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WWE 2009- The New era begins

Vince McMahon is to take a huge step back from the WWE. He is to take time off, and is going to take semi-retirement. Whilst major decisions on hiring staff will ultimately still have to go through the chairman of the board, it will be Stephanie and Shane McMahon who are running the company. Vinceís decision is thought to have gone down well with superstars and staff backstage a like. The feeling as 2009 passed, it was the general feeling that Vince was straggling the life out of the WWE, and it is thought that top superstars had challenged Vince on some of his creative decisions. Rumour has it was Shane and Stephanie who finally persuaded Vince to step aside.
The WWE under Vince had become well known to have the ďshow must go onĒ spirit and thatís the way the company continued to operate on screen whilst the change in power was happening backstage. The 1st major decision made by Stephanie and Shane was to fire both Vickie Guerrero and Tiffany as general managers of Raw and ECW respectively. Their decision left the posts open, and it was decided that Theodore Long would move back to ECW as General manager. Leaving the 2 flagships without a general manager. That was until Shane and Stephanie decided that they would not only run the company but also the 2 flagships of the company. Shane would take over as General Manager of Monday Night Raw and Stephanie of Friday Night Smackdown. Shaneís first night as General manager would be the night after No Mercy and Stephanieís the following Friday.

In the ring, although Summerslam had come and past. Randy Ortonís reign as WWE champion continued, He had defeated a returning Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Batista and John Cena had also failed to capture the gold. Legacyís dominance over Raw had grown and grown under then Vickie Guerrero, who seemingly sided with the group on everything, this was proved to be correct as Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes captured the Unified Tag team championship from the colons at Summerslam. Matt Hardy and Kofi Kingston were both battling with M.V.P for the United States championship, with Matt finally winning it from M.V.P in a triple threat ladder match at Summerslam. Maryseís championship reign ended back in May when Kelly Kelly defeated her for the title, unfortunately Kelly lost the title to Mickie James at The Bash. Mickie then defended the title in a diva scramble match at Summerslam, winning the title by pinning Jillian in the final seconds.

On ECW Tommy Dreamer failed in his attempt to capture the ECW title by Summerslam, and he stuck to his word and retired. In the meantime, Christian, Jack Swagger and Evan Bourne had all been feuding for the title, with all 3 men capturing the gold over the summer period, but Christian had come out on top, and won the title at breaking point, forcing champion Evan Bourne to tap out.

Smackdown saw Edge, Jeff Hardy, Chris Jericho and Rey Mysterio all in the running for the World Heavyweight championship over the summer. Rey Mysterio had lost the Intercontinental championship to Chris Jericho at Extreme Rules, but Jericho himself lost the title only 6 days later the following Friday to John Morrison. Rey Mysterio and Jericho continued their feud and it became intertwined with Edge and Jeff Hardyís battle for the World Heavyweight championship. A Fatal four way match ensued at Summerslam with Jeff Hardy coming out on top. The rainbow haired warrior lost the title at Breaking point to Chris Jericho, tapping out to the walls of Jericho. R-Truth would be the person who challenged Morrison for the Intercontinental gold, only to fail in his bid for the title. Next in line would be Shelton Benjamin, who with the help of Charlie Haas claimed the title from Morrison. Benjamin would go on to Summerslam as the champion and lose the title, and lose in his bid to regain at breaking point to the Samoan Bulldozer Umaga. The Womenís championship was held by Melina until she finally lost it to Michelle McCool at Night of Champions.
Summerslam, would also see the Wrestlemania rematch between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. With Michaels coming out on top after another epic match between the pair.

No Mercy results
John Cena defeated Randy Orton (Via DQ)
(Randy Orton retains the WWE Title)
Chris Jericho defeated Jeff Hardy and Edge
(to retain the World Heavyweight championship)
Evan Bourne defeated Christian
(to become ECW champion)
Batista defeated M.V.P
Matt Hardy defeated William Regal, The Brian Kendrick and The Miz
(to retain the United States championship)
Kelly Kelly defeated Mickie James
(to become Divaís champion)
Rey Mysterio defeated Umaga (via DQ)
(Umaga retains the Intercontinental Championship)

The roster is the same post draft roster that is currently being used in real life. Apart from the explained General Manager changes.

Champions after No Mercy
WWE Champion- Randy Orton
United States Champion- Matt Hardy
Divaís Champion Kelly Kelly
Unified Tag team champions- Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes

ECW champion- Evan Bourne

World Heavyweight champion-Chris Jericho
Intercontinental Champion- Umaga
Womenís champion- Michelle McCool

CM Punk is still to cash in the Money in the Bank contract, after being out injured due to injuries sustained at the hands of Umaga at Night of Champions.
The 1st Monday Night Raw will be up within the next day or so.
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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: WWE 2009- The New era begins

The World is watching video airs

We cut to the parking lot, where we see Shane McMahon getting out of a white limo, he looks around the parking lot, takes a deep breath, looks around again and smiles. A slight laugh from him as he walks toward the main building. As Shane enters the building we cut to the main Raw opening credits.

Monday Night Raw
Wachovia Centre
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

We cut to the main arena where the crowd erupts as the Pyro blows around the stage.

Cole- Welcome to Monday Night Raw, live from the Wachovia Centre, here in Pittsburgh. And tonight marks the beginning of a new era for the entire WWE Universe! Vince McMahon has taken a step back, and allowed His Son and Daughter run the show.

King- Whilst some eras are only just beginning, some are going from strength to strength! And hereís proof of that.

Randy Ortonís music hit as The WWE Champion comes down to the ring, flanked by fellow Legacy members and Unified Tag team champions, Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes. All 3 men slowly make their way to the ring, they enter and then all 3 stand in the middle of the ring. As the crowd erupts in a series of you suck chants, the 3 men raise their gold above their heads. Rhodes grabs a mic from ringside and hands it to Randy Orton.

Orton- Last night

[Heavy booing]

Orton- Last night, I once again proved that I, Randy Orton am the most dominant WWE Champion of all time. Not only am I the most dominant WWE Champion of all time, but I am also the leader of the most dominant group of all time!

[More booing]

Orton- You can forget Evolution, The Hart Foundation and The 4 horse men! Forget them! You are looking at the most dominant, and therefore the best group ever to be associated with the WWE!

[More intense booing]

Orton- Not only is the leader of the group the WWE Champion, but also my 2 protťgťs are the Unified Tag Team Champions! And soon we will hold every major title on Raw! I want us to prove to you that we are that damn good!

[A confused silence rings around the arena]

Matt Hardyís music hits and the United States Champion comes to the stage.

Hardy- Unless youíve forgotten Randy, Iím the United States Champion! Not Ted DiBiase and certainly not Cody Rhodes! I am, Matt Hardy! And as far as Iím concerned neither of them are even worthy of a shot at my title! So what, tag team champions! I achieved that with my lowlife, waster of a brother of mine! Neither of you 2 have ever achieved singles titles! And whilst Iím United States Champion neither of you will!

[A confused cheer]

Orton- Matt, I promise you that Legacy will hold all the major titles on Raw! And we will do it soon.......

Batistaís music interrupts Orton, Matt Hardy turns around and goes to the back, exchanging a stare with the Animal, who is accompanied by a huge cheer, makes his way to the ring. He enters the ring with a mic.

Batista- Donít speak too soon Randy! Last night I won my number one contenders match against M.V.P, which means Randy in 3 short weeks time at Cyber Sunday, I get another chance to take that WWE title away from you! Another chance to once again become WWE Champion!

The crowd erupts as John Cenaís music hits and Cena comes down to the ring.

Cena- Whoa, whoa, Whoa! Hold on there Batista! Last night I was cheated out of the WWE title. Last night I was hit by the title, square between the eyes. I never lost that match, but Iím still not WWE champion! Randy Orton is! I have already been to see Shane McMahon...............

Cena is cut off by The General manager of Monday Night Raw, Shane McMahon, whoís come springing out on to the stage, dancing to his entrance music. He has a huge smile on his face as he stands on the stage and starts to nod in acknowledgment of the crowdís cheers.

Shane- Thank you! As both John and Batista have just said, I feel both men are entitled to a championship match!


Shane- But as itís my first night as General Manager of Monday Night Raw, Iíve decided to make a decision that will both please our fans, and effect our apparent 2 number 1 contenders...........John Cena, you will not be facing Randy Orton at Cyber Sunday......

[Slight booing from the crowd]

Shane- Batista, neither will you!

[More booing]

Shane- But the WWE Title will be defended at Cyber Sunday.........by whom will all depend..............on a match I have just made..............Randy Orton will face John Cena and Batista in a triple threat match.......

[Huge cheer]

We close up on Orton who is looking outraged

Shane- The WWE title will be defended in a triple threat match....................tonight!

[The crowd erupts in a huge cheer]

We once again close up on Orton who is looking even more pissed. Shane goes back through the curtain and to the back, as he does we cut to the ring and Legacy, John Cena and Batista all starring at each other. Suddenly Legacy pounce on the other superstars, Cena is thrown over the top rope by Rhodes and Orton, as DiBiase attacks Batista. The numbers game is too much for The Animal who is forced down to the mat. Rhodes and DiBiase hold Batista down as Orton stomps away at the animals head.

Suddenly, from through the crowd Carlito and Primo Colon hit the ring, they take out Rhodes and DiBiase, forcing them over the top rope and onto the ramp, as they do Cena re-enters behind an unaware Randy Orton, Batista is struggling to his feet, and is knelt in the ring. Orton senses he can once again punt Batista; Orton starts to size Batista up, as Cena watches on. Orton runs toward Batista he does Batista springs back into life, he goes to spare Orton, but Orton sees it coming and drops to the mat, he starts to roll out of the ring, as Batista connects with a spear on Cena. It turns him inside out and leaves Cena down on the mat. Orton watches on as Batista realises heís speared Cena.
A smile breaks out on Ortonís face as Batista starts looking angry down at him. Orton slowly back up the ramp starring and smiling at Batista. Batista turns and looks down at Cena. As we fade to commercials Batista is starring down at a fallen John Cena.


We return with a quick video of what happened before we went to commercials. The video shows Legacy being attacked by the Colonís, then Batista sparring John Cena.

Cole- Well the outcome of all that still remains the same King, the WWE Title will be defended tonight in a triple threat match!

Big Showís music hits and the 7 foot giant comes down to the ring, accompanied by jeers from the crowd. Show doesnít look very happy as he enters the ring. He is forced to stand there and await his opponent for the night.

The Brian Kendrickís music rings out as he comes strutting down to the ring. He takes his jacket off, throws it to the ground. He looks ready for the challenge ahead. He enters the ring.

Big Show vs. The Brian Kendrick

Before Kendrick can even make it half way across the ring to start the match, Big show is on standing right in front of him, Big show just pushes Kendrick to the mat, he picks him up like a little rag doll, and throws him into the corner. He unleashes a huge slap to Kendrickís exposed chest, not once, not twice but 3 times. Kendrick falls to the mat. With 1 hand, Big Show drags Kendrick back to his feet by his hair. Holding Kendrick up with his left hand, Big Show pulls back his right, and connects with a devastating knockout blow. Kendrick just drops to the mat, lifeless. Using his foot, Show turns Kendrick over. He kneels down next to him and just places 1 palm on Kendrickís chest. The ref counts. 1........................2.................................3!

Winner-The Big Show

Big Show gets up and goes to the ring ropes, he demands a mic.

Show- I am sick and tired of being over looked in the title picture! I want a title shot! And Iím not going to stop at anything to get what I want! And if Shane McMahon wants proof that Iím worthy of a title shot then I will prove it. I am here by issuing an open challenge to anybody in the locker room. No let me re-phrase that! I am issuing a challenge to anybody in the entire WWE Universe!

He drops the mic and storms to the back, as The Brian Kendrick is still lying out in the ring. As Big Show stomps to the back, EMTís come down the ramp to attend to Kendrick.


We return backstage where we see Randy Orton pacing around the Legacy locker room. Ted DiBiase and Cody Rhodes burst in.

Orton- Where the hell have you been!
Rhodes- Those damn Colonís!
DiBiase- Calm down Cody, just calm down.
Orton- I asked you a dam question!

Rhodes disappears out of shot.

DiBiase [calmly] - Weíve been to see Shane McMahon.
Orton- About what!
DiBiase- The Colonís. We went in there and demanded a match for tonight.
Orton- And?

Thereís a knock at the door, before anybody can answer it, Kelly Kelly opens it and puts her head in.

Kelly- Hey Randy......

Randy turns around to look at her.

DiBiase- What the hell do you want!?!?!
Kelly- Erm, I just wanted to wish Randy good luck for tonig....

Rhodes suddenly comes storming back into shot

Rhodes- He doesnít need luck, Heís the WWE Champion, now get the hell out of here.

He pushes Kelly out of the doorway and slams the door.

DiBiase- Anyway as I was saying Randy..............Randy

Orton turns back to him.

DiBiase- As I was saying! Shane McMahon has given us a match tonight. Me and Cody taking on The Colonís
Rhodes- Yeah but get this! If they beat us, they get a title shot at Cyber Sunday against us! I just wish we could take them out once and for all!
Orton- Be patient! Look hereís what weíll do..........

We cut to Shane McMahonís office, where we see the new general manager sitting behind a huge desk. Triple H enters.

HHH- Shane, what are you doing!
Shane- What do you mean!?!
HHH-When you took over, I thought youíd at least give me the 1st title shot. The first shot at Randy Orton.
Shane- Well you thought wrong then Hunter! I canít just grant you a title match, especially on my 1st night in the job! How would that look, not only to the board, but to the fans and the rest of the locker room!
HHH- You think I really care what the rest of the locker room think! I want that title! I want Orton!
Shane-Look Calm down! Youíll get your shot, if.....
HHH- If?
Shane- If you defeat youíre opponent next week!

Triple H stares at Shane for a few seconds, before storming out, the camera follows him, as he leaves the office he comes face to face with his friend Shawn Michaels.

HBK- Whoa there!
HHH-Shawn I havenít got time for this!

Triple H continues walking as he storms down the corridor he pulls a phone out of his pocket and dials. Shawn Michaels enters Shaneís office and closes the door. The camera turns around to show Triple H on the phone.

HHH- Hi...........


Back from commercials and we cut to the main arena to show the crowd.
A graphic appears on the screen showing Rhodes, DiBiase and The Colonís.

Cole- Still to come tonight, 2 parts of Legacy take on the Colonís tonight King.
King- If the Colonís win, they will be given a title shot, for the Unified tag team titles at Cyber Sunday. The problem is, theyíre dealing with Legacy! And Legacy always seems to have a plan.

The graphic then shows John Cena, Batista and Randy Orton

Cole- And this is our main event tonight! Shane McMahonís first night in charge of Raw, and heís pulled out a huge main event. Just 24 hour removed from No Mercy, Randy Orton will put his WWE title on the line in a triple threat match!
King- John Cena and Batista once again get the chance to claim the WWE title from Randy Orton! Whilst thatís gone down well with the fans, other superstars backstage arenít too pleased.
Cole- And as we saw before the commercial break, one of those people is The Game Triple H!

Kelly Kellyís music rings around the arena as the newly crowned Divaís champions comes down to the ring, she is followed by her tag tam partner Mickie James.
The crowdsí cheers turn to jeers as Jillian Hallsí music hits and she comes down to the ring, she is then followed by Maryse who doesnít seem very interested in being in the match.

Kelly Kelly and Mickie James vs. Jillian Hall and Maryse.

Mickie and Kelly dominate the match, not letting Jillian get a tag to Maryse. Finally Jillian counters Kelly who has her in a headlock, Jillian does so with a DDT, this means Jillian finally gets a chance to tag in Maryse, but Maryse doesnít want to know, she just looks on at Jillian before dropping down to the floor. Jillian looks on in horror as Maryse starts to walk away from the match, telling the crowd who are heavily booing her to shut up, She reaches the stage as we cut back to the ring, where Kelly gets a tag to Mickie, Jillian stands up and shouts at Maryse ďwhat the hell do you think youíre doingĒ. Maryse just shrugs and motions for Jillian to turn around, Jillian does slowly and turns straight into a Mick Kick, she picks up the fallen Jillian and with a slightly crazy look in her eye, points at the camera before hitting Stratusfaction! She pins Jillian, but stares at Maryse on the stage. 1.....................2......................3!

Winners- Kelly Kelly and Mickie James.

As Jillian rolls out of the ring, Kelly and Mickie stand tall in the ring, Mickie goes and get the Divaís title, and she hands it to Kelly who lifts the title above her head. She looks down at Maryse who is still standing on the stage. The 2 exchange a long look. Kelly turns to celebrate with Mickie, as she does out of nowhere Mickie hits a Mick kick on the Divaís champion leaving her down on the mat. Mickie picks the title up, and holds it in both hands whilst starring at it.


We return with a replay of Mickie James hitting a Mick Kick on Kelly Kelly, then standing over the fallen Divaís Champion.

Cole- Well those shocking scenes happened just before we went to that last commercial break!
King- Shocking Michael! Poor Kelly nearly got her head taken off by that deranged Mickie!

We see another video, this time of what happened during the break. We see Officials and EMTs putting Kelly onto a stretcher and taking to the back.

Cole- Well during the commercial break, doctors and EMTs helped Kelly to the back. We understand that Kelly is going to be taken to a nearby medical facility to be checked out.

We cut to the parking lot where we see Randy Orton getting something from the back of his car. From behind him we hear a commotion, as medical staffs bring Kelly out, and start to put her in the back of an Ambulance. The camera pans backward to a wider shot, which reveals Randy Orton standing at the back of the ambulance looking on. Suddenly the door to the main building open and Ted DiBiase appears.

DiBiase- Randy..............Randy there you are! Randy!

Orton looks round at the door.

DiBiase- Itís Cody, heís gone! Heís disappeared! I only left him for a few second.....you saw that mood he was in, what happens if heís done something stupid!
Orton- Right calm down! Where did you see him last!

They rush back into the main building, as the ambulance carrying Kelly pulls out of the parking lot and into the night.

We cut to main arena where we see Kofi Kingston making his way to the ring.

Lillian- This match is to determine the number one contender for the United States Championship!

After he bows his Pyro on the stage and starts to walk down the ramp we fade to commercials.


We return with Kofi in the ring, and William Regalís music playing as the British star makes his way down the ramp. As he reaches the end of the ramp, from behind the announcerís desk, through the crowd, Matt Hardy slides into the ring and attacks Kofi Kingston from behind. Regal seizes the opportunity and rushes into the ring and joins the attack. They stomp Kofi as he lies on the mat

The crowd erupts with a cheer as M.V.P comes running down the ramp, he slides in, as Regal turns to fend him off, but M.V.Pís momentum means he has the upper hand straight away and clotheslines Regal over the top rope and down to the floor. M.V.P then attacks Matt Hardy, the 2 exchange blows, before M.V.P gets the upper hand. Another clothesline and M.V.P sends Matt Hardy down to the floor near the ramp. Hardy and Regal slowly back up the ring. M.V.P helps Kofi to his feet, and then begs Regal and Hardy to get back in the ring!

Kofi Kingston vs. William Regal

Winner- No contest


We return with a close up of Michael Cole and Jerry ďthe kingĒ Lawler

Cole- Well Iíve just been told that our next match has been changed. It was suppose to be Cody Rhodes and Ted DiBiase of Legacy taking on The Colonís. But apparently Cody Rhodes has disappeared! Weíre not sure if Cody left, or if something has happened to him, but instead by orders of the new general manager of it will now be a 2 on 1 handicap, with Ted DiBiase going it alone.=
King- The same stipulation still apply though Michael, if The Colonís win, which is now even more likely, they will receive a Unified tag team title match at Cyber Sunday in 3 weeks time!

The Colonís music hits and they start to come down the ramp toward the ring.

Cole- I wonder what happened to Cody though King!
King- It wouldnít surprise me if this was something that Legacy has thought up Michael!

The Colonís reach and enter the ring. Pricelessí music hit and Ted DiBiase appears on the stage, he looks over his shoulder as Randy Orton appears from behind him. As they both walk down the ramp Randy appears to give Ted a pep talk. Randy goes round to the announcerís table where he takes a chair from ringside and sets it up in front of the table. Ted enters the ring and match begins with him and Primo in the ring.

Ted DiBiase vs. The Colonís (2 on 1 Handicap match.)

Ending- The distraction of having Orotn at ring side appears to be too much for The Colon's who cant put DiBiase away, this also allows DiBiase to seize upon an opening as Orton provides the distraction, only by standing up. DiBiase hits a series of big moves, DDTs, Neckbreakers and suplexes on Primo, and stops him from getting the tag back to Carlito. DiBIase starts to get frustrated as Primo kicks out time and time again, He throws Primo into the ropes near to Carlito, who gets a blind tag. Orton sees it but DiBiase ignores him as he hits Dream Street on Primo. With his partner down and DiBIase with his back to him, Carlito enters the ring, DiBiase doesn't see him as he moves in, Carlito hits the backstabber, and pins DiBiase, as he does Orton tries to enter the ring. 1..............2...................3!

Winners- The Colonís

As the Colonís celebrate on the ramp, Orton enters the ring, he looks annoyed at Ted. From the back, Cody comes running down the ramp and attack the Colonís, DiBiase pounce and slides out of the ring, Primo is thrown into the ring where Orton continues the attack. Ted and Cody double team Carlito on the outside, where Carlito is thrown into the ring post. DiBiase and Rhodes get back into the ring. All 3 men attack Primo; DiBiase hits Dream Street on him, leaving Primo struggling on the mat. He starts to kneeling on all 4s, Randy Orton sees it, but rather than go for the punt himself, he instructs Cody to do it! Cody looks fuming as he back right off, he runs toward Primo and punts him in the temple! Primo is out cold as Cody turns and looks at the other members of Legacy, Ted looks in shock as he and Randy look on. Randy tell them both to get out of the ring, they do so quickly and disappear to the back, as EMTs and Officials rush to the ring to attend to Primo. Carlito also re-enters the ring and tends to his brother. Legacy stand at the top of the ramp looking on as Primo is put into a neck brace and strapped to a stretcher.


We return with Triple H on his way to the ring to a huge ovation. But The Game doesnít look happy as he enters the ring, he doesnít do the usual entrance just enters the ring. He grabs a mic

HHH- Apparently my Brother-in-law has forgotten who I am! Well let me remind him! Iím the Game! Iím the Cerebral Assassin! And I should be WWE Champion! I donít care who I have to face to get my shot! I can beat anybody! And I will be WWE Champion again.......

Shawn Michaelsí music hits as the Heartbreak kid appears on the stage. He comes down to the ring to a huge ovation! He enters the ring, whilst Triple H stares at him. Shawn grabs a mic.

HBK- well isnít it all happy out here!
HHH- What do you want!
HBK- Look, look. Iíve been to see Shane on your behalf.
HHH- Shawn I donít need you to fight my battles, donít you know who I am!
HBK- Yeah, youíre Triple H! Youíre the Game! The Cerebral Assassin! We all know that!

Shawn back off to the corner of the ring, turning his back on Triple H, he looks out over the crowd as HHH looks on. Suddenly Shawn turns and hit sweet chin music on Triple H! Shawn stands over Triple H.

HBK- But you see Hunter! Iím Shawn Michaels! Iím Mr Wrestlemania! Iím the showstopper! Iím The Heartbreaker! And as much as you want the title! I want it even more! Thatís why I went to see Shane McMahon earlier! Thatís why I went to speak to Shane about you! And thatís why Shane made a match for next week! The title may change hands tonight, and it doesnít matter who walks out of here the Champ! Next week live here on Monday Night Raw Itís going to be me taking on you to determine the number one contender for the WWE title!

Shawn drops the mic on Triple Hís chest, and leaves the ring. The crowd are stunned into silence as it appears that once again Shawn Michaels has betrayed one of his friends.


We return with Randy Ortonís music playing.

Lillian- The following match is a Triple Threat Match, and it is for the WWE Title!

Orton reaches the ring, as Batistaís music hits and a huge cheer erupts around the arena. An equally big cheer rings around the arena, as John Cenaís music hit and the chain gang leader comes down the ramp, his stare not leaving Batista!

We get a quick replay of Batista spearing Cena from earlier in the night.

WWE Championship (Triple Threat match)
Randy Orton vs. Batista vs. John Cena

Ending- Batista and Cena work together in the early going, double teaming Orton, hitting suplexes, DDTs and double clotheslines in the Champion, the last of which leaves Orton on the outside, Batista looks down at him on the outside, he turns back to the ring where Cena pounces, unloading right fist after right fist on The Animal. With Orton still down on the outside, Cena and Batista trade blows, Batista gets the upper hand, he throws Cena in to the corner and launches at him, driving his shoulder in to Cenaís gut. Then he drives his knee into the same place. Cena is reeling as Batista does the same again and again. Batista backs off as Cena drops to the mat. The Animal stomps at Cenaís legs. He picks Cena up and throws him against the ropes, Cena comes back, but hits a shoulder block, Batista doesnít go down, but Cena tries to build momentum and hits another. Batista goes down, but get straight back up, but with his back to Cena, who hits the throwback on The Animal, Batista is down. Cena feel the crowd behind him as looks for the five knuckle shuffle ďyou canít see me!Ē. It connects. Cena stalks The Animal as Batista gets to his feet slowly. Cena gets him up for the Attitude adjustment, it connects. As it does Orton slides back into the ring, as Cena gets back to his feet, Orton hits a devastating RKO on him Cena is down and out as Orton covers Batista! 1...................2...............3!

Winner- Randy Orton

Randy Orton grabs his WWE title and leaves the ring, leaving Batista and John Cena down in the ring. Orton reaches the stage and holds the WWE title above his head.

As the first Raw after No Mercy goes off the air, we see John Cena and Batista down on the mat, and Randy Orton standing on the stage with the WWE title above his head and a sly smile on his face.
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