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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Liking this. You've made the ECW roster even stronger by adding Noble and Kingston to it (as well as Fatdust =/), while keeping RAW and SmackDown! looking good too. Banners are sex too, btw.

Good luck.

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

I'm really looking forward to this BTB so far.
It turns me on!

Top 5 Current Favorite Wrestlers:
1. Edge
2. Randy Orton
3. Kurt Angle
4. Chris Jericho
5. The Miz
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Hey all, I just want to say that I have been back and forth with various BTBs but I feel extremely good about this one, way more than I have felt with any BTB. I feel as if this could be a very great/long lasting BTB and I will definitely bring my A game for this. I have enjoyed it so far, and it has just begun! I love my roster, and I have a lot of thing planned, so yeah, just my two cents, but make sure you keep checking in.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Overall, this looks very excellent presented, hell I can’t point out if you could make it any better. Nice rosters and layout added to this, especially with Kingston back on the E-C-Dubya brand as well as Noble, who equals rating .

After a solid opening post Rock, I will definitely be reviewing the first show as well as the show Sbuch will hopefully post and I really can’t wait to find out this identity of the person who will be writing SmackDown!, it must be someone good.

Good luck with this man, I will keep checking this one out.
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Post Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

WWE Monday Night Preview
5/18/09; Louisville, Kentucky

Less than 24 hours after Judgment Day, the WWE rolls on into Louisville, Kentucky! At the Judgment Day PPV Randy Orton kept his WWE Championship in a discreditable way. ‘The Viper’ took the easy way out and struck the official of the match, purposely getting himself disqualified and losing the match, but keeping the WWE Championship. Afterwards the rest of Legacy came down to the ring for a 3 on 1 attack. Ted DiBiase, Cody Rhodes and Randy Orton began to beat down the ‘Animal’ until an old friend made the save. The ‘Nature Boy’ Ric Flair found his way into the Windy City and helped his friend, Batista out. This Monday Night Ric Flair has guaranteed a ‘confrontation’ with Randy Orton. What will happen when this retired WWE Hall of Famer enters the squared circle with the current WWE Champion Randy Orton? Will Ric Flair finally come out of retirement?

Also due to the finish at Judgment Day, Vickie Guerrero has promised that Monday Night Raw will not end in the same fashion as in a rematch Randy Orton and Batista will go at it one more time, with the WWE Championship on the line!

Matt Hardy recently dubbed himself as the WWE’s ‘Chosen One’ and this Monday night Hardy comes into a Raw, with a broken hand and all, to prove that he has what it takes to become the biggest name in WWE history. Hardy stated recently that he has big goals for himself on this tenure of Monday Night Raw, and this Monday they start immediately. What will Matt Hardy have to say about his future on WWE Raw? Check out Raw and find out!

The United States Champion Montel Vontavious Porter has promised to “shake up the United States Championship contender scene” this Monday night, and with ideas flying only one man knows what will happen, and that is the ‘Prime Time Playa’ himself, MVP.

In action, Mickie James, Jillian Hall and Kelly Kelly will fight it out in a Diva Triple Threat Match, with the winner facing Maryse for the Diva’s Championship next week on Raw! Who will walk out of Louisville the number one contender?

And finally, the newly named ‘Golden Boy’ The Miz has promised to make an impact this Monday night. Whenever the charismatic Miz steps into the WWE ring something interesting happens be sure not to miss it!

Check out Monday Night Raw, this Monday May 18th, live from Louisville!
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Hey, good to see the preview up and you guys getting going on this.

Interesting that you've given a rematch for the title on RAW, though I assume you just want this Batista vs Orton thing to be over, as do many other people. Just don't have Flair too involved, plz, because I'm getting sick of seeing him on tv. I'd rather not see him in a 2009 BTB too.

Matt's someone who can be utilised as more than just a midcarder, so interested to see what you do with him.

The midcard on RAW is helped with the pickup of Burchill and Hurricane, though the losses of Noble, Regal and Kingston all hurt the midcard. I'm guessing it'll probably be Burchill to step up and get in MVP's face tonight leading to a feud, which I wouldn't mind.

Good to see you at least putting Jillian on tv, because she's a pretty damn good wrestler. Mickie ftw though plz, as she's face (to go up against the heel Maryse), and Kelly's shit.

Miz has been awesome lately, so hopefully you capitalise on that. Keep his momentum rolling.

Show looks pretty damn good. I'll be back when it's up.

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Post Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Monday Night Raw
5/18/2009; Louisville, Kentucky

Monday Night Raw opens with a Judgment Day video package, highlighting the Raw side of things from that night, which includes Big Show versus John Cena, and the WWE Champion Randy Orton taking on the ‘Animal’ Batista. The package shows Batista having the match in the bag before Orton got himself DQed and then a Legacy beat down, until Ric Flair made the save! The package ends with Flair and Batista inside the ring, starring down Legacy.

The opening Raw video package then plays, before cutting into the arena. The camera surfs through the crowd, showing the crazed fans. We cut to the announce table at ringside.

Michael Cole: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night Raw! Less than twenty four hours out of Judgment Day, Raw rolls on into Louisville, Kentucky, and King after last night’s PPV, we have a lot of questions on our minds!

Jerry Lawler: No doubt Michael, and one I am sure everyone has is … what the hell was RIC FLAIR doing at Judgment Day!?

Michael Cole: I am sure we all want to know and we will find out … as tonight Ric Flair is here!! He is set to address the crowd and more importantly, Randy Orton.

Jerry Lawler: We know the history between Orton and Flair and it will be interesting to see what Flair has to say to the WWE Champion.

Michael Cole: Speaking of which, Randy Orton would not be WWE Champion if he hadn’t gotten himself disqualified last night. You have to wonder what Batista has to think about that.

Jerry Lawler: Well we find out tonight, because do to the lack of closure at last night’s PPV, in a rematch, for the WWE Championship, Randy Orton will once again take on the “Animal” Batista!

Michael Cole: That is one huge main event!

**I’m Comin’**

Michael Cole: And here comes the United States Champion! I wonder what he has to say King.

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is I am sure it’ll be worth a listen.

A pop erupts from the crowd as the United States Champion MVP comes flying out of the back. Porter is sporting an expensive looking suit and some fly ass black sunglasses. He is rockin’ a diamond MVP necklace, which hangs down his neck like a midget. The champ slaps hands with his fans on his way down to the ring, and then walks up the steps and through the middle rope.

Porter has a mic in hand, waiting for the crowd to die down as he lets out a smile. MVP begins to speak and the crowd listens up.

Porter: Now a couple of weeks ago I came out here and confronted the WWE Champion Randy Orton …

Extreme heat at the mention of Orton’s name, so much that Porter has to pull back and wait for the boos to die down.

Porter: I did that for a couple reasons. One, to show that the United States Champion can hold his own against the WWE Champion and two, to show that MVP ‘aint scarred of nothin!!

MVP smiles as the crowd cheers a bit.

Porter: That’s why; starting tonight I am going to be giving EIGHT superstars the chance to wrestle me, for the UNITED STATES CHAMPIONSHIP.

The champ holds his championship high into the air for all to see. He stares at before looking back into the crowd with a look of confidence. Porter smiles once again before he continues.

Porter: I see tons of guys come out week in and week out, busting their asses to put on a great show without getting any real recognition. So me being the guy I am has decided to let these superstars show just how great they are! Now I don’t care who wants to enter in this eight man tournament, but signups will be in Vickie Guerrero’s office ALL NIGHT!

Porter: The winner will face me, M … V … P, at Extreme Rules in a No Disqualification Match.

The crowd pops big as MVP smirks once again.

Porter: So hurry up guys, because you can start signing up now, and remember ya’ll its first come first serve.

**Live for the Moment**

An initial pop then some big boos as Matt Hardy walks out of the back, holding his arm in obvious pain. MVP shakes his head and can’t believe Hardy has just come out here.

Michael Cole: What the hell does Matt Hardy want!?

Jerry Lawler: I have no idea, didn’t he hear what MVP said, signups are in the back!

Hardy gets into the ring with a look of disgust on his face. He takes a microphone from a ringside worker and waits for the crow to quiet down.

Matt Hardy: Are you kidding me? Are you freakin’ kidding me!? The “all mighty MVP wants challengers for his coveted United States Championship”, newsflash M, V,P … the United States Championship has been and always will be the BIGGEST PIECE OF CRAP IN PROFFESIONAL WRESTLING!!

Huge heat comes out of the crowd as MVP, nor anyone watching can believe what Matt Hardy has just said.

Matt Hardy: And yeah I once was champion, biggest waste of my time in my career …

Porter: Hold on Matt, listen up …

Matt Hardy: No YOU LISTEN UP! I am sick and tired of being the one who has to “listen up.” It is my time to talk MVP, so you and all of these idiot fans need to SHUT UP and LISTEN!

The crowd rips into Hardy with boos before a small “you suck” chant breaks out. Porter however is not amused as he took offense to what Hardy said just moments ago. The chant dissolves quickly and Hardy continues.

Matt Hardy: All my life I’ve been over looked, but no has understood that I AM the ‘CHOSEN ONE.’ I define greatness, and MVP soon you and all of these idiot fans will see that Monday Night Raw, the WWE, Professional Wrestling IS MATT HARDY.

More boos come from the crowd has MVP stares on, wondering just where the hell Hardy is taking this.

Matt Hardy: I will no longer be over looked, and I don’t care if my hand is broken, I will show the world how good I truly am. And to answer the question on your mind Montel, no I will not sign up for you dumb tournament as I am TOO BIG for that. I have bigger goals set in my mind.

Porter: Bigger goals? You have bigger goals? Like what, like the WWE Championship? You mean the WWE Championship that YOUR BROTHER has won, and you never have?

Matt Hardy: Shut up! Jeff being champion was a fluke, I blinked and his reign was over. Not me though. When I finally hold that WWE Championship over my head, it will be for a very, very long time.

Porter: You think you’re that good huh? Why don’t you prove it Matt? Why don’t you take me on right here, tonight!

Matt Hardy: Is that what you want?

We can hear MVP say “Yeah that’s what I want! Come on!”

Matt Hardy: Too bad MVP. Too bad I am above you, otherwise I’d take that chain and shove it so far down your throat, you wouldn’t even know what has happened.

Porter: You know you talk a lot for being a scared little BITCH!

Hardy’s jaw drops as the crowd pops big for Porter. MVP smiles and says “that’s righ”, but Hardy does not find it amusing one bit.

Matt Hardy: Scared, I’ll show you scared …

With that Hardy takes a swing at MVP with his cast, but misses~!! Porter ducks and lays Hardy out with ONE RIGHT HAND! The crowd pops big as Porter then goes after the ‘Chosen One’ but he is able to scurry out of the ring. The two men lock eyes as Hardy makes his way up the ring. The US Champion looks extremely serious as Hardy looks just glad he got out of there.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back, and King before the break we saw Matt Hardy had some very harsh words for MVP and the United States Championship. And after the confrontation that just occurred, Matt Hardy has accepted MVP’s challenge for a match tonight.

Jerry Lawler: That’s great! Because not only did Hardy insult MVP, but he insulted every US Champion in its long history.

Michael Cole: This of course coming after MVP announced an eight man tournament where the winner would face Porter for the United States Championship at Extreme Rules, in a No Disqualification match.

Jerry Lawler: Let’s head to the back, where the signees are trying to gain a spot.

We cut backstage to outside Vickie Guerrero’s office where a list has been posted. We see various superstars such as Chavo Guerrero, The Brian Kendrick, Santino Marella and Festus. They are fighting over who is going to sing up, with each man trying to get their spot in.

Santino Marella: Ah yes finally Santinoa Marella is going to be United-a States Champion!

Chavo Guerrero: Shut up Santino! You aren’t going to win anything; you won’t even make it out of the first round.

The Brian Kendrick: Say what you want to say about Santino, but you all should take notes as THE Brian Kendrick will finally get his spot.

All three men there turn and look to Festus, who just has a blank stare. Then all their eyes get big and they stare in unison, when … ARMANDO ALEJANDRO ESTRADA walks up! The crowd cheers at first but seem surprised to see Estrada back on Raw!

Armando Estrada: Aha! Are chu surprised to see me!? Como se dice, ah … the MONSTER is ah coming back to Raw!!

Estrada grabs the clipboard out of Marella’s hand and signs someone up. The rest of the guys look confused and little intimated, and then Estrada stares at all of them before walking away.

Cutting back to the ringside.

Michael Cole: Armando Alejandro Estrada? King, what is he doing here?

Jerry Lawler: No idea, but I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it means.


Match 1 – Singles Match
Troy Jackman vs. Paul Burchill w/ Katie Lea

Two big specimens square off inside the ring as the bell tolls. Burchill and Jackman lock up, with Burchill getting the early advantage. He backs Jackman up into the corner before smashing an elbow into the side of Jackman’s face. Burchill pulls him into the ring and slams him into the mat with a scoop slam. The ‘Ripper’ bounces off the ropes and drops a hard elbow square into the chest of Jackman. He gets to his feet and taunts the crowd, to which they respond with some boos. On the outside Katie Lea is pounding on the mat, cheering on her brother. Jackman staggers to his feet where Burchill lays in a stiff kick right into his gut. He then connects with a snap vertical suplex before following it up with a cover. Jackman just kicks out before the three count. Burchill gets to his feet and begins to argue with the referee, allowing Jackman to catch his breath. When Burchill turns around his opponent lays in some right hands, with the crowd getting behind him.

Jackman sends Burchill into the ropes and then connects with a BIG BOOT that sends Burchill into the canvas! The crowd is cheering as Jackman is gaining momentum. Burchill gets to his feet and walks right into a sidewalk slam!! The crowd pops a little as Jackman covers Burchill, but only gets a one count. Jackman gets to his feet where he pulls the ‘Ripper’ to his. Burchill breaks free from Jackman then grabs him before connecting with a hard hitting belly to belly suplex! The crowd responds with some boos and Burchill simply tells them to STFU. Burchill picks Jackman up, knees him in the gut, then lifts him into the air with vertical suplex then drops Jackman straight across his knee! Jackman folds up like a blanket, holding his gut in extreme pain. The ‘Ripper’ pulls Jacman’s head into the air then stomps his foot down on it, connecting with the Curb Stomp. The crowd is shocked at the nastiness of this move and boos as Burchill pins Jackman for the win.

Winner – Paul Burchill @ 5:54

Katie Lea enters the ring to celebrate with the ‘Ripper’ as Jackman rolls out. The two pose for pictures before they taunt the crowd, who boo the two harshly. Michael Cole and King put Burchill over before we cut to the back.

Backstage we see the ‘Animal’ Batista!! Big Dave is sitting in his locker room, preparing for his rematch with Randy Orton later on tonight. The crowd pops huge at the sight of the ‘Animal’ but begin to cheer even more when the NATURE BOY RIC FLAIR walks into the room. Batista gets to his feet and greets his former mentor with a hug before stepping back.

Batista: Ric, man, I have to thank you again, last night you had my back, and I appreciate it.

Ric Flair: No problem Dave, you know I’ll always have your back, retired or not. And you know tonight when you take that WWE Championship from that SOB; I’ll be rooting for you. – But Dave, that’s not why I am here.

The ‘Animal’ looks at Flair with a suspicious look but allows Naitch to continue.

Ric Flair: There are a lot of people who are wondering what I am doing here and in a few minutes I am going out there to explain myself. But that’s not it, Dave, I’m going to be calling out The Legacy.

The crowd pops as ‘Tista looks like he does not like it one bit.

Batista: Ric …

Ric Flair: Hold on Dave. I am not going to be challenging anyone, or anything of the sort, but Randy thinks he can walk around here like he’s the king of the world, but you and I both know he isn’t! Dave, Randy needs to brought down to a reasonable level, and I AM THE ONE TO DO IT. Woo.

Flair smiles at Dave then pats him on the back before walking out of the locker room. ‘Tista sits back down and shakes his head, confused, worried, like most of us.


Commercial Break

… … …

**Also sprach Zarathustra**

… … …

The crowd erupts as the ‘Nature Boy’ steps out of the back in a $1,000 dollar suit, hair slicked back, his WrestleMania Rolex on his wrist and a glow in his eyes. As flair struts down the aisle a group of loyal fans can be seen in the background, bowing to Naitch. Flair looks at them with a big smile on his face before stepping up the steel steps, about to get to business.

Michael Cole: There he is! The greatest wrestle of all-time, Ric Flair!! And King I wonder what he has to say to the WWE Champion, Randy Orton.

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is, I hope it doesn’t leave a sour taste in his mouth, because you know afterwards Orton will have something to say.

Inside the ring Naitch is handed a microphone, runs his hand through his hair and waits for the crowd’s cheers and WOOs to end. As they do he brings the mic up to his mouth, ready to begin.

Ric Flair: Randy Orton …

Huge heat erupts from the crowd.

Ric Flair: Randy Orton, you know back when I took you under MY wing, I taught you the tricks of the trade. I may’ve taught you to be a little dirty, but Randy what you’ve been doing around here is SICKENING. You’ve been attacking people left and right, you’ve been kicking people in the skull left and right and damn it Randy, it makes me REGRET what I did in Evolution.

The crowd is taken back somewhat, but allows Flair to continue. Naitch pauses for a second, trying to gather himself, perhaps finding the right words.

Ric Flair: Don’t get the Nature Boy wrong, he LOVED Evolution. But Randy, I look at you now, and you’ve become an … … an animal. No not an animal. A SAVAGE. Randy, what you’re doing will get you championships, but Randy … it won’t earn you RESPECT.

The crowd roars a bit, but still is very interested in what Flair is saying.

Ric Flair: And listen up Randy, without respect in this business you won’t go very far.


Michael Cole: I knew that wouldn’t take long! Here comes the WWE Champion.

With that, the arena becomes black with a tint of red as Flair stares down the aisle, not surprised one bit. The crowd is on their feet, booing as the WWE Champion makes his entrance. Orton walks out of the back with the WWE Championship sitting firmly on his shoulders and a very disgusted look on his face. He walks down the aisle, ignoring the fans at ringside.

Jerry Lawler: And Michael he does NOT look happy to see Ric Flair.

As Orton gets into the ring he comes face to face with Flair, exchanging some words we cannot hear. Orton gets a microphone from a ringside worker, and stars at Flair, for what seems like forever. Finally as the boos calm down, he begins.

Randy Orton: This is absolutely disgusting. Ric Flair, the RETIRED Ric Flair is out here trying to tell me HOW to earn respect? How hypocritical. Do you not remember how you got you where you are today Flair? You cheated, you deceived and by the standards of the day, what you did was plain and simple, sickening.

The crowd boos as Flair is somewhat taken back by Orton’s words.

Randy Orton: So now you come out here, way past your day, talking down the biggest name in professional wrestling. Flair, I don’t think this is about “getting Batista’s back”, rather you see a little bit of yourself in me, and it hurts you. It hurts you Flair, it hurts you to sit back and watch as I succeed in this business. It hurts you to me PROSPER more than you ever could. Because Flair, all of these people and … deep down inside yourself, you know that one day I will surpass you as the “greatest ever.”

Randy Orton: Last year at WrestleMania you wrestled for the last time. And for you to continue to show up, especially getting in my business is not only an insult to Shawn Michaels but to all these fans. We can all see it Ric. You have the “itch.” You want to be back in this ring full time, but the truth is you can’t. Not because you’re retired, but because you can’t keep up. Ric, it hurts me to say this more than it hurts you to hear it, but you are washed up. You are a legend yes, but Ric, coming back here week after week is simply … … embarrassing.

Boos fill the arena, but before they can get any louder Orton continues.

Randy Orton: I feel bad for you. Originally I had planned to come out and put you out of action, permanently, but now Flair I will let you walk out of the ring and up that aisle for one last time. Take it in Ric because after tonight, no one wants you back here. No one wants to see a battered and beaten down Ric Flair strutting around here in a shell of his former self. It hurts me to see that. So Flair, take a step back, go be with your kids, your grandkids, but don’t come back.

Flair and Orton lock eyes one last time as the crowd is roaring, most in shock of all of what Orton has said, because it is true.

Randy Orton: And Ric, if you try to get involved in my business one more time, you will know what real regret feels like.

Orton drops the mic at his fleet and stares at Flair, who is emotionless. He is trying to soak in what Orton has just poured all over him, most of it hitting home. Orton begins to walk away but Flair pulls him. The ‘Nature Boy’ lifts the mic as the crowd cheers.

Ric Flair: I will NEVER take a step back WOO! I am the NATURE BOY BABY!! WOO. And I don’t care what you say Randy, because I will always be a LIMOUSINE RIDIN’ JET FLYING WHEALIN’ AND DEALIN’ KISS STEALIN’ SON OF A GUN WOO!! WOO!!

Flair rips his jacket off his body, throws it on the ground as the crowd is beginning to get to their feet. Flair WOOs some more as Orton stares on. The ‘Nature Boy’ begins to strut when suddenly Orton NAILS HIM WITH A RIGHT HAND!! The hyper emotion inside the arena suddenly fades as the cheers turn into boos! Orton stands over Flair before getting on him and connecting with punch after punch! Each one connecting. Randy gets up and begins to stomp all over Flair, who is almost defenseless. Randy picks Flair up to his feet and tosses him into the corner. There, he unloads with stiff shots to Flair’s face and head all while the crowd is booing.

The WWE Champion throws Flair to the ground and waits. He stalks Flair as he staggers to his feet, and when he does he CONNECTS WITH A RKO!! The crowd is booing like crazy as Orton stands over Flair. He stares at him before walking over to the ring ropes. He begins to put one leg through the middle rope, however turns back! Orton is not done yet. He picks Flair up and throws him off of the ropes. Orton then connects with a vicious clothesline!

He then walks over to the back of the ring and rolls out. He grabs a steel chair, folds it up and re-enters the ring. The crowd begins to chant “Batista.” Orton lays the chair down and then brings Flair back to his feet. Randy says some things to him, then RKOs on him RIGHT ON THE STEEL CHAIR~! Flair lays, motionless atop the chair. The crowd begins to boo more now as Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes make their way down to the ring. Priceless enters the ring and Orton orders them to hold Flair up. He walks back and it looks like he is about to punt Flair’s head straight off. He teases it, then BATISTA comes running down the aisle!! The ‘Animal’ gets into the ring to make the save.

Orton slips out as DiBiase and Rhodes jump on him. Randy then gets back into the ring and joins in on the beat down. Batista does his best to get to his feet but it does not work. Rhodes then grabs the steel chair and tosses it t Orton. The WWE Champion wastes no time and CRACKS Batista with the chair! He raises it again and connects with a SECOND SHOT! ‘Tista lays on the canvas, unable to move as DiBiase and Rhodes continue to beat him down. At this time Flair begins to get up and Orton sees this. The crowd is booing, anticipating the worst. Flair begins to get up but Orton runs over and KICKS HIM RIGHT IN THE SKULL~!! The crowd boos insanely as Orton’s eyes glaze over.

DiBiase and Rhodes stop the beat down on Batista and The Legacy stands over Batista and Ric Flair as the crowd continues to lay into them with harsh boos.

Commercial Break


Ric Flair is being stretchered into an ambulance with various medical personnel surrounding him. Everyone, including backstage workers, medics, superstars including Unified WWE Tag Team Champions Carlito and Primo, look very frantic and attentive as they load Naitch up into a waiting ambulance. As the medics begin to close the ambulance, the ‘Animal’ Batista struggles over to the doors. ‘Tista appears to be in a lot pain as he is holding his ribs.

Batista: Hold it. Hold it damn it!

The ‘Animal’ forces the door open and pushes a medic out of the way. He then steps up into the ambulance and closes the door behind him. A couple of medics look at each other then bang on the back of the ambulance, neither of them wanting to try and get Batista out of the back. The ambulance then rushes off and we cut back to inside the arena.

Michael Cole: King, I think Batista has just left!!

Jerry Lawler: Certainly looks like that Michael.

Michael Cole: What about his rematch tonight!?

Jerry Lawler: I have no idea.


Match 2 – Singles Match – United States Championship Tournament
Festus vs. The Brian Kendrick

As soon as the bell rings the transformation in Festus begins. TBK however quickly runs out of the ring and stars at Festus, who looks like he going to explode. The big men steps over the top rope and runs after Kendrick. However the much quick Kendrick gets out of the way and … runs into the back? The crowd seems confused but Festus is on the move. The referee begins his ten count and gets to five before Festus reaches the back stage area. We on the titan tron that Kendrick is hiding behind some materials and watches as Festus stomps on by. With a HUGE grin on his face The Brian Kendrick runs back onto the stage and down the ramp as the referee gets to nine. He slides into the ring right when the ref gets to ten!! TBK advances via COUNT OUT.

Winner – The Brian Kendrick @ via Count Out 0:19 – Advances in the Tournament

Michael Cole: What the hell…?

Jerry Lawler: What a smart move by THE Brian Kendrick! Cole he won by count out!

Michael Cole: That was a very, um, strategic victory if you will.

Kendrick poses inside the ring, still having a huge grin on his face before we cut away.

Backstage – Vickie Guerrero’s Office

Vickie is talking to someone franticly on her cell phone.

Vickie Guerrero: I don’t know. He just left. What am I supposed to do?

Guerrero impatiently listens.

Vickie Guerrero: Yes I know, but HE LEFT and without letting me know. I do not appreciate that.

Just then Chavo Guerrero walks into the screen.

Vickie Guerrero: I have to go.

Vickie hangs up her phone and stares at Chavo.

Chavo Guerrero: Aunt Vickie, I know you just lost you main event for tonight. But I have an idea.

Vickie looks at nephew suspiciously.

Chavo Guerrero: With Batista gone, I can take his place. Randy Orton versus, me, CHAVO GUERRERO for the WWE Championship!

Vickie’s face tells a perfect story of “absolutely not.”

Vickie Guerrero: Listen Chavo, I run this show, I have superstars in line wanting a shot at the WWE Championship. I cannot just throw you in the match because you are my nephew. That would create chaos.

Chavo Guerrero (with a grim look on his face): Oh yeah, of course. But then what will you do.

Vickie Guerrero: I will figure it out.

The Raw GM glances at Chavo but quickly down to her phone as she opens it and begins to walk out of the office. Chavo does not look too happy as we cut away.

Backstage – Locker Room

The WWE Champion Randy Orton, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes are standing in The Legacy’s locker room, all look pretty intense, but pleased with themselves due to the Flair beat down.

Randy Orton: First the McMahons then Triple H, now Flair and Batista, Ted, Cody we are on way to fulfilling our plan.

Priceless look happy and nod their heads as Orton’s eyes begin to glaze over, he is excited about something.

Randy Orton: Ted have you talked to him?

Ted DiBiase: Yeah, he said that he had some other offers, but he knows this is where he wants to be. He’s with us 100 percent.

Randy nods his head and Cody does the same.

Cody Rhodes: What about tonight?

Randy Orton: We don’t have to worry about that. Batista left, which means I win by forfeit (huge heat). I knew that moron would go with Flair, so predictable.

The Legacy all smile, happy with what has gone on here tonight. The three men continue to speak as the sound fades out and we cut away.

Commercial Break


Match 3 – Diva’s Triple Threat Match – Winner Faces Diva’s Champion Maryse Next Week on Raw in a Title Match
Mickie James vs. Kelly Kelly vs. Jillian Hall

Jillian Hall goes right after Kelly Kelly as the bell rings, ripping her down to the canvas by her hair. James steps in however and nails Hall with a big time elbow shot. She throws Hall into the ropes and attempts a clothesline, but Hall ducks. Hall thinks she got away with one, but doesn’t notice Kelly Kelly who plants her with a clothesline of her own! Kelly picks her competition up and James comes over to help. The two Divas throw Hall into the ropes and this time they connect with a double clothesline. The two continue to work together and beat down Hall. James pulls her to her feet and then into the corner, before Irish whipping Kelly, who does a backhand spring elbow shot right to her!! The crowd cheers as Hall falls face first into the canvas, then out of the ring. As this happens the former Women’s Champion Mickie James and the still very green Kelly Kelly lock eyes. The two lock up, with James gaining the upper hand. James connects with a snap suplex then a very quick cover, which is broken up by Hall. The blonde bombshell grabs James by the hair and tosses her out of the ring, but isn’t aware of Kelly Kelly, who rolls her up! The referee counts and the match is over!

Winner – Kelly Kelly @ 4:34 via Roll Up – Faces Diva’s Champion Maryse Next Week on Raw

Michael Cole: Kelly Kelly just rolled her way into a Diva’s Championship game next week!

Jerry Lawler: Not the most impressive win, but a win nonetheless.

Kelly Kelly celebrates inside the ring as Mickie James looks on, with a smirk. In the back we see the Diva’s Champion Maryse looking on, very interested.


Festus is in the backstage area GOING NUTS! He is smashing tables, knocking all sorts of materials over and creating total chaos. A bunch of workers try to calm the monster down, but he is untamable.

Michael Cole: King looks at Festus! He never heard the bell ring, and his destruction never stopped.

Jerry Lawler: Somebody better get a bell back there quick!
Just then The Brian Kendrick comes up with a bell in a hand and begins to ring it, at a blink of an eye Festus’ destruction ceases. TBK smiles and then pulls out a rope …? He ties the rope around Festus’ wrist and drags him with him like a dog.

Michael Cole: What is The Brian Kendrick going to do?

Jerry Lawler: Whatever it is, I do not like!

Backstage – Vickie Guerrero’s Office

Vickie Guerrero is sitting in her office, frankly trying to figure out what she is going to do for tonight’s main event. After Batista leaving the arena, and giving up his WWE Championship rematch, Guerrero is at a lost. With the Big Show and John Cena both injured after last night’s brutal match at Judgment Day, there appears to be no one left to fill the void. The GM’s phone rings and she quickly picks up.

Vickie Guerrero: Hello? Yes. Yes I know, but …

Guerrero pauses and listens as whoever is on the other end is trying to explain something.

Vickie Guerrero: But sir …

Again the GM is cut off, as the male on the other end continues to speak.

Vickie Guerrero: He went with Flair. I know. I know, he will NOT be getting his rematch shot AFTER tonight.

The sound fades out as Guerrero continues to speak on her phone. We then cut away.

Elsewhere, a split screen shot shows both the ‘Chosen One’ Matt Hardy and the United States Champion MVP making their way to the ring.

Commercial Break

Michael Cole: Welcome back ladies and gentlemen! We are just moments away from a heated match between two bitter rivals, Matt Hardy and the United States Champion MVP!

Jerry Lawler: However Michael, this match is non-title as Matt Hardy is NOT interested in the US Championship, calling it a piece of crap.

Michael Cole: That completely baffles my mind, but we will see in a few minutes if Matt Hardy is truly above the US Champion.


Match 4 – Singles Match– Non Title
‘Chosen One’ Matt Hardy vs. US Champion MVP

As the bell rings the US Champion goes right after Hardy, who slips out of the way. Hardy connects with a right hand and backs Porter into the corner. An Irish whip sends him across the ring into the opposite corner. Hardy walks over and grabs the champ by his head, but Porter connects with a kick straight to his gut. Porter nails Hardy in the back of the neck and pulls him into the center of the ring. He strikes his opponent in the gut with a knee and then throws him off the ropes. MVP attempts to connect with a clothesline, but Hardy ducks underneath it. He pulls Porter by the back of his head and slams him into the canvas. The crowd boos at the dirty move and Hardy taunts them. Hardy, holding his broken hand close to his body, pulls MVP up to his feet and backs him into the ropes. There, Hardy connects with a mean right hand before throwing him off the ropes. When Porter comes back he ducks under a cast shot by Hardy, and then connects with a big time clothesline! Hardy gets up quickly and MVP nails in the gut with a kick before connecting with a snap suplex.

Both men both get to their feet where MVP quickly applies a headlock. However, just as quick, Hardy gets out of it. Hardy then rakes Porter’s eyes to big heat, which buys him some time. Hardy drops to one knee and catches himself before getting back up. MVP walks over and whips Hardy off of the ropes. He nails him in the gut with a knee, which causes Hardy to flip over. MVP stomps on Hardy before lifting him back to his feet. He grabs Hardy by his neck and nails him with a neckbreaker! The US Champion then covers Hardy, but only gets a two count. Both men then get to their feet and Hardy manages to get MVP into a wrist lock. He then back suplexs MVP right onto the twisted arm! A Hardy cover follows, but MVP kicks out. After this the ‘Chosen One’ continues to sell his hand pain, and MVP takes notice.

Almost like a shark, Porter gets on Hardy and goes after his hand. He grabs him by his cast and whips it in the air, causing Hardy to cringe in extreme pain. MVP follows it with a right hand and then connects with a belly to belly suplex!! The crowd pops as MVP gets to his feet. He gives the BALLIN’ taunt and connects with a running elbow! Another cover follows; still Hardy manages to kick out. Porter shakes his hand and gets up. The ‘Chosen One’ slowly follows and dodges a right hand. Out of nowhere Hardy is able to connect with the Side Effect!! Hardy covers, but MVP is JUST able to kick out!

Hardy doesn’t like it and grabs hold of the referee. The ref screams at Hardy to let go and when MVP gets up he pulls Hardy and throws a haymaker, but he misses! MVP cracks the referee, and he is out cold. Porter is shocked and turns back around right into a CAST SHOT! Hardy nails MVP straight in the face with his hard as a rock cast. Hardy smirks and then rolls out of the ring. He gets a steel chair, much to the disapproval from the crowd, and gets back into the ring. He lays it down and picks Porter up. It appears as though he is looking to hit the Twist of Fate onto the steel chair but MVP is able to fight out. Porter pushes Hardy away and then looks to connect with a big boot, but Hardy ducks! Hardy picks the chair up as MVP is out of place and when Porter turns around Hardy NAILS HIM WITH THE STEEL CHAIR!! Hardy throws the chair out of the ring, and as MVP falls over Hardy grabs him. He then connects with the Twist of Fate, adding insult to injury!! He covers but realizes the referee is STILL out. Hardy gets up and grabs the referee roughly, waking him up. The referee barely knows where he is but Hardy is barking orders at him. Hardy covers MVP and the referee, slowly, counts to three!!

Winner – Matt Hardy @ 12:24 via Twist of Fate

Michael Cole: Oh come on! Matt Hardy just CHEATED his way to victory.

Jerry Lawler: Yeah but he did prove that he was better than MVP tonight.

Michael Cole: No he didn’t King! The only thing Matt Hardy proved tonight is that he is a cheater.

The ‘Chosen One’ celebrates inside the ring as MVP lays motionless. Hardy takes one look at MVP and smirks as the crowd lays into him with boos.


THE MIZ is standing by with Gregory “Hurricane” Helms in a backstage interview spot. The newest member of the Raw roster looks extremely excited, for an unknown reason.

Gregory Helms: Now Miz, you requested this time with me to let the audience here tonight know something. Can you shine some light …

The Miz: Shut up Helms! As a matter of fact, I don’t need anyone to carry me through an interview, give me that.

Miz grabs the mic out of Helms hand and shoves him off! The crowd boos as Helms (reluctantly) leaves. Miz turns his attention back towards the camera, and begins.

The Miz: As you all know I AM THE MIZ … … … and I AM AWOSEME! But tonight I actually get to PROVE IT! Week after week I came out to that ring and challenged John Cena, and not once did Cena answer my call. But now tonight Vickie Guerrero, the General Manager of Monday Night Raw has blessed me with a WWE Championship match~!!

The crowd boos incredibly as Miz can’t help but smile.

The Miz: That’s right, tonight, I THE MIZ will be taking on Randy Orton for the WWE Championship!!

Miz throws his hands into the air, over selling the main event status of this match.

The Miz: Tonight in his first ever WWE Championship match, THE MIZ will become the WWE CHAMPION!!

Miz stares hard into the camera as the crowd continues to boo before leaving the set.

Elsewhere backstage, Hurricane Helms is walking down a corridor, with his head hung low. He then turns a corner and bumps into … … Matt Hardy! Who is recovering from his match just moments ago. The two lock eyes as memories begin to fly inside their heads. Hardy smirks and shakes his head at Helms.

Matt Hardy: Look at you. (smiling) Look at you Greg.

Gregory Helms: Look at me?

Matt Hardy: Yeah. I mean, you’re a backstage interviewer? What a TRUE waste of talent. I mean you just let The Miz, THE FREAKIN’ MIZ shove you away. See Greg that’s the difference between you and I. I don’t waste my talent. I am TAKING what I DESERVE, as I proved earlier when I beat that piece of crap MVP.

Helms looks down again, a bit discouraged, ashamed and embarrassed.

Matt Hardy: I mean c’mon Greg, you could’ve been something. You fought so much to get here, and this is what you are going to do with it. GO OUT THERE AND TAKE WHAT IS YOURS. Don’t be what they want you to be. I mean I am the CHOSEN ONE, and Greg you’re truthfully nothing.

Helms looks up, with a face of anger. He stares at Hardy, fuming. The ‘Chosen One’ simply smiles and walks away, leaving Helms to think about the very hard truth Hardy just hit him with.

Commercial Break



Boos reign in from the crowd as Monday Night Raw’s ‘Golden Boy’ The Miz comes out of the back. Miz appears pumped up as he is really acting off of the crowd’s heat. Miz cockily walks down the aisle, having some words with some of the fans at ringside. He steps into the ring and taunts to the crowd, who continue to boo him.

Michael Cole: I can’t believe King, but THE MIZ is about to face Randy Orton FOR THE WWE Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Vickie Guerrero spent half of the night looking for a suitable replacement after Batista left the arena and she picked The Miz …? I am not sure if I get this choice. Granted The Miz is good, but is he THAT good?

Michael Cole: I guess he will have a chance to prove that right here tonight. King, can you imagine if The Miz BEAT Randy Orton and became the WWE Champion?

Jerry Lawler: I think that would be way too much for the ‘Golden Boy’s’ ego to tell the truth. The Miz is already full of himself, but that would be TOO MUCH.

… … …


… … …

Extreme heat overcomes the arena as the WWE Champion Randy Orton steps out of the back. Orton, looking as cocky as ever, walks down the aisle with a smirk on his face, most likely to what happened to Ric Flair earlier in the night. ‘The Viper’ stares at some smarks at ringside who appear to be cheering for him.

Michael Cole: Randy Orton is a man on a mission King and I don’t think he will let The Miz stop it tonight.

Jerry Lawler: You never know Michael! I’ve seen some CRAZY things throughout my tenure here.


Match 5 – Singles Match – WWE Championship
‘Golden Boy’ The Miz vs. ‘The Viper’ WWE Champion Randy Orton

Miz stares through Randy Orton, extremely serious, not wanting to waste this opportunity he has been given. The two men pace around the ring for a bit, trying to get a feel for each other, and then meet in the center of the ring with a high elbow lock up. Orton is able to get the upper hand and locks in a headlock. The Miz however is quick to escape, shoving Orton into the ropes. He looks to connect with a clothesline but Orton ducks underneath it. Catching Miz with a right hand, Orton backs him up into the corner. There, Orton connects with a few more punches before whipping him into the other side of the ring. Orton follows it up with a running clothesline that rattle The Miz. The champ then pulls his opponent into the middle of the ring before locking in a headlock, this time a very tight one. Miz appears to be struggling for air as ‘The Viper’ wrenches in the hold. Miz drops down to one knee but is able to fight back with some elbow shots to Orton’s face. Orton breaks the hold and turns away, but nails Miz with a kick to the gut when he tries for a right hand. A forearm to the back sends Miz into the canvas and Orton stares down at him viciously.

The WWE Champion lifts Miz to his feet before nailing him with a European uppercut. Miz falls into the ropes but bounces right back into Orton’s grasps. Orton grabs Miz by head and then connects with a neckbreaker! He quickly covers afterward, but only gets a two count. The champ stares at the ref, who backs up, having seen what happened last night at Judgment Day. Orton continues the dominance over Miz, connecting with several right hands and other strikes. He connects with a scoop slam that seems to hit Miz hard. Orton takes no time to continue as he lifts Miz up and into the ropes. He ducks down for a back body drop, but Miz realizes it and kicks Orton square in the shoulder! Orton wrenches his face in pain, as Miz leans back on the moments trying to catch his breath. He then sprints at Orton and takes him down with a clothesline!! The crowd can’t help but pop for The Miz.

Orton quickly gets to his feet but Miz catches him in the gut with a knee then plants him with a DDT~! Miz begins to stomp all over Orton and then brings him to his feet. Miz attempts a vertical suplex, but Orton slips away from it then slaps Miz right in the mouth! Miz falls down to his knee and Orton goes after him like a man possessed. Orton aggressively picks Miz to his feet and connects with another uppercut. He throws him into the corner and connects numerous times with some elbow shots. A snapmare sends Miz into the canvas and Orton follows it up with a kick to the back! Miz falls over in pain, but Orton is relentless. He picks Miz to his feet, throws him off of the ropes then drops him with an elbow. ‘The Viper’ circles around Miz, fuming, and begins to stomp him all over. Orton then drops onto his knuckles and waits, stalks Miz, looking for a RKO. Miz gets to his feet and Orton leaps up, drooling at the mouth, and goes for the RKO! Miz however shoves Orton away and into the ropes! Orton comes back and Miz connects with a forward Russian leg sweep! The crowd cannot believe it and Miz is gaining some quick momentum.

Miz watches as Orton staggers to one knee and Miz nails him with a knee striker and quickly follows it by a neckbreaker slam, connecting with the REALITY CHECK~!! The crowd cannot believe as Miz just HIT his finisher. Miz quickly covers Orton … … …

… ONE …

… TWO …

GREGORY HELMS IS IN THE RING AND KICKS MIZ OFF!!! Helms jumps on Miz and begins to beat him down him in an extreme manner. The ref calls for the bell!!

Winner – The Miz @ 10:54 via Disqualification – Randy Orton Retains the WWE Championship

The crowd is going nuts as Hurricane continues the beat down. Helms breaks away and throws him arms up to the crowd, who lay into him with boos. Miz gets onto one knee and Helms turns back around. Helms then runs at Miz and connects with the SHINING WIZARD!!

Hurricane then gets up and turns around, RIGHT INTO A RKO!! The WWE Champion nails Helms with a RKO, fuming for interfering in his match. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes have made their way down to the ring, and enter to stand with the WWE Champion. Orton stares at Miz and Helms, and does not look to be in a good mood.

Michael Cole: Hurricane Helms? King, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON.

Jerry Lawler: It looks like Hurricane took the advice from Matt Hardy given to him earlier in the match.

Michael Cole: Yeah but it doesn’t look too good for him at the moment.

… … …

**I Walk Alone**

… … …

THE CROWD ERUPS AS BATISTA’S MUSIC HITS!! The Legacy quickly turns towards the ramp and look on in terror as THE ANIMAL BATISTA steps out of the back!! Batista is bandaged up and holding his ribs in pain, but tries his hardest to hustle down to the ring.

Orton and the rest of Legacy egg Batista on, dying for him to get into the ring. Batista slides into the ring and The Legacy immediately jump on him. They begin to beat him down, isolating his ribs and abdomen. Orton then backs away and watches as DiBiase and Rhodes beat down the ‘Animal.’ Orton demands a mic and gets on.

Randy Orton: Is that what you want Batista!? Do you want me to finish you right here tonight!! I gave you a little taste earlier, but if you want more, you can have it!! You can go join your friends Triple H … … and Ric Flair in the hospital.

Orton smiles as the crowd boos like crazy.

Randy Orton: I warned you Batista, but you didn’t listen.

Orton throws the mic away and tells Legacy to lift him up. He nails Batista with a Earth shattering RKO!! He lies right next to Batista and smiles. The last scene we see is Orton, lying down next to a motionless Batista, smirking, with DiBiase and Rhodes in the background.

End of Show.


There you have it, first show. You may notice some rust, which is because I haven’t written a show in ages. I hope you guys like it, and now let your criticism begin.
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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

Raw Review for Sbuch

I love MVP so havin him start the show please me the tournament is a great idea and i like that it shows MVP as a fighting champ. Matt Hardy, the chosen one? I like it, Matt deserves a push and seems like he'll get it in this BTB. Matt saying the US title is worthless puts him over as a heel almost instantly so good move. I was hopin for Matt to enter the tournament anyways but guess he's goin for bigger things. Lookin forward to their match.

The US tournament signees interest me. I see Kendrick going far maybe even all the way. Umaga for US championship? I dont like, so im hoping Estrada signed himself up and everyone was getting scared for no reason. We'll find out soon enough I guess.

Nice decent match to get burchill over, I hope he can enter the tournament too as he puts on good matches. Thats all i have to say for that match haha

Flair and Batista backstage was meh, the part i really liked about the Flair Orton promo was that Flair called Orton a dirty cheater and Orton countered with thats how he won his 16 titles. Kinda expected Orton to hit Flair for everything he was saying and I was right. Orton laid the boots to him and then Legacy and Batista getting involved too... Uh oh main event Batista leaving with Flair kinda concerned me cause I was pretty hyped for the main event already.

Festus vs. Kendrick I really liked that Kendrick got over quickly, and over a monster at that. Because of his smarts. I like a gimmick where a heel uses smarts to win, not cheating realy just being smart. Best 19 second match I can ask for.

Vicki and Chavo made me laugh that Chavo thought he could get a world title match just like that. Hopefuly vickie makes an up to standards main event.

Legacy backstage got me really interested in this BTB because I wanna see who you have joining them, its obviously a big name if Orton is happy, hopefully he's a second gen superstar as well looks good

Diva's match.........

Festus going crazy backstage cause he didnt hear the bell made me mark out, Im wondering what Kendrick will do with him. Hopefully he uses Festus to help him advance in the tournament. That'd get me happy.

Vickie on the phone looked like a space filler but also let us know Batista wasnt coming back.. for the match

Hardy vs. MVP was MOTN, I like these two guys working together they have great chemistry and Hardy going over by cheating was definitely the right way and I hope we get a rematch.

Helms and Miz I didnt really like, I thought you could find someone more suitable and at least a face but in the end i got where you were comin from. Miz puttin down Helms led to his own downfall. I like that. Oh and Miz=Awesome

Hardy telling helms to defend himself more and take what he wants not what he is given wanted me to have them fight somewhere down the road but I guess were gonna see Helms and Miz goin at it. Meh good booking

Orton vs. Miz
The fact that the Miz even had a chance and hit his finisher on the WWE Champ shows Orton as weak but hopefully gives Miz a push. Miz gaining momentum and almost winning made me mark but then Helms had to ruin it. asshole. Helms attacking the miz leads to a match i'm guessing next week.

It was only a matter of time. Batista makes his return after leaving earlier and is quickly attacked by Legacy, I think it might be the wrong move but now im interested to see where you go from here after Orton laid him out to end the show

Overall: Great show man, I didnt really notice any rust in your show and you got me hooked into next weeks show. I cant wait

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

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Re: WWE - Battle For Brand Supremacy

RAW Feedback

Basic way to start with a Pay-Per-View recap, though it’s good. Reminds us of the significant events that occured heading into this event. I thought the commentators did a good job of selling the event, and you actually captured their chemistry very well, which is quite difficult to do. Good work with that.

Not too sure about opening up with MVP. While it’s different and it does get him some exposure, after a Pay-Per-View, the main eventers generally have something to say, and as a result this should be their spot to say so. What MVP announced could have easily been done in a backstage segment after the first ad break too. I don’t think this was quite necessary. What you did do by making this announcement seem big was make the US Title look good. However, that all went downhill when you had Matt completely bury the title as useless. What was the point of that? It does nothing for Matt, and it only looks the US Title, MVP and everyone who’s going after the US Title look bad. It doesn’t really help anyone. Apart from that, the promo was pretty good. Matt was on key, and the exchanges between MVP and Matt were pretty good, including Jeff being brought up. Again, Matt buried both MVP and Jeff a little too much in my opinion, though it wasn’t as bad as the US Title. The ending of the promo was pretty solid, and the logic behind it worked. Besides the US Title thing and a few other little things, this promo worked pretty well. Not sure about it hogging the opening slot, but it was a decent promo.

I like that people are fighting for position, but Festus fighting for position? Kinda goes against his character, don’t you think? The dialogue from Santino and Chavo weas a bit off. I think Santino had the –ah inserted in the wrong place, as it just doesn’t sound like him when you say it out loud. Chavo was a bit aggressive, while TBK was alright. Umaga coming back to RAW would own, so please make it true.

Who’s Troy Jackman and what’s he about? The start of the match was a bit abrupt, though the rest flowed alright. Comprehensive win for Burchill is most definitely a good thing, as I’m quite the fan of the guy.

Flair/Batista was pretty simple but effective here. Flair got the message across, and Batista didn’t speak much, which is generally for the best.

Flair promo started off well by playing on the history. Saying Orton had become an animal like it was a bad thing was a bit weird, considering the guy who Flair saved at Judgment Day is of course nicknamed ‘The Animal’. Sounds slightly hypocritical. Would’ve liked a bit more from Flair before Orton came out, though he got the message across. Orton’s dialogue was good. In fact, it was very good. I could picture Orton saying those very words vividly, and it had that cool, calm and calculated sense about it that Orton always does. He heeled it up, he insulted Flair, and he even talked himself up as someone who could put Flair out, all like he does in real life. Top job on this, as you’ve shown that you capture Orton very well, which is great since he’s your WWE Champion. I didn’t like Flair’s comeback, just saying his catchphrase, as he pretty much just confirms what Orton’s saying. He should be defending himself, not practically admitting he’s washed up and that he just won’t leave. Nice way to get the cheap shot in from Orton to surprise Flair while he was strutting around. The beatdown was pretty vicious and Orton like with the right hands, though I think Rhodes and DiBiase should have come down with Orton right from the beginning, and then used the pack mentality in the corner. Batista running in for the save came much too late, as he already got the absolute crap beaten through him. Batista getting his ass completely kicked is the wrong way around in my opinion, as I think that should have led to the heels retreating. Instead you’ve made him look weak and unable to stand up for his mentor. He now looks to be a letdown. This probably should have gone on first before MVP, with MVP being a backstage interview afterwards, since it’s a lot bigger and is a show opening type of angle.

Batista loading himself into the ambulance again makes him look weak. Why would a face not want to fight, especially when he has a chance at the championship? Running away does him no good.

Innovative, I’ll give you that. TBK needs to go all of the way, to be honest. He kinda owns. Problem I see with this is that now superstar know to do that, won’t they all?

While you built it alright as a frantic situation, I still don’t like the whole premise behind it all. Also, why does Chavo have to shove for position to sign up for the US Title tourney when he can just ask for a WWE Title shot? Just a small thing, but it bothered me somewhat.

Meh, not bad. Looks like you’re adding another member to Legacy. Hopefully, Joe Hennig. I’d mark. Didn’t like Orton calling Batista a ‘moron’, as that doesn’t sound characteristic of him. Apart from that, it was solid.

Why’s Jillian get a spot in this match over Beth? Jillian’s been completely jobbed out for ages, so she wouldn’t be anywhere near a title shot. Again here, the match started a bit abruptly, with no explanation as to how it came about. Did Jillian just walk over and grab her by the hair? If so, why did both Kelly and Mickie do nothing? Doesn’t make much sense. The match ended pretty much abruptly as it started to be honest as well, with no build up. The action would have lasted all of about two minutes as well, not the four and a half suggested, as I suggest you start recapping stages of the match, as opposed to describing it all if you want to continue to write the same amount. Not so sure on Kelly picking up the win, but I guess it’s just a filler match for next week.

Well, good to see you acknowledging Festus never heard the bell I guess. Don’t really like where this seems to be headed too though.

Neither Show nor Cena in the building? That’s a bit of a letdown, to be honest. You seem quite low on starpower right now. Hopefully we see an adequate replacement for ‘Tista. Liked the ‘He’s not getting his rematch now’ line, as Vickie would have no doubt been pissed.

The one thing that had me wondering right away is Hardy nailing a right hand. You earlier confirmed that his hand is broken and thus he’s in a cast, which you seem to have forgotten about for a short instance, with you then mentioning that it is indeed broken just a few lines later. It’s a silly mistake really, and just one of those things that should never happen. Hardy using a dirty rake to the eye, then leaving MVP to recover and go after him again seemed a bit pointless, as he’s in no way better off than where he first began. Every time Hardy hits a move, you seem to have MVP come right back, which I don’t agree with considering you had Matt build himself up big earlier. Now he’s looking pretty shitty. MVP seemed to wrestle more and more like a heel as the match went on, with Hardy coming off as a face when he hit a sudden side effect, after getting no offence for the majority of the match. Okay, he used a cast shot now, but before when he was using his broken right hand with the cast on it, they were just right hands? As I said before, basic mistake which should have never happened. The chairshot never seemed like it would be needed, especially with MVP seemingly out. You would have been better off with no counters, and just having Hardy slowly pick MVP up (thanks to him being deadweight), then have him nail the Twist of Fate to add insult to injury. To be honest, this whole match seemed very sloppy, and a lot of things seemed a bit off.

Miz shutting Helms up like that? I can’t see that, as he isn’t that abrupt. He wouldn’t just yell at Helms to shut up. He’d do it in a more cocky, arrogant way. Miz as the challenger seems more than a bit odd. First off, he really doesn’t deserve it. Secondly, heel vs heel? Not good. The Hardy/Helms thing was good, though you had Matt come in and bury The Miz by making him look like a chump in the way he talked about him, right after you revealed Miz would be getting a WWE Title shot. Burying your talent is bad. Apart from that, i liked the idea behind this part of the promo and the actual promo itself.

I liked that the beginning of this match wasn’t rushed, with a traditional WWE beginning. From there, you quickly moved it up a notch (maybe too quickly), with Orton hitting a clothesline. Orton’s offence from here seemed calculated and on key though, which is what Orton generally is. Don’t like the DDT just being used so that Miz can use a different move right after, as it’s a big move and should at least have Miz treat it as such by going for the win after nailing it. Orton just slipping away from the suplex seemed a bit too vague. Did he fight out in front of Miz or did he float over him? If he floated over, you should have said that and said he turned Miz around to slap him. If he fought out, I wouldn’t have used the word slipped. Much too vague, to be honest. Where did the finish come from? Once again, much too abrupt. Makes Orton look like a little bitch too, as he would have been beaten by someone with no singles credibility at this stage, if not for another midcarder who doesn’t belong in the main event jumping in. Is this a face turn for Miz? I sure hope not. You’ve gone odd here, as you have a heel, saving a heel by beating down a heel. Doesn’t make too much sense, really. I don’t see why Orton was fuming at helms as he saved him his title. Orton would have been better off just slipping away. Batista arriving was a shock, though it makes me wonder why he couldn’t have shown for the main event. I don’t see the sense in having him run in and get beaten down for a second straight time, as he’s really looked like a little bitch tonight. Burial of your main face is not good. I think you were just trying to do too much with Orton tonight over Batista.

To be perfectly honest, the rust is there, and it was quite evident. Things that shouldn’t have happened did when you should know better, and some of the booking was quite questionable. I also think there should have been one or two more matches, and really, the card lacked much too much starpower. On the positive side of things. You can write a good promo, as you have shown. You need to refrain from making people/titles look like shit, but the base talent is there. The match writing isn’t too bad, though endings/starts to matches are abrupt with action happening out of nowhere, as well as finishes.

Room for improvement, but I’m sure you’ll grow better over time, especially with the rust wearing off.

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