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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

WCW Nitro live from The Staples Center in Los Angeles, California

(The arena is packed as the return of WCW under the direction of Stephanie McMahon-Helmmsley looks to be a success. The re-birth of the WCW company has sparked the interest in fans worldwide and they are tuned into Spike TV to see what is going to happen as the camera swirls around the arena and we see the new owner, Stephanie ready to address the wrestling world)

Stephanie: (smiling) "I can't believe I'm going to say this but......EVERBODY WELCOME TO WCW NITRO!!!"

(The crowd erupts as fans have been waiting along time for this)

Stephanie:"I have to admit after my dad made the decision to give my brother, Shane the WWE, I was very upset. I know that I'm the better business person and that the WWE should rightfully be mine but instead my father stuck me with the failure that was WCW."

(The crowd boos)

Stephanie:"But then I came to the realization, that is really a blessing. I don't have to live up to the reputation of my father, Vincent Kennedy McMahon. I won't be judged against the way he would have done things. In WCW, I'm free to make my own mark, to run a wrestling company the way I see fit. I'm going to promise all you fans that WCW WON"T FAIL AGAIN."

(The crowd erupts again)

Stephanie:" To help me on my mission, I have went and hired two of the best wrestling minds in the world. These two men will run Nitro and Xplosion as their respective General Managers. I want to introduce to you all, the General Manager of Friday Night Nitro.......MR..ERIC

(The crowd is in shock as they give a mixed reaction to Bischoff as he appears once again on a WCW show. Bischoff looks as he feeds off the crowd boos and cheers as he walks down the ramp and into the ring with WCW owner Stephanie. The two shake hands as Stephanie leaves the ring for Bischoff to address the crowd by himself)

Bischoff:"I"M BACK BABY!!!!"

(The crowd gives a loud mixed reaction)

Bischoff:" I know a lot of people are surprised to see Eric Bischoff back in a wrestling ring and let me tell you I'm surprised myself. I was done with wrestling and happy with my new life producing television shows until Steph called."

(/ He rubs his gray goatee as he tries to think of the right words to say)

Bischoff:" I know there is some people at home thinking that is the biggest mistake Stephanie could make. I mean, people say that I was the one responsible of running WCW out of business in the first place. That is all true. I made some bad decisions that ultimately caused WCW to close their doors."

(The arena is silent as Bischoff is coming clean before their eyes)

Bischoff:" But what people tend to forget, is that I beat the WWE for over a year in ratings. Nobody has done it before I did and nobody has done it since. There isn't a person alive that can say they beat Vince McMahon in the wrestling biz except me. That is what Stephanie hired to run Nitro and trust me I'm up for the job."

Bischoff: "But Stephanie has put in a safety plan if I don't work out by only giving one of the WCW shows. She has given the Xplosion program to someone that identity is still is a mystery to you and me. But I have been able to be in touch with the person via text messages and we have agreed to a setup to crown all WCW Champions here tonight. Please if you will bring it out."

(The crowd goes wild as Candice Michelle and Layla wheels out a cart with 6 briefcases on it. They do a fine impersonation of Barker's Beauties as they showcase the cases to the crowd)

Bischoff:" In those six cases their is 5 title belts, the WCW Television Title, the WCW United States Title, two separated WCW World Tag Team Titles, and the WCW Heavyweight Title. If that wasn't enough the sixth case has inside a contract for a shot against the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge at The Great American Bash, four weeks away."

(The crowd erupts as they are in store for one hell of a show)

Bischoff:" Each case will be up for grabs in matches with five wrestlers. Each match will have their own unique twist with the winner getting to choose one of the cases. I promise to all you fans that TONIGHT IS SOMETHING THAT THEY WILL NEVER FORGET!"

(The crowd erupts as Bischoff leaves the ring, blowing kisses to the capacity crowd as we go to commercial)


(We come back from break as we Stephanie walking around as it looks like she is getting ready to leave already when her husband, Triple H appears)

HHH:" I still don't know about this Steph. Are you sure we can trust Bischofff. This is our life we are putting his hands. I mean if he blows this, we are left with nothing."

Stephanie:" Don't worry, did you see him out there. The people ate it up. I mean he has this eating away at him for years now and now that he has the chance to make up for his failures, I don't think anybody can stop him, But don't forget we have the insurance plan just in case Eric doesn't work out."

HHH:" I don't know about him either but we will talk about that later at the hotel. Tell the kids, I love them."

(Hunter gives Stephanie a kiss as she gets in the limo and drives away. He turns around and the crowd erupts as he is standing nose to nose with Bischoff himself)

Bischoff:" Hello, Hunter."

(Hunter flares his nostrils)

Bischoff:" I know you are not my biggest fan but let me assure you that I won't let you down. I will do my best to make WCW the success it should be."

(Bischoff extends his hand for a handshake but HHH looks at it and walks away. He leaves Bischoff with a disappointed looks on his face as we head back to the ring)

(In the ring, Tony Chimel is ready to announce the five participants in the first match up for a shot at picking out a briefcase. The crowd erupts as Chimel announces that it will be a NO-DQ match up and the music of John Cena blares through the arena.)

(Cena comes out and high-fives the crowd on his way to the ring. From the reaction of the crowd WCW couldn't have started off any better with Cena being in the first match up. Cena throws his cap and shirt into the crowd as he is ready to see who the other four wrestlers are)

( Music hits as the crowd is waiting to see who comes out and they boos as the 7 footer Matt Morgan appears. He points down at Cena as he makes his way to the ring as he looks ready to make a name for himself. He gets in the ring as they size each other up)

(Music hits a hood figure appears on the ramp, the man pulls down the hood of his jacket to reveal himself as "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. The crowd cheers as a stoic Daniels make his way to the ring. Once in the ring he puts his hands together and prays before staring down Cena and Morgan)

(The crowd erupts as "619" hits the speakers and Mysterio comes popping up from below the ramp. The pyros go off as the crowd favorite, Rey makes his way to the ring. He pulls off the cover of his mask and puts it on a young child at ringside. On his way around ringside he shakes hands with Tito Ortiz, who is one of the celebrities that has shown up for the debut show. Rey jumps into the ring and looks ready for action)

(The final music hits as the crowd erupts again as Samoa Joe appears on the ramp. His trademark towel around his neck. Joe stalks down the ring ramp on a mission. He climbs in the ring and goes right after Morgan with a series of punches as the referee calls for the bell)


Match One of the Briefcase Challenge

John Cena VS Matt Morgan VS Christopher Daniels VS Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Samoa Joe


The match starts off with Joe assaulting Morgan and sending him to the outside with a clothesline. Morgan then lands on his feet but is shocked as Daniels goes flying over the top, causing Morgan to go crashing until the steel barricade. As Daniels gets up he gets hit as Mysterio does the same move taking him out. The crowd goes wild as Joe and Cena stare down each other before going at it in the ring.

After about five minutes into the match up the scene has changed as Morgan has gained control as he floors everybody with a combination of clotheslines and boots. He roars to the crowd as he military presses Daniels and throws him over the top to the floor. While Cena and Joe is shaking off cobwebs, Rey tries to take out Morgan with a dropkick but Matt shakes it off. He tells Rey to bring it as Rey comes off the rope and tries a flying cross body. Morgan though catches Rey and holds him like a baby. He shows off his strength by pressing Mysterio over his head and throwing him on the outside with Rey landing beside a still fallen Daniels.

After a couple of minutes, Morgan is feeling the wrath of Joe and Cena as they have rebounded and are working as a team against the monster. On the outside the fans are shocked as Daniels and Rey started fighting with each other after the regained their strength after their falls. Mysterio jumps up and grabs Daniels by the head and drives him face first into the steel ramp. He runs up the ramp looking to create distance for some sort of move when two men appear from the back and attack Rey from behind. The two men start putting the boots to Rey after knocking him down, Daniels comes running over as the crowd cheers. But instead of helping Rey, Christopher joins in on the attack. He orders the two men to pick Rey up as he hooks up Mysterio for the "Angel Wings" but before he can deliver it the crowd erupts as Homicide and Hernandez appear from the back to save Mysterio. They knock down the two men and Homicide starts to fight with Daniels. Soon Rey is up and the six men fight their way up the ramp and into the backstage area.

With Rey and Daniels now more less out of the match, Joe and Cena work together on Morgan. Cena whips Morgan into the corner as Joe follows in with a jumping knee shot to the face. As Morgan staggers out, Cena scoops him on his shoulder and hits "The Attitude Adjustment" but before he can go for the pin, Joe cinches in the Coquina Clutch on Cena from behind. As the crowd boos, Joe slowly chokes out Cena who won't tap out. The referee checks the arm of Cena and it falls for the third time to the shock of the crowd. Joe stands up as the referee raises his hand in victory.

Winner of the match and the first briefcase

Samoa Joe

(The crowd is in shock as Cena is on the mat still feeling the effects of the Coquina Clutch as Joe stands over him. Joe helps Cena up to the roar of the crowd as they stare at each other. Cena looks upset with picking up the loss and turns to leave. The crowd boos as Cena leaves the ring and Joe standing there. Joe's face changes as before Cena can leave he attacks John from behind, knocking him to the floor. He rocks Cena with a series of right hands before picking him up and dropping him over the steel barricade, right on Cena's throat. As Cena gasps for airs, Joe climbs on top of him and delivers punches to the face busting Cena wide open. As Cena lays on the floor out of it, Joe comes over and wipes his towel in the blood of Cena. He shows the blood soaked towel to the booing crowd as he puts it around his neck. He stomps up the ramp as paramedics pass him on their way to check out Cena. He gets to cart as Candice runs out of his way as Joe grabs his briefcase and walks to the back)

(The crowd is stunned as paramedics work on Cena as we go to commercial)


(We come back from commercial, we see Layla with a mic and chasing down Joe down the hall)

Layla:"JOE....JOE ...wait up. (She runs up as Joe finally stops) A lot of people are wondering why you just did that too John Cena."

Joe:"You want to know why I did that to the John Cena. The fans want to know why I did that too John Cena. You all should know why. It is all of your's fault. For years I have been disrespected. People said that I came from a second rate company and was a second rate World Champion. Even after beating John Cena, clean in the middle ring, he disrespected me."

Layla:" I just think he was disappointed, Joe. It had nothing to do with you, personally."

Joe:"See everybody will make excuses for him but I looked into eyes and saw disgust. He was disgusted to lose to someone like me but Cena better get used to it because I'm not leaving. If John Cena has a problem with me and what I just did to them.. well Cena like you always say...IF U WANT SOME, COME GET SOME...! Now if you excuse me, I have to find Bischoff to unlock this thing so I can see what I just won."

(Joe storms off as Layla is left speechless as we head back to the ring)

(The camera goes back to ring as the next five wrestlers are already in the ring, as announcers Styles and Taz informs us that this match up is an elimination match where the man left will win the briefcase. We see The Miz, "Cowboy" James Storm, Mike Knox and two men we saw already earlier Homicide and one of the unknown men that attacked Rey who was announced as Tyler Black)


Match Two of the Briefcase Challenge

The Miz VS James Storm VS Mike Knox VS Homicide VS Tyler Black


The bell rings as Homicide and Black take up where the left off from earlier and attack each other. Storm finishes his beer as Knox stands in the middle in the ring sizing him and the Miz up. Knox decides to go after Storm but Miz attacks him from behind with a double axe-handle to back of the head. Knox isn't happy as the move has no effect on him. He growls at the Miz who runs through the ropes to the outside with Knox in hot pursuit. Storm drinks his beer in the corner watching the action as Knox sends Miz crashing into the steel steps head first, knocking him out. The referee runs over to stop Homicide from choking the life out of Black with the bottom rope as Knox rolls back into the ring. Storm shocks the crowd as he breaks the beer bottle over Knox's head. He kicks the broken glass out of the ring and drags Knox away from the ropes. He yells at the ref who runs over and counts to three.

Eliminated: Mike Knox by James Storm

Storms looks at The Miz still out at ringside and then goes to the outside himself and calls a vendor over and grabs another beer. He comes over to the announce table and grabs a headset and sits down beside Taz as he watches Homicide and Black fight it out in the ring.

The two fight each other tooth and nail as Storm watches from the outside. The two finally spill out to the outside and Homicide sends Black into the announcer's table spilling Storms's beer all over himself. An outraged Storm gets into the action as him and Homicide start exchanging blows as Black is down on the floor. The crowd is in confusion as Ashley Massaro runs down from backstage and checks on The Miz, who is still knocked out from the earlier Knox attack. The referee has no other choice but to start counting as Storm and Homicide still fight on the outside. The referee reaches ten as Ashley rolls The Miz back in.

Winner of the match and the second briefcase

The Miz

(Storm and Homicide stop fighting when they hear the announcement of The Miz winning. They are in shock as The Miz and Ashley walk up the ramp as Ashley holds up Mike's arm in triumph. She grabs a briefcase as she helps the still groggy, Miz to the back. Storm argues with the ref, who somehow forgot about counting The Miz out earlier as we go to commercial)


(We come back from commercial and we Samoa Joe in the office of Nitro GM Eric Bischoff)

Joe:"Alright, Eric, where is the key so I can open this and see what I won."

Eric:"Well, Joe you and every winner are just going to have to wait. See if there is one thing that I know, it is ratings. If I let you open that briefcase here tonight, what will the fans have to talk about all week. Next week is when you get to open the case. You'll just have to wait."

Joe:"Well, I guess I can wait,,,I can relish in the fact of the beat down I just gave John Cena. I'll see you next week."

(Joe leaves the office as Daniels, Black and the third man enters)

Daniels:"You wanted to see us?

Bischoff: " Yes, I did. I wanted to know...WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE!"

(Daniels and the others are in shock as Bischoff is fuming)

Bischoff:"You have the guts to ruin the first match back for WCW with your attack on Rey Mysterio Jr. Trust me, Christopher Daniels, Tyler Black and what is your name? (He points to the third man, who sports a Mohawk)

Man:"It's Erick Stevens."

Bischoff:"Well Erick Stevens, I should fire all three of you on the spot but I won't. But if you three cross me again, in any way, I'll have no problem giving you guys your walking papers. Now get out of my sight[/color]

(The three men walk out of the office sheepishly after the tirade from the GM. We go back to the ring)

(We come back to the ring just to catch the sound of "Break the Walls Down" and Chris Jericho appearing from the back. He is met with boos as he walks to the ring and gets in where the other three wrestlers are. Hardcore Holly, William Regal and Tommy Dreamer don't look impressed by Jericho's cocky presence. Jericho laughs at the site of the three. He gets in the ring and awaits the final competitor. The crowd erupts as we hear a car crash and Mick Foley appears on the ramp. He has a barber wire baseball bat as Tony Chimel announces this as Hardcore Rules. The cockiness of Jericho is erased as Regal pulls out brass knocks, Dreamer retrieves the ken do stick he brought down and Holly grabs a steel chair. Everybody must have knew something that Jericho didn't as he looks truly worried, as we go to commercial)



Nitro Main Event-Third Match in the Briefcase Challenge--Hardcore Rules

Tommy Dreamer VS Hardcore Holly VS William Regal VS Mick Foley VS Chris Jericho


The match starts as the four armed wrestlers trade shots with each other's weapons as Jericho goes to the outside to search for one of his own. He climbs under the ring looking for anything he can use. In the ring, the crowd goes wild as Foley beats down Regal as he covers up protecting his face from the barbed wire bat, on the other side, Holly screams out as Dreamer hits his back with repeated shots from the ken do stick.

A few minutes go by and Jericho has finally decided on a sledge hammer as his weapon and climbs in the ring. He sees Foley choking out Holly in the corner with his leg and the crowd tries to warn Foley as Jericho rears back. Before he can take out Foley, Jericho is sent flying through the ropes from a brass knuckles shot by Regal. Regal then turns around and catches a spear from Dreamer as the two spills out to the floor also. The fight between the two spills into the crowd as Regal is sent into a police officer by a head butt from Dreamer. As Regal tries to get the officer to help him out, he unhooks his hand-cuffs off his belt. As the officer shoves Regal off of him, Dreamer tries to continue the attack but catches a shot to the face with the hand-cuffs as he tries to pull Regal up. Regal delivers a couple more shots and then drags Dreamer to the barricade and cuffs him to the steel and climbs back over, as he is ready to get in the ring, Jericho sneaks up behind him and delivers "The Codebreaker". Both Regal and Dreamer is more less out of the match as Jericho rolls back into the ring.

An expected alliance happened as Jericho and Holly end up teaming up against the "Hardcore Legend" but the alliance is short lived as after a Holly clothesline on Foley, Jericho struck once again with "The Codebreaker." But before the ref could count to three, Foley desperately broke it up with an elbow. Jericho and Foley started exchanging blows with Foley gaining the upper hand. He whipped Jericho into the ropes, knocking a recovered Regal off the apron as he tried to enter the ring again. Regal went crashing back into the barricades. Foley kicked Jericho and hit a Double Armed DDT but the fall was broken up by Hardcore Holly. Foley block another shot from Holly and connected with a DDT to him also. The crowd went wild as Foley pulled out Mr. Socko and shoved down the throat of Holly. As Holly gagged violently, Jericho came off the ropes and gave Foley a wicked kick to the head. Holly rolled out of the ring to shake off the taste of Mr. Socko as Jericho charged in on Foley.

Foley, with his back turned gained of a chair and crushed Jericho on the top of the head as he charged in. Foley measured him again and delivered another shot as Jericho tried to get up. Foley goes for the cover but before the referee can come over he is knocked out by a returned William Regal. Foley loses it as he grabs the barbed wire baseball and clotheslines Regal with it and sends him over the top. He turns around and connects on Hardcore Holly, who tries to sneak up from behind, with a shot to his head. Foley is going berserk as he hit himself with the bat, busting himself open. The crowd roars as Foley has gone mad.

But Foley doesn't know the crowd isn't roaring for him as he turns around and catches a SPEAR. Out of nowhere the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge, has shown up on Nitro. He pulls Jericho on top of Foley and revives the ref who makes the three count.

Winner of the match and the third briefcase

Chris Jericho

(As Jericho gains his senses, he sees Edge coming back down the ramp with a briefcase in hand. He rolls into the ring and offers it too Jericho, Chris hesitantly takes the briefcase and looks confusingly at Edge, who rolls out of the ring to the boos of the crowd)

(We go back to General Manager Eric Bischoff's office as his back is turned as he is throwing a fit about the outcome of his main event when you hear the office door slam shut)

[color="blue:"]Bischoff (screams) "THIS BETTER BE PRETTY IMPORTANT!!!!"[/color]

(Bischoff spins around in his chair as horror comes over his face)

Bischoff (stuttering" NNNNOOO, ITTTT CCCCAN'T BE YOU!"

(The camera twirls around the room and it shows PAUL HEYMAN!!! standing in the office)


(Bischoff is stunned as he gets up and packs up his briefcase and walks out as Heyman sits down at the desk as Nitro goes off the air)

Also I'm announcing that leorriven is going to join this BTB and write exclusively the DIVAS show.Hopefully everything will work out fine.

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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

Sexy show, and no I'm not talking about my show

But seriously, I knew Heyman was the 2nd guy. Bishoff and Heyman together is definently funny and you should roll with it. This first show of Nitro was definently good. Imagine if Miz becomes WCW Champion, that would be amazing! Ha, anyways I'm glad Cena got his ass kicked. Great show man, can't wait to read Explosion! Keep it up, partner, this could very well be a sick BTB!

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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

RAW Feedback

Short opening promo, but I really liked it. Everyone here was right on the money, I could easily picture the people saying it, and I have to say, I like Kevin Nash as the new RAW GM, should make for some very interesting moments with heels. I really liked Edge here, his lines were basically perfect. The World Title Match against Shawn Michaels later on tonight should tear the house down, definitely looking forward to that one. I also enjoyed Nash's ending line, very funny. Overall, great opening promo, my only complaint was that it was a tad short.

Interesting little segment. Started off a little rocky between the former Tag Champs, but later we saw something of an alliance formed. The WWE Title Fatal 4-Way is looking very good, I might add, and anyone other than Batista would make a great champion.

The IC Title Tournament sounds fun, although the lack of star power here in this first match didn't exactly excite me. I missed Val's glory years and only saw him as a jobber, and there's no questioning what role Santino plays, so I was a little iffy. I actually would've preferred a Santino win, but I guess it's all storyline purposes. I wonder what Santino means, we won't be laughing at him anymore. The segment after the break was also interesting, wondering who he was talking to, and what this offer's about. I didn't really like the crying bit, but other than that, I'm intruiged.

Didn't like the JBL promo as much as I did the opener, but it was alright. I'm very shocked at Jarrett being used in the tag division, and teaming with JBL. The two should make a very powerful duo, and I like the name, too, J&J Incorporated. I would've liked that Jarrett get a few more lines, but that's alright. The match itself was pretty basic, although I liked that the new team has already established itself as dirty players. I would've preferred Jarrett finish with the Stroke than the figure four, but it still works. Anyway, I liked that you noted Carlito's left-handed, great attention to detail there. Good match, looking forward to seeing the rest of this tournament (as well as the IC Title one).

Great segment here between these two, loved it. Established the friendship between Shawn and Nash, while giving us details about their characters. Put HBK over tremendously, not that he needed it, and also gave a lot of hype to the main event. The comedy here with Traci was also very nice, very funny, great job here.

Great match to end things. The action was great all throughout, and it just clicked. Everything was spot on, the guys played their characters perfectly. I really liked Shawn deciding not to hit Angelina, shows his moral background, and Orton coming out was a tad expected, although still worked very well. The reformation of Rated-RKO with Angelina should be awesome, and really, I have no complaints about the match. Great job here.

Overall, I liked it. There were a couple of things that I didn't especially like, although the positives definitely outweigh the bad here. The opening was great, as was the closer. I'm still not convinced totally about this thread, since there are a couple negatives (the biggest one, in my opinion, being that NWA's not being continued, since that was a great one, but I digress), but this was a great start in winning me over. 7.5/10.

WAR Feedback

Kicking the second hour off with the Divas dancing is pretty good, although it feels really anti-climatic, having an epic World Title Match right before this. I'm very curious about Morrison talking to Kelly, they'd make a great couple, you know. The match was pretty solid, and I liked the finish, kept both guys strong. Seems as if you're going to go for a heel turn for Matt, saying he had a mean streak, as well as showing visible disappointment. Morrison, I'm thinking he's going to stay heel, and do something with Kelly. I'm interested in what both guys'll be up to, and I'm also glad Morrison'll move on.

Pretty funny segment here, know we know what Nash's up to with Traci. I did like Flair, thinking ahead for the main event. Nash's decision to keep things a little more even by trying to cancel out Edge was a good move, and I'm also wondering what announcement he and Traci'll make. Good stuff here.

I liked the idea of having a fan get to wrestle, although it wouldn't work as well in real life, then it'd just be really obvious and planted. Here, though, it worked. I'm a big fan of Noble, so I didn't like him being eliminated so fast, but I guess it works. Lots of good in-ring action, although I don't especially like AJ in here, he should be higher up on the card, with a lot of good eliminations, although the ending was a little confusing. I had to read it a few times before I knew what was going on, and I liked that Evans was almost champ. I don't like Hart as champion mainly because I don't like Hart period, but I can see Evans getting into a feud with him, which should be alright.

Pretty fun segment here wit Edge, Naitch, and Batista. Good jab at Batista, and clever thinking by Edge. Might be a tad abvious that he's not leaving, unless you're going for reverse psychology, or not. I don't know, I just want to see what happens at the end.

Decent promo here by Roode, although I don't get what he means by his short stint. Wouldn't this more than likely be his first night? Guess not. Anyway, going after the local football player and son of a wrestling legend was a great way to get heat. Wasn't much of a match, so I can't comment on that, but Shelton and Swagger appearing to help him out is pretty interesting. Guessing they're faces now, and I'm guessing they're going to form an All-American stable with Laurinaitis.

Another interesting segment between the Hardys. Seems as if Matt's heel turn will be a little slower than usual. I didn't like Jeff basically repeating himself, but other than that, I really liked this. I wonder what Punk wants to take about? New heel team, stable? Or maybe I'm jumping the gun on this supposed Matt turn.

Awesome main event. The ring action wasn't the best of the night, but the storytelling was superb. Seems as if we know now what Punk wanted to talk to Matt about, turning on his brother, and I was expecting Matt to come out. I also wasn't expecting Flair to turn on Batista. The idea entered my mind at some point, but I didn't think much of it. Anyway, great stuff. The stable of Edge, Orton, Flair, and Angelina sounds pretty damn good to me, although somewhat stacked. In any case, great main event.

Like I said in the beginning, this format of RAW one hour followed by WAR the next seems anti-climatic. It takes the impact away from RAW's main event, although WAR itself was pretty good. Not as good as RAW, but still good in its own right, especially the main event. Was another good step in winning me over, and I'm looking forward to more. 7.5/10.
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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

WCW Xplosion 10pm Rated MA

(Extreme pyros go off as "Xplosion" starts. A video is shown of the events that just happened on Nitro as the fans await the next three briefcase matches. We head backstage to Candice Michelle, who is with recently announced General Manager, Paul Heyman)

Candice:"We just saw the surprise announcement of you, Paul as the GM of Xplosion. I have to say it really seemed to upset Nitro's GM Eric Bischoff."

Heyman:"Well, Eric should be upset because I will end up showing him for the idiot that he really is. I mean he likes to brag about WCW beating WWE for months in ratings but let's call it the way it really is."

Candice:" Which is?"

Heyman:"Bischoff had more less a blank check from Ted Turner, we all know that. If I had that kind of capital to stop Bischoff and McMahon from raiding ECW's talent, ECW will still be in business today and it would be the top promotion in the world. I dare anyone to say different."

(Right then the World Champion, Edge walks by and interrupts the interview)

Edge:"Good lord, Heyman, let it go, huh? Nobody cares about ECW anymore. You guys were just a freak show anyway. But that's for a different time. I want to know right now, is what briefcase holds the chance for my title."

(Edge pats the title on his shoulder)

Heyman: "Listen here, I know you are so-called "Untouchable" being the World Champion by any of us General Managers but let's get one thing straight. (Edge postures himself as he hovers over Heyman).I am the boss here on "Xplosion" and I don't have to tell you anything."

(Edge looks ready to strike as Heyman laughs. Candice backs up out of the way)

Heyman:"Furthermore, I don't like you interfering in WCW title matches. I want to know why did you help Chris Jericho. Are you two in cahoots with each other or what?"

Edge:"Like you just said to me, I don't answer to you."

(Edge walks away as Heyman mumbles under his breath and we go to the ring, where Joey Styles is talking to Tito Ortiz at ringside)

Styles:" I would like to introduce to WCW fans, an mixed martial arts legend, "The Huntington Beach Bad Boy" Mr. Tito Ortiz."

(The crowd goes nuts as Tito stands there looking at Styles)

Styles:" Well, Tito, if I can call you Tito. How are you enjoying tonight's comeback of WCW."

Ortiz:"To tell you the truth, I'm really surprised."

Styles:"Well, I'm glad to hear that, what has surprised you the most?"

Ortiz: I came here tonight, to watch great athletes in athletic competition but what I have found is a bunch of posers. I mean not one of the so-called wrestlers I have seen tonight could last one minute in the octagon."

Styles: (flabbergasted)" Are you serious? I wasn't ready for that."

Ortiz:"All I have to say is pro wrestling is a JOKE!!! NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE!!"

(Styles goes back to the announce table as he looks shocked from the comments from Tito Ortiz)

(The next match is announced and it's a ladder match as Dolph Ziggler, Charlie Haas, MVP and Christian Cage make their way to the ring. Then music hits as the fifth man, Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and heads right over to Tito Ortiz. The two jaw at each other as security finally gets them apart before it can get physical. Angle yells at Ortiz to pay attention now.)


Match Four Briefcase Challenge

Charlie Haas VS Dolph Ziggler VS MVP VS Christian VS Kurt Angle

The match starts off with Angle going wild and throwing everybody to the mat in succession with a variation of suplexes. He jaws once again with Ortiz as he delivers a wicked European uppercut to Charlie Haas. Ziggler and MVP duke it out as Christian goes to the outside to get a ladder. As Christian tries to get the ladder in, Kurt runs over and kicks it back into the mouth of Christian. Angle then pulls it into the ring and attacks the remaining three with ladder shots. He goes for the title but MVP regains his senses and pulls Angle back down.

All four men decide to gain up on Angle after his ferocious start as they all beat on him with serious stomps. Angle finally rolls out of the ring, right in front of Tito as Tito mocks him on the outside. In the ring from behind, Haas knocks Ziggler down as locks him in the "Haas of Pain". Christian sets the ladder up and him and MVP go for the title only to meet at the top and knock each other off with fists as they crash into the ropes below.

Haas then sees an opportunity and relinquishes the damaged Ziggler and sets up the ladder himself and goes for it. Haas gets to the top and starts unhooking the briefcase but Angle pops back into the ring and shoves the ladder over in desperation. The ladder this time bends as it hits the rope making it useless now. Angle goes to the outside to retrieve another one but gets hit from behind by Christian sending him face first into the ring post. Christian looks proud as he picks up a chair and hits Angle, then MVP, then Haas all on the outside. He smiles to the crowd and turns around only to have Ziggler jump over the top with a dropkick driving the chair into the face of Christian. The crowd chants "Holy Holy Shit as all five men are down on the outside.

Haas is the first one up and goes after Angle but Kurt catches him by his trunks and throws him into the steel steps viciously. Haas goes down in a unconscious heap as Angle grabs a ladder and throws in through the ropes and into the ring. He climbs in as MVP climbs in the other side. The two start exchanging punches but MVP gets a series of jabs in sending Angle to the mat. MVP then calls to the crowd and does his signature "Ballin" elbow drop as the crowd cheers him on. The celebration is short lived as MVP turns right around into a "Leaping Russian Leg sweep" by Ziggler. Ziggler yells at MVP. "I'm Dolph Ziggler". He then turns around as Christian grabs him and hits the "Kill switch". Cage is proud of himself as he puts up the ladder with all four men down.

Christian struggles to get the top as Angle starts climbing the other side. Angle grabs the leg of Christian as he is two or three rungs lower. He pulls Christian off and continues his climb. Angle gets to the top and starts to unhook it but Cage pushes the ladder over sending Angle crashing to the floor outside. He then goes to get the ladder but while he is bent over it, MVP comes off the ropes and hits "The Drive-By Kick". Christian goes down as MVP now looks to put up the ladder himself.

On the outside, Angle starts to stir as we now see him directly in front of Tito Ortiz, who is mocking the Olympic champ as he struggles to get up using the barricade around the ring. Finally Angle gets to his feet as Ortiz laughs. Ortiz turns around to say something to girlfriend, Jenna Jameson and when he whips his head back around, he gets hit by an Angle head butt. Angle stands up as we see Ortiz's forehead busted open from the violent head butt. Ortiz and Angle has had enough as they start brawling with Ortiz pulling Angle over the barricade. Soon the referee and security is out as the crowd is going wild as the two are exchanging blows.

During the chaos, MVP tries to make his climb up the ladder as Christian and Ziggler are still down in the ring. Then from the other side of the ring, away from the Ortiz/Angle action, a man jumps over the barricade. Some of the crowd now sees it as Tyson Tomko is in the ring. He grabs MVP and power bombs him off the ladder. He then turns and gives Ziggler a running kick to the head knocking him out. He then awakens Christian and helps him up the ladder. As Christian gets to the top, Tomko rolls out of the ring and Cage unhooks the briefcase. The referee sees Christian with the briefcase and calls for the bell as security has finally broken up Angle and Ortiz on the outside.

Winner of Briefcase...Number Four

Christian Cage

(We come back from break and are back in the GM's office as Heyman is watching a monitor and seems to be happy on what he just saw in the ladder match up. All of sudden, he jumps as the door slams and he turns around and sees John Cena)

Cena: (seething) "I'm damn sure, you saw what happened earlier tonight on Nitro."

Heyman:"Yes, I did John, I've been very concerned about your condition. Samoa Joe left you in some bad shape out there."

Cena:"Blah, blah, blah, yeah I know it Samoa Joe kicked my ass out there earlier. He left me in a pool of my own blood, unconscious out there on the floor, everybody seen it. But I heard that Samoa Joe told me if I WANT SOME,COME GET SOME, WELL PAUL, I WANT SOME!!!"

(Heyman thinks for a second and smiles)

Heyman: "Okay, John how about this? Next week before we opens the briefcases, say you and Samoa Joe have a match for the one he won tonight. So John you can get your revenge and we can get one hell of a match out of it."

Cena:"Sure in the hell sounds like a winner to me. Nice doing business with ya, Paul."

(Heyman looks more happy as we go to commercial)

(We come back from break and see Ted Dibase Sr and Jr backstage as Layla comes over to try to get a word)

Layla: "Can I get a quick word with you guys before your match next."

Senior" What is wrong with you? Can't you see I'm talking to my son here, get lost."

(Layla looks pissed as Dibiase Jr tries to get her to come back but Senior yells at him the two argue as we head to the ring)

(We get to see the empty seats of Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson as Styles and Taz informs us that they have been escorted out of the building)

(The next match is announced as a elimination match for the next briefcase. After the introductions, Ted Dibiase Jr, Umaga, Hernandez, Tyler Black and Paul Burchill as Ted Dibiase Sr. is outside managing his son)


Match Two-Fifth Briefcase Challenge Match-Elimination Match

Ted Dibiase Jr VS Umaga VS Tyler Black VS Hernandez VS Paul Burchill

As soon as the bell sounded, Hernandez makes a bee-line straight at Tyler Black, hitting him with a lariat and knocking over the top rope. He then follows it with "Super Mex" as they spill out to the floor. Hernandez starts to drag him up the ramp as the referee counts them both out. Soon we see Daniels and Erick Stevens come out and start attacking Hernandez. This doesn't last long as soon Homicide and Rey Mysterio come out and even the odds. The crowd goes wild as all 6 men vanish to the back.

Elimination 1 and 2--Hernandez and Tyler Black by count out

Umaga stands in the ring looking at both Dibiase and Burchill as they decide to team up but Umaga knocks them both down with head butts as we get a glimpse of Ted Dibaise Sr. on a cell phone. Umaga is on a rampage as he charges in and hits Burchill with his ass in the corner. He then climbs to the second rope and slams down onto the chest of Burchill and gets the pin.

Elimination 3-Paul Burchill

Umaga then turns his attention to Dibiase but Ted looks confident. Dibiase comes out with a flurry of kicks and punches but to no effect as Umaga head butts him and then picks him up and throws him out of the ring. Dibiase Sr. comes over to help his son as we see somebody come out of the back and we see it's Velvet Sky. Dibiase Jr. looks confused as Velvet Sky motion to Umaga. Umaga looks confused as Velvet Sky pulls up her skirt and shows him her assets.

Dibiase Sr orders his son back into the ring as the monster is distracted by the beauty. Junior doesn't look pleased but charges at Umaga anyway but he runs right into a "Samoa Spike". Quickly Ted Dibiase Sr. jumps up on the apron to get the attention of the ref who runs over to get him get him down. At the same time, Velvet Sky yells at Umaga as she climbs on the apron and FLASHES HIM!! Umaga looks like a baby at supper time as he stands up from the cover attempt and goes over to Velvet Sky. As Umaga smiles as he reaches for the round mounds of delight, Velvet Sky sprays him in the eyes with a can of hair spray she had hidden behind her back. Umaga staggers back as Junior pops up and hits him with the "Million Dollar Dream Leg sweep". While the crowd boos, Junior looks lost till he sees the can of hair spray in the hands of Velvet Sky. He yells at his dad, you tells him to pin the Samoan. Junior stares at his father and leaves the ring. He starts walking to the back as his father confronts him. The two jaw at each other before Junior shoves his father down. The referee counts him out as he goes to the back.

Elimination 4-Ted Dibiase Jr.

Winner of the 5th briefcase-Umaga

(The crowd is in shock of what just happened as Umaga gets his senses back. He then sees Velvet Sky on the apron watching the turn of events. He grabs her and turns her around and plants a big kiss on her lips. She is in shock and faints as Umaga picks her up on his shoulders and carries her to the back as the crowd roars in applause as we go to commercial)

(We come back from break and Styles and Tazz is informed that there is a major disturbance in the back. The cameras go to the back as we see a bloody James Storm getting ran into the a loading dock door. A huge man then walks over and rams his head into the door numerous times. We are told by Candice Michelle that the man is the beer vendor from earlier that Storm took a beer from during his match on Nitro. The man is accusing him of stealing it as Storm just grabbed the beer without paying. Storm staggers across the area trying to find anyone to help him when he runs into Mike Knox. Knox, bandaged up from the bottle shot by Storm earlier, grabs him by the throat. The vendor comes over and looks at Knox and they double choke slam Storm through a table. The vendor walks over to his beer carrier and gets a beer out and hands it to Knox. Knox and the vendor walk off together leaving Storm broken and bloodied.)

(We go to the ring as the main event is announced as "Falls Count Anywhere" and we Festus, Vladimir Kozlov and Rhino already in the ring. Music hits as the crowd erupts as Bobby Lashley walks out as the fourth man. The the roofs comes off as Triple H's music plays and he saunters his way down to ringside.)


Match Three-Last Match of the Briefcase Challenge-Falls Count Anywhere

Triple H VS Vladimir Kozlov VS Rhino VS Festus VS Bobby Lashley

As each person is staring each down, Rhino explodes out of the gate and hits a GORE on Festus before he morphs from the bell ring. He goes for the quick cover but it is broken up by HHH and Lashley. As Lashley turns around he is hit by a "Head butt Ram" by Kozlov but HHH breaks up that cover too. The match is fast paced as HHH kicks Kozlov in the gut and locks in the "Pedigree" only to have Rhino connect with a double axe handle to the back of the head.

A few minutes go by as the multiple refs assigned to the match are scattered around the arena as Rhino, Lashley, and Kozlov are up the ramp fighting while HHH and Festus are brawling ringside. Kozlov is staggered by a Lashley shot to the face and then gets hit by a GORE! SPEAR! combination from Rhino and Lashley. As Kozlov is broken in half the two both go for the cover but start fighting themselves as the fight their way back to the ringside area.

HHH picks up Festus and drapes him over the barricade and goes for the pin, but it gets broken up by Lashley. The crowd goes wild as Lashley and HHH start exchanging blows as Rhino sneaks it for a pin attempt on Festus but Tommy he kicks out. Lashley levels HHH with a clothesline and then turns around and delivers one on Rhino who was sneaking up from behind. Lashley looks in total control but instead of going for the pin he looks for HHH to get up and hit him with the spear. HHH finally gets up and turns around as Lashley chargers. A sickening thud is heard throughout the arena as Lashley drops to the floor, the camera shows HHH with sledge hammer in hand as Lashley ran headfirst into it. Blood trickles around Lashley's unconscious body as his forehead is split wide open. Rhino sees an opportunity as he goes for a GORE while HHH is in shock of what just happened but Rhino runs right into the sledgehammer too. Both Rhino and Lashley are knocked out cold as HHH looks for Festus. As HHH comes forward, Festus gets a shot in and causes HHH to drop the hammer, he then kicks in HHH in the gut and and goes for a Gut wrench Slam but HHH runs him into the ring apron. Festus then lets go and catches a kick to the gut, HHH uses the second to lock in the "Pedigree". HHH gets the three count and wins the last briefcase.

Winner of the last briefcase

Triple H

(Paramedics come out and check out Rhino and Lashley. Rhino is moving but Lashley hasn't even moved an inch. They strap on a neck brace to stabilize it and roll him onto a board and then onto a stretcher. The crowd and HHH is in shock as Lashley is rolled to the back. HHH looks lost as he grabs the briefcase off the rack. He stares at it then looks at Lashley leaving, shakes his head and walks off as the show ends)
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Re: WWE: Life After Vince

Sick show, man! All four of your shows have come along very nicely. Your DIVAS show sucked, but that's okay...that's why I'm taking over lol! Great results for both Xplosion and Impact...keep it up man, this is going to be one amazing thread!

Expect a DIVAS preview in a few days.

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

Xplosion Feedback

Good way to kick off the show with Heyman's interview, just read over Nitro, and I'm glad that you brought him in as the GM. He had lots of good to say about ECW, although it's debatable that his claims are undebatable. In any case, Edge coming out as well worked, and looking over what happened on Nitro, Edge trying to get on Jericho's good side should be an interesting story. Looking forward to seeing more of the briefcases.

Very interesting promo here with Tito Ortiz. I've never actually seen an MMA vs. pro wrestling feud, but I'm confident that as hard the idea seems, you'll make it work.

The intro points to Angle being the one to feud with Ortiz, and that'd be a very logical choice. Anyway, the match being a ladder match would've been very entertaining, but I really feel ladder matches should be hyped up as special, and that wasn't the case here. It was just used as another match, and I think that if any of these matches should've been a ladder match, should've been the main event. But anywho, it was a tad short, but had a couple nice spots. Angle getting into it with Ortiz and actually hitting him was a great way to kick off their feud, and Tomko powerbombing MVP off the ladder was good, too. The Tomko and Christian pairing should be a great one, looking forward to more from them, and what title Christian won.

Cena was a little cheesy here, especially that last line, but I could easily picture him saying his lines with anger, so it worked well. The match next week should be a great one, although I don't know how I feel about Cena recovering so fast. Good stuff here though.

Ah, a little dissension between father and son already, huh? Well, I don't especially blame Teddy for wanting to talk to Layla, and I can see this going into a "father knows best" scenario. Looking forward to seeing if this'll play out during his match later on.

Wait, Tyler Black? He was already involved in a match earlier, for the second briefcase. I'm not too sure if this was on purpose, or a mistake on your part, but anyway, as a whol I didn't really like this match; it was hardly about wrestling. Black and Hernandez brawled and continued their own program with their stablemates, while Burchill was eliminated very quickly. Teddy and Umaga really didn't have much of a chance to work, but I didn't especially like Velvet's involvement here, especially the flashing. Maybe it's just my personal views on things, but I find that really classless. Everything backfired in the end, and once again leads me to believe in the father/son feud. Should be good, although I didn't like Umaga winning, and getting Velvet, too.

Interesting. I looked back, and I didn't read anywhere about Storm taking a beer from a vendor. Either way, this must seriously be a huge guy, as not a lot of people can take on a pro wrestler. I'm guessing this guy'll be introduced as a wrestler himself, and form a team with Knox, by the looks of it. Poor James Black, though, what a beating.

Details were a little sketchy here, but seemed like a pretty good match. I've never really been a big fan of the sledgehammer counter to a spear, because I'm sure the spearer would still have enough momentum to take out the guy with the sledgehammer. Still, looks like it did massive damage to Lashley, I'm guessing he's who Hunter will be feuding with first. Festus being in this match is a little laughable, purely because this guy belongs as far as possible from the main event and top talent. Same could be said for Kozlov, but to a lesser extent. Good win for Hunter, in any case, and I think I know what belt he'll be getting.

Not as good as the Monday shows. The matches were alright, promos and segments were fine, but I really felt something was missing here to make it whole. Next week's show looks really good, though, with the opening of the cases, and the big Cena/Joe match. Looking forward to next week, keep up the work. 6.5/10.
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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

WWE RAW Preview

After last week's debut show both Shawn Michaels and Batista is looking for revenge against WWE Champion, Randy Orton, they have both asked RAW GM Kevin Nash for a title shot this week but at this time a decision hasn't been made.

Wrestling fans are buzzing after a man got a once in a lifetime chance and almost walk away Crusierweight Champion. That man, Jack Evans will face off against AJ Styles for a chance to face the champ, Teddy Hart.

If that isn't enough we will have matches in the Intercontinental and World Tag Team Tournaments

We'll have an updated on the status of superstar, Santino Marella's standing with the company.

We will also find out why Ric Flair betrayed his good friend, Dave Batista, and surprised everyone by hooking up with Randy Orton and Edge.

This and much more on WWE RAW this week

Confirmed Card

Number One Contender for Cruiserweight Title

AJ Styles VS Jack Evans

IC Title Tournament Matches

Mr. Kennedy VS Snitsky

Big Show VS Robert Roode

World Tag Team Tournament

The All-Americans (Shelton Benjamin & Jake Hager) VS The Motor City Machine Guns

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"


This. Thread. Is. Back.

The L&L Express is here!

The first part of the L&L Express is LaurinaitisOSU! He write two shows. Both shows are two hours long! One show is called WWE! Another show is called WCW!

The second part of the L&L Express is yours truly! I write only one show, and that show is a one hour show! It's a very unique show and it's called DIVAS! Just wanted to give you all a summary lol

Anyways, L, dawg, great preview, definently can't wait for the show, man.


Number One Contender for Cruiserweight Title
AJ Styles VS Jack Evans

IC Title Tournament Matches
Mr. Kennedy vs. Snitsky

Big Show VS Robert Roode

World Tag Team Tournament
The All-Americans (Shelton Benjamin & Jake Hager) VS The Motor City Machine Guns

Good luck, partnah...can't wait to read your show and get mine up!

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

I'm ready to see the next show, I'll review it. But my predictions to the matches are: AJ Styles, Mr. Kennedy, Big Show, and The All Americans.

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Re: The L&L Express presents "Sex & Violence"

WWE Monday Night RAW live from Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Target Center
(Video package is shown of the big news from RAW last week. We see the replays of Randy Orton's interference saving Edge from defeat and costing Shawn Michaels the World Heavyweight Championship. Then we are shown the biggest shock of the evening as special guest referee, Ric Flair, turned on his good friend, Batista, delivering a low blow and allowing Randy Orton to become WWE Champion. The review shows the look on Batista's face as Flair, Orton and Edge celebrate in front of the Titan tron.)


(After that is shown, we are taken to the backstage area as we a pissed off, Shawn Michaels rambling through the back asking everyone if they have seen the RAW GM, Kevin Nash. He finally turns the corner and almost bumps right into his good friend, who wasn't paying attention to where he was going because he was distracted by the cleavage being shown by his assistant. Ms. Brooks here tonight.)

"It's good that I have found you. There is something I want here tonight and you are going to give it to me!"

(laughing) "Whoaaa, there Shawn, I never knew you swung that way. I know you and I are good friends and I'm "Big Sexy" and you are the "Heartbreak Kid" but dude that is something that I'm not just down with but I respect your choice and will always be your friend."

(Nash pats him on his shoulder,while Traci and Nash chuckle but HBK doesn't look amused.)

"Alright now that you have had your little joke, let's get serious. You saw me get cheated last week by Edge and Randy Orton. I want some revenge this week."

"Well, Shawn I hate to tell you but Edge isn't here tonight and won't be until next month. So you will have just to wait till then."

(Michaels doesn't look happy with that information.)


"Don't worry Shawn, I've already booked you in the championship main event tonight. I couldn't believe it because he came to me and asked me for you. So maybe you better be watching yourself tonight."

"Don't worry about me, Kev. I am more than ready for any tricks Randy Orton or Ric Flair can pull out and tonight I will be walking out of the Target Center here tonight as the WWE Champion. You can count on that!"

" Whooaaa before you get all pumped up, I need to ask you something.....How much do you weigh?"

(Michaels looks puzzled at the question as Nash looks at Brooks as they size him up, Michaels cover his crotch feeling Brooks is spending extra eye time on that area.)

" I think I'm weighing in about around 225-230 pounds. Why are you looking to lose a couple of pounds because you are looking like you are kind of getting some "love handles' on the old Diesel."

(Michaels pinches Nash fat on his side, as he laughs and gets a little giggle from Brooks but she quickly hides it behind her clipboard as Nash glares at her.)

"Well, Shawn I had to make sure you were able to wrestle in the main event tonight because it's not Randy Orton who asked for you, it was the WWE Cruiser weight Champion, Teddy Hart! It seems that he isn't your biggest fan and I think it stems from what happened in Montreal some years ago"

"So, let me get this straight, you on your second week on the job, are going to book your biggest superstar in a title match for the Cruiser weight Title? I don't want to cut any of the cruiser weights down but I think that is a little below my status here in the WWE."

"Aren't you the same person last week that came to my office and wanted no favors from me because we are friends.. Right?. So as the GM, Shawn you lost last week to Edge..Plain and Simple. Now you go to the back of the line and earn your way back again. That will start tonight with you becoming WWE Cruiser weight Champion."

"You are right, Kev, that is what I asked of you last week and if you want me to prove myself to be the number one contender by beating Teddy Hart here tonight on RAW, I will show you that HBK is still the best in the world today.

(Michaels shakes his head and walks away as Nash smiles at Brooks and they start to walk into the office when a man runs up to them with a piece of paper.)

"Mr. Nash, excuse me, Mr. Nash"

(Nash looks at him strangely as he closes the door shut and turns around to see what the man wants.)

"I don't want anything you are selling or no matter what she said I'm not the father of her kid"

"Uhh, it's nothing like that sir. See, my name is Larry Sweeney and here is my resume."

(Nash takes the piece of paper and reads it. Stopping aa he reads and looking at Sweeney.)

"As you can see, I have plenty of wrestling experience and I want to work in the WWE in whatever capacity you need. I saw what you did with Jack Evans, pulling him out of the crowd and giving him a shot here in the WWE. So, I said, "What the hell?' and drove here to Minneapolis to give that too you."

(Nash finishes reading it and hands it to Ms. Brooks, who clips on her clipboard. Sweeney shakes Kev's hand as Nash ushers him along and him and Brooks walk to the office. An ecstatic, Sweeney is shown pumping his fist in celebration and walking down the hall as we go to commercial.)


(We come back from commercial and Jeremy Borash is with IC Title Contender, Mr. Kennedy for his thoughts on his upcoming match)

"Well, Kennedy, what do you think......"

(Kennedy puts his hand over the mic, cutting off Borash in mid-sentence)

"I will cut you some slack because you are new around here, but my name isn't Kennedy...It's MISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSTER KENNEDY!!!"

(The crowd goes wild as Borash seems a bit upset and begins to speak again but once again Kennedy puts his hand over the mic)


(The crowd goes wild again as Borash looks shown up)

"Don't fret Borash, I'm just kidding with ya, what did you want to ask?"

(Kennedy smacks Borash in the back as a sign of things being a joke but the blow hurts the fragile Borash, who rubs while Kennedy smacks his gum ignoring the discomfort by Borash)

" "I just wanted to ask you, what do you think of your chances of coming out of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament as champion?"

"What the hell kind of stupid question is that? What am I gonna say, that I'm gonna go out there tonight and get my ass kicked by Snitsky or I'm going to get beat by Robert Roode or Big Show next round. The answer of course, is that there is no way in hell that Mr. Kennedy won't be the next IC Champion!! I thought you were a better interviewer then this JB?"

(Borash seems to not be a fan of Kennedy's antics when John Morrison walks in)

"Well, well, well...isn't it Mr. Kennedy. So you think, you are gonna come out of this tournament the winner. You think, you can beat me if you get that far. Look I already took out Matt Hardy last round and my next round match-up might as well be a bye because I'm facing Val Venis and I don't think he has won two matches in a row in like 6 years. So if I was you, I would just go out there and fake an injury, nobody will question that coming from you. and save yourself the embarrassment about potentially facing me in the finals"

(glaring)"I like to thank you for your concern about me embarrassing myself but I think really, you are just trying to save yourself from facing me. Everybody knows John that I would already be a World Champion by now if i wasn't so unlucky but those days are behind me and if I was you, I would be worried about what is behind you!"

(Morrison looks dumbfounded by that comment and turns around to catch a right hand from Val Venis. Morrison is sent reeling as Borash jumps out of the way and Kennedy leaves the scene as security pulls Venis off of Morrison before any serious damage can be done)

(We go back to ringside as music plays and the monster, Snitsky appears on the ramp and makes his way to ringside serenaded by the boos from the crowd. He steps over the top rope and awaits his opponent.)

(The crowd erupts as Kennedy makes his way to the ring, shaking hands and playing to the crowd as he walks down the ramp. He gets to the ring as Snitsky exits and does his usual personal introduction to a roar. The referee instructs the two and they stare each other down in the middle of the ring)

Intercontinental Tournament-Round One

Mr. Kennedy VS Snitsky


The beginning of the match saw a rampaging Snitsky being too slow as Kennedy uses his quickness and dodges blows and counters with his own. Kennedy goes for the quick win after hitting a bulldog, he goes for the Mic Check but Snitsky countered with a clothesline, changing the momentum of the match-up.

Snitsky controlled the second part of the match using an array of chokes, stomps and punches catching ire from the referee but managing to stay away from getting DQed. A running scoop slam almost won him the match surprisingly but Kennedy got his foot on the rope in the nick of time. A frustrated Snitsky tried a choke slam attempt but saw Kennedy counter with a DDT, slamming Snitsky's face hard into the mat.
Kennedy took quick advantage of the DDT and scaled the top rope in record time. He leaps off and hits the Kenton Bomb and hooks the leg for the win.


Mr. Kennedy

(Kennedy celebrates to the crowd motioning that the title will be around his waist as we go to commercial)


(We come back from commercial and Kennedy has cleared out of the ring as it is now occupied by AJ Styles, who has a mic and wants to address the crowd)

"Last week, was supposed to be my first title win here in the WWE. I was the favorite coming into the Battle Royal last week for the Cruiser weight Title but our new GM Kevin Nash pulled a fast one and put some fan in the match-up. This move cost me my title.

(Crowd gives heat to Styles)

"I mean, how can I concentrate when I have to worry about a potential lawsuit if I would have hurt that guy."

(Crowd starts an "AJ Sucks" chant)

"Now wait a minute, you think it is just me? Trust me, Nash made a lot of the Cruiser weight roster upset with that decision. Many of them share the same view on this issue that I have and tonight they have agreed to come out here and be lumberjacks in my number one contender-ship match against the one-hit wonder Jack Evans here tonight. Tonight, Jack Evans isn't a fan anymore, he has signed a wrestling contract so I have no worries tonight. So, let's get this match underway so I can show the world, how Phenomenal I really am!"

(Music hits as the lumberjacks make their way to the ring. Kofi Kingston, Jamie Noble, Colt Cabana, Brian Kendrick, The Colons, Bryan Danielson, Evan Bourne and Hurricane Helms make their way to ringside and disperse around the ring awaiting Jack Evans)

(Music hits as the crowd goes wild for the underdog sensation, Jack Evans, who only a week ago was one of them. He comes jumping down the ramp and stops and stares at the lumberjacks outside, who glare back at him. He climbs into the ring only to be attacked by Styles before the bell)


Number One Contender for the WWE Cruiser weight Championship

AJ Styles VS Jack Evans


Styles starts off quick after the early assault and almost gets a quick win after a fisherman suplex for a near fall. He goes on the offensive, more less smothering the newcomer, not letting him get any flow in the match-up. After a perfect dropkick staggers Evans against the ropes, Styles follows up with a clothesline sending him to the lumberjacks outside. Cabana and Noble get some shots in on Evans before sending back in the ring as Styles goes for another cover but to no luck. He decided to keep the rookie on the mat as he tries to wear him down with some weakening submission moves.

Evans seems to be on his last legs as Styles has had him various moves for the last few minutes and gets whipped into the ropes for an attempted dropkick but Evans holds on sending Styles crashing to the mat. Evans shows his quickness coming off with a series of high-flying moves catching Styles off-guard before getting a near fall with a flying cross-body. He goes for a hurricarana to take Styles over the top and almost causes himself to go with him but he pulls himself back into the ring before the lumberjacks can get him leaving Styles to catch the brunt of the assault by himself.

At first on the outside it looks like Styles is gonna go unpunished but Danielson comes over with a series of chops against the apron before sending him back in the ring. Danielson gives Evans a gesture of friendship as he goes for the cover but Noble puts his Styles foot on the ropes to break up the count.
Chaos breaks out on the floor as Danielson assaults Noble after his interference and Helms comes to Noble's aid. Soon all the jacks are fighting on the outside leaving the match one on one in the ring.

Evans is distracted by what is going on outside the ring as Styles positions himself behind him and as Evans turns around goes for a Pele kick but Evans ducks it sending Styles crashing to the mat. Evans follows it up with a nose-breaking baseball slide to face of Styles and goes to the top. He hits an unbelievable 360 dive off the top and gets the upset win and will get a chance at the Cruiser weight Title.


Jack Evans

(Evans celebrates as he dodges the brawling wrestlers on the ramp and jumps into the crowd. Crowd members mob Evans as he celebrates as we go to commercial)


(We come back and we are shown a taped segment with Santino going into some run-down inner-city gym. He steps over some homeless man on his way to the door as he looks scared as hell about going in there and decided to turn around and leave. He starts walking away and going back to his car to get the hell out of there, when a voice is heard telling him to get his ass in there. The camera swivels around to see who is speaking to Santino and we are shown it is Italian wrestling legend, Bruno Sammartino standing beside his star pupil, Larry Zbysko. They wave for Sanitno to come in and after a long exhale from Santino he turns around and follows them through the doors. We go back live to the arena)

(We are shown Kevin Nash siting behind his desk whispering to Traci Brooks, who is sitting on his lap when a loud knock is heard. Nash yells for them to enter and The World's Largest Athlete, The Big Show enters. Traci jumps off his lap as by the expression on The Big Show's face this meeting is important)

"How's it going, Show. What can i do for ya? Haven't seen you in awhile."

Big Show:
"Well that might be because you never answer my phone calls or return my messages. But I don't care about that, I want to talk to you about the Intercontinental Match you have me in tonight against this Robert Roode guy."

"I know Show, you can thank me later because I don't think you have anything to worry about with this guy but he wanted in the tournament and to tell you the truth that guy just rubs me the wrong way. Ooooh, look at me, I'm rich. C'mon man that story has been old for years. Hopefully after tonight, when you get done with him, I won't have to hear his bragging anymore. Also I know my assistant here, isn't fond of him either."

(Miss Brooks shakes her head in agreement with Nash as Big Show looks annoyed by his talk)

Big Show:
"Kev, I hate to break this to you but you will have to listen to him some more because I'm forfeiting my match tonight.!"

(The crowd is stunned as is Nash as he looks angrily back at Show)

"What the hell are you talking about? Forfeit? If he has bribed you, I'm suspending you both! My plans isn't getting ruined by you two.!"

Big Show:
"Trust me, Kev. It has nothing to do with Roode, I just caught a more lucrative job opportunity then chasing the Intercontinental Title and I know one thing that you respect and that is being a smart businessman. So as of right now I'm officially quitting Monday Night RAW!"

(Nash is taken aback by the turn events as you can see the wheels in his head spinning)

"Well, I'll accept your resignation but let me tell ya. If you think you are going to go and wrestle in WCW for Stephanie McMahon or somewhere else , you my friend are sadly mistaken. Your contract is good for another year and you will not wrestle anywhere until that contract expires. Do you understand that or do you want to rethink your decision, NOW?"

Big Show:
"Well went you put it that way...(He steps back and turns around and heads for the door)..."I QUIT!"

(Big Show slams the door as the glass in the window breaks as Brooks jumps for the noise. Nash is looks lost as his tournament just went up in flames. Then suddenly Nash jumps up and yells at Brooks to come on and they leave the office.)

(We go back to the ring where Lillian Garcia is in the ring and introduces Robert Roode. His music plays and the crowd gives him solid heat that he gained last week during his beat down of former Ohio State All-American linebacker James Laurinaitis in his $100, 000 "It Pays to be Roode" Challenge. We are shown him once again carrying the briefcase holding the money with him down to ringside. He grabs the mic from Lillian as the he signals for the ref to name him the winner due to forfeit. The referee counts to ten much to the disdain of the capacity crowd and names Roode the winner, advancing him in the Intercontinental Tournament. He grabs the mic from the ref and ushers Jillian and him out of the ring so he can address the audience)

"Well, last week I beaten down a football legend in his hometown and this week the mere thought of competing against me caused the Big Show to go home and quit the WWE."

(Roode laughs as the crowd boos him loudly and chants start for "The Big Show" to make an appearance)

"But don't worry because now since I don't have to wrestle, one of you people here in Minneapolis has a chance to walk away with a cool $100,000 if you can beat me here tonight."

(The crowd goes wild as thousands of people yell for the chance. Roode leaves the ring and starts sizing up fans at ringside. He points at one and shakes his head when he stands up, he looks over a pretty good sized, muscular fans and the crowd goes wild thinking he would have a real chance but Roode laughs and shakes his head again. He sees a fan that probably stands about 5'5 and ways a mean 130 and tells security to let him in and Roode rolls back into the ring, ready for the match up. The fan gets in the ring but before the action can take place a voice is heard over the Target Center PA system. We see the face of Kevin Nash on the Titan tron speaking to Roode)

"Hold your horses, no offense to the guy in the ring but I think I found a more suitable opponent for you from this Target Center audience. See I had a man come from his home nearby tonight and actually wanted to talk you about something that he takes pretty personal. I think he has a real problem for you and since you offered this challenge to any fan here tonight and I'm the GM, here is your challenger in your little game for tonight."

(The fan in the ring looks confused as the ref gets him out of the ring as Roode looks a little worried about GM Kevin Nash's announcement. The audience erupts when all of a sudden)

(WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT A RUSSSSSSSSSSH! blares through the arena aa Road Warrior Animal appears on the ramp decked out in full vintage Road Warrior gear. He points to the Roode in the ring as he looks determined to get retribution for his son after last week. Animal bolts to the ring as Roode quickly jumps out. The crowd is going wild as Animal poses for them on the turnbuckle as he unfastens the spiked shoulder pads. He is visibly pumped up and looks still in great shape as he yells for Roode to get his ass in the ring.)


The Pay to Be Roode $100, 000 Challenge

Robert Roode VS Road Warrior Animal


Roode finally tries to get the ref to hold up Animal as he gets back in the ring but Animal is having none of it as he bull rushes Roode in the corner. A
series of shoulder blocks to the gut and a thunderous clothesline in the turnbuckle has Roode almost out of it quickly. Animal scoops him up with ease and runs across the ring and slams Roode down to the mat with a loud thud. The crowd is going wild as Roode looks beaten but Animal doesn't go for the cover. He goes to the corner and grabs his shoulder pads and starts to unscrew one of the spikes. The referee tries to stop him but Animal levels him with a big right hand as the ref calls for the DQ. Finally, Animal has the spike off as Roode tries to escape the ring and is crawling to the corner. The crowd is roaring as Animal stalks Roode and snatches him with one arm into a chin lock as he prepares to dig the spike into his forehead but WHAAAM!! Roode swings the briefcase up and hits Animal in the face. Roode shielded Animal from him seeing that he already had in his possession. The crowd quickly turns to boos as Roode viciously beats on Animal with the briefcase. As Animal lies motionless in the ring, Roode sees the spike and retrieves and shows it to the crowd by raising it over his head. He is ready to dig it into Animal's face when he the roar of the crowd and he sees a pissed off seven foot GM heading to the ring. Before Nash can get there, Roode rolls out of the ring and circles it and goes up the ramp as Nash climbs in the ring to check on Animal's condition. Roode goes up the ramp celebrating the beat down showing the Minnesota crowd the briefcase as Kevin Nash stares him down from in the ring as Animal starts to move finally.


Robert Roode (by DQ)


(We go to commercial)



(We come back and the fans are in full boo mode as the WWE Champion, Randy Orton is shown backstage with Ric Flair. They all walking around until they come upon the WWE Cruiser weight Champion, Teddy Hart. The three shake hands)

"I want to be one of the first to congratulate you on your win last week and becoming WWE Cruiser weight Champion."

(Hart nods his head as Orton is laying it on thick)

"Man, I've seen some great high-flyers in my day son and trust me, when I watch you, you put them all to shame. WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!"

(Flair starts prancing around as Orton shakes his head and Hart just stares at Naitch)

"Excuse, Flair here, he gets a little too excited nowadays but let me cut to the chase. We like what we saw out of you last week and if you couldn't figure it out, myself, Ric Flair and The World Champion, Edge has a little alliance going on. Let's say we all share two thing in common..Sex & Violence."

(Hart nods his head in agreement as Orton carries on)

"Like myself you are a 3rd generation superstar, someone that has everything come to him naturally but tonight you have a chance to really put yourself on the world map with a victory over Shawn Michaels and if you agree to join us, I will guarantee that to you tonight."

(Flair gets serious as he walks over and they wait for Hart's answer)

"I have to say with Nash as GM and Michaels here, anybody with the last name Hart needs all the friends he can get. Count me in!!!"

"Welcome, won't regret it! WOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

(looking over Orton and Flair's shoulder):"LOOK OUT!!"

(Orton and Flair turn around and all three run off in different directions and we are left not knowing why until "The Animal" Batista appears in the picture holding a lead pipe. He is extremely angry as he slams the pipe off the ground and it bounces away)


(Batista is seething as he storms off still on the hunt.We go back to the ring.)

(We return to see the limo of JBL pulling up beside the ramp. The two members of J & J Incorporated, Jeff Jarrett and John Bradshaw Layfield emerge in business suits to heat from the crowd. They are announced that they are coming to be guest commentators for the match to see who will face them next week for the World Tag Team Titles. We go to commercial as they make their way down to the table)


(Everybody is settled in as music hits and Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin, The Motor City Machine Guns, make their way down to the a good pop from the crowd. Jarrett and Layfield make yawing sounds in their mics as they don't seem impressed at all.)

(Music hits and the new team of The All-Americans, Jake Hager and Shelton Benjamin, come to ringside and get a good pop themselves thanks to their save of James Laurinaitis last week from Robert Roode's beat down. They get into the ring as they point at J & J Inc on the outside. JBL mocks them a bit before he sits back down, Hager and Benjamin offer handshakes to the Guns, who oblige to cheers from the crowd)


WWE World Tag Team Tournaments----Winners go to the finals

The All-Americans VS The Motor City Machine Guns


The match was great as it had a great contrast of styles meshing with the high flying of the Guns again the mat technicians of the All-Americans. Benjamin and Shelley started it off and after three minutes neither one could gain a significant advantage. They both seemed frustrated but also look impressed as they both tag in their partners to see if they could have better luck.

Sabin gained advantage of Hager but soon had it countered by Hager's power advantage as he powered his way out of an arm bar and slammed Chris to the mat. He then kept Sabin grounded using his size advantage in a series of wrestling holds. Hager and Benjamin showed they have been working together for sometime with a lot of crisp, clean double-team moves that were truly impressive and worried J & J on commentary when pressed by Jim Ross for a response. Finally Sabin was able to land on his feet after a back body drop by Hager and made the tag.

Hager was lost as Shelley connected with a missile drop kick from the top and almost go the win. He was hitting and running on the bigger man as he cut the knee and started working on it. Sabin recovered and they started tagging in and out and hitting Hager with some nice double team moves. A double drop kick sent Hager through the ropes and then Shelley followed with a suicide dive through the rope unto Hager. Shelton had seen enough and he comes running down from his corner on the apron and jumps off and hits Shelley with a twisting elbow sending Shelley crashing into the barricade. Finally Sabin joins in on the fun and climbs the top and jumps off and hits Shelton with a cross body. All four men our out on the floor as the crowd chants "Holy Shit! Holy Shit". But then a rumble comes through the crowd as we see THE BIG SHOW make his way to ringside.

Hager is the first one up and catches a huge right hand from the massive fist of the Big Show knocking him the hell out. Shelley and Sabin come running over but Show snags the both by their throats and choke slams them to the concrete floor. Finally Shelton gets up and runs over but gets knocked out like his partner from a shot right in the side of the head by Show. The ref doesn't know what to do as all four men are motionless and he calls for a No-Contest.


No Contest


(Big Show saunters back up the ramp leaving carnage behind with a big smile on his face. Jarrett and JBL is yelling at JR and King on the air.)

"JR, there wasn't no winner right?"

"No sir, it was a No-Contest"

"Then I say Kevin Nash, needs to come out here right now and name us the World Tag Team Champions."

"I don't know about that."

" What do you mean, you don't know? They didn't win, we won our match last week, so we should be rightfully the winners of the tournament."

"Well, guys I'm getting word over my headset that our general manager is still deciding how he is going to deal with this situation and he will have his decision next week here on RAW."

"Next week? FINE! We can wait that long, let's get out of this God forsaken place before I get robbed or something."

(They get up clutching the wallets as they walk away from the announcer's table and head back to the limo as we go to commercial)


(We come back from commercial and we see the J & J Incorporated limo outside the arena. Then the crowd boos as The Big Show appears in the picture and Jarrett and JBL get out and shake his hands as they all get in and ride away. The camera pulls out and we see GM Kevin Nash watching it too as Ms. Brooks rubs his shoulders. Nash nods his head thinking as we go to Jeremy Borash)

(Borash is standing with Matt Hardy as we see him waiting as Hardy is talking to CM Punk. Punk walks off quickly as we Jeff emerge in the picture. Matt looks a little confused as they get ready for the interview but before Borash can do anything Jeff cuts him off.)

"What was that?"

"What was what"

"I saw you talking CM Punk, what did he want?"

Matt: "He was just wishing me luck before our match tonight. I don't understand why you don't like him Jeff. He isn't that bad of a guy, you need to give him a chance.

"I don't know Matt, that is something off about that guy. There is something that I don't trust about him and you need to keep your eye on him tonight. He has some kind of plan going on in that head of his and it concerns me and you.

"Jeff, I think you are a little paranoid. Why does everything have to deal with you? Why can't Punk want to talk to me? Are you more important me?

"Now. I'm not saying that but that is what I'm talking about Matt. It's Punk not me. He is getting into your head. He has a some problem with me for some reason and he is feeding off of your jealously of me. He's trying to turn us against each other."

"Wait a sec, did you just say that I'm JEALOUS of you?" You and everybody else better pay attention to what I"m going to do tonight because after this you will be known as MATT"S BROTHER!!"

(Matt storms off leaving Jeff with Borash, who has just held the mic. Borash shrugs his shoulder at Jeff like WTF was that as Jeff hangs his head and heads back down the hall as we go to commercial)


(The crowd reacts half and half to CM Punk as he heads down the ramp. He high fives some crowd but looks disgusted by fans wearing Jeff Hardy merchandise. He takes a Jeff Hardy sign from a kid at ringside and tears it apart before climbing into the ring.)

(The crowd erupts still for Matt Hardy as he comes down to the ring. He doesn't looks like he even notices the fans as he makes a straight line to the ring and as the bell rings attacks Punk as he takes his shirt off)

CM Punk VS Matt Hardy


Hardy is more vicious then any other match in his career as Punk is trying to cover up for dear life. Hardy follows Punk outside as he tries to flee and runs him straight into the barricade. Punk then staggers off as Hardy then slingshots him into the steel steps. Punk screams in pain as he stands up holding his back when Hardy scoops him up on his shoulder and runs him right into the ring post and then dumping him on the concrete floor. Hardy rolls back into the ring just to stop the count and goes back out and grabs Punk up by his hair and pulls him around the ring to the announce table. He runs Punk face first into the table and then picks him up and slams him on top of it. He pulls out the monitors and climbs the table and drags Punk back up and hits The Twist of Fate. The crowd is going wild as Matt picks Punk back up and slides him into the ring.

Hardy goes to the outside and orders the time keeper out of his chair and picks it up and throws in the ring. He slides under the bottom rope and retrieves it and stalks Punk as he waits for him to get up. As Hardy goes to swing, the ref grabs it trying to stop him and Matt turns around and stares. He drops the chair then quickly kicks the ref in the stomach and hits the Twist of Fate on the ref before picking up the chair and waiting on Punk again.

The crowd goes wild as we Jeff Hardy run down the ramp and into the ring and starts trying to talk to his brother. Punk finally realizes what is going on and starts begging Matt off as he tells him to listen to his brother. Senses seems to be restored at Matt as he now gets a grip on what he has done and hands the chair to his brother. He turns to leave the ring but all of a sudden someone enters the ring from the other side and runs up and hits Matt in the back of the head with a chair.

The camera focuses in and it's COLT CABANA. Jeff is shocked as Matt goes down and Colt vanishes back out of the ring unseen by Matt. Punk gets up and shoves Jeff who still has the chair in his hand and the two start to argue as Matt turns around. Punk tells Matt that Jeff is the one that hit him from behind and hurt comes across Matt's face as he sees the chair still in his brother's hand. Matt shakes his head and goes up the ramp as it looks like he is going to start to cry. Quickly, Punk catches Matt on the ramp and plays it up like he is concerned about Matt's well-being. Jeff is dumbfounded in the ring as the two go backstage together. Replays are shown as we capture Colt Cabana coming out from under the ring as JR and King come to conclusion that he must have sneak underneath there during the Cruiser weight Lumberjack match earlier and this must be some elaborate plan by CM Punk to destroy the Brothers Hardy.


CM Punk

(We get glimpses of Shawn Michaels then Teddy Hart with Ric Flair getting ready for the main event next as we go to commercial)


(We come back from commercial and the crowd erupts as "Sexy Boy" plays and Michaels appears with his pyros going off and him going into this signature stance before heading to the ring. He gets in and twirls around is his circle as he plays for the crowd, soaking up their cheers)

(The crowd boos as the Cruiser weight Champion, Teddy Hart and they get even louder as they see Ric Flair with him. Teddy looks confident as he has payback on his mind for his uncle, Bret. Flair gives him last second advice before he heads into the ring and Lillian finishes her announcements)

WWE Cruiser weight Championship Match

Shawn Michaels VS Teddy Hart


To the shock of many friends, Teddy Hart was one step ahead of Michaels in the beginning seemingly telegraphing every move attempted by Michaels and having the right counter ready. Ross and Lawler credits it too Bret Hart helping Teddy, hoping someday he would get the chance he has tonight in the ring. Teddy almost shocks the world with the win after a Lionsault off the rope gets him a two and a half. Hart is on a roll as he whips Michaels into the turnbuckles. Hart looks at Flair who offers him advice and charges right into SWEET CHIN MUSIC. The crowd erupts as Flair though, quickly pulls Hart out of the ring as Michaels celebrates. Michaels turns around and is upset that he can't go for the pin attempt and goes outside to get him from Flair.
Flair tries to put up a fight but Michaels connects on a good punch and rolls Hart back into the ring. As Michaels tries to get back in the ring, Flair gets back up and holds on to his foot. As Michaels tries to shake Natich off, Hart comes back and snaps Michaels off the rope throat first sending him to the outside floor. There Michaels is fighting for breath as Hart distracts the ref as Flair decides to get some kicks in with his pointed tip dress shoes.
Finally Hart goes out and rolls Michaels back in and goes for the win but Michaels kicks out at two.

Michaels struggles to his feet as Teddy hits a swinging neck breaker then pulls him up and positions him into the pile driver position. The crowd gasps concerned about the forever bad neck/back of Michaels as Hart jumps up and hits the pile driver. Flair claps from the outside as Michaels looks knocked out and is motionless. Hart doesn't go for the pin as he runs his mouth to the fans in the front row and goes for the top. He signals for the Triple Bypass and points down at Michaels and says this is for Bret as he jumps up. Hart soars up high but crashes to the mat as HBK moves out of the way. Hart is in pain as him and Michaels our both down seemingly forever before the crowd goes wild as HBK flips himself back up into the vertical base.

The crowd is roaring as Michaels hits a flying forearm then connects on the atomic drop followed by a clothesline as he plays to the crowd. Hart gets back up only to get a scoop slam from Michaels as HBK heads to the top for the flying elbow,

Flair has seen enough as we seems motioning to the backstage area and we quickly see Randy Orton emerge from the back and run to ringside as HBK tunes up the band in the ring awaiting to deliver Sweet Chin Music on Teddy Hart. The crowd erupts as seconds after Orton we see Batista emerge out of the back, hot on his trail. Flair tries to alert Orton about Batista and finally Orton does see Batista and rolls into the ring to get away. The referee is confused as Orton tries to use him as a shield between himself and The Animal. Michaels is still awaiting Hart to stand and isn't worrying about the other situation,

Finally the referee falls out of the way and Batista charges at Orton, but Orton misses and Batista SPEARS right into SHAWN MICHAELS, Batista can't believe what has happened as he chases Orton out of the ring as Orton and Flair go up the ramp as Batista walks up patiently. In the ring, the crowd is booing as Teddy Hart gets up and sees Michaels laid out in the ring from the Spear by Batista. He gets excited as he pulls Michaels into the middle of the ring and puts on the SHARPSHOOTER!!. Michaels screams in pain as the crowd cheers him on to the ropes. Michaels finally gets up on his hands and starts pulling himself to the ropes. Hart is looking worried as Michaels is only inches away, Michaels grabs for the ropes but right before he can get there, HART PULLS HIM BACK TO THE CENTER! This time Teddy sits down on the small of Michaels' back and you see his muscles strained to their limits as he tries to tear HBK apart, finally HBK taps out and the crowd is in disbelief. Hart ignores the bell and keeps the move cranked as the crowd boos heavily as Michaels screams in pain.

Batista hearing the boos looks to the ring and sees the trouble that he has caused HBK to get into and instead of chasing Orton and Flair further, he heads back to help Shawn. Hart sees Batista coming and relinquishes the hold and slips under the bottom rope. Hart goes up the ramp and joins Orton and Flair in front of the Titan Tron. They play one more time to the crowd before vanishing to the back.

Winner and still WWE Cruiser weight Champion

Teddy Hart

(In the ring, Batista finally gets HBK to his feet but he is limping and holding his back in tremendous pain from the effects of the prolonged sharpshooter. Michaels shrugs off Batista's help and yells at him about the spear. The two exchange heated words as Michaels points his finger in Batista's face as you see the Animal redden with anger. Finally, Batista leaves Michaels in the ring and goes back up the ramp. Michaels is livid with everyone as maybe he wonders if his past sins is finally catching up to him. He looks lost and confused as RAW goes off the air)

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