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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

I like how you are giving us a backstory using insider sites. A new and fresh change for once in BTB. I like where this is going, though, and I will be reading this thread to see what else you can do.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 9th, 2006 | Preview

This week Monday Night RAW rolls into the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania with one thing on everyoneís mind... Edge as the new WWE Champion.

Last night, ĎThe Rated R Superstarí got himself disqualified in his match against Ric Flair when he hit him with the Money in the Bank briefcase multiple times. Later in the night, the briefcase came back into play, as this time he cashed it in on John Cena immediately after Cena had become the first man to ever successfully defend his championship in the Elimination Chamber, and thus became WWE Champion by pinning Cena after not one, but two Spears. Many feel that Edge stole the championship last night, though he of course would see it another way. What will we see from ĎThe Rated R Superstarí tonight? And will both Cena and Flair be seeking revenge after last night?

On the theme of the Elimination Chamber, Carlito and Chris Masters effectively worked together to survive until the last three with Cena, until Carlito stabbed Masters in the back and pinned him, only to be pinned by Cena immediately after it happened. While Masters canít possibly be happy with Carlito, heís going to have to put up with him tonight, as the two have been signed to team together against Shawn Michaels in a Handicap Match after Michaels had to be the first man to enter the Chamber last night. This is no doubt the work of one Vincent Kennedy McMahon, who has had it in for Michaels ever since he told McMahon to get over the Montreal incident. Will Michaels be able to survive the night, or will McMahonís henchmen get their job done?

Another man to compete in the Elimination Chamber was one half of the World Tag Team Champions; Kane. Despite a valiant effort, Kane was unable to win the title, while his partner the Big Show fell to Triple H in a hard hitting contest. Tonight, the pair team back together, doing what they currently do best as they take on the team of Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch. Cade & Murdoch havenít teamed together for a few months now, so thereís no out theyíll be hungry tonight. Can they possibly be hungry enough to beat these two monsters?

We have a New Yearís Revolution rematch on the cards tonight, as the man formerly known as The Hurricane; Gregory Helms takes on wrestling legend and RAW announcer; Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler. While the cocky youngster was able to defeat the wily veteran last night, will thunder strike twice, especially in a match that is maybe twice as important thanks to a spot in the Royal Rumble being on the line? Itíd take a monumental effort from Helms to win against a legend twice in two days. The question is can he do it?

In another qualifier for the Rumble, Chavo Guerrero takes on Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin should be fired up tonight, despite his recent string of losses, as last night we saw his former partner Charlie Haas show up to tell him that heís an embarrassment. Those stinging words should definitely have Shelton fired up for tonight. Is he fired up enough to beat Chavo Guerrero though?

Finally, the team of Womenís Champion Trish Stratus, Mickie James & Ashley Massaro is set to take on Victoria, Candice Michelle & Torrie Wilson. While Mickie was unsuccessful in capturing the Womenís Championship from Trish last night, the pair have seemed to remain Ďfriendsí. However, Mickie has been having problems with Stratusí other friend in Ashley? Can Victoria, Candice & Torrie exploit these problems, or will Trish, Mickie & Ashley overcome their problems regardless?

For the answers to all of these questions and much, much more, tune into Monday Night RAW live tonight.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

RAW looks pretty good BKB.

Edge hopefully gets a good first reign, and holds it until at least Wrestlemania. He will start to feud with John Cena imo and Ric Flair could have one match against him in a losing effort.

I don't know whether Carlito and Masters will put things behind them and continue to team or feud but I do know that neither of these men should turn face, as they are both better as heels. I expect them to go over in their match with HBK, unless they plan to feud and bicker amongst each other.

The Big Show and Kane are too, well, big for the tag division and need to work as singles stars. Cade & Murdoch are a good team and you could use this match to break up Kane/Show and have them either feud or have them go their separate ways.

Helms to go over Lawler (dont have him in the ring again) and then go on to have a strong showing in the Royal Rumble match.

Benjamin to continue his losing streak to Chavo (push to midcard title) and then be taunted by Haas afterwards and have the two WGTT guys feud. Also, is he face or heel?

Heel divas to go over because of TORRIE. Also, Ashley sucks so like, fire her please.

I'll be reading.
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Spam: that's the second time you've bailed on me and started a new btb. couldn't you have just told me your not interested in continuing the btb.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Originally Posted by Beer2007 View Post
that's the second time you've bailed on me and started a new btb. couldn't you have just told me your not interested in continuing the btb.
Couldn't you have sent him a pm, this is a bright new project that has the potential to be big, please don't post shit in here that you can send via pm or talk about on msn. K? Thanks.

Anyway, onto the stuff that matters...

The preview is looking to be very nice, because I'm a lazy bastard I am not going to echo what other people have said, although the show does look like it has some promise. You know I believe in you, make this show and this thread work please.

Can't wait for it. <3

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Looking forward to Edge's victory speech after one of the greatest moments in recent WWE, and what Cena or Flair will have to say or do about it. Live Sex Celebration?

Two stories in one for the handicap match. Sounds good, wonder if Vinny Mac will make an appearance, and if Masters will get his revenge on his "buddy".

Show and Kane I find to be a little uninteresting, just like I find Cade and Murdoch, but I'm sensing something'll happen in this match that makes it preview-worthy.

Helms simply can't lose against Lawler, 'nuff said. Shelton vs. Chavo should be a great match itself, looking forward to that one, and who'll win, it could go either way.

Diva issues, always fun if given enough attention. Please do so. Match should be alright.

Show looks good, BKB, good luck with it, I'll be reading.
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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

The card does look hawt.

I remember Edge having his live sex celebration the night after NYR on Raw, lol. I guess they wouldn't do that now since the whole PG thing, lol. I'm very excited to see which direction you're going to take Edge in, since this was his first world championship and such, and I hope he becomes an evil asshole, pretty much like Orton but badass!

As much as I understand that Vince hates HBK, what I don't see is how Carlito and Masters can possibly be a threat to HBK. I guess it's more like the concept of a handicap match that it is who the opponents are.

Big Show and Kane were a good tag team, and when you break them up, if you do, I just hope you push Kane, as I think he can really be taken into the Main Event level that the WWE has refused to fully take on, but whatever. This is your BTB, and I'll be happy if he gets a push, haha.

Helms vs. Lawler, meh. Obviously this is the start of a push for Helms, as he could be one hell of an IC champ, so you could do great things with this guys if you do things right. He'll go over Lawler in this match and go to the Rumble, but won't win, obviously lol. But you should have him feud with the IC Champ, and he'll have the ultimatum of either going in the Rumble match or an IC title match.

Chavo vs. Shelton: I think Chavo will go over and Charlie will continue to mock him, or I may be totally off which is I probably am lol.

I sadly see you're going through the same storyline of Mickie not liking Ashley, but maybe you're gonna go in a different direction, I guess I'll have to wait and see.

Good luck, man. I can't wait to read this! Good luck, make this awesome!

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

January 9th, 2006 | GIANT Center; Hershey, Pennsylvania

We donít open with the usual RAW video package and theme song tonight. Oh no, instead we open up with highlights from the Elimination Chamber are shown. John Cena is shown surviving the chamber, in the end eliminating Carlito to retain his WWE Championship.

Joey Styles: John Cena has done it! He is the first man to now step into the Elimination Chamber as WWE Champion and walk out... still WWE Champion!

The chamber is raised as Cena holds the gold aloft for the crowd in Albany to see. A small smile comes across his face, as he looks thankful to have retained his WWE Championship. This is all put on hold though when...


ĎThe Rated R Superstarí Edge walks out to the top of the stage, handing Vince McMahon his Money in the Bank Briefcase as the chamber is lifted. Edge walks down the ring while Cena shakes his head, seemingly in disbelief. Edge climbs into the ring, then nails Cena with a vicious Spear! Everything slows down as Edge hooks Cenaís leg and the referee makes the count, hitting the mat for a third time! Everything then speeds up to fast-forward; with Edge getting back to his feet and holding up the WWE Championship.

On this day I see clearly
Everything has come to life
A bitter place and a broken dream
And weíll leave it all, leave it all behind

Once again, we go into fast-forward here as Edge leaves the ring and stands on top of the announce desk, holding his newly won gold high above his head. We then slow right down to an almost negative pace to see our new champion standing over our fallen champion; WWE Title raised high into the air.

Leave it all behind...

With that, we now cut into the arena to see Lillian Garcia standing by in the middle of the ring.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your NEW WWE Champion... Edge!

You Think You Know Me!


The crowd absolutely erupts into raptures of boos as soon as the signature words that opens Edgeís music are uttered, with it only building up to a climax when he steps through the smoke, looking snappy as always. He has a rather stylish Edge t-shirt on to go along with a nice pair of jeans, a beanie, and Lita, who is hanging off his hand. The two twirl around, then embrace at the top of the ramp, with Lita rubbing Edgeís newly won belt a little suggestively. The two then smile and share a quick little nip, before walking down the ramp hand-in-hand.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, I am Joey Styles here with my broadcast colleagues Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman here for Monday Night RAW, and here we have our new WWE Champion... Edge! Thatís right ladies and gentlemen; do not adjust your sets as the man you see before you is indeed the WWE Champion after cashing in his Money in the Bank briefcase last night against a weakened John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: Edge saw an opportunity and boy did he ever take it last night! John Cena became the first champion to successfully defend his title in the Elimination Chamber, but in the end it all counted for null as Edge swooped!

Jonathan Coachman: And lemme be the first to say that I think itís a nice change to see someone new on top of RAW, especially when it is ĎThe Rated R Superstarí, my man Edge.

Joey Styles: Well, Lita may argue with Edge being your man, Coach...

Lawler shows he found that rather humorous as he chuckles away.

Joey Styles: But you are right when you say we have a new top dog here on RAW. Is that a good thing? I donít know just yet, but having seen the way Edge has behaved, especially lately, Iím willing to bet on this going right to Edgeís head.

Edge has now made his way down into the ring as he stands in the centre of said ring with a mic in hand, while the luscious Lita stands by his side.

Edge: Wow... wow. I-I canít believe it. Really, I donít know what to say. I mean... wow. Iím absolutely lost for words. I mean... I could... nah. I really donít know what to say... finally I have done it. Finally... my name now belongs next to Bret Hart...

Pop for Bret.

Edge: Shawn Michaels...


Edge: ĎStone Coldí Steve Austin...

Major, major pop.

Edge: All of these men, they all achieved their boyhood dream of winning the WWE Champion. And now... now Iíve done it too. Now I stand before you YOUR WWE Champion! And you know, Iím going to be honest here. Thatís right, itís time for a home truth.

Edge stops for a moment and takes a deep breath, seemingly mulling over his words.

Edge: Yíknow... Iím man enough to admit that at one stage... I didnít think Iíd get there. I didnít think Iíd reach the top of the mountain... I didnít think Iíd ascend to the top of the roster. And yíknow, it was nothing to do with me. Of course it was nothing to do with me... Iím only the most talented superstar in the whole of the WWE...


Edge: I am the best this company has to offer... the problem is that time and time again, Iíve been repeatedly SCREWED by the system. Thatís right, put my name next to Bret hart in another category.

Edge smiles slyly as some heat comes from the crowd.

Edge: Yísee, whether it be on RAW, or on SmackDown!, I NEVER got the chance I deserved. I was relegated, overlooked and just plain ignored. Most of the roster couldnít even hold a Goddamn candle to me in terms of ability. And yet... yet they get a shot before me? They get time on the show before me? THEY GET TREATED LIKE THEYíRE BETTER THAN ME? NO ONE IS BETTER THAN ME! YA HEAR ME? NO ONE!


Edge: But finally... finally... finally I could no longer be overlooked. Last year, when I defeated five other man to win the Money in the Bank briefcase at WrestleMania I gained control of my own future, I gained control of my own destiny. It was no longer in the hands of inept nobodies who would continue to overlook me, no matter how good I was, or am for that matter. My future... was in MY hands. And because of that, I was able to get what I deserve... I was able to get the W... W... E... Championship.

Heat, which Edge soaks in.

Edge: Now, when it took me this damn long to finally get a shot at the title, let alone win it, youíd think that when I finally... WHEN I FINALLY won it, Iíd be congratulated. Iíd get praised... IíD GET TREATED LIKE THE CHAMPION THAT I AM... but no, no that doesnít happen, does it? DOES IT? It doesnít. Instead, much like I was continually screwed, Iím completely ignored. Hell, I wouldnít be surprised if the WWE even knew I existed! Vince McMahon... he came out with me to announce that I was cashing my briefcase... but afterwards, where was he? What was he doing? Was he congratulating me like he congratulated every champion before me? Or was he off, worrying about himself... worrying about Shawn Michaels.

Small pop for the mention of Michaels.

Edge: Or what about Eric Bischoff... where was he? Was he even in the building last night? What I do know is that once again, I was ignored. I was ignored, I was neglected... I WAS SCREWED!

Edge pauses for a moment as he gets heat from the Hershey crowd.

Edge: But thatís alright... thatís alright. Why you ask? Why is it alright? Why is it alright that you got screwed once again, Edge? Well yísee, itís alright because I no longer have to worry about Vince McMahon. I no longer have to worry about Eric Bischoff. I no longer have to worry about Ric Flair, John Cena or Troy the Goddamn cameraman! I am the champ, and because of that... I do what I want... when I want.

Edge smiles as he gets heat from the crowd.

Edge: So what do I wanna do? Do I wanna... do I wanna throw myself a party? Do I wanna leave the arena and go celebrate? Do I wanna go have a little celebration with the lovely Lita?

Heat as Edge and Lita look at each other sickeningly.

Edge: No, yíknow, while all of those things would be great, I donít think thatís what I want.

Edge rubs his chin thoughtfully.

Edge: Nah, itís really not. I dunno, I could... nah, that wouldnít work. Or how Ďbout I... nah, that wouldnít work either... wait... wait I think Iíve got it! I wanna watch the video again... I wanna watch me beating Cena for the title all over again!


Edge: Guys in the truck... roll... the footage!

Edge waits for a short while, before we see the video that started the night off. After it concludes playing, we go back and we see him pointing to the tron, smiling and laughing with Lita.

Edge: I... AM AWESOME!


Edge: No really, really that was great. It almost... it almost brought a tear to my eye. In fact... in fact I think it was such a damn video I wanna see it again! Yeah, yeah... play the video again!

Edge waits, though nothing happens.

Edge: Are you people deaf? I said roll the footage. ROLL THE DAMN FOOTAGE!

Edge calms down as something appears on the tron.

Edge: Thank you... wait... wait ... what the hell is this?

Edge notices something is wrong, as it isnít the same video. Instead, someone is walking down a corridor. Who? Well weíre not entirely sure since all we can see is their shoes, but itís safe to say Edge knows exactly who it is.

Edge: This isnít my footage... THIS IS NOT MY FOOTAGE! CUT IT AWAY! I SAID CUT IT AWAY!

The footage doesnít stop. Instead, we continue to see the steps. Finally, the man stops, and the camera pans back to reveal... JOHN CENA! The crowd goes nuts, as while Cena got jeered last night, someone had to shut Edge up. Cena looks the camera dead in the eye then walks past it as we start to hear...

*My Time Is Now*

Edge is shown packing in the ring, running his hand through his hair. He then takes the WWE Championship off from around his waist and drops it down on the mat. He drops the microphone, then stares up at the top of the ramp as the man himself, John Cena walks out to the top of the ramp. He stares Edge down, the intent truly being shown in his eyes. Edge is heard yelling ďCome on, Cena! Come on!Ē However, itís proven he doesnít mean those words as Cena suddenly sprints down the ramp and slides into the ring, with Edge and Lita retreating out of the other side of the ring, sliding out. The dastardly duo walk around the outside of the ring, Cena watching them every step of the way. They then get to the ramp and start to back up it, with edge smiling and shaking his head, saying ďNot tonight, Cena. Youíre not getting me tonight.Ē The two are now almost at the top of the ramp when...


*Also Sprach Zarathustra*

Edgeís eyes almost literally pop out of his head. He slowly turns around to see the other man he brutalised last night, Ric Flair, walking out to meet him. Edge instantly starts to beg off, saying ďOh no. Oh nonono!Ē He and Lita slowly back away, looking to retreat from Flair. Theyíve forgotten about Cena though, and that proves to be their downfall as Cena suddenly turns Edge around and lays into him with a big right hand to a huge pop from the crowd! Cena continues his offence as he beats the shit through the Edge, hitting him with multiple right hands, sending him retreating all of the way back down towards the ring. Lita follows, then when Cena decks Edge with a right hand, leaving him to lean against the steps, she jumps up onto his back and locks in a sleeper hold. She tries to apply as much pressure as possible, though Cena just walks across away from Edge, then throws Lita overhead, slamming her down on the mats that cover the concrete floor.

Lita instantly hold her back in pain, sitting up. While Cena turns back to Edge, Flair lifts Lita up and takes her away for good, putting her over his shoulder and walking back up the ramp, taking Lita away! Meanwhile Edge scores with a thumb to the eye of Cena, getting the advantage. He then nails a right hand right after it, only for Cena to charge straight into Edge, shoving his shoulder into the midsection of Edge and ramming him all of the way back into the crowd barrier. Cena continues to tee off on Edge now, hitting him with rights once again. Edge starts to fire back and the two get into a huge exchange, which ends rather abruptly as security rush down the ramp and try to separate the two. They pull Cena back away first, thinking Edge will stay back, only for Edge to see the opportunity of a cheap shot able to be taken, with Cena having his arms pinned back. Edge runs across and hits Cena square in the face with a right, knocking him back. He looks to follow up right away, though it doesnít last as the security now splits up, half of them restraining Cena and half of them pulling Edge away.

The two fight and struggle to get free, throwing their feet wildly to try to kick each other to no avail. The security now try to take Edge backstage, dragging him up the ramp. However, Cena suddenly fights free of the men holding him back, then charges up the ramp and jumps on top of the pack of security guards restraining Edge, as well as Edge of course. All the men fall down, with Cena on top of Edge, going at him with right hands again. The security Cena broke free of charge right back and drag the angry ex-champion off Edge. The other security then pull Edge away up the ramp, as we head off to a break.

Commercial Break

We come back from the break to see a quick replay of what just took place to recap the events. We then cut back to hear...

Oooooooh Chavo!

*Chavito Ardiente*

Chavo makes his way out to a reasonable pop from the crowd, garnering a nice response. He throws his hands up in the air and plays up to the crowd, who seem to be quite behind him. He taps his ĎEGí armband, then walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, where he mounts the second rope in the corner and points to the sky.

Joey Styles: As we just saw, before the break RAW got off to an explosive start as John Cena and Ric Flair both looked to get payback on Edge for the events of last night.

Jonathan Coachman: Letís be honest Joey; John Cena and Ric Flair werenít looking for revenge... they were committing crimes! Cena assaulted our new WWE Champion, and Flair abducted Lita! How that can be allowed is beyond me!

Jerry Lawler: Some could argue that Edge got what was coming to him, but I have to agree with Coach here. Heís the champ; Cena and Flair have no right to interrupt him!

Joey Styles: Well whether you like what happened before the break or not, right now we have Chavo Guerrero ready to take part in action here tonight as he goes one-on-one with Shelton Benjamin in an attempt to qualify for the 2006 Royal Rumble, which is just less than three weeks away!

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a Royal Rumble Qualifier, and it is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing first, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs; Chavo Guerrero!

*Ainít No Stoppiní Me Now*

Shelton Benjamin now makes his way out, looking more intent than ever. He walks down the ramp to little fanfare, not paying any attention to the crowd, instead just looking at the ring. He climbs up into the ring and doesnít play to the crowd on the turnbuckle, instead he just stares Guerrero down.

Jerry Lawler: As much as I hate to say it, Sheltonís going to have to pick up his game tonight. Heís so talented and athletic, but unfortunately I canít remember the last time he won a match.

Jonathan Coachman: Thatís exactly right, King. Shelton has so much talent, but unfortunately somethingís been going wrong as of late. Personally, I think he was caring too much for the fans, but tonight he looks to have blocked all distractions out, so hopefully he can get back on top.

Joey Styles: Well last night we saw Sheltonís former partner Charlie Haas give him an earful, so maybe that will be the motivation Shelton needs to get going again.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Orangeburg, South Carolina, weighing 248 lbs; Shelton Benjamin!

| Match One |
| Royal Rumble Qualifier |
| Chavo Guerrero vs Shelton Benjamin |

With two very talented wrestlers here, it should come as no surprise that Chavo and Shelton were able to put on an entertaining opener. They start off relatively even; with both mean being allowed to show their speed and athleticism by dashing around the ring and countering each other with arm drags. After a few very nice counters, the two face off, drawing some applause from the crowd. Benjamin scores with a sudden knee to the midsection and takes over the match for a short while, only for Chavo to evade a charging attack from Shelton in the corner not long after and take him down with a sunset flip for two. Chavo stays on the offence for a little while after, using his speed to keep Shelton guessing. This offensive burst ends though when Shelton catches Chavo coming off the top rope with a scoop powerslam, blocking Chavoís cross body block attempt.

Shelton stays on for the next five or so minutes before the match goes home, with Chavo making his inevitable comeback. It comes when he counters out of a sleeper by pushing Shelton off to the ropes, then scoring on him with a dropkick to the jaw on the rebound. From here Chavo takes over, using an offence reminiscent to that of his late, great uncle, Eddie Guerrero. He gets a close two with the hilo, then calls for the Three Amigos. He canít even nail one though, as Shelton lands on his feet, then nails a neckbreaker in a great showing of athleticism, only to get a two count. Benjamin looks like he canít believe it, though he continues on the offensive, lifting Chavo up and nailing him with right hands hots that drive Guerrero back to the corner. He looks to follow up by Irish whipping Chavo off to the opposite corner and attempting to follow up with the stinger splash, which Chavo counters by lifting both feet in the air, leaving Shelton to land right on top of them face-first. Chavo then charges out into an attempted boot to the midsection from Shelton, which he counters. He then throws Sheltonís boot away, unfortunately for Chavo, leading into the dragon whip.

Benjamin doesnít make the cover this time though. Instead he gets right back up and waits for Chavo to get back to his feet. Chavo gets up and stumbles towards Benjamin, with Benjamin then setting him up for the T-Bone Suplex. Chavo counters with hard elbows to the side of the head of Shelton, only for Shelton to come back with a knee lift to the midsection of Chavo. Shelton ten goes for the T-Bone, though it doesnít go as planned as Chavo floats around and hits an amazing DDT, leaving both men down! Both men slowly get back to their feet, showing their grogginess, only for Chavo to suddenly show life as he nails a kick to the midsection of Benjamin, then hits the Three Amigos successfully! Chavo shakes his hips, then heads over to the corner and points to the sky, showing itís time for the Frog Splash. Chavo launches himself into the air, though Benjamin rolls out of the way. Chavo sees this and changes up, rolling through when he hits the mat instead.

Both men then get up, with Chavo instantly charging at Shelton... only to be put in position for the T-Bone Suplex! Shelton goes for it, only for Chavo to flip through and catch Shelton with a sunset flip for the three!

Winner (and the man who qualifies for the Royal Rumble): Chavo Guerrero via pinfall @ 9:56

*Chavo Ardiente*

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner; Chavo Guerrero!

Chavo immediately gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, while Shelton sits up and looks absolutely shocked. He canít believe that he possibly lost the match from a seemingly controlled position.

Joey Styles: Chavo has done it! Chavo pulls a win out of nowhere against Shelton Benjamin. The curse against Benjamin continues!

Jerry Lawler: Shelton looks like he canít believe it!

Jonathan Coachman: I donít think anyone can believe it, King! Shelton just canít win!

Shelton gets up and puts his hands on his head in frustration. He then turns to see none other than Charlie Haas, his former partner who ran him down last night standing at the top of the ramp, shaking his head.

Jerry Lawler: Charlie Haas doesnít look the least bit impressed with Shelton!

Jonathan Coachman: Well who can blame him? Sheltonís become a loser, and in turn, heís making Haas look like a loser.

Joey Styles: I donít think heís necessarily making Haas look like a loser, Coach. I think both of you are just overreacting. Moving on... hang on a minute... Iím getting word Edge is on a rampage backstage! Quick, get a camera on the scene!

We do quickly enough head backstage to see Edge tearing down a hallway, looking mighty pissed off. He looks a man on a mission when some backstage worker is stupid enough to accidentally walk into him... bad move, as Edge throws him into the wall before he can even say a word. Edge then continues on his warpath, before bursting into a room that we discover to be that of RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

Edge: Eric... Eric did you see what happened out there? DID YOU SEE WHAT JOHN CENA DID TO ME? He... he assaulted me! He jumped me from behind! And Flair... Flair abducted my girlfriend! Heís taken her away, Eric, heís taken her away. Eric, as your WWE Champion, as your hottest commodity I demand justice!

Eric Bischoff: You demand justice? You demand justice from me? Edge, let me make this perfectly clear... this is my show! You... you demand NOTHING! I donít care who you are. You can be Val Venis or you can be the WWE Champion, I donít give a damn, this is my show. And yíknow, after you went out there and complained about how youíd been screwed, about how I didnít run things fairly around here, you think Iím gonna help you? Edge, thereís not a chance that Iím gonna help you.


Edge: Is that so?

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, thatís so. While I may not be helpiní you, Iíll tell yaí want I am gonna do... serve justice. You wanted justice and now, now youíre gonna get it. Thatís right champ, be happy about that. Itís pretty simple, so lemme lay it down for you. After what you did to both Flair and Cena, they both want a piece of you, right? Well guess what... theyíre gonna get their chance as in tonightís main event, itís going to be John Cena and Ric Flair teaming up to face Kurt Angle... and you!

Huge pop from the crowd for the big match.

Edge: WHAT? You canít do that! Iím your champion... YOUR CHAMPION, DAMNIT!

Eric Bischoff: Actually Edge, I think youíll find I can do that. And as a matter of fact, Iím not done. Iím not even close. Since last night, you got a shot at Ric Flairís Intercontinental Championship, I think itís time square that ledger... yeah, thatís right. Next week, Edge, you will defend your WWE Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina against none other than the hometown hero, Ric Flair, in a Street Fight! But thatís not all. Edge, if... if you survive Ric Flair, then youíll go onto the Royal Rumble and youíll go one-on-one against... John Cena for the WWE Championship!

Huge pop.

Eric Bischoff: Now I might not like Cena, but he does have a rematch clause in his contract, so as far as Iím concerned, all of my decisions are final. Now get out of my office... champ.

Edge looks like he considers biting back, but he thinks better of it. Instead, he gives Bischoff the evil eye, then turns and leaves the office, leaving us to a close-up on Bischoff before we head to the break.

Commercial Break

We come back from the commercials to see Carlito & Chris Masters in their locker-room. It seems like a rather sombre mood, as Carlito is seated, twiddling his thumbs, while Masters is putting on his elbow pads.

Chris Masters: Carlito.

Carlito doesnít notice Masters at first. Instead, he continues to play with his thumbs. Damn thumbs are interesting.

Chris Masters: Carlito!

Carlito: Huh? Wha... oh, what is it, Chris?

Chris Masters: Carlito, youíve been quiet all day, man. Whatís the matter... is it... is it that youíre sorry that you stabbed me in the back last night? Is it that you know you were wrong?

Carlito: Look, last nightís in Ďda past, man, we gotta look forward to tonight. We gotta look forward to Shawn Michaels.

Chris Masters: Yeah, I know we have to look forward to Shawn, but still, isnít there anything you wanna say? Unless, youíre not enough of a man to admit you were wrong...

Carlito: Look, fine, I was wrong, okay? Jou happy? Does t make jou feel good to know that I was wrong? I mean...

Carlito stops dead in his tracks as we see none other than the owner of the WWE, Vincent Kennedy McMahon walk in to some resounding heat. Carlito is quick to get up and grab the hand of McMahon, shaking it viciously.

Carlito: Mr McMahon! Me and Chris... we were just discussiní how weíre on the same page and that weíre gonna beat Shawn Michaels for jou tonight!

Mr McMahon: Now that... thatís what I like to hear. The thing is though; I donít just want you to beat Shawn Michaels.

Carlito: Jou donít?

Mr McMahon: No Carlito... I donít. You see, beating Shawn would be nice and all, but what does it really accomplish? What does it really do to him? Nothing, thatís what. Yísee, earlier tonight, I was sitting in my office and I was thinking about this very match. And it got me to thinking... I could have Shawn beat, or I could have Shawn beat... literally. Carlito, that is why, tonight, I donít want you and Chris over here to simply beat Shawn Michaels... I want you to make him BLEED. And rest assured, if you two are able to do this for me, youíll be repaid handsomely, as I have two spots in the Royal Rumble just waiting with your names on them.

Carlito stands there, looking up into the heavens with his mouth wide open, looking overjoyed.

Chris Masters: Mr McMahon, it would be our honour to...

Carlito: A spot in the Rumble? Now dat... das cool!

Carlito starts to walk out of the room, before turning back around to Masters.

Carlito: What are jou doing, Chris? Come on... a spot for me in the Rumble is waiting!

With that, we see Carlito leave the room, before cutting off elsewhere. Weíre now in another area backstage, though this time weíre with Todd Grishim.

Todd Grishim: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time; he is ĎThe Heartbreak Kidí, Shawn Michaels!

Michaels walks into view, getting his mandatory (large) pop.

Todd Grishim: Shawn, ever since you told Vince to Ďget overí what happened in Montreal, it seems that heís made it his personal mission to make your life hell. I mean, first you had to face Kane with Sweet Chin Music banned, then last night you had to enter the Elimination Chamber first. Now tonight, not only do you have a Handicap Match against Carlito and Chris Masters, but weíve also just heard that Mr McMahon has told them to make you bleed! Shawn, with all of this going on because of what you said to Mr McMahon, do you now regret ever opening your mouth?

Shawn Michaels: Todd, was opening my mouth the best move? Probably not. But do I regret ever opening my mouth and telling Vince McMahon exactly how I feel? Heck no. Todd, whatcha should know and whatcha soon gonna learn about ĎThe Heartbreak Kidí is that I regret nothiní. Sure, maybe Iíve made some mistakes. Maybe Iíve done some things I shouldnít have ever done. But I sure as hell donít regret doiní anything, especially when it comes to telliní Vince McMahon how I feel. Now as far as what Iíve been through goes, yeah, Iíve had it pretty tough. But if yaí think that Iím gonna whine and complain about it, yaí gotta another thing cominí, buddy-boy. The odds were stacked against me last night, and while I didnít come out with the Dubya-Dubya-E Championship, you can be sure that I did myself no shame by the performance I put in last night. And now, the deckís stacked against me yet again tonight. Whatever shall I do? Iíll tell yaí what Iím gonna do. Iím gonna go out there like always and steal the damn show. Carlito and Chris Masters are good... in fact, theyíre very good. But what theyíre not is ĎThe Showstopperí, ĎThe Main Eventí... theyíre not Shawn Michaels. Vince, you may want to make me bleed, but when all is said and done tonight, Iím not gonna be the one seeiní red.

We now cut away from that as the crowd continues to cheer. That however, is soon cut off when we hear...


Carlito makes his way out to the ring, walking down the ramp and pointing to people in the crowd to bag them to get heat. In the other hand, he holds his apple which he throws up and down, looking as cool as ever.

Joey Styles: Last night in the Elimination Chamber Carlito stabbed Chris Masters in the back in an attempt to go for personal glory. Now tonight, it looks as if theyíre on the same page with a spot in the Rumble on the line... I guess.

Jerry Lawler: Carlitoís eyes lit up when Mr McMahon told him heíd get a spot in the Rumble if he was able to make Shawn Michaels bleed! Iíve never seen Carlito so excited!

Jonathan Coachman: Carlito is a professional, gentlemen. Rest assured, he will work together with Chris Masters tonight, and Shawn Michaels will get whatís coming to him when they make him bleed.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a Two-On-One Handicap Match, and it is scheduled for one-fall. Introducing fist, from the Caribbean, weighing 220 lbs; Carlito!


Chris Masters now makes his way out after doing his usual posing shtick at the top of the ramp to generate heat and play up his character. He walks down the ramp to the ring, constantly telling all of the fans that heís the man, before climbing up into the ring and knocking knuckles with Carlito.

Joey Styles: How is Shawn Ďgetting whatís coming to himí, Coach? Because Mr McMahon is unable to let go of the past? Because Mr McMahon doesnít like hearing the truth, which by the way, is EXACTLY what Shawn Michaels told?

Jerry Lawler: Take it easy, Joey. This is the man who signs your paycheques.

Joey Styles: I donít care, King. The actions of Vince McMahon never cease to shock and amaze me. His ego consumes him, and it doesnít help that he has his little kissass sitting right next to me!

Lillian Garcia: His partner, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 265 lbs; ĎThe Masterpieceí Chris Masters!

*Sexy Boy*

So, with Coach still reeling after being absolutely owned by Joey Styles, the crowd favourite Shawn Michaels makes his way out, really playing it up to them. He does his signature prayer to the heavens while pyro flies out behind him, before walking down the ramp to the ring. The two youngsters clear the ring as Shawn climbs in and poses, showing off his biceps.

Jonathan Coachman: ...

Lillian Garcia: Their opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing 225 lbs; ĎThe Heartbreak Kidí Shawn Michaels!

| Match Two |
| Two-On-One Handicap Match |
| Carlito & Chris Masters vs Shawn Michaels |

Both of the heels climb into the ring at opposite sides to start with, attempting to confuse Michaels as to who the legal man would be. The ploy proves successful, as while Michaels jumped across and took Carlito down with some right hands, Masters runs across and hammers Shawn in the back with a double axe handle, sending him down to his knees. From here, Masters and Carlito own the first few minutes of this match, beating Michaels down and tagging in and out, concentrating on his forehead with a lot of strikes in an attempt to make him bleed. At about the four minute mark, Michaels reverses an Irish whip from Carlito, then kicks him in the midsection and runs off to hit a swinging neckbreaker on the rebound for a two count, with Masters breaking the pin up. Masters climbs out of the ring straight away under orders from the referee, while Michaels then waits for Carlito to regain his footing. As Carlito starts to get up, Michaels back off into the ropes, looking to bounce off them. However, all he bounces off is the knee of Masters, and he doesnít bounce very far as he leans back against the ropes in pain. ĎLito sees the opportunity as he charges across at Shawn and looks to attack. Shawn however sees it coming, as he drops down and pulls the top rope down with him, leaving Carlito to fall out to the floor.

Shawn hen charges across to the opposite side of the ring as Carlito gets up, before coming back and nailing him with a baseball slide. Michaels climbs back to his feet in the ring, with Masters charging across the apron and going for a clothesline. However, Michaels ducks it, then nails a chop that sends Masters down with Carlito. The two slowly get up on the outside, only for Michaels to jump over the top rope and crash down across them. Michaels rolls Carlito back into the ring and gets a two count, before looking to follow up. He attempts to pick Carlito up, only to be nailed with a sudden jawbreaker from Carlito, who quickly staggers across and tags Masters in, who only just got back in the ring. Masters charges in at Michaels to no avail, as Michaels chops him hard a few times, sending him back to the corner. From there Michaels hits some big chops before attempting to Irish whip Masters to the other corner unsuccessfully, thanks to a Masters reversal. It isnít just a reversal though, as Masters shows his power, causing ĎHBKí to go flying up the turnbuckle. He falls back down and turns into Masters to receive a big elbow straight to the face!

Masters and Carlito again take over, and again they look to try to make Michaels bleed to fulfil the wish of Mr McMahon. However, they are again unsuccessful, as Michaels makes his comeback eventually, again against Carlito. This time he avoids a springboard moonsault, then nails some stiff right hand, before going for an Irish whip which Carlito reverses, finally leading into his signature forearm. From here, itís vintage ĎHBKí as he hits his normal sequence of moves, leading into the setup for Sweet Chin Music... ONLY FOR MASTERS TO CLIMB ONTO THE APRON AND BLAST MICHAELS IN THE SIDE OF THE HEAD WITH A STEEL CHAIR! The referee of course call for the disqualification as soon as this takes place, because well, youíre not allowed to hit people with steel chairs.

Winner: Shawn Michaels via disqualification @ 11:02

No music plays following this match, as Masters now climbs through the ropes and into the ring, steel chair in hand. Michaels isnít bleeding yet, though Masters looks set to rectify that, eyeing Michaels down while on his hands and knees. Masters runs up... AND NAILS MICHAELS WITH A SECOND VICIOUS CHAIRSHOT, THIS TIME SQUARE IN THE FACE! Michaels falls back and rolls over, looking completely out of it. Masters throws the chair down on the mat and yells out to the crowd, telling them this isnít over yet. He paces around the ring, then comes back to Michaels and lifts his head off the mat... REVEALING THAT HE IS INDEED BLEEDING! Masters and Carlito have now punched their tickets to the Royal Rumble, though that isnít enough for Masters, as he lifts Michaels back up off the mat AND LOCKS IN THE MASTERLOCK! Masters absolutely manhandles Michaels, using his sheer size and strength to overpower the veteran. Michaels looks like heís out anyway, though Masters doesnít care as he keeps the hold synched in for at least half a minute longer, before finally throwing Michaels down to the mat and standing over him.


Masters continues to look down at Michaels, sending him a clear message that he is not to be messed with. The camera pans backstage quickly and shows Mr McMahon sitting in his office, watching Masters with a huge smile across his face. We then cut back to ringside, where Chris Masters drops down from the ring and is joined by Carlito, who of course raises his hands after his Ďamazingí contribution.

Joey Styles: Well, youíve got your wish, Coach, and it makes me sick. What just took place was completely unneeded. The actions of Chris Masters were reprehensible, and I sincerely hope that he does not win this yearís Royal Rumble after the way he earned his spot in it.

A preview for the New Yearís Revolution Rematch; Gregory Helms vs Jerry Lawler is shown.

Joey Styles: Well, later tonight my broadcast partner Jerry Lawler goes one-on-one with Gregory Helms.

Jonathan Coachman: Come on, Joey, show some enthusiasm! King faces Helms in a rematch from last night, with a slot in the Royal Rumble on the line!

Joey Styles: Fine, you want me to show some enthusiasm, Coach? I hope King teaches him a lesson in respect.

Lawler laughs away to himself.

Jerry Lawler: Well, Iíll try!

A preview for our main event is then shown, as John Cena & Ric Flair take on Edge & Kurt Angle.

Joey Styles: Also later tonight is our main event, as the Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair and John Cena take on Kurt Angle and the WWE Champion, Edge.

Jonathan Coachman: All of that... tonight!

Commercial Break

We come back from the break to see Todd Grishim standing by backstage in the interview area.

Todd Grishim: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Triple H!

Heat from the crowd.

Todd Grishim: Triple H, last night you defeated the Big Show in one of the toughest challenges of your career. Now both you and Big Show are entered in the Royal Rumble, are you worried about the fact that he may come after you at the Rumble?

Triple H: Todd, do I look worried? Do I look like I care that that big bastard may have some kinda vendetta against me still? Todd, I donít care. Last night I did exactly what I said I would do... I slayed the giant. And now, now itís onto the Rumble. People may think that Big Show is a favourite, but let me assure you, he isnít a favourite. In fact no oneís a favourite... besides me. I donít care who gets in my way, Iíll throw them all over the top rope, one... by... one. I donít care whether itís Ric Flair or whether itís...

Triple H stops as Big Show & Kane walk into view, titles slung over their shoulders.

Triple H: ... Or whether itís this big bastard.

Show laughs.

Big Show: Cute. No really, Triple H, it really is cute. You really think you can throw me over the top rope? Triple H, in case you havenít noticed, I am 500 lbs. I am the largest athlete in the world. And Triple H, if I wanted, I could crush you in a minute. Last night, last night you may have beaten me... but letís see how you go at the Rumble when you canít just leave the ring and get your precious sledgehammer. Letís see how you go when thereís nothing stopping me from breaking you in half.

Big Show stares Triple H down for a moment.

Big Show: What, yaí got nothiní to say? Thatís a change...

With that, Big Show walks off. Kane doesnít immediately follow though, as he instead stops and stares Triple H down for a moment.

Kane: One day, someoneís gonna give you whatís cominí to you... and that day may be sooner than you believe.

Kane then walks off too, leaving Triple H fuming. We donít see too much of that, as we then cut elsewhere backstage into the locker-room of the rather beautiful, Trish Stratus. Trish is warming up by stretching, with the Womenís Title shown sitting behind her on a bench. She continues to stretch, now bending over to touch her toes when Mickie James walks in to a pop. At this stage, Trish has no idea Mickieís there, and Mickie knows it, taking a moment to have a nice little stare at Trishís ass. Trish starts to stand back up straight, then backs into Mickie James. She turns around, looking shocked.

Trish Stratus: What the... oh... Mickie, itís you. You gave me a fright.

Mickie says nothing for a short while, instead just staring at Trish.

Trish Stratus: So... Mickie... whatís up?

Mickie James: Nothing really, I just wanted to congratulate you on your win last night!

Trish Stratus: Uh... thanks.

Mickie James: Oh, and I also wanted to tell you how great it was to finally wrestle you last night! I mean, ever since I started watching wrestling, all I wanted to do was ever climb into the ring with you and you know last night I did that and I really wanted to say thanks for wrestling me.

Trish Stratus: Really Mickie, itís okay. Iím glad you enjoyed wrestling me and...

Trish stops as Ashley comes into the room, to a small pop from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: Hey Ashley. You ready for the big six woman tag match tonight?

Ashley Massaro: Of course Iím ready. The question is... is she ready?

Ashley motions to Mickie, who looks pissed off.

Mickie James: What the hellís that supposed to mean?

Trish Stratus: Guys, guys calm down. Come on, weíre all on the same team tonight... letís just work together. Okay?

We see Mickie sulking in the corner before we cross back to ringside to hear...

Well Itís A Big Show!

*Slow Chemical*

The World Tag team Champions get a nice pop as they walk out, following the explosion of Kaneís pyro at the top of the stage. The pair walk down the ramp and climb up into the ring, where they pose for the crowd.

Joey Styles: Some more tension backstage between Trish, Mickie and Ashley right there, but here we have the World Tag Team Champions; Kane & Big Show who of course had a confrontation of their own with Triple H just moments ago.

Jerry Lawler: And wasnít it great, Joey? For once Triple H was forced to keep his mouth shut!

Jonathan Coachman: Triple H wasnít forced to do anything. He just chose to because thatís the kind of upstanding human being he is.

Joey Styles: Oh please Coach, youíre making me sick.

Lillian Garcia: The following is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 527 lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions; Kane & the Big Show!


Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch make their way out as a team in the first time for months. They walk down the ramp together, yelling at Kane & Show in the ring, trying to get into their heads (though itís quite obviously unsuccessful). They then climb up into the ring and pose for the fans, getting some small heat.

Joey Styles: Tonight, Cade & Murdoch team together for the first time in over two months, and I gotta say, this probably is not going to be a good way for them to come back.

Jerry Lawler: Well, you never know, Joey. They could pull out a win, though I wouldnít bet on it, thatís for sure.

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing combined weight of 502 lbs; Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch!

| Match Three |
| Tag Team Match |
| Kane & Big Show vs Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch |

Well, to be perfectly honest, you can tell what the result of this match is going to be just by looking at the teams competing. Itís not a complete squash, as after Kane & Show start out dominant, Murdoch catches an unsuspecting Big Show with a chop block to the back of the knee. The rednecks then took over the match for a few minutes, though the inevitable happens as Show tags Kane in, and Kane runs through the rednecks like a steam train, eventually nailing a Double Chokeslam with Show on Cade to pick up the victory.

Winners: Kane & Big Show via pinfall @ 6:02

Kane starts to lift his arms up into the air, then sets his pyro off in classic Kane style.

*Slow Chemical*

Joey Styles: Kane and Show have gotten back to their best right here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: That they have, Joey. Cade and Murdoch were no match for them.

We move away from that and cut off elsewhere backstage, where we see Maria standing by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time; Gregory Helms!

A small amount of heat from the crowd as Helms steps into view.

Maria: Gregory, last night you defeated Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler in a very tough match, but tonight you have to face him again in a rematch. Do you think Jerry is going to be able to get revenge for his loss last night?

Gregory Helms: Get revenge? No Maria, the only thing Jerry Lawler needs to get is out of the way. Yísee, ever since I took my mask off and stopped pandering to the pathetic fans... things have been on the up for Gregory Helms. Iím not longer the joke backstage. I no longer have green hair. I no longer look like an idiot. And I no longer lose matches. Tonight, my trend of not losingí... it continues. Iím not gonna lose to Lawler and I am not gonna lose my chance to qualify for the Royal Rumble. Iím not gonna lose my chance at gettiní a shot at goiní to the main event of WrestleMania. Who knows, this year could be mine. What I do know is it sure as hell ainít gonna be Jerry Lawlerís, and Iím gonna prove exactly that tonight. Lawlerís old and hogginí the spotlight. What he needs to do is pick his old ass up and move it outta the way so the future can come on through. Old man Lawler, time to step aside and lemme burst on through. The future is bright, and the future... is Helms.

With that, Helms smiles and walks out of view to a bit of heat from the crowd, before we head off to a break.

Commercial Break

We come back from the break to see ĎThe Nature Boyí Ric Flair getting his kneepads on in his locker-room, drawing an absolutely huge pop from the crowd. Not soon after we see Flair, a knock is heard at the door.

Ric Flair: Come in.

The door opens and none other than Flairís partner for the night; John Cena walks in, getting a huge pop from the crowd, most likely thanks to him assaulting Edge earlier tonight.

Ric Flair: John, how are you, my man?

John Cena: Iím good Ric, Iím good. Listen man, I know we got that big match tonight where we both get a chance to get at Edge... but I just wanted to say, man I hope you win next week. Because believe me, it would be an honour to face you at the Rumble with the WWE Title on the line.

Ric Flair: John, you know that Iím lookiní forward to next week, but thatís not what itís about right now. Tonight, we gotta go out there, and we gotta kick Edgeís ASS! Next week is next week, but John, tonight is here and now. So tonight, I say we worry about Edge and Angle. Then next week, Iíll worry about the WWE Championship! WOOO~!

Cena smiles for a moment.

John Cena: Yíknow, youíre right, Ric... Iíll see yaí out there.

We now head back to ringside to see Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman sitting at ringside when we hear...

*The Great Gate of Kiev*

Jerry Lawler: Well, looks like Iím up.

Joey Styles: Go get him, King!

Lawler gets up from his announce position and removes his headset, before holding his hand up and climbing up into the ring to a fair pop from the crowd.

Jonathan Coachman: Well, thatís the last weíll be seeing of The King tonight. Heís not gonna be back here once Helms is done with him.

Joey Styles: Well unlike you, I have faith in King, and I think thereís a major chance that weíll see him beat Helms and qualify for the Rumble.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a royal Rumble Qualifier, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Memphis, Tennessee; Jerry ĎThe Kingí Lawler!


Gregory Helms makes his way out to a small bit of heat from the crowd. He walks down the ramp arrogantly, both jawing off to the fans and Lawler. He climbs up into the ring and poses on the second rope for the fans, still jawing off while doing so.

Jonathan Coachman: King, look out, Ďcause here comes a man you do not wanna mess with!

Joey Styles: Coach, while Iíll give you that Helms is good, you and I both know that King is more than capable of carrying himself in the ring. Heís a legend in this business for a reason.

Lillian Garcia: His opponent, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 205 lbs; Gregory Helms!

| Match Four |
| Royal Rumble Qualifier |
| Jerry Lawler vs Gregory Helms |

Though Kingís obviously quite limited in his old age, he still manages to put on a semi-decent match with Helms here. Lawler starts off in control, seemingly showing the upstart Helms a lesson by nailing several right hands to have complete control. The momentum changes not long after, with Helms suddenly striking with a kick to the midsection of Lawler after Lawler tried to advance back on him in the corner. Helms then grabs a hunk of Lawlerís wrestling tights and uses leverage to drop down and smash Lawlerís face down into the second turnbuckle. Helms then quickly runs off to the opposite ropes, comes back and hits a dropkick square to the back of the head of Lawler, taking complete control.

While this only gets a two count, it does lead to Helms having a burst of offence. Strangely, he slows the speed down against Lawler, despite being younger and quicker than him as he reverts to a basic punch-kick style offence. This works well for Helms for the next few minutes as he has complete and utter control of the match. Lawler is able to launch a comeback when Helms goes for the submission victory with the surfboard stretch. Lawler fights through the pain and gets back to his feet, then attempts to run off at the ropes, only for Helms to pull him back by the tights so that he can nail a forearm right into the square of the back of Lawler. Helms then goes and bounces off the ropes, though it all comes undone for him as Lawler counters with a back body drop, sending him over.

Lawler comes back from this point, hitting mainly right hands to dominate Helms. He then continues his offence, eventually leading to an attempt at the piledriver. Helms doesnít wish to be spiked on top of his head though, as he uses a double leg to take Lawler down. Lawler kicks Helms off and rushes back to his feet quickly, with Helms coming right back at him, only to be caught with a boot to the midsection and caught with a big DDT, which Helms somehow kicks out of. Lawler still has control though, and he knows it as he signals that itís time to drop the fist upon the face of Helms. Lawler walks to the corner and climbs to the second rope, then once again signals for the Fist Drop. He jumps off the ropes and looks to land it... unsuccessfully, as Helms rolls out of the way at the last moment. Helms then quickly springs off the ropes and comes back with a vicious Shining Wizard to the side of the head. Lawlerís out cold, but Helms adds an exclamation point as he lifts Lawler up, then nails him with the Nightmare On Helms Street for the three.

Winner (and the man who qualifies for the Royal Rumble): Gregory Helms via pinfall @ 7:12


Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner; Gregory Helms!

Helms has his hand raised by the referee as he smiles down at Lawler gleefully, happy to have defeated Lawler for the second time in two days. Lawler meanwhile stirs for the first time, rolling over and feeling his face.

Joey Styles: Despite a good effort from our colleague Jerry Lawler, he was unable to pick up the win, Coach.

Jonathan Coachman: Just like I said, Joey! I told yaí, Helms is the future, and now heís going to the Rumble.

Joey Styles: Well, we now go backstage where weíre being told Todd Grishim is standing by with Kurt Angle.

We do indeed go backstage to see Todd Grishim once again in the interview area.

Todd Grishim: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time; Kurt Angle!

A very, very mixed reaction for Angle, as he walks into view, along with his manager Daivari.

Todd Grisham: Kurt, last night you competed in the Elimination Chamber for the WWE Championship, after which your partner for tonight, Edge came in and cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on a weakened John Cena. What are your thoughts on all of this, and do you have a message to send to your partner, Edge?

Kurt Angle: Todd, I have to take my hat off to Edge. I mean letís give the guy some credit. He was smart. He was very smart. I mean, no one, not a single person in the arena last night expected him to cash Money in the Bank in. Now, Iím not one to give credit out freely, but what Edge did was probably the smartest thing in his career... but yet, at the same time it was also the dumbest. Edge, youíre a marked man now. Thatís something youíve never been in your life. You cry about being overlooked, about being ignored? Youíre gonna wish that people were ignoring you. Now that youíre the man, you think lifeís gonna be easier for you? Itís not, Edge... itís not. And yíknow it bugs me about how you won the title. It does. For months, I fought Cena face-to-face to try to win that WWE Championship, and now... now you think you can just sneak in the back door and take it? You think that after I tried so hard to EARN the title, you can just slip in and TAKE it? Edge, you canít. I may not like Cena... hell, I may hate Cenaís guts, but at least Iím man enough to fight him face-to-face. So tonight, when I team with you, Cenaís gonna be coming at you. Flair is gonna be coming at you. And while Iím teaming with you tonight, after our little match is done, you better believe that Iím gonna be coming at you. So if you survive Flair and Cena, Edge, Iíll be seeing you at WrestleMania after Iíve punched MY ticker by winning the Royal Rumble. Oh itís true, ITíS DAMN TRUE!

With one last look at Angle staring into the mic intensely with Daivari behind him (having strangely not got any mic time or even noticed really for that matter), we head off to a break.

Commercial Break

We come back from the break to see a promo hyping the return of Rob Van Dam at the Royal Rumble! It shows him doing all his cool kicks with his music ĎOne of a Kindí playing in the background, before finally finishing with ďRob Van Dam returns... Royal RumbleĒ.

We then head back to ringside with our now slightly altered announce team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, live here from the GIANT Center in Hershey, Pennsylvania, and what an announcement we just saw! Rob Van Dam returns at the Royal Rumble!

Jonathan Coachman: Joey, Iím not Van Damís biggest fan, but even I have to admit Iím excited to see him coming back.

*Time To Rock & Roll*

Thatís right; we are now graced by the presence of the beautiful Trish Stratus, as she makes her way out along with her partners, Mickie James and Ashley Massaro. Mickie talks to Stratus excitedly as they walk down the ramp, while Ashley stays a little away off to the side. Soon enough, the three have made it to the ring as they play it up to the crowd in there.

Joey Styles: Well, here are the Womenís Champion; Trish Stratus, along with the two women who are essentially fighting over her in Ashley & Mickie James.

Jonathan Coachman: Joey, I have no doubt that there are a few screws loose in the head of Mickie James, and I know Ashley feels the same way.

Joey Styles: I gotta agree with you, Coach. I mean, did you see the way Mickie was staring at Trish when she was stretching?

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, hey Joey my man, there was nothiní wrong with that.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a six diva tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Ashley Massaro, Mickie James & the WWE Womenís Champion; Trish Stratus!

*Donít Mess With*

Victoria, Torrie Wilson and Candice now make their way out to virtually no reaction. They walk down the ramp, then climb up into the ring and jaw off with the opponents.

Joey Styles: Well, here come their opponents, and really Victoria, Candice and Torrie are the only reason Trish, Mickie and Ashley came together, so there is a bit in this match.

Jonathan Coachman: Thatís right, Joey. Back when Torrie, Candice and Victoria were welcoming Ashley to RAW, Trish felt the need to stick her nose in along with Mickie.

Joey Styles: Thatís not quite how it went down...

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, the team of Victoria, Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson!

| Match Five |
| Six Diva Tag Team Match |
| Trish Stratus, Mickie James & Ashley Massaro vs Victoria, Torrie Wilson & Candice Michelle |

Trish and Victoria start the action out here, putting on some solid counter wrestling early. This continues on when Trish takes control and tags in Mickie James, allowing Mickie and Victoria to display why theyíre actually respected as wrestlers. Mickie then tags Trish back in, as Trish continues on the offence until she misses a corner clothesline, crashing chest-first into the turnbuckle. Stratus then stumbles back and tags in Ashley, while Victoria tags in Candice. Ashley dominates for a short time before she attempts to run off to the ropes, at which point Torrie knees Ashley in the back. The heels take over for the next few minutes, just plain beating Ashley up with really no actual psychology involved.

The beatdown continues to go on, leading to Victoria looking to hurry the finish along as she goes for her classic spinning side slam. Ashley slips out though and she knows how to at least do a sunset flip, getting a two count. Both women rush right back up, though Ashley pays for it as she eats a clothesline, making her regret she ever got back up. Again, the heels stay on Ashley for a short time longer before she finally changes the momentum properly, as Wilson goes for a stinkface, only for Ashley to push her forward with her feet. Wilson then turns and charges at Ashley, who is getting back up, just to get caught with a drop toe hold that leaves her to go down face-first into the second turnbuckle. Ashley regains her footing, while Wilson crawls over and tags in Candice.

Candice charges in at Ashley, though Ashley has her second wind as she takes over, taking Candice down with a clothesline. She then hits some rights of her own, before sending Candice off and catching her with a back body drop. Candice gets right back up and gets hit with another clothesline by Ashley, before being nailed with a bulldog. Ashley gets up after the bulldog and raises her hand up to the ply to the crowd when Mickie tags herself in. Ashley looks majorly pissed as Mickie charges across the ring and knocks both Victoria and Torrie off the apron with big forearms. She then turns around and sees Candice going for a right hand, which she quickly ducks, then catches the arm of Candice to nail a neckbreaker. Mickie calls for the end as she waits for Candice to get up to her feet. Victoria rolls back into the ring, then charges across at Mickie, who notices at the last minute and hits the Chick Kick! Candice gets back to her feet groggily and turns to Mickie to get kicked in the midsection, before she hits a big Mickie-DT for the three!

Winners: Trish Stratus, Mickie James & Ashley Massaro via pinfall @ 11:02


Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners; Mickie James, Ashley Massaro and the Womenís Champion Trish Stratus!

Mickie gets back to her feet and has her hand raised by the referee. Meanwhile on the apron, Ashley looks hesitant to get in the ring as she looks mighty pissed off, while Trish is trying to calm her down.

Joey Styles: Well, they may not have worked together as anticipated, but Mickie, Trish and Ashley were able to pick up the win regardless.

Jonathan Coachman: But look at Ashley now, Joey. She isnít happy in the least.

Ashley slowly climbs into the ring, along with Trish, still looking pissed off.

Joey Styles: Could the tension explode here tonight?

The tension doesnít exactly explode, though it tries to. Mickie comes skipping across over to Stratus and bounces around in front of her. Ashley, still obviously pissed off can be seen saying, ďWhat the hell is wrong with you?Ē Mickie stops bouncing around, looks at Massaro and screws her face up. This only further infuriates Ashley, who know shoves Mickie back. Mickie stumbles back for a moment, then looks to jump at Ashley. However, sheís stopped by Trish, who grabs Mickie and restrains her. Mickie is now absolutely seething, looking to get to Ashley in any way possible. Ashley slowly leaves the ring, looking at Mickie like sheís nuts (and rightfully so).

We then cut away to see the graphic promoting our main event.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, our main event tonight is John Cena and the Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair teaming up to face Kurt Angle and the new WWE Champion Edge... and itís up next!

Commercial Break

You Think You Know Me!


The music of our new WWE Champion Edge starts up to some rather immense heat from the crowd, who obviously havenít taken to kindly to his title victory. The champ comes out alone, no Lita by his side, as one can only assume that Ric Flair had her ejected from the arena by security earlier. He walks down the ramp slowly, looking slightly paranoid, thinking he may just be jumped at any moment, especially after what happened to open the show. He gets to the ringside area and slides into the ring, then gets back to his feet and paces around the ring.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, itís main event time here on RAW, and this is a big one.

Jonathan Coachman: Thatís exactly right, Joey. Edge is facing Ric Flair, the man who heís defending his WWE Championship against next week, as well as John Cena who heíll face at the Rumble if he can beat Flair.

Joey Styles: Letís not forget either, Coach; Edge doesnít have Lita by his side. Ric Flair took Lita as Cena battled with Edge earlier tonight, and we hear that he had her ejected from the building.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 245 lbs, he is the WWE Champion; ĎThe Rated R Superstarí... Edge!


A HUGE mixed reaction engulfs the arena, as Kurt Angle walks out, showing pure intensity. Daivari is behind Angle, though angle doesnít seem to care as he just ignores him. Angle stops halfway down the ramp, then poses while screaming out as pyro shoots off behind him. He then continues on down the ramp and climbs into the ring, where he briefly stares at Edge, before mounting the turnbuckle and posing to the still mixed reaction.

Joey Styles: Here he is, the Olympic Gold Medallist; Kurt Angle, who is teaming tonight with a man who he had a few cutting words to say about.

Jonathan Coachman: He may have had a few choice words for Edge earlier tonight, Joey, but you know Kurt Angle... he loves to win. Heís not gonna throw away a match, and you know that.

Lillian Garcia: His tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, he is the only Olympic Gold Medallist in WWE history; Kurt Angle!


*Also Sprach Zarathustra*

The crowd of course pops big (and woos), as the Intercontinental Champion; Ric Flair styles and profiles his way out onto the top of the ramp. He yells out his trademark ďWoo~!Ē, then walks down the ramp. At first he looks like getting in the ring, but then he thinks better of it, instead waiting at the bottom of the ramp for his partner.

Joey Styles: Ric Flair is an absolute legend of this business, he is a sixteen, thatís right, sixteen time World Champion, and next week, his heated rivalry with Edge comes to a close as he gets the chance to add one more, to become a seventeen time World Champion. However, tonight he gets himself the chance to get his hands on Edge one last time before his title match next week in hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina.

Jonathan Coachman: And while Flair may claim that Charlotte is ĎFlair Countryí, look at Edge standing in the ring while Flairís on the outside. That ring is ĎEdge Countryí, and Flair better believe it.

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, first from Charlotte, North Carolina, he is the Intercontinental Champion; ĎThe Nature Boyí... Ric Flair!


*My Time Is Now*

John Cena runs out onto the stage to a huge eruption of mostly cheers from the Hershey crowd. He points down to Edge in the ring before walking down to join Ric Flair at ringside. He touches knuckles with Flair, then slides into the ring while Flair climbs up in, as Edge and Angle retreat.

Joey Styles: Last night Edge STOLE the WWE Title from this man; John Cena. Tonight, Cena also gets his chance at redemption.

Jonathan Coachman: Cena may want redemption, but let me make this clear Joey; Edge stole nothing. He canít help that he was smarter than Cena.

Lillian Garcia: His partner, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 240 lbs; John Cena!

| Main Event |
| Tag Team Match |
| Edge & Kurt Angle vs Ric Flair & John Cena |

The crowd is hot for this match as soon as the bell rings, giving it a huge feel. Edge doesnít want any part of either John Cena or Ric Flair, as he shows by telling Kurt Angle to start off the match. Cena starts the match off for his team, as Angle and Cena start off slowly, using mainly headlocks to fill the first few minutes. After Cena knocks Angle down with a shoulder tackle he goes down and continues with the headlocks, keeping the same offence going. Angle fights back up and pushes Cena back to the corner then unloads on him with right hands, taking control of the match. Angle controls Cena for the next minute or so, before Edge calls for the tag in, wanting to attack the weakened prey. Edge goes after the weakened Cena, hitting a few rights, before much to Edgeís shock, Cena blocks one! Edge canít believe it as Cena now goes on the offensive, nailing several right hands to the shocked WWE Champion. He follows up by whipping Edge off to the ropes, then sending him overhead with a massive back body drop. Cena isnít the only one who wants revenge on Edge, as Flair shows by calling for the tag. Cena, ever the crowd pleaser (well, he tries) walks across and gives the people what they want by tagging in Ric Flair.

Edge wishes he never tagged himself in for the next few minutes as Flair and Cena take control, tagging in and out pretty quickly, just beating Edge up. The change in momentum comes when Edge thumbs the eye of Flair, after Flair had strutted around the ring to a big pop from the crowd. Edge then grabs Flair and pulls him across the ring by the hair to slam him down face-first into the turnbuckle and tag Kurt Angle back in. Angle tees off on Flair with rights, though he is cut off in the same way that Flair was earlier by Edge, as Flair thumbs the Olympian in the eye. He then walks over and tags in Cena, who again takes the control for awhile. That momentum is stopped when Cena has Angle back in the corner and is on the second rope, teeing off with right hands, looking for ten of them consecutively. Edge doesnít allow it though, as he walks across and tries to interject himself. Cena shows his awareness as he jumps down and drills Edge with a flying right, only to turn back to Angle to cop a nasty clothesline.

For the next five or so minutes itís beat up on Cena time, as the heels really take it to him. Edge is quite happy to be in the ring once again, as Cena is once again weakened. This continues on until Edge decides itís time to send a message to Cena, deciding to go for the Spear. He waits in the corner for Cena to get up, then charges at him, going for the big move. Unfortunately for Edge, Cena sees him coming and catches him, lifting the WWE Champion onto his shoulders to look for the FU! Edge doesnít want any part of it though as he slips out and looks for the Edgecution. Thatís not happening either though, as Cena pushes Edge off forwards. Edge comes right back at Cena, only to be hit with a kick to the midsection then quickly taken over with a fisherman suplex. This move takes a lot out of both men, as theyíre both slow to capitalise by making tags to their respective partners. However, when they do, Flair comes in like a house on fire, lighting Angle up. He then goes to the knees and works them over, before finally going for the Figure Four Leglock. Angle counters initially, as he kicks Flair off, then goes for the Angle Slam as he rises back to his feet.

Flair slips away though, then takes Angle down with a chop block before locking in the Figure Four Leglock to a huge pop! Flair keeps the hold locked on for roughly a minute, with numerous two counts on Angle, who doesnít look like escaping when finally Edge comes to the rescue. He slides into the ring, then stomps Flair right in the face. Cena tries to rush into the ring to help Flair, though this just diverts the refereeís attention, allowing Edge to continue stomping on Flair, before Angle recovers so that he and his partner can deliver a double suplex to Flair. Edge slides from the ring at this point as Angle makes the cover, calling the referee back across only to get two when Cena breaks up the count. Edge and Angle work together effectively for the next few minutes, keeping Flair at bay. They keep their offence relatively basic, with Edge going for mainly right hands shots, while Angle chooses to ride Flair with belly-to-belly suplexes, as well as snap suplexes and right hands. Eventually Angle locks in a body scissors, trying to drive the air from Flair. Flair is able to escape though as he exploits the injured legs of Angle by elbowing them, forcing Angle to let go.

From there, Flair chops Angle as he tries to pick him up, before unloading with more, forcing Angle all of the way back to the corner. He then tries to Irish whip Angle to the opposite corner, which Angle reverses, sending Flair in hard, causing him to fall right down to the mat due to whiplash. Angle stomps on Flair a few times, then poses to the crowd as Cena complains to the referee, drawing his attention. Angle goes back to Flair and lifts his head from the mat, only for Flair to show his veteran instincts as he comes out with a low blow, having known the referee was distracted! Angle goes down cupping his nuts, while Flair recovers. Flair eventually gets up and falls back over to his corner to tag in Cena, while Angle continues to crawl to his corner. Cena points at Edge and dares him to make the tag, with Angle now reaching his hand out for it from the mat. Edge runs his hand through his hair, then suddenly drops down from the apron. He quickly grabs his WWE Title and starts to storm off, with Angle yelling out at him, asking him what the hell heís doing. He then turns into Cena, with Cena going through his arsenal of offence on the weakened Angle. By the time Cenaís ready to finish it off, Edge is at the top of the ramp, clasping his WWE Championship. Cena gets Angle up on his shoulders, nails the FU, then stares down Edge and says ďThis is for you!Ē before locking in the STFU, still looking at Edge intensely when Angle taps out, thanks to an already weakened knee.

Winners: John Cena & Ric Flair via submission @ 16:24

*My Time Is Now*

Lillian Garcia: Here are your winners by submission; John Cena and the Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair!

Cena gets back up and stares Edge down at the top of the ramp, staring a hole through him from the ring. Flair soon joins him as he walks across and hugs Cena, then stares Edge down with him, letting out a ďWoo!Ē We see Edge shaking his head, holding his WWE Championship in his hand, before cutting back to Cena and Flair as we fade away.



Janury 29th, 2006 | American Airlines Center; Miami, Florida

Royal Rumble Match
*Confirmed thus far*
Big Show vs Carlito vs Chavo Guerrero vs Chris Masters vs Gregory Helms vs Kane vs Kurt Angle vs Rob Van Dam vs Triple H

WWE Championship
Edge OR Ric Flair (c) vs John Cena

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Entertaining show, my man!

Opening Segment:Edge was in total character tonight. The writing that you wrote are words that he would say in the right way. Can't explain it but you know what I'm talking about. I was expecting Cena to come out and the two of them will have a battle of words, but having a brawl is so much better. I just seriously loved the opening segment, it was awesome. I do wish I knew what happened to Lita. You didn't write her off or anything, did you?

Chavo vs. Shelton I don't remember who I perdicted to win, but I'm pretty sure I chose Chavo. This is the route that Shelton took which caused his Mama to come in, but getting help from Haas, I think, is less comedic but much more better.

Edge/Bishoff: Another good segment, that had both superstars in character. You presentation throughout the show, just wanted to add here, is superb. I felt that Bishoff announced too many things here, as I did feel that it may have been needed to announce everything here, but it made it sort of obvious that Edge is going over Flair next week, considering the poster has Cena and Edge on the top, haha.

Carlito/Masters/VKM: Carlito is certainly acting differently, all he cares about is himself, sort of obnoxious. You'd think he'd be on the same page as his tag partner, but his behavior does make sense with what he did at NYR. Vince wants them to pulverize Michaels, which is a good point.

HBK Interview: Which brings me up to my next point. I'm calling it first and here: Shawn Michaels will NOT be facing Vince at Mania (because that would be boring since it happened)! Shawn Michaels will WIN the Royal Rumble, and go on to Mania to face the World Champion! Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it first and you heard it here! I didn't like this interview because I don't feel HBK talks like a southerner. I don't know maybe some words he says like you wrote, but he doesn't say dubya-dubya-E nor does he say "Todd, whatcha should know and whatcha soon gonna learn" He wouldn't say watcha like that. Maybe he does, but I never realized it.

Handicap Match: Wow, sick ending with HBK getting his balls handed to isn't the phrase "ass handed to him" haha, but he really did get his ass kicked by Masters. I loved how this match portrayed Masters as a major big guy and I liked how Carlito took the credit, haha. You could really write character developement segments, good job.

Big Show/HHH/Kane: It's not like for HHH to appear on one segment of RAW and not really say much. I'm thinking like you're gonna make a "Who shot MR. BURN'S" storyline with HHH, considering what Kane said. Would be cool if you brought in a mystery storyline to RAW. Would give it a more "omg whats gna happen next" feel.

Diva's segment: Haha, I LOVE Psyco Mickie, she's the coolest! I was very much entertained here.

Tag Team Match: They got the easy victory, me lovez Kane so if he gets a victory and a push, I'll be happy. Did seem odd though, like I stated before, for HHH not to come out and do something.

Gregory Helms Promo: A normal, typical, heel promo with Helms bashing Lawler and saying how this year is his year. Good job on this one.

Flair/Cena: People say that when you write a promo with 2 faces, that the promo is generic or something. I personally don't know what that means so I won't say it here, haha. This was a whatever promo. It wasn't bad, but it was just a promo that you did need on the show, so it served its purpose.

King vs. Helms: Would've been shocked if you gave King the victory. Ha.

Angle interview: You have a nack (knack?) for writing in character, great job. Gave Kurt a purpose, not just that he was thrown into a tag team main event match.

RVD Returning: AWESOME!! I'm hoping it's full time, and you push him!

Diva's 6 tag match: Ha, I missed the team of Victoria, Torrie, and Candice. Those were the good old days. Ha, I loved that Mickie stole the tag and then the aftermath, brings back memories.

Main Event: Excellent main event, Cena and Flair winning. Unfortunately, Flair ain't winning, and neither is Cena, so that's 2 victories. I see a triple threat match at NWO with Cena and Flair with Edge closing those feuds shut. I do see Mania's main event be HBK vs. Edge (with Edge being the brainchild of Vince, and that he'll do all the dirty work! Do I know how to call them or I? lol

Overall: A fantastic first show. The presentation and formatting is flawless. This formatting is the key to all BTB-ers. The quality of the matches were great. The promos were great. The whole RAW entertainment was great, and I totally see good things from this fed. Keep it up man, you're doing great.

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Re: BKB Star. Presents: World Wrestling Entertainment 2006

Raw Feedback

Nice video package to open then show, reminding everybody of the eventful end to last nightís PPV, well written, hopefully you capitalize on this situation well.

The opening promo, despite me giving you shit from when I skimmed it, was good. Nothing epic or anything like that, but it got the job done, and really thatís all promoís need to do. In the beginning of this promo I really was a little worries, Edge started off so happy, so joyous and I immediately thought oh no, he has stuffed up the characterization. Luckily that was just the intro, and once the promo got rolling the normal whining Edge came out, even though he is champion, he is still not happy with his treatment, despite you knowing the dialogue could be better, the characterization and direction of this promo was spot on. By the way, just a little heads up, if this is going to be a long title reign for Edge, you canít keep him as this whining guy forever, eventually youíll have to make him grow a pair. JOHN CENA~1 You know that Iíve never liked this guy, however I brought a couple of Cena DVDís the other day, and I have to say the guy is really growing on me. So I kindaí marked when he appeared. Edge then being stopped by Flair was another nice twist, Cena obviously had to have the advantage in the brawl so well done there. I think youíve set the stage nicely for Cena to challenge Edge at the PPV, and to have Flair snapping at Edgeís heels throughout the next few weeks. Overall, very promising start to the show, well done.

Having Shelton Benjamin and Chavo Guerrero face off in a Royal Rumble qualifier was something I donít like all that much. Now donít get me wrong, both are great athletes, and both wouldíve put on an amazing contest, but itís just that I would like to see both men in the Rumble match. Anyway, it was a well written match up, and I was very happy to see Chavo pick up the victory, because so many people just make him job.

Charlie Haas shaking his head makes me very interested in the feud that could be happening between these two. I love the idea of it, itís definitely a money match, however if you make it long term, you know youíve got big shoes to fill.

Edge wanting justice served. This turned out to be a very nice backstage segment, Edge continues to bitch and moan and Bischoff continues to be the edgy, tweener, character that he was around this time. I loved the fact that Bischoff isnít taking sides, and decided to throw Edge into a difficult match up. Although, I have one little concern with the promo, nothing to do with the matches theyíre all great (although you shouldnít have announced Cena/Edge until after Flair/Edge as now itís obvious whoís going to win), Bischoff needs to be a little more cocky. He is confident here which is a start and he did what heíd do, but he was to straight forward, just wanted to get down to business, thatís not Bischoff, Bischoff likes to gloat and Bischoff likes to tease, and you need to make that happen to have him down perfectly.

Carlito and Masters were talking backstage, and then were interrupted by Vince McMahon, and I must say you wrote everyone pretty well here, especially Vinnie Mac, good work. Now for some random thoughts on where I think things could be going from hereÖ Carlito and Masters feud to happen I think at this point it is inevitable, especially the way you made Carlito sound so selfish in this segment, For some reason though, I still expect him to end up being the face of the feud, just donít rush the feud though, Iíd say make it implode at ĎMania, perhaps in the MITB ladder match or something.

How can a pop be mandatory? I donít think it can. Anyway, this was pretty generic Michaels promo for what was happening at the time, nothing wrong with it, just nothing overly exciting either. I do continue to be impressed by how your promos have come along with time, although I beg you to space out your dialogue a bit, I hate reading big blocks of writing, itís really shitty on the eyes and the flow when you read the same line over and over again.

Uhhh, so Iím not to sure about having Carlito and Masters in a segment, then having Michaels in a segment, and then having their match straight after. Probably wouldíve been a little better if it was spaced out more, the only time I like these things coming right after the other is if itís on a PPV, and the two competitors are talking about a big match or something. Anyway, onto the actual match upÖ the match up was decent enough and I believe the correct booking decision was made. You donít want Michaels looking overly strong, and squashing the two young guns, however, at the same time, you definitely donít want Michaels to just get squashed. As for the aftermath, it was great, I loved the brutality coming out of Masters. What I want to know though is why all the hate to Carlito? Every time Michaels got the advantage it was because of Carlito, youíre favoring the wrong guy. Besides my boy ĎLito getting shit treatment, everything else with this was fine, it continues Michaels/McMahon storyline (unfortunately) and it puts Masters over as some kind of monster.

Iím not to sure about Triple H here in this interview, he seemed okay, and confident and all that like he should be, however Iím not a huge fan of him constantly cussing and saying ďbastardĒ. Triple H at this stage, was laid back and relaxed, you canít just change his character for no reason. ;lmao, I really can not see The Big Show telling Triple H that ďitís cuteĒ. It just didnít seem in character at all, heís an angry giant being called names, her should lose the plot and scare the shit out of Triple H. I wouldíve preferred Kane to stay silent also, as his line was not scary or intense at all, and if Kane isnít being scary, he shouldnít open his mouth. Triple H should probably be more scared then angry to. Itís good that youíre starting hype for the Royal Rumble; however this segment was probably my least favorite of the show so far.

Divas was decent enough, I liked what you were trying to do, but I think you should have kept on going and allowing the tension to build a little bit more, rather than one line from Ashley and one line form Mickie before it ending. A bit too quickly done, mate, I didnít really like the way you rushed it.

I donít like the Redneck Wrecking Crew jobbing to this shitty giant team, giants need to lose the straps soon, and with the tag division the way it is at this point in time, I expect RWC to win these titles soon. So make them look good, and donít give the straps to the Spirit Squad.

Gregory Helms was very nice; I think you had some stand out lines in this one. Love the way you wrote him like a bad ass who just doesnít give a shit, if you can keep this going, he could become a very interesting and fun character to read.

Ric Flair and John Cena meeting seemed some what pointless and I didnít like how Cena was going down the whole ďI would love to face youĒ route, they should be worrying about tonight and Iím glad Flair pointed that out. However, by having Cena looking past their match tonight, which he never does by the way, he always talks about how he takes it one match at a time; it makes him seem like some kind of rookie. A man who just had a nine month title reign is not a rookie, I understand you were trying to portray respect between the two, but just watch how you do things.

Ughhh, I canít believe this match got seven minutes, this should have been a squash match and the Redneck Wrecking Crew should have had longer to strut their stuff, tbh. Anyway, despite this match being way more competitive then it should have been, at least the right man got the win, and if you continue to write Helms the way you did in that little interview, you could have your breakout character in this thread already chosen.

Kurt Angle. First off just let me start by saying he is the fucking man. When you learn how to write him he will be your most exciting character, heís just that awesome, imo. The interview wasnít that bad but Angle was very intense around this stage and I really doubt he would give Edge credit; he would more then likely break his ankle. So, despite the second half of the interview being good, the first half was a little off. Also, donít be afraid to space out your dialogue. :@

RVD in this thread should be good, push please. Even though itís unoriginal do the whole Ďcanít win the big oneí storyline, just put your own little twist on it, it works so well.

Divas match is big time meh, however it had the best three divas youíve got in the match up. Itís got Mickie, itís got Trish and its got Victoria. One thing I will tell you now is hurry up and have Mickie get rid of Ashley, every time she wrestles I want to screw up my face. The blind tag by Mickie was good to help build the tension more and this makes up for what I was missing earlier. Great tension here, good to see Trish get in between them, what you need to do now is not let things explode properly next week, let it simmer for a week or two before going off again, slow storylines are the best storylines.

Awesome, main event time, Iíve been waiting for this one all night. Very, very nice write up, pretty fucking long though, fun read, and I think you made the right result. Making Angle job is something I donít like in a way though, because he is meant to be an intense, and he has been jobbed a lot over the past month. Start making him look strong again, please. Cena needed the win to send Edge a message, well done seriously, you did well with this.

Overall, if you stick with this I will fucking love you forever. The longer you stick with this, the better youíre going to get at writing shows for it, and if Iím honest, youíre already not doing half bad. Most things on this show were actually pretty spot on, a bit of room for improvement but youíre certainly on the right track, keep it up, James. <3

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