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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

BY SC2004 >>>

>>> The opening commentary was choppy and it didnít flow very well at all. Into the first match, though I would have preferred a CM Punk promo. I donít see Shad as a good worker at all, in fact heís not very well regarded in terms of his ring work. I do however like the character. The problem I had here was that Shad looked at times to be a better wrestler, athlete than Benjamin, which just isnít the case. The finish made Benjamin look silly, I donít like him loosing here. Also you had JR paint Benjamin as a young rookie, where as heís a multiple time champion and has been in the WWE for over 6 years I believe. I just thought the booking was off and this wasnít the best way to start the show. Nothing terrible though.

>>> Jericho managed to gain enormous heat in this promo and you wrote him pretty well. When he insulted LA, you should of brought up their useless governor and the fact the state is over 500 million dollars in debt, that would of got more heat. As good as the overall set up was, there were some clunkers in there. Just watch the flow. The promo really picked up near the end with the double code breaker and the use of Mysterioís wife and son, all very well done. Mysterio claimed Jericho was jealous of Mysterio having a family and that Jericho was all alone, which didnít work as Jericho referenced his wife and kids a lot during his feud with Shawn Michaels. Also I think Mysterio is from Sacramento, not LA, but thatís a minor detail. California is as big as the UK at the end of the day.

>>> Iím going to ask you to watch the layout. This was a huge promo and it should of ended with a commercial, but instead you went straight into a back stage segment, which seemed unrealistic. This was fun, but it find it odd that Cryme Tyme would feel they needed to pull a stunt like this as they have the upper hand. Shouldnít it be the other way around, with the worldís greatest tag team looking to pull a stunt in order to get even? Teddy Long, Ugh! Can not stand him!!!

>>> Ziggler has grown on me in recent weeks and you nailed the character here. Just watch your writing as you often leave out words, Iíve noticed that a lot in this show so far. Also keep the writing more simple as it will help the overall promo flow. Ziggler is obviously a rising star, so giving him an opportunity to work with Jeff hardy tonight makes a whole lot of sense from a booking perspective. Letís hope you have a decent finish for the match.

>>> WOW, only the second match up. Hell of a lot of talking tonight. Maybe you could of spaced out the Zigger/Jericho promos. Knox has potential and he looked pretty good here. Punk won clean, all well and good, put Knox could do more than heís doing right now. Kane coming out wasnít a surprise, I figured he would. I didnít expect him to talk, not yet anyway. Kane made it seem like he was dying and wanted one last run as world champion before he does. Not entirely sure you wanted it to come across like that. Kaneís ramblings, theyíre reminiscent of Taker when he was the lord of darkness and head of the ministry. You gave some hints to the idea of Kane being masked again. I hate the idea of an inferno match as itís obvious Kane will loose given his ring wear.

>>> ďlast week Dolph Ziggler took my career and he took my wellbeing and he showed absolutely no care for itĒ I mean whatís that suppose to mean, it makes zero sense to me. Replace the word ďtookĒ with ďthreatenedĒ and it would work better. Still though, a clunker of a line Bradders and not the first one tonight I may add. ďretaliate to him and that freak called HawkinsĒ *coughs* see above. I could of done without this promo.

>>> Weíve had two matches and this Hardy promo is the fourth in ring promo of the night so far. Need I say more? Pretty standard, by the numbers PPV hyping promo. This could have been done backstage, on the interview set, or at least Zigglers could have been. Jeff claiming 2001 at Mania was the peak of his career is silly given he wrestled for the world title at the 2008 Royal Rumble. Why didnít Edge interrupt ere and add to the promo and to the PPV hype? Would of made this more entertaining IMO.

>>> Whilst some of the lines didnít fit Benjaminís character in particular, I still got a kick out of the Goldust segment. Funny at times and a welcome relief from the high drama that has dominated the show tonight. Teddy Long should have been angry at Jericho, given his actions earlier in the night. Instead of putting him in a match up with Jesse of all people, should he have suspended Jericho until the PPV for attacking a fan, Dominic? Makes more sense. Instead Teddy is telling Jericho to prove himself, as if he needs to do that and what does beating Jesse do for him, nothing, thatís what.

>>> Oh Bradley, youíre killing me here. Talk about overkill. Another Jericho promo and only three matches. You should of left this as it was. Youíre ramming two weeks of storyline progression into one show, itís to much. The DQ finish made zero sense. Jericho hit the code breaker, yet went and got himself DQíd for no good reason. Made him look super dumb. Again Rey gets his ass handed to him and I ask you, why did that need to happen? What did it achieve other than making Mysterio look weak? Jerichoís promo was a continuation of the earlier one, Jericho mouths off part 2! I could of done without all of this.

>>> This is the 3rd Haas/Benjamin segment!!! They also got featured in the match up. How the hell did they get to the beach that fast? Also itís early May, so itís nearly night time, right? I mean SD goes out at 8pm, so this is around 9pm and it should be dark. This was a colossal waste of time. I see zero point in having this segment on the show. All the way to the beach to get owned by a kid. Ugh!

>>> All the unneeded crap that has gone on and Edge gets what, three lines and a minute on screen!!! The match up next week however should be great. I just spotted Haas and Benjaminís names again, I feel ill. Standard divas match. Not much more to say about it. Can Haas and Benjamin fly? Back already. Itís beyond me why you felt this deserved four segments, one of which was OK. I donít want to talk about this storyline anymore, it has exhausted me mentally.

>>> A great main event with a predictable finish. I liked the finish however and it was booked well. Ziggler may not of won clean, but he can still claim to have pinned Jeff Hardy. Edge was underused tonight, big time, he is the champion after all. What next for Zigger, thatís what I want to know. A feud with Morrison perhaps?

OVERALL: The Cryme Tyme, Benjamin & Haas stuff was a disaster and I just have to know ďwhat the hell were you thinkingĒ I mean 4 segments and Edge, the world champion got about 3 minutes of TV time in total. The Mysterio and Jericho segment would have been a hit had you left it be, but you went overboard later in the show and undone all your hard work from earlier. Jericho looked dumb in his match and Rey looked super weak all night. Everything else, bar that awfully written Morrison promo was fine. The main event salvaged the show somewhat. You need to plan more carefully and look at how youíre laying out the show. You packed this show with two weeks worth of material and you tried to do to much, to soon. Slow and steady is the best way to go. Anyway, there you have it, my review.

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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Hey, everybody.

Sbuch has decided that with his current situation and his ultimate lack of commitment to the thread, he has left. He's had a rough ride with social life lately and it's got in the way of his work, unfortunately. The circumstances of which Sbuch was in were out of his hands, and he's had to leave. As for what shall be happening with Raw, I've decided that I have enough time on my hands to write it myself for the time being. After that, me and Bradley's aren't sure whether to pursue a new writer, or I could write Raw and ECW, but everything's a bit unclear right now. Once the smoke has cleared, it'll be evident where we're going. But we're not giving up on this. Sure, it's only been average so far, but me and Bradley both want to make this work, and we're going to do our best.

As for now, we're going to try to get on with our business, and I'll try to get a preview for Raw up soon. Thanks.
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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Hmm... unfortunate. I've had my fair share of experiences of this happening (from both sides) and it can be discouraging, but I'm glad to see you two shall pull through and continue on. I hope you can make this thread a success, boys, and whether you find a partner or one of you write two shows, may it be for the best.
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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Pen To Paper...

With Extreme Rules just 5 days away and prompty approaching, Raw will be emanating from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida, and this week we will catch a glimpse of this Sunday’s WWE Championship competitors.

The world discovered the main event of Extreme Rules on last week’s edition of Raw, when Mr. McMahon revealed to the WWE Champion Randy Orton that he would be putting his coveted title on the line against Batista in a First Blood match. This week, The Animal makes his return after being venomously assaulted by Orton and his Legacy, as Batista and the ‘One-Man Dynasty’ officially sign the contract for their greatly-anticipated encounter this Sunday. With reprisal on Batista’s mind after being sidelined 2 weeks ago, what can we expect to see from him? Will he let loose and attempt to obtain redemption from the WWE Champion, or will he keep the leviathan within him locked away until Extreme Rules? And there’s an even bigger question etched in everybody’s minds; Where does The Undertaker fit into this? ‘The Deadman’ shocked the world when he momentarily appeared at the climax of last week’s Raw and breathed down the neck of Orton, so it’ll be very interesting to see what is next for the current Smackdown Superstar.

Speaking of Legacy, their new member was introduced last week, as Lacey Von Erich hopped on the bandwagon of the most dominant faction running on Raw. The WWE Universe will catch their first peek of Lacey in the ring, as she, along with stablemates Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase, face Unified Tag Team Champions The Colons and Eve Torres, in mixed 6-person tag team action. As it proclaims in Legacy’s theme music, it’s a New Day for the group, but will the trio be stopped in their tracks by their competitive opposition?

The final of the United States Championship tournament has finally come full circle, and Chavo Guerrero, Mark Henry and Umaga will lock horns in a triple-threat match, with the subsequent victor advancing to Extreme Rules this Sunday and challenging MVP with the gold up for grabs and for the taking. Guerrero will be the outsider in this contest with his obvious size disadvantage compared to both Henry and the ‘Samoan Bulldozer’ so it remains to be seen whether this clash will be a 2-horse race, or whether Chavo Guerrero has what it takes to stake a claim in this #1 contender’s match. Who will prevail, and give the ‘Ballin’ Superstar’ competition for his prized gold?

Hurricane Helms and The Miz have been at each other’s throats for the past few weeks on Monday Night Raw, and have gradually but surely developed an intense scorn for one another. This week, their frenzied rivalry takes a brand new and unpredictable twist, as Hurricane Helms and The Miz will face opponents in the squared circle of each other’s choosing, otherwise known as ‘Pick Your Poison’. The identities of the opponents are not known, which will indubitably put Helms and Miz at a disadvantage, but who will emerge from this with the last laugh?

For all the answers and revelations to these burning questions and exhillarating matches, tune into Raw on USA at 9/8CT.

~Scheduled For Raw~

Legacy vs. The Colons & Eve Torres

Chavo Guerrero vs. Umaga vs. Mark Henry

Hurricane Helms vs. Opponent of The Miz’s choosing

The Miz vs. Opponent of Hurricane Helms’ choosing

Hey. I'm officially writing Raw now, I've left ECW, so we're looking for a writer for that, although if me and Bradley feel necessary, then I'll have to continue with ECW too, but we're hopeful for finding a writer for that. Raw should be up by Tuesday, I say. Thanks.

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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

I haven't really been following this thread due to computer issues, however I plan to follow it now. The Raw preview is looking decent enough, and I'll be sure to hit you up with a review once you get the show up.

Good luck with it.

Also, if I may recommend it, I'd love for you to keep ECW as well, Rock.

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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Very nice Raw preview, it gets you interested and makes you want to read more of the show.

Batista vs. Orton at the PPV in a First Blood Match sounds awesome, but Taker in the mix is interesting, he may play a roll at the PPV event, costing one of the two a victory and then feuding with them possibly until Summer slam. Or at least that's what I see happening.

About Raw though, Batista will have to keep it cool, and he probably will but Orton may do something like Slap him trying to get him in a fit of rage but Batista holds it back and yeah, unleashes it at the PPV. It should be a good one.

Great that you added another member to Legacy, put the Womens title on her in a hurry to be honest.

Please, please, please, please! push Chavo, man he is a great wrestler, great potential and on the microphone not to shabby either. He seriously should win this week in the triple threat, though my next pic would be Umaga.

~ Also, I haven't been in this BTB that many times but if ECW is too difficult for you guys to keep up, why not just delete it and the best superstars go to Raw and Smack Down while a few get fired. Just a suggestion.

Good luck with this

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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

WWE Monday Night Raw
Orlando, Florida



Pen To Paper
The Raw theme song “Wanna Be Loved” plays through the Amway Arena and subsequently diminishes, and after the pyros die down the camera swiftly circles the fans in the Arena, before promptly cutting to Michael Cole and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler at ringside.

Hello and good evening, and welcome to Monday Night RAW! We are emanating live from the Amway Arena in Orlando, Florida! I’m Michael Cole, alongside me is Jerry “The King” Lawler, and we are just 5 days away from Extreme Rules!

Lawler: Yes we are, Michael, and our main event for this Sunday is going to be made official on pen and paper; Batista and the WWE Champion Randy Orton will sign the contract for their First Blood match at Extreme Rules!

Following the advertisement of tonight’s contract signing, a graphic comes onto the screen, for tonight’s triple threat match.

Cole: Also tonight, we will determine the #1 contender to MVP’s United States Championship at Extreme Rules, as Chavo Guerrero faces two out-and-out behemonths, consisting of Mark Henry and the “Samoan Bulldozer” Umaga.

Lawler: Realistically, unless Chavo Guerrero can work a miracle, it’s a two-horse race between Umaga and the “World’s Strongest Man” in the triple threat match, Michael; MVP’s going to have a pretty big challenge on his hands this Sunday!

Afterwards, “No Chance” blares out of the P.A. system, and the fans retort with a reverberating round of cheers, as the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon struts out, looking well turned out in a grey jacket, a pink long-sleeved shirt accompanied with a blue tie, and grey pants to match his jacket. McMahon stands on the stage for a handful of moments to take in the atmosphere in the Amway Arena, before sauntering down the rampway in characteristic Vinnie Mac fashion.

Cole: Well look who it is; It’s the WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon! What could he be doing here?

Lawler: That’s for us and the WWE Universe to discover, Michael, but knowing our boss Mr. McMahon, business is going to be picking up!

Cole: Just listen to the ovation these Orlando fans are giving Mr. McMahon, King, I can’t remember the last time he was so well-liked among the WWE fans.

Back in the ring, Mr. McMahon walks to the centre of the squared circle, and is given a microphone by Lilian Garcia. As the fans prolong their cheering, Vince obliges to acknowledge his approval.

McMahon: Welcome ... to MONDAY NIGHT RAW!

Cheap pop for the boss, who is grinning from ear to ear.

McMahon: Doesn’t it feel great for each and every one of you to see me out here, instead of the former General Manager of this show?

Once again, the fans agree with Mr.McMahon, and do so by cheering.

McMahon: And now, I am pleased to be able to say that this is my show, just like it should be, and god damnit, I’m gonna make it mine again.

More cheers for Vinnie Mac.

McMahon: But you may ask the question...How am I going to do this? Well lemme tell ya; I’m going to do it the only way Vincent Kennedy McMahon knows how. I know I’ve said this before time and time again, but ... I’M GONNA SHAKE THINGS UP AGAIN!

Although it’s not known how this shall be done, the crowd cheer, nonetheless.

McMahon: What you’re gonna see from this point onwards is what World Wrestling Entertainment is all about, and what Vince McMahon is all about. Now, I know I was out here last week and I shocked the world by firing Vickie Guerrero and putting myself in charge of Raw, which must mean that if I’m out here...Something is “up”. And you’re damn right, ‘cause I’m out here for a reason.

The crowd murmur amongst themselves, anticipating McMahon’s announcement, whatever it may concern.

McMahon: I’m announcing that this Sunday at Extreme Rules, when Randy Orton defends the WWE Championship against Batista...

The crowd go wild subsequent to the mention of Batista.

McMahon: The rest of Legacy will be BANNED FROM RINGSIDE! And Randy, tonight you’re going to make that official by signing your contract, whether it’s a first blood match or not!

Orlando are pleased to hear this, and the continue to cheer.

McMahon: And-


The crowd are exceedingly surprised as the opening guitar riff of the theme music sounds, and ultimately The Miz walks out, initially getting cheers out of shock but expectedly they change to boos. The ‘Chick Magnet’ kneels down and rises up while flicking his palms upwards, as Mr. McMahon looks on with his head titled in confusion.

Cole: Come on, what is The Miz doing out here?

Lawler: It appears that the ‘Real Deal Sex Appeal’ has something on his mind, Michael, and it looks to be important, seeing as The Miz is interrupting Mr. McMahon, the same man who signs The Miz’s paycheck!

Cole: I personally think that it’s Miz’s conceited and narcissistic ways that are behind his appearance here.

The Miz descends down the rampway with his usual hat and shirt, and jumps onto the ring apron, hanging off the ropes and smirking arrogantly at the Orlando fans. The Miz then swings his leg around the middle rope before stepping into the squared circle, and immediately grabbing a microphone from Lilian Garcia.

The Miz: Y’know, I know you haven’t said this yet, so I’ll say it ... BUSINESS ... IS PICKING UP!

Heat rolls in for The Miz, who is wearing an irritating smile on his face.

The Miz: And being me, I’m not just sayin’ that because I’m in your presence, Mr. McMahon, it’s because I have arrived to save this horrific opening to Raw. ‘CAUSE I’M THE MIZ ... AND I’M-

McMahon: ... {Talking through gritted teeth} Who the hell do you think you are?

As Mr. McMahon stands face-to-face with The Miz with a livid look on his face, the crowd cheer the WWE Chairman.

McMahon: I don’t think you know who you’re in the same ring as, punk. I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon; I sign your paycheck, I’m responsible for the fact that you make a good living for yourself, and I can easily fire you...right...now.

The Miz is surprised at Vince’s reaction, and ultimately takes a step back.

McMahon: If I were you, Miz, I’d watch your attitude, because I’m not taking this crap from people like you. I run this show now, and I’m not tolerating this disrespectful attitude. The next time you try to even think that you’re bigger than this company or bigger than me...Then you’ll be FI-

The Miz: Alright, I’m sorry, Mr. McMahon. But, I am the #1 Superstar on Raw, so, y’know, I kinda-


HUGE pop for Mr. McMahon, as The Miz is startled by Vince’s shout.

McMahon: You are –this- close to being kicked out of this arena, so I suggest that you keep your mouth shut. As for now, Miz, your match is next. And seeing as I’m shaking things up around here, Hurricane Helms isn’t going to be choosing your opponent tonight...

A mixed reaction, as The Miz grins.

The Miz: I’m getting the night off? Aww, th-

McMahon: He’s not choosing your opponent tonight...I AM!

Another big pop, as The Miz’s smile is turned upside down, and Mr. McMahon walks down the steel steps, then walking up the rampway. As McMahon walks behind the curtain...

“I’m Comin’” blares out to a huge round of cheers, which gradually quietens down to a mild scale, as the United States Champion MVP walks through the curtain, ready for competition, and jogs down the rampway, sliding into the ring and directing a ‘Ballin’ pose to the fans.

1st Match
MVP vs. The Miz

MVP and The Miz get straight into the action, as they lock up as soon as the bell rings, and The Miz gets MVP in a headlock, then taking down the United States Champion to the canvas. Miz and MVP exchange counters and basic manoeuvres for the opening 2 or 3 minutes of the match, until MVP avoids a clothesline in the corner of the ring from The Miz, and then MVP throws Miz over the top rope and down to the concrete floor! The Miz is quick to get back up, but not when the “Ballin Superstar” nails the “Real Deal Sex Appeal” clean in the cranium with a baseball slide! As MVP leaves the ring, the crowd nearby cheer loudly which almost eclipses the commentary, and MVP gets The Miz to his feet. However, Miz kicks MVP in the mid-section, and throws the United States Champion head-first into the security wall! MVP is on his knees with his head being clutched by his hand, but then The Miz hits MVP with an enziguiri, and MVP’s spine is what is next to taste the security wall. The Miz stomps away ferociously at a helpless MVP, but then Miz rolls in, and back out of, the ring to break the count, and as he goes to continue his assault on MVP, the US Champion kicks The Miz in the gut, and throws The Miz directly into the steel steps! MVP then gets The Miz back into the ring, and makes the cover,



The Miz kicks out! MVP wipes some sweat from his forehead, before getting The Miz to his feet, and Irish whipping the former Tag Team Champion into the corner. MVP walks over, and seats Miz on the top rope. MVP climbs up, gets a tight grip of The Miz, and connects with a SUPERPLEX! MVP and The Miz lie motionless on the canvas as the crowd roar and applaud the spot, and as several moments pass and the referee nearly completes a count of 10, MVP and The Miz slowly get back to their feet. They sluggishly exchange right hands, and continue to do so until The Miz kicks MVP in the mid-section, and plants MVP on his injured temple with a DDT! The Miz takes a moment to stand over MVP and proclaim “I’M THE MIZ ... AND I’M ... AWESOME!” before subsequently getting MVP to his feet. The Miz goes for the Reality Check, but MVP grabs The Miz’s leg, pushes it away, and kicks Miz in the mid-section. MVP goes for the Playmaker, but The Miz wriggles his way out of the predicament, and rolls MVP up, with his feet on the ropes without the referee seeing!


Winner – The Miz @ 7:04

“Reality” blares out, and The Miz gets to his feet with a typical smirk on his face, having his hand raised by the referee. Miz pulls away and gloats to the crowd about his victory as a disappointed MVP rolls out of the ring, but then HURRICANE HELMS runs down the rampway and into the ring, and TAKES DOWN THE MIZ! Miz and Helms engage in a fist-fight as the crowd are cheering for Hurricane, and eventually The Miz escapes and is quick to leave the ring, with the fans booing his cowardice. “It’s Time” plays, as Hurricane Helms poses for the crowd and they respond with a big pop.

Cole: The Miz cheated to defeat the United States Champion, typical Miz there, but in the end Hurricane Helms was on the scene to take care of business.

Lawler: Hurricane can’t afford to be distracted with his match edging closer and closer tonight, so coming out and picking a fight with his rival The Miz might have been a biiiig mistake!

Cole: And Hurricane Helms’ match is coming up next!


Backstage, we see THE WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON sitting his locker room on a chair, and as the camera zooms out we see CODY RHODES, TED DIBIASE AND LACEY VON ERICH surrounding him.

Orton: How...How can Mr. McMahon ban you from ringside, Cody and Ted?

DiBiase: I don’t know, Randy. But you know Vince, he hates your guts, there’s no way we’ll be able to make him change his mind.

Orton nods his head in agreement, but then looks up...At Lacey.

Orton: You...Lacey.

Randy stands up, and continues to look at Von Erich, who looks a little confused.

Orton: You could be able to make Vince change his mind.

Lacey: I’m sorry, but how, Randy?

A faint smirk comes across TLK’s face.

Orton: Look at you...If anything’s gonna make somebody like Mr. McMahon change his mind and let Cody and Ted help me take down Batista, it’s somebody like you. I’m not saying that I can’t take Batista on his own, but it doesn’t take a genius to be able to pick up a weapon and make somebody bleed, and even Batista can do that; I need this WWE Championship, or else this show will plummet, the company could flounder so much that it could go out of business if somebody like Batista is the WWE Champion.

DiBiase: And look at Vince’s history; he’ll fall for any chick, especially somebody as hot as you.

Von Erich blushes at Ted’s flattering words.

Orton: Go and see what you can do...OK?

Lacey: ...Alright.

Lacey Von Erich turns around and walks out, with Randy, Cody and Ted all looking on and smirking.

Back in the arena, and Hurricane Helms is still in the ring, as his music is playing.

Cole: There you see Hurricane Helms who has remained in the ring for his match, but now the big question is: Who has The Miz chosen as Helms’ opponent?

That question is soon answered, as “Live For The Moment” blares out, and MATT HARDY walks out, getting boos from the crowd. Hardy, wearing a jacket and a big, thick cast over his hand still, walks down the rampway, and takes steps up the steel stairs, then swinging his leg around the middle rope and setting foot in the ring. Hardy holds his bandaged hand in the air to provoke more boos, before having a confrontation with Hurricane Helms.

2nd Match
Hurricane Helms vs. Matt Hardy

Childhood friends and recent enemies Hurricane Helms and Matt Hardy lock up immediately in the centre of the ring, but not for long as after a handful of moments, Hardy kicks Helms in the mid-section. Matt wrenches Hurricane’s arm, and Helms rolls across the canvas, before nipping back up and taking Hardy down with a hip toss. As Matt immediately gets back up, the fans applaud the energetic exchangee between the two in the opening moments of the match, and Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms lock up again. Hardy overpowers Helms and has Hurricane on one knee, but Helms quickly slides through Hardy’s legs and goes for a Russian leg sweep, but Matt Hardy manages to slip out of it, and floors Helms with a scoop slam. Matt runs off the ropes, and goes for an elbow drop, but Hurricane Helms moves out of the way at the last second, and Matt’s elbow fails to connect with his opponent. With Hardy momentarily down, Hurricane runs off the parallel ropes, and nails Matt Hardy square in the face with a dropkick! Hardy falls back, and an optimistic Helms tries to end the match early, hooking the leg of ‘The Chosen One’ and making a pinfall!


Matt Hardy, expectedly, doesn’t stay down for the 3-count, getting the shoulder up on the count of 2. Hardy slowly gets back to his feet, and Hurricane Helms gets right back into the action, swinging a wild clothesline at Matt, but Hardy ducks the attempt, and connects with a neckbreaker! Matt Hardy finally shows his carnivorous we associate all too well with him, as Matt continuously lashes out at Helms with stomps and recurrent elbows which strike Hurricane in the upper mid-section. Hardy then gets Hurricane to his feet, and Irish whips Helms into the corner of the ring. Matt Hardy runs at Hurricane, looking to hit Helms with some sort of offence, but at the last second Hurricane jumps over the ropes onto the ring apron, and Hardy runs directly into the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Matt Hardy groggily turns around and stumbles into the centre of the ring, thus Helms jumps up onto the ropes and springboards off, taking down Matt Hardy with a crossbody! As both competitors hit the canvas Helms goes for a cover, only for Hardy to turn the tables and make the pinfall on Hurricane Helms.


No, kickout from Hurricane Helms! Matt Hardy gets back to his feet, as does Hurricane Helms, and Helms throws some right hands at Matt Hardy, as Hardy backs into the corner of the ring. Helms runs at Matt Hardy, but Hardy instead has other plans, lifting Helms onto the top rope and quickly climbing up himself. Matt Hardy turns Helms around so that Hurricane’s back is to Hardy, and the former ECW Champion nails a BACK DROP from the top rope! The canvas violently shakes as Matt Hardy and Hurricane Helms come crashing down to the canvas, and the crowd applaud the move executed by Hardy. In the final moments of the match (Skipping 3 minutes of this match) Matt Hardy Irish whips Hurricane Helms against the ropes, but as Helms comes running back, he pulls out a hurricarana which sends Matt’s skull crashing into the top turnbuckle! Hardy falls back and crashes to the canvas, as a tiring Hurricane Helms slowly climbs to the top rope. Hurricane eagerly anticipates Matt Hardy to get to his feet, and as Matt gets up, Helms goes for a top-rope clothesline, but in mid-air Hardy kicks Hurricane Helms in the mid-section, and CONNECTS WITH A TWIST OF FATE! The appreciative crowd cheer for the spot, but it turns to a mixed reaction as it is Matt Hardy who connected with it, and Hardy lays an arm over Hurricane Helms, making the cover!


Winner – Matt Hardy @ 9:38

“Live For The Moment" plays and an exhausted but nevertheless victorious Matt Hardy struggles to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee. Hardy subsequently pulls away and raises his bandaged hand in the air much like prior to the match, as the crowd give Matt a mixed reaction; heat for his usual disrespectful attitude, but scattered cheers for his effort in his match with Hurricane Helms.

Cole: Hurricane Helms gave it his all, he put in a noble and intrepid effort against Matt Hardy, but when the bell rung for the end of the match it was “The Chosen One” who emerged with a victory under his belt.

Lawler: I’m honestly surprised that Matt opted not to utilise his cast at any point in the match when the referee wasn’t looking, Michael, but love him or hate him, Matt Hardy deserved to win this match, and-

Cole: What the hell?! COME ON!

As Hurricane Helms struggles to his feet with the cheers of the crowd supporting him, THE MIZ sprints down the rampway, and quickly slides in the ring, standing behind an unaware Hurricane. As Helms turns around, The Miz NAILS HURRICANE HELMS WITH THE REALITY CHECK~! A remorseless Miz stands tall over an inanimate Hurricane Helms, as the boos and derision of the WWE Universe fail to disconcert the “Real Deal Sex Appeal”, and moments later The Miz snatches a microphone out of Lilian Garcia’s hands, then returning to his prior position, looking down at Helms.

The Miz: (Talking through gritted teeth) Next time...I suggest you think twice about getting in my way, Hurricane.

The Miz subsequently stands up straight, and outstretches his free hand, also retrieving a hero-like look on his face.

The Miz: ‘CAUSE I’M THE MIZ...AND I’M...

He then lies on the canvas, his face right next to Hurricane Helms’, as The Miz has a somewhat possessed expression.

The Miz: (Whispering) ...Awesome.

The Miz gets back to his feet, and lets go of the microphone, which unceremoniously drops to the canvas, next to Hurricane Helms. Miz takes a final look back at his nemesis, before swinging his leg around the middle rope and jumping down to the concrete floor, then walking up the rampway to the back.

Cole: What was The Miz’s motive to launch a post-match assault and accompany it with such chilling words to Hurricane Helms?

Lawler: I can tell that you’re not a wrestler, Michael, The Miz wanted to send a message to Hurricane Helms; that’s how you get in your opponent’s head, and Miz perfected that art.

Cole: Well, coming up next on Monday Night Raw, we’ve got Divas tag team action, as Kelly Kelly teams with Gail Kim to face the Divas Champion Maryse and Mickie James, who last week showed her true colors at Kelly’s expense; let’s take you back to last week on Raw.

~Then MICKIE JAMES comes out of the back and surprises Maryse. The crowd pops as James grabs Maryse, drags her down the aisle and throws her back into the ring. Maryse gets up and Kelly looks to grab he, but the champ moves and pulls Kelly forward, right into James, who has gotten onto the apron. With the referee’s view blinded, JAMES SMACKS KELLY KELLY! Kelly turns around right into a snap DDT aka the FRENCH KISS! Maryse covers as James gets off the apron and the ref counts to the three.~
Back on Raw, and we cut backstage, with Josh Matthews standing by.

Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome my guest at this time...Mickie James!

Like Josh Matthews said, Mickie James walks into the shot, warranting a very mixed reaction, leaning towards heat, following her actions last week.

Matthews: Mickie, moments ago we saw your actions from last week on Raw, when you effectively cost Kelly Kelly the Diva’s Championship against Maryse. Can you explain to us, well, why you did what you did?

Mickie: Josh, I had every right to do what I did to Kelly Kelly last week. Kelly is nothing better than a no-good skank, who only has a job to provide eye-candy for all the desperate men who watch Monday Night Raw.

Boos for Mickie James, particularly from the men.

Mickie: With that being said, Kelly doesn’t deserve anything in her WWE career; when she’s gone, the highest accolade she would have achieved here was being in a threesome striptease. And yet, she thinks that she could be Diva’s Champion? I don’t know about the women watching now, but I find that offensive. It is the highest-ranked Championship the Divas can get on Raw, and it takes hard work and committment to be able to say that you deserve to be the Diva’s Champion. Kelly Kelly, on the other hand, doesn’t possess either of those qualities. But, myself and Maryse, do.

More heat.

Mickie: So Kelly, in the tag team match tonight, I’m gonna show you why you don’t belong in a WWE ring, let alone in the same ring as me and Maryse.

Mickie James blows a kiss to the camera, before walking out of the shot, and the camera follows her, as we can see MARYSE standing further down the corridor, smirking at Mickie. The Diva’s Champion is joined by Mickie, and together they walk away.

Backstage, Mr. McMahon is sat on a leather sofa, watching Raw on a flatscreen TV on the wall of his office. Then, a knock on the door is heard, and McMahon gets up to open the door, but no need, because LACEY VON ERICH walks in, wearing rather revealing clothes; A black cotton sweater, a black tank top, a denim mini-skirt and black high-heels. Vince slightly smirks as he sees Lacey, who is eyeing the WWE Chairman seductively.

McMahon: Oh...How nice to see you, Lacey. I want to personally welcome you to Raw, as I haven’t had the opportunity to do so.

Mr. McMahon shakes hands with Lacey, and Von Erich smiles at McMahon.

Lacey: Thanks for the welcome, Mr. McMahon.

McMahon: Ahh, anytime. Now, is there a reason for you being in here?

Lacey nods her head, obviously meaning there is.

Lacey: You see, Vince, Randy Orton isn’t very happy that Cody and Ted are being banned from ringside this Sunday at Extreme Rules against Batista. It is under no-disqualification rules, and there is a chance that Batista could hire some guys to attack Randy, and there would be nothing to make sure that doesn't happen.

McMahon: Hmm, that is a fair point, Lacey.

Von Erich smiles at Mr. McMahon’s reaction, and walks towards the door, locking it.

Lacey: I think you should just sit down and relax, you’ve done enough work for tonight.

Mr. McMahon slowly sits back down on the sofa, and Von Erich sits on Vince’s knee, wrapping her arm around his neck.

Lacey: So...How about you change the contract for signing tonight to officially make it no-disqualification...And it’ll be good for us, and you.

Mr. McMahon thinks about it, before nodding his head.

Mr. McMahon: You’re right that it’s good for Legacy, so that Cody and Ted could help Randy Orton retain the WWE Championship...But how is it beneficial for me?

Lacey: Oh...That’s what I’m getting onto now.

Lacey flicks back her curled blonde hair, before removing his jacket, then doing the same to his tie. Von Erich plays with the laces on her sweater, before undoing them and removing her sweater, revealing a black tank top, but Von Erich removes that as well and Mr. McMahon is almost in a trance, staring at Lacey and slowly nodding his head. Von Erich flicks back her hair again, before leaning in and spontaneoulsy pecking at Mr. McMahon’s neck and cheeks. Eventually she kisses Vince on the lips and immediately McMahon slowly puts his arms around Lacey’s waist.

The two make out on the sofa, as Lacey undoes some of McMahon’s buttons on his shirt, before eventually Vince lays Lacey down on a glass table and they continue kissing. Meanwhile, the camera cuts to outside, where CODY RHODES AND TED DIBIASE are outside, their ears pressed against the door. They make a variety of faces as they listen in, such as laughing, putting their hands over their mouths, and nodding their heads.


Back on Raw, and “Pourquoi?” blares out, and Maryse, along with Mickie James, walks out, earning boos from the disapproving fans. Maryse and Mickie condescendingly saunter down the rampway, with Maryse arrogantly giving a cold shoulder to the whistles and reaching out of hands from the audience. Maryse climbs onto the ring apron and flicks her hair back, then winking at the camera and swinging her leg around the middle rope, slowly stepping into the ring as many cameras flash to take pictures of the “Sultry Diva” bending over, whereas James slides under the ropes and into the ring.

Cole: I never thought I’d see them as an alliance, but we are witnessing the two best Divas in the WWE as a unit, Maryse and Mickie James.

Lawler: I can’t see any different result other than these two stunning Divas winning this match, they seem unstoppable, looking at their track record that is.

Then, “Holla” plays, and the crowd, contrasting to their ovation for Maryse and Mickie James, cheer as Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim run through the curtain and out onto the stage, with smiles on their faces. Kelly and Kim stride down the rampway, high-fiving the fans on the front row, before both simultaneously sliding into the ring, and climbing to the second rope to perform their entrances.

Cole: Kelly Kelly will be looking for revenge against both Maryse and Mickie James; Maryse defeated Kelly last week to retain the Diva’s Championship, and Mickie cost Kelly a title victory.

Lawler: And Kelly Kelly has Gail Kim at her side, who is also a very powerful Diva, so maybe Kelly can even up the score tonight.

3rd Match
Maryse & Mickie James vs. Kelly Kelly & Gail Kim

Kelly Kelly and Mickie James start the match in the ring, and Kelly unloads on Mickie, trying to get revenge for last week, but James is resillient, dominating Kelly in the 3 minutes they are competing in the ring for. Kelly Kelly tags in Gail Kim and Mickie James tags in her partner Maryse, and the altercation between the Diva’s Champion and Gail is more competitive than the offense shared between their partner. The match nears to an end when Gail Kim climbs to the top rope, and fervently anticipates Maryse to get to her feet. Maryse gets up, and Gail is about to go for a cross body, but MICKIE JAMES THROWS GAIL KIM OFF THE TOP ROPE AND DOWN TO THE CANVAS! Kim lands awkwardly on the canvas after falling off the top rope thanks to Mickie James, and Maryse takes advantage, getting Gail Kim to her feet, and CONNECTING WITH A FRENCH KISS! Maryse makes the cover, expecting to get the win.


Winners – Mickie James & Maryse @ 5:24

“Pourqoui?” blares out of the P.A. system, as Maryse gets to her feet with an unmistakable conceited smirk etched on her face, and along with Mickie James, has her hand raised by the referee, taking in and acknowledging the boos from the WWE Universe. Maryse and Mickie embrace, before leaving the ring together and walking up the rampway and to the back, as Kelly Kelly checks on a fallen Gail Kim.

Cole: Maryse and Mickie James prove to be dominant in their tag team match with Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim, can either of them be stopped?

Lawler: I don’t think so, Michael, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim are the only two Divas I can see being able to be even the slightest threat, and we just saw them toppled by Maryse and Mickie James, so I’m not sure if they can!

Backstage, we’re back in Mr. McMahon’s office, where Mr. McMahon and Lacey Von Erich are smartening themselves up; McMahon is buttoning up his shirt, and Lacey is putting her tank top back on, straightening it out whilst smirking.

Lacey: So...I guess Cody and Ted will be at Extreme Rules. We got a deal?

Mr. McMahon puts his tie back on, before pondering.

Mr. McMahon: ...NO CHANCE IN HELL!

The crowd pop, as Mr. McMahon points towards the door and a sulking Lacey Von Erich trudges out of the door. Then, CODY RHODES AND TED DIBIASE enter.

Rhodes: Are you insane? Lacey had to expose herself and make out with somebody as old, frail and repulsive as you, and you screw us over!

DiBiase: You are sick.

Mr. McMahon thinks, before laughing at Cody and Ted.

McMahon: And you’ll be fired if you don’t get out of my office in 5 seconds.

Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase disgustedly shake their heads, before turning around and walking out of the door, as Vince briefly re-adjusts his jacket.


Back on Raw, and “Somebodies Gonna Get It” blares out to a mixed reaction, as Mark Henry walks out, letting out a resounding roar, before charging down the rampway and walking up the steel steps, swinging his leg around the middle rope and stepping into the ring. The camera cuts to Chavo Guerrero who is already in the ring, before going back to Henry, who raises his hands in the air.

Cole: Mark Henry is the “World’s Strongest Man”, and if he wins tonight and repeats the feat this Sunday at Extreme Rules, he will also be United States Champion.

Lawler: Henry, in my eyes, is the favorite for this match; he has the size advantage over Chavo Guerrero and even Umaga! That is how big he is.

“Virtual Voodoo” plays, and Umaga, alongside Armando Estrada, walks out, getting boos from the crowd. The “Samoan Bulldozer” descends down the rampway as his mouthpiece Estrada follows, and Umaga walks up the steel steps, before swinging his leg around the middle rope and setting foot in the ring. Umaga lets out a loud roar, before slapping at his chest and subsequently being calmed down by Estrada.

Cole: And there is the other frontrunner in this match; The incomparable “Samoan Bulldozer”; UMAGA!

To everybody’s surprise, “NO CHANCE” blares out, and MR. MCMAHON steps through the curtain, getting a big pop from the crowd and 4 questionable looks from Mark Henry, Umaga, Armando Estrada and Chavo Guerrero.

McMahon: Y’know...There’s just something that isn’t right about this match. I said at the beginning of the night that I was gonna shake things up again, and god dammit that’s what I’m gonna do! ...And that is why I am making this a FATAL FOUR WAY MATCH!

The crowd react with an enormous ovation, as Mr. McMahon smiles at the cheers.

McMahon: So ... introducing the man who needs no introduction, as he’d rather do it himself, and the fourth competitor in this match...




The crowd are in pandemonium, as MR. KENNEDY jogs through the curtain, and salutes Mr. McMahon in acknowledgement, before running down the rampway and jumping on the ring apron, holding up his hand as if he is holding a microphone, before swinging his leg around the middle rope and stepping into the ring. Kennedy stands in the centre of the ring and holds his hand up, as a microphone comes down, which Kennedy grabs and presses to his lips.

Kennedy: ...Why...hello there, Orlando.

Pop for Mr. Kennedy, who flashes a smirk.

Kennedy: In case any of you here in the Sunshine State have forgotten...I weigh in at 245 pounds...I hail from GREEN – BAY – WIS – CON – SIN...MMMMIIIIISSSSTTTEEEERRRRR...KKKEEEEEENNNNEEEEDDDDYYYY!!!

The crowd cheer, as Mr. Kennedy climbs to the top rope, still holding the microphone.


Mr. Kennedy lets go of the microphone as it reels back into the air, and Kennedy climbs back down, circling the ring and looking at his opponents.

4th Match – United States Championship #1 Contendership Match
Chavo Guerrero vs. Mark Henry vs. Umaga vs. Mr. Kennedy

In the opening stages of this match, Mr. Kennedy fights with Umaga, whereas the “World’s Strongest Man” Mark Henry dominates Chavo Guerrero, rather than fighting. Kennedy is able to compete with the “Samoan Bulldozer”, and as Umaga Irish whips Kennedy against the ropes, he goes for a side slam, but Mr. Kennedy counters with a DDT! Kennedy is about to go for the cover, but Mark Henry takes some time out of assaulting Chavo Guerrero to pull Mr. Kennedy away. Henry gets Kennedy to his feet and kicks Ken in the mid-section. Mark lifts Kennedy for a scoop slam, but Mr. Kennedy slips off Henry’s shoulders, and goes for a Russian leg sweep, but Mark fights out of it, and throws Kennedy into the corner. Henry runs at Mr. Kennedy but Kennedy moves, and the “World’s Strongest Man” goes crashing into the corner. Little do either of them know, Umaga runs towards the corner of the ring and Mr. Kennedy moves out of the way, as Umaga nails Mark Henry with a big splash! Umaga turns around, and Mr. Kennedy NAILS UMAGA WITH A MIC CHECK! Kennedy hooks the leg, making the cover.


CHAVO GUERRERO BREAKS IT UP! Guerrero unleashes a flurry of stomps at Mr. Kennedy, and climbs to the top rope. Chavo goes for the FROGPLASH...But MR. KENNEDY ROLLS OUT OF THE WAY, AND CHAVO GUERRERO GOES CRASHING INTO THE CANVAS! Mr. Kennedy gets to his feet, and kicks Mark Henry in the mid-section multiple times, before managing to plant Henry with a DDT. Mr. Kennedy then turns his attention to Umaga, who is now back on his feet after receiving a mic check at the hands of Kennedy, and...KENNEDY LIFTS UMAGA ONTO HIS SHOULDERS! Mr. Kennedy is going for a GREENBAY PLUNGE...but Umaga’s weight proves to be too much, and Kennedy falls to the canvas. Umaga drags Mr. Kennedy in the corner of the ring and rests the “Resident Loudmouth”’s skull on the middle turnbuckle, before backing into the opposite corner of the ring. Umaga screams and pounds at his chest, before running to the other corner and RAMMING HIS BACKSIDE INTO THE SKULL OF MR. KENNEDY! Umaga actually smirks, before getting Kennedy to his feet, and is about to go for the SAMOAN SPIKE...but MARK HENRY intervenes, spearing Umaga to the canvas! Mark Henry covers,


NO! Mr. Kennedy breaks up the cover! Mr. Kennedy waits for Mark Henry to get up, and when Henry does, Kennedy tries to go for the MIC CHECK...but Henry, after a handful of elbows to Kennedy’s cranium, takes down KK with a suplex. Mark Henry turns his attention to Umaga, and gets the “Samoan Bulldozer” to his feet. Mark Henry lifts up Umaga for a World’s Strongest Slam, but CHAVO GUERRERO leaps off the top rope, hitting Henry with a missile dropkick, and falls to the canvas with Umaga’s weight toppling him. Umaga, however, is brought to his feet by Mr. Kennedy, and KENNEDY NAILS UMAGA WITH THE MIC CHECK! Mr. Kennedy makes the cover!


Winner – Mr. Kennedy @ 9:37

“Turn Up The Trouble” plays, and Mr. Kennedy gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee to cheers from the crowd. Kennedy makes a title motion around his waist, before leaving the ring and high-fiving the fans whilst walking up the rampway.

Cole: The surprise entrant in the fatal four-way, Mr. Kennedy, is going to Extreme Rules to face MVP for the United States Championship!

Lawler: The question now is, what will the stipulation for the match be?

Cole: Well, it looks like we’re about to find out now.

We cut backstage, where MR. MCMAHON is standing by in his office, looking directly at the camera and smiling.

McMahon: It is now official; Mr. Kennedy will be challenging MVP for the United States Championship this Sunday, at EXTREME RULES!

The crowd pop at the mention of this Sunday’s contest.

McMahon: Now, I know that you’re all wondering, what will the stipulation for the match be? Well that’s why I’m on your television screens right now, because it’s gonna be the first-ever HARD TEN MATCH!

Some fans do not know how that works, but nonetheless they cheer.

McMahon: How this works, is that you must earn points by hitting your opponent with a weapon, and the first person to earn 10 points, and be up by 2 points, will be the winner, and will walk out of Extreme Rules as the United States Champion!

The crowd pop, as the screen fades...


Back on Raw, Legacy (Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Lacey Von Erich) are in the ring, as “A New Day” fades out. Then, “Cool” plays, and the Unified Tag Team Champions The Colons, along with their partner Eve Torres, walk out, getting cheers from the crowd. Carlito, Primo and Eve run down the rampway, high-fiving the fans, before all sliding into the ring at the same time, ready for their match.

5th Match
Legacy vs. The Colons & Eve Torres

Cody Rhodes and Primo, two similar-statured Superstars, begin proceedings in the ring, locking up, before Rhodes quickly executes a headlock on Primo, but Primo takes Cody down with an arm drag. Rhodes gets back up quickly from the arm drag and Cody and Primo circle each other around the ring, before Cody Rhodes nails Primo with a kick to the mid-section. Cody unleashes a handful of recurrent right hands at Colon, before Irish whipping Primo against the ropes and Rhodes bends over, ready to send Primo flying with a back body drop, but Primo slides through Cody’s legs, and jumps onto Rhodes’ back, locking the 2nd-generation Superstar in a sleeper hold. However, Rhodes runs backwards into the corner, as Primo’s spine tastes the turnbuckles with sheer force. Primo lets go of Cody Rhodes and slumps into the corner of the ring, as Rhodes backs into the opposite side, and takes a long run-up, going for a baseball slide, but Primo slides out of the ring, and Cody’s crotch tastes the steel post! The crowd laugh and cheer at the mishap, as Primo, on the outside of the ring, grabs Rhodes’ leg, and SLAMS it against the steel post! Primo gets back into the ring, and he gets Cody Rhodes to his feet. Primo leaps up vertically, and hits Rhodes right in the face with a dropkick, as Cody backpedals into the corner. Primo runs up, and grabs Cody by the head, monkey flipping Rhodes across the ring, but Cody lands on his feet, and as Primo, thinking he connected with the monkey flip, turns around, he is unexpectedly clobbered witha decapitating clothesline at the hands of Cody Rhodes! Rhodes makes the cover.


Primo kicks out! Cody Rhodes drags Primo over to the corner of the ring, where he tags in Ted DiBiase, and Rhodes holds Primo in a gorilla press position, before dropping Primo helplessly onto DiBiase’s knee. With Primo still on Ted’s knee, he lashes out on thePuerto Rican with vicious clubbing blows to the throat, before dropping him to the canvas. DiBiase then gets Primo to his feet, and wrenches his arm, kicking Primo in the mid-section, and planting the Unified Tag Team Champion with a snap suplex. DiBiase runs off the ropes, and plants a knee drop onto Primo’s skull, before smirking and taking in the boos from the crowd. Ted DiBiase gets Primo to his feet, and Irish whips him into the corner, where Carlito and Eve Torres are standing. Ted runs at Primo, but Carlito tags himself in as DiBiase flattens Primo with a clothesline. Meanwhile, Carlito enters the ring, and dropkicks Ted DiBiase into the corner. Carlito then lifts DiBiase onto the top rope before climbing up, andCarlito grabs DiBiase for a BACKSTABBER...But Ted holds on, and Carlito goes flying off the top rope! Ted DiBiase then turns around, and plants a fist drop from the top rope right onto Carlito’s cranium. Ted gets Carlito to his feet, and DiBiase then tags in Lacey Von Erich, as Carlito, by the referee’s orders, tags in Eve Torres. Eve and Lacey, shuffling her priorities from unsuccessfully seducing Mr. McMahon, lock up, and Lacey throws Eve into the corner of the ring, then running at Torres and spearing her ribs, before setting up Torres on the top rope, and hip tossing Eve back down to the canvas! Lacey makes the cover.


Kick out from Eve Torres, and Lacey Von Erich moans, before getting Eve to her feet, and wrenching her arm, going for a clothesline, but Torres has other ideas, and rolls up Lacey!


Winners – The Colons & Eve Torres @ 9:29

“She Looks Good” plays, and Eve Torres gets to her feet, having her, as well as Carlito’s and Primo’s, hand raised by the referee, to cheers from the crowd. They all embrace, before going to leave, but are AMBUSHED by Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Lacey Von Erich! The ecstatic cheers turn to boos of hatred as Cody beats up Primo with Ted taking care of Carlito, and Lacey womanhandles Eve Torres, throwing Eve out of the ring and into the Raw announce table, with Eve’s head bouncing awkardly off the top! DiBiase gets Carlito to his feet, and suddenly NAILS CARLITO WITH THE MILLION DOLLAR DREAM! Cody Rhodes gets Primo to his feet, and FLOORS PRIMO WITH THE CROSSRHODES!

Cole: Aww, come on! Can somebody please stop this?!

Seemingly not, Michael; “A New Day” blares out, and Cody Rhodes, Ted DiBiase and Lacey Von Erich raise each other’s hands in the air with the boos and derision of the fans unfazing them.

Cole: A sickening attack by Legacy, and now The Colons and Eve Torres are barely moving!

Lawler: Everybody’s got a price, Michael, and they had to pay the price for what I think was stealing a victory from Legacy!

Cole: Well, coming up next, the official contract signing for this Sunday’s First Blood Match for the WWE Championship between the Champion Randy Orton and the challenger Batista!


We see a figure, standing in the mirror, with only the bottom half of his body visible; his chiselled abs, black and green trunks, black kneepads and black and green boots. It cuts to a scene of him exercising with a skipping rope, and then doing press-ups on a pale concrete floor, where we can see that he has brown, spiked hair. The production theme, “Operation Cutthroat” is playing in the background.

???: I, am going to make history. I am going to prove everybody wrong.

Cut to a scene of him running on a treadmill.

???: I am going to become the greatest and most successful Superstar to ever make my return to the WWE, and Monday Night Raw.

Cut to a scene of him lifting weights, and doing sit-ups.

???: My name, if you don’t remember?

Cut to a scene of him sitting on a bench in an empty locker room wearing a hooded jacket, before flicking his hood back and revealing his face to the camera.

???: I, am Mark Jindrak.


Back on Raw, and the ring is adorned with a red carpet, and a large wooden table is in the middle of the squared circle. Then, “No Chance” plays, and Mr. McMahon, who has had quite the night so far, walks out, smiling at the cheers he is receiving from the crowd. McMahon struts down the rampway in typical fashion, before entering the ring, and being given a microphone.

McMahon: Welcome, to the official contract signing for this Sunday’s First Blood Match at Extreme Rules, between Randy Orton and Batista, for the WWE Championship.

Pop from the crowd.

McMahon: Once both sign the contract, the match will be official, and in case the events of earlier on made you think otherwise, Legacy are BANNED from ringside.

Another round of loud cheers.

McMahon: Introducing first...He is “The Animal”; DAVE BATISTA!

“I Walk Alone” blares out to a huge ovation, as Batista, wearing a V-neck black shirt and denim jeans, charges through the curtain, slapping his heart and punching the air as silver pyros explode from the stage. Batista walks down the rampway, but pauses to perform his taunt as more pyros explode, and “The Animal” enters the ring and shakes hands with Mr. McMahon, before pointing in acknowloedgement to the audience.

McMahon: Good evening, Dave. If you’d just like to sign the contract there, then you will be officially in the match.

Batista nods his head at Vince’s words, before picking up the pen and signing the contract, to cheers from the crowd.

McMahon: Thank you. Now, introducing his Extreme Rules opponent...The WWE Champion, RANDY ORTON!

“Voices” plays through the arena to boos from the crowd, as Randy Orton, clothed in a merchandised black shirt and his ring-gear with the WWE Championship over his shoulder, walks through the curtain, and ambles down the rampway, then setting foot in the ring and standing in front of the contract on the table.

McMahon: If you’d, uh, like to sign the contract, Randy.

Randy Orton stares at Mr. McMahon for several moments, before giving the same treatment to Batista, and picking up the pen, signing the contract.

McMahon: So it’s official; At Extreme Rules, it’ll be...






The lights in the arena go out, and the roof is almost blown off with jubilant cheers from the crowd, as it appears that The Undertaker is here! Then, the lights come back on...AND RANDY ORTON AND BATISTA ARE LAID OUT IN THE RING!


The lights momentarily go back out again, and moments later they come back on; AND THE UNDERTAKER IS IN THE RING! Mr. McMahon, still in the ring, backs into the corner, as The Undertaker raises his hands into the sky, and BLOOD BEGINS TO FLOW DOWN THE RAMPWAY! The crowd are going nuts, and Undertaker steps out of the ring, as a druid walks down the rampway and gives Undertaker an URN. Undertaker takes the lid off the urn, and the druid pours a bag of blood into the urn! The Undertaker then re-enters the ring, and stands over Randy Orton, placing the urn in front of him; There will be blood at Extreme Rules, it could be Randy Orton’s, or it could be Batista’s, as the screen





Current Card

WWE Championship – First Blood
Randy Orton vs. Batista

World Heavyweight Championship – TLC
Edge vs. Jeff Hardy

ECW Championship – Hardcore Scramble
Christian vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder

Intercontinental Championship – Steel Cage
Rey Mysterio vs. Chris Jericho

United States Championship – Hard Ten
MVP vs. Mr. Kennedy

Money In The Bank – Inferno
CM Punk vs. Kane


There it is, my first Raw. Some things might be a little odd to the eye, but I'm only just getting the Monday Night Raw feel. I feel I made an OK start, and hopefully this progresses and gets better.

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Vince McMahon to open the show just to announce that Legacy is barred from ringside at Extreme Rules? The promo was well written, seemed decent enough without being anything awesome, but why would you not just have had Vince announce this during the contract signing. This just feels like a waste of a segment to me, and hopefully with Vince being interrupted, it gains some purpose, as for the time being, I havenít been a huge fan of it.

When The Miz came out I was hoping for arrogance straight off the bat and this is what we got. ďAnd being me, Iím not just sayiní that because Iím in your presence, Mr. McMahon, itís because I have arrived to save this horrific opening to Raw.Ē And this is exactly what we got, for a moment I thought maybe you were going to take the whole ass kissing route, but you definitely didnít do that, and it impressed me.

One thing I didnít like is how early McMahon interrupted Miz, I would have much preferred for The Miz to spread out more of his brilliance, before eventually being interrupted. It just seemed a little to quick, almost as if you didnít know what else for The Miz to say. I guess with that being said, that McMahon had to interrupt eventually, and show us his mean attitude, but I still would have preferred for this to happen a bit later. McMahon was pretty spot on again here, although one thing that troubled me with this little bit. ďI donít think you know who youíre in the same ring as, punk.Ē I just canít see Vinnie Mac calling anybody a punk, and this line kind of took away from the rest of McMahon, who you had captured quite well up until this point.

The Miz continuously trying to interrupt and not backing down was good, even though he is a heel, it shows he has some balls, and McMahon just showed his authority a little bitÖ And now we have a fairly awesome contest set for the opener, The Miz against MVP.

The Miz actually defeated the United States Champ MVP? I was shocked to say the least, I mean, I know he cheated so that way MVP remains looking strong, but I just expected the champion to pick up the victory, especially with a title defense coming up so soon.

The attack after the match was good, but can I suggest getting rid of Hurricane Helms? I hate the character, itís ruined him, he needs to be Gregory Helms or bust. Anyway, Iím curios as to who The Miz will make Helms face.

ďHowÖHow can Mr. McMahon ban you from ringside, Cody and Ted?Ē This just didnít sound right at all, it sounded a little too robotic for my liking. After all, did he really have to say their names, they know who they are. I really canít explain my problem with it, but it just sounded like a computer talking to somebody, and if it was a 2004 thread Iíd understand, but itís not, and Ortonís better then that now. I like the direction youíre trying to go with here though, with Orton trying to use Lacey to get to McMahon and make him change his mind. I am sure it wonít work, but it could make for an amusing moment or two later in the show.

As soon as Matt Hardy made his way to the ring I knew just who was going to win this match. No matter how well you wrote it, and no matter how much you tried to make this match seem competitive, I think it was pretty obvious throughout that the winner of this match up was going to be Hardy. Coming off the huge feud with his brother Jeff, he has to much momentum, seriously, youíd be an idiot to waste it, so I was glad to see he picked up the victory. As for Helms, heís definitely on the back foot with his feud with The Miz, and he severely needs a change of gimmick, because I can see Helms become nothing more then a glorified jobber soon enough.

The after the match attack made the gap between these two even larger, and when they havenít even had their blow off match yet, Iím not sure this was the best thing to do. Either way, I think itís pretty obvious that Miz is going over in this feud, but I hope after it, you save Helms before it is to late.

The Mickie James interview was good and bad in my eyes. It was good because it provided us with an explanation which was needed; however I didnít like the actual explanation, because in the past Mickie has never been afraid to show off a bit of skin, but now she is ridiculing Kelly for it, when Mickieís own character hasnít really changed? It just seems a little off to me.

at McMahon and Lacey getting it on. I know youíre trying to make it seem like Orton is going to get his way, but I have a feeling itís going to be a swerve, and McMahon just wants some action .

Divas situation seems really bleh, especially considering the fact that I donít like the most interesting thing going on, which is the Mickie heel turn. This seemed like a typical diva tag team, filler contest, and I guess Iím just going to have to wait and see just how you can make the diva situation interesting.

I knew McMahon just wanted some action. Well played by the chairman, and it looks as if Legacy are going to be banned from ringside at Extreme Rules.

Okay, another thing I can say about this show is that you are over using Vince McMahon. Any time an authority figure is more prominent then every single superstar on the show, you are over using them, imo. Also, I loved the introduction of the returning Kennedy, ďSo Ö introducing the man who needs no introduction, as heíd rather do it himself, and the fourth competitor in this matchÖ" Brilliant line, set the scene perfectly.

Mr Kennedy returning now is great, as I truly believe some things on the Raw side of this thread need to be spiced up. This looks as if it should be a great start, and Iím rather intrigued to see just how Kennedy will go in this thread. As much as I like the man, I canít see him getting a US Title shot this soon. I would have liked a bit more talk from Kennedy rather then just the intro, but whatever.

Well, I guess youíve got better ideas, as now we will have Kennedy and MVP going for the US Title. Is this match to take place at Extreme Rules? If so, I donít like it, these are probably the two best mid carders youíve got, and I think you need to make a feud between them hot, rather then just a one off match with no real build up what so ever. By the way, I really think you need to give Umaga and Chavo Guerrero something better to do.

I donít like the sound of this ďhard ten matchĒ at all; hopefully itís one of a kind, with the two guys involved getting into a fully blown feud, rather then a random match, after the PPV.

Nice win for The Colons and Eve Torres here, definitely something I didnít expect after the amount of time Legacy have had on the show, and the amount of time The Colons have had. It clearly seems as if Legacy are more important, so I was shocked, but whatever. The attack after the match I guessed made up for it, but geez itís been a bad night for Lacey.

Mark Jindrak OWNS! I expect great things from him in this thread. You wouldnít be bringing him in otherwise, right?

Contract signing was way to short for my liking, and to be honest, it came across as a really disappointing final segment. Not only was McMahon out again, which you know I have a problem with by now, but Batista and Randy Orton both should have had something to say. The lack, or the no talk from Randy Orton and Batista really no sells their contest, where was the talk, where was the tension, where was the hatred? We got none of that, so for a first time reader like myself, why in the hell would they be having a first blood match if they donít even hate each other? You couldíve done a lot better with this, and you simply dropped the ball.

The Undertaker was interesting to say the least, but what was with him poring blood into the urn. It really seemed rather pointless to me, and a tad confusing, so hopefully next time the Undertaker appears it has meaning. I donít know, maybe Iím wrong and you have something planned, but at this point in time, Undertaker just seemed there to be there, and thatís definitely not a good thing.

Overall, the show had a lot of its good bits, and had a lot of its bad bits, so where you clearly showed potential, there is also plenty of room for improvement. Anyway, Iím definitely intrigued to see just where you go with things from here, hopefully Iím back for next week.

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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Staff Shake Up Imminent!!!

Shocking news coming out of the WWE this evening which leaves the future of many storylines and the company's main direction up in arms, for the time being at least. Vince McMahon has said to have wanted to shake up the creative team which leaves Smackdown Head Writer Bradley going to RAW and RAW Head Writer ~LetItRock leaves the flagship show to head to the potential-laden Friday Night Smackdown. The future of ECW remains in doubt with Vince McMahon in two minds about it, if ECW were to disband the majority of the roster would be released or sent down to FCW but the higher profile names (like Christian, William Regal and Finlay) would be split between RAW and Smackdown respectively. Bradley has welcomed the move as a fresh challenge and the chance to work with such big names as Randy Orton, Triple H and The Undertaker as 'too good to turn down' whereas ~LetItRock has welcomed the opportunity to work with up and coming stars mixed in with such relative veterans like Jeff Hardy and Edge. Summerslam has been built up on radio stations across the country despite being months away and an insider from the WWE has stated that 'This is second to only 'Mania so expect quality matches and angles heading in to that event.' Shawn Michaels, meanwhile, has been rumoured to return full-time sometime in Fall. In other news Hawkins has been removed from the Smackdown roster page on wwe.com but he has not yet been released.
Basically Rock and I are trading places and I feel it is beneficial to us both as I suit more of the RAW style of writing and Rock will no doubt work wonders with the talent over on Smackdown. Keep an eye on Summerslam as that event will be BIG, ECW will be up when Rock comes back from holiday and Smackdown will follow shortly after and Extreme Rules will come after that. After Extreme Rules most characters and storylines will be 'blank slates'. Rivalries may continue but that remains to be seen so keep that in mind and keep enjoying the thread!

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