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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Originally Posted by sc2004 View Post
BY SC2004 >>>

>>> The sentences are just too long. In order to create a better promo flow, you need to keep the sentences short and concise. The opening promo puzzled me on many levels. The two biggest heels in the company, surrounded by faces on the best roster in the company, are feuding with each other, when it obvious that they should be sticking together. Just makes very little sense. If you chose to approach this in simpler manner, say Jericho demanding a title shot, yet still respecting Edge and visa versa, it would of worked. You could have had Teddy Long deny the request due to Jericho’s loss to Mysterio and piss him off my signing Jericho V Edge, champion V champion. Punk being thrown into the mix for no good reason also baffled me, though I see your need for a face presence in the main event and the tease by Punk, that he may cash in Money in the bank was fun. Some of the lines throughout were stunted and a lot of it could have been phrased better. Again the huge sentences were a major issue.

>>> Well you’ve always been a better match writer than a promo writer and this opening match between two of SmackDown’s biggest new stars was a great way to get the wrestling portion of the show under way. However the violent finish and bizarre aftermath seemed unnecessary. I don’t think Ziggler had to be so full on, it was excessive, nailing both the referee and Morrison with a steel chair. I’m in two minds about Hawkins and this sudden, dramatic change in character that appears to have happened overnight with little or no explanation. If you’re just doing all of this for the sake of being shocking, it will fail in the long run. However if you have something planned long term, this could prove to be very interesting indeed.

>>> We’ve pretty much had 2 major promos, so forgive me for thinking it odd that we get another in ring promo, this time featuring Rey. Rey sucking up to the fans, how nice. It was fine though. Now I have to ask you, HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND??? You just had Jericho cut a promo in the ring with Edge and he’s in the main event tonight, but yet, here he is again. Come on, that’s just sloppy booking and extremely unrealistic if you ask me. Jericho was a lot better here, but you borrowed a lot from the actual promos Jericho cut in real life. It was all by the numbers booking. A cage match between these two should be great however, though I see no point in having Jericho request a world title match earlier and turn on Edge, for him now seemingly being content to face Rey for the IC belt yet again.

>>> The standard woman’s match up that continued the Melina, McCool feud. I found it interesting that you choose to bring Gail in to make the save, she’s not the champion and had no real reason to get involved here. Unless your planning to make this a 3 way at Extreme Rules, I’d leave Kim out of it.

>>> Into the Jeff promo. Again the stunted, lengthy sentences really do hamper the flow of the promo. Also I though your characterization was off here, especially with Punk. His lines made him sound as if he was from the UK. Punk teasing cashing in the briefcase on Jeff at the PPV seems odd as he did it in real life and I see no reason for you to repeat that. Punk is turning heel here, ever so slowly, just like IRL.

>>> Well, a controversial backstage segment involving a transvestite hooker. Not PG, no Sir. It was OK I guess, a little fun. What was strange is how you went from the backstage segment into the match, a straight transition, which doesn’t happen at all. The match itself was OK and you kept the feud going by having Cryme Tyme steal the sunglasses. I think the tranny overshadowed the match somewhat.

>>> I’m surprised Ziggler wasn’t suspended by Teddy Long. I didn’t get the reference, so no points for me. When I think Ziggler, I don’t think of him as a guy I’d hire to take out another superstar. Hawkins is bigger physically, why not do it himself. This is all very strange. Seems like everyone wants to use Kane, not just me. He’s talking about Taker and Bearer I’d imagine.

>>> You really need to work on how you lay out your shows. This Ziggler segment is literally minutes after his one with Teddy Long. I know you struggled with coding, but it seems like everything is running together, as in it’s hard to figure out when one segment end and the next begins. Anyway, like most bookers do, your rushing a storyline instead of letting it build over several weeks. This was all wrong, from Morrison carrying a lead pipe, to Ziggler acting surprised at Morrison’s anger, to Khali, to the excessive violence yet again, to Morrison’s miracle recovery to the everything. Too much, too soon. It was overkill, especially after the Kane promo.

>>> Big win for Kane. He’s obviously inline for a push. I suspect the “it burns” reference is a throwback to the firs of his youth, memories pain him and so on, that’s how I’d book it anyway. There is a limit to what you can do with Kane when booked this way. He can’t be champion, if that’s what you want, book him like Nige did.

>>> The Main Event was all over the place, but I got a few things out of it. Jericho beat Edge, yet goes into a mid card feud with Rey. Edge is champion, has just lost and is now in the main event feud with Rey. Punk shouldn’t of been in the match, made zero sense and I’m intrigued to see how to explain the Kane attack. My head hurts. LOL. TLC between Edge and Jeff should be epic, though it’s a repeat of last years main event in terms of the gimmick.

OVERALL: It was all over the place to be honest. You simply tried to do too much, too soon and it just came of as overkill. The violence was over the top, at times it was like being transported back to 1997 and being at an ECW show. The angles could work, even the ridiculous one’s if you have the patience to build them slowly over months as apposed to ramming them down out throats in one week without any explanation as to why this is all happening. The layout needs work. The match writing was great, promos need a lot of attention, especially how you construct your sentences and the characterizations. Honestly, you’ve produced much better work, I’ve seen and read it every month. Just put your head down and work on the basics before trying to deliver the weird and wonderful.
Thanks for the review, just to be pick up on a few things. The long sentences, for me, weren't that big of a deal. Some were not as well structured as they could have been but I don't like separating every line with 'Edge then turns his head the other way to speak' The main event was meant to be a clusterfuck as I needed to really hammer home Mysterio losing it with Jericho and the Kane/Punk feud whilst keeping Edge/Hardy rolling with the big match announcement. Hawkins OWNS, we all know that and I think a Joker-esque character would work wonders but he won't be in cahoots with Ziggler for much longer. I hope I made it clear Ziggler is a hired goon and he will go on to bigger and better things in the weeks to come. Hawkins and his 'master' will be pushed to some extent and it will seem like Undertaker-lite which is the route I am going for.

Morrison using the steel pipe was uncalled for, I'll give you that but Morrison was pissed and his career could easily have been ended by an attack as ferocious as that. I can see why you think I am rushing that storyline, I do tend to do that but as you will see in the News and Notes I am definitely rushing it and if you were to see my plans you would know I am not rushing this angle or the build of this character. Think of a Kevin Thorn-esque pushing with Hawkins looking to be squashing some jobbers over the coming weeks. Jericho didn't want the Intercontinental Title match if you read closely. He said he wants Mysterio's mask and Mysterio's legacy but if the title meant that much to Mysterio he would take it all because Jericho is a greedy SOB and it makes more sense for it to be for the title and that feud is going to continue.


~ Creative felt that the last edition of Smackdown was a mixed bag and it lacked that 'it' factor but the standouts of the show were definitely Kane's metamorphisis and the Rey Mysterio and Chris Jericho promo which told a great story and it was the second highest segment of the show behind the main event. Several bloggers and reviewers said the promo enabled them to get emotionally involved in the storyline. Chris Jericho has personal control over this storyline and it is thought he wants to hammer home how badly Jericho wants to destroy Mysterio's very being over the next two weeks on Smackdown. Surprisingly no one picked up on Rey Mysterio using a steel chair to chase Chris Jericho away. Jericho, on Twitter, said he liked the subtle change and feels fans should look more in to actions like this.

John Morrison was indeed legit injured after that match with Dolph Ziggler on Smackdown and it is thought he will be out for a month so his pencilled in match for Extreme Rules with either Ziggler or Hawkins has been put on ice until Morrison gets back. Expect Ziggler to continue to be a mouthpiece for Hawkins until the deal for Hawkins' manager is finalised. Ziggler is expected to move in to a big feud, possibly with the returning Big Show who has teased a turn on Bubba The Love Sponge.

Kane will be pushed to the upper reaches of the mid card division if an insider is to be believed. Meanwhile it is not known if C.M. Punk will actually cash in his Money In The Bank in the near future or at all if some reports are to be believed. Apparently creative are not so high on Punk and Kane could be a good bet to take Punk's briefcase.

Umaga did not appear on Smackdown this week, a return to RAW has been mooted for several weeks. Many other names are yet to re-appear, the most prolific being the Undertaker. He has stated he does not want to return until at least Summerslam and with creative having nothing for him to do a rest seems the most likely option. After talks with Vince McMahon various superstars are said to be switching brands over the Summer. With R-Truth already gone expect more names to come and go, superstars that could be swapping alliegances are Batista, C.M. Punk, Big Show {Editor: This has now been confirmed, Big Show is on the Smackdown page} and Shawn Michaels all said to be in the frame.

Creative are said to be extremely high on a storyline coming up over the summer. It is thought they will be able to expand on their promos whilst producing matches of the highest quality. The angle has been kept closely under wraps but leaked documents insist someone is returning to Smackdown before the end of the summer.

NOTE: Night of Champions has swapped with The Bash. The PPV Schedule is as follows: Extreme Rules, Night of Champions, The Bash, Summersla, Unforgiven {not Breaking Point} etc.

<a href=http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/1c/0,,10323~9903176,00.jpg target=_blank>http://www.cpfc.co.uk/javaImages/48/...9903176,00.jpg</a>
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

SmackDown! Feedback

Interesting to see you pointed out right from the beginning that it’s a new era and that SmackDown! will go in a different direction. The direction lately has been pretty good lately on the show, so hopefully you can top it. Starting off with the Judgment Day recap is the right idea, and the opening commentary was alright.

I would have liked for an entrance from Edge tbh. I’m big on small things like people getting their entrances unless they’re complete jobbers. Edge normally doesn’t start with telling the audience to shut the hell up. Usually it comes when they interrupt him or something, so that was a little bit out of character. Saying he was told he didn’t have to be on the show then told he was persuaded to be on it is a bit contradictory as well. Could have also been a bit more said from Edge before he introduced Jericho, but what you had was adequate. Jericho was alright, though the I wasn’t fit to wrestle type of excuse isn’t great. Mysterio getting lucky probably would have been better imo. Jericho’s sentences here also seem much too long. Not enough pauses and not enough drilling home of the important points. Instead he seems to be just blasting out a whole load of information at a time. Teddy Long coming out also seemed a bit sudden and well, I think he made a few too many announcements at one time. I don’t see why the match needs a special guest ref either. I understand Punk’s gunning for Edge with the briefcase and has been lately, but that doesn’t mean they need a special guest ref. Punk coming out to no music makes him seem kind of amateur, and the assclown shot would’ve worked better had Jericho still used the insult. Edge’s little speech after Punk said he could cash in had a segment that was much, much too long with no pauses whatsoever, while it also just didn’t scream Edge. He’s going to continue making history because he’s Rated R? Not something Edge says, and besides that, it doesn’t make much sense. Jericho going for the Codebreaker to end would’ve been more suited for him, and well, I actually forgot Jericho was there thanks to the shift of attention in the segment. I know this might have sounded a bit harsh, but the segment as a whole seemed kind of sloppy. Some more time and care was needed.

Not sure on these two going against each other because both are rising up the card, and it’s just going to damage one of them imo. The match was pretty good, though I didn’t like Ziggler and the referee having a shoving contest because I just find those stupid. Using Ziggler as a hitman is an odd choice because he really doesn’t seem like that type of guy, and well, him slapping the referee than taking the chair just seems plain awkward. Hawkins redebuting against Morrison also demotes Morrison right down the card after coming off some momentum, including a win against Benjamin at Judgment Day. The Hawkins promo was alright, though I’d like to see more of this gothic character come out. Watch some Jimmy Jacobs promos from Age of the Fall, because he’ll give you some excellent ideas for it. Ziggler pointing to the screen talking of a new era makes me think he part of it when I don’t think you want that to happen. If he’s only being used as a hitman I doubt he’d be that enthusiastic about it.

Rey Mysterio, while being generic because well he is, I thought was actually pretty damn good here. You used Mysterio’s rather limited abilities and shaped yourself a pretty good beginning to this promo. Jericho interrupting isn’t ideal since he’s already been involved in this show. Having him in two out of the three segments seems like overkill. Jericho was better here than earlier, and while I appreciate you emphasizing Jericho wanting the mask of Mysterio, you made the Intercontinental Title seem insignificant here tbh. Mysterio giving someone a title shot who doesn’t want it is something that doesn’t make too much sense, and the promo kind of dipped here. Sentences again were a bit long and repetitive, especially considering we’d already heard Jericho speak once tonight. The flow of your sentences in promos needs the most work imo, as you have people say words like because and and multiple times a sentence. It just needs a bit more breaking up. The ending was alright, though not every promo has to end physically. Rey holding the Intercontinental Title up was a bit weird since Jericho said he didn’t care about it too, but whatever.

Alright match, although Melina should have been able to get a few more moves in for her big comeback imo. Not big on this again ending in violence afterwards, as that’s not what every segment has to do. It seems like you’re almost trying to create too many storylines at once with all of these attacks.

Jeff is pretty terrible on the mic, so you’re best off keeping him short and sharp, instead of again having these long sentences. I also think you kind of missed the little character Jeff has, as he’s the one who takes it to the extreme, while the question of the interview was about how that’s Edge’s type of thing. Not sure why Punk was saying anything about luck when I reread Hardy’s bit a few times and couldn’t find anything about luck, although maybe I’m just tired. Anyway, promo was decent, although I think you were a bit offbeat with Hardy.

While I laughed at the ‘Benjamin Wagon’, the promo seemed a bit pointless. Why did JTG order a ‘chick’ especially for Shelton when he didn’t know they’d see them? Seemed a tad pointless.

Match was pretty good, with the turn of momentum done well by the tradition Cryme Tyme cheating. It became confusing when you had JTG make the hot tag to Shad only to confuse the names and talk about how JTG was kicking ass . TWGTT taking control to start the chaos was a bit uncharacteristic of tag matches, however the sequence of moves from Benjamin to end the match was very nice. Cryme Tyme doing their shtick makes the fans happy too, so that’s alright I guess. Pretty good stuff here.

Neither Ziggler nor Teddy sounded quite right here. Wasn’t Teddy’s usual lingo, and Dolph didn’t seem quite cocky enough. However, I liked how you played up Hawkins’ new character by having him ‘untraceable’.

Kane promo was by far the best promo on the show thus far. You captured the character very well, kept things basic, and it was just pretty much spon on. Top stuff.

Morrison swinging a steel pip just doesn’t seem like him. Khali assaulting Ziggler is awfully random too. They hadn’t started their storyline yet, had they? Hawkins was pretty good, although him just popping up out of nowhere seems a bit odd. Morrison just suddenly picking up a steel chair and nailing Hawkins seems impossible to envision, and Hawkins no-selling the shot wasn’t great. This really should have waited until next week, as it seems you’re trying to throw too much together in one show.

Big Show hype is good, though five year hiatus? He was on SmackDown! right up until the ’09 draft eight days after WrestleMania.

I like that you sold both men’s power well by not having them fall, though it would’ve made for awfully crappy viewing. Kane wrestled a bit too much like a face here, although I’m glad you gave him the win as he’s better than Khali. At least you kept the match short as well. Interested to see where you go with Kane here.

Edge was better here than in the first segment, with the characterization pretty damn good. The bit on Jericho was the only questionable part, as well, again the sentences were too long. Apart from that this was a solid promo.

Glad to see you put Jeff on commentary, because he hasn’t had anything to do with anything Edge has been doing tonight which seems wrong. You’ve used Punk well here, having he and Edge go at it well. Edge going for a powerbomb isn’t an Edge type of move, and while I like the mocking of Mysterio, I’m not sure he could pull off a 619, especially these days when he isn’t as athletic. I think Punk got too involved by dragging Edge onto Jericho, as he should have just smiled or something after hitting the GTS. I also would have preferred Edge to have escaped from the move, but I feel the first point is more significant. Not too fond on the no-selling of the DDT, as that’s dropping someone on their face/head, though the finish after that was pretty nice. The slap after the match was meh, because slaps have been well and truly overused on this show, imo. Mysterio chasing Rey off set up the ending well, although Kane attacking Punk is odd. Shouldn’t Umaga still be after Punk since we never got an explanation? He should have at least appeared on the show since he’s one of your better wrestlers, imo. I don’t mind a push for Kane since he’s one of the guys you’ve written better with on the show, though this as a bit too random for my liking.

Was it our best show? I don’t think so. You can write, however you just need to structure your sentences a bit better. There’s a good enough vocab there, it just needs to be separated up into better segments. The other problem with the show was that you tried to do too much at once. Don’t worry about doing a whole bunch of things one night. Build things up slowly. You know you can probably do better, and I’m sure you will next time. The first show is often the hardest, as you’re finding your groove. This thread has a fair bit of potential for all three writers, so hopefully in the coming shows you capitalise on it.

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Post Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Monday Night Raw Preview
5/26/2009 – Denver, Colorado

This week’s edition of Monday Night Raw comes to you live from Denver, Colorado! The Raw superstars are rocking and rolling on into the Pepsi Center for an explosive Monday Night Raw, which will feature the Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment Vince McMahon! Mr. McMahon has been away from the scene for a couple of months and this Monday marks his return and he promises to have a huge announcement. Be sure to check in and see what Mr. McMahon has in store for the WWE Universe, because it will shake its foundations!

After the actions for the WWE Champion Randy Orton and the Legacy, Orton has promised to continue his domination this week on Raw. Not only that, but with Batista out of the picture for now, who will step up and try and de-thrown the WWE Champion? Plus Orton has told some valuable sources that this week on Raw a brand new Legacy member will be revealed! Don’t miss out on finding out the next member live!

The United States Championship Contender’s Tournament continues this week with one half of the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Primo taking on Chavo Guerrero! With gold already around his waist, you have to believe Primo wants some more. Also after an impressive win last week, Paul Burchill will be taking on ‘Da Silverback’ Mark Henry. And finally one more match will take place, with the contestants anonymous at this time.

Also, in a Diva’s Championship match, the current champion Maryse will take on the very beautiful contender Kelly Kelly.

Not only this but the Untied States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter will be in the house as well as Matt Hardy and the ‘Golden Boy’ The Miz! Do not miss Monday Night Raw, this Monday live from Denver!


Raw News and Notes

The creative team for Raw wants to spice things up and have been in talks with several different independent wrestlers. Vince McMahon is very keen on the idea of mixing up the styles of the Raw roster and has kept his eye on some of the talent outside of the WWE. Names being thrown around at this time are Bryan Danielson, Brent Albright, Takeshi Morishima, Austin Aries possibly some Mexican wrestlers as well as Japanese ones too.

Triple H is expected to return anytime now, maybe as soon as Monday night. It is also expected that he will continue a program with Randy Orton, but maybe not. Other names being thrown around for a feud with ‘The Game’ are possibly MVP, and another with Vladimir Kozlov.

After this week’s past Monday Night Raw, it appears as if Gregory Helms and The Miz will be entering a feud with each other. The two are being groomed for possible main event pushes in the coming year and may be in and out of the main event scene until then.

Matt Hardy has been dubbed the ‘Chosen One’ and he will most likely be receiving a push. However not a very strong one as creative wants to ease him into the main event scene and hopefully get him over as one of the top heels of Raw. With the lack of main event power at the moment Hardy may get some time to shine.

Speaking of lack of main event, both John Cena and Big Show have been given time off following their latest match. It has been rumored that Cena is in talks to make a new movie that could potentially start filming within the next 2-3 months and Big Show is burned out and with creative having nothing for him at the moment, he is taking a bit of break.

WWE has been in talks with former ECW New Breed Member, Monty Brown, then known as Marcus Cor Von. Brown was liked backstage before he left for unknown family reasons a few years back. The WWE has always liked his style, and with negations currently going on it may not be too long before Brown shows up in the WWE.

It is confirmed however that the WWE has resigned Paul London. London, a former tag team champion wrestled for FCW the other night, defeating Drew McIntyre. London was sporting a new gimmick, which was dubbed as the ‘Moon Man.’ He is expected to stay in FCW for the time being.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

RAW preview looks pretty good with some nice matches announced.

McMahon being back should be good and hopefully we get some major announcements, rather than just having him being there.

Orton announcing a new member of Legacy? Joe Hennig plz. He's probably a bit too green irl, but I'd rather him than anyone else. Wildcard may be Umaga, as I'm quite sure he's second gen. No Manu or Sim Snuka plz.

Primo vs Chavo looks to be a very good match, which should be a load of fun. Burchill vs Henry is interesting, becausse while I think you're going to put Burchill over, having Henry lose in the first round of this tourney is detrimental to the big guy.

Keep the Diva's Championship match short plz so there's more time for Miz and Matt to do whatever they're doing plz.

All in all looks good.

As for the news, a few signings from the indys wouldn't hurt I guess. Albright, Aries and Danielson would all be good, although I don't see 'Shima's style fitting in with Vinnie Mac's vision. Cibernetico or El Mesias would be good to see from Mexico.

Ugh, none of the feuds with Tripper sound too appealing tbh. The thing with Orton has to end I guess, although I don't really wanna see him go at it with Kozzy afterwards, and MVP just turned face, so I don't really like the idea of a heel turn for him to face Triple H.

Helms and Miz aren't ready for the main event as of yet. Build them up slowly, rather than pushing them too quickly. Both are pretty awesome, so I'd like to see them rise through the midcard slowly. A Matt push would be nice too.

Big Show and Cena being out diminishes your starpower majorly, which I thought was a bit of a problem on your first show.

Brown and London both own. Bringing them back to RAW would be great.

Anyway, I look forward to the show. I'll drop back by when it's up.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

ECW Main Event Announced
From WWE.com

This week on ECW, the WWE Universe is going to see an off-the-charts main event to headline the show, as Jack Swagger, Tommy Dreamer, Kofi Kingston and the charismatic Zack Ryder lock horns in the squared circle, with an opportunity at Christian's ECW Championship at Extreme Rules on the line, so the stakes are as high as ever. Swagger wants the title which he lost at Backlash a month ago back around his waist, Dreamer needs to win the Championship before his contract expires on June 8th, and Kingston and Zack Ryder are the outsiders, but they still have every chance of winning and walking away with the opportunity of a lifetime under their belts and ready for June 7th. Who will walk out on top in this mega fatal four-way contest, and face 'Captain Charisma'?

ECW News & Notes - May 25th, 2009

As for the news of a new ECW General Manager potentially being introduced after Extreme Rules, it seems to have cooled down with the creative. Names such as Paul Heyman and Ted DiBiase, Sr. have been swirling around, but they have evaluated it and are pleased with Tiffany so far, and are looking to solidify her as a dominant authority figure on ECW, so she could be keeping her job on the show. She could be going into an angle where an ECW Superstar tries to get up the roster by attempting to seduce the General Manager, but it is only pure speculation, and if it did happen, it could either result in Tiffany refusing and punishing them, or her actually going with it. Creative are looking to introduce one or two more valets for wrestlers, but if the potential Tiffany angle was linked to this, she couldn't be General Manager.

We could be seeing a new UK stable coming to ECW in the near future. This could be why William Regal has arrived on the brand, and DJ Gabriel, who is British, was in action last week possibly for the audience to know he was still around, and he could be repackaged. Potential names are Gabriel, Jack Gabriel, or even Dan James Gabriel, with the DJ being exploited as initials for a first and middle name. Paul and Katie Lea Burchill have moved to Raw, so the stable is probably going to revolve around young British talent to break into the main WWE roster, with Regal being a father figure to them. Some websites have said that there's a distinct chance that they could try to raid TNA for Brutus Magnus, Doug Williams and Rob Terry, but it's not set in stone, and it would be easier to get wrestlers from the Indies or from FCW. Hade Vansen could be re-signed to be in the stable, but it's another rumour.

ECW Champion Christian could be headed for a tweener turn soon, or possibly even a heel turn. There was allegedly a plan for Tommy Dreamer's contract to expire and a farewell to take place, only for Christian to gatecrash it and attack Dreamer, thus turning heel. But, although it is likely that Tommy is leaving, creative wouldn't want to waste it on him, and would rather have 'Captain Charisma' turn on a younger Superstar, for them to be put over and enter a feud with Christian. That individual could well be Evan Bourne, after his and Finlay's feud with The Hart Dynasty has finished. Speaking of that feud, there are a lot of directions for it, a faint idea was for Natalya to pretend to fall for Bourne and enter a relationship with him, only for it to be revealed to be a conspiracy by The Hart Dynasty. The feud is likely to conclude at The Bash, but it could be at Night Of Champions, with the WWE Unified Tag Team Champions being involved in it.


Hey, all. Sbuch's Raw should hopefully be posted soon, and after that a full ECW preview will be posted, followed by the show 2 or 3 days later. This thread has been moving a little slowly lately, but I'm hoping that it'll pick up during the Summer, and myself, Sbuch and Bradley can get in the spotlight some time. Thanks.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Great preview, Rock. I imagine you'll go with the standard choice and have Swagger win the Four-Way, but I'd really like to see Kofi or Zack Ryder get the duke actually, as I reckon they could have quite a fun little feud, and match, with a guy like Christian.

Hopefully we get to read it soon
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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Great preview and news and notes. I actually really like the look of your ECW especially with the news and notes adding a lot of potential for great things like the UK stable. I'll certainly try to check out your ECW it really enthralls me what you can do with this youth.
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Post Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Monday Night Raw
5/25/2009; Denver, Colorado


Monday Night Raw kicks off right as 9 o’clock strikes the clock, skipping the video and pyro entrance but instead something even more intense. **NO CHANCE** hits and the crowd gets onto the feet as the Chairman, VINCE MCMAHON steps out of the back! The crowd is cheering as McMahon strikes a pose on top of the stage, sporting a thousand dollar, grey pin stripped suit, and a cocky arrogant smile. McMahon struts down to the ring, staring at his fans as he passes by. Inside the ring however McMahon’s demeanor changes. He takes a mic in hand and is visibly distraught.

The boss skips any intro b.s and gets right into what he has to say. McMahon says that as of late Vickie Guerrero has been lacking in power and she has been letting her superstars walk all over here, especially Randy Orton. Continuing, Vince says that after what Orton did last week to BOTH Ric Flair and Batista, the General Manager should’ve taken action and done something. However she didn’t. McMahon says that this isn’t the first time that Guerrero has missed an opportunity to be a good GM. McMahon says that Randy Orton and other superstars can do what they want, when they want and McMahon is SICK OF IT. After some more insults to Guerrero, Vince does what everyone has come to expect. He tells Vickie Guerrero “YOOOOUURRREEEEE FIRRRREEDDDD~!!!” The crowd erupts, glad that Vickie is finally gone.

Very quickly McMahon begins to address the open General Manager spot. He says that eventually he won’t be around forever and that someone will need to take over his WWE Empire. Apparently McMahon has been ‘grooming’ a young man to take over the WWE, but first he wants to see how does with running Raw. McMahon says that he has been teaching him the ropes, but he isn’t quite ready so for the time being VINCE MCMAHON WILL BE IN CHARGE OF RAW! The crowd pops big as McMahon smiles. Vince says that as the AUTHORITY on Raw, he won’t take any BS and that this is HIS SHOW. In due time however, the actual general manager will reveal himself, but not until he feels he is ready. But for now thing will be done VINCE’S WAY, and everyone has to abide by it.

… … …


… … …

The crowd erupts into boos as the WWE Champion RANDY ORTON steps out of the back. Sporting a brand new ‘Legacy’ t-shirt, Orton, looking extremely cocky, with the WWE Championship belt hanging over his shoulder, walks down to the ring. Wasting little time, Orton gets right into the face of McMahon and grabs the mic right out of his hand. Immediately the WWE Champion begins to mock McMahon, saying that everyone should run and hide because Vince McMahon is BACK in charge of Raw. Orton says that he DOESN’T GIVE a CRAP that McMahon is in charge, he will still do what he wants, when he wants. The ‘Viper’ says the he is building an ‘army’ that will soon enough take over Raw, then the WWE. He says that tonight a NEW MEMBER OF LEGACY WILL BE INTRODUCED, and that next week the same thing will happen. Aggressively, McMahon grabs the mic back from Orton and says he can build his army, because McMahon will never back down. It is quite clear that there is a power struggle between these two huge egos. McMahon says that he is in charge and that tonight Randy Orton will be running the GAUNTLET. The champ doesn’t say anything else but doesn’t take his eyes off of the chairman as he leaves the ring.


Back from the break Vince McMahon is in his office, talking on his phone. He appears to be talking to the unknown general manager. Vince tells him “that’s a great idea!” before continuing however there is a knock on his door. Vince hangs up the phone as MATT HARDY walks into his office. McMahon does not looked pleased to see Hardy, who easily picks up on it. Before Hardy can say anything McMahon asks him if he saw what happened moments ago. Hardy nods and Vince says that he isn’t putting up with anything so if Hardy has something to say, he better choose his words wisely. Hardy pauses and then says he wants a shot at Orton tonight, in the gauntlet match, McMahon smiles and points at Hardy’s broken hand and says “not with that.” McMahon then says that tonight Hardy will be in action, in a triple threat match against THE MIZ and GREGORY HELMS. The ‘Chosen One’ does not look pleased, but has nothing else to say as he exits the office.

Match 1 – United States Championship Contender Tournament Match

Chavo Guerrero vs. Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Primo w. Carlito

Guerrero and Primo go right at it as the bell rings, locking up in the center of the ring. Primo gains an early advantage, locking in a headlock. However Guerrero just as quickly gets out of it and tosses Primo into the ropes. Guerrero nails him with a right hand, which sends him into the canvas. He gets right up but Guerrero connects with another right hand. He then backs Primo up into the corner before whipping him across the ring into the opposite corner. Charging at Primo, he looks to hit a clothesline but the savvy tag champ puts a boot up and Guerrero hits face first into it. Primo then connects with a missile dropkick that drops Guerrero. Keeping up his offense, Primo lifts Guerrero to his feet and sends him into the ropes. Connecting with a back elbow, Primo drops Guerrero once again.

A quick cover follows but Guerrero is able to kick out. On the outside, Carlito is telling his brother to finish him off. Primo lifts Guerrero to his feet only for Guerrero to break away from Primo and pokes him in the eyes! Quickly, Guerrero grabs his head and tosses him into the corner. The ‘Mexican Warrior’ begins to work Primo over in the corner, connecting with punch and punch. He then pulls him into center of the ring and connects with a vertical suplex. However he does not release his grip and Guerrero is looking to connect with the Three Amigos. Guerrero rolls over and connects with the second suplex, but as he goes for the third, Carlito gets on the apron. Distracted, Guerrero loses his grip and Primo is able to break free. Carlito leaps down from the apron as Primo nails Guerrero in the gut with a kick and then looks to connect with a DDT. However Guerrero shoves him into the ropes and elbows him in the gut.

Guerrero runs off the ropes and delivers a running knee striker to Primo’s head. Primo lays on the canvas but Guerrero lifts him back up. Guerrero applies a wrist lock but Primo manages to get out of it with elbow strikes. Primo then runs off the ropes and takes Guerrero down with a clothesline. Guerrero gets right up as Primo runs at him again, however this time Guerrero is able to small package Primo! With a handful of tights, Guerrero pins Primo as the referee counts to three!!

Winner – Chavo Guerrero @ 6:32; ADVANCES

Michael Cole and The King put over how Guerrero just cheated his way to a victory as he runs out of the ring right when Carlito enters. The tag champs stare at him as he smiles on his way up the ramp.

Cutting to the back, THE BRIAN KENDRICK is walking down the hallway, with Festus, still tied up from last week, walking behind him. They bump into the United States Champion MVP, who can’t help but smile at Kendrick. Porter asks him if he thinks this will really help him win the US Championship, to which Kendrick responds with an obvious yes. The two continue with some bashing until ARMANDO ESTRADA walks into the picture. Estrada tells Kendrick he doesn’t stand a chance in the tournament because tonight UMAGA RETURNS TO RAW~!! Turning his attention to MVP, Estrada says he better take each and every day until Extreme Rules very slowly, because after Umaga beats him, he won’t only lose the US Championship but he also won’t be able to work! Estrada laughs in the faces of everyone then walks away, leaving Kendrick and Porter in a sour mood.

Commercial Break

The Legacy is in the back, discussing tonight’s plans. Orton asks is the new member is here yet to which Ted DiBiase responds to with a yes. Orton says to bring HER in. We then fade out as the crowd roars with shock.

Match 2 – United States Championship Contender Tournament Match
Paul Burchill w. Katie Lea vs. Mark Henry

The ‘Ripper’ Paul Burchill does not seem a bit hesitant going at the mammoth of a man that is Mark Henry. Burchill goes straight for ‘Da Silverback’s legs and begins to kick them over and over. Henry is able to get hold of Burchill’s head grabs it and throws him backwards. Burchill quickly charges at Henry and nails him with a big clothesline, but it doesn’t even make the big man blink. Again Burchill runs at Henry, but this time Henry is the one who connects with a clothesline, taking the air right out of Burchill. Henry aggressively pulls Burchill to his feet and throws him off the ropes. For the second time, Burchill nails Henry with a big time clothesline but it doesn’t faze Henry. Henry grabs hold of the ‘Ripper’ and throws him into the corner. Henry begins to work Burchill over, connecting with some stiff right hands. However the ‘Ripper’ blocks one and begins to fire a bunch of right hands himself, while backing Henry out of the corner. Burchill begins to get some cheers as he does this. Burchill backs the big man into the corner and whips him across the ring. Burchill nails Henry with another clothesline, this time staggering ‘Da Silverback.’

Burchill then runs off the ropes behind Henry and connects with a chop block, knocking Henry down to one knee! The ‘Ripper’ then runs off the ropes and nails Henry square in the face with a big boot! The big man falls over and Burchill covers him. However Henry kicks out before the three count. Burchill gets to his feet and pulls Henry to his. Burchill begins to connect with some right hands, but Henry blocks one and nails the ‘Ripper’ with a huge strike. He grabs hold of Burchill, throws him into the rope and takes him down with a big boot! Burchill gets up and walks right into Henry, who lifts him up for a WORLD’S STRONGEST SLAM!! The crowd is booing as Henry stares down on Burchill with intensity. Henry gets to his feet, bounces off the ropes then splashes right on top of Burchill, dropping his 400 pound frame right onto Burchill. Covering the ‘Ripper’ afterwards and Henry picks up the win.

Winner – Mark Henry @ 5:10; ADVANCES

Henry stands over a fallen Paul Burchill as Katie Lea looks extremely concerned on the outside. ‘Da Silverback’ lets out a smirk before exiting the ring.

… … … … …

Backstage, Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes stand, waiting for the NEXT LEGACY MEMBER. The two are discussing some things that cannot be heard very well. The crowd is roaring with anticipation to see what legendary family will join The Legacy. Ted DiBiase walks in with a smirk and then introduces the next member of Legacy. The ‘Legacy Lady’ … … … LACEY VON ERICH~!!!

The crowd roars at the name VON ERICH and as she walks into the room a sense of WOW comes over Orton and Rhodes. An extremely attractive, blonde hair women walks in, wearing sexy attire which gives off A LOT of cleavage. Orton smiles at Lacey as she smirks back whilst DiBiase and Rhodes cannot get their eyes off of her. The daughter of the great Kerry Von Erich has stepped into the wonderful world of the WWE! Cole and King put over this huge addition to Legacy and then wonder who can be joining next week. We see a final shot of the FOUR legacy members before fading into a break.

Commercial Break

Welcome back from the break and Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler continue to put over Lacey Von Erich being brought in to join Randy Orton, Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes – The Legacy. Von Erich comes from one of the greatest wrestling families of all time and she adds a totally diverse retrospect to the group. Backstage we see Vince McMahon once again who looks rather happy.

Vince is on the phone again and says what joke of an addition that was to Legacy. Vince continues to bash Von Erich and the rest of Legacy before saying Orton will get what he deserves at Extreme Rules because BATISTA will be cleared to wrestler and the two will face off for the WWE Championship … in a FIRST BLOOD MATCH! The crowd pops huge for this announcement as Vince continues to talk. At first it appears that McMahon is again speaking to the new anonymous GM, but before he hangs up he says “get back here soon, Hunter.” CLICK

The crowd roars with cheers as we quickly fade out.

… … … … …

Elsewhere backstage we see Matt Hardy once again, this time walking through the corridor. Hardy is messing with his cast and appears to be in some pain, but as he walks looking down at his arm, he bumps into Gregory Helms! The crowd roars a bit as these two look face to face at one another. After some brief silence Hardy speaks up with a smile as tells Helms it’s a good thing he took his advice last week. The ‘Chosen One’ continues to speak and says that tonight in the Triple Threat Match the two should work together, and this is where Helms cuts him off. Hurricane admits that last week Hardy did light a fire under his ass, but he does not want to be associated with him. Continuing, Helms says that tonight Helms will go out there, by himself and win the match. He says that this time around he is going to prove he is one of the best in the world. Hardy says nothing in reply and the two just share a stare down, before Helms walks away.

Match 3 – Diva’s Championship Singles Match – Kelly Kelly vs. Champion Maryse

The match begins with Kelly Kelly wanting to make the most out of her opportunity. She goes right for the champion with some mean right hands. She backs Maryse up into the ropes and then whips her across the ring. Looking to connect with a clothesline, Kelly Kelly misses and Maryse takes her down with a clothesline of her own. Kelly Kelly rises to her feet and right into a couple right hands from the champ. The Frenchwoman knees Kelly in the gut and then connects with a scoop slam. Following a quick cover Kelly Kelly kicks out at two. Maryse gathers herself and lifts Kelly to her feet only for Kelly break free and connect with a right hand. Kelly Kelly sends Maryse into the corner, where she grabs Maryse and monkey flips her out of the corner.

With the crowd behind Kelly Kelly, she runs at Maryse and takes her down before nailing the champ with a dropkick. Kelly Kelly is beginning to pick up momentum and Maryse senses it, rolling out of the ring. Maryse begins to walk up the ramp, trying to lose by count out. Kelly Kelly stares at her with frustration as the crowd boos heavily. Then MICKIE JAMES comes out of the back and surprises Maryse. The crowd pops as James grabs Maryse, drags her down the aisle and throws her back into the ring. Maryse gets up and Kelly looks to grab he, but the champ moves and pulls Kelly forward, right into James, who has gotten onto the apron. With the referee’s view blinded, JAMES SMACKS KELLY KELLY! Kelly turns around right into a snap DDT aka the FRENCH KISS! Maryse covers as James gets off the apron and the ref counts to the three.

Winner – Maryse @ 6:04; RETAINS CHAMPIONSHIP

Kelly Kelly lays in the ring, holding her head as Mickie James ascends up the ramp as the crowd begins to boo her, with an evil smirk on her face. Maryse stands in the ring, confused, but glad she retained her championship.




Commercial Break

In the back we see the WWE Champion Randy Orton, sitting in his locker room when the rest of Legacy walks in. Orton looks up, then down but then back up as he sees Lacey Von Erich rubbing on Ted DiBiase and hanging on, a confused look comes over Orton’s face for a second, but quickly he gets focused. After some awkward tension Cody Rhodes speaks up and asks what the plan is for tonight? Orton, still with his head down, says that McMahon is going to be throwing everything at him. Just then there is a knock at the door, then a crew member, with a head set on comes into the locker room. Being very passive the crew member tells DiBiase and Rhodes the McMahon has informed him that THEY WILL BE IN THE GAUNTLET MATCH TONIGHT.

Orton stands up very quickly and begins to sneer at the crew member, but before anything else can happen the crew member scurries out of the locker room. Orton stares at Rhodes then DiBiase, not in happy mood. Orton pushes them out of his way and exits the locker room. All this happening whilst Von Erich continued to give Ted some attention. We fade out.

Match 4 – Triple Threat Match – Matt Hardy vs. Gregory Helms vs. The Miz

As the match begins Helms and The Miz lock up in the center of the ring, as Matt Hardy stares on from the corner. Miz gets an early advantage as he is able to apply a side headlock. Helms tries to get out of it by shoving Miz into the ropes, but the ‘Golden Boy’ has a grip too tight, and the submission hold begins to drain Helms. Hurricane then finds some strength and is able to lift Miz backwards and suplex him into the canvas! The crowd begins to cheer but those cheers very quickly turn to boos Helms rises to his feet, Hardy charges at him and nails him with a clothesline. Hardy then lifts Helms to his feet and tosses him into the corner. Before Hardy can begin to work him over, Miz is up and turns Hardy around. Miz whips Hardy across the ring and right into the corner, he then grabs Helms and attempts to do the same, but Hurricane manages to reverse it and sends Miz crashing into Hardy!! The crowd cheers as Miz backs out and Helms leaps into the air and connects with an inverted DDT. Quickly getting to his feet, Helms grabs Hardy and tosses him out of the ring.

Hurricane then quickly covers Miz, but the ‘Golden Boy’ manages to kick out well before the three count. One the outside, Hardy gathers himself but decides not to enter the ring. Back inside Helms has risen to his feet and Miz the same. Helms knees Miz in the gut and then connects with a snap vertical suplex. A quick cover follows once again, but Miz kicks out in the same manner. The two get up and Helms is able to get Miz into the corner of the ring. Helms connects with some chops before whipping Miz across the ring, however it is reversed and Miz sends Helms flying. Hurricane smashes into the corner and stompers back to the middle of the ring where Miz takes his head off with a clothesline! After which he begins to taunt him, leading to the crowd booing Miz. On the outside, Hardy is still taking his time to enter the ring. Miz notices and tells Hardy to get into the ring, but it is to no avail. Miz turns back around and grabs Helms as he rises to his feet.

The Miz connects with a European uppercut before hitting a scoop slam. He bounces off the ropes and then drops an elbow right into Helms! A cover follows, but Hurricane kicks out. Miz gets to his feet then pulls Helms to his. He applies a wrist lock before connecting with a belly to back suplex. The crowd boos as Miz rises to his feet taunting them. He goes to pick Helms up, but notices Hardy on the outside, who has been outside for most of the match. Miz and Hardy begin to exchange some words, before Helms ROLLS MIZ UP~!! The referee begins to count, but Miz JUST KICKS OUT. A helm quickly stands to his feet, as Miz sits on the canvas. Hurricane then leaps in the air and nails Miz right in the face with a dropkick.

Helms lifts Miz up and tosses him into the corner. There he drives a knee into Miz’s stomach and snapmares him out of the corner. He follows it up by kicking Miz right in the back! Helms lifts Miz to his feet in the center of the ring and connects with a snap DDT!! He covers Miz, when HARDY PULLS HIM OUT OF THE RING! Hardy nails Helms with some stiff right hands and then whips him into steel steps. He walks over and pulls Helms to his feet before tossing him over the barricade! The ‘Chosen One’ slips into the ring as Miz comes to his feet. Hardy kicks Miz in the gut then looks for the Twist of Fate, but Miz shoves Hardy off of him. Miz tries for a big right hand, but Hardy ducks, then hits the Twist of Fate!! The crowd is booing like crazy as Hardy covers Miz and picks up the win.

Winner – Matt Hardy @ 10:09

Hardy lifts his arm up inside the ring as Helms looks on from the fans view and Miz laying on his back, holding his head. The crowd is booing like crazy as Hardy stole that match, standing on the outside for the majority of it. Cole and King put over the actions of Hardy as we cut away.

Commercial Break

Back from the break SANTINO MARELLA is standing in the ring and says that tonight he will defeat his opponent and advance in the US Championship Contenders Tournament. Marella says he feels sorry for whoever has to face the ‘Italian Bull’ but tonight is SANTINO’S NIGHT.

**Virtual Voodoo**

The crowd initially cheers as the music of UMAGA hits, but they quickly turn into boos. ARMANDO ESTRADA walks out first and then he is followed by the monster that is Umaga. Inside the ring, Marella looks like he has lost all confidence as a steady sense of realism comes over him. Umaga does not look happy, but appears to be in fantastic shape.

Match 5- United States Championship Contenders Tournament Match
Santino Marella vs. Umaga w. Armando Estrada

As soon as the match begins Marella tries to back away from the ‘Samoan Beast’ and talk his way out of this situation to it does not work. Mags grabs Marella and connects with a vicious uppercut. He then sends Marella flying into the corner and follows it up with a huge splash. Marella drops down to the canvas, sitting against the turnbuckle as Umaga walks away. He then charges Marella with fierce intensity and nails him with the Samoan Wrecking Ball! He quickly pulls Marella to his feet, into the center of the ring and lifts him into the air. He nails Santino with a backbreaker rack right into a neckbreaker!! The crowd can’t believe the amount of punishment Marella is going through. Mags lifts Marella to his feet where he finishes him off with the SAMOAN SPIKE~!! The crowd boos as Umaga viciously pins Marella and picks up the victory.

Winner – Umaga @ 1:26; ADVANCES

Umaga stands over a badly beaten Santino Marella as Armando Estrada steps inside the ring. With a microphone in hand and numerous cigars in his chest pocket, Estrada addresses the crowd. The man from Cuba begins to describe how dominate Umaga was in his early tenure of the WWE and now that the ‘Samoan Monster’ has returned to Raw, he will reign supreme; first stop MVP and the United States Championship.

After some more talking and bashing of MVP, this prompts the champion to come out to the ring. Porter begins to talk back to Estrada and says no one, especially Umaga will be taking HIS United States Championship from him. The crowd is clearly behind MVP while Estrada is doing a good job of gathering heat for himself and Umaga. The promo ends when Estrada tells Porter to watch out because at Extreme Rules he won’t always lose his championship but Umaga will RIP HIM APART~!

Commercial Break


Huge heat overcomes the entire arena as the WWE Champion RANDY ORTON steps out of the back. Orton does not look pleased as he is about to run the gauntlet against Vince McMahon’s hand chosen opponents, including Legacy members Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes.

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler put over the ongoing sag between McMahon and Orton and how this is probably just the beginning for what we will see as McMahon is now in charge of Raw once again. Orton is inside the ring, waiting for his first opponent.

Match 6 – Main Event – WWE Champion Randy Orton Runs the Gauntlet – Non Title
{extremely condensed}

Entrant 1; ‘Moscow Mauler’ Vladimir Kozlov
After some early offense from Kozlov, Orton came back with some chokeholds and suplexs before finishing him off with the RKO.
Eliminated @ 3:43 via RKO

Entrant 2; Carlito
Carlito and Orton went at it back and forth for the entire time, but one misstep by one half of the Unified WWE Tag Team Champions cost him the match. ‘Lito was about to hit a springboard elbow when Orton caught him from behind and hit a RKO, the second of the night.
Eliminated @ 8:31 via RKO

Entrant 3; ‘Golden Boy’ The Miz
Miz appeared a little worn out from his match early on, but was able to give Orton some good competition. However it wasn’t enough as Orton ONCE AGAIN ended this opponent’s run with a RKO.
Eliminated @ 14:00 via RKO

Commercial Break

Entrant 3; Cody Rhodes
Orton and Rhodes paced around the ring for a few moments before going at it. However it did not take long for Orton to catch Rhodes off guard and ROLL HIM UP for the victory.
Eliminated @ 16:54 via School Boy

Entrant 4; Sim Snuka
SIM SNUKA returns to Monday Night Raw but it is not a gracious return. Snuka goes at Orton real hard, but the ‘Viper’ has other ideas. Orton puts Snuka in his place with a RKO ending his run.
Eliminated @ 19:09 via RKO

Entrant 5; Ted DiBiase w. ‘Legacy Lady’ Lacey Von Erich
Dibiase and the WWE Champion toy around a bit before going at, with Von Erich clearly cheering on DiBiase. DiBiase gets a few offense maneuvers, apparently getting the crowd behind him for the time being. However Orton connects with a back cracker and beings a comeback, which leads to a RKO and the victory.
Eliminated @ 25:04 via RKO

Winner – Randy Orton @ 25:04

Randy Orton successfully runs the gauntlet, which McMahon put together. The Champion looks extremely cocky as the referee hands him his belt. Orton holds the championship in the air, and notices Ted DiBiase struggling to find his feet. Orton stares at his Legacy lackey with a dominant look. The crowd beings to roar with anticipation while Orton appears to be getting ready to PUNT DiBiase once again. DiBiase is in position as Orton stands and stares AND … charges DiBiase!!

… … … …


… … … …

The lights go out, which leaves everyone very confused. A spotlight then hits the WWE Champion with no one else in sight. All the lights go out once again and then … … …

… … … …


… … … …

A HUGE POP FROM THE CROWD. And the lights are still out.



A white light surrounds the ring, with Orton facing the ramp and THE UNDERTAKER STANDING BEHIND HIM~!! The crowd goes insane as Orton has no idea the ‘Deadman’ his standing him! Orton then turns around RIGHT WHEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT AGAIN. Then suddenly, the entire arena lights up, no one in sight, Orton, standing there looking around, confused, scarred? And maybe a little bit worried?

End Show.

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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

RAW Feedback

Opening the show with Vince? I guess it works fine since he’s the boss, though it was definitely unexpected. Not big on the sudden firing of Vickie just two weeks into your thread. I think you would have been much better off dragging out Vickie losing control, rather than it being based on just week. Could have made for some interesting stuff to see, imo. With Vince grooming someone to take over RAW, that leaves you to think Shane or Tripper, however it could be some backstage jobber for all we know. Vince being in charge opens some storylines possibilities since he has some bad blood with Orton, so hopefully you utilise those opportunities. The possibility of legacy expanding is great, as you can set them up to hold all the gold, which I wouldn’t mind seeing. Despite it being in recap, Orton seemed to get himself across very well, and while I usually wouldn’t be big on a heel running the gauntlet, it makes sense in context of the way the show is going with Vince in charge. Pretty good way to start off the show.

Vince seems to have rushed back to his office to be on the phone. You probably would have been better off placing this segment after the first match. Playing up the new impending GM is good, however I hope he doesn’t come too soon. You could drag this out pretty well, imo. Matt can’t compete against Orton thanks to a cast but can still compete? That’s a little odd. Surely Vince would want Orton to be punished with the cast. The triple threat match makes some sense I guess after what happened last week, though I hope the feud goes in the direction of Matt vs Helms, as the two have proven they can go at it in the ring. Should be a solid match.

Nice fast-paced start to the match here before it slowed down for a bit with Chavo taking over. Chavo’s offense should have gone on for a little longer, maybe summarising it so you don’t have to write it all out, making it easier for you. The distraction from Carlito also seemed a little heelish, though that doesn’t fuss me too much. The finish maybe came a bit soon, as I think you could have drawn it out and done a lot more with it, however Chavo picking up a dirty win is fine. Nice to see Chavo actually gaining some momentum.

Festus was still tied up? Must have been a long week for him. Glad to see some tension between Kendrick and MVP, while also bringing some hype for the return of Umaga. A few possibilities for the final of the tourney are obviously here, so you’ve got me interested as to which one you wish to take.

A woman in Legacy? Could add to the domination, which is good to see. Interesting way to go.

Ugh, heel vs heel. I hate heel vs heel matches because it leaves the crowd with no one to cheer. If they don’t sympathise with any of the guys wrestling I don’t see them being at all interested. The match itself was basic but fine. There’s only so much you can do with Mark Henry, so I think you did pretty well.

Kerry Von Erich? Seems like a good choice. I remember her being in developmental awhile ago. I’m not too sure on the crowd ‘roaring’ for the name Von Erich since many of the younger members of the crowd would be clueless as to who the Von Erich family is, but that’s just a minor detail. Nice addition. Hopefully we’ll see Hennig next week.

A First Blood Match? Meh. Doesn’t seem like a real ‘extreme’ type of match, especially for the main event for the brand. I mean, there are many more brutal matches. Doesn’t seem like a feud finishing type of match. Not too big on the hint at the GM being Triple H already, as you could have drawn this out longer imo, however Tripper is an interesting choice.

Nice little confrontation between Helms and Hardy, which is hopefully hinting at a feud. I’d mark.

Match between Kelly and Maryse was probably a few minutes too long for how you described it, though I think the time you allocated it was about right. Mickie turning after forcing Maryse back into the ring seems a bit odd, and well, I don’t like the idea of a sudden turn from Mickie. I would have liked to have seen it built up as he descending back into her crazy old self, rather than her just suddenly turning. This also leaves you with a weak women’s division on the face side, because well, besides Mickie there isn’t much. I don’t want to see Kelly as your top face.

Another Legacy segment? Seems like a bit much for tonight. I know you’re trying to really make them the top act, but three backstage stables is a bit much. I don’t see why Orton would be pissed as well. Wouldn’t he naturally assume that Rhodes and DiBiase would do the right thing by him, thus making the gauntlet easier?

Match started off pretty well for a triple threat, especially with Hardy’s heelish actions, although I think some big moves came maybe a bit early. Also not big on the fact that Hardy didn’t break up pins while doing nothing, since it doesn’t make the nearfalls believable. Wouldn’t he be worried the match may be lost? Seems like he’d be taking a risk by not breaking up any pin attempts. Having Hardy stay out of the ring until the ending would have had him being on the outside for about nine minutes, and well, that just seems too much. The counter of the Twist of Fate only to be nailed with it by Miz seemed a bit pointless too. Not sure on this match, as Miz has now been unable to follow up from supposedly having Randy Orton beaten, which makes both Helms and Hardy look better than Orton (which is wrong since he’s your champ) while Helms needed momentum in his comeback imo. The continued push makes me feel like you have big plans for Hardy though.

Santino is a smart first victim for the return of Umaga to RAW. Just leave Marella as a comedy jobber, plz. The promo afterwards seemed alright, though it just seemed like a bit of a way to get MVP on the show properly. Estrada saying Umaga will tear MVP apart at Extreme Rules but may not get the title doesn’t seem right, as it’s all gimmick matches. He should have confidence that ‘Mags should win, since odds are it’ll be a match with no DQ.

Gauntlet idea is interesting, although it could result in a lot of burial. Kozlov is a prime example of this. Only having him last three minutes with the champion is a bit weak. The finish for ‘Lito vs Orton also sounds a bit awkward, and well, logic says Miz should have been able to beat Orton after he was about to last week and has had time to recover from his last match, while Orton had already been out there for eight minutes. Ted and Cody also end up looking much too weak, and well, Snuka coming back just to job seemed pointless. I like the concept behind this, but with six competitors this was never going to result in anyone really looking good. Orton trying to Punt DiBiase isn’t something I’m fond of, because it kind of ruins this whole building a dynasty thing with Legacy if Orton is going to Punt his teammates in the head. I wouldn’t want to join a faction that does that to their members, and I don’t see why anyone would. ‘Taker on RAW’s an interesting way to end the show. I’ll have to wait to see how that pans out before I leave judgment on that.

Overall, I have no doubt this was an improvement on last week. Some things I still didn’t like (a few angles seemed rushed, and well, the gauntlet led to a bit too much burial imo), but the show as a whole was better. Ideally I’d like it to be in full, but if you lack time then I have no real gripe with you writing in recap. You seem to have pretty much worked the rust off, with the future of the brand looking promising. Good work, mate.

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Heel Turn on James Ellsworth
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Re: WWE 2009 - Battle For Supremacy

Thanks for that feedback, but I believe it is not finished ... ?
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