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LaurinaitisOSU 05-25-2009 10:01 AM

The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"
WWE: Life After Vince

The fall of 2008 saw many changes in the world of professional wrestling. It started off with the retirment of long-time WWE star Kane at Survivor Series. Then unexpectly during the summer, Panda Energy Inc. pulled out of it's partnership with TNA due to the struggling economic times. The promotion struggled to stay afloat but after Slammiversary, the promotion closed it doors for good after it couldn't find anybody to take their place.After the promotion's closing, the forever shrewed businessman, Vince McMahon bought the rights to the company, once again squashing the competition.

Going into the 2009 Royal Rumble, wrestling fans were excited with rumors of ex-TNA stars debuting on the show but the show ended with only the return of Kurt Angle as the surpise 30th entrant. The return of Angle didn't stop the Undertaker from winning the chance to headline Wrestlemania. The World Heavyweight Champion, John Cena and the WWE Heavyweight Champion, Triple H, now faced their stiffest challenge ever.

Finally, The Undertaker made his choice, opting to face off with Cena while Triple H got pitted against his former Evolution stable mates Batista and Randy Orton in a three way match for his title. It was also announced that Mr. McMahon himself, will headline the Hall of Fame ceremonies with his own induction. Wrestlemain 25 was shaping up as the most historic ever.

Wrestlemania 25 Results

Undertaker defeats John Cena for the World Heavyweight Championship

Triple H defeats Batista & Randy Orton for the WWE World Title

Shawn Michaels defeats Kurt Angle

JBL defeats Rey Mysterio for the WWE Intercontinental Title

Jack Swagger defeats Big Show for the ECW Title

Mickie James wins Miss Wrestlemania

The Miz & Morrison defeats The Colons for the Unified Tag Team Titles

Edge wins MITB over Chris Jericho, Chrisitian, CM Punk, Jeff Hardy, MVP and Mark Henry

The next night on RAW, the WWE was shocked as Vince McMahon announced his retirement from the WWE. He discussed his decision for his successor as the leader of the WWE was decided as Stephanie and Shane have both proved themselves as worthy replacements. He issued a challenge to both sibling to find a wrestler to represent them at Backlash. Stephanie chose no other then her own husband and WWE Champion, Triple H while Shane countered with the World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker. With both champions schedule to meet, Vince decided to make it a truly all or nothing scenario with making it into a unification match with one man unifiying both titles. Whoever walked out of Backlash the champion will seal the fate of the WWE.

The Backlash pay per view was a hit as The Undertaker battled Triple H in an epic No-DQ match. Undertaker gained control late and hit the Tombstone Piledriver as Shane mocked Stephanie at ringside but before the referee counted HHH out , we saw Edge come out with a steel chair and attack the Undertaker from behind, seriously injuring him and cashing in his MITB contract by pinning Triple H. Shane and Stephanie didn't know what this would mean as neither of their wrestlers walked out the champion.

On the next RAW a disappointed Vince McMahon appeared and called out both of his children. He shocked everyone by saying that Undertaker had Triple H beat and awarded the keys to the WWE kingdom to Shane McMahon. Shane once again mocked his sister as he celebrated. While Shane celebrated, Vince pulled a suprise as he announced that although Shane was the leader of the WW, Stephanie was going to be the leader of the new WCW. Stephanie looked confused at that announcement as the WCW didn't have a roster or anything else. Vince went out to state that Smackdown will now become the new WCW. The fans went wild as the two McMahons stared at each other in the ring as Vince left a WWE ring for the last time.

Shane and Stephanie quickly made their own mark with cutting the amount of pay per views down to six. The WWE would have Summer Slam and Survivor Series while WCW will have Great American Bash and Starrcade. The Wrestlemania and Royal Rumble shows will see both companies represented. They also announced that ECW will be changing to all-diva format renamed easily, DIVAS. Also both RAW and the new Friday Nitro would be split into two different shows. RAW would air with a PG rating at 9pm but then turn into WAR at 10pm with a MA rating, Nitro would do the same with switching to Xplosion at 9pm. This they hoped would please the younger and more mature WWE audience giving them a taste of both worlds.

But the biggest announcement came with the major title's decision. Since Edge was the unified World Champion and screwed both of the new owners, he was left with the belt but no show, in turn it was made official that the World Champion would defend the title in both companies based on who the number one contender was at that time. WWE and WCW would crown their own respective heavyweight champions to be exclusive to their own shows also. All other champions was stripped off the respective titles as tournaments were announced to decided the new champions. A WWE Crusierweight title, WCW Television title, DIVAS Intercontinental title and DIVA Tag Team titles were added to the mix.

Finally the roster took shape as wrestlers were released, the fomer TNA stars finally debuting, signing free agents and the draft taking place. The new roster was this.


Monday Night RAW 9pm Monday on the USA Network, Rated PG
Monday Night WAR 10pm USA Monday on the USA Network Rated MA

Owner-Shane McMahon

General Manager-Kevin Nash

Announcers-Jim Ross
Jerry Lawler
Jeremy Borash


Shawn Michaels
Randy Orton
CM Punk
Jeff Hardy
Matt Hardy
Mr. Kennedy
Robert Roode
John Morrison
Big Show
Bryan Danielson
Teddy Hart
AJ Styles
Evan Bourne
Colt Cabana
The Brian Kendrick
Hurricane Helms
Val Venis
Jamie Noble
Alex Shelley
Chris Sabin
Shelton Benjamin
Jake Hager
Jeff Jarrett
Kofi Kingston
Jack Evans

Other On-Air personalities

Angelina Love
Kelly Kelly
Ric Flair
Larry Sweeney
Traci Brooks



Friday Night Nitro 9pm on SpikeTV!. Rated PG
Friday Night Explosion 10pm SpikeTV! Rated MA

Owner-Stephanie McMahon

General Manager-????

Announcers- Joey Styles
Candice Michelle


Triple H
Kurt Angle
John Cena
Mick Foley
Bobby Lashley
Samoa Joe
The Miz
Matt Morgan
Paul Burchill
Ted Dibiase Jr.
Rey Mysterio Jr.
Christopher Daniels
Necro Butcher
William Regal
Vladimir Kozlov
Dolph Ziggler
Hardcore Holly
Charlie Haas
Tommy Dreamer
James Storm
Christian Cage
Chris Jericho
Mike Knox
Igotta Brewski
Tyler Black
Erick Stevens

Other On-Air Personalities

Ted Dibiase Sr.
Velvet Sky
Ashley Massaro
Armando Estrada


DIVAS 9pm on the Sci-Fi Network Rated MA

General Manager-Vickie Guerrero

Announcers-Mike Tenay
Matt Striker
Eve Torres

Trish Stratus
Mickie James
Gail Kim
Beth Phoenix
Awesome Kong
Mickie Knuckles
Sarah Stock
Taylor Wilde
Michelle McCool
Nattie Neidhardt
Katie Lee
Brie Bella
Nikki Bella


World Heavyweight Championship-Edge

WWE Heavyweight Championship-Randy Orton
WWE Intercontinental Champion-
WWE Cruiser Weight Champion-Teddy Hart
WWE Tag Team Champions-

WCW Heavyweight Champion
WCW United States Champion
WCW Television Champion
WCW Tag Team Champions

DIVAS World Heavyweight Champion
DIVAS Intercontinetal Champion
DIVAS Tag-Team Champions

Pay Per Views

Wrestlemania (WCW & WWE& DIVAS) April
Summer Slam (WWE) June
Great American Bash (WCW) August
Survivor Series (WWE) November
Starrcade (WCW) December
Royal Rumble (WCW & WWE) February

Super Cards

Saturday's Night Main Event (WWE)
Clash of Champions (WCW)
Ladies Night (DIVAS)

Let the fun begin.

handsomedom 05-25-2009 01:59 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
I must say you have worked really hard on this and come up with some really good ideas.

I think you are at a really good start with the rosters and shows, and should be good to see.

Best of luck

Rated-R Champ 05-25-2009 02:13 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
I'm disappointed that you didn't continue your NWA thread, as I really enjoyed it. The backstory here, I didn't really like. I'm fine with TNA being bought out, but 'Taker winning the Rumble isn't something I'd like to see. I don't like the idea of having a World Champion, then having another two World Champions for each brand, seems very convoluted. I'm a fan of women's wrestling, but I wouldn't especially want to see a whole hour of it. I also don't like that they have more than one title, and the names of them, either. Still, the rosters are impressive, and I think you can make this work, so I'll be reading. Good luck with this one.

Jon Staley 05-25-2009 02:31 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
Change font plz, then I'll be back.

J-Coke 05-25-2009 03:05 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
A very well-planned out backstory and both rosters are stacked. However, there are too much championships.

619IDH 05-25-2009 07:40 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
I gotta go with Mikey on this one. I was really enjoying your NWA thread and what you were doing with that. I like that you've obviously shown some work in the backstory and overall makeup of the way it is so far, but it doesn't quite click with me. Not a fan of Vinny Mac retiring, not a fan of TNA getting bout out, not a fan of the 'Mania results being altered in the grandeur tilt that they were. But hey - its too early to really judge what you're doing with this. I'm sure every decision you've made is for your own good and we'll see if it proves brilliance. Although there are WAAAAAY too many titles at this point. What is that, like 11 or 12? Still, good luck with this, since I'm sure you do great with this radical work (judging from your last thread, anyway).

...and its been 30 days since your thread closed already? Doesn't seem like it. You might wanna mention your last post in your last thread, too.

LaurinaitisOSU 05-26-2009 12:46 AM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
WWE RAW live from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio

(The show kicks off with his normal promo showcasing the stars of the WWE. The camera spans the sold-out arena as we fans roaring, as the new era in the WWE is ready to begin. Finally the camera stops in the ring, where we see the new owner of the WWE, Shane McMahon standing proudly with mic in hand.)

Shane (smiling): " I would like to welcome everybody to first ever "Monday Night RAW" of the Shane-O-Mac era."

(Crowd cheers for Shane)

Shane (soaking it in): "One questions has been asked to me over the course of this last few weeks. Shane, how can you top your father? The answer is easy...(pauses as the crowd waits silently) I'm going to give what you the fans want!

(The crowd erupts to Shane's cheap plug)

Shane: "The first thing, I'm going to do is give you a general manager for RAW that won't back down from a wrestler. (crowd cheers). Somebody that will take it too the limit. (crowd cheers). Somebody that for sure will make RAW the most entertaining show in wrestling today.Ladies and gentleman, I give you your new RAW General Manager."

(Shane points to the entrance ramp as music is heard for the first time on RAW in years as "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash walks out to the roar of the crowd. He gives the crowd the old "Wolfpac" sign as he saunters to ringside. Shane and Nash shakes hands in the middle ring as McMahon hands the mic to the seven-footer. The crowd finally dies down as "Big Sexy" is ready to talk)

Nash: (pulling his back out of his face): "First off, let me say it feels real good to finally be back on MONDAY NIGHT RAW!!!"

(The crowd erupts once again for a cheap plug)

Nash:"Let me say, when Ol' Shane-O call me with this idea, I wasn't sure. But when he assured me that I would have total control of the show, I couldn't resist. I mean RAW with me in charge, it's only TOOOOO SWEEEET!!

(The crowd erupts, but soon music is overheard as the cheers quickly turn to boos as the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, appears with his new manager, Angelina Love by his side. He struts down to ringside as Nash doesn't look happy about being interrupted)

Edge (cocky smile on face): "WHOAAA!!(shaking his fingers in front of him), look Angelina it's the scary "Big Sexy" Kevin Nash."

(Edge and Angelina laughs as Nash and Shane look on)

Edge: "So Kev, you are the man in charge huh...(Nash shakes his head yes) So let me lay down the law right here, see this (He holds up his belt). This is the World Heavyweight Championship and means that to you I'm untouchable. I'm not a wrestler here on RAW, I come and go as I please and wrestle who I want, when I want. As long as we see, eye to eye, on this Kev, I think we will get along just fine. What do ya say?"

Nash:"Well, Edge that's a tempting offer but I have to say NO! (crowd erupts). You are right that you are not on the WWE RAW roster but Shane here, has assured me that if you do show up on this show, that I DO have the right to make matches for you. So how about tonight you put that shiny, new title on the line against let's say......MY OLD FRIEND "THE HEARTBREAK KID" SHAWN MICHAELS?!!"

(The crowd roars as the match is announced, Edge is beside himself as Angelina tries to console him. Nash and Shane smile in the ring as Edge and Angelina finally vacates the arena)

Nash (as they are walking up the ramp): "Hey Angelina, remember my office is always open if you want to find out why they call me "Big Sexy"!

(Edge is outraged by the comments and heads back to the ring before Love finally stops him. Nash puts his fist in the air as his music plays and we go to commercial)


(We come back from break and see Edge and Love still visibly upset when the come across Randy Orton backstage)

Edge: (stopping Orton): "Did you just see what happened? Did you see how Kevin Nash is screwing me over already."

Orton: "Yeah, I saw it Edge and really I couldn't believe it."

Edge: "I know can you believe that he is making me wrestle, Shawn Michaels." (Angelina Love rubs his shoulders as Edge is beside himself)

Orton: "No what I can't believe that Kevin Nash didn't pick me instead! Everybody knows that in a match between the two of us, that I would come out on top. But instead coming up on WAR, I have a four way match to become WWE Champion against Batista, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk. (The crowd pops at the announcement) So you should consider yourself lucky."

Edge: "Oh, is that so, Randy. I have no problem meeting up and defeating you on down the line but we both have to worry about tonight. I would like to see both of us walk out of the arena tonight with gold around our waist. What do ya say?"

(Orton rubs his chin, contemplating the offer. Edge eggs him on and finally the trio walks off together as we go back to the ring)

( Jillian Garcia announces that the next match is a first round match up in the Intercontinental Title tournament as the crowd cheers the announcement. The music starts as the crowd gives a decent pop to Val Venis who comes down to ringside wearing his trademark towel around his waist. He does his little hip swivel for the ladies in the audience before Jillian announces his opponent. Santino arrives on the ramp to the chorus of boos. With his usual unibrow in all it's glory on his face, he climbs in the ring, ready for the match up)


Match One-Intercontinental Championship Tournament-Round One

Santino VS Val Venis


This match surprisingly has been dominated by Santino. An early mistake by Venis, allowed Santino to drop him over the top rope, catching his throat. Santino has showcased a relentless attack since gaining a few near falls. Unexpectly Santino perches a groggy Val Venis on the top turnbuckle for an attempt of what looked like a superplex off the top but Venis countered with a couple of shots to the mid-section, gaining space before a head butt sent Santino crashing to the mat. Before Santino could recover, Venis came off the top with the "Money Shot" picking up the surprise win and advancing in the I-C tournament.

Winner in 12:11---Val Venis

(A dejected Santino can't believe he lost when he recovers and see Venis celebrating on the ramp. He grabs the mic as many fans are laughing at him after the embarrassing loss to the perennial jobber)

Santino: " You guys are laughing at Santino, aye. You think it's funny that Santino lost to the Big Lebowski. Well ya guys won't have Santino to laugh at anymore."

(Santino slams down the mic as the crowd starts chanting "Na Na Na, Hey, Hey Hey, Goodbye" as Santino runs up the ramp with his hands over his ears)


(We come back from break and are backstage where we Santino on his cell phone talking to someone)

Santino:"Did ya you see what just happened to Santino? (pauses) Well does your offer still stand? (pauses) Santino just can't handle this anymore, they all laugh at me. (pauses, almost breaking down into tears) Can I come next week? (pauses) Okay, see you there."

(Santino pumps his arm in excitement as we head back to the ring, where we see the self-proclaimed "Wrestling God" John Bradshaw Layfield in the ring as the crowd is booing his presence)

JBL: "You all know who I am.(boos) You all know that I got screwed in this new era of the WWE. (boos). I was the greatest Intercontinental Champion of all-time and then they stripped me of the title with no warning. (cheers). Then because they said that I was too demanding and they didn't even let me in the tournament for my title but gave me a spot in the World Tag Team title tourney instead.(boos)"

JBL: "I know what you are thinking, who is great enough to be the partner of the "WRESTLING GODDDDD! But don't you worry because I found just the man. I found someone that got more screwed over then even JBL himself, someone that is so bitter that we will go through the other 3 teams in this tournament without breaking a sweat. I give you to you my new wrestling and business partner.....JEFF JARRETT!!

(The crowd is in shock as Jarrett comes to the ring with the his trusty guitar in hand. He shakes hands with JBL and grabs the mic)

Jarrett:" JBL, I couldn't have said it better myself. It's time for the WWE stars to face the power of "J&J Incorporated"."

(The two wait in the ring as Jillian announces the Colon Brothers as their opponents. Primo and Carlito are extremely happy to be here as they high-five many fans on their way to ringside. They climb in the ring and stare the new veteran team)


Match Two-Round One World Tag Team Tournament

J&J Incorporated VS The Colons


Early on the speed of Primo was something JBL had problems with as he kept the big Texan off balance with quick high flying moves. It all changed after a few moments when JBL caught Primo with a big boot and tagged in Jarrett. JBL and Jarrett used quick tags and double team maneuvers to isolate Primo from his brother as Carlito was eager to get into the action. Finally after the referee making Jarrett break an abdominal stretch after seeing JBL helping him with leverage did Primo get a chance to make the hot tag. Carlito quickly took control sending Jarrett reeling with a dropkick and knocking JBL off the apron with a big left hand. He quickly tried to end it with a Backstabber attempt but the veteran Jarrett held onto the ropes, resulting in Carlito crashing down. Jarrett quickly locked in the figure four. Carlito screamed out in pain as Jarrett used the ropes for added torque when the referee wasn't looking. Finally Primo tried to intervene but was caught with a "Clothesline from Hell" from a rampaging Layfield. With poor Primo knocked into La-La Land, Carlito had no choice but to finally tap out

Winners in 13:42 and advancing to the finals of the WWE World Tag Team Tournament

J&J Incorporated

(We go backstage to the GM's office where Kevin Nash is sitting down with Traci Brooks as they are looking over papers on the desk. You notice Nash trying to look down her shirt as she is sorting the papers. A knock on the door is heard and Shawn Michaels enters)

Nash:" My man, Shawn. It's been too long!"

(The two give each other a quick hug)

HBK: (looking over at Traci)" I see some things never change."

Nash: (raising his eyebrows):" Well have my own personal assistant is one of the perks of the job."

HBK: "Speaking off perks, I don't want to sound ungrateful for giving me the World Title shot tonight against Edge but I here alot of whispering in the back that the only reason I got this shot tonight was because of you. I don't want that, Kev."

Nash:" So when did you start caring about what people said about you, Shawn? But I have a question for ya, Who retired Ric Flair at Wrestlemaina 24? You did. Who beat Bret Hart in the greatest match of all-time in an Iron man Match up? You did. Who is the Showstopper, the Main Eventer, the Icon? You are. So if you are wondering, those are the reasons that you got the match up tonight, not because you are my friend.

(Michaels and Nash look at each other and shake hands. Michaels looks over at Traci)

Michaels:" Don't get yourself into any trouble"

Nash: (laughing)"I don't even know what you mean."


(When we return, Jillian is in the ring as she announces Shawn Michaels, "Sexy Boy" blares thought the arena as the crowd goes completely nuts. The pyros go off as HBK does his signature pose and makes his way to ringside. The cheers quickly turn into boos as Edge is announced. The World Champion makes his way down the ramp with Angelina Love on his arm)

Main Event---World Heavyweight Title Match

Edge w/Angelina Love VS Shawn Michaels


The two men lay all on the line as HBK took control early. Michaels was one step ahead of Edge until interference by Love gave Edge the opening he needed. Edge seized the moment and threw Michaels to the outside, ramming his back into the steel steps. Michaels screamed in pain as the champ worked over the forever injured back of HBK. After a series of repeated backbreakers Edge got a near fall but slowly the crowd was trying to rally behind HBK. Michaels finally caught his second wind and came back. After hitting the a flying forearm, Michaels did his signature pop up and followed it with an inverted atomic drop and clothesline combination. He signaled to the crowd as he climbed to the top rope and came off and connected on the elbow drop. Michaels tuned up the band as the crowd was going crazy as a groggy Edge struggled to his feet. Michaels unleashed "Sweet Chin Music" but Edge ducked it and the foot of Michaels caught the referee square on the chin instead. As Michaels tried to revive the ref, Edge stood in the corner ready to strike. As Michaels turned around Edge came charging with a SPEAR but caught another SWEET CHIN MUSIC out of nowhere. With Edge out cold, Michaels turned his attention once again to the referee trying to revive him as Angelina Love jumped up on the apron and grabbed Shawn by his hair. Michaels broke her grip and pulled back his fist as the crowd cheered for him to hit her. As Michaels finally decided against he turned around and caught an RKO from Randy Orton, who came out of nowhere. Orton pulled Edge over Michaels unconscious body and rolled out of the ring and back into the crowd. Angelina Love's constant screeching finally revived the referee, who rolled over and made the three count.

Winner and still World Heavyweight Champion in 15:22


(Edge celebrates in the ring with the beautiful Angelina Love as RAW goes off the air)

Schedule for WAR at 10 pm

Round One Match up for the Intercontinental Championship

John Morrison VS Matt Hardy

WWE 10 Man Lightweight Championship Battle Royal

Bryan Danielson
Teddy Hart
Hurricane Helms
Jamie Noble
Colt Cabana
The Brian Kendrick
AJ Styles
Kofi Kingston
Evan Bourne

Fatal Four Way for the WWE Heavyweight Title

Randy Orton VS Batista VS Jeff Hardy VS CM Punk

LaurinaitisOSU 05-26-2009 04:52 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince

Monday Night WAR live from Nationwide Arena in Columbus, Ohio

(The show starts with a dancing team of scantily dressed women led by the WWE's own Kelly Kelly in the ring. After the dance routine is ended, we see a video recap of what happened on the RAW show earlier. As we see the women leave the ring, the music of "The Shaman of Sexy" John Morrison plays. Morrison comes out and does his trademark slow-motion pose. On the way to ringside, he stops Kelly Kelly and whispers something in her ear. She blushes as Morrison smiles and watches her walk up the ramp before continuing to ringside. Morrison gets to ring as Jillian announces his opponent and the crowd goes wild for Matt Hardy. Hardy looks determined on his way to the ring and his way to the Intercontinental Title)

Match One-First Round, Intercontinental Title Tournament

John Morrison VS Matt Hardy


The opening bout on WAR was a solid match up as Hardy early on gave Morrison a wrestling lesson as he had a counter for all of John's moves. Hardy showed a newly found mean streak as he went to work on the shoulder of Morrison after a failed corkscrew to the outside sent John crashing to the arena floor. After hitting a "Side Effect", Matt almost got the fall but Morrison kicked out as the referee's hand was coming down for three. Hardy wasn't discouraged at all as the crowd rallied behind him, he celebrated with his fans as he waited for Morrison to get to his feet. Hardy locked Morrison in for "The Twist of Fate" and yelled to the crowd before sending Morrison to certain defeat. The brief second of hesitation gave Morrison the moment he was waiting for as he quickly countered ""The Twist of Fate" attempt into a small package to get the win.

Winner and moving on to face Val Venis in Round Two of the Intercontinental Tournament

John Morrison

(A visibly upset Matt Hardy is in the ring as he knows that he let the match slip away from him. He seems lost as he stares at the celebrating Morrison going up the ramp)


(We return to the backstage area as a camera is following Ric Flair as he walks into General Manager's Kevin Nash's office. We see Traci Brooks quickly getting off Nash's lap and turns her back as she buttons up her shirt)

Flair: "Whooaa, sorry big man didn't mean to interrupt but did you see what happened to Shawn Michaels earlier tonight."

Nash:"Yeah, I saw it but there really isn't anything I can do about it. I got to give the devil his due, Edge is a sneakier son of a bitch that I thought."

Flair:"I'm not here about Michael, I'm here about my man, "The Animal" Batista. You saw what Edge and Orton was planning on RAW earlier. Orton helped Edge keep the World Title so you know Edge is going to help Orton become WWE Champion. What are you going to do about it?"

(Nash looks like he is in deep thought when Traci whispers something in his ear. Nash smiles and slaps her on ass)

Nash: "Well my assistant here, Ms. Brooks just came up with a wonderful idea that I think you would like Naitch. How about tonight in the Fatal Four Way, Ric Flair being the Special Referee?"


(Flair starts strutting around the office and grasp Brooks and gives her a big kiss)


(Flair leaves the office as Nash laughs to himself as Brooks looks shocked in the corner)

Nash:"Only Naitch!" (shakes his head thinking about Ric as Traci in the corner starts unbuttoning her blouse) " Whoaa we don't have time for that right now we gotta go too ringside, We have that special announcement to make."

(Traci looks disappointed as she re-buttons her shirt and Nash and Brooks head out on their way to the ring as we head to commercial)


(We come back from break and nine cruiser weights are in the ring awaiting for the Cruiser weight Title Battle Royal when GM Kevin Nash and his assistant Ms.Brooks appear on the ramp)

Nash: "Before we can get this shin-dig underway, I have an announcement to make. I said at the beginning of tonight's festivities that I will give the people what they want."

(Crowd pops as Nash hands the mic over to Traci)

Traci: "Tonight when you entered the arena, we had men giving out tickets to selective gentleman. Men that fitted the cruiser weight criteria and looked in good physical shape. We have selected one ticket of a fans to be the 10th participant in tonight's Cruiser weight Title Battle Royal. So the holder of ticket number #1233, tonight is your night to be a WWE superstar."

(The crowd goes wild as a man jumps up and high-fives people in the second level, security finds him and escorts him to the entrance ramp where he shakes hands with Nash and Brooks)

Nash (sizing the young blond head man up): Well, you look like you are in good shape and your are well under the 225 pound limit. So my man, what's your name?"

Fan:(stuttering): "Mmmmmy nnnname is Jack .....Jack Evans."

(He starts jumping up and down as the crowd is cheering wildly)

Nash: "Well, Jack....Jack Evans get in that ring and make me proud."

(Nash and Brooks leave the entrance ramp as Evans runs to the ring eagerly ready for his chance at stardom)


Match Two-Cruiserweight Title Battle Royal

AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Colt Cabana, Kofi Kingston, Jamie Noble, The Brian Kendrick, Teddy Hart, Evan Bourne,Hurricane Helms and Jack Evans


As soon as Evans enters the ring the bell sounds and Jamie Noble charges him, ready to greet the fan WWE-style but Evans sidesteps the Noble charge and catches him with a textbook enzuguri sending Noble over the top rope. The other 8 wrestlers stop and laugh at Noble, who is irate the he just got made a fool by a fan.

Elimination 1# Jamie Noble at the 8 second mark

As Evans and Noble jawed with each other, The Brian Kendrick saw an opening and ran at Evans from behind but at the last moment, Evans got a glimpse of Brian and backdropped him over the top for the elimination.

Elimination 2# The Brian Kendrick at the 26 second mark

Across the ring we see Colt Cabana on the top rope ready to splash on what looks like Evan Bourne laid out on the mat but before Cabana can leap off, Kofi Kingston comes charging across the ring and jumps up on the turnbuckles and catches him with kick to the face knocking Cabana off the top rope but onto the apron. Kingston doesn't see this as Cabana somehow gets up and starts to enter through the ropes when he gets caught by a baseball slide from AJ Styles that takes him to the floor for the elimination.

Elimination 3# Colt Cabana at the 48 second mark

Over the next few minutes the action and the eliminations slow down as the remaining seven try to wear down each other before trying to put someone over the ropes. Finally looks like Evan Bourne and Kofi is teaming up struggling to take the Hurricane over the top while he holds on for dear life. As Helms is almost completely out he grabs a hold of the bottom rope as Kofi and Evan try one more great push to cause Helms to let go of his grip when out of nowhere, they are hit from behind by a double clothesline by Teddy Hart causing the elimination of all three men.

Elimination 4#, Hurricane Helms at the 3:33 mark

Elimination 5# Evan Bourne at the 3:34 mark

Elimination 6# Kofi Kingston at the 3:35 mark

Teddy Hart, Bryan Danielson, AJ Styles and the instant fan favorite, Jack Evans remained in the ring as Styles hooked with "The American Dragon" and Teddy Hart catches Evans with a knee in the corner. Times ticks on as Danielson peppers Styles with a series of chops and kicks while Evans has the upper hand on Hart, hitting a DDT. Danielson whips Styles in the ring but Styles counters with the "Pele" out of nowhere that staggers Danielson against the ropes. Styles though is too drained to follow up but before Danielson can shake it off, he catches a textbook dropkick to the mouth by Evans sending him over the top.

Elimination 7# Bryan Danielson at the 7:27 mark

The crowd is one feet as Evans has came out of nowhere and now has a real shot at becoming champion. Styles and Evans decides to team up on Hart as they work him over the corner with a series of boots to his stomach. As Hart slumps almost unconscious, Styles turns and hits Evans with a right hand to the chin sending Evans to the mat. As Evans gets up , he gets caught by a kick to the stomach and then gets caught with "The Styles Clash". Evans is laid out as Styles looks over at the still groggy Hart and pulls Evans up and drags him across the ring trying to put him over the top. At the last second, as Styles has Evans almost completely over,Evans comes to life and works his legs up and gets AJ head into a leg scissors. AJ tries desperately to push Evans over but finds him getting pulled over the top himself. As they struggle to eliminate each other, Teddy regains his composure and sees the opening. He comes sling shotting of the ropes and performs a cross body on the two tangled up in the ropes. But Hart misjudges his height and all of three men go over the top. They all three land in a jumble mass as referees don't know who the winner is. Finally a referee raises the hands of Jack Evans and the crowd goes wild. Hart and Styles is furious and starts pleading both their cases when another referee points to the Titan Tron which is showing the replay of the move. After watching the replay and a brief the conference the four referees make their decision.

Winner and new WWE Cruiser-weight Champion

Teddy Hart at the 12:55 mark

(We see the referees hand the belt to the shocked Teddy Hart, who holds it up over his head as Jack Evans and the crowd are in disbelief by the referee's reversal. Evans goes to offer a hand shake to Hart showing good sportsmanship but Hart slaps it away in disgust and walks up the ramp to a chorus of boos)


(We come back from commercial and see Ric Flair and Batista huddled together backstage when Edge and Angelina Love walks away carrying bags. As they go by Flair and Batista stops them)

Flair: "Where are you going Champ? Do you think we are stupid?"

Edge: (laughing) " What Ric? Do I think you are stupid? No, I don't but him (points at Batista), he isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean?"

(Edge mocks Batista size as Flair holds Batista back)

Batista: (raging)" Don't think for a moment we believe that you are leaving for the night. Everybody knows about your deal with Orton earlier.?"

Edge: "Is that so, Dave. I have a piece of advice for ya, you shouldn't worry so much about me, big guy."

(Edge smirks at him and Angelina walk off as Flair holds back Batista once again from attacking)

(We go to the ring as we see Robert Roode standing in the ring in his wrestling gear with mic in one hand and a briefcase in the other)

Roode: "Hello, everybody my name is Robert Roode."


Roode: In my short stint here in the WWE, I have been overlooked. So since there is a new man in charge, I've decided to make my name known to all."

Roode: "So earlier I was impressed by seeing a fan come of the crowd and almost win the WWE Cruiser-weight title earlier, so that gave me an inspiration. I'm going to issue a challenge to anybody here in the arena to come in and face me one on one and if somehow I'm pinned they are going to win this..."

(Roode opens the briefcase and reveals that it is full of money)

Roode: "That's right 100 thousand dollars up for grabs! But I look out in this crowd and see nobody with a chance to win it. "

(Roode rolls out of the ring and goes around checking out the ringside fans when someone catches his eye)

Roode: "Look right here all you Buckeye fans, it is no other then your All-American linebacker, James Laurinaitis. What do you think James, do you want a crack at this money."

(Roode opens the briefcase again as the crowd is chanting for James to take on the challenge but James isn't biting as Roode returns to the ring)

Roode: "I'm not surprised in the least, I know his father, the supposed legend Road Warrior Animal and let's say James is acting just like him and that is being a COWARD!"

(The crowd boos as the camera shows the face of Laurinaitis has changed as he leaps over the guardrail and enters the ring)


$100,000 Roode Challenge

Robert Roode VS James Laurinaitis


As soon as James slid on the rope he was caught by a vicious elbow. Roode pounded away unmercifully on the Buckeye football legend as the crowd was giving him the loudest heat of the night. Roode hit Laurinaitis with a European uppercut and shot him into the ropes. James came off the ropes and delivered a devastating spear and followed with wicked punches to the head of Roode as he tried desperately to block the attack. Finally the ref, pulls James off for using closed fists and Roode rolls to the outside. He goes over and grabs the briefcase and walks up the ramp. A furious Laurinaitis charges after him but when he reaches Roode, he catches the briefcase to the face. Laurinaitis falls in a heap as Roode laughs over him. He picks up the All-American linebacker and sets him for the new "Roode Awakening" as the crowd boos in disbelief. All of a sudden the crowd pops as we see too men run down on the entrance ramp and we see it's Shelton Benjamin and Jake Hager. Roode releases Laurinaitis and jumps off the ramp and escapes to the backstage area. Shelton and Jake check on Laurinaitis, as James shake it off, the two raises his arm in victory. The three All-Americans stand proud to the mighty roar of the arena filled with Buckeye fans.

Winner-No Contest in 6:22

(We go backstage and see Jeff Hardy getting ready in the locker room when his brother, Matt walks in)

Jeff: "Hey man, I saw your match earlier, are you alright, That was a tough loss?"

Matt:"Aren't you the master of the obvious huh. Of course it was tough, I had Morrison beat but for some reason it slipped right out of my hands."

Jeff: "Don't worry bro, you will get him next time. You had him beat, you just need to follow through next time. I would like to stay here and talk about it but my match is next"

Matt: "Yeah, I'm okay, don't worry about. Go out there and bring the WWE Championship home."

(The two brothers hug as Matt stares at Jeff as he leaves. When Jeff shuts the door, Matt punches the locker, leaving a might dent before someone else knocks and comes in and we see CM Punk)

Punk: "Everything alright Matt?"

Matt: "If you were looking for Jeff, he just left?"

Punk:"Well, actually I was coming to talk to you."

(Matt heads pops up as Punk sits down next him as we go to commercial break)


(We come back as Jillian is ready for the main event. They all make the way to the rings as the crowd gives good pops to Batista, Punk and Hardy as well as solid heat to Orton. The four man stare each other down as Flair calls for the bell)


Main Event for the WWE Heavyweight Title


Many fans thought Orton will be at a severe disadvantage, facing three crowd favorites as well as Flair being the referee but they were shocked as Punk went after Hardy instead. As Punk controlled Hardy, Orton caught Batista a DDT taking control. The two seemed in sync as Punk and Orton double clotheslined Batista over the top and turned their attention to Hardy. Hardy was viciously double-teamed until the Punk and Orton argued over a pin attempt after a double suplex. Hardy took advantage as he took Punk over with a cross body splash, spilling both out of the ring. Orton looked on at the two and turned around right into a Spine buster by Batista. The crowd went wild but Orton kicked out at two and a half. Batista was on a roll now as he threw Orton around the ring like a rag doll as Hardy and Punk fought on the outside. Things between the two got really intense after Hardy did a suicide dive off the ring steps and took both of them over the guardrail and into the the crowd. The crowd goes crazy as the two fight up the stands, leaving Batista and Orton alone in the ring. Batista whips Orton into the ropes and catches him with a bone shattering spear and signals for the Batista Bomb. He waits patiently as Orton gets to his feet and pulls him into position as the crowd and Flair goes crazy. Before he can cinch it in, Batista falls to the ground unexpectedly as we Flair on his knees as he just delivered a low blow to Dave. Orton pounces on Batista as Flair gives a fast 3 count.

Winner and WWE Heavyweight Champion in 10:11

Randy Orton

(The crowd and Batista is in total shock as Flair hands the belt to Orton and the two hug. Music hits and on the ramp we see Edge and Angelina Love appear and applaud the two. Batista gets up and is frenzied as Flair and Orton escapes up the ramp. The foursome stare down at the betrayed "Animal" as Edge and Orton hold up their titles as we go off the air)

Nige™ 05-27-2009 11:27 AM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince

Originally Posted by 619indahouse (Post 7279004)
...and its been 30 days since your thread closed already? Doesn't seem like it. You might wanna mention your last post in your last thread, too.

NWA Thread

24th April was the last post just to make everyone clear it has been 30 days since the previous thread ended.

On another note, the font and the size of it is way too big. There's no need for it to be that big.

LaurinaitisOSU 05-29-2009 09:23 PM

Re: WWE: Life After Vince
DIVAS live from "THE DIVA CLUB" (formely the Impact Zone) in Orlando, Florida

[i](Recap of show)

The show opened with the DIVAS General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, coming out and doing her usual insults to the crowd, receiving tremondous heat in the process. She says that she will prove everybody wrong and that DIVAS will become the number one wrestling show in the world under her leadership. She announces that in the next month, they will hold a DIVA World Title Tournament where 16 of the best women wrestlers in the world will compete to become the first ever DIVAS World Champion. After the crowd suprisingly gives her some cheers, she then announces the women that she expects to lead DIVAS into the future and the music hits an AWESOME KONG appears. Vickie goes on to sing her praises as the most dominant woman wrestler ever until music hit and the crowd goes wild and LITA comes out. Lita makes her way to the ring and starts to run down on both Vickie and Kong until music hits and the crowd really erupts and Trish Stratus appears and makes her way to ringside. After all three has said their parts, everybody was cheering for it become physical but Vickie squashed the situtation by getting Kong out of the ring before anything happened. Lita and Trish gave each other a stare down as they went to commercial.


Match One-Beth Phoenix VS Taylor Wilde

(Wilde gets in some offense but falls pretty easily to the Glamazon's Glam Slam)

Winner-Beth Phoenix

(After the match, we saw a video package of newcomer MsChief before the break).

Coming back from commerical we saw Vickie in her office with Kong and announced that tonight she has a special match for Kong's first round bout. This will truly show everyone who the most dominant women wrestler is.


Match Two-Mickie James VS Melina

(A back and forth matchup against former WWE Women's World Champions saw Mickie James catch Melina in a surprise small package for the win)

Winner-Mickie James

(After the match a video package of ODB and her step-sister Mickie Knuckles is shown from a trailer park)


Match Three-Lita VS Roxxi

The crowd roared with the retun of Lita and she didn't disappoint, hitting a Swanton to pick up the win. Afterwards in a sign of repsect Roxxi shook the hand of Lita as they left the ring together)


(Video package is shown of the "Dark Angel" Sarah Stock in action from Mexico)


Main Event

Awesome Kong VS The Bella Twins

The twins gave Kong a hard time in the beginning until a Kong backhand knock Brie out of the ring and left Nikki alone to catch an Awesome Bomb.

Winner-Awesome Kong

After the match, Brie tried to help her sister but got an Awesome Bomb for her trouble. Vickie cam out and egged Awesome Kong on to continue the attack until Trish caming running out for the save. Trish quickly backed up Kong with forearms shots and finally knocking her down as she landed a flying forearm. Vickie was screaming as Trish and the Bellas look determined to teach Kong a lesson. Before they could get to Kong though, out of nowhere they were attacked by a return of former Women's Champion, Jazz. After the Jazz's blindisde, Kong and her started the beatdown once again. A chair was thrown in by Vickie as they looked to take out Trish once and for all until Lita comes running out for the save. As Lita comes charging, she runs right into a chair shot by Jazz though. Lita and Trish were both in trouble as Jazz and Kong both now had chairs and was looking to do some serious damage but before they could the lights in the DIVAS CLUB went out and when they turned back on CHYNA!!! was in the ring and looking better then ever physically. Chyna stared down both Kong and Jazz as Vickie ordered them out of the ring. As Lita and Trish tried to thank her, Chyna turned her back and left the ring without saying a word to anybody.

(If this is the first time reading one of my shows, this is just a way to get DIVAS in without spending much time on it so I can concentrate on RAW and Nitro)

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