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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Feedback

Good way of kicking off the post-Mania SmackDown with the champion. IDK if I'm totally into the idea of both champions retaining back at WrestleMania, but you seem smart enough to know what you are doing so I'm sure there will be a payoff from that. Big Dave definitely seemed on in this promo. Naming off all the big guys and then Mark Henry made me lol, even though he was pushed back then. Randy time. Coming out and being in denial was a good start. Batista owning him was pretty good. Orton having to earn his title shot should make the next few weeks pretty interesting. I sense Batista/Orton II for Judgment Day, or some type of multi-man match for the title. Either way, good looks.

Punk pretty much owns, so I'm glad to see you have him in this thread. Definitely would like to see Punk used well here so don't mess that one up Open challenge seems about right for him. Trying to make his mark and what not and always looking for someone to fight. rofl at Simon Dean. Forgot about that guy. Punk getting the decisive victory was not much of a surprise at all, nor was it a surprise to see the match end so quickly. Good way of keeping Punk rolling, booked pretty well here not gonna lie.

Well that was definitely odd.

I must say. Orlando Jordan as the U.S. Champion is definitely something different. All past viewpoints aside and all current viewpoints about him as well, he definitely wasn't that bad. So I'm definitely interested to see how you book him throughout his championship reign. Big announcements here and the title matches look to be pretty good. And a WrestleMania rematch of that triple threat match definitely looks good as well. Jordan seems hungry to defend the title, which is always good as a face. Don't think that he'll be dropping the title yet but anything is possible.

Lashley was always a beast, and I wouldn't mind him having a bigger role in this thread. Looks like you're keeping him honest at the moment in the midcard, at his rate his push will probably be elevated as the year goes on. Looks like he pretty much dominated Burchill here which makes him look even stronger. Good stuff, good stuff.

@ JBL making his 'TRIUMPHANT RETURN ... NEXT WEEK.' Hilarious.

Londrick reuniting? Or are they? Hmmmmmm.

Finley = Owned. Henry looking monstrous here it seems.

Kendrick and Noble put on a pretty good match here. Both CW's definitely looked pretty strong here and Kendrick getting the win works. Ending looked pretty good and the aftermath intrigues me again. Possible backstory behind this? I've been out of the loop for God knows how long and didn't read back through the pages in this thread beforehand. Would help. Regardless it looks mighty interesting.

Orton rallying the troops here was pretty good. Seemed to nail down everyone here and I thought this was a pretty decent promo. Obviously it looks like Orton wants to do everything that he can to look good to try and 'earn' his title shot against Batista. Seemed like he got his wish, and T-Lo's interaction wasn't too bad either. Booker getting extra motivation tonight definitely makes the main event a little bit more tough to call.

omfg @ Regal/Benoit. Match may have gone a little bit long but personally idc as it was pretty well written and looked to have owned. Benoit getting losses all of a sudden is definitely something of note. Wondering where that's going to take him cause it definitely does not look like he'll have the ability to win the U.S. Championship against OJ when they do go at it. Going to be wondering where you're taking Benoit now, for sure.

Definitely a fan of the messy tag team matches and this one didn't look to be any different. End result was good, keeping Batista strong after WrestleMania and sending Orton back down to earth. Hopefully you don't completely bury him although I doubt that that's going to happen. Definitely going to be a good lead up to JD for sure.

Overall, good stuff BkB. Felt it was well written and the future in this thread looks really, really good.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Apologies for the lateness.

Starting with the champion is the natural choice, especially given it’s the one year anniversary of his reign. A recap of the reign makes sense, especially when you consider some of the names ‘Tista has taken on over the year. Orton out to continue the fued, gotta be a rematch at Judgment Day imo. Anyway, solid enough opening promo, nothing ground breaking but it keeps Orton and Batista ticking over for now. No complaints about this tbh.

Interesting that Punk would make an open challenge, as I thought he would still be involved with Booker/Benoit/Jordan after what happened over the last few weeks. Lol Simon Dean, what a character that was. Punk over obv, he keeps on rolling and hopefully gets a feud of his own soon.

Certainly an interesting interview with Finlay. The “Finlay wants to fight?” part was a bit strange, have to assume that’s there because of his catchphrase? Anyway, yeah... feud between the two I suppose. Could be a battle, both nuff tuff.

I was hoping for something a bit more from OJ tbh. I really wanted a solo interview or something for him to establish himself more, as he’s not really got much going on for him despite being US Champion. You gotta give him some stick time to get himself over imo.

Good to see Lashley pick up another win, building on his ‘Mania momentum. He certainly came out of the match looking strong. Lol at JBL’s “triumphant return” next week. That’s typical of his character, really liked that little touch there.

Awkward moment between London and Kendrick. Hmmm... if you’re gonna tease a Londrick feud, then be different and turn London heel plz. I dunno how you’d do it, but it’d be great to see imo.

I wonder who attacked Finlay?

Solid enough action between Noble and Kendrick, and the right man won. Liked the emphasis of the tension between Kendrick and London after the bell. Perhaps London takes another week off to recover from his injuries and a mistake costs Kendrick a match? It’s nice to see that this looks like a fresh angle (even though you teased it a bit before Mania iirc?) heading forward, giving both men something to be involved with. With Mysterio CW champion, and neither man looking like they’ll head up the card anytime soon, this is some solid booking.

I liked the way Orton rallied the troops by placing the blame on Teddy Long’s door. After the RKo to Teddy a couple of weeks ago, it definitely seems liked you’ve got something more than just your usual face GM/ heel challenger arguments in store.

Wow, liked the match up of Benoit and Regal, also liked the fact it got so much TV time. After three relatively straight forward matches where the winner was rather obvious, this one really was a surprise. A little bit shocked that Benoit looses at ‘Mania and again tonight, although the ending suggests a rematch in the future. If Benoit gets involved with Regal and maybe Burchill by association, is this where we see the Benoit/Punk association come back together? Maybe even add Lashley and JBL for a six man? Who knows, interested to see where you go with this. Make Regal relevant regardless of which direction you take this. He could prove to be a valuable part of the midcard.

Really liked the way you wrote the ending of the main event. I’m always a fan of finisher flurries. Good that Batista got the win, I wrote in someone else’s thread that I’m never a fan of World/WWE champions losing the show after ‘Mania. Solid booking again here. Will be interesting to see if any of the 'Mania feuds continue past the title rematches. I don't think Mysterio/Kash will, and I don't think Hardyz/MNM will either. OJ/Booker could, with OJ getting an emphatic win (which he needs btw) at JD, and of course Batista/Orton will.

Overall, a good start to the Smackdown year. Nothing earth shattering, but I feel Smackdown always takes a bit longer to get going after ‘Mania compared to Raw, purely because there next ppv is further away. I’m glad Orton and Batista seems likely to continue. Lashley and JBL is one that shouldn’t carry on to JD though, that one should end in the next couple of weeks. A few fresh stroeis were developed though (London/Kendrick and Henry/Finlay) that gives you something to work with until the JD card really takes shape. I was however disappointed yet again with OJ. Plz give him an interview to really establish himself, as right now he’s kinda... meh. Can’t really fault anything apart from that. Good work as per usual mate.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I read your WrestleMania 22, and I must say I loved it, every match was so entertaining but the match that I loved the most, the one that stole the show for me was RVD vs. The Undertaker and Taker winning in a classic match, nothing tops that. HHH/HBK the final encounter match of the night also in my opinion, and Batista vs. Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship I loved it, awesome match. Ric Flair winning MITB means Flair can cash it in on any champion he wants whether it is the World Heavyweight Champion or if it is the WWE Champion, I love it, Ric is almost guaranteed to become champion for the 17th time.

Edge retaining his WWE Title in the Triple-Threat Match, love it, makes Edge look strong and credible as champion.

Also love Lashley too, don't mess him up, give him that main event push, same goes for CM Punk too now that you have brought him in
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

April 10th, 2006 | US Celluar Arena; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

We start the show in the arena, cold …


The crowd suddenly explodes, going up as one as the lights go out and the song begins …


The green lights flash all around the US Celluar Arena, building the anticipation level up even higher, until, eventually, ‘The Game’ himself, Triple H steps out onto the stage, water bottle in hand, breathing heavily. Dressed casually, ‘The Game’ remains at the top of the stage for longer than usual, taking in the reaction, his wet hair covering his eyes.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW! I’m Joey Styles, joined here, like always, by Jonathan Coachman and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin where we have a heck of a show here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: Indeed we do, Joey, but I personally don’t see how we can talk about anything, or anyone, should I say, other than that man standing in the spotlight, ‘The Game’ Triple H!

Joey Styles: It was eight days ago now that ‘The Game’ engaged in an absolute war with his bitter enemy, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, with both men giving it their absolute all. Triple H, however, would emerge victorious, and since that night we haven’t heard from Shawn, although, as you can see, Triple H is here in the building tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: And what a disgrace it is. After what Triple H did to Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 22, he shouldn’t be here; he should be locked up! I’m scared for my safety with that- that animal in the building!

Joey Styles: Trust me, ‘Coach’, I think Triple H has more important things to worry about than you.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, babyboy, there ain’t no one more important than ‘The Coach’, and you know it!

With the crowd continuing to go absolutely bananas, Triple H finally takes a sip of water and spits it back out, his face full of intensity, as he begins to make his way down the ramp. Looking like a man on a mission, ‘The Game’ strides his way on …



“What the hell was that?”


The crowd goes nothing short of NUTS with heat as Michaels jumps on his enemy from behind, SENDING HIM CRASHING DOWN HEADFIRST INTO THE CROWD BARRIER! Triple H goes down, looking awfully groggy … and Michaels is all over him, jumping on top of ‘The Game’ to begin to absolutely BLAST him with right hand shots to the skull! The crowd can’t believe it, UNLOADING with heat, only for Michaels to keep on pounding away … UNTIL TRIPLE H KICKS FREE!

Both men now get back to their feet … BOOM! Triple H strikes with an absolute bomb to the head of Shawn Michaels, then follows it up with a few more … until Shawn Michaels begins to fight back … and the two just start trading blows! The two continue to absolutely wail on one another, going blow for blow, only for Michaels to suddenly score with a knee lift, then measure a shot … no! Triple H explodes to life and runs Michaels all of the way down the rest of the ramp to RAM him back into the ring apron!

We finally get some separation now, Michaels pulling away to the steel steps … when Triple H charges at him … and Michaels sidesteps … SENDING TRIPLE H CRASHING INTO THE STEEL STEPS LEG FIRST! TRIPLE H GOES TUMBLING OVER THE STEEL! The crowd groans with the MASSIVE impact as Triple H flops around, YELPING in pain. A seething Shawn Michaels looks on, pulling his hair back … before turning to look back at the steel steps!

Breathing heavily, Michaels slowly walks back to the steel steps, then lifts the upper portion of them up, before waiting as ‘The Game’ starts to struggle up … SO HE CAN CHARGE … AND SEND THE STEEL STEPS STRAIGHT THROUGH THE LEG OF TRIPLE H! TRIPLE H’S LEG MEETS STEEL AGAIN!


Triple H falls in a heap, still yelping in pain, leaving Michaels to stand over him, not yet satisfied. Deciding to move things into the ring, Michaels hurls the steep steps up over the top rope, then turns back to lift Triple H up … WHEN ‘THE GAME’ STARTS TO UNLOAD WITH RIGHT HANDS TO HIS MIDSECTION! The crowd gives a great cheer as Trips starts to hammer away on Michaels … NO! Michaels kicks Triple H right above the knee, stopping his offense then and there!

Having sedated his opponent once again, Michaels is now able to roll Triple H into the ring, while staying on the outside himself … and pulling Triple H towards the ringpost. The crowd cries out, not quite sure what Shawn is thinking, but they know it’s bad as Shawn, with a sick look on his face, starts to bend Triple H’s leg around the ringpost … BEFORE LOCKING IN A FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! SHAWN MICHAELS USES THE RINGPOST FOR AN ELEVATED FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!


The pain shoots through Triple H’s leg, causing him to shout in pain at the top of his lungs … but Shawn Michaels isn’t done there, leaning further and further back! The pain must be absolutely excruciating for ‘The Game’, who, quite simply, has no way out, trapped in the hold until Shawn Michaels decides enough is enough. Michaels doesn’t look anywhere near coming to that decision though, continuing to crank further and further back … until he suddenly looks up, perhaps after hearing or feeling something. Almost a satisfied look on his face, Michaels releases the hold, then begins to head around ringside until he comes to the timekeeper’s area, where he violently pushes through to steal a steel chair and throw it up into the ring.

Michaels now heads back towards the ring, telling the crowd to “Shut your mouths” as he heads back to the ring, then lifts up the cloth … AND PULLS OUT THE SLEDGEHAMMER! With a glint in his eyes, Michaels stares into the weapon, then slides it in, before rolling back in himself. Content, Michaels feels he has time to slowly head to the steel chair … WHEN SUDDENLY AN ARMY OF SECURITY GUARDS RUNS DOWN THE RAMP!

A muffled cheer comes from the shocked crowd as they come down to the ring … WHEN MICHAELS WIELDS THE STEEL CHAIR AT THEM! Suddenly they all start to second guess themselves, except for one guard, who climbs up on the apron … CRACK! A second one gets up … CRACK! CRACK! CRACK! A THIRD AND A FOURTH ALSO SUFFER THE SAME FATE!

Knowing that they’ll only get themselves smashed with the chair, the rest of the security guards remain down as Michaels turns back to Triple H, raising the chair up … BEFORE SLAMMING THE CHAIR DOWN INTO HIS INJURED LEG! Triple H tries to roll away … BANG! TRIPLE H AGAIN HAS THE STEEL SMASHED INTO HIS LEG … AND AGAIN … AND AGAIN … AND AGAIN!


Finally Michaels stops, throwing the chair down aggressively, prompting the security guards to again make a move, only for ‘HBK’ to go for the chair again, backing them off. Behind Michaels, Triple H writhes in pain, rolling around and grabbing at his leg, trying to tend to it, only for Michaels to again go after him, grabbing him by the leg so he can position it across the steel steps! ‘The Game’ looks to fight free initially, only for a stomp right to the head from Michaels to stop him in his tracks, before ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ turns around … AND SLOWLY BENDS DOWN TO PICK UP THE SLEDGEHAMMER!

The crowd shouts out, pleading with Michaels, but their former hero no longer gives a damn, lifting the sledgehammer up, before turning and seeing another security guard climbing up into the ring, prompting him to swing it wildly, sending the guard retreating back down off the apron. That glint still in his eyes, Michaels turns back to Triple H, seeing his leg positioning across the steel steps, a determined look on his face … AS HE LIFTS THE SLEDGEHAMMER …



… AND BRINGS IT DOWN ACROSS THE LEG OF TRIPLE H, SQUASHING IT BETWEEN THE STEEL AND THE HAMMER! Triple H rolls away in pain as Shawn Michaels does exactly as Triple H did to him at WrestleMania, only bringing the hammer down across the leg of Triple H instead! The crowd can’t believe it, remaining perfectly silent, the only sound being that of the sledgehammer being dropped on the mat and Triple H groaning in pain as Shawn Michaels looks at the mat … before glancing up at the crowd … satisfied.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to see footage of Triple H being taken away on a stretcher, with special attention being paid to his leg.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where we … uh … well, to call what we saw to start the show “horrific” would be an understatement.

Jerry Lawler: Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting. I used to respect Shawn Michaels so much, but what we just saw wasn’t the Shawn Michaels that I knew. It wasn’t a different Shawn Michaels, a scary Shawn Michaels.

Joey Styles: The news from the medicos who were out here before isn’t good. While it can’t be confirmed at this stage, we have heard from them that the fear is for Triple H’s left quadriceps – the very same quadriceps he tore back in 2001. Shawn Michaels knew this – this was a cold, calculated attack from him, a man who claims to be a true Christian, a man of God.

Jerry Lawler: Well, let me just say that karma is a you-know-what, and one day it might come back to bite him in the ass.

Silence for quite some time, until we hear the sound of the bell tolling, with Lilian Garcia standing in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the IIINNNNTERCONTINENTAL CHAMMMPPPPIONSHIP!



A slightly smaller pop than usual rings out, thanks to what we just saw shocking the fans, as Chavo Guerrero steps out onto the stage. Chavo does his best to get the fans to their feet and fire them up, before walking down the ramp to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, the challenger, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs, CHAAVVVO GUERRRRERO!

Joey Styles: Well gentlemen, I suppose we have to move on, and it isn’t a bad way to try to put back what we just saw with the Intercontinental Title on the line.

Jonathan Coachman: And what a disgrace this match is. It should be Gregory Helms or Rene Dupree in there with Ric Flair, not Chavo Guerrero, who only “earned” his title shot through been Flair’s friend.

Jerry Lawler: Chavo has done a lot more than that lately, ‘Coach’, and you know it, including a very good win over ‘The Masterpiece’ last week.

Jonathan Coachman: A fluke win last week, ‘King’, a fluke.

Chavo makes his way down the rest of the ramp, then climbs up into the ring and waits.



A great pop now rings throughout the arena, mixed in with cries of “WOOOOOOOOOO!” as the Intercontinental Champion and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, Ric Flair struts out onto the stage, looking hyped. Dressed classily in his robe like always, the IC Title gleams out from under the shining red robe, while Flair carries the Money in the Bank briefcase as he makes his way down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, he is the defending INTERCONTINENNNNTTAALLLL CHAMPION AND ‘MMMISTER MONEY IN THE BANK’, ‘THE NATUUUURRRE BOY’ RIC FLAIR!

Joey Styles: While it was Ric Flair who gave his friend Chavo this match, one has to wonder, will one of those men you mentioned, ‘Coach’, Gregory Helms be bothering him here tonight? We heard what Ric had to say last week – Helms HAS gotten to him, so does that mean he won’t be entirely focused here tonight?

Jerry Lawler: Helms may have gotten to Ric in the past, but Joey, one thing you have to know about ‘The Nature Boy’ is that he’s a professional, and knowing how much that Intercontinental Title means to him, I’m sure Ric is going to have his mind on the job.

Jonathan Coachman: It also helps that Flair picked himself the weakest opponent possible. Seriously, what does a guy have to do to get a title shot around here? Makes friends with him? How’s that fair?

Joey Styles: This is the first time you’ve ever been concerned with fair, ‘Coach’.

Flair now climbs up into the ring, and, after showing his briefcase off to the crowd, disrobes to hand the referee the gold.

Match One – Intercontinental Championship; Singles Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ Ric Flair ©

The crowd applauds as these two friends come forward to open up the match, shaking hands to show their mutual respect for one another. From here it’s all business as the two back away, the smiles replaced by serious expressions as Flair stretches out with the ropes, while Chavo bounces on the balls of his feet. The two now begin to circle the ring, watching one another as they do so … when Chavo Guerrero suddenly lunges at the leg of Ric Flair … but the defending champion is able to evade him. Chavo is quickly back up, getting closer to Flair as both men start to move forward … when Flair starts to try to grab at the leg of Chavo, only for the challenger to this time evade the advances of his opponent.

With neither man able to take a leg, both decide to instead go with a conventional lockup in the centre of the ring. A struggle ensues, with neither man able to gain a true advantage until Flair uses his experience to change things up and take a side headlock. Chavito flails his arms a bit at first, taken off guard by the hold, although he soon counters out, taking the arm of ‘The Nature Boy’ and twisting it out to go into a wristlock. From there Chavo is able to twist it around into a hammerlock, only for Flair to counter as soon as he tries to put some pressure on, ducking down and going behind Chavo to lock in a hammerlock of his own.

Flair is then able to transition back into a side headlock, taking things back to where they started, before making sure the headlock stays locked in by taking his opponent over with a headlock takedown, grounding him. Like before, Chavo struggles initially, rolling back and forth a bit with no real purpose, before the struggle ends, leaving both of his shoulders to fall onto the mat … one! Chavo quickly shoots a shoulder up, then tries to wriggle his way free, looking for an escape, only for both of his shoulders to meet the mat again … two! Frustrated, Chavo once again wriggles around on the mat, before grabbing a headscissors … and Flair kicks free.

Both men are quickly back up, neither wanting to give up the advantage, with Chavo the first to go on the offensive this time, perhaps utilising his superior speed as he grabs the arm of Flair and twists into a wristlock. Flair counters back though, grabbing a wristlock of his own, only for Chavo to counter out with a clever arm drag. Flair is quickly back up, walking into a second arm drag, with Chavo this time quickly jumping on top for the cover … two!

Flair starts to struggle up, though he can only get to a seated position, with Chavo still keeping the grip on his arm. Eventually Flair is finally able to struggle back to feet, then reverse by twisting Chavo’s arm overhead, allowing him to then slap Chavo across the chest with all of his might in the form of a knife-edge chop. The screams fly in from the crowd as Flair hits another few chops, backing Chavo off into the ropes so that he can send his opponent off with an Irish whip. Quick as a flash, Chavo is back off the ropes, perhaps catching Flair by surprise as he ducks under a wild swinging chop, before bouncing back off the opposite ropes and snapping off a headscissors takedown!

The crowd gives a good pop as Flair staggers across to the ropes, looking awfully dizzy … when Chavo Guerrero charges across and clotheslines him over the top rope and out to the floor! The crowd cheers as Flair flops around on the floor, unaware that Chavo is watching on intently as he gets up … ONLY TO BE TAKEN BACK DOWN WITH A FANTASTIC CROSSBODY PLANCHA! Chavo takes Flair back down on the outside, then climbs back to his feet and shouts out to the crowd as we head to a commercial break.

We return from the break to see Chavo still on top, kicking away at Flair’s midsection in the corner. At the count of four, Chavo backs away, holding his hands up innocently, before moving back in … right into a thunderous chop from Flair! Flair continues to chop away at Chavo, sending him back to the opposite corner, before going Kobashi on his friend, absolutely unloading on him! The crowd cheers as Flair finally backs away, a smile on his face as he moves back in to whip Chavo across to the opposite corner, only for Chavo to reverse … then back body drop Flair as he comes back off the turnbuckle!

Despite the face/face dynamic of this match, Chavo takes control for an extended period, putting the pressure on Flair without heeling it up. The champion manages to survive each and every pinfall attempt though, even kicking out of a hilo that Chavo thought would have surely had him the match won. This forces Guerrero to change it up, thinking he’ll go for a submission instead to try to capture the IC Title, locking in a sleeper hold with a bodyscissors down on the mat.

Flair initially looks to be in trouble, struggling in the hold, only for the crowd to get behind him, causing him to suddenly come out with a rush of energy. Some elbows to the knee break the bodyscissors, leaving just the sleeper hold locked in, allowing Flair to fight back to his feet. Guerrero starts to panic, knowing he’s struggling to hold the veteran down … and Flair starts to look to break the hold, nailing some elbows to the midsection! Chavo jumps in pain with each shot, eventually being forced to break the hold, allowing Flair to charge off to the ropes … and come back into a kick to the midsection.

Perhaps thinking now or never, Chavo quickly throws Guerrero’s arm over his shoulders … THINKING THREE AMIGOS … NO! Flair blocks the suplex attempt, locking his leg behind Chavo’s, causing Chavo to give up and instead hammer Flair in the back with a clubbing blow. With Flair doubled over in the centre of the ring, this time it’s Chavo to run off to the ropes … and come right back into a chop that sends him back down to the floor! The crowd cheers as Flair hits a series of rapid fire chops, sending Guerrero backing off into the ropes, before sending him off with an Irish whip and taking him over with a back body drop!

The crowd is now firmly behind Flair as he starts to fire up, strutting around the ring as Guerrero starts to struggle up … before charging from behind him and taking him down with a chop block! Chavo grasps at his knee while quickly getting back to his feet, knowing he’s vulnerable when on the mat … only for Flair to take his leg out from under him for a second time with a chop block! Chavo struggles up, holding his knee, allowing Flair to this time grab him and score with an atomic drop. The challenger staggers to the ropes, then slowly bounces back … right into a shinbreaker from Flair! Flair puts more pressure on the leg of Chavo … then takes him down … FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK TIME … NO! CHAVO GRABS A SMALL PACKAGE OUT OF NOWHERE … TWO!

Both men are quickly back up, with Flair the first to make a move, running off to the ropes … to come back into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Guerrero drops Flair across his knee … doing further damage to his leg! Both men remain down, Guerrero slowly dragging himself across to his opponent, grabbing at his leg as he does so, before getting across to make a cover … TWO! Flair just kicks out, much to the shock of Chavo, who is left to slowly get back to his feet … then call for the end!

The crowd cheers as Chavo shakes his hips in typical Guerrero fashion, before waiting as Flair struggles up … then kicking him in the midsection and scoring with the first suplex. The crowd cheers as Guerrero rolls the hips … second suplex connects! Once again, Chavo rolls his hips … THEN LOOKS TO COMPETE THE HAT-TRICK … NO! Flair fights free, landing behind Chavo … BEFORE SUDDENLY SWEEPING HIS LEGS OUT FROM UNDER HIM … AND LOCKING IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK!

The pop from the crowd is massive as the champion leans back, applying the pressure and telling his challenger to tap. Chavo has so much on the line though, and he knows it, wanting to get his first taste of singles gold on RAW. Still, the pressure applied is almost unbearable, causing Chavo to second guess his fight towards the ropes … beginning to raise his hand in the air … trying to inch to the ropes …

… AND HE GETS THERE! Chavo just reaches the bottom rope, causing a mixed reaction from the crowd as Flair is forced to break the hold. Chavo stays against the ropes, causing Flair to become impatient as he waits for his opponent to get up, instead charging in at him … to get flapjacked down over the top rope, resulting in a hot shot! Flair then staggers out from the ropes, right into the clutches of Guerrero, who lifts him for a suplex … THEN DROPS HIM WITH THE BRAINBUSTER! Chavo spikes Flair right on his head, then drapes his body across the champion’s for the cover … TWO! No new champion, at least not yet, as Flair JUST kicks out.

Chavo looks at the referee in disbelief, thinking for sure he had the match won there. Obviously that isn’t the case though, leaving Chavo to climb back to his feet … and head to the corner! Chavo climbs to the top rope, then points to the heavens … BEFORE LEAPING … FROG SPLASH … NO! Flair rolls out of the way … but Chavo rolls through! Back to his feet quickly, Chavo runs, albeit a little lopsidedly due to his injured leg, at Flair … only to get tripped up … FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK … NO! Chavo pushes Flair off into the turnbuckle chest first! Flair turns back towards a rising Chavo gingerly to get kicked in the midsection … suplex … no, Flair lands behind Chavo, then rolls him up … to get the three!

Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Ric Flair via pinfall @ 12:59



A cheer goes up from the crowd as Flair gets to his knees, and then to his feet when he’s handed his title so he can raise it in victory.

Joey Styles: A sensational effort from both men here tonight, showing just what the Intercontinental Title means to the two of them. Both Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero put their friendship aside for tonight, although in the end it was ‘The Nature Boy’ who was able to retain his title.

Jonathan Coachman: Only because he chose to face Chavo instead of Rene Dupree or Gregory Helms. Flair took the easy way out, like always.

Jerry Lawler: The easy way out? Did you not see the match, ‘Coach’? Nothing was easy about that match for either man.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh come on! This is disgusting!

We see what ‘Coach’ is talking about, as, in the ring, both Flair and Chavo are now up, ready to shake hands with one another, when …



A collective groan can be heard from the crowd as Gregory Helms steps out onto the stage, dressed smartly in a snappy looking t-shirt and jeans, looking ready for action. In the ring, we see Flair say “Oh no” to himself, knowing he’s in for a fight, with his friend Chavo Guerrero standing beside him. The two wait as Helms starts to make his way down the ramp … when we suddenly hear a commotion from the crowd …


The crowd tries to warn Flair and Guerrero in the ring … but it’s to no avail, as Dupree slides in the ring behind them, then charges and takes Chavo down from behind! Seeing his friend in trouble, Flair goes to help … BUT HE’S SUDDENLY JUMPED FROM BEHIND BY HELMS!

The crowd goes ballistic with boos, looking on as their heroes are picked apart on opposite sides of the ring, with both Dupree and Helms lambasting their respective enemies with strikes. Knowing they’ve accomplished exactly what they set out to do, the two turn to one another and smirk … only to turn back into knife-edge chops! Both Chavo and Flair fire off some quick fire chops, lighting up both the chests of their foes and the crowd … but Dupree suddenly comes out with a thumb to the eye … BEFORE HURLING CHAVO INTO THE RINGPOST … WHILE GREGORY HELMS DROPS DOWN AND NAILS FLAIR WITH A LOW BLOW, GIVING HIM A TASTE OF HIS OWN MEDICINE!

The heat from the crowd is intense as Dupree pulls Chavo away from the corner, peeling him from the ringpost … before scooping his limp body up … AND DROPPING HIM WITH THE DUPREE DRIVER! DUPREE SPIKES CHAVO! Dupree smirks arrogantly, before performing the French tickler while standing over Chavo’s limp body. A satisfied smirk on his face, Dupree now leaves the ring, with Chavo’s rolling out too …

… BAM! RIC FLAIR SITS UP AND GETS RUN THROUGH WITH THE SHINING WIZARD! The crowd gives great heat as Helms looks around gleefully, a smirk on his face as he pulls Flair’s body up off the mat … then sets him up … AND DRILLS THE VERTREBREAKER! HELMS LAYS FLAIR OUT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

The smirk still on his face, Helms springs back to his feet, then asks for a microphone from ringside, which he receives.

Gregory Helms: Ric Flair … you- you think you deserve what you’ve got? You think you deserve to be ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, to be the Intercontinental Champion? You think you’re better than me? Lemme tell ya somethin’ Ric – you’re not.

The crowd boos away in the background.

Gregory Helms: I’m the better man, and your backlash … your backlash for your actions … it’s coming … it’s coming soon, Ric. You and me … at Backlash … for both the Intercontinental Title and the Money in the Bank briefcase.

More heat as Helms pauses for a moment.

Gregory Helms: Ric Flair … at Backlash … it’s time.


Heat from the crowd as Helms raises his head up into the air, soaking in the reaction as the crowd boos.

Joey Styles: Gregory Helms has laid down the challenge – he wants Ric Flair at Backlash for not just the Intercontinental Title, but also the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Jonathan Coachman: And it’s about damn time. The only problem I see is that I can’t see Ric Flair accepting. I mean, let’s face it, he’s runnin’ scared from my man Helms!

Jerry Lawler: Oh, trust me, ‘Coach’, when Ric Flair comes to and hears what has happened, he will accept this challenge and he will do everything he can to beat Gregory Helms.

Helms continues to smirk in the ring as we head to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break backstage … where we see the doors swings open, presumably from the parking lot, to see the WWE Champion, Edge, along with his girlfriend Lita entering the arena, bags in tow. A collection of lower midcarders and backstage staff watch Edge and Lita as they make their way through, none of them wanting to talk to him, leaving the question – who could possibly want to team with Edge tonight?

Back to ringside, we see The Heartthrobs already in the ring.


The crowd gives a decent pop as The World’s Greatest Tag Team bounce out onto the stage. Determined to prove themselves after losing at WrestleMania, the duo are full of energy here tonight.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 490 lbs, CHAARRRLIE HAAS AND SHELTON BENJAMIN, THE WORLD’S GREATEST TAG TEEEAAM!

Joey Styles: The World’s Greatest Tag Team in action here for the first time after their loss at WrestleMania, and gentlemen, you have to believe they’ll be out for redemption. We know that they won’t be next in line for a shot at the World Tag Team Titles thanks to Eric Bischoff abusing his powers and getting The Spirit-

Jonathan Coachman: Wait just a minute, Joe … abusing his powers? Please! Mr. Bischoff was just giving the most deserving team a shot at the titles. These losers have had their shot, so now it’s time for The Spirit Squad to have their shot.

Jerry Lawler: I assure you, ‘Coach’, these two men are not losers. They’re called The World’s Greatest Tag Team for a reason.

Haas and Benjamin make their way down the ramp, then climb up into the ring, getting a good reception as they pose for the fans.

Match Two – Tag Team Match:
The Heartthrobs vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team

Simply put, this is a squash match to get TWGTT a win following their defeat at WrestleMania. The three time former WWE Tag Team Champions dominate their awful opponents, running through their offense and picking up the win following a Superkick/German Suplex combo, allowing Haas to pin Antonio in the centre of the ring.

Winners: The World’s Greatest Tag Team via pinfall @ 1:43



Victorious, TWGTT get back to their feet and have their hands raised by the referee, although they don’t show too much emotion, knowing they’re not in the title hunt right now.

Joey Styles: A convincing win for The World’s Greatest Tag Team here tonight, maybe putting themselves back in title contention after Backlash.

Jonathan Coachman: Putting them back in title contention? Didn’t you see WrestleMania, Joe? They lost! They’re not gettin’ anywhere NEAR the titles any time soon!

Jerry Lawler: We’ll just see, ‘Coach’, but something tells me the title aspirations of these two young men aren’t done just yet.

We see TWGTT now heading from the ring …

… Before cutting backstage to see Kurt Angle seated in his locker-room. The crowd gives a tremendous pop … only for the reaction to get louder when we zoom out and see John Cena seated next to him. Neither man says anything at first, instead just looking down at their shoes, until Cena finally looks up.

John Cena: Big night tonight, huh? I mean, we win, we’re goin’ to Backlash. We lose, and we’re-

Kurt Angle: Hang on, Cena. Before you say anything, just let me make one thing clear. We are not going to lose. We’ll work together just fine tonight so long as you do one thing – stay out of my way, and let me take care of Edge. You got that?

The crowd can be heard making sounds of “Oooo” in the background, only for Cena to merely smirk.

John Cena: You want me to stay out of your way? That’s fine Kurt, but just make sure you stay out of MY way when I’m the one kickin’ Edge ass all over that ring.

A great mixed reaction can be heard from the crowd as Cena looks Angle right in the eye.

John Cena: Ya’ heard?

And with that, Cena sits down, the tension clearly lingering as we head out to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}


We begin the vignette by seeing the footsteps of a man in a dark yard, stepping on twigs.

While the superstars of RAW may have enjoyed the spoils of WrestleMania …

The steps continue.

While they may have thought their road had come to an end …

More steps.

That their journey was over, they’re about to learn that the journey … is just beginning …

Another step, while we also can vaguely see Edge spearing Kurt Angle over the top.

For every piece of injustice, there’s a piece of justice …

Another step, with Edge delivering the con-chair-to to John Cena this time being shown over the top.

For every misguided actions, there’s punishment …

Edge holding the gold aloft over the top of the footstep.

And for every action … there’s a reaction.

Backlash – April 30th, 2006


We now return to the backstage area, to see The World’s Greatest Tag Team walking along following their victory. The duo are looking rather proud of themselves coming off their victory as they round a corner … to walk straight into The Redneck Wrecking Crew, who appear to have been waiting for them. TWGTT stop in a hurry and look at the smiling rednecks.

Lance Cade: Why lookie what we have here Trevor … it’s the self proclaimed World’s Greatest Tag Team.

Trevor Murdoch: Y’know, they ain’t so great if ya ask me.

Lance Cade: Now come on, Trevor, they did just pick up a big win … over The Heartthrobs.

Cade and Murdoch both smile sarcastically, happy to play their games.

Charlie Haas: Look, guys, is there a point to this, or can we go?

Cade pretends to look offended.

Lance Cade: What, you guys think y’all too big to talk to the likes of us? Is it ‘cause you challenged for the tag team titles at WrestleMania and we didn’t? Speakin’ of the tag team titles … where are your belts, gentlemen? I can’t … I can’t seem ‘em anywhere? Can you see ‘em, Trev?

Both Cade and Murdoch pretend to look for them.

Trevor Murdoch: Nope, I can’t see ‘em either.

Lance Cade: I wonder where- oh, hang on a minute … that’s right. I remember now … you guys aren’t the tag team champions. You lost! How silly of me!

Haas and Benjamin roll their eyes.

Lance Cade: Y’know, it’s kinda funny. Right here on RAW, you can go out there an’ beat anyone. Heck, ya’ even beat us a couple of months ago to get yourselves back on the tag team scene. But put the two o’ you on Pay-Per-View, an’ … well, let’s just say you may choke.

Cade smirks to himself, with Haas and Benjamin remaining still while all of this is going on.

Lance Cade: Oh, shoot, we’re, uh, we’ve gotta go, but just think about what we just said. Food for thought, boys … food for thought.

And with that The Redneck Wrecking Crew turn on their heels and exit the scene, leaving Haas and Benjamin to look at one another.

Back into the arena …


Some good heat comes in from the crowd as Trish Stratus, accompanied by Victoria, walks out. The duo pay no heed to the abuse from the crowd, with Trish showing she’s simply too good for it by turning her nose up at them.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a divas match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, TRISH STRATUS!

Joey Styles: Well that was certainly an interesting little confrontation between The Redneck Wrecking Crew and The World’s Greatest Tag Team, but right now Trish Stratus will is set for action for the first time since losing her Women’s Title to Mickie James at WrestleMania against the woman Mickie beat last week, Candice Michelle.

Jerry Lawler: And Candice is in her hometown here tonight, so does that mean she can use that energy to beat the former six time Women’s Champion?

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, it doesn’t matter what city Candice and Trish are in, ‘cause at the end of the day, they’re in the ring, and that’s where Trish is at her best, babyboy.

Trish continues to ignore the fans as she makes her way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, setting herself for action.


A good pop now as the hometown hero, Candice Michelle comes out onto the stage. Despite not usually being a fan favourite, Candice really plays it up to the crowd, enjoying being back in the city she was born in.


Joey Styles: Candice Michelle is back in familiar surroundings tonight, not just in her hometown, but also seeing her former friend Victoria at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: And there was no real explanation as to why Victoria and Trish Stratus suddenly became friends either. I mean these two used to HATE each other.

Jonathan Coachman: Who cares why they’re together? All I know is that the two best divas on the RAW roster have an alliance and I love it.

Candice shows no intimidation, climbing up to the ring, playing it up to her hometown fans as she does so.

Match Three – Singles Match:
Trish Stratus w/Victoria vs. Candice Michelle

Despite sucking, Candice shows no fear, standing up to Trish right from the beginning. The two lock up straight away, Candice able to go behind Trish and lock in a waistlock immediately. At first Stratus looks for a standing switch, but Candice resists, holding her position well. This forces Trish to try to throw an elbow back … but Candice catches it, then scores with an arm drag! Frustrated, Stratus gets up and charges … right into a second arm drag … and then a third! An enraged Trish springs up … right into a dropkick from Candice. Candice makes the cover … two!

Both women get right back up, Candice quick to run off to the ropes … only to bounce back into a spinebuster from Trish! This leads to a period of dominance from Trish, who clearly shows she’s the superior wrestler, going through her moveset without being able to pick up a pinfall victory. Finally, after setting Candice up on the second rope, Stratus looks to have things finished … as she nails the Stratusphere … but Candice kicks out! Trish can’t believe it, looking up at the referee in disgust, before taking her time in lifting Candice up by the hair.

Frustrated that she can’t get the job done, Trish starts to slap Candice insulting while holding her by the hair, causing the crowd to boo her, before whipping Candice into the corner. A scowl on her face, Trish charges in after Candice … right into a boot to the jaw! The crowd cheers as Candice now pulls Trish in by the hair … then performs her rope-hung headscissors! Candice keeps the hold locked in until the count of four, before releasing, then climbing back into the ring to charge at a rising Trish … BAM! TRISH NAILS THE CHICK KICK! Candice is absolutely out, although Trish still lifts her up … SO SHE CAN PERFORM THE STRATUSFACTION! Trish now makes the cover … to get the three count!

Winner: Trish Stratus via pinfall @ 3:54


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, TRISH STRATUS!

The crowd boos as Stratus gets back to her feet, takes a bow, then calls for a microphone. The mic is promptly delivered, allowing Stratus to get on with business.

Trish Stratus: Thank you, thank you.

Boos can be heard from the crowd, with the cheap heat tactic proving effective.

Trish Stratus: I guess this just goes to prove … anything Mickie James can do … I can do better. I mean, last week, when Mickie beat Candice, yeah, she was kind of impressive, but me? Not only did I beat Candice in this hole of a hometown …

The cheap heat works once again.

Trish Stratus: But I also dominated Candice tonight, proving that I am better than Mickie James … that what happened at WrestleMania was nothing … but a fluke.

The crowd boos yet again.

Trish Stratus: I know it, you people know it, and most importantly, Mickie James knows it. She knows that she’s not better than me. She knows that she’ll never be better than me, and she knows the moment that I want my Women’s Title back, I’ll take it.

Some decent heat as Trish pauses.

Trish Stratus: But unlike Mickie James, I am a good person, and because of that, I’m going to let Mickie James enjoy her time in the sun. I’m going to let her feel like a champion for now … but come Backlash, I’m taking my title back. And I know that you’re probably hiding away backstage, Mickie, so take this as your warning … at Backlash … that title is-


The crowd gives a good pop as the Women’s Champion, Mickie James comes out onto the stage, accompanied by Ashley Massaro. Despite already having a microphone in hand, Mickie makes a point of walking down the ramp and climbing into the ring before she speaks, standing right across from Trish.

Mickie James: Hiding, huh Trish? Believe me, Trish, I’ve been through a lot in my life, and if you think that after all of that, I’m going to be scared of you, Trish … well, you’ve got another thing coming.

A good pop comes in from the crowd as Mickie smiles.

Mickie James: And believe me, I cannot wait for Backlash either, Trish. WrestleMania- WrestleMania was the biggest night of my life. I accomplished my life’s dream when I won this Women’s Championship.

A respectful pop can be heard from the crowd.

Mickie James: But defending this title, that will prove that I belong at the top of this division. But hey, if you’re so insistent that I’m scared of you, Trish … well, I don’t see any reason why we can’t have a little preview of Backlash right now!

Another good pop comes in from the crowd, with Trish responding by saying “You’re on”, before squaring up … only to roll from the ring! The crowd shits all over the actions of Trish, who rolls away to safety, then heads up the ramp.


Almost as if she expected Trish to back off, Mickie merely shrugs her shoulders, then begins to show her title off to the crowd, happy to provide them with some picture opportunities.

Joey Styles: She may not have been up for a fight tonight, but we know that come Backlash, it’ll be the rematch as Trish Stratus challenges Mickie James for the Women’s Title.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait to see Trish take back her Women’s Title. It’s gonna be great!

Jerry Lawler: I certainly wouldn’t count Mickie out now, ‘Coach’. She did beat Trish at WrestleMania after all.

Jonathan Coachman: Nothin’ but a fluke, babyboy. Justice is comin’ at Backlash.

Mickie continues to pose for the fans as we head out to a break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we find ourselves backstage, looking at the WWE Champion, Edge seated in a locker-room, his girlfriend Lita next to him. Rather than sitting straight, it appears that Edge is facing someone, although he’s looking down at his feet.

Edge: I know this is last minute, but I haven’t been able to get hold of you all week … I think … I think you’re talented … I think you’ve got what it takes to be one of the best, which is why I’m asking you … I want you, I the WWE Champion want you to be my partner here tonight.

Edge now looks up, presumably into the eye of the other superstar.

Edge: So what do ya’ say?

The camera now zooms out … to show Carlito sitting there, drawing some great heat as he coolly chews on his apple, Tyson Tomko standing over him.

Carlito: Ju’ want Carlito to team with ju’ in ‘da main event?

Edge nods as ‘Lito smirks.

Carlito: Now ‘dat … ‘das cool.

Edge’s eyes light up as we hear the sound of the crowd booing.

Edge: So you’re in? That’s- that’s great.

Carlito: Carlito thinks so too, but if ju’ don’t mind, Carlito’s got some business of his own to take care of right now.

Edge: That’s fine. Fine, I’ll see you later tonight.

Tomko steps forward.

Tyson Tomko: You need me to come with you, Carlito?

Carlito: No, ju’ can stay here Tomko an’ get ready with Edge. Ju’re gonna be in my corner tonight, an’ Carlito wants ju’ to be ready.

Tomko nods, happy to take orders from Carlito, who now leaves the locker-room, turning to shut the door, before turning back … to see Chris Masters right in his face. The crowd boos Masters, who looks far from happy, getting right in the face of Carlito.

Chris Masters: ‘Lito … you not expecting to see me tonight? Y’know, I haven’t seen you since my match last week. It’s almost like you’ve been avoiding me all week. Why is that, Carlito?

Carlito shakes his head feverishly.

Carlito: Carlito … avoiding ju’? No- no, ‘Piece, ju’ got it all wrong. Carlito has just been … Carlito was busy ‘dis week. Carlito hasn’t been avoiding ju’ at all.

Chris Masters: You haven’t? That’s good to hear. I guess you won’t mind seeing me at ringside later tonight then. If I heard right from out here, you’ve got yourself a spot in tonight’s main event.

Carlito: ‘Das- ‘das okay, ‘Piece, ju’- ‘ju don’t need to-

Chris Masters: No, ‘Lito … I insist.

Masters smirks … when suddenly the door swings open from behind Carlito, with Tomko coming out.

Tyson Tomko: I thought heard something, are you-

Tomko looks up to see Masters.

Tyson Tomko: Oh. Is there a problem here, Carlito?

Chris Masters: No problem at all. I was just leaving. I’ll see you two later tonight.

Masters smirks again, then leaves while a startled Carlito stays perfectly still.

Back to ringside, we now see The Basham Brothers in the ring, their music still playing in the background.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 450 lbs, DOUG AND DANNY, THE BAAAASHAM BROTHERS!

Silence …




The crowd now gives a good pop as the gargantuan World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show walk out onto the stage. The tag titles slung over their shoulders, the duo don’t make too much fuss as they walk down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 719 lbs, they are the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS, KANE AND THE BIG SHOW!

Joey Styles: Well, we know now that Edge has found himself a partner, and that partner is none other than the man who will be trying to end RVD’s career at Backlash, Carlito.

Jonathan Coachman: Edge couldn’t have found anyone better either. He’s got the best of the best right there.

Jerry Lawler: But what about Kane and Big Show here? They just found out last week that at Backlash, they’ll be defending those tag team titles in a FIVE ON TWO handicap match against The Spirit Squad!

Jonathan Coachman: The gold’s gonna be comin’ home with The Spirit Squad. I love it!

The World Tag Team Champions climb up into the ring, with Kane setting off his pyro before we get underway.

Match Four – Tag Team Match:
The Basham Brothers vs. World Tag Team Champions Kane and Big Show

Kane gets set to start off the action against Danny, and it’s clear from the beginning that the size advantage is going to make a difference, as Kane is able to power Danny back to the corner from the initial lockup. The champion provides a clean break, happy to back away … only for Danny Basham to charge forward and land a kick to the midsection of his larger opponent. Basham then looks to club away on Kane … only for Kane to send him tumbling away with a cracking uppercut! From here Kane shows complete physical dominance over Danny Basham for a bit, attacking him with strikes, before tagging in Big Show. The duo look for a bit of teamwork here, sending Danny off with an Irish whip … before scoring with a double shoulder tackle on the rebound! Show makes the cover … two!

Big Show is immediately back on top, looking to dominate his opponent by forcing him back to the corner … and then unloading with a scintillating open hand chop! The sound of the chop reverberates around the arena, causing Show to open up on Danny a few more times, until the referee finally backs the big man up. Eager to get back in on the action, Show pushes back to the corner … where Danny strikes with a palm thrust to the throat! The big man is stunned, allowing Danny to run off to the ropes … then run right back into a big boot! This times Big Show is able to run off to the ropes … only for Doug Basham to strike with a knee to the back from the apron. Show staggers forward … right into an amazing leg lariat from Danny Basham, taking the big man off his feet so he can hook the leg … two!

The Basham Brothers now take control of the match, albeit only momentarily, doing their best to suppress Big Show’s dominance, only for Show to counter a double suplex attempt from The Basham Brothers and take them both over by himself! Big Show is able to make the tag from there, allowing Kane to come streaming in and strike with a string of right hands on both of The Basham Brothers, before taking them both down with a pair of uppercuts. Kane then sends Danny into the corner with an Irish whip, with Doug following not long after, squashing Danny … only to be squashed himself by Kane, who scores with a corner clothesline!

Kane quickly grabs Doug by the head and hurls him from the ring … before scooping Danny up and scoring with a sidewalk slam! The fire in his eyes, Kane heads out to the apron, then climbs up to the top rope … before striking with a flying clothesline! The crowd pops as Big Show now joins his partner in the ring … and the World Tag Team Champions raise their hands up in the air! The crowd cheers as Danny gets up … then turns into the champions … DOUBLE GOOZLE … AND DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! The champions slam Danny down in the centre of the ring, allowing Kane to drop down and hook the leg … and get the three!

Winners: Kane and Big Show via pinfall @ 4:59


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, KANE AND THE BIG SHOW!

The crowd cheers as Kane and Big Show get back to their feet, then get handed their titles, which they show off to the crowd.

Joey Styles: Momentum is certainly at a high for those two men, Kane and Big Show, who have continued their dominance as the World Tag Team- hey, wait a minute!

We see what Joey Styles is talking about … AS THE SPIRIT SQUAD HAVE SNUCK INTO THE RING BEHIND KANE AND BIG SHOW! The crowd boos as The Spirit Squad charges and hammers the champions in the back with clubbing blows, sending them over to the ropes! The Squad stay still, thinking about their next step, having not knocked the champions down … when the champions suddenly turn to face them!

Unsure of what to do, The Spirit Squad look at one another … then charge in … ONLY TO GET THROWN FROM THE RING ONE BY ONE! The crowd gives a great cheer as the champions dispose of their challengers, before daring them to get back in the ring. The Spirit Squad think better of it, instead deciding to back up the ramp so as to live to fight another day.

Joey Styles: Well we thought the numbers would give The Spirit Squad an advantage at Backlash, but who knows, maybe the champions STILL hold the advantage over them!

Jonathan Coachman: Don’t you worry about what just happened, these five men will be ready come Backlash, I know it!

Jerry Lawler: They’ll want to be, because at Backlash they’re going up against two angry giants now!

Kane and Big Show continue to stand tall in the ring as we head to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to see our announce team sitting by.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to what has been an action packed RAW, where we still have our main event to come, however, before then, we’ve just received an update on the condition of ‘The Game’ Triple H. For those of you who didn’t see what happened earlier … well, I’m not quite sure how to describe it, so I’ll just say this is what we saw.

We see a replay of Shawn Michaels brutalising Triple H earlier in the show, picking apart his leg. Following the replay, we head back to ringside.

Joey Styles: As we just saw, the initial fear for Triple H was for his left quadriceps, and, as we’ve been told over the break, Triple H is at a local medical facility, and it appears the worst may have been confirmed, as the early prognosis is a series injury to that same left quad that Triple H tore off the bone five years ago.

Jerry Lawler: That was one of the most disturbing things I’ve ever seen. I mean, the match at WrestleMania was intense, but what we just saw … well, I didn’t think Shawn Michaels had it in him.

Joey Styles: I don’t think any of us did, but right now, we’ve got to move on, with our main event still to come, which will have serious Backlash implications.

Jonathan Coachman: And what an event that’s shaping up to be! Some new champions are gonna be crowned, I can feel it.

Jerry Lawler: Well ‘Coach’, one of the title matches will see the Women’s Championship on the line, as Mickie James defends against Trish Stratus.

Jonathan Coachman: And this is one of the title changes right here, babyboy. Trish is gonna take back the title she shoulda never lost. WrestleMania may have been a fluke win for Mickie James, but Trish is gonna right that wrong in this match.

Joey Styles: The Intercontinental Title and Money in the Bank briefcase may be on the line, as, earlier tonight, we heard Gregory Helms make the challenge to Ric Flair.

Jerry Lawler: Like I said earlier, Ric Flair is going to accept this, and he’s going to give Gregory Helms what’s coming to him. Helms has tortured Flair for months now, and now Helms is going to learn a little something about karma.

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, if Ric Flair accepts the challenge, and trust me, that’s a big if, he ain’t gonna be doin’ ANYTHING to Gregory Helms. This man’s the future of the business, and he’ll show it if he gets his match at Backlash.

Jerry Lawler: The World Tag Team Titles will be on the line in a FIVE ON TWO handicap match, when The Spirit Squad challenges Kane and the Big Show.

Jonathan Coachman: Ignore what you just saw, gentlemen. These five men are five of the most talented youngsters I’ve ever seen, and they’re gonna prove it come Backlash.

Joey Styles: And of course, the career of ‘Mr. Monday Night’, ‘Mr. Pay-Per-View’, ‘The Whole Damn Show’ Rob Van Dam will be on the line, by order of RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, when he goes one on one with his long-time rival, Carlito.

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito’s gonna do what we tried to last June and put RVD out for good at Backlash. Backlash is all about the future, and like Gregory Helms, like The Spirit Squad, ‘Lito is all about the future.

Silence for a moment …



The crowd erupts with heat as, from behind the obscurity of the smoke, the WWE Champion, Edge emerges, accompanied by his girlfriend Lita. The duo stop at the top of the stage and look out to the crowd for a moment, before heading on down the ramp.

Joey Styles: And up next we’ll learn one more piece to the Backlash puzzle, as Edge and Carlito take on Kurt Angle and John Cena! Can Angle and Cena earn themselves another shot at the WWE Title at Backlash? We’ll find out NEXT here on Monday Night RAW.

Off we head to the break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we see Edge has now been joined in the ring by Carlito, who is accompanied by both Tyson Tomko and Chris Masters.


The crowd gives a tremendous ovation as one of their favourites, Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage. Full of intensity, Angle wastes no time as he heads down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, KUURRRRT AAAANNNGLE!

Joey Styles: Tonight is a big chance for this man Kurt Angle and John Cena. If they can beat Edge and Carlito, they’ll get a WrestleMania rematch, but if they lose, they’ll BOTH be out of contention for the WWE Title. Can they possibly work together for the sake of their WrestleMania aspirations?

Jerry Lawler: It doesn’t matter if they think they can or not, they HAVE to, whether they like it or not.

Jonathan Coachman: You saw them earlier tonight. It doesn’t matter whether or not the title chance is on the line – these two men simply CANNOT work together.

Angle doesn’t give a damn about his opponents, climbing right into the ring with a look that could kill as we wait for his tag team partner …


The crowd breaks out into a MASSIVE reception as the former champion himself, John Cena charges out onto the stage, full of energy. Cena recognises the crowd, saluting them, before charging down the ramp to join his partner in the ring … AND GOING RIGHT FOR EDGE, KICKING THE MATCH OFF WITH A BANG!

Match Five – Tag Team Match:
WWE Champion Edge and Carlito vs. Kurt Angle and John Cena

The referee calls for the bell immediately, with the crowd going bonkers as Cena hammers away at the head of Edge. Carlito is there to make the save though, taking Cena away to the corner to nail him with some left hands, leaving Edge open for Kurt Angle to now go on the attack with rights of his own! Edge is finding himself on the receiving end of an Angle onslaught, with no way to fight it off … until John Cena manages to toss Carlito from the ring, then come in and start to hit Edge with some right hands of his own! Angle is none too happy though, having been pushed past by Cena, and he shows this, pulling Cena away from Edge to get in a shouting match with him.

The two go toe-to-toe, getting right in the face of one another … leaving Edge with an opening to charge at them … only for both men to step to the side, then grab Edge by the hair and throw him over the top rope to the floor! The WWE Champion goes down in a heap on the outside, leaving Cena and Angle alone in the ring once again, at each other’s throat as we head off to our final break.

Back from the break, and we see that things have now calmed down, with Carlito holding John Cena down with a side headlock. The crowd gets behind Cena though, and he’s able to fight back to his feet, then push Carlito off … before scoring with a jumping shoulder tackle on the rebound! Cena bounces back off the ropes, then collects Carlito with another jumping shoulder tackle, before kicking him in the midsection and running off to the ropes himself … to come back with the overcastle!

‘Lito is up quickly, holding his jaw in pain, allowing Cena to whip him off into the corner. The former IC Champion hits the turnbuckle hard, causing him to come forward, clasping at his back … right into a kick to the midsection from Cena, who then delivers a fisherman suplex! Cena floats over and hooks the leg … just two. As always, Cena is quickly back on the job, lifting Carlito up by the hair … only to receive some left hand shots to the midsection from Carlito. The fast rising Puerto Rican shows some real fight, backing Cena off, before trying to send him off into the corner with an Irish whip, only for Cena to reverse. This time Carlito stays in the corner, prompting Cena to charge in and look for a corner splash … but Carlito jumps out of the way, leaving Cena’s chest to crash into the top turnbuckle.

Carlito now looks to sneak up behind the stunned Cena … BEFORE GOING FOR THE BACKCRACKER … NO! Cena holds onto the top rope, leaving Carlito to crash and burn back into the mat! The Caribbean comes up holding his back to see Cena explode out of the corner for a clothesline … so ‘Lito ducks, then boots Cena in the midsection, before running off to the ropes … and scoring with a knee lift to the skull! Cena reels back as Carlito continues on to the opposite ropes … then comes back with a swinging neckbreaker! ‘Lito makes the cover … two!

Despite Cena kicking out, from here Carlito and Edge are able to take over the match, with Edge now keen to enter the match due to Cena being weakened. The duo work together pretty damn well as well, Edge leading the way with his tag team prowess as he and Carlito pick Cena apart. Unfortunately for Edge, he and Carlito can’t seem to put Cena away, leading to Carlito looking for a little outside interference by pitching Cena through the ropes and then distracting the referee so his buddies at ringside can go to work. However, Masters and Tomko are far from on the same page, and the two get into an argument, both leaving Cena to recover. This causes ‘Lito to exit the ring and toss Cena back in, before asking Tomko and Masters if there’s a problem, to which he gets no response.

Knowing he has to worry about the match at hand, Carlito now heads back into the ring … and finds himself on the receiving end of a right hand to the midsection! Shocked, Carlito reels away, before coming back in … right into another right hand to the gut … and another! Cena is now back to his feet, allowing him to strike with some rights to the face of Carlito, before trying to send him off to the ropes, only for Carlito to reverse. Looking to gain some momentum, Cena sprints at the ropes, looking to bounce back hand … only to get drilled with a right hand to the kidney by Edge! Cena now reels away from the ropes … right into a sleeper hold from Carlito. ‘Lito looks to weaken Cena … but the adrenaline is already running through Cena’s veins as he quickly pushes Carlito off to the ropes … before both men go for clotheslines … and both men go down!

The crowd tries to will Cena on as he heads towards his corner, although Carlito seems to be getting to his faster … and he makes the tag to Edge! Eager to make sure a fresh Angle doesn’t get into the match, Edge clambers through the ropes, then charges across and grabs Cena by the leg … only for Cena to kick Edge away! The WWE Champion tumbles away, then regains his footing … only to be taken down by a clothesline from the new legal man, Kurt Angle! Angle hits another couple of clotheslines, before forcing Edge back into the ropes with European uppercuts, then sending him off with an Irish whip … so he can explode with a belly-to-belly suplex that sends Edge flying on the rebound!

Carlito now comes charging into the ring, looking for a clothesline, but Angle ducks, then throws him overhead with a German suplex! Edge is back up next, unsuspecting of a waiting Angle standing behind him … and Angle charges forward to grab him in a waistlock, then throw him overhead with a German suplex … all while keeping the waistlock on! The crowd goes nuts as Angle hauls Edge back up, then drills him with a second German … before lifting him up … AND COMPLETING THE TRIO! ANGLE HITS THE TRIPLE GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd gives a great cheer as Angle makes the cover … TWO!

Angle makes sure it’s just two with the referee, before springing back up to his feet … AND CALLING FOR THE END! A strong pop sounds throughout the arena as Angle waits on Edge to get up … only for Carlito to come from nowhere and wipe him out with a springboard back elbow! Suddenly all three men in the ring are down, with John Cena standing on the apron, waiting for a tag, while both Kurt Angle and Carlito start to recover …

… When the crowd suddenly starts to go nuts …


The pop is huge as Van Dam goes right about taking care of Tomko and Masters, ducking their clothesline attempts to wipe them both out with spin kicks … before pointing to Carlito in the ring! Having just gotten back to his feet, the Caribbean sees this … AND HE IMMEDIATELY BOLTS, HEADING FOR THE BACK WITH RVD IN HOT PURSUIT!

In the ring, Angle struggles over to his corner and tags John Cena back in, allowing Cena to immediately charge over to Edge and drill him with some right hands, before going for an Irish whip … but Edge reverses … and Cena scores with the flying shoulder tackle! Another good pop comes from the crowd as Cena charges off to the ropes and hits another, before nailing a clothesline this time! A panicked Edge gets back to his feet and instantly thinks right hand … but Cena ducks … THEN GETS EDGE UP AND DROPS HIM WITH THE PROTOPLEX!

A huge reaction rings through the arena as Cena looks out to the crowd, then tells Edge “You can’t see me!”, before running off to the ropes … AND COMING BACK WITH THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Edge holds his face as Cena now waits on him to get up … BEFORE SCOOPING HIM UP … NO! Edge slips out behind him, then backs into the ropes … SPEAR TIME … NO! Cena takes Edge down with a drop toe hold … THEN LOCKS IN THE STF-U! The crowd goes nuts as Cena pulls back on Edge’s neck, screaming at him to tap out!

Knowing what’s on the line, Edge obviously doesn’t want to tap out, choosing to fight, trying to pull himself to the ropes. Cena cranks the pressure right up though, causing Edge to bellow in pain as he inches closer and closer to the ropes, with Lita doing her bit, trying to push the ropes in. Still, Edge can’t quite get there, the pain etched on his face … AS HE RAISES HIS HAND IN THE AIR …



Cena has Edge right in the middle of the ring now …


Winners: Kurt Angle and John Cena via submission @ 14:23



The crowd gives a top notch pop as Cena springs back up to his feet to have his hand raised in the air. The former champion roars with excitement, having just made the WWE Champion submit en route to a title match.

Joey Styles: John Cena has done it! John Cena has made the WWE Champion Edge tap out in the centre of the ring, and now both he and Kurt Angle are going to Backlash!

Jonathan Coachman: I can’t believe it! This is disgusting! RVD- RVD ruined this match! The referee shoulda DQed Cena and Angle right then and there.

Jerry Lawler: RVD never touched Carlito, ‘Coach’, meaning there was no reason for the disqualification and you know it.

Joey Styles: And look at what this means to John Cena! He is going to Backlash where he could reclaim his WWE Title!

On the outside, we now see Kurt Angle rise to his feet, not looking overly happy that he didn’t get the fall, despite the fact that he’s going to Backlash. Meanwhile, Lita tries to help Edge up …


The crowd groans as the General Manager, Eric Bischoff makes his way out, a microphone already in hand. Bischoff goes no further than the top of the stage, instantly going about talking from there.

Eric Bischoff: Well Cena, I guess there’s nothing to say other than … congratulations.

Bischoff pauses briefly to no real reaction from the crowd, who aren’t too sure what to think.

Eric Bischoff: John Cena … Kurt Angle … you are BOTH going to Backlash!

A good pop comes in from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: And to make sure it’s a little different to what happened at WrestleMania, in an Elimination Match, it’s going to be Edge, defending his WWE Title … against John Cena

A big reaction can be heard from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Kurt Angle …

Another good pop as Bischoff smiles slyly …

Eric Bischoff: … … … AND … … …

WHAT? And? The crowd doesn’t know how to respond, murmuring as Bischoff continues to smile …

… Before the crowd starts to boo …

Eric Bischoff: I’ll tell you what, Cena … … … TURN AROUND!

A confused look on his face, Cena does just that …



The crowd ABSOLUTELY EXPLODES with heat as Shawn Michaels stands over the body of John Cena, a cold, blank expression on his face.


Michaels continues to stand over the body of Cena …

… As we fade … … … to … … … black.



April 30th, 2006 | Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky

WWE Championship; Fatal Four Way Elimination Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels vs. John Cena vs. Edge ©

World Tag Team Championships; Five-On-Two Handicap Match:
The Spirit Squad vs. Kane and Big Show ©

Women’s Championship; Singles Match:
Trish Stratus vs. Mickie James ©

Rob Van Dam’s Career On The Line; Singles Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Great way to build up Backlash, love, love it, HBK getting a WWE Title Match especially after how he brutalized Triple H with the sledgehammer shot to the leg crushing it, wow I must say that shocked me especially at the end of the show when he gave Cena Sweet Chin Music, I love heel HBK, great RAW man!!!!!!!!! Edge defending his WWE Title against Shawn Michaels, Kurt Angle, and John Cena I cannot wait until Backlash
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Omigosh, I'm first for a change.

The opening was nuts, loved it. Some of the stuff was brutal, and it really gets Michaels' abck the heat he lost at 'Mania. Just really enjoyed it, what a way to kick of Raw. Michaels looks an absolute beast after it, and Triple H now surely has to take some time off. Although after all the hype surrounding their match at 'Mania being the final battle, it will be interesting to see what happens when Trips returns to action. Anyway, good stuff, great way to start the show.

And a good match to follow it between Flair and Chavo. Obviously with the frindship between the two over the last few months, the match was always going to be a back and forth affair. The finish was interesting, with Chavo first breaking free from one figure four then kicking out of another, and a roll up means Chavo doesn't come out of the match looking too bad. He's obviously a character you've worked hard on over the last few months, but he's not at the level of an Intercontinental Champion yet imo. The aftermath was done well, building on last week's interaction between Dupree and Chavo. Should be a solid match when they too finally meet. Helms atacking Flair has been on the cards for a while. I'm kinda surprised that Helms has challenged for both the IC Title and the MitB briefcase. I figured for sure Bischoff would make the match for just the IC strap. Loved that "at Backlash … it’s time." line. Some real solid booking here that advanced two feuds, although I'll be shocked if Helms takes both the IC belt and the briefcase. IC is his limit imo.

Surprisd to see WGTT win, as I was sure a post-Mania split was in line for the two of them. But since their wasn't any mention of tension or such in the description, can't really say a whole lot about this.

Short segment between Cena and Angle, reminding us that although they're teaming together there's still no love lost between the pair.

Looking forward to Backlash.

I'd be more than happy to see a RWC/WGTT feud. Would give both teams something to do while the Squad chase the gold. Not sure if it'll be an undercard match at Backlash or not, it could be after that comment about Haas and Benjamin choking on PPV. But either way, should be good to see whenever it happens.

Solid enough win for Trish, showing she's still in the title picture. No way she should be losing to Candice right now. I like the fact we'll be getting Mickie/Trish II at Backlash, as I this has been one of the most enjoyable feuds in the thread. I think (?) I said last week that I'd like to see these two in some sort of stipulation match, and I still feel that way. The nature and history of the feud could really pull something like that off.

Poor Tomko. Will he ever be anything more than a lackey? Anyway, big time boost for Carlito with Edge asking his to partner up. Should really allow 'Lito to shine in the main event. Masters has kinda become a forgotten man, which is a shame since he was real interesting before 'Mania. Face turn seems a definite for him, but I was kinda hoping it was to go against Carlito, and not Tomko. Have to wait and see how this all plays out.

Bashams? Zzzz. Not much without JBL tbh. Champs handle them easily. I like that the sneak attack from the Squad backfired, as it adds a bit od doubt to the outcome of the match at Backlash. However, that's three not so exciting matches in a row now. Main event needs to be mega.

And it was pretty mega. Liked that RVD came back for a piee of 'Lito after what happened last week, with Carlito playing the chicken shit heel well. Big statement made by having Cena force Edge to tap out. And Angle kinda disapered after making the hot tag. Would have though he would have played some part in the finish, like maybe an Angle slam into the STFU, or something like that. Whoa at Michaels being inserted into the match, really wasn't expecting that. Kinda odd seeing as he lost at 'Mania, but should add an interesting dynamic to the match, especially with Trips out injured for a while it seems.

Overall, another real solid show. The start and finish were great, but the middle kinda lacked a little bit. In hindsight, maybe the Flair/Chavo/Helms/dupree parts could have waited to the middle of the show, but that's just a small thing. All the storylines prgressed, and Michaels is a player once again in the title scene. Good job, keep it going man.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

HOLY SHIT. Michaels just KILLED The Game. Seriously, that was brutal. I've seen (and written) some bloody assaults in my time in BTB but this is right up there, HBK definitely solidifying himself as the mega heel on RAW with this. I'm sensing a HIAC to end this one, or a 3 Stages of Hell, something barbaric. Come to think of it, they've competed in them before, so who knows what's gonna happen. What a start to the show

Do fuck off with your massive TV matches, I envy you. Nice stuff and can't say I'm a fan of Flair with MITB as you know, but holding the IC title too is annoying. Give it to someone else soon plz, then have old yella lose when he tries to cash in MITB. Aftermath was interesting, perhaps a 4 way for the IC title coming up? Can see Helms winning, Dupree needs to be pushed a bit more with a few lower/mid carders first and Chavo is a decent enough way to start that. Helms/Flair for both the IC & MITB will be good guess that gives us Chavo/Dupree also

LOL @ Heart Throbs. I shudder remembering how god awful they were. WGTT owns, titles plz

Short but sweet stuff between Angle/Cena, showing us the obvious tension they'll have tonight in the main event. Still wondering who Edge is gonna pick, better not disappoint me Hulky

Wow Cade/Murdoch are hilarious WGTT to bury them at Backlash plz

Yeah Trish, good stuff having her beat Candice, who's a jobber. I really want Trish to bury THUNDERTHIGHS, but I am sensing despite the odds, Mickie retains, and maybe brings in Beth Phoenix to deal with Victoria

Edge picking Carlito is lame tbh. Ohwell, Edge seemed ok and Carlito was good, and then the interaction with Masters was nice, can see Carlito/Masters breaking out into a feud soon, Carlito to go over tho if and when

The Bashams? Jesus your tag division sucks ass. Ahwell. Good easy win for the champs, even if I hate them being a team and being the champs too. Spirit Squad ugh, nice to see they got thrown away. Do me a favour and throw them away, permanently

Nice ending to the show with the tag match, RVD showing up gives us Van Dam/Carlito and Shawn Michaels being added to the WWE title match was awesome, a 4 way elimination match between these four will be definite ratings

Another good showing Hulky, lacked a bit during the middle of the show but the opening and ending were huge. well done son


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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Raw Feedback

Wow, to say it was an eventful start to the show is an understatement. For Michaels’ heel turn and the ongoing storyline between them, he needed to give that kind of reaction to losing at WrestleMania, so I’m really happy that he came out with an emphatic response. My first problem with it was that the attack was a bit difficult to cover up with the sledgehammer on the knee, as it has to look real. There’s no margin for error from a sledgehammer where there is with a chair. You’d have to hit the guy with the sledgehammer and that just wouldn’t happen as it would do some serious damage. The idea was good but the execution wasn’t like it was with the chair, just like when Michaels swung it at his skull before Mania. There’s taking it up a level but that just couldn’t happen, and the attack with the chair was fine. You just pushed it too far when you didn’t need to. Also the timing of it was all wrong for me. It was way too much too soon. It seemed incredibly random to start the show, and it was something so important that it should’ve been later in the show before everyone’s settling down to watch it. It was a case of what just happened? Not everyone catches the first few minutes of the show, and some people would’ve tuned in to see the attack taking place wondering what had happened.

You’re not going to shorten your TV matches are you? It’s fair enough. It shows you work hard and care about the thread, and that’s only a good thing. Putting Flair over in a competitive match like this is the right way to go considering he’s just won the Money in the Bank. The more impressive he looks the better, and he needs to be if he’s going to make that jump up to world champion. The aftermath was fine in part as Gregory Helms yet again was put over brilliantly. My only problem was that Rene Dupree’s hop over the barrier to attack Chavo was a bit odd as they barely had a coming together last week. That was very rushed & forced, and it seemed like it was only done because Helms wouldn’t have been able to take out Flair & Chavo himself. I would’ve left the Chavo/Dupree part out and had Flair attack right after while Chavo was down. It would’ve had the same effect and you could’ve followed up the Chavo/Dupree angle more naturally separate to this. Had it been a plan between Helms & Chavo, it would’ve made more sense, but Dupree just left without even acknowledging Helms as he left. Anyway, Helms’ character again was fantastic and his promo was very strong, and now the match seems official, you can really push forward.

It was a simple but effective win for The World’s Greatest Tag Team. I’m surprised and disappointed that they’re not still in the title picture as their reunion before WrestleMania was largely booked very well, and to see them just go through the motions now is a bit odd. I hope that this is an ongoing storyline where they get back in the hunt or fall apart, as right now it seems like they were just put together to put Kane & The Big Show over at WrestleMania, which wasn’t really needed. I hope this is work in progress.

The promo between Cena & Angle did a really good job of hyping up the big match later on. There’s so much at stake, and given the personal issues between Cena & Angle, it’d be wrong not to tease anything or address the match. They need to work together and making it seem like they will do makes it more interesting a contest as to the outcome rather than waiting to see them self implode.

Well it looks like we are going to see something more from The World’s Greatest Tag Team. It’s good that you’re developing the tag team division, and Cade & Murdoch were a good if not exciting team to watch. I like that you’re giving them some personality & character, and being punked is only going to get Shelton & Charlie fired up, which is only a good thing.

Trish getting a win is fairly important now as she needs some momentum heading in to her rematch at Backlash with Mickie. Candice was at the height of her success around this point or getting to it, so a win over her gives Trish some credibility by beating her. Her promo after, and especially her first words of thanking the crowd showed off her heel character brilliantly, not as much as dodging Mickie after the nice interaction they had. I was curious to see how this would pan out after the awesomeness of their promos before WrestleMania, but this was good.

I’m okay with Carlito being Edge’s partner, and given Carlito’s push lately he’s a strong partner for Edge and it’s great for him being in the main event with the calibre of guys like Edge, Cena & Angle. I was rather hoping that Edge would keep it a surprise and stay one step ahead like he always seems to be. With the continued interaction between Carlito & Masters, it seemed to take away the attention from Edge and the WWE title. I’m not a fan of Masters and excited by a face turn on Carlito but it’s being developed slowly & nicely. The rush job on Chavo & Dupree could’ve done with this treatment.

The win for Big Show & Kane was good, but it was all about the aftermath with the Spirit Squad as their title match has been a little rushed too as it came completely out of nowhere. I did like that you didn’t have them outnumber and wear down the champions and show off how much of a struggle they’ll have against them. I didn’t see the need for them to attack from behind, jumping the barrier (not sure whether it was the case here as you only said ‘from behind’) and that’s happened twice now in the same show. This storyline has started off well. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops.

The main event was really good, but did we need another barrier jump? It really doesn’t need to be the barrier all the time, especially in this case although I can understand why you would have RVD go after Carlito following on from last week. I was originally unsure as I pointed out last week that I was disappointed that the main event scene didn’t look fresh, the Michaels part came right out of left field. I didn’t see that coming at all but I like it. It’s fresh and Michaels is heading in to this with a bang. It’s just what Raw needed!

Overall I think there were a few issues like the constant and needless attacks from the crowd after the matches, and the timing of the attack on Triple H. The Chavo/Dupree storyline was uncharacteristically rushed for you and very awkward to read, but the ending with Michaels and the Flair/Helms angle stood out.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Cheers for the reviews gents, just figured I would address a few things.

- I know the IC Title match could have gone in the middle, but I felt the crowd would have been a bit flat after the opening, thus I put it there in an attempt to keep them up.

- I don't think the Rene/Chavo thing is moving too quick. It's a minor feud built up on Dupree being jealous of Chavo's opportunities, thus it doesn't need weeks and weeks of segments before Dupree makes a move.

- The attack HAD to go at the start of the show, imo, with Michaels getting in on the title match. Plus, it puts him over strong, making a huge impact at both beginning and end. Something like that occurring later in the show would mean we would be seeing too much of Shawn too quickly.

- I know there were a lot of attacks from the crowd, but I thought they were different enough for it to be okay. I did think about it when putting the show together and again when writing it though, so I understand the point.

Ehm, yeah, I also just want to say that I intend on getting to iMac's No Way Out first, hopefully in the next few days, before getting to the other shows that are up (Reney's Judgment Day, maybe a show from Stoj and whatever else comes up). I'm not sure how fast I'll be, or how fast this thread will be for that matter, as I'm rather drained having just started uni, plus I feel like I've got a bit on my plate irl, which I think some of you may know about. The next show should come quickly as it's just about done, but after that, I guess we'll see.



April 14th, 2006 | Resch Center; Green Bay, Wisconsin

This week Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you from Green Bay, Wisconsin, with a massive main event the talking point of what looks to be a possibly splendid show.

As stated above, all of the attention right now is on the gold that will be on the line over the next two weeks. Tonight’s main event is no exception either, featuring the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz making their first defence since winning the titles against former tag team champions, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista and the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio. While The Hardy Boyz are the more experienced team, Batista and Mysterio are also champions for a reason, and have proven they can team together to win the gold in the past. Will the champions get a successful first defence under their belt, or will we see a pair of double champions crowned this week on SmackDown!?

While all four of those champions are coming off a victory last week, one man who is coming off an unsuccessful past couple of weeks is Randy Orton. At WrestleMania, the Royal Rumble winner failed to defeat Batista to capture the World Heavyweight Title, and last week he failed to pick up the win, despite vowing to make an impact on the champion. With his hopes for a title rematch seemingly dashed, what can we expect to see from Orton this week, and where will he now set his goals?

Speaking of WrestleMania, this week we will see long-time rivals Booker T and Chris Benoit go one-on-one, ahead of their Triple Threat Match next week for the United States Championship against Orlando Jordan. The hatred between these men has been coming to a boiling point for months now, and with the chance to finally go one-on-one with nothing on the line other than pride, this should prove to be a great match. We also know that for the first time since WrestleMania, we will be hearing from the new US Champion, Orlando Jordan, in a backstage interview this week. What will he have to say, and, perhaps more importantly, what will he see from his two challengers for next week?

We also know that we will be seeing the former Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash in action, as he goes one-on-one with Brian Kendrick, plus SmackDown!’s newest superstar, CM Punk is set to compete, as is Mark Henry, while we will of course see JBL make his, as he put it, “triumphant return to Friday Night SmackDown!” this week. For all of that, plus appearances from many other SmackDown! superstars, be sure to tune into The CW Network from 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I haven't exactly been as frequent as I'd like to be with feedback, and tbh, I can't really promise that is going to change, although I have been reading. I think your writing is still top notch after Mania, although I'd be lying if I didn't think enough happened in the next few shows. With that being said, if Shawn Michaels does not become champion at Backlash, big time dramas.

This SD once again doesn't look like there is going to be that much storyline progression. I'm hoping some epic promos from maybe Orton and JBL change my mind. The match card is looking good though, with the epic main event, Benoit/Booker, Kash/Kendrick, as well as CM Punk in action. I'll sure as hell be reading, so fuck uni, and hurry up please.

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