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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Nice to see this thread grow and prosper nicely, 11 pages and going is very impressive.
I remember when it first opened a couple of months back and I read the first Raw show, I haven't had time to stay up to date with everything but I'll try and catch Smackdown! Looks to be a big event, and will sure deliver.

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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Hey there, figured I should give an update, since imo, it's needed. The show is near completed, and thus far I'm quite proud of it. However, the show won't be up for awhile. While I had hoped to have it finished in the next few days, especially since I have tomorrow off, I can't see that happening because my laptop is simply fucked. Again. This time the screen flickers without me being able to read anything on it as it just jumps up and down, which makes it pretty much impossible to see what you're writing (and to Legend, should you be reading this, that means your Judgment Day feedback will be delayed. Sorry. ). This thread will certainly be continued, as I have all of my stuff saved to a USB, so don't worry about that. Just don't expect the show to be up for quite awhile, or for me to be at all active in the section for awhile.


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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

February 10th, 2006 | Philips Arena; Atlanta, Georgia

We open the show with a replay of the crucial events of last week, beginning with the confrontation between the 2006 Royal Rumble winner, Randy Orton, and the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista. Despite Orton taking himself up, all ‘Tista wants is Henry as he continues to call him out following the events of five days prior, however, SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long comes out and announces that Batista is not allowed to compete in one on one matches tonight, meaning he will not be able to face Mark Henry in singles action. Long does however say that Batista’s injuries should be healed up by next week, so next week (this week now) we will see Batista get what he wants as he defends his World Heavyweight Title against Mark Henry in a Royal Rumble rematch. Long also goes on to announce the tag team main event of Randy Orton & Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio & Batista, which we cut to next, seeing the action which is mainly Henry & Orton going after the injured ribs of Batista. Despite the pain, Batista eventually makes the hot tag to Mysterio, allowing the lucha star to come in like a house on fire, even going as far to hit the 619 on Randy Orton ... ONLY FOR MR. KENNEDY TO PUSH HIM OFF THE ROPES AS HE GOES FOR THE SPRINGBOARD! Orton then hits the RKO and gets the win, keeping his momentum going, while we see a cocky and confident Kennedy chewing his gum obnoxiously to close the show.

We now cut to the arena with no opening video to hear ...



The excitement of the crowd turns to heat, as the fast-rising, brash, cocky, arrogant Green Bay native, Mr. Kennedy makes his way out onto the stage, chewing his gum obnoxiously in usual Kennedy fashion.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Friday Night SmackDown! here tonight, live from the Phillips Arena in Atlanta, Georgia. I’m Michael Cole sitting alongside Tazz, and partner, what a show we have in store for tonight with possibly the biggest main event SmackDown! has ever seen set for tonight.

Tazz: That’s right, Cole, and I gotta’ say, I’ve got chills for tonight. Never have I been so excited for a SmackDown!, and that’s all down to one match. King Kong vs. Godzilla; the battle of the titans. I can’t wait to see that here tonight. It don’t get any bigger than this.

Michael Cole: It certainly doesn’t, Tazz. Batista and Mark Henry, World Heavyweight Championship on the line here tonight, but that’s not all because we can’t forget we’ve also got Matt Hardy meeting Johnny Nitro, Kid Kash defending his Cruiserweight Championship by orders of SmackDown! General Manager, Teddy Long, again, against Scotty 2 Hotty, and of course, this man, Mr. Kennedy, hosting The Open Mic.

Tazz: According to, Kennedy has promised an explanation about what he did to Rey Mysterio last week, and I for one, cannot wait to hear it. I just know Kennedy had a good reason, and I’m lookin’ forward to hearing what it is.

Following his cocky walk down the ramp, Kennedy now strides up into the ring and walks in amongst the set of The Open Mic, grabbing a mic off the table in front of the lavish leather couch in the process. Standing still for a moment, Kennedy takes the situation in, continuing to chew his gum as he does so, before slowly raising the microphone up to his lips.

Mr. Kennedy: Sssssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

The crowd obviously aren’t pleased to be hushed by Kennedy, reacting with some very nice heat, to which Kennedy smirks at.

Mr. Kennedy: First and foremost, I would like to welcome each and every one of you here tonight to this very, very, special event that you are all about to witness. You people, sittin’ here tonight, you have lucked, out. Little did you know, months ago, when you were buying your ticket to see your favourite SmackDown! superstars, such as Matt Hardy!


Mr. Kennedy: Bobby Lashley!


Mr. Kennedy: Chris Benoit!

Very nice pop.

Mr. Kennedy: The Undertaker!

Huge pop.

Mr. Kennedy: When you got your ticket to see all of these men, these superstars, these icons, little did you know that you were in for such a treat. Tonight, you now know that you’re going to see so much more than just these men. This event ... it has been labelled, iconic. This ... this is better than anything you’ve ever seen. This is better than your wildest dream. This is better ... than ALLLLL of your birthdays and Christmases rolled into one. You people, you are in a position that others would DIE for, literally roll over and die for ... a position, of a lifetime, if you will. You are here – in person – to witness not just any weekly edition of SmackDown!, but you are here to witness the show that features the most talked about segment of 2006, if not all-time. The event, that ever since being announced late last week, has had mouths watering, people chewing at the bit to see. Tonight, you get to see the titanic event, for only the second time ever after last month’s amazing beginning ...

The crowd is buzzing with anticipation, clearly thinking about the main event.

Mr. Kennedy: Tonight, you better believe you’re getting your money’s worth, because it is all about the second ever, action-packed, thrill-jammed, sensation-stopping ... ... ... Open ... Mic ...

Huge heat, as Kennedy wears a shit-eating grin.

Mr. Kennedy: Featuring the most charismatic host in television history, the amazing, the awesome, the awe-inspiring ... Mmmiiisssttteeerrr ... Kennedy!

Heat, as Kennedy pauses, chewing his gum obnoxiously.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!

More heat while Kennedy, now smirking as he does so, continues to chew his gum.

Mr. Kennedy: Now-now, I know what you’re all thinking. It could not possibly, ever, EVER get any bigger than this. After all, the sequel, it never quite lives up to the hype of the original ... does it? The second can never, NEVER top what came before it ... right?

Kennedy pauses, taking his time, enjoying the moment.

Mr. Kennedy: ... ... ... Wrong. Now don’t get me wrong, the first edition, the debut, the premiere of The Open Mic, it didn’t go too badly. In fact, I would say that it was probably the single greatest thing that has happened to Friday Night SmackDown!, since, oh, I dunno’ ... ... the debut of the handsome future world champion, standing right before your very eyes.


Mr. Kennedy: The reviews are in, and from all corners, all I’ve heard is one word ... success. But y’see, I’m not just happy with that, for more than one reason. For one, I am not going to settle with that. That’s not me. No. I’m the type of guy who takes things to a new height. I shatter the grass ceiling, I reach for new heights, and I achieve what no others have achieved before. I ... am a leader. I ... am a revolutionary. I ... am an entrepreneur. And I will never ... NEVER ... settle ... for second best. So the premiere of The Open Mic was the greatest thing to hit your TV screens in 2006? Guess what ... with the second edition ... I’m gonna’ top it.

Kennedy smirks, perhaps looking for a reaction, although one isn’t forthcoming at this stage.

Mr. Kennedy: The first show? Yeah, it was innovative. I brought a whole new idea, a new vision, a new concept to all of you. I allowed anyone, ANYONE in the back to come on out here and join me in this ring, so they could have their say. The show was exactly as advertised ... ... it was ... an open ... mic. And y’know, before tonight, I had every intention of using the concept again tonight. I had every intention of using the same method again. I had every intention of repeating the same, old, formula. But then? Then ... I didn’t. Instead, I thought of something new. Something ... cutting edge. Something that will have you absolutely begging for more. Now i know what you’re thinking ... you people, here in Atlanta ...

Cheap pop.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re not worthy. You’re not worthy of me, and you’re not worthy of this new concept.

And cheap heat.

Mr. Kennedy: But please, please, rest assured, that all of you ... you’re just part of a running theme that I have going here tonight. I want all of you, here tonight, to cast your minds back. I want you to think back. I wanna’ take you back two weeks ... to MY night.

Kennedy pauses.

Mr. Kennedy: New show ... new format ... new star to shine. Just like I did months ago when I made my debut here on Friday nights, I was ready to create some noise ... I was ready, to take this show, by storm. I was ready to once again revolutionise this show as we know it. It was time for me, to make, my ... mark. But then ... then, it happened. It ruined spoiled the night. It ruined MY ... night.

Kennedy pauses and takes a deep breath.

Mr. Kennedy: ... Rey ... Mysterio ...

HUGE pop.

Mr. Kennedy: The ‘lovable’ underdog. The working class ‘hero’. Everyone’s ’favourite’ superstar. Y’know Rey, until two weeks ago, I never get why it is that they called you ‘The Human Highlight Reel’. But now I get it ... now I understand ... they don’t call you ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ because you put on the best matches ... they don’t call you ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ because you get the crowd excited ... they don’t even call you ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ because you fly around the ring ... ... ... no Rey ... they call you ‘The Human Highlight Reel’ because you ... you, Rey Mysterio, can’t help ... but steal ... the show.

The crowd give a slight pop, although Kennedy shakes his head.


The cheers now turn to heat due to the aggression of Kennedy.

Mr. Kennedy: Two weeks ago, Rey ... two weeks ago ... that was MY night, that was MY time to shine ... but you, Rey ... you just had to come along and steal my, STEAL MY ... moment. You had to make yourself another one of your ‘highlights’ ... didn’t ya’, Rey? You had to try to upstage me? You had to make yourself look like ... the big man.

Big heat now.

Mr. Kennedy: Don’t you get it, Rey? Huh? Dontcha? I AM THE FUTURE OF FRIDAY NIGHTS! I am single-handedly taking this show to the top of the WWE. I am revolutionising Friday nights. I am undefeated – NEVER pinned, NEVER made to submit – UN – DE – FEATED. And I’ve defeated five, count ‘em, five, world champions in my short time on this brand. Five former heavyweight champions. What have you done, Rey? Have you defeated five former heavyweight champions, Rey? Have you defeated any ... heavyweight champions ... Rey?

Kennedy, who has now calmed back down a bit, smirks.

Mr. Kennedy: ... Of course you haven’t, Rey, because when it comes down to it, you’re just another one of your pack ... you’re just your average ... vanilla ... midget.


Mr. Kennedy: You’re no different to the rest of them, Rey. You have no redeeming qualities. Compared to me, Rey ... you’re worthless, so don’t you think for a minute, that you were ever, EVER, worthy of stepping foot in the same ring as me. Don’t you think that you were EVER worthy of talking trash to me. Don’t you think you were ever ... (Kennedy now turns his voice right down) ever worthy ... of stepping foot with me in my first show.

More heat as the intensity of Kennedy is now clear.

Mr. Kennedy: As much as you don’t wanna’ believe it, Rey, size ... size does matter. You think that because you got lucky at the Royal Rumble and somehow, by some divine intervention, managed to eliminate me, that you can go with me? That you can step in the ring with the big dogs? No ... no, Rey, you can’t because you just don’t ... measure ... up.

Big time heat.

Mr. Kennedy: So tonight, to all of you in the back, this isn’t an open mic ... this is MY mic, because I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ have another vanilla midget come out here and ruin MY moment. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ have another vanilla midget come out here and ruin MY show. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna’ have another vanilla midget ...


Kennedy looks up in the ring, shocked, before a scowl now comes over his face, as he realises that he has been interrupted. The crowd, meanwhile, are giving a big pop as none other than Chris Benoit walks out onto the stage, looking out at the crowd, before beginning his march down to the ring. Benoit doesn’t waste any time after that, getting down to the ring in a rush and climbing up to join Kennedy, looking around at the set of The Open Mic, and grabbing a mic from ringside.

Mr. Kennedy: What in the HELL do you think ...

Chris Benoit: Blah, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah! Kennedy, do you ever shut your damn mouth? I mean, I know that you like the sound of your own voice, but if you raise that microphone up one more time, I might just shove it back down your throat!

Big pop.

Chris Benoit: Because y’see Kennedy, while I know you have no respect for Rey Mysterio, or anyone for that matter, I expect that even you, would know, not to cross the line. I would expect, even you, to show some brains. I would expect, even you, to not bring the size of Rey Mysterio into things.

Mr. Kennedy: Oh yeah, and why is that, Chris? Did I ... did I strike a nerve? Did I hurt you? Are you gonna’ cry?

Kennedy mocks Benoit, pulling faces, drawing some heat from the fans.

Chris Benoit: The only one who’s gonna’ be crying is you, Ken, after Rey Mysterio kicks your ass!

Big pop at the expense of Kennedy, who looks disgusted.

Chris Benoit: But y’see, Rey, he’s not the only one who wants to kick your ass. He’s not the only one that’s been hearing that he’s “too small”, that he’s “not big enough” his entire career. I have too. You wanna’ talk about world titles? They all told me that, and yet I defied them all, I defied people like you, and I WON the World ... Heavyweight ... Championship!

Another big pop.

Chris Benoit: But despite doing that, it looks like I still haven’t proven them all wrong. It looks like there is one more naysayer. Now, I still have my problem with Booker T ...

Big heat at the mention of the United States Champion.

Chris Benoit: But that doesn’t mean I don’t have time to prove one final critic wrong.


Mr. Kennedy: Is that meant to be some kind of challenge? Are you challenging [/I]me[/I] to a match ... tonight?

Chris Benoit: You’re damn straight I’m challenging you.

Mr. Kennedy: ... You’re on.


Mr. Kennedy: But ... but don’t think that you’re going to be any more than a preview for what will happen to Rey Mysterio should he cross me again, because believe me ... size ... size matters.


Kennedy now chews his gum and smirks at Benoit, who stares down his opponent for later tonight with intensity. Meanwhile we fade out to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to be with Michael Cole & Tazz at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!. If you just joined us we have a huge night in store for tonight with both the Cruiserweight and the World Heavyweight Title on the line tonight, but we also just learned that later tonight it will be the undefeated Mr. Kennedy going one on one with Chris Benoit.

Tazz: Benoit came out and he talked from his heart ‘bout his feelings, and man, I gotta’ respect that. This may be Kennedy’s biggest test yet, because there ain’t nothin’ like facin’ ‘The Rabid Wolverine’ ... believe me, I’m talkin’ from experience.

Cole & Tazz now remain silent for a moment before we hear ...



The crowd gives a very respectable pop as Matt Hardy jogs out onto the stage, exuding enthusiasm and energy. The excited Hardy throws his hand up in the air in his classic ‘V1’ taunt, then bounces his way down the ramp, slapping hands with a few fans on the way as he does so, and climbs up into the ring, before once again throwing up his hand.

Michael Cole: This man Matt Hardy has had a good start to the year 2006, in the hottest form of his career. He even looked like a genuine threat in the Royal Rumble Match, with perhaps an outside chance to win, until Johnny Nitro, his opponent tonight and one half of the WWE Tag Champions, along with Melina managed to eliminate Hardy, after already been eliminated.

Tazz: Ain’t no doubt about it, Matt Hardy, he has a bone to pick with Nitro here, although that ain’t no easy task. Nitro, along with Mercury, has been on fire of late himself; they even beat the World Heavyweight Champ, Batista, an’ Rey Mysterio a few weeks back in a Steel Cage Match.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing 225 lbs, Matt Hardy!


The crowd now gives some very nice heat as the lush red carpet is rolled down the ramp, followed quickly by the paparazzi, who poise themselves, before snapping away as WWE Tag Team Champion, Johnny Nitro makes his way out, along with the other WWE Tag Team Champion, Joey Mercury, and their valet Melina. Melina looks stunning as always in a singlet and mini-skirt combo, while Nitro & Mercury wear their usual lavish fur coats and sunglasses, titles hanging from their crotches, as they pose for the paparazzi on their way down the ramp. The tag champs go through their usual shenanigans when they make it to the foot of the ramp: pausing, before Mercury & Nitro extravagantly climb up into the ring, allowing Melina to do her splits up into the ring. The two then strut around the ring, mocking the fans, all while Matt Hardy watches from the corner.

Michael Cole: They’re brash, they’re cocky and they’re the WWE Tag Team Champions. Tazz, you mentioned it, MNM have been on quite a roll themselves, impressively defeating Batista & Rey Mysterio a few weeks back, but tonight Nitro is out of his element in singles action, and that might prove key here.

Tazz: Nitro ain’t no slouch though, Cole. He can go, whether it be in tag team action, or here in the singles ranks. Believe me, this kid has a big upside.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing 219 lbs, he is one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions, Johnny Nitro!

Match One ~ Singles Match: Matt Hardy vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Johnny Nitro w/ WWE Tag Team Champion Joey Mercury & Melina

With two of the talented members of the SmackDown! midcard in the ring the anticipation for a good match is definitely there. Nitro and Hardy are keen to not disappoint, the two starting us off athletically, Nitro initially backing up Tazz’s claims that he can go in singles action too, before Hardy takes some control, using his experience to overcome the youthful tag champ. However, Hardy’s experience is soon counteracted by the presence of Mercury & Melina at ringside, who can’t help but get involved, distracting Hardy for a moment after Hardy gets a two count, allowing Nitro to then drive him back into the corner following the distraction. Despite a small attempted comeback from Hardy, Nitro is able to seize the moment and get some momentum going, beginning an extended beatdown on Hardy, with assistance from the outside members of MNM being sprinkled throughout to assist the tag team specialist. Hardy finally makes a comeback when he fights out of a cobra clutch – which was applied to continue Nitro’s focus on the neck – getting back up and striking with some elbows to the midsection of Johnny. Nitro, however, strikes with a knee lift, before looking for a clothesline ... but Hardy ducks it and quickly goes behind Nitro, striking with a back suplex!

Following this move the two competitors sluggishly ascend back to their feet and both look to score with some flying fists, although Hardy seems to be the more alert, as he ducks Nitro’s first right, then fires off a rapid series of both rights and lefts, showing a little ambidexterity. Having backed Nitro all of the way back into the ropes, Hardy then sends the Californian off with an Irish whip, before scoring with a reverse elbow on the rebound. Nitro springs back up, with Hardy set for him, knocking him back down with a second reverse elbow, before then running off to the ropes and coming back with a diving clothesline, sending the rising Nitro down to the mat. Nitro gets up in pain, holding the back of his neck, only to be once again sent down onto it, with Hardy immediately striking with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Hardy then gets back to his feet and checks with referee Charles Robinson that it was indeed a two count, before heading over to the corner and climbing up onto the second rope, daring Nitro to get up as he waits. Slowly but surely, the dazed Nitro gets back to his feet, allowing Hardy to leap off, looking for an elbow ... but Nitro quickly moves out of the way, going towards the ropes ... THEN SPRINGBOARDING BACK WITH A FLYING ENZUIGURI, STRIKING HARDY IN THE HEAD!

The crowd are in awe as Nitro makes a cover ... BUT HARDY KICKS OUT AT TWO! Nitro can’t believe it as he argues with the referee, before getting up and waiting on Hardy to get back to his feet, stalking him as he does so ... SUPERKICK ... HARDY DUCKS ... SIDE EFFECT! The crowd pop big as Hardy gets back to his feet, then signals for the end, waiting as Nitro gets up ... BUT MERCURY CLIMBS UP ON THE APRON ... HARDY KNOCKS HIM DOWN WITH A RIGHT HAND ... THEN TURNS TO SEE A CHARGING NITRO ... KICK TO THE MIDSECTION AND IMMEDIATE TWIST OF FATE! The crowd cheers as Hardy makes the cover and gets the three count.

Winner: Matt Hardy pinfall @ 7:46


Tony Chimel: Here is your winner, Matt Hardy!

Hardy gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by Charles Robinson in victory immediately, signifying his win.

Michael Cole: Matt Hardy prevails here tonight, overcoming Johnny Nitro, although you have to appreciate the effort of one half of the tag champs.

Tazz: That’s right, Nitro put up a helluva show here tonight and ...

Michael Cole: What the ...

Hardy is still having his hand raised in the ring ... WHEN SUDDENLY JOEY MERCURY STRIKES FROM BEHIND! Perhaps looking for revenge for that last shot from Hardy, Mercury knocks Hardy down, then starts to fire off right hands, with Melina shouting out encouragement to a barrage of heat from the crowd ...

... WHICH SUDDENLY TURN TO CHEERS ... WHEN WHEN SHANNON MOORE RUNS DOWN THE RAMP! Mercury sees Moore coming and gets up from the position, readying himself for the old MF’er, then goes for a clothesline as Moore slides into the ring ... but Moore ducks under it ... THEN JUMPS UP TO THE SECOND ROPE IN THE CORNER AND COMES BACK WITH A CROSSBODY! Moore gets back to his feet and sees Mercury pulling himself up on the ropes, next to an almost recovered Nitro ... SO HE RUNS ACROSS AND SENDS THEM PACKING WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE! The crowd go wild as Moore dares MNM (including Melina, who has escaped from the ring) to get back in the ring, only for the duo to back off.

Michael Cole: It’s Shannon Moore! Matt Hardy’s old friend Shannon Moore has cleaned house, after he too, has had problems with MNM. Could this be the rechristening of an old friendship, an old partnership, that we’re seeing before our eyes?

Tazz: It certainly looks that way, an’ MNM may have a problem. If there’s gonna’ be anyone who understands one another as well as MNM, it’s gonna’ be these two, who have known one another their whole lives.

We see Moore in the ring, looking down at Hardy, before helping him out and embracing him to a big cheer. The two raise one another’s arms ...

... Before we cut to see the locker-room of The Cabinet. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield is the first figure we see, pacing back and forth, while Jillian Hall & Brent Albright are seated down on the couch behind him, remaining silent. JBL paces back and forth a few more times, looking a bit more stressed with each passing moment, before finally heading for the door as we cut away to a commercial break.

*Commercial Break*


We return from the break to see a vignette, which is accompanied by the sound of ‘This Fire Burns’ by Killswitch Engage. We see images of a mystery man performing some of his in-ring moves (running knee/bulldog combo, urange/anaconda vise combo and the GTS, along with some big kicks).

???: It’s time for a new breed of wrestler.

The moves continue.

???: A breed of competitors. A breed that realises that things like luck, are for losers.

We now cut away to see a close-up of the man’s arms, which are covered by tattoos.

???: A breed of competitor which understand just what wrestling is all about – and that is the art ... of battle.

The left bicep is featured.

???: I don’t drink.

The right bicep.

???: I don’t smoke.

The man is now shown holding up his knuckles, which spell out the words ‘DRUG FREE’.

???: And I don’t do drugs.

His stomach is now shown.

???: I’m primed, I’m focussed and I know what I want. I am ... straight edge, and my only addiction ... is competition.

The man’s face is now shown, where we now get a close-up on his long, black hair, and a confident smile, with a snakebite piercing his lip.

???: My name is CM Punk ... and I am coming to Friday Night SmackDown!

CM Punk - Coming soon to Friday Night SmackDown!.


We now cut backstage to see none other than the winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble, Randy Orton arriving in the arena to a huge reaction of heat Wearing his casual clothes, Orton looks as cocky as ever as he walks through the backstage parts of the arena, ignoring every single person he passes, whether they be part of the roster or not. Finally Orton is stopped, as some random jobber steps forward.

Random Jobber: Mr. Orton ...

Orton stops and turns to stare at the man, causing him to pause, perhaps in fear of the arrogant ‘Legend Killer’.

Random Jobber: Mr. Long would like to see you ... r-right away.

Orton, without showing a trace of emotion, continues to walk, perhaps headed off to see Long, perhaps not.

We now cut back to ringside to see our commentating crew sitting behind their desk.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to SmackDown!, where we have just seen the winner of the Royal Rumble, Randy Orton arrive, only to be instantly summoned to see SmackDown! General Manager, Teddy Long. What could Long want with Orton?

Tazz: I dunno’, Cole, but if I were Orton, I wouldn’t wanna’ be spendin’ too much time with Teddy, ‘cause later tonight he might just be findin’ out who he’s gonna’ be facin’ come WrestleMania.

Michael Cole: That’s right, Tazz. Still to come tonight is our huge main event, as ‘The Animal’ Batista defends his World Heavyweight Champion against a man, who for the past two months has been putting ‘The Animal’ through hell, ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry.

With that said, we cut backstage for a brief moment to see the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista preparing himself in his locker-room, throwing fists at the air, looking as intense as ever.

Tazz: Well there’s the champ, and he looks ready, but he’s gonna’ have to be if he wants to overcome Mark Henry. Henry’s gotten himself in the head of Batista, so he’s gonna’ have to do everything in his power to win here tonight.

Back at ringside ...


The crowd gives a very nice pop as the enigmatic, exciting tag team of Paul London & Brian Kendrick stomp their way out onto the stage, wearing their masks as they do so, before looking at one another and sprinting down the ramp to the ring, much to the excitement of the crowd.

Michael Cole: Well here’s a team who also may be setting their focus on some gold very soon. London & Kendrick have been improving before us each and every week, and while the tag champs MNM may be preoccupied right now, don’t expect London & Kendrick to be too far back in line for a shot at the gold.

Tazz: London & Kendrick bring us that excitement of the cruiserweights into the tag team division, and I gotta’ say, it really makes them somethin’ different. With their unpredictable style, they’ve gotta’ be damn near impossible to prepare for.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is a six man tag team match, and it is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, weighing a combined weight of 369 lbs, Paul London & Brian Kendrick!


The crowd gives another very good pop as a man who has been on quite a roll of late, ‘The Dominator’ Bobby Lashley energetically walks out onto the stage, before setting off his pyro explosively.

Michael Cole: Another man who has been on a roll of late, twelve days ago at the Royal Rumble Bobby Lashley eliminated more men than anyone else, and tonight ... hey ... WAIT A MINUTE!

Lashley continues to walk down to the ring when ...


Finlay isn’t done though, as he now SLAMS HIS SHILLELAGH down onto the defenceless Lashley, time and time again, until finally the cavalry arrives in workers from backstage, who ward Finlay off. Satisfied with his handiwork, Finlay smirks, before looking down at the ring and pointing his shillelagh at London & Kendrick, almost warning them of their impending doom.

Michael Cole: What a sickening display from Finlay! Folks, Lashley needs help, so we’ll be back in a moment with what now looks like it’ll be a three-on-two handicap match.

*Commercial Break*

We return with the sound of Finlay’s music now playing in the background while ‘The Belfast Brawler’ continues to smirk away to himself, almost fulfilled by his assault on Lashley.


The crowd gives some decent heat as Finlay’s partners, his fellow inhabitants of Great Britain, The Bluebloods walk out, each wearing a coat over their wrestling tights. With Lashley having now been taken away, the two walk down the ramp briskly and climb into the ring to join their partner who they nod at, while staring down London & Kendrick.

Michael Cole: Welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where, after that sickening attack by Finlay on Lashley before the commercial break, it now looks like it’ll be a handicap match, as London & Kendrick will try to overcome the odds against Finlay & The Bluebloods.

Tazz: And that’s a dangerous combo, Cole. London & Kendrick are givin’ a numbers advantage away to two dangerous veterans, and one hungry, vicious son of a gun. They’re in a hard spot here, and they’re gonna’ be smart if they wanna’ come out victorious, or even survive.

Tony Chimel: Weighing a combined weight of 505 lbs, Paul Burchill & William Regal, The Bluebloods!

Match Two ~ Two On Three Handicap Match: Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs. Finlay & The Bluebloods

With the loss of their comrade Lashley, London & Kendrick are obviously nervous, being that they’re a man down, but the wide eyed, youthful, exuberant tandem are out to impress, and that is exactly what they do in the opening minutes of this match, as we see them control the rookie of the opposition team, Paul Burchill, keeping him under control. Knowing they can’t let their advantage slip as it may be fatal in such a situation, London & Kendrick are daring in these opening minutes, looking to score a pinfall victory early. Burchill, however, is finally able to escape when he avoids a charging London in the corner, leaving him to hit the turnbuckle chest-first, running off to the opposite ropes, and coming back with a huge jumping neckbreaker. From here the trio from the United Kingdom are able to wear down London, using a three on one advantage as they frequently tag in and out, using their ruthless skills that they learned on the mean streets of the UK () to really focus in and maximise the damage on London’s neck, identifying it as his weakness. The energy of London cannot be suppressed forever though, and the brawlers learn this when Regal leaves London in with the wolves as he distracts the referee, prompting Burchill & Finlay to attack, only for the fiery London to swing for the fences, sending elbows everywhere, eventually forcing both Burchill & Finlay to fall to a seated position on the apron. Regal, sensing the danger, charges back in at the corner and swings his left arm, although London ducks and fires off a series of quick kicks to the hamstrings of the veteran, phasing him, until he musters to halt the momentum of his younger foe with a knee lift to the midsection.

Regal, seeing London doubled over, thinks he is in with a chance to finish the match there and then as he dashes off to the ropes ... PERHAPS LOOKING FOR THE KNEE TREMBLER ... BUT LONDON SUDDENLY SNAPS OFF A SPINNING HEEL KICK! The crowd gives a nice pop, before clapping London on in unison, willing him to get to his corner ... which he does as he tags in Kendrick ... while Regal tags in Burchill. Kendrick, the quicker of the two, jumps over the top rope, and immediately runs over to where Burchill is climbing into the ring, ducking under a quick clothesline attempt from the Brit, before bouncing off the ropes and coming back with a headscissors takedown that sets the crowd alight. A disorientated Burchill gets back up to his feet on jellylegs, and is immediately met with a flurry of big right hands from an enthusiastic Kendrick, backing the bigger man all of the way back into the ropes before sending him off with an Irish whip and meeting him on the rebound with a dropkick on the button. Burchill, not one to stay down, immediately gets right back up and is this time met with a leg lariat, sending him back to his hands and knees ... before getting dropkicked right in the side of the head by a running Kendrick, creating a pinfall attempt ... which Kendrick gets off of when Finlay tries to interrupt with a cannonball, leaving him to land right on top of Burchill. ‘The Belfast Brawler’, clearly embarrassed, charges across at Kendrick, falling face-first as a result, finding himself on the receiving end of a drop toe hold from BK.

Kendrick gets right back up to his feet following this, clearly full of energy as he grabs the rising Burchill and Irish whips him into the corner, then follows him in and knocks him stupid with a missile dropkick! BK, obviously not yet finished, gets back to his feet and climbs up to the second rope, then grabs the dazed Burchill by the hair and hooks him in ... TORNADO DDT ... CONNECTS! Thinking he has the match won, Kendrick makes the cover ... BUT WILLIAM REGAL MAKES THE SAVE AT THE LAST MOMENT WITH A RUNNING KICK TO THE HEAD! Kendrick falls right off the cover to his hands and knees, only to be immediately hoisted up by the bigger Regal ... AND DUMPED ON HIS HEAD WITH A HALF NELSON SUPLEX! The crowd are silent as Kendrick folds up like an accordion ... BUT THEN COME ALIVE AS PAUL LONDON SPRINGS OUT OF NOWHERE AND TAKES WILLIAM REGAL DOWN WITH A FLYING CROSSBODY! Fists flying, London rains down on Regal with right hands, before getting back to his feet and clotheslining the rising Regal over the top rope and out to the floor. Continuing to use what brought him to the dance, London waits as Regal gets up ... THEN LAUNCHES HIMSELF OVER THE TOP ROPE ... AND CONNECTS WITH THE PLANCHA! In the ring, Burchill is the first man back up as he waits on Kendrick to get up, then grabs him around the head ... AND LIFTS HIM INTO THE AIR ... BRAINBUSTER ... NO, KENDRICK LANDS BEHIND BURCHILL ... THEN KICKS HIM SQUARE IN THE JAW AS HE TURNS WITH A SUPERKICK!

The crowd can sense the end coming as Kendrick hooks Burchill in ... AND CHARGES TOWARDS THE CORNER ... SLICED BREAD #2 ... CONNECTS! The crowd give a big cheer for the move ... BUT THEN GO STRAIGHT TO HEAT AS KENDRICK IS CREAMED OUT OF NOWHERE BY THE SHILLELAGH OF FINLAY! Despite the crack of skull on shillelagh, the referee does nothing, as he is distracted with Paul London, telling him to get off the apron, which Finlay assists with as he charges across and knocks London down, before dropping down himself as Burchill slowly crawls to the cover in the ring ... and gets the three count.

Winners: Finlay & The Bluebloods via pinfall @ 9:29


Tony Chimel:
Here are your winners, The Bluebloods & Finlay!

The crowd gives some very nice heat as Burchill gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, where he is soon joined by a satisfied looking Regal & the sinister Finlay, who once again has his shillelagh in hand, Paul London being the only one of his foes who has been spared from the deadly weapon tonight.

Michael Cole: A spirited showing from London & Kendrick tonight, but just like before the match, once again the shillelagh of Finlay proved the difference maker. One day, and hopefully one day soon, Finlay is going to get what’s coming to him if he keeps this bully like attitude up.

Tazz: What’s comin’ to Finlay is only more wins if he keeps on goin’ like this, Cole. The guy’s a fighter, plain an’ simple, and tonight, he won. It don’t matter how he does it, Finlay just comes out here, and he looks to win the fight.

Michael Cole: While that may be true, one day someone is finally going to stand up and not take any more of this from Finlay. He can’t just keep bullying people forever.

Tazz: And who’s it gonna’ be, Cole? You? Please, anyone who knows what’s good for ‘em ain’t gonna be stickin’ their nose in Finlay’s business if they know what’s good for them.

We see a final shot of Finlay & The Bluebloods standing tall, before cutting backstage where we see SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long seated behind a desk, sorting through some paperwork. Long shuffles the papers for a bit in what is some riveting TV, before suddenly we hear the sound of a door being thrown open, prompting Long to respond without even looking up.

Theodore Long: Randy Orton, it’s good to see that you ...

Long looks up and sees that it’s not who he predicted ... instead he’s facing the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM, who look incensed.

Theodore Long: Oh ... it’s the three of you.

Melina: You’re damn right it’s the three of us. Did you see what happened out there earlier tonight?

Theodore Long: Yeah, your boy Nitro lost his match to Matt Hardy.

Melina: What? No ... NO! Nitro didn’t lost his match, Matt Hardy just fluked a win against him. But that’s not the point. No the point is that Hardy and his little buddy, Shannon Moore ... they ... they ...

Johnny Nitro: They embarrassed us!

Joey Mercury: They humiliated us!

Melina: They made us to look like a bunch of nobodies! And no one, and I mean no one, makes MNM, the WWE Tag Team Champions, the hottest team on the scene, look like a bunch ... of nobodies!

Theodore Long: So what do you want me to do ‘bout that?

Melina: We want the two of them, next week, on SmackDown!.

Big pop from the crowd.

Theodore Long: You want that match? You got it ... but ... it’s not gonna’ be next week on SmackDown!.

Slight heat from the crowd.

Theodore Long: No, y’see, in just nine days, I’ve got a little Pay-Per-View called No Way Out comin’ up, and since your boys are the WWE Tag Team Champions, and the, uh ... “Hottest team on the scene” ... it seems appropriate that the three of you should be on the card.

Slight pop.

Melina: Thank you, Teddy, I knew you’d make the right ...

Theodore Long: Did I say I was finished? I don’t think I did.

Melina fumes away to herself, but she is restrained by her boys.

Theodore Long: Over the past few weeks, your boys, they’ve both been beaten, whether it be a “fluke” or not, by Matt Hardy, and Shannon Moore. And playa’, what I believe is that when you beat a champion, you earn yourself a shot at that champion, with the gold on the line, so your match at No Way Out, it ain’t just gonna’ be any old match. It’s gonna’ be the WWE Tag Team Champions, MNM vs. Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore ... for the WWE Tag Team Championships!

The crowd gives a big pop as MNM look just about ready to have a fit.

Theodore Long: Now I got some important paperwork to take care of, so if y’all don’t mind, you may wanna’ get a steppin’. Holla holla!

Melina looks like she is ready to bite back at Teddy, but instead thinks better of it, leading her team from the office to leave the General Manager to get back to his paperwork, and for us to head off to a break.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to once again see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield, this time in the parking lot. His face read and shiny, perhaps due to perspiration, JBL looks almost as if he is on the edge of a nervous breakdown as he paces back and forth, waiting for something, anything ... when suddenly spotlights shine in front of him, and a limousine pulls up. Who is inside the limousine? And what is their connection with JBL?

We don’t know, as we cut back to ringside to hear ...


The crowd gives some very solid heat as the Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash steps out, defiant as ever as he holds his arms aloft, already smirking away.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to Friday Night SmackDown!, where right now we’re ready to watch on as we see the first of our two titles matches here on an action packed SmackDown!, as the brash, the arrogant Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash, defends his title against a veteran of the cruiserweight division in Scotty 2 Hotty.

Tazz: Scotty’s got a big chance here tonight, but at the same time, it’s a heck of a mountain to climb. Whether you like him or not, there’s no denying that Kid Kash has been in fine form as Cruiserweight Champion, and it ain’t gonna’ be an easy task tryin’ to get the belt off of him.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Cruiserweight Championship of the world! Introducing first, from Johnson City, Tennessee, weighing 202 lbs, he is the Cruiserweight Champion of the world, Kid Kash!

The cocky Kash swaggers his way down to the ring and climbs up into the ring, removing the gold from his waist before parading around with it to some very nice heat. Having basked in the reaction from the crowd for a sufficient time, Kash decides it’s time to move on as he heads towards the ropes and grabs a microphone.

Kid Kash: I hate to say I told y’all, but what else can I say? I told y’all.

Big heat from the crowd as Kash wears a shit eating grin.

Kid Kash: Now, I ain’t usually one to brag. In fact, I’d like ta’ think myself as someone who’s a pretty modest guy. But when I arrived here on SmackDown! last year, and I saw what I was up against, I told you, no ... I warned you of what ta’ expect. I warned y’all that ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ wasn’t just gonna’ be another one of y’all little blips on the radar here in the cruiserweight division, and that I was here to stay ... that I was here to prove that I am the best.

Small pause from Kash.

Kid Kash: You people ... none of y’all believed me. Ya’ thought I was all talk, that I couldn’t back up my words in the ring. Y’all knew I could walk the walk, but what y’all didn’t think was that I could talk the talk. And as if I needed proof, after dominatin’ this here division for the past few months, here I stand, with this shiiiiiny gold belt on my shoulder, and it tells y’all somethin’. It tells y’all somethin’ that y’all should already know, because I had already been preachin’ it for months.

Kash smirks and removes the belt from its carefully position place on his shoulder, instead holding it up in the air.

Kid Kash: Ladies and gentlemen, the proof, is in, the puddin’. This here belt, it proves everything I said to be right. I practice what I preach, I walk the walk, an’ I show the world, week in, week out, that I am the very best cruiserweight on the roster. I ain’t just some flash in the pan ... each and every week, I’m out here, in front of y’all morons ...

Cheap heat.

Kid Kash: Showin’ my skill, showin’ why I’m as good as I say I am and as you know I am. I’m out here overcomin’ all adversities, whether it be them jealous cruiserweights back there in the locker-room ... or our so-called “General Manager”, everybody’s favourite dictator, Teddy Long.

A mixed reaction, as while Kash namedropped the face GM, he also insulted him.

Kid Kash: For those a’ y’all who’ve been livin’ under a rock, allow my humble self to fill y’all in.

Kash pauses for a moment, getting some small heat for calling himself humble.

Kid Kash: Y’see, these past few months, Teddy Long, he’s made it his mission to get this here Cruiserweight Title away, from my gorgeous waist. Why did he do that? Why did Teddy Long feel the want, the need to screw over ‘The Notorious K.I.D’?

Kash pauses, getting a more intense look on his face.

Kid Kash: ‘Cause I took out ... the trash. Juventud ...


Kid Kash: Juventud may be y’all, “golden boy”, Teddy. He may y’all “role model”. But what he is not is deserving of shot, at my Cruiserweight Title!


Kid Kash: I already beat him, I already beat him to win this damn title! He doesn’t deserve a rematch with me. An’ yet, that’s what you let him have. That’s what you handed ta’ him ... on a silver platter. So I did what was right ... I took out ... the trash.


Kid Kash: Now, y’all here tonight may think it’s ‘cause I’m scared of Juventud, but lemme’ tell ya’, ‘The Notorious K.I.D’ is scared of no man. Ever since I removed Juventud from this brand, I have had ta’ defend this title against ALL a’ the cruiserweights, and I have WON every damn time. I have proved that I am what I’ve been sayin’ all along, and that is the greatest cruiserweight on this brand.

Small pause to some heat.

Kid Kash: So y’know what ... I’m ready to do it all again tonight. Bring out ... my next victim.

Kash throws the microphone down and waits for his opponent ...


The crowd gives a nice pop as the always energetic and enthusiastic Scotty 2 Hotty bounds out onto the stage, perhaps with even more pep than usual, excited for his big chance tonight. Ever the crowd pleaser, Scotty still takes the time to slap hands with the fans on the way down to the ring, before climbing up and staring down Kash, now looking all business.

Michael Cole: As you said before, Tazz, this is a huge chance for Scotty, but Kid Kash sounds as confident as ever, and you have to believe that if Kash is on his game – like he has been – then even Scotty’s best may not be enough to beat Kash here tonight.

Tazz: Scotty’s smart though, Cole. This man’s a veteran here of the cruiserweight division, so if anyone’s gonna’ know how to accentuate the weaknesses of Kash and work them against him, it’s gonna’ be Scotty.

Michael Cole: But that brings us to the question: does Kid Kash have any weaknesses? Is there a single chink in the armour of the Cruiserweight Champion, or is he as flawless as he claims to be?

Tony Chimel: And now introducing the challenger, from Westbrook, Maine, weighing 220 lbs, Scotty 2 Hotty!

Match Three ~ Singles Match ~ Cruiserweight Championship: Kid Kash (c) vs. Scotty 2 Hotty

Really not too much of a contest here as this match is used as a vehicle for Kash to continue to back up his claims as being the great cruiserweight that he is, dominating Scotty for the majority of this match. Scotty makes a comeback a few minutes in, blocking a right hand after Kash showboats for a moment, before reeling off a series of his own. Scotty, looking to press his advantage, sends Kash running off to the ropes, then scores with a reverse elbow on the background, before sending the rising Kash off with an Irish whip again, then scoring with a hip toss for a two count. Having allowed Kash to get back up, Scotty knocks him down a few times with some clotheslines, then follows up with a scoop slam and heads to the corner. Perhaps slightly disorientated following a surprising comeback from Scotty, Kash gets up with his back to his foe, before turning and getting taken down with a crossbody block into a hook of the leg ... LONG TWO! Kash, obviously pissed off, rolls towards the ropes to pick himself up, prompting Scotty to run at the ropes behind him, then come back ... RUNNING BULLDOG ... DUCKED ... KID KASH STRIKES WITH A MASSIVE STEP UP ENZUIGURI! The impact can be felt throughout the arena, but Kash isn’t done as he quickly hooks Scotty in ... DEAD LEVEL ... CONNECTS! The vicious and venomous Kash quickly hooks the leg, driving his forearm into the face of Scotty for added emphasis, getting the three count.

Winner (and still Cruiserweight Champion): Kid Kash via pinfall @ 4:26


Tony Chimel:
Here is your winner, and still Cruiserweight Champion, Kid Kash!

Kash slowly gets back to his feet, staring down at Scotty, perhaps still angry that he had a brief comeback, before being handed his Cruiserweight Title. Kash though, is still not satisfied, demanding a microphone from ringside, which he raises to his lips.

Kid Kash: ...

Kash looks down and sees that Scotty 2 Hotty is still struggling on the mat ... prompting him to start to kick away at Scotty! Kash again takes out the trash, kicking Scotty from the ring violently, before moving back into the middle of the ring to some very nice heat.

Kid Kash: Y’see ... this ... this is just another win ... another successful title defence ... for the K.I.D. I told y’all I’d do it ... I told y’all I’d beat ‘em all, and I’ve done it yet again. There ain’t nobody who can stop me!

Heat for this as Kash smirks.

Kid Kash: So y’know what? I think ...


The crowd gives a very nice pop, as the music of the ever popular stable starts up, but nobody comes out.

Kid Kash: Come on Super Crazy! Come on Psychosis! I already beat the two a’ you, and I have no problem doin’ it again!

Kash has a look of complete and utter confidence as he looks up at the ramp, prepared to take on whichever of The Mexicools appears ... until the former champion, the man Kash has been ducking, Juventud slowly makes his way out, a look of pure, unadulterated hatred on his face ... and a look of shock now on Kash’s. Juventud shakes his head, then points at Kash in the ring ... BEFORE CHARGING DOWN THE RAMP! JUVENTUD WANTS KASH RIGHT NOW ... BUT KASH ESCAPES FROM THE RING, ROLLING AWAY TO SAFETY JUST AS JUVENTUD SLIDES IN! The crowd boos as the cowardly Kash backs up the ramp, title in hand, while Juvi points at him from the ring, telling him that his time is coming.


Michael Cole:
Juventud! Juventud is back, and Kid Kash is running scared!

Tazz: And the champ’s hightailin’ it, Cole.

Michael Cole: He’s going to have to face up to Juventud one day, and by the look of things, that day might be coming sooner than Kash would like it to.

We now cut backstage to see John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield walking down a corridor, looking a lot more self-assured than before, perhaps even confident now.

Michael Cole: There he is, JBL, and up next we will hear what we have been told is his public apology to the man he attacked last week ... The Undertaker. That’s next.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see a podium in the ring, covering a red carpet.


And the dinging of bells begins, leading into a white limousine rolling down the ramp to ringside. A chauffeur then climbs out and heads towards the door of the limo, opening it so John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield can climb out, surprisingly without the rest of The Cabinet, holding some neatly organised pieces of paper.

Michael Cole: Last week this man, JBL, launched a sickening assault on The Undertaker, even going as far as making ‘The Phenom’ bleed, leaving the blood of ‘The Deadman’ on his hands. Tonight, we have been told that JBL is here to make some sort of apology to The Undertaker, following this heinous actions. Partner, my question to you is what makes JBL think The Undertaker would even consider accepting his apology?

Tazz: Well JBL has gone out with the whole shebang here, Cole. Look at this: the red carpet, the podium, the speech already written. JBL is a professional, and he’s here tonight to man up and admit he made a mistake.

The self-made millionaire JBL climbs up into the ring and slowly circles around it, before making his way behind the microphone.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ahem.

Layfield shuffles the papers around, taking a deep breath as he does so.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: First of all, I’d like to thank all of you for makin’ your way out here tonight to listen to what I have to say. Y’see it means a lot to me, and it means a lot to me because I’ve been hearin’ some rumours. Y’see, last night, I was sittin’ behind my desk, in my beautiful mansion, in the greatest city on the face of this planet, New York City ...


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And I got a call. I got a phone call from one of my stock market buddies. But they weren’t callin’ me about the market, they weren’t callin’ me to ask about Wall Street ... no, they were callin’ me to ask me ... “Why? Why, John, are you givin’ the SCUM in Atlanta, Georgia the chance to see a once in a lifetime event? Why are you allowing them to bask in the presence of you, YOU, A SELF-MADE MILLIONAIRE, A WALL STREET WARRIOR ... MEDIA MAVEN ... THE ONE, AND ONLY, TRUE, AMERICAN ... HEEEEEEROOOOO?”


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: “Why, John ... why are you allowing them to bask in the presence of your ... greatness?”

Pause from JBL to some small heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Do ya’ know what I said? I said that yes, they don’t come too smart in Atlanta ...


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: No, they don’t have a whole lot goin’ on in their lives. But I ... I am a giver. I am a leader. I am an inspiration to each and every one of you people here tonight, and don’t you DARE pretend otherwise!


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I am here, doing this in front of all of you tonight ... for all of you.

Layfield smiles his toothy grin to some heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So I thank you, all of you, for comin’ out here tonight, for rising above the obscurity that is your hometown and allowing yourself to bask in the glow of the greatness that stands before you. I thank you for allowing yourselves to help me ... help you.

More heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I thank you.

Layfield smiles and pauses.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: And despite of this, despite ALL of my best intentions, I know what’s goin’ through your heads. I know what you’re all thinkin’. You’re thinkin’, that I am out here, feedin’ you people some kind of horrible lie. You’re thinkin’ that I’m out here, lookin’ for excuses. That I’m out here, hidin’ behind my words. That this is some ... some kind of copout from JBL. Some way to get out of facin’, of feelin’ the wrath of ‘The Phenom’. Believe me ... take my word ... ... ... that this ... is NOT ... the case.

A slight pause from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Y’see, I’m a good man. I’m an honest man. And because of this, I’d like to think of myself as a big enough man that when I make a mistake ... I’m able to own up to it. I am MAN enough ... to own up to it. Now I know, I know, you’ve never seen this before from me. You have never seen a public apology from JBL before. But y’see, there’s a reason for that.

Slight pause from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That reason, haha, is because I have never needed to. I had never made a single, tiny, mistake. Why? Why else? Because I ... am, J – B – L.

Big heat for JBL, who smiles.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Don’t pretend you don’t know my name, you chant it every damn week! J – B – L! J – B – L! J – B – L! J – B – L! J – B – L! JBL! JBL!

Layfield pauses and raises his head into the air, soaking in the ‘adulation’ of the crowd, who are actually booing.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I am J – B – freakin’ – L, and I have been through it all. I smell like smoke because I walked through fire, and yet through all of that, through all of the prejudice dealt against me by our “benevolent” General Manager, Theodore R. Long, through all of the hatred shown to me by the JEALOUS so-called “superstars of the SmackDown! locker-room, through the pressure of not just being a titan in the stock market, but also being THE SINGLE GREATEST SUPERSTAR TO GRACE THIS SQUARED CIRCLE ON FRIDAY NIGHTS, THE LONGEST REIGNING CHAMPION IN SMACKDOWN! HISTORY, A ‘WRESTLING ... GAWD’, through AB – SO – LUTE – LY all of that I have never, not once, never, ever made a single damn mistake!

Long pause from JBL.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: ... ... ... Never.

Big heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: That is ... until last week.

JBL pauses, a solemn look now on his face.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Last week ... last week, I did the unthinkable. For the first time in my career, no – for the FIRST TIME IN MY LIFE ... I slipped up ... I made an error in my judgment ... I made ... a mistake. But like I said, I’m a man, I’m more of a man than anyone else in the entire Dubya Dubya E, so if ANYONE is man enough to admit makin’ a mistake, it’s me. But that’s not all, because I’m also willin’ to not just admit to my mistake, but to also do the right thing ... and apologise.

Layfield pauses, the solemn look remaining.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Undertaker ...

Big pop.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: I know you’re here somewhere, in the shadows, listenin’ to me right now, and I would like to read to you, this speech, that I prepared, for you.

JBL holds his papers up and makes sure they’re aligned, drawing some heat from the crowd.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Ahem. Ever since the dawn of time, there have been many great men, many great leaders who have made an error in their judgment. Alexander The Great ... a man, an inspiration, he led his charges into battle, and he conquered them all. He did it all and he saw it all ... but one small error of judgment ... one small sip of wine, and his empire ... his life ... it was gone.

Small pause from Layfield.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Genghis Khan, he took control, and he united the land to make it all his own. The man, the myth, the legend ... he took the eastern world and he made it his own. But one mistake, one tiny, miniscule, err in his judgment, and Khan sealed his own fate.

Another small pause from Layfield.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Mr. ... McMahon.

Holy cheap heat, Batman.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Despite being a pioneer, a REVOLUTIONARY, in the 'rasslin' business, even the great Mr. McMahon has made mistakes at times. He has led this business to new heights, whether it be WrestleMania or Friday Night SmackDown!, Mr. McMahon has done it all, and he has created it all. And yet, while none have been fatal, even Mr. McMahon ... has made ... mistakes.

Pause to some more heat.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Like all of these men, I am a leader. I am an inspiration. I lead my army, my legion of fans, into battle, and I set the example week in and week out. But like all o’ these men did at what stage throughout their careers, I acted on my feelings, I acted on my emotions, rather than my thoughts. I bit off more than I could chew, and that ... that was a mistake. Attacking a legend, the ‘Phenom’ of the Dubya Dubya E, the marvel, who is undefeated, that’s right, thirteen ... and oh ... at WrestleMania, ‘The Deadman’ who strikes fear into any man by just glancin’ into his eyes ... was all ... one big ... mistake.

Slight pause.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So Undertaker ... from the bottom ... of my heart, I just want to say ... ... ... I’m sorry.

The crowd boos as JBL once again looks into the camera for a moment, taking his time.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Thank you.


The crowd boos as JBL breathe a sigh of relief, having got through his public apology. Proud of himself, the media mogul begins to smile that big old toothy grin, when suddenly







THE LIGHTS GO OUT! The crowd are going absolutely crazy, as they know what they’re about to see ...


The lights are back on ... AND THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING RIGHT IN FRONT OF JBL! Layfield shakes his head, perhaps in surprise or denial ... BUT THE UNDERTAKER WILL HAVE NONE OF IT AS HE GRABS JBL BY THE THROAT! The crowd’s go crazy at first ... but then suddenly degenerate into heat as Brent Albright slides into the ring behind The Undertaker and CLUBS him with a big forearm blow to the back.

‘Taker is staggered by the blow as he stumbles forward, letting go of Layfield, allowing The Cabinet to begin a two on one assault of ‘The Phenom’. Cornering him with blows, the two hated heels are absolutely ruthless, raining down on ‘Taker with shot, after shot, after shot, AFTER SHOT, AFTER SHOT, AFTER SHOT right to the cranium of ‘The Deadman’.

The Cabinet has ‘The Phenom’ reeling, and JBL knows it as he takes his time to now turn around and throw off his tie, then unbutton his shirt as he hurls abuse at the fans. The crowd, though, have began to cheer ... AS THE UNDERTAKER SUDDENLY HAS BRENT ALBRIGHT REELING FOLLOWING A SERIES OF MASSIVE RIGHT HANDS, BEFORE SENDING HIM DOWN WITH ONE FINAL SHOT! Albright struggles back to his feet, clearly in pain ... AND GETS GRABBED BY THE THROAT ... BUT JBL CATCHES UNDERTAKER OFF GUARD WITH A BIG BOOT! ‘Taker is dazed, causing a smirk to come across the face of JBL as he holds his arm up, before going back to beating down ‘The Phenom to some monstrous heat. Layfield, though, ignores it all, climbing into a mount position and beginning to RAIN down on the skull of The Undertaker with merciless right hands, while Brent Albright stomps away at the prone body of The Undertaker. The assault continues, with seemingly no end in sight as JBL simply does not want to get off ‘Taker, even going as far as cause him to BLEED for the second straight week.

Finally, JBL decides enough of the right hands, getting up to his feet and again raising his hands into the air, before telling Brent Albright to pick ‘Taker’s broken body up off the ground. Slowly but surely Albright does just that, holding ‘Taker up by the arms as JBL smirks ...





The crowd gives a big pop as The Boogeyman comes out, holding his cane like usual, a putrid red smoke surrounding him. In the ring Albright and JBL panic as they forget about The Undertaker and watch as Boogey shimmies his way down the ramp ... THEN TRY TO JUMP HIM WHEN HE CLIMBS INTO THE RING, IMMEDIATELY STOMPING ON HIM! The two members of The Cabinet instantly attempt to press their advantage, picking The Boogeyman up and sending him off to the ropes with a double Irish whip ... BUT BOOGEYMAN EXPLODES THROUGH THEM ON THE REBOUND WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, ONE FOR EACH MAN! The crowd goes wild as Albright gets back to his feet and is whipped right into the corner, before being squashed by JBL ... AND THEN THE BOOGEYMAN WHO CHARGES IN AFTER THE DUO AND SQUASHES THEM BOTH WITH A STINGER SPLASH!

The Cabinet is down and dazed as they slowly try to recover, climbing back to their feet ... only for Boogey to grab Albright by the throat ... AND ‘TAKER TO DO THE SAME TO JBL! The crowd goes wild as the two faces look at one another ...

BUT THEN GET TACKLED DOWN FROM BEHIND OUT OF NOWHERE ... BY THE BASHAM BROTHERS! Despite Danny not even being a member of the SmackDown! roster (he’s from RAW), the two former members of The Cabinet assault ‘Taker & Boogeyman, with JBL & Albright joining in too, creating a four on two situation. Despite the power of both of the faces, they are clearly overwhelmed as The Cabinet annihilate them in separate corners, Albright & Doug Basham beating down The Boogeyman, and Danny & JBL taking out The Undertaker. The heat in the building is astounding, as the heels sap the faces of all life, continuing to beat them down while time seemingly stands still, measuring each and every shot. Finally, enough is enough as the four men back away, before JBL nods at Brent Albright. This prompts ‘The Hired Gun’ to move into the corner and lift Boogeyman up, then drag his lifeless body into the middle of the ring ... AND THROW HIM OVERHEAD WITH A SICKENING HALF NELSON SUPLEX!

Boogeyman is down and out, leaving only Undertaker, as The Basham Brothers move into the corner and drag him up, then hold his lifeless body up ... JBL BACKS INTO THE ROPES ... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! For the second straight week we see JBL standing tall over ‘The Deadman’, as the four members of The Cabinet raise their arms into the air, basking in their ‘victory’, while we fade away to a break.

*Commercial Break*


John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: So Undertaker ... from the bottom ... of my heart, I just want to say ... ... ... I’m sorry.

The crowd boos as JBL once again looks into the camera for a moment, taking his time.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Thank you.


The crowd boos as JBL breathe a sigh of relief, having got through his public apology.
Proud of himself, the media mogul begins to smile that big old toothy grin, when suddenly







THE LIGHTS GO OUT! The crowd are going absolutely crazy, as they know what they’re about to see ...


The lights are back on ... AND THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING RIGHT IN FRONT OF JBL! Layfield shakes his head, perhaps in surprise or denial ... BUT THE UNDERTAKER WILL HAVE NONE OF IT AS HE GRABS JBL BY THE THROAT! The crowd’s go crazy at first ... but then suddenly degenerate into heat as Brent Albright slides into the ring behind The Undertaker and CLUBS him with a big forearm blow to the back.

‘Taker is staggered by the blow as he stumbles forward, letting go of Layfield, allowing The Cabinet to begin a two on one assault of ‘The Phenom’. Cornering him with blows, the two hated heels are absolutely ruthless, raining down on ‘Taker with shot, after shot, after shot, AFTER SHOT, AFTER SHOT, AFTER SHOT right to the cranium of ‘The Deadman’.

The Cabinet has ‘The Phenom’ reeling, and JBL knows it as he takes his time to now turn around and throw off his tie, then unbutton his shirt as he hurls abuse at the fans. The crowd, though, have began to cheer ... AS THE UNDERTAKER SUDDENLY HAS BRENT ALBRIGHT REELING FOLLOWING A SERIES OF MASSIVE RIGHT HANDS, BEFORE SENDING HIM DOWN WITH ONE FINAL SHOT! Albright struggles back to his feet, clearly in pain ... AND GETS GRABBED BY THE THROAT ... BUT JBL CATCHES UNDERTAKER OFF GUARD WITH A BIG BOOT! ‘Taker is dazed, causing a smirk to come across the face of JBL as he holds his arm up, before going back to beating down ‘The Phenom to some monstrous heat. Layfield, though, ignores it all, climbing into a mount position and beginning to RAIN down on the skull of The Undertaker with merciless right hands, while Brent Albright stomps away at the prone body of The Undertaker. The assault continues, with seemingly no end in sight as JBL simply does not want to get off ‘Taker, even going as far as cause him to BLEED for the second straight week.

Finally, JBL decides enough of the right hands, getting up to his feet and again raising his hands into the air, before telling Brent Albright to pick ‘Taker’s broken body up off the ground. Slowly but surely Albright does just that, holding ‘Taker up by the arms as JBL smirks ...





The crowd gives a big pop as The Boogeyman comes out, holding his cane like usual, a putrid red smoke surrounding him. In the ring Albright and JBL panic as they forget about The Undertaker and watch as Boogey shimmies his way down the ramp ... THEN TRY TO JUMP HIM WHEN HE CLIMBS INTO THE RING, IMMEDIATELY STOMPING ON HIM! The two members of The Cabinet instantly attempt to press their advantage, picking The Boogeyman up and sending him off to the ropes with a double Irish whip ... BUT BOOGEYMAN EXPLODES THROUGH THEM ON THE REBOUND WITH A DOUBLE CLOTHESLINE, ONE FOR EACH MAN! The crowd goes wild as Albright gets back to his feet and is whipped right into the corner, before being squashed by JBL ... AND THEN THE BOOGEYMAN WHO CHARGES IN AFTER THE DUO AND SQUASHES THEM BOTH WITH A STINGER SPLASH!

The Cabinet is down and dazed as they slowly try to recover, climbing back to their feet ... only for Boogey to grab Albright by the throat ... AND ‘TAKER TO DO THE SAME TO JBL! The crowd goes wild as the two faces look at one another ...

BUT THEN GET TACKLED DOWN FROM BEHIND OUT OF NOWHERE ... BY THE BASHAM BROTHERS! Despite Danny not even being a member of the SmackDown! roster (he’s from RAW), the two former members of The Cabinet assault ‘Taker & Boogeyman, with JBL & Albright joining in too, creating a four on two situation. Despite the power of both of the faces, they are clearly overwhelmed as The Cabinet annihilate them in separate corners, Albright & Doug Basham beating down The Boogeyman, and Danny & JBL taking out The Undertaker. The heat in the building is astounding, as the heels sap the faces of all life, continuing to beat them down while time seemingly stands still, measuring each and every shot. Finally, enough is enough as the four men back away, before JBL nods at Brent Albright. This prompts ‘The Hired Gun’ to move into the corner and lift Boogeyman up, then drag his lifeless body into the middle of the ring ... AND THROW HIM OVERHEAD WITH A SICKENING HALF NELSON SUPLEX!

Boogeyman is down and out, leaving only Undertaker, as The Basham Brothers move into the corner and drag him up, then hold his lifeless body up ... JBL BACKS INTO THE ROPES ... CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! For the second straight week we see JBL standing tall over ‘The Deadman’, as the four members of The Cabinet raise their arms into the air, basking in their ‘victory’, while we fade away to a break.


We are now backstage as we see The Cabinet parading around, obviously proud of themselves after the second straight beatdown of ‘The Phenom’.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: HA! I knew we could do it! I knew it. The Cabinet is back and boy, you better believe that we are better than ever! Dontcha’ just love it when a plan comes together?

The crowd gives some very nice heat as JBL laughs ... although they then pop as SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long now steps into the view.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: Teddy, did you come to congratulate me on the destruction of The Undertaker?

Theodore Long: On the contrary, JBL, I came here to inform you of some decisions, following your – what did you say, “destruction”? – of The Undertaker.

JBL is clearly unaware he is in trouble, smirking away.

Theodore Long: Because, playa’, not only did you go over my head and ask for time to “apologise” to The Undertaker, only to make me look bad by assaulting the man for the second straight week, but you also brought a RAW superstar here in my building, when I gave no such permission to do so.

Teddy motions to Danny Basham.

Theodore Long: So here’s what I’m gonna’ do. First of all, for underminin’ my authority and bringin’ a RAW superstar into this building without informing me, I have informed my security to remove BOTH of your Secretaries of Defence from the SmackDown! brand over to RAW, effective immediately.

On cue, members of security come from behind The Cabinet and take hold of The Basham Brothers.

Theodore Long: Now, as for the two of you SmackDown! superstars, you’re both gonna’ have a price to pay for your actions. Firstly at No Way Out, you, Brent Albright, are gonna’ be facin’ one of the men you just left layin’ and a man who, until tonight, you had been runnin’ scared from, The Boogeyman!

Albright looks shocked, unhappy he has to face his foe.

Theodore Long: But that’s not all, because you, JBL, are gonna’ have hell to pay when at No Way Out, you go one-on-one with ... The Undertaker!

A huge pop from the crowd, while JBL looks pissed off.

John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield: You can’t do that!

Theodore Long: Oh yes I can, and to give the people a little preview of No Way Out, next Friday night it’s gonna’ be the two of you teamin’ up to take on The Boogeyman & The Undertaker in tag team action!

The crowd gives another massive pop.

Theodore Long: Now unless the two of you have anything else you wanna’ do for me, I suggest you move along.

The Cabinet take T’Lo’s suggestion and move on, leaving Long to stand there until a second random jobber for the night walks into view.

Random Jobber #2: Mr. Long, Mr. Orton is waiting in your office for you.

Long just nods at the jobber, then walks off, probably headed back to ringside.

We now cut back to ringside to hear ...



The crowd gives a lot of heat as, not for the first time tonight, the loud, obnoxious, gum chewing, trash talking Mr. Kennedy swaggers out onto the stage arrogantly. After surveying the crowd for a moment, Kennedy walks down the ramp and climbs up into the ring, posing as his microphone drops into his hand.

Michael Cole: A huge announcement that we just heard there, Tazz. At No Way Out we will see both Brent Albright vs. The Boogeyman, AND, JBL taking on the man who for two straight weeks he has heinously assaulted, ‘The Phenom’ The Undertaker.

Tazz: Not just that, Cole, but next week we’re gettin’ ourselves a little preview of that in tag team action next week on SmackDown!. This is why I like Teddy Long, he gives the people what they wanna’ see, and this is exactly what I wanna’ see.

Mr. Kennedy: Ahem. Ladies and gentlemen, the following ... and I use the term loosely ... contest, is scheduled for one fall with a twenty minute time limit. Introducing first, the man who is changing Friday Nights, hailing from the great city of GREEN – BAY ... WISCONSIIIIIIIN ... WEIGHING AN ASTONISHING 243 LBS ... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!

The crowd boos as Kennedy pauses, smirking away to himself.

Mr. Kennedy: KEN – NAH – DAY!


The crowd now gives a good pop as the no nonsense, all intensity Chris Benoit makes his way out, also pausing at the top of the stage, before nodding and walking down the ramp. Benoit makes his way down to the ring quickly and climbs up into the ring, staring a hole through Kennedy as he does so.

Michael Cole: Well earlier tonight Mr. Kennedy insisted that size did indeed matter and that because of this, Rey Mysterio, who Kennedy has been having troubles with as of late, was not worth his time. Chris Benoit took exception to this, and here we are now, Benoit and Kennedy one-on-one with Kennedy’s undefeated streak on the line.

Tazz: And as much as I like Kennedy, if anyone’s gonna’ beat his streak, it’s gonna’ be Chris Benoit. He’s one tough S.O.B, and Kennedy’s gonna’ have to be on his game if he wants to beat Benoit here tonight.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, now residing in Atlanta, Georgia, weighing 225 lbs, Chris Benoit!

Match Four ~ Singles Match: Mr. Kennedy vs. Chris Benoit

With this match made earlier tonight following some heated words between these two warriors, a heated start is expected, although Kennedy seems to think better of moving right into action with the enraged Benoit, instead deciding to taking his time before locking up in combat. The two struggle around and jostle for position for awhile, then move towards more of a ground based fight, with both men utilising side headlocks for the first few minutes against one another. Benoit, however, decides to move out of this pattern and starts to hit KK with some heavy strikes, utilising chops, knees and headbutts to perfection. Kennedy is absolutely reeling as Benoit keeps control of him in the corner, hitting several chops until the Green Bay native finally falls to a seated position and the referee pulls Benoit away. Benoit, not content with allowing Kennedy space, moves back in ... but Kennedy grabs him by the tights and attempts to throw him through the ropes and to the floor ... only for Benoit to land on the apron. Kennedy is unaware of Benoit’s presence behind him as he gets up and turns, receiving a shoulder thrust through the ropes for his troubles, then gets thrown over the top rope and out to the floor by a back body drop courtesy of ‘The Rabid Wolverine’! Kennedy lands with a splat, prompting him to flail around on the floor like a fish out of water, before climbing back to his feet ... AND GETTING HIT BY A FLYING BENOIT, WHO JUMPS THROUGH THE ROPES RECKLESSLY WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!

The crowd are in a frenzy as Benoit gets back to his feet and goes right to work on Kennedy, beating him around ringside with strikes and use of the environment, until he goes for a chop with Kennedy right in front of the ringpost ... BUT KENNEDY DUCKS ... AND BENOIT WRAPS HIS ARM AROUND THE RINGPOST! He instantly draws it back, the pain shooting through his body ... although Kennedy shows no mercy, grabbing Benoit by his arm and twisting it overhead ... THEN THROWING HIM INTO THE RINGPOST BY IT! Benoit falls to the floor, yelping in pain, while Kennedy just smiles, then runs up and stomps right on the injured wing of Benoit, doing further damage to it. From here we see Kennedy go on a prolonged assault of Benoit’s arm, working it over for as long as possible, shrugging off many attempted Benoit comebacks. Benoit, however, will not be denied as he fights out of a fujiwara armbar from KK and gets back to his feet, refusing to quit, instead scoring with elbows to the midsection of his foe before whipping him off to the ropes, then scoring with a knee lift to the midsection of KK, sending him tumbling over. KK then gets right back up to his feet, looking to stay on top of Benoit, only to be taken down with a big clothesline from Benoit, resulting in both men going down.

The crowd of course get behind Benoit as he gets back up, before he firs off some chops with his good (right) arm. Benoit then sends his foe off with an Irish whip and scores with a reverse elbow, sending KK down. Kennedy gets right back up, only to be taken down with a clothesline, then snapped overhead with a quick suplex for a two count. Benoit then gets back to his feet and waits for Kennedy to do the same, before grabbing a waistlock ... but Kennedy grabs Benoit by the left arm and spins out of it, then hoists Benoit up onto his shoulders ... ROLLING FIREMAN’S SLAM CONNECTS! The crowd boos as Kennedy makes the cover ... but only gets two! After a brief argument with the referee, Kennedy looks to finish Benoit, heading to the corner and starting to ascend to the top rope ... but Benoit charges across and nails a big right hand, knocking Kennedy stupid! The tenacious Benoit then climbs up to the top rope and clubs away on Kennedy for a moment ... BEFORE TAKING HIM OVER WITH A HUGE SUPERPLEX! The crowd cheers as Benoit slowly regains his footing, then looks around and makes the cutthroat gesture, leading into him walking over to the corner and climbing to the top rope ... DIVING HEADBUTT ... BUT KENNEDY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY AND BENOIT STRIKES MAT!

The crowd groans as Benoit struggles on the mat, rolling to the corner to look for help in getting up, only for KK to get up and groggily advance on him, beginning to strike him with a couple of facewashes. Confident he has Benoit ready to be finished, Kennedy runs off to the ropes, then comes back ... AND LOOKS FOR THE KNOCKOUT KICK ... BUT BENOIT CATCHES HIS FOOT AND STANDS UP ... THEN TRIPS KENNEDY UP AND ATTEMPTS TO LOCK IN THE SHARPSHOOTER ... BUT KENNEDY KICKS HIM OFF AND BENOIT ROLLS OFF ... BOTH MEN UP ... KENNEDY CLOTHESLINE ... BENOIT DUCKS ... GERMAN SUPLEX! Benoit isn’t done though, hoisting Kennedy back up ... SECOND GERMAN SUPLEX ... AND THEN A RELEASE THIRD! The crowd cheers as Benoit sluggishly gets back to his feet, then motions that it’s time to finish the match, before heading across to the corner and climbing up to the top rope ... ORLANDO JORDAN CLIMBS UP ONTO THE APRON ... AND BEHIND THE REFEREE’S BACK BOOKER T SLAMS HIS CRUTCH INTO THE HEAD OF BENOIT! Benoit is out of it on the top rope as Booker & Jordan both climb down, with Kennedy rising, unsure of what has happened (not that he really cares), before he triggers into action, headed for the corner then climbing up with Benoit ... AND LIFTING HIM UP ONTO HIS SHOULDERS ... GREEN BAY PLUNGE CONNECTS! The crowd gives some solid heat as Kennedy makes the cover ... and gets the three.

Winner: Mr. Kennedy via pinfall @ 11:52


Kennedy gets back to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee, his other hand pointed at Tony Chimel, telling him to not say a word. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s very own microphone descends upon him, allowing him to make his own announcement.

Mr. Kennedy: And the winner of the match ... MMMIIISSSTTTEEERRR KENNEDY!



The crowd goes absolutely wild as Mysterio smiles at Kennedy rolling from the ring, before grabbing the microphone dangling from the ceiling.

Rey Mysterio: And Rey Mysterio ... No ... Way ... Out.


The crowd of course cheers as Mysterio lets the microphone go, before mounting the ropes and posing to his legions of fans.

Michael Cole: Rey Mysterio has laid down the challenge, he wants Mr. Kennedy at No Way Out, and now all we have to wait to hear is Kennedy’s reply!

Tazz: Well we ain’t gonna’ be hearin’ it right now, seen as how Mysterio laid Kennedy out before he laid down the challenge!

Mysterio adjusts his mask in the ring, before we cut backstage to see Mark Henry walking down a hallway backstage.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen, up next is the match we’ve all been waiting for, Mark Henry and Batista two, World Heavyweight Title on the line, live on Friday Night SmackDown!.

*Commercial Break*

We return from the break to see Tony Chimel standing by in the ring.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the World Heavyweight Championship!


The crowd gives some incredible heat as the beast, ‘The Silverback’, ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, the challenger Mark Henry makes his way out, pounding his chest like an animal, sending sweat flying everywhere. Ignoring the heat from the crowd, Henry walks down the ramp with a cocky smile on his face, showing off the pearly whites, then climbs up into the ring and signals that the world title will soon be his.

Michael Cole: This man Mark Henry has had a heck of an impact since making his return two months ago. Making an immediate impact, Henry went after ‘The Animal’, tearing apart both a steel cage and Batista, and since then, has constantly been in the head of Batista, including when at the Royal Rumble he gave Batista the beating of a lifetime, crushing perhaps both the ribs AND the spirit of ‘The Animal’.

Tazz: And I just know that tonight is gonna’ be his night, Cole. Mark Henry has been Batista’s biggest challenge yet, and when all is said and done, I just think that he’s gonna’ be too much for Batista here tonight.

Tony Chimel: Introducing first, the challenger, from Silsbee, Texas, weighing 400 lbs, he is ‘The World’s Strongest Man’, Mark Henry!


The crowd gives an absolutely AMAZING pop as the World Heavyweight Champion, Batista storms out onto the stage in his wrestling tights, his ribs taped up, following a few weeks of severe damage to them at the hands of his nemesis and opponent for tonight. Bouncing around on the stage, Batista takes in all of the excitement of the fans, before moving to the top of the ramp and setting off his explosive pyro, sending it flying everywhere. Despite usually being happy to slap hands with the fans, tonight Batista is all business from his march down to the ring onwards as he walks down to the ring and climbs up into it, staring right into the eyes of his enemy.

Michael Cole: You said it best partner when you said Mark Henry had been Batista’s biggest challenge yet. However, it’s hard to go against this man when you consider that for eleven months he has been on top of the mountain as World Heavyweight Champion, having beaten the likes of Triple H, Eddie Guerrero, JBL and a host of other superstars. Will tonight be the end of the line for ‘The Animal’ or will his reign rage on?

Tazz: Batista’s reign has been nothin’ short of amazing, Cole, there ain’t no doubtin’ that. Like you said, he’s beaten almost everyone there is to beat, but Mark Henry, he’s different to all those that came before him, and if anyone’s gonna’ finish the reign of ‘The Animal’, it’s gonna’ be this Henry.

Tony Chimel: His opponent, from Washington D.C, weighing 295 lbs, he is the World Heavyweight Champion, ‘The Animal’ Batista!

Match Five ~ World Heavyweight Championship ~ Singles Match: Mark Henry vs. Batista (c)

The crowd is buzzing with anticipation, as much like last match, we get a slow opening to this one, this time in attempt to build the drama as both men stare each other down and talk some trash. The two then engage in a slow opening, going through the tests of strength, much like at the Rumble, with neither man getting a decisive advantage. Henry, however, does get an advantage when he goes after the injured ribs of ‘The Animal’, scoring with a knee lift that drives the air out of ‘Tista, before clubbing away on the back of his ribs with some massive forearm blows, staggering Batista back to the corner. Looking to perhaps finish the match and capture the title early, Henry whips Batista across to the opposite corner, then charges in and looks to squash both the ribs and the dreams of ‘The Animal’ in the corner ... but Batista manages to get an elbow up, striking Henry in the jaw! Batista then takes control of the match, using mainly strikes to keep Henry suppressed for a few minutes, gaining a few nearfalls. However, the ribs of the defending champion come back into play when, after sending Henry into the corner, Batista charges in after him, only for Henry to dodge, letting Batista run right into the corner. Henry then comes back off the ropes and LAUNCHES himself into the midsection of Batista, sending him flying through the ropes with a move previously unseen to the WWE audience (Monty Brown/Marcus Cor Von’s Pounce), causing a sickening thud on the floor!

Henry isn’t done from there either though, going out after Batista and beating him down on the floor with savage blows, continuing to target the ribs as he rams it into anything and everything that he can find in the environment, sliding into and out of the ring several times to prolong the beatdown. Finally Henry complies with the pleas of the referee and slides Batista back into the ring, then makes a cover for a two count, before we head off to our final commercial break of the evening.

Back from the break and Henry is still beating down the champion, with Michael Cole exclaiming that it was all ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ through the ad break, showing his dominance. Focussing on the ribs, Henry has Batista in the corner, and he continues to beat him down, using knee lifts, right hands and should thrusts to maximise the damage that he can do, before pulling Batista out of the corner and whipping him off to the ropes, then running straight through him on the rebound for a two count! Following the pin attempt Henry looks a bit frustrated, having not put ‘Tista away, so he goes right back to work, stomping away at Batista as he climbs back up before grabbing him by the head, hoisting him up and scoop slamming him right back down. Despite having Batista down, Henry does not go for the pin, instead running off to the ropes, then rebounding back and hitting a good elbow drop! Henry gets right back up, then runs off to the ropes once more, hitting a second elbow drop and then a third for another two count! Henry is clearly frustrated as he gets back up, arguing with the referee, before kicking Batista in the chest as he rises, sending him right back down, then running off to the ropes ... AND LOOKING TO COME BACK WITH THE WORLD’S STRONGEST SPLASH ... BUT BATISTA ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, NARROWLY AVOIDING THE MOVE! The crowd pops as the two men lie on the mat, neither quite in it as they get back to their feet and instantly start to exchange right hands, which Batista wins, before going with a kick to the midsection and scooping Henry up ... ONLY TO COLLAPSE UNDER THE WEIGHT OF THE WORLD’S STRONGEST MAN!

The air is taken both out of Batista and the crowd as Henry gets back to his feet and runs off to the ropes ... WORLD’S STRONGEST SPLASH ... CONNECTS! Batista rolls around in pain, as Henry now makes the cover ... BUT BATISTA GETS HIS FOOT ON THE ROPES AT TWO! The crowd go ballistic as Henry can’t believe it, getting back to his feet and threatening the referee. ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ then turns his attention back to Batista, who is now on the apron. Henry approaches the champ with a menacing look in his eyes, then reaches over the top rope to grab him ... but Batista comes through the ropes with a shoulder thrust, then hot shots Henry off the top rope! Knowing that he has to dig deep, Batista scurries along the apron and climbs to the top rope, then waits for Henry to turn ... AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A HUGE DIVING SHOULDER TACKLE! Once again both men are down, this time for a much longer time as the referee begins to count them out. Sluggishly, the two men rise back to their feet and again exchange fists, with Batista winning out then whipping Henry into the corner ... before following him in and hitting a big corner clothesline! Batista, though, knows how tough Henry is, so he runs back, then charges in with a second ... AND A THIRD! The crowd goes nuts as Batista now digs his shoulder into the large midsection of Henry with some big shoulder thrusts until the referee pulls him away, only for Batista to go back in and try to lift Henry up to the second rope ... but Henry slugs Batista with a big forearm to the back of the ribs!

Batista staggers from the corner, clearly in a lot of pain, as Henry now comes out of the corner, attempting a clothesline, but Batista ducks it and explodes out of the blocks, coming back off the ropes to hit a huge jumping clothesline of his own! ‘The Animal’ is fired up as he gets back up and shakes the ropes, then signals for the end as Henry gets up ... AND GETS PUT RIGHT IN POSITION FOR THE BATISTA BOMB ... BACK BODY DROP! The crowd boos as ‘Tista gets up and Henry charges ... BUT BATISTA SCORES WITH A MASSIVE SPINEBUSTER! BATISTA LAYS HENRY OUT! The crowd cheers as Batista hooks the leg ... BUT HE ONLY GETS TWO! Both Batista and the crowd can’t believe it, ‘The Animal’ taking his time to check with the referee, before yelling at Henry to get up, which he does with the aid of the ropes, prompting Batista to charge across and send both he and Mark Henry out to the floor with a huge clothesline!

As is to be expected, Batista is the first up on the outside, picking Henry up with him before trying to whip him into the ringpost ... BUT HENRY REVERSES AND SENDS BATISTA INTO IT! The crowd again have the wind taken out of their sails as Henry pulls himself back together, before looking around ringside ... AND GOING TO THE ANNOUNCE TABLE, MUCH LIKE AT THE ROYAL RUMBLE! The referee threatens Henry, telling him he’ll be disqualified, but Henry seemingly doesn’t care as he dismantles the table, then heads back towards a rising Batista ... AND GETS SMASHED WITH A STEEL CHAIR OUT OF NOWHERE, PROMPTING THE REFEREE TO CALL FOR THE BELL!

Winner (but not World Heavyweight Champion): Mark Henry via disqualification @ 14:24

The crowd don’t give a damn about the result, as they instead cheer Batista for hitting Henry ... BUT HENRY HASN’T GONE DOWN! Batista can’t believe it as he looks around ... THEN EXPLODES INTO THE STAGGERED HENRY AND TAKES HIM DOWN WITH A MASSIVE DOUBLE LEG! The crowd goes nuts as Batista lEts fly on Henry, shaking him with a series of right hands ... BUT REFEREES ARE NOW EVERYWHERE AT RINGSIDE, PULLING THE TWO APART ...

ONLY FOR BATISTA TO EXPLODE OUT OF THEIR GRASP AND GO AFTER HENRY AGAIN! The referees and staff clamour at Dave, trying to pull him back as Henry staggers away. Batista though, will not be contained as he continues to fight, wanting to get his hands on Henry, AS HE DRILLS ALL OF THE REFEREES WITH WILD SWINGING ELBOWS, SENDING THEM FLYING! Batista has taken out all who have tried to hold him back and is ready to launch himself until ...

???: Batista!

Batista stops fighting and looks up at the top of the ramp where we now see SmackDown! General Manager, Theodore Long.

Theodore Long: Listen playa’, I know you wanna’ get your hands on Mark, but the match is over, and now is not the, nor place.


Theodore Long: But playa’, because I anticipated that this might happen, lemme’ tell ya’, I will give you a time, and a place for you two to settle your differences one last time. Y’see, in nine days, it's SmackDown!'s own No Way Out, and it needs a main event, so here’s what I’m gonna do.

A slight pause from Long.

Theodore Long: At No Way Out, for one final time, it will be ‘The World’s Strongest Man’ Mark Henry, challengin’ ‘The Animal’ Dave Batista, for ‘da World, Heavyweight Champion wship!

Big pop.

Theodore Long: But that’s not all. Y’see to make sure that this time we have a winner, in that match there’s gonna’ be no disqualifications and no count outs, because that match ... it’s gonna’ be a STREET FIGHT!

HUGE pop.

Theodore Long: Now, with the two o’ you goin’ at it, that’s sure to be a volatile environment, ya’ feel me? Because o’ ‘dis, and the fact that you just knocked out all of mah’ referees, I’ve gone ahead and anointed myself a special guest referee to this match ...

Dramatic pause ...




Oh the tension



Despite it being fairly obvious, the crowd responds with a MASSIVE mixed reaction as Randy Orton strides out onto the stage, looking as cocky and conceited as ever.

Theodore Long: The winner of the 2006 Royal Rumble and the man who will be challenin’ the winner of this match at WrestleMania 22 ... Randy ... Orton!

Orton smirks, then throws up the classic ‘Legend Killer’ pose, leaving Batista & Mark Henry to look up the ramp at their fate, as we fade to black.



February 19th, 2006 | 1st Mariner Arena; Baltimore, Maryland

World Heavyweight Championship; Street Fight; Special Guest Referee – Randy Orton:
Mark Henry vs. Batista (c)

WWE Tag Team Championships:
Matt Hardy & Shannon Moore
vs. MNM (c)

The Undertaker vs. John ‘Bradshaw’ Layfield

The Boogeyman vs. Brent Albright

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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Impressed with the level of detail in summing up last weeks events, especially since it’s been a while since I remember reading the show. Surprised we’re getting the Batista/Henry rematch tonight, tbh, as I would’ve pegged that as a main event for No Way Out, with no other challengers on the horizon (bar Orton of course; but that’s WrestleMania )

Opening up with ‘The Open Mic’ seems as good as any way to kick start proceedings. I’ve already said before how much I love the name, and the concept is fantastic too, giving Kennedy a vehicle to do what he does best - toot his own horn. I’d like to think that the spotlight was simply left on Kennedy for the promo. Not sure why, but I just pictured the promo in the darkness, simply with the spotlight shining down, so again, hopefully that’s how it was intended. If it wasn’t … don’t ruin my imagination, just allow me to believe it was that way.

You portray the arrogance of Kennedy beautifully, with the cocky sumbitch seemingly in love with the sound of his own voice, just building the fans up, all simply to inform them it’s edition two of the Open Mic. From his grandstanding it’s clear he’s not just in love with his voice … but himself in general.

Mr. Kennedy: Now i know what you’re thinking ... you people, here in Atlanta ...

Cheap pop.

Mr. Kennedy: You’re not worthy. You’re not worthy of me, and you’re not worthy of this new concept.

And cheap heat.
Great line. Simply put, I truly believe that Kennedy has got the fans in the palm of his hands here. It doesn’t feel forced in any way shape or form imo. With his delivery and the manner in which the promo has been deliberately paced, I sense the fans would be hanging on every word - like myself.

Pleased that you’re running the Kennedy/Mysterio angle, as I hoped you would, coming off the back of the first ‘Open Mic’, when they had their run in. I absolutely loved Kennedys spin on why Rey is referred to as the ‘Human Highlight Reel’ - clever, and effective in raising an issue between them. Or at least, an issue for Kennedy to be angry about. Wasn’t so keen on the term ‘vanilla midget’ being used - and used rather excessively. For me, it’s a little too ‘insider’ for my liking, and doesn’t have a place on the air on television. For a flippant comment, not so bad. But if it’s going to be a regular occurrence for Kennedy to use the term during the angle - not so good, imo.

Surprised it was Benoit to cut Kennedy short. Nice, quick war of words, with Benoit doing a good job of reminding Kennedy that it’s more about the size of the fight in the dog, rather than the size of the dog in the fight. Strong match up to put together this evening, and should compliment the expected wild brawl main event.

One or two grammatical oversights, such as the term ‘grass ceiling’ and ‘It ruined spoiled my night. It ruined my night.’ Where I assume the first ‘ruined’ wasn’t meant to be included. But unfortunately, we’re all only human, and slight errors like those are easily missed. Overall, that was a terrific opening promo. Nothing groundbreaking, or overly newsworthy. But, terrifically written, and a pleasure to read through.

Impressive description for the opening match, with Nitro more than holding his own in singles competition with Hardy. Always expected Matt to win, simply because it helps as a bridge to get Matt and Shannon Moore in tandem, given their issues with MNM recently, and get them a shot at the tag belts down the road (which I called a few weeks back I think ). I know quite a few people don’t really rate Moore - and tbh, I’m not a great lover of the guy myself, though I don’t dislike him - but this situation serves nicely into helping give the MF’er some credibility, and puts two guys together that actually have a reason and history to form an alliance.

Surprised that you’re playing the Punk VP now, this close to WrestleMania. Will be hard for him to make much of an impact before the big show.

Long wants to see Orton, eh?? Should lead to some interesting developments.

Nice show of heelish goodness from everyone’s favourite Irishman. Good to see Finlay bring the fight to Lashley, punishing the big rookie. This was a good mid card feud back in the day, and I see no reason why it wont work in this thread. It should help both men rise in the eyes of the fans, much like it did for them in the real world at the same time. With Finlay putting Lashley out, it helps put London and Kendrick at a disadvantage immediately, which helps make them look more sympathetic, and in turn makes the heel side look even more dastardly.

Great showing from the plucky tag team, fighting the odds against three bigger opponents. Surprised you went for a sneaky win in the end, as I assumed the attack on Lashley to make it a 3 on 2 match would be the ‘out’ for the up and coming tag team. Must say though, the build up of Finlay has been wonderful thus far, portraying the veteran impressively as an equal opportunities bully.

The promo to deliver the tag team title match at No Way Out worked nicely, and it also helped to remind the audience that Theodore Long is waiting for Orton to come and see him. That tag title match should be a tremendous undercard match up on the PPV.

Argh. You tease, you. Wonder who it is that’s come to meet JBL???

There is no way Scotty is going to be taking the title from Kash here. Just no way, no how. Impressive pre-match promo from Kash too, reminding the fans of his recent actions, and adding in explanations for taking out Juvi. No surprise that Kash made fairly quick work of Scotty - this one was all about what went down afterward. Glad to see Juvi back, and the reaction of fear from Kash helps put Juvi over too.

Much like Legend has, you’ve done an impressive job of making the CW division a focal point of the show, and you have both positioned Kid Kash (rightfully) as the centrepiece. Whether you can succeed in making Juvi as good a foil for him as Legend has done with Noble though, remains to be seen. Either way, the fact you’re putting plenty of spotlight on the division speaks volumes. If Juvi can prove to be a great adversary for Kash - the division will be flying. I’d imagine we’ll see Kash vs. Juvi at No Way Out to fill the card out, and it ought to be a great addition to the show.

Nice set up for JBL’s in ring segment, with the red carpet, podium etc. Felt a little samey to Kennedy at stages early on, with the talk on the ‘once in a lifetime event’ they were about to witness, and not being worthy of it. You quickly got back on form though, and I particularly enjoyed JBL’s comments on never apologising, or making mistakes. Felt very ‘JBL’ .

Wasn’t overly into the apology, and the examples of Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan. Not that it didn’t feel like something JBL would say - I just didn’t get an awful lot of enjoyment out of it. Taker appearing was a cert to happen … but I fully expected him to get his revenge here. So, to see Taker getting laid out for a second week running … and bloodied for a second week running too was surprising.

Uh, please allow Brent Albright to rip The Boogeymans arms off. Pronto. Get that freak off my screen … and especially when he’s sharing the ring with the likes of JBL and Taker. I assume it was Danny and Doug in the limo?? Beatdown worked well, but all in all, I do hope that the JBL / Taker angle is a short lived one. Wouldn’t be all that keen in seeing these two tear it up at WrestleMania, as at this stage in time, the feud wasn’t exactly fresh. Saying that, there doesn’t appear to be many other avenues for either man at this point (although you‘ve got Benoit wasting time with Washed up Booker T … Benoit vs. Taker smells like ratings to me if you can find a way to make it happen )… and a match between JBL and Taker match wouldn’t exactly suck, even if it wasn’t hotly anticipated.

… Or maybe not?? Taker and JBL at No Way Out could well mean it will be a filler angle … or the match could be used as a vehicle to bridge the angle over to WM, possibly in a gimmick match of sorts. (Casket?) Again, I’ll reiterate my earlier point - have Albright rip Boogeymans arm off please. Both of them even. I admire you continuing to use Boogeyman … but no one will think less of you if you rid us of him quickly.

Nice move from Orton. Making himself seem superior to the GM, and turning the tables. I like that attitude.

A great contest between Kennedy and Benoit, with nothing being held back - evidenced by Benoit breaking out the Suicide ( ) Dive on TV - a barely hyped TV match at that. Very hard hitting contest, which surprised me, as I expected a more mat based affair, to contrast from the likely knock down, drag out brawl we’ll see in the main event later. Finish didn’t surprise me, as I suspect it’ll be a while before Kennedy suffers a loss … and it helps set up the continuation of Booker T vs. Benoit for the U.S Title.

Great run in from Mysterio - even showing a bit of personality to use Kennedys microphone - and we get another match announced for the PPV (which is shaping up pretty nicely I might add ) and I suspect we’ll see Rey & Benoit team up next week to face two of OJ, Booker and Kennedy, prior to the event.

Straight from one match to the main event. Fair enough.

Mark Henry using the Pounce = WIN~!! Nice addition to his lumbering offence, and a move he could make look super duper. As expected, we got an all out war, and as I’ve stated before, you deserve credit for sticking with this angle, whereas others would’ve dropped Henry like a stone, and replaced him with someone more appealing like Benoit or Taker. And it’s paid off. I’m actually quite into this feud between two bulls, and you deserve A LOT of credit for pulling it off. We’re at a point with these two where the audience is anticipating them to beat the shit outta each other at every single point.

Surprised by the seemingly intentional DQ. Hopefully Dave explains he was caught up in the moment - or simply allowed his emotions to get the better of him, as it seemed like he got himself DQ’ed on purpose here. Announcement from Theodore was nicely delivered, as the streetfight stipulation was necessary to bring closure to the ring, and it gives Orton a big role at the PPV. There is no way Batista is dropping the belt, so it’s likely Orton will call it down the middle, but I’m sure Orton will do something to kick start the WrestleMania feud at No Way Out.

The show was clearly centred on building No Way Out - and simply put, it delivered. No Way Out has taken considerable shape, and with Benoit vs. Booker likely to be added next week, along with the likely officially announcement of Rey vs. Kennedy, and a possible 6 Man Tag that was due on this show - or a one on one between Lashley and Finlay - the PPV is going to be a great show to look out for on the road to WrestleMania. This thread is beginning to feel like, in time, it could be special.
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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Muchos gracias for the review, Wolfmeister. A few things I’d like to say are that I wasn’t a huge fan of the JBL promo myself, as the concept didn’t come off as nice in practice as I wanted it to. I also noticed it seemed very similar to the Kennedy promo when I was formatting it, but by then I didn’t really want to overhaul the whole first part of the promo, so I let it be. The typos that you pointed out really disappointed me. Mistake I’m not really happy with, as I should be noticing them. Have proof-read RAW a few times now, so hopefully nothing has slipped under the radar this time. As far as Boogeyman goes, don’t expect to see him too much once he’s done with Albright. Not at all a fan of the guy, and have been using him mainly as a foil to break Albright in. With all of that said, I was very happy to see you enjoyed the show, as I really enjoyed writing it. I think things are starting to pick up here, because shows are coming more naturally than ever. Hoping that’s a good sign.

Anyway, a few news & notes here, but if anyone is willing to give SmackDown! feedback, it is of course still welcome.


News & Notes

~ Following last night’s SmackDown! many have been surprised by the route that WWE have gone in relation to the JBL/Undertaker feud. Originally the two men had been slated to feud up until WrestleMania, as it was thought JBL could carry the feud for two months on the microphone while allowing Undertaker to work his normal style of not having to show up to work every week. However, with JBL now facing ‘Taker at No Way Out, it is thought that both men will have different opponents for WrestleMania. It is thought at this stage that JBL will now go on to WrestleMania to face a younger star, possibly Matt Hardy who he has feuded with on and off for the past four months, while Undertaker may be slated to go on to face either Chris Benoit or Booker T.

~ On the theme of JBL, it was surprising to see that on SmackDown!, we saw a return of The Basham Brothers as not just a team, but also part of JBL’s Cabinet. It seems that this was only a one night only deal, since both of the profiles of The Basham Brothers are now situated on the RAW roster page on It is said that this will lead to some sort of storyline involving JBL, and possibly him finding new members for his Cabinet. Whether they are on the current roster or on the developmental roster is unknown.

~ Another interesting thing to note coming off last night’s SmackDown! is the third match between Mark Henry and Batista being made for No Way Out. With Randy Orton set to challenge the winner, it is thought that Batista will be a lock to win at No Way Out, although it is interesting how strong the SmackDown! writers have made Mark Henry look, perhaps meaning that Henry will be a major part of the SmackDown! roster for quite some time to come.

~ While it has not yet been signed for No Way Out, Rey Mysterio vs. Mr. Kennedy looks a sure bet to be part of the card. Kennedy has been on a roll since returning, getting plenty of mic time and beating opposition such as Chris Benoit on last week’s show. This, along with Kennedy getting to feud with Mysterio, suggest that the SmackDown! writers a very high on Kennedy, and that he has a big future ahead of him.

~ In a final note on SmackDown!, it seems like the return of Juventud occurred a bit earlier than planned. Originally slated for a WrestleMania return and match, Juventud came out and did an interview with the Mexican media last week, practically blowing the cover on his injured storyline. WWE, feeling cornered, called Juventud and rushed him in to make his return, setting up his early rematch with Kid Kash. This seems to be a major blow to the cruiserweight division, as Kash has beaten everyone else in the division, and Juventud doesn’t look able to sell a match alone, meaning the situation for the cruiserweights at WrestleMania is up in the air.

~ On the RAW side of things, there are heavy rumours that tonight we will finally find out just who was the mystery attacker that injured Kurt Angle. Despite Edge and John Cena being the favourites for the role, it seems like it could well be someone in a midcard role, possibly setting up a big WrestleMania match with Angle, leaving Edge and Cena to settle their differences at WrestleMania.

~ Also on RAW, it seems as if RAW General Manager Eric Bischoff is entering some sort of storyline. The past few weeks we have seen Bischoff been getting more and more stressed, thanks mainly to problems with Cena, Edge & Angle. Where this is headed is unknown, but it is thought that it could lead to a program, perhaps following WrestleMania.

RAW preview in a few days.

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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

I love you for sticking with this, and I'd like to say your last show really showed just why you're as good as I say you are. Kennedy owned, and everything else did it's job, even if I think your main event for NWO is shit.

All the news seems pretty good, I'm intrigued to see what goes on with Juventud in this thread as I really like him. Bischoff getting involved in a storyline is also a plus, everything else I don't really care about, tbh.

Don't really have anything else to say, 'cept to echo what I said in Wolfy's thread, and that's that I'll give you some feedback in a couple of weeks.

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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Like I said to Wolfy in his thread, apologies if this review is a little rusty. I'm out of practice, as they say. I would've had it up sooner, but it is how it is.

Anywho, on with the show, and pretty good way to open it if you want to get on my good side. I seem to remember you saying a while back that you didn't rate Kennedy, but that might have just been when he had been released and you were possibly jumping on the hate bandwagon () I don't know why, but something about this promo suggested to me that you do rate KK. No way do invest this much in a guy if you see nothing in him. You won't find me having Jeff Hardy cutting a lengthy promo to open a show, that's all I'll say.

I really like the idea of the 'Open Mic'. I thought The Mic Suite that I came up with was good, but you've easily bested that. Damn you () It makes for intriguing editions each time Kennedy hosts it, as we don't know who his guests going to be, and it also gives him the chance to further his feud(s), as his rival of the time would obviously keep coming out to get him some.

You obviously put a lot of time into and effort into this promo though, and it really paid off. Probably the best one you've written so far. People were going nuts over that Kurt Angle one you did a few weeks back, but I'd say you've topped it with this one. Only thing that really let it down was the arrival of Benoit. He never could talk for shit, and he just sounds so wooden and stilted alongside Kennedy's fluid linguistics. I would've preferred it if Benoit had just come out and pie-faced Kennedy or something, y'know? Physically provoke him enough to accept his challenge for a match later on. Just a small gripe though, so not to worry.

Looks like Kennedy's list of world champions he's defeated will be growing by 1 tonight. Like Wolfy said, I like this feud with Mysterio you've given to Kennedy, as it gives him the chance to go over some credible without getting ridiculous early on. Don't turn Rey into a jobber though; he's probably the best wrestler the 'E have got. He'll make Kennedy and anyone you write him in a programme with look like a million bucks in the ring.

I'm glad you had Nitro look moderately impressive in his singles outing against Hardy, and I'm relieved you didn't let Matt completely shit on the tag team division by taking out both of the champs on his own. As for Shannon Moore ... well, I'm not really his biggest fan. The guy can go in the ring, that's for certain, and he's a handy guy to have around, but as for going after the tag team titles with Hardy? It doesn't do it for me. You have a shortage of tag teams, so it's understandable I guess, but I wouldn't keep Matt bogged down in this team for too long if I were you.

Bringing the Punkster in even earlier than me I see? But can you top my debut? [/ego] Put him over The Undertaker clean and we'll talk

Along with the Hardy/MNM angle, I've noticed you're running a few too many storylines that the 'E were at this time: Booker/Benoit, JBL/Boogeyman, and Finlay/Lashley etc. I know you've put your own, unique spin on them, but I'd like to see you move away as quickly as possible.

Saying all that, Finlay's pre-match was perfectly done. Furthers his feud with Lashley, makes the Irishman look like the ruthless bastard he is, and sets up a thrilling handicap tag match. Honestly, if there's any way you can, push Finlay to the moon. He's a fucking God inside the ring.

Since you got Lashley out of the match, having five guys the calibre of Regal, Burchill, Finlay, London, and Kendrick in the ring together is a mouth watering prospect. The 'E really did waste The Blue Bloods as a team; I guess there's just no love for old school any more. Well, you and I have certainly changed that. Really good match that puts L&K over despite coming out on the losing side of things. They're billed as an exciting, plucky young tag team, and this was a great showcase for them. Finlay picks up the pin though in his usual cheap fashion. You're booking him really well so far. MITB plz.

Hardy and Moore get a title shot after one post-match brawl? Seem rushed to me, but you need the teams I guess.

Kid Kash OWNS and I'm glad someone else finally sees it. Another great promo from him in this thread - he's been getting them every week pretty much, which is great, as that's how you get a guy over, you keep having him cut promos. Easy win over Scotty for Double K, but things heat up after the bell with Juventud making his return. Looks like we'll be getting our one-on-one rematch between these two at No Way Out, which should be awesome. Just don't have Kash drop the belt ... forever.

I actually quite enjoyed the JBL promo, even if nobody else (including yourself) seemed to. No, I don't think you should waste too much time on guys like JBL and 'Taker, as they tend to eat into the spotlight of other, younger, more deserving guys ... and, boy, can JBL waffle on. It's his character I know, but good god he took a long time getting to a simple apology. It was a nice set up, as it initially made JBL look like a coward, before quickly flipping it on its head and making him look like an absolute bastard. However, my focus on the brawl afterwards wasn't on JBL at all ... it was on Brent Albright. Big step up for Brent getting to go at it with The Deadman, and he came out it looking great. He beat up 'Taker and he finally got to drop that piece of crap The Boogeyman on his head. Hopefully he beats Boogey in 30 seconds at No Way Out.

Also, next time we're both on MSN, I need to check something with you to do with Albright, so make sure you're Aussie ass is out of bed.

Uh, I don't think you needed to post the entire segment again

Great match up between Kennedy and Benoit that furthers two angles in the long run. I'm not sure why, but I actually rather like Orlando Jordan being Booker T. Obviously is smack of the usual, "They're black so they must team up" thing that seems to go on in wrestling, but I always quite like Orlando, so it'll be interesting to see where you go with this.

Mysterio really owned Kennedy after the bell too, and it looks as though their match at No Way Out is all but official. Like I said earlier, Rey can make anyone look good in the ring, and KK should be no different.

No surprise to see the main event end the way it did, but it does get across the hatred between the two men, as they just want to beat the shit out of each other. Surprised at the choice of street fight for No Way Out, as I would've thought the usual Steel Cage stip would've worked better (with it being No Way Out and all), as Teddy could've used it to lock these two dangerous beasts away.

LOVED the ending with the announcement of Orton as the special guest referee. I was really wondering what TLK would be doing at the PPV, but you've killed two birds with thhis stone: firstly, Randy has something to do that is relevant to his WrestleMania match; and secondly, it adds a new, exciting dimension to a potentially slow, turgid and lacklustre main event. I'd be amazed if Orton didn't bump like a mad man during the match too, as both Henry and 'Tista will 'accidentally' nail him at some point I'm sure. How on earth Randy will remain impartial when it comes to Big Dave is beyond me. You've really got me into this now. Like I said, a great, great job booking-wise.

Ah, how sweet it is to see another booker emerge who puts on consistently entertaining and well written shows. You're a breath of fresh air, BkB. Two good promos and a handful of good TV matches makes this a show well worth checking out. I'll say it again, from a bookers perspective you've nailed the main event with the inclusion of Orton as the referee. I just loved it. With you on this kind of form ... I can't wait for Raw.
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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Thanks a bunch for the comments, Legend. The one thing I'll address is the idea of the Steel Cage Match. Originally, I was considering it, but with the way in which this feud began (in irl before this thread began) with Henry tearing the door off the cage, with the door locked mind you, having them locked in a cage was an option that I didn't feel would work if Henry could simply tear the cage apart. Now, as far as MSN goes, you just need to make sure you're not on at some ungodly hour for a change.

Thread is moving pretty quickly now,and I'm enjoying it. Here's a RAW preview, with a show set to follow in a few days.


February 13th, 2006 | Preview

This Monday, RAW is set to emanate from the Greensboro Coliseum in Greensboro, North Carolina, and one man is on everyone’s mind right now: Kurt Angle. Ever since being the last man eliminated in the Royal Rumble, ‘The Olympic Hero’ has been on a rampage, attempting to attack the two men who he holds his responsible for costing him the Rumble: the WWE Champion, Edge, and John Cena. Two weeks ago, Angle finished the show with a sneak attack on Cena, hitting him with the Angle Slam as part of a vicious assault after being warned of staying away by RAW General Manager, Eric Bischoff, prompting Bischoff to bar him from the arena last week. Angle, however, would not be restrained, again appearing at the end of last week to hit Cena with the Angle Slam and leave him lying as the broadcast came to a close. Despite none of the three men being scheduled for action as of yet on RAW, all eyes are on Angle, and what he will be doing this week.

Last week we saw Shawn Michaels going one on one with Gregory Helms in what looked to be an early candidate for match of 2006, as Helms and Michaels showed how evenly matched there were for near fifteen minutes of crisp action. The end of that match, however, came when Shane McMahon appeared and distracted Shawn Michaels, as a result costing him the match. While Helms is again in action this week, Shawn Michaels isn’t, but he does have something to look forward to as the owner of World Wrestling Entertainment and the father of Shane, Mr. McMahon is set to appear on RAW, saying that he will address his problems with both ‘The Heartbreak Kid’, and Triple H, who has blamed McMahon for costing him the Royal Rumble, and since has been on a warpath against the boss. What will Mr. McMahon have to say, and how will it affect the former allies and enemies, Triple H and Shawn Michaels?

Another man who is out on a quest for vengeance tonight is ‘Mr. Monday Night’, Rob Van Dam. Over seven months ago, Van Dam was drafted from Friday Night SmackDown! to his new home of Monday Night RAW. However, Van Dam was met with a welcome he would rather forget, as on crutches having nearly recovered from a knee injury he suffered in January of that year, RVD was assaulted by Carlito, who further aggravated the knee injury of Van Dam and put him on the sidelines for an additional half a year. Since he made his return at the Royal Rumble, Van Dam has been out to get Carlito, looking to gain some form of vengeance on the man who nearly ended his career. Carlito, however, his hidden behind his buddy Chris Masters, sending him into battle numerous times instead of fighting for himself. Tonight, though, there will be no more running for Carlito, as he is scheduled to go one on one with Van Dam, in the most personal of matches we have seen on RAW in quite some time. Will Van Dam be able to gain vengeance on Carlito, or will the cool Caribbean be able to overcome his foe?

Also in action will be the artists formerly known as The World’s Greatest Tag Team, Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin has been reluctant to be associated with Haas ever since Haas made his return to Monday Night RAW, stating that, despite a current string of losses in singles action, he was too good for Haas. Despite this, last week the two men teamed up for the first time in two years and were able to defeat the former World Tag Team Champion team of The Redneck Wrecking Crew. Tonight the duo will team up again to face The Crew in a rematch which Cade & Murdoch requested from Eric Bischoff. Will Haas & Benjamin be able to work together well enough to stand a chance, or will The Crew even the score here tonight?

The kings of the tag division and the current World Tag Team Champions, Kane & Big Show will also be in action this week as they prepare themselves for their title defence against the Intercontinental Champion Ric Flair & Chavo Guerrero next week, while Mickie James also meets her hero Trish Stratus’ rival, Victoria, ahead of Trish defending her title next week. With both the tag champs and the challenger for the Women’s Title wanting to make a statement before their title matches next week, and Mickie wanting to make a point to Stratus about her ability, we should be in for some impactful matches.

For all of this, and more, tune into the USA Network, 9/8C.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

This show looks good James. The one part of the show I am looking forward to the segment with Vince McMahon and Shane. I will see Hunter and Michaels getting involved in this somehow. Rob Van Dam and Carlito should be good, if done right but someone will do something to help Carlito. Till the Pay Per View. Kurt Angle has been epic lately. Hopefully you can take this storyline up a notch, this looks like a real building point for your storylines, and hopefully this show will be epic beyond epic.

Also, it is no secret that you will have The World's Greatest Tag Team reunite. I know how you love them. Well love Haas, and think Shelton is as boring as a rock :P

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Re: WWE: The Platinum Era

Ask and you shall receive, mofo.

As Gards said, Kurt Angle has been fucking amazing as of late, so I really hope you do something with him that will keep his momentum going, or piss him even more off. Anything other than that, will not be accepted. I'm not liking the McMahon's being so heavily invovled with Triple H and Shawn Michaels, seems way to much like in real life, tbh. Maybe when something exciting happens and things change up, I'll enjoy them, but for now, not so much. RVD/'Lito should set the house on fire in the main event... Just don't job 'Lito, not yet anyway, it's to small of a stage. Haas and Benjamin/RWC is another match that should be fairly nice. A couple of squashes to put over your champions should be nice as well.

Hurry with it, dear.

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