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The wrestling world was left reeling today, when earlier this morning, it was announced that a consortium, led by former World Championship Wrestling President Eric Bischoff and his good friend Jason Hervey have purchased Total Nonstop Action Wrestling from Dixie Carter. It is understood that Bischoff will run the company in a similar way to his WCW days, while Hervey will deal with off screen activities, that will involve promotiong the company and selling merchandise.

Bischoff, along with Hervey, tried to buy WCW in 2001 but it was ultimately sold to WWE kingpin Vince McMahon, a move that Bischoff has always been very bitter about However, wrestling fans, who have admitted that the WWE product just isn't what it used to be anymore will be hoping that Bischoff will be able to bring the best out of both TNA and the WWE.

We'll have an exclusive interview with Eric Bischoff later today and we hope to find out what his plans for the company are and what he plans on changing. One thing is for sure, today is an exciting day for the world of wrestling.


Today, we conducted an interview with the new TNA owner, Eric Bischoff. He had some very interesting things to say about his plans in TNA and also about working with longtime rival Vince Russo.

Thanks for the interview, Eric. We'll get straight down to business. Why did you buy TNA?

I wanted to get back in the wrestling business, pure and simple. I've teased fans for a few years but I wasn't teasing them for the sake of it, I've always known that I'd come back in some way. I was able to make a deal with Dixie Carter and the rest is history.

You've been highly critical of the company in the past, do you aim to change that?

Of course. TNA has had many problems and people in the company have tried to make it more like the WWE and it's just looked a laughing stock because it can't compete yet. It's full of great workers that haven't been used properly but I hope to change that. There's already a decent amount of veterans and potential stars, everything is already in place. I just need to make the show flow better and try and convince people to watch it.

So, you think that TNA needs to distance itself from the WWE?

In some ways, yes. In other ways, no. The WWE already has a fanbase in place but TNA aren't going to win over any WWE fans in particular because they have nothing unique. Lets make TNA unique in terms of matches, storylines and personalities. Lets give people something worth tuning in for. That's my intention. It is still a wrestling company however and the WWE formula has worked so that aspect shouldn't be changed.

Are you planning on challenging the WWE?

Well, that would be great. I can't even think about that at the minute though, I need to start rebuilding the company, that's just the first step. If we tried to challenge the WWE at the moment we would be slaughtered and wrestling isn't as popular as it was back in the nineties so that's another handicap. I love a challenge though.

One thing people are going to wonder about is the fact that Vince Russo is a writer in TNA. What will happen there? Will Russo be forced to leave?

No, I won't force Vince to leave. I've never gotten along too well with him and I think some of his ideas over the years have been ridiculous but I'll work with him and see what he can come up with. As long as Vince contributes to making the company a good show, I'll work with him.

Is that a way of making up for WCW?

Well, it could be I didn't buy the company to make up for WCW, I just wanted back in the business but it would be great if a few old-school WCW fans tune into the show and enjoy it. I'm hoping not to make the same mistakes that I did during There are certainly enough old-school WCW stars there to make WCW fans tune in.

Thanks for your time, Eric. Good luck with TNA.

Thanks and no problem.


TNA World Champion: Mick Foley
TNA X-Division Champion: Suicide
TNA Legends Champion: AJ Styles
TNA Tag Team Champions: Team 3D
TNA Womens Champion: Angelina Love

On Air Talent

AJ Styles
Angelina Love
Awesome Kong
BG James
Big Rocco
Booker T
Brother Devon
Brother Ray
Chris Sabin
Christopher Daniels
Christy Hemme (Injured)
Cody Deaner
Consequences Creed
Doug Williams
Don West
Eric Bischoff
Eric Young
Hector Guerrero
Hernandez (Injured)
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Jarrett
Jeremy Borash
Jesse Neal
Jim Cornette
Kevin Nash
Kurt Angle
Lauren Thompson
Madison Rayne
Matt Morgan
Mick Foley
Mike Tenay
Raisha Saeed
Rhaka Khan
Roxxi Laveaux
Sally Boy
Samoa Joe
Scott Steiner
Shark Boy
Sheik Abdul Bashir
So Cal Val
Sojourner Bolt
Stevie Richards
Taylor Wilde
Traci Brooks
Velvet Sky

Sacrifice Results

Suicide defeated Christopher Daniels with a sunset flip into a powerbomb to retain the TNA X-Division Title at 13:12.

Angelina Love defeated Amazing Kong due to pulling tights during small package to retain the TNA Womens Title at 8:12.

The British Invasion (Doug Williams and Brutus Magnus) defeated Beer Money (James Storm and Robert Roode) after Williams hit the Chaos Theory on Robert Roode at 10:39

Taylor Wilde defeated Daffney in the first ever TNA Knockout Monsters Ball with a DDT on a steel chair at 11:12.

Samoa Joe defeated Kevin Nash after Nash passed out in the Coquina Clutch at 11:47.

AJ Styles defeated Booker T in an I Quit match to retain the TNA Legends Title after a Styles Clash off of the top rope at 17:33.

Mick Foley defeated Jeff Jarrett, Kurt Angle and Sting after pinning Jeff Jarrett with a double arm DDT at 21:45 to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Title. Jarrett must now give up his authority in TNA.

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Re: TNA - A New Era

Not bad. The only advice I'd give you right now is slow down on the posting. This triple-posting and what not will turn people away from your BTB.

Good luck, man.

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Re: TNA - A New Era

Like the poster above said slow down with the posting. Chances are if you spread these updates out over a five day period or so you might get more people looking in and you will really give yourself some more time to write and think about where you want this btb to go.

Anyway thats just my opinion, you do what you want really, just some friendly advice. Good luck with the first show


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Re: TNA - A New Era


Impact Preview

This week, Eric Bischoff purchased TNA from Dixie Carter. Bischoff is one of the most controversial characters in wrestling history and will be sure to cause fireworks from the word go. He'll make his first on-screen TNA appearance on Impact and we'll also hear what certain wrestlers in the company have to say about their new boss.

Mick Foley managed to retain the TNA World Heavyweight Championship at Sacrifice in the Ultimate Sacrifice Fatal Four-Way match, pinning Jeff Jarrett. This now means that Jarrett no longer has any authority in TNA. We'll hear from Foley on Impact.

In in-ring action, two men that faced each at Sacrifice, Suicide and Christopher Daniels will team up in tag team action to take on The Motor City Machine Guns in what is sure to be an exciting contest, Awesome Kong will team up with ODB and Taylor Wilde to take on The Beautiful People in Knockouts action and Stevie Richards will make his TNA in-ring debut.

All this and more, this week on Impact!


Thanks for the advice guys. I'll try not to rush the BTB, I just want to get it up and running first of all.
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Re: TNA - A New Era

Overall I would say this BTB could be really wide open as far as storylines go. I mean on one hand you have the WCW reunion with Bishoff/Nash/Steiner/Booker/Jarret ect, then you have an ECW feel with Foley/Team 3-D/Stevie Richards and then of cource all the TNA orginal talent guys like Joe/Styles/Daniles/MCMG ect.

To me your landscape looks like the wild west just asking for people to fight it out at high noon for control. Good luck with this thread I'll be reading when I can to see were you take TNA. Also really did like the Bishoff interview thought it was actually him speaking, good job and again good luck. Just remeber one post at a time.


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Re: TNA - A New Era

Yeah I agree with the previous poster slow down on the posting, but the next episode of impact seems very interesting with suicide and Daniels teaming up ill will be keeping a eye out. Good luck with the post, ive also just started a TNA btb you should take a look
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Re: TNA - A New Era

The TNA logo shows up on screen and we fade backstage where a limousine pulls up. Out steps a man and out steps new TNA owner Eric Bischoff, with his arm around TNA Womens Champion Angelina Love and his other arm around her Beautiful People stablemate Velvet Sky. Madison Rayne is just behind them. Bischoff stops after a few paces and smiles before speaking.

Eric Bischoff: It's good to be back!

TNA Impact
28th May 2009

The TNA Impact theme then begins to play and a small pyro fills the Impact Zone before we head to the announcers, Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike Tenay: Welcome everybody to the Impact Zone! All of the stories that you have been hearing are true, Eric Bischoff is the new owner of TNA and is right here tonight. What will our new owner have to say here tonight?

Don West: Plus, Mick Foley is still the TNA World Heavyweight Champion after he pinned Jeff Jarrett at Sacrifice, meaning that Jeff Jarrett no longer has any authority in TNA! We'll hear from Foley tonight!

Some new theme music then begins to play and Eric Bischoff heads to the ring, alone. Once he gets into the ring, he is given a microphone and begins to speak.

Eric Bischoff: So, I guess this is The Impact Zone...

The crowd cheer.

Eric Bischoff: In case you didn't know, my name is Eric Bischoff and I am the new owner of Total Nonstop Action Wrestling!

The crowd cheer once again, excited at what Bischoff might bring to the table.

Eric Bischoff: Don't cheer, that just doesn't sit well with me. I'm not here to make sure you fans get what what you want, I will give you what I want and you will like it!

The crowd turn and boo Bischoff, who has obviously not changed whatsoever.

Eric Bischoff: I will start off by saying that as my reign begins, another ends because Jim Cornette will not be appearing on this show again! And if Mick Foley tries to get in my way by pushing his weight around, and lets face it, he has plenty of weight to push around, then he will not like the consequences. I am not here to make friends, I am here to make an Impact!

Suddenly, Samoa Joe's music plays and he heads out onto the stage.

Samoa Joe: Well Bischoff, it's a good job you're not here to make friends because let me put it this way, none of the real TNA wrestlers wants you here.

Eric Bischoff: Oh look, it's ''The Samon Submission Machine'', Samoa Joe. I assume when you say ''real TNA wrestlers'', you mean the TNA Frontline...

The crowd cheer.

Eric Bischoff: Who the hell do you think you are, Joe? How dare you interrupt my airtime! I am Eric Bischoff...

Joe interrupts Bischoff, who is now angry.

Samoa Joe: Cut the crap, Bischoff. You drove one company into the ground and I and alot of other people will be damned if we're gonna let you do the same to this company. People work hard here and deserve opportunities, we're just not going to let you take that away from us.

Eric Bischoff: I'll tell you what Joe, I'm in an opportunity giving mood. You want an opportunity? I'll give you one right here tonight.

The crowd cheer.

Eric Bischoff: In about a month, we have a Pay-Per-View, Slammiversary, coming up. Like always, the main event will be a King of the Mountain match for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship! Tonight, I will give you the chance to qualify for that match because you will go one on one with Sting and the winner will participate in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary!

Samoa Joe nods his head and heads backstage. Bischoff glares at him as we fade to a close.

The Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin) vs. Suicide and Christopher Daniels

A very good tag team match with both sides working well together, despite Suicide and Christopher Daniels facing each other at Sacrifice last Sunday. Daniels and Suicide frequently tag each other in and out and this allows them to keep each other fresh. There are a few near falls with Shelley and Sabin both trying to taking Suicide's mask but ultimately failing. The finish comes while Daniels is fighting Shelley on the outside and Suicide picks up the victory after a DOA on Sabin.

Winners: Suicide and Christopher Daniels

After the match, Jay Lethal comes out onto the stage with a microphone and begins to speak.

Jay Lethal: Suicide, I've just been informed that at Slammiversary, yeah, it will be ''Black Machismo'' Jay Lethal taking you on one on one for the TNA X-Division Championship. And dig this, yeah! if you lose the match then you will have to remove your mask in front of the world. Ooooohhhh yeeeaaahhhhh!

Jay Lethal then heads backstage as the first match for Slammiversary has just been announced.


We head backstage where AJ Styles was interviewed earlier today by Jeremy Borash about the arrival of Eric Bischoff in TNA.

Jeremy Borash: AJ, many people in the company were pleased earlier this week and some were not so pleased when Eric Bischoff was announced. As a member of the TNA Frontline, we know that you are strongly against

AJ Styles: You know, for years Eric Bischoff tried to hold everybody down, he caused what has evolved into The Main Event Mafia today and when you find out that a guy like that has taken over the company you helped build, it hurts. We in the Frontline have blood, sweat and tears for years and have got nothing in return. At the minute, Bischoff hasn't done anything but if he treats us like he treat his wrestlers in WCW then me and the TNA Frontline will have something to say about it.

Jeremy Borash: Thank you AJ, lets get back to ringside.

Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde and ODB vs. The Beautiful People (Angelina Love, Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne)

Decent match with Taylor Wilde being isolated by The Beautiful People, who want to make sure that the bigger two Knockouts, Kong and ODB, don't get into the ring. Wilde does eventually manage to tag in Kong. Kong then begins an assault on all three of The Beautiful people. The finish comes with both Love and Rayne down, as Kong hits the Awesome Bomb on Velvet Sky for the three count.

Winners: Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde and ODB

We head backstage, where Daffney is opening up to Dr. Stevie, who still cannot be seen by the camera, despite making his debut at Lockdown.

Daffney: I lost at Sacrifice, Dr. Stevie, I lost at Sacrifice to that bitch Taylor Wilde!

Dr. Stevie: Well, Daffney, sometimes we win and sometimes we lose. It's just life. Just keep doing what I tell you to do and you will get there. Now, Daffney, I am going to make my in-ring debut tonight and I want you to watch, I will show you how you get things done. Do you understand?

Daffney: I understand. I'll be rooting for you!

Dr. Stevie: That's great. Now, how did Abyss being in your corner go? Any complications?

Daffney: Complications?

Dr. Stevie: You know, problems. Did you have any problems with Abyss?

Daffney: Oh, no, it was all fine. But I lost, Stevie! I lost!

Dr. Stevie: Yes, you lost but that is not the issue here, Daffney! I have a feeling that your partnership at Sacrifice was the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and Abyss. Anyway, remember to watch the match.

Daffney nods her head as it fades to black and we head back to ringside for Stevie Richards in-ring TNA debut.

Matt Morgan vs. Dr. Stevie Richards

A solid match, with Morgan dominating Richards for the majority, being the stronger of the two. Richards bumps like fun for him, trying to make him look as good as possible. Morgan is about to powerbomb Richards and spoil his TNA debut but Abyss and Daffney run down to the ring, with Abyss hitting the Black Hole Slam on Morgan. The referee calls for the bell, signalling a disqualification.

Winner: Matt Morgan by disqualification

After the match, Abyss and Richards beat down on Matt Morgan with Stevie Richards hitting a Stevie Kick and Abyss hitting another Black Hole Slam. We then head backstage.

TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley then heads to the ring and begins to speak after retaining his championship at Sacrifice.

Mick Foley: On Sunday at Sacrifice, I retained the TNA World Heavyweight Championship by pinning Jeff Jarrett in the four way match. From the bottom of my heart, I would just like to apologise to Jeff for what I have done to him...

Suddenly, Kurt Angle interrupts Foley, who looks angry at Foley coming down to the ring. Angle enters the ring and grabs a microphone of his own.

Kurt Angle: What the hell are you doing, Foley? Why are you apologising? What are you, a coward? You were lucky to retain the TNA Heavyweight Title at Sacrifice and mark my words, you will NOT retain again because I will qualify for the King of the Mountain match and that championship will head back where it belongs, around my waist!

Mick Foley: Am I a coward? That's a funny question, Kurt. Do cowards fall off sixteen foot cells, do cowards fall through flaming tables? TELL ME THAT RIGHT NOW, KURT!

Kurt Angle: You've got a point there. Cowards don't and neither do wrestlers...

Foley has a puzzled look on his face, wondering what Angle is going to say next.

Kurt Angle: But glorified stuntmen do.

Angle smiles as the crowd boo, Foley seems to be back in their good books now, not that he ever really left them.

Mick Foley: You know, Kurt. I would love to kick your ass right here, right now in Orlando, Florida...

The crowd cheer for Foley returning to his cheap pops.

Mick Foley: But I just...ah, what the hell!

Foley hits Angle and drops his championship belt. He begins to pummel Angle, who quickly rolls out of the ring and heads up the ramp, angrily telling Foley that the championship will be returning to him at Slammiversary.

TNA World Tag Team Titles
Beer Money Inc. vs Team 3D

Beer Money Inc. challenge 3D for the tag team championships and 3D accept, never being a team to turn down a challenge. The match ends quickly after 3D take the advantage when James Storm hits both brothers in the skull with a steel chair, before delivering a DDT on the chair to Devon. Roode then climbs to the top rope while Storm holds the chair over Brother Ray's ankle and Roode jumps off of the top rope, crushing Brother Ray's ankle in the process.

Winners: Team 3D by disqualification

The two then hold up the tag team title belts before laying them on top of Team 3D, proud of what they have accomplished and officially showing their true colours once again.

We head to Eric Bischoff's office. The Beautiful People all have icepacks on their heads after their match earlier in the night and are sat with Bischoff on the sofa, he seems busy consoling them, until Kevin Nash walks in through the door.

Eric Bischoff: Kevin! How's it going, bro?

Bischoff high fives and hugs Nash.

Kevin Nash: Long time no see, man. I can't believe you are actually the owner of TNA. It's amazing. We finally have someone in the company that is willing to put for the good of the company before himself. I just think it's fantastic.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah, thinking about other people all the time instead of yourself can get tiring.

Kevin Nash: Good for you. Hey Eric, do you know what I'm thinking?

Eric Bischoff: No, I don't think I do, Kevin.

Kevin Nash: There's three girls over there, The Beautiful People and then there's two of us. Things could get interesting.

Eric Bischoff: Yeah Kevin, there girls aren't in the best of shape at the minute, I don't think it would be fair to, you know...Maybe you should just leave and I'll console.

Kevin Nash: Jesus christ, girls. You lost one match! I was put to sleep by Samoa Joe on Sunday night and you cry over losing to Awesome Kong. Come on!

Eric Bischoff: Kevin, not helping...

Kevin Nash: Ok, ok, I'm sorry. Good to see you buddy, it'll be just like old times, I'm sure of it.

Nash pats Bischoff on the shoulder and leaves, while Bischoff heads back to the sofa.

King of the Mountain Qualifier
Sting vs. Samoa Joe

Very good back and forth match, showing both workers strengths. Main spots include Sting goes for the Scorpion Deathlock but Joe kicks him into the ringpost and then working over Sting's shoulder and Joe repeatedly trying to lock on the Coquina Clutch. Booker T and Scott Steiner head to ringside to distract the referee, when suddenly...Eric Bischoff comes running down to ringside and hits Samoa Joe with a steel chair! Joe cringes but the chairshot isn't enough to send him down. He grabs Bischoff by the jacket but Sting manages to hit a Scorpion Death Drop on him. The referee turns around to count the 1...2...3.

Winner: Sting (Advances to KOTM Match at Slammiversary)

The rest fo the Main Event Mafia then head out to the ring, led by Kurt Angle and they grab a microphone, while the rest of the MEM embrace Eric.

Kurt Angle: Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the newest member of The Main Event Mafia, Eric Bischoff!

Angle throws the mic to the ground and smiles before turning around and shaking hands with Eric Bischoff, as the crowd boo in disgust at Bischoff going back to his old ways. AJ Styles and Rhino rush down to ringside but The Main Event Mafia quickly leave the ring and head backstage as the show is about to come to an end.

Mike Tenay: Unbelieveable! A leopard really can't change it's spots! Bischoff is still a complete jackass!

Don West: The Main Event Mafia have done it again! But there is no doubt in my mind that there will be hell to pay!

Mike Tenay: We'll see you next week everybody!

End of show.

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Re: TNA - A New Era


He is one of the most controversial figures in MMA and he is now going to making his way into the world of professional wrestling. News broke today that ''The Huntington Beach Bad Boy'' Tito Ortiz has signed a deal with TNA.

Ortiz, 34, who has appeared in the company twice before, being a guest referee in 2005 at the pay-per-views Hard Justice and Bound for Glory, is understood to have agreed a wrestling deal this time around and it seems that TNA have convinced the hottest free agent in MMA to change career paths, at least for a while. It is not known when he will make his debut but it is sure to be in the near future. It will certainly be interesting to see how Ortiz fits into the company.
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Re: TNA - A New Era

Impact Preview

Last week on Impact, Eric Bischoff joined The Main Event Mafia and enraged the wrestling world. There will be a special interview with Bischoff on Impact and we hope to find out what made him decide. With the owner of TNA now a member of The Main Event Mafia, everyone is just wondering what the future holds for TNA.

Samoa Joe suffered at the hands of Eric Bischoff last week and was screwed out a TNA World Heavyweight Championship shot at Slammiversary. ''The Samoan Submission Machine'' will surely be one of the main men looking for answers and will definitely be at the show.

Rumours are also surfacing that Jeff Jarrett will make his first appearance since Sacrifice and there could be fireworks with him and Mick Foley in the same building at the same time after the events at Sacrifice, which resulted in Jarrett losing his authority in TNA.

The main event of the evening will feature Kurt Angle taking on Rhino, with the winner taking their place at the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary, along with TNA World Heavyweight Champion Mick Foley and Sting.

In other in-ring action, Beer Money's Robert Roode will go one on one with The British Invasion's Doug Williams AND the number one contender for Angelina Love's TNA Knockouts Championship will be decided in a Fatal Fourway match between Awesome Kong, Taylor Wilde, ODB and Sojourner Bolt, while there is also expected to be an announcement regarding the TNA World Tag Team Championships after Beer Money's assault on Team 3D last week.

All this and more, this week on Impact!

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Re: TNA - A New Era

The TNA logo comes up on screen. A video package then plays, showing snippets of Eric Bischoff's opening promo in TNA and then the finish off the match between Sting and Samoa Joe last week, when Bischoff screwed Samoa Joe and joined The Main Event Mafia.

TNA Impact
4th June 2009

The TNA Impact theme then begins to play and a small pyro fills the Impact Zone before we head to the announcers, Mike Tenay and Don West.

Mike Tenay: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Impact. Tonight, we'll see the next chapter in the rivalry between new TNA Owner Eric Bichoff and Samoa Joe and we'll also find out the third competitor in the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary.

Don West: We also expect to hear from Jeff Jarrett tonight and he isn't going to be in a good mood!

''My World'' hits and Jeff Jarrett heads into the ring, looking extremely annoyed. He heads into the ring and grabs a microphone.

Jeff Jarrett: I am here tonight for one reason and that is to confront Mick Foley. So, Mick, don't let me wait all day, get your fat ass out here right now!

Mick Foley's music hits and Foley heads out to the ring with the TNA Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder. He gets into the ring and asks to be passed a microphone.

Mick Foley: Like I said last week, Jeff. I don't want there to be any animosity between me and you anymore. I apologised, I'm sorry, lets just drop this whole thing.

Jeff Jarrett: Oh sure Mick, I'll just let bygones be bygones. It wasn't enough that you assaulted me a few weeks back. You had to take away the position of authority that I had in this company, which I might add that me and my father built from the ground up. Do you expect me to let that go? We worked hard for seven years, only to see this company fall into the hands of a jackass called Eric Bischoff!

Mick Foley: I can't do anymore than apologise...

Jeff Jarrett: I don't give a crap! An apology isn't going to put me back in a position of authority again. The fact that you are even holding that Heavyweight belt makes me sick to my stomach and I promise you Mick, I am going to take that belt away from you and I plan to qualify for the King of the Mountain match at Slammiversary.

Mick Foley: You know, Jeff, I think that I speak for most people in this arena when I say that you are a complete asshole.

The crowd cheer.

Mick Foley: You agreed to the stipulations at Sacrifice, you knew you had a chance to lose your position of authority, you risked it for a chance at this championship belt and you lost! If I didn't pin you to retain my championship then Angle or Sting would have. You've been in this business long enough to know that you have to take risks. Some pay off and others don't, this one didn't, daddy-o! Now, you're going to have a find a new way to get to the top because daddy has run out of silver spoons!

This angers Jeff Jarrett, he cheap shots Mick Foley and the two begin to brawl. Foley begins to get the upper hand and pulls Mr. Socko out of his pants but Jarrett quickly rolls out of the ring. The fans boo and Jarrett gives them a piece of his mind. His rage at Mick Foley has seen his old attitude begin to re-surface.


We then head backstage to Jeremy Borash, who has an announcement about the TNA World Tag Team Title scene.

Jeremy Borash: Ladies and gentlemen, the news from Eric Bischoff's office is that Team 3D have been forced to vacate the TNA World Tag Team Championship belts, due to the serious injurises they suffered last week at the hands of Beer Money . A new team of champions will be crowned at Slammiversary when the winners of the Team 3D Invitational, The British Invasion, take on Beer Money Inc. We hope to see Team 3D back as soon as possible. There you go folks, now that that is all cleared up, lets get back to ringside.

Doug Williams vs. Robert Roode

A good match with both workers showing their skills off. The finish comes when the referee is knocked down after Roode suplexes Williams and a foot catches his face. James Storm then throws a beer bottle to Roode, who goes to hit Williams but Williams moves out of the way and Roode goes crashing into the corner, dropping the bottle in the process. Williams then hits the Chaos Theory and the referee slowly counts the 1...2...3. It seems The British Invasion have got Beer Money's number.

Winner: Doug Williams

We head backstage where Samoa Joe is outside Eric Bischoff's office, trying to force his way inside after Bischoff helped cost him a title shot at Slammiversary last week. We cut inside, Bischoff is on his sofa while The Main Event Mafia Security team, Big Rocco and Sally Boy, are guarding the door. Joe can be heard outside.

Samoa Joe: Come on Bischoff, you son of a bitch! Be a man!

Bischoff is obviously scared of Joe and is trying to keep calm.

Eric Bischoff: He won't get in, will he?

Big Rocco: There will be no problem, Mr. Bischoff.

Samoa Joe: I want answers, Bischoff!

Bischoff sighs but then decides that he has to come up with something to get Joe off of his back. He panics and makes a split second decision.

Eric Bischoff: Alright Joe, I'm a fair guy. I'll do you a deal. Tonight, how about you find yourself a tag team partner and you take on Rocco and Sal, The Main Event Mafia Security Team. If you and your partner manage to win your match, I'll give you, oh I don't know, five minutes in the ring with yours truly next week.

Bischoff smiles as the Security Team try to talk to hm out of what he has just proposed, they don't want to fight Joe tonight.

Eric Bischoff: We got a deal?

Samoa Joe: We got a deal but I'm warning you Bischoff, you screwed me once and if you are even thinking about doing it again, your reign as the owner of TNA will have been a short one.

Eric Bischoff: Hands on my heart Joe, I will not screw you tonight.

The MEM Security Team start to argue amongst themselves as Bischoff now seems more relaxed. He thinks that he has dealt

Sally Boy: Eric, I don't think this is a good idea. We're a security team. What about the rest of the Main Event Mafia?

Big Rocco: Yeah, why us?

Eric Bischoff: You're supposed to be a security team! I'm not going to waste the rest of the Main Event Mafia's time by having them deal with this guy. You're supposed to be protecting me tonight, so do your job. If you take care of this for me then you'll have a proven you deserve a job.

We then head back to ringside for six man tag action.

Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal vs Christopher Daniels, Suicide and Shark Boy.

A very fast paced X-Division match, with Shelley and Sabin both working well together and Jay Lethal and Suicide eager to get to each other. The finish comes while Suicide, Christopher Daniels and The Motor City Machine Guns are fighting on the outside. Lethal hits a flying axehandle on Shark Boy. He heads to the top rope and hits the Flying Elbow Drop for the 1...2...3.

Winners: Alex Shelley, Chris Sabin and Jay Lethal

After the match, Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin roll Suicide into the ring, back him into the corner and are about to take his mask off. However, Jay Lethal stops them from doing so, he wants the chance to reveal Suicide at Slammiversary. The three argue and Shelley and Sabin cheap shot Lethal. Consequences Creed runs in for the save and Shelley and Sabin leave the ring, angry that their plans to reveal Suicide have been foiled again.

We head backstage for another Dr. Stevie session, Abyss and Daffney are both there next week.

Dr. Stevie: Well, Daffney and Abyss, you both managed to see my debut match last week up close and personal, which I'm sure was a great experience for you both.

Daffney: Well, Dr. Stevie, it didn't look too good from here. You got your ass kicked...

Dr. Stevie: What are you talking about? I owned that ring. I put on a wrestling clinic. What did I tell you when we first met for these sessions, always pay attention!

Daffney: I did pay attention and you got your ass kicked!

Dr. Stevie: Enough! Anyway, how are you two getting along?

Daffney: We're no different to last week, we've got no problem. Listen, are you trying to get us two together 'cause you keep asking and I really don't think it works...

Dr. Stevie: No, why would you think that? You're both mentally unbalanced and discussing your problems together is better than doing so on your own.

Daffney: Did you get that from a movie or something? It's not a great excuse.

Dr. Stevie: I'm the professional here, you're just the patient, don't patronise me please. I know what I'm doing.

Daffney: Stevie, you've been doing this for about three mon...

Dr. Stevie clears this throat, purposely interrupting Daffney.

Dr. Stevie: I don't like to use my kendo stick on pretty young women, Daffney, please don't make me get it out. Oh and remember, it's Dr. Stevie, not Stevie.

Daffney nods her head as Stevie winks at her before focusing on Abyss.

Dr. Stevie: Well done last week, Abyss. I think it was the first step on your road to rehabilitation. I was so pleased that I got you a match at Slammiversary.

Abyss: Really?

Dr. Stevie: Yep. You will team up with yours truly, Dr. Stevie to take on Matt Morgan and a partner of his choosing, which he has promised to reveal right here, next week on Impact. You up for that?

Abyss: I'm up for anything.

Dr. Stevie: Great. I'll talk to you both next week. For now, keep talking to each other and Abyss, try and keep away from Lauren. You've been doing well on that front over the past couple of weeks. She's not good for you.

Abyss nods and we head back to ringside for a match.

Fatal Fourway Knockouts Number One Contenders Match
Taylor Wilde vs Awesome Kong vs ODB vs Sojourner Bolt

A decent match, with all three workers trying to eliminate Kong from the picture but ultimately failing. Kong dominates as expected, mainly duking it out with ODB while Wilde takes on Bolt. The finish comes when ODB and Bolt are thrown out of the ring and Wilde and Kong are left standing. Kong kicks Wilde in the chest and goes for the Awesome Bomb but Wilde rolls down her back and hits a reverse DDT. Sojourner Bolt runs into the ring and goes for a clothesline, but Wilde ducks, switches behind her and hits hits a german suplex into a bridge on Bolt for the 1...2...3. She will now face Angelina Love at Slammiversary.

Winner: Taylor Wilde

The Beautiful People then head onto the stage, sarcastically clapping their hands. Angelina Love has a microphone in her hand as the fans boo. Love flicks her hair away from her face and begins to speak.

Angelina Love: Congratulations Taylor, you've got a shot at my Womens Championship at Slammiversary. There's just one tiny little problem, all of the effort you put into tonight's match will have been a waste because when it is all said and done, Angelina Love will still be your TNA Womens Champion! I'll see you there, Taylor.

The fans boo at the thought of Love retaining the Womens Title as The Beautiful People walk to the back.


The Main Event Mafia are in the ring as Samoa Joe walks onto the stage. He points to the stage to reveal his mystery partner. His music starts to play and out comes AJ STYLES!

Samoa Joe and AJ Styles vs. Main Event Mafia Security

AJ Styles starts the match and uses his pace to wear the Main Event Mafia Security down and by the time the match has reached the two minute mark, Rocco and Sally are already panting for breath. Sally heads to the outside as Styles tags in Joe, who delivers a vicious lariat to Rocco. Joe then knocks Sally off of the ring apron and AJ Styles hits a Suicide Dive through the ropes on Sally that sends him to the floor! Joe somehow manages to lock Rocco in the Coquina Clutch and he TAPS OUT!

Winners: Samoa Joe and AJ Styles

Eric Bischoff is pacing around angrily in his office, angry that The Main Event Mafia Security Team let him down and he must now take on Samoa Joe next week. The Main Event Mafia are in the room with him. The Main Event Mafia Security Team

Eric Bischoff: Alright, I've had a meeting with everyone here and we all agree that Big Rocco and Sally Boy, you let me down and you let the Main Event Mafia down! I've got to face Samoa Joe next week because of you two! You two, that's it, you're fired! Now, lets get a real security team in here, get them out of my sight!

Rocco and Sally shout obscenities at at Eric Bischoff as TNA Security come in and escort them out of his office.

Kurt Angle then walks off to get ready for his match and shouts of good luck are shouted from Nash, Steiner, Booker and Bischoff. Angle then comes face to face with Sting and the crowd in the Impact Zone can be heard cheering. Sting smiles.

Sting: Good luck.

Angle angrily blanks Sting and walks off for his match.

King of the Mountain Qualifier
Kurt Angle vs Rhino

A good match with Angle and Rhino both brawling for the majority of the match. Angle goes for both the Ankle Lock and the Olympic Slam early but Rhino manages to avoid both. Rhino begins to feed off the crowd's energy and begins to pummel Angle before hitting a powerslam. He then goes to the corner and signals for The Gore. Angle get up and Rhino runs at him but Angle manages to throw him into the ringpost and roll him into a small package. 1...2..NO! Everybody thought Angle had the match won. Angle catches Rhino by surprise after the near fall and locks on the ankle lock. Rhino somehow manages to reach the ropes and Angle is obviously very frustrated and refuses to let go but eventually does just before he is about to get disqualified. Angle begins to stomp on Rhino, lifts him up, kicks him in the gut and delivers an Olympic Slam which finally gets the 1..2...3.

Winner: Kurt Angle

Angle gets up, smiling at his victory until Mick Foley's music hits. Foley holds up the Championship on the stage and stares down Angle but is suddenly attacked from behind by Booker T, Scott Steiner and Kevin Nash, with Sting also coming out with them. They grab him and take him down the ramp before rolling him into the ring. They begin to stomp on Foley and Angle rolls outside to get a steel chair. He heads into the ring with it and The MEM hold Foley upright. Angle hits Foley across the skull with the chair and smiles. He then grabs the championship belt that Foley dropped in the ring and holds it up as the fans boo. Suddenly, Sting snatches the championship from him and holds the belt up himself. Angle tries to snatch the belt away again and the two seem to be arguing as the rest of the MEM try to calm them both down.

There seems to be some tension in The Main Event Mafia with Angle and Sting nose to nose as the show is about to come to an end.

Mike Tenay: A five on one assault from The Main Event Mafia once again! Somebody has to stop them!

Don West: The big story here isn't the assault on Mick Foley, the big story here is the tension between Sting and Kurt Angle! It's threatening to tear the Main Event Mafia apart!

Mike Tenay: We'll see you next week!

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