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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA My Way

We enter TNA Wrestling just after a big Sacfifice PPV, the Main Event Mafia and the TNA Frontline still hard at wa, plus Sting has returned from the beat down he suffered at the hands of Kurt Angle and the Mafia at Destination X and he's out for revenge.

Sacrifice Results

Kurt Angle def. Sting and AJ Styles to retain TNA Heavyweight Championship.- AJ tried to work with Sting but Sting wanted nothing to do with AJ, AJ decided to go after Sting because he obviously didn't care if he helped him so AJ pele'd him but Angle broke up the pin and than Angle slammed AJ onto Sting and then pinned Sting. After the match Sting attacked AJ

Kevin Nash, Booker T, and Bobby Lashley def. Team 3D and Rhino in a 6-man Front Line vs. Mafia Tag Match- Mafia gets the win after Bobby Lashley a spear on Brother Devon

Motor City Machine Guns def. Lethal Consequences to become New TNA Tag Team Champions - The Guns hit the made in Detriot on Jay Lethal to become TNA Tag Team Champions for the first time [/b]

Samoa Joe def. Scott Steiner in a Nation of Violence FCA Weapons Match- Joe wins by choking slamming off the entrance ramp through a table and got a three count, Joe beat down Steiner with a chair after the match until Kurt Angle and the rest of the Maifa came out to break it up

Kaz def. Eric Young, Homicide, Shiek Abdul-Bashir, and Kiyoshi to retain X Divison Title in Elimination Match Elimination Order: Young eliminates Kiyoshi, Shiek Eliminates Homicide, Kaz eliminates Shiek, Eric Young goes for a DDT but as he has the hold he unmasked Suicide as Kaz, than Kaz hit the DOA to eliminate EY

Angelina Love def. Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed, and Velvet Sky to become New Knockouts Champions Kong was beating down Sky outside of the ring and Love DDT'd Raisha to become take Kong's title

Taylor Wilde def. Daffney in Knockouts Monster's Ball Wilde wins because Abyss hit Daffney with a chair because she was threatening Lauren. The whole chokelsamming Taylor than Dr. Stevie into the tacks

Tha Amazing Red returns to TNA by answering Brutas Magnus' open challenge Wins by Roll up


Shiek Abdul-Bashir
AJ Styles (TNA Legends Champion)
Alex Shelley (TNA Tag Team Champion)
Booker T
Brutas Magnus
Chris Saban (TNA Tag Team Champion)
Amazing Red
Consequnces Creed
Doug Williams
Dr. Stevie (Steven Richards)
Eric Young
Herandez (Still holding Feast or Fired Case for Heavyweight Title Shot)
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jerrat
Jethro Holladay
Jesse Neal
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle (TNA Heavyweight Champion)
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Rob Therry
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Scott Stiener
Shark Boy
Kaz (TNA X Divison Champion)
Brother Ray
Brother Devon

Angelina Love
Velvet Sky
Madison Rayne
Awesome Kong
Riashia Saeede
Sojouner Bolt
Taylor Wilde
Christy Hemme
Jenna Morsca


Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle (Since 3/15/09, Destination X def. Sting)
Lengends Title: AJ Styles (Since 2/8/09, Against All Odds def. Booker T)
Tag Team Champions: Motor City Machine Guns (Since 5/24/09, Sacrifice def. Lethel Consquences)
X Dvision Champion: Kaz (Since, 4/19/09 Lockdown, def. Homicide as Suicide)
Knockouts Champion: Angelina Love (Since 5/24/09 Sacrifice, def. Awesome Kong, Raisha Saeed, and Velvet Sky)


Chris Saban and Alex Shelley: Motor City Machine Guns
Jay Lethal and Consquences Creed: Lethel Consquesnces
Brother Ray and Brother Devon: Team 3D
James Storm and Robert Roode: Beer Moeny
Naito and Yuiaro: No Limit
Booker T, Kevin Nash, Scott Stiener, Bobby Lashley, and Kurt Angle: Main Event Mafia
AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, Team 3D, Rhino, Eric Young, Lethel Consquences: TNA Fromt Line
Angelina Love, Velvet Sky, and Madison Rayne: Beautiful People
Awesome Kong and Raishia Saeed
Shiek Abdul-Bashir, Kyioshi, and No Limit: The Anti-American Alliamce
Homicide and Herandez: LAX

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: WWE, No Bull

Impact Preview

On the next Impact following Sacrifice how will Sting react to getting kicked in the back of the head by AJ Styles and losing his chance to get his title back at Sacrifice, Sting beat AJ up after the triple threat title match at Sacrifice. Will AJ and Sting face off tonight on Impact, could it be for a King of the Mountain Quialifier. Will Rhino get invovled, he came out and saved AJ from Sting's attack at Sacrifice

Also the Motor City Machine Guns will make their first title defense since winning the titles Sunday when they face Jay Lethel and Consquences Creed the men they took the titles from at Sacrifice. Will Leathel and Creed get their belts on Impact or will the Guns successfully defend their titles for the first time.

Also has got word from Jim Cornette that they will be expanding the field of the King of the Mountain Match. Now Kurt Angle will face seven conteders at Slammiversy, making it eight guys going for the TNA Heavyweight Championship. The first two quailifiers will be on the next impact, we have comfirmed reports that X Divison Champion Kaz, the next Big Thing Bobby Lashely of the Main Event Mafia, and Team 3D's Brother Devon will be competing in the first quailifier

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA My Way

Impact 5/28/09

A video shows results from Sacrifice, main highlights include Kurt Angle coming out of no where to retain his heavyweight title when it appear AJ Styles had it in hand. Suicide being unmasked, Bobby Lashley proving dominate again, and The Guns and Angelina Love being crowned new Champions.

Mike Tenay: Hello everyone welcome to the Impact Zone in Orlando, Florida just fours nights after the mega Sacrifice Pay-Per-View, we had two belts change hands, the Motor City Machine Guns were crowned Tag Team Champions when they beat Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed and Angelina Love pinned Raishia Saeed in a Fatal Four Way to become new Knockouts Champion, but maybe the biggest story of the night was what happened after the TNA Heavyweight Championship Match. Kurt Angle got the pin on Sting after he Angle slammed AJ onto Sting was knocked out or rattled from AJ’s pele kick, after the match Sting beat up AJ who tried to help him throughout the match but Sting wanted no business with that.

Don West: Of course Sting beat AJ up, AJ had no business helping Sting, Sting was being a real man and doing it himself and you forgot the most important thing, Kurt Angle retained the title.

Tenay: What do you mean AJ had no means helping Sting, they had a common enemy why wouldn’t they work together.

West: You obviously don’t know how much pride Sting has

Tenay: I guess I’m about to find out, right?

(Sting’s music comes and he enters the Impact Zone, walks into the ring wearing a large black rope and his wrestling gear)

Sting: I was planning to come out here tonight with my TNA Heavyweight Title over my shoulder and I was going to relive show great it felt to take it back from Kurt Angle and get my revenge for what he and the Main Event Mafia did to me at Destination X, but instead I’m out here carrying nothing but a microphone and a baseball bat.

(Sting pauses and his voice gets loader)

Sting: Now why do I have no title, it wasn’t because Kurt Angle was better than me last Sunday, I can guarantee you that, it was because AJ Styles stuck his nose where it didn’t belong, he offered me help and I told him he could by staying out of my way, but instead he didn’t listen to me at any point in the match and to make matters worse he attacked me and kicked me in the back of the head when I had the match in hand!

(Sting takes a deep breath)

Sting: Bottom line is AJ, you need to pay for disrespect and after the match you did, you payed for what you did.

(AJ Style’s music comes on and he enters the Impact Zone to massive cheering)

AJ Styles: My disrespect Sting, My Disrespect! I was just trying to help and you slapped me across the face so I fought back and then you slammed my head into a guard rail why wouldn’t I kick you I hit with a pele and cost you your title? How did I disrespect you?

Sting: You butted your head in business where it didn’t belong, AJ you have to learn your place and your place in that match was to stay out of my way.

Styles: Oh, my bad Sting. God forbid I realized that we had a common enemy and that if we teamed against Kurt Angle we’d have had a better chance to win the match, had you taken my help Kurt Angle might not still be TNA Heavyweight Champion, but because you couldn’t work with me he’s still got the belt.

Sting: Will you shut up, everything that is coming out of your mouth is crap, you just wanted me to do your dirty work so you could take the belt.

Styles: What are you talking about, I want to destroy the Main Event Mafia, so do you. We have a common enemy, can’t you trust me and work with me and the Front Line and we get defeat the Mafia.

Sting: No I can’t trust you AJ, last time I trusted a group of people they turned their backs to me when I had a disagreement with the leader,

(AJ cuts him off)

Styles: I want to stop those guys, why don’t you just help!

(Sting’s voice gets loader)

Sting: Because AJ! Because of disrespectful little bitches like you who butt their heads in places where they don’t belong. I figured you’d have been good at staying out of the way and following orders because when your dad told you to leave, you bolted.

AJ has heard enough and punches Sting in the face and begins pounding him, Sting throws AJ over the top rope and begins to beat him up outside the ring, repeated hits against the steel guard rail, throwing him against the ring and stomping on him. AJ mounds a little offense when he Irish Whipped Sting near the entrance ramp Sting, punched him the ground and got out a steel chair and as he was about to bash AJ with it, Rhino runs out and punches Sting save AJ.

(Rhino and AJ our the entrance ramp and Sting goes back to the ring)

Rhino: Sting, you used to be about respect, and that’s why I helped you try to get back at Kurt, but what do you did to AJ at Sacrifice jumped all boundaries, you’re not the same Sting that was here before Destination X two months ago and I don’t like it..

Sting: And I should care what you want why?

Rhino: Because Sting, I want what’s best for you and this isn’t it. You were different from the rest of the Main Event Mafia, you were about respect they were about egos, but now….

(Rhino takes a deep breath and looks Sting dead in the eyes)

Rhino: You’re probably worse than them, at least they helped each other, you have no one, you dropped all your friends in the Front Line with what you did to AJ after the match.

Sting: And I should care why, you see Rhino when you try to show respect and you try to be a good guy and it backfires on you and lose a month and have of your career and your Heavyweight Championship you tell me about respect, than tell me about respect Rhino, ok.

Rhino: I see how this is going to be and I guess I’m going to beat the respect back into you. AJ, if you don’t mind I’m to deal with Sting tonight, you can have him next week, ok.

Styles: No problem, I don’t even think they’ll clear me to wrestle tonight anyway

Sting: And when did you get the authority to book matches on Impact

(Mick Foley’s music comes on and he walks into the Impact Zone and stands with Rhino and AJ)

Foley: He doesn’t have it, but I do

(Mick Foley takes a deep breath)

Foley: Stinger, I’m sensing some bad vibes coming from you and to be honest I don’t like it I think you have lost all your respect and a beat down could be good for you.

Sting: Will you shut up old man, you didn’t lose your title to Kurt Angle, you don't have the right to talk to me like that.

Foley: Any ways, I still haven’t found anyone for the second KOTM qualifier in the main event, well I do now, tonight in our Main Event, Sting you will go one on one with the “War Machine” Rhino.

(Rhino claps and Sting shoots him a dirty look)

Sting: So be it, I’ll win this match and take my title back at Slammiversery..

(Foley begins to exit the Impact Zone, but then turns around)

Foley: Oh and one more thing, it’ll be under hardcore rules!

(Sting gets a scared looked on his face and Rhino smiles as he stairs daggers at Sting)


Tenay: Welcome back TNA fans can you believe what we just witness, Sting talked about crap about AJ Styles, AJ had heard enough when Sting talked about his dad and they brawled, Rhino came out and challenged Sting and now in our main event and Mick Foley has booked it under hard core rules

West: Yeah I was thinking about this over the break and I realized that it doesn’t matter what Sting does nobody will respect him so I can see why he feels the need to violently attack guys like AJ because they don’t respect him why should he respect them?

Tenay: What are you talking about AJ showed Sting all the respect he could.

West: He punches Sting in the face and attacked him

Tenay: Sting talked about his dad kicking him out of the house he deserved it!

West: AJ Styles needs to grow up before he get anywhere in this business.

Tenay: I’ve heard enough from you

(Eric Young’s music comes on as he enters the Impact Zone)

Ring Announcer: This Match is scheduled for fall, first fighting out of Canada, “Showtime” Eric Young

(Brutus Magnus’ music comes on as he enters the Impact Zone to a bunch of boos)

Ring Announcer: His opponent fighting out of London, England, he is the Modern Day Gladiator, Brutus Magnus

Brutus Magnus vs. Eric Young

Magnus tires to overpower EY early but Young bounces back with a few body kicks, Magnus goes for a chokeslam, but Young holds the ropes to stay on the ground and then tries to roll-up Magnus but only gets a 1. Magnus overpowers Young in the corner throwing tons of knees. Young tries get Magnus on his shoulders for a Death Valley Driver, but Magnus slaps him in the face and than shoots off for a carbon footprint. He covers but only gets a two, he shoots off again and knocks Young down more than once and than tries to pick him up for a Tourmentum, Eric gets off his shoulders and goes a for roll up but only gets a two. Young shoots off the ropes and DDT’s Magnus and then he goes from the top rope but Magnus catches him and tries for the Tormentum, Young escapes and as Magnus turns around and tries to punch EY but he ducks under picks up Magnus for the Death Valley Driver which he lands and gets a 1, 2, 3.

Winner: Eric Young

Eric Young demands a mic and begins to speak.

Eric Young: Will the TNA X Division Champion, Suicide or Kaz please come out here.

(Kaz’s music comes on and walks out with a mic)

EY: Kaz, man great to have you back. Why didn’t you tell me it was you under that mask these past few monthes, I’d of helped you out we could’ve teamed up

(Kaz gives EY blank emotionless stare)

EY: Come to think of it, we still could, you could join the Frontline, bring gold back to the camp, Jay and Creed just lost their belts. It can be Kaz and Super Eric again, we never did to defend those belts. .

(Kaz looks up Eric and has straight face and looks angry)

Kaz: No Eric, it won’t be Kaz and Super Eric again and I won’t join the Frontline, that was past and this is now I have an X Divison Title to defend and I can’t be fighting with washed up veterans instead of defending it or hanging out with three of my top contenders.

EY: No, were trying to get info about you, we just think you’d be a huge help

Kaz: Eric I said no!

(Kaz growing angrier)

Kaz: You see Eric when you take time away from the sport and think about stuff you realize stuff, like how you can’t trust anybody, your best friend may be your worst enemy you don’t know, they could just be after your title and once I realized that I decided it was just the Kaz show I returned to TNA. Now if you’ll excuse me I have a match tonight.

(Kaz walks out of the ring is heading down the ramp)

EY: But Kaz wait…..

(Kaz leaves without a response)

Tenay: We now go to Jeremy Borash who is with the Main Event Mafia

(JB is the in the Main Event Mafia Locker room)

JB: I’m here with the Main Event Mafia, Kevin Nash, Booker T, Bobby Lashley, and TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle.

JB: Ok, Bobby you have a King of the Mountain Qualifier match with Kaz and Brother Devon, what’s your gameplan.

Lashley: My gameplan? Is to do the same thing I did at Sacrifice, throw Brother Devon around the ring and then spear him, break his back and get the win to go the title at Slammiversery, as for Kaz, he won’t be a problem, I mean have you seen me in the ring, he won’t do anything against me.

JB: Well that leads to my next question, Kurt what would happen if Bobby, Kevin, or Booker, took your title at Slammiversery?

Angle: Look, JB as long as it stays in the family, that’s all that matters, if it’s me so be it, if it’s Bobby, ok there isn’t anyone I’d rather lose it to.

JB: That’s what you said to Sting

Angle: But Sting, was different, he’s distanced himself from the family, he got himself a divorce, he wasn’t part of the family even at Against All Odds

JB: Ok, now onto a different subject, Kurt how is Scott Steiner, how are his injuries he suffered to Samoa Joe

Angle: Hhhh, Scott is ok, he can’t wrestle for two weeks but will be in action two weeks from now, but JB the bigger issue here is Samoa Joe, he’s a crazy person, he must be stopped and trust me he’ll be stopped. I’ll make sure of that. This Nation of Violence crap will stop

JB: Do you have a plan to stop Samoa Joe and his Nation of Violence?

Angle: You’ll find out soon enough, JB.


(We return just before the First KOTM Qualifier)
Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, it is a triple threat match with the winner getting a spot in the King of the Mountain Match at the Slammiversery Pay-Per-View June 21st.

(Bobby Lashley’s music comes on as he walks into the Impact Zone with Kurt Angle at his side)

Ring Announcer: First, fighting out of Denver, Colorado, accompanied to the ring by the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, representing the Main Event Mafia, Bobby Lashley!

(Team 3D’s music comes on as they enter the Impact Zone)

Ring Announcer: Now his first opponent tonight, fighting out of New York City, New York, he is a 22 Tag Team Champion, accompanied to the ring by Brother Ray, representing Team 3D and the TNA Frontline, Brother Devon!

(Kaz’s Music comes on)

Ring Announcer: And his second opponent fighting out of Yucca Valley, Califronia he is the TNA X Division Champion, Kaz!

King of the Mountain Qualifier: Bobby Lashley vs. Brother Devon vs. Kaz (Non-Title)

Right away Devon goes after Lashley, he traps him in the corner of the ring to tee off on Lashley, Kaz sneaks in behind Devon and rolls him up but only gets one count, Kaz begins to work kicks to the body and whipped Devon into the corner where he began an attack with knees and body punches but Devon threw a punch to get out. Kaz turns around to work on Lashley but Lashley picks him up and throws him down and goes for the cover, 1.2, Kaz kicks out. Lashley begins to pound Kaz with Devon sitting at ringside resting, Lashley slams down Kaz and covers again, just a two. Lashley is getting frustrated and Devon comes and clubs him in the back of the head and then throws him down for a one two count. Devon begins to assult Lashley in the corner but Kaz comes in and super-kicks Devon and looks liked he’d have a three but Lashley broke it up. Kaz begins to punch Lashley but Lashley picks him up over his shoulders and looks like he’s going to pile drive, but Kaz gets out and tries to supplex Lashley but rolls him up for a one count. Lashley gets Kaz in an ankle lock and Kurt Angle has a cocky smile, but Devon breaks it up and gets a double leg takedown on Lashley but Lashley gets up right away and drops Devon, and rolls him into an ankle lock, Devon works his way to the ropes and Kurt Angle stand there in right in front talking crap to Devon, Devon graps the ropes and Lashley lets go and Ankle slaps him and Brother Ray goes over to get Kurt away from the match. Devon turns around right as Kaz goes off the top rope and he hits flying forearm and Devon struggles to get back to senses in the middle of the ring, Kaz goes from the top rope again but Lashley pulls him down from outside the ring and drops him on the Impact Zone Floor. Lashley slides him under the ropes but somehow Kaz gets the shoulder, Lashley throws him into the corner of the ring the turn buckle and he falls to the mat. Devon begins to throw a few punches at Lashley but Lashley knocks him down in the center of the ring. Lashley goes into the corner and postitions himself for a spear, Devon gets up and boom, SPEAR, Devon lands right on Kaz, Lashley pushes him off and covers Kaz, 1. 2, 3

Winner and Advancing to the King of the Mountain Match: Bobby Lashley

(Lashley and Angle celebrate in the ring Team 3D leaves as Eric Young comes out to check on Kaz)


Mike Tenay: JB is in Mick Foley’s office to talk about tonight’s mega main event between Sting and Rhino in a hardcore match

JB: I’m here with TNA Executive Shareholder Mick Foley, Mick tell me about what was going through your head when you book tonight’s main event between ‘The Icon’ Sting and ‘The War Machine’ Rhino.

Foley: You see JB, Sting’s been doing some stuff I haven’t been liking and….

(Foley looks up as someone enters the room)

Foley: Aah, Joe what is it man, what I can do you

Samoa Joe: What do you think I want Mick, I want to take out the Mafia and I think I’m going to start from the top, I want a match with Kurt Angle tonight, I don’t even care if it’s for the title, I want Kurt!

Foley: You know, come to think of it Kurt did get himself involved with my first King of the Mountain qualifier, and I think if he wants to get in a match that bad he should have an opponent and since you’re here Joe, you I’m booking you in the match with Kurt Angle tonight.

Joe: Good

(Joe leaves the rooms and Mick continues to talk to JB)

Foley: Guys like that are why I love to wrestle and why I miss wrestling so much, when he puts his mind he gets it, can you feel me JB?

JB: Um, sure

(We return to inside the Impact Zone! With Taylor Wilde’s music on the jumbotron)

Ring Announcer: This is the first match of the TNA Knockouts title shot chase, this is fatal four way, next week we’ll have a triple threat match, and than the winner of the one on one in two weeks will get a shot at Angelina Love at Slammiversery.

Ring Announcer: First, now entering the Impact Zone, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Taylor Wilde!

(Daffney’s music comes and she enters the Impact Zone and stairs at Taylor Wilde who beat Daffney at Sacrifice)

Ring Announcer: Now entering the Impact Zone fighting out of Atlanta, Gerogia, Daffney!

(Sojouner Bolt’s music comes on and she walks into the Impact Zone)

Ring Announcer: Now entering the Impact Zone, fighting out of Memphis, Tennessee Sojourner Bolt

(Awesome Kong’s music comes on as he enters the Impact Zone angry)

Ring announcer: The four and final competitor in this match, accompanied to the ring by Raishia Saeed, she is the former Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong!

Knockouts Title Chase: Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong vs. Daffney vs. Sojourner Bolt

Daffney goes straight for Taylor Wilde and starts violent punching her in the corner, she throws here to the ground and stomps on her, Daffney covers for a two than continues to pound Taylor, holds Daffney in the corner than Sojo quickly gets in there and rolls up Daffney for a one. Taylor leave the ring. Sojo picks up Daffney and is going to throw here but than Kong comes in and suplexes Sojo while holding Daffney. Kong covers Sojo for a two. Taylor comes to the ring and begins to work on Sojo. Daffney graps Taylor’s neck from behind and starts choking the life out of her and then applies the rear naked choke, Sojo breaks them up as Taylor is about to tap. Daffney goes after Sojo, Taylor graps Daffney and uses the Irish whip to throw Daffney to Kong setting her for the Awesome Bomb and a 1. 2. 3

Winner: Awesome Kong, Daffney is eliminated from the Chase

Tenay: Lauren is now backstage with Kaz who is recovering from his match early

Lauren: Kaz, how are you doing after you lost that King of the Mountain Qualifier early tonight at the hands of Bobby Lashley.

Kaz: Good my back hurts a little but I’ll live, I could wrestle next week easy.

(Eric Young walks into the room)

EY: Hey Kaz, how ya doing, bro?

(Kaz has irradiated look on his face)

Kaz: Fine (Obviously trying to completely ignore EY)

EY: Just thought I’d check in, you know I love Devon man but he is not a small dude I would hate to get landed on by him, you know, glad to see you’re ok…

(Kaz interrupts)

Kaz: Wait, I see what you’re trying to do and it’s not working. Eric we are done together, finished you’re my competition now and this belt is all I carry about

EY: But Kaz,

(Kas interrupts again)

Kaz: No Eric! Wer’re done, get over it. I don’t care about you or anyone else here all I care about is my X Division Title!

(Kaz storms out)

Lauren: Wow, Eric what was that about?

EY: I don’t know Lauren, something happened to him in three months off between the time he left and came back as Suicide and he’s changed, that’s not Kaz. I don’t where the old Kaz is, but if I have to I’ll beat it out of him and if I take his title in the process, so be it.


Mike Tennay: Next up is the match that Samoa Joe requested earlier, he’ll face the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle in non-title action, JB is backstage with the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia before the match.

Don West: Which by the way is a totally unfair match, Kurt shouldn’t be in this match to put him in a match on such short notice against a mad man who could kill him.

Tenay: You know I’m not even going to start with you, here’s JB with Kurt

Jeremy Borash: Kurt Angle tonight you have a match with Samoa Joe, what is.. .

(Kurt Angle cuts him off)

Angle: JB, I’m talking to you to answer questions, I’m talking to you so I can I get a message across to Samoa Joe and anyone who maybe helping with his Nation of Violence and to Mick Foley. Tonight, I’m not going to complain about taking on a crazy freak who wants to kill me, I’m taking advantage of it, I will take out Samoa Joe tonight and I will destroy every Frontline member who gets in my way and who is in that King of the Mountain match, oh and Sting the belt is still fine and good over my shoulder and it’ll stay for a long time.

(Back to the desk with Mike Tenay and Don West)

West: And that is why Kurt Angle is TNA World Champion, he’s embracing this opportunity and will destroy Samoa Joe.

Tenay: Are you kidding me? A few seconds ago you called it completely unfair and undefendable, please explain yourself, I’m sure you’ll find away to defend yourself.

West: Mike, you need to learn that is life is all about what you make of it

(Tenay gets a weird look on his face and before he can respond Samoa Joe’s music comes on)

Ring Announcer: This is match is scheduled for one fall it is a non-title match entering the Impact Zone first from the Islands of Samoa representing the Nation of Violence and the TNA Frontline, he is the Samoan Submission Machine, Samoa Joe!

(Joe stands in the ring with his Samoan knife and slices it in front of his neck symbolizing he was going to take Kurt’s head off, Angle’s music comes on)

Ring Announcer: His opponent from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania he is the only Olympic Gold Medalist in professional wrestling and the Godfather of the Main Event Mafia, the TNA World Heavyweight Champion, Kurt Angle

Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle (Non-Title)

Joes begins with a bunches chops to Kurt’s face and body, Angle hits the mat and Joe begins to stomp on his face and gets a rear naked choke in on Kurt and Kurt grabs the ropes before he passes out, Joe begins to throw more chops and than throws Kurt over the top ropes and follows Kurt out. He begins to stomp on Kurt than he picks him up and slams his head into the guard rail repeatedly. Kurt responds with a punch to the face and whips Joe near the entrance ramp. Angle tries to club Joe but Joes throws him to the ground and begins to stomp on Kurt’s leg and gets him in an ankle lock and begins to yell, how do you like it Kurt, is it fun to be ankle locked Kurt! Joe begins to stomp the leg again throws him at the guard rail and repeatedly hits his head. The ref who’d been warning them for a while threw the match out, Joe began to choke Angle again and than threw him up the ramp and slammed him off through a table that was near the ramp Kurt tries to escape through the back door but as he opens it Mick Foley runs in and bashes him over the head with a steel chair.

Winner: Kurt Angle via DQ


Mike Tenay: We are now back in the Impact Zone and are still in shock of what we have witnessed, Samoa Joe and Kurt Angle’s match got thrown out because of Joe’s out of control behavior in this match. Then as Kurt was running from the Impact Zone, Executive Shareholder Mick Foley bashed Kurt over the head with a steel chair. Foley has a mic and wants to explain his actions.

Foley: Kurt, take that chair to the head as a notice because I’ve been following these Front Line Guys closely and I love their passion, their effort, and their never quit attitude. I like it so much it makes me want to wrestle again and you Main Event Mafia mother fuckers brought me out of retirement at Genesis in that 6-man tag match, well next week, next week I’m going to make my singles debut!

(The crowd goes nuts and Kurt Angle has a confused look on his face)

Foley: Now Kurt, I know you’re probably thinking, oh well he hit me over the head with a chair and now he’s booking himself in the Main Event next week in a KOTM qualifier, but don’t worry, don’t worry Kurt I won’t make it easy on myself. You see Kurt next week on Impact I will make my in-ring Impact debut and my TNA singles debut and just for the hell of it, it’ll take place inside the Six Sides of Steel.

(The crowd just goes crazy and begins chanting: FOLEY! FOLEY! FOLEY!)

Foley: My opponents, the man who manages to get away from facing me at Genesis because of his elbow, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash of the Main Event Mafia and my other opponent who I know wants a piece of me, after all I did DDT him after I made him wear a turkey costume, one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Alex Shelley and it will be a King of the Mountain Qualifier. And than after that, at Slammiversery, Kurt I’m coming for your title

(Foley’s music plays and he leaves the Impact Zone to a massive cheer)

Mike Tenay: That was just crazy you heard it here next week on Impact, the main event will be a King of the Mountain qualifier with TNA Executive shareholder “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley making his Impact debut and his singles wrestler debut in TNA when he faces “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash of the Main Event Mafia and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns and it will take place inside the six sides of steel cage.

Don West: You’ve to be kidding me Mike, you think it’s a coincidence that Mick Foley books himself in a match to get a title shot after he bashed the champion over the head with a steel chair? I think not, Mick Foley needs to just call it a career, but I’m sure Big Sexy will making him realize that next week.

Tenay: Whatever you say (Sacristy)

(The Motor City Machine Guns Music comes on as they enter the Impact Zone carrying their new TNA Tag Team Titles over their shoulders)

(The Guns stood the ring waving the titles they won from Lethal Consequences over around the Impact to a bunch of boos)

Tenay: The Guns make their first title defense when we return here to Impact!


Ring Announcer: And their opens they are the former TNA Tag Team Champions of the World, Jay Letheal and Consequences Creed, Lethel Consequences.

TNA Tag Team Titles Match: Motor City Machine Guns © vs. Lethal Consequences

The match begins with Creed and Shelley in the ring, Creed begins with a string of punches, he throws Shelley off the ropes and continuously knocks him down every time he shoots off, Shelley is laying down in the center of the ring as Creed takes in Lethal. Lethal goes from the top rope and hits an elbow drop and covers for a two, he begins to throw a variety of kicks and punches, Lethal uses a slap but Shelley turns it into and arm lock and he holds Lethel’s arm behind his back he tags in Saban,, Saban slaps Lethal across the faceand shoots off the rope for a head kick, Saban covers for a two until Creed interfears, Saban is saying something to Creed but Lethal clubs him over the head and than shoots off the ropes and kicks him in the head and trys to set up a Lethal combination but Saban snuck away by getting under the ropes, walks all the way back to his corner and tags in Shelley. Shelley goes straight after an angry Black Machismo, Jay gets him into a head lock and tags in Creed, Lethal holds Shelley and Creed kicks him in the head, Creed looks like he’s setting up the CreeDDT but Shelley gets away before Creed can do anything and Shelley tries to roll up Creed but Creed graps the ropes. Creed shoots off the ropes and lands a super kick on Shelley, he than goes over the ropes looking he was setting up another super kick but Saban holds him against the ropes and as the ref was telling Saban to let Creed go, Lethal flys off the top rope and hits a big elbow on Shelley, Lethal than goes and breaks up Saban and Creed. Creed covers Shelley for a two count before he kicked out. Creed takes in Lethal and Shelley scrambles to his corner and gets the tag into Saban just before Lethal can begin his attack. Saban throws a body kick but Lethal catches it, Saban than uses the not caught leg to kick Lethal in the head and he covers for a two Saban goes after Lethal but Lethal ducks under and tries to roll up Saban to Shelley kicks him in the back before he can get him down, Saban shoots off the ropes and hits a flying forearm to the face of Lethal. Saban tags in Shelley who goes from the top rope and lands on Lethal he hooks the legs for a 1,2, Creed breaks it up again. Shelley looks over at Creed and starts saying something and makes a belt symbolization, Lethal punches Shelley from behind, he than kicks Shelley’s ribs and sets him up for the Lethal combination but Shelley elbows Lethal below the waist if you will and than goes for a sliced bread as Creed enters the ring, Saban goes from the top turnbuckle and kicks Creed on the way. Shelley hits the sliced bread to perfection and gets the 1,2,3 on Lethal.

Winners and Still TNA Tag Team Champions: Motor City Machine Guns

(The Guns celebrate by waving the belts over the half knocked out Lethal, Team 3D’s music comes on they enter the Impact Zone carrying microphones)

Brother Ray: I would just like to say you guys are a disgrace to tag team wrestling and have no right to be carrying those belts.

Shelley: Really, Ray we’re a disgrace, we’re the best looking tag team in the world, we’re the most talented, and we beat Lethal Consequences fair and square twice, no how we not deserve the titles?

Ray: Well to begin with did you really beat them fairly tonight Alex, I saw you’re elbow going right at Jay’s nuts, don’t lie.

Shelley: He should’ve worn a cup

Ray: That’s not the point, the point is you guys need to be taught a lesson in respect and we’re all for giving opportunities to new deserving tag teams and trust me here in TNA there are plenty, but you guys need some to be a taught some respect and we’re going to teach it to you: The Team 3D way with a beat down!

Devon: Will my Brother testify!!!!!!

Ray: So a month from now, at Slammiversery, we’re going to take your belts from you, you’ve got to face us.

Shelley: Ooh, one problem, we can’t defend the titles at Slammiversery, as much as we’d like to kick your ass around our hometown of Detriot and defend our belts, I’m going to smack Mick Foley in that cage next week and enter the King of the Mountain Match.

Ray: After Foley beats you next week we’re coming for your belts, you remember that.

Shelley: ooh you got me really scared now


Mike Tenay: We now go backstage where Lauren is with ‘War Machine’ Rhino.

Lauren: Rhino can I get your thoughts about your hardcore rules match tonight with Sting?

Rhino: What thoughts are there to give Lauren? Something is obliviously wrong with Sting’s head, so I’m going to hit it with a chair a few times and may get it straightened out and than I’m coming for Kurt Angle and the TNA Heavyweight Championship in the King of the Mountain Match at Slammiversery.

Lauren: Thanks Rhino

(We re-enter the Impact Zone where Sting’s music hits)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall with the winner joining Kurt Angle and Bobby Lashley in the King of the Mountain Match on June 21st at Slammiversery, live from Detroit, Michigan. This match is under hardcore rules

Ring Announcer: Now entering the ring from Venice Beach, Califronia, the former TNA World Heavyweight Champion ‘The Icon’ Sting.

(Rhino’s music comes on and he enters the Imapact Zone to a massive amount of cheers)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from Detroit, Michigan representing the TNA Frontline, ‘The War Machine’ Rhino.

King of the Mountain Qualifier (Hardcore Rules): Sting vs. Rhino

Sting empties the trash can full of weapons right away and grabs a kindo stick and starts to hit Rhino with it, Rhino punches Sting in the face and throws him out the ring where he begins to tee off on Sting. Sting is stumbling back to his feet and than Rhino hits over the head with a chair and slides Sting under for a cover and somehow Sting gets a shoulder up. Rhino took the trash can the weapons were in and hit Sting with it. He than grapped a crutch from the mat of the ring but Sting took it from him as he was about to use it than Sting uses it to hit Rhino over in the chest. Sting than grabs a chair and hits Rhino with it, he covers but Rhino only gets a two. Sting than rolls over Rhino and locks in the Scorpion Death Lock. Rhino is in obvious pain and looks like he may tap.

(AJ Styles music comes on the jumbo-tron and Sting looks as AJ Styles enters the Impact Zone)

While Sting is distracted Rhino breaks free and goes for a gore, Sting gets out of the way and throws Rhino for the ropes and Sting follows him down and begins to stomp on his head, Sting empties another trash can full of weapons and hits Rhino with the can. AJ says something to Sting and Sting takes his eyes off Rhino who supplexes Sting on the trash can. Sting screams in pain and as Rhino throws him under the ropes and covers but it only gets a one. Rhino begins to punch Sting repeatedly and knocks him down, Rhino leaves the ring and graps a ladder as AJ slides him a table. Rhino positions the ladder on one ring post and the table near the other, he grabs Sting but Sting lands a few quick punches and then shoots off the ropes and hits a neck breaker on Rhino where Rhino’s head landed on a chair. Sting covers but AJ is distracting the ref so by the time Rhino starts counting Rhino is recovered enough to get the shoulder up after a two. Sting stomps on Rhino’s face. And than moves the table away from the ring post and sets it up in the middle of the ring Rhino tries to throw a punch but Sting reverses him for a scorpion death drop , but instead of covering Rhino he picks him up and carries him over to the table where it looks like he’s going for another SDD and then out of no where AJ Styles flys off the top rope, flying forearm and Sting is leaned up against the tables, Rhino goes over the other of the ring and begins to stomp in the corner, GORE! Sting goes through the table, 1,2,3 Rhino is going to the King of the Mountain, thanks to AJ Styles!

Winner and Advancing to the King of the Mountain Match: Rhino

Rhino and AJ celebrate near the entrance ramp Sting looks up and is staring ice cold daggers at AJ as he raises Rhino’s arm and lips something to Sting and he is pissed off

Mike Tennay: Well that ends this edition of TNA Impact, how will Sting respond to AJ Styles costing him his title shot next week and also the singles debut of Mick Foley inside the six sides of steel.

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T

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Re: TNA My Way

IMPACT! Preview

Nine monthes ago Mick Foley came to TNA as it's new excuetive shareholder, he's only entered the six sided ring once when he teamed with Brother Devon and AJ Styles to face The Main Event Mafia at Genesis in January, but now the Mafia has got him coming out of retirement again and he's out to beat them again espacailly TNA Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, who Foley bashed over the head with a chair after his match with Samoa Joe was thrown out. Now Foley is coming for Angle's belt at Slammiversery that is if he wins his IMPACT! debut this week when he faces Kevin Nash of the Main Event Mafia and Alex Shelley of the Motor City Machine Guns who he DDT'd after he made him wear a turkey costume last Thanksgiving. And that King of the Mountain qualifier will take place inside the six sides of steel cage.

Than Samoa Joe and his Nation of Violence destroyed Kurt Angle last week and all though Joe was DQ'd he made it clear to Kurt Angle that he was after him. Now Joe gets his chance for a match wtih Kurt when he faces Booker T of the Main Event Mafia with a spot in the King of the Mountain Match on the line.

Also, AJ Styles made himself invovled in Sting and Rhino's KOTM quailifier last week when he knocked Sting out with a flying foreman setting him up on a table for a Gore and allowing Rhino to advance to the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversery. Mick Foley and Jim Cornette had meeting to discuss the sitaution between Sting and AJ, they came to an agreement to hold the desicion that Rhino won because Hardcore rules is no DQ but they decided the fued must be stopped before it gets too out of hand. So, for the first since Turning Point, the match everyone wants to see, AJ Styles and Sting one-on-one with the TNA Legends Title on the line.

Plus Kaz makes his first defense of his X Divison Title since being unmasked as Suicide when he faces Homicide of the LAX the man he took the title from at Lockdown.

All this and more next Impact

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T

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Re: TNA My Way

I'm throwing myself into TNA of late having never been a fan of the promotion in the past, although I kept up to date with the general goings on via the web. I've only ever read Dan's TNA thread on here, but I may give this one a try. I haven't read the opening show, but If I were to offer you some advice it would be to work on the presentation. To me it appears uninspired. Anyway, if i get time over the weekend I may hit you with a review and I'm trying to get involved in some of the newer projects on here.

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Re: TNA My Way

Thanks man, I'll work on the display this is my first BTB so I'm focusing more on the writing and storyline part of it and I'm hoping the prestentation will come in time after I get the writing part down

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T
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Re: TNA My Way

IMPACT! 6/4/09

Impact Opening Video Plays

Mike Tenay: Welcome to TNA Impact! live from the Impact Zone at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. We’ve got a huge show for all the TNA fans out there. Not only two we have two King of the Mountain Qualifiers, we also have two title matches tonight.

Don West: Yeah, of course our main event tonight is Mick Foley trying to put himself back in the spotlight by booking himself against Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley in a cage match in a King of the Mountain Qualifier. And also Sting gets a chance to get revenge on AJ Styles for all the terrible deeds he’s done to him.

Tenay: Terrible deeds? What has he done besides the flying forearm on Sting last week what has he done?

West: He cost Sting his title at Sacrifice, did you not watch the match?

Tenay: Grrrr….

(Mick Foley’s music comes on and the Impact Zone! goes insane with cheers, Foley enters the ring with a mic)

Foley: This is past week a lot of people have been criticizing some of my recent actions. Such as bashing the world heavyweight of champion of the company I own a ton of stocks in over the head with a chair just as I book myself in a qualifying match to face him a little over two weeks from now at Slammiversery.

(Foley pauses, the crowd begins to chant: Foley! Foley! Foley!)

Foley: My wife even questioned what I was doing, she asked me why I was booking myself in steel cages matches against a seven foot beast like Kevin Nash and someone who hates me as much as Shelley does, we’re financially set with my investments, past wrestling earnings and book. Why am I putting those young guys ahead of my health she asked.

(Foley pauses and takes a deep breath)

Foley: You know what I told her? You know what I told her? I told that there is a time in every man’s life where he needs to make a choice, does he want to do the smart thing, the thing that is best for you, that will keep your family finically safe, and keeping yourself out of trouble. Or does he want to do the right thing, the thing you know deep down is right!!! And you know what is the right thing? Helping these young guys and defeating the Main Event Mafia especially you Kurt.

(The Main Event Mafia’s music comes on as Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Kevin Nash, and Booker T enter the ring)

Angle: What an inspirational speech it kind of made we want to puke. You have to choose between the smart thing and the right thing? That sounds like something out of a bad Tom Cruise movie, who do you think you’re kidding old man. We all know you’re just a washed coward trying to get one last shot at the spotlight before you get put down. And if Big Kev doesn’t put you down tonight, I’ll make sure I do at Slammiversery.

Foley: See Kurt it’s stuff like that makes me sick and makes we want to take you guys out more, I can’t get out of the spotlight you say Kurt, I can’t take not being there. You made an alliance of former champions who couldn’t’ deal with being spotlight so you could unite and take out the talented up-and-comers.

Angle: I did what I had to keep making a living, those guys are were trying to destroy me and take away my way of making money Mick, you don’t know what I was going.

Foley: So you respond by doing the same to the them, that doesn’t seem fair

(Angle, gets ready to punch Foley but Nash holds him back and takes his mic)

Kevin Nash: Mick, I know you don’t like what were doing but our careers are at risks if we don’t man, but what I don’t get is why’d you even want to come back you’re like what 60? And then against a beast like myself and even Shelley does manage to cost me the match tonight, you know you’d be facing the two biggest talents in your company at King of the Mountain, no way you could beat Kurt or Bobby. Just pull out now and I’ll face Shelley in the cage and you could have one of your young guys face a veterans and see who comes out you know?

Foley: What’s the matter Kevin scared of what I’d do to you in that cage, worried that I’d defeat you? And by the way, Shelley isn’t won of my young guys him and Saban jumped ship awhile a go and I know he wants a piece of me in that cage and I’m going to give it too him just like I’m going to give you what you missed out on at Genesis.

(Booker T says something like keep talking FO!)

Foley: Don’t worry Book, Joe will give you the beatdown you’ve been asking for tonight too don’t worry about that.

Angle: Please Mick I think you need to lay down, because as you can see there’s four of us and one of you so if you keep running your mouth we can take you out easy, so I’m advising you right now to shut up or you won’t be in King of the Mountain, you won’t even make it to that cage tonight.

(“My World” comes on and the crowd goes nuts as Jeff Jarrett has returned and enters the Impact Zone with his guitar.)

Jarrett: Mick is a coward Kurt, he’s the coward and beating up worn down young guys who are just trying to make a name for themselves you did back in the early 2000s after matches when they are already worn out isn’t cowardly? What about locking me in a cage and slamming my ankle in chair after you already beat me at Lockdown and considering do worse had it not been for Sting. That’s not cowardly at all.

Angle: Oh look the King of the Mountain finally got off his crutches and decided to talk to me face to face instead of having Sting save his ass, that’s pretty cowardly.

Jarrett: This isn’t about me Kurt, it’s about you and how and your Mafia is stopping the young guns from getting what they need, a chance and once again you call Mick a coward, yeah at least he has the balls to come out here alone and face all for you, when was the last time you when anywhere with out Big Rocco or Sally Boy, what about without one of your Mafia back-ups, huh, Kurt.

(Kurt throws a big right hand but Jarrett ducks under and Foley shoves Angle to the ground and then pulls out the sock as Kevin Nash grabs Kurt and the exit the ring to the entrance ramp)

Jarrett: You see what I’m talking about Mick, no balls.

(Foley doesn’t have a mic but you can hear him say no kidding an laughing)

Jarrett: And oh Kurt, by the way, I wasn’t happy with what happened at Lockdown so at Slammiversery I will be in my match the King of the Mountain once I win a qualifier next week and coming for you and that belt.

(Angle is on the ramp a with an angery look on his face)


Mike Tenay: What an interesting sequence of events we have just witnessed. Jeff Jarrett made his return have Kurt Angle beat him down at Lockdown, but Angle took a shot at Jarrett but Mick Foley drove Angle and the Mafia out of the ring. Then Jarrett announced he’d be returning to the ring in a King of the Mountain qualifier next week.

Don West: Yeah again, a shocking a coincidence that Jeff Jarrett is also coming when Kurt is in such state after Joe pounded him around the Impact Zone last week and Mick Foley hit him over the head with a chair.

Tenay: Ankle locked him in a cage and beat was planning on ripping his leg off of course he wants to come back and get revenge on Kurt. Before you make another dumb excuse supporting Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia, we’re going to send it off to Lauren who’s backstage with the LAX as Homicide prepares for his X Division Title Match tonight against Kaz.

(We’re now backstage with Lauren who is handing out with the LAX)

Lauren: Thanks Mike, I’m hear backstage with Homicide and Hernandez better known as the LAX, Homicide do you have an gained confidence considering that Suicide the man who’s really had your number ever since he’s came to TNA is actually Kaz a man who’s number you guys, the LAX have really dominated in the past?

Homicide: What we did against Super Eric and Kaz over a year ago doesn’t matter does it? No. What matters is what I’m going to do Kaz tonight, I never did get my one-on-one rematch with Kaz after he took my belt at Lockdown I got a stupid, five way elimination match where Kaz didn’t even eliminate me, Sheik did. Tonight, when’s it’s just me and him, that belt is coming back to Brooklyn with me where it belongs.

(Hernandez grabs the mic from Homicide there’s obviously something he wants to stay)

Hernandez: You see Lauren this warning to all the guys in the back, it’s going to be an LAX takeover in TNA, first my boy Homicide is going to get his X Division Title back from Kaz, than you see Kurt Angle, I got this Feast or Fired briefcase here entitling me to chance at your TNA Heavyweight Title and whether you and your wanna-be Mafia likes it or not I’ll take that from you, than Motor City Machine Guns, don’t feel bad we’re coming for you too, completely the LAX takeover of TNA.

Lauren: So you’re saying that you guys want to take all three major TNA belts in the coming monthes?

Hernandez: You heard me right, sweetie, you see the Main Event Mafia claims they’re what people want to see, but I hope people like seeing them getting their ass kicked because we’re putting them and everyone else on notice it’s LAX’s time here in TNA and nobody will stop us!

Homicide: And Kaz, it’s starts with you tonight.

(Eric Young walks backstage and shakes both Homicide and Hernandez’s hands)

Young: Homicide, just wanted you wish you good luck tonight bro

Homicide: Thanks Eric much appreciated

Young: I don’t know what happen to Kaz when was gone but too be honestly I think he needs a beatdown, I’m assuming you’re going to give him that?
Homicide: Trust me on this one Eric, you didn’t need to ask

(Homicide and Eric Young shake hands and a bro hug as we re-enter the Impact Zone!)

Mike Tenay: Mighty big words from the LAX, saying in the coming months Homicide would be X Division Champion, Hernandez would be Heavyweight Champion and they would once again be Tag Team Champions.

Don West: Yeah, awfully big words considering that the very best in each of those divisions is holding the belt right now. LAX is write a check with their mouths their actions will have no chance of cashing.

Tenay: Let’s find if they have a chance of cashing them right now because our first match tonight on Impact tonight is for the TNA X Division Title Kaz going one-on-one with Homicide of the LAX.

(Kaz’s music comes on to a mixed reaction of cheers and boos in the Impact Zone as he walks in)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TNA X Division Title, first entering the Impact Zone from Yucca Valley, Califronia, he stands 5 foot ten inches tall and weights 232 pounds, he is the TNA X Division Champion,. Kaz!

(LAX musuic comes on and they enter the Impact! Zone to a ton of cheers)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent representing the LAX accompanied to the ring by Hernandez, he stands five feet ten inches tall weighting 205 pounds, the challenger Homicide!

TNA X Division Title Match: Kaz vs. Homicide

Right away Homicide goes for Kaz landing a quick series of punches, he throws Kaz across the ring into a turnbuckle and than shoots off the ropes and lands a nice elbow to the face of Kaz. Homicide moves Kaz to the center of the ring and lands a body kick and shoots off the ropes for a head kick that drops Kaz. Homicide covers, 1….2…. Kaz kicks out and Homicide begins to punch Kaz with a few jabs but Kaz grabs his arm and gets him an arm hold with behind his back. Kaz rolls up Homicide but only gets a one as Homicide quickly gets his shoulder up. They clinch up and Kaz throws Homicide into the turnbuckle, Kaz run to him Homicide turns out of the way as Kaz hits the turn buckle face first. Homicide goes sets up Kaz for a Gringo Killer but Kaz elbows Homicide in the back and than shoots off the ropes for a head kick than suplexes Homicide and covers, 1….2…. kick out, Kaz picks up Homicide, knee to the face, Kaz shoots off and goes for a flying forearm but Homicide slides under him and jumps up for a face kick he throws Kaz into a turnbuckle than runs into him for a big knee. Homicide pulls Kaz off the turnbuckle and than uses a codebreaker in the center of the ring. Homicide goes off the top rope and lands a frog splash on Kaz he hooks both legs and covers, 1…..2…… no kick out, Homicide can’t believe he didn’t win right there.

Homicide sets up another Gringo Killer, but Kaz gets away and than tries to roll up Homicide, 1……2, kick out. Homicide than rolls up Kaz 1…2.. kick out. Homicide throws a big right but Kaz ducks under and than does another flying head on Homicide that is followed up with a hurricinrana by Kaz and Homicide is laid out in the center of the ring. Kaz goes from the top rope, frog splash no Homicide gets away and than picks up Kaz for a Gringo Killer he takes Kaz up, but Kaz gets out, he goes off the ropes and Homicide turns around, Kaz jumps, D.O.A. Kaz than frog splashes Homicide from the top rope and covers, 1….2…….3. Kaz retains

Winner and Still TNA X Division Champion: Kaz via pinfall

After the the match walks out pointing to his title belt as Homicide stairs at him grapping his ribs in the center of the ring Eric Young comes out and shoots Kaz a dirty look as he checks on Homicide along with Hernandez.


Tenay: Now to “the Monster” Abyss lastest therapy session with Dr. Stevie

(We flip to Dr. Stevie Richards’s office where Abyss is with the doctor)

Dr. Stevie: Chris, do you know why we didn’t have a session last week?

Abyss: Time constraints?? Dr. Stevie, why?

(Stevie raises his voice and begins to yell)

Dr. Stevie: No Chris, not time constaints you moron!!! I was in the hospital recovering for being choke slammed in a pile of tacks. Why was that Abyss????? ?

Abyss: I’m sorry Dr. Stevie, I really am

Dr. Stevie: Sorry doesn’t cut it Chris!

Dr. Stevie gets out a kind of stick and begins to bash Abyss around his office, than he throws his desk chair at Abyss. Abyss is lying on the floor in pain

Dr. Stevie: That is only part of your recovery process. I booked you a special match for this Thursday’s Impact. It’s a weapons match against your old friend “the Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Abyss: Thank you Dr. Stevie, thank you, I’ll destroy Matt, you can bet on it.

Dr. Stevie: Wait Abyss, I didn’t tell you the full story…

Abyss: What is Dr. Stevie, make it quick I’ve got to prepare for Matt

Dr. Stevie: It’s a weapons handicap

Abyss: Handicap?

Dr. Stevie: You see Abyss, you’ll be handicapped because Matt is the only one who can use weapons, Not you!

(We return to the Impact Zone where Abyss’ music is playing)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall, it’s a weapon match where only Matt Morgan can you weapons. Entering the ring first from Parts Unknown, standing six foot, five inches tall and weighing 350 pounds. “The Monster” Abyss!!!

(Matt Morgan’s music comes on and the crowd boos loudly)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from Fairfield, Connecticut, standing seven feet tall weighing, 305 pounds, the DNA of TNA, “the Blueprint” Matt Morgan.

Weapons Handicap Match (Only Morgan can use weapons): Matt Morgan vs. Abyss

Morgan immediately dumps out his trash can of weapons and hits Abyss over the head with the can, he dropped the can and than shot off the ropes and hit a carbon footprint on Abyss, Morgan covers 1………2………, Morgan pulls his head up and grabs a hockey stick. He swings it at Abyss and Abyss manages to duck under and grab Morgan than throw him across the ring into a turnbuckle where he charges into him Abyss than places Morgan between his legs for a Power Bomb, Morgan grabs a crutch from the ground and shoves it between Abyss’ legs for a low blow. Morgan than grabs a chair and hits Abyss over the head with it. Morgan covers, 1…….2……. head pull up.

At this point Lauren runs and yells at Morgan to stop. Morgan looks at her and lays the chair he was holding down and sets it in the center of the ring and then he throws Abyss down into the chair and begins to step his head down into the chair and Lauren begs Morgan to stop. Morgan goes up the top rope and drops an elbow on Abyss with his head in the chair, Lauren is screaming from the outside now, Morgan stands up Abyss and has he regains his balance, Morgan hits him with a chair again. Abyss is now gushing with blood. Abyss is on his knees and than Morgan hits him with a carbon footprint. He covers: 1………..2………..3.

Winner: Matt Morgan via pinfall

Morgan gets on the turnbuckle and than singles a belt around his waist as Lauren checks on Abyss in the middle of the ring, Dr. Stevie runs out ands stands over Abyss and just yells “Thank about that next time you want to fuck with me”

Tenay: What a brutal display from Dr. Stevie and Matt Morgan, I don’t know how we’ll ever forget that but now JB is in the back with Booker T and the Main Event Mafia.

(We now appear backstage with JB who is with Booker T, Kevin Nash, and Kurt Angle)

JB: Kurt Angle, what is your condition after your beat down you received from Samoa Joe last week and the chair shot you got from Mick Foley?

Angle: I’m fine, but you know who won’t be fine if they keep messing with the Main Event Mafia, Mick Foley, if Big Kev doesn’t put him away tonight, which I know he will I’ll be sure to make Slammiversery the end of Foley’s career.

Nash: Have a little faith Kurt, I’ll make tonight the end of Foley’s career don’t worry about it, he won’t make it out of that cage, and then you know maybe we lock him in their and smash a limb like we did to Joe .

JB: Speaking of Samoa Joe, Booker you face Joe in a King of the Mountain qualifier coming next, what’s your plan to stop Joe and his Nation of Violence.

Booker: Look, Joe is just a punkass, I knock his punk ass out this week, I’m going to defeat him and go on the King of the Mountain, aint nobody going to stop me, not Joe, not any of his advisers, not any of the other members of the Frontline. Any you dig that!!!

Angle: That’s what I like to hear and I’ll be right there at ring side with you Book,

Booker: No Kurt, I appriecate but I can take Joe myself, I don’t need you out there. Sorry brotha

Angle: Ok, I’ll respect you’re wishes and stay out, just don’t get yourself killed.

Booker: Oh I won’t plus I got any emergency back-up plan if Joe gets out of control

Angle: What’s that

Booker whispers something into Angle’s ear and Kurt nods his head in agreement

Angle: I like it, way to think ahead.

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to TNA Impact, Don you’re apparently “in” with the Main Event Mafia, do you have any idea what Booker T’s supper secret back-up plan is if and when he gets in trouble with Samoa Joe.

West: Maybe I know, maybe I don’t, either way I wouldn’t tell Joe right now

(Samoa Joe’s music comes on and he enters the ring to a barrage of cheers)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is a King of the Mountain Qualifier, first entering the ring from the Islands of Samoa weighing 280 pounds and standing six foot two inches tall, representing the Nation of Violence and the TNA Frontline, Samoa Joe.

(Booker T’s music comes and the crowd boos loudly)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from Houston, Texas, representing the Main Event Mafia standing six foot, three inches tall, weighing 252 pounds, Booker T!

King of the Mountain Qualifier: Samoa Joe vs. Booker T

Booker runs straight for Joe but Joe throws him over the top of his back. Joe mounds Booker and begins to throw down bombs for the top. Joe stands up and unleashes a knee to the head as Booker tries to pull himself up using the ropes. Joe picks Booker up for a power bomb, he covers, 1…2….Booker gets the shoulder up. Joe shoots off the ropes and runs into Booker dropping him to the ground, Joe picks Booker up and positions him on the top rope looking like he wants a muscle buster, Booker pounds the top of Joe’s head in order to avoid the Muscle Buster, Booker grabs Joe’s back and rolls him up for a two count, Joe goes for a clothesline and Booker ducks under Joe comes back and Booker kicks him in the head than he positions him for a suplex, Joe knees Booker in the leg to break free and than shoots off the rope for a power slam. He covers 1….2… Booker T kicks out, Joe picks up Booker, Booker throws a big overhand right, Joe ducks under than does a belly-to-belly suplex on Booker, he than turns the suplex into an arm bar in the center of the ring, he squeezes Booker’s arm for a while and Booker is doing his best not to tap, but in the end he does it he’s forced to give up.

Winner and Advancing to the King of the Mountain Match: Samoa Joe via submission (arm bar)

The ref breaks tries to break up Joe and Booker but Joe won’t let go of Booker T’s arm he’s going to snap it off, Booker T keeps tapping out Joe won’t let go. Joe pulls off than walks out to ringside and grabs a chair from under the ring, he places Booker T’s arm in it, but wait, Scott Steiner is running through the crowd with a led pipe and Joe doesn’t see him as he stomping down Booker T’s arm in the chair. Steiner bashes Joe from behind with the pipe, Joe turns around and Steiner shoves it into his stomach, than hits him over the head with it again, Mick Foley and Rhino run out but Steiner grabs Booker and runs into the crowd. Foley and Rhino check on Joe as he is laid out in the center of the ring.

Don West: What a smart thing to do by Steiner, catch Joe in the act of beating down his partner and friend Booker T he also gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Tenay: You crazy person, just because he’s in the Main Event Mafia and Joe is in the Frontline doesn’t make what he did any better than Joe is doing.

West: This was all self-defense Mike, you need to see Steiner is doing to what he has to protect his livelihood from that monster Samoa Joe.

Tenay: I’ve gotten word that JB is with Scott Steiner.

(We’re now in the hallway near the concession stands in the Impact Zone where Jeremy Borash is with Scott Steiner of the Main Event Mafia)

JB: Scott Steiner, you just beat the most violent man in this company over the head with a lead pipe multiple times, is there anything you want to say.

Steiner: Yes, JB, yes there is. Samoa Joe, maybe that little beatdown, Steiner-style will teach you not beat me with a chair after you already beat me in a violent FCA match, now Joe, I know you’re going to want revenge on me for what I just did, which I understand and guess what you’ll have your chance next week I’m cleared to wrestle again and I will be in a King of the Mountain qualifying match and since you’re already in the KOTM I’m coming for you at Slammiversery.

JB: One more quick thing Scott, how’s Booker doing

Steiner: Do I look like doctor, huh, JB, do I???

JB: Um, well you do have the goatie…

Steiner: Get out of here!!!!!

(We return to the booth)

Mike Tenay: Now it’s time for my sit down interview with the ‘Icon Sting”

(The camera goes to an empty with two chairs in it, Sting sitting in one, Mike Tenay in the other)

Tenay: Sting, you recently were gone for a month and a half from TNA recovering from the leg injuries you suffered from Kurt Angle and the Main Event Mafia at Destination X, what did you do in that time off.

Sting: Those may have been the hardest six weeks of my life, I couldn’t train I could barely do even exercise doing the simplest things, no weight lifting, no running, no anything. Just me laying on my couch, watching Sportscenter and thinking, think about Kurt Angle repeatedly ankle locking me, Kurt Angle putting a chair on my leg and than letting Kevin and Booker jump on it, every day I just replayed the image and thought, geez how’d I get there and I realized, I showed respect and the rest of the Mafia didn’t. I fought the clean fight against Kurt but Kurt fought dirty and won. I lost because I did it the right the way, now I’m going to throw respect out the window and I’m just going to win and get back at the men who took away these two months. The Main Event Mafia.

Tenay: You were almost there two, Scorpion locking Booker T to make him tap against in a huge Front Line vs. Mafia Tag Match on Impact, beating Kevin Nash in a singles match, than you got Kurt Angle at Sacrifice, where did it go wrong?

Sting: Isn’t it obvious where it wrong Mike, it went wrong when AJ Styles got involved with my business than attacked me. I had to do something about it.

Tenay: That was my next question Sting, what happened between you AJ, it looked like he offered you help, what happened?

Sting: What happened? I told him to help by staying out of my way, he just got in the way and than he attacked me after I moved him out of my way he hit so I threw him into the guard rail and the story plays out, I have Kurt Angle on the ropes and he kicks me in the back of the head and boom, Angle drops him on me and then I get pinned, case closed. Than last week, he attacked me at the beginning of the show and cost me my shot at Kurt Angle in the King of the Mountain Match by interfering with my Hardcore rules Match against Rhino.

Tenay: Some could say you provoked AJ into both of those attacks considering how you talked about his family life in the past, how his dad kicked him out of the house and what not? What would you say to those people?

Sting: I would say, that my words got in his head and he once again stuck his head in where it didn’t belong, I didn’t kick him out of the house when he was 16, his dad did I don’t see why he wants to take it out on me and cost me my shot at Kurt Angle.

Tenay: Is there anything you want to say to AJ before you face him latter this evening for his Legend’s Title?

Sting: Yeah, there is you took away my chance at the heavyweight title so now I’m going to take your Legend’s Title away from you, at all costs. You here me AJ!

(We now appear backstage where Lauren is standing with “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles and they are standing my a big TV)

Lauren: Wow, AJ is there anything you have to say about some of the comments Sting just made.

AJ Styles: Of course there is Lauren, you know Sting always has something to say and I think it’s time I make a response. Tonight I’ll put my Legends Title on the line against ‘the Icon’ Sting, and I will come out still Legends Champion, he may be pissed off Kurt Angle took his title and that he won’t be going to Slammiversery, but this, this is personal.

Lauren: AJ is it the personal aspect of it because of what he said about you getting kicked out of the house?

Styles: That was a delicate situation and to be honest I had no other choice, my father was an alcoholic, he was a violent drunk and I had to take my little brother and run just to be safe, I was fearing for my life everytime he had more than one beer, but honestly, it made my tougher, it made the risk taking, leave it all in the ring, hold nothing back, give it 100% person and wrestler that I am today, so I guess it was kind of a blessing in disguise if you think about it.

(Jeff Jarrett walks into the seen)

Styles: Hey Jeff welcome back, leg doing alright?

Jarrett: Yeah the leg is fine AJ, but right now we need to talk.

Styles: What? If it’s about Sting I don’t care if he saved at Lockdown, this is between me and him and I’m going to settle tonight.

Jarrett: AJ, this has nothing to do with Sting, I’m going to let you settle it like grown men tonight in the six-sided ring the way it should be settled, but you unlike Sting in my time off I haven’t just been laying on my coach watching Sportscenter…

Styles: CMT? Comedy Central? Watcha been up to?

Jarrett: No, AJ, though I do love me some Larry the Cable Guy, I’ve made a few acquisitions for TNA in my time off, and one of them is a close friend of yours, he’ll make his in ring return to TNA when he faces Brutes Magnus next week on Impact, I’d tell you who it is but I don’t want to distract you from your match with Sting tonight, so I’ll tell you afterwards.

Styles: Ok, thanks Jeff, don’t worry this won’t take long

(They shake hands and Jarrett wishes AJ good luck)


(‘I am’ is on as we return to the Impact Zone and the crowd is chanting: AJ! AJ! AJ!)

Mike Tenay: Welcome back to Impact on Spike, in the past few weeks Sting and AJ Styles have had some very, very bad blood

(Video plays showing the events of the past few weeks leading up this beef between AJ Styles and Sting, focusing on AJ’s pele kick at Sacrifice, Sting’s attack on AJ after the match, the trash talk at the beginning of the last Impact and AJ’s interference in Sting’s match with Rhino)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the TNA Legend’s Title, entering the ring from Gainsville, Georgia, standing five feet, eleven inches tall, and weighing 215 pounds, representing the TNA Frontline, he is the TNA Legends Champion, ‘The Phenomenal’ AJ Styles!

(The crowd is still going nuts for AJ as Sting’s music comes on and he enters the Impact to a mix reaction of cheers and boos, mostly boos)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent, the challenger, fighting out of Venice Beach, California, standing six feet, two inches tall, weighing 250 pounds, ‘The Icon’ Sting.

TNA Legends Title Match: AJ Styles vs. Sting

Sting and AJ immediately clinch up and Sting, Sting overpowers AJ and forces him to the corner of the ring, Sting than throws some elbows to the stomach of AJ Style, he follows up by shooting off the ropes and going for a Stinger splash, AJ moves out of the way and than rolls up Sting, but he immediately kicks out. AJ throws a couple punches than shoots off the ropes and does flying head kick that rocks Sting, AJ gets on the top rope and as Sting gets up, flying cross body, AJ covers than he hooks the legs and covers 1……..2……… shoulder up. AJ shoots off the ropes, for a hurricanirana, but Sting catches him with his legs around his neck, Sting than piledriives AJ to the ground and than covers 1….kick out. Sting slaps AJ than kicks him in the stomach and they clinch-up and Sting begins to drop elbows to the ribs and back area of AJ Styles, Sting throws AJ into the turn buckle, Stinger splash! He pulls AJ his knees and than applies a rear naked choke to AJ, AJ manages to get to the ropes but he is tired as hell and can barely get to his feet. Sting kicks him in the stomach than rolls up AJ, 1….2… kick out. AJ is obviously hut and so Sting begins to punch his ribs than sets him up for a powerbomb, AJ ducks under and than goes to roll-up Sting, but Sting grabs the rope right away, AJ shoots off the ropes than goes for a head but Sting ducks under than picks AJ up and looks he’s going for a death valley driver, AJ gets out than shoots off the ropes but Sting catches him for a suplex. AJ lands on his back and is in a ton of pain, Sting covers…1…….2….. shoulder up. Sting stands over AJ yells just quit, punk, you’re done. Sting begins to tee of AJ, than throws him into the turnbuckle, Stinger splash, no! AJ gets to the center of the ring, Sting comes after him, pele. Sting is done. AJ covers, 1….2….Sting gets the shoulder up. AJ can’t believe it. He gets him down between his legs for the Styles Clash, Sting manages to get out but AJ, AJ is going for a pele, Sting catches him, back-breaker AJ throws a big right hand in pain, Sting catches it and then throws AJ into a turnbuckle, STINGER SPLASH! AJ follows off into Sting’s grip, SCORPIAN DEATH DROP! He covers….1……..2…….3….. Sting is the new Legends Champion

Winner and New TNA Legends Champion: Sting

AJ lays in the ring grabbing his midsection, Rhino comes out to check on him as Sting has an evil smile on his face, holding the Legends Belt over his head on the entrance ramp

Mike Tenay: And there it is, Sting cashes in on his garuntee to defeat AJ Styles tonight and take his Legends Belt in revenge for costing him his title shot last week and he is the new TNA Legends Champion.

Don West: Yeah, but let’s be honest, the punk AJ Styles needed to be put in his place, he’s a talented guy but he didn’t know his place and now that belt is going to a true wrestling legend, the Icon Sting

Tenay: Needed to be put in his place what are you talking about? Sting talked about him getting kicked out of the house, he had it coming.

West: AJ got was coming to him

Tenay: Jeremy Borash is back in Mick Foley’s office

JB: Mick, before I ask you about your match coming up tonight with Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley you came out to stop Scott Steiner’s beat down with a led pipe on Samoa Joe, I think everyone knows why you saved Joe, your well documented relationship with the young guys, but how is Joe doing?

Foley: Joe is fine, just a few bruises from Steiner’s pipe, but you know what my bigger issue is another beat down at the hands of a member of the Main Event Mafia. Scotty, it’s good to know your back and medically cleared to wrestle again, because AJ Styles may have lost his Legend’s Title earlier tonight and I know he’s just aching to get back in the ring, so if he’s medically cleared next week, Scott you’re going to face a really pissed off Phenomenal AJ Styles next week in a King of the Mountain Qualifier in next week’s Impact Main Event.

JB: Now, Mick thanks for that huge announcement about next week’s Impact now you’re match tonight with Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley…

(Jim Cornette comes into the room)

Cornette: Mick, You know you don’t have to do this, look I’ve been talking to the guys in the back and one of your young guns Jay Lethal volunteered more than anyone else to be in the match, he wants face Shelley at all costs, plus you’d be another old guy past his prime in that ring, letting Jay wrestle tonight is giving a chance to a young guy, it makes a bigger statement than you wrestling, please Mick hear me out.

Foley: That was a well thought out plan Cornette, but honestly I have no interest in it what so ever, you honestly expect me to lock Jay Lethal in a cage with Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley that is asking for a Mafia hit you know, look Cornette if I was going to do the smart thing Lethal would’ve been put in this match a week ago after I hit Kurt over the head with a chair, I’m getting in that cage tonight and I will defeat Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley, I’ll apologize on your behalf to Jay Lethal and I’ll find a way to make it up to him but I’m getting in that cage and than I’m to teach Kurt Angle a lesson at Slammiversery!

(Foley storms out of the office)

JB: Mr. Cornette is there anything else you want to say?

Cornette: (sigh) Good luck tonight Mick, that’s all I can say

(We now return inside the Impact Zone)

Mike Tenay: Mick Foley confident that he will win his Impact debut tonight when he faces Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley in the six sides of steel, plus he announced the major main event for next week’s Impact between Scott Steiner of the Main Event Mafia and AJ Styles of the TNA Frontline and it will be a King of the Mountain Qualifier. When we return from the break it’ll be a knockouts triple threat with whoever gets pinned being eliminated from the Knockouts Title chase, that is next!


(All the entterances played over the break and the bell rings right as we return to Impact!)

Knockouts Title Shot Chase Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde vs. Sojourner Bolt

Taylor slides out of the ring as Sojo and Kong stair each other down, Sojo tries to clinch with Kong, but Kong kicks her in the stomach and looks like she’s going for an awesome bomb but Sojo escapes betweem her legs, Taylor slides back into the ring and than goes for a German Suplex, she bridges it, 1… shoulder up. Sojo throws a big right hand at Taylor, Taylor ducks under and rolls up Sojo for a two. Taylor throws Sojo out of the ring than frog splashes her over the top rope. Sojo lays on the ground in pain and Kong grabs her by the hair and throws her into the ring and covers for a two count. Sojo tires to get out of the ring, but Kong grabs her hair than does a bridging German Suplex for a two count and Sojo kicks out than he tries to get out of the ring again and does this time but this time Taylor starts punching her outside of the ring, Sojo throws Taylor into the guard rail and then throws her back into the ring, Kong is gone at this point from the ring, Taylor tries to get up but Sojo DDT’s her, than Sojo climbs the top rope and it looks she’s going to go from the top rope on Taylor, but she stands on top of the turnbuckle bragging and talking shit than Kong comes into the ring before she could hit Taylor. Kong grabs Sojo from the top rope and it’s the IMPLANT BUSTER!!! Kong covers Sojo, 1….2….3.

Winner: Awesome Kong, Sojourner Bolt is eliminated from the chase.

Mike Tenay: Well there you go, Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde in a Top Contender’s Match next week, now we go backstage to JB who outside Jim Cornette’s office.

(JB is outside Jim Cornette’s office where Sheik Abdul-Bashir is yelling at Cornette’s door)

Sheik: Cornette! Cornette! Open the door! Open the Fucking Door Cornette!

Cornette: Wait a minute, I’m busy

Sheik: Cornette, you better not be beating off or doing something retarded in their, open the God Damn Door

Cornette: Fine, what do you want?

Sheik: I want to know why the hell Homicide got the X Division Title shot this week and not me, I eliminated him at Sacrifice, there is no way in hell he should’ve got that title shot over me.

Cornette: Yeah he should’ve, he never got his one-on-one rematch with Kaz who took his belt at Lockdown, he was the right, as every champion does to have a one-on-one rematch with the guy who took his belt it’s every champ’s contract.

Sheik: That doesn’t make up for the fact that I eliminated him in the Five-Way at Sacrifice, I deserve a title shot and I better get it next week, Cornette, you it to me.

Cornette: No, Sheik, you can’t have a shot next week you need to earn it.

Sheik: This is bullshit Cornette, is it because of where I’m from….

(Jeff Jarrett walks into the room)

Jarrett: Jim, I know Homicide is entitled to an singles match re-match with Kaz, but Sheik eliminated him at Sacrifice, you kind of screw him.

Cornette: Jeff, what are you doing…

Jarrett: Making things right, now Sheik to make it up to you I’ve got the ultimate opportunity, I’ve got a special match for you next week, Sheik.

Sheik: It better be a Title Shot against Kaz next week, or no deal.

Jarrett: Oh, sorry I was going to offer a shot against myself in a King of the Mountain Qualifier and if you won you get a Heavyweight Title shot at Slammiversery.

Sheik: Deal, you better be ready Jarrett or else/

(Back to the Impact Zone)

Mike Tenay: There you go, you heard it hear first Jeff Jarrett one-on-one with Sheik Abdul-Bashir next week.

Don West: Leave to Jeff Jarrett to book a match like that against an X Division guy I know Sheik is a great guy but this really low brow from Jeff Jarrett. At least Mick Foley but himself in with some really tough talent, a seven foot monster and the best young star in the game.

Tenay: Lauren is now backstage with the TNA Tag Team Champions, the Motor City Machine Guns.

(We now appear backstage with Lauren Brooks who is standing with the Motor City Machine Guns)

Lauren: Thanks, Mike now I’m hearing with the the TNA Tag Team Champions the Motor City Machine Guns, but obviously the biggest story tonight is Alex Shelley and your match with “the Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley and “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash of the Main Event Mafia in a steel cage match, what’s…..

(Shelley cuts her off)

Shelley: Look screw Nash, I don’t care about him if there for me to pin than he’s going to lose but I want Foley gone and tonight I will end his career and possibly his life if he pisses me off enough in that cage. I’ve been waiting for this for eight months, eight months of jokes about wearing a turkey costume and getting double arm DDT’d by an old man like Mick Foley and tonight in the six sides of steel I get my revenge. The only joke will be the ones made about how Mick Foley went out, losing to not only a tag team Champion but a future World Champion who climbed the ladder and became King of the Mountain in his hometown of Detroit at Slammiversery. Tonight Mick, your career ends in that steel cage, I promise.

Lauren: Now while I have you guys here I wanted to ask you about the challenge Team 3D issued to you last week, they wanted to face you in Detroit but you turned them down, why?

(Chris Saban takes the mic from Shelley and begins to talk)

Saban: You see Lauren, it’s simple really, Alex is going to King of the Mountain and if we expected the challenge than it would me vs. Ray and Devon and honestly I think Ray alones weighs twice as much as me I really, as talented as I am couldn’t beat both of them in a handicap match, so if they want they can have us when ever, just not at Slammiversery because that is night the Guns get their first World Heavyweight Title when Alex Shelley becomes King of the Mountain.

Lauren: Thanks, guys good luck tonight Alex

Shelley: Trust me, I won’t need luck.

(We now go behind the stands where JB is with Kevin Nash and Kurt Angle)

JB: Kevin tonight you face Mick Foley in the six sides of steel but early tonight you tried to talk Foley out of wrestling the match, why?

Nash: I was just trying to talk some sense into a crazy old man, but I guess he wants to learn the hard way what myself and the Main Event Mafia is cable of and I guess that’s fine, all Foley has done is get in the way of the Mafia any way and tonight it ends, because he very well could die in that Cage on my behalf.

JB: Kurt, will you be accompanying Kevin to ringside?

Angle: Of course I will and if Foley pulls any crap tonight I will be there to personally give him the beatdown he has coming to him, Foley this beyond Mafia and Front at this point, it’s personal! Mick, winner or lose tonight, you better hope you get out of that cage otherwise, your career and possibly your life will be over, there will be no Slammiversery for you there will simply be you lying in your hospital bed watching me become the King of the Mountain.

JB: Ok strong words there from the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, we sent it back in to Mike and Don because the main event is about to begin.

(We enter the Impact Zone with the Motor City Machine Guns music on and tons of boos in the Impact Zone!)

Ring Announcer: This is a steel cage match and a King of the Mountain qualifier you can win by escaping the cage, pinfall, or submission. Entering the ring first standing five feet, ten inches tall weighing 205 pounds, he is one half of the TNA World Tag Team Champions accompanied to the ring by Chris Saban, from Detroit, Michigan, Alex Shelley.

(The Main Event Mafia’s music comes on to a huge amount of boos as Kevin Nash walks into the arena with Kurt Angle)

Ring Announcer: And his first opponent entering the ring from Detroit, Michigan standing seven feet tall weighing 305 pounds accompanied to the ring by the TNA World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, representing the Main Event Mafia, “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash.

(Now the crowd goes nuts as Mick Foley walks into the Impact with his music on, he stands outside of the cage for a while and just looks at it)

Ring Announcer: And his final opponent from Long Island, New York standing six foot, four inches tall weighing 280 pounds, representing the TNA Frontline, he is the TNA Executive Shareholder “The Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley!!!!!

(The crowd begins to chant, Foley, Foley! Foley!)


King of the Mountain Qualifier –Steel Cage Match: Mick Foley vs. Kevin Nash vs. Alex Shelley

Shelley goes straight for Foley grabbing his head and slamming it into the cage multiple times, Shelley than rolls up Foley but immediately kicks up, Shelley begins to throw body kicks and weaken Foley’s mid-section, Shelley shot off the ropes and kicks Foley in the head, Foley tries to get away from Shelley than punches him in the face, but from the corner of his eyes he sees Nash trying to climb the cage, Foley grabs his leg and tries to pull him down, Shelley begins to climb the cage on the other side putting Foley in a tough spot, Foley throws Nash’s leg to the ground than runs across the ring and gets Shelley on his shoulders he goes to throw him down but Shelley grabs the back of Foley’s jacket that he got from Brother Ray before Genesis, and tries to roll up Foley but Foley immediately grabs the ropes Shelley kicks Foley in the stomach and DDT’s him, Shelley covers but Kevin Nash steps on Shelley to get him off, Shelley begins to yell in the face of Nash and Nash punches him in the face, Shelley shoots off the ropes but Nash just knocks him down. He than picks up Shelley and goes for a jack-knife power he gets Shelley up than Foley rolls up Nash as Shelley comes down hard. Foley gets a two count before Nash kicks out. Nash throws a big right hand than Foley ducks under and charges into Shelley on the other side of the ring. Than as he turns around to go back at Nash, Kevin punches him in the face and sets him up for the jack knife power bomb and hits it he covers 1…..2….Shelley elbow drops from the top rope and breaks it up, but he’s still holding on to Nash, he rolls up Nash, 1…kick out. Shelley throws a big right but Nash catches it and than uses a spine buster on Shelley, he wants to tries to go for another power bomb but Shelley hooks on to Nash for a single leg takedown. Foley comes from behind and gets a German suplex on Shelley and then throws a right cross at Kevin Nash and begins to jab at his stomach. Foley shoots off the ropes and knocks down Nash than as he stands up hits him with a big right cross, Foley covers for a two count than Nash kicks out. Foley positions him in the corner than runs across the ring for and goes for a cross body block, but Nash kicks his foot into Foley’s face. As Nash is about to go for a power bomb he sees Shelly trying to climb the cage. Nash grabs Shelley and looks his he’s going to take Shelley down for a power bomb right there but Shelley carefully moves and gets on Nash’s back as he applies the rear naked choke and they fall to the ground, Nash looks like he might tab out but than Foley kicks Shelley in the back of the head than begins to stomp on Shelley but Shelley grabs his leg and turns into an ankle lock Foley rolls out of that and ran tries to punch Shelley but Shelley blocks it than follows up with a codebreaker on Foley, Shelley covers 1….2. Shelley gets up and charges into Kevin Nash who knocks Shelley down Shelly gets and kicks Nash in the face than he throws into the corner of the ring so he can use a sliced bread No. 2 which he hits with success, he covers 1…..2… Foley breaks up the pin, Foley throws a big right hand but Shelley ducked under and than threw Foley into the cage and than ran him into the corner for what was looking a sliced bread No. 2, but Foley turned around with a huge elbow that hurt Shelley than he hit the Double Armed DDT the same one he landed on Thanksgiving. Foley hooks his leg. 1……..2……..3. Mick Foley wins against the odds

Winner and Advancing to the King of the Mountain Match: Mick Foley via pinfall on Alex Shelley

After the match, Foley celebrates by starring right at Kurt Angle and pointing to the belt, Angle gets pissed and enters the cage, Nash holds Foley in the corner as Angle starts to punch him. The crowd goes nuts as Rhino runs into the cage and hits a gore on Kurt Angle and Kevin Nash grabs Angle and runs. Foley has mic

Foley: Kurt, you see, that is why you don’t fucking mess with the TNA Frontline!

Rhino: And at Slammiversery Kurt, the belt will be with the Frontline where it belongs!

(Rhino and Foley raise each others arms in the ring and celebrate a huge victory for the Frontline)

Tenay: That’s all we have for you tonight on Impact but what a huge night it was, Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, and ‘The War Machine’ Rhino were joined in the King of the Mountain Match by Samoa Joe and Mick Foley, plus Sting was crowned new Legends’ Champion as he beat AJ Styles.

Tenay: And next week it has been announced that there will be two King of the Mountain Qualifiers next week, Jeff Jarrett vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir and Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles. Join us next week from the Impact Zone in Orlando Florida.

Quick Results
- Kaz def. Homicide to retain X Division Title
- Matt Morgan def. Abyss in Handicapped Weapons Match (Only Morgan cold use weapons
- Samoa Joe def. Booker T in a King of the Mountain Qualifier
- Sting def. AJ Styles to become new TNA Legends Champion
- Awesome Kong pinned Sojourner Bolt to eliminate her for the Knockout’s Title Chase
- Mick Foley def. Kevin Nash and Alex Shelley in a steel match KOTM Qualifier

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T

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Re: TNA My Way

IMPACT! Preview

On the next Impact! How will Kurt Angle and the rest of the Main Event Mafia react to Mick Foley winning his King of the Mountian Qualifier in the Six Sides of Steel last week. Angle and Kevin Nash attacked Foley in the cage last week after Foley's match, will Angle go at it with Rhino who gored him after the match?

Speakibg of the Main Event Mafia, the Mafia's hitman Scott Steiner retruned last week to attack Samoa Joe last week after Joe's victory over Booker T. Will Joe be at the Impact Zone? Whether Joe is there or not Steiner will be in action for the first time since Sacrifice when he faces Front Line leader AJ Styles. Styles lost his Legends Title to Sting, but he has his on the TNA Heavyweight Title at Slammiversery. This is a King of the Mountain Qualifier.

Also in the other King of the Mountain Qualifier, The King of the Mountain himself Jeff Jarrett will make his return to the ring for the first time since Kurt Angle attacked him in the cage at Lockdown. He'll face the leader of the Anti-American Alliance, former X Division Champion Sheik Abdul-Bashir. Bashir demand a chance after being passed for a X Diviision Title shot last week, Jarrett gave him the ultimate chance will he cash in?

Also: British newcomer Doug Williams will make his debut against Eric Young and TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Guns will face Japenese Tag Team No Limit in non-title action


Last week on Impact Jeff Jarrett said he made a few moves and addtions to the roster. Word is Jarrett has signed two former TNA Champions, one of which as Jarrett mentioned will face Brutas Magnus on Impact!, and a former WWE Champion of some short. All three could me making appreances on the next Impact!

Also, Christy Hemmie is fully recovered from her neck surgery and will be retruning very soon.

Check out the next Impact

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T
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Re: TNA My Way

I think your use of color in the opening show makes it hard to read! It's all over the place. You need to work on that! As I said earlier, I'm trying to invest in another TNA BTB, so I may hit you up with a review man.

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Re: TNA My Way

IMPACT 6/11/09

Impact Opening Video

Mike Tenay: Hello everyone welcome back to the Impact Zone in Orlando for another addition of TNA Impact! Tonight we have two King of the Mountain Qualifiers but first the Main Event Mafia wants to speak out on their actions last week when they attacked Samoa Joe and Mick Foley after their victories in King of the Mountain Qualifiers.

(The Main Event Mafia’s music comes on and they enter the Impact Zone and get it the ring, the crowd boos, Kurt Angle is holding a mic)

Angle: You see I’m the TNA Heavyweight Champion, have been since Destination X, will be as long I’m here.

(Crowd Begins to Chant: You Suck! You Suck!)

Angle: See, you say I suck but honestly I’m better than all of you none of you guys have done anything with your life. I’ve won an Olympic Gold Medal, I’m a 12 time World Champion, I’m a two time ammeter wrestling champion, I brought together the greatest faction of wrestlers ever to come together What have you done? Nothing, absolutely nothing, you pay money to come here watch us and than try to find things wrong with us so you make yourselves feel better.

(The Boos are getting louder)

Angle: So what do you do to try and make my life worse? You click on to guys who are out to get the people you don’t like. That’s why you love Rhino, Mick Foley, Samoa Joe, and AJ Styles.

(Crowd starts to chant TNA! TNA!)

Angle: News flash! We’re better than them! I’m heavyweight champ not AJ Styles, Joe may have beat Book last week but Scottie got the last laugh, Kevin Nash was dominating Mick Foley before Alex Shelley screwed things for him. You see were the best no one can stop us we’re the best. We have one belt the Frontline has none. You see we’re dominating TNA, the Frontline has no chance

(Rhino’s music comes on and it gets a huge pop in the Impact Zone!)

Rhino: You’re winning the war? You’re dominating TNA really because if you look at the King of the Mountain match it look likes it’s Frontline three, Mafia two. Which will be Frontline five after Jeff Jarrett and AJ Styles win tonight.

Scott Steiner: No way AJ wins tonight, you saw what I did to Joe last week, huh? Did yeah, I know you did Rhino and guess what Rhino, what I’m going to do to AJ will make what I did to Joe look harmless. You don’t mess what with Big Poppa Pump especially when he’s in a bad mood, so AJ if you’re in the back listening, I don’t care if your ribs are hurting, after tonight they will be broken. Then at King of the Mountain I will take out Samoa Joe for good and if I win the belt so be it, as long as it stays in the family.

Rhino: Congrats on an attempted badass speech, but Scott I don’t want to talk to you and I want to talk to Kurt and his domination claims, because if I remember right last week in that cage I gored you in the center of the ring. Mick and Joe won their KOTM qualifiers, I won mine, other than Lashley who else has won a qualifier from the Mafia? No one! Kurt all you’ve done in the last two week is get beat around the Impact Zone by Samoa Joe and have your head bashed in my Mick Foley

Angle: I’m about to do something to you, right here right now, me and you Rhino tonight.

Rhino: Bring it on, me you and tonight, I will destroy you,

(Mick Foley’s music comes on and the crowd begins to chant Foley! Foley! Angle is obviously not happy to see Foley)

Foley: Once again, Rhino booking matches on my show again, I thought we talked about this, but either way you’re a smart match booker. Not only will you face Kurt Angle his title will be on the line, if Rhino wins Angle will take his place in the King of the Mountain, if Angle wins everything is the same.

(Angle is shocked and begins to yell at Foley)

Angle: What you can’t do this Foley I swear you’re out to get and weakening me up for King of the Mountain, this is a biased.

Foley: Unless anyone who isn’t in the Main Event Mafia has a problem with this, I’m going to make this official…

(LAX’s music comes on and everyone is confused as Homicide and Hernandez walk out)

Hernandez: Sorry Rhino, I really am, but you will not be facing Kurt Angle for the title tonight, because I’m holding this Feast or Fired briefcase right here, the only one not to be cashed in yet and that entitles me to a TNA World Heavyweight Title Shot when ever I want and I believe I want that match tonight, so I was going to come out here and tell you to get ready, put your wrestling gear on, etc. Than you reminded me that you’re a 13 time world champion, an Olympic Gold Medalist, and a two ammeter champion, so get me a God damn ref, Kurt, you got me right now, but being as good as you are I’m sure wearing a suit won’t be a problem.

(Angle and looks stunned as he takes off his jacket and shirt)

TNA World Heavyweight Title Match: Kurt Angle vs. Hernandez

They stair each other down then they lock up, Hernandez throws Angle across the ring and off the ropes. He hits Angle with a clothesline, Hernandez shoots off the ropes and clotheslines Angle again he stands up. Hernandez sets Angle up for the border toss but Angle escapes and rolls up Hernandez, 1…2… kick out. Hernandez begins to go after Angle with a series of clotheslines. Angle throws a few chops and then whips Hernandez into the turnbuckle where he hits him with a cross body block, Angle sets up the Angle Slam but he can’t pick up Hernandez who hits Angle with a back breaker. He then kicks Angle in the stomach and puts him between his legs, Border Toss!!!! Angle rolls out of the ring to avoid being pinned. Hernandez begins to yell at Angle to get back in the ring, the ref also tells Angle to get in the ring but Bobby Lashley and Kevin Nash begin to yell at the ref so he can’t see what’s going on. On the other side of the ring Booker T begins to beat on Homicide, Hernandez leaves the ring to save his partner, Hernandez saves Homicide from Booker T but as he turns around Scott Steiner hits him over the head with a chair and slides him under the ropes, Angle comes back into the ring, ANGLE SLAM. 1….2…3

Winner and Still TNA World Heavyweight Champion: Kurt Angle

Mike Tenay: Well there you go TNA fans, Hernandez suprises everyone by cashing in his Feast or Fired case for a TNA Heavyweight Title Shot which was dominating, until the Main Event Mafia attacked his partner in the LAX Homicide and then hit Hernandez with a chair allowing Angle to hit an Angle slam and retains his title by dirty menas, my question is how will Mick Foley re-action to this?

Don West: What do you mean dirty means, just because Kurt Angle had help, you don’t realize how close of a family the Mafia is, they do whatever it takes to win, you need to realize that when you face Kurt Angle, you face the whole Main Event Mafia.

Mike Tenay: Are you kidding, you face the whole Mafia? Really Don? I believe that entitled him to a match with Kurt Angle, not Scott Steiner, Booker T, Kevin Nash, Bobby Lashley, and Kurt Angle.

Don West: Mike will you quit dodging the subject of the Mafia’s greatness

Mike Tenay: Whatever, we now send it backstage to Lauren Brooks who is Taylor Wilde who will face Awesome Kong in a Knockouts top contenders match coming up very soon.

(We on appear backstage where Lauren Brooks is with Taylor Wilde)

Lauren: Taylor, tonight you face Awesome Kong is a Knockout’s division top contenders match, but the bigger story is the past few weeks in the this Knockouts Title Chase you’ve been working with Kong in the chase, are you guys friends now, this is a mutual respect thing, will effect your match with Kong tonight?

Taylor: Yeah it’s true I’ve been working with Kong, it’s not because we’re friends, we aren’t friends we just have a common enemy. We both hate Angelina Love and the Beautiful People, and we decided that not does some have to beat Angelina and take her title they have to teach her a lesson and we’d be the best people to teach her a lesson. Sojo just wants the title and Daffney is a freak. So tonight either myself or Kong will get the chance to teach Angelina a lesson at Slammiversery.

Lauren: Can you beat Kong?

Taylor: Can I beat Kong? Of course I can beat Kong, I beat her to become Knockouts champion, I beat countless times defending my title, now title I will beat her to become top contender.

Lauren: Thanks Taylor good luck tonight

(We return to the Impact Zone where Kong’s music is on as she is walking down the entrance ramp)

Ring Announcer: Now entering the ring from Tokyo, Japan standing six feet, one inch tall weighing 272 pounds, she is the former Knockouts Champion, Awesome Kong!!!!

(Taylor Wilde’s music comes on and gets a massive pop)

Ring Announcer: Entering the ring from Toronto, Ontario Canada, she is also a former Knockouts champion, Taylor Wilde.

Mike Tenay: Here we go, Taylor Wilde vs. Awesome Kong winner faces Angelina Love for a title shot.

Knockouts Title Top Contenders Match: Awesome Kong vs. Taylor Wilde

Taylor and Kong clinch up, Kong is obviously stronger than Taylor and throws her into the ropes, Taylor shoots off into a Kong clothesline. Kong slaps across the face, then shoots off the ropes and spears Taylor, she covers 1….2…. some how Taylor kicks out. Kong shoots off the ropes and kicks Taylor in the face as she stands up. Kong covers, 1…2.. shoulder up. Kong shoots off the ropes and Taylor ducks under the her clothesline Taylor does a jumping face kick on Kong, she covers, 1..kick out. Kong kicks Taylor in the face and sets her up for the Awesome Bomb, Taylor escapes and rolls up Kong, 1…2… kick out. Taylor grabs Kong from behind and is trying for a German Suplex on Kong but just can’t throw back him, Kong elbows Taylor in the side of the head and than throws her off the ropes than grabs her head under her arm and suplexes her, Taylor gets up and Kong throws a big overhand right that Taylor ducks under, followed by a failed clothesline attempt that Taylor also ducks under, Taylor follows up by kicking Kong in the face and she is down and possibly out, Taylor goes to the top rope looking to finish this, oh but Kong gets up and grabs Taylor by the head, that leads to a suplex off the top rope, Kong covers 1……2……3…. Kong faces Angelina Love at Slammiversery

Winner and receiving the Knockouts Title Shot at Slammiversery: Awesome Kong

(Jim Cornette runs out with a piece of paper as the crowd boos)

Cornette: Kong this here is a contract for you to sign making your title match with Angelina Love at Slammiversery official.

(Kong takes the paper and is about to pen the on it when Christy Hemme’s music comes on)

Mike Tenay: What’s this, Christy Hemme!!!!

(Christy Hemme returns to TNA holding a mic for the first time since January)

Hemme: Woo there Cornette why is…that getting a title shot before me, because back in January I was top contender before my neck injury and since I was gone for a few monthes you started this title chase which is all fun and good expect, where’s my title shot Cornette? I expect that I should be getting one over Kong, if that means me vs. Angelina next week than when I beat her me vs. Kong at Slammiversery, ok. I want my shot Cornette.

Cornette: I’m sorry Christy there’s really nothing I can do..

Hemme: What do you mean theres nothing I you do you’re the GM you can do whatever you want, you can’t tell me I can’t have my shot on Impact next week.

(An unfamiliar music comes on and everyone seems confused as THE FORMER WWE WOMENS CHAMPION! Victoria comes out, Hemme and Kong both look confused)

Cornette: Aah yes, ladies and viewers this is the newest Knockout signed to TNA the former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria.

Hemme: And what does she have to do with me and my title shot

Kong: Your title shot? I won the chase

Victoria: Neither of you deserve this title shot, Hemme your just a slutty Playboy whore who put up a decent match again that freak, once. See I came from the WWE fought the best there was there, that is more than all of the whores here. I deserve a title a shot on resume alone.

Hemme: You got to kidding me, Kong deserves this shot more than you, she actually did something, you’ve done here. Screw the WWE, this is TNA the title shot is mine.

Victoria: Why because you put up a fight with that, you got lucky.

Cornette: I have an idea to resolve this, Kong you will face Angelina Love at Slammiversery when you put your on that paper.

(Hemme and Victoria are both in shock and begin to scream at Cornette)

Cornette: Now ladies wait I have a deal for you to too, Christy you think you deserve a title shot because you were top contender before you got hurt, Victoria your resume speaks for itself it’s oblivious how we should settle this, Christy Hemme you will Victoria at Slammiversery in her TNA debut as your first match back from neck surgery and it’ll be number one contenders match!!!

(Victoria nods her head at Hemme and than lips “bring it on bitch”)

Mike Tenay: There you go two matches added to Slammiversery, Awesome Kong vs. Angelina Love for the Knockouts Title and Christy Hemme faces former WWE Women’s Champion Victoria as she makes her TNA debut. Now let’s send it to JB who is backstage with Jeff Jarrett.

(We now flip to Jeremy Borash who is Jeff Jarrett’s office where he is standing in his wrestling gear)

JB: Jeff Jarrett you face Sheik Abdul-Bashir later tonight in a King of the Mountain Qualifier, my question is why Sheik? Yes, he’s a former X Division Champion but is really the best choice of an opponent for yourself a lot of people are claiming that you are just putting yourself in an easy match so you could get into the King of the Mountain. Is this true

Jarrett: Of course it’s not JB, see I’m about giving opportunities, I want give the X Division guys there chance to shine in the Main Event and I’m giving one who didn’t get an X Division Title Shot that he deserved a bigger shot, is that a problem JB… Plus it got him to shut up about not getting that shot.

JB: You’re giving the possibility of a title shot so you could shut his mouth.

Jarrett: Yes, but he’s been a good talent for here and he deserves a shot

JB: Ok now to the topic of the signings you made, you mentioned to AJ Styles last week that TNA has signed a former TNA Champion back to the company and he faces Brutas Magnus later tonight is that still true

Jarrett: Yes it, coming up later tonight a former TNA Champion who I’m sure you’ll want to see back faces Brutus Magnus.

JB: Than it was reported that you made not only that signing but two others. Another returning former TNA Champion and a former WWE Champion. I’m assuming Victoria was the former WWE Champion?

Jarrett: Yep and I don’t know if we’ll see the former TNA Champion tonight but he could be on the Pay-Per-View in a couple weeks.

JB: Thanks Jeff good luck tonight against Sheik Abdul-Bashir

JB: Back to you Mike.

Teany: Here comes our next match featuring Brutus Magnus and a former TNA Champion of some sort.

West: This former champ better not expect anything easy, because the Modern Day Gladiator could destroy

Tenay: Magnus has done nothing here, this a former

(Brutus Magnus music comes on before West can respond)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall entering the ring first from England, he is the modern day Gladiator Brutus Magnus!!)

(The crowd boos very loudly)

(Christopher Daniels music comes to a massive pop and the crowd begins to chant: Fallen Angel! Fallen Angel!)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from the City of Angels, “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels!!!!

Christopher Daniels vs. Brutus Magnus

Magnus shoots off the ropes and goes for a carbon footprint, Daniels ducks under than kicks Magnus in the face. Daniels gets on the top ropes and Magnus stands up but Daniels go up the top rope and hits a flying hurricanrona, Daniels goes off the ropes attempting the Greats Moonsalt Ever, Magnus catches him than does a back breaker followed by a cover, 1…..2… Daniels gets the shoulder up. Magnus hits Daniels in the jaw and begins to taunt him but as he’s taunting he rolls up Magnus, 1……2…. kick out. Daniels throws a right hand and lands it, Magnus throws a chop, Daniels blocks than kicks Magnus in the stomach, he takes him down for an Angel’s Wings, Magnus picks him and gets him on his shoulders for a tourmentum, Daniels manages to get off he shoots off the ropes than kicks him in the face, the brings him down, ANGELS WINGS! Daniels thinks about covering than he asks the crowd, moonsalt? They begin to chant Fallen Angel!! GREATEST MOONSALT EVER! He hooks the leg into a cover, 1……2…..3..

Winner: Christopher Daniels

(Daniels grabs a mic and is going to make his return speech)

Daniels: Did you like that TNA fans!!!!

(The crowd gives him a massive pop and chants: Fallen Angle! Fallen Angel!!)

Daniels: Well, guess I’m back and I’m here to stay, over a year ago I won a Feast or Fired match but got the fired case, for around a year and a half I wrestled at every indy show imaginable and was payed in barely enough to pay the rent. What did this teach me? You can’t wait for everything to come to you, you have to go and get that’s why I’m hear to put on a show for you guys and to be the best and win the TNA Heavyweight Title.

(The Crowd cheers insanely loud)

Daniels: You see I’m waiting for Victory Road or later in the summer, I’m not going to go for broke and wait for Feast or Fired, I want it now. So I believe there are two more KOTM Qualifiers tonight than one next week with no one booked in it. Well Jeff Jarrett, Jim Cornette, Mick Foley whoever, I want to be in that match.

(Jeff Jarrett’s music comes on and he walks onto the entrance ramp in his wrestling gear with a mic)

Jarrett: Chris, we do have one person booked in the match and were desperately searching for an opponent worthy of title contention, guess what, I think we found one. So Chris next weeks you’ll face ‘The Blueprint’ Matt Morgan in a King of the Mountain Qualifier.

Daniels: Awesome, Matt Morgan if you’re listening, it aint personal but you’re going down next week on Impact!

(Daniels does on the ramp and shakes Jarrett’s hand, but as they are walking out Sheik Abdul-Bashir runs out with a steel chair and hits Jarrett’s leg than Angle hurt at Lockdown and still wasn’t 100% Daniels through a big right hand at Bashir but Bashir escaped, Daniels calls for the doctors and checks on Jarrett)

Mike Tenay: What an underhanded attack on the TNA founder by Sheik Abdul-Bashir, they are still scheduled to go one-on-one in a King of the Mountain Qualifier later tonight.

Don West: You call it underhanded, I call it stragetic, focus on Jarrett’s weakest body part. It’s genius but leave it Christopher Daniels who shouldn’t even be here seeing as he was FIRED! To stop Sheik’s plan, terrible really.

Tenay: Whatever, JB is backstage in Jim Cornette’s office

JB: Mr. Cornette is the match later tonight between Jeff Jarrett and Sheik Abdul-Bashir still on for later tonight?

Cornette: It’s up Jeff he wants to wrestler tonight, he can wrestle, if his leg is injuried enough that he can’t he won’t and the match will be next week. It’s completely up to him…What are you guys doing here?

(LAX has entered the room)

Hernandez: I’m getting my Feast or Fired Case back right? I was beating Kurt Angle fair and square before his Mafia boys jumped in so he could get the pin.

Cornette: Look Hernandez, I don’t know what to say the ref declared Angle the winner and still champion I can’t just refund Feast or Fired cases, it doesn’t work like that.

Hernandez: You’re the GM you can make it work how ever you want…

(Mick Foley enters the room and cuts off Hernandez)

Foley: May offer up a solution to your problem with your case and the Mafia

Hernandez: I suppose, as long as I get my case back dawg.

Foley: See do to their loses at the hands of myself and Samoa Joe last week Booker T and Kevin Nash have no opponents for Slammiversery and since they obliviously wanted to get involved in your match Hernandez I may have a resolution for you.

Hernandez: And that is?

Foley: Do I have to spell it out for you! You settle it like men in the ring! At Slammiversery you two, the LAX will face Kevin Nash and Booker T of the Main Event Mafia. If you two win Hernandez you get your case back, if they win you don’t.

Hernandez: Fair enough, Kevin, Booker if you’re listening you may not want to show at Slammiversery, because there aint nobody better at playing Mafia than the LAX, you hear me dawgs.

Mike Tenay: There you go TNA Fans at Slammiversery, Homicide and Hernandez, the LAX will face Kevin Nash and Booker T of the Main Event Mafia. If LAX wins Hernandez gets his Feast or Fired Case back. If the Main Event Mafia wins the case is gone forever. Now Lauren is backstage with the TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machine Gins.


Lauren: Thanks Mike, I’m backstage with the Motor City Machine Guns, you guys face the Japenese Tag Team, No Limit in non-title action a lot of people are speculating why you took this match, it’s pretty pointless and does nothing for the title picture. Some think this is just a way for you guys to show off. Is that true

Chris Saban: We took this match for two reasons Lauren, by the way you look hot today.

Lauren: Ummm, thank you

Saban: Now first we want to beat everyone and prove we are better than everyone in TNA, in Japan, you name we want to beat them and we will beat No Limit tonight.

Shelley: Second reason is the things we love, in order: Our Tag Team Titles, Each other, All the women out there who want to bang us, and American. You see No-Limit is part of this Anti-American Alliance and we don’t like people who don’t like America so we’re coming for No Limit tonight to prove why we’re the best and why America is the best.

Lauren: All right thanks guys good luck

TNA Tag Team Champions The Motor City Machines vs. No Limit (Non-Title)

Shelley and Naito begin in the ring they clinch up, Shelley grabs Naito’s arm and turns into an arm lock Naito gets by elbowing Shelley in the stomach, he shoots off the ropes than kicks Shelley in the head. Naito drags Shelley into No Limit’s corner. Naito tags Yujiro than lays Shelley on the ground. Yujiro from the top rope frog splash on Shelley he covers, 1….2… kick out. Shelley tries to get away and to tag in Saban but Yujiro grabs Shelley from behind than hits him with a German Suplex. Than he tags in Naito, Naito uses the ropes for a boost as he hits an elbow drop on Shelley, he than shoots off the ropes and super kicks Shelley in the face, he covers,1…….2……Saban breaks up the pin. Saban goes after Naito and kicks him in the face the ref makes Saban go back his corner, Yujiro goes off the top rope and flies for Saban, bring him the ground. He starts pounding Saban from the mount, Shelley kicks Yujiro in the back and throws him out of the ring, Naito comes charging at Shelley, Shelley ducks under and rolls up Naito, 1……2… kick out. Shelley gets the tag into Saban. Saban goes off the top rope and Torando DDTs Yujiro. Saban covers, 1….2…..shoulder up. Saban picks him and kicks Yujiro in the face. Saban hits a bridging suplex on Yujiro but he gets the shoulder up Saban throws Yujiro off the ropes than slabs him across the face, Saban picks him up for the Cradleshock Naito hits a moonsalt and breaks it up leaving Saban and Yujiro laid out, the ref makes Naito go back into his corner. Yujiro holds Saban down so he can’t get over to Shelley as he tags in Naito. Naito unleashes a series of quick punches and then a spinning back kick, he covers as Saban follows to the ground 1……2….. Shelley breaks the pin up. Than knees Naito in the face, giving Saban time, Saban hits a super kick on Naito he tags in Shelley as Naito standing up Shelley hits a codebreaker, than Saban kicks in the ring and picks up Naito than Shelley goes off the ropes for a Made in Detriot he covers, 1…….2…Saban gets Yujiro out of the way……3.

Winner: The Motor City Machine Guns

The Guns celebrate in the ring and hold their title belts up and wave them around as Team 3D’s music comes on and they walk into the Impact Zone to a massive pop.

Brother Ray: You guys say you’re the best tag in the business and that you could beat everyone in TNA?

Shelley: Of course we could….

Brother Ray: Ok good because I’ve talked to Mick Foley and you guys got your chance to beat everyone, At Slammiversery you guys will defend your titles in a four corner tag match. You opponents will be three sets of former Tag Team Champions, First the Champs from late January through May the team of Jay Lethal and Consequences Creed, Lethal Consequences, the Tag Team Champions for October to January, the team of Robert Roode and James Storm, Beer Money Inc Then the Final team are 21 time tag team champions considered by many the greatest to walk God’s Green earth, ourselves Team 3D.

Shelley: Go fine it’s not like we haven’t beat all of those teams before.

Ray: Now you’re going to beat them all again because not only will be a four corner tag, it’ll be an elimination tag, meaning you’ll have to pin one member of each team to win the match.

Brother Devon: Oh My Brother Testify!!!!!!!!

Ray: And Shelley keep in mind that every team in that ring will be out to get they’re all on our side…..

(Beer Money’s Music comes and they have mic)

Robert Roode: All on your Ray? Beer Money is on nobody’s side. Not only do we hate the Guns because they’re in no way better than us, we hate Lethel Consequences they took are belts with that stupid case, and 3D we hate you almost as much, so if you think we’re going to be on your side at Slammiversery you’re dead wrong.

(Brother Ray looks at Roode in shock and Beer Money begins saying stuff to Team 3D and The Guns)

Mike Tenay: Another huge match for Slammiversery a four corner elimination tag match for the TNA Tag Team Titles, The Motor City Machine Guns defending against Beer Money, Team 3D, and Lethal Consequences at Slammiversery.

Tenay: The next match is supposed to the King of the Mountain Qaulifier between the TNA founder Jeff Jarrett and Sheik Abdul-Bashir. But Sheik attacked Jeff Jarrett’s injured leg with a chair, GM Jim Cornette said it was up to Jarrett if he wrestlers tonight. Lets go to JB who is with Jeff Jarrett

(We flip to JB backstage with Jeff Jarrett)

JB: Jeff the big question is will you wrestle tonight, your match is up next.

Jarrett: Of course I’m going to wrestler JB, I’m not going to wait for next week to kick Sheik’s ass. Sheik I gave you a chance and this how you repay me? By attacking my injured leg! Tonight, I’m going to kill you. Than at Slammiversery I will make sure Kurt Angle doesn’t have the belt after tonight, but first Sheik, you’re finished.

(We return to the Impact Zone with Sheik’s music on)

Ring Announcer: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is a King of the Mountain Qualifier. Entering the ring first from Tehran, Iran standing 5 foot 10 inches tall weighing 215 pounds accompanied to the ring by Kiyoshi Sheik Abdul-Baahir!!

(The Crowd boos Sheik massively but begins to cheer as My World comes on and Jeff Jarrett walks out but isn’t moving that well)

Ring Announcer: Than entering the ring from Nashville, Tennessee standing six feet tall weighing 230 pounds, he the TNA Founder, representing the TNA Frontline, ‘The King of the Mountain’ Jeff Jarrett!!!

King of the Mountain Qualifier: Jeff Jarrett vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Jarrett whips Sheik across the ring and goes from a clothesline, Sheik ducks under and grabs Jarrett from behind, it looks like he’s going for a roll up but instead he holds Jarrett’s legs and repeatedly pounds on Jarrett’s injured leg and just holds on and keeps punching it. Jarrett gets away but pulling up on the ropes. Sheik shoots off and slides at Jarrett’s leg. Jarrett gets out of the ring and Sheik begins a round of punches outside of the ring. Sheik throws Jeff into the guardrail and begins to stomp on the leg of Jarrett. Jarrett tries to pull himself up on the guard rail, Sheik jumps off the turnbuckle and tries for a flying forearm, Jarrett gets out of way and Sheik elbows the guard rail, while Sheik is jumping around in pain as Jarrett slides him under and he covers, 1……2…kick out. Jarrett throws Sheik into the turn buckle than goes off the ropes and goes for and elbow, Sheik gets out of the way and goes for a roll-up on Jarrett 1…shoulder up. Jarrett throws a big right, Sheik blocks it, than hits Jarrett with a chop than kicks him in the chest than sets up the MTD, Jarrett elbows Sheik in the stomach than gets a suxplex, Jarrett covers 1….2..shoulder up, Jarrett begins to pound then he shoots off the ropes but Sheik catches him and hits a spine buster. Sheik kicks Jarrett in the leg then went for an WMD, Jarrett reverses out and goes for a stroke, No Limit runs out and distracts the ref, Kiyoshi punches Jarrett’s leg and Sheik gets free. Sheik throws Jarrett over the ropes and Kiyoshi begins to beat down Jarrett. Sheik slides out and gets Jarrett in ankle lock as Kiyoshi starts to stomp on the leg. Jarrett looks like he will be done but Eric Young runs out and grabs Sheik throws him in the guard rail and begins to stomp on Sheik. Jarrett gets up as Kiyoshi goes after Eric Young, Young has Sheik rattled, Kiyoshi slaps Young, than Jarrett slaps Kiyoshi than hits him with a guitar shot!! Than throws Sheik under the ring, Stroke! 1…..2……3… Jeff Jarrett going to King of the Mountain!

Winner and Moving on to the King of the Mountain: Jeff Jarrett

(After the match Eric Young raises Jeff Jarrett’s arm as Sheik cusses at EY and Jarrett)

Mike Tenay: What a win for Jeff Jarrett and he will move on to King of the Mountain. At Slammiversery, joining Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashley, Rhino, Samoa Joe, and Mick Foley in KOTM.

Don West: That was crap what a dirty victory for Jeff Jarrett, he needed Eric Young to attack Sheik to win.

Tenay: Jarrett was dirty! Sheik attacked Jarrett with a chair and had Kiyoshi beat up Jarrett during the match, Eric Young evened the odds. I’m sure you’ll have some crackpot theory but we’re going to sent it to Abyss’s latest therapy session with Dr. Stevie.

(We flip to Dr. Stevie’s Office where Abyss is sitting on the coach in fear)

Dr. Stevie: Abyss who was your therapy last week against Matt Morgan? Did that beatdown get things into your head that you don’t mess with Dr. Stevie!

Abyss: Yes Dr. Stevie, of course, I’m sorry please, no more beatings, please stop.

Dr. Stevie: As much as I’d like to believe you, how many times have you used weapons, apologized than used weapons again Abyss! Huh, don’t lie Abyss

Dr. Stevie: Here I’ll explain it for you, TOO MANY. So today I brought in a special guest therapist.

(A man with wearing a mask enters the rooms and begins to beat Abyss with a kindo stick, than the man gets a chair and hits Abyss in the back with it and throws Abyss over the couch and hits him with a chair a couple times, the man shakes hands with Dr. Stevie and than takes off the mask and it’s, it’s Raven!!!)

Dr. Stevie: Oh by the way Abyss, you’re a therapy will be finished off at Slammiversery in a Monster’s Ball match, when you face ME! Raven, and a third yet to be figured out opponent.

(We return inside the Impact Zone with Eric Young standing in the center of the ring)

Ring Announcer: And his opponent from England, Doug Williams!!!

Eric Young vs. Doug Williams

They immediately clinch up Young throws Williams into the ropes and than shoots into him and Williams falls over the top rope. Young uses the rope as a boost for a frog splash. Young slides Williams under for a half-assed cover, 1….shoulder up. Young tries to whip Williams across the ring but Williams reverses it and throws EY into the turnbuckle. Williams jump into Young and throws a big knee, he begins to hold on to Eric’s arm than super kicks him instead.. Williams shoots off the ropes and goes flying kick to the face of Young Williams, covers but only gets a two. He throws Young into the corner again jumps on top and begins pounding his face in, Young tries to turn him for a Death Valley driver but can’t so he power bombs him. Young goes to the top rope and hits a frog splash, he hooks both legs. 1……2……3

Winner: Eric Young

(EY grabs a mic as he walks onto the entrance the ramp)

Young: Kaz, I’m coming for you.

(Young throws the mic and walks out)

Mike Tenay: We now send it to JB who is backstage with the New TNA Legend’s Champion, ‘The Icon Sting’

(We now appear backstage where Jeremy Borash is standing with Sting’s who holding the Legend’s Title over his shoulder)

JB: Thanks Mike, I’m here with the new Legend’s Champion Sting, Sting you took the belt from AJ Styles last week.

Sting: Took the belt from AJ! I beat AJ for this belt, I destroyed the “Phenomenal One” That everyone loves so much and they thought I screwed. Open your eyes people, AJ screwed me out of my world title. This may not be the Heavyweight Title but I did take from AJ Styles which makes it that much more special for me.

JB: That leads nicely into my next question, this thing between AJ Styles and yourself is it over now that you won the match and took the belt?

Sting: It depends whether AJ learned about respect through this whole experience, if he stays out of my way, than we’ll be fine, if he sticks his nose where it doesn’t belong than we’ll have issues.

(AJ Styles walks up Sting)

Styles: I couldn’t help but to overhear this interview and I thought about what you said and I decided, it made no sense at all! It was a triple threat match, AJ Styles vs. Sting vs. Kurt Angle, not Sting vs. Kurt Angle and AJ Style’s is Sting’s bitch who can help him out when he gets pinned or gets tired. If that was the case I was unaware, but you know what that doesn’t matter, you beating me last week doesn’t mater, you know why, because I’m going to beat Scott Steiner tonight and than I’m going to win King of the Mountain at Slammiversery.

Sting: You know what AJ, you won’t beat anybody or win anything until someone teaches you a little bit about respect, I thought I did last week but I guess I was wrong.

(Sting walks away)

JB: AJ if you don’t mind I was supposed to interview you next and if you wouldn’t mind…..

Styles: Just ask the questions!

JB: How are your ribs after Sting did a number on them in your match last week?

Styles: They’re ok, I’ve been better. They aint going to stop from wrestling tonight by any stretch of the imagination. People are going through way tougher times than I am right now, I aint going to cry over a few bruised ribs.

JB: What’s your game plan to beat Scott Steiner tonight?

Styles: I’ve beat Scott Steiner so many times since this war started it just comes natural too me.

JB: You have a rematch clause in your contract that get’s a chance to win your Legends’ Title back from Sting, when do you plan on using it?

Styles: I don’t, I plan on beating Scott Steiner and being the King of the Mountain after Slammiversery.

Tenay: After seeing that I appears all the hard feelings between AJ Styles and Sting aren’t gone yet, Lauren is now backstage with Scott Steiner, Style’s opponent in tonight’s main event.

(We now flip backstage where Lauren is with Scott Steiner)

Lauren: Thanks Mike, I’m here with ‘Big Poppa Pump’ Scott Steiner, Scott you attacked Samoa Joe after his victory over Booker T last week, why?

Steiner: It’s simple realty he attacked at Sacrifice after an already brutal match, so I decided to return the favor and attack him, plus he was going after Booker, who is like a brother to me. He’s family and you don’t mess with the family. So at King of the Mountain I don’t even care about winning the title, I care about destroying Samoa Joe and if I win so be it as long as it stays in the family.

Laruen: Tonight you face AJ Styles, Styles has had your number the other times you to have met up on Impact, why will this time be different.

Steiner: I’m angry, AJ won’t like me when I’m angry.

Mike Tenay: Here comes our Main Event with AJ Styles vs. Scott Steiner..

King of the Mountain Qualifier: Scott Steiner vs. AJ Styles

AJ throws a few quick punches than goes off the ropes but is noticeably slower than usual, Steiner catches AJ than goes a belly-to-belly to suplex. AJ grabs his ribs in pain, Steiner throws him across the ring into a turnbuckle, AJ jumps up and Steiner runs into the turnbuckle. AJ tries to roll-up Steiner but only gets one. Steiner throws a right AJ ducks under and kicks Steiner in the face. AJ goes to the ropes and hits a moonsalt on Steiner, he covers, 1….2..nope Steiner gets the shoulder up, than does another belly-to-belly on AJ. Steiner takes AJ up for an Angle-Slam to type move buy AJ gets away and shoots off the ropes than kicks Steiner in the face. AJ slowly climbs up the top rope as Steiner gets up AJ hits a tornado DDT and covers, 1…..2… Steiner kicks out. AJ tries goes off the ropes and sets up a Pele, Steiner spears him as he’s running over. Steiner covers, 1….2… shoulder up. Steiner grabs AJ and begins to elbow AJ repeatedly in the ribs. He than hits a German Suplex and AJ tries to scramble away from Steiner, AJ gets up Steiner grabs him and hits a backbreaker on Styles. AJ rolls out of the ring an Sting’s music comes on as he walks into the Impact Zone holding his baseball bat.

Steiner looks over at Sting, AJ gets back into the ring and hits a Pele on Steiner he drags him into the center of the ring and pulls Steiner down for a Styles Clash. Sting points his bat at AJ and begins to say stuff, AJ yells back, but while distracted Steiner throws AJ and over his back and AJ lands on his ribs. He yells in pain as Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner. AJ is in obvious pain as he works his way over to the ropes. Steiner pulls as hard he can AJ hits hand on the rope a few time before grabbing it. The ref breaks them up, Steiner begins to yell at the ref saying AJ tapped but the ref said he was going for the ropes. AJ re-gains his cool on the other side of the ring and looks he’s going to run across for a pele, until Sting comes in and hits AJ from behind with a Baseball Bat, AJ is almost knocked out, Steiner grabs him suplex, 1…….2…….3! Scott Steiner is going to King of the Mountain thanks to Sting.

Winner and moving on to King of the Mountain: Scott Steiner.

Mike Tenay: What have we just witnessed? Sting attacked AJ styles during his King of the Mountain Qualifier with Scott Steiner allowing Steiner to move on to King of the Mountain giving Steiner his shoot at Samoa Joe that he wanted and a shot at Kurt Angle’s title. But what was with Sting’s interference?

Don West: Sting’s Interference!!! AJ did the exact same two weeks ago during his KOTM Qualifier with Rhino, Sting at least had reason

Mike Tenay: AJ Styles is now in the ring with Rhino and is about to speak.

Styles: Sting get your ass back out here. Come out here and face me like a man Sting, I want to talk you, get out here.

(Sting’s music comes on and the crowd boos louder than they usually do for Kurt Angle)

Sting: Ok, AJ what is it? I’m guessing you’re mad that I cost your Heavyweight Title, is that it? Are you mad about that?

Styles: Of course I’m mad about that, you….

Sting: Wait a second AJ, don’t even talk, you did the exact same thing to me two weeks ago, so don’t even talk.

Styles: I have the right to talk, last week you took my title, this week you cost me my title shot! I have the right to mad.

Sting: You did the exact same to me, you cost me my heavyweight title and a title shot….

Styles: Just shut up, I have a re-match clause for that Legend’s Title and I’m cashing it in at Slammiversery, and I hope you’re used to bats, chairs, tables, ladders and whatever else we want to use. Because a regular match won’t settle this, so at Slammiversery it’ll be NO HOLDS BARRED!!!

Mike Tenay: You heard it here first, Sting vs. AJ Styles in a No Holds Barred Match for the Legend’s Title, be sure to watch next week for reactions from both Styles and Sting as well as Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan in the Final King of the Mountain Qualifier


King of the Mountain Match for the World Heavyweight Title
Kurt Angle (c) vs. Bobby Lashley vs. Rhino vs. Samoa Joe vs. Mick Foley vs. Jeff Jarrett vs. Scott Steiner vs. Christopher Daniels/Matt Morgan

No Holds Barred Match for Legends Title
Sting (c) vs. AJ Styles

Four Corner Elimination Tag Match for Tag Team Titles
Motor City Machine Guns (c) vs. Team 3D vs. Lethal Consequences vs. Beer Money Inc.

Tag Match for Feast or Fired Briefcase
If LAX wins Hernandez gets the case back, if MEM wins it's gone forever
LAX vs. Booker T and Kevin Nash

Knockouts Title Match
Angelina Love (c) vs. Awesome Kong

Monsters Ball Match
Abyss vs. Dr. Stevie Richards vs. Raven vs. ????

Knockouts Top Contenders Match
Victoria vs. Christy Hemme

Next Impact

King of the Mountain Qaulifier
Christopher Daniels vs. Matt Morgan

4-on-3 Handicap Match between KOTM Qualifiers
Mick Foley, Jeff Jarrett, Rhino, and Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle, Bobby Lashely, and Scott Steiner.

X Division Top Contenders Match
Eric Young vs. Sheik Abdul-Bashir

Hernandez vs. Booker T

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