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Booking TNA *Now known as TNA attitude*


May 21, 2009

Before the broadcast a live video of Jeff Jarrett is shown
" This broadcast of TNA iMPACT! is one of the most wild, crazy, epic iMPACT'S! In the history of Total Nonstop Action history.... Viewer discretion is advised"

TNA Theme Song Hits

*Pyro and Done West and Mike Tenay welcome us*

MEM music hits and Booker T w/Sharmell , Kevin Nash w/ Jenna Marasca, Scott Steiner, and Sting come down to the ring. Kevin Nash says "You might be asking yourselfs where's Kurt Angle? Wheres the godfather? Well Kurt went on a little field trip." Then Booker T says "Alright Sucka lets move on wit it! We need to work things out with my queen and your girl ya dig?"
Mick Foley is on the screen and says tonight it will be Jenna and Sharmell tagging together vs Awesome Kong in a no DQ match...and thats FINAL!

Booker T's face lights up and starts throwing a fit

The Motor City Machine Guns come out to the ring
Alex Shelly says "I am sick and tired of this Suicide crap...I dont know how Daniels did it last week...Maybe he had his butt buddy get into the ring as Suicide." Chris Sabin says "Alright "suicide and Daniels" how about a match at Sacifice if your team loses you must unmask yourself infront of the hole world."

-The Lights go Out-
Its Daniels ontop of the tron he says "We except..."

-Lights go back off-
Suicide is standing in back of them...He hits them both with clotheslines and then leaves.

Joe is shown backstage and is told by Mick Foley tonight you will get to chose Joes opponent and he will get to choose yours for later tonight.

Sharmell and Jenna Marasca vs Awesome Kong
The two come out to MEM music and are yelling at each other "this is your fault" They get into the ring and Sharmell gets on the mic and says "You dont have to do this Kong we can work something ou...
She is cut off by Kongs music who looks pissed coming down the ramp. She gets into the ring double clotheslines both of them he picks up Sharmell ready for a powerbomb..but she is hit in the leg by Angelina Love. Madison Rayne and Velvet sky start kicking kong. Sharmell and Jenna hit the deck and run to the back. Raisha Saeed trys to help them out but is gaged and put into a sleeper hold by Cute Kip. Who then starts sniffing her knocked out body with a sick face on. Angelina Love takes a perfume bottle made of glass and cracks it over Kongs head. The Beatiful People all pose and then leave.

Samoa Joe comes out to the ring in wrestling gear starts warming up.
-Nash's music hits and he stands on the ramp and says here is who I picked...
Scott Steiners music hits and he comes down to the ring.

The two tie up, Scott pushed Joe to the corner with his stength. Joe reverses and starts throwing body shots.
The match contiunes for a good 7 minutes then Joe hits the Coquina Clutch and gets the 1-2-3 count. He gets on the mic and says tonight Nash wil face MATT MORGAN!

Abyss is shown backstage face down all bloody Lauren is standing above him screaming for help!

Team 3D come out Brother Ray gets the mic and states that this Sunday we will finally see who the best tag team is....He said that being 21 time champions proves that there isnt a tag team better then us. The British Invasion come down to the ring and Brutus says " We have a lot of respect for you are better champions then we will ever be....Those hotdog eating contests can really be hard to put down....But we are the future you two washed up fat pieces of American are what America stands for you slobs. Bubba is about to hit Brutus but Devon stops him and says "Wait till after Sacrifice they have a big match on Sunday it will be cheating if we kill these guys now". Beer Money come down to the ring and say well we can hit them all we want and there is a brawl breaking out. Then Sheik Bashir and Kiyoshi come to the ring. Followed by Lethal Consequences. Then no limit comes from the audience. We have a full out brawl here Mick Foley appears on screen he says if this doesnt stop he will suspend each any everyone of you!

We see Mick Foley going into the MEM mafias Locker Room and ask's the 4 men where is Kurt Angle. Nash smirks and says you will see later on tonight Mick dont you worry with a smile. Mick Foley smiles back and says get ready your up next against Matt Morgan and says Have a Nice Day!

Nash comes down to the ring and gets on the mic and says "Joe we use to be good friends but you ruined it the MEM will show you who runs this company.
Matt Morgan's music hits he comes down to the ring and runs in when he is his in the head with a pipe hiden in Nash's tights. Nash keeps hitting and hitting and hitting Matt till he gets all bloody. Nash then takes his hand and takes some of his blood on it and licks it.

Daffney vs Sojo Bolt
A good 5 min match then Daffney gets the win

A video pumping up Sacrifice is shown

Foley comes down to the ring pissed off he yells really loud "I demand to know where Kurt Angle is" Kurt is shown on the screen he smiles and says "Hi Mick" Foley says "What is this about Kurt" Kurt smiles again and opens up his trunk it is Foleys wife. Foley starts screaming for his wifes aid and says "Kurt you sick freak let her GO!" Kurt says "Mick please dont scream it will worry your beatiful wife" He takes some scissors and cuts off a piece of Micks wife's hair and sniffs it. He says Mick what would you do for your wife or even your kids? "Mick screams where are my kids!!!!!?" Kurt says "Oh there fine Mick just fine" as he smiles. He says well im going to go now " I am the godfather of the MEM remember that" He starts to take off Foleys wife's shirt and the camera turns off. Foley has tears in his eyes and says Kurt at Sarifice I am gonna kill you! He runs to the back.

End Show

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