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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I'm definitely pumped up for this episode of Raw, as the inmates running the asylum should create a very entertaining program. Edge/Cena/Angle should be awesome with no authority figure restraining them, I really hope you do it justice. I dislike DX being back, but the jury will be out if you can make them interesting. Despite the amount of times it's been done, I'd love Trips to go mega heel on Shawn. RVD/Taker will fucking own hard. I'm expecting both champions to go over in the title matches, and Carlito and Chris 'lackey' Masters being on the show is always a good thing as well.

Can't wait.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Hey, man. Preview looks pretty good here. The inmates running the asylum pretty much guarentee that they show will be pretty chaotic, making for good reading. I expect a brutal brawl between Angle, Edge and Cena. I can really see DX taking on the McMahons at WrestleMania. Not sure how I'll feel about that but I'll wait until I judge it. The angle at No Way Out with RVD was really surprising, and I'm hoping for a good follow up to that. Undertaker/RVD should b great and it's something I don't think I've seen happen at WrestleMania, in BTB. The World Tag Team match should be decent, I do think Kane and Big Show will retain.

Looking forward to the show. I'll try to return all the feedback you've given me.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice preview. The "inmates would run the asylum" made me think of the TNA Asylum in Nashville. Looking forward to Raw!

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

February 20th, 2006 | Sovereign Bank Arena; Trenton, New Jersey

We open the show with scenes of last week in the good old black and white, showing Kurt Angle sitting backstage by the door to the parking lot with a steel pipe, malice in his eyes. Having not got what he wanted, Angle walks away, flashing across the screen before coming out to the ring, still holding the same steel pipe he had when backstage. Angle wastes no time, getting right down to business as he calls out either of Edge or John Cena, to which Cena replies, telling Angle to drop the pipe, which he does as colour now spreads throughout the screen and the two engage in a heated brawl.

The two aren’t alone for long though, as Edge then hits the scene, jumping Cena from behind when he has the ascendency, before the trio go all out on one another, fists flying everywhere, prompting security to rush out from the back at the behest of the RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff. The security, however, are unable to restrain the three, causing Bischoff to advance down the ramp and shout at the three men to break it up, that he won’t be taken advantage of by his workers, ONLY TO BE INADVERTANTLY HIT BY EDGE! Everything stops, everyone looking at Bischoff as we now move in slow motion, before Bischoff tells the trio that if they want it, fine, the inmates will run the asylum this week.

The video now comes to a close as the RAW montage begins, showing the many superstars of the RAW roster, before ending and cutting into the arena, where pyro explodes all over the stage. We flash around the crowd, seeing the rabid New Jersey fans, before halting at ringside where Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler sit, with one seat (Jonathan Coachman’s) oddly empty.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Monday Night RAW, live here tonight from the Sovereign Bank Arena in Trenton, New Jersey. I’m the voice of ECW, Joey Styles, and despite ‘Coach’ being inconspicuous in his absence tonight, I am still joined here at ringside, like always, by Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler.

Jerry Lawler: Thank you, Joey, and y’know, I did think it was awfully quiet when I showed up here tonight, though that doesn’t mean I’m disappointed that ‘Coach’ isn’t here tonight!

Joey Styles: I don’t think anyone is disappointed, ‘King’, but it certainly isn’t quiet here anymore thanks to these fans, and what a show we’ve got in store for them. We already have two title matches scheduled for tonight as Trish Stratus defends the Women’s Title against Victoria, and the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show defend against Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero, but apart from that, both we and the superstars have no idea what’s happening, because as we heard last week, tonight, the inmates are running the asylum!

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey, RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff is NOT in the arena tonight, meaning we have no idea what’s going to happen! Maybe that’s why ‘Coach’ isn’t here tonight.

Joey Styles: Well ‘Coach’ does seem to have an unhealthy relationship with Eric Bischoff, so that’s certainly a possibility, ‘King’. The question is in the absence of Bischoff, what can we expect to see tonight? Which superstars will attempt to stamp their own authority here tonight? Who will make a name for themself here tonight on Monday Night RAW?

We now wait with a moment of silence for something to happen, before ...


So much for no authority, eh? The crowd instantly boos ferociously, with that only picking up as Mr. McMahon strides out onto the stage in a suit, looking mighty pissed off. Despite his negative outlook, the boss doesn’t change up his routine in striding down the ramp as only he can, doing it with perhaps more vim and vigour than ever.

Joey Styles: Well we heard that the inmates would be running the asylum, so to say this is hardly the beginning to the show that we expected, with Mr. McMahon, the chairman of the board, the boss himself, coming out to the ring, well, it’s a surprise to say the least.

Jerry Lawler: What could Mr. McMahon want? Doesn’t he know tonight is about the inmates? You can hardly call Mr. McMahon an inmate ... in fact, if you did, you may just be risking your job!

McMahon finishes his ridiculous walk down to the ring and climbs up through the ropes, receiving a microphone from ringside, continuing to scowl out at the audience.

Mr. McMahon: Cut my music!

The music remains for a moment, only making McMahon angrier.

Mr. McMahon: I said cut my music damn it, or I’ll come back there, and I’ll fire whoever is responsible for this!

The music now instantly cuts out.

Mr. McMahon: That’s better.

McMahon now pauses, the crowd continuing to boo for a short time, before starting up a small “DX” chant.

Mr. McMahon: Now, like many of you here tonight, last week, I was shocked by the events that took place last week.

“DX” chant grows louder.

Mr. McMahon: When a person of authority tries to put their foot down, only for a bunch of delinquents to look him in the eye and practically spit in his face, that’s not just disrespectful ... that’s a personal insult.

Chants continue to grow louder.

Mr. McMahon: As a result of these circumstances, tonight ... RAW finds itself in turmoil. Tonight ... tonight RAW ...

The chants are now booming.

Mr. McMahon: SHADDUP!

HUGE heat.

Mr. McMahon: This is NOT about Triple H, this is not about Shawn Michaels. This is not about those ... those DEGENERATES! I am NOT going to talk about the two of them.

The crowd continues to get under Vince’s skin, starting the DX chant back up.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, you think this is funny do you? You all think that this is funny? That this is some kind of ... some kind of joke? I could have every single one of you EJECTED from this building and just have my own, personal, Monday Night RAW!

Big time heat for Vinnie Mac.

Mr. McMahon: Do I LOOK like I’m joking? Huh? Do I look like I’m joking now?

The boos continue as Vince’s face turns a bright red with anger.

Mr. McMahon: Y’see, that’s what Triple H and Shawn Michaels think this is. They think that this show, MY SHOW, they think it’s some kind of joke. Let me assure you, this is NO joke! DX wanna’ play their little game? They wanna’ do what they want when they want and embarrass anyone they please? Not on my show, not on Monday Night RAW! This isn’t the attitude era any more, and I won’t put up with childish antics from GROWN MEN, from men I pay to wrestle any longer.

Big time boos from the crowd.

Mr. McMahon: What? You people don’t like that? You don’t like me putting my foot down? Is it ... is it because you look up to Shawn Michaels, you look up to Triple H, and you see them as some kind of working class heroes? An inspiration to all of you working class people here tonight?

Slight pause from McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: In a way, you people are right. Shawn Michaels and Triple H, they are like you. They are just like you. But trust me ... that isn’t ... a good thing.

The crowd obvious boos the insult from McMahon.

Mr. McMahon: You people, you go into your work each and every day and you think, you dream that one day, you might have the GUTS to do something to your boss, to stand up to your boss. You sit there and you fantasise about it all day long, but when it comes down to it, you know that deep down, there’s not a damn thing you can do.

Big heat for the dig from Vince.

Mr. McMahon: Triple H and Shawn Michaels ... they’re just the same. They’re just like all of you people. Last week, they may have lied to me, they may have manipulated me, and hell, they flat out embarrassed me, but they will live to regret that moment, and they know that. They know that they can never do it again. They know that they will live to regret the moment that they crossed ... the boss.

Pause from Vince.

Mr. McMahon: However, last week ... I wasn’t the only boss to be crossed. Last week, Eric Bischoff, he tried to stamp his authority. He tried to make a difference. And what happened? He got disrespected. He got physically assaulted. Well y’know what? I’m not going to stand for that. Not on my show, not on Monday Night RAW.

Small heat from the crowd.

Mr. McMahon: The rumours about Eric Bischoff ... they’re true. He is not in the building tonight ... because I’ve given him ... the night off. But that doesn’t mean we aren’t going to have anyone in charge. That doesn’t mean we’re going to revert back ... back to the attitude era. Oh no, it’s not me. I’m not going to be the one running the show. I’ve got enough on my plate here tonight. No, for tonight, I’ve appointed a very special RAW General Manager for one night only.

The crowd buzzes as Joey Styles is heard saying “Oh no” on commentary.

Mr. McMahon: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome your RAW General Manager for one night only ... ‘The Coach’ JONATHAN COACHMAN!


Oh yes. The crowd gives some pretty tremendous heat as out from the back, with a smile so wide you could swear his face was split in half, Jonathan Coachman walks out, looking all business tonight in a suit. Joey Styles & Jerry Lawler are at the announce desk having a fit, not believing that ‘The Coach’ is allowed to have power. ‘Coach’ though, doesn’t worry about the reaction of anyone around him, walking down to the ring with that same stupid smile remaining on his face all of the way down the ramp and up into the ring. Once in the ring, ‘The Coach’ gives Mr. McMahon a hearty handshake, then gets himself a microphone.

Mr. McMahon: Come on, folks, let’s hear it for, ’The Coach’!

Big heat from the crowd who aren’t in the least bit happy to see Coachman in charge.

Jonathan Coachman:: Thank you, Mr. McMahon, and let me say it is an honour to have been selected by you to take over for the night, and I assure you that I will not let you, nor will I let our esteemed General Manager, Mr. Eric Bischoff, down.


Jonathan Coachman:: And sir, if ya’ don’t mind, I actually have some announcements that I wanna’ make, right now.

McMahon nods at ‘Coach’, giving him his approval.

Mr. McMahon: You’re the boss, ‘Coach’.

‘Coach’ smirks at hearing his name and the word “boss” being in the same sentence.

Jonathan Coachman:: I certainly am. Alright, let’s get this show on the road. Trenton, I wanna’ let y’all know, tonight, you’re in for a big show and I have some big plans, but first, I wanna’ acknowledge the little people ... literally.

Coachman smiles and turns towards the announce table where he usually sits.

Jonathan Coachman:: Joey Styles ... this applies to you especially.

Heat for the cheap shot for ‘Coach’, though he doesn’t mind, laughing away at his own little joke.

Jonathan Coachman:: ‘King’, you listen up too, ‘cause this applies to the both of you.

‘Coach’ pauses as the commentators wonder what he could be on about.

Jonathan Coachman:: Now I knew last week, that when Mr. McMahon gave me this call and asked me to be in charge of RAW this week, that the two of you would miss me. I mean, after all, I am the voice of Monday Night RAW. So without me, the announce table, it’s feelin’ a little empty. But fear not, for I have found a replacement who is almost fit to fill the shoes of yours truly.

‘Coach’ smirks while Styles and Lawler wonder out loud what he has in store for them.

Jonathan Coachman:: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the very finest from Friday Night SmackDown! ... SmackDown!’s number one announcer ... Simon Dean!


The crowd isn’t quite sure how to react initially, before breaking down into heat as Simon Dean rides out onto the ramp atop the Dean Machine. Dean makes his way down the ramp and around the ring, quickly taking up his position at ringside in Coachman’s side.

Joey Styles: Well, uh, I guess we’re being joined here by Simon Dean. Long time no see.

Simon Dean: Long time no see is right, Joe. Looks like long time no see for exercise for you as well. You’re lookin’ a little paunchy too there, ‘King’.

Jerry Lawler: This is going to be long night.

In the ring ‘Coach’ smiles away, happy with his replacement.

Jonathan Coachman:: Now that we’ve got that outta’ the way, there’s some big announcements that I’ve uh ... come to.

‘Coach’ glances at Vince, perhaps a little nervous. Vince calmly nods at him, giving him the go ahead.

Jonathan Coachman:: Right. Y’see, Trenton, not only tonight we are gonna’ see not one, but TWO huge title matches that the great Eric Bischoff already arranged for as the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show will defend their World Tag Team Titles against Chavo Guerrero & Ric Flair, while Trish Stratus will defend her Women’s Title against Victoria!

Pop for the title matches.

Jonathan Coachman:: But we’ve also got some what you could call ... “money” matches.

Coachman pauses and smirks.

Jonathan Coachman:: First up, it’ll be the very first Money in the Bank qualifier, as Gregory Helms gets the chance to qualify ... against a mystery opponent of my choosing.

Mixed reaction.

Jonathan Coachman:: But that’s not all. Oh no, y’see, I haven’t forgotten about the man who these past few weeks has been drivin’ Mr. Bischoff crazy. I haven’t forgotten about you ... Kurt Angle.

Pop for the mention of Angle.

Jonathan Coachman:: Kurt, I used to respect you, but these past few weeks, you seem to think you can do what you want, when you want. Last week, you even went as far as to threaten a man with power, a man who runs RAW with great pride and honour, Eric Bischoff, with a steel pipe. Well lemme’ make it clear, Kurt, that ain’t gonna’ fly with me, babyboy, so tonight, to keep your mind off whatever crazy thoughts you’ve got racin’ through there, for the first time since the Royal Rumble, you will be in action right here tonight!

Pop from the crowd.

Jonathan Coachman:: Now finally, I’ve got a major announcement that I came to – all by myself – concerning D-Generation X.

The crowd pops for the DX mention as ‘Coach’ looks at Mr. McMahon again, who motions almost impatiently for ‘Coach’ to hurry up and get the announcement out, mouthing “You know what to do”.

Jonathan Coachman:: Last week ... last week the two of you ... you put your hands on Mr. McMahon, and that was unacceptable. So ...


The crowd EXPLODES with a massive pop as for the first time in half a decade, the familiar tune plays, and out comes D-Generation X, only causing the pop to get louder. The duo are full of energy, playing it up to the fans by throwing their arms up in classic DX fashion as they make their way down the ramp and climb on up into the ring, each receiving a mic.

Triple H: It’s been awhile, so gimme’ a second and let’s see if I can remember how this one goes.

Triple H smiles and clears his throat as the crowd buzz.

Triple H: For the thousands in attendance, and the millions watching at home … LLLLET’S GET READY TO SUCK IIIIIITTTTTTT!

The crowd responds with a big cheer.

Jonathan Coachman:: Now just hang on a minute here! Tonight is MY night. I’m in charge, I’m the boss, so just what in the hell do you think the two of you are doin’ out here?

Triple H: Believe it or not, ‘Coach’, Shawn and myself are actually out here … for you.

Triple H pauses as ‘Coach’ mouths “What in the hell are you talkin’ about?”

Triple H: Yeah, that’s right, we’re worried about you. Y’see before, me an’ Shawn were hangin’ out backstage, and we were waiting to see just what tricks Vince would pull here tonight. I mean, let’s be honest here … Vince was never gonna’ let this anarchy thing go down. He was gonna’ have to take control, because that’s just what he is … a control freak. So me an’ Shawn waited, and lo and behold, out at the beginning of the show comes Vince himself, out here with some kind of an announcement.

Tripper now turns to Vince.

Triple H: Now Vince, I’m not sure just how senile you are, but from what I’m sein’ here, I gotta’ say, it’s lookin’ pretty bad for you right now, because y’see, I seem to recall hearin’ you say that you were “too busy” to worry about runnin’ RAW tonight. Now I get that … I can understand that. But Vince, what I can’t understand is why you bothered lying about all of that.

Vince stares a hole through Trips, who now turns to point towards Coachman.

Triple H: I mean, let’s take a look at this guy. Does anyone honestly believe that ‘The Coach’ is actually runnin’ this show, and that he isn’t just readin’ off a script what you told him to say ten minutes ago?


Triple H: I have to be honest. ‘Coach’, you actually surprised me. I had no idea that you were smart enough to remember more than three lines.

Pop from the crowd.

Triple H: And like I said, we’re worried about you. We truly are. I mean, how much longer can you possibly breathe when you’ve got your head stuck so far up Vince’s ass?

Big pop.

Triple H: But let’s cut the crap. Vince, why don’t ya’ tell us yourself just what you have in store for us tonight instead of getting’ your puppet to do it for ya’?

Jonathan Coachman:: First of all, Triple H, I am not a …

Mr. McMahon: ‘Coach’ … I’ve got this.

Coachman nods and steps back, allowing Vince, with a fire in his eyes, to speak.

Mr. McMahon: Just who in the HELL do you think you are? Huh? You dare to come out here and interrupt me? I’ve said it before, and damnit, I’ll say it again … this is NOT the attitude era, and it’s time that the two of you, especially you, Shawn … moved on.

Shawn Michaels: Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on just one minute. Did you, Vincent Kennedy McMahon, just tell me … to “move on”?

Mr. McMahon: You’re damn right I did.

Shawn Michaels: You did? Well that’s funny, ‘cause that line … “move on” … it sounds a little familiar.

Shawn scratches his chin, pretending to think.

Shawn Michaels: Hang on. Isn’t that … isn’t that what I told you to do all those months ago? Remember? When ya’ couldn’t get past … Montreal? In fact, I seem to remember you sayin’ somethin’ … somethin’ about wanting, what was it? Oh, that’s right … THE OL’ H – B – K BACK!

The crowd gives a big cheer.

Shawn Michaels: Well I’ll tell you what, Vince, last week ya’ got that. Ya’ got the ol’ H – B – K back when I sent ya’ teeth right down your throat!

Another huge pop from the crowd.

Shawn Michaels: But I’ll ya’ what, if ya’ not down with that, I’ve got two words for ya’!

A huge shot of “SUCK IT!” is heard from the crowd, causing DX to smile.

Mr. McMahon: That’s it! I’ve had it! You two wanna’ play your games? You wanna’ have your fun? Fine, let’s see who’s playing games now. Tonight, both of you will be in action … HANDICAP ACTION!

Big heat from the crowd.

Mr. McMahon: It’ll be Triple H taking on The Redneck Wrecking Crew, and Shawn Michaels against two men he knows quite well … Carlito and ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters!


Mr. McMahon: And if either of you make any sort of appearance during the other man’s match … well, let’s just say there will be hell to pay.

Vince snarls at DX, still unhappy despite the announcements.

Mr. McMahon: Oh, and Triple H, your match … it starts right … now.


The crowd gives some nice heat as from the back emerges The Redneck Wrecking Crew fired up for action as we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break ready for action, as both The Crew and Tripper stand in the ring on opposite sides with a referee now in between them.

Match One ~ Two On One Handicap Match:
The Redneck Wrecking Crew vs. Triple H

Trips of course starts the action, going up against Trevor Murdoch, while Lance Cade stands on the apron. Despite the numbers being against him, Triple H shows why he’s the ‘Cerebral Assassin’ in the early going, outwrestling Trevor Murdoch with some basic headlocks in an attempt to isolate him and only have to compete against the one man. Murdoch is no slouch though, and he escapes from the clutches of Trips eventually, pushing him off to the ropes, only to be taken down by a shoulder tackle from Tripper. Murdoch, however, springs right back up and runs at the ropes, this time looking to take Trips down … but Murdoch again goes down. This obviously frustrates the southerner, as he slaps the mat in frustration, then gets back to his feet and into Tripper’s face, only to be called back by Lance Cade, who makes the tag in.

The calmer member of The Crew now steps into the ring and tries to intimidate Triple H himself, getting into his face, only to be sent reeling as ‘The Game’ hits a series of right hands, backing Cade back into the ropes before sending him off with an Irish whip and scoring with a big clothesline. Cade is right back up to his feet, though he’s clearly feeling the pinch, showing his grogginess as he stumbles right into a kick to the midsection, then gets thrown overhead with a picture perfect suplex from Trips.

Triple H looks to instantly follow up, heading back to the corner and doing the classic DX crotch chop to a big pop, before coming out and nailing a big knee drop across the face of Cade, allowing for a pin attempt … only two. Triple H tries not to look too frustrated, getting back to his feet and looking to run off to the ropes to continue his work … BUT WHEN HE GOES TO BOUNCE OFF THE ROPES TREVOR MURDOCH KNEES HIM SQUARE IN THE BACK FROM THE OUTSIDE … AND TRIPS STAGGERS FORWARD INTO A BIG LARIAT FROM BIG LANCE CADE!

The Crew smells bloods, and they now do their very best to finish Triple H off, staying fresh by tagging in and out frequently, while also using their numbers advantage to manipulate the referee and bend the rules whenever possible. Despite this, the dastardly duo aren’t able to quite put Trips away, never quite doing enough damage to finish him once and for all. This starts to get Murdoch overly frustrated, which he tries to take out on ‘The Game’ by firing right hand shots at him in rage … and Trips starts to fire back … only for Murdoch to score with a thumb to the eye! Triple H is back on the defensive, while Cade now calls for the tag, wanting to get his hothead partner out of the match and get himself into it, trying to slow things down as he locks in a sleeper hold. Triple H, though, won’t quit, knocking the referee back each and every time he asks, fighting back to his feet and looking to battle out of the grasp of Cade, then run off to the ropes … BUT CADE SLAMS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT BY THE HAIR!

The crowd boos the desperate tactics of Cade, who now tags Trevor Murdoch in and tells him something we can’t quite make out, before picking Triple H up together and going for a double Irish whip … THEN LOOKING FOR A DOUBLE TEAM CLOTHESLINE ON THE REBOUND … BUT TRIPLE H DUCKS UNDER IT … THEN TAKES BOTH MEMBERS OF THE REDNECK WRECKING CREW DOWN WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE ON THE REBOUND! The crowd comes alive with all three men now down on the mat, slowly negotiating their way back to their feet.

All three men are up at about the same pace … and Triple H strikes first, not being overwhelmed by the numbers advantage, hitting one man with a right hand, then the other time and time again. Eventually this causes Cade to stagger back against the ropes … and Triple H explodes with a big clothesline to take Murdoch down … THEN TURNS AND EXPLODES THROUGH CADE WITH THE SAME MOVE, SENDING HIM OUT TO THE FLOOR!

Tripper now turns back to Murdoch and helps lift him up, striking him in the face with several right hands, forcing him back against the ropes then sending him off with an Irish whip and blasting him with a big clothesline on the rebound! Triple H looks to follow right up, pushing Murdoch back against the ropes as he gets up, then attempts to whip Murdoch off, though this proves to be unsuccessful as Murdoch reverses … but perhaps still feeling the pain of the clothesline, Murdoch stays crouched … and Triple H scores with a big facebuster … THEN REBOUNDS OFF THE ROPES AND SCORES WITH A HUGE KNEE LIFT! The crowd gives a big pop as Triple H gets back to his feet and lifts his arms up in classic fashion … THEN SEES LANCE CADE SLIDE INTO THE RING AND SPRINT AT HIM … SCORING WITH A DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER! Trips then turns to see Murdoch coming towards him … AND TREVOR RECEIVES THE SAME FATE, MAKING GOOD OL’ ARN ANDERSON PROUD!

Triple H springs back up to his feet and waits as Trevor Murdoch starts to regain his footing … THEN KICKS HIM IN THE MIDSECTION AND GETS HIM IN A BUTTERFLY GRIP … BUT LANCE CADE GRABS THE LEG OF TRIPPER FROM DOWN ON THE MAT! Trips looks at Cade, who shakes his head resiliently … THEN LETS GO OF MURDOCH AND HOISTS CADE INTO POSITION FOR THE PEDIGREE … ONLY TO BE LEVELLED OUT OF NOWHERE BY A BIG BOOT FROM MURDOCH! ‘The Game’ stumbles back into the ropes, practically out on his feet as he stumbles back to the middle of the ring … AND THE REDNECK WRECKING CREW SPRING INTO ACTION WITH THE SWEET ‘N’ SOUR! Murdoch quickly drops down and hooks the leg … and gets the three.

Winners: The Redneck Wrecking Crew via pinfall @ 6:58


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, The Redneck Wrecking Crew!

The crowd reacts with heat as The Redneck Wrecking Crew get back up to their feet and stand tall over ‘The Game’, leaving DX zero from one thus far tonight.

Joey Styles: A brave effort from Triple H there, but in the end the numbers game of The Redneck Wrecking Crew proving to be too much for him here tonight. One has to wonder, will Shawn Michaels suffer the same fate when he takes on Chris Masters and …

Simon Dean: Joe, I gotta’ stop you right there. Triple H wasn’t beaten by the numbers game – he was beaten by superior opposition, ‘cause that’s what The Redneck Wrecking Crew were. Y’know they’re on the Simon System?

Jerry Lawler: Well it doesn’t look like it’s working on Trevor Murdoch.

Simon Dean: Not working? You shoulda’ seen the man before, ‘King’! As a matter of fact, he didn’t look too dissimilar to yourself. Now the man’s a winner, and he has the Simon System to thank.

Jerry Lawler: I’m sure he’s very grateful.

Joey Styles: Well as I was saying, later tonight Shawn Michaels takes on Carlito and Chris Masters. What chance does he have, having seen his partner in crime fall already?

Simon Dean: No chance in hell, Joe. Mr. McMahon made that match in the same way he made this match – he picked two winners, and he put ‘em up against a loser.

Jerry Lawler: Well Chris Masters doesn’t look like he needs the Simon System to be a winner.

Simon Dean: What are you talkin’ about? Of course Chris Masters needs the Simon System, baby! You don’t get a body like that without a supplement, and Chris Masters supplement of choice is the Simon System!

The Crew leave the ring having got themselves back on track tonight after two consecutive losses in the past few weeks, leaving us to now cut away backstage where we see Shelton Benjamin walking around with his bag, looking a little unsure of himself. Benjamin looks around, then finds a random backstage worker and looks for his help.

Shelton Benjamin: Hey, excuse me, do you, uh … do you know where the main locker-room is tonight?

Random: There is none tonight. Mr. Coachman decided to impress you guys that you’d each get your own locker-room.

Shelton Benjamin: Do you know where mine is?

Random: Yeah. Down that hallway, second down on your left. You can’t miss it. It’s even labeled for ya’.

Shelton Benjamin: Second door on the left? Thanks.

Benjamin now heads down the hallway and looks to the first door which is labeled “Val Venis”, drawing a smirk from Benjamin who can’t believe VV gets his own locker-room, before getting to his door and stopping … to see “The World’s Greatest Tag Team”.

Shelton Benjamin: You have GOT to be kiddin’ me!

Benjamin opens the door and sighs, seeing Charlie Haas spring up from the bench to greet him.

Charlie Haas: Hey partner, you’re runnin’ a little late there?

Benjamin isn’t really paying attention, creating an uneasy silence, before he suddenly looks up in shock, having heard what Haas said.

Shelton Benjamin: Late for what?

Charlie Haas: You know … our match with Tomko an’ Snitsky later tonight?

Benjamin looks pissed, dropping his bag and cussing under his breath.

Charlie Haas: Hey, listen, I know this isn’t what you wanted, and I’m not tryna’ force you into anything. So whaddya say we just take care of this match tonight, then you go your way an’ I go my way? Sound good?

Shelton looks to mull it over, before looking up.

Shelton Benjamin: I’m goin’ to see ‘Coach’.

With that Benjamin storms from the room, leaving Haas to look on behind him as we cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see the beautiful Maria stabding by in the interview area.

Maria: Please welcome my guests at this time, the Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero!

The Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero step into view, sparking outcries of “Woooooo!” from the crowd.

Maria: Gentlemen, up next you challenge Kane & the Big Show for the World Tag Team Titles, and I have to ask … how are you going to beat them? They’re so much bigger than you!

Ric Flair: Maria, can you feel it?

Maria: Feel what?

Ric Flair: It, Maria, it. It’s in the air tonight … I can feel it … another title for ‘The Naitcha Boy’, WOOOOOOOOO!


Ric Flair: Kane an’ Big Show, yeah, they’re bigger. They’re badder, but they are NOT better than Ric Flair an’ Chavo Guerrero! Look at us! Former sixteen time, six – teen time, baby, world champion. Stylin’ and proflin’ my way to any title I please, the current Intercontinental Champion, and a former tag team champion in every major company that I’ve been in. Now take a look next to me. Go on, take a look at this guy.

Chavo smiles modestly as Flair points at him.

Ric Flair: Chavo Guerrero, carrier of the Guerrero legacy! Ya’ haven’t heard of the Guerreros, ya’ haven’t heard of pro wrestlin’. He is ROYALTY here in the WWE. Royalty. A ‘Mexican Warrior’, KING of the cruiserweights. Former multiple time tag team champion. Damn near the greatest thing to come outta’ Dubya See Dubya. And nephew … nephew of the late, GREAT Eddie … Guerrero!


Ric Flair: Ya’ don’t believ this kid’s got talent? Trust me, he’s got ALL the potential, all the talent of his uncle. All of it. An’ then you put that together with the jet flyin’, limousine ridin’, kiss stealin’, wheelin’ dealin’ sonuva gun and what you’ve got yourself is a helluva tag team!

Chavo Guerrero: Me an’ Ric, we’ve known each other a long time. We’re amigos. He’s my ese. We know one another, and we know what the other is capable of, both alone, and as a team. And y’know what? We proved what we already knew three weeks ago, and that is that we can be one of the greatest tag teams of all-time, when for the very first time, we teamed up an’ we beat Kane an’ the Big Show!

Ric Flair: The bigger they come, the harder they fall. Trust me, a lotta’ people who have ridden on ol’ space mountain’ll know what I’m gettin’ at. We’v beaten ‘em before, an’ up next, we’ll beat ‘em again! Trenton! You are lookin’ at your very next World Tag Team Champions! WOOOOOOOOO!

Flair & Chavo look set to leave, only for Flair to turn back to Maria.

Ric Flair: Oh and honey, later tonight, when the celebrations are runnin’ wild and you’ve had just that lil’ too much to drink … you can feel a different it, if y’know what I mean. WOOOOOOOOO!

We now cut back to ringside to hear …

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team matrch scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Tag Team Championships!




The crowd reacts with a nice pop, as from the back emerge the monstrous World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show. The twin towers waste no time as they quickly advance down to the ring, climbing up over the top rope, to raise their titles up high, before Kane throws his arms down and sets off the pyro.

Joey Styles: These two men Kane & Big Show are the two largest men on Monday Night RAW, and they have reigned supreme over the tag division with their strength and power since winning the titles back at Cyber Sunday last year against The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Will their reign come to an end tonight against Chavo Guerrero and Ric Flair, or will the era of dominance over the tag division continue for these two mountains of men.

Simon Dean: Well all Big Show has to do is sit on Chavo Guerrero or Ric Flair, and they’re done for good! I’d have to give the advantage to the champions in this one.

Jerry Lawler: Maybe we should get Big Show over here to sit on you.

Simon Dean: Wouldn’t have an effect. Pecs of steel, my man. Feel ‘em, if you want.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 816 lbs, they are the World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show!



The crowd gives a great pop as Chavo Guerrero & Intercontinental Champion, Ric Flair make their way out onto the stage, playing it up to fans as they do so. The duo style and profile their way down the ramp and climb up into the ring, ready for action.

Joey Styles: If any team is qualified to beat Kane and Big Show, it may just be this one. Despite only coming together in the ring recently, these two men have known each other a long time, and are two of the most accomplished wrestlers that the WWE has ever seen, both in singles action and tag team.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. These two men know one another as well as any two guys on the RAW roster, and with the gold on the line, I can’t see any two guys standing up any better than these two.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 466 lbs, the Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero!

Match Two ~ World Tag Team Championships ~ Tag Team Match:
Kane & Big Show © vs. Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero starts the match off with Big Show, and as you would expect, the contrasting styles creates an interesting dynamic. Big Show spends much of the first few moments simply trying to get his hands on Chavo, while Chavo uses his craftiness to avoid Show and use whatever blow he can, most of the time glancing kicks to the hamstring. Big Show, however, cannot be avoided forever, and he eventually swings his arm wildly and connects with Chavo, sending him stumbling back for a moment, though when Show goes to grab Chavo, the smaller man is able to roll out under his arms and tag in Ric Flair.

Flair doesn’t want about being crafty, storming into the ring and instantly coming down on the chest of Big Show with some mighty chops. Show actually looks to be in some pain as he holds his chest and falls back against the ropes, leading to Flair attempting an Irish whip which Show is able to reverse with ease … but Flair ducks under a clothesline attempt on the rebound, THEN STRIKES WITH A RUNNING CHOP ON THE WAY BACK! The big man is shaken, prompting Flair to again run off into the ropes, getting his hopes up … but Big Show runs through him with a huge shoulder tackle on the rebound! This begins a short period of dominance from the tag champs, though as faces, they don’t stay in control for too long, with Flair able to poke Kane in the eye, then make the a tag to Chavo Guerrero after withstanding mostly strikes from the tag champs.

Guerrero comes in and is able to actually take control of Kane for a short time, using mostly kicks and dashing around the ring to keep Kane thinking. Chavo’s luck runs out though as he charges up to a cornered Kane and looks to monkey flip him out of the corner, only for Kane to use his power to hold Chavo up, then dump him face first down into the turnbuckle!

Again, another short period of dominance follows, although this time Chavo is able to regain the momentum following some heavy offense by utilizing his athleticism, leaping up into the air and catching Kane in midair with a dropkick, cutting off a flying clothesline from Kane! The crowd cheers as both men slowly look to head towards their corners … and Chavo makes the tag first, bringing in Ric Flair, who charges into the ring full of intensity, causing Kane to turn to him instead of make the tag, only to be lit up with a series of knife edge chops from Flair! ‘The Nature Boy’ is on fire, showing the chest of Kane, turning the pecs of ‘The Big Red Machine’ red. Flair gets Kane backed all of the way back up to the ropes, and like earlier in the match with Show, looks for an Irish whip, but Kane too proves to powerful, sending Flair off, then looking for a big boot on the rebound, but Flair ducks it … THEN CATCHES THE OFF BALANCE KANE WITH A CHOP BLOCK!

Kane doesn’t quite fall down, instead going to a knee as Flair now kicks away at the other knee which he just hit with the chop block, going to town on it. Kane though, is able to use his power, pushing Flair away, before getting up … AND GETTING TAKEN RIGHT DOWN WITH A CHOP BLOCK! Big Show senses danger, and he goes to get into the ring … BUT FROM NOWHERE CHAVO GUERRERO CHARGES ACROSS THE RING, THEN DROPKICKS SHOW AS HE CLIMBS INTO THE RING DOWN TO THE FLOOR!

The crowd cheers as Kane starts to get up, receiving a shinbreaker to begin with … THEN GETTING TRIPPED UP … AND LOCKED IN THE FIGURE FOUR LEGLOCK! FLAIR HAS IT LOCKED IN! The crowd goes wild as Kane yelps in pain, while Chavo looks down at Show on the outside and looks to take him out for good … JUMPING OVER THE TOP ROPE FOR A CROSS BODY … BUT SHOW CATCHES HIM … THEN RUNS HIM INTO THE RINGPOST!

The big man leaves Chavo to crumple down to the floor, then climbs back in the ring where Kane is still in the lethal submission hold … BUT SHOW REACHES DOWN AND GRABS FLAIR BY THE THROAT … THEN WITH EASE LIFTS HIM UP TO HIS FEET AND INTO THE AIR … THEN DOWN TO THE MAT WITH A MASSIVE CHOKESLAM! The crowd gives a mixed reaction as Kane pulls himself across to Flair and makes the cover, injured leg and all … and gets the three!

Winners (and still World Tag Team Champions): Kane & Big Show via pinfall @ 8:22


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, and still World Tag Team Champions, Kane & the Big Show!

Kane climbs back to his feet, joined by his partner Big Show, and the twin towers receive their gold, then lift it up high in the air, having remained champions.

Joey Styles: It was a heck of an effort from Ric Flair and Chavo Guerrero, but these two men – or should I say monsters? – have shown here tonight just why they have been the World Tag Team Champions for the past five months now.

Simon Dean: I gotta’ admit, Joe, these two men were mighty impressive tonight. They even remind me a little of the greatest team of all time … you may of heard of ‘em, ‘King’, I dunno’ … the bWo.

Jerry Lawler: I wouldn’t mind seein’ the bWo climbing into the ring and seeing if Kane and Big Show are the better team. You might wanna’ give us a little preview now actually, Simon.

Simon Dean: Kane and Big Show just had a grueling match, and you think I’m gonna’ go in there and tajke advantage of ‘em like that? Trust me, I wouldn’t need an advantage, with the bWo or alone.

We see Kane & Big Show raising their gold once more, before cutting backstage … and seeing Rob Van Dam walking down a corridor! The crowd of course pops for ‘Mr. Monday Night’ as he shuffles along.

Joey Styles: Speaking of the old ECW, this man Rob Van Dam made a surprise appearance at the SmackDown! exclusive No Way Out last night. Ladies and gentlemen, whether you saw No Way Out last night or not, we urge you to stick with us to see this sensational footage later on tonight.

We now fade away from RVD off to an ad break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Interim RAW General Manager, Jonathan Coachman laying back on a leather couch, enjoying the perks of the job for the night as he is being fed strawberries by the lovely pair of Candice Michelle and Torrie Wilson. Candice is starting to get awfully snuggily with ‘Coach’, rubbing his shoulders, while Torrie sinks in towards him.

Jonathan Coachman:: Ah man. Does ‘The Coach’ know how to live or what? Y’know, this job., it don’t run out to the end of the night, so if either of you fine ladies wanna’ scratch ‘The Coach’s’ back, ‘The Coach’ would be glad so scratch yours right back.

Candice Michelle: What do you have in mind, ‘Coach’?

Jonathan Coachman:: Well I was thinkin’, maybe we could head on back to ‘The Coach’s’ hotel room, and …

‘Coach’ suddenly stops mid-sentence, and along with his skanks, looks up to see an angry Shelton Benjamin.

Jonathan Coachman:: Uh, hey Shelton … um … strawberry?

Shelton Benjamin: No … no thanks.

Jonathan Coachman:: Well what do ya’ want then, my good man?

Shelton Benjamin: You screwed me!

Jonathan Coachman:: What? Shelton, you know you’re my boy. What are you talkin’ ‘bout?

Shelton Benjamin: Where do I start? First of all, you put me in a locker-room with Charlie. Val Venis gets his own locker-room but I don’t? When the hell was the last time Val Venis won a match?

Jonathan Coachman:: Hey, I told my people to set this thing up. I had no idea they’d stick you with Charlie.

Shelton Benjamin: Well what about this match I just heard about? Me and Charlie teamin’ up … again? Iain’t got no problem with Charlie himself, he’s a nioce guy, but ‘Coach’ … c’mon!

Jonathan Coachman:: Hey I hear you Shelton, but you gotta’ understand, I had nothin’ to do with that. Mr. Bischoff organized that last week before we went on leave.

‘Coach’ pauses, but Shelton still looks unsatisfied.

Jonathan Coachman:: Listen, Shelton, I know you wanna’ get back into singles action, so I’ll tell you what. You go out there and you win the match for your team for me tonight, and I’ll put in a good word for you with Mr. Bischoff.

Benjamin still looks apprehensive.

Jonathan Coachman:: Hey lemme’ ask you this. How does Money in the Bank sound to you?

Shelton Benjamin: You serious?

Jonathan Coachman:: ‘The Coach’ is always serious, babyboy!

‘Coach’ gets up and puts his arm around Shelton, guiding him towards the door.

Jonathan Coachman:: Shelton, just trust me on this one. Not only is ‘The Coach’ always serious, but ‘The Coach’ always delivers. Now I’ll see you later. Good luck tonight.

‘Coach’ guides Shelton right out the door, then turns back to his sluts.

Jonathan Coachman:: Now where were we, ladies?

‘Coach’ smiles and snuggles back up on the couch with Candice and Torrie, continuing to enjoy his job.

Meanwhile we cut off elsewhere to the interview area to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, Gregory Helms!

The crowd gives some pretty god heat as Gregory Helms steps into view.

Todd Grisham: Gregory, up next you get the chance to become the first man qualified for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match at this year’s WrestleMania, but you don’t know who your opponent will be tonight. Your thoughts?

Gregory Helms: Y’know what, Poindexter? Tonight, I’ve actually got a question of my own for you. Does it really matter who my opponent is? No, really, I want you to answer. Does it matter who my opponent is?

Todd Grisham: Um … well, yeah, I think it does.

Gregory Helms: And that’s why you’re there, holdin’ the mic so someone like me can talk. I’ll ask you a simpler question. How many times since I took off the mask, have I been pinned or made to submit?

Todd Grisham: Zero.

Gregory Helms: That’s right … zero. Since I took the mask off … since I became … me, I have not been beaten. I am un – defeated. So do ya’ think … do ya’ think I’m gonna’ be scared of a little mystery opponent? Not a chance. I made it to the final four of the Royal Rumble. I have pinned ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, Shawn Michaels. And next, I’m gonna’ go out and become the very first man to qualify for Money in the Bank.

Helms smirks.

Gregory Helms: And y’know, I’m not just doin’ it for me. I’m doin’ it for all of these people, not just here tonight, but for all of my fans, because I am … their beacon … of hope. I am … their shining light. I am … their … hero.

Heat from the crowd, who obviously think otherwise.

Gregory Helms: These people look at me and they see success. Success that they wish they had. So they pin their hopes, they pin their dreams … on me. And y’know what? Tonight, I’m not just gonna’ deliver for them. Oh no. Tonight … tonight, I’m gonna’ make my very own special deposit.

Helms smirks.

Gregory Helms: So at WrestleMania 22, when I continue to climb up my ladder to success, the crowd, MY crowd, willin’ me on, I’ll be able to cash that deposit in, and it’ll become Money … in the Bank.

Helms pauses, his confidence shining through.

Gregory Helms: Tonight is just the first step. Next … next comes WrestleMania. And then finally … finally, I’ll be able to represent these people as a champion they can be proud of … the W … W … E … Champion.

Helms looks up and raises his hands, closing his eyes to soak in the moment, before slowly looking back down at the camera, his eyes now full of intent.

Gregory Helms: … It’s time.

And with that Helms strides from view, off to the gorilla position, while we look into the ring to see the Money in the Bank briefcase hanging up above it.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Money in the Bank qualifier!



The arena falls dark for a moment, before out from the back emerges from the back, squatting down with the spotlight now on him, then raising his arm up into the air as the beat begins. Helms then marches down the ring, his head cocked up into the air and his arms outstretched, soaking in the “adulation” from the crowd. The youngster continues to take it all in as he climbs up into the ring, then poses on the turnbuckle, arm raised high into the air.

Joey Styles: Gregory Helms has been on the roll of his career of late, defeating Shawn Michaels a few weeks back following what some have called his breakout performance in the Royal Rumble Match. Tonight, Helms gets the chance to be the first man to qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, which for the very first time, will be an eight man interpromotional match.

Simon Dean: And you know it’s gonna’ be a tough match for Helms. Don’t get me wrong, Helms is the future of this brand and one of my number one clients, but when ‘The Coach;’ promises a mystery opponent, well you heard what he said earlier … he always delivers!

Jerry Lawler: I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, from Raleigh, North Carolina, weighing 215 lbs, Gregory Helms!

Helms now waits a moment, looking at the top of the ramp, before Lilian again speaks.

Lilian Garcia: And his opponent … he is a five time New Jersey state champion … a three time All-American … weighing 500 lbs … Colin Olsen!

And out from the back emerges a pale, feeble, perhaps 170 lb man, walking down the ramp apprehensively, while in the ring, Gregory is in hysterics.

Jerry Lawler: I knew it.

Simon Dean: Hey guys, let’s not write this guy off yet. I mean, you heard the announcement. The guy is a five time New Jersey state champion, a three time All-American, and all of 500 lbs! This looks like it could be young Gregory Helms’ biggest challenge yet!

Olsen climbs up into the ring … and he is instantly set upon by Helms as the referee calls for the bell.

Match Three ~ Money in the Bank Qualifier ~ Singles Match:
Gregory Helms vs. Colin Olsen

Helms makes this quick, being the first man to qualify by squashing the jobber.

Winner (qualifying for Money in the Bank): Gregory Helms via pinfall @ 0:56


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, Gregory Helms!

The crowd boos as Helms gets to his feet and immediately has his hand raised by the referee as he points up to the briefcase that hovers ominously above the ring, much like it will at WrestleMania 22.

Joey Styles: Gregory Helms makes light work of his opponent here tonight, but things are going to be much tougher for him at WrestleMania 22, where in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match, he will face seven other men, three others from RAW and four from SmackDown!, fighting for a chance to earn a title match that the winner can cash in at any time over the next twelve months.

Jerry Lawler: And we saw what happens when you cash in that briefcase earlier this year when Edge ended John Cena’s nine month reign thanks to the Money in the Bank briefcase that he won at WrestleMania 21.

Simon Dean: ‘Mr. Money in the Bank Gregory Helms’. Has a good ring to it, doesn’t it gentlemen? Well you better get used to hearing it, ‘cause after WrestleMania, Simon says that’s exactly what you’re gonna’ be hearing.

We now cut away from Helms in the ring to see Maria standing by backstage in the interview area.

Maria: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time, she is the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

The crowd gives a very nice pop as the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus walks into view, as promised.

Maria: Trish, later tonight you defend your Women’s Championship against Victoria, and a couple of weeks ago Victoria said you only won the last time you met because Mickie James interfered and cheated her out of the title. Do you think you can win if Mickie doesn’t cheat for you this time?

Trish Stratus: Maria, I don’t think I can win … I know I can. Now, I don’t mean to sound up myself. I mean, I know that Victoria’s tough. She’s shown me that for the past four years each and every time she’s come for me. She’s done things to me that I never thought possible. She’s taken me to levels of pain that I never knew existed. But I’ve also done the same to her.

Trish smiles as the crowd gives a small pop.

Trish Stratus: Y’see, Victoria, she’s taken me to a whole new level. She has been my toughest opponent. And while I get all of that, I don’t get how she can talk about her always coming off best. I mean this title that’s slung ever so eloquently over my shoulder …

Trish slides the belt down her arm and down into her hands, then looks at it and raises it up into view of the camera.

Trish Stratus: This says otherwise.

Trish smiles, then slings the title back up over her shoulder, repositioning it with the same beautiful smile still on her face.

Trish Stratus: Victoria may be right. Last time, she was a little unlucky. I mean, I didn’t count on Mickie James coming out either. But that doesn’t change the fact that for over thirteen months now, I’ve defended this title against anyone that’s dared to challenge me week in week out. And that includes Victoria. So her saying she’s only not champion because of Mickie? That’s just the crazy in her speaking.

Trish gives a slight smile of confidence to the camera, before looking into it.

Trish Stratus: Tonight you get another chance though, Vickie, and tonight it isn’t gonna’ be about Mickie. So I’ll tell you what. Tonight, I’ll go out there, do my best, and look damn good while doing it. And you go out there and do your thing too, and we’ll just see who’s Women’s Champion by the end of the night. M’kay?

Trish smiles and looks set to walk from view when Maria suddenly stops her.

Maria: Trish, I know you said tonight’s not about Mickie … but what about Mickie?

Trish Stratus: Maria, tonight isn’t about Mickie James. I’ve told her that, and she’s accepted it, so as far as I’m concerned, that case is closed.

Maria: I know, but …

Trish Stratus: Tonight isn’t about Mickie … James.

Trish now storms out from view, obviously pissed, as we head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break back at ringside in front of our announcers, who are looking at the camera with a serious expression … except for Simon Dean, who can’t help but look goofy.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Monday Night RAW, where we have a great show to come, strange as it may sound, courtesy of ‘The Coach’, but right now we wish to direct your attention back to last night, the SmackDown! brand Pay-Per-View, No Way Out. The match is of course JBL vs. The Undertaker, in what had become a very personal rivalry … when, well, we’ll let the footage do the talking.


Slowly, both men start to fight against their bodies wishes and pull themself back up to their feet where they once again meet … AND THE UNDERTAKER IMMEDIATELY GRABS JBL BY THE THROAT … BUT JILLIAN HALL CLIMB UP ONTO THE APRON! The Undertaker throws JBL away and goes to stare down Jillian, much like on SmackDown!, before turning … AND JBL, AGAIN LIKE ON SmackDown!, EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL … BUT THE UNDERTAKER DUCKS ... AND JBL CREAMS CHIODA!


The crowd cheers as The Undertaker looks right out towards them … THEN SIGNALS THE END! THE END IS NIGH FOR JBL! Not knowing this, the leader of The Cabinet picks himself up with the aid of the ropes, all while being stalked from behind by The Undertaker … AND HE THEN GETS SCOOPED UP! THE UNDERTAKER HAS JBL IN POSITION AS HE TURNS TO FACE THE HARD CAMERA … BUT THEN GETS TAKEN OUT WITH A THRUST KICK!



No one knows how to react as The Undertaker falls to the mat with the flying kick right to his head, the body of JBL also landing right on top of him as RVD looks out to the crowd to a huge mixed reaction … THEN HEADS TO THE CORNER AND GOES UP TOP! EVERYONE IN THE ARENA IS STANDING UP ON THEIR FEET, THE REACTION HUGE AS RVD LAUNCHES HIMSELF … AND HE LANDS ON TOP OF THE UNDERTAKER WITH THE FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

RVD rolls around on the mat for a moment from the impact, before getting back up to his feet, looking around … AND GETTING OUT OF DODGE! RVD ROLLS FROM THE RING AND EXITS THROUGH THE CROWD, WHO ARE STILL ALL ON THEIR FEET, UNSURE OF HOW THEY’RE SUPPOSED TO BE REACTING!

In the ring, both JBL and Mike Chioda are pulling themselves back up to their feet, neither aware of what has transpired. JBL takes a moment to recuperate, shaking his head to try to get his mind straight … before he sees The Undertaker rolling towards the ropes. Layfield has no idea how Undertaker got there, but he knows he’s in the commanding position now as he waits on The Undertaker to pull himself back to his feet with the ropes, which he does … THEN TURNS RIGHT INTO THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JBL WIPES UNDERTAKER OUT WITH THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL!



Winner: John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield via pinfall @ 19:26


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, J – B – L!

The crowd can’t believe it … and neither can JBL! The former Texan sits back up and looks around shocked, before having his hand raised by the referee, a toothy grin on his face.

Michael Cole: What did we just see? Why did … why did RAW’s RVD interfere and cost The Undertaker his match with JBL?

Tazz: I dunno’, Cole … I’m … I’m in shock.

We flash through the scenes once more really quickly, before the video package ends.


We now cut away backstage, back into the GM’s office where we see Interim RAW General Manager, Jonathan Coachman still being served by his blonde slut, Torrie Wilson, and his brunette slut, Candice Michelle. The strawberries are now gone as both divas are working on the shoulders of ‘Coach’ with a massage, slowly slipping under his jacket … until much like earlier they stop … and the camera backs away to reveal Rob Van Dam standing in front of the trio.

Rob Van Dam: You wanted to see me, ‘Coach’?

‘Coach’ readjusts his jacket and gets back to his feet hastily.

Jonathan Coachman:: Uh yes, yes I did Rob, but uh, I’d prefer if you called me ‘Mr. Coachman’.

The stern look on RVD’s face illustrate his feelings clearly.

Jonathan Coachman:: Right. Well, um, I called you in here, because from my understanding, SmackDown! General Manager Teddy Long extended you an invitation to come onto SmackDown! this week and explain your uh … your situation … and that you had accepted that invitation.

Rob Van Dam: Right.

Jonathan Coachman:: Okay. Well, um, Rob, I’m afraid that since last night, I’ve spoken with Mr. Bischoff to resolve this issue, which he insisted on, I should add … and I’m afraid that you’re not going to be allowed to go to SmackDown! this week.

Rob Van Dam: You’re joking, right? I mean, I’m not lookin’ for any trouble. Teddy Long deserves an explanation. This people deserve an explanation. The Undertaker … The Undertaker, he deserves an explanation, and that’s all I’m wantin’ to go do man.

Jonathan Coachman:: Be that as it may, Mr. Bischoff thinks that right now might not be the best time for you to go onto SmackDown!. I mean, I dunno’ if you’ve noticed, but Mr. Bischoff has had it tough lately, and he doesn’t need another problem like Kurt Angle … so I’m puttin’ my foot down.

Rob Van Dam: And what if I ignore your orders?

Jonathan Coachman:: Rob, I think we all know you wouldn’t try anything like that.

RVD shoots ‘Coach’ a look that says otherwise.

Jonathan Coachman:: You wanna’ play hardball? Fine. You show up on SmackDown!, and not only will Mr. Bischoff make sure you never show up there again, but I’ll also make sure that you may never turn up on RAW … again.

RVD looks ‘Coach’ right in the eyes, perhaps waiting for him to crack, before deciding to leave as ‘Coach’ takes a sight of relief. He is now allowed to settle back down with his women as we head off to another break.

*Commercial Break*





We now cut off backstage to see Triple H in the trainer’s room, getting tended to by the trainer. ‘The Game’ holds a bag of ice to his forehead as the trainer cuts away at his wrist tape, Trips clearly feeling the effects of his match earlier tonight. Suddenly Trips is prompted to look up though as a pair of shiny black wrestling bottoms appear in the ring … and ‘The Game’ looks up to see Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels: Rough night, huh?

Trips smiles at Shawn.

Triple H: I guess you could say that.

Trips smiles again.

Triple H: But hey, listen. Don’t let this … don’t worry about me. Cade an’ Murdoch … they’re tough. Even if I won I was gonna’ come out hurtin’. But you … you just need to go out there and show Vince what attitude is all about.

Shawn Michaels: You got it.

The two again smile before Shawn leaves the room and we cut back off to ringside to hear …


The crowd gives a decent pop as Shelton Benjamin emerges from behind the curtain, looking much more enthusiastic tonight after his chat earlier with ‘Coach’. Benjamin even takes some time to play it up to the crowd as he walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, a different man to what we have come to expect over recent weeks.

Joey Styles: As you just saw, folks, later tonight it will be Shawn Michaels taking on the team of Carlito and Chris Masters, but right now it’s the team formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team up against Tyson Tomko and Snitsky, and I have to say it’s grrat to see the old Shelton Benjamin.

Simon Dean: Trust me, Joe, you’re gonna’ be seeing a lot more of this Shelton in coming weeks when he’ll finally be able to break out on his own. But you’re right, he looks so happy you could swear he was on the Simon System.

Jerry Lawler: Well Shelton’ll be even happier if he manages to pick up the win for his team tonight, which since linking back up with Charlie Haas, he’s been unable to do.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is a tag team match and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Orangeburg, North Carolina, weighing 248 lbs, Shelton Benjamin!


For the first time since returning, Charlie Haas comes out onto the stage to his own music instead of the old TWGTT tune, perhaps signaling that he has accepted Benji isn’t interested. Full of energy as always, Haas receives a pretty good reaction from the crowd as he walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, nodding at Benjamin, who just stares back at Haas.

Joey Styles: That’s a good point you raise there, ‘King’. Ever since Charlie Haas returned and started teaming back up with Shelton, Haas has picked up the win for his team every time, perhaps showing that contrary to what Shelton believes, Charlie may be on his level.

Simon Dean: It just shows that Charlie Haas got lucky a few times. Anyone can get lucky, but not anyone can be as good as Shelton Benjamin, and this kid’s a no one. I’m not even sure the Simon System could help him.

Jerry Lawler: His the Simon System ever helped anyone?

Lilian Garcia: His partner, from Dallas, Texas, weighing 243 lbs, Charlie Haas!


The crowd gives some moderate heat as Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky make their way out from the back, Snitsky abusing the fans, while Tomko looks just plain cool. The duo walk down the ramp and climb up into the ring rather swiftly, Snitsky again taking his time to mock the fans, while Tomko just raises his arms up in the middle of the ring.

Simon Dean: Well for two, these guys. Read ‘em and weep , ‘King’, because these two guys were tiny before they found what the Simon System could do for them.

Joey Styles: As doubtful as I find that, there’s no disputing the fact that these two men are giants and are the second biggest team on the RAW roster, behind, of course, our World Tag Team Champions who we saw earlier tonight.

Lilian Garcia: Their opponents, weighing a combined weight of 610 lbs, Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky!

Match Four ~ Tag Team Match:
Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas vs. Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky

Not a technical classic or anything, but a solid little midcard match to fill time on RAW, with three talented workers involved … and Snitsky, who sticks out like a sore thumb. Regardless, despite being a short contest, we do get to see for the first time, a little teamwork between Haas & Benjamin, who actually make some quick tags in the opening minute and isolate the hapless Snitsky. Tomko, however, is smart enough to distract Benjamin, allowing Snitsky some time to recover, before the big, not yet bald but ugly nonetheless Snitsky is able to blast Benjamin with a clothesline.

From here the larger men get the chance to dominate a little, isolating Benji and working him over effectively as a team. Benjamin, however, is able to begin to fight back as Snitsky goes for some right hands in the corner, hitting some of his own … but Snitsky cuts off his momentum with a kick to the midsection, then whips him to the opposite corner … BUT IN A SHOWING OF INCREDIBLE ATHLETICISM, SHELTON LEAPS RIGHT UP TO THE TOP ROPE, THEN COMES BACK WITH A HUGE CROSSBODY! The crowd are in awe as Shelton slowly tries to reach out and make the tag after some recovery time … only to decide he doesn’t need to tag Haas and that he can go it alone … THEN TURN RIGHT INTO A BIG BOOT FROM GENE SNITSKIY! Snitsky makes the cover … and Charlie Haas interrupts it!

This agitates Snitsky, who gets up and goes right at Haas, trying to intimidate him … but Haas reels off a series of rights, then whips him off and catches him with a reverse elbow! Snitsky gets back up … dropkick … then one for the oncoming Tomko too! Haas, despite not being legal, is on fire, getting back up and waiting on Snitsky, before snapping off a suplex … AND SENDING TOMKO OVER THE TOP ROPE AND OUT TO THE FLOOR WITH A BELLY TO BELLY! Haas is going nuts, waiting, just waiting as Snitsky gets up … AND HE ROCKS SNITSKY WITH A HUGE GERMAN! Haas quickly climbs out and goes to his corner, where Benjamin is sitting, tagging himself in … THEN CLIMBING BACK INTO THE RING AND QUICK AS A FLASH LOCKING IN THE HAAS OF PAIN ON SNITSKY … AND SNITSKY TAPS INSTANTLY!

Winners: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas via pinfall @ 4:35


Lilian Garcia: Here are your winners, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin!

Haas climbs back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, which he quickly breaks away from as he throws his hand up into the air, to the crowd, who respond positively. He then turns back to Shelton Benjamin, with the two locking eyes, not doing anything.

Joey Styles: Charlie Haas looking mighty impressive here tonight and … HEY, NOT AGAIN!

In the ring we see what Joey Styles is screaming about … AS THE BASHAM BROTHERS SLIDE INTO THE RING AND JUMP HAAS & BENJAMIN, MUCH LIKE LAST WEEK STOMPING AWAY ON THEM! The heat from the crowd is pretty good as Doug & Danny go to work on Shelton Benjamin, before turning back to Charlie Haas and dispensing of him, throwing him from the ring … BEFORE DANNY TURNS AND NAILS SHELTON WITH A STIFF KICK TO THE HEAD!

Benji is out on his feet … AND THE BASHAMS TAKE ADVANTAGE, HITTING HIM WITH THE BALL AND GAG! The crowd boos as The Basham Brothers get back to their feet and throw their hands up in the air, having taken out Haas & Benjamin for two straight weeks.

Joey Styles: For the second straight week, The Basham Brothers have laid waste to Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin following Haas & Benjamin competing in a match! What could the motivation for The Basham Brothers possibly be? Why are Haas & Benjamin the targets?

With those questions in mind, we head off to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*


We now cut to a video package, which begins with the image of a road that we are slowly moving along, Mark Henry hitting The World’s Strongest Slam on Rey Mysterio.

Narrator: The journey is almost complete.

We are now suddenly back on that road, which we are starting to pick up some pace as we go along, before we cut off to see Kurt Angle hitting Edge with the Angle Slam.

Narrator: The travelling, almost done.

We continue to move down the road, this time getting even faster, before seeing Randy Orton hitting the RKO on The Undertaker.

Narrator: The destination ... is there.

We see the WrestleMania 22 logo in the distance as we continue to speed closer and closer towards it, the logo becoming even larger as we now enter the streets of Chicago ... before coming to a screeching halt.

Narrator: But before we get there, we have just one more trip, down memory lane.

We see a street sign with the words on it ‘Memory Lane’, while images of Hulk Hogan hitting the Atomic Leg Drop on Andre The Giant, the Hulkster battling with Paul Orndorff, and Andre The Giant now standing tall over Hogan.

Narrator: Join the superstars of the WWE, as we bring back a tradition from the forefathers of this company.

The images now fade away to be replaced by the Saturday Night’s Main Event logo.



We return back at ringside with our commentators.

Joey Styles: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back here to Monday Night RAW where we have seen an action packed show where we are indeed on the road to not just WrestleMania 22, but also to the return of Saturday Night’s Main Event in just twelve days time. However, that’s not the only stop on the road to WrestleMania, as the night before WrestleMania 22, in the beautiful Rosemont Theatre in Chicago, Illinois, we will see our class of 2006 be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame where they will become immortal.

Jerry Lawler: I can think of no bigger honour, Joey, than the WWE hall of fame. Titles come and go, but in the Hall of Fame, your career, your legacy, it lives forever.

Joey Styles: That’s right, ‘King’, and right now it’s time to meet the very first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame for 2006.


The video package opens with scenes of none other than the late, great Eddie Guerrero walking around as a child.

Narrator: Eduardo Gory Guerrero was born into wrestling royalty on October 9th, 1967 in El Paso, Texas.

We are shown scenes of Gory Guerrero bridging, with his whole family on a board that is balanced on his abs, along with a few scenes of the great wrestling.

Narrator: As son of lucha libra legend Gory Guerrero …

We now see Eddie’s siblings in action.

Narrator: And brother of Chavo, Hector and Mando, Eddie was quickoy thrust into the spotlight in Mexican wrestling.

Scenes of Eddie in his early career in Tijuana.

Narrator: It wouldn’t take Eddie long to break out onto the scene, working for major Mexican promotions CMLL and AA, where he found fame as partner of the charismatic Art Barr, forming Los Gringos Locos, a revolutionary pairing in Mexico.

We now see Eddie wrestling under a mask as Tiger Mask in New Japan.

Narrator: Eddie’s success wouldn’t stop there though, as he traveled to Japan and wrestled under the mask as Black Tiger, gaining respect from the Japanese public for his performances.

We see Eddie wrestling Dean Malenko in ECW and Rey Mysterio in WCW.

Narrator: From there Guerrero would burst onto the scene in the United States, wrestling in ECW and finding immediate success, raising the ECW T.V. Title, along with the WCW United States and Cruiserweight titles.

We now see Eddie arriving in WWF in the crowd along with his Radicalz buddies Dean Malenko, Chris Benoit and Perry Saturn.

Narrator: In 2000, Eddie would find himself joining the WWF and again found instant success, feuding with D-Generation X, and winning the European and Intercontinental titles. However, with great triumph, also came great pain.

We cut away to see Eddie sitting on a bench, head in hands.

Narrator: In 2001 Eddie lost his job with WWE, following a string of incidents which led Guerrero to admitting that he had a substance abuse problem. Guerrero though, would not take the problem lying down …

Scenes of Eddie springing up to his feet, then patting his chest ferociously as a downfall buckets down on top of him.

Narrator: Eddie would fight and claw his way back, earning his spot back into the WWE and capturing the heart of the audience as “Latino Heat”, with his cheeky antics and memorable catchphrase “I lie, I cheat, I steal”.

Guerrero is shown taking Kurt Angle’s portrait hostage and cheating in golf in one of the old Los Guerreros vignettes.

Narrator: Eddie would prove to be an inspiration, coming to the top of the mountain at No Way Out 2004 when he faced and defeated Brock Lesnar to raise the WWE Championship.

Eddie’s wild celebration in the Cow Palace, with the crowd going absolutely nuts, before he celebrates backstage with Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, and we even see a piece of humanity from Mr. McMahon, who emotionally embraces Eddie.

Narrator: Eddie proved to be an inspiration for many, overcoming his problems to raise the WWE Title and provide hope for others, showing no matter how low you may fall, there is always a way back up to the top, as long as you’re willing to work for it.

Flashes of Eddie with the title.

Narrator: And while Eddie may have passed from us late last year, his legacy lives on, not just with his nephew, Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo is shown slapping his chest in Eddie like fashion, before we cut to see Eddie embracing Rey.

Narrator: His best friend, Rey Mysterio.

We now see a montage of Eddie’s greatest moments, showing of his moves, his personality, and his family.

Narrator: But through the memories. And so it is with great honour that the first inductee into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2006 will be none other than the late, great Eddie Guerrero.

We see a picture of Eddie’s smile as the main graphic, accompanied by a picture to the side that says Eddie will be inducted by Rey Mysterio, Chavo Guerrero and Dean Malenko.

(Note: I know that typing this out was far from necessary, however this does mean a fair bit to me. When I first watched wrestling, Eddie Guerrero was the first character who was able to draw me in emotionally and really make me care about them beyond a level of enjoying seeing someone just kicking someone else’s ass. Because of this, and because of how great I still think Eddie was, I came to the decision to type this out in full. While Eddie will obviously never be in this thread, I would like to think of this as my little tribute to Eddie Guerrero, because without him I probably would have never cared enough about wrestling to bother looking up a forum, and thus this BTB would have never existed. Just a little something I wished to get off my chest. Viva la raza.)


We come back into the arena, with everybody on their feet, including our three announcers, the crowd chanting “Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!” at the top of their lungs.

We remain silent for awhile longer, allowing the moment to set in, before …


The crowd, despite still emotionally drained from the video, bursts out into a huge pop, as Kurt Angle storms out onto the stage, looking his manic self as he walks part of the way down the ramp, then throws his arms up wildly as pyro explodes behind him. After the pyro finishes up, Angle marches on down to the ring and eagerly awaits his foe, looking ready and raring to go.

Joey Styles: Kurt Angle in action here gentlemen, but first, I just want to say that through working with ECW, I was honoured to meet the late, great Eddie Guerrero, and though I perhaps didn’t know him as well as some others, I can say that Eddie well and truly deserves this award, and that the night before WrestleMania is now going to be a very emotional one.

Jerry Lawler: That’s right, Joey. Everyone who Eddie met, they were touched by him. He just had this amazing charm … this amazing charisma. And seeing him inducted into the Hall of Fame by his nephew and his two best friends, with his induction to be accepted by his widow, Vickie, I think it’s only fitting that he’s the first inductee.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing 225 lbs, Kurt Angle!


The crowd gives a tepid (one of my favourite words) reaction as Val Venis makes his way out onto the stage enthusiastically, pointing out to the ladies in the crowd and licking his finger. ‘The Big Valbowski’ doesn’t look to be taking his situation too seriously, not even looking at Angle as he climbs up into the ring and goes to pose on the turnbuckle … BIG MISTAKE AS ANGLE CHARGES UP BEHIND HIM AND THROWS HIM DOWN TO THE MAT, KICKSTARTING THE MATCH!

Match Five ~ Singles Match:
Kurt Angle vs. Val Venis

Angle squats down beside Venis and waits for him to get up … ANGLE SLAM! Angle roars back up to his feet … AND LOCKS IN THE ANKLE LOCK! VENIS TAPS IMMEDIATELY!

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission @ 0:10


Angle’s music doesn’t last long, as he immediately asks for a mic, not even allowing Lilian to announce him as the winner. Angle quickly moves to the side of the ring facing the stage and leans up over the ropes.

Kurt Angle: CENA!

Big pop from the crowd.

Kurt Angle: I know you’re back there … so how about we finish what we started last week?

The crowd initially continues to cheer, before degenerating into more of a buzz for some reason.

Kurt Angle: COME ON CENA! COME …


Much to the disappointment of both the crowd and Kurt Angle, Edge starts to back up the ramp, running his hands through his hair and shaking his head … ONLY FOR JOHN CENA TO RUSH OUT FROM BACKSTAGE AND GRAB EDGE FROM BEHIND, THROWING HIM INTO THE RING … ANGLE SLAM! ANGLE NAILS THE ANGLE SLAM ON EDGE!

The crowd looks wild as Angle and Cena now look at one another … but security rushes out, diffusing any situation before it can begin! The crowd boos as the security stands between the two men, separating them, leaving them to fight another week.

With those crazy scenes having transpired, we now cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Todd Grisham standing by.

Todd Grisham: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guests at this time, Carlito and ‘The Masterpiece’ Chris Masters.

The crowd gives some pretty good heat as Carlito & Chris Masters step into view, ‘Lito tossing his apple, ‘Piece flexing his muscles.

Todd Grisham: Gentlemen, tonight you of course compete in our main event, teaming up to take on ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ Shawn Michaels, as arranged by Mr. McMahon. Your thoughts?

Carlito: Okay, first of all, I have it on good authority ‘dat our General Manager for ‘da, Mr. Jonathan Coachman had a part in making ‘dis match. But y’know, after seeing what happened earlier, hearing something like ‘dis is exactly what Carlito expects.

Carlito frowns at Grisham.

Carlito: What ‘ju … ‘ju don’t know what Carlito is talking about? I’ll tell ‘ju what Carlito is talking about. Carlito is talking about ‘da disrespect ‘dat was shown earlier tonight to ‘da ‘Coach’. ‘Ju see, earlier tonight, after being appointed General Manager for ‘day night by Mr. McMahon, all ‘Coach’ tried to do was make a few announcements and do his job. But who had to ruin ‘dat? Who had to stop ‘dat to have their own little fun? Who decided ‘dat ‘dey were more important ‘den ‘da rest of ‘da RAW locker-room? D-Generation X, ‘das who.

Carlito snarls at the thought of DX.

Carlito: D-Generation X think ‘dat Monday Night RAW … ‘dat it’s ‘dere own personal playground! Well Carlito thinks otherwise. Monday Night RAW isn’t about people like Triple H an’ Shawn Michaels. It’s not about D-Generation X. Monday Night RAW is about Carlito, an’ tonight, Shawn Michaels is gonna’ learn ‘dat ‘de hard way.

Carlito smirks as ‘The Masterpiece’ now steps up.

Chris Masters: D-Generation X, they think that this all fun and games. They think this is some kind of joke. They come out, have their fun, tell their jokes and think that everyone is just gonna’ sit down and accept it. Well boys, I got some news for you … me an’ ‘Lito … we ain’t gonna’ stand for it.

Masters smirks.

Chris Masters: Earlier tonight, Triple H thought he got it bad from Cade an’ Murdoch? Sure, they beat him, but that’s nothin’ compared to what the two of us are gonna’ do to Shawn Michaels. Tonight, when we step into the ring with you, Shawn, we ain’t just gonna’ beat you. We’re gonna’ crush you.

Todd Grisham: Well gentlemen, we’re also coming up to WrestleMania, and tonight we already saw Gregory Helms qualify for the Money in the Bank Ladder Match?

Carlito: Tonight … after Carlito takes care of Shawn Michaels for Mr. McMahon an’ Mr. Coachman … personally … Carlito is headed to Money … in ‘da Bank … an’ ‘dat … ‘das cool.

Carlito now smirks and takes off, with Chris Masters in hot pursuit, yelling out “Hey, what about me, Carlito?”

We now cut off elsewhere to see the Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus walking down a corridor, presumably on her way to the ring. The champ looks as focused as she has ever been, walking with a purpose … until she is suddenly stopped by her friend from last week, Rebecca.

Rebecca: Hey Trish.

Trish Stratus: Rebecca! Hey, listen, I know I promised you we’d hang out, but I’ve got my match now, so what do you say we hang out after the show?

Rebecca: What, you think I don’t know you’ve got your match with Victoria? Tonight sounds great … and hey, good luck out there.

Trish smiles at Rebecca, then walks from view, leaving us to look at her friend standing there … when Mickie James ominously approaches.

Mickie James: Hey Rebecca …

Rebecca turns to see an odd smile on Mickie’s face as the diva strides towards her … but we see no more as we cut to ringside to see Lilian standing by in the ring.

Lilian Garcia: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE Women’s Championship!


The crowd gives some very nice heat as from the back emerges Victoria, looking out to the crowd with a disgusted look on her face. The beautiful yet dangerous Victoria makes her way down to the ring rather quickly, not stopping at any stage to play it up to the crowd, instead worried about her chance to become Women’s Champion, which she is about to receive.

Joey Styles: Well Trish Stratus’ friend Rebecca here again tonight, but the way in which Mickie James just approached her was … eerie. I know Trish said earlier tonight was about this match against Victoria, but the way in which Mickie approached Trish’s friend … well, Mickie may have just made tonight about Mickie. The only positive for Trish is that, well, she doesn’t know yet.

Simon Dean: But Joe, if Trish wants to retain her title, which I assume she does, she’s gotta’ forget about any worries she’s got, and concentrate on this woman standing before us, ‘cause she is the most dangerous diva I’ve ever seen. Not to forget, Victoria’s also the first diva to get onto the Simon System, and after she wins the Women’s Title tonight, I gotta’ feeling a whole lot more are gonna’ get on the bandwagon.

Jerry Lawler: As much as I hate to say it, I’ve gotta’ agree with Simon. I mean, Victoria is one tough diva, and if you aren’t concentrating on her, she’ll have no problem kicking your head in. Hopefully that doesn’t happen to Trish tonight, because I don’t want to see any damage done to her pretty little face.

Simon Dean: See, now you’re comin’ ‘round, ‘King’. We just need to get you on the Simon System so you can lose the gut, and I may just be proud to call you my partner for the night.

Lilian Garcia: Introducing first, the challenger, from Los Angeles, California, Victoria!


The crowd gives a very nice pop now as Trish Stratus bounces out from the back full of life, gold wrapped around her gorgeous waist. Stratus plays it up to the crowd on her way down the ramp, showing just why it is that they love her, before she climbs up into the ring and postures a little more, then settles for action.

Joey Styles: As I said before if it can be counted as a positive, Trish is unaware of the possible situation backstage, so all of her focus should be on the woman standing on the opposite side of the ring to her, and we know that when focused, Trish is damn near impossible to beat.

Simon Dean: The one diva who has been able to go with Trish throughout her entire career though has been Victoria, and tonight I’ve got a feeling she’ll be able to do the same, especially with the gold on the line.

Lilian Garcia: Her opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, she is the WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

Match Six ~ Women’s Championship ~ Singles Match:
Victoria vs. Trish Stratus ©

Despite RAW being a little crammed tonight, these two divas are possibly the two most talented women the WWE has ever seen and they are treated as such by getting some time to put together a good contest. The early going of the match consists of Trish and Vickie feeling each other out a little, before Vickie starts to break things down into a ground game, locking in a few side headlocks on the mat in an attempt to ground her smaller foe and use her size and power to wear down Trish. Trish however, being the feisty little diva that she is, refuses to be held down, and fights up, bringing her speed into play early as she catches Victoria off guard with a few arm drags. Victoria though, is well aware of Trish’s style, and despite Trish being quick, this leads to her downfall for the moment as when Trish goes for a headscissors takedown, Victoria manages to grab her around the waist, then drop her down throat first across the top rope.

This sets up the domination of Victoria, who continues the somewhat unorthodox approach of targeting Trish’s throat for a short time, utilizing the referee’s count on a few occasions in some illegal chokes, before then broadening her focus onto the whole neck, allowing for a little more variation in offense. Trish is as spirited as ever though, and as you would expect, she refuses to give in, leading to Victoria getting more and more innovative as she brings into use a lethal bridging chinlock, gaining some applause from the crowd for the mighty impressive move.

This still isn’t enough to defeat Trish, as the blonde bombshell is able to survive by the skin of her teeth, just shuffling her body across to get her foot on the bottom rope to force the break. Victoria gets back to her feet after milking the referee’s count, before taking some time to pull her hair back and realize that Trish is beginning to find herself in some real trouble, struggling to get up. This leads to a more relaxed approach from Victoria, who picks Trish up by the hair and slaps the top of her head mockingly … WHEN TRISH SUDDENLY EXPLODES OUT OF THE BLOCKS WITH A QUICK FLURRY OF RIGHTS! Trish rocks Vickie, then runs off the ropes and comes back … right into a reverse elbow from Victoria!

Victoria isn’t satisfied with that though, as, after holding her jaw for a moment, she jumps on top of Trish into a mount position and begins to fire off wild right hand shots, venting her anger out on Stratus. Victoria then gets back up and has the audacity to claim the match as being over, lifting Stratus back up … THEN GOING FOR THE SPIN OUT SIDEWALK SLAM … BUT TRISH SPINS OUT OF IT AND TAKES VICKIE DOWN WITH AN ARM DRAG IN ONE SMOOTH MOTION! An embarrassed Victoria rushes up and instantly goes for a clothesline, but Trish ducks … AND VICKIE TURNS TO RECEIVE A STRAIGHT UP KICK TO THE JAW FROM TRISH, SENDING HER DOWN TO THE MAT … AND TRISH ALSO COLLAPSES FROM EXHAUSTION AND PAIN!

The two competitors remain down on the mat for awhile, unmoving, before slowly climbing back to their feet and getting in an exchange of fists, which despite Trish perhaps being a little more fiery, Victoria looks to be winning thanks to her superior power. Trish, however, has a plan as she ducks a right from Victoria, then comes back off the ropes and nails a clothesline! Vickie gets up and receives another one, then another one as Trish asserts some dominance. Victoria looks to get some momentum going following this, dashing off to the ropes as soon as she gets up … and going straight into a Thesz press from Trish, who then rains down on Vickie with right hands from the mount position!

Both women get back up, with Victoria instantly scoring with a kick to the midsection, before again running off to the ropes and looking for a clothesline … BUT TRISH GETS OUT OF DODGE WITH THE MATRISH … THEN GRABS HER AROUND THE NECK WITH HER LEGS AND TAKES VICTORIA DOWN WITH A HEADSCISSORS TAKEDOWN! Victoria is wobbly, and Trish knows it, making the cover … only two!

Trish looks surprised that Vickie kicks out at first, but she quickly moves on, nailing Victoria with some brutal chops as soon as she gets back up, backing her up to the corner … BEFORE SHE SITS HER CHALLENGER UP ON THE SECOND ROPE AND BACKS AWAY … LOOKING FOR STRATUSPHERE … BUT VICTORIA SHOVES HER BACK DOWN TO THE MAT! Trish lands with a splat, getting up holding her jaw when Vickie flies off the second rope with a sunset flip attempt … but Trish sits down … only two! Both women are again back up quick as a flash, with Trish trying for a right … but Victoria ducks and scores with a neckbreaker! Vickie makes the cover … two!



Victoria can’t believe it, having thought she had the title won for sure with that move. However, the referee maintains it just being a two count, leading to Victoria doing something a little different, heading up to the top rope … BUT TRISH GETS UP AND RUSHES THE CORNER … AND NAILS THE STRATUSPHERE! The crowd cheers as a discombobulated Vickie gets back up to her feet … AND INSTANTLY FEELS THE WRATH OF THE CHICK KICK … THEN GETS GRABBED AROUND THE HEAD … AND NAILED WITH THE STRATUSFACTION! Trish makes the cover … and gets the three!

Winner (and still Women’s Champion): Trish Stratus via pinfall @ 9:47


Lilian Garcia: Here is your winner, and still WWE Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus!

Trish gets back to her feet and is handed her Women’s Title, which she raises high in the air, pointing out to the fans as she does so.

Joey Styles: A mighty effort from both women here, but in the end Trish Stratus is able to retain her Women’s Title, and continue her reign which now has gone on beyond fourteen months. It’s hard to see Trish being beaten when she wrestles like that too.

Jerry Lawler: I don’t know if anyone can possibly beat Trish, Joey! I don’t think we’ve ever seen a champion take on all comers as Trish has on Monday Night RAW.

Simon Dean: Now if only there were some way to get her on the Simon System, she’d be unbeatable for sure.

We cut from Trish to see none other than Shawn Michaels walking down a corridor backstage.

Joey Styles: Well folks it’s up next. Shawn Michaels faces the wrath of Mr. McMahon in our main event as he goes against Carlito and Chris Masters in a handicap match … next.

We of course fade out to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break backstage, where a commotion seems to be taking place, medics and backstage workers running all over the place … BEFORE THE CAMERA MOVES IN AND WE SEE THE FRIEND OF THE CHAMP, REBECCA DOWN ON THE FLOOR COVER IN BLOOD! Workers bark instructions all over the place … when Women’s Champion, Trish Stratus walks into view and sees sees her friend out.

Trish Stratus: Rebecca! Rebecca! What happened here? Is she okay? What’s happening?

The commotion continues as the camera backs up a bit … and we see Mickie James now rush over, blood on her top.

We now cut back to ringside.

Joey Styles: An unpleasant situation backstage where a person who doesn’t even work for this company has been attacked, but I have to ask, would I be jumping to conclusions if I said this was the work of one Mickie James?

Jerry Lawler: I sure hope it wasn’t Mickie. I mean, I know we’ve seen little glimpses that indicate Mickie may not be all there, but this … this would just be sick.


The crowd of course comes alive with a big pop as Shawn Michaels prances out onto the stage, full of energy and life, as always. ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ plays it up to the fans a bit, before getting down on his knees and praying to the lord, pyro firing off behind him as he does so.

Joey Styles: Well, moving on … hey, WAIT A MINUTE! NO … NOOOOOOOO!


The crowd of course boos as Michaels lands with a splat, but ‘Lito and ‘Piece are far from done, hopping on down off the ramp themselves and following Shawn, Masters lifting him back up and RAMMING him back into the crowd barrier a few times. The crowd boos heavily as Masters then throws Michaels’ face down into the steel of the ramp and takes him towards ringside … WHERE HE THROWS HIM INTO THE STEEL STEPS, SENDING HIM CRASHING INTO A HEAP!

The crowd of course boos as Carlito barks orders at Masters, telling him to lift Michaels up, before he throws the fragile veteran into the ring. Masters continues to take orders, as Carlito now tells him to lift Michaels up …


The crowd goes nuts as Triple H runs down the ramp, shaking off the pain from earlier in the night as he slides into the ring … AND BEGINS TO ROCK BOTH CARLITO AND MASTERS WITH RIGHTS! The crowd goes apeshit as Trips hits them one after the other, before taking Carlito’s head off with a clothesline! Triple H then turns … AND SLAMS MASTERS DOWN INTO THE MAT WITH A HUGE DOUBLE A SPINEBUSTER MUCH TO THE INITIAL PLEASE OF THE CROWD … ALTHOUGH THEY THEN BEGIN TO BOO … AND THE REDNECK WRECKING CREW COME OUT OF NOWHERE TO TAKE TRIPLE H DOWN!

The Crew shove Triple H back into the corner and begin to kick and punch away at him, gaining them some great heat while Carlito and Masters regather themselves. The rednecks keep their good work going, attacking Trips like a pack of hounds to the point where he is absolutely defenseless … AT WHICH STAGE THEY PULL HIM FROM THE CORNER AND NAIL THE SWEET ‘N’ SOUR FOR THE SECOND TIME OF THE NIGHT!

Meanwhile Carlito and Masters are up, with Carlito shouting at Masters to finish Michaels … WHICH HE DOES AS HE PICKS MICHAELS UP AND THROWS HIM INTO THE MASTERLOCK, RAGDOLLING HIM! The crowd boos as Masters shakes Michaels all over the place, The Crew and Carlito both looking on as the energy is drained further and further from Michaels, before Carlito says that’s enough … AND MASTERS THROWS MICHAELS TO CARLITO … WHO NAILS HIM WITH THE BACKCRACKER!

All four of the heels get back to their feet and link arms, raising their hands up in the air, when suddenly our attention is taken to the stage.

???: Ahem.

Everyone looks to the stage … to see Mr. McMahon, who gains a ton of heat.

Mr. McMahon: Shawn Michaels … you think THAT was your punishment? Not even by a long shot! No, not even that was enough …

Heat, as McMahon pauses.

Mr. McMahon: Which is why at Saturday Night’s Main Event, you’ll be in action, Shawn. It will be you, in a STREET FIGHT … with my son, Shane McMahon!

[COLOR="Red"][I]Big time heat.

Mr. McMahon: And Shawn, to give you a little special preview of what that’s gonna’ be like, I’ve arranged for a very special match for next week. Next week, you’re gonna’ be in the main event. It’ll be Shawn Michaels against … ME … VINCENT … KENNEDY … MCMAHON!


The commentators don’t speak. We hear nothing except the sound of Mr. McMahon’s music as we look at him, glaring down into the ring, where the four heels still stand, as we fade away to finish the show.



March 4th, 2006 | Joe Louis Arena; Detroit, Michigan

Clash of the Champions:
WWE Champion Edge vs. World Heavyweight Champion Batista

Street Fight:
Shawn Michaels vs. Shane McMahon


April 2nd, 2006 | Allstate Arena; Rosemont, Illinois

World Heavyweight Championship:
Randy Orton vs. Batista ©

Money in the Bank Ladder Match:
Gregory Helms vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ??? vs. ???

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Nice video package to open the show, reminded me of exactly what happened on the last Raw.

Vinnie Mac wasn’t bad to start off with, pretty in character, although this whole DX thing doesn’t interest me in the slightest, atm, therefore I didn’t find it that entertaining. One thing I didn’t get is Vince claims that DX are just like the people, because the people only wish that they could do stuff to their boss, yet then, a moment later, he says last week DX did stuff to him. A bit dodgy, tbh. The Coach as GM, even if only for one night is awesome, I’m expecting good shit.

I really couldn’t picture Vinnie Mac telling Coach that he’s the boss either. McMahon loves the power.

Coach was pretty good on the mic, all cocky and arrogant like his usual self. at him owning Styles to, good shit. Simon Dean on commentary? Definitely wasn’t expected, however I do love the choice, as Dean has the perfect character to be an annoying prick.

The rest of Coach’s promo was pretty good to, I can’t really complain with anything you’ve done here. Angle and ‘the best thing in this thread’ Helms being in action is only going to make the show even better.

Ugggh, DX. Typical face Triple H promo, which in translation means I really didn’t enjoy it.

Shawn was the same as Trips, boring.

Handicap match? Oh boy, this never happened IRL in 2006. Please end this soon.

Honestly, the match seemed like it was dominated by Triple H, which was not a good thing for your tag division, unless you just glossed over the parts where the RWC were dominating. Anyway, glad you didn’t have Trips win.

If Dean’s just going to relate every superstar to the Simon System he’s going to get boring pretty fast.

at Venis getting his own locker room. Benji/Haas situation continues to intrigue me, this segment was pretty good.

I love the way you write Flair. Honestly, first time you wrote Flair, probably wasn’t that great, you’ve improved immensely. As for Chavo, “oh we’re friends” blah blah blah, pretty much same shit he said the other week, so seemed pointless. Flair carried this though, so definitely still a decent enough segment.

The tag title match up was a little dull to read, although it was to be expected. RWC need to get involved with your titles some time soon.

RVD. This is a man I want to hear from.

Coach was fairly epic again, trying to hit on Torrie and the horse. Shelton coming was alright, and well, really, Benji in MITB is always good with his athleticism, so I’d expect it.

Helms is ‘da fuckin man’. Great interview, I love his attitude. If he’s not headlining next years ‘Mania, you’ve fucked up somewhere.

Good win for ‘da man’ to, made him look like a million bucks.

Trish seemed way to much like a face here for my liking. It’s obvious the slow turn is coming for her, yet you had hints of it, but I think there should have been a little more arrogance here. It was still to nice for my liking.

RVD still playing the face for now? Okay, cool. I’m sure when he heads to SD that will change. Another good segment here.

I don’t like your ‘Mania poster.

Oh hey, just as the show is getting good, will throw a pointless little DX segment in there. Terrible, imo. I really hope you have some kind of twist planned, because I don’t think I can handle this stuff until ‘Mania.

Good win for the WGTT, although I don’t understand how Haas could pick up the victory if he wasn’t the legal man. I know they fuck up like that IRL, but in btb, I expect better.

The Bashams? Okay. The juries out on them in this thread, hopefully they are just temporary though.

Eddie in HOF is most obvious choice.

Angle’s intensity was portrayed beautifully here, which is good, because I’d felt as if you’d over done it a couple of times in the past. This triple threat situation has been awesome so far, and continues to do so.

‘lito/Masters interview was nothing special, but did its job.

I predict Mickie is going to murder Trish’s friend.

Match write up of the night here, so I’m happy you’re giving your Divas some appreciation. A big win for Trish, and now she’s done with Vickie, I’m hoping she turns heel. As for Vickie, please don’t forget about her.

Crazy Mickie. Oh boy!

Big attack with the heels at the end, yet it’s the same crap with DX all the time, and it just doesn’t interest me.

Michaels facing both the McMahon’s in time makes things even worse for me.

Overall, minus the DX stuff, Raw is looking pretty damn good at the moment. I really enjoyed all aspects of the show, I feel as if your writing has really improved, which is good since ‘Mania is coming soon, yet I will say this show lacked that one big promo (opener doesn’t count because it bored me). Would have loved to have heard more from RVD, and I guess Cena/Edge could have had an interview or something, but besides those minor issues, DX is the only big one, it was a good/great show. Keep it up, brah.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Nice little preview in the begining. Sets the scene nicely for those who need to catch up with past shows

tbh, Styles shouldn't really say "Hi, I'm Joey Styles and I'm the voice of ECW..." Didn't Lawler hate him and ECW at that time, when they brought it in later in the year and Styles quit his job one a Raw show... then Coach came in... Anywho, no big deal.

SHADDAP! I love it. I could really picture Vince saying it in that sort of accent. Vince's promo so far to oepn the show is a very good one, everything he is saying is too character.

Guess the inmates aren't running the Asylm after all? Coach... Seems interesting.

Da-fuck is Simon Dean doing commentary for? I am sure it wasn't just something random that you thought of on the spot to fill up some show time.. Kowing you, you'll make something out of this worthwhile.

Mentioning the Attitude Era? I thought us IWC made that term up... hmmm... not sure how kayfabe/realism that sentence was.

Overal, decent promo. Got it's point across.

I must applaud your decision on making the Redneck Wrecking Crew win the opening match, the fact that they won meant that they are a real team and Vince's word means something and Triple H isn't just walking over him in this feud like he is nothing. It did two things, whereas if Triple H won, it would make them look weak as a team and Vince look weak. So props to you.

Simon Dean in commentary isn't all that bad. He may become a regular until JR comes back.

Please do push Benjamin, it looks like he may turn heel on Hass and attack him. I may not be thinking in the same booking direction you are but I see you making tension between the two so they cuold have a match against eahc other at Wrestlemania which will probably steal the show.

Surprised this wasn't a squash match. tbh, too many tag team/ handicap/multi man matches booked for tonight.

The match itself was decent, could have gone a bit longer though. I hope you do, do something in the single's department with Chavo and not a jobber.

:roflmao: strawberry.

I'm not sure if it was a typo but "Noice Guy" made me chuckle.

Looks like Benjamin/Hass might happen in the MITB match. Please don't do a WM 26 and have 10 people going in all directions and a huge clusterfuck. Keep it at six.

This ammount of Benjamin air time might mean you are planning on doing something with him, just please don't bring in his mumma'

I've heard your a huge Helms fan. I see great things for him. Maybe the MITB itself.

RVD should have gotten some more air time, I thought you would have him talk in the ring abotu why he did what he did to the Undertaker and that he wants to prove himself etc. But he may appear on Smackdown and do that.

Basham Brothers? Now that is interesting. Two awesome tag teams. Maybe they will jump Benjamin in his MITB qualifier next week, and Benjamin and Hass HAVE to organise things between them and make it happen again to get revenge. Their encounter which will most likely be at Mania will be epic.

Woo~! Eddie. Just please don't give Rey a "Feel sorry for me I was his best friend" push like the E' did. Do something different or nothing at all...

Divas... Yawn. (no offense, but I always skip them in any thread)

Nice Masters and Carlito prep talk'- however unlike the HHH match I feel something fishy may come about this and Vince may screw Shawn as he is about to win or send more people down to beat him up before HHH makes the save. Let's see how this pans out.

Once again Divas... I'll just skip this... Carrying on...

Wait what happened to the main event... Grrr ... Seriously though, Shawn/Shane should be a good match, SHane can actually go in the ring and I am sure the match won't go off without run ins and tons of interfeerances. About the jumping from behind, it was quite obvious, either during the match or before the match something was going to happen, but it was good that it did because it sets the scene for next week and makes things interesting as Bischoff returns. Who ia m sure isn't going to be pleased about everything, and may make a huge 8 man tag match .. something like DX + Kane/Big Show (or a face team) against the four that jumped them. Or heck a four on two handicap match for that matter may work too.

Overal an above average show, the Road to Wrestlemania looks to be a great one. With only a few kinks and bumps along the way that I mentioned in this post, and that Edge/Cena should have done a promo. it was still a great show. 7.5/10. Keep it up, and thanks for reviewing me the other day.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Nice recap of past events at the start of the show.

Kicking off with McMahon? Ok, McMahon was totally in character with the whole “I’ll fire whoever is responsible for this”. Coachman as the interim general manager for one night should be interesting, I guess. Don’t really think McMahon would refer to coach as boss but whatever. Simon Dean should be a decent replacement, he has the character that everyone will love to hate so I can see him being a real asshole throughout the night. Triple H coming out was to be expected and I’m not totally convinced that DX rejoining is good at this time, hopefully you have either Michaels or Trips turn heel which leads to a match at Mania. This was a decent opening promo, managed to set up two matches, although I don’t enjoy handicap matches all that much. Okay start to the show.

Thank god you had The Redneck Wrecking Crew win because I’ve seen too many times Triple H winning handicap matches. Triple H looked good in defeat because he got pretty good amount of offense in and Wrecking Crew got a good win over a main event player; even if it was a handicap match.

Gotta’ say, I really liked this backstage segment with Benjamin and Haas. Venis getting his own locker room was pretty lolworthy, while Benjamin has to share with Charlie. Was a good segment which moved this whole Charlie wanting to team but Benjamin not wanting to storyline along. Liking what your doing with Haas and Benjamin so far.

Ric and Chavo interview was decent. I don’t think Kane and Big Show will lose the straps just yet. Perhaps a Championship match at Mania between the two teams? Ric was seemingly in good character in the interview.
The match was decent for what it’s worth. For some reason I can see Chavo turning heel soon and challenging Ric for the Intercontinental Title. Hopefully you can get some other teams involved in the tag team title picture as Kane and Show need some other challengers apart from Ric and Chavo.

Coach getting the special treatment with the strawberries was pretty funny. I’m really liking the way your using Shelton in this thread and I hope this Charlie/Benjamin storyline has a good pay off. Shelton in money in the bank would be pretty good, it’d make for some really entertaining spots as he’s so athletic.
Pretty great interview from Helms. I love how he’s became a main talking point in this thread. He’s already my pick to win Money in the Bank, and there’s not even anybody else in the match yet.

Squash match? I don’t really like matches where some unknown jobber is involved, would’ve been better if you booked him against someone on the roster.

I like how your giving the divas some mic time as if they don’t get mic time then people will stop caring. Kinda’ how things have gone in real life, right about now. Mickie Vs Trish at Mania seems a lock to happen and I don’t have any complaints about it. I just hope you don’t forgot about Victoria after Trish/Vickie match.

I didn’t really this backstage segment with RVD and Coach. The dialogue was fine but I wanted to see RVD have a promo in the ring to explain his actions tonight. So now, RVD can’t appear on Smackdown to give an explanation? I think you should’ve had RVD cut a promo in the ring on RAW, and not just have him in a backstage segment.

Was a decent match between WGTT and Snitsky & Tomko. Basham’s attacking and laying out both WGTT may be the thing that truly unites Shelton and Charlie. I’m not usually a big fan of the Bashams but I’ll wait and see what they can do in this thread.

I really, really enjoyed the hall of fame induction package for Eddie. Really great package that documented his success in Mexico, then Japan before the U.S. I’m the same as you in that Eddie was a character who was able to draw me into everything he did. Good job on the video.

So, Val Venis got his own locker room and he loses in ten seconds? Lol. I’m liking the way your booking the triple threat thing with Cena, Edge and Angle. Although I would’ve liked some mic time for Edge and Cena but that’ll probably happen next week.

Good to see a divas match get that amount of time and with two women who can flat out go, it didn’t seem like it was too much. I like how your making the divas division matter.

Mickie with blood on her top? I can totally picture that, crazy Mickie Vs Trish seems the way to go so far.
Well, I did not expect this as an ending to RAW. But nonetheless, I like how your putting attention on RWC and Masters/Carlito in this whole DX/McMahon thing. Michaels against Shane at SNME should be pretty good. We’ve seen Shane can work really well in street fights and Michaels should be a good opponent. Vince and Shawn main eventing RAW next week? I expect a screwy finish tbh.

Overall, I thought this was a good show. I enjoyed mostly everything on the show with one or two exceptions. I do think though, that this show was lacking something, that one big moment or something. Road to WrestleMania seems to be really heating up and I can’t wait to read more. Good luck and keep it up, man.
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment


Nice little recap of the events of last Raw. Explains the situation for tonight, which is good for unaware viewers like moi. Inmates running the asylum still sounds TNAish to me, but maybe that's just me.

McMahon going ballistic is pretty awesome. Some McMahon comments to the crowd that I've never seen before in BTB too. Good job on that. Didn't like too much how he went from talking about Raw to an abrupt switch to HHH/HBK. After the little speech on DX, I'm surprised McMahon didn't dish out anything on them, but instead switches back to the matter of Bischoff. Coach is a good replacement, and definitely explains his absence at the table. Simon Dean replacing Coach is utter awesomeness. Good call. I'm surprised McMahon stood there the whole time listening to Triple H rant. Lengthy start. The realism, character and flow of this segment is great. Some minor changes in topic that I didn't like, but great nonetheless. I'm into the handicap matches, but the MITB qualifier and Angle in action should be good.

The Crew get the win over Trips. I'm expecting HBK to somehow win his match now. Simon Dean's ongoing commentary about the system is getting annoying. =P

WGTT in this BTB too? I marked. Too bad it seems they're opposites right now. Generic characters with generic words. Can't criticize them tbh.

Loving Flair in this promo. Putting himself and Chavo over is quite awesome. I'm not a fan of the WCW name call, but I'm just nitpicking. The last line for Maria = priceless. Not the end I expected in this match, as Flair and Chavo kind of cleanly lose, which kind of writes them off in the tag division.

The whole Coach/Shelton segment seemed awkward. It seemed forced a bit. Coach definitely carried the promo.

I loled at poindexter for some reason. Good Helms promo. Don't see him winning MITB, and I'm quite anxious to see his opponent, but after this promo, I can't imagine him losing. You put him over phenomenally with great points about him being the hero, and the beacon. Some things I couldn't imagine him saying though. The squash didn't do him justice. Expected a competitive match, but Helms in the MITB is good enough for me.

Not gonna lie; I imagined some things when Trish said "She’s done things to me that I never thought possible". I like you stressed at the end how it's not about Mickie. That always means the opposite, so I'mma wait for Mickie in this match.

I'm surprised RVD didn't just explain his situation here tonight. It makes more sense to explain it at SD! though. Coach threatening people doesn't really scare people. =P If anything, RVD goes to SD, which is good for SD. Good booking by adding that little bit with HHH & HBK.

Despite seemingly having no chemistry, WGTT win and are attacked by the Bashams. Your Raw tag team division seems impressive. I'm wondering where this is going considering Shelton is probably going to be in the MITB match. SNME? Didn't mind those shows. Can't wait.

Good little tribute to Eddie here. Eddie was getting big when I really started paying attention to wrestling, and I was so excited when he won the world title for the first time at WM20. I'm glad you wrote out this segment, and I'm happy that your paying tribute to him.

Haha. Val is so useless in every thread. Another rumble between these three. I'm quite surprised to see that this was the only airtime for the three this show especially since they caused the "inmates to run the asylum".

Good promo here with Carlito and Masters. Great way to set up and hype their match later on. I like how Carlito thought only about himself at the end, and not of Masters. You played that perfectly imo.

The whole Mickie is crazy thing could have went better in real life. Don't know what you've done with it so far, but I'm excited to find out what you're going to do. Clean win? I'm quite surprised at that. Certainly writes Victoria off, and leaves Mickie. Mickie attacks Rebecca. Surprise surprise! lol.

You kind botched this when McMahon was speaking - [color="Red"][i]Big time heat. Definitely a different way to end the show. I was hoping it was much more than a match. The match against Shane came out of the blue. I'm unaware of the current situation, but where did Shane come from?

Overall an excellent show. What I like the most is the character, flow and realism of the promos. Some of them are a little lengthy, but that's how they are in real life so I wouldn't expect them to be short in be the booker. I haven't read too many WWE threads in this section lately, but I gotta say, this thread is great. The booking seems organized and well planned. Nothing is really excessive or overboard either. Good job. Keep up the good work. You're doing great for this section with the amount of effort you put into it as well.

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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

Raw Feedback

Cheers for the video package, I was a bit hazy. Would have looked lush, too - good description.

Coach not at the announce table is intriguing, but I'm guessing he'll turn up later for whatever reason. Styles and King's commentary flowed really nicely, it was just really smooth. Nice stuff. My only slight qualm is the mention of ECW when, tbh, it's not really called for on Raw.

I love the irony of having McMahon come out first on a show when there's supposedly no authority. You got over the impatient, grumpy edge to his character very nicely, and you did a fantastic job of the rest of his character, too, threatening the fans and whatnot. Really good stuff - and it continued, too, with the insults towards both the crowd and DX, which I thought worked very well, especially as McMahon's the kinda thing who uses that kind of insult, running down the crowd cause they're poor and spineless, etc, etc. Good stuff. Loved the 'oh no' from Joey Styles, what I would have given to see his face in real life at that moment as it slowly dawned on all of us.

Coach and McMahon worked well here together, I think, it was just as I would imagine it would be like on TV. I confess I don't know who Simon Dean is (), but I'm guessing it was just to get a heel presence at the announce table to cover for Coachman. Fair enough, though I feel like he could have just turned up after the break 'at the orders of the temporary GM', seeing as it's the kind of thing to cool down the crowd, a different announcer arriving. Still, it's not a massive issue. We already knew about the title matches and whatnot, tbh, it doesn't seem necessary to mention them again, and the rant on Angle seemed a bit out of the blue, which made all of Coach's announcements feel very separate to me, as if they were all just shoved in willy-nilly - it just didn't flow very well. Maybe I'm just nitpicking, ah well.

DX's involvement was very good here, and you got a genuine laugh out of me with the bit about Coach's head being stuck up Vince's ass. Plus, you certainly made HBK and HHH seem different with their separate bits, whereas someone else might have made them seem quite similar in the way they spoke - there was definitely two different characters there, and that was really good. Handicap matches should be ok, though not massively original, and it would have been nice to see a bit of description on how DX had reacted to this, tbh. Either way, this whole segment, from McMahon to Coach to DX to eventual match, flowed very well from speaker to speaker, so I applaud you. Although, it kinda sucks we have a GM for the night, seeing as no authority makes for some crazy superstars with free reign, i.e Angle/Cena/Edge. We shall see how you deliver on that.

Good match. You kept all three guys looking good, and by having Tripper come up short, you don't make the RWC look like jobbers, and the Game still looks like he can take guys out, seeing how well he performed in the match. As for the writing itself, you had the knowledge of how this kind of match would go, with HHH doing some good stuff early on, being isolated, countering a few double teams, losing unluckily... you had it down to a tee. Nice job. Couldn't have booked it better myself.

at Haas in general. Great segment, great character, very intriguing storyline. Can't wait to see where it goes eventually. I love it.

Characters of Flair and Guerrero were great here. I could imagine the whole thing in my head, and the interview served its purpose very well in hyping up the match for the tag team titles later. Couldn't have asked for more, nicely booked.

The commentary during Kane and Show's entrance was particularly good. Dean certainly livens it up, though I loved King's reply to him. Commentary has been excellent so far, tbh, which isn't something I normally pick up on at all, but I've enjoyed it in this show.

Kane and Show weren't gonna lose the titles on Raw, obviously, but considering their size, and how hard it is to make guys look good against them, Flair and Chavo looked pretty strong at the end, even in defeat. A bit of description might have been nice on how the referee reacted to Show's illegal entry, but whatever. A solid match, and I can only imagine Chavo will, at some point, turn heel on Flair and feud with him for the IC Title, but for now, they looked pretty solid as a face tag team. Good stuff.

big time for 'strawberry?' Genius. A good promo to get over how disgruntled Shelton is, and I fully expect him to get in MITB, seeing as his name is pretty much synonymous with that ladder match. Nicely written, and you really got across the cocky yet overly-relaxed nature that Coach would be sure to have in this situation, especially when he has power and women. If only he had his hair as well.

Helms' interview was pure gold. Need I say more? It was top-notch. You're pushing him beautifully, and I wouldn't be sad to see him with that briefcase at all. Lush interview. Oh, and 'It's time' was brilliantly placed, to match the perfect description in the line prior to it. Props to you, my friend. That's how you do it - take note, all.

Considering the amount of fantastic midcard talent you have who could easily walk away with the briefcase (Shelton, Helms, Haas, Lashley, Mysterio, Kennedy, the list goes on), MITB needs to be 8-man, so nice thinking there.

Haha, I love the announcement. Very clever, and Dean played on it perfectly. It would have been nice to see a bit of description on just how Helms went about destroying Delaney, I mean Olsen, but whatever, it doesn't really matter that much.

Trish probably needed to get on the stick to talk about the whole Mickie James situation and the title match, but apart from the last few lines of the interview, it wasn't special. It served its purpose, and there wasn't much else that could have been said, but it was very much your stock-standard interview that, minus the individual names, probably could have been anyone speaking. Could have used a bit of livening up, but at least it was in there. You're keeping the division relevant by giving it storylines and mic time, so that's a positive.

Ah, now this I didn't like. Tbh, the first time we saw Rob Van Dam after NWO should have been as he was coming out to the ring to talk about it. I don't really like him having a backstage segment of any kind, especially when he was just basically fed to Coach to have a paddy-fit about if he was in charge or not. RVD/Taker is a real money-maker to me, and as such, I get the feeling it needed an in-ring promo, probably on SmackDown, to kickstart it. If this promo somehow involves Coach or some other kind of authority in the feud (which it clearly doesn't need), then clearly you meant it. Otherwise, it kinda kills the atmosphere for me, this mystique around RVD until he finally explains why he did what he did. Ah well. I expect he'll turn up on SmackDown regardless.

The DX interaction gets a thumbs up from me here. Served a purpose to show that they stand side-by-side against Vinnie Mac, no matter what he throws at them. Nice.

I laughed at your massive verbal burial of Snitsky, btw. It's just so true. The clear point in this match was how Haas basically saved Shelton after the latter just figured he could do it without Charlie, only to get booted in the face. Haas going on a massive tear on both men was a mark-out session for me, tbh, was great fun to read. Plus, you maintained this sense of reluctance that Shelton clearly has, only for Haas to really show him up and prove that he's not messing around, you know. The ring psychology really spoke volumes here, and advanced the storyline nicely. It made this match NOT filler for me, tbh. Props to you. Again.

Not sure what to make of the thing with the Bashams, if I'm honest. I'm guessing you're going for a storyline where Shelton has to accept Haas' help to handle both guys, or something like that. Time will tell. For now, I'm impartial. No real opinion. Give me one next week, please.

SNME for the win. Should be good.

The Eddie tribute was touching. Fair play to you.

Ah, the second single match of the night... and the second squash. Meh, it fits Angle's crazy character right now, so I have no complaints. The brawl that followed was fine, though it made your WWE Champion look a bit weak, with the failed attack, then running away, then failing at escaping, then getting Angle Slammed. Shame we don't get to see Angle and Cena going apeshit on each other, that's what I was hoping for when I heard 'inmates running the asylum'. I think this served a purpose, but considering this was all we got for the entire show when it's your main feud, Shelton/Haas and the women's feud got more air time than this did. Actually, so did DX, but that's not so much of an issue. I think a lot more could have been done here with these three on the show - Cena or Edge could have at least talked a bit at some point, tbh.

Masters/Carlito interview was ok. It didn't jump out or anything, and it had no 'wow' factor, but it made them more than just nameless enforcers for McMahon and Coach, which is good.

Mickie's gonna murder Rebecca.

Great match. Really stood out as a fantastic contest, which really helps the women's division. Trish had to retain of course, as I'm guessing it's gonna be Trish/Mickie at 'Mania.

Called it. Crazy Mickie is back.

I really liked this ending. We didn't really need another handicap match, and this was a very creative thing to do, tbh. All four heels here look really strong, and it's easy to hate them, meaning the pay-off will be all the greater come 'Mania. Nice thinking here - I guess this means a Diva match was your Main Event! There's a first time for everything, and tbh, it makes for a very good last match of the show, if you think about it. Way to elevate the division, man.

I think the Shane thing is odd, tbh, mainly because he hasn't really been involved, at least not in this show. My memory's a bit hazy, so although I think he has been involved at some point, I found it very strange to have Vince announce Shane/Shawn at SNME, just because it seems very out-of-the-blue. Shane needs to talk next week, for sure. Vince/Shawn will undoubtably have Shawn getting screwed over - a la Montreal? That could be interesting. Anyhow, certainly an interesting line-up to come in the next few weeks then, as much as I thought the Shane announcement was strangely placed considering the overwhelming lack of Shane, but otherwise, a very solid end of the show.

Well, BkB, seems all that selfless feedback for various people has paid off quite nicely for you, considering the amount of responses you've received for this show alone, and I agree with the general consensus - a very good show. Good to see you following the WWE trend of saving their best material for the 'Mania build, and it makes for some find readin', that's for sure. Lots, if not all, of your storylines have me on the edge of my seat, though my main favourite is Shelton/Haas, I'm thinking. I think the WWE Title feud needed a bit more build, and the lack of a non-squash (male) singles match was a bit disappointing, though you did a great job with both title matches, and overall, this was a very strong showing. Oh, and so much for inmates running the asylum, but I think we got our fair share of chaos. Keep at it, man, I cannot wait for Wrestlemania. <3
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Re: The World Wrestling Entertainment

I know you’d probably rather a Raw review instead, but I started this a while back, so thought I’d finish it instead. I’ll be trying to get back in the swing of things in the next few weeks.


Nice opening video package, setting the scene for the evening, as the final stop before the end of year shebang at WrestleMania. Nicely done, and imo, a very important part of a show is to set the scene.

Good choice for an opener, and pleasing to see Moore starting for the challengers, giving him a chance to show himself as more than just Matts partner. Plenty of ring time in the early going for him too, with the faces -as you‘d expect- dominating proceedings at the start. Nice to see the Poetry in Motion busting out too, and Moore appears to be fully on his game here, getting the better of both members of MNM.

It certainly took MNM enough time to get themselves together, eh? But, in saying that, they certainly made that offence count, taking out Moore instantly. Nice showboating from Nitro too whilst Moore is tended to, and Hardy is down, lol. It did seem like Matt was out for a little too long on the outside, it still worked in getting heat on MNM, although I’d be worried the fans enthusiasm might’ve died down with that long lull.

Tough spot for Matt, having to fight the odds, but ever the battler, you just cant count him out. Plenty of fight out of him, and somehow manages to outmanoeuvre his opponents to get the upper hand for the big comeback section, but as had to be expected, it was just too much to ask. Enjoyed the finish, with Hardy a split second from delivering the Twist of Fate, but getting a super kick instead. No way out of the Snapshot either. Great showing from Hardy in those closing stages, and comes out of the loss with a lot of credit. With Moore being taken out halfway through the match too, I don’t see this being the end of the feud, with Matt and Moore chasing a rematch down the road.

Fairly by the numbers promo from Kid Kash. Not the best you’ve written with him, but the point was put across, and set the scene for tonights CW title match. Job done.

Oh, did I ever love that three minute showcase from Brent Albright, squashing Boogeyman like the bug he is. Good way to take Boogeyman out of the spotlight for a while / ever, and it puts over the Crowbar brilliantly too as a legit submission hold.

Another nicely put together pre-match promo, but I would’ve liked to hear more from William Regal, due to the fact he’s awesome. Saying that, it makes sense for Finlay to lead the interview, as his issue with Lashley has been running longer, and has more history behind it than the simmering rivalry that’s developing between the Bluebloods and the Hooligans.

Champion vs. Champion at Saturday Nights Main Event?? Sounds cracking.

Not very Finlay-like for him to back away from a fight at the beginning of the match, since he … well, loves to fight. Expected more of a contest between the two big men getting it on, but Lashley seemed to get the better of the exchange initially, although Burchill eventually got his offence in, but hopefully you get what I meant there .

Have to say, you got Regal spot on in this match. The mannerisms described, the little things he does in the ring like the forearm in the face for the cover, the dirty uppercut hooks etc. Splendid work. The impression I kept getting throughout the match too, was that the faces brought the speed, quickness and flair to proceedings, whilst the heels brought organisation and ring smarts. Made for a fascinating little match up, that meshed well together. Lashley getting the hot tag off Kendrick was a good move, with him being the most over of his team, and therefore most likely to get a big ovation - plus he’s a bit of a beast, and his hard hitting offence coming off a hot tag makes for the best option.

No surprise that the action eventually broke down into carnage, and you got to the finish nicely, not letting the finishing sequence drag on for too long, and getting to the point nice and quickly. Use of the shillelagh was good, given Finlays earlier comments, and the feel good win off the back of botched use of the weapon was needed after back to back heel wins already on the show. Excellent undercard contest, that might’ve in hindsight fit better as the opener, with the feel good hot finish.

Still think it’s a weird time to debut someone, with WrestleMania hype likely to kill any focus on Punk. But, by all means, I hope you prove me wrong.

Sensible story to tell in the early going, with previous meetings playing in the mind of OJ, just surviving the attempts at the crossface and the sharpshooter. You worked it nicely too with Jordan taking charge, then viciously taking it to Benoit, and staying on him to avoid succumbing to a sudden submission. A very physical display from Jordan here, taking on Benoit at his own game, and showing a sinister side to his character with the attack on the well documented weak neck of his opponent. Rabid would be the word I’d use to describe Jordan here, which is apt, considering who he’s facing .

Love the nod to the previous meetings again, with Benoit nearly surprising the dominant OJ with that small package. It’s the little things like that that I tend to appreciate more in matches, and the psychology used on the back of that, with the previous ‘out of nowhere’ finishes between the two playing on Jordans mind, allowing Benoit to get a foothold back in the contest. And the continued persistence of OJ going back to the neck pleased me in all kinds of ways, as it was smart, simple, and most of all effective. If I’m honest, I didn’t really think Jordan mimicking the ‘throat slash’ and then going for the Crossface really fit for this match, and with the ongoing story of the contest, it wasn’t even needed.

Glad you held off on any outside interference until the latter stage of the match, as consistent use of Booker and Sharmell from start to finish would’ve ruined a strong match up. Holding off until the end ended up helping adding suspense to the final few minutes, and I’ve got to say, the reveal of Booker feigning his injuries here was superbly done. Helped Booker come off as a real coward of a heel. Benoits final comeback was brilliantly written too, getting the better of OJ and Booker, getting rid of Sharmell, then delivering the Headbutt, before finishing proceedings with the Crossface. Big rub for OJ too, showing toughness in the submission, holding on for all he’s worth, before finally giving in. Best match of the night so far imo.

Nice to see you going to the effort of providing the V.P for the CW title match, as it adds to the importance of the ever emerging title.

Should come as no surprise that Juvi is chomping at the bit for a measure of revenge on Kid Kash, and I guess it should come as even less of a surprise that Kash would quickly stoop to a thumb to get the upper hand. ROARING ELBOW~!! Love seeing that make an appearance Doesn’t seem like either guy is prepared to take their time in this one, with Juvi especially seeming to be all guns blazing in these early stages, but again, he’s battling with his heart here, and not using his head, allowing Kash to cut his momentum once again with that hot shot.

Nice transition into a dominant period for Kash, which had to come eventually, and once again, you done a splendid job detailing the assault on the ribs of the challenger from Kash, and it seems like that assault has helped Kash become a step quicker, as highlighted with Juvi avoiding the springboard, but then getting caught with the tilt-a-whirl. Not used to seeing slugfests in cruiserweight matches - but that’s not to say I don’t like to see it - I do. Fits perfectly in this setting, with the bitter hatred running through Juvi, going to the lengths of holding Kashs head to stop him from going down, just to pound him further.

Credit to Kash for hanging on, as the offence from Juvi from blistering, so the Champ looks pretty darn tough to survive that onslaught, and begin to make a comeback of his own, or at least attempting to … but that German pretty much gets him back in the driving seat in the end. Shocked that Juvi kicked out of that, and even more surprised that he was able to avoid the moonsault directly after. Looks like that double count out was a chance for the audience to prepare themselves for a big finish … honestly thought Juvi had it won with the Liger Bomb. No wonder he’s in shock - so am I, lol.

Damn, Kid Kash is one evil SOB, eh?? Knew once Juvi missed the 450 it was game over - but didn’t expect Kash to absolutely destroy the man. Exclamation point to the victory, with Kash making sure Juvi isn’t coming back for another shot anytime soon. Glad you kept the belt on Kash too - he’s the guy to build this division around right now - although it looks like he’s running out of challengers already, given his recent title defences. A few new faces due in the CW division perhaps??

LMAO at Kennedy kicking things off with the ‘ol pie face … TWICE~!! Total, utter disrespect. Nice to see Rey getting the better of KK early on, making Kennedy look a bit of a fool, getting some payback for the insulting pie face. Smart move from Kennedy to slow the pace, after getting the Roadrunner treatment. That was a great showcase from Rey though in that opening period, loved it.

Seems like getting the headlock helped Kennedy big time too, being able to catch the little whippet after he tried to up the pace again, which should see Kennedy get a sustained period of offence. Much like OJ in the earlier match, it’s a very aggressive Kennedy on show here, looking to prove to Rey that he doesn’t belong with the big boys, and the consistent fight backs from Rey just gives an awesome dynamic between the conviction of Kennedy and the will of Rey throughout this portion of the contest, with Mysterio just refusing to give in, but Kennedy putting a stop to every small wave of momentum the little man got.

Seems like the undefeated superstar got a little big for his boots. Stupid move on his part to say the least, going for a senton that early. Pure arrogance on his part, and it cost him the advantage. Good job on swaying the momentum back and forth for a good period, without getting repetitive, and it looks like Kennedy is finally beginning to realise that Rey does in fact belong in the upper tier. Despite mercilessly pounding the Human Highlight Reel … Kennedy just cant keep the bugger down, and he certainly cant stop him coming back, again, and again.

Big scare for Kennedy too with that attempt at the 619, with Rey building off that to register a series of offensive moves, taking the upper hand, gaining a second wind at this point, but it always felt like this wasn’t the big comeback before the finish, and more like a mini revival before Kennedy would dominate again. Although it looks like he’s getting more and more wound up…

Taking that time to berate Rey looks like it might cost Kennedy too, with Rey coming alive again … and connecting with that 619 at the second time of asking, and what a counter to the seated Senton!! Loved that one. Honestly though, it looked like Rey came around way too quickly after being knocked silly with the kick. Maybe should’ve had some sort of rest period in there, whether it was Kennedy regaining his composure after the kick out, or Rey after counting the Plunge. It all seemed to move a little too quickly for me.

Urgh, not comfortable with the Eddie tributes. I thought you had drawn a line under that with Rey last month just before the Rumble. Comes to nothing anyway, as it seems like Kennedy wants a second go at the Plunge … WHOA~!!! Hold the phone … KENNEDY LOSES!!!!!!!!! Just … like … that!! Awesome counter, and what a finish!! Massive, huge, gigantic win for the little man, being the guy to finally defeat Kennedy!! And I predicted the victory too!! Overall, an excellent contest, the best of the night in terms of action and quality, living up to it’s billing. Now, I wonder how Kennedy responds to losing for the first time … and losing to Rey of all people.

Annnnnd onto the semi main event. No wonder JBL is apprehensive, as I think we’re all expecting a dominant, pissed off Deadman, after being left laying week after week by JBL since the Rumble. Glad you didn’t have Taker come in ‘all guns blazing’, as despite the weeks of taking a beating from JBL, he’s always going to go into the match with that methodical style early on. Enjoyed seeing JBL cower away from the feints from Taker, and even giving the fans a chuckle by falling on his ass, very much the sort of thing you’d expect from Layfield. Good to see him dropping his guard, giving The Deadman the opening to get the match kick started. Why is it that ‘Old School’ almost never connects on the first attempt (at least in big PPV matches it doesn’t )

A little bit surprised to see JBL get a period of sustained offence this early in the match, as I’d envisaged him simply being manhandled for a long period, before getting the upper hand late in the match. Glad I was wrong though, with JBL getting plenty of shots in, hanging with Taker. And there you’ve done it again - just like with Benoit and OJ earlier, a simple hark back to where this issue started, using the Royal Rumble elimination here again with Taker dumping JBL out of the ring. I love those little things in matches.

Taker busting out the top rope dive??? He must be mighty pissed!! As Michael Cole would annoyingly say … VINTAGE~!! Undertaker, with the running leg drop over the apron. The worm has certainly turned at this point, and it’s ALL Taker, including ‘Old School’ at the second time of asking. Ah, not over just yet then for Layfield. Nice counter out of the Chokeslam attempt, with JBL turning the aggression up a notch - and another nod to a big staple of this angle, JBL busting Taker wide open, and once more … I love it.

One thing I’ve noticed is the amount of double counts throughout the night. Seems like this is the third or fourth match where both men went down for a long count of seven or eight. Seemed like a lot of times its happened during the show, maybe too many for my liking tbh. The image of the two bulls trading blows, swinging for the fences back and forth was terrific. Two guys spent after a brutal, back and forth war, just swinging at one another - awesome. Fits beautifully for this match I thought, and Taker was always - rightfully - going to win the exchange, he’s The Undertaker ffs.

Bit of a curveball thrown there, as I fully expected the Chokeslam to connect on the second attempt, but JBL is proving to be resourceful here. BTW, that running DDT is by far my favourite move in Takers repertoire - big thumbs up for that. Taker fails to deliver the Chokeslam AGAIN??? Really surprised to see that, although this time, it was all down to Jillian and the distraction. Chioda aint getting up for a while after eating a CFH. The ref bump is curious, as it looked like Taker was about to finish this one off, and finally delivers the Chokeslam, and then it’s Tombstone City …


Now THAT wasn’t expected. Rob Van Dam SCREWS The Undertaker??? That one just grabbed a whole load of headlines. Hate to nitpick at this point, but it might’ve been a better idea for a second referee to make the count, as I cant imagine Chioda recovering that quickly from the Clothesline from Hell. Huge, shock win for JBL though, and it appears we’ve got our answer on what lies ahead for Taker at WrestleMania next month. The explanation ought to be pretty special from Van Dam as to why he did it, as after reading Raw, it doesn’t look like his character is going to change from a laid back dude. Great, out of the blue finish. Great job, and a good match to boot.

Makes perfect sense to kick off the main event with a slugfest, and neither man wasting time, given their history, and to get the fans right into the action, there would be no point in a slow lumbering test of strength etc. The perfect way to kick off this main event. I get that you want Orton to make his presence felt, but surely if it’s a streetfight he’s got no right to force a break?? I guess he’s just looking to raise the ire of both guys, by stopping their flow??

Took a little while to see the weaponry involved, good to see you build up to it, and let the two guys beat the tar out of each other for a while first. Got a chuckle out of Batista getting the first shot in with the trashcan Henry had thrown in the ring. The advantage didn’t lie with Dave for long though, and it’s surprisingly Henry that’s getting the better of the contest so far, and by far the more aggressive of the two, with a neat shove off the apron sending the champ into the railing. Effective spot, which could lead to work on the ribs if Henry is smart. Seems like he stupidly gave the champ a route back into the match, taking too long to set the table up.

Batista roaring back into action, and going slightly overboard with a shocking cross body to take himself and Henry over the top rope. Big risk for those two guys - it MUST be a big match. Nice use of the steps, with Batista taking over, although Henry is looking like an absolute beast, continually getting to his feet, despite the best efforts of Dave to keep him down. Wow. This dude is a fuckin freak. Henry back in charge, and getting to work with the steel chain. Fantastic use of the chain too, using it like a strap, which would be a fantastic visual, with the steel whipping off the weakened champion.

No surprise that Batista was bloodied by the steel chain shots to the head, and that made for a convincing near fall. And now it begins to unravel. Henry getting into the face of Orton - but wisely, not for long. Once again, I commend you for playing on the past in this feud, with the nod to the Rumble and the announce table. HOLY SHIT --- SPINEBUSTER THROUGH THE TABLE????!!!!! Business is damn well picking up in this one. Henrys little warning to Orton certainly cost him there … but he STILL kicks out???

Back inside, and it appears Batista has hit a second wind, and perhaps, Henry is beginning to fade?? More nods to the history between the two with the baseball bat-esque steel chair shots that fail to put Henry down … AND BATISTA NAILS ORTON??? Oh dear, oh dear. That cant be good for The Animal. Henry using THA POUNCE~!! - Inspired choice. Especially through the table. The move suit’s the big man as he’s got the power to make it legit, and he cant execute it without fucking up, lol. Seems like the slow count saved Batista that time, but how much longer can the champ survive this behemoth?? Henry has been like something out of a monster movie in this match, coming forward, coming forward, coming back, getting up, coming forward again, and again, with Batista simply out on his feet now.

Finish was incredible. Not just the inventive Batista Bomb out of the corner and onto the steps - but the stare down before the three between Batista and Orton. Spine tingling, as the WM main event is realised, before the three count is made. Brilliant touch, that sets the scene for April 2. And the closing image of a bloody champion and bloody challenger holding onto the belt at the end was magnificent too. From here, the build up can accelerate, and I cant wait to see the stops you pull out to hype the main event of the biggest show of the year between these two. That was a terrific effort to get a damn near show stealing performance from Henry and Batista, and for that you deserve credit. Mark Henry is solidified as a top tier player now, despite not winning the belt. Hopefully you can maintain his position at the top end of the card, as you’ve done a brilliant job in getting the beast over.

I think we’ll still see Henry making life difficult for both Orton and Batista for a few weeks at least, trying to take one of them out to take their slot at WM. But the main event is surely set now, and what a main event it’ll be. A fitting main event for the biggest show of the year.

Overall, I must say, that was a heck of a show. It didn’t look overly epic on paper, but you delivered big time with this show. The three main events made this show transition from decent to epic. The ball is rolling now, and I’m desperately excited for WrestleMania now. Brilliant effort.
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