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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Review:

Opening Section- Not much to say. It is a good general summary of the Smackdown side of things at Mania. Its good that you didn't leave something like this out.

Batista/Orton Promo- I expected Batista to open up the show as the new champion. As expected, Orton comes out to rain on Batista's parade. I thought the promo was very in character. Batista kind of shows appreciation for his opponents that led to him winning the title, but at the same time he maintains a swagger effect that he knows he is better than them. Orton is like the typical loser and tries to make excuses and explain why he lost and why he should still be champion, which I thought was a good representation of him. The promo sets up a potential heated battle in the main event.

Punk Promo- I am not too familiar with your thread as I am kind of new around here. But Im assuming that Punk is a newer wrestler in the WWE, just judging from the introduction. I kind of like this Punk character, he shows a lot of respect for wrestling and in my opinion puts him over more in feuds. Simon Dean taking the challenge is actually pretty funny to me. Pretty funny stuff calling Punk "Punker".

Punk/Dean- Just as I expected, Punk getting the victory. It makes a lot of sense seeing as it was his first match on Smackdown. I really saw no chance for Simon Dean even though I do like him as a wrestler.

Henry Interview- Boy, that was quick. I see something bad happening to Finlay. But maybe Finlay turning the tables on him somehow.

Champions Promo- This was actually such a fun promo to read. It had the feel of an army battle or something. Batista is the general and was like praising his men for their efforts. You could see the mutual respect between all the stars, also wanting to help Batista hold off Orton. Those title matches are ridiculous. I see all of the men retaining their own titles, but I see this leading to a Jeff Hardy push to the main event picture after his tag title reign is done with Matt Hardy. I dont really see why Orlando wanted to defend his title so badly, I guess its like a way to prove himself.

Judgment Day Package- It is a way's away, but it's never too early to hype it up.

Lashley vs Burchill- I see Lashley coming into this match with some huge momentum after beating the vet JBL. Im not sure how you use Burchill as some people like to push him while others use him in the lower card. It seems like Burchill is able to hold his own even with Lashley's strength. I didnt expect that ending very much. I thought Lashley would have the clear victory, was not expecting him to reverse Burchill while he had the upper hand to get the win. But its still a good victory regardless.

Aftermath with JBL- I see this feud isn't exactly over. Im excited to see what JBL does to Lashley when he gets back.

Londrick Promo- Lol this was really awkward to be honest. But I see this really starting up a good relationship and good tag team. They can probably take over the tag division for a while, but eventually I see them splitting up and possibly feuding for the cruiserweight title.

Finlay Situation- I knew Mark Henry would do something like that. Sets up some good redemption for Finlay on next weeks Smackdown possibly.

Kendrick vs Noble- I love the cruiserweight division and this match is a reason for that. Its very quick paced and action packed all the time. Especially with this match, you never know who was going to have the upperhand. I assumed that Kendrick would win due to the promo right before the match. But Noble put up a good fight. Dont see much for him in the future though.

Challenger Promo- This wasnt as epic as the champion promo as I thought Randy was a bit out of character. I would expect him to tell his partners to not be in his way while he battles with Batista. I dont see Randy as the inspirational type. Long's announcement Im sure made Booker happy, but it wouldve been nice to see the other challengers reactions to not giving them title rematches.

Benoit vs Regal- This match makes me think of how great these 2 wrestlers once were. Such entertaining performers in the ring. You introduce the match nicely talking about how anticipated the crowd is for a good match. The match summary was very entertaining, but the end result shocked me. Regal over Benoit? Not something most people see in BTB probably as Benoit is usually pushed high up, unless you also have Regal pushed up.

Main Event- This would have been sick to be a real match. If it was an elimination match then that wouldve been so much cooler. But I guess stipulations are more for PPV's. The ending is really good with the chaos going on in the ring with the different superstar's doing their finishers. Batista pinning Kash is a better idea than him pinning someone else at it shows the hierarchy of the champion to the cruiserweight. I expected the champions to win, especially since it was the first show after Mania.

Overall- A really really fun show to read. I liked your use of the Champions promo the most, as well as the main event and the Regal/Benoit match. Id give this a 8.5/10.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Batista kicking off the show was only natural, and face Batista blows on the mic. You went with the standard victory speech, and it chugged along, but @ mentioning Mark Henry after "great wrestlers". Brilliant comedy. Orton had to interrupt and continue their feud for a blow off at the next PPV, gonna be something to see how you can keep the feud fresh for 8 weeks till JD. Promo picked up when Randy came out and it's gonna be interesting to see what he has in store in regards to earning a rematch

Sorry, had to point this out...

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chhhhiiiicago, Illinois, weighing 22 lbs, C – M PUUUNNNK!
CM Punk weighs 22 lbs? Fuck me he's lost some weight

Average face promo from Punk as he continues to get over with the fans, not too shabby. LOL @ Simon Dean, I wonder who's winning this match Like Dean's gimmick tho, had some good interaction with Punk. Punk wins and moves himself up the card ever so slightly, US title scene soon plz. Keep Dean around for the lolz too plz

Amazing promo from Mark Henry. Arguably the best he's ever done

Face locker room promo was decent enough, considering the awful lack of charisma in the room, Teddy Long coming in and booking those matches makes the Smackers in 2 weeks time a huge show, God I hope Orlando Jordan drops that US belt. I hate him. Also lol @ Rey not saying a word

my Judgment Day > yours

Lashley is a guy I was never big on at all, but you're making him into a force, although nobody will probably get him over like Legend did when he owned Taker for weeks at a time. JBL message afterwards was trademark JBL, looking forward to what he does on the show next week, expecting some epicness in that promo

I can dig a London/Kidman reunion if thats what is really gonna happen. It's possible you'll have them feud, but my god that'd be boring and un original

Henry just killed Finlay. Why am I not surprised? Streetfight coming up between these two it seems, or No Holds Barred etc

Nice match between Kendrick and Noble, really am impressed with your lengths for all matches on your shows. Cruiser matches are always good to write so I can see why you'd do this. Ah here's that tension between London & Kendrick, makes me think Kendrick will turn on London out of jealousy, can't say I'm excited about that, but atleast it'll produce some good matches if nothing else

Smart stuff by Orton, motivating his team mates for his own personal gain by playing off their losses and bigging them up. Good work on this one. I rate Kid Kash, always liked his work and DA BOOK owns, fuck OJ, this man should still be the US champ imo

Whoa, what a match between Benoit and Regal, had to be expected though with two great technicians in the ring. Surprised to see Benoit lose, albeit cheaply, but next week should see him win a rematch and give him momentum heading into the US title rematch in 2 weeks time. Terrific contest for free TV

Decent Mania recap video of sorts, looks alot like how the GREAT MAN himself Wolfy sets out his, but this has almost become the norm in here with Mac the first to use it before others caught on

Huge match to close the show, I love me my big tag team clusterfucks and enjoyed this one. Surprised the faces won after Mania but why not, gives the heels longer to get themselves back in the picture heading down the line to JD, and makes the main man Batista look strong scoring the winning fall, albeit on the weakest opponent. Good ending to the show

Overall, solid stuff Hulky, nothing was amazing (nothing intentional anyways, that CM Punk thing made me legit LOL) but everything served it's purpose and was solid at the least, a few terrific matches too. And a strong opening promo. Well done. <3


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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Kicking things off with Batista was the right way to go and what he said was typical Batista really. I liked how you showed that Batista respects what Orton is capable of inside the ring. But then going on to say how he’s full of crap gets the fans back into it which is good. Running down the list of names Batista has beaten as champ was smart as it just continues to build him up to look unstoppable.

I really liked what you had for Orton to say. The line where Orton says you’re not SUPPOSED to have that belt as though it was written in the script was something I can definitely see Orton doing. Ending things with Batista telling Orton to prove himself again was good as well as now we have to see even more from Orton, very impressive opening, especially considering how standard Batista as a face is in promos, not your fault.

Punk promo up next was very simple as he continues to get himself over. Cheap pop for being in Illionis and the home state thing, nice touch. Simon Dean always cracked me up and you continued that in his promo, offering Punk a straight edge Simon system got me haha. Standard little win for Punk to follow, keeps building his momentum, good job.

Henry and Finlay would be a hell of a battle, that’s for sure, glad you kept it short and sweet as though two should be all about fighting.

Decent face exchange backstage and the title announcements were interesting, didn’t expect them. Should all be good clashes there, I kinda liked it, very different.

Good match between Lashley and Burchill. Helps both men really as Burchill didn’t look weak and Lashley looked strong also. Good move.

JBL returning so soon surprised me, I expected a little bit longer absence but always good to see JBL in my book.

Strange London-Kendrick promo there but I like that they may be getting back together as a team possibly, always exciting.

I liked the Finlay incident as it makes Henry look legit. Finlay never takes a beating like that, so good move there. For some reason I’m looking forward to that, don’t ask why.

Very good cruiserweight match here and Kendrick getting the win was no surprise. The aftermath was interesting and a potential Kendrick-London feud on the cards? Who knows, maybe they reunite, got my interest though.

Another backstage segment, this time the heels. Orton trying to rally the troops, I can’t really imagine him doing this to be honest but never the less, was good to see considering the faces earlier, enjoyed the Booker line at the end haha.

Another very good match here with Regal and Benoit, good hard hitting, technical contest. Surprised with the result but good to see Regal getting a win on the other hand. Great match though.

And to end the show, another very good match, big tag matches like these can always frustrate but I thought you wrote it well and the faces finishing off Kid Kash was probably the right move but I expect the heels to all get some steam back next week.

Overall, a very solid show off of an impressive Raw also. Looking forward to the next show and things are shaping up very nicely, well done.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Alright as promised here I am to give you a review for the after WM edition of SmackDown. Here we go...

Well I must say that the opening segment was okay but it didn't blow anything out of the waters. It was still a good segment for Batista and I completely forgot that at the time he would have marked a one year anniversary with the title had he not gotten injured IRL. Props to you for keeping the belt on the Animal though as I can't really remember anybody having had him retain the title at WM (if he was even competing and not injured) so I'm glad you went through with that choice. Orton seemed to be on his normal schtick as well and really not much to complain about for the first few people to see on SmackDown after WM kicking the night off.

Ah yes! The Punker and even better Simon Dean! What a great gimmick indeed! I loved Punk's interactions with Dean over the straight edge Simon System! That was indeed awesome! I think we all knew Punk was going to win and I wasn't too big though on Punk having the first match on SD after WrestleMania. I thought we'd have a little bit bigger of a match but 'tis understandable.

WTF? That interview with Mark Henry confused the shit out of me. I didn't even see a mention of Finlay in there before he said something so I assume that Finlay was in MITB?

Something felt awkward about the champions promo. Maybe it was just Orlando Jordan's parts but man that is some BIG matches for the next few weeks. Looking forward to seeing those matches.

I'm not the biggest fan of Bobby Lashley but it seems that a lot of people enjoy pushing him here and I can only assume that he'll be getting a good push in here too. I think Burchill was a great choice of opponent for him and I didn't really see Burchill having a chance to win but I can only imagine he'll get a decent push in here as well. The JBL thing was clever though and I am taking a wild stab in saying that he just didn't appear on this SD due to nothing having been planned for him. That's fine though as it makes Lashley look a lot stronger by "embarassing" JBL from appearing on SD.

This segment seemed really awkward though but you did your best. You had two very bland characters to write with in London and Kendrick and I must say you did a good enough job with them that you could. Really nothing more and nothing less on it. I don't know much about the situation but a reunion for L&K can only be good news (and I hope that a future feud isn't happening soon because the London vs. Kendrick stuff happens way too often in BTB)

A win for 'ya boy Brian Kendrick! I'm a fan of all three men actually that were involved in the match so it was hard to decide to see who I wanted to win but I expected a Kendrick victory. The London/Kendrick stuff has me wondering what is going to happen but I sense a feud coming soon. Maybe a London heel turn to mix things up?

I'm actually a fan of having these challengers and champions segments. They work out just well and it gets a lot of buisness taken care of in one big segment. Teddy Long's part was great though with him just acting as if he the heels have nothing to be mad at him for (at least in their eyes).

WHAT A MATCH! Great match and though I did skip some parts I'm actually surprised at Regal getting the victory but at the same time very happy to see him getting a proper push. Maybe, no hopefully, we'll see a rematch after Benoit gets his rematch which I don't believe he's going to win the US title. It seems to me that you want to go down the Regal/Benoit route and that is perfectly fine with me.

The WM 22 video package was well written and gave me a quick rundown of the events that occured as a quick reminder. Very good job on that part.

Main event time! Here we go! I seem to remember maybe Wolfy having done a match like this before so I was pretty excited to read the match. Overall each competitor seemed to get their fair share of spots in to make them look strong and I had a feeling we were going to get the chaos at the end with a whole lot of finishers taking place as that tends to happen in a lot of big matches like this. Honestly Kid Kash was probably your safest bet to lose in the match and be pinned so a good choice there as well. Somewhat anti-climatic ending though with the Orton/Batista stuff but no worries as we still have about six or seven weeks leading into Judgment Day. So really I think you did the best job you could with the main event and we have more time over the next few weeks to take care of the other things that will fall into place.

I'm pretty impressed BKB. I can't remember if I have posted a review in here before or not honestly but I'm looking forward to your next show. I'll try and drop by for Raw next time it goes up.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

Where on Raw it was up in the air who would open the show, there was only one option for Smackdown and that was Batista. The crowd would erupt with him hitting the stage with the world title. It was totally the right decision to have him open it up, but it was how his promo opened that was more important. It was clever using Orton’s jibes about him not being a wrestler to prove that Dave is more than just a big man. That was a big point to make, and Batista made it very clear by saying he proved Orton wrong. It came as no real surprise that Orton got involved, but I didn’t like how he went from being so angry & bitter about his loss to being cocky again by asking Batista if he stuttered. That didn’t fit in to place but he made a good comeback by talking about how he should be champion. I did like the line about him being able to beat him 99 times out of 100. That was very Orton, but Batista putting him to the test doesn’t seem like something Batista would do. He’s not the kind of guy to play games of sorts like this. Also like Raw, it’s disappointing to see that there seems to be a lack of new direction in the main event scene. Considering Orton lost and doesn’t have a rematch, it’s not the most exciting way to go. There aren’t a lot of alternatives though thinking about it. Kennedy isn’t ready, Booker’s caught up with the United States title and JBL’s not in the right place. The top contenders are faces in Lashley & Taker.

Having CM Punk open up the action was also a smart choice. He’s had a good couple of weeks since debuting and putting him in this slot is good for him too. His promo was good also, getting his character over well. Simon Dean was a nice choice of opponent so they could have a fun little promo beforehand along with a decent standard of match for TV. Punk using the Anaconda Vice as his finisher is something I like as it makes him look a lot more than a typical face, making him look aggressive by having a submission hold as a finisher. Another nice step for The Straight-Edge Superstar!

There’s only one word to describe the Mark Henry interview and that’s ‘weird’. I don’t know how I’d feel about those two going at it is I don’t see them as guys who are going to be stepping up the ladder.

I’m liking that Batista is lightening up now and rallying he troops, but why the hell is Orlando Jordan there? He’s done nothing to warrant being a face. Please don’t force him on us as it’s not going to work. He never turned on Booker and jumped Benoit at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Anyway, you’ve probably had as much as whinging as you can about Jordan as we’ve had of him. The title night seems fun, although I can’t say I’m a fan of who’s getting a shot at which titles. There could be a few more people involved as it all looks so predictable and I don’t see a turn in the works.

Lashley’s role continued well with an impressive win over Paul Burchill. Like Simon Dean earlier, you had a good opponent for Lashley to make his win look even better. I really didn’t like JBL’s promo after as it seems a bit stupid in the terms of a triumphant return, and like most angles from before WrestleMania, they’re continuing when there’s no real reason too. He was soundly beaten and that should be that.

I’m curious to see how the relationship between Paul London & Brian Kendrick will pan out. It was teased well here, and with London having had a sniff at glory, Kendrick’s bound to be jealous. I’m looking forward to this going forward. Maybe a London mistake costs Kendrick tonight to cause some more tension?

Yeah, I wonder who attacked Finlay! Still not keen on an angle between Finlay & Henry, and it has been a bit random.

I wasn’t sure how exactly the Kendrick/Noble match was going to go, but I bought the less is more approach. It gives it a bit more of an edge that Kendrick has a bee in his bonnet rather than them get in to a struggle. Also, a very nice match to see on TV. Plus, like Renegade said, don’t burn yourself out with TV matches like these. They really don’t need to be long.

So Randy leads the losers club then? I can get behind them all being angry and out for revenge, but I thought that Booker & Kash, Booker especially should’ve been a bit more vocal. It was helped by Teddy coming in to help fire Booker up though. That was well thought out.

Man, Orlando Jordan gets the US Championship ahead of Benoit and now Benoit’s losing to William Regal on TV less than a week later. I really can’t get my head round your decision to favour an ordinary guy like Jordan over Benoit. It’s strange that Benoit is jobbing all of a sudden, and to Regal. It’s great for Regal, no doubt. Again, the match length was overkill.

Seeing Batista keeping his role going by scoring the fall and pissing Orton off is the right way to go if you’re going to continue this. It’s only going to bring more out of Orton, which is needed right now if it’s going to bring back some interest.

Overall, like Raw, it’s very disappointing to see the majority of the angles going in to WrestleMania continue. I’m not going to talk about Benoit & Jordan as that has been done to death. The writing really is terrific, but I think there’s a lack of spark right now that I would’ve expected post Mania. Maybe a draft is needed to get some.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment


It has indeed been confirmed that during the week, Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bishoff has signed off on a World Tag Team Title match at Backlash, featuring the champions, Kane and Big Show, defending their gold against The Spirit Squad – in a Five On Two Handicap Match! How can Kane and Big Show possibly defy these odds in three weeks time at Backlash?


April 10th, 2006 | US Celluar Arena; Milwaukee, Wisconsin

This week Monday Night RAW comes to you live from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with a huge show set for just the second RAW after WrestleMania 22.

It was last week that we saw the WWE Champion, Edge host a special edition of The Cutting Edge, in which he claimed he was done with the men he defeated to retain his title at WrestleMania 22, Kurt Angle and John Cena. However, after both Angle and Cena came out, we found out this wasn’t the case, as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff scheduled a tag team main event for this week. It is to be Angle and Cena teaming up against Edge and a partner of his choosing. Should Angle and Cena win, they’ll earn themselves another bite at the gold at Backlash. Should Edge and his partner of choice win, Angle and Cena will be done in the title scene for the foreseeable future. Who will come out on top? Will Edge choose a partner capable of assisting him in avoiding defending his title against his two chief rivals, or will Angle and Cena be able to work together for the greater good?

That wasn’t the only big news out of last week, however, as, following his victory at WrestleMania over Shawn Michaels in the most hellish match of all-time, Triple H WILL be in the building tonight. While he is not cleared to compete, ‘The Game’ is said to have something to say. What will we hear from him, and where to next for ‘The Cerebral Assassin’?

Another announcement came midweek from Eric Bischoff, signing off on a World Tag Team Title match, which will see The Spirit Squad challenging Kane and Big Show in a Five On Two Handicap Match! While The Spirit Squad are seemingly being rewarded for helping Bischoff with Rob Van Dam last week rather than earning it through tag team matches, they will once again NOT be in action this week. The champions, Kane and Big Show, will be though, facing off against The Basham Brothers. Can the champions get some momentum going ahead of their monumental challenge at Backlash, or will The Basham Brothers cause an upset?

Speaking of RVD, it has been confirmed that he will NOT be in the building on RAW, following the beating he suffered last week. Eric Bischoff is said to be happy to have Van Dam out of his hair for now, although will he have him gone for good? He may come Backlash if Carlito, who will be there on RAW, can beat him. What will we see from Carlito this week on RAW?

We will also see Ric Flair defend his Intercontinental Title against Chavo Guerrero, while The World’s Greatest Tag Team feature in action for the first time following their failure to capture the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, plus Trish Stratus will go one on one with the hometown hero, Candice Michelle. For all of that and more, make sure to tune in to Monday Night RAW, live on The USA Network, 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Pffft- Did you RALLY just ask how Kane and Big Show could possibly defeat Spirit Squad? Sorry, I just had to laugh there.

Raw sounds like a good show, though. I'm interested in what Triple H will have to say, as well as how Ric will hold onto his IC title.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I hateeeee the Spirit Squad so I really hope Kane/Show continues to hold the belts with no problem.
I wonder who Edge's partner will be. Maybe Christian? Have a quick tag team reunion. But I see Cena and Edge winning anyway as their usually is a rematch to every world title match at Mania.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

@ The Spirit Squad. As much as I dislike Kane/Show as a tag team, I would love to see them fuck the SS up.

RAW is looking promising, looking forward to Triple H's promo time, and the tag match should be interesting. Edge could pick any number of guys, I'm sensing maybe Christian could be a possibility, would LOVE to see him return tbh. All in all, things are looking promising, but lets get some fresh feuds starting soon plz, no more Mania based angles. Will be reading <3.


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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Sounds like a good show, i'm interested in HHH's promo. SS vs Kane/Show, i want Show and Kane to beat the hell out of SS, lol.

I sensed a Christian return last week when Edge was going to reveal his guest for the Cutting Edge, and now i sense him being the partner of Edge, E & C winning, and then Edge picks Christian as his opponent, lol i might have just spoiled your show if i'm right.
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