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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

ECW Should be forced up to the level on Smackdown because I like the Futrue stars the old ECW Might of died but the New ECW is under rated
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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

BY SC2004 >>>

As Iíve reviewed an edition of both SD and RAW I feel obliged to review the last ECW show. LOL. Iíll try and post a review for the second edition of RAW in the coming days.


>>> Iím a sucker for details and I like how you went that bit further with the opening video. You didnít have to name the songs you were using, but it was fun you did and it makes the reader want to Google them. HA. Standard introductions from the announcers, but you did a good job of getting across the importance of Dreamers match up tonight with Christian. The Hart Dynasty are not a unique heel group, but they are an effective one. Iíd just wish there was a face stable they could work with, maybe thatís something you could do going forward.

>>> Your ability to set the scene with detailed, descriptive sentences is great. Itís something I do myself. I mean how easy would have been for you to simply write ďChristianís music hits and he walks to the ring.Ē The whole way through the promo you used lines that aided me in visualizing the scene, which is the mark of a great writer. As good as the writing was, the booking of this was off a little. First of all, by having Swagger and Christian open the show, you suggest a rematch. It has to be for the title and thus we discount and discredit Dreamer. We totally forget about him, as heís mentioned for just a second. This should have been a Dreamer, Christian promo, with Swagger getting a backstage interview later in the show and eventually getting involved in the main event leading to a 3 way at the next PPV. The promo also ended rather abruptly. If you were going to bring Swagger out to bitch and moan, you should of allowed the tape to play and went from there. It could have been more than you allowed it to be.

>>> Holly crap, you do like to write long matches for TV. Iím undecided on how necessary it is to write such lengthy matches, though I admit I do throw one or two into my shows from time to time. Itís been said by many that a TV show should be about the promos, all talk and hype for the PPV, which is turn should be all about the action, the matches. Going back to the match itself, Iím surprised Finlay didnít go for the pin right away after he hit the Celtic Cross, that seemed odd. Going for the tag would have been an after thought had he not secured the 3 count IMO. The finish made Finlay look weak, heís a tough old bastard and should of kicked out of the springboard elbow. In saying that, the right team won and more importantly it was a pinfall victory.

>>> Great interaction between Mathews and Striker after the match. They play well off of each other and although Striker isnít in full heel mode, the characteristics of a good heel are always present. This is what makes a commentary team work and you should play it up more as time goes by.

>>> Kelly Kelly as a backstage interviewer. Not surprising as there is no womenís division on ECW. Sheís not great in the ring, but she isnít the worst talker/actress in the world, so do something with her. Feed her to Natalya and have a little angle between them. This Dreamer segment was fine, though he discredited himself a lot. I would of preferred this to happen in the ring.

>>> Just going back to ECW and the lack of a womenís division. Now you may simply not care and itís probably something you donít want to peruse, but I say bring in 4 good female works like the girls in the knockouts division. Talented, not necessarily pretty and see what happens. Just a though!

>>> Iíll hold my hands up and admit that I havenít been watching ECW all that much lately, so Iím not overly familiar with Jack Ryderís new character. I read both positive and negative comments in the dirt sheets. He came across well here and it would seem as if he is in line for a push. Iíll say undecided for now and see how you develop the character.

>>> The attack on Bourne would of made more sense if the Harts had lost the match earlier. It just seems that the attack was not logical, it made little sense for them to go after Bourne. I mean what motive did they have? Finlay coming to the rescue with a lead pipe that appears out of thin air obviously means your turning this into a long term feud, which I guess Iím OK with. It may be in your best interest to make two separate feuds. Finlay V Smith and Bourne V Kid, as we donít want numerous tag team matches between these two, itíll just get boring. Also try and add some storyline logic to the feud. It canít be based on this one attack as it wasnít very compelling.

>>> This was all very chaotic to say the least. I get the Swagger attack, as he felt he deserved a title match tonight and being the jealous son of a bitch he is, he went after Swagger. The action was fine and then Tiffany came out. See I know Dreamer was injured, so she could of postponed the title match until next week. Dreamer could then of demanded an ECW rules match up with Swagger there and then. Tiffney would agree and ban Christian from ringside. Swagger would request a stipulation, if he beats Dreamer, he gets the title shot next week. Dreamer agrees, much to Tiffanyís frustration. I would have had a no contest finish with both men unable to answer to a count of ten. The ECW title picture would be thrown into disarray. The way you booked it was fine, but Swagger, Christian is your big match so I wouldnít of put it on TV so soon after the PPV, even if it did only last a few minutes.

OVERALL: Not a bad show at all. I would of liked some more backstage segment as there were only three matches on the show. I think I went into more than enough detail in the review, so I wonít bore you by repeating myself.


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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Tuesday Night ECW
May 26th, 2009
Bakersfield, California

You’ve Come To A Dead End
Subsequent to a video package refreshing the viewers’ minds of last week’s edition of ECW, and the routine opening credits, we enter the Time Warner Cable Arena with ‘Don’t Question My Heart’ blaring out in the background, as the pyrotechnics explode into the air and the camera pans the audience, who are holding up their banners and signs enthusiastically. Finally, we cut to Josh Matthews and Matt Striker, at the announce table at ringside, to greet us.

Josh Matthews: You are looking at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Bakersfield, California, and you are watching Tuesday Night ECW on SyFy! My name is Josh Matthews, and my colleague’s name...

Matt Striker: Is ‘Your Teacher’ Matt Striker! And Josh, it feels great to be here in Bakersfield tonight, let me tell you that, and I have a slight suspicion that these California fans are looking forward to seeing tonight’s main event.

Josh Matthews: Great minds think alike, Matt, and why shouldn’t they be? We’re going to see a fatal four-way match, as Jack Swagger, vying to reclaim the gold, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston and Zack Ryder lock horns in the squared circle!

Matt Striker: And the winner of that particular match, Josh, will face Christian for the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules in 2 weeks’ time, so the stakes could not be higher in tonight’s headlining contest, believe me!

Josh Matthews: But, that’s not all you’re gonna be seeing, WWE Universe, because the ECW Champion Christian’s going be in action tonight. He faces ‘The Pitbull’ Jamie Noble later on, and Noble will want nothing more than to prove a point to the fans and the ECW locker room.


Almost as soon as there is a split moment of silence over at the announce booth, that proverbial theme music blares out of the P.A system, but you can’t hear it too well when the boos of the crowd have their teeth sunk in, as all three members of the Hart Dynasty, Tyson Kidd, Natalya and David Hart Smith, become visible through the curtain. Natalya walks out in front and presents her associates to Bakersfield, before they march down the rampway and Tyson jumps onto the ring apron, holding down the middle rope for Natalya and Smith to get through. Then, Kidd enters with his stable-mates, and he climbs to the second rope, pounding at his hart heart, before leaping back down to the canvas, being given a microphone along with Natalya and David, and the trio stand in the middle of the ring, side-by-side, waiting for the heat to die down.

Tyson Kidd: {Sarcastically} Haha, wow ... I never knew we had such a loyal fan-base here in Bakersfield.

Tyson takes a quick look at Natalya and Smith whilst smirking, and heat pours in.

Tyson Kidd: Maybe if I wanted to hear the cheers and adulation from all of you pathetic people, then I should have come here last week, before me and David here disassembled ... humiliated ... and most importantly, defeated those two pandering failures ... Evan Bourne and Finlay.

Tyson Kidd brings the mic away from his lips and puts his hands at his side, as Natalya steps forward to address the crowd.

Natalya: Y’see ... The difference between my boys Tyson and David and Evan Bourne and Finlay is, we just wanna get the job done, and move onto bigger things. And in the end, that proved to be what gave us the victory last week.

Natalya, grinning from ear-to-ear, frantically nods her head, ignoring the crowd’s boos.

Natalya: But, them being them, a win just wasn’t enough to stamp our footprint in the ground. So, we took matters into our own hands, and made sure that we got the job done. Roll the footage.

We once again get to see the backstage attack on Evan Bourne by The Hart Dynasty which took place last week on ECW, and the boos increase while seeing this. Then, we cut back to the ring, and Natalya, crouching down whilst laughing and with her hand on Tyson Kidd’s shoulder, presses the mic to her lips again.

Natalya: Hahahaha ... And that’s gonna be the last we’ve heard from them, as long as they don’t make a costly mistake and come back for retribution, because they should know full well that we are capable of, and will take pride in, takin’ them apart again.


Evan Bourne and Finlay walk out onto the stage, to a big pop from the audience.

Finlay: The three of ya’ can talk as much as ya’ want ... Although David seems like he’s just standing there to cover up the fact that the two of you aren’t what you seem.

Pop for Finlay, as Tyson Kidd shouts at Finlay, with Natalya trying to calm Tyson down.

Finlay: Natalya ... The fact that you’re a woman just about sums it up, you can’t touch me and Evan ... And Tyson? How about ya’ come back when you’re a couple inches taller, eh?

Laughter amongst the crowd, as David Hart Smith and Natalya continue to restrain Tyson Kidd, who is livid.

Finlay: You look a little pissed off with me, Tyson ... Well I’ve got an offer for you. Tonight, you and Tyson face me and Evan ... Deal?

The prospect of such a match excites the crowd. Natalya then presses the microphone to her lips.

Natalya: Oh, you’re gonna be against The Hart Dynasty tonight, don’t worry about that, Finlay. But Tyson's not gonna be in the match ... Because we have a NEW member of The Hart Dynasty, and he’s gonna be debuting tonight!

This revelation gets a VERY mixed reaction from the crowd.

David Hart Smith: You’re on!

The crowd goes wild, with the match being made, as Finlay nods his head in contentment and leaves along with Evan Bourne, as The Hart Dynasty discuss amongst themselves.

Josh Matthews: Wow ... A huge match made for later on tonight on ECW, Finlay and Evan Bourne teaming once again, to face David Hart Smith and the newest member of The Hart Dynasty! Any ideas for who it could be, Matt?

Matt Striker: I honestly don’t have a clue right now, Josh, with the pool of exceptional talent that have links to The Harts, David must be spoilt for choice!

Josh Matthews: Well, ladies and gentlemen, coming up next on ECW on Sci-Fi, Jamie Noble makes his ECW debut, but it’s gonna be against none other than the ECW Champion ... Christian! Don’t go anywhere!

{Commercial Break}

Match One | Singles | Non-Title
ECW Champion Christian vs. Jamie Noble

In the opening contest of tonight’s show, it’s the ECW Champion Christian up against ‘The Pitbull’ Jamie Noble, in non-title action. It’s Christian who starts with the upper hand in the first 2 or 3 minutes, but as the match progresses onwards, Noble shows what he’s made of, and that’s pure talent; Noble is in control for a good amount of time, working on Christian’s ankle to gain an advantage, and when we’re nearing the end of the match, the referee is down and out, after being accidentally struck with a clothesline by Christian, who was aiming for Jamie Noble.

After that, Noble kicks Christian in the gut, and hurls ‘Captain Charisma’ into the steel post, going past the turnbuckles! Jamie leaves the ring, and grabs a steel chair from underneath, then bringing it into the ring. Noble places Christian’s ankle, which had been worked on throughout Noble’s offence in this contest, in between the chair, and then climbs to the top rope. Jamie Noble goes for a double-footed stomp on Christian’s ankle ... But Christian crawls out of the way! Christian frees his ankle from the steel chair, and then gets up, along with Noble, kicking Noble in the gut, and nailing him with the KILLSWITCH! Christian makes the cover, as the referee recovers and makes a slow but sure count! 1 ... ... 2 ... ... ... 3!

Winner - ECW Champion Christian @ 6:07

'Just Close Your Eyes’ plays, as Christian struggles to his feet, hobbling over to get his hand raised by the referee, getting a big pop from the crowd. ‘Captain Charisma’ is given his ECW Championship belt, and then climbs to the second rope, holding it high in the air for all in attendance to see. Christian subsequently climbs back down and leaves the ring, slowly walking up the rampway and leaving.

Josh Matthews: Despite the impressive onslaught of Jamie Noble and an injured ankle, Christian still manages to show exactly why he’s ECW Champion, by pulling out what at times seemed like an almost impossible victory!

Matt Striker: Jamie Noble shouldn’t feel hard done by, Josh, he gave it his all and made an exceptionally eye-catching debut here on ECW, but in the end his attempt at dirty tactics made him pay, and Christian got the win!

Josh Matthews: Now, all that’s left for ‘Captain Charisma’ to do tonight is sit back, relax, and find out who will be challenging him for the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules, and we’re gonna find out later on in our main event!

Matt Striker: But now, let’s join our latest addition to the ECW Broadcast Team – Max Bretos! Welcome aboard, Max!

We cut backstage, and Max Bretos is indeed standing backstage, with a microphone held to his chest.

Max Bretos: Thanks for the welcome, guys, and hello viewers, my name is Max Bretos, and I am the newest interviewer on the ECW Brand! But enough about me ... let me introduce you to my guest at this time ... Zack Ryder!

Zack Ryder saunters into the shot, getting heat from the crowd.

Max Bretos: Zack, tonight you’re competing in a...Er, Zack?

Max Bretos looks inquisitively at Ryder, who has laid a mirror on a nearby table and is styling his hair, running his hand up through it, and constantly bearing a wide grin at the mirror. Bretos coughs, which catches Zack’s attention.

Zack Ryder: I don’t think I know you. I’m just waitin’ for an interviewer to show up, I’m due to have one any second now.

Max Bretos’ eyes widen, as he points at himself, and Ryder mouths ‘Oh!’, pointing at Bretos.

Zack Ryder: Oh, you're the interviewer! I was expecting a girl to do it seeing as it's me we're talking about here, but I guess you’ll have to do, huh?

Max Bretos: Uh, yeah ... Anyway, Zack, tonight you’re competing in a fatal four-way, where the winner will face Christian for the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules - Do you think you have what it takes to overcome the odds and win?

Zack Ryder: Alright, this is ridiculous. First, I have an interviewer who I can’t take back to my apartment, and now ... you’re asking me a completely pointless question! I KNOW I have what it takes to win, and – actually, forget about that ... I KNOW I’m going to win! You honestly think that Jack Swagger, Tommy Dreamer and Tyson Kidd stand a chance against me, the ‘Act of God’? Well, Max {Ruffles Bretos’ hair} you’ve got a lot of stats to work out. WOO-WOO-WOO! YOU KNOW IT!

Zack Ryder smirks, before re-adjusting his jacket, and proceeding to walk away, but then momentarily comes back.

Zack Ryder: You do know I’m reportin’ you to Mr. McMahon for bein’ such a useless interviewer, right? ... {Bretos doesn’t reply} Good.

Ryder then walks out of the shot, getting heat, and leaving Max Bretos speechless.

{Commercial Break}

The scene is set in a Chinese-themed Gym, with pictures of dragons hanging on the walls, and torches of fire going down the sides. An unknown individual, walks into the shot, and a loud bell tolls, as he runs an assault course, throwing punches at a punchbag, unleashing kicks at the gloves of a Chinese instructor, and jumping through tyres.

Narrator: He is trained, to be a warrior...

There are now cut-scenes of him lifting weights and doing benchpresses.

Narrator: He is nurtured, for success...

Now he is in a practise ring, stood in the corner and wiping sweat from his forehead, with the camera zoomed in as the sweat touches the canvas.

Narrator: He is determined, for Championship gold...

He is training with a skipping rope, in front of a cabinet of trophies and Championship belts.

Narrator: He is...

He, wearing a hooded robe now, turns around and walks away, revealing the back of it with ‘LOW KI’ adorned across it.

Narrator: LOW KI.

Back on ECW, and Finlay and Evan Bourne are in the ring, as David Hart Smith, flanked by Natalya, completes his entrance. Then, all eyes are on the entranceway, as they await for the arrival of Smith’s mystery partner, and the newest member of The Hart Dynasty. Then...


The Hart Dynasty’s music plays, and TEDDY HART walks out, getting boos from the crowd due to teaming with David Hart Smith. Hart saunters down the rampway, and slides into the ring, shaking hands and embracing temporarily with Smith, before discussing tactics.

Match Two | Tag Team
David Hart Smith & Teddy Hart vs. Evan Bourne & Finlay

This is the second match-up of tonight’s show, and it’s Evan Bourne and Finlay teaming once again, to face David Hart Smith and the newest member of The Hart Dynasty, the debuting Teddy Hart. In the opening stages of the match, Teddy gets quite a lot of ring-time, to introduce him fully, and he more or less dominates Finlay, who starts the match with him. 4 minutes in, Finlay tags in Evan Bourne and Teddy Hart tags in David Hart Smith, and Bourne and Smith go at it, with Evan using his superior agility to damage David with aerial maneouvres and attacks.[/font]

8 minutes into the match, and Teddy Hart and Evan Bourne are the legal competitors in the ring. Hart goes for a clothesline, but Evan ducks, and takes Teddy down with a sweep kick! Evan Bourne then hits Teddy Hart with a STANDING MOONSAULT ... and climbs to the top rope! Bourne signals to the roaring crowd for his finishing manoeuvre, while Finlay fends off David Hart Smith from preventing anything taking place, and Bourne nails Teddy Hart with the SHOOTING STAR PRESS! Evan Bourne lays his arm over Teddy Hart, and gets the pinfall for the win!

Winners – Evan Bourne & Finlay @ 8:21

'Axeman’ blares out, and Evan Bourne gets to his feet, having his hand raised by the referee as Finlay joins him, having his hand raised as well. Finlay pats Evan on the back and go to leave, but then DAVID HART SMITH SLAMS A STEEL CHAIR OVER THE SPINE OF FINLAY! Finlay crumbles to the canvas, and then SMITH SMACKS BOURNE OVER THE SKULL WITH THE STEEL CHAIR! As Teddy Hart rises to his feet, he flashes a smirk at the sight of Evan Bourne and Finlay lifeless on the floor, and David Hart Smith signals for the exit, as Natalya puts her arms around both of them, hugging them, before the trio leave. Then, Tyson Kidd walks out onto the stage, and congratulates his stable-mates on their post-match attack. All four of them leave, with boos still prominent in the background.

Josh Matthews: For the 2nd week running, The Hart Dynasty, now increasing to 4 members with the inclusion of Teddy Hart, have had the last laugh over Evan Bourne and Finlay, and this time around it’s down to a vicious attack at the hands of the ‘Pink and Black Attack’!

Matt Striker: The Hart Dynasty are intent on proving to Evan Bourne and Finlay that they are the dominant force on ECW, and they’re not going to stand losing to the Finlay and Bourne tandem, so they should have seen this attack coming!

We cut backstage, and ECW Interim General Manager Tiffany is backstage, in her office, doing something on her cell phone. Then, an unknown individual, of light brown skin and wearing a slick charcoal suit, walks in through the door.

Tiffany: I’ve been expecting you! Welcome to ECW, Abraham Washington!

Tiffany and Abraham Washington shake hands, before sitting down on a leather sofa, with Washington surveying the office.

Tiffany: That’s a very ... American name you’ve got, Abe; is it alright if I call you that?

Abraham Washington: Of course, Tiffany, you can call me anything you like. Maybe in a few months, you can call me ECW Champion, eh?

Washington nods his head whilst smirking, as Tiffany laughs.

Tiffany: Maybe so. Now, Abe ... I heard your ambition is to be a host of your own show, am I correct in saying that?

Abraham nods his head.

Tiffany: Well, in that case, I’ve got an idea. How about ... next week, on ECW, you make your debut, with your own show – Abraham Washington Live!

Faint cheers in the crowd, as Washington nods his head in agreement.

Abraham Washington: That sounds resplendent, Tiffany, thank you ever so much. I am gonna put Larry King to shame! Thanks again, Tiff.

Washington gets up, and waves goodbye, before walking out, as Tiffany stands up as well, and smiles.

{Commercial Break}

We cut back to the arena...


The crowd goes wild, as the ECW Champion Christian walks out, looking completely different to earlier when he defeated Jamie Noble on tonight’s show. Christian walks down the rampway, and walks around the outside of the ring, joining Josh Matthews and Matt Striker at the announce table.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome ... The E – C - W CHAAAAMMMMPPPIIOOONNN ... CCCCHHHHRRRRIIISSSTTTIAANNNN!!!

Another pop, as the camera cuts to the announce table.

Josh Matthews: Welcome back to ECW, everyone, we are joined for this match by the ECW Champion, Christian! How’s that ankle after your matche earlier?

Christian: Uh, yeah, it’s a little bit better now, it was pretty much agony at the time, but I can afford to walk on that foot now, thanks.

Matt Striker: Who do you think is gonna win this match, Christian?

Christian: I don’t really know, Matt, I’m not going to have any guesses in case it’s bad luck for me or perhaps even them, so I’m just gonna wait and see who my opponent’s gonna be at Extreme Rules.

We cut back to the ring, and Tony Chimel is standing there.

Tony Chimel: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a fatal four-way match, where the winner will face Christian for the ECW Championship at Extreme Rules!


Tony Chimel: First, from Yonkers, New York, weighing 255 pounds ... TTTOOOOMMMYYYY ... DDDDRRREEEAAAAMMMERRR!!!

The crowd rise to their feet and cheer, as Tommy Dreamer steps through the curtain, beating at the ECW logo on his chest and outstretching his arms whilst roaring, getting a louder reaction. Dreamer descends down the rampway, and walks up the steel steps, walking across the ring apron and swinging his leg around the middle rope, stepping foot into the squared circle.

Josh Matthews: There you see Tommy Dreamer making his entrance and Christian, has your opinion of Tommy changed after last week’s events?

Christian: It has, Josh, but for the better; Tommy’s shown me and everybody else how he never backs down, and is one hell of a tough guy, and if he uses that in this match, he could possibly win.

Matt Striker: But Christian, don’t forget that Tommy didn’t only attack Jack Swagger last week, he attacked you too when you didn’t even lay a hand on him!

Christian: True, Matt, but I’ve got the ECW Championship and that’s what everybody, especially Tommy, is vying for on this show, and if I were in his shoes, I would have tried to get a psychological advantage over the Champ too.

We cut back to the ring, where Tommy Dreamer is standing behind the ropes and is posing with his arms outstretched, before Dreamer notices Christian, and makes a title motion around his waist. We subsequently see Christian smirking, and nodding at Tommy. Dreamer then walks into the corner, waiting for his opponents.


The crowd explode, admittedly with a bigger pop than Tommy Dreamer got, as Kofi Kingston energetically runs out, doing his ‘Thunderclap’ to the approval of the audience, before striding down the rampway, slapping hands with about every fan on the front row possible, before sliding into the ring, jumping to the second rope and performing his ‘Thunderclap’ once again, before jumping back down and standing in the corner, with an ear-to-ear smile still on his face, as always.

Josh Matthews: A very bubbly and energetic entrance from Kofi Kingston, do you think he could have a chance?

Christian: Yeah, definitely. Kofi’s a high-flyer, he can use that to good effect against just about anybody, and I’ve never faced him before, so I’d really have to do my homework to stand as good a chance as possible.

Matt Striker: The ‘Jamaican Buzzsaw’, as he is affectionately referred to, is always up for a challenge, no matter what the odds!


The arena is filled with heat now, as the arrogant Jack Swagger walks out, pumped up for the match. Pyros explode off as Swagger beats at his chest, before Jack descends down the rampway, giving the cold shoulder to the abuse being thrown at him, before jumping onto the ring apron and right away swinging his leg around the middle rope to step foot in the ring.

Matt Striker: There is the man that is considered by some the favourite to walk out victorious in this match, and he is the ‘All-American American’ – JACK SWAGGAH!

Christian: I’d like to see if you say my name any differently, Matt, you sound pretty high on Jack Swagger, huh? Swagger is nothing more than a pure loser, and when he doesn’t get what he wants, he decides to take it out on some innocent guy in the locker room.

Matt Striker: Like when?

Christian: Last week he didn’t have an ECW Championship match while Tommy Dreamer did, and Swagger decided to attack Tommy so badly that he couldn’t face me for the title. THAT’s when, Matt.

Josh Matthews: And if you need proof of that, just listen to the negativity that the Bakersfield faithful are shoving down Jack Swagger’s throat right now, you could most probably hear it even if you were in Los Angeles!

Back in the ring, and Jack Swagger is standing on the second rope in the corner, exchanging heated words with Christian. Swagger then climbs down, and stands in the corner.

***OH RADIO***

The heat prolongs itself, as the charismatic Zack Ryder walks out, wearing his shades, headband and unorthodox tights. Ryder, who has dubbed himself the ‘Act of God’, walks down the rampway, continually adjusting his jacket, before sliding into the ring and getting up, climbing to the second rope and shouting ‘WOO-WOO-WOO!’ to the disapproving Bakersfield crowd. Zack then climbs back down, and stands in the corner, for the match to begin.

Josh Matthews: Zack Ryder’s only been in ECW for little over a month, he made his debut last week, and already he has a chance to become the #1 contender to the ECW Championship! Now that is what you call a rapid rise to the top!

Christian: I haven’t seen a lot of Zack Ryder, I still see him as the lackey of my brother Edge which he was on SmackDown, but if he wins tonight and faces me at Extreme Rules, I think I’ll know him as a real ECW Superstar.

Matt Striker: Zack calls himself the ‘Act of God’, but looking at who he’s against, he might need an act of God to pull out a victory, unless he can surprise us all and be a dominant force in this fatal four-way match-up!

Match 3 {Main Event} | Fatal Four-Way | Winner will face Christian at Extreme Rules
Tommy Dreamer vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Jack Swagger vs. Zack Ryder

In tonight’s main event, it’s Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Zack Ryder locking horns in a fatal four-way match, with the winner receiving an ECW Championship opportunity at Christian at Extreme Rules. In the opening stages, the match is split into two, with the two fierce rivals Dreamer and Swagger fighting and Kingston exchanging offence with Ryder. Eventually Tommy and Swagger take their business to the outside, while Kofi and Zack stay in the ring. On the outside, Dreamer attempts to Irish whip Jack Swagger into the steel steps, but Swagger counters, and it’s Dreamer who tastes the steel! The ‘All-American American’ prolongs the assault, however, and grabs Tommy’s legs, CATAPULTING TOMMY INTO THE STEEL POST, AS HIS CRANIUM BOUNCES OFF THE UNFORGIVING STEEL!

Dreamer’s barely moving now, he’s slumped up against the security barricade, and Swagger is more than pleased with his destruction, before re-entering the ring, where Kofi Kingston is on the top rope, and Swagger throws Kingston back to the canvas! Zack Ryder gets to his feet, and he seemingly forges an alliance with Jack Swagger, as the two of them assault Kofi Kingston with clubbing blows and stomps. Ryder gets Kingston to his feet, and says some words to the Jamaican, before NAILING KINGSTON WITH THE RADIO DRIVE! Ryder quickly makes the cover, but 1 ... ... 2 ... ... – On the count of 2 1/2, Swagger pulls Ryder away! Zack made a biiiig mistake, and he’s trying to apologise to Jack Swagger, which is seemingly accepted by Swagger. They are getting Kofi Kingston to his feet, when Swagger suddenly kicks Ryder in the mid-section, and LAYS OUT RYDER WITH A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! The crowd actually cheer this notion, as Jack Swagger licks his lips whilst nodding his head, and gets Kofi Kingston to his feet. Swagger lifts up Kofi for a GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB ... BUT KINGSTON WRIGGLES OUT OF IT, AND THEN NAILS SWAGGER WITH TROUBLE IN PARADISE!

The crowd is roaring now, as Kofi Kingston lays his arm over Jack Swagger, 1 ... ... 2 ... ... ... 3-NO! TOMMY DREAMER BREAKS THE COVER! The crowd pop, happy to see Dreamer back in the match, and Tommy gets Kingston to his feet, Irish whipping Kingston against the ropes. Tommy then hits Kingston with a back body drop! Dreamer subsequently grabs hold of Kofi Kingston’s legs, and turns the Jamaican over, locking Kingston in a BOSTON CRAB! Kofi Kingston is writhing in agony, as you can see the emotion and intensity of Tommy Dreamer etched on his face, but several moments later, JACK SWAGGER BREAKS IT UP! There’s heat now, as Jack Swagger lifts up Tommy Dreamer, and throws him past the turnbuckles, and into the steel post! Dreamer groggily turns around, and Jack Swagger kicks Tommy in the mid-section, going for the GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB ... But Dreamer falls on top of Swagger, and makes the cover! 1 ... ... 2 ... ... ... 3-NO! ZACK RYDER INTERVENES, AND BREAKS UP THE COVER!

Zack Ryder gets Tommy Dreamer up, and kicks him in the mid-section, going for the RADIO DRIVE ... BUT KOFI KINGSTON FLIES FROM THE TOP ROPE, TAKING DOWN RYDER WITH A SEATED SENTON! It’s absolute chaos here, every pinfall and finishing manoeuvre attempt is being prevented, and now it’s Tommy Dreamer, Jack Swagger and Kofi slugging it out in a 3-way exhanging of blows. Eventually, Dreamer and Kingston Irish whip Swagger against the parallel ropes, but The ‘All-American American’ comes back, taking them both down with a decapitating clothesline! Zack Ryder is back up now, and he goes for a Lou Thesz press on Swagger, but instead Jack locks him in a bearhug for several moments, and then unceremoniously drops Ryder to the canvas. Swagger gets Kofi Kingston to his feet, and kicks him in the mid-section. The ‘All-American American’ lifts Kofi in the air, and NAILS KINGSTON WITH A GUTWRENCH POWERBOMB! Tommy Dreamer then tries to attack, but Swagger throws Dreamer over the top rope, and then covers Kofi, 1 ... ... 2 ... ... ... 3!!! SWAGGER WINS!

Winner – Jack Swagger @ 12:39

Jack Swagger, with a toothy grin on his face, gets to his feet, wiping a hint of blood from his lips before having his hand raised by the referee. Swagger climbs to the second rope and makes a title motion around his waist, then climbing back down and outstretching his arms whilst standing over Kofi Kingston.

Josh Matthews: So now, it’s official – Jack Swagger will be facing- Hang on, where’s Christian going?

Josh Matthews stops talking, when Christian leaves the announce table, and enters the ring, standing face-to-face with Jack Swagger! Christian holds his title high above himself and Jack Swagger, when...


The ECW General Manager, Tiffany, walks out, to a pop from the crowd, with a microphone. Why is she out here, though?

Tiffany: Congratulations, Jack, on your victory in our main event!

Jack Swagger raises his hands in the air, to heat from the crowd.

Tiffany: You have now got an ECW Championship opportunity at Extreme Rules! But ... after seeing the effort that the other 3 competitors put in in that match, I have ... changed my plans.

The camera cuts to Jack Swagger, who mouths ‘What?’

Tiffany: Because at Extreme Rules, Christian will be defending the title ... in the first-ever HARDCORE CHAMPIONSHIP SCRAMBLE MATCH!

The crowd pops, as Tiffany leaves, and Jack Swagger is fuming. Then, CHRISTIAN TURNS SWAGGER AROUND, AND NAILS JACK SWAGGER WITH A KILLSWITCH! The roof has nearly been blown off by cheers, as Christian raises his ECW Championship in the air whilst standing over Jack Swagger, to close the show.

***END SHOW***


World Heavyweight Championship | Tables, Ladders & Chairs
Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

ECW Championship | Hardcore Championship Scramble
Christian (c) vs. Jack Swagger vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Zack Ryder

Intercontinental Championship | Steel Cage
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho
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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

JDawgWWE's ECW Review

Opening promo: Kind of weird to see Dynasty start the show, but it’s okay. Great to see Tyson start off by getting cheap heat, I see Finlay/Bourne facing them again. Finlay and Bourne are out…I expected that. I’m ready for that match and excited to see who debuts, either way, the Hart family is awesome.

Christian vs. Noble: Christian is way too popular to face Noble in the first match of the evening, but glad to see that you are giving Jamie Noble a chance. He moves out of the way, I would’ve thought Noble would get up after Christian did since he took the pain rather than at the same time. I expected Christian to win, good match.

Backstage interview: Who in the world is Max Bretos? I guess I have to Google him. I really liked what you did with Ryder, seems like him. I like that you are pushing Ryder, but with Swagger, Dreamer, and Kidd, I don’t see him winning a contenders match anytime soon.

Promo: Seems like a Chinese guy in the beginning. The description in the video is good. Low Ki, wow! This guy is awesome. Didn’t expect that.

Bourne/Finlay vs. Dynasty: Teddy Hart…he’s an OK choice, I didn’t like him when he was in developmental. Wonder why Bourne would win the match if its Hart’s debut, but it could happen. Smith attacks both with a chair, I like this.

Backstage segment: Abraham Washington, I like this guy. If this show is dealing with new guys why didn’t you say the New Talent Imitative would occur? He gets a talk show, I hope you make this better than the real one is. I liked the Larry King comment but that dude is old and doesn’t have that many good guests anymore.

Main event: Usual for champ to be ringside. Kofi will make an impact on ECW, I can predict it. The match had an okay time and you gave good details, I like that. Swagger is a good contender but the whole Swagger/Christian thing has gone on forever. Tiffany switches the match, I don’t like that. I like the idea of the Hardcore Scramble match but since Swagger won the match, he should get the title shot, not everybody. Should have announced this earlier in the night if you were going to do this. Awesome to see Christian take out Swagger though.

Overall, the show was really good. I liked most of it, but the part I didn’t like as much was just switching the match after Swagger won. Good job man, I’ll be reading your shows.

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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Well, I’ve just skimmed through a couple of shows, and I really love it so far, particularly what you’re doing with ECW. The Hart Dynasty feels like, rather than a stable purely there because they’re all related to the Harts, they’re actually doing things – as a group. They’re vicious, and volatile, and in the few episodes of ECW, you’ve made them a force to be reckoned with. Hopefully you’ll be giving Nattie something to do, seeing as there are no other girls on ECW. Really make her the brains and the voice of the operation, like Melina in MNM, as Nattie’s one of the few women that are strong on the mic.

Uh-oh, Abraham Washington. God, I hate that guy.

I was reading your ECW notes a while back, and a heel British stable should be good news. William Regal would make a great head of the stable, so I’ll be looking forward to that, and for the whole Natalya/Bourne angle if you’re still going for that. Its always nice to see bookers giving the girls something to do – they’re a fantastic asset, even if the WWE conditions its viewers not to think that, TNA has shown everyone how much of a draw they can be. Browsing over your RAW, heel Mickie looks like it’s making a return, so hopefully you’ll be making her go psycho again. Who’s gonna be your top face, though? Kelly Kelly’s nowhere near charismatic or good enough in the ring to take that.

Looking forward to this. Some of the booking I don’t like {Why the Hell did Randy punt Ted? I don’t feel like Ted’s established enough to go face} but I’m willing to place my faith with you.
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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Thanks for the feedback and the comments, guys (Or should I say, 'You two').


The new Talent Initiative has officially arrived in ECW. Last year's produced such Superstars as Evan Bourne, Ricky Ortiz and the former ECW Champion Jack Swagger, and this year's Talent Initiative looks to be just as promising. Abraham Washington recently arrived in ECW, and he will be debuting next week with his talkshow, 'Abraham Washington Live!', and Low Ki's arrival is imminent as revealed by a vignette on the latest show, but fear not, because more Superstars are on their way to the Land of the Extreme. Names being thrown around for debuts are Yoshi Tatsu, Mr. Tarver, Vic Adams, Sheamus O'Shaunnessy, and more. Times are definitely shaping up to be very promising in Extreme Championship Wrestling.

In Other News...

~ DJ Gabriel (The dancer guy in ECW) has been repackaged as Daniel James Gabriel. At the recent FCW tapings, Gabriel was against, and defeated, fellow developmental talent Aiden Frost, and debuted the new gimmick, that of a through-and-through Englishman. Daniel's new attire consists of blue trunks with red and white tribal patterns on the sides, red kneepads and white boots, and arrived to the ring with a red, white and blue sleeveless jacket, which had the words 'Daniel James Gabriel - United Kings' emblazoned on the back. This more or less confirms the forming of a UK Stable, and they are supposedly being called up to ECW as part of the New Talent Initiative fairly soon. William Regal is probably going to be kept of television until they're called up, and Regal is most likely going to be regarded as the 'Godfather' of the United Kings.

~ Zack Ryder's push is becoming visible for all eyes to see now, and there could possibly be plans for him to be ECW Champion by the end of the year. The ECW creative are high on Ryder, and they see him as potentially becoming one of, if not the top heels on ECW. Zack's probably going to put on a strong showing at Extreme Rules in the Hardcore Rules ECW Championship Scramble, so that he can get over and gain some momentum for his push. Some wrestling fans are speculating that he could even become the equivalent of The Rock as a heel, but obviously not as over and popular.

~ There could be some more trades coming soon. The rosters were mixed around slightly a few weeks ago, and there could be some more alterations made. Speculation is rife that monthly trades could be introduced too, in order to keep the possibilites and competition fresh. Nothing's set in stone, though, but it is something being considered and played around with.


This is just ECW news, I know, but Bradley and sbuch will be fully able to post their own news with Raw and SmackDown as well, like they already have. Bradley's told me SmackDown should be up on Friday.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

'Fex Urbis Lex Orbus'


May 29th 2009

Last week on Friday Night Smackdown Money In The Bank holder C.M. Punk was seconds away from cashing in his briefcase when Kane struck. The 'Big Red Machine' took out the 'Straightedge Superstar' with ease and tombstoning him on to his own briefcase. Punk will be here in California tonight as he goes one on one with Mike Knox looking to send a message to a deranged Kane who seemingly is hell bent on destroying Punk's career but what does he have in store for Punk this week and why does he insist on targetting Punk? Find out on Friday Night Smackdown!

The World Heavyweight Champion is normally a man in the crosshairs but Edge has had a torrid time of late, upset seemingly everyone he meets. At the beginning of the show Jericho tried to attack Edge and Edge even had to face Chris Jericho in an epic, enthralling main event and C.M. Punk also had his sights set on Edge in the main event and to make matters worse Jeff Hardy is still breathing down his neck and at Extreme Rules he has to go one on one with the 'Charismatic Enigma' in a TLC Match. Edge is not one to be backed in to a corner and it remains to be seen what he has in store for his doubters on Smackdown.

Legacy. Pride. Famiily. The three things that Rey Mysterio holds most importantly in his life and last week on Smackdown Chris Jericho insulted all three. Chris Jericho certainly didn't mince his words and verbally berated Rey Mysterio and once again Chris Jericho avoided the 619, which Mysterio seemingly can't hit. Chris Jericho seems to have won the battle of the mind games by forcing Rey Mysterio to snap and chase off Jericho with a steel chair at the foot of the show. Chris Jericho has promised to make Rey Mysterio's life a living hell from now on and he plans to start tonight in his home state with his family in attendance.

One of Smackdown's top rising stars, John Morrison has been ruled out of action for a month thanks to the combined efforts of the cocky superstar Dolph Ziggler and the creepy character known as Curt Hawkins. In the space of one night Morrison was hit with an emphatic powerbomb in to a set of lockers, attacked by Dolph Ziggler and he also suffered a concussion. Dolph Ziggler would love nothing more to brag and that is what he intends on doing on Friday Night Smackdown from now on but will Hawkins still be lurking in the background waiting for his 'master'?

Find out this and more on MyNetworkTV at 7pm/8pm Central

Show up Friday, look out for one kickass Chris Jericho promo. I am liking the pace this thread is going at and we should be at Extreme Rules before you know it.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude



From WWE.Com

Jack Swagger won the #1 contender fatal four-way match this past week on ECW to decide Christian's challenger for Extreme Rules, but afterwards General Manager Tiffany changed the PPV match to a Hardcore Scramble Match. Swagger was fuming at the change, and after the show he complained to Tiffany about the match, and called the turn of events 'A miscarriage of justice'. What did Tiffany do about it, though? She told Swagger that she was sorry for the change in the match, but she had to give the WWE Universe what they want, and they didn't want to see Swagger challenge for the ECW Championship yet again. However, she did give Jack a consolation; by telling him he would enter last in the Hardcore Scramble.
From PWInsider.com

The September PPV, Unforgiven, has been replaced by WWE Breaking Point. There was talk that it could be a submission event, but it is all according to what Superstars are feuding as the event nears. It is likely it will only be a standard PPV, and it's taking place in Montreal, so Shawn Michaels could be there. Also, Cyber Sunday has been replaced by Annihilation, in order to get rid of the Cyber concept in the PPV Schedule.

Like Bradley said in his SmackDown preview, the show should be up soon.
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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

-The Hart Dynasty is a good way to open the show, as this would have allowed them to play to a fresh crowd. They seem more edgy, and more credible than their actual counterparts, and I praise you for a superb job writing them. Tyson Kidd’s comments about the audience were golden, but the best line in the promo comes later, when Finlay emerges. When Finlay calls out David Hart Smith, that is when business begins to pick up. I think that was the line that made the promo. When the Hart Foundation announced they’d be debuting a new member, I knew immediately who it was. Nonetheless, this segment did a really good job establishing the match later in the show. The crowd was really looking forward to it, and so was I. 8.5 / 10

-Christian defeats Noble in a predictable, concise victory that sees him win with the Killswitch. Pretty good depiction from you in the recap, and an even better finish. Christian as the ECW Champion probably didn’t NEED this win – I think the match could have gone to someone else on the roster. You could have used the time to boost someone else. This is the only ‘questionable’ decision made as far as booking goes, but it doesn’t amount to that big a blunder. The case can be made that the ECW Champion should compete on a regular basis because he is the focal point of the entire show. 8 / 10

-The Hart Dynasty’s antics continue in their contest with Bourne and Finlay. You made the perfect decision by giving Bourne the pinfall and following that up with a Hart Dynasty attack. Finlay and Bourne would make a good combination in the ring, with Finlay’s smashmouth physicality and Bourne’s aerial prowess. I think the right decision was made in this bout because it gives you the chance to continue this feud, something I hope you do. These four men could put on one hell of a match at Extreme Rules, and I think it’d be a fun one to write, but you may only get one match from the ECW brand on the pay-per-view. This rivals for the best segment on the show. 9 / 10

-The Zach Ryder interview really was a good one in terms of how you wrote both characters. Content wise, it was a bit boring. Nevertheless, you are able to depict personality in your writing, something I feel a lot of bookers struggle with. The new guy in the back should definitely try to get back at Ryder somehow. I just hope the new interviewer isn’t gay – as in he shows up at Ryder’s apartment in some sick twisted turn of events. A fun little segment that served its purpose – nothing more and nothing less. Well written. 7.75 / 10

-The Main Event of the show was really good. This would have been a fun match to write, and you put a lot into the storytelling aspect of this match. Jack Swagger is captured particularly well throughout. As far as your booking is concerned, another possible problem arises here, although I don’t consider it a questionable decision as the result is a blockbuster match for Extreme Rules. The problem I see, which is obvious, is that it makes Swagger’s win look useless. Him winning serves no purpose. That’s one of my pet peeves, I guess, a match that’s billed to mean something that ultimately does not. However, the decision does not take away from the overall quality of the main event and the big announcement afterwards. Rivals for the best segment on the show. 9.25 / 10

-Overall, I was just really impressed with everything in general – from your character development to the way you write segments. Your match ‘recaps’ were good, although they border on summaries with the length you put into them. I enjoyed this show. I look forward to seeing where you go from here. I’m telling you right now that I can’t wait until the Hart Dynasty and Christian mix it up. I think that’d be amazing. Abraham Washington’s show didn’t get a full-fledged segment review from me, but it was a good little announcement.

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friend. - John 15:13
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Re: WWE 2009: A New Attitude

Smackdown 29th May, LA, California.

EDGEíS FATE SEEMS TO BE SEALED! PUNK CALLS FOR A REFEREE OUT HERE, HE IS GOING TO CASH IN! The referee is given the briefcase but just as the bell is about to ring...


Punk doesnít know where to look but he walks straight in to THE BIG RED MACHINE!!!





We then cut to Jeff Hardy hitting the Twist of Fate on Edge and announcing the TLC match and finally Chris Jericho being run off by Rey Mysterio as we cut to the arena in California...


J.R: Welcome, ladies and gentlemen to Los Angeles California at none other than the Staples Centre! This is the home state of Rey Mysterio and tonight he, and his nemesis Chris Jericho, will want to make an impact tonight with Extreme Rules only 9 days away.

Todd Grisham interrupts...

Todd Grisham: But who can draw their eyes away from last weekís shocking end? Jeff Hardy has been confirmed as Edgeís opponent at Extreme Rules and Kane stopped C.M. Punk from winning the World Heavyweight Championship, C.M. Punk is in action tonight but he will have to keep one eye on Kane.

J.R.: Right now though, folks, a match announced on wwe.com and WWE Mobile earlier today as Shad is about to go one on one with Shelton Benjamin.

Match One: Shelton Benjamin (w/Charlie Haas) vs. Shad (w/JTG)

Shelton Benjamin and Shad have been pretty much back and forth in this match but, with Benjamin being the more energetic, he is the more likely to get an advantage as the match goes on. Benjamin throws Shad in to the corner and leaps over Shad and jumps on to the turnbuckle and tries to jump at Shad but Shad catches Benjamin. Benjamin tries to wriggle free but BENJAMIN IS GULLOTINED ON THE TOP ROPE! Shad goes for a cover, 1...2...NO! BENJAMINíS FOOT IS ON THE ROPE! Charlie Haas walks away casually but he seems to have had a hand in Benjaminís escape. Haas backs straight in to JTG who steals Haasí shades from his face and gives them to a member in the crowd but Haas clubs JTG in the back. Meanwhile, in the ring, Shad throws Benjamin over the top rope and Benjamin flips over and LANDS ON BOTH HAAS AND JTG!!! The crowd are going beserk as Shad goes to the top rope but Benjamin manages to crawl to his knees and shake the rope; crotching Shad. Benjamin leaps up on to the apron and jumps on to the ropes and BENJAMIN WALKS THE ROPES. Shad gets to a vertical base on the turnbuckle but Benjamin runs on the ropes and hits a gravity defying BULLDOG from the top rope!!! Benjamin drapes an arm over Shad 1...2...NO! Benjamin is frustrated but Haas gets on to the apron to apparently offer him some moral support but Haas signals to Benjamin that JTG just took Benjaminís chain which he took to the ring. Shad clambers in from behind but Benjamin sidesteps and Haas it hit with a BIG BOOT! Benjamin grabs the neck of Shad and hits a neckbreaker.

Benjamin shouts at JTG and says ĎHe is going to get his revengeí Shad comes up from behind and chops down the knee of Benjamin. Benjamin screams out in agony as Shad picks up Benjamin and throws him in to the corner and starts unleashing punches but Benjamin ducks one punch and hits a SUPER KICK on Shad. Benjamin bounces off of the ropes and hits a knee drop. Benjamin goes for a quick cover, 1...NO! Shad kicks out rather easily but Benjamin works on the arm, applying an armbar and aiming a few kicks in the upper arm area. Benjamin lifts Shad up and goes for PAYDIRT but NO, SHAD PUSHES HIM IN TO THE ROPES but Benjamin stops in his tracks as he sees JTG. Benjamin moans at JTG but suddenly Shad rolls Benjamin up... 1...2...3!!! YES SHAD WINS!!!

Winner @ 6:16 via pinfall, Shad!

Shad and JTG quickly get the hell out of dodge as Benjamin throws a hissy fit in the ring, shaking the ropes. Haas comes in to the ring but Benjamin pushes Haas away and goes to the backstage area, he tells Haas to hurry up as the crowd chant ĎAssholeí

J.R: Well, Todd, Cryme Tyme seems to have got one up on The Worldís Greatest Tag Team and specifically Benjamin once again. Young Shelton needs to keep his head but at the moment it doesnít look like he is going to do that as he stormed backstage with intent. Weíll try and get camera back there as soon as possible but we will see you after the break where Chris Jericho will address the so called Ďhypocritesí of the WWE Universe. Weíll be right back.


We cut straight back to the ring, there is a baited silence as the crowd wait...


The crowd have been waiting for that moment for several minutes. Jericho already has a mic in hand but he is looking especially dapper tonight in a navy blue suit. The crowd pans in on Rey Mysterioís wife and his child, Dominic.

Chris Jericho: Last week on Smackdown...

*You suck* chants start up.

Jericho: (calmly) On Smackdown I saw a different side to Rey Mysterio. He proved himself as a hypocrite when instead of staying the hell away from my match.

Heat for Jericho as he goes up the steel steps.

Jericho: He did what no rightful man should do, he tried to attack me in my moment of glory and now Rey it has become personal...


Jericho: You can boo and jeer me all you want but the fact of the matter is that here in the cesspool home state of Rey Mysterio...

The crowd boo Jericho after such a cheap statement.

Jericho: Here in California is where I send a message to Rey Mysterio and I send a message to everyone else in the WWE Universe. I am going to prove why I was the first ever Undisputed Champion and why I have been in some of the greatest matches of all time. I have done more in one night than all of you have done in your pathetic, worthless lives.

The crowd boo the hell out of Jericho.

Jericho: Then I look round and I see the rancid, mutated faces of our audience...

Massive heat for Jericho

Jericho: I look around and I see Rey Mysterioís family, here to cheer him on.

Jericho climbs out of the ring and down to the front row where Mysterioís wife and Dominic are sat.

Jericho: How does it feel to be married to a lying, feeble son of a bitch? He may show his true colours to you but he does not show it to the rest of the world because I am sure (begins to stroke Mysterioís wifeís face) you deserve... (smirks) better.

Mysterioís wife drags her face away.

Jericho: Little Dominic... apple of his little daddyís eye. Iím afraid that in just nine days time you are going to see something they donít teach in school and the only time you are going to see your daddy is in a hospital bed sucking his food through a damn tube.

MASSIVE heat for Chris Jericho who continues talking.

Jericho: Now, I am going to...

**BOOYAKA 619**

Rey Mysterio comes down the ring to massive amounts of adulation from the fans but the Masked Luchador is in no mood for pandering to the fans as his eyes are locked on Y2J. Mysterio picks up a microphone.

Rey Mysterio: (grits teeth) Get away from my family...

The fans pop

Jericho: Are you just gonna stand there whilst I... gaze at your wonderful family...?

Mysterio: You can try and get in to my head Jericho but it is not going to work and I will tell you why. I have all the fans behind me and all the words in the world can not affect me because I am the one of the lucky ones in this world because my name gets cheered all over the world every single night and if a few mind games were to affect me I wouldnít be in this position.

A small ĎMysterioí chant begins to start but he soon escalates to a full blown chant.

Jericho: No wonder these fans worship someone with as much guile as the LA Lakers.

Massive heat for Jericho once again.

Jericho: You fans want the easy guy to cheer, the one with the most damn heart but heart gets you absolutely nowhere in this business that is why I have won more Intercontinental Championships than anyone in this damn planet and that is why I am the greatest superstar of all time.

A few pro Jericho chants but mostly heat for his statement.

Jericho: Now, you can take off your mask now and I will save you the humiliation and pain of beating you inside that steel cage in nine daysí time. Oh, and Mysterio and I mean beat you.

Mysterio steps in to the ring and goes face to face with Jericho.

Mysterio: Jericho, you make me sick, I have a family but it must eat you up inside to know that you go home to nothing. I am not going to give in to your demands because the mask, this heritage, is the reason why so many people were drawn to me. My fans, my darling wife and son; if I take off this mask I let down my family. I am not going to let down all of my friends, past and present just to please your sick desires.

Jericho: If thatís the case Mysterio then your own fate is drawn and I doubt you will even get to Extreme Rules because you have pushed my patience farther than it is humanly possible before I... snap. Mysterio you are going to feel the full wrath and power of Chris Jericho and your goddamn fans and family cannot do a single thing about it because you are LOCKED INSIDE A STEEL CAGE!

Out of nowhere Jericho hits the CODEBREAKER!!! The crowd boo heavily and pile heaps of heat on to Chris Jericho.

Jericho: If you wonít take off your mask Mysterio I will show your face to the world.

Jericho slowly creeps over to Mysterioís downed body and a grin beams across his face. He lifts up his arm and slowly reaches down towards the mask, he closes his eyes and tries to seize the moment but... he stops. Dominic grabs Jerichoís arm. Jerichoís eyes snap open and he stares and sneers at Rey Mysterioís son. Jericho brushes Dominic out of the way which knocks Dominic over. Mysterio picks up the microphone whilst on the floor and talks to Jericho.

Mysterio: Chris, Chris please man Iím begging you. Chris, please, donít hurt my son. Chris. I have never begged anyone in my life but Chris donít do this. Itís not worth it. Chris you may feel you have the power but you donít because... Chris, when I step in to that ring I am going to have EVERY SINGLE fan in that arena and every fan in the world behind me and Chris I am going to make sure I get my revenge, just donít hurt him.

Jericho: You are a pathetic son of a bitch Mysterio, having your son fight your battle is the lowest of the low.

Jericho forcibly picks up Dominic

Jericho: Dominic (Dominic looks away) DOMINIC look in to your daddyís eyes and tell him it is going to be okay. Tell him at Extreme Rules he is going to win... (Dominic trembles and stumbles over his words) You canít tell him can you? (Dominic has become visibly upset) Mysterio your own son canít tell you are going to win. Your own son.

Mysterio crawls to his feet but Jericho kicks him back down again.

Jericho: You have fight, Iíll give you that Mysterio but your own family do not believe in you.

Mysterio: I... am going to win and I am going to keep my legacy.

Jericho: Mysterio you are going to keep nothing, you will lose everything and I am going to enjoy every single moment of it.

Mysterio: Chris... SCREW YOU.


Dominic runs over to his dad but Jericho comes up behind up and throws him to the floor, he grabs Dominicís legs and teases for the Walls of Jericho but Jericho shows some remorse and leaves him but he isnít done with Mysterio yet...

Jericho: You finally show some bite Mysterio but itís too damn late. I have already won, you canít summon any spirits, you canít look back and find some inspiration from some source. The prodigal son is too late Mysterio and only some divine intervention will stop me walking away from your mask. Mysterio, LOOK AT ME MYSTERIO!

The crowd are stunned in to silence.

Jericho: This isnít two thousand six Mysterio, you canít ride the euphoria to victory because you can pray to your damn God, you can seek all the support you want from people who are no longer with us and you can use that cross on your chest to give you your strength but you cannot beat Chris Jericho and one day... one day Rey you might just be able to understand that.

Jericho drops the microphone on to the canvas and walks up the ramp, sneering at the fans in a derogatory manner. Jericho turns around on the ramp and points at a downed Mysterio who is cradling his son in his arms as we cut to backstage.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas are trawling the corridors until they finally reach their locker room when they realise their lockers are... gone?

Benjamin: What the hell is this?

Haas: A hungry Big Show?

Benjamin: Címon donít play games I know who did this now letís go and find those no good damn hooligans.

Haas: Well, where do we start?

Benjamin and Haas back out of the room and straight in to Smackdown general manager Teddy Long.

Teddy Long: Now, waí can I do for you... playas?

Haas: What can you do? (scoffs) Oh, I donít know, maybe find out where the hell Cryme Tyme are and fire them.

Heat can be heard from the arena as Benjamin interludes...

Benjamin: Well (sarcastically) boss, any ideas?

Teddy Long: I do know that no one has yet left the arena... I will try and let you know if I see two people carrying lockers around... Iíll give you a bell playas.

Haas is held back by Benjamin.

Benjamin: Look man, we ainít gonna find our stuff by moaning are we?

Haas: (sighs) Youíre right, theyíve already messed us around too long and when we finally get our hands on them they will pay. Letís split up, we need to find those lockers...


He is coming to Smackdown... the worldís biggest athlete; leaving destruction in his path

Clips of Mick Foley, Triple H and Shawn Michaels left lying.

He has left them all lying in his wake. Crumpled bodies, bruised egos and shattered bones.

Clips of Stone Cold and The Rock

He has gone one on one with the best of them...

One of the most crushing, devastating moves in history. It has defeated legends, icons and superstars

The camera pans out to reveal THE BIG SHOW chokeslamming person after person.

He has main evented on countless occasions.

He has stolen the show.

Destroyed careers...

Has shortened careers

A clip of John Cena being attacked at Judgement Day.

He wonít take it easy on Smackdown. Now is his calling, he is back and better than ever

He has the World Title in his sights...

Looking to return to the top of the mountain and this time... this time no one will stop him from achieving his goal.

In just fourteen days time Big Show will leave a message.



Dolph Ziggler is in the ring with a microphone in hand, he cockily runs his fingers through his hair.

Ziggler: Now, last week I had some people sit behind their damn computers berate me for my (air quotes) actions.

Boos from the fans as Ziggler paces around the ring.

Ziggler: I did what was put in front of me, I did what anyone in this arena would have done and if you donít like that then you can come in to this ring and tell me directly to my face that you are better than me because I will tell you two simple, yes simple words... even for you.

Shut the fuck up chants begin to surface.

Ziggler: SCREW YOU...

The crowd pour heat all over Ziggler but he doesnít care in the slightest.

Ziggler: You can boo me all you want but there is no denying I have been shunned from the spotlight despite being the most talented person on this roster and a sure fire bonafide world champion.

The crowd boo once again.

Ziggler: I am incomparable, I am the absolute best that Smackdown can offer and why? Because I am better than every single one of you and I proved that by taking John Morrison and, as you saw on wwe.com, the results were devastating. At the moment he is probably watching this thinking how he would love to punch me in the face but (the camera zooms in on Zigglerís face) the ladies donít lie. This face gets me in to each and every one of your motherís, wivesí and girlfriendsí bedrooms every night of the week.

The crowd let out of massive heat but the cocky individual just smirks and strokes his chin.

Ziggler: This is the chiselled face of beauty, you had better take a picture Ďcos I am pretty sure a lot of you donít see beauty very often. Now, where was I? Oh, yeah Morrison. He suffered a damn concussion and now heís out for a month. The way I see it he is just delaying the fact that as soon as he comes back he will get his assed handed to him by the future world champion... DOLPH ZIGGLER!


Zigglerís smirk is soon wiped off his face, he turns around to see the General Manager standing at the foot of the ramp.

Teddy Long:
Now, you seem to be doing a lot of holleriní but not a lot of action. If you want action all ya had to do was ask but, the way I see it, you donít need to be taking things easy. Especially after last week so tonight you are going to face one ticked off superstar. That man is none other than JEFF HARDY!

The crowd pop big time as Ziggler kicks the bottom rope in frustration and a scowl creeps over his face.

Long: Iíll look forward to seeing you out there... Iím sure everyone else in California will enjoy seeing you suffer... good luck.

Teddy Long walks back through the curtain as Ziggler looks desperately for a response but simply throws the microphone to the floor and berates the fans as he walks up the ramp.

J.R: I have to say, despite my contract saying I am not meant to be bias but Ziggler is going to get what he deserves.

Grisham: Ziggler is walking to the back but he is not in a good mood. Someone, I can imagine, who is not in a good mood is C.M. Punk after he was attacked last week by Kane and he goes one on one with Mike Knox next!


A night no one will forget...

Randy Orton holding his WWE Title aloft.

Champions crowned, defeated and putting it all on the line.

Christian holding up his ECW Title.

The winners will take everything and remember this night...

Edge hitting the Spear on Jeff Hardy

The losers will lose it all and still remember the night...

Quick clip of Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho

The night of champions

Batista hitting the Batista Bomb is shown.

A night to remember...


J.R: We are back ladies and gentlemen and it is time for the second match of the evening as the Money in the Bank holder C.M. Punk goes one on one with Mike Knox.

Match Two: C.M. Punk vs. Mike Knox

Punk has burst straight of the blocks in this one and he has wasted very little time with his relentless offense. The straightedge superstar is in a pissed off mood tonight as he smashes Knoxís head in to the turnbuckle but Knox elbows Punk away but Punk uses his momentum and charges in with a FLYING KNEE but Knox moves out of the way and Punk collapses in to the turnbuckle. Knox hits a clothesline and picks Punk up and goes for the GORILLA PRESS SLAM but Punk gets out of it and lands on his feet and kicks Knox in the gut and hits a DDT! Punk crawls along the floor and hooks the leg of Knox for the cover, 1..2...NO! Knox kicks out but Punk gets up and runs off of the ropes and hits a stiff baseball slide to Knox, Punk then follows up with a knee drop to the arm of Knox. Punk drags Knox to his feet and unleashes a variety of kicks to the ribs of Knox and the crowd are lapping up the newly found competitive edge of Punk. Punk then grabs the arm of Knox and wrenches it and applies the armbar before hitting a sickening kick to the face of Knox and Punk drops to the mat with Knox and quickly applies the ANACONDA VICE!

Knox is having trouble fighting out of it and it looks like he might just tap but Knox manages to apply a sideheadlock and Punkís shoulders touch the mat... 1...2...NO! Punk releases the hold just in time but Punk now leaps to his feet and jumps up to the top turnbuckle. Knox groggily gets to his feet and turns around as Punk leaps off of the turnbuckle and goes for a CROSSBODY but NO KNOX CATCHES HIM... BACKBREAKER! 1...2...NO! Punk gets a foot on the rope! Unbelievable spirit shown by Punk to kick out of that move. Punk is lifted to his feet by Knox and Knox goes for the BIG BOOT but Punk dodges it and lifts Knox on to his shoulders... YES GO TO SLEEP! ITíS GOT TO BE OVER!!! Whatís this? Punk chooses AGAINST the cover, he points to the ramp, as if to send a message and he gets Knox on to the top rope and Punk climbs up as well, Punk hooks the arms... PEPSI PLUNGE!!! OH MY GOD!!! Knox has to be out cold 1...2...3!

Winner @ 7:24 via pinfall, C.M. Punk!

The crowd cheer wildly for Punk but suddenly FLAMES ENGULF THE RING.... KANE IS HERE! Kane stalks down the ramp as Punk waits for his rival. Punk tells Kane to get in to the ring, Kane steps through the ropes and Punk immediately goes on the offense and manages to lift Kane on his shoulders... GO TO SLEEP, NO KANE LANDS ON HIS FEET.... CHOKESLAM!!! Kane isnít done yet, his nonchalant expression turns in to a sick, morbid smile. Kane lifts Punk up and TOMBSTONES PUNK ON TO THE BRIEFCASE, SHADES OF LAST WEEK SHOWN HERE! Kane then picks up a microphone.

Kane: I see your broken body and I see the fire that burns within you, you are special Punk. You are unlike the others but your soul must be harvested for me to reach my final form, I need that (looks at the briefcase) I need it before it is too late.

Kane walks around the ring and picks up Punk. The medical team are on the outside of the ring and try to get in to the ring.

Kane: Punk... I need that... I need it more than anything in the world. Punk I am slowly slipping away from this world and returning to the other place, my home but before I go I need that one last shot... I need it. Punk itís going to me and you (breathes heavily) one on one but not in a normal match. I need the very best of you Punk and I need to raise the stakes. The fire that burns within you will soon burn within me because I am going to take it all inside that blaze, that inferno. The blaze that started it all will soon come in to effect but this time the flames are going to engulf you Punk.

The crowd boo Kane

Kane: An Inferno match, Punk. The swirls of fire, the fireballs blasting in your face and the searing heat ripping across your back. This will be a challenge like no other and you will not just have to face the fire you are going TO HAVE TO FACE KANE! (Kane starts to shake) My name from so long ago has been shunned but Kane is going to return. KANE.... KANE... I am ABLE to lead you to your demise because I am KANE.... THE MACHINE THAT EVERYONE FEARED IS COMING BACK.

Punk begins to stir now; he drags himself up and holds on to his briefcase. Kane steps on to the briefcase and kicks it away from Punk. Kane picks up Punk, who seems to want to speak.

Punk: (slowly) You... sick... demented freak. I hope you do burn in hell Kane.

Kane: SILENCE... your words will eat you from the inside eventually. As the fire is doused these FANS, these morbid, weak human beings will see you as some kind of hero, a white knight to stop the fire, to stop the destruction but I will come out on top once again.

Kane picks up Punk and HITS A TOMBSTONE ON THE BRIEFCASE ONCE AGAIN!!! Kane smirks and rolls Punk out of the ring with his foot.

Kane: This, this is just a fraction of the pain and suffering you will feel inside the ring at Extreme Rules. The fire will sear, your skin will melt and you wonít be able to bear it any more and there will be no escape from... him, Kane...

Kane lifts up his arms and ferociously slams them back down again as fire explodes from every corner of the ring. Kane looks at C.M. Punk who has been stretchered up the ramp. Kane holds the briefcase in front his face and places it on the floor before going down on one knee and the lights turn out and Kane disappears from sight as we cut back to the announcers after that strange, morbid event.

J.R.: Todd, Punk looks in a bad way but perhaps even worse is Kane is looking as dangerous as, perhaps he has ever been!

Grisham: That certainly looks true but Kane seemed very cryptic but Kane seemed to make it clear that he is facing C.M. Punk at Extreme Rules for that briefcase and in an inferno match, no less. Punk looked very impressive against Punk but I donít think he will be able to match the monster that is Kane, especially in his own match and Punk now seemingly injured.

J.R: That is true Todd but Punk is no mere wrestler, he has outfought several world class superstars before and it should be a tantalising match up at Extreme Rules to already add to Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho going one on one inside a fifteen foot steel cage and Jeff Hardy and Edge go head to head in a Tables Ladders and Chairs match, it should be quite an event! Right after this break we are showing an interview with John Morrison which was broadcast on wwe.com earlier today.


John Morrison is shown sitting in his home in civilian clothes. He is looking a little shaken up but no less dapper than before.

John Morrison: Last week, last week Dolph Ziggler took my career and he took my wellbeing and he showed absolutely no care for it. I am John Morrison and he thinks I am not going to retaliate to him and that freak called Hawkins. When I return next month I am going to make sure no stone is left unturned in my quest to avenge my injury which nearly ended my career. Hawkins you are going to the starship pain and all of your powers are nothing to the pure heart and courage I have and I assure you Hawkins you will pay for this. As for Ziggler, I am not going to track you to the ends of the earth as I am with Hawkins because you will be your own downfall and, maybe, on another day I would have done the same thing but Ziggler your time of pain will come. Hawkins can try all the mind games he wants but when he steps in to the ring with me only my pure talent will shine through the darkness...

The interview abruptly shuts off...

J.R: Weíre sorry for that slight technical hitch but Morrison already said what needed to be said and by reckoning that means Morrison is going to come back fresher and better than ever which is great news for Smackdown and bad news for Curt Hawkins.

Grisham: Coming up later on...


Grisham: Woah, and here he is, the number one contender to Edgeís title, Jeff Hardy!

Jeff Hardy walks down to the ring, decked out in facepaint, receiving wild cheers from the fans and the young collective in the audience. Jeff Hardy gets in to the ring and picks up a microphone which has been conveniently placed there.

Jeff Hardy: Iím out here, to get a few things off my chest, before Edge gets the opportunity to attempt to mock me.

Huge boos for Edge as a Hardy chant starts up around the entire arena.

Hardy: A lot of people have been asking me why did I choose Tables, Ladders and Chairs for Extreme Rules? After all, itís a match Edge has performed so well in, he won two consecutive TLC matches and is the most experienced person in that ring when it comes to that battleground. Iíll tell you why, California, I am here to entertain you and prove I am still Jeff Hardy.

Huge cheers for Jeff Hardy

Hardy: In the last few years people have been commenting on the fact that I have lost Ďití the ability to wow the fans once again and it made me lose confidence in myself but then I step through the curtain once again and at Extreme Rules I am going to prove why everyone in this arena and everyone around the world cheers for Jeff Hardy.

Massive ovation for Jeff Hardy.

Hardy: For the younger members here tonight let me give you a history lesson... letís rewind to two thousand one, WRESTLEMANIA SEVENTEEN!

Huge pop for Wrestlemaniaís mention.

Hardy: That was the peak of my career, I made a star that day but unfortunately that star I made was none other than the man I am going to face at Extreme Rules. Yísee Edge we...

Hardy is cut off by booing for Edge.

Hardy: Edge, whether we would like to admit it or not we are similar. We both put our bodies on the line and our paths have crossed in the path and now it feels like it has all come full circle because when you speared me from ten foot in the air I made you a star and now Edge you are going to make me the World Heavyweight Champion.

A massive reaction in Hardyís favour once again...

Hardy: TLC has changed my career in so many ways but it has also shown me the light and I promise to not hold back at Extreme Rules because you are going to see the very best of Jeff Hardy, you are going to see me take the biggest risks.

Huge pop

Hardy: You are going to see me have no fear...

Again, another admirable pop

Hardy: I am going to entertain every single one of you...

A wry smile spreads across Hardyís face...

Hardy: And I am going to beat Edge for his title and climb that ladder to victory without resorting to dirty tactics and I am going to make sure, after all is said and done, we have the greatest match of all time because that is what I am here to do; entertain the fans. I am going to top what I did eight years ago and I am going to top everything I have ever done in my career because this is the best I have ever been and I am not going to let Edge stop me because, whilst it may seem like it is in his favour, I innovated Tables, Ladders and Chairs as well. Edge... good luck, Ďcos youíre gonna need it.

Jeff Hardy walks out of the ring and claps some of the fansí hands on the way out, he turns around and acknowledges the fans and steps back through the curtain.

We cut to backstage where Shelton Benjamin is walking through the corridors, Benjamin can hear dome indistinct chatter coming from behind a door, he smashes the door in to reveal Charlie Haas and Goldust playing poker...

Benjamin: What the hell? Iíve been gone ten minutes and you play cards with this... freak?

Goldust stands up...

Goldust: F-f-f-f-f (shouts in Benjaminís ear) --REAAAKKK?

Benjamin is taken aback by the eccentric superstar.

Benjamin: Look, man, uhhh guy? Weíre looking for our lockers, have you seen them?

Goldust: Why, yes, I have just seen.... C-C-C-C

Benjamin: Cryme Tyme?

Goldust: C-C-C-C

Haas: Cryme Tyme?

Goldust: Thank you Charles, CRYME TYME.

Benjamin just facepalms in utter disbelief.

Benjamin: Where are they?

Goldust: Who?

Benjamin: Cryme Tyme?

Goldust: C-C-C-C-C

Benjamin: Letís just get out of here...

Haas: If itís any consolation, Teddy Long caught up with me and told me they left the building... Cryme Tyme are loose in California.

Benjamin grabs Haas

Benjamin: Why didnít you tell me this five minutes ago? Instead of having to listen to this.... thing.

Haas: Come on then letís go... See ya later Gold-to-the-dust

Benjamin: What?

Haas: Iím just trying to be cool, man, come on.

Benjamin: For the love of...

Benjamin and Haas walk down the corridor and past a sign that clearly says Ďexití A voice can be heard at the end of the hall...

Goldust: CRYME TYME!

The camera now pans to a cafeteria like area in the arena. Teddy Long is walking along humming to himself when he bumps in to a sour faced Chris Jericho. Teddy Long looks up.

Long: Well, what can I do for you?

Jericho: You could do a lot of things Teddy, you could stop all of the fans being hypocrites, you could fire Rey Mysterio on the spot or you could push me forward to my destiny of being the World Heavyweight Champion.

Long: Well, I donít feel like I have seen what you can truly do, besides, Edge is rather busy right now, you know what Iím saying?

Jericho: Look (grabs Teddy Long) you can try and act all unflappable and phlegmatic as if you donít understand what I am talking about but you look here, after Extreme Rules if I am not given the opportunity at my destiny I am going to create that path myself and no one... no one is going to stand in my way.

Long: Well, I want you to really impress me, send me a message so youíve got a match against Jesse... oh, in about (looks at watch) two minutes.

Jericho still has a melancholic look on his face as he walks away.

J.R: You heard it, folks, whether he likes it or not Chris Jericho is in action and here comes Jesse...

Jesse walks down to the ring, he is full of energy and looking confident. He doesnít get much of a reaction but he steps in to the ring and faces the ramp, waiting for the full wrath of Chris Jericho.


The crowd burst out in fury as Jericho walks down to the ring having hastily got ready. He unbuttons his shirt and throws it to the floor and he wastes no time in getting under way.

Match Three: Chris Jericho vs. Jesse

Chris Jericho unleashes lefts and rights on Jesse, backing him in to a corner. Jericho swings wildly and Jesse sidesteps and rolls Jericho up 1...2...NO!!! Jesse nearly pulled off a surprise win there but Jericho just managed to escape by the skin of his teeth. Jericho is not in a good mood as he hits a dropkick to Jesse, sending him in to the corner. Jericho charges in but Jesse leaps on to the ropes and Jesse goes for a VICTORY ROLL but Jericho throws him down to the mat. Jesse stumbles to his feet and Jericho hits a dropkick to the back of Jesse... Jesse is on the middle rope and a sick smile spreads across Jerichoís face. The crowd boo like crazy but that doesnít stop Jericho doing a less than convincing 619. Jericho Ďposesí for the fans before going for the cover 1...2...NO!?! Jesse KICKED OUT! Jericho obviously didnít get enough of that 619 but he is IRATE. Jericho berates the official. Jericho picks Jesse up and hits a CODEBREAKER to put Jesse out of his misery. Jericho isnít done yet, however and he climbs out of the ring and throws Justin Roberts out of the way and grabs a steel chair. He walks up to the steps with the steel chair but the referee tries to grab it off of him but Jericho backhands the referee... the referee falls to the side but still manages to CALL FOR THE BELL!!!

Winner @ 1:23, via DQ, Jesse!!!

Chris Jericho gets the steel chair and pummels it in to the cranium of poor Jesse, BUSTING HIM WIDE OPEN! Jericho isnít done yet as he smashes the arm of Jesse with the sole of boot. Jericho then grabs Jesseís legs and applies the WALLS OF JERICHO! Jesse is tapping out like a mad man but Jericho grits his teeth as the crowd call for Jerichoís head. Jericho then releases the hold and puts the steel chair over JESSEíS NECK!!! Jericho then gets another steel chair and gets in to the ring with it but suddenly REY MYSTERIO appears behind Chris Jericho, perched on the top rope... he leaps off of the ropes; attempting the senton...






The crowd are shocked in to silence as a po-faced Chris Jericho stands over ĎThe Masked Luchadorísí fallen body. Mysterioís head snapped back awkwardly. Chris Jericho then gets a microphone and panders around the ring.

Chris Jericho: I knew I would get a response Mysterio; itís in your blood. Hell, you could say itís your legacy.

The crowd boo Jericho as they know exactly what he is getting at.

Jericho: I see your family have left their seats; they are probably too ashamed at the hero you are trying to become. You tried too hard one too many times Mysterio.

Jericho gets the chair and smashes Mysterio over the legs with it, Rey is selling it like a champ.

Jericho: Once again the prodigal son was too late. The fabled hero Rey Mysterio couldnít stop the king... the king of this world CHRIS JERICHO!

The crowd boo Jericho

Jericho: Mysterio YOU CANíT WIN. You canít hit your 619, you have lost the mind games and in just a matter of nine days you are going to lose your legacy, your mask and your title. Because after this the new chapter of Chris Jericho will be opened and once you are out of my hair then there is no doubting I will be the GREATEST SUPERSTAR OF ALL TIME.

The crowd pour heat all over Jerichoís extraordinary statement.

Jericho: Mysterio you can get all of your fans to cheer your on at Extreme Rules because youíre going to need it, the only time you ever achieved real success in your life you did it because of your goddamn guardian angel but I am beyond any power you, or anyone else, has.

A massive ĎEddieí chant starts up...

Jericho: Thatís right, youíre going to need all of this Mysterio, listen to your beloved fans because this may be the last time you ever hear them cheer your name because after Extreme Rules... youíre finished.

Jericho drops the microphone on the canvas and locks eyes with a fallen Mysterio who is clutching his mask. Jericho does the Ďcut throatí sign as he goes through the apron. Mysterio, however, gets to his feet to a standing ovation from the fans and Mysterio applauds the fans back as he starts walking to the back as we head in to a commercial break.


We cut to, what looks like, a beach in California. Benjamin and Haas walk in to the scene, trampling on a young boyís sandcastle in the process.

Benjamin: The beach?

Haas: Everyone has time for the beach, besides I am pretty sure I just saw them go on that bridge...

Haas and Benjamin walk up on the beach but Haas is sidetracked by a kid with a lollipop. Haas attempts to take the lollipop from the boyís hand, he lifts the boy in the air when he realises he canít get what he wants...

Haas: If you wanna be a funny guy...


Haas: What the? No... no... maíam, definitely not. I just wanted that... you know just take a hundred bucks and weíll forget this whole incident ever occurred.

Haas whistles and walks away, treading on another sandcastle. Benjamin runs back down from the bridge.

Benjamin: Well?

Haas: Wha-- Nothing...

Benjamin: Well, they werenít up there so they must have gone back to the arena because there stuff is still there... you still got the money, right...?

Haas looks at the floor.

Benjamin: ...Right?

Benjamin just sighs in disbelief as Haas murmurs to Benjamin about having a Ďreally bad sweet toothí

We now cut to the medical room where C.M. Punkís neck is being checked on and his ribs are being strapped up. Eve walks in to the room...

Eve: C.M. Punk... what we just witnessed from Kane was as brutal and demonic as anything we have ever seen from him. Firstly, how is your condition?

Punk: Eve, Iím not one hundred percent, I can tell ya that now but I wonít back down from a challenge. I never back down from a challenge and Kane wonít be the same. Sure, he may be tough but I didnít get why I am today by not being as tough as the opponent standing on the opposite side of the ring. At Extreme Rules things will get ugly and will get gritty but this fire will keep on burniní.

Eve: Are you sure you can compete at the highest level after that attack?

Punk: As far as I know, yes. I am not competing next week as a precaution...

Suddenly Edge bursts in to the room to a massive amount of heat.

Edge: Thatís all nice to know but did anyone give me sympathy when I broke my neck? No. Does anyone care about you? No. Are you going to get what you want next week? No. Youíre in the main event next week Punk injury... (slaps Punkís ribs) or no injury. Youíre teaming up with... Rey Mysterio

Huge pop for Mysterioís name being mentioned.

Edge: As far as I am concerned I donít want anything to do with Jeff Hardy next week and this will be the perfect warm up for you and your trip to hell because youíre going to be facing me and CHRIS JERICHO.

Punkís eyes are now locked towards Edge.

Punk: Edge, it will be my pleasure...

Punk holds out his hand as an act of courtesy but Edge sneers in his direction and walks out of the room. Punk starts coughing and holds his ribs as we cut to a shot of the Smackdown announcers.

J.R: How selfish of Edge to make sure Punk is in a match next week because Punk is clearly in a bad way after Kaneís horrific attack on Punk earlier in the show. Moving on to the present we now have a tag team match between four feisty ladies; Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox are teaming up to battle Melina and Gail Kim.

Match Four: Michelle McCool and Alicia Fox vs. Melina and Gail Kim

All four divas have had a decent amount of offense, especially the Womenís champion Melina who is looking to make a real statement. We join the action as Gail Kim Irish whips Fox in to the corner and leaps over her, Fox turns around but she is hit by a Gail Kim CROSSBODY. Kim goes for the cover 1...2...NO! McCool breaks it up to the displeasure of the fans. Melina clotheslines McCool over the top rope but Fox hits an axe handle to Melina sending her out of the ring as well. Fox kicks Kim in the gut and goes for a suplex but Kim lands on her feet and hits an enzuirguri to Fox. Kim tags in Melina (who has made her way back to her corner) to a good pop. Melina cartwheels across the ring and hits an elbow on McCool and gets on to the top turnbuckle but McCool grabs her legs and Melina falls right in to a vicious dropkick which rebounds off of her chin. Fox goes for the quick cover 1...2...NO! Melina gets a shoulder up but this doesnít please Fox who stamps on Melina. Fox picks Melina up but Melina hits a vicious kick which sends Fox back in to the ropes. Melina goes for a quick clothesline but Fox ducks it and hits a NECKBREAKER! Fox crawls over to McCool and tags her in. Melina scrambles over to her corner but McCool grabs her and pulls her away by her legs but Melina kicks McCool off of her and tags in Gail Kim. Kim flies in and hits a running knee to McCool before hitting a BASEBALL SLIDE to the ankles of Fox. Fox is knocked off of the apron and her face rebounds off of the canvas. McCool misses a kick and Gail Kim sets her up for the inverted facebreaker and HITS IT! Gail Kim hooks the leg... 1...2...3!!!

Winners @ 4:00 Melina and Gail Kim.

Melina and Gail Kim celebrate in the ring as the heels walk up the ramp with their tails between their legs.

J.R.: It looks like those two got what they deserved but I donít feel they will take it lying down. We have news of something backstage...

Haas and Benjamin are chasing after a forklift down a corridor. Benjamin and Haas stop out of exhaustion.

Benjamin: Thatís gotta be them...

Suddenly CRYME TYME burst through the curtain and down the ramp with a set of lockers placed on their forklift. Haas and Benjamin are on split screen and they see Cryme Tyme on a TV placed next to them.

Haas: This is just going to get worse...

Cryme Tyme leave the forklift outside and step in to the ring.

JTG: I dunno what they be holleriní about backstage but it looks like they have had quite an adventure today. Why are they gettiní so worked up Shad?

Shad: I donít know, man. Maybe itís because they were chasing us around California

Cheap pop for California's mention

Shad: They were chasing us around all night looking for their lockers...

JTG: But... havenít we been in the arena all night?

Benjamin and Haas look on in disbelief...

Shad: Yeah, itís a good thing a few buddies of mine did us a favour... as for their lockers... boys, take a look in your locker room.

Haas and Benjamin look at each other as the camera follows them in to their locker room where THEIR LOCKERS ARE STOOD! Benjamin kicks the locker in frustration...

Shad: Now, whose lockers are Ďdese I hear you ask. Letís find out...

Shad steps through the ropes and opens the lockers to find a slew of panties, one with the name ĎMariaí clearly printed on it.

JTG: Woah... woah... so theyíve been following Mariaís panties around all night? Damn thatís some nice work boys but... weíve got to go. But first... letís give something back to the fans...

JTG walks out of the ring and grabs the panties and hands them to every excited male in the audience. A few girlfriends will be breaking up with them tonight...

Shad: California give it up for SHELTON BENJAMIN AND CHARLIE HAAS!

California unleashes a sarcastic applause as Haas runs his fingers through his hair backstage and Benjamin is still taking out his frustrations on his locker. Cryme Tyme get out through the crowd.

J.R: Weíll there you have it, folks! Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin were well and truly fooled here tonight. Coming up after the commercial break weíll have our main event between Dolph Ziggler and Jeff Hardy and Edge is joining us on commentary... this should be interesting, donít go away.


Main Event: Jeff Hardy vs. Dolph Ziggler

An incredibly back and forth match which has kept the fans engaged throughout and Jeff Hardyís selling has really added to the match, as has Edge on commentary. We join the action as Dolph Ziggler throws Hardy in to the ropes and Ziggler hits a thunderous clothesline sending Hardy down to the mat. Ziggler meticulously works the arm by twisting it and then stamping on the arm. Ziggler throws himself to the floor and pulls Hardyís arm back whilst pushing it with his leg. Ziggler puts his hands on the ropes to gain an advantage but the referee soon sees it and tells him to relinquish the hold. Ziggler gets to his feet as Jeff Hardy slowly gets to his feet with one hand being held back. Hardy gets up ducks a right hand from Ziggler and hits a MULE KICK to the back of Zigglerís head. Hardy goes for the cover... 1...2...NO! Ziggler just manages to kick out. Jeff Hardy runs off of the ropes and goes for a leg drop but NOBODY HOME as Ziggler rolls out of the way. Ziggler runs and dropkicks the arm of Hardy which sends Hardy back. Ziggler then grabs Hardy by the neck and throws him in to the corner and gets his boot and shoves it in to the throat of Hardy. The referee orders him off and by the count of four Ziggler steps back but he hits a running knee to the arm of Hardy once again which makes Hardy scream out.

Ziggler throws Hardy down to the mat and grabs Hardyís leg and wraps it around his own leg and Ziggler steps on Hardyís arm and pulls back for a makeshift surfboard submission hold. Jeff Hardy tries valiantly to reach over to the ropes but Ziggler just wonít let him. Edge gets out of his seat to goad his challenger at Extreme Rules but Hardy fights out as the crowd explode and Edgeís eyeballs nearly explode out of his sockets. Hardy gets ruthless and hits an elbow to Zigglerís chest, Hardy gets up and runs at the turnbuckle, jumps up and hits a WHISPER IN THE WIND to Ziggler. Ziggler is down for the count 1...2...NO!!! Ziggler just managed to get a shoulder up as Hardy holds his arm. Hardy drags himself over to the turnbuckle and uses the turnbuckle to reach a vertical base. Ziggler gets back to his feet and both men run at each other and TAKE EACH OTHER OUT WITH A CLOTHESLINE! Both men are down and the referee checks on them, the referee starts counting as both men are cold out. The referee gets to five and both men begin to stir, at around seven Jeff Hardy gets to his feet to a big pop. Hardy picks up Ziggler but Ziggler pulls on the hair of Hardy and applies an armbar but Hardy reverses it with a nice looking hip toss. Hardy walks over to Ziggler but Ziggler POKES HARDY IN THE EYE! Ziggler smirks and grabs Hardy and hits an INVERTED DDT! Ziggler hooks the leg, 1...2...NO! Hardy managed to get a shoulder up just in time which obviously infuriates Ziggler.

Ziggler stamps on the arm of Hardy and picks him up to his feet. Ziggler quickly goes for his finisher, the JUMPING RUSSIAN LEG SWEEP but Hardy fights out of it and with just one good arm attempts to go for the TWIST OF FATE but Ziggler pushes Hardy off and straight in to the referee and they both clash heads sending the referee down... somewhat conveniently. Hardy shakes his head as Ziggler also collapses to the floor. Hardy groggily gets to his feet but he is hit by THE SPEAR!!! J.R is convulsing over on the announcing table as Edge smirks and places Ziggler over Jeff Hardy and Edge drags the referee over to the cover as he leaves the ring and stands over by the announce table... The referee comes to and he sees Ziggler draped over Jeff Hardy so he has no choice but to go for the slowest three count known to man 1......2.......3!!! ZIGGLER STEALS IT!

Winner @ 14:34 via Pinfall, Dolph Ziggler!

The crowd boo Edge as Ziggler makes a quick getaway. Jeff Hardy is still down in the ring; clutching his midsection. Edge folds over the apron cover and pulls out a TABLE! He throws it in to the ring, he then carefully pulls out a ladder and slides it under the bottom rope. He then grabs a steel chair and carries it in to the ring with him (as well as a microphone) Edge sets up the ladder and sits on the third rung as Hardy lies on the floor.

Edge: This, this is why I am still the World Heavyweight Champion, Jeff. This is why I am better than you and this is why I will beat you at Extreme Rules. I take opportunities, Jeff and I hopefully you take this opportunity to talk to me man to man. I know what you take Jeff... we all know but they try and keep it a secret because the only.... drug.... I have coursing through my body is a hefty dose of HARDCORE. (Edge looks down at Hardy) Sorry, ya wanna speak?

Edge throws Jeff Hardy the microphone.

Hardy: Iíve grown up Edge, you should know that. I know what I did but I also know what I am going to do to you at Extreme Rules. Look around you Edge because this is what you are going to be hit with... (Edge looks around at the weapons) think about how much damage this can inflict on you. Think about it. Then imagine that the biggest weapon in the ring is ME!

A huge pop from the fans.
Hardy: You can inflict as much punishment as you want on me but Iíll just come back stronger Edge...


Edge: Eight years ago I made you Jeff and now... now I am going to break you.





Quick Results:

Shad def. Shelton Benjamin

C.M. Punk def. Mike Knox

Jesse def. Chris Jericho via DQ

Gail Kim and Melina def. Alicia Fox and Michelle McCool

Dolph Ziggler def. Jeff Hardy

Current Card for Extreme Rules:

WWE Championship | First Blood Match:
Batista vs. Randy Orton (c)

World Heavyweight Championship | Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match:
Edge (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

ECW Championship | Hardcore Scramble Match:
Christian (c) vs. Zack Ryder vs. Kofi Kingston vs. Tommy Dreamer vs. Jack Swagger

Money In The Bank Briefcase | Inferno Match
Kane vs. C.M. Punk (c)

Intercontinental Championship | Steel Cage Match
Rey Mysterio (c) vs. Chris Jericho

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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