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Stewingum 05-29-2009 10:39 AM

WCW: Against All Odds!

It is the end of the year 2000 and WCW is going bankrupt, Ted Turner was about to sell the company to Vince McMahon until Eric Bischoff asked to buy it, Ted Turner agreed and Eric Bischoff has decided to turn WCW around and shape it into a better company like the good old days and his first move was firing Vince Russo. Since WCW is now on a lower budget, Bischoff has decided to cancel Thunder from its schedule and focus on Monday Nitro. Bischoff has also scrapped the useless talent that are never used so that the company can save money, and he has also abolished the WCW Hardcore Championship. In a final attempt to save the company who so dearly loves, Bischoff has also done the unthinkable and hired an old foe as the general manager to watch over WCW.





Chris Benoit
Booker T
Dustin Rhodes
Diamond Dallas Page
Ric Flair
Brian Knobbs
Shannon Moore
Shane Helms
Rey Mysterio Jr
Juventud Guerrera
Billy Kidman
Randy Savage
Bret Hart
Hulk Hogan
Curt Hennig
Chuck Palumbo
Sean O' Haire
Dean Malenko
Bam Bam Bigelow
Brian Adams
Bryan Clark
AJ Styles
Norman Smiley
Ultimo Dragon
Perry Saturn
La Parka
David Flair
Lex Luger

Torrie Wilson
Kimberely Page
April Hunter


Sid Vicious
Chavo Guerrero
Chris Jericho
Lance Storm
Mike Awesome
Elix Skipper
Jimmy Yang
The Giant
Kevin Nash
Scott Hall
Shane Douglas
Scott Steiner
Rick Steiner
Shawn Stasiak
Mark Jindrak
Chris Candido
Johnny Stamboli
Buff Bagwell
Disco inferno
Stevie Ray
Big T
Chris Kanyon
Jeff Jarrett
Ernest "The Cat" Miller
Tank Abott

Leia Meow
Major Gunns
Ms Hancock

Owner - Eric Bischoff
General Manager - Mick Foley
Backstage Interviewer - Lauren Brooke
Ring Announcer - So Cal Val
Announce Team - Mikey Tenay & Don West



Sid Vicious


Booker T


Lance Storm


Shane Helms


Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Show Schedule:

Mon - Nitro

Jan - Souled Out
Feb - SuperBrawl
Mar - Uncensored
Apr - Spring Stampede
May - Slamboree
Jun - Great American Bash
Jul - Bash At The Beach
Aug - Road Wild
Sep - Fall Brawl
Oct - Halloween Havoc
Nov - Mayhem
Dec - Starrcade

Tag Teams:

Shannon Moore & Shane Helms

Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman

Chuck Palumbo & Sean O' Haire

Legion of Doom - (Animal & Hawk)

Kronik - (Brian Adams & Bryan Clark)

Crowbar, David Flair & Daffney

New World Order - (Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, The Giant, Syxx & Bret Hart)

Team Canada - (Lance Storm, Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper & Major Gunns)

Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell w/Ms Hancock

Steiner Brothers - (Scott Steiner & Rick Steiner)

The Mamalukes - (Johnny Stamboli & Vito)

Harlem Heat - (Stevie Ray & Big T)

TheLoneShark 05-29-2009 10:49 AM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
It's not a horrible idea. Couple of random historical context notes or you (Nothing important) - that logo you're using was never a 'WCW' logo - it was the WWE's WCW logo. Never saw the light of day before March 2001. But it is pretty sexy.

Also, the 'uselss talent that were never used' at this point would very much have included AJ Styles.

Anyway, I'm nitpicking at this point. I'm assuming the GM is either Russo, Piper, Page or Flair.

Stewingum 05-29-2009 11:07 AM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
I'm going to build AJ up like he is in TNA or better, and the gm will remain a surprise until the first Nitro, but thanks for the feedback. :)

Szumi 05-29-2009 12:25 PM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
If you Jesus push AJ Styles in 2001, be prepared to have a new asshole ripped for you. It's a stupid idea becuase all he was at this point in time was a spot monkey.

Also, if this is WCW 2001, I'm just curious as to why Chris Benoit, Randy Savage, Bret Hart, Dean Malenko, Ultimo Dragon, Raven, Chris Jericho, Giant, Scott Hall, Perry Saturn, Eddie Guerrero, and even Hulk Hogan, if you want to get picky, doing on the roster... at the start? Now I'm all for you bringing them back throughout time if you want, but you're just being lazy by throwing them all in and saying, "Oh hey, my BTB, so these guys are all back in WCW, regardless of the time and burnt bridges." Like I said, bring them back if you want to, but do it moderately, and with reason.

Just throwing it out there.

Oda Nobunaga 05-29-2009 12:58 PM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
This looks okay; like Szumi said, many guys on your Roster were in WWF being better utlized or left WCW due to many problems backstage. Either way, it looks okay. The roster has plenty of potential, and if you jesus push Sean O'Haire, I shall be your friend forever. :) Good luck with this, have fun with it, and may this thread prosper.

AntiSaint 05-29-2009 05:35 PM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
Regardless of the roster issues that others have brought up I am very interested in what will happen in this btb. Szumi's wcw 2001 btb has been incredible and I would like to see more wcw revitalized btbs.

Stewingum 06-01-2009 04:08 PM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
WCW Nitro - Monday 4th December 2000


WCW Nitro kicks off with a new theme song (Invinsible by Adelitas Way) and a new stage set, the camera pans the live crowd before stopping finally at the WCW announce team as they welcome us to the show.

Mike Tenay:
Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new and improved WCW, and tonight we have been promised a new general manager who will help to turn this company around, any ideas who it could be DW.

Don West:
Not really, I just know like everyone else does that it is a former enemy of Bischoffs, hell, it could be one of us two that get the job.

Mike Tenay:
I highly doubt that, if it was one of us I don't think we would be sat here right now do you?

Don West:
Yeah maybe your right but........

All of a sudden the announcers stop speaking as the WCW Chairmans music plays and Eric Bischoff heads out to the ring.

Mike Tenay:
And here comes the boss right now, and it looks like we won't have to wait long to find out who the new general manager is.

Eric Bischoff gets into the ring and grabs a microphone as the crowd quiet down, Bischoff grins to himself and then addresses the crowd.

Eric Bischoff:
As most of you already know, I now own WCW which means that I have the power to make or break you, but before I get around to introducing our new general manager let me just say won thing, to everyone........thank you, thank you all, and I mean it, if it wasn't for all the superstars in the back or the fans in every arena we go to each week and the people watching at home, hell even Don West and Mike Tenay. If it wasn't for all of you then I wouldn't be were I am today, neither would WCW, you let created this place so give yourself's a round of applause.

The crowd burst into applause and for the first time in years they begin a thank you Eric chant.

Eric Bischoff:
And so you all know, the reason that I am appointing a new general manager is because, now that I am the owner of WCW I am going to have my hands full, and as much as I would like to I cannot be owner and watch over this place at the same time. So without further ado, let me introduce you to your new WCW General Manager! And a big welcome back to the Hardcore Legend! MICK FOLEY!!!

And the mention of this the crowd burst into a huge chorus of cheers and Mick Foley appears on the entrance stage and begins waving merrily to everyone, Foley then heads down the entrance ramp and into the ring so that he comes eye to eye with Eric Bischoff, both of them look like they're going to start yelling at each other but then Bischoff sticks his hand out for Foley to shake but Mick Foley refuses. Mick Foley asks for the microphone and Eric Bischoff hands it over.

Mick Foley:
Hey Eric, we're partners now, we don't shake hands, we hug!

Mick Foley spreads his smile and grasps Bischoff in a tight hug, Bischoff then holds up Foley arm and congratulates him, Bischoff then leaves the arena as everyone chants his name. The camera now turns back to Mick Foley as he continues to face the entrance ramp.

Mick Foley:
Well first things first, I just want to say how good it feels to be back here in WCW standing in front of all you fans, and I already have a whole lot of ideas that are going to change Monday nighst. The first is that I've been watching WCW every week and just last week I saw Chris Benoit in his WCW Championship match against Sid Vicious, and from what I saw Benoit had that match won until Sid Vicious purposely got himself disqaulified, so tonight Chris Benoit will get a rematch against Sid Vicious for the WCW Championship in a first blood match. Secondly I don't know about everyone else but I am sick and tired of the whole nWo thing, and it's not just one faction, we now have two nWo factions, nWo Hollywood and nWo Wolfpack. So tonight we are also going to see an eight man tag team match as the nWo Hollywood, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Syxx & The Giant will take on nWo Wolfpack, Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Scott Steiner & Bret Hart and the losing team must disband. And I am personally going to reinstate Bill Goldberg and lift his suspension........

Chris Jericho:
Hold on just one god damn minute you over fed hippo, did I just hear you correctly, your going to reinstate Goldberg.

Chris Jericho interrupts Mick Foley as he walks out onto the entrance stage to loud boos.

Chris Jericho:
Your going to lift Goldberg's suspension, after he got caught with class A drugs in his possesion, he shouldn't even have been suspended, he should have been FIRED!

Mick Foley:
No! JERICHO! Your the one that should be fired, yeah thats right you heard me, it should be you, I thought it was a little odd that Goldberg got caught with drugs so I checked the CCTV footage.

Chris Jericho:
Woah........what do you mean CCTV footage?!

Mick Foley:
What you mean you didn't know about it........and incase no one understands what I mean, it was Chris Jericho that planted those drugs on Goldberg, roll the footage.

The stage screen shows Jericho sneaking into Goldberg's locker room holding a bag of white powder, Jericho makes sure the coast is clear and puts the bag into Goldbergs gym bag before quickly exiting the locker room.

Mick Foley:
Well Jericho it looks like you should be fired after all, but I don't think that would punish you enough, instead I'm going to keep you here and I'm going to let Goldberg sort you out himself when he returns next week.

Jericho goes red in the face and throws his mirophone down on the floor as he rushes into the ring and spears Mick Foley to the floor and then begins to lay into him with punches. Jericho then grabs Foley's microphone and continues to hit him in the head with it but Foley manages to get Jericho off him by pushing him back, Jericho rolls to the outside and brings a steel chair into the ring and then takes a wild swing at Foley but misses, Foley then kicks Jericho causing him to drop the chair and Foley follows up by hitting a DDT on Jericho onto the steel chair, Foley then quickly gets back up and pulls something out from inside his pants and he then places it on his hand.

Mike Tenay:
Oh my god! It's Mr. Socko, Jericho has had this coming to him for weeks now.

Jericho turns around and attempts the Mandible Claw but Jericho rolls out of the ring and retreats up the entrance ramp.

Mick Foley:
You know Jericho, if an old geezer like me can still lay an ass whooping on you then it looks like you need a warm up match for next week, so tonight your going to be in one on one action against Bam Bam Bigelow........oh and Jericho, HAVE A NICE DAY!!!

Mick Foleys music plays as the scene fades.


Match #1 - Normal Match:
AJ Styles Vs. Fit Finlay

End of Match:

Finlay decided to challenge anyone in the locker room that has never faced him before to a one on one match, the newcomer going by the name AJ Styles jumped at the oppurtunity and decided to accept the open challenge. The end of the match saw AJ going for a missile dropkick but Finlay was able to push the referee into the ropes which caused AJ to fall off the top rope. Finlay seized this oppurtunity to untie the corner turnbuckle but AJ saw him untying it. As Finlay attempted to drive AJ's head into the exposed steel, AJ managed to power out of it and his finisher, the Styles Clash. AJ went for the pin but the referee was still knocked out, AJ went to revive the referee whilst Finlay rolled out of the ring and grabbed his shillelaigh, Finlay cracked AJ with the shillelaigh but the referee saw this and disqualified Finlay. After the match Finlay continued to assault AJ Styles until referee's managed to stop him.

Winner - AJ Styles - Via DQ.


Kevin Nash & Scott Hall are in the nWo Hollywood locker room, they are busy talking about something but they stop as The Giant & Syxx enter the room.

The Giant:
What ya talking about.

Kevin Nash:

Yeah, well it seemed like you were talking about something before we entered the room.

Syxx pats Hall & Nash on their backs.

Come on big Kev, you can tell us, we're family, we're the true nWo and if we can't trust each other tonight of all nights then Hogan's second rate group are going to beat us.

The Giant:
Yeah, we're supposed to be in this together.

Kevin Nash gives a weak smile to The Giant & Syxx and then begins to talk again.

Kevin Nash:
I was just telling Scott here, that after we win tonight, we won't only be the sole nWo group in WCW, but we are also going to expand........because tonight we invite a new family member to join us, brothers!


Match #2 - Tag Match:
Buff Bagwell & Shane Douglas w/Ms. Hancock Vs. Animal & Hawk

End of Match:

Buff Bagwell threw Hawk towards the ropes and Douglas knees Hawk in the back, Bagwell hits a spine buster and tags out to Douglas who goes for the pin but Animal broke it up. Douglas & Bagwell then attempted to mock the Legion of Doom by going for the Doomesday Device but Animal was also able to break that up, Bagwell then went after Animal and knocked him onto the outside where they began brawling, back in the ring Douglas missed another near fall, Douglas then attempted a suplex but Hawk reversed it into a suplex of his own. On the outside Bagwell had just powebombed Animal through the spanish announcers table. In the ring Hawk looked to have the match won but Ms. Hancock got onto the ring apron to distract him and then Bagwell got back into the ring and low blowed Hawk from behind. Bagwell then got Hawk on his shoulders and then Douglas climbed the top rope and they successfully hit the Doomesday Device on Hawk along with the pin, after the match the new WCW GM Mick Foley came out and said that since Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell like using table's so much that they will face the Legion of Doom in a Table match next week.

Winners - Shane Douglas & Buff Bagwell.


Lauren Brooke is stood in the backstage area with Chris Jericho for an exclusive interview.

Chris Jericho:
Who are you?!

Lauren Brooke:
I'm Lauren Brooke.

Chris Jericho:
Never heard of you before. I bet you feel privilaged to stand in my shadow........don't answer, this is about me so get on with the questions already missy.

Lauren Brooke:
Well first of all Chris Jericho, people are saying that your scared of Goldberg, is this true?

Chris Jericho looks at Lauren with a puzzled look on his face.

Chris Jericho:
Who the hell have you been talking to!? Your grandma!?........Do I look like I'm scared of Goldberg, what's to be scared of, he's just a jacked up freak with a turkey neck, what's he going to do, spaz out on me, if he try's that then Chris Jericho will just get the environmental health agency to take him away because he has mad cow disease.

Lauren Brooke:
Yeah but you looked, scared when Mick Foley told you that he would return next week.

Chris Jericho:
Oh that, no I wasn't scared I just had something in my eye and it made my face twitch.

Lauren Brooke:
Also you got caught on CCTV framing Goldberg.

Chris Jericho:
How many times do I have to say it! That was not me, that was actually Mick Foley in disguise!

Lauren Brooke:

Chris Jericho:
You heard me, Mick Foley always dressed up like me because he's jealous. And if he think he can intimidate me by putting Bam Bam Jigelow in front of me then he better think again. All Bam Bam Jigelow is to me is a mixture between Mick Foley with his fat belly and man boobs, and part Goldberg with his bald beef burger of a head. So thank you Mick, because when I look at Bam Bam Jigelow across that ring tonight it is going to be like slapping you right in your ugly fat fa........

Bam Bam Bigelow enters on screen next to Lauren and Jericho.

Chris Jericho:
Hey big guy........how ya doing, I wasn't talking about you, I was talking about someone else.

Bam Bam Bigelow scrunches up his face and towers over Jericho.

Chris Jericho:
Hey look behind you, they're selling burgers.

Bam Bam Bigelow turns around and Jericho legs it, Bam Bam turns back around and then chases after Jericho.


Match #3 - Normal Match:
Chris Jericho Vs. Bam Bam Bigelow

End of Match:

Bigelow had Jericho held up in the air above his head but Jericho was able to drop down behind Bigelow and follow up with a bulldog, Jericho then went for the Lionsault but Bigelow had got back to his feet and caught Jericho in mid air, Bigelow went to throw Jericho over the top rope but Jericho held onto the ropes and was able to send Bigelow over the ropes with a hurricanrana. Jericho climbed the top rope and took Bigelow off his feet with a moonsault, Jericho then climbed back into the ring and the referee began to count Bigelow out of the match but Bigelow was able to get into the ring again just before the referee counted to ten. Jericho went at Bam Bam with a flurry of chops but Bam Bam just shook them off and answered back with a huge headbutt to Jericho's skull that knocked Jericho off his feet. Jericho got slowly back up and Bam Bam went to clothesline him but Jericho dodged and Bam Bam got tangled up in the ring ropes, Jericho started to slap Bigelow in the face and then spat at him, Jericho then layed into Bigelow with punches until Bigelow began to bleed, the referee eventually untied Bigelow from the ropes but Jericho hit Bam Bam with an enzuigiri and followed it with the Liontamer, Bam Bam couldn't reach the ropes and eventually tapped out. After the match Jericho got on the microphone and said that he hopes Goldberg is watching because this was a sample of what Goldberg is going to get, Goldberg's music then suddenly played and Jericho ran from the ring and through the crowd but Goldberg didn't appear.

Winner - Chris Jericho.


Mick Foley is sat at his desk reading the latest version of Playboy magazine with his feet on his desk, the desk is scattered with thumbtacks and a barbedwire bat lays on top of the table, Behind Foley the walls are covered in mesh fencing, barbedwire and caution tape. Foley hears a knock on the door and quickly hides the magazine before staring to the door.

Mick Foley:
Yeah come in.

The team of Television Champion Lance Storm, Elix Skipper & Mike Awesome enter the office, Major Gunns then enters behind them carrying the Canadian flag. Lance Storm sits himself down on a chair in front of Mick Foley's desk.

Mick Foley:
Erm........sit down?

Lance Storm just ignores what he just said as he places the Television Championship on the desk.

Lance Storm:
Allow me to introduce myself, and my team mates.

Mick Foley:
Ah, no need, I already know who you guys are, your Team C, C, Ca, Can........no I can't think, so tell me who are you?

Lance Storm:
It's Team Canada!

Mick Foley:
Yeah of course, thats the one. So what brings you to my office?

Lance Storm:
Don't try and get all friendly with us Mick, we're not here to be your friends, your just another American standing in our way, and we've come to warn you that if you even think for one second that you can screw us over then we won't take too kindly to it.

Mick Foley:
Yeah, so hows the whole tough routine going, has it got you far in this business.

Lance Storm slams his fist on the table making sure to miss the thumbtacks and he stares into Foley's eyes.

Lance Storm:
I mean it Mick. American's are prejudiced and they discriminate against us Canadian's, and it's time Canada took a stand. How about for once people say, god bless Canada & blame America. You just watch your mouth Mick and see how serious we really are.

Team Canada exit the locker room and Mick Foley just bursts into laughter.

Mick Foley:
HA! HA! HA! Can you believe them, really, god bless Canada?

Mick Foley pulls his hand out from under the desk and reveals that he is wearing Mr. Socko.

Mick Foley:
Well I know you'll always be my friend Mr. Socko.


Match #4 - Normal Match:
Lance Storm w/Mike Awesome, Elix Skipper & Major Gunns Vs. Dustin Rhodes.

End of Match:

With the rest of Team Canada on the outside of the ring Dustin Rhodes had the odds stacked against him from the opening bell, however late in the match Storm went for a superkick but Dustin ducked and dropped him with a DDT, Rhodes then knocked Skipper & Awesome to the outside and grabbed the Canadian flag from Major Gunns, Rhodes was about to hit Storm with the flag pole but the referee said he would be disqaulified so instead Rhodes decided to snap the flag in half. Rhodes then decided to choke Storm with the flag and Awesome and Skipper jumped back into the ring. Awesome took Dustin out with a huge clothesline from hell and then powerbombed him in the center of the ring, Skipper then went high risk and hit a moonsault on Rhodes. Storm then locked Rhodes in a single leg boston crab and refused to break the hold, after Rhodes passed out from the pain Storm finally let go and then began bad mouthing the americans, Storm then placed he Canadian flag over Dustin Rhodes as Team Canada celebrated in the ring to a chorus of boos.

Winner - Dustin Rhodes - Via DQ.


Benoit is shown pacing in the locker room when Mick Foley enters to have a word with him. Benoit stops and turns to face Foley.

Chris Benoit:
Can I help you Mick.

Mick Foley:
No don't mind me.

Benoit continues to pace around the locker room but stops again as he notices Foley still looking at him.

Chris Benoit:
Really, if you have something to say could you say it already.

Mick Foley:
Alright........I give in, I just came to see how you were doing.

Chris Benoit:
Well I appreciate that, but as you can see I'm busy.

Mick Foley:
Actually if I didn't know any better I would say that you're nervous about tonight.

Chris Benoit:
Really, and what makes you think that?

Mick Foley:
Look at you, your too tense, and........please,stop walking around like that, your making me dizzy.

Mick Foley stops Benoit so that they are facing each other.

Mick Foley:
Do you think that I would have put you in this match tonight if I thought you couldn't win.

Chris Benoit:
And what's that supposed to mean?!

Mick Foley:
You just need to relax man, and be yourself, you had Sid beat last week until he got himself disquakified, and now it's your turn tonight to prove all the critics wrong, all the fans that say you can't win, you go out there and you win that title, not for me, not for the fans but for you.

Chris Benoit:
Your right Mick, I am going to destroy Sid tonight, and the fact that it's a hardcore match will make that victory just a little bit sweeter when I've got Sid's blood on my freakin hands! You want me to prove you wrong! WELL LET'S SEE IF SID CAN PROVE ME WRONG!!!


Match #5 - Eight Man Elimination Tag Team Match:
Hulk Hogan, Bret Hart, Randy Savage & Scott Steiner Vs. Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, The Giant & Syxx

End of Match:

Kevin Nash was the only member of the nWo Hollywood team left in the ring against Hulk Hogan & Bret Hart from the nWo Wolfpack. Hogan gets a Jacknife Powerbomb from Kevin Nash but Bret was able to stop Nash from pinning Hogan. Nash then threw Hogan into a corner of the ring were he began to lay into him with knee strikes, Hogan drops back to the mat and Nash taunts Bret who is telling Hogan to tag out to him. Nash let Hogan crawl over to Bret abit but then Nash stood on Hogan's hand, Bret tried getting into the ring but the referee told him to go back to his corner, Nash went to grab Hogan again but Hogan low blowed Nash, Hogan took a while to catch his breath then began to crawl over to Bret again as Nash had injured his ankle earlier in the match, Hogan was inches away from tagging Bret in but then suddenely Bret Hart jumped off the ring apron and stared coldly at Hogan who was yelling at him to stop messing about, Bret then slapped Hogan in the face and got himself disqualified by grabbing a steel chair and cracking it over Hogan's head, the fans began to swear at Bret but the Hitman just looked on as Nash hit a second Jacknife Powerbomb on Hogan and picked up the win. After the match Bret got back into the ring and raised Nash's hand in the air and it was clear to everyone that Bret Hart had now joined nWo Hollywood, and with Hogan's team losing it meant that the nWo Wolfpack must disband. The rest of the nWo Hollywood came out to shake Bret's hand and Kevin Nash got some black spray paint and sprayed nWo on Hogan's back, the nWo then left Hogan in the ring whilst paramedics ran down to check on his him.

Winners - Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, The Giant & Syxx.


Mick Foley came out to the ring to more cheers and he got straight on the microphone.

Mick Foley:
Well I have to say I've really enjoyed tonight and so has Mr. Socko, but next week is going to be bigger and better, because next week Nitro will bare witness to a twenty man over the top rope battle royal with the winner getting a WCW Championship match at WCW's biggest pay per view of the year Starrcade. And after witnessing what I just saw with the nWo, I have some good news, Hulk Hogan's injury was only a minor injury which means that he can get some payback against Kevin Nash next week because the two of them will both be in that battle royal match.

Mick Foley takes a quick breather before continuing.

Mick Foley:
And Jericho don't think for a second that I've forgotten about you, because at Starrcade your going to be facing Goldberg and next week will be the official contract signing, and Jericho, if you don't show up, then you can kiss your job goodbye. Plus next week, Buff Bagwell and Shane Douglas will battle Animal and Hawk for a shot a the WCW Tag Team Championships in a Tables match, and the winners will get their shot against Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman at Starrcade. And last but not least I want to let all you fans know that at Starrcade, I'm going to have a very........lets say wonderful surprise for you all........HAVE A NICE DAY!!

Mick Foley does the bang bang taunt as he makes his way back up the entrance ramp.


Main Event - WCW Championship - Hardcore Match:
Chris Benoit Vs. WCW Champion Sid Vicious

End of Match:

A bloodied Benoit grabbed a steel chair and Sid Vicious grabbed one at the same time and they both went for chair shots at the same time, the steel chairs smashed into each other so they both dropped to the ringmat, Vicious went for a big boot but Benoit ducked and hit a multiple german suplex, Benoit then pulled a trash can and kendo stick out from under the ring, Benoit placed the trash can over Vicious and began to whack away at him with the kendo stick. With Sid Vicious out cold Benoit climbed the top rope and hit the diving headbutt on Vicious, Benoit went for the pin but Vicious kicked out however Benoit then decided to lock in the crossface and Vicious began to scream in agony, however Vicious was just able to grab the ring rope to break the hold, Benoit then took the match even further by bringing the ladder into play again but this time he set it up in the middle of the ring and instead got a table out from under the ring, Benoit placed Vicious on the table and then began to climb the ladder, suddenely Raven jumped the barricade and climbed into the ring with a second kendo stick, Raven quickly climbed the ladder and smashed Benoit in the head, Vicious rolled off the table and a second later Benoit went crashing through it, Vicious rolled over and picked up the win to retain his WCW Championship as Raven quickly left through the crowd again.

Winner - Sid Vicious.

End of show.

(Note - The Nitro matches will be written short whilst the ppv matches will be longer.)

Migs79 06-01-2009 07:20 PM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
I gotta say... I really am liking this.. your mixing TNA, WWE and WCW. I dont care what anyone says.. I think its more interesting using ANYONE you want. I would love to start one on these... but I dont wanna get e-reamed for using whoever I want and having whoever I want to succeed.

So all in all... GOOD JOB... and I cant wait till the next one.

Stewingum 06-02-2009 12:00 AM

Re: WCW: Against All Odds!
Spam: thanks, finally someone who understands :)

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