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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment


WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista
You seriously think that Batista would lose twice in a row to the same guy? Batista does need some credibility too heading into Mania.

Street Fight
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon
Triple H has a part in it for the win of Shane McMahon.

Number One Contender To The WWE Championship
John Cena vs. Kurt Angle
I see this ending in a Double Countout for a Triple Threat but if it came to just one superstar winning, I say Kurt Angle would shake it up.

Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships ; Fatal 4 Way
Worldís Greatest Tag Team vs. V-Squared vs. Basham Brothers vs. Redneck Wrecking Crew
Come on, they are the Greatest no pun intended.

United States Championship
Booker T vs. Chris Benoit
I just donít want to see him winning the championship and getting somewhat of a push.

Belfast Brawl
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
Duh, the face is going to win really.

Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational
Rey Mysterio vs. Psichosis
A feud reignited is awesome for this right here and Rey Mysterio winning would be good for him and his tribute to Eddie Guerrero gimmick at the time.

Handicap Match
Matt Hardy vs. MNM
I see a return from JEFF HARDY to save his brother from Hollywood destruction.

Bonus Questions

Match Order
1. 4 Way Tag
2. Handicap Match
3. United States Championship
4. Belfast Brawl
5. Street Fight
6. WWE Championship Contenderís Match
7. Cruiserweight Invitational
8. Clash Of Champions

Longest Match = Street Fight
Shortest Match = Handicap Match
Who Accepts Rey Challenge = Psichosis
Pinfall = 6, Submission = 1, Other = 1
Surprise Appearance? Yes by Jeff Hardy
WrestleMania Matches Being Made? Van Dam & Taker May be penciled in tonight
Face/Heel Turns? Triple H is gonna own heel
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

8 - Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista
If Edge's clean win on Smackdown doesn't scream a Batista win, I don't know what does. I know that there's a good possibility of a no contest here, but I can't see what either man would gain from it. In fact, I think it'd hurt Batista a lot to lose to (or at least be able to beat) Edge, considering he is likely to lose the championship at WrestleMania to Randy Orton. Edge, on the other hand; because he is a heel, could lose the match (either cleanly or by some sort of botched interference) and come out on RAW and act as if nothing happened. Or, he could just say he beat Batista on Smackdown so it doesn't matter: either way, the loss can be accounted for.

6 - Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon
Like a few others, I too am not convinced by the return of DX and think a Triple H turn is in the works here. Either that, or Shawn Michaels is in cahoots with the McMahons. Could a Bret Hart return be in the works since that's how the HBK/McMahon feud started in the first place? I doubt you'd go that far, but it's a possibility. You've done a great job of keeping this storyline look predictable on paper but unpredictable in essence. Anyway, back on track here; I think Shane will pick up the win in some sort of schmoz finish.

7 - Number One Contender to the WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena
I'm not entirely convinced that Edge is the one who attacked Kurt Angle and I think whoever the real attacker is may reveal themselves at SNME, allowing Cena to go back to the title picture and giving Angle an opponent for WrestleMania.

1 - Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

5 - United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit
I don't think this feud is over just yet. Orlando Jordan is slowly being brought into the mix, but I can't see Booker vs. Jordan as a WrestleMania worthy match. So I bet that Booker will retain, leading to a triple threat at WrestleMania.

3 - Belfast Brawl:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
Lashley vs. JBL looks to be on the cards for WrestleMania, so I assume JBL will interfere here and cost Lashley the match when he seems poised to win.

2 - Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational:
Rey Mysterio vs. ???

4 - Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. MNM
There's a good chance someone comes out to help Matt, but I feel if MNM were to lose it'd make them look weak. Keep the heels looking good whilst Matt finds himself a partner to chase the champions heading into WrestleMania.

Bonus Questions:
1) What will the match order be? Done.
2) What will be the longest match? Michaels vs. McMahon.
3) What will be the shortest match? Mysterio's Cruiserweight Invitational.
4) Who will accept Rey Mysterio's open cruiserweight challenge? Random guess: Billy Kidman.
5) How many matches will end in a pinfall? Submission? Other? A long shot, but eight pinfalls.
6) Will we have any surprise appearances from someone not listed on the rosters? If yes, then by who? Kurt Angle's real attacker. I don't know their name, sorry.
7) Will both of the advertised promos result in WrestleMania matches being made? Not necessarily on the night, but yes, they will lead to WrestleMania matches.
8) Will be there any face/heel turns? If yes, then by who?
Kurt Angle's real attacker is a possible turn, if they're not already heel. AND, Triple H.

I know it's been a while since I've given you real feedback, but you know I have been reading. TBH, I'm actually proud of the way you've really developed yourself as a booker and writer over the past six months. Reminds me of me. I had chosen you for the Spotlight column before the Newsletter idea died, which goes to show how much of an impression you've made on me. I hope the road to WrestleMania continues to be as entertaining and well written as it has been thus far, and expect proper feedback from me soon. If only that other jobber could take note of your success and get himself a real thread.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

This is basically spam but I don't care. A little heads up, BKB, if you have Triple H turn heel on Shawn Michaels I will legit fucking kill you. This is 2006, not 2002-2004, PLZ turn HBK.

Originally Posted by TKOW View Post
8 - Clash of the Champions:

I know it's been a while since I've given you real feedback, but you know I have been reading. TBH, I'm actually proud of the way you've really developed yourself as a booker and writer over the past six months. Reminds me of me. I had chosen you for the Spotlight column before the Newsletter idea died, which goes to show how much of an impression you've made on me. I hope the road to WrestleMania continues to be as entertaining and well written as it has been thus far, and expect proper feedback from me soon. If only that other jobber could take note of your success and get himself a real thread.
I agree. Dubbya really needs to stick to a thread.

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Tag Teaming With James Ellsworth
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Predictions Template:

8.)Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista
Orton won't get invovled but he'll stand there and stare long enough to distract Big Dave into a Speer.

7.) Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon
Has to win DX can go over at Mania

6.) Number One Contender to the WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena
No Contest

1.) Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew
Again, the only way too go.

4.) United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit
Booker will retain with some cheating invovled, Benoit will take it at Mania.

3.) Belfast Brawl:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay
JBL comes and costs Lashely

5.) Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational:
Rey Mysterio vs. ???
Yesh, nothing to say here.

2.)Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. MNM
Because it makes sense.

Bonus Questions:
1) What will the match order be? Look Up
2) What will be the longest match? Cena/Angle
3) What will be the shortest match? Handicap Match
4) Who will accept Rey Mysterio's open cruiserweight challenge? Super Crazy
5) How many matches will end in a pinfall? Submission? Other? 7 Pin falls, 1 No Contest
6) Will we have any surprise appearances from someone not listed on the rosters? If yes, then by who? No
7) Will both of the advertised promos result in WrestleMania matches being made? Yes
8) Will be there any face/heel turns? If yes, then by who? No

1st Place: 1 billion credits
2nd Place: 750 million credits
3rd Place: 500 million credits
4th Place: 250 million credits
5th Place: 125 million credits

Once upon a time the Pain was brought in 2008.......It will be brought again........


FlyinStyles Returns to BTB, January 2014

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

8.Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

6.Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon

7.Number One Contender to the WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena this one will end in a no contest

Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four 4.Way Tag Team Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

3.United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit

5.Belfast Brawl:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

1.Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational:
Rey Mysterio vs. ???

2.Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. MNM

Bonus Questions:
1) What will the match order be? see above.
2) What will be the longest match? Street Fight match
3) What will be the shortest match?Handcap match
4) Who will accept Rey Mysterio's open cruiserweight challenge? Super Crazy
5) How many matches will end in a pinfall? Submission? Other?7 6 pin falls, 1 submission, and 1 no contest
6) Will we have any surprise appearances from someone not listed on the rosters? If yes, then by who?no
7) Will both of the advertised promos result in WrestleMania matches being made?yes
8) Will be there any face/heel turns? If yes, then by who?no

Tna! TNA! TNA!
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

March 4th, 2006 | Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

We open the show not with the traditional video package, but rather we’re outside, in the parking lot to the Joe Louis Arena in fact, where a four wheel drive pulls out … and out from the car climbs D-Generation X to a massive pop. Shawn Michaels carries his bag containing his gear, while Triple H carries nothing, not being in action tonight, and not even meant to be in Detroit for that matter … and that comes into play when DX approaches the door to the arena to find a gaggle of security guards. The guards look at Michaels and nod him in, but Triple H is left to look on, out in the cold both figuratively and literally, at least for tonight.

We now fade away from that and into a video package.


Our package begins with the image of a road which we speed along, while in the background, up in the sky, Mark Henry is shown hitting The World’s Strongest Slam on Rey Mysterio.

Narrator: The journey is almost complete.

The road continues along, with Kurt Angle now hitting Edge in the background with the Angle Slam.

Narrator: The travelling almost done.

The road continues as we now see Randy Orton nailing The Undertaker with the RKO in the background.

Narrator: The destination … is there.

As we continue to travel the WrestleMania 22 logo appears in the distance, slowly and slowly getting closer as we speed towards it … before we suddenly come to a screeching halt.

Narrator: But before we get there, there’s just one last detour to make.

We look up to now see a street called “Memory Lane”.

Narrator: For the superstars of RAW and SmackDown!, this year has had many twists and turns, many bumps.

We zoom in closer and closer to the sign.

Narrator: And while their destination awaits, tonight, they make one final stop as they look back to the superstars of the past who paved the way for them in this industry.

We see images of Andre The Giant, Ricky Steamboat, Jake Roberts, Bob Orton, Paul Orndorff, Randy Savage, and of course, Hulk Hogan.

Narrator: Some have been here before.

Images of a younger Shawn Michaels.

Narrator: Others haven’t.

We see Batista now.

Narrator: But the implications mean the same to all, and that may just prove to be whether they finish their way on the Road to WrestleMania …

Images of Kurt Angle.

Narrator: Or if this is their last stop.

We now see John Cena.

Narrator: This is the return … of Saturday Night’s Main Event!


We now cut into the arena and see an array of fireworks set off on the stage, the noise of which almost drowns out the fans of the full Joe Louis Arena. We get a view of just how big the arena is and how many people are stacked into it by panning around it, before finally settling on the RAW announce crew.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the three hour epic return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, live to you from the packed Joe Louis Arena here in Detroit, Michigan. I’m the voice of Monday nights, Joey Styles, joined here by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and Jonathan Coachman, and we are sitting here in front of 18000 screaming fans, ready for some action, and I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited for an event.

Jerry Lawler: That’s WrestleMania fever coming over you, Joey, because tonight there are WrestleMania implications aplenty, with none having more impact than Kurt Angle vs. John Cena, with the winner challenging Edge for his WWE Title at WrestleMania 22!

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right, ‘King’, but also tonight we’re finally gonna see that ingrate Shawn Michaels get what he deserves. Mr. McMahon made him what he is, he made Shawn Michaels with that Montreal screwjob, and now he and his son Shane are gonna take it all away when Shane takes Shawn out for good here tonight!

Joey Styles: I, for one, hope Shawn gives Shane what he has coming to him tonight. We can’t forget we will also find out the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles here tonight in a fatal four way tag team match, Mickie James has vowed to explain herself to Trish Stratus, RVD will explain what went down at No Way Out to all of his fans and The Undertaker, and of course, the Clash of the Champions between Monday Night RAW’s WWE Champion Edge, and Friday Night SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait to see Edge show those chumps at SmackDown! that RAW is the superior brand, that it is the real ‘A Brand’. He did it last night on SmackDown! when he pinned Batista, and tonight he’s gonna do the exact same thing.

Joey Styles: Speaking of SmackDown!, let’s send it across now to our SmackDown! colleagues who are seated just across from us. Take it away, guys.

We now get a view of our SmackDown! announce team.

Michael Cole: Thank you Joey Styles, and ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Saturday Night’s Main Event. I’m Michael Cole, of course joined here by my partner Tazz, and partner, it’s a matter of pride when the two brands clash tonight in the Clash of the Champions.

Tazz: That’s right, and y’know, Edge may have got a little lucky last night after Batista questioned Randy Orton, but tonight it’s just gonna be Batista and Edge in the ring, no one else, and that bodes badly for Edge. I got a good feelin’ about this one.

Michael Cole: Well also tonight we will see Rey Mysterio’s return to the cruiserweight division as he lays out an open invitational to any cruiserweight in the division, Matt Hardy will try to take on MNM by himself in order to gain another shot at the WWE Tag Team Titles with a partner of his choosing, and of course, in the only title match of the night, Booker T will be defending the United States Title against Chris Benoit.

Tazz: An’ I don’t agree with that match still, but there’s no disputin’ that that right there is a heck of a card. It’s gonna be off the hook for sure.

Silence for a moment, before …


The crowd goes WILD as somewhat surprisingly, Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage, ready to start Saturday Night’s Main Event with a bang. The crowd cheers as Angle storms out to the stage, then slaps himself like a rabid animal, before throwing his arms into the air and setting the arena alight with his pyro.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, with the winner becoming the NUMBER ONE CONTENDER to the WWE TITLE AT WRESTEMANIA TWENTY-TWOOOOOO! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 238 lbs, KUUUURT ANNNNNNGGGGGLLLLLLE!

Jonathan Coachman: Monday Night RAW kickin’ it off in style.

Joey Styles: This will be a heck of a start for sure. Both Kurt Angle and John Cena have legitimate claims to the number one contendership after Edge has screwed both of them over in the past few months, but now only one of them can earn the right to go onto WrestleMania 22 and challenge Edge for the WWE Title. Will it be this man Kurt Angle, who has been Edge since the day after he stole the WWE Title that Angle had been trying to earn for months on end?

Jonathan Coachman: First of all, Joe, Edge didn’t STEAL anything, okay? Edge earned the right to cash in the Money in the Bank briefcase whenever he wanted back when he beat five other men at WrestleMania 21. Secondly, Kurt Angle never earned anything, because he could never beat John Cena. Edge could, and that’s why Edge deserves to be champ and Angle doesn’t.

Jerry Lawler: Well if Angle wants a shot at WrestleMania, he’s gonna have to go through Cena tonight, and that’s certainly no easy task. Call me cynical, but I don’t know if I like Angle’s chances.

’The Wrestling Machine’ wastes no time in climbing up into the ring, before swinging his arms out and roaring to the crowd with pure intensity. With a mouthguard in that reads “REDEMPTION”, Angle waits in the ring for his opponent.


The crowd just about tops the reaction for Angle as they EXPLODE into a mixed reaction for his opponent, John Cena. Cena, ever the showman, charges out onto the stage and attempts to enthuse the crowd on either side of it, yelling at them to get to their feet, before he begins to charge down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 245 lbs, JOOOOHHHN CEEEEEEENNNNNAAAA!

Joey Styles: John Cena is of course the man who Edge cashed the Money in the Bank briefcase in back at New Year’s Revolution after Cena had survived five other men gunning for his WWE Title in the Elimination Chamber. Since then, Edge has denied Cena a shot at the title numerous times, defending it against him once, and screwing him out of the title thanks to that jezebel Lita.

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, this is gonna be great.

Jerry Lawler: What are you so happy about, ‘Coach’? I thought you said neither of these guys deserved a shot at Edge?

Jonathan Coachman: They don’t, but they’re comin’ out here tonight and they’re gonna beat the absolute holy hell through each other, and I just CANNOT WAIT to see that!

’The Champ’ runs down the ramp, then slides into the ring and he instantly goes nose to nose with Angle as the referee calls for the bell.

Match One ~ Number One Contender to the WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

The crowd goes crazy as the two men continue to go nose to nose, staring one another down, the animosity between the two at an all-time high. After a few knife edged words through gritted teeth, both men slowly back away to opposite corners and ready themself for battle – Angle by bouncing up and down on the spot, continuing to psyche himself up, while Cena remains somewhat calm, using the ropes to stretch out a bit. The two rivals now move forth, having prepared themselves for battle and begin to circle around the ring, then come forward for a lockup, which Cena wins with relative ease, forcing Angle back to the corner, before allowing for a clean break. The crowd applauds the sporting antics from Cena as he moves back away from Angle, then starts to circle too, with Angle picking up the pace, moving like a rabid dog around the squared circle and looking to pick a leg as he slides across the ring, only for Cena to sidestep and smirk. The duo continues to circle a bit longer, leading into them finally locking up again … and again Cena wins with ease. This frustrates Angle slightly as Cena again shows how good of a guy he is with the clean break, before the two go through the same old song and dance again, circling around and locking up again … and AGAIN Cena is able to win.

This time Cena is a little slower with the break, and Angle’s frustration is starting to show, his face turning a bright red … and he takes it out on Cena by suddenly shoving him away! The crowd gasps then pops as Angle froths away, Cena seemingly bemused by this sight, just holding both arms out … when Angle catches him off guard by diving forward and taking him down with a double leg. Perhaps unhappy that Cena was already getting the best of him after beating him in all of their prior contests, Angle tries to change things up by going straight into a double leg takedown … Cena looks to sprawl out of it, rolling over, but Angle grabs a waistlock, floats over into a front face lock … AND SLAPS THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF CENA INSULTINGLY! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as both men climb back up to their feet … AND ANGLE SHOVES CENA BACK! “WHO’S THE BITCH NOW?” Angle shouts emphatically, to which Cena just nods his head … only to suddenly surprise Angle with a kick to the midsection and grab a side headlock.

Angle, obviously not pleased with proceedings thus far, instantly looks to battle out of the hold with a few right hands shots to the gut, before running off to the ropes and using the momentum coming off to try to push Cena away … but Cena halts the momentum by simply dropping to a knee, keeping the hold locked in. To say Angle was agitated at this point would be an understatement; he was absolutely fuming, and things only got worse when Cena continued to subside him by taking him over and down to the mat with a headlock takedown. Despite Angle being in his element here, ‘The Olympic Hero’ was a little off the boil, and at first he tried to wriggle free, something that Cena’s iron grip would not allow. Taking a moment to calm himself, Angle stays in the hold for a moment, before slowly rolling around behind Cena and getting to his feet at the same time, taking the hold of Cena’s arm in the process to hold it behind him in a hammerlock. Angle smiles now as both men stand, holding Cena’s arm behind his back … when Cena suddenly ducks down and goes behind Angle, taking his arm around into a hammerlock of his own. Angle can’t believe it, looking from side to side, before trying to move behind Cena … but Cena blocks it by transitioning into a side headlock … then snaps Angle down to the mat again with a side headlock!

The frustration of Angle is clear, being beaten by a “thug” like Cena at his own pure wrestling style. Angered, Angle kicks away at the mat in frustration, before beginning to struggle once again. Cena, however, would not relent, and he kept Angle subdued for the next few minutes, with every time Angle tried to fight back away from him, Cena able to find a counter. This caused desperate thoughts to race through Angle’s head as rather than outwrestle Cena, he decided a rope break was the best move as he laid his foot down across the bottom rope. The referee enforced the break, allowing both men to get back to their feet and engage in a lockup again … side headlock again from Cena … only for a fraught Angle to wildly swing his arms upwards, finding the eyes of Cena and raking them. Cena reels back in pain, allowing a clearly frustrated Angle to pitch him through the ropes, then follow him out to the floor where he brutalises Cena, using everything he can possibly find to attack him with (without getting DQed, of course).

From here the tone of the match is set – Angle assumes the role of the heel, using his frustration at being unable to ever defeat Cena, and now being shown up by him again, and Cena plays the sympathetic role. Following the beatdown on the outside we head to a commercial break, only to resume our broadcast by seeing Angle continue to assault Cena, only this time in the ring. Joey Styles tells us it has been all Angle over the break, and it continues to be just that, as Angle forgets the technical wrestling game, at least for tonight, and decides to fight, taking out all of the pain for his previous defeats out on the former champ. Cena, to his credit, doesn’t give in, never allowing Angle to take complete dominance for too long, firing off a few brief comebacks every now and then, but for the most part this is all Angle. For Angle this may actually be a negative though, because despite continued attempts for a pinfall victory, despite every attempt to push the matter and get the win, he just cannot put down John Cena. He seemingly can’t beat Cena – ever – and this plays on Angle’s mind; with each kickout from Cena he becomes more and more annoyed, more and more agitated … more and more exasperated. It gets to the point where Angle actually appears to be talking himself following a kickout from Cena after a straight kick to the head – “I can beat him. I can beat him. I can beat him. I can –“ … CENA COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH AN INSIDE CRADLE … TWO!

Both men spring to their feet, Angle in disbelief, going for a wild clothesline … but Cena ducks it, then kicks a turning Angle in the midsection, dashes off to the ropes and comes back with the overcastle! The crowd actually gives a great pop, getting behind Cena as he struggles to negotiate a way back to a standing base, before he goes wild on Angle, rocking him with his incredible striking game. Cena forces Angle back to the ropes with some heavy rights, then looks to whip him off, which he does successfully … before nailing a clothesline on the rebound! Angle gets back up … clothesline again! ‘The Wrestling Machine’ is now panicking as he gets taken down for a third time with a clothesline! The thoughts of past battles must be running through Angle’s mind as he can’t do anything to stop the irrepressible Cena, who now pushes Angle back into the ropes and whips him off … sit out hip toss! Angle struggles back up, tending to his fragile spine when Cena whips him off to the corner, causing Angle’s spine to now hit the turnbuckle, drawing a wince from Angle as he staggers forward … right into a kick to the midsection then fisherman suplex! Cena makes the cover … two! Despite the kickout, the cool, calm Cena gets to his knees and nods at the referee, before lifting Angle back up … and again Angle rakes the eyes of Cena, reverting to the tactic that he used to gain momentum at the start of the match … and Angle then desperately grabs Angle and HURLS him through the ropes … INTO THE RINGPOST SHOULDER FIRST!

The sound of flesh on steel is disgusting to say the least, but Angle doesn’t care because, quite frankly, he’s a deranged motherfucker. Instead he storms from the ring to the outside, going right for the injured Cena, who has remained still … AND ANGLE GRABS HIS ARM … AND SWINGS IT BACK INTO THE RINGPOST, FURTHER INJURING HIS SHOULDER … BUT NOT JUST ONCE – NO, TWICE … THREE TIMES … FOUR TIMES … ANGLE JUST KEEPS ON GOING, NOW GOING TOO FAST TO COUNT! Finally the referee decides enough is enough and leaves the ring, making sure Angle steps back … BUT ANGLE JUST MOVES RIGHT BACK IN AND WRAPS HIS LEGS UP AROUND THE RINGPOST, GRABBING THE ARM OF CENA WITH HIS HANDS AND PULLING IT DOWN, SUBSEQUENTLY PULLING HIS SHOULDER INTO THE RINGPOST! SCREAMING WITH INTENSITY, ANGLE GRINDS THE SHOULDER OF CENA DOWN INTO THE RINGPOST, REFUSING TO RELENT UNTIL THE REFEREE THREATENS TO DQ HIM!

Angle releases the hold and moves into the ring, thinking he had the match won as he makes the cover … two! This begins another mini period of dominance from Angle, who works over the shoulder of Cena viciously, as we head out to another ad break.

Back from the break, and Angle has Cena in an armbreaker, jerking around on the arm at Cena while also using his grapevined feet to slam down into the shoulder of Cena, causing Cena to scream in pain each and every time. An irate Angle DEMANDS the referee asks Cena if he wants to quit, but each and every time Cena refuses, and instead pulls himself closer and closer to the ropes, further annoying Angle … UNTIL HE GETS THE BREAK! The crowd pops as Cena sits up while Angle rolls away, his face looking more tomato than human as he looks manically at Cena … before charging across and booting the now seated former champion in the shoulder! Cena rolls away from Angle to the centre of the ring, moaning in pain as he looks to escape, but Angle is right back on him, now stomping on the shoulder, causing the pain to shoot through Cena’s body to force him to sit up, and it’s there that Angle locks in the keylock.

Once again, Angle just screams at Cena to give it in, demanding that he finally quits and allows Angle to take the title shot at WrestleMania. Cena though, as you’ve probably now got, REFUSES TO QUIT, and he fights back to his feet, ignoring the pain as Angle shakes his head in disbelief … and Cena uses his free and stronger arm to throw Angle overhead, slamming him down to the mat! Angle holds his back in pain as he gets up and sees Cena charging … then taking him down with a big diving shoulder tackle (from the good shoulder)! Cena nurses his bad shoulder as he bounces off the ropes … and then hits another diving shoulder tackle! Clothesline now from Cena! The crowd is enthused as Angle gets back up and swings wildly for a clothesline … BUT CENA DUCKS … PROTOPLEX! The crowd pops as Cena gets right back up and immediately raises his hand, though still wincing as he does so, before telling Angle “You can’t see me”, bouncing off the ropes, bracing his hurt shoulder in place of the theatrics … AND DROPPING THE FIVE KNUCKLE SHUFFLE DOWN ONTO THE FACE OF ANGLE!

The crowd goes wild as Cena springs up, still grimacing in pain because of his shoulder, but he fights on nonetheless, waiting for a rocked Angle to climb back up to his feet … THEN GETTING HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS FOR THE F-U … BUT ANGLE BATTLES BACK … NAILING SOME ELBOWS TO THE INJURED SHOULDER OF CENA, CAUSING HIM TO ALLOW ANGLE TO SLIP OUT … GERMAN SUPLEX! Cena lands somewhat awkwardly, perhaps hitting his shoulder as he grabs at it … BUT ANGLE HAS HIS HANDS CLASPED … AND HE PULLS CENA UP TO DELIVER A SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX … AND THEN A THIRD … BUT ANGLE’S STILL HOLDING ON! HE’S STILL GOING … AND HE HITS A FOURTH … AND THEN A FIFTH, FINAL, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX! The crowd can’t help but applaud as Angle lays on the mat, absolutely exhausted, before crawling to the cover … TWO! Angle cannot believe it! ‘The Olympic Hero’ rolls off Cena and puts his hands on his head, unsure of just how it is that Cena fights on … BEFORE DECIDING THAT HE DOESN’T CARE, GETTING UP AND JUMPING UP AND DOWN ON THE SPOT OVER CENA … ANGLE SLAM TIME! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Angle demands Cena get back to his feet, which he slowly does … RIGHT INTO THE ANGLE SLAM … BUT CENA SLIPS OUT THE BACK AND QUICKLY BACKS OFF INTO THE ROPES … SINGLE HANDED BULLDOG!

The crowd gives a huge reaction as Cena now crawls across to the cover … but he too can only get two! ‘The Champ’ rolls off Angle, not arguing with the referee, and instead, nursing his shoulder, heads across to the corner. Cena begins his climb to the top, going up ever so slowly, before reaching the peak … ANGLE RUSHES UP AND RUNS UP THE CORNER TO MEET CENA … SUPER BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX … NO, CENA PUSHES ANGLE OFF! ANGLE LANDS WITH A THUD, THEN SLOWLY DOUBLES OVER AS HE GETS BACK TO HIS FEET … CENA COMES OFF WITH A LEG DROP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF ANGLE, DRIVING HIS FACE DOWN INTO THE MAT! Angle is down, and Cena, with one arm, pulls himself towards the cover, then hooks the leg with his one good arm … TWO!


Angle has reached boiling point, climbing back to his feet and yelling at the referee that it was three, his dream of headlining WrestleMania seemingly taken from him because he can’t beat John Cena! Angle is absolutely irate as he turns from the referee … THEN RIPS HIS STRAPS DOWN AND GOES AFTER CENA … LOCKING IN THE ANKLE LOCK! THE CROWD GIVES A MIXED REACTION TO THE MOVE AS ANGLE CRANKS ON IT … BUT CENA ALMOST INSTANTLY ROLLS THROUGH, SENDING ANGLE TUMBLING OVER … ANGLE IS THE FIRST UP AS HE CHARGES TOWARDS CENA … BUT CENA SPRINGS TO LIFE WITH THE F-U OUT OF NOWHERE! CENA NAILS IT! Cena allowed Angle no time to hit his shoulder, and he gets all of the move … but he’s too tired to make the cover! Both men remain down on the mat, Cena the only one stirring as he starts to pull himself towards the cover, slowly, with just his one good arm, getting closer and closer … and he drapes the one good arm across Angle … TWO! ANGLE KICKS OUT!


… AND THE REFEREE IS SUDDENLY PULLED FROM THE RING … BY EDGE! Angle doesn’t notice at first, still demanding Cena tap, before demanding the referee to check him, and noticing no response, so he gets up … RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! EDGE SPEARS ANGLE! The crowd boos as Edge waits over Cena as he slowly starts to get up, injured ankle, shoulder and all … SPEAR! The timekeeper at ringside calls for the bell now, deciding that this one is going nowhere.

Result: No Contest @ 19:59

The crowd boos relentlessly as Edge drops down in between the two men that he’s downed and screams at them “NEITHER OF YOU DESERVE A SHOT AT ME! YOU DON’T DESERVE ME! YOU DON’T!”

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle may have been moments away from beating John Cena, but Edge has come out here and he’s … he’s ruined what until then was a perfect way to kick off this show.

Jerry Lawler: Well I don’t know if Cena was going to tap, Joey. Something tells me Cena would rather break his ankle then give up.

Jonathan Coachman: Haha, this is great. Now NONE of these losers get a shot! They’ve beaten each other stupid for no reason!

The crowd continues to boo as Edge now climbs to his feet and raises his arms in the air, leaving us to cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be with our RAW announce team at ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Saturday Night’s Main Event, where, to start the show, we saw another great battle between these two great rivals Kurt Angle and John Cena, both men battling for a WWE Title shot at WrestleMania, only for the champion himself, Edge, to come down to the ring and ruin what had been a great match.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. It was a great match until, well, this happened. Take a look.

We now get a replay of the closing moments of the previous match, which, if for some reason you didn’t read it yet are reading this part, had Kurt Angle finally have John Cena locked in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring, only for Edge to come out and Spear not just Angle, but also Cena.

We now cut away from that backstage … to see Kurt Angle storming through the backstage area, surrounded by agents and other backstage workers who try to calm him.


Random agents continue to shout at Angle to calm down to no avail … when RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff steps into view, causing silence.

Kurt Angle: Where the hell is he, Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff: I don’t know Kurt, but what I do know is you’re packing your bags and getting out of here.

Kurt Angle: WHAT? NO!

Eric Bischoff: We’ll sort this out Monday night, but right now I have enough on my plate. Edge has a match later, and I can’t afford you getting involved. Now get him out of here guys.

The agents and backstage workers direct Angle along as he screams obscenities, clearly not happy with proceedings thus far tonight.

We now cut off to ringside to hear …



The crowd explodes with a big pop as Matt Hardy storms out onto the stage, flashing the V1 sign to all of his fans, who continue to cheer for him.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a ONE ON TAG HANDICAP MATCH, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 230 lbs, MAAATT HAAAAAAARDY!

Michael Cole: Kurt Angle angry backstage, and he has reason to be after Edge screwed both him and John Cena over to make sure neither man would be challenging him for the WWE Title at WrestleMania.

Tazz: Hey but ‘King’, Joey don’t worry ‘bout it. Batista’ll take care of Edge for ya later tonight.

Michael Cole: Hopefully so, but before then, coming up now we have the handicap match between Matt Hardy and MNM. Matt Hardy laid out the challenge, telling MNM he wouldn’t be alone though; he would have the whole of Cameron behind him.

Tazz: Matt can say what he wants, but fact is it’s a two on one situation, no matter how many people are there in his head. I’m not sayin’ Hardy can’t win, but the odds are stacked again him tonight.

Hardy marches on down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring where he salutes his many fans.


The crowd boos as the red carpet is now rolled out onto the stage, and out from the back along their red carpet, flanked by paparazzi, come the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. The ‘A-Listers’ pose for photos as usual, Melina looking stunning, before they begin to make their way down the ring and talk some trash to both the crowd and their opponent in the ring.

Tony Chimel: His opponents, from Los Angeles, Caifornia, weighing a combined weight of 420 lbs, they are the WWE TAG TEEEAAAM CHAMPIONS, M – N – M!

Michael Cole: For MNM, tonight represents the chance to cast Matt Hardy out of their lives for good. Sick of being embarrassed by Hardy, and previously by his old partner Moore, MNM have taken action, injuring Shannon Moore at No Way Out, and who knows, tonight they may just try to do the same thing, even though they don’t have to. All MNM have to do tonight is beat Hardy, and he’s done with them for good.

Tazz: And I fully expect MNM to do that. Y’know after they win tonight, they’ve promised to take me out to celebrate with ‘em? Melina personally invited me herself.

The tag champs saunter down the ramp, pausing at the foot of it and pointing towards Melina, allowing her to take centre stage as she does her splits onto the ring apron (suddenly there seems to be a whole lot more camera shots), then ducks under the bottom rope into the ring, soon followed by her boys, Mercury & Nitro.

Match Two ~ One On Tag Handicap Match:
Matt Hardy vs. MNM

The crowd cheers as we now prepare for action, with Matt Hardy waiting as MNM stands on the apron, Joey Mercury looking ready to step through the ropes … WHEN HARDY CHARGES ACROSS AND HAMMERS NITRO WITH A BIG RIGHT, SENDING HIM DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Hardy hits Mercury as he climbs through the ropes, rocking him, before sending him off with an Irish whip and then scoring with a reverse elbow on the rebound. Looking to get an early victory, Matt drops into the cover … two. Hardy gets right back up and runs off to the ropes, then drops an elbow on Mercury, before looking for a pin again … two again. Hardy gets right back up again, then hits a leg drop before making a third quick cover, looking to end this before the numbers game can take its toll … but it’s too late for that, as Nitro has recovered and he breaks up this pin by entering the ring illegally and kicking Hardy in the ribs. Nitro takes his time in backing away, almost mocking Hardy … and Hardy springs into action, getting up and charging across at Nitro to pummel him with a right hand, clearly not taking any crap. Hardy then turns back to Mercury … AND KICKS HIM IN THE MIDSECTION THEN POSITIONS HIM FOR AN EARLY TWIST OF FATE … BUT MERCURY PUSHES HARDY OFF TOWARDS THE ROPES … AND NITRO LOWBRIDGES THE TOP ROPE, SENDING HARDY TUMBLING OVER AND OUT!

It is here that MNM assert themselves on the contest, quickly taking dominance in a match that probably has less time than it would usually warrant thanks to a rather stacked card. The Californian duo work like the well oiled machine that they are, showing just why it is that they are the WWE Tag Team Champions by dominating Hardy for the next few minutes, picking him apart and targeting his neck region. The champs, however, can’t pick up a victory, and this leads Nitro into looking for a submission victory rather than pinfall as he locks in a kravat on Matt. Despite the move being pretty damn awesome, Hardy refuses to quit and instead climbed back to his feet and hit a few elbows to the midsection of Morrison, staggering him … before throwing him overhead by the arms and snapping him down to the mat! The crowd cheers as both men get up, Hardy the faster as he dashes off into the ropes … right into a knee to the back from Mercury! The crowd boos as Nitro charges in at a pained Hardy, only for Hardy to see him coming and go for a back body drop to the outside … but Nitro lands on the apron … then snaps the back of the neck off Hardy off the top rope!

The crowd, along with Hardy, feels that one as Nitro rushes over to the corner, then comes looking for a double axe handle to V1 … only for Hardy to come out with a big right hand to the midsection, sending Nitro flipping over in pain! Johnny climbs back to his feet, holding his ribcage in pain … and he walks right into a barrage of right hands from Matt Hardy! Hardy sends Nitro reeling back into the ropes, then attempts to send him off with an Irish whip, only for Nitro to reverse … but Hardy still scores with a running forearm that knocks Nitro down on the rebound! The crowd cheers as Nitro gets up, then sent back down courtesy of an elbow from ‘The Sensei of Mattitude’, who is on fire as he then runs off to the ropes and takes a rising Nitro down with a big clothesline. Nitro gets up and immediately gets kicked into the midsection, then sent off into the corner by Hardy … WHO THEN CHARGES IN AND SQUASHES HIM WITH A CORNER CLOTHESLINE … BEFORE LOOKING FOR THE BULLDOG ON THE WAY OUT OF THE CORNER … BUT NITRO PUSHES A RUNNING HARDY OFF TO THE OTHER CORNER … HARDY STOPS HIMSELF FROM HITTING IT AND TURNS TO SEE NITRO CHARGING AND LOOKING FOR A CLOTHESLINE … HARDY DUCKS … THEN NAILS THE RICOCHET!

Matt knows that he has to look to finish Nitro now, so he quickly heads for the corner … BUT JOEY MERCURY CHARGES ACROSS … ONLY TO GET A KICK TO THE CHEST, KNOCKING HIM DOWN ON THE APRON … BEFORE HARDY LEAPS AND NAILS THE GUILLOTINE LEG DROP ON NITRO! Hardy hooks the leg … TWO! Nitro just kicks out! Matt looks slightly frustrated, but he doesn’t let it get to him as he gets back up to his feet … only to get struck in the back by a forearm from Mercury! Mercury ignores the referee’s shouts to get out of the ring, instead trying to Irish whip Hardy into the corner, but Hardy reverses … THEN CHARGES IN HIMSELF … BIG CORNER CLOTHESLINE … RUNNING BULLDOG OUT TO MERCURY … AND A FLYING CLOTHESLINE TO NITRO AT THE SAME TIME! The crowd goes wild as Hardy screams back up to his feet … AND HE CALLS FOR THE TWIST OF FATE! NITRO GROGGILY GETS BACK TO HIS FEET, AND HARDY GRABS HIM FOR THE MOVE, THEN TURNS … BUT NITRO PUSHES HIM OFF TO A RISING MERCURY, WHO GOES FOR A CLOTHESLINE … BUT HARDY DUCKS IT AND NAILS THE SIDE EFFECT!

The crowd cheers as Hardy gets up … RIGHT INTO A HUGE SUPERKICK FROM NITRO … NO, HE DUCKS IT … THEN HITS THE TWIST OF FATE! Matt makes the cover … BUT MELINA HAS THE REFEREE DISTRACTED! The crowd counts, but it means nothing, forcing Hardy to realise he has to get up and try to grab the referee’s attention … BUT MERCURY COMES FROM BEHIND WITH A LOW BLOW! Melina continues to distract the referee as Mercury gets a groggy Nitro up and says Snapshot time, Melina continuing to be a distraction to allow them to hit the double team move … when the crowd suddenly begins to scream as they wait on Matt … AND A MASKED MAN SUDDENLY DIVES INTO THE RING AND TAKES DOWN NITRO! Nitro gets taken down to the outside as Melina drops from the apron in shock … BUT MERCURY STILL HAS HARDY UP, WAITING FOR NITRO TO GRAB HARDY’S HEAD … HARDY ROLLS THROUGH INTO A SUNSET FLIP … AND GETS THE THREE!

Winner: Matt Hardy via pinfall @ 6:42


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, MAAAATTTT …

Chimel doesn’t get to finish that thought, as both men get up … AND MERCURY SUDDENLY TAKES MATT HARDY DOWN! The crowd boos as Mercury hits some rights on a downed Hardy, sitting over him … AND THE MASKED MAN CLIMBS INTO THE RING AND TURNS MERCURY AROUND … TWIST OF FATE?!

The crowd cheers as the man takes Mercury down, then heads out to the apron and up to the top rope … THEN COMES OFF WITH A MASSIVE SWANTON BOMB! Mercury writhes in pain as the man gets back to his feet and takes off his mask … AND IT’S JEFF HARDY! The crowd goes wild as the rainbow hair is revealed by Jeff stripping the mask off and throwing it down onto Mercury!


Tazz: Well now we know what Matt was talkin’ about with his friends from Cameron. It was his brother!

The crowd continues to cheer as Jeff yells out at Mercury, who has been pulled from the ring by Melina, and Nitro at ringside. Matt, meanwhile, has rolled back to his feet and received a microphone from ringside. With the microphone now in hand, the older Hardy joins his brother by the ropes, and leans over to speak to MNM.

Matt Hardy: Hey MNM … you thought … you thought it was funny that I was bringing the people of Cameron with me? You thought that was funny? Well how funny is this? You just got embarrassed two hicks from Cameron, North Carolina!

The crowd gives a big pop as Melina shouts at Hardy that it isn’t funny.

Matt Hardy: As far as my title shot goes … I already spoke to Teddy Long, and he told me that if I won tonight, then my title shot would come at WrestleMania 22.

Pop from the crowd.

Matt Hardy: And you’ll never guess who my partner is.

The crowd gives a big pop as Matt smiles.

Matt Hardy: You thought The Hardy Boyz were done? Guess again, because at WrestleMania, we’re comin’ for you guys. And I promise you that next time it’s the four of us all in the same ring, you’re gonna be embarrassed on the grandest stage of ‘em all at WrestleMania, because The Hardy Boyz WILL – NOT – DIE!


The crowd’s cheers only grow loader for the old music as The Hardy Boyz, reunited at last, stand defiantly in the ring, telling MNM they’re coming for the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Michael Cole: Well you heard it there folks. The Hardy Boyz are BACK, and they are coming for the WWE Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22!

Tazz: I don’t think anyone in their wildest dreams would’ve predicted this. What about poor MNM? They’ve been caught off guard.

Michael Cole: Well they’ve got four weeks to prepare, because their time is coming at WrestleMania 22. Tonight MNM have been well and truly embarrassed.

We now cut away to be back in the parking lot when another stylish looking Ferrari rolls into view … and out of the car climbs the United States Champion, Booker T, along with his wife Sharmell. As he climbs out of the car, a seemingly agitated Booker barks orders back.

Booker T: And don’t forget muh bags!

From the car we now see Booker’s protťgť Orlando Jordan emerge, carrying not just his bags, but also those of the United States Champion. OJ follows Booker along as he heads for the door that is still being watched by security.

Booker T: You better not screw dis up.

Booker, obviously not happy with Jordan, enters, his wife Sharmell by his side, and his protťgť following, playing the role of bagboy tonight.

Cutting away elsewhere, we now see the beautiful Mickie James walking down a corridor, her face showing that her mind is going at a mile a minute right now.

Joey Styles: Here comes Mickie James, and we’ll be hearing from her as she addresses Trish Stratus. That’s next, folks.

We continue to see Mickie walk along as we now head off to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We arrive back from the break, not in the arena, but rather in the office of RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, who sits at his desk, mobile phone in hand which he speaks into.

Eric Bischoff: So you got him out of the arena? Good. We can’t have anything going wrong tonight. Yeah, I know about RVD, but listen, I’ll think of something. Maybe not tonight, but trust me, I’ll …

Bischoff suddenly stops in his tracks as a pair of men appear before him – Charlie Haas, and his tag team partner, Shelton Benjamin, neither dressed in their tights, instead in their street clothes, looking far from amused.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, I’ll get back to you.

Bischoff hangs up and places the phone down upon his desk, before shifting his focus to the two men that stand before him.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen … to what do I owe this please?

Shelton Benjamin: Cut the crap, Bischoff. You know why we’re here.

Bischoff pretends to be taken aback by these claims, overacting his “shock”.

Eric Bischoff: Shelton, why would you say something like that?

Shelton Benjamin: ‘Cause you’re the one who set this whole thing up.

Eric Bischoff: Set what up?

Benjamin sighs in frustration, clearly not pleased with the General Manager.

Shelton Benjamin: That fatal four way for tonight. You know we don’t wanna team together. We told you we don’t wanna team together. And yet here we are tonight, and because of you, we’re meant to be teamin’ together once again.

Eric Bischoff: And you’re not dressed for action because?

Shelton Benjamin: Because we’ve decided that we’re not teamin’ together tonight, whether you like it or not.

Eric Bischoff: Charlie, do you feel this way too?

Haas remains silent, his feelings on teaming with Benjamin still not the same as his former partner.

Eric Bischoff: Look, your partner mightn’t think the same as you, Shelton, but if you don’t wanna team with him, I’m not going to force you to after tonight. I just think it’s a shame, because the two of you make a good team. You might say you make … the world’s greatest.

Haas seems engaged by these words, looking up into dreamland, rubbing his chin in thought as he does so.

Eric Bischoff: But if the two of you don’t want to team together after tonight, then I can appreciate that. So how about you go out there tonight, as advertised by me, and you just don’t win? Okay?

Benjamin doesn’t look too happy about the suggestion, although his face does then start to calm.

Shelton Benjamin: Alright, we’ll stand out there on the apron. Just for tonight, but I mean it. After tonight … we’re done.

And with that Benjamin turns to walk off, Haas a little slower, still thinking about what Bischoff said, before moving on, leaving Bischoff to look on.

We now cut back to ringside.


The crowd gives a rather mixed reaction as the upbeat music of Mickie James hits, with the juxtaposition of a rather subdued Mickie sauntering out onto the stage, not her bouncy self here tonight.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Saturday Night’s Main Event, where we still have a heck of a lineup to come, but right now it looks like Mickie James is making her arrival, set to address her friend Trish Stratus about certain events of the past few months, and to say Mickie looks a little less bubbly than usual tonight would be an understatement.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t think I’ve ever seen Mickie like this, Joey. She’s always so happy and cheery, but tonight she’s just not the same.

Jonathan Coachman: Maybe she’s finally realised that she’s absolutely loony and has decided to tone it down.

Mickie continues on her not so merry way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring and receives a microphone, which she holds nervously up to her mouth.

Mickie James: O – okay. Trish …

The crowd gives a pop as Mickie nervously tells herself “It’s okay. It’s okay”, looking down at the mat, clearly a nervous wreck tonight.

Mickie James: Trish … Trish Stratus …

Another pause as Mickie stumbles over her words.

Mickie James: Trish, I’m not … I’m not sure if you’re in the arena tonight. I mean, I tried looking for you … I tried … I tried asking people about you, but whenever I asked them about you, they … they didn’t want to answer me for some reason. And you … you haven’t been answering me either.

Mickie pauses slightly, the crowd remaining silent.

Mickie James: I know you weren’t at RAW last week … and I’m not … I’m not sure if you watched it last week … I’m not even sure if you’re watching me now, but Trish, last week on RAW I asked if you could meet me here tonight, and we could … talk about what’s happened the past few months … but you … you haven’t answered.

Another small pause from Mickie.

Mickie James: You haven’t answered my calls, my texts, my emails … you haven’t answered my letters, Trish. But that’s okay … it’s okay, because Trish, all I want is if you’re here tonight, to come out here so that we can talk. It’s all I want Trish.

Mickie says nothing for a moment, waiting to no response.

Mickie James: Please, Trish. I’m sure you’re back there and listening to me. Please, please come out here so we can talk.

Again, Mickie waits, looking at the ramp to absolutely no response.

Mickie James: Trish … I’m begging you. Please, PLEASE come out here so we can …


The crowd pops as out from the back marches the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus. Trish doesn’t go through her usual routine of playing it up to the crowd, instead swiftly making her way down to the ring to receive a mic, her face scrunched up.

Mickie James: Oh, thank you, Trish. Thank you. I’ve been trying to speak to you for ages, and I wasn’t sure if you wanted to see me or if you just weren’t getting my calls, but thank you for coming here tonight. It means a lot to me.

The relief on Mickie’s face is clear, but Trish’s expression remains hard to read.

Trish Stratus: You had something you wanted to say to me?

Mickie, who had actually been smiling up until this point, suddenly turns back serious when reminded of what she’s supposed to be here for.

Mickie James: Right … right, yeah. Yeah, I do. Ummmm, right … okay.

Mickie pauses, obviously nervous.

Mickie James: Trish, do you remember a few months ago when I told you that … accidents …

Trish Stratus: Happen? Yeah, mhm, I do.

Mickie seems a bit shocked by Trish’s sudden reply, with the Women’s Champ looking a wee bit pissed.

Mickie James: Right … well I know these past few months since I said that … a lot of things … a lot of bad things, they’ve been happening to you Trish. A lot of bad things involving me. I mean, you’ve had me kicking you … you had to defend your Women’s Title because of me … you’ve …

Trish Stratus: It’s okay Mickie! It’s okay … I get it. Bad things have been happening to me.

Again, Mickie seems a little taken off guard by the sudden outburst from Stratus.

Mickie James: Okay and these bad things … you do know that they’re accidents … right? You trust me … don’t you Trish? I wouldn’t … I wouldn’t hurt you on purpose. And I definitely wouldn’t hurt any of your friends on purpose either.

Mickie pauses, taking her time.

Mickie James: You know who I’m talking about … Rebecca.

Trish’s expression changes, seemingly seething over what happened a few weeks ago.

Mickie James: I know it looked bad a few weeks ago, but you know I wouldn’t hurt her on purpose … right? You believe me, don’t you Trish?

The crowd gives a mixed reaction.

Mickie James: You’re not listening to the people who are saying I did it … are you Trish? Because those people Trish, they don’t know what they’re talking about. They don’t know me. But you do. You know me, and you know I wouldn’t do anything like that.

Mickie looks Trish in the eyes, mouthing the words “You know”.

Trish Stratus: Y’know Mickie, I thought I knew you. I thought I understood you. But these past few months … y’know Mickie, I’m not so sure anymore. I mean … maybe you did attack Rebecca. You remember what happened with Ashley, don’t you? Because I do.

Mickie James: Okay! Okay Trish, I remember Ashley. I remember what happened with her, but trust me, this is different, this is …

Trish Stratus: How Mickie? How is this different?

Mickie is so shocked she takes a step back away from Trish, her face illustrating her fear.

Trish Stratus: Go on, Mickie, tell me. Because to me it looks like every time you find out someone’s closer to me, every time you find that I have another friend, you attack them. You ran Ashley out of town, and now, now you’ve gone and done the same thing to my other best friend Rebecca. Do you know how often I get to see her, Mickie? Huh? It’s not often, and when I do finally get to see her, she leaves on a stretcher after you walked up to her. Now tell me Mickie, don’t you think that seems a little suspicious?

Mickie sighs, continuing to stress.

Mickie James: Listen, Trish, I know it seems bad, and I can’t blame you for being angry, but please just listen and hear me out. Please.

Trish crosses her arms, her expression not softening, remaining cold and impatient.

Mickie James: Okay, I did not attack Rebecca. I want you to know that. Okay? But that’s not just all. It was actually the opposite. Y’see, the reason I was approaching her was because … I wanted her help.

Trish raises an eyebrow.

Trish Stratus: Her help?

Mickie James: Yes … her help.

Trish Stratus: And tell me Mickie, why would you want her help?

Mickie takes her time, not looking at all comfortable.

Mickie James: I wanted her help because I wanted to be like her. I wanted us to be like you and her.

Trish looks confused, almost instsantly dismissing the notion.

Trish Stratus: What are you talking about?

Mickie James: Trish, I saw the way you talked to her, and I saw the friendship that the two of you have. I saw the same thing as when I saw when I used to see you talk to Ashley. And then I see how you talk to me, and Trish, I’m not stupid. I know it’s not the same.

Mickie again sighs, clearly uncomfortable about what she’s saying.

Mickie James: Y’know for my entire life I’ve been alone. It was just me, my single mum, and my grandpa. My mum had to take care of us, so she was at work. I barely saw her. And me and my grandpa didn’t really get along. The only time we did get along was when we would sit down and watch RAW together. And in those two hours, it was suddenly like I had a friend. I wasn’t just alone. I had someone there with me. We enjoyed watching together, we had that common connection. And yo you know who our favourite wrestler was, Trish? It was you.

The crowd gives a small pop.

Mickie James: You were strong, powerful, yet still managed to stay beautiful. You reminded me of my mum, who I didn’t get to see much of. But I could see you, Trish. And when we saw you, me and my grandpa, my grandpa used to tell me that could be me. I could be like Trish Stratus. I could be this strong, powerful diva. I didn’t believe it. I was in awe of you Trish. But my grandpa believed in me, and that’s something I never felt before, so I went for it. I began training to be a professional wrestler, in the hope that I could be like my mum, be like you, Trish. I’ve always dreamt of being like you Trish. Strong … smart … and graceful. I’ve always wanted that. I’ve always wanted to be on my own woman, just like you, and just like my mum. So I went for it. I began my training to become a professional wrestler.

Mickie takes a slight pause.

Mickie James: And y’know, I worked harder than I ever had before. I had to. You had set the standard for me, Trish. I had to work hard to get there, and that’s what I did, wrestling in front of crowds of fifty people until last year the WWE gave me a call and told me they wanted me to sign a contract to work on RAW. I had made it. I had accomplished my dream. But what made it even better? I got to come work with you, Trish.

Mickie again gives an ever so slight pause.

Mickie James: Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be standing in the same ring as my hero. I dreamt of it, but I didn’t believe it could come true. Standing next to you … it was a dream come true. Being your friend was more than anything I had ever dreamt. It was the greatest feeling in the world. But then … then I saw you talking to Ashley.

Mickie looks down at the mat, perhaps showing some guilt.

Mickie James: I’m not going to lie, Trish. I was the one who got rid of Ashley, and it’s not because I hate you, Trish. No, it’s because I was jealous. Just like I was with Rebecca, I was jealous of how you talked with Ashley, how you two got along so well, because we didn’t, Trish.

Mickie sees Trish starting to look a little bit angrier and panics.

Mickie James: But Trish, trust me … that’s not … that’s not what happened with Rebecca. I didn’t drive her away … I didn’t attack her … I asked her for help. You can ask her yourself when you see her next, I did nothing to her. I was talking to her and all of a sudden, this shelf behind her just fell on her and she smashed her head against the ground! I tried to help her, Trish, I did. I lifted the shelf, I tried to clean up her forehead, but then when I went to get help … you were there.

Neither the crowd nor Stratus know how to react to this.

Mickie James: It was just an unfortunate accident Trish. And accidents … accidents …

Trish Stratus: Happen? Uh huh, I think I’ve got that by now, Mickie. You honetsty expect me to believe this? That all of this was just some kind of freak accident? You honestly expect me to believe this?

Mickie steps back, clearly quite scared with the anger in Trish’s voice.

Mickie James: Trish, I would never do anything to hurt you … not anymore. I’m living my dream, Trish. I mean, I’m here, standing in the ring with you. This is more than I ever wanted. I mean, I now dream of something better. I dream of challenging you for the Women’s Title at WrestleMania now, and I would never …

Trish Stratus: Oh, so that’s what this is about? I should’ve known.

Mickie James: Known what? What’s … what’s going on? What are you talking about?

Trish Stratus: Don’t play dumb, Mickie. I know what you’re up to. You’ve been up to it the whole time. You’ve just been trying to get yourself a title match with me, haven’t you? Huh?

Mickie looks to have almost come to tears, partially covering her face.

Mickie James: Trish, it’s not like that, it’s …

Trish Stratus: Oh right, it’s all an accident, isn’t it Mickie? It’s all just one BIIIIGGG accident! Y’know, these accidents seem to happen around you a lot, Mickie. But then again, maybe that’s why your mum’s alone. Maybe you were just an accident yourself. Maybe that’s why your dad took off.

BAM! The crowd reacts with shock at that comment, some event booing Stratus as Mickie continues to sob.

Trish Stratus: Well I’ve got some news for ya, Mickie. Your dad didn’t want you, and I don’t want you either.

The breakdown of Mickie continues as the crowd starts to slowly boo the words of Stratus.

Trish Stratus: So y’know what? You want your title shot? That’s fine with me, because you’ve got it.

Mixed reaction for this.

Trish Stratus: And Mickie, I promise you, that what I do to you at WrestleMania will be no … accident.

More heat from the crowd, who are starting to turn on Trish.

Trish Stratus: How about I give you a preview of that?

Mickie isn’t even looking at this point, hiding her face in her arms … SMACK! TRISH SMASHES THE MICROPHONE RIGHT OFF HER FOREHEAD! The crowd boos as Trish gets down on her knees, over the now curled up Mickie … AND SHE JUST STARTS BLASTING MICKIE WITH SOME MASSIVE RIGHT HANDS BLOWS! The crowd can’t believe it as Trish strikes Mickie again and again and again, with no one from the back coming to assist the friendless James.

The crowd continues to boo as Trish finally stands, the anger clear as she lifts her Women’s Title up and waits for Mickie to stand, slowly stalking her as she struggles back up … AND TRISH BLASTS HER RIGHT INTO THE FACE WITH THE GOLD! The crowd continues to boo as Stratus looks down at her former friend, breathing heavily, before dropping to her knees and lifting Mickie’s head, which is now BLEEDING profusely and holding the title belt by her, shouting “THIS … WAS NO ACCIDENT! YOU ARE NEVER GETTING THIS! NEVER!”

Joey Styles: Oh my God! Trish has absolutely snapped! We need help! Someone get out here to help Mickie James!

Trish remains over Mickie, holding the belt by the gushing cut on Mickie’s head, the anger flowing through her being as we head out to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see a very solemn looking RAW announce team sitting by.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Saturday Night’s Main Event, where, before the break, we saw one of the most unsettling things that quite frankly I’ve ever seen in this business.

Jonathan Coachman: I didn’t know what we were gonna get from Mickie James, but I certainly didn’t expect to see that.

Jerry Lawler: Well we’ve been calling Mickie unbalanced for months now, but maybe it’s Trish who’s the one who is truly a bit unbalanced. Up until tonight I would have never expected that out of Trish, but now … I don’t know what to say.

Joey Styles: It’s a delicate situation for sure, but one we have to move on from, at least for now.

We cut to see Lilian Garcia standing by in the ring, the bell tolling in the background.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a fatal four way tag team match, with the winner becoming the number one contender for the WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS!

We get silence for a moment.


The crowd gives a decent pop as out from the back steps Shelton Benjamin. Not the energetic man we’ve come to expect, Benjamin walks down the ring rather calmly, not even bothering to acknowledge the crowd as he does so.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from Orangeburg, North Carolina, weighing 245 lbs, SHELTON BEEEENNNNJJJJAAAAMIN!

Joey Styles: Shelton Benjamin not looking his bubbly self here tonight, and gentlemen, with him and Charlie Haas not wanting to compete tonight, you almost have to believe that they’re going to be a non factor in this contest.

Jonathan Coachman: And I can’t wait for this to be done with so Shelton can finally go out on his own.

Jerry Lawler: One man who didn’t look so eager was Charlie Haas himself, who almost looks reluctant to break away from Shelton.

Shelton continues on his way down the ramp, then climbs up into the ring, again not really acknowledging the fans as much as he usually would, instead just raising his hand briefly.


The crowd gives another decent reaction as Charlie Haas walks onto the stage. Rather than bouncing around like usual, much like his partner, a subdued Haas simply walks down the ramp, again not really paying attention to the fans at ringside.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 242 lbs, CHAAARLIE HAAS!

Joey Styles: Well Charlie Haas had been the one who was pushing for the repairing of the two initially, and maybe he still wants that.

Jerry Lawler: He doesn’t look too enthusiastic about tonight, that’s for sure.

Jonathan Coachman: Charlie needs to make sure he doesn’t get the win. Shelton Benjamin deserves better than being with Charlie Haas. He has his sights set on the big event, and at WrestleMania Shelton Benjamin should be Money in the Bank bound, not challenging for the World Tag Team Titles with Charlie Haas.

Haas climbs up into the ring, joining his partner, who he merely nods at, barely recognising him tonight.


The crowd gives a weak reaction as The Basham Brothers stride out from the back, enthusiastic as ever, knowing this is their chance to make a mark. The bald headed brothers laugh at the fans at ringside as they make their way down the ramp, attempting to draw in as much heat as possible.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing a combined weight of 495 lbs, DOUG AAAND DANNY – THE BAAASHAM BROTHERS!

Joey Styles: Well these two men The Basham Brothers have had problems of late with Haas and Benjamin, trying to make an impact on their new home of RAW, but tonight might be their chance to make the ultimate impact if they become the number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles.

Jerry Lawler: And you know they have the ability. They used to be employed as JBL’s personal secretaries of defence over on SmackDown!

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve got a good feeling about this match, and I dunno if it’s about The Bashams or The Crew, but one of ‘em is walkin’ out number one contenders boys.

The Basham Brothers finish their walk down to the ring and eye off the two men already stand in it, having lost to them this previous week on RAW.


It’s a lacklustre response as V-Squared strut their way out onto the top of the stage. Despite Viscera being the size of a beached whale, he doesn’t often win match, and people know it.

Lilian Garcia: Weighing a combined weight of 740 lbs, the team of VAL VENIS AND VIIISCERRRA – V-SQUUUUUAAAAARRRRRED!

Joey Styles: These two men have been teaming up for some time on RAW, and late last year they came close to raising the World Tag Team Titles for the very first time as a team. Could tonight be the night they once again start to get closer to that gold?

Jerry Lawler: Well, they certainly have the size and experience to do it, but I’m not sure V-Squared will be quite up to it tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Take it from someone who knows, ‘King’, they won’t be. This isn’t their night. This is a night for one of the two best teams on the RAW roster, and it certainly isn’t V-Squared.

The two pimps swagger their way on down the rest of the ramp, Viscera giving the look to a few of the women in the front row, while Val Venis gives his towel to someone who may just be legal.


Due to their recent involvement with the McMahon family and DX, The Redneck Wrecking Crew actually get a very impressive heel response drawing some good boos out of the crowd, indicating their rising stock on the RAW brand. The two cowboys only get more heat when they begin on their way down the ramp, shouting abuse out at the fans at ringside.

Lilian Garcia: And weighing a combined weight of 502 lbs, LAAANCE CADE AND TREVOR MURDOCH – THE REDNECK WREEECKING CREW!

Joey Styles: Well, ‘Coach’, these are two of your favourites, and they also appear to be two of Mr. McMahon’s favourites after he’s had them fight the battle for him against D-Generation X.

Jonathan Coachman: And there’s a reason they’re two of Mr. McMahon’s favourites, and that’s that they’re two of the best goin’ ‘round right now, babyboy.

The redneck duo makes their way down to the ring and climbs up into it, annoying the fans as they do so as we get ready for this one to begin.

Match Three ~ Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

The eight men all initially stand in the ring before sorting themselves out, with only two men set to start the match as legal. The first man out of the ring is Shelton Benjamin, who certainly doesn’t want to start the match. His partner, Charlie Haas, however, lurks in the corner for a moment, looking around until Shelton finally gets his attention and calls him out of the ring. Eventually the other men dissipate from the ring, and we’re left with the two men who will start the match – Val Venis and Lance Cade. The two men try to lock up and show off their power, Cade wanting to prove himself to be the stronger man. The duo go back and forth, not truly finding out who the bigger and better man is until Cade suddenly shocks Venis with a thumb to the eye, breaking away from the lockup. From there Cade drags Venis across to the corner and slams his head down into the corner, looking to tag in Murdoch. Murdoch comes in and works over Venis for a moment, trying to put the former pornstar down early. Venis, to his credit, is able to survive, and following a tag out from Murdoch to Cade, actually prosper, fighting off his larger foe after Cade takes the time to mock the crowd, allowing himself to get the tag to Viscera.

Big Vis runs into the ring and steamrolls Cade instantly, taking him down with a big clothesline. Cade gets back up and eats a second clothesline, then gets pushed back into the ropes and sent off into a whip … back into a huge shoulder tackle from the gargantuan Viscera! Being the sexy, sexy man that he is, Viscera celebrates his offense with a bit of an airhump as Cade pulls himself up in the corner … BEFORE VISCERA CHARGES AT HIM … AND GOES RIGHT INTO THE TURNBUCKLE, AS THE QUICK FOR HIS SIZE CADE GETS OUT OF DODGE … THEN TAKES BIG VIS DOWN WITH A CHOP BLOCK! Cade gets back to his feet, almost surprised at what he’s achieved as he backs away from Vis … right into a tag to the back from Danny Basham!

Cade looks pissed, but he has no option to leave the ring as the Basham climbs into the ring and begins to stomp over Vis, making the cover and looking for the win whenever possible. Realising that keeping Viscera down will be no easy task, The Basham Brothers strike up a mid-match agreement with The Crew, deciding to wear Viscera down, neither team supposed to go for a pin as they instead just beat him down, tagging in and out frequently. The Basham Brothers, however, show what JBL has taught them in the past by reneging on the deal in their own way, when, following a couple of axe handles from the second rope, Danny makes the cover … and Cade breaks up the pin! Far from happy, the big bad Texan pulls Danny up and the two exchange a few heated words, before starting to push and shove … ONLY TO TURN RIGHT INTO SIMELTANEOUS CLOTHESLINES FROM BIG VIS!

The crowd pops as all three men fall to the mat in a heap, the two heels slowly picking themselves up in the ring, while Vis heads to his corner … and makes the tag to Val Venis! The crowd continues to cheer as Venis climbs into the ring and instantly cleans house, taking both Cade and Danny down with consecutive clotheslines. ‘The Big Valbowski’ stays on the job by then picking Cade up and feign Irish whipping him off to the ropes, only to follow him in, still holding him by the arm and knee him in the midsection. Venis does this once more to Cade, then pulls him away from the ropes when Danny Basham comes charging for a clothesline … but Venis quickly ducks it and grabs Danny around the neck by one arm, Cade by the other … DOUBLE RUSSIAN LEGSWEEP! The crowd cheers (albeit rather softly) as Venis gets back to his feet and motions out to the crowd, aiming to get them fired up while his foes recover. Having drawn a satisfactory cheer, Venis turns back to Cade and whips him into the corner, calling for Big Vis to climb back into the ring as he does so. Vis complies with Val’s request as Val now sends Danny in after Cade, prompting Vis to come in and thrust forwards (lovely, I know) … THEN CHARGE INTO THE CORNER AND CREATE A LANCE BASHAM SANDWICH!

Snarling in pleasure, Vis grabs Danny’s broken body and hurls it towards Venis … WHO NAILS THE SPIN OUT POWERBOMB! Elsewhere Viscera takes out all men off the apron who look like they give a damn, leaving only The World’s Greatest Tag Team standing there as Val Venis goes to the top in the corner adjacent from that of Haas & Benjamin … LOOKING FOR THE MONEY SHOT … BUT CHARLE HAAS CHARGES ACROSS THE APRON AND TAGS HIMSELF IN, MAKING USE OF THE FACT THAT ALL CORNERS ARE ALLOWED TO BE TAGGED IN FROM! Venis looks in shock … AS CHARLIE HAAS NOW SENDS HIM FLYING DOWN TO THE OUTSIDE, OUT OVER ON TOP OF VISCERA AND THE OTHER MEN HE WAS KEEPING OUTSIDE THE RING IN MURDOCH AND DOUG! With Cade out in the corner, Haas now climbs into the ring … AND RUSHES ACROSS TO DANNY BASHAM TO LOCK IN THE HAAS OF PAIN … WHICH DANNY ALMOST INSTANTLY TAPS TO!

Winners (and number one contenders to the World Tag Team Titles): Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via submission @ 7:01



The crowd doesn’t seem too sure how to react, but Charlie Haas does, climbing back to his feet and instantly having his hand raised enthusiastically by the referee!

Joey Styles: The World’s Greatest Tag Team have done it! The World’s Greatest Tag Team are going to WrestleMania 22!

Jonathan Coachman: What? No this isn’t possible. No!

Jerry Lawler: I’m afraid it is, ‘Coach’, and it just happened!

Jonathan Coachman: No … no it’s not. This isn’t happening.

Haas continues to celebrate in the ring extremely happily, before turning back to the apron where he sees Shelton Benjamin standing, a wide smile on Charlie’s face … but Shelton turns his back on his partner, dropping from the apron and walking from the ring, showing complete and utter disappointment.

Jonathan Coachman: Look at Shelton. Look at your so-called “friend”, Charlie Haas. Look what you’ve done to him.

Joey Styles: Charlie was just doing what he was put in the match to do. What do you want him to do, ‘Coach’? Not win on purpose?

Jonathan Coachman: Yes! That’s what he was told to do, and if he was a team player like he says he is, then he would have made sure his team didn’t win the match. All he had to do was stand on the damn apron, and he couldn’t even do that, yet you two seem to think he’s worth of teaming with Shelton Benjamin!

Benjamin continues his walk up the ramp, only stopping at the stage to turn his head back and look at Haas, who is now more subdued, showing his disappointment before heading through the corner.

From there, we now cut away elsewhere backstage to see none other than John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield sat in a rather lavish locker-room, kicking back in front of a widescreen television, some champagne in hand. With The Cabinet by his side, JBL looks to be as happy as can be.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Now this … if the good life. Jillian?

Hall looks up at JBL, having been flicking through a bag off to the side of screen prior to this.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I take it as you’ve turned my cell phone off.

Jillian Hall: Yes, Mr. Layfield. You shouldn’t be expecting any calls until after the match.

Smiling away, JBL is clearly anjoying himself.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And Brent?

Albright, who is seated beside Layfield, looks up at his employer.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’ve locked the door?

Brent Albright: Don’t worry. I’ve personally made it clear to the locker-room that you don’t want to be interrupted tonight.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Haha, that’s what I like to hear. Now all I’ve gotta do it sit back and watch as that punk Bobby Lashley gets his ass handed to him.

Layfield laughs again, prompting both Albright and Jillian to laugh, albeit awkwardly from Hall … when they’re suddenly interrupted by a knock at the door, which causes JBL to shoot Albright a stern look.

Brent Albright: Don’t worry. I’m sure it’s just catering. Maybe if we ignore ‘em, they’ll just go away.

Layfield nods and lays back, a smile starting to come across his face again when the knock starts up again, and this time refuses to go away until a man speaks from outside.

???: JBL! Open yer damn door, or I’ll break it open myself!

Layfield sighs as Albright now gets up and heads out of view, opening the door in the background … leading to Finlay walking into view, prompting JBL to stand right up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Finlay! What a pleasant surprise! Is there somethin’ I can do for you? Do you need a last minute massage before your match, because trust me, I can get it done. Jillian! Call one of my people and tell ‘em that Finlay here needs a last minute preparation for his match, o …

Finlay: I’m not here for a massage. I’m here to speak … to you.

Finlay looks right at JBL as he speaks, causing JBL’s smile to slowly disappear. Seeing JBL’s reaction, Finlay smirks and has a look around.

Finlay: It’s an awfully nice lookin’ locker-room ye’ve got yerself here.

Finlay continues to look around.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Only the …

Finlay: I suggest ye stay in it. I know ye’ve got problems wit’ Lashley … but so do I. And if ye thinkin’ about gettin’ involved wit’ him tonight … think again. ‘Cause tonight’s my night … tonight’s my fight.

JBL looks around nervously, forcing a bit of a laugh.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Finlay, trust me. We were just talkin’ about it, and tonight’s all you. I’m just gonna sit back here and watch as you destroy Bobby Lashley for my viewing pleasure.

Finlay continues to look at JBL right in the eye, before smirking.

Finlay: That’s good, because if ye did interfere … then I’d have no problem … smackin’ ye … with this.

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Finlay lifts the shillelagh right up into JBL’s vision, causing Layfield to gulp nervously. Finlay, on the other hand, smiles away, then takes the shillelagh down and gives Layfield a menacing look on his way back out of the locker-room. We, meanwhile, cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the commercial break to instantly cut to a video package.


We now cut to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘Miseria Cantare’ by A.F.I. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art … of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focused and I know what I want. I am … straight edge, and my only addiction … is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk … and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!.

CM Punk – Coming Soon To Friday Night SmackDown!


We return from there to now see Tony Chimel standing in the centre of the ring, the bell ringing in the background.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a BELFAST BRAAAWWWWLLLLL!



The crowd breaks out into a rather large reaction of heat, though some cheers can be heard, thanks perhaps to his words before the break as the stony faced Finlay makes his way out to the top of the stage. The no fuss, grizzled veteran looks ready for action tonight, walking down the ramp with his teeth gritted and shillelagh in hand.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, FIIIINNNNLAY!

Michael Cole: We’ve seen some very personal matches thus far, Tazz, but this match right here may be as personal as any other as ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay takes on his longtime rival Lashley in only the second ever Belfast Brawl.

Tazz: Well we saw the first of this match this past week on SmackDown!, and after seein’ it, we now know what Finlay can really do after really poundin’ Super Crazy, a guy who specialises in these extreme matches, all round the arena. After that, there ain’t no doubt in my opinion that Finlay’s gonna get the win here tonight.

Michael Cole: Well this may be Finlay’s speciality, but in this rivalry between the two, it has NEVER been Finlay who has picked up the win, despite leaving Lashley laying several times, as Lashley has maintained his undefeated streak since debuting here in the WWE. Does that give a psychological advantage to Lashley?

Tazz: Normally, it would, yeah, but you gotta remember that this ain’t Finlay’s first dance. He knows what he’s doin’ in between those ropes, and he’s one of the most experienced guys goin’ round. We saw what this match meant to him just before when he warned JBL not to interfere, and to me, that shows that Finlay is in the zone here tonight.

The Irishman walks down the ramp and places his shillelagh up on the apron, before then dipping under the ring and already taking some weapons out, throwing a garbage can full of assorted goodies into the ring.


The crowd gives a great pop as Bobby Lashley now storms out onto the stage, showing the ever growing popularity of the youngster. ‘The Dominator’ looks dead serious tonight, no smile to be found on his face as he halts at the top of the ramp to set off his pyro.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Colorado Springs, Colorado, weighing 275 lbs, BOBBBBYYYYY LAAASSSSHHHH …


Match Four ~ Belfast Brawl:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

The referee gives the brawl a quick start as Finlay and Lashley immediately go toe to toe at the top of the ramp, trading wild right hand shots and just scratching and clawing at one another. Finlay is able to take the advantage thanks to a kick to the midsection, before he violently hurls Lashley into the crowd barrier, sending his foe crashing into it rib first. ‘The Fighting Irishman’ is quick to follow up, charging across to boot Lashley in the ribs, then club him across the back, sending the shell-shocked Lashley staggering away. Following up, Finlay stalks Lashley as the two now make their way down the ramp, with Finlay grabbing Lashley by the head, then sending him snapping back thanks to a nasty European uppercut. Lashley is practically at ringside as Finlay boots him in the midsection, then attempts to whip him into the hard ring apron … but Lashley reverses and sends Finlay crashing into it instead! ‘The Fighting Irishman’ comes back off the apron nursing the small of his back … right into Lashley who sends him over the top … AND INTO THE COLD, HARD FLOOR WITH A BACK BODY DROP!

The crowd cheers as Finlay groans in pain, with Lashley quickly trying to regain his senses, before pulling Finlay up and tossing him into the ring. Lashley is quick to follow his foe into the ring, prompting Finlay to crawl away to the corner, begging ‘The Dominator’ off as he emphatically steps towards him, ready to attack … when Finlay uses his experience to his advantage and grabs Lashley by the tights, pulling him down face first into the second turnbuckle! The youthful Lashley pays for his exuberance as Finlay gets back to his feet and nurses his back for a moment, before going right back after Lashley and kicking him right in the back, sending the youngster rolling away from the corner. Finlay is quick to follow up, lifting Lashley back to his feet and snapping his head back with a European uppercut, before pushing him firmly into the ropes with an Irish whip … but Lashley is able to duck a clothesline on the rebound … then come back with own of his own!

The crowd cheers as Lashley sends Finlay down to the mat, though not for long as Finlay springs back up to his feet, only for Lashley to bulrush him back into the corner and unleash a quick series of shoulder thrusts, driving his boulder like shoulder into the ribs of Finlay time and time again. Finlay is clearly reeling as Lashley finally relents, pulling Finlay from the corner and sending him off with an Irish whip, leading into a reverse elbow on the rebound! Looking to capitalise on the move, Lashley makes the cover … two.

Not worrying about the kickout, the rookie gets right back up to his feet and assists Finlay in doing the same, before pushing him back to the corner and hammering away with some rapid right hands, staggering the veteran. With the crowd cheering him on, Lashley goes on and on and on, absolutely pummelling ‘The Fighting Irishman’ until Finlay finally falls to a seated position, prompting Lashley to back away from the corner and roar with intensity. The youngster then turns back around and charges in at a rising Finlay … WHEN FINLAY SUDDENLY SPRINGS TO LIFE AND GRABS LASHLEY BY THE LEGS, SENDING HIM OVER WITH A FLAP JACK … HIS RIBS LANDING RIGHT ACROSS THE TOP ROPE!

The crowd oohs and ahhs at the move as the veteran Finlay again uses his experience, before shaking the cobwebs loose and going to work on the now suspect core of Lashley, looking to wear him down with anything and everything he can get his hands on, and that means – you guessed it – weapons. As Michael Cole very astutely points out, Finlay’s sustained offense on the core of Lashley creates quite a predicament for the youngster, as should he ever come back, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for him to do the heavy lifting that he’s used to. This doesn’t stop ‘The Dominator’ from fighting on, kicking out each and every time he’s required to, even sustaining some of Finlay’s more innovative and ruthless offense, including a cannonball down onto a garbage can that lays over the injured midsection of Lashley. However, with the kickouts from Lashley continuing, ‘The Fighting Irishman’ starts to get a little disappointed at his inability to put Lashley away and finally defeat him, leading to him deciding to instead go for a submission victory, locking in a bear hug from behind. Lashley though is able to fight out of it, knowing how to fight back from the position as an amateur wrestling master as he starts to get back up to his feet … only for Finlay to elbow him in the back of the head … then charge towards Lashley with a knee to the midsection, sending him flipping over!

Looking down at Lashley, Finlay thinks about following up, but then thinks better of it, instead dropping down and rolling from the ring to look for some goodies under the ring … where he finds a table! The crowd erupts with a big pop as Finlay slides the hardware in under the bottom rope into the ring, then begins to go to work by setting it up in the corner. Perhaps a bit inexperienced with tables, Finlay takes his sweet time in getting it up, before turning to see Lashley starting to get up, prompting the Irishman to charge across and boot him in the midsection, quelling any thoughts of a comeback before they can begin to fester. Finlay then looks back at the table, before grabbing Lashley … AND HURLING HIM TOWARDS IT WITH AN IRISH WHIP … BUT LASHLEY JUST PUTS THE BRAKES ON IN TIME! The crowd cheers as Lashley turns … then charges towards a shocked Finlay and sends him down with a falling clothesline!

The audience applauds as both men stay down for a moment, before beginning the struggle back to their feet and staggering towards one another … when Lashley suddenly springs into action, running off to the ropes and connecting with a shoulder tackle! The crowd cheers as Finlay gets up and Lashley again runs off to the ropes, then this time hits a forearm strike. This time Lashley doesn’t charge off as Finlay gets up, instead pressing him back against the ropes, before sending him off with an Irish whip and catching him with another forearm thrust on the rebound! The crowd cheers as Lashley goes with the Irish whip again, sending Finlay to the (table free) corner … before charging in and squashing him with a corner clothesline! Finlay staggers from the corner, clearly feeling it as Lashley now boots him in the midsection and starts to get him up for a suplex … but Finlay wisely knees him in the injured midsection, causing Lashley to drop Finlay back on his feet and instead double over!

Thinking fast, Finlay runs off to the ropes … THEN COMES BACK INTO A CRACKING SHOT FROM LASHLEY AS HE SLAMS AN ERRANT STREET SIGN INTO THE SKULL OF THE IRISHMAN! Finlay goes down, and Lashley again doubles over, before making the cover … two! The former soldier looks a little disappointed in the kickout, but he doesn’t worry about it for too long, instead climbing back to his feet and waiting on Finlay to get up … THEN QUICKLY SCOOPING HIM UP FOR A RUNNING POWERSLAM … BUT FINLAY SLIPS OUT AS LASHLEY GOES FOR IT … AND LASHLEY TURNS TO FINLAY TO INSTANTLY GET HOISTED UP INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY … THEN TAKEN DOWN WITH AN INVERTED SAMOAN DROP, CRUSHING THE RIBS OF LASHLEY! Confident he’s done enough to get the win, FInlay makes the cover … and Lashley kicks out at two!

Finlay can’t believe it, shouting insults at the referee, before calming himself, then turning to the corner with a sparkle in his eye … AS HE GOES AND GRABS HIS TRUST SHILLELAGH! The crowd boos as Finlay lifts the shillelagh up, gap toothed smile and all on his face, then waits on Lashley as the youngster slowly fights back up … AND TURNS RIGHT INTO A SHILLELAGH SHOT … WHICH HE LUCKILY DUCKS … BEFORE QUICKLY DRILLING FINLAY WITH A DEVASTATING T-BONE SUPLEX! The crowd cheers as Lashley climbs back to his feet and looks set to end things … SIGNALLING FOR THE DOMINATOR AS HE LIFTS FINLAY UP … BUT THE CROWD BOOS SUDDENLY, CAUSING LASHLEY TO TURN … RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM JOHN ‘BRADSHAW’ LAYFIELD!

The crowd boos as both Lashley and Finlay fall to the mat, with Layfield standing over Lashley with a scowl on his face … before he notices Lashley rolling towards the table … and instead begins to smirk! The crowd attempts to warn Lashley as he slowly struggles up … AND JBL EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … BUT LASHLEY DUCKS AND QUICKLY TAKES OFF TO THE ROPES … THEN COMES BACK ON THE REBOUND AND SPEARS LAYFIELD CLEAN THROUGH THE TABLE!

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Lashley gets up with a look of disgust on his face, before turning back to see Finlay slowly struggling up, shillelagh by his side … WHICH LASHLEY LOOKS AT INTENTLY, THEN GRABS! THE CROWD CHEERS AS FINLAY SLOWLY STRUGGLES UP, UNAWARE OF LASHLEY BRANDISHING HIS WEAPON … BAM! LASHLEY GIVES FINLAY THE SAME FEELING HE HAS COPPED MULTIPLE TIMES OVER THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS, CAVING IN HIS FOREHEAD WITH THE SHILLELAGH! The crowd cheers as Lashley drops down, still holding the shillelagh, and makes the cover … for the three!

Winner: Bobby Lashley via pinfall @ 10:59



The crowd cheers as Lashley climbs back up to his feet and has his arm raised emphatically in victory. A wide smile of joy on his face, Lashley makes it clear that this win is the best of his short career, raising Finlay’s own shillelagh in the air triumphantly as he does so.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley has done it! Bobby Lashley has overcome all of the odds, defeating Finlay in his very own match, the Belfast Brawl, and continued his undefeated streak!

Tazz: What about JBL, though Cole? Finlay warned him not to show himself, and here he is. I mean, he did try to help Finlay, but Finlay can’t be happy.

Michael Cole: Finlay is the type of guy who likes to get business done himself, and after his warning to JBL earlier tonight, JBL might want to get out of there before Finlay realises he’s there.

Lashley continues to salute the crowd, before looking at the shillelagh in his hand, then down at Finlay, who he walks across to and rests the shillelagh down across. Content with his victory, Lashley now leaves the ring and begins to slap hands with some fans on his way up the ramp.

In the ring Finlay is just coming to, rolling around and trying to bring himself back together. JBL does the same in the corner, in amongst the remnants on the table, with both men slowly coming to. Despite their wobbly legs, both men are able to regain their footing as they stagger towards one another, Finlay holding his shillelagh by his side as he does so … and both men suddenly realise what has happened. Finlay grits his teeth in rage, clearly unhappy that JBL interjected himself in the match, while JBL tries to do what he does best and talk his way out of things, telling Finlay he only tried to help him.

Finlay looks reluctant to buy JBL’s crap, but Layfield persists, slowly offering his hand to Finlay, with Finlay looking at it almost in disgust at first … and Finlay sheepishly accepts. JBL smirks, thinking he’s dodged a bullet here … BAM! FINLAY KNOCKS JBL OUT IN A FLASH, SMASHING THE SHILLELAGH OFF HIS SKULL!

The crowd goes absolutely wild as Finlay brandishes his shillelagh, standing over the fallen body of the apparently knocked out JBL, teeth still gritted and face shaking in rage.

Michael Cole: Oh my! Finlay has just left JBL seeing stars!

Tazz: I told ya Finlay wouldn’t be happy, and he didn’t give a damn what JBL had to say. JBL got himself involved in Finlay’s fight, and as far as Finlay’s concerned, that’s just about the worst thing you can do.

The Irishman continues to get cheered for his actions as he drops and rolls from the ring, shillelagh still in hand. As he backs up the ramp many fans offer their hands to Finlay, but Finlay shows his attitude by completely ignoring them, instead just staring back at JBL.

We now cut away elsewhere to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista bouncing up and down in his locker-room. Title sat behind him, Batista looks ready for action as he slaps himself on the cheek a few times, then looks set to head for the door … walking right into Randy Orton!

The crowd boos as Orton smirks, standing before the man he’ll be challenging at WrestleMania, before offering just a few, simple words.

Randy Orton: Good luck.

Orton then steps aside, leaving an almost cautious Batista to walk past out of view.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, there goes ‘The Animal’, ready for the Clash of the Champions, and that is next!

We of course head out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We again return from the break for a video package.





From there we now cut back to ringside to see an interbrand announce team of Michael Cole & Jonathan Coachman.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Saturday Night’s Main Event, where momentarily we will be seeing our Clash of the Champions match, and as such I’ve been joined by Jonathan Coachman from the RAW announce team. Thanks for joining us, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: You’re damn straight you should be thankin’ me, Cole. It’s not often this desk has any talent sittin’ behind it. Usually it’s stuck with you and the guy that has to use a stepladder to actually see over the desk in the first place. But hey, ‘The Coach’ is a good guy, and he’s here to add some class to the place.

Off to the ring, we see Lilian Garcia standing by as the bell tolls in the background.

Lilian Garcia: The following is the CLASH OF THE CHAMPIONS MATCH and it is scheduled for one fall!



And the crowd absolutely erupts into heat as, not for the first time tonight, the WWE Champion, Edge emerges out onto the stage, shrouded by a veil of smoke as he steps out of the obscurity and into the limelight, accompanied as always by his sultry girlfriend Lita. Instead of rushing down the ramp, the WWE Champion takes his time atop the stage, allowing the big time atmosphere to sink in while Lita fondles with the gold that is wrapped oh so snugly around his waist.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, representing Monday Night RAW, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 245 lbs, he is the WWE Champion, “THE RATED R SUUUUPPPPPEEEERRRRSTARRRRRR” … EDGE!

Michael Cole: Here comes the man who two months ago cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase to become the WWE Champion, Edge, and not for the first time tonight, as we saw him earlier when he interfered in the match between Kurt Angle and John Cena, causing a no contest.

Jonathan Coachman: And what a high that must be for the champ to be on. First he pins Batista last night on SmackDown!, then tonight he disposes of the two pretenders who wanna a shot at him at WrestleMania. I can’t wait for him to pin Batista for the second time in two nights and make it a trifecta.

‘The Rated R Superstar’ makes his way down the ramp confidently, stroking his beard with one hand and holding Lita with the other, before getting to ringside and sliding into the ring enthusiastically as Lita takes the steps up into the squared circle. Edge looks all focus as he climbs up to the second rope in the corner and thrusts the WWE Title up in the air, showing his gold to the world. Content, the champ now makes his way down to the mat again and waits along with us in silence.


The crowd goes absolutely crazy as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista storms out onto the stage, full of enthusiasm and energy. Batista charges across to either side of the ramp, acknowledging the fans as his title bobbles up and down on his waist, before making his way to the centre of the stage and setting off his pyro to an even bigger reaction than before.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the WOOOORRRRLLLLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, ‘THE ANIMAL’ BATIIIIIISSSSSTTTTTTTAAAAAAAA!

Michael Cole: Edge may have been on a high for the past few months, ‘Coach’, but this man Batista has been on a high for over a year now. Ever since he won the 2005 Royal Rumble, Batista has been on a path of destruction, destroying anyone and everyone who stepped into his path. At WrestleMania 21 it was Triple H and the world title, and since then it has been the late, great Eddie Guerrero, JBL, MNM and more recently Mark Henry. At WrestleMania 22 Batista says it’ll be Randy Orton, but tonight he has his sights set on Edge.

Jonathan Coachman: Batista has beaten all of those men, Cole, but the man he hasn’t beaten is Edge, and if he had stayed on RAW instead of runnin’ off to SmackDown!, I guarantee you Batista would NOT be in the position he’s in right now. He’d be an afterthought, because Edge would have stopped his reign before it could even properly get off the ground.

The crowd continues to cheer as the ever serious Batista makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, where he poses to the crowd, showcasing his title as Edge stands in the background, ready for action.

Match Five ~ Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

The crowd buzzes with anticipation, as the two men now stand on opposite sides of the ring, ready to go. While it’s not quite WrestleMania, both men know what’s on the line tonight – the chance to be known as the champion of champions, and subsequently the greatest wrestler in all of the WWE.

Surprisingly enough, it’s Edge to make the first move as both men start to circle around the ring, perhaps showing his confidence off following a big victory on SmackDown!. Not content with just circling around the ring, Edge calls Batista into the centre of the ring and motions for a test of strength, seemingly foolishly wanting to prove himself against ‘The Animal’. Batista seems almost bemused by this approach from Edge, but the WWE Champion stands firm, reaching his hands out as Batista now starts to step forward … and Edge withdraws back. The crowd boos, knowing Edge is winding them and Batista up, but Edge pleads innocence to Dave, telling him he wasn’t quite ready. Batista begrudgingly accepts this as Edge now comes forward and nods his head, saying he’s ready to go now … but just as Batista leans in, Edge again pulls out!

The crowd continues to boo as Edge promises Batista that he’s now getting ready, seemingly getting on Batista’s nerves, before getting ready to lock up again … and again pulling out! The crowd’s boos pick up as Edge smirks away, clearly happy with his work … WHEN A FRUSTRATED BATISTA SUDDENLY SLAPS THE TASTE OUT OF EDGE’S MOUTH!

The crowd cheers the slap, leaving Edge looking to the side in shock, rubbing his jaw in pain. Meanwhile Batista just stands there, looking dead serious, shouting at Edge to “Come on!”

Edge takes his time in rubbing his jaw, making sure it’s all in place … BEFORE SUDDENLY TURNING AND GOING FACE TO FACE WITH ‘THE ANIMAL’ IN AN INTENSE STARE OFF! The two champions go nose to nose, the animosity between them clear as Edge shouts “You think you’re something? You think you’re something? You’re not! You’re nothing! I beat you last night! I am better than you!”

Despite Edge’s jawjacking, Batista doesn’t talk back in return, instead looking more and more intense with every moment … before suddenly rushing Edge into a lockup! The WWE Champion looks surprised, but there’s nothing he can do now, finding himself entangled with the World Heavyweight Champion. As one would expect, Batista’s supreme strength allows him to force Edge back to the corner, but that’s where it stops for ‘The Animal’ as Edge ducks out between the top and middle ropes and demands that the referee “Get him away!”

The referee rushes in between Batista and the cowardly Edge, forcing ‘Tista back until he’s in the centre of the ring, at which stage Edge finally slithers out from between the ropes. Not looking quite so confident now, Edge slowly circles the ring, then starts to come forward for a lockup … but when Batista gets close, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ drops to the mat and rolls from the ring!

The crowd continues to boo the cowardly Edge as he heads towards Lita, perhaps thinking about figuring out some sort of plan … but Batista gives him no time to as ‘The Animal’ slides from the ring! Edge sees Batista and immediately runs, heading around ringside with Big Dave in hot pursuit right up until Edge slides into the ring, with Batista following right into a double axe handle to the back. The heat only picks up for Edge now as he looks to take advantage of the cheap shot, backing Batista away into the corner and hammering away at him with right hand shots, blasting him in the head time and time again! Beating Batista down, however, isn’t enough for Edge, and he soon decides to also do some mouthing off, telling Batista “You think you’re better than me! No one’s better than me! No …”

And Batista has had enough, grabbing Edge by the scruff and hurling him into the corner, reversing the positions so that ‘The Animal’ can now absolutely unload on his foe with right hand after right hand. The crowd cheers wildly as Batista continues the barrage until Edge falls to a seated position, at which point Big Dave backs away from the corner and roars out to the crowd.

‘The Animal’ now sets himself as a discombobulated Edge staggers from the corner towards him, right into a scoop slam from Batista, who quickly follows up by dashing off to the ropes and dropping an elbow. Happy that he’s done enough damage to Edge, Batista makes the cover … but can only get two. Rather than worrying about not winning at this point in time, Batista gets right back up and pulls Edge up too, dragging him across to the corner to further let his frustrations out by lambasting him with a series of right hand shots, forcing the referee to break the two men apart when Batista refuses to do so himself. Despite the referee’s pleas, Batista is quick to move back in after Edge, allowing the spineless champion from Monday Night RAW to strike with a thumb to the eye.

With Batista temporarily blinded, Edge takes a moment to smirk away, proud of his handiwork before attempting to Irish whip Batista into the corner, only for it to all go pear shaped when Batista reverses and sends Edge in. Despite having not gained full vision back in his eye, an eager ‘Animal’ charges right in after Edge … BUT EDGE SIDESTEPS AT THE LAST MOMENT, AND BATISTA, PERHAPS LOOKING FOR AN ELBOW, GOES INTO THE CORNER RIB FIRST!

‘The Animal’ looks to come out of the corner, the pain on his face clear, but Edge has other ideas as he RAMS Batista back into the corner, then starts to bury his shoulder into the now weakened ribs of ‘The Animal’. This sets the trend for minutes to come now, as Edge hones in on the softened up area of Batista’s ribs and looks to break them into pieces, which, as ‘Coach’ points out, takes away the strength of Batista. Batista looks to launch a comeback when caught in some bodyscissors by Edge, draining the energy of ‘The Animal’, as he powers up and keeps Edge on his back, allowing him to ram the WWE Champion back into the corner spine first. However, much like when Edge initially took control of the match, Batista looks to come back with an attack on Edge in the corner, which ‘The Rated R Superstar’ sidesteps, before taking a few steps back and booting a doubled over Batista right in the side of the head, sending him tumbling through the ropes and from the ring.

Not wanting to allow Batista any time to recover, Edge is quick to follow Batista out and use the ringside environment to his advantage, crushing the ribs of Batista against the crowd barrier and the ring apron, before throwing him violently rib first into the steel steps. With ‘The Animal’ reeling on the outside and Edge back inside the ring, we head out to a commercial break.

Back from the break, we see Edge is STILL dominating Batista as he lifts him up and throws him overhead with a suplex, gaining a two count. Edge is again able to continue on this offense for an extended period, not allowing Batista to get back into the match until he goes for the Edge-O-Matic, which Batista manages to slip out of with some elbows to the side of Edge’s skull, only to come off the ropes into a kick to the gut from Edge … and then a vicious gutbuster to follow! That move, however, can only garner Edge a two count, and with the frustration now evident for Edge, he again decides to force a submission out of Batista, locking in the bodyscissors.

Batista, as you would expect, refuses to quit, and much like earlier, he begins to fight back up to his feet with Edge on his back, prompting Edge to slip off … AND AGAIN GO FOR THE EDGE-O-MATIC … BUT BATISTA SLIPS BEHIND EDGE AND OUT OF THE MOVE, THEN PUSHES HIM OFF TO THE ROPES … AND STRIKES WITH A THUNDEROUS SPEAR ON THE REBOUND!

The crowd responds with a huge pop as both men lay on the mat, exhausted and in pain following what has happened in the contest thus far. The referee is forced to employ the ten count, with both men slowly struggling back to their feet, battling their tired bodies to do so as they both reach a vertical base at seven. Edge is the first to react once on his feet as he strikes Batista with a hard right hand, only for Batista to rock Edge with one of his own … which Edge returns … Batista now … Edge … Batista … Edge … Batista … Batista … Batista … Batista! Batista backs Edge all of the way off to the ropes, then sends him off with an Irish whip … and roars right through him with an elbow!

‘The Animal’ is suddenly unleashed as he rushes a rising Edge back into the corner, then begins to unload with some scarily strong shoulder thrusts, sending his shoulder ramming through Edge’s midsection time and time again until the referee finally forces the break. Batista though follows right up, grabbing Edge and Irish whipping him off to the other corner, before taking a moment to nurse his ribs … then charge in and squash Edge with a corner clothesline!

Edge is dazed and confused as he staggers from the corner to meet Batista in the centre of the ring, where he’s immediately kicked in the midsection, then lifted into the air … BATISTA’S THINKING JACKHAMMER … BUT HE’S CLEARLY STRUGGLING … AND EDGE KNEES HIM IN THE RIBS … THEN FALLS BEHIND BATISTA AND GOES EDGE-O-MATIC … HE NAILS IT! Edge makes the cover … but Batista kicks out at two!

Edge can’t believe it, demanding the referee tell him it’s a three count, but referee Charles Robinson will not be swayed, forcing Edge to move on as he now stands over Batista, stalking him. With his hair in his hands, Edge looks absolutely manic, his willingness to attack his prey clear … but Batista is taking his time in getting up. At first Edge just continues to storm around Batista, but it now begins to clearly frustrate Edge as he decides to cut to the chase and lift Batista up … THINKING EDGECUTION … BUT BATISTA WAS PLAYING POSSUM AS HE COMES FROM NOWHERE TO RAM EDGE BACK INTO THE CORNER! Edge is completely shocked as Batista now lifts him up to the second rope … THEN THROWS HIM OFF FROM THERE OVERHEAD WITH A HUGE BACK BODY DROP!

The crowd goes insane as Edge gets back to his feet, nursing his back in pain … AND SEEING BATISTA EXPLODE OUT OF THE CORNER TOWARDS HIM … BUT EDGE SCORES WITH A BIG BOOT! Batista goes down like a slab of cement, followed closely by Edge, who falls to his knees in exhaustion. Perhaps trying to escape from Edge, a pained Batista rolls towards the corner, leaving Edge to look on at his moving foe … before a devious smile comes to his face, and he heads across to the other corner … SPEAR TIME! The crowd boos as Batista starts to struggle back to his feet, his back to Edge, who dares him to turn around, which Batista slowly does … AND EDGE CHARGES TOWARDS HIM … RIGHT INTO A CLOTHESLINE FROM BATISTA!

The crowd explodes as Batista springs around and declares this one over … HE’S READY FOR THE BATISTA BOMB … BUT LITA CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON! Lita yells at Batista, gaining both his attention and that of the referee. Biding as much time as possible, Lita looks to distract Batista, flirting with him while Edge begins to recover in the ring … BUT ON THE APRON BATISTA HAS HAD ENOUGH … AND HE PLANTS ONE ON LITA! The crowd goes nuts as Batista kisses a repulsed looking Lita, who is told to leave the ringside area by the referee, leaving Batista to turn back around … RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! EDGE SPEARS BATISTA OUT OF NOWHERE … BUT HE USED UP ALL HIS ENERGY! EDGE IS DOWN BESIDE BATISTA!

The two men remain down beside one another, until Edge ever so slowly drags himself over to Batista and lays an arm down on him … BUT HE CAN ONLY GET TWO!

Edge cannot believe it, though he doesn’t have the energy to argue with the referee, instead he just pulls his hair back … then heads to the corner … AND MOTIONS FOR A SECOND SPEAR! BATISTA, UNAWARE OF WHAT IS HAPPENING CLIMBS BACK TO HIS FEET … AND EDGE CHARGES … INTO A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER FROM BATISTA! The crowd makes almost as much noise as Edge’s back slamming into the mat as Batista, once again, signals for the end, going absolutely crazy as he shakes the ropes …


The crowd EXPLODES with boos as everyone, Batista included, turns towards the entrance … where out comes RANDY ORTON!

Batista yells out at Orton, asking him just what in the hell he thinks he’s doing, completely losing his focus on the match. Orton stands still, saying nothing, instead choosing to just smirk away as Batista continues to berate Orton, before Orton simply tells ‘Tista to turn around … AND HE DOES RIGHT INTO A SPEAR FROM EDGE!

Edge has again used all of his energy, and he takes his time in making the cover, this time hooking the leg … AND GETTING THE THREE!

Winner: Edge via pinfall @ 17:02


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, the W – W – E CHAMPIIIIOOOOONNNNN … EDGE!

The crowd begins to boo furiously at the way the match ended as Edge staggers back to his feet, not showing any emotion as of yet, clearly still out of it. He slowly starts to come to, and the expression on his face changes to a wide smile, the feeling of victory coming to him.

Michael Cole: Batista was just screwed by … by Randy Orton! By a man from his own brand! By the man who will challenge him for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania 22!

Jonathan Coachman: How Batista lost is irrelevant, Cole, because what matters is that man right there, Edge, from Monday Night RAW, is the champion of champions.

Michael Cole: He only won because of Randy Orton!

Jonathan Coachman: Well maybe you should get a little unity on your show then, Cole. We have it over here on RAW and we’re winners.

Edge, now elated with his victory, clutches the WWE Title to his chest as he now rolls from the ring, happy to make his way off into the distance. In the ring, Batista now begins to pull himself up, looking up the ramp to see the man who screwed him, Randy Orton, still standing there smirking away.

Michael Cole: This isn’t going to go unpunished. Randy Orton is going to have hell to pay. He may have just unleashed ‘The Animal’.

We cut from Batista looking up at the stage to now we backstage, where Chris Benoit is walking down a corridor.

Michael Cole: Moving on for now to another match to do with champions, up next we have our only title match for the night. It’ll be Booker T FINALLY defending his title against the man he has screwed out of the title time and time again, Chris Benoit … next!

We fade away from that to head out a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break backstage to have an extreme close-up of a man flexing his monstrous biceps, which seem to be bursting through the seams of the shirt that the man is wearing. The camera slowly zooms out, revealing the man to be flexing his guns as none other than Mr. McMahon, his son Shane McMahon standing beside him in hos office, the cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine, featuring Mr. McMahon himself on the cover, hanging from the wall in the background.

Mr. McMahon: Will ya get a look at that, Shane? Will ya?

Shane nods approvingly.

Shane McMahon: It’s impressive, dad.

Mr. McMahon grits his teeth, flexing with all his might.

Mr. McMahon: You’re damn straight it’s impressive. These … these pythons, you don’t see these on regular men, do you?

Shane McMahon: No dad.

Vince smiles.

Mr. McMahon: And you certainly … you certainly don’t see these on sixty year old men, do you?

Shane McMahon: Never.

Vince chuckles.

Mr. McMahon: Well I wouldn’t say never, Shane. You’re seeing them right here.

Vince pulls his right arm right up, flexing it almost in Shane’s face.

Mr. McMahon: Look at me! I’m a genetic freak! I am the perfect cover boy for Muscle & Fitness, and that’s why they chose me. But do you know who another perfect cover boy is, Shane?

Shane remains silent, sensing a rhetorical question.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn … Michaels.

Shane half smiles.

Mr. McMahon: That’s right. Shawn Michaels is the perfect cover boy. And not for Playgirl either. No. After you’re done with Shawn Michaels tonight, son. After you’re done tearing him to pieces. After you’re done breaking his bones. After you’re done DESTROYING Shawn Michaels, he’s going to make the perfect cover boy for why you don’t mess with the McMahons.

Shane smirks and nods away, as Vince now looks right into his eye.

Mr. McMahon: I want you to leave Shawn Michaels a bloody mess tonight. Do you hear me?

Shane McMahon: Yes dad!

Vince takes a moment to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Good … tonight … Shawn Michaels will pay for his sins.

The crowd boos the extremely intense McMahons.

We, meanwhile, cut off to ringside to hear the sound of a bell ringing and see Tony Chimel standing in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the UNITED STATES CHHAAAAMMMMPPPPIONSHIP!



The crowd gives some pretty good heat, despite being tired from the previous match, as the United States Champion, Booker T marches out onto the stage, accompanied by his lovely wife, Sharmell. Inconspicuous in his absence tonight is Booker’s protťgť Orlando Jordan as an angry Booker marches down the ramp, not in a mood for, well, anything tonight, as he doesn’t even bother to set off his pyro.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, from Houston, Texas, weighing 256 lbs, he is the UNIIIITTTTED STATES CHAAAAMMMMMPPPPPIIIIIOOOOONNN … BOOOOOOKER T!

Michael Cole: It was five months ago when Booker T first won the United States Title by screwing over a man who was SUPPOSED to be his friend, and since then Booker T has screwed Chris Benoit out of title shot after title shot, even cheating to regain his title after SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long vacated it. But tonight for Booker he WILL be FORCED to defend his title against his former friend, and with everything else seemingly falling down around him, it doesn’t look like Booker T will have anywhere to run.

Tazz: Booker couldn’t run if he wanted to, Cole. The man’s comin’ off an injury, and for this to be his first match back, a title match against one of the best in the business like Chris Benoit? That just ain’t fair on the champ, man. Teddy Long’s got it in for Booker T.

The five time WCW Champion climbs up into the ring, but doesn’t show his title off like normal, instead just storming around the ring, waiting for his foe.


The crowd comes alive with a great pop as one of their favourites, ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit makes his way out onto the stage. As always, Benoit is all business, looking ready to kick some ass as he begins his ascent down the ramp to the ring.

Tony Chimel: And the challenger, from Atlanta, Georigia, weighing 225 lbs, CHRIS BEEEEENNNNNOOOOOIIIIITTTTTT!

Michael Cole: These past few weeks have seen Chris Benoit come into the form of his life, and if … hey … WAIT A MINUTE!


The crowd goes ballistic as Jordan looks down at Benoit coldly … BEFORE GOING TO WORK WITH SOME STOMPS ON THE DOWNED BENOIT! The crowd goes absolutely crazy with heat, but Jordan pays no heed to it, instead focusing on his attack on Benoit. In the ring Booker T’s eyes are bulging, a smile as wide as Texas having come across his face.

Wanting to save Benoit from a further beating, the referee rushes from the ring and attempts to ward OJ off, which only proves successful after a spate of backstage workers rush out to assist. However, Benoit is far from safe, for with the plethora of men focused on forcing Jordan back, Booker T has seen an opportunity open up. ‘The Book Man’ rushes from the ring and charges up the ramp, before grabbing an out of it Benoit by the tights and hoisting him up … THEN THROWING HIM MALICIOUSLY INTO THE CROWD BARRIER HEADFIRST – MUCH LIKE OJ DID JUST MOMENTS AGO!

Booker looks down at his opponent with an expression of supreme pleasure on his face, only for the referee to force him to head off to the ring, which Booker does gleefully.

With Booker now clear from the picture and Orlando back in the locker-room, the referee turns to the downed Benoit and asks him if he wants to go on with the contest. Barely conscious, Benoit isn’t quick to respond, but he slowly rolls to his hands and knees so that he can CRAWL to the ring! Eager to check on Benoit’s health and well-being, the referee again gets down next to Benoit, but ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ uses all of his strength to shove the referee, then continue to crawl down the ramp towards the ring.

In the ring, Booker can’t believe it, shouting at Benoit to “Give it up!”, which Benoit refuses to do, continuing his way down the ramp until he pulls himself up into the ring with all of his strength. The referee crawls into the ring, and AGAIN questions Benoit, but Benoit demands that he ring the bell, ready to start the match, despite still being doubled over!

Match Six ~ United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit

Benoit, despite all of his resilience, is a sitting duck the moment the bell chimes, and Booker T knows it as he charges in and boots Benoit in the midsection … THEN DASHES OFF AND NAILS THE SCISSORS KICK! The crowd boos as Booker drops down and hooks the leg … and just like that he retains the United States Title.

Winner (and still United States Champion): Booker T via pinfall @ 0:12



The crowd continues to boo as Booker rolls off the cover, a triumphant look on his face having finally beaten Chris Benoit and warded off his challenge – seemingly for good! In classic Booker exaggerated fashion, the United States Champion stands up and quickly demands his title from the referee, which he raises into the air in pleasure, before he sees his wife Sharmell enter the ring and runs across to embrace her.

Michael Cole: This is just completely ridiculous. For months Booker has been avoiding the challenge of Chris Benoit, and he’s done it once again tonight, seemingly ending all chances of Benoit getting one last rematch, thanks to Orlando Jordan! I mean how is this fair? How is this fair on Chris Benoit?

Tazz: It’s not, Cole, but you gotta remember, this situation was never fair on Booker either. Now I dunno if Booker knew that Orlando was gonna interfere like he did, ‘cause to be honest, he looked quite surprised, but you gotta do what you gotta do, and Booker did just that.

Michael Cole: But is there not a limit to that? After seeing what happened to Benoit, after seeing what Orlando Jordan did to him, should the referee have not just delayed the match? He knew what Chris Benoit would say if he asked him about it, we all know Chris Benoit is a fighter, but for him to lose a chance at a title that he never truly lost because of his guts, because of his determination … that’s just wrong.

Tazz: Hey, I never said it was right, but the wrestling business is a tough place, and no one knows that better than Chris Benoit. He’s been around long enough to know he’s just gotta get on with the job now.

Booker continues to celebrate in his over the top manner, now exiting the ring as he does so, holding his title up and really rubbing the victory in. Meanwhile, in the ring, a downed Benoit has since been joined by multiple officials, who are attempting to revive him and bring him back to his feet. Slowly but surely, the former champion fights back up to his feet, then pushes the referee’s away, demanding that he stand on his own two feet, no matter how hurt he may just be. This earns a standing ovation from the crowd, who show great empathy for one of their favourites, hopeful that he may get his revenge on Booker in the future, one way or another.

Moving on from that, we now cut off backstage to the interview area, where the beautiful yet ditzy Maria stands by.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, Shawn Michaels!

The crowd explodes with a massive pop as ‘HBK’ Shawn Michaels steps forward into view, a determined look on his face.

Maria: Shawn, last Monday night on RAW you said that when you stepped into the ring with the McMahons that your anger would take over, but at the end of last week we found out that Triple H was banned from the arena tonight. With Triple H gone, how can you possibly be able to win tonight with the numbers that will help Shane McMahon?

Shawn Michaels: Y’know Maria, you’re right. The odds ARE against me. Things ain’t lookin’ too good. I mean, at least before, I had an ally, but now … now it’s just me … against the world. And while I’ve been in similar situations before … while I’ve found myself backed into a corner, with nowhere else to go before, in the past, or more specifically, for the past few years, if I was put in this situation, I may have doubted myself. I may have wondered if I could win. I may have doubted if I could survive. I may have wondered if I could come out of this thing alive … but not anymore. Not after what the McMahons have put me through.

Michaels pauses slightly.

Shawn Michaels: Y’see, tonight’s not just about a fight. It’s not just about a street fight. This thing is as personal as it can get. For the past three months, Vince and Shane McMahon have been puttin’ me through hell week in and week out. They’ve locked me up in cages with five other men. They’ve put me in matches with madmen, where I can’t even use my own moves. They’ve had hungry, young superstars goin’ for my blood. And they’ve even tried to turn my old friends against me. They’ve put me through hell alright … and all because I told Vince … to grow up.

Shawn half smirks at this.

Shawn Michaels: Apparently Vince didn’t like that advice, so instead he tried to make me do the opposite. He tried to bring out the ol’ ‘HBK’. At first, I didn’t wanna do it. I’d moved on, but apparently Vince hadn’t, so after a little advice from Triple H, here I am. You wanted the ol’ ‘HBK’, Vince? You wanted the sick son of a bitch? You wanted the daredevil? You wanted the man who would do anything to get what he wanted? You wanted the REAL ‘Showstappah’?

The crowd cheers.

Shawn Michaels: Well here I am.

Another good cheer.

Shawn Michaels: Tonight, for one night only, you’re gettin’ the olllllddddd Shawn Michaels. And this Shawn Michaels, he doesn’t know of God. He doesn’t know of his own sin. But what he does know is that tonight, he’s gonna be your judge, jury and executioner!

Another big pop.

Shawn Michaels: I’m not stupid. I know it’s not just gonna be me an’ Shane. I know that Vince will have all his little lackeys there too. I know it’ll be me against the world … but that’s the way I like it.

A pop for a somewhat sick smile from Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: For the past three months you’ve made my life a living hell. Well Shane, tonight, I’m gonna make YOUR life … hell.

The crowd now cheers as Michaels looks at the camera for a moment, before moving on.

From there we now cut off away elsewhere … to see Rob Van Dam striding down a corridor!

Joey Styles: Some big words from Shawn Michaels ahead of his match with Shane McMahon tonight, but ladies and gentlemen, there is Rob Van Dam, and after the break we’ll be hearing the explanation that we’ve been waiting for ever since No Way Out. That is next here on Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Off we go.

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We return from the break to immediately hear …


The crowd blows the roof off as soon as the music hits, with the reaction only growing even louder when ‘Mr. Monday Night’ himself, Rob Van Dam walks out onto the stage. Despite the occasion, RVD looks to be his cool, calm and collected self as he steps out onto the stage, perhaps showing signs of things to come.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, RRROOOOOBBBB – VVVVAAAAANNNNN – DDDAAAAMMMMM!

Joey Styles: It was thirteen nights ago at No Way Out that Rob Van Dam shocked the world, appearing on the SmackDown! Pay-Per-View and costing The Undertaker his match with JBL. Since then RVD has tried to explain his actions multiple times, only for Eric Bischoff to cut him off, but tonight there will be no interruptions for Bischoff, as RVD has got it cleared that tonight he can explain his actions, unimpeded, man to man, to The Undertaker.

Jonathan Coachman: This has got to be one of the stupidest things RVD has ever done. I mean, I know the guy likes to get hit in the head by steel chairs for a living along with the rest of the other old ECW bums, but challenging The Undertaker? All RVD is gonna do is make RAW and Mr. Bischoff look bad!

Jerry Lawler: I kind of agree with ‘Coach’. I mean, I can’t see this going well for RVD, whether he challenges The Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania or not.

RVD appears his normal relaxed self, up until he climbs into the ring, at which point he starts to look a little more serious as he grabs a microphone from ringside and prepares to speak.

Rob Van Dam: Alright, I’m gonna cut right to the chase.

Slight pause from RVD as the crowd buzzes.

Rob Van Dam: Undertaker …

HUGE pop.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, I said I wanted to talk to you face to face, and that’s exactly what I plan on doin’. So I guess what I’m sayin’ is … I’m callin’ you out, right here, right now.

The crowd gives a big pop as RVD stands in the middle of the ring, waiting, until …




Chills run through the arena, sending the crowd into a frenzy as the lights flash out and the ominous beat hits. As smoke fills the arena, the presence of ‘The Phenom’ can be felt getting closer and closer, until eventually, through the curtains, shrouded by smoke, out steps the ever intimidating figure of The Undertaker. Wearing his traditional attire of his wrestling gear, his long coat and his hat, The Undertaker slowly marches down the ring, the only light in the arena shining straight down onto him. In the ring, we get a glimpse of RVD, who stands defiantly, waiting as The Undertaker makes his slow walk down the ramp. ‘The Deadman’ finally finishes up his walk down the ramp and climbs up the steel steps, raising his hand to lift the darkness from the arena, before climbing into the ring and going toe to toe with Van Dam, taking his hat off and rolling his eyes back as he does so to a massive reaction. ‘The Deadman’ heads to the ropes to hand his hat off to someone, receiving a mic as he does so. ‘Taker now turns back to RVD and stares right into his eyes, creating an uneasy silence for a moment.

Rob Van Dam: Thanks for comin’ out here, man. I appreciate it, and before this goes anywhere, lemme just say that I know what you’ve done, and I know who you are. I respect you, and that’s why I wanted to do this thing face to face, man to man.

Respectful little cheer from the crowd, but ‘Taker says nothing.

Rob Van Dam: I know you’ve seen it before. Heck, dude, you were there. You lived it. But I just want to give you a little reminder of what happened at No Way Out.

Small mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: So guys in the back, roll the footage.


Slowly, both men start to fight against their bodies wishes and pull themself back up to their feet where they once again meet … AND THE UNDERTAKER IMMEDIATELY GRABS JBL BY THE THROAT … BUT JILLIAN HALL CLIMB UP ONTO THE APRON! The Undertaker throws JBL away and goes to stare down Jillian, much like on SmackDown!, before turning … AND JBL, AGAIN LIKE ON SmackDown!, EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … BUT THE UNDERTAKER DUCKS ... AND JBL CREAMS CHIODA!


The crowd cheers as The Undertaker looks right out towards them … THEN SIGNALS FOR THE END! THE END IS NIGH FOR JBL! Not knowing this, the leader of The Cabinet picks himself up with the aid of the ropes, all while being stalked from behind by The Undertaker … AND HE THEN GETS SCOOPED UP! THE UNDERTAKER HAS JBL IN POSITION AS HE TURNS TO FACE THE HARD CAMERA … BUT THEN GETS TAKEN OUT WITH A THRUST KICK!



No one knows how to react as The Undertaker falls to the mat with the flying kick right to his head, the body of JBL also landing right on top of him as RVD looks out to the crowd to a huge mixed reaction … THEN HEADS TO THE CORNER AND GOES UP TOP! EVERYONE IN THE ARENA IS STANDING UP ON THEIR FEET, THE REACTION HUGE AS RVD LAUNCHES HIMSELF … AND HE LANDS ON TOP OF THE UNDERTAKER WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

RVD rolls around on the mat for a moment from the impact, before getting back up to his feet, looking around … AND GETTING OUT OF DODGE! RVD ROLLS FROM THE RING AND EXITS THROUGH THE CROWD, WHO ARE STILL ALL ON THEIR FEET, UNSURE OF HOW THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE REACTING!

In the ring, both JBL and Mike Chioda are pulling themselves back up to their feet, neither aware of what has transpired. JBL takes a moment to recuperate, shaking his head to try to get his mind straight … before he sees The Undertaker rolling towards the ropes. Layfield has no idea how Undertaker got there, but he knows he’s in the commanding position now as he waits on The Undertaker to pull himself back to his feet with the ropes, which he does … THEN TURNS RIGHT INTO THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JBL WIPES UNDERTAKER OUT WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!



Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield via pinfall @ 19:26


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, J – B – L!

The crowd can’t believe it … and neither can JBL! The former Texan sits back up and looks around shocked, before having his hand raised by the referee, a toothy grin on his face.

Michael Cole: What did we just see? Why did … why did RAW’s RVD interfere and cost The Undertaker his match with JBL?

Tazz: I dunno, Cole … I’m … I’m in shock.

We flash through the scenes once more really quickly, before the video package ends.


Back to the ring where a reasonably calm RVD stands, looking right into the eyes of a steaming Undertaker, who raises his fists into a guard position, while the crowd goes nuts in the background.

Rob Van Dam: Dude, I get you’re mad, but just lemme explain, okay? Hear me out.

The Undertaker looks a little less weary, slowly dropping his guard.

Rob Van Dam: Now I know … I know that right now, that it’s not makin’ a whole lotta sense, but trust me, it’s gonna. And what I’m gonna ask you to do is put your feet in my shoes. I want you to think what I was thinkin’, not back at No Way Out, but all of the way back before the Royal Rumble. The night before the Rumble. The night before my big return.

Mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: Now, I dunno if you have the same emotions as a normal guy, but what I do know is that you’ve had long term injuries yourself, and that you, like me, you love to compete. You love to wrestle. You love to kick some ass!

Pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: I know you do, and I do too, dude. I love competition. Now, back in January of last year, that was taken away from me. The ability to come out in front of all of these great fans …

Cheap pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And do what I love to do, to do what I dreamt of doin’ since I was just a little boy … it was taken away from me.

The crowd remains somewhat silent as RVD pauses.

Rob Van Dam: For one whole year, it was ALL taken away from me. And yeah, at first, I did sit back and think about how bad I had it. I’ll admit it man. I sat there, and wallowed in my own pathetic self-pity. But the longer I stayed away, the more I realised that wasn’t the way to go about it. The longer I stayed away, the hungrier I got. The longer I stayed away, the more I realised that I had to work to get back to where I was and higher!

Pop from the crowd,

Rob Van Dam: For as long as I can remember, I’ve been known as RVD, the greatest wrestler to never win a world title. And at first, I found it flattering. I mean, dude, there’s a lotta guys that haven’t won the world title, a lotta talented guys, and for me to be considered the best of ‘em? That’s a pretty big compliment.

Respectful applause.

Rob Van Dam: But the more I thought about it … the more I heard it … the more I realised that I HATED it. Y’know why? Because that little title … it’s not a compliment. No. It’s a reminder. It’s a reminder of each and every time that I have FAILED!

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: It’s a reminder that I have never broken that glass ceiling. I’ve had the chance before. I’ve had shots at world titles before, but every time I think I’m close, every single time I think that I’m gonna finally get the title, I slip … and I lose it.

Again, a mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: So I set myself. My return would be at the Royal Rumble, and I promised myself that I would come back, and I would WIN that Royal Rumble. I promised myself I would get myself into the main event of WrestleMania, and I would WIN the WWE Title. And y’know, I thought I was on my way. I thought I could do it. When I came into the Rumble, I smoked every one who was in there. I was on fire! But then someone get in the way …

Pause from RVD.

Rob Van Dam:You … got in the way … Undertaker.

Big mixed reaction.

Rob Van Dam: Just like that, my dreams … gone. You crushed them … with ease.

Small mixed reaction as RVD pauses.

Rob Van Dam: At first I thought I could shake it off. I thought I could deal with it like I’ve been doin’ for years. But I couldn’t. It just kept ringin’ in my ears. RVD … the greatest wrestler to never win a world title. I had to do somethin’ about it … and that’s where you come into things.

RVD pauses while the intent Undertaker continues to stare at him.

Rob Van Dam: I saw an opportunity to get your attention at No Way Out, and I took it. Now, don’t get me wrong dude. I didn’t attack you because I was angry at you for what happened at the Royal Rumble. No, I attacked you, because I respect you, man. I attacked you because I know that I can remove this tag of being “the greatest wrestler to never win a world title” … because of you.

The crowd gives a considerable pop.

Rob Van Dam: You and I both know that your WrestleMania streak … it’s a big deal. And right now, you’ve got nothin’ goin’ on for WrestleMania this year. So how about I make a challenge?

The crowd begins to buzz loudly.

Rob Van Dam: How about I challenge you to a match? ‘The Whole Damn Show’ R – V – D vs. ‘The Deadman’, ‘The Phenom’ … The Undertaker … … … at WrestleMania 22!

Huge pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And if … no … when I beat you … then … I’ll be remembered as the man … the only man … to ever beat The Undertaker … at WrestleMania.

Great pop.

Rob Van Dam: Whaddya say?

The crowd goes nuts as RVD takes a few steps back and holds his arms out, leaving The Undertaker for the first time tonight to raise his microphone up to his mouth, causing the crowd to rumble significantly.

The Undertaker: Rob … Van … Dam.

Pop from the crowd for The Undertaker’s first words.

The Undertaker: I too, respect you. And I understand what you mean when you talk about the despair of being injured. But … if you think that you’re the first to try to get my attention before WrestleMania … then you’re sadly mistaken.

The crowd cheers.

The Undertaker: You are not the first, nor will you be the last to try to get my attention before WrestleMania. Many men have done the exact same thing as you, and tried to make themselves memorable. Many souls, who otherwise, would not be remembered, have tried to make their name … off me.

Small pop.

The Undertaker: RVD … you’re no different.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

The Undertaker: So what I’m wondering is why … why is it that you think you are? Why is it that you think you can do any better than the other platoons of men who I’ve condemned to eternal damnation for trying to make their name off me?

’Taker pauses.

The Undertaker: Why … do you think … you can beat me?

The Undertaker drops his arm down by his side, only for RVD to quickly respond.

Rob Van Dam: I don’t think I can beat you … I know I can!

Huge pop!

Rob Van Dam: What makes me different? Simple. I get you. I understand what you’re up to. And I can handle it. Dude, I see through all the smoke and mirrors. I see through your tricks, your mind games. I see through all of it, and I, unlike the others, who have said the same thing, who have said they’re not intimidated … dude, you’re gonna have to do somethin’ big to get to me, because I’m as relaxed as they come, and when it comes to steppin’ into this squared circle … I’m a phenom in my own right.

Big pop.

Rob Van Dam: Now, are we on for WrestleMania? Or am I gonna have to start playin’ some mind games of my own?

Van Dam pauses and waits a minute as Undertaker stands, seemingly mulling it over …



… And the lights come back on … SHOWING RVD TO STILL BE STANDING THERE CALMLY! Undertaker stands opposite to him in the ring, remaining still, before slowly raising his mic.

The Undertaker: I accept.

The crowd goes absolutely bananas as ‘Taker pauses.

The Undertaker: And know that when the clock strikes twelve and WrestleMania comes, you, like the many before you, will rest … in … peace!


The crowd continues to cheer as Undertaker now walks past RVD, taking his leave from the ring, allowing RVD to look on confidently and nod to himself.

Michael Cole: Well there you have it folks. At WrestleMania 22, it will be RVD vs. The Undertaker, and Tazz, I don’t think ANYONE can wait for that one!

Tazz: That’s gonna be huge, ain’t no doubt about it, Cole. If there’s anyone who can stand the pressure of ‘The Deadman’, it’s gonna be Van Dam.

Michael Cole: That’s at WrestleMania, but tonight folks, we still have our main event, Shawn Michaels and Shane McMahon going one on one in a street fight! But before then, up next it’ll be Rey Mysterio making an open challenge to the cruiserweights as he looks to step back into the division that he once made. Rey Mysterio’s open challenge is up next!

Off we head to a break.

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We return from the break to instantly hear the sound of …


The crowd comes alive with a very nice pop immediately, before, as the lyrics begin, out from the stage springs Rey Mysterio. In typical fashion, the fan favourite rushes to one side of the stage and motions for them to get excited, then the other before heading on down the ramp to the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is an open challenge match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Diego, California, weighing 175 lbs, REEEYYYYY MYYYYSSSTTTTERRRRRRIIIIOOOOO!

Michael Cole: It was two weeks ago on Friday Night SmackDown! that Rey Mysterio told the world that he wanted to return to the cruiserweight division, having had enough of our Cruiserweight Champion Kid Kash’s claims to be the greatest cruiserweight of all-time. Well tonight Mysterio gets his chance to return to the division, and he does so with an open challenge to any cruiserweight in the back. Tazz, who do you think it’s going to be?

Tazz: I dunno, Cole. I mean, there’s a lotta guys back there who have big time histories with Rey Mysterio, and any one of ‘em could be the one to accept the challenge.

Mysterio makes his way down the rest of the ramp, stopping to acknowledge some kids in Mysterio masks on the way, before climbing up into the ring and acknowledging the crowd en route to a mic.

Rey Mysterio: How you feelin’, Detroit?

Big pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: Yeah, I’m feelin’ pretty good too. I’m excited … real excited, because this is the first time in two years that I’ll be back in the cruiserweight division!

Pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: Now Kid Kash …

Some nice heat.

Rey Mysterio: I hope you’re watchin’, ‘cause this match … it’s dedicated to you!

Mixed reaction from the crowd, who are kind of unsure how to react to that.

Rey Mysterio: So what do ya say we get this thing goin’, huh?

The crowd cheers as Mysterio hands his mic back to Chimel, then crouches down in the centre of the ring, waiting.

Tony Chimel: And his opponent …

Silence, until …


The crowd gives a decent pop, as out from the back charges Psicosis. Perhaps a little more serious tonight, Psicosis doesn’t drive down to the ring on a Juan Deere, instead taking the conventional option of walking down the ramp to the ring.

Tony Chimel: From Mexico City, Mexico, weighing 200 lbs … PSSSSSSIIIICCCCOOOSIS!

Michael Cole: Well, this is certainly interesting. Both Rey Mysterio and Psicosis were trained by Rey Misterio Sr., back in Tijuana, Mexico, and ever since then these two men have almost paralleled one another in terms of the companies they’ve been in, including ECW, WCW and now the WWE. In that time both men have come both great friends and great rivals, and I have no doubt that Psicosis will want to prove himself against a guy he has faced many times in the past.

Tazz: Y’know, Joey Styles did a little research last year, and he told me that these two men have actually wrestled one another over 500 times in their career. I don’t think you could find any two guys on the roster who know one another better than that, and it’ll certainly make for an interesting match-up.

Psicosis makes his way down the rest of the ramp, then flips over into the ring, staring down Mysterio as he does so.

Match Seven ~ Rey Mysterio Cruiserweight Invitational:
Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis

Despite this match being a very serious contest for both men, after a little staredown between the old rivals, we get a sporting start with a quick handshake, before both men back away to their respective corners. The rivals then slowly begin to circle around the ring, before Psicosis attempts to pick up the pace, coming forth at Mysterio and attempting to grab his leg, looking to take him down. Mysterio, however, hops out over it and continues on circling around the ring, prompting Psicosis to follow and again go for the trip, only to again fail.

With a wry smile on his face, the Mexicool climbs back up to his feet, then comes towards Mysterio, locking up with him for the first time in the match. As the larger man, Psicosis is able to easily manhandle Mysterio, quickly twisting him around and locking in a waistlock. Mysterio squirms back and forth a bit, but Psicosis is quick to end that resistance, throwing him down with an amateur takedown. Looking to suppress Mysterio, Psi quickly scoots over him and locks in a front face lock, wrenching it on, only for Rey-Rey to grab the arm of Psicosis and spin on out of it, locking in a hammerlock.

Psicosis struggles back and forth, looking to get out of the hold, before climbing back to his feet and going behind Mysterio … then quickly sweeping his legs to get a quick cover … two! Both men climb back to their feet, the applause from the crowd raining in, as Mysterio looks on at his foe wearily, perhaps forgetting the speed at which he can move. Mysterio then nods, before beginning to circle again, leading Psicosis along with him as they go to lock up … and this time Mysterio wins out, locking in a side headlock. Thinking he can use his size to his advantage, Psicosis lifts Mysterio up, and perhaps looks to dump Mysterio off overhead, but Rey-Rey shows resilience, holding the move and dropping back down to a vertical base. Undeterred, Psicosis tries to escape again, but Mysterio again shows his determination, forcing a rethink from Psi.

The Mexicool changes things up by landing a few blows to the midsection of Mysterio, then backs him off to the ropes, using the momentum coming off to push Mysterio off to the opposite ropes … where Rey springs back from with a fantastic hurricanrana! The pace is already quick in this one as Psicosis struggles up … into one arm drag … then a second … then a third! Psicosis looks incredibly frustrated as Mysterio charges towards him, but he’s able to quickly go behind Mysterio and grab a waistlock, lifting Rey up … only for Rey to counter with a sensational arm drag, sending Psicosis rolling from the ring!

Wanting to keep the momentum rolling, Rey is quick to capitalise, running straight towards Psicosis … but Psi is able to sidestep the baseball slide attempt … before looking for a big lariat, only for Rey to duck that and hop up onto the apron … Psi follows … right into a kick to the jaw, sending him staggering back … BEFORE REY TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A BEAUTIFUL ASAI MOONSAULT OFF THE SECOND ROPE!

The crowd erupts with a huge cheer for the spectacular move, which Mysterio is happy to acknowledge, slapping hands with some fans at ringside, before rolling Psicosis back into the ring and making the cover … only two! Perhaps a little bit disappointed he didn’t get the win there, Rey quickly glances at the referee, before moving on and attempting to lift Psicosis up … but the Mexicool suddenly rushes him back into the corner, smashing him into the second turnbuckle spine first! Psicosis strikes with a few quick shoulder thrusts, driving the air out of Mysterio, before pulling him out from the corner and into the centre of the ring to scoop him up, then just plain throw him down with a slam, leading to a cover … one.

Quickly looking to follow up, Psicosis again looks for a scoop slam as Mysterio climbs up, but this time ‘The Master of the 619’ is able to escape by slipping out the back, allowing him to crack some vicious kicks off the legs of Psicosis. The Mexicool is clearly in pain as he hops around the ring, before he halts the momentum with a desperation kick to the midsection … THEN FOLLOWS UP BY GRABBING REY BY THE TIGHTS AND THROWING HIM ALONG THE MAT, DOWN UNDER THE BOTTOM ROPE TO THE FLOOR AGGRESSIVELY … BUT MYSTERIO ROLLS THROUGH AND LANDS ON HIS FEET ON THE RAMP!

Rey stumbles a bit, but he manages to regain his balance, then turn and head back for the ring … ONLY FOR PSICOSIS TO COME FLYING OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH AN INSANE SUICIDE DIVE, WIPING MYSTERIO OUT!

The crowd applauds the supreme athleticism of Psicosis, but unlike Mysterio he doesn’t look to keep the pace of the match high, instead now rolling Rey into the ring and beginning to smother him, taking complete control of the match by keeping Rey down. Mysterio, however, shows how big his heart is as he has done so many times before, refusing to be beaten and continually almost getting back into the match, leading to Psicosis locking in a criss cross sleeper hold. Mysterio has trouble fighting back at first due to his arms being crossed, but eventually Rey-Rey is able to take all of the energy from the crowd and use it to climb back up to his feet, then quickly dive through the legs of Psicosis, taking his arms with him … THEN USING HIS ARMS TO FLIP HIM OVER ONTO HIS BACK, DIVING ON FOR A COVER … TWO!

The crowd cheers as both men get back to their feet, and Rey is quick to get on the move, dashing off to the ropes, then coming back, looking for a hurricanrana like earlier in the match … but Psi catches him … THEN SLAMS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A SIT OUT POWERBOMB … MAINTAINING THE COVER … TWO! Psicosis can’t believe it, rolling through from the cover into a seated position and tugging at his hair. After a brief argument with the referee, Psicosis decides to get on with the action, dragging Rey up … AND GETTING HIM INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY … BUT REY SLIPS OUT AND TAKES PSICOSIS OVER WITH AN ARM DRAG … THEN DASHES OFF TO THE ROPES AND COMES BACK TO TAKE HIM DOWN WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN!

Psicosis gets back to his feet looking a little dizzy following the move … and he turns right into a springboard dropkick right on the button from Rey-Rey. With the Mexicool down, Rey looks to take advantage, dashing off to the ropes … then coming back with a snap leg drop! Rey makes a cover … only two! Looking to follow up quickly, Rey readjusts his mask, then runs off to the ropes and comes back … LOOKING FOR A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY … BUT PSICOSIS TURNS IT INTO A SICK GUTBUSTER … THEN QUICKLY GETS HIM UP INTO A FIREMAN’S CARRY … AND NAILS A TKO! Psicosis makes a cover … TWO!

The crowd gives a big cheer, but Psicosis can’t believe it, demanding the referee tells him it was a three count. The referee, of course, can’t do that, so Psi is forced to move back onto Rey, cornering him and nailing him with some knife edge chops. Content he’s done enough damage, Psicosis attempts to whip Rey to the opposite corner, but Mysterio reverses, then charges in after Psicosis and jumps up, launching at him perhaps for a monkey flip … but Psicosis gets out of the way … AND MYSTERIO CRASHES INTO THE SECOND TURNBUCKLE CROTCH FIRST!

The crowd gasps, but Psicosis isn’t content with just that, grabbing Rey by the mask and leaning him back … THEN KICKING HIM WITH A MASSIVE CRACK SQUARE IN THE BACK! Mysterio yelps in pain, but Psicosis isn’t done, heading up top … THEN CRUSHING REY DOWN INTO THE MAT FROM HIS HUNG POSITION WITH A DOUBLE FOOT STOMP! Sure that he’s picked up the victory, Psicosis drags Rey into the centre of the ring and makes the cover … TWO!

Again, Psicosis is in disbelief, rolling down onto the mat and flailing around in frustration at his old rival’s tenacity. With nothing else left to do, Psicosis decides it’s time to go for the kill, walking across to the corner, then mounting up to the top rope, ready to finish Rey off. Standing atop the turnbuckle, Psicosis mutters something in Spanish … THEN LAUNCHES HIMSELF … GUILLOTINE LEG DROP … REY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY! PSICOSIS LANDS SQUARE ON HIS ASS!

Psicosis stays on his backside, clearly in considerable pain … ONLY TO SUDDENLY FEEL SOME MORE WHEN REY KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE HEAD! PSICOSIS IS DOWN … BUT REY DASHES OFF TO THE ROPES … AND COMES BACK WITH A TREMENDOUS LIONSAULT! The crowd erupts, but Rey rolls off in pain, and is too tired to make the cover just now. Instead he lays on the mat, side by side with Psicosis, until both men slowly get back to their feet … AND REY DROP TOE HOLDS PSICOSIS DOWN ACROSS THE SECOND ROPE! Ready to use a move Psicosis won’t be so familiar with, Rey dashes off to the ropes, then comes back … LOOKING FOR THE 619 … BUT PSICOSIS CATCHES HIM … LITERALLY! HE KNOWS EVERYTHING REY HAS!



Winner: Rey Mysterio via pinfall @ 10:26



The crowd gives a great cheer as Rey Mysterio rolls off the cover, then climbs back to his feet to get his hand raised by the referee, signalling a triumphant first match back with the cruiserweights.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio has done it! What a match! What a performance from Rey Mysterio and Psicosis! What a way to show what cruiserweight wrestling is about!

Tazz: Ain’t no doubt about it, but the question is, is Kid Kash impressed?

Michael Cole: Well that’s what this match was about, and we have Josh Matthews standing by with Kid Kash himself backstage.

The crowd boos as the camera shows Josh Matthews standing by in the interview area with the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash.

Josh Matthews: Well Kid Kash, we just saw what Rey Mysterio has got to offer in the cruiserweight division. Your thoughts?

Kid Kash: My thoughts? On what exactly? Rey Mysterio havin’ a match in the cruiserweight division? Lemme tell ya somethin’, kid, I’m not gonna stand here and say I’m impressed just ‘cause lil Rey-Rey finally had a match in the division he claims he represents.

Heat from the crowd, as Mysterio is shown looking up at the tron in the ring.

Kid Kash: Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it sure as hell took me more than one match, than one lousy, stinkin’ match to earn my way to bein’ the champion that I am. Look at this title on my shoulder. Look at it!

The camera zooms in on the cruiserweight gold, which Kash raises up in his hand.

Kid Kash: This title … it shows that I … am the man. That I … am the impressive one. That I … am the king of the cruiserweight division.

More heat from the crowd as Kash rests the title back on his shoulder.

Kid Kash: What you need to get is that I am the moneyman of this cruiserweight division. It ain’t Rey Mysterio. It’s me, ‘The Notorious K.I.D.’ who is the epitome of the cruiserweight division.

Even more heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: And if Rey Mysterio even thinks that he’s gettin’ a shot at me now … he’s got another thing comin’, ‘cause he hasn’t done anything to earn it.

KK pauses, still getting considerable heat.

Kid Kash: So until you do somethin’ to really get my attention, Rey, I suggest you don’t bother comin’ a knockin’ for a shot at my title.

Kash smirks to himself.

Kid Kash: Get it? Got it? Good.

The crowd boos as we refocus on the ring, where Rey Mysterio stands, hands on hips, saying out loud the words “That’s fair.”

From there we cut away, heading off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see our RAW announce team at ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Saturday Night’s Main Event, where in a few moments we will see our main event of Shawn Michaels taking on Shane McMahon in a street fight, but right now we just want to take you back to earlier tonight with the match between John Cena and Kurt Angle.

We get shown the ending to the match from earlier, with Edge interrupting the match and Spearing Kurt Angle, interrupting the Ankle Lock, then Spearing John Cena, leaving both men laying.

Jerry Lawler: As you can see, it looked like Kurt Angle may have finally been able to defeat John Cena, if not for the WWE Champion, EDGE, interrupting and causing NEITHER MAN to win!

Jonathan Coachman: And now neither man is going to go on to WrestleMania 22 to challenge Edge. I love it!

Joey Styles: We don’t know that, ‘Coach’, but we do know that WrestleMania is now just twenty-nine short days away, and the countdown is continuing. However, in twenty-eight days we will be inducting the class of 2006 into the WWE Hall of Fame. Our first inductee was Eddie Guerrero, but right now folks, let’s take a look at the second man to join him in the class of 2006.




We cut away from that to a split screen, showing Shawn Michaels and Shane McMahon walking down a corridor.

Joey Styles: It’s almost time, gentlemen. Shane McMahon and Shawn Michaels go one on one in a street fight, next, in our main event of Saturday Night’s Main Event!

And off we go.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break and immediately hear …


And the crowd erupts with a MASSIVE pop, as out from the back swaggers ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels. Despite the tense situation, Michaels still has his charm about him, dancing around for the audience, before bowing down onto his knees and looking up to the heavens at the top of the stage while pyro flies off behind him.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a STREET FIGHT, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, he is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, SHAAAWWWWN MIIIIICHAELS!

Joey Styles: It doesn’t get much more personal than this. For months now, Shawn Michaels’ life has been made a living hell by the McMahon family, and finally tonight he gets the chance to gain some revenge when he takes on Shane McMahon in a street fight. The question is, will Shawn get a shot at Shane, or will Shane protect himself with the superstars of the RAW roster?

Jerry Lawler: We heard Shawn earlier tonight when he said it was him against the world, and without Triple H, it may just be that for Shawn. I’m not sure he’ll be able to overcome it.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course he won’t overcome it, ‘King’. Tonight is judgment day for Shawn Michaels, and you better believe Shane’O is gonna make him pay for his sins.

Shawn makes his way down the ramp, then, rather than posing, he instantly goes under the ring and hurls a trash can full of goodies up into the ring, before following it in himself and waiting.


The heat is great as the boss’ son, Shane McMahon, for lack of a better word, dances his way out onto the stage. Shane’O Mac is full of energy tonight, and he shows it as he waltzes down the ramp, throwing his arms around wildly.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Greenwich, Connecticut, SHAAANNNE MCMAHON!

Joey Styles: This man Shane McMahon may not be a regular in-ring competitor, but he’s no slouch either, having gone toe to toe with men like Kane, and tonight he looks to do the same with Shawn Michaels.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s right, babyboy, Shane’O ain’t no slouch, and tonight he’s gonna show the whole world what happens when you cross the boss.

Jerry Lawler: Well I doubt he could do it alone, ‘Coach’, but he may well do that one way or another tonight.

Shane makes his way down the rest of the ramp and rolls into the ring, looking at a somewhat restrained looking Shawn Michaels, before turning, then looking back … TO SEE A CHARGING SHAWN MICHAELS TAKE HIM DOWN WITH A TACKLE, STARTING THE MATCH EARLY!

Match Eight ~ Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon

The crowd goes nuts as the match starts with a bang, Shawn Michaels having taken Shane McMahon down into a mount position, who he now lambasts with wild right hands. Having been taken clearly off guard, Shane attempts to struggle free, but Shawn will have none of it, smashing him with blow after blow, until Shane finally rolls free, then regains his footing … but Shawn again tackles him down! The attitude of Michaels is clear from the outset – he wants to KILL Shane McMahon! The crowd absolutely eats it up as Michaels continues to hammer away on Shane, until Shane again struggles free, and this time rolls off to the floor, realising he’s not safe in the ring.

However, Shane soon finds he’s not safe out of the ring either, as, when he goes to take a break, he is ambushed by a manic Shawn Michaels, who grabs the son of the boss by the hair and throws him down face first into the crowd barrier. Michaels continues the assault on the outside, doing all kinds of damage to Shane, before hurling him back into the ring. Shane initially begs off, clearly not wanting any more of Michaels, but he then realises he has to go for it when Shawn continues to stalk him, prompting Shane to charge at Shawn … and run right into a big right! This sets the trend for the next few moments as Michaels absolutely pummels McMahon, not allowing him to escape, much to the delight of the crowd.

Perhaps realising that he’s in over his head, Shane motions to the back … and THE SPIRIT SQUAD comes rushing down the ramp, ready to aid Shane. Michaels, however, hears the roar of disapproval from the crowd, and is able to meet The Squad on the apron, knocking them down to the floor with a right hand to each man, much to the pleasure of the crowd. Shawn then looks to turn to Shane … WHEN HE IS CRACKED IN THE BACK BY A KENDO STICK!

Shane makes use of the trash can Shawn hurled into the ring earlier, emptying the contents from it and punishing Shawn, with help from the now recovered Spirit Squad as we see some extended dominance from Shane and his goons. As we’ve seen through the years though, Shawn Michaels is a tenacious bugger, and he refuses to give in, instead fighting through the pain and lifting his shoulder up time and time again … until he looks to launch a sudden fight back by hitting Johnny as he lifts Michaels up … then Mikey … Kenny … Mitch … and Nicky! Shawn sends them all flying away, hitting them with numerous right hand shots until the remain down … BEFORE TURNING HIS ATTENTION TO SHANE MCMAHON!

With a panicked look on his face, Shane backs away to the corner, where Michaels slowly advances to, taking in the moment … BUT KENNY COMES FROM NOWHERE AND KNOCKS MICHAELS DOWN WITH A CLUBBING BLOW TO THE BACK!

The Spirit Squad look to follow up, stomping all over Shawn relentlessly, before Shane finally stops them … AND INDICATES IT’S TIME FOR THE HIGH SPIRITS! The crowd boos as The Spirit Squad bounces around like a bunch of twats (TKOW ) … then make their way over to Shawn and grab every corner of his body … BEFORE LAUCNHING HIM UP INTO THE SKY … AND DROPPING HIM DOWN WITH THE HIGH SPIRITS!

The crowd goes crazy with heat as Shane makes the cover … BUT HE PULLS SHAWN’S SHOULDER UP AT TWO! Shane says it isn’t enough, as he instead commands his troops, telling them to drag Shawn across to the corner … WHILE HE RETRIEVES A GARBAGE CAN! The crowd reacts with a mixed reaction, knowing what Shane is up to, as the young McMahon hurls the weapon to Kenny, telling him to position it, before going up top!


The crowd cheers as Shawn suddenly gets back to his feet and charges towards The Spirit Squad, knocking them flying with right hands, BEFORE THROWING THEM ALL OVER THE TOP ROPE AND FROM THE RING!

Seeing that Shane is getting up, Shawn goes after him, pushing him back against the ropes, then attempting to send him off with an Irish whip, only for Shane to reverse … BUT MICHAELS PLOWS THROUGH HIM WITH A FLYING FOREARM ON THE RETURN … THEN KIPS UP! The crowd goes wild as Shawn motions for Shane to get up, before scoring with an inverted atomic drop to stun him … BEFORE GRABBING THE GARBAGE CAN AND PLACING IT OVER THE HEAD AND TORSO OF SHANE … THEN SENDING HIM DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A BIG RIGHT!

Shane goes down with the garbage can still placed across him as Shawn goes nuts, firing the crowd up on his way across to the corner … WHERE HE CLIMBS TO THE TOP … TELLS SHANE TO SUCK IT … THEN CRASHES DOWN ONTO THE GARBAGE CAN WITH A FLYING ELBOW DROP – CRUSHING SHANE MCMAHON!

The crowd is going absolutely off their rocker as Shawn shimmies back up to his feet and heads to the corner … WHERE HE BEGINS TO TOOT UP THE BAND! Shawn is ready to finish this one … BUT KENNY SPRINGS ONTO THE APRON … SWEET CHIN MUSIC TO KENNY … AND JOHNNY … AND MIKEY … AND NICKY … AND MITCH! SHAWN MICHAELS WIPES OUT THE ENTIRE SPIRIT SQUAD!

The crowd continues to go batshit crazy as Shawn heads back to the corner and waits for a just about unconscious Shane McMahon to get up, when …


THE CROWD GOES ABSOLUTELY NUTS! It couldn’t be … could it? Yes … TRIPLE H stands at the top of the ramp … BEFORE RUSHING DOWN TO THE RING!

The crowd goes crazy as Triple H climbs up into the ring and tells Shawn to stop, before going over to the corner and leaning out of the ring … WHERE HE PULLS THE SLEDGEHAMMER OUT FROM BEHIND THE STEEL STEPS! The crowd, eager to see the killer blow, continue to cheer as Triple H presents the sledgehammer to Shawn Michaels … but Shawn says “No … you do it.”

With a sick smile on his face, Triple H nods, then heads back to the corner, waiting as Shane McMahon slowly gets up … SHANE REACHES HIS FEET … TRIPLE H ADVANCES … BAM … SWEET CHIN MUSIC! WHAT?


The crowd cannot believe it, falling silent as Shawn Michaels looks down at the fallen Triple H, before noticing Shane … AND YELLING AT HIM TO GET FROM THE RING! Shane, not believing his luck, does as he’s told … LEAVING A MANIC SHAWN MICHAELS TO COMMAND THE REFEREE TO END THE MATCH, WHICH PROMPTS THE RINGING OF THE BELL!

Result: No Contest @ 12:34

The crowd can’t believe it, as the referee talks to Lilian Garcia.

Lilian Garcia: Ladies and gentlemen … the referee has just informed me that this match has been ruled … a no contest.

The crowd boos the decision, as the referee now heads back into the ring and tries to separate Shawn from the fallen Triple H.

“What in the hell is going on?”





Michaels looks down at the referee with a look of contempt in his eye … BEFORE RUTHLESSLY KICKING THE REFEREE’S CARCASS FROM THE RING!

“This … this is disgusting. Why, Shawn? Why?”

Michaels now turns his attention back to the centre of the ring, where Triple H lies … BEFORE NOTICING THE SLEDGEHAMMER THAT REMAINS IN THE GAME’S HAND!

The crowd boos as Shawn looks down at it, the fury overcoming his face AS HE SNATCHES THE SLEDGEHAMMER FROM THE COLD HAND OF TRIPLE H!

“No Shawn! Don’t do it, Shawn!”

Shawn Michaels looks into the sledgehammer deeply, his reflection in the metal seemingly sending him into a trance … BEFORE HE SNAPS AND JUST BEGINS TO SMASH THE SLEDGEHAMMER DOWN INTO THE FALLEN BODY OF TRIPLE H, AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN!



Shawn continues to smash Trips, over and over and over, until finally, FINALLY, he grows tired, and takes a step back, looking down at Triple H writhing on the mat in pain, the expression of sick satisfaction crossing Shawn’s face momentarily … but he then realises that he hasn’t done enough, now backing off to the corner, sledgehammer still in hand.


Looking at Trips intently, Shawn waits as the completely beaten Triple H struggles back to his feet … RIGHT INTO THE KILLER BLOW, AS SHAWN MICHAELS BLASTS HIM WITH THE SLEDGEHAMMER!

A look of disgusting satisfaction on his face, Shawn Michaels now looks down at his fallen former friend and drops the sledgehammer … BEFORE GOING NUTS WITH THE CLASSIC DX CROTCH CHOP OVER THE FALLEN BODY OF TRIPLE H!

“I … I can’t believe it. I have nothing to say.”

“This is disgusting.”

“What has happened to Shawn Michaels?”

With those words in mind, we now fade away, seeing Shawn continue to do the DX crotch chop … heading off … into the darkness.



April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

Interbrand Match:
Rob Van Dam vs. The Undertaker

World Tag Team Championships:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. Kane & Big Show ©

WWE Tag Team Championships:
The Hardy Boyz vs. MNM ©

Women’s Championship:
Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. Paul London vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Melvisboy's Saturday Night's Main Event Feedback

What is this thread? Sorry, it's just I never willingly leave feedback on your shows, so you should consider this a real treat. Let's see if I can actually do a full one this time.

Liking the little opening bit with DX, just to immediately remind us that HHH is banned from the arena, and hype the HBK/Shane match in the process.

The opening video package didn't drag on, and you played on the theme of nearly-at-Wrestlemania which was what I would expect, so fair enough. Did the trick.

Wow, Cena/Angle to start? Cracking stuff, kicks the show off with a big bang. Your style for this match (and I'm guessing for the other matches) was quite good here - you didn't have to bore us with the repetitive bits you didn't think we'd enjoy, so you just recapped, and that worked well, especially as it added more focus to the big moments. I really liked how you built this theme of "Angle just can't beat Cena" throughout, which linked perfectly to why Angle was so angry, and why he was brawling and just assaulting Cena instead of using his more typical mat-based, amateur wrestling style. I thought you over-did the capitals at times, considering they weren't always necessary in some of the paragraphs where there too many, imo, but it was an entertaining match for what it was, and personally, I enjoyed reading it, especially considering the match psychology which you used so well. Edge causing the no contest pleased me because (especially after the theme throughout the match, heating up Angle/Cena to the max), I wouldn't want to see just Angle or just Cena take Edge on at WM22, tbh. A Triple Threat, to me, seems like the money feud for the WWE Title, so I was glad to see this ending, after a great match which showcased the talents of both men really well, as well as telling a good story throughout. Two ad breaks in one twenty minute match, though? I wasn't so sure about that, tbh.

Liking Angle going freaking crazy, brilliant stuff to build the emotion for this feud, which will no doubt kick off to a whole new level on Raw. Only a small segment, but it told us Angle won't be making an appearance in Edge/Batista, and showed us how pissed off he is, too. Good stuff.

Btw, I like how you're using the commentary to firmly plant this idea of brand warfare in our heads throughout the show. It's a clever move to get that theme going, tbh, and it hypes up the Battle of the Brands match too, so it all serves a point.

at Tazz planning to celebrate with MNM afterwards. Expected to see the formula here of Hardy going fast and hard early on, leading to some dominance from MNM, then a late comeback from Matt - and that was what we got, which frankly, worked perfectly. Really liked the innovation behind Hardy's Bulldog/Clothesline move where he took both guys out, nice thinking there. You called Nitro "Morrison" at one point, which isn't a massive deal. I liked Melina trying to interfere, seeing as it shows how MNM will do anything to win, because they're massive cheaters, so it was good for the extra heat, as was the low blow. Masked man allowing for the win was good, as was the revelation that, of course, it was Jeff Hardy. The Hardy Boyz vs MNM for the Tag Titles at WM22 sounds immense, I cannot wait, and this was a great way to set it up, love it.

Nice little segment to make the tag team match for later a little more intriguing, though we all know Haas is gonna do something amazing.

You got Mickie across as very nervous and shaky in the first parts of the promo, and whether she's been shaken by the "events" or she's just putting it on, you described it really well, especially in the way she was speaking, I thought that was done well. I thought it was a little repetitive from then on when Trish came out, a bit like Mickie was going in circles with what she was saying, but otherwise the content was solid, and you got across the main messages, like Mickie wanting to be great friends with Trish, wanting to meet her whole life, all this kind of thing. A fucking shelf? Really? God, those shelves are real menaces. I suppose you needed a dodgy excuse to make Mickie's alibi seem almost unbelievable, so it could lead to the Trish heel turn, where she just snaps. Actually, I'm kicking myself for not predicting that, seeing as you clearly want to make this Trish/Mickie storyline different from the real life one, and the way to do that would be to turn Trish instead, which makes things much more interesting, definitely. This segment dragged on a little bit too much for me, but as I say, the content was solid, and you set up a good-looking WM match with the surprise turn, which was good stuff.

at V-Squared just being massive pimps. Surprisingly, they're the team that came out of this looking pretty good, while the Bashams AND the RWC had their moments, too, with the double-teaming (literally) of Viscera. Of course Haas and Benjamin had to win, I loved the finish. Awesome stuff from Haas, and frankly, I'd love to see them win the titles at 'Mania, because well, it's one of my favourite storylines on the brand.

I'm not sure what to make of the JBL/Finlay segment, tbh. If JBL doesn't appear in the Lashley match now, I feel the segment will have been pointless, so I'm guessing that's what we'll see. Either way, everyone was good in terms of characterisation and everything, so that's fine.

CM Punk arriving after 'Mania or earlier? Whenever it is, it should be good, especially if you give him a decent feud to start him off.

Sounds like a good hardcore brawl between Lashley and Finlay here, something that would suit these two guys for sure. I'm a bit disappointed you didn't go into more detail when it came to what Finlay did to Lashley using the weapons, but you got across to us that Lashley's midsection was damaged, which was fine, and you could then bring the table into play with everyone knowing that it would be the killer blow. JBL's involvement was fine, but him getting put through the table was great stuff, a good moment to let the fans really go wild. There's some strong feud-ending irony in Lashley beating Finlay using the shillelagh, which makes a fitting end to the Lashley/Finlay feud, which, from what I've read recently, has been entertaining, even if I didn't give you any feedback on it. Not too sure, again, what to make of Finlay nailing JBL with the shillelagh - is Finlay turning face or is it just your way of making sure Finlay still looks like a bad-ass despite the loss? Seeing as you didn't need to have the segment earlier either, I'm guessing you'll take this somewhere on next SmackDown. A bit confusing for me, but at the same time, I'm sure the situation will become clearer - until then, a good match, for what we actually got to read. It wasn't just an all-out brawl, but you didn't overload it with normal moves either, so you got a good balance.

You really got Edge across as the cowardly heel Champion he is at the beginning of the match, some vintage Edge stuff there, which worked very well, as well as justifying Batista going a little bit crazy, which immediately heats up the match and gets things going. The match psychology there was good. The mouthing off was also good to get across Edge's cocky side, too. However, I didn't like that Edge targeted the ribs, if only because that's the same thing we just saw in Finlay/Lashley, and how the match probably (during the inevitable recap session) played out, just without the weapons this time. The Edge-O-Matic always seems like a move that's hard to reverse out of because Edge nails it so quickly, so I was surprised it took Edge three attempts to hit it. Also, if 'Tista was going for a Jackhammer, that implies a Vertical Suplex Lift, so how did Edge manage to knee him in the ribs from up there? That confused me, although if you didn't mean it, it's a very rare mistake on your part. Not sure about Batista kissing Lita, seeing as I feel he's a very serious guy, especially when there's a match to be won, and I feel like him yelling at her or something might have been more fitting. Still, the finish was ideal to keep the Orton/Batista feud rolling, and boost Edge's already huge ego for Raw on Monday. This was good, though I feel it might have lacked a BIT of the epic feel needed in a Clash of the Champions match.

Shane McMahon came off as a bit of a nodding yes-man here, but I guess it showed how he's lesser than Vince, and how Vinnie Mac wants the focus to always be on him. Hyped up HBK/Shane a little bit more, which was good.

Wow, I guess we know where Orlando Jordan's loyalties lie, right? This was good - Booker will inevitably claim he's beaten Benoit once and for all, whereas Benoit will still want his one last shot, which can come at WM22, and be a brilliant, final victory for Benoit to have a big feel-good moment. Summed up, this was good booking, and it keeps everything moving along nicely towards WM22, so I have no complaints here. It also adds to that little storyline with Benoit and OJ, because Jordan was the one who started the assault. Liking the decision here, though I'm a little surprised that Clash of the Champions came before this.

A really great interview from HBK here. It had a lot of emotion, befitting this situation where everything is against him, and it really showed that he's got a determined attitude ahead of the match with Shane, which is good. I especially liked the references to God and whatnot, leading back to putting Shane through hell, very nicely linked. Through and through, this was a really good segment, and it hyped the main event even more, which you'd done nicely throughout the show anyway.

RVD cutting right to the chase showed just how serious he is tonight, which I thought was good to show how much he's become a little more serious since what he did at No Way Out. Not sure why it was really that necessary for RVD to show the footage again, seeing as it would only piss 'Taker off. RVD's reasoning is okay, though at first, it just felt like the "revenge" route you were going down, though you've put your own spin on it with the thing about never winning a World Title, and the thing about respect rather than anger, keeping it a face vs face affair. This has a distinctly HBK/Taker feel to it, where HBK was determined to prove he isn't like any other competitor, and likewise, an RVD/Taker feud has a big epic feel to it, and I wouldn't have anyone else write it. I still doubt Rob Van Dam, if anyone, will end the streak, but nevertheless, you've set it up nicely with this segment. Admittedly, I think 'Taker accepted a bit too quickly after the lights going out and back on, and maybe a little bit more about the fear factor or something, just so 'Taker's acceptance didn't come so abruptly. Otherwise, a pretty good segment, both guys were in character, and it sets up a great match to come at 'Mania.

I'd forgotten about Rey's open challenge. Rey on the mic was nothing special, but I wasn't expecting anything amazing, admittedly. Bit odd to have it this high up the card, unless someone's making a huge return... no, I was right, it's Psicosis. Quite proud of myself with that prediction. 500 times between these guys? That's a crazy fact, but fair play to you for getting it in there. Anyway, to the match, which I found tremendously entertaining. Maybe it's just because I enjoy high-flying wrestling, but this was really great fun to read. I was surprised you wrote Psicosis into more of a powerhouse role early on before the cruiserweight moves came into play, but I loved how you kept this theme that they know each other really well, as proved by the numerous innovative reversals throughout the match. A good fun match to read, and it's good to see Rey get the big win ahead of that match to come with Kash.

Kid Kash on the show was a must, admittedly, and he was alright here. I felt we usually have a little bit more emphasis on a Tennessee style of language, and while there was a fair amount in here, I thought the promo didn't have the usual edge of your Kid Kash character. Maybe it's just me. You got across how highly he thought of himself, which was good, and the promo got across the message. I just felt it didn't light up his feud with Rey in my eyes.

Cracking start to Shane/HBK, with Shawn going to town on McMahon like a maniac. Certainly fitted Michaels' promo earlier, as well as the theme of redemption for Shawn after being put through hell himself for the past year. Naturally, we see the appearance of the Spirit Squad to start the dominance (darn you and your recap), and I liked the little fightback from Shawn, just to show, as you said, that HBK is a tenacious bugger. Unfortunately, I had a chuckle at the TKOW reference - what makes you think he's gonna read this anyway? Marked out for the Coast to Coast reversal, I imagined watching it in my head and boy, it looks like it could mess you up, hehe. Love the thinking there. Loved the rest of the comeback from HBK, it was real fire-up-the-crowd gold. The elbow drop on to the trash can was immense, as was the Sweet Chin Music X5, another thing which would send the crowd batshit. I was intrigued to see Tripper arrive, especially seeing as HBK had it in the bag, but - oh, you sly devil. I have to applaud you, I should have seen the turn coming when this match was the main event instead of the Clash of the Champions contest. The attack on HHH was badass, as was HBK taking out the referee with SCM too. Crazy heel turn to end the show, and what a way to fade out. Very emphatic, especially with the lines from the commentators being written like they were. I didn't quite get why HHH was able to get in after being banned, though, tbh. A bit odd, plus I wonder how you'll work Shawn as a heel when he's been persecuted for so long by the McMahon family, who are also heels, unless it's all been a scam and HBK is aligned with them.

Overall, though I wasn't always a fan of the recap sections, it made the matches always exciting because we were never really sitting through the dull stuff where the heel worked the face over. My honest opinion of the show, was that it was really great. I genuinely enjoyed reading it, and it was nothing less than I'd expect from you, this was a cracking show. Loved the Trish and HBK heel turns, great for the shock factor, and you made just about all the right booking decisions from the perspective of taking us into Wrestlemania 22 - which, by the way, looks immense right now, especially with the matches we know are sure to get added in due course. The return of Jeff Hardy was well done, too. As I say, a cracking read, and I can't wait to see the remaining build to Wrestlemania, I don't doubt you'll blow us all away. Awesome job BkB, keep up the great work.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday Nightís Main Event Feedback

Iím going to start off with a really little thing when I say for weekly shows I donít mind having something before the opening video and pyro, but for a PPV, or a huge show like SNME, I definitely think the video package should be first. It just kind of feels right to me. Anyway, I guess you just want to remind us about Shawn Michaels being alone tonight. Iím still sure Triple H will get in somehow, and I still pray that he is not the one to turn tonight.

I could be mistaken, but Iím pretty sure you have posted this PPV video package for SNME before. I thought the video was well written, and once again, Iím being really picky here, I thought the video could have started off with a stronger image. I have absolutely no idea why Henry/Mysterio were the first image, when they were followed by much more powerful and attention grabbing images such as Angle/Edge, and ĎTaker/Orton.

The opening commentary was well done, with The Coachís heelish ways being a standout. As for the Smackdown guys, I canít really remember what was up, but why does Tazz not agree with Benoit/Booker match? He hasnít really turned into a heel commentator, Iím pretty sure Iíd remember, so just not sure whatís up.

Starting off with Angle/Cena is just awesome. One thing I loved when the WWE brought SNME back in real life is that they always kicked off in style, and Iím glad to see youíve continued the tradition. The stare down between the two in the early stages was great, with both men being epic, and the fans involvement being written in well to. As for the actual start of the wrestling, you started things off a little differently then I would have expected, and I still have mixed feelings about it. I get by having Cena back Angle into the corner three times you are putting over his strength, but I would have preferred for Angle to one up Cena early on. No other reason other than seeing some of his intensity early would have made him look like an absolute beast. With that being said, you made up for it immediately by having Angle school Cena with some actual proper technical wrestling, and the ďWHOíS THE BITCH NOWĒ thing fitted in perfectly with Angleís character. I know you think Cena owns since he works hard and shit, and I must admit, Iíve lightened to the guy lately as well, but I will never, ever stand for him out wrestling Angle. Seriously, I really didnít like this, Angle is supposed to be ĎThe Wrestling Machineí, and he has looked insane the build up to this, and I just donít buy Cena being able to out wrestle him, even if it is only the early stages. I didnít like the way Angle gained the advantage either. I know he is going to be the heel in this match as itís against John Cena, but he shouldnít have to need to rake the eyes. He could have gained the advantage in a more credible way, and then started the ambush on the outside. Once again, Iím poking at small things, but itís what I feel like doing. I guess now that youíve mentioned the psychology of Angle being unable to beat Cena most of what I complained about above is pointless, and in a way it is, but the psychology should have been mentioned when Cena was dominating with the Side Headlock, and just continued to be harped upon throughout the match. The near fall from Cena was pretty cool though, keeping Angle on his toes, and perhaps even a little nervous. I guess the generic Cena offense was okay, although it was just way to predictable, not in the way it came about, but in the actual moves he did, so I was quite happy to see Angle ram him into the ring post, because Angleís offense can be a lot less predictable. Angle seemed so fucking brutal grinding Cenaís shoulder against the ring post, awesome stuff, imo. Angle working on the arm is to be expected after the commercial break, and I enjoyed the maniacal description of Angleís facial expressions, should be in fullness though. Ugh, some more generic Cena offense, how exciting? I donít hate the guy anymore, but so far everything he has done is the basic shit he does in real life, Iíd really like if you used some creativity with his offense. A beautiful paragraph here, with the reversal of the FU flowing into the FIVE German Suplexes, and then the reversal of the Angle Slam, flowing into the Bulldog. The way Cena set up the Leg Drop from the top was pretty nice to. I can see the match is getting into its final sequence now, as the last few paragraphs have nee flawless, as was this one with the Belly To Belly into the turnbuckle playing on Cenaís injury, and resilience wonderfully. The ending to his match was done beautifully to, with Edgeís interference just stopping Angle from the elusive win over Cena. Honestly, an awesome way to kick off the show, which will eventually lead to triple threat match at ĎMania, my only problem is that all Cenaís offense bar right at the end came from the same situations as in real life, I just wouldnít mind if you mixed it up a little more in the future.

I liked the anger coming from Angle in this little segment. He and Steiner are probably the only two who I can buy swearing in a promo in BTB. As for Bischoff, he remains rather neutral, but I donít like the fact that Angle just allowed himself to be escorted from the arena by the agents, should have went nuts and taken a few out, imo. Listening to Bischoff and the agents is way too bitchy for Angleís current character.

This Handicap match is one I am not looking forward to, simply because Iím pretty sure I know what is going to take place after the match, or during the match. Anyway, the start was nice, with Hardy being explosive, before eventually his momentum was stopped as the numbers game gets him early. I was glad to see the working of the neck was recapped, simply because these are the parts of matches that need to get recapped. With that being said, you made a jobber error by calling Nitro Morrison. I was pretty surprised to see Hardy pick up the win here, even with the outside interference, I really do believe it makes your champions look really weak. This would have been much better served, if Jeff just made his return after the contest, and then work a loophole for that stipulation that was with this match.

A rather generic promo from Hardy after the match, but it got his point across, and despite my dislike for Jeff, I must say, The Hardyz/MNM at ĎMania should definitely be an awesome read.

Booker T in a Ferrari? Having conversed with you a fair bit, I was expecting to see the police rock up after it, because he stole the car. Anyway, this was a nice way to continue to show his annoyance towards OJ.

Mickie James.

The Bischoff/WGTT interaction was great, simply because this really showed the difference in Haas and Benjaminís opinion. Whilst itís pretty obvious they are going to end up together, I think youíve booked this angle extremely well. Bischoff playing all innocent was pretty in character as well.

Mickie was alright early on, playing her part of being all worried and depressed because of her idol Trish Stratus, although with that being said, the whole pausing and repeating herself was getting a little annoying. I loved the interaction between Mickie and Trish in the beginning, quick statement with quick retorts is always a fun thing to read in BTB. Mickieís sob story was pretty well written, talking about her grandpa and what not. The whole shelf falling thing is a little lame, whether itís the truth or not, a very lame thing to happen, imo. Anyway, Mickie bringing up the title match at ĎMania before their problems were even resolved, or before Trish even got to say anything shouldnít have been done. Mickie is supposed to be the face in this feud, yet she seems a little shifty by trying to get the title shot before they even finish talking about their issues. Despite this, Stratusí reply was terrific, with the cheap shots about her dad, before the brutal attack. You know it means a lot when a Diva gets busted open so I thought that was a smart thing to add. A pretty good promo here, mate.

One thing I noticed is that you used bubbly to describe both Mickie James and Shelton Benjamin. Bubbly is definitely not the word to describe Shelton, imo. It was really well done how you mentioned Shelton had to get Charlieís attention to get him out of the ring, once again, shows the indifference between the two, at the moment. Venis starting the match is rather lacklustre, although RWC would have kept it decent. I guess Visceraís little patch was okay, although I felt the match would pick up once Danny Basham tagged himself into the match. Anybody being able to tag anybody always makes things a lot more entertaining. It was pretty typical stuff with the heels working together, before eventually arguing. The ending I thought was done really well, with Haas tagging himself in at the last moment, and getting the win. The tension continues to build through the aftermath, and as I said earlier, you continue to book this angle wonderfully.

All the stuff with The Cabinet was done pretty well here, JBL checking to make sure he is all set, but clearly Albright isnít as feared in the locker room as he thinks, but then again, Finlay is one tough bastard. I hate reading Finlay in this thread, all the ďyeíĒ bullshit just annoys me, tbh. I donít mind writing guys accents to an extent, but yeah, his really annoys me. Anyway, good shit, making Finlay look really good here.

CM Punk, when?

Itís Belfast Brawl time, baby. This is once Iím actually really looking forward to, Iím just hoping that Finlay goes over, it would mean huge things for him in this thread, imo. I always like it when a match starts off a little differently, it always adds a little something, and being that Finlay loves to fight and all, meeting Lashley at the ramp and getting the advantage early is smart stuff. Lashley was always going to turn things around, heís not going to get beat down right from the get go, and then you did something I really didnít like. You claim that Finlay used his experience, but he should have poked Lashley in the eye or something, begging off is so out of character for Finlay, I didnít like that bit at all. From here, Finlay getting the advantage and the weapons getting involved is good, but once again, I donít think youíre doing Finlay justice. Finlay loves to fight, heís experienced and what not, and it just seems dumb to try and lock in a Bear Hug on a man the size of Lashley, unless youíre the Big Show. I was pretty happy that when Lashley began getting some momentum up, that Finlay was smart up enough to go back to the injured midsection, it doesnít make up for what happened earlier, but it does at least make Finlay look semi intelligent now. The ending was a big thing for Lashley, with him taking care of JBL and Finlay, even if I thought Finlay was a little hard done by throughout, it was a decent enough contest. The aftermath with Finlay knocking out JBL is pretty cool since he didnít listen, and with the cheers that were heard when he made his entrance, perhaps he has a tweener/face role coming up soon. By the way, I just realized, no marks for this being shorter than the Belfast Brawl on Smackdown.

Two simple words by Orton, but they were needed, so we didnít forget about what is happening between him and Batista throughout tonightís show.

ĎMania isnít far away. Iíll be proud of you once you get there, tbh.

Before I begin on the Edge/Batista match, I just wanted to mention that I thought Coachís opening line of commentary with Michael Cole was pretty good. The rest was a little meh, I was hoping for more greatness. The way youíve approached this match has actually shocked me a little, simply because I didnít like Edge being this afraid of Batista. I understand him perhaps being a little scared, and I liked him stalling, being cocky early, but once he started running away and all that stuff I kind of felt as if his credibility dropped a little, because back in í06, despite being an arrogant prick, Edge would still brawl with anybody who wanted a piece once the match got started. I must admit you did make Batista look like an absolute beast early on in this contest, until Edge got the advantage back after the side step. Another thing Iíd like to add is how I like the way youíre recapping the parts of the match that would be the most boring. It is a pretty clever way to use this style, imo. Anyway, with the amount of domination Edge has had, as he has had to because he has to carry Batista to a decent match, I guess youíve kind of made up for the credibility that he was lacking in the early goings. By holding a sustained advantage for a majority of the match he looks like a dangerous champion again. It was a good way for Batista to get the advantage with the reversal and then The Spear to. Uhm, a quick question, if Batista is going for the Jackhammer how does Edge knee him in the ribs, but then fall behind him? I think you might have messed up there, mate. Edgeís continued foiling of Batistaís momentum is really making him look really awesome here. The tease of the Spear was done pretty well to, with Edge not even really getting near hitting it in the end. When Edge nailed The Spear, good distraction by Lita too, I thought it was over for sure, but the change of momentum, to the Orton interference, which I didnít expect, followed by another Spear and the win. I thought the ending was genius it was a real shocker, and very well written, and now weíve got Batistaís reaction to looks forward to on the next edition of Smackdown.

at the typical Vince McMahon bullshit. It was written very in character, even if nothing really happened, I still really enjoyed it. Lolz at the playgirl comment to, good stuff.

The Booker/Benoit situation is a lot like in real life with The Boogeyman at this time, especially after Booker avoiding this match, or at least, avoiding have to wrestle the match fairly. With that being said, youíve put a very nice twist on things with OJ providing a brutal beat down and proving whoís side he is on, whilst Booker was then able to pick up an easy victory. Final match in their feud to take place at ĎMania is rather fitting.

Shawn Michaels sounded pretty good here, I thought this interview summed up the situation perfectly so far. With that being said, some could probably say Shawn would have never ever said anything about god and whatever, but I donít care, I thought it added to the situation. Great stuff.


It was smart to begin this promo having RVD call out ĎTaker straight away, simply because heís not a big promo guy, and it probably would have sucked if he spoke for to long, beating around the bush waiting for The Undertaker to show up. I donít know if playing the package again was a good idea or not, still canít decide, it just seemed rather weird, although I will say that the promo after this was fucking wonderful. Iíve never been a fan of RVD promos, bar a few from Mac and Pat that Iíve read back in the day, but this, this was top notch stuff, no bullshit. The Undertakerís bit of the promo was surprisingly not that bad. I donít use surprising as an insult to you, but a compliment, because so many struggle to write him. The only bit I didnít like was when he asked RVD why he thought he could beat him. I understand it let to Van Damís other little bit, but it just didnít suit the mystique that you had captured so well in the promo so far. Anyway, the rest of the promo, with the lights going off and the match being made was nice stuff to. A really good promo, hell an excellent one considering who it involved.

Mysterioís little promo was rather generic, and Iím not sure if it was really needed, tbh.

Iím not going to lie, when thinking of who this opponent was going to be, Psichosis crossed my mind several times when you gave me the hint that they had a history together, although I really wanted it to be Noble. I didnít know they had competed against each other over 500 times though. Thatís fucking insane. The match up started off pretty well with the sequence of moves being amazing pretty much from the get go, of course Iím not including that little feeling out process. Another nice spot with the Asai Moonsault, as this match continues to impress me early on in the piece. The Suicide Dive spot was fun to read and picture to, although I got a little worried that this was going to go from a terrific match to a bit of a spot fest, so I was really glad when Psicosis decided to slow down the pace. Mysterio quickens the pace again, which was all good, although I fucking loves Psicosis nailing the Gut Buster and TKO. Truly epic, imo. The offense that Psicosis brought to the table was really refreshing, rather than having Mysterio just rehash all of his offense, so I was glad, and I thought it was clever how you really put over Mysterioís resilience. With that being said, I though the touch of having Mysterio finish Psicosis with his old finisher was great, it suits their situation, although I must admit, I felt after all that domination for Mysterio to pull it out of nowhere and pick up the win, it perhaps makes Psichosis look not resilient enough.

Kid Kash promo was rather nice, I liked how he was all business, although it is pretty obvious Mysterio/Kash will happen at ĎMania.

Main event time already? Geez, I know Iíve enjoyed a show when I feel like it has gone pretty quickly, and trust me when I say, that doesnít happen often for me. Anyway, I donít know if this was done purposely, but even using the word swaggers in HBKís entrance shows that he is really back to his old self, even if it is only for one night only, which I know itís not. The match up has been briefed over as it had to really, but it has been pretty good so far, even with The Spirit Squad getting involved. The trash can getting thrown at Shane was pretty cool, and at Shane being creamed in the face, although Iím pretty sure Iíve read that somewhere before. The ending would have been getter if Shawn was getting beat down again, as it simply made no sense for Triple H to appear when the match was about to be over. Also, he was banned from the arena, so would the production guys really have his music ready to go? Anyway, despite me not liking exactly how it came about, the ending was wonderful with Shawn Michaels turning on Triple H. It is good to see he didnít side with the McMahonís either though, as now he can own this thread on his, well, own. The aftermath was beautiful, with Michaels going crazy on the ref, and then on Triple H, which reminded me a little of what Mac had Triple H do to The Rock in his thread, and trust me, thatís a compliment. Terrific way to end the show.

Honestly, Iíve sucked up your ass enough throughout, but youíre the fucking man right now. This was an awesome show, which kept me reading when I should have been writing my own shit. I loved the two heel turns, and most the match writing was spot on, and the promos that you were a little worried about, held up pretty nicely as well. The shitty colored font annoyed me a little, but thatís really all I have to criticize. Actually, maybe not, thereís still a few little things I thought you could have handled a little better, but they seemed to be more along the lines of actual booking, and not the writing which was terrific. Keep it up, BKB, because this was awesome.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Saturday Night’s Main Event Feedback

It's cool this show is finally up. Hopefully you've gotten over your lack of motivation and are back in the mood to write so the thread can kick on again from here.

Just a small thing to start on. That orange colour is kinda hard to read when it's not bolded. Very small, but y'know. Anyway, nice little way to start the show, reminding us of the stipulation regarding Triple H. Surely The Game will still make into the arena somehow tonight. Much like the earlier versions of this video, they serve their purpose nicely.

Opening commentary was well written. Nice rundown of the card from Styles. Also liked Coach's boasts of Raw's supremacy.

Good to see the tradition of a main event type match kicking of SNME. Cena winning from the tie up three times in a row, while showing off his strength, seemed very one sided early on. I'd have liked Angle to perhaps switch to a waistlock takedown or something like that on the third tie up to show his technical advantage. That whole 'third time's the charm' rule. Anyway, takedown comes eventually, and the intensity soon picks up. Not sure about Cena out wrestling Cena, as to this point we haven't seen Angle out muscle Cena. I'd rather both men stuck to their strengths tbh. I did like the description of Angle's exasperation at not being able to put Cena away. Angle working the arm, no problems there. Loved the spot with the FU counter into the German suplex series. The counter off the Angle slam into the bulldog was another nice spot. Much more like the back and forth nature I felt we could've seen more of earlier. I'd love to have seen the belly to belly off the top. That would've been a great spot. Great display of anguish and fury from Angle at the end, leading to the ending. It was set up well. One nitpick would be that usually when a referee is yanked from the ring he's still in good enough shape to call for the bell leading to a DQ. I'd have perhaps went for Edge dragging the ref out and snapping him with a right hand to really emphasis why he didn't call for the bell straight away. But yeah, overall a well written match, with a few issues that I mentioned above. But a good way to kick off the show.

I have to assume the striek through the fuck means it was bleeped out, as we're on NBC during prime time, and I doubt they'd go for that. I think due to the sheer anger involved in this situation Angle should've been dragged kicking and screaming away from Bischoff. Him just being ushered away by agents doesn't really suit the tone of both the way Angle was feeling during the match and the anger expressed during thie brief segment.

A one on tag handicap match? I dunno why but... that just didn't read right. Two on one maybe? I dunno. One on tag just sounds... strange. Anyway, don't expect it to stat two on one for long as Jeff is surely making his return here. Matt starting fast until the numbers game catches up on him, pretty logical handicap match stuff. You called Nitro 'Morrison' at one point, something I'm sure I've done myself at some point. Jeff returns to hand Matt the win as expected. I thought the stip regarding the title shot at Mania had already been announced? If not, it probably could've happened on Smackdown at some point. Either way, Hardyz/MNM at Mania should be a good read.

I liked the interaction between Hass and Benjamin. The attention to detail with regards to them only being in street clothes was a nice little touch. Depsite what happened here, they've got to win tonight. Maybe let the other teams do the dirty work and Haas (I've finally managed to spell that right) sneaking in for the win? Who knows. But it's yet another nice little twist in a good angle.

Not gonna lie, I'm never a fan of hearing divas speak. Anyway, the sob story about Mickie's upbringing was fine, although I'm sure I've seen an episode of Raw where Mickie was all hugs and smiles with her Dad. *shrugs* The way the title match was mentioned, I dunno, I'd rather have seen them come to a conclusion on their problems. Maybe even for them to go as far as share a hug to show everything was cool again, then have Mickie mention Mania. That would've made what happened next all the more impactful IMO. I honestly felt the best part of this whole segment was when Mickie was busted open. I honestly can't remember too many times where a diva was bleeding, so that instantly takes the feud to another level. Nice going with that part.

Another nice little touch with Shelton calling Haas out of the ring at the start of the match. Viscera - ugh. Never been a fan of his. Anyway, the match seemed OK, would've liked to have seen more from Lance Cade, that guy had talent. The end sequence was pretty decent, with Haas sneaking in like I thought. As I write this, I've just had an idea spring to mind. Imagine if it had been a four team elimination tag team match (circa Summerslam '96 off the top of my head) with V-Squared being elimniated first then the Bashams/RWC battling to a double count out, leaving Haas and Benjamin the winners by default, without ever actually getting invovled in the match. I'd have marked. But yeah, you're way was cool too, and the angle continues to progress nicely.

Hmmm... interesting little interaction between JBL and Finlay. I've no doubts about JBL getting involved tonight, especially with it being a Belfast Brawl, but Finlay threatening him off is something to keep an eye on. Punk arrival soon please.

Charging up the ramp, for me, is a very face like thing to do. Heels would be a lot more sneaky IMO. But it was soemthing different which is always good. Back body drop on the outside - always a good spot. I'm all for Finlay targetting the midsection, nothing wrong with that. Going for a bearhug though, not so sure it's all that believable to see a guy Finlay's size pull something like that off. In the context, it made perfect sense for any submission move to focus on the core, but not a beahug IMO. A legscissors of something like that might've been better? Lashley makes the inevitable comeback (street sign was cool btw) and here comes JBL. Lashley taking care of both guys puts him over huge, and the redemption bit with the shillelagh shot was a nice detail. Post match, it all makes sense now. Finlay laying out JBL suggests a face turn. Tough bastard face though plz. No leprachauns allowed.

Orton is getting invovled too. You may have telegrahped it a little bit after the Finlay/JBL interaction leading to JBL's involvement. Anyway, the match itself was well written. The avoidance at the start, leading to the slap, leading to the stand off was all good. However, I think it should've ended with the slap. I didn't like the fact that Edge continued to run after that. Again smart move by having the heel target an injured body part, focusing his attacks on that. The part where Batista goes for the jackhammer... I'm struggling to imagine how Edge managed to knee him in the ribs then drop down. Perhaps when Edge was in the air he swung a fists at the ribs in desperation and then dropped down? I dunno. But they way it was written just didn't seem right. Liked the spot with the kiss for Lita. Both of them got around a fair bit didn't they? And here comes Orton. Although just a subtle distraction, I liked it. It saved a bit of credibility for Edge, and it also matched up well with the subtle interaction earlier. Now we really need to see the Orton/Tista feud kick on from here on Smackdown.

Solid words from Vince. The playgirl mention was kinda funny. Also liked the 'sins' word. Very biblical what with HBK's religious stance.

I think I predicted OJ costing Benoit, and here it is. Brutal stuff. I also predicted a Mania match between the two. Can only assume that's gonna happen now.

Real solid HBK promo. Tied in with the 'sins' mention earlier, with Michaels words here.

OK, this is what I've been waiting for. I've been intrigued as to how you were gonna pull this off, as neither of these men are great talkers. But you did a great job with this. The reasoning for the attack at NWO, the desire to return to the big stage at the Rumble, the quest for the title, it was all presented very well. Undertaker - such a hard guy to write for at times. But you did enough here to get the point across. Anyway, I really can't wait for this one. I think the build for the match is gonna be something I really wanna see, as I always love duel-brand matches for Mania. Overall, great job with this. Should be a classic in the making by the time we reach Mania.

Not sure we really needed the bit at the start from Rey tbh. Psicosis? Should be a solid match. That can't be true about them wrestling over 500 times? Anyway, the match was a fun read, plenty of good spots to imagine. Very much an old school Rey-Rey match. Kash promo afterwards was pretty solid. Maybe it will take a non title win for Rey over Kash on Smackdown for him to finally earn his shot. But Rey/Kash at Mania has to happen.

And it's main event time. Spirit Squad getting involved was always gonna happen. How did Triple H get in the arena? Why was his music playing when he ran down to the ring? I wouldn't have minded if say he ran in through the crowd, a trail of secuiry guards running after him, but the way he made his appearance seemed very meh. More should've been done here. Unless you've got a super awesome reason that we'll find out about on Raw. Anyway, I never expected the heel turn from Michaels. I thought we all set for a DX vs. McMahons and some monster type handicap match at Mania, but I guess not. Very nicely done, as was the sledgehammer assault afterwards. Keep The Game off of the next Raw IMO, to fully sell the injuries he should have suffered here, and also to make the feud all about HBK.

Overall, a great show. Most of what I've said above is nitpicking and suggestions of different ways of doing things. The actual booking and storyline development is all spot on. Mania is shapping up to be an unreal card. As I said at the start, hopefully you'll kick on from here and the thread gets back into the groove. Don't keep us waiting too long for Raw plz.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

SNME Feedback

Show opens with a rather awkward moment for Triple H. Don't know if I could see Triple H actually being left out, but the point was made. Without Triple H on the show, there's certainly huge possibilities to come from HBK tonight. Orange is a little tough to read, but I'll deal. It wasn't too bad. Quite shocked at no fireworks tbh. Pretty awesome video package to start though, which is great. Some good commentary to start also, which is good, as what's needed to be hyped is hyped.

What a way to start the show! I still think the WM match will end up a three way so I'm hoping for some twist ending in this one. Cena proves himself to be the stronger competitor early on, which is different. Most of the time, we see the heel have the strength advantage, so this is an unusual sight. Angle showing his intense, somewhat disrespectful side is pretty awesome too. Gets the crowd more into the match. Cena winning on the mat wrestling side of things is quite a shock, but I'm glad you're showing variety and strength in him. Angle shows true intensity using the ring post to wear Cena down. I like that. Cena resilience and refusal to tap out feels just right especially in a match with this kind of meaning. Five German suplexes is absolutely insane. After the Germans, it's tough to see Cena managing to get out of the Angle Slam, and hitting a bulldog right after. I guess him crawling over to get the pin makes sense though. Holy fuck @ Cena kickout out of the belly to belly followed by an Angle Slam. The out of nowhere F-U was pretty nice, but of course, I wouldn't expect Angle to kick out. Edge taking Angle out at the end for the No Contest certifies my prediction. Triple threat @ WM is almost a certainty now. Great way to open the show bud with some intense, back and forth, technical (which surprised me) action.

The little Angle segment afterward is definitely a nice little segment to add to the show. I would have liked Bischoff to add a bit more to the situation, and possibly acknowledge that he knows Angle is mad, but well played nonetheless. I'm a little more surprised that you've gone ahead, and had another match after this instead of a promo segment, but we'll see how that pans out later on.

Hardy needs every advantage he can get so I'm glad you had him go for the onslaught attack to start. The two on one advantage along with the heel tactics proves to be too much for Hardy soon after though. The tag team dominance makes sense. The unorthodox submission attempt from MNM shows their desire to still win, which is awesome. Morrison? That would be MMM. Hardy does pull through with some offense. The two on one scenario does prove to be too much right after though. Masked man eh? Hardy does win, which I thought he would, and the masked man is a great way to introduce his partner. Jeff Hardy made the most sense to be his partner. Would have been glad for any other wrestler with similarities to Matt tbh. Jeff didn't speak, but I'm glad you announced the title match for WM. I kinda don't want them to win the titles just yet, but we'll see how that goes down when it does. Huge to have the Hardyz back together though.

I call bullshit on Booker with the Ferrari. Definitely stolen for all the reasons you think =P. I'm kinda fine with Jordan portraying the bitch, but somehow, someway, he'll get out of it. I like the little bit on Mickie right after as well. Nice to see you touch base with other things as well.

The whole forced tag team of Haas and Benji is definitely one of the better storylines running in the section right now. I just love the fact that they don't wanna be on the same team, but are tag team greats when they are together. And for some strange reason, maybe because I saw the WM card so far, I think they're gonna win. I'm looking forward to Bischoff getting back at RVD too btw.

The long awaited Mickie/Trish confrontation. I've seen this storyline/angle throughout many BTBs, and I'm anxious to see how it pans out every time considering it's probably one of the best women's storylines in the longest time. With that said, the course of the promo ran the exact way I envisioned it in real life with Mickie acting like her psycho self, and Trish not really having a say. I gotta admit, Mickie ranted and raved for a little while there. Although it had its points, I felt it dragged a bit. WOW @ the comment you had Trish say. Thank god it's not he PG era cause that wouldn't have come out. The final 'accident' line came in quite smoothly after you've hyped it up. Pretty awesome. and OMG @ Trish being the one turning. Never would have seen that coming. Definitely different from reality. Awesome segment here. A little dragged on in the middle, which hurt the flow a bit, but I like the way it ended up especially with a busted up diva.

This match is a colossal clusterfuck. V Squared should have won especially since Vis was thrusting and pounding everyone in his way. Haas with the random walking across the apron tagging himself in was pretty randomly random. I knew they would win, but the way they did wasn't impressive. Only thing I really liked and was entertained about, other than Vis' thrusting, was Shelton's disappointment. I want them to win at Mania, but I don't want to win at the same time, and that's what I'm loving about their situation.

Sucks that Albright is a lackey, but I guess it's gonna be a bit of time before he makes a name for himself. With the little bit of animosity between JBL and Finlay, it's almost certain that they'll clash, and possibly have Lashley come out on top tonight. I wouldn't be surprised now. Not a bad segment. Definitely got me thinking. Punk after Mania? I hope so.

Finlay attacking Lashley during his entrance makes sense. Gets the intensity out right away, and it's a nice little booking touch to add to the show. Good stuff. Ouch @ the back body drop to open. I expected a little more use of weapons, and the area around ringside in this one, but this match became more of an intense inside the ring kind of match. I'm not complaining, as you're probably saving the good stuff for HBK/Shane later. Didn't expect JBL so early. I thought the match would go on a tad longer before JBL's appearance. Lashley looked too beastly by the end of this. Taking out JBL and Finlay both. I guess after all he's been through in recent weeks, he deserves the win, but Finlay should have pulled one out imo. Then again, you had Finlay win the first ever Belfast Brawl so that he could lose this one I guess. Lashley comes out of this looking too good though. Finlay getting at JBL after the match made me feel much better. I'm gonna doubt that there will be a huge Finlay/JBL feud, but I think it'll be a factor, as we head into WM. In the end, this all panned out pretty well. The transition from Lashley feuding with Finlay to JBL is not yet complete, but that might be because you want both involved. Whatever the case, I'm intrigued in how you go about this now.

The lil' Orton/Batista bump was nice. Orton has to make an appearance later. It only makes sense. He's done nothing else tonight. Mania's up soon. Probably will be the show I'm looking forward to the most in BTB in the next while. Can't wait.

Clash of the Champions time. Quite surprised this one is going before the Mysterio invitational. Also, with Angle and Cena probably gone by now, this leaves Orton left to interfere, WHICH I KNOW HE WILL, so Edge for the win. Didn't see the slap coming from Batista. From Edge maybe. The face to face showdown right after reeks of awesomeness. Match is moving a little slowly. I liked the little cat and mouse chase though. Liking the relentless Edge. Bodyscissors, for some reason, seems like the perfect move for this match. Good on ya for that. Third time's a charm for the Edge-o-matic? I think so. Still, I think it's too many attempts for a half decent move. The whole ramming into the turnbuckle, then lift up followed by a back body drop felt weird. Absolutely weird. Totally forgot about Lita. Totally useless manager. Orton causes Batista's demise despite Batista having the match from that point. Nothing happens after the match to my surprise. Should be great to see Batista/Orton after this. Batista with the whole crazy, angry promo and Orton really starting to get into his heel mode. Should be great.

lol @ Vince McMahon. You're a pretty good comedian. Was this actually the time he was on Muscle & Fitness though? Cause if it was, great job with your background info. The playgirl comment was pretty good as well. I kinda dislike Shane being a bitch, but it's cause of poppa bear, so I don't mind too much. Should be a great match later.

Fuck you. Orlando Jordan is suppose to turn face and join Beniot. Beniot gets screwed over once again, which sucks balls. Love the fight, and the resilience you gave him, but damn at how everything played out. I still think Jordan should feud with Booker or even Beniot, which seems more likely at this point. Crazy tings here. Crazy.

Tell me you used the judge, jury and executioner line after you read Wolfy's ppv? Nonetheless, a great line to use. Overall, a great promo here with a ton of hype coming out of it for me. I can only expect a crazy main event. Tons of great lines in this one. Content was definitely great.

This whole RVD/Taker thing has been dragged out a bit since RVD hasn't really been able to get a word with Taker since No Way Out. So finally, let's hear it. Lovely. Two hour entrance by Taker =P. Nice little NWO recap my good sir. Love the best guy not to win a championship part. A lot of buildup to why RVD did it, but I'm not a fan of why RVD did it. Taker speaking? Right on! Some good words from Taker. Not as dark as I was hoping, and the question played back to RVD isn't what I was really expecting, but right on. Other than the 'Iím a phenom in my own right', I'm not a fan of the answer you used for RVD. And him being playful doesn't really work with Taker. Or at least to me it doesn't. Nice line to finish off the promo though. Promo did it's job announcing RVD/Taker for Mania. Should be good. Don't know how you'll build this one from here on in (I'm guessing with stuff mostly from RVD), but I'm intrigued to find out.

Don't think you necessarily needed Rey to say anything. It's nice I guess. Psicosis is a decent choice. Would have enjoyed a few other guys instead, but considering their history, it's a good choice. Good work using both their advantages throughout the match. Don't know about Rey slapping hands with fans at ringside. Can't picture that one since he should be focused on the match. Liking the throw followed by the suicide dive by Psi. Second time this match you used the arm drag as a counter. No biggie though. Psi's putting up a good fight. Nice counter to the 619. Literally just catching your opponent. Awesome finish to the match using some old school 'cruiserweight' Rey. Good match. Rey was always winning this one, but it turned out to be an above average cruiser battle.

Kash making an appearance was always certain in my head. I actually like that Kash is prolonging this a bit. Makes Rey have more battles AND I think it's good to spread the match announcements out a bit. There's been too many of them tonight as is so I'm expecting some movement in this storyline in the next few shows. Good stuff here btw. Kash doesn't sound like most typical characters, which is what I always feels happens with wrestlers similar to him.

Meh @ Jim Ross.

And here we are. The main event. The Spirit Squad coming into this one was no surprise. lol @ "he crowd boos as The Spirit Squad bounces around like a bunch of twats (TKOW)". How Shawn is even close to staying in this one is beyond me. I'm loling at this match because of the antics in it. Makes sense I guess since the SS are out there. I mean the SCM to every member is just absurd. Not only does Triple H manage to get into this one (just like most would predict), but his music comes out too? Really BkB? REALLY? WTF are you doing? HUGE turn here. I totally didn't see that coming. I was totally set for a DX against McMahons or DX against SS at Mania, but this...this changes things dramatically. I don't know whether to happy or mad at you for you. This probably ends the whole McMahon ordeal, and gets you the dream match at Mania, but definitely not how I saw this whole thing going down. You surely surprised everyone who read SNME with this. The best thing about this...HBK is the heel. Most would have Trips take the heel role, but your doing it with HBK. <3 thisssssss.

Overall, a lot of turns and shockers to me. Too many that I wouldn't have called or even thought about. You've clearly had most of this planned earlier, and I'm shocked. With that said, a fantastic show entertainment wise, and the booking wasn't too shabby either =P. The matches were well written, and easy to read, which I feel is a great quality in shows. The promos, for the most part, are good reads. Some lack of me being into a couple of them though. Gotta say, your WM is shaping up to be an unreal, unimaginable, unthinkable, and unfreakingbelievable card. Like I said before, it should easily be the most anticipated card for me for the next while, and in the longest time, it's something I'm actually excited to read. The next few weekly shows should be overly awesome too with the fallout of SNME coming. Some storylines I'm actually anxious to see how they pan out (Booker/Beniot/Jordan & Mysterio/Kash). So yah...fantastic good, and I gotta say, you're definitely running a thread that everyone, and I mean EVERYONE in this section should be reading. This is booking, and you could keep the section alive by yourself.

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