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Learning to break kayfabe
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Post WWE: The Start Of A Revolution

WWE BTB Writers:
John Bush ( SmackDown )
Jake Dauenhauer ( Raw )
Jacob McKinley ( ECW )

Backstory: This BTB takes place the night after WWE Judgement Day '09 ( Custom Results ). Superstar acquisitioning can only be done if the superstar is currently signed to the WWE. Other hirings varied. If a superstar is released the booker must release his talent within 3 weeks. Trades between brands can occur during anytime.

World Heavyweight Championship
John Cena (c) def. Big Show
WWE Championship
* Jeff Hardy and Edge both have their arms layed over each other and are out cold after Chris Jericho comes out and attacks them all three men . Shane McMahon comes out and vacates the WWE Championship *
Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy vs. Undertaker
ECW Championship
Christian (c) def. Jack Swagger
CM Punk def. Matt Hardy
The Worlds Greatest Tag Team def. Cryme Tyme
Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix
MVP def. The Miz

List Of Champion In World Wrestling Entertainment

World Heavyweight Champion

WWE Champion

ECW Champion

Intercontinental Champion

United States Champion

Unified Tag Team Champions

Womens Champion

Divas Champion

WWE Raw General Manager

WWE Raw Broadcast Announce Team
WWE Raw Backstage Announcer
WWE Raw Backstage Announcer

WWE SmackDown General Manager
WWE Broadcast Announce Team
WWE SmackDown Backstage Announcer

WWE SmackDown Ring Announcer

WWE ECW General Manager

WWE ECW Broadcast Announce Team

WWE ECW Backstage Interviewer

WWE ECW Ring Announcer

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Post WWE ECW: Week 1

* ECW's Opening Video Plays *

* Highlight Video plays between the match of Jack Swagger and Christian at Judgement Day *

* Camera cuts to the arena, live where we here Christian's Theme Song Hit and out walks the ECW Champion, Christian *

Todd Grisham: Hello and welcome to another edition of ECW! Todd Grisham here along ringside with my broadcast partner Gregory Helms.

Gregory Helms: And here comes our head representitive of the land of Extreme, the ECW Champion Christian. Who just two days ago defeated Jack Swagger at the 2nd straight pay per view.

* Christian enters the ring *

Christian: Once again, the Instant Classic defeats the All American American...American. Once again I retained this

* Christian raises up the ECW Championship *

Christian: Now seeing that I've already defeated Daffey Duck twice, I'm going to give a title shot to another person, Not because his contract expires in 3 weeks but because he represents the heart and soul of ... well you guys have heard it before. Everybody, Tommy Dreamer

* Tommy Dreamer's Theme Song Hits *

* Tommy Dreamer comes down the ramp with the roar of the crowd *

Todd Grisham: Tommy Dreamer has been with ECW since day 1 but with his contract expiring in 3 weeks, will he be able to be ECW Champion one last time?

* Dreamer starts to walk the ramp when he is attacked by Jack Swagger. Swagger grabs Dreamer's head and slammed it down on the steel ramp. Christian comes out of the ring only to get clotheslined by Swagger. He then threw Christian into the steel steps. *

Gregory Helms: Man, that ain't cool. Attacking Dreamer from behind like that. Someone get him out of there.

Todd Grisham: Swagger attacks both ECW champion and #1 Contender, what cheap shot.

* Theodoore Long's Theme Song Hits and he comes out onto the stage *

Theodoore Long: Swagger, Swagger! Hold it, hold it; What do you think you've doing playa? You can't be coming out and attacking people

* Jack Swagger grabs a mic *

Jack Swagger: Teddy, Christian cheated again at Judgement Day! No one's getting a chance at the E-Seeh-W Championship untill it's back around my waist.

Theodoore Long: Jack, you're not getting cheated, you've just losing. Now, the match at Extreme Rules stands. It will be Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian (Cheers). But, I'll tell you what; I'll give you one more match against Christian tonight. You win, you will earn a spot in the title match at Extreme Rules. If you lose, you will never have a shot at the ECW Championship again ( Cheers ).

* Swagger's smile turned into a frown *

Gregory Helms: Wow, what news from our General Manager. Christian vs. Jack Swagger four our main event tonight

Todd Grisham: If Swagger wins he will be added in to the match at Extreme Rules. If he loses, he won't be in the match and he'll lose to Christian a third time in a row

* It cuts to highlights from Judgement Day then cut back live where " What's Up " is playing. R-Truth comes out thru the crowd *

Todd Grisham: Coming up next, 6-Man Tag Team action, only on ECW. Don't go anywhere

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Camera comes back and see R-Truth and Ricky Ortiz already in the ring. We then here " This Ain't No Make Believe " and John Morrison comes out in slow motion. *

Gregory Helms: How does he do that Todd, the slow mo walk

Todd Grisham: I think he learns that at the palace of wisodm

* Then their opponets walk out. Mark Henry /w Tony Atlas, Mike Knox, then " Man on Fire " plays and Kane comes out to fire *

Gregory Helms: Damn, Todd! Look at this team! They're huge

Todd Grisham: Will Morrison, Ortiz, and R-Truth even have a chance against these monsters.

Six Man Tag-Team Match
(vs.) /w
Ortiz and Kane starts out in the ring. Ortiz still had his Ricky O' Rally towel so he gave it to Kane. Kane looked at it, dropped it, then hit Ortiz with a throat thrust. Kane then pushed Ortiz into a corner and threw some fists, knees, and elbows. The ref backed Kane up before a DQ and when he came back, Ortiz put Kane in the corner and started connecting with some right hands. Kane pushed Ortiz again down to the mat and went for a clothesline but Ortiz ducked to the mat and went for a clothesline but Ortiz ducked and connected a shoulder block, knocking down Kane. Ortiz starts dancing around the ring. He went to pick Kane up but Kane sat up and grabbed his throat. Kane got to his feet and went for the chokeslam but Ortiz stawed punching his arm and then kicked him in the guy. Kane let go and Ortiz tagged in R-Truth. R-Truth came in and told Kane " What's Up". They grapple and Kane delivers a knee to the guy followed by a back club. Kane irish whipped Truth off the ropes and went for a clothesline but he ducked it. R-Truth came back and Kane caught him with a side slam. Kane goes for a cover but its only a 2 count. Kane then got him up for a running powerslam but R-Truth fell to his feet and connected with a strong right hand. R-Truth tried to irish whip Kane into a corner but Kane powered him into the opposite corner. R-Truth usued the ropes to jump up and over Kane and then did a back flip. Kane came back running with a clothesline but R-Truth dodged it by doing the splits. He got back up and hit Kane with a corkscrew heel kick. They both got up and Truth went for his flying Jalapeno but in mid air Kane hit him with a big boot. Kane grabbed R-Truth and threw him in his corner an tagged in Mike Knox. Knox came in and continuosly punched Truth in the corner. Knox than threw him in the ropes and caught him in a powerslam. He goes for another cover 1..2. Knox started stomping on him then locked in a strong headlock. After awhile, R-Truth slowly gets up and hits Knox with a jawbreaker. R-Truth starts to crawl to his partners but Knox grabbed his left foot. Truth gets up attempts an enziguri but Knox ducks and Truth falls face first. Knox then hit him with a big knee drop. He then does another cover for a 2 count. Knox picked R-Truth back up and threw him off ropes but Truth came back and hit the flying Jalapeno. They both crawl to tag an opponent. Knox tagged Kane back in and Truth tagged in John Morrison (Cheers). Kane goes for a punch but Morrison blocks it connects with a dropkick moonsault. Kane fell on his rear and Morrison came running with a big knee to the side of his skull. Morrison knocked down Knox and dropped kicked Henry's legs, knocking him off the apron. Kane goes for another punch but Morrison ducks and hits Kane with a capioera kick. He falls to a knee, Morrison then springboards off the ropes and connects with the Flying Chuck. Before he can go for a pin, Tony Atlas gets on the apron so Morrison gets up and hits him off. When he turns around, Kane hits him with a throat thrust. Kane then grabs Morrison's throat with both hands and lifted him up, then dropped him down to the mat. Kane tossed him into his corner and tagged in Mark Henry for the first time. Henry came in and connects with some headbutts. He then slammed Morrison down hard and went for an elbow drop but Morrison moved and Henry hit canvas. They both get up and Morrison connect with some forearm shots then dashed off the ropes but Henry runs him over with a full body block. Henry drags Morrison to the ropes and starts choking him with them. He let go before and backed away. Atlas came up and got a cheap shot in. Henry came back and lifted Morrison up over his head. Morrison counter by falling to his feet behind Henry and delivered leg kicks to his left leg. He then dropped kicked his knee and then his chest. Henry was finally on his back. Morrison looked around and then connected with a break dancing leg drop. He goes for a pin but its a 2 count, Henry throws him off hom. Morriosn then goes and tags in Ortiz. Ortiz dashes off the ropes and hits a jumping knee drop. He goes for another cover but its a near fall. Henry slowly gets up and Ortiz connects with some headbutts, showing that it hurts him too. Ortiz dashes off the ropes again but this time Henry lifts him up in the air and lets him free fall drop. Henry pushes Ortiz in the corner and tags in Knox. Knox comes in and starts choking or with his boot. He then scoops Ortiz up and slams him down. He goes for a cover and its was a 2 count. He stomps on Ortiz some more the nstarts to lift him up. Ortiz breaks through and lands in some punches on Knox. Ortiz then bounces off the ropes but Knox hits him with a big bicycle kick to the face. He then goes for another pin for a 2 count. Knox leaves Ortiz in a corner then tags in Kane. Kane irish whipped Knox into Ortiz with a clothesline then Kane came running witha clothesline. Ortiz stumbled towards Kane and Kane connects with another side slam. Instead of going for the pin. He climbs up to the top rope. He goes for a Diving Clothesline but Ortiz connects with a drop kick (Cheers). the ref starts a ten count. Both Kane and Ortiz crawls to make a tag. Kane tags in Henry and Ortiz finally gets a tag to John Morrison. Morrison climbs the top rope and knocks Henry down with a missle dropkick. He then bounces off the ropes and connects with a standign shooting star press pin for a 2 count. Henry gets back up and Morrison bounces off the ropes again. R-Truth makes a blind tag and Morrison goes for a crossbody but Henry catches him. He goes for a World's Strongest Slam but R-Truth missle drop kicks Morrison and he fell on Henry. When Truth got up through Knox came in and connects with another big bicycle kick. When Knox turned around Ortiz clotheslined Knox over the top rope and he went over too. Back in the ring, Morrison went for a moonlight drive on Henry but Kane came in a grabbed his throat. He then lifted him up and hits the Chokeslam. R-Truth is now back up and hits the Flying Jalapeno on Kane. He rolls out of the ring. R-Truth trys the same more on Henry but he catches Truth. Henry then lifts him up for the World's Stongest Slam and...R-Truth reverses it into a pin for the win.

* R-Truth's Theme Song Hits *

Tony Chimel: The winners of the match Ricky Ortiz, John Morrison, and R-Truth

Gregory Helms: Wow! What a explosive match!

Todd Grisham: They was able to defeat these monstrous men! Waht a victory!

* They celebrate their win while Henry looks on in anger *

Todd Grisham: Coming up after this commerical break, it will be David Hart Smith of the Hart Dynasty taking on the " Corn fed Collosus " Festus
Gregory Helms: You don't want to miss this!

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Camera comes back and we see Tiffany backstage with her mic *

Tiffany: Hell WWE Universe, please help me welcome the former ECW Champion, Jack Swagger.

* The camera turns to Swagger who isn't smiling *

Jack Swagger: Former E-Seeh-W Champion, you should be calling future E-Seeh-W Champion. You see Tiffany, the only reason Christian beat me twice is because he cheated twice. Tonight, I'll make sure he doesn't cheat. The 3rd time's the charm. And as for Tommy Dreamer, he's never defeated me and he never will. Dreamer will retire at Extreme Rules, and it'll be because of me, The All-American American.

* Swagger then stares down Tiffany then leaves *

* We go back to the ring and a remix of Bret Hart's theme music plays and The Hart Dynasty comes down the ramp *

Tony Chimel: This next match is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. One Third of the Hart Dynasty. David Hart Smith!

Gregory Helms: David Hart Smith is the son of the legendary British Bulldog Davey Boy Smith

Todd Grisham: He's got some big boots to fill

* " Biscut & Gravy plays as Festus comes out along side Jesse. The match begins *

/w (vs.) /w
The bell rings and Festus gets into his mode. He hits Smith with two lefts then a big right hand smack. Festus then irish whips him in a corner and came running with a thump in the turnbuckle, He then bounces off the ropes and hit Smith with a jumping shoulderblock (cheers). Festus gets havk up and slaps his thighs. He then connects with a sitting splash on Smith. Before he could go for a pin. Tyson Kidd pulled Smith out of the ring.Tyson Kidd and Natalya whispered something in Smith's ear and Smith goes back to the ring apron. Festus went to brab him but Smith dropped his neck over the top rope. Restus stumbles backward. Smoth came back in and delivers a hand clothesline on Festus. He goes for the pin for a two count. Smith then locks in a half nelson choke. Festus doesn't give up and he finally stands back up and backs Smith up into the corner, making him release the hold. Festus back up again and goes for a clotesline but Smtih moves and Festus and Festus goes stomach first into the turnbuckle. Smoth grabbs his waist and throws him over with a German Suplex. He goes for another pin but recieves a 2 count. Smith is now enranged and he picks up Festus but Festus puts Smith on his shoulder and connects with a sitout gordbuster. Festus slowly gets up and sees Tyson Kidd try to distract the ref on the ring apron so he grabs Kidd and tosses him into the ring. He then grabs Kidd by the back of the neck and tosses back out of the ring. Smith suddenly comes up from behind and connects the Saito Suplex on Festus for the win.

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match David Hart Smith

Todd Grisham: Smith won by using that Saito Suplex made famous by creator, Mr. Saito

Gregory Helms: Festus is strong but David Hart Smith just over powered him

* The Hart Dynasty celebrates in the ring while Jesse check on Festus. It looks like they are getting ready to leave when Tyson Kidd hits a low drop kick to the face of Jesse. Smoth then got him and they hit the Hart-Attack on Jesse *

Gregory Helms: Come on, someone get them outta there

Todd Grisham: You already won the match, you don't have to do this

* Camera cuts to the back where Christian is walking. He shows some pain in his head *

Todd Grisham: Coming up next in his non-title rematch between Jack Swagger and ECW Champion Christian

Gregory Helms: Yes Todd but Christain has already suffered some punishment earlier tonight. How much more punishement can he take?

Todd Grisham: Stay tuned

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* We see highlights of Judgement Day again and then video of what happen earlier today between Swagger, Christian, and Dreamer *

* " Get on Your Knees " plays and Jack Swagger comes out to a chorus of boos *

Todd Grisham: Now in this match, if Jack Swagger wins then he will be added to the Christian / Tommy Dreamer match at Extreme Rules. If he loses, he will never have a chance at the ECW Championship again

* " Just Close Your Eyes " plays and Christian comes out *

Gregory Helms: Look at the look on Christian's face. You can see the pain he's in from that attack by Swagger.

They circle the ring and Swagger gets Christian in a waist lock takedown and then a front facelock. Christian would reverse the headlock into a hammerlock. They both get up and Swagger delivers 2 elbows, to Christian's skull. He then dashes off the ropes but Christian counters with two arm drags. Christian tries to dash off the ropes but Swagger catches him in a belly-to-belly slam. Christian shows to be in serous pain but doesn't want the ref to stop the match. Christian has to use the ropes to pull himself up. Swagger comes running to clothesline Christian but Christian instead flipped him over to the outside (Cheers). Christian looks around and then goes for his turnbuckle jump splash to the outside but Swagger turns away. Luckily, Christian held on and then climbed to the top rope. When Swagger turned around Christian jumped and hit a crossbody onto Swagger below

Gregory Helms: What a high impact move! I taught him that one Todd

Todd Grisham: Will Swagger be able to come back and win this thing? Find out next

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* We come back and Swagger has has another waist lock on Christian *

Todd Grisham: Hello and welcome back to ECW. During the commercial break. Christian went for a tornado DDT but Swagger reversed it and threw Christian back to the outside

Gregory Helms: I don't know how much move he can take

* The replay is shown *

Christian now gets back to his feet and delivers two elbows of his own. When he tried to dash off the ropes. Swagger stopped him with two knees to the stomach and then locks in an abdominal stretch. He used the ropes for leaverage, but the ref caught him after the second time. Swagger shoves him down and down and taunts the crowd (Boos). He goes to pick Christian up but Christian connects with two uppercuts and then a drop toe hold to the ropes, Christian used the ropes then to choke out Swagger. He tried to clash off the ropes again but Swagger hits him with a huge clothesline.. He goes for the first pin and gets a two count. Swagger then locks in a dangerous camel clutch. Christian is in a lot of pain but he finds away to brab the ropes. Swagger let go before five and Christian still won't give up. Swagger goes for a punch, but Christian reverses it into a reverse DDT (Cheers). They both slowly get up at the ref's eight count and Christian connects with some strong slaps. Swagger then grabs a hold of him and back him up on top of the turnbuckle. Christian pushes him back and than connects with a diving european uppercut. He goes for a pin and its only a near fall. Christian then calls for the Killswitch. He lifts him up and almost hits it but Swagger pushes him back in the corner. Christian jumps up and switches in mid air and goes for a sunset flip. Swagger hands on and connects with a punch. He then goes for a corner slingshot splash but Christian moved just in time. Christian climbs to the top rope again but Swagger pushes him down to the hard floor on the outside. Swagger hesitates to go but he goes to the outside and hits the gutwrench powerbomb on the outside ( Ohhh ) He slides back in ad the ref starts the 10 count 1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..10

Tony Chimel: The winner of the match, Jack Swagger

Gregory Helms: Oh My God! A Gutwrench Powerbomb onto the mat! He's got to have a broken back!

Todd Grisham: Jack Swagger wins and he will go to Extreme Rules to face Christian and Tommy Dreamer in a Triple Threat Match for the ECW Championship.

* Swagger pulls Christian back in the ring and goes for another Gutwrench powerbomb but Tommy Dreamer runs out *

Gregory Helms: Here comes Tommy Dreamer! He's here to get a little revenge on Swagger! Tommy comes in and blocks Swagger's clothesline and connects with three punches of his own. He then goes for his DDT but Swagger drops down and rolls out of the ring.

Todd Grisham: What was a close one for Swagger

Gregory Helms: Yeah well maybe next time.

Todd Grisham: Tune in next week when Tommy Dreamer announces the stipulation for the ECW Championship match at Extreme Rules. Goodnight everyone

* WWE Logo goes across the screen and the shows ends *

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: The Start Of A Revolution

The rosters are looking good. But a tip, space out the show a bit, then for sure I'd give it a read.

Check out the weekly wrestling action on WWE Unlimited
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Re: WWE: The Start Of A Revolution

Wow, strecthing the page much?! The maximum width of any image is 500 to avoid this problem. This is over twice the width of a page. Break up the pictures and space them out over more rows.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE: The Start Of A Revolution

What are you refering to? The ECW Weekly Show Or The Roster Page/ Backstory Page.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Post WWE SmackDown: Week 1

*WWE's Opening Video Plays *

* SmackDown's Opening Video Plays *

* Camera cuts to Vickie Guererro who is standing in the middle of the ring *

Vickie Guererro: This past Sunday at WWE Judgement Day we had a bit of a controversy surrounding the WWE Championship. WWE Executive Vice President came out and vacated the WWE Championship. So here tonight I'm announcing for Extreme Rules. It will be a holding a Tournament to crown a new WWE Champion. The two superstars to go to the finals will battle at Extreme Rules in a Steel Cage Match. Where the WWE Championship will hang above the ring and we will have a Undisputed WWE Champion.

* Chris Jericho's Theme Song Hits *

Jim Ross: What the hell is he doing out here

Michael Cole: Well Chris Jericho was apart of that controversy at Judgement Day and is probably wanting to be in this tournament

* Chris Jericho walks down the ramp in a suit to the ring *

Chris Jericho: Vickie you have the greatest wrestler in the last 50 years. With me being the greatest I am sure you will be putting me in this tournament

Vickie Guerrero: Well...

* Jeff Hardy's Theme Song Hits *

Jim Ross: Its looks like Jeff has something to say

* Jeff Hardy walks down the ramp and into the ring *

Jeff Hardy: You know what Chris I'm sick and tired of you complaining all the time. You say the WWE Universe are a bunch of hipicrits and I feel like shutting you up here tonight

* Jericho and Jeff Hardy get in each others face *

Vickie Guerrero: Excuse Me!. If you two want at each other you will have to survive the Tournament because the men in this tournament will be Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho, Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Vladimir Kozlov, MVP, Santino Marella and my husband Edge

Chris Jericho: Vickie this rediculous! I am Chris Jericho I shouldn't have to face in a tournament you should give me this title on a silver platter

* Chris Jericho gets in Vickie Guererro's face *

* Edge's Theme Song Hits *

* Edge walks down to the ring *

Edge: Who the hell do you think you are Chris. I'm pretty sure that Vickie Guererro is my wife and you better stay in line or I'll kick your ass right now

* Chris Jericho steps towards Edge *

Chris Jericho: Really?!

Edge: Yeah..Really

* Chris Jericho and Edge are face to face and you can cut the tension with a knife *

Jeff Hardy: How about us three start the tournament right now

* The Crowd Goes Wild *

Edge: No! I don't think so I'm not ready to compete I pulled a muscle in my foot and am not 100%

Vickie Guerrero: We'll I guess you can't compete tonight honey

* Light Goes Out *

* They come back on and Undertaker is standing in the middle of the ring *

* Undertaker grabs Jericho and Edge by the throat and does a double chokeslam *

* Vickie Guererro is screaming and is scared *

* Undertaker and Jeff Hardy stare at each other *

* Undertaker turns around and Shawn Michaels gives Jeff Hardy a Sweet Chin Music*

* Shawn Michaels stares at Undertaker and signals the WWE Championship *

Jim Ross: It looks like Shawn Michaels has the upper advangtage going into this tournament here tonight

Michael Cole: This is hetic we need some order around here

* Shawn Michaels walks towards Vickie Guererro and signals the WWE Championship around his waist *

* Shawn Michaels turns around and gets the Battering Ram by Vladimir Kozlov *

* Undertaker then grabs Kozlov by the throat and connects with a chokeslam *

* Undertaker's Theme Song Hits and the lights go out and come back on and The Undertaker is gone *

Jim Ross: Undertaker has sent a message

Michael Cole: This is crazy its like the inmates are running the asylum

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Camera comes back and goes to the announce table *

Michael Cole: We had just seen an explosion with these superstars

* Camera cuts to the ring and Shelton Benjamin's Theme Song Hits *

* Shelton Benjamin walks out onto the stage *

Justin Roberts: From Orangeburg, South Carolina weighting at 248 pounds. The Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin

Jim Ross: This kid has tremendous talent and is the
Intercontinental Champion

* Shelton Benjamin walks down the ring *

Michael Cole: He has great athetism and will be a main eventer some day

* Shelton Benjamin enters the ring *

* Finlay's Theme Song Hits *

Justin Roberts: From Belfast, Northern Ireland weighting at 233 pounds. Finlay

Jim Ross: The Belfast Brawler who started his carrer 1974 takes on Benjamin here tonight

* Finlay makes his way down the ramp *

Michael Cole: Finlay is a former United States Champion but has yet to win the Intercontinental Championship

* Finlay enters the ring *

Jim Ross: If he wins here tonight I'm sure he will be in contension if he wins tonight

Shelton Benjamin and Finlay lock up, Benjamin gets Finlay in a head lock. Finlay pushes Benjamin off of him and towards the ropes. Benjamin comes back and does a shoulder block to the fighting irisman. Shelton Benjamin leaps over him and bounces towards the ropes. Finlay springs to his feet and jumps over Benjamin. Finlay turns around and gets a European Uppercut from Benjamin. Finlay stumbles back and Shelton does a knee to the stomach of Finlay. Shelton does forearm shots to the head of Finlay and does a scoop slam. Benjamin stomps on the chest of Finlay and grabs his head and and drops a elbow over it. Finlay holds his head and Shelton kicks Finlay in the back. Shelton covers Finlay for a 2 count. Shelton grabs Finlay by the head and picks him up and throws him to the turnbuckle. Finlay hits and Shelton runs full force and rams a shoulder into the abdomin of Finlay. Shelton does a few more shots to the head of Finlay and climbs up to the top turnbuckle and does some more shots. Finlay grabs Benjamin by the leg and walks forward and does a stungun to Benjamin who lands face forward on the top turnbuckle and Benjamin falls to the ground. Finlay gets up and pulls Shelton Benjamin to the center of the ring and bounces off the ropes and does the running seated senton. Benjamin holds his stomach and Finlay goes for the cover and only gets a 2 count. Finlay picks up Benjamin by his head and out of nowhere Shelton hits Finlay with and Exploder Suplex. Benjamin goes for the cover 1..2.. and kick out. Shelton starts to get frustrated and gets into the referee's face. Shelton picks of Finlay again and Finlay kicks Shelton in the stomach and and throws him over the top rope to the floor. Shelton Benjamin slowly starts to get up and Finlay bounces to the ropes and comes back and does a suicide dive to Benjamin. Both men are laying on the floor and it doesn't look like anyone is going to get up. Hornswoggle climbs from under the ring and runs over to Finlay and tries to help him up but is unsucessful. Come running down the ramp, Charile Haas comes and scares Hornswoggle away who runs to the other side of the ring. Both men get up and start trading shots. Benjamin goes for a kick to Finlay and is caught. Benjamin goes for the Dragon Whip but Finlay moves out of the way and Shelton Benjamin hits his tag team partner Charlie Haas. Finlay grabs Shelton Benjamin and throws him back into the ring. Finlay goes for a cover and only gets a 2 count. Finlay picks Shelton Benjamin up and throws him to the ropes he comes back and Shelton Benjamin slides under the legs of Finlay. Finlay sees Charlie Haas approach Hornswoggle and grab him by his jacket. Finlay walks toward that side of the ring and Benjamin is on his feet. Finlay yells at Charlie Haas who then lets go of Hornswoggle. Finlay turns around and gets hit with the Paydirt for the win.

* Camera cuts to the back *

* Shawn Michaels is drinking a water talking to Ric Flair in the back *

Ric Flair: That was a hard shot you took out there

Shawn Michaels: That Kozlov is a beast

* The Miz walks up to Shawn Michaels *

The Miz: Look at you, you use to be one of the greatest wrestlers in the world. Now your a broken down old pathetic excuse for a legend. Reminds me of somebody

* The Miz looks at Ric Flair and smirks and then looks back at Shawn Michaels *

The Miz: It is time for guys like you to step down and let the guys like me take your spots.

Shawn Michaels: Who are you?

The Miz: I am

Shawn Michaels: An Ass

* Ric Flair smiles *

Shawn Michaels: You know what Miz I like your ambition but you are an ass. You are going to need someone to beat some respect into you. So how about you get the hell out of here

* The Miz looks at Flair then at Michaels then leaves *

Ric Flair: What's that guys problem

* Camera cuts to Justin Roberts in the middle of the ring *

Justin Roberts: This contest is a first round match in the Tournament to crown a new WWE Champion.

* MVP's Theme Song Hits *

* MVP comes to the top of the stage *

Justin Roberts: From Miami, Florida weighting at 249 pounds. MVP

* MVP comes down the ramp *

Jim Ross: Here comes MVP a former United States Champion

Michael Cole: This tournament has really sparked some fuses around here and it looks like MVP is keeping his cool

* MVP enters the ring *

Jim Ross: This kid has tons of talent Cole. He will sure be at main event status soon

* Edge's Theme Song Hits *

Jim Ross: Here comes the Rated R Superstar and 9 Time WWE Champion

Justin Roberts: From Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighting at 250 pounds, Edge

* Edge comes onto the stage and his pyro goes off *

* Edge walks down the ramp *

Michael Cole: The Husband of Vickie Guererro, Chris Jericho and himself almost got into it earlier tonight

* Edge enters the ring *

Edge and MVP lock up and Edge does forearm shots to MVP who then puts up his fists and protects himself. Edge kicks MVP in the stomach and grabs him by his hair and throws him to the ropes. MVP comes back and tackles Edge and starts to do head shots to " The Rated R Superstar ". Edge rolls out of the ring and tries to regroup.

Jim Ross: Stay tuned to SmackDown and we have some more action after this break

~~~ Commercial ~~~

Edge has a headlock on MVP, the crowd is trying to cheer on MVP. MVP gets to one foot then another. MVP does some gut punches to Edge and pushes Edge off of him. Edge goes running to the ropes and comes back and ducks a clothesline by MVP. He then does the downward spiral.

* Replay video appears on screen *

Jim Ross: During the break MVP went to the outside and was beating down on Edge but when MVP tried to do the D Drive By Edge moved out of the way and launched MVP into the ringsteps shoulder first

Edge picks up MVP and starts to give him some chops and the crowd do the " Woo ". edge does a suplex to MVP and goes for a cover and gets a 2 count. Edge gets up and signals to the crowd and is in position to do the Spear. MVP gets up and turns around and Edge goes for the spear. MVP jumps over Edge and Edge runs head first into the turnbuckle. Edge stumbles backwards and does a school boy to Edge for a 2 1/2 count. Edge gets up quickly along with MVP. Edge tries to kick MVP but his leg is caught. MVP sweeps the leg of Edge to cause him to fall and MVP locks in a sharpshooter. The crowd is going wild and the referee is checking on Edge. Edge grabs the leg of MVP and trips him. Edge starts to get up along with MVP. MVP kicks Edge in the stomach and gets him up in the powerbomb position. Edge starts to do head shots to MVP. MVP drops Edge and Edge spears MVP. Edge covers him and he only gets a 2 count. Edge gets up and starts to yell and throw a fit. He gets in the referee's face. Edge picks up MVP slowly and MVP out of nowhere kicks Edge in the shin. Edge falls to one knee and MVP runs and does the Drive By to Edge. MVP covers Edge 1..2..3. But the referee sees Edge's foot under the bottom rope. MVP sighs and runs to the ropes and comes back and does a baseball kick to Edge who goes falling out of the ring. MVP goes outside of the ring and picks him up and rams him into the barricade. MVP then signals to the crowd and they go wild. Edge pokes MVP in the eye, Edge grabs the mats and pull them off the floor and exposes the cement. Edge grabs MVP by his neck and does an Educution onto the floor. The referee is at a 5 count. Edge gets up and rolls back into the ring. The referee continues the count 6...7...8...9...10. MVP is laying on the ground and is not moving.

* Edge's Theme Song Hits *

* Trainers and referee's run down the ramp and towards MVP *

Justin Roberts: The winner of the match and advancing in the Tournament, Edge

* Edge exits the ring and signals the belt around his waist *

Jim Ross: Edge has probably given this guy a concussion and its hard to watch

Michael Cole: Edge has put a wrestler's carrer at risk for personal gain. It's hard to watch

* Camera cuts to the back where Shawn Michaels is getting ready for his match *

* Ric Flair walks in *

Ric Flair: You ready Shawn?

Shawn Michaels: Yeah

Jim Ross: Up Next Shawn Michaels will be in action
Michael Cole: It will be Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho up next

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Shawn Michaels' Theme Song Hits *

Justin Roberts: From San Antonia, Texas, accompanied by Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels

Michael Cole: The Naitch is here with the Showstopper for this Tournament Match

* Shawn Michaels comes down the ramp and into the ring *

Michael Cole: What was with The Miz eariler JR

Jim Ross: That kid is cocky and reminds me of a young Ric Flair and Shawn Michaels and it looks like he is trying to make a name for himself

* Chris Jericho's Theme Song Hits *

Justin Roberts: From Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada weighting at 225 pounds, Chris Jericho

* Chris Jericho walks to the top of the stage and his pyro goes off *

Jim Ross: Chris Jericho has had severe disrespect for legends of the past and Shawn Michaels is one of them

* Chris Jericho walks down the ramp *

Michael Cole: Chris Jericho had even gone as far as to almost retire Shawn Michaels

* Chris Jericho enters the ring *

Jim Ross: There is no love lost between these two

/w (vs.)
Chris Jericho and Shawn Michaels lock up, HBK does a wrist lock to Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels runs and jumps over the top rope and drops his arm across the tope rope. Jericho holds his arm and HBK enters the ring. Shawn Michaels does a reverse atomic drop. Shawn Michaels grabs Jericho by his hair and runs and tries to slam it against the top turnbuckle. Jericho gets his foot up and blocks the hit. Jericho elbows Michaels in the stomach 2 times. Jericho forearms Shawn Michaels, Jericho throws Shawn to the ropes, Shawn comes back and Jericho grabs HBK by his legs and sweeps his legs and does a Walls Of Jericho. Shawn is trieing to get out. Shawn crawls over and gets to the ropes and Chris Jericho breaks the hold. Jericho walks forward and taunts the audience. Shawn gets up quickly and does a dropkick to Jericho who goes falling threw the middle rope. Shawn Michaels holds his knee for a about 6 seconds. Jericho slowly gets to his feet. Shawn Michaels runs and jumps over the tope rope and does a crossbody to Chris Jericho. Shawn gets up and does a crotch chop to Chris Jericho. Shawn Michaels picks up Jericho and throws him into the ring. Shawn enters the ring and picks up Chris Jericho and does a piledriver. Shawn Michaels covers him for a 2 count. Shawn Michaels picks up Jericho and does a scoop slam. Shawn points to the crowd and climbs to the top turnbuckle. Out of nowhere Jericho springs up leaps to the middle rope and does a CodeBreaker to HBK. Jericho covers Shawn Michaels 1..2.. Ric Flair puts Shawn's foot on the bottom rope. The referee sees the foot and tells Jericho. Chris exits the ring and gets in Ric Flair's face. Flair goes for a shot and Jericho kicks Flair in his leg. He then grabs Flair by his hair and throws him into the ringpost and he falls to the ground. Chris Jericho enters into the ring and stomps on Shawn Michaels. Chris Jericho pulls Shawn Michaels towards the center of the ring and runs and does a Springboard Lionsault. Chris Jericho covers Shawn for a 2 count. Chris Jericho is angered now and is yelling at the referee. Chris Jericho picks up HBK and out of nowhere Shawn connects with a Sweet Chin Music. Shawn crawls over and covers Chris Jericho for a 2 count. Shawn gets to his feet slowly and he goes to the top rope and is holding his leg. The Miz runs down the ramp and climbs up onto the apron and is talking trash to Shawn Michaels. The referee runs towards Miz and tells him to get down. Shawn is still looking towards Miz. Jericho gets to his feet and odes a low blow to Shawn Michaels. Shawn falls to the ground and Chris Jericho pulls him towards the center of the ring and locks in the Walls Of Jericho. Shawn is yelling in pain and is trying to crawl to the ropes. Jericho pulls him towards the center of the ring and applies more pressure and Shawn Michaels crawls towards the ropes and gets their. Chris Jericho picks up Shawn Michaels and out of nowhere Shawn attempts the Sweet Chin Music and Jericho ducks and hits the referee. Jericho then hits Shawn Michaels with the CodeBreaker and covers him another referee comes down and makes the count but its only a 2 count. Jericho sits up and is amazed, Jericho picks up Shawn Michaels and hits him with another CodeBreaker for the win.

* Chris Jericho's Theme Song Hits *

* Chris Jericho stands up and celebrates *

* Ric Flair chases The Miz up the ramp to the back *

* Chris Jericho looks down at Shawn Michaels and signals the WWE Championship around his waist *

Justin Roberts: The winner Chris Jericho

* Chris Jericho grabs Shawn Michaels by his legs and does the Walls Of Jericho and has it in for at least 2 mins *

Jim Ross: Come on break the damn hold

Michael Cole: He is going to break his back

* The lights go out and come back on and The Undertaker is
standing there and Chris Jericho is laying on the ground *

* The lights go back out and come back on and The Undertaker is gone *

Jim Ross: What a save by Undertaker

Michael Cole: But why did he do that for

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Camera cuts to the back *

* Charlie Haas is talking to Shelton Benjamin *

Charlie Haas: Good Match tonight Shelton

Shelton Benjamin: That Finlay thinks he can takes this away from me

* Shelton Benjamin slaps the Intercontinental Championship *

Shelton Benjamin: He has got another thing coming

Charlie Haas: Hold on I got to go get something

* Charlie Haas walks away *

* Hornswoggle pops up behind Shelton Benjamin on a cart *

Hornswoggle: Ha Ha !

* Shelton Benjamin turns around *

* Hornswoggle sprays silly string all over Shelton Benjamin *

* Hornswoggle jumps down and runs *

* Charlie Haas comes back *

Charlie Haas: What happened?!

* Shelton Benjamin is standing there and with the silly string off his face *

* Shelton Benjamin is angered *

* Camera cuts to The Miz who is in the back with Josh Matthews *

Josh Matthews: Miz why did you go out there and interferee in Shawn Michaels' match

The Miz: Shawn is an old broken down hasbeen. He then asks who am I... I'm The Miz and I'm Awesome. That old fossil Michaels needs to realise that I'm the future. Shawn Michaels needed to learn that when you mess with the Miz that you

* The Miz gets a Sweet Chin Music by Shawn Michaels *

* Camera cuts to HBK who runs his hand threw his hair and smiles *

* Camera cuts to the back where MVP is getting looked at my doctors and in walks Cody Rhodes *

MVP: What do you want

Cody Rhodes: I just wanted to thank you for wasting a good spot in the tournament to become WWE Champion. If I was in there, there would be no need to have any matches. I would just be named WWE Champion

Cody Rhodes: You know what Cody everyone in the locker room fell that you are a punk ass who only got to get into the buisness because you are the son of a WWE Hall Of Famer. If you weren't you would be wrestling in a armory in Indiana.

Cody Rhodes: Really?

* Cody Rhodes punches MVP and grabs a chair and smashes it over his head and then smashes it over the trainers head *

* Cody Rhodes exits the ring *

Jim Ross: We are going to need some medics for the trainer and MVP

Michael Cole: This kid is talented but is cocky and is disrespectful

* Camera cuts to the announce table *

Jim Ross: Stay tuned for SmackDown when Vladimir Kozlov and Undertaker battle to advance in the tournament to crown a new WWE Champion.

~~~ Commercial ~~~

* Vladimir Kozlov's Theme Song Hits *

* Vladimir Kozlov walk out onto the stage *

Justin Roberts: From Moscow, Russia weighting at 302 pounds he is the The Moscow Mauler...Vladimir Kozlov

* Vladimir Kozlov walks down the ramp *

Jim Ross: This man made his WWE wrestling debut in early 2008 and already has demolished tons of names in the WWE.

Michael Cole: But one name he hasn't is the Phenom The Undertaker

* Vladimir Kozlov enters the ring *

* 30 Seconds go by before the lights go out *

* The Dong goes threw the arena and Undertaker's Theme Song Hits *

* Undertaker with the lights dimmed does his long walk down the ramp *

Justin Roberts: From Death Valley he is the Demon Of Death Valley...The Undertaker

Jim Ross: This man before the match even begins

Michael Cole: He has the 17-0 Record at Wrestlemania and very likely could become WWE Champion at Extreme Rules

* Undertaker walks up the steps and lifts his hands in the air and the lights come on *

* Vladimir Kozlov runs and big boots Undertaker off the steps and to the ground *

Kozlov exits the ring and grabs Undertaker by his head and throws him into the ring steps. Undertaker is laying on the steps and is not moving, Vladimir Kozlov turns towards the audience and taunts them. Undertaker gets up and has a deranged look on his face and takes off his jacket and hat. Kozlov turns around and Undertaker does his lefts and rights to his head. Kozlov stumbles back and Undertaker runs and tackles Kozlov into the barricade. The fans are screaming at Kozlov and pouring beer on him. Undertaker grabs Kozlov and picks him up on his shoulder and does the snake eyes to the ringpost. Kozlov falls to the ground and is holding his head. Undertaker signals for the end of the match. Taker picks up Kozlov and sets him on his shoulder. Kozlov wiggles out and is on his feet. Taker turns around and gets a head butt. Kozlov grabs Undertaker and throws him into the ring. Kozlov enters the ring and stomps on the chest of Undertaker. Kozlov starts to choke Undertaker and the referee tells him to break the hold. Kozlov gets up and gets in the referee's face. Kozlov bends down to pick up Taker when the DeadMan grabs him by his throat and stands up to his feet. Undertaker connects with a chokeslam to the Moscow Mauler. Undertaker covers him for a 2 count. Undertaker then climbs to the top rope and is standing there waiting for Kozlov to get up. Kozlov gets up and Undertaker connects with a clothesline. Undertaker slowly gets up holding his back. Undertaker then bounces off the ropes and comes back and hits him with a leg drop. He covers him again but only for a 2 count. Undertaker grabs Kozlov by his hair and hits seven forearm shots to the nose of Kozlov and Kozlov's nose is gushing blood. Undertaker rubs the blood of Kozlov across his chest. Undertaker takes down his straps and rolls his eyes in the back of his head. Undertaker then grabs Kozlov and picks him up to a vertical base and gives him some head butts of his own. Undertaker sets Vladimir Kozlov up on his shoulder. Undertaker is about to take out Kozlov with the Tombstone Piledriver when Chris Jericho enters the ring with the steel chair and takes out the leg of Undertaker.

* The referee calls for the bell *

* Chris Jericho stomps on Undertaker and grabs the chair and does 9 chair shots to the right leg. Undertaker is screaming in pain and Chris Jericho slams the chair across the skull of the Deadman. Security runs down and tries to enter the ring and Chris Jericho holds the chair above the throat of Undertaker threating them if they enter he will crush the throat of Undertaker. The security doesn't come in and Chris Jericho smashes the end of the chair across the throat of Undertaker who rolls to his stomach and starts to cough up blood rapidly. The Security runs in and tackles Chris Jericho and medics rush down the ramp and enter the ring and set him on a stretcher board and sets a neckbrace around his neck. They get Undertaker on the stretcher and charge up the ramp with the Deadman. *

Jim Ross: We have just seen the most vile thing I've ever seen.

Michael Cole: We might have just seen the end of The Undertaker

* Security drags Chris Jericho out of the building and Jericho has a smile on his face *

*WWE Logo goes across the screen and the show ends *

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Re: WWE: The Start Of A Revolution

Spam: nice you are great at writing

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Undertaker Out For 6-7 1/2 Months!!!

Undertaker Seriously Injured!
After the brutal attack on Undertaker by Chris Jericho. The doctors say Undertaker has a broken leg. Undertaker has had surgery on his leg and will be out of action from 5-6 months. During the attack Chris Jericho slammed the end of a chair across the throat of Undertaker which also crushed his windpipe. Which added another 1 1/2 months to the time out. So Undertaker will be out of action for 6-7 1/2 months. WWE.Com wishes Undertaker a safe and speedy recovery. We will see if Vickie Guerrero reprimands Jericho or not. Tune into SmackDown to find out this Friday

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Two Huge Releases!!

Mr. Kennedy Released!!!
WWE's Mr. Kennedy ( Ken Anderson ) has been released from the WWE. We wish Mr. Kennedy the best in all of his future endeavors.

Umaga Released!!!
Umaga was released from the WWE earlier today. We would like to wish Umaga the best in all of his future endeavors.

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