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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 20th, 2006 | The Pyramid; Memphis, Tennessee

We start the show cold, watching as Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff sits in his office behind his desk, talking into his cell phone.

Eric Bischoff: Are you sure he’s gonna be here? … So it’s confirmed? The Undertaker will definitely be here tonight? … Okay, it’s alright, I’ll take care of it … Okay, bye.

~ A stressed Bischoff looks at his cell phone and runs his hand through his hair, before taking a deep breath and dialling.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, it’s me … Listen, can you get RVD in here? … Alright … Thanks.

Bischoff hangs up and takes another deep breath, calming himself …

… As we now cut off to see the traditional opening to Monday Night RAW, complete with music and video montage. From there we cut into The Pyramid, where a raucous crowd jump up and down in excitement, making all kinds of noise as pyro shoots off in the background. The camera scans around for a moment, showing as much of the crowd as possible, before finally settling down at our three man announce team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, live here from ‘King Country’, Memphis, Tennessee, where we are just THIRTEEN, that’s right, THIRTEEN days from WrestleMania 22.

Jerry Lawler: And what a show this promises to be, Joey. The people here in Memphis are always excited to see me, but tonight they’re going to be real excited to see some RAW action so close to WrestleMania!

Jonathan Coachman: And don’t forget that they also get to see ‘The Coach’ too. WrestleMania and ‘The Coach’ – it’s hard to decide what’s bigger?

Joey Styles: Your ego, ‘Coach’, but all of that aside, tonight’s show will be huge too, topped off by a huge match announced by RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, who has decreed that tonight two of the men in the WWE Title Triple Threat Match at WrestleMania will go one on one, as the current champion Edge faces the former champion and the man who he cheated out of the title, John Cena!

Jonathan Coachman: I dunno what Mr. Bischoff was thinkin’ when he made this match, but lemme assure you, tonight Edge is gonna take care of bidness in that ring when he defeats John Cena, just like he did to win, not steal, the WWE Title back at New Year’s Revolution!

Jerry Lawler: Edge has also beaten Cena at the Royal Rumble, but not without some help from Lita. Tonight, I’m not so sure he’ll be able to do it again though.

Joey Styles: That’s not all we have tonight though, as the rumours have been swirling that tonight The Undertaker will be in the building to confront Rob Van Dam after RVD got one over The Undertaker on Friday Night SmackDown! this past week.

Jonathan Coachman: You heard Mr. Bischoff before. If ya ask me, after bringin’ ‘The Phenom’ to Monday Night RAW – or so we’ve heard – RVD’s in trouble.

Jerry Lawler: It certainly can’t be good as far as RVD is concerned. I mean, we know how much Eric Bischoff has wanted to keep him away from The Undertaker. What’s he gonna do if The Undertaker turns up here on RAW?

Joey Styles: Well he’s not the only one we expect to hear from, as, for the first time this year, Carlito will host Carlito’s Cabana, his guests the competitors in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and finally-

Joey is suddenly interrupted by …


And the crowd goes absolutely wild as the music rings throughout the arena, bringing about the appearance of Triple H. ‘The Game’, dressed in his casual gear of jeans, a rather badass looking Triple H t-shirt and a leather jacket, strides out onto the stage, his face a mask of intensity as he takes a swill of his water and throws the bottle out to the crowd.

Joey Styles: Finally, ‘The Game’ Triple H is here tonight, medically cleared, and he’s not wasting any time to make his presence felt!

Jerry Lawler: Can you hear this reaction, Joey? The rafters are shaking!

Jonathan Coachman: Fickle. Just like Shawn Michaels said. Luckily Mr. Bischoff was able to protect Triple H from himself last week, but I don’t know how much Mr. Bischoff can take. Even he mightn’t try to protect Triple H here tonight, and that’s sayin’ somethin’.

Triple H is quick to make his way down to the ring, all business as he climbs straight up into it without his posturing to receive a microphone, instantly talking over both the sound of the crowd and his own music.

Triple H: Last week …

~ A slight pause from ‘The Game’ as the music and the crowd reaction both subside.

Triple H: Last week, I came out to this ring and I called Shawn Michaels out, and I called him out for one reason … for a fight.

~ A nice pop from the crowd as Triple H looks to press on.

Triple H: But for some reason, Eric Bischoff … Eric Bischoff didn’t wanna see that.

~ Heat for both the RAW General Manager and his actions of the previous week.

Triple H: No, instead Eric Bischoff came out with a report from my doctor that said I wasn’t allowed to compete last week and that I was a liability.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Triple H: But this week … this week’s a different story. This week I’ve been to my doctor, and he’s assured me that tonight I can kick whoever’s ass that I damn well feel like!

~ A big pop now from the crowd as Trips quickly goes on.

Triple H: So I’m gonna make this real short and sweet so I can get down to business. Shawn Michaels-

~ Triple H is cut off by a huge mixed reaction at the very mention of Shawn’s name.

Triple H: Shawn, ever since Saturday Night’s Main Event … ever since you betrayed me, you’ve managed to weasel your way out of being in the same ring as me. Well not tonight.

~ Another big pop from the crowd.

Triple H: For too long you have run away. For too long you have hidden from me. For too long you have delayed the inevitable.

~ Good pop.

Triple H: It’s been sixteen days, sixteen long days since Saturday Night’s Main Event. It’s been sixteen long days since you spat in my face. It’s been sixteen long days since you stabbed me in the back. And it’s been sixteen long days since you took that sledgehammer, since you took MY sledgehammer, and you drove it into my skull!

~ No real reaction from the crowd who look to be in awe of Tripper’s intensity.

Triple H: For sixteen long days, it’s been all I’ve been able to think about. It’s the only thing I’ve been able to think about. I can’t sleep, I can’t eat, I can’t drink and I can’t even blink without seeing the image of that sledgehammer coming towards me.

~ Again, the crowd remain relatively silent.

Triple H: It’s all I can see, over and over again, that very same image. The image of you trying to finish my career.

~ The crowd stays silent.

Triple H: Shawn, you know me better than almost anyone else in that locker-room. You know what this business, the professional wrestling business, you know what it means to me.

~ Another pause from Triple H.

Triple H: You know that for almost my entire life, I have breathed and eaten, I have LIVED professional wrestling. This business? It means everything to me. It is my world … it is my life. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I would do ANYTHING to stay at the top of this business, because this is what I love doing, because this is what I live for.

~ A slight pause from the searing ‘Game’.

Triple H: And yet, despite knowing that, despite knowing all of that, despite you being my friend, you tried to take it away from me.

~ The crowd remains quiet.

Triple H: You tried to take my LIFE away from me, and for the past sixteen days, that’s all I’ve been thinking about. How you tried to take everything away from me. About how you tried to take my life away from me. And about how I can takes yours from you.

~ A bit of a pop for the intense ‘Cerebral Assassin’.

Triple H: It’s all I’ve been able to think about for sixteen days. For – six – teen – days … thinking about you trying to end my career. But Shawn … do you … do you think I want to wait for WrestleMania? Or a better question … after sixteen days, do you think I’m gonna wait even a moment longer?

~ A small pop from the crowd, who still look to be mostly in awe.

Triple H: Do you think I’m gonna wait a moment, just one moment longer? Do you think I can WAIT to bury my fist into your skull, time and time again until you’re left as nothing but a SHELL of the man that you were?

~ A huge pop from the crowd, who go nuts for the intensity of ‘The Game’.

Triple H: No … no. I am not waiting a moment longer.

~ A slight pause from Triple H, who takes a deep breath.

Triple H: Tonight Shawn, either you come out to this ring, or I come back there, and I drag your ass out to this ring.

~ Another big pop.

Triple H: This week there’s no excuses. There’s no doctor’s notes, and there’s nothing Eric Bischoff can do. There’s just me and you, Shawn, and I promise you, there is nothing that’s gonna stop me from gettin’ my hands on you.

~ The crowd gives another great pop.

Triple H: So Shawn, it’s your choice. Either you come out here and fight me like a man, or I come back there and I drag you out here like the coward that you are.

~ Again, a good pop.

Triple H: So what’s it gonna be, Shawn? Are you a man, or are you a coward? Come on out, Shawn … I dare you.

~ Another big pop from the crowd as Triple H sets himself for action, kneeling down on the spot as he looks up at the stage, although there’s no response at first. Triple H continues to wait, staring intently at the stage as he mutters under his breath “Come on. Come on, Shawn” …

… To no response. A disappointed crowd boos as Triple H resigns to speaking into the microphone.

Triple H: Y’know, I kinda hoped it’d go like this, because I cannot WAIT to go back there and grab you, just to see you squirm.

~ Decent pop from the crowd.

Triple H: The look on your face? That’s not gonna quite be worth it. But the ass kicking I’m about to give you … now that’s gonna be worth it.

~ Nice pop.

Triple H: I gave you your chance, Shawn. But now? Now your career … your life … it’s mine.

~ Triple H drops his mic to the mat, then strides towards the ropes, looking to climb out from the ring and head to the back, until …


The crowd groans, before unleashing with some great heat as the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff strides out onto the stage, holding the microphone. Having seen the state that Triple H has been in for the past few weeks, and after kicking him out of the arena last week, Bischoff dares not to go any further, remaining at the top of the stage. A disappointed Triple H growls to himself in the ring, then turns and grabs his microphone.

Eric Bischoff: Now hold on. Hold on just a minute. Triple-

Triple H: What the hell do you think you’re doing, Bischoff?

~ Small pop from the crowd as Bischoff looks slightly taken aback.

Eric Bischoff: Well before you interrupted me, I was trying-

Triple H: No I mean it Bischoff. What the hell do you think you’re doing?

~ Bischoff looks interested by what Triple H has to say, almost nodding to him to tell him to continue.

Triple H: You’re really gonna do this again? You’re really gonna come out here and stop me from gettin’ my hands on Shawn again?

~ Heat from the crowd.

Triple H: Bischoff, I don’t know what kind of crap you’re tryin’ to pull, but you can’t kick me outta here tonight. Didn’t you hear me before? I’m medically cleared. That means I can do what I want when I want, and right now I feel like kickin’ Shawn Michaels’ ass.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Triple H: So I guess I’m gonna have to take a raincheck on whatever crap you’re out here to spout. It’s been fun, Bischoff, but I’ve gotta go now. I’ll talk to ya later.

~ The crowd cheers as Trips heads to the ropes, looking to climb from the ring, only to be interrupted as Bischoff speaks.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, you’re right, Triple H. You are medically cleared, and I can’t pretend otherwise.

~ Triple H stops climbing from the ring and looks up, nodding and saying “You’re damn right” off microphone.

Eric Bischoff: But, that doesn’t mean you can run around doing whatever the hell you feel like. Allow me to remind you what I showed you last week. Monday Night RAW is my show, and as such, you’ll listen to me.

~ Good heat from the crowd as Triple H retorts.

Triple H: Oh yeah? Bischoff, if you wanna throw your weight around, then how about you do it like a real man and come down to this ring to do it.

~ Decent pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: That’s not a bad idea, Triple H, but y’know what? Here’s an even better one. How about you get out of my ring right now and come backstage if you want to discuss this, because, quite frankly, you’re wasting my time?

~ Heat.

Triple H: You just don’t get it, do you, Bischoff? I’m not here to discuss anything with you. I’m here for Shawn Michaels, and if it takes me gettin’ out of this ring to go get him, then fine, I’ll do it, but only because I want to.

~ A big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: No Triple H, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. You are getting out of my ring, but you’re not getting your hands on Shawn Michaels.

Triple H: Just watch me.

Eric Bischoff: Trust me, Triple H … you won’t.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Triple H: Oh yeah, and why’s that?

Eric Bischoff: Because after weeks of hard work, I’ve decided to give Shawn … the night off.

~ BIG heat from the crowd as Triple H looks almost bemused at Bischoff again screwing him over back in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: As of now, Shawn isn’t even in the arena. So now, all that leaves is one question. Are you gonna get out of my ring the easy way, or the hardy way?

Triple H: I’m not leaving this ring tonight until I get myself a fight.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: A fight you say? Okay, I think I can arrange for that. Secu-


The crowd EXPLODES with a huge pop as Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage, ignoring the presence of Eric Bischoff as he marches on down to the ring and climbs up to go face to face with ‘The Game’, a microphone already in hand as he gets right down to business.

Kurt Angle: A fight? Did you say you wanted a fight? I may have a match against Edge next week, but I could damn sure do with a warm-up this week. So if you’re lookin’ for a fight, then look no further than right here.

~ Triple H pulls at his beard, looking at Angle.

Triple H: Did you … did you just call me a warm-up? Let me make myself perfectly clear … I’m ‘The Game’. I’m a warm-up to no one. Edge may be the current WWE Champion, but I’m a former ten time world champion. Why? Because I’m just that … damn … good.

~ BIG pop from the crowd.

Triple H: You wanna fight me? You’re on.

~ HUGE pop.

Triple H: Let’s do this right here, right now!

~ You thought the pop before was huge? This one is MASSIVE as both men look to square off.

Eric Bischoff: Hang on, hang on. Aren’t you two forgetting about someone?

~ Heat from the crowd, who are reminded of Bischoff’s presence on the ramp.

Eric Bischoff: Now I’ll admit, the prospect of seeing the two of you beating the living daylights out of one another … it’s one I like. But if you think the two of you are going to go at it right here and now, then the two of you have another thing coming.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: A great businessman knows a chance to make some money when he sees it, which is why the two of you won’t be wrestling now. No, instead you’ll be in the money slot. It’ll be ‘The Game’ Triple H one on one with Kurt Angle … live here on Monday Night RAW in tonight’s main event!

~ A great pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But until then, I don’t want to have to see either of your faces in my ring again. So if you don’t mind, gentlemen …

~ Angle and Triple H take a moment to pull away from the stare down they’re engaged in as they try to intimidate one another, before finally looking at Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Get the hell out of my ring before my security team comes out and makes you.

~ Angle starts to back away to the ropes as the crowd boos, with Bischoff turning to go, only to turn back, a devious smile on his face.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and gentlemen, tonight, in your match … break a leg.


The crowd boos as Bischoff laughs manically, watching as Angle backs his way out of the ring, leaving Triple H to stare on intensely as we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff now striding down a hallway, looking awfully happy with himself as he reaches his office door. His smirk seemingly entrenched on his face, Bischoff opens the door … to see Rob Van Dam spring up off the couch to a HUGE pop.

Rob Van Dam: You wanted to see me?

~ Bischoff appears to be caught slightly off guard, but he keeps up his confident appearance as he makes his way across to his desk and takes a seat.

Eric Bischoff: Yes … yes I did. Please, have a seat.

Rob Van Dam: I think I’ll stand.

Eric Bischoff: That’s okay. It’s your decision.

Rob Van Dam: What do you want, Bischoff?

~ Bischoff continues to be taken a bit aback by RVD’s attitude, causing him to take a moment to regather himself.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know Rob, I’ve always liked you. Trust me, I’ve always thought you were great, and I’ve always your decision to challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania-

Rob Van Dam: Cut the crap, Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Right. Ehm … okay, well as you may have heard, The Undertaker is supposed to be in the building tonight.

~ A nice pop from the crowd in the background as RVD smiles.

Eric Bischoff: Now that … that’s because of what you did this past week on SmackDown!. And while admittedly, I wouldn’t have done the same thing, I respect you taking the fight to The Undertaker, but …

Rob Van Dam: But?

Eric Bischoff: But tonight … tonight I’m going to have to ask you … to take a step back.

Rob Van Dam: And why is that exactly? I thought you wouldn’t mind if I didn’t make it to WrestleMania. In fact, last I heard, you wanted to take me out so I didn’t make it to WrestleMania.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Be that as it may, things change, Rob, and now … now I want you to make it to WrestleMania … in fact … after what you did to The Undertaker on SmackDown! … I believe in you.

Rob Van Dam: You believe in me?

~ Bischoff takes a moment, seemingly swallowing his pride.

Eric Bischoff: … Yes. But you need to hear me out, okay? I don’t want you confronting The Undertaker tonight.

Rob Van Dam: And why not?

Eric Bischoff: Because it’s not in your best interests. Let me take care of The Undertaker … I’m asking you … no, I’m telling you … stay backstage tonight. Don’t go out there … or else … else you’ll have me to answer to, okay?

RVD looks at Bischoff, not sure how to take what he’s saying, before shaking his head in disgust and storming out of the room. Bischoff, meanwhile, is left to look on like a fool, standing alone, looking on at where RVD was.

Moving on, we now cut off to elsewhere … to see Charlie Haas slapping himself on the cheek, getting himself excited, before rising to his feet, set for action. The crowd gives Haas a reasonable pop as Haas looks set to leave the communal locker-room … when Shelton Benjamin suddenly enters the set, looking down at the ground.

Charlie Haas: Shelton.

~ Shelton looks surprised by how coldly Haas talks to him.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, uh, Charlie, we … uh, I came here just to say, good luck … and if … if you want, I’m prepared to come out there tonight with you to … y’know … to help you.

~ Benjamin shuffles on the spot, clearly uncomfortable.

Charlie Haas: Shelton, as much as I appreciate it, I don’t need your help, nor your luck. You just stay back here and watch as I show why we’re … I mean why I’m the ‘World’s Greatest’.

Haas moves out of view, leaving Shelton to watch him go, sighing away to himself.

Back at ringside.




The crowd gives a very nice pop as out from the back step the twin towers, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show, both dressed in ring gear despite Show being the only one competing tonight. With their title belts hanging from their shoulders, the giants make their way down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing 500 lbs, he is one half of the World Tag Team Champions, the Big Show!

Joey Styles: It was Charlie Haas who last week laid down this challenge to the Big Show, wanting to prove himself to both the World Tag Team Champions, and his own partner, Shelton Benjamin. Looking at Big Show now entering the ring, do you think Haas may be regretting it?

Jerry Lawler: I think it’s quite the opposite, Joe. I think Charlie Haas is now craving the opportunity. We know Charlie Haas loves a challenge, and that’s exactly what Big Show is.

Jonathan Coachman: Haas should be regretting it, especially after he just told Shelton Benjamin to stay backstage. Does he have a death wish or somethin’?

The tag team champions make their way down to the ring and climb up into it over the top rope, with Big Show taking centre stage while Kane stands back.


A decent reaction as Charlie Haas bounces onto the stage by himself, looking as intense as ever as he jumps up and down on the spot. Ready for action, Haas roars out to the crowd and raises his arms up into the air, then advances down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 247 lbs, CHARLIE HAAAASSSSS!

Joey Styles: Well Charlie Haas sure as hell doesn’t look like he’s regretting making the challenge. He looks as focused as ever.

Jerry Lawler: But sometimes Charlie Haas has more guts than brains. The guy is a great wrestler, but he doesn’t know how to say no to a challenge, or even not make a challenge of his own in this instance.

Jonathan Coachman: And that’s gonna be Haas’ downfall, because as tough as he is, what he isn’t is seven foot tall and five hundred pounds. The Big Show is.

Haas continues to make his way down the ramp before climbing up into the ring, right as we get a glimpse of Shelton Benjamin backstage, who appears to have taken up a spot beside a monitor. Despite the crowd seeing this on the tron, Haas remains focused, looking on at Big Show as this one gets underway.

Match One – Singles Match:
World Tag Team Champion Big Show w/Kane vs. Charlie Haas

Haas springs into action as soon as the bell tolls to sound the start of the match, circling around the ring as Big Show stands in the middle of the ring, watching on. Eyebrow raised, Big Show perhaps doesn’t appear to be taking Haas as seriously as he perhaps should at this stage, asking Haas “You really wanna do this?” Haas lets his actions do the talking, continuing to circle around as Big Show now adopts a fighting stance, getting his game face on, and the two lock up for the first time. Big Show of course wins out, quickly forcing Haas back to the corner before giving the clean break.

Show backs away rather slowly, allowing Haas some time to recover, although apparently Haas doesn’t want it, rushing forward to engage in a second lockup. Show again is able to easily win out, forcing Haas back into the corner and perhaps causing a rethink on the part of Haas … or apparently not, as Haas charges forward again and Show grabs at him for the lockup … but Haas quickly ducks behind Show, exhibiting some of his technical prowess as he floats across the mat with ease, grabbing the gigantic Big Show with a waistlock from behind. Big Show looks almost amused by this, with Haas barely able to get his arms around to the front of the big man as he rears his butt forward, ready to shove it back … when Haas quickly takes an arm and grabs a wristlock. The crowd applauds Haas’ quick movement as he twists on Show’s arm, once again looking to more frustrate Big Show than anything as he swings his other arm wildly … but Haas ducks that, then grabs the leg of the Big Show!

The tenacious Haas lifts Show’s legs off the mat, looking for a single leg takedown … only for Show to shake him off, sending him flying back! The crowd gasps at the power of the World Tag Team Champion, although Haas is far from impressed, quickly back on as he tries to grab the leg of Big Show again, opening himself up for a clubbing blow to the back from Big Show! Haas staggers back in pain, with Big Show not far behind him, grabbing him for a cracking headbutt! Haas looks to be dazed already, falling all of the way back to the corner as Big Show makes his way in, then looks for the big open hand chop … but Haas ducks out of the way, and Show strikes turnbuckle! Haas then quickly turns Big Show around and UNLOADS with an amazing series of chops, hitting them at Kobashi like pace as he smashes his hand into the chest of Big Show time and time again … to no effect! The big man takes everything Haas has, before suddenly grabbing him and hurling him into the turnbuckle!

Haas is cornered once more by the angry giant, who quickly looks to follow up with a right hand … but Haas ducks, then hits a quick series of his own! Haas’ blows are seemingly starting to make a difference as he continues to lambast Big Show with rights, before kicking him in the midsection to wind him, then climbing up to the second rope so he can hit a European uppercut on Show from the same height! The crowd looks on as Big Show starts to teeter, with Haas grabbing him and pulling him back in for a second European uppercut … and then a third … before jumping off the turnbuckle and striking Big Show with a twisting European uppercut that sends him stumbling all of the way back to the middle of the ring!

The crowd cheers Haas as he quickly gets back up to his feet and runs off to the ropes … to strike with a jumping forearm smash … but Big Show remains on his feet! Haas takes off to the ropes again … and nails a second … but Big Show stays up again! The crowd can’t believe it as Haas runs off to the ropes a third time … then comes back into a devastating clothesline from Big Show! The crowd gasps as Big Show seizes control of the match, refusing to allow Haas even a peep in for a few minutes as he continues to dominate the smaller man by using his size and smothering him. There are numerous instances where Haas tries to make a comeback, hitting some right hands, chops, elbows, kicks or even going for a single leg, but each and every time the bigger man thwarts him.

This continues on with no end in sight until Haas again goes for a single leg, with Big Show using the rather basic counter of just plain clubbing Haas in the back, preventing himself from being taken down yet again … before locking in the cobra clutch! The crowd actually gives a slight pop for the quite frankly awesome move, although they soon find themselves caught up in Charlie’s plight, willing the smaller man on. Big Show amps up the pressure though, and it soon enough appears as though the match is all but done, with the referee raising Haas’ hand … and it falls to his side once! The referee raises it a second time … and it falls away for a second time! The crowd gasps as it is raised for a third time … but this time the hand stays in the air! The crowd cheers as Haas shows some sudden life, springing his arm up, before springing himself back up to his feet to hit some wild shots to the midsection of Big Show … but Show starts to show his power, lifting Haas up and shaking him around like a rag dolll in the cobra clutch … BEFORE THEN NAILING HIM WITH THE COBRA CLUTCH BACKBREAKER!

The crowd groans in pain as Haas goes down … and Big Show declares it over, raising his giant mitt in the air with a big roar! The gutsy Haas struggles back to his feet, unaware of the fate that Big Show has decided for him before turning … AND SHOW GRABS HIM … THEN LIFTS HIM UP FOR THE CHOKESLAM … BUT HAAS SLIPS OUT! Haas lands behind Big Show and grabs him in a waistlock, using the shock to run him into the corner … AND BIG SHOW’S SIZE WORKS AGAINST HIM AS HIS HEAD BANGS INTO THE RINGPOST! The giant is dazed … AND HAAS TAKES ADVANTAGE, SOMEHOW, SOMEWAY THROWING HIM OVERHEAD WITH A SPECTACULAR GERMAN SUPLEX!

The crowd goes ballistic as the big man is FINALLY off his feet … AND HAAS POUNCES, QUICKLY DIVING ACROSS … AND AFTER A BRIEF STRUGGLE, LOCKING IN THE HAAS OF PAIN! Big Show struggles, not wanting to submit to the smaller man … BUT HE HAS NO CHOICE, TAPPING OUT TO HAAS!

Winner: Charlie Haas via submission @ 6:05


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, CHARLIEEE HAAASSS!

A sizeable pop from the crowd who seem somewhat shocked by the result, yet excited at the sight of Haas pulling out the victory. Not getting too ahead of himself, Haas gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, all the while nursing the back of his neck with his other hand.

Joey Styles: Charlie Haas has done it! Charlie Haas has made the seven foot, five hundred pound giant, the Big Show TAP OUT in the centre of the ring!

Jerry Lawler: I don’t believe it! What an effort from Charlie Haas!

Jonathan Coachman: He cheated! Charlie Haas only won because Big Show’s head banged off the ringpost! Not that I like the Big Show, but Haas cheated!

Joey Styles: All Haas did was use Big Show’s size against him. Besides, how many people can you remember making Big Show tap? I’ll tell you, my list is very small.

Jerry Lawler: And if Charlie Haas can do it again at WrestleMania, we might have new World Tag Team Champions!

Jonathan Coachman: It won’t be happenin’ at WrestleMania, trust me. It’s a tag team match at WrestleMania, and last I checked, it takes two men on the same page to win a tag team match. Haas an’ Benjamin can’t get along at all.

Joey Styles: We’ll just have to wait and see about that, ‘Coach’, but for now, what a win by Charlie Haas. I hope he enjoys it!

The crowd continues to cheer as Haas acknowledges them, raising his hand up in the air for them as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break backstage to see Maria standing by in the interview area.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, John Cena!

A MASSIVE reaction of mostly cheers as John Cena steps up to the plate, standing beside Maria.

Maria: John, later tonight you wrestle the WWE Champion Edge in a one on one match before your Triple Threat with Kurt Angle at WrestleMania. My question to you is do you really think you can win after Edge has beaten you every time you’ve wrestled each other one on one?

~ Cena looks slightly taken aback by the question, staring at Maria.

John Cena: Do I think I can win? Do I think … I can win?

~ Cena continues to look at Maria, who nods her head dumbly.

John Cena: Y’know what, Maria? I’ll be the first to admit that both times me and Edge have climbed in that ring together, he’s gotten the best of me. The first time we wrestled he beat me for the WWE Title. And yeah, he may have caught me off guard. He may have taken advantage of me. He may have gotten me just after I had survived the Elimination Chamber after entering first to retain the WWE Championship, but the point is that he beat me.

~ Slight mixed reaction from the crowd.

John Cena: Three weeks later at the Royal Rumble, I went into my rematch expecting to win back the title that I had held for ten months. It wasn’t just me … everyone expected me to win … but I didn’t. Edge took me to the limit, and by hook or crook, he beat me again.

~ Another slight mixed reaction.

John Cena: Now I’m not gonna make excuses. My record against Edge? It doesn’t read too well. I’m oh and two. But that brings me … to tonight.

~ Nice pop from the crowd.

John Cena: Edge, you may have got the better of me the past few times, but theme for tonight … is redemption

~ Big pop from the crowd.

John Cena: Edge, you may claim be the smartest guy in the WWE or the most clever wrestler in the history of this sport, but what you need to understand is that tonight, that means nothing. Because tonight, you’re not just steppin’ into that ring with anyone. Heck, you’re not just steppin’ into that ring with John Cena. Tonight, you are steppin’ into that ring with one PISSED OFF SON OF A BITCH!

~ Huge pop from the crowd.

John Cena: Tonight, Edge, I’m not just out to win. I’m out for redemption. So you take your ideas, take your plans and you can forget ‘em, because tonight, the ONLY thing you’ll be able to think about is how John Cena kicked your ass all over Memphis, Tennessee!

~ Another big pop as Cena calms down, looking a little more solemn.

John Cena: But then Edge, for you … the worst … is yet to come. Because this is just part one. Part two comes at WrestleMania when I take back my WWE Championship!

~ Another great pop at Cena coming back to life again.

John Cena: Kurt Angle or not, I don’t care, because just like tonight, at WrestleMania, your ass is mine!

~ Another big pop greets the intensity of Cena.

John Cena: Why Edge? It’s simple … because THE CHAMP … IS … HEEEEERRRREEEEE!

And with that Cena storms from the interview set, leaving Maria to look on.

We, meanwhile, cut back to ringside, to see Rene Dupree already standing by in the ring, his music fading away in the background and a microphone in hand.

Rene Dupree: Ladies and gentlemen, it is I, Rene Dupree, and allow me to just say how great it is to be in ‘King Country’!

~ Big pop from the crowd for their hometown boy, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Rene Dupree: You know, I have heard many things about Memphis, and I was impressed, because it lived up to all of the hype! You are all like your hometown hero, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler!

~ Another big pop from the crowd, which seems to surprise Dupree, who takes a moment, before raising a finger up.

Rene Dupree: Ah, did I say impressed? No no, you have been mistaken … what I meant to say was … … … disgusted.

~ Big heat now for Dupree, who is making use of the cheap heat tonight.

Rene Dupree: I was disgusted because all of de hype, it was true. You are all truly fat, repulsive people like your hero, Jerry ‘De King’ Lawler! I never thought it could be so bad, but de rumours about zis place, they appear to be true. But my dear ladies and gentlemen, I beg you, have no fear, for Rene Dupree … is here.

~ The heat has died down a bit, but it’s still there.

Rene Dupree: And while you people may be pigs now, I can teach you all to be elegant … refined … classy … handsome men and women. I can take de Memphis out of you all, and train you to be just like a Frenchman! Just like me.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Rene Dupree: How do I plan on doing zis? Simple. Just like de last few weeks, I will open up my very own special challenge to anyone in de back. For all of you Americans who want to prove yourself against me, I will prove how you are inadequate, so these people will have no choice but to accept what it is that I am saying.

~ Continued heat.

Rene Dupree: So come on. Is zere no one in de back with de guts to accept my challenge? Have you all surrendered already, just like de typical American? Or-

???: Ahem.

~ Everyone is caught off guard as they turn to the ringside area … to see Jerry Lawler standing up with a microphone in hand, his t-shirt now seen to be over his wrestling tights!

Jerry Lawler: Rene, I think we’ve heard just about enough from you.

~ The crowd cheers as Lawler makes his way towards the ring, his crown still balancing on his head.

Jerry Lawler: You can come out here and talk down on us Americans all you like, and about how France is great, because in the end, it doesn’t matter. And do you know why? It’s because … well, France sucks!

~ Big pop from the crowd as Rene looks outraged in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: But when you start to insult my hometown? The town where I worked to make sure punks like you could have a future in this business? That’s when you’re crossing the line.

~ The crowd cheers as Lawler now makes his way up the steel steps.

Jerry Lawler: Now I’m sure you can see that I came dressed to compete, because every time we’re here, some punk from the back tries to make his name off badmouthing me, and y’know what? I think it’s time they were made to back up what they say. So if you’re done flapping your gums and you’re looking for a challenge, then I say you’ve got one!

~ The crowd continues to cheer as Lawler climbs in the ring with an almost bemused looking Dupree.

Rene Dupree: You old man? I could have beaten you in your prime. Imagine what I would do to you now.

~ Heat.

Jerry Lawler: What’s the matter? Scared an old man might beat you? Is it … is it the French quitting … again?

~ Dupree is clearly enraged by this comment, reacting quickly.

Rene Dupree: You want a match? You got it! Ring ze bell!

Ding ding ding. We have a match.

Match Two – Singles Match:
Rene Dupree vs. Jerry Lawler

The referee rings the bell … and Rene Dupree instantly charges, looking for a right hand … but Jerry Lawler blocks! ‘The King’ blocks, then reels off a series of his own big right hands, forcing Dupree back to the ropes as his crown falls by the wayside, before sending the Frenchman off with an Irish whip … but Dupree doesn’t bounce back, grabbing the ropes before rolling out to the floor! The crowd boos, although ‘King’ is quickly out after him, still wearing his t-shirt as he chases Dupree around ringside until Dupree slides back into the ring and Lawler follows … right into a falling double axe handle from Rene! Dupree wisely hammers away on ‘King’, before looking on as he’s getting up and taking off to the ropes … right into a big right hand on the rebound!

The crowd goes nuts as Dupree flops down to the mat and back up … right into a scoop slam from ‘King’ … who then points to the corner! The crowd goes nuts as Lawler climbs up to the second rope … then comes off with the fist drop … but he strikes nothing but mat as Dupree rolls out of the way! Both men get back to their feet, Lawler looking to score with a clothesline, only for Dupree to duck under, then hit a beautiful dropkick to the jaw! From here the match is all Dupree, who runs through his offense, decimating ‘King’ until he sets up for the finish, taking a little time to infuriate the crowd by winking out to them … AND THEN NAILING THE DUPREE DRIVER! Dupree makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Rene Dupree via pinfall @ 3:56


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, RENE DUPRRRRREEEEE!

The crowd boos as Dupree springs back up to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, basking in the heat he gains as he performs the awesomely odd French Tickler.

Joey Styles: A great effort from my broadcast colleague Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler, but Rene Dupree continues to show the potential that could one day take him far.

Jonathan Coachman: I told you, Joe. This guy is the epitome of grace, elegance and beauty. You wish you looked like him!

Dupree looks down at the body of Lawler in the ring, stopping the French Tickler … to SPIT ON HIM to some immense heat! Dupree shakes it off, smirking away, before exiting the ring.

Joey Styles: Oh yeah, so much for grace and elegance, eh ‘Coach’?

Jonathan Coachman: Dupree was just sending a message, Joe, and that message is that you don’t disrespect someone of Rene Dupree’s pedigree. ‘King’ had it comin’ to him!

We see Dupree backing up the ramp, basking in the heat from the crowd …

… Before cutting off backstage to see the badass apple spitting Caribbean, Carlito walking down a corridor, approaching the communal locker-room. ‘Lito turns in and walks past a few jobbers who aren’t worth naming … before coming to a stop in front of Chris Masters, who, like always, is shirtless, doing some chin-ups.

Carlito: Hey! Hey ‘Piece!

~ Masters looks down and sees Carlito, prompting him to drop to the floor in front of his “friend”.

Chris Masters: ‘Lito.

~ Carlito looks a little uncomfortable with Masters’ demeanour.

Carlito: So hey, how ‘bout dat weather? Crazy, eh? It’s-

Chris Masters: What do you want, Carlito?

Carlito: What do ju mean? Carlito … Carlito wants … … … Carlito wants ju to come back, Chris.

~ Masters doesn’t reply at first, looking slightly surprised.

Carlito: I mean, Carlito’s got da Cabana up next, and it just won’t be de same without you out dere man. Please Chris. C’mon man … Carlito thought … Carlito thought we were friends.

~ Masters rubs his chin, unsure of it.

Chris Masters: I said I’d think about it, and-

Carlito: Ju’ve had a whole week to think it, Chris. Even you shoulda been able to work it out by now!

~ Carlito takes a moment to realise what he’s said, before he suddenly looks like he wants to put his foot firmly in his mouth.

Carlito: Uh oh … um, Carlito … Carlito didn’t mean it like dat. Please, Chris, please-

Chris Masters: Y’know what? If that’s the way you think, then you can go out there alone. I’m stayin’ back here.

~ Masters turns his back on Carlito, seemingly headed towards his bag as Carlito shakes his head, mouthing “Crap!” out, before walking off the other way.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, Carlito hosts the three other RAW superstars who will be in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match on Carlito’s Cabana, next on Monday Night RAW!

With the scene now empty, we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the set of Carlito’s Cabana in the ring, before hearing …



The crowd gives a very nice heated reaction as out from the back struts the apple spittin’ Carlito, dressed as cool as ever with a Hawaiian shirt to go with his white slacks. Despite tossing his apple up and down, ‘Lito looks a little disconcerted by the lack of presence of ‘The Masterpiece’, though he soon shakes it off as he climbs up into the ring.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Monday Night RAW, where during the break we saw our broadcast colleague, Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler assisted backstage.

Jonathan Coachman: And good riddance I say. All ‘King’ was gonna do was drag down the Cabana, with my man Carlito tryin’ to make his triumphant return. And look, there he is in the ring!

Joey Styles: Indeed, there he is, Carlito, sans Chris Masters, who has refused to join Carlito out here tonight after Carlito seemingly double crossed Masters by not getting him a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match as he had promised to do.

Jonathan Coachman: Double crossed? It was a little misunderstanding. ‘Piece’ll work that out soon enough.

Carlito now stands in the ring, in amongst the set of the Cabana, a tropical drink in one hand and a microphone in the other, with his apple placed on one of the seats behind him to rest.

Carlito: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to de return of Carlito’s Cabana!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Carlito: And boy, does Carlito ever have a big show for ju people. Because not only is dis da first Cabana of 2006, but dis Cabana also features some very special guests.

~ A pretty good pop from the crowd, with a few boos also mixed in because ‘Lito is the one doing the talking.

Carlito: Carlito has gone all out for ju people to bring in da best guests he could find, and Carlito thinks that he’s got some doozies.

~ Carlito pauses, taking a look out into the crowd.

Carlito: First I have de man who many have called de shooting star of Monday Night RAW, ‘Your Hero’, Gregory Helms!

~ A very good reaction of heat from Helms, who seems to be going places in the eyes of the fans as his reaction grows week by week.

Carlito: But das not all. Carlito also has de other Money in de Bank competitors from RAW for WrestleMania, including de ‘Mexican Warrior’, Chavo Guerrero!

~ Nice pop from the crowd.

Carlito: Den dere’s de sixteen time world champion, de living legend, da ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair!

~ Big pop from the crowd, with outcries of “WOOOOOOOOO!”

Carlito: But folks, it only gets better, ‘cause Carlito has gone out, and he’s found someone else. He’s found someone … better.

~ Heat from the crowd as Carlito pauses for a moment due to his arrogant tone.

Carlito: Gregory Helms … Chavo Guerrero … Ric Flair … dey’re all in de Money in de Bank Match at WrestleMania. Dey’re all … participants … dey’re all gonna be competing at WrestleMania, so to have them on the show … das pretty cool.

~ Carlito shrugs his shoulders.

Carlito: But den Carlito thought dat das just not quite good enough. Y’see, dis … dis is the big return of Carlito’s Cabana. After over three months, de Cabana is makin’ its return, and dat means dat Carlito needed a big guest. Carlito needed a bigger guest den Gregory Helms … Carlito needed a bigger guest den Chavo Guerrero … Carlito needed a bigger guest den Ric Flair …

~ Mixed reaction, mostly leaning towards heat.

Carlito: What Carlito needed was de biggest guest and de entire WWE … and Carlito got him.

~ Carlito smirks to himself, putting the drink down onto a table and picking his apple back up to toss around.

Carlito: What Carlito got was de most athletic … talented … charismatic … handsome, ass kickin’, apple spittin’ son a gun on de face of de planet.

~ Big heat from the crowd as Carlito continues to smirk away.

Carlito: Not only dat, but Carlito also found himself a winner. He didn’t just go out and find himself someone who is competing at WrestleMania. Carlito didn’t just go out and find himself another Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerreor or Ric Flair … Carlito found himself someone who is going to win at WrestleMania.

~ Heat as Carlito looks up at the camera and raises an eyebrow.

Carlito: Carlito found himself de future ‘Mr. Money in de Bank’ … and dat guy … was Carlito.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Carlito: And dat … das cool.

~ The crowd continues to boo as Carlito takes a bite of his apple, seemingly in recognition of his own greatness, only to hear …



The crowd gives a nice pop, coming alive as the music hits, prompting Carlito to spit out his apple in disgust. The crowd is far from disgusted though as out onto the stage steps ‘The Mexican Warrior’ Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero fires the crowd up, calling on them to get up on their feet, before walking down the ramp and pointing up at Carlito in the ring. Carlito pays it no heed though, at least not right now as Chavo walks down the ramp quickly, then climbs up into the ring and takes a microphone up off the set.

Carlito: Ladies and gentlemen, Chavo Guerrero!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd for Carlito saying it.

Carlito: Hey Chavo, welcome. Ju want an apple? Carlito’s got a barrel full of ‘em, so-

Chavo Guerrero: You’ve got some nerve.

Carlito: What are ju talkin’ about? Carlito was just offering ju an apple.

Chavo Guerrero: Real funny, Carlito, but y’know what? It’s almost WrestleMania time. The jokes … the jokes are over.

~ Pop from the crowd as Carlito just shrugs his shoulders coolly.

Chavo Guerrero: And so is the joke of you claimin’ that you’re gonna be ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’.

~ “OH!” The crowd goes nuts for that one as Chavo continues to look dead serious.

Chavo Guerrero: The fact is, Carlito, all you’re doin’ is comin’ out here and talking and jokin’ around. It’s all you ever do. You claim you’re this, you claim you’re that, but when are you gonna prove it, Carlito? When are you going to let your wrestling do the talking? You think you can just show up at WrestleMania and win? No. No, it’s not gonna work like that. If you’re gonna be ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, then you’ve gotta earn it. That doesn’t mean getting into the match by forfeit …

~ Pop from the crowd.

Chavo Guerrero: That doesn’t mean hiding behind a crony … and that doesn’t mean shooting your mouth off. That means that you have to get off your ass and work, Carlito, for the first time in your life.

~ Another pop from the crowd as ‘Lito scrunches his face up.

Carlito: Work? Ju’re one to talk. Where do ju think ju’d be if it wasn’t for ju livin’ off jur family legacy, Kerwin?

~ Heat from the crowd as Carlito looks to continue.

Carlito: And do ju see ‘Piece out here? ‘Cause Carlito doesn’t, and ju know why?

Chavo Guerrero: ‘Cause he’s had enough of your crap?

Carlito: ‘Cause Carlito doesn’t need to hide behind anyone. Carlito let’s his ability to da talkin’. Carlito won de United States Champion on his first night in de WWE. Carlito won de Intercontinental Championship in his first night on RAW. As opposed to ju, who has no ability. Who has no titles. Ju … ju just let your family legacy do de talkin’.

~ Heat from the crowd as Chavo looks to respond.

Chavo Guerrero: Y’know what? You’re right. My family legacy probably has had a lot to do with gettin’ me to where I am today. I’m not ashamed of that, but holmes, that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna change that, because after all of the work I’ve done, at WrestleMania, I’m gonna step out of the shadow of my family and forge my own legacy when I become ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’!

~ Nice pop from the crowd.

Carlito: Oh yeah?

~ Carlito starts to come forward, looking Chavo up and down.

Chavo Guerrero: Yeah.

~ Chavo gets right up in Carlito’s face, with the crowd buzzing, thinking a fight is going to break out … but Carlito backs away.

Carlito: Okay man. Relax. It’s … it’s cool. Dis is de Cabana. No need to get so confrontational with Carlito. No need to be jealous ‘cause you know Carlito’s gonna be walkin’ out of WrestleMania as ‘Mr. Money in de Bank’.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Carlito: Just relax an’ take it easy while Carlito introduces his next guest.

~ Guerrero reluctantly takes a step back, perhaps out of respect for the man who is coming out next more than anything else.

Carlito: My next guest is a man who’s been to da top of de mountain before … sixteen times. He is a legend of dis business, and some say … some say dat he’s almost as good as Carlito.

~ Heat from the crowd as Carly smirks.

Carlito: Ladies and gentlemen, da ‘Nature Boy’, Ric Flair!



The crowd gives a HUGE pop, with outcries of “WOOOOOOOOOOO!” sounding throughout the arena as out from the back struts the legendary Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair. Looking as classy as ever in a suit and with his belt draped over his shoulder, ‘The Nature Boy’ walks down that aisle, stylin’ and profilin’ the whole way down until he makes it into the ring, where he shakes hand with his friend Chavo and grabs a microphone.

Ric Flair: Did I hear somebody say “Money in the Bank”? ‘Cause if ya did, you can be damn sure that you can’t be talkin’ about Money in the Bank without ‘The Nature Boy’!

~ Big pop from the crowd, mixed with more shouts of “WOOOOOOOOOO!”, prompting Flair to look out to the audience.



Ric Flair: Chavo, you know I love and respect you. You’re one of the best friends I could ever have. And Carlito, I respect your ability too.

~ Carlito nods and remarks “Of course ju do” off mic.

Ric Flair: But if anybody … if anybody is gonna be walkin’ out of WrestleMania as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, it’s gonna be ME!


Ric Flair: You said it yourself, Carlito. I am a sixteen time world champion. Six – teen time. I know how to get it done. I know what it takes to get to the top. And like I said, while I respect the two of you, neither of you, neither of you have ever been a world champion. You may be good. Heck, the two of you, you may be great – you are great – but when it comes down to it, in the big match situation, neither of you know what it takes to get it done! Neither of you know what it takes to reach the top of that mountain, but I do! I’ve been to the top of the mountain before, and lemme tell you, I can’t wait to get back up there again! WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Ric Flair: Now I know what you’re thinkin’. ‘The Nature Boy’, he hasn’t ever been in a Ladder Match. Ever. At WrestleMania, it’ll be my first, and you may think that’s a weakness, but last week … last week when I stepped in the ring with you, Chavo, and with that punk Gregory Helms, I proved that I’ve still got it. I proved that I can still go with the best young superstars that the world has to offer, and this title …

~ Flair lifts the Intercontinental Title off his shoulder.

Ric Flair: This title is proof of that. This title is proof that I can still go like I used to. That space mountain, it’s still open. That I can still go all night long. That I still am the jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ son of a gun who is capable of becoming a world champion!


Ric Flair: You think a little ladder is gonna stop me? You think a twenty foot drop is gonna stop me. Thirty years ago in a plane crash, I broke my back! And yet after that, I still went on to win my sixteen world titles. Ya think a ladder’s gonna stop me from number seventeen? Nothing’s gonna stop me! Not you Chavo, not you Carlito, and definitely not Gregory Helms! WOOOOOOOOOOOO!


Ric Flair: Right now, the ladies may call me ‘Mr. All Night Long’. Space Mountain. You people, you may all me ‘The Nature Boy’. But after WrestleMania, you’re all gonna be callin’ me ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

~ The crowd looks to respond, only to be cut off by the sound of …



The crowd gives some pretty great heat as Gregory Helms makes his way out onto the ramp, dressed rather smartly in a button up shirt and jeans, his beanie wrapped around his head as always. Helms isn’t one to wait around either, a microphone already in his hand as he makes his way down the ramp.

Gregory Helms: Hold up, hold up, hold up. Flair … you’ve still got it? You’ve still got it?

~ Flair nods from the ring as Helms continues to advance down the ramp.

Gregory Helms: You think ‘cause you “beat me” last week, that you’ve still got it? I don’t even know what to say to that.

~ Helms pauses on the ramp and pretends to think for a moment.

Gregory Helms: Actually, yes. Yes I do know what to say to that. First off, Flair, you never beat me. You and your little buddy Guerrero cheated me out of the Intercontinental Title.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Gregory Helms: But hey man, congrats. I’m sure you’ll enjoy your “legendary” first Intercontinental Title reign lastin’ another six months … ‘cause that’ll be the next time you’ll put the title on the line, won’t it, champ?

~ More heat as Flair shakes his head in the ring.

Gregory Helms: You can deny it all you want, but deep down, you know, you just know that the Intercontinental Title needs a saviour. You know that these people need a real champion, a champion they can look up to, and who better to take the Intercontinental Title and make it somethin’ that people aspire to hold, who better for these people to look up to than ‘Your Hero’ Gregory – Helms?

~ Helms now circles around ringside, looking in on the ring.

Gregory Helms: But now that you you’ve “defended” that title against me, I guess I’m not gonna get another look in, am I? ‘Cause you’re settin’ your sights elsewhere, eh Ric? You’re settin’ your sights on number seventeen. You think that you’re gonna win the Money in the Bank briefcase and go on to become world champion for the seventeenth time.

~ Helms now stomps up the steel steps and stands on the ring apron.

Gregory Helms: Well not while I’m around.

~ Heat from the crowd as Helms climbs into the ring.

Gregory Helms: Me and these people are sick of you, Ric. We don’t wanna see you anymore. And you know why?

~ Helms steps forward past Carlito and Chavo, getting in Flair’s face.

Gregory Helms: ‘Cause you’re nothin’ but a washed up old man.

~ “OH!” Big heat from the crowd as Flair goes beet red, raising the microphone up.

Ric Flair: Lemme tell you somethin’, you punk-

Gregory Helms: No, no. Don’t tell me anything, Ric. I’ve heard it all before. Lemme guess. I should … respect you? Well guess what … that’s not gonna happen, because you don’t deserve my respect. You may be a sixteen time world champion. You may have been one of the greatest wrestlers to grace this ring. But now, Ric … now you’re just in here to take up a spot and hang onto your past glory.

~ Helms gets right up in Flair’s face, almost whispering now.

Gregory Helms: Your only problem, Ric … is me. ‘Cause I’ve had enough. I’m makin’ a stand. I’m doin’ somethin’ these people have been wantin’ to see for the longest of times … I’m gonna destroy you, Ric Flair.

~ Helms smirks, as Flair looks on, the rage still shaking through him.

Gregory Helms: I’m gonna tear you to pieces. I’m gonna take … the Money in the Bank briefcase. I’m gonna take … that Intercontinental Title. And then I’m gonna take … your career, because I’m … we’re, should I say …

~ Helms motions out to the crowd with his hand, drawing some great heat.

Gregory Helms: We’re sick of you, Ric. You better believe … it’s time.

~ Helms drops his mic, getting right in the face of Flair as the two go toe to toe, with Carlito trying to intervene.

Carlito: Whoa, guys, guys, take it easy. No need to ruin de Cabana.

~ The two continue to stare each other down intensely … UNTIL GREGORY HELMS SUDDENLY PIEFACES THE LEGEND! Helms shows no respect, sending the Intercontinental Champion stumbling back … BEFORE SUDDENLY TACKLING HIM DOWN!

The set falls to pieces as Helms tackles Flair right through it, sending Carlito running from the ring … BUT CHAVO GUERRERO GRABS HELMS AND HURLS HIM FROM THE RING! The crowd looks on in shock as Helms thuds to the floor, leaving Chavo to tend to Flair inside the ring and make sure he’s okay. Carly continues to panic, realising he had absolutely no control over that segment (control that he probably would have had if he had some muscle out there, folks), while Helms regains his footing and stares coldly into the ring, with Chavo telling him to back away.

Slowly but surely, Helms does just that, leaving Guerrero and Flair in the ring …

… Before we cut backstage to see the WWE Champion, Edge walking down a corridor, set for action with his girlfriend Lita behind him. He continues to walk on as we now head out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break …


And the crowd ERUPTS into a GIANT reaction of mostly cheers as the former WWE Champion, John Cena charges out onto the stage, full of energy.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 248 lbs, JOOHHHHNNNNN CEEEEENA!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back from the break, where we apparently have no time to take in what we just saw, as here comes the man who- HEY WAIT A MINUTE!


Joey Styles: That no good son of a bitch!

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, get him champ! Get him!

Cena tumbles almost all of the way down the small RAW ramp, with Edge right behind him as he lifts Cena up by his jean shorts … THEN JUST HURLS HIM INTO THE CROWD BARRIER VIOLENTLY!

Cena hits the barrier with a thud, then falls to the floor, only for the WWE Champion, who IS dressed for action, by the way, with his WWE Title still strapped around his waist, to follow him, then once again lift him up by the shorts and roll him into the ring. Edge still isn’t far behind Cena, rolling into the ring after him and unstrapping the gold from around his waist … BEFORE SMASHING A RISING CENA RIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH THE GOLD!

Joey Styles: Quick, get security out here, before it’s too late!

It may already be too late as Edge drops down over the fallen body of Cena, holding the WWE Title and bellowing “IT’S MINE, CENA! IT’S MINE!”

The crowd continues to boo as Edge gets back to his feet and calls on Lita, who has appeared at ringside, directing her to get some steel chairs from the timekeeper’s area. Lita does just that, grabbing two of them, although Edge drops one to the mat and tells Lita to grab another, before instructing her to take guard by the ropes with it. With Cena struggling back to his feet, Edge waits … WHEN THE SECURITY COMES RUSHING DOWN THE RAMP … ONLY TO BE WARDED OFF BY LITA BY THE ROPES! The deviously delicious diva swings the chair, threatening anyone who wants a piece to jump up …


The heat is INSANE as Edge instructs Lita to continue to hold the security at bay, before lifting Cena’s head up off the mat … AND PLACING THE STEEL CHAIR UNDER IT! Knowing what’s coming, a member of security decides to take matters into his own hands, jumping up onto the apron … CRACK! LITA SMASHES THE STEEL CHAIR OFF HIS SKULL, SENDING HIM DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH A MASSIVE THUD!

The message has been received by the other security members: don’t even THINK about trying to intervene!

Edge, meanwhile, grabs the second steel chair from off the mat, then looks around the mat, licking his lips in anticipation as he slowly saunters his way over to his enemy, then raises the chair into the air … SMASH! EDGE PLAYS CENA HIS VERY OWN SPECIAL SYMPHONY IN THE FORM OF THE ONE MAN CON-CHAIR-TO, THE MUSIC OF WHICH RINGS THROUGH CENA’S EARS!

A sick smile on his face, Edge looks down at his presumably unconscious foe gleefully, before throwing the chair by the wayside and demanding a microphone from ringside, which he of course receives. Let’s face it, who would refuse him at this stage?

With Lita continuing to threaten the security to stay back, a heavily breathing Edge drops to his knees, kneeling right above Cena as he raises the mic.

Edge: I told you … I told you this was gonna be about who’s the smartest.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Edge: That’s one down … and one to go. But Kurt, if you think I’m gonna take it this easy on you …

~ With one hand Edge lifts Cena’s head off the mat, then leans into it, putting his head right next to Cena’s, resting his head on Cena’s shoulder.

Edge: This is nothing compared to what I’m gonna do to you next week.

~ Edge smiles sadistically, before dropping the microphone and motioning for Lita to do the same with the chair, with the two now leaving the ring as the security and road agents worry about John Cena, rushing to his aid in the ring.

Joey Styles: Damn that no good son of a bitch Edge!

Joanthan Coachman: Whoa, hold on just a moment, Joe. This is a family show. Watch the language.

Joey Styles: Sorry that I can’t get a little emotional after seeing Edge take John Cena’s health and well-being into his own hands. This was absolutely disgusting, and I hope that next week Kurt Angle makes him pay.

Jonathan Coachman: Judging by what Edge just said, I’d say Angle’s gonna be the one to pay.

Joey Styles: I doubt that very much, ‘Coach’. Mark my words. Kurt Angle is gonna be angry next week. He’s gonna be out for Edge’s blood, and don’t even for a moment think that he’s not gonna be ready for a sneak attack now. Next week Kurt Angle may just kill Edge.

Edge backs all of the way up the ramp, holding Lita tight with one arm as he stops to pose at the top of the stage, holding his title aloft with the other hand to some great heat. With Cena still down in the ring, we now head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break with the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff looking rather flustered in his office, looking off to the side of the camera.

Eric Bischoff: Is this thing on?

~ Bischoff gets the go ahead and turns to the camera lens.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, I hope you’re watching, because after what you just did to a third of my WrestleMania main event, this announcement concerns you. Now normally, I’d seek you out and I’d tell you this face to face. But tonight? I have a very busy night tonight, so, champ, this’ll have to do. But don’t think I’m happy, Edge. I am far from happy with you. You think it’s appropriate to take out John Cena, just because you had to have a match with him?

~ Slight pause from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Well I don’t, which is why next week, in Monday Night RAW’s final main event before WrestleMania, I’ve decided to make a change. Don’t get too excited champ, because it’ll still be you and Kurt Angle going one on one …

~ Bischoff pauses for a moment and smirks.

Eric Bischoff: Only now … it’ll be in a Street Fight.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: I hope you have a good night, champ, because I assure you, you won’t be having one next week.

Big mixed reaction as we cut away from Eric Bischoff …

… And head back to ringside with our now two man announce team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where, as we just learnt, Eric Bischoff has made next week’s main event match between Edge and Kurt Angle a Street Fight, but folks, excuse us for a moment as we instead focus on what went down before the break. For those of you who missed it, take another look.

We start off by seeing Edge attacking John Cena during his entrance.

Joey Styles: As you can see, Edge didn’t even let his match with John Cena begin, but from there it got a lot worse.

A replay of the brutal beat down Edge administered to John Cena.

Joey Styles: Folks, I’ve been in this business a long time. I’ve seen a lot of disgusting things happen in my days in ECW, but that … that right there was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever seen, and I hope to God that next week, Kurt Angle makes Edge pay.

‘Coach’ remains silent, perhaps to make sure the issue remains serious as we wait …


The crowd comes alive with a pretty good pop, still shocked at what they just witnessed, as Mickie James strides out onto the stage with a purpose. Not looking her usual jovial self, Mickie is accompanied down the ramp by her newfound friend, Ashley Massaro.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a divas match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia, MICKIE JAAAMMMMEEESSSSS!

Joey Styles: Well, moving on, folks, these past few weeks have been testing for Mickie James, but with her new friend Ashley, Mickie seems to have found the strength to stand up to the woman she used to call her hero, Trish Stratus, who she’ll be challenging for the Women’s Title at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: Found the strength? Joe, hasn’t Trish taught you anything? Mickie James was fakin’ it all along. I can’t wait until Trish puts her in her place at WrestleMania.

Mickie makes her way down to the ring and climbs up into it, raising her arm to the fans without paying them too much heed tonight.


The crowd gives no reaction other than a few wolf whistles and cries of “Show us your puppies!” as the beautiful Torrie Wilson makes her way down the ramp, accompanied by Candice Michelle (but not Victoria).

Lilian Garcia: Her opponent, from Boise, Idaho, Torrie Wilson!

Joey Styles: Mickie meets Trish in thirteen days, ‘Coach’, but tonight it’s Torrie Wilson’s turn. Do you rate her a chance against Mickie?

Jonathan Coachman: Honestly? No. But hey, at least Torrie looks good. In fact, let me fill in for ‘King’ here. PUPPIES!

Wilson now climbs up in the ring too, and this one is set to begin.

Match Three – Singles Match:
Mickie James w/Ashley Massaro vs. Torrie Wilson w/Candice Michelle

Honestly, this one isn’t about anything other than showing off Mickie James’ newfound attitude and strength. She dominates Torrie from the very beginning of this one, and while Wilson gets some offense in thanks to a distraction from Candice Michelle, who Mickie absolutely pummels off the apron (good riddance to a shit diva), this one is almost all Mickie, who nails the Chick Kick, and after an uncomfortable pause, having realised whose move she just used, makes the cover to get the win.

Winner: Mickie James via pinfall @ 4:25


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Mickie James!

The music of Ms. James starts up initially, although it soon fades away as Mickie asks for and receives a microphone, with Ashley joining her in the ring.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh great, more lies.

Mickie, after a quick glance at Ashley, gets set to speak.

Mickie James: Trish Stratus …

~ Immediate heat for the Trish namedrop.

Mickie James: I’d like you to meet my new friend … Ashley!

~ Mickie motions across to Ashley to a nice little pop.

Mickie James: Actually, I might call her my old friend, because from what I remember, when I first showed up here, you, me and Ashley, we were three peas in a pod, weren’t we? But hey, don’t feel bad, Trish. I found someone else to fill the third spot in our little friendship group …

~ Mickie pauses slightly.

Mickie James: The Women’s Championship!

~ A good pop from the crowd.

Mickie James: Make no mistake, Trish. I used to look up to you. But now that I’m strong … now that I know what it’s like to have a real friend … to have someone that actually likes me for who I am, I’m going to have no problem kicking your ass at WrestleMania and taking that Women’s Championship.

~ Another good pop from the crowd.

Mickie James: And now that I’ve lost my innocence, after the emotional and physical torture that you put me through, I’m gonna show you what kind of woman I am.

~ Decent pop from the crowd, while a few wolf whistles come from the pervs in the crowd (hey there, Stoj).

Mickie James: So-


The crowd gives some pretty great heat for the interruption as Trish Stratus comes out onto the stage, a microphone already in hand.

Trish Stratus: Aww, how sweet! Mickie found herself a friend! Is that … is that your first friend, Mickie?

~ Mickie rolls her eyes in the ring.

Trish Stratus: Of course it’s not, Mickie, so don’t think that I’m buying this crap for even a second.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: You can lie all you want though, Mickie. It doesn’t affect me, because the only people dumb enough to believe what you’re saying is these people. And these people, Mickie … they don’t matter. They’re not the ones you’re climbing in the ring with at WrestleMania, Mickie …

~ Some good heat for Stratus as she pauses.

Trish Stratus: I am.

~ More heat.

Trish Stratus: But hey, as long as we’re out here introducing some new friends, I’ve got one of my own. In fact, you may have met her before …

~ Trish begins to smirk …


The surprised crowd reacts with some decent heat as Trish’s (perhaps now former) rival Victoria walks out onto the stage to stand side by side with the Women’s Champion.

Trish Stratus: Meet my new friend, Mickie … Victoria.

~ Heat from the crowd as Mickie looks on from the ring, a bit surprised at what’s gone down.

Trish Stratus: And since we’ve both gone and got new friends, I went to Eric Bischoff earlier today, and I got us all a match for next week. You could call it a WrestleMania preview, I guess, because it’ll be you and Ashley vs. me and Victoria here in a tag team match.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: So, uh, guess I’ll see you next week, Mickie, and then, maybe WrestleMania … we’ll see if you make it. Ciao.


The crowd boos as Trish smirks, then motions for Victoria to turn around and head to the back, leaving Ashley and Mickie standing in the ring.

We now cut away from that, heading backstage … where we see Charlie Haas, now dressed in casual clothes, grabbing his bag to a decent pop. It seems like Haas is on his way out, at least from the communal locker-room as he nods at a few jobbers and heads for the door … where Shelton Benjamin stands.

Shelton Benjamin: Great job out there earlier tonight, Charlie.

Charlie Haas: Uhh … thanks?

~ Haas looks a little confused by Benjamin’s demeanour.

Shelton Benjamin: So, uh, guess I’m in.

Charlie Haas: In?

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah … in.

Charlie Haas: In what exactly? Wait … no, I’m not sure you should answer that. Y’know what? Maybe I don’t wanna know.

~ Shelton rolls his eyes and laughs to himself.

Shelton Benjamin: C’mon Charlie, you know what I’m talkin’ about.

~ Haas’ expression remains quizzical (brilliant word that).

Shelton Benjamin: Y’know … our match at WrestleMania … against Kane and the Big Show? For the World Tag Team Titles?

Charlie Haas: Ohhhhhhhh … no.

~ Benjamin looks shocked.

Shelton Benjamin: No? What do you mean no? The match has already been made.

Charlie Haas: Yeah, but I figured since I went out there and proved myself … well you should have to too. It’s a two way street.

~ Benjamin rolls his eyes.

Shelton Benjamin: Fine. What do ya want me to do? Win another Intercontinental Title? That’s somethin’ you’ve never been able to do.

~ Benjamin smirks as Haas remains serious.

Charlie Haas: Nope. What I want you to do is win a match.

~ Benjamin smiles, surprised at the “ease” of Haas’ demands.

Shelton Benjamin: Win a match? Charlie, I can win matches in my sleep.

Charlie Haas: Not recently you can’t.

~ OH! Shelton is taken aback by that, perhaps even making him a little pissed off.

Shelton Benjamin: Alright. Who do you want me to beat?

~ Now it’s Haas’ turn to smirk for a moment.

Charlie Haas:Kane.

~ A pop from the crowd as Benjamin remains confident.

Shelton Benjamin: Kane? That’s fine, man. Piece of cake.

Charlie Haas: Piece of cake, eh? That’s good to hear. I’ll see you next week.

Shelton Benjamin: Yeah, see you man.

Haas smiles and pats Benjamin on the back as he walks off … where Benjamin’s face quickly turns from one of complete confidence … to one of fear! Knowing he’s got himself in for a big match next week, Benjamin begins to panic already as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be back at ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW where we have seen a huge show, just thirteen days away from WrestleMania, but there’s still a lot to come here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right, babyboy. Our main event is still to come. It’s gonna be Triple H vs. Kurt Angle, and personally, I can’t wait to see these two just knock the stuffing out of on another. Maybe neither of ‘em will make it to WrestleMania!

Joey Styles: That’s not all, as we’ve also heard that The Undertaker will be here, and he will be calling out Rob Van Dam, here tonight in-


Immediate heat as the music of the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff rings out throughout the arena, soon followed by the appearance on the stage of the Bisch himself.

Joey Styles: Oh great. What’s Eric Bischoff doing out here?

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, someone’s left out of the loop. I know, Joe – me and Mr. Bischoff hang out all the time – but I guess I’ll just let this one be a surprise to you.

Joey Styles: You and Eric Bischoff hang out?

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah. Believe me, you haven’t hit the clubs ‘til you’ve gone out with Mr. Bischoff and ‘The Coach’.

Right. Anyway, Bischoff walks down to the ring with a purpose, looking one hundred percent serious as he grabs a microphone off the steel steps then steps through the ropes.

Eric Bischoff: Alright alright alright alright alright. Cut the music.

~ The music cuts out, leaving the boos from the crowd to be heard clearer than ever.

Eric Bischoff: Thank you, people, thank you. Really, it’s not necessary, but I guess you don’t have a hero come through this cesspool town too often, eh?

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Well, unless you call Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler a hero, but after what happened to him at the hands of Rene Dupree earlier, even I’m kind of embarrassed for employing him.

~ Big heat from the crowd as Joey remarks “Oh come on. That’s just unnecessary” on commentary. ‘Coach’ clearly doesn’t think so though, lapping up everything Bischoff says.

Eric Bischoff: Enough of that though, eh? It’s time to take care of some business, and believe me, I’m out here to take care of some serious business here tonight.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly of heat as Bischoff pauses for a brief moment.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as I’m sure you all saw last week, Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam went to Friday Night SmackDown!, and, quite frankly, for the first time I can remember, Van Dam made Monday Night RAW proud.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Because not only did RVD show up on Friday Night SmackDown! and make a mockery out of that joke of a General Manager, Theodore Long …

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But he also did something I never thought he could do. RVD … embarrassed … The Undertaker.

~ Big mixed reaction from the crowd of mostly cheers.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as a result of this, the rumours have been swirling around. The reports have been on, and I’ve been able to confirm from a very reliable source that The Undertaker is supposed to be here in Memphis tonight.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: The Undertaker is here to call out RVD.

~ Another big pop from the fired up crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Now normally, I’d have absolutely no problem with this. I would have absolutely no problem with seeing RVD get the living snot beaten out of him … heck, I’ve had guys try to do it to him for the past few weeks so he wouldn’t embarrass me and my show at WrestleMania by losing to a SmackDown! superstar.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But this isn’t a normal situation. This isn’t just your regular superstar trying to get to Van Dam. This is a SmackDown! superstar … this is … The Undertaker.

~ Big pop from the crowd for ‘Taker.

Eric Bischoff: And do you know what the only thing more embarrassing than seeing a RAW superstar lose to a SmackDown! superstar at WrestleMania is? A RAW superstar not even making it to WrestleMania because a SmackDown! superstar injured him.

~ Some marginal heat from the crowd as Bischoff pauses for a moment.

Eric Bischoff: But don’t worry folks, because this is where I, Eric Bischoff, step in to resolve the situation.

~ Big heat from the crowd for Eric Bischoff putting himself over and getting himself involved in this situation.

Eric Bischoff: But y’see, this isn’t going to be like last Friday night. I’m not going to come out and here make threats, only to stand idly by and watch the action like a certain other inferior General Manager.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: No, this isn’t going to go down like last Friday night. This isn’t going to go down on the terms of the superstars. This is going to go down my way. This is going to go down the Eric Bischoff way, because I’ll be damned if anyone is going to make me look like a fool on my show.

~ Big heat for the arrogance of Bischoff throwing his power in the face of everyone.

Eric Bischoff: So here’s what going to happen. ‘Deadman’, if you want to come out here, then I’m not going to stop you. I’m not falling into the same trap that Teddy Long did … but … you’re still not getting to RVD.

~ Heat from the crowd for the letdown of the ‘Taker/RVD prospect seemingly going down the drain.

Eric Bischoff: Because if you want to get to Van Dam … you’re going to have to go … … … through me.

~ WHAT? The crowd can’t believe it, appearing to be absolutely bemused as Bischoff stands his ground in the ring, not moving, despite being unprotected.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right. I’m going to handle this … myself … so if you have the guts, supposed ‘Phenom’, come out to the ring right now and face me like the ‘Deadman’ that you claim to be.

~ “Has Eric Bischoff lost his mind?” The question Joey Styles brings up is surely running through everyone else’s mind too as Bischoff stands in the ring and waits …

… And waits …

… And waits …


The crowd goes nuts as Bischoff’s eyes narrow and he looks around the arena, already panicking …





The crowd absolutely erupts as the arena delves into darkness, the one shining light focusing down upon the misty entranceway, which has quickly been engulfed by smoke. This can only possibly mean an appearance from only one man, and that ‘Deadman’ surely enough walks out onto the stage, The Undertaker drawing a huge pop. Like always, the descent down from the top of the stage to the ring is a slow one for ‘The Phenom’, who enjoys taking his time, basking in the darkness as Eric Bischoff looks to start crapping his pants in the ring. The panic only grows for Bischoff as Undertaker climbs to the top of the steel steps and raises his arms and the darkness as one, before climbing into the ring … AND BISCHOFF QUICKLY SCOOTS ON OUT, JUMPING OUT TO THE FLOOR!

The crowd boos as The Undertaker swings his jacket through, then removes both it and his hat, ready for action, unfortunately with Bischoff on the outside, now breathing heavily into the microphone.

Eric Bischoff: I’m sorry … did I … did I say you’d be fighting me? What I meant was … that you … Undertaker … you’d be fighting my own personal … security.

~ Boos as Undertaker maintains his fighting stance in the ring, looking down at Bischoff on the floor.

Eric Bischoff: Let’s bring ‘em down …


Heat from the crowd as soon as the music begins … and The Redneck Wrecking Crew waste absolutely no time, rushing down the ramp in an instant as they slide into the ring to meet The Undertaker!

The crowd cheers as this one is immediately underway … AS THE UNDERTAKER KNOCKS CADE DOWN WITH A RIGHT … THEN MURDOCH … THEN CADE … THEN MURDOCH! The crowd goes nuts as ‘Taker continues to pummel both men, grabbing Cade so he can hurl him into the corner, before sending Murdoch into Cade in the corner … AND THEN CHARGING IN TO SQUASH BOTH MEN WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE!


The crowd boos as The Undertaker doubles over in the middle of the ring, prompting Cade & Murdoch to dash off to opposite ropes … THEN COME BACK WITH A DOUBLE BIG BOOT TO THE HEAD OF THE UNDERTAKER, CADE HITTING ‘TAKER IN THE TEMPLE ON ONE SIDE, MURDOCH NAILING HIM IN THE OTHER!

With Eric Bischoff encouraging them to finish the job from the outside, The Redneck Wrecking Crew revel in the heat, motioning for The Undertaker to get back up … BEFORE AGAIN BACKING OFF TO OPPOSITE ROPES AS THEY LOOK FOR THE SWEET ‘N’ SOUR … BUT THE UNDERTAKER CHARGES FORWARD AND TAKES CADE’S HEAD OFF WITH A HUGE BIG BOOT!


Things have gone wrong for Bischoff’s goons awfully quickly … AND IT’S ONLY GETTING WORSE AS THE UNDERTAKER CALLS FOR THE END! ‘The Phenom’ sets his sights on Cade … BUT ERIC BISCHOFF HAS SEEN ENOUGH, CALLING FOR MORE REINFORCEMENTS!


We don’t even get through half of the names of The Spirit Squad, as they quickly come careering down the ramp and slide into the ring … TO BE MET BY A FURIOUS ‘PHENOM’! The Undertaker is instantly all over them, blasting Kenny Doane, Johnny Jeter, Mitch Mitchell, Nicky Nemeth and Mikey Mondo ALL with massive right hands! The members of The Squad go flying everywhere as ‘Taker beats the holy hell out of them to a huge pop, until FINALLY they all remain down, with ‘The Phenom’ standing in amongst the carnage … AS HE CALLS FOR THE DOUBLE CHOKESLAM AGAIN!

The crowd goes nuts as The Undertaker waits for the unlucky duo who get back to their feet … AND HE GRABS MITCH MITCHELL AND NICKY NEMETH BY THE THROAT! THE CROWD ERUPTS … BUT THE OTHER THREE SPIRIT SQUAD MEMBERS SPRING TO LIFE AND TACKLE THE UNDERTAKER! ‘The Phenom’ doesn’t go down, wildly clubbing away, sending Kenny Doane rolling away in pain, but he just can’t shake The Squad … WHO NOW, WITH KENNY JUMPING BACK ON, MANAGE TO TAKE THE UNDERTAKER DOWN!

The heat from the crowd is huge as the five morons beat down on one of the most beloved superstars in all of the WWE, and boy, you better believe The Spirit Squad basks in the moment, as all five of them leave The Undertaker for a moment to dance around and incite the crowd … BUT ALL THAT DOES IS GIVE THE UNDERTAKER TIME TO SIT UP!


The heat is immense as The Spirit Squad once again jump on The Undertaker and beat him down until he’s flat out on the mat … BEFORE LIFTING HIM UP … AND DROPPING HIM WITH A MASSIVE HIGH SPIRITS!

The crowd continues to boo as The Spirit Squad bounce back up to their feet … BEFORE POINTING KENNY DOANE ACROSS TO THE CORNER! The twenty year old is quick to head up to the top rope, before balancing himself … BUT SUDDENLY THE CROWD EXPLODES WITH A HUGE POP …


Van Dam quickly then springs up to the top rope … FLYING THRUST KICK TO THE BUTTON OF JOHNNY JETER TO SEND HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR! Nicky Nemeth is quick to go on the attack, going for a kick to the midsection of RVD as he rises, only for Van Dam to block it … AND THE STEP OVER WINDMILL KICK FROM VAN DAM SENDS NICKY OVER AND OUT!


The only one left is Mitch Mitchell, who quickly looks right a right hand, only for Van Dam to block with ease, then back him off into the ropes with a few rights of his own, before sending him off with an Irish whip … AND CATCH HIM WITH A SPIN KICK ON THE REBOUND, SENDING MITCH DOWN RIGHT IN THE CENTRE OF THE RING!

The crowd cheers as RVD looks around, much to the horror of Eric Bischoff at ringside, who demands that Van Dam leave the ring … BUT VAN DAM GOES UP TO THE TOP ROPE ANYWAY … THEN CRUSHES MITCH MITCHELL WITH A SPECTACULAR FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

The roof damn near comes off the place as Van Dam gets back to his feet and looks down at Bischoff on the outside, almost in a fighting stance of his own, before he turns …


The crowd erupts as Van Dam rolls down to the floor, joining the mass of bodies as ‘The Phenom’ drops to a knee in his signature pose, and darkness quickly descends upon the arena.


The crowd continues to go nuts as Undertaker remains down in his pose, breathing heavily, having had a lot taken out of him. Eric Bischoff, meanwhile looks incredulous at ringside, not believing that his best laid plan was foiled by the man that it would have benefited the most – Rob Van Dam.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! The chaos … the carnage! There are bodies everywhere, and the one man left standing tall is ‘The Deadman’, ‘The Phenom’, The Undertaker!

Jonathan Coachman: But it wouldn’t be that way if that idiot RVD had let Bischoff take care of The Undertaker himself. Instead RVD had to come out and help the guy he’s meant to be beating at WrestleMania, and look how things turn out!

Joey Styles: I say good on RVD. He didn’t want to see The Undertaker beaten down this way. RVD believes that if anybody is going to beat The Undertaker, it’s going to be him and him only, without any help.

Jonathan Coachman: And where did that get him? Oh right, he just got Chokeslammed.

Joey Styles: Be that as it may, you have to believe that after the last few weeks, RVD has to be rated a big chance come WrestleMania. And speaking of WrestleMania, our WrestleMania worthy main event is still to come tonight. It’s almost like WrestleMania thirteen days early as Triple H takes on Kurt Angle later tonight in our main event!

Off we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*





We return back to ringside with “I Dare You” by Shinedown ringing out in the background.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night Raw, where we’ll see our main event momentarily, but the sound you can hear in the background is our theme song for WrestleMania 22, I Dare You by Shinedown, and ‘Coach’, with thirteen days to go WrestleMania is well and truly in our mind.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right, Joe. WrestleMania’s the biggest night of the year, and with the card we’ve got for this year, I can’t see it being any exception.

Joey Styles: It will be big indeed, and perhaps the biggest of them all is the interbrand spectacular. We just saw Friday Night SmackDown!’s Undertaker lay out Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam with a Chokeslam in this very ring. Will we see the same thing at WrestleMania, or will RVD remove his tag of being the greatest wrestler to never win a world title and become the man to have ended The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania?

Jonathan Coachman: As much as I wish RAW would pull through, quite frankly, I just can’t see it happening with our hopes being on the shoulders of RVD. I mean, he just showed what kind of guy he is. Fighting by the book is gonna get you nowhere when you’re in the ring with ‘The Phenom’.

Joey Styles: MNM know all about not fighting by the book, and they’ll be defending their WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania when they take on the recently reformed Hardy Boyz. Johnny Nitro got an important win over Jeff Hardy this past week on SmackDown!, but can MNM continue the momentum on now?

Jonathan Coachman: You better believe they can. Joey Mercury is gonna show just that when he beats Matt Hardy this week on SmackDown! too.

Joey Styles: The World Tag Team Titles from RAW will be on the line as Kane and Big Show defend the gold against Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. Haas proved himself to Benjamin earlier tonight with a big win over Big Show, but not Haas has turned the tables and told Shelton to prove himself next week against Kane.

Jonathan Coachman: And as much as you wanna see Kane and Big Show lose those titles, it won’t be against these two. Haas an’ Benjamin simply won’t be on the same page, and it’s all ‘cause of Charlie Haas demanding too much from his partner.

Joey Styles: On the theme of demanding, the formerly demanding protégé of Trish Stratus, Mickie James faces the woman she used to idolise, Trish Stratus. Can Mickie get redemption for the brutal beatings she has received at the hands of Stratus, or will the Women’s Champion of fourteen months again retain?

Jonathan Coachman: Trish evened the playing field when she found herself a friend in Victoria earlier tonight, so if ya ask me, this one is all about Trish. Watch her put Mickie in her place once and for all.

Joey Styles: Over on SmackDown! there are two men competing for the honour to be called the best. ‘The King of the Cruiserweights’ Kid Kash will defend his Cruiserweight Title against the former six time champion, Rey Mysterio.

Jonathan Coachman: My man ‘Double K’ is gonna once and for all prove why it is that he deserves to be known as the greatest cruiserweight of all-time. Mysterio may be a six time champ, but Kid Kash is money, babyboy.

Joey Styles: In a match that is all about hatred and revenge, Triple H and Shawn Michaels will go at it in a No Holds Barred Match.

Jonathan Coachman: Forget winners and losers here, Joe. Both men are out for blood.

Joey Styles: The United States Champion Booker T will defend his title against two men in a Three Way Dance. Elimination rules apply as Orlando Jordan and Chris Benoit chase the title.

Jonathan Coachman: Orlando chose chasin’ the gold over his partnership with Booker this past week on SmackDown!, and that’s gonna come back to bite him in the ass. Booker to retain at WrestleMania, leavin’ both Benoit and Orlando lookin’ like the losers they are.

Joey Styles: We may have two world titles on the line, but also on the line is a shot at the world title for any time over the next twelve months. All you have to do is climb a ladder up twenty feet in the air and retrieve the Money in the Bank briefcase. The problem? Seven other men will all be trying to do the same thing in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Jonathan Coachman: My pick all along has been Gregory Helms, and after hearin’ what he had to say earlier, it is an absolutely certainty. Gregory Helms will walk out of WrestleMania with his status of being a future world champion guaranteed.

Joey Styles: And what about the big ones? From Friday Night SmackDown!, ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista defends his World Heavyweight Title against his former friend and now rival, the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton.

Jonathan Coachman: Orton all the way, babyboy. He’s continued to get in Batista’s head, and even if Batista did assault him last week, Randy’s gonna go on and capture the gold he’s deserved for oh so long.

Joey Styles: Finally our main event from Monday Night RAW. The WWE Champion Edge defends the gold against Kurt Angle and John Cena in a Triple Threat Match, although after what Edge did to Cena earlier tonight, you have to wonder what condition Cena will be in.

Jonathan Coachman: Trust me, after Edge is done with Kurt Angle next week, Kurt’s gonna be in no better shape. A Triple Threat is all about who’s the smartest, and that’s without a doubt Edge. He’s gonna go into WrestleMania champ, and he’s gonna walk out just the same.

Joey Styles: That’s all in thirteen days, folks, but the night before that we’ll see the Class of 2006 inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Names announced thus far include the late, great Eddie Guerrero, Jim Ross, Verne Gagne and Sensational Sherri. Let’s take a look now at who will be joining them in the Class of 2006.




Back to ringside …


The crowd EXPLODES with a huge pop as amongst the smoke and green light emerges ‘The Game’ Triple H from the backstage area.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes one of Arn Anderson’s biggest fans, ‘The Game’ Triple H on his way down to the ring for our huge main event. Triple H and Kurt Angle next here on Monday Night RAW!

We thankfully miss Tripper’s long entrance, heading away to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to see ‘The Game’ in the ring, his music now dying down as things stay silent for a moment …


The reaction to Triple H is somehow beaten as out from the back storms the ever popular Kurt Angle, stomping out onto the stage in front of his adoring fans. ‘The Olympic Hero’ is full of intensity, just like always, and he shows it by stopping on the ramp and throwing his arms up in the air, prompting red, white and blue pyro to shoot off on the stage behind him.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 235 lbs, KURT ANNNGGLLLLEEEEE!

Joey Styles: In thirteen days Kurt Angle will be challenging for the WWE Title at WrestleMania. Next week he’ll be facing Edge in the main event of RAW in a Street Fight. Tonight? Tonight Kurt Angle just wants to kick some ass.

Jonathan Coachman: This is gonna be great, Joe. I can’t wait to see Kurt Angle and Triple H knock each other senseless.

Angle climbs up into the ring, full of intensity as ‘The Game’ looks on, watching his opponent closely.

Match Four – Singles Match:
Triple H vs. Kurt Angle

With not too much of the show dedicated to actual wrestling thus far, these two have a lot of time to work with, and the big match atmosphere is the right there from the beginning thanks to these two mega stars being full of intensity and the crowd full of life. The two fan favourites move into the centre of the ring at the sound of the bell, some trash talk ensuing as the crowd buzzes … before out of nowhere Triple H scores with a right hand, and this one is off with a bang! The crowd cheers as Angle hammers right back, only for Triple H to return the favour, but he’s struck by Kurt Angle again, although Triple H strikes back … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … Triple H … Kurt Angle … NO! Triple H ducks the Angle shot … Triple H … Triple H … Triple H!

‘The Game’ sends Angle rocking all of the way back to the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip, only to miss on the rebound with a wild swipe … and turn into a European uppercut from Kurt Angle! Angle rocks Triple H back, prompting him to nail another European uppercut, forcing Triple H into the corner. ‘The Olympic Hero’ keeps the pressure going, continuing the fight he agreed to at the start of the night by hammering away on Triple H’s forehead with right hands … but ‘The Game’ suddenly turns the tables on Angle and throws him into the corner to lambast him with right hands … only for Angle to come right back, changing things up again and keeping his momentum with a European uppercut! The uppercut shocks Trips enough for Angle to get some sustained shots in, before whipping Triple H off to the opposite corner … but Triple H springs off the turnbuckle, bouncing back to take Kurt’s head off with a big clothesline!

An eager Angle gets back up to his feet where Triple H quickly meets him as he continues to hammer away on Angle. This keeps happening for the next few minutes, with Angle getting slight glimpses in, only to be denied by the aggressive ‘Cerebral Assassin’, who is looking to take out his frustrations on Angle tonight. Kurt soon realises the only way he’s going to get back into the match is to change things up, and he gets the chance to do this as he wisely avoids a corner clothesline from Triple H, leaving H to strike the turnbuckle chest first, then back into Kurt Angle, who thinks German suplex … Triple H elbows free! Angle is denied the high impact move, with ‘The Game’ now looking for a right hand … but Angle acts fast, getting a double leg takedown … before outwrestling Tripper on the mat, floating himself over into a front face lock with ease.

This is the first turning point in the match, as, much like at the beginning of the match, one man is able to have most of the control, although this time it’s Kurt Angle, who uses his amateur wrestling prowess to frustrate Triple H. This continues for several minutes, with Angle using the most basic of holds, such as a headlock to keep Triple H frustrated, with ‘The Game’ only gaining freedom from Angle thanks to a rope break. Rather than lock back up with Angle, Triple H rolls from the ring, deciding to take a breather and have a rethink as we head off to our first commercial break of the main event.

Back from the break and Angle is once again in control, holding Triple H down in a side headlock. Joey Styles informs us that the ad break was spent much like this, with Angle managing to control Triple H for the next few moments until Triple H finally breaks free, gaining a rope break, before attempting to turn the match into a brawl as he pitches Angle through the ropes, then turns things up a notch, utilising the environment on the outside to the best of his ability. Triple H is forced to break the referee’s count a few times, not wanting the match to end on a double count out as he keeps the offense rolling on the outside, eventually leading to him sending Kurt Angle into the steel steps with a massive thud!

The crowd shudders as Kurt Angle leans against the steps, looking awfully woozy as Triple H sizes him up … then charges in for a big knee to the head … ONLY FOR TRIPLE H TO HIT THE STEEL STEPS LEG FIRST, SENDING HIM TUMBLING OVER THEM (ala Mick Foley)! The crowd groans, feeling that one along with ‘The Game’ as he slowly hops back up on one leg, before putting the other leg down on the floor … only for Kurt Angle to take it right out from under him with a chop block! It’s now Angle’s turn to make use of the outside environment, interrupting the referee’s count several times as he targets Triple H’s leg, even going as far as to use a figure four leglock with assistance from the ringpost!

As Kurt Angle moves back into the ring, the mood changes as Angle starts to kick at ‘The Game’ and everyone realises something – Angle’s not targeting the knee of Triple H … he’s targeting the quad! ‘The Game’ noticing Angle’s newfound attention himself, kicks free desperately from an in-ring figure four attempting, then kicks an oncoming Angle in the midsection and quickly snaps off a suplex. With Angle down in the middle of the ring, Triple H’s instincts take over as he backs into the corner and goes for his usual knee drop … but Angle rolls out of the way, and the pain shoots through the leg of ‘The Game’!

This sets the tone well and truly for the rest of the match, as Angle continues to focus on the previously torn quad of ‘The Game’, using his technical wizardry to do everything he can to amp up the pain on Triple H as we head off to out final commercial break for the night.

Back from the break … AND WE IMMEDIATELY SEE TRIPLE H IN TROUBLE, CAUGHT IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING! His face red, Triple H yelps in pain, his legs clearly not meant to be bent in the way that they’re currently positioned. Kurt Angle’s a machine though, and he shows no sympathy, attempting to apply as much pain as physically possible so that Triple H has no option other than to submit. ‘The Game’ continues to fight on, not wanting to give in to the pain as he pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes, the effort of having to carry Angle’s weight making the pain all the more extreme …

… BUT TRIPLE H MAKES IT TO THE ROPES ANYWAY! The crowd cheers the effort from ‘The Game’, although Angle looks anything but appreciative of Tripper’s efforts, keeping the hold locked in for an extra moment before pulling Tripper back to the centre of the ring again … and thinking figure four leglock once more … but Triple H manages to fight free, pushing Angle of back first into the turnbuckle! Angle rests in the corner for a moment, feeling the blow to his back, before he charges out at a rising Trips and thinks clothesline … Triple H ducks, then connects with a neckbreaker!

Both men remain down on the mat following Triple H’s first piece of offense in quite some time, with Angle feeling the effects of the neckbreaker, while Triple H feels the effects of all of Kurt Angle’s offense as he tries to tend to his quad. With both men staying down for quite some time, the referee has no choice but to deploy the mandatory ten count, despite no one wanting this match to end with a double count out. Thankfully, both Tripper and Angle begin to struggle up at five, making it back to their feet at eight as they stagger toward the centre of the ring. The two now go toe to toe, just as they did at the beginning of the match, swinging right hands at one another time and time again … until Triple H finally wins out and forces Kurt Angle back against the ropes!

Full of adrenaline, ‘The Game’ attempts to whip Kurt off to the ropes, but Kurt reverses, sending Tripper to stagger off across the ring, then duck a clothesline on the rebound … before wiping a turning Angle out with a massive clothesline of his own! Angle flops back to his feet, dazed from the blow as he again almost gets sent off with an Irish whip, only to reverse … but his fuzzy condition has him bending down a back body drop far too early, allowing from Triple H to nail him with the facebuster! Angle stumbles back, although ‘The Game’ appears to feel that one too, perhaps putting some pressure on his quad, allowing Angle to charge … right into a high knee! The crowd now erupts as Triple H instantly calls for the end … THEN GOES ABOUT GETTING ANGLE IN POSITION FOR THE PEDIGREE … BUT ANGLE SPINS OUT, GOES BEHIND … AND CONNECTS WITH A GERMAN SUPLEX … KEEPING THE HANDS CLASPED!

‘The Game’ is helpless as Angle pulls his body up off the mat … AND NAILS A SECOND GERMAN! Once again, Angle pulls Tripper up … THIRD GERMAN SUPLEX – THIS TIME RELEASE! The crowd erupts as Angle springs back up to his feet, and after roaring out to the crowd … GOES THE ANKLE! ANGLE GOES FOR THE ANKLE LOCK … BUT TRIPLE H IS QUICK TO ROLL THROUGH, SENDING ANGLE HURTLING OVER! Both men get back to their feet, Trips the first to move as he charges for a clothesline, only for Angle to duck … THEN SWOOP, NAILING TRIPLE H WITH AN ANGLE SLAM OUT OF NOWHERE! Angle hooks the leg … TWO! TRIPLE H KICKS OUT!

Angle can’t believe it, looking at the referee in shock, before rolling off the cover and deciding enough is enough, throwing his straps down! The crowd once again erupts as Angle goes after Triple H … AND GRABS THE ANKLE … ANKLE LOCK LOCKED IN … NO! TRIPLE H ROLLS OVER AND KICKS HIM OFF! Angle is quick to rush back to his feet, charging at Triple H … right into a kick to the midsection … AND THEN A DDT! TRIPLE H PLANTS ANGLE ON HIS HEAD! Despite perhaps knocking Angle out with the high impact move, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ is unable to capitalise at first, his quad failing him as he has to slowly pull himself over to make the cover … TWO! ANGLE GETS A SHOULDER UP!

It’s Triple H’s turn to be in disbelief, ruing his sore quad for holding him back as he gets back to his feet … AND SAYS THE MATCH IS DONE! The crowd cheers as Triple H waits for Kurt Angle to get to his feet, then boots him in the midsection … PEDIGREE TIME … NO, ANGLE PICKS THE LEG OUT FROM TRIPLE H … AND LOCKS HIM IN THE ANKLE LOCK! ANGLE TAKES TRIPPER DOWN AND GETS THE DEADLY SUBMISSION HOLD ON! ‘The Game’ instantly panics, the pain shooting through his leg as he claws around the mat … THEN ROLLS OVER AND PRESSES ANGLE OFF … BUT KURT HOLDS ON THIS TIME! Triple H tries again … but again Angle holds on! Changing his approach, Triple H thinks of his first counter this time … ROLLING THROUGH … BUT ANGLE MAINTAINS HIS HOLD ON TRIPLE H’S ANKLE!

There’s no escape for Triple H, and he soon realises it, knowing the only way he can possibly get out of the hold is to get to the ropes – unless he wants to submit. With the crowd buzzing in the background, Triple H starts to inch himself towards the ropes, pulling himself closer and closer … THEN REACHES OUT …

… BUT ANGLE PULLS HIM BACK INTO THE CENTRE OF THE RING! The crowd erupts as Angle cranks the ankle, demanding that Triple H tap, with ‘The Game’ only just holding on, yelping in pain as he attempts to inch himself to the ropes … closer and closer … he’s almost there … but it seems damn near impossible to actually make it … and ‘The Game’ raises his hand … WILL HE TAP … WILL HE MAKE THE ROPES …

… TRIPLE H GRABS THE BOTTOM ROPE! The crowd erupts as ‘The Game’ clutches at the rope, refusing to let it go, forcing Angle to instead release his grip. Far from happy about this, Angle lifts Triple H up, then cracks him with an aggressive headbutt to the skull, before trying to send him off with an Irish whip, which Triple H reverses … BEFORE SCORING WITH THE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER ON THE REBOUND!

The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Triple H falls to the mat too, both men down as the referee starts to count them out …

… When suddenly the crowd begins to boo …


Joey Styles: That’s Shawn Michaels! What the hell is he doing out here?

Michaels walks the whole way down the ramp, not taking is eyes off the two downed men in the ring as he climbs up in and stands still, seemingly surveying the scene … BEFORE CRACKING THE REFEREE WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC, CAUSING THE BELL TO INSTANTLY RING!

Result: No Contest @ 19:56

It’s pandemonium in the arena, with the crowd booing the actions of the remorseless Shawn Michaels!

Joey Styles: What the hell was that? Shawn Michaels just levelled the referee with Sweet Chin Music! You can’t do that, Shawn!

Jonathan Coachman: Hey Joey, Shawn Michaels can do what he wants, when he wants.

The crowd continues to boo as Shawn now turns to Kurt Angle, lifting him off the mat and pitching his body out through the ropes … leaving Shawn now alone in the ring with Triple H!

Joey Styles: What in the hell is Shawn Michaels thinking? Is he even thinking?

‘The Heartbreak Kid’ remains stoic, standing perfectly still … before suddenly dropping to his back and rolling from the ring … TO GRAB THE SLEDGEHAMMER FROM UNDER THE RING!

Joey Styles: Aw no! Aw no! Not this again!

Jonathan Coachman: Shawn Michaels is gonna finish Triple H once and for good here tonight!

Joey Styles: We need somebody out here! Somebody has to stop this!

Shawn looks into the sledgehammer, an evil smile coming across his face as he sees his own reflection in it, before he slides back into the ring, and seeing a moving Triple H, waits in the corner.

Joey Styles: Not again! Shawn Michaels is going to end Triple H’s career if he hits him again!


Jonathan Coachman: What? NO! NO!

Joey Styles: Triple H! Triple H!

‘The Game’ struggles back to his feet, an evil snarl on his face … until he sees the sledgehammer … AND HE SUDDENLY STARTS TO SMILE! The crowd goes nuts as Triple H grabs the sledgehammer … then backs off to the corner himself!

Joey Styles: Yes! Hit him, Triple H! Hit him! Get your revenge!

Jonathan Coachman: Somebody arrest that man! He’s going to KILL Shawn Michaels!

The crowd absolutely loves it, buzzing as Shawn starts to struggle up … AND TRIPLE H CHARGES … THEN SWINGS THE SLEDGEHAMMER WILDLY … CONNECTING WITH THE SKULL OF SHAWN MICHAELS!

The crowd goes nuts as Shawn Michaels falls to the mat like a sack of spuds as Triple H marches around the ring, then looks to turn … AND ATTACK SHAWN AGAIN … ONLY FOR BACKSTAGE OFFICIALS TO PULL HIM FREE!

The crowd starts to boo, but Triple H seems rather happy, roaring out with intensity, the sledgehammer still in hand.


Joey Styles: Triple H has finally got himself some sort of revenge here tonight! He has FINALLY hit Shawn Michaels with that sledgehammer, but if you think this one is over, folks, you’re way off. This won’t be enough for Triple H, and now Shawn Michaels is going to want some more of Triple H too. Whether it’s next week on RAW or definitely at WrestleMania, these two WILL shed blood – it’s just a matter of when. Good night, folks, from Memphis, Tennessee!

With Triple H now on the turnbuckle doing his signature pose, sledgehammer in hand, we fade … to … black.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

United States Championship; Three Way Dance:
Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T ©

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Cruiserweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kid Kash ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Eh, I was gonna start a SD review today, but I’ve obviously been too late for that. But at least I’ve got my Raw review in nice and early right?

Nice little intriguing start to the show. I’m always a big fan of these kind of starts, always gets the mind going. A tiny typo in the opening rundown... “is gonna take care of bidness...” Apart from that it was all good.

A little bit surprised to see Triple H opening the show considering how last week went off the air. The intensity of the promo came across well, and the message of not wanting to wait any longer was delivered nicely. I’m glad Bischoff came out tbh. I think they way you’ve done this so far with regards to there being no contact between Trips and Michaels has been good. Michaels has the night off? Let’s hope he doesn’t show up for an attack tonight in typical heel fashion, because I think if you managed to spin no contact between the two until Wrestlemania it would really add a special feel to the match. Wow, Angle out? Seemed a bit out of nowhere, but yet again I guess it suits Angle’s character to answer a call like that. That and with both men at a loose end tonight it makes sense this close to the big show. A surprising but solid way to kick thing off.

More Bischoff, and once again it’s another request I can’t see happening the way Bischoff would like. Not a whole lot to say on this, short but sweet. Nice of RVD to point out the chance in attitude regarding the situation. Could there be a devious reason behind this? Again, the head shake and storm out at the end suggests we’ll have the confrontation anyway.

Another short but sweet segment here. Bold of Haas to turn down the offer of support. Also bold of him to say “...why we’re … I mean why I’m the ‘World’s Greatest’.” This feud has been full of interesting little moments between the two, and this was another here.

Haas came out of this match looking amazing. The German suplex and then the tap out (in just over 6 minutes no less) really put Haas over. One thing I found surprising is the complete lack of Kane in the match. Not even a sneaky heel cheap shot on the outside or diving into the ring to cause a DQ during the Haas of Pain? He’s listed as being at ringside for the match, so I dunno if he was a deliberate omission or if you just plain forgot, but either way I’d have liked to have seen him involved in some form.

Fair promo from Cena, in typical face fashion not looking for excuses for either defeat to Edge. Solid intensity throughout, and some nice hype for tonight and Mania.

First thing that sprung to mind was that this was a very dashing type of promo. But yeah, this all makes sense what with the show being in Memphis. Another solid win for Dupree who must be in line for a real nice push after Mania. I like that you’re doing that tbh, as building for post-Mania now gives you something to go straight into once the big show is done. He should have a decent spot on the Backlash card imo.

Another addition to the Chris Masters face turn it seems. Still not all that convinced tbh, as I always feel he’s better as a mid card heel. But yeah, hopefully you’ll convince me on that one.

Carlito was spot on during the Cabana. Really enjoyed his lines throughout. The “Kerwin” comment was a nice touch. Chavo was pretty underwhelming tbh. He’s never the easiest guy to write for, but when you compare his early contribution to Flair’s, it’s a big drop off. Helms out, and again it’s a great read. He’s really someone I enjoy hearing from in this thread. Week in, week out, you’ve got him nailed. But again, Chavo... just disappeared it seemed. We’ve got Flair and Helms back and forth, ‘Lito interrupting, and it’s not ‘til the brawl that we hear from Chavo again. Fair play, you’ve made up for his weak effort earlier by having him launch Helms from the ring, but I’d like to have seen him better used in this segment.

Oh... so we don’t get Edge v Cena? A bit disappointing, but the beatdown was brutal. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cena wasn’t medically cleared until Mania. Also loved Lita taking a swing at the security guy. Bischoff’s announcement has us in line for a big match next week. If we actually get the street fight, it could be brutal. But somehow I think Edge might weasel out of it.

Hmmm... I dunno about this development between Trish and Mickie. I think the way you’ve treated this feud so far has been amazing, but I don’t like Victoria getting involved. I realise Ashley has been involved pretty much from the get go, but she’s such a non entity in the ring that there’s really no need for Trish to recruit any help to deal with her. Hopefully it’s just for the tag team match next week and by Mania we’re back to just Trish/Mickie, as it’s a feud that has been built brilliantly so far without any distractions or add ons.

Another twist to Haas/Benjamin. Makes sense I suppose since Haas beat Show. I also like the attitude we saw in Haas last week has carried through to this week. Shelton’s dig about the IC belt was a nice little shot back. Still so intriguing between these two, really can’t wait to see how it all plays out. Kane/Shelton next week should be a good match. Longer than six minutes if possible though plz?

I’m stunned at some of the stuff from Bischoff here. The Raw GM calling out The Undertaker? Takes bravery to a whole new level. “… so if you have the guts, supposed ‘Phenom’...” loved that tbh. Surely there’s gotta be somebody in line to make the save here? Here comes Taker... and there goes Bischoff to the outside. That’s more like it. And here comes the cavalry. Cade and Murdoch haven’t done much in the thread lately, so no surprise they’re no match. Here comes the Squad. Nice to see the numbers game working here. Albeit a little detail, it keeps the Squad credible for this. RVD for the save makes sense despite what happened on Friday night. I think had this been RVD and another face we’d have seen a handshake to end it, but I’m glad the ruthless attitude of Taker was allowed to shine through to end the segment.

Great moment from Mania history. Solid shill job. Double A in the hall? I’ve got him on my list for the HoF in my thread too. A worthy addition.

And now the main event. Big time match, and a great way to start the action with the two trading shots. Ah, I get it. “Break a leg” from Bischoff and Trips drives his knee into the steel steps. No doubt weakening the leg for the ankle lock. But first the figure four leglock around the ringpost? I’d have liked to have seen a tad more detail for that spot, it was sorta dismissed a bit. Angle being the tweener in the title feud, it makes sense he heels things up a bit in the match, playing up his character. The fact that he targeted the leg throughout also showed this off. The Game kicks out of the angle slam? Big moment right there, makes Triple H look real good. And here comes Michaels. Was kinda fearing this tbh, but I explained my reasons for that earlier. “TRIPLE H CHARGES … THEN SWINGS THE SLEDGEHAMMER WILDLY … CONNECTING WITH THE SKULL OF SHAWN MICHAELS!” Wow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Trips swing and connect before. Usually when he connects with the sledgehammer it’s by driving it to the skull with his fist covering the top. But yeah, that sounded brutal. A great spot to go out on despite my earlier opinions. Putting my thoughts aside, it was a good read and great way to end the show.

Overall, the usual from me. A really good show, a few things I disagree with, but you’ll never please with every single spot. Wrestlemania continues to shape up to be a mammoth event, can’t wait. Keep ticking along, the ride to the big event is enjoyable, and no doubt Mania will deliver.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

About time you stopped being a jobber and posted this. Now I have another reason not to do my work.

Raw Feedback

- I liked the show opening and how you're already hyping the fact that The Undertaker will make an appearance tonight. How anyone would know for sure if Taker would be there, considering he's supposed to emerge from "a mysterious place" I don't know, but that's not an issue.

- Just one little thing. If Bischoff just said that Taker would definitely be here, I think at this point you shouldn't have had the announcers question his appearance, but hype it like mad. Now that they've had the confirmation, they've should sold it hard. Again, nothing major, but something very little that'd make a difference.

- As soon as I read the line, 'I’m gonna make this real short and sweet so I can get down to business', it made me question the rest of this promo. Not that it wasn't great stuff, because it was. I like how you had Triple H be quite detailed and quite passionate as he talked about what Shawn Michaels did to him; and the lines about Hunter constantly having the image of the sledgehammer coming toward him were well written. It's just, if he was going to make it short and sweet, why didn't he? You might as well have cut that line, or, kept it in and cut the promo down. I just felt that was the one line that didn't fit in with everything else.

- I didn't like how Hunter got sarcastic when Bischoff arrived. He was so intense, in proper ass-kicking mood, and then Bischoff came out, and he became sarcastic. 'I gotta go now. Talk to ya later.' To me those lines were pretty weak, and didn't fit in with the rest of the promo. I think it would've been better if Hunter had just said, in a few words, "You can't stop me, get out of my way, or get hurt."

- I can't fault anything written for Bischoff. You've got his character down to a tee. I can fault your punctuation and spelling though. 'Are you gonna get out of my ring the easy way, or the hardy way?' I was half expecting The Hardys to come out and help Bischoff get Hunter out of the ring. I'll say it again: it's not a big deal, but if there are any more silly mistakes like this in the show, it's a letdown.

- Have I missed something here?? Why would Angle, a face, come out and challenge Triple H to a fight randomly? I don't get it. I know that both Angle and Triple H are in super intense mode (as they should be) heading into WrestleMania, but this seemed a little odd, and to be honest, just something filler to set up the main event for later in the night. Nonetheless, Angle/Triple H is a big, big match, so hopefully you do it justice. I think the placement of this match on the card compared with Edge/Cena is going to be interesting. Looking at everything this was a solid opening segment of a good quality, but with a few minor mistakes that let it down.

- Bischoff again?? This is his third appearance less than half an hour into the show! This segment could've come a little later in the show, giving us some time to "breathe", so to speak, from Bischoff. Nonetheless, the segment wasn't exactly groundbreaking considering we've had a RVD/Bischoff segment nearly every week since No Way Out now, but it served its purpose in building the appearance of The Undertaker later in the night, which is good.

- I think if Haas were to slap himself on the cheek, it'd be to motivate himself, to fire himself up, but not to excite himself. Usually when people want to get excited they start slapping around with another body part. Anyway, a short and decent segment. It could've been longer to be honest. (That's what she said, wheyyyyyy) Especially with 'Mania now only 13 days away, this is one of the storylines on RAW that really needs a big push right now. I think it's about time the WGTT got on the same page, because this late into the storyline, and with 'Mania so close, I think the characters would've realised the time is now for them to form some sort of alliance. Haas thinking he can practically win the tag titles by himself makes him seem stupid to be honest.

- I've said it to that other jobber, and now I'll say it to you. FULL STOPS. SEMI-COLONS. USE THEM. PLEASE. Your sentences are too long winded and it really hurts the flow of the match, which is a shame, because your understanding of in-ring psychology is fantastic. I loved the way you had Haas, the eager, younger, quicker wrestler, take on the giant, powerhouse the Big Show, and managed to gel their styles together so well to make an entertaining match. I refuse to believe that Haas could hit Show with a German suplex. That killed it for me. You could write that out with as many CAPS LOCKS AND BOLDS as you like, and it'll still be unrealistic. I also didn't like the finish. After dominating the match, Haas makes almost a Superman-like comeback and forces the giant to TAP OUT? Having not had any time to work on any body parts, Haas makes Show submit?? I know you was going for the 'shock win' here, which obviously was the case, but this has done a LOT of damage to the Big Show. In my opinion, Haas wouldn't have lost anything from losing this match, because you had him put up a great fight. With a little more fight at the end of the match, only to lose it, Haas would've looked good in defeat, and Show wouldn't have lost any credibility. I'm sorry if I sound harsh, but I think this was a piss poor booking decision. Show and Kane need to look like fucking monsters next week if I (technically the audience) am to believe they have any chance of retaining the tag titles at WrestleMania. This thing is still all about Haas and Benjamin, and quite frankly, there needs to be more focus on the champions, because after months and months of dominating the tag team division, on the eve of the biggest pay-per-view of the year, they seem like they're just keeping the belts warm for Haas and Benjamin.

- I can't fault the Cena interview at all. Thus far, it's probably the best segment of the night, in terms of booking and writing. You captured Cena's intense moments really well, and the interview did its purpose of reminding us of the history between Cena and Edge and thus hyping the main event. Nicely done.

- I actually liked the Dupree/Lawler segment. It was questionable to have this segment on the show; considering with WrestleMania around the corner, you might have wanted this air time for work on another angle, but nonetheless, I liked it. Dupree came across as very cocky and arrogant, which he should, and using Jerry Lawler to put him over is a smart booking decision. Spitting on King in his own hometown would've gotten Dupree HUGE heat and was the icing on the cake of Dupree already beating Lawler in a quick match. I'd like to see more of Dupree once WrestleMania is out of the way. By the way, off of the top of my head, I'd love to see Dupree find some way of bringing back the European Championship. It'd suit his gimmick perfectly. It's not necessary, but just an idea, and it'd give your undercard something to do. Think about it. Then credit me when you use it.

- I lol'd at the image of Masters being shirtless and doing chin-ups. This was a short but sweet segment. The Cabana up next should be mighty interesting, and this situation between Carlito and Masters is continuing to be develop nicely. I don't know who will get the final MITB spot, but IMO, it should go to Masters. He's got a nice storyline going for him right now, it'd make sense for it to continue at 'Mania.

- The characterisation of Carlito was spot on, and there's nothing more I can say on that really. You know you're doing something right when the king of nitpicking has nothing to say.

- It was a smart decision to have Chavo confront Carlito first, since the seriousness of his character demands that. We haven't heard Chavo talk much in this thread, but I think you did well with him. I liked the little 'Kerwin' comment by Carlito, and even more I liked how he used Masters bailing as a way of putting himself over. That's the true sign of a great heel; when he or she is able to take any situation and turn it into an advantage for themselves. It was also smart to have Carlito introduce Flair rather than Flair just come out, because it shows that Carlito is smart, and is trying to avoid a physical confrontation with Chavo. Good shout.

- Flair was Flair.

- I haven't paid much attention to Helms in this thread to be honest, because I know you're a fanboy of his. However, this promo was well written and I enjoyed getting an understanding of how Helms' character works. Just ONE thing though. Helms berates Flair for not concentrating on the Intercontinental title and wanting to win the MITB...but he's in the match too. Surely that means Helms is looking for a world title shot, and not just the Intercontinental title? Quite hypocritical, but then again, I guess heels are hypocrites. Though I think it was more of a case of you getting it wrong then Helms being a hypocrite. If Helms was't in the MITB match and interrupted this segment, it'd have made a lot more sense. It also would've made sense for an IC Title match to have been set up for later in the night. Quite frankly I'm surprised you didn't have Flair tell Helms that if he wants a title shot, he could have one. The aftermath was decent enough.

- I was ready to rip you to shreds for placing Edge/Cena this early on the card just because of Angle/Triple H, but with Edge attacking Cena, it made sense. Some people may not like how you advertised this as a main event and didn't deliver, but I LOVED it. For one, you've now saved yourself a future pay-per-view main event by not giving away Edge/Cena for free on RAW. Also, this segment puts over both men. Edge gets major heat, and Cena gets the fans even more behind him as he goes into WrestleMania. Edge's few lines at the end of the assault were a nice touch. Good booking.

- To be fair, instead of another Bischoff segment, you could've just had the announcers come back from the break and say that during the break, Bischoff announced the main event for next week would now be a street fight, and it would have had the same effect as it did with Bischoff announcing it.

- Not much to say on Mickie/Torrie, other than having Mickie use the Chick Kick, only to realise what she just did, was nice, and also I'd love to get them both in the sack.

- Trish's new found heel character is really coming off well in promos. I think both for storyline reasons and for a shake up in her character, turning Trish heel was one of the best decisions you've made heading into WrestleMania. It was interesting to see Victoria align herself with Trish, but I guess it works, if you book it as the two having a history and respecting each other, etc.

- ANOTHER Haas/Benjamin segment?? Not too bad, but like I said, Big Show & Kane are ever looking like filler champs. Even though this segment was quite bland, I wouldn't expect anything else from these two. They really should get a manager and just wrestle, because on the mic, they both suck. There's nothing more to their characters other than the fact that they're wrestlers. This isn't a slight on you by the way, it's just me saying how crap it is having to write a promo for them both.

- I can imagine clubbing with Bischoff and The Coach would be a fun experience. Anyway, I didn't think Bischoff ripping on the crowd was necessary at all, and let down the promo a little. Bischoff has been all business tonight; why he'd come out and waste time by mocking the crowd, I have no idea. Having some lackeys come out to help Bischoff was expected. I HATED the Spirit Squad getting an advantage over Taker, and I'm fine to admit it's because they're the Spirit Squad. Seriously James, how the FUCK can you expect me to take five male CHEERLEADERS beating down ONE OF THE BIGGEST SUPERSTARS IN THE THREAD seriously?? I don't give a shit if there's five of them, they're five pussies who Taker could fuck up easily (That's a bit extreme, but you get my point). I loved how you had Van Dam come out and clean house, only to turn into a Chokeslam. It showed how Van Dam is willing to respect Taker, but at this time of year, Taker is ALL about the streak. Overall a nicely done segment with the exception of the Spirit Squad. Please, PLEASE get rid of them!

- I liked how the main event kicked off with a fist fight rather than a traditional lock-up. With Angle and Triple H both pissed off and ready to fight, that's exactly how things should've gotten underway. The main event was definitely the match of the night, even though we haven't had much wrestling on this show. Back and forth, total non-stop action; the match was great. Counters, kickouts, this one had everything a main event needs to be a showstealer. Speaking of showstealing, Shawn Michaels' appearance was inevitable and well timed. The aftermath, I'm afraid to say, was not. I wouldn't have minded having Trips get his hands on HBK, but hitting him with the sledgehammer, just thirteen days before WrestleMania?? I would've said it for the big event. This whole feud, for the past few shows, has been about Michaels being chased by The Game. You should have capitalised on that at your biggest show yet, not now, IMO. Still, a good ending to the show, but a little premature. Then again, you'd know about giving stuff away prematurely.

Overall, with thirteen days to go until WrestleMania, this was a hit and miss show for me. Some stuff was great, as ever, and really showed just how far you've come in terms of both writing and booking. Edge/Cena, RVD/Taker (which by the way, after not liking at first, I'm now completely sold on ), and a few other things I gave you praise for are all looking solid. The ending to the show, Spirit Squad and the tag title feud all need some major work. Less Bischoff on next week's show please; that's what a commentary team is for. I'm looking forward to reading Smackdown and more importantly, seeing how you work on the final RAW before WrestleMania.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Muchos gracias for the replies, gents. Means a lot from the two of you who aren't really huge reviewers of any other threads. I appreciate the effort. A few things ...

~ Just noticed this with the SmackDown! feedback, but I disagree with Nige's qualm about Finlay shaking Lashley's hand for a few reasons. First of all, it was never a blood feud, and was always about Finlay trying to one up Lashley. Lashley proved he was the superior fighter at this time, thus Finlay, as a fighter, shows respect. It pained him to do it, thus the short handshake, but Finlay in this thread is taking a different direction to the character we saw irl. He was one of many characters whom I feel WWE made far too static. Don't expect that in this thread. With each week that goes by, characters will evolve bit by bit, and that's hopefully something that I can get across well, especially in the future with Finlay in this thread. Perhaps not immediately, but later on he's going to be involved in that type of stuff. While on Lashley, him making JBL look far from the man he claims to be is the point at this time.

~ As far as RAW goes, I agree that there was too much Bischoff. I didn't want to focus him this heavily, but he's got a lot of loose ends to tie up. Expect his focus to become a lot more concentrated post-WrestleMania when I finally get things headed well and truly where I want 'em.

~ The Spirit Squad OWNS. Questioning their ability hurts me on a personal level (sidenote: I think that's the first time TKOW has ever called me by my real name).

~ I understand your qualm with the tag title feud, Oz (well you called me James ), but one thing about WrestleMania is that it's not just about conclusions; it's also about new beginnings. This is especially the case for me with a thread starting not that long before WrestleMania. I understand the feud hasn't truly kicked into gear and that it's been all about TWGTT, but that's how it's supposed to be for now. A little intrigue, which I'll try to hammer home is that there are two recently reformed (or perhaps not) teams challenging for the titles at WrestleMania.

~ I went back and forth on the ending of the show, but for the sake of next week I decided to have Tripper actually level Shawn. Things needed to go up a notch, much like they need to next week for the sake of what happens next.

~ Typos are annoying considering I proofread and have been told multiple times that I'm a "perfectionist" (which my English teacher kindly pointed out that he is too but he's come to accept how good he is without trying to be perfect. So happy I'm done with high school). Hopefully there's none with SmackDown!. Fingers crossed that proofreading picks up all of 'em. Haven't proofread these little comments because that's not necessary, so no smartass comments please.

Ehm, general stuff about this thread. SmackDown! to go up ASAP. I've got four exams left and I finish on the 8th. I'm going to want to get another show up (last RAW before 'Mania - GET FUCKING EXCITED) before the 15th, at which point I'll be heading off on schoolies and won't be online for a week. Soooo, because I want at least some momentum going into 'Mania, that's my aim. We'll see if I can pull it off. I'll try to work around potential job interviews for crappy roles at supermarkets to get it done.

As far as other threads go, I'm sorry I've dropped off a bit lately. Strangely enough DDMac's zombie seems to have been killed too, Emp's taking forever and a half to get a show up anyway, Legend is yet to follow up on Vengeance (don't think I've forgotten you), Patty's on hiatus, TKOW and his ex-boyfriend former partner suck and won't post shows, Wolfy's having his nana nap and iMac only just got a preview posted, so the only guy I believe I'm behind on that I'm a regular reader of is Nige. So yeah, sorry Nige. Expect me to fix that in my week between exams and schoolies. The same goes for the review of iMac's RAW, should he get it up by then. The others, if you're reading this? Get your shit together and start posting shows plz. I'll get to it eventually, and even if I only have time to skim read, it'll be damn enjoyable. If I've forgotten anyone who I regularly review then sorry. I'll remember you next time. Or maybe I won't. Who really cares anyway? You know I still love you. (Edit - Just realised I forgot Melvisboy. I knew there would be at least one.)

Yeah, so now that I've said all of that, what do you say I post something of some actual substance? Sounds good to me.


March 24th, 2006 | The Pyramid; Memphis, Tennessee

Hot off the heels of an exciting Monday Night RAW, the people of Memphis are in for another treat as Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into town with only NINE DAYS until WrestleMania 22 for what is sure to be an action packed show.

Last week’s SmackDown! was one hell of a rollercoaster for the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. In action in the opening match against Super Crazy, Batista just couldn’t find a way to keep the luchador down, resulting in weeks of pent up frustration coming out as he assaulted Super Crazy with a steel chair, leading to him being escorted from the arena by security for the night … or so we thought. Following Randy Orton grabbing a win over a tenacious Paul London, Batista burst back onto the scene and laid out Orton with a ring shaking Batista Bomb. Many have mentioned the suspicious circumstances surrounding Batista’s reentry (or at least so Orton says) – namely the fact that his music played before he ran in, causing many to believe that there may be something shady going on. One of those people is the “victim” of these circumstances, Randy Orton, who has said he will have something to say on the issue come Friday night. Batista, meanwhile, is supposed to be set for action in the main event, although he is yet to find an opponent as of yet. Will the big man be able to get back on track with a victory following him releasing his anger last week, or will ‘The Legend Killer’ find yet another way to get into his head?

As just mentioned, last week Paul London continued to make a name for himself, taking an overconfident Randy Orton to the limit and almost defeating him, only for Mr. Kennedy, the man who London defeated the previous week, to make an appearance and distract London. This week on SmackDown! both men will be in the ring together, along with Finlay and Mark Henry, as Mr. Kennedy hosts a very special Money in the Bank edition of The Open Mic. While they won’t be in action, can we expect there to be some tension between Kennedy and London? Or how about Finlay and Henry after we saw Finlay sizing Henry up following ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ qualifying for Money in the Bank last week? Whatever goes down, The Open Mic is sure to be a volatile environment.

Another man who apparently has something to say this week is the United States Champion, Booker T. Booker was said to be extremely vocal last week following him accidentally handing Orlando Jordan – the man who earlier in the night said he wanted the US Title and not to help Booker at WrestleMania – a victory, allowing Jordan into the United States Title match and making it a Three Way Dance along with Chris Benoit. With Booker still fuming this week, what can we expect to see from him? Or how about his challengers for WrestleMania, Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan? All three will be in the building, but none are said to be in action, so they may have to find some themselves.

The ever outspoken Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash has also had a vocal week following the announcement of his Cruiserweight Title match with cruiserweight legend Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. Kash has been telling anyone that will listen that Mysterio is no chance at WrestleMania, and that Kash has passed him by. ‘The Moneyman’ has even vowed to put his money where his mouth is, opening up his very own cruiserweight open this week, much like Mysterio had in the previous weeks to reenter the division. Will Kash indeed show that he is in fact better than Mysterio, or will one of the cruiserweights catch ‘Double K’ by surprise?

The Hardy Boyz made their triumphant return to tag team action two weeks ago on SmackDown! when they defeated The Mexicools. Last week, however, they weren’t so successful, as Jeff Hardy fell to Johnny Nitro in singles action. With nine days until The Hardy Boyz challenge MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, The Hardy Boyz have vowed to get back on track, with Matt set to go one on one with Joey Mercury this Friday night. Will Matt regain momentum for The Hardy Boyz, or will MNM show how good they’ve become in their year on SmackDown! once again this week thanks to a Mercury victory?

The problems between John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield and Bobby Lashley have been escalating of late, with JBL being sent over the edge after Lashley cost JBL’s ‘Hired Gun’ Brent Albright a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Thigns got even worse for JBL when Lashley pinned him last week in a tag team match. Will JBL have anything to do with Lashley or tonight, or will the ‘Wrestling God’ once again decide he isn’t worth it?

For two months we have seen the video packages hyping the debut of this man, and finally this Friday night he arrives. That’s right ladies and gentlemen. This week marks the arrival of CM Punk to Friday Night SmackDown!. It is not known what role Punk will play in proceedings, but it is known that he wants to find himself some action in his first week on the show. What can we expect to see from the rookie superstar on debut?

Finally, after what went down last week on SmackDown! and what happened this past week on Monday Night RAW, we have learnt that The Undertaker will NOT be on Friday Night SmackDown!. With General Manager Theodore Long wanting to keep things running as smoothly as possible, it is said that the next time we will see The Undertaker will be next week on RAW.

To see all of this along with so much more, tune into The CW Network at 9/8C for some Friday Night SmackDown! action.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Not alot i can too this that hasnt already been said. Three things that did bug me about the show.

Rene Dupree beating Lawler in his hometown. After all the running down of Memphis and of Lawler i would have prefered a Lawler victory even if it had Russo sytle booking of a run in from someone else from the midcard to keep him looking strong. I think it would have been better for the fans on the night to see there hometown boy pick up the win.

If HBK hits the Ref with the sweet chin music who called for the bell to be rung. Just a little note from pro wrestling is only the ref can end the match and if he's unconscious it cant end.

Then the Sledgehammer to the head. If you wildly swing a sledgehammer and hit someone in the face with it your looking at at best a fractured skull if not death. So id be very surprised to ever see HBK again as in reality had this happened he would probably be dead.

Other than that a good show. nice build towards WM interested to see where your going with your angles.

Wrestlemania 30 was awesome

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

I didn’t like the start to the show with Eric Bischoff. I think everyone would know that The Undertaker was always going to make an appearance, so it wasn’t a big start to the show, and this could easily have been placed before the first break, and it would’ve had the same effect. With that said, it’s good that you’re hyping the dead man’s presence and I’m curious as to what Bischoff will do. Keeping us on tenterhooks early on is always good.

I loved the opening promo from start to finish. The intensity of both Triple H and then Kurt Angle made it more entertaining and compulsive viewing or reading in this case. I also loved Bischoff showing everyone that he’s the boss, and the decision to give Shawn Michaels the night off was brilliant just to generate so much heat after Triple H’s long statement of intent to get his hands on him. Angle’s entrance was a surprise but it was clever in that you used the opportunity well to let us all see that Angle’s fired up heading in to WrestleMania, and of course a main event between these two is awesome. You can’t really ask for a better main event than that for free. I wasn’t so keen on Bischoff’s last line and why you felt the need to add the “break a leg” bit as it sounded awkward and unnecessary.

I’m all for having GM’s appear a lot and have them earn the money but it seems like Bisch is all over the shop tonight. He’s been in all three promos and it could well be the Eric Bischoff Show. I would totally watch that though by the way.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know Rob, I’ve always liked you. Trust me, I’ve always thought you were great, and I’ve always your decision to challenge The Undertaker at WrestleMania-

I had to read that last bit back as I thought I missed something, but it turns out you did you careless child! Anyway I like how Bischoff has changed his tact as far as his stance on the RVD/Undertaker feud goes. I’m not sure whether there’s a catch or not but it seems that he does believe in RVD now, and if that’s the case, it makes sense to keep him away from The Undertaker after went down on Smackdown. Having this promo so soon after the somewhat pointless one at the start makes it that one look more pointless now as he could’ve just gone and found him himself. Hype is always good though and with RVD storming out, it leaves a lot of intrigue as to just what’ll happen later. It all but guarantees a confrontation, and that’s what we all want to see.

Four promos before a single match? Not a fan of that I have to say, and it looks like you’re going to be pushing the two hour barrier again. Please be aware of that. The promo was good and it built up the relationship between Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. I was very fine with how the promo started with Haas getting all psyched up and not caring too much about Benjamin. By the end of it, it seemed like a complete flip with Benjamin looking like the polite face and Haas the heel. The last line about being the world’s greatest came off as being very corny, and with everything he’d already said, he didn’t need to unless he’s going full on heel.

I have to say that I thought how you went about the match with Haas being a real fighter did him good, but I really didn’t like or buy the ending. If Show was going to hit the ringpost, he’d have to throw his head forward and it wouldn’t make much sense anyway, let alone with Haas being able to force him back in to the pads like he did here. It’d be like running with a wardrobe. The german suplex was then something I’m hit and miss about. I’m not sure whether he could do that either, then making Show tap. A roll up after hitting an exposed turnbuckle pad would’ve done the same job here but come off as believable. I get the impression you were trying to make Haas look incredible. The problem was you tried too hard and he looked more like a superhero. It would’ve been nice to get a reaction from Benjamin or Kane, who were both watching, and Kane was surely not going to like that. He was ringside too unlike Shelton, but having mentioned Shelton was watching, I don’t understand why you didn’t go back as he would surely have some kind of reaction to what he just saw. It does seem like this is dwindling right now as there’s no real tension between the teams, and even with Haas & Benjamin. We’re so close to WrestleMania that this has to pick up, and soon!

Cena’s interview was great and hyped up the match with Edge perfectly. Playing on Cena’s 0-2 record against him gave you a good basis to work on for the promo and get some emotion out of Cena. It worked perfectly and Cena’s focused character was spot on. Cena/Edge & HHH/Angle on the same show makes for great TV.

I’m sure I said last time out that I’m not a Rene Dupree fan but you made him come off as a complete and utter c*nt here, and that’s always good for any heel, especially a developing one. Laying in to Memphis by using King was sensible, although having Lawler mentioning he was already dressed to compete because this always happens took a bit of the spark off it. With Dupree mentioning King straight away too when Elvis was an easier target forced the issue and made it all sound too easy. Also, I’m fairly sure that French people pronounce their “th”, and in one sentence you used the “de” and carried on using the “t” normally. The important thing though was the match, and unlike Gunner in his comments, it was totally right to put him over Lawler. He has nothing to gain from beating Dupree, and this is all about building him up, and he’d get so much heat from this. All in all this has done a lot for Dupree and I’m liking how you’re doing with him at the minute.

It’s good to see the Carlito/Masters relationship panning out a bit more, and it’s working well. It doesn’t seem forced at all, but I’m still not sure about Masters as a face. I am loving Carlito’s character and you write him so well. The slip up where he went off slightly and then sucked up was funny and typical Carlito. Again you hyped up a later segment, the Cabana, and this should be good.

The Cabana was good, started off well with Carlito’s great build up to his final guest and revealing it was him. That was set up well and it delivered for sure. Great Carlito. I liked that it gave Chavo Guerrero some time on the stick as he rarely gets it, and going in to a Money in the Bank match, he needs it. He was good and playing on his family as well as proving a point worked, as did pointing out to Carlito that the time for jokes was over. It was also clever to refer to his problems with Masters too, but Helms & Flair stole the show. That’s when it stopped being like the Cabana as it was all about those two. Their interaction was good though, no doubt. Helms is sounding like a big deal that’s for sure, and the tension between him & Flair seems very easy to buy in to. It did seem for a while though that the Intercontinental title became more of a talking point than the Money in the Bank. It ended well though and the Money in the Bank needed it desperately. There needs to be some interaction with the Smackdown participants too.

Edge/Cena – fucking loved it! This is just what Edge is all about and it came off so well as it was just so brutal and well done. The timing of it along with Lita staving off the security guards made it so good, and with Edge talking after about him being so smart really did remind us of how sneaky & effective he can be. This was just great!

Bischoff’s decision to make Edge/Angle a street fight based on what happened before the break is understandable and obviously makes for a huge must see match for next week. I can’t help but think about whether Edge will be up to his old tricks next week too, and of course there’s the Cena factor too.

I felt like we were getting in to the last quarter of the show at least now, until I saw this was just the third match. You really need to cut down on the promos and condense your shows in to a believable two hours because so far this is a long way from it.

Mickie’s win over Torrie was a foregone conclusion, and it was needed as I can’t remember the last time she was in the ring. The promo after was what stood out, and it all sounded too easy with the whole “this is my friend” and “I’ve got a new friend so there”. Trish bringing Victoria out came out of nowhere and was very easy to say the least. It was very baffling, and I don’t see the point when a Trish/Ashley match would be more appealing as Victoria’s an irrelevance in all this. She just doesn’t need to be there.

I’m glad that there’s some much needed attention being put on the tag team title feud and The World’s Greatest Tag Team, but I’m really not liking the direction in which it’s gone. It’s gone from Shelton not wanting anything to do with Haas to now begging Charlie and bowing down to him in order to make sure Haas goes ahead with it. Shelton’s gone from a credible heel to a well, Charlie Haas ass kisser all based on this one victory it would seem. Putting him in a match against Kane brings the two teams together, which is sensible, but I’m just not digging the booking of their partnership and characters, well Shelton’s.

All I have to say is wow to this promo. I’m loving Bischoff tonight for the most part, and I don’t agree that he’s been on too much. I think there was a promo too many and he could’ve incorporated say the Edge announcement in to this one here. The first one of the night wasn’t needed, and if anything had me gripped throughout, it was this confrontation. If a superstar was constantly appearing at the expense of others, then fair enough, but he’s the boss and getting involved in different storylines. I don’t see why that bothers people so much as he’s not really taken time away from guys on the roster. Bischoff’s cheap shots at Memphis & Lawler too set it up well for the heat he was going to get by announcing The Undertaker wasn’t going to get at RVD, but to go through him to first? I didn’t know at the time whether he meant it as it was very strong, and it made him look like a fanny when he jumped out of the ring when the lights went out. Having the back plan was clever with The Redneck Wrecking Crew & The Spirit Squad, but I don’t like how you bigged them up last week and then had Taker & RVD take them apart by themselves. Bad times as the Spirit Squad especially got owned with RVD taking out all five of them. Bringing RVD out to help Taker signified the angle RVD’s taken that it’s nothing personal, so that was nice to see. Taker getting his revenge was what this was all about though, and catching RVD with the chokeslam just when he’d squashed each member of the Spirit Squad () was a great way to do it. Aside from the two teams being owned, I thought this worked very well.

The main event delivered in a big way but I still don’t see why you give yourself such a big workload by writing the matches in the length that you do for TV. It really wouldn’t hurt to shorten them drastically. The action was great and it’s a shame in a way that it ended in the way it did, even though it was the right decision for so many reasons despite the confusion as to who decided to end the match with the ref being knocked out. There was no way Shawn Michaels was going to sit this one out with 13 days to go before WrestleMania. They need the build do Shawn & Trips, and this helped it enormously. The Triple H fightback to make the fans cream themselves was the right way to go and was booked well in how it happened with Michaels clearing house first and making us think he was going to have it all his own way. Like Gunner said though, if Triple H was to swing the hammer without his hand holding the end, Michaels wouldn’t be getting up. I’m a big CSI: geek, I know all about blunt forced trauma with a deadly weapon! It’s just another example of you maybe trying too hard and going too far like the Haas match, the length of the shows & matches and RVD squashing everyone in sight. Tone it down a bit and think simpler sometimes.

I was a bit critical of Smackdown but this was far better. Apart from the usual issue of the show pushing the two hours to the limit, this was far better than Smackdown. Like Oz said, Edge/Cena & RVD/Taker really stood out, although the way the Spirit Squad in particular were booked in that role was disappointing. Yeah there are typos there, but we all do it. If you took out the first Bischoff promo and the one about Edge, no one would’ve been mentioning that he was used too much.

I’ll just break things down a bit for both you & myself.

HHH/Michaels – Picked up well tonight despite Michaels being almost certainly killed.
Cena/Angle/Edge – The Edge attack was great and Angle was booked pretty well while being kept aside from the other too for the night.
RVD/Taker – Aside from the Spirit Squad & Wrecking Crew getting buried, this was brilliant.
Haas & Benjamin/Kane & Show – It is all about the challengers as you said, but Show got owned in a big, big way. Next week is massive!
Mickie/Trish – It was due to slow down with everything that’s happened recently, but the Victoria addition was baffling & unnecessary.
Money in the Bank – It needed work tonight and it got it. They all impressed on the stick with no one standing out, which was good.
Dupree’s push - It's going well, and that’s not just because he didn’t beat Eugene for a third time. His character’s pretty great and he got some serious heat this time.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

The opening of the show wasn’t that strong, but it was something different. Interesting that you have 3 guys on commentary, usually it just PPVs that have more than 2 announcers. I liked that Coachman was acting like a heel commentator but I wasn’t too keen on when he said ‘just like he did to win, not steal, the WWE Title back’. It just seemed like he was spelling that out too much.

Triple H seemed animated in his segment, and it was a strong promo. I have a minor complaint which is I think there were too many description of the crowd either popping or giving out heat. I didn’t like when Bischoff said ‘instead you’ll be in the money slot’ because it was referring to the ratings/business side of things. I’m new to your thread but Bischoff seems a fair bit of a heel GM so far. I’m interested to see what else he does, but I tend to prefer it when GMs don’t go too far into the heel zone.

The first match was well thought out. My favourite part was where Haas hit 2 forearm smashes, because I really thought he was going to nail a third and take Show off his feet and was surprised when Big Show fought back at that point. This was a very useful victory for Haas. It is something of a pet peeve when interviewers say ‘at this time’ lol. This interview with Cena was solid and portrayed him as being very confident in himself. The second match was good for what it was, I am not that familiar with your thread and I’m guessing Jerry doesn’t wrestle that often. I think that is the right way to do it, with occasional matches a nice touch.

Cabana was a fun segment. I’m not the biggest Flair fan, altho the ‘Nature Boy’ is I think the first wrestler I remember from watching TV when I was very young. It’s a distant memory tho lol. Plenty of ‘wooooo’s which is fine thought I don’t think any wrestler should have a monopoly on the word ‘woooooo’ (or awesome for that matter) lol. Helms was cheeky to Flair and you got that across well.

I didn’t really like the way security came out during the Edge/Cena segment. The divas match was fine as a short match. It was nice to see the women get some promo time and actually do some talking. The Undertaker segment was good, altho maybe a bit too chaotic. For some reason I wasn’t expecting him to show up. I know the Undertaker is a huge force but he possibly kicked a bit too much ass here.

The main event was very good. The best parts that stood out for me were the exchange when HHH elbowed his way out of a German suplex and when Trips was sent tumbling over the steps, sounded painful. I didn’t really like the part where Angle targeted the quad specifically and also where you said Triple H was ‘full of adrenaline’. Wrestling- magical, hormones and chemicals- scientific, lol. I think the interruption by HBK was okay, but I think it would have been better if Trips was more clearly ahead in the match at that point. I know he had just hit a big spinebuster but the way both men were down for the count made me think it could still go either way.

Overall, a really solid show. I am most interested to see what happens in the MITB match and also what will happen next in the feud between HBK and Triple H.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Yeah, so things don't always go to plan. A few things:

~ Stoj, Melvis, Nige and whoever posts shows while I'm away that are of interest to me (you know who you are): I'll catch up upon return. Promise. Especially to the three mentioned.

~ Credit for the WrestleMania banners goes to Crazian. The guy owns.

Ehm, enjoy, I suppose.


March 24th, 2006 | The Pyramid; Memphis, Tennessee

We begin the show not with a recap, nor with the traditional opening montage. Instead we start the show cold … with a close-up of Randy Orton. This instantly sets the crowd off with boos, despite Orton not wearing his usual cocky grin. Instead a more serious Orton looks on at the camera, oddly enough looking as though he is in a house, rather than the arena.

Randy Orton: Ahem.

~ Instant heat from the crowd for Orton talking.

Randy Orton: Excuse me if I don’t sound right, but right now I’m feeling a little … dishevelled after what happened last week.

~ A bit of heat for that statement as Orton looks impeccably dressed and groomed like always, far from in the “dishevelled” state that he claims to be in.

Randy Orton: But y’see, last week an atrocity occurred. A crime was committed. Last week our World Heavyweight Champion was kicked out of the arena. Our champion. The man who we’re supposed to look up to, who is supposed to be a role model.

~ Orton shakes his head in shame.

Randy Orton: But that … that wasn’t the atrocity. As a matter of fact, that was the right thing for Teddy Long to do. Batista deserved to be kicked out of the arena.

~ Some good heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Just like I said last week, Batista has been slipping through the cracks for FAR too long, not just here in the WWE, but in life in general. But last week … last week when he put his hands on poor little Super Crazy, an innocent man … Batista crossed the line. He showed that he’s nothing but a thug.

~ Heat from the crowd in the arena.

Randy Orton: Now I can’t hear you people for reasons I’ll get to later, but I have no doubt that you don’t like that. You don’t like me for calling out Batista for what he truly is. Well guess what … that’s never going to change. Batista has always been and will always be nothing but a common thug. What can change, however, is the holder of the World Heavyweight Title, and rest assured that come WrestleMania it will change so that a champion SmackDown! can be proud of can be crowned.

~ More heat.

Randy Orton: Last week, when Batista attacked me, when he JUMPED ME from behind, he tried to put that in jeopardy. He tried to put that in jeopardy because he knows he can’t beat me. He tried to put that in jeopardy because he knows that I’m the better man. He put that in jeopardy because he knows that come WrestleMania, I will become the new World … Heavyweight … Champion.

~ The crowd continues to boo.

Randy Orton: But don’t think that in doing this Batista acted alone. Oh no, he was far from alone. At first, I thought it was just him too, but then I thought about it and I realised … Batista wasn’t acting alone. No.

~ Heat as Orton grimaces.

Randy Orton: If Batista acted … alone, then why was he in the arena? If Batista acted alone, then why was he able to stay in the arena, despite being “kicked out”? The answer? Batista didn’t act alone. No, Batista had help on the inside from none other than our “esteemed” General Manager, Mr. Theodore R Long.

~ Some decent heat for Orton’s accusations.

Randy Orton: Initially I considered revenge. I considered attacking Batista out of spite, but I decided that unlike Batista, I’m better than that. I’m no thug. I’m an athlete. I’m a professional wrestler.

~ A sneer from Orton to some good heat.

Randy Orton: So instead, what I’ve done is decided to follow through with what Batista was supposed to last week. Tonight, I’ve withdrawn myself from all SmackDown! commitments … meaning …

~ Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: Meaning that I will NOT be on Friday Night SmackDown! tonight.

~ BIG pop from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Instead … instead I will remain here at home in beautiful St. Louis, Missouri. And if Teddy Long has a problem with that … if he wants to take action against me, if he wants to suspend me … well, I’ve got a WrestleMania main event written into my contract, and if he wants to breach that contract … well, he can just go right ahead and speak to my lawyers.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Tonight, I take my leave from SmackDown!, but ladies and gentlemen, fear not, for when I become World Heavyweight Champion at WrestleMania, Teddy Long won’t have any choice but to accept it. And that’s not arrogance … that’s destiny.

~ Heat as Orton smirks, before we fade away …

… Into the traditional Friday Night SmackDown! introduction now, featuring a video montage of all of the big stars of Friday Night SmackDown!, accompanied by the sound of Rise Up by Drowning Pool. The montage soon ends and we cut into the arena to see a plethora of fireworks explode at the top of the ramp, exciting the fans who are out of their seats and waving their signs, which we are shown as we pan around the arena all of the way to our two man announce crew.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!. I’m Michael Cole, joined here as always by my partner Tazz, and partner, the people of Memphis are in for a treat. This past Monday night they were here for Monday Night RAW and now they’re going to get to see some Friday Night SmackDown! action just NINE DAYS out from WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: Oh, it’s gonna be a huge, ain’t no doubt about it, but personally I’m still a little surprised at the announcement we just saw, and somethin’ tells me these people here in Memphis are too. I mean, I know they don’t like Randy Orton, but they gotta respect his ability. Not to see him just nine days away from WrestleMania when he’s one half of the main event? That’s a bit of a let down if ya ask me, Cole.

Michael Cole: A let down no doubt, Tazz, but as the old saying goes, the show must go on, and what a show it promises to be, headlined by the World Heavyweight Champion Batista in singles action. The champ is yet to find an opponent, but Teddy Long has said he will find him one by the end of the night.

Tazz: And after what Randy said, you gotta wonder, will the guy Teddy picks be an easy beat for Batista to get back on track with? I mean, I’m not sayin’ I believe Randy, but some of what he said, it made sense. But hey, movin’ on, another one of my favourites is gonna find himself in the thick of things when Mr. Kennedy hosts a very special edition of The Open Mic, featuring the other three Money in the Bank participants from SmackDown!. That’s gonna be huge!

Michael Cole: Kennedy has promised that his Open Mic will overshadow Carlito’s Cabana from this past week on RAW, perhaps showing how truly big Kennedy’s ego is, but we can’t pretend he’s the only one in there with an ego when you’ve got Mark Henry and Finlay also in there. And what about Paul London, a guy who Mr. Kennedy appears to be having some problems with recently?

Tazz: There’s definitely some friction there between London and Mr. Kennedy, and Kennedy only made that worse next week, but hey, as far as I’m concerned, Kennedy can do what he wants. He may just be the future Mr. Money in the Bank.

Michael Cole: He may just be, but also tonight we will see Kid Kash open up a challenge of his own to attempt to prove that he’s just as good as Rey Mysterio, plus Bobby Lashley will be in action against William Regal in a match that JBL will be sure to watch after the last few weeks, and SmackDown!’s newest star, CM Punk will make his debut here tonight.

Silence, for a moment, until …


The crowd goes NUTS for the old school music as Matt Hardy comes bouncing out onto the stage, joined by his more popular half Jeff Hardy, the two boppin’ around, Matt set for action tonight. The crowd response is as warm as ever, cheering on these two fan favourites as they make their way down the ramp towards the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 235 lbs, MATT HAAAARRRRRDDDDYYYYYYY!

Michael Cole: And what better way to kick SmackDown! off than with The Hardy Boys, Matt set for action as he goes one on one with Joey Mercury.

Tazz: A big match for Matt in this one too. Last week we saw the numbers game take effect, allowin’ Nitro to knock off Jeff. This is a big match for Matt to get back on track for him and his brother before WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: You said it though partner when you said the numbers game took effect. Without the added influence of Melina at ringside, one seriously doubts if the result would have been the same last week.

Tazz: That don’t matter though, Cole. A win’s a win here in the WWE, and if that’s the way things go at WrestleMania, then MNM are gonna be walkin’ out as WWE Tag Team Champions.

The crowd continues to cheer as the brothers slide into the ring, both pumping the crowd up ahead of the match.


The crowd does a complete 180 as the red carpet rolls out and the paparazzi swarms, preparing for the ever-improving Hollywood natives to pop up. Surely enough, out from the back comes strutting WWE Tag Team Champion, Joey Mercury, joined by his partner and fellow WWE Tag Team Champion, Johnny Nitro, along with their galpal, Melina. The trio pause for the paparazzi at the top of the ramp, flashing the gold like always before Melina directs them on down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 205 lbs, JOEY MERCURY!

Michael Cole: You’re right when you say if the same thing happens at WrestleMania that MNM will retain their titles, and if you ask me, I don’t think MNM care about how they retain their titles, so long as they do it.

Tazz: And that’s exactly what they should be thinkin’. WrestleMania’s all about makin’ a name for yourself, and gettin’ a win there to retain the tag titles is a good way to go about doin’ just that. It don’t matter how they get the job done; they’ve just gotta get it done.

After the absolutely wondrous splits of Melina, the trio make their way into the ring, only for Melina and Nitro to be quickly cleared out to the apron by the referee, who gets this thing started.

Match One – Singles Match:
WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury w/WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro & Melina vs. Matt Hardy w/Jeff Hardy

The crowd is truly into this one from the get go, with two of SmackDown!’s most over youngsters going at it. As soon as their partners (and Melina) drop off the apron, the two eager up and comers look to go at it, circling around the ring at a damn quick pace. Mercury is the first to make a move, lunging at Hardy’s leg, only for Hardy to jump out of the way then have a go himself, with Mercury also able to avoid his foe. Having decided that they’re pretty equal in the pace department, the two then come forward and lock up for the first time in the match. A true struggle occurs, with neither looking any more powerful than the other until Joey Mercury is able to go behind his opponent. The tag team champion controls his opponent for a brief moment, holding the waist lock to perhaps assert his dominance for a moment, before he attempts to then lift Matt and take him down amateur wrestling style. Matt, however, has it covered, landing on his feet before he then executes a standing switch, going behind Mercury.

Shocked, Mercury finds himself defenceless as Matt now quickly takes him down with an amateur move of his own, with the elder Hardy quick to follow up too, floating over into a front face lock. Sensing that it’s all business now, Mercury fights back to his feet, then smoothly sweeps the arm of Hardy away, taking it over with a wristlock. Content with the commanding position he holds, Mercury twists on the wrist until Matt springs into action, rolling through and grabbing a wristlock of his own. Not wanting to be outdone, Mercury makes the same counter quickly, before looking for control once more, pulling Matt into a headlock and then taking him over to ground him. Mercury cranks back, really applying the pressure until Matt pulls out a counter, grabbing Mercury in a legscissors. Mercury is quick to kip out of it, bringing the two back to their feet as Matt now goes for the headlock takedown, only for the same sequence of counters to occur, only reversed the other way.

Mercury is the first to make a move when both men get back to their feet, dashing off to the ropes and ducking an elbow on the rebound, before coming back off the opposite ropes right into an arm drag from Matt! Shocked, Mercury rushes back up, although all he gets for his troubles is a second and then a third arm drag. Matt is quick to look to follow up, pushing Mercury back into the ropes before attempting to send him off with an Irish whip, only for Mercury to reverse, allowing him to look for a hip toss on the return … but Matt blocks! The crowd cheers as Hardy stands his ground, then takes Mercury over with a hip toss of his own. Matt quickly then drops his elbow, before making a cover … two! The crowd applauds Hardy’s efforts as he regains his footing, recognising he’s had the best of Mercury. Keen to press that advantage, Matt runs off to the ropes … only for Melina to recognise Matt’s dominance too as she attempts to grab him by the foot!

Matt narrowly evades the gasp of Melina, then turns to her to tell her off, allowing Mercury to launch a sneak attack … but Matt sidesteps, sending Mercury tumbling through the ropes to the floor! Nitro is quick to go to tend to his fellow tag champ, assisting him back to his feet … only for Matt to crash down onto both of them with a crossbody plancha, exciting the crowd even more! Matt gets back to his feet and roars out to the crowd, feeling this one as Jeff wards a rising Nitro off (drawing the referee’s attention), allowing Matt to go after Mercury … only for Melina to turn Matt around and slap him with all her might! The sound reverberates around the arena, sending a gasp through the audience, who look on as Matt stares at Melina ominously … but before he can do anything he is struck from behind by Joey Mercury, sending him hurtling down to the floor!

The crowd boos as Mercury rolls back into the ring and takes the referee’s attention, allowing Melina to get a few cheap stomps in on Matt as Nitro guards Jeff away. The action moves back inside the ring not long after with Mercury, having taken full control of the match, able to dominate Matt for a short period, seeming to focus his attention on the neck of Hardy. Matt lives up to his signature line though, refusing to die, even surviving a nifty running neckbreaker from Mercury to frustrate Joey and force him to look for a submission victory via the kravat. Try as he might, the tag champ just cannot get Matt to quit, with the elder of the Hardy brothers fighting back to his feet … but Mercury grabs him by the hair and throws him violently down into the mat! Thinking he has quelled all resistance from Hardy, Mercury looks for the finish, running off to the ropes … looking for a running knee as Matt sits up … but Hardy ducks, then quickly regains his feet and nails the ricochet!

The crowd cheers on as both men remain on the mat for a moment, struggling to regain their footing with the encouragement from their respective corners seemingly supplying them with the energy to do so. Both are up at the same time, with Mercury, like he has for the whole match, looking to gain the first blow. However, as we’ve constantly seen, Hardy is able to evade it, before reeling off a series of heavy rights to back Mercury up to the ropes. A stunned tag team champion is then sent off to the opposite ropes with an Irish whip … before rebounding right into a reverse elbow! Mercury gets up … one clothesline … and a second! Mercury is on dream street as Hardy sends him into the corner, before following in with a crunching corner clothesline! Looking for the combo, Matt grabs Mercury, then runs out for the bulldog … but Mercury pushes him off! Joey counters, sending Matt running across to the opposite corner, before charging in for a clothesline of his own … but Matt ducks and nails a reverse DDT! Hardy makes the cover … TWO!

Unfazed by the kickout, Matt gets back to his feet and quickly heads up to the second rope, waiting as Mercury gets up … before crashing down onto him with an elbow to the back of the head! The crowd goes nuts … and Matt calls for the end! Unbeknownst to Mercury, the end is apparently near as he struggles to get back to his feet … as Matt suddenly grabs him … TWIST OF FATE … NO! Mercury spins out of it, then thinks clothesline … BUT HARDY SCORES WITH THE SIDE EFFECT! Knowing that he’s now got Mercury where he wants him, Hardy looks set for the Twist of Fate once more … WHEN JOHNNY NITRO JUMPS ON THE APRON … ONLY FOR JEFF HARDY TO SUDDENLY WIPE HIM OUT FROM THE FLOOR BELOW! The crowd goes nuts as the referee looks on at the carnage, with Hardy setting Mercury up in the front face lock … WHEN MELINA SLIDES INTO THE RING … LOW BLOW!

The heat from the crowd is HUGE as Hardy keels down … ALLOWING MERCURY TO NAIL THE DOUBLE ARM DDT! The crowd continues to boo as Melina gets the referee’s attention back on what’s happening in the ring, causing Jeff to turn and take notice as Mercury makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Joey Mercury via pinfall @ 7:37


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, JOOOOEEEYYYY MERCURY!

The crowd continues to boo as Jeff Hardy instantly slides into the ring, prompting Mercury to scurry out and join his friends as MNM celebrates a second straight victory in singles action over The Hardy Boyz.

Michael Cole: Oh come on. That’s two weeks now, two straight weeks where MNM have used their three on two numbers advantage to pick up a win over The Hardy Boyz. This can’t happen at WrestleMania when the titles are on the line.

Tazz: It can and it will if The Hardy Boyz don’t do somethin’ about it. Like I said earlier, MNM don’t care how they get the job done so long as they get it done, and that’s not gonna be any different at WrestleMania.

MNM continue to celebrate it up on the outside, leaving the Hardy family to be resigned to a second straight loss in the ring.

We don’t hover on that for too long though as we cut off backstage … to see The Bluebloods walking down a corridor, William Regal set for action. The duo continue to walk … when suddenly The Cabinet {John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, Brent Albright & Jillian Hall} stride into view, led by their benevolent leader, JBL.

Jillian Hall: Mr. Regal … a word please?

~ Regal turns, shocked.

William Regal: Excuse me? I’m sorry sunshine, but thanks to our joke of a General Manager Teddy Long, I find myself in my first match for weeks against Bobby Lashley, so you’ll excuse me if I don’t have time for a chat.

~ Albright steps up.

Brent Albright: Mr. Regal, we suggest you listen-

William Regal: I’ll do what I bloody well want thank you very much if that’s-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: William – can I call you William? – trust me … this is in the best interest for both of us. I get it. Teddy Long is a disgrace as the General Manager of SmackDown!, and I want him gone as much as you do. Trust me, I do. But you’ve got a match up next, and like you said, you need to win, so how about me and my Cabinet … how about we help you get that done?

~ Regal scrunches his face up, glancing at Paul Burchill, then back to JBL.

William Regal: What’s in it … for us?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Haha, walk and talk, William … walk … and talk.

~ They do just that, leaving us to head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see The Hardy Boyz walking down a corridor. Matt, obviously frustrated with his loss, scrunches his face, while Jeff has a dejected look on his face.

Matt Hardy: Damn it, damn it, damn it! Argh!

~ Matt throws his hands up over his head, snarling as he does so. Jeff, meanwhile, remains rather stoic, trying to calm Matt.

Jeff Hardy: It’s okay, Matt. There’s always next time. It’s not WrestleMania yet.

~ Matt shakes his head to himself.

Matt Hardy: You’re right, Jeff, it isn’t WrestleMania yet. And there is always next week, but last week … last week we thought the same thing. Who’s to say the same thing won’t happen at WrestleMania? I am NOT losing at WrestleMania again! This year is finally our year.

Jeff Hardy: That’s right. We’ll think of somethin’. We’re only losin’ at the moment ‘cause they have the numbers advantage, so-

Matt Hardy: Hang on just a minute there … I’ve got an idea. I’m gonna go shower off, you get our stuff ready. Trust me on this one.

~ And with that Matt heads out of view, leaving to Jeff to look on.

We, meanwhile, cut back to ringside to see our announce crew.

Michael Cole: Well partner, you said they’d need to do something after two straight losses to MNM and it looks like Matt Hardy is trying to do something.

Tazz: I dunno what Matt’s plannin’, but at least he’s doin’ somethin’. Like he said, The Hardy Boyz don’t wanna fall short at WrestleMania for a fourth time. This is a big match for them.

Silence, until …


The crowd gives some pretty good heat as the music hits, with the heat only picking up when it is seen that William Regal will be accompanied to the ring by not only Paul Burchill, but also The Cabinet. The five seem to be on the same page as they pace down the ramp, Regal taking up the front of the formation.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Blackpool, England, weighing 245 lbs, WILLIAM REGAL!

Michael Cole: It seems as if Matt Hardy isn’t the only one who has done some planning as William Regal comes out here not just with his Bluebloods partner Paul Burchill, but also JBL and his Cabinet!

Tazz: JBL sees this as a big chance to perhaps get in the head of Bobby Lashley, with ‘The Dominator’ set to go one on one with William Regal, and I gotta say, I can’t blame JBL. Lashley has been punkin’ JBL for weeks now and it’s time JBL got his revenge.

Regal and his army climb up into the ring and take up their positions, Regal setting himself to fight while JBL, and his crew smirk in the background.


The crowd gives a pretty damn great pop as Bobby Lashley strides out onto the stage, showing the growing reputation of the youngster. Lashley takes the reaction in with a smile on his face, setting his pyro off with his signature pose before making his way down to the ring.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs, BOBBBBYYYY LAAAASSSHHHHLEY!

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley may be undefeated coming into tonight having spent six months now here in the WWE, but with three other men and Jillian Hall surrounding the ring, including JBL, this might just be young Bobby Lashley’s biggest test to date up against William Regal.

Tazz: William Regal ain’t no slouch either, Cole. He’s a seasoned veteran, and you get the feeling that after facin’ Bobby Lashley a fair bit earlier this year, he may just know how to get the job done against him.

Lashley jumps up onto the apron, sending pyro shooting from the ringposts, before climbing into the ring to send Regal’s entrouage rolling out.

Match Two – Singles Match:
William Regal w/Paul Burchill & The Cabinet vs. Bobby Lashley

The two begin to circle around the ring immediately, with Lashley only glancing at Regal’s entourage before locking up with his opponent. Regal, try as he might, can’t budge Lashley despite thinking he may be able to take advantage of Lashley being distracted, leaving Lashley able to push Regal to the mat with ease. Lashley glances at JBL, almost asking him “You see that?” before engaging in a second lockup with Regal to the same result. After glancing at JBL once more, Lashley again locks up with Regal … only for Brent Albright to jump up on the apron! Lashley is instantly distracted, leaving Regal to turn to Albright, who drops from the apron … but then Paul Burchill jumps up … and this distraction allows Regal to strike from behind with a big clubbing forearm blow!

Despite brief flares from Lashley with some big right hands, the experienced Regal is able to control the much larger man, smothering him with his aggressive style. Still, even with all of the punishment Regal distributes, he is unable to actually put Lashley down for the three, prompting Regal to pull out one of his unique holds, cranking on the neck of Lashley while also pulling back on his shoulder. Lashley groans in pain, deciding to take the punishment as he refuses to quit and try to fight back up to his feet. With the crowd rallying behind him, Lashley looks like he may just do that … but Regal suddenly ends those hopes with a clubbing forearm to the chest of the rookie. The crowd boos as Lashley rolls away in pain, quickly followed by Regal who presses him up to the corner, then sends him into the opposite corner with an Irish whip. Regal raises his left hand menacingly, getting some more heat from the crowd before charging into the corner … to receive a boot square to the jaw!

Regal staggers back, dazed, although Lashley doesn’t just leave it at that, now peppering him with some big right hands. Regal is absolutely stunned now, defenceless as he’s sent off with an Irish whip, bouncing right back into a huge back body drop from Lashley! The crowd cheers, but Lashley doesn’t let up just quite yet, driving Regal into the corner so he can deliver some scintillating shoulder blocks to the midsection. Having reached the count of four, Lashley now sends Regal into the opposite corner, before charging in and squashing him with a corner clothesline! JBL and co can do nothing but look on from the outside as Lashley follows up by getting Regal into a suplex position … before holding him there for what seems like a lifetime to Regal, then finally dropping him with the suplex! Lashley makes the cover … two!

‘The Dominator’ gets back to his feet, seemingly not too fussed by the kick out as he motions for Regal to get up … only for Brent Albright to again climb onto the apron, distracting Lashley, who charges across and has a swing that ‘The Hired Gun’ narrowly avoids. Lashley then turns and charges towards a rising Regal … right into a huge left hand that takes the youngster down! The crowd boos as Regal shakes the cobwebs loose, before looking at Lashley and beginning to measure him … LEADING TO REGAL GOING FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER … NO! Lashley moves out of the way at the last moment, then waits as Regal turns, before nailing him with a big belly to belly suplex! Regal flops back to his feet … right into a huge exploder suplex this time!

The crowd goes nuts as Lashley marches around the ring … then crouches down … READY FOR THE SPEAR … BUT A DESPERATE PAUL BURCHILL GRABS HIM BY THE BOOT! Lashley kicks at Burchill, finally getting himself free to turn and see Regal charging at him … so Lashley scoops him up, then drills him with a running powerslam! The crowd goes nuts as Lashley points squarely at JBL, then lifts William Regal up and gets him in the gutwrench … BEFORE GOING FOR THE DOMINATOR … AND CONNECTING! Lashley makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall @ 6:23


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, BOBBBYYYYY LAAASSSHHHH-

The crowd goes nuts as Lashley climbs up to his feet to get his hand raised … ONLY FOR BRENT ALBRIGHT TO DRILL HIM FROM BEHIND WITH A BIG FOREARM!

Michael Cole: Oh come on! Bobby Lashley has overcome the odds that JBL has stacked against him yet again, but this is just getting ridiculous.

Tazz: Hey, if JBL can’t beat him, then he may as well have him beat down.

Albright stomps away on the downed Lashley, with Paul Burchill now joining him in doing so to growing heat. There’s nothing Lashley can do though, with the boots, knees and fists of Burchill and Albright being buried into him time and time again, leaving him unable to defend himself … as JBL himself now climbs into the ring!

Michael Cole: And now here comes JBL to pick up the scraps. This is disgusting.

Tazz: JBL’s been waitin’ for over a month to do this.

The crowd continues to boo as JBL instructs Albright and Burchill to lift Lashley up … when suddenly the crowd gives a MASSIVE pop … AS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, BATISTA COMES CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP!

Michael Cole: Whoa! Here comes ‘The Animal’!

Seeing him coming, JBL and co quickly scurry from the ring, leaving Batista to stand in front of a hurting Lashley and dare JBL to step foot in the ring again. JBL, despite being angry as he kicks away at the ringside area, refuses to do so, backing up the ramp until …


Another good reaction from the crowd as the General Manager, Theodore Long walks out onto the stage with his microphone, causing JBL to roll his eyes as he turns.

Theodore Long: Now hold on just a minute, playas. It seems we’ve got ourselves quite a little situation here.

~ Long pauses, taking sight of JBL first.

Theodore Long: First of all, JBL? I understand you’ve got your problems with Bobby Lashley, playa, but this isn’t the way to solve ‘em. You wanna teach Bobby a lesson? Fine, I’m gonna give you a chance, because you will now be goin’ one on one with Bobby Lashley at WrestleMania 22!

~ A pop from the crowd as JBL smirks to himself.

Theodore Long: But, don’t think that’s all I’ve got to say to you. You think I’m just gonna reward you for attacking Lashley like you just did? Playa, you know that’s not how I roll, which is why you won’t just be in action at WrestleMania. Oh no, you’ll also be in action tonight.

~ Pop from the crowd as JBL shouts “WHAT?”

Theodore Long: I’m sure I’m not the only one who sees Batista in the ring.

~ JBL turns towards the ring, his eyes widening.

Theodore Long: Batista looks like he’s lookin’ for a fight, and Batista, I know I promised ya one tonight, so here’s what I’m gonna do. Tonight, in our main event, it’s gonna be the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista …

~ Long pauses as the crowd pops.

Theodore Long: Vs. JBL!

~ HUGE pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Holla holla!


The crowd continues to cheer as Theodore Long now makes his way backstage, leaving Batista smirking in the ring. Meanwhile JBL seems far from happy, cursing under his breath.

Michael Cole: What a main event set up right there by SmackDown! General Manager Teddy Long! Two former rivals Batista and JBL going at it, plus you can’t forget that JBL vs. Bobby Lashley has now been added to the WrestleMania card.

Tazz: But what I’m wonderin’ is what Batista was doin’ comin’ out here now. He doesn’t have any business with JBL and Lashley?

Michael Cole: I’m now hearing that Josh Matthews will be trying to find that out after the break. Also after the break we will see a very special edition of The Open Mic as Mr. Kennedy hosts the other SmackDown! Money in the Bank competitors. That’s next here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Off we head to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista walking down a corridor backstage, garnering a great pop. He is soon approached by Josh Matthews, causing Big Dave to stop in his tracks.

Josh Matthews: Champ, I was wondering if I could just ask you a few quick questions?

Batista: Fire away, Josh.

Josh Matthews: Right, well moments ago we saw you save Bobby Lashley from a beating at the hands of JBL. Why?

~ Batista smiles, seemingly expecting this question.

Batista: Josh, you remember what I did last week, don’t you?

~ Matthews nods.

Batista: Now I’m not gonna lie. I’m not proud of what I did last week. I was angry, I was frustrated and I hadn’t won a match in weeks. I’m the World Heavyweight Champion. I haven’t been for the past year. I’m not supposed to lose matches at all, but losing three in a row … that sent me over the edge.

~ Batista pauses, shaking his head briefly.

Batista: Now I’ve already apologised to Super Crazy, but there’s no excuses. What I did last week was absolutely disgusting, and for once, Randy Orton is right. What I did last week was unworthy of being a world champion, so tonight … tonight is about making amends. Tonight is about proving that I am the guy who deserves to be leading the SmackDown! locker-room as World Heavyweight Champion. Tonight is about repaying the faith the fans have had in me for a long time now.

~ Batista raises his eyebrow as the crowd cheers.

Batista: JBL … you picked the wrong week to try to make your statement, because tonight, not only was I making a statement by chasing you off, but in the main event tonight, I’m going to make another statement about why I deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion by kicking your ass!

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Batista: Oh, and Randy, I suggest you get comfortable back in St. Louis and watch carefully, because what you’re going to see is exactly what’s going to happen at WrestleMania.

~ Another good pop.

Batista: The mind games are over, Randy. I’m done with playing with you. Now I’m just gonna go out there and kick some ass.

~ A final good pop as Batista now nods, then walks out of shot, his World Heavyweight Title that is slung over his shoulder being the focus as he leaves.

We now cut back to ringside to hear …



Heat instantly fills the arena as the brash, arrogant platinum blonde youngster, Mr. Kennedy swaggers his way out onto the stage, a broad smile on his face. Kennedy chomps on some gum like always, dressed meticulously in a pair of jeans, a brand shirt and a nice suit jacket to go over the top, looking the part as host of The Open Mic.

Michael Cole: Here comes the ever-brash Mr. Kennedy, here to host a very special Money in the Bank edition of The Open Mic, and Tazz, there’s no guessing who Mr. Kennedy thinks the favourite for that match is.

Tazz: Well if Mr. Kennedy thinks he’s the favourite, then I’d almost agree. The man has had a tremendous impact since debuting here on SmackDown! last September, and trust me, he’s gonna take some stoppin’ in nine days at WrestleMania.

KK II makes his way down the rest of the ramp then swings his way into the ring, making his way into the middle of The Open Mic set so he can do his signature pose as his custom microphone drops into his hands. A smirk on his face, Kennedy paces around the ring with his mic, getting some good heat still.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem.

~ The heat grows louder once again for the Green Bay native.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know, ever since I announced last Tuesday that I’d be hosting a special Money in the Bank edition of The Open Mic, I’ve had people comin’ up to me, and they’ve been questionin’ me. Now normally, people don’t have the guts to come into contact with a superstar such as myself …

~ The cheap heat works, drawing a little smirk from Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: But apparently, this Open Mic, it’s caused some controversy. It’s stirred some trouble. People have been comin’ up to me, and they’ve been sayin’ “Mr. Kennedy, how can you host The Open Mic with set guests? Doesn’t that go against the concept of the show?” And y’know what? Yeah. Yeah, it does, but what you people don’t realise is that I’m not just hosting this show tonight for me. Oh no. Oh no no. Being the good guy that I am, I have decided to host this show … for you.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, who obviously aren’t too trusting of Kennedy’s words.

Mr. Kennedy: In fact, take it as my very own personal apology. Yeah, that’s right, I, Mr. Kennedy, am saying sorry … to you people. I know you tuned in this past Monday night. I know you watched Monday Night RAW, and let me just once again apologise for that monstrosity that you saw.

~ Kennedy again pauses, the crowd not quite sure what he’s talking about.

Mr. Kennedy: Carlito’s Cabana? The Cabana? I mean really? First of all, the palm trees? The fruity drinks? The apple tossin’? The hell is that? I don’t care what you get up to when you go out, Carlito, but this ain’t one of your fruity little clubs. This is the freakin’ WWE.

~ An actual pop for this.

Mr. Kennedy: But y’know that … that’s not really what I’m sorry for. You people, you’re used to seeing Carlito and his liking for grabbing round objects. You might not like it, but you’re used to it. But what you’re not used to is the blatant lies that Carlito insisted about telling this past Monday night. Now I know … I know you might find this a little offensive, but I’ve prepared a little video that shows exactly what I’m talking about. So, monkeys in the back, roll the footage.


Carlito: Not only dat, but Carlito also found himself a winner. He didn’t just go out and find himself someone who is competing at WrestleMania. Carlito didn’t just go out and find himself another Gregory Helms, Chavo Guerreor or Ric Flair … Carlito found himself someone who is going to win at WrestleMania.

~ Heat as Carlito looks up at the camera and raises an eyebrow.

Carlito: Carlito found himself de future ‘Mr. Money in de Bank’ … and dat guy … was Carlito.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Carlito: And dat … das cool.


~ We return back to ringside to hear the crowd booing. Meanwhile KK II scrunches his face up in the ring.

Mr. Kennedy: Disgusting. Absolutely … disgusting. ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ … Carlito? Listen, ‘Lito, buddy, I know you need to pull all the stops out to try to get some ratings on your show over there on Monday night, the Cabana, but come on. What makes you think you even have a chance at becoming ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’? These people? They’re not buying it. I’m not buying it. No one is buying it. So ladies and gentlemen, from the bottom of my heart, I would just like to once again apologise for the actions of Carlito this past Monday night.

~ Another mixed reaction.

Mr. Kennedy: But folks, for every cloud there’s a silver lining, and this silver lining … it’s right here.

~ KK II smirks to himself.

Mr. Kennedy: There’s no palm trees … no fruity drinks … and certainly no apple tossing. No folks, what you’ve got here tonight … what my gift to you tonight is … is right here … it’s this … and this … this is officially one hundred percent style … one hundred percent class … one hundred percent … Kennedy.

~ Heat from the crowd as Kennedy smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: But oh no, that’s not all. That’s not all by a long shot. Because not only have we got the set of The Open Mic here tonight, the set of a real talk show, but we’ve also got what they claimed to have over on Monday Night RAW. Yeah, that’s right. Tonight, you will see the one, the only ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ here on The Open Mic!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: And trust me, this guy’s credentials … are undisputable. You wanna talk about a future world champion? This guy has beaten five – count ‘em, one, two, three, four, five former world champions.

~ Big heat from the crowd, who have obviously caught onto who Kennedy is talking about.

Mr. Kennedy: This guy, since debuting six months ago, has never been defeated.

~ Yes, that is intentional.

Mr. Kennedy: This is the guy who has been revolutionising Friday nights. The guy who has been taking this show to previously unchartered waters, to a whole new level. ‘Mr. Friday Night SmackDown!’, and your future ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’, MMMIIISSSTTTTEEE-


A good pop from the crowd who seem relived for the interruption to have taken place as Paul London comes out onto the stage. KK II is absolutely incredulous in the ring as London looks around, then charges down the ramp and slides into the ring. Almost looking surprised at the set, London grabs a mic and glances around, not looking at the fuming host.

Mr. Kennedy: What in the hell do you think you’re doing?

Paul London: Oh, I’m sorry. Were you … were you not finished? I have to be honest, I kinda dozed off for a minute there listening to you in the back.

~ Good pop from the crowd for the cheeky London.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh haha, real funny. You’re a comedian, aren’t ya Paul? No, don’t answer that. Don’t answer that, because you’re not. Y’know what you are though, Paul? Do ya know what you actually are? I’ll tell you what … you’re nothing.

~ Heat from the crowd as London rolls his eyes.

Mr. Kennedy: You come out here with your little jokes and you make these people laugh – these people who, by the way, I did this for in the first place – and you think I don’t realise what you really are. Paul, you are possibly the most insignificant man on the SmackDown! roster. I mean, let’s be honest. Up until two weeks ago, no one even cared about who you are. Yet a couple of good performances later, people are talkin’ you up, saying that you of all people could be ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’?

~ Kennedy shakes his head.

Mr. Kennedy: No. No, you’re not, Paul, and y’know why? It’s because you’re not big enough … you’re not strong enough … and you’re just … not … good enough.

~ The crowd breaks into another outpouring of boos.

Mr. Kennedy: I mean honestly Paul, what have you done here on SmackDown!? What, you’re a former Cruiserweight Champion? A former tag team champion? Lemme tell ya somethin’, bud … that means nothingNOTHING when you step into the ring with the big boys.

~ More heat.

Mr. Kennedy: Face facts, Paul. At WrestleMania, all you’ll be doin’ is looking on when I climb that ladder and finally capture the spotlight that I deserve.

~ Big heat from the crowd as London looks to reply.

Paul London: Y’know, that’s all well and good, Ken.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s Mr.-

Paul London: My accomplishments … yeah, I’ll admit, I haven’t done a whole lot with ‘the big boys’ as you put it. But your “accomplishments”, uh, tell me, how is it that you’re undefeated? Because last I checked, Rey Mysterio beat you at No Way Out.

Mr. Kennedy: That never happened.

Paul London: And I beat you two weeks ago here on SmackDown!.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: That was nothing but a fluke. That doesn’t count.

Paul London: You think so? How about you put your money where your mouth is and wrestle me right here, right now then?

~ The crowd pops big as Kennedy continues to fume, before shaking it off and laughing.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know, as much as I’d like to do that, Paul, I’ve got a show to host.

Paul London: What’s the matter, Ken? Are you scared? Y’know, that’s fine, because I don’t need to prove it to you tonight. No. I’ll prove it to you at WrestleMania. You say that’s when you’ll finally take the spotlight? Ken, at WrestleMania, the spotlight is mine.

~ Big cheer from the crowd as KK II looks to respond, until …



A mixed reaction from the crowd, mostly leaning towards cheers as ‘The Fighting Irishman Finlay walks out onto the stage. His trusty shillelagh in hand, Finlay points at the two men in the ring as he marches down to it, almost warning them to keep quiet. The Northern Irishman then climbs up into the ring, then grabs a microphone and instantly goes about his business.

Finlay: Alright, it looks like we’ve got ourselves a little party here, and ye can’t have a party wit’out an Irishman.

~ Little pop from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: Y’know, I-

Finlay: You … shut yer damn mouth.

~ The crowd cheers as Finlay points his shillelagh up at the throat of Kennedy, causing the usually cocky and calm host to gulp.

Finlay: Now I think I’ve heard just about enough of what the two of you have to say. I get it. Ya both think ye want to win at WrestleMania. It’s nice to know, but trust me, the two of you don’t know what yer talkin’ about. You think you two are desperate to win at WrestleMania? You think you need this win to get the spotlight, or whatever crap you keep talkin’ about? You think you deserve this? No. You kids know nothing.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Finlay: I’ve been in this business for thirty-two years, and do ye know how many world titles I’ve held? None. People may see me as just someone who wants a fight, as someone who’s out here for a war, but y’know what? The World Heavyweight Title says more than any actions can. It shows that you’re the best fighter not just here on SmackDown!, but in the world. As a fighter … as a warrior, you don’t think I’m after that? You don’t think I want that title? You’re damn straight I want that title.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Finlay: You wanna talk about wanting to win Money in the Bank? You wanna talk about needing to win Money in the Bank? I’m tellin’ ya, after thirty-two years in the business and almost no chances at a world title, no one wants, no one needs to win Money in the Bank more than me.

~ A nice pop from the crowd.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s, uh, that’s great gramps, but thing is-

Finlay: I thought I told you to shut your mouth before? Give me lip one more time, son, and I’ll shove this shillelagh so far down yer throat that it’ll be comin’ our yer ass.

~ Big pop from the crowd as Kennedy sheepishly backs off.

Finlay: At WrestleMania, I’m tellin’ ya, Money in the Bank is mine, ‘cause at WrestleMania, it’s not gonna be about who’s the fastest.

~ Finlay looks towards London before turning to Kennedy.

Finlay: And it’s certainly not gonna be about who can talk the most crap. At WrestleMania in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, anything goes, an’ that means it’s gonna be about who’s the best fighter. And I promise ye, there’s no better fighter in the Dubya – Dubya – E than me.

~ Another decent pop from the audience.

Finlay: So mark it down, gentlemen. WrestleMania 22 – the night ‘Thw Fighting Irishman’ finally breaks through the glass ceiling and cements himself as a future world champion.

~ The crowd continues to cheer, until …


The cheers now turn into a litany of boos as the crowd turns to the stage to see Mark Henry walk out. Dressed, oddly enough, in his wrestling attire, ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ walks down the ramp ominously, then climbs up into the ring and grabs a mic, sending Kennedy in particular inching back.

Mark Henry: You three … you three honestly think you have a shot? Kennedy, you were right when you said ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ was gonna be on your show tonight …

~ Kennedy starts to smile, mouthing “That’s right”.

Mark Henry: But it sure as hell ain’t gonna be you.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Mark Henry: Because Finlay was right before when he said it’s not about the fastest … it’s about who’s the best fighter. When Finlay was wrong was when he said he was the best fighter, ‘cause last I checked, he wasn’t a 400 lb weapon of mass destruction … I was.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Mark Henry: Last I checked, he wasn’t ‘The Silverback’ … I was. Last I checked, he wasn’t ‘The King of the SmackDown! Jungle’ … I was.

~ Henry pauses and smiles wryly.

Mark Henry: And last I checked … he wasn’t the man who took Batista to the limit … … … I … was.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Mark Henry: And after I become ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ at WrestleMania and cash in on whoever’s champion, you’re not gonna be hearin’ me say that. No, you’re gonna be hearin’ me say that I was the man who took the champion so far past his limit … I broke him.

~ More heat as Henry pauses and eyeballs the other three men in the ring.

Mark Henry: And if any of you three wanna do somethin’ about it … fine. I’ll squash you like the bugs that you are.

~ The crowd continues to boo as Henry looks around … until Finlay suddenly steps up, standing right in front of Henry to a nice cheer from the crowd.

Finlay: Y’know Henry, ye talk a big game. I watched ye last week, and yeah, you were impressive … but yer nothin’ that I can’t handle.

~ Finlay raises his shillelagh up.

Finlay: You wanna fight? I say let’s go.

~ A pop from the crowd who begin to buzz in antipation.

Mark Henry: Oh yeah?

SMACK! Henry swipes the shillelagh out of Finlay’s hand, catching the Irishman by surprise … ONLY FOR FINLAY TO THEN CATCH HENRY BY SURPRISE AND BACK HIM THROUGH THE FURNITURE INTO THE CORNER BY CHARGING HIM! The crowd explodes as fists begin to wildly flow everywhere between the two …

… WHEN MR. KENNEDY SUDDENLY KNOCKS PAUL LONDON DOWN FROM BEHIND! The crowd boos as Kennedy laughs and picks London back up … ONLY FOR LONDON TO EXPLODE WITH A FLURRY OF FOREARMS! The crowd gives a great cheer as London absolutely stuns Kennedy with an amazing series of forearms, before pushing back a bit … BAM! SUPERKICK! LONDON SENDS KENNEDY FROM THE RING WITH A SUPERKICK!

Finlay and Henry continue to trade bombs over by the ropes as KK II gets back up on the outside … AND LONDON SPRINGS THROUGH THE ROPES AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A SCINTILLATING SUICIDE DIVE! This keeps the crowd cheering …

… until security guards suddenly rush out from the back, drawing heavy heat from the crowd. The guards separate and do all they can to separate the two brawls, with neither being easy to stop due to the intensity.

Michael Cole: Oh my! The Open Mic has just broken down into chaos. Is this the type of intensity we can expect to see at WrestleMania?

Tazz: Well if it is then that’s gonna be one heck of a match.

We suddenly cut away from there to backstage, where we see the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash walking down a corridor.

Michael Cole: It sure will, partner, but shifting our attention, here comes the Cruiserweight Champion, and up next he’ll be making an open challenge to any cruiserweight besides Rey Mysterio in the SmackDown! locker-room. That’s next on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Off we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be back at ringside with our announce crew.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where we still have a lot to come, including the arrival of SmackDown!’s newest superstar, CM Punk, along with our main event featuring the World Heavyweight Champion Batista taking on John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Silence for a moment …


The crowd gives some pretty great heat as out from the back struts the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash. With the title on his shoulder and a big ol’ smile on his face, the champ has no problem with telling the crowd who the man is on his way down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a cruiserweight open challenge, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing 202 lbs, he is the Cruiserweight Champion of the World, KID KAAASSHHHH!

Michael Cole: And right now we’re going to see Kid Kash in action. For weeks now Kid Kash has been telling us that he is a better cruiserweight than Rey Mysterio ever was, and before their match at WrestleMania 22 for the Cruiserweight Title, Kash intends on proving it tonight by opening up a challenge to any cruiserweight in the locker-room, much like Mysterio had done in the weeks prior.

Tazz: An’ it’s gonna be interesting to see who it is that accepts the challenge from ‘Double K’. We’ve seen what he’s done in the past to the other cruiserweights. He’s been the most dominant champion we’ve ever had here on SmackDown!, so you gotta wonder who it is who will accept the challenge.

Kash swings into the ring and takes Chimel’s mic, ready to talk.

Kid Kash: Rey Mys- … no, y’know what? That can wait, because that was hardly a reception that you should give for the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all-time. Do you people have no idea who I am? Do you have no idea what I’ve done? I am Kid Kash, and I have taken this cruiserweight division to a place that it’s never been before! Now granted, I got a sub par introduction …

~ KK motions to Chimel.

Kid Kash: But next time ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ makes his entrance, you had better damn sure show your appreciation.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: As a matter o’ fact, y’know what? You’re gonna show your appreciation right now! Get over here, tubs.

~ Chimel does as he’s told, waddling over to stand next to KK, who reaches over and wraps his arm around Chimel’s shoulders.

Kid Kash: Now I want you to repeat after me, alright? Introducin’ …

Tony Chimel: Introducing …

Kid Kash: From the glorious town o’ Johnson City, Tennessee …

Tony Chimel: From the gl- … glorious town of Johnson City, Tennessee …

Kid Kash: Weighing 202 fiiiiiiine lbs …

Tony Chimel: Weighing 202 … fine lbs …

~ Kash stops and turns to Chimel, giving him a death stare.

Tony Chimel: Fiiiiiiiiine lbs …

Kid Kash: The man who has taken the cruiserweight division to new heights …

Tony Chimel: The man who has taken the cruiserweight division to new heights …

Kid Kash: ‘The Moneyman’ …

Tony Chimel: ‘The Moneyman’ …

Kid Kash: The man …

Tony Chimel: The man …

Kid Kash: The king …

Tony Chimel: The … the king …

Kid Kash: The greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all-time, bar none

Tony Chimel: The greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all-time, bar … bar none …

Kid Kash: KID … KASH!

Tony Chimel: Kid Kash.

~ The crowd boos as KK storms his way across to the ropes and raises his belt up into the air, drawing even more heat than before from the crowd. After a moment of posing, KK shakes his head, then goes back and grabs the microphone.

Kid Kash: Y’know, maybe it’s not tubby’s fault. Maybe it’s your fault. Y’see you people are just like Rey Mysterio …

~ Pop from the crowd for the Rey mention.

Kid Kash: Ya think you know it all. Just like Rey Mysterio, you think you’re better than me. Well lemme me this perfectly clear: no one … is better … than me.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: I am ‘The Notrious K.I.D’, ‘The Moneyman’, the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’, and I am damn sure better than both you people and Rey Mysterio.

~ More heat.

Kid Kash: And just like Rey Mysterio, you people will be forced to recognise that when I beat Mysterio at WrestleMania 22 to prove that I, not Rey Mysterio, am the greatest Cruiserweight Champion of all-time.

~ The crowd continues to boo.

Kid Kash: But hey, we’ve still got nine days to WrestleMania, so tonight … tonight I’ve decided that I’m gonna give you people a preview of what I’m gonna do to Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania. You people … you people seemed to have liked Rey Mysterio’s little cruiserweight open challenges, didn’t ya? You thought they were pretty great, didn’t ya? Well guess what … anything Rey Mysterio can do, Kid Kash can do … better.

~ Good heat.

Kid Kash: So even though I’ve already beaten ‘em all, even though I’ve already showed how dominant I am, tonight I’m openin’ my very own cruiserweight open challenge. So if any of you cruiserweights in the back have the guts, I’m askin’ ya … no, I’m beggin’ you … come out here and so I can give you the ass kickin’ of a lifetime.

~ Again, more boos from the crowd.

Kid Kash: Get it? Got it? Good.

~ KK now throws his microphone down and waits, until …


A decent enough pop is heard throughout the arena for Nunzio as he bounces out onto the stage, perhaps just because he has the guts to step up and face Kash. The rarely seen of late former Cruiserweight Champion makes his way down to the ring rather quickly and enthusiastically, attempting to get the crowd behind him.

Michael Cole: Tazz, you spent some time with this man Nunzio in ECW. Do you think he’s up for the challenge?

Tazz: I’m not sure, but I do know that Nunzio’ll give it all his got. The guy’s a fighter, plain an’ simple.

Nunzio makes his way up into the ring and prepares for action, looking across at KK, who starts to smirk, at least for now …


The crowd goes absolutely nuts as Rey Mysterio springs out onto the stage and stares right down at the ring, eyeballing the Cruiserweight Champion from afar. The master of the 619 then walks down the ramp, keeping his eyes on KK as he tells the referee it’s okay to ring the bell, which the referee does.

Match Three – Singles Match:
Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash vs. Nunzio

Mysterio takes up a position at ringside, watching a now cautious Kid Kash closely. Kash stays serious for a moment longer, glancing between Nunzio and Mysterio, before smirking and turning to Mysterio so he can mouth off … only for Nunzio to rush him from behind with a roll up … two! Kash can’t believe it, getting back up only to be taken right back down into a small package … two! Both men again get up quickly, Kash swinging for a rash clothesline, only for Nunzio to duck then take him down with a backslide … two! Kash is absolutely furious, immediately booting Nunzio as the pair get up this time, stunning him so he can send off the smaller man with an Irish whip, only for Nunzio to come back with a crucifix, taking Kash down into another pinning predicament … two!

A determined Kash gets up and charges at Nunzio, this time being taken over with an arm drag. The crowd applauds the efforts of Nunzio early as he controls Kash’s arm, keeping his early dominance going. Kash, as you would expect, is extremely frustrated, and rather than try to wrestle his way out of things he just plain shoves Nunzio back into the corner, causing a rope break. Perhaps looking for a restart of sorts, KK backs into the middle of the ring and calls for a lockup. Nunzio shows he’s up for that too, with the two engaging in a momentary lockup that quickly ends when the feisty Italian swings behind Kid Kash and takes him down amateur wrestling style. The crowd again applauds Nunzio as he floats over into a front face lock, applying pressure to the frazzled Cruiserweight Champion. Knowing Mysterio is watching on from ringside, KK fights up to his feet then swings through under the arm of Nunzio, taking a wristlock. Proud of himself, Kash takes a moment to gloat to Mysterio … leaving him open for Nunzio to smash him with a blistering chop with his free arm!

The crowd again cheers Nunzio, who backs Kash up into the corner and lambasts him with all kinds of physical blows, showing off his trademark aggression. The referee finally intervenes, forcing Nunzio back, although only momentarily as Nunzio makes his way back to Kash … right into a thumb to the eye! The crowd boos as KK looks to take advantage, whipping Nunzio into the corner and then charging in, only to meet the turnbuckle chest first! Meanwhile Nunzio has dashed off to the ropes and bounces back, taking Kash’s head off with a big lariat! A dazed Cruiserweight Champion uses the ropes to get back to his feet, although he’s soon sent over them as Nunzio charges and nails a clothesline.

Mysterio watches from nearby as his WrestleMania opponent struggles back to his feet, trying to regather himself as he does so … ONLY TO BE SUDDENLY TAKEN DOWN BY A FLYING CROSSBODY BLOCK FROM THE TOP ROPE BY NUNZIO! Nunzio flies kamikaze style, sending both men crashing to the floor. The little Guido gets back to his feet and roars out to the crowd, taking a bit of time to glance at Mysterio, before chasing after Kid Kash, who starts to crawl towards the steel steps, then sits back against them for a rest. Nunzio, however, is giving him no respite as he bends down and goes to lift Kash … only for the Cruiserweight Champion to spring to life, grabbing Nunzio by the tights … then pulling him down and slamming his face into the steel!

The crowd boos the champ – not that he gives a damn – as he gets back to his feet and starts to get his swagger back, eyeing off Mysterio. Kash continues to stare at Mysterio as he continues his offense for the next few minutes, dominating Nunzio without actually putting him away. The champion seemingly doesn’t want to either as the match starts to get to the point where he almost appears to be toying with Nunzio, hitting move after move on his fellow ECW alumni. Nunzio, though, begins to flair up when Kash starts to mouth off to Mysterio, hitting some right hands to the midsection of Kid Kash from his knees, stunning the champ! Nunzio then gets back to his feet and looks for another right … only to get a knee lift to the midsection, cutting him off. KK then declares the match over … GOING FOR THE DEAD LEVEL … NO! Nunzio lands behind Kid Kash, then runs him into the ropes and comes back with an O’Conner roll … TWO!

Both men get right back up, Kash expecting to continue to dominate, only to be shocked by a series of right hands from Nunzio. This backs Kash all of the way to the ropes, prompting Nunzio to go for an Irish whip, only for a desperate Kash to reverse. Kash then wildly swings at Nunzio on the rebound, looking for a clothesline, but Nunzio is able to duck and quickly stop so he can take Kash down with an Italian legsweep! Kash gets back up and is quickly pushed against the ropes by Nunzio, who this time gets the Irish whip, before scoring with a scoop powerslam on the rebound! The crowd cheers as Nunzio roars with intensity on his way back up to the feet, then grabs Kash and nails a snap suplex, floating over into the cover … TWO!

KK just kicks out, prompting Nunzio to think he may be able to go high risk and finish this, heading across to the top rope. KK slowly gets up, then turns to face Nunzio as he soars through the air … flying crossbody connects … but KK rolls through into a cover of his own … TWO! Both men get up to their feet where Kash quickly strikes with a kick to the midsection … then nails the bankruptcy! Nunzio looks absolutely out of it as Kash gets back up and lifts Nunzio to his feet … MONEY MAKER! Kash lays Nunzio out with the Money Maker! The crowd boos as Kash looks Mysterio dead in the eye at ringside, then lifts Nunzio up a final time … TO NAIL THE DEAD LEVEL! KK makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Kid Kash via pinfall @ 7:02


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, KID KASSHHHHH!

The crowd boos as ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ gets back to his feet and raises his arms in the air. Happy with his victory, Kash eyes Mysterio off, who remains at ringside, as he receives his Cruiserweight Title from the referee.

Michael Cole: Well it wasn’t easy, but Kid Kash was come out triumphant, and now he’s letting Rey Mysterio know about it.

Tazz: He may have struggled at first, but this right here is what Kid Kash is all about. He’ll kick your ass then he’ll brag about it, and personally, I love it.

Kash continues to show off, mouthing off to Mysterio … UNTIL REY SUDDENLY CLIMBS INTO THE RING TO A BIG POP!

Michael Cole: Oh my! Are we going to see these two go at it right now?

The two cruiserweights go eye to eye, staring one another down, now remaining silent … until Kid Kash rolls from the ring and leaves.

Tazz: That’s smart from Kash. Don’t get involved until you have to.

KK begins to back up the ramp, leaving Mysterio in the ring …



The crowd suddenly explodes into heat as the United States Champion, Booker T walks out onto the stage, accompanied by his wife Sharmell.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, here comes the US Champion Booker T, seemingly headed for the ring. What’s he doing out here? We’ll find out after the break.

Yeah, break time.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break with Booker T standing in the ring, oddly dressed to compete for the first time in weeks. Booker, as per usual, seems to be in a foul mood, his only supporter, his wife Sharmell, standing by his side.

Booker T: Y’know-

~ Booker begins to speak … WHEN THE LIGHTS SUDDENLY GO OUT IN THE ARENA! The crowd goes absolutely wild as a static begins to play on the screen, the white noise causing the crowd to now wonder who it could be …


The crowd buzzes as the lights remain out as the beat of Miseria Cantare picks up, causing a spotlight to flash on and off, pointing down onto the stage where a man with long hair crouches down. After a while that man springs up and crosses his arms, bellowing out to the crowd … it’s CM Punk! SmackDown!’s newest superstar, dressed in a black jacket to go over his wrestling tights, fires the crowd up, swinging his arm around as he makes his way down the ramp into the ring. Booker T looks shocked in the ring as Punk climbs in to join him, grabbing a mic off the steels steps as he does so, before taking up a position across from Booker after posing for the crowd.

Booker T: What the-

CM Punk: No Booker. No. No more talking. No more, Booker. We’ve heard enough.

~ A pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: Y’see Booker, ever since I signed here to Friday Night SmackDown! six weeks ago, I’ve been looking on intently. I’ve been watching the locker-room, and the one guy I’ve been watching closer than anyone else has been you, Booker.

~ Booker’s eyes are popping out of his head, still pissed that he’s been interrupted.

CM Punk: And y’know Booker, since I signed here with Friday Night SmackDown!, since I’ve been watching you, you haven’t really done a whole lot. I mean, sure, you’re United States Champion, and that … that’s no mean feat. But something that I’ve always believed is that a champion should compete. A champion should show why he’s a champion, should show why he’s the best, and you Booker … well, you haven’t exactly done that, have you?

~ A pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: I mean, since I signed here and since I’ve been watching, all I’ve seen you do is complain. “This isn’t fair, that isn’t fair. I’m the United States Champion, blah blah blah, blah blah!”

~ Another pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: We get it, Booker! Your life isn’t fair. But y’know, if I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that before I came out, you were just about to complain some more, weren’t ya? Well y’know what, Booker? Tonight’s your lucky night, because I’m not gonna let that happen. No, because y’see Booker, I came here to Friday Night SmackDown!. I may not drink, I may not smoke and I may not do drugs – yes, I’m straight edge – but the one thing I do crave is competition. And what better competition is there than a champion, no less, the United States Champion?

~ A little pop from the crowd.

CM Punk: So knowing that you would come out here again tonight and run your mouth, I’ve been waiting for you Booker. And seeing that for once you’re dressed to compete, I’ve got a little proposal for you.

~ The crowd buzzes as CM Punk leans in towards Booker.

CM Punk: CM Punk in his debut match with Booker T right here tonight!

~ A pop from the crowd, who seem to want to see the rookie in action. Booker, meanwhile, is less than enthused, shaking his head.

CM Punk: What do you say?

~ Booker continues to look pissed, until suddenly chuckling to himself.

Booker T: You want me to wrestle you? You want the United States Champion to wrestle … to wrestle some punk? Yo’ out out of yo’ mind.

~ Heat from the crowd.

CM Punk: Y’know, that’s fine, Booker. That’s fine. I always knew you were a coward anyway.

~ OH! Big pop from the crowd as Booker scrunches up his face.

Booker T: A coward? Who the HELL are you to say ‘dat you lil’ punkass?

CM Punk: Who am I? I’m CM Punk …

~ BAM! PUNK SLAPS BOOKER! The crowd goes nuts as Punk remains calm, leaving a pissed looking Booker to look off to the side.

CM Punk: And I’m the guy who’s about to kick your ass.

~ Booker suddenly turns back to Punk, absolutely raging it.

Booker T: You wanna go? You really wanna go? Fine! Let’s do this! You an’ me, right now! Get me a referee!

~ The crowd cheers as Booker gives his wife his title, drops the microphone and begins bouncing around. Punk, meanwhile, also drops his microphone, then starts to stretch his wrists out, ready for action for the very first time on SmackDown!. A referee rushes down to the ring and calls for the bell – we’ve got a match!

Match Four – Singles Match:
United States Champion Booker T w/Sharmell vs. CM Punk

The crowd cheers, excited as the two men bounce around … before CM Punk suddenly extends his hand to Booker. Despite his disparaging words before the match, Punk tries to shake hands with Booker, only for Booker to shoot him down, asking Punk if he’s out of his mind. Punk continues to persist, reaching his hand out … prompting Booker to suddenly launch at Punk with a right hand! The experienced US Champion sends Punk back into the corner and continues to dominate him with some strikes, getting his anger out early. ‘The Book Man’ then looks to continue on, sending Punk off to the other corner with an Irish whip to charge right in after him, only for Punk to float over majestically, leaving Booker to hit the turnbuckle chest first. Booker then turns to the longhaired renegade, who quickly snaps off an arm drag on his opponent. Booker gets back to his feet and tries to rush Punk, only to run into an arm drag not just once, but twice. Punk then follows up by showing us some of his Muay Thai prowess that we saw in his vignettes, smashing his foot against the hamstrings of Booker with some great kicks.

This forces Booker all of the way back up against the ropes, with the US Champion suddenly reeling as Punk charges and dumps him from the ring with a clothesline over the top rope! Booker lands right in front of the announce table, then uses it to slowly pick himself up as his wife Sharmell approaches him … ONLY TO WATCH BOOKER SUDDENLY BE TAKEN DOWN WITH A PHENOMENAL SUICIDE DIVE BY CM PUNK, SMASHING BOTH MEN INTO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE! Punk flies into Booker like a heat seeking missile, wiping both men out! The crowd applauds the desperation of the youngster, who is the first back to his feet, looking around to a positive response from the crowd. Knowing how important this match is, Punk quickly goes back to work, lifting Booker up … only for the US Champion to shock him with a thumb to the eye! Punk reels back, his vision rendered useless, allowing Booker some time … Harlem sidekick … no, Punk ducks … then takes Booker down with a back suplex on the outside! Booker’s head cracks off the thin mats, causing the crowd to pop big for the showing from the youngster!

Punk rolls Booker back into the ring and makes the cover … two! Seemingly accepting of the kickout, ‘The Second City Saint’ (as Tazz alludes to him as) climbs back up to his feet and waits for Booker to get up, before peppering him with some more kicks to the hamstring. This appears to render Booker motionless as Punk now takes off to the ropes … only to run back into the Harlem sidekick! The crowd boos as Booker now takes over the match, dominating things all of the way up until the ad break, suppressing the youngster with his bigger body to take a focus on the back.

Back from the break, and Booker is still on top of the debuting CM Punk, holding him in a backbreaker submission hold across his knee. The crowd cheers Punk on, trying to get him to fight back to his feet, which Punk slowly starts to do until Booker clubs him across the chest! The crowd boos as Punk falls down to the mat in agony, the US Champion standing over him and watching as he struggles back up. Content with keeping it at a slow pace, Booker continues to wait until Punk finally reaches his feet, then rushes him back and begins to ram his shoulder into Punk’s gut … until Punk suddenly jumps and catches Booker with a sunset flip … two! The crowd buzzes as both men get back to their feet, with Booker looking for a big right, only for Punk to duck and then hit some rights. The debutant follows up with some scintillating palm thrusts, just flat out slapping Booker before nailing a spinning backhand that knocks Booker stupid! Booker is on jelly legs as Punk comes off the ropes … then nails a clothesline on the rebound! Punk lifts Booker up and sends him running off into the ropes this time, then nails a leg lariat on the rebound!

The crowd cheers the eye pleasing offense of CM Punk, who lifts his far more experienced opponent up and sends him into the corner with an Irish whip … CRACK! Punk nails Booker with a running knee lift to the jaw! The crowd cheers as Punk then grabs Booker by the head … and runs out of the corner to nail a bulldog! Punk quickly heads out to the apron as Booker struggles back up … springboard clothesline connects! Punk makes the cover … TWO!

Booker barely kicks out, surviving by the skin of his teeth. Punk, realising how close to victory he is, attempts to continue the high paced offense, heading to the corner and going up to the top rope. The crowd cheers … but Booker rushes back to his feet and cuts Punk off, nailing a right hand! Booker then climbs the ropes too and sets Punk up, thinking superplex … but Punk fights back! The plucky youngster hits Booker with some rapid-fire shots, sending him down to the mat, before jumping at a rising Booker … WHO CATCHES PUNK AND NAILS A SPINEBUSTER! Booker makes the cover … TWO!

It’s Punk’s turn to just kick out, and Booker cannot believe it, abusing the referee for making a slow count. ‘The Book Man’ then gets back to his feet and calls for the end, waiting as Punk gets up … BEFORE GOING BOOK END … BUT PUNK FIGHTS FREE WITH ELBOWS! Booker reels away, before turning back to Punk … URANAGE … NO, BOOKER FIGHTS FREE THIS TIME! Punk reels away now, before turning to Booker … who nails a kick to the midsection, then runs to the ropes … SCISSORS KICK … NO! Punk avoids it, then runs off to the ropes … RUNNING SINGLE LEG DROPKICK CONNECTS! Booker is knocked stupid by the kick, though he gets up pretty quickly … AND PUNK LOOKS FOR THE KNOCKOUT KICK … BUT BOOKER DROPS DOWN UNDER IT AND ROLLS FROM THE RING!

The crowd boos as Booker yells at Sharmell to follow him … AND HE STARTS TO WALK UP THE RAMP! The crowd boos as Booker tries to get out of dodge, leaving a bewildered Punk to look on from the ring …


The crowd cheers as Booker spins around in shock … and onto the top of the stage steps Chris Benoit! Booker shakes his head and keeps heading up the ramp, though Benoit stands his ground ominously … so Booker turns and runs back to the ring, sliding in … RIGHT INTO A HUGE KICK TO THE HEAD FROM CM PUNK! Booker is out on his feet … AND CM PUNK CAPITALISES, TAKING HIM DOWN WITH THE URANAGE … THEN QUICKLY LOCKING IN THE ANACONDA VISE! The crowd goes crazy as Booker briefly struggles … THEN TAPS OUT!

Winner: CM Punk via submission @ 12:00


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, C – M PUUUNNNKKKKK!

The crowd goes nuts as CM Punk gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, a broad smile on his face as he does so. While Chris Benoit heads back to the backstage area, Punk celebrates his victory up in the ring.

Michael Cole: What a debut by CM Punk! He was nothing sort of sensational and he deserved that win against Booker T here tonight.

Tazz: What a debut is right. He just knocked off the US Champion! Booker wasn’t out here for a match, so you could argue that Punk caught him off guard, but what a win for the youngster nonetheless. He looks like he could have a real future here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Michael Cole: Booker came out here to complain, and Punk said he had heard enough. He wanted action, and boy did he bring it. If this is the type of competition that CM Punk is going to bring to SmackDown!, then I can’t wait to see him each and every week here.

The cheers continue to come in for Punk, who notices Booker sitting in the corner … so he now goes across and forcefully shakes the hand of Booker!

Tazz: Booker wouldn’t shake his hand before the match, but he has no option now!

The victorious debutant CM Punk heads from the ring, slapping hands with the fans as he heads backstage.

Speaking of which, we now cut backstage … to see Orlando Jordan watching Punk on a monitor. OJ smiles to himself, happy to have seen his ex-mentor fall, when Chris Benoit walks into shot, heading past OJ, who turns to stop one of his WrestleMania opponents.

Orlando Jordan: Hey! Hey Chris!

~ Benoit stops and turns to Jordan.

Orlando Jordan: Nice goin’ out there.

~ OJ attempts to extend the olive branch, but Benoit says nothing, remaining silent.

Orlando Jordan: Okay. Well, I just wanted to talk to you about last week. Now I know I went in there sayin’ I wanted to win for myself, and I didn’t really do that, so-

Chris Benoit: Orlando … it’s okay. You did what you had to to win.

~ Jordan nods.

Chris Benoit: Just like I will at WrestleMania.

~ And with that Benoit walks out of shot, leaving Orlando with a lot to think about.

He can think about that over the ad break, which we now head off to.

*Commercial Break*





We now return back to ringside.

Michael Cole: That’s right ladies and gentlemen. That song you can hear in the background is I Dare You by Shinedown, and you can hear it because there are now just NINE DAYS until WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: It’s so close that I can almost taste it, Cole. It don’t get any bigger than this.

Michael Cole: It sure doesn’t, partner, and speaking of it not getting any bigger, at WrestleMania 22 it perhaps doesn’t get any bigger than this. Former best friends, now bitter enemies Shawn Michaels and Triple H go one on one in a No Holds Barred Match in what may be the final tale of their rivalry. Before then, however, this week on RAW, it’s been reported that they will have one final non-physical meeting in the ring, organised by Eric Bischoff.

Tazz: And what a meeting that should be. These two hate each other plain and simple, and at WrestleMania they’re not gonna be tryin’ to win. They’re gonna be tryin’ to take one another out.

Michael Cole: It may not be as violent, but in a match that perhaps means just as much to the competitors, The Hardy Boyz will be challenging MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles. We’ve heard how much this means to these two teams over the past few weeks, but can The Hardy Boyz do something to overcome the numbers advantage?

Tazz: Well Matt said they were gonna do somethin’ earlier. We heard what he said. They don’t wanna lose another match at WrestleMania. You ask me? I reckon they will. MNM are just too strong.

Michael Cole: RAW’s World Tag Team Titles will be on the line when Kane and the Big Show defend against Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas. This past week Haas was able to upset Big Show; this week it’ll be Shelton vs. Kane.

Tazz: Haas has told Shelton to prove his worth this week. If he does, who knows, Haas an’ Benjamin may just win the gold at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: The United States Title will be on the line as Booker T defends in a Three Way Dance against Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan where elimination rules apply.

Tazz: And Booker’s gonna wanna get back on his game after what just happened between him and CM Punk. You heard Benoit before too. He’s gonna do whatever it takes to win. If ya ask me, he’s gonna be hard to stop.

Michael Cole: The Women’s Title from Monday Night RAW will be defended as Trish Stratus faces the woman who used to look up to her, Mickie James.

Tazz: Trish an’ Mickie have both found themselves some friends in recent weeks too. Will that play into things? I dunno, but what I do know is that this match is about as personal as we’ve ever seen from the divas.

Michael Cole: The Cruiserweight Title will be on the line when the champion Kid Kash looks to prove he’s the greatest cruiserweight of all-time against cruiserweight great, Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Kash proved he can do what Mysterio can too by beatin’ Nunzio earlier tonight in an impressive showing, so my money in on ‘The Moneyman’ himself, my man ‘Double K’ to prove he’s the star of the cruiserweights.

Michael Cole: You want to talk about stars? There’s no bigger star than The Undertaker, and nine days from now his streak will be on the line against Rob Van Dam.

Tazz: RVD has been lookin’ good of late, no doubt about it, but ‘The Phenom’ laid RVD out with a Chokeslam again this past Monday night, and I think we’ll see the same thing happen at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: In a match added earlier tonight by Theodore Long, the undefeated Bobby Lashley will take on the former WWE Champion, JBL.

Tazz: Lashley may be undefeated, but do you think he can handle the big match situation of WrestleMania? We know JBL can, and to me, that means JBL will finally beat some respect into Lashley.

Michael Cole: In a match all about becoming a world champion, eight men will try to scale a ladder and claim the Money in the Bank briefcase, guaranteeing them a shot at any world title over the next twelve months. Eight hungry competitors, only one briefcase. Who will prevail?

Tazz: My money in on Mark Henry. You look at the size of that man, and you just don’t think he can be stopped. Mr. Kennedy’s got a chance too, but for me it’s ‘The World’s Strongest Man’.

Michael Cole: Speaking of world titles, the WWE Title will be on the line as Edge defends against John Cena and Kurt Angle. Edge has been running from them for months, and even this past Monday he attacked John Cena when he was supposed to face him, perhaps putting Cena’s WrestleMania dream in doubt. At WrestleMania there should be no running though as the title will be on the line.

Tazz: And don’t forget, this Monday Edge has to face Kurt Angle one on one in a no DQ, no count out match. If Edge can survive that then maybe he can win at WrestleMania, but that’s a long shot.

Michael Cole: Finally, our main event. The World Heavyweight Champiuon, Batista defends his gold against the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton.

Tazz: This match is a personal one, and these two have a long history with one another. Never have they faced off over a world title though, and it’s about time we see who the better man is. It should be a close one, but if you ask me, Randy Orton will prevail.

Michael Cole: That’s all at WrestleMania, but folks, the night before WrestleMania we will see the annual Hall of Fame ceremony where the class of ’06 will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. We’ve met the first four inductees, so let’s see the fifth and final member of the class of ’06.




We cut away backstage to see Josh Matthews standing by with The Cabinet and The Bluebloods.

Josh Matthews: JBL, we’re just moments away from your match with Batista. Your thoughts on this match?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Josh, I could go on about how for months that I’ve been lookin’ for a shot at Batista, and about how this is it. About how I can prove tonight that I should be walkin’ into WrestleMania as champion, not him. But I won’t. No, because earlier tonight, Batista stuck his nose in my business and stopped me from teachin’ Bobby Lashley a lesson that’s now gonna have to wait for WrestleMania. So tonight …

~ JBL sneers.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tonight Batista is gonna have to pay.

~ And with that JBL leaves the scene, his entourage following him …

… As we cut off elsewhere to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista walking down a corridor, seemingly ready for action … when suddenly the General Manager, Theodore Long walks into view. Batista looks surprised, stopping and looking at Teddy.

Batista: Uh, hey Teddy. I’ve kinda got a match just now, but-

Theodore Long: I know, and I’ve decided I’m goin’ out there with you. I know you don’t need me, but I’ve decided I’m gonna be out there just to make sure a repeat of last week doesn’t happen, ya feel me?

~ Batista looks taken aback at first, although he continues walking, leaving us with a little popup to tell us the main event is next.

Break time.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to the sound of …


Some great heat meets the entrance of the white limousine, which gracefully rolls in up to the side of the ramp, gleaming in the light. A chauffeur steps out and heads to the next door, opening it to reveal John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who is of course followed by The Cabinet, and the new addition of The Bluebloods, who take up the rear.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from New York City, weighing 295 lbs, J – B – L!

Michael Cole: We heard from JBL just moments ago, and he told us that for him, tonight is all about revenge. JBL doesn’t care that WrestleMania is near, he doesn’t care that this is a chance top prove himself against Batista, he just wants revenge.

Tazz: And that could prove dangerous for Batista. He’s headed into a big match with Randy Orton in nine days time, and he doesn’t wanna go in wounded.

JBL and his entourage enter the ring, then wait …


The crowd goes BALLISTIC as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista now runs out onto the stage. Full of energy, Batista yells at the crowd to get to their feet on either side of the stage, before making his way to the middle of the stage and setting off his pyro. The champion then makes his way down the ramp, with General Manager, Theodore Long now walking out from the back.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the WOOORRRLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, BATIIIISTTTAAAAA!

Michael Cole: And notice that Batista is not alone here. He is being accompanied by SmackDown! General Manager Theodore Long, who was warned Batista that he does not want a repeat of last week.

Tazz: Teddy may not like JBL, which JBL has made sure is well publicised, but he knows he has to be a fair General Manager, and he doesn’t wanna see another one of his superstars get hurt. Whether Batista will be able to control himself comin’ off yet another loss should be interesting though, Cole.

Batista makes his way up into the ring and poses for the crowd, really feeling it tonight before he settles down and waits for the match to begin.

Match Five – Singles Match:
John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield w/The Cabinet & The Bluebloods vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista w/General Manager, Theodore Long

JBL’s entourage exits the ring, leaving the two actual competitors in this match to get things started. Batista looks rather calm compared to previous weeks, bouncing up and down on the spot. JBL, however, is still aggrieved by Batista’s actions earlier in the night, and he quickly rushes into a lockup. The two heavyweights struggle in the grapple, neither gaining a definitive advantage until Batista slowly starts to inch JBL back further and further, finally reaching the corner. Batista looks to be going for a clean break, much to the relief of JBL … until he suddenly drives his shoulder through the midsection of JBL. Perhaps trying to give JBL a taste of his own medicine after JBL attempted to attack Lashley earlier in the night, Batista is happy to then strike JBL with some big right hands, before whipping him into the opposite corner and charging into a raised boot from Layfield.

Never one to turn the aggression of a match down, JBL now comes out with some big right hands, perhaps so big that Batista is caught off guard as he’s driven back into the corner. JBL follows him in and keeps the barrage going, striking Batista so violently that Batista eventually flops from the ring, falling through the ropes to the floor. JBL keeps the fight going, moving out after Batista and trying to hammer away on him, only for Batista to block the right hand, then throw JBL around ringside a bit, using the crowd barrier for the most part to attack his foe. Hearing the referee’s count, Batista rolls in and out of the ring, then looks to come after JBL, only to be met by a kick to the midsection from Layfield. ‘The Wrestling God’ is quick to follow up too, looking to whip Batista into the steel steps, only for Batista to reverse and send JBL crashing in! The crowd pops as Batista sends JBL down into a heap, causing The Cabinet & The Bluebloods to start to murmur around ringside, only for the presence of the General Manager at ringside causing them to back off.

This leaves Batista free to pick JBL up and roll him back into the ring for the cover … two! Batista isn’t too fussed by the kickout, keeping the methodical beating of JBL going with strikes until he is briefly distracted by the words of Brent Albright from ringside, allowing JBL time to recover and then roll out of the way of an elbow. Batista is still the first up though, and he tries to keep the offense on JBL going, attempting an Irish whip that JBL reverses … before smashing his boot into the skull of Batista on the rebound with a big boot! The crowd boos as JBL takes over, heading us off to our final commercial break of the night.

Back from the break and JBL is in a cover … two! Batista just kicks out, much to the frustration of JBL, who we’re told dominated the ad break with a little assistance from his entourage, who have since been warned by General Manager Theodore Long to keep their noses out of the match or he’ll kick them out personally. Perhaps looking for a submission victory having failed to win via pinfall, JBL changes things up, locking in a sleeper hold on the still downed World Heavyweight Champion. Batista struggles, gasping for air, before slowly starting to fade away, prompting JBL to demand the referee check on him. The referee raises Batista’s hand up … and it falls away once! A second time … and it falls away again! The crowd buzzes as the referee raises it a third time … but this time it stays up! The crowd cheers as Batista rallies, fighting back up to his feet and pushing JBL off to the ropes … before locking in a sleeper hold of his own! The crowd gives a big pop for that … but JBL quickly reverses, nailing a back suplex that takes Batista down.

‘The Wrestling God’ springs up and sees the position Batista is in, prompting him to pause and pose, before beginning to measure Batista as he gets up … THEN GOING FOR THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … BUT BATISTA DUCKS … THEN CHARGES OFF TO THE ROPES AND COMES BACK WITH A SPEAR! Both men remain down following the move, having taken a fair bit of punishment throughout the match. Slowly but surely, they both fight back up to their feet, then look to engage in a slugfest, with JBL scoring first, only for Batista to hit right back. The two throw bombs at one another until Batista finally starts to get the advantage, sending JBL back into the ropes, before sending him off with an Irish whip … then scoring with a back body drop on the rebound!

The crowd cheers as Batista follows up by rushing JBL back to the corner and nailing some heavy shoulder thrusts, driving the wind out of him. JBL is left to time to recover from that as Batista sends him across the ring to the opposite corner with an Irish whip, then squashes him with a corner clothesline! JBL staggers from the corner … right into the clutches of Batista, who nails the jackhammer! ‘The Animal’ bursts back up to his feet and calls for the end, feeling it’s time to finish the match … AS HE GOES BATISTA BOMB … BUT JBL COUNTERS WITH A BACK BODY DROP! Batista struggles back to his feet, then turns … RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … WAIT, NO! SPINEBUSTER! BATISTA CATCHES JBL WITH THE SPINEBUSTER! The crowd explodes as Batista lifts JBL up … AND NAILS THE BATISTA BOMB! BATISTA NAILS IT! The champion makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Batista via pinfall @ 10:38


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, BATIIISTTTAAAAA!

The crowd explodes as ‘The Animal’ gets back to his feet and shares their excitement, quickly heading to the second rope to celebrate having finally ended his losing streak.

Michael Cole: Batista has done it! His string of losses has ended, and what better time with nine days to go until WrestleMania!

Tazz: Hey, maybe Batista has overcome the mind games of Randy Orton.

Batista continues to celebrate, with Teddy Long now climbing into the ring to applaud him from the centre, while JBL meanwhile rolls out to his entourage to leave.

Michael Cole: What a win for Batista here tonight, and what a way to … wait, hang on! He said he wouldn’t be here!

We see what Cole is talking about … as RANDY ORTON slides into the ring behind Long and Batista!

Tazz: And Batista doesn’t know about it. This could be bad for ‘The Animal’.

With Batista still on the turnbuckle, Orton sneaks up …


Michael Cole: What? Randy Orton just laid out our General Manager!

Tazz: And I think Batista has noticed!

Batista hears the sound of the impact, causing him to turn and see Orton … WHO SCURRIES FROM THE RING! The crowd boos as Batista roars in frustration, then bends down to tend to Long, all while Orton is able to walk out of the arena, having gotten into Batista’s head … again.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

United States Championship; Three Way Dance:
Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T ©

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Cruiserweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kid Kash ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry

Singles Match:
Bobby Lashley vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

Apologies for not getting this up sooner. Have been studying for exams sadly. Anyway, on with it...

No surprise to start the show with Orton given the way we ended last week's show. What was surprising was the location of this promo. The way Orton accused Batista and Teddy of being in cahoots with each other was a interesting way to start the show, as was his announcement of Orton not being there tonight. However, the recent trend in this thread is for people to claim they won't be there and wind up showing up anyway, and with the show being so close to Wrestlemania, I of course fully expect Orton to show up and attack Batista at some point tonight.

Solid match to kick off the in ring action with two. The booking off a more technical natured match early on made sense, as these two certainly are the two more technically proficient of the partners in their respective teams. I thought the way Matt learned from Jeff's mistake last week in terms of avoiding Melina grabbing the leg to allow Mercury to club him from behind was a nice touch. And for the second week in a row, Melina hands MNM the victory. I can't off the top of my head think of a diva the Hardyz could bring in to even things up, so it will be interesting to see how Melina factors into things at Mania. But yeah, solid enough start to things.

Unbelievable nitpicking here, but I’ve never heard a girl called ‘sunshine’ like that before. I think that’s usually what Regal would refer to a guy as. But now of curse fully expecting The Cabinet to be involved in Regal’s match tonight.

Another short bit here with the Hardyz. As I said earlier, I dunno of any divas who could even the odds off the top of my head, but that seemed to be where you’re going after the ‘numbers advantage’ comment. The chat between the two was a bit... bland tbh. But neither of them is the easiest to write for. But maybe next time a bit more flow to their chat.

Lashley overcoming the odds here sets him up well for Mania. Batista out for the save? Well, I understand it was done to set up the main event, but given the recent change in attitude of Batista, him being the face champion doing the right thing is a big difference. After what he did to Super Crazy last week, this is far away from the attitude shown last week. So yeah, not so sure about this. And from the commentary, it seems Tazz has the same query as I do.

Oh... ok. Here’s our answer. Well, I guess credit is due for justifying the Batista run in.

Very enjoyable segment here. The start with the explanation of the open mic not really being open was kinda funny. There obviously was a lot of symmetry between this and the cabana segment on Raw, which I’m sure was deliberate. One thing this shows up however is the striking difference between the competitors of the two shows. Kennedy for me is far and away the best option of the SD guys to win, while on Raw it could be any of 3 guys imo. I’m glad you didn’t let London fall into the trap that I feel Chavo did on Monday night, in that what he said did make an impact. Finlay, although not saying much, showed a fair bit of passion for the match, especially with that line about his vast experience in the ring yet no title shots. That was good. The decision to keep Henry’s piece short was also good. As on Raw, here comes the brawl. Nothing wrong really with the way the four split, and Finlay’s recent tweener type means his attack on Henry, who has been a prominent heel in the thread so far, gives him a bit of a boost. One way this could have been better would to have somehow had London down in the ring while Finlay, Kennedy and Henry brawl on the outside, and then have London hit the high flying move, taking out all three men. As the true face of the Smackdown participants, that spot would have served him well. A suicide dive over the top onto all three, something like that would have gave the segment an explosive finish. But yeah, apart from that suggestion this was a better version than the one we saw on Raw in terms of the structure and content of it, but like I said, the talent level is far different.

Surprised the next match lasted 7 mins tbh, especially as we haven’t seen much of Nunzio in the thread. The crossbody off the top was a nice spot. I’m glad there was a bit of a staredown between Rey and Kash during the match. I also liked the ending, with Kash snapping off impact move after impact move to send Rey a message. Just some real solid booking during the match and the post match altercation between Kash and Rey. No faults here really, this was all spot on.

Wow, a great way to introduce Punk to the thread. A little reminiscent of the way Legend brought Punk into his thread, but still very effective. The way Punk goaded Booker into the match after Booker acted as though Punk was beneath him was well done. The slap also gives an intense edge to Punk’s character straight off the bat. As for the match, Punk very much in control for the majority of it, which really put him over strongly. Benoit out to cost Booker the match makes sense, and again Booker tapping out really puts Punk over big. A great debut for him. What is surprising is the timing off it. Obviously by inserting him into the Booker/Benoit feud for this match has given Punk a level of precedence, but with us being so close to Mania, I’m wondering why you didn’t hold off til the SD after Mania. But with regards to what I saw tonight, Punk is destined for big things in this thread.

Nice rundown of the card by the announcers.

Onto the main event. A ton of bodies at ringside for this one. A little surprised that Lashley isn’t there with Teddy in Batista’s corner as a way of thanks for earlier, but no biggie. You’ve got JBL taking a back body drop during the match. Can’t say I remember that happening all that often tbh. Doesn’t seem like the kinda move he’d take. I’d like to have seen more of the numbers game come into things here. I realise Teddy being there was a deterrent to this, but a simple Regal distracting Long and JBL distracting the ref while Albright and Burchill lay in with the boots (or something like that) would have been an easy way to keep the ringside presence involved. Anyway, Batista over clean with the Batista Bomb, no complaints with that. And here comes Orton... to lay out Teddy? Hmm... certainly different. An nice twist that hooks me into next week’s show.

Once again, a very enjoyable show. A few things I didn’t like and a few suggestions I made, but nothing overly wrong. The thread is starting to build towards Wrestlemania nicely, and I think it’ll be quite the event around the section when we get there. Can’t wait.
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Wink Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

SmackDown! Feedback

-First off I’d just like to say that like KOP’s thread, I am new to this and this will be my first show, so don’t be bothered if I ramble on about what I think has happened or should happen at the next pay per view, I like to keep myself surprised.

-The Orton promo is good, I like how he tried to depict Batista as the bad guy in the situation and make himself look like the innocent one, classic heel move. But the thing about the Wrestlemania match written into his contract was already used by the WWE in 2009, so I don’t know if you should have mixed things up a bit, but it seemed fitting to me. Brilliant promo as said at first, but I would have liked to see Orton in action, me being a big fan boy :/

-9 days away from Wrestlemania, I can’t wait to see what you do with it, you seem like a very good writer, and I can’t see you letting anyone down with the big ol’ PPV coming up. Michael Cole and Tazz hyping it and the rivalry along with the promo was good, ads a bit of intensity to some aspects, but not much intensity obviously. Good Job.

- @ ‘galpal’ don’t know why but it made me chuckle. Matt Hardy vs. Mercury seems like it’ll be a pretty good match, possibly the tag teams going against each other at the big one? Guess I’ll find out. This was a decent read, and I liked how it was a basic tossup between the two. Good job and this one was a favorite of recent matches I’ve been reading. Them being dirty and winning is another good move for a heel to portray, and I’m glad to see it intact.

-Regal and JBL promo was very interesting and also very in character, but the only minor thing was JBL asking to call him William, he should have just called him William if he is supposed to be the snobby millionaire like he always has been. But none the less, good segment and I can’t wait for that matchup.

-Another cliffhanger segment here with The Hardyz, as Matt says that last year they must have lost/he must have lost and this is his year, and by the looks of things he’s getting paranoid. I always like myself a Mad Matt Hardy, so I sort of marked out for this one Good Job once again.

-JBL getting sent a message by Lashley after shaking free of Birchill was another dirty heel moment that I enjoyed. One heel victory, One Face victory of the evening, which is perfectly fine by me. I can’t wait to see if either of these guys have matches at WM with each other, or a stip match or something. Liked this one, and beginning to like your style of writing, and may pick up a few things from reading this as I did with other ones.

-Thinking the past match and segment was over, I wrote the above paragraph without reading anything past the winning of Lashley. JBL and Lashley going one on one at Big Time seems like it could be a highlight filled match, and I can’t wait to see how Batista vs. JBL turns out, and if Lashley will be interfering possibly?

-Batista apologizing to Super Crazy and recognizing his wrongs is another good face moment, as at the beginning I had a suspicion he was the bad guy in this situation, and it was HeelTista vs. HeelOrton, and Heel v Heel doesn’t really work so I kinda figured something was up. ‘Tista on a losing streak might be fun to see him lash out, and I can’t wait to see if he loses again tonight, and then Orton can say “THAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN AT MANIA”. Not in that context, but that was the general idea. Can’t wait.

- @ Grabbing Round objects. Kennedy using ‘monstrosity’ as did Orton at the beginning is kind of a shame to me, I’d like to see different words but I’m no stickler, so it’s fine, just stating my slight opinion. By the sounds of it ‘The Open Mic’ is a show like The Highlight Reel, The Cutting Edge, and obviously Carlito’s Cabana. Him having a lot of guests was pretty awesome, and so was the fight that broke out, reminds me more of the V.I.P lounge than any other show. I haven’t heard the term of the good ol’ ‘suicide dive’ in a while, so I marked out here also. Security as an added effect adds tension to the two feuds, and I can’t wait to see the stips for these matches, and I can’t wait to see what is planned for these four…

-Kash’s introduction segment was hilarious, and I can picture Chimel being scared of Kash even though he’s just a little fella. I have never seen Kash compete in real life [On T.V] because I didn’t watch in early 2006, so I’m learning his character with you. . Looks like another pretty good heel here, and his intro was pretty awesome and funny in my opinion, especially the ‘death stare’

-Kash winning this one is another add to his heel character as he goes and flies high like all the lil’ guys should. He sends a message to Mysterio who it looks like he might be having a feud with of some sort? The Notorious K.I.D is looking strong heading into ‘Mania.

-Punk and Booker exchanging words and apparently fists was a big hit for me as I enjoy both, and I’m heavenly thankful he is Booker T and not that King Booker shit that went on back then, eghh. I hated that time when he was all slow and stuff, but anyways, Punk is new and fresh and obviously coming in as a face. Benoit/Booker seems like it’s a feud and this makes Benoit look hella mighty heading into ‘Mania, costing Booker a match tonight against a new superstar who may have been taken lightly at first. The forceful hand shaking was also a nice touch. OJ, another superstar I don’t know but have heard about must have been a ‘student’ of Booker T, and obviously fallen apart, aaanddd now I’m a tad confused with all this Punk/OJ/Benoit/Booker mix up, but I’m sure it’ll be clarified.

-Wrestlemania 22 promo is looking good, seemingly recapping what had happened last year? Year before? Not sure once again, but I like it. Banner looking ‘fiiiiiine’ as well :P Arn Anderson in the HOF is a smart choice, and loved the short and sweetness of it.

-Interview with what I’m going to call ‘The Cab’ was pretty short and sweet as well, JBL intending it to be that way. He says he’s gotta show Lashley a lesson at ‘Mania, but show Batista a lesson tonight. Teddy coming down to the ring is another great thing to see, and I’m going to bank that Orton might come in and interfere, not sure yet though.

-The match was shorter than the other ones, which makes me a little disappointed, but not extremely as I was correct on the Orton appearance, who comes into the arena and get’s Teddy, leaving Batista pretty damn pissed off. Orton lives up to his Viper name as we are set for Wrestlemania in 9 days, and now I’ll see what’s going on with the feuds I witnessed tonight

-Batista vs. Orton … seems pretty hyped evidently, and I can’t wait to see these two explode at ‘Mania. Undertaker vs. Angle and it wasn’t on tonight’s SD!? I hope to see them on Raw then . Benoit vs. Jordan vs. Booker clears things up as I didn’t really understand how a 1on1 match would come out from what happened tonight, CM Punk obviously just sort of jobbing but yet getting his name known. Hardyz vs. MnM, saw this one coming. I expected the two teams to go at it, and it’s being shown well. Mysterio vs. Kid Kash saw this coming also, not too much to say here. Well, all 4 of these men being in MITB was a bit of a shock to me as I thought they’d be separate feuds from that, but this certainly adds heat to the MITB match, which you don’t see too often. Bravo. JBL/Lashley obviously known, as it was declared tonight.

Well, what can I say. I didn’t notice hardly anything wrong, good with checking your grammar/spelling as I didn’t see any mistakes, loving your vocabulary, and how you hype your matches along with your writing style. I’ll definitely be tuning in for RAW, and I also would like to know Are you taking WM22 Predictions? If so please leave it in a Rep message or something of that sort, and I’ll edit in some predictions. Great show, and it entertained me for the night. Loving what you are doing, keep it up!

Happy Booking,
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