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Post Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Hey thanks for the reviews, especially you BKB Star. I really enjoyed reading what you wrote, and if you review like that for every show please review all of mine lol. However I would like to touch on some subjects.

~It appears as though you feel like Matt Hardy shitted on the US Championship too much, which is what I was going for. I don't think it really hurts the US Championship per say, but actually shows that Hardy is going for bigger things on Raw. Although I do see exactly where you are coming from.

~You said that Flair/Orton should have gone before the MVP/Hardy promo, but the reason I didn't do that is simple. I wanted to make MVP and especially Hardy appear as though they are a big deal. Everyone would be expecting Batista or Orton to open the show, but since that didn't happen they'd take a step back and maybe listen a little harder.

~The whole heel/heel thing I did in the main event was a dilemma I had to go through. The reason I thought it was okay is because Orton is a different kind of heel then the rest so I thought it could easily be pulled off. Orton is a dominate, vicious, cold and controlling heel whereas The Miz is more of cocky, arrogant, talk a lot no action type of heel. Throwing The Miz into the main event spot was an idea I liked because it opens doors for everyone; having Helms run in does the same. This now perfectly sets up what I have planned down the road and easily got Helms out of his interviewer role.

~I totally agree that I put Orton over Batista too much, but I felt it was needed. I want my champion to look dominant and have others be fearful of him and Legacy.

~To touch on the match situation, usually I just start and stop the matches whenever and put whatever time I feel like for TV shows. I am going to focus more on whats going on outside the ring, the build, the characters and the storylines during the weekly shows. At the PPVs I will hit hard with some of the matches, full matches, either 200 words/1 min. or 150, not sure yet. So yeah the matches probably won't be changing, but at the PPVs they will be totally different.

Thanks a lot for that review, I really like the criticism is you handed me and I will try and change some things for my next show, I hope you check it out to see some improvement.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

By SC2004 >>>

>>> Donít ever remember reviewing one of your show, but I hear great things, so lets get started. The opening commentary was fine, especially the mention of the Main event which was pretty huge. Iím not a fan of giving away big matches on TV, especially world title matches. However I see why your doing it. Orton, Batista isnít fresh or interesting and hereís hoping this is a blow off match because I honestly donít want to see those two on PPV. Flair addresses the crowd later was a nice hook. I always find it hard reading the first show in a modern WWE BTB as you canít help but compare and contrast the product to the real thing! It all seems too familiar so far, but itís early days.

>>> So the opening promo. Iím in two minds about your choice of MVP to open the show and let me tell you why. This is 24 hours after the PPV and people are tuning in for the fall out, so logically in order to grab viewers we should be met with either Orton or Batista. In fact I would of opened with Flair, but I see the logic is saving that for later. On the other hand Iím pleased to see youíre continuing to push MVP by allowing him time to shine. Enter matt hardy and things go off a little, not that Matt was bad, itís what he said. Now crapping all over the US title is one thing, but if your hyping the tournament and hoping to push MVP, this basically said none of itís worth a fuck cause they both suck. It makes me not care about the title and in turn not care about the tournament and it makes MVP look mid card wrestler and not future world champion. This segment for all of itís upís and downís was fun, but was it important or powerful enough to open the show and grab viewers?

>>> Now Iím a big fan of using the announce team to further angles and get your points across throughout the show, however Iím already starting to question their over use. What benefit is there in MVP beating a guy with a broken hand? Nothing, and I ask you how good could this match possibly be. In essence it couldnít go longer than 3 minutes. Weíll see what happened later. The backstage segment was fine, yet all the guys lining up to sign the petition were guys who are low down on the roster. Iím digging Umaga in the tournament, but I hope you put other big names in and give the US title some credibility back. At this stage I would have had Flair arriving or even legacy. Just something to gage the interest of the viewer who has tuned in to find out whatís going to happen next.

>>> Not the most fascinating of opening match ups, but it was nicely written. Finally we here from Flair and Batista. Now you may disagree with me, mainly because I tend to write for a TV audience as apposed to a reader on here, but wouldnít this segment have worked better at the very top of the show. I mean that Flair line is the hook. Anyway, the Flair promo is next. From a booking and scheduling perspective I think youíve made an error here. Youíve had one match separating the MVP and the Flair in ring promos. Overkill early on.

>>> As I said earlier, this promo came too soon after the MVP promo and would of worked better at the top of the show. Flair didnít get very long to talk, but his words seemed right for the moment. I must comment on how your attention to detail enhances the read and allows me to picture the scene. Now Orton just went off and rambled like youíd expect him to do. This was all very expected and nothing stood out as being original and solid and by the book as it was. When Orton and Flair started brawling in the ring, two thinks struck me as odd. First of all Priceless came to the ring and the immediate question is why? Is Orton so weak that he needs help or is it that his friends feel that he needs there help? Also with Flair getting beaten up, shouldnít of Batista come in for the save before Priceless? That makes much more booking sense as it gives Priceless a reason to come to the ring. You booked Orton weak here.

>>> So Flair gets taken away in an ambulance, nice sell. I know hw and Batista are friends, but would The Animal leave? Maybe. Either way it makes for an interesting Main event later tonight. Oh Jesus, Kendrick vs. Festus in a 19 second match up to start a tournament you hyped from the very start of the show. Not the best booking IMO. You needed a hot match up with two relative stars to really make something of this tournament and that just didnít happen here. Two very solid back to back segments here, especially the Legacy one in which they teased a new member or even leader. Clever booking in both segments filled with suspense. I see Batista returning, for the main event!

>>> To say the match ups thus far have lacked star power would be an understatement. All very boring and uninteresting. I rather story over action, but even if you book strong match ups and write a little it looks better than this. Kelly Kelly is also over rated IMO in the ring that is!!! The Festus, Kendrick segment was wellÖÖ.. Weird. That can be a good thing, but I havenít made up my mind yet. The Vickie Guerrero segment was again solid. I take it she was speaking with Mr McMahon, makes sense.

>>> The Hardy, MVP match up was great, but I canít suspend my belief long enough to believe that hardy, with a broken hand could wrestle a 12 minutes plus match up. I mean since Mania he has wrestled mostly 3 minute match ups. Hardy may have not one clean, but he shouldnít have won at all. MVP is the superstar getting pushed, but beyond that he just lost to a guy who thinks the US title is beneath him and you just proved that it is, yet you have an 8 man tournament going on to find a number 1 contender for said title. Makes no sense. Match was solid throughout though.

>>> The Miz, really? Heel vs. hellÖ. Letís see what happens. The stuff that stands out here is the helms, Hardy segment which was awesome. Helms is a tremendous athlete and he should be back in the ring. Hereís hoping you start a decent angle that results in a helms in ring return and push. I just canít forgive you for booking Orton and The Miz for the simple fact that I would of tuned out and Iím a fan of both. Loved the helms run in though, however I would of rather you built it up over a few weeks. I didnít think Batista was so hurt earlier, maybe I didnít read into it enough. He looks brave but dumb here, getting his ass handed to him once again. Weird final match and predictable closing segment.

OVERALL: Youíre talented, thatís obvious but maybe a little rusty. To be fair I read so much into things and spot stuff that most people would over look. The writing is solid, but the booking and entertainment factor is lacking. I think you were hindered by a lack of top talent to work with and that was never more apparent than in your decision to go with a Miz, Orton world title match. I mean what has Miz done to earn a damn title match to begin with? Once the booking begins to click, youíll be firs, Iím sure of that. Anyway, this was a fun read.


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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Alright then, here's the preview for the first ECW instalment of this thread. Just to inform everybody, all the trades and what not with the rosters haven't taken effect in this show, as this was done and dusted before they were decided between me, Sbuch and {Oh no, I forgot his name }. But, nobody who went to Raw and Smackdown from ECW are featured in the show, so the new Superstars on this show, e.g Kofi Kingston, William Regal and Jamie Noble, will debut next week. Ok, here we go...


Judgment Day has just passed, and already we are on the path to the one night where the WWE goes extreme; Extreme Rules, and on the ECW side of the sea we begin the journey to that hardcore extravaganza, as the scene for the Land of the Extreme is Cincinnati, Ohio, with the biggest prize on the brand still kept in the hands of the same individual who held the gold prior to Judgment Day, and rivalries being taken up a notch since last week, we can only wait and see to find out what's on the next page of the narrative.

The biggest prize in ECW was retained at Judgment Day, as Christian saw off the challenge of Jack Swagger to keep hold of the ECW Championship. However, Christian has to defend the gold once again. Not against Swagger; it'll be Tommy Dreamer. The Heart and Soul of the original ECW has an opportunity at the Championship that he only had a matter of minutes to cherish when he won it 9 years ago, and months ago, Dreamer stood before thousands of people and proclaimed that if he didn't win the ECW Title by the time his contract expires, which is June 7th (The night of Extreme Rules) then he will retire. It's do or die for Dreamer, can he win the title and keep his career on track? Or will Captain Charisma retain again and effectively guarantee Dreamer's retirement in 3 weeks' time?

But, Christian, Swagger and Dreamer aren't the only dominant forces on ECW. Last week, we saw the birth of a triple-act assembled by Superstars with Hart heritage; The Hart Dynasty. David Hart Smith interfered in Tyson Kidd's match with Finlay last week and together they decimated the Fighting Irishman, symbolically signalling the formation of the Hart Dynasty. Smith and Kidd, along with Natalya, will get down to business tonight, as they face Finlay and the high-flying Evan Bourne in tag team action. The Dynasty have the edge going into this match, introducing themselves with a bang just 7 days ago, but Finlay and Bourne have had victories over Kidd in previous weeks, and we are yet to see what Smith can do on the brand, so this should be an evenly-matched show-down to witness.

Of the Superstars who arrived on ECW in the Draft, Zack Ryder has to be, without a doubt, the most unique and charismatic guy to grace the ECW ring since that occasion. And Zack Ryder will have the chance to put his money where his mouth is, as he faces off against another high-spirited Superstar, in DJ Gabriel. Ryder will be wanting to prove a point in the Land of the Extreme, but so will Gabriel as he is on his own with Alicia Fox leaving for Smackdown, so it will form the foundations for a very interesting match-up.


You can see this and surely more on ECW, just tune into Sci-Fi at 9/8CT.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Show looks alright, Rock.

The Dreamer/Christian match happened irl, and for some reason I see it ending like it did irl with Swagger interfering. Not a big fan of that, but it sets up for Extreme Rules just fine.

Tag match should definitely be good. The Hart Dynasty need to go over to really make sure they look like a force. A loss would leave them looking weak.

Ryder push, plz. Gabriel is nothing more than a jobber, so a win for Ryder is definitely on the cards.

I'll review the show when you get it up for sure.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Smackdown is the best brand but ECW is better then raw so Yeah.

Idk you never know who could win love to see ECW once again win or something It would be shocking lol
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Tuesday Night ECW – May 19th, 2009

We begin with a video package recapping ECW’s main event from Judgment Day, between Jack Swagger and the defending ECW Champion, Christian. With a production theme titled ‘Swing To Glory’ playing in the background, the tune changes to ‘Rescue Me’ by Buckcherry as ‘Captain Charisma’ wins the match and holds his ECW Championship high above his head as Jack Swagger is devastated.

Afterwards, the ECW opening video package plays, as ‘Don’t Question My Heart’ by Saliva plays and we enter the US Bank Arena, and the pyrotechnics explode from the High-Definition Set as the camera pans the audience who are holding up their banners and signs and cheering enthusiastically. Finally, Josh Matthews and Matt Striker greet us.

Josh Matthews: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to another spectacular episode of ECW, emanating tonight from Cincinnati, Ohio! Hello everybody, I’m Josh Matthews, joined by Matt Striker-

Matt Striker: It’s great to be here in Cincinnati, Josh, and you can bet that these WWE fans feel just as great to be seeing all their favourite ECW Superstars, and of course their favorite commentator; yours truly.

Josh Matthews: Thanks, Matt … Anyways, we have a huge main event for you tonight, as reported on WWE.Com, Christian will defend his ECW Championship against Tommy Dreamer right here on ECW!

Matt Striker: Tommy Dreamer’s contract expires in a few weeks, Josh, if he doesn’t win tonight, then his ECW career is practically finished! That’s how high the stakes are in tonight’s main event.

Josh Matthews: We have another huge match tonight, Finlay and Evan Bourne team up for one night only, to face the Hart Dynasty’s Tyson Kidd and David Hart Smith, who made his debut last week on ECW!


The crowd lightens up and go crazy, as the ECW Champion, Christian, walks out, with the ECW Championship belt over his shoulder and a WWE Merchandised T-Shirt being worn over his ring gear. CC, with a big, wide smirk on his face, walks down the rampway, pounding his heart with his palm and pointing to his ‘Peeps’ in the crowd. Christian looks into the rafters once more before walking up the steel stairs and swinging his leg swiftly around the middle rope, stepping into the ring. ‘Captain Charisma’ grabs a mic.


Christian opens his mouth and breathes inwards to talk, but is cut off by a ‘Christian’ chant in the crowd. CC looks to the main instigators in the audience, nodding his head, and smirks.

Christian: The only thing, as good as standing in the ring and seeing thousands of fans chanting your name...

Christian gets a nice pop after acknowledging the crowd’s chants and obliging.

Christian: … Is standing out here ... with the ECW Championship over my shoulder.

Christian laughs at himself, while getting another pop from the crowd.

Christian: It could easily have been different after Judgment Day, but once again … ‘Captain Charisma’ and my peeps came out victorious.

The camera cuts to a group of ‘Peeps’ in the crowd, who cheer and wave at the camera.

Christian: Jack (Imitates having lisp) Sttttttthhhhwagger is going to have to realise sooner rather than later, that this E – C – W Championship is stayin’ right here with me, and let’s be honest, it would be such a shame if such a glorious, shiny, platinum belt had endless amounts of saliva sprayed over it again.

The crowd laugh as Christian smirks widely.

Christian: But ... Tonight … I’ve got a match against Tommy Dreamer, with my ECW Championship on the line.

Christian’s inaugural mention of Tommy Dreamer in this opening segment gets a big pop from the crowd, mainly the original ECW marks.

Christian: If I have to lose this ECW Championship, then Tommy would be the one guy who I would lose it to. BUT … Just because he’s going to retire if he doesn’t win the title before his contract expires in a few weeks, doesn’t mean I’m going to lay on my back and let him pin me. I’m not going ta’ go easy on him, I’m not gonna-[/font]


The arena is filled with heat within the blink of an eye, as Jack Swagger, the former ECW Champion, walks out, wearing a slick black and grey suit. Swagger, without his familiar cheesy grin, walks down the rampway, wasting no time in entering the ring and snatching a microphone from Tony Chimel.

Jack Swagger: Christian … If you gave a damn about this company, let alone ECW, then the only guy you would lay on your back and be pinned by … is ME.

The crowd boo Swagger once again, as Christian’s smirk turns to a glare at the two-time All-American.

Jack Swagger: It doesn’t matter if you’re officially the ECW Champion, because the fact still remains that I (Pounds his chest) am the face of ECW and I (Pounds his chest once again, more fiercely) am the franchise Superstar of this brand!

The audience beg to differ, and pour heat on Jack.

Jack Swagger: I am the uncrowned ECW Champion ... and while it maintains that I am the best this show this has to offer, it is still a Goddamn travesty, because you have cheated your way into winning and retaining your ECW Title at Backlash AND Judgment Day!

Christian: You don’t know anything about me, do ya’ Jack? It’s called brains … over brawn. I worked my ass off to win this ECW Championship, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to keep it!

Christian’s defiance draws the adulation of the crowd, who cheer for CC once again.

Jack Swagger: Fine, you can keep talking that B.S in front of your handful of (Air-quotes’ ‘Peeps’ but let’s see what they think of this. ROLL THE TAPE!

For some reason, nothing happens, and the TitanTron remains blank. We cut back to Swagg, who is looking none too happy that the production crew haven't met his demands.


Before Jack Swagger can finish his demand, Captain Charisma kicks Swagger in the gut, grabs his arms … and NAILS SWAGGER WITH AN UNPRETTIER! ‘Just Close Your Eyes’ plays, as Christian smirks and picks up his ECW Championship, leaving the ring and heading to the back with a huge pop ringing in his ears.

Josh Matthews: My God, what a way to kick off ECW, eh Matt?

Matt Striker: Always is when you’ve got the two fiercest rivals on ECW face-to-face, Josh!

Josh Matthews: And that's not the only time you'll be seeing Christian on your television screens tonight, ladies and gentlemen, because remember that Christian is competing against Tommy Dreamer, who has a shot at the ECW Championship tonight on ECW!


Match 1 – Tag Team
Finlay & Evan Bourne vs. The Hart Dynasty

The Hart Dynasty was formed in spectacular fashion last week, when David Hart Smith made his ECW debut after being drafted from SmackDown in the 2009 Supplemental Draft, and interrupted Finlay’s match with Tyson Kidd, as Smith attacked Finlay and stood tall with Kidd and Natalya, officially forming the stable which is now known as The Hart Dynasty. Tonight, Finlay looks for retribution as he teams with the high-flying Evan Bourne to try and get a win against Hart Smith and Kidd. Natalya will be on the outside of the ring, cheering on her stable-mates, so Bourne and Finlay had better be aware of that potential outside threat.

As the match begins, Tyson Kidd and Evan Bourne, who have had their fair share of altercations and singles matches over the past weeks, get it on, with basic moves, such as arm drags, hip-tosses and clotheslines being put to good effect in the opening stages. Kidd is in full control of the match when Bourne goes for a hurricarana, but Tyson catches Evan’s legs, grabs hold of Bourne, and power bombs the high-flyer into the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring! Kidd looks to make sure he maintains the advantage, by applying different submission holds to Evan, such as headlocks and arm-bars, but Tyson mainly works on the legs, in an attempt to extinguish Bourne’s aerial offence. A prime example is when Kidd grabs Bourne’s left leg with Kidd standing behind, and Tyson pulls Evan’s left leg back, a move that could have done serious damage to Evan Bourne’s left leg! Tyson Kidd tags in David Hart Smith, who gets Evan Bourne to his feet and lifts him up, trying to send Evan face-first into the turnbuckle like a javelin, but Bourne luckily slips off Smith’s shoulders, and pushes DH into the turnbuckle! Hart Smith groggily turns around and Evan Bourne connects with a hurricarana! Smith goes down, but so does Bourne, and he holds his injured left leg with a look of angst on his face. Evan crawls to the corner and tags in Finlay, who gets into the ring and takes down David Hart Smith, who only just got back up, with an elbow, and then Finlay clotheslines Tyson Kidd off the ring apron and Kidd goes crashing into the side of the announce table!

Finlay turns around, only for David Hart Smith to knock down the ‘Fighting Irishman’ with a boot to the skull! Smith smirks, and stomps the hell out of Finlay’s mid-section, but when DH gets carried away, he taunts the crowd by flexing his muscles, giving Finlay time to get back up and take down Smith with a suplex! Then, Finlay runs off the ropes, and plants an elbow into David Hart’s sternum! Finlay gets the crowd going, and he gets Smith to his feet, lifting him up for a Celtic Cross, but as they are standing close to the side of the ring near the ropes, Natalya grabs Finlay’s leg and distracts him. Giving Smith time to get out of the hold, and roll up Finlay, 1 … 2 … … 3-NO, Finlay kicks out! Smith shakes his head in disappointment and gets Finlay up, Irish whipping Finlay (No pun intended) against the ropes, and Smith gets ready for a back body drop, but Finlay kicks Smith in the face causing DH to stand up straight again and Finlay then lifts him up and connects with the CELTIC CROSS!! Finlay isn’t done there though, and goes to tag in Evan Bourne, but Tyson Kidd runs into the ring and knocks Bourne off the ring apron! The referee tells Tyson off, and the ref looks over the ropes to check on Evan, but meanwhile, Kidd drags a weary David Hart Smith into the corner and tags himself in when the referee is looking. Kidd enters the ring and Finlay swings at Kidd with a clothesline, but he ducks, and lifts Finlay up, connecting with a suplex! Tyson Kidd then goes out onto the ring apron and jumps up onto the ropes, leaping off and nailing Finlay with a SPRINGBOARD ELBOW DROP! Kidd makes the cover as David Hart Smith runs across the ring and keeps Evan Bourne away, 1 ... 2 ... ... 3!

Winners: The Hart Dynasty @ 7:52

'Hitman’ plays, and Tyson Kidd rises to his feet, as David Hart Smith comes into the ring too and they have their hands raised by the referee to heat from the crowd, as Evan Bourne slides into the ring and checks on his partner Finlay. The Hart Dynasty, all smiles, step out of the ring and head up the rampway after their victory.

Josh Matthews: We continue our red-hot start to tonight’s ECW with a victory for The Hart Dynasty over Evan Bourne and Finlay, they got the job done regardless of the circumstances which I, for one, find questionable, looking at Tyson's interference when he wasn't the legal man.

Matt Striker: For God sakes, Josh, you can never give full credit to people like The Hart Dynasty, can you? Just because you don’t like them, doesn’t mean you have to degrade them on national television! Can we please get a new play-by-play for this show?

Josh Matthews: Er, no, Matt. Just no. Up next, ladies and gentlemen, is the cocky and brash Zack Ryder in action, and after that … Tommy Dreamer challenges Christian for the ECW Championship.

We cut backstage, and Tommy Dreamer is sat on a folding steel chair in the locker room, staring at the floor, perhaps pondering what could be at the end of the night. Then, Kelly-Kelly walks in, with a microphone.

Kelly-Kelly: Tommy Dreamer, tonight you face Christian, with the ECW Championship on the line. You have said
that if you don’t win the ECW Championship before your contract expires in 4 weeks … then you will retire.[/font]

Tommy Dreamer nods his head, looking emotionless otherwise.

Kelly-Kelly: Tell us, can you put into words how big a match this is for you tonight?

Tommy Dreamer: Kelly … I’ve been wrestling for ECW since 1993, 16 years ago. I’ve had some big matches since I debuted, countless ECW Title matches, grudge matches, you name it, I’ve been there and done that. At the time when I was walking into those matches, I would convince myself that it was going to be the biggest and most important match of my career, of my life even … But I could never convince myself, because I knew this day was going to come. I’ve been saving the enthusiasm and the importance, the goose bumps and the butterflies in my stomach for one night – and that’s this night. This is the biggest match I will ever compete in. It’s do or die.

Kelly-Kelly: If you do not win this match tonight … Is it set in stone that when your contract expires, you will be gone, because you didn’t win the title?

Tommy Dreamer: I’m not stupid, Kelly. I know, the WWE knows and these fans know that no matter what I’ve done and what I’ve contributed to ECW over the years that I’m not the top draw anymore, I’m not at the top of my game. That’s where Jack Swagger and Christian are. I’m going to do whatever it takes to seize this opportunity tonight and become ECW Champion. If I don’t, then … (wipes a tear from his eye) then … then I’ll be getting ready to walk out the door for the last time.

Kelly-Kelly: Thanks for your time, Tommy.


Match 2 – Singles
Zack Ryder vs. DJ Gabriel

Zack Ryder came to ECW in the Supplemental Draft, and as it was a new start for Ryder, he got himself a new look, looking completely different. He has been unsuccessful thus far, narrowly losing to Finlay on WWE Superstars a few weeks ago, but this is Zack’s debut on the ECW show, and he’s against the dancing and jiving DJ Gabriel, who is partner-less after Alicia Fox was drafted to SmackDown in the Supplemental Draft. Who shall come out on top in this match where both competitors are looking to prove a point?

In the opening stages, DJ Gabriel is outsmarting Ryder, dodging Zack’s every move, but the action gets physical when Ryder runs at DJ, but the dancing Superstar lifts up Zack Ryder into a gorilla press and drops Ryder chest-first into the canvas! Gabriel busts out a Michael Jackson-like move, before getting Ryder to his feet, but Zack fights back, kicking DJ in the gut and sending him tumbling through the ropes and out of the ring foolishly with a dropkick! Gabriel is quick to get up, and Ryder goes for a baseball slide, but DJ catches his legs, and pulls Zack forcefully out of the ring, as Ryder lands on the concrete floor!

DJ Gabriel gets himself and Zack Ryder back in the ring, and Gabriel goes for a suplex, but Ryder slips off of Gabriel’s shoulders and takes him down with a Russian leg sweep! Zack screams ‘WOO-WOO-WOO!’ at the top of his voice, and as DJ Gabriel gets back up, Ryder connects with a leg lariat! Ryder re-adjusts his spiked-up hair, before getting up DJ Gabriel to his feet straight away, and nailing Gabriel with the inverted overdrive, which Ryder calls the RADIO DRIVE, finishing off the match with a simple cover with the hook of the leg and giving Ryder his first woo-woo-win on ECW.

Winner: Zack Ryder @ 5:21

‘Oh Radio’ plays, as Zack Ryder, with a big smirk on his face, gets to his feet and celebrates, ignoring the referee who tries to raise his hand. Ryder spikes his hair back up and climbs to the second rope, letting out a huge grin and shouting ‘WOO-WOO-WOO!’ with the crowd giving out a mixed reaction. Zack leaves the ring and saunters up the rampway, nodding his head and saying ‘You know it!’ to some fans, as DJ Gabriel begins to recover from his loss.

Josh Matthews: There you have seen Zack Ryder pick up his first victory as an ECW Superstar, defeating DJ Gabriel in impressive fashion!

Matt Striker: Zack Ryder is undoubtedly one of the most unique and charismatic Superstars in the WWE, let alone ECW, and if Ryder continues to notch wins as good as this, then he is the next big thing on ECW, woo-woo-woo, you know it, Josh!

Josh Matthews: Maybe I should get in touch with WWE Shop and ask them to make a Zack Ryder #1 fan t-shirt for you, Matt…Up next, ladies and gentlemen, it is undoubtedly the biggest match in Tommy Dreamer’s career; he challenges Christian for the ECW Championship and as Dreamer said in his own words earlier tonight; it’s do or die.

The camera cuts backstage and there are some ECW Superstars, all the face Superstars to be precise, crowded in the locker room. They move, as TOMMY DREAMER stands up, and walks out of the locker room, as the fellow Superstars applaud and there are whistles and shouts of ‘Come on, Tommy!’


Back from the commercial break, and Evan Bourne, wearing casual clothes now and with a bag over his shoulder, is walking through the parking lot … when DAVID HART SMITH AND TYSON KIDD, THE HART DYNASTY, ATTACK BOURNE FROM BEHIND! Kidd and Smith nail Bourne with clubbing blows and stomps, and a few moments later, they both get Evan to his feet, and THROW BOURNE SPINE-FIRST INTO THE CAR, DENTING THE VEHICLE ON IMPACT! Smith and Kidd nod their heads and smirk at each other, as Evan Bourne groans and clutches his shoulder in agony, when FINLAY walks into the shot, to a huge pop, and looks at Smith, as Kidd crouches down behind the damaged car.

Finlay: That’s my car, you son of a bitch!

Finlay gnarls furiously, and grabs a lead pipe from nearby, and SWINGS THE LEAD PIPE AT TYSON KIDD AND DAVID HART SMITH, BUT THEY GET AWAY! Finlay shakes his head as Kidd, Smith and Natalya, who joins them, make a getaway, and Finlay checks on Evan, kneeling down and looking back at the Hart Dynasty once more angrily.

The camera cuts to the ring, where Tony Chimel is standing, as the bell rings.

Tony Chimel: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the E … C … W CHAMPIONNSHIPPPPP!

The crowd pop.


Tony Chimel: First, on his way to the ring … from Toronto, Ontario, Canada … weighing in at 235 pounds … He is the E … C … W CHAMPIONNNNNNNN …… CHRISSSSSSTTIIAAANNNNN!!!

The crowd give a mixed reaction, leaning more towards a good one though (As the crowd are saving the ovation for Tommy Dreamer), as Christian walks through the curtain with his trademark gold hooded jacket on. Christian lifts his hood up before swinging it back, pounding his chest with his palm and pointing to his peeps in the crowd, while walking down the rampway towards the ring. Christian slaps hands with the crowd, before walking up the steel stairs and swinging his leg around the middle rope, stepping into the ring.

Christian walks to the corner of the squared circle, and climbs to the second rope, un-strapping the ECW Championship from around his waist and holding it high in front of the crowd. Christian gets back down and repeats the process on the other side of the ring, before taking his jacket off, and giving it to a worker on the outside of the ring. There is silence for a number of moments, when…





Tony Chimel: And the opponent … from Yonkers, New York, weighing in at 255 pounds … TOMMMMYYYYYYYYY DREEEEEEEEEAAAAMERRRRRRRRR!!!

The crowd lets off a deafening ovation, as Tommy Dreamer, wearing a T-Shirt with an original ECW Logo emblazoned on the chest, walks out, beating at his heart with his fist and letting out a loud roar. Dreamer storms down the rampway, and is about to enter the ring … when JACK FREAKIN’ SWAGGER RUNS DOWN THE RAMP WITH A STEEL CHAIR, AND SLAMS THE STEEL CHAIR INTO THE SPINE OF TOMMY DREAMER! The heat in the US Bank Arena is unbelievable, as Jack Swagger stands over Tommy Dreamer, with a sick smirk on his face, but not for long, as CHRISTIAN CLIMBS TO THE TOP ROPE AND LEAPS OFF, TAKING DOWN HIMSELF AND JACK SWAGGER TO THE CONCRETE FLOOR!

Christian and Jack Swagger lie motionless on the floor as the crowd are going crazy now, until Christian and Swagger get back up, and CC grabs a Singapore Cane from under the ring! Christian gets it and goes to swing at Swagger, but right there Tommy Dreamer gets back up, unaware of what’s going on, and CHRISTIAN ACCIDENTALLY HITS TOMMY DREAMER IN WITH THE SINGAPORE CANE!!!!! Tommy Dreamer falls to the concrete floor once again, as Christian holds his head and looks on in shock, but then takes down Jack Swagger, and they continue to brawl!

But then, ECW General Manager Tiffany walks out to cheers and whistles, with a dozen security guards in tow! The security walk down the rampway, and separate Swagger and Christian from each other, as Tiffany, looking furious, presses a microphone to her lips.


Christian and Jack Swagger, both still restrained by security guards, look at Tiffany curiously.

Tiffany: Both of you, not just Jack Swagger, have totally ruined tonight’s main event! And I’m not going to put up with that; we are going to have a main event tonight! It’s going to be Christian versus Jack Swagger in a non-title match, right here, right now!

The crowd pops at this announcement, and Christian and Jack Swagger enter the ring, as a swarm of referees run down the rampway, and help a barely conscious Tommy Dreamer to the back.

Main Event – Singles, Non-Title
Christian vs. Jack Swagger

Well, we were supposed to be seeing Tommy Dreamer challenge Christian for the ECW Championship tonight, but after Jack Swagger assaulted Tommy with a steel chair, Christian accidentally hit Dreamer with a Singapore cane and a brawl between Christian and Swagger broke out, we’re seeing ‘Captain Charisma’ face the ‘Wrestling Prodigy’ in our main event tonight on ECW. Both have been worn down after their scuffle just moments, so who will pick up the victory in this non-title, but still very physical and heated contest?

The match starts, and Christian and Jack Swagger jump straight into it, taking it to the floor and pounding each other with right hands and clubbing blows. They get back up and Jack Swagger runs at Christian, but CC holds down the top rope and Swagger goes tumbling out of the ring and down to the concrete floor. Now, it seems like the brawl has started again, as Christian and Swagger trade blows and Christian drives Swagger’s spine into the barricade wall, but then CHRISTIAN AND SWAGGER GO TUMBLING OVER THE SECURITY BARRICADE! The two fierce rivals don’t give a crap though, and they continue to fight right in front of the crowd who are cheering like hell. Swagger kicks Christian in the gut, and he runs at CC, but Christian sends Swagger over the barricade wall with a back body drop, as Jack lands spine-first on the concrete floor! Right after that, the referee rings the bell, as the match has resulted in a double count-out!

Result: Double Count-out @ 1:27

With Jack Swagger struggling to his feet, Christian climbs on top of the security barricade, and leaps off, taking down Swagger with a CROSS BODY! Christian gets back up before Swagger and pounds at his chest to a big pop, but when the ECW Champion turns around … TOMMY DREAMER, OUT OF NO-WHERE AND WITH BANDAGE WRAPPED ON HIS FOREHEAD, NAILS CHRISTIAN OVER THE SKULL WITH A SINGAPORE CANE! THE CROWD IS GOING CRAZY, AS TOMMY DREAMER LETS OUT A DEAFENING CRY, AND AS JACK SWAGGER GETS BACK UP, TOMMY DREAMER NAILS SWAGGER TOO! The US Bank Arena’s roof is close to being blown off as Tommy Dreamer stands over Christian and Jack Swagger, holding CC’s ECW Championship high. Dreamer then snaps the Singapore cane with his knee, and throws the two halves of the cane into the Cincinnati crowd, before placing the ECW Title between the bodies of Christian and Swagger, perhaps symbolically?

***END SHOW***

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

My ECW Review

Opening Segment - I like what you did with the interaction with the fans at the start. The segment started off well but when Jack Swagger came out it went downhill. The ending wasn't very good. Ending because of a production fault, then Christian attacking Swagger. You could have rolled the tape and then (if it was what I think it was going to be) have Christian defend himself resulting in a brawl or something.

Bourne/Finlay/Hart Dynasty - I enjoyed this match. A good fun opening match - up to get the crowd pumped. It was a good win for the Dynasty and it should cement them as a top heel stable. I see Tyson having more potential than Smith, also I see a Legacy Vs Dynasty feud down the line. Finlay and Bourne are a bit of a weird tag team and I would think they're styles wouldn't match well.

Kelly/Dreamer - Kelly as an interviewer and not a wrestler...awesome lol. Maybe a expose will be back lol. Anyways, I can see why Dreamer would be thinking about having to leave after his contract. But he could have showed some emotion because he has a chance to change that. Tommy Dreamer wiping a tear away. I can't really picture that a ECW original almost crying? Good job putting over not only the title match but Swagger and Christian with this interview.

Ryder/Gabriel - At least it wasn't a squash match imo. Ryder getting the win I expected because...well...I think Gabriel should either be a jobber or released either way, mainly because of his gimmick. Although if you repackaged his gimmick I could see him doing well.

Backstage attack - Would Finlay care about the car more than Bourne...probably. Although not sure about why they would attack Bourne backstage and not Finlay because Finlay was the one involved with Kidd to begin with. Other than it seemed like a brutal attack and again you're doing a good job of cementing Dynasty as a top heel stable.

Christian/Dreamer - I would think that Dreamer would be the one getting the mixed reaction and Christian would be getting the big reaction. Good way to start with Swagger running down and attacking Dreamer. Then Christian attacking Swagger. Then Swagger ducking and Christian hitting Dreamer was gold. Set-up's a three way for the title.

Christian/Swagger - Got to say, I'm not liking the ending, give them a good match and then count them out not straight away. But I suppose if you're trying to show the hatred between the two then it was a good move. Good way to end the show with Dreamer holding up the belt.

Overall - It was a good show. I love how you're booking the Hart Dynasty.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

ECW Feedback

Okay, well a good idea to start off starting with Christian. Definitely the right move, considering not only is he the man who retained his title two nights ago, but he is also by far and away the best promo guy you've got on your show. The first few lines were a good idea, though they weren't executed exactly right, imo. "Your" and "my" were interchangeable between the two sentences when they really shouldn't have been. Things like that ignore me, and while it's small, lines like that need to be perfect for full effect. I though Christian maybe played it up to the fans a little too much, though the mocking of Swagger was alright. Bringing up the 'friendship' of Christian and Dreamer seems maybe a bit too much like irl (especially considering they hadn't been made out as friends yet on ECW), though since they're both faces I guess you have to at least have them seem to have mutual respect. Christian seemed to be cut off awfully early by Swagger, as you may have been able to go a little further with Christian before he got cut off, though it's nothing big. Swagger again was like irl, but that's alright since it utilises the events that occurred up to this show. Not really happy that you had Christian lay Swagger out so early since it ended this promo prematurely (both men could have had a lot more to say), and the ending seemed a bit hard to imagine (I can't see it being that easy to get Swagger in position without him recovering). The segment for what it was, was pretty good, however, I think you could have done a fair bit more with it. You're just tapping into the potential.

I'm not too big on the first paragraph describing why the match is taking place. I'd rather you use the commentators for that, because well, that's what they're there to do. The first thing I notice in this match is a lack of tags, especially on the heel side when the number one rule of psychology in a tag match is that the heels constantly tag one another in and out to keep fresh. Why would Kidd stay in so long before tagging Smith in? It goes against that psychology. The fact that Smith gets countered as soon as he comes in makes him look kinda weak, imo. The match was fine up until the ending, which seemed very sloppy. Finlay didn't even get touched by Kidd, yet he just left him and allowed him to grab Smith so that Kidd could drag Smith over to the corner to make the tag after knocking Bourne off the apron? Doesn't make much sense, because Finlay really wouldn't be that stupid. The other thing that bothered me was a suplex being the go home move, because really, it isn't strong enough. Kidd has plenty of flashy moves in his arsenal, so why a suplex? Very bland and weak looking. Besides the finish and lack of Smith, the match was pretty nice. Would serve well as a fun opener, especially with two over faces involved.

Ergh, bickering between Matthews and Striker? Not needed. Striker is great as his own commentator, so you don't need to make him like Jerry Lawler to Matthews' JR. Not every announce team has to have a face and heel fighting. I actually often find ECW refreshing because we don't have that.

The Dreamer promo was pretty damn nicely put together. Didn't like him saying he wasn't as good as Christian and Swagger and that he wasn't a 'draw' (that's too smarky for my liking), because it really undersells him as a contender, though the story behind the promo was pretty damn nice.

Really would have preferred for you to have given The Hart Dynasty a few more minutes while turning this into a squash. Ryder looks like he's set to be a solid part of the midcard, so someone who's been used as a jobber like DJ Gabriel really shouldn't take much effort at all to put away. He doesn't deserve the offence he got in. Happy to see Ryder pick up the win though, and hopefully continue up the card.

Lead pipes are just conveniently placed these days, don't you think? Like that you're trying to get some storylines going here, though 'son of a bitch' may be a bit too strong for WWE PG.

I appreciate the angle, and in concept, I actually think what you did in the main event was quite a good idea (for ECW; maybe not RAW or SmackDown!), though some things were poorly executed. To begin with, Christian and Swagger never appeared to get back in the ring, so I don't think the match can ever officially start. There was also you having Christian pull the top rope down for Swagger to go tumbling over when once again, they weren't in the ring. Dreamer coming back just a minute or two after he as decked with a Singapore cane and steel chair combo from backstage with a bandage also doesn't make much sense. Like I said, the idea and concept were there. It just didn't come off right, imo.

This was a very fun read, tbh. While I pointed out some things I didn't agree with, what matters is when something is fun to read. A BTB can be technically perfect but boring to read, while you've definitely got my interest, despite this show not being the best the section has ever seen. The fact that it was an hour may help, but I think you're writing should take a lot of credit for that. The show definitely has potential, as you've shown with this first show, though there's also some room for improvement. A good start to what should be a solid brand in this BTB.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Thanks for the reviews, guys. As to what you didn't like about the show, for the paragraphs included at the start of the matches that were used for descriptions, they're not included in the next show, it was just a one-off thing in the show as far as I'm concerned. I didn't have the Christian/Swagger match progress because I had a pretty long ending and the show was quite long before the match anyway, so if I had them in a 10-minute match it would be going over the 1-hour slot for the show. For Tommy Dreamer's involvement after the match, I needed to get him out of the way before the Main Event, and I needed him to come back in afterwards, to give him some momentum and make him look good as his contract expiry nears. As for the Ryder/Gabriel match, I didn't have Zack go over in a 3 or 4 minute match, I want him to be competitive, and besides, DJ is a member of the roster and I want all the guys at my disposal to be good to give me more flexibility for my shows and who to push, and you never know, one could be in line for Gabriel. Anyways, here's some news...

Posted by Gerweck.Net
Triple H and, possibly, Shawn Michaels are set to be returning soon. Triple H has been taking time off since April's Pay-Per-View, Backlash, where he was sidelined after a punt to the head from Randy Orton after losing the WWE Championship to Orton in a 6-Man Tag Team Match. It isn't known who Trips will work with when he comes back, a program for the WWE Championship with Orton is most probable however, as it was Randy who put him on the shelf, and Triple H and Orton could do with a good one-on-one match to cap off their feud, which the fans feel they didn't see at WrestleMania XXV. As for Shawn Michaels, he could return some time in the Summer. We haven't heard from HBK much since WrestleMania, where he was in a grueling match with The Undertaker, and the latest Michaels could return is October/November, if he has niggling injuries, and now is a good time to heal, after putting on a classic against The Deadman. It's not certain if we will see any D-Generation X re-unions this year, they could re-unite for one night should they both be in high-profile feuds on Raw.

ECW is set to be getting a new authority figure soon, apparently. Creative don't seem to like Tiffany as General Manager, and it's likely going to change. This news came from a rumor that WWE are on the brink of re-hiring a former authority figure that left a few years ago, to manage ECW. It is not known who this could be, but this could be a false report purposely released by WWE. If so, a candidate would be William Regal, who was General Manager of Raw for almost a year in 2007-2008. The new General Manager will be installed soon, it's possible that he could be announced the show after the next Pay-Per-View, Extreme Rules, which takes place in 3 weeks' time.

After Zack Ryder's victory over DJ Gabriel this past week on ECW, it appears that Ryder could be in line for a push on the show. The creative team on ECW are impressed by Zack and feel that his look and charisma resembles somebody who could go far in the company. A so-called 'Jesus push' is not going to happen though, it is most likely that Ryder will slowly but surely be built up, and will be invovled in some feuds with established competitors on the brand before making his way into the ECW Championship picture, if he ever manages to make it there. Superstars such as Kofi Kingston, Jamie Noble and, at the moment, Tommy Dreamer (If he stays beyond Extreme Rules) have been brought up as to potential programs for Ryder.

Also, Ryder's former partner, Curt Hawkins, is allegedly getting a gimmick change. The Smackdown creative team are pretty high on him, just like his former partner, and his new gimmick is set to be debuted this Friday on SmackDown. The word is, Curt will be handed a darker, more sinister gimmick, possibly similar to Gangrel. If this is true, it is likely Curt will need a mouth-piece, as creative don't see Hawkins as a natural promo cutter. Gangrel himself is a name that could be seen as a future manager for Hawkins, but it's set in stone that Curt will be moving up to the mid-card, and Superstars that are a possibility for him to feud with include R-Truth, The Great Khali (Although that's very unlikely as it would be almost impossible for Curt to go over in a feud with that beast) and the 'Shaman of Sexy' John Morrison.

Sources tell us that Friday Night SmackDown is set to go in a completely new direction in the coming months. It's not certain how, whether the show will become more darker and TV-14 orientated, but a fan caught up with writer Michael Hayes recently in an autograph signing in New York, and he said that 'Hayes told me that SmackDown 'will get a lot better, trust me', and then he laughed and signed my t-shirt and posed for a picture with me.' We will be pursuing interviews with Hayes and other WWE representatives on this subject soon.
As for the SmackDown writer, he has been chosen, he's been planning the show and its direction thoroughly, and he will be introduced to this thread soon. NO SPOILERS ON THE MATTER, PLEASE.

SmackDown should be posted by the writer next week, or in the early stages of the week after, Raw should be posted later that week or the early part of the following week, and I will be posting ECW that same week. Which means that all three of the next shows should be up by 4th or 5th July. Until then, ciao.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Triple H coming back to feud with Orton? Meh, they're boring as hell together no, but you're in a bad position, as one would think they have to feud since they have unfinished business, really. Just try to make it interesting, plz. Michaels coming back is good, but looks like that's a long, long way off.

I don't care for a new General manager. I think Tiffany does her job just fine, because all she has to do is walk out and announce a match on ECW. She may as well look good while doing so. Plz don't make it Paul Heyman for GM, because that would be predictable, and kinda stupid since this isn't the old ECW, nor should it be mistaken to be.

Ryder feuds with Noble and Kingston look interesting. You've built yourself a very nice midcard, and hopefully you'll use it well (I'm sure you will ).

Hawkins wasn't too bad either, though I don't really wanna see Gangrel hanging around. Morrison's much too high to feud with Hawkins as well imo, so keep them apart Mr Mysterious SmackDown! Writer.

Hopefully SmackDown! is quality as promised.

Everything looks pretty good. Keep this going guys.

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