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Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Yeah, so I’m back. I had a break, and I feel like I’m ready to go.


Wrestlemania 2000

The Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan defeated D-Lo Brown and The Godfather.

Hardcore Holly won a Hardcore Battle Royal to win the WWF Hardcore Championship.

Test and Albert w/Trish Stratus defeated Al Snow and Steve Blackman.

Edge and Christian defeated The Hardy Boyz and The Dudley Boyz to win the WWF Tag Team Championships in a Triangle Ladder Match.

Terri Runnels w/The Fabulous Moolah defeated The Kat w/Mae Young.

Too Cool and Chyna defeated The Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn).

Chris Jericho defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit to win the WWF European Championship.

Chris Benoit defeated Kurt Angle and Chris Jericho to win the WWF Intercontinental Championship.

Rikishi and Kane w/Paul Bearer defeated Road Dogg and X Pac w/Tori.

Triple H w/Stephanie McMahon defeated The Rock w/Vince McMahon, Mick Foley w/Linda McMahon and Big Show w/Shane McMahon to win the WWF Championship.


Al Snow
Big Bossman
Billy Gunn (injured)
Bubba Ray Dudley
Bull Buchanan
Chris Benoit (Intercontinental Champion)
Chris Jericho (European Champion)
Christian (Tag Team Champion)
Crash Holly
Dean Malenko (Light Heavyweight Champion)
D-Lo Brown
D-Von Dudley
Eddie Guerrero
Edge (Tag Team Champion)
Grandmaster Sexay
Hardcore Holly (Hardcore Champion)
Headbanger Mosh
Headbanger Thrasher
Jeff Hardy
Joey Abs
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Mick Foley
Perry Saturn
Pete Gas
Road Dogg
Scotty Too Hotty
Steve Blackman
Steven Richards
Stone Cold Steve Austin (injured)
The Big Show
The Godfather
The Rock
The Undertaker (injured)
Triple H (WWF Champion)
Val Venis
William Regal
X Pac


Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley (WWF Womens Champion)
Terri Runnels
The Kat
Trish Stratus


WWF Champion: Triple H
WWF Intercontinental Champion: Chris Benoit
WWF European Champion: Chris Jericho
WWF Tag Team Champions: Edge and Christian
WWF Hardcore Champion: Hardcore Holly
WWF Light Heavyweight Champion: Dean Malenko
WWF Womens Champion: Stephanie McMahon-Helsmley


Owner: Vince McMahon
CEO: Linda McMahon
Commentators: Jim Ross and Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler
Backstage Interviewers: Michael Cole and Kevin Kelly

Tag Teams/Stables

Big Bossman and Bull Buchanan
D-Generation X 2000: Road Dogg, X Pac and Tori
Edge and Christian
Head Cheese: Al Snow and Steve Blackman
Kane and Paul Bearer
T&A: Test, Albert and Trish Stratus
Team Extreme: The Hardy Boyz and Lita
The Acolytes Protection Agency: Bradshaw and Faarooq
The Dudley Boyz: Bubba Ray Dudley and D-Von Dudley
The Godfather & D-Lo Brown
The Headbangers: Thrasher and Mosh
The McMahon-Helmsley Regime: Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Vince McMahon and Shane McMahon
The Mean Street Posse: Rodney, Joey Abs and Pete Gas
The Radicalz: Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko
Too Cool: Rikishi, Scotty Too Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay

Pay Per View Schedule

WWF Backlash - April 30, 2000 - Washington D.C.
WWF Judgment Day - May 21, 2000 - Louisville, Kentucky
King of the Ring - June 25, 2000 - Boston, Massachusetts
Fully Loaded - July 23, 2000 - Dallas, Texas
Summerslam - August 27, 2000 - Raleigh, North Carolina
Unforgiven - September 24, 2000 - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
No Mercy - October 22, 2000 - Albany, New York
Survivor Series - November 19, 2000 - Tampa, Florida
Armageddon - December 10, 2000 - Birmingham, Alabama


That’s basically it, it’s not one of those innovative threads where I need to write four paragraphs of info about (even if some nuff nuffs seem to write 200 words on current WWE threads), anyway that’s it, leave comments if ya’ like, if ya’ don’t, hit the pavement.

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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Good. Make this the thread, and make it completely own like you have the potential to do so.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Didn't see this one coming .

Anyway Stoj, I know that you are excited by this thread and I hope this thread prospers, and as BKB said on top of me, make this the thread plz. <3

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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

The irony surrounding this thread is so, so funny as we discussed. Good luck with this, 2000 was probably the last amazing year the company saw, so hopefully you make it just as good.

Also, you could give credits for them GIFs you keep stealing from me.

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Asking JAMES ELLSWORTH for Wrestling Advice
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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Looks good Stoj, good luck with it. I should have realised this when you said WM16>All earlier, I like how you had a break and I hope you can make this great. If you fail then I will shoot you.

I need a new signature.
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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

So, you changed your mind, again?

I'm not surprise actually. But good luck, don't ruin DX and with Austin & Taker to return, things look mighty promising.


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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Doesn't really surprise me that you have came with a 2000 set BTB after the way you were talking on MSN.

Everything is well set out and it is a great time period. My favourite i believe, all i can say is i hope you stick to it and i wish you best of luck.


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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

I love 2000 scenarios, I will be watching with intent
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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

Light Heavyweight Championship??

Add it please. Also, Lita didn't join up with Matt & Jeff until the early summer. She was Essa Rios' valet at this point.

Oh, and Womens title?? During that awesome run with Stephanie as champion?? How can you forget that?? {/sarcasm}

As for the rest ... Backlash 2000 is perhaps in my top 5 favourite PPV events of all time. It'll take something special from you to top it.

Although, thats four weeks of shows away, so not to worry, it's unlikely you'll make it that far .

I kid. Good luck

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Re: Stojy Freak Presents: WWF

I've waited two days and as far as I can tell - this thread is still active. Well done, Stojy! In all seriousness though, I wish you all the best and you know I'll be reading week in, week out. Can't wait to see what you do with this, bro. I don't usually like scenarios from such an awesome year, but I'll make the exception.
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