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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm really looking forward to Smackdown Hulk!

The Randy Orton / Batista situation will seem interesting, and like it said in the preview... there are so many questions which relate to the situation! I have my only little idea in my mind about what will happen, buti'm going to keep that to myself for now But you can certainly go anywhere you want with this.

The return of The Hardy Boyz!! Serious marking moment right here! I hope you do push them, I personally think they were better as they top tag team, than top singles. Putting them against The Mexicools is a great idea, both teams work well together and they are both very exiting. You could do wonders with this match!

I've been interested in The US title situation. It seems as if your doing what they did in real life? Perhaps a best of 5? I don't know. But with someone as good as Benoit, and someone who can draw heat or be face, like booker... it's another thing you can go anywhere with.

London vs Kennedy should be decent, Kennedy has a very unique character, and good wit in the ring, but a lack of skill and imagination in his matches, where as London is the complete opposite. So sounds like a great back and forth battle we have on our hands.

Rey Mysterio opening another challenge to anybody... sounds great. I'm certainly a big fan of Mysterio in the cruiserweight division rather than headlining and for this reason, I am very interested in this segment of your Smackdown!

Overall, sounds like a very solid Smackdown we can all look forward to.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Batista/Orton promo should be interesting, as I'm expecting an intense Batista, and a cool, cocky Orton. As for Benoit getting mic time, hopefully Booker, or even OJ interrupts, otherwise it's going to be pretty dull. Hardyz/Mexicools, Mysterio CW Challenge, Albright/Finlay should all OWN, showing you've got a great match card.

This one's shaping up to be good, can't wait to read.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 10th, 2006 | Mobile Civic Center; Mobile, Alabama

The show kicks off in the same fashion as RAW, with a video package detailing the events of Saturday Night’s Main Event, where we saw John Cena and Kurt Angle go to a No Contest thanks to the interference from Edge. Matt Hardy was able to defeat MNM, then declare with the return of his brother Jeff, that The Hardy Boyz were coming for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Trish Stratus beat an apologetic Mickie James down, leaving her in a bloody heap, much to the shock of the fans. Charlie Haas picked up the win for himself and Shelton Benjamin, earning them a shot at the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania, much to Shelton’s disgust. Bobby Lashley was able to defeat Finlay in a Belfast Brawl, seeing off not just the Irishman, but also interference from John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who Finlay levelled with his shillelagh after the bout. Edge was able to become the champion of champions, pinning Batista in the Clash of the Champions match thanks to some interference. Booker T retained his United States Title over Chris Benoit in controversial fashion thanks to Orlando Jordan, before RVD called out The Undertaker, and the two had a confrontation which led to a match being announced for the two at WrestleMania. Finally, before the package calms for a moment, we see Rey Mysterio able to defeat Psicosis in Rey’s return to the cruiserweight division.

The package now grinds almost to a halt, as we see Triple H being kicked out of the arena at the start of the night, then the highlights of Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight. The early parts are dominated by Shawn Michaels, only for The Spirit Squad to intervene and assist Shane McMahon into almost winning the match. Michaels, however, makes a huge comeback, disposing of The Spirit Squad and looking set to finish the match when Triple H appears. The crowd goes nuts as Triple H presents Shawn with his trusty sledgehammer to hit Shane with, but Shawn tells Triple H he can do it … only to cut Triple H off with Sweet Chin Music! Shawn goes absolutely crazy, shouting at Shane to leave the ring, before hitting the referee with Sweet Chin Music too! Dramatic music kicks in, as Shawn steps it up a level, taking the sledgehammer from Triple H’s hand so he can beat Triple H into oblivion, before finishing him off with the killer blow to the head. The crowd stands in shock as the video package ends, showing Shawn Michaels standing over Triple H, giving him the signature D-Generation X crotch chop.

From there we cut away to the traditional Friday Night SmackDown! opening, complete with video montage and Drowning Pool’s ‘Rise Up’ playing in the background. At the conclusion of the video we cut into the arena to see an impressive display of pyrotechnics on the stage, before the camera sweeps out through the arena, settling down at the announce table.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome here to Friday Night SmackDown!, where this week we come to you from Mobile, Alabama. I’m Michael Cole, joined here at ringside by my partner Tazz, and partner, what a show we have in store tonight following an amazing return of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Tazz: You ain’t kiddin’, Cole. Saturday Night’s Main Event was absolutely off the hook, and with just twenty-three days to go ‘til WrestleMania 22, I got a feelin’ this show is gonna be too.

Michael Cole: The excitement for WrestleMania is certainly building partner, and tonight, we’ll find out another piece to the WrestleMania puzzle when in a Money in the Bank qualifier, Finlay takes on JBL’s ‘Hired Gun’, Brent Albright.

Tazz: This past Saturday night Finlay leveled JBL with the shillelagh after JBL stuck his nose in Finlay’s match, where Finlay said it didn’t belong. Tonight JBL will be hopin’ Brent Albright can get him the ultimate revenge by beatin’ Finlay and keepin’ him off the WrestleMania card.

Michael Cole: Speaking of Money in the Bank, the two men from SmackDown! who have already qualified will be going one on one after Mr. Kennedy walked out on Paul London on the pre-show at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Tazz: This is a big match for Paul London. A lotta people have been sayin’ that he’s the underdog at WrestleMania, and I tend to agree with that. Mr. Kennedy on the other hand, he’s a favourite, so if Paul London can knock off Mr. Kennedy, he’ll go a long way to givin’ himself a chance in people’s minds at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: We will also see the return of The Hardy Boyz, as for the first time in FOUR YEARS, they’ll team up here tonight to take on The Mexicools. Plus Rey Mysterio extends another cruiserweight invitational to the SmackDown! roster, and we expect to hear from both Chris Benoit and Batista on their respective title situations.

Silence for a moment, before …


The crowd EXPLODES with a massive pop, as none other than the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista storms out onto the stage. Relishing the cheers from the crowd, Batista runs from one side of the stage to the other, playing it up to the people, before bouncing across to the centre of the stage and setting off his pyro.

Michael Cole: And it doesn’t look like we’re going to have to wait long to hear from ‘The Animal’!

Tazz: Batista’s clearly got a lot on his mind. I mean, he’s lost not once, but twice in the past week. I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen Batista lose two straight matches, particularly since being here on SmackDown!.

Michael Cole: But you have to remember that Randy Orton has been the cause of both of those losses, sticking his nose in Batista’s business.

Tazz: Excuses or not, it’s still gotta be weighin’ heavy on the champ’s mind.

Batista marches on down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring exuberantly, showing off his title for a moment, before receiving a microphone. The crowd continues to cheer at first, even starting up a small chant of “Batista! Batista! Batista!” prompting Big Dave to try to quieten them down.

Batista: Alright, alright alright alright alright.

The crowd cheers a little louder, before hushing at Batista’s command. Looking cool as always, Batista peers out to the crowd through his sunglasses for a moment, before speaking again.

Batista: Y’know, it’s hard to believe, but in three weeks time, it’ll be one whole year since I first won this.

Batista motions to the title that sits on his shoulder, pacing about as he does so.

Batista: One – whole – year. It’s a helluva a long time, and y’know it seems like even longer, not that that’s a bad thing. And not to get ahead of myself, but I think I’ve been a pretty good champion.

Small pop from the crowd.

Batista: What do you people think? Have I been a good champion?

The crowd obviously responds with a large pop, giving an emphatic “yes” as their answer to Batista’s question, causing the big man to crack a smile.

Batista: Thanks for that, but it’s not just you guys who think that either. Y’know, each and every week when I watch SmackDown! back, I listen to the commentary, and I hear Michael Cole and Tazz refer to my reign as … what was it again? Oh yeah … a year … of dominance.

Another big pop from the crowd. Even Michael Cole is getting cheered tonight.

Batista: That … that’s a pretty big statement. That’s comin’ from two guys who’ve been here awhile and know what they’re talkin’ about, so I’m honoured to hear that come from their mouths.

Batista pauses for a moment, pacing about the ring.

Batista: And it’s not like I’ve had it easy either. Contrary to what Edge may have said this past week on RAW …

Big heat from the crowd for the Edge mention.

Batista: I haven’t run away. I haven’t hiden. I have never ducked a single challenge. Not one. I’ve met each and every challenge that’s been laid down in front of me head on. I’ve met every man who has had the guts to challenge me head on, and believe me, they’ve been some of … no, scratch that … they’ve been THE best this industry has seen. I’ve faced guys like Triple H.

HUGE pop from the crowd.

Batista: Don’t let the guy holdin’ the title right now on RAW fool you. Triple H is the smartest guy I’ve ever stepped in the ring with. He isn’t called ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ for nothin’. He’s a former ten time world champion … and he’s also the guy I beat back at WrestleMania 21 to become the World Heavyweight Champion.

Another big pop from the crowd for the title victory being brought up.

Batista: I’ve faced JBL.

Big time heat from the crowd for Layfield.

Batista: I know, I know. Don’t let the fact that JBL is complete pain in the ass fool you. He knows how to go. Before I got here, JBL was the longest reigning champion in SmackDown! history. He held his WWE Title for over nine months. That’s a long time. He’s not called a ‘Wrestling God’ for no reason, aside from the fact he decided to call himself that.

Pop from the crowd as Batista gives a cheeky smile.

Batista: I’ve faced the late, great Eddie Guerrero!

Huge pop from the crowd, who break out into a chant of “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” causing Big Dave to wait for a moment, before speaking again.

Batista: Now it goes without saying that Eddie is possibly the greatest wrestler to ever step foot between these ropes. He’s goin’ into the Hall of Fame this year for a reason, and I can’t wait to see it!

Big pop from the crowd, who again begin to start chanting “EDDIE! EDDIE! EDDIE!” bringing a momentary halt to the promo. Finally, when they’re done, Batista speaks again.

Batista: I’ve faced Mark Henry.

Big boos from the crowd for Henry.

Batista: Now this time don’t let the cute and cuddly exterior fool you …

Laughs from the crowd as Batista smiles cheekily.

Batista: He’s one tough man. He’s strong. In fact, he’s ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, but he’s also fast and smart. He is possibly the most calculating big guy you’ll ever find. The most dangerous man on the planet.

Mixed reaction from the crowd, as Batista looks to continue quickly.

Batista: I’m not just rambling, there’s a point to this and that is this. I have been in Hell in a Cell matches, Steel Cage matches, Street Fights, No Holds Barred matches. I’ve been in straight up matches with some of the best wrestlers you could ever find, I’ve done all of it, but each and every time I’ve been involved, I have been the one to come out of things standing tall! No, I don’t mean to brag, but that means that I’ve been practically … untouchable

Big pop from the crowd, but Batista isn’t done, taking on a very serious demeanour.

Batista: … Until lately. Lately, this past week, things have been different. I want you guys to take a look at something, and tell me what sticks out to you.

Cue video.


In the ring Edge looks at his two teammates leaving, then turns back to see Batista getting up, still struggling from the German suplexes, nursing his head … AND EDGE QUICKLY GOES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE, GRABBING HIM FOR THE EDGECUTION … BUT BATISTA SPINS OUT OF IT … SPINEBUSTER! BATISTA DRIVES EDGE INTO THE MAT! The crowd goes wild as Batista storms up to his feet and begins to shake the ropes manically, doing his best Ultimate Warrior impression and taking an extra long time for his home fans, before turning back to see Edge starting to struggle up … AND ORTON READY FOR THE RKO! ORTON WAITS ON EDGE TO GET UP … AND BIG DAVE ISN’T HAPPY, CONFRONTING HIM! The two men, much like Cena and Angle, exchange some heated words, completely losing their focus … AND EDGE COMES FROM BEHIND BATISTA AND PUSHES HIM FORWARD TO CLASH HEADS WITH ORTON, SENDING ORTON DOWN! BATISTA TURNS GROGGILY … SPEAR! EDGE SPEARS THE WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OUT OF HIS BOOTS! The crowd boos as Edge hooks the leg … and gets the three.

Winners: Edge, Kurt Angle & John Cena via pinfall @ 14:52


We return to hear the crowd booing momentarily, before cutting away to a second video.


Edge cannot believe it, though he doesn’t have the energy to argue with the referee, instead he just pulls his hair back … then heads to the corner … AND MOTIONS FOR A SECOND SPEAR! BATISTA, UNAWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING CLIMBS BACK TO HIS FEET … AND EDGE CHARGES … INTO A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA! The crowd makes almost as much noise as Edge’s back slamming into the mat as Batista, once again, signals for the end, going absolutely crazy as he shakes the ropes …


The crowd EXPLODES with boos as everyone, Batista included, turns towards the entrance … where out comes RANDY ORTON!

Batista yells out at Orton, asking him just what in the hell he thinks he’s doing, completely losing his focus on the match. Orton stands still, saying nothing, instead choosing to just smirk away as Batista continues to berate Orton, before Orton simply tells ‘Tista to turn around … AND HE DOES RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM EDGE!

Edge has again used all of his energy, and he takes his time in making the cover, this time hooking the leg … AND GETTING THE THREE!

Winner: Edge via pinfall @ 17:02


We cut back to ringside to see an intense looking ‘Animal’ standing in the ring, his sunglasses now removed, his eyes staring straight down the lens of the camera.

Batista: Randy … Orton.

Heated reaction from the crowd.

Batista: You think you’re pretty clever, don’t you, Randy? You think what you’re doing is smart.

Batista looks at the mat with a wry smile.

Batista: Two weeks ago, Randy, you came out here, and you told me, face to face, man to man, that you … that you weren’t gonna interfere with me. That you weren’t gonna get in my way. That you wanted me to be at one hundred percent come WrestleMania. Now I knew, I knew I couldn’t believe you, Randy. You’ve always been a rat, and you always will be. But do you know what you did? You looked me right in the eye, and you told me that I could trust you.

Batista pauses, that wry smile again reappearing.

Batista: You made me a promise, Randy … but I knew you weren’t a big enough man to keep it.

Big pop from the crowd for the insult directed at Orton.

Batista: Since you made me that promise, Randy, you’ve cost me not one, but two – straight – matches.

Slight pause from the former Deacon, as he begins to pace around the ring.

Batista: I haven’t lost two straight matches in over a year, but you … you made that happen. But don’t worry Randy, I know what you’re doing. I know what you’re up to. I know you, Randy. I know you better than anyone else on the SmackDown! roster, and I know the type of stuff you’ll try, Randy.

Batista pauses, chuckling to himself.

Batista: You’re trying to get into my head. You’re trying to mess with me before WrestleMania, but like I said, Randy, I know you, and more importantly, I get you. I get how your mind works, but lemme tell you, what you’re trying, it’s not going to work. You can try all you want, but I have confidence in my abilities, so as far as I’m concerned, you can do what you want until WrestleMania.

Batista pauses as the crowd gives a small reaction.

Batista: Yeah, that’s right, because no matter what you do, at WrestleMania, I’m still gonna kick your ass and retain MY World Heavyweight Championship!

HUGE pop from the crowd for the emphatic statement from Batista, who then looks to continue …


Or apparently not. Batista looks up to the stage, a wry smile on his face, as out from the back waltzes the man who he’ll face in just over three weeks, Randy Orton. Orton confidently makes his way down the ramp, the pretty boy look compete with his designer jeans and t-shirt to go with his arrogant smirk. Seemingly happy to set foot in the ring with Batista, not fearing any repercussions, Orton swings himself up into the ring, then grabs a microphone, speaking over the heat.

Randy Orton: Dave, man, you need to calm down. Relax, okay?

Orton looks at Batista confidently, although Batista doesn’t respond, leaving the crowd to voice their opinion of Orton instead.

Randy Orton: Alright, now, first things first, I want to make it perfectly clear that I never said I wouldn’t interfere with you. I haven’t broken my promise. I simply said that I wouldn’t attack you … and until now … I’ve kept my word.

Heat as Orton smirks cockily.

Randy Orton: But … but that’s not why I came out here. No, I didn’t just come out here to correct you. I came out here, Dave, because much like you, I too see what you’re doing.

Batista raises an eyebrow, asking “Oh yeah?”

Randy Orton: Yeah, I do, and I have to say that it hasn’t surprised me. I know you too, Dave, and as much as I hate to say this, I saw it coming. I saw the excuses coming.

Batista: Excuses?

Randy Orton: That’s right … excuses.

The crowd gives some pretty great heat as Batista stares Orton down intensely. Randy, though, isn’t fazed, standing his ground.

Randy Orton: Y’see Dave, you can blame me for what happened last Friday and Saturday night all you like, but at the end of the day, I didn’t lose those matches for you. You did.

More heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: I’m not the guy who got beaten by Edge two straights night in a row. You are. I’m not the guy who lost the chance to become known as the ‘Champion of Champions’. You are. And I’m not the guy who embarrassed Friday Night SmackDown! by losing to a guy from RAW, not once, but twice.

Big heat as Orton smiles that sly, cocky smile.

Randy Orton: You are.

The heat continues to come in from the crowd.

Batista: Y’know what, Randy? Yeah, I lost. I lost to Edge on Friday night, and I lost to Edge on Saturday night. What’s your point?

Orton smirks, pleased with Batista’s little outburst.

Randy Orton: The point is that I knew you would do this. I knew you would do this to protect yourself from the shame that I’m going to cause you at WrestleMania 22.

Big time heat.

Randy Orton: Y’know, everyone always talks about you, and they say “Batista, he’s been world champion for a year! Batista, he’s had the greatest reign as World Heavyweight Champion ever! Batista, he’s the success story from Evolution!” They ALL say it, and Dave, you started to believe it. You started to believe that you truly were the success story to come out of Evolution. But then you came back across me.

Some more heat as Orton pauses slightly.

Randy Orton: You came back across me and you realised that you’re NOT the success story to come out of Evolution … I am, and I was always going to be.

The crowd continues to boo, but Orton takes no notice, upping the ante.

Randy Orton: Ask Triple H, ask Ric Flair and they’ll BOTH tell you the same thing. They recruited ME because they knew that one day, I would be the greatest wrestler this industry has ever seen, and they were right. I mean, look at me. I am the youngest world champion of all-time! The son of the great ‘Cowboy’ Bob Orton, and the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble.

Some more boos from the crowd.

Randy Orton: You, Dave … you were brought to Evolution to be the muscle, and that’s what you still are, Evolution or not. Granted, you’ve been successful. You’ve been World Heavyweight Champion for a year! But deep down, deep, deep down, you know that you’re still the same muscle man that you were in Evolution. While me? I’m the total … package. I am THE perfect … pro wrestler.

The crowd gives some great heat for Orton’s cockiness.

Randy Orton: You Dave? You’ve improved, but you still have nothing on me, which is exactly why at WrestleMania 22 I WILL beat you and I WILL become the new World Heavyweight Champion for the second time in my career.

The crowd continues to boo while Batista starts to get up in Orton’s face.

Batista: Those are some pretty big words, Randy. You think you’re better than me? Fine. How ‘bout you prove it to me, right here, right now?

BIG pop from the crowd.

Batista: You wanna go? Let’s do this thing!

The crowd continues to cheer, but Orton looks less than enthusiastic about things.

Randy Orton: No … no. I’m not giving you the excuse. I am not going to give you the excuse of losing at WrestleMania because I injured you beforehand. It’s not going to happen.

Boos from the crowd.

Batista: You don’t wanna take the first shot? Fine, I will.

The crowd continues to cheer as Batista advances on Orton, when …


The crowd gives a mixed reaction, as despite being a face, Friday Night SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long comes out to interrupt a possible fight between Orton and Batista, stopping at the top of the ramp with a microphone already in hand.

Theodore Long: Playas. Up here.

Long gains the attention of both men, who turn to face him.

Theodore Long: Now Dave, I’m sorry, but Randy’s right. The two of you fightin’? That’s not goin’ to happen tonight. That’s goin’ to have to wait ‘til WrestleMania.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Theodore Long: But don’t you two worry, ‘cause you will BOTH be in action here tonight in a tag team match!

Big pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: ‘Cause y’see playas, the way I see it, you two not bein’ able to work together this past week is what cost SmackDown! BOTH matches against RAW, so here’s what I’m gonna do. In tonight’s main event, it’s gonna be the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM …

Heat from the crowd.

Theodore Long: Against Randy Orton …

More heat.

Theodore Long: And his opponent at WrestleMania, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

Big pop from the crowd, although Orton and Batista look far from happy.

Theodore Long: So by the end of the night, the two of you are gonna have to work together, whether you like it, or not.


The crowd cheers as Long drops the mic, then jives his way off backstage, leaving Orton and Batista to look frustrated in the ring, while we head off to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back at ringside, where our commentary crew is standing (well, sitting) by.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where before the break we saw one hell of a main event announced by our General Manager Teddy Long. It’ll be the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, teaming up to take on the two men who will meet in the main event of WrestleMania 22, former friends and now enemies Randy Orton, and the World Heavyweight Champion Batista.

Tazz: That was one helluva bombshell dropped by Teddy Long, ain’t no doubt about it. Batista has said he’s sick of losin’, but he might be makin’ it three in a row here tonight considerin’ I don’t think he’s gonna wanna work together too well with Randy.

Michael Cole: MNM, meanwhile, are tag team experts and two guys who team together all of the time. It’s a tough spot for Batista and Orton, that’s for sure.

Silence, before …


And the crowd goes absolutely wild, as the one, the only Rey Mysterio bursts out onto the stage, pyro flying out under him. Mysterio plays it up to the crowd, acknowledging them on either side of the stage, before marching on down to the ring happily.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, REEEYYY MYSTEEERRRIIIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio made his return to the cruiserweight division just five nights ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a heck of a match with Psicosis. The Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash, however, was NOT impressed by Rey’s return, telling Rey to prove himself again, bringing us to where we are now, with Rey extending another open challenge to the cruiserweights in the locker-room.

Tazz: And just like last Saturday night, I’m psyched for this one too. Who’s gonna be the one to step up? Can Mysterio prove himself not just to the guy he’s facin’, but also, more importantly, to Kid Kash.

Having slapped hands with fans at ringside and embraced those with his imitation masks, Mysterio climbs up into the ring and acknowledges the fans. Happy with their reaction, Rey-Rey drops back down to the mat and waits to find out who his opponent will be.


The crowd gives a pretty lukewarm response as out from the back charges a psyched up Jamie Noble. Noble stops at the top of the stage and looks out to the crowd, before slapping himself in the face a few times and making his way down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Hannover, West Virginia, weighing 195 lbs, JAAAMIE NOOOBBBLLLEEE!

Michael Cole: Last Saturday night it was Psicosis, now tonight it is AGAIN someone with history with Rey Mysterio. Back in 2004, Jamie Noble and Rey Mysterio had an intense rivalry over the Cruiserweight Title, and with Rey now intent on getting back to the Cruiserweight Title, it seems right that Jamie Noble would be one of the men standing in his way.

Tazz: And this ain’t gonna be no easy match for Rey Mysterio. Jamie Noble hits as hard as the heavyweights Mysterio’s been facin’, but he also flies around the ring with the best of ‘em too. This isn’t gonna be a walk in the park for Rey.

Noble makes his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, setting himself for action.

Match One ~ Singles Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Jamie Noble

These two talented men in the ring know one another quite well, but being that they haven’t stepped in the ring with one another for approximately two years, we see a bit of a feeling out process to begin with. After circling the ring for a moment, the two cruiserweights come forward, then butt chests, entering into a lockup. Noble, the larger of the two men, is able to show his strength advantage, forcing Mysterio back into the corner, before providing a clean break … or so we thought, only for him to suddenly swing with a right hand, but Mysterio is able to duck, then skip his way out to the middle of the ring!

Noble looks somewhat surprised, perhaps not remembering the speed of Mysterio, but he snaps back into action and again locks up with Mysterio, forcing him back to the corner where he again feigns a clean break, only to go for a right hand, which Mysterio again dodges. Noble looks somewhat frustrated, tilting his head to the side, before again grabbing a lockup, rushing Mysterio back to the corner. This time Noble doesn’t even bother pretending to make a clean break, just straight up going for a boot to the midsection, but Mysterio scoots out of the way, and Noble only manages to kick turnbuckle! The crowd laughs, but Jamie is pissed, and after hopping on the spot he charges at Mysterio, looking to take him down, only to get taken over with an arm drag! Noble rushes back up twice more, receiving the dosage twice more, before he then changes things up, going for a clothesline … but Rey ducks, then dropkicks Noble out to the floor!

The crowd cheers as Noble gets back up to his feet on the outside, slapping the floor … ONLY TO BE TAKEN BACK DOWN TO IT AS MYSTERIO HITS A SENSATIONAL COKRSCREW CROSSBODY! Both men go down on the outside, with Mysterio being the first to get up, saluting the crowd as he does so. He then follows up on Jamie, hurling him into the ring, before looking to join Noble himself in the ring, climbing up through the ropes … but Noble charges, then hits a dropkick to the ribs of Mysterio that sends him tumbling to the mat! The crowd boos, but Noble doesn’t give a damn, instead quickly following up by lifting Mysterio up … and throwing him down again, having got him up in a suplex, only to drop the smaller man across the top rope rib first! Mysterio gasps in pain, but he doesn’t get long to dwell on it, with Noble throwing him back down to the mat, then making a cover … two!

Noble is again quick to follow up, locking in a body scissors in an attempt to drain Mysterio. Despite Rey not submitting, he still finds himself being dominated by the pitbull like Noble, who continues his focus on the ribs of Mysterio, kicking away at them both from the front and with some cracking blows from behind. Mysterio is resolute though, refusing to be pinned, forcing Noble to go back to basics as he once again throws the body scissors on Rey-Rey, squeezing the life out of him. Like earlier in the match, Rey appears in no mood to submit, fighting back up to his feet, forcing Noble to change things up to a chin lock that Mysterio fights free from … before taking off to the ropes and taking both himself and Noble down with a springboard crossbody!

The crowd applauds Mysterio as both men remain down, clapping him on as he, along with Noble, begins to fight back up to his feet. Noble is the first of the two to act once up, swinging for a right hand, but Mysterio ducks, then begins to pepper the hamstrings of Noble with kicks. Frustrated with Mysterio’s speed, Noble shoves the smaller man off to the ropes … but Mysterio comes right back with a headscissors takedown! Noble gets back up and sees Mysterio charging towards him again, going for a wild backhand, but Rey ducks … then comes off the ropes with a running hurricanrana! Noble flops back up to his feet again, finding his way towards Mysterio, who dropkicks him in the knees, sending him down to his hands and knees, before coming off the ropes and crushing Noble’s face down into the mat with a leg drop to the back of the head! The crowd applauds the speed of Mysterio as he makes the cover … two!

Despite the kickout, Rey is far from deterred, waiting as Jamie gets back to his feet, before looking to continue the fast offence, heading for the ropes and coming back with a springboard moonsault, but Noble is able to sidestep this one, leaving Noble to land on his feet. Noble attempts to quickly follow up, kicking Mysterio in the midsection … THEN GOING TIGER DRIVER … NO, MYSTERIO SENDS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BACK BODY DROP! Noble fights back to his feet, grabbing a charging Mysterio in a wheelbarrow position, perhaps thinking German suplex, but Mysterio is able to counter, hitting a huge bulldog! Rey jumps on the cover … just two again!

The crowd gasps, but like before, Mysterio refuses to dwell on the kickout, hopping back up and waiting on Noble … AGAIN thinking springboard … only for Noble to get under his legs as Rey jumps up to the second rope, then back towards the centre of the ring … ELECTRIC CHAIR! Noble makes the cover … only two! Noble can’t believe it, slapping the mat in frustration, before waiting as Rey struggles up … THEN THINKING GUTBUSTER! Noble grabs Rey, lifting him up to the fireman’s carry … BEFORE THROWING HIM UP … BUT MYSTERIO COUNTERS INTO AN AMAZING TORNADO DDT!

The crowd is in awe as Mysterio struggles back up, holding his ribs in pain, seeing Noble head across to the second rope … AND HE DIALS IT UP! The crowd cheers as Mysterio comes hurtling towards Noble … THEN NAILS THE 619! Noble gets sent flying back into the middle of the ring, before getting back to his feet, stunned … RIGHT INTO A SEATED SENTON! Rey hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall @ 08:23


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, REEYYY MYSTEERRRIIIOOO!

The crowd pops as Rey Mysterio springs back up to his feet, holding his ribs a bit tenderly while he gets his hand raised by the referee in victory. Clearly happy with that win, Mysterio has a smile on his face, sure that he must have impressed everyone.

Michael Cole: Now THAT was impressive from Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: Yeah, to you maybe, but you ain’t the judge of that. Let’s wait to hear what Kid Kash has to say about that.

Speaking of which, Rey’s music suddenly cuts out as we hear a whistle instead come over the sound system, with the camera refocussing to show the screen in the background, where the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash stands.

Kid Kash: Ahem.

The crowd looks on and begins to cheer a bit as they see Kid Kash beginning to clap. Kash continues to clap for a moment, before stopping and looking down at his hands, startled.

Kid Kash: What are you lookin’ at, Rey? Oh … OH, this? Listen, Rey, I’m sorry to disappoint you, but this … this is just a nervous twitch.

The crowd boos as KK smirks away, happy with himself.

Kid Kash: As far as your match goes, Rey, I hate to break it to ya, but once again, I wasn’t impressed.

More heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: I mean, it was good. Heck, it was pretty great, but personally, I’m just not feelin’ it. And seein’ as how I am the ‘King of the Cruiserweights’, I think I’d know a little somethin’ about puttin’ on a match worthy of my attention.

The crowd continues to boo the arrogance of KK, while Rey appears somewhat frustrated in the ring.

Kid Kash: But y’know what, Rey? I’m a good … well, actually, no, I’m not a good guy. I’m the man. But that’s beside the point. The point is that I’m a giver. I mean, I’ve given every single cruiserweight the chance to prove themselves against me. I’ve given ‘em all a shot at my title, and I’m willin’ to do the same for you … that’s IF you can prove yourself.

KK smirks away to himself.

Kid Kash: A few weeks ago … a few weeks ago, you told ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ that despite me bein’ the moneyman of the cruiserweight division, you’d done more for the division than I could ever dream of. So I’m givin’ you the chance to put your money where your mouth is.

Kash pauses for a moment.

Kid Kash: These open challenges of yours? Thus far, they haven’t impressed me, but next week, ya got one last chance to make a difference with that. Next week, I want you to hold your little invitational thing one – more – time. If you impress me, I’ll give you what ya want. I’ll give you the chance to face me for this title at the grandest stage of ‘em all, WrestleMania.

BIG pop from the crowd.

Kid Kash: But if ya don’t? You’ll go down as just a FOOTNOTE in the history of the cruiserweight division … of MY division.

KK smiles confidently as the crowd boos.

Kid Kash: Get it? Got it? Good.

The crowd boos as Kid Kash shrugs his shoulders, then cuts from view, leaving us to look at a defiant Mysterio standing in the ring, nodding his head.

Michael Cole: Well there you have it, folks. Rey Mysterio has one last chance to prove himself to Kid Kash next week, and if he does it, he’ll find himself facing Kash at the grandest stage of them all, WrestleMania.

Tazz: But if he don’t, Mysterio can kiss the chance at facin’ Kash for the Cruiserweight Title goodbye. That’s some high stakes right there.

Cutting away from that, we head off backstage to a corridor, where we see Friday Night SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long walking along. The crowd gives a pretty positive reaction for Long, who looks to be working with a purpose, only to be pulled up by the sound of a voice.

???: Teddy! Teddy!

Long stops and turns around, looking back as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista steps into view.

Batista: Teddy, I want to … I want to talk to you about tonight’s main event.

Long doesn’t look to be too open to discussions about that.

Theodore Long: Listen, playa, I know you don’t wanna team with Randy tonight. I get that. But the way I see it, after the way you two cost SmackDown! not one, but two chances to show up RAW, I think the two of you have gotta learn to work together. Ya dig?

Batista doesn’t look as receptive as Teddy may wish.

Batista: Look, I get that, but what I don’t get is why you’re forcing me to put up with Randy’s crap. You and I both know he’s full of it.

Theodore Long: Look, Dave, I get that too, but this … this is about business. You know that outside of here, yeah, you’re my dawg, but right here an’ right now? I need you to be my employee, and I need you do to the right thing by me. Ya feel me?

Batista looks reluctant to accept this.

Batista: I guess.

Long smiles, happy to hear it.

Theodore Long: Good. Now good luck out there tonight, playa. Try to show Randy what he’ll be in for at WrestleMania when he’s out there standin’ on the apron.

Long smiles and playfully punches Batista’s bulging bicep, before leaving the bicep.

Batista: Yeah … I’ll try.

With Batista looking a little unsettled, we cut away to elsewhere to see Paul London standing by backstage, chatting with his partner Brian Kendrick.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, later tonight we will see that main event, but coming up next we will see the two men who have thus far qualified for Money in the Bank from SmackDown! competing one on one as Paul London and Mr. Kennedy do battle. That’s next, on Friday Night SmackDown!.

We head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where, momentarily we’ll be hearing from Paul London. However, before then, as we spoke of earlier, tonight we will be seeing the return of one of the greatest tag teams of all-time in The Hardy Boyz, and as such, tonight, we’ll be showing you highlights of their career right up until this point as a tag team, starting now with the very first time they became tag team champions.


The Hardy Boyz defeated The Acolyte Protection Agency to become tag team champions for the very first time, live on Monday Night RAW!


We return from that video backstage, where we see Josh Matthews standing by.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Paul London!

The crowd gives a decent pop as Paul London steps into view, alone tonight.

Josh Matthews: Paul, in a moment you’ll be going one on one with Mr. Kennedy after he walked out on you this past Saturday night, but first, last week you qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match by defeating your partner, Brian Kendrick. Despite qualifying, since then, it seems like no one has rated you a chance, talking up almost everyone but you. Your thoughts?

Paul London: Look, Josh, I get that I … well, I stick out in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match like a sore thumb. I mean, let’s look at the guys qualified. I mean, first of all, there’s Ric Flair.

Big pop from the crowd.

Paul London: Yeah, Ric’s never been in a ladder match in his career, but the guy’s a sixteen time world champion. He knows what he’s doin’. As does Chavo Guerrero.

Another pop from the crowd.

Paul London: Chavo’s got experience with ladders, and he’s also a member of the legendary Guerrero family. I mean, that’s somethin’. You’ve also got yourself guys like Carlito, Gregory Helms and Mr. Kennedy.

Big heat from the crowd.

Paul London: These guys, they haven’t been around long, or at least for Helms, as himself he hasn’t been, but they’ve made a hell of an impact. Heck, people are sayin’ that they’re the three favourites in the match, and in a match with Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero, that’s sayin’ somethin’. Those are three very talented guys. And then you’ve got me.

Small pop from the crowd.

Paul London: What have I done? Not a whole lot. I mean, yeah, I’m a former Cruiserweight Champion. I’m a former WWE Tag Team Champion, but out on my own, in the heavyweight division? Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that I haven’t got myself a whole list of credentials. I’m not the biggest guy. I’m not the strongest. And I’m not the star at this stage that everyone else in the match claims to be. But what I am is a daredevil.

Small pop from the crowd.

Paul London: I know that to get myself noticed, to get my name out there, I’m gonna have to do somethin’ different. I’m gonna have to do somethin’ big, and that’s exactly what I intend on doin’. People might not rate me now, but I guarantee you, that by the end of WrestleMania, after the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, they’re all gonna be talkin’ about me, Paul London.

A reasonable pop from the crowd, who seem to buying into what London is saying.

Paul London: As far as Mr. Kennedy goes tonight? I know you love the sound of your own name, but after I’m done with you tonight, you too are gonna be thinkin’ about me.

Paul gives a little cheeky smile, then walks from view as we head back to ringside.



The crowd gives a very good, heated response, as out from the back swaggers the ever cocky Mr. Kennedy. Like always, the platinum blonde is chomping down on his chewing gum, staring out at the crowd with absolute contempt on his way down the ramp.

Michael Cole: A big statement there from Paul London, who starting tonight, looks to be getting the world to take notice of him, which I, personally, would love to see.

Tazz: Look, Cole, London talked up a big game, but he’s gonna have to do a lot to back it up right here against my personal favourite for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania.

KK II struts his way on down the ramp, then does his classic pose as his personal microphone drops down into his hand.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem.

Kennedy says nothing at first, instead allowing the heat to rain in.

Mr. Kennedy: First of all … Paul London? Kid, I get that you’ve got yourself some dreams, and I applaud you for aiming high. Really, I do. Bravo. But if you think that you’re stealing my spotlight, either tonight or at WrestleMania … well then kid, you’re sadly mistaken.

Kennedy smirks, getting some heat from the crowd.


Kennedy heads up to the second rope, then holds his hands up in the air.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!

Kennedy throws his microphone back, continuing to hold his hands in the air and soak in the reaction from the crowd until …


KK II turns to the stage and glares while the crowd gives a nice pop as Paul London stomps out from the back in exuberant fashion. Looking out at the crowd, London nods his head a few times, before taking flight and charging down the ramp.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Austin, Texas, weighing 180 lbs, PAUL LONDOOOONNNNN!

Michael Cole: As you said, Tazz, it’s gonna be a big test for Paul London, but I feel that if he can pick up the victory tonight against Mr. Kennedy, he’ll go along way to legitimising his claim for being a shot at becoming Mr. Money in the Bank.

Tazz: A win against Mr. Kennedy would do that, but unfortunately for Paul, I just can’t see it happening. I mean, he’s goin’ up a guy like Mr. Kennedy, who ever since he’s been here on SmackDown!, has proven that he’s one of the best young wrestlers in this company, and someone a lotta people are comparin’ to a future Ric Flair.

London slides up into the ring, jumping to the corner where he yells at the crowd to get to their feet, before backflipping back down to the mat and readying himself.

Match Two ~ Singles Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Paul London

The referee calls for a start to the match, and both men take that as an indication to start circling around the ring, before coming forth and locking up. Kennedy, being the larger of the two by quite a bit, is able to force London back to the corner, although surprisingly that’s as far as he goes, allowing for a clean break. Ken then backs away, still chomping away on his gum, and tells London to bring it, which he does, again engaging in a lockup. As you’d expect, Kennedy again wins with ease, forcing London back before again providing a clean break, smirking ever so slightly as he does so. The duo then lock up for a third time, with Kennedy getting the better of the duel again, this time playfully slapping London’s face as he does so! London, not wanting to be treated like a joke, looks far from amused, and he shows it by shoving Kennedy back!

London now comes from the corner and goes nose to nose with Kennedy, both men showing some fire now, having been pissed off. Kennedy talks a lot of trash, trying to intimidate London, who refuses to back down … only to be pie faced back by the brash Kennedy! The crowd boos the shot from Kennedy, who starts to laugh at London’s expense … when London explodes with a big forearm, sending Kennedy down! The crowd cheers as a furious looking Kennedy springs up, having been knocked on his ass, and charges at Paul London, only to get sent down with a drop toe hold! London is quickly off to the ropes too, looking to follow up as he comes crashing down across the back of KK with a back senton. London hooks the leg quickly … two.

Despite the kickout, London is right back up, grabbing Mr. Kennedy as he gets up and snapmaring him over, before cracking a kick off his spine. Kennedy leans forward, holding his back in pain as London dashes off to the ropes, then comes back with a low dropkick right to the jaw of Kennedy! London makes the cover again … two. The daredevil is again quick to pick Kennedy up, wanting to keep the action moving … but Kennedy suddenly rakes the eyes of London, forcing him back, holding his eyes in pain! The crowd boos as London backs all of the way up to the corner, with Kennedy then charging in at him, but London is able to get a boot up, before elevating himself up to the second rope, then coming off with a reverse elbow!

London’s again quick to look for the cover, but Kennedy is weary of this and he rolls from the ring, dropping down to the floor. London, though, doesn’t look like he wants to leave Kennedy out there, attempting to take the action to Kennedy again as he gets up by charging towards him … BEFORE COMING CRASHING INTO HIM WITH AN INSANE SUICIDE DIVE! The crowd goes nuts as both men crash to the floor, London the first up to high five a few of the fans at ringside, a slightly pained expression on his face. Despite this, London knows what brought him to the dance, and he asks the fans if they want to see another one to a positive response, before heading up to the apron and waiting on Kennedy … THEN CHARGING AT HIM … BUT KK II SPRINGS TO LIFE FROM NOWHERE AND SWEEPS THE LEGS OF LONDON OUT FROM UNDER HIM, CAUSING HIM TO CRASH TO THE OUTSIDE OF THE APRON WITH A THUD!

Kennedy takes time to recover at first, clearly feeling the offensive barrage he’s found himself on the receiving end of, but he soon gets London back into the ring, and following a kickout, begins to work on the leg of the high flier. Although London has the heart to stay in things, Kennedy seems to wear him down with ease, staying on that same left leg and softening it up, before looking for the finish as he locks in a single leg Boston crab. London screams out in pain, his leg clearly causing him a lot of discomfort, but Mr. Kennedy shows no mercy, wanting to prove himself ahead of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. Paul London, however, has the same thing on his mind, and he uses that want to prove himself to drive him, giving himself the energy to slowly pull himself towards the ropes … and grab the bottom rope!

The crowd gives a good pop, but KK looks far from happy, getting back to his feet and arguing with the referee at first, before turning back to London and finding himself eating a hard forearm shot! Kennedy backs away, then comes forward again, finding himself walking into another forearm. London reels off a few more before Kennedy has enough, kneeing his foe in the midsection to stop his attack, then sending him off with an Irish whip … but London slides under Kennedy’s legs on the rebound … then takes him over with a hurricanrana! The crowd pops as Kennedy climbs back up to his feet … right into a dropkick, sending both men down to the canvas!

Both men struggle to get to their feet, Kennedy checking his mouth for blood as he does so, while London clutches at his knee. Slowly though, they both get there, and knowing he doesn’t want to get in a fist fight with a bigger man, London scoots off on his knee like a trooper, running off and hitting the ropes … then coming back with a running dropkick right to the button of Kennedy! Both men get up, London still looking very ginger on his knee, but he fights through it, hitting another dropkick to send Kennedy down! The crowd cheers the spirit of London as he pushes Kennedy back into the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip … before scoring with a spectacular looking Japanese arm drag on the rebound! Looking for the victory, London jumps on the cover … two!

London gets back up to his feet, shaking his legs loose, while beckoning to Kennedy to follow, which he does … allowing London to grab a front face lock … but Mr. Kennedy is able to slip out of it, then lift London into a fireman’s carry position … only for London to slip out of it and score with a northern lights suplex … two! Both men get up, and Kennedy tries for a big kick to the head of London, but London ducks … then scores with the dropsault! The crowd erupts as London limps back to his feet, then looks to the corner … PERHAPS THINKING 450 SPLASH! With his knee injury restricting him, London is a little slow up the corner, and this gives Kennedy the chance to get up and charge as London sets himself … but London springs to life and suddenly hits the mushroom stomp!

Again, despite KK hitting the second turnbuckle headfirst, this appears to have just as bad of an effect on London, who shakes his knee out, before turning to Kennedy … AND GOING SUPERKICK … BUT KENNEDY DUCKS … THEN QUICKLY SCOOPS LONDON UP AND SCORES WITH A ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM! Kennedy hooks the leg … just two!

Kennedy looks caught off guard by the kickout, thinking he had the match won with the move, before dragging London up by the leg and mocking him, shouting at him that he’s not on his level … WHEN LONDON SHOCKS KENNEDY WITH AN ENZUIGURI! KK looks out on his feet, and London quickly grabs him in a front face lock … LEGSWEEP DDT CONNECTS! The crowd erupts as a hurt London pulls himself towards the corner, then begins to head up top … THINKING 450 SPLASH … BUT AGAIN HE TAKES TOO LONG, AS KENNEDY CUTS HIM OFF, SCORING WITH A RIGHT HAND! Kennedy climbs up with London and starts to hammer away on him … BEFORE SETTING UP FOR THE GREEN BAY PLUNGE … BUT LONDON SPRINGS TO LIFE WITH ELBOWS … THEN KICKS KK IN THE SKULL, SENDING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT IN A HEAP!

The crowd erupts as London looks around, knowing he has to take that big risk to make an impact, and he jumps up … 450 SPLASH … CONNECTS! London hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winner: Paul London via pinfall @ 09:23


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, PAAUUULL LONDOOONNNN!

The crowd erupts with a big pop as Paul London rolls from the ring, the excitement taking over his body as he pumps his fist in the air in triumph. In the ring, Mr. Kennedy is slowly recovering, a shocked look on his face.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What a win for Paul London!

Tazz: I don’t … I don’t believe it. The kid did it.

Michael Cole: Paul London did it, and look at the expression on Mr. Kennedy’s face. He’s in shock!

Tazz: I am too. I can’t believe that Paul London pulled this off.

London staggers up the ramp, still celebrating on the stage when he’s joined by Brian Kendrick. In the ring, however, Mr. Kennedy looks livid, not believing that he has been pinned for a second time now.

We don’t dwell on that too long though, as we now cut backstage to see Kristal Marshall standing by.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, The Cabinet!

The crowd boos as The Cabinet shuffles into view, fronted by their benevolent leader, JBL.

Kristal Marshall: JBL, it’s been a tough past few weeks for you with your troubles with Bobby Lashley. Now Lashley speared you through a table at Saturday Night’s Main Event, showing you up again. Your thoughts?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Lashley showed me up? You think that Bobby Lashley, of all people, showed ME up? Y’see, this … THIS is why you’re standin’ here holdin’ a mic, while someone like Jillian is bein’ successful as MY secretary.

Heat from the crowd for the cheap insults towards Kristal.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Let me make this perfectly clear. NOBODY shows up JBL. Nobody, no less a snot nosed punk who doesn’t even deserve to lace my boots. But I bet you think what Lashley did to me was impressive, dontcha? Huh? Well lemme ask you somethin’. Do you even KNOW who I am?

Kristal looks a little fearful to speak, cowering back.

Kristal Marshall: You’re … you’re JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That’s right. JBL! I am JBL, a legend here on Friday Night SmackDown!, ‘Mr. SmackDown!’. Everyone wants to talk about how long the vanilla gorilla’s held the World Heavyweight Title for, well I am the longest reigning WWE Champion in SmackDown! HISTORY. I am a media mogul, a SELF-made millionaire, the GREATEST wrestler to step foot in a SmackDown! ring, a ‘WRESTLING GAWD’!

Heat from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I am ALL of those things and so much more. But ask yourself this. What’s Bobby Lashley? Ah, don’t answer that. Let me answer that. Bobby Lashley … Bobby Lashley is NOTHING!

Big heat for the insult of Lashley.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I smell like smoke ‘cause I’ve walked through fire, yet you think I’m gonna be thinkin’ about a nobody like Bobby Lashley? Rest assured, Bobby Lashley is the last thing on my mind.

Layfield pauses, allowing Kristal to summon up the guts to ask her next question.

Kristal Marshall: Right, well, also at Saturday Night’s Main Event you found yourself laid out by Finlay with his shillelagh. Tonight you get your chance for revenge when Brent Albright faces Finlay in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match qualifier, but originally it was meant to be you facing Finlay. Your thoughts?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: First of all, Finlay, is nothin’ but a no good traitor. Seriously, why do we let TRASH like him come into our country? We should send him packin’ to whatever drunken country he came from.

More heat, showing that perhaps the crowd have taken a bit of a liking to Finlay after the events of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Secondly, did you not hear me before? Do you not know who I am? The reason I’m not competin’ tonight against Finlay is because I am too good to set foot in the ring with him. I am too good to put myself at risk in some crazy Ladder Match, when I am the greatest wrestler this company has ever seen, and that is exactly why I’ve got Brent here.

Heat from the crowd as Layfield pauses slightly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’see, it’s as simple as this. Tonight … Brent here takes Finlay out. Then, at WrestleMania 22, on the grandest stage of ‘em all, my man Brent will WIN the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and hand the briefcase … haha … to me.

Layfield takes a step back as Brent Albright now takes centre stage.

Brent Albright: Finlay, you like to think you’re tough? You think you’re the baddest son of a gun on this roster? Well lemme tell ya somethin’. I am a gun, and you haven’t ever had anything like me gunnin’ down on you. So tonight, it’s real simple for ya. You either tap … or you snap. And then after that, when I’m done with the likes of you, at WrestleMania 22, when I unhook the Money in the Bank briefcase … it’s gonna be the sweetest payday of ‘em all.

Albright smirks, before getting a pat on the back from JBL, who leads him out of view. We meanwhile head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to instantly cut away to a video package.


We now cut to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art … of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focused and I know what I want. I am … straight edge, and my only addiction … is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk … and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!

CM Punk – Two Weeks Away!


We cut back to ringside where we see our commentators sitting by.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where in a moment’s time we will find out who will be the third man from Friday Night SmackDown! to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, however, before then, as we saw earlier, we are taking a look through the tag team career of The Hardy Boyz ahead of their return tonight. Now, let’s take a look back at SummerSlam 2000, when for the very first time, The Hardy Boyz and the WWE went TLC.


The Hardy Boyz, Edge & Christian and The Dudley Boyz compete in the very first TLC match at SummerSlam 2000!


We return to ringside to see Tony Chimel standing by in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is a Money in the Bank qualifying match!


The crowd gives some great heat as out from the side of the stage arrives the familiar white limousine. With the longhorns on the bonnet and the JBL emblem emblazoned on the side of the limo, there’s no guessing who’s inside as the limo pulls up, and out steps a chauffeur, opening the door so Brent Albright can step out, being accompanied by John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield and Jillian Hall, his fellow Cabinet members.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing 245 lbs, BRENT ALBRIIIIGGHHHHTTTT!

Michael Cole: Brent Albright finds himself with possibly his toughest task yet here, as tonight he faces off with Finlay, and the pressure is on from JBL for Albright to succeed.

Tazz: That’s right, this is a big match for Brent Albright, but trust me, he can go. He actually reminds me somewhat of a younger Finlay with his no nonsense, smash mouth style.

Albright walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, followed by JBL and Jillian, drawing a fair amount of heat by inciting the fans, telling them he’s in for a big payday.



The crowd gives a mixed reaction, mostly leaning towards cheers, as, for the first time, Finlay appears on SmackDown! playing more of a fan favourite role. The no nonsense Finlay walks down the ramp swiftly, brandishing his shillelagh in the direction of The Cabinet in the ring.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, FINLAAYYYY!

Michael Cole: A bit of an unfamiliar role for Finlay here, actually receiving some cheers from the crowd. I guess that’s what happens when you shut JBL up.

Tazz: Yeah, but Finlay doesn’t give a damn what these people do. They can cheer, they can boo, heck, they can say nothin’. All Finlay wants to do is fight.

‘The Fighting Irishman’ makes his way up into the ring, warning JBL as he exits the ring, before putting his shillelagh down in the corner and turning to Albright.

Match Three ~ Money in the Bank Qualifying Match; Singles Match:
Brent Albright w/The Cabinet vs. Finlay

These two excellent wrestlers stand on opposite sides of the ring, Finlay still watching JBL and threatening him, prompting JBL to just hold his hands up innocently. Deciding he’s taken care of JBL, Finlay now turns back to Albright, and the two men begin to circle around. The circling doesn’t last long though, as both of these bulls are eager to go at it, and they come forward, locking up. Neither man is able to gain a real advantage at first, both just jostling before position, until Albright’s slight size advantage allows him to begin to force Finlay back. Finlay starts to turn it around, and the two begin to struggle for a moment longer, before Albright again starts to force Finlay back into the corner, only for Finlay to use his experience to turn it around at the last moment, instead putting Albright back into the corner. Finlay looks like he wants to go on the attack here, but the referee is aware of it, sticking himself in between the two men and forcing a clean break.

Finlay backs out of the corner to the centre of the ring where he’s soon joined by Albright, who engages a second lockup with him. Both men struggle at first again, but this time Finlay looks to change things up, grabbing a side headlock. Albright flails his arms around at first, looking for an escape, but Finlay persists with holding the move, prompting Albright to land a few right hand shots to the midsection, then toss Finlay off with an Irish whip, only for Finlay to use the momentum to his advantage, jumping up and taking Albright down with a shoulder tackle on the return. Albright pops right back up from the move, wanting to get on Finlay, but the Northern Irishman is ready for him, quickly landing a boot to the midsection, before snapping him over with a headlock takedown.

Finlay is in his element here, controlling Albright with the grounded side headlock, refusing to let the youngster escape. Albright seems to know some tricks on the mat, rolling about and trying to escape, but Finlay’s grip is strong, and he refuses to let ‘The Hired Gun’ go free. Albright continues to flail, tiring himself out, before resting on the mat a few times and finding himself down for some nearfalls, despite only being held in a side headlock. With JBL insisting he fight back at ringside, Albright finds some energy, springing up to his feet and forcing Finlay over to the corner, causing a break. Finlay is a little reluctant to break the hold, but he slowly does, allowing Albright to scoot back to the middle of the ring as Finlay readies himself again … when suddenly he’s distracted by JBL at ringside!

Layfield gets the attention of Finlay, throwing some insults at him, causing him to turn and threaten JBL again … and Brent Albright takes advantage, charging into the corner and scoring with a quick flurry of punches and kicks to the distracted Northern Irishman! Albright looks to continue his advantage, now Irish whipping a stunned Finlay into the opposite corner … but Finlay hits the corner and explodes forward, knocking Albright out of his socks with a big clothesline! Finlay helps a stunned Albright back up to his feet, then snaps him back with a European uppercut, sending him back to the corner. The crowd cheers as with Albright cornered, Finlay is able to go nuts, striking him with some heavy blows that stun him, before doing as Albright did just moments, ago, sending his foe off to the opposite corner, then charging in and scoring with a corner clothesline!

Albright is on jelly legs now, and Finlay looks to take advantage, pitching him out through the ropes, before joining him at ringside as he ramps ‘The Hired Gun’ back into the crowd barrier. Following up, Finlay looks to take advantage of the outside environment as he grabs Albright by the hair, then throws him skull first into the ringpost! The crowd continues to cheer Finlay, who looks to be completely in control, but JBL notices this too as he begins to approach Finlay from behind, perhaps looking for a sneak attack. Finlay, though, turns around, shocking JBL as he warns him off, before turning back and charging at Albright, looking for another clothesline … BUT ALBRIGHT DUCKS … AND FINLAY STRIKES THE TURNBUCKLE ARM FIRST!

The crowd quickly quietens to a hush, watching on as Albright begins to go to town on Finlay’s arm, wrapping it around the ringpost time and time again! Despite his high pain threshold, Finlay is reeling, yelping in pain as Albright now grabs him, then throws him arm first into the crowd barrier! With Finlay down and Albright now looking in complete control of this match, we head away, cutting to a commercial break.

Back from the break, and we’re informed that through the commercial break it has been all Albright, who continues to assault the arm of Finlay upon our return, weakening it severely. There are times when Finlay looks to fight back, but Albright deals with them with ease, before looking to further wear down ‘The Fighting Irishman’ with a keylock. Albright continues to test the arm of Finlay out in the hold, softening him up as much as possible, and perhaps even looking for the submission, but Finlay lives up to his moniker (well, aside from the Irish part), fighting back to his feet and wisely going behind Albright. Perhaps thinking German suplex, Finlay grabs a waistlock, but Albright smartly hits the injured arm of Finlay, causing him to relinquish the hold, before Albright now seems to think German of his own … but Finlay elbows free, then hits the ropes … and takes both men down with a kamikaze like diving shoulder back!

Both men remain down for the moment, trying to fight through the pain they’ve suffered in the match as they get back to their feet. The duo successfully make it up, and they begin to exchange fists, where, despite his injured arm, Finlay is able to use his good right hand to force Albright back to the ropes. Once there Finlay sends him off with an Irish whip, before scoring with a reverse elbow on the return! The crowd cheers as Albright goes down, and suddenly a fire is lit in Finlay, who follows up by taking Albright down with several more running forearm shots. Content with the damage he’s done there, Finlay Irish whips his foe into the corner, before charging in and hitting a big shoulder thrust with his good shoulder! Albright staggers from the corner, right into the clutches of Finlay who quickly hooks him up and snaps him over with a snap suplex, floating over into the cover … two!

Finlay gets back to his feet, then begins to lift Albright back up too … only for Albright to explode out of nowhere with a surprise forearm that sends Finlay back! Albright takes his time to follow up, shaking the cobwebs loose, before charging at Finlay … right into a clothesline! Finlay is quick to move on from that too, charging off to the ropes, then coming back with the cannonball! Finlay grinds his forearm into the face of Albright in the cover … two!

Finlay can’t believe it, looking at the referee in shock, before getting back to his feet and motioning for Brent Albright to get back up. The Cabinet member slowly does so, staggering right across to Finlay … WHO GETS ALBRIGHT UP INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY … BUT ALBRIGHT FALLS LOOSE THANKS TO THE INJURED ARM OF FINLAY … THEN TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A FALLING ARMBREAKER! Albright takes Finlay down, then declares the match over … QUICKLY POUNCING WITH THE CROWBAR! Finlay is trapped, caught in the middle of the ring, his arm damn near being torn off by Brent Albright! The crowd rumbles, sensing a submission is near, but the gap-toothed Irishman seems to have too much pride to submit, instead trying with all of his strength to pull himself to the corner. Brent Albright, however, is no small man, and bit by bit, Finlay starts to fade away, not being able to pull himself any further as he raises his hand into the air …


The crowd cheers as Finlay grabs the rope, but Brent Albright keeps the hold locked in for as long as he possibly can, before finally letting go when the referee threatens to disqualify him. Frustrated, Albright gets back to his feet, shouting at the referee as he does so, before turning to see Finlay getting up with assistance from the top rope and charging … only to eat boot! Finlay gets a boot up, staggering Albright, before charging out, looking for a clothesline, but Albright ducks … THEN QUICKLY GRABS FINLAY FROM BEHIND … HALF NELSON SUPLEX! ALBRIGHT FOLDS FINLAY UP ON TOP OF HIS NECK WITH THE HALF NELSON SUPLEX! Albright makes the cover … BUT FINLAY IS AGAIN SAVED BY THE ROPES, GETTING HIS FOOT ON THE BOTTOM ROPE AT TWO!

Albright once again can’t believe it, wondering what he can possibly do to put Finlay away! An urgent Layfield at ringside wracks his brain, thinking … BEFORE NODDING ALBRIGHT TOWARDS FINLAY’S SHILLELAGH! Layfield then climbs up onto the apron, distracting the referee as Albright grabs the shillelagh and begins to line Finlay up … but the crowd suddenly explodes with a pop … AND BOBBY LASHLEY PULLS JBL DOWN FROM THE APRON! This distracts Albright, who watches as Lashley pummels Layfield at ringside, before turning into a kick to the midsection … AND QUICK AS A FLASH, FINLAY NAILS THE CELTIC CROSS! Finlay uses all of the strength in his arm, grimacing following the move, before making the cover … and getting the three!

Winner (qualifying for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match): Finlay via pinfall @ 13:01


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, FINLAAYYYY!

The crowd gives a very good pop as Finlay gets back to his feet, favouring his arm while the referee raises his other arm in victory. At ringside, JBL looks back at the ring in shock, while the man who saved Finlay, his rival Bobby Lashley backs up the ramp, a smile on his face.

Michael Cole: Finlay has done it. Finlay is going to Money in the Bank!

Tazz: I can’t believe this. Brent Albright threw everything he had at Finlay, but he just couldn’t quite get the job done.

Michael Cole: It was a heck of an effort from Brent Albright for sure, Tazz, but if JBL was being truthful before when he said Lashley wasn’t on his mind, well, he may be now.

Tazz: Oh, ain’t no doubt about that. I mean, Lashley’s makin’ himself quite a nuisance for JBL, and JBL ain’t gonna be too happy about that, especially after tonight.

We get another look at JBL at ringside, with Jillian Hall trying to comfort him, but JBL is inconsolable as he looks up at the stage in rage at the man who just allowed Finlay through to the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Moving on, we cut away elsewhere backstage … to be in the locker-room of the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista! With the title belt sitting next to him, Batista seems to be preparing himself, rolling his kneepad up his knee, until a voice suddenly catches his attention.

???: Ahem.

Batista looks up to see his partner for tonight, and opponent at WrestleMania 22, Randy Orton standing in front of him.

Randy Orton: Listen, Dave, I know you’re mad, but I came here to talk some strategy. I mean …

Batista, far from happy with Orton, gets to his feet and interrupts.

Batista: No.

Orton looks taken aback.

Randy Orton: Wha … what did …

Batista: I said … NO! I don’t care what you have to say, Randy. I’m not listening to you. Tonight … I’m doin’ things my way. And if you wanna try to test that … well, we’ll just see what happens.

The crowd cheers as Orton gulps, then backs out of the room, leaving Batista to continue to prepare.

We, meanwhile, cut away to see Chris Benoit striding down a corridor, before heading off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

Returning from the break, we instantly cut to a video package.


The Hardy Boyz win the World Tag Team Titles in emotional fashion by defeating Edge & Christian in a Steel Cage Match at Unforgiven 2000!


Back to ringside.


The crowd gives a great pop, as out from the back emerges Chris Benoit. Looking as serious as always, Benoit stops to nod his head at the crowd, wearing the casual attire of a merchandise shirt and jeans, before advancing down the ramp.

Michael Cole: After months of being screwed out of a shot at the United States Title by Booker T, the man who stole the title from him in the first place, Chris Benoit got a shot at the title at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, only to be screwed out of it again by Booker T and his protégé, Orlando Jordan in what was said to be Benoit’s last shot at the title.

Tazz: And the last shot at the title for Benoit is what it should be. Booker should have never had to defend the title on Saturday night anyway, so as far as I’m concerned, fair is fair, Booker kept the title.

Benoit climbs up into the ring, not wasting any time as he receives a microphone and stands in the middle of the ring. Benoit then waits for his response to die down, before beginning.

Chris Benoit: Y’know, it’s not the first time I’ve been in this position. It’s not the first time that I’ve found myself getting the short end of the stick, screwed out of a shot that I earned.

The crowd gives some small heat.

Chris Benoit: I’m not looking for sympathy. I was done looking for sympathy years ago. The feeling … it’s all just a bit familiar. Being told I don’t ever have another shot at the United States Title … it kind of … it kind of reminds me about the start of my career. It reminds me of the way people talked to me at the start of the career, telling me I never had a shot at even making it in pro wrestling in the first place.

The crowd remains silent during a slight pause from Benoit.

Chris Benoit: They said that no matter for how long I tried, no matter how many hours I spent in the gym, no matter who I trained with, that I just couldn’t make it.

Again Benoit pauses slightly.

Chris Benoit: They talked down on me. They said, “Oh, Chris Benoit. He’s too small. Oh, Chris Benoit, he’s not big enough. He’s not tall enough. He’s not strong enough. He’s not fast enough. He doesn’t have enough charisma. He doesn’t have this, he doesn’t have that!”

A pretty worked up Benoit starts striding around the ring.

Chris Benoit: They said I simply don’t have it. People still tell me that today. They’ve been saying it my whole career. So hearing that I don’t have what it takes to be United States Champion … that I won’t ever have a shot at it … it’s not something new. I’ve dealt with it before. And at times in the past, hearing something like that, yeah, it made me feel bad about myself. It made me think that maybe I wasn’ good enough. That maybe I should quit, that I should listen to the doubters. I thought about it, but do you know what I did instead?

Benoit gives the crowd a small chance to respond.

Chris Benoit: I worked my ASS off, to prove – them – wrong!

Big pop for the crowd from Benoit.

Chris Benoit: I worked harder than I ever had in my LIFE! I spent more time in the gym than ever, more time in the ring than ever, working, so that I could do what I loved. Working, so I could one day tell the doubters that they were wrong. That I am a success. That I could do it. That I am … for real.

Another good cheer comes from the crowd for Benoit’s old catchphrase.

Chris Benoit: I’m now a former tag team champion. A former Intercontinental Champion. A former United States Champion.

Benoit pauses as the crowd cheers.

Chris Benoit: A former World – Heavyweight – Champion!

A huge respectful cheer from the crowd for Benoit’s achievements.

Chris Benoit: And do you know what people tell me? They still tell me that I’m not good enough. That I’m nothing but a fluke, but deep down, I know that they know they’re wrong. They know I’ve made it. They know I’ve done everything I had ever dreamed of doing. So what do I do when people tell me that? I laugh.

Benoit laughs a little to himself, then looks right in towards the hard camera.

Chris Benoit: I laugh, RIGHT – IN – THEIR – FACE!

Big pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: I know I’ve made it, and I know that there’s a lot of guys in that locker-room back there who are in the same position I was back at the start of my career. I know there are, because two years ago, there was a kid named Randy Orton who was.

Big mixed reaction from the crowd, who don’t like the mention of Orton.

Chris Benoit: Randy beat me for the World Heavyweight Championship in the middle of this ring, but he STILL didn’t believe that he belonged at the top of the food chain. He didn’t believe that he DESERVED to be world champion. So y’know what I did? I looked Randy in the eye, I told him he was the better man, and I shook his hand like a MAN.

Another mixed reaction from the crowd, more leaning towards cheers, but with Orton relevant there’s still some boos.

Chris Benoit: Now … now he knows he belongs, but there are still other guys back there in that locker-room who should follow his example and learn that they belong too. There’s one guy in particular, one guy who has it all that needs to know that he can go out on his own.

Benoit pauses, seemingly mulling over his thoughts.

Chris Benoit: I want to show you guys a video. Guys in the back, play the video.


We go back to SummerSlam 2005, where Chris Benoit defeats Orlando Jordan to capture the United States Championship in just 25.5 seconds.


We come back to ringside to hear the crowd applauding.

Chris Benoit: All it took was twenty-five seconds. Twenty-five seconds. I wanna show you guys something else. Guys in the back, roll the second video.


A month later, on Friday Night SmackDown!, Orlando Jordan unsuccessfully challenges Chris Benoit for the United States Championship, losing in 23.3 seconds.


Again, back to ringside where Benoit still stands in the middle of the ring.

Chris Benoit: A month later, a WHOLE month later, it took me just twenty-three seconds to beat Orlando Jordan. Twenty-three. Now I wanna show you guys just one more video, so guys in the back, roll the footage.


They both roll around in pain, with Benoit groggily picking himself up, then doing the same to Booker and throwing him from the ring … BEFORE HEADING ACROSS TO OJ … GRABBING HIM BY THE ARM … AND LOCKING IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! The crowd goes wild as OJ struggles around the ring, his eyes wide and his head shaking in pain as he looks to not quit to Benoit again. Slowly, Nick Patrick crawls across, realising what is happening as Orlando looks desperate … he doesn’t want to tap out again … AND HE WON’T! HE CONTINUES TO FIGHT! DESPITE NOT MOVING, DESPITE BEING IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RING … DESPITE SEEMINGLY BEING NOWHERE NEAR THE ROPES, ORLANDO JORDAN GRITS HIS TEETH, LOOKS DOWN DEEP INTO HIS HEART AND HE REFUSES TO TAP OUT! Benoit, being the pugnacious man that he is, will not relent on the pressure, he will not release the hold, BUT ORLANDO JORDAN CONTINUES TO FIGHT! HE CONTINUES TO HOLD ON! HE CAN’T … HE WON’T … HE WILL NOT TAP!

The resolve of OJ is amazing as he refuses to quit, screaming “NO!” with such pain in his voice, such obvious, agonising pain that it makes one wonder just how it is that he won’t give up. Still, Orlando remains in the hold, unmoving apart from his mouth which continues to utter the same screams of “NO!” as he refuses to quit. Benoit has no sympathy though; he wants his title shot, and despite the fight of the kid, he refuses to relent … INSTEAD CRANKING UP THE PRESSURE EVEN HIGHER! Jordan’s cries of “NO!” are replaced with unidentifiable cries as he bellows in pain, still not wanting to quit …


Winner: Chris Benoit via submission @ 14:05


We return from the footage of No Way Out back to ringside, to see Chris Benoit standing in the ring, the crowd again applauding.

Chris Benoit: Did you see that? Did you see that? Orlando Jordan was in my Crippler Crossface for over THREE TIMES as longer than his WHOLE MATCHES had lasted just five months before this. And do you know why? Do you know why Orlando has gotten to where he is? Hard … work.

Respectable pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: All those things that I got told I didn’t have when I was a youngster, trying to make my way in pro wrestling? Orlando has them all.

Benoit pauses slightly, pacing about the ring.

Chris Benoit: He’s big, he’s fast, he’s strong … he’s got it. And most importantly he has worked his ass off to get to where he is. At first he got by on his own talent, but after I made him tap out in under thirty seconds, after he stopped wallowing in his own little self pity, he put his head down and he worked. He worked harder than any guy in that locker-room to get where he is today. He became his own man, and for that … I respect him … or at he was, and I did.

Benoit pauses again as the crowd listens on.

Chris Benoit: What disappointed me the most on Saturday night wasn’t that I didn’t capture the United States Title. It’s that after doing all of the hard work, after putting his talents to use, after gaining the respect of guys in the back who a lot of people can only dream of getting respect from … Orlando Jordan went back to being nothing more than Booker T’s BITCH!

The crowd buzzes immediately, sensing a confrontation after that insult.

Chris Benoit: Orlando, I know you’re too good for this. Heck, Booker knows you’re too good for this, so …



The crowd gives a very heated reaction, as out from the back, dressed in a tan colour suit, struts the United States Champion, Booker T, joined by his lovely wife Sharmell and Orlando Jordan. With a microphone already in hand, Booker stops at the top of the ramp, and speaks from there.

Booker T: Hold on, hold on, hold on. Dawg, I thought I made this clear. I told you dat dis past Saturday night was gonna be the last time dat you ever got a shot at muh United States Title. I told you that was it. So just what in da HELL do you think you’re doin’, comin’ out here, runnin’ your mouth off at me?

Big heat from the crowd.

Booker T: Don’t you get it, Benoit? You’re done. Finished. You ain’t ever gettin’ another shot at my title again, ya dig?

Booker looks up at Benoit in the ring, eyes bulging.

Chris Benoit: Hey Booker, Booker, this isn’t about that. Yeah, you beat me. Congratulations. You snaked your way out of another match with me. But this isn’t about me. This is about … him.

Benoit points down at Orlando Jordan.

Chris Benoit: This is about Orlando Jordan!

Mixed reaction from the crowd, who appear to be starting to get behind OJ.

Booker T: Oh no. No, you ain’t pullin’ this crap again. You ain’t wrestlin’ him for a shot at me again. Nuh-uh. You’re through. Get it through your skull, Benoit. You’re through.

Benoit looks somewhat frustrated in the ring by Booker continuing to harp on.

Chris Benoit: Y’know what, Booker? Fine. Dodge the issue. That’s fine with me, because I know that the only reason you’re not acknowledging what I’m saying is because you know that just like I could in a fair environment, Orlando could beat you too!

Pop from the crowd.

Booker T: Oh yeah? You think that do you? You think dat Orlando could beat me? Lemme tell you somethin’. Without me, Orlando Jordan would be nothin’! You think you’re clever, comin’ out here and talkin’ ‘bout him, tryin’ to get another shot at my title, sayin’ even he could beat me? Benoit, you an’ I both know that if me an’ Orlando ever went one on one, I’d drop him in a second!

Big “Ooooooo” from the crowd, as Orlando looks shocked next to Booker, reaching for the microphone.

Orlando Jordan: Hey, hey …

Booker pulls the microphone away from Orlando.

Booker T: What you doin’, dawg? This isn’t ‘bout you.

Jordan looks appalled, backing away and taking his post back up beside Booker.

Booker T: Y’know what, Benoit? You do what you want, ‘cause at the end of the day, you ain’t gettin’ another shot at me whether you like it or not, sucka. So I think it’s time I leave you so you can do … what was it you said … wallow in yo self pity?

Booker smirks as the crowd boos.

Booker T: C’mon, let’s go.

Booker turns to leave, when …


The crowd gives a nice pop, as out from the back steps Friday Night SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long, already holding a microphone, stopping Booker from going any further.

Theodore Long: Hold on just a second there, playa.

Booker is enraged, asking Long what he’s doing off microphone.

Theodore Long: Now, I get that before Saturday Night’s Main Event, you, Booker T, and you, Chris, you made yourself the deal that your match at Saturday Night’s Main Event would be your final, and I appreciate that. But I also made a promise to these people watchin’ SmackDown!, that you two would actually have a match. And what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event? That wasn’t a match. So here’s what I’m gonna do.

Long pauses, allowing the crowd to buzz.

Theodore Long: As of now, at WrestleMania 22, it’s gonna be Booker T, defending his United States Championship … against Chris Benoit!

Big pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: But … but there is a chance that match could change. Y’see Booker, I know that you could just do what you did six nights ago if I left it at that, so because of that and the fact that I happen to agree with Benoit about Orlando Jordan, next week, regardless of whwther you wanna see it or not, it is gonna be Chris Benoit vs. Orlando Jordan one more time.

Another pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: And to reverse the roles, IF Orlando can win that match, then the match at WrestleMania 22 … it becomes a Three Way Dance!

The crowd roars with approval.

Theodore Long: Booker, you say you could beat Orlando easily … well let’s just see if you get that chance to test that theory, playa. Holla holla.


Teddy Long now makes his way backstage, leaving Booker to blow a gasket on the stage, while Chris Benoit looks on from the stage.

Michael Cole: Oh my! What an announcement for WrestleMania 22. Booker T WILL be defending his United States Title, and it is guaranteed that he will be facing Chris Benoit, as well as maybe Orlando Jordan.

Tazz: This is exactly what Booker has had to constantly deal with. I dunno what Teddy Long’s beef with our United States Champion is, but makin’ him defend the gold against Benoit AGAIN? That just ain’t fair.

Booker continues to voice his displeasure, shouting towards the backstage area at Long, leaving us to head off to a break, with a caption at the bottom of the screen telling us The Hardy Boyz are next.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see another Hardy Boyz moment.


Matt knows that he has to look to finish Nitro now, so he quickly heads for the corner … BUT JOEY MERCURY CHARGES ACROSS … ONLY TO GET A KICK TO THE CHEST, KNOCKING HIM DOWN ON THE APRON … BEFORE HARDY LEAPS AND NAILS THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ON NITRO! Hardy hooks the leg … TWO! Nitro just kicks out! Matt looks slightly frustrated, but he doesn’t let it get to him as he gets back up to his feet … only to get struck in the back by a forearm from Mercury! Mercury ignores the referee’s shouts to get out of the ring, instead trying to Irish whip Hardy into the corner, but Hardy reverses … THEN CHARGES IN HIMSELF … BIG CORNER CLOTHESLINE … RUNNING BULLDOG OUT TO MERCURY … AND A FLYING CLOTHESLINE TO NITRO AT THE SAME TIME! The crowd goes wild as Hardy screams back up to his feet … AND HE CALLS FOR THE TWIST OF FATE! NITRO GROGGILY GETS BACK TO HIS FEET, AND HARDY GRABS HIM FOR THE MOVE, THEN TURNS … BUT NITRO PUSHES HIM OFF TO A RISING MERCURY, WHO GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE … BUT HARDY DUCKS IT AND NAILS THE SIDE EFFECT!

The crowd cheers as Hardy gets up … RIGHT INTO A HUGE SUPERKICK FROM NITRO … NO, HE DUCKS IT … THEN HITS THE TWIST OF FATE! Matt makes the cover … BUT MELINA HAS THE REFEREE DISTRACTED! The crowd counts, but it means nothing, forcing Hardy to realise he has to get up and try to grab the referee’s attention … BUT MERCURY COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A LOW BLOW! Melina continues to distract the referee as Mercury gets a groggy Nitro up and says Snapshot time, Melina continuing to be a distraction to allow them to hit the double team move … when the crowd suddenly begins to scream as they wait on Matt … AND A MASKED MAN SUDDENLY DIVES INTO THE RING AND TAKES DOWN NITRO! Nitro gets taken down to the outside as Melina drops from the apron in shock … BUT MERCURY STILL HAS HARDY UP, WAITING FOR NITRO TO GRAB HARDY’S HEAD … HARDY ROLLS THROUGH INTO A SUNSET FLIP … AND GETS THE THREE!

Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall @ 6:42


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, MAAAATTTT …

Chimel doesn’t get to finish that thought, as both men get up … AND MERCURY SUDDENLY TAKES MATT HARDY DOWN! The crowd boos as Mercury hits some rights on a downed Hardy, sitting over him … AND THE MASKED MAN CLIMBS INTO THE RING AND TURNS MERCURY AROUND … TWIST OF FATE?!

The crowd cheers as the man takes Mercury down, then heads out to the apron and up to the top rope … THEN COMES OFF WITH A MASSIVE SWANTON BOMB! Mercury writhes in pain as the man gets back to his feet and takes off his mask … AND IT’S JEFF HARDY! The crowd goes wild as the rainbow hair is revealed by Jeff stripping the mask off and throwing it down onto Mercury!


We now cut back to ringside to see The Mexicools standing in the ring, readying themselves with no music playing in the background, at least for now …


And the crowd goes ABSOLUTELY WILD as the familiar old tune hits, and out dancing onto the stage come The Hardy Boyz! Jeff, of course, takes centre stage, while Matt bounces up and down around him, psyching the crowd up as much as possible, with pyro blowing up in the background.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing a combined weight of 455 lbs, MATT AND JEFF, THE HAAARRRDDDDY BOYZ!

Michael Cole: Will you listen to this reaction? The Hardy Boyz are back, and they are back with a bang!

Tazz: No kiddin’, Cole, the roof was just about blown off the arena as soon as their music hit. A lotta people have been waiting a long time to see this, and I, for one, have to say it’s great to see The Hardy Boyz back as a team, right here on SmackDown!.

The crowd continues to go absolutely bonkers as the brothers charge down the ramp, then slide up into the ring, Jeff acknowledging the crowd as only he can, while Matt goes about his business elsewhere in the ring. Dropping down to the centre of the ring, Jeff joins his brother and waits as The Mexicools climb into the ring, ready for tag team action.

Match Four ~ Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. The Hardy Boyz

The crowd continues to cheer wildly, even starting up a “HARDY! HARDY! HARDY!” chant that absolutely roars through the arena, before Jeff steps out of the ring, leaving Matt to start things off. Psicosis, meanwhile, coming off a big match at Saturday Night’s Main Event, starts off for his team, coming forth and locking up with Matt to get this underway. Knowing that he’s the smaller man, Psicosis looks for an early advantage by grabbing an arm and twisting it overhead, although Matt is quickly on it, twisting Psicosis’ back over instead. Psi looks to go behind, locking in a hammerlock on Matt, but, like before, Matt is onto it quick as a cat, going back behind Psicosis to lock in a hammerlock of his own. Matt then transitions back into a basic wrist lock, but Psicosis is quick too, and he shows it off by rolling through, then quick as a flash kicking Hardy right in the arm, causing him to relinquish the hold. A pained Hardy tries to get back at Psicosis, looking for revenge, but the luchador is able to pull off an arm drag on the elder Hardy.

The two get up and Hardy this time gets the arm drag, although as he gets up, Psicosis is able to sweep his legs from under him, jumping onto the cover … two. Both men get up, Hardy looking for a leg sweep this time, but Psicosis shows his agility by jumping over the swinging arm of Hardy to the amazement of the crowd. Psi then looks to kick Hardy in the midsection, but Matt is able to catch his boot, then spin him around, capturing him with a roll up … two. Both men spring back to their feet and face off, receiving a fair amount of applause from the crowd, before the somewhat obnoxious Psicosis ends the momentary truce with a kick to the midsection of Hardy. Psi looks to follow up, grabbing Hardy by the hair and sending him towards the corner headfirst, but Hardy reverses things and sends Psicosis into the turnbuckle instead, slamming his face down into it. Hardy then corners the luchador for a moment, kicking away at him, before grabbing a front face lock and dragging him across to the corner to tag in his brother Jeff to a huge pop!

In a WWE ring as a legal competitor for the first time in three years, Jeff teams up with Matt to push Psicosis back against the ropes, before sending him off with a double Irish whip, then catching him with a double hip toss on the way back! The crowd roars in approval, but The Hardy Boyz aren’t done, working together to hit a double leg drop! Jeff makes the cover … two! Jeff now looks to follow up, taking Psicosis to the corner to lambast him with kicks, before sending him across to the opposite corner with an Irish whip … but Psicosis comes charging out of the corner, leaving Jeff to hit the turnbuckle chest first … then turn into a big spinning heel kick! The crowd is a little shocked, the ring rust of Jeff perhaps costing him as Psicosis now makes his way across to the corner and tags in Super Crazy. The insane one comes charging into the ring, looking for a clothesline, but Jeff us able to duck, then nail a sitout jawbreaker!

The crowd cheers as Super Crazy reels back in pain, with Jeff quick to follow up, grabbing him by the hair to tag Mat back into the match. The duo again look for a double team, but this time it takes them a second to get on the same page, and this proves costly for them when, after Irish whipping Super Crazy across the ring, ‘The Insane Luchador’ is able to duck a double clothesline on the rebound, then hit a flying double clothesline of his own, knocking both of The Hardy Boyz down.

This brings about some dominance from The Mexicools, who, while not heeling it up, keep complete control of the match, also trying to keep things moving quickly at the same time. Much like earlier in the match, Psicosis starts to show his hot temper when, after an elaborate series of double team kicks, The Mexicools can’t get things done. He demands Super Crazy tags him back into the ring, which Super Crazy does … allowing Psicosis to go up top. Looking down at Hardy, Psicosis balances himself … THEN LAUNCHES HIMSELF OFF WITH THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP … ONLY FOR MATT TO ROLL OUT OF THE WAY, LEAVING PSICOSIS TO JUST HIT MAT!

The cruiserweight bounces up and down on the mat in pain, before crawling back to his corner, allowing Matt to do the same, much to the delight of the crowd … and both men makes the tags! Jeff Hardy comes streaming into the match, reeling off a series of right hands to Super Crazy, before pushing him back across the ropes, then sending him off with an Irish whip, allowing him to launch the smaller man into the air on the rebound with a back body drop! The crowd erupts in delight as Super Crazy gets back to his feet in pain, running right into a clothesline that takes him down. Getting back up again, Crazy is dazed, staggering right into an inverted atomic drop, with Jeff then tripping his opponent up, before hitting a leg drop right to the midsection! A cover from Jeff … two!

Jeff is up the quicker of both men, grabbing Super Crazy by the hair, then looking to ram him into the turnbuckle. Crazy, however, reaches his boot out, stopping that idea, then sends his foot flying up to kick Jeff square in the chin! Jeff staggers back, clearly in pain as Super Crazy heads up to the second rope … THEN COMES OFF AND PLANTS JEFF WITH A TORNADO DDT! ‘The Insane Luchador’ grabs the cover … two! The crowd pops as Crazy gets up, before looking to the corner and running across to it … COMING BACK WITH A MOONSAULT OFF THE BOTTOM ROPE … BUT JEFF ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY … SUPER CRAZY LANDS ON HIS FEET … ONLY TO HAVE JEFF HARDY COME FLYING AT HIM … AND SCORE WITH THE WHISPER IN THE WIND!

The crowd goes crazy (pardon the pun) as Jeff gets the cover … two! Jeff can’t believe it, looking at the referee in shock, before getting back up … and calling for the end! The crowd goes wild, watching on as Super Crazy pulls himself up, and Jeff goes to kick him in the midsection, but Crazy catches it … only for Jeff to nail a mule kick! Super Crazy falls to a seated position in the corner, and Jeff charges in at him … then nails a step up dropkick right on the button! Jeff gets up … ONLY TO GET STRUCK DOWN BY A FLYING PSICOSIS WITH A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK!

Psicosis gets back up and signals for the end … ONLY FOR MATT HARDY TO TURN HIM AROUND … AND NAIL THE SIDE EFFECT! Psicosis goes rolling from the ring as Jeff struggles back to his feet, seeing Super Crazy struggling in the corner … and Matt drops to his knees … so Jeff charges across … AND LEAPS OFF HIS BACK TO NAIL THE POETRY IN MOTION ON SUPER CRAZY! ‘The Insane Luchador’ falls from the corner groggily, right into the clutches of Matt Hardy … WHO SCORES WITH THE TWIST OF FATE! Jeff, meanwhile, heads up top, before looking out to the crowd and throwing his singlet off to them … BEFORE JUMPING OFF … AND NAILING THE SWANTON BOMB! Jeff hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winners: The Hardy Boyz via pinfall @ 06:59


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, THE HAAARRRDDYYYY BOYZ!

The crowd goes wild as Jeff gets back to his feet, hugging his brother Matt and acknowledging the crowd, feeling the high of a big victory.

Michael Cole: All night we have been seeing videos hyping the return of The Hardy Boyz, and boy have they delivered. A great performance from Matt and Jeff in their return as a team here to the WWE.

Tazz: I gotta say, I was a little worried ‘bout Jeff’s ring rust, but he looked as good as ever, Cole. These two may just be the perfect challenge for MNM come WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Well …

Cole is suddenly cut off.

???: Oh bravo! Bravo!

The camera pans to see the ring in the foreground, with the titantron in the background showing the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM standing in the interview area, Melina at the front speaking.

Melina: Wow! Guys … I mean, wow, WHAT a performance! I mean that … that was something else. You guys should be really proud. I mean that, because, y’know, it’s not easy for you guys to live up to the expectations. We’ve seen the videos so far tonight. You guys, you’ve had some great moments.

The crowd gives a slight pop.

Melina: I mean, the first time you won the tag titles? I have to admit, a tear ran down my cheek.

The crowd boos the obvious sarcasm of Melina.

Melina: Or the very first TLC match. How about that? That was something else.

Melina pauses, letting the boos come in.

Melina: And the time you finally won the titles back in the Steel Cage Match? That was emotional. That was really emotional. And both last Saturday night and your return here tonight? They were just as special. They fit in with all of those moments there, so congratulations Hardy Boyz. You should be proud.

More boos for the conceited Melina.

Melina: But, the more I think about it, the more I realise that there’s a little gap where you … you seem to missed something. Did you notice that, boys?

Melina turns to Nitro & Mercury, who both nod away.

Melina: Yeah I thought so. So I just thought I’d ask you two personally. Between the time that you won the titles in that Steel Cage Match and your return last Saturday night, what happened?

Matt & Jeff shake their heads in the ring, not biting the bait.

Johnny Nitro: I’ll tell you what happened. The two of you were overtaken by a superior team.

Heat from the crowd.

Joey Mercury: That’s right. Y’see, while Matt was losing his girlfriend to his best friend, and Jeff was … well, Jeff was no doubt losing at something, a new team hit the scene. The it team hit the scene.

Johnny Nitro: Since the two of you parted ways, we have been the most dominant team in WWE history. We truly have been ‘The A-List Team’.

Joey Mercury: Not only are we three times WWE Tag Team Champions here on SmackDown! – that’s a record, by the way – but we’re also the greatest team of the 21st century.

Johnny Nitro: And in case your math is as bad as your looks, yes, you two have teamed in the 21st century.

More heat from the crowd, as Melina now steps up.

Melina: It’s like this. Out with the old, and in with the new. Gone are the days of the hicks from Cameron. It’s Hollywood time, and no one does Hollywood like M – N – M.

The crowd continues to boo, not approving of this interruption.

Melina: So you boys make sure that you make it to WrestleMania to face us, because we’re going to provide you with your one real career highlight when you yet again lose. Just this time, it’ll be to us. And when it’s all said and done? Everyone will remember your fifteen minutes of actual fame … that’s if you can even last that long with us.

Big heat from the crowd, as Melina smiles innocently.

Melina: Ciao.

The crowd boos as the tron cuts away, leaving a frustrated Hardy Boyz standing in the ring.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe the audacity of MNM. I mean to interrupt this, the successful return of The Hardy Boyz, all just to toot their own horns? I’ll tell you, one day they’re going to get what’s coming to them, and that day could be coming soon at WrestleMania.

Tazz: Well I, for one, believe everything the tag champs say, but if you want any more proof than them, then look no further than tonight’s main event.

Michael Cole: That’s right, Tazz. In tonight’s main event, it’ll be the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, teaming up with his WrestleMania opponent, Randy Orton, and they look to take on the WWE Tag team Champions, MNM. That’s our main event, and that’s later tonight, here on SmackDown!.

Time for a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see a video.


Ricky Steamboat and Randy Savage battle out a classic for the Intercontinental Title at WrestleMania III!



We return from the video, cutting back to ringside.

Michael Cole: The Hall of Fame ceremony will see our third inductee into the Hall of Fame for 2006, Verne Gagne going in, but, as you just saw, that’s right ladies and gentlemen. There are now just twenty-three days to go until WrestleMania 22, and what an event it promises to be.

Tazz: I can’t wait for WrestleMania, Cole. It’s the time of the year that everyone steps up, ‘cause they know there’s only one chance to immortalise themselves at WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: Well two of SmackDown!s biggest stars will be facing off for the chance to immortalise themselves as former stable mates and now fierce enemies collide. It’s Batista defending his World Heavyweight Title against the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton.

Tazz: This is a tough one. Batista has been champ for a year, and he has taken on all comers, but Randy has gotten in Batista’s head, causin’ him to lose two straight matches, somethin’ we haven’t seen Batista do in a long, long time, which gives Orton the edge for mine.

Michael Cole: The WWE Title from Monday Night RAW will be on the line too when the WWE Champion, Edge defends the title against the two men he’s been running from for months, John Cena and Kurt Angle. With nowhere left to run at WrestleMania, can Edge survive with the title, or will we see a new champion?

Tazz: I’m expecting a new champion to be crowned here. Whether it’ll be Cena or Angle, I dunno, but as good as Edge has been as champion, I just can’t see him beating arguably RAW’s two top guys.

Michael Cole: Fighting for a shot at a world title in the future will be eight guys, seven of who we know in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match. With one man left to qualify from SmackDown!, this is looking like it could be bigger and better than last year.

Tazz: My pick until earlier tonight was Mr. Kennedy clearly, but right now, I’m startin’ to think Finlay or Paul London may have a chance too. Finlay’s a fighter, plain and simple, and London’s shown us what he’s willin’ to do by beating Kennedy earlier tonight.

Michael Cole: The World Tag Team Championships will be on the line, as the champions Kane and the Big Show face Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. On Monday night, Kane and Big Show made sure that they would be facing the former World’s Greatest Tag Team, and the question of why still remains.

Tazz: I dunno why they did it, Cole, but I know this is gonna be a great match. Kane and Big Show may be my picks at this time because they’ve been so dominant, and Haas and Benjamin ain’t on the same page, but you never know with those two.

Michael Cole: The WWE Tag Team Champions MNM put their tag titles on the line when they face off with The Hardy Boyz. While MNM have been, as they put it, the greatest team of the 21st century, they’re facing one of the greatest teams of all-time come WrestleMania.

Tazz: This match could go either way. MNM have been great as champions, but The Hardy Boyz showed no rust whatsoever earlier tonight. Flip of a coin for who’s gonna get up.

Michael Cole: As we found out earlier tonight, Booker T will again be defending his United States Title against Chris Benoit, but Orlando Jordan could be added to this match IF he wins his match against Chris Benoit next week.

Tazz: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Booker should NOT have to defend his title against Benoit again. If he has to defend it against OJ too? I don’t like Booker’s odds here.

Michael Cole: The Women’s Championship will be on the line when Trish Stratus defends her title against her former friend, the woman who looked up to her, Mickie James.

Tazz: Trish has been ruthless of late, and for me, that could mean she gets the job done. One thing’s for sure though, and that’s that this one will be personal.

Michael Cole: You want to talk personal? Well it doesn’t get much more personal than this. Shawn Michaels and Triple H, two former best friends to settle the score in a No Holds Barred Match.

Tazz: This one has chaos guaranteed in it. Michaels and Triple H will both be out for blood. Michaels wants to get rid of Triple H for good, but Triple H just wants revenge.

Michael Cole: And in an interbrand spectacular, Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam has laid down the gauntlet. It’ll be RVD vs. The Undertaker at WrestleMania 22, Undertaker’s winning streak on the line.

Tazz: And after a win against Shawn Michaels on RAW, RVD’s chances have gotta have gone way up. But this is still WrestleMania, and he’s still facin’ The Undertaker, so it’s Undertaker for me.

Michael Cole: That’s WrestleMania, and that’s just …

The lights suddenly go out.


The crowd erupts at first, but nothing happens, at least not for the moment, until …


The crowd again pops … and The Undertaker appears on the screen, shrouded by darkness.

The Undertaker: Rob – Van – Dam!

Pop from the crowd as ‘Taker looks out menacingly.

The Undertaker: You may have passed the first test this past Monday night, but you STILL are yet to do anything to prove yourself as any different to those who have come before you.

Another slight pause.

The Undertaker: Thirteen men … thirteen souls, all of which have talked a big game, only to perish when stepping foot in the ring with me.

Again, another little pause from Undertaker.

The Undertaker: You may have done well Monday night, Van Dam, but I promise you, that next week, it’ll be out of the pan, and into the fire. And come WrestleMania, when all is said and done, like all of the others, you will REST … IN … PEACE!

The Undertaker now rolls his eyes back, garnering a huge pop from the crowd …

… Before we cut away backstage to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista walking down a corridor.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, a direct message sent from ‘The Deadman’ to RVD for this Monday night, but coming up next it’s our main event. Batista and Randy Orton vs. MNM, next here on Friday Night SmackDown!.

And away we go.

*Commercial Break*

Back from the break …


The crowd gives some great heat as the red carpet flows from the top of the stage, the paparazzi flocking around it, rushing from nowhere to snap pictures when the infamous trio, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM step out onto the stage. The glamorous trio pose for the shots like usual, Melina paying special attention to the cameras, while Nitro & Mercury also talk themselves up.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighinga combined weight of 420 lbs, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Mercury, Nitro & Melina, M – N – M!

Michael Cole: We heard from MNM earlier tonight when they said that they would defeat The Hardy Boyz at WrestleMania 22, but before they worry about that, they’ve got themselves a very different task here at hand as they face what could be the formidable duo of Randy Orton and Batista.

Tazz: If Orton and Batista are on the same page, this certainly ain’t gonna be easy for MNM. They may be the best tag team wrestlers on SmackDown!, but they’re about to be up against the two best wrestlers in the entire WWE.

The tag champs make their way down the ramp, then up into the ring with their usual theatrics, including Melina doing her amazing splits. Oozing confidence. the tag champs show off their gold, showing absolutely no fear at all.


The heat is great as the smug, arrogant and narcissistic Randy Orton wanders out onto the stage. Looking casual, Orton smirks out at the crowd as he walks, before stopping to pose on the stage, triggering his rain of pyro to fall behind him.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, first, from St. Louis, Missouri, weighing 245 lbs, he is the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, RAAANNNDY OOOORRRRTON!

Michael Cole: Another man with an eye on WrestleMania is this man, Randy Orton, who as of late has been getting in the head of his partner for the night, Batista, ahead of their huge match at WrestleMania for the World Heavyweight Title.

Tazz: And I think what Orton’s doin’ is workin’. Like I said earlier, I can’t remember the last time Batista lost two matches in a row, and this might just be a little indicator of what to expect come WrestleMania.

Orton slinks down the ramp, arm raised up in the air, before climbing up into the ring where he poses, much to the disgust of the fans. Orton is soon distracted though, as he hears …


And the crowd absolutely ERUPTS as, for the second time in the night, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista explodes out onto the stage. ‘The Animal’ is full of energy, fired up ahead of his match, and he shows it by really attempting to fire up the crowd, firing off his pyrotechnics in the process.

Tony Chimel: His partner, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the WOOOORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ‘THE ANIMAL’, BATIIIIIISSSSTTTTAAA!

Michael Cole: Perhaps the man who has the most on the line in this match, Batista will be looking to get on top of things ahead of his big match at WrestleMania.

Tazz: Well if Batista wants to keep that title, he’ll wanna change the way things are goin’ pretty soon. It ain’t gonna be easy tonight against MNM, but if anyone can beat ‘em, it’d be these two men.

Batista climbs up into the ring, then shows the gold off to the fans, making a point to showcase to his partner for the night that at this stage in time he is the champion, and that he intends on being for a long time to come.

Match Five ~ Tag Team Match:
WWE Tag Team Champions MNM w/Melina vs. Randy Orton & Batista

Keen to prove himself, Batista is quick to order Randy Orton out of the ring, making him the legal man against Johnny Nitro. Not wanting to lock straight up with Batista, Nitro hangs back, causing Batista to adopt a fighting stance and begin to corner Nitro, but right as Batista looks to grab Nitro, the cocky California native scurries out under ‘The Animal’ and escapes. This goes on for a bit longer, the two playing a bit of cat and mouse, until Batista finally gets his hands on the smaller man, then hurls him into the corner. ‘The Animal’ lives up to his name, unleashing upon Nitro in the corner with a vicious flurry of right hands, taking out his frustrations on the youngster, before whipping him across the ring and charging in after him, only to run straight into a boot!

Thinking he had better follow up, Nitro comes charging out of the corner, but Batista catches him, scooping him up with ease, before slamming him down in the centre of the ring. Nitro hits the mat hard, but Batista isn’t done, running across to the ropes and dropping an elbow down into the heart of Johnny, gaining himself a cover … but Mercury breaks it up at two. ‘The Animal’ gives a dangerous glare at the other half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, before going back to work on Nitro, absolutely hammering him from pillar to post for the next few minutes, occasionally glancing at a rather looking uninterested Randy Orton on the apron as he does so. This is what ends up costing Batista too, as after moving Nitro back into the ropes, he again looks at Orton, before going for the Irish whip, although, having been allowed time to recover, Nitro is able to reverse it, sending Batista across the ring right into a knee to the ribs from Mercury. The World Heavyweight Champion then staggers from the ropes gingerly, falling prey to a running neckbreaker from Nitro!

Despite being in the ring with the World Heavyweight Champion, MNM are able to use their tag team expertise to smother him for the next few minutes, using everything they know to work over their body part of choice, the neck. Batista, though, can only be suppressed for so long, and he continuously tries to fight back, making the constant interference of Melina invaluable. Eventually, however, not even Melina can help her boys, as Batista fights out of a corner assault, elbowing Mercury, who stands in the ring, and Nitro on the apron to get free. Batista looks to stumble towards his corner and Randy Orton, but Mercury is able to stop him, jumping onto the gigantic back of ‘The Animal’ to lock in a sleeper hold … only for Batista to ram him back into the corner spine first! Mercury struggles out of the corner … right into a falling clothesline from the champ!

The crowd now cheers as Batista starts to head for the apron, getting set for a tag … but Randy Orton drops down from the apron! The crowd boos as Orton turns his back on Batista, walking up the ramp, leaving a seething ‘Animal’ to look on, before turning to see a charging Johnny Nitro … and knocking him stupid with a huge elbow! Nitro gets back up, walking right into a peppering of right hands from a fuming ‘Animal’, before being thrown into the ropes, then sent overhead with a huge back body drop!

Nitro gets back to his feet to see Batista coming towards him, and ‘The Animal’ continues right through Nitro, forcing him back into the corner where he buries his shoulder into the gut of his opponent with consecutive shoulder thrusts. The tag champ is absolutely reeling, now being thrown to the other corner with an Irish whip … and Batista charges in to squash him with a corner clothesline! Nitro sags out of the corner, moving right into the clutches of ‘The Animal’, who lifts him up … THEN DROPS HIM WITH THE JACKHAMMER!

The crowd erupts, but Batista isn’t done, signalling for the end … WHEN MELINA CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON! The crowd boos intensely, causing Batista to notice her and make his way across to her … when Joey Mercury again jumps on his back for a sleeper hold … but ‘The Animal’ just snaps him off overhead! Mercury gets back up to his feet and charges at Batista … RIGHT INTO A SPINE JARRING SPINEBUSTER!

The crowd goes nuts, knowing that this is it as Batista again calls for the end … BEFORE GETTING MERCURY IN POSITION IN BETWEEN HIS LEGS … WHEN NITRO COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH A SUPERKICK! Batista is completely out of it, and MNM acts quickly … NAILING THE SNAPSHOT! BATISTA IS DOWN! Nitro hooks the leg … and gets the three!

Winners: MNM via pinfall @ 10:01


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, M – N – M!

The crowd goes crazy with heat, but MNM don’t care, because they’ve just beaten the World Heavyweight Champion! The tag champs roll from the ring, quickly being joined by their manager Melina, who holds the titles, while in the ring Batista is still down.

Michael Cole: Oh my! Batista … Batista has lost again. Be it thanks to Randy Orton essentially making this a handicap match or not, the World Heavyweight Champion has now lost three straight matches.

Tazz: Could this be it? Is this the end of the reign of dominance from ‘The Animal’?

Michael Cole: It sure looks that way. I didn’t think I’d ever say it, but Batista … Batista is slipping.

Tazz: Look at this, Cole. He’s startin’ to come to.

Indeed he is, Tazz. Batista in the ring begins to roll around, coming back to consciousness, before rolling to a seated position and then from the ring … and suddenly a fire is in the eyes of ‘The Animal’!

Michael Cole: Uh oh.

Tazz: I don’t like the look in his eyes, Cole.

Batista shakes his head … then suddenly runs around the ring … AND BOOTS THE STEEL STEPS! The steel goes tumbling aside, and Batista turns his attention, ripping at the cover of the ring, tearing it in two, before then turning his attention back to the steel steps and hurling them up and over the ring, onto the ramp!

“Batista has lost it!”

“Quick, get some people out here!”

Big Dave quickly moves onto the timekeeper’s area, grabbing some steel chairs and hurling them all over the ringside area, BEFORE TEARING THE BARRIER BETWEEN THE TIMEKEEPER’S AREA AND RINGSIDE DOWN!

The crowd is looking in shock as Batista kicks away at the barrier – which is now on the ground – before turning his attention to the announce table and tearing the cover off it! Michael Cole & Tazz scurry to safety, and luckily so, as Batista, with a single burst, sends the announce table tumbling!

‘The Animal roars with intensity, going completely CRAZY, but before he can do any more damage, members of the backstage crew rush out and try to calm him, surrounding him … ALONG WITH RANDY ORTON! Orton smirks coldly, having made his way back to ringside … AND BATISTA EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS, BURSTING TOWARDS HIM … BUT THE WORKERS HOLD HIM BACK!

Batista roars, clawing wildly in an attempt to get to Orton, but he just can’t reach the cool, confident Orton, leaving us to fade away from the image of Batista, trying as hard as he can, without being quite able to get his hands on Randy Orton. With the screen fading to black, we hear two last words, before heading off … “I’m untouchable”.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

United States Championship:
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T ©

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. ???

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

Nice hype for the show straight away. Finlay/Albright has been given a decent story with the events from last Saturday. Putting London with Kennedy is a good idea to give London some attention going in to the Money in the Bank since he looks like he’s only there to make up the numbers at the moment. The Hardy Boys reunion is also exciting, as is the prospect of what MNM are going to do after Saturday Night’s Main Event. Bring it on!

The opening promo was very enjoyable and realistic on the back of what’s happened between Randy Orton & Batista over the last week. I saw the preview and that Batista had demanded time on the stick to vent about Orton, and I expected him to be a bit more aggressive than he was based on that. With that said, his story and the flow of the promo by talking up his year of dominance before Orton’s role in his two defeats worked well and set up Orton’s arrival. His attitude and stance on Batista’s excuses made it work too as it was always going to wind The Animal up. Bringing up the past and Evolution is always a sure fire way to make it personal, and even though I’d have liked Orton to have mentioned he was the world champion before Batista and the youngest of all time, it didn’t need it. I’m not quite sure as to the announcement by Tazz to put them in a tag match together. It works when it’s two faces who are having problems, so it’s a bit strange to see you go down this road. I’d also have liked MNM focus on getting back at the Hardys tonight too, but we’ll see how it goes.

Rey Mysterio’s road to WrestleMania and the Cruiserweight Championship has been picking up pace, and by defeating Jamie Noble in what was a very competitive match, it makes him look every bit the cruiserweight legend that he is. It was wise to include Kid Kash in all this, although it looks like he’s changed his mind fairly quickly on refusing to consider facing Rey by saying he’s open to it if Rey can impress him, which should be interesting as we don’t know what it’s going to take to do just that.

For a man who’s supposed to be furious, Batista caved in quite easily when Teddy Long told him to put up with him. He has to stay in the match, there’s no doubt about that. This little segment did add some more hype for the match and just what could happen with all the tension between Batista & Orton.

I do like the modest promo from the shy face, and it was very appropriate for Paul London. Like I said at the start of the show, he’s making up the numbers in the Money in the Bank match, he needed some promo time. I liked the modest angle you went down and then mentioning his one standout quality, his ability to be the daredevil. Having a crack at Kennedy just before their match is also going to get the crowd on his side, which is always going to help.

Wow, I really didn’t expect London to beat Kennedy. I wouldn’t have minded a screwy finish in either man’s favour, even Kendrick getting involved to help London win. At least that way it would’ve spared Kennedy a huge loss, making him look very weak at losing to London. As much as this does for London, it does a fair bit of damage for Kennedy. A roll up after the missed Green Bay Plunge would’ve done the job just as well for London, and after losing clean to Mysterio at No Way Out on top of this, Kennedy’s losing a large portion of the momentum he built up before that. The frustrating thing is that he didn’t have to lose either match, but he lost both.

JBL’s interview was a decent follow up to the needless embarrassment he was on the receiving end of at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Being JBL, I can easily see him playing it down or flat out denying it like he did here, but as long as he is gunning for Lashley like I’m sure he is, then all will be fine. Even though his comments about Lashley were entertaining and personal, he still got owned by him and Finlay. I do like the idea of him stepping aside from the Finlay match, but to call the ladder match stupid and then say the prize will be his if Albright wins kind of gives the ladder match some real importance even though he took a crack at it. I’m not against the idea of having Albright hand it over to JBL, but it seemed that Albright was against it when he said it would be the biggest payday when he grabbed the briefcase.

I was just thinking earlier on in the show about CM Punk coming to Smackdown and the timing of it. Now we’ve got the date, it gets more exciting. I was thinking that it would be odd to debut him before WrestleMania and that he’s been advertised for a while that it would be too long had he waited until after the big show. At the end of the day it’s CM Punk and I can’t wait to see what you do with him.

The Finlay/Albright match was an interesting match before as I wasn’t sure how it would go as both men would be deserving of a shot in the Money in the Bank match. It wasn’t my kind of match but it was just what it needed to be in terms of how aggressive both men were. The finish was perfect for all concerned, mainly Lashley & JBL even though they weren’t involved in the match. I wouldn’t say it took the attention of Finlay getting a spot in the Money in the Bank match all that much, but it was the Lashley/JBL storyline that stood out. If JBL really wasn’t thinking about Lashley, which he should’ve been, surely he will be now.

Adding some more hype for the big tag match was sensible, and although it was good to see Batista getting the fire back, Orton shit himself a bit too much. Instead of taking a big gulp, I would’ve preferred it if he told Batista to have it his way and walk out not all that bothered, even if it was an act since he’s been getting in Batista’s head the last week. It would’ve given Batista something else to think about going in to the match too.

Just the mention of Benoit making his way through the back has got me pumped. After Saturday Night’s Main Event, I can’t to see what happens next.

I have to say that I really didn’t like the Benoit promo. It had nothing to do with character or anything like that as it was spot on. It was just that after being screwed in the fashion that he was, he just accepted it and swept it under the carpet, opting instead to praise Orlando Jordan, the man who helped screw him over. Benoit should’ve come out hell bent on getting even, and I really didn’t get why he had to get his whole backstory either. It wasn’t needed as it had no real relevance to what he was going to say about Jordan, and even though I thought that the booking in terms of how Jordan’s role in this will progress was really good, it all came too early. This should’ve been about Benoit’s anger and nothing else. I did like how Jordan’s part in this played out with Booker saying he’ll beat him and the possible inclusion of him in the title match at WrestleMania, which just can’t happen as we need a Benoit/Booker pay off. If this was a week later, this would’ve worked perfectly.

The Hardy Boys career highlights being played through the show has been a nice touch, but it was all about this, the match. They were always going to win, but it wasn’t about that. Beating The Mexicools is a good return for them and they looked good. For me it was vital that MNM made some kind of appearance, and it was a good one. The phoney reaction from Melina and the sarcasm was funny and effective, making her come off like the total bitch that she was back then. It turned personal too which was important, playing on their own success while the Hardys have been away. All in all this was really good solid booking.

WrestleMania’s going to be awesome, and hyping up it already is fine. Since it’s the spectacle that it is, it makes sense to have the announce team run down the show already.

The Undertaker’s brief promo was effective and it had to be kept short to fit his character as he shouldn’t really be a big talker. Keeping it simple was the right way to go and his character was pretty much on the money. With nothing really happening between him & RVD this week on TV, it needed some attention. The pace needs to pick back up again come next week though.

I wasn’t so sure as to how the main event was going to play out, and for the most part it was fine. What does concern me is that Batista has now been pinned three times in a week, but at least you’re showing that it’s getting to him and we’re going to get a response from it. The victory for MNM is huge, although this was all about Batista & Orton. Orton walking out on Batista seemed like the best thing to do. Batista snapping and showing his frustration is important considering his losing streak. He needs to look like The Animal again heading in to WrestleMania. My only problem with the ending was that Orton came back out when it wasn’t really necessary. Had he stayed at the top of the stage to watch Batista lose, then I’d have had no problem with Batista directing his anger at him. It just seemed too easy that Orton would come back out when he could just have easily stayed in the back and enjoyed seeing Batista self destruct.

Overall there were some gripes with how Benoit, Batista & Kennedy were booked in the show, but on the most part it was as solid as it always is. Even despite those gripes, the writing is great and every storyline is very intriguing and entertaining. That’s pretty unique in BTB and it shows when you deservedly finished top of the Mega Standings. Congrats on that boy and I can’t wait for Raw.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Thank you, as always, Nige. Now, moving swiftly along ...


March 13th, 2006 | Freeman Coliseum; San Antonio, Texas

This week Monday Night RAW comes to you live from the Freeman Coliseum in San Antonio, Texas, and following a massive show last week, with just 20 days until WrestleMania 22, we are promised another massive edition of Monday Night RAW.

Perhaps the biggest story coming out of last week was the announcement of RAW’s main event for WrestleMania 22 when Monday Night RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff interrupted The Cutting Edge. Despite the WWE Champion Edge interfering in the number one contender match between John Cena and Kurt Angle at Saturday Night’s Main Event just two days prior and declaring that neither man would challenge him at WrestleMania because they didn’t deserve to, Mr. Bischoff begged to differ, making the match at WrestleMania 22 not just a one on one match, but a Triple Threat Match, with Edge defending his WWE Title against BOTH Kurt Angle and John Cena! Edge is sure to be mad this week, following not just that announcement, but also being attacked to close the show by both his challengers for WrestleMania. The champion has never been one to keep quiet, and this week we can be sure to hear from him. What will he have to say? The only way to find out is to watch this Monday night.

Edge isn’t the only one who had a lot to say last Monday though. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels also cleared the air, explaining his brutal assault on Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event by blaming both the fans and Triple H, saying he attacked Triple H so he could dispose of him on his way back to the top, where he could once again regain his smile, along with the WWE Title. Before Michaels could get any further, another man who has been chasing the title unsuccessfully, RVD came out and made his presence felt, saying that Michaels blaming the fans was nothing but the move of a coward, telling Michaels exactly what he thought. Michaels tried to shake off RVD’s claims, but RVD stood firm, resulting in Eric Bischoff making a match between the two in the main event, effectively putting a bounty on RVD’s head for Michaels. The match would prove to be an epic too, with RVD ultimately coming out victorious, proving his credentials ahead of his WrestleMania meeting with The Undertaker, thanks to some help from Triple H, who prevented Michaels from running away. RVD, though, found himself in for a little surprise of his own; or at least he was supposed to be surprised when The Undertaker’s ominous gong rang throughout the arena, only for Van Dam to stand tall. This week Undertaker has promised to heat things up for Van Dam, while both Triple H and Shawn Michaels are set to be in the building too. What will happen with these two intense rivalries this week on RAW, and will they all cross paths again?

Following two brutal assaults in the space of three nights, Mickie James is NOT set to make an appearance in the ring. There will, however, be talk of her, as Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and Jonathan Coachman will speak to Mickie’s psychiatrist in an attempt to find out how Mickie is feeling after her hero Trish Stratus not only turned her back on Mickie, but also spilled her blood. We may also see appearances from Trish herself, as well as Ashley Massaro, who oddly returned last week to save Mickie James from a beatdown courtesy of Trish, despite, last we saw, Ashley being Trish’s friend and Mickie’s enemy.

After qualifying last week for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match by beating Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin, albeit via DQ, Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero will be in action against one another, as in a bit of sporting competition, Ric Flair will defend his Intercontinental Title against his friend. Haas & Benjamin, meanwhile, will be hearing an explanation from the World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show, about why it is they cost them their tag match last week and a chance to go on to Money in the Bank.

For all of this and so much more, including appearances from Gregory Helms, Carlito, Chris Masters, The Spirit Squad, Rene Dupree and the announcement of the latest Hall of Fame inductee, be sure to tune into Monday Night RAW this Monday, live 9/8C on The USA Network.


Expect the show in the next few days. Also, credit for the rocking new banners goes to Crazian. He kinda owns.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Sorry I couldn't review neither Raw or Smackdown, was busy the past week however I do plan on posting something hopefuly for the next show.

Yay, I called it first. Back around the Rumble I said you were making a three way. Though as I said before, it would be an epic match to have close mania. This heel Michaels is interesting, haven't seen it done in many BTB's before and he is usually the lovable face that overcomes the odds. I could see you make somewhere down the road an explosive interpromotional tag team match where 'strange-bed-fellows' are made and RVD,Taker face HHH,HBK or some sort of combination between the four.

Kane and the Big Show were the most dominant force in the tag team division at the time, and it is hard trying to find a credible team to take it from them without making the champions look bad. Haas and Benjamin are a good choice, while I do hope that you do something with Chavo Guerrero it doesn't have to be the MITB win but a decent IC storyline for a few months cause god knows he has the talent but was never used right.

Road to Wrestlemania is going great, keep it up and your new banner is awesome.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 13th, 2006 | Freeman Coliseum; San Antonio, Texas

We begin our show, much like last week, with a video package. Our attention this week, however, is not on Shawn Michaels, as instead we see The Cutting Edge, which closed last week’s show. With clips of Edge running from Angle and Cena in the past interjected throughout, we hear Edge talk about how he is sick of Angle and Cena, before the champ declares that after what happened at Saturday Night’s Main Event (cue Edge’s interference in the Angle/Cena match), he’ll never have to face them again. That, as we find out, isn’t the case though, as both John Cena and Kurt Angle make their way out to the ring, following by Monday Night RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, who informs Edge and the crowd of the main event for WrestleMania 22, where, in a Triple Threat Match, Edge will defend his WWE Title … against KURT ANGLE AND JOHN CENA! The crowd erupts, only to cheer even more when Edge is hit with an Angle Slam, followed by an F-U from Cena. With the image of the two fan favourites locking eyes, we fade away to darkness.



Or at least we did for a moment. That’s right – we are now LIVE in the Freeman Coliseum, music blaring out through the arena, only to be outdone by the boos that get even louder when the WWE Champion, Edge steps through the smoke and out into the arena. Edge is joined by his lovely girlfriend Lita as usual, but in odd fashion, the two don’t get snuggly on the ramp of the ramp. Instead Edge motions to the back, waving for someone to come forth, although nothing happens, at least for now.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome here to Monday Night RAW, coming live to you from the Freeman Coliseum. We are just TWENTY days from WrestleMania 22, where that man, the WWE Champion Edge will defend his title against John Cena and Kurt Angle in a Triple Threat Match!

Jonathan Coachman: And it’s an absolute outrage that that match is goin’ ahead. I dunno what’s gotten into our esteemed General Manager Mr. Eric Bischoff there, but forcing Edge to defend his title against those two lunatics? That’s just not safe. I don’t even know if they’ll let the champ make it to WrestleMania!

Jerry Lawler: We can only hope, ‘Coach’. After running away for months now from both men, the WWE Champion is about to get what’s coming to him at WrestleMania.

Edge continues to motion to the back, looking somewhat frantic, although he soon looks a hell of a lot calmer … when A LITANY OF SECURITY GUARDS STEP OUT FROM THE BACK! The security surrounds the champ and his galpal, drawing a smirk out of him as he now confidently makes his way down the ramp.

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, this is brilliant! What’d ya say before, ‘King’? That Edge was running? Well he ain’t runnin’ anywhere tonight, babyboy!

Joey Styles: Of course he’s not running; he’s hiding behind more security guards than the queen herself!

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, the champ needs to be protected, Joe. You can’t just have any Tom, Dick, Harry, Kurt or Cena steppin’ foot in the ring with him.

The champ marches on down the ramp and up into the ring happily, knowing he’s safe as his security guards surround ringside below him, allowing him to grab a microphone and smile away in the ring. Despite being in a good mood, Edge still has to wait for the crowd to die down before speaking.

Edge: Y’know, after the past few months I have no right to be out here smiling. I have no right … I have no right to be happy. I should be sad, heck, I should be angry, but for some reason, I just can’t help it. I mean, let’s think about my past few months.

~ The crowd seems less than enthusiastic about this, but Edge clearly doesn’t give a damn.

Edge: First … first came me cashing in my Money in the Bank briefcase to become your new WWE Champion. Now this … this was something that was supposed to make me happy. This was something that SHOULD have made me smile. I shocked THE WORLD when I came out, and I cashed in and became the WWE Champion. No one saw it coming. It was the shock of the year … no … no, it was the shock of the DECADE.

~ The crowd gives some small boos for Edge.

Edge: You, you people, you had NEVER seen me as someone who could compete at the top level. You had always thought of me as someone who was good, but not quite good enough. Someone who could get close, but never quite get close enough to becoming the WWE Champion. But on that fateful night at New Year’s Revolution, I proved all you of wrong.

~ Heat from the crowd for Edge, who continues on.

Edge: This was something that I had wanted my whole life. I had ALWAYS wanted to become WWE Champion. Since I was just a kid, sittin’ up there in the stands, watchin’ the greats like Hulk Hogan, all I wanted, all I dreamt of, all I thought of was one day becoming the WWE Champion.

~ A slight pause from the champion, who paces back and forth.

Edge: This … this wasn’t just my hopes or my dreams. No. This … this right here.

~ Edge pauses and holds the WWE Title up aloft.

Edge: This was my EVERYTHING!

~ The crowd boos the intense Edge.

Edge: This was all I ever wanted and MORE! This, this was my entire life’s work. This was the result of me putting in hours, HOURS, of painstaking hard work, OF BREAKING MY NECK! This was all of that! And when I won this, at first, it was all worth it. My career, MY LIFE, I was all worth it, because I was a success.

~ Edge pauses slightly to more boos from the crowd.

Edge: I wasn’t like some of those guys in the back, who, who say that they want to be champion, but then do nothing about it. I wasn’t like those guys in the back who come out here every week, happy to just pick up a paycheque before they move onto the next town. No, I … I was a winner!

~ More heat from the crowd.

Edge: But looking back at that moment, thinking back to what happened when I won the WWE Title, do you think people think about me shocking the world? Do you think people think about how I achieved my life’s work? Do you think people CARE about the struggle, about the heartache that I went through? No. Thinking back, people don’t think about that. They think about what Joey Styles said after I won the WWE Title.

~ Edge turns his attention over to Joey Styles, who seems genuinely surprised.

Edge: Say there, Joey. Do ya … do ya happen to remember what it was you said that night?

~ Styles shakes his head and manages to stammer out a “N … no”.

Edge: No? Y’know what? That’s okay, because I remember. Oh yeah, I remember it like it was just last night. Right after I won the WWE Championship, right after my crowning achievement, Joey Styles screaming at the top of his lungs “OH MY GOD! Edge has just STOLEN the WWE Title from John Cena!”

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd as Styles continues to stutter away on commentary.

Edge: That’s right – stolen. The attention … the attention wasn’t on me. It wasn’t on how I had defeated John Cena, this company’s biggest star, to become the NEW WWE Champion. It wasn’t on how I had finally reached the top of the summit after years of hard work. Oh no. The attention … was on … John … Cena.

~ Big mixed reaction from the crowd.

Edge: At the time I looked past it. I thought it was nothing. I mean, what did it matter? I was WWE Champion, right? Wrong.

~ Another mixed reaction, but this time on a much smaller scale.

Edge: My whole career has led up to this, to being the WWE Champion, so for the past two months I should have been living it up. I should have been enjoying myself, but do you think I have? Do you think I’ve got to enjoy myself?

~ The crowd boos as Edge turns his attention to Lita.

Edge: Lita, babe, has there been one moment, one – single – moment where we’ve got to relax and enjoy ourselves? Has there?

Lita: No babe … not one.

Edge: That’s right. That is exactly right! For the past two months, I haven’t been living it up. No, I haven’t gotten to enjoy myself, and do you know why? Do you people … do you know why?

~ The crowd has a guess, shouting out the names “Kurt Angle” and “John Cena”.

Edge: It’s because of Kurt Angle … and John … Cena!

~ Despite being right, the crowd still boos.

Edge: Angle and Cena … they’ve made my life … they’ve made it a LIVING HELL!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Edge: From the very first night I held this title, FROM THE VERY FIRST, I have had to deal with Angle and Cena night in, night out, demanding shots at me! NO ONE demands anything from ME!

~ Big heat from the crowd.

Edge: It’s not enough that I already beat John Cena either. He had to come crying for a rematch, and he got it at the Royal Rumble. And do you know what happened then? I beat him!

~ More heat from the crowd.

Edge: I beat him one two three in the middle of this very ring to retain my WWE Title, and yet he STILL follows me, he STILL annoys me, DEMANDING a WWE Title match from me. But he’s not the only one. Oh no, Kurt Angle … Kurt Angle also took up some kind of vendetta against me, because unlike Kurt, I could actually BEAT Cena.

~ The crowd continues to boo Edge, but the champion just continues on.

Edge: Oh yeah, that’s right. Kurt Angle … Kurt was jealous.

~ BIG heat.

Edge: He was jealous, because unlike him, I could BEAT Cena. Unlike him, I was good enough to become WWE Champion.

~ The crowd picks up the heat even more.

Edge: You people can boo all you want, but the proof is sitting right here on my shoulder. I beat John Cena with the title on the line not once, but TWICE. How many times has Kurt Angle been able to do that? Oh yeah, that’s right … NONE!

~ Continued heat from the crowd.

Edge: But despite that, despite the fact that Kurt Angle had done NOTHING to earn himself a WWE Title match, he seemed to think he had some God-given right to chase me for my WWE Title. So he got the chance to earn himself a title match. He got the chance to prove that he DESERVES to face me in the Royal Rumble Match, but what did Kurt do? He lost.

~ Boos from the crowd.

Edge: That’s right. At the Royal Rumble both Kurt Angle AND John Cena lost. But did that matter? Oh no, of course not. Why? Because they’re Kurt Angle and John Cena! They can have a title shot whenever they damn well feel like it, and that’s exactly what Eric Bischoff gave ‘em a chance at when he made their match for Saturday Night’s Main Event. Cena and Angle should have BOTH been at the back of the line, but instead they got another chance to get a shot at my title. So what did I do? I took matters … into my own hands. I made sure that NEITHER of Kurt Angle, nor John Cena earned a shot at my WWE Title.

~ Big heat from the crowd as Edge gives a wry smile.

Edge: But yet again, that didn’t matter because Eric Bischoff felt like throwing his weight around and making a Triple Threat Match for WrestleMania, giving BOTH Kurt Angle AND John Cena a shot at my WWE Title without EARNING it. And at first, yeah, I was mad. I mean, why wouldn’t I be? Those two did NOTHING to get a shot at me.

~ Edge pauses, allowing the boos to continue.

Edge: But then I thought about it and I realised something. I realised that this match at WrestleMania … it’s a blessing in disguise. Because while Kurt Angle and John Cena will both be out to get me, just like they’ve been since day one. While the odds appear to be stacked against me – here’s the beautiful part – they’re not. If anything, the odds? They’re in my favour.

~ Slight boos for the arrogance of Edge.

Edge: Because y’see, I may be in there at WrestleMania with Kurt Angle and John Cena. I may be in there with both the greatest technical wrestler this company has ever seen, and the greatest brawler on the face of the planet, but do you think that matters in a Triple Threat Match? No. No it doesn’t matter. What matters is what’s up here …

~ Edge points up to his head.

Edge: And while Angle and Cena may be great wrestlers and brawlers, what they’re in there with at WrestleMania isn’t the greatest technical wrestler of all-time. They’re not in there with the greatest brawler. No, they’re in there with me – the smartest wrestler this company has ever seen.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Edge: What does that mean? It’s simple. At WrestleMania I am going to once again shock the world and accomplish my boyhood dream, walking out STILL your W – W – E Champion!

~ The crowd boos away.

Edge: And after that? After I’ve beaten both Cena AND Angle at the same time, they will NEVER have the right to challenge me for the WWE Title again.

~ More boos as Edge smiles again.

Edge: Now this brings me … this brings me to here and tonight, and just why I have all of these security guards surrounding the ring. Now, I don’t expect you people to quite get it at first, but trust me, it’s simple.

~ Cheap heat.

Edge: I want to be able to walk into WrestleMania at full health, because let’s face it – the only way Cena and Angle are gonna beat me is if they jump me beforehand like they’ve tried in the past.

~ Big boos for that one.

Edge: So until WrestleMania, I am declaring myself unable to compete, whether it be against John Cena, Kurt Angle or anyone in that locker-room.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Edge: And if any of you try and jump me to get a cheap shot in? I’ll have my security take care of … personally.

~ Edge laughs to himself, drawing heat.

Edge: So unless either Cena or Angle want to come out here and concede defeat right now, I see no reason to stay out here. Security? Let’s go.

~ Edge looks to head towards the ropes, until …


The crowd EXPLODES with a huge reaction of mostly cheers as the former WWE Champion, John Cena marches out onto the stage, already carrying a microphone. After acknowledging the fans, Cena quickly gets on with business.

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa, WHOA! Hold the freakin’ phone!

~ Pop from the crowd as Cena smiles.

John Cena: First of all, I wanna thank you, Edge.

~ Edge looks somewhat confused down in the ring.

John Cena: Yeah, that’s right. I wanna thank you, because earlier you said that I was the greatest brawler on the planet, and … well … that’s just about the nicest thing anyone’s ever said about me. So from the bottom of my heart, Edge, really, I thank you.

~ The crowd cheers.

John Cena: Now I’m sorry to say this, Edge, but even though I’m thankful, I’m not out here to take you up on your offer of conceding defeat. You may have heard this before, but hey, I’ll just remind you. That ain’t my style.

~ Another pop from the crowd.

John Cena: No, because y’see, my style’s more … well, I’ll put it this way … if ya want some … come get some.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

John Cena: And the way you talked about how your security would take care of me personally? It made me think they wanted some themselves. And since I’m a fighter and I’ve never seen a challenge that I wanna turn down, how ‘bout I take your boys up on their offer, right here, right now?

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Edge: Are you stupid, Cena? Do you really think you can take on all of ‘em by yourself?

John Cena: Hold on, hold on, hold on. I wasn’t finished. To answer your question, no, I don’t think I can take ‘em all by myself. But y’see, that’s why I’m lucky that I happen to know that there’s another guy back there in that locker-room that wants to get to you just as bad as I do.

~ Big pop from the crowd, anticipating Angle.

John Cena: You may have heard of him …


The crowd goes ABSOLUTELY INSANE, as from the back storms Kurt Angle! Angle joins Cena on the stage, standing side by side with him, nodding at him … BEFORE CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP … AND IT’S ON! THE TWO MEN CLASH WITH THE SECURITY GUARDS, THROWING BODIES EVERYWHERE!

From the inside of the ring Edge looks on as Cena and Angle send the security flying everywhere, showing their skills as they plough through all of them in a matter of moments. Edge is left to look shocked in the ring, with Angle and Cena now setting their sights on him, when suddenly …

???: Gentlemen! GENTLEMEN! Up here!

~ The whole arena turns to the titantron … to see the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The crowd descends down into boos, obviously not happy to see Bischoff, nor are they happy to see the end of the brawl.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, I’m staying back here tonight. Last time I came out to try to separate you three, all it landed me was on my ass, and I’m NOT taking that risk again.

~ A small cheer from the crowd for the thought of Bischoff getting hit.

Eric Bischoff: Now, as much as I hate to agree with him, Edge is right. Tonight, NEITHER of you two will be getting your hands on him …

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Because as far as I’m concerned, the two of you have other unfinished business to attend to. I’m sure I’m not the only one who remembers how your match at Saturday Night’s Main Event ended, am I?

~ Cena and Angle glance at each other, before locking eyes.

Eric Bischoff: Good, because tonight, the two of you will get the chance to finish what you started then … in a TAG TEAM MATCH!

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, who are disappointed the two aren’t facing in singles action.

Eric Bischoff: It’ll be John Cena and Rob Van Dam …

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Facing Kurt Angle … and ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels!

~ HUGE mixed reaction from the crowd as Angle and Cena continue to look at one another. Edge, meanwhile, smiles away in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and don’t think I forgot about you, Edge, because you too, will be in action tonight.

~ “WHAT?” Edge is absolutely outraged.

Eric Bischoff: That’s right, you’ll be going one on one … … … with Rob Van Dam.

~ What the fuck? The crowd reacts stunned, with RVD being announced as in not one, but TWO matches.

Eric Bischoff: And make sure that by then, you’ve gotten your little unapproved security force out of my building, okay?

~ Mixed reaction from the crowd, although there’s nothing mixed about Edge’s reaction; he’s still raging it.

Eric Bischoff: Oh, and gentlemen … good luck.

~ And with that, Eric Bischoff disappears from the screen, leaving us to cut to our announce team.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! What an announcement from Eric Bischoff. Not only do we have two HUGE matches, where we’ll hopefully see Kurt Angle and John Cena settle their score, but also, if I heard right, tonight Rob Van Dam will be … in double action?

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, that one caught me off guard too, Joey. I mean did Eric Bischoff forget he already had RVD in a match?

Joey Styles: I don’t think he forgot, ‘King’. I think this is another one of Eric Bischoff’s schemes to try to make sure RVD doesn’t make it to WrestleMania 22 to face The Undertaker.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ll tell you what it is, ‘King’ … it’s brilliant! Mr. Bischoff has given us not one, but TWO main event worthy matches, and why? Because he himself is brilliant. It ain’t got nothin’ to do with that ECW wannabe, RVD.

Joey Styles: Oh come on, ‘Coach’. You know as well as I do that Eric Bischoff has a vendetta against RVD, and he’s looking to take him out before WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: I don’t know what you’re talkin’ about, Joe.

Joey Styles: You can deny it all you want, but the fact remains that …


WHAT? The sudden interruption comes as the arena dims and the music hits, causing the crowd to go into an absolute uproar … as none other than Triple H himself steps out onto the stage in typical fashion, breathing heavily through the darkness, his somewhat broken sledgehammer from last week in hand!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, this … this is a surprise to say the least. We have to go to an ad break, but when we return, we will see why it is that Triple H is coming out here. Don’t go anywhere!

With Triple H beginning to advance down to the ring in his casual gear, we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Triple H now standing in the ring, broken sledgehammer in one hand and microphone in the other, with fans from all around the arena bowing down to him.

Triple H: Y’know it’s kinda funny … I think … I think I just heard Eric Bischoff announce that later tonight Shawn Michaels would be teaming with Kurt Angle to take on John Cena and Rob Van Dam.

~ Big cheer from the crowd.

Triple H: Did I … did I hear that right?

~ The crowd again cheers.

Triple H: You people seem to think I did, but y’see, here’s the thing. I don’t think I can have, because Eric Bischoff knows that if anyone is going to get their hands on Shawn Michaels tonight … it’s going to be me!

~ HUGE cheer from the crowd.

Triple H: Bischoff, I get that you have your little problem with Van Dam. I get that. Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the guy either.

~ Surprised little reaction from the non-smarky portion of the crowd.

Triple H: Puttin’ him on double duty? That’d be fine with me normally, but not tonight.

~ The crowd cheers for the sheer intensity of Triple H.

Triple H: Not after what Shawn Michaels did to me nine days ago at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

~ Again, another pop from the crowd.

Triple H: So Bischoff, here’s what ya gonna do. You’re going to come down to this ring, and you’re going to apologise to me for not putting me in the match in the first place …

~ A big “OH!” from the crowd, who are LOVING the intensity of Triple H.

Triple H: And then you’re gonna put me in there so I can finish what I started …

~ Triple H holds the broken sledgehammer up and stares into it intently.

Triple H: … Last week.

~ The crowd erupts for Triple H as he now paces around the ring, not looking the least bit patient here tonight.

Triple H: Come on, Bischoff. Get out here, or I’ll just march on back there and go after both you AND Shawn Michaels.

~ Another big pop as Triple H continues to wait … before the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff appears on the titantron, just like earlier.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, Triple H! Up here!

~ Hunter looks to the tron and scowls, far from happy to see Bischoff not having even bothered to come down to the ring.

Triple H: Y’know, it’s funny, Bischoff. I could’ve sworn I told you to get out to this ring and do this like a man.

~ The crowd responds with a gasp, before going nuts with a big cheer.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know, that is funny, Hunter. It really is. But y’know what else is funny? Last time I checked, this was MY show, and not yours. And do you know what that means? That means I call the shots, not you.

~ The crowd boos heavily, not liking the attitude of Bischoff, who is standing up for himself.

Eric Bischoff: Now as far as the second part of your little request goes to be included in the tag team match … how can I put this? Oh, I know … NO!

~ Big heat from Bischoff, who chuckles silently to himself.

Triple H: You’re testing me, Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: I don’t give a damn. You’re not competing tonight, and do you know why? Because you’re not allowed to compete. You’re not physically cleared to compete after what happened to you at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

~ Heat from the crowd, although Bischoff doesn’t give a damn.

Eric Bischoff: So until you get yourself medically cleared, you’re not stepping in the ring with Shawn Michaels, nor with anyone else for that matter.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Triple H: So let me get this straight … you’re not letting me wrestle Shawn Michaels … because my safety would be in danger? Bischoff, let me make myself perfectly clear. If anyone is going to be in danger, it’s going to be Shawn Michaels.

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Triple H: And if you thought I was gonna take no for an answer just like that? Eric, you know me better than that. You saw what Shawn Michaels did to me at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Heck, it’s the reason you won’t let me compete, but if Shawn Michaels steps in the ring, I’ll make sure it’ll be the reason he’ll never compete again.

~ Another HUGE pop from the crowd, who continue to love what Triple H is saying.

Triple H: I had no reason to help Shawn Michaels when he was having his problems with the McMahons. I had no reason to get involved. I could have just kept going on my way, focusing on the WWE Title, but instead I went out of my way to help him. Out of the kindness of my heart – and that’s not a thing you hear from me too often – I went out of my way to help him. And what did Shawn Michaels do to me?

~ A dark look comes over Triple H’s face, the anger really beginning to come to the surface.

Triple H: He turned his back on me.

~ Heat from the crowd as Triple H pauses.

Triple H: He looked my in the eye and he SPAT … IN – MY – FACE!

~ More heat from the crowd.

Triple H: He took a sledgehammer, and he … he … he …

~ Triple H stops … THEN SUDDENLY GOES NUTS, SLAMMING THE SLEDGEHAMMER DOWN INTO THE MAT! The crowd explodes with a gasp, almost in fear of ‘The Game’ as he slams the sledgehammer into the mat again, and again, and again, and again, AND AGAIN, AND AGAIN!

With Eric Bischoff looking on in shock on the tron, ‘The Cerebral Assassin’ continues to go to town on the hammer, slamming it into the mat until the wood starts to chip away under pressure … AND THE SLEDGEHAMMER BREAKS APART INTO NOTHING!

Enraged, Triple H looks at the bits of hammer, kicking away at them, BEFORE THROWING WHAT’S LEFT OF THE HAMMER OUT OF THE RING, DOWN TO THE FLOOR!

Triple H: Screw it, I don’t need the sledgehammer. I’ll tear that no good son of a bitch to pieces with my bare hands.

~ And the crowd EXPLODES with a pop for Triple H, who shakes with intensity. Bischoff, though, has seen enough.

Eric Bischoff: Hey, Triple H! Triple H!

~ Bischoff finally gains Hunter’s attention, turning him back towards the tron.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, Triple H, this isn’t happening. Not tonight. I get that you’re angry, but until you’re medically cleared you’re a liability to me and my show.

~ BIG heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: So I’m sorry, but I’m going to have to ask you to leave the ring.

~ Bischoff looks on at Triple H, watching as ‘The Game’ looks down to the mat, before slowly turning back to Bischoff.

Triple H: Make me.

~ MASSIVE pop from the crowd for the emphatic statement from Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: What … what did you say?

~ Bischoff looks shocked, but Triple H remains stony faced.

Triple H: I said make me. Either Shawn Michaels gets his ass down to this ring so I can tear him apart limb for limb right here and right now, or I stand here and wait until he has no option but to come out and face me.

~ Another big pop from the crowd. Bischoff, meanwhile, gets up from his seated position on camera.

Eric Bischoff: That’s it. You asked for it.

~ Eric Bischoff exits the shot, seemingly heading out of his office as the live feed cuts. In the arena Triple H still stands in the ring, waiting, hoping to get his hands on his former best friend. Shawn, however, doesn’t appear forthcoming, and Triple H is left off in silence for a moment, until …

???: There he is, gentlemen. In the ring.

~ We look at the top of the stage … and see the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walking out with a microphone, leading a legion of security guards out to some intense heat.

Eric Bischoff: Get that man OUT of my building!

~ The crowd looks on and buzzes as the security team heads to ringside, surrounding the ring in an attempt to force Triple H to realise that he’s against all odds here. Triple H, though, doesn’t seem to care, looking around at the army of guards, ready for a fight.

Eric Bischoff: NOW!


‘The Game’ is fired up, and he’s attacking anyone he can get his hands on, throwing fists at the security guards on the apron … but he’s soon tackled down from behind by the guards from the other side of the ring! The crowd boos as the security force tries to suppress Hunter … ONLY FOR ‘THE GAME’ TO COME OUT OF NOWHERE AND FIGHT ALL OF THEM OFF!

Swinging wildly, Triple H puts up the fight of a lifetime, refusing to be carried out of the ring without a fight, but the numbers once again get the best of him as the guards tackle him down, then hold him there as they try to calm him down. Triple H, however, doesn’t want to be calm, and he continues to kick and flail, albeit to little effect, until the guards finally pin his arms and lift him up to his feet.

With Triple H under their control, the guards head for the ropes with him … BUT TRIPLE H BURSTS AWAY AND CLIMBS FROM THE RING, RUNNING UP THE RAMP … ONLY TO BE ONCE AGAIN CAUGHT BY THE GUARDS!

The security guards get their man again, this time refusing to let go as they drag him up the ramp, past their boss who yells at them to “Get him out of here!”

Joey Styles: I don’t believe this. Despite all of his best efforts, Triple H has been taken from the building, and while I’d like to believe it’s for his own safety, I can’t help but feel that Eric Bischoff is out to protect Shawn Michaels.

Jonathan Coachman: And so he should be, Joe. ‘HBK’ is a precious commodity. You can’t have him being taken out by that mongrel whenever he feels like it. Good on Mr. Bischoff for taking control.

Jerry Lawler: After what Shawn Michaels did to Triple H at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he’s got whatever’s coming to him.

Joey Styles: Agreed, ‘King’, but moving on right now to what we were expecting to see before Triple H made his presence felt, Todd Grisham is standing by backstage. Take it away, Todd!

We cut off backstage, where, as promised, Todd Grisham stands.

Todd Grisham: Thanks Joey. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show!

The crowd gives a very nice pop as the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show step into view, their giant frames towering over Grisham as he prepares to speak.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, last week we saw the two of you interfere in the match between Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin and Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero, causing Flair and Chavo to win by disqualification and Haas and Benjamin to challenge you for the World Tag Team Titles. Why?

Big Show: Y’know all week, we’ve been hearin’ the same question. People have been askin’ why we would get involved in somethin’ that doesn’t concern us. As a matter of fact, people have been doin’ one better and askin’ us why we’re scared of Flair an’ Chavo, because that has to be the reason that we gave ‘em the DQ win last week. But y’see, that’s not it. That’s not it at all.

~ A small reaction as Big Show pauses.

Big Show: I mean, first of all, the stipulation to that match? It was about our World Tag Team Titles, so if you ask me, yeah, that does concern us.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Big Show: Secondly, scared … y’know what? I’ll let Kane handle this one.

~ The crowd remains silent as Kane cackles to himself.

Kane: Us … scared? To all of those people who called us scared of Flair and Guerrero … to all of those people who called us scared of facing a team who is on the same page at WrestleMania … to all of those people who said we were scared that we would LOSE these titles at WrestleMania 22 …

~ Kane pats the belt on his shoulder.

Kane: Let me ask you … do we LOOK scared? No … no we don’t. Another question … have you people seen us over the past six months? Have you not seen what we’ve done? We have been …

~ Kane again begins to cackle away to himself a bit, before continuing.

Kane: We have been completely and utterly DOMINANT!

~ Big pop from the crowd.

Kane: We have faced every team that has come our way and we have torn them APART. And yet people think we’re scared? Those people … who THINK we’re scared … they couldn’t be more WRONG!

~ A small pop from the crowd.

Big Show: It’s like this. For months now, we’ve been sittin’ at the top of the tag team division, and quite frankly, we haven’t had a whole lot to do. There haven’t been a whole lotta teams that we haven’t beaten. But then along come Haas an’ Benjamin, and they … they’re somethin’ different.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Big Show: Sure, they’re not on the same page, but they’re still one of the greatest tag teams you’ll ever see. Chavo an’ Flair? Yeah, we’ve already beaten them. But Haas an’ Benjamin? Now that’s a whole other story.

~ Another small pop from the crowd.

Big Show: So what we did last week? Consider that us throwin’ down the gauntlet to you, Haas an’ Benjamin. We’re lookin’ for a challenge, so let’s see if you can give us one at WrestleMania.

~ Show smirks, then nods at Kane as the two now walk from view …

… Before we cut off elsewhere backstage, to see the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair styling and profiling his way down a corridor, wearing a classy robe over his ring gear.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, that was the World Tag Team Champions, but up next it’ll be the Intercontinental Title on the line as ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair defends his title against his close friend, Chavo Guerrero. That’s next here on Monday Night RAW!

Off we head to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

And we return from the break to see footage of Triple H being escorted from the arena, now thrown out the door.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Monday Night RAW, where after an explosive start, not only have we seen two mega matches announced, but we’ve also now seen ‘The Game’ Triple H ejected from the building by Eric Bischoff!

Jonathan Coachman: Thank you, Mr. Bischoff. Triple H isn’t just a threat to others, but he’s also a threat to himself. Did you not hear that he’s not medically cleared, Joe? Thank God Mr. Bischoff had the sense to make sure he didn’t get injured any further!

Jerry Lawler: I think we all know who Eric Bischoff was looking out for by ejecting Triple H, and it’s not Triple H.

Silence for a moment until we hear the sound of the ring bell tolling, prompting the camera cut across to see Lilian Garcia standing in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the INTERCONTINNENNNNTAL CHAMPIONSHIP!

A big pop from the crowd as we wait …



A very good pop rings out from the crowd as out from the back steps the third generation wrestler, Chavo Guerrero. Guerrero motions for the crowd to get to their feet, and for the most part they comply, continuing to cheer Chavo on as he makes his way down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, the challenger, from El Paso, Texas, weighing 215 lbs, CHAAAVO GUERRERRROOO!

Joey Styles: Chavo Guerrero has been on quite a roll of late since moving here to Monday Night RAW, and a victory here tonight would not only continue that, but would also cause people to really take notice of him ahead of the Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Jerry Lawler: Not to mention that the Intercontinental Title would like great alongside the others title in the Guerrero family legacy.

Jonathan Coachman: It doesn’t matter how good it’d look. You heard Gregory Helms last week. This title match is nothin’ but a sham, designed for Flair to say that he “defended” his title.

Joey Styles: You may believe that, ‘Coach’, but I believe we’re about to see a great match between two of the most talented men on the RAW roster.

Jonathan Coachman: Ignorance is bliss, babyboy.

Chavo continues his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, posing for the crowd before readying himself for battle.



The crowd gives a MASSIVE pop as out from the back struts the legend himself, ‘The Nature Boy’, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair. The cries of “WOOOOOOOOOOO” only grow louder from the crowd when Flair himself lets out his familiar cry, before styling and profiling his way on down the ramp, his robe partially hiding the gold that peaks on out from under it.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Charlotte, North Carolina, the reigning and defending INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION, ‘THE NATURE BOY’ RIIIC FLAAAIIIIRRRR!

Joey Styles: An absolute legend of the business, two weeks ago Ric Flair admitted that his first Intercontinental Title reign had been below par, and that from now on he wanted to refocus and put his attention on the title. This has never been shown better than, even with the Money in the Bank Ladder Match looming, he has the title on the line here tonight against ‘The Mexican Warrior’ Chavo Guerrero.

Jonathan Coachman: It must feel good to walk into a title match knowin’ that your opponent is just going to lie down for you anyway.

Jerry Lawler: Chavo Guerrero’s a proud man, and I don’t think he would ever lie down for anyone, even his close friend Ric Flair.

Flair enters the ring and disrobes, before handing his Intercontinental Title to the referee. The ref raises the gold into the air, showing it to the crowd as the match looks set to begin …



The crowd groans, turning to the stage to let out a chorus of boos as Gregory Helms steps out onto the stage with a microphone in hand … dressed to compete!

Gregory Helms: Hey! Hey, Flair, Guerrero. Up here, esses.

~ The crowd boos the arrogance of Helms, who continues to talk as he strides down the ramp.

Gregory Helms: Last week … last week you avoided defendin’ this title one more time, Flair, and for me … for these people, that was crossin’ the line. I couldn’t let this go on anymore. These people … they wanted to see me put an end to the sham of a title reign …

~ Big heat from the crowd as Helms continues to walk down the ring.

Gregory Helms: And this sham of a match between the two of you. So y’know what I did earlier? I went to Mr. Eric Bischoff, and I explained my side … no … I explained our side of the story …

~ Helms motions out to the crowd as he says that, drawing even more heat.

Gregory Helms: And Mr. Bischoff happened to agree with me. He agreed that this match was nothin’ but a cover up for you to “defend” your Intercontinental Title. So here’s what he did … he made this match … between you and Chavo … he made it a Triple Threat Match.

~ Heat from the crowd as Helms now walks up the steel steps and climbs up onto the ring apron, looking in cockily at the frustrated pair of Chavo and Flair.

Gregory Helms: Ric Flair … vs. Chavo Guerrero … vs. ‘Your Hero’, Gregory Helms.

~ More heat from the crowd.

Gregory Helms: And fear not good people, for I promise do the right thing by you, and walk out of here your NEW Intercontinental Champion!

~ More heat as Helms pauses to tear off his ring jacket and throw it to ringside.

Gregory Helms: Referee … ring the bell. It’s time.

The cocky Helms climbs into the ring now, and the referee complies with his request, starting this match.

Match One ~ Intercontinental Championship; Triple Threat Match:
Chavo Guerrero vs. Ric Flair © vs. Gregory Helms

Having been the one to call for the bell, Helms looks ready to go, bouncing up and down on the balls of his feet, while Chavo and Flair stare at him, still shocked that this has suddenly become a Triple Threat Match. The two men glance back and forth, with Helms still readying himself … until he changes his mind and rolls from the ring! The crowd boos the cowardly Helms, who yells at Flair and Chavo to go at it, telling them not to just lie down for one another. Initially shocked, Chavo shakes things off with the shrug of the shoulders, then looks to the defending champion with a cheeky smile, eager to test himself against the greatest of all-time. Ever the competitor, Flair doesn’t back down either, and the two men come forth, locking up.

Wanting to make a good first impression, Chavo is the one to make the first move, grabbing the arm of Flair and yanking it overhead into a wristlock. Chavo holds the move for a moment, only applying a little pressure as he twists on the wrist, allowing Flair to make him pay by snapping out and locking in a wristlock of his own. Chavo grimaces in pain, shocked by the counter, but he soon rolls through, then twists the arm of Flair around and rolls him up out of nowhere … two! Flair kicks out, much to the relief of a panicked Helms, who had began to slide into the ring. Both Flair and Chavo get up, and this time it’s Flair who is able to catch Chavo, getting a small package … two, as Helms breaks it up this time! Gregory doesn’t want to take any risks, diving through the ropes to break up the pin, but as he gets up, he realises both Guerrero and Flair rising too, both men locking their eyes in on him.

Helms shakes his head, not wanting to get involved, before rolling from the ring and attempting to run away, but to no avail as Chavo and Flair roll out opposite sides of the ring and surround him. With nowhere else to go, Helms slides back into the ring, then runs at the ropes as Flair and Chavo slide in … rebounding right into a double elbow! The former superhero and now just hero flops back to his feet, right into the clutches of his waiting opponents, who take it upon themselves to beat the absolute holy hell out of Helms, not at all happy that he has butted his way into their match. Helms finally finds some space when after being sent over with a double suplex he rolls from the ring, leaving the two friends to now once again go at it.

The two nod at one another respectfully, then come forward and slap hands … only for ‘The Dirtiest Player in the Game’ to come out with a poke to the eye of Chavo! Flair then corners Chavo, slapping him across the chest with a few chops … before the lying, cheating and stealing Chavo comes back with a thumb to the eye of his own. The advantage now his, Chavo keeps control of Flair for a short time, all while Gregory Helms remains down on the outside. Chavo continues his dominance though, and following a suplex, seems to think the end is nigh as he heads towards the corner, then climbs up to the top rope … THINKING FROG SPLASH … ONLY FOR GREGORY HELMS TO POP OUT OF NOWHERE AND SHOVE HIM DOWN TO THE FLOOR BELOW!

The cocky Helms has recovered, and he climbs up into the ring, ready to take advantage of a downed Flair … but Flair catches him in a small package out of nowhere … two! Both men get back to their feet, but Flair doesn’t even get a look in as the hatred of Helms takes over, with the youngster forcing Flair back to the corner, then absolutely PUMMELING him, the referee not being able to do anything due to the no DQ nature of the match, with Helms damn near knocking Flair out as he sends him down to a seated position, before backing out of the corner, then charging in and nailing Flair in the skull with a huge knee!

Flair is on dream street in the corner as the crowd boos heavily and Helms declares it over, then pulls Flair out of the corner … AND SETS HIM UP FOR THE VERTEBREAKER … BUT FLAIR SLIPS OUT THE BACK AND FALLS AWAY, CAUSING HELMS TO TURN … RIGHT INTO A SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK FROM CHAVO GUERRERO! The crowd goes nuts as Helms goes down, with Chavo motioning for him to get up … only to tackle him right back down, then storm onto him with a series of right hands, perhaps looking for vengeance for Flair! Helms eventually rolls free, with both men getting back to their feet … AND CHAVO BOOTS HELMS RIGHT IN THE NUTS!

The crowd gasps as Chavo talks some trash, clearly angry with Helms, before hooking him up and nailing a suplex … and he rolls through! Chavo rolls over, then hoists Helms up … second suplex … AND THEN A THIRD! CHAVO NAILS THE THREE AMIGOS! The crowd goes wild as Chavo gets up and calls for the end, heading to the corner … HE’S FEELING FROGGY … AND HE LAUNCHES … BUT HELMS GETS HIS KNEES UP INTO THE BACK OF CHAVO! Guerrero gets up holding his back gingerly, and Helms acts fast … NIGHTMARE ON HELMS STREET! The crowd boos as Helms makes the cover … TWO! FLAIR DRAGS HIM OFF!

Helms is irate as he gets back to his feet, turning to see Flair smiling at him … BEFORE GRABBING HIM RIGHT IN THE NUTS! The crowd goes nuts themselves as Helms hops around the ring in extreme pain, with Flair not relenting … UNTIL HE TRIPS HELMS UP AND THINKS FIGURE FOUR, BUT HELMS PUSHES HIM OFF WITH HIS FREE LEG! Flair hits the turnbuckle … and Helms charges in to nail him with a knee right to the jaw! Flair is knocked stupid as Helms then turns to see Chavo charging at him, so he ducks the clothesline, then kicks Chavo in the midsection … AND QUICKLY HOOKS HIM UP … VETREBREAKER! HELMS GETS IT!

Gregory Helms makes the cover … BUT HE’S DRAGGED OFF AT TWO AND THROWN FROM THE RING BY RIC FLAIR! Flair then makes a cover of his own … AND GETS THE THREE!

Winner (and still Intercontinental Champion): Ric Flair via pinfall @ 8:24



The crowd goes wild as Flair slowly gets to his feet and falls back to a seated position, clearly in pain following the match. A faraway look in his eyes, the beating from Gregory Helms looks to have taken a toll, but in the ring Flair sits victorious, while on the outside Gregory Helms comes to and looks incredulous, irate that Flair took the victory and title out from under his nose.

Joey Styles: Ric Flair has done it! He has retained the Intercontinental Championship, and let’s see you call THAT a sham of a victory, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: It was a sham of a victory! Did you not see Ric Flair take advantage of all of Gregory Helms’ work and STEAL the victory? That man should NOT be Intercontinental Champion! Gregory Helms should!

Jerry Lawler: Hey, ‘Coach’, it’s about who gets the pin, and in the end, ‘The Nature Boy’ just outsmarted Gregory Helms. Helms may have been good, but Ric Flair is STILL Intercontinental Champion.

Jonathan Coachman: He didn’t outsmart anyone. What Ric Flair did was out and out cheat, and that is NOT something you wanna see from a champion.

In the ring Flair is now back up to his feet, with Chavo slowly coming too. Noticing his friend, Ric walks across to him, then helps him to his feet to a big cheer to the crowd. Both men smile at one another respectfully, before embracing in a hug.

Joey Styles: Now that’s what this is all about. Some great sportsmanship there by two legends here on Monday Night RAW.

We now cut away from that and head backstage … where we see Carlito seated, looking on at a monitor, presumably having just watched his three RAW opponents come WrestleMania. ‘Lito looks surprisingly calm, nodding away to himself.

Carlito: Those three beating de living hell out of each other? Now dat … das cool.

~ The crowd boos as Carlito mutters to himself … but he’s suddenly interrupted by the presence of someone else in the room.

???: Ahem.

~ ‘Lito turns along with the camera … to see Chris Masters standing in the doorway, a suspicious look on his face.

Chris Masters: ‘Lito, man, it’s good to see you. I haven’t seen you …

~ Masters stops to ponder to himself.

Chris Masters: As a matter of fact, I haven’t seen you since last week’s show, when you promised me you’d talked to Mr. Bischoff about gettin’ me a spot in Money in the Bank. Funny that?

~ Carlito looks surprised, stammering away to himself.

Carlito: H- H- H- Hey ‘Piece. Ju know … yeah … dat … dat is funny. Das very funny.

~ Carlito laughs nervously, though Masters looks far from amused.

Chris Masters: I’m not laughing, Carlito.

~ Realising the seriousness of Masters, Carlito suddenly stops.

Carlito: Uhhh … me … me neither.

~ The crowd laughs at Carlito’s cowardice as he looks from side to side.

Chris Masters: Listen, ‘Lito, I wanted to talk to you about last week, okay? Now did you, or did you not ask Mr. Bischoff for a spot for me in Money in the Bank?

~ Carlito takes a moment, looking far from comfortable.

Carlito: Well …

Chris Masters: No “well” Carlito. Did you, or did you not?

~ Carlito gulps.

Carlito: No … no Carlito didn’t ask Mr. Bischoff, b- b- but Carlito meant to. Honestly, Carlito … Carlito just forgot.

~ Masters shakes his head.

Chris Masters: Yeah, right. This is just like the Elimination Chamber and the Royal Rumble all over again.

~ Carlito shakes his head now, though a lot more frantically than Masters before.

Carlito: No. No, ‘Piece, ju gotta believe me. Dis … dis was just one big mistake. Carlito meant to ask Mr. Bischoff, because … because Carlito needs you. Yeah, das right. Carlito needs you.

~ Masters raises an eyebrow.

Chris Masters: You need me?

~ Carlito nods his head.

Carlito: Yeah, Carlito needs ju to help Carlito win Money in da Bank … whether you’re in it … or not.

~ Masters looks at Carlito, considering his options, before responding.

Chris Masters: I’ll think about it.

~ And with that Masters leaves the shot, leaving a nervous looking Carlito to look on. We, meanwhile, head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walking down a corridor with some nobody.

Eric Bischoff: Now listen, I want you to tell Shawn Michaels it’s the exact same thing as last week. I’ve taken care of Triple H for him, now all he has to do is take care of RVD, okay?

Nobody: Okay, Mr. Bischoff.

~ Our nobody now takes off, leaving Bischoff as he gets to a door and stops, opening what appears to be the door to his office … only to stop in his tracks, as in his office, sitting on the couch is the WWE Champion, Edge, with his girlfriend Lita. The crowd boos the pair as Edge goes to stand.

Edge: Oh, hey Eric. Were you … were you not expecting us?

~ Bischoff sighs, then responds reluctantly.

Eric Bischoff: What do you want, Edge?

Edge: What do I want?

~ Edge strokes his chin thoughtfully.

Edge: Hmm, what do I want? What could I possibly want? Oh, I know.

~ Edge snaps back into a serious mode.

Edge: I want to know just why in the HELL I’m in a match with Rob Van Dam.

~ Pop from the crowd for the RVD mention.

Edge: Didn’t you hear me earlier, Eric? Huh? Did you not hear me when I said I didn’t want to compete again until WrestleMania? Allow me to make myself perfectly clear, in case I didn’t earlier. As your champion, I – do not – want - to compete – until – Wrestle – Mania. Ya got that?

~ Heat from the crowd as Bischoff stands before Edge emphatically.

Eric Bischoff: Well as your General Manager, I do want you to compete, okay?

~ A mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But your match tonight? I actually did it as a favour to you.

~ Edge looks mystified by that claim.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, that’s right, a favour, and here’s why. You may have noticed that RVD’s on double duty tonight, and let me assure you, that’s no mistake. There’s a reason for that, and that reason is this – tonight, I want RVD taken out once and for all.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Now this is where you come into things, because tonight, you have the chance to take RVD out.

~ Edge scoffs, clearly not on the same page as Bischoff.

Edge: And just why in the hell would I want to do that?

~ Bischoff smiles, a plan clearly in mind.

Eric Bischoff: Because not only if you take RVD out will one of your WrestleMania opponents, John Cena find himself in a handicap match …

~ Heat as a devious smile starts to cross Edge’s face.

Eric Bischoff: But also, if you take RVD out tonight, I’m willing to let you have the next two weeks off, to freshen up, shall we say, for WrestleMania.

~ Edge’s devious smile is now a full grin, going from ear to ear.

Edge: Y’know what, Bischoff? You’ve got yourself a deal.

~ And with that Edge motions for Lita to leave, which she of course does, joining her boyfriend in exiting the office.

We, meanwhile, cut back to ringside to hear …



OH YEAH! The crowd gives some decent heat as out from the back bounces The Spirit Squad, fronted by their benevolent leader Kenny Doane, who already has a microphone.

Joey Styles: Oh no.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh yeah!

The Squad stops at the top of the stage, with Kenny at the front, beginning to speak.

Kenny Doane: Y’know, last week we came out here and we told you people that we are the biggest …

~ “WHAT?”

Kenny Doane: The baddest …

~ “WHAT?”

Kenny Doane: And the meanest team to ever step foot in the WWE.

~ “WHAT?”

Kenny Doane: And boy, did we ever back that up in the ring!

~ The crowd gives some great heat as the other four morons bounce around in the background, slapping each other high fives.

Kenny Doane: But some people have said that last week … that last week proved nothing! That all we did was win a five on two match, and that anyone could do that!

~ The crowd cheers, obviously agreeing.

Kenny Doane: Squad, is that the right spirit?

~ The whole Spirit Squad leans forward to the mic.

All: NO!

~ The crowd boos the idiocy of The Spirit Squad.

Kenny Doane: I didn’t think so, which is why tonight we are gonna step foot in that ring with five of the toughest cats we could find!

~ Mikey Mondo leans in.

Mikey Mondo: OH YEAH!

~ Heat for Mondo, who receives high fives from all of his buddies in the background.

Kenny Doane: So tonight, we’re gonna prove that we’re the biggest … the baddest … and the meanest team Monday Night RAW has ever seen!

~ Again, Mondo leans in.

Mikey Mondo: YEAH BABY!

~ Mondo again receives plaudits from his team-mates for his stunning performance.

Kenny Doane: Spirit Squad … let’s show these idiots what spirit is all about!

The Squad now advances down the ramp, before springing up into the ring off their trampoline where we see their competition … five local boys. Oh, you should be surprised.

Joey Styles: The Spirit Squad are going to prove they’re the quote unquote “biggest, baddest and meanest team on Monday Night RAW” by facing five local wrestlers? Oh come on.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, Joe, I spoke to these five guys who The Spirit Squad are facin’, and they’re some of the best talent San Antonio has ever seen. Five mini Shawn Michaels right there.

Joey Styles: Oh yeah, ‘Coach’? Then what’s their names?

Jonathan Coachman: That’s not the important thing, babyboy. What’s important is that The Squad’s gonna show what they’re all about – spirit.

The mess of people in the ring sorts itself out, and we get this one underway.

Match Two ~ Ten Man Tag Team Match:
The Spirit Squad vs. The J.O.B. Squad

The less famous 2006 version of the J.O.B. Squad, featuring absolutely no one of note doesn’t even put up a fight at all. Just like last week, The Spirit Squad completely destroys their opponents in goofy fashion, complete with the High Spirits and Sky High Leg Drop from their leader, Kenny Doane to gain the three.

Winners: The Spirit Squad via pinfall @ 1:43


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, THE SPIRIT SQUAD!

The Spirit Squad goes absolutely crazy in the ring in celebration, looking like they’ve all just won world titles at WrestleMania, rather than having just squashed five jobbers in under two minutes.

Joey Styles: That was a joke.

Jonathan Coachman: What do you mean, Joe? My boys were impressive in there. Did you not see that Sky High Leg Drop by Kenny Doane? The kid is just 20 years old, and he can already pull somethin’ off like that! It’s a thing of beauty, babyboy.

Joey Styles: It may be, and yeah, The Spirit Squad looked good, but if they actually want to prove themselves, then they should face some actual competition, instead of whatever local wrestlers they can find.

Jerry Lawler: I agree with, Joey. I mean, that didn’t do much for me to prove that The Spirit Squad are the biggest or baddest. It just showed me they can bully smaller men.

Joey Styles: Impressive or not, The Spirit Squad are here to stay from the look of things, but moving on right now to backstage, where Maria is standing by.

We cut away to the interview area to see the always lovely Maria.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Rob … Van … Dam!

The crowd gives a big pop as Rob Van Dam steps into view, looking as calm as ever despite his current situation.

Maria: Rob, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff has made these past few weeks hard for you, and with two matches tonight, things don’t look to be getting any easier. Do you maybe regret challenging The Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania 22 now, or do you still stick by it?

Rob Van Dam: Y’know Maria, last week I got the exact same question from Todd Grisham, and I gave him what I thought was the right answer. Last week … last week I said “NO”, I didn’t regret laying down the challenge to The Undertaker. But this week … this week Eric Bischoff has thrown a lot more at me. I mean, I don’t just have Shawn Michaels comin’ for me. I also have Edge.

~ Heat from the crowd for the WWE Champion.

Rob Van Dam: Now Edge, he’s a heck of a wrestler. A tough dude. Hell, he’s the WWE Champion, and it takes a lotta talent to be WWE Champion. Trust me, I think I’m pretty talented, but I’ve never held it before. And from what I’ve heard, this isn’t just any match for Edge. There’s a bit on the line for him here. So he’s probably gonna want to go out and do anything he can to take me out.

~ RVD pauses slightly, thinking, picking things up a bit as he continues.

Rob Van Dam: But then, even if I survive that, even if I can survive whatever Edge throws at me, I’ve still got Shawn Michaels comin’ for me in a tag team match.

~ VERY mixed reaction for Shawn in his hometown.

Rob Van Dam: With Hunter outta the way tonight thanks to Bischoff, I’m all he’s got to worry about. I’m the only thing on his mind. So even if I survive Edge, who’s to say I’ll survive Shawn Michaels? I’ll tell you who … I am.

~ A big cheer from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: Because as much as Eric Bischoff doesn’t want to admit it, last week, when I stepped foot in the ring with Shawn Michaels, I proved that I belong in the ring with the very best in this business. Now two of those guys in one night? Yeah, I’ll admit, it’s gonna be tough. But like I’ve told The Undertaker before, it doesn’t matter to me. Bischoff can’t confuse me with whatever he’s throwing at me. My mind is clear, and I know what I’ve gotta do. I’m not goin’ out there just to survive tonight … I’m goin’ out there to win!

~ A great pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And at the end of the night, when Edge and Shawn Michaels walk away from this arena, they’ll know why they smell like fire. They’ll know it’s because they’ll have just had their ass smoked, courtesy of everybody’s favourite superstar, R – V – D!

~ The crowd gives a big cheer as RVD gets set to walk away, before stopping and turning back to the microphone.

Rob Van Dam: Oh, and Undertaker, as far as what you said on SmackDown!? Bring your best shot tonight, dude, ‘cause I’ll be ready.

~ RVD now smiles and leaves the set.

Joey Styles: RVD’s first of two matches is up next. It’s RVD vs. the WWE Champion, Edge, live here next on Monday Night RAW!

And off we go to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return backstage in the interview area, with Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

The crowd gives a decent pop as Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin step into view.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, earlier we heard Kane and the Big Show giving their reasons for why they cost you guys your match last week, forcing you to team up at WrestleMania. Your thoughts?

Shelton Benjamin: Our thoughts? Our thoughts? Our thoughts are simple. What Kane an’ Big Show did last week … that was BULLSHIT!

~ A surprised reaction from the crowd at the explicative from Benjamin, who has always seemed a lot more reserved.

Shelton Benjamin: For the first time in ages, I’m here at RAW not in a tag team match, and the only reason for that is ‘cause I’ve got one at WrestleMania. Kane and Big Show can say that they had business in our match last week all they want, but the fact of the matter is they didn’t. We weren’t fightin’ for a chance to challenge them for the World Tag Team Titles. We were fightin’ for a spot in Money in the Bank ‘cause we didn’t want to face those two giants in the first place.

~ Benjamin tones it down a level.

Shelton Benjamin: It’s just too damn bad that the reason they interfered is ‘cause they’re lookin’ for a challenge, ‘cause now that they’re facin’ us, that’s the opposite of what they’re gonna get.

~ Some small heat from the crowd.

Shelton Benjamin: We don’t wanna face ‘em at WrestleMania, and we certainly don’t wanna win. WrestleMania is just the last night before the start of our new careers because Eric Bischoff won’t let us out of this match, not that we ever wanted to be in it in the first place. So …

Charlie Haas: Y’know what, Shelton? I think you’ve said enough. I think it’s time that you speak for yourself.

~ A surprised pop as Charlie Haas lets his voice be heard, shocking Shelton.

Charlie Haas: I’m sick and tired of listening to you say “we” this and “we” that like you speak for me, because you don’t. Only I speak for me.

~ Another pop for Haas.

Charlie Haas: And y’know, I think it’s enough with the whole agreeing to not team together thing, because last I checked, I do want to team with you. But not because you’re better than me and ‘cause I wanna get in the limelight with you. No, it’s because I wanna help you.

~ Shelton raises an eyebrow, surprised at this perhaps more than anything.

Charlie Haas: That’s right. Since I’ve been back, you’ve been talkin’ about how you’re too good to team with me, and how you’re a former Intercontinental Champion, and y’know what? You are, so congratulations. You were successful without me. At least at first. But since you lost that title, you’ve spent months losing to anyone on the roster. The only matches you’ve been winning have been when you’ve teamed with me.

~ A very nice pop from the crowd.

Charlie Haas: So Shelton, you’re not too good for me. No, and y’know, I’m willing to prove it. You wanna see that I can go just as well as you can? Big Show and Kane wanna challenge? I’ll tell you what. I’ll hit two birds with one stone.

~ Rather than looking at Benjamin, Haas now stares down the lens of the camera.

Charlie Haas: Big Show … I’m challenging you to a match, next week here on RAW, one on one.

~ A big pop for the gutsy Haas.

Charlie Haas: You wanna challenge? You got it. And then when I’m done with you …

~ Haas now turns back to Benjamin.

Charlie Haas: We’ll just see who’s the world’s greatest.

~ Another good pop as Haas walks from view, leaving a shocked looking Benjamin to stand still with Todd Grisham.

We don’t remain there too long though, as we now cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where Charlie Haas has just well and truly thrown the gauntlet down. He wants to prove himself to Shelton Benjamin, and he’ll do it next week he says when he goes one on one with the Big Show, if the Big Show accepts his challenge.

Jerry Lawler: And what a match that’s gonna be. I know Charlie wanted to prove himself, but he’s throwing himself right in the deep end there!

Silence for a momentum, before …



The crowd goes CRAZY with heat, as, not for the first time tonight, out from the back through the smoke emerges the WWE Champion, Edge. Not smiling like earlier, Edge now has a determined look on his face, set for action as his girlfriend Lita follows him down the ramp, massaging his shoulders as they go.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 245 lbs, he is the W – W – E CHAMPIIIOOOON, ‘THE RATED R SUUUUUPPPPPEEERRRSTAR’, EDGE!

Joey Styles: Earlier tonight we heard this man Edge saying he didn’t want to compete again until WrestleMania, and in a strange turn of events, if Edge does satisfactory damage to RVD, as judged by Eric Bischoff, Edge could well be granted those two weeks off thanks to the man who has put him in numerous tricky spots in the past in Bischoff.

Jonathan Coachman: I knew Mr. Bischoff would come through in the end for Edge, and he’s gonna do it in a big way tonight! All Edge has to do is take out the trash – literally!

Jerry Lawler: You say that like it’s an easy task, but Shawn Michaels couldn’t do it to RVD last week. There’s no guarantee that Edge will be able to tonight.

Edge slides down into the ring, then circles around, eager to get the match kicked underway tonight.


The crowd goes into a FRENZY as out from the back calmly steps Rob Van Dam. RVD holds his arms out with a smile on his face, looking as relaxed as ever as he comes down the ramp, despite the circumstances he finds himself in.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 235 lbs, ROB – VAN – DAM!

Joey Styles: As you pointed out, ‘King’, last week it was Shawn Michaels, now this week it’s Edge who’s gonna be trying to take RVD out. Or at least he’ll have the first shot at it, because RVD is also scheduled to take part in our tag team main event later tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Trust me, RVD is NOT gonna make is that far. If he thinks he can just waltz on past the WWE Champion, he’s about to find out that isn’t the case.

Jerry Lawler: We heard how highly RVD rates Edge earlier. I don’t think he thinks this is gonna be easy, but he does look confident.

RVD does his signature taunt as his name is announced, before walking his way down the rest of the ramp and rolling into the ring … WHERE EDGE INSTANTLY AMBUSHES HIM, KICKING THE MATCH OFF WITH A BANG!

Match Three ~ Singles Match:
WWE Champion Edge w/Lita vs. Rob Van Dam

This match is off with a real bang, with Edge having forced RVD back into the corner so he can blast him with a quick series of kicks and right hands. With RVD already reeling, Edge then backs out of the corner and charges in, looking for a running shoulder thrust … but RVD elevates himself, wrapping his legs around Edge’s body so he can catch him with a sunset flip … two! Both men get up and this time RVD is first to the punch, ready to strike as he forces Edge all of the way back against the ropes. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ is vulnerable, and RVD knows it, sending him off with an Irish whip, before catching him with a drop toe hold on the rebound! Edge holds his face, falling onto his back, and RVD continues to go along with the theme of the fast start to the match by quickly dashing off to the ropes and thinking rolling thunder … but Edge rolls away out to the floor! RVD stops himself from jumping, before shrugging his shoulders … AND LAUNCHING HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR ONTO EDGE WITH A PLANCHA!

The crowd goes wild as RVD is the first man up, taking a bow and soaking up the reaction from the crowd, before moving back after Edge. The WWE Champion tries to crawl away, looking for space, but RVD simply won’t allow it, first kicking Edge in the ribs, then hoisting him up in a suplex position where he lands a few jabs to the midsection of Edge … all leading to RVD then dropping Edge midsection first across the crowd barrier!

The crowd goes nuts as RVD climbs up onto the apron and does his good old thumb taunt … only to then be distracted by Lita, who climbs up onto the apron! The crowd boos as RVD and Lita mouth off at one another, with Lita audibly telling RVD he’ll never be able to beat The Undertaker, angering RVD … ONLY FOR RVD TO BE SUDDENLY TAKEN OUT WITH A CHOP BLOCK BY EDGE! RVD falls on the apron awkwardly, his hitting smacking off the mat before he tumbles in a heap down to the floor. Edge initially allows the referee to count, seemingly content with the count out, before remembering he has to do more to RVD and bringing him into the ring, leaving us as we go to an ad break.

Back from the break, and the WWE Champion is still in complete control, working over the knee of RVD like we’ve seen in almost every match that RVD’s competed in since his return. Despite the continued focus on RVD’s leg by the heels, Van Dam is resolute, refusing to quit due to the heavy work Edge puts in, even surviving a half Boston crab. This frustrates the WWE Champion, who after breaking the hold, stomps away at RVD’s leg, trying to do even more damage. Edge then goes to lift RVD out, but RVD’s injured wheel seemingly gives way on him, not allowing him to get up. Edge continues to try to lift his foe, but to no avail, as he keeps just falling back to the mat.

Realising he may have accomplished his goal of injuring RVD, Edge decides the time is right to finish the job … backing off to the corner … AND CROUCHING DOWN FOR THE SPEAR! The crowd boos as RVD slowly gets back to his feet, looking awfully ginger on that one leg, then turns … SPEAR … NO! RVD KICKS EDGE RIGHT IN THE JAW WITH A SPINNING HEEL KICK! HE WAS PLAYING POSSUM! The crowd erupts as RVD makes the cover … TWO!

The kickout does nothing to deter Van Dam, who assists a groggy WWE Champion back to his feet, then begins to pepper him with rights and lefts, before sending him off to the ropes and catching him with a back body drop on the rebound! Edge hits the mat hard, rising back up to the mat quickly right into Van Dam, who whips him into the corner then follows him in with some driving shoulder tackles. The crowd cheers as RVD backs away, then comes back in … and with practically one leg executes a monkey flip! Edge goes down into a perfect position near the ropes, and RVD runs off to the opposite ones, then comes back looking for rolling thunder … BUT EDGE TRIPS HIM UP OUT OF NOWHERE … AND LOCKS IN THE SHARPSHOOTER!

The crowd erupts for the old Canadian favourite, giving some great heat as Edge leans right back in the hold, causing pain to shoot not just through the injured leg of RVD, but also through his lower back. With the hold being considerably harder to break than the half crab due to Edge having all of his strength applied to holding RVD in place, this is much more of a struggle for Van Dam, who not only has to think about whether it’s worth continuing in this match, but also that he has another match later in the night that he’s meant to compete in! Despite the smarter option perhaps being to tap out, RVD grits his teeth and fight on, pulling himself towards the ropes … PROMPTING EDGE TO WALK HIM BACK TOWARDS THE MIDDLE OF THE RING!

The crowd can’t believe it, as RVD is surely finished, caught damn near in the middle of the ring. ‘The Whole Damn Show’ attempts to claw his way towards the ropes, but they’re seemingly an eternity away, causing him to raise his hand up into the air …


The crowd erupts with a pop, but Edge is far from amused, keeping the hold locked in for a little longer, before finally letting go and tugging at his long locks, angry at the fact he couldn’t force RVD to submit. Lita turns her man’s attention back towards RVD though, and the champion looks to go back to work, lifting RVD up, then sending him off with an Irish whip, although RVD is able to duck under a clothesline on the rebound, perhaps aided by his slower than usual run … before striking with a kick to the face! Edge goes down, and RVD runs off to the ropes … rolling thunder finally connects! RVD makes the cover … two!

The crowd can’t believe it as RVD gets to his feet, lifting Edge up with him before sending him into the corner, then charging in and striking with a huge corner spin kick! Edge is practically out on his feet, allowing RVD to pick him up and scoop him down with ease … THEN GO FOR … AND NAIL THE SPLIT LEGGED MOONSAULT! RVD hooks the leg … TWO!

The crowd responds in shock, gasping at the kickout that even causes RVD to look at the referee quizzically, before getting back on with business, heading for the corner. Unfortunately for Van Dam, his knee injury is obviously having a negative effect, and he struggles as he climbs the ropes. This gives Edge time to recover, and with him so near to the ropes, he only has to get up to strike RVD with a right hand from close range. Edge continues to rock Van Dam a few more times, before climbing up the ropes with him and thinking superplex … but Van Dam fights him off, showing his determination with some blistering right hands, before a kick to the side of the head sends Edge tumbling down to the mat below. The WWE Champion gets back to his feet … and gets struck with a thrust kick right to the side of the head! This sends Edge across the ring, causing Van Dam to drag his tired body to the cover … TWO!

Edge again escapes, showing the pain threshold required to be WWE Champion, causing RVD to wonder what he has to do to defeat the champion. RVD seems to struggle with himself for a moment, before climbing back up to his feet and lifting Edge up too … only for Edge to rake his eyes! The crowd boos as Edge takes the easy way out with the rake of the eyes … THEN HOOKS RVD UP FOR THE EDGECUTION … BUT RVD SPINS OUT OF IT AND ROLLS EDGE UP … TWO! Both men get up, RVD looking immediately for a clothesline, but Edge ducks … EDGE-O-MATIC … NO, RVD HAS A COUNTER FOR THAT TOO, WRAPPING HIS LEGS AROUND EDGE AND ROLLING HIM FORWARD INTO A VICTORY ROLL OF SORTS … TWO!

Van Dam seemingly has a counter to everything Edge can bring, the two climbing up once more … AND EDGE JUST PLAIN BOOTS VAN DAM IN THE FACE! Nothing fancy there as Edge runs with what works, knocking Van Dam out of his socks with the boot … before heading for the corner … AND CALLING FOR THE SPEAR! RVD slowly pulls himself up, unaware of what is happening behind him as Edge readies himself … SPEAR! WAIT … NO … RVD SUPERKICKS EDGE RIGHT IN THE JAW! EDGE LUNGES FORWARD RIGHT INTO A SUPERKICK! The crowd erupts as Edge is sent rolling from the ring by the force of the move … BUT RVD IS RIGHT ON IT, CHARGING TO THE ROPES, THEN COMING OVER WITH A SOMERSAULT PLANCHA!

Both men go down on the outside to a huge pop, and they remain there for a moment, before RVD goes to lift Edge up … but Edge rams him back into the apron … THEN DECIDES HE’S HAD ENOUGH AND BACKS UP OFF THE RAMP! With Lita carrying his WWE Title, Edge heads for the back, leaving a confused looking Van Dam to roll back into the ring and get the count out victory.

Winner: Rob Van Dam via count out @ 12:01

No music plays and no announcement is made. Instead we remain in silence as RVD stands in the ring, alone.

Joey Styles: Well Edge has said that he’ll get the job done for Eric Bischoff but did he … did he just run away?

Jonathan Coachman: He didn’t run away, he … he just left some of RVD for Shawn Michaels to take care of!

Jerry Lawler: I think he ran away, ‘Coach’.

Things remain silent for RVD in the ring …


The crowd erupts with a huge pop as the familiar gong rings throughout the arena, prompting the lights to go out.


The lights remain out, with absolutely nothing happening …


The crowd goes nuts as the lights come back on … AND RVD IS STILL STANDING THERE! The mind games clearly not working, RVD just smirks to himself as the crowd looks on in awe.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! What the … what the hell was that?

Jerry Lawler: I think that was The Undertaker … and I think ‘Coach’ needs a change of pants.

Joey Styles: But look at RVD. He’s still standing there in the middle of the ring. Ladies and gentlemen, if you needed any more proof after last week that RVD isn’t afraid of The Undertaker, you’ve got it right there.

Jonathan Coachman: What’s WRONG with Van Dam? Why isn’t he scared?

Joey Styles: You heard him last week, ‘Coach’. RVD doesn’t let anything psych him out, and apparently that includes The Undertaker. Speaking of psychology though, up next we’ll be chatting with Mickie James’ psychiatrist, following the past few weeks of assaults at the hands of Trish Stratus. That’s next on Monday Night RAW.

We head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We get back from the break not at ringside, but rather backstage, where we see the WWE Champion, Edge stumbling down a corridor, holding his head in pain, with his girlfriend Lita holding the gold not far behind. Edge is clearly in a lot of pain, still grimacing away to himself until …

???: Hey! HEY EDGE!

~ Edge turns around … to see none other than the Monday Night RAW General Manager, Eric Bischof enter the shot to a big reaction of heat!

Eric Bischoff: What the hell was that? I thought we had a deal!

~ Edge looks pissed, getting fired up by Bischoff’s presence.

Edge: What was that? What was that? That was me deciding that I’m not going to be your puppet. I’m the WWE Champion! The W – W – E Champion. I am NO ONE’S puppet!

~ Heat from the crowd as Bischoff looks set to bite back.

Eric Bischoff: You want the deal off? Y’know what? That’s fine!

~ Edge looks someone relieved, though he still breathes heavily.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, that’s fine, because my part of the deal? It’s off too!

~ Edge almost laughs at Bischoff mockingly.

Edge: You think I care? Did you not hear me before? I’m the WWE Champion! It doesn’t matter who you throw at me!

Eric Bischoff: Good, because over the next few weeks you’ll be going one on one with John Cena AND Kurt Angle!

~ A HUGE pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Let’s see if it matters now, champ.

Bischoff walks from the view pissed, while an angered Edge starts to panic, before lashing out at a crate, kicking it as hard as he can!

From there we cut back to ringside where we see our announce team.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! What an announcement from Eric Bischoff. Over the next few weeks Edge will go one on one with his challengers for WrestleMania, BOTH Kurt Angle AND John Cena!

Jonathan Coachman: No Mr. Bischoff! Why?

Jerry Lawler: He obviously wasn’t happy to see Edge walking out on his match with RVD, and he’s decided to pay.

Joey Styles: On a more personal note, ladies and gentlemen, momentarily we’re going to be joined by Mickie James’ psychologist, Dr. Hayden Stojkovic. But before we do that, we just want to give you a brief look on what has happened to Mickie over the past few weeks.


Footage of Mickie James apologising to Trish at Saturday Night’s Main Event, explaining herself and her life, only for Trish to both physically and mentally abuse her is shown, along with footage of the same happening on last week’s Monday Night RAW.


We return back to ringside to see our announce team are looking up at the screen to see Dr. Hayden Stojkovic, who looks middle aged, balding with a brown mullet and a reasonably sophisticated suit on. Yes, I just described Frasier Crane.

Joey Styles: Thank you for joining us, Dr. Stojkovic, here on Monday Night RAW.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: It’s no problem.

Jerry Lawler: Now, first of all, Doctor, I was wondering if you could explain the nature of your relationship with Mickie James, and how long you’ve known her.

~ Stojkovic looks quite uncomfortable, but he goes ahead.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Before I say anything else, I just wish to state that this is usually information that is confidential between the patient and the doctor. Ms. James, however, has agreed to allow me to share with you this information in the public domain, and that’s why I’m speaking on her behalf.

~ Stojkovic once again pauses, clearing his throat.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: My relationship with Ms. James is simple. I have been her lifetime psychiatrist.

Joey Styles: So that means you’ve had a professional relationship with Mickie for her whole life?

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Yes. I have been Ms. James’ psychiatrist from a very young age.

Jerry Lawler: Can you possibly give us any details about what brought these meetings on?

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Ms. James came to me at a very young age due to a lack of social abilities. From a very young age she had troubles reaching out to the other children and making a connection to them. She lacked the abilities to do so, because as you may have noticed, Ms. James isn’t quite as normal as you or I. Not only has she lacked ever having anyone around her in her life, preventing her from knowing how she should be interacting with others, but she also suffers from a disability that prevents her from being able to read the facial expressions of others.

~ The psychiatrist pauses for a moment.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: You may be nervous. You may be sad. You may be angry. You may even be happy, but Ms. James has no way of knowing. All she can do is assume the emotion of the person she is talking to and hope that she is right.

~ A slight pause from dramatic effect.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: As I mentioned before, Ms. James has also lacked human interaction from a very young age, and as a result she is unsure of how to not just act, but also react around others. She came to me at a very young age to try to rectify that, but unfortunately it cannot be fixed completely until she has constant human interaction whilst also coming to her appointments so that we can analyse what went wrong with what she’s done and what went right. As I’m sure you can tell, that has not happened just quite yet.

Jonathan Coachman: But you’ve been seeing her your entire life. How has the opportunity for you to do that NOT come up yet? This all sounds a little fishy to me.

~ The doctor sighs, looking not too comfortable about being in this position.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Through Ms. James’ early life, she lacked the courage to approach other people. The main reason her grandfather brought her to me was because of this. With no mother for her to interact with most of the time, Ms. James didn’t understand how she should interact with others, or how to even begin to interact with others.

Jonathan Coachman: But what about since she’s been here in the WWE? Or even when she trained to become a pro wrestler? Surely you could have helped her in that time. She’s been interacting with people all of the time here!

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: She has indeed, but when I saw Ms. James this week it was the first time I had seen her in over four years. As she told you, when Ms. James got up and left home for the dream of becoming a professional wrestler, she left everything behind. She left behind the home she had grown up in, the small family she had grown up with and everything else that surrounded her. That included me.

~ Another awkward pause, with ‘Coach’ now biting his tongue.

Joey Styles: What can you tell us about Mickie’s current state? Are the rumours that she is here in the building tonight, yet under order not to appear by you true?

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Ms. James, psychologically, is in the worst state she’s ever been in. As I’m sure you know, the one person she felt she could connect with, who she felt could understand her was the woman she left home to emulate … Trish Stratus.

~ A big mixed reaction for Trish, mainly leaning towards boos.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Ms. James thought that Ms. Stratus was more than just her friend, but also her mentor. That was significant in two ways. As you know, Ms. James didn’t have any friends as a child. But it’s not only that either. She never had that mother figure either to guide her, and she looked up at Ms. Stratus and gave her that role of the mother figure. She looked up to her for guidance.

~ Another pause for dramatic effect.

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Physically, Ms. James is okay. Those scars have healed. But mentally … mentally, those scars may never heal. Ms. James may forever be left mentally scarred in one way or another.

~ An awkward pause as the doctor is unsure of what to say next.

Jerry Lawler: But what about tonight? Is she backstage tonight?

Dr. Hayden Stojkovic: Yes, Ms. James is backstage tonight. However, she is under strict order not to appear for her own mental safety. She is in a very fragile state at this point, and …


The crowd gives some very good heat for the sudden interruption as Trish Stratus walks out, microphone already in hand, ready to talk.

Trish Stratus: Y’know what? I think I’ll start to answer the questions about Mickie James.

~ Trish looks up, noticing the psychiatrist still on the screen.

Trish Stratus: Thanks for steppin’ up, shrink, but I’ve got this. It’s been fun having you though. Bye-bye now.

~ Trish waves innocently at the tron, which the psychiatrist soon disappears from, with Trish now turning towards the ramp and walking down to the ring.

Trish Stratus: So we’re out here to talk about Mickie James, huh? Boy, have I got a lot I could say about her.

~ Trish climbs up the steel steps and through into the ring, still holding the microphone.

Trish Stratus: What as your last question, ‘King’? Is Mickie James here tonight? Was that … was that it?

~ Trish looks over to ‘King’, but no one from the announce team says a word.

Trish Stratus: Oh, what’s the matter, ‘King’? Cat got your tongue? Y’know what … that’s fine, because I can do this little interview about Mickie James all by myself.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: Now, as touching as that interview was – really, it was a real tearjerker – I hate to do this, but I have to come out here and play the role of the partypooper. Because, y’see, as much as I just hate to let you know, of course Mickie James is backstage. Of course she’s in the arena tonight. She’s here.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: I mean, she has to be here. She had to tell that “shrink” what to say.

~ Heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: Didn’t you see her? She was just off to the side there, whispering to him what he had to say! I mean, you don’t believe he was actually a shrink, do you? Did any of you happen to catch his name? Hayden? What kind of a name is that?

~ Trish laughs to herself as the crowd boos.

Trish Stratus: Trust me, if a kid is named Hayden, he is not going to be smart enough to get a job as a psychiatrist!

~ More heat from the crowd for Trish.

Trish Stratus: But hey, I guess it’s kind of fitting that Mickie went out and found herself a fraud of her own to represent her, eh?

~ More boos from the crowd as Trish laughs some more.

Trish Stratus: So now that we’ve got that out of the way, how about I tell you the real story about Mickie James, m’kay? A story about selfishness. About greed. Y’see, Mickie James’ life … Mickie James’ life isn’t the hard luck story she’ll have you believe. Mickie James’ life and her career here in the WWE, it’s built around lies and deception.

~ Heat.

Trish Stratus: I mean, let’s look at what she’s done since she arrived here in the WWE. First she met me backstage, claiming to be my “number one fan” and that she’d just been signed. Yeah, right.

~ More heat for the sarcasm of Trish.

Trish Stratus: But then she claimed she wanted to “help” me. Yeah, she wanted to help me and my friend Ashley to fight off the other divas who were targeting us to try to get to my Women’s Title. Oh, by the way, did I mention that it was during that time that Mickie also ran Ashley off Monday Night RAW?

~ More heat from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: But she just wanted to be our friend, didn’t she? She just wanted to be my friend, and she’d never do anything to hurt me. After all, accidents happen, don’t they Mickie?

~ Yet again the crowd boos.

Trish Stratus: Look Mickie, it’s like this. You can pretend that you’re not just plotting against me and my Women’s Title. You can pretend that you didn’t mean to take out my friends, that you didn’t mean to take out Ashley or Rebecca. But Mickie, what you’re pretending and what I know … they’re entirely different things. You can keep lying to these people and telling them you have emotional issues, but deep down, I know you’re nothing … but a fraud.

~ More heat from the crowd, not that Trish gives a damn.

Trish Stratus: So Mickie, let your little sob story continue all of the way until WrestleMania, so I can write my own chapter in the book of Mickie James. The night Trish Stratus got redemption and ran Mickie James out of the WWE … for good.

~ Trish smirks, proud of herself and what she’s said, only to suddenly hear …


The crowd doesn’t really react at first, although they eventually give a decent pop as Ashley Massaro walks out onto the stage. Nodding at the audience, Ashley makes her way down the ramp and joins Trish in the ring, a microphone of her own in hand.

Trish Stratus: Ashley, it’s, uh … it’s nice to see you. Just like last week, but I thought … I thought you were gone.

Ashley Massaro: No Trish, I was gone. And just to acknowledge what you said earlier, yeah, it was because of Mickie James.

~ A small bit of heat as Trish nods along.

Ashley Massaro: But Trish … after listening to what you’ve had to say for the past few weeks, if anyone needs a psychiatrist … it’s you!

~ A big pop from the crowd as Trish looks shocked.

Ashley Massaro: You think Mickie James pretended to have emotional issues just to get a shot at your title? Trish … you’re crazy.

~ Another big pop from the crowd.

Trish Stratus: What are … what are you talking about? Mickie ran you out of the WWE! Don’t you get it? She ran you out of here!

Ashley Massaro: You’re right, Trish. Mickie did run me out of here. But she’s also the one who brought me back.

~ A small pop from the crowd.

Ashley Massaro: You remember that surprise Mickie promised you last week right before I came down to the ring to check on her? That surprise … was me. Surprise!

~ Another small pop.

Ashley Massaro: Just like she told you she did to Rebecca, Mickie James sought me out, she found me, and she begged me to help her become closer to you. She’s not stupid, Mickie. She knows she has issues. And that’s why she came to me for help.

~ Ashley pauses slightly.

Ashley Massaro: Last week … last week was meant to be me coming out and explaining Mickie’s side of the story for her to you, so you could understand what she’s been through. And tonight, I came here to San Antonio to do the same thing.

~ Small pop from the crowd.

Ashley Massaro: But y’know what? There’s no point to that now, because Mickie James isn’t the one with the problems. You are!

~ Another pop.

Ashley Massaro: Trish, I hate to break it to you, but not everything is about you. Maybe if you realised that and cared about Mickie instead of just caring about yourself, you wouldn’t have this match with her at WrestleMania.

~ Trish is beginning to grit her teeth as Ashley looks to continue.

Ashley Massaro: But to be honest, I’m kind of glad you have that match at WrestleMania. Because after seeing what you’ve become, I can’t wait to see you lose your title to Mickie James.

~ A great pop from the crowd.

Ashley Massaro: Maybe then you’ll realise that not everything is about you.

~ Another pop from the crowd as Trish continues to seethe away to herself … BEFORE SUDDENLY SLAMMING THE MICROPHONE INTO ASHLEY’S HEAD! IT’S SATURDAY NIGHT’S MAIN EVENT ALL OVER AGAIN!

The crowd boos as Ashley takes the role that Mickie’s had for the past few weeks … but before Trish can do anymore damage the crowd erupts into a cheer … AND MICKIE JAMES HERSELF COMES RUSHING DOWN THE RAMP!

Panicking, the Women’s Champion quickly rolls away out of the ring, and looks on … at an ENRAGED LOOKING MICKIE JAMES! Gone is the sweet and innocent Mickie … MICKIE IS MAD!

Trish can’t believe it, backing up the ramp to safety as the crowd breaks out into a “Mickie! Mickie! Mickie!” chant.

Joey Styles: Thank God for Mickie James! She just saved Ashley from a horrific beatdown!

Jerry Lawler: But look at the look in her eyes! Mickie’s innocence … Mickie’s innocence has been killed!

Jonathan Coachman: Forget Mickie’s innocence. She looks like she’s going to kill Trish if she gets her hands on her!

Joey Styles: Mickie James looks like she’s finally learnt to stand up for herself, and not a moment too soon. With WrestleMania just three weeks away, what does this mean for the Women’s Title match?

We continue to look on at Mickie breathing in and out heavily, the crowd chanting her name in unison as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back at ringside with our announce crew.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where our tag team main event of John Cena and Rob Van Dam taking on Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle is not far away. However, before then we want to once again show you what happened before the break when Ashley confronted Trish Stratus in the ring, following Trish interrupting Mickie James’ psychiatrist.

We get a replay of what went down before the break. Read the above segment if you somehow missed it.

Joey Styles: Gentlemen, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that look in Mickie James’ eyes. ‘King’, I think you said it best when you said Mickie’s innocence is gone.

Jerry Lawler: There was a newfound fire in Mickie’s eyes that we just saw. We’re dealing with a brand new Mickie James right here, and that may be the Mickie James that Trish Straus will have to deal with at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: Poor Trish. That fraud is gonna kill her!

We cut away from the announcers to go backstage, where we see The Spirit Squad, seemingly in their own private locker-room, bouncing around as they look on at a monitor which just went to black. They make all kinds of noise at first, but they all fall silent when Johnny Jeter speaks up.

Johnny Jeter: Hey guys, I’ve got an idea. How about we watch the finish to the match … AGAIN?

All: YEAH!

~ Kenny, who has the remote, presses play again so we can see The Squad hit the High Spirits, before Kenny himself hits the Sky High Leg Drop, causing The Spirit Squad to go into an absolute frenzy … when suddenly the TV is turned off … and we see The Redneck Wrecking Crew enter the scene.

Lance Cade: Gentlemen, I don’t believe we’ve met. I’m Lance Cade, and this … this is my partner, Trevor Murdoch.

~ Murdoch grunts at The Squad, who have suddenly bunched back away from The Crew.

Lance Cade: This is quite an impressive locker-room you’ve got yourself here, boys.

~ Murdoch looks around, looking far less impressed than Cade.

Lance Cade: Courtesy of Mr. Eric Bischoff, am I right?

~ Cade smirks away.

Lance Cade: Speakin’ of impressive … your performance earlier … now that was impressive too.

~ Cade smiles, but as Kenny goes to talk he turns back serious, cutting Kenny of before he can even begin.

Lance Cade: But if ya think that ‘cause y’all the new golden boys here on RAW, that you’re gonna get a shot at the tag titles before us … well boys, you’ve got another thing comin’. ‘Cause while you may be flashy and impressive like your locker-room here, Murdoch an’ myself, we’re like our locker-room too … the communal locker-room. We may be rough around the edges and not as flashy and (Cade grabs at Kenny’s uniform) stylish as you guys …

~ Cade once again goes serious, leaning in towards The Spirit Squad.

Lance Cade: But you get in our way of the tag team titles, and we’ll make you roadkill.

~ Cade dips his cowboy hat, then takes a step back with Murdoch by his side.

Lance Cade: We’ll see you later, boys.

~ Cade & Murdoch now exit the locker-room, leaving The Squad dead quiet.

We now cut back to ringside to see Rene Dupree standing by in the ring just like last week, his music playing in the background and a microphone in his hand.

Rene Dupree: Excusez-moi.

~ Heat from the crowd for the foreign language.

Rene Dupree: Ladies and gentlemen, for your … viewing pleasure, I, Rene Dupree, am here to once again teach you a lesson in style and class.

~ Small heat from the crowd.

Rene Dupree: Last week … last week, we saw the very worst that you disgusting Americans had to offer, and I took care of it in a matter of minutes. So I ask you, to any American in the back, come out here and do your best to fight for your country. Prove that you filthy American pigs can tangle with the technical prowess that only a Frenchman … can offer.

Dupree smiles and drops the mic, then waits for a moment, until …


Dupree look immensely disappointed as, in the second time in two weeks, Eugene comes wandering out onto the stage to accept his challenge. The mentally handicapped nephew of Eric Bischoff makes his way down the ramp rather quickly, waving out at all the fans in the arena as he does so.

Joey Styles: Rene Dupree looks far from happy, as for the second straight week his open challenge has been met by Eugene.

Jonathan Coachman: Would you be happy, Joe? Rene Dupree is out here trying to prove himself as a serious competitor, and for the past two weeks that JOKE has come out.

Joey Styles: Well I understand why Rene isn’t happy, but I wouldn’t call Eugene a joke.

Eugene climbs up into the ring, and after waving out to the fans some more, prepares for battle.

Match Four ~ Singles Match:
Rene Dupree vs. Eugene

Much like last week, this is just another squash to show off the abilities of the underrated Rene Dupree. Dupree runs through Eugene likes he’s nothing, reeling off all of the moves in his moveset, before finishing things with the Dupree Driver for the three.

Winner: Rene Dupree via pinfall @ 1:42


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Rene Dupree!

Dupree gets back to his feet to have his hand raised by the referee in victory. Despite it just being a win over Eugene, Dupree looks to further celebrate his victory, doing the French Tickler of his on the spot.

Joey Styles: Rene Dupree impressive again, and it looks like he’s content with having beaten Eugene.

Jonathan Coachman: Eugene will do for now, but mark my words, sometime in the future Rene Dupree is gonna have a big impact.

Jerry Lawler: I just hope when he has that impact that he’s not doing that little dance. He looks ridiculous!

After the in-depth thoughts from ‘King’, we cut away from Dupree …

… And we’re now backstage to see Shawn Michaels sitting on a bench, lacing his boots. His hometown crowd goes ABSOLUTELY WILD with a huge mixed reaction as the stoic Michaels goes about his business … when Kurt Angle suddenly enters the shot, and the two former rivals go face to face to a huge reaction!

Kurt Angle: Shawn … you don’t like me … and I sure as HELL don’t like you.

~ Big mixed reaction from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: But if me and you … if we wanna win tonight … we’re gonna have to work together … you got it?

~ Michaels smirks, his arrogance shining through.

Shawn Michaels: Kurt, I don’t give a damn if we work together. You just make sure that you leave Van Dam … to me.

Michaels sneers, then sits back down, looking on as Kurt backs away and we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*





We return to ringside to see our commentators sitting by as “I Dare You” by Shinedown plays in the background.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW. As you can hear in the background, that is indeed our theme for WrestleMania 22, “I Dare You” by Shinedown who we’d like to thank, and gentlemen, we are just twenty days away from the biggest show of the year.

Jerry Lawler: WrestleMania fever has well and truly hit, Joe. This is the one time of the year where almost everyone is in a good mood.

Jonathan Coachman: And why wouldn’t they be? WrestleMania’s where all the stars come out babyboy, especially this year when ‘The Coach’ makes his WrestleMania debut on commentary.

Joey Styles: As monumental of an event as that’ll be, ‘Coach’, we also have a heck of a card stacked up for WrestleMania, perhaps none bigger than Rob Van Dam challenging The Undertaker in an attempt become known as the guy who ended The Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: This promises to be a heck of a match, Joey. A couple of weeks ago I wouldn’t have even given Van Dam the slightest of chances, but these past few weeks he has impressed me. It would be an upset, but I think he can do it!

Jonathan Coachman: Joe, I don’t know why you’re even bothering to announce this match. Once Shawn Michaels gets done with RVD in tonight’s tag match, this match isn’t gonna happen at WrestleMania. And to that, I say good riddance, because I am NOT being embarrassed by Van Dam on the grandest stage of ‘em all.

Joey Styles: Speaking of being embarrassed, the United States Champion Booker T was again embarrassed on Friday Night SmackDown! this past week when Teddy Long announced that he would have to defend his United States Title against Chris Benoit one more time. That, however, isn’t all, because if Orlando Jordan can beat Benoit this week on SmackDown!, he’ll be included in the match, making it a Three Way Dance.

Jonathan Coachman: Teddy Long is a racist. Why’s he gotta hate on my fellow playa Booker T like this? Booker already beat Chris Benoit. What more can he do?

Jerry Lawler: ‘Coach’, Teddy Long IS black, but I agree that this will be rough on Booker. Can he come out victorious? I dunno, although a lot may change if Orlando Jordan beats Chris Benoit this week on SmackDown!.

Joey Styles: The Women’s Championship will be on the line as Trish Stratus defends against Mickie James. Trish Stratus thought that she had already broken Mickie, but Mickie has come out with new fire here tonight. Can Trish possibly retain after seeing that?

Jonathan Coachman: Trish is the best women’s wrestler the world has ever seen, so yeah, she can do it. She’s just gotta make sure that Mickie James doesn’t kill her.

Jerry Lawler: That’s easier said than done, though ‘Coach’. You saw the look in Mickie’s eyes earlier.

Joey Styles: The World Tag Team Titles will be on the line when Kane and the Big Show defend against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has been looking to back out of this match, but earlier tonight you saw Charlie Haas finally stand up to him. Can these two get on the same page before WrestleMania and show why they were once called The World’s Greatest Tag Team?

Jonathan Coachman: I’m sure they could if they wanted to, but after Haas treated Shelton like that earlier tonight? Yeah, good luck getting’ on the same page now.

Jerry Lawler: They were never on the same page to begin with, but at least Charlie has had a say now. Just how close they can come at WrestleMania might be shown by how well Charlie fares against the Big Show next week.

Joey Styles: The WWE Tag Team Titles will be defend by MNM as they face the returning Hardy Boyz. Matt and Jeff proved they’ve still got the chemistry this past week on SmackDown!, but MNM will be out to prove that they’re the greatest tag team of all-time and not The Hardy Boyz at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: MNM all the way in this one baby. Comin’ off a big win over the World Heavyweight Champ Batista and Randy Orton, there ain’t nothin’ that can stop the MNM train.

Jerry Lawler: Well I had the pleasure of watching The Hardy Boyz develop from youngsters into what they are today, and after seeing that I can’t help but feel that WrestleMania will be their night.

Joey Styles: In perhaps the most personal match on the card, it’ll be Shawn Michaels taking on his one time best friend Triple H, and it will be No Holds Barred!

Jerry Lawler: Well Triple H was removed from the arena by Eric Bischoff earlier tonight due to not being medically cleared, but the same thing won’t be happening at WrestleMania. Triple H will be out for revenge, and I feel he’ll get it.

Jonathan Coachman: This match is all about Shawn Michaels and his chance to take out Triple H on his way top gettin’ his smile back. Ironically, he’s gonna have to do it by beating the happiness out of another man for good, but I think Shawn can do it.

Joey Styles: Eight men, a ringside full of ladders and pain guaranteed. For the man who climbs up a ladder and unhooks the briefcase suspended twenty feet in the air is a contract that guarantees them a world title match, any time any place over the next twelve months. Who will walk out of WrestleMania as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’?

Jonathan Coachman: My pick all along has been Gregory Helms, and I’m stickin’ with him. He may have fallen short of winnin’ the Intercontinental Title earlier tonight thanks to Ric Flair’s cheating, but trust me, he’s gonna walk out of WrestleMania as ‘Mr. Money in the Bank’.

Jerry Lawler: As much as I’d like Ric Flair to win, this will be his first ladder match ever. I do think, however, that his close friend Chavo Guerrero is huge opportunity, having found new life here on RAW, plus ladder match experience.

Joey Styles: Those men are vying for a shot at a world title, but what about the World Heavyweight Title match itself? The World Heavyweight Champion Batista defends his title against his former team-mate and 2006 Royal Rumble winner Randy Orton.

Jonathan Coachman: Randy Orton’s on the climb once more, while Big Dave is on a decline. With WrestleMania looming fast, I can’t see any other way for this to go than an Orton victory.

Jerry Lawler: It’s gonna be tough for Batista, there’s no doubting that. He may have lost his past three matches, but Batista has been World Heavyweight Champion for a year now, and I think he may just come good when the time is right.

Joey Styles: And finally the main event from Monday Night RAW. The WWE Champion Edge defends against the two men he’s been running from for months. It’s Edge vs. Cena vs. Angle for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

Jerry Lawler: And Edge can’t run over the next two weeks, because in the lead-up to WrestleMania he’ll be facing BOTH Kurt Angle and John Cena in one on one matches! Life isn’t going to be easy on the champ before WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: Contrary to what you may believe, Edge hasn’t run from anyone, and he’s not gonna start doin’ it now. Trust me, my boy is gonna walk into WrestleMania as champ and he’s gonna walk out just the same. The ones who should be worried about the next few weeks are Cena and Angle, ‘cause they mightn’t make it the WrestleMania if they piss off the champ.

Joey Styles: That’s WrestleMania and that is in twenty days, folks, but the night before WrestleMania in 19 days we will see the Class of 2006 inducted into the Hall of Fame. Announced thus far are the late great Eddie Guerrero, Jim Ross and Verne Gagne. Who will be the latest man to be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame?




We return from that in the backstage area … or more specifically, in the trainer’s room, where Rob Van Dam sits on a table. The crowd gives a huge pop as RVD stretches his freshly taped knee out, the doctor packing up beside him.

Rob Van Dam: Hey, thanks again doc.

~ The doctor nods at Van Dam and leaves the view … to be replaced by John Cena, drawing a MASSIVE mixed reaction out of the crowd, mostly comprising cheers.

Rob Van Dam: Hey, it’s ‘The Champ’. What’s up dude?

John Cena: Sup with me? Dude, I’m not the one who just went through a match only to have to compete again. Sup with you? You ready for our tag team match?

~ RVD smiles and stretches his knee out for Cena to see.

Rob Van Dam: You know it.

~ Cena can’t help but crack a smile.

John Cena: That’s good to hear man. I’ll see you out there.

~ Cena turns to leave, only for Van Dam to grab him by the shoulder.

Rob Van Dam: By the way, John … if Shawn Michaels wants a piece of me? Let him try.

~ Another smile from Cena.

John Cena: Alright, you got it. I’ll see ya out there man.

And with that Cena walks off as Van Dam looks on into the distance while we head off to a break with a caption down the bottom of the screen telling us the main event is next.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and immediately hear …


And the crowd goes ABSOLUTELY OFF THEIR HEADS as out from the back comes the hometown hero Shawn Michaels to an amazingly mixed reaction, with the cheers perhaps just taking the cake. Like a man on a mission, Shawn isn’t particularly exuberant, instead walking down to the ring with a focussed expression on his face.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, ‘THE HEARTBREAK KID’ SHAAWWWNNNN MICHAELS!

Joey Styles: Last week this man Shawn Michaels officially began his quest to regain his smile, starting by taking out Triple H, and ending, as he says, when he finally regains the WWE Title. Tonight Shawn will be looking to take out RVD to get in the General Manager’s good books, but even if this is but a sideshow for Michaels, he still looks to be a man on a mission.

Jerry Lawler: Oh, no doubt about it, Joe. Shawn is all focus towards his goal. The only problem is that with that focus has come a deep dark side we never knew existed, at least not anymore.

Jonathan Coachman: Problem? ‘King’, this is a blessing. Shawn Michaels knows what he wants, and he’s willing to go out and get it. Don’t be mad ‘cause you’re not as strong minded as Shawn Michaels.

Michaels climbs up into the ring and again doesn’t pose, instead just readying himself as we wait.


And the crowd gives a MASSIVE pop as Kurt Angle stomps his way out onto the stage. Cutting his ever intense figure, Kurt marches halfway down the ramp, then throws his arms up into the air, triggering pyro to fly out wildly behind him.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, KUUURRRTTT AAANNNNGGGLLLLEEEE!

Joey Styles: Tonight Kurt Angle gets his chance to finally beat John Cena, but coming in the next two weeks before WrestleMania, Kurt will get his chance to get his hands on Edge. With that in mind, will Kurt be entirely focussed on tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: As much as I hate to say it, yes, he will be. Kurt’s a focussed guy, and he knows what he’s goin’ for. He has his tunnel vision, and tonight that vision is on John Cena.

Jerry Lawler: Exactly. When you get something in Kurt Angle’s mind, he will only focus on that thing. He may be focussing on Edge next, but for now his worry is John Cena, along with RVD.

Angle climbs up into the ring to join his partner, but he doesn’t acknowledge him, instead just taking up a place beside him.


For the second time tonight, the same tune blasts out, but the reaction is just as loud as Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage. Despite looking a little proppy on his knee, RVD remains calm, walking down the ramp with a relaxed expression on his face.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 235 lbs, ROB – VAN – DAM!

Joey Styles: RVD is out here for a second time tonight following his earlier match with Edge in which his previous knee was already tested. Will this have an effect on this match here?

Jerry Lawler: Oh, no doubt, Joey, especially since it’s been awhile since RVD wrestled. The adrenaline would’ve cut out about ten minutes after his first match, and now all he’s going to be feeling is the pain in that knee.

Jonathan Coachman: And that is exactly what Shawn Michaels is going to take advantage of. You give that man that slightest advantage, and he’ll take it for all it’s worth and then some. That’s how good Shawn Michaels is.

Rather than climbing into the dangerous territory of the ring, Van Dam waits at the foot of the ramp for his partner …


The crowd gives a GIANT response for the former WWE Champion John Cena, who charges out onto the stage, full of energy. Cena clearly doesn’t want to waste any time, running down the ramp to join Van Dam, then sliding into the ring … AND THIS ONE IS UNDERWAY!

Match Five ~ Tag Team Match:
Shawn Michaels & Kurt Angle vs. Rob Van Dam & John Cena

This match kicks off with a bang as the teams pair off – RVD and Michaels go at it in one corner and Cena and Angle in another. The two sets of two trade shots, slugging it out much to the enjoyment of the crowd, who cheer rabidly. It takes awhile, but eventually Michaels and Angle get the advantage, Angle thanks to a knee lift to the midsection and Michaels thanks to a boot to the knee of Van Dam. The two then hammer their foes into the corner, before backing away and charging in … both being struck with elbows to the jaw! Angle and Michaels stagger back … then get their heads taken off with a pair of clotheslines!

RVD is quick to capitalise on this, pitching Shawn through the ropes, before following him up and hammering away on him on the outside … leading to him getting him up for a suplex and dropping him on the crowd barrier! The crowd cheers as RVD climbs up to the apron for the second time of the nigh and does his classic thumb taunt … then this time connects with the spinning leg drop! In the ring Cena is controlling Angle, kicking away at him in the corner until Angle attempts to stumble out. Cena, though, is all over him, grabbing him and sending him off with an Irish whip, before scoring with a reverse elbow on the rebound! Cena makes the cover … two!

Cena continues his offensive advantage for the next few moments, working together well with RVD, who makes his way up onto the apron to work over Kurt Angle, all while Shawn Michaels continues to struggle on the outside. Shawn’s positioning eventually pays off though, as when RVD runs off to the ropes he is able to grab Van Dam by the leg, distracting him, allowing Angle to swoop in with a chop block! Angle then looks to follow up, going right after the leg of Van Dam, but RVD manages to kick him away and tag in John Cena, while Angle tags in Shawn Michaels.

These two men have a brief stare down, the crowd in San Antonio going crazy as they do so … before they go right at it and slug it out in the middle of the ring, Michaels with chops and Cena with straight up right hands! Eventually Cena is the one to get the advantage to the displeasure of the San Antonio crowd, sending Michaels off with an Irish whip, only for Michaels to slide through his legs on the return, then poke him in the eye. The crowd goes wild as Cena staggers back, but Michaels soon turns them against him, telling them in no uncertain terms to fuck off.

Michaels now turns his attention to the reeling Cena, grabbing him by the head and looking to ram him down face first into the corner, only for Cena to reverse by reaching his foot out, then slamming Michaels’ head down instead! The crowd cheers as Michaels falls back, with Cena quick to follow, grabbing a front face lock and dragging ‘HBK’ across to the corner to tag in RVD! The crowd gives a nice pop as RVD comes back into things, combining with Cena for a little teamwork as the duo hook up with a double hip toss that gets a two.

RVD is quick to follow up, lifting Michaels up to his feet then whipping him into the corner so he can follow him in, only for Michaels to get his boot up. RVD staggers away in pain, prompting Shawn to charge in at him … right into a back body drop! RVD is suddenly fired up, calling Kurt Angle into the ring too, which Kurt happily complies with, wanting to get an attack in on Van Dam … but he runs right into a spin kick! Angle goes down … but then so does RVD, taken from behind with a chop block by Michaels!

From here on out RVD is in major trouble, taking a sustained beating at the hands of Angle & Michaels, although Michaels is the one to do nearly all of the work, wanting to please Eric Bischoff. Like earlier with Edge though, Van Dam proves to be persistent, and in spite of Michaels’ best efforts, continues to battle on. He even starts to fight back following Michaels driving his elbow down into his knee, kicking Shawn in the head a few times to stagger him up, before getting back up and going for a kick to the midsection … but Shawn catches him and nails the dragon screw! RVD is down … and Shawn takes advantage, locking in the figure four leglock!

The crowd goes wild with a mixed reaction as RVD writhes in pain, clearly under a lot of pressure from the hold. Shawn shows no remorse, leaning back as far as possible to try to put as much pressure on as he can, forcing RVD to try to rush to the ropes as soon as possible. That’s easier said than done though, and RVD is forced to struggle, desperately trying to pull his body towards the ropes, having to drag Michaels along with the ride while he’s at it, making it damn near impossible …


The hometown boy looks extremely frustrated, bickering with the referee … before deciding to bring RVD back into the middle of the ring and go figure four again … no, RVD kicks him off … then rolls him up on the rebound … two! The crowd cheers as both men get to their feet and run off to the ropes … before nailing one another with a clothesline! Both men are down. With both Cena and Angle looking for a tag, the crowd claps on in encouragement as both RVD and Michaels struggle closer and closer … and they make the tags!

The crowd goes wild as Cena and Angle run into the ring … Cena clothesline! Cena hits a second clothesline, then a third, before pushing Angle back into the ropes and getting him on the rebound with a sit out hip toss! A disorientated Angle spins back to his feet … AND GETS CAUGHT WITH THE PROTOPLEX! The crowd goes nuts as Cena springs up and tells Angle “You can’t see me!” on his way off to the ropes … BEFORE COMING BACK WITH THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE! Angle is on dream street, getting back up to his feet … RIGHT INTO F-U POSITION … BUT HE SLIPS OUT … GERMAN SUPLEX … AND THE HANDS ARE CLASPED! The crowd goes nuts as Angle goes for the second, nailing it … BEFORE THE THIRD … NO, CENA FIGHTS OUT OF IT WITH ELBOWS … THEN COMES BACK WITH THE OVERCASTLE, SMASHING ANGLE’S FACE INTO THE MAT!

The crowd cheers as Cena gets back up … BAM! SHAWN MICHAELS DRILLS HIM WITH SWEET CHIN MUSIC OUT OF NOWHERE! Rob Van Dam now rolls back into the ring … AND GETS SOME SWEET CHIN MUSIC TOO … WAIT, NO, HE DUCKS … THEN HITS MICHAELS WITH A SUPERKICK OF HIS OWN! Michaels goes down, though this clearly takes a lot out of Van Dam too, who nurses his knee tenderly … AND ANGLE COMES FROM BEHIND … ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE NAILS IT!


The crowd goes wild as both men remain down on the mat, slowly starting to get to their feet just as the crowd begins to boo for some reason … AND AS ANGLE TURNS AROUND HE GETS SPEARED OUT OF HIS BOOTS … BY EDGE! THE CHAMP STRIKES ON ANGLE … THEN ON CENA TOO! BOTH MEN ARE DOWN!

Winner: No Contest @ 12:49

No announcement comes, as the WWE Champion instead just stands over his two fallen foes, a manic look in his eyes.

Joey Styles: Oh my God! Edge has come out here, and just like at Saturday Night’s Main Event, he has ruined this match!

Jonathan Coachman: He hasn’t ruined anything, Joe. The fun is just beginning!

The crowd doesn’t share Coachman’s sentiments though, booing as Edge smiles, picking up the WWE Title from the mat and going to raise it in the air …


Jerry Lawler: Maybe the fun is only just beginning.

Jonathan Coachman: No Van Dam! Don’t do it!

The crowd continues to cheer as Van Dam now heads to the corner, then goes up to the top rope … AND COMES FLYING DOWN … FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH! RVD CONNECTS WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

Joey Styles: Five Star Frog Splash! Edge may have escaped it earlier by walking out on his match with RVD, but he couldn’t run forever!

RVD gets to his feet, clearly winded following the move, but the crowd continues to cheer … WHEN ALL OF A SUDDEN SHAWN MICHAELS SLIDES IN THE RING BEHIND RVD WITH A STEEL CHAIR!

Joey Styles: Michaels has a chair! Turn around RVD!

Jonathan Coachman: Hit him Shawn!


Joey Styles: Van Daminator! RVD just nailed Shawn Michaels with the Van Daminator!

Jonathan Coachman: This is horrible!

RVD looks around, noticing he’s the last man standing in the ring with everyone left laid out around him on the floor, and a sigh of relief finally comes from Van Dam.


The crowd continues to cheer as RVD heads for the corner, going to the second rope to acknowledge the fans.

Joey Styles: What a way to end Monday Night RAW! RVD comes out, against all odds, standing tall here, having once again overcome Eric Bischoff! We are just three weeks away from WrestleMania, and could this be the scene at WrestleMania too? We’ll see in three weeks time! Good night everybody!

We now begin to fade away, all of the way to …


AGAIN! The crowd erupts with a huge pop as the arena falls dark …


The lights come back on … AND THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING … GRASPING RVD BY THE THROAT! The crowd erupts as The Undertaker lifts Van Dam up … THEN PLANTS HIM WITH THE CHOKESLAM!

Van Dam is down, the only man now being left in the ring The Undertaker, as he drops down to his knee for his signature pose, allowing us to once again fade away to black.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

WWE Championship; Triple Threat Match:
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle vs. Edge ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

No Holds Barred Match:
Triple H vs. Shawn Michaels

United States Championship:
Chris Benoit vs. Booker T ©

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. Ric Flair vs. Finlay vs. Chavo Guerrero vs. ???

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Two shows in the space of a week? Have you been living off a Red Bull drip for a week straight or something?

What a great promo to open the show. Edge was right on the money here, and it was a great reaction to last week by having him hide behind a security team like that ad rant like only he can. His character was just brilliant, playing the spoiled brat and victim routine very well. Bringing up Joey Styles’ line from New Year’s Revolution was very smart as you played on that really well too. John Cena’s arrival, and then Kurt Angle’s set up a potentially explosive situation, and it would’ve come off great on TV with Cena waiting for Angle, who I’m still not sure is a heel or face btw. The tweener role suits him perfectly though in this spot. The matches Bischoff made are big and also have room for tension to spill over in a big way, and I did have to take a double take with Rob Van Dam’s name being mentioned twice. It makes sense though due to Bischoff’s problems with him, and it’s good to see Bischoff still trying to make his point. All in all it was a terrific start to the show.

Triple H’s entrance before the break sure did make for a big surprise, although there was no mention of where Edge, Cena, Angle & everyone else went to so quickly if they weren’t still there. Having The Game appear like that before a break was clever to make sure no one goes channel hopping. His intensity was off the hook and made for a really entertaining promo. I have to say though that I love Bischoff in this thread and how he tries to stand up to the faces as much as he can. It’s him at his best, and because he was winding Triple H up, it made the promo far better. What I don’t get is how Bischoff won’t let him compete until he’s been physically cleared, but he’s already been booked for WrestleMania. That little glitch aside, it was another awesome promo.

Kane & Big Show’s interview cleared up some loose ends and gave us some answers after what happened last week. It made total sense with them being the big men who think they’re dominant and want a challenge. I’m not sure if it’s enough to give Shelton Benjamin a reason to stick around with Charlie Haas. I think it’ll take a lot more to get him on side, but there’s still time. Although I think this is the first time I’ve read a promo with these two, and I thought it was pretty good, especially Show’s character.

The Intercontinental Championship match with the twist was certainly made a lot more interesting because of the twist with Helms and his promo before the action. It was good to see him talking smack before the match too, and as much as I would love to see him win the Intercontinental Championship, this would maybe have come a bit quick in their rivalry, although a swerve can be awesome. The match itself was booked well with Chavo & Flair’s friendship, and the finish with Helms getting unlucky thanks to Flair will work well for their feud moving forward. You did the right thing by showing Helms’ anger in sitting up at ringside, as well as Flair & Chavo showing there was no problem between them despite Flair pinning him. This was booked well all the way through from start to finish.

I was looking forward to the follow up of Carlito & Masters’ miscommunication (well not on ‘Lito’s part) last week. Again it was very funny, and you’ve perfected the Carlito character, you really have with the pauses and then telling Masters what he wanted to hear. If you’re leading towards a Masters turn, it’s being developed well, slowly but steadily. I was going to say after the last match that there needs to be more of an emphasis on the Money in the Bank match, but at least Carlito made some reference to it. That’s one thing I would like to see you push a bit harder. It’s getting lost amongst the many big storylines currently on Raw, and with the lack of real contenders in there, it needs some work to make it seem the big deal it can be as there’s no one other than Mr. Kennedy that I could see winning it, and that’s on the back of two clean defeats to cruiserweights.

This show’s already looking very promo heavy to say the least, fortunately they’ve all been really good and this is no different. Seeing Bischoff as the manipulative son of a bitch that he can be always makes for an intriguing show, and striking a deal with Edge & Michaels to take Rob Van Dam out later on certainly does that. It also gives Edge something to fight for, making for one hell of a match. I’m loving all the added incentives for the matches. It makes them more interesting for sure you clever swine! One thing I have noticed is that you mix up how you emphasise words, sometimes choosing to use “capitals” and italics too when you only need to use one. Also, I saw a “ya got” and a “y’know” in the promo too. They’re both the same but the latter’s the right as there’s no pause between the “ya” and the “got”. It’s so confusing!

Yeah, go Spirit Squad! Your booking of them reminds me of just how great they were and how they should never have been ditched like they were. Having them, well Kenny try and earn them some credit is understandable, but the swerve of them taking on five jobbers is a great way to get them heat and an easy win to make them look good. Ending it with Kenny was no real surprise, but considering he spoke before, it’s beginning to look like Kenny’s squad and the rest are just there to back him up. It’s no big deal right now, but moving forward, the other members need some attention.

RVD’s interview was good, keeping him modest and with his mind firmly on the job. It’s what we’ve come to expect from Van Dam and it’s what suits his character best I believe, although at WrestleMania he’s going to be treated as a heel you would believe by the fans. Having him try to overcome Bischoff and prove a point makes for exciting reading as anything can happen, and it puts a lot of attention on Mr. Monday Night, which is only a good thing.

Fuck me, another interview and promo! This is 7 already and we’re not even halfway through the show. I said last week you were pushing the two hour limit, but unless the rest of the show is mainly squash matches or without a couple promos, this is overkill. Anyway, I think this promo might’ve been my favourite so far as we got a taste of Charlie Haas, and it was good. This is one of the most, if not the most interesting storylines you’ve got going on, mainly because we don’t know how it’s going to pan out. There’s still no change in Benjamin’s attitude, but at least we’ve seen Haas have his say and put him in his place. How that will effect Benjamin remains to be seen I guess. There needs to be something soon, although at least there’s some anger from him after they cost him a place in the Money in the Bank ladder match.

There’s no doubting that the RVD/Edge match was really good, I just didn’t like Edge walking out like he did. Yeah he’s a coward, but he’s the WWE Champion and needs to look strong heading in to WrestleMania. Had he walked out against a Triple H or Undertaker, I could maybe get on side with that. It just seemed that it was more important RVD got a good rub than Edge. What I would maybe liked to have seen was RVD get on top with the gong then hitting and allowing Edge to spear him or roll him, possibly holding the tights too. That way everyone wins and Edge doesn’t look as much of a coward as he did.

Wow, what a big development. Edge one on one with Cena & Angle the next two weeks is big, really big. It also shows that Bischoff isn’t to be messed with. A short, simple and very effective segment, setting up some must see matches over the next couple of weeks.

Stoj is going to love reading this promo! It was another good promo to push Trish’s heel turn and make her come across as a total bitch, and it’s been done really well. Her character is great, sounding patronising where she needed to be and her attempts to be funny like the shrink’s name, which I don’t find strange at all if you’re reading this Stoj. My parent’s called me Nigel for fuck sake! Anyway, the extra information and background on Mickie’s personality helps us understand and the fans of course why she’s acted how she has. Ashley’s part was okay, pushing Trish as a bitch to get the crowd on her back. It was all about the attack which was set up well to give Mickie the big save for once. Trish is looking great now and it’s clicking in to gear very nicely.

A Redneck Wrecking Crew face turn? Interesting. When you’ve rammed the show full of promos already, I don’t see the need to include this on this particular show. What Cade said was all believable and would make for a realistic face turn, and a feud with the Spirit Squad to the boys in green over would be very beneficial indeed for the new boys to come out on top against former tag champs.

Yay, Rene Dupree! I never bought in to the guy, and to see him beat Eugene again didn’t do anything for me. It makes him look good and continue his promising return, but to squash Eugene twice in two weeks seemed odd when there could surely have been someone else to put him over.

The promo between Michaels & Angle was some nice hype for what I assume will be the main event, nothing more than that really with the exception of Michaels going for Van Dam. Cena’s interaction with RVD did the same.

The main event was pretty good with a frantic finish which was a good read. Anything looked possible with all the great counters, and I thought Cena’s roll through out of the ankle lock in to the FU was particularly good. I shouldn’t have been surprised at the dirty finish to keep everyone clean from defeat, and of course it just wreaks of Edge. What I really didn’t like was that RVD made Edge look stupid again, and then Michaels too. It’s like RVD’s becoming the new Cena. That was until Taker finally appeared after his gong warnings to him. Their feud needed a real kick-start after the quiet week, and this should really light the fire going in to WrestleMania.

Overall, there were way too many promos and if it wasn’t for the two squash matches, this would’ve looked more like a three hour show than a regular two hour one. The three other matches went some way to making up for the lack of competitive action on the show. Saying that, some of the promos like the opener with Edge and the Triple H one that followed were plain awesome. RVD looked invincible for the most part despite being in two matches, making Edge (twice) & Michaels come off a bit weak in the process. I’ve had people whinge about having a GM appear more than three times in one show, but you showed here how effective they can be as Bischoff was outstanding throughout, getting involved and making some of the matches more interesting by adding some incentives. It’s great to see someone using their GM to full effect. The storyline progression is working well but the show itself, mainly wrestling wise wasn’t as booked as well as previous ones have.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I've been pretty slack with regards to reviews lately. Apologies for that, just been busy elsewhere. Anyhoo...

Loved the opening to the show. Edge's character was spot on throughout. That was a nice touch with the security guards, though I expect them to take a beating at some point tonight. The way Edge played the victim in typical heel fashion came across well. Cena and then Angle's arrival and the brawl with the security would have made for great TV. I guess in real life it's usually a spot saved for the end of shows, but it worked to make an explosive opening to yours. Bischoff out, and RVD going twice tonight? Hmmm... need to wait and see how this plays out. Certainly a strange decision. But yeah, a good start to the show all in.

I was a little surprised to see Triple H make his entrance before the break. Also, there was no mention of what happened to Cena, RVD and Edge. Perhaps fading to commercial with Edge, Cena and Angle still in the arena and then bringing out Trips as soon as we return would have been a better way of handling things here. The intensity shown by Trips throughout was great. Bischoff again, and more security guards? Not sold on that tbh. Is it the same group of guards as we just saw? I think this definitely could have been placed elsewhere in the show. The content was fine, as was the way it was written, but I just feel it's too close to the previous segment.

I remember disagreeing with the way Show and Kane handled things last week. I guess I got my explanation here. Here's hoping something now happens between the two teams to make Benjamin really focus on the match. A brutal beat down of him or something to add to the ongoing angle.

Helms in this thread is gold. Really great the way you've elevated him. Solid enough match, with particular attention from me on the fact Flair pinned Chavo after Helms hit his finisher. A Flair/Helms match for the IC Title seems likely, but I'm just not sure when it'll happen. Before Mania? Or wait ‘til Backlash?

Nice way to follow up on the 'Lito/Masters interaction from last week. I'm still unsure as to where you're going with this. A Masters turn seems to be in store, but I dunno if you'll go that way. One thing this promo and the match before it has done for me is that right now Carlito is the favourite (of the Raw guys at least) to win MitB. But yeah, this is another nice little addition to the 'Lito/Masters thing.

With regards to the Spirit Squad match here. I realise the reason for them facing five jobbers, but looking at your roster, there's plenty of guys not doing anything who could've been used here. Viscera, Val Venis, Goldust etc would've gave the Squad a bit more credibility. They beat up jobbers last week, I'd liked to have seen them face some established names this week. And be careful with giving too much focus to Kenny. Those other guys need some love and attention too.

Wow. Lotta promos tonight. Very by the numbers from RVD here. I did in particular like the crossover mention from Smackdown with regards to what The Undertaker said. But yeah, nothing spectacular here. More of a keep things tickin' over promo. And I wouldn't include "Y’know Maria, last week I got the exact same question from Todd Grisham..." as it means I'm getting more of the same as I got last week. Just a little thing to watch for there.

Finally we hear from Charlie Haas! Really liked his words here. Especially the part about how Shelton has lost when he's not teaming with Haas. Really added a much needed dimension to his character. One little grammar error you made - "You wanna challenge?" Wanna = Want to. Should've just been left as "You want a challenge?" That's some unbelievable nitpicking from me tbh. But yeah, finally a different side from Haas. And bold of him to challenge Show like that. Should be a solid match next week.

I gotta disagree with Nige above me. I liked the ending to this match. Edge, having made it perfectly clear he didn't want a match tonight, but unable to follow through with Bischoff's edict to remove RVD from competition, walking out on the match served his interests best. And that's what Edge is all about. So, while it wasn't ideal, from a booking standpoint it made sense. As for the action, no real complaints. And the Bischoff confrontation after it tied everything in nicely together.

Hayden Stojkovic. Can't for the life of me think where that's came from. The chat about Mickie's history, creeped me out more than made me sympathise with Mickie's predicament. Wow. Poor Hayden. That was cold. Ashley out, and finally we get an angry Mickie. The promos in this feud have been awesome, and now we're steppin' it up a gear. Much like Charlie Hass, this was an important moment for the character tonight, and I'm glad it's finally arrived.

Short but sweet here. A Cade/Murdoch face turn? I did it on another site. It's certainly doable. And a feud with the Spirit Squad would give both teams something to do. And if RWC turn face, could they be in line for a title shot come Backlash? Interesting little development. One thing though, not a single word from Murdoch? He's not bad on the mic IMO. He should've had a line here.

Having given a list of guys not doing anything earlier, I'm a bit annoyed to see the same squash match two weeks in a row. It better lead to something or I'm struggling to see the point in it.

And it's main event time. Enjoyed reading the match. The end sequence in particular was nice. Edge out wasn't a huge shock, served its purpose of regaining Edge some of the heat he lost earlier. And here comes The Deadman. A solid way to finish things. Will we see Van Dam on Smackdown to respond this Friday?

Overall, a good show. A ton of talkin' was done though. Looking at it in hindsight, perhaps you've got too much going on. But everything is building to Mania brilliantly. And I've gotta be pleased with the advancements of Mickie James and Charlie Hass tonight, two things that were needed. Good job man. Keep on rollin' along!
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

This isn't going to be as long as others, not quite into reviews that are almost as long as the show. But I hope it helps.

Loved the opening promo with Edge, great stuff and in character. Not much I would have changed with it though besides maybe when he was talking about how Kurt has never beaten Cena for the WWE title while he has, maybe mention the fact that it was him that forced Angle to have his head shaved or it was him that began the 'You Suck' chants week in and week out. Reminding both of his opponents about why he is who he is.

Wow, big match there for the main event. Should be good stuff but I don't see it ending in a clean victory for any team, probably an appearance by Taker, an Edge run in or a Triple H and Michaels showdown making it a no-contest.

Huh? Van dam in two matches in one night? Shouldn't it be, Edge/HHH while RVD&Cena/Michaels&Angle? I mean that is how I would do things at least. But then again that is me, having RVD in two matches doesn't really do any good for him or the main event, not sure what booking motives you have in store for later on in the night though it better be good.

Everyone seems to start their sentence with "Y'know" Bischoff, HHH, Edge, Cena.. I am sure you could be more creative with the vocabulary and do things differently every so often and I know it may seem 'nit-picking' and not that important but I am a huge fan of formal writting and if you are going to have 'y'know' at least have it as "you know".

To be honest, too many promos before the first match. This isn't TNA where it can be 3/4 of a show promos. I am not saying matches are more important then promos, to be honest they aren't but you could have had this all spaced out a bit better throughout the show maybe HHH confronting Bischoff in his office backstage after the first match just so it doesn't seem half the show went by until action began.

Ric Flair winning was an obvious booking decision, this close to Wrestlemania someone of Flair's stature should walk in as the champion. Though I hope that you don't have him leave the event as the champion, he should hang up the boots soon and I hope that he passes the torch to Chavo, long time tag team partner in your thread (I think, unless I am getting mixed up with someone else's thread) and we both know that Chavo needs the IC title, and something to do on Raw he has the talent.

Agian like I said before, not a fan of half-assing words like 'lito and things like that. Sure it is his accent and it's how he talks but it seems like everyone is like that, and it shouldnt be done for every word in the sentence.

Pretty cool ultimatum given to Edge by Bischoff, didn't see that coming. With that said I don't see Edge going over RVD and I see quite the opposite. Before a six or seven man brawl is had to finish the show- Taker/RVD, HHH/Michaels and Kurt/Cena/Edge. Which should be cool if done.

Just like I said before, Kenny, Charlie and RVD also using the "Y'know". Give them something else, I am sure there is another word it just makes them all seem so robotic and generic starting with the same line. if you catch my drift.

Interesting stuff going on with Benjamin and Charlie, not sure where you are going with this- maybe a break up between them and a small feud to see who is the best? Should be intersting though and I actally see Charlie getting a victory over the Big Show in some upset type of way after Benjamin makes his presence felt.

Knew RVD would win, though great match. Seriously, good stuff, Main Event worthy.

Wasn't expecting Taker this early in the night, woudl have thought he would have waited until after the Tag Team match.

Not into Diva's in BTB to be honest, I just scrolled down over it to the next segment.

at "escuzemoi"

Though not a big fan of having two squash matches in one night the J.O.B squad and Eugene however, I guess teh huge main event will make up for it.

Please have Michael's induct Sensational Sherri.

Great main event jus tas expected, wouldn't have changed a thing with the match. Exactly what should have happened. And a great set-up for next week having Edge face Cena/Angle and then the other one the week after. Wrestlemania is shapping up to be a huge event and I am sure you won't let down.

I'll try and get some feedback up for Smackdown! Good luck.

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