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10mikebibby10 06-04-2009 04:11 PM

Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
This is my new project, glad to be back writing. I have big plans on this throughout the Summer, and with school out, I will actually have time to write. I plan on continuing this even when school returns, although it might be less frequent. This BTB is based on a new promotion to rival the WWE and TNA. It is set at the end of 2006/beginning of 2007. The backstory is set into 3 short little parts. The first being this post, The TNA Chapter. The second will be the WWE Chapter. The third will be the backstory on PWE, the owner, how the roster was assembled, etc. I basically made the roster I want, while trying to be slightly realistic. No deceased wrestlers or wrestlers that could not perform in 2007 (ie Bret Hart). Well, lets get this thing rolling. This is TNA Chapter, WWE chapter could be posted late tonight. //

PWE; The TNA Chapter

The end of 2006, and the beginning of 2007 was a new chapter in the sport of professional wrestling. Throughout the year of 2006, WWE and TNA both produced quality shows. However, near the end of the year, both companies hit turmoil. Especially TNA. And to make things worse for both companies, rumblings had been heard from mouth to mouth and all over the internet that a new wrestling promotion was on the horizon, and had their sights set on a TV deal.

TNA's contract with Spike TV had run out, and the contract was not renewed. Despite TNA's recent star power, the ratings just weren't getting it done with the network. No, TNA was not dead, and Jeff Jarrett knew that it would reach a cable deal soon. However, for the time being, the best TNA could do for now was a weekly one hour PPV show. Obviously, everyone within TNA was very disappointed, and Jeff Jarrett knew his roster was not happy. So, despite the consquences, Jarrett held a meeting with a talent and said that he hoped for everyone to bare with the company, but if anybody wanted out of their contract, he would talk to them. Basically, TNA needed roster cuts, but they were not prepared to cut ties with the wrestlers that were happy within the company, no matter what their status was in the company.

Kurt Angle was the first to go. He was very apologetic in his departure, but said that his career was to close to being done for him to wait around. Kurt Angle wrestled his last match for TNA at Turning Point 06, losing to Samoa Joe. He had however made his mark in his shortly over a year run in TNA, and was a major loss.

Christian Cage also jumped into the discussion, and said that his contract was running up soon anyways and that he was already unfortunately having his doubts, and said he thinks it is best for all parties if he moved forward with his career.

Jeff Jarrett told both men that he understood, although he was obviously suprised that both men wanted out, as with one leaving, the other could elevate into the clear cut star. However, there was no convincing either men, and Jarrett said he couldn't take anymore for the day and ended the meeting.

Within the next couple weeks, Jarrett was hit harder. Steve Borden made a phone call to Jarrett. Sting had been requesting for time off already, and apologized to Jarrett, but said his time off was for good. Jarrett thanked Sting for everything he had done for the company, and that was it.

Not 5 minutes later, Jarrett received a phone call from AJ Styles. AJ claimed that if it wasn't for TNA, he wouldn't still be in the sport. TNA made him, and he would never forget that. But he had accomplished all he could in TNA, he hadn't got the rub in awhile, and although Kurt and Christian Cage were leaving, he was ready to move on and see what was out there for him. Jarrett told AJ that Vince would bury him, before Styles said he wasn't signing with WWE.

So 4 of TNA's biggest stars were out. A few other minor stars also cut ties with the company, several within the X Division, such as Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Senshi, and Christopher Daniels, the X Division Champion. The Dudleys were also ready to leave. TNA was hit hard by all of this, but luckily the TNA Heavyweight Champion Abyss elected to stay in TNA. Samoa Joe defeated Daniels in his last match in TNA to become X Division Champion. Jeff Jarrett was ready to return to in ring action, and LAX was still a strong draw as Tag Champions. TNA wasn't dead, but the Free Agent class of this sport was stronger than ever.

Oda Nobunaga 06-04-2009 05:54 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
Aw man, look who's back. My mang, 10mikebibby10! I've missed your brand of programming, and now you're working with a roster all your own, and a created fed. TNA's in trouble, and it looks like TNA's losses are your gains. All the guys named in bold could be exceptional talents for your roster, and I'm pretty sure they will sign with PWE. The name of your fed has been done, but who cares. I wish you all the luck in the world, man, and may you have fun with it. Hope this thread prospers, and I'll be reading. :)

Stannis Baratheon. 06-04-2009 11:58 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
I remember you WAY, WAY back in the day. 2005/2006 I believe. Nice to see you back doing what you like to do. Good luck.

10mikebibby10 06-05-2009 01:24 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
PWE; WWE Chapter

The WWE was in good shape to close out the year of 2006. John Cena and Batista were the company's two champions, and they were huge draws. DX was back in full force, and making a killing in the merchandise department. Rated RKO was a great heel tag team. The midcard department was stocked with major talent on the rise, including Mr. Kennedy, MVP, CM Punk, Umaga, and Lashley. Things were looking bright.

That is until in December, the CW network decided to not pick up Smackdown! for 2007. A wave of panic was sent through the WWE. The rosters were obviously too big for just Raw and ECW, and some changes had to be made. WWE was seeing a big change, the Draft Split between Raw and Smackdown was over after nearly 5 years.

There was some much needed roster cuts throughout December. A few jobbers were let go, some that were probably set to be fired after Wrestlemania anyways. However, there were a few major shakeups to the roster. Rey Mysterio, fresh from his World Title run and taking time off, was called and approached about returning to ECW. Rey Rey felt like he was going to get buried after having just been champion, and was not interested. However, he knew that being on Raw with all the politics, he could get buried there as well. So, Rey Mysterio decided to not return to the WWE, and move on with his career, after spending more time with his children.

Some of the roster cuts caught the superstars with shock, such as the release of current Cruiserweight Champion, Gregory Helms. The title was retired at the beginning of 2007. With Batista set to turn heel and fued with John Cena for a good part of the year, unifying the World and WWE title, there was not a need for 2 heel monsters, so Umaga was let go, as well. A few other releases that made fans scratch their heads, were the releases of the tag team of Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, as well as Chavo Guerrero. The biggest release may have came in the form of Rob Van Dam. Despite the expectations of RVD parting ways witht he company later in the year, most superstars were pushing hard for Vince to make sure RVD returned.

The real punch to the stomach for the WWE, was a superstar walking out on his contract, pulling a Stone Cold. The culprit? Adam Copeland, aka Edge. Edge was first asked to move to ECW, which he shot down immediately. Creative then suggested a storyline in which Edge would become more deranged after a long losing streak in 2007, while the main event scene was crowded. Edge was not interested. The final offer was an Intercontinental title run. Edge, having just come off a Tag title run, was not interested, as he was supposed to become World Heavyweight Champion in the early part of the year, before the brand split. Edge no-showed an event, before calling Vince and telling him that he was done. Vince ripped up his contract shortly after, witht he belief that TNA was out of the cards for Edge.

The final shakeup for the WWE, was Randy Orton's contract running up in December. Orton was already wanting to take some time to make a decision, even before Smackdown! was cancelled, and this just made the decision even harder for Orton. With Triple H, Cena, Batista,Undertaker and HBK all on one show now as faces, he knew that one of the top stars of the company would turn heel, thus resulting in him not being the top heel on the show. Kennedy was also set to recieve a major push, as a heel. With Edge having just left the company, Vince began courting Orton hard, doing everything he could to keep him. Orton told Vince that he would give him an answer after the holiday.

What a rough holiday for Vince. However, the WWE is still pumping with most of its major stars on board. However, the company may have lost some respect among these stars. Things are beginnning to get interesting in the sport, with major names as free agents. Could some of these stars be what TNA needs to get them over the mountain, or will they bring the rumored upstart promotion to life? Time will tell.

// Thanks guys for the comments, glad ya recognize me. And Dubya, I love ya. Next chapter is PWE coming to life!

Wolf Beast 06-05-2009 02:37 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
Comeback is long overdue, and you know it. Petey Williams push would be the sex, just like back in the day :, so get him in and make it happen please.

kid o mac 06-05-2009 04:59 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
The one and only 10mikebibby10 is back! Glad to see you're returning to BTB man. So far the two chapters look very interesting, though the TNA chapter had more of an impact(no pun). Looks like Orton will be leaving soon as well. Looking forward to the first show man.

10mikebibby10 06-06-2009 01:19 AM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
PWE; The Launch

The rumors are true! There is a new promotion on the rise. Pro Wrestling Elite is now a reality. The PWE is backed by a young business man by the name of James Booker. James has little experience (in anything), but does have the unbelieveable luck of getting a large amount of inheritance money from his late Grandfather. James is and always has been a major wrestling fan, and has worked unbelievably hard to reach his goal of owning a wrestling company.

The PWE has already taken a major step in development. The first need of a wrestling company looking to start on top, a TV Deal. PWE has signed on with the FX network, for weekly programing, "PWE Breakdown" on Thursdays at 8 P.M. till' 10 P.M.

So, what was a dream at the beginning of the year was now a reality at the closing of 2006. PWE Breakdown is set to debut on January 25th, 2007. January 14th, however is the real jumpstart for the promotion, as a special televised press conference will take place with the owner James Booker. An announcing of the official roster will be released, and several superstars will be at the press conference.

Move over TNA, and get ready WWE, the PWE IS HERE!

//Wolfy, Kid o mac, yall are Gods and I'm happy to have yall interested. Much love.

10mikebibby10 06-06-2009 01:53 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

Pro Wrestling Elite has a breath of life, making huge waves in the sport of Professional Wrestling today. The first superstar to sign a contract with PWE is former Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho. PWE owner, James Booker made a brief comment on the signing, stating that Chris Jericho was the first athlete he pursued, and that he was in talks with Y2J long before the TNA/WWE roster cuts. Chris Jericho has not been reached for comment, however he will be at the televised press conference later this month. Jericho has not been in action in months, after deciding not to resign with the WWE in 2006, and taking time away from the sport.


In what may be even more shocking news, Brock Lesnar will finally make his return to professional wrestling in the United States. Brock Lesnar is finally able to compete again, as his ban from other promotions was lifted when it was thought that he would be going into MMA. Brock left a brief statement with only one sentence. "I am not selling out on this sport again." Brock is back, and James Booker is sure that he is more commited than ever, and ready to be a force in the PWE.


The final announcement of the day, posted on PWE.Com, is the signing of former Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio. Rey left the WWE just days previously, and feels like PWE is his new home. There was a lot of speculation that Rey would be joining TNA, so this is a huge steal for PWE. Rey is at the peak of his career, and is sure to continue his big run into PWE.

Thank you for your time, PWE will have all the updates on future signings, and stay tuned for the Press Conference later this month, as well as PWE Breakdown, the debut!

Oda Nobunaga 06-06-2009 03:51 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
Chris Jericho OWNS, and Rey Rey is THE sex, if I may say so. Brock Lesnar, eh, he's cool and all, I suppose he's good. Very HUGE signings, and I believe you'll have on hell of a roster for PWE. The whole "nobody decides to open professional wrestling promotion with large sums of money" is not inspired, but it's a decent way to explain things. I really don't need backstories, but eh, you do what works for you.

10mikebibby10 06-06-2009 04:43 PM

Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.
PWE growing; Sign 4 more!


Rob Van Dam has shocked the world, by signing with PWE. RVD is obviously pissed off with leaving the WWE not on his own terms, and wants to stick it to Vince. Thus, PWE is the right choice for him. RVD will become Mr. Thursday Night, as he will surely make a huge impact on PWE Breakdown.


The first TNA superstar to sign with the Pro Wrestling Elite became 'Fallen Angel' Christopher Daniels. Daniels is seen as a big star by owner, James Booker, and will be a huge asset to the company.


Lastly for today, recently released Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas have both signed with PWE. Once a major name in the tag division, they began to get seriously underused in the WWE. Now with a new home, look for both men to become the huge stars they should be, whether it be together or on their own.

PWE is very happy to have all 4 men signed. Stay tuned for any more updates throughout the week.

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