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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA : Never Cross Back

TNA: Never Cross Back
This is my first go at BTB so am thinking that the more feed back and response I can get the better. I will be taking TNA from the night after Sacrifice and will be using the results from that PPV as my starting point.

Just too be clear here is the roster that I will be starting with;

Male Workers;
AJ Styles(TNA Legends Champion)
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
BG James
Booker T
Brother Devon(TNA World Tag Team Champion)
Brother Ray(TNA World Tag Team Champion)
Brutus Magnus
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Cody Deaner
Consequences Creed
Dr Stevie
Doug Williams
Eric Young
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jerrett
Jethro Holliday
Kevin Nash
Kip James
Kurt Angle
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley(TNA World Champion)
Rob Terry
Robert Roode
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shark Boy
Sheik Abdul Bashir
Suicide(TNA X Division Champion)

Female Workers;
Angelina Love(TNA Womens Champion)
Awsome Kong
Christy Hemme
Madison Rayne
Raisha Saeed
Sojo Bolt
Taylor Wilde
Velvet Sky

Earl Hebner
Rudy Charles
Andrew Thomas
Mark Johnson

Other on screen talent;
David Penzer
Don West
Jenna Morasca
Jeremy Borash
Jim Cornette
Mike Tenay
Traci Brooks

Results from last Pay Per View;
- Lethal Consequences and Eric Young def. The Motor City Machinerguns and Sheik Abdul Bashir
- Taylor Wilde def. Daffney in the Knockouts Monster's Ball Match
- Suicide retained the X Championship in a time limit draw over Daniels
- Angelina Love def. Awesome Kong to retain the Knockouts Title
- Samoa Joe def Kevin Nash
- Beer Money, Inc def. The British Invasion to win the Team 3D Tournament
- AJ Styles def. Booker T to retain the TNA Legends Title in an I Quit match
- Sting pinned Kurt Angle to win the "Ultimate Sacrifice" main event (As a result, Sting gains control of The Main Event Mafia)

Impact! Preview
Team 3D present the check and trophy to the winners of their Tournament Beer Money, Inc
Abyss has his last session with Dr Stevie, will it finally be CASE CLOSED or has Dr Stevie got one more lesson to teach.
• News on Kevin Nash’s condition after the brutal beating after his match at the hands of Samoa Joe
Booker T holds a champions reception for AJ Styles, after all that’s been done and said between these two could there finally be a common respect?
Sting will be ordained as the NEW godfather of the Main Event Mafia, will Kurt Angle really hand over the family peacefully.
• Plus a Sacrifice REMATCH for the TNA X Division Title. Can the finally be a result between Suicide and Christopher Daniels.

All this PLUS big news on new talent to be seen SOON on TNA programming and King Of The Mountain news from TNA management. Don’t miss a minute of the action this Thursady on Impact!


[Impact! Should be up before the end of the week.]

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Your first episode looks like it will be very interesting, i think you should try to thin out the roster as Tna has a huge roster, but good luck . Have look at my first btb just started it "TNA: My Style (:"
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Learning to break kayfabe
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TNA Press Release.

TNA President Dixie Carter yesterday released the following press statment via their website.

TNA Managment have decided to part ways with the following talent, all of the TNA family wishes them the best in their future endevours. Matt Morgan, Naito, Yujiro, Sojo Bolt and Sheik Abdul Bashir will no longer been seen on TNA programing. Dont forget to catch the next Impact! show from the Impact Zone this Thursday.

TNA Cross The Line
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Wow, what's with all these TNA BTB threads all of the sudden? This will make very interesting reading ineed. And like each one to come before it this to has promise. I agree with the other poster in slimming the roster & also no yellow, I know there champions but its hard to read the name of the title.

Beyond that I wish you lots of luck and looking forward to reading and reviewing your 1st show.


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Re: TNA Press Release.

Originally Posted by wheresthelove View Post
TNA President Dixie Carter yesterday released the following press statment via their website.

TNA Managment have decided to part ways with the following talent, all of the TNA family wishes them the best in their future endevours. Matt Morgan, Naito, Yujiro, Sojo Bolt and Sheik Abdul Bashir will no longer been seen on TNA programing. Dont forget to catch the next Impact! show from the Impact Zone this Thursday.

TNA Cross The Line

Spam: Matt Morgan? noooo!

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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Glad you released Sojo Bolt as she shocking, but surpirsed by the release of Yujiro and Nieto (if thats how you spell their names) as the team of No Limit show alot of potential but im still looking forward to your first iMPACT
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Matt Morgan is a good thing. Cause either you push him into the Main Event scene or you waste his talents
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Personally I would have kept Morgan and pushed him into the main event picture. He could do just as well in the title picture as some of the others they push up there. But either way I think i could get into this btb. Looks good.
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Learning to break kayfabe
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Re: TNA : Never Cross Back

Video clip starts the show with a full highlight clip from the Sacrifice Pay per View. Spots showing Creed and Eric Young over and through the ropes, as well as Lethal and Bashir in the match ending with Lethal getting the pin. Taylor Wilde and Daffeny entrances play next with a shot at the ending showing Abyss dumping Dr Stevie on the tacks. Suicide zip lines into the ring, Daniels comes down the ramp. Various high spots from the match including the Motor City Machine Guns coming into the ring and costing Suicide the match, then the restart of the match and both men standing confused after the draw result. A shot of Angelina Love entering the ring followed by a shot of her spraying Kong in the face, then finished with a shot of an Awesome Kong power bomb. A shot of the 3D tournament trophy and check is shown followed by the super kick by James Storm and following pinfall. Various spots in the AJ Styles and Booker T match are shown next culminating in the Jenna Morasca towel throw. All 4 entrances from the Ultimate Sacrifice match are shown with only a few shots of the actual action featuring the finish with Jeff Jarret hitting the stroke and Sting getting the pin. Clip finishes with Mike Foley leaving hugging the belt and Kurt Angle looking up at Sting with disbelief and surprise in his eyes.

Mike Tenay: “Welcome to Impact! Mike Tenay and Don West here in the Impact Zone and Don last Sunday at Sacrifice I think we witnessed the start of the end of the Main Event Mafia.”
Don West: “Well Mike I think you are jumping to conclusions again about the Main Event Mafia, but how good was Sacrifice. Man it was jam packed full of action and who could forget the TNA Knockouts Champion Angelina Love in her dominant win over Awesome Kong.”Mike Tenay: “Were we watching the same pay per view you are totally deluded. Anyway I am sure we will have many more answers before the end of the show.”

Main Event Mafia Theme hits as all Steiner, Booker T, Sharmel, the bodyguards and Sting come down the ramp.

Mike Tanay: “Well Don I would have to say Kurt and Nash are very conspicuous by their absence. I thought you said there was nothing wrong with the Main Event Mafia?”
Don West: “Just let the family speak would you Tenay I am sure there is a good reason for both men not to be here showing support for their new Godfather.

All the members are now in the ring and Sing takes the mic.

Sting: “As the new Godfather of the Main Event Mafia it is my duty to address a few things that need urgent attention. First I have to be the one to break the news to the world that Kevin Nash well be out of action again because of injury, for how long is unsure and that will be dealt with tonight.. JOE. As you can all see there is another member of the Family that isn’t here with us tonight, Kurt is currently on assignment for me taking care of very important business. He should be here to join us sometime throughout the show. Well that’s all the old business, has anyone got any new business that we need to address.”
Sting then turns to the rest of the MEM. Booker T walks over and says something into Sting’s ear.
Sting: “Ahhhh yes that’s right, I also have the great pleasure to announce to everyone the newest member of the TNA roster. Who just happens to be the NEWEST member of the MAIN EVENT MAFIA….”
All the members of the MEM turn and face the big screen. Goldberg’s music hits and huge piro goes off blocking the view of the entrance. Then a figure steps through the piro….

Don West: “OHH MY GODDDD.. Mr Kennedy is on TNA, this is un freaking believable.”
Ken Kennedy: “What you expected someone else? HA HA HA No it just me Misteeerrrrr Kennnnnnnnnnnnnnnneddyyyyyyyyy.”
Kennedy then walks halfway to the ring the stops
Kennedy: “Keennneedyyyyyy”
He the slides into the ring and hugs the rest of the MEM, they all then pose in a line with arms all raised.

Mike Tenay: “Well Don it looks like things just got a whole lot worse for the TNA originals, we have to go to a break.”


Tenay: “Welcome back to Impact! And boy if you missed the start of the show, you missed what could well be the end of the TNA originals.”

West: “well it’s about time they evened up the odds the originals have been running around blind siding the Mafia for months now.”

Tenay: “What the hell are you on Don West. Anyway its time for our first match and it’s a huge Sacrifice rematch for the X Division Championship.”

Daniels doses his entrance and then the lights go out for Suicides entrance. After he fly’s into the ring it is noticed Daniels is no longer in the ring.

Tenay: “Where did Daniels go he was there and now he isn’t.”

West: “I told you that’s him there in the Suicide suit, I told you all along.”
As Suicide is looking around the ring Daniels comes from behind him and attacks with that the match starts.

There are many high spots in the match with both men hitting their finishers but with out pin falls. Daniels then gets the win after the Motor City Machine Guns do a run in with out the ref seeing. After the match Daniels looks up at the big screen and just like at Sacrifice the replay show the interference. Suicide and Daniels both look at each other and then look towards the ref, then BANG. Daniels hits Suicide with the belt and leaves with it under his arm.
David Penzar: “The winner of the match and NEW TNA X Division Champion Daniels.”

Tenay: “Well Don I think Daniels has had a change of heart.”
West: “Well its about time Daniels beat himself. Talk about wrestling shadows.”

Cut to Jeff Jarrets office to see him walk in to see Mick Foley sitting in his chair.
Jeff: “Mick I have told you once I have told you a thousand times get out of my chair”
Mick: “You know who you are talking to there big man. I am the …”
Jeff cuts him off.
Jeff: “I am talking too one lucky son of a bi#$&, now GET OUT OF MY CHAIR. I have had enough Mick, you may own some of this company but I still am the man with all the stroke around here. Its about time you and all these little panks around here give me some respect.”
Eric Young then walks in with major attitude.
Young: “Jeff we have been friends for a long time and I have done everything you have asked, now I WANT my opportunity.”
Jeff: “Eric I don’t have time for you right now I will talk too you later.”
Jeff turns his back to Eric, then Eric goes to hit Jeff but his arm is blocked by a hand from behind him.
Jeff: “Ohh yeh Eric have you met TNAs new signing Bobby Lashley. He will be joining the wrestling roster in a couple of weeks but until then will be here as my new best friend.”
Segment finishes with Lashley pushing both Eric and Mick out of the office.


Tenay: “Well Don two huge announcements already here on Impact! What else could possibly happen here tonight.”
West: “I don’t know Mike but I am really looking forward to this next match. Angelina Love has been on a great streak and I cant wait to see her keep that going here tonight.”

The Beautiful people’s music starts and they do their usual entrance. Taylor Wilde then comes to the ring with her music playing and some playing to the crowed.

Match starts and in a match that is rather short Angelina gets a clean win, with the match offering some nice quick moves and a lot of posing and eye candy.
Tenay: “That’s a great win by Angelina and I gotta start to wonder if there is anyone in the TNA Knockouts that will be able to stop her great streak of wins here in TNA. Now Don its time for the trophy presentation for the Team 3D Tag Tournament.”

The Dudley Brothers enter the ring with their music playing, both carrying large trophies and an over size check.

Ray: “My brother and I recently held a tag team tournament to show case the talent here in the TNA tag division, the winners were Beer Money so lets get them out here.”
Beer Money then comes out with their music and a pyro show, they look back and nod their approval then climb into the ring.
Roode: “Ray and Dvon I must say you guys know how to put on a tournament, it was a hard road to the top but finally we are here and now we would like to thank you for the trophies, the money and most importantly the chance at those belts you have been keeping warm for us.”
Ray: “Well yes you won the tournament you won the money and yes you won the chance at these titles. But no you will not be taking from us, THE MOST dominant tag team in the history of the business. Instead we will show that we were wrong all along.”
The Dudley brothers then demolish Beer Money hitting them with the belts and then breaking the trophies over them, both get split open bad and lay motionless in the ring.
Ray: “You see the purpose of this thing was to show case the talent in the TNA tag division and all we have done is show how weak it really is. Now we get to face these two AGAIN not that long after we beat their sorry asses for the title of tag team dominance. All I want to know is why the hell is there no REAL contenders here in the tag division, I mean who is ganna beat us.”
Devon: “No one my brother TESTIFY”
Cut to break as Devon and Ray leave while medics come in to look at Beer Money.


Come out of break with the British Invasion coming too the ring, Jethro Halliday is already in the ring stretching up.
Tenay: “Next up we have the British Invasions Brutus Magnus taking on Jethro Halliday.

Bell rings and match starts with Halliday showing some good offence until Rob Terry hits him with a big hit to the back while the ref is distracted by Brutus. Brutus shows some great power moves then hits the Tormentum and gets the pin.

British Invasion pose for the crowd and then exit the ring.
Tenay: “Don this has been one of the most eventful Impact! Shows I have been involved in what could possibly happen next.”

Abyss comes out and poses while his music plays then enters the ring.

West: “You had to ask didn’t you Tenay.”
Abyss dose nothing just stands in the ring as if he is waiting for someone. Dr Steive then enters the ring without music and walks quickly to the ring, takes a mic and stand directly in front of Abyss. Lifts the mic to his mouth and goes to speak, then kicks Abyss in the nuts and starts a beat down.
Samoa Joe runs out and knocks Dr Steive over the ropes, he then turns and helps Abyss up. Abyss turns his back to Joe and starts to point at the Dr, Joe then grabs Abyss from behind and pulls out the tribal knife and holds it to Abyss’s mouth. He then knoks Abyss out cold with the but end of the knife, picks up the mic on the ground and turns to the camera.
Joe: “Main Event Mafia you want to come after me, bring it on I cant wait till you catch me there is one thing I have to say. HE is coming and HE will be here next week.”
Promo for Lashley shows saying it is 3 weeks until his in ring TNA debut.

Tenay: “I can not wait to see Lashley in the ring for TNA, I also cant wait to see the King Of The Mountain qualifying matches we have just been told will be held over the next two weeks on Impact!”
West: “Yes first it will be Eric Young taking on Jeff Jarret, it looks like EY will finally get his chance at the big time.”
Tenay: “Then it will be TNA Legends Champion AJ Styles against Scott Steiner. That’s two great matches already announced for next week, it should be another great show. I have just been told we need to throw to a break but after that we have the return of Raven to the TNA ring when he takes on Rhino and of course AJ Styles gets his champions reception."


Rhino’s music plays and he comes out then runs down to the ring. Ravens old music starts to play then stop suddenly and some new music plays featuring a voice over saying “The flock will never die” Raven comes out and down the ramp and into the ring.

Match starts and has a good back and forth swing Raven goes for the Even Flow but gets reversed and Rhino then hits a belly to belly across the ring and sets up for the Gore. Homicide then jumps over the barrier from the crowd and throws a chair into the ring and then distracts the ref while Raven hits Rhino with it then gets the Even Flow on the chair, slides the chair out and gets the pin.

Raven: “Look who’s back, I hope you didn’t think I would be alone. Like I have always said the flock will never die. Quote the Raven never more”

Tenay: “Well Don it looks like we might have another player in TNA and I could only imagine there will be more recruited to the new Flock”
West: “Yeh Mike there is no telling what this freak will be put too now that he is back in TNA.”
Tenay: “Now lets go to Lauren in the back with AJ Syles, commenting on his impending Champions Reception.”

Lauren: “AJ you once again defeated Booker T for the TNA Legends Championship at this past Sundays Sacrifice Pay Per View. What do you make of the Champions reception Booker T has planned for you tonight?”
AJ: “Well Lauren it just doesn’t matter what Booker T has planned for me tonight, because the history books will always show I am now 2 from 2 against Booker T with the Legends Title on the line.”
AJ stops and looks like he is thinking for a second, then takes off the Championship belt and holds it up.
AJ: “Lauren do you know the history of this belt. No because there is no history for this belt it is a made up belt that some old guy created because he couldn’t win one from anyone else. So I say this to you Booker T, there will be no champions reception tonight. Instead there will be only a simple statement, a statement that will be herd throughout the wrestling world. AJ Styles will no longer be held down with politics and fake champions, I am announcing to the world the only thing that will cure my desire. That one and only thing is the TRUE TNA WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP and I will not wait until others say it is my turn at the top. The time for a true TNA champion is here and I AM that champion and I will not be denied my time to lead this company into the brightest of futures.”
With that AJ opens a window behind him and throws the TNA Legends Belt out of it and leaves the shot.

Cut back to Tenay with West starting to stand.

Tenay: “Where are you going Don?”
West: “Screw AJ I am going to get myself the TNA Legends Championship.”
West rans off as the cut to logo.

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