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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

PWE is ALIVE; Roster taking shape

Pro Wrestling Elite made major waves this afternoon, working on the phones all day to assemble a roster. PWE made a major effort in building a cruiserweight division, by signing Low-Ki, Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin, Elix Skipper, and Chavo Guerrero.

The Tag team division also recieved some help, with the signings of Team 3D, and both James Storm and Chris Harris, who are expected to team as AMW.

Another strong point of the day was getting decently big names. Ron Killings, Umaga, and AJ Styles have all joined the company.

PWE has been in talks with both Edge and Christian Cage, and both men are expected to be signed within the next couple of days.

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

This looks really good man, I like the signings you've got so far

I'll keep up with this one

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

Hey man, good to see an old booker back. I don't believe I've ever seen your work before, but I'll try to keep up with this one. Your roster's shaping up very, very nicely. You look to have a strong main event, along with an awesome undercard of cruiserweights and tag teams. TWGTT, AMW and Team 3D definitely provide a great base for the tag division, while I'd love to see An Elix Skipper push. Always been a big fan of him. I'd mark if he teamed back up with Christopher Daniels and feuded with AMW tbh.

Anyway, all looks pretty good thus far. Good luck.

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

pWe Press Conference Aftermath

I was at the PWE Press Conference that was presented on FX, and man, this James Booker guy looks like a real go getter. He had some major announcements/signings, and here are the highlights.

First, Booker thanked all the people that made the business possible, and gloated on about how this was his dream and how the company would do what TNA, WCW, ECW, and every other company has failed at; beating Vince McMahon.

Booker announced that their would be 4 PWE Championships. The PWE Heavyweight Championship, PWE United States Championship, the Cruiserweight title, and of course, the Tag Team Championships. He also announced that two of the titles would have owners by the end of the first Breakdown.

He went on to remind us that the very first Breakdown would be on January 25th, on FX. He made a big announcement, adding that PWE also has a monthly PPV and that the very first PPV would be on February 18th, 2007 and would be named Assault.

Booker then got back to Breakdown, announcing that on the very first Breakdown, we would see Sting in action! "That's right, Steve Borden is now officially PWE property!

Booker then brought out several suprise signings. First out was Kurt Angle. He gloated about how everyone thought that he would be going to WWE, but that when he met James Booker, he had the same desire in his eyes that Kurt had when he won the Gold Medal. He stated that PWE was the place to be, and he can't wait to become the very first PWE Champion.

Next out was Chris Jericho, sporting a new hair cut. Jericho said he was ready to make his return to the ring, but not for the sinking ships that are WWE and TNA. Jericho stated that he was the first superstar that James Booker, because he is still the best in the business today.

Christian Cage was out next and pretty much just played his babyface character, thanking Booker for the chance to prove that he was really one of the best in the business. Christian said he never returned any calls from Vince McMahon, because PWE is where it is at.

As Christian left the stage, Edge walked in and the two had a staredown, before Edge took a seat. Edge stated that unlike any TNA rejects before him, he came to PWE under his own power. He stated that TNA superstars couldn't even hold his jock, and that he is the real star of the PWE.

Edge left the stage, as James Booker was once again the focus of attention. James then thanked everyone for coming, before handing out roster sheets to all the people in attendance. Here is the official roster list of the pWe; Pro Wrestling Elite. Tune in to the very first Breakdown, on the 25th.

Main Event.

Chris Jericho
Christian Cage
Kurt Angle
Rob Van Dam
Brock Lesnar

Mid Card.

Christopher Daniels
Rey Mysterio
Shelton Benjamin
AJ Styles
Elijah Burke
Charlie Haas
John Morrison
Lance Cade
Trevor Murdoch
James Storm
Chris Harris
D'von Dudley
Bubba Dudley

X Division

Gregory Helms
Chavo Guerrero
Petey Williams
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
Sonjay Dutt
Jay Lethal
James Gibson
Paul London
Shark Boy
Evan Bourne
Elix Skipper

Tag Teams

America's Most Wanted
World's Greatest Tag Team
Motor City Machine Guns
Dutt and Lethal

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

Wow, 10mikebibby10 is back! Nice to see an old face.

I loved the conference you did there with Edge and Christian getting in each others face. It looks like you're looking to make Edge the face of PWE, which is a right choice. His TNA remarks were very on character for him.

Nice to see you back and I'll be reading your thread, again.

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

"Wrestling has a new breath of life"

Clip of Kurt Angle

"Wrestling is alive and well"

Clip of Brock Lesnar

"Wrestling is back"

Clip of Edge

"The Elite of Professional Wrestling are among us"

Clips of Christian, Sting, Chris Jericho, AJ Styles and Rey Mysterio are shown.

"Welcome to PWE!"

"Getting Away with Murder" begins to play and the opening video for PWE Breakdown starts up. It shows numerous stars in hype up videos, such as those previously stated, along with such stars as Brock Lesnar, RVD, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Ron Killings, and Umaga. The video ends and we are shown of shot of a sold out crowd at Phillips Arena, in Atlanta, Georgia. Enough pyro to confuse the date with July 4th shoots off, and the fans are going nuts. The camera sets off to the ring, where PWE owner, James Booker stands in the ring, with a mic in hand, and a bigger grin than Eric Bischoff could achieve.

James Booker: Don't adjust your TV sets, you have found programming at your finest. This isn't some show where an hundred year old woman will give birth to a hand, not a wrestling show that doesn't even break 1000 fans in attendance, no this is PWE Breakdown! This is a sold out crowd! This is the debut show! And man am I pumped!

James smiles as a cheap pop arouses. James takes a few steps around the ring, a little nervous, as it is his first time.

James Booker: And although I could give a rat's ass about these fans, they are where the money comes in, so everyone give yourself a hand.

HEEL TURN R US. The fans break into boo's, as they now know the owner isn't the fun loving guy originaly thought to be.

James Booker: You guys are so predictable. Boo me. Yeah, I single handedly bring you the product that is going to save this sport, and you boo me? Go to hell. This is my dream. I earned the right to stand in the middle of this ring as the owner of this company, and you all earned the right to spend your entire paycheck to get a ticket to this show.

More booing, but ah who cares.

James Booker: Moving on. As you all know, tonight, in this very ring, we will see STING in action. Well also, tonight, 2 of the 4 vacant championships will be decided. The Cruiserweight Champion will be decided in a battle royal that will take place... tonight! Also tonight, a special tag team tournament will start tonight. There will be 8 teams. Tonight, 2 matches will take place, along with next week. The 4 teams to win those matches will face off in 2 weeks. The Final two teams will face off at PWE Assualt, our first PPV, for the PWE Tag Team Championship. That brings us to the United States Championship. This title will also be decided at Assualt, in a one on one match. The competitors will be of my choosing. I will be watching closely the next couple weeks, so perform up to my standard, and you could just get your shot at the title.

The crowd gives a decent pop to all of the announcements.

James Booker: But, as I said, tonight 2 Champions will be decided. Which means by the end of Breakdown, the PWE World Heavyweight Champion will be decided. But why wait? Ya' see, the World title will not be decided in some battle royal. No tournament. Hell, not even in a match. Because, the PWE Championship already has an owner. Ladies and gentleman, give it up for the newest addition to the PWE roster, annnnnndd your PWE Champion.... RANDY ORTON!

The crowd gives a mixed reaction. Pissed about Orton being given the title, but happy that PWE has accomplished this huge signing. After a few moments, "Burn In My Light" hits, and Randy Orton walks out on stage in a suit, and the shiny PWE Championship around his waist. James Booker stands in the ring and claps for Orton, who has a big smile on his face. Orton rolls in the ring and jumps on the turnbuckle, holding the title high. He gets down and is handed the mic from Booker.

Randy Orton: I stand before you as the very first PWE Champion, and you can say all you want about how I was given this title... how I didn't earn this title. But I know, James Booker knows, and you fans know, I have earned this title by being the BEST at what I do.

Orton lets the fans soak that in before bringing the mic back up to his lips.

Randy Orton: Ya' see, James Booker has done a brilliant job of assembling a roster here in PWE. He went out and got some big names. But he knew, he needed the future of this sport. He knew he needed the biggest name. He knew that he needed the roster that had it ALL! HE KNEW HE NEEDED RANDY ORTON! And like it or not, you fans know its true. Vince McMahon himself, knew it was true. I had "Vincent Kennedy McMahon" on his knees, begging for me to sign a contract. Every other superstar in that locker room was cast aside by Vince. Or they jumped off the sinking ship known as TNA Wrestling, even though it was they who sank the ship in the first place. But Randy Orton? He decided his own destiny. I am as good as it gets, and that is why I stand before you all, as the PWE Heavyweight Champion.


Orton looks at Booker with a confused look and turns to the stage, when the crowd begins to cheer as Kurt Angle comes storming down the ramp. Looks extremely pissed off, and rolls in the ring and gets right into the owner’s face!

Kurt Angle: What in the hell is this! You promised me if I signed with PWE, that I would have the best chance at the title. SO WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS!

Angle looks ready to explode and starts to go at James Booker, looking ready for a fight. Angle grabs him by the collar, with the crowd cheering him on.

James Booker: Get your hands off of me!

Kurt Angle: I am the best wrestler in the world today, and you go and give this punk the title? EXPLAIN NOW, or I am going to break your freakin’ ankle!

James Booker: You want an explanation? Kurt I promised you that AT THE TIME, you had the best chance at the title. But that was before Randy Orton was on the free agent list, and things changed.

Kurt Angle: That is not good enough!

James Booker: Wait! I am a man of my word, Kurt. You still have the best chance at the title! Kurt, at our very first PPV, Assault, you will face Randy Orton for the title. You are our number one contender!

Randy Orton: Whoa, whoa, whoa, I DON’T THINK SO! He hasn’t earned a damn thing!

Kurt Angle: I haven’t earned a damn thing? Do you see these gold medals around my neck? Not to mention the fact that everywhere I go, I am the top of the food chain. I have won World titles in every company I have stepped foot in. You want to come out here and say you are the best at what you do? Not until you beat me!

Randy Orton: That is real cute Kurt. However, the fact of the matter is… you are just a shell of your former self. Incase you don’t realize, you have become a joke. While you were in that shithole of a company, TNA, I was climbing up the ranks of WWE, and proving that I am the future of this sport. But now its real simple, I am the present. I am the best. That is why I was given the title, and not you!

Angle doesn’t like this one bit. Angle takes off his shirt and challenges Orton to come at him.

James Booker: Stop right there, both of you. If you two want to fight, it is gonna’ happen in a match. We have a stellar card tonight, but we don’t have a main event. So both of you go find a tag team partner, because the main event will be Kurt Angle and a partner of his choosing versus Randy Orton and a partner of his choosing. Now both of you, get the hell out of my ring.

Show fades to commercial break, as Orton and Angle look to tear into one another.

Jim Ross: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to PWE Breakdown, and we didn’t even get a chance to introduce ourselves, as the show sparked fire from the get go. I am Jim Ross, alongside Jonathan Coachman!

Coach: You can call me ‘The Coach’, JR, how could you forget that?

Jim Ross: I couldn’t if I wanted to, Coach. But in any event, we have a huge show lined up for ya’ folks. A Tag Team tournament will start tonight, to crown our very first Tag Team Champions.
Coach: Don’t forget about the Cruiserweight battle royal to determine our first ever Cruiserweight Champion!

Jim Ross: Also, a true legend of this sport, Sting, will be in action tonight!

Coach: Forget about that has been, because Randy Orton, the most deserving champion that I know, will be in action tonight!

Jim Ross: Yes, Orton will team with someone of his choosing, and as will Kurt Angle! But lets get the action started here, with the first match in the Tag Team Tournament.

A remix of “I Am” begins to play and the crowd goes nuts, as the first wrestler to compete in the PWE will obviously be AJ Styles. AJ makes his way to the ring with a huge smile on his face. He gets about halfway down the ramp, before “Fallen Angel” plays and Christopher Daniels joins him on the ramp. The two shake hands, before jumping in the ring.

“Motor City” begins to play as the team of Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley make their way to the ring. JR plugs the fact that although they did not team in TNA, they are a big tag team in the independent scene, and have lots of experience.

Tag Tournament- MCMG vs. Styles/Daniels

What a fast paced match to kick off the show. Great tag team wrestling, mixed with some high flying cruiserweight action. Shelley and Sabin play the heels in this one, using a lot of illegal tags to wear down the duo. The two target Daniels, trying to keep him away from Styles, the fresh man. Daniels finally tags in Styles who comes in on a rampage, turning the tide of the matchup. Styles has control of the match, until a low blow from Shelley. Sabin jumps in the ring and the two double team Styles while the ref tries to get Sabin out of the ring, Daniels jumps in and tries to super kick Shelley, but he ducks and Daniels nails Styles! Sabin nails Daniels out of the ring, while Shelley rolls up Styles and grabs the tights for the victory!

Winners: Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin

Jim Ross: Well that was a spectacular matchup, but somewhat of a tainted victory there!

Coach: Tainted? It isn’t their faults that Daniels is an idiot and kicked his own partner!

Shelley and Sabin bail out of the ring and celebrate as if they have won the titles already on the ramp, while Daniels gets in the ring to help Styles up. Daniels helps Styles to his feet, before sending him back down with a thunderous clothesline!


Daniels then jumps on the turnbuckle and delivers the B.M.E. to Styles! Daniels stares down at Styles, with no emotion, before leaving the ring to some heat.

Coach: That is the kind of attitude that the ‘Fallen Angel’ needs to have if he wants to make his name here in PWE!

Jim Ross: Oh come on! Are you kidding me? These two are supposed to be friends. What in the hell is this about? We need answers from Christopher Daniels!

However, we go backstage where Terri Runnels is standing by with Brock Lesnar.

Terri: Brock, can I get your thoughts on what has transpired here tonight? Where do you stand in the PWE Championship picture?

Brock shifts his shoulders, slightly flexing, before turning towards Terri and grunting.

Terri: Is there any chance of you partnering with either Orton or Angle?

Brock grunts again, before shifting his shoulders once more.

Terri: Um, Brock?

Brock then grabs Terri, and she screams. Brock smirks and then growls right in her face, before shoving her away, and walking away from the scene.


As we return we see Brock Lesnar walking, looking really pissed off, before busting into the office of the owner, James Booker. James jumps from his seat, having obviously been spooked.

James Booker: Hey what the hell is that all about? Just knock man… just knock. What can I do ya’ for, though, Brock… Brocky Balboa… ‘The Brockster’…

Brock Lesnar: Stop. What can you do for me? I am glad you asked, because it is real simple. What you can do for me… is add me to the title match at Assault. Make it a Triple Threat match, because we both know I deserve my shot at the title.

James Booker: Is that right? Okay, let me think about… no!

Brock does not like the joke, and starts to take a step towards James. James backs up and puts his hands up.

James Booker: Wait, wait. Ya’ see Brock, I can’t add you to that match because, I promised Kurt his fair shot at the title. Now If you wanna’ be in the running as the next contender on this list, then its real easy Brock. But what you need to realize first off is this, it isn’t 2002 anymore Brock. It isn’t 2003. It isn’t even 2004. Brock you have been away from the game for a long time now. Other people have moved up… took YOUR spot even. So if you want to be in the title picture, then you are going to have to make an impact. Understand?

Brock Lesnar: Make an impact? I won the title my first year in the WWE. I was King of the Ring. I’ve beat The Rock. Hogan. Taker’. All of them! You want me to make an Impact?! I already have. I’ve beaten Kurt more times than he can count. And Orton? He may think he is the future of the sport, but rest assured, I STILL AM. You want an impact? I’ll give you an impact. HERE COMES THE PAIN!

Brock kicks Booker’s filing cabinet, before leaving the office. Booker looks at his cabinet and smiles a cheap grin, knowing he has lit a fire under Brock Lesnar.

Jim Ross: Oh my, Brock Lesnar is about to be on the loose! I don’t care if he has been away from the sport for a couple of years, you look at the size of that man, the tenacity, and you know that Brock Lesnar is the real deal.

Coach: I think Kurt Angle should just give up his title shot to Brock Lesnar. I would not want to be in the path of reckoning that is Brock Lesnar.

We return to the ring, when “Ain’t No Stopping ME NOOO” hits. The crowd give a decent pop, as Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas come to the ring, hyped up.

Jim Ross: This team has to be one of the favorites to win this whole tournament, Coach, and I think how they split with the company up north, may have something to do with it.

Coach: No doubt about it this is one of the best teams to come through this sport in the last several years, although I think Shelton was always better off with his Mama calling the shots.

Jim Ross: Well I think Charlie Haas would disagree with you on that but in any event..

A generic country western theme starts up as the crowd begin to boo, as Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch make their way to the ring in their redneck gear.

Jim Ross: You cannot count out this team either, Coach, they have made their splash in the tag team division as well in recent years.

Coach: Trevor Murdoch makes one hell of a splash, I guarantee that.

Tag Team Tournament; WGTT vs. Cade/Murdoch

Pretty generic tag team match, decently entertaining. Maybe a little boring, having following a tag match already. Haas and Cade start off the match and if you are a fan of technical wrestling, than you would be all over this. The two go back and forth with submission maneuvers, before tagging in the fresh men. Benjamin brings his highflying style into the ring, before Murdoch changes the tide into power. Match goes back and forth, before Benjamin hit’s the T-Bone on Cade, and Haas dropkicks Murdoch before he can break the count, thus World’s Greatest Tag Team is victorious.

Winners: WGTT

Shelton and Haas celebrate in the ring to cheers from the fans, as Cade and Murdoch argue on the outside.

Jim Ross: What a tag team matchup there. You have to commend James Booker’s idea for this tag team tournament, as we have already seen two great tag matches this week!

Coach: James Booker is a genius, JR. Any idea he has is gold!

The camera then shifts backstage as we see Kurt Angle walking down the hall. JR and Coach try to determine if he is looking for a partner, before we go to commercial.


We return as Rey Mysterio is in his dressing room, stretching. Rey is in a black mask, and black tights, sporting a new shirt with his mask. And the PWE merchandise sales skyrocket. Kurt Angle then steps into the room. Rey jumps up, and gets in a fighting stance, unsure of what is going on.

Kurt Angle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Easy. Listen, Rey, I know we have had our differences in the past. But this isn’t about you and me. Now as I’m sure you heard, tonight I face Randy Orton, and each of us get to choose our partners. Now I know you hate Randy Orton as much as anyone in this company. Hell, you probably hate Orton just as much as me. So, Rey, I came to you first. Do you want to get your hands on Orton tonight, or not?

Rey Mysterio: Kurt, you are right. We have had our differences. But this is a new day. And if you got beef with Orton, we ain’t got beef, ya’ feel me essa’? It would be a honor to team with you tonight and kick Randy Orton’s ass! Oh its true.

Kurt Angle: It’s damn true.

The two shake hands, before we go to Randy Orton who is watching a monitor and has a look of disgust on his face. He looks at his title, and smirks, before exiting his locker room.

Jim Ross: Well Rey Mysterio has a well documented history with Randy Orton, and I bet he can’t wait to team up with Kurt and get his hands on him.

Coach: That is the best partner that Kurt could find?

Jim Ross: That’s a former World Champion?

Coach: I guarantee you that Randy’s pick will blow Kurt’s out of the water.

Jim Ross: I don’t know about that Coach, but I guess we will just have to wait and see who it is.

We go backstage again, where Terri Runnels is standing by with ‘Fallen Angel’ Christopher Daniels.

Terri: Chris, I just have to ask what in the hell happened out there? Why did you attack your tag team partner, AJ Styles?

Christopher Daniels: For starters, AJ cost us the match. Second of all, I am not here in the PWE to take a backseat to anybody. I am not here to be held back by anybody. If AJ is content with sitting back while guys like Randy Orton and Kurt Angle try to run things around here, than that is his choice. But this is a new era. This is a new chance for Christopher Daniels. I will not be held down anymore. It is my time to shine. I have worked my ass off for too long to be continued to be held back. That is why I cut ties with other wrestling promotions. Because I promise you, before you can even blink, Christopher Daniels will be the PWE Champion. To be World Heavyweight Champion is my ultimate goal and I will stop at nothing until I reach my goal. Nothing will get in my way… and that includes AJ Styles.

Daniels then pushes past Terri, leaving her a bit confused. AJ Styles then walks up after Daniels has left, and shakes his head in disgust.

Jim Ross: Well I do not know what is going on in the head of Christopher Daniels, but ladies and gentlemen when we come back, it is the moment we have been waiting for, the debut of Sting here in PWE!


We return and we see Randy Orton walking around backstage with the PWE title over his shoulder. He seems to be looking for something and stops immediately at a locker room with the name plate ‘Edge’. Orton goes to knock, then puts his hand down, looking a little unsure. He then shakes his head, before deciding to knock. He then opens the door, and walks right into Edge. The two men stand face to face and despite being tag partners just weeks before in the WWE, there seems to be a little tension.

Randy Orton: Edge, just the man I wanted to see.

Edge: Randy. What can I do for you…. Champ.

Orton breathes a big breath, knowing that that remark was a bit condescending, as Edge does not look happy to see Orton.

Randy Orton: Well, I need a tag team partner for tonight, and I figured since we are Rated RKO, who better than you…. What do ya’ say?

Edge: We are Rated RKO? No, no, we WERE Rated RKO. But ya’ see, Randy, a lot has changed. I mean hell you didn’t even see the need to call me and tell me that you were coming to PWE.

Randy Orton: Listen man, it was a last minute thing.

Edge: That doesn’t even matter. I don’t care. I don’t care that you are here Randy. Doesn’t make one difference to me. What does matter, is that PWE Championship over your shoulder. THAT TITLE SHOULD BE MINE. Now you want me to be your partner tonight? Fine, I will do it. But rest assured that before you know it, I will be coming for that title. That is a promise!

Randy Orton: Fair enough. Now I’ve got a brilliant idea, follow me.

Orton smirks and walks away. Edge stands there for a second with a fire in his eyes, before following Orton.

Jim Ross: What the hell is this all about?


“WHATS UP?!” hits over the PA System, as Ron Killings comes rapping his way out to the ring. The crowd is hyped, as Killings dances toward the ring. He rolls in and taunts the crowd, before removing his jacket.

Jim Ross: Ron Killings is a two time NWA Champion, and I know that he would love nothing more than to upset Sting here and go back to that level.

Coach: Ron Killings is ready to be on top again, JR.

Suddenly, the lights go out and “Seek and Destroy” plays as the crowd goes nuts. After a few moments, Sting emerges from the back and heads to the ring. He has a big smile on his face, ready to get back in the ring. Sting enters the ring and jumps up on the turnbuckle, taunting the crowd. As he gets down, he and Ron Killings go face to face. Sting lends out his hand, which causes Killings to think. After a moment, Killings shakes!

Ron Killings versus Sting

Decent matchup here, set to get Sting’s debut down, and let the fans know that he is still in the business. Killings is not going down lightly though, eager to get a big win and move back to main event status. Both men have their moments of control in the match, but after Killings misses a scissors kick, which is countered into a back body drop, Sting has control. Sting throws Killings into the turnbuckle, and hit’s a big splash, before hitting the Scorpion Death Drop for the victory!

Winner: Sting

Jim Ross: What an effort by both men here, but Coach, it looks like Sting has still got it. Its time to add him into the World Title picture.

Coach: Randy Orton is in his prime, Sting his 30 years past his prime. Plain and Simple.

Sting celebrates, before the crowd goes into a frenzy as someone is racing through the crowd! Sting turns around into the SAMOAN SPIKEEEEE! (of doom!) Umaga has struck!


Umaga yells some Samoan, and signals the end is near! Umaga picks up Sting and throws him back down with a Fall- Away Slam out of the ring! Sting looks dead on the outside, as Umaga exit’s the ring after him. Umaga than throws Sting into the steel stairs! Killings then jumps off the turnbuckle and nails Umaga with a suicide dive! Umaga shakes it off though, before hitting Killings with the Samoan Spike! Umaga turns back to Sting and runs and knees Sting’s head right into the stairs! Sting is a lifeless body on the outside, but Umaga is not done. Umaga then picks up the stairs with his massive strength and slams them repeatedly into Sting’s chest! Umaga finally drops the stairs and yells out, as Sting lays unconscious on the outside.


Jim Ross: This makes me sick! Sting is a legend in this sport. Why in the hell would Umaga just strike out of nowhere? I didn’t even know that he was in the arena! Sting needs help here, he looks hurt bad. This is just sickening.

Coach: Umaga is looking to make his name known JR. And it’s a hard name to forget!

We see a shot of EMTs rushing to the aid of Sting. Sting is not moving, as they begin to load him onto a stretcher. Ron Killings is now up and is helping the EMTs as we go to commercial.


We return and we are apparently in the locker room of Brock Lesnar. Brock is stretching when in walk Randy Orton and Edge. Brock stands up and stares at not the two men, but the title over Randy’s shoulders.

Randy Orton: Brock you want a shot at this title? James Booker says you need to make an impact. Well I have a proposition for you. I have a great way for you to make an impact. And if you do this small favor for me, I promise you that I will give you a title match with your’s truly, down the line. How does that sound.

Brock Lesnar: Randy, I am not a moron. I don’t trust you. I know that deep down, you are scared of me. And the last person on this roster that you want to face… is Brock Lesnar. They used to call me ‘The Next Big Thing’. Well now, Randy, I am it. I am the big thing. I am professional wrestling. Now maybe you forgot just who in the hell I am, but I promise you Randy, I am better than ever. I don’t need either of you. And I don’t need any of your deals. But just for laughs… what did ya’ have in mind?

Lesnar laughs before SHAKING ORTON’S HAND?! We then cut back to ringside.

Jim Ross: Oh what in the hell does Orton have planned now. What a conniving bastard! Orton is scared of Kurt Angle!

Coach: Why would Randy Orton be scared of someone that he is better than, JR? Randy Orton is just a genius. Whatever he has planned is for the greater good of the PWE, I promise you that.

Jim Ross: Greater good? What in the hell are you talking about? Have you lost your mind?

Before Coach can say anything else annoying, 5...4.…3...2...1! “Break the Walls Down” hits and the fans go crazy, despite Jericho possibly being a heel, happy to hear this music again. After a few moments, Chris Jericho is on the stage with his arms stretched out at his sides. Jericho then begins to shake before turning around. Jericho has a big smile on his face as the fans are going nuts. Jericho is sporting a new hair cut, and is in street clothes, so he must be ready for some promo time! Jericho takes in the reaction before making his way to the ring. Jericho gets in, before grabbing a mic.


Massive pop, Jericho owns, etc etc.

Chris Jericho: And the only thing more entertaining than that beating that Sting just took. The only person that could follow that perfomance, the only person that could top that beat down, the only living legend on this roster… is none other than Y…2...J BAYBAY!

Another pop, despite a little heat for that Sting comment.

Chris Jericho: That is right! Chris Jericho, PWE’s crown jewel is here! And the PWE will NEVEEER… EVVVVVVEEEER be the same… AGAIN. With that being said, I, Chris Jericho would like to first of all thank Umaga for destroying that useless piece of trash, Sting.
Here comes the heat.

Chris Jericho: Its time for Sting to realize that his moment passed, right around the day I was born! Now Y2J has returned to this sport to save it. Wrestling is not what it once was thanks to ass clowns like Vince McMahon. However, the PWE would be in the very same boat that WWE is in, that TNA is in, if it wasn’t for Chris Jericho. Ya’ see if James Booker thinks that he can produce the best wrestling product around with losers like Kurt Angle and Rey Mysterio running around, he is a bigger jackass than Vince.

More heat for Jericho, but we all know he eats it all up.

Chris Jericho: But never fear! Y2J is here! And all you ass clowns can rest assured that this is my show! I am the star around here! I am the draw! I have got it all! Each and every week you morons will bend your little bunny ears above your TV’s to see this sexy beast week in, and week out! And if you think…

Jericho is then interrupted by “One of a Kind”. The fans give a tremendous reaction, as Rob Van Dam makes his way out on to the stage. RVD has a major grin on his face as he lifts his thumbs and mouths ‘RVD’. He then continues to the ring, jumps in and snatches the mic from the hands of Jericho.

Rob Van Dam: Did you just say that this was your show? That these people will tune in every week to see you? Let me remind you Chris, because I know its been awhile.. But I am the WHOLE F’N SHOW!

Cheap pop for RVD, but we cant blame it.

Rob Van Dam: Ya’ see Chris, these fans… they hate you. For a reason, too. Do you know what the reason is? You are extremely lame! You just need to chill dude, like me… R…V…D!

The fans joined in on that one, but Jericho is not amused.

Chris Jericho: Are you retarded? I mean how many brain cells have you killed off, Van Dam? I’m surprised you can even spell RVD. I’m sure that you have lost some brain cells, so just in case, I am the Highlight Reel. I am better than you. I was better than you then, and I am better than you now. And I will always be better than you.

Rob Van Dam: Is that right? Dude you are good, I’ll give you that. But you are no Rob Van Dam. I’m Mr. Thursday Night, man. But hey, don’t feel bad. Its okay. Because you are just like everybody else. And out of everyone else, there is none better than Rob.. Van.. Dam.

Chris Jericho: You can spit your little twelve year old catchphrases all night long, but the fact remains, junior, that I am better than you.

Rob Van Dam: Is that right?

Chris Jericho: You bet your sweet ass it is!

Rob Van Dam: Then why don’t you prove it… tonight!?

Chris Jericho: Tonight huh? That’s to bad Robbie. Any other night, I would love to beat your ass all over this arena, but unfortunately, I must be going, I have a flight to catch.

Rob Van Dam: What you got some 37 fans to play your crappy music in front of?

That’s a nerve. Jericho snaps and nails RVD with the mic. RVD does not go down, however, and the two begin trading right hands. The two grapple to the mat and continue to pummel away on each other. The crowd is going nuts as these two try to tear each other apart. Both men get to their feet, before RVD sends Jericho over the top rope with a super kick. Jericho gets up holding his jaw, as RVD celebrates in the ring. Jericho has a temper tantrum on the outside before yelling, “This isn’t over!”


Jim Ross: Welcome back to Breakdown and what a showdown that was. Two former champions, RVD and Y2J in a heated exchange of words that turned into a battle.

Coach: I just want to know what was Van Dam’s business out here? It was Jericho’s time, and RVD just comes out and physically assaults him. Ridiculous!

The camera goes backstage, where Rey Mysterio is walking down the hall. The crowd pops huge at the sight of Rey. Rey seems to be looking for Kurt Angle’s locker room. Rey continues walking when he runs right straight into Brock Lesnar! Rey stands there and looks up at Brock, and tries to move, but Brock moves too. Brock then grabs Rey by the throat and slams him against the wall! Brock begins to pummel into Mysterio. He then repeatedly rams his shoulder into the knee of Rey. Rey drops to the ground screaming in pain as Brock lays the boots to him. Lesnar than picks him up to his feet and hurls him over his shoulders, before giving him the F5 onto a bunch of crates! Finally a bunch of security and jobber wrestlers run over, and Lesnar just laughs and walks away.

Jim Ross: What the hell?! First Sting by Umaga, and now Brock Lesnar does this!? Where in the hell is the order around here? Wait a damn minute! Is this what Randy Orton was talking about? Some champion! Randy Orton set this up!

Coach: Well, JR, Orton is a strategist.

Jim Ross: Don’t give me that crap! Orton wants a handicap match against Angle because he is scared, that’s all this is. I wouldn’t care if Angle breaks his damn ankle!

Coach: Take that back JR. Orton is our future! Orton is our champion! Orton is our Michael Jordan. Our Tiger Woods… our…

Jim Ross: Oh shut up. Fans trying to move on here, it is now time for the Cruiserweight battle royal. The winner of this match will be the very first cruiserweight champion, and the first champion to EARN their title.

Coach: Orton has earned everything he has ever gotten!

We see in the ring there are already some competitors in the ring. These include Petey Williams, Evan Bourne, Sharkboy, Primetime, Paul London, James Gibson, and Sonjay Dutt, and Elijah Burke. “Firestorm” then hits and the crowd gives a mixed reaction as Gregory Helms rushes to the ring. “Motor City” hits and out come both men who earned the right to move on in the tag team tournament. “Ohhh Chavo” plays, and Chavo Guerrero then races down to a pop. Next out is Jay Lethal, decked out in his Macho Man gear to a nice pop. Finally, out comes Low-Ki, looking as focused as ever.

14 Competitors:

Petey Williams

Evan Bourne

Shark Boy


Paul London

James Gibson

Alex Shelley

Gregory Helms

Chavo Guerrero

Jay Lethal


Sonjay Dutt

Elijah Burke

Chris Sabin

Order of Elimination (Until Final Four):

Shark boy (by Low-Ki)

Sonjay Dutt (Petey Williams)

Elijah Burke (Shelley/Sabin)

Evan Bourne (Low-Ki)

James Gibson (Chavo)

Chavo Guerrero (Gregory Helms)

Paul London (Primetime/Low-Ki)

Alex Shelley (Primetime/Low-Ki)

Primetime (Chris Sabin)

Jay Lethal (Petey Williams)

Finish: And we are down to 4; Petey Williams, Gregory Helms, Chris Sabin, and Low-Ki. Petey and Sabin brawl in one corner, as Helms and Low-Ki face off in the other. Low-Ki nails Helms with a stiff kick, almost knocking his lights out. Petey then attacks Ki from behind, and he and Sabin begin to work together to take him down. As Sabin goes to pick Low-Ki up, Williams double-crosses him and dumps him over the top rope! Sabin is out! We are down to three. We see that Helms is busted open from the mouth and is still out of it. Williams goes to pick up Low-Ki, but gets a chop in the chest! Williams grabs him to throw him over, but Low-Ki hooks Petey’s arm and throws him over! Williams is out! Wait a minute! Helms leaps to his feet and runs and dumps Low-Ki over the top rope, before he can even turn around! Helms wins!

Winner and Cruiserweight Champion: Gregory Helms

Helms is awarded the title and celebrates like crazy despite a bloody mouth! Low-Ki looks pissed on the outside and kicks the steel steps. Helms then taunts Low-Ki from the ring.

Jim Ross: Oh wow! Gregory Helms played possum and struck right at the right opportunity. Low-Ki was on a rampage!

Coach: Just strategy JR, I told ya before!

Jim Ross: Well ladies and gentleman, when we come back, its going to be the main event! Edge and Randy Orton will team up to take on… well, I don’t know Coach, I guess it’s a damn handicap match now!


We return in the office of James Booker. He is looking straight into the camera with a smirk on his face.

James Booker: Well, it sure has been one hell of a show, wouldn’t you agree? While I don’t necessarily agree with the attacks from both Umaga and Brock Lesnar on other PWE superstars, I cant say that I disagree with the initiative. But anyways, I would like to address the situation that occurred earlier tonight between Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho. I HAVE AN IDEA! How about at Assault, we have the two settle this one on one. In a ladder match! Now I know you are probably thinking… ladder match? Doesn’t something have to be at stake? Oh, there will be. Because hanging high above the ring will be the PWE United States Championship! Oh yeah.

James laughs to himself as we return to ringside.

Jim Ross: Wow, what an addition to the PPV that is!

Coach: That match could without a doubt steal the show, JR.

ON THIS DAYYYYY. “Metalingus” plays as the crowd boo as Edge makes his way to the ring in his usual attire. He is completely unfazed by the reaction, looking just as focused as ever. He slides in before “Burn In My Light” plays. The booing becomes louder as our champion, Randy Orton slowly appears on stage. He stops and holds the title up high as pyro shoots off, before continuing to the ring. As he gets in, however, he grabs a mic.

Randy Orton: Angle, you might as well forfeit. You are looking at two of the greatest superstars to ever enter a ring teaming up. And you? You are nothing more than washed up. Your time is over, this is our time! You couldn’t even find a damn partner! So do yourself a favor and stay in the back, let this ref count to 10, and award Edge and myself the victory. Or come out here and not even make it to Assault. The choice is yours.

The ref begins to count to 10. As he gets to 7, “Medals” hits and the crowd pops huge as Kurt Angle walks out on stage with a mic in hand.

Kurt Angle: Washed up? You are looking at the best wrestler in the world today! At Assault, I am going to give you the reality check of a life time… and make you tap! Oh its true, its damn true! And as far as not having a partner… you are wrong.

Orton and Edge believe Angle is bluffing and just laugh it off. But the crowd pops huge as Edge and Orton are attacked from behind by… CHRISTIAN! CHRISTIAN IS HERE AND HE JUST CLOTHESLINED THE HELL OUT OF HIS BROTHER. Angle then rushes to the ring and the 4 men brawl as the ref tries to restore order. Finally he is able to get Christian and Orton out of the ring to start the match.

Edge/Orton vs. Angle/Christian

What an epic tag match huh? This match is spectacular, despite Orton trying to avoid being in the ring with Angle, and Edge avoiding it with Christian. All hell turns loose when Angle finally gets Orton in the ring and locks in the ankle lock! Orton is about to tap when Edge jumps in and attacks Angle. Christian then jumps in and begins to brawl with Edge as Angle and Orton brawl. This is finally to much for the ref as he calls the bell.


Edge and Christian then begin to brawl into the crowd with the two brothers hell bent on destroying one another. Inside the ring Angle is on the advantage, laying into Orton before getting a low blow! Angle drops to his knees and Orton quickly rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp. Angle shakes it off however, and notices Orton forgot his title. As Edge and Christian battle out sight, Angle picks up Orton’s title and raises it high in the air, taunting Orton to end the show.

//Okay lot of 'ring rust' but I tried haha. There is the first show. Woulda came sooner if it wasn't for that UFC game. All reviews will be returned. One love.

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

Kicking off a new promotion is always something that would be hard to do. Do you start off with a match to promote the product?? Or a promo to announce what’s going to happen?? Or kick right into gear by getting an angle up and running?? Any option you take is likely to be picked apart for differing reasons.

Instantly, I’m not keen on the fake owner. Must have been some inheritance. And the immediate heel turn could’ve been saved for a few weeks too rather than jumping straight in with it. And the fact he‘s come off as your by the numbers heel authority figure doesn’t strike me as entertaining. Just another Vince, Eric type of character - nothing new.

Not keen on seeing the championship being GIVEN to someone. Reeks of Triple H in 2002. If any of the titles in the company should be fought over, it’s the world title - that’s your money maker. I cant imagine too many viewers being won over by that announcement.

Bit rich of Orton to be saying that Angle hasn’t earned a damn thing, standing with a title belt over his shoulder . Would’ve at least liked Angle to earn his title shot for the PPV, or even hot-shotted the title match for tonight for a big main event in the first ever show. As I said at the top of the review though, literally every decision is likely to be scrutinized for a first show of a new company. At this point there is nothing to really separate PWE from TNA or WWE in it’s approach.

Now, this is better. Kicking off the show with a magnificent array of talent for a great tag team match. Shelley and Sabin going over is fine, although the heel turn from Daniels was unnecessary. Two heel turns in two segments. No rhyme or reason for either of them. Too much.

Odd interview with Lesnar. His big return to pro wrestling, and he acts like some sort of cave man?? I know he’s not a great promo guy … but he can talk

At least he did talk to the owner. Not liking this Booker character at all. There’s no qualities to him that make him unique from any other authority figure … and his welcome to Brock was cringe worthy. Brocky Balboa?? . At least Lesnar was a lot better in this segment. Still, his return to wrestling could’ve been built up for a week to pull in ratings next week, rather than blown off backstage.

Another good tag team match, and TWGTT should hopefully emerge as the staple of the division along with MCMG in the coming weeks and months. Two good matches thus far.

Mysterio agreeing to team with Angle is pretty sweet. Main event tonight is starting to look good.

Would be a heck of a jump for Christopher Daniels to challenge for the world title - but it would be a deserved run imo. At least the explanation for turning on Styles was worthy. The heel turn still came way too quickly. Best promo of the show thus far though.

Makes sense for Orton to approach Edge as his tag team partner tonight, given their history. Doesn’t look like Edge wants a long term friendship though, lol.

Ron Killings should hopefully be nothing more than the custom jobber of the company, as I don’t think he really offers much else. Don’t know what Sting can offer to the company either, as it seems to have enough star power available, but who knows where he’ll go. A random feud with Umaga doesn’t appeal to me … unless you can work out a reason as to why Umaga would randomly attack the Stinger. Would be a fun feud for sure, but loses a lot of it’s appeal for a random attack kicking things off - a bit like the feud with CM Punk having no reason. Just didn’t interest me much.

… oh, and please bring in Estrada for Umaga. Estrada FTW.

Too much Lesnar, too much Orton for one show. Three segments with both men already, and given this meeting I’d expect another one to come before the main event.

Decent promo between Jericho and RVD, setting off a new rivalry between the two that ought to be fantastic. Both men were on target enough to be in character, although some rust did show here, with some choppy pieces of dialogue. RVD rightfully got the better of the brawl, but I expect Jericho to get back at him next week to keep this one ticking over to the PPV.

Mysterio being taken out was to be expected, and I’d imagine this will be the set up for a PPV match between the pair.

Seeing Skipper and Low-Ki working as a tandem is setting off alarm bells in my head that scream TRIPLE X. Daniels to follow through and join up in the coming weeks perhaps?? Was hoping Petey could pull off the win, but unfortunately Helms came through. I’m a mark of Williams, and loved the push you gave him back in the day … please push him like that again

Get this Booker character off my screen plz . Ladder match between Jericho and RVD is ratings though. MOTY contender already for sure.

Christian stepping into Mysterios place is pretty cool, as he obviously has history with Edge, and he, along with Angle both jumped to TNA from the WWE, so it’s a reunion of sorts for all four.

No Contest is ridiculous. It’s your first main event of your first show, and it ends on a no contest. Cant find any redeeming qualities about that decision. Quite a lot of viewers will instantly be uninterested in next week given this show ended on such a whimper.

Overall, not your best work, but it’s been a LONG, LONG, LONG time since you did this shindig. Rust did show, but aside from that, some of the booking left a lot to be desired. For this to be the first PWE show, I expected something really electric, and a mega main event to pull in ratings. In the end, it petered out like a regular week on a long running show. Still delighted to have you back, reminds me of the olden days .
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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

Thanks Wolfy for the reply, you know I love you and a Mania review will be up soon.

Glad you hate James Booker man, because my goal is to make him one of the most annoying authority figures ever. However, never fear, as the plan I have has him being off television very soon.

As far as Orton getting the title, just wanted to be more shocking. Orton's character believes he indeed deserved the title by being the hottest free agent on the market. Everyone else on the roster is easily pissed at Booker. Especially Angle, as he was basically promised the title.

Lesnar and Orton were on the show the most as I was trying to establish how important Orton really was to the company and that Brock is still a big star, despite not being in the title picture.

Another Petey push? It could be in the cards my friend.

Christian stepping in? Yeah had to happen haha. As far as the no contest, yeah it would be lame to see, but right now the vibe of my promotion is more towards TNA at the time. Within a few months, it should have a WWE vibe, but for now it features some annoying owners and some shitty decisions. TNA. I mean PWE.

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

PWE; Wrestling Report

The first episode of Breakdown has finally emerged and the general feeling among wrestling audiences as that the promotion has a lot of promise but needs to make sure it takes the path of WWE and not TNA. There has been numerous complaints about Orton getting the title, but from reports, James Booker wants Orton to become the face of wrestling. Not everyone backstage agrees, with some feeling as if Booker and Orton are to close of friends for being an employer-employee relationship. It should be interesting to see what kind of title reign Orton has, as some believe he needs some more time before having a huge title reign, while Booker seems convinced Orton could be champion for the better part of the year.

Speaking of James Booker, despite being young and a good looking guy, he has no interest on being a TV Star. Booker's character has not came of great, more of just annoying, and part of that is believed to be because Booker isn't really comfortable with being on air. It is expected that a General Manager of sorts will be brought in very soon, and some believe Booker is just going to be on TV until a certain contract runs out with another company. Numerous names have surfaced over the internet, ranging from Ric Flair to Eric Bischoff to Paul Heyman and even UFC Superstar, Tito Ortiz.

The Rey Mysterio beat down angle was down because it was discovered that Rey's knee is not yet 100%. Rey should return very soon, but the belief is the beat down will keep him off TV for a few weeks, and that he will NOT compete at PWE's first PPV. No word on what this means for Brock Lesnar.

Also, PWE wanted to keep an Edge/Christian fued reserved for later in the year to have months to promote the fued, but it looks like the two could face off at Assault. No word yet on if this storyline will change.

In regards to Umaga destroying Sting, all we know is that James Booker wants to push Umaga. Umaga was seen as a huge asset to WWE, and Booker wants to exploit that.

That is all for now, stay tuned for next week's PWE BREAKDOWN!

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Re: Pro Wrestling Elite: The Real Competition.

WCW Rules' Review of 10mikebibby10's PWE Breakdown

Sorry so late. Here is some feedback, my friend.

Geez; a face intro, and then bursts into a heel? James Booker is annoying, BTW. Some of the stuff he said in the promo was kind of... eh, somewhat iffy, but I can understand you wanted to cement him as a heel, though it could've been more gradual as it happened so suddenly. Nice introduction of matches, though the execution could've been a little more clean as it was all jumbled in one paragraph. Minor flaw, don't worry about it. Moving on. Randy Orton as Champion, eh? I would've preferred he earn it, but this is your show and your owner is a heel, so it fits. His opening line was SO him, very realistic. Bringing McMahon's name into this was okay, but unnecessary. Could've just said, "The Boss of the 'E" and people would've known. Anyway, this promo became a conglomeration of everything Orton and/or Angle has ever said, and the quality deteriorated a bit. I'd suggest scaling back a bit on the usage of such, even though it's realistic, but it just felt like another generic promo from the guys. Either way, decent build up for our show and a tag team main event match is made. Decent and adequate start, but nowhere near explosive.

In terms of star power, I'm surprised MCMG won, but the better 'team' did become victorious, so nothing to fret about. A roll-up is heelish, and I suppose MCMG are gonna be pushed as heels? Not out of the ordinary, as they are mainly a heel group anyway. Looks like you're pushing 'em though, and I can very well see 'em going to the finals if you're intent on it. 'Kay, I honestly DID not expect the heel turn from Daniels? Is he really turning heel? You've created a bit of intrigue with this, and I applaud you, though it was out of nowhere, really, and a heel turn for someone like Daniels so early on in your show with someone having already done so devalues it.

Wow, uh... okay. Brock said nothing, at all. Awkward, to be completely honest with you, and a bit... meh. You'd think even Lesnar would have something to do say, especially on the first show, not just grunt like a neanderthal, but I suppose you have something for him later on... Hold it, here we go. Now he's saying somethin'. You tease, you. Ugh, James Booker. Anyway, I don't like the constant mentioning of a rival company; some more subtlety would do well. It just gives 'em too much exposure, and this is supposed to be PWE. Let the promotion breath on its own. The ending to this promo was okay, nothing more, nothing less. Let's see what you have planned for Brock, because I noticed a smirk on the face of the owner. Perhaps this is what he wanted, yes?

I'm glad you said "generic and boring tag team match" because that's what Murdoch/Cade do to every tag team match, TBH. WGTT wins, and deservingly so, as they're the better duo of the four. BTW, Coach sucking up to James Booker is gold; I'm glad you have the Heel/Face commentator dynamic going here. Concerning the tag tournament, I suspect WGTT to go far, maybe even face the MCMG in the finals. Who knows, though.

Nice anecdote on the PWE merchandise sales. Marketing at its finest, honestly. Fun little promo between these two; short, but to the point. I did like the last line, with Angle finishing Mysterio's "Oh it's true" because it is his line, after all.

Don't mind Wolfy, Killings push, plz. A random match with Sting, however, buries such aspects, if I'm gonna be frank, and no, not my name. Anyway, Sting is victorious, but of course he is. Compared to Killings, Sting is a legend in the business. Eh, Umaga? I'm a bit iffy on the prospects of a Umaga/Sting feud, TBH. I don't find Umaga anywhere near Sting's level, even if Sting is getting there in age. Sting should've probably had a feud with an established star, or Umaga with a midcarder, because that's how I see it. THis feud may also be a creative dead-end because Umaga looks like he should win, but Sting has far more credibility than the guy. Let's see where this goes, though.

Generic promo from Blandy/Brock here. This is a feud many created promotions attempt if the two are on the roster, as I suppose it's a fitting one as the two debuted around the same time and both became the youngest World Champions for their respective title. A manipulative Orton is great, but the shaking hands, I could've done without. I don't think Brock would do that with Orton, but he's your Brock. And LMAO @ Coach being an incredible douche. "Greater Good?" His commentary has been a highlight.

You've got many a main event caliber talent on your roster, and I hope they have some direction. This goes for Mr. Y2J, Chris Jericho, as he's the MAN! Another shot at Vinnie Mac, and TNA, lol. I don't think we need anymore of these, we get the point. I'm guessing he's heel? Nice, heel Y2J, and it's not the serious one, but the witty one. Hmm... a feud with RVD? Meh, seen too many of 'em, but I will wait and see with your rendition of said feud. Battle of the catchphrases, it seems. They've been overused on the show quite a bit, though. Lol, "This isn't over!" I suppose it's not, and I'll be looking to see where this feud goes, but it did just jumpstart without much momentum.

Ooooh, now we know what Randy Orton wanted, and he got it. Classic beatdown to Rey Rey by the Brock, leaving Angle with no partner. Wonder what'll happen now? A feud to start between the two? I'd like that, just don't throw Rey Rey around like a ragdoll, plz. He deserves much better, and you can utilize him well.

Gregory Helms winning out of all the potential participants seems like a letdown. I'm a fan of his, no doubt, but I'm sure there were other, more worthy candidates. I hope a feud springs up between Helms and Low Ki, as it can be classic. Decent CW bout, but I hope the division gets supported by a little more story as time goes on.

James Booker again, huh? Ladder match for the PWE US Championship b/w Jericho and RVD? Interesting. I've seen many ladder matches b/w these two written before for a midcard championship, however, so I hope you can pull something different off with this.

Edge and Orton Vs Kurt Angle and... Christian? Captain Charisma is here, baby, and he arrived in style, might I say. Contrarily, I must say the Main Event ending in a No Contest is a huge cop-out. This is your first show, and an epic tag team match like this should've ended a least with a pin or submission, even if it would've been dirty. A brawl ensues afterwards, which was expected. I suppose a feud b/w Edge and Christian will not occur? Another main event caliber feud, being given so suddenly and without much cause. I hope you build it up right, mang.

Overall, an underwhelming first show from you, man. I know you could do better, but it seems the ring rust has done a number on you. Content wise, the show was okay; your match write-ups don't allow for much coverage, but they get the job done. Your promos are a bit short and lack a degree of detail, while your show could use some polish. Your feuds, many of 'em just happened without much effort while many of your heel turns were so sudden they became diluted as a result. Not a grandiose start to your thread, but I hope you can pick it up from here, mang.
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