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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

I know you're just delighted to see me back, BkB.

Nothing but awesomeness from both promos to start the show. The Bisch proclaiming it's going to be his year has me thinking some sort of power struggle is going to happen with him and a few other people which has me very intrigued to see what happens as the WWE calendar turns to a new year.

Don't personally mind Ric having Money in the Bank. I feel the 'One Last Run' storyline surrounding it could be played off tremendously well if done right, and I think you have the capability to do so. Despite that, seeing him lose the briefcase to someone else younger than him if booked correctly could also sit well with me so the end result of this should provide some good entertainment. Speaking of which: very, very entertaining promo to kick off the show. Thought a lot of right things were done in here especially Ric's character. Captured him perfectly down to a tee. Helms was used well here, and I really like what you've done with him and his character. Always my belief that he was misused toward the end of his run, so it's always nice to see him portrayed in this manner. Flair getting the upper hand in the 'fight' was a good way to make him look strong after the MITB victory the previous night. And Helms should hopefully come back nicely from this.

Helms doesn't seem to be letting go, so it looks like this rivalry will continue. Sold.

Don't remember how it happened and forgive me for not, but it looks like you went with the reverse role from what happened IRL between Trish and Mickie. I like it. Mickie being a goody two-shoes really suits her, though I can't say I didn't enjoy psycho Mickie in the 'E, but I think good-girl Mickie is good as well. Trish being a heel was always awesome, (considering, imo, she always looked better being a heel for some reason) so again, no complaints from me. Thought this was a nice promo after a pretty decent match between Mickie and Candice. Trish keeping Mickie on edge and keeping it on her terms should provide for some good moments between these two over the next few weeks.

Side note, Coach owns.

Rene Dupree sighting! Agreed w/ Reney in that he was always pretty awesome, so hopefully he sticks around here and plays a good part on Raw. Goldust shows up and these two seem to have a pretty okay match together. For as short as it turned out to be that is of course. Rene getting the win works for me, and it seems like he will be sticking around given that, well, he pulled off the victory lol. Will be reading to see what you do with him.


The Chavo promo...intrigues me. Really thought it was well done, but what will he be doing this year is my question. Gotta say he seems to be focused and he too is someone I'm going to personally be watching for in this BTB. Looks like Rene and Chavo will be butting heads to get towards the Intercontinental Championship. Should prove to be pretty good in my opinion. Liking what I'm seeing thus far with the diversity and the usage of everyone. Tremendous job, imo.

Surprised to see such a long write-up for this contest, but then again you seem to be busting your ass off for shows right now (50 some pages for a weekly show is INSANITY, mad props) so in that sense it's all good. Tag Team division will hopefully be showcased well as it rightfully should be. Always, always feel like that's been something the WWE has swung and missed on since the early 2000s. RWC have potential and I expect them to hang around the Tag Team division for the next few months, possibly getting the straps soon.

Hope you don't bury Carlito, he's pretty great. Dissension between him and Masters? Hmmm. Perhaps.

Mild mannered Charlie Haas along with hot tempered Shelton Benjamin? Hope this isn't a sign of a breakup as those two are as legit as they come.

Chavo and Masters worked pretty well together in this match, and good to see that you put Chavo over after that promo of his earlier on in the show. Seemed logical at the time but I suppose you never know. Masters still looked pretty good throughout the match, but Chavo getting the lift in it was the right move. Looking forward to see how he performs in the IC Title match next week as it will probably say a lot about the things to come for Chavito this year. Keepin' me interested BkB.

RVD in the title scene would be a very good thing so hopefully, even though he lost at WrestleMania to 'Taker, that was a launching pad for him to get to that point. Very serious stuff from him here, which is a change of pace from the easy going stoner type that he is. SS getting owned was pretty hilarious to read, and them winning made up for them looking like jobbers at first. RVD then getting completely OWNED by Carlito was pretty awesome in the end. Career on the line at Backlash? This one seems...very interesting. Looking forward to it.

The CHAMP closes out the show which is always fitting for a post-Mania show. The repetitiveness of "I told you so" kind of irked me as well, but no real matter but it's something to look to fix. LMAO @ Cena, absolute gold throughout it. Nice change to the intense Cena that everyone seemed to eat up during that time. ANGLE time. And now he completely nails his character from the time, and he continues to mix up the title scene right now which may just mean, unless something changes in the near future that we could see a WM rematch at Backlash. Bischoff comes out and sets everything straight, and now we have a tag team match to decide what happens at Backlash. Will be worth reading to see what happens between these two to see if they can work together.

Good stuff BkB. Will be keeping an eye on this one.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Very intriguing way to start the show. Heel GM's are always fun, so I'll expect Bischoff to be heavily involved going forward. Maybe not so much in the title scene, as Edge can handle himself there, but no doubt you'll carry on with Bischoff targetting RVD. So yeah, nice little way to kick things off.

Loved Flair here. His character was spot on throughout. Didn't really understand the fact that we had "Seven other man, who, quite frankly, I thought … were better … than me." and then "… but in all that time, in ALL of that time, I had never once doubted myself." so close to each other. They kinda contradict each other, if I'm reading them right? A "One Last Run" storyline could be pretty awesome, and I know you'll have a few stroyline arcs in mind. Helms out is natural considering the history between the two. I think in my Wrestlemania predictions I said I thought you'd do Flair/Helms at Backlash for the IC Strap, but the stakes are raised now MitB could be involved. The way you've elevated Helms in this thread and made him an enjoyable character to read makes me hope he does become IC Champion at some point. Just keep him away from MitB. That would be too much too soon imo. But yeah, everything was very well written here.

Trish/Mickie was one of the most entertaining feuds pre-Mania so I'm glad to see it continue. Nice touch to have Trish say she'll be deciding where and when the rematch happens. I think that for the length of time this feud has been building, and the sheer level of goodness in it, that when you book the rematch I'd love to see some kind of stipulation involved. It's rare to see a Women's feud that can support something like that, but it's a credit to you that you've booked this so well that it could easily happen and not feel out of place.

Dupree > Goldust. Standard. Liking where you're going with Dupree, give him something to do at Backlash plz.

Oh, hullo Chavo. Interesting that Chavo would speak of Flair this way, as didn't he have a shot at the IC Title before Mania? But a Dupree/Chavo program could be interesting. Another intriguing promo.

Can't really say too much on the tag match. Crew > V Squared all day.

Nice to see the tension between 'Lito and Masters from pre-Mania continuing. This could be an interesting feud if you're patient with it. Build a little sympathy and add a bit of depth to Masters' character and you could be on to something good. Interested to find out what 'Lito is up to, as he could be a major player in this thread if given something good to work with.

We haven't had the best in terms of in-ring action tonight, so it was nice to see the compettiveness of the match, especially in the way the ending went back and forth. After his promo earlier, Chavo is the obvious choice to win, but I don't fell Masters suffered any in defeat, which is good. Should be a good match next week between Chavo and Flair, but I suspect Helms and Dupree will be involved in some fashion.

As I'm reading RVD, I'm instantly excited. RVD/'Lito would be sweet as. I can't remember too much about Van Dam's injury irl, so I'll have to take your word through all of this. Can't really comment too much, it was all good, and much like Masters earlier Van Dam has come out of defeat not damaged. Squad out, and of course when it's 5 on 1 RVD has to lose. No shame in that. Carlito looked awesome throughout all of this, very impressive. The match stip for Backlash is interesting. I dunno if you'd go down the same root Legend did in his thread in having Van Dam taken off the show before being brought back. Would certainly give a huge boost to 'Lito's career. But yeah, this is obv building towards something at One Night Stand, and I like that you've kicking it off early. Gives us all something big to look forward to.

Apparently Edge told me so. That was a tad annoying tbh, but then again he's the number one heel, so that's his job I guess. Anyway, good to see Edge in the main event spot. Hmm... surprised almost to see both Cena and Angle out. I figured the match at 'Mania was enough, and we'd move on to a Angle/Cena feud. Surely the two of them won't be able to work together, yet somehow get the win. The match next week should be a good 'un, but I'm very interested to see who Edge picks as his partner. Could be Carlito. That would elevate him once again, building on what he did earlier tonight. Umaga (since he arrived irl around this time iirc) to possibly debut in a monster push. Iunno tbh, but looking forward to seeing who it is.

Overall, a very good Mania fallout show. Was promo heavy, but they were good, especially Flair and RVD. Matches were solid enough, with Chavo looking very good after his. Good stuff man, looking forward to Smackdown, especially Orlando Jordan. Never thought I'd ever be saying that.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Wrestlemania Review

Yeah its late but so what? Decent opener between Lashley and JBL, tho I was hoping for a more exciting contest to open the show. Always good to see the face win the first match as it gets the crowd going, but Lashley using the Spear when Edge has it and I'm sure Batista does too, the move's gonna get incredibly stale tonight Liked JBL attempting to beat some respect into Lashley, easily can picture him doing that. **1/2

Deeply disappointed the WGTT didn't get the win here as I hate Kane/Show as tag champs, WGTT are the shit. Decent start and Haas punking out Show was lol worthy. Kane came in and dominated and Shelton really took a beating, and just as things started to turn for the WGTT Kane ended it. Benji taking out Haas accidentally as I've alluded to in reviewing RAW, hopefully doesn't lead to a split and ANOTHER Benji/Haas feud (believe me, I've seen a million here in BTB after I did the first one ). Anyways you did what you could with this match and it was solid enough, maybe should've been the opener as it was a bit more exciting than the big man slugfest. ***

. Orlando Jordan winning the US title over Booker and Benoit. . I'm sorry I can't take him seriously, he's so very average. This however is a MASSIVE rub for him from you, but I really hope he doesn't have a long reign with the strap. Jordan eliminating Booker first was massive instead of the two doing in Benoit first. Benoit will feel aggrieved having lost so poorly in the end and needs a rematch, but I think it won't be long till we see a Booker/Jordan feud for the strap. ***1/4

I have to say this was the WEAKEST MITB line up I've ever seen which in a way is good because it's hard to pick a winner, but at the same time, really, do any of these guys deserve a title shot? Not really imo, maybe Kennedy with the proper build (IE not a Mac JESUS PUSH) and of course old yella Ric Flair. Mark Henry fucked everyone up with the World's Strongest Slam, nice moment. Masters interfering to help Carlito was a nice touch reminding me of TLC II with Rhyno helping Christian up. Whoa @ Kennedy Powerbombing Masters to the outside, BIG spot there. Few nice finisher/trademark spots off the ladders was cool, bit surprised we didn't see any tables factor into the match but ahwell. Flair winning I'm not much of a fan of, but when I see the others in the match, Kennedy and Carlito aside, he's probably the right pick. Exciting but not amazing.***3/4

Really enjoyed the Cruiser match. Rey and Kash are two of the best and they showed it here. Some very exciting passages in the match including the paragraph ending with Kash hitting a Powerbomb on Rey, was excellent. A terrific showcase for the division having Mysterio back in it and winning the strap, hopefully he gets a good run with it and brings some prestige to the belt. ***1/2

Ugh the usual Mania 22 Mickie James win. I don't recall a single thread where Trish actually retains against Mickie at Mania 22. We all know Women's matches are usually the plonk of the night but I thought this was every bit as good (or bad) as the Lashley/JBL match from earlier. Trish getting owned with a bitch slap made me lol. **1/2

Now this is a tag team division with some promise. Two PROPER teams going at it in a good match. LOVED the corner spot with MNM superplexing Matt and Jeff powerbombing them at the same time, that spot always makes a multiman match better. Dunno why but I was expecting Shannon Moore to maybe turn on the Hardyz but he kept Melina in check and it was a strong finish for the Hardyz, taking the straps and looking impressive in doing so. Much more enjoyable than the WGTT carrying Kane/Show. ***1/2

Like I did a few years back, you've refreshed the HBK/HHH feud and turned Michaels into the heel which gets my seal of approval. I love me my stipulation matches and this didn't let me down, top stuff. Holy shit @ Michaels missing the elbow drop, surprised the table didn't break fully, must be saving that for later . The match started getting brutal towards the end which I'm fine with, Hardcore matches own. Nasty finish with the hammer and steps, and The Game wins which I'm fine with as either way this would've been good, but now let's hope for some different angles for both men. ****

Quite enjoyable match here, Edge winning in true heel style, stealing it from nowhere with the Spear after Angle had just owned Cena. Not many people see Edge as a long stay champion so it's nice to see you've gone with it atleast for now. Was nice to see Cena/Angle make an alliance at the start and go for the champ, it's somewhat a trademark in triple threat matches these days. Anyways a very good match, surprised it's on before the RVD/Taker clash but whatevs, it was pretty damn good. ****

I WONDER WHO'S WINNING HERE? Obviously it's Taker, the streak is one of the last great things remaining in wrestling today and should never be broken, I don't care who it is, nobody should beat Taker at Mania. As others have in the past you made Taker's opponent come damn close and put in a strong showing, RVD will surely be moving into the title picture soon after this performance (I hope so atleast, RVD owns). Van Dam kicking out of the Last Ride and then the Chokeslam was big, but really, when has Taker beaten someone with a Chokeslam lately? Last Ride however was impressive. As I said before, RVD got a big rub out of this, as he held on and on. ****

Ew @ this match being the main event tbh. Cena/Angle/Edge would've been much better. Ahwell. What's done is done. The Rumble winner usually gets the main event title match. @ Batista getting the biggest pop of the night. I call bullshit. Orton losing despite being the Rumble winner is a refreshing change as usually the RR winner takes the title at Mania. You did what you could with this one, but it was nowhere near as good as Taker/RVD, Cena/Angle/Edge or HBK/HHH. A good main event but there's only so much you can do with Big Dave matches and I personally felt slightly underwhelmed considering what we'd just seen the past few matches. ***1/2

Overall you got to Wrestlemania and got one up, not many people reach this height. Congratulations on a very good show overall, no match was awful, and there were three quality ones in HBK/HHH, Cena/Angle/Edge and RVD/Taker. Well done you filthy southerner <3.


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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

It’s not a huge thing, but I liked the way you wrote the ‘Mania recap video. Most people write it very stop and start, I included, however you managed to make it flow really nicely, and it just felt better as a whole to read.

Eric Bischoff’s promo was really good. After ‘Mania, you usually get the champion, or a disgruntled loser coming out, but on Raw, we get Bischoff. It really puts him over as an egomaniac to want to be the first person shown on television after ‘Mania. By the way, I really like the idea of Tomko as an enforcer, much like when he used to be with Christian, he just has the right size and look for the job. Bischoff, as I mentioned, sounded like an egomaniac, which he is, but he sounded a bit heel like, so it’ll be interesting to see how he goes, as I had pretty much considered him as some what of a tweener until now.

Honestly, I really wanted Edge to open the show, simply because I think a promo of him bragging would have been a nice, fitting way to open, but I definitely think this is the second best option. Opening with the man who was the feel good story of last night’s event, Ric Flair. Flair was pretty much spot on from start to finish, firstly getting the crowd going a little, before getting into the serious part of his speech, which was always going to come. The fact that Flair brought up Helms meant it was pretty obvious he was going to come out, and Helms basically said the same stuff he’s been saying for weeks. Now that ‘Mania is done, I’m hoping a little more can be added to this, because I’m getting a little bored of Helms cutting the same promo every week. The brawl was okay, keeping things fiery between the two, but as I said, hopefully this doesn’t move at a snails pace for the sake of Helms’ character development.

Helms’ little interview claiming he is going to raise the bar has me happy, due to the issues I raised above.

A good squash for Mickie James, simply making her look strong as the new champ. I’ve no idea why Ashley is sticking around though? Unless she gets more involved in this story, I wouldn’t mind her pissing off. Mickie was rather bland with her speech, but tbh, I expected just as much. Victory speeches suck a majority of the time. Stratus was good on the mic, making the segment better, although after the huge build up to ‘Mania, with Mickie’s history and what not coming out, it’ll be interesting to see if you can keep things at that level of entertainment throughout the feud.

I remember awhile back you were saying you were quite fond of writing Dupree, and it shows as he continues to have a presence on Raw. You seem to be building him back up as a solid mid carder slowly, which is the best way to go, and with the way you write his arrogance, I think you can have him back to how he was in ’04 in no time.

And now you’re on the road to Backlash… Boy, I’m jealous. I don’t really like that poster though.

The Chavo interview was nice, keeping his relationship with Flair going, although at the same time, he wants that success. The IC Title match next week should be good, and I’m predicting that we will have a new champion next week. Also, wow. I guess Dupree might be stepping up a little sooner than I thought if he’s already talking about the IC strap.

Fuck you and your long ass match recaps. A five minute match shouldn’t take five minutes to read, tbh. Anyway, I love The Redneck Wrecking Crew, so as long as you keep them around, and keep them interesting, we’re fine. Give them the titles though, Kane and Show suck. Your tag titles still don’t mean anything to me at this point, due to the WGTT orientated ‘Mania build.

Carly and Masters segment of the night. This was one was a little less revealing than usual, although Carlito not going out with Masters for his match tonight still shows some lack of unity.

Bleh at Kane on the mic. Had to happen, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. RWC plz.

WGTT story continues. You claim this has legs, so I’ll wait to see where it goes. If they somehow win the titles now, it is going to be way to anti climatic, imo.

I know you mark for Masters, so I was a little shocked to see him lose. Masters has been building a lot of momentum lately as well, so hopefully that continues. As for Chavo, this win is getting him ready to take the strap next week. If Guerrero gets the strap, don’t throw him in a feud with Dupree, I don’t think either guy is ready to carry a mid card title feud.

As I’ve said throughout this thread, you write Rob Van Dam so well, and you continued on with that trend here. I think it was important that we heard his story one last time before we move on from ‘Taker. I like that he is declaring his intention for gold, as now he feels that he is ready. The Spirit Squad interrupting and basically they are just being Bischoff’s cronies. It was a good win for them, even If I can’t stand the bastards. The attack afterward by Tomko and ‘Lito just add to the Bischoff/RVD situation. Bischoff putting Van Dam’s career on the line at Backlash is very extreme, although I think it’s a smart move to continue this entertaining storyline.

It’s going to be interesting to see what you do with Triple H and Shawn Michaels now that ‘Mania is done. I have a feeling one of them will have to go to Smackdown.

It’s already time for The Cutting Edge? As usual your show is long, but I’ve read through it rather quickly. Typical I proved you wrong speech from Edge, but after last night, this speech is deserved. The fact that he said he wanted a guest as long as it wasn’t Cena or Angle made it obvious that one was going to show. I would have preferred if he just said there was no guest tonight. Cena was pretty good on the mic as well, although I’d prefer if he stayed out of the title picture for a little bit now. If your main event scene gets repetitive, it’ll be hard to stay interested. Obviously Angle was going to come out next, and he said basically what I thought he would. I’d love to see Edge/Angle for the title, as it hasn’t happened yet; just keep Cena away for awhile. Bischoff sets everybody straight once again, making a pretty cool match for next week, but as I said, I just really want Cena away from the title scene, at least for one PPV.

Overall, I thought this show did the job coming off of ‘Mania. It was just a nice, solid, all around effort. I’m a little worried about your tag division, possibly your IC Title feud (depending on next weeks result), and your main event scene, atm. I know Backlash isn’t far away so you can’t rebuild over night, but everything in this thread has been building for three months, and I can’t help but feel as if things need to be shaken up a little. Your writing has gotten even better since I’ve been gone though, so keep it up. And congrats on ‘Mania.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for all of the reviews lads. Good to see some of you guys back (and not so good to see others like Stoj <3). SmackDown! preview going up now, with the show to follow in the next couple of days. It could come tomorrow or it could come on Friday. It shouldn't be any later than then. Enjoy.


April 7th, 2006 | Carver Arena; Peoria, Illinois

This week Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you from the Carver Arena in Peoria, Illinois, with a huge show sure to take place coming off the back of perhaps the WWE’s greatest ever show, WrestleMania 22.

After months of being made to feel inferior, WrestleMania 22 ended with jubilant feelings for ‘The Animal’ Batista, who managed to retain his World Heavyweight Title over his former friend and now bitter rival, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. Tonight it is said that we will hear from ‘The Animal’, who looks set to celebrate holding the World Heavyweight Title for over a year now. What can we expect to hear from Batista?

Not only do we know we’ll be hearing from the World Heavyweight Champion, but we also know he’ll be in action in our champions showcase main event. It will be a ten man tag team match, featuring all of the champions on one team as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan, the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio and the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz take on Randy Orton, Booker T, Kid Kash and MNM. With the non-champions coming off losses at WrestleMania, they’ll be looking to get back on track against the men who beat them. The champions, meanwhile, with the exception of Batista, will be looking to get the reigns underway in the right way, while Batista will look set to continue his dominance. Will the dream of the champions continue coming off their victories at WrestleMania, or will they be in for a rude awakening?

Also in action we will see Bobby Lashley, hot off the heels of his WrestleMania victory over John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, taking on a newfound ally of JBL and one half of The Bluebloods, Paul Burchill. Burchill’s Bluebloods partner William Regal will also be in action, taking on Chris Benoit, while SmackDown!’s newest superstar, CM Punk is set for a match too.

With appearances from Paul London, Brian Kendrick, Finlay and Mark Henry, amongst others, this is sure to be a gigantic fallout show to WrestleMania. You don’t want to miss it on The CW Network, 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I trust the presence of ORLANDO JORDAN means he shall be getting a sustained push to the Hall of Fame within the next 12 months.

Looking good Hulkybear, I endeavour to try and keep up now I'm back interested in all things writing.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nige’s Raw Feedback

I wasn’t sure at first at the decision to have Eric Bischoff open the post WrestleMania show, but given it was short and basically an intro, it wasn’t going to take anything away from the next promo. I did also think that as much as we need some things to be addressed, WrestleMania is out of the way and to get that message across was fine. With Bischoff it was done bluntly and very well, clearly making his point that he isn’t to be messed with. Having Tyson Tomko by his side is also a good way to make him seen as someone not to mess with.

Of all the possibilities of who could open the show, I think starting it with Ric Flair was the right choice. It was probably the biggest face win from the Raw side of things from WrestleMania, and with the Money in the Bank attached to it, it immediately has you thinking about just that. I thought that bringing up the plan crash to show that he can overcome anything was appropriate given the circumstances in challenging for a world title, but then saying that Gregory Helms had made him question himself kind of contradicted it. I wasn’t sure about Helms gate-crashing this. I knew it would probably happen, but being the opener after Mania I’d liked it to have been all about Flair to keep the feel good factor going. Saying that, Helms was brilliant on the stick, really pushing Flair’s buttons. Everything he said was relevant and also very insulting, making the tension between them believable as it boiled over. Despite not being keen on Helms getting involved, he made this already strong promo even better and takes their feud to a whole new level. It also helps him get some serious attention by being in the first promo of the WrestleMania fallout show. Following that up after the break was also sensible to keep it in everyone’s minds.

Putting Mickie James in the first contest of the night was also a great decision in terms of the feel good factor from WrestleMania, keeping that going. Putting her over Candice in somewhat of a challenging contest reinforces her as the new Women’s Champion and a deserving one. I did think that Mickie’s speech afterwards maybe went on a little too long, but when she was talking about her mum back in Richmond, it looked like it was going to lead to Trish coming out and interrupting the moment to come across as the bitch she’s played so well. She played it well again here and laying her cards on the table that she has all the power now set the tone for what’s going to happen with them. It was well done and well written. Quelle surprise!

How ironic! A Frenchman’s up next!

This is was a step up for Rene Dupree, moving on from the somewhat comfortable victories he’s had so far. A victory over Goldust and the arrogant little speech beforehand all helps his little heel push no end, and he’s growing on me week on week.

I’ve not been all that in to Chavo Guerrero in this thread but I found his interview intriguing that there seems to be something brewing there. Initially it seemed like you could be teasing a turn on Flair, and I think that would be a great idea as Chavo has always made a far better heel than a face. Bringing up the Intercontinental title match next week was a bit of a shock and a bit of quiet way to do it, and a bit odd that Flair has the Helms feud going on right now. The whole Rene interruption seemed a bit too forced, the Intercontinental title mention especially. I don’t know why that was needed as the mocking of Chavo was enough.

It looked like The Redneck Wrecking Crew were going to get a push before WrestleMania, and that’s all but confirmed now. They’re win here helped them along the way and up the tag ladder, although we have heel champions at the minute and Cade & Murdoch being turned would be almost criminal as I don’t seem them being appealing as faces to the fans. They’re a good team though and deserve the push.

So the Chris Masters push starts here then too ‘ey? Teasing some more tension between him & Carlito keeps this whole intrigue going, and I’m also keen to see what this business of Carlito’s is. That was a nice little tease to keep us thinking about what he’s got in mind.

I’m not sure if the Kane/Show promo was needed as we saw them show their dominance in a way last night, and this didn’t make them seem like a bigger threat. It did link well to the promo between Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, and this is where the interest is. I like that you’re keeping it going and keeping your cards close to your chest as it you’re making it seem that Haas could turn, and I don’t know how I’d feel about that. Still, I’m glad there’s legs left in this one, and to show them with this hunger, it does make a lot more interesting and they still come off as being credible contenders.

So much for the Chris Masters hype that’s been developing in recent weeks. It makes sense to give Chavo the rub with his Intercontinental Championship match next week. If there’s going to be a title change, he needed to win here. I don’t know why you’d have Masters job if there is a push coming, which there may not. A fighting losing effort against Chavo doesn’t do much for him at all, even if it was a fighting effort.

The RVD promo started off great and he did good job of selling his efforts at WrestleMania, almost making it sound like a win, which was cleverly done lad. His character has always been good, and it’s no different here. It definitely seems like he’s a big deal now on Raw, one of the top faces. That’s a good thing to have gotten him there. What I didn’t get is why he kept talking about Carlito. It just seemed weird as it wasn’t the odd mention. He kept bringing his name up. Strange! Sending the Spirit Squad out there to interrupt RVD is a sure fire way to get the new kids on the block some serious heat. They got that, and putting them in a 5 on 1 against RVD is a strange one. Interesting though!

The match itself was a nice little contest surprisingly, and with the odds stacked against him, the fans were bound to be more in to it and getting behind RVD. Rightfully he didn’t defy the odds like he was doing pre-Mania. It was a good combo at the end to seal the deal with the big moves from Johnny & Kenny, showing them off at the best and what they can do. The aftermath seemed a bit all over the place to be honest. I can understand why you had Tomko come out and get retribution for Bischoff with Raw losing to Smackdown in RVD’s defeat. I don’t see why you had to have RVD get back at the Spirit Squad when Tomko could easily have nailed him as he stood up after the match. The Spirit Squad’s job was done. At least we know why there were so many Carlito mentions before. That was way too forced looking back it as it was so strange reading RVD’s promo when he was talking about Carlito. RVD’s obviously not going to lose, and for that reason, Bischoff wouldn’t need to bring in Carlito when he has his cheerleaders & Tomko. Tomko could do the job and no one would blink. Carlito’s role in this is baffling to say the least. Putting RVD’s career on the line certainly does make this a big deal that’s for sure!

Edge was just plain awesome in his promo, the opening of it especially as he really would have drained every last bit of heat out of the fans by repeatedly saying “I told you so”. That was so good and fitted his character perfectly. He really had to rub it in and he did that to the extreme, showing why he deserved to leave WrestleMania as the champion. I honestly wasn’t expecting Cena or Angle, definitely both to come out and stake a claim. I was kind of hoping it would be Triple H just to see something different as there was some closure with Edge’s win. It just felt a little disappointing that we’re getting pretty much a repeat of WrestleMania’s main event when we don’t need it. Saying that, Bischoff’s announcement was kind of different but it wasn’t exciting as I would’ve hoped for, but we’ll have a chance to see if that changes next week. I don’t have a clue who Edge’s partner is going to be though, so I’m looking forward to finding that one out.

Overall there were some really great promos to the show, but aside from the Carlito/RVD part of the show, there was nothing fresh to get excited about really. The Flair/Helms promo was really good and did Helms the world of good, and the same can be said for the Spirit Squad. Otherwise I felt a little disappointed as there wasn’t as much excitement to the show as there usually is.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Wow! You usually like to have everything drag out, so I was quite shocked to see this preview being so short. I'm guessing we'll get some sort of promo from Batista, but he'll get interrupted by Orton or something. I know it was 'Mania, but I can't see Orton giving up after one shot at the gold. The huge champions showcase should be a damn good read, and Lashley/Burchill and especially Regal/Benoit should be epic as well. I'm hoping for some sort of appearance from The Undertaker as well, although I doubt that a little.

Matches are set to be awesome, and your promos usually are pretty good anyway. I'm looking forward to this.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Looking forward to Smackdown mate. I took a quick gander at WrestleMania not too long after it was posted and was very impressed as I don't think I've commented too much in here. I haven't commented much at all recently but your work is certainly enjoyable so I hope I can get back into the swing of things.

Great night of SmackDown is what it seems like we are going to have. I loved the 2006 era as do most people due to the talented roster that you have at your disposal from the start. I seem to remember someone else (maybe Wolfy) having done a Champions type match like you have planned with having all the champs team together. That'll be exciting but part of me is excited to see Regal/Benoit due to their classic matches that they have always put on.

Regardless it's going to be a great after WM show. I'm looking forward to it and am going to try my hardest to find time to comment on it. Looking forward to it going up.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

April 7th, 2006 | Carver Arena; Peoria, Illinois

Our broadcast begins just as you would expect, with a summary of WrestleMania 22 being shown. As the sound of Shinedown’s I Dare You echoes in the background, we remember the events of five nights ago. It all began when the rookie Bobby Lashley managed to upend the veteran John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, defeating him courtesy of the Spear. The World Tag Team Titles were on the line next, as Kane and Big Show successfully defended their gold against The World’s Greatest Tag Team. Booker T, however, would not successfully defend his gold, losing the United States Title in a Three Way Dance to Orlando Jordan, after Jordan first eliminated Booker, then Benoit, to capture the gold. Another champion, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair was able to rise above all of his doubters, including his rival Gregory Helms, to climb the ladder to success and capture the Money in the Bank briefcase. The Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash would not have such luck though, losing out to Rey Mysterio.

Trish Stratus would also fall, losing her Women’s Title to Mickie James, before MNM would then lose the WWE Tag Team Titles to The Hardy Boyz. While neither man lost titles, they may well have lost years off their career when Triple H was able to best Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred Match, dubbed The Final Battle due to their agreement that it would be their very last one on one match. The WWE Champion, Edge was able steal a victory yet again, sneaking past Kurt Angle and John Cena to retain his title. RVD, on the other hand, was doing no sneaking, taking the fight to The Undertaker, only to fall just short as The Undertaker’s streak extended to 14-0. Finally, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista would close WrestleMania for the second straight year as World Heavyweight Champion, after beating another former Evolution running buddy in Randy Orton, closing out the show with his title held high, pyrotechnics exploding behind him.

From there we see our traditional Friday Night SmackDown! montage, heavily featuring some of our new champions, before cutting into the Carver Arena to see an impressive pyrotechnic display at the top of the stage. Once that concludes the camera spins around the arena, showing the excited crowd who thrust their signs forward, before settling down at ringside with Michael Cole and Tazz.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, we are now five days removed from one of the greatest WrestleManias of all-time where we saw titles change hands, rivalries conclude in bloody battles and superstars making names for themselves. Tonight, hot off the heels of WrestleMania, Friday Night SmackDown! comes to you from the Carver Arena in Peoria, Illinois, and the path to judgment is just beginning. I’m Michael Cole joined here by Tazz at ringside, welcoming you to SmackDown!.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’ when you say WrestleMania 22 was one of the greatest WrestleManias either partner. It was absolutely off the hook, and somethin’ tells me that means tonight is gonna be too.

Michael Cole: Tonight should be a huge show for sure, with a mammoth main event already announced by our returning General Manager, Theodore Long. It’ll be a ten man tag team match featuring both the champions and challengers from the title matches at WrestleMania.

Tazz: And what a chance that could be for the guys who lost at WrestleMania to bounce back and show why they think they’re better than the guys that beat ‘em last Sunday night. A huge main event from Teddy Long for sure.

Michael Cole: Not only that, but following his failure to capture the United States Title, Chris Benoit will be in action against a man who he’s got to know quite well in the past in William Regal. Plus Bobby Lashley, coming off a big win over JBL at WrestleMania, will face Paul Burchill and both the cruiserweights and SmackDown!’s newest superstar, CM Punk will also be in action here tonight on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Silence for a moment, until …


The arena explodes with an absolutely GIGANTIC pop as the music hits, signalling the arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, who charges out onto the stage. Full of energy, ‘The Animal’ looks the part tonight, dressed immaculately in a suit, sunglasses covering his eyes and the World Heavyweight Title slung over his shoulder. After firing up the crowd on both sides of the stage, the big man heads back to the centre to set off his pyrotechnics with a bang, before heading down the ramp.


Michael Cole: Five nights ago at WrestleMania 22, this man Batista went into the biggest title defence of his life, and what some said was the biggest match of his career. Walking into the match against a man who, for the longest time, had been considered better than him, Batista was seen as an outside chance at best. ‘The Animal’, however, overcame the odds, pinning Randy Orton in the middle of the ring five nights ago to take his World Heavyweight Title reign through to an entire YEAR!

Tazz: I gotta admit, Cole, I was one of those who doubted Batista. I didn’t know if he had what it takes to beat a guy like Randy Orton, but he showed why he’s been champ for as long as he has been this past Sunday when he pinned Orton, straight up.

Big Dave makes his way down the ramp with a smile on his face, playing it up to the crowd as he climbs up the steel steps and into the ring. The smile still on his face, the World Heavyweight Champion shows off his gold, before walking across to grab a microphone from ringside. With a microphone now in hand, ‘The Animal’ makes his way into the centre of the ring and waits as the crowd reaction starts to die down.

Batista: Oh yeah!

We hear a loud cheer from the crowd, causing a smile to spread across the face of ‘The Animal’.

Batista: First of all, I’ve just gotta say, it feels good to walk into Peoria tonight STILL the World Heavyweight Champion!

Another solid, respectful pop is heard from the crowd, causing Batista to once again crack a grin.

Batista: Last Sunday night was a big night for me, and while I’m not usually the type of guy who goes on and on, tonight I’ve got a few things I wanna talk about. I guess the first thing … the first thing I have to talk about is Randy Orton.

A heated reaction comes from the crowd, who show absolutely no love for the antagonist Orton.

Batista: Yeah, I know, I know, you guys aren’t his biggest fans, and really, I don’t like him either, but as an athlete, as a professional wrestler, I respect him. Coming into WrestleMania last Sunday night, it seemed like every week, Randy had a lot to say. Every week he had to come out here and say his bit. And even though I, for one, didn’t really wanna hear what Randy had to say, I have to admit, a lot of what he said was the truth.

Another load of boos can be heard from the crowd, who clearly don’t want to join Batista in showing respect for TLK.

Batista: Coming into WrestleMania, Randy talked about the type of athlete he is. He talked about how he was fast, strong, smart and … well, he pretty much said that he had it all, that he was the total package. Randy said that he was one of the best things going today, and as much as I hate to say it, he was telling the truth. Randy proved that last Sunday night at WrestleMania.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction for this one, not wanting to support Orton, despite wanting to cheer Batista.

Batista: But … but, even though Randy told the truth there, he also spouted off a lot of crap!

The crowd is happy to cheer this one, interrupting the World Heavyweight Champion with a pop.

Batista: Now I could talk all night about the mind games Randy tried to pull and some of the stuff he tried to say, but there’s one thing, just one thing I want to talk about here … and that’s that Randy said that I wasn’t good enough to be champion.

The crowd boos, not agreeing with that one bit.

Batista: Randy talked himself up. He talked about how he was the one who was brought into Evolution because of his potential … about how he was the one who was seen about the future of the business … about how he was going to be the next big name in the WWE. Then he talked about why I wasn’t good enough to be a champion … about how I’m nothing but a big guy, that I’m nowhere near as fast, as athletic or as smart as him. But most of all … most of all, Randy talked about how he was better than me as a person.

Boos are heard from the crowd that that.

Batista: He said a guy like himself, who grew up with everything you could want should be champion. A guy like me … someone who had to fight for everything he has, someone had to scratch and claw to get somewhere in life … he said I didn’t deserve to be champion … that I couldn’t be champion, and that after WrestleMania, I wouldn’t be champion.

Some of the crowd boos as Batista looks down at the mat, a wry smile on his face, before he looks up.

Batista: Well Randy … it looks like I proved you wrong!

The crowd emits a good cheer as ‘The Animal’ continues.

Batista: It looks like I am the better wrestler. It looks like I am the better man. It sure as hells looks like I am the World Heavyweight Champion!

An absolutely great pops comes in from the crowd for that, causing Batista to smile to himself in the ring.

Batista: And now that I’m done with Randy, I guess it’s time for me to look forward to the future. On RAW there were a lot of guys who talked about what they want to achieve by WrestleMania 23, so I guess I should have somethin’ too.

A small cheer is heard from the crowd as Batista takes a moment to look down at the World Heavyweight Championship that is slung over his shoulder.

Batista: Y’know, it was a year ago, a whole year ago, that I won this World Heavyweight Title. To me, it seems like it was just yesterday, but my victory this past Sunday marked a whole year since I beat Triple H to become World Heavyweight Champion. And in that time, I’ve beaten some great wrestlers. Guys like JBL …

The crowd boos for the mention of JBL.

Batista: Like Triple H again …

A big pop comes in from the crowd for Triple H.

Batista: Like Kane and the Big Show …

A good cheer is heard for the World Tag Team Champions.

Batista: Like Mark Henry …

The crowd pours on the heat, not at all fans of ‘The World’s Strongest Man’.

Batista: And now … now Randy Orton.

Heat, as expected, comes in for ‘The Legend Killer’.

Batista: And after all that time, after all of those defences, you would think that maybe, just maybe I’m gonna let my guard down. After being at the top of the mountain for a year, you might think that I’m not always gonna be focused, but I assure you that is NOT the case.

A big cheer can be heard from the Peoria crowd.

Batista: This title means the world to me, which is why my aim come WrestleMania 23 is to have made it to two years. My aim come WrestleMania 23 is to STILL be World – Heavyweight – Champion!

The crowd gives a tremendous pop, clearly supporting Batista, who smiles away.

Batista: And y’know-


The crowd is silent at first, surprised by the interruption, before they turn to the stage and unload with a chorus of boos as Randy Orton steps out from the back. His usual smirk replaced by a look of frustration and anger, Orton isn’t doing any preening or posing tonight, instead quickly making his way down the ramp to climb up into the ring. After swinging into the ring, having grabbed a microphone off the steel steps, Orton looks to go right to business.

Randy Orton: No! No, no, no, no, no! This … this isn’t happening.

The crowd isn’t sure how to react, staying relatively silent as Batista smiles.

Batista: Hey Randy, what’s the matter? Aren’t you happy to see me?

Randy Orton: As a matter of fact, Dave, no, no I’m not. I’m not happy to see you here. I’m not happy to see with that title sitting on your shoulder … you’re not SUPPOSED to have that belt on your shoulder.

The crowd, unappreciative of Orton’s words, boo away.

Randy Orton: Don’t you get it, Dave? Don’t you get it? You’re not supposed to be champion. You were NEVER supposed to be champion. I was. I AM! I’m the one destined to be World Heavyweight Champion, not you. I’m the one who grew up in this business, I’m the one who’s a third generation wrestler and I’m the one who was handpicked by Triple H and Ric Flair to be the future of this business, not you! It was me!

The boos continue to roll in from the crowd as Orton tilts his head, looking Batista right in the eyes.

Randy Orton: I’m the one who’s supposed to be a champion, Dave, not you … not now … not ever.

Once again, the crowd boos Orton for his words, only for Batista to chuckle away to himself.

Batista: I’m not supposed to be champion?

Randy Orton: Nope.

Batista: And you are?

Randy Orton: Did I stutter?

Batista: It’s okay, ease up, Randy. I was just checkin’, because, well, y’know, if you were meant to be champion, you probably would have beaten me last Sunday.

The crowd laughs and cheers, further frustrating ‘The Legend Killer’.

Randy Orton: Oh yeah, oh yeah, live on that success, Dave! Live on it, because you know, YOU KNOW that you beating me was nothing but a fluke. You know that we could wrestle another hundred times, and I would beat you each and every time because I am better than you. You’re not better than me, no – I am better than you! Until that belt is over my shoulder it means nothing!

The boos pour in from the crowd as Orton tries to calm himself.

Randy Orton: Which is why … which is why I’m making a challenge to you. Me and you in this ring tonight for the World Heavyweight Championship!

A mixed reaction comes from the crowd, who seem somewhat excited by the prospect of that match. Batista, on the other hand, just smiles, seemingly uninterested.

Batista: Oh Randy. Randy, Randy, Randy, Randy. Do you really, really think after all you said about me, I’m gonna give you another shot at my title, just like that? First of all, we’ve already got a ten man tag team match tonight, and secondly … and let me make this perfectly clear – you want a shot at me? That’s fine, but you’re going to have to do something you’ve never done before. You’re going to have to do something you told me I had never done to get this title in the first place … you’re going to have to earn it.

A mixed reaction comes in from the crowd.

Batista: You wanted to talk down on me, and how I’ve had to get by? That’s fine, but now you’re going to get a taste, just a taste of what I’ve had to go through if you want another shot at me. I mean, it’s not like you can go to Teddy Long and get a shot now, can you? Face it, Randy … I’m your only hope.

A slight cheer can be heard from the crowd as Batista looks at Orton, almost to say “Your turn”. Orton takes his time, looking at the mat, before glancing back up at the champ.

Randy Orton: You want me to earn that shot? Fine, but just remember, you said that, because I promise, I promise that eventually … you’re gonna regret saying that.

The crowd pours on the heat at the intense Orton, only for Batista to smirk … and then suddenly take his sunglasses off! The crowd goes nuts as ‘The Animal’ stares his WrestleMania opponent down, staring a hole right through him.

Batista: Y’know what, Randy? I’ll see later tonight … when we put your word to the test.


The crowd gives another very good cheer as ‘Tista continues to stare down his enemy, showing no signs of intimidation. Orton doesn’t back down at first either, before eventually turning his back on the champ to leave the ring. This leaves ‘The Animal’ to hold his title in the air, basking in the adulation of the crowd as we head to a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to silence, before the lights suddenly go out …


A good cheer rings through the Carver Arena as the introduction to A.F.I’s hit plays. The lights flicker with the beat, showing glimpses of the arena, before the spotlight eventually comes down to reveal CM Punk crouched down at the top of the stage. A look of enthusiasm in his eyes, Punk rises to his feet and swings his arm around, declaring it “clobbering time”, before heading down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Chhhhiiiicago, Illinois, weighing 22 lbs, C – M PUUUNNNK!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Friday Night SmackDown!, where just before we heard Batista say that his aim was to still be world champion come WrestleMania 23.

Tazz: He’s not gonna be if Randy Orton has anything to say about it, lemme tell you that, Cole.

Michael Cole: Well Orton did have something to say about it just before, but right now we’re looking at SmackDown!’s newest star, CM Punk, making his way to the ring ahead of action.

Tazz: We haven’t seen a whole lot from Punk just yet, but from what we have seen, I gotta say, he’s been impressive, holdin’ a pinfall victory over Booker T. It’s not just anyone who can say they hold somethin’ like that.

Punk comes down the rest of the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, gaining a good reaction from the crowd as he poses for them. With a bit of a smirk on his face, Punk heads for the ropes to grab a microphone, before coming back to the centre of the ring.

CM Punk: Uh … hi. For those of you who don’t remember me, my name is CM Punk …

A decent cheer is heard from the crowd, causing Punk to nod.

CM Punk: And I’m your newest superstar here on Friday Night SmackDown!. For those of you who do know me, or remember me from the past few weeks here on SmackDown!, you know there’s one thing that fuels me. It’s not alcohol, it’s not nicotine, and it sure isn’t drugs – yes, I’m straight edge – no, what fuels me and my love for this business is competition, and that’s exactly what I’m after here on Friday nights.

Another little cheer can be heard from the crowd.

CM Punk: It was what I was after when I signed my contract to come here after travelling the world wrestling for years, and it was what I was after when I made my debut two weeks ago by making Booker T tap out in the centre of this very ring.

A good pop this time for ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ comes in from the crowd, remembering the glorious memories of Punk beating Booker a few weeks back.

CM Punk: But that passion … that love for competition is nothing compared to what I’m feeling now. Y’see, there was this little event last Sunday night, you may have heard of it, it was called WrestleMania 22? Watching WrestleMania 22 backstage in my hometown of Chicago, Illinois … well, it’s fair to say that it got me thinking. It got me thinking about my future … it got me thinking that one day, one day maybe I could be competing at such an event in front of my hometown fans.

A pretty good cheer from Punk’s fellow Chicago natives.

CM Punk: And the only way I’m going to get there is by winning matches, so right here tonight, still in my home state of Illinois …

Punk gains a cheap pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: I’ve decided that tonight, I’m going to open up a challenge to anyone who feels they can pose a threat to me in the locker-room to start my way on my path to success.

Another good cheer, as CM Punk looks toward the stage.

CM Punk: So if anyone from the back feels they’re up to the challenge, now is the time to step up and accept it.

Silence, until …


Oh yeah! Both the crowd and CM Punk in the ring react with a collective sigh as Simon Dean rolls – that’s right, ROLLS – out onto the stage on the awesome Dean Machine. Someone tell me this isn’t the greatest gimmick ever.

Michael Cole: Well, I certainly don’t think this was what CM Punk was expecting.

Tazz: Yeah, Simon Dean is … well, let’s just say he’s not on the level of a guy like Booker T.

The fitness guru makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, his trusty bag slung over his shoulder, and a microphone in hand. A goofy smile on his face, Dean begins to talk.

Simon Dean: Now I know you weren’t expecting someone like me, ‘Punker’, but let’s face it, you were gonna have to step up against a star of my calibre eventually, so why not tonight?

The crowd boos the cocky Dean.

Simon Dean: As a matter of fact, I’m not just out here to beat you … no. Y’see, Punk man, my name is Simon Dean, and I am here to save you. I am here to save all of these people.

Dean turns to the crowd.

Simon Dean: I see a lot of fatties in the crowd here tonight …

The cheap heat rolls in from the crowd.

Simon Dean: But I’m not here to help them tonight, no, I’m here … to help you, Punkster. Y’see, here’s the thing – I know you say that your only addiction is competition because you’re one of those straight edge kids, but lemme tell you, competition is dangerous too. In fact, right here tonight, you’re about to get a competition overload at the hands of yours truly!

Yet again, boos are heard from the crowd again for the audacious Dean.

Simon Dean: Because while you might be about to OD on your little competition drug, I’m here to help you regain your strength, courtesy of my very special straight edge Simon System!

‘The Deaner’ grabs a large can of what we can only assume to be his Simon System, then tries to hand it to Punk.

Simon Dean: Go on, take it. It’s on the house, courtesy of the lean, mean ‘Dean Machine’!

Punk scrunches his face up, looking out at the product.

CM Punk: You’re saying I can have this … for free? No taxes, no anything? Tell you what … you beat me tonight, I’ll take your, uh … Simon System? Okay, and if I beat you tonight, how about you shut your mouth?

A good cheer from the crowd as the confident Dean nods away.

CM Punk: Good. Referee … ring the bell.

And away we go.

Match One – Singles Match:
CM Punk vs. Simon Dean

Despite Dean being, well, a joke, Punk shakes his hand at the start of the match, like normal, before the action gets underway. Thinking this means Punk sees him as his superior, Dean starts bounding around the ring like a moron … until Punk interrupts him with a sudden boot to the midsection. CM then locks in a side headlock, cranking away on Dean’s neck until he presses Punk back into the ropes into the ropes, then uses the momentum to shove him off … only for Punk to duck his clothesline attempt on the rebound, then smoothly grab Dean by the arm to send him running off to the ropes. ‘The Deaner’ bounces back … right into an arm drag. Dean gets up … dropkick to the jaw! Punk makes the cover … two!

Both men are right back up, Punk scoring with a flurry of kicks that forces Dean back into the corner, prompting the referee to back him away. The youngster, however, is right back in, showing his enthusiasm … as he walks right into the hands of Dean, who rakes his eyes! This leads to a short offensive period from Dean, who scores with a few basic slams and strikes, only for Punk to reverse an Irish whip, then catch him with a spectacular leg lariat on the rebound! Stunned, Dean gets up right into a series of open hand strikes to the face from Punk, who tops it off with a spinning back hand! Dean is completely out of it, standing on jelly legs as ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ gets him in a butterfly position, then lifts him up and drops him across his knee with a backbreaker!

Grabbing at his back, Dean rolls into the corner … only to get struck with a running knee to the jaw from Punk! Punk then grabs Dean around the head and charges out of the corner … running bulldog! Dean’s face slams into the mat, causing him to get back to his feet, swinging at air just as Punk, who rolled out to the apron, jumps up to the top rope … to fly into the ring and strike with a springboard clothesline! The crowd gives a good cheer as Punk gets back to his feet, then waits as Dean struggles back up … HE HOOKS HIM UP … URANAGE! PUNK TAKES DEAN DOWN … ANACONDA VISE LOCKED IN! PUNK HAS IT LOCKED IN … AND DEAN TAPS ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!

Winner: CM Punk via pinfall @ 4:02


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, C – M PUUUNNNK!

The crowd gives a good cheer as the Punk climbs back to his feet to have his hand raised victoriously by the referee. After basking in the cheers of the crowd for a moment, Punk shakes the hand of the downed Dean, before heading from the ring.

Michael Cole: CM Punk continuing to look impressive here on Friday nights. He’s now three from three.

Tazz: That may not have been Punk’s biggest test, but like you said Cole, he was impressive sure. This kid looks like he’s got a future here on Friday nights.

Michael Cole: Well moving on, backstage we have our broadcast colleague Josh Matthews standing by. Take it away, Josh.

We cut to the interview area backstage to indeed see Josh Matthews standing by in position.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, he is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry!

The crowd boos as the hulking figure of Mark Henry steps into view.

Josh Matthews: Now Mark, last Sunday night you fell short in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, where we saw Ric Flair walk out with the briefcase. Despite all of the competitors being given the night off tonight by Theodore Long to recuperate, do you have any plans for the future?

Henry just stands still, saying nothing, instead breathing heavily.

Josh Matthews: Uh, Mark, did you hear the-

Mark Henry: Finlay wants to fight? I’ll bring him a fight.

And with that, Mark Henry storms from view, leaving a confused Josh to look on …

… As we cut elsewhere backstage, where we the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan and the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz, along with Shannon Moore, are seated in a locker-room, preparing for their main event later. Things remain relatively silent … that is until the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista enters the shot.

Batista: Hey, guys, it’s good to see you. Rey-Rey, my man, that’s some good lookin’ gold you have over your shoulder.

Batista and Mysterio embrace, before Dave turns to Orlando and bumps knuckles with him.

Batista: Orlando, I loved watchin’ you win that gold there last Sunday.

‘The Animal’ now turns to The Hardy Boyz, slapping hands with them.

Batista: Matt, Jeff, it’s good to see you guys finally got your WrestleMania moment. You guys all ready for tonight?

Matt Hardy: You know it man, and don’t you worry, we won’t be lettin’ Orton get one over on you.

Batista: Hey, don’t you guys worry about Randy. Trust me, I think any one of you guys can go with him, which is why we had that little talk earlier, eh guys?

Jeff Hardy: Don’t think we forgot. You guys are on.

Batista: That’s good to hear-

???: Excuse me playas, I wouldn’t be interruptin’ anything, would I?

That voice can only belong to one man – the General Manager, Theodore Long, who now steps into view.

Batista: Teddy, it’s good to you back here on SmackDown!.

Theodore Long: It’s good to be here, but, uh, did you guys wanna see me about somethin’?

Batista: Yeah, I just wanted to see you to make sure you heard about the title matches.

Theodore Long: Yeah, I heard, and don’t worry, I signed all of them.

Orlando Jordan suddenly stands up, looking confused.

Orlando Jordan: Hang on … what title matches?

Theodore Long: Oh don’t worry, Orlando, you don’t have to defend your title. It’s just that these guys have agreed that next week, Rey Mysterio and Batista will be teamin’ up to challenge The Hardy Boyz for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

A big pop is heard from the crowd in the background.

Theodore Long: And the next week, Rey Mysterio will defend his Cruiserweight Title against Matt Hardy, while Batista will defend the World Heavyweight Title against Jeff Hardy.

Another good cheer comes from the crowd.

Batista: Don’t worry ‘bout it, Orlando, you don’t have to-

Orlando Jordan: But I want to.

Everyone seems a little taken off guard by this, perhaps showing that they think OJ is a little out of place.

Batista: What?

Orlando Jordan: I want to defend my title. Put me down for a match, Teddy.

Theodore Long: Well … okay. I guess in two weeks time, all of the singles titles here on SmackDown! can be defended.

Another booming cheer comes from the crowd.

Theodore Long: I’ll tell Booker T and Chris Benoit that’s when the rematch is on. Now is there anything else you guys wanted?

Batista: I think that was it.

Theodore Long: Alright, just holla at me if ya want somethin’ else, playas.

And with that Long exits the room, leaving a bit of an uneasy tension, the camera focusing upon Orlando Jordan’s focussed face as we head out to an ad break.

{Commercial Break}


We open the vignette to see Randy Orton standing tall in the spotlight on the turnbuckle.

The superstars of SmackDown! have had their time in the limelight …

Batista setting off his pyro.

They’ve put on their show …

We see an opening shot from WrestleMania 21.

And they’ve had their time in the sun …

We fade into a desert setting, with a Christian cross half-buried in the sand.

Or is their time in the sun just beginning?

Randy Orton hitting the RKO on Teddy Long.

The superstars of SmackDown! have done wrong …

Batista attacking Super Crazy.

They have sinned …

Close-up on the cross, with the sky turning dark, causing the cross to burn and The Undertaker to eppar in the background.

And now their judgment day … is coming.



Back to ringside …


The crowd gives the usual solid pop as the undefeated youngster, Bobby Lashley marches out onto the stage. With a smile on his face, Lashley heads to both sides of the stage to acknowledge the fans, before coming back to the centre and setting off his explosive pyrotechnics.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs, BBBBOBBY LLLLLAAAASSSHHHHLEY!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where now you are looking at perhaps the most exciting prospect in all of the WWE. Bobby Lashley has been undefeated since debuting last September, and last Sunday night at WrestleMania, he pulled off his biggest win yet by pinning JBL for the one two three.

Tazz: That was a huge win for Lashley for sure, and one that could really let his star start to shine. He’s been undefeated for over six months now, so who knows how far this kid could go.

Lashley slaps the hands of the fans on the way down the ramp, then springs up onto the apron, sending pyrotechnics flying from the ringposts, before climbing up into the ring and posing for the fans.


Some good heat now comes from the crowd as the intense Paul Burchill sidles his way out onto the stage, alone tonight.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Chelsea, England, weighing 260 lbs, PAAUUULLLLL BBBBUURRRCHILL!

Michael Cole: Paul Burchill here tonight, representing JBL, I guess you could say, who we haven’t seen since he lost to Bobby Lashley last Sunday night at WrestleMania 22.

Tazz: It was a big loss for JBL, who had a lot to say in the lead up to that match. A lotta people are sayin’ Lashley humiliated him last Friday night, and, by all reports, he ain’t here tonight.

Burchill makes his way down the ramp without any fuss, before climbing up into the ring and setting himself.

Match Two – Singles Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. Paul Burchill

As soon as the bell rings, these two bulls come forward and engage in an intense lockup. Neither man is able to get an advantage initially, although eventually the superior size of Lashley wins out, forcing Burchill back to the corner. Rather than going on the attack though, ‘The Dominator’ retreats back, allowing for a clean break. After a brief stare down, the two competitors now meet again, engaging in a second lockup, with Lashley once again forcing Burchill back to the corner. Once again, Lashley allows for the clean break … only for Paul Burchill to take a cheap shot, booting his opponent in the midsection.

Having stunned Lashley, Burchill turns the tables, forcing him back into the corner so he can lambast him with some heavy right hands, before sending him off with an Irish whip into the opposite corner … only for Lashley to charge back out and take his opponent down with a clothesline! A cheer rings from the crowd as Burchill struggles up, only to be rammed back into the corner so that Lashley can ram his shoulder straight through his midsection time and time again! The referee finally forces a break, allowing Burchill to come out of the corner, right into the clutches of Lashley … running powerslam … no! Burchill slips off Lashley’s back and pushes him chest first into the corner! Holding at his pectorals, Lashley turns … right into a big boot from Burchill!

From here Burchill takes control of the match for the next few minutes, using his physical style to smother Lashley, not allowing him to use his power. Burchill, however, being the fiery character that he is, struggles to keep his focus, showing his inexperience when he argues with the referee following a choke on Lashley. This gives Lashley time to recover, so that when Burchill turns back to him, he’s able to strike him in the midsection with a right hand. This sends Burchill reeling back, allowing Lashley to strike with another right to the mid, before getting to his feet and forcing his opponent back with some rights to the face. The crowd behind him, Lashley looks to make the momentum his as he goes for an Irish whip … but Burchill reverses … pulling Lashley into a knee lift to the midsection! Lashley immediately doubles over in pain, allowing Burchill to run off into the ropes … only to bounce back into a big back body drop from B-Lash!

Burchill gets back up while tending to his back in pain, allowing Lashley to charge in and take him down with a forearm, before doing the same with a reverse elbow when he gets back up. This time Burchill gets sent into the corner with an Irish whip when he rises, allowing Lashley to charge in and squash him with a corner clothesline! Struggling, Burchill comes from the corner, allowing Lashley to scoop him up … then drill him with a running powerslam! Lashley hooks the leg … two! Burchill just kicks out! Lashley glances up at the referee, making sure it’s just two … before heading across to the corner … and crouching down! The crowd buzzes as The Blueblood starts to struggle back to his feet … before turning to face Lashley … AND GETTING NAILED WITH THE SPEAR … NO! BURCHILL SIDESTEPS … LASHLEY GOES FACE FIRST INTO THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE! Lashley pulls away, holding his face in pain … jumping neckbreaker! Burchill catches him with the jumping neckbreaker, before quickly hooking the leg … two!

Paul Burchill is absolutely irate, having thought he had the match won for sure. With a fire in his eyes, Burchill hammers away on Lashley with some right hands, before getting back to his feet and demanding that Lashley get up. Slowly but surely, B-Lash does just that … then turns into a clothesline from Burchill … no! Lashley catches him … then throws him overhead with a spectacular exploder suplex! The crowd gives a great pop as Burchill flops back up, just as Lashley hits the ropes … TO COME BACK WITH THE SPEAR! LASHLEY SPEARS BURCHILL IN HALF! Bobby Lashley hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall @ 6:35


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, BBBBOBBY LLLLAAAASSHHHHLEY!

The crowd gives a good pop as the still undefeated Lashley gets to his feet to have his hand thrust up into the air by the referee. A smile on his face, Lashley is happy to acknowledge the fans, heading to the corner to celebrate.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley with another convincing victory, following up on his big win this past Sunday at WrestleMania.

Tazz: And Lashley don’t look like stoppin’ any time soon now. The upside this guy has is HUGE, and if ya ask me, he’s gonna be a big player here in the future on SmackDown!.

Lashley continues to celebrate, when …


The crowd erupts into heat as the familiar music starts up.

“Whoa, hold up a second. I thought JBL wasn’t here.”

The music continues to play, with no sign of anyone to be seen … until on the screen we see the message “JBL makes his triumphant return next week on Friday Night SmackDown!”. The music now stops, leaving a frustrated Lashley to look up at the tron.

Michael Cole: His triumphant return? JBL has only been gone a week!

Tazz: And I dunno about triumphant either. I mean, last we saw, he was losin’ to Bobby Lashley.

Michael Cole: The audacity of JBL is absolutely unbelievable. What will we see from him? I guess we have to wait until next week to find out.

We continue to look at Lashley in the ring …

… Until we cut backstage to see Brian Kendrick warming up for his match. The crowd gives a good cheer as Kendrick does a few squats, before taking a drink of water and going to take off … until Paul London hits the scene.

Paul London: Hey Brian.

Brian Kendrick: Uh … hey Paul, whatcha up to?

Paul London: Not a whole lot, really. Not in action tonight, ‘cause, you may have saw, but I fractured my ribs last Sunday night at WrestleMania.

Brian Kendrick: At least Kennedy got the worst of it, right?

London chuckles to himself.

Paul London: Yeah, yeah, he’s supposed to have broken his. Uh, hey, listen, I may be being a little forward here, and I know you didn’t mind lettin’ me step out on my own for WrestleMania, but ya don’t mind if I come out to the ring with you tonight?

Kendrick looks a little uncomfortable, not sure what to say.

Brian Kendrick: Uh … yeah, sure, you can come with me, Paul … I- I guess.

A smile comes over the face of London.

Brian Kendrick: Alright, let’s go.

The seemingly reunited London and Kendrick leave our view, allowing us to fade out to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break back at ringside with our announce team duo.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where, still to come we have two of our cruiserweights in action, plus William Regal going one on one with Chris Benoit and our ten man tag team main event.

Tazz: That match is gonna be a rocketbuster for sure, ain’t no doubtin’ that with-

Michael Cole: I’m sorry to interrupt, Tazz, but it seems like we’ve got a little situation backstage. I’m being told we’re going to head there now.

As Cole said, we now cut backstage … to see Finlay down on the floor … bleeding from the back of the head! A few boos can be heard from the crowd as backstage workers swarm around ‘The Fighting Irishman’, asking what happened. Finlay, however, is knocked out, in no state to answer, unaware of the giant commotion that is happening around him.

Back to ringside.

Tazz: I- I don’t think I’ve ever seen Finlay like that.

Michael Cole: And I don’t think there’s any prize for guessing who is responsible, Tazz. We heard what Mark Henry said earlier. He said he was going to bring Finlay a fight. It looks like Finlay never saw him coming.

Silence …


A reasonably good pop can be heard from the crowd as Brian Kendrick marches out onto the stage in his wrestling gear, followed by Paul London, who is dressed casually. BK takes a brief moment to look out at the crowd, before charging down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Olympia, Washington, weighing 184 lbs, BRRRIIIIIAN KENDRICK!

Michael Cole: Well, moving on ladies and gentlemen, right now we’re about to see some cruiserweight action, where, unlike in recent weeks, we’ll be seeing Brian Kendrick and not Paul London.

Tazz: Big chance for Brian Kendrick to prove himself here for sure. He’ll have watched his partner London stealin’ the show in the Money in the Bank at WrestleMania, and now it’s his time to stand up.

Kendrick charges down the ramp and slides up into the ring, full of life as he climbs to the second rope to acknowledge the fans, before backflipping back into the middle of the ring.


A decent mixed reaction comes in from the crowd as Jamie Noble makes his way out onto the stage, having been featured a little more heavily than most cruiserweights of late. ‘The Redneck Messiah’ paces back and forth at the top of the stage, his eyes full of fire, before marching down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Hannover, West Virginia, weighing 202 lbs, JAMIIEEE NNNNOOOOBLE!

Michael Cole: Well Tazz, tonight Brian Kendrick is going one on one with Jamie Noble, but does the fact that Paul London is at ringside weigh into his mind. I mean, it seemed to me like he was a little uncomfortable with London backstage.

Tazz: It may, but right now Brian Kendrick is gonna have to try to focus all of his energies on that man walkin’ down the ramp, Jamie Noble. Jamie’s a tough S.O.B who can hurt you in a lotta ways, so Kendrick’s gonna have to be on top of his game here tonight if he even wants to survive, let alone win.

Noble makes his way down the rest of the ramp and climbs up into the ring to pose for the crowd to a decent cheer, before dropping down, ready for action.

Match Three – Singles Match:
Brian Kendrick w/Paul London vs. Jamie Noble

The match gets underway with a mutual show of respect as both men come forward to slap hands, before beginning to circle around the ring. Both men look somewhat weary, not taking their eyes off their opponent for even a second as they come forward and eventually lock hands. After a brief test of strength, it’s Brian Kendrick who takes the initial control of the match, grabbing Noble by the arm and twisting it overhead into a wristlock. Kendrick then seamlessly moves behind Noble, taking it into a hammerlock, before abandoning the arm of his opponent to grab a side headlock. Noble isn’t stuck there for long though, quickly countering by taking Kendrick’s arm and transitioning into a hammerlock. Like his opponent, Noble thinks headlock next, although he takes BK over to do it, locking in a grounded side headlock.

The crowd sounds their appreciation for this, with a smattering of applause coming in, only for Kendrick to wrap his legs around the head of Noble, forcing Jamie to kip up out as both men get up. This time it’s Kendrick who utilises the headlock takedown, allowing him to use the grounded side headlock … but Noble this time locks in the headcissors, forcing Kendrick to kip up and out! Both men are immediately back up, with Kendrick quick to strike with an arm drag! Quick as a flash, both get back to their feet again … arm drag from Noble … both men get up … and both look for a dropkick! Getting back to their feet, the two men nod respectfully at one another, before coming forth to slap hands again … when Jamie Noble lifts his knee up into the midriff of Kendrick!

The air driven out of his lungs, Kendrick doubles over … and gets his skull cracked with a headbutt from Jamie Noble! This forces Kendrick back to the ropes, allowing Noble to follow him in and look for an Irish whip … but Kendrick still has enough about him to counter, sending Noble to the ropes, before catching him with an arm drag on the rebound. Both men get back up, with Kendrick again scoring with an arm drag, before a hip toss allows him to make a cover … two! Both men get back to their feet, with Kendrick able to go on the offense, forcing Noble back to the corner with some forearms and kicks. Looking to follow up on his offense, Kendrick tries to Irish whip Noble off to the opposite corner, only for Noble to reverse, allowing Kendrick to spring up to the second rope … twisting crossbody … no! Noble dives out of the way, leaving Kendrick to crash and burn on the mat!

This allows Noble to begin to dominate, focusing on the ribs of Kendrick as he tries to press for the victory. Kendrick, however, is able keep in the match, surviving multiple nearfalls, forcing Noble to charge things up and lock in a bodyscissors. With the hold synched in, Noble screams at Kendrick to tap, demanding he give it in. Kendrick is full of fight though, refusing to submit, with his partner London, along with the crowd, trying to will him on. This seems to give Kendrick a second wind as he begins to fight up, forcing Noble to transition into a rear chin lock to try to hold him down … but Kendrick won’t be denied!

BK gets right back up to his feet, nailing some elbows to the midsection of Noble, loosening his grip, before taking him by the arm and flipping him over with an arm drag! The adrenaline rushing through his veins, Kendrick strikes with a flurry of rights, before looking for an Irish whip, which Noble reverses. Desperate to regain his advantage, Noble looks for a clothesline as Kendrick bounces back off the ropes, only for Kendrick to duck it, then spring back off the opposite ropes to hit a big jumping forearm to Noble, knocking him down! Another big forearm follows, before Kendrick sends Noble off with an Irish whip, then scores with a dropkick on the button! Kendrick hooks the leg … two!

Noble attempts to struggle away to the corner, looking for some space … only for Kendrick to charge in and strike with Dr. Smoothie’s Secret Recipe! Noble staggers out of the corner, looking damn near out of it … leg lariat from Kendrick! BK grabs the cover … TWO! Kendrick can’t believe it, glancing up at the referee to make sure it was two, before declaring the match over. With the crowd behind him, Kendrick waits as Noble gets up … THEN THINKS SLICED BREAD #2 … BUT NOBLE PUSHES KENDRICK OFF INTO THE CORNER! Kendrick hits the corner chest first, then turns to rest against it … corner spear!

His ribs giving him great trouble, Kendrick comes from the corner holding them … and walks right into a fireman’s carry from Noble … WHO THEN DROPS KENDRICK ACROSS HIS KNEES WITH A GUTBUSTER! Kendrick remains doubled over as Noble runs off to the ropes … THEN COMES BACK WITH A RUNNING SINGLE LEG DROPKICK! Kendrick looks out of it! Noble quickly hooks the leg … TWO! Noble can’t believe it! Kendrick kicks outs!

Noble makes sure it was just two, before running his hands over the top of his head and getting up, this time declaring it over himself. Kendrick is the one struggling up this time … right into a kick to the midsection from Noble … who butterflies the arms … TIGER BOMB TIME … NO! KENDRICK SPINS OUT OF IT … AND NAILS THE SUPERKICK! Noble is out on his feet … as Kendrick grabs him by the head … AND RUNS HIM TO THE CORNER TO COME BACK WITH THE SLICED BREAD #2! KENDRICK NAILS IT! BK hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Brian Kendrick via pinfall @ 8:34


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, BRIIIIAN KENNNNDRICK!

The crowd shows their appreciation of a great effort as Kendrick gets back to his feet to have his hand raised by the referee. A relieved smile on his face, Kendrick continues to enjoy the victory … until Paul London climbs in the ring, causing Kendrick to look a little uncomfortable.

Michael Cole: A heck of an effort there from Brian Kendrick, perhaps catapulting him into contention to challenge for the Cruiserweight Title sometime in the future.

Tazz: Yeah, and Kendrick did look happy about it until he was joined by Paul London in the ring.

Michael Cole: There’s certainly some tension there, but I personally think Kendrick is just looking to prove himself, just like London did at WrestleMania.

Tazz: I dunno about that. I think Kendrick might be sick of London already.

The two remain in the ring, Kendrick celebrating his victory …

… Until we cut backstage to see Randy Orton, Booker T (with Sharmell), Kid Kash and MNM, all seated in a locker-room, looking dejected. No one says something, until Orton decides to take charge.

Randy Orton: Come on guys, tonight’s a big night for us. I mean, sure, WrestleMania wasn’t our night, but tonight’s our chance to make up for it. Tonight we can make a difference … tonight we can earn our rematches, because, let’s face it, Teddy Long hasn’t done anything for us.

Orton turns to Booker T.

Randy Orton: I mean, look at you, ‘Book’. You shouldn’t have even had to defend your title at WrestleMania against Chris Benoit, let alone Orlando Jordan.

Orton now turns to Kid Kash.

Randy Orton: Kid Kash, you only had to defend your title against Rey Mysterio because Teddy Long wouldn’t come out and declare you the greatest cruiserweight of all-time in the first place.

TLK now comes to MNM.

Randy Orton: And you, MNM, you guys shouldn’t have had to deal with Shannon Moore at ringside. It was Teddy Long who let him join The Hardy Boyz, despite being injured. The point is that tonight, we’re facing Teddy Long’s boys, and tonight we can make a difference, not just for me, but for all of you.

MNM rise to their feet, looking motivated.

Johnny Nitro: Y’know what? You’re right, Randy.

Kid Kash is now up.

Kid Kash: I am the greatest cruiserweight of all-time.

Orton now turns to Booker T, who remains down.

Randy Orton: What about you, Booker? Are you-

???: Excuse me, gentlemen.

We now see the General Manager, Theodore Long step into view.

Randy Orton: Teddy … we were just talking about you.

Theodore Long: Cute Randy. Now listen playas, I just had to drop by to tell Booker that in two weeks time, he’ll be gettin’ his rematch against against Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan for the United States Championship in a Triple Threat Match.

Booker’s eyes pop out of his head as he looks at Long, perhaps not believing he doesn’t have a one on one rematch.

Theodore Long: Now you gentlemen know where to find me if there’s anything you wanna discuss. Holla holla.

Long now exits the shot, leaving a fuming Booker T breathing heavily, before springing up to his feet.

Booker T: Let’s do ‘dis.

With both five man teams now known to be united in their causes, we fade away to another commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break at ringside …


A good pop sounds throughout the arena as the no fuss Chris Benoit steps out onto the stage. Benoit nods in acknowledgement of the fans at the top of the stage, then raises his arms, before walking down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 lbs, CHRRRRIIISSSS BENOIT!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where our main event is still to come, but right now we’ll be seeing this man Chris Benoit, who fell just short of becoming United States Champion at WrestleMania, going one on one with William Regal.

Tazz: A lotta people thought Benoit was gonna win the title at WrestleMania, but, as you said Cole, he fell just short against Orlando Jordan in the end. Still, as we just found out, with a rematch to come in two weeks, Benoit is still right in the title hunt.

Benoit climbs up into the ring, then circles around the ring, waiting for his opponent.


The music of The Bluebloods hits for the second time tonight as William Regal walks out onto the stage. The usual disgusted expression on his face, Regal makes his way down the ramp without paying any other attention to the crowd.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Blackpool, England, weighing 248 lbs, WILLIAM RRREEEEEGAL!

Michael Cole: It’s not going to be an easy match for Benoit tonight though, coming up against the veteran, William Regal.

Tazz: These two have a history of great matches together, so we should be in for a treat here. As a matter of fact, it was a match with Benoit that got Regal hired here to the WWE in the first place.

Regal climbs up into the ring now, joining Benoit as both men prepare for action.

Match Four – Singles Match:
Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

With two of the best pure wrestlers in the WWE standing at opposite sides of the ring, the crowd buzzes, ready for a great match. Neither man makes a move for a moment, weary of what their opponent is capable of, having met multiple times in the past. Slowly but surely both men come forward, their hands outstretched, looking for a lockup … only for Regal to pull back at the last second. The crowd boos, not that Regal cares, as the Englishman now looks to regather himself, moving back to his corner. Having taken some time, Regal finally comes forward, content he’s ready to meet Benoit … only to again pull out at the last moment.

The sound of boos ring throughout the arena once again as Regal moves back to the corner, this time paying attention to the crowd’s insults, turning to tell them, in no uncertain terms, to shut their mouths. Regal then turns back to Benoit … only to get his chest lighted up by a thunderous knife edge chop from Benoit! Regal reels back, allowing Benoit to kick him in the midsection, then lock in a side headlock. Looking to fight his way out, Regal backs into the ropes, then bounces back to try to generate momentum to push Benoit off, only for Benoit to drop to a knee, halting him. ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ then wisely snaps Regal over with a headlock takedown, grounding him in a side headlock.

Regal is quick to counter out, getting a headcissors on Benoit, forcing him to kip up and climb back to his feet. It’s here that Regal takes Benoit by the arm, twisting it overhead into a wristlock, before transitioning into a hammerlock. Benoit tries to fight free, although Regal is one step ahead, now going low to take Benoit down by the legs, tripping him up. The Brit is quick to float over the top of Benoit, looking for a front facelock, only for Benoit to take him by the arm and spin out of it, transitioning into a hammerlock. On his knees, Regal struggles at first, before slipping through the legs of Benoit, taking Benoit’s arm with him so he can flip ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ up and make a quick cover … just a one count.

Both men get back up now, with Benoit quick to take the arm and float behind Regal with amazing grace, scoring with an amateur wrestling takedown. Showing his skills, Benoit floats over Regal with ease, then grabs a front facelock on his foe. Regal, like Benoit before, looks to take the arm of his opponent, only for Benoit to keep the hold applied, cranking on Regal’s neck with all his might. Forced to change things up, Regal climbs back to his feet, then, rather than breaking Benoit’s hold, instead decides to use a move of his own, picking the leg of Benoit to take him down. Benoit now finds himself on the defensive, flipped onto his front … AS REGAL LOOKS FOR THE REGAL STRETCH … NO! Benoit wriggles free, slipping out from under the Brit.

Both men get back to their feet, The Blueblood having to turn to face Benoit, allowing Benoit to score with a double leg … SHARPSHOOTER TIME! BENOIT TRIES TO HOOK THE LEGS … BUT REGAL KICKS FREE! Regal ditches the chain wrestling, instead deciding to kick Benoit square in the mouth, forcing him to fall back! Both men get right back to their feet, Regal charging as he looks to turn this into more of a brawl … only to charge right into a big chop from Chris Benoit! The former World Heavyweight Champion nails Regal with a few more chops, lighting up his chest, before sending Regal off with an Irish whip … then grabbing him by the head and throwing him out through the ropes to the floor on the rebound!

Regal lands on the floor with a thud, allowing Benoit time to recover, sizing Regal up from inside the ring as he rises … BEFORE FLYING THROUGH THE ROPES AND INTO HIM WITH A SENSATIONAL SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd gives a great cheer as Benoit climbs back to his feet, nodding to the crowd, before turning back to a rising Regal and booting him in the midsection. Doubled over, Regal seems defenceless as Benoit thinks Irish whip … only for Regal to reverse and send Benoit crashing into the steel steps! The crowd gasps as Benoit comes away from the impact holding his knee, yelping in pain, leaving Regal on top as we head to a break.

We come back from the break to see William Regal still in charge of the match, having dominated the commercial break by working over the knee of Benoit. The offense from Regal continues here, with a few attempts at a comeback from Benoit, only for Regal to fight him off. Eventually Regal starts to get frustrated though, as, after a kick to the knee and exploder suplex, Benoit still manages to kick out. This prompts Regal to call for the end, backing away as Benoit starts to get up … AND REGAL CHARGES FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER … NO! Benoit raises his head up out of the way … then rocks Regal with a big chop! The crowd cries out in approval as Benoit hits a few more chops, prompting Regal to panic and look for a wild forearm … only for Benoit to duck, then throw Regal overhead with a German suplex!

Both men remain down following that move, taking their time to recover as Regal tries to regain his senses, having been dumped on the back of his head, while Benoit tries to recuperate from what Regal has put him through. Their movements sluggish, both men finally fight back to their feet, before going toe to toe in the middle of the ring, Regal striking with a left hand. Benoit returns the favour, hitting a right hand, prompting Regal to fire back with a left. Benoit hits another right, with Regal coming right back at him with a left … only for Benoit to change things up with a chop. This time Regal hits a European uppercut, only for Benoit to hit another chop … European uppercut … chop … European uppercut … chop … chop … chop … knee lift! Regal strikes with a knee lift … then another … and another! Regal rattles Benoit’s brains, almost sending him down to the mat … only for Benoit to ram his head into Regal’s with a headbutt! Benoit hits another few headbutts, sending Regal back into the ropes, before sending him off with an Irish whip … then scoring with a knee lift to the midsection!

Regal tumbles over, then gets back up to get an elbow to the head, before being taken down with a clothesline. Disorientated, Regal staggers back up to be booted right in the midsection, then taken over with a quick snap suplex! Benoit hooks the leg … two! Both men get back to their feet now, Benoit moving quick to grab Regal by the midsection … but Regal counters with a standing switch … then throws him over with a half nelson suplex! Benoit lands right on the back of his head, causing him to get up near the ropes, doubled over … ALLOWING REGAL TO CHARGE ACROSS AND SCORE WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER! REGAL SENDS BENOIT FALLING THROUGH THE ROPES WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER!

Regal can’t believe his luck, having to roll out of the ring so he can roll Benoit back in, then slide back in to make a cover … TWO! BENOIT JUST KICKS OUT! Regal can’t believe it, shouting at the referee that it must be three, before going after Benoit … REGAL STRETCH … NO! BENOIT FIGHTS FREE, KICKING REGAL OFF! Both men now climb back to their feet, Regal charging to look for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks … then scores with a German suplex … and gets the hands clasped! With the waistlock still locked in, Benoit hauls Regal back up … then hits him with a second German suplex … before landing a third! Benoit hits the trio!

The crowd goes nuts as Benoit climbs to his feet, then does his classic throat slashing motion, before heading to the top rope. The crowd buzzes in anticipation, looking on as Benoit gets right to the top … THEN COMES DOWN … TO SCORE WITH THE DIVING HEADBUTT! Benoit makes the cover … BUT HE ONLY GETS TWO! The crowd and Benoit both can’t believe it, with Regal having only just survived … PROMPTING BENOIT TO GO FOR THE ARM OF REGAL, THINKING CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! The crowd gives a big cheer as Benoit claws at Regal … ONLY FOR REGAL TO GRAB THE BOTTOM ROPE IN DESPERATION!

Benoit shakes his head, realising he can’t get the crossface … SO HE INSTEAD GRABS THE LEGS OF REGAL FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER … ONLY FOR REGAL TO KICK HIM IN THE KNEE HE TARGETED! Benoit reels away, grabbing at his knee when Regal takes him down … THEN LOCKS IN THE REGAL STRETCH! Regal has the hold locked in, shouting at Benoit to tap, putting as much pressure as possible on the injured knee of Benoit! Despite this, Benoit refuses to tap, having too much pride to submit, at least for now, although the pressure may soon become too much. Still, Benoit fights, clawing towards the ropes … BEFORE RAISING HIS HAND UP …

… AND REACHING OUT TO GRAB THE BOTTOM ROPE! Benoit just survives, forcing Regal to break the ropes. A frustrated look on his face, Regal finally releases the hold, before motioning for Benoit to get up … WHICH HE EVENTUALLY DOES, ALLOWING HIMSELF TO BE STRUCK WITH THE KNEE TREMBLER … NO! BENOIT AVOIDS IT THIS TIME … THEN GOES CROSSFACE! Benoit tries to take Regal down … only for Regal to trip Benoit up and roll him up … THEN HOOK THE TOP ROPE WITH HIS FREE ARM … AND GET THE THREE!

Winner: William Regal via pinfall @ 14:32


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, WILLIAM RRREEEGAL!

The crowd boos vehemently, not at all happy with how the match ended as Regal quickly gets out of dodge, rolling from the ring. In the ring, Benoit is far from happy, telling the referee Regal somehow cheated, only for the referee to tell him he saw nothing.

Michael Cole: William Regal has stolen one right there! That was a tremendous contest, with both men giving their all, only for William Regal to cheat to win.

Tazz: What matters is gettin’ the ‘w’, and that’s exactly what Regal did here. It don’t matter how you do it, so long as you get the job done in the end.

Michael Cole: Well, call me old fashioned, partner, but I like to see an ending fitting to the rest of the contest, and that isn’t what we got here.

As Regal continues to back up the ramp, we now cut away, going to an ad break.

{Commercial Break}

Returning from the break, we’re back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, our main event still to come, but folks, right now we want to take a look back at and reflect upon what we saw last Sunday night.

Tazz: Last Sunday night was amazing sure, quite possibly the greatest WrestleMania of all-time.

Michael Cole: We could tell you about it, but we could also just show you the event that was WrestleMania 22.


“Hello …”

We see the explosion of pyro on the stage at the beginning of the show.

“Let me introduce you to …”

The announcers at ringside are shown.

“The characters …”

Numerous flashing faces.

“In the show …”

More flashing faces.

“One says yes, one says no …”

Eric Bischoff, Mr. McMahon and Theodore Long are shown backstage on the couches.

“Decide – which voice in your head you can keep alive …”

The Hall of Famers are shown on the stage.

“Even in madness I know you still believe …”

The chants of “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” from the crowd.

“Paint me your canvas so I become …”

Bobby Lashley and John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield come out.

“What you could never be …”

Lashley gets the win with the Spear.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire …”

Kane and Big Show make their entrance.

“Wear my soul and call me a liar …”

Kane and Big Show retain their titles after a miscommunication from The World’s Greatest Tag Team.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire …”

Orlando Jordan steps into the ring with two veterans with the US Title on the line.

“I dare you to tell me, I dare you to …”

And he comes out as the new United States Champion.

“Hello …”

The eight faces in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match make their way down.

“Are you still chasing …”

People grabbing at the briefcase.

“The memories …”

Ric Flair reaches the top of the ladder.

“In shadows …”

Gregory Helms climbs up.

“Some stay young …”

Helms starts to win the battle.

“Some grow old …”

Flair fights back.

“Come alive …”

Flair prevails and wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

“There are thoughts unclear you can never hide …”

Kid Kash is shown bowing to Mysterio and bragging.

“Even in madness I know you still believe …”

Mysterio manages to defeat Kash to become the new champion.

“Paint me your canvas so I become …”

Mickie James and Trish Stratus come out.

“What you could never be …”

Mickie wins the title, becoming the role model Stratus couldn’t be.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire …”

MNM and The Hardy Boyz do battle.

“Wear my soul and call me a liar …”

An assist from Shannon Moore gets The Hardy Boyz the win.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through the fire …”

Numerous pictures of the brutality of the No Holds Barred Match are shown.

“I dare you tell to me, I dare you to …”

Triple H puts Shawn Michaels down with the sledgehammer.

“Hello …”

Edge, John Cena make their way out.

“Hello …”

A focus on the WWE Title is shown.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire …”

Edge manages to walk through the fire by beating two guys no one thought he would beat.

“Wear my soul and call me a liar …”

RVD and The Undertaker come out.

“I dare you to tell me to walk through fire …”

RVD is shown dominating The Undertaker.

“I dare you to tell me, I dare you to …”

Only for The Undertaker to win.

“Hello …”

Randy Orton is shown coming out.

“Hello …”

Batista too.

“I dare you to tell me, I dare you to …”

And Batista prevails thanks to the Batista Bomb.

“I dare you to tell me, I dare you to …”

We see Batista standing tall, pyro in the background as we fade … to … black.


Back to ringside …


The heat from the crowd rolls in as, for the second time tonight, ‘The Legend Killer’, Randy Orton steps out onto the stage, set for action.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, the next time SmackDown! will be on Pay-Per-View is Judgment Day on May 21st, but up next it’s our main event ten man tag team champions match. That’s next here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Time for an ad break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we now see that Orton has been joined in the ring by his partners Booker T (who has Sharmell by his side), Kid Kash and MNM.


The crowd goes absolutely nuts as the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz dance out onto the stage, joined by Shannon Moore. With the tag titles gleaming around their waists, the champs put on quite a show at the top of the stage, before making their way down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing a combined weight of 455 lbs, they are the W – W – E TAG TEAM CHAAAMMMPIONS, MATT AND JEFF, THE HAAARRRRDY BOYZ!

Michael Cole: It was five nights ago that, for the first time in over four years, The Hardy Boyz climbed back to the top of the tag team mountain, not just claiming the WWE Tag Team Titles, but, for the first time in their careers, claiming themselves a WrestleMania moment to remember.

Tazz: And that meant a lot to Matt and Jeff. Anyone who knows them knows it’s been their dream for their whole lives to win the tag team titles at WrestleMania as a team, and for that to finally happen is great for them. MNM, on the other hand, well tonight they’re gonna be lookin’ for revenge.

The Hardy Boyz and Moore risely stop at the bottom of the ramp, not yet sliding into the ring.


The crowd gives a decent response now, although nothing too special, as the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan makes his way out, title around his waist. Jordan appears somewhat nervous, though proud to be champion, as he bounces around at the top of the stage, before making his way down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His partners, first, from Miami, Florida, weighing 255 lbs, he is the W – W – E UNIIITED STATES CHAAAMMMPION, ORLANDDDOOOOO JOOORRRDAN!

Michael Cole: For Orlando Jordan, WrestleMania 22 was the biggest night of his career. Coming into his very first WrestleMania, Orlando was seen as an outsider at best in the Three Way Dance, but he has come out the new United States Champion.

Tazz: A lotta people said Orlando had no chance at WrestleMania, and personally, I was one who thought that, but you gotta believe, in two weeks time when he has his first title defence, Orlando might be findin’ himself in trouble.

Jordan walks down the ramp to join his partners, still waiting for the other two to arrive before climbing in the ring.


The crowd erupts with a great cheer now as the beat begins, bringing the arrival of the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, who springs up from the stage, pyro flying out from under him. After acknowledging the fans on either side of the stage, the little man makes his way on down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: From San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, he the W – W – E CRUISERWEIGHT CHAAMMMPION OF THE WORLD, RRRREEEYYYY MYSTERRRRRIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: For Rey Mysterio, last Sunday night wasn’t just about becoming champion once again for a record setting seventh time, but it was also about cementing himself as a legend of the cruiserweight division, something he surely has now done.

Tazz: I don’t think there’s any doubtin’ that Rey is one of the greats, but, given the chance, I think Kid Kash would have somethin’ to say about him being the greatest of all-time, even after what happened this past Sunday night.

Having slapped hands with the fans and embraced those with Mysterio masks, Rey-Rey joins his partners at the foot of the ramp and bumps knuckles with them, waiting for his final partner …


The biggest pop of the night is reserved for the second arrival of the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Like earlier, ‘The Animal’ goes through his usual routine, firing up the fans on either side of the stage, before setting off his pyrotechnics at the top of the ramp with a bang.

Tony Chimel: Their partner, from Washington D.C, weighing 295 lbs, he is the WOOORRRRLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAAAAMMMPION, ‘THEEEEEE ANIMAL’, BATIIIIIISSSSTA!

Michael Cole: And here comes ‘The Animal’! Last Sunday night at WrestleMania, Batista made it a year at the top, having held the World Heavyweight Title since WrestleMania 21, and earlier tonight, Batista said he intended to hold that title all of the way to WrestleMania 23.

Tazz: That’d be a heck of an accomplishment, but right now Batista has to worry that he’s got Randy Orton comin’ after him tonight, and Randy ain’t gonna be happy after losin’ at WrestleMania, that’s for sure.

Batista makes it to the foot of the ramp, then, along with his partners, removes his belts … before sliding into the ring to meet his opponents, getting the match off with a bang!

Match Five – Ten Man Tag Team Match:
Randy Orton, Kid Kash, Booker T and MNM w/Sharmell and Melina vs. WWE Tag Team Champions The Hardy Boyz, United States Champion Orlando Jordan, Cruiserweight Champion Rey Mysterio and World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/Shannon Moore

The referee calls for the bell, making it official as the ten men involved in the match engage in an all out brawl! There’s chaos everywhere, with all ten men flying around, the action spilling out to ringside and even up the ramp for the first few minutes of the match, the advantage being traded a few times in the process. In the end, the match starts to settle down when Batista throws Randy Orton from the ring, leaving Kid Kash to slide into the ring and look for a sneak attack on ‘Tista … only to run into a reverse elbow. With the other competitors starting to climb up onto their respective corners, Batista is able to grab Kid Kash and drag him across to the corner, tagging in Rey Mysterio.

The crowd gives a good reaction as Mysterio enters the fray, looking to punish his rival Kash with some kicks to the hamstring. Mysterio then grabs Kash by the hair and runs him to the corner, looking to slam his face down off the turnbuckle, only for ‘Double K’ to reverse, smashing Mysterio’s face off the turnbuckle instead. Stunned, Mysterio is rammed back into the corner by Kid Kash, who drives his shoulder into the midsection of Rey-Rey a few times, before tagging in Joey Mercury.

Mercury comes in and strikes with some hard right hands, before backing away and measuring Rey up, taking a few mock pictures so he can charge in … and get struck in the jaw by a raised boot from Rey! Feeling he can free himself, Mysterio now elbows his opponents on the apron, before charging out of the corner and rolling under a clothesline from Mercury. A worried Mercury turns to Mysterio … and gets sent back into the corner with a hurricanrana! The control now his, Mysterio tags in his friend Matt Hardy, then immediately goes about working together with him, sending Mercury off with an Irish whip, before Matt scores with a drop toe hold on him on the rebound … and Mysterio follows up with a quick leg drop to the back of the head. Matt hooks the leg … two!

Matt gets back to his feet, guiding Mercury with him by the hair to drag him to the corner and tag Jeff in for the first time. Following their WrestleMania victory, the WWE Tag Team Champions go to work, sending Mercury off with an Irish whip, before scoring with a double hip toss on the rebound. With Mercury down, both Hardy Boyz look at one another … then score with a double leg drop on Mercury! This time Jeff is the one to hook the leg … two!

Once again, following the cover, the champions look to bring a fresh man in, this time bringing the US Champion, Orlando Jordan into the match. With Jeff pinning Mercury’s arms behind his back, Orlando begins to work, striking with some jabs to the face, before taking him down with a big right hand. OJ makes the cover … two! Orlando looks to go right back to work following the kickout, lifting Mercury up … only for him to strike with a jawbreaker out of nowhere! Orlando is staggered following this blow, falling back onto his backside, allowing Mercury to rush across and tag Booker T into the match.

Looking for revenge on the man who took his title at WrestleMania, Booker charges into the ring and immediately looks for a clothesline, only for Orlando to duck, then score with a beautiful dropkick to the jaw of Booker! Orlando makes a cover … two! Not worried about the kickout, Jordan is right back up, watching as Booker climbs back up, before booting him in the midsection and then running off to the ropes … only for Sharmell to grab at his foot! The crowd boos as Orlando turns to Sharmell, telling her off, before turning back to Booker … AND GETTING NAILED RIGHT IN THE JAW WITH A JUMPING CALF KICK! The crowd groans as Booker makes the cover … two! Following the kickout, with Booker and co now in charge, we fade out to a commercial break.

Back from the break, and Booker and co are still in control, with Johnny Nitro now in the ring, hammering away on OJ in the corner. For the next few moments the heels work like a well oiled machine, all five men willing to get in the ring as they make quick tags to keep things moving, all of them putting the hurting on OJ. Eventually we get some close nearfalls occurring, although, with Orlando still yet to be put away, Johnny Nitro decides to lock in a kravat. Despite the pain he’s feeling, Orlando refuses to submit, not listening to the abuse the opposition corner gives him, instead deciding to fight on at the insistence of his corner as he climbs back to his feet. Nitro struggles, not wanting to give control up to Jordan, only for OJ to turn things around by ramming Nitro back into the corner. The crowd now behind him, Orlando backs away, then charges in to try to attack Nitro … only to cop an elbow to the jaw! Nitro quickly heads up to the second rope, sensing an opportunity to attack … only for Orlando Jordan to strike with a dropkick to Johnny Nitro in midair!

With both men down following the move, the crowd claps Orlando on, trying to will him towards his corner … which he eventually does, bringing in Rey Mysterio, while Nitro tags Joey Mercury back in! Mysterio is right on top of things, springboard up to the top rope to enter the ring with a springboard dropkick, taking Mercury down! Mercury is quickly back up as Rey runs off to the ropes, ducking under an elbow attempt on the rebound, before coming back to send him flipping over with a headscissors takedown! Mysterio is absolutely on fire, charging off to the ropes again … to come back with a twisting springboard crossbody block! Mysterio hooks the leg of Mercury … but Kid Kash breaks it up at two, grabbing Mysterio by the tights to hurl him from the ring!

Kash turns around … AND IS SUDDENLY GRABBED BY MATT HARDY, WHO DRIVES HIM INTO THE MAT WITH THE SIDE EFFECT! Matt gets back up … BAM! SUPERKICK FROM BOOKER T! Booker is feeling it as he turns … RIGHT INTO A DROPKICK FROM THE TOP ROPE FROM JEFF HARDY! Jeff gets back to his feet … and is grabbed from behind … INVERTED BACKBREAKER FROM ORTON! Orton regains his footing near the ropes … only for Batista to charge across and clothesline him out over the top! The action now rages on outside the ring, with nine of the men involved in the match brawling, leaving Rey Mysterio to slide into the ring and look out to them … BEFORE CHARGING ACROSS AND LEAPING DOWN ONTO THEM WITH A SPECTACULAR TWISTING PLANCHA! Mysterio takes all other nine men down, then gets back to his feet as we head to our final ad break.

We once again return from the break with the heels in charge of the match, as it is now Mysterio on the receiving end of a beating. Like before, the heels work together amazingly well for a first time five man team, tagging in and out frequently to stay fresh. Mysterio, however, shows the tenacity that has made him one of the best in the world, surviving each and every pinfall attempt to try to make a comeback. Eventually, following him surviving a pinfall attempt at the hands of Kid Kash that gets ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ fired up and arguing with the referee, Mysterio is able to stun the man he beat at WrestleMania with some right hands to the midsection. Having put his opponent on the defensive, Rey now runs off to the ropes … only to get drilled with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! ‘Double K’ makes the cover … TWO Mysterio just kicks out!

Kash can’t believe it, once again arguing with the referee, before locking in a surfboard stretch on Rey. Like earlier with OJ, the heel team shouts at Rey to give it up, only for Mysterio to refuse to do so, fighting back to his feet, before landing some elbows to the midsection of Kash. Finally Mysterio is able to gain himself some freedom, before running off to the ropes and ducking under a clothesline … then coming back to hit a wheelbarrow bulldog on ‘Double K’! Both men are down following that big move from Rey! The crowd goes nuts, trying to get behind Mysterio as he makes his way across to his corner, while Kash heads to his … tagging in Orton … as Mysterio tags in Batista!

The WrestleMania opponents charge into the ring and instantly go at it, fists flying EVERYWHERE, eventually leading to Batista getting the edge and going for an Irish whip, only for Orton to reverse … but Batista charges through him with a clothesline! Orton is then rammed back into the corner and unloaded on by Batista, who hits shoulder thrust after shoulder thrust, until he finally pulls Orton out of the corner to send him into the opposite one with an Irish whip. Keeping his momentum rolling, Batista charges into the corner and squashes Orton with a corner clothesline … before lifting him up and dropping him with a huge jackhammer! Batista makes the cover … TWO! Orton kicks out!

The champ makes sure it was just two, before getting back to his feet … AND SIGNALLING FOR THE END! The crowd goes nuts as Batista waits on Orton to get up … THEN GETS HIM IN POSITION FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … ONLY FOR JOHNNY NITRO TO NAIL HIM WITH THE NITRO BLAST! Batista goes down, rolling from the ring … as Nitro turns … TWIST OF FATE! MATT HITS NITRO WITH THE TWIST OF FATE … AND JEFF HARDY TAKES HIM OUT WITH THE SWANTON BOMB! The Hardy Boyz get back to their feet … when Mercury charges into Jeff from behind, bumping him into Matt and sending Matt from the ring … BEFORE TURNING JEFF AROUND AND DRILLING HIM WITH THE DOUBLE ARM DDT! Mercury gets up … ONLY TO GET HIT WITH THE BLACK MAGIC BY ORLANDO JORDAN! Jordan lays Mercury out, then gets up … boot to the midsection from Booker T … SCISSOR KICK … NO! OJ DODGES … THEN HITS BOOKER WITH THE BLACK MAGIC! The US Champion sends Booker rolling from the ring … ONLY TO TURN INTO AN RKO! Randy Orton drills Orlando Jordan with the RKO … then gets dropkicked in the back by Rey Mysterio, sending him down across the second rope! The crowd cheers as Mysterio runs off to the opposite ropes … Kid Kash makes the blind tag on Orton, then ducks back down to the floor … AND MYSTERIO DRILLS ORTON WITH THE 619, SENDING HIM ROLLING FROM THE RING … WHEN KID KASH PULLS MYSTERIO DOWN, SLAMMING HIS FACE OFF THE RING APRON!

The crowd boos as Kash rolls into the ring, a gleeful expression on his face … ONLY TO TURN INTO A SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA! The crowd goes nuts as Batista calls for the end, the coast clear as every other man is laid out … BEFORE LIFTING KASH UP … AND DRILLING HIM WITH THE BATISTA BOMB! BATISTA NAILS IT! The champ hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winners: The Hardy Boyz, Orlando Jordan, Rey Mysterio and Batista via pinfall @ 17:09


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, the WWE Tag Team Champions, The Hardy Boyz, the United States Champion, Orlando Jordan, the Cruiserweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, and the WOOORRLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, BATIIIIISSSSTA!

The crowd goes nuts as Batista gets back to his feet to have his hand raised in victory by the referee, the carnage surrounding ringside.

Michael Cole: Batista has done it! Batista picks up the victory for his team, following up his big victory last Sunday night at WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: But what does that mean for Orton? He needed to earn his shot tonight.

Michael Cole: I don’t know, partner, but what I do know is that tonight is the night of ‘The Animal’. Batista reigns supreme here tonight as the champions get their reigns off to a tremendous start. For Tazz, I’m Michael Cole, we’ll see you next Friday night here on SmackDown!.

All of the champions now celebrate in the ring, leaving the focus on Orton on the outside, looking in, shocked at the sudden end to the match as we fade … to … black.



May 21st, 2006 | US Airways Center; Phoenix, Arizona


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