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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Hey there. Ehm, surprised I got any type of feedback at all considering this would have been a monumental pain in the ass to even skim read (yes, I know from doing my utmost to proof it as a whole), so thanks to all of those who did give feedback. A few things to touch on, and I’ll start with one that I knew would create some unrest in Orlando Jordan getting the belt. I knew it would be far from popular, but, bit-by-bit, the storyline has eventually become more about him than anything else. He crept into it due his history with both men, and since then there’s been the struggle for him to try to prove himself. Is he on the level of a Benoit or a Booker? No, absolutely not, but the way I see it is that Benoit and Booker have nothing to gain out of winning and holding the US Title, while Orlando Jordan has the absolute world to gain. Removing current perceptions of him, in 2006 I thought Orlando was a real diamond in the rough, which is why I’ve made him a project character of mine. I guess project is the key word as well, since it’s obviously going to take some work to sell others on him. Hopefully it comes with time, because I feel like I can do a good job with this.

Ric Flair winning Money in the Bank – this actually wasn’t the original direction I was going with when I started the thread. At least in a way it wasn’t. I had changed my mind on the winner multiple times, but I feel like I know what I want to do with Ric all of the way up until retirement, and giving him the briefcase is crucial both for him and others directly involved with him. The story arcs that follow should hopefully have you guys interested.

Lack of run ins and screwy finishes? This is WrestleMania! I understand we still get screwy finishes every now and then, but I’m not going to have any DQs or count outs at the biggest show of the year. It’s the event that WWE tries to make you really feel like it’s worth buying, meaning people should feel they get their worth out of every match. DQ and count out finishes don’t do that. I’m not really a fan of them on Pay-Per-View AT ALL in anything above a midcard match, but a few will likely happen down the line now that I’ve said that.

The World’s Greatest Tag Team losing was always the plan. This thing has legs, so just wait and see. I know that Kane and Big Show aren’t necessarily going to benefit from beating TWGTT, but hopefully all parties that I’m most interested in here (not Kane, TKOW) benefit in the end.

No world title changes despite there being two world titles is something I only thought about AFTER posting the event, because I’m not sure if it’s actually ever happened irl. I feel both decisions are right in the end, because Edge has a long way he can go as champion, especially if he wants to announce himself as a main eventer rather than someone still on the brink, while Batista winning was something I was always going to do. He’s a key player in this thread for multiple reasons, and him having the title, at least for now, is what I’m after.

Something I saw reading over the predictions – yes TKOW, the plan was ALWAYS for a Triple Threat Match. I never wanted Cena/Edge in a singles match. If you look back you’ll see Angle has been coming after Edge from the start. I’m not sure where you got the idea that I wanted Edge/Cena at WrestleMania, especially after it had already happened at the Royal Rumble, but I assure you it wasn’t the case.

Finally, just a word on Triple H/Michaels. I understand Michaels is probably the key player here since his heel turn, but the win at WrestleMania for Triple H felt right. Will this thing ultimately benefit Michaels? Possibly, but keep in mind, this is the last time Shawn and Tripper will meet one on one … at least kayfabe wise. Oh the intrigue.

So, ehm, I guess after all of that, the question of whether or not I’m sticking around with this thread doesn’t need to be answered. Thanks to those who have asked though. It’s nice to know people actually care about what happens in here and want to see some more progression. BUT, with that said, things will be changing. For almost the entire thread, I haven’t been happy with almost all of my weekly shows, so the thread is going to be seeing a bit of an overhaul, both appearance wise (I’m sure you’ve noticed this lovely Georgia font, which is a great way for me to stop ripping off the formatting of Legend and DDMac) and booking wise. SmackDown! especially, as some have noticed, needs a bit of a change. Hopefully you’ll find it to be for the best.

So how about I get the prediction results up?

G0dm4n V2.0: Matches – 7/11; Bonus – 7/18
Bradley: Matches – 7/11; Bonus – 6/18
Nige™: Matches – 7/11; Bonus – 4/18
steamed hams: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 8/18
iMac: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 7/18
PARANoIR: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 5/18
Mr MJ™: Matches – 6/11; Bonus 4/18
Shock: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 3/18
FluxCapacitator: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 3/18
TKOW: Matches – 6/11; Bonus – 2/18
X-Power: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 8/18
silivain93: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 5/18
THE Assassin™: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 2/18
douba-douba-e1013: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 2/18
Melvisboy: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 2/18
Cubstommy: Matches – 5/11; Bonus – 1/18
Rated_R_Souperstar: Matches – 4/11; Bonus – 6/18
rvd97045: Matches – 4/11; Bonus – 3/18
The Apple Pie: Matches – 4/11; Bonus – 3/18
TheIrishProdigy™: Matches - 3/11; Bonus – 4/18

Yes, as you can see, I’ve done it slightly different this time, with matches taking more weight, and bonus points then being used to separate those who are equal, as it makes it easier for me to separate you guys. The top five will have their credits on their way in a moment.

Oh, and for those of you waiting for a follow up, the preview for RAW should be up in a few days, with the show soon to follow. Until then, more WrestleMania feedback is welcome if people wish to give it. Thanks.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Melvisboy's Wrestlemania 22 Feedback

Heyo. Congrats on working so hard, firstly, bet this didn't write itself.

Nice touch with America the Beautiful. Anyway, I'm liking the theme with McMahon and his idea in the opening VP, very epic as these opening Mania vids should be, tbh. I could really visualise the whole thing, so it all got me super-hyped, regardless of the fact that's not even a word. Anyway, the entire thing built nicely and tbh, I couldn't have asked for much more out of an opening VP. As I said, very epic.

Opening commentary did its job. Characters on a tee as I'd expect from you.

Perfectly fine that you'd start with JBL/Lashley, solid match-up on paper. The slap at the get-go was nice, just to build the extra tension between the two, and the early brawling was fine, though it might have been nice if there had been a bit more offence from Lashley before JBL took the upper hand thanks to Albright/Bluebood interference. The steel steps was a good way to emphatically turn the tables in Layfield's favour, though, seeing as you're selling the fact it'd take something like that to keep Lashley down to be dominated. The brawling and Lashley's comeback was entertaining reading, both guys' movesets worked well in this middle stretch to get the other worn down, using the clotheslines and such to keep in with the styles of these two. Once the Bluebloods and Albright got wiped out you could sense the end was near, and after a few pretty good near-falls, that's what we got, and honestly it was the right decision to make. It puts Lashley over well and continues his push really nicely, while the match itself was pretty good too, with lots of going back to the rivalry these two have had with JBL's trash talking, while you kept the characters going with JBL's cockiness and Lashley's iron focus, plus the fact you had their ring styles down, too. Overall, for a match between these two men, this was as perfect as it gets, really. Good booking, good opener.

Oh the interaction. Both GMs had some good banter, plus I was really liking the probation reference, serious ownage by Long. I'm also liking how Bischoff was only interested when Vince started praising Long, so he tried to change the conversation to being about Raw, it's all really good characterisation. We'll see where this goes.

I'm not sure that Big Show and Kane really DID pick the WGTT because "they wanted a challenge", it's the complete opposite reason, because they thought they'd get off easily, surely? Apart from that, it was a solid interview, though quite how Haas would not think of "World's Greatest" for long enough to allow Shelton to pipe up, I don't know, really. Last line was a little cheesy. Whole thing was good hype, though.

Liking Coachman's speech during WGTT's entrance, mainly because I agree with him and also because it was exactly like something he'd say. Exschellent. I like the psychology behind Show wanting the revenge from Haas beating him before, nice thinking. The action was a bit slow behind Haas and Show, so it was good to see Kane and Shelton liven things up with their exchange. You had the athleticism and technicality of Shelton in there early on, perfect, and the double team moves were ideal for showing that they're on the same page, too. Good in-ring psychology. I like how you started to slowly build the offence here, now implementing the bigger, more powerful strikes like the kicks and uppercuts, and then of course headbutts and the huge chops from Show, finished with the cheeky walking on Benjamin from the big man to complete a well-written sequence. After this it started to become obvious that we were going to have the dominance from the tag champs, with the double teams and such, which were all fine considering you had Kane and Show's moves down fine. Might have been nice to see a bit more back-and-forth before we went into the usual tag formula seeing as it's Mania, but I'm sure it'll perk up. And indeed it did - I'm glad the dominance was shorter than I was expecting, to keep it exciting with Benjamin's unique way of taking Show down (even if the initial suplex attempt was stupid beyond words). Has to be said though, the Haas/Kane exchange following the hot tag was really entertaining, I was feeling it for sure. I'm surprised there wasn't more mention of the referee when Benjamin and Show were getting involved, however, seeing as they were in there for a fair amount of time. Kane getting to the ropes in the Haas of Pain is somewhat surprising, but seeing as he rarely taps out (if ever), I can understand it. Hmmm, interesting finish. It does seem incredibly pointless for Shelton to have got back in the ring when Haas was about to finish things, so I hope you bring that up on Raw as part of this angle, especially given the consequences. Anyway, though it didn't really feel like a 15:46 match, it didn't seem quite that long, it was about as good a tag match I could have asked for, it had some good exciting moments, the psychology was excellent, etc. Once again, probably the correct booking decision imo.

Small segment with OJ and Booker was fine. Suggests we'll see them working together but it's obviously unlikely. Even in Benoit's entrance (and especially with Tazz's commentary, which felt unjustified), you could feel the focus being shifted from him, and that's what first made me think he wasn't going to win, which I fully believe he should have done, tbh, but we'll see how you go about it here. Mixed reaction for OJ? Even given all the stuff with Benoit, he's still siding with Booker, he still beat Benoit down on SmackDown (if I remember correctly), surely he should be booed by the crowd? I didn't like where this was going when I first read, re-reading it makes it no easier on the stomach, tbh. Hated the OJ focus from the get-go, really. The feud was supposed to be all about Benoit and Booker, and it has nothing to do with OJ himself, it's just that he's completely stolen the thunder of Benoit vs Booker, which is the feud you've been building all this time, really. The breakdown between OJ and Booker was necessary to get this match going anywhere from a handicap, so that's good to see it happen, and you did it well, to your credit. The crowd was in raptures, though? For Orlando Jordan? Doing a Powerslam? Did they then boo Benoit hitting him with a German Suplex, too? Because the way you wrote it, it was suddenly OJ as the underdog face against the world, making it seem like Benoit was some evil guy ruining his momentum with a buzzkill German Suplex, which isn't really how it should go down tbh. Again, why would they cheer for him breaking Benoit's Sharpshooter? The whole thing seems nonsensical to me, given that the crowd want Benoit to win! I want him to win, he's been the face all along, this is supposed to be his pay-off moment where he finally gets revenge for the shit these two have put him though! OJ less so, but Benoit should be walking out with the title, and even at this point, you could tell you were swinging towards OJ, tbh, especially when you then had him eliminate the guy who Benoit's had all this heat with. I'll stop with the crowd points now, because obviously I've said it enough, it just seems weird that they "wouldn't know who to support" when it's always been Benoit as the face, fighting to get justice on Booker T and co. The finish was very back-and-forth, which was understandable for two athletic guys, I'm just hating the finish-finish-finish bit, with the Crossface. And one last thing about the crowd, WHY would they cheer him beating Benoit? I just don't understand it, not to mention the fact that from a booking standpoint, Benoit really SHOULD have gone over here. I just can't behind the decision, sorry. Match was fine, result was nonsensical given the circumstances.

Four hours of Summerslam? Brilliant, just have to take us there, now.

Frankly, having read through the entire MITB match, there's only so much I can say, given that it was what you'd expect, one guy climbs the ladder, gets knocked off, 'til the big spots come in and the last guy standing knocks off one more and wins. I really liked Kennedy's Green Bay Plunge and London's 450 Splash both from ladders, they were definite highlights, as was the inevitable World's Strongest Slam spree. You continued plenty of the feuds in this contest, with the prominent one being Finlay/Henry, because Finlay was always stopping to go attack Henry, which was very noticeable. London/Kennedy and Helms/Flair are also obvious ones, with the door open for plenty of Carlito/Masters angles, whether you choose to split them or not, which I doubt you'll do at this stage. Unfortunately, I can't behind this decision either, simply because I still think you could have used this to propel a guy like Helms or Kennedy even further up the card with the briefcase. Before you mention it, of course it occurs to me that storylines will come from this, I just don't really think that Flair with the briefcase is the right call right now, unless it really does end up on Helms or Kennedy or equivalent in the end. The match was entertaining for what it was, so that's fine there.

The HBK segment was good, it builds the tension for later, shows us how focused and cold he is about the whole thing. No complaints.

Very small thing, you said Rey had been an eight time Champion in the video package, but Cole said he’d only won six of them. I don’t know the actual stat, but obviously those don’t match, small thing as I say. The beginning of the match was well-written. It would be easy for that to be very dull, but your description of the emotions of both men kept me involved because I felt that the exchange was actually meaningful (showing Rey’s experience, Kid Kash’s anger and recklessness when riled, etc) and fair play to you for that, you made it interesting. It also built well to the first big spot of the match, the Hurricanrana on the outside, leading to the cover, and it was very entertaining action, as I expect we’ll see more of as the match progresses. Liking the poke to the eyes and Kash diving to take out Rey’s leg in mid-air, very devious tactics which fit his character. The action that followed was excellent, really believable, excitable action with a good use of the Dragon Sleeper too, though quite how you’d land on the second rope after a Snapmare, I’m not sure. The exchanges that followed were brilliant, I really enjoyed reading them, with the Senton into the Powerbomb being a personal highlight for me, it just epitomised how these two were beginning to feel each other out so much, and it became a really interesting match-up in the sense that it could have gone either way. While the finish was a little underwhelming (I would have preferred to see the 619 really, if you were having Rey go over), this was probably the match of the night so far, with some really impressive and well-written action. As for booking, I don’t mind Rey going over, in this situation and this time period it would have been nice to see him win something as part of the whole “I did it for Eddie” bit, even if it wasn’t the World Title. Kash can and will recover, so I’m fine with this. Good stuff, excellent match. Would read again for enjoyment. If I ever had time.

Tripper with the punching bag was good thinking. No picture of HBK pinned to it, though? Dreadful.

Short but sweet (sweet in the creepiest, smiliest way, too) from Stratus. Made her seem quite nice on the surface with the horrible message underneath it. Sort of fitting for the feud, really. Don’t know if you did that on purpose, but it worked.

Glad you shorted the SNME promo into the necessary bits, we didn’t need the entire Mickie story again. Loved the opening exchange with Trish trying to get away, only to get her comeuppance when Mickie finally got her hands on her, and James having to be separated by the ref only further enhances the idea of Mickie going crazy for revenge and all. I’m not really sure Mickie bleeding this early, especially from some right hands, is really realistic, but I’ll run with it because it’s been a theme in the feud, certainly. The offence from Trish after that was well-written to get the desired result from the reader, and that was disgust. I haven’t even seen that in any of the guy’s matches yet, let alone a Diva match, but in a way, the personal aspect of this feud called for it, even if it was uncomfortable to read about Trish abusing Mickie’s head wound. Regardless, it built really well for when Mickie did get back into the contest, so it worked well storyline-wise to make Mickie look like she was going to get massacred, then come back powerfully to get the crowd going. Especially liking the use of the word “discombobulating”, awww yeah that’s one hell of a word to describe a clothesline. Ooh, nice stuff as well with Mickie hesitating on using Trish’s finisher, really clever thinking. This then lead right into a very heated finish, with Trish being all intense because Mickie won’t stay doooooown, and then a great back-and-forth exchange before the use of the Mickie-DT to put an end to things, and frankly, it was a really satisfactory ending. I’d say you got everything you needed in there for closure, especially the big slap as a return-the-favour deal. Mickie going over is perfect, and the match, for a women’s match, was pretty good. You really did the storyline justice, which is good, seeing as I did nominate it for Feud of the Year in the Awards, and it needed this big match at the end to cap it all off. Excellent use of a women’s division, finishing with a great Wrestlemania moment.

Judgment Day, eh? Brilliant, take us there soon please.

It certainly fits the general psychology of a match like this to have the more experienced tag team go to school on the younger one in the early going, so good thinking there. Also really liked the Poetry in Motion to the outside, felt a little early, as if busting out a spot that big, that early, might mean you’d have to outdo yourself later, but in general I suppose the Hardyz take lots of these risks. I’m glad you had Moore stopping Melina’s involvement, it’s the right thing to do considering that was the whole point of him being there, if you hadn’t done it, it would’ve been weird. You then of course had MNM show their inexperience again, which actually is a good theme to run with – the more I see it, the more I think so. A small thing I noticed is you repeated “Jeff gets his shoulders up off the mat” for two consecutive kickouts, but as I say, small thing. In the passage of dominance that followed, you had Nitro down to a tee, with his cockiness returning with the taunting of the crowd, the emphasis on the kicks which he uses so often, etc. Really good to see you knowing what he’d do here. You built well to the hot tag and I liked the innovation behind Matt nailing MNM with two DDTs at once, creative for sure. The use of Poetry in Motion and the Event Omega really summed up the whole idea of the Hardyz teaming together again, and though I thought 21 minutes might have been a bit much, even for Mania and especially considering the time the remaining matches will need, it was a great back-and-forth contest, easily one of the better tag matches I’ve seen written all year. Or should I say, all last year, which is what this comes under. Although it might have been nice to see a bit of referee description in there, given the amount of times the illegal man got involved, this was a really good read, and as iMac suggested above, a Hardyz/Blueblood feud could be really great, though a rematch might be your plans. Regardless of the future, this was a good match.

Great, great video package. Really summarised the entire feud brilliantly, so major props for a well-written VP. And on to the match – wow at the start, it was really a great way to kick things off. Normally I might frown on something that huge so early, but certainly in a feud this heated, I thought it worked, though maybe a little underselling with them both being up again so early. The heated action from there was again great, you could feel the emotion between the two guys in the match-up, though I’m not so sure on the stairs spot, it just seems very unlikely that it would be worth it seeing as it would be incredibly dangerous to attempt. Like with the stage incident, it felt undersold by HBK just getting up again, seeing as falling down a staircase can cripple you irl, especially if it’s concrete like you mentioned. You then built up HHH’s intensity well from here – we’ve seen him hit HBK with a sledgehammer on Raw, so I’m glad this remained a brawl as we hit the ring, with Tripper punching Michaels senseless, as well as the classic Michaels-getting-whipped-to-the-turnbuckle-and-flipping bit. HBK taking control through the use of weapons was a good idea to get him heat, of course, as was him aiming for the back, considering if I’m right they had the whole thing about HBK’s back injury before? I confess, I wasn’t watching in 2002, but I believe that’s been a theme for this feud, so in that case it works very conveniently to have HBK target the back, fair play. The Michaels demented choking bit was chilling, I’ll admit, though when you implied he’d actually killed him, it made me laugh, which probably wasn’t the idea. Very clever way to stop the choking though, given that HBK had no reason to stop until Tripper HAD gone limp, so playing possum fits the bill well there, good thinking. Shame about the coding really, but I got the gist that Tripper was bleeding anyway, so no worries, and a good way to go about it, seeing as monitor shots are always particularly nasty. HBK goes through a table? I feel I have to comment on it, really, but in all honesty, all I can say is it’s just another great spot in a long line of them so far, really would have got the crowd involved well. Good stuff. Like with the monitor, the steps were used well to bust HBK open, that’s fine by me, though your description of the steps impact? “AND RIGHT INTO TRIPLE H, WHO RUNS STRAIGHT THROUGH HIS ENEMY WITH THE STEEL STEPS, GOING INTO THROUGH HIS SKULL!” didn’t really make sense if you read it through again. In this kind of match, I’m not surprised all that much to see HHH kick out of a finisher, especially seeing as you had him take his time on the cover attempt to make up for it. As you did at the Rumble, I think it should be “tune” not “toot” for HBK in the corner, tbh. Loved the introduction of the sledgehammer instead, very fitting for this feud, while the Spinebuster on to the steps was a personal favourite moment of the match for me, mainly because you just know, it would look really cool, and that’s why I particularly enjoyed the writing there. HOLY SHIT at the ending, son, that was brutal. As in, Jesus -damn- Christ, that was sick, and yet such a fitting finish to an incredibly heated feud, too. Great, great match, and a worthy nominee for BTB Match of the Year, just because of all the intensity and heat from this feud which you displayed excellently here, and of course, a huge (and probably correctly booked) win for Triple H, which will catapult him somewhere on Raw, I’m sure. I don’t doubt this WILL have been their final match, and a pretty damn good way to finish things off, too.

A slight shame maybe that there wasn’t more focus ON the Hall of Famers, but seeing as they didn’t hold much relevance other than possibly Eddie, it’s not a huge deal.

Just a thought – I don’t think I’ve ever see Orton with elbow pads in his career. Ever.

Maybe you were getting a little drained by this point, so we didn’t get the full VP for the WWE Title match, but there are worse crimes. No special WM entrance for Cena? Just a thought. Anyway, this match kicked off really well with the darting eyes, etc, it was the most entertaining piece of non-action I’ve ever read in a match, really. Haha, loving the coward tactics of Edge, only to get the hell beat out of him with the uppercuts and right hands, really fit the storyline of both challengers wanting to get their hands on him. After reading through the remainder of the match, my final verdict is that it was really good, it didn’t disappoint me after I had such high expectations of a WWE Title match. I liked how you had moments with each guy in a singles bout of sorts with both his opponents, if you see what I mean, so you could get closure for all three of the feuds over the course of the match, Cena/Angle, Edge/Angle, and Edge/Cena. The last few moments were really good, with each guy scoring with their finishers, and though I’d have liked to see a big more emphasis on the hugeness of those moves by your writing, I think the finish was fine, and certainly the best way to go about Edge retaining. Good stuff.

Wrestlemania 23 poster looks lush. Might take you a while to get there!

I didn’t write anything as I read through the RVD/Taker match again, I just sat and enjoyed it, because it’s easily one of those matches where you can do that. It’s actually probably my favourite match all year now after reading it one more time, really, making me wish I’d changed my vote in the Awards, really. Hell, you know what I chose, if you could change it to this instead, I’d appreciate it, because after reading both those matches again, I think this just edges that one. I really enjoyed reading it, it had a great theme to it, with RVD being so desperate to break the streak, as the kickouts from the Chokeslam and the Last Ride showed. The theme of Taker working the knees versus RVD working the hand/wrist was really imaginative, especially as they’re the main weapon of each man, and it really worked in a match with two guys who would know to do that to gain an advantage. Taker winning always had to happen really, but it was certainly a great match to put RVD over with anyway, so he’ll come off looking pretty good anyway. Great match, MOTN.

I’d have to agree with iMac here, it would have been good to see one last segment with Bischoff/Long/McMahon in it before the end of the event, really. We got to see them earlier in the show, and then there was no real closure to that. Backlash will be good, anyway.

Really good video package to hype the main event, especially the subtle theme that this match will affect the whole company, with various guys being asked who will win (btw, especially nice touch by having Haas and Benjamin disagree). Triple H’s hedging opinion being prioritised was also a nice touch, as was Flair and Rey saying “Dave Batista” outright, shows their friendship well there. I feel that the end of the VP was a little odd, you just feel a WM main event would mean more to Batista than just “shutting Randy up”, you know? The start was awful slow, tbh. I can understand you wanted to get some psychology in there between the two guys, but I was left waiting for a long time before anything interesting really happened, and in a Wrestlemania main event, I think things should probably kick off a little faster, imo. The back-and-forth afterwards built things up nicely, but then we went into the working-the-back from Orton, and frankly, it was a bit dull. You teased a few Batista comebacks, which was fine, but apart from those it was kinda boring, sorry. This was the kind of match (during this middle stretch, anyway) you might read on a weekly show, maybe I was just expecting some more exciting action – at this point, it felt like Orton was just brawling on ‘Tista’s back, and that was dull to me. From here, Batista finally made the comeback, and things livened up with the right hand exchange and the attempted Jackhammer into Orton’s Dropkick, so I started to warm to this contest from there, especially the back-and-forth reversals that started to kick in afterwards. I’m glad you finally had Batista get a cover after the actual Jackhammer, though, as you’d had EIGHT consecutive Orton pin attempts before that, which was a little overkill, possibly. The reversals became more and more exciting leading up to the finish, which while a tiny bit underwhelming for me, it was the correct booking decision if this match was going to close the show. A shame that I couldn’t really get into it, especially as it was the main event and all, but it just felt like there wasn’t much innovative about it, like it wouldn’t have lived up to the matches we’d already seen, especially HBK/HHH and RVD/Taker, the latter which was the penultimate match and had to be outdone by Orton/Batista. The match was solid, just not great for me.

Overall however, despite a slightly underwhelming main event, and a couple of booking decisions here and there, I’d have to agree with the general consensus and say this was a really great show. You had two amazing matches and a host of great ones, with plenty of people getting good rubs for when this thread continues with the fallout from Mania. There’s lots to be excited about on Raw, though less so on SmackDown I feel – either way, it was a cracking event, easily my choice for BTB PPV of the Year, and in all honesty, congratulations on a stellar event. I can’t wait to see where things are headed next. Btw, I hope you realise I wrote about 4,537 words for this – that’s like a 22 minute match right there. Congrats, BkB. Didn’t disappoint, great show.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

April 3rd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Coming to us hot off the heels of WrestleMania 22, this week Monday Night RAW remains on the scene of WrestleMania in the Allstate Arena of Chicago, Illinois for what is sure to be a huge show.

Last night’s main event on the RAW side of things saw the WWE Champion, Edge successfully defend his title against the two men who had been chasing him ever since he won the title three months ago in Kurt Angle and John Cena. While Cena and Angle played the roles of the aggressors, it was ultimately Edge, using his smarts as he said he would, who was able to pick up the victory. Tonight, NONE of these men will be in action, as RAW instead gives a chance for those who fell short in their plight to perhaps gain a little extra attention at WrestleMania, whether they were on the card or not; however, we know for sure they will all be in the building and that ‘The Rated R Superstar’ will be hosting The Cutting Edge, with no guest announced yet. Will one of Cena or Angle be the guest? Will they interrupt? Or will a different superstar bring himself forward tonight in order to challenge Edge?

After coming up just short in a phenomenal match with The Undertaker last night, and subsequently failing to break the streak, we also know that Rob Van Dam will be in the arena, and, while he won’t be in action, he will also have something to say, with time on the microphone already set aside for Van Dam. Having come up short last night, what will Van Dam plan to do next? Will he move on, or does he still feel he has a bone to pick with ‘The Deadman’?

While all of the aforementioned superstars will be in the Allstate Arena, two men who WON’T be in the Allstate Arena tonight will be the two who competed in an absolute war at WrestleMania 22 in the form of a No Holds Barred Match. After putting one another through hell, neither Shawn Michaels nor Triple H will be seen or heard from tonight. How long will it be until we can expect them back? Just what kind of a toll did that match take on them?

Someone else who was in a different kind of war that WILL be in the building tonight will be the Intercontinental Champion and NEW ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. Last night at WrestleMania, Flair was able to shock the world when, in his very first Ladder Match, he fought off seven other men, including his rival Gregory Helms, who desperately attempted to stop him, to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase. With a chance at number seventeen now guaranteed for Flair for any time over the next year, one would have to think that Flair will be over the moon when he arrives in the Allstate Arena tonight for Monday Night RAW. What will we see from ‘Naitch’ when he gets there?

One winner from last night who is already confirmed to be in action is the NEW Women’s Champion, Mickie James. Last night James was finally able to exact retribution on her former friend and hero Trish Stratus by defeating her to capture the Women’s Title. Despite the brutal match leading to Mickie being busted open, the new Women’s Champion has insisted that she wants to see action, and as a result she will be going one on one on RAW with Candice Michelle. While Mickie is coming off a big win, tonight could be an opportunity for Candice to catch Mickie at her weakest and press a claim for a future Women’s Title shot. And what about Trish Stratus, the woman who Mickie defeated last night? Will she be in the Allstate Arena? If so, what can we expect to see from her?

Meanwhile, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Rene Dupree, Chavo Guerrero and Chris Masters will also be getting shots at action, with appearances from the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show, The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Carlito, The Spirit Squad and others set to occur. For all of the action coming off WrestleMania 22, tune into The USA Network from 9/8C. It’s something you don’t want to miss.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm very much looking forward to this show, and I'm glad you're keeping your cards close to your chest a fair bit. There's no real clue as to what's going to happen in the main angles aside from The Cutting Edge, and we don't even know who the guest will be for that. Although seeing the names who will be in action put a bit of a dent in things as most are lower card guys.

I also wanted to say something about the comments you made about Mania but didn't want to bump it just for that. It was interesting to see you say that the Benoit/Booker/Jordan storyline developed largely in to it all being about Jordan. I never saw it that way and felt that was the case. There were a few shows where he stood out, but it was always about the Booker/Benoit pay-off, and looking back at other people's feedback, they felt the same.

Anyway, it's all about Raw now and I can't wait. I thought we'd have a longish wait, but I'm glad we don't!
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

First time reader here, I've seen your RAW preview and from the looks of it, your version of Wrestlemania 22 is pretty interesting, RVD challenging Taker and Flair winning the MITB is a surprise to me, maybe I should read the past posts to see how it happened and then get back to track and check out your next show.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Mania was a great read, though I question Flair becoming Mr. MitB. But it was all still very well-written, so I can't complain. Can't wait for RAW.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw preview looks good, always good opportunities the night afetr Mania to escolate fueds even higher. so i am interested to see what you do with Trips and Shawn and Edge, Angle and Cena. Also whatever you have planned for Ric Flair is going to have me hooked because it was such an un usual choice that it must have spme plan behind it. Good luck with it, should be getting a review up for it when it's done
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

April 3rd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Chicago, Illinois

Our broadcast begins just as you would expect, with a summary of WrestleMania 22 being shown. As the sound of Shinedown’s I Dare You echoes in the background, we remember the events of a night ago. It all began when the rookie Bobby Lashley managed to upend the veteran in John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, defeating him courtesy of the Spear. The World Tag Team Titles were on the line next, as Kane and Big Show successfully defended their gold against The World’s Greatest Tag Team. Booker T, however, would not successfully defend his gold, losing the United States Title in a Three Way Dance to Orlando Jordan, after Jordan first eliminated Booker, then Benoit, to capture the gold. Another champion, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair was able to rise above all of his doubters, including his rival Gregory Helms, to climb the ladder to success and capture the Money in the Bank briefcase. The Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash would not have such luck though, losing out to Rey Mysterio.

Trish Stratus would also fall, losing her Women’s Title to Mickie James, before MNM would then lose the WWE Tag Team Titles to The Hardy Boyz. While neither man lost titles, they may well have lost years off their career when Triple H was able to best Shawn Michaels in a No Holds Barred Match, dubbed The Final Battle due to their agreement that it would be their very last one on one match. The WWE Champion, Edge was able steal a victory yet again, sneaking past Kurt Angle and John Cena to retain his title. RVD, on the other hand, was doing no sneaking, taking the fight to The Undertaker, only to fall just short as The Undertaker’s streak extended to 14-0. Finally, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista would close WrestleMania for the second straight year as World Heavyweight Champion, after beating another former Evolution running buddy in Randy Orton, closing out the show with his title held high, pyrotechnics exploding behind him.

The view now fades away … cutting to a close-up of the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The heat from the crowd is absolutely massive, as Bischoff looks into the camera, dead serious.

Eric Bischoff: WrestleMania 22 … it truly was the granddaddy of ‘em all. For a whole year, each and every superstar worked towards their spot at WrestleMania, and when their time came to shine, they gave it their all. But now … now it’s all said and done … now we’re entering a new year in World Wrestling Entertainment, a new year here on Monday Night RAW, a year aimed towards WrestleMania 23.

Bischoff stops to smirk, drawing some boos from the crowd, who dislike his conceited attitude.

Eric Bischoff: Now I’m sure that each and every superstar in the WWE, each and every superstar in the RAW locker-room will be readying themselves for the new year. They’ll be ready to declare it their year, because that’s exactly what they want it to be. They want it to be their year, they want it to be their year to succeed, but … the fact of the matter is … the fact of the matter is, whether they like it or not, whether you people like it not, or even whether I’m on probation or not … this isn’t their show … this is MY show … and this year … this year will be MY year.

The camera starts to zoom out, revealing the hulking figure of Tyson Tomko standing next to Bischoff, arms crossed, looking every bit of the enforcer he is.

Eric Bischoff: Like I said – whether you like it … or not.

The RAW General Manager continues to stare into the camera, his enforcer standing over him ominously …

… Until we cut into the traditional opening for Monday Night RAW. The usual video montage is played, signalling the beginning of the show before we cut into the Allstate Arena. The crowd, coming off WrestleMania last night, is absolutely rocking again tonight, enjoying the explosive pyrotechnical display we see at the top of the ramp, before we fly around to observe the arena, the glitz and glamour remaining (aside from the stage), to then settle down with Monday Night RAW’s favourite trio.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, we are just twenty-four hours removed from what was perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all-time, right here in Chicago, Illinois in this Allstate Arena, and we are here tonight to welcome you to Monday Night RAW! I’m Joey Styles, here at ringside joined as always by my broadcast colleagues Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman, and gentlemen, what a night last night was.

Jerry Lawler: You said it, Joey – last night was perhaps the greatest WrestleMania of all-time! We saw it all, from the bitter blood rivalries, to new champions being crowned and old champions retaining, along with many WrestleMania moments along the way.

Jonathan Coachman: WrestleMania 22 was a huge night for sure, but I gotta say, the only thing bigger than ‘The Coach’ makin’ his WrestleMania debut behind the announce desk was seein’ my man, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge RETAIN his WWE Title when nobody, except me that is, thought he could.

Joey Styles: Yes, last night was indeed another good night for Edge, retaining the WWE Title and continuing the roll he’s been on since the start of the year, despite it yet again being in dubious circumstances.

Jerry Lawler: Dubious circumstances is right, Joey. Edge may have retained his title, but he only did it on the back of John Cena and Kurt Angle beating the holy hell out of one another, before capitalising on a move from Kurt Angle to pin John Cena.

Jonathan Coachman: Dubious circumstances? Edge said all along that winning a Triple Threat Match was a matter of being the smartest man and that he would win because of that. Last night he proved just that when he picked up the win because he is smart.

Joey Styles: And I’m sure he’s going to be telling us that tonight when he hosts a very special edition of The Cutting Edge with, from what we’ve heard, no confirmed special guest as of yet. However, he’s not the only one we’ll hear from tonight, as, after coming up just short against The Undertaker last night, we can confirm that tonight, RVD will be in the building, and he will have something to say.

Jerry Lawler: It was an absolutely amazing effort from RVD last night. There were numerous times throughout the match where I thought he had broken the streak, but unfortunately it wasn’t to be. Still, RVD should be proud of his effort last night, and I can’t wait to hear what he has to say tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Proud of his effort? ‘King’, RVD LOST last night. But he didn’t just lose for himself. No, he lost in an Interbrand Spectacular. Y’know what that means? He let down not only himself, but he let down ALL of us. Now I dunno about you, but to me, that means somethin’. I can’t believe that Mr. Eric Bischoff has even let him in the building tonight!

Joey Styles: ‘Coach’s’ hate for RVD aside, tonight what we WON’T be seeing is an appearance from either of Shawn Michaels or Triple H. However, we will see a highlights package of the hell they put one another through last night, to show why it is that many are calling their match last night one of the most brutal matches of all-time.

Jerry Lawler: Some of the stuff those two men did to one another last night was absolutely unbelievable. I mean, I’ve been in this business a long time, but I’ve never seen anything like that. It’s no surprise that neither of them will be here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Now, I’ll admit, I’m usually the coolest cat goin’ ‘round, but last night, watchin’ what Shawn Michaels and Triple H did to one another, it even made ME uncomfortable. Their match last night was nothin’ short of amazing.

Joey Styles: Well also tonight we have all of our champions in the building, plus a very special card of matches, as those who came up short at WrestleMania, or weren’t on the card, get to strut their stuff here tonight on RAW to try to make this year as their own-

Jonathan Coachman: Lemme stop you right there, Joe. No one’s gonna be makin’ this year their own, ‘cause, as you just saw before, our General Manager, Mr. Eric Bischoff has already done it. Trust me, nobody is gonna get in the way of Mr. Bischoff’s authority anymore, not after that message.

Jerry Lawler: And not after seeing Tyson Tomko standing right beside him. I don’t know what Eric Bischoff has planned for tonight, but I sure as hell know I wouldn’t be getting in his way.

Silence, until …



An absolutely tremendous pop rings through the Allstate Arena, along with cries of “WOOOOOOOOOO!” to signal the arrival of both the Intercontinental Champion and ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, Ric Flair. ‘The Nature Boy’ looks all class, as always, dressed impeccably in a stylish Armani suit to go along with his Money in the Bank briefcase that he holds in his hand, and the Intercontinental Title that gleams on his shoulder. With a smile on his face and a spring in his step, good ol’ ‘Naitch’ walks on down that aisle.

Joey Styles: We spoke about the victory for Edge, we spoke about RVD coming up just short, but perhaps the greatest victory at WrestleMania came for this man, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair. The reigning Intercontinental Champion walked into WrestleMania 22 as an outside chance, but last night he climbed the ladder in his very first Ladder Match, and he captured the Money in the Bank briefcase, proving that, indeed, he has STILL got it.

Jerry Lawler: Ric Flair may be a little older and he may be a little slower, but last night he showed that he is still ‘The Nature Boy’. I’ve known Ric Flair for a number of years, but let me tell you, I don’t think I’ve EVER seen Flair as excited as he was last night after he won the Money in the Bank briefcase.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course Flair is happy. Last night, he did what he’s been doing for YEARS now. He held down a younger, more talented performer from breaking out, just so he could have one last shot at glory. It’s why he’s the Intercontinental Champion, and now it’s also why he’s ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’. It makes me sick.

Flair styles and profiles his way on down the rest of the ramp to climb up into the ring to an unbelievable reception from his adoring fans. It all looks to overcome Flair emotionally too, as the smile from Flair starts to crack, allowing the euphoria he’s feeling to burst on through. Flair tries to maintain a professional smile though as he walks down the ropes to receive a microphone, ready to talk to his fans.

Ric Flair: Chicago, Illinois … WOOOOOOOOOO!

The crowd responds with a resounding “WOOOOOOOOO!” back, pleasing ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’.

Ric Flair: ‘The Nature Boy’ is feelin’ it tonight, and do ya know why, Chicago? Huh? Do ya? It’s ‘cause of four simple words … Money … in the Bank.

A large pop as the excitable ‘Nature Boy’ starts to pace around the ring.

Ric Flair: Money … in the Bank.

Another strong pop from the crowd, who look on to see Flair continuing to move around the ring, struggling to keep the excitement within himself.

Ric Flair: Money … in the Bank … WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

The crowd sends a huge “WOOOOOOOOOO!” right back Flair’s way, bringing a broad smile out of ‘Naitch’ as he stops and stands in the middle of the ring.

Ric Flair: Y’know my whole career … no, my whole life, I’ve always wanted the best. I’ve always needed the best. I ride in style. This suit … this Armani suit – yeah, get a close look at that – this Armani suit is proof of that. I’ve always wanted the best, and that’s why I’m the jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun who is ALWAYS at his best. So I guess it’s fitting … it’s fitting that tonight, I stand here in the ring with the finest of all briefcases … the Money … in the Bank … briefcase. WOOOOOOOOOO!

Once again, the crowd screams back one long collective “WOOOOOOOOOO!” at ‘The Nature Boy’.

Ric Flair: And, right now, I’ve gotta be honest with you guys. You were with me all the way there last night here in Chicago, and I gotta to be honest … there were times last night when I didn’t think I could do it. There were times leadin’ in to WrestleMania, the RAW, the SmackDown! before it, I’ll admit … I didn’t think I could do it. I didn’t think I had what it takes anymore. I didn’t think I had what it takes to will myself up that ladder. I didn’t think I had what it takes to fight off seven other hungry men. Seven other guys who haven’t been world champion before. Seven other men who would KILL to be world champion.

Flair pauses to look down at the mat, avoiding eye contact with the crowd as he starts to get a little emotional.

Ric Flair: Seven other man, who, quite frankly, I thought … were better … than me.

Flair continues to look down at the mat, the crowd remaining silent as they wait for Flair to once again look back up at the camera.

Ric Flair: Y’know, I’ve been in this business for thirty-four years now. Thirty-four years … it’s a helluva a long time … but in all that time, in ALL of that time, I had never once doubted myself.

Flair stops and looks up at the crowd, almost a wry smile on his face.

Ric Flair: Most people doubt themselves when they’re trainin’ to become a professional wrestler. They think to themselves that it’s too hard, that they can’t do it, but not me. No, thirty-four years ago when I was training to become a professional wrestler, I knew I had what it takes to make it.

A smattering of applause comes from the crowd, causing Flair to pause for a moment, before continuing.

Ric Flair: Thirty-one years ago, just three years into my career, I was in a plane crash. I was in a plane crash and I … I broke my back. I don’t think I need to tell you how tough it was to come back from that. Breaking my back was physically the most painful thing I’ve ever been through, and I don’t think I could ever feel anything worse. And after I broke my back, a lotta people came up to me, and they said “Ric, are you even gonna walk again? Ric, what are you gonna do when your back heals? Surely you’re not gonna wrestle again, are you Ric?”

The crowd murmurs away as Flair continues.

Ric Flair: There was not a chance – not even a tiny one – in these people’s minds that I could come back. They believed that I’d never wrestle again, but I didn’t give up hope. I didn’t stop dreamin’ … I didn’t even doubt that I’d make it back, because I knew … I knew I HAD to make it back … and I did.

The crowd generously applauds Flair, showing their respect to the great and what he came back from.

Ric Flair: Since then, I’ve had some of the toughest sons of bitches comin’ after me, tryin’ to end my career. Harley Race … Dusty Rhodes … Ricky ‘The Dragon’ Steamboat … and more recently … more recently ‘The Game’, Triple H.

A good pop from the crowd for each of the legends mentioned.

Ric Flair: Now, I shouldn’t need to tell you that when you step into the ring with these guys normally, they’re gonna hurt you, because that’s what they do. They’re physical … but when they step into the ring, and they wanna do more than just beat you … when they wanna brutalise you … when they wanna make you bleed, then … then you’re in trouble. Then you might wanna start thinkin’ about what you’re doin’ … but despite that … despite lookin’ into the eyes of these guys who wanted to destroy me … I never doubted myself. Not once.

Some more respectful cheers come from the crowd for the Intercontinental Champion.

Ric Flair: My entire career … my entire CAREER, I had never once doubted myself until this Sunday, but y’know, it wasn’t just ‘cause I was in my first Ladder Match. I’ve been in plenty of different matches for the first time. It wasn’t because I was in the ring with guys who would have done ANYTHING to become world champion for the very first time either, because, like I said, I’ve dealt with guys like that before. No, the reason I didn’t think I could do it … the reason I didn’t think I had it in me anymore is all down to one man, and one man only …

The crowd buzzes as Flair pauses for a moment, taking a deep breath to compose himself.

Ric Flair: Gregory Helms.

Some pretty great heat comes in from the crowd as soon as Flair utters Helms’ name.

Ric Flair: I’ve some people tell me before that I’m not up to it anymore, that I’m too old, that I’m too slow, that I just don’t have “it” anymore, but never … never have I come across a guy like Gregory Helms.

Some more boos roll in.

Ric Flair: For months now, he’s been in my ear, and he’s been tellin’ me those things. He’s been tellin’ me that I’m too old, that I’m too slow and that I don’t have “it” anymore. But that … that’s not what’s been gettin’ to me. That’s not what I’ve been thinkin’ about. It’s the other thing he said … it’s when he said … it’s when he said that I was being … selfish. That I was only here so that I could remember my own glory days. That I was gettin’ in the way of younger, more talented superstars. That I was only here for myself.

The crowd buzzes while Flair takes another little breath.

Ric Flair: What he said … it made me think. It made me think that maybe I was just being selfish here. Maybe I was just tryin’ to hang on to somethin’ that I should’ve let go long ago. Maybe I was holdin’ younger, more talented guys down … … … maybe I was passed it.

Some boos come in from the crowd, who obviously do not share those sentiments. An emotional Flair doesn’t worry too much about them though, pausing briefly, before going on.

Ric Flair: For over half of my life now, I’ve been a professional wrestler. It’s all I’ve done for the past thirty-four years, and, honestly, I’d be lost without it. Without professional wrestling, I don’t know where I’d be. I don’t know what I’d do. I know nothing else. What I- no … all I know … is pro wrestling. So for me to think that maybe I’m passed it … for me to think that maybe it’s time to hang the boots up … that’s big … that’s huge. That would basically be me puttin’ an end to livin’ the life I love. And I’ve thought about it. Honest to God, all of the way up until WrestleMania, I was thinkin’ about goin’ out with a bang. I was thinkin’ that I’d give it my all in my very first Ladder Match and go out in a way that no other superstar has gone out before, looking at his best … and that’s when I captured this.

‘The Nature Boy’ raises the Money in the Bank briefcase up in the air, causing the crowd to begin to murmur.

Ric Flair: What better way is there to go out then going out than when you know that you’re on top of your game? What better way is there to go out than when you have the respect of the guys in the back, of you people in the crowd?

The crowd gives a somewhat stifled pop as Flair looks down at his feet, before looking out to the crowd once more.

Ric Flair: What better way is there to go out than when you’re ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’?

No! The rumblings of the crowd grow louder, sensing what is about to go down.

Ric Flair: I thought about all of this, which is why, effective immediately, I am announcing … I am announcing … … … I am announcing that ‘The Nature Boy’ is RERADY FOR ONE LAST RUN! I AM READY TO GO AT NUMBER SEVENTEEN! WOOOOOOOOOO!

The crowd gives an astoundingly loud pop, cheering on the enthusiastic Flair.

Ric Flair: Last night, I PROVED that I have still got it. Now, not only am I the Intercontinental Champion, but I’m also ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’! And if those young guys who think I’m holdin’ them down wanna do anything about it, then I dare them, I DARE them to try!

The crowd emits another tremendous pop.

Ric Flair: Number seventeen, baby! I am comin’ for-



The crowd goes crazy, perhaps more angry that Ric Flair’s speech was cut out than anything else, as his chief rival, Gregory Helms, steps out onto the stage. His face scrunched up, Helms appears angry and confused at what he just heard, making his way down the ramp rather quickly.

Joey Styles: Oh great. Ric Flair has just announced that he’s ready to make one final run at the WWE Title, when this- this despicable human being, Gregory Helms, decides to interrupt him.

Jonathan Coachman: Despicable human being? Joey Styles, that right there is your hero, and he’s about to lay down some truth, I can feel it.

Jerry Lawler: It’d be the first time Helms has ever laid down truth, ‘Coach’, I can tell you that.

‘The Hero’ Gregory Helms collects a microphone on his way up into the ring, then stands across from Flair and quickly begins.

Gregory Helms: So this is how it’s gonna be, huh? This is how it’s gonna be? Instead of steppin’ aside, ‘The Nature Boy’ is gonna make one last dash at the gold? I only wish I was surprised.

A few boos roll in from the audience as Helms pauses ever so slightly.

Gregory Helms: But this is typical of you, isn’t it, Ric? This is typical of you. Just when a young, talented superstar is tryin’ to burst his way through, you go ahead and step in the way. Don’t think I’m surprised Ric, ‘cause this isn’t a one off thing. This has been happenin’ for years. I’ve read Mick Foley’s book. I know the type of guy you are. I know what you did to him. The fact is, you’ve been holdin’ guys down since the early ‘90s.

The crowd gives some significant heat for Helms, although before he can continue, Flair lifts his microphone up.

Ric Flair: You read Mick Foley’s book? I dunno what you’re tryin’ to do, but just so you know, me an’ Mick are on good terms now.

Gregory Helms: Oh, I’m sure you are. I mean, you’re senile, and he’s been hit so many times over the head with a chair that he’s gotta have some damage to the brain, so you guys would have a lot in common.

The crowd objects to that, again giving some very big heat.

Gregory Helms: My point is that you’ve been pullin’ this same stunt for over fifteen years now. One last run, you say. One last run at the title. One more time, everyone! Well y’know, Ric? We’re sick of it. That’s right, Ric, it’s not just me. These people … these people that I represent, that I speak for … they’re sick of it too, Ric.

Once again, the crowd vehemently denies Helms speaking for them, booing him heavily.

Gregory Helms: Can’t you hear ‘em, Ric? They’re booing you. They are booing you, Ric Flair! But you don’t care, do you? Of course you don’t. They were booing you last night too. They were booing you last night when you decided to deny them their dream of seein’ me become ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, by cheatin’ and grabbin’ me in parts that should never be grabbed no less. And oh yeah, they were also booin’ you when you cheated your way out of handin’ me the Intercontinental Title because of your little friend Chavo.

Helms pauses, waiting a moment as the crowd boos him (no, not Flair).

Gregory Helms: These people are sick of you, Ric. They’re sick of you. They wanna see change, and do you know who’s gonna bring that change? None other than the man that they look up to, the man that they aspire to be, their hero … ‘The Hero’ … Gregory … Helms!

Big heat emitted from the crowd as Helms closes his eye and takes in the reaction.

Gregory Helms: And I’m gonna change all of that by takin’ that Intercontinental Title you never defend … by takin’ that Money in the Bank briefcase that you don’t deserve … and makin’ them … mine.

Some more heat pours in as Gregory lifts his hand up in the air, almost as if to stop the crowd.

Gregory Helms: It’s time.

The boos from the crowd aren’t stopped by Helms this time, who merely smirks, happy to have made his point.

Ric Flair: You think you deserve these?

Flair motions to the title and briefcase.

Gregory Helms: I do.

Ric Flair: You think you’re better than me?

Gregory Helms: I know I am.

Ric Flair: Well y’know what I say? I say … prove it.

A HUGE pop comes from the crowd, hoping to see some action between these two.

Gregory Helms: What?

Ric Flair: You heard me. Prove it. No match, no referee. Just a fight. Prove you’re better than me. Prove that I’m nothing!

Gregory Helms: You’re on!

The crowd begins to go bonkers as Flair removes his suit jacket, throwing it to the ground, before pulling back his shirtsleeves and motioning for Helms to bring it. Helms is a little slower though, fiddling with his shirt, prompting Flair to eventually let his guard down …

… BAM! Helms comes with the cheap shot on Flair! The crowd absolutely shits all over the action of Helms as he takes Flair down with a big forearm, then jumps in the mount position and begins to rain down with right hands! Helms continues to draw the ire of the crowd by hammering away … until Ric Flair rolls over! Flair rolls over … and he begins to lambast Helms with right hands! The crowd this time goes crazy with cheers, supporting Flair as he opens up on Helms … until Gregory Helms fights his way free … and rolls to the outside!

The boos from the crowd are deafening as Helms backs up the ramp, shaking his head and telling Flair not tonight. Meanwhile, Flair looks on at him, making sure he’s backed off, before turning back and collecting both the title and the briefcase to show off to the crowd. The crowd, of course, go nuts for Flair, which we look on to see as we head off to a break.

{Commercial Break}

Back from the break, we’re at ringside with our three man announce crew.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where we have a huge show to come, but we’ve also seen some action already too in the form of a little brawl between the new ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, Ric Flair, and Gregory Helms.

Jerry Lawler: We all thought Flair was possibly going to announce his retirement with the way he had spoken, only for him to announce he was going for world title number seventeen with the Money in the Bank briefcase. This then brought Helms out, and, well, this is what happened from there.

We get a replay of the action before the break, with Flair challenging Helms, before sending him packing from the ring.

Jonathan Coachman: If you ask me, Gregory Helms was exactly right to be calling Flair out on stickin’ ‘round. Flair’s just lucky Helms took it easy on him tonight outta sympathy.

Joey Styles: Well Todd Grisham did catch up with Helms during the break, and this is what he had to say.

We cut to see Gregory Helms storming through the backstage area, clearly frustrated by what just happened, when Todd Grisham runs into view.

Todd Grisham: Gregory! Gregory! I was wondering if I could get your thoughts on what just happened?

Helms turns and looks at Grisham, even more agitated now than he was before.

Gregory Helms: My thoughts? My thoughts are that Ric Flair is lucky he seems to have some lucky charm here in Chicago, ‘cause next week, I’m about to step it up a notch. Now get that camera outta here. No more questions.

Helms storms out of view, leaving Grisham to look on …

… Before we cut back to ringside to see Candice Michelle standing in the ring, the bell sounding in the background.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a divas match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Candice Michelle!

Silence …


The crowd gives a very good pop as the NEW Women’s Champion, Mickie James bounces her way out onto the stage. The weight of the world has seemingly been taken off Mickie’s shoulders with her win last night, as she is suddenly back to her smiley, bouncy self (despite the bandage on her head), accompanied on her way down the ramp by Ashley Massaro.

Lilian Garcia: Her opponent, from Richmond, Virginia, she is the NEW WWE Women’s Champion, Mickie James!

Joey Styles: What a difference a week makes. Last week when we saw Mickie James here on RAW, she was angry and just downright scary. But after beating Trish Stratus last night, she’s back to the old Mickie James, and I have to say it’s great to see.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course her mood is different now, Joe. She’s already won the Women’s Title, so she has no need to lie her way into a title match anymore. I can’t believe this two-faced liar beat the lovely and respectful Trish last night.

Jerry Lawler: Respectful? ‘Coach’, Mickie was angry at Trish because she was disrespectful, and I’m glad to see that Mickie was able to accomplish her dream at the expense of Trish to become the new Women’s Champion.

Mickie bounces her way on down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring to show her newly won gold off to the crowd. Ashley, meanwhile, remains on the outside, clapping Mickie on.

Match One – Singles Match:
Candice Michelle vs. Women’s Champion Mickie James w/Ashley Massaro

Coming into a match with the Women’s Champion with a chance to prove herself, Candice Michelle looked to be on at the very beginning of the match, taking a side headlock from the first lockup. Mickie, however, would show her superior wrestling ability, taking the arm of Candice and twisting it around into a hammerlock, before grabbing a side headlock of her own. Candice counters out though, pushing Mickie off into the ropes, only to get run straight through with a shoulder tackle on the rebound. Mickie continues her onslaught, running off to the ropes and bouncing over Candice to rebound back into a hip toss … no! Mickie holds her ground … then scores with a hip toss of her own! Candice gets back up … dropkick right to the jaw! Mickie makes the cover … two!

Both women climb back to their feet, with Candice heading back to the corner, leaving Mickie to chase her in … thumb to the eye from Candice! This brings about a small period of dominance from Candice, who overcomes how horrible she is by cheating to keep Mickie down. Candice, however, cannot suppress the Women’s Champion forever, as shown by Mickie flaring up with some forearms in the centre of the ring. Candice panics, cutting Mickie off with a kick to the midsection, before whipping her into the corner … and running into a boot to the jaw! Mickie boots Michelle square in the jaw … then takes her over with a beautiful Mickiecanrana!

The crowd cheers as Candice struggles back to her feet to be met with a series of right hands, forcing her back to the ropes. Mickie then follows up with an Irish whip … before scoring with a clothesline on the rebound! Candice gets up into a second clothesline, then gets sent into the corner … and then squashed with a corner clothesline by James! Candice reels out of the corner, feeling at her throat as she turns … to see Mickie James come off the second rope with a flying crossbody block and take her down to hook the leg … two! Candice just kicks out! The divas spring back up quickly … discus clothesline from Mickie James damn near knocks Candice out! The crowd goes wild as the Women’s Champion roars out to them, then waits as Candice gets up … before planting her with the Mickie-DT! Mickie hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Mickie James via pinfall @ 4:45


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Mickie James!

A very nice pop from the crowd as Ms. James springs up to her feet and has her hand risen into the air by the referee. With a smile on her face, Mickie motions for Ashley to climb up and join her in the ring, before grabbing both her title and a microphone through the ropes. With the title on her shoulder and her new friend by her side, Mickie begins to speak.

Mickie James: Hey guys, I know that over the past month or so, you probably think you’ve heard enough from me, but I just wanted to tell you how much last night meant to me.

A pretty decent pop is emitted from the crowd for the thought of Mickie’s title victory.

Mickie James: I’m sure you know that so far, my life may not have been the greatest, but last night when I pinned Trish Stratus in the middle of the ring, the pain that I have been through suddenly all became worth it!

Another good pop from the Chicago natives.

Mickie James: The feelings of loneliness and solitude may have hurt at first, but last night they made me what I always wanted to be. They gave me the strength, and they allowed me to achieve my dream, to become my own strong, independent woman.

The crowd cheers once more as Mickie pauses, a broad smile on her pretty little face.

Mickie James: They allowed me to become the NEW Women’s Champion!

A great pop comes from the crowd for that, especially for the standards of the divas. Mickie, however, is not yet done, raising her hand up in the air to try to quieten down the crowd.

Mickie James: That’s not all that helped me though. I also have a few “thank yous” that I wish to make. First, I want to thank my mum, back home in Richmond, for giving me the chance to live this dream, for allowing me to be free!

A big pop comes from the crowd as Mickie pauses, before turning to her friend Ashley.

Mickie James: Secondly, I want to thank you, Ashley, for believing in me when it seemed like no one else did, and for being a true friend, especially after what I’ve done to you in the past.

Another cheer rolls in from the audience as Ashley and Mickie share a quick embrace, before Mickie turns and looks out to the crowd.

Mickie James: And finally … finally, I want to thank you, the fans here, who have supported me all of the way through this. I couldn’t have done it without you!

The cheer emitted from the crowd is even larger this time as Mickie looks to press on.

Mickie James: Right now I’m living my dream, and-


The heat absolutely pours in from the crowd as the former Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus makes her way out onto the stage, a microphone already in hand. Paying no heed to the reaction from the crowd, Trish immediately goes about beginning her speech.

Trish Stratus: You, Mickie James … you disgust me.

The crowd immediately breaks out into a chorus of heat as Stratus looks to continue.

Trish Stratus: Y’know, it’s bad enough that lied your way into a Women’s Title match with me at WrestleMania, but to come out here tonight and continue to lie? Mickie, there’s no need. You have the title. You stole the title. You don’t need to lie anymore! You’ve got what you wanted!

Some more heat from the crowd, although Stratus isn’t really looking to stop for it, obviously not happy and wanting to get her piece done.

Trish Stratus: Mickie James, you’re nothing more than a compulsive liar and a fraud. You do not deserve to hold that title. You do not deserve to hold MY title!

More heat pours in from the crowd as Trish looks to speak again, only for Mickie to interrupt.

Mickie James: You can say that all you want, Trish, but what tells a different story is that I beat you last night. You can say what you want, when you want and how you want, because I don’t care anymore, Trish. I don’t. I’ve realised that I don’t need you anymore. I’m my own woman.

This time the crowd generates a good pop, only to be quickly cut off by the former Women’s Champion.

Trish Stratus: Mickie, that’s just … just touching. It really is, and, I guess … I guess I should congratulate you, Mickie. You did beat me last night, so congratulations, but understand this – you’re only the Women’s Champion as long as I let you be the Women’s Champion. The moment I want my title back, I’m gonna take it, and there is not a thing you can about it.

Mickie James: Really? Well how about you come and try to take the title off me right now?

The crowd gives a HUGE pop, only for Trish to shake her head.

Trish Stratus: No, no. The last time we faced, it was on your terms. That’s the reason you’re the Women’s Champion right now. But the next time we face … the next time we face is going to be on my terms. The rematch clause, Mickie? It’s mine, and that means I get to choose when we have our rematch.

Realising there will be no match tonight because of what Trish just said, the crowd boos her aggressively.

Trish Stratus: So have fun with that title while you can, Mickie, because the moment I say I want it back, I’m getting it. Ciao.


The boos once again start up as Trish turns on her heel and heads backstage, leaving Mickie in the ring to merely shrug her shoulders and chat with Ashley.

Joey Styles: The rematch between Trish and Mickie will be coming, but folks, as we just heard, this time it will be on Trish’s terms. What could Trish have planned?

Jonathan Coachman: Trish doesn’t have anything planned. She doesn’t need to lie like Mickie James. She’ll do what she just said – she’ll take back her title when she wants it. There’s no plans needed there.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know what Trish is up to, but what I do know is that I can’t wait for that rematch. Their match at WrestleMania was great, and I’m sure their rematch will be too.

We now cut backstage to the entrance to the building … to see Rob Van Dam walk in, bag over his shoulder, to a massive pop!

Joey Styles: Well that match will be sometime in the future, but later tonight, coming off his loss to The Undertaker at WrestleMania, we will hear from ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam. What will RVD have to say? Stay tuned to find out later tonight here on Monday Night RAW!

And off we head.

{Commercial Break}

We’re back in the arena now to hear the music of Rene Dupree sounding in the background, with the Frenchman already in the ring, a microphone in hand.

Rene Dupree: Excusez-moi, je suis Rene Dupree, et je suis ici pour enseigner à tous de vous des gens dégoûtants une leçon de style et de grâce.

The heat rolls in from the crowd, who obviously isn’t appreciative of Rene’s French skills.

Rene Dupree: For those of you who do not understand the beautiful French language – excuse me, my name is Rene Dupree, and I am here to teach you disgusting people a lesson in style and grace.

More heat comes from the crowd, now understanding what it is that Dupree said.

Rene Dupree: You see, Monday Night RAW General Manager Mr. Eric Bischoff has decreed that tonight is a chance for all of those who failed to impress last night to have their chance. And while I do come under that banner, let me assure you, that is only because I was not allowed to compete at WrestleMania last night.

A smattering of heat is exuded from the crowd for that one.

Rene Dupree: I mean, look at me. There’s no two ways about it. My looks … they’re just like my wrestling skills … exquisite.

Again, more heat comes in from the crowd for the arrogant Frenchman.

Rene Dupree: So ladies and gentlemen – and I use the term loosely – sit back and watch as a real man – a Frenchman takes care … of business.

Dupree drops the microphone, leaving us to wait …


A pretty good cheer rings throughout the Allstate Arena as we go through the classic 24 Carat Production, bringing none other than Goldust out from the back. Seldom seen on RAW this year, Goldust still appears to be quite popular, gaining himself a nice pop as he theatrically breathes out to the crowd atop the stage.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Hollywood, California, weighing 260 lbs, Goldust!

Joey Styles: Rene Dupree, as we’ve seen recently, talking up a big game here, but he’s going to find himself getting quite the test tonight in the form of this man, the veteran Goldust.

Jonathan Coachman: Look at this … this FREAK! Rene Dupree is beautiful, and he has to be in the ring with this THING?

Jerry Lawler: Rene Dupree is beautiful, ‘Coach’?

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he is. Any man who is comfortable with his sexuality will tell you that. You got somethin’ you wanna say, ‘King’?

Jerry Lawler: All I’m saying is when I think beautiful, I don’t think Rene Dupree.

‘The Gold One’ makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring to remove his robe, set for action.

Match Two – Singles Match:
Rene Dupree vs. Goldust

Seemingly amused by the presence of Goldust, Dupree can’t help but laugh as the referee calls for the bell and the two men come together … although he’s no longer laughing when Goldust slaps the taste out of his mouth! The crowd goes up as one, letting out a huge pop as a stunned Dupree reels back … before haphazardly charging right into an arm drag from Goldust. An angered Dupree gets up into a second arm drag, and then a third, before Goldust is able to grab a side headlock. Frustrated, Dupree struggles, attempting to break free with pure force, until deciding he’ll have to use the ropes to gain momentum. The Frenchman does just that, pushing Goldust off as he springs off them … only for Goldust to run back through him with a shoulder tackle on the rebound! On his game early, Goldust takes off to the ropes, jumping over a flat Dupree on the rebound, before coming back again … to be grabbed by the head and thrown clean over the top rope and to the floor by a desperate Dupree!

The Frenchman isn’t too fussed how he wins, allowing the referee to make the count, only for Goldust to arrive back in the ring at seven. Dupree, however, is waiting for him, and he instantly goes to work, hammering away with some vicious right hands to the jaw. The onslaught from Dupree continues for the next few moments, gaining the Frenchman some nearfalls in the process. Goldust shows what he’s learnt in his years in the business though, holding on until he can find some space in the corner after a nearfall, before kicking an incoming Dupree in the midsection. Dupree starts to reel back as Goldust hits some right hand shots … only to be cut off as Dupree drives his knee up into the gut of Goldust. Dupree looks to immediately follow up on his handy work by Irish whipping Goldust off … but he drops down for the back body drop too early … allowing Goldust to strike with a typical drop down right hand!

The crowd cheers as Dupree staggers back, stunned, before charging back … into a reverse elbow! ‘The Bizarre One’ follows up with a few clotheslines, before Irish whipping Dupree off … dropkick from Goldust! The cheers from the crowd roll in as he motions for them to get up to their feet, waiting as Dupree does the same … before lifting him for a suplex … and dropping him down onto his face! Goldust makes the cover … two! Looking for some space, the Frenchman immediately heads to the corner after the pin attempt, but Goldust is right on top of him … attempting to pull his legs over the second rope! Dupree shakes his head feverishly; knowing what’s coming … but the referee knows what’s coming too, prompting him to pull Goldust away.

‘The Bizarre One’ deals with the referee, then turns to see Dupree still in the corner, so he charges in … bam! Dupree flapjacks Goldust right up, sending his head crashing right into the top of the steel ringpost! A dazed Goldust stumbles back … right into Dupree, who sets him up for, and delivers, the Dupree Driver! Rene makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Rene Dupree via pinfall @ 5:05


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Rene Dupree!

The heat rings through the Allstate Arena as Rene Dupree gets to his feet to have his hand raised by the referee. Looking out to the crowd gleefully, Dupree basks in the moment, before motioning the referee away and performing the oddly awesome French tickler.

Joey Styles: Rene Dupree continues to look impressive here on Monday Night RAW, picking up a good win there over the more experienced Goldust.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he looks good, Joe – he’s French! Everyone knows the French are second only to ‘The Coach’ when it comes to looks!

Jerry Lawler: They have another thing in common with you too, ‘Coach’ – they’re cowards.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, that French coward up there beat you a couple of weeks ago in your hometown, ‘King’. Of course I could too, but Mr. Bischoff thinks I should use my announcing talent right now, and, well, who can blame him for thinkin’ for that?

Moving on from Coachman’s nonsense, we cut to the parking lot to see a classy looking Ferrari pull up … before the WWE Champion, Edge and his girlfriend Lita climb from the car. The champ, dressed casually, looks as relaxed as he’s ever been as champion, a broad smile on his face as he heads towards the arena entrance with his lady.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh boy, speakin’ of winners, here he is – the champ!

Joey Styles: Indeed, hot off the heels off his victory last night at WrestleMania 22 over John Cena and Kurt Angle, the WWE Champion Edge is in the building, and later tonight he will be hosting what we’re told will be a very special edition of The Cutting Edge. What will happen? We don’t know, but one thing is for sure – with Edge involved, it’s sure to be controversial. That’s later tonight, folks, so make sure you stay tuned.

Time for some more ads.

{Commercial Break}


We begin the vignette by seeing the footsteps of a man in a dark yard, stepping on twigs.

While the superstars of RAW may have enjoyed the spoils of WrestleMania …

The steps continue.

While they may have thought their road had come to an end …

More steps.

That their journey was over, they’re about to learn that the journey … is just beginning …

Another step, while we also can vaguely see Edge spearing Kurt Angle over the top.

For every piece of injustice, there’s a piece of justice …

Another step, with Edge delivering the con-chair-to to John Cena this time being shown over the top.

For every misguided actions, there’s punishment …

Edge holding the gold aloft over the top of the footstep.

And for every action … there’s a reaction.

Backlash – April 30th, 2006


We now find ourselves back in the interview area, with Maria standing by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Chavo Guerrero!

A positive reaction as Chavo Guerrero steps into view, dressed to compete.

Maria: Chavo, first of all, how did you feel last night after coming so close to becoming ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, to see your friend Ric Flair walk away with the briefcase?

Chavo Guerrero: Y’know Maria, I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have mixed feelings about it. Seeing a legend and a guy who I’m proud to call my friend, Ric Flair, as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ … well, I think I can speak for everyone when I say I’m happy for him. Even at his age and with all of his success, Ric works his butt off, and he really deserves to have that final run, that chance at number seventeen to top his career off. Seein’ and hearing him earlier tonight, with all that being ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ means to him … it brought a smile to my face.

A good little pop rolls in from the crowd, showing their respect.

Chavo Guerrero: But … but I’d be lying if I didn’t say at the same time, I was thinking … what if that was me? What if I was the one to win the Money in the Bank Ladder Match? What if I was the one who climbed the ladder and grabbed the briefcase? What if I was the one, not to go for my seventeenth world title, but my first? What if it was me?

A small mixed reaction this time, as the crowd aren’t quite sure how to react to that.

Chavo Guerrero: Y’see, I may respect Ric … heck, we may be esses, but at the end of the day, I want the success he’s having too. I want to be able to call myself a champion too. I want this year to be about Chavo Guerrero finally showing that he is just as good as any of the Guerreros that came before him … holmes, I want it too.

Maria: Well Chavo, tonight you get the chance to try to start the run towards WrestleMania 23 on a high, as you go one on one with Chris Masters. Your thoughts?

Chavo Guerrero: My thoughts couldn’t be simpler … tonight, I’m going to start something. I’m going to get myself on a roll. I’m going to get myself on the roll of a lifetime, so that I can become a champion this year. Now, I’m not looking past Chris Masters, because I know he’s tough, but like I said before, I want the success that Ric Flair is having right now, and Ric knows that. Ric knows that, which is why he’s told me that next week, I’ll be getting a shot at his Intercontinental Title, one on one.

A very good pop comes in from the crowd, excited by the prospect of that match.

Chavo Guerrero: Tonight … tonight’s all about building moment towards that, so that next week I can call myself, the new Intercon-

???: Ahem.

Chavo’s focus changes, looking slightly out of camera view with disgust clouding his face … as we see Rene Dupree step into view.

Chavo Guerrero: What do you want, holmes?

Rene Dupree: What do I want? Why with the questions, Chavo? Relax. Y’know, me and you, we’re not all that different.

Chavo Guerrero: What are you talking about?

A smirk crosses the face of Dupree.

Rene Dupree: Well we’re- … I mean I’m- … we’re both- … y’know what, Chavo? Maybe we are different. I mean I’m young, elegant, graceful, skilful, and, quite frankly, beautiful – which, by the way, I just showed in the ring – while you … well you’re none of those things, are you?

Dupree sneers at Chavo, drawing the ire of the crowd.

Rene Dupree: The one thing we do have in common … we both want the Intercontinental Title.

Dupree looks Chavo up and down, before sneering once again.

Rene Dupree: I’ll see you around, Chavo.

And with that, Rene leaves the scene, a fuming Chavo left to look on.

Now back at ringside, we see the team of V-Squared in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 745 lbs, Val Venis and Viscera, V-Squared!

A nice little pop rings through the Allstate Arena, until we hear …


The crowd now gives some pretty good heat as The Redneck Wrecking Crew storms out onto the stage. The duo talk trash like always, Trevor Murdoch keen to take it even further as he abuses the crowd, only to be directed down the ramp by Lance Cade.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 502 lbs, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!

Joey Styles: The Redneck Wrecking Crew will be in action here against V-Squared, but just moments ago we saw how truly obnoxious Rene Dupree can be when-

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, hey Joe, I know you love to talk about Rene Dupree, but come on, it’s time to talk about these two men. The Redneck Wrecking Crew, the two toughest guys on the RAW roster. As a rough and tough Texan, you’d have to appreciate ‘em, wouldn’t you, ‘King’?

Jerry Lawler: Well, I do appreciate they’re talented, but I’m from Memphis, Tennessee, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: That explains it. I always wondered why you weren’t tough. Haha, I’m just kiddin’ ya babyboy, but sit back and relax, because my boys Cade and Murdoch are about to teach us a tag team lesson.

Joey Styles: Well they’re up against V-Squared, who aren’t the biggest slouches on the roster. This could be a test for them.

The redneck duo make their way up into the ring, then toss their flannelette vests to the side, ready and raring to compete.

Match Three – Tag Team Match:
V-Squared vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

It’s Lance Cade and Val Venis who start the action for their respective teams, immediately engaging in a lockup. The two reasonably large men go back and forth, neither able to gain an advantage due to their similar sizes until Cade is able to drive his knee into the midsection of his foe. Stunned, Venis doubles over, leaving himself open to a side headlock. Venis quickly counters out by pushing Cade off, but Cade is right back on top of him, running through him with a shoulder tackle. The Texan is quickly off to the ropes again, before bouncing over a flat Venis and rebounding off the ropes once more … right into a knee lift! Cade goes tumbling over, allowing Venis to make the cover … two!

Both men quickly get back up, with Venis instantly on the offense, nailing a few strikes to back Cade over to the ropes. Looking to follow up, Venis goes for an Irish whip … no, instead he holds onto the arm and drives his knee up into the gut of Cade when he goes to bounce back off the ropes! Cade is reeling, allowing Venis to go for it again … and land another knee lift! His ribs causing him discomfort, Cade is unable to fight back as Venis directs him to the centre of the ring … then snaps him back with a Russian legsweep! Venis hooks the leg again … two! ‘The Big Valbowski’ looks to go back to work quickly once again, lifting Cade up … when Cade suddenly rakes his eyes, then stumbles across to tag in Trevor Murdoch!

Murdoch is quick to go after Venis, charging his way across instantly … right into a big right hand from Venis! Murdoch goes right down, then gets back up into a kick to the midsection, before Venis grabs the arm and guides him across to the corner to tag in Viscera. Viscera climbs into the ring to join his partner, with V-Squared looking to quickly go to work, sending Murdoch off with a double Irish whip. The momentum sends Murdoch into the ropes at a high pace, only to go down even faster when V-Squared strike with a double shoulder tackle! Viscera drops down into the cover … two! Not too bothered by the kickout, ‘Big Vis’ looks to go right back to work by lifting Murdoch back up … jawbreaker! Murdoch nails a jawbreaker, sending Viscera staggering back into the ropes, where Val Venis makes the blind tag. Murdoch doesn’t know about it, staggering about the ring as Venis climbs in to join him, then charges at his turning foe … only for Murdoch to land a huge big boot out of nowhere!

The Redneck Wrecking Crew now go to town on Val Venis, picking him apart, leaving Viscera to do nothing but look on in anguish from the apron. The Crew work like a well-oiled machine, putting the hurtin’ on Venis, although Val manages to hold on, eventually frustrating Murdoch. The former tag champ can’t believe it after Venis kicks out follow an elbow drop, causing him to hit a couple more, then go for another cove … two again! Knowing his partner is getting agitated, Lance Cade calls for the tag, but Murdoch lets his anger get the better of him, climbing up to the second rope, before waiting as Venis gets up … then leaping for a diving bulldog … no! Venis ducks it … but Murdoch lands on his feet! Murdoch turns, panicking as he looks for a clothesline … but Venis ducks … and catches the arm to hit the half nelson slam! Venis slams Murdoch down in the centre of the ring!

The crowd cheers as both men remain down on the canvas, struggling towards respective corners to make tags … and they get there! Both men get their tags! The quicker of the two new legal men, Lance Cade tries to cut Viscera off before he can even get in the ring, although the big man’s strength proves too much, shoving Cade away. Undeterred, the Texan charges back in … right into a right hand! Cade goes down, then gets back up into another few rights and a headbutt, before Viscera sends him off with an Irish whip … and clotheslines him on the rebound! The momentum in the match is all V-Squared as Viscera sends Cade off with another Irish whip … before hitting an amazing spinning heel kick on the rebound! Cade is quickly back up, although he’s practically out on his feet as he staggers towards his opponent … who nails him with a Samoan drop right in the centre of the ring! ‘Big Vis’ makes the cover … two! Murdoch just breaks it up with a stomp to the back in time!

Murdoch then looks to hammer away on a rising Viscera … only to be pushed away with a single hand! The crowd looks on in awe as the big man then boots Murdoch in the midsection, before sending him flying to the corner with an Irish whip. Focussed, Viscera sizes Murdoch up, then charges … no! Murdoch gets out of the way at the last moment, leaving Viscera to hit the turnbuckle, then turn … huge big boot from Lance Cade! Viscera remains on his feet, although he’s on jelly legs as The Redneck Wrecking Crew hit opposite ropes … then nail Viscera with the Sweet ‘N’ Sour! Val Venis climbs onto the apron, only to be hammered off with a right hand from Trevor Murdoch just as Cade hooks the leg of Viscera … to get the three!

Winners: The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pinfall @ 5:33


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!

Some decent heat comes in from the crowd as Lance Cade gets back to his feet and, along with his partner Trevor Murdoch, has his hand raised by the referee. The Crew make sure to tell the crowd all about their victory too, shouting out about their success.

Joey Styles: Well, as you said, ‘Coach’, these two guys Cade and Murdoch are rough and tough, and they’ve just shown they can go with some of the biggest by pinning ‘Big Vis’ right there.

Jonathan Coachman: I told ya. These guys are former tag team champions, and now the so-called “World’s Greatest Tag Team” have had their go at the gold, maybe they’re gonna be next in line. If Kane an’ Big Show are lookin’ for a challenge, these could be the guys to provide it.

Jerry Lawler: Well Kane and Big Show beat these two guys to win the World Tag Team Titles to begin with, but if Cade and Murdoch can do this each and every week, who knows, they could be the next tag team champions.

Cade and Murdoch continue to celebrate, backing up the ramp with their arms raised in the air …

… When we cut backstage to see Chris Masters sitting on a bench, punching his hand. As the camera backs away, we now see that he’s not alone, with Carlito standing over him.

Carlito: ‘Dis year … ‘dis year is gonna be our year, ‘Piece. Carlito can feel it. An’ it’s not just gonna be our year either. It’s going to be Mr. Bischoff’s year too.

Heat from the crowd as Carly continues.

Carlito: Carlito was just a fingertip away last night … a fingertip away from becoming ‘Mr. Money in ‘de Bank’ … and jou ‘Piece? Tonight, jou’re gonna go out ‘dere, and jou’re gonna crush Chavo Guerrero. And ‘dat … ‘dat’s cool.

Carlito smirks as Masters suddenly rises up.

Chris Masters: Alright, you comin’?

Carlito: Not tonight … Carlito … Carlito’s got some special business to take care of tonight.

Chris Masters: Suit yourself.

And with that Masters exits the shot, leaving Carlito to smirk devilishly as we now fade off to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to instantly be backstage … with a focus on the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show, who stand before us with the gold over their shoulders. Big Show remains stoic, not saying anything at first, while Kane looks a little more aggressive, as usual.

Kane: Last night … last night at WrestleMania 22 we went into what was supposed to be our biggest test. We went into a match with a team who is supposed to be the best in the world. We put our titles on the line against The World’s Greatest Tag Team in a match where we said we would show our dominance. And we did just that.

A small pop rings through the Allstate Arena.

Kane: We said coming into WrestleMania 22 that we wanted a challenge. We wanted to face the best team on the RAW roster, so that we could prove our dominance over the tag team division, so we could prove that we are the most dominant team in Monday Night RAW history.

Kane takes a moment, tilting his head before continuing.

Kane: Y’know, there’s a lot of talk tonight about the changes that are gonna happen here on Monday Night RAW. It’s a “fresh start” for everybody as everyone now looks to WrestleMania 23. Well lemme tell you something that’s gonna stay the same …

Kane smiles to himself as Big Show pats him on the back.

Kane: We’ve held these titles for almost six months now and the dominance … the dominance is only just beginning.

Another mixed reaction as Kane laughs, Big Show slapping him lightly on the back as he does so …

… When we cut elsewhere backstage to see The World’s Greatest Tag Team in front of a monitor, gaining a nice pop. Neither man looks too happy, although Shelton is clearly the more frustrated of the two, turning away to vent.

Shelton Benjamin: Can you believe that? We had ‘em last night! We had ‘em beat! We should be the tag team champions, not them!

Charlie Haas: Y’know, I-

Shelton Benjamin: I mean c’mon! We’re the world’s greatest. That means we should be the World Tag Team Champions, not them! We had it won until I … until I kicked you. Until I kicked you.

Benjamin turns back to Haas.

Shelton Benjamin: I kicked you … I’m the one who cost us that match … I’m the reason we’re not the tag team champions right now, aren’t I?

Charlie Haas: Look-

Shelton Benjamin: Aren’t I, Charlie?

Haas takes a deep breath as he reaches across to put his hand on Benjamin’s shoulder.

Charlie Haas: Listen, Shelton, it was just a mistake, and it’s fine. Trust me, it is, ‘cause we’re gonna get back there, and we’re gonna win those tag team titles. It may not have been last night, but trust me, we will. I’ve already got us a match for next week so we can prove ourselves, so let’s just worry about that, okay?

Benjamin nods his head as Haas continues to comfort him, patting his hand on his shoulder …

… Back to ringside, with Lilian Garcia standing by in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Silence, until …



A decent pop rings through the Allstate Arena as Chavo Guerrero steps out onto the stage. Enthusiastic as ever, Chavo motions for the crowd to get back to their feet, before making his way down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs, Chavo Guerrero!

Joey Styles: Last night this man Chavo Guerrero was part of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, coming up short as Ric Flair captured the briefcase. However, we now know that next week, Chavo’s quest for success will continue when he challenges his friend Ric Flair for the Intercontinental Title.

Jonathan Coachman: I gotta ask, why is it that Chavo is gettin’ a shot at Ric Flair next week? ‘Cause they’re friends, right? If ya ask me, Rene Dupree should be ahead of Chavo when it comes to gettin’ a shot at Ric Flair.

Jerry Lawler: And don’t forget, Gregory Helms has also been gunning for Flair for the past few months, just as we saw earlier tonight. Ric Flair’s suddenly got himself a lot of challengers.

Guerrero makes his way down the ramp with his finger pointed up towards the heavens, before climbing up into the ring to quite a reception from the crowd.


A pretty good heated response now from the crowd as Chris Masters goes through his usual routine, showing off his amazing physique. As his pyro continues to shoot up in the background, Masters makes his way down the ramp, paying no heed to the abuse he receives from the crowd.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 265 lbs, ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!

Joey Styles: Well Chavo also has to be thinking about tonight, because he’s got himself quite a task in the form of Chris Masters. Look past ‘The Masterpiece’ at your peril.

Jonathan Coachman: We saw what kind of an impact ‘Piece can make when he took Mark Henry out last week. Chavo doesn’t stand a chance if he tries to worry about next week.

Jerry Lawler: Masters is dangerous for sure, and I think Chavo knows that. He’s ready for a fight here tonight.

Masters makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, smirking away arrogantly at Chavo.

Match Four – Singles Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Chris Masters

The contrast in size of these two men is clear right from the beginning as they move forward to meet one another in the centre of the ring. Never one to be modest, Masters is yammering away, showing how arrogant he truly is … until Chavo suddenly unloads onto his chest with a big knife edge chop! The cries of “WOOOOOOOOO!” ring through the Allstate Arena as Chavo continues on with the chops, forcing Masters back against the ropes, before he sends him off with an Irish whip, then catches him with an arm drag on the rebound. Masters can’t believe it, springing back to his feet to run into a second and subsequent third arm drag, with Chavo now holding the grip he has on the wrist of ‘Piece. Masters is too big to be held down for long though, climbing back up to his feet and forcing Chavo to change things up by pulling him into a side headlock.

Chavo cranks on the neck of Masters, putting as much pressure on as possible while Masters tries to struggle free … until with a sudden burst of strength, he lifts Chavo up and throws him away! Chavo somehow manages to land on his feet, then turn and duck a clothesline attempt from Masters, allowing him to run off to the ropes … to come back with a springboard crossbody block, into a hook of the legs … two! Both men are immediately back to their feet, Chavo instantly on the offense with a kick to the midsection to keep his momentum rolling. Masters, however, proves to be too strong when Chavo looks to continue on and send him off to the corner with an Irish whip, allowing Masters to instead send his smaller opponent in … but Chavo bounces up to the second rope and this time comes back with a twisting crossbody block into a cover … two again! Once again, both men are immediately back up, with Chabo dashing off into the ropes, before rebounding and springing toward Masters for yet another crossbody block … only for ‘The Masterpiece’ to catch him! Chavo went to the well once too often, allowing Masters to – rather literally – catch him out … Masters delivers a crunching ribbreaker … and holds on! ‘The Masterpiece’ hoists Chavo back up, an arrogant smirk on his face as he looks out to the arena, before delivering not just a second, but also a third ribbreaker to Chavo!

This allows Masters the chance to take complete control of the match, using his size as dominate Chavo as he decimates the smaller man’s ribs and back thanks to some well positioned strikes, shoulder thrusts and even a few backbreakers and suplexes. Chavo, however, starts to fight back, prompting Masters to knee him in the midsection, then take him up and drive him down with a pendulum backbreaker! Masters isn’t done there though, as he keeps Chavo across his knee, turning it into a submission hold! The crowd cheers Chavo, trying to will him on as he refuses to submit, before he eventually uses what little energy he has to fight free with a wild flurry of punches and knees that strike Masters in the skull enough to stun him. With the window for a comeback seemingly now open, Chavo runs off to the ropes, then comes back … right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker from Masters! ‘The Masterpiece’ hooks the leg … two!

Chavo just kicks out at the last moment, frustrating Masters to the point where he starts to scream at the referee that it should have been three. With Chavo now back up to his hands and knees, Masters turns … right into a kick to the midsection. Having gained a sniff, Chavo starts to pepper away on the skull of Masters with some right hands, before going for an Irish whip, only for Masters to reverse … then lift Chavo up into a military press on the rebound! The crowd looks on in awe … when Chavo suddenly slips down and takes ‘Piece over with a sunset flip … two! Stunned, Masters climbs back up to his ropes and turns … right into a headscissors takedown from Chavo! Dazed, Masters staggers across into some knife edge chops from Chavo, who weakens Masters enough to send him off with an Irish whip, before catching him with a beautiful dropkick on the rebound! Chavo hooks the leg … two!

Stunned, Masters looks to create some space, rolling to the corner before picking himself up … and turning right into a corner dropkick from Chavo! ‘The Masterpiece’ tries to stagger away, only for Chavo to jump up to the second rope and grab him around the head … tornado DDT … no! Masters pushes Chavo off … but Chavo lands on his feet! Masters looks shocked, charging at his opponent and looking for a clothesline, only for Guerrero to duck … backslide … two! Both men pop back up, with Chavo quickly scoring with a kick to the midsection … DDT … no! Masters powers out of the front face lock to send Chavo over with a back body drop! Tending to his back, Chavo staggers back into the corner, prompting Masters to charge in at him … but Chavo stuns him with a boot to the jaw! Chavo is quickly up to the second rope … tornado DDT! Guerrero lands a perfect tornado DDT! Chavo makes the cover … two!

Chavo can’t believe it, making sure it was only two … before signalling for the end! The crowd cheers as Chavo shakes his hips, then waits as Masters gets up … before booting him in the midsection and hitting a suplex! The crowd pops as Chavo rolls the hips, getting up … to hit a second suplex! Another pop as Chavo pulls Masters up against … Three Amigos … no! Masters lands on his feet behind Chavo, then pushes him off to the ropes … Polish hammer! Masters drives his elbow through the jaw of Chavo! Chavo goes down in a heap, looking completely out of it as Masters hooks the leg … two! Chavo just kicks out! This time it’s Masters’ turn to show his surprise, before turning back to Chavo … and declaring it Masterlock time! The boos comes in from the crowd as Chavo staggers back up to his feet … right into the clutches of Masters … but Chavo wraps his legs back around the midsection of Masters, then rolls him up … two!

Both men spring back up … Chavo boots Masters in the midsection, then delivers a suplex! Chavo leaves Masters down in the middle of the ring … then points to the corner! The crowd goes nuts as Chavo goes to the top rope, then points up towards the heavens … before leaping off for the Frog Splash … Masters rolls out of the way … but Chavo rolls through! Both men spring back up, Chavo making the first move as he charges at Masters … Polish hammer … no! Chavo ducks, then rebounds off the ropes … and comes back to nail the running Liger kick! Masters is damn near knocked out in the middle of the ring … allowing Chavo to now head for the corner once again! Chavo makes his way up top, before looking down at Masters … and jumping down to nail him with the Frog Splash! Guerrero hooks the leg … and gets the three count!

Winner: Chavo Guerrero via pinfall @ 9:24


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Chavo Guerrero!

Having pulled off an impressive win, Chavo springs back up to his feet to have his hand raised by the referee. A smile on his face, Guerrero plays it up to the crowd, while also signalling that the gold could be his next week.

Joey Styles: A big win for Chavo Guerrero to bounce back from failing to capture the Money in the Bank briefcase last night, and gentlemen, he is now rolling towards his Intercontinental Title match next week.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll admit, that was impressive from Chavo, but he still doesn’t have anything on Rene Dupree. What about Gregory Helms? He deserves a title match too!

Jerry Lawler: Based on what we just saw, ‘Coach’, I don’t see how you could say anyone besides Chavo deserves an Intercontinental Title shot. That’s gonna be a great match next week!

We now cut backstage … to see Rob Van Dam walking down a corridor, presumably heading for the ring.

Joey Styles: Well that’s next week, but up next we’ll be hearing from RVD following his loss to The Undertaker last night. What will he have to say? Find out next here on Monday Night RAW.

Off we head to an ad break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break back at ringside.


The crowd breaks out into an absolutely MASSIVE ovation as none other than ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam makes his way out onto the stage. RVD looks more serious than usual, although he can’t help but smile at the reception he receives.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, Rob Van Dam!

Joey Styles: It was twenty-four hours ago now that RVD went into the biggest match of his career with The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22. While many said RVD was without a chance, last night RVD showed what he was made of, taking The Undertaker to the limit, before ultimately falling to him.

Jonathan Coachman: Joe, you’ve been talkin’ RVD up for the past day, and I gotta admit, yeah, he put up a better effort last night than I thought he would, but the fact of the matter is that he still lost. He’s a loser, and he’s lucky that Mr. Bischoff has let him in the Allstate Arena here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: RVD may have been a loser in your eyes, ‘Coach’, but I guarantee in the eyes of most people, what RVD did last night makes him far from a loser. I can’t wait to see what he has to say here tonight.

After doing his classic RVD thumb taunt, RVD gets a little more serious as he walks down the remainder of the ramp to climb up into the ring. With a microphone in hand, ‘Mr. Monday Night’ now takes up a spot in the centre of the ring, and waits for his music to die down.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know-

The crowd instantly cuts off RVD, any sound he makes drowned out by the booming chants of “R – V – D! R – V – D! R – V – D!” Despite usually soaking up the reaction, RVD appears to be more serious tonight, looking to press on.

Rob Van Dam: Last night-

Van Dam is once again cut off by the massive chants, leaving him able to do nothing but look around the Allstate Arena, before casually shrugging and taking a bow. This sends the crowd into an absolute frenzy, clapping RVD on until he raises his hand up to motion to them to turn it down a notch.

Rob Van Dam: Over the past twenty-four hours, there’s been a lot of talk about last night. There’s been talk about what happened, about how it happened. There’s been talk about the winners, the losers, the stars, the former champions, the new champions, the failed challengers and the reigning champions. Heck, there’s even been talk about WrestleMania 23, and about what people want to accomplish by then.

A minute pop as RVD drops his arm down beside him and looks to the mat, before raising the microphone up again and looking up.

Rob Van Dam: But most of all … most of all there’s been talk … about me.

A respectful cheer from the crowd, although RVD doesn’t pause, wanting to continue.

Rob Van Dam: Now, before I go any further, let me just say that last night … last night was, without a doubt, the biggest night of my career. Last night was a chance to make my career, to make me something. To make it special. Last night was a chance for me to get rid of the tag of being ‘the greatest wrestler to never hold a world title’. I’ve told you guys before, but I don’t think I can say it enough, I hate being known as that. I hate being known as the guy who couldn’t quite get it done, which is exactly why I decided to come back and try to change that. That’s why when I came back, I decided that I was gonna get rid of that tag, one way or another.

A small pop from the crowd as the intensity of RVD picks up, with ‘Mr. Monday Night’ now pacing around the ring.

Rob Van Dam: It all started back when I was injured last January. Now, originally, I didn’t think too much of it. It was just one of those unfortunate things that happens. I was gonna spend six months on the sidelines, and I was gonna come back better than ever. That was until I was drafted here to Monday Night RAW.

A mixed reaction from the crowd due to it sounding like RVD is insulting RAW.

Rob Van Dam: Now, don’t get me wrong, I love it here on RAW. I think it’s a great place to be, but obviously, others didn’t wanna see me here. My first night here, I came out, and I was a special guest on a little thing called Carlito’s Cabana.

Heat from the crowd for the mention of Carlito.

Rob Van Dam: Apparently we didn’t hear Carlito talk enough already, so he needed his own show. Who knew?

Cheers and laughter from the crowd at the expense of poor ‘Lito.

Rob Van Dam: Anyway, I came out here for my first night on RAW, and I was excited. I was excited for the opportunity. I hadn’t been on RAW in over a year, and I was only a couple of months away from my return from my knee injury. I thought I was ready to make an impact on my new home, but obviously Carlito disagreed. He told me that I was old, that I was past it and that I was just standing in the way of the younger more talented guys like him. He said that because I had never held a world title, I had no right to stand in his way … so he attacked me. He attacked my knee, and he put me out for another six months.

Heat from the crowd, who obviously don’t approve of the actions of Carlito. Raising his hand to recognise this, Van Dam looks to continue.

Rob Van Dam: Now, like you guys, at first, I was mad. I was pissed off. I had come out here on RAW, looking to make it my new home, only to not just be insulted, but also to be attacked physically when I was already injured. I thought that was weak … but … the more I thought about it, the more I thought Carlito had a point. In a way … Carlito was right.

A mixed reaction comes in from the crowd, who seem unsure how to react.

Rob Van Dam: What Carlito said made me angry, but I wasn’t angry at him. I was angry at myself. For a decade and a half I had been in this industry, workin’ my ass off and puttin’ on the best damn matches I could. People would come up to me and say “Dude, RVD, I love watchin’ you wrestle. You’re great man. You’re one of my favourites.” But y’know what? For all of that, I was exactly what Carlito said. I was a guy who had been here for what seemed like an eternity, but I still hadn’t succeeded. I still hadn’t broken the glass ceiling. I was still gonna be that guy … the greatest wrestler to never win a world title.

Another mixed reaction rolls in from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: So I set myself an aim. The doctors said I wouldn’t be back until after WrestleMania 22 – screw ‘em. I decided I was gonna make it back for the Royal Rumble, and I was gonna give myself a chance to win myself my first world title. And I got there. I got to the Royal Rumble, and I gave it everything I had, only to be eliminated by The Undertaker.

A mixed reaction comes in for this, with the crowd obviously not happy that RVD failed to win the Royal Rumble, despite liking The Undertaker.

Rob Van Dam: Now even though The Undertaker eliminated me from the Royal Rumble, I wasn’t mad at him. I knew he was just doing what he had to do to try to win. No, I was mad … at myself … again.

Another mixed reaction rolls in from the crowd as Van Dam presses on.

Rob Van Dam: The Undertaker did nothing wrong – he was just trying to win like everybody else. I was the one that let myself down. I was the one that cost myself the shot at becoming world champion. I was the one who cost myself the chance to lose that tag … so I had to be the one to try to fix that. I was the one who had to do something drastic … I was the one who had to make the first move on … The Undertaker.

Van Dam starts to pace around the ring, a wry smile appearing on his face.

Rob Van Dam: They say that The Undertaker is unbeatable at WrestleMania, and going into last night, he was. He was undefeated – thirteen and oh at WrestleMania. The dude’s got an impressive record, but I knew, I knew that if I could beat him, then I wouldn’t be known as the guy who’s failed to win a world title, no … I’d be known as the guy who did the impossible … I’d be known as the one to end The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania.

Another mixed reception comes from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And y’know, goin’ into last night, I thought I could do it. I thought I could be the one to end The Undertaker’s streak. Not once, but twice I had left ‘The Deadman’ layin’ in the week before WrestleMania, so why couldn’t I do it again? Why couldn’t I make my mark on the grandest stage of ‘em all? Why couldn’t I be … the one? All of these thoughts were rushin’ through my head when I went out there last night, and I gave it everything I had. I gave The Undertaker everything, and for a split second, I thought I had him beat. I thought I had ended the streak … but it wasn’t to be. The Undertaker beat me, and now … now some are saying that I’m just another name to have fallen to The Undertaker. Now my legacy will be left as one of the guys who weren’t good enough to end ‘The Deadman’s’ streak. Some people believe that … but I don’t.

A good cheer is emitted from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: No, I believe that last night, I did to The Undertaker what no other man has done before. I believe I took The Undertaker to the limit at WrestleMania. I believe I performed on the big stage. I believe I showed that I have what it takes to become a world champion!

The crowd releases a massive pop in response to that.

Rob Van Dam: Everyone’s talkin’ about what they wanna do before WrestleMania 23? Fine, here’s mine – after proving I have what it takes last night, come some time in the next year, the name on the WWE Title won’t be Edge, it won’t be Kurt Angle … it won’t even be John Cena … no, it’ll be everybody’s faourite superstar … R – V – D!

After saying his initials along with him, the crowd continues to cheer ‘Mr. Monday Night’, until …



The crowd erupts into heat for the arrival of The Spirit Squad, who bounce out onto the stage, led by Kenny Doane. The music of the Squad doesn’t last long, as Kenny, who has a mic, quickly goes to talk on his way down the ramp.

Kenny Doane: Cut the music! Cut the music!

The boos of the crowd can be clearly heard now as the music cuts off. Meanwhile, Doane and his squad slowly make their way down the ramp.

Kenny Doane: Rob Van Dam. You think you have a shot at becoming WWE Champion? You really think that after last night, you, you have a shot at becoming WWE Champion?

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I do. You got a problem with that?

Kenny Doane: Personally, yeah, we do, but we’re not the only ones. No, y’see, others a little higher up the chain who, let’s just say, have a little part in the decision making when it comes to the title challengers have problems with that too. But for that certain individual, as we’ll call them, that’s not gonna be a problem, because me and my boys here, we’re gonna take care of you right here tonight, Spirit Squad style.

Some of heat from the crowd as The Spirit Squad makes it to the ringside area and begins to surround the ring.

Rob Van Dam: I’m not here to wrestle tonight, but y’know what dude? Fine. I’d be happy to smoke your asses so bad, you’ll feel like you’ve just left one of your cheerleading lessons.

A pop for the fearless Van Dam, who drops the microphone by the wayside and motions for The Spirit Squad to bring it, only for Kenny to once again speak.

Kenny Doane: Hold on, hold on … Van Dam, did you just say you’re not here to wrestle?

Van Dam, dressed in his casual clothes, nods his head, still continuing to tell The Spirit Squad to bring it.

Kenny Doane: I guess you never got the memo. That certain someone we were talkin’ about before … he changed his mind. You’re in action tonight … against the five of us!

The heat is massive as Doane and his squad jump up onto the apron.

Kenny Doane: Referee … come on down here and do your job.

The heat continues as the referee comes out from the back to make his way down the ramp … when Van Dam comes out of nowhere with a right hand to the face of Doane! The crowd goes nuts as Van Dam sends the 20 year old from the apron, before turning and nailing Johnny, Mitch, Nicky AND Mikey too! Van Dam knocks all of The Spirit Squad members down to the floor! The referee, who has only just climbed into the ring, tries to tell Van Dam to get back into the corner as The Spirit Squad gathers at ringside … but Van Dam defies his orders, charging right past him to run at the ropes … then crash down onto The Spirit Squad with a phenomenal somersault plancha! Van Dam wipes the whole damn Spirit Squad out, sending them sprawling any which way on the floor! The crowd goes absolutely ballistic as Van Dam gets back to his feet and raises his arms up, leading us into a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We make it back from the break to luckily hear the sound of the bell ringing.

Match Five – One On Five Handicap Tag Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Spirit Squad

It’s Kenny Doane who looks to start things off against Van Dam, trying to lead by example as his cheerleader buddies stand on the apron. Taking an instant issue with Van Dam, Doane comes forward and begins to talk some smack, shouting at his opponent “You wanna disrespect Mr. Bischoff? You wanna disrespect me? You wanna disrespect Monday Night RAW?” SMACK! Doane slaps Van Dam right on the cheek! The crowd voices their disapproval, booing the arrogant Doane heavily, only for Doane to smirk arrogantly … until Van Dam suddenly knocks him down with a big right hand! The crowd erupts as an angered Van Dam knocks Doane down a few more times with right hands, Doane rising back up into a new one each and every time, until Van Dam presses Doane into the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip … before grabbing him by the back of the head and throwing him clean over the top rope on the rebound!

The rest of The Spirit Squad see this as code to climb into the ring, Johnny leading the charge into a turning Van Dam, who collects him with a right hand, then Mikey with a right, before Mitch and Nicky with a pair of kicks. Fired up, Van Dam motions at the four illegal men to bring it … only for Kenny Doane to slide into the ring behind him and take him down with a clubbing blow to the back! Like a pack of wolves, the other four Spirit Squad members now join Kenny in stomping down onto Van Dam until the referee finally regains order and gets the four illegal men out of the ring.

Despite it being back to a one on one contest in the ring, Van Dam finds himself on the receiving end of a beating for the next few minutes, with The Spirit Squad tagging one another in and out frequently, keeping fresh as they put the hurtin’ on ‘Mr. Monday Night’. Not too concerned with pinning Van Dam, The Spirit Squad instead look to put RVD through as much pain as possible, all while looking like the jackasses that they are. This is illustrated no more clearly then when, following being tagged in by Nicky, Mikey is Irish whipped into the corner by his partner after Van Dam to drill him with a big jumping forearm to the head. However, rather than go for a cover, the eccentric Mondo decides to bounce around the ring and antagonise the crowd, doing all he can to get under their skin. The tactic proves effective on the crowd, drawing a lot of heat … until Mondo turns around and suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of a right to the midsection from Van Dam! The boos of the crowd quickly turn into cheers as RVD lands a few more right hand blows, before getting back to his feet and backing Mondo into the ropes with a flurry of kicks to the ribs.

Having gained a second wind, Van Dam tries to keep things going by sending Mikey off with an Irish whip … but he bends down for a back body drop prematurely, allowing Mikey to boot him right in the chest! Van Dam reels back, allowing Mikey time to regather himself, before going for a kick to the midsection … but RVD catches his boot … then steps over Mikey’s leg and nails the windmill kick! Van Dam kicks Mikey right in the face! The crowd gives a great cheer as both men go down, lying next to one another on the mat for a moment before they eventually begin to stir. Mikey is headed toward his corner, looking for one of his partners to tag in, while Van Dam, partnerless, can only try to pull himself to the ropes to look for assistance in getting up. Slowly but surely, both men inch closer and closer to their destinations … and just as RVD gets to his feet, Mikey tags in Kenny Doane!

Eager to go on the attack, Doane comes charging into the ring … right into a big right hand from RVD, knocking him down! Doane springs back up, only to be peppered with right hands from Van Dam, backing him all of the way back up into the ropes, allowing him to be sent off with an Irish whip … and bounce back into a back body drop from RVD! Doane gets up, clasping at his back gingerly, only for Van Dam to take him back down with a clothesline! ‘Mr. Monday Night’ is rolling as he sends Doane into the corner now, before charging in … corner spinning heel kick to the jaw of Doane! Kenny falls away, allowing RVD to head up to the top rope quickly … when Nicky charges along the apron, but RVD leaps through the air to take Nicky off the apron with a thrust kick right to the button! Van Dam then rushes across to The Spirit Squad corner to take down the remaining cheerleaders with right hands, allowing him an open path to go across and take Kenny down with a front slam.

Having put Kenny down just in front of the corner, Van Dam steps over the body of his opponent … then jumps up to the top rope and comes back with an amazing split legged moonsault! Van Dam hooks the leg of Doane … two! Kenny just kicks out! Van Dam can’t believe it, looking up at the referee in shock, before looking down at Doane and, perhaps thinking rolling thunder, taking off to the ropes … only to be tripped up by Mitch Mitchell as he looks to bounce off the ropes! Mitch tries to drag Van Dam to the floor, only for RVD to fight free, kicking him away from the apron! Van Dam then turns to go up to the top rope, slowly making his way up … bam! Johnny Jeter comes out of nowhere to hit RVD with the Johnny-Go-Round kick, knocking him clean off the top rope! The crowd can’t believe it, looking on in shock as RVD sags down to the mat, leaving Kenny Doane able to head up to the top rope … then come crashing down onto Van Dam with the Sky High Leg Drop! Kenny makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winners: The Spirit Squad via pinfall @ 7:24


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, The Spi-

Lilian is suddenly cut off in the ring, as the celebrations have been cut short in the ring … with The Spirit Squad now looking to continue to assault RVD! The heinous henchmen of the General Manager ignore the pleas of the referee, going back to the downed body of RVD to continue to stomp away! The raucous crowd voices their displeasure, hurling abuse at The Spirit Squad, only for the Squad to continue their assault, showing no remorse whatsoever. Dancing around like a bunch of fools, The Spirit Squad agitate the crowd even more … when Kenny Doane suddenly stops them and heads to the outside! The four other members of The Spirit Squad look on as Kenny heads to the ringside area … and grabs a steel chair!

The heat is simply monstrous as Kenny snaps the steel chair up, sneering at the ringside staff as he does so, before rolling back into the ring. The other four members of The Spirit Squad look on gleefully as Kenny waits, armed with the chair, looking on at RVD getting up, before cracking him over the skull … no! No! RVD ducks the steel chair shot, leaving Doane to hit nothing but thin air … before turning … SMACK! RVD nails Kenny with the Van Daminator! RVD sends the steel chair right back into the face of Kenny!

The crowd erupts into a massive pop as Kenny goes rolling from the ring, leaving the other Spirit Squad members to panic as RVD eyes them off, turning from side to side … BAM! RVD is cleaned up out of nowhere … by Tyson Tomko! Tomko comes from nowhere to damn near take RVD’s head off with a big boot straight through his skull!

The heat continues, when …



The heat goes up a notch for the sound of the Caribbean beat as Carlito saunters his way out onto the stage, tossing his trademark apple up and down. Not looking at all rushed by the situation, the Caribbean calmly makes his way down the ramp, before climbing into the ring, sending The Spirit Squad rolling from the ring. Tomko, however, remains in the ring, standing over RVD’s still body as Carlito looks out to the crowd. Not a care in the world, ‘Lito tosses his apple up and down in his hand, staring down at it, before smirking and instructing Tomko to lift RVD up. ‘The Problem Solver’ listens too, scooping Van Dam’s limp body up off the ground and pinning his arms behind his back as Carlito paces around the ring ever so casually. Taking his time to bask in the moment, Carlito ignores the crowd as he paces around, before turning to Van Dam and beginning to playfully slap him.

The crowd continues to voice their disapproval as Carlito now backs away, then looks at his apple once again, before taking a bite of his apple … AND TURNING TO SPIT IT RIGHT BACK IN THE FACE OF RVD! The crowd can’t believe the audacity of Carlito, who glances down at his apple, before tossing it away … and suddenly turning RVD to nail him with the Backcracker! Carlito drives his knees into the back of RVD with the Backcracker! The heat is absolutely off the charts as Carlito and Tyson Tomko stand over RVD, when …


The heat picks up EVEN MORE, if possible, as the General Manager, Eric Bischoff comes out with a microphone already in hand. Bischoff, unlike Carlito, appears to be in a hurry, talking over his music.

Eric Bischoff: You think last night doesn’t matter, RVD? You think you’re going to get a title shot after last night? You have got to be out of your mind!

Big heat from the crowd as Bischoff approaches the ringside area.

Eric Bischoff: Last night when you lost, Van Dam, you didn’t just embarrass yourself. You embarrassed me! You made me look bad! You made me look like the loser! As a matter of fact, you’re the reason I’m on probation! Do you have any idea what it feels like to have your job on the line each and every night? Huh? Do you? Was that a no? Well you’re going to.

Bischoff, having climbed up the steel steps, swings into the ring and stands next to Carlito and Tomko over the body of Van Dam.

Eric Bischoff: At Backlash, you’re going to be going one on one with this man, Carlito!

A big mixed reaction comes from the crowd for the match announcement.

Eric Bischoff: And if you lose this time, trust me, you’re going to think it’s a big deal, because if you lose, you’re gonna feel what I feel. If you lose to Carlito at Backlash, RVD, you are going to be fired!

Absolutely massive heat as Carlito applauds the announcement.

Eric Bischoff: For you, Van Dam, the glitz, the glamour, your career … it’s all over … your backlash … is coming.


The arena remains relatively silent following those chilling words from Bischoff, leaving us nothing to do but look on at Bischoff, Carlito and Tomko standing over the still body of RVD as we head to a commercial break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to join our commentary team at ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where we still have The Cutting Edge, hosted by the WWE Champion, Edge, to come, but right now we’re still reeling off what we saw before the break.

Jonathan Coachman: Reeling Joe? Maybe it’s just me, but I’m basking in what we just saw! What a great announcement by our General Manager, Mr. Eric Bischoff!

Jerry Lawler: Great isn’t the word I’d personally go with, ‘Coach’, especially not when it comes to Eric Bischoff.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, he’s your boss, babyboy, so I’d watch my mouth if I were you.

Joey Styles: You’re right, ‘Coach’, but honestly, I’d be a little more impartial if Eric Bischoff himself was.

Jonathan Coachman: What have you got to complain about? Mr. Bischoff made a great match for Backlash!

Jerry Lawler: It may be a great match, but the stipulation on it is another thing. Personally, I don’t think it’s fair, nor do I think what Bischoff just did is fair.

Joey Styles: Well, I guess whether we like it or not, in four weeks time at Backlash RVD’s career WILL be on the line when he takes on Carlito. However, for now we must put that at the back of our minds, as right now we’re going to take a look back at last night’s war between Triple H and Shawn Michaels. This match was as personal as any as I’ve ever seen, and, well, we’ll let you see it for yourself. I must warn you, the following images are graphic.

We see footage of the most violent parts of the Triple H/Shawn Michaels No Holds Barred Match, including when Shawn Michaels jumps off the stage onto Triple H, when Michaels hangs Triple H with the steel chain, when Michaels goes through the announce table, and finally, when Triple H ends Michaels with a Pedigree onto the steel steps, before crushing Michaels’ skull with his trusty sledgehammer, exacting his revenge. From there we cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Unbelievable. Now, as you’ve seen tonight, Shawn Michaels and Triple H are not in the building. Originally, we had no idea how long both men would be away, but we have just heard that Triple H will indeed be here next week. There has been no update on the condition of Shawn Michaels, however.

Jonathan Coachman: I can’t believe Triple H wants to come back. After what he did to Shawn Michaels last night, he should be too ashamed to show his face around here again.

Jerry Lawler: Shawn Michaels was trying to hurt Triple H just as badly, ‘Coach’. It was just Shawn who was the unlucky one.

Jonathan Coachman: Unlucky? Triple H set out to take Shawn Michaels out. Luck has nothing to do with it. Triple H should be locked up for what he did last night!

A preview for The Cutting Edge pops up on the screen.

Joey Styles: Well ladies and gentlemen, that’s next week, but up next we’ll see the WWE Champion, Edge, coming off his successful title defence at WrestleMania, here in this ring for a very special edition of The Cutting Edge with a special surprise guest. That’s next here on Monday Night RAW, so don’t you go anywhere.

It’s time for a break.

{Commercial Break}

We return from the break to instantly hear …



The Allstate Arena erupts with boos as smoke begins to fill the entranceway. Sure enough, this brings about the arrival of the WWE Champion, Edge, who steps through the smoke wearing his casual clothes, title over his shoulder and his girlfriend Lita on his arm. After pausing to peer out at the crowd through his sunglasses, a satisfied smirk appears on the face of the champ, prompting him to make his way down the ramp.

Joey Styles: Twenty-four hours ago, this man Edge walked into the biggest match of his career, defending the WWE Title against not just John Cena, but also Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 22. While his actions in the match were questionable, you cannot argue with the results. Edge is STILL the WWE Champion.

Jonathan Coachman: Whoa, whoa. His actions were questionable? All Edge did was proved that he’s as smart as he says he is. You did get one thing right though, Joe – Edge is still the champ.

Jerry Lawler: I have to agree with Joey, but at the end of the day, Edge still got the job done, and boy, is he about to tell us.

The WWE Champion makes his way down the ramp to slide into the ring, soon joined by his girlfriend who takes the steel steps in. With a microphone now in hand, Edge stands amongst the set of The Cutting Edge and looks out to the crowd. With the music fading away, all we are left to hear is the intense heat that the crowd is just pouring on, causing Edge to look to the mat with a smile on his face. Taking a moment, Edge seems to be composing himself, before he suddenly looks back up.

Edge: Y’know, this is starting to seem like a common theme ever since I became the WWE Champion, but it’s just gotta be said … I told you so.

A gleeful smile comes across the face of the WWE Champion as he looks out to the crowd.

Edge: I told you so.

The heat is great as Edge smiles to himself, then turns to one side of the arena.

Edge: I told you so.

The boos continue to roll in as he turns to another.

Edge: I told you so.

Once again, more boos from the crowd as Edge turns to the next side of the Allstate Arena.

Edge: I told you so.

Finally, Edge comes to the quadrant on the same side as the hard camera.

Edge: Iiiiiiiiiiiiiii told you so.

The heat continues, although Edge doesn’t really wait for it now, looking to get on with what he has to say.

Edge: I told ALL of you so. I told everyone. Everyone here tonight, everyone in Chicago, and everyone watching at home. I told everyone that I would beat John Cena and Kurt Angle.

A mixed reaction from the crowd, who pop for Cena and Angle, but boo due to Edge bragging about beating them.

Edge: And yet you people- you didn’t believe me. You thought I was lying. You thought I was wrong. You thought there was no way, absolutely no way that I could beat Kurt Angle. You thought there was no way that I could beat John Cena. You’ve thought that all along. Yeah, that’s right, ever since I won – or should I say stole, Joey Styles? – the WWE Title.

Some moderate heat from the crowd for Edge mocking both them and Joey Styles.

Edge: Ever since I became WWE Champion, people haven’t been talking about me or how good my reign has been, despite the fact that I am the most watched champion in the past five years. Oh no, they haven’t been talking about that. No, they’ve been talking about when I’m going to lose this title. Ever since I beat John Cena to become WWE Champion, it’s been about when I’m going to lose. At first, it was just supposed to be a couple of weeks. Apparently winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match wasn’t enough to earn me this WWE Title. When I cashed in my briefcase and became champion, people said I didn’t earn this title, that I just took advantage of an opportunity and that I wasn’t good enough to be champion. They even said … they even said that the moment I’d have to defend my title, I’d lose it, because I was out of my depth.

Edge pauses momentarily as the crowd remains relatively quiet.

Edge: My first title defence would come just eight days after I won the title. Can you imagine that? Eight days. Most champions, they don’t want to defend their title, but not me. No, I’m a fighting champion.

The crowd reacts badly to this, knowing that Edge is obviously not the fighting champion that he claims to be.

Edge: So just eight days after becoming champion, I put my title on the line in not just any match, but in a Street Fight, against Ric Flair.

Cries of “WOOOOOOOOO!” come from the crowd for the mention of Flair.

Edge: That’s right … Ric Flair.

The crowd screams out “WOOOOOOOOOO!” once again as Edge starts to chuckle to himself.

Edge: My first title defence was against Ric Flair … a guy who’s what – 200 years old? And you still thought I’d lose? I mean, don’t get me wrong, Ric Flair can still wrestle, but personally, I agree with Gregory Helms. Ric Flair … he’s past it, whereas I … I am in the prime of my career.

Some more heat from the crowd for the arrogance of the WWE Champion.

Edge: But beating Ric Flair in his hometown wasn’t enough for you people, was it? You still said I didn’t deserve the title, that I was a fluke champion. You said I’d lose the title the next time I defended it, and what do you know, my next defence was at the Royal Rumble, against a guy who you people said that, quite simply, one on one, I couldn’t beat. That’s right, my next title defence was against John Cena.

A huge mixed reaction comes from the crowd for the mention of Cena, which Edge pauses to allow.

Edge: That’s right, the guy I had already beaten to capture the WWE Title in the first place … John Cena.

Some great heat from the crowd now as Edge looks to press on.

Edge: But despite that … despite the fact that I had already beaten Cena, going into the match, you people told me that I didn’t have a chance. That trying to beat Cena was hopeless, because, quite simply, he was better than me. He was better than everyone. He had held the WWE Title for nine months, and in that time, he had beaten the likes of JBL. He had beaten Kurt Angle. He had even run Chris Jericho out of the WWE. He had done all of that and more, but still, when it came to the Royal Rumble, he couldn’t beat … me.

Even more heat pours in from the crowd, only for Edge to ignore it, smiling for a moment and scratching at his face, before pressing on.

Edge: But even though I beat him … even though I pinned his shoulders to the mat, one two three in the middle of the ring and proved that I was the better man, that wasn’t enough for Cena. But it wasn’t just Cena either. Oh no, apparently Kurt Angle, despite never earning a title match, apparently he wanted to come along for the ride too at WrestleMania 22.

Edge takes a deep breath, then, with a slight sign of a smile on his face, starts to pace around the ring for a moment.

Edge: Y’know Chicago, I- I’ve gotta level with you. I … I love this place.

A stifled cheap pop comes from the crowd.

Edge: I absolutely love this place. But not for the people … no … personally, I think you’re all pigs.

Some huge heat comes in now, only for Edge to ignore it and continue.

Edge: And it’s not for the actual city itself either. I mean, there’s a lot of names I think of when I think of Chicago before the Windy City.

Some more top-notch heat rolls in.

Edge: No, the reason … the reason I love this place is because last night, here in the Allstate Arena, I finally, finally made sure that John Cena and Kurt Angle would never get a shot at my WWE Title ever again.

The heat continues as Edge smiles about his victory.

Edge: Y’see, Cena and Angle, they should have never got a shot against me at WrestleMania in the first place. They never earned a shot against me. I mean, let’s take John Cena first. Like I told you, I already beat him. He can whine and complain about how I beat him, but the fact of the matter is I beat him, and that means that he should have gone to the back of the line.

Some decent heat, though Edge looks to continue on.

Edge: Now as far as Kurt Angle goes, he should have already been at the back of the line when I became champion. Why? Because he’s a loser. He never earned a title shot. He lost to John Cena every time he faced him for the title. He lost at the Royal Rumble, and just like always, last night at WrestleMania 22, he lost again. Time for you to join Cena and the other losers at the back of the line now, Kurt.

The boos just keep on rolling in as Edge chuckles away to himself, before continuing.

Edge: So I guess … I guess this brings me to tonight. And I guess you people, you’re wondering what tonight is about. You’re wondering why I’m hosting this very special edition of The Cutting Edge. And most of all, you’re wondering just who my special surprise guest is. And y’see, I would … I would answer that last question if I could, but I can’t. I really can’t, because that’s not what tonight is about. No, tonight is about surprises. Tonight is about fresh beginnings, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna get here on The Cutting Edge.

The crowd starts to murmur, wondering who it could be.

Edge: Y’see, I am so sick, SO SICK of seeing Cena and Angle out here, that I’ve decided tonight, I’m going to have myself a surprise guest. The only rule is that their name can’t be John Cena or Kurt Angle.

Heat comes in from the crowd, who aren’t fans of that announcement.

Edge: So if anyone, anyone at all in the back has the guts to step in the ring with the WWE Champion, then here’s your chance. Come on down … I dare you.

Silence for a moment, until …


A HUGE reaction of mostly cheers from the crowd as none other than John Cena charges out onto the stage. With a slight sign of a smile on his face, Cena nods a the fans, before charging down the ramp and sliding in the ring to grab a microphone.

Edge: No! No, no, no, no, no! NO!

Heat from the crowd as Edge cuts Cena off before he can even raise the microphone up.

Edge: Did you … did you not hear me? Did you not listen to what I have to say? You’re not welcome out here, Cena! I’m done with you!

The crowd unloads with boos, although all Cena does is smile.

John Cena: It’s okay, Edge. I know, I know, I’m not on the guest list, and I probably don’t meet the dress code here either – who knows what weird stuff you guys are planning on doing? – but I still came out here because I heard you talking, and I realised I had to straighten a few things out.

The crowd cheers, anticipating what Cena is going to say.

John Cena: First of all, Edge … I agree with you. You did earn the right to challenge for the WWE Title whenever you wanted by winning the Money in the Bank Ladder Match back at WrestleMania 21. You didn’t steal anything. You beat me for the WWE Title fair and square.

A mixed reaction is emitted from the crowd, who aren’t quite sure what to do. Edge, however, breaks out into a big ol’ grin, looking mighty proud of himself.

John Cena: But … since then, you haven’t beaten me once. Not one on one. So, to me, that means I still have my rematch.

The cheer that comes in from the crowd is quickly cut off, as Edge interrupts.

Edge: I haven’t beaten you one on one? Cena, did I hit you a bit too hard last night or something? I pinned you back at the Royal Rumble.

John Cena: You may have pinned me, but that certainly wasn’t one on one. Your little manbitch standin’ there next to you made it a handicap match.

A huge cheer comes in from the crowd at the expense of Lita, who is absolutely fuming.

Edge: Oh, very funny, Cena, very funny, but y’know what? Even if that’s true, it doesn’t matter because I beat not just you, but also Kurt Angle last night.

John Cena: You may have pinned me last night, but you sure as hell didn’t beat me. Kurt Angle … well, Kurt Angle almost beat me.

Edge goes to talk once again, only for Cena to hold his hand up to stop him.

John Cena: Look, we can go on all night, but it doesn’t make a difference. All your excuses, they don’t matter to me. I get that you’re sick of me, but that doesn’t matter to me either. All that matters to me is regaining that WWE Title, and until I get that chance, one on one, you’re gonna be seein’ a hell of a lot more of me. I worked my ass off so I could win that title, and yeah, I may have lost it, but until I get rematch, until I get my chance to regain what I worked for my entire life, I’m gonna be right here, gettin’ in your face and kickin’ your ass!

The crowd gives a huge pop for the intense Cena.

John Cena: That title may just be some prize for you to show off, but to me it means a helluva lot more. To me that title is everything I’ve worked for. To me that title is my life, and you better be damn sure that I’ll be doin’ everything I can to get a rematch, to regain that title so I can once again say those four words that mean so much to me. You better be DAMN SURE I’ll be workin’ my ass off until I can once again say that the champ … is here.

Another huge pop is emitted from the crowd as Cena leans in.

John Cena: So what’s it gonna be, champ? Do I have my rematch yet?

The audience buzzes with anticipation, until …


The shocked crowd turns to the stage, before exploding with another MASSIVE reaction as Kurt Angle bursts out onto the stage. A microphone already in hand, Angle talks as he storms down the ramp.

Kurt Angle: Stop! Stop! Hold on just a damn minute! Don’t either of you say another word!

Angle’s music cuts out as the Olympian continues on down the ramp.

Kurt Angle: Did I hear that right? You want a match against Edge, Cena? You really think you deserve a title match?

John Cena: Ya heard right, Kurt.

Kurt Angle: Last I checked, you were the one pinned last night. Now I might agree that Edge didn’t deserve to be the one to win last night, but that doesn’t mean you should be the one getting the rematch.

Angle now swings his way up into the ring, then gets right in Edge’s face.

Kurt Angle: I should.

A huge mixed reaction comes in from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: I was the one Edge attacked at the Royal Rumble. I was the one who didn’t get pinned last night. And I’m the one who still hasn’t got a one on one match for the WWE Title against him. If anyone’s getting a title match, it’s gonna be me!

John Cena: We’ll just see about that.

Cena and Angle now go nose to nose, getting right in one another’s face! The crowd absolutely eats it up, going crazy as the electricity runs through the air, until Edge suddenly interrupts.

Edge: Hey! Hey! Enough!

The crowd turns on Edge, showering him with boos for interrupting the confrontation.

Edge: That’s … that’s enough! I have had enough of this! You two can go off and do your own thing, I don’t care, but right now I’m asking a guest, a new guest to come out so I can have the show I intended to have.

And with that, we all begin to wait …


The crowd breaks out into a massively heated reaction as the General Manager, Eric Bischoff strides out onto the stage, a microphone already in hand. Not worrying about the reaction, Bischoff immediately goes to talk.

Eric Bischoff: Alright, alright, alright, alright, alright. Quieten down!

This only causes the boos to pick up even more for Bischoff, who merely ignores them.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, Edge, I don’t believe I’ve talked to you since last night, so I guess I should congratulate you on retaining the WWE Title.

The crowd again continues to boo, although Bischoff doesn’t appear worried by them tonight.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact, I want to congratulate all three of you for putting on a heck of a match last night. You really did RAW, and as a result, me proud, so congratulations.

A mixed reaction comes in for that one.

Eric Bischoff: As a matter of fact, you three did so well, that I might just want to see that match again.

Another mixed reaction comes in from the crowd, who seem excited by that prospect.

Eric Bischoff: But, as a fair man, I realise that may not be fair on you, Edge, so I’m going to give you a chance to make sure that match doesn’t happen. As for Cena and Angle, you’ll also get a chance to make sure the match does happen, and you’ll get that chance next week here on RAW. It’ll be Kurt Angle … teaming up with John Cena … to take on the WWE Champion, Edge, and a partner of his choosing.

Once again, the crowd gives a massive mixed reaction for that announcement.

Eric Bischoff: Now if Angle and Cena win next week, they will both be in the WWE Title match at our next Pay-Per-View, Backlash. But if they lose, then neither man will be getting a WWE Title shot.

Yeah, another big mixed reaction.

Eric Bischoff: So Angle, Cena, I suggest you two learn to work together. And Edge, you should find a partner you think is up to the challenge, because your title reign may depend on it.


Bischoff now smirks evilly, then turns to head to the back, leaving all three men in the ring to look on.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! What an announcement from Eric Bischoff. Next week we will learn who Edge will be facing at Backlash, and it could, it could be a WrestleMania rematch!

Jerry Lawler: That sure would be some backlash for the past actions of Edge!

Joey Styles: Will that be the match though? Plus will we hear about the condition of RVD? What about Triple H – he’ll be in the building. It’s shaping up to be a huge show already next weeks, folks, but for now, for Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman, I’m Joey Styles, good night from Chicago!

And with that, we look on at the three men in the ring, all looking back and forth at one another as we fade to black.



April 30th, 2006 | Rupp Arena; Lexington, Kentucky

Rob Van Dam’s Career On The Line; Singles Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. Carlito

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Hey, I’ve read the whole of your BTB and it is up there with the very best, Wrestlemania was immense by the way. Thought I’d start to review this after Mania so here goes for Raw.

Opening up things with Bischoff is a good move and your choice of words used for this were excellent. I can really see Bischoff talking about how this will be his year. Bischoff using Tomko as his bodyguard almost is typical Bischoff as well.

Flair coming out first is a good move in my eyes, I thought you might go for Edge but Flair is something different. The whole of your Flair promo was on the money. Fantastic stuff man. The story about him breaking his back was a nice touch as you could really feel the emotion. No way is Flair retiring after capturing MITB but nice try in swaying the crowd! Helms coming out is no surprise and he’s in good form as well. All leading to a brawl here and that is some way to kick off Raw. Fantastic opening segment. You were spot on in both Flair and Helms personality.

Mickie-Candice. I’m not too big on the Women’s division to be fair but Mickie picks up the win as she should. The promo was a bit corny from Mickie but I suppose that is to be expected. Trish coming out should spice things up. She certainly did, good heel promo there, rematch on her terms was a nice touch.

Very nice promo from Dupree here. A classic foreign WWE promo, loved it and the result was an obvious one. Dupree push on the cards it seems.

Decent little Chavo promo there, seems a push is on the cards for him too and a Dupree-Chavo clash could be good in the coming weeks.

Good win for Cade and Murdoch there, they seem to be gaining some momentum at the minute and it’s good to see as they were a real rough and tough team. Hopefully they head towards the titles soon although I can’t see it while Kane & Show are champs. I think WGTT will do it.

Decent Carlito/Masters promo. Carlito was perfect in the way he said things. Masters was a bit bland but that’s no different to the real thing.

Again another standard promo here from the tag champs. Kane stating that this is just the beginning added a bit of edge to it, but I suppose you gotta get them on the show somehow. Strange WGTT promo there, signs of a potential break up, but I dunno I just don’t see it yet anyway.

Good match here from Chavo and Masters with Chavo picking up the win, good booking there, after his promo earlier a loss woulda killed him.

A great promo from RVD here. I could really feel what he was saying. The greatest wrestler never to hold a world title tag seemed to really hurt Van Dam and I fully expect him to win the big one soon enough. The way he talked about it not being Carlito’s fault or even The Undertaker’s fault was nicely done as he looks upon himself as a failure and then to twist it at the end into Van Dam believing again was brilliantly done. Spirit Squad interrupting was a bit of a downer in my opinion. I dunno, I woulda just preferred to see Van Dam go out on that note of how he was gonna win the title, but I guess another match was necessary and 5-on-1there’s only really one outcome unless Triple H is involved!

After the match Spirit Squad go after Van Dam but nicely done with turning the tables. Tomko taking RVD out was unexpected though the reasons afterwards cleared that one up really well. Carlito coming out was the business he needed to deal with then, I see. Classic Carlito spitting the apple in Van Dam’s face, another good move as Bischoff comes out and really sticks the knife in further with that stipulation at Backlash. A huge match up there with a mammoth stipulation though I can’t see any other result than a RVD win.

Closing the show with the Cutting Edge, I personally thought this would open the show but lets see how it pans out. Great opening with the I told you so repeated again and again. Edge running through his list of accomplishments as champion was another good move, just builds his heat further. Fully expected Cena to come out next. Loved Edge immediately speaking before Cena can get a word in haha. One on one rematch? Never gonna happen while Angle is around! Speaking of Kurt, out he comes, again not surprisingly. Angle making some very good points and on paper both make a valid claim. Bischoff comes out to straighten the mess, a good announcement for a big match next week, felt as though it wasn’t the greatest ending to be honest. I dunno why, can’t quite put my finger on it but I just felt as though, yeah it’s a big match for next week but maybe we coulda seen things get out of hand between the three, maybe even just Angle and Cena, to build the hype for can they get along next week?

Overall it was a great show. Loved the majority of the angles, it furthered all the feuds for the weeks ahead. Flair/Helms was my favourite part of the show, was gripping stuff and the whole ordeal with RVD was very well done. Looking forward to next weeks show, the huge tag match and the return of Triple H should be interesting. Keep up the good work BKB.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

The Bisch = ratings. Nice dickish way to start the show by having him lay down the rules for the rest of the year. Should be interesting

First off I have to say Ric Flair with the MITB makes me angry. Sure he's one of the best ever but a 57 year old (pretty sure thats how old he was at this stage) holding it doesn't sit with me. That said, terrific promo, really impressive stuff from you here, you really got ahold of Naitch's character and went with it. Sometimes people try and over do their promo's and I couldn't help but feel this fell into that catagory, as eventually you're always gonna be pointing back to past accomplishments as you pull out big promo's again in the future. But as I said, it was a damn good promo overall. Helms gets a big rub working with Flair like this, and even if he beats Flair, with Naitch still holding MITB, they both stay in the upper card section. Decent little scuffle to ignite a program heading into Backlash

lol Candice. Glad Mickie beat her, fairly easily too. Mickie may be mediocre looking but can't deny her in ring ability. TRISH!~ OMG. Heel Trish owns too I must say, she never looked hotter than she did in 04. Nice bitchy promo, surely Trish gets the rematch at Backlash. I wish she'd win it back, but sadly Mickie will retain

Rene Dupree. Always loved La Resistance just coz they can get heat so easily. Dupree was always the most promising of the three tho, being the youngest and a bit more established than Grenier and Conway thanks to 2004 on SD! Goldust. This means Dupree's winning and Goldy's jobbing? How did I know?

Good Chavo promo and the Dupree confrontation leads me to believe a triple threat could be on the cards for the IC belt. Or maybe we could even get an oddball alliance between the two. Intriguing.

V-Squared are awful. Job plz. Cade/Murdoch are one of the few decent teams around, thankfully they won. Tag titles on them fuck Kane/Show, another awful throw together pairing

Carlito/Masters perhaps to feud? Down the line once Carlito's done with his business. Don't ruin CCC, he owns

Kane promo was decent enough tho I hope their dominance does end. WGTT better not be hinting at a break up, they need those straps to make the tag division credible again. Book it mini Headliner

Jesus your matches are long for TV. Don't burn yourself out too quickly, I made this mistake in 2005 and trust me, at the time you think you're fine, but then suddenly, you get tired of it. Anyways good win for Chavito, Mr. underused atm IRL. Wouldn't mind seeing him challenge for the IC Title

Very serious promo from RVD, re-evaluating himself it seems. I do hope he gets a main event push, an RVD/Cena/Edge/Angle match = RATINGS. Spirit Squad lolz. Whoa, 5 vs 1 handicap? RVD put up a good showing I gotta say but he wasn't winning this, I mean let's face it, only Cena would've

Aftermath was interesting, first Tomko, then Carlito predictably assaulting Van Dam. RVD/Carlito for Backlash sounds good, fully expecting an RVD victory, would mark to see it made ECW Rules/Streetfight/Hardcore etc

Jesus Edge, say "I told you so more". Didn't like this seeing as we already saw Ric Flair open his promo by repeating himself plenty of times, bit too much for the same show imo. @ Cena. And then Angle. Edge not getting his way and acting like a baby. Good segment all round here. Obviously Cena/Angle's winning next week to set up a rematch at Backlash, but I wonder who Edge will pick as partner?

A solid show. Terrific Flair promo, good ending segment, nothing bad. Matches are pretty impressive length for TV, just don't drain yourself out. Overall, a good show, first one I've read by you in YEARS. <3.


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