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WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

WWE WrestleMania 25 Results
Reliant Stadium
Houston Texas
Sunday 5th April 2009

Intercontinental Championship(Rob Van Dam vs John Bradshaw Layfield)

(Rob Van Dam made his return to WWE after spending a long time away from the company after Extreme Rules 2007. He made his return entering number 25 in the 2009 WWE Royal Rumble match and lasting 12 minutes. He began a feud with John Bradshaw Layfield and the two had a match and the winner would go on to No Way Out 2009 to face the WWE Intercontinental Champion at the time which was CM Punk. JBL won the match and then went on to No Way Out and won the Intercontinental Championship after defeating CM Punk. JBL would then continue the rival with Rob Van Dam and had a match at WrestleMania 25 and defended the Intercontinetal Championship. Rob Van Dam won the match after a huge 5 Star Frog Splash.)

Miss WrestleMania 25 Divas Battle Royal
(Trish Stratus vs Beth Phoinex vs Lita vs Mickie James vs Miss Jackie vs Kimberly Page vs Jillian vs Maryse vs Melina vs Molly Holly vs Torrie Wilson vs Ivory vs The Kat vs Sable vs Nidia vs Tiffany vs Brie Bella vs Nikki Bella vs Gail Kim vs Layla vs Candice Michelle vs Victoria vs Sunny vs Natalya Niedhart vs Maria)

(This match was set up the Raw after WWE Royal Rumble 2009. Ever since then there was few qualyfying matches for the Divas of today as most othe other Divas would be Divas who have left the WWE. Santino Marrella was given a spot but Beth Phoinex would not let him compete. So he had to choose to either compete or Beth Phoinex and Santino Marrella was over, Beth Phoinex's biggest fan Rosa was pulled from the match by Santino and told Beth that she was going out alone if Santino could not compete. On a special Saturday Night Main Event some of the returning Divas would be in the ring with the Divas of today when all 25 Divas was fighting around the ringside area. The match took place at WrestleMania 25 and it came down to Trish Stratus, Beth Phoinex, Kimberly Page and the current WWE Womens Champion Melina and the current WWE Divas Champion Maryse. Melina and Maryse was elimanted by Kimberly Page when the two was fighting in the corner and Trish Strauts Chick Kicked Kimberly Page out of the ring. Beth Phoinex had Trish Stratus in a Suplex possiton and ready to through her out of the ring but Trish Stratus reversed it and Suplexed her over the top rope. Trish Stratus had won the match and then was given the Banner and Tiara.)

WWE Unification Tag Team Championship
(WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz and John Morrison vs WWE World Tag Team Champions Carlito Colon and Primo Colon)

(Carlito Colon and Primo Colon won the WWE World Tag Team Championships on a editon to Friday Night Smackdown when they defeated the team of Zach Ryder and Kurt Hawkins. The Miz and John Morrison won the WWE Tag Team Championships at a house show against CM Punk and Kofi Kingston. This match had been building for a long time as on RAW we saw Primo face The Miz then on ECW we saw Carlito face John Morrison the rivalry continuted when on a Smackdown episiode Carlito then faced The Miz as Primo faced John Morrison. This then lead to The Miz and John Morrison defending the WWE Tag Team Championships against the challangers Primo Colon and Carlito Colon who came up short when Nikki Bella passed The Miz a Tag Team championship to hit Carlito with. The same week saw Carlito and Primo defend there Tag Team Championships against John Morrison and The Miz but this time Carlito and Primo retained there Tag titles when Brie Bella passed Primo a Tag title to his John Morrison with. This then lead to one final twist when Primo and Carlito faced John Morrison and The Miz and the winners would be the new WWE Tag Team Champions as both titles would be then unififed into one set of Tag Titles. With no Bella twins around Primo and Carlito Colon would win the Tag Team Championships after John Morrison had his Moonligh Drive reversed into a Backstaber by Primo.)

Extreme Rules
(Jeff Hardy vs Matt Hardy)

(For weeks some one had tried to hurt Jeff Hardy and take him out of the WWE Championship picture. This all began on the night of Survivor Series when Jeff Hardy was involved in a stairway mugging. Jeff Hardy didnot no who did this but then at Armageddon he finaly did something he had been trying his enitre life to do. Win the WWE Championship. He won the WWE championship in a triple treat match involving Edge and Triple H. While his brother Matt Hardy was busy winning the ECW Championship and having success on his own. Another attack happend when Jeff Hardys Car was smashed of the side of the road which had his Girlfriend inside. Then antother attack happend when a Pyro went wrong and Jeff Hardy was burned and was rushed to hospital. Jeff Hardy lost the WWE Championship against Edge at the WWE Royal Rumble 2009 after Matt Hardy looked as if he was helping Jeff Hardy but hit his own brother with a Steal Chair in the head. Jeff Hardy got back up and got into the Elimantion Chamber at No Way Out after refusing to fight his own brother Matt. Matt finaly got what he wanted and for Jeff Hardy to fight him at WrestleMania 25. Jeff Hardy won the match after a SwantonBomb of a 20 foot lader through a table. During the match Jeff Hardy was busted open after a Twist of Fate while Jeff Hardys head was in the chair but Jeff Hardy kicked out.)

(The Undertaker vs Shawn Michaels)

(The Undertaker has been a huge Legend in WWE and a bigger legends in WrestleMania history as he was undefeated. One man that wanted to stop it from getting to 17 - 0 was John Bradshaw Layfield. But Shawn Michales stoped it as he beat JBL on a editon to Monday Night Raw. Then go on to Smackdown and beat Vladmir Koslov, Shawn Michales and The Undertaker was teased for a while at The WWE Royal Rumble but it looked as if The Undertaker was going to walk into WrestleMania 25 as WWE Champion but Triple H defeated him in the Smackdown Elimantion Chamber for the WWE Championship. The Undertaker accepted Shawn Michales challenge to fight him at WrestleMania 25, then for weeks Shawn Michales would apper on Smackdown and Raw giving The Undertaker a Sweet Chin Music. The Undertaker and Shawn Michales had a rivalry in 1998 when Shawn Michales injured his back in a Casket Match at WWE Royal Rumble 1998 this was a great match and The Undertaker was willing to take full credit to taking out Shawn Mciahles way back then and that set Shawn Michales loose and thats why he had been kicking The Undertakers head right of for weeks. The Match went back and fourth up and down until Shawn Michales was caught of the top rope when he went for a Moonsault from of the top rope and The Underaker drove his head right down to the mat and covered him for the 3 count.)

Handicap Match
(Chris Jericho vs Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka "Rowdy" Roddy Piper and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat)

(Chris Jericho for weeks had been making a name for him self as being the true Legend Killer as on one week he had insulted Ric Flair and beat him to a bloody pulp. He then beat Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka on Jerichos version of the Pipers Pit and cut him open. And while Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat was being interviews about his induction to the WWE Hall of Fame 2009 Chris Jericho attaked him on the stage. The Match was made that as WrestleMania 25 it would be Chris Jericho vs WWE Legends everyone began to think it was going to be Ric Flair and the other 3 Legends but it was going to be a 1 on 3 match. And Ric Flair at ringside. At WrestleMania 25 Chris Jericho defeated Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka as he made him tap out. He then pinned "Rowdy" Roddy Piper after a Codebraker and him and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat went at it for another 10 minutes but Chris Jericho hit one Lionsault to "The Dragon" to end it all)

Money in the Bank Ladder Match
(CM Punk vs Shelton Benjamin vs Kofi Kingston vs Christian vs MVP vs R Truth vs Evan Bourne vs Rey Mysterio)

(The 8 Qualyfying match was taking place through out one week of March 2009 as CM Punk defeated Chris Jericho and Kofi Kingston defeated Kane. On Tuesday night ECW Evan Bourne pinned Tyson Kidd and Rey Mysterio defeated Mark Henry then on Smackdown we had R Truth kick out Matt Hardy from the match and we also saw Shelton Benjamin defeat Jeff Hardy after interferance from Jeff Hardys brother Matt. The 7th qualyfyer was on Saturday Nights Main Event when Christian came to face Smackdowns Finlay and defeated him so the the final qualyfiyer was on the same night as MVP won a 14 man Battle Royal and last elimanted Jack Swagger. over the last few weeks we had 8 man Tag Team matches when on one week it was CM Punk Kofi Kingston Christian and MVP vs R Truth Evan Bourne Rey Mysterio and Shelton Benjiman and both times the matches eneded as no contest as all 8 men would wrestle each other all over the arenas but then on the final Raw before WrestleMania it was a 8 Man Battle Royal and the winner was MVP. The actual Money in the Bank Ladder Match was at WrestleMania 25 when CM Punk won the match two years in a row after knocking down Shelton Benjiman with a GTS from of the top of the ladder and leaving enought time for him to get back up and grab the briefcase.)

World HeavyWeight Championship
(Edge vs The Rock)

(The Rock had been back in the WWE since 2008 and had his first match at Armageddon when he was challenged by Chris Jericho after a long segment on Raw and a few cheap backstage fights. He then went on to become the 2009 Royal Rumble winner being the second third man to win 2 Royal Rumble matches and the third man to win more then one. The Rock was supposed to face the winner of Raws elimantion chamber and that was Edge after he attacked Kofi Kingston and gained entrance into the match. In the match he defeated John Cena who was the current WWE Champ. Edge won the match after last elimanating Rey Mysterio. The Rock and Edge was ready to be one on one at WrestleMania 25! As they signed there contract and after that Edge and The Rock began beating each other up and it went that far The Rock gave Edge a Rockbottom through the contract signing table. Edge got his revenge on The Rock as he set up a Table in the corner of the the ring and set The Rock against it and speared him straight throught it. At WrestleMaania 25 there match was match of the night and could end up being match of the year. The Rock was the one who came out the winner and he was finaly back ontop of the WWE.

(Batista vs John Cena)

(Batista and John Cena had there first WWE singles match at SummerSlam 2008. When Batista won the match and out John Cena out of action. Once Batista and John Cena was back in the picture John Cena and Batista both wanted another match with each other and what better Pay Per View then WrestleMania 25. John Cena won this match after a FU at the top of the turnbuckle. After the match both Cena and Batista shook hands)

WWE Championship
(Randy Orton vs Triple H)

(This all began in the yearf 2008 at the end of the year. When Stephanie McMahon slaped Randy Orton in the face and Randy Orton was about to be fired by Vince McMahon. Vince McMahon told Randy Orton "Randy Orton your!" Before he got slaped in the face then shoved near the ropes before he was punted in the head. Shane McMahon wanted revenge when Shaen McMahon and Randy Orton fought at No Way Out and Randy Orton on the next night on Raw gave Shane McMahon a RKO and punted him in the head. Stephanie McMahon came out and got a RKO then Triple H ran out to save his wife before Randy Orton ran away with fellow Legacy members Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes. The next month on Raw Triple H and Randy Orton was beginging to turn into the feud from 2004. Randy Orton told Triple H he had taken away his father in law, his brother in law and his wife. Triple H challeneged Randy to a match and during the match Triple H was handcuffed to the ring and was brutlised with a Sledge hammer. Stephanie McMahon ran out and got a huge DDT and then infront of the game gave her a kiss on the lips. Randy then teased Triple H about it and told him that he now just has to take the WWE Championship and then he closes the final page of the McMahon family champter. The match was agreed on because if Triple H was not to acceot then Randy Orton would sue the WWE. Triple H and Randy Orton began to fight around everywhere until Sunday 5th April 2009 when the two would fight for the WWE Championship in the main event of WrestleMania 25. Randy Orton won the match after bloody fight with Triple H, both men was cut and Triple H had Randy Orton cut over there Steal Stairs after a Pedigree as Randy Orton cut Triple H by hitting him 3 times with a Sledge Hammer and after that it took one RKO over the Steal Steps for Randy Orton to win the WWE Chaqmpionship and end WrestleMania 25 with Fireworks going off around the arena.)
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

Looks solid so far, I'd go with a bigger font though.

Good luck and I will be reading/reviewing.

All my unrealistic expectations of WWE and TNA are met...or I can actually get the ball rolling on a BTB project whichever comes first!
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

Following WWE WrestleMania 25 it was time for the WWE Draft Loterry 2009. This years Draft would take place live only on WWE.com as All 3 WWE Brands would have five Draft Picks each and then the rest of the rosters would be in the 2nd Draft of the year after Monday Night RAW.

Monday Night RAW
1: MR Kennedy
He was Drafted to Friday Night Smackdown last year and during his stay over on the Blue side of the WWE MR Kennedy was injured and he still is on the injury list at this time. Will MR Kennedy be fit enough to compete back on the Red side of the WWE and what will Monday Night RAW have in mind for him.

2: Carlito Colon
One half of the newly won WWE Tag Team Championships Carlito Colon has been split from his brother Primo Colon. With Carlito also leaving last year to head to WWE Smackdown he has made a name for himself in the Tag Team divison with him and his brother Primo winning the WWE Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania 25.

3: The Miz
Another Tag Team has been split up as The Miz has been split from John Morrison. Both was on the loosing end of the WWE Tag Team Championship match last night at WrestleMania 25 and with Monday Night RAW tonight what will The Miz be like when he shows up tonight without his partner John Morrison

4: Triple H
Triple H was another star on the loosing end last night at WrestleMania 25 as he lost the WWE Championship to Randy Orton in the main event. The last hope that the McMahons had of dystroying Randy Orton was Triple H and now he has lost the WWE Championship what will be instore for Triple H as he makes his way back to Monday Night RAW without no WWE Championship.

5: The Undertaker
The Undertaker last night defeated HBK to make his WrestleMania streak 17 - 0. Shawn Michaels could be getting a re match at The Undertaker sooner than he thinks. With this only being The first time in WWE Draft history that The Undertaker is drafted what will we expect to see of him at his new home WWE Monday Night RAW.

Tuesday Night ECW
1: Batista
ECW has just picked up a huge superstar as Batista as been Drafted to Tuesday Night ECW. This could possibley be ECW's biggest Draft Pick since Kurt Angle was around or maybe Chris Benoit was around.

2: Rob Van Dam
Making his return back to the Land of Extreme Rob Van Dam will be bringing the Intercontinental Championship to Tuesday Nights. What will Monday Night RAW do now without there middle card Championship Belt? Rob Van Dam was victoriouce last night against JBL after making his return to the WWE back in January.

3: The Big Show
The Big Show was upset last night as he was not given a WrestleMania 25 match so he took his anger out on Smackdown GM Vickie Gurrero and said he better go to RAW or ECW at the Draft as his contract with Smackdown was burned.

4: Chris Masters
Chris Masters was brought back in the WWE in 2009 and wrestled a Dark Match at The Royal Rumble and since then been wrestling on the Smackdown brand. He wrestled a WWE.com Exclusive Battle Royal before WrestleMania 25 started and was in the final 5.

5: Dolph Ziggler
A new young star that wrestled on Monday Night RAW and sometimes on Friday Night Smackdown has found himself a new home at the Land of Extreme. This could be the moment Dolph Ziggle has waited for and maybe on the road to the ECW Championship.

Friday Night Smackdown
1: Randy Orton
The new WWE Champion has ended up on Smackdown with the World HeavyWeight Champion The Rock. This is the second time both upper level main event titles has been on the same show after a WWE Draft. Randy Orton will arrive at Friday Night Smackdown with the WWE Championship because he defeated Triple H in a bloody main event last night at WrestleMania 25. What will the Legacys leader do when he turns up this Friday with out fellow Legacy members Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes.

2: John Cena
Another huge move in the 2009 WWE Draft as John Cena is drafted to WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Last night he over come his Summer Slam 2008 opponent and WresstleMania 25 opponent Batista as they had there 2nd battle. There would be no chance that they could have a 3rd battle now that Batista is on ECW and John Cena is on RAW unless they face each other on WWE Superstars.

3: CM Punk
Monday Night RAW as lost another huge superstar as CM Punk the new Money in the Bank winner is coming to Friday Nights to join, Randy Orton, John Cena, The Rock and other names. CM Punk could make a name for himself if he could defeat The Rock if he cashes in against him or he could upset the Legend Killer Randy Orton.

4: John Morrison
It looked as if the end of The Miz and John Morrison was over at WrestleMania 25 when they lost the WWE Tag Team titles but it got worse when The Miz was drafted to RAW and there was only one hope left if John Morrison could be drafted also. But John Morrison was Drafted but only to Friday Night Smackdown.

5: Jack Swagger
Maybe another good Draft for Smackdown as the former ECW Champion Jack Swagger and the man who made it into the final 4 of the WWE.com Exclusive Battle Royal at WrestleMania 25. Jack Swagger will be released on Friday nights looking to make a mark on the other Smackdown superstars and maybe 1 out of 2 upper card Champions Randy Orton or The Rock.

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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

I've just taken a look at your thread here, and I think it looks interesting. Your changes as far as WrestleMania results goes was good. I liked that Rob Van Dam won the Intercontinental Championship from JBL, and the fact that you put Rey Mysterio and R-Truth in the Money In The Bank Ladder match to replace Kane and Mark Henry. Evan Bourne was also a nice addition, but I would still have liked to see Finlay in the match. Maybe R-Truth shouldn't have been there?

Also, bringing back The Rock in a 2009 WWE thread is in my book a bit wrong, and making him beat Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMana 25 sounds like a move from a typical Rock-fan But I'm interested to see where you take this anyway

A SummerSlam rematch between Batista and John Cena was an okay addition to the match card, and having Cena win was kind of obvious, but okay.

And last, giving Orton the win and the WWE Championship over Triple H was a bit surprising, but could work if you do it the right way. Still, I would've liked it if you had waited for Backlash to give him the title win.

Draft picks

The RAW picks was okay. I expected to see Kennedy, Carlito, Miz and Triple H to RAW... But I deffinently didn't expect Undertaker to be drafted anywhere from SmackDown. I think it's kind of a brave move to make, and I can't wait to see where you go with this. But in my book, an Undertaker/Shawn Michaels feud is a bad idea.

The ECW moves both shocked me and caught my attention. I actually caught myself making storyline-ideas etc for ECW with their new superstars :P Van Dam, Masters and even Ziggler was great moves. On the other hand, Big Show should have been drafted to RAW or stayed on SmackDown. Bringing him back to ECW is not good. And the draft of Batista really shocked and surprised me. On one hand I'm thinking that moving someone like Batista to ECW is a big mistake. But on the other hand I'm kinda excited to see where you take this.

And last, the SmackDown draft picks... Here I'm confused a bit. Morrison was obvious, Swagger is pretty interesting and a good choice in my opinion. But the other three picks left me thinking: "What???"! First, Orton bringing the WWE Championship to SmackDown: The World Heavyweight Champion is already there, but it's been done before, so okay... Then, John Cena to SmackDown: Hmmm... Both World titles are there, so it could make sense... But then, Mr. Money In The Bank CM Punk also to SmackDown: What!!?? Both World titles AND Mr. Money In The Bank on the same show?? I can't see how RAW can go on without a World title for about, let's say, 6 months... So I can't wait to see how you'll bring one of the World titles to RAW.

I'll be following mate
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

thanks for the reply dude and yes some off this was ment to shock people and the ECW Draft was trying to bring more lookin on ECW instead of it being for Local jobbers and just some small matches and not long storylines. The Championships and Money in the Bank on the same show will be changing a little bit but just not yet my storylines will have to build before it changes. Also some more shockers coming soon but not to over the top style. But i have been working on this BTB for a long time and i have got my matches from the first show witch is RAW all the way to Summer Slam
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

ok my first show of RAW will be quick reults so i can do the second DRAFT and then the first show will be ECW and that wont be quick results.


Monday Night RAW
Toyota Center
Houston Texas
Monday 6th April 2009

(Monday Night RAW was opened up with a WrestleMania 25 video package. Then the Monday Night RAW "Across The Nation" Theme music began playing with the 2009 RAW Video playing on the titontron. Triple H came out and did a promo about WrestleMania 25 and that he will be taking steps forward and will be letting go of the defeat from WrestleMania 25. He then went on about how Friday Night Smackdown now has the Money in the Bank winner, the WWE Champion and the World HeavyWeight Champion all on the same show then said that Friday Night Smackdown finaly has the chance to make its show better and not suck anymore. Triple H then said that Monday Night RAW could be steping down to the WWEs second best show and if Smackdown was smart then they would go to the top of the list but the Smackdown General Manager Vickie Gurrero is not smart. Then the former Friday Night Smackdown superstar MR Kennedy came down to the ring and said that he agrees with Triple H but tonight he wants his return match from being on the injury list and he would want to face Triple H tonight. Triple H accepted the challenge as he droped the microphone and walked out of the ring.The first match on Monday Night RAW was RAWs new star The Miz facing of against Rey Mysterio. This match went back and fouth with high moves from the top rope and fast counters by The Miz as he counterd the 619 into a a Sit Down Powerbomb then Rey Mysterio went for a Huricanronna from the top rope but The Miz reversed it into another Powerbomb the final reversal was the one that would end the match as The Miz went for a DDT from of the top rope but Rey Mysterio battle The Miz to let go of Reys head and would make The Miz sit on the top rope as Rey then got The Miz and gave him a Armdrag from the top rope. The Miz bounced back up and onto the second rope as Rey Mysterio hit the 619 for the win.The second match was a Tag Team match as the new WWE Tag Team Champion Carlito Colon would team up with Kofi Kingston to face Ted Dibiase and Cody Rhodes. Kofi Kingston was in this match for a long time being double teamed by Pricless but once Carlito got the tag the match turned around as Carlito cleared house by giving Ted Diabise a backstabber and then gave Cody Rhodes a Backstabber and this gave Kofi Kingston to his Cody Rhodes with his Leg Drop for the 1.2.3.Backstage Triple H was talking to Vince McMahon and Triple H said that this Thursday night on WWE Superstars he wants to try and win back Monday Night RAWs WWE or World HeavyWeight Championship belt. Vince McMahon told him that he would have to wait until next Thursday as Smackdown will be live this Friday Night and he will have to wait for an answer to see if he can face the champion.The next match was a Divas match with the returning Kimberly Page, Mickie James, and Brie Bella vs Beth Phoinex, Nikki Bella and Jillian. At the start of this match the WWE Womens Champion Melina came down to ringside to watch. Beth Phoinex and Kimberly Page started the match and Kimberly page put on a good show from returing to the ring just last night at the 25th WrestleMania. Beth Phoinex went to Powerbomb her but it was reversed into a huricanronna. Mickie James and Jillian was the next two divas in as they wrestled to the outside then the Bella twins ran into the ring and Nikki was speared by Brie and they wrestled to the outside in the end Kimberly Page kicked Beth Phoinex and gave her a huge Powerbomb of her own for the win.The semi main event was Matt Hardy vs The Undertaker. This match started of as a good match and then in the end Matt Hardy brought in the Steal Chair, The Undertaker took it from his hand and then began to hit Matt Hardy in the stomache with it. The ref rang for the bell and then winner of the match was Matt Hardy. The Undertaker didnot stop there as he began hitting Matt Hardy some more as he began to bleed from the face and The Undertaker laid down the Chair and gave Matt Hardy a Last Ride onto it.Kane was backstage and told Vince McMahon that his cotract is coming up for expire here on Monday Night RAW so he wants a match. Vince McMahon told him that he cannot have a match tonight as the main event is up next. Kane was not happy as he started throwing things around then room and demanded a contract for RAW as he doesnot want to leave the brand. Vince McMahon said there would be one on its way.The main event was Triple H vs MR Kennedy. Mr Kennedy owned Triple H in most of the match and gave Triple H the Mic Check 3 times and Triple H kicked out of all 3 of them. MR Kennedy began beating Triple Hs face in the corner and Triple H fought out of it and managed to give his Spinebuster to MR Kennedy and then his knee drop to his face. Triple H was ready to give a Peddigree to MR Kennedy and did but the Kanes music began playing as he came to the ring and Beat on Triple H. Kane then grabed Mr Kennedy and gave him a chokeslam, Triple H began fighting with Kane but Triple H was beat up to much to give him even more of what he wanted to give and ended up on giving another Chokeslam this time to Triple H. Kane did his pose and left both Triple H anc Mr Kennedy lying there. Vince McMahon came out and told Kane that he is not getting a new contract and he would be going to either ECW or Smackdown in the suplemental draft.)
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

Mate, you really need to break that up in to paragraphs. Separate them in to the individual segments as that's a nightmare to read in the form it's in.
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

Edit: Spam...

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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

Monday Night RAW
1: Kimberly Page
Kimberly Page made WrestleMania 25 her wrestling return when she was in the 25 Divas Miss WrestleMania Battle Royal witch she finished in the final 4. This past week on RAW she defeated Beth Phoinex who teamed up with Mickie James and Brie Bella when they beat Beths partners Jillian and Nikki.

2: Primo Colon
Primos brother Carlito had already been drafted to RAW and last night Carlito and Kofi Kingston deafeated Priceless. Carlito asked the question will his brother Primo be coming to RAW in the second Draft and know the question is answered.

3: Shelton Benjamin
Shelton Benjamin the current United States Champion is bringing the belt with him. Who will be the first challenger to challenge Benjamin for the belt.

4: Matt Hardy
Matt Hardy who lost to his brother Jeff will be coming to Monday Night RAW. Matt Hardy promised to make his brothers life a living hell but will Jeff Hardy end up on RAW so Matt Hardy can keep his promise.

5: R Truth
R Truth who was involved in the Money in the Bank Ladder match will be joining Monday Night RAW and we will be finding out Whats Up with R Truth when he come to RAW on Monday Nights.

6: Edge
The former World HeavyWeight Champion will be coming to Mondays to join another former World Champion Triple H. What has been on Edges mind since he lost the title to The Rock.

Tuesday Night ECW
1: Rey Mysterio
Rey Mysterio this past week defeated The Miz on Monday Night RAW in what ended up being Rey Mysterios last RAW match and in which he won. The Land of Extreme will bring Rey Mysterio in.

2: MVP
ECW gets another huge upcoming Star Drafted to there roster and he is MVP. MVP told the WWE fans that he could go to ECW to be there new World Champion since he is not fitting in anymore on RAW and Smackdown.

3: Chavo Gurrero
Chavo Gurrero will have to leave his family member behind Vickie Gurrero. Now Vickie Gurrero of Smackdown she has no one left. Chavo Gurrero has been ECW Champion before and he could be it again.

4: Maryse
Maryse will be coming to ECW and leave Smackdown behind. She has been in a little rivalry with Gail Kim for a few weeks and now will start fresh on ECW.

5: Vladamir Koslov
Vladmir Koslov has been making a name over on Smackdown but it has been cut short because he has been drafted to ECW and this is a good time to start fresh and a new path to the World Championship.

6: The Great Khali
This is The Great Khalis second time over on ECW. Will Khali finaly win what he tried for last time the ECW Championship.

Friday Night Smackdown
1: Ted Dibiase
Ted Dibiase will join his buddy Randy Orton on Smackdown as he is Drafted to friday Night Smackdown.

2: Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes and Ted Diabse being Drafted over to the same brand where there The Legacy leader is was in minutes. How will Priceless go on against the other talent on Smackdown and will they help WWE Champion Randy Orton all the time.

4: Mickie James
Mickie James won a 6 Divas Tag Team match on RAW this week and this was her last match on RAW how will she go on against the other Divas on Smackdown.

5: Kane
Kane was told that his contract will expire on RAW and went to Vince McMahon to get it renewed and after attaking there main event witch was MR Kennedy and Triple H he was released from his contract on Monday Night RAW.

6: Mark Henry
Mark Henry was Drafted to ECW from Smackdown and now has been drafted to Smackdown from ECW. Mark Henry was the ECW Champion for a few months and now can he be the new WWE Champion or World HeavyWeight Champion.

7: Chris Jericho
Chris Jericho has no Legends to beat up on Friday nights as he now has new and fresh faces to meet over on the Blue half of WWE
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Re: WWE: After WrestleMania 25!

RAW review

All in all the first RAW show was as good as it could be now that you were going with quick results, but I'm looking forward to see how you'll manage writing full shows... Good booking and the segments/promos sounded okay. Mr. Kennedy finally coming back was something I've been looking forward to, and him challenging Triple H was good, although I would've liked to be given an idea of wether Kennedy is heel, face or tweener now. Mysterio vs. Miz worked out great. You gave Mysterio the win without making Miz look weak. Good decision. Carlito teaming with Kofi was okay too, but I think you should have given the victory to Priceless now that Carlito wasn't teaming with his brother. Triple H's promo backstage with Vince was good. I actually hadn't even thought about WWE Superstars being an opportunity for RAW to get back a World title. Looking forward to see what happens with that situation. The divas match was okay, but I wasn't pleased with the ending. Not that I didn't like the result, but Kimberly Page overpowering Beth was a bit weird for me. Matt Hardy vs Undertaker was good in real life, and it sounded good here too, but I actually didn't understand why Matt was in this match?? Until the Supplemental Draft that happened AFTER the show, Matt was still on SmackDown?? But good thing that you didn't made Hardy look weak but still kept his heal-gimmick intact. The only thing I didn't like was that Undertaker ended up DQ'ing himself with a chair that Hardy brought in... Taker usually stays cool in those situations, and it wouldv'e been more likely for him to just throw the chair out again. The promo with Kane and Mr. McMahon sounded interesting, but made me wonder if Kane would talk like that in real life... The main event sounded just as great as I hoped it would, and the made sense because of the promo that happened before the match. But I was surprised about Mr. McMahon saying that Kane was leaving RAW in the Supplemental Draft. He's willingly giving a top superstar up :/

Supplemental Draft

The first two RAW picks, Primo and Kimberly, was obvious in my opinion. Kimberly won the match for her team on RAW by pinning Beth, and Primo had to come to RAW so he could team up with Carlito as Unified WWE Tag Team Champions. Shelton Benjamin bringing the United States Championship to RAW was a good choice now that both World titles are on SmackDown.Matt Hardy was obvious too, since he had to get drafted away from Jeff to end their feud, and since Matt wrestled Taker on RAW... R-Truth to RAW is surprising, but I like that decision very much. I personally think he's great, and I hope to see some kind of a title hunt for him in the future. Edge drafted away from the World titles perhaps surprises me even more... I don't now wether I like it or dislikes it, but I'm curious to see where you're going with this.

The ECW draft picks just seems to surprise me more and more. Mysterio to ECW could work out. I prefer to believe that the reason you're doing this is either because of the Intercontinental Championship being on ECW, or because you're going to have him in the ECW title picture. My comments on MVP to ECW is actually the same as the comments on Mysterio. Chavo and Maryse is okay. The draft of Kozlov in real life was teh smartest thing to do, and I like it just as much here. "The Punjabi Playboy" The Great Khali COULD work out to. Mysterio, RVD, Kozlov, MVP, Khali, Big Show, Batista... Big things are poppin' on ECW

Priceless to SmackDown was kinda obvious now that Orton also got drafted. Legacy stays intact, and Priceless can still contend for Tag Team gold now that anyone can challenge the Unified Tag Team Champions on all shows. Mickie James to SmackDown sounds interesting. Kane mnoving to SmackDown is good. Kane in my book is a good contender for a World title if pushed right. And the same thing with "The World's Strongest Man" Mark Henry. And Jericho moving to SmackDown like in real life was also a good choice. He needed to get drafted to a new place so he can drop that stupid legend-hating gimmick and just carry on with beting normaly hated :P

Looking forward to the first full-written show.
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