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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

First of all I’d just like to thank everyone for the abundance of reviews. It’s certainly not something I had anticipated, but it is very pleasing to see so many people reading. An additional thanks to Wolfy too for the major feedback for No Way Out. Extremely helpful, so thank you very much.

Anyway, in what is a small accomplishment for me, this preview is posted on the one year anniversary of this thread. I know I haven’t progressed far at all in storyline (about two months, actually ), but I’m starting to gain some consistency, and I’m hoping that can continue to the end of the year. My goal at this stage is to make it past Backlash at least by the end of the year, so in the next six months I want to cover about the same amount of time as I already have at least. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Of course I wish to thank everyone who has helped me along the way, Be it through reviews, chats on MSN (TKOW and Stoj, my jobbers <3) or even giving me stuff to read of your own, thanks guys.


February 24th, 2006 | Richmond Coliseum; Richmond, Virginia

This week Friday Night SmackDown! rolls into the Richmond Coliseum in Richmond, Virginia, and just five days having past since No Way Out, there is one clear message coming from the members of the SmackDown! locker-room: bring on WrestleMania 22!

One man who has good reason to be saying this is the head of the SmackDown! locker-room, the top dog, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Over the past few months Batista has been engaged in one of the most spiteful feuds we have ever seen between ‘The Animal’ and Mark Henry, raging on from last December, through the Royal Rumble and countless SmackDown!’s, down to its epic conclusion this past Sunday at No Way Out. This past Sunday night it was the final chapter in the story of this battle of the titans, with Batista putting the gold on the line against Henry in a Street Fight. The battle of the immovable object vs. the irresistible force lived up to its hype, as the two monsters threw absolutely everything they had at one another, with Batista able to prevail after a thunderous Batista Bomb down onto a set of steel steps. Batista, however, now looks straight forward to WrestleMania, and his opponent who has already been announced in the 2006 Royal Rumble winner and the man who officiated his match at No Way Out, ‘The Legend Killer’ Randy Orton. Over the past month Orton has been constantly in Batista’s ear, telling him that he is a new man, a man of his word. On Sunday at No Way Out he lived up to his word of calling the match right down the middle as special guest referee. Is Batista now a believer of Orton? We’ll find out this Friday, because Batista has asked for and been granted time to speak at the beginning of the show. Randy Orton, meanwhile,. is scheduled for action in the main event as he is set to take on ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay.

Another man who can’t wait for WrestleMania 22 is the Green Bay loudmouth, Mr. Kennedy. After tormenting Rey Mysterio for week after week, Mr. Kennedy thought that No Way Out would be his crowning moment, his time to, as he said “take the spotlight”. Mysterio, however, had other ideas and he demanded that he be taken notice of as someone who can compete with the heavyweights, using his superior speed as a cruiserweight to topple the heavyweight Kennedy and prove himself to be someone who can belong. Both Kennedy and Mysterio will be in the building this week, but Kennedy has insisted that he not be involved with Mysterio, doing all he can to ignore the loss that ended his undefeated streak at No Way Out. Instead Kennedy has chosen to look forward to WrestleMania, where this Friday he’ll compete in the very first SmackDown! Money in the Bank qualifier against another cruiserweight in Jamie Noble. Will Kennedy again find himself being beaten by a cruiserweight, or will KK join RAW’s Gregory Helms in the Money in the Bank match at WrestleMania 22?

The one man who may actually want to dwell on last Sunday night instead of looking forward is the self-proclaimed ‘Wrestling God’ John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, who enjoyed a fruitful No Way Out. Not only did his Cabinet mate and ‘Hired Gun’ Brent Albright take out The Boogeyman, but JBL also did the unthinkable when he defeated The Undertaker, a feat which many thought was impossible for him, even if a little help from a shocking appearance of Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam was required. To JBL it doesn’t matter though; a win’s a win, and he has said that this week he is in such a good mood that come Friday, he’s going to do something he’s never done before, and recognise the greatness of someone who has gone ignored for far too long by honouring them with the “Appreciation of a True American Hero Award”. The Undertaker, meanwhile, was to be confronted by Rob Van Dam this Friday after his shock appearance at No Way Out where he came to attack The Undertaker for seemingly no reason and cost him his match with JBL, however, the powers that be on Monday Night RAW have blocked any attempts from RVD to make it to SmackDown!. With no RVD to be seen, will we see an appearance from ‘The Phenom’ this Friday night?

JBL may want to remember No Way Out, but one would wager that United States Champion Booker T will not. In a match where any hopes of another title shot for Chris Benoit were on the line, Booker’s protégé Orlando Jordan gave a career defining performance, doing everything he could to not quit in his match with the man who has always had his number, Chris Benoit. Despite this Benoit would still ultimately topple Jordan, and is now in line for a title shot against Booker T. Even worse for Booker, the champ now has no excuse to not defend his title, after showing that he wasn’t injured as he claimed when he tried to interfere in the match at No Way Out. The title match between the two won’t be this week, but it will be coming soon. What we do know is that this week Chris Benoit will be in action, and without doubt Booker T must be watching.

Booker T may not be happy, but another champion is and that is the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash. After going into No Way Out as quite possibly the underdog, facing his toughest challenge yet in Juventud, a man who he had avoided for so long and even gone to the point of concussing so he wouldn’t have to face him at the Royal Rumble. Kash, though, went out to prove the cynics wrong, and he did just that by not just defeating Juventud, but also reconcussing him following a sickening assault on the fan favourite cruiserweight. With Juventud now out of the picture and Kash having beaten all other comers, what can we expect from Kash on SmackDown!? What we do know is that he wants time to speak, and when Kid Kash speaks the world listens.

Also coming off a win, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM will be in action, facing The Mexicools of Super Crazy & Psichosis. Following their win on Sunday MNM have been the talk of tinseltown, bragging in every interview they get about how they didn’t just beat the two “hicks” from North Carolina, but how they also took Shannon Moore out. MNM and The Mexicools aren’t the only tag teams in action though, as in a rematch from last week Paul London & Brian Kendrick will be taking on The Bluebloods. Following both their loss last week and their loss in the six man tag match, The Bluebloods are out for revenge. Can they gain it, or will London & Kendrick just keep on rolling?

With so much to look forward to, plus appearances from stars such as Bobby Lashley, Orlando Jordan, Rey Mysterio and others, this SmackDown! is a must see as the road to WrestleMania 22 truly begins. Tune in at 9/8C on The CW Network to see all of this and so much more.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown looks good. Orton/Finlay main event is bound to have something happen in it. Batista/Orton feud over the next while should be intriguing. Phenomenal matchup choice for WM btw. Kennedy seems to be a lock for MITB (unless your high on Noble). I like how JBL and Kennedy are moving on from their NWO matches. Beniot/Booker feud should be intriguing. They went through a decent feud back then. Hope you can topple that. Preview looks great. Can't wait.

I'm gonna have a go at the BTB banner requests during the week btw. =)

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Booker / Benoit has the potential to be a massive feud for Smackdown! headin' into mania, they can use history as hype and use the fact that they had a best of seven series in teh past and have the winner boast about it (I think Booker won the original series not sure though, look it up). Finlay/Orton would most likely have Batista at commentary and have him cost Orton the match. And Kennedy for MITB please while Noble be in a single's feud, he is something special and needs to have spotlight put on him, maybe a CW run. It would be smart for you to have MNM pin the Mexicools unless you have someone run in and beat them up, starting a feud with them cause they need momentum going into the tag team matches at mania.

Smackdown and Raw get better and better as we heat into the mania event. And as usual, i'll try and get a read and review done but I can't make any promises.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

February 24th, 2006 | Richmond Coliseum; Richmond, Virginia

As one would expect, we open up with a highlight package, featuring the events of No Way Out. The video goes in match order, starting with Shannon Moore suffering a serious injury, leading to MNM being able to retain their WWE Tag Team Titles in what practically becomes a handicap match against Matt Hardy. Brent Albright is shown next, squashing The Boogeyman, before we see the team of Bobby Lashley, Paul London & Brian Kendrick defeat Finlay & The Bluebloods when Lashley pins his rival Finlay. Despite a valiant effort, Chris Benoit is then able to defeat Orlando Jordan, forcing him to tap out to the Crippler Crossface after having the move locked in for perhaps the longest time ever before someone was forced to submit. Kid Kash is seen retaining his Cruiserweight Title against Juventud in brutal fashion and Rey Mysterio one ups Mr. Kennedy in what was probably match of the night. Things then slow down as we get to our final two matches, with more of John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield vs. The Undertaker being shown than the previous matches, which ends when Monday Night RAW’s ROB VAN DAM makes a surprise appearance and costs ‘Taker the match. Finally, we see the Street Fight between Batista and Mark Henry with the World Heavyweight Title on the line, Randy Orton adjudicating the match. The match ends with Batista managing to Batista Bomb Mark Henry down onto the steel steps and get the three, leading to a staredown between him and Orton, both men bleeding form the forehead as we fade to black.

We now get our traditional beginning to the show, with the montage of SmackDown! superstars being shown as ‘Rise Up’ plays in the background. Following the video finishing we cut into the arena to see a pyro display go off at the top of the stage, which transitions into a pan around the arena to see all of the rabid fans, eventually stopping in front of the announce table where we see Michael Cole & Tazz.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown!, here tonight from the Richmond Coliseum, in Richmond, Virginia, and boy what a show do we have for you. I’m Michael Cole, joined here by my partner Tazz, and partner, we’re now five days removed from No Way Out, and we are now well and truly on the road to WrestleMania 22.

Tazz: WrestleMania fever is here, Cole, ain’t no doubt about it, but after No Way Out, it seems like we got more questions than answers.

Michael Cole: No Way Out was a heck of an event from top to bottom, but you’re right when you say a lot of questions have been raised. The main question that people have been asking is why did Rob Van Dam choose last Sunday to make his presence known, and why did he choose to assault The Undertaker?

Tazz: Y’know, I’ve known RVD a long time, and usually I’d think I’d have some kinda’ inkling about why RVD did what he did, but to be honest, I got no idea why RVD did what he did! RVD himself was gonna’ come out here this Friday an’ tell us, but those goons on RAW ain’t let him.

Michael Cole: Well, the one thing that we do know, as confirmed by SmackDown! General Manager Teddy Long, the WrestleMania 22 main event will feature the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, defending the title against the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton.

Tazz: That match is gonna’ be off the chain, that’s for sure. Headin’ into last Sunday, I gotta’ admit, I doubted Batista. I thought Mark Henry had his number, but Batista put on the performance of a lifetime, and he truly deserves to be headin’ into the main event of WrestleMania 22 with that World Heavyweight Title.

Michael Cole: And his opponent for WrestleMania, Randy Orton, is scheduled for action tonight in our main event as he takes on ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay, who isn’t going to be happy after being beaten by Lashley last Sunday at No Way Outl. But that’s not all, because also tonight we’ve got Chris Benoit in action, the very first ever SmackDown! Money in the Bank qualifier, and JBL celebrating his victory over The Undertaker, all to come tonight.

Things remain silent for a moment before …


The crowd gives an awesome pop as out from the back runs the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, looking all class in a suit, with some pricy looking sunglasses shading his eyes to top off the look. Despite the look, a huge bandage on Batista’s head is obviously, though Batista is still full of energy, clasping his title over his shoulder as he plays it up to the fans on either side of the ramp, before coming to the middle of the ramp and setting off his pyro on his way down to the ring.

Michael Cole: As you alluded to before, Tazz, coming into last Sunday the odds seemed well and truly stacked against this man as he faced his biggest threat yet in ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry. Batista, however, managed to not just withstand the storm, but beat Henry so bad that we’ve heard that Mark Henry will NOT be in the arena tonight.

Tazz: I know I doubted Batista headin’ into No Way Out, but last Sunday, you’re right, he proved me wrong, and for that, my respect for Batista has only grown stronger. The man’s been a helluva champion here on SmackDown!, and goin’ into WrestleMania, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather see as champ.

Batista climbs up into the ring and plays it up to the fans a bit, then receives a mic and stands in the middle of the ring, ready to speak.

Batista: Oh yeah! It feels GOOOOD to walk into Richmond here tonight, STILL World, Heavyweight, Champion!

Pop from the crowd as Batista smiles.

Batista: Y’know it’s been eleven months since I beat Triple H back at WrestleMania 21 to become World Heavyweight Champion for the very first time. Eleven months. Almost one whole year. A long time, huh? You’d think … you’d think that after holding this title for eleven months now, retaining it this past Sunday at No Way Out … it wouldn’t mean so much. It wouldn’t be so much of an accomplishment.

Batista smiles and takes a few paces around the ring, proudly grabbing at the title which is still over his shoulder.

Batista: Well lemme’ tell ya’, to me, it doesn’t get any sweeter than this.

Nice pop from the crowd.

Batista: After eleven months of bein’ on top, you could maybe forgive a guy for not being as excited after a big win. You could forgive him for maybe not caring as much. You could forgive him for becoming a little stagnant … a little … lazy. But me … I’m different. I am NO normal man!

Another big cheer from the crowd.

Batista: This title on my shoulder, it STILL means the same to me that it did eleven months ago when I won it for the first time. It could even mean more. Because the passion? It’s still there. The desire? It’s still there. The want, the NEED, TO BE THE VERY BEST IN THE ENTIRE WORLD AT WHAT I DO … IT IS STILL … THERE!

Big pop.

Batista: It is ALL … STILL … THERE!

Yet another huge pop for ‘The Animal’.

Batista: And y’know, what makes this ever bigger … what makes it even MORE of an accomplishment … what makes this feeling all the more sweet is that on Sunday, I finally got to exact some revenge on Mark Henry!

Another nice pop.

Batista: Now I know that when Mark first came for me, people … people doubted me. They thought that maybe I didn’t have what it takes to survive, let alone beat Mark Henry. I mean yeah, I’m big, I’m strong, but Mark Henry, he’s stronger. He’s ’The World’s Strongest Man. That isn’t just some little line he likes to throw around … it’s the truth. Another truth that Mark spoke was that he did things to me that had never been done before. I’ll admit, I haven’t faced anyone like Mark before. His strength … his power … his physicality … it’s just … unparalleled.

Batista smiles a little.

Batista: And it’s not just that. Mark’s quick … he can move. But most of all … Mark Henry … is smart. He’s not just some dumb beefed up dude steppin’ between those ropes and throwin’ fists. He’s not just some meathead. No, he’s dangerous. And he’s dangerous because he knows what he’s doin’ in the ring. Every single little thing he did to me, he did for a reason. And yeah, it worked. Mark didn’t just throw me around physically … he got in my head.

Wry smile from Batista.

Batista: I’ll admit, I shoulda’ known better. I learnt from two of the best when it comes to mind games. ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair, and ‘The Game’, Triple H.

Significant pop from the crowd.

Batista: But Mark … he had me in the palm of his hand. He had me in the palm of his hand and this past Sunday, all he had to do was finish me … all he had to do was close his hand and crush me … but he COULDN’T … do it!

Pop from the crowd.

Batista: Not just this past Sunday, but over the past few months, Mark Henry has taken me to the limit, and yet here I stand tonight, STILL World Heavyweight Champion!


Batista: And what a sweet feeling that is. What a sweet feeling it is to know that no matter what a man … no, a monster like Mark Henry threw at me, I could withstand it. I could take it. And I could then beat him. And y’know what that tells me? Y’know what all of that tells me? It tells me that I’m ready. I am ready to go into the main event of WrestleMania 22, on the grandest stage of ‘em all, and defend MY World Heavyweight Title at the showcase of the immortals.

Batista removes his shades.

Batista: But most of all … I’m ready for you, Randy Orton.

The crowd buzzes as Batista takes a moment.

Batista: Y’know, I’ve known you a long time, Randy. Longer than anyone else here on the SmackDown! roster. And in that time that I’ve known you, you’ve always been the same. You’ve always been about that one thing, that one person that is nearest and dearest to you. That one person that you actually care about. Now I know that lately, ever since you won the Royal Rumble, you’ve been trying to make me and all of these people believe otherwise. You’ve been sayin’ … you’ve been sayin’ that you’re a changed man. That you’ve “come to your senses”.

Batista smiles and takes a moment to step back and forth.

Batista: Well Randy … myself, and all of these people … we’re not buying it.

Pop from the crowd, who go along with what Dave says.

Batista: This past Sunday? Yeah, you did what you said. For once, you followed through on your word, and you called that match right down the middle. But if you think that you’ve got me off guard now … if you think that I’m not gonna’ be ready for when the real Randy Orton comes out, the Randy Orton who only cares about Randy Orton … well then I guess you don’t know me as well as I know you, Randy, because like I said, I’ve got eyes in the back of my head now, and they’re gonna’ be ready for you, any time, any place. Whether it be WrestleMania 22 … or right here tonight.

Big pop from the crowd.

Batista: So Randy, why don’t you cut the crap and come here right now so that we can all see you for the egomaniac that you are?

Batista turns to the top of the stage and waits for Orton, although he doesn’t appear to be forthcoming.

Batista: Come on, Randy! Come on! What have you got to …


The crowd now gives some great heat as from the back walks the narcissistic winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, [B]Randy Orton
, wearing both a smirk on his face, along with a small band-aid on the top of his forehead, much like Batista, showing a war scar from No Way Out, even if a lot smaller than that of Big Dave. ‘The Legend Killer’, dressed casually in denim jeans and his RKO tee, walks down the ramp in much the same manner as he’s dressed, before climbing up and receiving a microphone. Orton stands in front of Batista for a moment, smirking, before he raises his microphone up to his lips.[/I]

Randy Orton: Dave, I understand that you’ve called me out here because for some unknown reason, you seem to have some sort of a problem with me. Now, be that as it may, first of all, I would like to congratulate you on retaining your World Heavyweight Title this past Sunday at No Way Out.

Batista just stares at Orton coldly, his eyes remaining fixated on ‘The Legend Killer’.

Randy Orton: I mean, Mark Henry, he gave you everything he had. I should know … I was in there. And to see you take everything Mark had, and beat him … bro, I gotta’ say, that was impressive, and it showed just why you’re the World Heavyweight Champion. So once again, congrats.

Batista stays silent.

Randy Orton: Not in the mood to talk? Y’know what, that’s fine, that is fine, because all you need to do is listen to what I have to say, so that maybe me and you can clear this little problem you seem to have with me up, alright big man? Believe me, I’m in no state to hurt you tonight, as you can plainly see.

Orton motions to the small band-aid on his forehead, which pails in comparison to Batista’s.

Randy Orton: But even if I was, I would not out be out here to hurt you … you can trust me..

Orton locks his eyes; Batista meanwhile remains silent.

Randy Orton: But that’s just the problem … isn’t it? You don’t trust me. You don’t think I’m a man of my word, a man of principle. You think … you that I’m a liar … don’t you, Dave?

Both men remain silent for a moment.

Randy Orton: Y’know what? It doesn’t matter, because I know I’ve changed, I KNOW that I follow through on my word, and deep down, you know it too. I mean, let’s take a look back through the beginning of this year, shall we? First of all, I promised that I would personally deliver the United States Championship to Booker T and defeat Chris Benoit, all, by, my – self … and I did.

Big heat from the crowd, as Orton pauses for a moment.

Randy Orton: Next … next I said I would go to the Royal Rumble, and I would punch my ticket to WrestleMania 22, to the main event … of WrestleMania 22. And I did.

More heat as Orton momentarily pauses again.

Randy Orton: And then … then there’s the reason that you’re in the WrestleMania main event against me, Dave. There’s the reason that you made it to WrestleMania. I said that at No Way Out, as special guest referee, I would call the match between you and Mark Henry straight down the middle … and I did.

Heat, as Orton gets more and more intense.

Randy Orton: I said I would do it … and I … delivered. You can say what you want, you can say that I’m just one step away from breaking my word, from going back to the old Randy Orton. But do you know what I say? I say that I’m a man of my word … I say that I’m a man … of destiny. And y’know what? I’ve got two more promises that I’m going to make right here tonight.

Orton pauses, while Batista STILL remains silent.

Randy Orton: First of all … first of all, at WrestleMania 22, I WILL defeat you, Dave, and I WILL become the NEW World Heavyweight Champion.

Batista actually responds to this, at first raising an eyebrow, before then raising the mic.

Batista: Is that right?

Randy Orton: It’s my word, isn’t it? But hey, I’m glad I’ve got your attention, because second of all, and trust me, you’re gonna’ want to hear this, I promise that until WrestleMania 22, until I get the chance to reclaim MY World Heavyweight Title … I will not lay a hand, not even a FINGER upon your body. And that … that is a promise.

Batista: You won’t touch me?

Randy Orton: Not until WrestleMania 22.

Batista: You’re not gonna’ jump me from behind?

Randy Orton: I give you my word.

Batista: Well before I had my suspicions about you, Randy … but now I know all you’re talkin’ is crap!

Big pop from the crowd.

Batista: Randy, I know you, and I also know that the second I let my guard down, you’re gonna’ be there ready to strike. So you can take all of this crap, and shove it back where it came from, because I’m NOT buying it.

Another big pop, as Orton starts to look a little frustrated.

Randy Orton: You can not believe it all you want, but I’m TELLING you, that I will NOT – I repeat – I will not touch you until WrestleMania 22. Do you wanna’ know why? Do you wanna’ know why I’m not gonna’ touch you? Because come WrestleMania, I want the world to see that I AM the better man … that I AM the best in the world, and most importantly, to see that I AM … the man … of destiny.

Heat from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Dave, I want a fair contest, and I know you want it too, which means that going into WrestleMania, I want us BOTH to be in the best possible shape we can be. Now, you may have heard that tonight I’m meant to be goin’ one on one with Finlay.

Mixed reaction for the match from the crowd.

Randy Orton: But I’m out here to say that ISN’T happening. Y’see, in case you didn’t realize, I suffered some EXTREME injuries in the Street Fight this past Sunday night. My forehead … my forehead was DISFIGURED!

Batista just smirks.


The crowd boos the obvious exaggeration.

Randy Orton: Following this, me and my doctor … we BOTH thought it would be in my interest to not compete here tonight … and Teddy Long had no choice but to agree.


Randy Orton: But there will still be a main event. The show will go on. Because as Teddy told me, tonight’s main event will now be ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay …

The crowd buzzes.

Randy Orton: Going one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion … Batista.

Big mixed reaction from the crowd.

Randy Orton: Fair’s fair … right, Dave?

And with that, Orton drops his microphone with a thud.


The crowd boos as Orton smirks, backing away from Batista slowly, then climbing from the ring. The camera zooms up onto Batista and focuses on the much larger bandaging on his head, before we cut off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break at ringside with our regular announce team.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, and what a show we’ve had so far. A massive staredown between champion and challenger for WrestleMania 22, and a huge main event confirmed over the break as we heard through our headsets, it will indeed be Batista, not Randy Orton, facing Finlay here tonight, and to me, it seems like while Orton isn’t touching Batista, he may be getting others to do his dirty work for him.

Tazz: Hey, you heard Randy before, Cole. He ain’t fit to compete here tonight, so Batista, who is, is takin’ his place. I dunno’ why you have to read so much into everything, but I’ll say that I believe Randy, and I think that he is tryin’ to do the right thing, not just by himself, but also by Batista here tonight.

Silence …


The crowd gives some pretty good heat as the silence is broken and out from the back emerge The Bluebloods, dressed to compete here tonight. Regal wears a nasty scowl upon his face, while Burchill foams at the mouth, excited by the prospect of violence that is soon to come. The duo walk down the ramp rather swiftly, ignoring all distractions from the crowd, before climbing into the ring, where Regal waves royally to the audience queen, and Burchill just looks plain badass.

Michael Cole: Well this past Sunday at No Way Out these two men, The Bluebloods, were involved in a losing effort as they teamed with Finlay to fall to the youth of Bobby Lashley, Paul London and Brian Kendrick. However, tonight The Bluebloods look to get a win back over London and Kendrick, following also losing to them seven nights ago on SmackDown! last week.

Tazz: An’ Regal looks like he has somethin’ to say, Cole. I love it when William Regal speaks. You always feel like you learn some new, English word from the guy.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from England, weighing a combined weight of 500 lbs, the team of William Regal & Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods!

Regal indeed holds a microphone, standing in the middle of the ring with it as the crowd continues to boo.

William Regal: Excuse me.

Oh, the Vickie Guerrero tactic. Works wonders.

William Regal: I said shut your bloody mouths!

Big heat.

William Regal: Need I remind you that when in the presence of royalty such as myself and Master Burchill, you show some proper respect?

More heat which slowly dies down.

William Regal: That’s better. Now this past week … well, it’s been a downright horrid week for The Bluebloods. First of all, last week, those two miserable toerags Paul London and Brian Kendrick … they managed to somehow defeat us, The Bluebloods, two masters of this craft, right here in this very ring.

Pop from the crowd.

William Regal: And then last Sunday, live on Pay-Per-View, for all of our subjects from the commonwealth to see, again, along with our comrade, Finlay, we were embarrassed by London and Kendrick, along with that snot nosed punk, Bobby Lashley.

Big time pop from the crowd.

William Regal: Oh, you people like that, do you? You think that this is funny? You think that the embarrassment of us Englishmen is some sort of joke?

The crowd continues to cheer.

William Regal: Well laugh it up, because starting tonight, The Bluebloods are going to show that they mean business! And it starts with getting a measure of revenge on those two … hooligans … Paul London … and Brian Kendrick.

Mixed reaction.

William Regal: Tonight … we gain our revenge, and mark my words, by the end of the night, those two punks will have kissed royal … feet!

The crowd boos as Regal smirks, before we suddenly hear …


Regal looks up to the top of the ramp, aghast that someone dare interrupt him. The crowd, however, gives a big cheer as out from the back emerge Paul London & Brian Kendrick. The two youngsters nod at each other and sprint down to the ring … WHERE THE BLUEBLOODS LOOK TO GET THE JUMP, KICKSTARTING THIS MATCH!

Match One ~ Tag Team Match:
The Bluebloods vs. Paul London & Brian Kendrick

The Poms are right into the action here, stomping down on the youngsters, forcing the referee to call immediately for the bell and start the match. The Bluebloods are relentless, hammering their foes with strikes, before picking them up and sending them off with simultaneous Irish whips to the same side of the ring … but rather than bouncing back, the clever beyond their years tandem of London & Kendrick wisely hang onto the ropes. This frustrates the already fuming Brits, who instantly charge at their opponents … BUT LONDON & KENDRICK LOWBRIDGE THE TOP ROPE, SENDING THE BLUEBLOODS OUT TO THE FLOOR! The crowd gives a tremendous pop as the two now wait in the ring as The Bluebloods start to regather their bearings, then run off to the opposite ropes and look to comeback with some sort of aerial assault … only for the Brits to spoil the party by quickly moving back, having seen London & Kendrick coming.

The crowd, as you would expect, are dejected, but they soon get over it as the athletically gifted duo climb up to the top rope in adjacent corners, waiting for The Bluebloods to turn … THEN JUMP DOWN ONTO THEM, SENDING BOTH MEMBERS OF THE BLUEBLOODS SPRAWLING DOWN ONTO THE FLOOR! The crowd reacts enthusiastically, and the two students of the legendary Shawn Michaels are loving it, soaking in the adulation from the crowd before they toss their opponents back into the ring and this match starts to move to more of a traditional style.

Despite the Brits perhaps being a little more favoured by a regular formula, London & Kendrick are able to maintain some dominance for a few minutes, working over the veteran Regal with some double team moves, gaining a few close two counts and angering a rabid Burchill, who remains out on the apron. You can never keep a good man down though, especially when his partner is willing to cheat for him, as we soon find out when Kendrick looks to dash off to the ropes, only to be caught with a knee to the kidney from Paul Burchill, sending Kendrick staggering forwards into an overhead throw from Regal, taking the dominance for The Bluebloods.

The Brits aren’t keen to let go of this advantage either, and they show this by working together meticulously, focusing on the neck and back of Kendrick, allowing him absolutely no room to breathe. Kendrick does get a look back in when Burchill’s aggression gets the best of him as he hammers away on Kendrick in the corner relentlessly, forcing the referee to pull him back, before the overzealous Brit walks into a few right hands from Kendrick, which have to be quelled by a big clothesline from the big Brit. Regal then looks to calm things down, getting a tag and locking Kendrick in a kravat to continue the damage done to his neck and attempt for a submission. Kendrick, however, does not have the word “quit” in his vocabulary, and he shows this by fighting through the pain to get all of the way back to his feet and take Regal over with a snapmare. Kendrick then looks to capitalise, dashing off to the ropes and looking for a kick to the seated Regal’s jaw … but Regal scoots out of the way … THEN THROWS KENDRICK OVERHEAD WITH A MAJESTIC BUTTERFLY SUPLEX!

The wily Blueblood makes the cover … and can only get two! The crowd pops, which actually agitates Regal, bringing out a side we see more often from Burchill, as he refuses to make the tag and instead waits for Kendrick to “get the bloody hell up”. Kendrick starts to do just that … AND REGAL GOES IN SEARCH OF THE KNEE TREMBLER, COMING BACK OFF THE ROPES … BUT KENDRICK SIDESTEPS IT … AND SCORES WITH A HUGE SUPERKICK! Both men go down to the mat, the crowd rallying for Kendrick as he, much like his foe, slowly starts to head towards his corner … and both men make tags!

The crowd cheers as the two Pauls come charging into the ring, Burchill instantly looking for a big strike, but London ducks, dashes off to the ropes and comes back with a big leaping forearm that takes Burchill down! Burchill gets up and receives a second blow to the same result, before getting up again and finding himself on the end of a beautiful hurricanrana. The larger Brit is dizzy, and London takes advantage of it, dashing off to the ropes … THEN COMING BACK WITH A BIG SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY BLOCK … ONLY TWO! The crowd goes wild as both men get up and London instantly strikes with a dropkick, before turning to see Regal charging towards him … so he hits him with a dropkick … THEN MOONSAULTS OVER ONTO BURCHILL INTO A HOOK OF THE LEG … JUST TWO AGAIN!

The crowd is disappointed at first, however, they grow more excited when Brian Kendrick joins his partner in the ring and waits alongside London for Regal to get up with some assistance from the ropes, prompting the pair to charge across and clothesline him over the top rope! Kendrick isn’t done though, waiting for Regal to get up … THEN TAKING HIM DOWN WITH A BIG PLANCHA! In the ring, London turns and waits for Burchill to get up … THEN HOOKS HIM IN A FRONT FACE LOCK … BUT BURCHILL SPINS OUT OF IT, TAKING THE ARM OF LONDON TO DO SO … THEN THROWS HIM OVERHEAD WITH A BIG TIME BELLY TO BELLY SUPLEX!

The crowd grow dejected as the Pom makes a cover … two! Burchill gets back up, a sinister snarl on his face as he looks down at London, waiting for him to get up too … BEFORE HOOKING LONDON UP FOR POSSIBLY A SUPLEX AND LIFTING HIM INTO THE AIR … BUT LONDON KNEES BURCHILL IN THE HEAD, FORCING BURCHILL TO DROP LONDON BACK ONTO HIS FEET … AND LONDON CONNECTS WITH A LEGSWEEP DDT!

We hear a thud on the outside, but just about nobody notices that, as they instead cheer London who heads up to the top rope, ready to launch … BUT WILLIAM REGAL CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON AND PUSHES LONDON DOWN TO THE MAT BELOW! Regal smiles at his handiwork, while in the background we see Brian Kendrick slumped over the steel steps, perhaps revealing just what the thud was. In the ring London struggles up to a hungry Burchill … AND AGAIN GETS HOOKED … TWISTING BRAINBUSTER! BURCHILL ISN’T DONE YET THOUGH … DRAGON SLEEPER! BURCHILL LOCKS IN A HIGH ANGLE DRAGON SLEEPER … AND LONDON SUBMITS!

Winners: The Bluebloods via pinfall @ 8:26


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, William Regal and Paul Burchill, The Bluebloods!

The crowd gives some decent heat as The Bluebloods climb back to their feet, victorious tonight, breaking a recent string of losses. The duo don’t react in an over the top manner, instead a bit relieved to have won, Regal even showing a glimpse of a smile! Isn’t that frowned upon in England?

Michael Cole: Well The Bluebloods said they would beat London and Kendrick here tonight, and they did it, Paul Burchill adding two new dangerous moves to his arsenal of which we have never seen before from him in the process.

Tazz: Oh boy, those two right there, they are two of the best here on Friday nights. You better believe that they’re headin’ for gold eventually, whether it be in singles or tag team action.

Michael Cole: Well William Regal is an accomplished competitor, and Paul Burchill does look to have a bright future. Championship gold would not be too far out of the picture for either man, one would think.

We see The Bluebloods again … before cutting away backstage where we see a white limousine, with the ever familiar logo emblazoned upon the side of it … and sure enough John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield steps out of the limo, toothy grin and all, followed by Jilian Hall & Brent Albright, both of whom look classy tonight.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Whoa, careful there, Brent.

We see what JBL is talking about as Albright is bent back into the limo, before removing himself once more, now carrying a small, black box, covered in silk.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tonight’s gonna’ be a great night … I can feel it.

JBL smiles and walks from view, followed by his Cabinet members.

Michael Cole: Speaking of accomplished, last Sunday night was certainly a success for those two men, and later tonight we going to hear from JBL, as he hosts what he is calling the very first ever “Appreciation of a True American Hero Award”, later tonight, on SmackDown!.

And with that we fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break backstage with Josh Matthews standing by in the interview area.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Mr. Kennedy!

The crowd gives some good heat as Mr. Kennedy steps into view, staring straight at Matthews.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem.

It takes Josh awhile to catch on.

Josh Matthews: … Kennedy.

Kennedy nods, a look of satisfaction crossing his face.

Josh Matthews: Mr. Kennedy, I know you’re in action here tonight, but I have to ask you, after going into last Sunday with so much confidence, how did it feel to get beaten by Rey Mysterio?

Mr. Kennedy: Get beaten? Did you say “to get beaten … by Rey Mysterio”? No … no. Last Sunday night, I didn’t get beaten by Rey Mysterio, because getting beaten involves someone being better than you. Rey Mysterio … Rey Mysterio isn’t better than me. No one’s better than me. Rey Mysterio didn’t beat me … he got lucky. Now as far as I’m concerned, that’s in the past, and I’m not the type of guy to dwell on the past. No, I’m lookin’ forward to the future, so any other questions you’ve got about Rey Mysterio, just forget about ‘em, ‘cause I’m done with ‘em, and I’m done with him. Rey Mysterio is done … finished … he’s out … of my life … out … of my … personal … spotlight.

Josh Matthews: Right, well like I said before, tonight you’re in action against Jamie Noble in a Money in the Bank qualifying match. Your thoughts?

Mr. Kennedy: My thoughts? My thoughts are this. Tonight, I’m gonna’ march on down to that ring, Jamie Noble is gonna’ do the same, and I am then gonna’ proceed to give him the asskicking of a lifetime. Because, while I said before, I don’t like to dwell on the past … that’s not me, BUT, there’s no denying that my record speaks for itself. I mean, take a look at it. Undefeated, from debut, for five, looooong, months. Changing Friday nights, one, week at a time. The future of not just this show, but the entire WWE. This company … they’re depending on me. And most importantly … five world champions … five … I’ve beaten all of ‘em.

Kennedy smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: What’s Jamie Noble done? Won a … a Cruiserweight Title? That’s not gonna’ help him tonight … not with the big boys … not with me.

Josh Matthews: But Rey Mysterio is a former Cruiserweight Champion and this …

Mr. Kennedy: Who?

Matthews panics and shuts his gob.

Mr. Kennedy: That’s right … no one.

Kennedy remains silent for a moment.

Mr. Kennedy: I see it like this. I am a future world champion just waiting to happen. And Jamie Noble? Jamie Noble’s a tough S.O.B. … but he’s not me … he’s just like everyone else … he’s not on my level, and tonight, I’m gonna’ prove that. And then it’s onto Money in the Bank for me. Now I watched RAW this week, and I saw what Gregory Helms had to say? Ya’ think you’ve got some kinda’ … “deposit” … on that briefcase, huh Greg? We’ll just see about that, because come WrestleMania 22, you’re not just gonna’ be in the ring with the shallow talent pool of Monday Night RAW. No, you’re gonna be in the ring with me, and I’m tellin’ you … no, I’m giving you … my word …

Kennedy sneers. A bit of a shot at Randy Orton, perhaps?

Mr. Kennedy: I’m like you. I’m changin’ my name. You’re not gonna’ be callin’ me Mr. Kennedy for much longer. Oh no, my new name will be Mr. Money in the Bank …

Kennedy chews his gum obnoxiously, moving in closer to Matthews as he does so.

Mr. Kennedy:Bank.

Kennedy smirks and heads from the interview area, leaving us to cut back to ringside.


The crowd gives some damn solid heat as out from the back parades the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash, dressed casually with the Cruiserweight Title sitting proudly upon his shoulder. The crowd of course boos Kash, but he doesn’t care – he’s so in love with himself that no one else’s love matters (no, not even Legend’s, no matter how strong it may be). The champ takes a moment to look around and smirk, before raising his title into the air and walking down the ramp with it still up above his head, making sure that each and every person in the arena knows he’s champion.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy appearing to be in denial backstage, but ladies and gentlemen, this man right here, the Cruiserweight Champion, going into last Sunday, we knew he was ruthless, we knew he was aggressive, but at No Way Out … wow. Kid Kash made his most impressive statement yet, not just defeating Juventud, but causing him to suffer another concussion in the process, which at this stage, appears to possibly be career ending.

Tazz: I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This isn’t the Kid Kash I knew in ECW. That place was violent … heck, it was extreme, but since he’s arrived here on SmackDown!, I’ve seen a new side of Kash. It ain’t just violence … it’s violence for the sake of injuring your opponent, and that … that’s a very dangerous thing.

Kash climbs up into the ring and once again raises his belt to the fans, before noticing a camera on the apron and coming right up close to it, holding the title with one hand right up in front of it. After showing off his title for a moment longer, KK settles down and grabs a microphone.

Kid Kash: Well as much as I just hate to say I told ya’ so …

The crowd boos, drawing a smirk out of Kash as he drops the microphone down by his hip, before slowly lifting it to speak again.

Kid Kash:

Kash suddenly raises his eyebrows and looks down, seemingly at a particularly vocal member of the front row. Kash, however, decides to ignore it.

Kid Kash: This past Sunday …

Kash again stops, looking down at the crowd, who are picking up in heat, following the lead of the guy in the front row.

Kid Kash: This past Sunday …

Again, Kash is stopped.

Kid Kash: This past … y’know what … no. No. It goes back much further than that. Listen up kids, ‘cause good ol’ ‘Double K’ is gonna’ tell you a story.

Kash takes his time, putting on his best serious face.

Kid Kash: Once upon a time, there was a kingdom … the cruiserweight kingdon in the land o’ SmackDown!. The characters? The idol of the people, the long haired, tattooed, Hispanic, reasonably talented reignin’ and defendin’ king o’ the kingdom … Cruiserweight Champ.

A nice pop for the mention of Juventud, despite the insults from Kash.

Kid Kash: An’ the loyal followers o’ the champ, the rest o’ the cruiserweights, blind in their support. An’ at the time, the champ, he was lookin’ pretty good. Defendin’ his title against all comers, the champ did the best he could to make the title as prestigious as possible. The followers, despite losin’ to the champ when their time, continued to support him, embracin’ the “respect” and “honour” that the champ brought to the division. The champ well an’ truly was the centre of attention, the centre of the division.

Kash pauses for a slight moment, the crowd remaining relatively silent, listening.

Kid Kash: But then this newcomer came along, and boyee, was he ever somethin’? Fast … strong … smart – just all round talented … and damn good lookin’ too. Havin’ made a name elsewhere, becomin’ a world-renowned star, the dashing newcomer made his way to the SmackDown! kingdom, eager for some competition. This newcomer, he wasn’t ‘bout to take any crap either. He wasn’t gonna’ shake hands with the other cruiserweights, an’ he sure as hell wasn’t gonna’ show them “respect”. He was here for competition. But y’know what he found? Nothin’. Ab – so – lutely … nothin’.

Some nice heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: It was the story of his life for the newcomer. Wherever he went, wherever he ventured, no one was ever good enough for him. Japan? He was the best there. Mexico? The best there. A little company called E – C – Dubya?

Small pop and “ECWDub” chant breaks out.

Kid Kash: He was the best there too. So what’d this newcomer do? He went lookin’ for a challenge, for the big cheese, to the top … he went for the crown. An’ y’know what? At Armageddon, the champ, with all o’ the hopes of his followers ridin’ on his shoulders came out … an’ he was overthrown. He was beaten. With ease. There was a new sheriff in town. Now, despite bein’ shown to not be good enough to carry the gold, did the former champ … did he go away? Did he resign deep away from the kingdom an’ admit that he wasn’t good enough? No … no, he wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t admit that he wasn’t good enough. He had to come back … for more. He had to try to be the hero, the knight in shinin’ armour for the people.

Kash pauses for a moment.

Kid Kash: So what did the new champ do? Simple. He did the only thing he could … he beat the former champ down like the tired old dog that he is.

Big heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: Now the people … they didn’t react well to this. But it wasn’t ‘cause they were standin’ up for their old champ, their old king. No. It was ‘cause they were scared. It was ‘cause they were scared that they would NEVER be able to defeat their new king. ‘cause they were scared that their new king was … unbeatable.

Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: So they rebelled. They tried to make a difference, as a group, ‘cause alone they knew they would just fall before their new king. So then came the Royal Rumble, where the new king faced all o’ the former king’s followers … and royal it would be, ‘cause again, the king would prove himself to be the best man to lead the kingdom, defeatin’ not just one, not just two, but ALL o’ the other cruiserweights. Finally, there would be no more doubtin’ that the new king, the new champ, was the greatest cruiserweight notn just in the land, but in the entire world, right? Right?

Kash pauses for a moment.

Kid Kash: … Wrong. Y’see the hero, he just had to come back. He had to have his one last shot at the champ, his one last shot at glory. He had to drag himself back, an’ try to be the hero again. Now I could tell you what happened then. Or, I could just show you … this.

Kash points to the titantron, and a video begins to play.


We cut away to the match between Juventud and Kid Kash at No Way Out, with the two going toe to toe at first, neither man gaining a true upper hand … until Kid Kash nails his foe with a devastating German suplex. Suddenly the eyes of Juventud roll back, and the footage flashes up and down, showing the fuzzy state of Juvi’s mind as ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ is shown punishing Juventud, kicking him in the head, smashing him with some big right hands, and ultimately kicking him square in the temple, then getting him up in the Dead Level position, before ramming his head time and time again into the top turnbuckle, then finally dropping Juventud with the Dead Level to get the inevitable three count. Kash is then shown holding the gold aloft, while Juventud is put onto a stretcher, neck brace keeping his head stable, as he is rolled from the arena.


We cut back to see Kid Kash smirking back in the ring.

Kid Kash: In case ya’ haven’t got the message yet, this ain’t a fairy tale. This is no story book. This is real life, and in real life, the good guy, the hero doesn’t always win.

Kash smirks.

Kid Kash: As for ‘The Notorious K.I.D’, I ain’t a good guy, nor a bad guy. I am just … the man.

Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: I have beaten everyone there is to beat. I’ve beaten all o’ the cruiserweights. All of ‘em. There is no denyin’ no that I am, without a shadow of a doubt, the greatest cruiserweight, not just on SmackDown!, but in history. I am … the man. And y’know what? It’s time to make that official.

The crowd doesn’t quite know how to react to that.

Kid Kash: Ever since I became Cruiserweight Champ, there’s been one man who’s been doin’ his best to screw me. Each an’ every week he’s been stackin’ the odds against me. But now … now I’ve done it all. There ain’t nothin’ more for me to do. So Teddy Long …

Small pop from the crowd.

Kid Kash: I want you to come on down here and officially announce me the greatest cruiserweight of all-time, right here tonight.

The crowd boos, but nothing happens.

Kid Kash: I’m a patient man, Teddy. I can wait alllllllllllll night. As a matter o’ fact, I may just set up camp in right here in the ring.

Kash heads towards the ropes and leans over them, looking at Tony Chimel.

Kid Kash: Hey tubs, get me a chair.

Chimel looks a little startled, but he does as he’s told, not wanting to get on the wrong side of Kid Kash. The pudgy announcer grabs a steel chair, then starts to head towards the ropes, when …


The crowd gives an absolutely huge pop as Rey Mysterio emerges from the stage, bursting out onto the scene with a big leap, pyro following under him. KK takes notice in the ring, turning to see Mysterio and snarling. Mysterio is in a bit more of a rush to make his way down to the ring than normal tonight, marching down with a purpose, before climbing up into the ring and receiving a microphone.

Kid Kash: Hey, hey, what do ya’ think you’re doin’? I’m talkin’ out here.

Mysterio just stares at KK.

Kid Kash: Don’t ignore me. I asked you what you think you’re doin’ interruptin’ me. I was talkin’!

Rey Mysterio: Y’know, Kid Kash, I get that, an’ really, that’s why I came out here. I mean, someone just had to shut you up.

Big pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: An’ I figured, hey, why not me?

Kid Kash: Very funny, Rey, but unless you’re out here for a real reason, I’m gonna’ have to ask you to step aside so that I can get Teddy Long to come on out here an’ announce me the greatest cruiserweight of all-time.


Rey Mysterio: Well actually, that’s also kinda why I’m out here.

Mysterio pauses.

Rey Mysterio: Now it’s been awhile for me. I mean, I’ve been a bit busy lately. You may have seen that this past Sunday, I proved that I can go with the big dogs when I beat Mr. Kennedy.

Pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: But, hey, don’t tell him about that.

A pop for the cheap shot at KK after his promo earlier.

Rey Mysterio: An’ from what I understand, you’ve kinda become a big deal here in the cruiserweight division.

Kid Kash: You’re damn right I’m a big deal.

Mysterio takes a moment to gather his thoughts.

Rey Mysterio: Okay, well I can get that. I mean, you’ve always been talented. We both know that. But this whole “greatest cruiserweight of all-time” thing you’ve got goin’? Y’know man, I’m not so sure on that one. Like I said, you’re good. Don’t get me wrong. But besides you bein’ talented, there’s somethin’ else we both know. I mean, you touched on it earlier, you were big in ECW. Former Television Champ, if I remember right. But you seem to be forgetting … I was there first.

Pop from the crowd.

Rey Mysterio: You wanna’ talk about bein’ a great cruiserweight. Kid Kash, I’m the one who revolutionised cruiserweight wrestling. When I came to ECW, I brought cruiserweight wrestling with me into mainstream America. An’ while you followed my footsteps into ECW, I moved it onto a bigger stage. I made it big in WCW. My battles with guys like Dean Malenko, Chris Jericho, an’ Eddie Guerrero …

“Eddie~! Eddie~! Eddie~!”

Rey Mysterio: They were legendary. But I didn’t stop there. No. I then came here, to the WWE, to Friday Night SmackDown!, and I took it up a notch, makin’ the cruiserweight division here the best it’s ever been. Sure, you’ve beaten talented guys like Jamie Noble. But I have too. But lemme’ ask you this. What about Tajiri? What about Billy Kidman? What about Chavo … Guerrero? Have you beaten all o’ them? ‘Cause I have.

The crowd gives a big pop.

Rey Mysterio: Kash, you’ve been a heck of a champion once. But I’ve been Cruiserweight Champion not once, not twice, but eight times.

Pop out of respect for Rey.

Rey Mysterio: Look, Kash, it’s like this. You may be a heck of a champion, but if you’re gonna’ say that you’re the best ever, then you’re gonna’ have me not just challengin’ for that title, but also the title hangin’ from your shoulder.

Big pop from the crowd.

Kid Kash: Is that s’posed to be some kinda challenge?

Rey Mysterio: If you wanna call it that, then yeah. I’m challengin’ you.

Kid Kash: Well then in that case, I don’t accept.

Heat from the crowd.

Kid Kash: Rey, I don’t care who you are an’ what you’ve done in the past, ‘cause lately, there’s only been one man in the cruiserweight division. I know that now you won your big match with a heavyweight, you think you’re somethin’ special, but while you’ve been tryin’ to move away from the cruiserweight division, I’ve been the one carryin’ it higher than it’s ever been before. An’ now … now ya’ think you can just step right back in an’ challenge ‘The Notorious K.I.D” like you’re somethin’? Rey, you’re not somethin’ … you’re just like Juventud … nothin’ … but me, Kid Kash … I’m money.

Heat for the arrogance of Kash.

Kid Kash: An’ until you can prove you’re worth my time in the cruiserweight division … then I’m not gonna’ give you it.

Rey Mysterio: You want me to prove I’m worth your time? Fine.

BAM! Rey suddenly strikes with a right hand, and the crowd goes bananas! Both men drops their mics down to the mat with a thud as Rey continues to hammer away with right hands, backing Kid Kash all of the way into the ropes, before going for an Irish whip, which Kash is able to reverse … but Rey slides through his legs on the rebound … THEN DROPKICKS KASH IN THE BACK … SENDING HIM DOWN OVER THE SECOND ROPE! The crowd cheers as Rey hits the opposite ropes, then comes back … BUT KID KASH SCOOTS OUT OF DODGE, ROLLING FROM THE RING! The crowd boos at first, but they soon cheer again when Rey notices the gold lying on the mat, prompting him to pick it up and raise it up into the air, much to the disgust of Kid Kash on the outside.


The crowd continues to cheer as Mysterio looks into the beklt in the ring.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio has come out, and he has made a big statement – he wants to return to the cruiserweight division to prove he can still go there too, and he wants to begin by going right after the champion, Kid Kash.

Tazz: Well I gotta’ agree with Kash here. I mean, Rey can’t just burst back into the division an’ demand a title shot. He’s gotta’ earn it, an’ beatin’ Mr. Kennedy ain’t gonna’ get him too far in the cruiserweight division.

Mysterio lays the belt down on the mat in front of him like a line in the sand and dares Kash to climb into the ring and get it. Kash, however, remains livid on the outside, shouting obscenities of Rey instead of attacking him. We continue to see this as we head out to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*


We now cut to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art ... of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focused and I know what I want. I am ... straight edge, and my only addiction ... is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk ... and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!

CM Punk – Coming Soon To Friday Night SmackDown!


We now cut off backstage to see SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long sorting through some files on his desk. The crowd gives a moderate pop for Teddy, though he isn’t alone for long as we hear a knock on the door.

Theodore Long: Come in.

The person behind the door obliges as we hear the door swing open … and the camera zooms out to reveal the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista walking into the room.

Theodore Long: Well if it isn’t the World Heavyweight Champ, Batista! What can I do for ya’, dawg?

Batista: I think you know why I’m here, Teddy.

Theodore Long: It’s ‘bout Orton, isn’t it?

Batista just looks at Long, though his expression indicates a yes.

Theodore Long: Listen, playa’, I know that him droppin’ out of the main event and you movin’ straight in, well, it looks a lil’ suspicious. But lemme assure you, the only reason I took Orton out was ‘cause he had a note, signed by his doctor.

Batista: And where does that leave me?

Theodore Long: Listen, Dave, I know this isn’t the best spot for you, what after last Sunday, and I know you’re hurtin’, but the reason I put you in the main event wasn’t just ‘cause Orton suggested it.

Batista raises an eyebrow at the mention of Orton suggesting the match.

Theodore Long: It was ‘cause I knew I could trust you to go out there and gave me a main event to remember. Trust me, I’m not tryin’ ta’ disadvantage you in any way, Dave. I put you in the main event ‘cause I need you, playa’.

Batista thinks things over for a moment, running a hand down his face, before simply nodding begrudgingly and walking out of view, leaving Long to look on.

We now cut back to ringside to see Tony Chimel standing by in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is …



The crowd gives some very good heat as out from the back marches the platinum blonde Mr. Kennedy, chewing his gum obnoxiously like always. Kennedy motions down at Chimel to stop right there (which he had already done), before making his way down the ramp to the ring.

Michael Cole: Well this past Sunday, this man Mr. Kennedy put forth a heck of an effort against Rey Mysterio, only to just fall short. However, Kennedy has a chance to bounce back here, as he can move on from Rey Mysterio as he wishes, and be the first ever SmackDown! superstar to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Tazz: And y’know, if I had to pick a favourite from SmackDown! to be a future world champ, it would probably be Mr. Kennedy. The kid just screams talent, and to me, has many of the features of a young Ric Flair.

KK climbs up into the ring and makes sure Tony Chimel is back in his seat, before Kennedy’s own mic drops down into his outstretched hand.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem. The following contest is a Money in the Bank qualifying match, and it is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, from Green Bay … Wisconsinnnnnnnnnnnnn … weighing a chiseled 243 lbs … your future Mr. Money in the Bank … MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!

KK pauses as he climbs up to the corner and raises his arms up into the air.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!


The crowd now gives a pretty lukewarm reaction as Jamie Noble walks out from the back, looking focused and ready for action here tonight. Noble doesn’t pay much attention to the crowd, only slapping the occasional hand as he walks down to the ring, before climbing up onto the apron and raising his arms up into the air.

Michael Cole: Last Sunday night it was a cruiserweight who Mr. Kennedy fell to, however, while Jamie Noble is good, he hasn’t proven himself in the heavyweight ranks like Rey Mysterio.

Tazz: This is a big opportunity for Noble, though. The guy’s tough as nails, and if you’re gonna’ pick a cruiserweight who can go toe to toe with the heavyweights, it may just be Jamie Noble.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Hannover, West Virginia, weighing 205 lbs, Jamie Noble!

Match Two ~ Money in the Bank Qualifier; Singles Match:
Mr. Kennedy vs. Jamie Noble

Despite Noble not being the most over guy on the roster, the crowd is actually pretty heated in this one, getting on Kennedy’s case to begin with, showing the rising status of KK. This actually distracts Kennedy too … leading to Jamie Noble catching him with a small package … two! KK gets right back up … and Noble catches him with a roll up for two … then a sunset flip … then a victory roll … then an Oklahoma roll … but all only result in a two! Noble looks to keep things going though, grabbing KK around the waist and running him into the ropes, looking to roll back into a pin … but KK hangs onto the ropes … then charges out and blasts Noble with a big elbow smash!

This move gets Kennedy control of the match, at least for the moment, and he utilises it by cornering Noble and hammering away on him with right hands and kicks, before roughing him up a little along the ropes. KK then guides Noble back to the corner and mocks the crowd, drawing some heat, before looking for a right hand … but Noble blocks, then fires off a series of his own! “The Pitbull” is on fire, and he looks to take advantage of it, Irish whipping Kennedy into the corner and charging in at him for a reverse elbow … but Kennedy just avoids it, leaving Noble to slam kidney first into the turnbuckle … BEFORE HE GRABS NOBLE AND SLAMS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD INTO THE TOP TURNBUCKLE VIOLENTLY!

Kennedy is able to once again take control thanks to this move, dominating Noble and using his superior size to smother the smaller man, much like he did to Rey Mysterio at No Way Out. Noble, however, channels Mysterio from Sunday too, refusing to quit, kicking out of everything Kennedy can throw at him. This frustrates KK, who resorts to a sleeper hold in order to try to put Noble down. “The Pitbull” fights up though, then pushes KK off … and catches him with a sleeper of his own! Kennedy has a counter ready though, backing into the corner and ramming Noble back first into it, causing him to only just hold onto Kennedy with a traditional side headlock. Coming out of the corner, Kennedy looks for a back suplex … but Noble flips out … THEN RUNS OFF INTO THE ROPES AND COMES BACK WITH A SPRINGBOARD CROSSBODY BLOCK THAT SENDS BOTH MEN DOWN!

The crowd will both men back to their feet … and Noble strikes, nailing Kennedy with a big right, staggering him … before unloading with a few more! Noble has KK on the back foot, and he takes advantage, sending him off with an Irish whip, then flooring him with a clothesline! The physical Noble hits a second clothesline to a rising Kennedy, then takes him down with a scoop slam and a quick leg drop for a two count. Noble waits for Kennedy to then sit back up, before going for a kick to the head … but Kennedy ducks and springs into action … STRIKING WITH A ROLLING FIREMAN’S CARRY SLAM … TWO! Kennedy gets up, shocked that he was unable to put things away, before lifting Noble up and moving him across to the corner … but Noble comes out with a series of elbows, staggering Kennedy, sending him back … BEFORE EXPLODING OUT OF THE BLOCKS WITH A HUGE RUNNING SINGLE LEG DROPKICK!

Kennedy falls back dazed into the corner, and Noble charges in … but Kennedy catches him with a flapjack down onto the top turnbuckle! Noble then falls down to a seated position on the mat … AND GETS STRUCK WITH THE FACEWASH! Kennedy has Noble out as he lifts him up into a seated position on the second rope in the corner … THEN CLIMBS UP … GREEN BAY PLUNGE! Kennedy makes the cover … three!

Winner (qualifying for Money in the Bank): Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 5:12


The crowd gives some decent heat as Mr. Kennedy climbs back to his feet and sticks his hand out, waiting for his mic to drop down, which it does, prompting the music to die down a bit.

Mr. Kennedy: The winner of the match … MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!

Kennedy takes a moment for emphasis.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!

Kennedy’s music picks back up as the bold blonde throws his mic up in the air.

Michael Cole: Mr. Kennedy officially joins RAW’s Gregory Helms in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, and while only two men have qualified, it’s already looking like a stacked field.

Tazz: Two men who look to be future world champs, ain’t no doubt about that, but I got a good feelin’ that my man Mr. Kennedy is gonna’ go all the way, no matter who else qualifies for the match.

We see Kennedy once more in the ring, before fading out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be in the parking lot, watching as a four wheel drive pulls up into the arena … and out from it steps the United States Champion, Booker T, along with his lovely wife, Sharmell, and his protégé, Orlando Jordan. Booker and Sharmell look none too happy as Booker gets his bag out from the boot of the car and storms away, leaving OJ to get his out. Booker has a look that could kill, and if someone were to talk to him, he may do just that. Cue Josh Matthews entering the frame.

Josh Matthews: Booker, I know …

Booker looks at Josh dead in the eye, prompting the reporter to pipe down … and Booker storms off, Sharmell by his side, and Orlando taking up the rear a few seconds behind.

We now cut back into the Richmond Coliseum to see the arena looking a hell of a lot different. At the top of the stage an extensive amount of pyrotechnic blasters (not too sure what they should be called, so that’ll do) are set up beside a rep carpet which leads all of the way down from the top of the ramp to the ring. In the ring the red carpet is also laid out, however, there also stands a podium with a microphone perched on top of it in the middle of the ring, with the words “Appreciation of a True American Hero” printed across the front of the podium. The crowd buzzes with anticipation, until …


The crowd descends into heat as the familiar cowbell tolls throughout the arena, bringing about a storm of paparazzi who seemingly rush from nowhere, all standing around the entrance dome of the SmackDown! set where soon enough John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield emerges from, wearing his usual casual attire of a suit and a cowboy hat. The lovely Jillian Hall hangs from his arm, dressed in a tight fitting black gown, followed by Brent Albright, who carries the very same box that we saw him with earlier.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome, being accompanied by his Cabinet, J – B – L!

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, live here tonight from Richmond, Virginia, and here comes a man who has told us that tonight he will present the very first “Appreciation of a True American Hero Award”, JBL.

Tazz: JBL looks to be in a heck of a mood too, Cole, which would explain why he’s givin’ away such a prestigious honour. I wonder who it’s gonna’ go to? Maybe a certain announcer?

Michael Cole: Well it’s worth noting that JBL is probably in a good mood because of the events of five nights ago, which ultimately resulted in JBL defeating The Undertaker, thanks to a run in from Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam. Now we’ll see footage of that later, because you wouldn’t expect JBL to show that he didn’t win without circumstances, well, falling his way.

‘The Wrestling God’ makes his way down the ramp, his toothy grin remaining on his face the whole way, before he climbs up onto the apron and opens the ropes so Jillian can climb through, before he and ‘The Hired Gun’ Brent Albright join her in the ring. Once in the ring, his two accomplices take up position at the back of the ring, applauding JBL, while JBL takes a look around, then steps up to the podium.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Thank you … thank you.

The crowd is, of course, booing, leaving the only people to be clapping the people who just so happen to be members of The Cabinet.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tonight … is a great night. And to start with, folks, I’m goin’ to ask you a question. What do you think it means … to be American?

Layfield pauses slightly.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Does it mean freedom? Does it mean a right to express yourself in any way you feel necessary? Does it mean … does it mean you’re superior? To me … it does.

Another slight pause from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: As Americans we are leaders. We live in the greatest country on this planet, led by the greatest president of all-time, George Dubya Bush.

Cheap heat from the crowd for the mention of Bush.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: He … he is a true leader. He is a leader who many of you here in Richmond could learn from.

More heat for the pro-Bush talk.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Another question. What does it take to be a hero? Does it take tremendous bravery? A will to succeed? The want, the NEED to be the very best, to inspire all of those below you? To me, it means all of those things, and then just that little somethin’ more. You need that extra little somethin’ to be a hero. Not just anyone can be a hero. It takes that ability, that x-factor to be somethin’ special, to be … a hero.

Pause from Layfield.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’see ladies and gentlemen, it’s because of this that it’s not every night that a hero is recognised. Heroes, they don’t just come along every day. True, American heroes? They come ‘round even less. But y’see, as of late, one person, they have taken this term, and they have brought it to new heights. This person, they have seized the moment, they have grabbed it by the scruff of the neck, and they have taken it and made it their own.

Slight pause from JBL, as he begins to get more intense.

John ‘Bradshaw Layfield: This person, they have shown that they’re a leader. They have shown that they have tremendous bravery, the will, the need to be the very best that they can be. They have been inspirational. But most importantly … they have had … the x-factor.

Another ever so slight pause.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Like I said before, it’s not often that a true American hero is recognised, but it’s even less often that they are recognised … by me. I’m a hard man to please. Just ask Jillian, ask Brent, and they’ll tell you that I am not easily impressed. I don’t just hand out accolades to any Tom, Dick or Harry that comes along. You have to earn your accolades from me, and this person has done just that. This person, they have seized the moment, and it’s time that we, that I recognised that.

JBL continues to showcase his best serious face.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Tonight isn’t about me. It’s about a man whose recognition is, quite frankly, long overdue. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, the winner of the very first ever “Appreciation of a True American Hero Award” …

JBL throws his hand out towards the stage, before slowly beginning to lift it up.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield:Me … John, ‘Bradshaw’, Layfield.

JBL has his arm raised high in the air as his Cabinet members clap him on feverishly. The crowd, however, doesn’t react so kindly, instead taking the opposite route and booing the shit out of Layfield.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Brent … my medal.

The crowd boos as Albright steps forward and opens the black box which he has been holding, revealing a gold medallion, attached to a red, blue and white ribbon. JBL, being the humble guy that he is, takes the medallion and attaches it to his chest, doing his best to look emotional.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’know, there are so many people I could thank. But aside from my Cabinet, who stand loyally by my side, quite frankly, none of them, not a single one deserve it. They don’t deserve to steal my glory, to claim my victory as their own, when really, no other man has done what I did this past Sunday.

The crowd boos.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: A lot of great men have tried to do what I did last Sunday. A lot of men have tried, and ultimately failed, to slay … The Undertaker.

Pop for the mention of ‘Taker.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: The list reads like a who’s who of professional wrestling. For instance, Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka … Jake ‘The Snake’ Roberts … ‘The Hardcore Icon’ Mick Foley … ‘ The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels … ‘The Game’ Triple H.

The crowd cheers as JBL takes an exceptionally long pause.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: … … … ’The Immortal’, Hulk, Hogan.

A huge cheer.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: All of these men … all of these legends, they have all tried to defeat The Undertaker, but they just couldn’t do it. They couldn’t beat ‘The Phenom’. But where they failed is where I succeeded. They were all scared of The Undertaker. In fact, all of you, you have all been scared into cheering The Undertaker. Into supporting him. Someone had to make a stand. Someone special … someone with unbelievable talents … that someone … was me.

The crowd boos.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ladies and gentlemen, I smell like smoke because last Sunday night, I walked through fire … and I won. I beat The Undertaker, one, two, three, in the middle of this very ring, as clean as clean could be.

Heat from the crowd for the obvious lie from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I proved myself to be what I always say I am, what you know I am., and that is a ‘Wrestling … Gawd’.

Big heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I defeated The Undertaker … I freed you all from his curse. And in doin’ so, I showed all of the qualities of a great American. I showed that I would express myself in any way, even if meant goin’ against The Undertaker, the man who we were never meant to cross.


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I showed I was a cut above the rest. I did what all of those legends couldn’t do. I showed that I am the greatest legend of all-time, and that my legacy, my achievements, could not be denied. I showed that I am the superior wrestler here on Friday nights.

More heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I showed myself to be an inspirational leader. While all who came before me had fallen, I showed that I was willing to be different, to be a trendsetter, and to save all of you from The Undertaker … and I did it.

Pause as the crowd continues to boo.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I showed the will to succeed, the bravery needed, to stand up and confront The Undertaker in a manner that no man had done before.

The crowd again boos as JBL pauses.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And most of all I showed the ability, the x-factor, when I vanquished ‘The Phenom’. So it is great honour that here tonight, I stand before all of you, and I accept this award, showing beyond a shadow of a doubt that I am your true … American … heroooooooo.

JBL closes his eyes and sucks in the moment, before looking back at the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Come on everyone. I know you didn’t win, but you can join me, and bask in my glory, the glory of a true … American … hero.

The crowd reacts less than enthusiastically.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Come on, get to your feet and chant my name. Ready? J – B – L! J – B – L!

The crowd responds by booing, but does JBL care? Hell no.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: J – B …


The crowd gives a great pop, happy to see that someone has finally cut JBL off, as out from the back marches Bobby Lashley. ‘The Soldier’, as Michael Cole refers to him as on commentary, marches down the ramp, eyes full of fire, burning a hole right through JBL. Lashley heads up into the ring and receives a microphone, ready to face off with JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Just what in the hell do you think you’re doin’, son? This is my time, my awards ceremony, my moment, my

Lashley puts his hand over JBL’s microphone and lowers it slowly, shocking Layfield.

Bobby Lashley: I have had enough.

Pop from the crowd.

Bobby Lashley: You wanna’ come out here and anoint yourself as some kinda hero? Someone for these people to look up to? Yeah, you may think that’s a cute little badge there that you’ve got on your jacket, but lemme’ tell you somethin’, JBL. This … all of this … it makes me sick.

Another pop from the crowd.

Bobby Lashley: You think you’re an ‘American Hero’? A true American hero? That’s … that’s a load of crap. I’ve seen some true heroes. I have been out there, with our armed forces, for years, and in those times, I have seen people put their lives on the line, their lives to defend this great country. I have seen people do things that I didn’t think possible. I have seen true American heroes, because I have seen what this country means to some people. It means everything to them.

Respectful cheer from the crowd.

Bobby Lashley: And now, I come out here tonight, and I see you. You, standin’ here with your fake little medal, bragging about your accomplishments like you’re somethin’ special, like you’ve actually done something to improve this country. Well y’know what? I’m callin’ you out on this. Go on, tell me just what you’ve done for America. Tell me what you’ve done that compares to the pain and the suffering that I’ve seen from some great, noble men, and not some millionaire with their head shoved so far up their ass that they’re comin’ back out their neck for a second time.

Huge pop.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Are you questionin’ me? Do you dare … DARE … question me? Lemme’ tell you something, son, I’ve been a wrestling legend longer than you’ve been out of high school. I have been a leader, a true leader, longer than you’ve been able to speak. And last Sunday … I defeated The Undertaker, and I’ll be DAMNED if some rookie NOBODY is gonna’ take that away from me.

Bobby Lashley: You defeated The Undertaker, huh?

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You’re damn straight I did.

Bobby Lashley: Well it’s awful funny, ‘cause the way I remember it, you were runnin’ scared, afraid of getting’ your ass kicked until RVD did all of the work for you.

Big pop, leaving JBL fuming.

Bobby Lashley: What, did I hit a nerve? Well how ‘bout you do somethin’ about it, tough man? Why don’t you prove to me what a hero you are and try to throw your weight around again? Go on … I dare you.

JBL is seething as he drops his microphone down to the mat, his face going beet red … AND HE SUDDENLY SLAPS LASHLEY! Brent Albright, knowing he’s needed here, quick as a flash, moves in on Lashley and kicks him in the midsection, then goes for a right hand … BUT LASHLEY BLOCKS … THEN HITS ONE OF HIS OWN AND TAKES ALBRIGHT DOWN! Albright gets back up, but Lashley is off to the ropes as quick as a lightning bolt … SPEAR! LASHLEY SPEARS ALBRIGHT! The crowd cheers as Lashley gets up and turns … CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL FROM LAYFIELD … BUT LASHLEY DUCKS AND RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES … SPEAR! LASHLEY SPEARS LAYFIELD! The crowd erupts as Lashley takes down ‘The Wrestling God’, then explodes with a MONSTROUS roar, roaring with intensity.


The crowd cheers as Lashley stands amongst the carnage of an overturned podium and a roughed up red mat, his eyes still showing the same fire as when he came out.

Michael Cole: Bobby Lashley has come out here tonight, and boy has he ever sent a message! Clearly angered by what JBL said, the undefeated Lashley has sent JBL the biggest message of all, laying JBL out on his own awards ceremony!

Tazz: As much as I like Bobby, he’s gonna’ have hell to pay after that. JBL is a very vengeful man, an’ after what Lashley did to him tonight, I can’t see JBL forgivin’ Lashley any time soon.

Lashley now begins to leave the ring as we head out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*





We now cut across to the office of SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long, who is once again sorting through papers behind his desk in his office. The crowd gives him a moderate pop, though they soon start booing as a figure storms into the room, which is soon revealed to be United States Champion, Booker T, who has his wife, Sharmell standing behind him.

Theodore Long: Booker … so nice of you to knock.

Booker T: Cut the games Teddy. I ain’t here to play ‘round.

Theodore Long: Well then what can I do you for, playa’?

Booker T: I need somethin’ set straight. Ever since Sunday … ever since Sunday, I’ve been hearin’ rumours. There’s been rumblings dawg. And those rumours … those rumblings, they been sayin’ that at Saturday Night’s Main Event, I’mma be defendin’ muh United States Title against Chris Benoit. Now Teddy, tell me that isn’t true … tell me, I didn’t hear that!

Long takes a moment, looking at Booker’s eyes that are popping from his skull.

Theodore Long: I dunno what to tell you, Booker. We both knew what the stipulation headed was into Sunday. Chris Benoit agreed to it, Orlando Jordan agreed to it an’ …

Booker T: That’s exactly what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. Benoit agreed to it, Orlando agreed to it, but I NEVER agreed to THAT stipulation, I NEVER agreed that I would EVER defend muh United States Title against that … that punk, Chris Benoit! You make me defend the title against him, an’ I’ll sue you, dawg. I’ll sue you for breach o’ contract for all you got!

The crowd boos as Booker breathes heavily, intensity brimming from his body.

Theodore Long: Y’know what Booker, you didn’t agree, so you’re right there. You kept your mouth shut on the issue. However, there’s another little issue you were keepin’ your mouth quiet about before.

Long pauses slightly as Booker starts to look nervous.

Theodore Long: Booker, you’re not on crutches tonight. Why is that?

Booker looks around, trying to think quickly.

Booker T: I … I …

Theodore Long: I’ll tell ya’ why, playa’. It’s ‘cause you’re not injured. As a matter o’ fact, you weren’t injured this past Sunday either, am I right? I mean, for an injured man, you looked to try to attack Chris Benoit just fine. To me, that’s a sign of a healthy man. But that isn’t what you told me before No Way Out. No, you told me that you couldn’t possibly defend your title ‘cause you were too hurt, and that’s the only way you got out of defendin’ your title every thirty days, which if I remember correctly, is part of your contract.

The crowd cheers as Booker panics.

Theodore Long: So Booker, you can try to sue me, but playa’, you better believe that I got a case of my own. And if you don’t defend that title at Saturday Night’s Main Event? I’m gonna’ be usin’ it.

The crowd continues to cheer as Booker tries to stare down Long, only to decide better of it and march right on out of the room, leaving Long to look on bemused.

Theodore Long: Hey Book … holla holla.

The crowd cheers as we cut back to ringside to hear …


The crowd gives a very nice respectable pop as The Mexicools, Super Crazy & Psichosis, ride their way out onto the stage on their Juan Deeres enthusiastically, despite their brother in arms Juventud not being here with them tonight, or seemingly any time soon for that matter. Ignoring that, the rather charismatic duo ride their way down the ramp and circle the ring, shouting things in Spanish out to the crowd before they climb up into the ring.

Michael Cole: Booker T far from happy there with Teddy Long.

Tazz: And y’know what, Cole? I think Booker has a right to be mad. I mean he never agreed to the terms of the match at No Way Out, and all of a sudden it affects him? Ya’ ask me, Cole, that ain’t fair.

Michael Cole: Booker knew full well what would have happened at No Way Out, and had his interference paid off he wouldn’t be complaining. Now, since Orlando Jordan lost, after a heck of an effort might I add, he has to face the music, and he’ll do just that at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Tony Chimel: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 410 lbs, the team of Super Crazy and Psichosis, The Mexicools!


The crowd gives some very nice heat as the paparazzi flock to the stage and the red carpet is rolled out, bringing about the appearance of the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM. The cocky trio show their goods at the top of the stage, Mercury and Nitro showing off the gold while Melina shows off her body. After having numerous snaps taken of them the glamorous trio swagger their way on down the ramp to take part in their classic entrance, with Melina doing the splits as she climbs up into the ring, while her compadres exuberantly follow.

Michael Cole: Last night at No Way Out, these two men MNM were finally able to defeat Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore in tag team action to retain their gold, however, the bigger story coming out of that match was the serious injuries to Shannon Moore’s head and throat, which at this stage, look to keep him out of action for quite some time. From everyone on SmackDown! we would like to wish Shannon a speedy recovery.

Tazz: No doubt, Shannon was in the greatest patch of his career too, and to see what happened last Sunday, it just breaks your heart. With that said, MNM are still our champs, and they’re gonna’ look to prove just why that is here against The Mexicools, which I think they’ll do. They are after all, as Melina told me earlier, all the hot gossip in Hollywood after their win at No Way Out.

Michael Cole: Well MNM have been vocal this week after their win, talking trash about Matt Hardy in Hollywood to all of the big magazines. Tonight, for MNM, will probably be another chance for them to enhance their profile and give them someone else to talk trash about.

Tony Chimel: Their opponents, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 420 lbs, they are the WWE Tag Team Champions, Mercury, Nitro and Melina, MNM!

Match Three ~ Tag Team Match:
The Mexicools vs. WWE Tag Team Champions MNM

The crowd is pretty into this match, getting on the case of MNM to begin with, perhaps throwing MNM off, as Nitro, who starts as the legal man, seems to struggle against Super Crazy, matching him at first with a few nice counters on the mat, before the duo get up and Crazy ducks a right with ease, then hits a big right that sends Nitro staggering back. Following up, Crazy looks to send Nitro back into the corner and hits a few chops, slapping his hands off the chiseled chest of ‘The A-Lister’, before dragging him along the ropes and sending him off with an Irish whip to catch him with an arm drag on the rebound. The crowd cheers as Crazy gets up, still holding the wrist of Nitro and makes the tag to Psichosis.

The crowd gives a small cheer for this as Cray then sends Johnny off to the ropes with an Irish whip … right into a springboard dropkick from Psichosis on the rebound! The crowd applauds the big move as Psichosis makes the cover … Nitro powers out at two! Psichosis, however, isn’t deterred by the failed pinfall attempt at he lifts Nitro up and tries to continue on the offensive flow … but Nitro comes out of nowhere with a jawbreaker, sending the Mexicool staggering back to the ropes. Psichosis looks to charge back at Nitro as the youngster recuperates … but Melina grabs him by the leg! Melina has hold of Psichosis’ leg, and she won’t let go … NITRO RUNS OFF TO THE ROPES AND HITS A STUNNING SPRINGBOARD ENZUIGURI ON PSICHOSIS! The crowd can’t help but applaud the move as Nitro falls back into the ring and distracts the referee, while Psichosis sags through the ropes to the floor, right into the proverbial snake pit. With Nitro holding the referee’s attention, Melina is the first to go on the attack, slapping Psichosis right across the face, before Mercury launches himself off the apron with a big double axe handle to the back of the head of Psichosis, sending him down.

The duo of Mercury & Nitro take control of the match from here, continuing to work like a well oiled machine along with their valet Melina to suppress any thoughts of a comeback that Psichosis has. The luchador, however, doesn’t have the word “quit” in his vocabulary, and he refuses to be put down, kicking out of each and every move that the brash Californians throw at him, including a devastating knee from Nitro to the skull, and after looking at making a comeback, a jumping neckbreaker from Mercury. This forces MNM to go into a bit of a panic mode, not wanting to be embarrassed tonight after feeling as if they had been for the past few months at the hands of Matt Hardy. Nitro is the man to take the initiative, going to the submission hold as he locks in a rather lovely straight jacket choke, crossing the arms of Psichosis across. Despite this rather awesome hold the Mexican refuses to quit, instead drawing energy from the crowd and fighting to his feet, crossing Nitro’s arms around, then kicking him in the midsection to break the hold.

Instantly looking to follow up, Psichosis grabs the ravishing tag champ around the skull and runs him towards the corner, looking for a tornado DDT … Nitro pushes Psichosis off as he spins … Psichosis lands on his feet … AND NITRO STRIKES WITH THE SUPERKICK … WAIT NO … PSICHOSIS DUCKS AND GRABS NITRO FROM BEHIND AND GETS HIM UP FOR A BACK SUPLEX … THEN SITS OUT WITH A WHEELBARROW FACEBUSTER!

The crowd cheers with both men now down, pulling themselves with all of their strength to their respective corners … and both make it to make the tag! The crowd cheers as Mercury charges into the ring, trying to get the jump on Super Crazy with a wild right, but Crazy ducks and runs off the ropes, then scores with a headscissors takedown! The crowd pops as Mercury gets up to be peppered with kicks to the hamstring from Crazy, staggering him, before the luchador runs off the ropes, bounces back and scores with an incredible hurricanrana. Disorientated, Mercury is unable to get right back up, prompting Super Crazy to look for the win with a cover … two. The two men get back up, and Crazy instantly looks to keep the advantage, getting his hands on Mercury, only for Mercury to knee him in the midsection to gain some freedom.

The A-lister sees Crazy staggered so he runs off the ropes to get some momentum, but all he receives for his troubles is a monkey flip from Super Crazy that sends him staggering back up into the corner. Not one to keep a distance, Crazy moves in after Mercury quickly, then springs up to the second rope and starts to strike him in the head as the crowd counts along, making it to ten. With his momentum up, Crazy goes to run off to the ropes and bounce back … when Melina tries to trip him … but Crazy sidesteps it! Super Crazy looks down at Melina and gives her some remarks which are probably offensive in Spanish … BEFORE TURNING TO SEE NITRO CHARGING … BUT HE BACK BODY DROPS HIM … NITRO LANDS ON THE APRON AND CRAZY IS UNAWARE … ENZUIGURI FROM THE APRON TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD OF CRAZY!

The crowd boos as Crazy staggers forward … RIGHT INTO A DOUBLE ARM DDT FROM JOEY MERCURY! MERCURY DUMPS SUPER CRAZY ON HIS HEAD! The crowd boos as Mercury makes the cover … PSICHOSIS JUST SAVES THE MATCH AT TWO BY LEAPING INTO THE RING ONTO THE COVER! The crowd cheers as Psichosis gets back to his feet … BAM! PSICHOSIS HAS HIS LIGHTS PUT OUT BY A NITRO SUPERKICK! The crowd now begins to boo as Nitro lifts Mercury back up and they wait on Super Crazy to get back up, looking set for a relatively convincing victory … AND AS SOON AS PSICHOSIS GETS UP MNM NAIL THE SNAPSHOT! The crowd boos as Mercury makes the cover … and gets the three.

Winners: MNM via pinfall @ 6:02


Tony Chimel: Here are your winners, the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM!

The crowd boos as MNM celebrate in the ring, receiving their titles and posing with them much to the disgust of the fans.

Michael Cole: MNM, impressive there to say the least, following up a big win at No Way Out, and now you have to ask, what’s next for the tag champs? What have they got to do next?

Tazz: Mercury an’ Nitro can only go up from here, Cole. They’re kings of the tag division, and rightfully so, but I think they’re gonna’ want to get their hands on some singles gold now.

MNM look set to leave the ring, when suddenly a cameraman approaches them, apparently wanting to get a close-up on the tag champs.

Michael Cole: Well partner, you said that MNM’s stock is rising even more in Hollywood, and here’s some evidence with a post-match close-up on the champs.

Tazz: I’d like to get a close-up on Melina if ya’ know what I mean.

The champs show off their belts gleefully, with Nitro turning to talk it up to the crowd … WHEN THE CAMERAMAN SUDDENLY BLASTS MERCURY WITH THE CAMERA AND SENDS HIM DOWN! NITRO TURNS … BAM! HE GETS SMASHED IN THE FACE WITH THE CAMERA TOO!

Melina is screaming in disbelief as the cameraman turns to face her now, and he throws down the camera, then reaches up for his face … AND PULLS OFF HIS HAT TO REVEAL THAT IT IS MATT HARDY!


The crowd continues to cheer as Hardy stands over MNM, a sick smile on his face, one which we have not seen on Hardy for years, the passion clearly alive despite the loss on Sunday.

Michael Cole: Oh my! Matt Hardy … Matt Hardy has embarrassed MNM again! The last thing MNM would have been thinking tonight would be that Matt Hardy would be embarrassing them after they thought they took care of him this past Sunday, but Hardy just won’t go away. Hardy will not be denied!

Tazz: Hey, I usually like Matt, but this … this was a sneak attack, Cole, plain an’ simple. Hardy lost on Sunday to MNM, fair and square, no questions asked, but now for revenge he takes a cheap shot at the tag champs? That’s not cool man. The only good thing that came out of this, if you can call it good, is that he didn’t attack Melina.

Michael Cole: Oh come on. You’ve heard it all, MNM this week making fun of Hardy in Hollywood, mocking him and Shannon Moore, who they are remorseless about injuring, accident or not, calling them “hicks”. MNM got what they deserved here tonight, and dare I say it, if Matt Hardy has a say in things, will be for quite some time to come.

Hardy is shown smiling almost evilly once again in the ring, before we cut off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the ad break to immediately cut to a video.


We now cut to a video package, which begins with the image of a road that we are slowly moving along, Mark Henry hitting The World’s Strongest Slam on Rey Mysterio.

Narrator: The journey is almost complete.

We are now suddenly back on that road, which we are starting to pick up some pace as we go along, before we cut off to see Kurt Angle hitting Edge with the Angle Slam.

Narrator: The travelling, almost done.

We continue to move down the road, this time getting even faster, before seeing Randy Orton hitting the RKO on The Undertaker.

Narrator: The destination ... is there.

We see the WrestleMania 22 logo in the distance as we continue to speed closer and closer towards it, the logo becoming even larger as we now enter the streets of Chicago ... before coming to a screeching halt.

Narrator: But before we get there, we have just one more trip, down memory lane.

We see a street sign with the words on it ‘Memory Lane’, while images of Hulk Hogan hitting the Atomic Leg Drop on Andre The Giant, the Hulkster battling with Paul Orndorff, and Andre The Giant now standing tall over Hogan.

Narrator: Join the superstars of the WWE, as we bring back a tradition from the forefathers of this company.

The images now fade away to be replaced by the Saturday Night’s Main Event logo.



We cut back to ringside following the conclusion of the promo.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where WrestleMania fever is beginning just 37 days until the biggest event of the year, but before then, in eight days time, we’re taking a trip down memory lane as you just saw with the long awaited return of Saturday Night’s Main Event!

Tazz: That’s right, Cole. I remember growin’ up and wantin’ to be a wrestlker, I’d watch Saturday Night’s Main Event religiously to look for my favourite superstars like Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant.

Michael Cole: Well none of them will be there this year, but another legend will be in action as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels looks to settle his issues with the McMahon family as he takes on Shane McMahon in a Street Fight!

Tazz: This all started when Shawn Michaels told Mr. McMahon to move on an’ to stop dwellin’ on the Survivor Series ’97 and Bret Hart. Now Shawn has hell to pay, ‘cause not only will he be facin’ Shane at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but this week on RAW he’s goin’ one on one with the boss, Mr. McMahon himself!

Michael Cole: That’s going to be interesting to say the least partner, but also at Saturday Night’s Main Event it’s the finale of what has been a long rivalry. Friends have turned enemies, and as we heard earlier tonight, finally, one on one, it will be Booker T, defending his United States Title against the former champ, and Booker’s former friend who he screwed out of the title, Chris Benoit.

Tazz: Sayin’ Booker screwed Benoit out of the title is a little unfair. Booker was just lookin’ out for numero uno, and I dig that. I also gotta agree with Booker that this match shouldn’t be happenin’, ‘cause he never agreed to the stipulation for Benopit’s match with Orlando Jordan at No Way Out, but if ‘The Book Man’ is one hundred percent like Teddy claims, then I gotta think he’ll retain his gold here.

Michael Cole: Speaking of champions, at Saturday Night’s Main Event it’s a very special match as it’s the clash of the champions. It will be RAW’s WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge going one on one with the World Heavyweight Champion from here on Friday Night SmackDown!, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

Tazz: Edge is a heck of a competitor and probably my favourite guy on the RAW roster right now, but he’s in for a rough night against Batista. Comin’ off a win against Mark Henry, there’s only one man who he may not be able to beat, and I don’t think that’s Edge; I think it’s his WRestleMania opponent, Randy Orton.

Michael Cole: Well Randy Orton was supposed to be in action in our main event tonight against Finlay, but as we learnt earlier, he went to Teddy Long and requested the night off with a letter from his doctor backing up his claim, so in tonight’s main event it’s going to be the champ going up against Finlay. But that’s later tonight, up next we’ll be seeing the man who will be competing for the United States Title, Chris Benoit in action.

We now wait for a moment as Chimel stands in the ring ready.


The crowd … well actually the crowd does absolutely nothing as Chad Dick walks out to the ring, accompanied by his brother James Dick, who for some perverted reason, are rubbing lotion on one another. Yeah, believe it or not, I’m not such a fan of brothers rubbing one another down.

Michael Cole: Chad Dick in action here, and he may just be in for the challenge of his life as he faces off against ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit.

Tazz: These dudes The Dicks … they’re just … they’re just weird. Personally, I’m not a fan of weird, and I don’t think Benoit is either.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 200 lbs, Chad Dick!


The crowd salutes one of their favourites with a great pop which only grows louder when Chris Benoit steps out onto the stage. The ever modest Benoit nods at the crowd, almost embarrassed, before walking down the ramp and right into the ring, showing his no nonsense attitude by staring down the all nonsense Dicks.

Michael Cole: ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit has been on quite a roll of late, winning a hard fought battle against an extremely impressive Orlando Jordan at No Way Out this past Sunday night, and now in eight days time he’ll find himself challenging Booker T for the United States Title. However, before then he’ll be in singles action with Chad Dick here tonight.

Tazz: And while I still don’t agree with what Teddy Long did to Booker, I do have to admit that Chris Benoit, he looked hella impressive at No Way Out this past Sunday. Orlando Jordan caught Benoit a little off guard, and OJ brought more than I’ve ever seen him big, takin’ his game to the next level, but in the end Benoit was still able to get the job done.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, weighing 225 lbs, Chris Benoit!

Match Four ~ Singles Match:
Chad Dick w/James Dick vs. Chris Benoit

The bell rings and The Dicks look to continue their weird antics, joking around as Benoit and Chad come closer, with Chad offering a lockup by raising his arm and laughing goofily … BUT BENOIT OUT OF NOWHERE TAKESTHE ARM OF DICK, THROWS HIM DOWN AND LOCKS IN THE CRIPPLER CROSSFACE! CHAD TAPS!

Winner: Chris Benoit via submission @ 0:24


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Chris Benoit!

The crowd cheers as Benoit gets back up to his feet and instantly asks for a microphone, with something clearly on his mind.

Chris Benoit: If you don’t mind, I’ve got a little something I wanna say, and a little someone that I wanna recognise.

The crowd gives a small pop.

Chris Benoit: Now I want you to think back. Think back to six or so months ago, and you’ll remember that that

Benoit motions back to Chad Dick, who is sitting in the corner crying in pain with his brother James trying to comfort him to no avail.

Chris Benoit: That was Orlando Jordan. And to be honest, last Sunday, I thought it would be Orlando Jordan again.

Benoit pauses, though the crowd doesn’t really react, waiting to hear what Benoit has to say.

Chris Benoit: When I beat Orlando Jordan to win the United States Title last year to win the United States Title, I did it in 25 seconds. Now, I don’t have a stopwatch on me, but I’m guessin’ that what just happened was about the same time. And at the time, that’s what Orlando Jordan deserved. Orlando Jordan deserved to lose in 25 seconds. He deserved to be embarrassed. He deserved to look like a joke, because quite frankly, he was a joke.

Pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: Parading around with the United States Title. Orlando Jordan thought he had it all. But all he did was have it all handed to him by JBL. He never won the United States Title. He was handed the title by JBL. Orlando Jordan thought that he deserved to have everything handed to him on a silver platter.

Benoit pauses and takes a few steps around the ring.

Chris Benoit: Now since then, I know Orlando Jordan’s done a lot of work. But after joining up with someone like Booker T … someone who has always taken the easy way out, well, I thought Orlando would be doing it all over again. But after this Sunday, I have to admit that I was wrong.[/I][/COLOR]

The crowd gives a mixed reaction, some respecting OJ’s abilities, some continuing to boo him.

Chris Benoit: So Orlando, for proving me wrong, I want you to come on out here, like a man, and shake my hand.

Pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: But I don’t want you to come out here in just any way. This Sunday, you proved to be a bigger man than your so-called “mentor” Booker T will ever be!

Big pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: Not to mention I’m gonna’ beat Booker T better than I’ve ever beaten you in the past.

Another major pop from the crowd.

Chris Benoit: So I want you to come out here tonight on your own terms, to your own music, and shake my hand like a man, not like Booker T’s little whipping boy!

Benoit turns to the stage and waits …


The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Orlando Jordan walks down the ramp in a suit, looking rather nervous, despite the respect he’s being shown by Benoit. The apprehensive OJ advances down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, where he meets Benoit.

Jordan licks his lips, his eyes darting around the arena as he stands opposite Benoit, who nods in approval. The crowd begin to applaud, and the applause only picks up when Benoit reaches his hand out to Orlando and looks set to shake it when …



The crowd gives some great heat as the United States Champion, Booker T walks out onto the top of the stage with his wife Sharmell on his arm, his United States Title slung over his shoulder, and a microphone already in hand.

Booker T: No, no, NO! Orlando, what in the hell do you think you’re doin’? You ain’t shakin’ hands with him, you ain’t shakin’ hands with Benoit.

The crowd boos as Booker pauses slightly.

Booker T: I don’t give a damn how good he thinks you were on Sunday, ‘cause at the end of the day, it’s your fault that I have to defend muh United States Title at Saturday Night’s Main Event. It’s all because of you. Because you lost.

The crowd continues to boo.

Booker T: Get yo ass up here now. You ain’t shakin’ hands with that sucka.

Orlando looks torn in the ring, not sure what to do.

Booker T: I said get up here now.

Chris Benoit: Orlando, you don’t have to listen to …

Booker T: Don’t forget what I did for you, Orlando. Before I came along you were nothin’. You were on Velocity losin’ to nobodies. Without me, you would be nothin’, and if you even think about shakin’ hands with Chris Benoit, I guarantee you’ll be nothin’ all over again. Get up here.

Jordan looks back and forth … before deciding to leave the ring and march back up the ring, joining Booker.

Booker T: ‘Das better. Now Benoit, I dunno what crap you tryin’ to pull, but I’m not buyin’ it. You wanna turn my own protégé against me? You already screwed me by makin’ me defend meh title against you at Saturday Night’s Main Event with your lil’ friend, Teddy Long. So y’know what? Naw dawg. Naw. I’m not gonna give you the pleasure. Until Saturday Night’s Main Event, you ain’t gonna see more, Orlando or muh title.

Heat from the crowd as Booker turns to his accomplices.

Booker T: Come on, let’s get outta here.


And with that Booker turns on his heel and leaves the set, followed by Sharmell and OJ while Benoit stands in the ring, bemused of the happenings. We, meanwhile, cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the beautiful Kristal Marshall standing by in the interview area, microphone in hand.

Kristal Marshall: Ladies and gentlemen, Finlay.

The crowd boos as Finlay takes a step forward to come into shot in his wrestling gear, holding his trusty shillelagh.

Kristal Marshall: Finlay, it’s been a tough week for you. I mean just five nights ago at No Way Out, not only did your team lose in a six man tag team match, but you were the man who was beaten by Bobby Lashley and …

Finlay holds the shillelagh up at Kristal’s throat menacingly, drawing some intense heat from the crowd.

Finlay: First of all, let’s get one thing straight lass. Lashley may have pinned me, but he did not beat me. He has never beaten me. Ye got that? Good, ‘cause maybe that means Lashley’s finally got it through his thick skull too.

Finlay pauses.

Finlay: Lashley, I don’t know if yer brave or if I’ve hit you one too many times in the head with this …

Finlay again raises his shillelagh into the air.

Finlay: But the way that you’re standin’ up to people, like you’re think that yer some kinda hero, to be perfectly honest, I’m gettin’ sick of it. Y’see big man, ye may think that yer doin’ somethin’ brave an’ noble by standin’ up to me when no one else did, but lemme tell ye, there’s a reason no one else has stood up to me. They’re scared, and you should be too.

The crowd boos as Finlay pauses ever so slightly.

Finlay: Ye may think yer hot stuff ‘cause ye’ve pinned me once or twice before, but lemme make it crystal clear. Every time ye’ve wit’ me wit’ the exception of this past Sunday, you’ve been left layin’ of the mat. An’ just ‘cause ye got lucky on Sunday and somehow had ye partners save ye, it doesn’t mean I’m finished with ye yet. I’m far from done with you Lashley. In fact, I’ve got a little challenge for ye for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

The crowd buzzes with anticipation.

Finlay: Now I saw ya’ you earlier tonight when ye went out there and ye confronted JBL like ye think yer done wit’ me. Well ya’ know what boy? Here’s yer chance. One match, one battle, and if ye beat me … if you actually beat me, I’ll let you go. I’m layin’ down the gauntlet big man. You an’ me, Saturday Night’s Main Event in my match … a Belfast Brawl.

The crowd reacts with a pop, despite not knowing what the stipulation means.

Finlay: Ye wanna beat me? You wanna prove that you’re the big man? How ‘bout you do it under my conditions? No disqualifications, no count outs. The only way to beat yer opponent is to either pin him, or make him tap. Ya’ beat me in that, and then … then you can prove you’re the bigger man.

Finlay goes to walk off, but he’s halted by the sound of Kristal.

Kristal Marshall: Finlay, I was also wondering what your thoughts were on your opponent in tonight’s main event now being Batista and not Randy Orton?

Finlay: I don’t care who it is. Champ or challenger. Batista or Orton. ‘Cause whoever climbs into that ring with me … I’m gonna knock ‘em out no matter who they are.

Finlay now snarls and walks from view, leaving us to cut back to ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown! with our huge main event of Finlay taking on the World Heavyweight Champion Batista still to com, but before that, we’re going to take a look back to No Way Out to one of the most surprising incidents I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure words can describe the shock we had and are still having, so for those who haven’t seen it, or have and like us are still looking for an answer, take a look.


Slowly, both men start to fight against their bodies wishes and pull themself back up to their feet where they once again meet … AND THE UNDERTAKER IMMEDIATELY GRABS JBL BY THE THROAT … BUT JILLIAN HALL CLIMB UP ONTO THE APRON! The Undertaker throws JBL away and goes to stare down Jillian, much like on SmackDown!, before turning … AND JBL, AGAIN LIKE ON SmackDown!, EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … BUT THE UNDERTAKER DUCKS ... AND JBL CREAMS CHIODA!


The crowd cheers as The Undertaker looks right out towards them … THEN SIGNALS THE END! THE END IS NIGH FOR JBL! Not knowing this, the leader of The Cabinet picks himself up with the aid of the ropes, all while being stalked from behind by The Undertaker … AND HE THEN GETS SCOOPED UP! THE UNDERTAKER HAS JBL IN POSITION AS HE TURNS TO FACE THE HARD CAMERA … BUT THEN GETS TAKEN OUT WITH A THRUST KICK!



No one knows how to react as The Undertaker falls to the mat with the flying kick right to his head, the body of JBL also landing right on top of him as RVD looks out to the crowd to a huge mixed reaction … THEN HEADS TO THE CORNER AND GOES UP TOP! EVERYONE IN THE ARENA IS STANDING UP ON THEIR FEET, THE REACTION HUGE AS RVD LAUNCHES HIMSELF … AND HE LANDS ON TOP OF THE UNDERTAKER WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

RVD rolls around on the mat for a moment from the impact, before getting back up to his feet, looking around … AND GETTING OUT OF DODGE! RVD ROLLS FROM THE RING AND EXITS THROUGH THE CROWD, WHO ARE STILL ALL ON THEIR FEET, UNSURE OF HOW THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE REACTING!

In the ring, both JBL and Mike Chioda are pulling themselves back up to their feet, neither aware of what has transpired. JBL takes a moment to recuperate, shaking his head to try to get his mind straight … before he sees The Undertaker rolling towards the ropes. Layfield has no idea how Undertaker got there, but he knows he’s in the commanding position now as he waits on The Undertaker to pull himself back to his feet with the ropes, which he does … THEN TURNS RIGHT INTO THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JBL WIPES UNDERTAKER OUT WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!



Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield via pinfall @ 19:26


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, J – B – L!

The crowd can’t believe it … and neither can JBL! The former Texan sits back up and looks around shocked, before having his hand raised by the referee, a toothy grin on his face.

Michael Cole: What did we just see? Why did … why did RAW’s RVD interfere and cost The Undertaker his match with JBL?

Tazz: I dunno’, Cole … I’m … I’m in shock.

We flash through the scenes once more really quickly, before the video package ends.


We cut back to ringside to see our announcers again.

Michael Cole: As you just saw folks, it was Rob Van Dam, Monday Night RAW’s Rob Van Dam, who from nowhere came and cost The Undertaker his match with JBL, and still we have no answers.

Tazz: I’ve known RVD a long time, Cole, and believe me, RVD is gonna have a good reason for this. The dude is pretty insightful, and he believes that yin yang stuff, everything happens for a reason, so you gotta believe he’s gonna have a reason for this.

Michael Cole: Well he did try to give us a reason here tonight, but RAW’s General Manager Eric Bischoff blocked any attempt for RVD to come onto …


The lights suddenly go out!

Michael Cole: What the?

The lights remain out, and static appears on the screen, before the video we just saw starts to play on the screen in fast forward. It gets to the end, then goes backwards to where RVD first appeared, before he is replaced by more static, and then the ominous figure of The Undertaker doing his classic throat cutting motion, the static still around him as the video ends and the lights turn back on.

Michael Cole: Well that was certainly weird. The Undertaker, seemingly not too happy about the actions of RVD at No Way Out.

Tazz: Can ya’ blame him, Cole? ‘The Deadman’ had no idea RVD would be there, let alone be there to attack him.

Michael Cole: Well the explanation of RVD will be something to watch for for sure as we get on the road to WrestleMania, however, another thing to watch for on the road to WrestleMania, just one night before the event itself is the prestigious Hall of Fame ceremony. Only the best of the business are included in the Hall of Fame, and recently announced was our first inductee, and here he is.


The video package opens with scenes of none other than the late, great Eddie Guerrero walking around as a child.

Narrator: Eduardo Gory Guerrero was born into wrestling royalty on October 9th, 1967 in El Paso, Texas.

We are shown scenes of Gory Guerrero bridging, with his whole family on a board that is balanced on his abs, along with a few scenes of the great wrestling.

Narrator: As son of lucha libra legend Gory Guerrero …

We now see Eddie’s siblings in action.

Narrator: And brother of Chavo, Hector and Mando, Eddie was quickoy thrust into the spotlight in Mexican wrestling.

Scenes of Eddie in his early career in Tijuana.

Narrator: It wouldn’t take Eddie long to break out onto the scene, working for major Mexican promotions CMLL and AA, where he found fame as partner of the charismatic Art Barr, forming Los Gringos Locos, a revolutionary pairing in Mexico.

We now see Eddie wrestling under a mask as Tiger Mask in New Japan.

Narrator: Eddie’s success wouldn’t stop there though, as he traveled to Japan and wrestled under the mask as Black Tiger, gaining respect from the Japanese public for his performances.

We see Eddie wrestling Dean Malenko in ECW and Rey Mysterio in WCW.

Narrator: From there Guerrero would burst onto the scene in the United States, wrestling in ECW and finding immediate success, raising the ECW T.V. Title, along with the WCW United States and Cruiserweight titles.

We now see Eddie arriving in WWF in the crowd along with his Radicalz buddies Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn.

Narrator: In 2000, Eddie would find himself joining the WWF and again found instant success, feuding with D-Generation X, and winning the European and Intercontinental titles. However, with great triumph, also came great pain.

We cut away to see Eddie sitting on a bench, head in hands.

Narrator: In 2001 Eddie lost his job with WWE, following a string of incidents which led Guerrero to admitting that he had a substance abuse problem. Guerrero though, would not take the problem lying down …

Scenes of Eddie springing up to his feet, then patting his chest ferociously as a downfall buckets down on top of him.

Narrator: Eddie would fight and claw his way back, earning his spot back into the WWE and capturing the heart of the audience as “Latino Heat”, with his cheeky antics and memorable catchphrase “I lie, I cheat, I steal”.

Guerrero is shown taking Kurt Angle’s portrait hostage and cheating in golf in one of the old Los Guerreros vignettes.

Narrator: Eddie would prove to be an inspiration, coming to the top of the mountain at No Way Out 2004 when he faced and defeated Brock Lesnar to raise the WWE Championship.

Eddie’s wild celebration in the Cow Palace, with the crowd going absolutely nuts, before he celebrates backstage with Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, and we even see a piece of humanity from Mr. McMahon, who emotionally embraces Eddie.

Narrator: Eddie proved to be an inspiration for many, overcoming his problems to raise the WWE Title and provide hope for others, showing no matter how low you may fall, there is always a way back up to the top, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

Flashes of Eddie with the title.

Narrator: And while Eddie may have passed from us late last year, his legacy lives on, not just with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo is shown slapping his chest in Eddie like fashion, before we cut to see Eddie embracing Rey.

Narrator: His best friend, Rey Mysterio.

We now see a montage of Eddie’s greatest moments, showing of his moves, his personality, and his family.

Narrator: But through the memories. And so it is with great honour that the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 will be none other than the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

We see a picture of Eddie’s smile as the main graphic, accompanied by a picture to the side that says Eddie will be inducted by Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko.

(Note: I know that typing this out was far from necessary, however this does mean a fair bit to me. When I first watched wrestling, Eddie Guerrero was the first character who was able to draw me in emotionally and really make me care about them beyond a level of enjoying seeing someone just kicking someone else’s ass. Because of this, and because of how great I still think Eddie was, I came to the decision to type this out in full. While Eddie will obviously never be in this thread, I would like to think of this as my little tribute to Eddie Guerrero, because without him I probably would have never cared enough about wrestling to bother looking up a forum, and thus this BTB would have never existed. Just a little something I wished to get off my chest. Viva la raza.)


Much like on RAW, we return to see a standing ovation from the crowd who chant “EDDIE~! EDDIE~! EDDIE~!” The crowd, however, aren’t the only ones standing, as Michael Cole & Tazz rise too to applaud. Down the bottom of the screen we see a preview telling us our main event is up next, as we head to the break with that tribute to the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to hear …



The crowd of course boos as from the back ‘The Fighting Irishman’ Finlay emerges, scowl on face and shillelagh in hand. The Irishman pays no heed to the reaction he receives from the audience, instead choosing to focus on the squared circle which he marches towards and ultimately climbs up into, waiting to do battle with Batista inside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, and it’s main event time with this man Finlay set to take on the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Earlier tonight we heard Finlay not just challenge Lashley to one final match at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a Belfast Brawl, but also when asked if he cared that he was facing Batista and not his originally scheduled opponent Randy Orton, he said he would knock out whoever he would face.

Tazz: And in his head, Finlay believes that. Do I agree with him? Normally yeah, I do, but tonight he’s got a tough ask in tryin’ to knock out someone like Batista, y’know what I’m sayin’.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Belfast, Northern Ireland, weighing 225 lbs, Finlay!


The crowd gives an ENORMOUS pop, much in the same range as they did for the very same man earlier as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista storms out onto the stage. The crowd reaction continues to grow as the champ, still sporting the huge bandage on his forehead, plays it up to them then sets off his pyro, full of energy for this match, despite not originally being booked to participate in it. ‘The Animal’ slaps hands with some fans as he makes his way down the ring then climbs up into the squared circle to show off his world title, proud of retaining it just five nights ago.

Michael Cole: After defeating Mark Henry at No Way Out in the ultimate decider, a Street Fight, this man Batista is headed to WrestleMania 22, set to defend his World Heavyweight Title against the man who he used to be in Evolution with and the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton. However, before then Batista has a lot to get through, including a clash of the champions match with the WWE Champion Edge at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and now, thanks to Randy Orton, tonight he has a match with the tough Irish bastard Finlay also to deal with.

Tazz: This ain’t gonna be no easy task for Batista tonight. I know said I dunno if Finlay can knock Batista out, but Finlay may have caught him on a good night here. I mean, Batista is obviously hurt from his Street Fight from No Way Out, and he might be thinkin’ ahead to Saturday Night’s Main Event, or even WrestleMania. If Finlay can get this match off on the right foot, he may just have a chance to catch Batista off guard.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Washington D.C., weighing 295 lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

The referee looks set to ring the bell until …


The crowd gives some heavy boos as out from the back swaggers the ever brash and arrogant challenger for the World Heavyweight Title come WrestleMania 22, Randy Orton. Orton casually makes his way down the ramp, drawing the attention of Batista as he gets closer and closer, only to stop at the foot of the ramp to nod at his foe, motioning at his small band-aid on his head as he does so, and take up a place at ringside, a smirk on his face.

Michael Cole: Well it looks like Randy Orton has come to get a closer look at Batista here tonight in the match he was originally going to compete in, and that simply has to play into the head of Batista.

Tazz: Why does it? You heard Orton earlier, and he said Batista could trust him. Now Batista has to be second guessin’ Randy? Batista should just do as Randy told him an’ trust him here tonight to just spectate. That’s what I would do.

Match Five ~ Singles Match:
Finlay vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

After the momentary distraction of Orton’s arrival the referee calls for the bell, and we get this one underway. Despite the distraction of Orton, Batista is able to overpower Finlay in a lockup, forcing him back to the corner. Disgruntled, Finlay again goes for a lockup, and for a second time is forced back to the corner, but this time Batista keeps an eye on Orton for a moment too long as he’s backing out of the corner, and Finlay storms forward, rocking the big man with a big right hand. Perhaps envisioning the similar sized Lashley as he does so, Finlay blasts Deacon Dave with a series of stiff rights, forcing him all of the way back into the corner before sending him off to the opposite with an Irish whip and crashing into his possibly still injured midsection, thanks to Mark Henry, with a big shoulder drive.

Surprisingly on the defensive, Batista is pulled from the corner by Finlay and snapmared over, before getting smashed in the spine with a cracking boot! Finlay makes the first cover of the match, driving his forearm into the jaw of Batista … two. The Irishman wastes no time in getting back up, pulling Batista along with him so he can deliver a precise elbow to the back of his neck. Batista staggers back from the blow, headed to the corner, and Finlay follows, blasting him with some hard rights in the corner until the referee finally enforces the break. Batista, however, doesn’t move from the corner, prompting Finlay to come back in at him … but Batista turns the table and comes out of nowhere with a quick fire series of rights to the now cornered Finlay! The crowd cheers as Batista unloads, sending Finlay down to a seated position and then backing away and roaring like the animal that he is, staring down Randy Orton as he does so.

Turning back, Batista sees Finlay struggling back up, so he moves in and scoops him up with ease, then slams him down in the middle of the ring, runs off to the ropes and drops an elbow down into the black heart of the Irishman. Quickly following up, Batista looks for the win with his first pin in the match … two. Batista, like Finlay earlier, gets up with no fuss and instantly works the Irishman with some rights, before kicking him in the midsection and lifting him up for a suplex, only to hold him up high for a good ten seconds, then drops ‘The Fighting Irishman’ with the move. Showing great agility for his size, Batista quickly floats over into the cover … two again.

In workman like fashion, Batista is again quick up as he lifts Finlay back to his feet … but Finlay surprises him out of nowhere with a European uppercut! The fighter staggers Batista, and he senses he’s regained the advantage, hitting another European uppercut that staggers Batista back into the ropes, prompting Finlay to go for an Irish whip, which is successful … but Batista holds onto the opposite ropes, rather than bouncing back. This frustrates Finlay, causing him to charge in … right into a back body drop over the top rope from Batista … sending him over and out to the floor!

The crowd cheers as Batista follows Finlay out, only to take his eye off the ball for a moment, turning to Randy Orton and talking some trash as Orton remains stoic, before turning back to Finlay to receive a knee to the midsection … AND THEN GETTING THROWN INTO THE STEEL RINGPOST FACE FIRST! FINLAY BLASTS BATISTA INTO THE RINGPOST!

The crowd reacts in surprise as Finlay takes a brief breather, then rolls in and out of the ring to break the count, before going back to Batista … to see that the bandage has now come loose and that BLOOD IS COMING FROM BATISTA LIKE A FAUCET! Finlay sees the blood and he’s instantly on the attack, slamming Batista’s forehead off anything at everything at ringside – the apron, steel steps, ringside chairs and ringside barrier.

This signals the beginning of some dominance for Finlay, who holds control over Batista and continues to wrestle the brutal style that we’ve come to expect from him. Quite simply, Finlay doesn’t let Batista have any space and continues to work on his wound, even digging his fingers into it at one point with a twisted grin on his face. Despite this, Finlay is unable to keep Batista down, and with the loss of blood, Finlay tries to even further limit the amount of oxygen being carried around the body by locking in the sleeper hold and choking Batista. Well and truly grounding Batista with a bodyscissors to boot, Finlay looks like he has the match won when he demands the referee to check Batista … BUT ‘THE ANIMAL’ ONLY ALLOWS HIS HAND TO DROP TWICE!

The crowd cheers as Batista starts to battle up … BUT FINLAY CUTS HIM OFF AT THE PASS BY SLAMMING HIS ELBOW DOWN DIRECTLY INTO THE OPEN WOUND OF THE CHAMP! The crowd boos as Batista staggers back and Finlay looks to follow up, Irish whipping Batista into the corner, then following him in … boot to the face from Batista … MASSIVE CLOTHESLINE! FINLAY IS DOWN … AND SO IS BATISTA! The crowd cheers Batista on, bloody forehead and all, as both men start to struggle back to their feet, then stagger towards one another in the middle of the ring, looking to trade fists, with Batista ultimately prevailing as he forces Finlay back to the corner with some heavy handed blows! The crowd cheers as Batista sends Finlay off with an Irish whip … back body drop! Finlay gets up, only to get bullrushed into the corner and then have the broad shoulder of ‘The Animal’ sent plummeting into his midsection time and time again!

Finlay staggers from the corner, clearly reeling, right into Batista who scoops Finlay up … THEN EXECUTES A RUNNING POWERSLAM! Batista makes the cover … two! The crowd groans as Batista gets up and immediately whips Finlay into the corner, then follows up by squashing him with a corner clothesline, before looking for a second … but Finlay comes from the corner, bounces off the ropes, then hits a stunning lariat! The crowd boos as Finlay makes the cover … just two! Certainly a close one there, but Finlay shows no signs of disappointment, instead shaking the cobwebs loose as he gets up, then telling Batista to do the same. Slowly but surely, Batista does just that, and Finlay scoops him up … CELTIC CROSS TIME … FINLAY SWINGS BATISTA AROUND … BATISTA INADVERTANTLY KICKS THE REFEREE IN THE HEAD, SENDING HIM TO HIS HANDS AND KNEES … THEN STRUGGLES FREE AND LANDS BEHIND FINLAY … FINLAY TURNS … SPINEBUSTER! BATISTA NAILS THE SPINEBUSTER!

The crowd goes nuts as Batista springs up, then shakes the ropes like a madman, ready for the finish after giving the thumbs down to Orton, then positioning Finlay in between his legs … BUT FINLAY NAILS A LOW BLOW! THE REFEREE IS STILL DOWN AND FINLAY HITS A LOW BLOW! The crowd boos as Batista goes down and Finlay rolls away, headed to the corner to his trust shillelagh. The Irishman regains his bearings and crawls closer and closer, reaching out to grab his shillelagh … but it’s not there! Finlay looks up … RIGHT INTO RANDY ORTON, WHO STANDS ON THE OUTSIDE WITH THE SHILLELAGH!

Finlay can’t believe it, and he tells Orton all about it, abusing him, before turning around … RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! BATISTA SPEARS FINLAY! The referee starts to regain his footing as Batista quickly picks Finlay up … AND HITS THE BATISTA BOMB! BATISTA NAILS IT! The crowd cheers as Batista makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner: Batista via pinfall @ 8:23


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

The crowd cheers as Batista gets up to his feet and has his hand raised, but Batista’s attention is elsewhere, looking in the direction of Randy Orton with a raised eyebrow. Orton, however, is taking no notice, walking up the ramp already, leaving Batista to watch him leave.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton said Batista could trust him, and I guess here tonight he could. Orton ended up saving Batista, and without Orton, Batista may well have found himself on the receiving end of the shillelagh of Finlay.

Tazz: Batista was going to taste shillelagh, no doubt about that, Cole. I told you he could trust Orton, and so far Orton has shown no reason as to why he can’t. Orton just wants to see who the better man is at WrestleMania. Until then he won’t touch Big Dave.

Michael Cole: I’ll believe it when we see it, but until … hey wait a minute!

Batista in the ring turns around, having watched Orton leave … AND HE TURNS RIGHT INTO A SPEAR! BATISTA GETS SPEARED … BY EDGE!

Michael Cole: SmackDown! has been invaded again! First RVD at No Way Out, and now tonight, RAW’s WWE Champion Edge has fired the first shot in the clash of the champions, spearing the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista!

Tazz: Oh baby, I don’t think anyone ever saw this comin’! I’m a SmackDown! guy, but I gotta say, THAT was impressive.

Michael Cole: Impressive maybe, but one would think Batista isn’t going to take this lying down. Ladies and gentlemen, the first shot in the leadup to Saturday Night’s Main Event has been fired. Edge has laid out Batista, and to see what comes next, I implore you, do not miss RAW or SmackDown! next week! Good night ladies and gentlemen from Richmond, Virginia!

The last image we see is that of Edge standing over Batista, arms raised and crazed look in his eye as we fade to black.



March 4th, 2006 | Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit

Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon


April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Before I start, I'd lke to really say thank you for being a vivid reader of my thread and reviewing the three shows I have up so far and giving really insightful comments which I plan to use and learn from. Now, onto Smackdown!

11 months? .. 10.5 months too long if you ask me. Though seriously, I had no idea he was the champion for that long I would have sworn he had lost the title, and then won it back since Mania and there were a few changes already. 11 months is a huge feat, if I am not mistaken already in the top ten longest reigns of all time, he should have used that last week or even at No Way Out, he can rant on about all the people he has beaten and that Orton will be no different. It can be used well to heat up the storyline and give more pressure on Orton to be the one to end his run. I did like the swerve though that put Batista in the main event instead of Orton, it really made him more of a heel and made him seem like more of a 'snake' to slither out of matches. I could probably see him cost him the main event match with Finlay though.

The promo itself was in character, however it went a bit over board. For me it felt it took up half of the show and it was too much until the first match happened, half of what Orton said he could have said later on in the night in an interview. This isn't TNA where in a one hour show 45 minutes is promos. But that's just how I see it. a bit on the dragged on side, and it could have been spread out amongst the show.

Once the action did finaly happen it was great to see William Regal picking up the victory over the 'hooligans'. Regal and Paul should face MnM come mania.

A pretty useless filler like promo by JBL, didn't do anything good or bad for anyone and was pretty random. Not sure what benefit you got from it, no need for it really.

However a very nice promo by Mr. Kennedy, showing that even after giving Rey a win and pushing him up higher in the card Kennedy won't seem weak and still has momentum going and is still strong. Your promos are really your strong point. If you do give him money in the bank, please don't screw it up and have him lose it on Raw the week after like the WWE did.

I am loving the focus on the CW division, I am trying to do that with my own. The CW's were extremtly un-appreaciated in real life and giving Kid Kash such a deep, effective promo really makes him look strong. I hope that they steal the show at Wrestlemania... I was at first thinking it would be awesome for him and Rey to be in a Ladder match but then I remembered there is MITB, so maybe you'll give us something else. Either way, props to you and highlighting the often forgotten division and so far on this show giving it more time and mroe importance then the US division.

Great to see you bringing CM Punk in about six months earlier then he did in real life, great talent to add. I see promos like these happening until Mania where he makes his debut and beats someone.

The Batista/Long promo seemed a tad off, even though Batista is the face and not meant to get pissed and scream his head off I am sure the fact that he stormed into the GM's office he could have been a bit more intimidating and a bit more, "banging fists on table" to get what he wants. But either way, got it's point across.

Nice to see you giving Noble some offense and not making it a squash match, that's always a good thing to see cause god knows the WWE could have used him better. And the fact that Kennedy was going to win was quite an obvious one but lets see how it pans out from here and if you make him win the big one. Overal a good match.

JBl's promo was the best of the night so far, very in character and talking about what it is to be a real American really suites what his feud is all about having a rivalry with Hulk Hogan whose theme is "the real american, fighting for the rights of every man" (I may be wrong, I think that you have some beef between the two... ? if not then never mind this comment and ignore it) This is sure to be interesting and it will probably result in a good match at mania too. If I were you i'd have JBL continue his rant and promos on the topic before Hogan makes his surprise appearance in the middle of the Saturday night's main event and calls him out to a match.

Lashly however was very robotic and seemed generic, which I can't really blame you he isn't the type to do a lot of talking so I guess it isn't your fault.

Woo mania. Let's hope you make it there by the end of the Summer.

Very smart move to have MNM win. props to ya' on that.

Wait, I don't get this. Benoit beat Jordan in under 25 seconds but suddenly wants to shake his hand and be his bud? I would have predicted a Booker appearance but that part I didn't quite understand what was going on. I assume next week we'll get Jordan and Booker taking on Benoit and someone.

JBL winning at 19:26 minutes? seemed a bit short for that long. However not a big deal, nice to see RVD adding heat to the feud of him and the Undertaker. I would have expected RVD to cut a promo on his motives and him wanting to end Taker's streak but we may get that on Raw and maybe some mind games by the deadman. Overal it was a nice segment which added to two things, one the RVD/Taker situation and JBL's momentum not suddenly stopped after his great promo which wouldn't have made sense. So two birds with one stone here .. good booking decision.

Nice to see you keeping to kayfabe and having an Eddie HOF promo just like on Raw incase people didn't watch Raw, just like they do in real life.

Very smart to have Batista dominant throughout the match and then win, keeps the champ in good form and not going to appear next week as the loser / underdog in the Orton feud. The fact that Edge came out was smart and I am sure we will get either on Raw or Smackdown! Ratedk RKO to take on Batista and Cena. Which should be a hell of a match.

Overal a solid show, a few small things I wasn't a fan of like I said but it was out done by the ammount of good things that keep the road to wrestlemania interesting. And this whole Edge/Batista thing has potential, I was actually hoping that maybe come Backlash or after Mania you could have them on the same brand as a result of a draft, after Cena will most likely get the title from Edge at mania and keep a title on Raw, other then that. Keep up the good work and I'll drop by for Raw.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Smackdown Feedback

You're kidding me. Batista's been champ for 11 months? Glad Orton's taking it away from him. =P Loving this promo thus far. I admire how you've shown Batista's passion as champion and wrestler. NIce to see you put over Henry. You kinda put him over a little too much I think. Nice transition from Henry to Orton in this promo. Orton's changed man speech was alright. I kinda don't like to think of Orton that way so maybe that's why I don't feel for his part too much. You used the "I'm a man of destiny" twice; both were pretty close to each other, which kinda threw me off. Batista being switched in place of Orton makes sense. Heel vs. heel was boggling my brain earlier. There's a little typo in the Orton entrance description btw.

Not much said from Regal. He's making a point, and hopefully, we'll see an impact from the Bluebloods. I've always been fond of Regal and Burchill, so I'm glad they're getting some time...and the win! Not a fan of Burchill using a dragon sleeper to finish the match though.

Nice way to amp up JBL's segment later on. I see you've got Brent Albright working with JBL. Nice choice.

Not a bad Kennedy promo. Mathews coming in and saying that Mysterio's a former cruiser champ too was good. I know that Kennedy is full of himself, but he seemed too full of himself in this promo. If that were even possible eh? The ending to the promo is great. Kennedy's a sure shot for MITB imo.

Double K! Don't think I've ever heard him call himself that. Nice! Love the fact that you're giving the cruiserweight division some spotlight. This story...pretty damn good to be honest. Dragged on a little too long though. Rey Mysterio! After beating Kennedy, he goes to the CW division. Didn't like the start to Mysterio's part in the promo, but when he went into him making the CW division big, I started to get into it. Before that, Mysterio didn't seem like Mysterio. Kash not accepting the challenge = gold. Didn't expect Mysterio to attack. Kinda glad he did, as it kinda proves himself as a challenger. Should be a great feud.

CM fuckin' Punk! I marked. Should be a great addition to Smackdown. Promo resembled the ones he did when he first came to SD.

Not a fan of this Long/Batista promo. Don't think it was necessary. Kinda hypes up the main event, but it doesn't do much for Batista other than make him seem like a wimp trying to get out of a match. After the opening promo, he should be built as someone who's up for the challenge at any time.

Kennedy's win was no surprise. Good job.

"Orlando taking up the rear" made me giggle. I expect some words from Booker soon.

JBL promo kinda resembles a presidential speech. Was expecting the hero to be either RVD or himself. I think making the hero himself is the better booking decision, as it strays JBL away from his previous feud with Taker. "none of them, not a single one deserve it. They don’t deserve to steal my glory, to claim my victory as their own, when really, no other man has done what I did" = fantastic line. Smoke and fire line is excellent too. Lashley? Really? Well, I'm glad he didn't get too much mic time. I guess the promos of this feud with be carried by JBL. I'm guessing Jillian was just watching this beat down happen? Long segment, but well worth it. JBL, for the most part, was on point. You also did the right thing be having Lashley speak very little.

Booker T/Beniot was bound to happen. SNME is a little early so I think it'll continue towards WM as well.

MNM win, and show dominance. With Moore being injured at NWO, I'm guessing he'll be back, and we'll see a rematch. Whoa! Didn't see the cameraman attack coming. Great idea. I've seen it somewhere before, but it's definitely something fresh. SNME ad right after. Not bad. Great hype by the announcers btw.

@ rubbing oil on one another. Wow. Quick squash. Beniot showing respect to Jordan is understandable. Didn't expect him to actually come out by himself, but having Book interrupt made sense. Jordan wanting to, but not shaking Beniot's hand is intriguing. I suspect some sort of turn of events in the future.

The last question in the Finlay promo kind of came out of nowhere. His response didn't do much to hype up the match, but the words prior are good. The match sounds good. I'm expecting a JBL interference in that match.

Short little segment here, but the message was CLEAR. RVD/Taker feud seems to be starting off a little slow, but that's not a bad thing. Definitely in character for something Taker would do. This is actually one of the best I'm intrigued by the most.

Eddie tribute. Luvvv it!

Orton taking a place at ringside? Commentary would have been better, but nonetheless, I'm expecting an interference, but...and this is a huge BUT, Orton doesn't lay a finger on Batista. =P WOW! Orton saves Batista. I honestly don't know what to think now. YESSSSSS! Edge's appearance, though out of the blue, is perfectly timed. I totally forgot about the SNME match. Good booking there.

I actually had more than half of the feedback done last week, but things got busy with my brother's wedding over the weekend. Nice SNME poster btw. Not too shabby. I gotta say, I love your booking. It's entertaining, and for the most part, has me thinking that something's gonna happen. Most of it is refreshing and innovative. Love the amount of time you put into the CW division as well (for this show). SNME and WM are shaping up to be spectacular shows. Honestly can't wait.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

As I've said in everybody elses thread, sorry for the lateness. I'm just struggling to keep up with all the threads, atm, so yeah. Also, because it's you, I like to give my feedback a little extra effort. <3

Smackdown Feedback

A nice video package, reminding me of what took place at No Way Out, as I haven’t read that bad boy in a while. RVD not being on the show blows, but I can’t wait to read it, and see where you take things heading into Mania.

Batista to start the show? I was kind of hoping to hear from Mr. Kennedy, but Batista will do. For most of the beginning of the promo, Dave was pretty spot on, playing to the crowd, and talking about how much the title means to him. All typical face Batista stuff, really. at Batista stating that Henry can move, that he’s quick. I know you’re trying to make the victory seem like more of a big deal, but straight out lying isn’t the way to go about it. I liked how he mentioned how he learnt from Flair and Hunter to, gives me a feeling of nostalgia. Switching to Orton was good, and rather necessary, although it could have been done sooner. Honestly, despite everything being said being in character, I’m not a huge fan of this promo as face Batista just never really talks this much. Long promo’s, even if they are opening the show, are not always good things and it really began to show towards the end of Batista’s speech, imo. at Orton’s over exaggeration of his injury. Honestly though, the promo picked back up a little once Orton got on the mic, as he’s explaining himself and what not. Whilst I think it’s bullshit, it is what the storyline needs for now. I think this whole storyline is pretty shitty timing though, as it has only been a few months since the WWE tried to start the same thing with Eddie Guerrero. The rest of the promo went off without a hitch, yet I’m shocked with Batista being put in the main event. I really think we need an explanation, could Orton possibly have Teddy in his pocket? Overall, an okay opening to the show, although the Batista start did drag a little.

at Cole talking about how great the show has been so far. I feel as if it’s a little early for that, considering only one segment has taken place so far. With that being said, onto the second segment we go, and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the Regal promo. Good work.

A damn good start to the show in terms of in ring action, and I can tell you right now, your match writing has improved tremendously. A really good tag team affair on paper, and you delivered, and with some strong mic work, and a big win, The Bluebloods are looking like a million bucks. One thing I can say I didn’t like was London tapping out straight away, as The Hooligans are known for their heart, so I would have liked him to struggle before he submitted.

This award thing for JBL should be quite the segment, although it’s pretty obvious he’s going to give himself the award... or at least I think it is, so I’d really love a swerve.

I absolutely adored the beginning of the Kennedy interview, him forcing Matthews to say his name twice was a perfect way to show off his arrogance. Everything was on song here until he claimed he didn’t dwell on the past regarding Mysterio, but then he listed a bunch of accomplishments from the past, was just a dumb thing to do. Luckily, the promo got back on track towards the end, with me marking for the comments about Helms, and I’ll give the finished product a rating of not bad.

I’ve got mixed feelings regarding this Kid Kash promo. There were parts I loved, such as the way he described Juvi, the way he described himself, and the way he claimed he was unbeatable, followed by the video, yet I didn’t like the whole “kingdom story” gimmick to the promo. I don’t know why, there was nothing really wrong with the writing, but this just didn’t go down to well with me. Once the video was finished, Kash was written beautifully, a strong way to end his talking for now. at the owning of Chimel to. Mysterio’s first line good, but I felt the “hey, why not me” line wasn’t really needed, nothing really wrong with it, but it seems like you’re trying to make everything longer just for the sake of it tonight. I liked Rey’s little dig at Kennedy during his speech to. Mysterio’s speech was pretty good to, it’s not often I like Mysterio on the mic but I did here. I felt as if the brawl wasn’t needed, it would have been nice for Kash to leave, epitomizing cool and remaining on top of the world for another week. Anyway, Kash/Mysterio for Mania would surely own.

CM Punk’s only going to add to an already fairly awesome mid card.

Batista and Teddy Long promo was alright, and despite Teddy’s reassurances, I have a feeling Orton may have Teddy in his pocket, perhaps that’s how Orton was kept on SD for Mania or something.

I don’t like Noble being used as a jobber, although you giving him five minutes at least shows that you do know he has talent, so I’m hoping he becomes a big part of Smackdown after Mania. As for Kennedy, with him and Helms now in MITB, it’s set to be huge.

Good way to show us Booker’s feelings, and to show the dislike towards OJ, atm. With so much emphasis being put on OJ’s face like fighting performance at No Way Out, I can see a Booker/OJ feud eventuating out of this.

JBL was pretty dead on from the start, I liked the cheap heat with him complimenting Bush, very original and effective. Everything was spot on leading up to the announcement, except since it was so obvious, I was a little disappointed that it is JBL who will be getting the award. The rest of JBL’s bit was pretty spot on to, first mentioning that nobody else deserved to be thanked, before just bragging. Typical JBL. Despite Legend’s thread, this is the first time I can honestly say I’ve enjoyed a Lashley promo. Mentioning the forces and all that was simply genius, great work, mate. The brawl here was good, yet it further emphasises my point that there should have been no violence between Kash and Mysterio tonight. Also, Lashley/JBL hopefully isn’t a Mania feud, because it’d suck to see written in full.

37 days? I can’t wait.

A nice, little segment here between Booker and Long, and whilst it was mainly between them, the dislike towards OJ was still a point of conversation, even if indirectly. Booker/Benoit finally happening at SNME is something I like, yet I’m hoping OJ somehow gets himself involved in the title picture. A nice segment anyway.

Another well written match, and I like that you are keeping The Mexicools credible, as it allows them to put on decent matches with the likes of MNM. MNM are looking pretty sweet, atm, having defeated their rivals last night, and getting on the winners sheet again tonight. Matt Hardy attacking MNM afterwards was pretty good to, although I’m really hoping Jeff isn’t the man who will be returning, it’s far to, well obvious, especially considering your love for the man.

SNME is always a fun little stop. Is this is going to be in full? I’m hoping it’s in full, as the card is shaping up to be pretty good.

Benoit looks like a machine, I wouldn’t want to be Booker, although now I’m thinking OJ might screw Benoit, no idea why though.

Benoit’s promo was alright, now further confirming by suspicions that this is a huge swerve and OJ will cost Benoit at SNME, although with that being said I still can’t rule out the other option. I like how you’re playing on OJ’s improvement though, clever booking to make Smackdown’s mid card even stronger. To be honest, I’m not sure which way OJ is going to go now, yet Booker was pretty good, and this was a pretty fun segment.

I love the portrayal of Finlay as just a tough bastard. The Belfast Brawl at SNME should be an entertaining read, even with Lashley being in it. As for the main event, it should definitely be an interesting affair, yet I think we all know the champion is going to pick up the win, as it is far to early for Orton to turn.

It’s a shame RVD is not here tonight, but I think we’re going to get the big confrontation with Undertaker and Mania opponent at SNME, ala Mac and Legend.

The video coming already seems a little rushed, although I guess you haven’t really got long until SNME.

Good Eddie video package, nice touching story at the end to.

A pretty epic main event to. I liked the change of the dynamic in this match, as all night has been easy to watch, lovely on the eyes matches, so to speak, where as this one was very smash mouth. The added ingredient of Orton on the outside added intrigue even if he didn’t do much as well. Batista bloodied and almost beaten if it wasn’t for Orton is great for Finlay, whilst the champion still looks strong in the end.

I rejoiced for the Spear by Edge on Batista to, as their match for SNME has had barely anything going on so far.

Overall, a damn good show. I don’t know what else to say, I found this very exciting to read. With Kash/Mysterio, Batista/Orton set to explode, things are looking awesome on the blue side of things, and despite a few small issues throughout, nothing big really, this was a great read. Well done, man.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

***BREAKING NEWS*** can officially report that following last week’s Friday Night SmackDown!, Bobby Lashley has accepted the challenge of Finlay to a Belfast Brawl at Saturday Night’s Main Event, making the match official. Rumours are suggesting that as a preview, this Friday night Finlay will compete in the very first Belfast Brawl match on SmackDown!, however at this stage these are just rumours. Details will be updated as they are divulged.


February 27th, 2006 | Preview

This week Monday Night RAW comes to the nation’s capital, Washington D.C., and with just five weeks to go until WrestleMania and five days until Saturday Night’s Main Event, the general consensus is that thoughts would be directed towards those events. This week, Monday Night RAW is all about the return of one man: RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff.

The last time we saw Bischoff was two weeks ago when he tried to calm an explosive situation between WWE Champion Edge, John Cena and Kurt Angle, leading to him being struck by Edge and declaring he would spend a week off. That’s exactly what Bischoff did as last week we saw Mr. McMahon and Jonathan Coachman take the reigns. Tonight, however, The Bisch is back, and rumours swirling around suggest that he is back with a vengeance. What exactly will that mean? At this stage no one is sure, but be sure to tune in to see what the returning RAW General Manager has in store for the show.

One match we do know we will see is the main event that was announced last week by Mr. McMahon. Following D-Generation X finding themselves on the receiving end of a beatdown at the hands of Carlito, Chris Masters and The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Mr. McMahon would make his way out onto the stage and announce that Shawn Michaels would be competing against his son Shane at Saturday Night’s Main Event in a Street Fight. However, that wasn’t all, as he announced that this coming week on RAW, the main event would feature Shawn Michaels going up against none other than the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon himself! So this Monday night on RAW in our main event, we will indeed see ‘HBK’ and Mr. McMahon doing battle in the main event. Does Mr. McMahon have a plan, or does he think he can defeat Shawn and embarrass him in front of the world?

We also know that in action will be the reluctant pairing of Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. Despite the two not wanting to team, they have been forced to do so for the past few weeks, and have actually looked pretty good in doing so. This brought the ire of Monday Night RAW’s newest team, The Basham Brothers, who decided that to make a name for themselves on RAW they would do so at the expense of Haas & Benjamin. This brings us to tonight, where the two teams will do battle in the ring. Despite being told by ‘Coach’ they would no longer have to team, will Haas & Benjamin be able to band together and continue the undefeated streak they’ve enjoyed since Haas’ comeback to RAW, or will The Basham Brothers make the impact that they seek?

Following an unsuccessful attempt to win the World Tag Team Titles with close friend Chavo Guerrero, Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair has apparently been down all week, not speaking to anyone within the company. Breaking news last night suggested that Flair would address the issue at hand on Monday Night RAW, and that’s exactly what he intends to do as he takes to the microphone on RAW. What will Flair have to do, and what will it mean? Meanwhile his opponents from last week, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show find themselves in action on RAW too as they look to continue their momentum from last week.

While the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus has been reportedly given the week off, also in action we will see her “friend” Mickie James, along with a host of other stars on the show, including Carlito, Chris Masters, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Rob Van Dam, Triple H and many others. Do not miss the chance to see Monday Night RAW live this Monday on The USA Network 9/8C.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice to see Lashly taking on Finlay in a bellfast brawl, should be a good match. Hopefuly Finlay beats him. (/without horsnwaggle)

I assume seeing that Bischoff is a fully blown heel and there is no doubt about it, and the fact that he wants Edge's head on a plate and vengeance, that would mean that he will screw him over or put him say in a match against Kane and the Big Show in a handicap match forcing Edge to make a face run or turn tweener, or that's at least how I see it going down and Kurt being the heel in the possible 3 way match to headline mania. Either way, even if I am wrong about this it should still be interesting.

Shawn taking on Vince will most likely end in a no contest, Vince will have the Redneck Wreking Crew + Carlito & Masters be at ringside or at commentary, time keeper or even the special guest referees and enforcers to screw Shawn over and beat on him "legaly" until Triple H comes down to even out the odds.

The Bashams will probably be at Raw again, I like this storyline you got going with Haas and Benjamin not wanting to team up and wanting to go in sperate ways but they will have to come mania to put theri differences aside adn face them. The attacks will probably continue until Haas and Benjamin have enough, call them out on Smackdown and etc. Should be good though.

I hope that we get either a promo from RVD on the Undertaker about him wanting to end the strek and what not, just making some heat for their feud and maybe some mid games backstage like RVD walking around and thinking he sees the Undertaker in the mirror or something. Little things like that can help the storyline greatly.

Best of luck, chances are i'll review.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

February 27th, 2006 | Verizon Center; Washington D.C.

Our show opens tonight with a brief recap of the important happenings of last week. Beginning with the announcement of Jonathan Coachman as General Manager for the night, we see ‘Coach’ make some announcements of his own about the show with Mr. McMahon by his side, only to be interrupted by D-Generation X, who arrive and mock ‘Coach’ and Mr. McMahon. McMahon, however, will have none of it as he sets up two handicap matches, the first of which we see just a few snippets of, where The Redneck Wrecking Crew defeat Triple H. We then cut forward to Shawn Michaels’ match and him making his entrance, only to be blindsided by his opponents, Carlito & Chris Masters. The two henchmen beat Michaels down, leading to Triple H to attempt to make the save, only for The Redneck Wrecking Crew to run in and beat DX down. This brings out Mr. McMahon, who announces that at Saturday Night’s Main Event it will be Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon in a Street Fight. But that’s not the worst of it, because next week (tonight) it will be Shawn Michaels … vs. Mr. McMahon! The video package now concludes as we see Vince looking at Shawn with a sick smile on his face, enjoying the hell that he’s putting Shawn through.

We now cut to our traditional Monday Night RAW opening montage, featuring the many stars of RAW, before we cut to ringside to see an amazing array of fireworks. The pumped up crowd jumps up and down in excitement as we pan around the arena, before settling down at ringside with out favourite three man announce team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, where we come to you live from our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. in the Verizon Center. I’m Joey Styles, joined here by my broadcast colleagues Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler and ‘The Coach’ Jonathan Coachman, and gentlemen, what a show we have in store tonight.

Jerry Lawler: What a show is right, Joey. You heard the announcements at the end of last week. Tonight it will be Shawn Michaels going one on one with the chairman of the board, our boss, Mr. McMahon in the main event!

Jonathan Coachman: And what an important lesson Shawn is going to learn here tonight – ya’ don’t cross the boss, especially when your boss can kick your ass like Mr. McMahon can.

Joey Styles: I’m not so sure Mr. McMahon can kick Shawn Michaels’ ass here tonight. I mean, Shawn is a trained professional, a former world champion, and Mr. McMahon is a near sixty year old man.

Jerry Lawler: Well Mr. McMahon put himself in the position, and now he’s going to have to face the music … maybe literally!

Jonathan Coachman: A sixty year old genetic freak you mean, Joe, and ‘King’, trust me, Mr. McMahon ain’t gonna’ have no problem with Shawn Michaels. Speakin’ of lookin’ good though, how good was last week’s show with Simon Dean replacing yours truly? I know he’s no ‘Coach’, but I see a bright future for that young man, especially when I move onto bigger and better things like I did last week.

Jerry Lawler: I didn’t think I would ever say this, but after last week I have to say it’s good to have you back, ‘Coach’.

Jonathan Coachman: Y’know, Mr. McMahon actually offered me a permanent job as General Manager, but I had a feelin’ you guys would miss me. Plus, the man himself is back tonight, Mr. Eric Bischoff, and I hear he’s got some pretty big announcements.

Speaking of which …


The crowd instantly boos as the music hits, and sure enough out from the back comes RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, looking a completely different man tonight as he actually has a smile on his face. The weight of the world off his shoulders, a happy Bischoff even does something we rarely see from him in raising his arms up to the crowd at the top of the stage, drawing a mixed reaction.

Joey Styles: And we open the show with the man you just mentioned, ‘Coach’, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff, and it looks like that after a few stressful months, a week of rest and relaxation has done Bischoff the world of good.

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. Bischoff rested easy last week knowing that RAW was in my more than capable hands, and now that he’s back, he’s ready to show just why it is that he’s the greatest General Manager this company has ever seen.

Jerry Lawler: Even better than you, ‘Coach’?

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, no need to stir the pot there, ‘King’. Me an’ Mr. Bischoff are equals, and we both see it that way. I know he’s a great boss, and he knows that I have all the skills to be a great boss too.

Bischoff makes his way down the ramp, his smile still seemingly irremovable as he climbs up into the ring and receives a microphone. Standing still in the middle of the ring for a moment, Bischoff seems to soak in the moment before he begins his spiel.

Eric Bischoff: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW!

Big pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: And boy do I have a show for you tonight, because Eric Bischoff is back, and he’s better than ever baby!

Another cheap pop from the extremely happy Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Now I know that over these past few months, I’ve been … well I’ve been a little grumpy. I’ve been under a little bit of stress. I have been feeling the pressure that comes with running the biggest and best brand of sports entertainment in the entire world in Monday Night RAW.

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve been in this job awhile. It’s been almost four years – four long years since I first took this job as the very first General Manager of Monday Night RAW. And while on the inferior brand, Friday Night SmackDown!, we’ve seen many General Managers come and go, be they bald fat men …

Mixed reaction for the Heyman reference.

Eric Bischoff: Or daddy’s little princesses …

Another mixed reaction, this time for Steph.

Eric Bischoff: None of them have lasted long. I on the other hand have been here since the beginning, from the very first time that Mr. McMahon handed the reigns of Monday Night RAW over, and I’d like to think that I’ve done a damn good job. I’d like to think that I’ve done not just what’s best for me or what’s best for the audience, but what’s best for business. And for the most part, I’ve found that pretty easy. It comes naturally to a guy like me. That’s just who I am.

Small amount of applause for Bischoff as he pauses.

Eric Bischoff: But who, or rather what I’m not is a pushover. I’m sure you’ve all heard the rumours, you’ve all heard about what supposedly happened in WCW when I was in charge, but that’s all they are … rumours. Fact is, when I’m the boss, I’m the one running the show, not the talents, not the inmates. But these past six months, it’s seemed that certain superstars in the back there, they’ve thought otherwise. They thought that they were above the law. Well I’m out here tonight to tell them that is NOT the case.

Bischoff pauses for a moment.

Eric Bischoff: All of this, it all started with one man. One man six months ago who thought that he was above me. That he thought that he had to work against me instead of with me, because he’d be lettin’ down his fans, his “Chain Gang” if he worked with the “evil” General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The former WWE Champion, John Cena.

Huge mixed reaction from the crowd for the mention of Cena.

Eric Bischoff: Cena thought that he was above the law as champion, so what did I do? I went out and found a guy who I thought could take the title off him, and be an honourable champion. A champion who represented what RAW stands for, in intensity, integrity, and intelligence.

Pop from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: But you couldn’t do it, could ya’, Kurt? You just couldn’t beat Cena. You weren’t good enough. So what did you do? You blamed me. But that wasn’t where it ended. Oh no, then we got a new champion, a man who could actually beat John Cena. We got Edge.

Heat from the crowd for the mention of Edge.

Eric Bischoff: Ever since you became champion, Edge, you’ve thought you were above the law. You’ve said you can do “what you want, when you want”. You thought this was your show. Well I’ve got news for you, Edge, this isn’t your show. This isn’t the Edge show. No, this is the Eric Bischoff show, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let you intimidate me verbally, or physically like you tried to do two weeks ago when you laid your hands on me.

Mixed reaction from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: So now, now Edge, I’m going to speak in language you can understand. I want you to come out here to the ring, and I want you to do it right now!

The crowd gives a big pop as Bischoff begins to wait.

Eric Bischoff: Come on, Edge. You’re only …



The crowd EXPLODES into a massive reaction of heat as smoke begins to fill the entrance chute before from the obscurity walks the WWE Champion, Edge. Accompanied, like always, by his sultry girlfriend Lita, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ sneers down to the ring from the top of the ramp, holding Lita close to him by the hip, before marching on down the ramp. Far from worried, the champ is happy to climb up into the ring and join Bischoff, receiving a microphone as he does so.

Edge: Well, I guess, I have to say, welcome back man. It’s good to see you. I mean, you took a nasty hit a few weeks ago, and I thought that …

Eric Bischoff: Cut the crap Edge.

Big pop from the crowd.

Edge: That’s the way you wanna play it, Bischoff? Y’know what, that’s fine, because I don’t have a whole lot of time to waste on you out here. I’m a busy man, Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Trust me, Edge, this is far from a waste of time. As a matter of fact, I’d be savouring this time, because it might just be the last time for quite some time that you’re healthy.

Big pop from the crowd.

Edge: Oh ha-ha Bischoff. Real funny. Really, you should do comedy. Ya’ couldn’t be any worse at that than you are runnin’ this show.

Heat from the crowd who have taken Bischoff’s side in this.

Edge: I mean, let’s think about this. How long’s it been? Six months you said? Six whole months since you had any type of control over this show, over your employees. You’ve got the real boss runnin’ around here because you can’t do your job yourself, you’ve got disgruntled superstars showin’ up on SmackDown! pay per views, and you’ve even got your own little mystery attacker, takin’ out Angle back at the Royal Rumble.

Heat from the crowd.

Edge: The only good thing that’s happened in all of this time is that I became WWE Champion, and that was no thanks to you. So before you go ‘round throwing out threats, you might wanna think Bischoff. Who’s gonna help you out? No one here likes you, Bischoff. No one. Not the boss. Not the superstars. Not the divas. Not even ‘Coach’. Yeah, he told me.

Shocked reaction from ‘Coach’ at ringside as Edge pauses.

Edge: Fact is, you can say what you want, Bischoff. You can threaten me all you want. But those threats, they mean nothing, because no one here has your back. You call yourself a businessman so maybe you should get this. Quit while you can, Bischoff, because you’re about to be worthless.

More heat from the crowd.

Eric Bischoff: Y’know what, Edge? You’re right. You are actually right. No one here likes me. Most of the guys in the back, they despise me. They probably do wish I was gone. But it’s not because I’m a bad General Manager. It’s not because I’m a bad businessman. No, it’s because I have the balls to make the hard decisions, the decisions that make a difference. And I also have the brains to make the smart decisions.

Bischoff pauses.

Eric Bischoff: But what about you, Edge? I’ve heard you say that you’re smarter than everyone else in the back. Wasn’t that how you won the WWE Title in the first place?

Edge: You’re damn right it is.

Eric Bischoff: Well then it’s funny that you should bring up the whole “mystery attacker” thing. Well, at least it used to be a mystery.

The crowd buzzes as Edge starts to panic, his eyes bulging.

Edge: What are you talkin’ about, Bischoff?

Eric Bischoff: Oh, I think you know what I’m talking about, Edge. Don’t you remember back after you first won the WWE Title? You kept telling Kurt Angle that he didn’t deserve a shot at you because he could never beat John Cena, and that you could. Don’t you remember how he demanded a shot, but you refused. Don’t you remember daring Kurt Angle to win the Royal Rumble too, Edge? Do you remember what happened after that? Because I do. Kurt Angle was runner up in the Royal Rumble. He almost won it. The only thing that cost him was the little “mystery attacker” that jumped Angle backstage before he entered.

Bischoff pauses, enjoying the panic stricken face of Edge.

Eric Bischoff: Now I mightn’t like Kurt Angle, and I mightn’t agree with how he’s gone about finding this so-called “mystery” assailant. But I do side with him in that the man, or maybe even man and woman who did this, need to be brought to justice. After all, that loss to Randy Orton, that loss to SmackDown! cost me the main event slot at WrestleMania for RAW. And I vowed that because of that, that person would pay.

The crowd cheers as Bischoff licks his lips in anticipation, watching Edge’s eyes dart back and forth.

Eric Bischoff: Hey Edge … what was your alibi again? Where did you say you were?

Edge: I was … I was back at the hotel … with Lita.

Eric Bischoff: I thought that’s what you said originally. Now I also believe you directed the blame towards John Cena for the attack, in hope that Angle would maybe take Cena out for you. You had, after all, only just managed to cheat to beat Cena earlier that night at the Royal Rumble, and if I remember correctly, you didn’t want to face him again. Well at the time in question, John Cena was with our trainers, which I confirmed with them last week in my week off. But you, Edge, well, your story didn’t check out quite so nicely.

Bischoff starts to smile as Edge continues to sweat on Bischoff’s every word.

Eric Bischoff: I called the hotel you stayed at, Edge. They said that you and Lita didn’t check in at all that night and that you said you were flying right out after the show for Orlando. Now correct me if I’m wrong, but that … that seems like you were getting out of dodge to me.

Edge: No! No, no, no, no, NO! You can pull all the crap you want, Bischoff, but you, you, you can’t, you just can’t prove that I’m the one who jumped Angle.

Eric Bischoff: You wanna bet on that? Because I’ve got certain surveillance footage that says otherwise.

The crowd explodes with a pop as Edge finally cracks.

Edge: Y’know what? Fine, I did it. I was the one to attack Kurt Angle. Not John Cena. ME![ It was all ME. But do you wanna know why I did it, Bischoff? Huh? Do you wanna know why? Because I knew, I just KNEW that Angle was still in your back pocket, and all of this crap, all that you went through in order to prove that I was the one to attack Angle, it just proves my point. You, you can say that you don’t like Angle until you’re blue in the face, but the proof is in the pudding. You know, you just know that you were going to screw me like I’d been screwed so many times before just so you can get this belt until your buddy.

Edge pauses ever so slightly to run his hand through his hair, ignoring the calming words of Lita beside him.

Edge: Well y’know what? No. Not this time. You’re not going to screw me this time. I’ve worked too damn hard to get in this position. You think … you think it was easy becoming WWE Champion with people like you trying to screw me at every turn? You think it was easy getting to where I am? I have had to deal with obscurity like this for my whole life. I have been looked passed, flat out ignored for title shots in the past. I have broken my neck. I had to get hit with ladders, STEEL ladders by five other men over and over again, just so I could get a SHOT at this title!

Edge is now breathing heavily, his intensity through the roof as he pauses slightly.

Edge: I have seen it all and I’ve been through it all, so you just throw anything and everything that you’ve got at me, because I promise, I PROMISE that I will do as I have always done, I will rise above!

The crowd boos a bit as Edge now runs his hands through his hair, waiting for a reply from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Edge, I’m not going to do a thing to you. That’s not my place. But I think there’s a couple of people who do wanna get their hands on you, and I’m gonna give ‘em that chance.

Bischoff takes his time.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, since I think you owe both Cena and Angle a shot at the WWE Title, they’re gonna get a chance to earn it. This Saturday, at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, it’ll be John Cena going one on one one more time with his old rival Kurt Angle for the chance to compete against you for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 22!

The crowd cheers.

Eric Bischoff: But Cena and Angle aren’t going to have to wait ‘til WrestleMania to get their shot at you in non-title action, regardless of who wins this Saturday. Since you tried to turn them against one another, I’ve decided it’s only fair to turn them against you.

The crowd again cheers.

Eric Bischoff: Which is why tonight, it’s going to be you, Edge, and if you can find someone that actually likes you, a partner of your choosing, taking on the team of John Cena and Kurt Angle!

The crowd gives a big pop as Edge runs his hand through his hair, obviously frustrated with the treatment he’s getting.

Eric Bischoff: Oh and Edge, I think it’s only fair I give you some kind of warning. Turn around.

Edge does just that …


The crowd goes BALLISTIC as an even more intense than usual Kurt Angle charges down the ramp, ready to throw fists with Edge … but the champ and his girlfriend get out of dodge as quickly as possible, rolling from the ring as Angle rolls in, then sprinting back up the ramp out of dodge. The insanely intense Angle roars with intensity as we cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back at ringside with our announce team.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW where we have a lot to come later tonight including a Money in the Bank qualifier, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin against The Basham Brothers, and of course Mr. McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels, but as we just learnt in an explosive segment, Edge was the man who attacked Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble, and later tonight they will be facing in tag team action when Angle teams with the other man who he suspected, John Cena, against Edge and a partner of his choosing.

Jerry Lawler: And what about the match made for Saturday Night’s Main Event? John Cena and Kurt Angle will continue their rivalry as they face each other for a chance to challenge Edge for the WWE Title at WrestleMania!

Joey Styles: ‘Coach’, you’ve remained awfully quiet since the start of the show. Do you not agree with what Eric Bischoff has done?

Jonathan Coachman: Well Joe, I usually agree with Mr. Bischoff, but I can’t help but feel he’s got Edge all wrong here. I mean, isn’t a good thing that he stopped a guy like Kurt Angle or John Cena going to WrestleMania?

We’re left with that question as we now cut backstage to see RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff walking along backstage. Bischoff is still smiling, happy to be in a job as he makes his way down a corridor, presumably towards his office. A few people walk past Bischoff, but no one of note until he turns a corner … and sees Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin waiting outside his office door.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen, to what do I owe the pleasure?

Shelton Benjamin: Did ‘Coach’ talk to you?

Eric Bischoff: We talked after the show last week, yes.

Shelton Benjamin: And?

Eric Bischoff: And what?

Haas senses this going nowhere so he steps up.

Charlie Haas: Look, I think what Shelton’s tryna say is that last week, ‘Coach’ told Shelton he’d have a word to you ‘bout us not havin’ to team up anymore, and well tonight, you’ve gone ahead an’ put us in a match against The Basham Brothers.

Eric Bischoff: Right, that. Look, the past few weeks The Basham Brothers have been jumping you guys from behind and trying to make a name for themselves here on RAW off you guys, so I just thought you’d want a little revenge. If you guys don’t want it, though, I could always …

Charlie Haas: No, it’s okay, we’ll take care of The Basham Brothers.

Shelton Benjamin: But after that, we’re done. Ya’ got it?

Eric Bischoff: Right sure, gotcha. Now if you don’t mind guys, I’ve got a little business to attend to.

Haas & Benjamin nod and walk off, leaving Bischoff to enter his office, turning to see Rob Van Dam seated on his couch! The crowd of course cheers as RVD stands, looking Bischoff in the eye.

Eric Bischoff: RVD! It’s good to see you, man.

Rob Van Dam: Don’t give me this, Bischoff. Just tell me why.

Eric Bischoff: Why what, Rob? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Rob Van Dam: Why can’t I go over to SmackDown! and clear the air with The Undertaker?

Bischoff is clearly very uncomfortable about this situation, rubbing his hands together and looking at the floor as he shuffles on the spot.

Eric Bischoff: Well Rob, it’s just … it’s just that I heard you may do something about … stupid.

Rob Van Dam: Like what?

Eric Bischoff: Liiiiiiike challenging The Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania?

Rob Van Dam: Hang on … what’s the problem with that?

Eric Bischoff: Look, Rob, you’re a talented guy, and I think you’ve been great for RAW, but I’ve been trying my best here tonight to make the RAW side of WrestleMania as good as possible, and for us to be embarrassed by SmackDown! at WrestleMania, well …

Rob Van Dam: Wait, you don’t think I can beat The Undertaker? You think I’m going to embarrass you? Is that it? You think I’m not good enough.

Eric Bischoff: Look, it’s not that. It’s just that The Undertaker is undefeated at WrestleMania, and the chances of him losing, well, they’re pretty much zero.

Rob Van Dam: So what you’re saying is you don’t think I’m good enough? Well maybe I’ll just go to SmackDown! this Friday night and prove otherwise.

Eric Bischoff: NO! Don’t … do that. Trust me, it’s not necessary.

Bischoff takes a moment to think to himself, before speaking again.

Eric Bischoff: Listen, Rob, I know you came back hoping to win the WWE Title at WrestleMania, so how about this? Tonight, I’ll put you in a Money in the Bank qualifying match against your old rival Carlito. You take out your anger on him, and if you beat him, you move onto WrestleMania. If you then win the Money in the Bank ladder match at WrestleMania you can cash in the briefcase later that night and win yourself the world title like you wanted. Sound good?

Bischoff looks at Van Dam who takes a deep breath, then walks from view, leaving Bischoff to smile, thinking he’s got the job done.

We now move from there to cut to ringside …


The crowd gives a nice pop as out from the back skips the enthusiastic Mickie James. Dressed for action, albeit in a somewhat casual attire, Mickie excitedly waves to the crowd at the top of the ramp, happy to be in action here tonight.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Richmond, Virginia, Mickie James!

Joey Styles: As we just heard, our show tonight grows even bigger, because as we just heard, our Money in the Bank qualifying match will be RVD vs. Carlito! Now that should be a good match.

Jonathan Coachman: I agree with Mr. Bischoff that RVD would have no chance of beating The Undertaker, but I gotta ask the question, why does he think Van Dam can beat Carlito either? My man ‘Lito is one of the best up and comers in the entire WWE, and is ready to step it up any second now.

Jerry Lawler: Well they met for the first time two weeks ago, and RVD won that time, so maybe that’s why Bischoff has confidence in RVD’s abilities there. Still, I can’t see RVD having his head in the game here tonight.

Joey Styles: Well speaking of having your head in the game, last week we saw Trish Stratus successfully defend her WWE Women’s Title against Victoria, but perhaps the big story coming out of the show was the assault of Trish’s friend, a woman who isn’t a wrestler by the name of Rebecca, seemingly at the hands of this woman Mickie James.

Mickie hops her way down to the rest of the ring and does the classic Trish pose in the ring, drawing a bit of a mixed reaction from the crowd, before waiting for her opponent …


The crowd gives a lukewarm reaction as Candice Michelle struts out onto the stage, accompanied by Victoria. Candice struts her stuff on the way down the ramp, turning her nose up at the crowd, attempting to elicit a reaction out of them to limited success.

Lilian Garcia: Her opponent, from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, being accompanied to the ring by Victoria, Candice Michelle!

Joey Styles: Well, here’s a woman that you were up close and personal with last week, ‘Coach’. Does she stand a chance against Mickie James here tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: As much as I’d like to say yes, I don’t think so. Candice is sweet, but Mickie is … well, Mickie’s crazy. This isn’t gonna end well for Candice.

Jerry Lawler: To be fair to Mickie, we don’t know if she was the one to attack Rebacca last week, but things don’t look good for her.

Candice makes her way down the rest of the ramp and climbs up onto the apron to disrobe herself, before climbing up into the ring.

Match One ~ Singles Match:
Mickie James vs. Candice Michelle w/Victoria

Mickie is fast out of the blocks in this one, using her quite obviously superior wrestling ability to control Candice, taking her down with some arm drags, before trying to wear her down with a grounded side headlock. Candice, however, fights back to her feet and pushes Mickie off to the ropes, which Mickie goes to hit … ONLY FOR VICTORIA TO TRIP HER UP! The referee, who was distracted by Candice, didn’t catch the interference, and it gives Candice the perfect chance to control Mickie for a short amount of time, using mainly strikes and illegal chokes. Mickie though, as said before, is better than Candice, and she uses this to her advantage, catching her with a boot after she charges in at her in the corner, before hooking her up for and connecting with the Mickiecanrana!

The crowd cheers as Mickie is the first up, and she doesn’t hold back on Candice, blasting her with some big forearms that make you almost feel sorry for Candice. Mickie then runs through her moveset, hitting clothesline, a Thesz press, an impressive monkey flip and a flying crossbody block before getting set for the Stratusfaction. However, Victoria again has an influence at ringside, climbing up onto the apron as Mickie looks set to go for it, distracting her and allowing Candice to come from behind with the O’Connor roll … two! Both women get up … AND MICKIE INSTANTLY DRILLS THE CHICK KICK! SHE THEN GRABS CANDICE BY THE HEAD … STRATUSFACTION! Mickie runs off to the opposite ropes to which Victoria was standing by and nails it! Mickie makes the cover … three.

Winner: Mickie James via pinfall @ 4:03


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Mickie James!

The crowd cheers as Mickie gets back to her feet and has her hand raised, before she asks for a microphone which she is then provided with.

Mickie James: Trish …

The crowd cheers as Mickie gathers some breath.

Mickie James: Trish, I know you’re not in the building tonight. I know that after last week’s match against Victoria, Eric Bischoff has given you the night off so you’re not in the building tonight. I also know, Trish, that he’s given you this Saturday off at Saturday Night’s Main Event, but Trish, I really need to talk to you.

Mickie pauses, while the crowd remains relatively silent.

Mickie James: You … you haven’t been answering my calls, my texts, my emails, anything. You haven’t been answering me at all.

Mickie again pauses, looking for words.

Mickie James: I know … I know, Trish, that I haven’t been the best friend. Actually, I’ve probably been as bad a friend as possible. But you’ve got to believe me. Last week was just me being in the wrong place at the wrong time. And the other times … they were accidents, Trish. Accidents. You have to believe me. All I ever wanted to be was your friend.

An emotional Mickie takes some more time.

Mickie James: Look, I don’t want to do things like this. Not like this. Please, Trish, please show up at Saturday Night’s Main Event, so we can talk, face to face, friend to friend.

Mickie pauses, looking out to the crowd, before speaking.

Mickie James: I’ll be there, Trish. I hope you will be too.

Mickie sighs and drops the microphone, clearly unsettled about her friendship with Trish.


Jerry Lawler: Well, as ‘J.R.’ would say, Mickie James is nuttier than a pet goon. I mean, first she comes out here all cheery, but then this? I don’t know if Trish should show up at Saturday Night’s Main Event. I wouldn’t if I were her.

Joey Styles: It’s an interesting situation for Trish indeed, ‘King’, but Mickie James appears to be in a fragile place right now. Trish not showing up may send her over the edge. I mean, as Mickie’s said before, all she wants is to be Trish’s friend, and for Trish to not show up, that would just be heartbreaking for young Mickie.

We see Mickie James once more, before cutting off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be backstage in the interview area, where out trusty mic man Todd Grisham stands.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time … John Cena!

The crowd absolutely erupts into a massive reaction as John Cena steps into camera view, looking to be rather happy tonight.

Todd Grisham: John, like us you heard the announcements from Eric Bischoff earlier. Your thoughts on the situation?

John Cena: Well Todd, to be perfectly honest, Eric Bischoff, he surprised me. He caught me a little off guard. Not when he said that Edge was the one who attacked Kurt Angle at the Royal Rumble, because quite frankly, everyone besides Kurt Angle himself was smart enough to work that one out. I guess Kurt’s just had his Olympic ass handed to him one too many times. No, Eric Bischoff surprised me when he made my match with Kurt Angle for Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Cena pauses as the crowd cheers the match.

John Cena: Now I know Eric Bischoff doesn’t like me. Heck, he even went out there and said it himself just before. And, just between you an’ me, I don’t really like Bischoff either. I don’t hate the man, because I don’t believe in hate. I think it’s an ugly thing. But Eric Bischoff? Well, let’s just say he ain’t on my Christmas card list. In fact, up until tonight, I never used to respect the guy either. You saw what happened when I arrived here on RAW last year? Me an’ Bischoff didn’t get along in the least. Maybe it’s ‘cause I’m from the street and he’s from … well, he’s from somewhere else entirely. I dunno where. Point is, we clashed, and I thought he made some decisions which weren’t as good for business as they were for his own personal gain.

The crowd boo as Cena pauses.

John Cena: But did I whine? Did I complain? No, because I don’t believe in that either. Just like when Edge defeated me for the WWE Title after the Elimination Chamber an’ just like after Edge cheated to beat me back at the Royal Rumble, I soldiered on. I did the only thing I know, and that is working so that I can earn my keep. An’ y’know, I think Eric Bischoff saw that, and that’s why he put me in this match with Kurt Angle at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Sure, Angle’s got beef with Edge, and Bischoff wants him to square up on that ‘cause of what he did at the Royal Rumble. But Bischoff also saw that I have my problems with Edge too, and even if I don’t go out there and announce it to the world each and every week, cryin’ like an oversized gold medal baby, I deserved a shot at the gold too. And that, I have to respect.

The crowd gives a small cheer as Cena pauses for a moment.

John Cena: So now we come to this Saturday. Me an’ Kurt Angle, one on one, one more time. Like I said before, I’m a worker, but I’m also a fighter. Kurt Angle, he may be a wrestler, hell, he may be the best damn wrestler in the world, but this Saturday, I’m gonna bring the fight to him like never before!

The crowd pops for the intensity of Cena.

John Cena: Kurt, I’ve beaten you before, and I’ll be damned if I’m not gonna do it again. Tonight, when we team up, yeah, I’ll work with you. I have no reason not to. You know you made a mistake by accusing me, so I ain’t got no problem with you. But this Saturday, at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, we’re not gonna be out there in a whinin’ contest. We’re not even gonna be out there in a wrestlin’ match. We’re gonna be in a fight, and I promise you, it’s gonna be a fight that you’ll never forget!

The crowd cheers as Cena calms down a bit.

John Cena: So Kurt, to sum it up for ya’, it’s real simple. If ya’ want some … come get some!

The crowd cheers as Cena walks from view, and we cut back to ringside, where we already see the tandem of The Heartthrobs in the ring. Joy.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! In the ring, Romeo and Antonio, The Heartthrobs!




The crowd gives a very nice pop as the gargantuan World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show walk out onto the stage, titles slung over their shoulders. Smiles on faces, the giant and intimidating tag champs begin to make their way down to the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 820 lbs, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show!

Joey Styles: As we heard earlier tonight, John Cena will be teaming with Kurt Angle against Edge and a partner of his choosing, but coming up now the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and Big Show, coming off a big victory over Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero last week where they successfully defended their titles, are in non-title action against The Heartthrobs.

Jonathan Coachman: The time for The Heartthrobs to run is now if they know what’s good for ‘em.

The champs climb up into the ring and get set for action, staring menacingly at The Heartthrobs as this one gets underway.

Match Two ~ Tag Team Match:
The Heartthrobs vs. World Tag Team Champions Kane & Big Show

The World Tag Team Champions, despite their win last week, appear chronically angry when it seems to getting in the ring, which they show as they absolutely decimate The Heartthrobs, throwing them around and the ring and out and out brutalising them. The finish comes when the tag champs nail Romeo with the Double Chokeslam, and Kane gets the pinfall.

Winners: Kane & Big Show via pinfall @ 1:32


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, the World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show!

The crowd gives a big cheer as Kane & Big Show celebrate their ring in the middle of the ring, holding the gold up high, almost to signal to anyone that is thinking of challenging them for the titles to think better of it.

Joey Styles: Kane and the Big Show continue to dominate the tag division here on RAW, and the question has to be asked, as we draw closer to WrestleMania, is there any team on the RAW roster that could step up and challenge the champs on the biggest show of ‘em all?

Jonathan Coachman: I dunno if there is, Joe. I mean, these two guys are monsters, and everyone who’s gone against ‘em has found that out. I just don’t think they can be beaten.

Jerry Lawler: Well if someone wants to beat them they’re certainly going to have to step their game up, because these two gentlemen before us are head and shoulders above the rest at the moment, both figuratively and literally!

The crowd continues to cheer the two monsters in the ring, however, at ringside we see an insignificant worker rush up to the announce table and make some inaudible noises, prompting ‘Coach’ to leave his post at the announce desk and follow him off.

Joey Styles: Well it would appear that RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff wants a word with ‘The Coach’, so he’s headed off backstage.

The camera now cuts to an entrance to the arena … and in come D-Generation X to a huge pop!

Jerry Lawler: And here comes DX, Joey!

Joey Styles: DX are in the building, and they’ll be getting ready for tonight’s main event where Shawn Michaels goes one on one with the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon. That’s later tonight, but up next we understand we’re going to be seeing Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin, in their last match as a team taking on The Basham Brothers.

And of course we cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*





We return from the break to be backstage, in the office of RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The Bisch sits behind his desk, filling out some paperwork when he hears a knock on the door, causing him to look up.

Eric Bischoff: Come in.

The camera zooms out to show the door as it opens, with Jonathan Coachman then stepping through the doorway.

Jonathan Coachman: You wanted to see me, sir?

Eric Bischoff: Ahhhh, ‘Coach’, yes, come in, come in.

Bischoff rushes up and shuts the door behind ‘Coach’.

Eric Bischoff: Take a seat on the couch. Make yourself company. Make yourself feel at home!

’Coach’ looks at Bischoff a little cautiously, then sits down at the couch.

Eric Bischoff: Does this feel like home to you, ‘Coach’? Does it feel like you fit in? Well it should, because you did a great job as General Manager last week. Really, I mean it. You did everything I asked of you after I found out you’d be running the show and then some, so for that, ‘Coach’, I think you. Trust me, you’re going to have a good future here in the WWE. One day you might even find yourself in a permanent role as General Manager of a brand.

Jonathan Coachman: Thank – thank you, sir. I learnt from the best.

Eric Bischoff: Ahh, that you did, ‘Coach’, that you did. But, getting down to business, I called you here because I have just one question about last week.

Bischoff starts to move around the room to a second door.

Jonathan Coachman: Ummmm, sure boss.

Bischoff reaches out to the door handle.

Eric Bischoff: Okay, ‘Coach’ … who are these guys?

Bischoff opens the door, and in a closet we see five men, dressed in matching green and white tracksuit pants/singlets, jumping up and down and shouting what just comes out as white noise. Bischoff looks at them, shuts the door, then looks back at ‘Coach’.

Eric Bischoff: Well?

Jonathan Coachman: Um … could you show me who they are again?

Eric Bischoff: Okay …

Bischoff opens the door and again we get the five idiots jumping up and down, prompting Bischoff to slam the door shut again.

Jonathan Coachman: Oh right, that’s …

The door bursts open and all of a sudden we get the five young men jumping into the room!

???: KENNY!

???: MIKEY!

???: JAYDEN!

???: NICKY!

???: MITCH!


The five men now bounce around like idiots again, shouting anything and everything that comes to their mind.

Jonathan Coachman: Eric Bischoff, meet Kenny Doane, Mikey Mondo, Jayden Jett, Nicky Nemmeth and Mitch Mitchell … the Spirit Squad!

The five men bounce around like idiots as Bischoff looks skeptically on (sidenote: Yes, Jayden Jett is Johnny Jeter of Spirit Squad and battle royal match after the Spirit Squad broke up Hall of Fame”).

Jonathan Coachman: Trust me, these are five of the hottest rookies in the world, and signing them was an opportunity I just couldn’t pass up.

Eric Bischoff: But … but they’re cheerleaders!

Some might consider that a barb, but not the Spirit Squad. If anything, it makes them bounce around even more enthusiastically!

Jonathan Coachman: Trust me, they’ll be great.

Eric Bischoff: I dunno, ‘Coach’, I mean …

Kenny Doane: Mr. Bischoff!

Bischoff seems somewhat surprised to be interrupted as he looks up at Kenny.

Eric Bischoff: Yes … Kenny.

Kenny Doane: Mr. Bischoff, we are here to serve …

All: YOU!

Kenny Doane: In fact, we even made a chant about you!

All: Yeah!

The five men stop goofing around and suddenly step up in a formation of two at the front, three at the back. They then begin.

Kenny Doane: Ready? One two three four!

All: Mr. Bischoff! Mr. Bischoff!
Welcome back to Monday Night RAW
You missed last week but there’s no need to fear
For a suitable replacement was already here
‘The Coach’~! ‘The Coach’~!
But now you’re back we’re glad to say
And you get to meet us on our very first day
The Spirit Squad~! The Spirit Squad~!
Here to serve the finest boss
Without him here RAW would be lost
Mr. Bischoff~! Mr. Bischoff~!
Once again
Mr. Bischoff~! Mr. Bischoff~!

The five idiots now bounce around again like, well, idiots amazingly enough. Bischoff meanwhile smirks in amusement.

Eric Bischoff: Well ‘Coach’, what can I say? Are they good?

Jonathan Coachman: The best, sir.


Eric Bischoff: Right, well, I’ll leave you to get back to your post, and I’ll … I’ll make sure your Spirit Squad gets taken care of.

All: Bye ‘Coach’!

’Coach’ smiles and leaves the room … as Mr. McMahon walks past in a tanktop to show off his hulking physique, accompanied by his son Shane McMahon, who wears one of his custom baseball jerseys.

Mr. McMahon: Ah, the Spirit Squad! It’s good to see you here gentlemen. I trust that Mr. Bischoff is taking care of you.

Kenny Doane: Very well, sir.

Mr. McMahon: That’s what I want to hear. If you don’t mind gentlemen, I’d like a word with Mr. Bischoff right now, but wait outside for me, because I may have a job for you.

Kenny Doane: Yes sir.

The Spirit Squad leaves the room as now Vince turns to Bischoff.

Mr. McMahon: Eric! Good to see you back here and healthy.

Eric Bischoff: It’s good to be back, sir.

Mr. McMahon: I’d trust it is, and I have to say, congratulations on your return. We missed you here last week, but that week off, it seems to have done you some good. I mean, at the start of the show when you came out and you showed the superstars of RAW, your superstars, now that was impressive. I can only hope that you can that up.

Eric Bischoff: It felt good, sir.

Mr. McMahon: I’ll bet it did. Trust me, I know the feeling. To put your employees in place, down where they belong … there’s no better feeling in the world. As a matter of fact, that’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight to Shawn Michaels. I trust you’ll be watching, Eric?

Eric Bischoff: Of course.

Mr. McMahon: Good, because tonight, I’m going to set you an example for years to come, when I crush not just the spirit of Shawn Michaels, but also his spirit with my twenty inch pythons.

The crowd boos as McMahon flexes his biceps.

Mr. McMahon: And then this Saturday night, at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, my son Shane here is going to both finish the job, and finish Shawn Michaels’ career.

Big heat from the crowd.

Mr. McMahon: You might even say that over the next week, the chances of Shawn Michaels’ surviving … well, he has no chance … IN HELLLLL!

The crowd boos as Vince’s eyes shine, an evil look in them.

Mr. McMahon: It was good to see you, Eric.

And with that, Mr. McMahon turns on his heel and leaves Eric Bischoff in his office alone. Meanwhile we cut away to another room backstage, this time the locker-room in which the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair is seated, looking very classy in a suit, title by his side, with Chavo Guerrero standing in front of him. The two remain silent for a minute, the situation seeming very awkward, until Chavo pipes up.

Chavo Guerrero: Look, Ric, you’ve been quiet all week, man. You’re gonna have to tell me what’s on your mind eventually.

Flair looks at his feet, remaining silent.

Chavo Guerrero: Look Ric, if it’s about last week, I’m sorry. You know how much I wanted to win, man. How much I wanted to be a champion. And if you’re disappointed with what happened, then I’m sorry, but I promise if we get another shot at the tag titles, we’ll do better. We’ll win.

Flair takes a moment, then looks up at Chavo and smiles.

Ric Flair: Chavo, trust me. You did nothing wrong. I know how much it would mean to you to be a champion, so I’ll tell ya’ what. When I go out there later tonight, I’m goin’ to tell the whole world what’s in my mind. And I want you to listen to. Okay?

Chavo smiles.

Chavo Guerrero: Okay.

Ric Flair: That’s what I wanted to hear. Now if you’ll excuse me …

Flair gets up to his feet.

Ric Flair: I’m gonna go get ready.

Chavo Guerrero: You got it, Ric.

Flair moves from the view of the camera, leaving Chavo to smile on at him. Meanwhile we cut back to ringside to hear …


The crowd gives some moderate heat as out from the back come the former members of JBL’s Cabinet, The Basham Brothers. Set for their RAW debut, the duo have nerves of steel, looking as cool as two cucumbers (which I guess works since they’re both bald too) as they raise their arms into the air at the top of the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: The following tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Columbus, Ohio, weighing 485 lbs, Doug and Danny, The Basham Brothers!

Joey Styles: We’ll hear from Ric Flair in a moment, ‘King’, but up now we will see the RAW debut of these two men, The Basham Brothers, as they go up against Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin in what we’re told will be the last time we ever see Haas and Benjamin team up.

Jerry Lawler: It’s such a shame too, because those two young men work so well together, even when not intending to. The Basham Brothers have been assaulting them for the last two weeks though, and now they’ve got their chance to make their names on RAW here tonight.

The Basham Brothers quickly walk down the ramp, psyching themselves up for action as they climb up into the ring to await their opponents.


The crowd gives a respectable pop as Charlie Haas bounces up onto the stage, fired up for action as he shouts out to the crowd. Wearing his combination of both a blue and white jacket and blue and white tights, Haas looks ready to go tonight.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 248 lbs, Charlie Haas!

Joey Styles: Ever since Charlie Haas returned to the WWE a few months ago he has been undefeated both in singles and tag team action, but during that time he has been more worried about trying to get the band back together so to speak and rejoin with former partner, Shelton Benjamin. Shelton hasn’t been so receptive to the idea and seems to see himself as better than Haas, so we’re told this is the last time they’re teaming up. No doubt young Charlie will want to go out with a bang.

Jerry Lawler: Charlie Haas will have no problems out on his own. You saw it when he fist came to the WWE three years ago, and since his return it has been even more obvious that this guy has a big future, even if it’s in the singles ranks and not as a tag wrestler.

Weary of the tactics of The Basham Brothers over the past few weeks, Haas stops at the foot of the ramp rather than climbing straight into the ring and chooses to wait for his partner.


The crowd gives another decent cheer as out from the back comes Shelton Benjamin. Nowhere near as energetic as Haas, Benjamin walks straight down the ramp, his eyes focused on the ring where his opponents for the night stand.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Orangeburg, North Carolina, weighing 245 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!

Joey Styles: Up until Charlie Haas came back along, Shelton Benjamin had been on the biggest losing streak of his career, spanning over well over three months. Now that these two are on their last night as a team, can Benjamin continue the undefeated run he’s had teaming with Haas, or will he go back to his losing ways?

Jerry Lawler: ‘J.R.’ used to say Shelton Benjamin was the greatest athlete in all of the WWE, and he always has been. Shelton just took that one wrong turn somewhere, and it’s cost him. Personally, I think Shelton is better off with Charlie than against him, but Shelton obviously thinks different.

The crowd cheers as Benjamin reaches the foot of the ramp and nods at his partner, with the duo climbing up into the ring together … and they immediately get jumped by The Basham Brothers to kickstart the match!

Match Three ~ Tag Team Match:
The Basham Brothers vs. Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin

The Basham Brothers begin the match in much the same way that they’ve acted the past few weeks, showing they’re eager to make an impact as they just flat out assault Haas & Benjamin, not allowing them to even get started. The cool and calm Basham Brothers take their men to opposite corners, hammering away on them with right hands and boots, attempting to wear them down before they turn and nod at each other, then charge off to the other’s man corner at their foes … but both Haas & Benjamin get a boot up to meet Basham jaw! The crowd cheers as Charlie & Shelton quickly scoot on up to the second rope … then come off with synchronized missile dropkick!

The crowd cheers with both members of the Bashams down, allowing Haas and Benjamin to catch sight of each other, causing a nervous nod between the two … and the brothers Basham take advantage of this, both charging in and hammering their opposition down with a clubbing forearm to the back of the head! The tam formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team falls in a heap, and The Basham Brothers look to take advantage, stomping away on Shelton a bit, before lifting Charlie Haas up and throwing him from the ring. The duo then go back towards Shelton and lift him up, pushing him back into the corner where they effectively try to punch his lights out, just plain smashing his skull with their unforgiving right fists. The referee looks to try to gain some sort of control on the match, telling one of The Basham Brothers to get out of the ring, but they don’t listen, instead dragging Benji along the ropes to send him off with an Irish whip, then catching him with a huge double elbow on the rebound!

Perhaps by luck, Benjamin staggers back to his feet leaning against the ropes … and deciding to play by the rules is Charlie Haas, who makes the blind tag in! Haas climbs into the ring and instantly ducks a double clothesline attempt from the bald duo, running off to the ropes, then coming back with a crunching clothesline on either side, taking both Bashams down! The crowd cheers as Doug gets up first, only to get sent down by a big right from Haas! Danny is the next up and he cops the same treatment, then Doug, then Danny, then Doug, then Danny, then Doug, then Danny! The crowd cheers as Haas roars in intensity, grabbing Doug by the skull and disposing of him from the ring, throwing him up and over the top rope … BEFORE TURNING WITH A HUGE DISCUS CLOTHESLINE TO DANNY! The crowd erupts as Haas makes the cover … two!

The crowd cheers as the Haasinator gets back up to his feet and grabs Danny by the head in the process, dragging him across to the corner to tag in Shelton Benjamin. Haas holds Danny, looking to execute maybe a bit of teamwork with Shelton, but Benji shows they’re not totally on the same page as he instead takes Danny away from Haas and pushes him back into the corner with some big right hands, leaving Charlie to look a little bit disappointed. Benjamin, though, is far from disappointed as he winds up big time, damn near knocking some teeth of Danny out until the referee finally forces a break. After a brief break Shelton moves back in and looks to grab Danny … but Basham comes up with a jawbreaker, looking for some time and separation … and Benji backs right into the ropes where Doug snaps the back off his neck off the top rope with a reverse hotshot!

The crowd boos, but of course the referee didn’t see the interference as he was more concerned about Danny. Seeing Benjamin down, Danny charges in and drops a quick elbow on Benjamin, beginning what would be a mauling style of offense from the Bashams who decide it is better to be effective than pretty. While the tactic isn’t exactly crowd pleasing, it does the job as The Basham Brothers actually get quite a lot of time to smother Benjamin, taking up several minutes. They put out a few spotfires along the way where it looks like Benji may be making a comeback, but ultimately they look to be getting the job done. Charlie Haas senses this, and after breaking a few pinfall attempts up, he tries to motivate Shelton with some encouraging words, despite their strained relationship. The tactic actually gets the temporary tandem some success too, distracting Danny Basham, leaving him to turn into a series of right hands from Shelton. Shelton looks set to make a comeback, but Danny sees otherwise, grabbing Benjamin in a sleeper hold as he looks to gain some momentum by springing back off the ropes.

Shelton begins to fade, but again Charlie claps him on from the apron, and again it is able to motivate Benjamin in getting back to his feet and pushing Danny off, then ducking a clothesline attempt from him and nailing a back suplex! The crowd cheers, then joins Haas in encouraging his partner as he gets closer and closer to the corner … and just as Danny tags in Doug … Shelton tags in Charlie! The crowd cheers as Charlie rushes in like a Haas on fire and sprays Doug with some heavy right hands, backing him all of the way back up against the ropes, then sending him off with an Irish whip and scoring with a clothesline that sends Doug down … and a second … and a third … then an amazingly quick double leg into a back body drop throw!

The crowd cheers as Doug gets back to his feet and Haas rushes up behind him … then catches him with a devastating back suplex! Haas looks to go for the cover, but out of the corner of his eye he sees Danny Basham charging at him, prompting at him to turn to face him, then send him flying with a beautiful belly to belly suplex! The crowd cheers as Haas turns to see Doug getting up … ANOTHER suplex, this time belly to belly again! Haas is dominating! Haas gets up and roars with intensity, then looks to take advantage of his moment by grabbing Doug by the legs … POSSIBLY LOOKING FOR THE HAAS OF PAIN … BUT DOUG SCRAMBLES TO THE ROPES BEFORE HAAS CAN LOCK IT IN!

The crowd boos as Haas gets back to his feet, then looks to pick Doug up, only for Doug to rake Haas’ eyes, forcing him back as he holds his eyes … AND DANNY COMES FROM NOWHERE WITH A BEAUTIFUL LEG LARIAT! The crowd boos as Doug scrambles over the cover … Shelton breaks it up at two! The crowd cheers as Danny rushes over to Shelton and looks to take advantage of a sneak attack … but Shelton grabs Danny for a T-Bone Suplex … THEN THROWS HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH IT! Shelton then turns … SUPERKICK TO DOUG, SENDING HIM ONTO JELLYLEGS … GERMAN SUPLEX! HAAS NAILS THE GERMAN SUPLEX! Haas makes the cover … and scores the three!

Winners: Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin via pinfall @ 8:45


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin!

The crowd cheers as Haas gets back to his feet to join Benjamin in having his hand raised, drawing some generous applause from the crowd.

Joey Styles: Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin go out on a high note as a team, defeating The Basham Brothers, although after seeing that it reminds you what a shame it is that these two men won’t be taming up again after tonight.

Jerry Lawler: You can say that again. Even when they aren’t quite on the same page, there’s just something about them, this quality that tells you they’re something special. It helps that they’re both very talented of course!

The duo stand in the ring together, both nodding in approval following the victory towards one another. The referee has left the scene and it leaves only the old teammates, who still look a bit awkward around each other … and things only get more awkward for Shelton when Charlie extends his hand. The crowd cheers as Shelton looks around, looking ready to say goodbye to Charlie like a man, when suddenly …

???: Hold it, hold it, hold it!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Haas & Benjamin look up to the stage confused where they now see Eric Bischoff standing with a mic in hand.

Eric Bischoff: First of all, gentlemen, heck of a performance right there. Really, it was great. So great, even, that I’ve had a change of heart.

Haas & Benjamin screw their faces up and yell out to Bischoff, asking him what he’s talking about.

Eric Bischoff: I’ve come to a decision, and I’m out here to make an announcement. We all saw earlier that our World Tag Team Champions, Kane and the Big Show, well, they dominated their competition. And to me, that’s not a good thing. Y’see here on Monday Night RAW … MY Monday Night RAW …

Another mixed reaction for this with the crowd not quite reacting to Bischoff in the same way that they did earlier.

Eric Bischoff: My Monday Night RAW is all about competition. And what kind of competition is it if, as I head ‘King’ say earlier, Kane and the Big Show are “head and shoulders above the rest”? So here’s what I’m going to do. There’s a little show coming up called WrestleMania 22 – you may have heard of it. Now at WrestleMania, I want the best and brightest of RAW to be featured, and that means I want champions to be on the show. That means for the tag division, that I want Kane and the Big Show on the show. Now the only problem is that they don’t have any challengers. They had Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero, but they already beat them.

Small reaction from the crowd as Bischoff pauses slightly.

Eric Bischoff: So in the interest of keeping things interesting and finding some true competition for Kane and the Big Show, here’s what I’m going to do.

Bischoff gives a slight pause.

Eric Bischoff: This Saturday night, at the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, we’re going to have four of the finest teams RAW has to offer, competing for the right to challenge Kane and the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22. It’ll be The Redneck Wrecking Crew …

Heat as Bischoff pauses for effect.

Eric Bischoff: vs. V-Squared …

Small pop.

Eric Bischoff: vs. The Basham Brothers …

A decent amount of heat, as Bischoff now begings to smile.

Eric Bischoff: vs. The World’s Greatest Tag Team!

The crowd gives a nice reaction as Haas & Benjamin look shocked in the ring.

Eric Bischoff: Gentlemen … good luck.


The crowd gives continues to buzz as Bischoff’s music plays, and Haas & Benjamin, now supposedly back together as The World’s Greatest Tag Team, look on from the ring, Benjamin looking pissed off, Haas looking just plain shocked.

Joey Styles: Oh my god! Are … are The World’s Greatest Tag Team back together?

Jerry Lawler: It would seem that way, Joey, though I don’t think it’s by choice.

Haas & Benjamin continue to stand in the ring, surprised and angry respectively as we go to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the ad break not at ringside, but rather in the backstage interview area, where the jaw-dropping Maria stands, microphone in hand.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Kurt Angle!

The crowd roars in approval as Kurt Angle steps into view, breathing heavily.

Maria: Kurt, earlier tonight we heard …

Kurt Angle: Do you think I’m stupid, Maria? Huh? Do ya’? I heard what was said earlier. I heard Eric Bischoff, I heard Edge, and I heard John Cena. And I guess you wanna know how I feel about all of this?

Maria nods

Kurt Angle: Well Maria, I guess you could say that I feel like I wanna kick some ass!

Pop from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: Edge, you think you can get away with whgat you did to me? You think you can get away with jumpin’ me from behind? Well lemme tell you somethin’, Edge. I’m Kurt freakin’ Angle. No one gets away with jumpin’ me from behind, especially when it means costing me the WWE Title.

Another pop from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: I don’t care who you pick tonight, Edge. You could pick god himself and I still wouldn’t care. Tonight I’m gonna go out there, and I’m gonna kick your ass!

Major pop.

Kurt Angle: But if you think that’s the end of it then you’re wrong. You’re dead wrong. Tonight’s just a preview. Tonight is just a preview of what I’m gonna do to you when I get my hands on you, one on one at WrestleMania. You may have thought that by costing me the Rumble that you saved yourself. But all you did was make it that much worse. Before … before, sure, I didn’t like you. You came in the back door and stole the WWE Title after I had worked for it for so long. But now that you’ve tried to sneak your way past me, now that you beat me until I was bloody mess … … … you’ve made it so much worse. Because now, you’re not just dealing with Kurt Angle. No, you’re dealing with one pissed off Olympic gold medalist.

The crowd gives a big pop.

Kurt Angle: I spent years amateur wrestling and hurting people because I thought it was fun. But Edge, what am I going to do to you now that you’ve pissed me off too?

The crowd cheers.

Kurt Angle: And Cena, don’t think I’ve forgotten about you. Like you said earlier, yeah, I’ll work with you tonight. But that’s not ‘cause I like you. It’s because I want to kick Edge’s ass. But once I’m done doin’ that, I’m comin’ for you, this Saturday, and don’t you dare think that this one’s going to end up like the last few, because I promise you, it’s not. You bring the fight Cena, and I’ll snap your ankle and send you back cryin’ to the streets like the little bitch that you are. Oh it’s true. It’s damn true.

The crowd cheers as Angle walks from view and we cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, and what a show we’ve still got to come. We’ve been joined back here by ‘The Coach’ at ringside, and still to come tonight we’ve got Kurt Angle and John Cena vs. Edge and a partner of his choosing, along with our main event, Shawn Michaels taking on the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon.



The crowd erupts into a huge pop as the infamous music hits, prompting cries of “Wooooooo~!” from the crowd as none other than the legend himself, ‘The Nature Boy’ and Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair makes his way out onto the stage wearing a stylish suit, title placed delicately on his shoulder.

Joey Styles: As we saw earlier tonight, Kurt Angle is intent on revenge on the WWE Champion Edge, but folks, another champion who seems to have had something on his mind, as we’ve been told, for this whole week, is this man, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair. Could his failure to capture the World Tag Team Titles with Chavo against Kane and Big Show be weighing on his mind?

Jonathan Coachman: It definitely is, Joe. Ric Flair ain’t what he used to be, and he’s starting to notice it. For years Triple H hid Flair’s flaws, but now that both Flair and Hunter have gone out on their own, their individual flaws have become more and more obvious.

Jerry Lawler: Take this from a guy who has actually wrestled before, ‘Coach’. Ric Flair is one of the best in the world, and he will always know his limitations. He’s not just realising now what he can and can’t do. He’s known his whole career, and that’s part of what has made Ric Flair as good as he has been.

Flair continues on his merry way to the ring, which he climbs up into when he reaches it to receive a microphone. Flair doesn’t rush into anything, taking his time as he stands in the middle of the ring with the microphone.

Ric Flair: Thank you.

The crowd continues to clap Flair as he waits, with many members of the front row bowing before his greatness.

Ric Flair: Thirty-four years. [Thirty[/I]-four years. That’s how long I’ve been in this business. Thirty-four long years. It’s a long time, isn’t it? Professional wrestling, it’s been my life. My whole adult life has been dedicated to this. Twenty-four hours a day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year for thirty-four years, this has been my life. Maybe it’s because I don’t know anything else, or maybe it’s ‘cause every time I walk down that aisle, I get the very same rush as when I did it for the very first time. I dunno.

Flair smiles and laughs his little laugh to himself.

Ric Flair: What I do know is that over that time, over that thirty-one years, I have dedicated every waking moment to this business. This business, it means the world to me. It’s not just a job. Ask the guys in the back, and they’ll tell you it’s more than a job. For me, it’s a life. Professional wrestling is my life. Has been my whole career.

Flair again laughs his little nervous laugh as the crowd gives a little cheer.

Ric Flair: The only time … the only time through my whole career, that I’ve walked away, that I’ve taken a step back, was thirty years ago when I broke my back. The doctors, they told me I’d never wrestle again. And at the time, I couldn’t. I had to take a step back. But you better believe, that whole time I spent off, that whole time, I was just thinkin’ about comin’ back, I was thinkin’ about professional wrestlin’, and I came back. I came back better than ever. That was thirty years ago. And here I stand today, still in this business in the middle of the this very ring. My point is that I’ve been in this business a helluva long time, and I’ve dedicated myself to it. Like I said, this is my life. Professional wrestling is all I know, and I’d like to think I know a lot about it.

The crowd cheers respectfully for Flair as he pauses slowly.

Ric Flair: I’d like to think that after thirty-four years, sixteen world titles, United States Titles, tag team titles, more titles than I you can count, that I’ve learnt a lot about this business. That I’ve learnt how to be a champion. That I know what it takes to be the very best. Truly, deep down, I’d like to think that. But then I think back to a more recent time. I think back to the past couple of weeks. I think back … to last week.

Flair pauses as the crowd remains silent for now, waiting for what Flair has to say.

Ric Flair: I sure you all remember back to last week. Me and my good friend, Chavo Guerrero, the carrier of the Guerrero legacy challenging Kane and the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles. We put up a heck of an effort, but in the end, we came up short. Now make no mistake about it, this was no fault of Chavo. Trust me, I’ve teamed with the best. Arn Anderson, Ole Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels and Triple H. I’ve teamed with all of ‘em! All of ‘em, masters of their craft! And Chavo, he isn’t far behind any of ‘em. He’s a heck of a talent himself. But still, we came up short. Kane and Big Show, they were the better team on the night. I’ve got no bones about that. But what last week did, was it made me think. It made me think about myself. Because y’see Kane and Big Show, they were willing to defend their titles against us. They accepted the challenge. They were fighting champions, and I respect that.

Flair again pauses a bit, the crowd still remaining silent.

Ric Flair: I respect that because I know what it means to be a champion. Like I said before, sixteen world titles. Sixteen. Never has anyone held more world titles. I know what it means to be a champion, and I know how hard it is to be a fighting champion. So I respected what Kane and Big Show did for me an’ Chavo in givin’ us a shot. But then, like I said before, I thought about myself, and how I had acted over the past few weeks, over the past few months, and I realised something.

Again, a slight pause from Flair.

Ric Flair: Four months ago, I won this Intercontinental Championship for the very first time in my career. The very first.

Respectful cheer from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Winning this title, it meant the world to me. I had held ‘em all. World titles, United States Titles and tag titles. Al of ‘em, except the Intercontinental Title. So when I won the Intercontinental Title last year, when I proved that I could still go, that I still had it, it was one of the greatest moments in my career! It was like the day that space mountain opened up for the very first time!

The crowd pops as Flair pauses.

Ric Flair: The one title that had eluded me my whole career, mine! But now, just four months later, last week, this title, I treated it like an afterthought. I treated it like it didn’t matter, like it was just an accessory to ‘The Nature Boy’. Well I came out here tonight to say that isn’t the case!

The crowd cheers.

Ric Flair: After seeing the example set by Kane. After seeing the example set by the Big Show, and thinking back to everything I learnt, to every title I had won, I realised that it was high time that I started acting like the champion that I am.

Flair clutches at the title as the crowd cheers.

Ric Flair: Many greats have held this title. Guys like Triple H, The Rock, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They’ve all held this title. And I’m willing to bet there’s a helluva a lotta guys in the back right now that want to too, which is why from now on, I’m gonna start giving you that chance. I’m out here tonight to announce that I’m gonna be a fighting champion!

The crowd gives a good pop.

Ric Flair: And it’s all gonna start next week, when I defend this title against my friend, Chavo Guerrero!

Another pop from the crowd.

Ric Flair: I arranged the match with Bischoff, and it’s on. And I hope, that it is the very first of many title defences, because I plan on making this title more important than the WWE and World Heavyweight Titles put together! Forget about the Clash of the Champions between the WWE Champion and the World Heavyweight Champion at Saturday Night’s Main Event! The next time they put on a Clash of the Champions, it’s gonna be the jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ Intercontinental Champion, ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair against any champ they throw at me! Woooooo!


Ric Flair: This title, this is where it’s at! This is the title that everyone wants, and this …



The crowd reacts with surprise at first, before giving some pretty good heat as Gregory Helms steps out onto the stage, microphone in hand. Helms takes no time in speaking, as he begins while he walks down the ramp.

Gregory Helms: Oh bravo. Bravo! After four months of holdin’ the Intercontinental Title, Ric Flair is finally gonna act like a champion. Hallelujah!

The crowd boos as Gregory starts to walk up the steel steps.

Gregory Helms: I mean really Ric? What did you expect? Someone to come out here and praise you for not defendin’ your title for four months? Did ya’ think someone was actually gonna say “Hey, good job, champ”? ‘Cause if ya’ did, Flair, you must be older than you look, and I already thought you were pushin’ the century.

The crowd continues to boo as Helms has now climbed between the ropes and stands right in front of Ric Flair.

Gregory Helms: Really, as lovely as it’s been to hear the memoirs of Ric Flair here tonight, I think … now, I know that I speak for not just everyone out here in the crowd tonight, but I also speak for all of the guys in the back.

The crowd boos as Helms continues to try to “represent” them.

Gregory Helms: After seein’ you come out here tonight, I just can’t wait to see you defend that title. And neither can these people. They wanna see you defend it, Ric.

The crowd cheers, actually agreeing with Helms for once.

Gregory Helms: They wanna see you, ‘The Nature Boy’, walk that aisle and defend the Intercontinental Title!

Another cheer from the crowd.

Gregory Helms: So that when you do try to defend that title, they can also see you lose it.

The crowd of course boos now as Helms stands confidently before Flair.

Gregory Helms: What was it you said, Ric? Sixteen time world champion? Sixteen time world champion. That’s a helluva lot of titles, isn’t it? But y’know, when I hear sixteen time world champion, I don’t think of the sixteen times you won the world title. I don’t think of the sixteen times you beat someone. No, I think ‘The Nature Boy’ Ric Flair … sixteen time loser.

More heat for Helms as Flair starts to go bright red.

Gregory Helms: Face it. The only reason you haven’t defended your titles in ages, champ, is ‘cause the moment you defend your title, you just know that you’re gonna lose it, just like you lost those sixteen world titles.

More heat as Flair gets angrier and angirier, his eyes now bulging.

Gregory Helms: In fact, the only reason you chose your friend Chavo is probably ‘cause he’s gonna take it easy on you, isn’t it champ?

Helms smirks away, happy with himself and what he’s had to say. Flair though has had enough.

Ric Flair: Do you think you’re funny? Is this some kind of joke to you? Listen to me, kid, you have no right, NO RIGHT to come out here and talk to me like that!

Pop from the crowd for Flair standing up for himself.

Ric Flair: Yeah, I’m a sixteen time world champion. I’ve lost the championship sixteen times. But tell me, how many heavyweight singles titles have you won? Huh, how many? I can’t even remember one!

The crowd continues to cheer Flair.

Ric Flair: The reason I chose Chavo is because he deserves it! Chavo doesn’t whine, he doesn’t complain. He just sticks his head down and works, and that’s why I like Chavo. That’s why a guy like Chavo could be a future world champion! That’s why a guy like Chavo deserves a title match! And that’s why a guy like you will NEVER win a title!

The crowd cheers as Flair strips off his jacket and throws it to the mat, breathing heavily as he stares at Helms.

Gregory Helms: You think I’ll never win a title? Fine then, how ‘bout you forget about Chavo and you defend that title next week against me?

Heat from the crowd, who aren’t interested in the proposal.

Ric Flair: I’ll give you a title match when you do something to EARN a title match.

The crowd pops.

Gregory Helms: Oh yeah? How ‘bout this?


The crowd boos as Gregory Helms stands up and looks to grab the Intercontinental Title which lays on the mat … but suddenly the crowd cheers … and Chavo Guerrero comes charging down the ramp! Seeing the threat, Gregory immediately rolls from the ring and gets out of dodge, leaving the title in the ring. Chavo yells abuse at a smirking Helms, before going down to tend to Flair.

Joey Styles: Sick … absolutely … sick.

Jonathan Coachman: I think the word you’re lookin’ for there is “great”, Joe.

Jerry Lawler: ‘Coach’, as big a fan of Helms as you are, you have to admit that just wasn’t called for.

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, it’s called sending a statement, and that’s exactly what Gregory Helms did. Let’s see Ric Flair deny him of a title match now.

Joey Styles: Regardless of what that was, folks, we’re off to a break, but after the break Kurt Angle and John Cena take on the WWE Champion Edge, and a partner of his choosing. That’s when we return.

And we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*


We now cut to a video package, which begins with the image of a road that we are slowly moving along, Mark Henry hitting The World’s Strongest Slam on Rey Mysterio.

Narrator: The journey is almost complete.

We are now suddenly back on that road, which we are starting to pick up some pace as we go along, before we cut off to see Kurt Angle hitting Edge with the Angle Slam.

Narrator: The traveling, almost done.

We continue to move down the road, this time getting even faster, before seeing Randy Orton hitting the RKO on The Undertaker.

Narrator: The destination ... is there.

We see the WrestleMania 22 logo in the distance as we continue to speed closer and closer towards it, the logo becoming even larger as we now enter the streets of Chicago ... before coming to a screeching halt.

Narrator: But before we get there, we have just one more trip, down memory lane.

We see a street sign with the words on it ‘Memory Lane’, while images of Hulk Hogan hitting the Atomic Leg Drop on Andre The Giant, the Hulkster battling with Paul Orndorff, and Andre The Giant now standing tall over Hogan.

Narrator: Join the superstars of the WWE, as we bring back a tradition from the forefathers of this company.

The images now fade away to be replaced by the Saturday Night’s Main Event logo.



We return from that video to be in the arena and instantly hear the sound of …


The crowd comes alive for the second time of the night with a monstrous pop as Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage. The obviously angry Angle marches his way out onto the top of the ramp, stopping to throw his arms up in the air as an array of red, white and blue pyrotechnics sound off behind him.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, Kurt Angle!

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW. We can now confirm that Ric Flair has been taken away to a medical facility here in Washington D.C., but at this stage he appears as if he’s going to be okay.

Jerry Lawler: That was a disgusting attack by Gregory Helms. Disgusting.

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, I didn’t hear you guys calling it disgusting when this man Kurt Angle tried to assault our WWE Champion earlier in the show.

Angle makes his way down the rest of the ramp and climbs up into the ring, circling it like a lion waitinf ro his prey as we hear …


As you would expect, the crowd explodes into a huge mixed reaction of mostly cheers, which only heightens when the man himself, the former champ John Cena runs out onto the stage. Cena looks around, then nods his head before walking down the ramp.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from West Newbury, Massachusetts, weighing 245 lbs, John Cena!

Joey Styles: Edge deserves whatever he gets from Angle after what he did at the Royal Rumble, although tonight I don’t think Angle is the only one who wants to get his hands on Edge.

Jerry Lawler: Well Edge tried to make John Cena the scapegoat for his actions back at the Royal Rumble, and John took that as a personal insult, so tonight Edge had better watch himself.

Jonathan Coachman: What you’re forgetting, gentlemen, is that in five days time, these guys are going to be fighting each other for the chance to challenge Edge for the WWE Title at WrestleMania. Can they coexist with that match so close and the hatred they already have for one another? I don’t think so.

Cena makes his way down into the ring and slides in to join Kurt Angle, when we hear …



Just as they did earlier in the night, the crowd gives some spectacular heat as out from the smoke at the top of the stage emerges the WWE Champion, Edge, along with his loved one, Lita. The crowd boos the arrival of the champ, but he doesn’t care, instead looking more worried at the two men who wait for him in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, first, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing 245 lbs, he is the WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’, Edge!

Joey Styles: You’re exactly right when you say we didn’t complain about Angle going after Edge earlier tonight, but ‘Coach’, you have to remember that Angle has been provoked by Edge costing him the Royal Rumble Match – the match which Angle had dedicated himself to, and probably would have won had it not been for Edge.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s just the way it goes sometimes, Joe. The real question here though is did Edge find a partner?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know if there’s anyone in the back who would want to team with Edge against Kurt Angle and John Cena.

We wait for a moment, Edge standing on the ramp with Litsa, before we hear …


The crowd gives some pretty good heat as Edge smiles on the ramp, and out from the back emerges Kurt Angle’s former manager, Daivari. Making his first appearance since being Angle Slammed by Angle, Daivari looks intently down at the ring, not taking his eyes off Kurt Angle.

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Detroit, Michigan, weighing 205 lbs, Daivari!

Joey Styles: Well this is certainly a surprise. The last time we saw Daivari was when he was hit with the Angle Slam by an irate Kurt Angle a month or so ago back when Daivari was Kurt Angle’s manager. Now we knew Daivari could also wrestle, but could he be out of his depth here with Kurt Angle and John Cena?

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know, but I do know that if Edge wanted to find anyone who perhaps dislikes Kurt Angle as much as he does, I don’t think he could have done it.

Jonathan Coachman: That’s exactly right, ‘King’. Daivari will do fine ‘cause like Edge, he wants to get his hands on Angle and show him that Angle can’t just run around doin’ whatever he likes.

Joey Styles: I’m not so sure Edge wants to get his hands on Kurt Angle so much as Kurt Angle wants to get his hands on Edge, ‘Coach’.

The unlikely pairing walk down the ramp and climb up into the ring, Edge showing off his WWE Title, while Daivari throws his arms out to the side, praying to Allah.

Match Four ~ Tag Team Match:
Kurt Angle & John Cena vs. WWE Champion Edge & Daivari w/Lita

Kurt Angle is happy to start the match for his team as he opposes Daivari, who stands tall at the other side of the ring. Unhappy with Edge chickening out onto the apron, Angle demands that Daivari tag Edge in, but Daivari refuses, clearly angry at Angle over being unceremoniously being dumped by him a month or so ago. Angle spends a few more moments mouthing off at Edge, before he begins to circle around the ring with Daivari … AND THEN NAILS EDGE WITH A RIGHT WHEN HE GETS TO HIS SIDE OF THE RING! The crowd erupts as Angle spits down at Edge, who is fallen at ringside … but Daivari rushes Angle from behind and pushes him back into the corner with a quick series of kicks to the midsection! Daivari continues to hammer away on Angle in the corner, letting loose with a fury of right hand punches until the referee finally backs him out of the corner. Still unhappy, Daivari yells at Angle in Arab … THEN HAS THE AUDACITY TO SPIT ON KURT ANGLE! The crowd can’t believe it, initially falling silent … BEFORE GIVING A HUGE POP AS ANGLE LUNGES FORWARD AND TAKES DAIVARI DOWN WITH A DOUBLE LEG! Angle rains down with fists on Daivari, his arms swinging everywhere until the referee finally forces him to roll off.

The two climb back up and Angle instantly rocks Daivari with a huge European uppercut, sending him staggering back! Despite Daivari being staggered, Angle follows in with just as much vim and vigour the second time, striking Daivari with a second European uppercut that sends him all of the way back to the corner. ‘The Wrestling Machine’ follows Daivari in and begins to pound him with some massive right hands and boots, sending him down to a seated position until the referee again has to get himself involved. This allows Daivari some time to recover, and when Angle comes back, the native of Detroit wisely comes out with a thumb to the eye. With Angle’s vision impaired Daivari turns the tables, swinging Angle around in the corner and hitting him with some rights, before going for a boot … but Angle catches it! Angle drags Daivari to the centre of the ring by the leg … and takes his head off with a massive clothesline! The momentum takes Angle all of the way over to next to the ropes, so he goes to turn back to Daivari … when John Cena tags himself in!

The crowd erupts into a mixed reaction as Angle so eloquently asks Cena “What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Cena though, doesn’t care what Angle thinks, stepping through between the ropes … and Angle grabs him by the arm and gets in his face! The two opponents in five days time go nose to nose, looking ready to come to blows … and Daivari comes from behind and hits Cena in the side of the head, sending him into Angle, and Angle out through the ropes to the floor. With Cena now reeling Daivari looks to take advantage, nailing a few right hands on Cena before a headbutt that sends him staggering all of the way back to the corner that Edge occupies. Seeing Cena now in trouble, Edge realises that if there is ever an ideal time to climb into the ring with John Cena, this is it, thus he calls for and receives the tag from Daivari.

‘The Rated R Superstar’ climbs into the ring and instantly lets out all of his pent-up frustration on Cena, lambasting him with some huge right hands, hitting him time and time again until finally the referee forces Edge to back away. Edge though doesn’t give Cena much time, moving back in and instantly nailing a kick to the midsection to quell any thoughts of a comeback that Cena may have. ‘The Rated R Superstar’ then pulls Cena along the ropes to send him off with an Irish whip, before going for a clothesline on the rebound, but Cena manages to duck under it … and come back with a huge clothesline of his own! The crowd cheers as Edge goes down and Cena motions for him to get up, which he does to receive a kick to the midsection as Cena then runs off to the ropes … and comes back with the throwback, planting Edge’s face into the mat! The crowd cheers as Cena makes the cover … and gets a two count. Cena’s right back up, showing no frustration as he instead worries about going back to work on Edge, which he does when the WWE Champion gets up, blasting him with a few right hands, then kicking him in the midsection and whipping him into the corner hard. Having hit the turnbuckle with some considerable momentum, Edge comes off the corner holding his back, and Cena kicks him in the midsection and hooks him up for the fisherman suplex, but Edge slips out the back and pushes Cena off to the ropes … where he cops a knee to the back from Daivari on the apron! Cena staggers towards Edge … and gets taken down with a big clothesline!

With that momentum-shifting move, Daivari and Edge are able to take complete control of the match, dominating Cena for multiple minutes, mainly punishing him with a mixture of strikes and underhanded tactics. A slight reprieve for Cena looks to come when he fights back against Daivari in the corner, striking him with several rights, and then running off to the ropes, but Daivari strikes with a knee to the midsection, continuing the focus on the ribs of Cena that began when he kneed Cena on the apron. Despite being in a dire situation, Cena uses his never say die attitude to keep the match alive, refusing to quit, even when Edge uses his long legs to his advantage with a legscissors to the midsection of Cena, constricting his legs in around the former champ and damn near crushing his ribs. Cena though, in his own words, is a fighter, and he fights back to his feet. forcing Edge to change things up to a side headlock in the hope of keeping Cena down. Cena, however, is able to hit some right hands to the midsection, almost gaining freedom … and Edge rakes the eyes! The WWE Champion shows he has no problems with a little bit of cheating as he now makes the tag to Daivari, who comes in and looks to take advantage of a weakened Cena by going for a whip to the corner, but Cena reverses … and his natural power pays off as Daivari comes off the buckle with pain shooting from his back … and this time Cena is able to nail the fisherman suplex!

Both men are down and begin to crawl to their corners, looking to make the tag. Slowly but surely they inch closer and closer, looking, of course, to make the hot tag … and Cena gets to Angle … prompting Edge to not tag Daivari and instead tell him to turn around … which he does right into a big clothesline from Angle! Daivari gets up and gets met with a series of right hands that drive him back into the ropes, before being sent off with an Irish whip … and Angle nails a reverse elbow, sending Daivari down. Daivari gets up … and gets taken right back down with a clothesline … and up against … leading to him being thrown overhead with a massive belly to belly suplex! The crowd erupts as Daivari rolls around in pain, and Angle shits his attention all of sudden … TURNING AND THROWING EDGE INTO THE RING BY THE HAIR! The crowd erupts as Edge struggles back to his feet and Angle instantly moves in on him with a double leg, before smashing his face in with shot after shot of the lethal right! The crowd continues to go absolutely wild as Edge attempts to struggle free, but Angle continues to brutalise his foe until finally Daivari comes in and jumps on Angle, knocking him off Edge with a falling double axe handle.

Absolutely reeling, Edge rolls from the ring to the care of Lita at ringside, while in the ring Daivari starts to pick up Angle … and Angle suddenly goes behind him … German suplex! And Angle holds on … to nail a second … AND THEN A THIRD! ANGLE NAILS THE TRIFECTA! ‘The Olympic Hero’ gets up to his feet, shaking with intensity as he now jumps up and down on the spot and waits over Daivari, signaling for the end! Daivari groggily gets back to his feet … ANGLE SLAM … WAIT NO, DAIVARI SLIPS OUT AND PUSHES ANGLE INTO JOHN CENA WHO WAS CLIMBING UP ONTO THE APRON … THEN AS ANGLE TURNS DAIVARI STRIKES WITH A HUGE RUNNING KNEE LIFT TO THE JAW! Angle falls back to the corner to a seated position … and Daivari again charges in and hits a huge knee to the jaw! The crowd boos as Daivari backs away to his corner and raises his arms up to the side, happy with himself … WHEN EDGE MAKES THE BLIND TAG! Edge climbs into the ring and tells Daivari to leave … AND INSTANTLY CROUCHES DOWN FOR THE SPEAR! EDGE LIES IN WAIT, HAVING TAGGED HIMSELF IN WITH THE OPPORTUNITY TO NAIL THE SPEAR … ANGLE GETS UP … EDGE CHARGES AND LAUNCHES HIMSELF … RIGHT INTO A KICK TO THE JAW! EDGE LOOKS TO FALL BACK … BUT ANGLE MOVES QUICK AND NAILS THE ANGLE SLAM!

The crowd erupts as Angle roars back to his feet and throws down the straps … THEN LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK! ANGLE HAS THE ANKLE LOCK LOCKED IN … AND EDGE TAPS OUT! ANGLE MAKES EDGE TAP!

Winners: Kurt Angle & John Cena via submission @ 11:23


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, John Cena and Kurt Angle!


EDGE IS SQUEALING IN PAIN, HIS GIRLFRIEND LITA LOOKING ON FROM RINGSIDE AT HIS AGONY AS FINALLY SOME BACKSTAGE WORKERS RUSH OUT AND MAKE ANGLE BREAK THE HOLD! Still not content with his damage caused, Angle looks down at Edge with a sneer, then leaves the ring, albeit unhappily.

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle has got some form of revenge on Edge by making the WWE Champion submit to the Ankle Lock here tonight, but you have to believe that now Angle will want to be doing the same thing at WrestleMania.

Jonathan Coachman: Angle should be looking at a suspension! How can he be allowed to keep the Ankle Lock locked in for so long? What’s the referee doing? Letting Angle do what he wants? Besides, who’s to say Angle’s gonna beat John Cena this week at Saturday Night’s Main Event?

Jerry Lawler: That is true, ‘Coach’. It’s known that Angle has often struggled to beat Cena, and could never take the WWE Title off him last year. Can he do it with the stakes just as high?

In the ring Edge is laying down in agony, clearly in great pain following the match.

Jonathan Coachman: Look at Edge. Things couldn’t get any worse for him right now.

Oh really?


WHAT? It’s SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight Champion, Batista, and he looks far from happy as he walks down form the entrance chute to a huge pop.

Joey Styles: I think things just got worse, ‘Coach’.

Looking for revenge for last week on SmackDown!, Batista walks down the ramp, his eyes locked in on Edge as he now climbs up into the ring, dropping his title belt down on the mat as he does so. Lita looks up at Batista and begs for him to leave, telling him not to do it, but Batista takes one step towards Lita, and she’s out of there!

Batista then looks down at Edge with a smirk … AND HE LIFTS HIM BACK TO HIS FEET … THEN NAILS HIM WITH A RING SHAKING BATISTA BOMB! The crowd goes nuts as Batista lays Edge out with the move, then climbs up to his feet, grabs his title and stands above Edge with the gold held high, roaring with intensity.

Joey Styles: A clear message sent there from Batista to Edge ahead of the Clash of the Champions after Edge last week appeared on Friday Night SmackDown! and hit Batista with the Spear.

Jonathan Coachman: No Joey, no. Don’t try to justify that. That was an unprovoked attack. Batista had no business being here on Monday Night RAW, and he should be punished for showing up uninvited.

Joey Styles: I doubt that’s going to happen, but right now we’re going to cross backstage, where Maria is standing by with a special guest.

We indeed cut backstage to the interview area where we see the beautiful Maria.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, Shawn Michaels!

The crowd gives a big pop as the man himself, Shawn Michaels steps into view.

Maria: Shawn, tonight in the main event you’re wrestling the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon. Now, Mr. McMahon isn’t a wrestler, so do you think you should take it easy on him?

Shawn Michaels: Maria, I’m gonna make this simple. If you think there’s a chance, even the slightest chance, that I am going to hold back tonight, then you’re gonna be in for a helluva a surprise.

Small pop from the crowd in the background.

Shawn Michaels: Now I know, I know. I’ve been hearin’ it all week from my kids. “But daddy, Mr. McMahon isn’t a wrestler. You can’t hurt him!” But as far as I’m concerned, I’m just givin’ the old man what he asked for. Because what my kids don’t understand, and what you Maria, as pretty as you are, mightn’t understand, is that for the past few months, Mr. McMahon has made my life hell. Why? Because I wasn’t livin’ with him in the past. Now I’m not judging him on that. If he gets his jollies off by watching Bret Hart and Montreal, then that’s his choice. Personally, that’s not my type of thing. But if that’s his then that’s fine. I only suggested he move on, but if he doesn’t want to, then hey, that’s his choice.

Michaels pauses slightly

Shawn Michaels: Where I take exception is the point where Vince gets it in his head that because he seems to be stuck in the past, I have to be too. That is where I take exception. That is where I disagree. But for him to then punish me, because I’m not stuck in the past? ‘Cause I’m not the old, wild, party machine Shawn Michaels like I used to be? Yeah, I’m taking special exception to that.

The crowd cheers as a more intense Shawn than usual pauses.

Shawn Michaels: So am I gonna take it easy on Vince McMahon out there tonight? No, of course I’m not. That man made my life hell over the past few months, and while I usually believe it’s the job of the lord to play the role of judge, jury and executioner, tonight I’m goin’ back to the OLLLLLLLLD Shawn Michaels.

The crowd cheers as Shawn smirks.

Shawn Michaels: You wanted it, Vince? You got it. Tonight, you’re gonna get attitude … you’re gonna get the old ‘Aitch – Bee – Kay. And guess what, Vince? The old ‘Aitch Bee Kay? He’s hadn’t found the lord and saviour yet. He didn’t even know of him. What he did know was how to rebel. What he did know was how to take the power into his own two hands. And most importantly for you tonight, what he did know was how to kick some ass!

A big cheer from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: You asked for it, and now you’re gonna get it. When you stand in that ring opposite to me, Vince, and you look in my eyes, you’re gonna be wishin’ that you never asked for this match. You’re gonna be wishing that you never asked for the old ‘Aitch Bee Kay to come out, because when you look in my eyes tonight, you’re not gonna see the eyes of a calm man. A content man. A happy man. You’re not gonna see a saint. What you’ll see is the devil. And when you see that attitude … that fire in my eyes … that’s the moment you know you’re goin’ to regret what you pushed me over the edge. And I promise you, I’m gonna make you regret all of your sins.

The crowd cheers as Shawn smirks and steps from view, leaving us to cut to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the commercials to be at ringside, alongside our commentating crew.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Monday Night RAW, where momentarily we will be seeing Carlito and Rob Van Dam going one on one to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22, however, before WrestleMania 22, there’s another event to come that we need to concern ourselves with, and that is the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Jonathan Coachman: It’s gonna be huge babyboy. I remember watchin’ Saturday Night’s Main Event as just a kid and seein’ all of the superstars there: Hogan, Warrior, Orndorff. Only the best of the best was on Saturday Night’s Main Event, and in five days time it’s gonna be the RETURN of the event.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, ‘Coach’, and again it’s gonna be the best of the best that gets showcased.

Joey Styles: And when you think best of the best, what else do you think besides Clash of the Champions? The two world champions, Monday Night RAW’s WWE Champion, ‘The Rated R Superstar’ Edge and Friday Night SmackDown!’s World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista going one on one to find out who is truly the best that the WWE has to offer.

Jerry Lawler: And earlier tonight we saw the World Heavyweight Champion Batista make an emphatic statement to Edge by coming out and Batista Bombing him, following Edge’s attack on Batista last week on SmackDown!.

Jonathan Coachman: That attack from Edge was unprovoked, ‘King’, but don’t think it’s gonna go unpunished, ‘cause my man Edge is gonna show Batista who the real world champion is this Saturday night when he embarrasses Batista in front of the world and flies the flag high for Monday nights.

Joey Styles: I’ve got word that Mr. McMahon has signed a handicap preview match featuring Edge, Kurt Angle & John Cena teaming up to face Batista and Randy Orton this week on Friday Night SmackDown! which should be a cracker, but that’s not all, because at Saturday Night’s Main Event, as we found out earlier tonight, it’ll be Kurt Angle and John Cena one more time, as they battle it out for the right to face Edge at WrestleMania 22 for the WWE Title.

Jerry Lawler: I can’t see the two of them getting along this week on SmackDown!, even if they did tonight, with just one night to go before their match at Saturday Night’s Main Event. Kurt Angle might even look to soften Cena up since he’s struggled to beat Cena in the past!

Jonathan Coachman: Those two WILL get along this week on SmackDown! – trust me, Mr. Bischoff will make sure of it. He’s not gonna let RAW get embarrassed. As far as Saturday night goes though, I don’t care who wins, because in the end, they’re just gonna fall to Edge when he achieves his childhood dream of defending the WWE Title in front of the world at WrestleMania.

Joey Styles: On the SmackDown! side of things, as reported on, it’s going to be Finlay and Bobby Lashley going at it in a Belfast Brawl, and this week on SmackDown! we’re going to get another preview when Finlay competes in the first Belfast Brawl in WWE history against ‘The Insane Luchador’ Super Crazy.

Jerry Lawler: Well at No Way Out it was Lashley able to get the win and keep his undefeated streak alive, but the youngster’s in Finlay’s element in here, and the experience of Finlay may just come through.

Jonathan Coachman: Of course it’s gonna come through, ‘King’. Finlay’s one of the best there is goin’ ‘round, and even if Lashley is one of the future stars of the WWE, Finlay is the present, and he’s gonna show that this Saturday. That snot nosed punk Lashley’s gonna get what he deserves, especially after he tried to embarrass JBL this past week on SmackDown!.

Joey Styles: Back on the RAW side, and at Saturday Night’s Main Event we’re going to find out just who it will be that will be challenging Kane and the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles at WrestleMania 22. Will it be The Redneck Wrecking Crew, V-Squared, The Basham Brothers, or as RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff referred to them as earlier, The World’s Greatest Tag Team?

Jerry Lawler: Well normally you would put your money on The World’s Greatest Tag Team since they’re one of the greatest teams this company has ever seen, but with four teams competing and The World’s Greatest Tag Team maybe not on the same page, this match is anyone’s.

Jonathan Coachman: ‘King’, I don’t think you could possibly be any more wrong. This match is all about The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Last week they put ‘The Game’ Triple H out of commission for the night, and this Saturday they’re gonna do the same to the three other teams that stand in their way of a shot at the tag team titles that they’re gonna win back from the two giants.

Joey Styles: It isn’t just title shots on the line at Saturday Night’s Main Event; there’s also titles themselves, and we’ll see that when the United States Champion, Booker T is finally forced to put the gold on the line against his former friend and the man that he screwed to become the United States Champion, ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ Chris Benoit.

Jerry Lawler: Booker’s been dodging this for ages, and it’s finally time for him to face the music. To me, with the form that Benoit’s in, I can’t see any other result than him walking out as United States Champion. What really interests me though is the Orlando Jordan situation.

Jonathan Coachman: Wrong again, ‘King’. Booker’s gonna wipe the floor with that sucka, Benoit. And as for OJ, he knows where his loyalties lie, and that’s with ‘The Book Man’.

Joey Styles: And finally, again on the RAW side, we will see ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels going one on one with the son of the boss, Shane McMahon in a match which should prove to be brutal – a Street Fight. Will Shawn’s pent up frustration come out in front of the world and give him the win, or will Shane again show he will do anything to win, especially when his family’s pride is at stake?

Jerry Lawler: As good as Shane has been in the times we’ve seen him in the ring, he’s stepping in there with one of the best the business has ever seen in Shawn Michaels, and for that reason I just can’t see it ending well for young Shane.

Jonathan Coachman: You forget, ‘King’, Shane is a McMahon, and McMahons never lose. Count him out at your peril, ‘cause Shane’s doin’ it for his daddy at Saturday Night’s Main Event, and what a noble victory it’s gonna be.

Joey Styles: We also know that Mickie James will be in the building and that she wishes to talk to Trish Stratus in front of the world. About what exactly, we’re not sure, but that should prove to be interesting, following the assault on Trish’s friend – and non-wrestler – Rebecca, which looked to be at the hands of Mickie James. Saturday Night’s Main Event returns this Saturday night in a three hour special, live from the Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan – don’t you dare miss it.



The crowd gives some pretty good heat as out from the back swaggers the ever confident Puerto Rican, Carlito. The crowd continues to get on the case of ‘Lito as he walks down the ramp, apple in hand, and friend Chris Masters following closely.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for a spot in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at WrestleMania 22! Introducing first, from the Caribbean, weighing 225 lbs, Carlito!

Joey Styles: Carlito is not in for an easy task here, folks. While ‘Mr. Monday Night’ Rob Van Dam may have had his focus on ‘The Phenom’ of Friday nights, The Undertaker, he is still not easy to beat, and you have to remember that he has a special place in his heart when it comes to Carlito.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. Carlito was the one to put RVD on the sidelines for an additional six months when he was drafted to RAW last year, and RVD has held a grudge over it ever since, and it’s easy to see why!

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, Carlito may not have got the job done against RVD a few weeks ago, but I guarantee you tonight, ‘Lito is gonna show that he is ready to do what RVD could never do and break through the glass ceiling by taking a step towards becoming the new Mr. Money in the Bank!

Joey Styles: I thought you said Gregory Helms was going to be Mr. Money in the Bank come WrestleMania, ‘Coach’?

Jonathan Coachman: ‘The Coach’ is just hedgin’ his bets, babyboy. One of my men will come in. Count on it.

The crowd continues to boo as ‘Lito and ‘Piece climb up into the ring and we now await Carly’s opponent … to no response at first.

Lilian Garcia: His opponent, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing 235 lbs, Rob Van Dam!

But still no RVD. Carlito, Masters, the referee and Lilian all look around confused, not sure what to do.

Lilian Garcia: Rob Van Dam!

Again, no response, leaving everyone mighty confused.

Joey Styles: Where … where is he?

Jonathan Coachman: HA! Your boy Van Dam is runnin’ scared, Joe.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know about that, ‘Coach’.

The four people in the ring continue to look confused, before the referee and Lilian start to consult, and Lilian raises her microphone.

Lilian Garcia: Referee Mike Chioda has informed me he is going to start the match. If Rob Van Dam does not make his way out to the ring by the count of ten, he will officially be counted out and Carlito will be declared the victor.

The crowd boos as Chioda now calls for the bell.

Match Five ~ Money in the Bank Qualifier; Singles Match:
Carlito w/Chris Masters vs. Rob Van Dam

The crowd continues to boo as Chioda counts, with no sign of RVD appearing. Carlito looks relaxed as the referee continues to count on, making it up to seven … eight … nine … and ten.

Winner: Carlito via count out @ 0:10

Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Carlito!

The crowd boos as Carlito gets his hand raised in victory, but no music plays as we instead cut backstage to see Rob Van Dam storming out of the building in his casual clothes, bag hanging from over his shoulder to a huge pop!

???: RVD! RVD!

The crowd’s reaction moves more towards a mixed reaction as RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff runs into view.

Eric Bischoff: RVD, what in the HELL do you think you’re doing?

Rob Van Dam: What am I doing? Dude, I’ll tell you what I’m doin’ … I’m goin’ home!

Mixed reaction from the crowd who are disappointed to see RVD leaving, yet are also happy to see RVD standing up to Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: And why would you think you could do that? You just missed your match!

Rob Van Dam: Because I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

Eric Bischoff: Like what? The Undertaker?

Bischoff scoffs.

Eric Bischoff: I already told you. You’re not going to SmackDown! to challenge The Undertaker.

The crowd boos this, as the match is obviously one they want to see.

Rob Van Dam: Y’know what? You’re right. I’m not goin’ to SmackDown!. But I did speak to the board of directors on the phone. Yeah, that’s right, I went over your head, dude. But y’know what they told me? They told me I could have time at Saturday Night’s Main Event to go out and explain what I did to The Undertaker.

Huge pop from the crowd.

Rob Van Dam: And there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

The crowd cheers as RVD now walks from view, leaving a bewildered Bischoff to look on at the only man who has continued to successfully defy him since his return tonight. From there we then cut back to ringside to our commentators.

Joey Styles: Well, I guess you heard it there, folks. RVD will explain what he did to The Undertaker at No Way Out, this Saturday night at Saturday Night’s Main Event.

Jonathan Coachman: How dare RVD defy our esteemed General Manager? Y’know, I hope The Undertaker gets his hands on RVD this Saturday, and beats him so bad he doesn’t even think of a match at WrestleMania.

Joey Styles: Well, up next we’ve got our next inductee to the illustrious Hall of Fame, but this one is close to you ‘King’, so I’m going to let you do the honours.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. This is a man who I’ve been very close to for decades, and I think it’s the perfect honour for him to receive after the time he has put into the business. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome this man to the class of ’06, to be inducted the night before WrestleMania along with the late, great Eddie Guerrero.




We return from the video to see the audience clapping, and our announce team sitting by.

Joey Styles: The best announcer in the history of our sport, Jim Ross, the next inductee into the Hall of Fame, and up next, as ‘J.R.’ would say, we’ve got a slobberknocker. Our main event, Shawn Michaels one on one with the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon, next on Monday Night RAW!

And we head off to the inevitable commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We come back from the break to instantly hear …


The crowd erupts as ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ himself, Shawn Michaels spins his way out onto the stage, full of energy for his big match with his nemesis Mr. McMahon tonight. Michaels looks to the crowd for the support which he receives in bundles, before getting down on his knees and praying on the top of the ramp, fireworks firing off behind him as he does so.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from San Antonio, Texas, he is ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels!

Joey Styles: Tonight Shawn Michaels comes out here, set to do battle with the boss Mr. McMahon, but for Shawn tonight, he is coming in for more than just a match, more than a battle. Tonight Shawn is coming in, and he’s looking for redemption against the man, who for the past three months, has done anything and everything in his power to make Shawn’s life a living hell.

Jerry Lawler: We heard the emotion behind the match for Shawn earlier. He literally said that he wasn’t standing by his beliefs of the Christian faith tonight, and that he himself would be taking the life of Mr. McMahon into his own hands.

Jonathan Coachman: I’ve always known Shawn was a phony, and tonight has proven just that. You heard it earlier. He’s goin’ back to the old Shawn Michaels and he’s abandoning his beliefs. Well lemme tell ya somethin’, babyboy – Shawn has no beliefs to abandon, ‘cause all along he has stayed that same bad apple, an’ tonight he’s gonna be shown the true light by the one and only Mr. McMahon.

Michaels swaggers his way down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, where he again poses, before waiting for his opponent for the night with anticipation.


The crowd boos as the chairman of the board, Mr. McMahon walks out onto the stage, biceps bulging from his singlet … but he stops at the stage, as he already has a mic in hand.

Mr. McMahon: Cut my music.

The monkeys do as they’re told as Mr. McMahon now stands up atop the stage and looks down at his foe in the ring.

Mr. McMahon: It’s good to …

McMahon stops and looks out at the crowd, who continue to ferociously boo him, before turning back to ‘HBK’.

Mr. McMahon: It’s good to …

Again McMahon stops and looks at the crowd in frustration, before turning back to Shawn.

Mr. McMahon: It’s good to … SHADDUP!

The crowd only grows louder as a result of this, but McMahon doesn’t seem to scare, smirking at ‘em.

Mr. McMahon: It’s good to see that you finally got what you wanted, Shawn. I heard what you said earlier tonight. You said that you had waited to get your hands on me. That you’ve longed for it. Now from this, I’m guessing you wanna get your hands on my son Shane too?

The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Michaels nods intensely.

Mr. McMahon: I’ll bet that you just CAN’T WAIT for Saturday night?

The crowd cheers now as Michaels continues to nod.

Mr. McMahon: Well I’ll tell you what, Shawn. I’m feeling generous. You know me. I’m a giver. And what I’m gonna do for you tonight, is give you a little present of your own. Think of it as a belated Christmas gift. Your very own TWO FOR ONE deal.

Michaels bites his lip in the ring, not fully sure of what Vince is saying.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, you don’t follow? Well then, allow me to remind you of what I said to you last week when I said we would be wrestling here tonight. I didn’t say I’d be going one on one with you. I believe my exact words were that I would be “stepping in the ring” with you. And that’s exactly what I intend on doing … in a TWO ON ONE LUMBERJACK HANDICAP MATCH!

The crowd gives some great heat for this as McMahon smirks.

Mr. McMahon: And my partner – leading out my handpicked lumberjacks – my son … SHANE … MCMAHON!


The crowd boos as the music hits, and out from the back dances the obnoxious son of the devil, Shane McMahon, wearing his usual attire of some tracksuit pants and a custom made baseball jersey, which on the back reads “ATTITUDE – SHANE O’MAC STYLE”.

Joey Styles: I know I really shouldn’t be surprised, but once again Mr. McMahon has screwed over Shawn Michaels. A two on one handicap match with his own handpicked lumberjacks? What hope does Shawn have on getting his hands on Mr. McMahon tonight?

Jonathan Coachman: Hey, Mr. McMahon is showing guts that you’ve never shown, Joe, by even stepping in the ring with that liar Shawn Michaels. I mean, Shawn’s been lying about his own life for years on end now, so who’s to say what he would do to Mr. McMahon’s?

The crowd continues to boo as the McMahons make their way down the ramp … and out behind them hops the lumberjacks! The Spirit Squad, Chris Masters, Carlito, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Tyson Tomko, Rene Dupree, Rob Conway & The Basham Brothers, all of whom snarl menacingly down at the ring, letting Shawn know, in case he was wondering, that their intentions are far from friendly.

Jerry Lawler: And look at the lumberjacks he’s brought. They look like a pack of hungry wolves!

Jonathan Coachman: Mr. McMahon is a GENIUS!

Joey Styles: Shawn Michaels has his back up against the wall here. Not only will he be wrestling two men, but he will also have to deal with fifteen plus of Mr. McMahon’s goons at ringside. This doesn’t bode well for Shawn in the least.

The pack of jackals make their way down to the ring behind the McMahons and fill out the ringside area, as Shawn now looks at his two opponents … AND SUDDENLY GOES AT THEM! IT’S ON!

Match Six ~ Handicap Lumberjack Match:
Shawn Michaels vs. Mr. McMahon & Shane McMahon

The match kicks off with a bang, as Shawn leaps at Shane McMahon and takes him down with a right hand. Like a pair of pinballs, both men are back up and Shawn is quick to fire off some right hands, staggering Shane, before he grabs him by the hair and throws him out over the top rope to the lumberjacks, who oddly enough, are not so keen to put their hands on Shane. ‘HBK’ then turns, and on the other side of the ring he sees Mr. McMahon on the apron, a smile now crossing his face as he comes in and goes towards the boss … and Vince wisely drops down to the floor … but Shawn follows him, sliding out of the ring … RIGHT OUT INTO THE LUMBERJACKS! The lumberjacks instantly pounce on Shawn, Kenny being the first one to get involved as he goes at Shawn and receives a right hand. Jayden is the next to try, and he receives the same fate, before Mitch, Nicky and Mikey all move at the same time, and they manage to overcome Shawn with their overwhelming numbers. They, however, are not the only ones, as ALL of the lumberjacks now rush to the downed Michaels and stomp away on him, leaving Shane to recover on the other side of the ring as they weaken ‘HBK’.

The crowd, as you would expect, doesn’t react favourably to this, with the referee too begging them to get Shawn back in the ring. The lumberjacks, however, aren’t so willing to do this, taking their time to beat Shawn right down, before Mr. McMahon tells them to roll him into the ring, where Shane O’Mac now waits. Shane looks to take advantage of a weakened Shawn, picking him up with a smile on his face and slowly pushing him back towards the corner … but Shawn comes out of nowhere and switches things up, changing the momentum by tossing Shane into the corner and then unloading with right hands! The rage of Shawn spills over, and it is only when the referee forcefully gets involved that he retreats back, before moving in and kicking Shane in the midsection, leading into him going for an Irish whip that sends Shane into the corner … and then smashing him with a corner clothesline!

The crowd cheers as Shane sags against the corner and Shawn moves in, happy to hit a few big knife edge chops, with the sound of Michaels’ hand slapping off the flesh of Shane reverberating throughout the arena. Shawn eventually lets up under command from the referee, leaving Shane to hop away in pain, holding his chest, then get grabbed by the back of the head by Shawn and guided back into the corner, where he again finds himself on the receiving end of some beautiful chops. Once again, the referee tries to intervene, but Michaels changes things up regardless, kicking Shane in the midsection, then pulling him from the corner and going for a scoop slam, but Shane slips out and manages to land behind Shawn. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ turns, and he instantly finds himself getting on the receiving end of a thumb to the eye, courtesy of Shane. The crowd boos as many of the lumberjacks try to grab Shane’s attention as he recovers, telling him to throw Shawn out to them. Having regained his bearings, Shane hits a few right hands to cause Shawn to become groggy, before grabbing him by the hair and throwing him out over the top rope … BUT SHAWN SKINS THE CAT! He remains just out of the lumberjacks clutches as he pulls himself back up into the ring … THEN SENDS A CHARGING SHANE OUT OVER THE TOP ROPE WITH A BACK BODY DROP … DOWN ONTO SOME OF THE LUMBERJACKS!

About half of the lumberjacks go down in a heap along with the son of the boss as the crowd hollers in approval, causing the other half of the lumberjacks to rush across and attempt to help Shane. Slowly but surely, the lumberjacks begin to lift Shane … WHEN SHAWN MICHAELS FLIES FROM OUTSIDE CAMERA VIEW – PRESUMABLY FROM THE TOP ROPE – AND COMES DOWN ONTO THE REMAININ LUMBERJACKS, ALONG WITH SHANE, WITH A MASSIVE MOONSAULT! IT’S COMPLETE AND UTTER CARNAGE AT RINGSIDE – EVERYONE IS DOWN! The crowd goes ballistic as Shawn gets up amongst the destruction and roars out, sending us off to our final ad break of the night.

We come back from the break to see that the complexion of the match has completely changed, as the son of the boss, Shane McMahon, now has control of Shawn Michaels and is hammering away on him in the corner. Our commentators, led by Joey Styles, tell us of how the lumberjacks wrestled the momentum back from Michaels, pulling him from the apron when he went to climb back up into the ring as Shane keeps his dominance rolling with some right hands to the midsection. The rather charismatic McMahon dances around as he nails the blows, getting into the mind of Michaels, before blasting him with a final big right that has him reeling. This sequence of punches pretty much sums up the dominant period from Shane that follows. It’s bland and boring, with the only flash being that of the dance of Shane O’Mac. The crowd starts to tire of Shane’s cheap tactics, which involve a lot of interference from the outside environment, and they begin to use all of their power to try to will ‘HBK’ back into the contest.

Feeling the support from the fans, Shawn makes an attempt to rally when he bursts to life as Shane picks him up, hitting a huge chop. Shawn then follows up with a second, but Shane strikes with a knee lift to the midsection of Shawn, driving the wind out of him, and then throwing him down to the mat heavily by his hair. The crowd boos Shane’s tactics as he sees Shawn down and tries to pull himself back together … when he hears the call from his dad … who tells him to go to the top! Shane looks at his dad, confused at first, before smiling and then slowly heading up to the top rope … BEFORE SOARING THROUGH THE AIR AND NAILING A DEADLY ELBOW DROP TO THE CHEST OF SHAWN MICHAELS! The crowd boos as Shane springs up … and he spins around on the spot, mocking ‘HBK’! Shane motions for the crowd to get to their feet, then heads to the corner … when Vince calls for the tag, causing Shane to smile, before he tags Vince in! The crowd boos as Vince climbs into the ring and instantly winds up the crowd, shouting at them and motioning for them to get up … BEFORE BEGINNING TO TUNE UP THE BAND! The crowd boos ferociously as Michaels starts to struggle up, and Vince continues to ridicule him … AND MICHAELS GETS UP, PROMPTING VINCE TO ADVANCE … SWEET CHIN MUSIC … SHAWN CATCHES VINCE BY THE BOOT! SHAWN’S GOT HIM! THE CROWD CHEERS AS SHAWN SHAKES HIS HEAD AT VIUNCE BEGGING OFF … BUT THEN SHANE CHARGES INTO THE RING, AND SHAWN TAKES HIS HEAD OFF WITH A CLOTHESLINE!

Vince scurries from view as Shawn is forced to turn to Shane, hitting him with a barrage of right hands and backing him up into the ropes, before attempting an Irish whip, but Shane reverses … SHAWN COMES BACK WITH A HUGE FLYING FOREARM … AND HE KIPS UP! The crowd goes wild as Shane gets up, then cops an inverted atomic drop, before getting sent down with a right hand. Shane springs up to the same medicine, before getting up again and getting scooped up … and slammed down in the middle of the ring! The crowd cheers as Shawn now heads for the corner and climbs up to the top rope … THEN LOOKS DOWN AT SHANE AND SAYS “THIS IS HOW YOU DO IT!” … ELBOW DROP! ELBOW DROP TO THE BLACK HEART OF THE DEVIL’S CHILD! The crowd cheers as Shawn springs to his feet and heads to the corner to tune up the band … BUT THEN HE SEES VINCE ON THE APRON AND HE GRABS HIM AROUND THE HEAD … AND THROWS HIM INTO THE RING!


Winner: Shawn Michaels via disqualification @ 10:23

The crowd boos the finish as Kenny crashes into Michaels and takes him down, with The Spirit Squad soon to be the first to jump into the ring, jumping on top of Michaels and assaulting him with stomps and punches! The Squad attack like a pack of wolves, and they’re soon joined by Tomko, The Redneck Wrecking Crew, Carlito, Chris Masters, Dupree and Conway, all of whom assist in holding Shawn down and stomping away on him.

The crowd continues to boo as The Spirit Squad now get up and bounce around the ring annoyingly, Jayden Jett being especially animated as he shouts out “OHHHHHH YEAH BAY-BAY!”, while Mikey Mondo also tries to be as animated as possible. Kenny Doane meanwhile stays where the action is, yelling at Masters to pick Michaels up, which surprisingly enough he is listened to, showing some early leadership from Kenny. The youthful looking Spirit Squad member (who ‘Coach’ brags has such leadership at just twenty years of age) gets in Michaels’ face, yelling at him … THEN SLAPS HIM DISRESPECTFULLY … AND MICHAELS SPINS RIGHT INTO A PICTURE PERFECT DROPKICK FROM CARLITO!

The crowd boos as Kenny tells the other heels to back off, and The Spirit Squad members come in and move around the body of Michaels, each to a different limb … BEFORE THEY LIFT MICHAELS UP … AND THROW HIM EIGHT FEET IN THE AIR, LEAVING HIM TO CRASH DOWN TO THE BACK WITH WHAT COACHMAN CALLS THE HIGH SPIRITS! The crowd again boos as The Spirit Squad bounces around and Mr. McMahon now comes back into the ring and tells the heels to all pick Shawn back up, which they begin to do to some great heat. Slowly, the heels negotiate with Shawn’s dead weight, bringing a smile to Vince’s face as he begins to yell at Shawn, ready to rear back and hit him when …





The crowd boos as Shane helps his father around ringside, where Vince receives a microphone and breathes heavily into it.

Mr. McMahon: You … you think you’re pretty good, huh Triple H?

Vince takes a moment to try to catch his breath to little success.

Mr. McMahon: I bet you’re proud of yourself. Well you shouldn’t be, because now you’ve made things so much worse for your degenerate friend this Saturday.

McMahon continues to take in the big breaths as Triple H looks on from inside the ring.

Mr. McMahon: You already knew it was going to be Michaels vs. my son Shane in a Street Fight, but now it’s not just that. No, this Saturday night, it’s Michaels vs. Shane, and to make sure we don’t get a repeat of tonight … to make sure we don’t get any unfair interference, you, Triple H, will be banned from the arena!

The crowd boos as Vince smiles away, his voice shaking.

Mr. McMahon: You degenerates like playing your games? Well this Saturday, for your little friend Shawn Michaels … it’s game over.


The crowd now boos as Vince smiles and backs up the ramp, Shane helping to balance him as Triple H looks on somewhat regretfully in the ring.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it right then and there. This Saturday, at Saturday Night’s Main Event, it will be Shane McMahon vs. Shawn Michaels in a Street Fight, as announced, but Triple H will also be banned from the arena! With Mr. McMahon’s goons set to go into battle for him on Saturday, just like they did tonight, how can Shawn Michaels possibly survive? Tune in this Saturday night to find out. It’s the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event, a three hour special, Clash of the Champions, McMahon vs. Michaels, live this Saturday night! Until then good night everybody.

With those closing words, we now fade away to the closing of the show.



March 4th, 2006 | Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

United States Championship:
Booker T © vs. Chris Benoit

Belfast Brawl:
Bobby Lashley vs. Finlay

Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon

Number One Contender to the WWE Championship:
Kurt Angle vs. John Cena

Number One Contender to the World Tag Team Championships; Fatal Four Way Tag Team Match:
Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin vs. V-Squared vs. The Basham Brothers vs. The Redneck Wrecking Crew

Rob Van Dam calls out The Undertaker

Mickie James calls out Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus


April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Mr. Kennedy vs. Carlito vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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