continue to roll in from the crowd as the members of The Cabinet, new and old, react with outrage to the announcement in the ring.

Michael Cole: Oh my! JBL thought he had pulled one over on Teddy Long, thanks to Jillian Hall and her new appointments as his ‘Secretaries of Defence’, but he’s not laughing now.

Tazz: Of course he’s not. Along with Brent Albright, he’s gonna’ be in there next week with two guys who want his blood!

Michael Cole: Not just any two guys either, Tazz. The undefeated rookie Bobby Lashley, and The Undertaker! Something tells me JBL won’t be smiling come next week.

We continue to see The Cabinet losing it in the ring as we go out to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to be back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to our very special night of champions two-and-a-half hour addition of SmackDown!, and what a show it’s been so far, eh partner?

Tazz: It’s been an absolute rocketbuster to say the least, Cole. We’ve seen The Cabinet expand, a big match set for next week, and TWO champions retain their titles.

Michael Cole: And there’s still one more title match to come, but before that happens, we’re going to hear from both the champion and the challenger. Kristal is backstage with the challenger Jeff Hardy. Take it away, Kristal.

We leave ringside …

… And cut backstage, where we see Kristal Marshall standing by with WWE Tag Team Champion, Jeff Hardy, getting a huge pop.

Kristal Marshall: Jeff, we’re just moments away from what is possibly the biggest match of your career. Your thoughts?

Jeff Hardy: Y’know, I thought the biggest match of my career came a couple of weeks ago at WrestleMania. And while it still may be the biggest, I gotta’ admit, tonight comes pretty damn close.

A pretty good pop comes in from the crowd.

Jeff Hardy: Because, Matt and me, while it’s always been our dream to win the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, there’s not a superstar in this locker-room that doesn’t dream of becoming the World Heavyweight Champion.

A stronger pop this time as Jeff pauses for a moment.

Jeff Hardy: And yeah, it’s gonna’ be tough. Of course it is. Batista’s the World Heavyweight Champion. Heck, he’s been champion for over a year now. He’s beaten some of the biggest stars in the business, and I know he thinks he can beat me. But last week … last week, along with Matt, I proved that I’ve got what it takes to hang with the big boys like Batista.

Another good cheers sounds around the arena.

Jeff Hardy: I mightn’t be seen as one of the big boys on SmackDown!. I might be seen as just a tag team guy. No disrespect to the tag team division either, because been a tag team guy isn’t easy. But I assure you … I promise you, that I’m more than just a one-dimensional guy. I might not be a former world champion, but I can compete with ANYONE on this roster, and I can become a double champion.

The crowd gets behind Jeff, giving him a good cheer.

Jeff Hardy: So tonight, I’m gonna’ go out there, and I’m gonna’ take every chance, try every risk and do anything I can in order to become the NEW World – Heavyweight – Champion.

The biggest pop yet for Jeff.

Jeff Hardy: And if I don’t win … you can be DAMN sure that I’m gonna’ go out with a bang.

Another great pop as Jeff shows off the trademark Hardy Boyz guns …

… Before we cut away to see Josh Matthews with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista outside the locker-room of the champ.

Josh Matthews: Batista, in just a moment you’ll be defending your World Heavyweight Title against Jeff Hardy. Your thoughts before yet another title defence?

Batista: Y’know Josh, you might see it as just “yet another title defence”, but personally, I don’t see it that way. Y’see, while I may have held this title for a long time now, you have no idea how much pride runs through my veins each and every time I step through the curtain to defend this title. Each and every time provides a new chance for me to face an opponent. Each and every time allows me to build the prestige of this title. And most importantly, each and every time allows me to show why I deserve to stand here as the World Heavyweight Champion!

The crowd gives a damn good cheer for this.

Batista: Now I may have held this title for over a year … I may have defended this title against legends like Triple H and the late, great Eddie Guerrero …

A booming cheer, with a small chant of “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” following.

Batista: … And I may be coming off possibly my biggest title defence against Randy Orton at WrestleMania 22, but that does NOT mean I’m taking this match any easier!

Another good cheer comes in from the crowd.

Batista: Because not only am I facing a guy like Jeff Hardy, who last week showed what he can bring to the table in a main event, but I’m also putting … (Batista looks at the title that’s wrapped around his waist) this title on the line … this title that means so much to me … this title that I’ve worked my whole life for … this title that I wake up each and every morning to hold.

The crowd shows how behind Big Dave they are.

Batista: So you can be sure that tonight, I’m not gonna’ take Jeff Hardy lightly. You can be sure that I’m not gonna’ treat this as just another title defence. And you can be sure that, at the end of the night, I will STILL be your World – Heavyweight – Champion! Oh yeah!

The crowd gives a great pop as Batista marches off, the caption at the bottom of the screen telling us the big match is next.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to silence …


A HUGE pop rings through the arena, as out onto the stage dances the charismatic WWE Tag Team Champion, Jeff Hardy. Despite tonight being massive for him, Jeff still takes the time to acknowledge the fans on the way down the ramp, slapping hands with them.

Michael Cole: Well partner, it’s time, and for that man Jeff Hardy, as he said before the break, it’s time for one of the biggest matches in his career. Tonight Jeff Hardy looks to become World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time, and as he said, he’s either going to become champion, or go out with a bang.

Tazz: That’s always been The Hardy Boyz mentality, and you can be damn sure Jeff’s gonna’ show it tonight. He’ll take every risk in the book and make sure that he’s gonna’ give the fight of his life to become champion. If you ask me, this match has all the makings of a classic.

Jeff slides into the ring and immediately heads to the corner to salute the fans. After hopping down, Jeff goes to another corner, before heading to the middle of the ring and waiting …


It’s BY FAR the reaction of the night, as out onto the stage storms the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Batista heads to either side of the stage to acknowledge the fans, before moving back to the top of the ramp to set off his pyrotechnics with a bang.

Michael Cole: For thirteen months now, this man Batista has reigned supreme as World Heavyweight Champion. He’s faced challenge after challenge; he knows what it’s like to be in this big match situation. Does that give him the advantage tonight?

Tazz: No doubt, and you heard what Batista has to say before. He’s not takin’ this match easy, and that means bad things for Jeff Hardy. We’ve seen what he’s been capable of to retain this title in the past.

The champion slaps hands with the fans on the way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring to show off his title to the fans in each corner. A smile on his face, Batista then drops down and hands his title over the referee as he bounces around.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the WOOORRRRLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!

A great pop sounds throughout the arena for this.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first the challenger, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 220 lbs, he is ONE HALF OF THE W – W – E TAG TEAM CHAAAMMMPPPIIIOOONNNSS, JEFF – HAAARDY!

A huge pop comes in for Jeff, who throws the guns up to the crowd.


Batista roars and flexes his muscles, with the referee now raising the title up in the air and calling for the bell.

Match Six – World Heavyweight Championship; Singles Match:
WWE Tag Team Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Batista ©

The crowd buzzes as both men stand in opposite corners, with duelling chants of “LET’S GO HARDY! BA – TIS – TA! LET’S GO HARDY! BA – TIS – TA!” starting up. The two men stay back in their corners for a moment, before coming forward and shaking hands to a pop. They then head back to their corners, causing the chant to start up again as they go through some last minute warm ups. Never one to shy away, Jeff is the first to make a move, circling around the ring, prompting the champ to do the same. The pace picks up, with both men moving quickly, before coming forward and engaging in the first lockup.

It’s Batista, of course, who has the power edge, and he uses it to force Jeff back to the corner, before allowing for a clean break. A smile on his face, Batista backs away, telling Jeff to bring it on. Jeff again shows his fighting attitude as he launches into another lockup, before outsmarting ‘The Animal’ and getting a side headlock on him.

Surprised, Batista takes a moment, before backing into the ropes and looking to use the momentum to push Jeff off, only for Jeff to put a stop to that by wisely dropping to one knee. The smaller Hardy continues to crank on the larger man’s neck, holding that headlock tight … until Batista shows his phenomenal power by lifting Jeff up … then throwing him off!

Jeff lands on his feet and turns to see Batista charging at him for a clothesline, which Jeff ducks on his way off to the ropes … before coming back with a jumping forearm that knocks ‘The Animal’ off his feet. Jeff takes off to the ropes, then knocks Dave down with the same forearm, before going for it a third time … only for Batista to spring to life, lifting Jeff up and driving him back into the corner!

The crowd watches on in awe of the physical champion, who starts to bury his shoulder into Hardy’s midsection … but Jeff is able to elevate himself, then take Batista over with a sunset flip … just two!

Both men spring back up, with Jeff able to make the first move, taking Batista over with an arm drag … before charging across to clothesline him over the top rope and down to the floor below!

Batista doesn’t remain down for long, looking to quickly climb back into the ring … only to get two boots to the jaw courtesy of a baseball slide from Jeff Hardy! This stuns the World Heavyweight Champion, giving Jeff time to settle … THEN LAUNCH HIMSELF FOR A CROSSBODY PLANCHA … BUT BATISTA CATCHES HIM! The crowd gasps, shocked by Batista’s power … AND ‘THE ANIMAL’ RAMS JEFF BACK INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST!

Cries of “OH!” go up around the arena as Batista still holds Jeff up like a sack of spuds … BEFORE THROWING HIM DOWN ONTO THE COLD FLOOR WITH A SCOOP SLAM!

More gasps from the crowd for the power of ‘The Animal’, who rolls Jeff back into the ring and makes the cover … two! Not too fussed by the kickout, Batista continues to go about his business, taking control of the match to pound away on the challenger. Jeff continues to try to fight back, but alas, Batista’s power seems to prove too much, overwhelming the challenger. Despite this, Jeff at least manages to keep in the match by continually kicking out of the reigning and defending champion’s attempts to pin him.

Finally Jeff seems to launch a fight back, stopping Batista’s right hands in the corner by coming out with a kick to the midsection. The crowd cheers as Jeff lands another … and another … but he goes to the well once too often, and Batista catches his foot! ‘The Animal’ shakes his head … but Jeff comes out of nowhere with a mule kick, right to the jaw of the champion!

The crowd buzzes as Batista falls all of the way back to a seated position in the corner … AND JEFF CHARGES IN FOR THE STEP UP DROPKICK … NO! Batista springs to life … AND GRABS JEFF IN MIDAIR … TO HURL HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH A HUGE THUD!

The crowd groans as Jeff crashes and burns spectacularly, with Batista quickly on him to bring him back into the ring, wanting to win the match the honourable way via pinfall … BUT JEFF KICKS OUT AT TWO! Again, the defending champion takes control of the match here, beating the smaller man up for an extended period of time, but Jeff manages to stay alive, not giving in. He once again rallies in the corner too, this time hitting some right hands, before backing away and going for a running crossbody … BUT BATISTA CATCHES HIM AGAIN … THEN HURLS HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDER … RUNNING POWERSLAM CONNECTS! Batista hooks the leg … BUT JEFF KICKS OUT AT TWO!

Batista looks up at the referee in shock, feeling sure he was going to get the three count there. The referee just confirms the two count though, leaving Batista with no option other than to lift Jeff up and try to go back to work … but Jeff starts to fight back, hitting some right hands to the midsection of the champion! The crowd cheers as Jeff fights with all he’s got … but Batista comes out with a knee lift to put an end to that.

The World Heavyweight Champion then pushes Jeff back against the ropes and sends him off with an Irish whip … but he drops down for the back body drop early, allowing Jeff to look for a sunset flip … no! Batista manages to stay standing! The crowd gasps at Batista’s power as he grabs his challenger around the skull and lifts him back up … but Jeff shocks him with a kick to the midsection … and then a jawbreaker!

Shocked, Batista stumbles back, then comes back towards Jeff into a double leg takedown … and Jeff then follows up with a leg drop, driving his feet right into the midsection of Batista! ‘The Animal’ rolls away in pain, headed to a seated position in the corner … and Hardy charges in … ELEVATED CORNER DROPKICK … CONNECTS! JEFF BOOTS BATISTA RIGHT IN THE FACE! The challenger drags the champion from the corner and hooks the leg, looking to become a double champion … TWO!

Jeff shakes his head, disappointed to have not got the three, before climbing back up and bellowing to the crowd, getting a good pop. Jeff now waits for Batista to get back up … kick to the midsection … AND HE HOOKS HIM UP FOR THE GORDBUSTER … NO! Batista is too powerful for Jeff to get up … BUT BATISTA GETS JEFF UP … AND DRILLS HIM WITH THE JACKHAMMER! The World Heavyweight Champion immediately hooks the leg … TWO!

Jeff just kicks out, much to the shock of the champion, who must have thought he had him there. Batista doesn’t worry too much about it though, getting back up … and starting to stomp around! The crowd is going bonkers as Batista shakes the ropes, then gives the thumbs down! Unaware of this, Jeff starts to pull himself up … AND IS IMMEDIATELY PUT INTO POSITION FOR THE BATISTA BOMB! BATISTA GETS JEFF UP … NO!

Jeff jumps off and lands behind Batista, then runs over at the corner … BEFORE RUNNING UP THE TURNBUCKLES … AND COMING BACK WITH A BEAUTIFUL WHISPER IN THE WIND! Jeff immediately hooks the leg … NO! BATISTA JUST KICKS OUT!

Jeff rolls off the cover, holding his head in his hands, before pulling himself back up … AND SIGNALLING THAT HE WANTS TO END IT! The response from the crowd is huge as Batista now pulls himself up into the clutches of Jeff … TWIST OF FATE TIME … NO! Batista pushes Jeff off into the ropes … THEN CHARGES FOR A SPEAR … BUT JEFF JUMPS OUT OF THE WAY!


Hardy rolls around in pain, then pulls himself up … AND BATISTA RUNS RIGHT THROUGH HIM WITH THE SPEAR THIS TIME! BATISTA CUTS JEFF IN HALF! The match is all but done … only ‘The Animal’ doesn’t make the cover!


Jeff Hardy has dropped the World Heavyweight Champion with the Twist of Fate, getting a huge reaction as he desperately makes the cover … TWO! BATISTA KICKS OUT AGAIN!

Jeff rolls off the cover and pounds the mat with his fist … before getting up, looking down at ‘The Animal’ … and suddenly throwing his singlet off! The crowd goes nuts as Jeff shows he’s pulling it all out … AS HE HEADS TO THE CORNER! The crowd rises to their feet as one, looking on as Jeff makes the climb to the top rope, the World Heavyweight Champion still down … AND JEFF TAKES THE ULTIMATE RISK … SWANTON BOMB … NO! BATISTA GETS HIS KNEES UP AND DRIVES THEM INTO THE BACK OF HARDY!

Jeff crashes and burns sensationally, leaving him to stagger around, holding his back … AND BATISTA NAILS HIM WITH THE SPINEBUSTER!

The crowd gasps, but ‘The Animal’ isn’t done there, with no theatrics this time as he scoops Jeff’s broken body up off the canvas … THEN GETS HIM IN POSITION … BATISTA BOMB … CONNECTS! BATISTA DRILLS HARDY DOWN INTO THE CANVAS WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! The defending champion instantly hooks the leg … TO GET THE THREE!

Winner (and STILL World Heavyweight Champion): Batista via pinfall @ 16:22



The crowd gives a great pop as the champion climbs back to his feet and gets handed his title, a relieved smile on his face. ‘The Animal’ is happy to have his hand raised up by the referee, with the title also being raised up by the other hand.

Michael Cole: He’s done it! It was a phenomenal effort from Jeff Hardy, but in the end, Batista has shown why he’s been the champ for thirteen months now in a spectacular main event.

Tazz: It doesn’t get any better than that. Both men gave it their all. Jeff told us that if he was gonna’ go down, and he gonna’ do it with a bang, and boy did he ever.

The champion continues to show off his title to the crowd, before turning … AND GETTING BLASTED IN THE FACE WITH A STEEL CHAIR FROM NOWHERE …


The crowd shits all over Orton, as he stands over the body of ‘The Animal’, emotionless, the steel chair still in his hand.

Michael Cole: Why does this not surprise me? Batista has successfully defend his title, only for that- that egomaniac Randy Orton to lay him out! And for what? A shot at the world title? Come on!

Tazz: Batista told Orton to do something to get his attention. Right now, I’d say Orton’s got it.

Michael Cole: He may have Batista’s attention, but next week, I guarantee you, Orton will have hell to pay. He’s put a dampener on what has been a great night. For Tazz, I’m Michael Cole, we’ll see you next week, folks.

Orton drops the chair and now bends down to lift the title out of Batista’s still hand, looking deeply into it as we fade … to … black.



May 21st, 2006 | US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona

WWE Tag Team Championships:
MNM vs. The Hardy Boyz ©

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I’ll be starting off with the main angle on Raw; the awesome heel run that HBK is on currently. He’s been that good thus far, that it perhaps is undermining the WWE Champ, with Edge firmly behind HBK in the pecking order of being awesome in his role. The attack on Triple H was pretty gruesome last week, and it was interesting to read Cena talking about The Game in the past tense. As if he’s never coming back.

I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of HHH, but given the severity of the damage done to him by Michaels, I think he may just be missing for a lot longer than anyone would’ve anticipated. The line from Michaels where sarcastically described Trips as a victim, before reminding everyone that he concussed HBK (and a lot more to boot in the past of course) was golden imo. You quickly developed a strong chemistry between Michaels and Cena in that opening promo too, perhaps setting the foundations for a summer long feud after Backlash?? The fact that Cena is unable to put his hands on the medically unclear Michaels should help ramp up frustrations for Cena (and Edge & Angle) leading into Backlash too.

And that little nugget helped the impact at the close of the show too, with Michaels surprising Cena again, dropping him with SCM - and Cena having no right to reply until Backlash. If I had one area of complaint though, it would be that the build for the Fatal Four Way is beginning to look like almost two singles matches; HBK and Cena splintering off from Edge and Angle. Obviously, Cena has his issues with Edge and Angle, but now, it seems like his focus (despite him saying otherwise earlier in the show) is simply on Michaels, and HBK has been just targeting Cena. Even a simple belt shot to Edge, or lifting the title whilst Edge was already down could’ve done more to build the fact that there’s four guys involved together, with the title the focus in the middle.

As ever, you’ve put a lot of detail into the weekly matches, something which is commendable; especially when it includes a 4 minute V-Squared match. Honestly though, I think you’d be better off saving the energy for the more competitive, or even simply the bigger matches on the shows, in fear of burn out. V-Squared are making up the numbers (and that’s a good thing. Not asking for them to be pushed) and don’t require so much detail in any appearances they make on Raw.

Was surprised to see so much time given to Edge and Van Dam, as I had that pegged as a future ‘money match’ for PPV in a few months time. Obviously that could still happen - especially with the DQ finish - but I had expected a short five minute match here to save a big meeting for PPV, or at the very least a Raw main event. The build up toward the match was nicely done too, working off last week with two promos to add to the hype. Plenty of anticipation leading into the match, and despite the shitty finish, it was a good contest. Certainly leaves us wanting more from them in the future

The post match attack sent a couple of messages in my mind, 1) Edge is a psychopath, lol, and 2) Bischoff was happy to let it happen. The call from commentary, asking where the security was, was a subtle hint that Bischoff had perhaps called them off, and 3) RVD is a popular guy backstage, with his friends coming to back him up, and scare Edge off. Slightly surprised Carlito didn’t at least attempt to join in with Edge during the attack, but I guess the interference wouldn’t have been necessary.

**NOTE; Yeah, just spotted that bit after the match from Bischoff when I took another glance Didn’t get what the reference about taking care of Masters was about mind you, but I‘ll keep an eye out for further developments**

Whilst Shawn Michaels has grabbed the attention, Gregory Helms is certainly coming up the rails. He had a great little run in the lead up to WM, and his promo work here was exceptional imo. At this point in time, Ric Flair was going through a late career resurgence (what really should’ve been his final hurrah by the end of ‘06 imo) and a feud with Helms should help elevate Helms. I can see their meeting at Backlash being a great mid card contest, one I’m very much looking forward to.

While I’m not overly high on him, I can appreciate a good push when I see it, and Helms winning the I.C title from Flair at Backlash will mean a great deal to his career - a win in 2010 wouldn’t, as Flair is a joke now - whilst Flair will hang on to his briefcase. No other reason for a two fall match at Backlash imo. Plus, I remember you saying you had a great arc for Flair this year coming off WrestleMania, so I’m expecting some incredible angles / promos from the Nature Boy in the next few months.

And there was me thinking the Power Brothers were going to be the next big thing in this thread… While I think Kenny will take a beating next week (but possibly get a fluke win thanks to the Spirit Squad) the time is certainly running out for Big Show and Kane as tag team champions. I don’t know if the Spirit Squad will be the ones to do it, but with RNWC and WGTT battling it out for a probable future shot, I think the makeshift team of monsters will be phased out of the division sooner or later. I don’t think they overly fit with the style you’re going for with the tag team division, and soon enough, the pair could be useful in the upper card / main event scene, whilst more teams can help the growth of the tag division.

As for the Backlash card, it’s shaping up well. Mickie and Trish got a bit of a shaft this week with a blink and you’ll miss it promo from Trish, but to be fair, that rivalry doesn’t need much more to build it now. They got the whole shebang for the lead up to WrestleMania, and plenty of people will want to see the rematch regardless. There could still be time for another match to make the cut, with Dupree vs. Chavo an option, given the issues developing between them over the last two weeks. Dupree certainly seems like he’s on the up, and is shaping to be a useful mid card member of the roster, and a win on PPV over a respected vet like Chavo would help him greatly.

Sorry about being so slack lately. I’ll do my damnedest to get feedback up for Smackdown tomorrow afternoon. Read the show last night, and as ever, was impressed.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Apologies, but I completely missed Raw. Do you use the advertisement thread anymore? As I had no idea the show was posted. And also apologies for this taking so long. So yeah... sorry. Anyhoo...

Smackdown Feedback

Just a small thing, but I rather liked the narrator giving the opening to the show. Gives that extra little edge to tonight's show. A small touch, but it stood out as something different, in a good way.

Slight bone to pick, as I was always under the impression the Cruiserweight Title was 215lbs and under, yet you had Hardy announced at 220lbs. Anyway, I like the idea of kicking things off with a title match, and no better than some cruiserweight action. You used the different dynamics of both wrestlers well, as Hardy hit the odd power move early while Rey had the advantage in terms of the aerial game. Typical Rey in the fact that for a lot of the match he had to hang tough, but the finish was certainly different. Not sure I've ever seen a 619 out of nowhere before, it's usually a move with a certain sense of build and anticipation, but I guess with two faces in the match you went with this to try and keep Hardy strong in defeat. A solid opener that got this big night off to a good start.

Standard decision to give Punk the win over Holly, as while Hardcore can serve as a good hand for putting guys over, Punk is the guy on the hot run just now. Cool to see the GTS makes it's debut, adding another move to Punk's arsenal. I may have said this in a previous review, but after the way Punk entered the thread by inserting himself in the US Title picture by aligning himself with Benoit early on, he's kinda dropped away from that. The little altercation with Holly after the bell suggests his first feud could maybe be on the cards, but keep it a small one to give Punk something to do until he starts working his way up the card.

Huh, a show of doubt from 'JBL'? That's a first lol. But really, nice bit of intrigue added to the confrontation with 'Taker later tonight. Suggest The Cabinet is up to something, although surprising that it's Hall who's behind it.

Crazy way to head into a break, and even crazier way to come back from it. Crazy as hell brawl tbh, really made both guys look like beasts. You've managed to make Henry an interesting character in this thread, impressive as back in 2006 he was anything but interesting. I kinda lol'ed at the reaction of Henry getting back on his feet after crashing through the barricade, purely because he ran through the thing himself! Anyway, it was hard hitting an pretty intense, and I'd be very interested in seeing this feud lead to a PPV match, although I'd hope it had some sort of gimmick behind it. The build and the fact Teddy Long has banned either man from contact with the other certainly suggests that's where you're headed.

Typical face stuff from Rey, but he put over Matt nicely after the loss earlier. Kash will be back at some point I'm sure, but it will be interesting to see who Rey picks next week.

I've said it before that I find it strange that both Booker and Kash are missing, but at least it was the logical choice to insert Regal into the match given his issues with Benoit. While I've not always been on board with the Jordan push, at least you've been consistent with it. Slowly I'm starting to believe in him as US Champion, but he really needs that big win, one on one over Booker to get himself fully over. Perhaps that's in line for the PPV? Anyway, this was a pretty good match up, but I felt at times the Regal/Benoit scenario overshadowed the fact it was a title match. Jordan was a little bit lost in the shuffle, but getting a win over two guys the calibre of Benoit and Regal has certainly a lot to help enhance his stature.

A little more dissension in the ranks of The Hooligans. I stand by what I said before, heel Paul London plz. Although Kendrick acting like a little bitch over not being asked the first question suggests otherwise.

Real strong words from MNM here. Loved the way they portrayed themselves as big stars upset over losing to a pair of hicks. A real sense of desperation in this promo, almost suggesting that it's win or bust for them at Judgment Day. And tbh, after this, I wouldn't be surprised at all to see you give the titles back to MNM. The Hardyz had their feel good moment at 'Mania, but you could just as easy give the tag title back to MNM and let Matt and Jeff move on with singles careers. Matt afterwards gives the usual fighting champions talk, but I'm really sold on MNM after this. Great stuff here, easily highlight of the night so far for me. Predicting this match come the PPV is gonna be pretty hard imo.

Surprised at how clean Nunzio's victory was, as I'd have thought perhaps London would have cost Kendrick by mistake. But yeah, that Kendrick winning streak was snapped in a hurry, and it was an impressive win for Nunzio. Some really nice counters throughout the match, although a tad surprised at the way Nunzio seemed to counter into the fujiwara armbar with relative ease it seemed. Anyway, big win for Nunzio, but I can't see him being Rey's challenger based on that one win.

Ending the match with a quick DQ isn't the best idea imo. Perhaps could have given it a big longer before Albright jumped in, given that this is a special show. 4mins didn't quite suit the occasion. Booking wise though, the DQ makes sense, no surprise that you would want to save a proper rematch for a PPV (assuming that's your plan?). Lashley out makes sense, but my Albright left this segment looking like a star after that half nelson suplex on 'Taker. As for James and Stevens, it's certainly a good way to bring them into things, giving them a good deal of momentum as part of The Cabinet. Not entirely sure what McCool's role is goign to be though, seeing as Jillian is already there. Two chicks in the stable would be a bit odd, but I'll wait and see how you use them both. Announcement from Teddy is a natural move to make, and I'm assuming it's 4 on 2, but you never really clarified that.

Really liked the way you aknowledged that Jeff hasn't been to the top yet, and you'd expect nothing less than a spirited performance from him. He's still got no chance of winning, but at least a promo like this gathers him a bit of support. And it was nice of you to have Big Dave put over Jeff to a certain extent before he beats him. Although I couldn't help but think of Percy Watson after that "Oh yeah!" at the end of the interview.

And again, just some smart booking in having Jeff look relativly strong against the champion. Jeff isn't really a threat to be winning the title at this point, but it doesn't hurt Batista to hae Jeff get in some nice offense during the match. Batista seemed to heel things up a bit with regards to some of the tough moves he made on the outside. Finish was rather dramatic, especially after Dave kicked out of the twist of fate. Batista wins, no surprise, but both of The Hardyz have had a good night and enhanced themselves... for singles careers if ya' ask me.

And here's Orton. Haven't heard too much from him lately, after getting kicked out of the arena of a previous show and then not showing up til the very death of this one. With this special show out of the way, it's back to Orton and Batista, which should lead to a rematch at Judgment Day.

Overall, despite the results of the title matches being rather predictable, it was yet another good show. The match action made up for the outcomes of the matches, and I'm much more interested in the Hardyz/MNM rematch than I was for their 'Mania showdown. Orton/Batista should be back on track next week, and it'll be interesting to see what you do with the Cruiserweight division now. As I said above, I wasn't all that happy with the way JBL/'Taker went down, but apart from that there wasn't much wrong. Good job mate, keep it going.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment


After the past few weeks, RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff has officially added another match to the Backlash card, with Chavo Guerrero set to take on Rene Dupree. The issue between these men has developed to a boiling point over the past few weeks, and now the two have a score to settle, which they can do this Sunday at Backlash.


April 24th, 2006 | The O2 Arena; London, England

This week Monday Night RAW makes its way to the motherland, hitting the shores of England, with just six days remaining before Backlash, and a lot on the line just before it in London’s O2 Arena. With it being such a big show in a foreign country, RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff has gone out of his way to make RAW special, titling it this week as ‘Tag Wars’.

At Backlash, we will see both the WWE Title on the line, as well as a career. Edge will defend his gold in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match against John Cena, Kurt Angle and Shawn Michaels, while Rob Van Dam faces Carlito in a Career Threatening Match. Over the last few weeks these two matches have become intertwined, resulting in some non-finishes to matches. This week, RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff has decided to end all of that by making our main event a special Backlash preview in the form of a Six Man Tag Team Match. It’ll be Edge teaming with Carlito and Tyson Tomko to take on the team of Rob Van Dam, John Cena and Kurt Angle. Which team will prevail and gain much-needed momentum ahead of Backlash? And will Shawn Michaels be as nearby as ever, having laid John Cena out with Sweet Chin Music to close the show for the past two weeks?

There will be three other titles on the line at Backlash too, as well as the Money in the Bank briefcase, which will be defended along with the Intercontinental Championship. The holder of both items, Ric Flair, will defend against Gregory Helms in a Two Fall Match; however, before then, the two will meet in tag team action, as two Backlash matches come together when Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero face Gregory Helms and Rene Dupree. Meanwhile, the Women’s Champion, Mickie James will team with her friend Ashley Massaro to take on the alliance of Mickie’s Backlash opponent, Trish Stratus, along with Victoria. Kenny Doane will also step into the lion’s dungeon when he meets one half of the World Tag Team Champions, the Big Show, ahead of The Spirit Squad challenging for the World Tag Team Titles this Sunday, in what is aptly the only non-tag team match on the card.

As well as this, The World’s Greatest Tag Team are set to face off against The Redneck Wrecking Crew ahead of their match this Sunday. For all of that and more, be sure to tune in to Monday Night RAW on The USA Network, 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I haven't commented in a while but I do have to say you're working coming off Wrestlemania has been fantastic just the built to Wrestlemania was.

As for Raw I'm sure it will be great. I'm liking though main event though I would've prefered Michaels over Tomko in the match for pure match quality itself but I understand that you're pushing Michaels as a wreckless lone wolf. Noneless it should be great. The other matches look good as well. Especially the one with Helms. Though I desperated want to see him get the briefcase on Sunday my gut tells me he's getting the IC title which will honestly dissapoint me but life goes on.

Can't wait to read Raw
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Ehm. Let's see if I remember how to do this.


April 24th, 2006 | The O2 Arena; London, England

Our show opens the traditional way tonight, with the usual montage featuring the Monday Night RAW superstars being shown. From there we cut into The O2 Arena, to see a plethora of pyrotechnics explode on the stage, with the telephone box and double-decker bus behind them (because let’s face it – you Brits only drive buses and sleep in telephone boxes). We then see the English fans jumping up and down excitedly as we pan all of the way around the arena, showing just how jam-packed it is, before settling down at ringside where our announce crew waits.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW from right here in London, England! I’m Joey Styles, joined here at ringside by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman, and gentlemen, we are just six days away from Backlash, and boy do we have a huge show lined up for tonight, topped off by a massive main event.

Jerry Lawler: It’s a massive main event for sure. Two Backlash matches become one here tonight, when the WWE Champion, Edge teams with Carlito and Tyson Tomko to take on RVD, John Cena and Kurt Angle. I personally can’t wait to see that!

Jonathan Coachman: And I know our fans in attendance can’t wait either. There’s a whole lotta’ ‘Coach’ fans here in the U.K., and being the guy that I am, I’ve been in contact with ‘em and they’ve been tellin’ me how much they’re lookin’ forward to seein’ Carlito take RVD out.

Joey Styles: I highly doubt that any of that is true, ‘Coach’, but nonetheless, that’s not all we have for you tonight, as our General Manager, Eric Bischoff has declared that due to the role of the U.K. and the U.S. in previous wars, tonight is a night of ‘Tag Wars’, meaning every match we see tonight will be a tag team match – with the exception of just one match in which, ironically, one half of the World Tag Team Champions, the Big Show will face off with one of his opponents in six days time, Kenny Doane of The Spirit Squad.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait for my man Kenny Doane to prove all of the doubters wrong when he beats that big, ugly giant one-on-one! There ain’t no stoppin’ The Spirit Squad, babyboy!

Jerry Lawler: Something tells me Kane and Big Show may have something else to say about that, ‘Coach’.

Silence for a moment …


The crowd comes alive with a good cheer as The World’s Greatest Tag Team bounce out onto the stage, full of energy. Eager to prove themselves tonight, Haas and Benjamin look extremely excited, and they share that excitement with the crowd, slapping their hands on the way down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 485 lbs, CHAAAARRRLIE HAAS AND SHELTON BEEEENNNNJAMIN, THE WORLD’S GREATEST TAAAGGGG TEAM!

Joey Styles: And what better way to start the ‘Tag Wars’ off than with The World’s Greatest Tag Team?

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll tell you what better way – with their opponents, The Redneck Wrecking Crew.

Jerry Lawler: And don’t forget guys, this isn’t the only time these two teams will be meeting, because they’ll also be facing off at Backlash in six days time.

Joey Styles: That’s right, it was The Redneck Wrecking Crew who made the challenge for BOTH matches, saying The World’s Greatest Tag Team couldn’t perform on the big stage of Pay-Per-View, but to prove they’re the better team altogether, they’ve challenged The World’s Greatest Tag Team to a match tonight, with both matches being accepted.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait to see Cade ‘n’ Murdoch prove that THEY should be the ones next in line for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles, not these two, who already had their chance and failed.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team climb up into the ring and immediately head to the corners, motioning for the crowd to get up, before raising their arms up. The crowd continues to cheer strongly as Haas and Benjamin hop back down to the mat, then wait for their opponents.


The heat fills the arena as The Redneck Wrecking Crew walk out onto the stage … strangely not dressed for action. Instead the both are in vests and jeans, Cade with his good old trucker hat, while Cade dons the cowboy hat.

Joey Styles: Well The Redneck Wrecking Crew were supposed to be in action, but they certainly don’t look ready for it.

Jonathan Coachman: And Cade’s got a microphone. Somethin’ great’s about to go down … I can feel it.

We now see the microphone Cade is holding, as both he and Murdoch remain up on the stage, waiting as both the heat and their music dies down, before Cade begins. In the ring, TWGTT look far from happy, yelling out at The Crew, asking them what they think they’re doing.

Lance Cade: Now I know … I know what y’all are thinkin’. You people … you’re thinkin’ that aren’t we supposed to be competin’ here tonight? We’re not even dressed for action! And while we could beat The World’s … uh, “Greatest” Tag Team’s asses all ‘round this arena dressed any damn way we want … we ain’t gonna’ do that tonight.

The boos come in from the English crowd, as The World’s Greatest Tag Team continue to shout at their opponents (at least for Backlash) from the ring.

Lance Cade: Because y’see, durin’ the week, Trevor an’ me, we did some thinkin’, and we realised, not only are we gonna’ beat Haas and Benjamin’s asses at Backlash anyway …

Heat from the crowd as Murdoch shouts at the crowd “IT’S TRUE! WE GONNA’ WOOP THEIR ASSES!”

Lance Cade: But we also shouldn’t have to fight in a cesspool like this!

Big time heat comes in from the crowd for Cad pulling out the first dig at England for the night.

Lance Cade: As a matter o’ fact, The Redneck Wrecking Crew ain’t settin’ foot in that ring until we get back into a REAL country, like the good ol’ US of A!

Both the crowd and TWGTT are outraged, with TWGTT shouting out at The Crew that they’re cowards. Cade hears these cries though and holds his hands up innocently in the direction of The Redneck Wrecking Crew.

Lance Cade: Whoa, boys, boys, don’t you worry. Just ‘cause we’re not fightin’ you, it doesn’t mean you’re outta’ the woods. Y’see, we went out, and we found out a team that, just like us, have a little score they wanna’ settle with the two of you. I think you’ll know ‘em pretty well …

Cade goes silent, leaving us to wait, before we hear …


The crowd boos as The Basham Brothers walk out onto the stage in their typical no fuss fashion. The brothers nod at The Redneck Wrecking Crew as they pass, before walking down the ramp, cracking their knuckles and pointing up at The World’s Greatest Tag Team menacingly.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 450 lbs, DOUG AND DAAANNNY, THEEEEE BASHAM BROTHERS!

Joey Styles: Well The Redneck Wrecking Crew said they found a team that had a score to settle with The World’s Greatest Tag Team, and they weren’t wrong. Earlier this year The Basham Brothers arrived on RAW by attacking The World’s Greatest Tag Team, but when it came down to it, they could never beat them in an actual match.

Jerry Lawler: Just like The Redneck Wrecking Crew earlier this year, but speaking of The Redneck Wrecking Crew, how cowardly is this? They said they wanted Haas and Benjamin tonight, but now they back out just so The Basham Brothers can weaken their opponents for this Sunday? I’d like to say I’m surprised, but I’m really not.

Jonathan Coachman: Cowardly? I’m pretty sure you mean GENIUS, ‘King’. Let’s face it, The Redneck Wrecking Crew have nothin’ to prove to Haas and Benjamin tonight, ‘cause they’re gonna’ prove themselves this Sunday. The Basham Brothers DO have somethin’ to prove though, and The Redneck Wrecking Crew have generously given them that chance here tonight like the true southern gentlemen that they are.

The Basham Brothers climb up into the ring and instantly look ready for action, prompting the referee to call for the bell.

Match One – Tag Team Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Basham Brothers

Despite not competing, The Redneck Wrecking Crew has remained at the top of the ramp, casting a watchful eye over the ring as the match gets underway. With the support of Haas on the apron, the crowd claps Benjamin on from the beginning, as he starts the action off against Danny Basham. It’s Danny who gets the initial advantage, grabbing a side headlock, but Benjamin is quick to come back, pushing Danny off to the ropes, before running through him with a shoulder tackle. Quick to follow up, Benjamin bounces off to the ropes, then comes back to leap over a flat Danny, before coming back into a hip toss … no! Benjamin blocks, then nails a hip toss of his own!

Fired up, Benjamin gets back to his feet and tells Danny to bring it, with Basham subsequently running into a series of arm drags, before Benjamin finally keeps a grip on his arm. A smirk on his face, Benjamin looks up at the stage and shouts out “Not bad, huh?” to The Redneck Wrecking Crew … but this distraction is all that Danny needs, as he forces Benjamin back into the corner and tags Doug Basham into the match for the first time.

Doug looks to go to work, hammering away with some right hands, before sending Benjamin off with an Irish whip … but the former All-American manages to slide through Doug’s legs on the return. Shocked, Doug turns and runs at Benjamin, only to receive a clothesline! This time it’s Shelton’s turn to make a tag, dragging Doug off across to the corner to tag Charlie Haas in, before The World’s Greatest Tag Team send him off with an Irish whip … double hip toss on the rebound … NO! HAAS AND BENJAMIN HOLD DOUG UP, THEN DRIVE HIM DOWN INTO A MODIFIED DOUBLE BACKBREAKER!

The crowd cheers the impressive move as Haas makes the cover … TWO! Sensing an early loss, Danny Basham lunges into the ring and breaks up the cover. This distracts Haas, who tells Danny to scram, before turning back to lift Doug up … only to get raked in the eyes! The crowd boos the tactics of The Basham Brothers, but it only gets worse from there, as the referee tells Doug off, only for Haas to stumble towards the ropes … and from the apron, Danny Basham is able to hot shot him off top rope, sending him down to the mat!

This begins a period where The Basham Brothers boss the match, keeping Haas at bay, despite numerous attempts at a comeback. Finally their inability to put Haas away seems to get to the brothers though, with an agitated Danny synching in a surfboard stretch. Danny demands for Charlie to quit, but with his partner and the crowd behind him, Haas instead fights back to his feet, then turns it around and counters with a northern lights suplex! The results in a pin … two! Danny kicks out, then rushes to his feet and looks for a clothesline … BUT CHARLIE HAAS DUCKS AND THROWS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BIG TIME GERMAN SUPLEX!

The O2 Arena gives a big cheer as both men go down, slowly pulling themselves towards their respective corners … and both men make tags! Having been kept out of the match for so long, Shelton Benjamin is immediately on fire, blocking a right hand from Doug Basham to hit a series of his own, with each one sending Doug down. Eventually he sends Doug off with an Irish whip … before throwing him overhead with a back body drop! Doug struggles back up … and this time is thrown across the ring with a big belly-to-belly suplex!

Benjamin is on a roll here, climbing up to his feet to bellow out to the crowd when he sees Danny charging at him for a clothesline … so he ducks it, then grabs him around the head and swings him back for a backbreaker! Danny goes down, but this time Doug has had the chance to get up, stumbling at a rising Benjamin … who comes out of nowhere with a Samoan drop! Benjamin makes the cover … two!

Not too fussed by the kickout, Benjamin heads to the apron, then goes up to the top rope, waiting on Doug to get up … before flying off and connecting with a diving clothesline! Doug is sent rolling away by the impact, headed to the corner … ALLOWING BENJAMIN TO CHARGE IN AND NAIL THE STINGER SPLASH!

The crowd cheers as Doug stumbles from the corner, right into the clutches of Shelton … WHO HOOKS HIM UP FOR THE T-BONE SUPLEX … NO! Danny comes from behind and hammers Benjamin in the back of the head with a clubbing forearm! Benjamin goes down, allowing Doug time to recover, with Danny telling him to lift Benjamin back up … AND IT APPEARS THE BASHAM BROTHERS ARE LOOKING FOR THE BALL AND GAG … NO! Charlie Haas grabs Danny as he looks to spring off the ropes, then drags him out to the cold, hard floor.

In the ring, Benjamin counters out of Doug’s grip with a hip toss, before looking for a kick to the midsection of his rising foe … but Doug catches it and spins him around … BAM! BENJAMIN CONNECTS WITH THE DRAGON WHIP! Doug is out on his feet, only held up because Charlie Haas grabs him from behind … AND THE WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEAM HIT THE SUPERKICK/GERMAN SUPLEX COMBO! Doug goes down, with Benjamin making the cover … AND GETTING THE THREE!

Winners: The World’s Greatest Tag Team via pinfall @ 5:45



Benjamin springs up and to join his partner, with the duo immediately having their hands raised by the referee. With The Redneck Wrecking Crew still looking on from the ramp, Haas and Benjamin look to make a point of their cohesion, wrapping their arms around each other and shouting out at them, asking them if it looks like they don’t trust one another now.

Joey Styles: The World’s Greatest Tag Team picks up the win tonight, and they send a message right to The Redneck Wrecking Crew in doing so.

Jerry Lawler: Last week The Redneck Wrecking Crew said Haas and Benjamin weren’t on the same page … well they sure look on the same page to me!

Jonathan Coachman: Haas and Benjamin may have worked together tonight, but this Sunday is a totally different ball game. This Sunday they’re in that ring with The Redneck Wrecking Crew, and believe me, they’re not gonna’ walk out victorious.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team continue to celebrate in the ring …

… Before we head backstage to see Maria standing by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Gregory Helms and Rene Dupree!

Heat comes in from the crowd as Rene Dupree approaches Maria from one side, while Gregory Helms comes from the other, pushing right in to try to intimidate the little interviewer.

Maria: Uh … you guys will be teaming up later tonight to take on Ric Flair and Gregory Helms, but first I wanted to ask you Rene, last week we saw you clapping Chavo Guerrero, a guy who before that, you had attacked. Why?

Rene Dupree: Oh Maria. Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria, Maria. Of course I don’t expect you to understand. Because you see, while you have the beauty that most of your American friends lack, your brains … well, let’s just say they’re on par with the majority of your compatriots.

The cheap heat proves effective, although the ditzy Maria doesn’t seem to have picked up that she was insulted just yet.

Rene Dupree: But hey, hey, it could be worse, Maria … you could be … English.

The crowd goes crazy with heat.

Rene Dupree: The English, they think they have some kind of rivalry with the French … no. Ever since I’ve been here, all I have seen is fat pig after fat pig. Compare them to me … you can’t. There is no comparison. There is no rivalry. We French are simply … better.

Even more heat from the English crowd.

Rene Dupree: But you see, with Chavo Guerrero, there is a rivalry. While it is true that a few weeks ago, I attacked Chavo Guerrero, that doesn’t mean I don’t respect him, because I do. I do respect Chavo. Chavo has had a great career … for a guy with … average talent. He doesn’t have a lot going for him, but what he does have, he’s worked with, and for that, I respect him. However, it just so happens that I am of superior genetics … (Raising his eyebrows at Maria) both in terms of looks … and talent.

More heat comes in for the arrogant Dupree.

Rene Dupree: Last week, I showed I respect what Chavo has done, but tonight … and this Sunday at Backlash … I will prove that I am just naturally that … much … better.

Dupree smirks, as Maria suddenly looks taken aback, perhaps having only just got that she was insulted.

Maria: Hey … (Calming herself to turn to Helms) uh, moving on, Gregory Helms, last week Ric Flair told you that you had the wrong attitude to beat him, and tonight you have a chance to prove him wrong before Backlash. Your thoughts?

Gregory Helms: Maria, my thoughts on what Ric Flair said last week are the same on anything Ric Flair ever says. My- y’know what? No. Lemme’ ask you something instead. Do you remember when Ric Flair said he would treat the Intercontinental Title with respect? Do ya’?

Maria: (Looking intimidated) I … uh, I-

Gregory Helms: Y’know what? It doesn’t matter if you remember, because the people, my people here tonight do, and more importantly … I do. I remember Ric Flair saying he would treat the Intercontinental Title with respect … I remember Ric Flair saying it was an honour to be the Intercontinental Champion … and I remember Ric Flair saying he was going to do his best to increase the prestige of that title. And what’s he done since then? Defended the title against- against Chavo Guerrero? Against his buddy? Yeah, real prestigious.

The heat comes in from the crowd for this.

Gregory Helms: My point is that I don’t give a damn what Ric Flair said last week, just like I don’t give a damn about anything Ric Flair ever says, because the fact of the matter is that Ric Flair is nothin’ but a liar, plain and simple. I know it, all of my fans know it … heck, even you know it, Maria.

Some more heat for Helms referring to “his fans”, as well as insulting Maria.

Gregory Helms: The only man you should be listenin’ to when it comes to my match this Sunday is me, because unlike Ric Flair, I’m not afraid to speak the truth. I’m not afraid to say what everyone is thinking, and that’s why people love me … that’s why they idolise me … that’s why I am quite simply, ‘The Hero’.

The boos continue to rain down.

Gregory Helms: This Sunday, I’m gonna’ save not just the Intercontinental Title, but also the Money in the Bank briefcase, and believe me, I’m gonna’ treat that title with respect. I’m gonna’ defend it against people who deserve it, people like- like my partner here, Rene Dupree.

Dupree smirks and nods to heat.

Gregory Helms: Tonight … tonight is just the night that Ric Flair gets to treasure – or neglect – his two, uh, “prized” possessions on international television for one last time, because believe me when I say, this Sunday, at Backlash … … … it’s time.

Helms smirks once again, soaking in the heat (or perhaps cheers in his mind) from the crowd, before sweeping his coat and turning away, closely followed by an arrogant Rene Dupree. A befuddled Maria continues to stand in the interview set, looking dizty as we head off to the break.

{Commercial Break}


We open up to a panning view of the top of the TD Banknorth Garden.

For eighteen years now, it’s been an institution …

Brock Lesnar is shown hitting The Rock with the F-5 and holding the WWE Title in front of him, his muscles bulging everywhere at SummerSlam 2002.

It’s created stars …

Edge and Matt Hardy are shown beating each other stupid at SummerSlam 2005, before we get a close-up of Matt with his eyes rolled back and blood pouring from his head.

It’s caused blood to be shed …

The Undertaker and The Undertaker (fake version) are shown standing face-to-face at SummerSlam 1994, before the real Undertaker hits the fake with the Tombstone Piledriver.

It’s sorted the real deal from the impostors …

Shawn Michaels and Triple H are shown brawling around at SummerSlam 2002, with Triple H ultimately having the last laugh despite losing, with the sickening sledgehammer shot to the back.

It’s seen the most personal of all rivalries …

The Hardy Boyz, The Dudley Boyz and Edge and Christian are shown putting each other through hell in the first Tables, Ladders and Chairs match at SummerSlam 2000.

It’s seen the ultimate in innovation …

Bret Hart and British Bulldog are shown mixing it up at SummerSlam 1992 in Wembley Stadium, with the Bulldog ultimately prevailing.

And it’s been around the world … but this year SummerSlam gets even bigger …

The World’s Greatest Tag Team, The Redneck Wrecking Crew and MNM flash across the screen.

Bigger tag teams …

The Hardy Boyz, Gregory Helms, CM Punk and Orlando Jordan flash across the screen.

Bigger risks to be taken …

Edge, John Cena, Shawn Michaels, Batista, Randy Orton and The Undertaker flash across the screen.

Bigger superstars to be seen …

We go back to the shot of the TD Banknorth Garden.

This year, the 19th annual SummerSlam will be a four-hour spectacular, making it the biggest SummerSlam yet …

We zoom in through the roof of the arena to see a huge crowd surrounding a ring.

This year … the party has only just begun!

WWE SummerSlam – A Four-Hour Spectacular – August 20th, 2006


We return from the break to be back in the interview set, with Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, throughout the night tonight, we will hear from all four men who will be competing for the WWE Title this Sunday at Backlash. Right now I’m standing with one of the three men who will be challenging for the title, the former WWE Champion … John Cena!

The crowd comes alive with a huge mixed reaction of mostly cheers, as John Cena makes his way into view.

John Cena: Hey-hey, Todd, how’s it goin’?

Todd Grisham: Um, I’m- I’m good thanks, John, and it’s good to see you’re in such a jovial mood, but I’ve got to ask you, with just six days to go before you get the chance to regain the WWE Title, and Shawn Michaels seemingly out to get you at every turn, what do you think your chances are this Sunday? I mean, can you really be so confident, knowing that Shawn Michaels has laid you out the past two weeks?

John Cena: Todd, how could I not be happy? How could I not be EXCITED? You said it yourself … I am just six short days away from having the chance to regain the WWE Title that I lost to Edge almost four months ago! It’s an exciting time! I mean, sure, sure, it’s a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, meaning that there’s three other guys I have to beat, but that’s okay, right? Although I guess … I guess that leaves me with only a twenty-five percent chance … oh wow … and then- then there’s Shawn Michaels … he has been targeting me of late … … … he’s laid me out for two straight weeks.

Cena runs his hands over his face.

John Cena: Oh man … I guess … I guess I just never really thought about it. The chances of me winning the title in the first place are small enough, but with Shawn Michaels in there, it sounds like mission freakin’ impossible. Maybe I should be so happy. Maybe I shouldn’t be so excited. After all, this could be the last chance I get to regain the WWE Title … I mightn’t get another shot. This could be the biggest match of my career, and I already have no chance of winning it … I might be in over my head. Maybe I should … maybe I should just give up, eh Todd?

Grisham looks taken aback by all of this.

Todd Grisham: Well, I, uh … I never said that you-

John Cena: You never said it, but you thought it. I can tell. Heck, you’re still thinkin’ it now … you think I can’t do it … well, lemme’ tell ya’ … … … it’s a good thing no one gives a DAMN what you think, Todd!

A strong pop comes in from the crowd for that.

John Cena: I’ve been an underdog my whole life. Growin’ up in West Newbury, Massachusetts, no one thought the little white kid who listened to hip-hop was gonna’ make it anywhere. When I made it to the WWE, no one thought this upstart young punk was gonna’ make it anywhere. And when I first won the WWE Title, no one thought I was gonna’ hold it for any longer than ten days, but I held it for ten whole months!

Another good pop comes in.

John Cena: I had my back against the wall numerous times thanks to Eric Bischoff, who wanted to do anything he could to make sure I would lose the WWE Title, but I took everything he had and more, I stayed by my belief system, showed hustle, loyalty and respect, and never gave in, until Edge finally took advantage of my condition at New Year’s Revolution.

A mixed reaction is heard for that moment being brought up.

John Cena: The odds, they may be against me. I may be an outside chance to win a match that’s hard enough to win already, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not gonna’ go out there this Sunday and kick some ass, take some names and do everything I can to walk out the new W – W – E Champion!

A big pop comes for the intense Cena.

John Cena: Quite simply, this Sunday I’m gonna’ go out there and give it my all to beat Edge, to beat Kurt Angle and to beat Shawn Michaels so that I can once again say that ‘The Champ’ … is … here!

The crowd gives another strong cheer, with Cena turning to go, before stopping and looking directly at the camera, brimming with intensity.

John Cena: As far as tonight goes … if Shawn Michaels wants some … he can come get some!

Another cheer is heard for Cena, who this time storms from the set, leaving Grisham standing alone.

We cut back to ringside …



The crowd comes alive with a great pop as the Intercontinental Champion and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank, Ric Flair styles and profiles his way out onto the stage. In one of his amazing robes, and with the briefcase in hand, ‘The Nature Boy’ makes his way down the ramp to cries of “WOOOOOOOOO!” from the crowd.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, he is the INNNTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, AND ‘MR. MONEY IN THE BANK’, ‘THEEEEE NATURE BOY’ RIC FLAIR!

Joey Styles: John Cena seems up for a battle, but so is this man. In just six nights time, this man, this legend, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair will face the young upstart Gregory Helms, putting BOTH his Intercontinental Title and the Money in the Bank briefcase on the line, and last week he delivered a simple message – he will beat Helms, not once, but twice in that Two Fall Match.

Jerry Lawler: And when Ric Flair says something, you know to take notice. Last week he talked about Helms’ attitude not being right, and I agree with that. Ric Flair’s a sixteen-time world champion for a reason.

Jonathan Coachman: He’s a sixteen-time world champion because he’s an old man, ‘King’. His time has come and past, and now he’s nothin’ but an old man, hangin’ on to his past glory. Gregory Helms said it best earlier when he said you should do anything BUT listen to the crap that comes out of Ric Flair’s mouth.

Flair makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring with assistance from the referee, taking his robe off to reveal the Intercontinental Title gleaming around his waist.



The crowd gives a pretty good pop for Chavo Guerrero, who walks out onto the stage, motioning for the crowd to climb to their feet. A smile on his face, Chavo thrusts his finger up to the heavens, paying tribute to his uncle Eddie as he walks down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs, CHAAAAVO GUERRRRRERRROOOO!

Joey Styles: Earlier tonight Rene Dupree claimed he was “naturally better” than Chavo Gurrero, but gentlemen, when it comes to natural wrestling skills, I don’t think many can match it with a member of the legendary Guerrero family.

Jerry Lawler: I know first hand what Rene Dupree can do in the ring, but for him to say he’s better than Chavo Guerrero naturally … I dunno’ about that. I mean, Dupree is a young guy with a lot of upside, but better than Chavo? That’s a mighty big call!

Jonathan Coachman: Look, fellas, there’s no doubting that Chavo Guerrero is a talented guy, but Rene Dupree is part of the next generation – he’s the FUTURE, and he’s passing Chavo Guerrero by!

Guerrero climbs up into the ring and immediately goes about firing the fans up, lifting them up to their feet and saluting Eddie. Chavo then goes over to his partner Ric Flair, embracing him to show the friendship between the two.


The heat is just okay for Rene Dupree, who makes his way out onto the stage arrogantly. A cocky smirk on his face, Dupree dances back and forth at the top of the stage, before making his way down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from Paris, France, weighing 255 lbs, RRRRRENE DUPREE!

Joey Styles: For Rene Dupree, both tonight and this Sunday is a chance to step his game up and thrust his name forward for a future Intercontinental Title shot. Having reappeared here on RAW not long before WrestleMania, Dupree is looking to make a real impact over the next week.

Jerry Lawler: And he’s gone after the right person to do it in Chavo Guerrero, but his arrogance could cost him. As you said before, Joe, there’s not too many people who are naturally better than Chavo Guerrero.

Jonathan Coachman: But Rene Dupree is one of them, babyboy! You two can sit here and discriminate against Rene Dupree because he’s French, but people like me will see the talent of Dupree shinin’ on through, until you’re eventually forced to recognise that you were wrong about him this Sunday.

Chavo beckons for Dupree to climb into the ring, but Dupree wisely remains on the outside, pointing to his head, as he waits for his partner.



The response is pretty great, with good heat engulfing the arena as Gregory Helms crouches down on the stage, before springing to life and thrusting his arm up into the air. With his head held high, Helms now walks on down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: And his partner, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 215 lbs, GREGORY HEEELLLLMS!

Joey Styles: Gregory Helms is just six days away from the match of his life. This Sunday he’ll be going one-on-one with Ric Flair in a two-fall match, looking to capture not just the Intercontinental Title, but also the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Jerry Lawler: And Helms has been on fire since taking off the mask and becoming a serious competitor. Like with Rene Dupree, I can talk with experience on that, but I do agree with Ric Flair – I don’t know if Gregory Helms has the right attitude to make it to the top.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he has the right attitude. Gregory Helms isn’t lettin’ anybody stand in his way, and that IS the right attitude. This Sunday, he’s gonna’ take a huge step up the WWE ladder when he beats Ric Flair not once, but TWICE, to guarantee his status as both the Intercontinental Champion, but also a future world champion.

Helms reaches the foot of the ramp and nods at Dupree, with the two now climbing up into the ring. They don’t hide their arrogance either, talking trash and posing for the crowd.

Match Two – Tag Team Match:
Intercontinental Champion and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero vs. Rene Dupree and Gregory Helms

The crowd cheers as Ric Flair stands in the ring, motioning for Gregory Helms to kick it off with him. Helms looks to be eager to do so too, getting into a fighting pose … before smirking and leaving the ring. The crowd shows their disgust at Helms as Flair continues to try to goad him into the ring, but Helms simply utters “Not yet … not yet”.

This leaves Rene Dupree to start the action off against ‘The Nature Boy’, who continues to keep his eye on Gregory Helms. This allows Dupree the chance to catch the veteran off guard, charging in to boot him in the midsection, before backing Flair up to the corner with some clubbing glows. An arrogant smile on his face, Dupree takes a moment to shoot a look at Chavo … and Flair suddenly throws him into the corner, turning the tables, before unloading with a series of stinging knife-edge chops!

The crowd goes nuts for this, looking on in joy at Flair slapping the chest of Dupree silly, before he grabs the Frenchman by the arm and drags him across to the corner to tag Chavo Guerrero into the match. The crowd greets this with another cheer, knowing Chavo wants himself a piece of Dupree, and the IC Champion allows him to get it, pinning Dupree’s arms back so Chavo can strike with a big chop of his own across the chest of Rene.

Another cheer goes up from the crowd, as Dupree staggers back, with Chavo able to grab him by the hair and run him across to the corner to slam his head down into the top turnbuckle. Continuing the good work of Flair, Chavo follows up with some knife-edge chops of his own, before eventually dragging Dupree over to tag ‘The Nature Boy’ back into the match.

The friends looks for a little more teamwork, with each grabbing an arm of Dupree, to send him off with an Irish whip … and following up by trying to cave in the chest of Dupree with a DOUBLE chop this time! Flair is quick to drop down and hook the leg, with Chavo scurrying from the ring … but Gregory Helms bursts into the ring and breaks up the count at two!

An eager Flair is quick to try to get to Helms, but ‘The Hero’ is even quicker to hightail it from the ring, leaving Flair to snarl at him through the ropes. An arrogant smirk on his face, Helms continues to goad Flair, distracting the veteran. Finally, the sixteen-time world champion turns around … and Rene Dupree runs through him with a kitchen sink knee lift to the midsection! Dupree makes his first cover of the match … two.

Eager to keep the momentum going, Dupree shows his aggressive side by getting up and pounding Flair with a right hand, sending him down to his knees. ‘The Nature Boy’ tries to struggle through it, but the Frenchman is all over him, hitting another right hand that sends him down. Dupree looks to continue his good work, starting to lift Flair up, when Gregory Helms calls for the tag. Dupree obediently lifts Flair up, then drags him to the corner, tagging Helms into the match for the first time.

Helms swaggers his way through the ropes, taking his time to cockily measure Flair up, Dupree pinning his arms behind his back, before Helms finally lands a big right hand to the midsection of the IC Champion. Flair reels away, prompting the egomaniacal Helms to prance around, laughing to himself, before advancing on Flair … who suddenly bursts to life, throwing Helms back into the corner so that he can assault him with some vicious chops!

The crowd cheers the Flair onslaught, with the referee being the only one able to stop him, pulling him back. This gets the attention of Chavo, who, perhaps a bit worried Flair is losing it, calls his buddy across, and makes the tag. Flair looks to exit the ring, but Chavo calls him across, whispering something in his ear, before the duo send Gregory Helms off with an Irish whip. The brash youngster hits the ropes, then bounces over Flair, who drops down to the mat … only to run right into a beautiful dropkick from Chavo Guerrero! Flair rolls from the ring, leaving Chavo to make the cover … two!

Reeling, Helms tries to crawl to his corner, but Chavo stops him, grabbing him by the hair to pull him back to his feet. The cowardly Helms tries to beg off, pleading with Chavo not to hit him, only for Chavo to bask in the moment, raising his fist up to a big cheer from the crowd. Chavo continues to play the hit up, swinging his fist around, as Helms tries to run away, only for the handful of his hair that Chavo has to stop him … but Helms comes from nowhere with a thumb to the eye!

The heat from the crowd is pretty immense, with Chavo sent staggering into the corner, trying to clear his vision … bam! Helms charges in and strikes with a jumping knee right to the jaw, sending the head of Chavo snapping back! This is exactly the window Helms was looking for, with Chavo falling to the mat, allowing the arrogant native of Raleigh to make the tag to Rene Dupree.

From here, the duo of Dupree and Helms take control, targeting the head of Chavo, following the original knee from Helms. Chavo attempted to mount a few comebacks, but his conceited opponents, who continue to mock both Chavo and Ric Flair as they dominate, snuff them out. Eventually, that looks like proving to be their downfall, as Helms abuses Flair for a moment too long, allowing Chavo to land a right to the midsection from down on the mat.

Helms reels back a bit, stunned, before coming back in … another right … and another! Chavo Guerrero climbs back to his feet, and looks to press the advantage, going for a kick to the midsection … no! Chavo’s move is thwarted, as Helms catches him by the boot, then goes back to mock Flair again … SMACK! Chavo drills Helms with a surprise enzuiguri!

Like a sack of spuds, Gregory Helms drops to the mat, with the battered Guerrero falling next to him. Both men slowly come to their senses and start to crawl towards their corners, with the crowd trying to will Chavo to get to his … Helms makes the tag to Rene Dupree … but here comes Ric Flair!

The crowd erupts as the tag is made, with Flair charging into the ring to send Dupree down with a running chop. The Frenchman suffers the same fate again, before Flair then backs him up into the corner and starts unloading with a mixture of jabs to the jaw and chops to the chest. The count of the referee finally reaches four, prompting Flair to send Dupree off to the opposite corner with a powerful Irish whip. Holding his back, Dupree comes off the turnbuckle … right into another chop, sending him down again!

The IC Champion is feeling it, and he shows it, by deciding to go high risk, heading over to the corner. The crowd buzzes as Flair slowly gets to the top rope … but Dupree is quick to get up and get to the corner, where he grabs Flair … before throwing him down to the mat below! The crowd groans as Flair pulls himself up, holding his back … to walk into a big spinebuster! Dupree nails the spinebuster, then hooks the leg … TWO! Flair just kicks out!

Stunned, Dupree looks at the referee for a moment … before declaring the match to be over. Slowly but surely, ‘The French Phenom’ wrenches Flair up by the hair … THEN SCOOPS HIM UP … DUPREE DRIVER … NO! Flair slips out the back … then nails Dupree in the back of the knee with a chop block! The Frenchman is only staggered at first, but Flair backs into the ropes, then hits a second chop block, this time taking him down.

The crowd starts to buzz as Dupree struggles back up, right into a shinbreaker from Flair, who follows up by tripping him up … AND STARTING TO STRUT AROUND! The crowd goes nuts … AND FLAIR GETS THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK SYNCHED IN! Cries for Dupree to tap rain in from the English crowd, as Flair continues to apply the pressure … WHEN GREGORY HELMS GETS IN THE RING … BUT CHAVO GUERRERO COMES FROM NOWHERE TO TAKE HIM OUT WITH A MISSILE DROPKICK!

This leaves Dupree in the middle of the ring without anyone to save him, the pain excruciating … AND HE TAPS OUT!

Winners: Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero via pinfall @ 8:45



A good pop sounds throughout the arena as Ric Flair releases the hold and climbs back to his feet, immediately finding himself in the embrace of Chavo Guerrero. As the referee hands him back both his Intercontinental Title and his Money in the Bank briefcase, Flair stares down Gregory Helms on the outside, telling him it’ll be just six days.

Joey Styles: Is this what we’ll be seeing in six days time? Will Ric Flair be standing tall, with Gregory Helms left to look on in defeat?

Jonathan Coachman: First of all, Joe, Gregory Helms was never defeated – Rene Dupree was. Second of all, there is not a chance that, one-on-one, Ric Flair can defeat my man Gregory Helms.

Jerry Lawler: We’ll see about that this Sunday ‘Coach’, but right now, ‘The Nature Boy’ is the one standing tall!

Flair continues to celebrate in front of the crowd, drawing cheers as we head off to the break.

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We begin the vignette by seeing the footsteps of a man in a dark yard, stepping on twigs.

While the superstars of RAW may have enjoyed the spoils of WrestleMania …

The steps continue.

While they may have thought their road had come to an end …

More steps.

That their journey was over, they’re about to learn that the journey … is just beginning …

Another step, while we also can vaguely see Edge spearing Kurt Angle over the top.

For every piece of injustice, there’s a piece of justice …

Another step, with Edge delivering the con-chair-to to John Cena this time being shown over the top.

For every misguided actions, there’s punishment …

Edge holding the gold aloft over the top of the footstep.

And for every action … there’s a reaction.

Backlash – April 30th, 2006


We return to see Todd Grisham standing out the front of the locker-room of the champ (or so we assume, due to the locker-room door being labelled as that of the WWE Champion).

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m outside the WWE Champion’s locker-room, and I’m going to try to grab a quick word with him before the main event later tonight.

Grisham knocks on the door somewhat timidly … to no response. He goes to knock again … when Lita opens the door to see a raised fist from Grisham, prompting a death stare from the fiery redhead.

Lita: Excuse me?

Todd Grisham: Uh, I was just wondering if I could talk to Edge ahead of tonight’s main event?

Lita: No. Y’see, Edge has a big main event to warm up for, and I’m about to … help him.

Clearly nervous, Grisham gulps to himself.

Todd Grisham: R- really, it wouldn’t take long – just a quick word.

Lita: You want a quick word? Fine. Tonight, you’re going to see my man prove once again that he deserves to be WWE Champion. Kurt Angle and John Cena? They shouldn’t even be climbing into the ring with Edge, and they know that. They know they can’t beat him. As far as Shawn Michaels goes … he only needs to watch tonight to find that out for himself.

The English crowd don’t at all agree with this, booing as Lita throws her hair back.

Lita: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta’ go warm my man up … Rated-R style.

Lita turns on her heel and re-enters the locker-room, leaving a salivating Grisham to stare at the door.

We now cut back to ringside to hear …


The crowd gives a good pop as the team of the Women’s Champion, Mickie James and Ashley Massaro bounces out to the stage. Eager to show the gold off to her fans, Mickie thrusts her title into the air, while Ashley points out at the English crowd.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a divas tag team match, scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, the team of ASHLEY MASSARO, and the W – W – E WOOOOMEN’S CHAMPION, MICKIE JAAAMES!

Joey Styles: An emphatic message from Lita for her boyfriend ahead of our main event later tonight, as well as Backlash, but right now the divas are set for tag team action.

Jonathan Coachman: And it’s time for Trish Stratus to show Mickie James what she’s in for at Backlash. The Women’s Title is comin’ home, baby!

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t be so sure about that, ‘Coach’. Look at Mickie – she’s so … so bouncy! She looks confident … and bouncy!

With ‘King’ getting his creep on, the Women’s Champion does indeed bounce up into the ring, with Ashley not far behind. Mickie continues to show off the gold, while Ashley just raises her arms up.


The heat now comes in for the pairing of Trish Stratus and Victoria. A focused Stratus pays no attention to the reaction of the crowd, although Victoria is happy to exchange words with the fans.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, the team of VICTORIA and TRIIISSHHH STRATUS!

Joey Styles: Just six nights ahead of their WrestleMania rematch, Mickie James and Trish Stratus face off here in tag team action, both women looking to get momentum up ahead of that match.

Jonathan Coachman: Like I said before, Trish has got this thing in the bag this Sunday. You heard her these past few weeks – WrestleMania was nothin’ but a fluke, and this Sunday she’s gonna’ prove that!

Jerry Lawler: Trish may be confident, but Mickie DID beat her at WrestleMania. Whether that was a fluke or not, I don’t know, but Mickie can’t be ruled out. She’s the champion for a reason.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah, ‘cause she’s a liar.

Trish and Victoria climb up into the ring and head for their corner, with this thing ready to get underway.

Match Three – Tag Team Match:
Women’s Champion Mickie James and Ashley Massaro vs. Trish Stratus and Victoria

The crowd are well and truly up for this one, and they get a treat to begin with, as Mickie James and Trish Stratus start as the legal women. The two pace around a bit and talk a little trash, before engaging in a lockup. It’s Trish who is quick to take the advantage, grabbing a side headlock, before shouting “Oh yeah” out to the crowd. An aggressive Stratus continues to crank on the headlock, until Mickie pushes her off with some help from the ropes … but Trish steamrolls her on the way back with a shoulder block.

Stratus looks down at Mickie with contempt in her eyes, before charging off to the ropes and floating over Mickie, who stays flat. Trish then bounces back … right into an arm drag! Angry, Trish rushes back to her feet to receive a second arm drag, before the Women’s Champion hits her with a hip toss! Mickie makes the cover … just two.

The frustrated former champion lashes out on the way back up, catching Mickie with a surprise forearm, before struggling across to tag Victoria into the match. A little surprised, Victoria slowly climbs into the ring, then engages in a lockup with the recovered champion. It’s Mickie who makes the first move this time, swinging under Victoria’s arm to grab a waistlock. The Women’s Champion holds it for a moment, before her ever-unsporting opponent escapes thanks to an elbow right to the jaw.

Mickie reels back, stunned by the blow, with Victoria quick to follow up by backing her into the corner and hitting her with a barrage of kicks. Looking to continue her offense, Victoria then sends Mickie off to the opposite corner with an Irish whip, staying close behind as she follows … but Mickie floats over the top! Victoria hits the turnbuckle chest-first, then turns to be taken down by a running clothesline from Ms. James. Mickie makes the cover … two.

Keen to keep the momentum for her team rolling, Mickie immediately lifts Victoria up and takes her across to the corner in a front face lock to tag Ashley Massaro into the match. The two fan favourites look to work together, pushing Victoria back against the ropes, before sending her off with an Irish whip … and scoring with a double clothesline on the rebound! Ashley makes the cover … two.

Ashley looks to keep things going by peppering her rising opponent with right hands, but Ashley is no brawler, and Victoria shows this by shaking the blows off to ram Ashley back into the corner. Stopping Ashley’s momentum then and there, Victoria follows up with a few big shoulder thrusts, making sure her team has control of the match.

Trish and Vickie keep the onslaught going on Ashley for the next few moments, continuing to roughhouse the inexperienced diva. Ashley tries her best to fight back, but she continues to struggle against the dangerous pairing until Victoria drops down too early for a back body drop, and Ashley catches her with a sunset flip … two. Both women get back up, with Victoria throwing a panicked right hand, only for Ashley to duck … before connecting with a dropkick right on the button!

Both women remain down, with the crowd cheering them on as they slowly but surely edge their way towards their respective corners. However, rather than tag in, Trish just tells Victoria to stop Ashley making the tag, leaving Vickie to turn around … and see Mickie James get the tag! The Women’s Champion rushes into the ring to hit Victoria with a quick fire round of right hands, forcing her back against the ropes, before sending her off to the ropes, and scoring with a Thesz press on the rebound!

The crowd goes nuts for Mickie as she rains down on Victoria with right hands, until Vickie finally pushes her off. Victoria tries to gain some space, but Mickie is right back on her as they get up, kicking her in the midsection. The Women’s Champion then looks to send her opponent off to the corner, but the powerful Victoria is able to reverse, then charge in … right into the Mickie-canrana! A disorientated Victoria gets back up … and has her head damn near taken off with a discus clothesline! Mickie makes the cover … but Trish Stratus boots Mickie right in the head to break up the cover at two!

With Mickie now rolling around the mat in pain, Trish heads back to the apron, then calls Victoria across to make the tag. Mickie, however, has rolled towards her corner too … and both women make tags! Trish immediately goes to run across the ring at Ashley … but Ashley springs up to the top rope, and comes off with a flying crossbody block! Ashley’s got her … TWO! Trish just kicks out!

Both women struggle back up … and Ashley nails a clothesline! The crowd cheers as Ashley hits another one, before sending Trish off with an Irish whip … but this time Trish ducks the clothesline … AND HITS THE CHICK KICK OUT OF NOWHERE! The crowd boos as Trish drops down and makes the cover … to get the three!

Winners: Trish Stratus and Victoria via pinfall @ 6:02


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, VICTORIA and TRRRRIIISSHHH STRATUS!

Trish promptly raises her arms in the air, celebrating the win, until Mickie slides into the ring to check on the condition of her friend. Having hurtled from the ring, Trish celebrates with Vickie, indicating the Women’s Title will soon be back around her waist.

Joey Styles: Just like that, Trish Stratus pulls the win off out of nowhere. Could that Chick Kick be the difference this Sunday?

Jonathan Coachman: You know it, babyboy. I told ya’ – the gold is comin’ home this Sunday!

Jerry Lawler: That was impressive, no doubt, but you have to remember, she pinned Ashley, not Mickie James. No offense to Ashley, but she’s no Women’s Champion.

Trish continues to taunt Mickie …

… As we head to the back to see a focused The World’s Greatest Tag Team staring down a camera, still dressed in their wrestling gear. The pair look as intense as ever, with not a sign of a smile around.

Charlie Haas: Well, well, well. Redneck Wreckin’ Crew … boys … it looks like you tried to pull a fast one on us. You told us that not only would you face us at Backlash, but you’d face us here tonight, to uh, what was it? “Prove you’re always better than us”? Somethin’ like that. Looks like that didn’t happen, huh?

Shelton Benjamin: Y’see Redneck Wreckin’ Crew, we know what you two are up to. We know what you’re doin’. You know that we already beat you on RAW earlier this year, and you know we could have beaten you again tonight, which is why you chickened out like the pair of yellow-bellied redneck cowards that you are.

A pop can be heard coming in from the crowd in the background for this.

Shelton Benjamin: You two knew that we could have easily beaten you tonight, which is why you’re deciding to hide behind your little theory that we can’t perform on Pay-Per-View.

Charlie Haas: Now I’ll be the first to admit, Shelton and myself, we were disappointed with how things turned out at WrestleMania. Things didn’t quite go to plan. We didn’t walk out with the titles like we wanted to. Heck … we lost. But that doesn’t mean we can’t perform on the big stage. We may have won every match up until then. We may have been on the same page, unlike in the past. We may have even made a mistake, but y’know what? That happens to everyone. Yeah, even the world’s greatest.

A little smirk from Haas, as Benjamin goes to continue.

Shelton Benjamin: But believe us, Redneck Wreckin’ Crew, what we do to you this Sunday will be no mistake. ‘Cause after we beat you, we’re settin’ our sights back on the World Tag Team Titles. And we ain’t gonna’ let that chance go beggin’ for a second time.

Charlie Haas: We’ll see you gentlemen on Sunday.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team slap hands, before leaving camera view, allowing us to head off to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return back from the break to see Carlito seated in a chair, being treated to a massage by both Candice Michelle and Torre Wilson. Carlito continues to enjoy the massage for a moment, before speaking up.

Carlito: ‘Ju know ladies, Carlito has been feelin’ a little pain in his … uh, lower back.

Candice and Torrie move further down the back.

Candice Michelle: There?

Carlito: Lower.

Again, Michelle and Wilson move further down the back of ‘Lito.

Torrie Wilson: There?

Carlito: Lower.

And again, the two lovely divas move further down Carlito’s back.

Candice Michelle: There?

Carlito: Lower.

Both Torrie and Candice look down to see they’re pretty much at Carlito’s ass.

Torrie Wilson: Uh … I don’t think we can get any lower. We’re practically rubbing your-

Just at that moment, we hear the door swing open and see the General Manager, Eric Bischoff walk in, Tyson Tomko alongside him, giving Candice and Torrie a chance to pull away.

Eric Bischoff: Carlito, I see you’re getting some work done. Whoa, ladies, don’t pull away because of me. After all, who’s the one who set this whole thing up?

Bischoff smiles to himself smugly.

Eric Bischoff: Besides, we need you good and ready Carlito. Tonight’s a big chance for you. Kurt Angle and John Cena, they’re gonna’ be focussing on Edge. That leaves RVD all to the two of you, and I think you know what I expect from you.

Bischoff looks at Tomko, who pounds his fist into his other hand menacingly.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight, gentlemen, you soften RVD up. This Sunday, Carlito … you end … his … career.

Carlito smiles to himself as the divas continue to rub him.

Carlito: And ‘dat … ‘das cool.

Carlito continues to smirk …

… As we cut back to ringside.



The crowd gives a good pop as the World Tag Team Champion, Big Show marches out onto the stage, without his partner tonight. The giant towers over the crowd as he makes his way down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing 500 lbs, he is one half of the WOOORRRLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, THE BIG SHOW!

Joey Styles: Our main event will be coming up soon, but right now it’ll be one half of the tag team champions, Big Show, going one-on-one with one of his opponents from this Sunday at Backlash.

Jonathan Coachman: But this Sunday it’s not gonna’ be one-on-one – it’ll be five-on-two. Just imagine how confident The Spirit Squad will be if Kenny Doane can pick up the win tonight!

Jerry Lawler: It would be a huge win, no doubt, but I can think of A LOT of things that I’d rather do than try to beat the Big Show. That’s no easy task, especially when Eric Bischoff has ruled that it will be just Kenny Doane and the Big Show present tonight with no partners allowed at ringside.

Show steps over the top rope and climbs up into the ring, proudly displaying his title.



The crowd groans at the very sound of the music, and the groans only grow louder when, for some reason, ALL FIVE members of The Spirit Squad bounce out onto the stage, with Kenny Doane already holding a microphone.

Joey Styles: Oh come on! I thought this was supposed to be a one-on-one match.

Jonathan Coachman: Quiet Joey! Kenny has something to say!

The heat is pretty great for the new team, but Kenny goes to speak right over it.

Kenny Doane: Cut the music! Cut the music!

The music cuts out, but the heat remains as The Spirit Squad exuberantly make their way down to the ring.

Kenny Doane: Big Show, Big Show, I know what you’re thinkin’, big guy. I know you’re thinkin’ this is just supposed to be you and me, goin’ one-on-one. But y’know what? That’d be too easy … for me.

Heat comes in from the crowd.

Kenny Doane: No, y’see, what good is me beating you tonight gonna’ do, when you and your buddy are facin’ us in a Handicap Match this Sunday?

The five members of The Spirit Squad start to circle the ring.

Kenny Doane: So, being the good guy that I am, I went to our esteemed General Manager, Mr. Eric Bischoff, and I made a suggestion. To help prepare you for this Sunday, tonight, Big Show, you go against all five of us. And y’know what? Like the caring boss that he is, Mr. Bischoff agreed.

The heat pours in from the crowd for the corrupt Bischoff’s decision.

Kenny Doane: READY? Let’s go!

And with that, all five members of The Spirit Squad slide into the ring … AND BIG SHOW STARTS SWINGING! Before they make a move, the big man starts swinging wildly, knocking bodies everywhere, causing the referee to call for the bell.

Match Four – Five-On-One Handicap Match:
The Spirit Squad vs. World Tag Team Champion Big Show

With members of The Spirit Squad flying everywhere, Big Show is finally able to dispose of four of them to the outside, leaving just Big Show and his original opponent, Kenny Doane, in the ring. Kenny tries to beg off, but it gets him nowhere, with ‘The Giant’ continuing to advance upon him … so Kenny swings for a right hand … blocked! The crowd goes wild with cheers as Kenny shakes his head, telling Big Show to release him … but with a burst of strength, the World Tag Team Champion hurls one of his future challengers across the ring!

The crowd gives off another roar for that, with Big Show far from done, approaching Doane as he struggles up … before pinning him back in the corner … and damn near caving his chest in with an open-handed chop! Kenny bellows with pain, but Show isn’t done, holding Kenny back, as he beckons for the crowd to be quiet … before sending the sound of a second chop reverberating throughout London! Show asks the crowd if they want to see one more, and of course they do, leaving Kenny to suffer the same fate at the giant hands of the World Tag Team Champion for a THIRD time!

As the sound of the chop continues to echo throughout the arena, Big Show looks to capitalise, sending Kenny off to the opposite corner with an Irish whip, before charging in after him … only for Johnny to pull Kenny out of the way, leaving the champion to hit nothing but turnbuckle! The referee goes to admonish Johnny as Big Show stumbles back … and this allows Mitch to enter the ring and go for a chop block. This doesn’t knock Big Show down, but both Nicky and Mikey are quickly on hand to hit chop blocks of their own, causing Big Show to stagger towards Kenny Doane … who comes off the second rope with a missile dropkick right to the knee!

Finally Show goes down, and with that The Spirit Squad are in control, tagging in and out manically, attacking the knee of Big Show like a pack of rabid dogs. Knowing how much this match may help them come Backlash, the future challengers seem to take the seriousness up a notch, not acting quite so goofy. Unfortunately, it seems like Mikey Mondo can’t resist showboating, dancing around after cannonballing across the rope hung knee of Show.

Perhaps the most idiotic of the five Spirit Squad members, Mikey takes his time, before turning back to Big Show … WHEN THE BIG MAN SUDDENLY GRABS HIM BY THE THROAT! Mikey is stunned, so much so that he doesn’t try to get out of the hold … BUT KENNY DOANE DIVES INTO THE RING AND CLIPS SHOW’S KNEE FOR THE SAVE!

The crowd boos as Kenny heads back out of the ring, leaving Big Show to try to pull himself up with assistance from the ropes, as Mikey heads across and tags in Nicky Nemeth. The two immediately kick away at Big Show’s knee, before trying to send off one half of the World Tag Team Champions with an Irish whip … but the big man doesn’t budge! The two members of The Spirit Squad look at one another … when, with a burst of power, Big Show pulls them both by the arm … and they both go flying over the top rope, out to the floor!

Sensing danger, Kenny Doane runs into the ring again … but this time he runs right into a clothesline! Mitch and Johnny soon follow, only to receive the same treatment, as the big man is exploding everywhere. After running through the trio with a few more clotheslines, he stacks them up in the corner … then charges in and squashes them with the corner avalanche!

The crowd goes crazy for the big man, as he waits … with Kenny and Johnny staggering forward … AND HE GRABS THEM FOR A DOUBLE CHOKESLAM … NO! Mikey Mondo comes from behind with a kick to the back of the knee, before running off to the ropes … and coming right back into a big boot! Mikey rolls away in pain, taking the referee’s attention … as Johnny Jeter flies from nowhere to nail Big Show in the head with a springboard enzuiguri, just as Nicky Nemeth connects with a chop block!

The big man goes down, and Kenny Doane is quick to scale the ropes … BEFORE COMING OFF AND CONNECTING WITH THE SKY HIGH LEG DROP! Nicky Nemeth calls for the referee and makes the cover, as the other Spirit Squad members scurry off … and he gets the three!

Winners: The Spirit Squad via pinfall @ 5:23


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, THE SPIRIT SQUAD!

The crowd descends into heat for that result, as The Spirit Squad recollect in the ring, with Kenny Doane in particular shouting out that they’ll be the next champions.

Joey Styles: By hook or crook, The Spirit Squad have done it. Tonight, they have beaten one half of the World Tag Team Champions, but can they beat both the champions this Sunday?

Jonathan Coachman: What’d I tell you, babyboy? My boys have got this. Just you wait ‘til this Sunday.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly, ‘Coach’. There’s going to be one more man – heck, one more MONSTER in the ring with them this Sunday.

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t worry, ‘King’. The Spirit Squad can take Kane out any time, any place. You-



The crowd gives a great pop as the other World Tag Team Champion, Kane marches out onto the stage, readjusting his glove as he does so.

Jerry Lawler: Looks like you’re going to get a chance to put your money where your mouth is, ‘Coach’!

Jonathan Coachman: Get outta’ there, fellas!

Stunned, The Spirit Squad look on as Kane walks down the ramp, then climbs up onto the apron … and The Spirit Squad charge! One by one, all five men run at Kane … but Kane hits them away! With Big Show having rolled from the ring, it’s now The Spirit Squad who are sprawled out all over the canvas, allowing Kane to climb into the ring.

‘The Big Red Machine’ is quick to look to take advantage, hanging his paw up in the air … AND GRABBING KENNY DOANE BY THE THROAT! Johnny Jeter looks to make the save … only to get a big boot for his troubles! Mitch Mitchell then charges across … DOUBLE GOOZLE! The crowd cheers … BUT NICK NEMETH COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A JUMPING RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP, SNAPPING KANE’S HEAD BACK OFF THE MAT!

The heat is great as Nicky gets up, almost shocked with what he’s done as the rest of The Spirit Squad regain their composure. With Kane sprawled out in the middle of the ring, all five men look at each other … BEFORE HEADING FOR DIFFERENT AREAS OF KANE’S BODY! The heat continues to come in … AS THE SPIRIT SQUAD LIFT … AND DROP KANE WITH THE HIGH SPIRITS!

The heat continues, with both the World Tag Team Champions laid out … and don’t The Spirit Squad let the crowd know, going NUTS in the ring!


Joey Styles: Is this the sight we’ll be seeing next Sunday? Two giants slain by these five- five idiots.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, watch your mouth, Joe – that’s the next World Tag Team Champions you’re talkin’ about!

Jerry Lawler: They conquered the giants separately tonight. Can they do it next Sunday at the same time? I don’t know, but I will say that what we just saw was impressive.

The Spirit Squad continue to bounce around as they head from the ring, talking trash both to the champions and the crowd.

Joey Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen, we’ll now go backstage to our broadcast colleague Todd Grisham, who is standing with another one of the men who will be competing for the WWE Title this Sunday.

We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham … with an intense Kurt Angle stood next to him.

Todd Grisham: Kurt, later tonight you get the chance to step in the ring with Edge before you are one of three men to challenge him for the WWE Title this Sunday at Backlash. Your thoughts?

Kurt Angle: It’s a big night for me tonight, huh Todd? What was it you said? I “get the chance to step in the ring with Edge”? Y’know what? I agree – it is a chance. It’s a chance to step in the ring with Edge. It’s a chance to send a message to Shawn Michaels and John Cena. And most importantly, it’s a chance for me to show my intentions ahead of this Sunday by making Edge tap out!

A good cheer comes in from the crowd for that.

Kurt Angle: This Sunday night, it’s not just any old Fatal Four Way Match. Oh no. This Sunday, it’s a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match, and believe me, that changes things. That completely changes things. I literally have to be able beat, not one, not two, but three guys to ensure that I can become the WWE Champion. And that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

Another nice little pop can be heard from the English crowd.

Kurt Angle: Shawn Michaels and me, we’ve done this dance before. He knows what I’m all about, and most importantly, he knows I can beat him. They call him ‘Mr. WrestleMania’ – he has this aura about him normally, yet when it comes to WrestleMania, they say he always steps up to the plate, and he hits a home run every time. Well last year, at WrestleMania 21, I didn’t just step up to the plate too … I didn’t just hit a homer … I made Shawn Michaels’ ass tap … out.

Yet again, a stronger cheer is heard in the background.

Kurt Angle: John Cena … John Cena is one guy a lot of people think I can’t beat. They tell me I’ve had chances time and time again, most recently at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but I just can’t beat him. They say … they say that John Cena is my kryptonite. Well lemme’ tell you somethin’ … my name is Kurt Angle, and there’s not a man on this planet that Kurt FREAKIN’ Angle can’t beat. I’m an Olympic Gold Medallist, somethin’ that NO ONE else in this business is. This Sunday, I’m gonna’ prove that I can beat anyone … and that includes you, John.

More of a mixed reaction sounds in the arena for that, but mostly cheers still.

Kurt Angle: As far as Edge goes, all you need to look at to know I can beat him this Sunday is the main event tonight. Tonight … tonight I made Edge tap … this Sunday, I break his freakin’ ankle and become the NEW W – W – E … Champion. Yeah!

The crowd gives a great pop for the intense Angle, who stares down the barrel of the camera as we head out to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to see our announce team sitting at ringside, with Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones playing in the background.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, from right here in The O2 Arena in London, England, where our main event is still to come, but right now the song you’re hearing is Baby Hates Me by Danko Jones, the official song for Backlash, which is just six days away.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve got the song on my iPod, and I’ve gotta’ say, it’s a great song.

Joey Styles: Indeed it is, ‘Coach’, and this Sunday is going to be huge too. RVD and Carlito will feature tonight in our main event, but this Sunday, for RVD, it’ll be all on the line when he fights for his CAREER against Carlito.

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito’s been waitin’ for this day ever since RVD returned three months ago. He took RVD out last June for six months, but this time, Carlito’s gonna’ do it for good.

Jerry Lawler: We saw how much RVD’s legacy means to him last month when he took The Undertaker to the limit at WrestleMania. Professional wrestling means everything to RVD, and he’s going to show that this Sunday. Unfortunately for him, with Carlito being backed by Tyson Tomko and Eric Bischoff, RVD has to not just beat Carlito, but also beat the odds.

Joey Styles: The World Tag Team Titles will be on the line, but not in a tag team match, as The Spirit Squad challenge the champions, Kane and Big Show, in a five-on-two handicap match.

Jonathan Coachman: I said it earlier, Joe – those titles are comin’ home with my boys, the guys I brought into the WWE, The Spirit Squad! They showed what kinda’ damage they can do earlier tonight, and this Sunday, they’re takin’ the gold.

Jerry Lawler: I’ll admit, The Spirit Squad impressed me earlier, and they’ve got a chance this Sunday. At the same time though, they’ve gotta’ remember, this Sunday, they’re not up against two men – they’re up against two GIANTS.

Joey Styles: Two other teams will be looking to put forward their case for a shot at the winner of that match, as The Redneck Wrecking Crew meets The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Jerry Lawler: This is a chance for redemption for The World’s Greatest Tag Team. They came up just short against Kane and Big Show at WrestleMania, so this is their chance to not just get another shot at those titles, but also prove they can do it on the big stage.

Jonathan Coachman: This is The Redneck Wrecking Crew’s chance more than anything, ‘King’. The World’s Greatest Tag Team just had their shot, so to the back of the line with them. Cade ‘n’ Murdoch’ll make sure they’re at the front of the line this Sunday.

Joey Styles: Speaking of a view to a shot at titles, two men who have been gunning for the Intercontinental Title, Rene Dupree and Chavo Guerrero, will go one-on-one.

Jonathan Coachman: You heard Rene Dupree last week. When it comes to natural ability, he’s got it made. Chavo may be a Guerrero, but he’s in there with a fine, French specimen in Rene Dupree this Sunday.

Jerry Lawler: Don’t ever count out a Guerrero. Chavo is as smart and crafty as they come, and if you want to talk about natural wrestling ability, Chavo’s got it. Rene Dupree may be in for a big surprise this Sunday.

Joey Styles: The Intercontinental Title will be on the line along with the Money in the Bank briefcase, when Ric Flair defends BOTH against Gregory Helms in a two-fall match.

Jonathan Coachman: And I, for one, cannot WAIT for this. Finally, that old geezer Ric Flair is gonna’ be put where he belongs. It’s time, baby!

Jerry Lawler: Ric Flair has said all along that Gregory Helms has all of the talent in the world, that he’s just got the wrong attitude. We’ll see if that attitude is the downfall against quite possibly the greatest of all-time, this Sunday.

Joey Styles: And finally, it’s the big one – four of the best in the industry in one ring, competing for the WWE Title. The WWE Champion, Edge, defends against Kurt Angle, John Cena and Shawn Michaels in a Fatal Four Way Elimination Match.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think anyone knows how to call this match. The WWE Champion is smart, but is he smart enough to survive three challengers? Kurt Angle and John Cena both want him, but then there’s Shawn Michaels, a man who not only claims he NEEDS the WWE Title, but also a man who has made a point of getting at John Cena.

Jonathan Coachman: So many things could happen here, but we heard what Lita had to say earlier, and I believe her when she says Edge will be walkin’ out of Backlash still the WWE Champion. Even after WrestleMania though, THIS is his biggest test yet.

Joey Styles: That’s Backlash, this Sunday night, but speaking of those four men, Todd Grisham is backstage with the final of the four men from that match, Shawn Michaels.

We cut backstage to see Todd Grisham … stood ALONE in front of what appears to be Shawn Michaels’ locker-room.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m supposed to be here with Shawn Michaels, but as you can see, I’m here in front of his specially assigned locker-room by RAW General Manager, Mr. Eric Bischoff, and Shawn is not here. I’ve asked around backstage, and apparently no one knows where Shawn Michaels is … meaning … uh, back to ringside, I guess.

We cut back to ringside to see a now surprised announce team.

Joey Styles: Well, I- I’m shocked. Shawn Michaels has never been one to be too quiet in the past. He’s-



The crowd erupts with heat, as out onto the stage, through a veil of smoke emerges the WWE Champion, Edge, along with his girlfriend Lita. The champ pauses to look out at the crowd, his girlfriend hanging off him as the title gleams through the smoke and darkness.

Joey Styles: Well, I guess we have to move on, because here comes the WWE Champion, set for six man tag team action, NEXT here on Monday Night RAW!

As we watch Edge stomp down the ramp, we head to an ad break.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the break, we now see that Edge has been joined in the ring by Carlito and Tyson Tomko, while Rob Van Dam is at ringside, his music fading away.


A great pop rings throughout The O2 Arena, as the always intense Kurt Angle marches out onto the stage. Angle greets the crowd by roaring out to them, before throwing his arms out into the air, prompting pyrotechnics to fly out wildly.

Lilian Garcia: His partners, first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, KUUURT ANGLE!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where our main event is about to begin as Kurt Angle now makes his way down to the ring, looking like a man on a mission here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: A man on a mission is right, Joey. We know that Angle is here to prove a point to Edge tonight, and earlier, he promised that he was going to make Edge tap!

Jonathan Coachman: Kurt Angle should know better than to make promises he can’t keep. What’s it he says he has again? Intelligence, intensity and integrity? I’m not too sure I agree with that right now.

Angle makes his way down to ringside, joining Rob Van Dam, before eyeing off Edge as we wait …


The biggest reaction of the night comes in, as cheers and jeers both blow the roof of The O2 Arena. Soon enough, that reaction only gets louder, as John Cena runs out onto the stage. Cena takes out look at the crowd, before turning to the ring … and charging down the ramp to slide in the ring with his partners, and immediately get this one underway!

Match Five – Six Man Tag Team Match:
WWE Champion Edge, Carlito and Tyson Tomko w/Lita vs. Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and John Cena

The crowd goes wild as John Cena goes straight for Edge, catching him out with a barrage of right hands. Meanwhile, RVD has gone right for his enemy in Carlito, leaving Kurt Angle to brawl with Tyson Tomko. RVD and Carlito quickly head out to ringside, while Kurt Angle disposes of Tomko through the ropes, leaving Cena to tee off on Edge in the ring … until Edge successfully rakes the eyes of Cena! With his enemy blinded, Edge is able to pitch Cena through the ropes, then go to take a breather … but Kurt Angle turns him around to pop him right in the jaw with a European uppercut!

This backs Edge up into the corner, allowing Angle to just plain hammer away on the WWE Champion, until the referee finally backs him up. Our attention is quickly taken though, as we hear a thud on the outside … and see that Carlito and Tomko have hurled RVD into the crowd barrier! Back in the ring, Angle keeps his focus, sending Edge off to the opposite corner with force, before throwing him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex when he staggers back!

That brings a strong pop from the crowd, with Angle enjoying the moment, taking his time to watch as Edge picks himself up. Not done yet, Angle goes to send Edge off to the ropes with an Irish whip, only for Edge to reverse … and Carlito trips Angle when he goes to bounce off the ropes, then pulls him out to the floor. Angle lands on his feet, with ‘Lito looking for a clothesline … but the Olympian ducks it, then drills Carlito with a clothesline of his own!

With Carlito down, Angle climbs up onto the apron … only for Edge to charge across and send him hurtling back down to the floor! Acting innocent, Edge takes the attention of the referee as Angle gets up … allowing Tomko to charge across and nail a clothesline! ‘The Problem Solver’ rolls Angle back into the ring, allowing Edge to make the cover … two!

The match now settles down a bit, with the heels quickly tagging in and out, keeping physical on Angle. Their advantage doesn’t last too long though, as after some posturing, Angle reverses an Irish whip from Edge … then sends him overhead with another belly-to-belly supex! Angle struggles for a moment before regaining his bearings and trying to go after Edge … only for the WWE Champion to scramble from the ring, escaping his foe. Both of Edge’s team-mates join him too, as the heels look to regather … WHEN RVD SUDDENLY COMES FLYING DOWN ON TOP OF THEM WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA! The crowd goes nuts for RVD, who gets up and raises his arms up, taking us to our final commercial break for the night.

Back from the break, and we see RVD now assaulting Carlito in the corner, burying his shoulder into Carlito’s midsection multiple times, before somersaulting back and hitting a final shoulder thrust. With Carlito in trouble, Van Dam Irish whips him across to the opposite side of the ring, then charges in and sends him flying with a monkey flip! Climbing up, Van Dam sees Carlito’s position on the mat … so he charges off, then comes back with the rolling thunder! RVD makes the cover … but Edge comes in to break it up at two!

The referee immediately goes for Edge, but so does Kurt Angle, taking the ref’s attention. As Angle gets taken away, Van Dam gets up … only to be clotheslined down from the apron by Tomko! And with that, the heels suddenly take control of the match, working Van Dam over by tagging in and out quickly. The physical nature of the trio means it’s the head of Van Dam that takes the brunt of the offense, with both Carlito and Edge hitting a few neckbreakers for good measure.

Despite all of this, RVD fights on, kicking out each and every time, prompting Carlito to go for the submission with a rear chinlock, his knee grinding into the back of Van Dam’s neck at the same time. Despite the questioning of the referee, Van Dam refuses to quit, starting to fight his way back up … until Carlito slams him back down into the mat! The crowd boos as Carlito mocks Van Dam, laughing at him, before going to pick him up … but Van Dam fires off a right to the midsection! Van Dam hits a few more rights … but Carlito cuts him off with a knee lift.

Looking to follow up his good work, Carlito goes to Irish whip Van Dam into the corner, but RVD is starting to feel it, reversing to send ‘Lito in. Thinking he’s clever, Carlito floats over the top of an incoming Van Dam … only for RVD to leap up to the second rope, then come back with a thrust kick, sending Carlito down! Unfortunately, Van Dam also goes down, prompting the crowd to clap him on as both men head towards their corners … Carlito tags in Tomko … and RVD tags in John Cena!

Cena charges in and doesn’t even let Tomko get a single blow in, blasting him with a series of right hands that back him up to the ropes. Cena then goes for the Irish whip, only for Tomko to reverse … but Cena goes flying into him with a flying shoulder tackle on the rebound! Tomko gets up, only to be taken down with a second, prompting him to swing for a clothesline … BUT CENA DUCKS … THEN DUMPS HIM WITH THE PROTOPLEX!

A huge mixed reaction as Cena springs up, then holds his hand up … “You can’t see me!” Cena charges off to the ropes, then bounces back … CONNECTING WITH THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Tomko springs up, holding at his face … AND CENA HOISTS HIM UP INTO THE FIREMAN’S CARRY … BUT EDGE COMES FROM BEHIND, SLIDING TOMKO OFF … TO CONNECT WITH THE EDGE-O-MATIC ON CENA!

With Cena down, Tomko is able to slowly crawl to his corner and tag Carlito back into things, allowing the heels to reassume their control. The crowd, however, is very hot now, and despite the best efforts of Edge, Carlito and Tomko, Cena is starting to feed off their energy. This prompts Tyson Tomko to look for the end, backing up … BEFORE LOOKING FOR THE RUNNING BIG BOOT … BUT CENA DUCKS! Cena just evades the move, then kicks the turning Tomko in the midsection … fisherman suplex!

Both men remain down again, slowly crawling towards their corners, with Tomko getting closer … and making the tag to Edge! Eager to make sure Cena can’t tag in Kurt Angle, Edge charges across and grabs the leg of Cena, holding him back … but Cena pushes Edge off … then dives across and tags Kurt Angle!

Edge gets up and immediately stops in his tracks, looking like a deer in the headlights … before going for a right hand … but Angle blocks, then reels off a series of his own, backing Edge up against the ropes. Angle then sends him off with an Irish whip … and hurls him overhead with a belly-to-belly suplex! Worried about his partner, Carlito charges into the ring, only to receive the same fate, before Tomko comes in and looks for a clothesline … German suplex for Tyson Tomko!

Clearly feeling it, Angle gets up and rushes right over to a rising Edge, grabbing him from behind to drill him with a German suplex … and he keeps the hands clasped! The reaction from the English crowd is great, as Angle hurls Edge up for the second German suplex … and then the third one! Angle hits the trio, before popping right back up to roar with intensity … ONLY FOR CARLITO TO COME FROM BEHIND HIM AND NAIL THE BACKCRACKER!

The heat is intense for Carlito, who smiles away to himself … only to turn around and be taken down with a double leg by Rob Van Dam! RVD is all over ‘Lito, showering him with right hands as the two roll from the ring. Finally, Carlito is able to fight free on the floor … AND HE GOES TO HIGHTAIL IT, CLIMBING OVER THE CROWD BARRIER … BUT RVD IS IN HOT PURSUIT! The crowd goes wild as Tyson Tomko now tries to follow, with Van Dam and Carlito brawling through the crowd!

In the ring, Edge has pulled himself up with the ropes, before turning … right into a thunderous clothesline from John Cena! Cena instantly sets himself … BY SIGNALLING FOR THE F-U! The crowd erupts at Cena waits … BUT SUDDENLY AN EVEN BIGGER REACTION FILLS THE ARENA …


The crowd alerts Cena, prompting him to turn around … SWEET CHIN MUSIC FOR THE THIRD STRAIGHT WEEK … NO! CENA DUCKS! Cena ducks under the foot of Michaels … before both men turn to face one another, and seeing the fire in Cena’s eyes … MICHAELS RUNS FOR HIS LIFE!

The crowd once again erupts, with Cena and Michaels now headed backstage, the brawl throughout the arena continuing, and both Edge and Kurt Angle rising in the ring. It’s Edge who makes the first move … GRABBING ANGLE FOR THE EDGECUTION! NO! Angle spins out … German suplex … but Edge counters with a snapmare, sending Angle to the corner … BEFORE GOING FOR A SUDDEN SPEAR OUT OF NOWHERE … BUT ANGLE SIDESTEPS! Edge’s head crashes off the turnbuckle … AND HE STAGGERS BACK OUT … ANGLE SLAM!

Angle bursts back up to his feet, peeling the straps down … BEFORE APPLYING THE ANKLE LOCK! Edge bellows in pain, with Angle obviously putting a little more into it tonight, still looking like a man on a mission … AS HE QUICKLY DROPS DOWN AND GRAPEVINES THE LEG! Edge pulls at his hair, thinking about what to do – should he tap out to prevent injury before Sunday? Or is the psychological damage too much? All of this runs through Edge’s head as he feels the pain … BEFORE TAPPING OUT!

Winners: Rob Van Dam, Kurt Angle and John Cena via pinfall @16:34


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, ROB VAN DAM, JOHN CENA AND KUUURRTTT ANGLE!

Angle cranks the ankle for a moment longer, before climbing to his feet and raising his arms up in victory. Elsewhere in the arena, John Cena and Shawn Michaels are somewhere, while RVD, Carlito and Tomko continue to brawl throughout the crowd.

Joey Styles: This is absolute chaos out here! Carnage everywhere, but standing tall is Kurt Angle. Is this the scene we’ll be seeing this Sunday?

Jonathan Coachman: Not a chance! Edge was just makin’ sure he’s fighting fit for Sunday night. Believe me, this is the closest Kurt Angle will be getting’ to that title.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know about that, ‘Coach’. I wouldn’t be doubting Kurt Angle right now!

Joey Styles: Edge, Angle, Michaels and Cena for the WWE Title. Carlito and RVD with a career on the line. The Women’s Title, the World Tag Team Titles, the Intercontinental Title and the Money in the Bank briefcase – ALL of this is on line this Sunday at Backlash on Pay-Per-View. I implore you, do NOT miss it! Until then, for Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and ‘The Coach’, I’m Joey Styles, good night ladies and gentlemen!

With the chaos continuing, we focus on Angle standing tall in the ring, as we fade … to … black.



April 30th, 2006 | Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky

WWE Championship; Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena vs. Edge ©

Intercontinental Championship and Money in the Bank Briefcase; Two Fall Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Ric Flair ©

World Tag Team Championships; Five-On-Two Handicap Match:
The Spirit Squad vs. Kane and Big Show ©

Women’s Championship; Singles Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James ©

Rob Van Dam’s Career On The Line; Singles Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito

Tag Team Match:
The World’s Greatest Tag Team vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

Singles Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Rene Dupree

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Yeah, a show from you is long overdue, so I’m more than pleased to have you back. Towards the end of your run I was pretty busy and only semi following, so if I’m a little off on certain things I apologize. Although knowing you, you’ll be sure to let me know about it . Anyway, onto the actual feedback now…

Normally I wouldn’t say much about the opening commentary because it was solid enough without being anything spectacular but it did a good job of letting me know just what’s happening on the show. I totally forgot about the tag wars concept for tonight’s show, but tag team wrestling owns in general, so we should be getting some strong in ring action. Coach’s arrogance was portrayed nicely regarding all his UK fans, and the detailed description of the set due to being in England was a nice bit of extra detail to.

Opening with the WGTT/RWC would have been a beautiful way to open the show, and even though it didn’t happen, I really liked the way you handled the situation. Considering the two teams are competing at Backlash, it would have just been pointless to have them compete now, as it would devalue their match at the PPV, but you already know this. I was expecting maybe some sort of attack or something, but I prefer the way you’ve gone about. Simple yet effective, they’ve just picked replacements. Cade’s bit on the mic was good enough, keeping his arrogance up, whilst also getting in the dig at England. On a side note, I marked for Murdoch yelling out shit, the guy is so bad ass. Obviously as Cade alluded to, The Basham’s have a history with the WGTT, so whilst the feud has been stalled for a LONG, LONG time, and might make things a little less credible (since nobody really cares about The Basham’s in the thread at this point), it still makes sense for them to have one last match so I can live with it.

The match began nicely enough with Benji being on top, although I’m indifferent on Benji yelling out something to the RWC. Shelton has always been somewhat of a machine; he just wrestles, wrestles, and wrestles. Don’t get me wrong, some charisma or attitude must be added, but he still doesn’t strike me as the type of guy to take his eye off the ball like that. A simple change of roles, with RWC yelling out something to distract Benji would have been preferred. I really enjoyed the Double Backbreaker spot simply because The Basham’s are nothing but jobbers. With RWC watching on, the more double team moves the WGTT hit the better, as it’ll really show that they are on the same page. The rest of the match went along pretty smoothly, with the heels domination before WGTT steamrolled them. If I wanted to be nit picky, I could say I would have liked a few more double team moves from the WGTT just too REALLY emphasize my earlier point. Also, interference didn’t have to happen, but no antics at all from the RWC, especially with a damn near unstable Murdoch hanging around was a little disappointing. Even just mentioning that Cade had to restrain the nut would have sufficed. Anyway, all the things I’ve mentioned are VERY nit picky here, as the match was written with no real flaws, and obviously the right team got the win.

I was very iffy with the whole Rene Dupree push last time you were around, but I must admit, after going over some stuff, I actually don’t mind it. I was never a huge fan of the guy, but he could get himself pretty over, as shown in ’04, but unfortunately his momentums seized, as he was fed to Cena. Don’t get me wrong, he won’t ever be a world champion sort of guy, but a nice mid car talent. Anyway his interview was solid. The insulting of Maria, and the English, and then I actually really liked his take on Chavo. He respects him for making the most out of average talent, a very arrogant argument, I dig it. One thing though, when Dupree was insulting Maria in the beginning, he made a cheap remark regarding Americans. To be honest, why would the English boo that? I’m actually surprised they didn’t cheer tbh.

Gregory Helms is a character I’ve enjoyed since day one in this thread. It’s obvious that you’ve wanted to push him from the get go, and you’ve done it well. This feud with Flair has been really good for him, and this interview was solid enough as well. Not really bringing anything new to the table, but he was able to run down Flair, insult Maria and put himself over. I also love the constant mentioning of the word hero, it just shows you haven’t fully forgotten his old character; it’s a nice twist on things. The compliment to Dupree was a little awkward if I’m honest, and it’s not something I can really see Helms doing. He’s a conceited prick, and if I remember correctly, he and Dupree have never teamed up before, so I can’t really see Helms caring enough to add the compliment, even if they are teaming together tonight. Besides that, the interview for both guys was solid stuff.

This may be the first time I’ve read the Summerslam video package so good job on that. The bright as font annoys my eyes though, change please.

I actually don’t mind John Cena these days, although sometimes he’s a little over the top with his joking or sarcasm. I guess in that case you captured his character perfectly with his early shenanigans, playing up just how hard this match will be. You really put Backlash over well with Cena claiming it could be his last shot and the most important match of his career, nice stuff. Then he went into intense Cena mode, the Cena that I like. You used his backstory well, always being an underdog, and you rounded it off nicely with his intentions for Backlash. Again, nothing special, but a solid interview hyping Backlash. Besides the one extra crack at Michaels at the end, I thought it was a little wrong not to mention tonight’s tag match at all though.

The anger of Flair being built up with Helms refusing to start the match with him was a nice touch. The faces were on fire early, and I get the team work and whatever, but it would have been nice when Guerrero was in there with Dupree, if he did something other than chop him. I mean, we know Flair’s going to get enough of them in anyway. Helms played the role of not wanting to get in with Flair well early, before getting in when Flair was down, gaining himself more heat. I loved the arrogance of Helms, laughing after one punch, I could picture it in my head and it made me smirk. Helms begging off to get the advantage was another heel move. I thought maybe you could have made something of the fact that Helms used the begging off, a Flair trademark to get the advantage. The hot tag and Flair on fire was alright leading to the finish. The commentary afterward only mentioned the Flair/Helms match at Backlash. I get that it’s the higher profile match, but they could have at least mentioned Guerrero/Dupree as a footnote somewhere. Also, I feel as if maybe the heels should have gotten the win, but I’ll get to that a little later.

I know you used to be of the thought that every PPV has to be in full. Is that still the case? Can I expect a full Backlash?

Lita was alright I guess. Ran down all Edge’s opponents, and then made herself out to be a sex addict, as per usual really. Not much else to comment on really, I would have preferred to hear from Edge.

Women’s match. The match itself should flow along nicely, except for when Ashley is in the ring. Mickie getting the best of Trish early was nice, forcing Trish to tag out. I thought she’d be a little more determined then that though. James pretty much looked good throughout, which is the right thing since she’s the champ, and just as expected, when Ashley came in, the match, and her team went to shit. Obviously Stratus had to get the fall here to, as after looking a little weak early, getting the win regains some credibility.

WGTT speech was fine, basically countering RWC’s theories with their own words. Nothing wrong with that at all and obviously the winner at Backlash will probably be next in line for tag title shots, so it’s smart to mention the titles as well. The insult of being called a redneck is usually something a heel would say to a face, you don’t normally see faces using things such as that, incase next time they go to a redneck town, they get heat. But besides Benji’s little comment, everything was fine.

at Carlito trying to get the girls to rub lower, funny stuff. Bischoff’s little bit was alright, and I just thought I’d point out, not in a positive or negative way, that I’m really surprised to see that Bischoff has barely been on the show tonight. Anyway, this basically sells us on the plan to end RVD’s career being in set. A good segment, hyping tonight’s main event and another match at Backlash.

Kenny’s little bit on the mic was alright, and well, a clever swerve putting Big Show at a huge disadvantage. Again, nice referencing to Backlash, considering this is the go home show after all.

You followed a pretty basic formula with this match, but it was the right way to go. Show looked strong early, before the numbers took over. He tried to fight back, looked threatening, and then the numbers were able to put him away. Just a nice way to put The Spirit Squad over. The taking out of Kane afterward just added to making the SS look like a threat, because before this, I didn’t think they had any hope of winning.

A typical Kurt Angle interview. He sold Backlash and tonight very well, whilst also continuing to be all intense. Good stuff.

The commentary did a perfect shill job of Backlash.

No Shawn Michaels in his locker room? I think the interference in the main event or an attack after the main event is way too obvious. I think he should have been made to compete tonight, but I’ll touch on that more after the main event.

Main event time. I’m not going to get into specifics because it would take way to long repeating everything, but this match started VERY entertainingly. The all hell breaking loose sort of thing was written very well for a good few paragraphs, before Angle began to be isolated. A nice spot heading into commercials with RVD taking out all three of the opposition. The domination of Van Dam which followed was all smooth enough, before Cena got the hot tag. I was a little surprised to see Cena get dominated so easily after his initial advantage. After being in the ring for the least amount of time, he maybe looked a little to weak. At the same time, it’s a nice change, and instead of typical Cena domination, we get Angle receiving the hot tag. The entertainment level rose again, as Angle was on fire, until ‘Lito landed the Back Cracker. RVD chasing ‘Lito into the audience is nice hype for Backlash as well. Michaels making an appearance was expected, although it was nice to see him fail. The brawl between Cena/HBK is alright, although I would have loved to see HBK interact with Edge or Angle. It seems like Wolfy was right when he said the fatal four way was built as two separate matches. Whilst that’s okay because they will be the feuds in the future, it would have been nice to get a little bit of heat between everybody. Angle making Edge tap was a nice finish though, making Edge look fragile, which means he’ll pick up the win at Backlash.

In all honesty, this was a good show. Very high on wrestling, and I really enjoyed it. But I’m not sure this whole tag wars concept really fits that well for a go home show. You had no big promos but that’s not the issue. Despite the main event, which hyped the fatal four way and RVD/Carlito nicely, and the tag titles situation, I felt like the other matches took a step back. All the wrestlers got their hands on their opponents (Flair/Helms, Guerrero/Dupree, Stratus/James) and they all just had basic matches. Nothing really happened to further the feud. I feel as if there may have been more heat in those feuds before they got into the ring with each other tonight. Still a good show, but just not sure if it was the best choice for a go home one. It’s great to have you back though.

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