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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

Great show man, here’s my review…

HBK/Nash segment: Great that Nash has some comedy left in him. Why is Edge gone for a month, hmm? Teddy Hart and HBK, you know HBK will win later.

Kennedy segment: Borash is a good interviewer, and great stuff by Kennedy. It’d be really cool if Kennedy becomes champ. Here comes Morrison…I liked it that he came up to say he’ll be the champ. Great stuff by talking about Kennedy’s injuries…Okay, just a second ago I thought Kennedy was the heel. Then Morrison gets attacked by Venis, I don’t know…

Snitsky vs. Kennedy: Good match. I predicted that Snitsky would dominate most of the match. Good to see him advance though.

AJ Styles vs. Evans: Good with AJ being heel, and good promo before the match. Really long match, Evans ducking AJ’s finisher is awesome, hope to see more of this kid.

Santino segment: He’s in a gym, alright. Bruno Sammartino…good choice, I’m wondering if they will form a team or something.

Show/Nash segment: Show questions about Robert Roode, hmm. Good to see him get a title match. Forfeiting his match, why? He quit RAW! Major surprise! So he quits the entire WWE rather than RAW. Wonder what’ll happen with Show.

Roode segment: He’s cocky. And I wonder if they planted that fan in there? Animal is back! Good! Roode is acting like a coward heel I see. Animal gets DQ’ed. And Roode attacks him with the case, took out his brother last week and him this week. Ready to see more from him.

Orton/Hart segment: Flair aligning himself with Orton, well…he’s been with Hunter and Big Dave before so why not. Orton’s trying to get him to join, good choice. He joins, cannot wait to see what happens.

Motor City Machineguns vs. All Americans: Good match, I was surprised to see it go to a no contest, so what will this mean for them? Why did Show attack them if he “quit”? I’m ready for next week’s show with Bradshaw and Jarrett.

Backstage segment: Okay, so Show joins them. Interesting…

Jeff/Matt: OK, you made it where Matt is still jealous of Jeff. Jeff is curious about Punk and doesn’t want Matt talking to him. Matt gets angry and leaves…

Punk vs. Matt: Good match man, so Punk’s a heel I see. Good to see Punk win, this is probably setting up where Matt will eventually get jealous in your BTB.

Cruiserweight title match: Why would this be the main event??? GREAT match, I really liked it man. I would shorten the recap a little bit. Interference, I knew it’d happen…Teddy Hart wins. Batista tries to help HBK, HBK’s back is hurt again. Great closing though man, ready for next week.

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

This show was filled with entertainment from beginning to end. I found myself enjoying this show very much, as I couldn't stop reading. As usual, here is my review to you, man. Get ready!

Opening promo: Great interaction with Nash and HBK as well as Sweeney and Nash. HBK was clearly pissed that he was robbed of a title match, and rightfully so. It is a bit odd to see HBK all upset over it considering last week he didn't want special treatment. Having him face Teddy Hart for the CW title is unrealistic bc I don't think HBK fits the size limit, but the idea of it is amazing...originality is key! Sweeney on RAW is great man, good addition and hopefully plays a key role as a manager or something. I plan to see some character development for this man.

Kennedy/Morrison/Venis: Kennedy as a heel is awesome, man. I love how he talks and he's really good on the mic, and you portrayed him semi-well which is good. Morrisson coming and the two heels clashing is somewhat good, but remember a heel vs. heel thing doesn't always work. Turn Kennedy face because Morrison heel > Kennedy heel. Awesome that you had Venis attack Morrison, I would LOVE it if Venis goes all the way. I'm rooting for him to go, so please don't disappoint lol. (Todd Grisham > JB)

Kennedy vs. Snitstky: Not such a long match, Kennedy obviously going over, good job. But remember heel/heel doesn't work. Maybe Kennedy is a face, but I'm pretty sure that Kennedy is heel in this BTB, ha.

AJ Styles promo: Good promo man. Glad to find out that Evans has been signed, and he'll be a great addition to this BTB. Clearly he's not a real wrestler and I think of Colin Delany when I think of Jack Evans. I like Jack, he could be the Tommy Dreamer of the CW's, lol. In the sense that it is his dream to be the CW champ, and he won't become it for a very very long time.

AJ Styls vs. JAck Evans: I figured Evans would get the win since he's a newly signed wrestler. It's amazing how a fan can do a 360 thing from the top turnbuckle, lol.

Santino: That would be beyond amazing that you're getting Santino into a legitiamate contendor, love it! I'd like to see Santino be a serious threat as a wrestler than a comedian, good man.

Big Show/Nash: Dude, Big Show is just quitting? What do you have planned for him? I instantly thought of him going over to WCW, but Nash made that impossible, haha. We later find out that he's working for J&J (cough L&L Express rip offs lol) which I found rather strange. How come he is working for J&J if J&J work for Nash, I don't think that's logical. You have some 'splenin (explaining) to do.

Roode: Roode's hundred thousand dollar challenge continues or starts or whatever haha and he chooses a guy from the audience. Nash stops him and brings out the newest member, ROAD WARRIOR ANIMAL! Pretty random, but randomness = COOL!! I figured Roode wouldn't lose but at the same I didn't think Animal would lose so Roode winning by DQ is better than cleanly. I guess a feud is in the works between these two guys? Make it interesting or else I'll find it boring, lol.

Orton (& clan)/Batista: First off, the name Sex & Violence finally gets mentioned, haha. Second of all, why in the hell is Edge gone for a month? He's either on WCW or you had absolutly nothing to do with him, ha! Nice wiht Batista chasing all of them, I wonder what's gonna happen in the main event (sarcasm)

Tag Team Match: So it is very odd to have a no contest. One of two things could happen. J&J are tag champs but have to face the 2 other teams in a 3 way tag match, or they aren't the tag team champs but still have to face the 2 tag teams but itll be for the titles.'ll do neither and do wtvr u wanna do. I don't get why Big Show would just come out after quitting.

Hardy bro's/Punk: I'm sorry man, but this issue could be cleared up with Jeff showing Matt the video replay next week. This isn't like a Soap opera where there is no replay, lol. Pretty messed up of what's going on (dont worry thats a good thing)

Main Event: Great main event, with another screw up (back to back?) Great match man, with a great ending, I am really looking foward to next week.

Overall: Dude, the one thing that I like about this thread is that it is original. Nobody else has anything remotely close to the 3 shows we have. Combined, we're great! I can't wait to get my show up to continue this thread! I'll wait 'till like Sunday or whatever to get my show up, which is ready, but I want you to get more reviews, which I hope people will do. I've passed some reviews around and will continue to when I get some, haha. Anyays man, great show and keep it up!

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Raw Review

Raw Review

Really enjoyed the NASH/HBK opening, you made it sound like two old buddies kidding around while progressing the story and referencing the Montreal Incident, also the addition of Larry Sweeny is a huge plus

Kennedy/Borash promo-was well done and really captured Kennedy's cocky and fun side, plus loved the joke how Val Venis had't won two matches in a row in 6 years

Kennedy/Snitsky-i knew kennedy was going to win but made Snitsky seem like a tough opponent so well done

AJ/Evans-great match and Evans celebrating in the crowd just made it seem like a guy who is living his dream

Roode 100,000 challenge-really enjoyed that with Animal coming to get revenge for his son and Nash running Roode was a added perk

Hart Promo-Like the addition of Hart to be with Orton/Flair and already a worth partnership as he warns the two of an approaching Batista

All Americans VS MCMG-was really surprised with Show's interfernece, love how you set that up earlier with him leaving for a "better deal" and it being paid by Jarret and JBL, not to mention the great story arch with Jarrett and JBL having no opponents in the finals, perhaps a triple threat tag is coming?

Punk Vs Hardy-Love the animatiousty between the two hardys plus the additon of colt canbana could head to a Second City Saints Vs Hardys match which would be awesome here and in real life

HBK VS hart, sorta surprised hart won, and even more surprised with the sharpshooter, even though it was set up by the Batista miscue, perhaps Batista VS HBK next week

Overall 9/10 can't wait for the next show

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

‘Unstoppable’ by Kat DeLuna hits and we see a sexy video of the hottest women in professional wrestling, all divas of DIVAS! A very small pyro display goes off in the DIVAS Club, formerly the Impact Zone, in Orlando Florida! We see only men in the arena screaming and whistling. The theme music plays in the background as we go straight to the commentators.

Mike Tenay: Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the sexiest show in cable history and no we’re not talking about the full frontal cell phone pictures of my broadcast partner, we’re talking about…DIVAS!

Matt Striker: Hey, those pictures were not pictures of me! I swear to you, I have never taken pictures of my private parts, and whoever put those pictures up will pay!

Mike Tenay: Sure they will. Anyways folks, last week was the start of the 16 Diva Tournament for the DIVAS World Heavyweight Championship! Four lovely ladies have advanced to the second round of the tournament, and four more will advance tonight!

The new theme song of DIVAS, “Unstoppable,” hits and out walks out the general manager of DIVAS, Vickie Guerrero, to a tremendous amount of heat. She walks down the ramp and demands someone to hold the ropes for her. One of the crew men does so, and she walks into the ring, with a microphone waiting for her.

Vickie: Excuse me?

The crowd doesn’t let her talk. She asks “excuse me” several more times, before continuing.

Vickie: As I was saying, last week was a tremendous success and it will only get better from here on out. Last week, Beth Phoenix, Mickie James, Lita, and Awesome Kong won their respective matches and have advanced to the second round of the tournament. Tonight’s matches feature –

Vickie gets interrupted by the theme song of Awesome Kong’s. She comes out with Jazz to loud booing. They storm down the ramp, and into the ring. Kong grabs a microphone from someone on the outside and looks at Vickie in anger.


Vickie: Would you calm down? Tell me what’s wrong.

Kong: Lita and Trish! That’s what’s wrong! Who do they think they are? They think they can just come out and just meddle in my business?!

Vickie: Relax, you won’t have to worry about them anymore!

Kong: And why’s that exactly?

Vickie: Because first of all Trish won’t even make it to round two. She will go one of one with her, Jazz, tonight!

The crowd pops for that announcement.

Vickie: Second of all, don’t even pay any attention to that red hair bimbo. Lita won’t be an issue.

Lita’s music hits and she comes to a load ovation. She runs into the ring.

Lita: Really? You really think I won’t be a problem. I’ll have you know that I revolutionized professional wrestling for us women. Ask e every single one of these fans and they’ll back me up, won’t you guys?

The entire audience cheers.

Vickie: Excuse me! Who do you think you are coming out here interrupting us?

Lita: You know something, Vickie, you say that I’m a red hair bimbo, when you’re the one who slept with a 7 foot giant while sleeping with my ex-husband, yea okay.

Vickie: Excuse me? How dare you!?

Kong: Alright, that’s it! I’m sick and damn tired of this boring soap opera continuing any longer. This is a wrestling show, not the Young and the Restless! I wanna know who you think you to meddle in my business last week.

Both Kong and Lita get face to face trading words right before things go out of control. The moment it seems like fists are going to get thrown, Vickie stops them.

Vickie: Alright, that’s enough! I knew this would get out of hand, and we’re not even done with the first round of this tournament! So I’m going to end this once and for all. I’ve hired an ambassador strictly for this tournament.

Kong: Really? And who’s going to stop me?

“Don’t treat me like a woman” hits and the crowd jumps on their feet. Chyna walks out and stops at the top of the ramp. She soaks in the cheers for a good minute, before staring at everyone in the ring. She picks up the microphone to her mouth.

Chyna: Me.

And with that the lights go off and we go off to our first commercial break. We come back to Mike Tenay and Matt Striker talking about Chyna being named the Ambassador of this tournament and then talks about the announcement that Vickie made where tonight’s main event will be Jazz vs. Trish Stratus in the final opening round of the tournament.

Gail Kim vs. Natalya

This match was one hell of a match. Gail Kim had spectacular maneuvers, as well as some quick techniques. Natalya was certainly no joke, as she out powered Kim most of the match. They were both equally matched, and wrestled for a good 7 minutes or so. It would later cost Natalya big time when she missed a huge elbow drop from the turnbuckle. Kim quickly capitalized on this by hitting her finisher the “Happy Ending,” which is a Japanese stranglehold neck breaker, for the pinfall victory.

Winner – Gail Kim (7:28)
We go to the second commercial break of the evening before coming back to see Eve Torres, the backstage interviewer of DIVAS, standing with a big smile and beautiful yellow dress.

Eve: Welcome back everyone, my name is Eve Torres and standing next to me is my guest at this time, Victoria and Katie Lea Burchill.

We see Victoria and Katie Lea, both of whom are looking at Eve.

Victoria: Excuse me, if you’re going to announce who I am, you ought to get it right. I am not Victoria. I am Queen Victoria, and I am going to be the very first DIVAS Heavyweight Champion! Allow me to introduce to you the Lady Kate! She is my henchwoman, and she will help me become the first Heavyweight Champion in DIVAS history.

Lady Kate: The Queen will not be stopped, because it’s just a matter of time before we take over DIVAS and make this our kingdom!

Queen Victoria: Tonight I go one on one with the pathetic Michelle McCool. This woman is so weak, so stupid, it’s almost a gift from GM Guerrero to let her be my opponent in the opening round. It’s practically a bye.

Eve: You don’t seem to be giving Michelle much credit. I’ve wrestled her once or twice, she’s really tough.

Queen Victoria: She WAS tough, but she has lost her way now. She’s gone soft. She’s weak. And I’m going to prove it when I absolutely annihilate her tonight.

Lady Kate grabs the microphone from Eve.

Lady Kate: The Queen has spoken.

Queen Victoria and Lady Kate walk away from the set, as the scene switches to the locker room of Trish Stratus. We see her preparing for her match later on tonight. Lita walks into the locker room and the crowd goes wild. Trish stands up and looks at Lita.

Lita: Hey Trish.

Trish: Hey Lita.

Lita: I know you’re really busy prepping and whatever but I want to give you a heads up.

Trish: What’s up?

Lita: Well it’s no surprise that Awesome Kong will be by Jazz’s corner, so I just wanted to tell you that I want to be in your corner tonight.

Trish: Wow, thanks Lita.

Lita: I just can’t stand that bitch! No way will she cheat her way to the finals and the championship.

Trish: Yea, I know, you’re right. But listen…ummm…

Lita: Don’t. I know what you’re about to say and don’t worry, the moment the time comes, it’s every woman for herself, I know.

Trish: Good.

Lita: So I’ll see you tonight?

Trish: Definitely. Oh and Lita…

Lita: Yea?

Trish: Thanks again.

Lita: Don’t mention it, let’s just kick some cheating ass!

We fade out to the General Manager, Vickie Guerrero, who is inside her locker room.

Vickie: I hope you’re all enjoying tonight’s show. I just wanted to announce that the next big event to occur within the three companies will be an annual event called LADIES NIGHT. This even is a 2 hour blockbuster, featuring only matches from DIVAS. The main event of the match will be the FINALS of this tournament, and a DIVAS Heavyweight Championship match will be crowned. Also, the four quarterfinal matches will take place next week on DIVAS! Enjoy the rest of the show.

The camera takes its third commercial break. We come back to in-ring action!

Maryse vs. Maria

The fans weren’t so into the wrestling of the match, as they were into the women themselves. Both the sexy and lustrous women. This match was a very quick match, the audience was mostly whistling the entire time. Maryse hits the “French Kiss” which is a Snap DDT.

Winner – Maryse (3:47)
We go to the fourth commercial of the evening, and we’re 35 minutes into the show, with two more matches remaining. Michelle McCool’s music hits to a loud ovation and then Queen Victoria’s music hits and she walks out to booing, with Lady Kate by her side.

McCool vs. Queen Victoria (w/ Lady Kate)

This match was a very competitive match, with Queen Victoria dominating it for the most part. McCool got the early advantage, but since then Queen Victoria had the edge. Towards the end of the match, McCool got momentum going, as she came back with punches and dropkicks. While the referee was distracted, Lady Kate held onto McCool’s foot, as she was near the ropes. McCool clearly was distracted, causing Victoria to hit the “Widow’s Peak” on McCool for the victory.

Winner – Queen Victoria (6:40)
After the match we see Lady Kate coming into the ring, standing next to her Queen. In the corner is Michelle, trapped. Queen Victoria has a microphone and stands in front of Michelle.

Queen Victoria: Oh how the mighty have fallen.

The crowd boos her.

Queen Victoria: You hear them? They’re booing you. They’re booing you because you suck. What happened to you? You were the first ever Diva’s Champion, back on the Smackdown brand in the WWE. You then became the biggest bitch, and now you’ve become everyone else’s bitch. But I see something in you that nobody else does. I see a future for you. And that’s why I’m offering you a spot in my kingdom. Become an official Lady and join us. Join Lady Kate and me and together, we’ll rule this kingdom! We’ll make it ours! Join us! What do you say?

Queen Victoria sticks out her hand, waiting for Michele to shake it. Michele shakes her head no, to the shock of the Queen and the joy of the fans. Queen Victoria yells at Lady Kate to teach her a lesson. Michele quickly jumps up and puts a fist up, making Lady Kate back up. Michele quickly walks out of the ring before it comes into a 2 on 1 situation. The Queen and The Lady both look at Michele in disgust.

We go backstage to a room filled with candles and bright lights. We see a deranged Mickie James sitting in the middle of the candles looking at the camera in a freaky look.










Mickie gets frustrated now. COME ON GUESS!!!

Mickie goes back to her crazy self. HAHA…I’M BAAAAACK!!!





We go into the final commercial break and come back with 11 minutes left to the show. We see a vignette for the Twisted Sisters, ODB and Mickie Knuckles. They say they have a special announcement and will announce it next week.

Main Event – Trish Stratus (w/ Lita) vs. Jazz (w/ Awesome Kong)

This match absolutely amazing. Jazz and Kong got an insane amount of heat from the crowd, and when Lita and Trish walked out together, they got the loudest pop of the night for sure. This match was as great as the opening match of the night, if not greater. Both Trish and Jazz took each other to the level. Neither Kong nor Lita interfered in the first 8 minutes of the match, giving the fans one amazing battle. The ending came when the referee was knocked out after an inadvertent Trish Kick from Trish. Kong went into the ring and picked Trish up, sandwiching Trish in between herself and the turnbuckle. Trish was on the ground in pain, holding onto her back. Lita jumped onto the apron, onto the top turnbuckle and hit a top turnbuckle moonsault onto Kong, but Kong grabbed Lita. Kong went to throw Lita over the top rope, much like Big Show tried to do to The Rock at the Royal Rumble, but Lita hit a hurricarana onto Kong, knocking her out of the ring, When Kong was getting up, Lita ran and hit a suicide dive, knocking them both out on the outside. Trish was slowly getting up, as was Jazz, and when Jazz turned around, Trish connected with the “Trish Kick.” Trish covered Jazz, but the referee was knocked out. Suddenly the fans were going nuts, as the Ambassador of the tournament, CHYNA, ran into the ring and told Trish to cover Jazz. Trish does so and Chyna started to make the pin! The fans sang in unison: ONE…TWO…THREE!!! Chyna signaled for the bell and the fans went nuts.

Winner – Trish Stratus (10:00)

After the match, Lita joined Chyna and Lita in the ring, and both Trish and Lita go to hg Chyna, but Chyna sticks out her arms, pushing them away. She walks out of the ring, and looks at the two women with an expressionless face, as Kong is pissed off, with her huge eyes bulging out. The show ends with Trish and Lita confused at Chyna, but yet happy that they are both in the Quarterfinals, and then the scene quickly changes to Chyna walking backwards, up the ramp, and the TitanTron is directly above her, showing Kong infuriated at what happened. The show fades out to Tenay and Striker shocked at what transpired tonight, and sends us off with a GOOD NIGHT!

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

Opening Segment:First great choice on the theme Unstoppable really fits the DIVAS image, I think i saw it used on WNBA commercial to haha. First off I laughed at the whole Striker/photos comment. But down to buissness really enjoyed the segment, it helped illistrate the top faces/heels are. You have Kong and Jazz as the overpowering duo, Vickie the heel GM, and then Lita and Trish as the top faces. Also Lita is the team extreme Lita which is worthy of an applause for nostagla, I missed that Lita. Really liked the addition of Chyna as the tournament ambassador, my one critique I would change the word ambassador to enforcer just makes it sound more badass haha. But Chyna is a great choice due to be one of the few women that is beliveable enough to stand up to Kong. Solid opener.

Gail Vs Natalya:Booking it as an evenly paced match was a good idea. As both could be very useful in later feuds and dont want one to get squashed. Was hoping for a Natalya win but Gail picked up the victory. In her finisher really called the happy ending or did you name that, ethier way thats great.

Victoria/Katie promo-Love the teaming of these two. The UK background of Katie and just the creativity of "Queen Victoria" is great. I love how they seem full of themselves and how Victoria is the leader and Katie does all her dirty work. Great intro of this team.

Lita/Trish segment-Really enjoyed it, got across the point that we're friends but if we meet up in the tournament, one-on-one may the best woman win. Which good be great preluding to one of the best feuds in womans wrestling history.

Maria Vs Maryse:Kind of match that you would expect these two to have and Maryse picks the win up with the french kiss. Might of not been exciting but it is beleviable.

Michelle Vs Victoria:Interesting seeing a face Mccool again, but I thought she should lose but Victoria couldnt do it clean which helps keep Michelle's credibility. I thought Michelle was going to accept Victoria's offer to join her. However I was surprised that she didnt and I hope to see Michelle Vs Katie Lea soon.

Mickie Segment:Psycho Mickie=best character in Women's wrestling history! So I'm really happy to see her return. I like the candle lit room that set the mood and the creepy ominious promo from Mickie. Perhaps Mickie obsession for Trish has returned?

Trish Vs Kong:Enjoyed the interference in the end and Lita taking out Kong with the suicide dive. Then Chyna running down the ramp to count the victory for Trish.I like Chyna not being an all out face, she's not Trish and Lita's savior, she's there to do her job and help run the tournament.

Anyways looking forward to round 2 of the tournament and the next show.

Overall:8/10 Good show, can't wait to see where it goes

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

Here’s my review man, good work.

Vickie segment: I’ve always loved it where two words get the most heat all night. Out comes Kong, she seems angry. I’d say let Jazz talk for her if she’s still playing a monster diva. This would be cool if it was a backstage segment, but it’s still good. Ready for the Trish/Jazz match tonight. Lita’s a babyface, I like it. Great stuff with Lita talking trash about Vickie. Kong interrupts, I would predict that. Lita/Kong face to face leads me to believe they’ll be in the last round facing off. CHYNA is the ambassador! Really great choice! It’s better than any guy on the diva’s show, great job man.

Gail Kim vs. Natalya: good opening match. I would expect Natalya to overpower Kim with all of her training. Kim gets the victory, I see this will keep going and I hope so.

Burchill/Victoria segment: Queen Victoria seems more of an English snob now. And Katie Lea changes her name to Lady Kate, interesting. Good to see them hyping the match with McCool later. With Victoria talking trash about McCool, I see McCool getting the win.

Lita/Trish segment: So much history between them. There on sides now, awesome. The whole “I got your back” story unravels. I’m ready to see what happens between them man, good job with the segment.

Vickie segment: Wait, the heel Vickie then face, hmm. Good intro for LADIES NIGHT, looking forward to that PPV. What happens with the rest of the roster though? Finals of the tournament, great place to put it. Just in my opinion, I’d remove the word ‘Heavyweight’ from the Divas Championship, because they’re not close to heavyweight. Just my opinion, you don’t have to do it…

Maryse vs. Maria: I’d expect it to be a squash match basically, good to see Maryse go to the finals.

McCool vs. Queen w/ Lady: GREAT MATCH. You went all out with it, and let both divas have time with the upper hand, good for you. Wow, Queen advanced. Great promo man. You have the ability to write great promos, and you have lived up to it. Great job man, I’m interested in this. It does remind me of King Regal and King Booker somehow, but I’m interested.

Psycho Mickie segment: Well, psycho is back. Where is the text at saying she’s saying all of this? I bet it’ll be Trish again…nothing else to say about this storyline until it keeps going.

Trish w/ Lita vs. Jazz w/ Kong: Really great to see that Trish and Lita are on the same page about Kong and Jazz. Ref knocked out, haven’t seen that in a while. I didn’t like it that Kong interfered, but its okay. Kong gets attacked by Lita, good choice. Lita defends Trish and I really like that, I bet they’ll tag together down the road. Refs still knocked out, and Chyna comes out and counts the pin! I see a tag match next week…

Overall: a good show. I liked it, and I loved the segments. As for a rating, I’d give it an 8/10. There were some areas I didn’t like, such as psycho Mickie…but I’ll give it a chance. I’m set for your next show man, good luck.

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

WCW Nitro Preview

Last week saw the startling debut of the new WCW with owner Stephanie McMahon naming Eric Bischoff the General Manager of WCW, once again but Bischoff and the world was shocked as Stephanie also announced a Co-GM, that will run the second hour of Nitro. Bischoff was more upset when it was realized when that man ended up being his former rival, Paul Heyman. After the show last week there is a lot of questions that need to be answered.

Who will be crowned the WCW Television Champion?

Which two superstars will be forced to team up as WCW Tag Team Champions?

Who won the US Title?

Who won the WCW Heavyweight Title?

Who won the chance to meet World Champion Edge at the Great American Bash?

Triple H, The Miz, Chris Jericho, Umaga and Christian Cage have been waiting patiently after their briefcase winning performances last week to see what is inside?

Can Samoa Joe keep the briefcase that he won last week as he will have defend it first against John Cena after the brutal attack Joe
inflicted on him after the match last week?

In addition, Tito Ortiz will be back in WCW this week as Mike Tenay will have a sit-down interview with the former UFC star and talk about his disrepectful remarks about pro wrestling and his altercation with Kurt Angle.

This and much more in the next episode of WCW Nitro

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

Well I must say that this is certainly original...I really am into this. Keep up the good work. I think it was a good idea to a WCW and a Diva brand. I have ideas similar to the btb I am currently working on.

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And That's The Bottom Line!!!!

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