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WWE 2005- Aftermath of Vengeance 2005 and Draft Lottery

Well this is my first threat in BTB world. I've decided to do this after best "brand" ppv, Vengeance 2005 and a memborale draft during June. I Also wanted to do this as to follow after Muhammad Hassan's possible career, minus the infamous terrorist angle. Anyways here we go.

Draft Results for 2005:
To Raw:
John Cena (WWE Champ)
Kurt Angle
Big Show

To SmackDown:
Chris Benoit
Randy Orton
Muhammad Hassan
Batista (World Champ)

Trade done:
to Raw:
Mark Jindrak
René Duprée
Danny Basham
Kenzo Suzuki
Chavo Guerrero

to SmackDown:
William Regal
Candice Michelle
Sylvan Grenier
Simon Dean
Stevie Richards

from www.rajah.com
Las Vegas, Nevada
The show starts with a video package highlighting the history of the Hell in a Cell match. Triple H, Batista, Eric Bischoff and Jim Ross all talk about how painful of an experience it's going to be. "Never lock an animal in a cage," says Batista. Good line. Great video package like always.

As always, the hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler. They are joined by Jonathon Coachman also for some reason. Guess they want to try the three man team.

Intercontinental Title: Carlito Caribbean Cool vs. Shelton Benjamin
My Pick: Carlito
The ring announcer, Justin Roberts, called Carlito the challenger. Oops. I guess Lillian Garcia is physically unable to perform due to big Viscera. Roberts also says that Benjamin in the challenger. At least that was right.
Benjamin with a fireman's carry takeover for a quick nearfall, starting out all aggressive. Takedown by Benjamin followed by another nearfall. He works over Carlito in the corner, but Carlito fights back with a back elbow. Shoulderblock by Carlito, Benjamin kips up and takes him down with a clothesline. Carlito went up the aisle, but Benjamin chases him down and brings him back to the ring. I missed something for about five seconds, then came back to see Benjamin jump to the top rope and come off with a clothesline for just two. Very good nearfall just five minutes into the match. Carlito punches out of the corner, then kicks Benjamin in the head as he falls to the floor, only to see Carlito throw him back in the ring. Carlito continues to work on the back with two hard bodyslams for just a two count as he settles in with a chinlock. Benjamin gets a quick rollup for two as Carlito tries to slow it down with a chinlock. Some in the crowd are chanting for Carlito, but the majority overrules them by chanting Shelton. Benjamin into the ropes and then he hits a flying back elbow to put them both down.
Carlito whip reversed by Shelton leading to a Samoan drop for the slow two count as the story of the match is Benjamin is messed up in the head or back, which is causing him to do slow covers. They slug it out with Benjamin getting the advantage by hitting two clotheslines and a back bodydrop. Inverted backbreaker gets a two count for Benjamin. Benjamin is slow to climb to the top, Carlito catches him there, but Benjamin leaps off and does a stun gun like maneuver on Carlito, sending Carlito in the middle of the ring as Benjamin goes on the floor. Springboard bulldog for one…two…no. Crowd thought that was it. Very good crowd. Benjamin went to grab him, but Carlito was in the ropes and now he's undone the turnbuckle. Spinning sideslam type move from Carlito gets two. Sidekick by Benjamin is caught leading to the Dragon Whip for Benjamin. In the corner, Stinger Splash by Benjamin is avoided by Carlito, he hits headfirst into the exposed steel and Carlito covers while holding the tights for three. Match was 13 minutes.
Winner: Carlito Cool

They show HHH and Flair arrive.

Victoria vs. Christy Hemme
My Pick: Christy
Victoria's sporting leather. Yummy. Christy chases after her to start it out. Victoria stomps on her in the ring, whip into the ropes by Victoria is countered with a boot by Christy. She does some hair grabbing, then the ten rams into the top turnbuckle. Victoria counters by dropping her on the top rope, stun gun style. Hair pulling by Victoria. Clothesline in the corner, then some fun choking. Another choke by Victoria, hoisting Christy up in the air and slamming her down for three nearfalls. Crowd chants "We Want Puppies" even though that chant is about six years past its prime. Side headlock by Victoria on the mat, Christy oversells everything by yelling too loud so Victoria rakes her eyes. Christy goes for a rollup, but Victoria holds onto the ropes and sets her up for the Widow's Peak. It's countered by Christy, but not into a pinfall as Victoria prevents that with some more choking. Moonsault by Victoria misses as Christy rolls out of the way. DDT by Christy gets two, her first real move in the match. Victoria charges in, Christy goes for a roll up, Victoria stops it and gets the seated cover, grabbing ropes at the end just for the hell of it. Match was six minutes.
Winner: Victoria

Backstage, John Cena tries to channel the Rock by making fun of Todd Grisham in an interview. In the tenth grade, Grisham pissed himself and they called him Todd Pissem. Then Cena relates that to him being the new kid on Raw and that tonight is go time. Christian was that snotty kid who picked his nose and Jericho thought he was the rock star. "This ain't about fame or fortune or selling records. I fought like hell to get this and I'll fight like hell to keep it." Then some more high school references and said he's the kid voted most likely to kick somebody's ass. Pretty good.

Edge w/Lita vs. Kane
My Pick: Kane
Very long video package at the start. Man, this feud has really taken a while to develop. Edge and Lita are out first with Lita sporting her usual slutty outfit. I think she's a lot hotter as a heel, but that's usually the case with most women of wrestling. Kane is next.
Kane pounds away on Edge to start it out, then does the ten punch count in the corner only to do another 20 or so after the fans stopped counting. He's the fan loving monster. Whip in, back bodydrop and some punches in the corner. "We Want Matt" chant by the fans as the heel announcers talk about it being the highpoint of the wedding while Kane clotheslines Edge to the floor, then stalks Lita. Back in the ring as the crowd chants "She's A Crackwhore" at Lita. Yeah, Las Vegas criticizing the relationship of women is like Viscera calling people fat. Kane tosses Edge to the floor, then beats on him out there a bit with his usual stuff. He goes to ram Edge into the pole, but Lita blocks it, Edge shoves him into the pole and then hits a spear out on the floor. Edge with a baseball slide dropkick keeps Kane out on the floor. Back in, Edge with a shoulder tackle in the corner as well as an elbow slows it down.
My feed went out for about thirty seconds as Kane came back with punches, but Edge countered a slam with his reverse DDT like slam. Kane sits up, dropkick and he sits up again. Clothesline by Kane in the corner, irish whip and a double axe for Edge misses as Kane hits the big punch in the mouth. Snake eyes in the corner, then a clothesline gets two. Whip into the ropes, Kane with the one handed side slam. To the top rope, the Kane clothesline is countered by a dropkick. Spear attempt by Edge countered by a big boot. Here comes Snitsky, Kane shoves him out. Now Lita's in the ring holding a chair as Edge almost gets chokeslammed. She tries to flirt with Kane, but he chokes her down to the mat. He puts her head in between the chair, but Snitsky comes in with a big boot for just two. The ref got Lita out of there. Edgecution DDT countered by Kane. Snitsky comes in, Kane catches him, Edge with the briefcase shot. Kane moves, it hits Snitsky and Kane pins Edge after the chokeslam. Match was 11 minutes.
Winner: Kane

Kurt Angle vs. Shawn Michaels
My Pick: Shawn Michaels
No stip on this. Just a regular match. Long video package to start putting over how good their first match was. Grisham asked Michaels backstage about Angle's guarantee on Heat where he said he'd make Angle tap out again. He basically guaranteed a win then said vengeance would be his. Angle is out first. I watched the WM21 match about six times since it happened. Still five stars. Still incredible. Michaels is next. JR says he saw Michaels first match in Louisiana when he was just 19. Never heard that before.
Tie up to start, Angle pushes him back into the corner. Angle ties him up again, Michaels gets ropes. Headlock by Michaels is stopped by Angle making ropes. Michaels gets tripped again by a leg takedown as he goes to the ropes again. Two armdrags by Michaels, then an armbar gets countered by Angle who grabs one of his own and drops the knee onto the left arm of Michaels, right around the wrist. Angle charges in, misses and eats a couple chops from Michaels as he goes to the floor. Four minutes in, still in the feeling out process, which makes me think this is going over twenty minutes. Angle pulls him down by the leg, Michaels fights out and Angle gets a single leg crab until Michaels gets the ropes quickly. In the corner, more chops by Michaels, they go out the the middle and Michaels goes for a fall, but Angle counters into an Ankle Lock. Michaels rolls through, sending Angle to the floor. They fight out there, Angle wins the struggle and hits a release German suplex that puts Michaels the back of his head on the announce table! Damn! Table didn't break. The count went up to like seven as Angle broke it, then rolled him back in for a two count. I don't recall a German Suplex table spot like that. Very painful.
Angle chokes Michaels in the corner with his boot, then stomps away on him. Forearm for Angle in the corner, then another one as we see Michaels is bleeding under his left eye, it looks like. They slug it out, Angle wins that and powerbombs him into the turnbuckle for just two. Man, I love these two. That spot always rules. I missed about two minutes of action due to a problem with my feed for the show. I came back to see Angle with a sleeper like maneuver, leaving Michaels to go on the ground on his back as they go for a couple nearfalls. Michaels fights out of it after about 90 seconds or so. He slugs at the ribs, then hits a back suplex as they do the KO spot in the middle of the ring. Match time is at about 16 minutes now.
They slug it out in the middle, Michaels wins that and comes off the ropes with the flying forearm. Angle gets up first, then Michaels nips (or kips) up, hits the right hands, inverted atomic drop, clothesline and now he goes up top for the big elbow. The elbow hits beautifully as he bounces up to his feet getting ready for the superkick. Michaels sets up the superkick, but Angle charges at him really hard and decks him with a huge clothesline, pretty much from hell. Either that or Pittsburgh. Great counter gets two. Angle Slam countered by Michaels into a swinging DDT for two. Another awesome counter for two. A couple more covers get two. Suplex attempt by Michaels countered into a German Suplex by Angle, he goes for more, but Michaels fights out with elbows, then walks into an Angle Slam. One…two…no. Ankle lock countered to an inside cradle for two. Michaels with a waist lock, Angle counters with an ankle lock. He rolls through it again, kicking Angle into referee Jack Doan, who is now out.
They're both back up, Michaels charges in and Angle backdrops him over the top to the floor. The timekeeper checks on Michaels to see his knee, Michaels audibly says "fuck" on camera and people check on him. Angle comes out, throws them away to show us that it was a work. In ring, the ref is up, a Michaels superkick is ducked, Ankle Lock by Angle. Michaels tries to roll through twice, but Angle continues to hold on. Very long hold here, well over a minute. When Michaels gets near the ropes, Angle pulls him out to the middle. Michaels continues to fight, refusing to tap and he uses the momentum to send Angle shoulder first into the ringpost. Angle turns around after a long delay, Michaels hits the Sweet Chin Music superkick. They're both out now as the ref counts to nine, then Michaels drapes the arm over for one…two…no! Amazing nearfall there. Coach says he's never seen anybody kick out of that. It's happened, Coach. Go watch some tapes, pal. Angle to the top, he leaps off with something and Michaels catches him with a massive superkick for the three count after 26 minutes. Wow. Again.
Winner: Shawn Michaels

Backstage, Coach interviewed Batista. Coach tells Batista he looks scared and Batista calls him a suck up. Then he says he's not scared and tonight is for every time HHH hit him with the sledgehammer. HHH is going to have to kill him. Yes, we get it. HHH meets him backstage. Nobody beats him in the Cell. After it's over, Batista will be nobody. Then they go to brawl and the officials break it all up.

In the ring, a long, black leather couch is in the ring. Roberts introduces Lillian Garcia out to the ring. She calls out Viscera, who is sporting the smoking jacket. She tells him the last couple of months that he has made her feel the way nobody has before. She says he's a sweet man, a loving man and a sexy man. Now he sits on the couch in the ring as Lillian sings a song to him. She sings a song saying the words "I love you" five times at the end. Then she tells him to stand up so he could hit the jackpot. She gets down on one knee, then says: "Viscera, will you marry me?" He says that's heavy, he has to think about it. Just when he's about to answer, The Godfather comes out with some ho's. I know he lives in Vegas, so this is probably a one time thing. Viscera checks all the ladies out, there's five of them. Man, I need to go back to Vegas. It's been a couple months. Godfather says Vis used to be a pimp in training. The girls couldn't wait to get a piece of him. Godfather apologizes to Lillian saying it's not about her. He knows about his appetite and it's nothing compared to his appetite for sex. Do you want to walk down the aisle or do you want take a ride on the ho train? Viscera checks out all the ladies. How many have diseases? I'd guess at least three. "There's only one thing I gots to say: All aboard the ho train!" Lillian starts crying as Vis dances with the girls. That took like ten minutes, I think.

WWE Title: John Cena vs. Chris Jericho vs. Christian w/Tyson Tomko
My Pick: John Cena
We get the video package to start it off. Jericho is out first as JR points out how Vengeance is special for Jericho because he won the Undisputed title at Vengeance 2001, not mentioning that was a December PPV that year. Christian is out next with Tomko. Cena is out next to what has probably been the biggest pop of the night. Lawler and Coach both pick Christian meaning it's not happening.
The Canadians beat up Cena although it's not together, more like taking turns. Jericho goes into the ropes to do a move on Cena, but Tomko pulls him out. Cena with his flipping armdrag move on Cena, then Tomko decks him as the announcers never call it. Ref Earl Hebner kicks Tomko out of ringside. Face plant by Cena on Christian, then an FU from inside the ring all the way to the floor. Wow, what a bump. Jericho comes in on Cena, gets a nearfall and chops him in ropes. Whip into the corner, Cena with a boot to the face. Another whip in, Jericho with a facebuster. Lionsault misses, Jericho with a sliding dropkick sends Cena to the floor. Jericho whips him into the railing at ringside, then chucks the timekeeper and rams Cena headfirst into the chair. He takes the cover off the Spanish table, then monitors and the crowd chants ECW. Suplex attempt countered by Cena into a DDT on the floor. No countouts apparently. Christian rams Cena head first into the ring steps, then rolls him in for two and sinks in with a rear naked choke in the middle.
Cena fights back with some clothesline, a diving shoulder block and his spinning side slam. He signals for the five knuckle shuffle, goes into the ropes, but Jericho pulls him to the floor and chucks him shoulder first into the steps. Meanwhile, Christian with a baseball slide into Jericho on the floor. He puts Jericho in the ring, Jericho goes for the Walls, Christian shoves him off into Cena who was on the apron and now on the floor. Christian goes up top slowly, Jericho chops him and goes for a superplex. Cena breaks that up, then hits a powerbomb on Jericho while Jericho does suplex Christian off the top. Cena covers Jericho for two, then Cena for two. That was a really cool spot even though I have seen it before. Cena with clotheslines on both guys, then a drop toe hold on Christian while Jericho was on the mat so they cracked heads on the ground. With both guys laying there, he hits a double five knuckle shuffle. Jericho whips Cena in, he covers for two, Christian covers Cena for two and Jericho pins both at the same time for just two. Cena and Christian double clothesline on Jericho, then they clothesline eachother as all three are down.
Jericho to the top, Cena crotches him on the ropes and whips Christian head first into Jericho's crotch. Yes, it's as painful as it sounds. Cena with the FU, Christian grabs the eyes and hits his reverse DDT for two. How come nobody ever grabs the eyes like that? Christian gets the belt, the ref tells him to put it back and out of nowhere Tomko comes in to kill Cena with a clothesline that just gets two. Christian walks into Cena, who backdrops him over the top to the floor. Jericho comes in and hits the Walls of Jericho. Jericho with a springboard dropkick on Christian, then another Walls of Jericho submission. Christian comes in out of nowhere for just two on Jericho. Whip in, Unprettier countered by Jericho, who shoves Christian into Cena, he catches Christian in the FU position, decks Jericho with Christian's feet and hits the FU for the clean after 16 minutes.
Winner: John Cena

Hell in a Cell for World Title: Batista vs. Triple H
Very, very long video package. Seems like I've seen this video 18 times in the past six months. This is the end of a very long feud, we think. HHH is out first. What's the over/under on how long it takes him to bleed? I say eight minutes. I'll take the under. Batista, sporting new white tights and white boots, is out next. I miss his old theme song. JR warns us that it could be ugly.
They shove eachother early on with Batista scoring the advantage, shoving him on the floor. They go back in the ring, Batista tosses him out and whips him back first into the cage a few times. Now it's HHH's turn to dominate a bit as he gets Batista out on the floor, whips him shoulder first into the steps and chucks him back first into the cage a few times. HHH goes under the ring, yanking out a toolbox that had a chain in it. HHH beats on him with the chain a couple of times with shots to the back, then he chokes him over the rope hangman style with the chain. Batista powers out of it with some punches, but HHH locks it in again, choking the life out of him. Batista fights out of it by dropping him throat first across the top rope. He whips HHH in the back with the chain now, then the ribs a couple of times. Out on the floor, he does the old Undertaker spot of picking the guy up and ramming him into the post and cage repeatedly. He dominates him some more out on…there's blood. Eight minutes! I called it! I don't know the seconds (I'm only keeping track of minutes), but it was about eight minutes. Anyway, back in the ring HHH hits a spinebuster on Batista. He goes under the ring, pulls out a steel chair wrapped in barbed wire and he cracks Batista hard in the back with it. Then he does it for a second time. Wow, there's blood pouring out of his back. Batista fights back, but he eats a facebuster, then out of nowhere Batista hits a hard clothesline as we reach ten minutes.
Triple H gets up, Batista has the barbed wire chair and cracks HHH in the head with it. Then he uses the barb wire as a cheese grater on HHH's head. That's just nasty. I love it. HHH bails to the floor, Batista follows and grates his face on the cage. Then he uses him like a javelin against the cage. Back in the ring, Batista misses a shoulder charge and goes shoulder first into the post. HHH sets him up for a Pedigree on the barb wire, but Batista gets out with a back body drop. He charges at Batista, who catches him and he hits a hard powerslam on the barbed wire steel chair. Ouch again. That wire is cutting their backs so it's not some fake crap. Batista grabs the chain, HHH waits for him and hits a DDT on the barbed wire chair. Man, they're really using that chair. Batista's bleeding now from the forehead and it's pretty manly. HHH rakes his face against the cage. Batista stumbles into the ring, HHH grabs the sledgehammer, Sledgie, from under the ring.
Batista prevents that, they slug it out and a Batista Bomb is countered with a back body drop. Batista gets up, HHH hammers him in the face with Sledgie (with his hand on the end of the sledge) for the dramatic nearfall. One of the first nearfalls of the match. HHH goes for another Sledgie shot, but Batista kicks him in the nuts. They're both dead, so Batista gets Sledgie and he charges in. HHH stops him with the chain around his fist and a punch to the head. HHH goes off the middle ropes with the chain on his hand, Batista countered that by cracking him with Sledgie across the throat. HHH spit out blood at the perfect time making it a great visual. Batista punches him as they get to their feet and he whips HHH into the corner so he could do his bump where he goes over the turnbuckle to the floor. On the floor, Batista whips him into the steps. He picks up the steps and rams the steps into HHH's face although we could clearly see HHH's hand on it. Not saying he should kill himself with stair shots, but it was a little too obvious. Very minor gripe, I know. I'm sorry. Batista brings in the lower part of the steps into the ring and props them up vertically in the corner, ramming HHH's head into them repeatedly. Then he whips him hard, back first into the steel steps. Thumbs down time, Batista Bomb is countered as usual by HHH with the low blow. Pedigree by HHH gets one…two…no. Crowd is shocked. Very good nearfall. Now HHH brings the steps to the middle and goes to Pedigree him onto it. Batista counters with a spinebuster on the steel steps! Holy Shit! That's nasty. Batista Bomb attempt, HHH has the Sledge, he goes to swing him with it, but he can't and Batista Powerbombs him hard to the mat for the win after 27 minutes. Fantastic ending.
Winner: Batista
Raw results for 27/6/05: credit to wrestleview:
June 27, 2005
Anaheim, CA
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler
Reported by: Hunter Golden of WrestleView.com

The opening pyro hit and here we go!

JR, the Coach, and King welcomed us to the Arrowhead Pond.

Kurt Angle’s music hit the arena and he made his way down to the ring. He grabbed the mic and said that at Wrestlemania 21 he made Shawn Michaels tap out. Last night at Vengeance, he said, Shawn got lucky. He said that tied the series one to one. He said that every single one of them would love to see the two face each other one on one later tonight. Angle said it wouldn’t happen though. He said he made HBK tap at Wrestlemania and that counts twice. He said that he was there for another man, Batista, the World Heavyweight Champion. He said last week he didn’t get a chance to defeat Batista because Triple H stuck his big nose in his business and cost him the match. He said that he had beaten everyone in this business that there was to beat and that there wasn’t a person alive that could say otherwise. Just as he said that, Ric Flair’s music hit the arena.

Flair made his way down to the ring, pointing at Angle and did a little strut in the ring. Angle asked Flair what the hell he was doing out there. Flair said he wanted to shake his hand. He said he wanted to re-enforce every word Angle said. He said in his book, he said if Angle stays healthy, he can be the greatest of all time. He put him over as an Olympic gold medallist and that he wants his son to be like Angle and not like him. He said he wants his son to be as good as Angle. Ric Flair said he was a mark for Kurt Angle. He said he got so good, so fast, so quick it was incredible. Flair said that he didn’t think Angle wasn’t the man yet. He said Triple H was. Angle said he wasn’t going to talk folks into getting Triple H another title match. Flair said he wasn’t out there to do that. He said Triple H and Batista categorized themselves as great last night.

Angle said Flair was looking at great and the best in the business. He told him to go to the back, drink his insure, take a nap, and get out of the ring before he gets hurt. Flair asked him if he ever crashed in an airplane, because that’s what getting hurt is. Flair said if he put a hold on him he couldn’t get out of, he’d bite his finger off. He said he’d pull his testicles off. Flair said he’d hurt Angle if he screwed with him. Angle said he proved he was the dirtiest player in the game. Flair said he loves that. Angle said he tried to be nice, and if he’s not careful, he’ll go back and ask Bischoff for a match against Flair later tonight. Flair said Vince McMahon was drooling thinking about that. Angle cut him off and made the match. The two then woo’d off against each other. Flair strutted and jumped out of the ring whoo-ing all the way down the aisle and the segment was over.

JR put the final two draft picks over and we’ll find out about them later tonight.

Coach put over the Diva contest and King put over Eric Bischoff’s comments regarding John Cena after last night’s show.


JR welcomed us back and thanked the fans for helping make Vengeance so memorable and put over the WWE.com web site.

Footage was shown of Jericho and Christian arguing over last night’ match.

The two were arguing and Bischoff came in and said he had a solution for their problem. He said there would be a six-man tag match tomorrow night on Raw. He said tomorrow night it would be Tyson Tomko, Christian, and Jericho v. John Cena and two mystery partners. Christian and Jericho argued to end the segment. JR put over that Cena didn’t have any friends on Raw.

Edge w/ Lita & Snitsky v. Smackdown Lottery Pick and Kane

Edge and Snitsky came out first and then came Kane. His partner and the second lottery pick is.

The match began pre-maturely as Kane smashed Edge with a steel chair before chasing Lita and Edge through the arena, leaving Snitsky in the ring. Eric Bischoff’s music hit and he came out. He said it was scheduled to be a tag team match, but since it didn’t work out it would be Snitsky v. the draft pick.

Winner: No CONTEST

The draft pick was...THE BIG SHOW

The Big Show v. Gene Snitsky

The two stared each other down in the ring. Snitsky hauled off with a right, which was returned. The two exchanged rights before Show threw Snitsky into the ropes. Snitsky caught him with a kick but failed to connect with his punches. Show through Snitsky from corner to corner, landing chops and punches on each exchange. Show put the big long boot to Snitsky’s face. He pulled him out of the corner and landed a big head butt to Snitsky’s head. He hit a snap suplex. Snitsky reeled into the corner where he got nailed with another big punch before Show knocked him to the mat with a clothesline. Show Irish whipped Snitsky to the opposite corner but was met with a boot.

Snitsky came charging out of the corner, but got caught on the business end of a Big Show choke slam and the 1, 2, 3.

Winner: The Big Show

After the match, Big Show posed for the fans.

JR said the draft had been kind to Raw.


Maria was in the back and introduced WWE Champion, John Cena.

Maria asked him and couldn’t get the question out. She said she forgot it. Cena said it wasn’t a big deal and no one was watching anyway. He told Maria to saunter off and try to remember the question then come back and ask it. She exited stage left.

Cena said that Eric Bischoff had some problems with him. Cena said he overcame all odds last night at Vengeance. He said he needed to find partners for tonight’s six-man tag team match. He introduced Shawn Michaels as his first partner.

HBK welcomed him to the “snake pit” of Monday Night Raw. He said there were two of them but they were one short. HBK said he was on the “405” with a one way ticket to the Anaheim Pond. Cena said tonight would be full of surprises.

Maria came back and remembered her question which was whether or not Cena had a tag team partner. Cena shook his head and HBK made a wise crack.

The Diva search contestants were shown in the back getting ready as Coach said they’d be introduced to everyone later tonight.

Edge and Lita were shown running through the hallways. Edge stashed Lita in one of the dressing room. While she was in the room getting her things together, Kane sneaked up on her and grabbed her by the throat. Kane said he’d squeeze every last breath out of her and take his time doing it. He said this was just the beginning and it would be fun. He said he’d make her life a living hell. He left Lita gasping for air.


We came back to hear that the match was made official, that we’d see Kurt Angle v. Ric Flair later tonight.

Chris Masters was in the ring.

Master Lock Challenge

Masters said he was upping the ante for the master lock challenge to $14,000. He challenged anyone in the back to come break the master lock. Tajiri’s music hit the arena and he made his way to the ring.

Masters told him to realize that it was American money and worth way more than Japanese Yen is. Masters asked him if he understood anything he was saying. Tajiri said he did to a laugh from the crowd. Tajiri called him a “master jackass”. Masters tweaked and came after Tajiri but got nailed with a kick to the face.

The two brawled around the ring and eventually Masters clamped on the master lock. Tajiri fought back a bit, but he eventually passed out. Masters grabbed the mic and said it didn’t matter if you are American, Japanese, Chinese, or Mexican, no one would break his master lock. Masters said he wasn’t going to ask for anymore respect, he was going to demand it. Masters grabbed Tajiri by the hair and asked him if he’d respect him. Tajiri spat his green mist at him and ran from the ring as Masters rolled around the ring in pain.

The Divas were shown in the back again getting ready for tonight’s Diva search.


The WWE rewind aired and the footage was of Carlito winning the Intercontinental Championship last Monday Night on Raw.

Carlito’s music hit the arena for Raw’s first edition of the Cabana

Carlito’s Cabana

Carlito said tonight was history in the making that this was the premier edition of Carlito’s cabana on Raw. He said he was only on Raw a week and that he had made a huge impact already. He said his show would replace the Highlight Reel as the best show on Raw. He said he wouldn’t play Fozzy’s music on his show either. He said he also replaced Shelton Benjamin as Intercontinental Champion.

He said all wasn’t well though. He said his guest on the cabana tonight would be the final draft lottery pick from Smackdown. He said the streak of good picks has come to an end. He said he didn’t want to make a big deal about it so he just asked him to come out there.

The final lottery pick is...ROB VAN DAM

Carlito said “wow” sarcastically. He said Erich Bischoff was right about the injured “lemon”. He said the last time he saw him was in the middle of the ring at ECW: One Night Stand. He said he was in the ring whining and complaining about the only opportunity he had to speak was only saying the word “cool”. He said that was ironic.

Van Dam said that was funny. RVD said when he thought of Carlito he thought of fruit. He said the last time he saw him, Carlito was getting his “ass smoked” by the ECW wrestlers at the pay per view. Van Dam said he’d keep speaking. He said he was the most unique guy in the WWE. He said it’d stay with him no matter where he ever will go. Van Dam said he’d take Raw to the extreme. He said it would be the return of Mr. Monday Night.

Carlito said it would be cute but that the truth was he was still injured and that he liked it that way. Carlito kicked his knee out and then went after RVD’s knee brace. He took the grill next to the beach chair and nailed RVD’s knee off of it. He grabbed his belt and a bite of his apple and spat on RVD to end the segment.


Kurt Angle v. Ric Flair

Flair woo’d at Angle and strutted around the ring. Angle was trying not to smile. The two locked up and Angle hit a side headlock takedown, but Flair got out of it. The two locked up again and Flair tried to get Angle in a headlock but was unsuccessful and the two stared down again.

Angle whipped Flair off the ropes but Flair held up and strutted some more. Angle came charging in frustrated, and was dumped over the ropes to the outside. Flair followed him out and landed some big chops before tossing Angle back in the ring. Angle talked some smack from the opposite corner before they locked up again.

Flair took him down and held him in a hammer lock but had it reversed. Angle put him in a version of a border city stretch which Flair couldn’t get out of. Flair got smacked a bit but then fish hooked Angle’s mouth. Flair ripped Angle’s nose.

Frustrated, Angle charged again and got thumbs and nails to the eyes, both backing into the corner. Angle reversed some Flair chops and hit some upper cuts of hit own before tossing Flair to the outside. Angle retrieved him and attempted to bang his head off the steps but Flair reversed it and Angle ate the steel. Flair rolled him back in the ring but Angle kept rolling all the way to the other side. Flair followed him and landed some more chops up against the guard rail.

Flair hit some punches but caught a thumb to the eye and a belly to belly overhead throw to the mat. The two laid exhausted Angle on the inside of the ring, and Flair on the outside, as we went to commercial.


We came back with Angle having Flair balled up in a cross arm-breaker. Over the break, he had whipped Flair into the steel steps.

Flair fought to his feet as Angle backed him into the corner. Angle landed some more right hands before knocking Flair back to the outside. Flair reeled off the guard rails as Angle pursued him. Flair landed some chops and then tossed him back in. He rolled right into an Angle axe handle. Angle attempted a counter but only got a two count. Angle locked in an STF, attempting to get Flair to quite. Flair started biting like crazy on Angle, biting the hell out of his thumb. Angle reeled back in pain but Flair came right after him teeth shining and took another nibble on Angle’s right thumb.

The action spilled to the outside again with Flair hitting even more chops but ending up caught by an Angle back body drop onto the mats. Angle shoved Flair back in the ring and attempted the cover but only got a two count. He pulled Flair to his feet and attempted some more punches but Flair ducked under and hit some chops before taking angle down with a reverse elbow. Flair attempted an elbow drop but Angle moved out of the way but didn’t fool Flair. Flair followed the roll and landed the elbow. Flair then scaled the ropes but Angle quickly met him.

The two exchanged blows but Angle tried to catch him in an angle slam. The two lost their footing and Flair tumbled to the floor. Angle ripped him back in the ring and hit a modified version of the angle slam, but Flair actually kicked out. Angle then snatched up Flair’s ankle in the ankle lock as Flair struggled to move out. Flair turned over and grabbed Angle by the testicles and broke the hold. He kept coming after Angle’s gonads before hitting the Olympic Gold Medallist with a chop block from behind. Flair took Angle by the legs and stomped on Angle’s testicles again and clamed on the figure four. Angle almost tapped but Angle turned it over. Flair reversed it back though, and Angle struggled before Angle got to the ropes.

Angle was slumped in the corner and Flair landed some more chops and some punches. Angle punched his way out and Flair missed with a right and got caught in the first of Angle’s three German suplexes. Flair grabbed the ref to distract him still in the hold and kicked Angle in the testicles again. Flair hit a vertical suplex and went for the cover but only got a two count. Flair backed up Angle in to the corner and hit two or three chops before sticking Angle in a shin breaker. As Angle landed though he snatched up Flair’s leg and stuck him in the ankle lock. Flair attempted to get to the ropes but Angle dragged him back and grape-vined the leg. Flair tapped shortly thereafter.

Winner: Kurt Angle via submission

The announcers put over the Diva search, which is NEXT!


Coach was standing in the ring and announced it was time for the Diva search and welcomed Christy Hemme to help host the first segment.

Coach introduced the finalists for the diva search. The first contestant was Ashley. Leila, Summer, Crystal, Elizabeth, Simona, Cameron, and finally Alexis came to the ring.

Christy said being a Diva was the best job in the world. Coach said you could be on the cover of Playboy, wrestle for the women’s championship at Wrestlemania, or get your but kicked at Vengeance by Victoria. Christy said she should ask Vince McMahon if she could punch coach in the nuts.

Coach went to announce the contest, but then Viscera’s music hit the arena.

Viscera came out and snatched the mic from a squawking Coach. Viscera said everyone was tired of Coach running his mouth. He said that Big Visc and the people wanted to see some hot, sexy action. He said these women couldn’t be bashful and loosen up. They needed to get sexy. He said especially when it comes to him and he swerved his hips. Christy agreed with him and said the audience would believe him a lot more if they answered their questions in their bra and panties. Coach agreed and said he was glad he thought of it.

Ashley introduced herself first and said she was going to show them what she had, taking it down before jacking off her clothes.

Leila was up next and she introduced herself. She said she wasn’t told that underwear was a requirement and said she wasn’t wearing anything underneath her dress. She said no one would work harder to please the fans than her.

Summer said it was “summer time” and stripped down to her knickers.

Crystal said what’s up and said she had some reasons to pick her and took off her shirt and shorts. She flinched a bunch and went back in line.

Elizabeth came out and she said she was a sporty type of girl. He was in a sports bra and stuff. She got booed.

Simona said she was a hot blond Italian girl and liked big bad boys. She peeled her shorts off and showed us her thong.

Cameron was up next and she’s from Florida. She said that blondes couldn’t have more fun than brunettes do and peeled off her shirt and said she was all natural and had brains.

Alexis was last. She said she wasn’t here to play nice. She said if we wanted cute, go buy a puppy, She ripped out a beer and poured it on herself and ran around. She said to beat the woman they’d have to beat the woman.

Viscera said they all looked damn good and asked the people if they wanted to see the ladies dance with him tonight. He danced and the ladies surrounded him. JR and King put over this week’s voting.

Sgt. Slaughter’s music then hit the arena and he came out, mic in hand. He told them that next week the contest would officially begin. He told all the Raw Diva contestants to report for duty next week. He said they needed to show up chins up and chests out. He said next week on the fourth of July, there’d be an obstacle course set up in the ring and it’d be the first ever Sgt. Slaughter “bikini boot camp”. He said next week they would be all his, all his and that was an order.

Christy said next week that’d be great, but this week they just needed to dance. They all danced to end the segment.

JR put over the voting next week yet again and King drooled.

The Six Man Tag Match is Next!


Todd Grisham was in the back with Batista, who was noticeably banged up.

Grisham asked him how he was feeling. Batista said he had holes in his back, holes in his head, and he felt like he was in a war. He said the two went to war plain and simple. He said Triple H and the cell took something from him he’d never get back. Grisham asked him if it was worth it. Batista said “you bet your ass it was worth it” and that he’d do it all over again. He said he was champ and it didn’t get bigger than that.

Jericho, Christian, and Tomko were in the back. They were wondering who the partner would be. Jericho thought it was Jannetty, but Christian said he was in jail. Christian said he thought it was Nash, but Jericho said he’d tear his quad picking up the phone. Tomko wondered if it was and was interrupted by Christian who said “we are close to Hollywood”. They all said “nah” and the segment ended.


Christian and Tomko made their way to the ring first, followed by Chris Jericho. John Cena came out next and grabbed the mic. He said he had brought some friends with him. He said he brought two new members of the chain gang with him and introduced his first partner, Shawn Michaels. HBK did his routine and grabbed the mic.

Shawn Michaels said without further adieu the mystery partner was, his favorite tag team partner Hulk Hogan.


Christian, Tyson Tomko, and Chris Jericho v. John Cena, Shawn Michaels, and Hulk Hogan

Cena and Jericho started the match off and Jericho assumed control quickly. Jericho whipped Cena to the opposite corner and attempted the follow up but caught a boot and a clothesline. Cena got a hard hip-lock take down before dragging Jericho to the corner and tagging in Shawn Michaels.

HBK landed some chops before Jericho reversed it and attempted the whip but it got reversed yet again and more chops were landed. HBK then landed a flying forearm and intercepted an incoming Tomko and Christian. Jericho caught HBK coming in and went for a cover but only got a one count. He choked HBK up against the ropes before tagging in Tomko.

Tomko landed a big sidewalk slam before tagging in Christian. Christian connected with a boot and followed it up with a neck breaker. He went for the cover but only got the two. Christian backed him up into the corner and tagged in Jericho after distracting the ref.

Jericho clamped on a rear chin lock as the crowd attempted to rally HBK. Michaels fought out with some elbows and sent Jericho into the ropes but it was reversed and Jericho connected with the high knee. He tagged in Christian and the two landed some punches before Jericho left.

Christian immediately tagged in Tomko who choked the heck out of HBK on the mat. Jericho tagged in and slapped Michaels and landed some chops. Jericho taunted him a bit but got chopped. The two exchanged chops but Jericho connected with his running bulldog. Jericho went for the Lion-sault but HBK avoided it. HBK crawled to the corner and tagged Hogan.

He blocked the Tomko punch and nailed him. Christian and Jericho came in as well and got the same treatment. He forearmed Tomko and went for his own five knuckle shuffle but Christian jumped him. Tomko and Christian pounded him on the ground but Hogan hulked up. He cracked their heads together and pointed at Tomko as HBK nailed Christian with sweet chin music. Hogan hit the three punches, the big boot and the leg drop for the 1, 2, 3 pin fall and the victory.

Winners: John Cena, Hulk Hogan, and Shawn Michaels via pin-fall

The three posed in the middle of the ring after the match. HBK put on Hogan’s bandana and Hogan raised both of their hands in victory. Cena stopped Hogan from leaving the ring to get Hogan to pose. Cena and Hogan listened for the crowd on each side of the ring. They posed for everyone and celebrated in the ring. Cena did an HBK pose and let him get in on the posing. HBK posed with the Hulk as Cena got out of the ring out of respect and bowed down to both of them. Hogan and HBK posed for the crowd and left the ring as the show went off the air.
SmackDown results for June 30th: credit to wrestleview
WWE Smackdown
June 30, 2005
Location: Anaheim, CA
Announcers: Michael Cole and Tazz

The last day of the month and the final week of the draft has arrived! Who are the latest additions to this week's Smackdown? More from tonight's show:

A clip from last week when Teddy Long announcement of a five-man elimination match for the new Smackdown Title was shown.

Tonight's show started off with Muhammad Hassan and Daivari coming down to the ring. "USA" chants came through very loudly. Hassan talked a bit about the Fourth of July weekend, and what it purports to celebrate. More chants of "USA" as Hassan went through tirades and how he felt like a prisoner in his own country, and when he won the Smackdown title, he would look down on us the way we have looked down on him for years. Hassan then went on about how no one can defeat him, including Undertaker, saying that Taker didn't deserve to be in this match; the day of the Deadman has gone. With this, Taker came out , stared down Hassan as Daivari went outside of the apron with a weird look on his face. Hassan then tried to cover his tracks by saying that he meant the Day of the Deadman had gone, and how Taker had beaten all the greats--except the great Muhammad Hassan and Taker responded wordlessly by attempting to choke slam Hassan before getting a steel chair from behind from Daivari before Taker put a choke slam to Daivari, sending a loud and clear message to Hassan.

Match #1: WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Cruiserweight Champion Paul London vs. Chavo Guerrero

London was in control of Chavito early in the match, including a mule kick on Chavo through the second rope. Once Chavo got back in, he got control of the champion as London tried to battle his way out of the corner of the ring. Chavo got a wicked clothesline on London and got another near fall before London kicked out. London got his wind back and got some good dropkicks in on Chavo.

THEN..here we go again; yet another cruiserweight match was interrupted five minutes in by the Mexicools, just when things were getting off the ground in this match, John Deere mowers and all.

They attacked both Chavo and London making it a no-contest; Chavo was sent over the top rope. Psicosis, on the direction of Juvi, took a shot at the timekeeper, followed a three on one assault on London.

Juvi continuously asked if "there were any Mexicans in the house." When a yes came from the stands, Juvi let them know that gringos think Mexicans are fat, gross and lazy and "suite frankly, they are right." some more things about how they would 'rise again' against the gringos.

Juvi then introduced his 'familia and amigos,' Psicosis and Super Crazy, who gave a brief introduction of themselves.and they weren't Mexicans, but Mexicools!

Winner: No Contest

A preview of the WrestleMania 21 game was shown, with some of the contenders of tonight's five man match for the Smackdown Championship was shown.

Highlights from last week's Eddie/Rey match were replayed.

Backstage, Eddie Guerrero was smiling and interviewed. Josh Matthews asked why he was so happy despite losing to Rey last week. Eddie responded that he was smiling because he knew that Rey was going to be on his knees later tonight begging Eddie not to "tell the truth." OK.this is going to be interesting.

Also backstage, Melina was with Nitro and Mercury, telling them to focus and then Melina dropping names of who was there to see her first match tonight. Melina then said she could see the headlines in Variety now: "Melina Destroys Wannabe Diva Michelle McCool." She added that she wouldn't need Mercury or Nitro's help; she was confident that she could win the match on her own. She then posed for the cameras as she left her dressing room.

Highlights from the Summer Bash Tour from last week were aired.

Match #2: Melina vs. Michelle McCool

Highlights from Michelle's/Melina's battle from last week was shown.

Another short match with Michelle taking down Melina almost right away. Melina tried to leave the ring, before Michelle pulled her back in. Melina was begging at one point, but Michelle wasn't impressed. Melina got a cheap shot and then choked Michelle with the ropes until the five count broke it. Michelle kicked her in the jaw, got Melina before Melina getting the the power bomb and then the pin on Michelle, with Melina's foot on the ropes, after getting punched in the corner several times by Michelle.

Winner: Melina


Nitro and Mercury gave the Snapshot to Michelle after the match before Heidenreich came to the rescue of Michelle and chasing out MNM

Backstage, Benoit was seen getting ready for the five-man match.

We saw Eddie Guerrero again, this time in the ring. He showed a video of Rey's son at a playground. Eddie asked Rey if he remembered when Eddie said he would get hurt. He then said he was at Rey's son's playground before Eddie called him over, wondering if the boy liked secrets and bedtime stories. He then offered candy to the boy, before he sat on Eddie's lap and Eddie told him he loved him and when Eddie asked if he loved secrets and bedtime stories. When the kid said that he did, Eddie responded that he would tell him a bedtime story that he would never, ever forget. When the video ended, Eddie talked more about this secret, asking if he should tell their secret and share it with the world, then Rey came to the ring and Eddie asked him if he thought it was time his son knew the truth. Rey asked Eddie not to; Eddie told Rey to get on his knees and beg him not to tell Dominique the secrets/bedtime stories/the truth. Rey got on his knees. Eddie took out candy, then spit some in Rey's face and knocked him down, leaving Rey with "Chew on that!" as a parting shot.

The announcement by Long of the five-man elimination match from last week was once again shown.

During the introduction of the contenders for the match, Teddy Long then came out and Christian was revealed as the newest Smackdown draft pick and was entered into the now Six Man Elimination Match to determine the new Smackdown Champion.

Match #3: Six-Man Elimination Match for the WWE Championship

Very long match; my guess is that this one went about 35 minutes or more.

Taker was the last one to come out; everyone but Christian bailed out of the ring. It looked as if Christian was trying to reason with Taker before things got underway.

Taker made his presence known by working on Hassan, before JBL tagged in to battle Hassan; Hassan then tagged in Benoit to battle it out with JBL in the ring before Hassan was tagged back in to deal with Benoit. Hassan got to the corner at one point, met with the eyes of Taker, which then Taker tagged in and went to work on Hassan.

Undertaker was then the first man eliminated about ten minutes into the match via DQ after he hit Hassan with a chair near the announce desk. Both he and Hassan were out at this point and he continued to whack Hassan with the chair again as the match broke to a second commercial.

Back from the break, Benoit and Booker were at it in the ring. Lots of right hands and chops exchanged; Benoit took a nasty shot off the ring post at one point and putting a wicked abdominal stretch on Booker, yet Booker refused to submit. The battle went on until both men were down in the ring, but both were to their feet before the ten-count was completed. Benoit attempted the sharpshooter once, but Booker kicked out before Benoit locked it in on the second attempt. Somehow, Booker made it out and it looked as if Booker was in the Crossface when JBL tagged in.

JBL and Booker went at it until Benoit tagged in again and was eliminated about 20 minutes into the match, after a DDT and a pin to Benoit by JBL. It was now down to three as the match went to a third commercial break.

Back from the break again, Booker and JBL went back and forth in this match for a bit before Christian was tagged in and went to work on Booker. Christian had Booker by the neck, but Booker still wouldn't submit. Christian added a drop kick on Booker once Booker got out of the hold and went to work on Booker's neck yet again. Both went back and forth for a long time, a lot of moves countered a couple of near falls. JBL then tagged in, battling out with Booker again. JBL kicked out from several of Booker's pin attempts.

Christian was now in the ring; he went off the top rope and onto JBL for a pin attempt, which JBL kicked out of. Christian and JBL went back and forth and Christian got a tornado DDT onto JBL for another pin attempt, but JBL kicked out. More back and forth as JBL put a reverse choke on Christian. Christian got out of the hold by elbow to the sternum, and JBL got a forward slam on Christian before Booker came back in. Booker went to the top rope and landed on JBL for a pin attempt, but JBL got out at two and a half. More chops by Booker, followed by the Book End on JBL, but JBL also got out of that pin by Booker when the match went to the fourth commercial.

Upon return from the commercial break, JBL and Booker were still at it when Christian tagged in and JBL pinned Booker. Christian and Booker argued, causing a distraction on Christian's part; when Christian turned around, JBL got him with the clothesline from hell.

Winner: JBL


JBL went London-esque on his win celebration, hugging the ref and getting emotional. Teddy Long then came out with a sack that appeared to be holding the belt and said he had some good news and some bad news. The bad news was JBL was NOT Smackdown Champion, because there's no need for one because of who the new draft pick, BUT the good news was that JBL is now the #1 Contender. It was then revealed that the final pick was Batista, who came to the ring and posed for the crowd as the show left the air.
Current Roster:
John Cena
The Big Show.
Shelton Benjamin
Eugene Dinsmore (injured- return in Aug 05)
The Hurricane.
Rosey (S.H.I.T.).
Val Venis.
Ric Flair..
Rob Van Dam. (injured- return unknown)
Danny Basham
Mark Henry (injured- return unknown)
Triple H. (taken time off- return possibly sept/oct 05)
Kurt Angle.
Shawn Michaels.
Chris Jericho.
Gene Snitsky
Chris Masters
Rene Dupree
Antonio Thomas
Romeo Roselli
Robert Conway
Tyson Tomko
Chavo Guerrero.
Johnny Parisi.
Kenzo Suzuki
Mark Jindrak

Christy Hemme.
Lillian Garcia.
Maria Kanellis.
Stacy Keibler
Trish Stratus.

The Undertaker.
Rey Mysterio.
Chris Benoit.
Booker T.
John Layfield.
Randy Orton. (injured- return august 05)
Eddie Guerrero.
Orlando Jordan.
Joey Mercury.
Johnny Nitro.
Juventud Guerrera.
Super Crazy.
William Regal
Frankie Kazarian
Sylvian Grenier.
Doug Basham
Simon Dean
John Heidenreich
Road Warrior Animal
Paul London
Hardcore Holly.
Stevie Richards
Sho Funaki.
Scotty 2 Hotty.
Bubba Ray Dudley
Spike Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Matt Morgan
Shannon Moore
Billy Kidman
Charlie Haas
Muhammad Hassan

Torrie Wilson
Michelle McCool
Candice Michelle
Dawn Marie
Miss Jackie

WWE Champion: John Cena.
World Tag Team Champions: The Super Heroes.
Intercontinental Champion: Carlito Cool.
Woman’s Champion: Trish Stratus.

World Heavyweight Champion: Batista.
WWE Tag Team Champions: MNM.
United States Champion: Orlando Jordan.
Cruiserweight Champion: Paul London.

Tag Teams and Stables:
MNM- (Mercury, Nitro, Melina)
Super Heroes (Stacy Keibler, Hurricane and Rosey)
Mexicools (Juvi Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psicosis)
Muhammad Hassan and Davari
Edge and Lita
The Cabinet (JBL and Orlando Jordan)
The Heartthrobs (Romeo and Antonio)

Notes will be up soon, with a big shock.

Go Carlton Blues!
Not Changing Until:
1. Carlton makes AFL finals
2. Yushin Okami gets UFC Middleweight Title shot.
3. Evan Bourne wins a World Title
4. Fedor loses
5. Edge wins a World Title CLEANLY
6. Brendan Fevola kicks 100 goals - well it wont happen in a year, but he has kicked 100 techincally

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Re: WWE 2005- Aftermath of Vengeance 2005 and Draft Lottery

Some notes here, "credited" from Wrestling Observer:

Raw Notes:
- Management is delighted with Raw’s benefits from the draft. They feel Cena is the right choice to lead Raw for the moment, Angle moving freshens things up for him (expect big things from Kurt), Carlito is believed by many to be a future maineventer, hence the immediate push since his arrival and Big Show adds big man credibility, along with a team player ready to help the brand. Obviously RVD is still injured, but when he does return, expect some sort of ECW involvement in his character.

- WWE have been talking to Matt Hardy on re-hiring him, but Hardy, still bitter over the Edge/Lita scandal, has flat out refused to work for the company. This is a disappointment, has the upper management really want to cash in on the public reception Edge and Lita are receiving over it during Raw. Also, expect the Kane/Edge feud to end soon, as everyone has nodded that it has bombed

- Chris Jericho has been in contract negotiations with WWE now. Jericho, who has a interest in leaving wrestling for a music/hollywood career, is trying to secure a short term contract, so he can have a bit both worlds, despite WWE asking for Jericho to commit either way long term. Y2J’s contract runs out in August.

- Triple H has (predictably) decided to take some time off after his superb Hell In A Cell match with Batista. Hunter has chosen this after nagging injuries, due to his tough schedule since 2002. It also was done on a creative standpoint, as many writers felt that the Raw mainevent scene was getting stale with HHH constantly in title picture. HHH has said he wants a couple of months off, with a return possibly after SummerSlam.
- WWE management and writers are also pleased with SmackDown’s draft picks. Benoit is a boost not only for matches and young development, but his respect in locker room gives new life to SmackDown camp now that he is there. Orton, who will return possibly next month, will be necessary to booster top heels after JBL. Big things are thought of for Muhammad Hassan, as the move to SmackDown was done to get his in ring ability worked on, in particular on the more wrestling-based show. Moving Christian was a vital step in keeping his hot rise with fans alive. It was felt he’d being going backwards if kept on Raw, with too many big stars above him. Look for a future feud with Undertaker on Christian’s horizons. Finally Batista was moved as SmackDown needed a big name face champ, who is willing to put a full schedule. There is full faith in Big Dave, who looks to have a lengthy reign as World Champ, provided things don’t change.

- With being named no.1 contender, expect JBL to recruit at least one (or more) people into the Cabinet before his title match vs. Batista (at Great American Bash). This is done, not only to put the big ppv match over, but to bolster the Cabinet, as the Basham’s have just left

- Look for the Eddie Guerrero/Rey Mysterio feud to continue. Vince McMahon himself has loved the contests these two have and has used this “secret” angle as a means to milk the feud as much as can. No word on what the “secret” is.

- Expect the Dudley Boyz to return soon. Following the popularity of ECW One Night Stand, WWE really wants to cash in on the ECW name, and both Bubba Ray and D-Von are ready to start again.
PPV Schedule:
Great American Bash- July 24th, 2005- SmackDown.
SummerSlam- August 21st, 2005- Joint.
Unforgiven- September 18th, 2005- Raw.
No Mercy- October 9th, 2005- SmackDown.
Taboo Tuesday (Interactive)- October 25th, 2005- Raw.
Survivor Series- November 27th, 2005- Joint.
Armageddon- December 18th, 2005- SmackDown.
New Year’s Revolution- January 1st, 2006- Raw.
Royal Rumble- January 29th, 2006- Joint.
No Way Out- February 26th, 2006- SmackDown.
WrestleMania 22- April 2nd, 2006- Joint.

And for that shock....

It can be reported that Hulk Hogan was walked out on WWE! Hogan, who at WrestleMania 21 was inducted into the WWE Hall Of Fame and brought back as recent as last week in a 6-Man tag, in which he paired with John Cena and Shawn Michaels to beat Christian, Chris Jericho and Tomko, had a heated argument with Vince McMahon and walked out on WWE. It was almost a certainty, that both had agreed for this comeback to lead to a Shawn Michaels heel turn on Hogan, setting up a huge blockbuster match between HBK vs. Hogan at SummerSlam. However, Hogan had been working on a verbal deal, so he was free to leave at anytime, in which case he just has. We will give you more details as soon as we get them.

Go Carlton Blues!
Not Changing Until:
1. Carlton makes AFL finals
2. Yushin Okami gets UFC Middleweight Title shot.
3. Evan Bourne wins a World Title
4. Fedor loses
5. Edge wins a World Title CLEANLY
6. Brendan Fevola kicks 100 goals - well it wont happen in a year, but he has kicked 100 techincally

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Re: WWE 2005- Aftermath of Vengeance 2005 and Draft Lottery

More on Hogan/WWE split:
It appears that Hulk Hogan has walked off on WWE due to a creative dispute with Vince McMahon. As previously mentioned, Hogan was brought back to set up a dream match with Shawn Michaels at SummerSlam. However this was done on a verbal deal, meaning Hogan had no contractual obligations. It is believed that at first, it was agreed that Hogan had control over the feud and outcome of the match. But apparently, McMahon had a change of heart, and decided that he would have control as he has for the rest of the show, and that he leave his decision on who would go over just before SummerSlam, as to reward to whoever could get the match over better in coming weeks. Hogan, realising that based on this approach, he would have no chance no convincing Vince to put him over (especially with Michaels’ white hot performances this year against Kurt Angle, Edge and Shelton Benjamin), so he marched into Vince’s office and demanded he have his original control, or else he’d walk off right then. McMahon then replied by saying he made Hogan what he is, so if he doesn’t like the decision, then that’s too bad. Hogan then replied with a “Fuck You McMahon and your fucking family” and stormed out. Hogan then packed his things immediately and got himself on a flight out to Venice Beach, California. Both McMahon and HBK are seething, as it seems Hogan had no intention of putting HBK if he had the book, and then took his ball and went home, so too speak, once his creative power was removed. This dents a whole in not only SummerSlam, but for HBK, as he is left with no current feud. Another big feud for Michaels is being thought for now.
Well there it is no Hogan. My next post will be Raw, which should be later in the week,

Go Carlton Blues!
Not Changing Until:
1. Carlton makes AFL finals
2. Yushin Okami gets UFC Middleweight Title shot.
3. Evan Bourne wins a World Title
4. Fedor loses
5. Edge wins a World Title CLEANLY
6. Brendan Fevola kicks 100 goals - well it wont happen in a year, but he has kicked 100 techincally
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Re: WWE 2005- Aftermath of Vengeance 2005 and Draft Lottery

Raw: July 4th, 2005

Raw opens with highlights of last week’s 6-Man tag mainevent. Footage of Hogan is purposely kept to a minimum, as video emphasizes on Cena overcoming odds. After the usual Raw highlights, the pyrotechnics go off to start Raw!

JR: Welcome to Monday Night Raw! I’m JR along with Jerry “The King” Lawler. What a show it’s here tonight.

King: That’s right JR, tonight we are gonna see the remaining Diva Search contestants here tonight. But one of them has to get eliminated JR, even though I love seeing them all!

JR: Okay settle down, King.

Suddenly “I’m Back” is heard, meaning only that Eric Bischoff’s music has hit, to a majority of heat. Fans were probably expecting some big wrestler to come out, but here is the Bisch. “Easy E” then grabs a mike...

Bischoff: Welcome everybody to Monday Night Raw!

Cheap pop, of course.

Bischoff: This is the premier brand in all of WWE and sports-entertainment, right here on Spike.

Another cheap pop, this time from network executives.

Bischoff: With so much action here tonight I’m just gonna get to it and announce tonight’s matches. First off, Carito will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin…

Good pop for Shelton’s name, crowd is cheering as Bischoff continues...

Bischoff: AND the Big Show, in a triple threat match!

Slightly bigger pop now for Show, as crowd gets excited with prospect of Carlito defending belt against 2 fan favourites.

Bischoff: As for the mainevent, (voice and face gets angered) John Cena will be in action. (Bischoff has to stop as crowd undisputedly gives Cena voice of approval.) He will be facing Tomko, Non-Title.

Mixed reaction, cheers still with Cena being in mainevent, but some boos that it’s Non-Title, also with boos coming after Tomko’s name not being what the fans really wanted.

Bischoff: With that said, goodnight and enjoy the sh……..

“You think you know me” hits, stopping Bischoff from leaving. Edge, along with the ever hot Lita accompanying him make there way to the ring in a very angry mood. Edge, showing much frustration and anger grabs mike…

Edge: What was that Eric, enjoy the show? Well it’s definitely sure me and Lita can’t enjoy the show, especially that’s in this hell hole of a town!

Major heat, with the cheap town heat working effectively on this crowd. Bischoff gives a look as if, “What are you talking about?” Edge sees this and gets more frustrated as he continues.

Edge: And we also can’t enjoy show, for that matter, as everywhere Lita and I have to look behind us every where we go, because some burnt-up freak!

Pops from crowd, as they know Edge is talking about Kane, to which they get off on Kane’s trauma towards Edge/Lita.

Edge: That’s right Eric, that, that…….. Kane keeps on interfering in our lives Eric. (Edge holds onto to Lita to make his point) He crashed through me and Lita’s beautiful wedding (pops), he screwed me over in match at Vengeance (pops again from the crowd), then just last week, he grabs the love my life, and tells her he’s going to make her life a living hell!

Crowd responds with massive cheers. Edge then puts his hands over Lita’s ears as crowd chants “You screwed Matt” to both Edge/Lita. Edge then quickly grabs mike.

Edge: I mean Eric, how could allow this to happen to us? We don’t deserve this… look at my Lita, this is the most beautiful and wholesome Diva in WWE history.

Thunderous heat there. Edge couldn’t haven’t of picked a better time to say that huh?

Edge: And I am top star in the industry today, Bischoff. I have beaten everyone around here Eric, and don’t forget, I am Mr. Money In The Bank. I deserve some respect around here, especially from some over-rated, heartless, worthless excuse of a person.

Loud boos for Edge. Bischoff attempts to speak personally to Edge (without mic), but Edge continues on…

Edge: Look Eric, I want you to do something here. I want you to get Kane out of my life, I want him to stop stalking and harassing us and I don’t want to think what that psycho pyromaniac has in store for Lita and I, Eric, DO SOMETHING.

Bischoff, who during the whole Edge rant, had a emotionless look on his face, grabs mike like he was he put through torture….

Bischoff: Well seeing how you want to end all of this Edge, huh? And I’m correct in saying that you were also mad at Kane beating you at Vengeance?

Edge growls back...

Edge: Beat me? He screwed me Eric, he…. are you gonna do something or not?!

Bischoff: Well then, you can have both, as next week you will face Kane….

Small pop, as crowd like it, but wants it here. Edge then is pleased and says to Lita, “this is good”, but Bischoff continues….

Bischoff: IN A STEEL CAGE!

Edge is irate, as the crowd pops huge for this announcement. Edge goes to talk, but Bisch has more…

Bischoff: And since you’re all so worked up tonight, then later on, you can team with Chris Jericho to face Shawn Michaels…

Crowd gives solid pop for HBK’s name, but they, along with Edge, have a clue on the partner will be.

Bischoff: and Kane!

Crowd gives another good pop, giving life into Edge/Kane feud it seems. Edge looks pissed as hell before starting to talk again…

Edge: Well I don’t give a crap about some unnecessary, worthless tag match! These fans can wait til next week to see me (major heat.) Come on Lita, baby, let’s go….

As Edge attempts to leave, Kane’s music hits! The crowd goes nuts as Kane starts to come to the ring, while Eric makes the smart decision to leave before things escalate as Kane climbs over the top rope. Edge tries then to exit the ring, but suddenly all fire gulfs Edge away from the burning ring ropes. Suddenly it stops, but by the time Edge composes himself, Kane is right behind him. Edge turns around into an uppercut, followed up by left and rights, with a big boot knocking Edge down. Kane then looks at a Lita with a sick smile, so sick, that Lita fears for life and runs up to the top off the ramp. Kane then re-focuses himself, then nails a Chokeslam on Edge! Kane then does his usual pyro close off and we go to a…

Commercial break.

When Raw returns, we are with JR and King.

JR: Welcome back to Raw, how explosive what the start to this show!

King: Explosive is perfect word for it, JR. Did you just see the way Kane just manhandled Edge!

JR: I sure did. But that’s only thing that was breaking that just happened, Eric Bischoff has made this show a stacked card to watch King! Edge and Kane, will be competing here tonight, in a tag team match on opposing ends, King!

King: Plus, Carlito will defend his Intercontinental Championship against Shelton Benjamin and Big Show! And John Cena is in action here tonight!

JR: But that’s all later folks, let’s kick things off with one half of the World Tag Team Champions in action!

Suddenly “Stand back, there’s Hurricane coming through” blasts through the arena, as the current World Tag Team Champions, The Hurricane and Rosey, along with their manager, “Super” Stacy Keibler (who does live up to the name “Super” in many ways) make their way to the ring to an okay pop, certainly boosted by Stacy’s presence. Even if it’s only Hurricane in competition, all 3 look pumped for action. After this, the generic dance music of the Heartthrobs hits, to some heat, although it seems more like X-Pac heat rather than the heat Edge just provoked. Romeo pumps up Antonio, who has a chance to put their team back in top contention of Raw’s dull tag division. Bell is rung, which starts…

Match 1:
World Tag Team Champ The Hurricane (w/Rosey, Stacy Keibler) vs. Antonio (w/Romeo):

Well if Raw can have a triple main event, you know the other matches aren’t gonna matter. This match happens not to matter as you can guess, with very little time allocated to both wrestlers. After a couple of minutes of back and forth action, Hurricane starts to have momentum on his side, telling fans this match will be over before it even started. As Hurricane is attempting a Shining Wizard, Romeo has the referee distracted, which means Antonio’s low blow goes undetected by the ref. Romeo is shown celebrating, but it isn’t for long, as Rosey grabs him off the apron, then clotheslines him onto the floor. Despite this, Antonio is still control in the ring. He then attempts some neckbreaker, but Stacy proves her “assets”, by um… distracting (more like captivating) Antonio, which allows Hurricane to nail the Eye Of The Hurricane for the pin, then victory.

Match Result: Hurricane def Antonio at 4:12.

Afterwards, all three “Superheroes” pose to the crowd, exciting some fan reaction, even if they just used them if a throwaway TV match. King and JR put over the tag team champs, with King happily putting Stacy over, on her…. managerial services. JR then throws it to…

Backstage with Todd Grisham

Grisham: Joining me now at this time, the current WWE Champion, John Cena!

Cena walks in, with this evoking a giant pop from the crowd. Cena then looks over with a smile, put his arms over Grisham’s shoulders and asks…

Cena: So huh, Piss-ham, still huh having those “accidents” around here?

Cena is referring to the Vengeance interview he cut 8 days before. Crowd has slight laugh, but doesn’t really get it.

Grisham: (embarrassed voice) Yeah, huh, just trying to move on (Cena just laughs). With that said, tonight General Manager Eric Bischoff, has put you in the ring tonight against Tomko. Your thoughts?

Cena: Yeah yeah, I heard about sleazy E making some match tonight, I wasn’t sure it was me, I mean Todd, did you see Eric when he said John Cena? It was like the same face he shows when sees that his hair is whiter than his teeth!?

Crowd gives laugh, but slowly dies down.

Cena: It seemed like that same face that he has when, apparently, Coach tells him that Coach thinks Eric’s a really handsome man.

Crowd gives a good laugh this time, with Cena giving impersonating Bischoff’s face.

Cena: In all serious though, Bischoff thinks he’s gonna send me a message by having me face some big monster in Tomko, like I didn’t understand his offer he gave when I first arrived at Raw? Listen Eric, I said it before, and I’ll say it again, I don’t play politics. John Cena is here to wrestle, damn it. If you want some little minion “friends” that are gonna go kiss your ass and tell how great you are, don’t expect The Champ to be there!

Crowd is eating every word up, leading with Cena to finish off…

Cena: Look Eric, you can have these wrestlers under your book, you can send big monsters at me all you want, but I am still THE WWE Champion! The Champ is here, and starting tonight, The champ will welcome you the new Raw!

Cena walks off to more pops, as we head to a…


JR and King then hype the top three matches to come out. Suddenly “The World’s Largest Love Machine” Viscera’s music notes, leading to the big man making his way down. Lillian Garcia barely manages to announce Vis, as she is still hurting from Vis’ decision to dump her at Vengeance. The former “La Resistance” music hits bringing out the now singles wrestler, Rob Conway. The crowd really doesn’t give a shit about this match, as during both entrances, fans can be seen walking off for food and drinks. Despite that the ring bells and we start…

Match 2:
Rob Conway vs. Viscera:

Well Big Vis is on his umpteenth push, while the creative team currently has nothing for Conway; who’s gonna win? After a tedious brawl between the two, Vis nails Conway with a pair of clotheslines, before hitting his spinning heel kick (while keeping its 100% record for being botched) before hitting a big splash for the win.

Match Result: Viscera def Rob Conway at 0:58.

Afterwards, Lillian on the outside tries to announce Viscera the victor, but starts crying and runs off, leaving Vis to go celebrate, while JR and King are busier focusing on promoting the Cena/Tomko mainevent, as we fade to an another…


When we return, a SmackDown rebound is shown, highlighting Christian and Batista (along with his World Title) being drafted to the blue brand.

When we return, “The Masterpiece” Chris Masters, is standing in the ring. Masters is oiled up as hell, while JR and King put over the current win streak of Masters, and of course the Masterlock itself, which nobody can still get out of. Masters then grabs a mike and begins…

Masters: Another week, another Raw, another stinking city (huge heat) and another Masterlock challenge.

Not much heat, as crowd sense Masters has something more to say.

Masters: Every week, someone comes out and thinks they have what it takes to break the Masterlock, but every week they all fail, don’t they?

Crowd gives a little heat, as Masters quickly continues on.

Masters: I mean I know I may have been delusional for thinking any of you slobs could break the Masterlock.

Crowd gives in, giving Masters the heat that he originally wanted.

Masters: But not even one member of the Raw roster has come even close to breaking the GRIP from these bad boys!

Masters then flexes his muscles with massive intent, as crowd still giving Masters heat he really doesn’t deserve.

Masters: So I guess where here again aren’t we? I guess I’m gonna call out anyone that thinks that they break the Masterlock to come on down right now and show me what they got!

Crowd then realizes Masters promo is done, so the educated fans start to look to ‘Tron to see who will accept challenge. After a little while, the generic music of Mark Jindrak blazes’ through the arena. Despite the fact that Jindrak just saved the crowd from falling to sleep from some boring promo, they equally don’t care about the new Raw member. Just as JR and King put over Jindrak and how he was traded from SmackDown, Masters (who was stunned that Jindrak accepted the challenge) tries to sneak attack Jindrak. However this wasn’t the night to try this, as his shots to back of head have no affect whatsoever on Jindrak, who in turn, responds with a massive left hook, which knocks out Masters cold!

JR: What a return to Raw from the rising star, Mark Jindrak!

King: Jindrak made a big impact here, knocking out the undefeated Masterpiece with just one shot!

JR: Jindrak has all the talents to be a major player here on Raw. But coming up next three major players will be in the ring fighting here for the Intercontinental Championship!

King: That’s right JR, Carlito will defend his title against the former champ Shelton Benjamin and the world’s largest athlete, The Big Show in a Triple Threat Match!

JR: That is next!

During that talking, Jindrak is celebrating with crowd, who now at last have some liking to Jindrak. As Jindrak makes his way up the ring, we head off to a….


When we return, “I Spit in the face, of people who don’t want to be cool” is heard through out the arena, bringing out the reigning IC Champ, Carlito. Carlito, despite being put in 3 way battle still has his cocky demeanour about him. Then “Ain’t No Stopping Me” brings out the former champ, Shelton Benjamin, to a really good pop, in fact almost surprisingly good. Following that, “Well It’s a Big Show” blasts through, leading The Big Show out. After doing his trademark pose, Show refocuses, as Benjamin and Carlito are back in the ring, as we start…

Match 3: Intercontinental Championship: Triple Threat:
Carlito (c) vs. Shelton Benjamin vs. Big Show:

Well even though on paper Show may look out of place being with high-flyers like Benjamin and Carlito, his involvement the match is crucial, as gives another dimension to the match. After a wild brawl between all 3 at the start, mixing in some power with speed and agility into some unique spots, including Show catching Benjamin, who Springboarded in, and in quick motion hitting his Alley-oop bomb on Benjamin, who falls onto the fallen Carlito! After Shelton and Carlito both hit Show with stereo crossbody planchas to the outside, the match turned into a more traditional one-on-one encounter between Carlito/Benjamin. After several minutes, neither man was able to get the pin, which allowed Big Show to re-enter the ring, leaving all 3 battling it out. After Big Show seems poised to hit Carlito with a ChokeSlam, Benjamin this time nails the Springboard (Dropkick), sending the giant reeling. Shelton then sends Carlito to the corner and hits his Stinger Splash, followed up by the T-Bone Suplex. As it seems Shelton will win back his IC Title back, Show breaks up the count. After little bit brawling between the two faces, Show eventually hits the ChokeSlam on Benjamin! But as he bends down to attempt a cover, Carlito nails him with Intercontinental title belt! Carlito then pins the giant and gets three count!

Match Result: Carlito def Big Show and Shelton Benjamin; Carlito pins Show at 10:33 to retain Intercontinental Championship.

JR: Damn it, Show and Benjamin both had the belt won multiple occasions, while Carlito had resort to retain his Intercontinental Championship tonight!

King: A win is a win JR, and Carlito just proved how cool he is in the ring by waiting for the right time to seize the opportunity here tonight!

JR: Well with that being said, we still have two huge matches here to come, including John Cena in the mainevent!

King: But that’s later on JR. As for now, we’re going to show you footage of the Sgt. Slaughter Bikini Boot Camp that was done earlier today! Oh baby, roll the footage!

Raw then shows the footage taped earlier that day, with all of the Diva Search slu… contestants ready for the Bikini Bootcamp (cause none of them don’t know about shooting in bikinis, huh?). But before that, one of them must be eliminated. After some deliberation, the Coach says it’s time to go…..um what’s her name? Um….. Crystal, ok thanks. Anyways after she leaves, the Bootcamp can begin. Basically, all of these chicks were in sexy bikinis, and did some bogus obstacle course, which saw less workrate than Mark Henry. After Coach, JR and King then plug the voting as we mercifully head to a…


When Raw returns, “You Think You Know Me” hits, brining Edge, along with Lita to the ring. Both are still visibly shaken, with Lita fearing for her safety. Edge even goes as to grab a chair from the timekeeper’s table, and tells Lita not to move from it as she sits down. As Edge enters the ring, Chris Jericho’s music hits, brining Y2J to a mixed reaction. Even though he may have turned heel a couple weeks ago, some part of the crowd doesn’t care (including some kids) and are cheering for Jericho. Y2J tries to remove this by acting like a jerk to one of these “smart” fans. After this, the classic Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring, to an insane pop. Shawn does his usual trademark poses and pyro, before Kane makes his way down to the ring. After a close up of Lita, you can see the anger in Edge’s eyes, as he attacks the Big Red Machine as Kane is stepping over the top rope, which starts…

Match 3:
Kane/Shawn Michaels vs. Chris Jericho/Edge (w/Lita):

After the initial brawl between Edge and Kane, which stemmed from the opening segment earlier, this tag team match turned out to be a nice, but probably forgotten tag match here. The first few minutes saw Kane just throw Edge around with several strikes and slams. Eventually Edge was able to escape a powerslam attempt, and then tag desperately into Jericho. This then lead into HBK getting tagged in, which lead to some great technical wrestling between the two in-ring legends. After Michaels got the upper edge, which lead to Jericho thrown to the outside. Michaels then risks it all by attempting a plancha onto Y2J, but Jericho avoids it, resulting in Michaels crashing and burning on the floor! Jericho rolls into the ring and uses the referee’s attention, as Edge (who has composed himself by this time) grabs the Heartbreak Kid and throws him head first into the ring post! JR then screams, as usual as we go to a…


When we return, we are shown a replay of what happened before we left. Then we are shown during the commercial break, a big Superplex Jericho nails in ring to HBK. Over the next period, Michaels is worked down by both heels, which shows how world-class Edge and Jericho are. It doesn’t help that there working with Michaels, who again sells this beating like only he can. After Michaels ducks a Edge Spear, followed by nailing him with a DDT, both men are down. As the ref counts, Kane is pleading for Shawn to make the tag, as he can lay his hand on Edge. Eventually both men get up and Kane gets the tag… but so does Jericho, too. Not like that matters to Kane, who keeps going after Edge. Jericho tries to attack Kane from behind, but is met with a big boot. As Kane throws Edge to the outside, Michaels makes a blind tag. Kane then climbs up top, then hits a flying clothesline to Edge onto the floor! When the Big Red Machine gets up, he notices Lita. Lita then immediately runs for her life, while Kane chases. In between all of this, Jericho was able to hit a bulldog and Lionsault on HBK. As the referee is outside restraining Kane from grabbing Lita, Y2J picks up the chair Lita was formerly sitting on, brining it into the ring. Jericho attempts a chairshot onto Michaels’ head, but HBK ducks, allowing for Michaels to nail Sweet Chin Music onto the chair back into Jericho’s face. The ref conveniently returns once Shawn removes the chair from the ring, then a cover is made to give the faces victory!

Match Result:
Shawn Michaels/Kane def Edge/Chris Jericho; Michaels pinned Jericho at 18:11.

JR: Jericho tried to use the chair to HBK, but in the end it backfired in the biggest way!

King: It sure did, but what a win for HBK and Kane here tonight.

JR: Especially for the Big Red Machine, who set a clear message to Edge here tonight: next week, in that 15 foot high Steel Cage, there is nowhere to run for Edge!

King: I can’t wait for that JR!

By this time, Kane is back into the ring, as Michaels is posing on the ropes. As HBK gets down, Kane does his trademark pose, as JR and King hype Cena/Tomko one last time before we hit our final…


When we return, we see Ric Flair walking backstage. After passing through some backstage staff, Flair hears something voice behind him…

???: Well look who it is!

Flair turns around to see its Kurt Angle. Angle then walks over and continues…

Kurt: It’s Ric Flair! The man or it used to be the man, until last week, huh Ric?

Flair just laughs as Angle goes on.

Kurt: How did it feel Ric? How did feel to face the very best in the business right now, and know that you’re don’t have it anymore, Ric? How did it feel to know that I’m the man, Flair?

Flair turns to Angle and answers…

Flair: It felt great, because it just proved that you are NOT the man!

Angle: What do you me---

Flair: What I mean is that after last week I realised that I was wrong! Kurt I said that you could be the greatest of all time… BUT I WAS WRONG!

Angle looks very puzzled as Flair presses on.

Flair: I mean Kurt you said it yourself- Ric Flair should get out of the ring before he gets hurt, right? But last week the Nature Boy walked that aisle, got in the ring with the alleged best in the business, and this old didn’t get hurt!

Flair then pauses, before adding.

Flair: Where’s that killer instinct, Kurt? Where’s that Kurt Angle that I thought could wipe the floor with me? Where’s the Kurt Angle that has beaten nearly every top star in the last 6 years, Kurt? Where is the Kurt Angle that won the Olympic Gold Medal with a broken neck?

Angle looks in a confused state, as if to ask how could Ric Flair question my intensity and instinct?

Flair: You say HBK got lucky at Vengeance? Well I think YOU got lucky at Mania? What’s happened since then, Kurt… I’ll tell ya. You started hunting Booker T’s wife, got yourself beat by HBK at Vengeance, then last week you struggled to beat a man double your age.

Angle looks more stunned and depressed as Naitch finishes…

Flair: The Kurt Angle I faced wasn’t the man by any stretch of the imagination. That Kurt Angle wouldn’t beat HBK, John Cena or the man himself, Triple H.

Flair stops before adding…


Angle then thinks to himself, as Flair walks off. Angle then looks up and just smiles.

We return to the ring, where Tomko’s music hits, to barely the reaction needed for a maineventer. Despite this, the crowd knows who’s coming out next. They don’t have to wait long, as “My Time Is Now” goes through the system, brining the current WWE Champion, John Cena to the ring. The young kids and all women can be heard screaming, as the champ walks into the ring and holds up the WWE Title, but the big pop is interrupted as Tomko attacks Cena from behind. This abruptly starts us off here…

Mainevent: Non-Title:
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Tomko:

It would be quite obvious to say this wont be a 5 star mat classic, but the crowd doesn’t care really, because it’s John Cena. After the bell rings, Tomko has the advantage, but not for long as Cena outbrawls the ox, hitting several clotheslines and strikes before slamming down Tomko in position for the 5-Knuckle-Schuffle. However Tomko rolls out of the way, so Cena fist drops the ring. Tomko then grabs Cena and sends him shoulder into the ringpost twice, putting the momentum in the big man’s favour. After a couple of minutes of Tomko working on Cena and the shoulder, the champ is able to power himself past the pain, nailing a back suplex to bring back to even territory. After both men get up, Cena takes control, using his all so familiar move-set to bring down Tomko. After nailing a successful 5-Knuckle-Schuffle, Cena calls for the F-U, but Tomko struggles out and nails a Big Boot for a close near fall. Tomko brings Cena up, but as he does, Cena lifts him into position…… F-U! Cena hooks leg and get 3 count!

Match Result:
John Cena def. Tomko at 7:13.

Afterwards Cena starts posing for the fans, as JR and King put over the WWE Champ. Suddenly the camera then cuts backstage to Eric Bischoff and Coach in the GM’s office. Bischoff has a death look towards the TV and then says to himself (and Coach I guess)…

Bischoff: Look at him… what a piece of white trash. He thinks he can make fun of me, Eric Bischoff? He has no clue who’s he dealing with! He wants say this is new Raw, well there is a new Raw alright, a Raw Revolution that is to be unleashed!

Bischoff then looks over to Coach, who looks at Bischoff with a face to say “What’s the Raw Revolution”. But only think, as he wouldn’t dare ask what it is with Bischoff’s current mood, as EB continually stares at TV showing Cena celebrating….


Match Results:
Hurricane def Antonio at 4:12.
Viscera def Rob Conway at 0:58.
Carlito def Big Show and Shelton Benjamin; Carlito pins Show at 10:33 to retain Intercontinental Championship.
Shawn Michaels/Kane def Edge/Chris Jericho; Michaels pinned Jericho at 18:11.
John Cena def. Tomko at 7:13.

Next week: 11/7/2005.
Steel Cage Match:
Kane vs. Edge

Go Carlton Blues!
Not Changing Until:
1. Carlton makes AFL finals
2. Yushin Okami gets UFC Middleweight Title shot.
3. Evan Bourne wins a World Title
4. Fedor loses
5. Edge wins a World Title CLEANLY
6. Brendan Fevola kicks 100 goals - well it wont happen in a year, but he has kicked 100 techincally
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