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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Thanks for the reviews everyone. Much appreciated. Just a quick note: with about a month to go until my final exams of high school and practice exams now occurring for me, I most likely will not be giving out much feedback at all. I've already started a review for Legend's SmackDown!, but apart from that I'm not too sure how much I'll be able to get done. With these exams being extremely important (they basically decide if I get into uni and what courses I can get), I need to take a lot of time to study. Usually I'd rather read shows than write, but with WrestleMania so close I want to kep this thread moving. Hopefully people understand. Thanks.


March 17th, 2006 | CenturyTel Center; Bossier City, Louisiana

With just a mere sixteen days until the big one, this week Friday Night SmackDown! comes roaring into Bossier City, Louisiana, with a huge show full of WrestleMania excitement.

We closed the show last week with our World Heavyweight Champion, Batista absolutely losing it. Irate after Randy Orton had cost him another match – this time one Orton himself was involved in as Batista & Orton took on the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM – Batista tore the ringside area apart, bringing about an army of security guards to restrain him. That wasn’t all though, as Randy Orton also reappeared, getting right in Batista’s face to let him know that yet again he could not get his hands on Orton. This week Batista has promised that he WILL get his hands on Randy Orton, but his focus must also be elsewhere, as he’s been put in action against Super Crazy. It’ll be a tough match for Super Crazy, but with Batista having lost his past three matches, could another upset be on the cards? And what will we see of Randy Orton, who is not scheduled for action this week?

In a match with huge WrestleMania 22 implications, Orlando Jordan and Chris Benoit are set to do battle. Following Teddy Long’s announcement of the United States Title match at WrestleMania, this match could be what gives Booker T the edge. Should Orlando be able to beat Benoit tonight, something he’s struggled to ever do, he’ll be included in the WrestleMania bout, making it a Three Way Dance between himself, Chris Benoit and the defending champion Booker T for the United States Title. Should Orlando lose tonight, it’ll be just Benoit and Booker one on one for the gold, something we know Booker doesn’t want. Can Orlando emerge victorious, not just for himself but also for Booker, or will Chris Benoit pick up a victory against a guy who he said last week could beat Booker if he ever wanted to?

One half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Johnny Nitro will be in action as he takes on one of his challengers at WrestleMania, and a man who will be in singles action in the WWE for the first time in THREE YEARS, Jeff Hardy. Last week The Hardy Boyz made a successful return to SmackDown! by defeating The Mexicools, but will Jeff be able to have the same success on his own, or will Nitro rain supreme?

Rey Mysterio will be doing all he can to gain a shot at the Cruiserweight Championship as he holds his final of three cruiserweight open challenges. The champion Kid Kash has said that if he’s impressed enough by Rey, he will grant him a shot at the gold at WrestleMania 22 to prove that he is the better cruiserweight. Who will accept Rey’s challenge, and will it be enough for Rey to impress Kid Kash?

Also on SmackDown!, following the events of the past few weeks, this week The Cabinet paring of JBL & Brent Albright will be looking to gain revenge on former rivals and partners for the night, Bobby Lashley & Finlay. We will also see the final Money in the Bank Qualifier with two mystery participants, plus Mr. Kennedy will be in the building, along with Paul London following his shock loss to London last week. For all of this and more, be sure to tune in to see Friday Night SmackDown! on The CW Network, 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

The opening video, much like on Raw was quite nice, reminding me of what went down at SNME. Not that I need reminding, I’ve actually been able to keep up with this thread pretty consistently.

Opening the show with Batista was to be expected as he probably has the most to say after Orton cost him his match against Edge at SNME. Batista promo’s are hard to write, imo, and besides a terrible effort at a cheap pop when he asked the crowd what they thought of his title reign, and I didn’t really like the way he mentioned the commentators either, it felt, I don’t know, almost like he was digging a little too deep to prove to everybody how good he is. As the promo went on though, I thought he ran down the list of his challengers nicely, even if I wasn’t a huge fan at the jokes he tried to crack. Showing the videos of the losses before letting Batista talk about Orton was a nice little touch to. Batista was alright when talking about Orton, I probably preferred when he was running down the list of his challengers more, but this still wasn’t bad by any means. I’m not going to beat around the bush, from telling Batista to blame himself, to mentioning the Evolution days, I thought Orton was just spot on from start to finish. Batista wanting to brawl and Orton not wanting to was cool to, not only adding to the head games, but showing the complete contrast in styles. You’re building this up as brain against brawn wonderfully. Teddy Long making the strange bedfellows type of match just seems strange, I’ve no idea why he would try and make them team up. I get it is kind of a punishment, but I just don’t like it, tbh. With that being said, I thought this opening was good, not great, but good work.

Rey Mysterio’s Cruiserweight challenge being accepted by Jamie Noble is awesome. As much as I enjoyed the match at SNME, this is what I really wanted, so I’m glad we’re at least getting to see it now. The match itself was nice, nothing overly great, and maybe I expected some better sequences thrown in there, but at least you made Noble look strong, despite the inevitable loss coming. Another nice win for Mysterio, strengthening his case for a title shot against Kash at ‘Mania.

I thought Kid Kash’s promo was on the money. You clearly enjoy writing him, or at least it seems that way, as you write him very well. Giving Mysterio one more chance is nice; although I have a feeling Kash has something up his sleeve. Great promo, anyway.

Batista and Teddy Long segment was a little awkward, as I just really didn’t like the way Teddy was like “you’re my dawg out in the world” but not here or whatever he said, it just doesn’t seem like something he would say. Usually he would punish Orton for costing SD, but punishing both doesn’t really make sense. If Teddy doesn’t turn heel, or at least isn’t involved in this build up more so in the next few weeks this segment is going to seem really pointless. I understand it hypes tonight’s main event, and puts over Batista’s frustration, but if that’s all it is, it’s a nothing segment.

Hardy Boy moments? How exciting! Seriously though, it’s a smart move, hyping their return to the fullest extent.

Paul London doesn’t really have much charisma at this stage, simply playing the underdog character, yet despite that, I thought this interview was pretty good, capturing his emotions nicely and what not. It went a tad downhill with the go home line though, as I liked how he was talking about people remembering him, but the final line, directly at Kennedy was just way to weak/forced for my liking.

Typical arrogance from Kennedy, downplaying London, before going through his usual intro skit, nothing to really add, it was all well done.

The start of the matchup between these two is what you’d expect from a guy like Kennedy really. He was using his strength advantage, but at the same time he was just being a complete ass about it. The contrast of styles in this match was pretty nice, and I think this match write up showed that you really like writing London. Anyway, the match was alright, with, well somewhat of a shock result, although knowing you, I kind of expected Kennedy to job. Whilst I do believe this is clever, as it shows that everybody is on level pegging for the MITB, I felt as if Kennedy was coming along nicely, and this loss was a little to decisive, making him look a little weak, imo.

The JBL interview was pretty good, being his usual arrogant self, claiming he is to good for both JBL and Finlay. Using the terms ‘vanilla gorilla’ should only be used for Brock Lesnar, or some other big white guy, and well, Batista isn’t that white, so I’m not sure this insult really worked. Also, rather than saying whatever drunken country Finlay is from, JBL would usually get into specifics, and insult the country a little better than that. Besides these two little things, I still thought you had him rather in character though. Albright’s bit on the mic was okay, it seemed like he as rambling a bit at times, as “you’ve never had anything like me gunning down on you” just didn’t sound right, making his bit of the interview lack. A decent interview, but I’d definitely let JBL do the talking from now on.

CM in two weeks? Awesome.

I didn’t like showing The Hardy Boyz in the TLC match, simply because it’s a match that they lost, so despite being a career highlight, I didn’t think it should have been shown. Probably would have worked better if you went with their ’99 ladder match at No Mercy against Edge and Christian.

Albright and Finlay is definitely one I’m looking forward to reading, hoping for a brutal match. You definitely didn’t disappoint, as this match didn’t have the spots most people like, but it’s probably the match I’ve enjoyed the most so far. It started well with some actual wrestling, which seems to never happen these days, before turning into a brawl. The intensity from Albright was amazing when he sensed the weakness in the arm, and the ending was clever, getting Finlay into the main event, and continuing the feud between Lashley and JBL.

The interaction between Orton and Batista was very good, building more tension, and showing that Batista has wizened to Orton’s deceptive ways.

Another Hardy Boyz moment, at least this time it’s a winning moment.

Honestly, I really think this Chris Benoit promo should have been short, and not a huge in ring segment, because he sucks to write for most the time. I really didn’t like the direction you took this promo, yes, Benoit failed to capture the US Title, but only because he was screwed, and everybody knows that Benoit is good enough. Going back to the Benoit of storyline from 2004 was a little pointless, imo, and it just seems like you did it to make the promo long. I’m not the saying the writing wasn’t good, it was, but I just think you were writing the wrong thing. Even then, I thought he’d eventually bring up Booker T, but then he instead played the videos, talking up Orlando Jordan. I understand Jordan’s a talent and all, but after what happened at SNME, I can’t see Benoit talking up Jordan in any way, shape or form. Once Booker interrupted the bickering was good, with Booker refusing to admit he fears Jordan and what not. The insult at OJ, and OJ almost standing up for himself was terrific to, planting the seeds for the eventual fight between the two. Teddy Long interrupting was good, and making the match for ‘Mania, and the match for next week was alright, although I just feel as if this segment balked away from the US Title, and made it seem like an afterthought, which I’m not sure is a good idea. I truly felt the promo was taken in the wrong direction from the get go, with only Booker T making it okay. By the way, no matter what you call it, a three way dance and a triple threat match at ‘Mania, especially when one is the main event, is something that I won’t like.

It was smart to show the video of The Hardyz returning before they came out. It gives us that one last feeling of grandeur before Jeff makes his way out, and ruins everything.

Yuck, at Jeff taking centre stage during their entrance, they are supposed to be a team, and Jeff has less talent. I don’t know if I commented on the preview to this show, I can’t remember, but I commend you, because I think The Mexicools are the perfect opponents to put on an awesome match with The Hardyz. Just as I expected, the contest was very fast paced, with Psicosis heeling it up a little at times, or at least it felt that way. It was weird to, as Crazy is still a face, but anyway, the point is a fast paced, entertaining match that allowed The Hardyz to use all their double team moves, and send a message to MNM was needed, and it’s exactly what you gave us.

The interruption from MNM was nice, just so they at least have some sort of intereaction with The Hardyz tonight. I thought MNM in general were very good on the mic, putting over themselves, and the insults were nice, especially the one about Jeff just losing.

‘Mania is getting here so quickly. I’m proud, son.

I enjoyed the rundown of the ‘Mania card by the commentators.

The Undertaker was okay, once again, I’m glad you’re keeping his bits short, as he is so difficult to write. ‘Taker was pretty good here, although I can’t see him saying “talk a big game”, no idea why, but compared to everything else, I just don’t think it suits his ‘Deadman’ persona.

It’s main event time, and I must say, I’m a little excited to see how you develop the Batista and Orton situation in this one. Batista starting things off was to be expected, as he would want to, and well, Orton wouldn’t, and I thought you did a good job for everybody involved in this one. Orton looked like an ass for leaving, Batista looked tough, even though eventually losing, and MNM pick up a huge victory. Good stuff all around, really, and the aftermath was well written, with Batista going nuts, and Orton getting the last laugh tonight.

Overall, despite a few nitpicky things with a couple of promo’s, everything was brilliant. Your actual match writing seems to be improving by the week, whilst your booking has been terrifically on form, setting up ‘Mania wonderfully. All in all, things looking really good, as this was yet another good show.

Raw Feedback

As usual with you, the opening video package was good, highlighting the main occurrence of last week’s Raw, although I thought maybe Trish’s assault on Mickie should have got on there as well.

A great move having Edge make his way to the ring with all the security guards by his side, it’s a typical Edge move. I thought Edge was brilliant here, recapping his journey, and turning events so it looked like everything had gone against him. The only thing I can really critique is that at times he seemed like he was rambling a bit, repeating himself a little to often, maybe asking one to many rhetorical questions, and stuff like that. Ugh, Cena’s humour is okay when it works, but early on in his speech, it didn’t. Besides this, I thought Cena was pretty good though, and he and Angle working together is definitely something interesting heading towards ‘Mania. The tease of Edge getting what’s coming to him was nice to, with them being interrupted at the last moment by Bischoff. Eric Bischoff was alright, announcing a nice tag team main event; even if I would have liked to see Angle and Cena go at it again. Van Dam being in double action against Edge is a typical Bischoff move as well. Overall, despite a few little issues, I thought this was quite a good opening promo.

Triple H coming out before the commercial break was a little unexpected. It is really rare that there would be two in ring promos, one straight after the other. I’m not sure if I liked it either, it would probably get a bit taxing on the average wrestling fan who wants to see some action. I loved Triple H’s intensity throughout this entire promo, I thought it was very good, although I didn’t like the bit where he mentioned Bischoff apologizing to him, being in his pissed off mood, I doubt he’d care to even mention an apology. Bischoff was alright, really sounding like a heel tonight, which is a little weird, compared to his usual mixed persona. I thought Triple H losing his cool was written very well to, before smashing the sledgehammer on the canvas, until he ruined it? Honestly, I’m not sure if that would actually happen, I think the canvas would probably break. Bischoff then sending out security was good, followed by a nice brawl. This was a pretty good segment, although since it was rather lengthy, I didn’t like the placement of it at all.

I was hoping Show and Kane would maybe turn heel, simply because they bore me as faces, however after reading this interview, it’s clear that this is not the case. I thought Show was decent on the mic, getting their main points across, whilst Kane sounded really awkward at times during his bit.

Flair and Guerrero is a match I was really looking forward to, so whilst it makes sense, I was a little annoyed by Helms’ interruption. Helms was rather good on the mic, insulting Flair’s guts really, whilst also keeping with this I’m the hero who’s doing right for the people gimmick.

Helms from the get go was good, not wanting to come into the ring, instead allowing the two friends to go at it. It was intriguing to see them go at it, although I would have liked if you let them go at it a little bit longer. With that being said, it was inevitable that they were eventually going to double team him, and I believe you did it well. Once the match got going, it turned into a normal triple threat match, with all the pinfall interruptions and stuff like that. Helms looked like gold, but Flair retains the title which leads me to believe this one certainly isn’t over. Guerrero and Flair embracing afterwards was nice to, in what was a well booked match. By the way, JR referred to Flair and Guerrero as both legends. I wouldn’t be calling Chavo a legend, not yet anyway.

The slow turn of Masters into a face continues here, with this fun segment. at Carlito early on in the peace, before he tried to make sense of it all to Masters. He was written extremely well, Masters wasn’t though, because you made it seem like he is something special. Seriously though, good segment.

Eric Bischoff seems to be going back to a fully blown heel in this thread, which is how I like him, although it seems weird since he just recently became a tweener. Anyway, Bischoff was good, giving his devious plan, as was Edge, first nagging, and then accepting. I was reading your earlier work before, and god you’ve improved.

The Spirit Squad or I should really say Kenny promo was good, except for the ending. They are so joyous and goofy; I just couldn’t picture Kenny calling their opponents idiots. It’s not a huge thing, but it’s just something I don’t believe would happen.

Spirit Squad was always going to win this one. They continue to be pricks, and pick up easy wins. Hopefully after ‘Mania, they’ll be able to get into a proper program.

As usual, you write Rob Van Dam very well. You’re probably the only guy that I constantly say this two, but RVD was good, sending messages to both Bischoff and The Undertaker.

I wasn’t too sure about the bullshit call from Benjamin; it just seems a little out of character for him to swear. With that being said, everything he said was pretty good, but I was glad Haas actually let his opinion be heard this week. All of a sudden this just got way more interesting. The WGTT segments have been my favourite for awhile now, and they delivered again tonight, imo.

Edge/Van Dam at the middle of the show is a surprise, although unlike me, I think you’ve chosen the correct order in which the matches should go in. Starting off with an ambush from Edge was clever, it shows just how badly he wants these weeks off, he is desperate. The match up was awesome, simply due to the guys in it, and because the story being told throughout was brilliant. It was obvious that Edge was simply trying to wear RVD out for later tonight; well Van Dam needs to continue to win to prove his point to The Undertaker. Edge leaving makes him look like a bit of a bitch, but it seems like something he would do, and it gives Van Dam the win, without him having to pin the WWE Champion. It was a win/loss decision, imo. As for The Undertaker’s mind games afterward, they were okay, putting over the fact that RVD just isn’t scared.

Edge and Bischoff interaction was quite entertaining, with both being in character. Edge facing Cena and Angle in coming weeks is epic news as well.

It was smart to show Mickie being attacked again, before you got on to the interview with this epic doctor. I liked all the psycho babble, putting an intellectual feel on things, and it adds a lot more seriousness and credibility to the storyline, however, with that being said, I wasn’t a huge fan of the whole unable to read person’s facial expressions thing. I’ve no idea why, but I think that’s just a bit too farfetched for this storyline. I must say this Hayden Stojkovic character should probably be at ‘Mania, he’d probably draw more than both your main events combined. Back on topic, the psycho babble was great, except for that one thing. Trish was her usual arrogant self in the early going, shooing the doctor away. Stratus was pretty good on the mic, getting across her side of the story nicely. By the way, I hope you know I’ll definitely be paying you back for all the cracks at this epic Hayden character. I love how much James’ and Stratus’ stories differ, it really is tremendous stuff. Ashley was surprisingly good on the mic as well, and it was smart that you had her mention why she was back, and helping Mickie, as it left me scratching my head last week. As much as the explanation helped, I’m still not sure I buy it. It just doesn’t seem right for Ashley to be friends with Mickie again this soon after everything happened. The attack from Trish was brutal, showing her vicious side, and Mickie making the save was nice. A terrific segment, I can’t wait until these two get it on.

The Spirit Squad in a program with The Redneck Wrecking Crew would be epic, as I really thought you wrote Cade tremendously well here. The only thing missing was Murdoch going crazy at the end, it should have happened.

at Dupree being forced to squash Eugene two weeks in a row. I think Raw may need a few more jobbers on the roster.

Angle and Michaels interaction was pretty interesting to say the least. Angle’s intensity and spirit for competition was there, as was Shawn’s cockiness. It is going to be interesting to see if they actually can coexist.

Enjoyed the commentary rundown of ‘Mania, much like on SD, and Sherri getting inducted into the HOF is good.

Honestly, Van Dam and Cena interaction was rather awkward, they seemed a little too nice to each other. It got better when Van Dam mentioned Michaels though, showing at least some sort of intensity. One thing that was good about the segment though, is that it shows RVD getting his knee taped, and it continues to tell the story of how hard his journey tonight has been.

The main event was simply exciting to read because it involved four of the best Raw has to offer. Everybody came out of this looking okay, but Van Dam simply looked amazing throughout the contest. Not only that, but the ending of the match was good, with Edge continuing to be a thorn in the side of his ‘Mania opponents. Van Dam dropping everybody was sweet though, as was The Undertaker appearance. A strong ending to a great show, mate.

Honestly, I enjoyed this Raw a little more in Smackdown. I felt less questionable things took place on this show, and I really do think it’s just more interesting as a whole. That’s not a knock on SD either; it’s a compliment to how well you’re doing with Raw. The show was great, not much I didn’t like, except for a few lines throughout some promos, but that’s not a big deal. Keep at it, champ.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 17th, 2006 | CenturyTel Center; Bossier City, Louisiana

Our show opens with the scenes that opened last week’s show as we see Batista makes his way out to the ring and talk about his long-term dominance as World Heavyweight Champion, before moving on to talk about what has gone wrong for him in the past few weeks, blaming Randy Orton. Orton, never one to keep quiet, comes out and says he knows what Batista is up to, saying he’s making excuses now so that come WrestleMania - when Orton beats him - he’ll already have one. The two go back and forth, with Batista demanding a fight, only for Theodore Long to interrupt. Teddy talks about how a lack of teamwork cost SmackDown! twice in the past week thanks to Orton and Batista (cue scenes of Edge pinning Batista both on SmackDown! and at Saturday Night’s Main Event), so in the main event Batista & Orton would be forced to work together as they take on the WWE Tag Team Champions MNM.

We now jump forward to that match, with Batista in control in the early going before MNM, courtesy of a few underhanded tactics, take control. Batista, however, makes a comeback, looking to tag out to Randy Orton, only for Orton to walk out on him. Despite Batista’s best efforts, the numbers game takes effect as he falls victim to a Snapshot, making it three straight losses for ‘The Animal’. That isn’t the end of things though, as after coming to Batista absolutely loses it, tearing apart the ringside area, forcing security to stream from backstage and restrain him, along with Randy Orton, who gets in his WrestleMania opponent’s face. With the two face to face, Batista being held back by security, Orton utters two simple words … “I’m untouchable”.

From there we fade away, cutting live into Bossier City to hear …


The crowd gives a HUGE pop as the music hits, bringing out the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, who charges onto the stage, full of intensity. ‘The Animal’ roars out to the crowd on either side of the stage, before settling in the middle and unleashing his pyro.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the WOOORRRLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ‘THE ANIMAL’ BATISTAAAAA!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!, live here tonight from Bossier City, Louisana, where are just SIXTEEN short days away from WrestleMania, and what better way to start off the show tonight than with the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista?

Tazz: Batista looks like he’s calmed down since last week too. Last we saw he looked just about ready to kill Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Well he’s not going to be able to do that tonight, at least not now, because to start the show he’s going to be facing off with Super Crazy.

Tazz: This could well be an execution for poor Super Crazy.

The champ makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, full of energy tonight, ready for action.


Despite being in a tough spot tonight, Super Crazy shows how truly crazy he is, excitedly making his way down the ramp for a meeting with the World Heavyweight Champion, getting a fair reaction from the crowd.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Tulancingo, Hidalgo, Mexico, weighing 200 lbs, SUUUUPPPPEEEERRRR CRAAAAZZZYYYYY!

Michael Cole: Tazz, you know this man and spent some time in ECW with him. Is Super Crazy a chance in this match?

Tazz: Look, Crazy’s a great guy and he’s a heck of an athlete, but the only way I can see him winnin’ this one is if Batista is off his game again tonight like he has been the past few weeks. But if Batista can keep himself in check, then it’s gonna be a rough night for Crazy.

Super Crazy springs up into the ring, joining Batista as we look to get this one underway.

Match One – Singles Match:
World Heavyweight Champion Batista vs. Super Crazy

Batista is dead serious as soon as the bell rings in this one, getting his game face on as he prepares to try to end a three match losing streak. Super Crazy, meanwhile, knows how dangerous this match could be for him, and much like Batista, he adopts a fighting stance to begin the match. The larger Batista advances on Super Crazy, looking to grab him, but Crazy is too quick, and he skips out of the corner right when Batista thinks he’s got him trapped. Big Dave turns, expression unchanged as he begins to stalk Crazy around the ring, although Super Crazy just seems too quick for him at this stage, with no contact being made. Deciding to stop the games, Batista again tries to corner Crazy, then lunges at him, but Super Crazy skips away once more, then takes advantage, smashing his boot into the hamstring of Batista. ‘The Animal’ winces, causing Super Crazy to follow up as he boots him a few more times, only for Batista to come to life and suddenly ram him back into the corner!

Batista finally has his foe where he wants him, and he looks to take advantage, driving his shoulder through his midsection a few times, before whipping him to the opposite corner and following … but Super Crazy elevates himself up over the top of the champ, then takes him down with an arm drag once he turns! Batista gets up, surprised at the ease with which he was taken over, only to be taken over again as Crazy scores with another arm drag. Batista gets up once more, a frustrated look on his face, this time to see Super Crazy jump up and attempt a hurricanrana … but Batista catches him … AND PERHAPS THINKS BATISTA BOMB … ONLY FOR CRAZY TO STAGGER HIM BACK, THEN SEND BOTH MEN DOWN TO THE FLOOR WITH A HURRICANRANA OVER THE TOP ROPE!

The crowd applauds the efforts from Super Crazy, though he’s far from done, climbing up onto the apron as Batista gets up … BEFORE COMING OFF WITH AN ASAI MOONSAULT THAT TAKES BOTH MEN DOWN! The crowd cheers on rabidly as Crazy gets back to his feet, roaring to the crowd energetically, before slowly lifting the heavy frame of Batista up and going for an Irish whip … only for Batista to reverse and send Super Crazy hurtling into the steel steps!

The crowd groans with the impact as Batista staggers about ringside, before going after Super Crazy and rolling him into the ring so he can make a cover … two. The crowd is less than surprised, not really saying anything as Batista follows Crazy across to the corner, then hammers away on him with some right hands. Perhaps beginning to let out his frustrations from the past few weeks, Batista absolutely pummels Super Crazy, not relenting until the referee interjects himself. Batista is far from happy with this, taking some time to give the ref a piece of his mind, allowing Super Crazy some time … and he uses it to come off the second rope with a missile dropkick! Super Crazy makes the cover … two.

Undeterred by the kickout, Super Crazy tries to get right back to business and lift ‘The Animal’ up, although like before it’s a struggle, with Batista eventually pushing Super Crazy away. ‘The Insane One’ is persistent though, coming right back and hitting a few elbows to the side of the rising Batista’s head … only for Batista to explode through him with a clothesline! The big man takes his smaller foe down, and, also like before, has to take a moment to shake of the effects of his offense before following up, which he does in the form of getting Super Crazy up for a suplex … but he just can’t keep a hold of the smaller man, who falls behind the champ, landing on his feet before running off to the ropes and scoring with a headscissors takedown! Super Crazy again makes a cover … only to get THROWN off at two!

Super Crazy looks shocked as a clearly pissed Batista sits up, prompting Crazy to run across and begin to boot him … but Batista just grabs Super Crazy by the throat and THROWS him to the corner, then charges in at him … but Super Crazy gets his boot up! Crazy then quickly heads out to the apron … and nails a springboard spinning heel kick! The crowd gives a shocked pop as Super Crazy looks at the downed ‘Animal’, and then decides to go for broke, heading to the corner … MOONSAULT OFF THE BOTTOM ROPE … NO! BATISTA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, BUT SUPER CRAZY LANDS ON HIS FEET … THEN CHARGES INTO A SPINEBUSTER!

Batista shakes the ring with the spinebuster, then pops back to his feet, breathing heavily and looking out to the crowd, who give a pop, before he turns back to Super Crazy, lifts him body up off the mat … AND DELIVERS A SECOND SPINEBUSTER! The crowd pops again as Batista bounces back up to his feet, before lifting the limp body of Super Crazy up … AND NAILING A THIRD SPINEBUSTER! Batista well and truly unleashes his pent up anger, climbing back to his feet to declare this one over, before again scooping Crazy up off the mat … THEN NAILING THE BATISTA BOMB! Batista makes the cover … BUT SUPER CRAZY SOMEHOW GETS HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE! BATISTA HAD HIM TOO CLOSE TO THE ROPES, AND SUPER CRAZY’S INSTINCT TOOK OVER!

Batista can’t believe it, demanding to know why the referee didn’t count to three, before turning back to Super Crazy … AND JUMPING DOWN ON TOP OF HIM TO ABSOLUTELY PUMMEL HIM! The crowd doesn’t know how to react as Batista blasts him in the head time and time again, with the referee attempting to pull him off … ONLY FOR BATISTA TO SHOVE THE REFEREE OVER! Batista then turns his attention back to Super Crazy, grabbing him by the hair and shouting at him “WHY CAN’T I BEAT YOU? WHY?” The referee, meanwhile, calls for the bell!

Winner: Super Crazy via disqualification @ 4:34

No announcement comes. No music plays. Not even the crowd makes a noise. Instead we all look on, silent, as Batista continues to shake the limp body of Super Crazy.

Michael Cole: Batista has absolutely lost it! We need some help out here, fast!

Tazz: I can’t believe this. Batista … Batista looked so calm earlier tonight, but it’s all come bubbling out. This is a side I don’t think anyone here ever thought Batista had.

Batista continues to go about his business, shouting at Super Crazy, before suddenly stopping and rolling from the ring. He walks right past the announce team, headed to the timekeeper’s area, where he shouts at people “Get outta my way!” … en route to a steel chair!

Michael Cole: Oh no. Oh no, Dave, think about what you’re doing!

Tazz: I think he’s beyond thinkin’, Cole.

The crowd continues to look on as Batista slides into the ring, threatening the referee to get out of his way, which he wisely does, before turning, and waiting as Super Crazy gets up … AND THEN DRILLING HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! BATISTA CRACKS IT ACROSS HIS SKULL!

Michael Cole: No!


Batista is suddenly engulfed by the workers, who try to restrain ‘The Animal’. Theodore Long can be heard shouting “Get him outta here! Get him away!” all while Super Crazy still remains down amongst the mass of bodies. Finally some workers start to tend to him, but the others are having a hard enough time with Batista, yet to get him from the ring.

Michael Cole: Thank God … thank God for Teddy Long. I think … I think we have to go to a break. Can we? Guys, we’re going to go to a break. We’ll be right back here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

With the chaotic scenes in the ring still going on, we fade away to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break with Batista STILL yet to be taken from the arena, with security struggling with him on the ramp.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where we still haven’t recovered from the scenes of before the break. As you can see, Batista is still here in the arena, and it …


OH! The crowd gives a BIG heated reaction as Randy Orton struts his way out onto the stage cockily in a pair of jeans, a stylish t-shirt and suit jacket, looking on as Batista struggles to get to him. Orton, though, is cool as a cucumber, knowing that he’s completely safe as he walks right on past, not even taking a moment to acknowledge Batista.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton? This kid’s sure got some arrogance. Making his way out here now right after what’s happened. I mean, I know he’s trying to mess with Batista, but after what we just saw? This disgusts me.

Tazz: Hey, Orton’s just gettin’ in the head of ‘The Animal’, and from what we just saw I’d say it’s workin’.

Orton walks on down the rest of the ramp without even glancing back, before climbing up into the ramp and immediately speaking.

Randy Orton: Now that … that is pathetic.

~ Heat as Orton points towards Batista at the top of the ramp.

Randy Orton: That is completely and utterly pathetic! That man … that man up there? He is supposed to be your World Heavyweight Champion! He is supposed to be representing SmackDown!. He is supposed to be representing the WWE. He is supposed to be representing me, as a WWE superstar, as a leader of the locker-room. Does that look like a leader to you people?

~ Heat from the crowd, who, while they didn’t approve of Batista’s actions, obviously don’t approve of Orton’s arrogance.

Randy Orton: Does that look like someone who is representing Friday Night SmackDown!, who is representing the WWE to you people?

~ The crowd continues to boo as a smirk starts to cross Orton’s face.

Randy Orton: Does that look … like a man who should be World … Heavyweight … Champion?

~ The crowd’s boos get louder, but Orton cuts them off.

Randy Orton: No! No, do NOT answer that.

~ Orton again pauses, a devious smile crossing his face.

Randy Orton: Allow me to answer that question.

~ Continued heat for the smirking Orton, as in the background the security are FINALLY able to get Batista backstage.

Randy Orton: In fact, no. No, I won’t answer that question, because it’s obvious what the answer is. And it’s not just obvious from what we just saw. No, it has been obvious for Batista’s whole life that he should not be … no, that he doesn’t deserve to be a world champion.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: I mean, let’s take a look at Dave Batista. Let’s take a look at what made him who he is today.

~ Orton begins to pace around the ring.

Randy Orton: As a kid, Dave Batista grew up in our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. And to use his own words, Batista was a troublemaker. He was a kid on a bad road. And I don’t just mean that he made a few mistakes in school. No, as a kid, Dave Batista was a thug. He was a common street thug, a criminal!

~ The boos from the crowd are damn near deafening.

Randy Orton: He broke into houses, he shoplifted, he STOLE CARS! And this was when he was just a kid! This isn’t a full-grown man, no. He was just … a kid. You people mightn’t have realised it before, but your hero was nothing more than a no good criminal. He belonged in jail!

~ More heat from the less than happy crowd.

Randy Orton: But he didn’t go to jail. No, Batista managed to slip through the cracks and escape the law until he was an adult, at which stage he got himself a job. He became … a bouncer.

~ Orton pauses, a slight smile on his face.

Randy Orton: That’s right, the man who is apparently the best wrestler in the world, the World Heavyweight Champion, was a bouncer. He was just your regular muscle head. But do you think Batista could maintain that job? Do you think he could keep a job at all?

~ Orton smirks away.

Randy Orton: No … no he couldn’t. And do you know why? Because he took things a step too far, and he assaulted someone.

~ Heat from the crowd as Orton gets more serious.

Randy Orton: Again. Batista broke the law … again. But do you think he was punished? Do you think he was sent to jail? No, he wasn’t. Batista slipped through the cracks … again. He may have lost his job, but let’s face it – he was a bouncer. Getting fired from that job is a blessing in disguise!

~ Orton pauses, allowing the crowd to continue.

Randy Orton: So then where did Dave go? What did he do? Oh, that’s right. He decided to become a professional wrestler.

~ Pop from the crowd for that.

Randy Orton: No, don’t cheer! Don’t cheer for him for that! He didn’t become a professional wrestler because he loved wrestling. He didn’t become a professional wrestler because he appreciated the art form that pro wrestling is. No, Batista became a professional wrestler because he wanted … to hurt people. He became a professional wrestler because he enjoyed causing people to suffer!

~ Another pop from the crowd.

Randy Orton: That’s not a reason you’d expect from a World Heavyweight Champion. That’s more like a reason that you’d expect … from an animal. And after his debut, after coming here to the WWE, that’s exactly what Batista was brought into Evolution to be. An animal.

~ Orton pauses.

Randy Orton: That’s what Batista is … nothing more … nothing less.

~ A small bit of heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: I think we can agree that Batista does not deserve to be World Heavyweight Champion. But what about me? Hey? Let’s talk about me.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: First of all, I was born into wrestling royalty in St. Louis, Missouri, as the grandson of Bob Orton Sr., the son of the legendary ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, a man who was involved in the main event of the very first WrestleMania.

~ A fair amount of heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Growing up, I already was a champion. I excelled at everything I did. Football? I was the star quarterback. School? I was the most popular kid there. Everyone wanted a piece of me. I was the perfect kid.

~ More heat from the crowd for Orton’s sheer arrogance.

Randy Orton: Leaving school, I had the world in the palm of my hand. I could have done anything I wanted to, but after a brief period in the army, after time serving my country, I decided to do what I loved. I decided to do what I was born to do. I entered the professional wrestling business.

~ Orton pauses, pacing about the ring.

Randy Orton: I didn’t do it because I wanted to beat people up. I didn’t do it because I wanted to hurt people. I wanted to do it because I appreciate it. I grew up in this industry, this industry that I love and I wanted to be in it forever.

~ Orton smirks.

Randy Orton: So I came here to the WWE, and instantly my talent was recognised when Triple H and Ric Flair, two of the greatest of all-time, two men who combined have held twenty-six world titles, when they came and they sought me out. They asked … they begged me to join them in a new stable they were forming. They begged me to join Evolution.

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: The plan was simple. Evolution was all about the biggest star of the past, Ric Flair, the biggest star of the present, at the time, Triple H, and the biggest star of the future, me, joining together to dominance the RAW roster.

~ The crowd continues to boo Orton’s arrogance.

Randy Orton: Now, every group needs some muscle, so that’s why Batista was brought in. But me? I was brought in because Triple H and Ric Flair knew, they knew that I was the future of this industry, and they were right. Just a year and a half later, just eighteen months later, at the young age of twenty-four, I proved Triple H and Ric Flair right when at SummerSlam 2004 I became the youngest world champion of all-time!

~ The boos pick up for Orton’s arrogance.

Randy Orton: I had proven Triple H and Ric Flair right in just eighteen months, and now, eighteen months later, at the grandest stage of ‘em all, WrestleMania, I intend on doing it again.

~ Heat as Orton smiles slyly.

Randy Orton: Batista may have held the World Heavyweight Title for a year now, and he may have taken on all comers, but as we just saw, he is NOT a man who deserves to call himself World Heavyweight Champion. He isn’t someone who should be representing the WWE. I am.

~ HUGE heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Unlike Batista, I’m more than muscles. I’m strong, I’m fast, I’m athletic, I’m charismatic and I’m smart beyond my years, because I was born for this. I was born to main event WrestleMania, just like my father, I was born to be involved in all of this. It … it’s my destiny.

~ Orton pauses after his signature line.

Randy Orton: So people, fear not, because in just sixteen days, the nightmare will be over. A world champion you can be proud of will be here, because in sixteen days, Batista’s record breaking world title run, it’s legend will be killed and replaced with a legend … of my own.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: And then … then SmackDown! can finally have a champion that they can be proud of.

~ Orton again smirks to himself, before …


The crowd gives a surprised pop as Paul London stomps out onto the stage, looking excitedly out to the crowd, wearing a WrestleMania shirt over his wrestling tights. Satisfied with his reaction from the crowd, London points right at Randy Orton, then charges down the ramp and joins him in the ring, receiving a microphone.

Randy Orton: Bro, I don’t know what you think you’re doin’ out here, but the little people … they’re wrestlin’ later.

~ London smiles wryly as the crowd boos.

Paul London: Very funny, Randy, but, uh, I’m not out here to wrestle. At least not yet. I am out here though because I wanna see some wrestling, and well, with the way you’re flappin’ your gums out here, it seems like we’re never gonna get to see any actual wrestling.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Paul London: So I guess … I guess you could say I’m out here to tell you to shut up.

~ Another huge pop from the crowd, although all Orton does is smirk.

Randy Orton: Paul, lemme ask you a question … do you know who in the hell you are talkin’ to? I am the next World Heavyweight Champion!

~ Despite Orton getting somewhat fired up, London remains calm.

Paul London: After listening to you talk about yourself for the last few years, yeah, I think I’ve got a fair idea.

Randy Orton: Really? Then I suggest you leave this ring right now before you learn that you’re out of your league.

~ Big heat for Orton for that.

Paul London: What are you gonna do, Randy? Because the way you’re threatening me, it almost sounds like you’re thinking of doing something, as you’d say, not worthy of a world champion.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Paul London: But … but if you’re that intent on proving that you’re so much better than me, then how about you try to do what Mr. Kennedy did last week and put your money where your mouth is?

~ Another cheer from the crowd as Orton looks surprised by the guts of London.

Paul London: Come on, Randy. Don’t you wanna show what a fighting champion you could be? Plus, if we both win at WrestleMania, who knows … this could be a match that’ll be happening again in the future?

~ Orton smirks, looking down at the mat, before looking right into London’s eyes.

Randy Orton: You’re on!

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Randy Orton: But I hope you know what you’re getting yourself into.

~ It’s now London’s turn to smile to himself.

Paul London: I have an idea …

BAM! London suddenly drills Orton in the head with a right hand! The crowd pops as Orton goes down, with London looking to grab him … but Orton rolls from the ring to safety! The disappointed crowd boos as Orton now begins to back up the ramp, leaving a hungry looking London to stare him down from the ring.

Michael Cole: Oh my! It seems to me like we’ve got ourselves a main event for later tonight when Randy Orton takes on Paul London.

Tazz: And London ain’t backin’ down from Orton. The kid’s got some guts, I’ll give him that.

Orton continues to back up the ramp, leaving London to stay in the ring as we now cut away …

… To see Kristal Marshall standing by in the interview area.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Rey Mysterio!

The crowd gives a big pop as Rey Mysterio steps into view, playing with his mask.

Kristal Marshall: Rey, later tonight you open your cruiserweight challenge for the third straight week with the hopes of impressing Kid Kash enough to gain a Cruiserweight Title match at WrestleMania 22. Are you nervous?

Rey Mysterio: Y’know, Kristal, I’ve been in this business a long time. It’s been over fifteen years now, and that means that not many things make me nervous anymore. Comin’ out in front of the great crowds we get each and every week on SmackDown!?

~ Cheap pop.

Rey Mysterio: It would’ve used to make me nervous, but not anymore. I’ve learnt to deal with those butterflies. Having a title match on the line? Yeah, like before, it used to make me nervous, but I’ve gotten used to the situation. I know what it’s all about by now. Not that I like to brag, but I’m a six time Cruiserweight Champion after all.

~ A respectful pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: But y’know, despite that, despite all the things I’ve accomplished in my career, there’s still one thing that makes me nervous. One thing … one event that makes me feel like a little kid steppin’ foot in a wrestling ring for the very first time all over again.

~ Mysterio pauses for a moment.

Rey Mysterio: WrestleMania.

~ A small pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: No matter how long you wrestle, WrestleMania is just that event. It’s that one event where you know that everything you say, everything you do, every movement you make, it’ll be remembered forever. It’s that one event that everyone would kill to get to because you can make or break yourself in just that one night with that one WrestleMania moment.

~ A small pop again as Mysterio pauses.

Rey Mysterio: There’s only one WrestleMania, and you know that when your chance comes, you have to step up and take it. Tonight … tonight is my chance to get to WrestleMania, so yeah, I’m not scared to admit it. I’m nervous. I’m really nervous, because I know that tonight everything is on the line, and if I’m not good enough, I won’t even get to WrestleMania.

~ Again, Mysterio pauses, playing up the significance of the situation.

Rey Mysterio: Tonight’s as high as the stakes get for me. All I’ve gotta do is do my best to impress.

~ Mysterio looks set to leave, only for Kristal to ask another question.

Kristal Marshall: Rey, before you go, do you have any idea who will accept your challenge tonight?

~ Rey smiles.

Rey Mysterio: No. No, I don’t, but even if I did, tonight, I’ve just gotta go out there and do my best.

Kristal Marshall: Thanks for your time, Rey.

~ Mysterio leaves the set, leaving Kristal standing there alone, looking into the camera.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, Rey Mysterio’s open challenge is later tonight, but up next is the Money in the Bank qualifier. Don’t go anywhere.

We now head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to what has thus far been a frenetic Friday Night SmackDown!, and partner, it only promises to get better with our main event.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole. Paul London has shown no fear, and of late, is on a roll. In the past two weeks he’s beaten both his partner Brian Kendrick to qualify for Money in the Bank, then last week he handed Mr. Kennedy only his second ever loss. This’ll be a much bigger test against Orton, but if Orton’s thinkin’ too much about WrestleMania, then London might make him pay.

We cut away into the ring to see Tony Chimel standing by.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Money in the Bank qualifying match!


The crowd gives a decent pop as Psicosis comes bouncing out onto the stage enthusiastically. Despite what happened to his friend Super Crazy earlier, Psi does his best to fire up the crowd on his way down to the ring.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Mexico City, Mexico, weighing 200 lbs, PSIIIICOSIIIISSSSS!

Michael Cole: It was a bad start to the night for The Mexicools when Super Crazy ran into the raging bull of a world champion Batista, who absolutely laid waste to Super Crazy with a chair, leading to him being kicked out of the arena. The night could, however, improve for them here, should Psicosis qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Tazz: But who’s his opponent gonna be? Teddy Long has promised it’s gonna be someone big.

Psicosis climbs up into the ring and fires up the fans, then waits along with the rest of us for his opponent …


The crowd reacts with a big “OH!”, surprised by the music, before breaking down into some great heat as Mark Henry marches his way out onto the stage. In the ring Psicosis tries to look brave, focusing on the behemoth who only continues to look bigger as he gets closer, but deep down you know Psicosis has to be petrified of ‘The World’s Strongest Man’.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 400 lbs, he is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, MARK HEEEENNNNNRRRRYYYYY!

Michael Cole: Oh my!

Tazz: Oh he’s big alright! This night don’t look like it’s gettin’ any better for The Mexicools.

The hulking figure of Henry climbs up into the ring, roaring like an animal as he does so, with the referee now calling for the bell.

Match Two – Money in the Bank Qualifier; Singles Match:
Psicosis vs. Mark Henry

Psicosis, knowing he’s going to have to do something drastic to win, takes it to Mark Henry right away, hammering on him with chops, elbows and kicks, but they have little effect on the big man, who shoves him back. Psicosis comes back in though and persists, tyring his best to get an advantage, only to be sent reeling with a huge headbutt from Henry. Henry dominates the next few minutes after this, looking like he may run through Psicosis without even breaking a sweat, but Psi manages to slip out from a scoop position, then pushes Mark Henry into the corner to a big pop. Psicosis then does all he can to take the big man off his feet, even hitting a big spinning heel kick, although Henry remains up. This prompts Psicosis to go up to the second rope and come off with a missile dropkick attempt … but Henry swats him out of midair!

Psicosis struggles back to his feet … AND HENRY JUST RUNS RIGHT THROUGH HIM LIKE A FREIGHT TRAIN! Psicosis is absolutely out of it as Henry picks him up … WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM! Henry makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner (qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match): Mark Henry via pinfall @ 3:24


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, MARK HEEENNNNRRRRYYYYY!

The victorious Henry gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee emphatically, beating his chest wildly.

Michael Cole: The landscape of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match has just been thrown right open. I mean, we thought we had our favourites, but who can beat this man? Who can beat ‘The World’s Strongest Man’?

Tazz: If Mark Henry can climb a ladder, then I’m gonna say no one. Henry’s just too big and powerful, and I don’t think anyone can stop him.

Henry continues to beat his chest in the ring forcefully, telling the crowd he’s the man … when we suddenly cut backstage to see Finlay watching this all go down on a monitor, gaining the Northern Irishman a fair pop.

Michael Cole: Well maybe there’s someone who has the ability to stop Mark Henry.

Tazz: Well we know Finlay’s never backed down from a fight before, but with Mark Henry? I dunno. I mean, you gotta be crazy to wanna fight Mark Henry.

We see Finlay watching Mark Henry for a moment longer …

… Before cutting off to the interview area, where Josh Matthews stands by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, The Cabinet!

Some great heat as The Cabinet steps into view, led by none other than John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield.

Josh Matthews: JBL, last week you stood here and you told me that Brent Albright would beat Finlay and that you didn’t care about Bobby Lashley. Now last week Brent lost to Finlay, and-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Lost? Brent lost to Finlay? Is that what you think, son? Do you honestly think Brent here would lose to scum like Finlay?

~ Matthews looks awfully uncomfortable.

Josh Matthews: Well … well yeah. I mean, he did last week, so-

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Wrong answer. Brent never lost to Finlay. What happened last week between Finlay and Brent was Brent gettin’ ROBBED by that no good son of a bitch Bobby Lashley!

~ Pop for the mention of Lashley.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Up until last week, I couldn’t give a damn about Bobby Lashley. He was just another one of those snot nosed punks that FILLS the SmackDown! locker-room. He was just another one of those punks who are unworthy of being in my locker-room, on my show.

~ Big heat from the crowd for JBL’s arrogance.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: But last week … last week when Lashley practically cost me a shot at the World Heavyweight Title by knockin’ Brent here out of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match … Lashley crossed the line. He became more than a snot nosed punk. He became more than just a rookie. He came an ingrate who is in for the ass kickin’ of a lifetime!

~ Heat from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You have no idea what you’ve got yourself into, Lashley. You may be undefeated. You may be seen as ‘The Real Deal’. But son, you have NEVER stepped foot in the ring with someone like me.

~ More heat for more of the typical Layfield cockiness.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’see Lashley, you may have been beating people like Finlay for the past six months, but lemme tell ya somethin’. Finlay … he’s never been world champion. He’s never even been close to being a world champion. But I … I am not just the single greatest WWE Champion of all-time, but I am also the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown! history. I am the man who took this show and made it what it is today. I am Mr. SmackDown!. I have been in the ring with the best, and I have beaten the best. Just last month, I beat The Undertaker in the middle of the ring, one two three, proving once and for all, beyond a shadow of a doubt, I am what I say I am, and that is a ‘Wrestling Gawd’!

~ More heat from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I smell like smoke because I’ve walked through fire. I have been to hell and back, and I liked it. Startin’ tonight, let’s see how much you like, because I promise you, I GUARAN – DAMN – TEE you that startin’ tonight, I am takin’ you down with me. I’m takin’ you down to your own personal hell.

~ Heat from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You wanted my attention, Lashley? You’ve got it, but lemme tell you … it’ll be the last thing you ever do.

JBL now turns to his Cabinet and tells them they’re going, leaving Josh standing there, looking on like a goofball.]

*Commercial Break*


We now cut to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art … of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focused and I know what I want. I am … straight edge, and my only addiction … is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk … and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!

CM Punk – Debuts Next Week!


We return to ringside to hear the sound of …


The crowd gives some great heat as the white limousine rolls out, halting at the top of the ramp so the chauffeur can step out, then open the door to reveal The Cabinet, who climb out dressed for action. Led by the ever benevolent JBL, The Cabinet receives a lot of heat on their short way down the ramp, even with Jillian Hall telling the crowd to be quiet.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 545 lbs, JBL and Brent Albright – THE CAAAAABBBBIIINET!

Michael Cole: As we just heard, tonight JBL is out for revenge, following Bobby Lashley once again embarrassing JBL by neutralising him in Finlay’s match with Brent Albright last week.

Tazz: Don’t tell JBL you think Lashley was neutralisin’ him. In JBL’s eyes, Lashley was out an’ out cheatin’ for Finlay.

The crowd continues to boo as The Cabinet parades around the ring, showing off their collective arrogance.



The Cabinet suddenly turns to the stage to see ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay walk out to a decent pop, pointing his shillelagh up at his foes in the ring, snarling as he does so.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, FINLAY!

Michael Cole: Partner, it was just under two weeks ago that Finlay and Bobby Lashley were fighting tooth and nail in a Belfast Brawl, throwing everything they had at one another. Do you think it’s possible for the two men to possibly work together here tonight?

Tazz: I dunno if they’ll work together, but I get the feelin’ that their mutual dislike of JBL may just allow them to co-exist.

Finlay shows no fear, climbing up into the ring with his shillelagh in hand, sending The Cabinet scurrying to the outside.


The crowd gives a great pop as SmackDown!’s resident undefeated rookie, the monstrous Bobby Lashley energetically makes his way out onto the ramp. Lashley absors the reaction in, gaining energy from the fans before setting off his pyro and marching down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs, BOBBBBYYYY LAAASSSHHHHLEY!

Michael Cole: This man Bobby Lashley has gotten right inside JBL’s head after last week costing his ‘Hired Gun’ Brent Albright a spot in Money in the Bank. Should this work in favour of Lashley with an angry Layfield losing his focus, or will it only awake a sleeping giant in Layfield?

Tazz: Gettin’ JBL fired up is risky business, ain’t no doubtin’ that. The guy’s a former WWE Champion for a reason, but Lashley ain’t one to back down from a challenge. He’ll try to take on JBL head on.

Lashley jumps up onto the apron, setting off pyro that comes shooting from the ringposts, before climbing up into the ring to join his partner.

Match Three – Tag Team Match:
The Cabinet w/Jillian Hall vs. Finlay & Bobby Lashley

The crowd buzzes as The Cabinet climbs up into the ring, JBL telling Albright to head out to the apron as he wants to handle things, calling Bobby Lashley out into the ring to join him. Despite Finlay wanting a fight, he relents and allows Lashley to take the lead in this match, with the big man coming face to face with JBL. Layfield, being the loud mouth that he is, gets in Lashley’s face, letting him have a piece of his mind, only for Lashley to do what he does best and take action, smacking JBL right in the jaw with a big right hand! The crowd erupts as JBL is sent reeling, with Lashley quick to follow up, scoring with some more right hands before sending JBL off with an Irish whip and throwing him overhead with a back body drop!

JBL gets up holding his back, leaning against the ropes, allowing Lashley to charge across and send him from the ring with a big clothesline! The cheer from the crowd is loud as Layfield crashes to the floor, only for Lashley to quickly follow him out, jumping off the apron with a double axe handle to his foe’s back! Lashley is then quick to follow up, taking Layfield back into the ring to hit a delayed vertical suplex for a two count. With ‘The Fighting Irishman’ calling for a piece of the action, Lashley lifts JBL up and drags him across to the corner, tagging Finlay into action. Finlay takes his free shot, drilling JBL with a right hand to the midsection as Lashley holds him, before then backing him away to the corner and beginning to hammer away. Taking his anger out on JBL, Finlay continues to hammer away on Layfield until the referee intervenes, pulling Finlay back. The Northern Irishman tries to go right back in though, not backing down, only for JBL to score with a thumb to the eye.

The crowd boos the cheap tactics of JBL, but the media mogul pays it no heed, rushing to his corner to tag in Brent Albright. Keen to get to work on Finlay, Albright rushes into the ring and keeps the Northern Irishman in the corner where JBL left him, hammering away on him before sending him off with an Irish whip to the opposite corner and charging in … right into a boot. Albright staggers back from the corner, dazed from the boot … and Finlay runs through him with a clothesline!

The crowd pops as Finlay then runs off to the ropes, looking to capitalise on his momentum … only to be kneed square in the ribs by JBL! The crowd boos as Albright distracts the referee, allowing JBL to grab Finlay by the arm Albright worked over last week and hotshot it off the top rope! The intensity of the heat only picks up, but it means absolutely nothing as The Cabinet now find themselves in the box seat, working over the arm of Finlay to great effect, much to the frustration of both the crowd and Lashley on the apron. Finlay, however, refuses to quit, fighting through the pain as he even kicks out from a Brent Albright German suplex. This causes great frustration for Albright, who picks Finlay up and hurls him into the corner, charging into the corner to get a boot like earlier in the match, leading to Finlay again thinking clothesline, but Albright ducks this time … AND TAKES FINLAY DOWN INTO THE CROWBAR … FINLAY FIGHTS FREE THOUGH … THEN OUT OF NOWHERE HITS A ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM!

The crowd cheers with both men down, Finlay headed slowly towards his corner while Albright struggles in the middle of the ring … and Finlay makes the tag to Lashley! Lashley charges into the ring and takes a rising Albright down with a clothesline! Albright gets back up, receiving some heavy right hands before being whipped off and taken down with an elbow smash on the rebound! ‘The Hired Gun’ is reeling as Lashley forces him back into the corner, unloading on him with shoulder thrusts before whipping him across to the opposite corner and squashing him with a corner clothesline!

Albright is on dream street, staggering from the corner, right into a massive belly to belly suplex from Lashley, sending Albright flying into the stratosphere! The crowd cheers wildly as Lashley makes the cover … two! Albright just manages to kick out, causing Lashley to shake his head in frustration before the big man lifts Albright up and sets him up for a delayed vertical suplex, but as Jillian distracts the referee, JBL is able to climb into the ring … AND HE CREAMS LASHLEY IN THE JAW WITH A BIG BOOT! Lashley and Albright fall in a heap, with JBL dragging Albright across to his corner, climbing out to the apron and making the tag as the attention of the referee returns, allowing him to climb into the ring and set his sights on a stunned Lashley. Slowly but surely, Lashley gets back to his feet … AND JBL BOUNCES OFF THE ROPES … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … NO, LASHLEY CATHES JBL … EXPLODER SUPLEX!

The crowd absolutely erupts as Lashley sends JBL over, then heads for the corner and squats down as Finlay charges across the ring and clotheslines a rising Brent Albright over the top rope and out of the ring … ALLOWING LASHLEY TO CHARGE AND SPEAR JBL UNIMPEDED! LASHLEY GETS THE SPEAR! Lashley makes the cover … and gets the three on JBL!

Winners: Finlay & Bobby Lashley via pinfall @ 8:23


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, FIIINLAY and BOOOBBBBBBY LAASSSSHHHLEY!

The crowd gives a very good cheer as Lashley gets back to his feet, being joined by Finlay as the two have their hands raised by the referee. The grizzled veteran Finlay tries to shake off the pain in his arm, while Lashley keeps a very satisfied look on his face, having pinned JBL.

Michael Cole: Oh my! Bobby Lashley … Bobby Lashley just pinned JBL!

Tazz: We thought JBL might’ve gotten some revenge on Lashley, but I think JBL’s temper cost him. He wanted to finish Lashley when Lashley was just too alert.

Michael Cole: What now for JBL? Can he possibly continue to say Lashley isn’t on his league after THIS? I mean, Lashley just pinned him!

Tazz: No kiddin’, Cole. This is big for Lashley. This is real big.

In the ring Lashley and Finlay remain, both keeping to themselves at first, before they both head for the middle of the ring and stop. A dead serious expression on his face, Lashley looks Finlay in the eye … then offers him his hand! Showing respect to his old rival, Lashley waits … and Finlay accepts the handshake to a pop from the crowd. Not wanting to remain respectful for too long, Finlay pulls away and rolls from the ring, leaving Lashley as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, coming to you tonight from Bossier City, Louisiana where we are just sixteen night away from WrestleMania 22! We’ve still got a lot to come tonight, with the man who is challenging for the World Heavyweight Title, Randy Orton in action against Paul London, along with Chris Benoit and Orlando Jordan going one on one and Rey Mysterio’s cruiserweight open challenge.

We don’t remain at ringside for long, cutting away backstage …

… To the locker-room of the United States Champion, Booker T. With Orlando Jordan seated in front of him and Sharmell in the background, Booker paces back and forth, clearly anxious before OJ’s match.

Booker T: Orlando, tonight is a big night for you. I mean, dis is what it’s all about. Tonight, you get a chance to make yo’self famous!

~ Booker holds his hands up in the air, emphasising the point.

Booker T: Think about it, Orlando. You win tonight, an’ not only are you goin’ to the grandest stage of ‘em all. Not only are you goin’ to WrestleMania 22.

~ Small cheer from the crowd in the background as Orlando looks into space, envisioning WrestleMania.

Booker T: But you also get to help me retain muh United – States – Title.

~ Orlando suddenly snaps forward.

Orlando Jordan: Booker, that’s … that’s …

~ Jordan gulps.

Orlando Jordan: Listen, Booker, tonight’s not-

Booker T: What’s wrong wit’ tonight? You not feelin’ good? Sharmell, baby, give Orlando here a massage.

~ Sharmell goes to move forward, but Orlando interjects.

Orlando Jordan: Please … don’t.

~ Sharmell stops, looking somewhat offended, but Jordan keeps his focus on Booker.

Orlando Jordan: Listen, Booker, I know how much that title means to you, but tonight … tonight I’m just tryin’ to think about me.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Orlando Jordan: I wanna beat Chris Benoit on my own terms, okay?

~ Booker looks slightly surprised, mouthing “Okay” back.

Orlando Jordan: Then, who knows? I might go to WrestleMania and try to win the US Title too.

~ Booker’s eyes pop out of his head.

Booker T: WHAT? Tell me … tell me you DIDN’T just say dat?

Orlando Jordan: Booker, listen-

Booker T: No you listen you ungrateful lil punk! Wit’out me … wit’out me you would be nothin’. You wouldn’t be gettin’ yo shot tonight at Benoit! You wouldn’t be gettin’ yo shot at goin’ to WrestleMania, but you … you wanna repay me by tryin’ to take muh United States Title? Is that some kinda joke?

~ Booker seethes to himself, breathing heavily.

Orlando Jordan: Booker, I just wanna-

Booker T: Get out!

Orlando Jordan: What?

Booker T: You heard me! Get out! Yo punkass ain’t welcome here no more! Get yo ass outta here!

~ Orlando looks shocked, rising from the seat and quickly backing away. Booker, meanwhile storms around the locker-room, with Sharmell quick to come comfort him.

Sharmell: Calm down, babe. He’s not worth it.

Booker continues to seethe as we now head away, cutting back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Wow. Orlando Jordan has finally mustered up the courage to stand up to Booker T after weeks, and what a time to do it!

Tazz: I don’t think things could get any worse for Booker right now. He shouldn’t even have Benoit comin’ for him, but now he could have OJ too? This ain’t good for Book.

Silence, before …


The crowd erupts as the ever energetic Rey Mysterio springs out onto the stage, full of life and energy, which he shows by running to both sides of the stage, acknowledging the fans as pyro shoots off in the background. Smiling away, the masked man then makes his way down the ramp, set for action.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a cruiserweight open challenge scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, REY MYSTEEERRRRIIIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: Ever since re-entering the cruiserweight division, for the past few weeks Rey Mysterio has been giving it his all in his cruiserweight invitationals to prove he deserves a shot at the Cruiserweight Title. Though he has been yet to impress the champion Kid Kash, tonight it’s all or nothing, do or die. Either Mysterio impresses Kash enough to force him to accept the challenge, or Mysterio will be left off of this year’s WrestleMania card.

Tazz: It’s high stakes for Rey, ain’t no doubt about it. The one thing you know with Rey Mysterio is that he’s gonna go out there and give it his all though, and tonight, I think that may be enough.

Following his walk down the ramp where he embraces his fans perhaps a little too literally, the luchador bounces up into the ring, full of energy and ready for his challenge. With the referee also in the ring, all we can do is now wait …

… And no one appears. The crowd boos as Rey looks towards the referee, asking him what’s happening, with Nick Patrick being able to do nothing but shrug. Mysterio shakes his head, then turns back towards the stage to wait …

… And the crowd begins to boo …


Brandishing the gold, KK waits as Rey turns … THEN LOOKS TO BLAST HIM IN THE HEAD WITH THE GOLD … BUT REY DUCKS, THEN UNLEASHES WITH A SERIES OF RIGHT HANDS! The crowd goes nuts as Mysterio hammers away on Kash, sending him reeling back against the ropes before sending him off with an Irish whip … THEN CATCHING HIM WITH A DROP TOE HOLD ON THE REBOUND … THAT SENDS KASH ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE!

The crowd continues to cheer rabidly as Rey runs off to the ropes, then comes back at Kash … 619 … NO! KASH DUCKS AND GETS OUT OF DODGE, ROLLING FROM THE RING! The crowd boos as Kash stumbles out to safety, out amongst the fans who give KK shit at first, only for Kash to shout at them “Don’t you fuckin’ touch me!” In the ring, a fired up Mysterio heads to the ropes, then motions through, asking for a microphone, which he receives, allowing him to turn back to Kash.

Rey Mysterio: So you wanted me to impress you, huh? Lemme ask you somethin’ … did that impress you?

~ Pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: It’s yes or no, champ. I’m layin’ down my final challenge. You and me at WrestleMania … do you accept … or are you not the king of the cruiserweight division like you claim to be? Are you … a coward?

~ Big pop from the crowd as Kash has a fit at ringside, heading over to the timekeeper’s area to yell “Get me a fuckin’ a mic!”, which the crew there do, allowing KK to now turn back to Rey.

Kid Kash: A coward? You think ‘The Notorious K.I.D’’s a coward. Lemme tell ya somethin’, little man.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: I accepted your little “open challenge” that you laid out just then, so y’know what? I’m acceptin’ this challenge too. Me an’ you at WrestleMania 22!

~ BIG pop as Rey smiles.

Kid Kash: But no. No. Don’t you go an’ get your hopes up, ‘cause I’m tellin’ you … no, I’m promisin’ you … at WrestleMania, I’m gonna prove why I am the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’. Ya get it? Got it … good.

Kash looks up at Rey with a smirk on his face, before backing away towards the ramp, continuing to tell Rey that come WrestleMania he shall reign supreme.

Michael Cole: What an announcement! We didn’t get Rey’s open challenge tonight, but what we will get is Kid Kash vs. Rey Mysterio at WrestleMania 22, the Cruiserweight Title on the line!

Tazz: And that’s sure to be a rocketbuster, Cole. I can’t wait!

We continue to see KK backing up the ramp, holding his Cruiserweight Title up with pride, while Rey meanwhile smiles to himself confidently …

… Before cutting off backstage where we see the lovely Kristal Marshall standing by.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, the men who will be challenging MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22, Matt and Jeff, The Hardy Boyz!

HUGE pop as The Hardy Boyz step into view, both smiling away.

Kristal Marshall: Guys, last week you made your triumphant return as a tag team to Friday Night SmackDown! when you teamed up for the first time in over three years to beat The Mexicools. First of all, I have to ask, how did it feel to be teaming up for the first time in so long?

Matt Hardy: Y’know Kristal, to be perfectly honest, it felt a little weird. I mean, like you said, that was the first time in over three years that I had been in the ring with Jeff. And it’s different. But y’know, at the same time, it wasn’t just weird. No, it felt right.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: Because y’see, while Jeff and I mightn’t have teamed up for three years, we’re more than just old partners. We’re brothers. And what that means is that we’re always on the same page. People thought we may have been rusty, but last week we proved all of the doubters wrong.

~ The crowd cheers as Jeff now steps up.

Jeff Hardy: That’s right. A lotta guys didn’t just question me comin’ back, but they questioned me comin’ back to team with Matt. They asked me if I thought I was over that. If I was done bein’ part of The Hardy Boyz, but what those people don’t get is that like Matt said, we’re brothers, and I love bein’ part of The Hardy Boyz with him. I will always be a part of The Hardy Boyz with him.

~ Nice pop from the crowd.

Jeff Hardy: Y’see, as much as we’ve done, as much as we’ve accomplished as The Hardy Boyz, there’s one thing missing. Yeah, we’ve been in Tables Matches, we’ve been in Ladder Matches, we’ve been in TLC Matches and we’ve been in Steel Cage Matches. We’ve been in some of the biggest matches in tag team history, in WWE history.

~ Respectful pop from the crowd.

Jeff Hardy: But the one thing The Hardy Boyz haven’t done is cement their legacy at the grandest stage of ‘em all, WrestleMania.

~ Small pop from the crowd as Matt now steps back up.

Matt Hardy: While MNM may not respect us, we respect them and we understand that while we’ve been doin’ our own thing, MNM have been the best the tag team division has to offer. They’re three time tag team champs for a reason. But what they don’t realise is that while we’ve seen it all and done almost it all, we have the hunger to succeed that can’t be denied. We have the hunger that MNM can’t stop. We have the hunger, the drive, the passion, the need to win the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, that simply put, will – not – die!

~ Pop from the crowd.

Jeff Hardy: This year at WrestleMania, we’re gonna cement our legacy as one of the greatest tag teams of all-time. Not just for us, but also for Shannon Moore.

~ Big pop from the crowd as Jeff nods, joined by Matt as they head off.

Kristal Marshall: Thanks guys.

We return back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Jeff Hardy, sounding pretty confident ahead of his match with Johnny Nitro later there, and Tazz-


Cole is suddenly interrupted by both the sound of the music and the huge eruption from the crowd as Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage in a t-shirt and jean shorts, looking as calm and relaxed as ever.

Michael Cole: Oh my! RVD … RVD is in the building! Folks, we have to go to a break, but stick around because when we come back it looks like we’re going to hear from RVD. Don’t go anywhere.

Away to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see RVD now standing in the ring, microphone in hand as a huge “RVD! RVD! RVD!” chant resonates throughout the arena.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here on SmackDown!, and I gotta say, it’s good to be back.

~ Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Some things are a little different from when I was here last. Some things are the same. I mean, you’ve still got Cole and Tazz sittin’ there behind the announce desk. Tony Chimel’s still over there. Teddy Long’s still the General Manager of SmackDown!.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Some things are a little different too though. When I was last here, this was Thursday Night SmackDown!. Not anymore. Now we’re here on Friday night!

~ Another decent pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Batista … Batista is World Heavyweight Champion. That’s new to me, but not to all of you, eh?

~ Decent pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: But there’s somethin’ else that’s different, and I just can’t quite put my finger on it. Is it … is it that Randy Orton is the number one contender?

~ Heat from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Is it that Booker T is a coward of a champion? Wait, no, that’s not new at all.

~ Nice pop from the crowd as RVD takes a shot at his former partner.

Rob Van Dam: No, it’s somethin’ else. It’s … it’s … I’ve got it!

~ RVD pauses, smirking slightly.

Rob Van Dam: Isn’t this the show that The Undertaker used to be on?

~ BIG reaction from the crowd, slightly mixed though as RVD takes a bit of a shot at ‘Taker, not that the majority of the crowd notices.

Rob Van Dam: Yeah, I think that’s it. I mean, I remember last time I was here, The Undertaker used to be dominating SmackDown!. But ever since No Way Out, I don’t think I’ve seen him here in a SmackDown! ring once.

~ Another mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: So here’s the thing. I’m gonna cut to the chase. Undertaker, after all I said at Saturday Night’s Main Event about how you’re not gonna be able to beat me. About how I’m clear of mind. About how I’ll always be ready for you, and that you’ll never catch me off guard, I’ll admit this past Monday on RAW … you got me dude.

~ No real reaction from the crowd as RVD pauses.

Rob Van Dam: I thought your little lighting show – which was pretty impressive by the way – I thought that was it. But when you appeared and grabbed me by the throat? Yeah, you surprised me. You did what I said you couldn’t do. You caught me off guard.

~ Again, no real reaction from the crowd, who perhaps don’t know how they should be reacting.

Rob Van Dam: When you Chokeslammed me in the middle of the ring on Monday night, you hurt me. There’s no two ways about it. It hurt. And at first, the only thing I could feel besides the pain was anger.

~ Small pop from the crowd as RVD paces a bit.

Rob Van Dam: I was angry. I was mad. I was enraged … with myself.

~ Back to the mixed reactions.

Rob Van Dam: How could I let this happen? How could I let The Undertaker catch me off guard? How could I let my guard down? How could I make what I said at Saturday Night’s Main Event seem worthless? How could I let myself down?

~ A slight pause from Van Dam.

Rob Van Dam: These questions were runnin’ through my head. My mind was goin’ at a mile a minute, and I didn’t know what to do. What could I do? Everything I had thought, everything I had said, it was all blown to pieces with that one moment when The Undertaker Chokeslammed me.

~ Another small pause.

Rob Van Dam: But then I thought some more, and I came to a realisation. I noticed something that I had never noticed before. Ever since Saturday Night’s Main Event, the only time I’d seen The Undertaker live in the flesh was on Monday Night RAW.

~ Mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: The only time I’d seen him live in the flesh was after one of my matches.

~ Another mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: The only time The Undertaker had got me was when I was tired, when I was weak. The only time he had got me was after my matches.

~ Big mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: The only time The Undertaker has gotten me is when it’s been completely on his terms. Now I know, I’m the one who fired the first shot like that when I attacked him at No Way Out, but that … that was just to get The Undertaker’s attention. Now he’s got me back? Fine. That’s fine, because I’m not one to sit back and let that go. I’m a pretty relaxed dude, but when it comes down to it, I like to win. You did what I’ve done, ‘Taker? Fine. It’s time for me to step it up … again.

~ Big cheer.

Rob Van Dam: Which is why I’m out here on SmackDown! tonight.

~ Another cheer.

Rob Van Dam: After what you did to me on RAW, I knew I had to change things up, and that’s exactly why I’m here. People like Eric Bischoff may have stopped me before, but I made sure by keeping my plan to come here to myself that no one was gonna stop me tonight … and that includes you, ‘Deadman’.

~ Big “OH!” from the crowd, with the tension rising.

Rob Van Dam: I’m done with the attacks from behind. Tonight … tonight I’m callin’ you out face to face. And if, for a change, you decide to come out here and face me here on SmackDown!?

~ RVD pauses for a moment, then looks right into the camera.

Rob Van Dam: I’m gonna kick your ass face to face too.

~ HUGE reaction from the crowd, mainly comprising cheers for the guts of RVD.

Rob Van Dam: Just me and you, dude. There’s no one out here to stop us tonight, so how about you come down here and we get this thing started?

~ Another big cheer as RVD drops the microphone and waits …


The crowd groans, disappointed, before giving just about no reaction as the Friday Night SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long walks out to the ring. Teddy looks all business, from his expression down to his suit as he swiftly makes his way down the ramp, microphone already in hand, and climbs up into the ring to speak.

Theodore Long: Hold up, hold up, hold up, playa.

~ Long watches as RVD bends over and picks up his mic.

Theodore Long: RVD, first of all, lemme just say, it’s good to see you here back on Friday Night SmackDown!, even if just for one night only.

~ Nice little pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: But don’t think ‘cause I’m happy to see you here that you can run around and do whatever you please. Like you said earlier, this is still my show.

~ Boos now despite Long being a face.

Theodore Long: And – not that I wanna say like Eric Bischoff – but someone can stop you from goin’ at it with The Undertaker … me.

~ Boos from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Now I know you people wanna see this, and quite frankly, I wanna see it too. But as General Manager, it is my responsibility to keep some control on this show, and I already threw my World Heavyweight Champion outta here earlier for losin’ control.

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd who think back to earlier in the show.

Theodore Long: I don’t wanna have to do that again. So while I get that you wanna fight, playa, and I even respect you for it, because let’s face it, not many people, if any have had the guts to do what you’re doin’ here, RVD … I’m gonna have to respectfully ask you to leave the ring.

~ Heat from the crowd as RVD’s expression seems to tell it all “You serious?”

Theodore Long: I don’t like this anymore than you do, but playa, you’re-

Rob Van Dam: No.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: What’d … what did you say?

Rob Van Dam: I said … NO!

~ HUGE pop.

Rob Van Dam: I know that you don’t want anyone to end up injured, but if you think that I’m just gonna walk outta here with my tail between my legs after The Undertaker Chokeslammed me on Monday night? After I came out here with a mission in mind … you’ve got another thing comin’.

~ Another big pop.

Rob Van Dam: I’ll put it this way … until The Undertaker comes out here, I’m not leavin’ this ring, okay?

~ Another great pop, leaving T’Lo to shake his head in dismay.

Theodore Long: I didn’t wanna do this … security?

~ Teddy turns towards the stage to some big heat.

Theodore Long: Come out here and assist Mr. Van Dam from the arena.

The crowd continues to boo as we now wait for the security to come out …


BOOM! The crowd EXPLODES into a huge cheer, raising the roof as the lights dim.



The crowd continues to go absolutely wild as the music begins to play, prompting the ramp to fill with smoke, from which the ominous figure of The Undertaker emerges. Slowly but surely, ‘The Phenom’ makes his way down the ramp, dressed in his usual attire of his wrestling gear with the long leather jacket and hat over the top. In the ring RVD looks calm, although Teddy Long looks quite the opposite, not sure what to do. Bit by bit, ‘Taker edges his way down the ramp, getting to the ringside area …


The crowd goes off their collective rocker as both men fall to the mat, RVD continuing to try to take it to The Undertaker … WHEN SECURITY NOW RUSHES OUT FROM THE BACK! The crowd boos, though there’s nothing they can do as RVD attempts to hammer at the downed Undertaker, only to be pulled away by the security force. The Undertaker remains on the floor, stunned, with Teddy Long now joining the chaos, shouting to get RVD back and for us to go to a break, which we do, the scenes of Undertaker down on the floor and RVD being pulled away leaving us.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be back at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where in a moment we will be seeing Jeff Hardy making his first appearance in singles action in three years, but Tazz, before the break we saw absolute chaos break loose.

Tazz: Absolute chaos may be puttin’ it lightly. I dunno if I’ve ever seen anyone take it to The Undertaker like RVD just did. I can’t wait to see them finally go one on one at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: I can’t either, partner, after we just saw the lengths to which RVD will go to beat The Undertaker, putting his body on the line.

Silence for a brief moment, until …


And the crowd gives a great pop as Jeff Hardy storms out onto the stage, being closely followed by his brother Matt Hardy. Matt allows his brother to take centre stage, with Jeff dancing about, before the duo then make their way down to the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 225 lbs, JEFFFFFF HAAARRDDDDYYYYY!

Michael Cole: Much like RVD, Jeff Hardy is another man who will put it all on the line in order to win, and he may have to at WrestleMania when he and his brother challenge MNM for the WWE Tag Team Titles. However, before then Jeff has to worry about his return to singles action, as tonight he goes one on one with one of them he’ll face at WrestleMania, Johnny Nitro.

Tazz: And this ain’t gonna be an easy way for Jeff to get back into singles action. MNM may be best known as a team, but as singles units they can go too.

Jeff slides up into the ring, jumping onto the second rope in his unique fashion, while in the background his brother Matt continues to try to excite the crowd.


The reaction now does a 180, as the red carpet rolls out and the paparazzi flock to the stage, keen to see the arrival of WWE Tag Team Champion, Johnny Nitro. Being accompanied by the other WWE Tag Team Champion, Joey Mercury and Melina, Nitro poses for the paparazzi, showing no signs of being nervous ahead of his match with Jeff.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 218 lbs, JOHNNYYY NIIIIIITRO!

Michael Cole: As you said, Johnny Nitro is no slouch himself in singles action, and while it was a tag team match, he showed his abilities last week when he pinned the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Tazz: That’s right. With all that they can do in the ring, MNM are possibly the most underrated stars in all of the WWE, which is funny when you consider that they’re the tag team champions. That’s just how good they are.

Following Melina’s exciting entrance to the ring, Nitro and Mercury climb in too, showing off the gold while Jeff bounces on the balls of his feet in the background.

Match Four – Singles Match:
Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro w/Joey Mercury & Melina

The crowd is immediately into this one with the chants of “Hardy! Hardy! Hardy!” ringing throughout the arena. Jeff nods in approval, appreciative of the support, although his ring rust seems to show a little early on as Nitro forces him back to the corner with ease once they lock up. Eager for a clean contest, the referee quickly intervenes, separating the two, although the action just ends up back in the corner when Nitro again wins a lockup with ease, before shocking Hardy this time with a right hand, reaching over the referee. With Jeff in trouble early, the tag champ quickly tries to follow up, hammering away on him with some right hands before whipping him off to the opposite corner and charging in after him, only for Jeff to float over.

Nitro hits the turnbuckle chest first, turning in pain right into an arm drag from Jeff. Shocked at being taken down, Nitro gets right back up, although all it gets him is a second and a third arm drag, with Jeff now holding onto the arm of the WWE Tag Team Champion as he gets up. An eager Jeff looks to keep control of Nitro, twisting his arm overhead, only for Nitro to fire off an aggressive forearm right to the face of his foe. Nitro follows up, grabbing Hardy and looking for a European uppercut … but Hardy spins and catches him with a backslide pin … two! Both men get up with Jeff the first to strike, nailing a kick to the midsection before running off to the ropes … ONLY FOR MELINA TO GRAB HIM BY THE LEG!

Jeff turns around, asking Melina what in the hell she thinks she’s doing … and Nitro takes advantage, charging, then drilling Jeff right in the back with a big clubbing blow to the back of the neck! This sets the tone for the Nitro offense, who continues to assault Jeff with a rather plain onslaught, focusing on the neck of ‘The Rainbow Haired Warrior’. Jeff shows some resistance, not wanting to lose his first singles match back in the fray, but Nitro continues punishing Jeff, locking in a criss cross sleeper hold. With both his brother and the crowd behind him, Jeff summons all his energy, refusing to submit as he fight back up to his feet and strikes with some elbows to the midsection, allowing him to push Nitro off … then catch him with a sleeper of his own! Nitro is quick to counter, thinking back suplex, but Jeff lands on his feet, then nails the sleeper slam, taking both men down!

The referee begins his count, with both men struggling to their feet to engage in a slugfest that Jeff gets the better of. With Nitro reeling, the Cameron native attempts to send his foe off with an Irish whip, but the tag champ reverses, instead sending Hardy into the ropes … only for Jeff to explode back on the rebound with a jumping clothesline that takes Nitro down! Nitro gets back up, receiving a few more clotheslines for his trouble before Jeff then catches him with an inverted atomic drop and trips him up … leg drop right to the abs of Nitro! Jeff makes the cover … two!

Jeff looks a little surprised, running his hands through his hair at the news of just the two, before getting back up and pulling Nitro with him to hit some right hands, then send him off with an Irish whip and look for a back body drop on the rebound, only to get a boot to the chest! Hardy reels back, with Nitro now charging in, thinking clothesline, only for Jeff to duck … neckbreaker! The crowd cheers as Nitro goes rolling away in pain, headed towards a seated position in the corner … only for Jeff to charge across and hit a step up dropkick to the chest! Jeff drags Nitro into the middle of the ring and hooks him by the leg … TWO! Nitro just survives!

Jeff is again frustrated by the news of the kickout, greeting it with a quick shake of the head before getting up … AND SIGNALLING FOR THE TWIST OF FATE! The crowd cheers as Jeff signals that the end is nigh, with Nitro getting up and turning … TO BE PUT RIGHT IN POSITION FOR THE TWIST OF FATE … BUT NITRO SPINS OUT … SUPERKICK … NO! JEFF DUCKS AND RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES … WHISPER IN THE WIND … MISSES! Jeff lands on his ass, struggling back to his feet … RIGHT INTO A SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGURI FROM NITRO! The crowd looks on in shock as Jeff sits up, dazed and confused … AND NITRO SCORES WITH A RUNNING KNEE TO THE HEAD OF THE SEATED HARDY! Nitro makes the cover … TWO!

MNM cannot believe it, all three members shouting at the referee as the crowd gives a good cheer. Shaking it off, Nitro gets back to his feet and lifts Jeff up, getting him in position for some kind of neckbreaker, only for Jeff to spin out … AND CONNECT WITH THE TWIST OF FATE! The crowd goes nuts as Jeff hits it out of nowhere, before heading to the corner and going to the top rope … BUT MELINA CLIMBS UP ON THE APRON AND DISTRACTS EVERYONE, INCLUDING MATT, WHO RUNS ACROSS, JEFF ON THE TOP ROPE AND THE REFEREE! Meanwhile Joey Mercury climbs up onto the apron behind Jeff … PUSHING HIM FROM THE TOP … SO HE CRASHES AND BURNS ON THE MAT!

The crowd gives great heat as both men get up, with Nitro grabbing Jeff … TO NAIL A CORKSCREW NECKBREAKER! Nitro hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Johnny Nitro via pinfall @ 7:22


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Johnny Nitro!

The crowd gives some very good heat as Nitro rolls from the ring, quickly getting out of dodge to join his stable mates on the outside while Matt Hardy angrily slides into the ring to tend to his brother Jeff.

Michael Cole: Johnny Nitro steals one! Jeff Hardy had it in the bag, if not for the interference of Melina and Mercury, who had Matt Hardy outnumbered two to one at ringside.

Tazz: It doesn’t matter how he wins, Cole. If MNM win like that at WrestleMania, they’re still gonna retain their titles.

Michael Cole: That’s true, but it was still a valiant effort from Hardy, especially for his first singles match in a WWE ring for three years. Something tells me that if he gets his chance in the same situation again, he won’t be denied.

We see MNM continue to celebrate it up on the ramp for a moment …

… Before cutting backstage to see Chris Benoit walking down a corridor.

Michael Cole: Johnny Nitro steals one for now, but folks, up next is a match with huge WrestleMania repercussions. It’s Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit, where if OJ wins, he’ll be included in the United States Title match, making it a Three Way Dance! That’s next here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

Away we go.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break not at ringside, but rather backstage where we see Paul London preparing himself in a corridor, slapping himself a few times. The crowd cheers London, who looks focused ahead of his big match … until Brian Kendrick hits the scene, causing London to turn to him.

Paul London: Brian, how’re you goin’?

Brian Kendrick: Not bad, not bad. You’re goin’ a little better though, eh? Got yourself in a big match later?

~ London looks a little uncomfortable, shuffling on the spot and looking down.

Paul London: Yeah, about that … listen, I know we’re usually partners, but …

Brian Kendrick: Hey, dude, it’s okay. I get it. You qualified for Money in the Bank, and until WrestleMania, it’s about proving yourself as a singles guy. I get it. Don’t worry, if ya need me, I’ll be happy to help, but I know that these few weeks are about you.

~ London nods slowly.

Brian Kendrick: And hey, like I came here originally to say, good luck out there tonight. Show Orton what you’re about.

~ London smiles.

Paul London: Thanks man, I’ll try. I’ve gotta scoot off, but I’ll catch up with after the show, okay?

Brian Kendrick: You know it.

Kendrick looks on as London takes off, leaving Kendrick to take a deep breath and settle himself. Jealousy, perhaps?

We now cut back to ringside to hear the sound of the bell tolling in the background, with Tony Chimel having taken centre stage in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and if Orlando Jordan is victorious, he will qualify for the United States Title match at WrestleMania 22!


The crowd gives a decent mixed reaction as Orlando Jordan makes his way out onto the stage. Nothing too exuberant here as Jordan simply strides down the ramp, perhaps focussed on beating a man who he has struggled against in the past.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Miami, Florida, weighing 255 lbs, ORRRLLLAAANDO JORDAAAANNNNNN!

Michael Cole: Tonight is possibly the biggest night of Orlando’s Jordan career. With a chance to go to WrestleMania on the line if Orlando can win tonight, this could well prove to be his breakout moment. The problem? He has to defeat a man who has beaten him multiple times in the past in Chris Benoit.

Tazz: No doubt, tonight is absolutely huge for Orlando, but with Booker no longer havin’ his back, I dunno if he can beat Benoit. Seems like somethin’ he might need some help to do.

Jordan makes his way down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, ready for action as he now waits for his opponent.


The crowd gives a very nice pop as the no fuss Chris Benoit walks out onto the stage. Benoit looks out to the crowd and beats his chest emphatically, before advancing down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 lbs, CHRIS BENOOOIIIITTTTTTTT!

Michael Cole: For Chris Benoit tonight is important too. While his WrestleMania spot is not on the line, losing tonight means he has to go through not just one man, but two come WrestleMania.

Tazz: Big match for Benoit too, no doubt, but the champ, Booker T’s the one who’s affected the most here, and he ain’t even involved. Personally, I just don’t see how that’s fair, and I don’t think Booker does either.

Benoit climbs up into the ring, joining Jordan as we get set to go in this match.

Match Five – Singles Match:
Orlando Jordan vs. Chris Benoit

A tentative looking Jordan and a determined Benoit come forward, both looking to engage in a lockup … WHEN BENOIT SUDDENLY PICKS THE ARM OF JORDAN, LOOKING FOR THE QUICK VICTORY LIKE AT NO WAY OUT … BUT LIKE AT NO WAY OUT, JORDAN MANAGES TO FIGHT TO THE ROPES! Benoit smiles to himself, leaving Jordan to smart a little, almost caught off guard again, before coming forward … AND BENOIT GOES THE LEGS, LOOKING TO TAKE JORDAN DOWN FOR THE SHARPSHOOTER … ONLY FOR JORDAN TO KICK HIM SQUARE IN THE CHEST! Orlando was ready for that one, sending Benoit reeling, and he looks to quick follow up, sending Benoit back into the corner to hammer away with him on right hands.

After working the midsection Jordan snapmares a surprised Benoit out of the corner, before running off to the ropes and coming back by booting his opponent right in the head! OJ makes the cover … only two! Knowing the significance of this match, Orlando looks to go right back to work, lifting Benoit up, only for Benoit to spring to life from nowhere, hitting a huge chop to the chest of OJ. The crowd cheers as Benoit forces OJ back to the corner, holding him there so he can light him up with some chops, before sending him across to the other corner with as much force as possible, causing Jordan to stagger from the turnbuckle, holding his back. Unfortunately for Jordan, he only moves into the clutches of Benoit, who quickly snaps of a suplex and floats over into the cover … two!

Benoit climbs back up without even glancing toward the referee, happy to get on with things as he lifts Jordan up, only for Jordan to – like Benoit before – spring to life, ramming Benoit back into the corner. Jordan strikes with a few shoulder thrusts, driving the air out of Benoit’s midsection, before backing away and charging back in, only to meet the boot of Benoit head on. Jordan staggers away, dazed, as Benoit looks to take advantage, pulling himself together before charging out of the corner … right into a perfect dropkick from Orlando! The crowd actually cheers the move from Orlando, and while this begins some dominance from him, the youngster wrestles a clean match, simply trying to smother Benoit without cheating in the hope of putting him away before he can get any of his lethal submission moves locked in.

Jordan, though, gets frustrated fast, wanting to put Benoit away quickly due to his inability to do so in the past, and when unsuccessful, decides to look for a submission victory courtesy of a rear chinlock. The tenacious and tough Benoit is far from a quitter though, and a rear chinlock isn’t about to change that, which ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ shows by fighting back up to his feet and looking to escape with a few elbows to the midsection. Jordan jumps in pain with each shot until he finally relinquishes the hold, allowing Benoit to run off to the ropes … and come back right into a backbreaker! Jordan hooks the leg … TWO!

OJ can’t believe it, looking up at the referee in shock at the kickout. The referee continues to tell him it was just two though, leaving OJ with no choice but to go on as he lifts Benoit up and sends him off with an Irish whip, only to make the rookie mistake of bending down too early for the back body drop, allowing Benoit to kick him with all his might. Jordan reels back immediately, the pain shooting through his chest, before he tries to shake it off, going for a clothesline on a still hurting Benoit, but Benoit is able to duck, then take OJ over with a northern lights suplex … two!

Both men get right back up, Jordan, in fear of a comeback, instantly swinging for a clothesline, only for Benoit to duck … German suplex connects … and the hands stay clasped! The crowd cheers as Benoit gets Orlando up, then nails a second, before going for a third … but Orlando grabs the ropes! Orlando holds on for survival as Benoit continues to struggle, forcing the referee to come in and try to intervene … AND HE GETS COLLECTED BY A WILD ELBOW THAT IS SWUNG BACK BY A PANICKING ORLANDO JORDAN!

The ref goes down, Jordan looking on in shock … leaving him open as Benoit nails the third German suplex! The crowd cheers as Benoit looks around, making the throat slashing motion before heading up to the top rope … AND DIVING OFF WITH THE DIVING HEADBUTT … BUT ORLANDO JORDAN DODGES! BENOIT CRASHES AND BURNS! The crowd looks on in shock as both men slowly pull themselves up to their feet … AND ORLANDO JORDAN EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS AND HITS A RUNNING STO! Jordan hooks the leg … but there’s no count! The referee is still down!

Jordan quickly realises why there’s no count, climbing back to his feet to try to help the referee up. There’s no response at first, causing Jordan to persist when the crowd suddenly starts to boo. At first we have no idea why, but it seem becomes clear as the United States Champion, Booker T comes sliding into the ring, holding the gold!

Booker stands behind Jordan, waiting for him to turn … AND HE DOES … RIGHT INTO A SHOT FROM THE GOLD … WAIT, NO! ORLANDO DUCKS … AND BOOKER CREAMS THE RISING BENOIT BEHIND HIM! The crowd gives an extremely mixed reaction as Orlando tosses Booker from the ring, then looks around to see the referee coming to, and after a brief battle with his conscience, makes the cover … to get the three!

Winner: Orlando Jordan via pinfall @ 8:00


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, ORLAAANNNDDOOOO JORDAAANNNN!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Jordan gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, all while keeping his eyes firmly on Booker T. The United States Champion remains on the outside, looking far from happy at what has transpired, with matters made worse by the fact that what’s occurred is his fault.

Michael Cole: Orlando Jordan has done it! Orlando Jordan is going to WrestleMania with a win in controversial circumstances, thanks, accidentally, to Booker T.

Tazz: Poor Booker. Now he has not just one, but two guys gunnin’ down on him and his title!

Michael Cole: And he has no one to blame but himself. Booker T tried to interfere, he tried to cheat Orlando Jordan out of the US Title Match at WrestleMania, but all he ended up doing was costing himself. Booker said Jordan and Benoit both couldn’t beat him – well let’s see him put his money where his mouth is come WrestleMania.

Booker continues to throw a tantrum on the outside, with Orlando Jordan looking on intently, leaving us to head to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*





We return to ringside.

Michael Cole: That’s right, ladies and gentlemen. As you can hear in the background, that is the theme song for WrestleMania 22, I Dare You, and we’d like to thank the boys from Shinedown for that. Just sixteen days to go partner. Are you excited?

Tazz: It’s sixteen days away, and I got goosebumps just thinkin’ about it. No kiddin’, this is what every WWE superstar waits the whole year for. Everything in the WWE leads up to WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: And what a WrestleMania it’s going to be, with so many titles on the line. Speaking of which, the WWE Tag Team Titles from right here on Friday Night SmackDown! will be defended when MNM meets The Hardy Boyz.

Tazz: Nitro got a win for the champs earlier tonight over Jeff, and if ya ask me, that proves what I’ve been sayin’ all along. The Hardy Boyz are good, but MNM are the best, and they’re gonna prove that at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: They may be the best, but on RAW the team formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team challenge Kane and the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles.

Tazz: Haas an’ Benjamin were a heck of a team long ago, but with the disagreements between the two now out for all to see, I can’t see them regroupin’ before WrestleMania. The champs to retain.

Michael Cole: The United States Title will be defended in a Three Way Dance, meaning it’s elimination rules. Orlando Jordan and Chris Benoit will challenge Booker T for his United States Title.

Tazz: I’ve been sayin’ all along that this ain’t fair on Booker, and y’know, it ain’t, but I still think ‘The Book Man’ is gonna pull through and retain the gold.

Michael Cole: There may be no title on the line, but it doesn’t get much bigger than this. Rob Van Dam will do anything to beat The Undertaker, and he gets his chance at WrestleMania 22.

Tazz: But can he do it, Cole? We know RVD’s crazy, we know he’s death defyin’, but if ya ask me, he’s just not gonna be good enough to beat ‘The Deadman’.

Michael Cole: Over on RAW, in perhaps the most personal match you’ll ever see, Shawn Michaels and Triple H will do battle in a No Holds Barred Match.

Tazz: Both men will be out for blood here, and personally, I can’t wait. I dunno who’s gonna pick up the win, but what I do know is that it’ll be violent.

Michael Cole: In a match which is all about proving who is the better man, and perhaps the greatest cruiserweight of all-time, Kid Kash will defend the Cruiserweight Title against Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Mysterio made Kash look a lil silly earlier tonight, but Kash has been the man in the cruiserweight division for four months now. Kash to retain, but it’ll be a close one.

Michael Cole: Over on RAW the Women’s Title is on the line as Trish Stratus defends the title against a woman who used to look up to her, but now appears to stand on her own two feet, Mickie James.

Tazz: We saw a side of Mickie James we never knew existed on RAW, and that could mean the end for Trish’s title reign. If anyone can beat Mickie it’s Trish, but Mickie may just be too much for her.

Michael Cole: Those two divas will be competing for a title, but in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, eight superstars will be competing for a chance at a world title, any time, any place. All they have to do is unhook the briefcase that leads to success.

Tazz: And Mr. Kennedy was my personal favourite, but after seein’ Mark Henry qualify here earlier tonight, I’m tellin’ ya, there ain’t no goin’ past ‘The World’s Strongest Man’.

Michael Cole: The WWE Title from Monday Night RAW will be on the line in a Triple Threat Match when Edge defends against the two men he’s been running from for months, John Cena and Kurt Angle.

Tazz: Edge put forth a good case for why he’d win at WrestleMania on RAW, but with matches against both men comin’ in the next few weeks on RAW, Edge might find it tough to even make it to ‘Mania!

Michael Cole: And finally from SmackDown!, the main event, the World Heavyweight Champion for a year’s length, Batista defends the gold against his old friend and now rival, Randy Orton.

Tazz: Orton has been on fire all year, while Batista has been strugglin’ of late with Orton in his head. If ya ask me, that’s enough for Randy to pick up the win.

Michael Cole: That’s all at WrestleMania, but the night before WrestleMania we will see the Class of 2006 be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Inductees thus far this year include the late, great Eddie Guerrero, Jim Ross and Verne Gagne. Let’s see who else will join them in this year’s Hall of Fame.




We return to ringside.


The crowd gives a nice pop as Paul London comes stomping out onto the stage. Full of energy, London looks out to the crowd, then charges on down the ramp, set for action.

Michael Cole: Here comes Paul London, and up next he’ll be in action in our main event. It’s Paul London taking on Randy Orton, next here on Friday Night SmackDown!.


*Commercial Break*

We return back from the break to see Paul London standing in the ring, awaiting his opponent patiently.


The crowd explodes into a chorus of boos as the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton struts out onto the stage, full of confidence. With his very being oozing arrogance, the challenger for the World Heavyweight Title poses at the top of the ramp, prompting a stream of golden rain to fall behind him onto the stage.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 lbs, he is the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, ‘The Legend Killer’, RAAANDY ORRRRTTTTON!

Michael Cole: While tonight is a good chance for a bit of fine tuning for Randy Orton before WrestleMania, he does not want to take his opponent Paul London lightly, as he appeared to do earlier tonight. As we saw last week, Paul London is no slouch, knocking off Mr. Kennedy.

Tazz: London’s a good kid for sure, but I’m not sure if he has a real chance against Randy Orton. I mean, don’t get me wrong, he’s gonna have a big future here in the WWE as last week showed, but Randy Orton has looked to be on a level of his own this year.

Orton swaggers his way down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, posing conceitedly before we get this one kicked off.

Match Six – Singles Match:
Paul London vs. Randy Orton

The arrogance of Orton is out to see tonight as he steps forward, getting in the face of Paul London and telling him he doesn’t belong in the same ring as him, before daring London to hit him. London, never one to disappoint the fans, complies with Orton’s request, smacking him right in the chops and sending him down to the mat to a big pop from the crowd. Orton is reeling early, having been sent back against the ropes with some more rights from London, who goes for an Irish whip, only for Randy to get a look in with a reversal … but London comes straight through Orton with a crossbody block into a hook of the leg on the rebound … two!

Both men get up, London the first to react as he bombards Orton with some kicks to the hamstrings, keeping him on the back foot, before backing away, prompting Orton to charge … right into a drop toe hold! Orton’s face slams down into the mat, and London quickly takes advantage, charging off to the ropes to score with a running leg drop to the back of the head of Orton! London rolls Orton over and hooks the leg … two! Quickly back up, the alert London looks to go after Orton again, but Orton, having come into the match overconfidently, instead looks for space to regroup, rolling out to the floor. Orton is absolutely reeling in the early going, slowly pulling himself together on the floor, before turning back to the ring … TO SEE PAUL LONDON COME OVER THE TOP ROPE AND CRASHING DOWN ONTO HIM WITH A SENSATIONAL PLANCHA!

London pops right back up, brimming with energy as he roars out to the crowd, before bending over to pick up Orton … but ‘The Legend Killer’ springs from nowhere to rake London’s eyes. With his vision impaired, London is basically defenceless, and Orton takes full advantage, grabbing the smaller man by the head and hurling him into the ringpost!

From here it’s all Orton for awhile, with the challenger for the World Heavyweight Title at WrestleMania seemingly taking special exception to London showing him up in the early going by attacking him with a little more vim and vigour than we’ve previously seen from Orton, each blow being that much more painful. London’s a fighter though, and he refuses to allow Orton to defeat him easily, leading to ‘The Legend Killer’ locking in one of his famous sleeper holds. London struggles at first before dying down after awhile, the hold seemingly taking its toll as the referee goes to check on him … and the hand goes down once. The crowd groans as the referee checks a second time … and it falls for a second time! With Orton smirking almost sadistically behind him, London’s hand is raised a third time … but this time it stays aloft!

Orton is shocked as a sudden surge of energy causes London to fight all of the way back to his feet, where the former Cruiserweight Champion lands a few elbows to the midsection of Orton, loosening his grip so he can run off to the ropes … right into a boot to the midsection of Orton! Orton then lifts London up … thinking elevated neckbreaker … but London slips free and takes Orton down with a beautiful arm drag! A frustrated Orton gets up, only to be taken down with a second arm drag and then a hurricanrana! London is now fired up as he waits on Orton to get back up … a dropkick to the knees sends Orton down to his hands and knees, allowing London to bounce off the ropes and drill Orton with a low dropkick right to the side of the head!

The crowd erupts as London hooks the leg … TWO! London shakes his head, thinking he may have had the match won, before heading across to the corner and jumping up to the second rope … but Orton notices where he is and charges … only for London to come off and nail him with the mushroom stomp, sending Orton careering down into the second turnbuckle face first! The crowd again cheers as London comes from behind Orton, taking him back into the centre of the ring with the O’Conner roll … TWO!

Both men are quickly up, London looking to take advantage, booting Orton in the midsection … before LOOKING FOR THE LEGSWEEP DDT … BUT ORTON SWINGS OUT AND SCORES WITH AN INVERTED BACKBREAKER! The crowd boos as Orton hooks the leg … TWO! London is still alive! Orton is in shock, questioning the referee as to how it wasn’t three, but the referee confirms London kicked out, prompting Orton to get up and demand London climb back up to his feet.

London slowly complies with Orton’s request, the pain still clear from the backbreaker as he gets up … AND TURNS RIGHT INTO AN RKO … BUT LONDON PUSHES ORTON OFF! Orton turns around, and London thinks dropsault, only for Orton to remain back … but London lands on his feet … only to have his head taken off by a wicked clothesline … no! London narrowly avoids it by ducking … THEN NAILS A SUPERKICK ON ORTON OUT OF NOWHERE!

The crowd gives a great pop as Orton goes down, with London taking his time, clearly tired as he heads to the corner and starts to climb …



The crowd gives great heat as everyone in the arena turns to see Mr. Kennedy march out onto the stage, chomping away on his gum. KK II does nothing other than observe, telling London to get back to action as London turns to see a rising Orton … and goes for a crossbody block … BUT ORTON LANDS A TERRIFIC DROPKICK OUT OF NOWHERE, CRUNCHING LONDON IN MIDAIR! London falls to the mat in a heap, practically down and out as Orton waits for him to slowly get up … RKO! ORTON STRIKES WITH THE RKO! Orton hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Randy Orton via pinfall @ 9:03


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, RAAANDY ORTTTOOOONNNNN!

The crowd gives heat as Orton gets back to his feet, still holding his jaw gingerly from the superkick, to have his hand raised by the referee. Meanwhile, up on the stage KK II sidles off to the backstage area.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton has done it, but with a little help from Mr. Kennedy. What an effort from Paul London!

Tazz: What an effort indeed, but Orton still came out on top, Cole.

Michael Cole: Perhaps only thanks to Mr. Kennedy, though. London had an overconfident Orton reeling, and almost had him finished off when Kennedy appeared.

Despite the win being far from his best thanks to his arrogance, Orton still poses arrogantly, very happy with his victory as he climbs atop the second turnbuckle and motions the gold will be his.

Michael Cole: Well sixteen days out from WrestleMania, that’s the image we’re seeing. Will it be the same image at the conclusion of WrestleMania? The only way to find out is to watch on until WrestleMania and WrestleMania itself. I’m Michael Cole, for Tazz, thank you for joining us here on Friday Night SmackDown!. Good night.

Orton continues to stand tall, as we fade …

… To …


The crowd goes absolutely nuts … as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista streams down the ramp to the ring out of nowhere! Shocked, Orton quickly hops down from the turnbuckle … AND GETS SPEARED OUT OF HIS BOOTS BY THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION! BATISTA SPEARS ORTON IN HALF!

The crowd goes nuts as Batista gets back to his feet, somehow back in the building … AND HE CALLS FOR THE BATISTA BOMB! Batista shakes the ropes manically, then lifts Orton up … AND NAILS HIM WITH THE BATISTA BOMB!

The crowd continues to cheer wildly as security starts to rush out from the back, but Batista doesn’t give a damn, lifting his title up off the mat, then standing tall over Orton, raising the gold for all to see as we fade … to … black.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

United States Championship; Three Way Dance:
Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan vs. Booker T ©

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Cruiserweight Championship:
Rey Mysterio vs. Kid Kash ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Review

I was sure of one thing about the first match, Batista was going to beat the hell out of Super Crazy before, during or after the match. Not sure about the use of 3 Spinebusters because after one signature move, your opponent should be out but after THREE, this is a bit too much for me. The lack of focus of Tista, after his finisher was a nice touch, as the beatdown who follows.

An army of security is maybe too much since Batista is alone after all but I see what you're doing and that's pretty good, Batista needs to walk in to Wrestlemania as the Animal who's kickin ass and cares about no one.

The Orton promo was a hit and miss for me. The part on Batista was good bringing some personal comments but after it went too long with Orton talking about himself. As you stated Paul London interruption is a surprise. I expected somebody like Bobby Lashley because 3 weeks ago London was losing to the Bluebloods and now he's interrupting the Royal Rumble winner. A bit too quick for me. Overall this promo was good but a bit too long for the first part.

Generic face promo by ReyRey but it hypes the match so it did his job.

Mark Henry in the MITB=Ratings, Mark Henry as Mr. MITB, do it.

The JBL interview was needed, it shows now that Bradshaw takes Lashley seriously. A win for Lashley at WM would do wonders for his career so this match has to be announce next week.

CM Punk, next week. Well I hope a heel Punk, it would be different so looking forward to next week.

Lashley over JBL gives him a huge boost so now JBL has to do something impactful next week to gain revenge.

The handshaking between Finlay and Lashley is something I don't agree with. Two weeks ago, they were beating each other up in a Belfast Brawl and now they're shaking hands. At least it didn't last long.

After this promo, it was sure that OJ was going to win his match with Benoit. Now Jordan is alone and I hope that this is not a swerve again. By the way, I like your use of Jordan, it's not common to see Jordan getting pushed, it's a change from the usual Kennedy, Carlito or Benjamin.

Kash/Mysterio at Wrestlemania is HUGE. Another big match added to already stacked card, but the result might be too predictable.

Jeff Hardy on the mic, ugh. Anyway MNM vs Hardyz is so immense, honestly I can't wait.

RVD on Smackdown ? I'm sure someone already told you that you wrote RVD very well but this promo was really good, Van Dam calling out the Undertaker on Smackdown sounds very gutsy and inconscient but that's RVD so it's ok.

Long here to maintain order is normal, he's in his role.

Wow Taker is here and Van Dam shows that he's not afraid of UT. Honestly I don't think RVD will beat Taker at WM but your writing of Rob Van Dam since his return has been pretty awesome.

WOW I didn't realise until now the space between the last match and this one. Hardy and Nitro have some chemistry so no surprise that this is a good match. I didn't expect Hardy to lose his first match so it's a nice shocker. Plus MNM are the champs, they have to look dominant.

London/Kendrick came a little bit out of nowhere but it begins to create some tension between those two.

Benoit trying to surprise Jordan early is a nice reminder to their past. As I expected OJ pick up the win after a botched inteference from Booker T.

I don't like the idea of having 2 triple threat at Mania. At least it's a 3Way Dance so it's different but I'm not convinced about this match.

The rundown of your card shows once again how awesome your card. It must the most anticipated PPV in recent memory.

Randy Orton needed to win this match since he's heading to Mania as the favorite. London has a pretty good showing against TLK. But Kennedy ?? Why ? Because he lost a match last week ? Honestly I thought that Orton needed a clean win, this intervention makes him look weak in my opinion.

I disagree with the manner of the intervention of Batista, at SNME you did the exact same thing with HHH. When somebody is supposed to be away from the arena, how can his music be played in the arena ? It makes the intervention of the security pointless in the debut of the show.

Anyway Batista destroying Orton is logical after Orton getting the upperhand the last week. Now it is getting interesting because I have no idea about how RKO will respond since he gave his "word".

Anyway this show was a great improvement to last week, all the feuds were hyped. This show was pretty good. Wrestlemania, just bring it.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 20th, 2006 | The Pyramid; Memphis, Tennessee

This week Monday Night RAW comes to you from ‘King Country’, Memphis, Tennessee, where with just THIRTEEN days until WrestleMania, we are promised a massive show, topped off by huge match, as announced by Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff last week when the WWE Champion, Edge faces one of the men who he will be facing at WrestleMania in the Triple Threat Match and the man he beat to capture the WWE Title two months ago, John Cena! Last week Edge informed us he planned of not making any contact with Angle and Cena until WrestleMania, saying he wasn’t going to put himself at risk ahead of a match that he could only lose at WrestleMania if he were to be injured beforehand by either of his foes. Eric Bischoff, however, forced Edge to compete last week against RVD, with the promise that if Edge could put RVD away, or at least soften him up sufficiently, he could have the next two weeks until WrestleMania off. As we saw last week, Edge didn’t do that, instead walking out of the match and leaving a seething Bischoff to place him in a match this week against Cena, with Kurt Angle next to come for Edge next week, should the champion make it that far. With all of the history between Edge and Cena, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ has to be worried, knowing John Cena won’t just be going out to win on RAW – he’ll be going out for redemption. Will Edge be able to beat Cena for a third time on RAW, or will Cena finally get one back over Edge and do some damage in the process?

Another man out for redemption this week on RAW is ‘The Game’ Triple H. It has been almost three weeks since Shawn Michaels’ brutal assault on ‘The Game’ at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and since then Triple H has been unable to get his hands on Michaels thanks to Michaels’ newfound friend Eric Bischoff. With no medical issues preventing him from competing this week, Triple H is not just sure to be in the building, but he is also sure to want to get his hands on Shawn Michaels. Will Triple H get what he wants? Will we see ‘The Game’ and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ meet face to face just thirteen days before they meet at WrestleMania? Or will Shawn Michaels find a way to escape ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ again?

After spending weeks trying to get into the head of RVD with mind games, last week The Undertaker stepped it up a notch when he Chokeslammed him in the centre of the RAW ring to close Monday Night RAW last week. Thinking he had finally one upped his WrestleMania foe, The Undertaker returned to SmackDown!, only to find RVD calling him out this past Friday night. RVD did more than just call The Undertaker out too – he completely outdid ‘The Deadman’, leaving him lying on the concrete floor as he was dragged away by security. Rumours have been swirling that this week The Undertaker will look to return the favour and come to Monday Night RAW to make an impact on not just RVD, but all of those who saw what happened to him on SmackDown! and doubted him. Will we see another confrontation between these two men ahead of their ultimate confrontation at WrestleMania? And if so, what will transpire?

Another confrontation that cannot wait to be seen is that of the Women’s Champion Trish Stratus defending the gold against her former friend Mickie James at WrestleMania. Last week we saw the unraveling of Trish make an even greater step as she came out and once again flippantly denied all claims of the woman who used to look up to her having a troubled past, declaring Ms. James nothing but a “fraud”. Oddly enough, Ashley Massaro, Trish’s former friend and the woman Mickie James ran out of the WWE, came out to defend Mickie, talking about how hard Mickie had been trying to fit in, before calling Trish the crazy one and not Mickie. That set Trish off, with the Women’s Champion blowing a gasket and attacking Ashley, only for a determined Mickie James to run in and save her new friend, scaring Trish off in the process. While her match with Trish beckons, this week on RAW Mickie will have a chance to show her new self when she takes on Torrie Wilson in one on one action. Trish Stratus, meanwhile, will also be in the building. Will we see another confrontation between the two? And will Torrie stand a chance against a Mickie James who looks better than ever?

Another eight men who will be looking to prove themselves come WrestleMania are the eight participants in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With a guaranteed world title shot for any time in any place, guaranteed up until and including at WrestleMania 23 on the line, the Money in the Bank Ladder Match will is one of the most important matches on the WWE calendar. This week, we get a chance to hear the thoughts of the four men from RAW who will be competing as, for the first time this year, Carlito will be hosting Carlito’s Cabana, with special guests Ric Flair, Chavo Guerrero and Gregory Helms. Will sparks fly between these four? What will happen between Gregory Helms and Ric Flair, with Helms feeling Flair “stole” the Intercontinental Title from him last week? Which man will best press his claim to become ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’ come WrestleMania?

Also in action will be Charlie Haas, when he looks to prove not just to his opponent, but also to his partner Shelton Benjamin, ahead of the World Tag Team Title match at WrestleMania, just how good he is, along with appearances from The Spirit Squad, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, World Tag Team Champion Kane and other superstars. For all of those and more, be sure to tune into Monday Night RAW this Monday night, live on The USA Network, 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Crap, I didn't realise there were only thirteen days left until WrestleMania. This thread really has come leaps and bounds since you started off as a total jobber who tried to extend the length of a show by writing out the lyrics to Metalingus.

Edge vs. Cena on RAW is big. So big I'm not so sure it should happen. Depending on what could happen post-WrestleMania, you may have wanted to save the match for a PPV. At this point you've done well to establish Edge as WWE Champion, but a real feud with Cena could really elevate him further. Then again, you might not want to imitate real life storylines, and in honesty, it's not a big deal. It's going to be a little struggle to put one guy over the other though, since both Cena and Edge could do with a big win heading into Mania. However, tossing up both sides, I'd say since Edge looks likely to retain at WrestleMania, Cena should get the win.

I'd like to see a confrontation between Michaels and Triple H before WrestleMania, because quite frankly, it's needed. With only little time left until the PPV, this feud (even though it has two of the biggest stars on Raw involved) needs more steam. Michaels turning at SNME and then cutting a promo the following night got things going well, but now, it needs to really pick up.

Speaking of things picking up, I'm glad that you had Undertaker chokeslam RVD on Raw last week, as well as RVD return the favour on Smackdown, because this whole "I respect you, I'm not afraid of you" thing between the two of them was a little boring. Hopefully you keep it up this week. Van Dam needs another big win before he becomes another victim at WrestleMania, by the way.

Mickie/Trish is interesting, and to be honest, I don't have much more to say than that. You already know that I thought Trish making Mickie bleed at SNME was a little extreme, but at least it was different. I expect Mickie to beat Torrie easily as she builds momentum heading into WrestleMania 22.

One feud I really don't have much interest in at the moment is the World Tag Team Title feud. With only a few shows left before 'Mania, I think this is another storyline that needs a big push before the big show.

Will be reading, jobber turned good booker but still a jobber at heart.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Shit me, I forgot all about Smackdown. I'll have to get to that and Raw. I've been busy catching up writing my Smackdown. Blame Pro Evo coming up last week! That took up my whole weekend pretty much.

Anyway, Raw looks being quite the show with Cena/Edge. That's a hell of a match to be had 13 days before Mania, and that's exciting in itself. I'm looking forward to seeing how the HBK/HHH feud picks up as they've not had all that much interaction since Saturday Night's Main Event. This should be a great show all the same. I'll be reading both shows as soon as I've got Smackdown written, which won't take long.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Like you with mine, this is my first time reviewing this thread and I'm absolutely going in blind. Hopefully I hit you with something that you can use in I refer to as my "stream of consciousness feedback."

This is gonna seem pointless to bring up, but why would Teddy Long care if Batista and Orton get along? I mean, I know he wanted them to get along when they fought RAW but those matches were over when he put them against MNM. Know what I mean? Timing wise, it would've worked out better if he made this match before they faced RAW the second time instead of after, but I assumed this worked out better for you this way. I know it's nitpicking but I'm just throwing things out there. lol.

I like starting the show off with the World Heavyweight Champion. It gets the show off to a fast start and sets the tone that this show is gonna be a big deal, and one would hope so being so close to WrestleMania, so good on that. If Batista hits somebody with three spinebusters, they should be immobile. If he hits them with three spinebusters and then a Batista Bomb, they should be dead. But instinct or not, they shouldn't be able to move any part of their being. It did set up Batista snapping, but I think it should've been done in a different way as I thought it made Batista look kinda week especially after losing two matches to Edge according to the V.P. The beatdown afterward made up for some of it, but I would've liked to see him hit the moves, and then have SC's leg be under the rope or something.

Quite simply, I loved Orton's promo and loved the fact that Batista was around to hear at least the beginning of it (though it would've been pretty epic if he was there when Orton did his "slip through the cracks" kick {it was epic in it's own right}). With WrestleMania so close, it was nice for Orton to essentially tell us what his reasons are for hating on Dave Batista and he pretty much owned The Animal in every single way verbally tonight (liked the attention paid to Dave's nickname by the way). Batista (or Teddy Long... or even an angered Bob Orton Jr. for some reason in my fucked up brain) needs to respond to Randy Orton's claims to give us the second half of the story either later tonight or next week. Strong promo.

London's an uppity little fuck, isn't he? I hate him in this thread. Not on you though... I just hate it when good guys get the upperhand verbally on the heels. lol. I always root for the baddies. London came across like a star and it wouldn't completely surprise me if he walked out of Mania with the MITB briefcase. Randy accepting the match wouldn't make sense if this was Batista or Triple H or somebody, but considering his comment off the bat, he doesn't take London too seriously, which makes it pretty perfect. Looking forward to that match.

Did this stupid bitch just ask Rey Mysterio if he's nervous? Just because he's short doesn't make him a kid, lady. What? He is nervous? lmao. Pussy. Solid promo from Mysterio and I like you using him as a tool to build up the prestige of WrestleMania, and in essence, the Cruiserweight Title, Kid Kash, and their match up at said event.

Why didn't Psichosis help Super Crazy when Batista was kicking the snot out of him? If Crazy doesn't address this in some form or fashion when the two come face to face the very next time, I shall have a problem. 'Til then, I assume it was done for storyline reasons. Every MITB needs a big mofo or two (see: Mark Henry).

JBL just owns on a different level when he's done right, and you did him right here. I didn't like him calling Lashley a son of a bitch so early in his promo... at first... but when I saw how he maintained how upset he was throughout the rest of the promo I loved it. I'm actually pretty hyped to see JBL and Lashley step foot in the ring. It's my opinion, however, that when you introduce a group like The Cabinet or Evolution or whatver, you should list them so newer readers like myself know who's in the group. Right now, I know it's JBL and Brent Albright. Or is that it?

Lashley pins JBL? I like that as Big Bobby seems to be in for quite the push in this thread. I would've preferred to have this play out a bit longer before having them in the ring with one another, but with Mania so close, we have no times for waiting it out. Finlay shaking Lashley's hand was a good move, but having him snatch it away quickly was just perfect. Keep this man a badass.

OJ came across like a moron to me. He was nervous one minute then said some outrageously stupid (in BT's perspective) shit the next minute. If he was scared, I would think he would be a bit more subtle than that. Booker owns though. Perfect reaction to Jordan's newfound... ballsiness, I guess.

Rey is such a generic babyface, it's a pain in the ass, ain't it? Kash saved this segment and you right the K.I.D. rather well in his "Badass who know's he's a badass" role. Kash and Mysterio at Mania is gonna be good, no doubt about that.

Matt and Jeff rambling on and on about being brothers and inseparable came across decent enough, but it simply has me thinking that they're gonna split after they lose at WrestleMania. I think they should. The tag route was successful and I think one of them knows that it's done... or they will once they get a Snapshot at Mania.

Random thought: I would've liked to hear from Orton or Batista again by this time.

Oh shit that was pretty tough segment. Not a huge fan of Rob Van Dam on the mic in general, but he was very good here. Teddy Long had a very good explanation as to why he couldn't allow shit to go down, but Van Dam's rebuttal was perfect. Up until The Undertaker came out, RVD came off just how he should... like the the most untouchable pothead around. Then when The Undertaker came out, Van Dam took it to a different level. I can honestly say, I loved every minute of it. It made Taker look a bit weak and dumb, but if anyone has built up enough of an aura and can take that kind of hit, it's the Deadman. Well done.

Not much to say about Jeff/Nitro. Pretty standard, by the book build up to the tag team match at WM, with the singles match between two of the four competitors. I expect we'll get Matt and Mercury next week.

Feud with Kendrick and London brewing? Meh, it'd lead to some pretty exciting matches, but one won't exactly be itching to see these two putting the crowd to sleep on the microphone. lol.

Wow, that's a pretty weird way to see Booker and OJ at odds with each other. I knew OJ and Booker weren't on the best of terms after that exchange, but this still kinda caught me off guard. IN hindsight, I would've had OJ and Booker come across a lot more forceful in that segment. Anyway, the triple threat is now set for WrestleMania, and I do like the chemistry of having those three in a feud until the big one with OJ clearly as the tweener with Benoit as the face and Book as the heel. I don't think Jordan would get a mixed reaction after all that though, at least not after beating a Benoit who never waned in popularity... until he went completely ape shit and killed a bunch of people obviously.

I love the fact that Paul London is in the main event. It's just fresh. I like it. Very risky heading into WrestleMania and the need to maintain viewers but that's why I like it. Another shady finish, which makes it three in a row I believe. I know WM is coming up but I think there was a way to at least take one out of there. Probably this one actually. KK didn't actually interfere so we could've found a better way to cause a bit of tension between Kennedy and London. Worst. Security. Ever. First, they take a commercial break plus to get Batista to the backstage area. Then, the shit with RVD. And now, Big Dave is back. I know this was done to give us some sort of a big finish, but I think it could've waited until a later date and Orton should've stood tall tonight.

Good show heading into WrestleMania. As I said, if my thoughts are a little jumbled, don't mind me just take what you can from it. Glad I finally got to take a thorough look at one of your shows and leave my opinions. Looking forward to reading some more of them.

for the week of September 28th


Cash has harsh words for Pope Francis, his believers, and his bandwagon followers, while Mac still hates Russell Wilson.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw looks to be an epic show and being the second last one beofre the PPV, I think you are going to go all out with it. Cena/Edge is a huge match and just like TKOW said, so big that it can headline Mania on it's own so I don't see it ending cleanly nor barely getting started and I see from the get-go Angle/RVD being in it and running down, resulting in a closing brawl or something big happening. Maybe Angle weaking Edge and Cena and softening them up for when he faces Edge next week.

Triple H will most likely attack Shawn backstage and gain his revenge, possibly a Pedigree in the parking lot or something. Or that's at least how I would make more feul to the fire in their feud heading into the 'big one'.

Not sure what the Undertaker will do but I could see you having a long promo with RVD talking about how he is better then the people Taker has beaten at mania and how he is different, before calling him out and Taker probably leaving him laid out a second time.

Carlito's Cabana should be interesting, good idea bringing it back.

And I see Haas winning against the Big Show (if i remember right he is up against him, could be wrong though)

Anyway, huge Raw to be had. Chances are depending if it is up before the 25th when my exams start, then i'll surely do a review.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

I should’ve got to this a week ago but I’ve been so busy catching up and finishing off writing my own Smackdown. Just noticed the new banner, and Orlando Jordan on it? Okay!

I wasn’t all that surprised to see Batista opening the show but not in the way he did. Getting him to let some steam off was a decent way to go, but I can’t help but think it was an overreaction. I also didn’t like the angle that you went down with him seeming to blame it on his failure to beat Super Crazy. That was until I realised that it was to do with his recent run of bad luck more than this, or so I assume right? If that’s the case then I’m on side with it, although I would’ve loved to have seen Randy Orton at the announce table enjoying it and goading Batista.

Well it turns out we did get Orton winding Batista up, and it would’ve been a missed opportunity had he not come out and not took the chance to get under the skin of him again. I didn’t like that Batista was just escorted out as it just seemed like some idiot fan being taken away while the show continues, making him an irrelevance of sorts. Orton’s promo was a bit long winded to begin with and it took a while for it to get to the point like a lot of your in ring promos. It just seems at times that a lot of the early parts are background stuff and repetitive, and that they’re just there to make it longer. I noticed Stoj comment on something along those lines too not so long ago and I think he’s right. Anyway moving on. I liked the road you went down by contrasting his reasons for being in the business compared to Batista’s. Labelling Orton as an all round talent and Batista just a thug is a good way to have Batista respond, and basically it’s pretty close to reality. Obviously Paul London’s appearance was a surprise but it did wonders for him, standing toe to toe with someone of Orton’s calibre. Everything he said sounded believable, and he got a few cheeky remarks in there too to give him some character and show he’s not afraid to mince his words. After beating Kennedy last week, it makes sense to capitalise on that and put him in a match with Orton. It’ll be a more impressive win for Orton based on London’s upset the week before than it would normally. I just hope that London doesn’t beat Orton like he beat Kennedy last time as that would be going way too far. Kennedy looking weak isn’t that big of a deal, but Orton going in to a WrestleMania main event, that’s a different story. Aside from Batista being whisked away, this was a pretty good promo, mainly for London.

I wasn’t really keen on Rey Mysterio’s interview. It was good in the sense that it hyped up WrestleMania as the big event that it is, but I don’t think Rey would be nervous in this position. He’s been the Cruiserweight Champion before, in high profile matches before and he’s been at WrestleMania before too. He’s off the back of a win against Kennedy and a string of wins in trying to get a shot at Kid Kash, so he really shouldn’t be nervous. It did a good job of hyping up his attempt to get in the match though and make everyone aware of what’s at stake for him though.

What a bad night this is turning out to be for the Mexicools! First Super Crazy and now Psicosis. There was only going to be one outcome in this one, and that was a Mark Henry victory. He’s certianly had a good run in this thread, but the problem is he’s had his title shot and done his job of putting Batista over. He’s no threat in Money in the Bank, and he’s not the exciting addition that the match badly needs. The fact the threat is coming from Carlito & Helms speaks volumes. There’s Kennedy too and he’s the only obvious winner, but he’s not been inspiring at all since No Way Out. With the stacked WrestleMania card, it’s no surprise but the card isn’t dependent on it in anyway I guess.

JBL’s interview was very good, and it certainly built up the heat between him & Bobby Lashley. I hope to god they don’t go in to singles match at WrestleMania as they would certainly help give the Money in the Bank some credibility, and Mania is so stacked as it is. The Wrestling God definitely did a good job of letting everyone know that Lashley’s card is marked, and when you know JBL has it in for someone, trouble’s ahead. This is picking up and I’m intrigued as to what he will do to Lashley.

The CM Punk debut is going to be off the scales next week, I can feel it. It’s been hyped well for a while now. I wonder if there’s a reason why you’re having him debut on the last show before WrestleMania when it would be better to have him debut on the first show and mark the new year as he could get lost in the background next week as his debut in the grand scheme of things isn’t important.

When I saw the entrances to the tag match between The Cabinet and Lashley & Finlay, I didn’t know this match was booked, and considering JBL just had a promo, it should’ve been mentioned. It was hinted at by JBL’s intentions to start the payback, but it should’ve been more detailed, especially considering it was next. The match itself had lots of potential outcomes, and I for one didn’t expect Lashley to pin JBL. It’s all been about Lashley, and this is becoming so one sided now. There was No Way Out when JBL didn’t need to get involved. Then there was the Money in the Bank match aftermath last week, and now this show too. JBL really didn’t show him did he? It was also surprising to see Finlay & Lashley as partners and have no real tension between them until the end when they shook hands. That was fine but with their history, the tension should’ve been there.

Ah, the tension finally spilled over between Booker & Orlando. I felt this was needed at some point but maybe not tonight. It does free up Benoit to face Jordan without Booker there to help Jordan win, and a Jordan win would be a disaster. This has always been about the Booker/Benoit payoff match, so now Jordan appears to be on his own, it should leave Benoit to get the clean win and Jordan can come back after Mania and feud with Booker. It was a good promo with Booker in great character too.

The big Rey challenge was a bit of a let down as Kid Kash came off looking like a complete tool, setting all this up for the big fall but failing in a big way. At least he dodged the 619, and after all the challengers Rey came through, it all came down to this. It was disappointing to say the least, but getting Kash riled up was one of the few ways to get him accepting the challenge. Also, I know Kash is a rascal when it comes to his potty mouth, but the ‘f’ bomb even without the microphone would never be used on television, even on pay-per-view unless it was a mistake like Angle’s when he had The Rock in the ankle lock. After all the build though, I was left disappointed by the way in which the match was finally announced.

I loved the Hardys promo. It was full of intent and so realistic. It was written so well you could believe every word they said. Their chemistry was on the money and it’s clear they’re pumped for WrestleMania, which makes the fans pumped too. Best promo of the night right there bar none. The reference to Shannon Moore was also a nice touch, but again I didn’t like that much like the JBL promo earlier, the match later wasn’t brought up. Leaving Cole to do it didn’t make sense as they were already addressing MNM, and there would be more hype if it came from them.

Scrap that, I think RVD just stole that title away from them. It’s great to see him taking the fight to The Undertaker as it shows that he really isn’t afraid of him and is willing to pretty much put himself on the line to prove it. He sounded a little off at times, a bit too formal for him perhaps. He’s been on the money in some great promos before this, but as it went on and he refused to budge, it sounded more like him. The way in which he went after Taker was good as he didn’t have the chance to stop it, and in that sense he didn’t look weak. This was much needed heading in to WrestleMania, but still needs a little more next week to build it up.

The Jeff/Nitro match was a good one, very exciting and an awesome match for TV. The finish worked well for all concerned, but it’s a little picky, I’d have preferred Matt do the job here instead of Jeff considering it was his first singles match back. With that said though, he was pretty much robbed as he had it in the bag had it not been for Mercury. All in all, the champions got some momentum over the Hardys, and they needed it heading in to Mania.

Building a little tension between London & Kendrick makes sense with London seemingly breaking away from him. It puts more attention on London which is a good thing, as is putting more attention on the main event tonight.

Oh no, I really can’t believe it! It seems you’re an Orlando Jordan fan judging by your sig, but I didn’t think for a minute that he would go over here. His role in the Booker/Benoit feud has been good, no doubt, but this has always been about one thing, the Booker/Benoit payoff match at WrestleMania. Adding Jordan to it ruins it for me in a big way. Jordan could’ve got a crack at it after Mania, so why rush him and scrap the ultimate payoff? I’m just going to leave it at that because I’m amazed and really disappointed.

The main event placing for London is great for him, but like last week when he came out looking better against Kennedy, he did the same here against the man who needs to look stronger than anyone going in to WrestleMania to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. Had it not been for Kennedy, Orton was on the verge of losing to a cruiserweight less than two weeks before fighting for the world title at the biggest event of them all. Just like the promo earlier, London came it out with more credit than Orton & Batista, and it would’ve been the same here had Batista not remerged. I’m in two minds about that too but I’m leaning more in favour of it as it’s about time they got their hands on each other. Considering it’s the world title match at WrestleMania and we’re just over week away, it’s been fairly uneventful, action wise especially.

Overall, there were a few big things that I didn’t like at all. The Jordan win still baffles and angers me. I thought not mentioning the two matches in the participant’s interviews was a mistake. I thought the Kash/Mysterio angle was a major let down, and Lashley is making JBL look anything like a Wrestling God. Looking back, there’s only the RVD/Taker segment that I really thought delivered without being picky. The standout at the minute though is the Paul London Jesus push.

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