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Last Man Standing: Season 1

Eric Bischoff was on the Tonight Show recently to hype up the first season of Last Man Standing – a reality TV show himself, Jason Hervey, Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett all collaborated together to create.

“Wrestling’s kind of been a drag to watch recently" said Bischoff. "Even Vince McMahon and Jeff Jarrett have admitted so. That’s how I got them on board for this project. Last time I brought pro wrestling into the reality TV world, I had moderate success, but not the kind I was looking for. Me and [Jason] Hervey talked and we came to the conclusion that people wanted to see pro wrestling and reality TV collide, but with professional’s, not celebrities. They want to see Jeff Hardy, Kurt Angle, Shawn Michaels; those type of guys. That’s when I came up with the idea for a brand new reality show. Think Survivor, Ultimate Fighter, and Monday Night RAW all rolled into one. 1 Million Dollars will be awarded to the last man standing.”

Bischoff was asked what we could expect on the show. What kind of wrestlers are on it? “It’s going to be an interesting season. I had the opportunity to load up the show with all main event players, but I opted instead to get a good mix of talent. Some well-known, some that have flown under the radar in their respective companies, and some that most believe no shot of winning. A few of these guys will surprise you, count on it. “

Bischoff stated that each week would be high drama with lots of wrestling. With a cast of nineteen unique and interesting characters, Bischoff stated that there was tensions and rivalries all season.

“There’s on main alliance that dominates the game at first, but many others pop up as the weeks go on.” Bischoff stated, “some of these people couldn’t stand one another and yet they somehow co-exist in the game for quite some time. The most unlikely bonds and alliances form and I was scratching my head at the end wondering who the hell was going to win this thing.”

The season will premiere Wednesday, June 03 2009. Bischoff gave us a low-down (with his own comments) on each super star.

Triple H

"There’s no beating around the bush. Triple H is the most hated man in this competition. He’s got his group of close friends, but other than that, he’s everyone’s number one target. His strategizing and manipulating is his greatest asset in this competition."

Jeff Hardy

"He’s a risk-taker. In a competition like this, that’s either going to take him to the end or be his destruction."

Teddy Hart

"What can I say..he's nuts. I think he may be smarter than everyone thinks, however."

Rey Mysterio

"One of the smallest men in the competition. That’s never stopped him from getting what he wants though. "

Kurt Angle

"Without any doubt, the most intense individual on the show. If he can harness that intensity he will go far."

Kevin Nash

"Nash is a master manipulator. His nagging injury’s are going to be a problem for him. He’s obviously not a match for most of these guys, but with the right strategy, he can make it far."

Sean Waltman

"Sean’s been battling with some demons lately. This is his shot at redeeming himself and getting his life back on track. He has 3 very close friends with him on the show. He’d be wise to use that to his advantage."

The Miz

"The Miz has experience in reality TV. A lot of people seemed to ignore Miz and the power he could potentially hold in this game. The only thing that may stop him is his less than stellar in-ring skills."

Monty Brown

"Monty’s hungry for the prize. You’ll see this. He’s talented, ambitious, and a HUGE threat to everyone."

Shawn Michaels

"Shawn has an advantage in that he has many allies in this game. If he can let his allies do his dirty work and stay on everyone’s good side, he could sweet-talk his way to the end."


"MVP is the dark horse in this competition. Everyone is aware of his presence, but I don’t think they REALLY know what he’s capable. It will be interesting to see how far he’ll go."

Bobby Lashley

"Lashley is tough. He’s got the size and skills to go far. He’s very quiet though. Lashley’s detractor may be that he’s not playing the game to his benefit. "

Ron Killings

"Killings may fly under the radar if he play’s his cards right. He’s got all the talent to win this, he just needs to use his head."


"Edge is in the prime of his wrestling career. He should sail right through this thing if he can build the right partnerships."

Paul London

"A great high-flyer. This competition requires more than that however. If London can prove he's not just one-dimensional, this could be his. "

Spike Dudley

"Clearly the biggest underdog in this competition."

Santino Marella

"A crack-up. That's for sure."

Big Show

"The biggest threat in the entire competition. His competitors better find a way to get him out early, because if not they'll all find themselves in trouble down the line."


"Christian has all the right tools. He's not only good in the ring, but his social skills can take him far. Watch out for him."
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

Season 1: Episode #1

19 men. 2 teams. 1 million dollars on the line. Some of the most famous faces that have graced wrestling.

Kurt Angle: “I’m ready to snap someones ankle in half!”

Jeff Hardy:” I’m going to do whatever it takes to win…take any risks.”

The Miz: “I’m the Miz…and I’m…awesome!”

Big Show: “Nobody is going to be able to stop this giant!”

These wrestlers will clash week in and week out to see who can survive in this competition. Each week the teams will compete in different challenges. The teams will compete for protection -- meaning you are safe from elimination that week. The losing team will have to vote 3 members to go up for elimination. The team captain of the winning team must save one member from the losing team. The remaining 2 will compete – the loser being eliminated.

Paul London: “People are going to underestimate my skills.”

Kevin Nash:
“I plan on doing what I do best: making money without lifting a finger.”

Monty Brown: "Everyone better watch out for the POUNCE!"

Triple H:
“It’s time to play the game!”

Bonds will form, backstabbing will ensue, rivals will clash…anything’s possible when one million dollars is on the line. One thing is for sure…only one man will be left standing!

Host Eric Bischoff stands on the platform in a remote location in the United
States. All 19 wrestlers arrive. They line up. The roster of wrestlers is as follows:

Triple H
Shawn Michaels
The Miz
Bobby Lashley
Santino Morella
Ron Killings
Rey Mysterio
Teddy Hart
Monty Brown
Kevin Nash
Sean Waltman
Big Show
Jeff Hardy
Kurt Angle
Paul London
Spike Dudley

Bischoff welcomes everyone and asks them all to take a breath, because the competition begins today. Bischoff asks Monty Brown how a million dollars sounds.

Monty Brown: “That would be a dream, man. My sister just passed away; I can’t wrestle full-time anymore because I got her two kids to watch over. A million dollars would be a huge help.”

Eric Bischoff: “Well Monty, you, and these other 18 men standing beside you all have the same opportunity at the million. All you have to do is survive the competition. Outlast every other man...and it’s yours. This is how the game will work. It’s a competition between the red team and the blue team. Each week, one person will be eliminated, based on his team’s performance in the challenges. Eventually the teams will disband, and it will be every man for himself.”

Kevin Nash: “Hey Bisch…what are the teams?”

Eric Bischoff: “Glad you asked, Kevin. The teams will be decided tonight. The very first challenge of the competition will be a battle royal, held…now. The last two remaining men will be team captains, and get to pick their teams tonight. Good luck.”

Battle Royal
All 19 men get in the wrestling ring. The bell is rung and we’re underway…Immediately Santino tries to size up The Big Show. Show just pie-faces Santino right over the ropes! Santino is furious. Spike Dudley jumps on Show’s back, trying to catch him by surprise, but fails to budge show at all. Big Show just hurls him over the ropes. Ron Killings is trying to eliminate Paul London. Miz sneaks up behind Killings and throws him over the top rope. Miz tries to eliminate London with a front suplex over the top rope, but London counters and sends Miz over the top rope with a suplex. London is now on the apron. Miz, furious over being eliminated, pulls Londons feet off the apron, sending London to the ground. London is eliminated. The Kliq all work together to eliminate Bobby Lashley. Monty Brown hits Waltman with the POUNCE~! But just as Brown begins to celebrate, the other three Kliq members throw him over the top rope. Monty Brown is eliminated. Mysterio comes off the top rope, trying to hit Big Show, but show simple catches him, and powerbombs Rey right out of the ring! At this point the remaining men in the ring realize Big Show is going to be a problem. All of them work together to send Big Show over the top rope. Nash tries to boot Angle in the head, but Angle ducks. Angle locks in the Ankle Lock on Nash. Just then HHH, Waltman, and Shawn Michaels jump on him. The two try to eliminate Angle, but have no luck. Angle’s fighting hard. Meanwhile MVP and Edge double team Jeff Hardy to eliminate him from the battle royal. MVP and Edge agree to work together, but just as MVP turns his back on Edge, Edge grabs MVP, and hurls him over the top rope. MVP is eliminated. Christian Cage and Teddy Hart are battling. From out of nowhere Shawn Michaels hits Christian with a superkick that sends Christian over the top rope. Christian Cage is eliminated. HHH hits Teddy Hart with the Pedigree. Picks him up. Throws him over the top rope. Teddy Hart is eliminated. We’re down to Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Edge, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, and Kurt Angle. The Kliq definitely have the advantage here. Edge and Angle fight like hell to stay in it, but The Kliq eventually manage to eliminate Edge from the contest. It’s now 4-on-1. Angle is ready to go to battle with all of them. Shawn and Hunter are whispering in eachothers ear. Triple H pats Michaels on the back and oddly enough, Triple H, Kevin Nash, and Sean Watlaman all willingly eliminate themselves from the battle royal. Nash yells “Good luck” to Shawn. Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle lock up. Angle hits a succession of great wrestling moves. Angle goes for an Angle Slam, but Shawn lands on his feet. Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Angle ducks. Angle locks in the Anklelock! Shawn is fighting like hell. Shawn rolls in, and catapults Angle towards the ropes. Angle goes over the ropes and nearly lands on the floor, but manages to hang on. Kurt is on the ring apron. Shawn hits the Sween Chin Music! Kurt falls to the floor! Shawn Michaels wins!
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Shawn’s buddies all get in the ring and congratulate him. Bischoff also extends his congratulations. Kurt is pissed that he lost, but not too worse for wear as he is still one of the team captains. Bischoff reminds of everyone that teams will be picked tonight. There are nineteen men, which means there will be an odd-man-out. That person who isn’t picked by either team will go home tonight. He suggests the captains think wisely about who they want to pick. The 19 competitors all head into the mansion they will be staying in for this competition.

The Kliq are all conversing in their room before the draft ceremony.

Triple H: “How’s your ankle Kev?”

Kevin Nash: “It’s a little banged up, man. I’ll be alright though. Don’t worry about me.”

Triple H: “Alright, so listen Shawn… You’re the captain. We know for sure you’re going to pick me, Kev, and Sean. Who else are we bringing into the group?”

Shawn Michaels: “There are a lot of good prospects. I definitively think we should choose Paul.

Kevin Nash: “London? I guess… that’s your boy right.”

We get a confessional from Kevin Nash

“I have to be honest. I don’t think Paul London is going to be much help. The guy’s just a vanilla midget.”
Sean Waltman: “You should pick Big Show. Did you see how many of us it took to get him out? He’s going to kill in these challenges, man.”

Triple H: “No way. That’s exactly why we don’t want him on our team. Remember Bischoff said at the some point the teams will disband. None of us want to be up against Big Show then.”

Shawn Michaels “Good point.”

Kevin Nash: “What if Kurt doesn’t feel the same way?”

Triple H: “I’ll talk to Kurt.”

Triple H leaves, looking for Kurt. Triple H enters Kurt Angle’s room.

Triple H: "Hey we gotta talk about something, Kurt."

Kurt Angle: “How I’m going to break your ankle in this competition!”

Triple H (chuckles) Yeah right. No, me and you will have plenty of time to reignite our old rivalry in this game later on. What I want to talk to you about is Big Show.”

Kurt Angle: “What about him?”

Triple H: “You saw how powerful he was out there earlier. It took the majority of us to eliminate him. Neither of us wants to deal with him later on. So, I’m here to make a deal with you. Bischoff mentioned earlier that the odd man out in tonights draft is going home. I just talked to Shawn. He’s agreed to not pick Show, if you agree not to pick him either.

Kurt Angle: “Just for the record- I can beat anyone! Including Show. But I’d rather not take my chances. I’ll take you up on your offer Hunter.”

Angle and Triple H shake hands.

We get a confessional from Kurt Angle

“I don’t trust Hunter as far as I can throw him. He probably just wants Big Show on his team. I’m going to have to think about this.”
It’s now night time. All 19 head out to the ring for the draft ceremony. Bischoff is waiting.

Eric Bischoff: “Welcome back gentleman. I just want to say congratulations to Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle. As the final two in the battle royal: you both earned yourselves the right to be captains for tonight. Keep in mind, you will NOT be captains the entire season. That position will be swapped to a new person everyday. But it is an incredible benefit to be captain on this particular night, because that means you get to pick your own teammates. Before we get started, I just want to ask something. Triple H, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman: why did the three of you willingly give up your chance at being captain earlier?”

Kevin Nash: “It’s simple. If we eliminated Kurt, that would mean that two of us end up on different sides. We don’t want that.”

Eric Bischoff: “Smart. Just don’t forget that you can still end up on different sides if Kurt wants to pick you.”

The Kliq don’t seem too thrilled at the prospect of being on Kurt’s team.

Eric Bischoff: Shawn you beat Kurt Angle. That means you pick first.

Shawn Michaels This is an easy one, Eric. It’s gotta be my buddy Triple H.

Kurt Angle: You don’t have to worry about me picking a Kliq member. I nearly broke Nash’s ankle earlier. So he’s useless. And I doubt Sean is going to make it a week without coking himself out on something. No, I’m looking to build a power squad here. I think if it wasn’t for all you “buddies” ganging up on my first pick, none of you would have made it to the final two. I pick Edge.

Shawn Michaels: “I pick Big Kev.”

Kurt Angle: “One of my best rivals, the 619…Rey Mysterio!”

Shawn Michaels: “The Kliq back together again... Get over here Sean!”

We get a confessional from Kurt Angle

“He picked Nash and Waltman that soon? What a dork! Shawn thinks he’s going to win challenges with those two dinosaurs on his team? He’s not using his head.”
Kurt Angle: “I pick Jeff Hardy.”

Shawn Michaels: “Christian”

Big Show seems surprised that he hasn’t been picked yet.

Kurt Angle: MVP

Shawn Michaels: “Bobby Lashley”

Kurt Angle: “Monty Brown”

Shawn Michaels: “Paul London.”

Paul London goes over to the Shawn’s corner and the two high five. Nash, HHH, and Sean Waltman aren't as friendly with London.

Kurt Angle: Teddy Hart

Big Show is growing increasingly frustrated that he hasn’t been picked yet. We get a confessional from him.

“I think I know what’s going on here. Neither team wants me in the competition, so they aren’t picking me. That’s bullsh*t!”
Shawn Michaels: Ron Killings

Kurt Angle: “The Miz.”

It’s down to Santino, Spike Dudley, and Big Show. Only one pick left for each team.

Shawn Michaels: “Spike Dudley.”

We get a confessional from Shawn
“Big Show is obviously much stronger than Spike and Santino. But no way I’m letting a monster like that in the competition.”
We cut to another confessional from Big Show

“At this point it’s pretty obvious I’m going home. Better pack my bags…”
A confessional from Kurt Angle

“I’m about to make a risky move here….”
Santino is mouthing the words ‘pick me’ to Kurt. Santino is standing on his toes, trying desperately to appear to be within Show’s height range.

Kurt Angle: “I just want to let everyone know…The Kliq over there made a deal with me to not allow Big Show in this competition. Triple H basically told me he was afraid of The Big Show and I should be too. Well, I’m not a pansy like Hunter! Big Show, you’re my final pick!”

All four members of the Kliq are visibly shocked. Hunter smacks his fist in his palm, clearly upset over Angle’s decision. Big Show’s frown grows into a gigantic smile, as he walks over to Kurt’s corner.

We get a confessional from Triple H
“WHAT! What does he think he’s doing? That decision is going to come back and bite you in the ass, Kurt. Count on it!”
We get a confessional from Kurt Angle

“I can tell I pissed them all off. Good! Triple H thinks he can manipulate me into missing out on the best teammate in this game. Heck no! I’ll get Show eliminated when the time is right, but for right now he’s going to help me get far in this game.
Santino is upset. He has his hand on his hips and kicks the air.

Eric Bischoff: “I have to say, Kurt. That could either be the best pick of the game, or the worst. Santino…I’m sorry. As the odd man out, that means you’re eliminated from the competition. Thank you for playing.”

Santino: “This is an outrage, Baryshnikov! This is why I hate American television! Picking a wimp like the Big Show over a great Italian warrior such as myself?

Big Show begins walking towards Santino, and Santino lets out a women-cry, before hightailing it out of the ring. Everyone laughs as he runs for the hills.

Eric Bischoff: “Well gentleman. That’s it for today. You can head into the mansion. Don’t get too comfortable though, because tomorrow the real competition begins. Good luck.

Did Kurt make the right decision keeping Big Show in the game? The Kliq are all on the same side. They dominated the Battle Royal. Is anyone going to be able to stop these four? Tune in to episode two of Last Man Standing!


The teams...

Red Team
Triple H
Shawn Michaels
Kevin Nash
Sean Waltman
Bobby Lashley
Ron Killings
Paul London
Spike Dudley

Blue Team
Kurt Angle
Big Show
Jeff Hardy
Rey Mysterio
Teddy Hart
Monty Brown
The Miz

Feel free to predict who the last man standing will be.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

I'm 90% sure I know where you got your motivation for this. I'm not going to say it because I don't want to advertise another site, and it doesn't seem like you plagiarized, but this looks very similar to another BTB I've seen before. However, like I said, it doesn't seem like you copied everything, just the concept and you've added your own storylines to it, so I guess its fine. However, there are some lines that seem like they've been copied, so be careful about that.

With that out of the way, I've always loved the concept of a wrestling reality TV show, so I hope to see this finish. I'm liking Kurt's character, and hopefully he goes far in the competition.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

This is really AWESOME... That's the truth. I just read the whole thing, and loved every bit of it. I think you've got something great going's different, a breath of fresh air, and it's cool. I loved the MOLE, and Survivor, the only two reality TV shows that got me excited. You throw in wrestling...and we've got a treat. Two comments...

(1) - The episode seemed short. I know you want to keep yourself motivated and you may not have that much time, but I'd have liked to have seen more people get a chance to talk and give "confessionals"...what in the world was everyone else thinking?

(2) How was Angle able to look "pissed off" after just being Superkicked by Shawn Michaels? He would have been out cold, or at least motionless on the canvas at that point.

Keep this up! I will be reading and commenting on EVERY show if its in my power. Best of luck.

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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

I really like the idea of this and the back story and everything is great will be reading this

CM Punk is the best thing in wrestling today.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

In fairness, ripped off or not, it's a pretty fucking cool idea. I just need to decide if I can nominate it in the awards or if it's too soon.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

I love this idea man keep it up I'll hit you with a review for your next show

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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

Season 1: Episode #2

Last week on Last Man Standing teams were chosen. The Kliq used their numbers advantage to secure Shawn Michaels a spot as team captain for the Red team. The team captain for the blue team was Kurt Angle. Michaels built his team around his group of friends; Kurt Angle instead chose who he believed were the best, regardless of his relationship with them. The most shocking moment of the show was when Kurt broke a deal he had made with Triple H, not to pick Big Show as a team-member. The red team consists of Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Christian, Paul London, Ron Killings, Bobby Lashley, and Spike Dudley. The blue team consists of Kurt Angle, Edge, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Hardy, Teddy Hart, MVP, Big Show, The Miz, and Monty Brown.


We get a nice shot of the mansion the wrestlers are staying in. It’s a beautiful sunny day outside, but right now everyone is barely waking up. That is, everyone except Kurt. Kurt has been in the gym, training his ass off for the last hour. Big Show comes in while Kurt is in the middle of crunches.

Big Show:"You’re up bright and early."

Kurt Angle: "Gotta train hard if you want to win the million."

Big Show: "Right, right. Hey, I just want to say thanks for keeping me in this thing."

Kurt is finished with his crunches. He grabs a bottle of water and sits up on a chair.

Kurt Angle: "No problem. Like I said last night, I’m not afraid of you."

Big Show walks up to Kurt’s chair. Kurt stands and looks up at Big Show towering over him.

Big Show: "Is that so? Your thing is breaking ankles in half right? Well, I break BODIES in half. Don't get too cocky, Kurt."

Kurt Angle: "Listen. I can see things are getting tense between us. There’s going to be a point where me and you have it out. Let’s make sure that’s not until the end of the show. If we work together, we could go a long way. Me with the talent, you with the natural strength. No one can stop us."

Big Show: "I hear you. I got your back."

Big Show slaps Kurt across the back and walks away. That stung Kurt a bit.

Big Show: "Catch you later."

Kurt throws his arm over his shoulder and rubs the upper part of his back.

Kurt Angle: "Later....damn that hurt."

A buzzer goes off. This is the signal for the participants to gather around the big screen to get information from Eric Bischoff via satellite.

On the big screen:

Eric Bischoff: "Good morning, gentleman. I hope you had a good rest, because today wont be easy. First things first; Shawn and Kurt…you two are no longer captains. The captains for today were decided at random…they are…Kevin Nash and MVP. I’ll explain your roles as team captains in a moment. Today’s challenge will be a series of singles matches between both teams. Whichever team has the most victories by the end of the series will win immunity. The losing team will have to vote 3 of their members up for elimination. There are 18 of you in total, which means no matter what one team will rack up more victories than the other. Now, Kevin and Montel; as team captains you will be able to decide on who wrestles which match. Also, if your team wins immunity, you can decide which of the 3 men on the other team you want to save from the elimination ceremony. You must pick someone. The two remaining men will have a match for survival."

We get a confessional from Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash: “Boy am I glad I got captain today. My leg is killing me. I’ll just let everyone else do the work and hopefully we’ll rack up enough victories that I won’t even need to wrestle.”
A confessional from MVP

MVP: "Straight up…Ballin! That’s what I’m talkin’ bout’. MVP as team captain; I like the sound of that. It’s on!"
The two teams go their separate ways. Edge pulls MVP over to the side.

Edge: “Congratulations on becoming captain.”

MVP: “I don’t want to hear it, man. I SHOULD have been captain last night if it wasn’t for you screwing me over. “

Edge: “That was a mistake. I admit. You and me should have stuck together until the end of the battle royal, especially with the Kliq in there. I ruined it for myself by eliminating you that early. Let’s just wipe the slate clean. In case we lose tonight, it’s important that we have eachothers backs. In fact, we need to have eachothers back throughout the game. You heard what Bischoff said: the losing team has to vote 3 people into elimination. Let’s make a deal we never vote for eachother.”

MVP: "Alright, I gotchya. Sounds good. I’ll holler at you later. We have a challenge to win right now, baby boy.”

We get a confessional from MVP

MVP: “Does Edge think I’m a chump? I know he’s just gaining back my trust so he can screw me all over again. I aint’ fallin’ for it this time. Nah. I’ll have his back for now, but when the time is right, I’ll teach him a lesson.”
Both teams show up outside the mansion. Eric Bischoff is standing in front of the wrestling ring. Bischoff welcomes everyone.

Eric Bischoff: “Let’s get right to it. MVP, who are you putting up first?”

MVP: “Kurt Angle”

Eric Bischoff: “Excellent choice. Kevin?”

Kevin Nash: “Kurt you went back on your word last night. You told Triple H you wouldn’t pick Big Show. I would kick your ass for that, but I think Hunter wants to more.”

We get a confessional from Kurt Angle.

Kurt Angle: “Kick my ass? YEAH RIGHT! I'd like to see Big Lazy lift his leg up high enough to kick anything.”
Kurt Angle vs. Triple H
Notes: Angle is ready to do some serious damage to HHH. He immediately drops to the mat and goes after Triple H’s knees. Triple H wisely slides out of the way. Triple H and Kurt circle the ring a bit. Kurt tries to take HHH down again. This time he catches one leg. Triple H immediately grabs hold of the ropes. Kurt must break the hold at the referee’s orders. Kurt tells Triple H to stop being a coward and wrestle. Triple H goes after Kurt, but Kurt catches him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt takes control of the match at this point, until mid-way through Triple H elbows Kurt in the face when he goes for the German suplex. Triple H turns around and immediately drops Kurt with a DDT. The finish saw Triple H go for the Pedigree, but Kurt got HHH on his back with a double leg takedown. Kurt locked in the Anklelock. HHH nearly escaped but Kurt got his leg in the Grapevine. HHH fought it for a bit, but realized risking his physical well being wasn’t worth one challenge. HHH ultimately tapped out,
Winner: Kurt Angle

Eric Bischoff: “Congratulations blue team. With that victory, you are in the lead 1-0. Who’s wrestling next for the red team?”

Kevin Nash: “Shawn beat everyone in the battle royal so I think he can even things up. Shawn Michaels.”

Eric Bischoff: “MVP?”

MVP: “A man who has beaten Shawn Michaels in the past, The Rated R Superstar, Edge!”

Shawn Michaels vs. Edge
Notes: To start, Shawn gets Edge in a headlock. Edge pushes Shawn all the way to the ropes and hits him with a few forearms to the face. Shawn whips Edge to the other side of the ring. Edge bounces off the ropes. Michaels goes for a dropkick, but Edge grabs a hold of the ropes before he reaches Shawn. Michaels falls on his back. Edge quickly goes for a pinfall attempt. Michaels kicks out at 1 and a half. Edge picks Shawn up. He brings Michaels over to the corner and smashes his head into the turnbuckle, then flips him over so he has his back against the turnbuckle. Edge hits Shawn with some more forearms, a couple chops. Shawn turns it around on Edge and hits him with a succession of chops. The two battle it out for a while longer with their teammates cheering them on. The end result sees Edge go for the Spear. Shawn ducks. Edge almost goes shoulder-first into the turnbuckle. He manages to stop himself, but as he turns around, Shawn goes for Sweet Chin Music. Edge ducks the SCM attempt. Edge. Edge drops Michaels by his legs and goes for the Sharpshooter. Before he can really lock it in, Michaels grabs Edge and rolls over. HBK has Edge in a roll up. Michaels gets the 3 count!
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Eric Bischoff: “It’s now 1-1. MVP, who’s next?”

MVP: “My boy Teddy Hart!”

Kevin Nash: “Paul London.”

We get a confessional from Kevin Nash.

Kevin Nash: “One vanilla midget deserves another.”
Shawn gets London pumped up for the match. London is roaring and ready to go. Everyone wishes him luck and high-fives him except Nash, Waltman, and Triple H. We get a confessional from Paul London.

Paul London: “I have to really prove myself right now. I get the feeling that Shawn’s friends don’t want me on the team.”

Paul London vs. Teddy Hart
Notes: Fast-paced action here to start things off. London gets Hart with a few arm-drags. Hart sweeps London by his legs. Hart hits London with a couple of knees to the head. London pushes Hart to the corner. London attempts a Hurricanrana off the top rope. Teddy Hart hits him a couple times in the back. London is waning. Hart locks his arms around London’s legs, looking like he may be going for a powerbomb off the top rope. As Hart lifts London up, London jumps off, nearly falling out of the ring head-first, but thankfully manages to land on the apron. That was scary. London kicks Hart a few times from the apron. London shoots onto the ropes, and hits Hart with an arm-drag off the top rope. Hart gets to his feet, charging after London. Hart is met with a dropsault from Paul London. London picks Hart up and plants him on the mat with a legsweep DDT. London goes up to the top rope. He signals for it…….Shooting Star Press! London covers Hart and wins.
Winner: Paul London

Eric Bischoff: “1-2. Who’s next?”

MVP: “My bro, Monty Brown. Get up there playa.”

Kevin Nash: “Brown’s facing Lashley.”

Monty Brown vs. Bobby Lashley
Notes: Both came into this contest in incredible shape. Both tried to outpower eachother. Lashley is used to throwing his opponents around like a ragdoll, but that didn’t happen here. Nearly every attempt at a suplex or slam was countered. Brown hit the Russian Legsweep into the Fujiwara Armbar. Lashley did not tap. Brown got up, whipped Lashley into the ropes; It’s time for the POUNCE~! As Brown went to hit Lashley with the POUNCE, Lashley hopped up in the air and spread his legs out as far as he could. Amazing athletic ability by Lashley. Brown runs right under Lashley and bounces off the ropes. As he comes back, Lashley hits Brown with a spear of his own. Lashley goes for the cover. Brown kicks out at 2. Lashley tried to hit Brown with the spinebuster. Brown planted his feet on the ground. Monty hit Lashley with the swinging DDT. Brown only got a 2 count. Brown scoops Lashley off the ground. Amazing strength. Brown hits Lashley with the Alpha Bomb! He gets the pinfall.
Winner: Monty Brown

Eric Bischoff: “It’s tied again. 2-2. This is turning into quite a series. Kevin, who’s next?”

Kevin Nash: “Okay Killings. This is your shot.”

MVP: “I’m tired of sitting and waiting for a match. I’ll take on Ron Killings if that’s alright with my team.”

Nobody on the blue team offers any objection.

MVP vs. Ron Killings
Notes: MVP proved he deserved the captain rank. Killings gave a hell of a showing. Well fought match with Killings getting some good offense in until the finish. Killings went for a scissors kick. MVP ducked. MVP quickly got Killings in position and successfully hit the overdrive. MVP covered Killings for the 3 count.

Eric Bischoff: “The Blue Team are back in the lead. 3-2. MVP, who’s up?”

MVP: “Jeff Hardy.”

Kevin Nash: “Jeff’s opponent is a man who knows him well…Christian.”

Christian vs. Jeff Hardy
Notes: These two knew eachother like the back of their hands. Late in the match Hardy went for the Whisper in the Wind, but Christian crotches his legs, causing him to fall onto turnbuckle. Christian went for a backdrop off the top rope. Hardy elbowed Christian a few times. Christian fell off. Hardy went for another Whisper in the Wind. Christian managed to dodge it. Christian tried to get Hardy with the Unprettier. Hardy turned it around. Went for a Twist of Fate, but Christian countered the twist of fate with an Unprettier! Christians covers Hardy for the 3 count.
Winner: Christian

We get a confessional from Christian.

Christian: “I’m really glad I won that match. Jeff’s a tough opponent and I really think I proved myself out there. I know one thing for sure: even if we lose, I’m not going home tonight.”
Eric Bischoff: “And with that it’s once again a tie. 3-3. Who’s wrestling for the Red Team?”

Kevin Nash: “My bro, Sean Waltman.”

MVP: “Alright, Miz. It’s your match playa.”

The Miz vs. Sean Waltmam
Notes: Waltman had some ring rust here. No matter how hard he tried, everything seemed sort of akward. Nonetheless, Miz is still an inferior in-ring talent. Waltman hit Miz with a wide array of moves in this match. The Spinkick, Diving Legdrop, Moonsault, etc. Waltman got a bit cocky though. He set Miz up for a Bronco Buster in the corner. Waltman did a bit too much taunting and posing, because by the time he went for the Bronco Buster, Miz moved out of the way. Waltman yelped out in pain over crashing balls-first into the corner. Miz used this opportunity wisely. He immediately dragged Waltman out of the corner and hit him with The Mizard of Oz. Miz got the upset victory over Waltman.
Winner: The Miz

We get a confessional from The Miz.

THE MIIIIIIIIZZZZZZ……..IS…..AWESOME!!! 1-0 Baby! One and Oh!”
Eric Bischoff:” This could be it. Team Blue is in the lead 4-3. This next match is crucial. If the Blue Team score another victory, they win todays challenge. If not, it will once again be a tie and the following match will be the tie-breaker.”

On the Blue Team, Big Show and Rey Mysterio still haven’t wrestled. On the Red Team: Kevin Nash and Spike Dudley. MVP takes his team for a quick conference.

MVP: ”Okay Show, it’s your time man. I’m guessing they’re going to throw Nash up against you. It shouldn’t be a problem for you to beat him. If not, Rey can definitely beat Spike Dudley in the final match.”

Everyone approves. We get a confessional from Big Show.

Big Show: “At this point I’d been waiting all day. I was salivating to get in the ring.”
MVP and the rest of the team break the huddle.

MVP: “Big Show is wrestling.”

Eric Bischoff: “Red Team?”

We get a confessional from Kevin Nash

Kevin Nash: “My leg was in the shits. There was no way I could beat Big Show. I’m man enough to admit it, so I figured the smart thing to do would be to take my chances with Spike and if Show beats him I should have less trouble beating Rey. Hey...worst comes to worse, we lose, and we can cut the fat from the team”
Everyone on the Red Team figures Nash is going next, so they’re pumping him up. Spike wishes him luck.

Kevin Nash: “Spike Dudley.”

Everyone is shocked, including Eric Bischoff. We get many confessionals on this.

Christian: “I couldn’t believe my ears. Here’s this big giant, our captain…and he’s letting Spike Dudley wrestle the 500 pound Big Show in this most important match of the series?”
Ron Killings: “This is a joke.”
Big Show: “Nash is such a coward. Everyone knows I’m going to destroy Spike Dudley. He’d rather let his team lose then get in the ring with me?”
Spike Dudley: “I don’t know what to say…me and Big Show? I was sure it would be Kevin and Show, then me and Rey Mysterio. I was pretty much ready to get pummeled.”
Big Show vs. Spike Dudley
Notes: Spike got in the ring. He figured there was nothing he could do but go full-steam on Big Show. Spike charged right into him, hitting him with rights and lefts. Not one punch even fazed Big Show. He grabbed Spike’s arms. Show had a look on his face like the match was a complete waste of time. Big Show simply hurled Spike up with one hand and dropped him back to the mat with the Showstopper. Big Show made the cover and the match was over within a minute.
Winner: Big Show

Eric Bischoff: “And with that massacre, the Blue Team win today’s challenge.”

Everyone on the red team is disappointed. Cage is pissed at Kevin Nash.

Eric Bischoff: “The Blue Team is immune from tonight’s elimination ceremony. Red Team, you must all go in to the voting room later this afternoon and vote on three people to be put up for elimination.”

The Blue Team head back into the house celebrating their victory. The Red Team all seem a bit tense. There’s clearly a few people furious at Kevin Nash. The Kliq break off from the group and go sit on some lawn chairs outside, drinking beers (although Waltman is drinking a soda).

Sean Waltman: “That was brutal guys.”

Triple H: “Kev, we love you like a brother. You know you’re safe with us, but a few of those guys are going to be gunning for you now.”

Kevin Nash: “That’s cool with me. We have the numbers advantage.”

Shawn Michaels: “Uhh…Kevin. There are only four of us. There’s nine guys on the team.”

Kevin Nash: “Five if you count London.”

Triple H: “That’s right. With London on our side, we can save Kevin. Heck, we can save all four of us. “

Shawn Michaels: “Let me see if he’s okay with this.”

Shawn goes off to look for Paul London. He enters the house, goes upstairs. He walks up to London’s room but before he gets there he suddenly overhears some of his teammates talking in Christian’s room. Shawn stands by the door and listens in.

Christian: “Can you believe Nash? We lost because of him.”

Spike Dudley: I’m really sorry about losing out there guys. If you want to send me home, I understand.

Bobby Lashley: “Hey at least you had the balls to get in there and fight Big Show. That’s more than I can say for our “captain”.

Ron Killings: “Don’t worry about being sent home dawg. I lost too. It happens. Like he said, at least you tried. I say we all vote Nash out.”

Christian: “Sounds like a good plan. I’m sure Michaels, Waltman, and Triple H won’t vote him out, but there are four of us. That means if we can get London to join us, we can outvote them and send Kevin Nash into the elimination ceremony.”

Just as Michaels is listening in, Paul London comes walking down the hallway and approaches him.

Paul London: “Hey Shawn. What are you doing?”

Shawn Michaels stops listening in and pulls London into an empty room.

Shawn Michaels: “Listen…I told you I’d have your back always. And I’m sticking by my word. I just need to know that you trust me enough to do what I tell you to do.”

Paul London: “Of course Shawn. You’re my teacher.”

Shawn Michaels: “Awesome. Look, any minute now Christian or someone in the next room is going to come looking for you. Whatever they tell you, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEM. The plan for today’s voting ceremony is to vote Spike Dudley, Christian, and Ron Killings.”

Paul London: “Christian? But he did a great job today.”

Shawn Michaels: “He did, but I just heard those guys talking. They’re starting an alliance amongst themselves. They want to get rid of Nash this week; they probably want to get rid of the rest of us as well. If you join up with me and the Kliq, that’s 5-on-4. All five of us can rest assured we’re safe no matter what. I’ll see you out in a bit, champ.”

Shawn Michaels heads out the door. Christian walks by. The two simply nod at one another, and keep walking. London heads out the door and Christian approaches him.

Christian: “Hey great job out there earlier Paul. I’m glad we have someone like you on the team. Especially with Kevin Nash holding us down. You know we may have won today if he just manned up and wrestled Big Show.”

Paul London: “You’re probably right.”

Christian: “But with the way he politics, he may never go home. I was talking with Ron, Spike, and Bobby just now. We decided to form an alliance. We want you in it. First thing we need to do is get rid of Nash. He’s like a cancer. If we don’t get rid of him early on, he’ll kill all of us off this show. Plus with him gone, the Kliq won’t have a numbers advantage later on in the show. I know Shawn Michaels is your teacher, so I’m not asking you to vote for him. Just do what you know in your heart is the right thing, and vote Kevin Nash out of the competition. I’ll see you out there.”

Christian pats London on the back and heads down to the elimination room. We get a confessional from London.

Paul London: “Christian’s absolutely right. Nash is at fault for us losing today’s challenge. He makes a lot of sense, but on the other hand I know Shawn wouldn’t approve. I have a really tough decision to make.”
Everyone goes their separate ways until the time for the voting ceremony arrives. All nine men line up in front of Eric Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: Welcome gentlemen. Let me explain how this will work. When I call out a name, you will raise your hand for that name IF you want this individual to be part of the elimination ceremony. You can only raise your hand a maximum of three times. You MUST use all of your votes. Let’s start with Shawn Michaels. Who wants Shawn Michaels out of the game?

No one raises their hands for Shawn.

Eric Bischoff: “Okay. Triple H.”

Christian, Bobby Lashley, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley all raise their hands for Triple H.

Eric Bischoff: “Sean Waltman.”

Christian, Bobby Lashley, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley all raise their hands for Sean Waltman.

Eric Bischoff: “Kevin Nash.”

Christian, Bobby Lashley, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley all raise their hands for Kevin Nash. London looks over at Shawn who shakes his head, as if to say “no”.

Eric Bischoff: “Ron Killings.”

Kevin Nash, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, and Paul London all raise their hands for Ron Killings.

Eric Bischoff: “Bobby Lashley.”

No one raises their hand for Lashley.

Eric Bischoff: “Spike Dudley.”

Kevin Nash, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Sean Waltman, and Paul London all raise their hands for Spike Dudley.

Eric Bischoff: “Finally...Christian Cage.”

Kevin Nash, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Sean Waltman all raise their hands for Christian.

Eric Bischoff: “It looks as if we have a four-way tie between Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Triple H, and Christian at four votes each. Ron Killings and Spike Dudley are definitely up for elimination with five votes each. Paul London…you’ve only used two of your votes. You must break the tie.”

We get a confessional from Paul London.

Paul London: “I hated being in this position. Christian’s a good friend of mine from before the show. If I vote for him I lose that friendship. Shawn’s my mentor. I don’t want to lose his friendship either. If I vote a Kliq member out, that’s just as bad to Shawn.”
Paul thinks about it for a moment.

Paul London: “I’ve come to a decision. Sorry Christian, you’re my third vote.”

Christian is clearly upset. Shawn tells London he made the right decision.

We get another confessional from Paul London.

Paul London: “At the end of the day, Shawn is my mentor. He got me this far. I’m going to stick with him all the way through. I hope Christian can manage to survive elimination though.”
Eric Bischoff: “Christian, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley. You three are up for elimination tonight. Good luck to all three of you. One of you will be saved from having to wrestle by MVP. You will each have a few minutes to persuade MVP to save you in a moment.”

The voting ceremony commences. London tries to tell Christian he’s sorry, but Christian doesn’t want to hear it. Meanwhile back at the house MVP gets a phone call from Eric Bischoff. Bischoff tells MVP who is up for elimination. MVP hangs up the phone. Christian, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley arrive. MVP lets each man plead his case to him. When they’re done Bischoff calls them out for the elimination ceremony. We get a confessional from MVP.

MVP: “They all had something interesting to say. I like each and every one of them, but this is a competition. I have to do what’s best for me and my squad.”
Both Teams are standing outside of the wrestling ring for the elimination ceremony. Christian, Ron Killings, and Spike Dudley are lined up in the ring. With MVP and Erich Bischoff standing in front of them.

Eric Bischoff: “Welcome everyone to the very first elimination ceremony. Just to refresh you on how this works, MVP has to pick one of these three men standing in front of him to be safe from possible elimination. The two remaining men will compete in a standards singles match, with the loser going home. What’s your decision MVP?”

MVP: “I had a chance to sit down and talk to these three men a few minutes ago. I have a lot of respect for each of them. It was a tough decision, but I ultimately decided what was best for me and my team was to keep the weakest player on the other team around, and let a strong player go home. Therefore, I’m saving Spike Dudley.”

Spike is totally relieved. He shakes both Christian and Killing’s hands and wishes the both of them luck.

Eric Bischoff: “That means that Christian and Ron Killings will have a match right now. Remember gentleman, you’re wrestling for survival. Good luck”

Christian vs. Ron Killings
Notes: Both men are obviously not in the best shape to wrestle after having to compete earlier in the same day. Killings and Christian shake hands before engaging in a lock-up. Killings takes Christian down with the headlock takeover. Christian wraps his legs around Killings head and squeezes, forcing Killings to break the hold. Both men stand immediately at a stalemate. The match goes on like this for quite some time, with both trading holds. Eventually the match takes a turn in Christian’s favor when Killings goes for the scissors kick; Christian ducks, and manages to kick Killings in the gut. Christian turns Killings around and nails him with the Unprettier. Christian covered for the three count to stay in the game. Bischoff congratulates an exhausted Christian, and Christian barely manages to go and sit with his team. Bischoff tells Ron Killings he did a good job but unfortunately has been eliminated. He asks for Killings final words.
[b]Winner: Christian[b]

Ron Killings: “I gave it my best, but I guess you need numbers more than you need talent in this competition. Christian, Bobby, and Spike, I wish the three of ya’s luck. I hope I catch one of you on the flipside with the million dollars. Peace.”

Ron Killings leaves.

Eric Bischoff: “That was day two, gentleman. Congratulations to all of you still here, but as always, I’m going to remind you not to get too comfortable because tomorrow’s a new day. That may be you leaving at the next elimination ceremony. “

Next Week: Edge begins building his army on the Blue Team. Christian, Bobby Lashley, and Spike Dudley are at a disadvantage on the Red Team. They have to make sure they win the challenge or they will all be on the chopping block. Both sides are finding The Miz to be annoying. Tune in to episode 3 of Last Man Standing!.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

This was a great episode man, good job. I'm liking how you're beginning to develop the alliances and characters. The person I'm interested in the most though is definitely London, I can't wait to see how this whole thing with him and the Kliq pans out. I'm guessing Shawn betrays him near the end though, just can't see Shawn siding against the Kliq. In the other team, the Show/Angle alliance has a LOT of potential, and they could be unstoppable together.

Anyways, nice job, and hope you keep producing these shows.
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Re: Last Man Standing: Season 1

Season 1: Episode #3

Last week on Last Man Standing: The Blue Team won the very first challenge. A line was clearly drawn down the Red Team. The team captain, Kevin Nash, decided to sit out the most important match of the entire challenge, causing his team to lose. With four voters against Nash, and four with Nash, London had to be the tie-breaker. London ultimately decided to join The Kliq. This resulted in Ron Killings going home.

As we begin another day on Last Man Standing, the Blue Team is already up, eating breakfast in the dining room. The only two missing from the meal are Kurt Angle and Big Show we get a quick shot of working out in the weight room. Back in the Blue Team dining room everyone is celebrating last night’s victory.

MVP: "We killed it yesterday fellas."

Rey Mysterio: "Yeah, I was anxious to get in there, but I guess I didn’t need to because we’re such a powerful squad."

The Miz: "You can all thank me now."

Jeff Hardy: "Thank you for what?"

The Miz: "I put us in the lead 4-3 for Big Show to finish the series off for good. I was the most important piece of the puzzle."

Monty Brown: "(sarcasm) We should all just get down on our knees and kiss your feet then."

The Miz: Actually you should Alf. It's because of me you get to stick around for another week...although maybe your sisters kiddies miss you.

Monty Brown is pissed. He leaps to his feet and starts yelling at The Miz.

Monty Brown: Don’t be a punk, Miz! Just because you beat Sean Waltman doesn’t make you tough shit. The guy’s been in-and-out of rehab for the last two years. And don't EVER talk about my family!

The Miz sits totally uninterested in Monty’s banter. Monty loses it and is ready to charge Miz, but everyone holds him back. Everyone except Teddy Hart who is sitting totally amused by what’s going on. We get a confessional from Teddy.


Teddy Hart: I like The Miz. For once I’m sitting with a group of guys, and I’m not the most annoying one in the group. He’s going to take all the heat off me on this show.
The Blue group takes Monty to cool down in another room. Meanwhile we cut to the Red Team’s side of the mansion. The Kliq and Paul London are hanging out in the dining room. Meanwhile Christian, Spike Dudley, and Bobby Lashley are by themselves in Spike’s room.

Spike Dudley: "I’m glad you stuck around Christian."

Bobby Lashley: "Same."

Christian: "Thanks guys. I just wish Killings didn’t have to go."

Bobby Lashley: "That’s the game though."

Christian: "You’re right, and it’s only going to get worse for us now if we keep losing. The Kliq have 5 votes, we only have 3. That means everytime we lose, all three of us are going to be up for elimination no matter what. That’s why we can’t afford to lose even one more challenge. I don’t care how lazy some of those guys are, we have to pick up their slack until the merge."

The buzzer goes off. That’s the signal for both teams to gather around the big screen, to get a message from Bischoff.

Eric Bischoff: "Good morning gentleman. Last night we had to say goodbye to Ron Killings. Today’s a brand new day. That means a new elimination tonight, and two new team captains. The team captains chosen at random… The Miz and Christian. Your next challenge will begin in one hour. Be prepared."

Most on the Blue Team aren’t too thrilled over Miz’s new position. On the Red Team, Christian is elated that he has the power. Meanwhile all four Kliq members don’t look happy. Both teams go off to get ready for the challenge. As Christian and his friends go to get their gear on, London approaches him.

Paul London: "Hey I’m really glad your captain today Christian."

Christian: "Me too. Now I can pick up your buddy’s slack and maybe not be in jeopardy of going home again."

Paul London: "I can tell you’re still mad over yesterday’s voting ceremony. "

Christian: "Nope. Not at all. I get it. Shawn’s your mentor. Just don’t expect me to trust you now."

Paul London: "We’re still friends though right?"

Christian: "Once the show is over..yes. For now we’re just teammates. I’ll see out in the ring for the next challenge."

London seems disappointed at Christian’s answer. The two go their separate ways. Meanwhile the Kliq are putting on their pads, boots, etc.

Sean Waltman: "I gotta hand it to your boy London. He really came through for us."

Shawn Michaels: “You know it.”

Kevin Nash: “Yeah, let’s hope he does again today.”

Shawn Michaels: “Don’t assume we’re going to be up for elimination again right off the bat.”

Triple H: “Yeah we have to win today’s challenge. Yesterday was so embarrassing; Our first challenge and I tapped. I must get revenge on Kurt.”

Kevin Nash: “Do you really want to bust your ass for Christian though? I can just picture him ordering us around with a giant shit-eating grin. This may our shot to get rid of him.”

Triple H: “Don’t worry about Christian, man. He may be captain, but I think we proved yesterday that we run the show around here. We’ll get him out later, but for now I think we need to prove ourselves as a group. Anyways, I’m ready to kick ass. I’ll see you guys in the ring.”

Triple H leaves. Followed by Shawn Michaels. Nash keeps Waltman behind.

Kevin Nash: “Those two are very driven. I know they would never throw a challenge in a million years, but you have to admit Christian needs to go. Shawn told me that guy was campaigning to get us out yesterday. “

Sean Waltman: “ Are you saying we should lose on purpose?”

Kevin Nash: “I’m saying me and you aren’t in the best of shape. We have a long way to go if we want to win this game. Let’s go out there and take it easy. If we win, great. If not, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of Cage. Either way we save our strength for another week."

Sean Waltman: “Sounds like a plan Big Kev.”

Kevin Nash: “Sweet. Just don’t tell Shawn or Hunter about this.”

The two finish putting on their gear and head out to the ring. Bischoff is waiting as usual.

Eric Bischoff: “Welcome to the third challenge of the game. Yesterday you all competed in individual singles matches. Today will be much different. All of you will be competing together as a team in one match. As you can see in front of you there is a necklace hanging high above the ring. This necklace symbolizes immunity from today’s elimination ceremony for one team. There are ladders all around the ring that you can use to climb up and grab the necklace. That’s easier said than done though because with so many people in the ring at the same time it’s going to be nearly impossible to set up the ladder and successfully climb it. Right now the teams are uneven with the Blue Team having 9 men and the red only 8. What this means is one person on the Blue Team is going to have to sit out this match. I’ll let The Miz decide who’s sitting it out.”

The Miz: “I’m the Miz and I’m awesome!”

Miz’s team are annoyed with him.

The Miz: “But as team captain I have to do the right thing and let the weakest player sit out.”

We get a confessional from Kurt Angle

Kurt Angle: “At this point I was sure Miz was going to take himself out.”
The Miz: “Rey Mysterio.”

Complete and utter shock from the rest of the Blue Team. Rey is really upset. We get a confessional from him.

Rey Mysterio: “I couldn’t believe my ears. He said I was the weakest player? Miz thinks just because he won one match he’s the greatest or something now. I’m really upset at having to sit out two weeks in a row.”
And a confessional from Monty Brown.

Monty Brown: “Miz proving once again he’s a punk. I’m keeping an eye out for this jackass.”
16-Man Tag Team Ladder Match
Edge, Kurt Angle, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Teddy Hart, MVP, Monty Brown, The Miz vs. Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, Sean Waltman, Christian, Bobby Lashley, Paul London, Spike Dudley

The ring is absolutely packed with men. Triple H goes to the head of his team, he tells Angle to fight him again. Angle motions with his hands that he’s going to break Hunter’s ankle. The two lock up, and at the same time the other 14 wrestlers get into it. It’s absolute mayhem in the ring with bodies everywhere. Eventually Big Show begins cleaning house. He clears the ring of Waltman, Michaels, London, and Spike. Hunter and Kurt are still going at it. Nash is over in the corner buying his time. Michaels and London don’t rest though. They begin collecting Ladders on the outside. London actually sets one up outside the ring as Michaels slides into the ring with his ladder. London comes flying off the Ladder into the ring, knocking down Edge, Kurt Angle, Jeff Hardy, Triple H, and The Miz. The only men standing in the ring at this point are Big Show, Teddy Hart, Monty Brown, MVP, Shawn Michaels, Kevin Nash, and Christian. Michaels get in the ring with the Ladder and starts going crazy with it. He knocks Hart down. He knocks Monty down. He knocks MVP down. Finally he goes after Big Show, but Show is just too powerful and shoves the Ladder back in Michaels face. Big Show is ready to do same real damage on Shawn when from out of nowhere; Christian whacks him from behind with another ladder. Christian and Michaels are double teaming him. Meanwhile Kevin Nash is still standing in the corner. Michaels leaves Show to Christian and sets up a Ladder right in the middle the ring as everyone is else is down. Shawn is ready to climb when all of a sudden Monty Brown nails him with THE POUNCE! Monty Brown begins climbing the Ladder. He’s half way up when Christian grabs his legs. Christian follows Monty up the ladder. Christian is yelling across the ring telling Nash to climb while he holds onto Monty Brown. Nash doesn’t budge an inch, and continues to relax in the corner. Christian gets his head under Monty Brown. He manages to take Brown off the ladder with a backwards electric chair. Brown is on the mat in much agony. His shoulder seems to have landed awkwardly. Meanwhile Nash sees this as his opportunity to climb the Ladder. He gets one foot on the Ladder and stops to think. Christian is recovering from that fall. He walks over to Nash and is bewildered that Nash is taking his sweet time. Christian just shoves Nash aside and begins climbing himself. Nash is not happy with being shoved to the side. Nash grabs Christian. The two begin arguing when from out of nowhere Teddy Hart and Jeff Hardy come off different corner turnbuckles with dropkicks. Nash and Christian are out. Teddy Hart holds the ladder for Hardy who begins climbing. As Hardy climbs, Spike Dudley gets back in the ring. Hart has to keep Spike away from the ladder. Meanwhile Jeff is halfway up the ladder, when Paul London begins to climb the ladder from the other side. London scales it like a mad-man and both men reach the top at the same time. The two fight it out with strikes, trying to get the other man to fall off. Meanwhile MVP is back in the ring. MVP sets up another ladder right next to Hardy and London. MVP climbs. He reaches the top, and now both he and Hardy are hitting London. Hardy ultimately decides to do a flip-powerbomb onto London, sending both men off the Ladder. MVP sees this as his opportunity. He gets one leg on the ladder in the middle of the ring. He’s trying to get both, but doesn’t have the right balance. Just then Spike comes in and tips the ladder over, sending MVP crashing hard outside of the rings. Luckily for MVP, Kurt Angle, Triple H, The Big Show, and Shawn Michaels were all fighting on the outside and broke his fall. Nonetheless, all five men are wiped out as a result. Teddy Hart gets back into the ring and gets back into it with Spike. The Miz comes in to help Hart. The two successfully manage to send Spike through the ropes, and out of the ring. Both men go to set up the ladder once again. But just then Sean Waltman comes into the ring with a fury. Shawn hits both men with a variety of kicks and chops. Finally he sends both of them rolling out of the ring. Sean looks over at the Ladder set up in the middle of the ring. Nobody is around….but Sean opts instead to hop over the ropes and continue fighting with Miz and Teddy Hart. Edge has been almost unnoticed until this point, but he sneaks into the ring. He looks up at the necklace with a grin on his face and begins climbing the Ladder. He makes it pretty high up when Lashley rushes into the ring. Lashley begins pulling Edge down. Edge is forced to climb down a few pegs. Lashley hits Edge with The Dominator right off the ladder! Lashley is up. Christian slides into the ring. Christian begins climbing the ladder. Christian makes it all the way up. Monty -- who’s still in a lot of pain over the fall he took earlier -- tries to stop Christian from grabbing the necklace, but eats a Spear from Lashley. Christian successfully grabs the necklace! Red Team win! Christian climbs down and celebrates with Lashley.
Winners: Red Team

We get a confessional from Christian.

Christian: "Yes! Not only am I safe this week, but I get to choose who on the other team I want to send home. This was the best thing for Lashley, Spike, and myself."
Lots of the wrestlers are still scattered around the ring. It was a particularly brutal match, and most are still recovering.

Eric Bischoff: “I can tell a lot of you are hurt after that match. I’ll just make this quick and congratulate the Red Team on their victory. This means none of you will be going home tonight. Blue Team- as first time losers, I’ll let you know how this works. In about two hours, you will meet me in the voting room. Three of you will be voted out by your teammates. One of you will be saved from elimination by Christian. The remaining two will have a match for survival at our elimination ceremony.”

Monty Brown is being checked by medics. His shoulder does not look to be in good shape after both the fall off the ladder and the spear by Lashley. Everyone goes off their separate ways, as the voting ceremony is just hours away.


Later on Christian is sitting with Lashley and Spike Dudley in their room; Drinking.

Bobby Lashley: “Here’s to our captain; Great job out there man.”

Spike Dudley: “Here, here.”

The three toast to their victory.

Christian: “I’m thrilled we won guys, but did you see what happened out there? Not only did Nash NOT contribute to our victory, he actually almost cost us today’s challenge.”

Spike Dudley: “Yeah I noticed Waltman had an opportunity to win too, but he just left the ring. What was that about?”

Christian: “Those guys may lose this for all of us. I guess we just have to keep winning challenges, and hope they get out after the merge."

Meanwhile Nash and Waltman are in the kitchen making lunch.

Kevin Nash: “The plan worked great out there. We won, and didn’t have to break a sweat.”

Sean Waltman: “I don’t know about that. I was kicking Teddy and Miz’s ass pretty hard.”

Kevin Nash: “Heh. Right on, bro.”

The Miz overheard his name mentioned.

The Miz: “Did I hear you say something about kicking my ass?”

Sean Waltman: “You heard right, kid.”

The Miz: “Yeah, well listen, ‘kid’; I beat you last week. I’ll do it again anytime.”

Miz pokes his finger at Waltman’s chest. Nash gets right in the middle of the two. Miz seems intimidated by Nash’s sheer height, but still puts on that annoying grin of his.

The Miz: “And just what are you going to do about it Grandpa Nash? Huh? I bet you pull a muscle just sitting on the toilet.”

Nash fakes a punch. Miz flinches. Nash and Waltman laugh. Miz, humiliated just walks away.

Kevin Nash: “Prick…”

Sean Waltman: “Takes one to know one.”

Waltman and Nash continue laughing at The Miz as we head over to Big Show’s room. Pretty much everyone from the Red Team but Miz and Monty Brown are there discussing today’s voting ceremony.

Kurt Angle: “Here’s the deal. We lost today. No excuses. I don’t think it was anyone’s fault, but we do have to send three people home today. I think before we get to the ceremony we need to figure out who’s going home for sure.”

Rey Mysterio: “I don’t mean to be arrogant, but I could have really helped had I been in the match.”

Jeff Hardy: “No kidding. Miz pulling you out was a bone-head move. Especially since you were well-rested.”

Big Show: “That guy really gets on my nerves.”

Edge: “You’re not the only one. You should have seen what happened between him and Monty earlier. While you and Kurt were off training, Miz got Monty all hot, and his head nearly got taken off.”

Kurt Angle: “Speaking of Monty, where is he?"

Teddy Hart: “He’s still being looked at by the medics.”

Edge: “I really like Monty, but if he’s even slightly hurt it’s no use keeping him around.”

Rey Mysterio: “That’s pretty harsh man. He needs that money really badly right now.”

Kurt Angle: “Hey my wife just left me and took almost everything of mine with her. We all need the money Rey. But none of us are going to get it with an injured man. Besides, it’s better for his safety to not push any injuries.”

Big Show: "So we all agree that no matter who the third man is, Miz and Brown go into elimination tonight?”

Everyone agrees, including Rey who’s still a bit reluctant. Edge and Teddy Hart head out of the room together.

Edge: “Listen Teddy, as the least accomplished of the eight of us, you’re in serious jeopardy of going home. “

Teddy Hart: “I’m aware.”

Edge: “But me and MVP have an alliance between us. I can’t promise that mine and his votes are enough to save you from elimination, but you can rest assured you’re okay by us. So what do you say? Do you want to join our alliance?”

Teddy Hart: “Us Canadians have to stick together right? I’m in.”

Edge: “Great, just try to keep this alliance under wraps for now.”

We get a confessional from Teddy Hart.

Teddy Hart: "Everybody knows Edge is a snake, but it’s too early in the game for him to stab me in the back. I trust him for now."
It’s elimination ceremony time. Everyone arrives, including Monty Brown who has a bandage over his shoulder.

Eric Bischoff: “What did the medics say Monty?”

Monty Brown: “They said I could continue competing but my chances of healing 100% during the course of the game are pretty slim.”

Eric Bischoff: “Okay then. Seeing as this is your first voting ceremony, I’ll let you in on how this works. I’m going to call out a name. The rest of you will raise hands if and only if you want to see the person whose name I called out, go home. You can vote a maximum of 3 times, and you must use all of your votes. First… The Miz.”

Everyone raises their hands for The Miz.

Eric Bischoff: “Kurt Angle.”

No hands for Kurt.

Eric Bischoff: “Big Show.”

No hands for Big Show.

Eric Bischoff: “Monty Brown.”

Everyone raises their hand for Monty Brown.

Eric Bischoff: “Teddy Hart”

Kurt Angle, Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Rey Mysterio, and Monty Brown put their hands up for Teddy Hart.

Eric Bischoff: “Okay. No use in going on. The majority has already cast their vote and it looks like Teddy Hart, Monty Brown, and The Miz are up for elimination. You will all have five minutes each later on today to persuade Christian to keep you in the game. The two he does not save will compete against one-another for survival. Good luck.”

We get a confessional from Teddy Hart.

Teddy Hart: “Well I’m still up for elimination, but Edge did keep his word.”
We get another confessional from Monty Brown.

Monty Brown: “Damnit. I don’t blame them for cutting the weak ones out of the group. This injury may have cost me the game.”
Later on we find Christian waiting in a special designated area for him and the three men up for elimination. First to arrive is The Miz

Christian: “Okay Miz. Let’s cut too it. Why should I save you from elimination tonight?

The Miz: “If you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours. Quite frankly…your team sucks. You’ve got four dinosaurs, one of whom I already beat last week. We could very well be in this same position later on, only with me holding the fate to your future. You’re going to need friends on the other side.

Christian: “I hear you Miz. You’re not my favorite person, but you’re making a whole lot of sense. That's all I need to hear. See you at elimination.”

Miz gets up from his chair and leaves. Teddy Hart enters the room.

Teddy Hart: “Christian, my man. How’s it going?”

Christian: “I’m great Teddy. Sorry about your loss.”

Teddy Hart: “No sweat. Just gotta try harder next week.”

Christian: “Okay so why should I save you Teddy. You’re young, agile, and healthy. Monty Brown on the other hand is pretty banged up over what me and Lashley did to him earlier. “

Teddy Hart: “Obviously keeping Monty around would you give a great advantage in the challenges, seeing as he’s not 100 percent right now. But I think you’d have an even bigger advantage at a future elimination ceremony if you keep me around.”

Christian: “Go on…”

Teddy Hart: “Think about it. After what you did to Monty he’s going to want revenge. What happens if next week he’s the captain of our team, and you’re up for elimination again? Do you really think he’s going to even consider keeping you? No way. Plus Miz is pissing all sorts of people off on our team. He could be leaving tomorrow and won’t be in the position to return the favor down the road. But if you save me tonight, I’ll always have your back as a fellow Canadian.”

Christian: “I like what I’m hearing. Let me think it over, Teddy. I’ll see you out there in a bit. “

Teddy leaves. Monty Brown enters.

Christian: “I just want to say sorry about what I did to your shoulder.”

Monty Brown: “Don’t worry about it. It’s a ladder match. Shit happens.”

Christian: “Why should I save you, Monty?”

Monty Brown: “First off, I think just the fact that I’m hurt makes me the perfect person to save. It would give your team a major advantage in tomorrow’s challenge.”

Christian: “That’s true, but how do I know you’re not exaggerating this ’injury’ of yours?”

Monty Brown: “You have my word. “

Christian: : “And how do I know you’re not going to get revenge on me later on if I let you stay?”

Monty Brown: “I assure you I don’t play games, Christian. I just want to heal my shoulder, and get back to kicking ass.”

Christian: “Five minutes are up. It was good chatting with you Monty. I’ll see you in a bit.”

Monty Brown: “Alright. Peace.”

We get a confessional from Christian.

Christian: "Monty seems sincere, but I still don’t know if I can trust him."

At the elimination ceremony Bischoff is standing beside Christian in the ring. In front of them are The Miz, Teddy Hart, and Monty Brown. Bischoff asks Christian for his decision.

Christian: “I thought about it long and hard…If I choose Miz, I know he’ll cause problems on his team, which is a benefit to my team. If I choose Monty, the other team will be at a serious disadvantage with an injured man competing. However, my final decision is to save Teddy Hart. He did the best job convincing me that he needs to stick around.”

Teddy Hart thanks Christian. It’s now Monty Brown vs. The Miz for survival.

Monty Brown vs. The Miz
Monty Brown’s right shoulder has a big x-factor on it with that bandage. The two begin by locking up. Miz gets the better of it, by going behind Brown and locking in a wrist lock. Brown is able to counter this with a toss over the shoulders, but the exerted energy on the shoulders didn’t do him any favors. Miz and Brown engage in another lock up. Brown puts Miz in the corner. Brown hits Miz with a few left hands. Brown kicks Miz in the gut. He places Miz on the top turnbuckle. Looks as if he’s going for a superplex. Miz, however, isn’t letting it happen, as he strikes Monty Brown on the shoulder. Miz does this a few times and eventually shoves Monty off the top rope. Monty is flat on his back. Miz comes off with a splash, but Monty rolled out of the way. Brown is signaling for The Pounce. He picks Miz up. Whips him off into the ropes. He’s ready to do it, but Miz wisely hangs onto the ropes. Monty goes over to grab him, but Miz catches him with a drop-toe-hold that sends Monty onto the middle rope. Miz targets in on the shoulder of Monty Brown. He kicks away at it for a bit, before climbing onto Brown’s back and bouncing up and down on it, using the top rope to hold on. The referee counts 1…2...3…4... Miz lets off. Miz begins trash talking. He looks over at Kevin Nash and asks if he wants a piece. Miz got a little too cocky though because as he want for the Mizard of Oz, Monty pushed him away. As Miz turned around, monty Brown hit him with THE POUNCE! But that move may have done more damage to Monty then it had Miz. Monty Brown is holding his shoulder in great pain. Monty makes the cover on Miz. 1...2... Kick out! Monty Brown tries to hit Miz with the Alpha Bomb, but isn’t able to support the weight of the Miz on his shoulders. Miz slithers out. Miz quickly hits the Swinging Snap DDT. He covers Monty, 1..2..3..
Winner: The Miz

Eric Bischoff congratulates The Miz and asks Monty for his final words.

Monty Brown: “I gave it my all. I wish I could have stayed a bit longer, but I need to get home and rest this shoulder. I wish the Blue Team all the luck in the world.”

We get a confessional from The Miz

The Miz: “ Wa wah wah! Alphypoo lost! Get over it. That’s 2-0 for The Miz baby! Two and Oh!”
Eric Bischoff: “Day three is done. I can tell some of you are dying to get some sleep. It’s only going to get harder from here. Get some rest, because as always, tomorrow another one of you is going home."

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