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Learning to break kayfabe
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Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

Welcome to WWE New Age presented by Heroes and Kid Comet. Everything up until No Way Out is the same. Except Christian has yet to debut and anyone released during this period has not been released. This post contains results from No Way Out and The Current Brand Rosters.

No Way Out PPV Results from Seattle Washington (February 15th 2009)

ECW Champion Jack Swagger retains with a pinfall over Finlay. Afterwards Swagger assaults Hornswoggle Swagger Bomb on the floor.

Randy Orton dominates Shane McMahon ending the match with yet another vicious punt to the head.

A video promo appears for the upcoming Smackdown featuring the return of the Hart Foundation. This week the first of five debut as part of the faction.

Shawn Michaels defeats John Bradshaw Layfield with a Sweet Chin Music making Shawn’s life all the sweeter.

Edge’s fate has been twisted with Jeff Hardy yet again coming out on top in the WWE Championship Eimination Chamber Match

Order of Entry:
1. Kozlov 2.Triple H 3.Jeff Hardy 4. Big Show 5. Undertaker 6.Edge

Order ofElimination:
1. Kozlov by Triple H (4)
2. Show by Triple H (5)
3. Triple H by Undertaker (6)
4. Edge by Jeff Hardy
5. Undertaker by a roll up by Jeff Hardy
6. Winner: Jeff Hardy

John Cena’s fate however stayed on course retaining his World Title in the World Heavyweight Championship Elimination Chamber Match

Order of Entry:
1. Rey Mysterio 2.Knox 3.Kane 4. Kofi Kingston 5. John Cena 6.Chris Jericho

Order ofElimination: (all after Jericho’s entrance)
1. Knox by Rey
2. Rey by Jericho
3. Kane by Kofi
4. Jericho by Cena
5. Kofi by a FU from Cena
6. Winner: John Cena

Main rosters

[B]Raw brand[/B]

Male wrestlers

CM Punk
Ring name
Charlie Haas
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Dolph Ziggler
"Hacksaw" Jim Duggan
John "Bradshaw" Layfield (JBL)
John Cena
Kofi Kingston
Mike Knox
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Shad Gaspard
Shawn Michaels
Sim Snuka
Ted DiBiase
William Regal

World Heavyweight Champion: John Cena
Intercontinental Champion: CM Punk

Female wrestlers

Beth Phoenix
Candice Michelle
Jillian Hall
Kelly Kelly
Mickie James

WWE Women's Champion: Melina

Other on-air talent

Jerry "The King" Lawler
Lilian Garcia
Michael Cole
Rosa Mendes
Stephanie McMahon
Todd Grisham

Stables and tag teams
Cryme Tyme

[B]SmackDown brand[/B]

Male wrestlers

Big Show
The Brian Kendrick
Curt Hawkins
DH Smith
Ezekiel Jackson
The Great Khali
Hurricane Helms
Jeff Hardy
Jimmy Wang Yang
Kung Fu Naki
Matt Hardy
Montel Vontavious Porter (MVP)
Mr. Kennedy
Ryan Braddock
Scotty Goldman
Shelton Benjamin
Triple H
Vladimir Kozlov
Zack Ryder

WWE Champion: Jeff hardy
US Champion: Shelton Benjiman

Female wrestlers

Brie Bella
Michelle McCool
Nikki Bella

Divas Champion: Maryse

Other on-air talent

Eve Torres
Jim Ross
Justin Roberts
Ranjin Singh
Vickie Guerrero

Stables and tag teams
The Bella Twins
The Colóns
Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder
The Brian Kendrick and Ezekiel Jackson
Jesse and Festus

WWE Tag Team Champions: The Colons

ECW brand

Male wrestlers

Chavo Guerrero
DJ Gabriel
Evan Bourne
Jack Swagger
Jamie Noble
John Morrison
Mark Henry
The Miz
Paul Burchill
Ricky Ortiz
Tommy Dreamer

ECW Champion: Jack Swagger

Female Wrestlers

Alicia Fox
Katie Lea Burchill

Other on-air talent

Matt Striker
Theodore Long
Todd Grisham
Tony Atlas
Tony Chimel

Stables and Tag Teams
John Morrison and The Miz

World Tag Team Champions: Morrison and Miz

Raw Preview:
The Fallout from No Way Out and the road to Wrestlemania start tonight!
After last night’s vicious punt to Shane McMahon by Randy Orton Raw GM Stephanie McMahon has promised retribution for her brother. What consequences will face the number 1 contender tonight!

The Intercontinental title will be on the line tonight as CM Punk defends against Kane. Can Punk overcome the Big Red Monster?

Plus John Cena and Shawn Michaels react to their victories at No Way Out as well as money in the bank-qualifying match tonight on Raw!

ECW Preview:
This week the Land of the Extreme will feature Jack Swagger as yet again the champion. How will the Extremists react and most importantly Finlay after his son’s assault after the Championship match this past Sunday?

Also with the Road To Wrestemania comes the return of the Money in the Bank tradition and with only two slots available to the Extremists out of the possible eight, how will this affect the upcoming card?

Overall everyone should be set for action because there are only two ways to guarantee yourself a Wrestlemania match right now and each lead to championship gold. Be ready because everyone will have their eye on a chance at Swagger and a chance to be in the Money in the Bank match.

(Heroes here)
Smackdown Preview:
With No Way Out over and done Jeff Hardy has managed to reclaim the WWE Championship from the Rated-R Superstar. How will the WWE Universe reat to Hardy sudden return to the top after his earlier fall not long ago? Almost more importantly the men who ensured Jeff’s loss of the title originally : Edge and Matt Hardy will be expected to appear. What will Jeff’s brother say and how will Edge react?

No Way Out presented a return of a faction with new members, that faction being the Hart Foundation. The first member is set to debut out f five this Friday.

In fact the Hart Foundation member is set t debut in a huge 20-Man Battle Royal to determine who will face Shelton Benjiman next week for the United States Championship. 20 men and only one chance to be a champion next week.

A huge Main Event has been booked this Friday with the now defeated Moscow Mauler set to face the man who pinned him in the Elimination Chamber, Triple H. Will Kozlov fall to the Game or will it be Game Over?

All of this plus Maryse in action this Friday Night Smackdown!

Raw & ECW up soon, with Smackdown to follow shortly.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

Monday Night Raw February 16th 2009
Live from Spokane Washington

Raw opens with the brand’s highlights from No Way Out. Shawn Michaels winning his freedom from JBL with Sweet Chin Music. John Cena surviving the Elimination Chamber and Randy Orton decimating Shane McMahon with two punts to the head. Multi angle shots of the punts are shown in slow motion and then fade out to black.

Intro video

Pyro Etc.

Cole: Hello folks welcome to Raw live tonght from Spokane Washington. King can you believe what Randy Orton did to Shane McMahon last night?

King: No Cole I can’t. All I know is he should be afraid of what the general manager Stephanie McMahon will do to him

Cole: That much is true King and we understand that Shane has compounded concussions and possible swelling on his brain.


King: Speak of the devil

Cole: My God what will Orton have to say for himself

King: Yeah, I wonder how he’s going to get himself out of this one

Orton: Listen up Stephanie I know you’re too afraid to come out here after I beat the hell out of your family and you’re thinking I’m going to come out here with some excuse- I won’t. All you people may have forgotten that I am The Legend Killer and what’s a bigger name in this business, than McMahon? People think the McMahon legacy is untouchable and it was, but when those at the top of the food chain get content and live off the fat of the land its time to hunt them down. I’m that predator, I hunt and kill the weak , the sick and the old. And now I take my rightful place at the top of….

“The Time Is Now”

Cena: Randy, Randy, Randy. News Flash beating up an old man does not put you on top. You used to be in Evolution remember what Ric Flair used to say: C’mon Randy sound it out for me. To be the man…you’ve got to beat the man. Get it, got it good. …The Champ is here (points at his belt) and come Wrestlemania I’ll still be the champ.

Crowd pops a little

Orton: Cena you’re a pretender. I’ve crippled you before and I’ll do it again. Cena you couldn’t stop the Age Of Orton and you won’t stop The Legacy.

Rhodes and DiBiase jump Cena and beat him up the ramp and into the ring. Rhodes and Dibiase hold Cena as Orton prepares to deliver the RKO…but Cena kicks him in the back and clears the ring and Orton seethes at the top of the ramp, while Cena looks confident grabbing a mike.

Cena: Orton you want some come get some. Hell bring the daddy’s boys with ya and we’ll make it a real fight!

Orton: Cena, these idiots are going to have to wait Until Wrestlemania to watch me kick your ass

“All Grown Up”

Stephanie McMahon appears on the Titan Tron

Stephanie: No so fast Randy, despite what you did to my father and Shane I’m still very much in charge of Raw and tonight you WILL face John Cena and your career will be on the line. You Lose and YOUR FIRED! And don’t start about your title shot at Wrestlemania the board of directors has voted to move it up to tonight. And don’t think The Legacy can interfere because if they do you’ll lose automatically and…you will ALL be fired. Good Luck Randy.

Legacy Looks shocked, Cena excited.

Cole: Wow King can you believe that? The match we all thought would main event Wrestlemania tonight on Raw! Orton versus Cena World Heavyweight Championship!

King: And if Orton loses he gets fired and if The Legacy interferes they’re gone too!

Cole: Stay Tuned


Cole: Welcome back everyone. Stephanie McMahon just dropped a bombshell

King: Yeah John Cena faces Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship tonight title versus career.

Cole: That’s later tonight, but right now the Intercontinental Championship is on the line.

“Man On Fire”

Cole: Here comes Kane looking ready to compete.

King: He’s definitely focused on doing what he does best hurting people.

Cole: CM Punk is in for a major challenge here tonight against the demented and conflicted Kane!

King: Yeah, but we’ve seen Punk overcome heavy odds before and we’ll see if he can do it again tonight.

This Fire Burns”

Punk enters holding the IC title high to a massive pop from the fans

King: Here comes Punk trying to honor The great champions of the past like Bret Hart, Curt Hennig and Shawn Michaels

Cole: But as proud as Punk is of being the Intercontinental Champion you’ve gotta believe that Punk hopes the title is a stepping stone back into World Heavyweight title contenion as it was for all the great champions you just mentioned.

Match 1: Intercontinental Championship Match: Kane vs CM Punk

Back and forth encounter with Kane using high impact moves to work over Punk’s back while Punk uses stiff kicks and submissions to wear down Kane’s knee. The finish comes when Kane missing his flying clothesline and Punk has an offensive attack culiminating with a high knee in the corner. Punk goes for the running bulldog, but is thrown hard into the corner by Kane. Punk staggers out and walks into a chokeslam attempt, which he counters by kicking at one of Kane’s knees. Kane goes down in agony and is easy fodder for the GTS. One…Two…Three!

Winner at 12:37 and STILL Intercontinental Champion: CM Punk!

CM Punk celebrates in the ring and the EMTs help Kane, who is noticeably limping out of the ring.

King: I can’t believe what we’re seeing here Cole

Cole: I think this is the worst shape we’ve ever seen Kane in after a match

King: Punk’s got the mic.

Punk: Lately I think I’ve lost my focus. A few months ago I was the World Heavyweight Champion. A title I never lost. Now don’t mistake that for whining and complaining. I’m just reminding myself what I lost. I got preoccupied with revenge. Randy Orton you weren’t around so I took the luster off of your legacy boys, but I didn’t come back for you. Jericho, Cena I didn’t come back and stake my claim and that was my mistake.

Crowd pops massively

Make no mistake I’m proud to be intercontinental champion, but having this belt is a challenge to prove once again that I’m no paper champion and prove once and for all that I’m world championship material

Another pop.

When I can first came to WWE I told you all my only addiction was competiton So anytime someone wants to come to the centre of the ring and challenge me for the Intercontinental Championship Bring it on.

Punk drops the mike to a big pop and gets ready to exit.

Cole: Strong words from the Intercontinental Champion

King: I think he can back it up Cole, after all Punk is the fastest man in history to achieve the triple crown

Cole: Well if nothing else CM Punk is determined to climb the ladder again.

"La Vittoria è Mia ("Victory Is Mine")”

King: Oh lord.

Santino enters to his usual round of boos

Santino: Now a listen here Cookie Magnet Punk or whatever you’re a name may be, you are not the only one to a lose a championship without a the fairness. I…Santino Marella was a robbed of my Intercontinental Championship by Billiam Regal in a match I did not know the rules of…the…Cockfosters street fight now Santino doesn’t have anything. Now Santino doesn’t have nothing against the people of the England or the Spokane who love the cock….fosters, but Santino don’t a swing that way and so I lost due to the technicality of being uncomfortable and unasure of the rules. So Cock…Foster Muncher Punk…I a have a come for my a title.

Punk: Fine, bring it Santino.

Bell Rings

Santino tries to punch Punk, but Punk grabs his fist, kicks him in the gut and nails the GTS for the three count.

Winner at 15 seconds and still Intercontinental Champion CM Punk!

Cole: Well CM Punk was a man of his word talking on any and all challengers

King: Even if they were Santino

Cole: hahaha. Santino’s still out!

King: Well he’d better get of the ring, cuz its time for The Money In The Bank qualifying match

Cole: Well then let’s send it over to Lilian

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is a Money In The Bank 5 Qualifying match. Already in the ring from Milan Italy Santino Marella. And his opponent from…

“Turn Up The Trouble'”

Mr. Kennedy enters to a big pop, pointing at Lillian and shushing her. Entering the ring he looks at the unconscious Santino and shrugs. Kennedy calls down his mic and starts his introduction

Kennedy: And his opponent weighing in at 236 pounds…

Santino starts to stir, so Kennedy picks him up and hits him with the mic check. I hail from Green Bay Wisconsin he covers. Mistaaaaaaaa Kennnedy…One….two…three!
Winner at 35 seconds: Mr. Kennedy

Kennedy hits Santino with his mic and then tries to announce himself the winner, but the mic is dead so he shrugs and goes back to celebrating, tells Lilian to do the honors and exits

Cole: Wow King Kennedy’s back in action, back on Raw and back in Money in the Bank!


“Sexy Boy”

Cole: Here comes Shawn Michaels, who’s gotta feel good after No Way Out King!

King: Absolutely Cole he’s got his piece of mind back his family is secure.

Cole: Wait a second that’s Charlie Haas King

King: Ha The Heartbreak Haas!

“Sexy Boy”

Cole: Oh but now here comes the real HBK

King: I wonder if Shawn’s as amused as we are Cole

Shawn Michaels enters to a huge pop and enters to a big pop and smiles and applauds Haas as he enters the ring.

The two men meet at the centre and shake hands and Michaels can be heard saying “Let’s see if your better than the real thing”

The match is short but competitive. The finish comes when HBK hits Sweet Chin Music just as Haas goes for the same move.

Winner: Shawn Michaels by Pinfall at 10:36

King: Well we found out that HBH wasn’t better than the real thing

Cole: No, but a great effort none the less by Haas, but Shawn Michaels is certainly back to his old self.

Haas slowly gets up slowly and walks to the back head down in tears.

Cole: Haas isn’t taking the loss very well

King: Tough break, but you win some you lose some.

Cole: Right you are King, now let’s go to Josh Matthews standing by with JBL.

Josh: JBL at No Way Out you came up short against Shawn Michaels losing not only your valued employe, but also a large amount of your fortune, how does that feel?

JBL: How do you think it feels your pencil necked snot? Don’t get me wrong there’s no reward without risk and I’ve made my career based on that, but I know you always have to hedge your bets. This is no different then the economic crisis that’s screwed you all over. I was spared because I’m smarter than everyone else including Shawn Michaels and all I have to say to him is…You should’ve read the fine print.

Josh: What did you mean by that?

JBL: It doesn’t matter right now. What matters is that I intend to prove once and for all that I am THE WRESTLING GOD!!!! And to do that I intend t break down another God-like figure on his own stage…I officially challenge the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 25…and I expect an answer by next week.


“Break Down The Walls”

Chris Jericho enters to a massive chorus of boos he stands on the ramp and demands someone at ringside bring him a microphone.

Jericho: Roll the footage

Footage from last week of Ric Flair punching Jericho in the face and Jericho rolling out of the ring.

Jericho: Yes Ric Flair hit me last week, but I do not let trespasses go unnoticed or un avenged. Roll this footage

Handheld camera footage airs of Ric Flair being escorted to his limo as Jericho jumps him beating him over the head repeatedly with his Slammy award and mounts him hammering with fist after fist before throwing his head through the limo’s back window. Jericho yanks the camera away and brings into a close up on Flairs blood stained face..

Jericho soaks up the hate from the fans

Jericho: Quiet you disgusting hypocrites…Rourke this is not a motion picture, this is not reality television. People get crippled and Ric Flair just found that out. Rourke your agent was right to say it would be a bad idea to get in the ring with me at Wrestlemania, but he was sadly mistaken it will not be doing a disservice to your livelihood., it will shorten your life. I don’t care if you’re in or out, but you will not use me or this business to restore yourself to greatness,. At least your friend Flair can be remembered in the annals of history as a has been, once a legend in his field.

Massive Heat From the crowd

No matter how many awards you get nominated for you’ll always be a never was…

Less heat

You will not ride my coattails to resurrection…no one will. Especially not Ric Flair.

Flair’s bloody face appears on the Titan ton as Jericho exits.

King: That was sick…I’m speechless.

Cole: Disturbing….tag titles are next.


Cole: Moments ago we saw Chris Jericho and showed this footage. Be warned its graphic

Replay of the Jericho footage

King: Jericho has lost his mind

Cole: I agree, but we have to get back to business

King: Never thought I’d agree with you Cole, but your right. Tag Titles on the line

Cole: The battle that started on WWE.com comes to a head tonight as Miz & Morrison take on Cryme Time

“Bringing The Hood To You”

Cryme Time pump up the crowd as they enter the ring to a solid reception.

“This Ain’t No Make Believe”

Miz and Morrison enter to a mixed reception the smart marks cheer vocally.

The match is back and forth, but nothing spectacular. The finish comes when Sim Snuka and Manu enter and begin assaulting both teams. On the ramp Rhodes and DiBiase look on.

No contest at 5:50

Cole: What were Snuka and Manu doing?

King: Well I guess after being dumped from the Legacy these two have gotten together to go after the tag team titles .

Cole: And what about the Legacy at ringside?

King: Its obvious Cole everyone wants those belts.

Cole: You talk about titles King there’s nothing bigger than the World Heavyweight Championship and that match is next.


Cole: We’re back folks and its time for World Heavyweight Title Match right now

King: Yeah and Orton’s career is on the line.

Cole: And The Legacy is barred from ringside

King: If they show up they’ll be fired!

Cole: Here we go


Orton slowly walks to the ring, filled with steely focus. Obviously without The Legacy to a mixed reception.

Cole: Orton has everything to lose.

King: That’s what you get for trying to fight the McMahons

“My Time Is Now”

Cena enters with intensity to his usual mixed reception.

Lilian enters the ring for the big match introductions

The following contest scheduled for one fall and is for the World Heavyweight Championship

Introducing first The Challenger
From St. Louis Missouri
Weighing in at 245 pounds
The One Man Dynasty
Randy Orton!

And now from
From West Newberry Massachusetts
Weighing 240 pounds
He is the World Heavyweight Champion
John Cena!

While Cena plays to the crowd Orton chop blocks him dropping elbows to the knees and pounds Cena’s head with punches then slaps on a side headlock, keeping him grounded. Cena fights his way back to his feet and shoots Orton off the ropes…then hits him with a hard clothesline! Orton rolls to the outside and Cena gives chase and Orton runs, baiting Cena into chasing him then throwing Cena shoulder first into the ring steps. Orton gets a look and lines up Cena’s head for a stomp…he lines up Cena and charges…Cena moves at the last second and Orton jams his ankle. Cena takes advantage by throwing Orton into the ring post and then back into the ring. Orton staggers to his feet and Cena meets him with a flurry of hard punches, a stiff knee to the stomach and a delayed vertical suplex floating over into the cover
Kick out!

As Cena pulls Orton to his feet he walks into a low blow into a very quick roll up

Kick out at the very last second!

Orton pours on the offense hitting a series of punches, then a series of quick kneedrops. Cover

Kick Out!

Orton drags Cena to his feet and hits a neckbreaker
Kick out!

Orton chokes Cena and breaks it at the four count and begins punching Cena once again, which leads into another side headlock, Cena gets onto his knees and elbows his way out of it, but as Cena tries to hit the ropes, but Orton yanks Cena down with a reverse DDT. Orton goes quickly into a cover

Kick Out!

Orton pulls up Cena and hits him with a succession of European uppercuts then scoops him up for a slam. Orton hits the ropes for a running knee drop. Another cover, hooks the leg

Kick out!

Orton gets frustrated and delivers cheap stomps before pulling Cena to his feet. Orton hits the ropes…and walks into a powerslam. Both men are down and the referee starts the count

Orton starts to stir
Cena now stirring as well.
Both men are no their knees
Back up to a vertical base

The Two exchange punches and Cena gets the better of Orton and goes for a clothesline, which Orton ducks and turns into a sleeper off of the wild swing. Cena struggles but eventually goes down to one knee Orton cranks up the pressure, but Cena fights to his feet and drives Cena into the corner to break the hold. Both men go down and Orton slips away from the corner and Cena. Orton gets up with difficulty, but quicker than Cena who uses the corner ropes to pull himself up. Orton charges Cena as he comes out of the corner, but Cena ducks the attempted clothesline into a proto-bomb. Both men get up in a quick, but labored way and Cena begins nailing Orton with punches, then whips him off the ropes and delivers a back body drop. Cena pulls Orton up and delivers a flying shoulderblock, which lead into the five knuckle shuffle and into a quick cover and hooking the leg.

Kick out!

Cena climbs the ropes looking for the diving leg drop, but Orton counters it into a powerbomb. Orton pulls his way up to his feet using the ropes, which Cena struggles to all four. Orton lines up Cena for the punt and rushes forward…Cena moves than pulls him down and leaps into the STFU.

Orton is trapped and struggling…

Inching towards the ropes…

Finally after about a minute Orton gets to the ropes to break the hold. Both Men are slow to their feet. Completely spent from the hold. Cena gets up with a determined look and scoops up Orton for the FU. Orton desperate and running on instinct elbows Cena quickly in the side of the head. Orton takes a moment to get his bearings and goes for the RKO, but Cena shoves him off and Orton crashes to the mat. Cena gets pumped and hoists up the staggering Orton into the FU

Cena hits the FU!

But Orton’s foot strikes the referee as he comes down.

Cena with the cover…. No referee!

Suddenly from out of the crowd comes someone and into the ring….

Its Joe Hennig! The Son of Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig who pulls up Cena and nails him with a brainbuster variation on his dad’s Perfect Plex!

Hennig pulls Orton on top of Cena and revives the referee before leaving back through the crowd

The referee crawls slowly into position

Kick out at two and seven eighths!

The referee collapses again trying to regain his composure. Orton is now poised to strike with the RKO as Cena struggles to his feet.

Sprinting down the ramp however is….Batista! Steel Chair in Hand!

Batista jumps into the ring and swings at Orton….who ducks and Cena eats the chair with such force that he’s intantly busted open as Batista tastes the RKO!
Orton collapses on top of Cena as the referee cones over on all fours


Winner at 28:08 and new World Heavyweight Champion!
The One Man Dynasty
Randy Orton!

Orton staggers up the ramp with the title as The Legacy comes to congratulate The new champion as Batista seethes in the ring, with Cena still not moving and bleeding profusely. A final shot of The Legacy celebrating closes out the show.

End show

Hey guys that’s our first show! That’s mostly me with some of heros’ suggestions in there. Hopefully we’re off to a good start. Since this is my first time doing a BTB reviews would be awesome. ECW (Joint show. Mostly brief recaps) will be up tomorrow with Heroes’ Smackdown hopefully soon after.
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

ECW Tuesday February 17th 2009
From Live from Spokane Washington

Highlights from the Finlay/Jack Swagger ECW title match at No Way Out are shown with Swagger punishing Hornswoggle after the match Hitting a Swagger Bomb on the floor.

Swagger gloats in the ring bragging about his victory two nights earlier, until Finlay comes out and goes after Swagger with the shelleleigh, but Swagger runs out of the ring and goes into the back. Finlay gives chase all the way to Swagger’s dressing room, but Swagger meets him and nails him with a lead pipe to the head.

Finlay barges into Theodore Long’s office and demands a match with Swagger for tonight. Long agrees to the match and makes it extreme rules so long as Finlay waves responsibily for whatever happens. Swagger and Finlay unsanctioned for the ECW Championship tonight!


Match One: Three Way Dance: DJ Gabriel vs. Paul Burchill vs. Ricky Ortiz.

A Fast paced, competitive match that ends as Burchill hits the curb stomp on Gabriel, but as he covers Gabriel, Ortiz hits his Big O top rope splash taking Burchill out of the equation long enough to get the pinfall on DJ Gabriel.

Winner: Ricky Ortiz at 6:20


An Evan Bourne video package highlighting his return next week.

Match Two: Tommy Dreamer vs. Mark Henry w/ Tony Atlas

Very one sided with Henry dominating the match with some limited offense from Dreamer to keep things interesting that ends with Dreamer actually having to cheat to win. Finding a kendo stick underneath the ring Dreamer uses that to take Atlas out of the equation and followed by Henry to pick up a barely 3 count for the win.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer at 10:20

Long announces afterwards Henry and Dreamer will have a rematch next week in an Extreme Rules Match for an opportunity to be in the Money in the Bank contest. Also the winner of tonight’s title match should be ready because next week starts the Road to ECW Gold Tournament. The losers of the Dreamer/Henry match and Championship match will be added to the tournament.


A video package airs recapping the history between Finlay and Jack Swagger including tonight’s lead pipe attack.

Match Three: Extreme Rules for the ECW Championship
Jack Swagger vs. Finlay

The match is brutal and filled with plunder with both men using very opportunity to exploit the rules of the contest. Chairs, kendo sticks and trash cans leave both men exhausted, bruised, and beaten. The match ultimately ends with Finlay propping Swagger against a table in the corner and going for a running boot. Swagger dodges and Finlay’s foot goes through the table Swagger uses the opportunity to hit a Swagger Bomb then hooking Finlay’s good leg to leave him unable to kick out.

Winner and still ECW Champion at 18:00: Jack Swagger!

Swagger celebrates with his title to end the show.
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

My laptop broke a while ago. I will post as soon but I will say now it will suck because I have to find a computer to type out results. And hopefully I can strart criticing shows.
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

February 20th, 2009

Instead of the opening video, highlights from the WWE Championship Elimination Chamber match from No Way Out are shown. High emphasis is put on Triple H’s elimination of Kozlov ending Kozlov’s undefeated streak but then the Game’s elimination by Undertaker later. Then Jeff Hardy’s surprise eliminations on both Edge and Undertaker winning the WWE Title. The final image is Jeff Hardy holding the WWE Title as the Elimination Chamber is raised with JR yelling: “Oh my God! I don’t believe it! Jeff Hardy has escaped the chamber with the WWE Championship!”


“No More Words”

Jeff’s music plays as the New WWE Champion enters the stage at the entrance ramp dressed in jeans and a Jeff Hardy shirt with the strap around his waist with a mic in one hand. As he walks down to the ring, the fans cheer and roar as they did when he originally won.

JR: Welcome to Friday Night Smackdown and tonight you have the experience to see you new WWE Champion!

Todd: Five nights ago Jeff Hardy walked out of the Elimination Chamber with the WWE Title after pinning Edge and the future Hall of Famer the Undertaker back-to-back!

JR: The Charismatic Enigma is on top of the world once again and hopefully his stay at the top has fewer accidents. When Hardy won the title the first time, his older brother attacked and cost Jeff the title.

Todd: I'm sure Jeff is keeping his eyes open on everyone

Once Jeff enters the ring he poses to the audience with his Hardy salute. Once
the music dies down and the audience too, Jeff finally begins to speak

Jeff: Uh oh Edge…I’ve done it again!

No matter what this man says equals people cheering for some odd reason

Jeff:I can’t say how good it feels to be the WWE Champion…again!


Jeff: Being WWE Champion a second time says many things when you think
about it. To many it means you are god enough to be at the top. It was not a fluke originally. Or simply it means you deserve to be the best in the world.


Jeff: To me it means one simple thing…that I am better those I grew up around here in the WWE. It means I am better then the guys I fought with for years before getting the WWE Championship like…Edge


Jeff: …And Matt!

“Live for the Moment”

Matt enters with a mic in hand dressed in street clothes.

Matt: What was that Jeff? Did you just say you are better then me?


Matt: Shut up!


Matt: Jeff when it comes to you and me, you have no right to compare me to you. I am the older brother. I am the one who worked so hard to bring us to the WWE and here we are.

Matt walks towards the ring

Matt: You are the WWE Champion having won the Elimination Chamber at
No Way Out while I wasn’t even given a chance to be in the chamber,
let alone be on the card. I had to watch No Way Out at home on my own
dime! I spent my own money for one thing…to watch you bleed!I got to see that. I watched to see you crash and burn which I enjoyed every one. What I really watched for was you to fall for the 1…2…3.

Mixed Reaction. Matt enters the ring and goes face to face with Jeff.

Matt: Instead I saw you become the WWE Champion pinning Undertaker!


Jeff: I think you sound jealous


Matt: Its not jealousy…its unfairness. Its unfair you are the WWE Champion while I have never been given a fair chance at a world title.

Jeff: Maybe its because…

Matt: Maybe its because you are stupid enough to risk your neck so
often that you get all the attention. With the Hardy Boyz, it really was Jeff Hardy and his brother no one was able to see past the freak with the rainbow hair.

Heat. A Jeff chant starts. Jeff waits for the chant to quiet down.

Jeff: Maybe if you tried to entertain people…

Matt: That doesn’t matter anymore. The way I see it there are two ways to Wrestlemania. One is to win the Rumble and Randy Orton earned that achievement


Matt: Or to become a number one contender and thanks to Vickie Guerrero…I am.

Boos. Jeff mouths “What?” to Matt

Matt: You want to know what happened during your match with Edge at
the Royal Rumble? What made me finally snap? It was Vickie…she promised me that I would become the #1contender for the WWE Championship at Wrestlemania 25!


Jeff: So what you are saying…its you and me at Mania?

Matt: Yes

Jeff: One on one?

Matt: Exactly

Jeff pauses

Jeff: Bring it!


Edge and Vickie enter hand in hand with Edge dressed for action but bandaged up from the match from No Way Out. Edge and Vickie with mics in hand go and enter the ring slowly knowing it’s a combustible situation.

Edge: I just thought I would remind you both of a little something I still have in my back pocket. It is something I call…a rematch clause! I still have one more shot at you Jeff! And I want it at the biggest stage of them all…Wrestlemania 25

Mixed Reaction

Jeff: Wait a minute Edge…Matt…I’m facing you both now?

Matt and Edge: No!


Matt: I was promised! Vickie you promised me!

Edge: Shut up Matt! Vickie, honey, you can’t just let him take away my
opportunity. My title like this!

Vickie doesn’t say anything for a moment

Vickie: Well Edge I know you have a rematch clause…

Boos and Matt reacts like all hope is lost

Vickie: and Matt I did promise you…

Mixed reaction

Edge: Vickie! You’re kidding me, right? You can’t let Matt in at
Wrestlemania! I doesn’t deserve it!

Matt pushes Edge. Cheers. Jeff sits back and watches and laughs.

Matt: Vickie he would not have won at the Rumble if it wasn’t for me! You know that and so do all these people! The only one who doesn’t know is Adam!

Edge pushes Matt and looks Vickie in the eyes.

Edge: Vickie…you know I deserve Mania

Matt re-enters and goes face to face with Edge

Jeff: Hey guys…shut up!


Jeff: I have an idea Vickie. I want Matt in the ring at Mania. Edge wants the WWE Title at Mania. Matt simply wants attention. How about a Triple Threat at Wrestlemania? For the WWE Title Jeff Hardy defends against the cry baby (points at Matt) and the bully (points at Edge)… and if you want the bitch

Cheers. Vickie is shocked while Matt and Edge disagree

Jeff: Come on…I get revenge all in one night and tha is something I want…they want…you want…and most importantly what all of these people want!

Vickie: You know what? Fine you have it. Triple Threat at Mania for the WWE Title!

Cheers. Edge stops and licks his lips and looks at Vickie

Edge: How about a match tonight to promote Mania? Tonight Jeff defends the title against me?

Matt: What about me?

Jeff (ignoring Matt): I accept


“The Game”

Triple H enters in his wrestling gear with a mic in hand

Triple H: Sorry to interrupt Vickie…but it seems like the Wrestlemania Main Event is locked up. So…where does that leave me? Last year…Triple Threat for the WWE Title. 23, injured. 22 against Cena for the WWE title…again, next was 21 with Batista for the World Heavyweight, Wrestlemania 2 had Shawn and me in a second Triple Threat Match, while 19 had me beat some guy I can’t talk about anymore…but I can say I am the only real king and 18 was against Chris Jericho. After six Wrestlemanias in a row being in a title match, I don’t know what to do at Mania. If there’s no title, what can I do? I’m actually kind of scared. But wait…at Wrestlemania 17 I did something that didn’t involve a World Title, I faced the Undertaker. So Vickie, I know Taker isn’t here tonight and that John Bore Field already challenged him, I think things would be better with me being in there instead. So if you could go to the back sign the contract for the WWE Title, me vs Taker, and kiss with Edge and we’ll all be happy…as long a we don’t see that last part.

Triple H shrugs in disgust. The crowd laughs

Vickie: Triple H…I’ll think about it. And since you are already ready to fight how about we have the Main Event right now! Edge and Jeff can fight tonight in the spot Edge deserves, the main event. Something you need to earn.

“The Game”

Triple H smiles and walks to the ring suspecting this would happen.
Matt, Edge, and Vickie exit separately while we go to Comercial with
Jeff and Triple H talking casually.


Smackdown returns to the air with Triple H waiting for Kozlov to enter with his music playing in the background.

“Russian March”

Kozlov enters to little reaction with some boos in the background. Before the bell is called to begin the match, Kozlov pushes Triple H down to the ground and the ref jumps between the two to keep the peace

Todd: Kozlov just snapped!

JR: Perhaps he’s showing his frustration from being pinned for the first time on Sunday by Triple H

Todd: I don’t think Triple H will be able to beat off the Moscow mauler tonight. Kozlov seems focused on destroying the Game.

JR: Don’t count the Game out yet

Match One
Vladimir Kozlov vs. Triple H

Match: Once the referee gets Triple H back to his feet, the match starts and Kozlov again pushes the Game back down. Triple H counters with a trip toe hold bringing Kozlov down to his level. Both men get back to their feet and the real match begins. Kozlov dominates the first part of the match with head butts and power moves. Eventually Triple H is able to come back with some strong countering manoeuvres. The match ends with Kozlov receiving a Pedigree from Triple H after dodging a head butt from the Mauler.

Winner: Triple H at 12:46

Triple H stands tall as the winner posing with both arms in the air and exit’s the ring before the Moscow Mauler can try to exact revenge again. Kozlov stares off at Triple H exiting yelling to himself.

JR: Its official ladies and gentlemen! Vladimir Kozlov is no longer undefeated in singles competition either! The Game could not and would not sit down to the Mauler!

Todd: This leaves one to think JR that Kozlov will probably continue to be looking for revenge again Triple H

JR: That may have to wait though Todd because Triple H with two vicories over Kozlov seems to be more focused on getting a match against the Undertaker and his streak at 25th anniversary of Wrestlemania.

Todd: Well JBL on Raw did challenge Undertaker already but having defeated and pinned the no longer undefeated record of the Mauler leaves Triple H open to possibly be the only man capable of defeating the Deadman at the grandest stage of them all.

JR: We are getting word that Josh Matthews is in the back getting an impromptu interview with Triple H himself.

The show goes to Josh in the back with a tired Triple H walking up to Matthews

Josh: Triple H can I get a word about your win over Kozlov and your challenge to the Undertaker

Triple H: Kozlov sucks…

Audience pops and laughs

Triple H:…and with the Undertaker, I expect an answer next week taking my challenge over Bradshaw’s. I know Layfield may think he’s a Wrestling God, but we both know that isn’t close to being true. The only Gods of wrestling are here on Smackdown and its me and Taker. I know you beat me at Mania in the past deadman but back then I was not who I am now. Now I am the most dominate superstar having held the World Heavyweight and WWE titles more times then you have ever done in your career, but just now I ended a streak no one thought would end…and at Wrestlemania 25 Undertaker…I plan to end one more streak.

Triple H takes the mic and walks up to the camera

Triple H: I plan to end your streak Taker but also I plan to continue my own Wrestlemania tradition…and that is proving why I am the King of Kings and The Game all wrapped in one!

Triple H puts the mic back with Josh and walks away.

Josh: Thanks Triple H, back to you JR

Return to ringside with JR and Todd Grisham being joined by the United States Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

JR: Big words from Triple H towards the Undertaker but right now we have a guest at our announce table, the Golden Standard with the US Title, Shelton Benjamin.

Todd: I’m assuming you’re joining us for the 20-Man Battle Royal to see who will challenge you next week for your title

Shelton: Correct and I am glad the WWE is finally giving me and my title the attention we deserve. It is about time I get a challenger who has to work for a title shot.

JR: Also tonight will be the debut of the new generation of the old Hart Foundation and the first member will be making his debut in the Battle Royal next


The show returns with 18 men in the ring waiting for the next star

“I’m Coming!”

MVP makes his entrance to cheers making his standard entrance

Todd: Welcome back to where WWE is changing Friday Nights one match at a time

JR: And right now is a number one contender’s match for the US Title in a 20-Man Battle Royal

Shelton: Where the winner faces the Golden Standard next week in an attempt to try to shine like me.

JR: I think some of these guys in the ring could actually take that title from you next week.

Shelton: Like who?

JR: Lets see…we have Big Show, the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga, The Great Khali, MVP and also R-Truth and Gregory Helms who hold victories over you. WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito is also a former champion and his brother is just as good. And that’s just about half of who is in the ring.

Shelton: What do you know JR

Todd: Anyways we are waiting on the last entrant who is the first member of the New Hart Foundation

JR: The Hart Foundation was one of the WWE’s greatest factions and wrestling families and could very well be again.

Todd: Sit back JR because its time!

The lights go down as the titron goes black with the Hart Foundation skull and heart symbol appears. The image fades. Soon a video plays showing images of the father of the first debut of the Hart Foundation. The father being Davey Boy Smith, the British Bulldog

British Bulldog Video
-1995 Royal Rumble going from entrant 2 to the end with Shawn Michaels
-Winning and being the first European Champion against Owen Hart
-Holding and fighting next to Owen Hart as WWE Wolrd Tag Team Champions
-His standard move set like the Running Power Slam
-The video ends with the Bulldog flexing

The lights return as the Hart Foundation member makes his entrance

“Rule, Britannia”

DH Smith enters wearing the red and blue arm bands and trunks similar to what his father wore. He receives a huge pop finally debuting on Smackdown!

Ring Announcer: And introducing the final participant in the 20-Man Battle Royal…the son of ‘The British Bulldog’ Davey Boy Smith… weighing in at 203 pounds from Calgary, Alberta, Canada… The ‘Canadian Bulldog’ David Hart Smith!

JR: It’s the British Bulldog’s son! Finally he’s on Smackdown and what a better time to debut then to show what you can do in a 20-Man Battle Royal.

Todd: Keep in mind JR that debuting in a Battle Royal can also be very humiliating if he’s kicked out early.

JR: DH Smith is the son of the man who in the 1995 Royal Rumble went from entrant 2 to the being in the final two with Shawn Michaels. Its in his genes to be good in these matches. This man will be dangerous in the Battle Royal and I bet you if he wins, Shelton you may have to worry about losing your title next week

Shelton: Come on are you kidding? Just because he’s the British Bulldog’s son, doesn’t make him good automatically.

JR: He may not be the British Bulldog but he’s the Canadian Bulldog!

Shelton: Canadian! That’s even worse! it’s the US Title, not the British and most certainly not the Canadian title.

Todd: Anyways fellows David Hart Smith is now in the ring making us now at 20 and it looks like the match is starting now

Match Two
20-Man Battle Royal for a match next week for the United States Championship
DH Smith vs. Carlito vs. Primo vs. Big Show vs. Kazarny vs. Khali vs. Chavo vs. The Brian Kendrick vs. Ezekiel Jackson vs. Umaga vs. R-Truth vs. Helms vs. MVP vs. Ricky Ortiz vs. Festus vs. Jesse vs. Ryder vs. Hawkins vs. Jimmy Wang Yang vs. Funaki

Elimination Order:
1 Jackson by a close line over the top from DH Smith (same time as 2 and 3) (0:03)

2 Helms by a close line over the top rope from Umaga (same time as 1 and 3) (0:03)

3 Wang by a close line over the top rope from Festus (same time as 1 and 2) (0:03)

4 Festus by DH Smith. After the eliminations DH and Umaga stare down but Festus jumps them both. While attacking DH, he counters with a Running Power Slam throwing Festus over the top rope onto Wang, Helms and Jackson. (1:24)

5 Kazarny by Umaga. DH and Umaga return to the stare down but taking time to knock down anyone that gets in the way including Kazarny who receives a super kick from Umaga over the top rope. Afterwards Umaga and DH Smith fist fight leading to them rolling out of the ring under the bottom rope. (3:16)

6 Ortiz by a suplex from Chavo (6:12)

7 Jesse by Big Show thowing him over the top rope (7:19)

8 Primo by a superkick from Kendrick sending him the top rope (9:16)

9 Funaki by Ryder and Hawkins double teaming him with a double back drop over the top rope. DH and Umaga return to the ring with the Canadian Bulldog wielding a steel chair. (9:52)

10 Khali by Big Show. Both giants duel until both end up over the top rope but miraculously still on the outside edge. Show eliminates with a KO Punch. Umaga falls unconscious after a chair shot from DH(11:25)

11 Big Show by a series of chair shots from DH Smith while still on the ring edge (11:37)

12 Ryder by a chair shot from DH Smith (12:57)

13 Hawkins by a close line from MVP. Umaga gets back up. (13:02)

14 Umaga by DH Smith using a suplex. Umaga goes crazy and uses his signature moves and Samoan Thumb attacks on everyone till eventually its only DH standing. Umaga relieves DH of the chair but DH gets a suplex in on Umaga and throws him over the top. (17:48)

15 R-Truth by DH Smith after a simple dodge and toss (18:09)

16 DH after running close line from an already eliminated Umaga. The two brawl afterwards to the back (19:11)

17 Chavo by Carlito (22:07)

18 MVP by a throw over the top from Kendrick after TBK low blows the Balling Superstar (25:34)

19 The Brian Kendrick by Carlito. TBK charges at Carlito after eliminating MVP. Carlito pulls the top rope down using Kendrick`s momentum and speed to send him over the top rope. (26:24)

Winner and Number One Contender for the United States Championship: Carlito (26:24)

Carlito crashes down to the mat exhausted having won the Battle Royal through skill and luck. Primo returns to the ring to congratulate his brother bringing both WWE Tag Team Titles with him. Helping Carlito to his feet, Primo puts one of the tag titles around his brother`s waist and points him towards Shelton who is already holding up the US Title. Carlito looks over at Shelton and holds up Primo`s title presenting the audience with what Carltio will look like with two titles

JR: Carlito won! Next week its one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions challenging for the United States Championship!

Todd: What shape will Carlito be in next week after such a harsh Battle Royal

JR: I`m sure he will be fine and Benjamin will be running for the hills

The show cuts to commercial with the Colons and Shelton still staring each other down


Smackdown returns with Vickie in her office talking to Edge about tonight’s match with Jeff Hardy. Edge is ranting walking back and forth with Vickie sitting on the couch. Edge rants about why Vickie never told him about her promise to Matt to main event Wrestlemania 25. Vickie argues saying she thought Edge would still be WWE Champion. Edge then blames her for putting him in the Elimination Chamber match to begin with. Where Vickie argues back she wasn’t the one who got pinned and he lost all on his own. Edge stares at Vickie and leaves. Vickie breaks down crying until Matt enters. Matt sits besides Vickie and consoles her after arguing with her husband. This scene ends with Matt saying, “thank you for sticking by your promise.”

The show shifts to Divas Champion Maryse with Josh Matthews for an interview

Josh: Maryse, up next you will be facing Maria in a non-title match but next week you will be facing a Hart Foundation member that will be appearing apart of the faction next week. After seeing DH Smith debut earlier in the Battle Royal, does it leave you worried?

Maryse: It is not like he won…I`m sure whoever it is she will end up the same way Smith did tonight. A loser!

Josh: He may have lost tonight but he did get the most eliminations and some were real contenders for the United States Title and arguably the WWE Title.

Maryse: A loss is a loss.

Mystery: Well I`m sure you would be a lot easier to throw over the top rope then Umaga and Big Show

DH walks in making an appearance

DH Smith: I eliminated six guys over the top rope…just imagine what my family can do when its one on one. And not one on nineteen.

Maryse: This coming from a second generation whose father couldn`t win anything better then a third rated European Title. Come talk to me when you win something of worth.

Maryse pats DH on the shoulder

Maryse: By the way…look out

Umaga then jumps DH throwing him to the ground. Maryse escapes as Umaga sends a flurry of punches down to DH. The fight comes to an end once security separates the two men.

The show returns to ringside

JR: What a despicable attack by Umaga!

Todd: DH Smith may have had an amazing Battle Royal coming close to winning but Umaga gets the last laugh it seems tonight.

JR: I`m getting word that a match has just been made for next week…not only will Maryse face off against the next debuting Hart Foundation member but we will also see `The Canadian Bulldog` appear in his first singles match next week against his attacker from seconds ago `The Samoan Bulldozer`Umaga!

Todd: What a huge announcement for next week with two Harts in singles action next week

``All Summer Long``

Maryse enters holding her title high unfazed by the attack he watched moments ago. Audience gives a small round of heat

JR: Up next Maryse vs. Maria in non-title action

Maryse walks into the ring showing nothing but confidence

``With Leg's Like That``

Maria enters to a pop from the audience

Match Three

Divas Champion Maryse vs. Maria

A short squash match with Maria able to get in some offense. Maryse picks up a strong win using surprisingly a sharpshooter perhaps mocking her opponent for next week.

Winner: Maryse (4:12)

Once the bell rings Maryse lets go of the move but adds insult to injury with a small kick to Maria`s head when she tries to get up

Todd: I can`t believe Maryse won the match with the sharpshooter!

JR: The Divas Champion sending a message to her opponent next week that she is not scared nor cares what family and training background she has.

As Maryse walks back up the entrance ramp with her title around her shoulders the feed changes to a split screen backstage with Jeff Hardy with the WWE title on the left and Edge on the right. Both men are walking towards the ring

Todd: Its Jeff Hardy and Edge up next for the WWE Title!

JR: With the Elimination Chamber only five days ago what condition will both men be in


Smackdown comes back with Edge already in the ring with his music playing

``No More Words``

Jeff Hardy enters with the WWE Championship to a huge pop. Jeff dances his way to the ring but upon entering Edge attacks him when his back is turned. The ref rings the bell for the match to start.

Match Four
WWE Championship

WWE Champion Jeff Hardy vs. Edge

Match: An alright match between the two with good flow and some good spots. The match comes to an end when Jeff tries to hit the Whisper in the Wind but Edge dodges leaving Jeff to land solely on his rear. Once Jeff gets back up, Edge nails the new WWE Champion with a spear. Edge goes for the pin 1...2...Matt Hardy comes from no where and pulls his brother from the ring. Matt looks at Edge as he slaps Jeff causing the disqualification!

Winner by DQ and still WWE Champion: Jeff Hardy (10:23)

JR: I can`t believe this Matt causes such a great contest to end in a disqualification!

Todd: Edge was so close to reclaiming the WWE Title

JR: Why would Matt help his brother keep the title

Todd: I thought Matt hated Jeff

After the slap to the face Jeff falls to the floor and Matt looks on towards Edge. Edge is furious yelling at the ref and towards Matt. Matt runs to the other side of the ring and gets himself a steel chair. Matt walks around the ring again keeping an eye on Edge and Edge now keeping an eye on the man wielding a weapon. Matt waits behind his brother who is standing again and nails him with the chair!

With Jeff down for good this time, Matt enters the ring with the chair. Matt and Edge have a small skirmish ending with Edge taking a chair shot to the back. Edge falls down to all fours and watches in horror as Matt prepares to finish off Edge with the chair…

…Suddenly an audience member appears in the ring! He nails Matt in the back making the eldest Hardy drop the chair. The mystery man then grabs onto Matt`s arms and pulls them behind him. UNPRETTIER!

Matt Hardy is laid out with Edge looking on shocked not knowing what is going on. The mystery man removes his hood and its…

You already know I bet


JR: Its Christian!

Todd: He`s back! I can`t believe it!

JR: Christian is back and the first he does is create an Instant Classic of a moment

Christian looks on at Edge as the crowd goes crazy. Christian raises his arm and pats his chest followed by the salute. The fans pop as the show goes off the air with Edge and Christian staring eye to eye.

Quick Results:
Triple H pinned Kozlov with a pedigree
WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito won the 20-Man Battle Royal
Divas Champion Maryse made Maria submit to the sharpshooter
WWE Champion Jeff Hardy retains against Edge after a DQ from Matt

Confirmed for Next Week:
`The Canadian Bulldog` DH Smith vs. `The Samoan Bulldozer` Umaga

Non-Title: Divas Champion Maryse vs. the next debuting Hart Foundation member

United States Champion `The Golden Standard` Shelton Benjamin defends the title against one half of the WWE Tag Team Champions and winner of tonight`s Battle Royal: Carlito in a champion vs. champion match.

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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

Dude, slow down. If your doing the three brands thing, then wait in between three days for everyone to react.

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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

we did

Kid posted RAW last week and ECW the following day.

I posted SD! 7 days after RAW. Its just that no one has looked at the thread or reviewed it...probably help if I stopped being lazy and replied and reviewed other threads
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

Originally Posted by Heroes View Post
we did

Kid posted RAW last week and ECW the following day.

I posted SD! 7 days after RAW. Its just that no one has looked at the thread or reviewed it...probably help if I stopped being lazy and replied and reviewed other threads
My bad. Sry

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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

]Insider News

There has been a massive shakeup within WWE creative. Vince McMahon has become incredibly paranoid about spoilers surrounding Wrestlemania as such the original plan for Wrestlemania has been altered. The expected main event of Triple H vs Randy Orton has been changed due to leaks and to accomidate a request by Triple H to rest numerous nagging injuries, spend more time with his family and to emphasis the new directing of pushing new talent. Also the emphasis on kid friendly direction has been abandoned due to declining ratings.

On Friday DH Smith successfully debuted as the first of the New Hart Foundation members and the creative team was pleased with his work and the reaction. Natayla Neidhart will be the Diva debuting next week. Due to leaks the remaining developmental talents to be called up are being kept under wraps.

Poor reaction to the Todd Grisham/ Jim Ross commentary team has lead to addition Of Gregory Helms as a color commenter. It is hoped that he will add more spice to the broadcast.

As well a talent will be returning to ECW.

Batista was well ahead of schedule in rehabbing his arm injury and returned Monday it is expected the return match between himself and John Cena will be a headlining match at Wrestlemania 25.

Mr. Kennedy also returned on Raw. The WWE brass hoped that a return to Raw would boost the flagging sales of Behind Enemy Lines: Columbia. Kennedy will a full return at Money In The Bank, but is being kept out of long matches in fear of reaggrivating his previous injury.

Micky Rourke will not be wrestling Chris Jericho, but will involved in the lead up to Jericho’s match at Wrestlemania. It has been rumored that a handy cap match involving Ricky Steamboat and Ric Flair has been pitched, but Hulk Hogan has expressed interest in facing Jericho. However Hogan is rumored to be recovering from back surgery and may not be able to compete. The referencing of Rourke as a “never was” by Jericho at Raw also suggests a popular figure from the past fallen on hard times similar to Rourke’s character in “The Wrestler” names suggested for this direction include Scott Hall, Sean Waltman or an independent wrestler like Rourke’s co-star Necro Butcher Dylan Summers. Rourke will appear on Raw shortly to promote the match

Joe Hennig son of Son of famer Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig made his debut Monday he is planned to be the fourth member of The Legacy given his interference in the WWE title match.
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Re: Heroes & Kid Comet Present WWE New Age

Raw Preview for February 23rd 2009

Last week was a memorable one on Raw as thw WWE Universe bore witness to two returns, a debut, a Wrestlemania challenge and the crowning of a new WWE Champion and the fallout of these is events is sure to be felt this Monday night.

The New Age Dawns
Last week with The Legacy barred from ringside and his career on the line Randy Orton managed to shock everyone by regaining the WWE title from John Cena in an epic encounter, Orton has promised he will celebrate his win to kick off Raw as well as address the numerous issues that surround the title match. What will The One Man Dynasty have to say?

Animalistic Aggression
The central figure in the title match was the return of “The Animal” Dave Batista who accidentally cost John Cena the championship with an arrant chairshot to the head. How will Batista respond to his inadvertent aiding of his hated rival Orton and what words will he have for Cena?

A Near “Perfect” Debut
Also during the WWE Championship we saw the shocking debut of Joe Hennig son of WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig running interference on behalf of Randy Orton. What will the third generation superstar have to say for himself and what is his involvement with The Legacy

Wrestling God vs. The King Of Kings
Last week JBL challenged The Undertaker to a match at Wrestlemania 25 Triple H followed suit on Smackdown and in order to determine who will face The Undertaker the WWE Board Of Directors has announced that these two men will go one on one this Monday on Raw!

Money In The Bank…Bank!
Mr. Kennedy returned last week and became the first entrant in the Money In The Bank ladder match. This week he goes one on one with Dolph Ziggler.

On WWE.com Chris Jericho issued two separate challenges one to a legend and one to someone who had been considered primed for success but never managed to live up to expectations. Who will answer the call?

All this plus another Money In The Bank Qualifying Match and the announcement of who will be next legend to join Stone Cold Steve Austin in the WWE Hall Of Fame this Monday night live on USA!
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