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WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Last Thread Ended: 4/12/2009

Nobody could have predicted it.

At the beginning it did not seem like much. In 1993, The World Wrestling Federation started broadcasting a weekly show called Monday Night Raw. It started off on January 11, 1993 and became a hit with the audience that had followed the WWF for years. It started off in the Manhattan Center and then would start touring around arenas across the country. Meanwhile, down south, the National Wrestling Alliance had become World Championship Wrestling, and was still a very lowly company with some business problems during the ‘Bill Watts Era.’

Soon enough, a little-known man named Eric Bischoff took the reigns of WCW and became the Executive Vice-President of the company. This company ran Pay Per Views and also ran a show called WCW WorldWide which was produced at the Disney MGM Studios. One day, while they were taping there, an exuberant Eric Bischoff took the first steps in turning World Championship Wrestling into a juggernaut promotion. He would convince Hulk Hogan to sign to a lucrative contract with WCW. WCW started to make some noise.

Soon after this signing, Randy Savage, another former member of the WWF, signed with WCW. A war was practically declared between the two wrestling promotions, and it was a war that would soon turn ugly. 1994 came and gone and through the year 1995, WCW was still just doing syndicated television, while Monday Night Raw was still running on the USA Network each week. Eric wanted to compete with the WWF to show that WCW was good competition. As it was told, he would be granted his wish.

On September 4, 1995, World Championship Wrestling debuted Monday Nitro, what would become a live weekly television show on Monday nights, from the Mall of America in Minnesota. On its first show, a shocking appearance by a man who was thought to have still been with the WWF, Lex Luger, created shockwaves around the wrestling business. Nobody saw it coming, except for Eric Bischoff and WCW management.

This was the first set of bombshell moves by Bischoff and WCW that would help make them an alternative to those who were tired of the gimmicky style that the World Wrestling Federation presented each and every week. Wrestling fans got their fill of the familiar talent of WCW, as well as the little known talent that they had that could actually get things done in the ring. As 1996 came along, so did the fateful birth of the New World Order which saw the beloved Hulk Hogan turn heel and turn against the fans that followed him for years. This move would provide WCW all it needed to be the catalyst in this war and soon enough the momentum had shifted.

WCW would beat the World Wrestling Federation in what was the ‘ratings war’ for 83 straight weeks. Hostility was stirred during this war as segments bashing the WWF were made by WCW, and in turn, segments were made by the WWF bashing WCW were made as well. The WWF was losing ground, and in 1997 it seemed like the train was derailing for the WWF. But Vince was determined not to let his father’s creation go in the ground and die. He decided to implement ‘Attitude’ into his product, and ‘The Attitude Era’ was born.

But as the product was turning around, what would have been called a severe blow was made to the WWF. Its top star for years, Bret Hart, was presumably to the belief of many screwed by Vince and the WWF and then left for WCW after the infamous Montreal Screwjob at Survivor Series 1997. One wondered if this was going to be the one thing that would kill any chance of the WWF turning things around. But they started to do something that WCW didn’t do, and that was create new stars.

Guys like Stone Cold Steve Austin, Ken Shamrock, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, The Rock all started to become big in late 1997 as 1998 was approaching. The mainstays were all there still, such as The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels and after WrestleMania XIV, the torch had been passed as Steve Austin became the World Wrestling Federation Champion. Over at WCW, the storyline between Sting and Hulk Hogan had ended with Sting winning the WCW Title, albeit with controversy, and then things started to get very confusing and troubling for WCW.

The stars were the top guys in the company, and those alone. Due to the friendships and cliques made backstage, none of the guys who felt they deserved a shot at the top billing were given fair chances. This caused unrest in the locker room and the morale was falling, as WCW lost its control of the ratings on April 13, 1998 when Raw had finally gotten a victory in the ratings war. This monumental day lead to several trades in the ratings war until late 1998, when the WWF started a run at ratings victories that they would never lose control of.

WCW was becoming a failing company. Horrible booking, odd storylines and misuse of performers was becoming a huge problem. Much like in the early 1990’s stars started jumping ship, but it was vice versa this time. Chris Benoit, Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko were the first major names to jump ship to the WWF getting off what was the sinking ship known as World Championship Wrestling.

The abysmal WCW ran its course through all of 1999 and all of 2000, until the fateful day of March 23, 2001. The day that the dust settled; the day that everything changed, the day that WCW was sold to Vince McMahon and the WWF. It was the day that Vince McMahon won the war and it was the day that the World Wrestling Federation became victorious and stood alone by themselves as the top dog in the industry.

There are no what-ifs. There are no what could have beens. This is the story of what would follow the ratings war. This is 2001, The World Wrestling Federation… begins The Monopolized Era…

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Great backstory there. I think this will be great if you stick with it and I can't wait to see where you're going to go with it. 2001 was a great year in terms of match quality and feuds etc. Austin was at the top of his game, Trips was on fire until he got injured, Rocky was being Rocky and of course the rest of the roster was rocking. Not to mention you will have the WCW/ECW rosters to play with if you decide to use them. Great start. I'll be checking in to see where it goes.
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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

This is looking good, my friend. The backstory was an adeqaute read, and anyone who was not familiar with this period can easily jump in with the information you've provided. Granted, I stopped watching around this time, but I'd like to see what you can do with everything that has occurred in the wrestling world up until this point. Using the WCW/ECW rosters, bolstering the WWF's, and not to mention, continuing the WWF's brand of edgy storylines and so forth. Hope this works out for you, JB, and may this thread prosper.
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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

The Day That Changed Everything - March 23, 2001

Originally Posted by money.CNN.com
WWF buys rival WCW

March 23, 2001: 7:00 p.m. ET

World Wrestling Fed. ends 20-yr. rivalry, buys World Championship Wrestling


NEW YORK (CNNfn) - The World Wrestling Federation Entertainment Inc. agreed Friday to acquire rival World Championship Wrestling, ending a near 20-year rivalry.

Stamford, Conn.-based World Wrestling Federation Entertainment (WWF: Research, Estimates) now has global rights to the World Championship Wrestling brand, tape library and other intellectual rights.

TNN is anticipated to be the new home of WCW, a WWF spokesman said, and WCW will not air on TNT or WTBS. Cross-brand storylines may start as soon as Monday during the "WWF Raw is War" on TNN and Monday's final performance of "WCW Monday Nitro Live" on Turner Network Television.

The WWF bought the wrestling firm from Turner Broadcasting System Inc., a unit of AOL Time Warner. CNNfn.com is also a unit of AOL Time Warner (AOL: Research, Estimates).

The two companies have been competing against each other for 18 years, and executives vowed that the WCW will not fade away.

"WWF has been a rival organization to the WCW for quite some time," said WWF CEO Linda McMahon on a conference call open to journalists. "With the new infusion of stars and the cross-branded story lines, this does nothing but raise the specter potential for us. We're very pleased to have come to agreement to purchase that brand."

No financial terms were released but McMahon said the purchase was not a stock transaction.

WWF is the largest provider of programmed wrestling entertainment, with such top-rated shows as "WWF Raw is War" and "WWF Smackdown!" on the UPN Network. Top stars also include The Rock, Chyna and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

"We bought WCW because it would be great way to propel our core business, the sports entertainment genre, to new height," said WWF spokesman Gary Davis.

WWF is also an equal partner with NBC in the fledgling professional football league XFL which scored record low ratings recently. Executives said the WCW purchase has nothing to do with the football league.

AOL Time Warner could not be reached for comment.

Atlanta-based World Championship Wrestling produces live wrestling shows and competes against the WWF. The World Championship Wrestling franchise includes popular cable television show "WCW Monday Nitro Live" and "WCW Worldwide," which is seen in syndication in 94 percent of the United States.

In January, Fusient Media Ventures inked a deal to buy World Championship Wrestling. However, the deal fell apart when AOL's Turner Broadcasting decided to drop WCW from its TBS and TNT channels.

The once-popular WCW is now losing money and analysts estimate that last year the wrestling franchise lost about $80 million. WWF executives declined to discuss WCW's financial situation but said they encountered no surprises when looking at the rival firm's financials.

The WWF is still working out many details of its agreement to buy WCW. The company will be assuming some actor's contracts but others it will not, executives said. The WCW also plans to expand its pay-per-view offerings but not in the near future.

Shares for WWF lost 1 cent to $12.10 Friday while AOL gained $2.75, or 7.48 percent, to $39.52 Friday.
RAW is WAR! Results - March 26, 2001

Originally Posted by lordsofpain.net
WWF Raw Is War/Warzone
March 26, 2001
Commentators: Jim Ross and Paul Heyman
Live From: Gund Arena in Cleveland, OH

DirecTV Preview for Episode #409
Raw Is War: Rock-Austin Explosion
Warzone: Wrestlemania Shocker

--Raw Is War--

Vince McMahon is shown in his locker room looking at two screens. One is the WWF and one is WCW. Vince says here we have the owner of the World Wrestling Federation and the owner of World Championship Wrestling. Vince says he has purchased his own competition. Tonight, he has the ability to address WWF as to what this means. He has the ability to address WCW stars as to what this means to them as well. Tonight, at the right time, there will be a special simulcast. Tonight, one man will make history and that will be him. As far as the Jeff Jarrett's are concerned, he would suspect he'll spell his name different tonight. Goonnee. Gone.

The title plays...nothing's changed there and we go to the arena for the pyros. Could tonight be any better? The road to Wrestlemania is winding down.

Medal kicks off this edition of Raw and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring. Angle says it's amazing, isn't it. From the fans on the street to the people backstage to everyone in the crowd tonight to the people at home watching, we're all up in arms over the big news. He has to admit, it's pretty damn shocking. The big news he's referring to is, even though there's less than a week to Wrestlemania, our Olympic Hero still doesn't have an opponent. What kind of world do we live in when the Gobbelygooker has an opponent at Wrestlemania and Angle, a former European, IC, and WWF Champion doesn't. It's an absolute disgrace. The only thing that keeps him going is even though he doesn't have a match, he is still the best wrestler in the WWF if not the whole entire world. He is now and forever the only Olympic gold medalist in WWF history. If this company is too preoccupied to find him an opponent, he has no other choice than to keep complaining and keep protesting. For over four months........

Shooter plays and Chris Benoit comes out. Benoit says he has some good news for Angle and some bad. The good news is, Benoit doesn't have an opponent for Wrestlemania. The bad news is, he doesn't have an opponent for Wrestlemania. Listening to Angle complain and whine and moan reminds Benoit he's had to listen to Angle complain and whine and moan for over a week now. Angle's voice annoys Benoit. What annoys him more is ANgle's claim to be the best wrestler in the WWF. What annoys Benoit more than anything is the fact he knows if Angle gives him just a little bit of time, Benoit can make him tap tap tap like the pussy he is. It's true. It's true.

Angle asks if that is so. How dare Benoit. Does Canada even have an Olympic team? Angle says he's tired of carrying Benoit. Angle has some bad news too. If what Benoit said was some sort of challenge, Angle accepts. The worst news is, there is no way in hell he'll ever tap out to that stupid crossface thing. This crap about him being the best technical wrestler in the WWF, well, Angle will tell him what. He'll make Benoit squeal in seconds. If Benoit don't think so, prove him wrong.

The two stare each other down then they come to blows. Angle counters a crossface and tries to lock on the crossface. Benoit counters and eventually gets the crossface on. Angle taps out and Edge and Christian come down to make the save.

Vince McMahonis in back on the phone. On one screen you got Angle tapping. On the other, you got Luger and Buff. The Lex Express has definately run out of gas. Vince tells whoever he's talking to to take it easy with Triple H on their vacation. Vince tells him/her about the main event tonight. Trish then feeds him cherries.


Michael Cole interviews Debra. Debra says she really don't want to think about Austin trying to co-exist with Rock tonight.

Right To Censors attack on Tazz from Smackdown is shown.

Lumberjack Match
Tazz vs. Val Venis
The aPa and RTC serve as the Lumberjacks. Tazz starts with right hands. Venis gets a whip and a spinebuster on Tazz. Venis puts Tazz on the middle rope. Goodfather gets a few cheap shots on. Venis turns his back and Tazz locks on the Tazzmission. Richards comes in and hits the Stevenkick on Tazz. Venis misses the money shot. Tazz hits a northernlights suplex and picks up the win while the RTC and aPa fight on the outside.
Winner: Tazz via Northern Lights Suplex

McMahon is shown in back watching again. Animal is on the monitor. McMahon asks Regal what he thinks Animal thinks about the new WCW owner. McMahon says Regal looks ready for his tune up match tonight. McMahon says tonight is going to be interesting.


Sniker's Cruncher Wrestlemania Moment Kane chokeslams Pete Rose last year and Rikishi gives him a stinkface.

Doink The Clown is shown in the Gund Arena walking through the crowd. He'll be in the gimmick battle royal.

The United Kingdom's Goodwill Ambassador William Regal comes to the ring. Regal takes a microphone and says being our WWF commissioner, he has a very important thing to tell us. It concerns WC Fields. WC Fields once said the only cure for insomnia is sleep. Regal says he will not sleep until he is the new Intercontinental Champion. Anyway, tonight, for his warm up, he will fight someone from a very prestigous wrestling family, the Holly's. Come on, he wants to fight one of the Holly family.

Crash comes down and said he never backs down from a fight. He's going to show the commish......

Crash (w/Molly Holly) vs. William Regal
Regal didn't call out Crash, he called out Molly. Regal puts the STF on really quick, but Crash comes in and saves her. Regal puts the STF on Crash and Crash taps out
Winner: William Regal via Regal Stretch

Doink runs in after the bell rings and makes the save. Double leg takedown by Doing then he puts on the Walls of Jericho. Regal taps out to the Walls of Jericho. Man, Doink looks a little taller than he used to. Doink pulls the mask of and it's actually Chris Jericho

Vince and Trish are in the back again. Vince says Regal just got embarrassed by Doink the Clown. Speaking of embarrassing, Dustin Rhodes is shown on the monitor. Vince says that was Golddust. Do you know what Golddust wanted to do one time? He wanted breast implants. Do you know what he would look like with breasts (That's a true story by the way)


Jonathan Coachman interviews William Regal. Regal tells Coach to inform Jericho he has a non-title match tonight with the Big Show.

Kurt Angle is shown in his locker room and Edge and Christian come in with great news. Tonight, Team EAC lives again. The three of them have a match tonight against Benoit and Hardyz. Edge says they have someone they want Kurt to meet. Christian introduces him to Rhyno. Rhyno says they go way back. Any friend of Edge and Christians is a friend of him. Rhyno says he'll bleed for Angle. Angle says he don't know about Intelligence or Integrity, but he definately has intensity.

JR and Paul E. hype Wrestlemania. The Wrestlemania video to My Way is shown.

JR talks about last week on Smackdown when JR sat down with both guys. They roll the tape when Austin is asked if he'd be Rock's tag team partner.

Coach tries to interview Debra again. Debra says she just wants to leave and she walks away.

Vince is shown getting his jacket on. He says now it's time to address WCW stars and WCW fans. He just has to go talk about himself owning WCW. Before he goes, maybe he needs just a little bit of luck. Trish gives him a kiss.


No Chance hits and quite possibly the biggest interview in sports entertainment is about to take place. The winner of the Monday night wars, Vincent K. McMahon comes to the ring and verbally assaults Lilian Garcia. Vince says he deserves more respect than this and he tells Lilian to announce him again. He walks back up the ramp and his music plays again. Lilian announces him again.

For the first time ever in sports entertainment history, this broadcast is not only being seen on TNN in Cleveland, OH, but also being seen across TNN. Turner Network Television. There's only one person who can make this happen. Obviously we all know he acquired WCW. That's right, he bought his competition. Now then, this is not exactly final. The only thing is Time Warner can't do anything about it. Time Warner has signed the contract and he will sign the contract this Sunday on PPV at Wrestlemania. He will sign it when Ted Turner himself walks down the aisle and delivers the contract in front of him. Some would say, geez Vince, how'd ya do it. You were up against this media conglomerate Time Warner. He says that he is going to reserve a seat for Ted Turner, cause he wants Ted to see what he does to his own son Shane. Vince says that you have to squeeze the life out of your competition just like he is going to do to Shane this Sunday. He says that in his corner will be Stephanie, Trish, and that Linda will be wheeled down to ringside. Vince asks what should he do with WCW. He makes fun of Hogan. Vince says that he who laughs last, lasts best, and even though he isn't laughing he has a big smile. He says maybe he can turn WCW into a huge media conglomerate like the WWF. Then he questions who should be a part of the new WCW. Hulk Hogan, looks like the fans want him. Lex Luger, looks like the fans don't want him. Buff Bagwell, looks like the fans want him. Booker T, looks like the fans want him. Scott Steiner, I think the fans want him. Sting, the fans go psycho. Goldberg, the fans really go nuts. He says he could have gloated or flown down to Florida. He says that WCW's last broadcast is in a beer haul. Vince fires them all. He says that WCW is going on the shelf and that it is buried. He says that when you attempt to compete with him, you get buried. Vince starts to flip out and says that the fans will treat him with respect. Shane's music hits, but he is in Florida on Nitro. The feeds are messed up. Shane says that Vince's ego has gotten the best of him. Shane says that Vince wanted to finalize the deal at Wrestlemania, but Shane already bought WCW. Vince has a shocked look on his face. Shane says that WCW will kick his ass again just like what is going to happen to him this sunday at Wrestlemania. Vince still shocked in the ring. (Gotta thank Nitro Recapper Sean Whalen for half of that transcript)

Vince is on the phone backstage and he tells whoever he's talking to to shut up. How could they let that happen. He/she ruined this whole damn thing.


Hardy Boyz and Chris Benoit (w/Lita) vs. Edge, Christian and Kurt Angle
The fight starts on the ramp. Edge and Matt get to the ring first. Clothesline by Matt. Matt puts Edge in the corner then tags in Jeff. Jeff helps Matt with a double suplex then covers for two. The fight goes tot he outside and Christian gets a cheap shot in on Jeff. Back in the ring, Edge tags in Angle. Angle opens up on Jeff in the corner. Back suplex by Angle then he tags in Chrisitan. Jeff gets up and hits a variation of an enziguri then he tags in Benoit. Benoit takes down Edge and Christian then he hits a dragon suplex on Edge. Angle breaks that up, but the Hardyz come in and hit poetry in motion. Benoit locks the crossface on Angle, but Christian breaks it up. Benoit locks the crossface on Christian and Chrisitan has to tap.
Winners: Hardy Boyz and Chris Benoit via Crippler Crossface

After the match, Angle and Benoit go at it and Benoit takes Angle to the outside. Benoit hits a dive through the ropes. Back in the ring, Matt hits the Twist of Fate on Edge. Rhyno comes in and spears Matt. Lita goes to check on Matt and Rhyno spears her as well.

Hey, where's Jerry Lynn? About a 100 of people guaranteed me he'd be here tonight. Did I miss something or where we suckered in to a false hype?


A recap of what Triple H did to Undertaker on Smackdown is shown.

Kevin Kelly interviews Undertaker and Kane. Taker says if anyone else was Triple H they would have taken the night off too. Taker says Hunter can hide behind McMahon, his skank old lady, and all the police he wants. He can't hide from the fact that Wrestlemania is 6 days away. 16 staples and the taste of his own blood didn't piss him off. It made him hungry. As far as Rock and Austin, he understands they have their own issues, but if they aren't on the same page, they might not make it to Wrestlemania.

Test vs. X-Pac (w/Albert)
Special Guest Referee: Eddie Guerrero
This is a non-title match. Boot to the midsection by X-pac followed by a series of for arms and a knife ede chop. Tilt-a-whirl slam by Test and he gets a slow two count. Test goes for a big boot, but he misses and lands stradling the ropes. X-Pac hits a reverse heel kick then a running leg drop for a two count. Right hands by Test then he goes for a press slam, but Eddie takes Test's leg out to drop X-pac on top of him. X-Pac gets a fast two. X-Pac hits a spinning heel kick and gets another two count. X-Pac kicks Test down in the corner. He gets ready to go for the bronco buster, but Test gets up and knocks X-Pac down. X-pac goes for a spinning heel kick, but Test catches him and hits a side slam. Eddie gets a cramp in his back and can't make the count. Test hits Eddie and sends him to the outside. Test hits a spinning heel kick then Albert hands him the European title belt. X-Pac goes to the top rope and goes for a double ax handle with it, but Test burries the right hand in the abdomen of X-Pac. X-Pac hits the pumphandle and a new ref comes down. Eddie breaks up the three. Tests counters and X-Factor and hits a corner mount. Albert comes in and hits the Baldo Bomb. X-Pac covers and Eddie makes the three count.
Winner: X-Pac via Baldo Bomb

Steve Austin is shown in back and Michael Cole tries to interview him. Austin just looks at Cole and doesn't say a word.


Wreck plays and guess who's back?! Mick Foley makes his way to the ring with a book in his hand. Foley says a lot of us are probably wondering why we're here. Maybe he chose this moment to promote his new book Foley is Good which will be in bookstores May 8. Maybe we're thinking he needed a little vacation and what better place could there be than Cleveland, OH. At the risk of sounding a little egotistical, he just couldn't believe Wrestlemania would be Wrestlemania without Mick Foley involved. He's taken it upon himself to get himself invovled in one of the big matches at Wrestlemania.

Vince McMahon sneaks out and says he's in no mood for this. Vince says he fired Mick and if he don't get out of the ring, he'll call the cops.

Foley asks if they can talk it over. Vince is trying to tell Mick he can't be a part of Wrestlemania? Foley says he hates to disagree and he hates to quote "The Little Engine That Could" I think I can. I think I can. He asks Vince if he remembers June of 2000 when Vince left to become a genetic jackhammer back in CT. Mick says he was told Vince was quite unsuccessful. In June of 2000, we saw Foley become WWF Commissioner and the WWF became a lot of fun. Apparently, realizing the utitlity of his jackhammering needs and he came back in December and fired Foley. Foley says in the beginning of December, he fired Foley right before Christmas. Foley says he and Linda had a very important business meeting on December 5, 2000. They show that meeting on the Titan Tron.

Foley says he's got a sickening feeling in his stomach. Vince doesn't really want him around and he wants to stay around. Since Vince is looking at this, Foley is no longer the commish. To make sure nothing bad happens, Mick and Linda are about to have a pretty lengthy business meeting. Foley signs a stack of documents and says hislife is about to change.

Back to the present. Foley says all those documents are legal because they were signed while he was still WWF Commissioner. True to his words, Vince's life is going to change a whole hell of a lot. The document they are going to talk about right now, is the one that says at Wrestlemania, he can be the special guest referee at any match of his choosing. He's going to give him one guess at which match he's choosing. Foley tells Vince to smile because theyre going to be in the same ring as Vince takes on his son and new owner of WCW, Shane McMahon. Just in case Vince wasn't having one before, Have a Nice Day.


Vince is shown in his locker room again. He looks pretty depressed. He eats a cherry then spits it out.

Chris Jericho vs. The Big Show
Chris Jericho goes for a quick start with a springboard dropkick. Jericho then tries a crossbody off the apron, but Show catches him and runs him into the ringpost. Back in the ring. Show throws Jericho into the corner then after Jericho falls, steps across his chest. Show goes to themiddle rope and goes for a tip up splash, but he misses as Jericho moves. Right hands by Jericho, but it doesn't phase Show. Release side slam by Show then he goes for the Final Cut, but Jericho low blows Show to get out of it. Flying crossbody by Jericho sends both guys to the outside. Jericho hits a knife edge chop, but it does nothing. Show throws Jericho back in the ring over the top rope. Kane comes from behind and throws Show into the ring steps. Kane throws Jericho in the ring. Raven coems from behind and attacks Kane. Jericho hits the lionsault, but William Regal comes down and hits a swinging neckbreaker on Jericho. Show gets up and hits a chokeslam on Jericho and gets the win.
Winner: Big Show via Chokeslam

After the match, Kane gets in teh chair with a steel chair and nails Show. Raven jumps on Kane's back, but kane throws him off. Kane chokeslams Raven in the middle of the ring then grabs the chair and it looks like he's gonig after Show.

Rock walks around looking for Steve Austin's locker room. He finds a production guy and asks where he can find it. Rock introduces himself and says thank you.


Greyhound Overdrive of the Week Rhyno gores Spike Dudley through the table.

The Dudley Boyz host at WWF New York. D-Von says Spike is hurt, but he's getting better. It's gonna take more than what Rhyno did to keep him down. Buh-Buh says in 6 days at the Astromdome, all three teams will be in Tables, Ladders, Chairs 2. They're going to take this match to new heights. When it's all said and done in Houston, the titles are coming back to Dudleyville.

Austin and Debra are shown talking backstage and Rock walks in. Rock says he doesn't want to team with Austin and vice versa. If Austin don't mess with Rock, Rock won't mess with Austin. Austin says that's cool, but when the match is over, all bets are off. Rock says your damn right they are.


Kane and The Undertaker vs. Rock and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin (w/Debra)
Rock and Kane start. Right hands and a back elbow by Kane. Kane uppercuts Rocky along the ropes then kane whips Rock. Rock ducks a clothesline and hits a flying forearm. Rock looks for the Rock bottom, but has to turn his attention to The Undertaker. Rock turns around and runs into a clothesline. Kane chokes out Rock. Kane brings Rock to the middle rope and chokes him there. Kane throws Rock in the corner then tags in Undertaker. Undertaker punches Rock down. Rock gets up and hits a few rights of his own. Flying clothesline by Taker and he gets a one count. Kane tagged in. Kane kicks Rock down then picks him just to punch him down again. Rock ducks a clothesline and nails Kane with a few rights, but it has no effect on Kane. kane punches Rock down then Rock gets up and hits a spinebuster. Austin and Taker tagged in. They trade rights until Taker hits a knee to the midsection. Clothesline by Taker. Taker puts Austin in the corner. Rock tries to pull Kane off the apron and Austin gets thrown into the corner. Lou Thesz press by Austin. Austin gets up, but runs into Kane along the ropes. Kane and Rock fight on the outside. Taker picks Austin up, but Austin falls out. AUstin looks for the Stunner, but Taker shoots him off and he accidently hits The Rock. Austin hits a chokeslam and sets up the Last Ride, but Triple H comes down and nails Taker with a chair. Austin covers and gets the win.
Winners: Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin via pinfall

After the match, Triple H and Kane fight on the outside. Triple H eventually leaves. They stare each other down as Hunter walks through the curtain. Back in the ring, Austin starts drinking the Busch Light (ewww). Rock gets back in the ring and sneaks up on Austin as Austin's opening beer. Austin turns around and walks into a Stunner from Rock. Austin calls for some beers and opens for Austin and sits it by his head. Rock walks away with his belt. Rock opens one mor beer on the top of the ramp and salutes Austin then takes a sip.

End of show......

SmackDown! Results - March 29, 2001

Originally Posted by lordsofpain.net
WWF Smackdown Results 3/29/01
Detroit, Michigan

We're shown a recap of Vince talking about the fate of WCW in his hands. We're shown a recap of the firing of Jeff Jarrett. We're shown a recap of the simulcast.

It's time to play the game. Time to play the game!!! Out comes Triple H with Stephanie who is surrounded by cops. Not that long ago, I came out here and asked a very simple question. How can you be the absolute best in this business and not be given a title shot at Wrestlemania? My question was answered by an answer by a man who felt that I some how disrespected him with my words. My question was answered by a man who's ego overrode his intelligence. The question was answered by a man who is without a doubt, a legend, a man who is without a doubt, a phenom, and my question was answered by a man who without a doubt, made the single biggest mistake of his career when he said I can't beat him. This man also said that this was his yard. And that maybe, just maybe someday I would be able to rule the yard. Well in the past that might have been true, but the truth today is Taker, that up until now, you have seen only an itty bitty portion of what I am capable of. Dead man, when are you gonna realize that your yard is smack dab in the middle of my world. Now Undertaker were you running the yard when I had that chair across your throat. We're shown a recap of Triple H attacking Taker on his bike on Raw a couple weeks ago. I could've choked you out that night dead man, but I was just playing with you. And Dead Man this night when I slammed your skull with a sledge hammer leaving you a bloody pile in the ring while your brother lay unconscious watching. We're shown a recap of Smackdown last week.Were you running the yard when I cost you the win on Monday. You say that I cannot beat you, up until now, I've not tried. The truth is now that I've tried that I've been beating you day in and day out. At Wrestlemania, it will come to an end. At Wrestlemania, you get to play the game. And Dead Man when you play the game, you will lose.

Gong. Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin. Out comes the Undertaker. Now let me see if I got this right, if I play the game, I'll lose. Is that right? Well let me give you a little bit of history. You know when I was just a little bitty dead man, I had to go to school just like everybody else. Unlike everybody else, when it came time for recess, they sent my ass home. You know why they sent me home? Because I don't play games. I didn't play then, I sure as hell don't play now. Now I couldn't help overhear you make reference to my hard and how I run it. I know you're pretty proud for the sixteen staples. Sometimes when you jump over that fence, there is a big dog. The big dog don't move. You only move closer. The big dog just sits there. So you move closer, you see that dog raise his head. So that's what the dog has been wanting all along. You see Triple H, you're too scared to fight, too far away to run. Taker walks to the ring.

Stephanie whines about the restraining order. She tells the cops to arrest him.

Taker tells Princess to shut her mouth. He knew that they would have cops there so he made a couple calls. First he called his lawyer, then he called Billy Boston? in Detroit because if he goes to jail, he'll be out in 12 hours. The third call was to 911 cause Trile H is gonna need some medical help tonight. Taker charges the ring. Taker gets through the cops. Taker with right hands on Triple H. Taker throws Triple H into three cops. Cops arrest Taker while he whales away on Triple H. Taker is cuffed. Taker boots Triple H out of the ring. The cops hold Taker back while Triple H and Stephanie leave.

We're shown a recap of the previous events involving Taker and Triple H.

We're shown Taker getting taken out of the arena. Taker asks if they can get some donuts on the way.

The Rock is shown walking to the arena and William Regal confronts him. Regal asks The Rock about stunning Austin. He won't spoil the main event at Wrestlemania and tells him to go to his dressing room.

The Rock asks if he's the guy who drank pee. Regal says to go. He says he's the commissioner. The Rock says he is The Rock and he is the WWF champion. The Rock rambles about Wrestlemania and goes to his dressing room.

Out comes the Acolytes and Jacqueline.

Don't you get with the X-Factor. Out comes X-Factor.

Acolytes vs. X-Pac and Justin Credible
Credible and Bradshaw start. Bradshaw with right hands and forearms across the back. Bradshaw runs into a big boot. Credible with right hands. Bradshaw with a big boot. Bradshaw sets up a power bomb. X-Pac breaks it up. Credible tags X-Pac. Bradshaw tackles him down. Tag to Faarooq. Faarooq with stiff right hands. X-Pac with a spin kick. X-Pac thrown into the corner. Faarooq hits a back breaker. Cover. 2 count. Tag to Bradshaw. Double shoulderblock. Cover. Credible breaks it up. Bradshaw clotheslines him out. Bradshaw goes after him and throws Credible into the post. Biciycle kick by Albert. Throws Bradshaw back in. Double suplex. Cover by X-Pac. 2 count. Bradshaw with right hands. Spinning heel kick by X-Pac. X-Pac goes up top and comes down with a cross body. Bradshaw catches him. Boot to Credible. Fall away slam. Tag to Faarooq. Faarooq with right hands. Out comes RTC. Faarooq spinebusters X-Pac. Tazz jumps out of his broadcast position and attacks RTC. Bull scissor kicks Faarooq. Cover by X-Pac and the victory.
Winners: X-Pac and Justin Credible

Steven kick to Faarooq. Tazz is layed out. Money shot by Val Venis on Tazz. APA leave. RTC salute each other in the ring.

A limo pulls up with a Nitro WCW 1 license plate. Out comes Shane. He passes Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle and says hi. Eddie thinks it's a trick camera or something. Kurt says anyways he didn't tap out on Monday.

Wrestlemania is 3 days away.

The Hardyz are talking to each other. Matt asks Jeff to watch his back. Shane walks in. Shane asks them if they're interested in going to WCW. They say they're interested. Shane says great and leaves.

We're shown a recap of Tazz getting layed out. Paul Heyman sits down

Shooter hits and out comes Chris Benoit. We're shown a recap of the challenge from Chris Benoit to Kurt Angle along with the scuffle on Raw.

Test, test this is a test. Out comes Test.

Latino Heat. Out comes Eddie Guerrero.

Medal hits and out comes Kurt Angle.

Chris Benoit and Test vs. Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle
Kurt and Test start in. Kurt with right hands. Tag to Eddie. Eddie with right hands while Test slumps down in the corner. Test throws Eddie in the air and drops him. Powerbomb by Test. Cover. 2 count. Test with right hands. Kurt hits Test from behind. Eddie with a clothesline. Tag to Kurt. Kurt with a kick. Kurt with a right hand. Test locks in the the full nelson slam. Low blow by Kurt. Kurt with an ankle lock. Test gets to the ropes. Kurt with two German suplexes. Test with a knock down and both men go down. Tag to Eddie. Tag to Benoit. Clothesline on Eddie. Clothesline on Kurt. Chop to Eddie. German suplex attempt on Kurt. Eddie breaks it up. Eddie holds Benoit for Kurt. Test tries a big boot on Kurt. Kurt ducks and Eddie gets hit. Kurt tosses Test out of the ring. Kurt goes after him. Benoit locks the Crippler Crossface on Eddie and he taps out.
Winners: Chris Benoit and Test

Kurt locks the ankle lock on Benoit.

Debra walks into William Regal's office. Regal says she will be responsible if anything happens to the main event at Wrestlemania. Regal says she's got influence with both. Debra says it's not fair. Regal tells her to leave.

Lugz Boot Of The Week is the simulcast on Raw.

Shane is shown talking to Billy Gunn. Shane says he's got a lot of talent. Gunn congratulates him on his purchase. Stephanie walks in and asks what he is doing there. She says he bought WCW out from under Vince. Shane says he's got as much right to be there because he still owns a piece of the WWF and now he owns WCW too. Stephanie says Vince is gonna kill him.

We're shown a recap of Mick Foley becoming the guest referee for the match between Vince and Shane at Wrestlemania on Raw.

Austin is shown walking into the arena. William Regal confronts him. He says Vince doesn't want anything to happen to his main event at Wrestlemania. Austin just walks off.

Vince and Trish go to the outside and see a limo in Vince's parking space. He asks the driver who he is driving for. Driver says Shane McMahon. Vince is angry because Shane is in the building. Trish points to the WCW 1 license plate and Vince leaves angrily with her.

Tommy Hearns is shown in the audience.

We're shown a recap of the events leading to the main event on Raw as well as the main event itself.

Glass breaks and out comes Austin. This is real simple. He didn't just come out here to flap his gums. He's got something to say face to face. He tells The Rock to bring his carcass to the ring. He says he ain't asking he's telling him to bring his carcass to the ring.

No chance is what you got. Out comes Vince McMahon. He says wait just a minute.

Austin says he wants The Rock not a jackass.

Vince says he's had a bad couple of days and he's not gonna let, he tells the crowd to shut up, and he's not gonna let Austin ruin his Wrestlemania. He says it's gonna be intact this Sunday and he tells Austin to get out of the ring. Austin decks Vince and stomps the hell out of him.

If ya smell...what The Rock...is cookin. Out comes The Rock. He goes face to face with Austin.

Vince is sitting on the floor on the outside.

Austin says he's glad he's out there cause he has something to get off his chest. He says he did something on Monday night that no one has ever given him before. He gave him a Stone Cold Stunner. Not only did he do the Stunner, but he proceeded to drink Austin's beer. Austin says Rock is in his space so he might want to back up. He says he respects what he did cause no one has done that to Austin before. He says to give him a beer. Austin asks for another beer. He pops two beers and gives one to The Rock. He says since he likes drinking beer he might make a toast to The Rock. Here's to your health. Here's to your happiness. And here's to you Rock walking down the aisle at Wrestlemania for the very last time as champ. Austin goes to toast a rough one. Austin takes a drink

Rock takes the mic. He says it was a fine toast, but he has a toast of his own. Here's to your health. Here's to your happiness. Here's your ass getting whooped at Wrestlemania. He knocks the beer off of Austin's hand. Rock doesn't drink his beer.

The two exhange right hands. Austin and Rock roll around pounding each other. Officials run out to separate them. Billy Gunn, Crash, Blackman, and Test run in to break them up. Austin decks Test. Acolytes run out. Vince signals cops to come out. Austin and Rock spill into the crowd. Faarooq holds back Austin while Gunn holds back Rock. Acolytes and Blackman hold Austin back. Crash, Gunn, and Test hold Rock back. They bring them to the backstage area. Austin is forced into a dressing room. Rock is forced into a dressing room. Vince orders them in. Cops, officials, and wrestlers put them into the locker rooms.

We're shown a recap of the preceeding events with Austin and The Rock.

Trish is in the back comforting Vince. He says it hasn't been his week. He loses WCW to Shane and tonight he almost lost Wrestlemania. Shane is seen on Vince's monitor talking to Jericho.

Out come the Hardy Boyz. Matt Hardy set for one on one action.

You think you know me. Out comes Rhyno with Edge and Christian.

WWF Overdrive of the Week is Rhyno taking spearing Matt Hardy and Lita on Raw.

Matt Hardy vs. Rhyno
Matt with right hands. Matt with a kick and more right hands. Rhyno levels Matt with a clothesline. Rhyno runs his foot into Matt on the ground. Rhyno with an elbow drop. Rhyno with right hans to the gut. Matt with a boot to the face. Matt face locks Rhyno. Rhyno counters with right hands. Matt is perched on the top. Rhyno goes up. Matt punches him off. Matt with a clothesline. Matt decks Edge off the apron. Matt decks Christian. Matt throws Rhyno into the turnbuckle. Matt hits the Twist of Fate. Edge comes in the ring and Jeff goes after him. The ref is occupied with Jeff and Edge. Christian hits the Unprettier on Matt and puts Rhyno on him. 3 count and the victory.
Winner: Rhyno

Edge and Christian bring a ladder in the ring. Jeff levels Edge and Christian with a chair. Rhyno is leveled by the ladder. Twist of Fate on Rhyno on a chair. Jeff with the Swanton on Rhyno. Matt tells Jeff to get the table. The Hardyz bring a table in the ring.

Bombs away and the Dudleyz come out to a new music. No Spike. The Dudleyz take the Hardyz out of the ring. Rhyno staggers up and gets a 3D through the table.

Jericho is walking down a hallway. Vince says he saw him talking to Shane. Vince reminds him that he is under contract with the WWF. Jericho says nothing to worry about junior. Vince says he's not junior and leaves. Jericho silently laughs and says wow.

We're shown a recap of the preceeding events involving the participants of TLC II.

Vince and Trish are in the back. He says now that Shane's left the building he's feeling better now. He says he wants Trish to have a match to make him feel better. Trish says she doesn't have the gear tonight. Vince says it'll be a match with Ivory, but save the Women's championship for Wrestlemania. Vince says it's gonna be a bra and panties match. Trish says anything for the right cause. Vince makes sure she has on a bra and panties. She says she does. Vince says she's all set and she walks out..

Gong. Rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin, rollin. The lights come on. Triple H is on Undertaker's bike. Stephanie brings him a sledge hammer. Triple H smashes up the motorcycle. Triple H knocks off the head light and looks out to the audience and off the stage. Triple H drops the sledge hammer and takes his sunglasses off. Triple H wiggles the bike and puts kick stand up. Triple H pushes the bike off the stage. Triple H mocks Undertaker and raises a single arm in the air. Triple H caresses his sledge hammer while looking at the smashed up bike.

Regal stops Debra on his way to the ring and says Vince needs to see her in his office.

WWF Burn Of The Week is The Rock giving Austin a stunner on Raw.

Debra walks into Vince's office. Vince says he always like to see her. He wants to explain something to her, but he doesn't want her to take it personally. He says that what he's about to do is not because of her husband. It's not because he hates them and he almost broke his jaw. He doesn't want his Wrestlemania main event ruined. He says she didn't do her job like Regal asked her to. He relieves her of her duty at Wrestlemania. Debra says it's not fair. Vince says life is not fair and he'll see her at Wrestlemania. Debra leaves.

Out comes Trish Stratus.

Sirens and out comes Ivory. Ivory says she would never participate in this match and it's completely degrading. He asks Trish if she's been humiliated enough.

Bra and Panties Match
Trish Stratus vs. Ivory
Trish takes Ivory down as she gets in the ring. Trish's shirt come off. Ivory tries to cover her up. Ivory is on top of Trish trying to stop her. Trish tries to rip Ivory's shirt off. Out comes Chyna. Chyna throws Ivory off of Trish. Chyna rips Ivory's shirt off. Chyna rips Ivory's skirt off. Ivory runs away and tries to cover up.
Winner: Trish Stratus

Chris Jericho is shown walking to the ring.

Kane is shown walking to the ring.

Horns sound and out comes William Regal. He says this Sunday at Wrestlemania that miserable specimen Chris Jericho will be humiliated. He has besmirched him. He has soiled his tea and he has attacked him from behind. He says he will not only become the IC champ, but he will destroy him.

Weeeellll, well it's the Big Show. Out comes Big Show.

Boom. Out comes Kane. Show and Regal get out of the ring. Kane sets off his pyro.

Y2J countdown. Boom. Out comes Chris Jericho.

Kane and Chris Jericho vs. William Regal and Big Show
Jericho starts in with Regal. Big Show knocks Jericho down from behind. Regal gets out of the ring. Big Show with a slap to Jericho's chest. Misses a clothesline. Jericho with a drop kick to the knee. Jericho with right hands. Big Show with a military press and drops Jericho. Big Show walks over Jericho. Tag to Regal. Reagl with kicks. Regal with left hands. Jericho with a kick to the ribs. Jericho with a flying forearm. Jericho with a bulldog. Jericho pounds Regal. Tag to Kane. Kane with rights and lefts. Kane throws Regal into the corner and clotheslines him. Kane with a boot to the gut and hits a suplex. Kane with an elbow drop. Tag to Jericho. Jericho with a kick to the ribs. Jericho with a chop. Big Show pulls the ropes and out goes Jericho. Big Show with a head butt. Big Show throws Jericho back in. Butterfly suplex by Regal. Cover. 2 count. Cover. 2 count. Cover. 2 count. Regal with left hands. Jericho with an insiguerri. Tag to Kane. Kane with right hands to Regal. Kane with a big boot. Kane hoists Regal over his shoulder and plants him with a powerslam. Big Show comes in. Kane with right hands. Kane kicks Big Show. Kane with uppercuts. Kane grabs Big Show's throat. Regal hits him from behind. Kane punches Regal and he goes down. Big Show grabs Kane's throat. Jericho with a missile dorp kick to Big Show. Kane and Big Show fight to the outside. Jericho goes for a Walls of Jericho. Big Show breaks it up. Big Show chokeslams Jericho. Kane comes down off the top turnbuckle with a clothesline. Raven runs down with a fire extinguisher. Kane knocks Raven off the ring apron. Regal hits Jericho in the head with the fire extinguisher and locks in the Regal Stretch. Jericho taps out.
Winners: Big Show and William Regal

Outside the ring, Big Show gives Kane the Final Cut. Raven tries to punch Big Show. Big Show goes after him. Regal holds him back.

We're shown a video package of the road to Wrestlemania for both Rock and Austin.

Kevin Kelly interviews Austin as he is leaving. Austin says this whole set up is nothing, but a set up from the Stunner. Austin goes over things that he thinks are bullshit. He says he needs to be the WWF champion. Austin is shown giving a devious look to someone and leaves.

End of show.

WrestleMania X-Seven Results - April 1, 2001

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WWF WrestleMania X-Seven - Sunday, April 1, 2001
Live from: the Astrodome in Houston, Texas
Announcers: Paul Heyman and Jim Ross
Report by: Calvin Martin of Lordsofpain.net

WrestleMania opens up with a huge fireworks display. We immediately go to the first match.

WWF Intercontinental Championship: Chris Jericho vs. William Regal
Match starts off with Regal throwing punches. Clothesline by Jericho. Flying forearm by Jericho. Back heel kick by Jericho. Jericho flies out of the ring on Regal. Jericho drops Regal across the guardrail. Back in the ring Jericho goes up top and hits Regal with a back elbow for a two count. Regal throws Jericho into the ring post two times. Regal with a arm wringer takedown. Back elbow by Jericho followed up by the lionsault but Regal gets the knees up. Regal with a belly to back suplex for a two count. Regal exposes the top turnbuckle and throws Jericho into it twice. Jericho with a enzeguri. Jericho goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for a two count. Uppercuts by Regal. Regal with a double underhook superplex for a two count. Jericho looks for the walls of Jericho. Regal reverses and locks on the Regal stretch. Jericho makes it to the ropes. Chops by Jericho. Regal with a big boot. Jericho with a bulldog. Jericho with the lionsault for the pin.
Winner: Chris Jericho

A WCW limo pulls up. Shane gets out and walks toward the arena.

Acolytes are shown in the back drinking and playing cards. Bradshaw gives a pep talk speech to get them fired up.

Tazz & APA w/ Jacqueline vs. Right to Censor (Bull and Goodfather w/ Steven Richards)
Richards tries to do some mic work but is cut off by Tazz's entrance. Match starts off on the outside with Tazz and Val. Tazz clotheslines Val out of the ring. Richards jumps in and Jackie gives him a ddt. Referee restores order. Faarooq powerslams Bull for a two count. Bull with a big boot to Tazz. Double team on Tazz. Val with a side russian leg sweep on Tazz for a two count. Goodfather with a leg drop on Tazz. Goodfather with the ho train on Tazz. Goodfather misses a second rope splash. Bradshaw with a backdrop on Goodfather. Bradshaw with a fall away slam on Val. APA double slam Val. Bradshaw with a top rope belly to back suplex on Val. Bull and Goodfather double slam Faarooq. Goodfather misses the ho train on Bradshaw. Bradshaw hits Goodfather with the clothesline from hell for the pin.
Winners: Tazz and APA

Trish is shown pushing Linda backstage in her wheelchair. Stephanie walks up and starts talking to Linda. Stephanie asks Trish if she can get them some champagne after Vince kicks Shane's ass tonight.

WWF Hardcore Championship: Big Show vs. Kane vs. Raven
Raven brings his cart full of weapons to the ring. Raven attacks Kane with weaponds. Big Show comes out. Kane has regained the advantage on Raven. Kane press slams Raven onto Show. Kane comes off the top to the outside on Show. Kane and Raven fight in the crowd. Show follows them out and hits Kane with a big boot. They make their way to the backstage area. Show shoves Raven and the referee into a fenced in area and locks the gate. Kane breaks through the padlock. Raven chokes Kane with a waterhose. Kane pushes Raven through the fence. Kane chokes Raven with the waterhose. Kane throws Raven through a window. Show throws Kane through a door. Kane and Show bust through a wall. Raven tries to get away on a golf cart but Show stops him. Kane follows after Show and Raven on a golf cart and almost runs over Raven's leg. Kane throws a plastic cart on wheels at Show. They make their way to the top of the stage. Show clotheslines Kane. Show attempts to press slam Raven off the stage but Kane knocks them both off. Kane jumps off the stage with a leg drop on Show for the pin.
Winner and New Hardcore Champion: Kane

Edge, Christian, and Kurt Angle are shown in the back. E & C try to talk to Angle but he was too busy watching the video tape of Benoit making him tap.

Jimmy Snuka is shown at WWFNY.

The Rock is shown arriving to the arena.

WWF European Championship: Test vs. Eddie Guerrero w/ Perry Saturn
Match starts off with both men trading punches. Test with a powerbomb for a two count. Both men fight on the outside. Back in the ring Eddie backs Test into the corner with punches. Test with a clothesline for a two count. Back elbow by Test. Test with a top rope back elbow for a two count. Eddie lowers the ropes and Test gets hung up in them. Saturn gets his shots in. Eddie starts working on Test' knee. Back in the ring Eddie sits on Test' leg across the bottom rope. Eddie jumps on Test' back and puts a sleeper on. Test falls to one knee. Eddie lets go of the sleeper. Test with a tilt a whir slam. Test with a tilt a whirl powerbomb for a two count. Eddie with a mule kick. Saturn suplexes Test. Eddie gets a two count out of it. Eddie with a brainbuster. Eddie goes up top and misses. Test with a pumphandle powerslam for a two count. Test with a big boot to Saturn. Test hits Eddie with the big boot. Malenko interferes. Test knocks Malenko off the ring apron. Saturn throws Eddie the belt. Eddie hits Test with the belt for the pin.
Winner and New European Champion: Eddie Guerrero

Michael Cole interviews Mick Foley in the back. Foley says he will call the Vince/Shane match right down the middle.

Chris Benoit vs. Kurt Angle
Angle brings a mic to the ring with him. Angle says it is no secret that he is not a fan of Texas. Angle says the Texas flag is missing 49 other stars. Angle says tonight he will illustrate a point, that he will beat Benoit. Match starts off with a takedown by Angle. Both men do a series of mat wrestling moves and do the ECW standoffs to a loud pop. Benoit tries to go for the crossface but Angle makes it to the ropes. Angle decks Benoit and throws him to the outside. Angle bounces Benoit's face off the announce table. Angle sends Benoit into the ring steps. Back in the ring Angle hits a suplex for a two count. Angle with a side suplex for a two count. Chops by Benoit. Angle with an overhead belly to belly suplex. Angle with another overhead belly to belly suplex. Short arm clothesline by Benoit. Benoit with a knee to the gut. Benoit with a reverse elbow for a two count. Snap suplex by Benoit for a two count. Benoit with a superplex for a two count. Benoit puts the ankle lock on Angle. Angle kicks him off. Crossface by Benoit. Angle gets out and puts the crossface on Benoit. Benoit gets his foot on the rope. Benoit bumps Angle into the referee. Benoit puts the crossface on Angle. Angle taps out but there is no referee. Benoit gets the referee up. Angle hits the olympic slam for a two count. Angle slams Benoit, goes up top, and lands a moonsault on Benoit's knees. Benoit goes up top and hits the swan dive for a two count. Mule kick by Angle. Angle rolls up Benoit, pulling the tights, for the pin.
Winner: Kurt Angle

Michael Cole interviews Regal in the back. Regal hears a bunch of noise in his office and it turns out to be Kamala standing on his desk. Regal orders him down.

Kevin Kelly interviews Angle in the back. Benoit jumps Angle from behind and puts the crossface on him.

WWF Women's Championship: Chyna vs. Ivory
Match starts off with Ivory hitting Chyna with the belt. Ivory stomps on Chyna and pounds on her neck. Chyna throws Ivory across the ring. Chyna kicks Ivory down in the corner. Clothesline by Chyna. Back body drop by Chyna. Powerbomb by Chyna for a two count (Chyna lifted Ivory up at two). Chyna press slams Ivory for the pin.
Winner and New Women's Champion: Chyna

Jonathan Coachman interviews Jeff Bagwell and Moises Alou at ringside.

Vince is shown backstage with Trish, Stephanie, and Linda. Vince asks Trish and Stephanie if they know what to do. Michael Cole gets a quick interview with Vince. Vince said he will have something shocking tonight.

Street Fight w/Special referee Mick Foley: Vince McMahon vs. Shane McMahon w/ Stephanie
Shane gets on the mic and gives a shout out to the young WCW wrestlers, shown sitting in the skybox. Match starts off with Vince slapping Shane. Vince chokes Shane in the corner. Shane with a clothesline. Shane spears Vince. Stephanie enters the ring and slaps Shane. Stephanie runs out. Shane hits Vince with a baseball slide. Shane hits Vince in the head with a metal sheet. Shane sends Vince into the ring steps. Shane comes off the guardrail with a clothesline on Vince. Shane pulls a kendo stick from under the ring and hits Vince in the back and stomach with it. Punches by Shane. Shane clears off the announce table. Shane hits Vince with a TV monitor. Shane lays Vince on the table. Shane goes back in the ring, goes up top, and jumps out on the table and misses Vince as Stephanie pulled Vince out of the way. Trish rolls Linda down to ringside. Trish checks on Vince. Trish slaps Vince. Stephanie slaps Trish. Trish spears Stephanie into the corner of the ring. Stephanie tries to escape but Trish catches her in the ring and beats the hell out of her. Foley pulls Trish off of Stephanie. Stephanie slaps Foley. Stephanie runs away but Trish runs after her to the back. Closeup of Vince calling Linda a bitch. Foley tells Vince to get away from Linda. Foley tries to get Linda out of harms way but Vince hammers him with a chair. Vince pulls Linda out of the chair and rolls her into the ring. Vince sets up a chair in the corner and sits Linda in it. Vince throws Shane back in the ring. Vince throws 4 garbage cans in the ring. Vince hits Shane over the head with a garbage can. Vince repeatedly hits Shane in the back with a garbage can. Linda gets out of her chair and kicks Vince between the legs! Foley re-enters the ring and opens up on Vince. Foley with a running knee in the corner on Vince. Shane puts a garbage can on Vince in the corner. Shane does the Vanterminator on Vince for the pin! The WCW wrestlers are shown again in celebration for Shane. Shane and Linda hug.
Winner: Shane McMahon

TLC II: Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz vs. Edge & Christian
Match starts off with everyone going at it. Dudleys double flapjack Christian. Poetry in motion on the Dudleys. E & C hit Matt and the Dudleys with the ladder. E & C double team Matt in the corner. E & C do a double drop toe hold on Jeff on a chair. Matt climbs the ladder but Edge clotheslines him off. Jeff dropkicks Edge off the ladder. Hardys double baseball slide a ladder into the Dudleys. Hardys jump off opposite ladders onto Christian. Dudleys throw the Hardys out of the ring. Dudleys do the whassup headbutt off the ladder on Edge. Dudleys bring two tables into the ring. Buh Buh powerbombs Jeff on Edge through the table. Dudleys stack 3 tables on the outside. Buh Buh hits Matt in the head with a ladder. All six men climb the ladders and they all fall off. Spike runs in the ring and gives Edge the acid drop. Spike acid drops Christian through a table. Rhyno enters the ring and spears Buh Buh. Rhyno spears Matt through a table. Lita runs down and pulls Edge off the ladder. Spike low blows Rhyno. Lita with a huricanrana on Rhyno. Edge falls off the ladder onto the ropes. Dvon clotheslines Rhyno off Buh Buh's shoulder. 3D on Lita. E & C clear the ring with swinging chairs. Jeff sets up a HUGE ladder on the outside. Jeff climbs it and hits the swanton on Spike and Rhyno through two tables. Christian and Dvon climb the huge ladder in the ring. Matt moves the ladder leaving Christian and Dvon hanging from the belts. Christian and Dvon fall. Jeff climbs a smaller ladder and hangs from the belts. Edge on the huge ladder, spears Jeff hanging from the belts. Rhyno pushes Buh Buh and Matt off a ladder to the outside through 4 tables. Rhyno, with Christian on his back, climbs the ladder and Christian grabs the belts for the win.
Winners and New Tag Team Champions: Edge and Christian

Fink announce a new attendance record for the Astrodome of 67,925.

Gene Okerlund and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan come out to call the Gimmick Battle Royal.

Gimmick Battle Royal
The contestants come out in this order: Bushwhackers, Duke The Dumpster Drose, Iron Shiek, Earthquake, The Goon, Doink The Clown, Kamala w/ Harvey Whippleman and Kimchee, Repo Man, Jim Cornette, Nikolai Volkoff, Michael PS Hayes, One Man Gang, Gobbly Gooker, Tugboat, Hillbilly Jim, Brother Love, and Sgt. Slaughter. Tugboat throws Gobbly Gooker out. Earthquake throws Tugboat out. Kamala throws Earthquake out. Brother Love throws Kimchee out. Doink throws Duke the Dumpster Drose out. Bushwacker Luke got thrown out by someone. Volkoff and The Goon get thrown out. Kamala throws Doink out. One Man Gang throws Michael Hayes out. The next set of throw outs happened so fast I could not keep up with them. Sheik and Slaughter are the only ones left. Sheik throws Slaughter out for the win. After the match Slaughter comes back in and puts the cobra clutch on Sheik.
Winner: Iron Sheik

Motorhead performs "The Game" live in the arena.

Triple H vs. Undertaker
Match starts off with UT and Triple H fighting on the outside. UT knocks Triple H through the spanish announce table. High knee by Triple H. Ut gets right back up and throws Triple H in the corner with punches. UT back body drops Triple H. Running clothesline by UT. Powerslam by UT followed up my a missed elbow drop. UT with a flying clothesline. UT goes for the tight rope walk but Triple H throws him off. Neckbreaker by Triple H for a two count. Triple H with an elbow to the back of UT's head. Triple H with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Triple H with the facebuster. Triple H goes over to the announce table and gets his sledgehammer and brings it in the ring but the referee takes it away. UT counters the pedigree and catapults Triple H into the referee in the corner. UT gives Triple H a chokeslam for a two count. UT attacks the referee. UT throws Triple H out of the ring. Triple H sends UT into the ring steps. UT backdrops Triple H over the guard rail onto the concrete. Triple H and UT fight towards the techical area. UT throws Triple H onto the next level of the technical area. Triple H repeatedly hits UT with a chair. UT chokeslams Triple H off the camera tower to the concrete floor. UT jumps off the camera tower with an elbow on Triple H. EMT's check on Triple H. UT attacks the EMT's. UT and Triple H go back to the ring. UT grabs the sledgehammer and Triple H begs off. Triple H low blows UT. UT with a big boot. Both men trade punches. Triple H tries the tombstone but UT counters with a tombstone of his own, but the referee is still out from earlier. UT goes for the last ride but Triple H picked up the sledgehammer as he was being picked up and used it. Triple H gets a two count out of it. UT is busted open. Triple H backs UT into the corner with shots to the head. UT counters the corner shots with the last ride powerbomb for the pin.
Winner: The Undertaker

World Wrestling Federation Championship: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. The Rock
Fink announces that this match will have NO DQ's. Match starts off with both men going at it. Austin hits the Thezz press followed up by the elbow drop. Swinging neckbreaker by Rock. Austin throws Rock out of the ring. Rock and Austin fight in the crowd. Back in the ring Austin hits a superplex for a two count. Austin exposes the turnbuckle. Rock clotheslines Austin out of the ring. Austin hits Rock with the ring bell. Rock is busted open. Back in the ring Austin gets on top of Rock and hammers at his forehead. Austin with a swinging neckbreaker for a two count. Rock explodes out of the corner with a clothesline. Rock sends Austin face first into the top turnbuckle. Rock hits Austin in the head with the ring bell for a two count. Austin is busted open. Rock with right hands. Rock with an elbow to Austin's chest. Austin drops Rock across the guard rail. Austin catapults Rock into the ring post. Austin hits Rock in the head with the monitor. Back in the ring Austin gets a two count. Rock puts the sharpshooter on Austin. Austin makes it to the ropes. Austin flips off Rock and puts the sharpshooter on him. Rock powers his way out. Austin puts Rock back in the sharpshooter. Rock makes it to the ropes. Austin puts the million dollar dream on Rock. Rock gets out of it with a rollup for a two count. Rock with the stunner on Austin for a two count. Vince comes down to ringside. Austin with a spinebuster for a two count. Rock with a spinebuster of his own. Rock hits the people's elbow. Rock goes for the cover but Vince pulls him off of Austin. Rock stares down Vince and chases after him. Rock walks into a rock bottom from Austin for a two count. Rock counters the stunner and shoves Austin into the referee, knocking him to the floor. Austin low blows Rock. Austin tells Vince to give hit Rock with the chair while he holds him. Vince hits Rock with the chair. Vince puts the referee back in the ring and Austin gets a two count. Rock bottom on Austin. Vince distracts the referee. Rock pulls Vince in the ring and lays the smacksown on him. Rock turns around into a stunner from Austin for a two count. Vince hands Austin a chair. Austin hits Rock in the head with the chair for a two count. Austin repeatedly drives the chair into Rock's chest and head for the pin. After the match Austin and Vince shake hands. Austin and Vince drink a beer together over the Rock's body.
Winner and New World Champion: Steve Austin

Rock gets up and Austin hits him in the head with the belt. Austin and Vince leave together.

The PPV ends with the camera focused on Rock trying to get up.

OOC: Thanks for the early comments. Rosters and stuff will probably be posted by the end of the week and I have begun work on the first RAW is WAR!. I've got some tests this week in school, lovely of my teachers to assign them all this week, but after that it's smooth sailing until finals in a month. Expect this thread to heat up, no pun intended, in the summer.

For the record, yes. The reports of those three shows were taken straight from the site, as the links show.

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

It all looks rather well set out thus far. While I would've rathered you had changed Shane buying WCW and instead had someone like Eric Bischoff come in later down the line for the Invasion storyline, I guess you're not doing that storyline anyway, so no real harm done. I've read your work before, and I actually quite enjoyed your last thread, which I had hoped you would stick with. make this the one plz, because you definitely have a lot of talent.

Good luck.

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Well, I continually dipped in and out of the last thread. This time, I'm aiming to follow from the beginning. 2001 is a terrific time to pick up from, as imo, the ball was dropped big time following WrestleMania 17. Hopefully, you can continue to make the WWF own, after a white hot opening four months of what promised to be a sensational year for wrestling.
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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

Hey JBWinner, I am sure you will do well with this as you always seem to do with your threads. Just please, STICK WITH IT!

Good luck.

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era


Face = Black
Heel = Red

Main Event

The Rock
The Undertaker

Stone Cold Steve Austin -- World Wrestling Federation Champion
Triple H
Kurt Angle

Upper Midcard
Kane -- World Wrestling Federation Hardcore Champion
Chris Benoit
Chris Jericho -- World Wrestling Federation Intercontinental Champion

The Big Show

Matt Hardy
Jeff Hardy
Bubba Ray Dudley
D-Von Dudley
Spike Dudley

William Regal
Edge -- World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion
Christian -- World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champion
Eddie Guerrero -- World Wrestling Federation European Champion
Perry Saturn
Dean Malenko

Lower Midcard
Crash Holly
Hardcore Holly
Steve Blackman
Grandmaster Sexay
Scotty 2 Hotty
TAKA Michinoku
Al Snow

Billy Gunn
Jerry Lynn
Rikishi (+Injured)
D-Lo Brown
Bull Buchanan
The Goodfather
Val Venis
Steven Richards
Justin Credible

Chyna -- World Wrestling Federation Women's Champion
Trish Stratus
Molly Holly


Other On-Air Talent
Jim Ross -- Play-By-Play Commentator (RAW is WAR!)
Paul Heyman -- Color Commentator (RAW is WAR!)
Michael Cole -- Play-By-Play Commentator (SmackDown!)
Tazz -- Color Commentator (SmackDown!)
Howard Finkel -- Ring Announcer (Pay Per Views)
Lillian Garcia -- Ring Announcer/Backstage Interviewer (RAW is WAR!/SmackDown!)
Tony Chimel -- Ring Announcer (SmackDown!)
William Regal -- Commissioner
Jonathan Coachman -- Backstage Interviewer
Kevin Kelly -- Backstage Interviewer

Tag Teams and Stables
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba-Ray, D-Von and Spike Dudley)
The Holly's (Crash, Hardcore and Molly Holly)
RECK (Edge, Christian, Kurt Angle and Rhyno)
The Radicalz (Eddie Guerrero, Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko)
X-Factor (X-Pac, Justin Credible and Albert)
The Right to Censor (Steven Richards, The Goodfather, Bull Buchanan, Val Venis and Ivory)
The Brothers of Destruction (The Undertaker and Kane)
Edge and Christian
The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von Dudley
The Hardy Boyz and Lita (Jeff, Matt Hardy and Lita)
The A.P.A. (Bradshaw and Faarooq)
Too Cool (Grandmaster Sexay and Scotty 2 Hotty)
Kaientai (TAKA Michinoku and Funaki)

Pay Per View Schedule
Backlash - April 29, 2001 - Rosemont, IL
Judgment Day - May 20, 2001 - Sacramento, CA
King of the Ring - June 24, 2001 - East Rutherford, NJ
Fully Loaded - July 22, 2001 - Cleveland, OH
Summerslam - August 19, 2001 - San Jose, CA
Unforgiven - September 23, 2001 - Pittsburgh, PA
No Mercy - October 21, 2001 - St. Louis, MO
Survivor Series - November 8, 2001 - Greensboro, NC
Armageddon - December 9, 2001 - San Diego, CA


Originally Posted by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter
WWF in Talks With Hot Free Agent?
Rumors are flying across the wrestling business that the World Wrestling Federation may be pursuing a very substantial "free agent" currently looking for a contract. There is no word on the status of this possible blockbuster deal, but the word around Stamford, Connecticut is talks are in very deep discussion to bring this 'big' name into the WWF and, if signed, use him almost immediately.

The word is that it is not a former member of World Championship Wrestling. The contracts purchased by the WWF in the mega-deal that was made last week where Vince McMahon purchased WCW for a mere $3,000,000. The talk is that it is a former member of the recently defunct Extreme Championship Wrestling. As it was known, ECW was the catalyst during the Monday Night War and a big-time cult fanatic wrestling promotion run by now commentator for RAW is WAR!, Paul Heyman. If we hear any updates on this situation, we will be sure to bring them to you.

- The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era

The rosters are well set out, nothing else really to say about them they're pretty much how they should be. However, I'm not a huge fan of Tazz being a commentator, i mean, at this time he could still wrestle, and i am quite the fan of his.

Free agent sounds good, and well expensive, i am intrigued to find out who it is, Steiner plz.

Can't wait for the first show, man.

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Re: WWF 2001 - The Monopolized Era


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